Newspaper of True American, November 29, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated November 29, 1838 Page 2
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etttbuttg of ountt I. TUesDAY, $~th Nov., 1838. The Councilslet pursuant n adjournment: pres. ant the lion. Josha Baldwin, Recorder; Aldermen Caldwelle Gloyd, Falal, Lockett, Moux, Nixon, Pa. tars, Swewll and Yorke. TeM Journal of the preceding meeting having Seed and approved, CtOheiranicrtiou was received from the Comp er, transmitting proposals of the City Hnnk, lean to the Municipality for $300,000; au by a resolution of the 25th 8, ptemher last, was on motion referred to a Special Com. stthe, composed of Meeers. Caldwell, Yorke and ea' d part ofthe same communication in re I to the aceount ofthe Gas Light and Bannk :st was rebrred to the Finance Committee. w The'weekly statemnent of the Treasurer was sub. p ,ehewing the receipts of the week to have to $2,787 f5; issue of Municipality b49I,000 balance, 52 567.00; balance last t `;11.649 40; expended, #94,672 85; notes eancelled, $32 00. tan' -A Communioetion from the same ffiacer, in re .ltn ti a at ne of Thomas Banks, was referred to lesillkaaie Committee. du Aol aceount of the same officer, of the Muni. elpi asltes destryed.,was ordered to be filed in the Ardhiva, and as aecount of Gen. Doeane, trans ah4t by the Treaslrer, was referred to the Fi. annce Committee. A Communication was received from the Sur. voter, stating to the Council that certain persons were engaged in digging up and removing a per. tion of the public landings, between Robin and Lacourse streets, and otherwise injuring said land ings, and that he had received information that these illegal prdeedings were euthorised by Wm. G. Hewes, Wm. M. Lambeth, A. P. Gray and oth ers; whereupon Mr. Peters int.oduced the follow ing which, the rules being dispensed with, was ta. ken up and adopted. Whereas, The Council is informed by the Sur veyor, that Win. G. Hewes, Wm. M. Lambeth, A. P Gray and others, have employed certain per. IPn to dig, and otherwise injure, impair, and inter - with the banks of the river, in front of that ;peteen of this Municipality, bounded by Lacouree rid° Robin streets, in violation of the laws of this State, and of the rights ofthe people of the Second Municipality, Be it Resolved, That the Mayor he and he is hereby authorised and requested to 'prevent by the most immediate and effectual means, this in fringement of the public rights; and to cause to be arrested forthwith any person or persons engaged in digging or otherwise Impairing the Levees and Landings in tifront ofthi Municipality. A Communication from the St. Mary's Market Steam Ferry Company, transmitting proceedings of general meeting ofsaid Company, was read and referred to the Committee on Streets and Land. iugs. A letter from Seth W. Nye, was referred to the Finanea Committee. Of H. L. Denis, to Streets and Landings. Of E. Johns & Co., laid on the table till next meeting. Petition ofeartain watchmen for amnincrease of pay, referred to the Police. Of Nathan Nicholls, to Streets and Landings. Of ertain property holders in Circus street, praying that the same be paved with square stones, or hexagonal wooden blocks, referred to Streets and Landings. Mr. Peters as Chairman of the Committee of Finance, introduced the following ordinsnce, which was read and made the order of the day foler next meeting. AN ORDINANCE Providing for the assessment and collection of the Taxes on Real Estate and Slaves, within the taxable limits of the Second Municipality. Art. 1. Be it Ordained, That on the first Tues day in January of each year, there shall be appoin ted by the Council, tlreae Assesors of the Munici pal Ture, one to be chosen from each ward, who, after being duly sworn by the Mayor, shall proc ed to make an accurate assessment roll of all the Real Estate and Slaves, subject to said tax, within the taxable limits of this Municipality, taking as their guide for the numbering and Loundaries of the squares, a plan di posited in the Treasurer's Office. Art. 2 Be it foraer Ordained, That on or be fore the fi;t day of May in each year, said asses. sors shall dsliver the assessment roll to the Treas urer, who shall cause said ra I to be copied alpha. betically in the Tax Book with an index, and have the tax bills made out, after whichl he shall proceed to golh:cl the tax, giving ten days previous notice in two newspapers in French and English; and in default of the payment oft a whole amournt of said assessmert roll by the thirty first day of De. caomber in the sameyear, it shall be the duty el the Treasurer to bring suit, without delay, helifre any court of comlretent jurildiction anginst all who may Ie in arrears, i cludinig interest on the a. mount at the rate of eight per centuoi per annaum from the day on whichl the asessmenaet roll is dna tles : Proeedad, however, that no suit shall be brought against any person, uttil tad days aolur he has beear nolified to appear at the Treasurer's of fice and pay said tax, unlers he in a anonl-reidentl or unknown, in which case an order shall be oh. taimed by this Munlicipality from any colmpetent tribunal to have the property sulject to said tax seized and sold for t o paytnent thereof, after due notice, in French and English, during ten dave, shall have been inserted In at 'coat two newspn. pers printed' in this city, giving thle advertisement three insertions in each of said papers at thu ex pense of the iroperty advertised. Art. 3. Be it /urther Ordained, That if after said assnesment roll s deposited in thie 'l'rasnraer's oft;c,, it should appear to the salisfaction of the Comptroller and Transurer that any person has been asceseed for property not belonging to him, said Comptroller and Treasurer shall have power to make such deduction front the bill of the person erroneously taxed as to them may seem ju.t and proper; and it shall be their duty to keep a correct aecount of all taxes thus remitterd, to the end that iftlle proper owner cannot be fiond, the pro erty may be proceeded against as provided in the second article ofthis Ordinance. Art. 4. Be it fu tiher Ordained, That the umrn to be paid to each of tile Assessors is hereby fixed at three hundred dollars, which shall be considered a full compoenieton for their services. Art.5. Be it further Ordained, That all Ordi. nancesor parts at Ordilnances, contrary to the pro. virions of this, are hereby repealed. The name chalrrman, also introdcere the three following resolutions, whlich the rules being dia. pensed with, were severally taken up and adopted. Resolvred, eliat the Finance Commnittee be natho riued to fix the minimume price at which the tarni of the St Mrry's Market and the Poydrae market, shall be adjudged on the Ist ; roximo. Reaolvecu, taont in asjudicuting the farm of the St Mary's hlMnarket, oni the slet day of Decrniser srxl, for the year 1839, it shall e liade a cotliti(r ol the adljudication that theo fihrmer shall not have any claimt on lie Municipality in consequ.ece oel thel construction of tlhe projected Vegetable Market et the junction of Tclhoupltoulas nod Anntiiciatio, Streets; tie faroer, or, ou , to lr, v titt right ofl hiing said prejected market when cumrpleted at I $416 66per muent, lhr ianld dulrier is tieli if th1 St Mt.ry's Market, to wit. until the 31St Decemnbhr, 1839; it being understotod, lthat in ito case during the year 1839 shall any nlteratitia be madle in the Ordinancesa relatia r to thie St Mary's Market, Y Iv a hich the sale of vegetables or other articles now. outhonrisrd to be sold theret shlall Ie prolblhted. Rosulved, that on next, the (Cuieri witl proceed to olect the Co:ummissary of the Poy dres street Market. Mr Gloyd as Chairman of the Committee on Streets and Landiga., mo;e the following report, whilch on motion wal adnpted: Trhe Cotrmitte of Streetsb .nd Landings, to whom was refierred tbI. petition of J Jordan Walt n & co. and others, askmg for some convenient wharf or linding, for the exclusive cn ommodaton of the I Bayon Sara Packets, beg leave respetctluily to report: Thet, it is the opinion of your Committe, that no exclueivo wharf i r landings should be granted by this Council to any line of Steam Packets or Ship; being satisfied thnit grnnting such priviliges would be injurious to the proap rity uad interest of this Munsttpalily. The Committee are therefore of tile opinion that tile prayer of tile petitioners ought to be rejected. SPENCER GLOYD, Clhirmatn. SAMUEL J. PETERS On motion, the Council adjourned to Tuesday next, the 4th Dec. instant, at 5 o'clock, P. M. JOHN GIBSON, Secretary. EW ANNUA.LS FOR 1839: Cearicanure .Alnlal, Lonldon; Finden'a Gallery of Gracce; The Imprerian, London Annual. Alarie A Wailt, Chirietnno I'ales, for 1837 ounsg LMdy's Anotal, for 1l839; Soung Gfrlemtllu'. Analli, for 1Ut9; The Gill; 'I e illerl; E Johns & C's iJ.oueisna AlmAnt c for 1839;I Just eceived and for sale by E JOHNS & Ct), suel7 cor St Charles (Conuon S 0.4eL-2*90 ton Anthracite Cotl lauditng from ithe Sharque euoernk, fiom Philadelphia, in qontn=itico go suit purhonaere; I(:0 tonS BSUoth Cott oil hnrd ship I -lar from Glasgow, for lty l IL HOLMES & ILLtS, mntn 9 Ieonk I.aes 1 1INrjOW cGI.ASS. LINSEFED OIL--70 beo. re of 'A'i dow (tie s, la00 gallons Oil; I ll nr rels ofVnrnorhe.; i5 dot of Paint lRruslnis, received per at if) St Louis at d Burqltr Vlehehrand for Csle by " .Ro3T CILANN IN, nove27 I" t"p at N;1) 'I' UF' NNIW OIII4,ANS. CLEARANCES. .ohtmbe 28. Etig Cathkrire, Merrill. Port.Welt lades. R Gronint t eo, Brig Chapmat, Thompotlo, for Charlestot. J A Brolti t& co B; ig M.jottie, A rso, fo St Marks. B b J P Whitney., Br-k VYaerool, Mor,. Trnxillo. Spo, J W Zchar ita ro. B-hr Doris, Jone, ,St Jago de Cuba, Kohu, Daron & co. ARRIVALS. Towhoat Tenolesean. McD,nntell, from B W Pass; pro e tlded down iphi. Brought up bark Bohemtia. brig Vaneedor. and achr Lapwog. Left the W Pa. an the 27th inst, at sun rie; reports 4 hips off the Bar; ship Delaware, baro Nimrod and 3 brig at tho Turn. Ttwboat Teoneo ant, McDonnell. from the Tort. Brought up nip Delaware, reporto 21rigs at the Turn. Ship Delaware. Patte.,.18 days from Beth..cargo, 400 bdls hay. and 00 brig potatoes, to Master. hark Bohemia. from Turks o ls.lnd, to Master. Brig YVcncedor, Garay, 13 days froot lavana., to B Groping bco. Brhr Smith, ifrom GOalvrton, Toexas, in ballast, to master. 3 paossgenrs Towboat Pontchartrai, eBherida., from N E Pu.; prooeed ed down light. Returned to the city with ship Pontiac; Sp tehr Ulioi. Leftthe N E Pas. on the 27th inst, at 10 a m Report nothing off the Bar, nothint in the river. Ship Pontiac. Parket, 16 doys from Portsmouth, to SCol Votga, p)oassengr. chr UI.m , Maris.tany, 43 days from Maligo, to Cultullu, I.apeyre & ro. Towloat Mohican, Eaton. from W lPa.; towed to tee ship Huntsville. Brought up ships Jtpiter, and Apollo, tltd r, Mess.enger. Reports bark Nimrod, ships Antioch, ond Pronco. Vetorin in tio riverr. Ship Apollo, Rihker, 24 days from Portsmouth, to Maste,.. Possenoer. John Cornelius Ship Jupiter, Iarter, 54 days from Bordeaux, to J Chancy, ir. Bohr St Ann, Grano.from the Coaot..ctrgo. 127 hhdl sangsr, and tl t1 Is moloase, Brandor & Laupry, M Fioid, tL Bruoier, _ntd F Henry. Stoeoter Atutlta, Day, from Vicksburg. Steamer Velocipedet. Datman. from Black River. Stoamer A Mt Phillits, McClean, Cincinltati. Steamer Amerieu, trom Monlth of Ohio. Towed down 2 at boats loaded with live stoleek; lay, bears, hogs, and bearo., 57 sacks horn on I oard for sale. Steamer Stemphore, Clark. from Baton Rouge. Steamer tooloey, Iiolltlol, from Little Rock. Ftaomer Isntella, W.oket. front Mobile. Steamer Gireeo. from Mobile. Stamer Tfiber. Stroder, from Louisville. Btoomer Mariner, Noltn, from Iberville. Brian Boroihme, tweeney, from Fort Adams. Steameor Wotern, Price, from Cidcinnati. COMMERCIAL. dr nlemt Dule~i, C6,7 N22 3 2&67267211N172. ...21 Charl.*stoll Nor -.·.......... . t.v19 icl..r lee, NoN........ . N:w York, No............2 C nid .... 2 Philad6lph a N7 v .......... 7.0 ILouisvilledo ............23 6l21im21. do................292 St. .nUll, NOV..........19 8·annah+Nov2.......... 3 7.lverpe7o1, Oct.(.........2 Houston ('te2xa2) Nov......72 Paris O, t...............21 gl,,.t.. Nov ...... .....4. 19 l~ondo, do .........2 7" Nah'lleI, Nov ........... 41 Havre do..............'6 EX7PO'RTS. WEST INDIES. .Per hrig Cth,,'rlne..csrgo, 7279 keq. lard nnd 320 bri, 6 lor. CIIAR14(:STON..Per Pbrig Chapman..p.rgo, 37u1 brl3 nolauel 12 pckgs glass ware, `24 pekg bginI, and.40 hhds· sugr, ST MARESS..Per brig M7ajo2ti2..caro, 222 i,,ekl1corn., 89 27.2ks a 2 6.72, brls1or, 25 , kegs lard l hkd h1,s. 4 h4 d h1c,77Oll, 5 brl. whiskey, 5 brim 2olasmes. 7 b.a 2n2 3 bri sugar, and Ib TRUXII.LA, 277p.n..P.a b7ark Valero2..ln . aI,1s.t1, 72 1,0. nlur md Il herlm dry Malaga wine. 8T MAGO DE CUBA..Per .2hr Doric..c.rgo, 1500 kegs, 1ard. IMWORTs. TURKS ISLAND..Per brk Bob2mia.,earo, 9.,010 b 7ushels 722b0te p.rl. b .........,,...d . ...s.......... IA.6VANA..Pe hrig Vincelllr..rgo , 404 sa7 l C.k 1 4,700 c2gr1 , 7. 011, J2M 3 abar6llo7 77 Lu(e,, 2nd A2Caste Io. MA7LAGA..Per 1ehr Uli27i.. ar o, fruits, wi4.e; and br7ndy, t,, CultT, Lnpeyre & 7o. PORTS.%IOUT`H..Perr ship P'ontiac..cargo, |QO ton, hay, to master ····.0........1111 P.ip 90017 .ldles hnys2 I(; blrim iOlttll~tm, .'40 hags fine clai, to master. BOR7DE.AUX..P.r ship |uplet7--2argo, wines, sweet matl., b2rand,7y preserves2 . 2i..negr turp7entine, pewter ware a4d mdze. RECEIPTS OP PRODUCE. .i7tt'e 1eck..Per 7s7n2er Rod4ny..2 l2ts IIl2,e T 71 Ily.d & 2o, 11) h.21 ce7lo7. beard & J7iore, 42 bhd. su1ar, C6blmpo illier 1 7i5ard, 42 hrls nl2o77ol,7 sa2me con2ignaeg. 7t.lln I7ou.P. 'er strainer 22m2a7hore..59 7id cotton C Tolnd4.? 3do 4 P'lower. 23 do Caldwe,7 4 Hiekey. 22 d. t arllilrr &i Ieunettl.o 21 Io, P eree Ybltmlnun + Bell, 17 do lou1rin .1 22. IS do II7 llry 6 7.222720, Ii 4. Pallri 7, 7dln llnq 1 Delos. 7 2 te2I u2 d 22 427. 0. 1 os..,,, 6nudon4 DB2net. 108 trs inlotll~se Folh~lil] Itellocq & De,-,c os +2b hhl m stlr. an7 2 0 I7. m n2o2 , asps P. 4 uldery, 777 2 2 nto37 a.266 64ouis 2., 4arp7nter, 3.41 2hds. sua2r U7.2, a.5urie & 2 o2271brl, w 2k1y O :1 uers on board, V2 bhds.C , ' .l2,, an & 22oops Owners on horsd .o21llot h ,2ll2o..l', r stem642er A2m2ria3u22717.. 1 7eather Geeo Shall. .q| blxs Iry yoods, LL casks and .. trulnks bnnlrl~wre, 3 rea5l2 papel2r, P.r.e', Jollllo2 42 c2,7 I22arriage an7d 7 pr7a rlagc horses, 4 csrt bl~kcon, : hr] dry peaches, 1 kegs sunldries. 4 b2s o7LI.2 I 7 begs yorlt, and2 :02(sacks cr1 1, P o72n4t22n, &2 c22, I711, , 2lour, 4 d2o pech2 brandy, J Va r27 7 o 57 sa ks cornl. Owners o il board. Vn6:k22lur.P2,r steamer Aug2usta..337 bales coton 7 ,7 2 7rt. 134'. do Me.r, 2ieI. Pierson. 42 7o 32 do Ri7,h.rd 77,26, I721 4o B1urke. 2"t2 1. co, 2724do 12ckner2 St2nto7 , co. 42 do427ll2llet, FP.rr22y , co, 25 2.o'l'honls I7arrelt, I 7do 71.22ll7 0l22ris 12 co, 42 o Morris W2i4d7,3 d P2 F ,krkli & I71. 22, ' 42'o26 , , ,4 tk ' 'to222ee7, 71urk,,. 22.Vt7 co, 5 do 'Purne,'.t+ Woodrlulff his cottou, J || Levorieh, 5o .,Vn+ Flower. 2lilac' 4 Rivnr..Per 2steamer Velo2i2222 h .72 his 7 2 ,6 K rhv man,. Almrnatbyl) ·: IIlanna, II do Prsco t.· JoI. es &) ··o'0 dn 771ram2,s I72at2t, 49 71 7.;7,n7l 217, & 'Iho2paol|, do FPli7n, Belle+++ % D~pg,,Ios. 7 lo ILlrea. l~l" . dory. 2. 4 hl 7.7 .'.r. 72242ar A2 7,,Philips.. 01 hell 7l2,r G1,2 D7r172. 7,27; 7rl6 7h7.trdr. 7122hds .,bl,7o 7Pbo, ,r *7 7y. ,brl, Vwnrhe~ps, 3 hrl· eggs, Owliar2 Oi7l bo,,,, 7ot 7.r67tu e, Owners 722 7l777 19 ho..rses I ..oops. 7774,E.3 oa . 1,Our'l2. I7 o ui.26 22 . . I.or7 6 t, 227er Tl72 7 r.. ca2 7o 100 d7i, 2o27r2 17 6s2b4.7il7'7 I2i(.o.ds hOl,,, 22477767.,, 2. 6 eC6le Isrp2 p2 : bll·rs li'ahlblm++I·lt k·lan Inr I tilld I lls bh(l orlt, CI ampo llisr . (;ra.,d ; .1 I·oi'< nrope 5O coils yarn nul I 4 bles t w es I jpre. 2.-,balltlll - 227, lber2 ; Iht lend cabbag7e, 1.32471, .ro21 t 7 ll7 p..kh6. , 77 2l7=27 1:27ll272717 225 4,,..' 42262 doen d ' o 22 7er2o2llo2d; I1.l27 trotll2l2 ani p7i7g 1u2es, 2w2or I27, 2 ,o7rd : 6.2 l ',,.2- 2llhlll..,, 2 h aS27 ., 7Ib,rvll' 7 ...' 2r 7:22,llr Mari7ie..2, bl. cotton. J 71 Pla..lcb.e 4 2o. I7 2 o2o1l7ll222, .-27 ]l1et. AI) do A 2 I 7 6Erret2 4. 3 d 772,,7.'r s71 11np4, " I 24 24 711,477,',.12, ,29 . • ar, R I2r,,u1 72 r,. bri J 2I 27Ihl,, . co, , bri, mun.drig 22 2766 42rs22, ha, .27467 222,,,6227,, 964 ('lninnat12i--27r1 enl2ner 12,,t7rn..12O2l. 7l12222ur(2 2or272 (;2 do7 2,r1 2i7,224 7a227s lrd, A (77d7es 52 7.b7 2777his7E6 I7477 d4l],27Ur()1422de 26ll 2,1th.at7; 5 42blS .0 haf do b6l7. 3 1bo7es t7.l.g.lPr :,hl,.rd ,6 7l2r2tl2ll2..4 ks.g 1.4rd, 3 2 7.6 73 h6a7'd7 InlIl, j Idds lllhJI :) hI.(111 II )ork.14 ks'usI hI1 t ,r Shdo z re (I1II i :75h;7l442nrnal2 A77.7.271D(ve, b 712 11 727 2 42xe 7 e72 2!7 7722I.I72712,]ld7IourA 31boxur, o, 26 r 6 , ,o26 r 5 b22,xl37 I.tdzPJ~ It ILee,. , :; I Jtuvn au~d '2 horer u z,,? O caskrlu- i rlHIl (+; Endlerlv; :I ox ant 1 I11 I hfour. Ill hit furni~r. 4d Bar-, leaI1 L? ·CPcOIs 7 J 7ll 4 5 h 2.xs nldZC 11.r 7 .l2i 7Uar rcg 227722bte 27; 22,u The 742i2274 Il.r,2,; 3.V 4e, 79 Io 2 I.i7 26 2o1od.lp72,7(2 722.o Swen.,, f1ro217 2rt Ad2m7.. 7722116717 +in * \V Oak~ry. l.6dlo Ilegiio ds, I|vrll e& o; li In llnan he+l ,% 'rhonlp.Oll;1 35 (It)· '[ o Strk; 48 do Tay~lor, OQacdner & co. 68 (Io Bulckner. Staatl 6 & o. CONSIGNE E. nord2nnux..Per ship Ju.piter..J C.rr., jr. A 42 o4ier, 7 9n7or, I2Lw72 i, L'2al4d&r I 2ur2l7.r1 A'7Ai,4 Rocer7an1.2 72rthe1,7 T Alhrl., A I2nia7,Klli27. Frir, A t:vetier. 72bl6, 77ar2,1 . 22 7, 103l1171. r ,Arl lvalre , c,7 , ] Marl4in,l,,l,4. 6'bapm, . Abet, 77.,eran,,|,, 72el2ell. 2, Ro2,Jle2 ol2v2 r 2 & 22r22u. |2t62r & 7 I3 re 7,, 1,rbah G Mnr12ieh, 12aern2,, Pou veroan,~ t: ledoa. IHeryl? C Ozea . H BrowllS r1 o. PASSEN6EIR9. Vi2, brg712..Per Allgaer A a.. .9li7 7 Ga7es, 72l76hro2 Fer£11*Onl. l'hlllip+,s J I) |tdrtblllll. Olcre.r Glnslbu i. lrock R7B,6k R2er..|2 r s3lŽ222r 222 e ipedel2 ..A (G2a6,h5 Mou 2riend 7 R 774,1, Sackfi. Cl,,, I.ulldry. Clanlllli.i:.l er +t.2a2,nr27 P17ips..TN P'e22 & 7Mdy. (: ' w 101hlll , dllhPThe·~ ?'l mlloll ,.at i ttn Illlnl ea Il72alr•ora, 2211Lt. r· 7'27C726 t.L. 76l77s272I7 7y H y 17,32,l, 27 r.l 724a . nn 2727, o FPdey2 FPtter, Gr2cal (+o e %~~ II;owur, ani ?i +2T I (erk. ,27 ulh 2 ,Ohio..(Per P 7.tnor A2n2A1era T6o. K Price, lady anil llu.iter, illd 4 IIS~lS, A I2nlli.26, E , Hayne2s, L7d Hlllnll HOugeI..PPnr steallne r,.elalllore..j A Floret, Dun Jo37n 7lhm2.77¢il72l2 Ptl 12111,, 7;ells l.oo2h7,7 FuPIn.i i 17,il.7.Pc 7' n llalel.2.2' r Po72 2 7..4'.. d22t, SrI, Torres. Iady an72d1 7hil,7M.,r2+lk, Foray, 7S271l.2ly, C2rter2 jr 10.y. Parrot, lhl,17 .62b, lvnekln9.1273177l 7 7ioren 7 C 7,ey 2il27,lady2, 2o ( 7 llll, ID2222.22267.972722,777227 2h72271 77riI. 212N,7, 6I· 7227 Jle,.l~l,, 7112,, 777~117. 77,,7.7.ll77. 24,70.',,,,,c nlnui'¥1e .. 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Mohawk 6.llrnkd ,, p6r. 7nt.27,2t2r1o. end7 .to.in7lon 20ai.roda. 7I7d H2rll2m R2il 'm'd 5 Per rent: ,.) shares Vicksburg Bank were so d clowin o t .7., u!fler slt) dv·. Tbre rates ofeclclan~e per the Loandon Packet. which sailec st22erday 221rnln72 rates1 at 10 7r cent. In7 Enl2land nnd 2. 7r lit onl Erane,, at which • lieiled bluin~u will transaeted. "hi+ I(altk of thle Uliited SIatl im nol it relent . a*.rkL put22l w4 I6arn h2,,e a ,upp,, ,f bills o,, Thu'd n72lorning ,r rlunsm *SlOn by the Great Western, when • rcductiru In :le rates of premiuml .ilt prnhahly cllsue. NIEW YORI YKMRKET--W·dneohly p m. In 2o672e no eha6l, e ofthe 2 2mom7nt ha 7 o72ulr2d. The' iqlton m~rkrlt . very iluiet •lid rather dee In nr, Ihe sahm Ire 2t2u7i2ely , or hume 2 u26 2 ud iii7lldo for the4.72l2st162 , t V, about 1000 bh~lr . Flor rFmninn n, pr vinusly noticd tim I Ue eJ ts of \Veasten ae large atd dem ni roderate; holderR however evince much srmn s.. lhlemeu is dull andl h, dc linld rolsidernbly, s.ales of saM Cua st 30 33 cents, und Porto Kice at 36 3seots. Sugars ares dull. but in price n I tlserial hlas oceurresJ The Teassate on Tuddy wnt off less blrikl, sand prices wasr barely sustained. Slas oa Whsleboe al.20 Q 40} cents. TRUE ARIYBRICAIN 9bN14)M . tI connection with this Odice is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVEASSORTMENT OF TYPE FOR TIIn PRINTING OF Pamphlets Blank Chocks Catalogues Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices, Auction Bills, Bill Forms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Circulars And every descriptiao ofJob Work that mnay be required. 7"The proprietor respectfully calls the attention of the public to the above Card, and assures theen that all work intrusted to his care shall he done atthe short st notice, in a style unsurpassed in this city, and at the lowest rates. TIlE TRUE AMERICAN. EDITED BY JHan CIS.Ol11.N. FAITSLVUL AND BOLD. N WV OR LEANS: THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 1838 Canada-The accounts received from the east of War continue extremely interesting but are, as usual, of so contradictory a nature that truth is as difficult to arrive at, as the 'far west.' For in stance the Ogdensburg 'Times' states that the British opened a heavy fire on the party in the Windmill after the Prescott affair, but that the Canadians made a sortie, heat back the loyalists, burnt the building in which they sheltered, and captured their cannon. In opposition to which account, an endorsement on the western mail re ceived at Albany states that the patriots in the Windmill had, to a man, been taken prisoners or cut up by the loyalists. The prisoners taken to Montreal after the affairs of Odletown and Napierville are to hbe put on their trial before the Court Martial immediately. The most prominent among thent is Charles Hindelang or San Martin whler confeession we published yese rday. The Albany Argus has a long and minute ac. count of the proceedings on board the American steamboat United States, communicated to that paper by a passenger, entitled to the highest cre, dit. At Oswego seventy or eighty men took men took deck passages,but the writer noticed nothing remarkable in their appcarance, upon theircom. ing on board. At Sackett's fHarbor, Cape Vincent and French Creek, forty or fifty ntore persons of the same description came on board, and after leaving 1the latter place the writer says he took more notice of tile passengers. A large propor tion of them appeared to be American citizens, with a sprinklng of Canadians, French and En glish; but they were very quiet-said little, drank nothing, and apparently were without arms. When a little below Cape Vincent, Capt. Van Cleve was applted to by a passenger ofl respectable appearance to take in tow two schooners, which he said were lying in the river or below, loaded with rnerchandize for Ugdensburg, which he was desirous of gettirng into port the next morning; and, upon inquiry by the captann, he assured hime that the vetstls had no connexion whatever with the passengers, who by this tintse were understood ' be patriots, (as they are called). The captaln unfortunately yielded to the request ofthis Indi vidual, and tile vessels, when reauhed, were tak en o tow--one being lashed on to each side of the steambuoat. Tlhey had boxes and barrelson deck, and but just men enough in sight to navigate Immediately after I became acquainted with the rresenceof the schooners, I observed men climb. intg Iromr thet into tie starntboar, and it was soon obvious that their holds were filled with men of a smlllltar character with those already on the boar, and that they in all prolbability contelc lated a descent upon some ol the Onuadran towns on the river. 'tney were thetn more open in their conduct. I renmarked a sword under the cloak of one, and pistols ill the hands of another. A cotnsultation n as hlere held between two of tie pro prit ttrs df the bot, who haippened to be on boerd, aend ile cattain. 'Iley fIaredl thwartrthe patriots openly lest tlel shlonll tike prIosssion of the Iot, and necolr dlngly t ci . ld to lily by nt torrIstown, and send an expi.os to O)ldenlhlugh from thence. As thle hoat tulned illllo llrritlown,l the patriots themselves cast o,,I the schlolcer. ald il ntlelrel to ientl about 1)1 leoc , ieaving as rma nn lboiard the boat. 'These left her at t(gdetnsbnlrgh, whenl she arrived there. I'i iiPrxt mnorinlllg-tr rather tilhesame morning, after dayligit the patriots came down al d n izd id Iti bIoat, ios has been Ilrtble stated. The writer saeys athat a po tilmll oi tilbld Ilhui llngilloe to her were Itnm fitle press ed--andlld iloe wilhollut indi relucrtllltcet T le lelief engineer welnt on bolllrd witll a dagger at his throatll. lit oime o lel "h'leading' patriots we subjoin a few state nlltlo-pru in, thalt they are to clns:iour of tile value ol tlir Ines to tie pautriot service to jeopard thelu wil lilgl : On tile return of the steanohrtnlshe was given up by tile patrios, and taken posseosiun offby her owners,ald inullhillyln seized by the authority of the U. States. At Ihe rell estof les rs. Morgote & Crucker, I aceom l rured ilheny oan i itrd fhller, ln ler arrivalr and in the cahin, luoinnoin I settee, folld GoenerolJ Wanrd Iirge, w I h I was told was thte conllander in cnief, and who signs himself, in several printed proclamations which I have seen,"llrigadir (;lieneral Eastern Dlivision of tile Putriot Arm." lre hadl gone out ir. the boot, but tot unllfilurtUlla'eniv frr is martMu repntatio , lie was suddenly token very ill, and unabli to keep the deck. Tire oiljijc uof tl owners being to olltir ponseesiin of ilhe bast, tlhe natraollv desired tlhatr itir ellera hlould e remlnlved, It as t fiorst lhoughlt illnat lie was too sick to be taken from his eouch, hut after finding that the thing wooi to h donel, the General found the use of hislilubs, and lnailly went on huard a sunall bhot, and was lIken ashrlll,. T'he ap parnlee of his eoulnlelnnc and the nlualular energy which hie exerted in getting dolwn tile glaugwa producned an mpression on the part efeery one Iof a Illeot unilvoruhle coharacter toucig his possession of a certain quality generally esteemed essential in such r nterpris.s as that in whieh he had At lis tintle had en opporrtnnitv ofseeing tire ele brated"lill Jolhnsen." Ile lute on buard to iinduce the I'alrilrt who ho ,d returned in tile "States," to join the Iartyat the Pointt, nod I leau d him rntke his appeal to them. lIe 0itUk witllt greatearnestnels, and I PshtulId tilk hinm well qtalified to impress his own vinrew.p illu illl'nlete oiened men. It is lut illlelior cinent enr toa tihat, drin g tirh battle 'yertrdiny fornng. learly all the leaders of the Patri i were in thgdenatlenlrmh. General ltir.e rmininad in idi.tsed, it is re dtted the Cteouil of hur ouh rhiv side a apointed Bill John!isonli to an imn oilanl colmimand on i lAndav f ernigt I vet, he was on his lide dolring thie bal. lo; 'thughy hne rossed over repleht 'ly the meveing be ftlr. t. B. P'ier,'t',nliuihrnnrr leeastr on lld phrenottltlgy, had the actual eolnntead ofthe fi trnm lllut U. S. dlruno her last pnrilots trip), an displayed n good deal of pirit stmnhngr oh tle wheen-house ani lleerinlg tile leo, wti tie ieulls were flyint around; et litt wa nt in Iutanada illing rih elrgagement. I lerw lie in the atruelt i Ogdteuthltrglr severl times during Inorlnilrni,and snveraul ethers rwhl are aer libed lr have takeu a I'rominent paro in bringing these men ttqeoher annd detlintg ttherl down tie river, were iellsrfly on otr own nsoil Tring the time t lperil. 1 srnpplne they have Irher excnses, which I hoe inv he oatisfactorv to the poor fellows on tie Point, if they slhouln( as ndviee o ulears thenc. On . okting luriher into the Canadian mtters we lind litt!e doubt remaine us of the hnish orthe Prescott offlir. The following ertreat front a leoer in the 'Heorld' sets the matter at rest. During last nigoht, two steamboats arrived from abnve, loaded wiPh troops and cannon for the Brit ish. About tlree or half pat two. P. II, having made tlheir nrtringe.nenis the Brilshr fotre coan" Ioenced the lileck. Tie land foree nurbered protnhly Ihetwee b 1500illd 2100, with three large pieces ifeannono aund cn enonauv of cntvanry-the waner oree, two steamboanls completely filled with cannon and regulars, each lowing a large gun hoat or flouaig hhlater,. filled up likewise wieh r n oanlleow , ilnd soldiers brouenht fron the oetan at Kolerot. beiilng their cannon ot three loinre, hd whole force ellmenele at rnea Irutleodllnus fire upon thrm Prhbahly ten pieces of caenntn ern alol Tourin their ballse upn oe point, and so eoniioued until drtrk. Thins Irrenndoua cannonade continued until darkness covereed the enmbtausn. Suildnly a tremendous fireof tsmallsarms broke out around the nirne, bhtch lasted ht,r ten or fifteen minulee; haall wast ill. roni Yinformation sinerohtin ed, the Palrivtte finding their situation uontenable ,nd no merey exrpetedo Hadt a d ner. l rush mel the treopse--bul how nany, or If any esapedt, It know noti. The Britinsh set fire to the buldngo e e.. and the lights now illeminarte our sky. So siods the affair. Itlorrible I Slenamer Lberpuol. Some slender tidings have eren gathered ofrthin missing pancet, hut whe ther they ie true er not, is yet uneertein A Icroer wae reneived in New York ironm Boorrn Yoariag that the Lvrerptol hakd been spoken olff Nnntunke bysa rig arrivcd at llalioxlN. S. \Wo sincerely trust Ihe inrllieneee to he well loundrdr though it rs soutewhat attonge 'hat no tidii'gs should have tetehod New Yt k morr directiv. lon the ehenser hnuever, the collector of New York has dislattrhed a fiiebrig of200 tolls, well supplied arlth protvisine, in the hope ol lallug in witr the te neatmer. Ti'he lllowing sailing .tferrs oave been given to heu commnander. CUSTOM Housr., mew York, Nor 20, 1838. = Sir.-I yesterday ordered the cotter Washing Moi under our command, th be put in condition to g, to sea this day at 19 o'clock, noon, ond at the same time intormcd you that I wouhl send you particular ot dens for the cruise which I now do. It has been suggested that the steamer Liverpool bound from Liverpool, Dlglaod, to New York, may have got out of fuel, and has not tre means of reach ing any port,and tat she may possibly be somewhere in the vtcinity of the Great Banks.D You are probably aware of the ordinary trIck that It steam ships would be likely to take on such a pa- o sage; but iest you do not, send you herewit the log of the Great Westeron. on her first vovaige for your perusal. I desne that you will speak on your cruise all the veasels you conveniently can, and request them to report you to the Collector of this port as soon as they arrive, or if not hound to thti part, So tsie ollector of any port where they may r arrive. I also enclose you a note from captain Hshkena. of the Great Western, addressed to Jacob Harvey, Esq., y which you will peeive that it is his opinion that d it would be useless togruise to the northward of 42 de rees. T'he probhility in that ite Live pool, ifshe ontinued hervoyage and got out of fuel, made fora oouthero latitude. t aU at a los to know how long it will be expedient for you to remain cut; but this I must leave ouse what to your discretion. You ore aware ofti eh bj ct I have ill view, and trust somewhat to your disoetieon in arcomplioliug it. Should you full it with the steamer or any other veessl in distress, you will render all theoid it your power for Ste prteservanbi of the lives of the pe oust you may find on board, and render such other assis tance, as the case may re irte, andt a you hrvein your power to afford. Wishiang onua protperous cruise, Ire m ain, very respertfully, Your obldt servaont, J HOYT,collector. To Lieut Frazer. commantding U. S. cutter Wash ington. COLLEN' CASE. Tihe case of he illegal imprisonment of T. VW Collens, deputy clerk of tile Circuit Court of ite United States, was hbrotughl yesterday before the Hun. A. M. Buchanan,judge of the District court of the State, by a writ of Habesn Corptut. The er gement on the part of the prisoner was shly and irresistibly made by Messrs. Grymes, Cutored and Chim who are entillod to all praise for their pow erful exertions on behalf of the cause of justice and the fundamental rights guaranteed by our free institutions. Theeos. Slidell, Ese., mads as attempt to gloss over and palliate the conduct of P. K. Lawrence, but it was evident that with the public at least his exertions were fruitless. The eommu nity has set its seal of indignation upon the whole proceeding. The court will give its decie on this morning at ten o'clock. It is the earnest hope of every one that Judge Buchanan will sustain his reputation by a judgment in accordance with the principles on which the charter of our rights are drafted. Enpasmlnt, lot us remark that the conduct of Judge Lawrence throughout this whole has been eharacterised by vindictiveness controlled by igno oence and imbecellity. He gave Collens time to produce the records, and yet punished him for contempt for not producing them before the time was expired. On one hand ha directed his clerk to take the records from Collcns, while on the other he directed Collens to bring them into court thus placing him between two contrary orders. lie inflicted the punishment of perpetual impri. sonment without permitting the party to purge himself under oath as usual in such cases. IHe issued the writ without a hearing. lIe caused a seal wholly illegal and contrary to law to be alfixed to the writ of incarceration. lie tnok advantage of the absence of the senior judge ct the court to carry out a measure clearly ulljns and arbitrary, to gratify a personal feeling, setring up his own opinion as infallible. He forgot all courtesy to his superior associate in endeavouring to force by tyrannical measures a result entirely contrary to the solemnly expressed opinion of said nasoociate. In fact, we can hardly conceive how In fact, we can hardly conceive how sench a case of' crumulated error and wickedness en the part of one appointed to administer the law, could pos sibly take place. U.S. Bank Stock on the l st was at lif0 3-4 in New York. We are glad to learathatGeeral Set na iteen again ordered to the Norlhern frontier, where his r.r-. enceant tile firees placed under his control will, we trust, prevent any such co-operalion of our border citi. tens with the revolted Canaidiana as will endanger the peaceable condition of our relations with England. Ofice reckters.--There are between one and two dozr. candidates for the elerk.lp pof the HIouse of Irep resenlatives vacant y the death of W. S. Franklin. Rurtors.-A torreslmndent of the New York Ameri can, writing fr. W\Vashington ayst: "Fronl so me caose or othler, a strict inrestigation is mnaking into tbhe accounts of several highf ofiers in the Executive de partments. You are problably aware that Mr. C. A. Hlarris, Commissioner of Indian Affairs, has been re mooved; and rumor says that three othert will soon be requested to resign. Their names are annexed, but I think at this period, I should not be justified in givine them publicity. I am informed fromn an anthentic source that the examination hitherto has proved very unsatisfactory." The Kingaton U. C. Cllronicle states that i tile nf fair with thi' Patriots" near Prescott, Lieut. Johnson, of the 8:11 regiment, Lient. Dulnage, of the (Greenville mlilitia, 4 privates, and 3 women were killed. Lieut. Col. Gowan, Capt. Geo. McDonald, Lieut. Parker, .eg eant Clarke, ond more than 40 private., were woun. Twenty-six "Patiots"i were taken prisoners, nnd lodged in tile fort at Kingston. Trial Postposed.-The trial for tutlder, of Mrs. Doyle and her confederates, Johnson, Smith ant Davis, which was to have been held yesterday, was postponed on account of the alleged incapacity of a material wit ness, till the second tMonday in Jnnuary next. Commeree of Florida.s-Two miles ahove the light house of St. Marks (Fa.) a new channel has been dis covered in the St. Marks river, in wllich with very little expense 12 feet water can he obtained. A vessel draw ing 9 feet has passed through it with ease. Reported Murder of a British Officer at Chippeora. -The Buffalo Journal ao as, "there is a report il town that a Hlitinsh olienrwas mnurdered at his residence tin Wednesday night ltat, by two armed ruflians in die use r The assassins knocked at his door,and lsoher tapped to it, lwhenonae of tle assaassill snatlpetd a pistol at hit, whiclh tisnatl.d ira; Ite elosed the door aild opened a window, aond was hot ill the breast; theilt assaaaita ttet rushed into the houlSt, nd shot tlhe calp tain again, and he fell dedl into thei arms of his wife. Capt. Ulsher is said to have been concerned in the Car olirne nafir. Thele was also a rumornl (not credited) that Captain Drew had been assassinated. E[7 The New York Herald with its usual consitean cy is now engaged in decrying Ocean Steam Navigation with all its force, and cracking up the packets, and the packet system, as far preferable in every way, il safe ty, i comnfort, ill cooking, and in the fotld. \Vhat amount of doneettr has worked this sadden clratnge we are not informed. But yesterday there was nothing equal to the steamers: and ocean steam navigation was to revolutionize the world. To-day the hoats are worthless, their management still worse, and their fail ure inevitable. 2'7 AlexanderAtling jr. hashleelt removed frotm Ilia office in tile New York Customu huse, by the Presi for his open attempt at dlisorganization in making him self so conspicunot at the meeting on behalf of the Ca nadians in New York. What cares slch a lono-foeo leveller as oring whether two countries be enlhroiled in war, so long as lie indulge his dremagoguec par tielities in personal safety NtIsT CeARTo LoAoAYeTT'rE:,-A car will start froml the Car Hlouse, BIaronlle street, for Lafayette every night at half past 11 o'elock. tnd citizens dwelling there taty visit thie Theatres,or other nlUslaoleltts and return lae before 12. The eorporation of New York haIve resolved oil a public cemetary on thc Bloomingdale lRoa 1 fro tI 137th to 14d Streets. Removals frotm the Custoat House.-!t is said lint the nIlotorious Mineas asheen relnovdct from his situatin in the Ctustom ll lhse. WVe know lnot hlow tro this is; nt, tler is 11o doubt,h lat Ir. Ogden, tile (a·llior, ndt Ili assistant Mlr. Philips, hteve bo:rn remtoved by an ler lrolll Wtashington, on the goltooll tiat they uIt-t tovo, ibeen knaowing to, oreoittceo..rI in, the alleged do - flreatitls oft tle late eollector.--N. V. Couroer. Clhnges.L-lt is rtanored, Lays tihe Tines, thit Mri Hoyt will be appcointed U. S. Conaul at I ivertpool, tlid th:tt nx-governor ,larcy will hloelo the tleollclsl loip c1I the Port. ((1 RE IT WE'I'EIt.N PEN. Jm1t iteri red dirert Sfromin Loolln, one hllndred gro a of the (lrents Western Steel Penl,'lntlde expres.lvr tior.lniollrs r'tllel ales, and warralted thi best llen aw ill Ai, t .er , now Char'e` t NElW ORILIEP NS JOC1,EY CLUB. Eclip.e Course SLL.1. ment at the Exltxhange Hotel, on nSalllht , arTvenilg nexlt, t l.t.f pn.t G u'clLukli ,."29 VY N OI.IVEIR. T') LEI', Two houIe.s near Tivoli Circle. Apply to aJ OIlT'. .s novl9 EW V RI.E.lNS CUARIOLL'TON RAIl. S(c\Tl) (:C).-.~NTi'ICt-OIn and after the lt Dec., 183I8, until filrther notice, alln Extra night Car will leave tle car hoea, 'Pvdrnas street, at hall past II o'clock, P. . fior Lnaytte and inlermediate places. Single Tickets37 1-2 centa, or .t1$:5 peNr htuinelra, JOHN IAttI'S I d, nov.'-tfl CII'. Eng. N. O,& C. R. IL. STEAM BOAT BILLS. O WVNIES, AGENTS, or C IPTAINS of STEAM f ICBOATS Can hiealtheir Bills struck off in one, or more Colonrd Inks on Plain or Colored Paper, awith Sdespatch, and on favorable Terms, by leaving their ORans astTIrUE AMERICAN OFFICE, corner of Poydran and St. Charlks atrhets. Nav29-tf G )VERNOR'S HORSE GUARDS. r. THE Campiny will parade r drill. To-I)AY d in hial nniform, at 4 n'clntk, P.I pneriely, andlaon id Friday,ltr Regitmental Rev,ew, at 4 lo'clck, I'. Ml., Id on tie vacant square in St. Charles street, opposite the St Charle, Theatre. By order of Capt. Osborn Cross. ae JOHN GIBSON, ae nov27 . S. Pt NEW ORLEANS & fC A. .LTON RAIL KtUAD COMl PI'ANY. ARRANGExMENTa FOR THk WREN DAYS. S Front Cenrrllon. Floam New Orleans. - iore Car it 4 o'clock, A. M.lars Car at 5 o'cllck, A. I. Lrocomoti,, ,i Lo, " otive 7 I a alt n " ba iiiina LEVI II " eiI P.M. Arar 10 o'llok a Carell ab olltained by payilng 0 dol. re lara f,r the Trip. rIlE JACKSON ANDIACOIIRFE STRFEETCARS Leave Canail treet atii jlachck, A. al. n ut r hla hoily. At f calf iast 7no'EIlock Itlis Ir will olmuence ttII aIu a every ialf Ilour, nttd continue thirialou t thle day until 8 oclioct, P. M. SIfrom tile head ofJackfonaa streat. S Persons going by the Locomntivemast proivirde tIlrmelves wlh Tickets, as no motey will betakeln by the cotlaDrtore. to Omfe New Orleans ald C.,lrlllon Rail KoRnad Cnmpany, Poydr a street. JOIN IIAPII'tON. Or an2ai Chief Eng. N. O 4 C K. t. ae TURKS ISLAnD, SAL.'--3.,.011 b.ushels T'urk' it Salt, landig froml barkt IBohemia, and for sale by LEVI II GALE, ne nur29 93 Caomtmon st .. OL.. L11I)1' W.N'TI'E:. A SARIT, acnive and willing NE(i IO BOY, about - tveaeen years ol age, can Ia ve illlllleliiate elll elan, by alililg at tie PIINTI Nil G OI I ('E of ''1(UE AM3EI.UCAN; ctrnler ofPoydlas and St Charles streets. nov28-ti i.TEXAR IAN) SCh(IP FOR SAITE-'The salseri I. bers offer for sal twenty Floats of six hulndredl and fortv acres of land, each. Ily the act eo the I.egis this script can be held and located by fireigners, ad is transferable by assignnlntent. n,,v,9 " Hl-lOS It !F & CO. IARiMINE INK. Ju- t reteived tihree ece of (>J Guyol's very superior FIrn,'b Red Irle . for sale by IDAVIID FEIT I 4IA(0, New York & ltalioner's lall. Tnovy 9 21 Chartres st. C ) OAL.-Athnlerile Coal n bulk and in casks, an I.iverpoeol ctoal in casks delivered in lots te snit purelhasers. Orders left at thle (Cal Yard inl (al st. or alOLMS & MNLLS, nov 2. No. 9 B lnk Place. SUGAR I MOLI&S.E. 11 hhds, Sug'ar, 10N n idfs Moliasses, I.ndin ) from stiaIrrI ulna /Iore, and fm tale by ADAI)S.' & VCIITIAL, nov 29 tw ft7 (rtvier st. rI.Ao i. 51t11bil. s landing frtl t s t' l l . A lil nv,' 279 44 \',, I ever. s flat at,llr sl tby Ii I I Y, nov 29 - 41 N-,, I lve,. - -J The letir, bhas ltf Ihr ,' .;:, f at ;bt, hin, A - Ir r.s, Tol le, nmas,:r, teor . vorp ,., ~ ll hr t.l/,,~ t l w11 bfrtlli the )li'etti ttt ia' li t f.x illt- g t l ' 5 lIt I. I 11( , , Al ant, TO IMtll(lUAl iT X11 . .RCIANIT." caru have a Hi+,rrym. ;h' IAt struck.'offtt/ftr ,enhours Nortr, at the' ('onlilting Bilie of T'Il:E AMERICIIAN lairlPs fI iceE, t.Cllarles e.llane,, atdjoinin the h in , INO Ioero ant ('trt'e of ie fvier street, oratt/h- e 'ttint ing _Olict,er-aerof P'oydras t" St. ('ea es strets.t L.ATl'IIS. V lIIIRTY tlnltenl 1-1 inch landig frim brig 1 Linteal , and furo ntle b S& JPI' WlITNI,'lO , novte l 7. (namp at t)'IAT()ES.--7.5 bI s I'llotes ilta ling lfrola brig , t Lnllcel, for sale by S4'J P WHITi'NEY, _nov26 7.H allp st A l bb,., dry and sweet, flr sale by READ ,. 1iAHSITOW, AGGINGO and IlBallilpe ior miah; by IIADI & L S kIRI)W, tldvice 7 Illlk Pllae I m Negroe, lncding rou shlips Outiulgce tnd Ar. kaltas, and fr anle by ISAAC BRIDGE & CO), nov2l 1.I. Mailgazine Rt CARDS ir- PRINTED)a the sholtriest Notlie, int the n ost rlegant mnnner, in iBlackor aColored I' 'Ks, on Enamel led, Whlie Flake, or I'lain tanrltheed Oan I, and at P'rices ver reasonable atl TI IE AMAI lClAN IF FICE, corner of Ptnydras and St. (harles n sts. &,eral New and leaItiftil Fonettl of TYPE anre just been arlled to the Establishment. Orders received at Collptinllg Rlotao , S,. Charles t Ee/xtange, 3,lrd door frot G(travier st.,or at the Plitintlg OlHise, eorn a , Cre:, . IChltsstreets. anovl--f i tale by S & J IP WHIt TNI l F', avnc4 a73 Camp _t D)UCK-A comptlete assortment in sIore,for sale by S & JIP \IliNEY, Iunvl4 73 Camlllp st t SItIMMS' NEW NOVEl.. EI.LAYO: A story no tle lGoth, by fhe autlor of 'Tlelliehamlnr , The Yee, asee, '(Iu, Rivers,' Ie Partii,,' Martin Fuber,'al , i2 vter, rli l. jlel receivs ed anrl t salen by V I hI'KEAN nov)3 arn Calemp & Co.,mn ts NEW PI l(LI A'I'IIN$. T IIE Stragerit Ulhillle C i, Iby)nwnilg; Rolan llcs 'l Viellea, bty Irs e I'rll) t, eeols" Pela'o; lheb last of ttile atintl, inn ' vei 'etelt I'igrhn, by lie. BIid,) rltS; I'ietialt, lns Ielte French lt Sainltntiett . Tlte Wife Iluler, or tie Iulrirltv ftltiils Inaeel Silrks & Sean iGulls, by lallttin (;lass. aock, R N.,ie i eanls, lrt ste Ia y K JOII.S1 & ,, ncove24 r St ae'larles A: Iommon eI AIT--51t00 eakb I.iettLerpool Salt, flhln in lots to SC! cit itlrchusers; apply te 1. 11 (;:1., nov lI 93 (Oellellln e t flank Cheeks, Bills of Lading, Auct io1I Bills, Pamphlels, Shocr bills, CanItt IOglle-, &c. &e. [2',)RIFR.Iefor the Irotne, anel eer'ty oaer des l eeiption of l.ltl V1l'N'h i fl atreceived ot Conmtitng 1 Ilnorll of't 'T'UE A)IEiItC N \," in ST. C(HAlttES EX CAePn.E, 3d door fromn (ravietr street. I.etenstie and bearuift/l HoOtK atn JlOn FOUtNTS fromn Me best Foundries in the United States, haer justl been added to the already ree/-stoaked Establishment; d -arnd t RDERn leitll be e.erated as iow, as Cheaple., at ExIlditiouslyrnnd Ileautifully, asst tenLllvther Offtfie in th" ('ity, or at the Printing OIffice, rotner of Poy- I drat ard (larlesl steete . Noel-tIf lNEW cIROP Sil;A.-'75 hhds prime fi r tale nn I planttien, lo, nrate lte city, by 1.REA1l l N BARSTO\V, nov24 7 aitk Titcet J) It'll Ii1f{iIliY- Alfea bblt Ield and iprior arlicle, f,-r sale ty IREAD & lIATl'-'OOW . a' nonvl 7 Iauik PaeyeI -(NIh, N I'll'K tEr, SAUCES, b'e. jisi ret;eived I" lebxes English Pickles, assorted, I2 " " Sauces, doI 10 " Extra qua!lit Lui ene1 'lletanrd, I0 " Anchovies ip glass jr,, 3 bbls. Illckl,.in a I)v Marltin, 1 boxes 'etr. ()ler. live in glass jar, S" Salal Oil. (; V '11'1 ell ARlli & .I r4l;I:Rl' Jr. tv 21 .eCtl [aytlrn-A- fi. ,eet .rI Camn StI. Theatre. Fourth night of Manzeppa. This Evening, N.oeminr 29, Will be perftnrmed the P.ny of MAZEPPA. Mncinipp, ll r lebarr. Abeer Klta, F'rndlericks, (tlinsktVr Mr.t Geene. Grand Pat Seal, by Miss Wray. S>ng, Billy Barlow, Mr. Franklin. scng Jitm Brown, Manning. Proviotfa to tIa pJlay, the favorite Force of tlhe WANDERING MINSTREL. Jer Bloagr Frnkl froh Tweedler Pacard Julia, Mine Melntyre. ANNUALS AND ALMANACS, FOR 1839. SPLENDIID London Annual,-,-l'le look of Roy alty, superb col'dplateso Finde'a l'ableaux, and "t allerv of Groces; Filnter's Drawing 1nooml Sketch Bnltk; Beauoties tCoetumnto,-Bdos anal Bllssomso ; Waverlv KPeesake,--'lheo lperin:; Oriental Annual; Forget n N iot; Jordan's Portrsit Annual; (:aricature Antnel; Comic Annual; Frienldshipbls ' ()tring; Fiohcr's . evenile Sketch Book; Young ladie's and young ceutlemen's Anntal. Aluric, A Watts; (Christmns Tales. Amerioan Annnals. The Token nad Atlnttic Souvenit; The Violet; TheGilft; Mrs Gimantt's annual Hegister & Housewife Almanac. Almanac's. American Almnanc & Itpoasiotuy ofUsehfll Knowledge Blunt's Nantioal .\ihanec; . EJolhs & Co's. I.onlsiiant Almanna; Crocketto-Comic-Grtnnon Almonac, Stewart'o Iiarv for 1839, cnnlaning a blank memo randum for every dy of thtet year. P JO!INS & Co., cornerofSt Charles and Conmmon tas. noa 28-5w CITY HOTEL, Corner of Common and Camp streets. 1R. & MRS. GEG. SHALL have the pleasure th of informing their friends and the public, that the louse nso vorably know on sBishop's lotel, will lie olaeed on Wedne.dao, the 14th inst. fcr tihe racep tiol of eonopany. 'hey hove Iod thiseHouse thnrongl ly repaired and newly furnished throughout, and beg leave n assure the traveller and citizen, that whatever reputation thle Ithouse tmay have acqulired in pnst years, no exertiol n on their part slhall be wanting to maintain A Collation will be stopred at It o'clck on the morn ig ofthe I Ith inst., to whlichl thle puoblic is restpectfully Ilnvit e noel3 . ANCASIIIRE POTATOES--t.i0 hampers Lau ca ohire Potatoes, for sale by S & JP WIITNE\'Y, nov 11 Conti st LOUISIANA FURNITURE WARnROOuMS No. 53, Bienvlllel stlrt. j7 1 1.1AM It. CAIINES, weotl respectfully in. frnl Ils friendsl and tle ,hic ll tit heis coiln. stanttly receiving fromt Now York and HIoalon a good It assorimnt ofl Furniture, such as mahoganty eltoiro, of iPets, I ed- teads,l ia tie llllll a ainted hlnirs, ilia ple slid cherry bedsteadl, mhogany andl cherr tables ofn ll description,, breaus, toilets, acetarv., wriliun desks, warrol e~ of nalnhotny nld cherry, wash stands, loolking glanres, fteatller, bedtding, &e. &re. NH. Furniture packed for transportation with great a. ca. anv13 's [)OX CHAI~d-1(10 dnzen Bux Clhairs, just re coived au o stitablo fior shipping lfr sale at the Louisiann Furniture Ware Ioons. ot ol3 WiM B CaRNES, JINES er (t tlltIAI.S--Per Julia, frcot Ileo r, t V and late arrivals, Rlwuiaih toines. Nierenstoineir, Malreobrunner, (iraefenger, Hochhlli or tr, 't'Hhraer, 'olttioe cAteinlegtc , Oar laodv, Milk, Stein & Leilsten, Sparkling Hock, and lRheotush Wine Glasses. i- Chantagoe. l led and White, celebrated bralls. Burgundy. , Sparkling, lRoalnt tti, Chtlbettill Cloe de Vongeot, anti Nurts. Bordeae., - Chatoaln tl.tffted, and Chlttean MIbansttx, l.lovillh, , ,. cases o3 ,i do Gtrl EStIrp he .and St J ulien Tutlle Claret. Herlnitage, Snutelcne, lr l 1ttd Graves. i .Dessert tl'ita. (;eGtuine .Lun.l anI Frottignall Mloent. Madtira, old otld Iure littu i oltrlted in e gtnnt.t -randy. al ('htunlagnc, ia barrels of 31 galls,.' ,nl. unit in 1-.t pipe . ntltCordiois. (h Geioe Maraschis, and di Z.,ra, ri ll 'lrl ilt antl It ollrt x t Cordial \\'hitrttt t, ( 1d tllortno lxl Arisette itt n o tec, lhit Inatale. InI Irll..nieh, Whitet Itnrdeaus Wim \'itcl gar, It " sado b It" .hll."Stt (& 't t, it v'ol t Ioe f :..t (' Alt., l. t t'm loa tIcU ft' [11141 t 1'1. JkF!Lllli) It K-e It 0I iIt .New trienirt , Nor. 27, 7l',;e file firtl day of lkmeml)r ,:I. a. twl.v," n'' l,, k, I will ndj.hl, mi, at ' hi ofrItt e, to, the i igfi t Ill. r, fl.e :Dt IDee il.r, 13.12 , t tl.,ive. lTerms radro dtlions of" 'ht adjndication. The form',' or lh,-ed. h ll, within live .ys atfterhe a4djoll iratoi , nfilri-h It s irontl, rv maIIIes end..led to tihe ;nl titelisrto o.f the toneil, lI.n nle a l I, ,:3.4,b,i, f, 7, 8,9, fI3, i.,nId l montllhs oa tihe. first day of Janl rvy, , Ind shouhl he ledl to d. so a new ioljudintdion will be made fir ihe COll ll at lll l tit I , risko" a dll . farmer or les u, I 1 shall also alet ,I n oll ortgagel ill favor of lthi I n n Icil v ll the riht on ha ich:i s d revenue in shrl, ed,so thinl inB dJetaht oftlhe nveit of oany ofithe aftre said ncoteson their obe .co:ing flee, tfile ll unicipil ly m y rich(-, so adchtd and n4.rtg.ogeM as a p; dg4., He ahIll also vorln to tdII lthe olrdilances now io force or which only he hernaltter he Ia.eed in rhlatoon to said market. JOIIN CAI.HIOUN, nnv,3-t hlder Com ptroll rr. BUIIIAU DIT CO\1"lPTRIOLEU II-Municipah t6 No 2: Nile Orldans, 22 Nov. 1838. AVIS PUBLIC est par le prdeuont donnd, quo Santedi, ler do Ddcembro proohain, a midi, j'ad ,jugerai a co horeau, au plus haut enchdrisseur, Is collecto do revonu du MAIRCII. SiteMARE , pour un an, savoir do lcr Janvier 1839 au 31 )6. combroe inclusivement. Conditions tIe l'adjudication. Le to rmier on to. nour du bail, devra, einiqjours apree I'adjudication, fournir sos billets promnissoires, endoseds ItIn sn tisfaetion du cons it, payables l 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11et 12 mois, du ler de Janvier, 1839, a ddfnut do Iaquolle foirnalilt, it sera proc6dt uone nouvello cochre, pour le compte et aux risqueos dudit firmier otL tenur de bail. II devla aussi ulitcter et Ibypothquier on favour de cotto munici. palild tous los droits osur leoquetl ledit revenu est atteiio, de maniore qu'nu d6faut do paioment d'au. cun dendesdils billets, a cur dehdaned, la muniol. palild ait le dreit do eiacir p.ovlsoirement leadit droit, ninsi atfeet6s et hyplth~quo. aoonone cau. lion. II se confl'ornera aussi 0ux ordollnances an. ftellement en force, on qui in seront dans !,t suita, I l'6garet dudit ntarcl6. 21nev JOHN CALHOUN, cotp rollor s.e.t II'4L.ltl'l 414' kltcE, S"&econd .lutoniipaolly. N.iW (O)LF.ANS. :iVs. 22,, 1838. CUBLI.C Noice is hereby given that on altlrday, Sthle fiat day of ltoolaaelll neot, Ia twelve o'cloak, I wnill atIju~liaile, at Itis otice, to la Ili.tbest hidide, I .ie Clwoi:lill c ft l e retveIoie of tle t' treet ilar. ket. itr Oll yerviz: f,, the tfilt ofJanuary 1839 to thie :31st Decelmber 11:19, ianrlilve. 'Terms end eoditions of tha adjudiention.-The far lmer or les-ee shall, wllhin five dues after the odjudica tiel. funisl. his promissory notes,etdlorsed to the salis litctil oflllthe ouncil, ptyoabl nat 1, 2, 3, 4. 5, 6, fi8, 9, I o, Iadt 1o lllths Iroan tile first day ofJaonory t1:39, afd .hould lI. fail .to do so, a new adjtelico.ta hwill lle fmae tIle orcoullt sntllat lie rihk of said llr ner or le-see. Ile shall also effectllltd mortgage in lh or " this nllnielpalily all tlet t ighlt oil whichl tile col. h-t r|fll am rt o illf nit l l tlC is l tlllltd, so lhnt ill ,lleltllll O1' tile pniymot of any ofthe falre.ald notes onl their becInl. ilu due, the nmnici s ality uv have the Bowerofeivi, proviiounally the alobrsnid rigllts, so aficted and most gaged as a pledge. He shall also conlitrm to all the .ordlnllnca now ill force or wh ch may be hiererealrs e! in relation tlsaoliniumrket. JOHN CALHOUN, nov 53-df&eld Comptroller BUREAU DU COMP 'ROLEUR-Municipalitd No 2,- NllI.Orldaus, 22 Nov 1838. AVIS PUBLIC eat par tI prdeent donuid quo snamedi, ler do ddeetmbro prochain, a midi, j'adju. geral ha co Ilureau, au pilus nlt etnch6rlsur, l collectl du revenu odit MARCHI-E DE LA RUE I'OYI)RAS, pour un an, savoir: du lerJanvier 1833 all 31 DI)eenlre, 1839, inclluivemtent. Conditions do I'adjudication-lto fermier oni to. neur duf bail, devra, cinq jours aprts I'adjudicntion, fournir s'cs billets promlisoires, endossss la In a. tisfketion du conseil, payables a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 t 12 inois, du lr de D6,eetbre oau ler do Jatlvmr, 1839: au ddlaut do laqutell formalit6, it sera proctd6 o une noovelle encht , pour le consptf eL nix risqlsn doldit forllliie on l r de hbil. II devra nouss atfleter et hypot'dquer on fa. your do r.toe tnunicipalit6 tons los t'roits slor leo. qulels It colleeto dudit revoeu eat afform6,de ma. tifre qu'au ddfiut de paiement d'aucun deslits billets, a leor dchlbanco, Ina unicipalitd ait le pou. volr do tntlfre ottachement provisoire sur leodis droils, ainsi fflec,6s et lypOtltque coinmme cau lion: il s contihrlllra aussi a1 toutes lea ordonnan. ces IactLLalleent en viguesUr on q4ut snront par la suite mnines on fore, . I',dgord dudlt marcll6. 21nov JOHN CALHOUN, comptrolleur. I I MPTY' IlVttitELS-du3 H3, irels, i en 1o ipelor order, for sale by I. II GALE; nIlm2 93 Co..mon at . Utlt tF:--lO,1,llllcletr \llllte PIae boards, I ind iLa lg friol. ship London, lor snle S& J I HITNEY, ___. 72 Camnp el from ship I'. lrthnni loI s. le ib ISAAtC. IIItfGF. & Co, oi 1134 Maglzin ort SI. Charles Theatre. lFirst appenrne this -ease of - Mlr. ndl MrsA CIAtI L TTl IBARNES. 4 :on:I night of thernlenzenrenlet, in this Theatre, of MISS MEADOWS. THIS EVENING, NOV. 29, Will be perfoirmed tile Ply of FAZIO, Fazin, Mrt. Pearsone Biinnra. Mli5 Cl irotn iott, r Previous t the Tragedy the FIrce of the S'I'AGE Ct),CHl ADVENTURE VWmn 'Itdhpson the ist, ir. lnrnesa Aftenr whicl,llli-ae Meadlowns will apRpear nid i ig a sotng and dance. An Overture by Onrhestra, The whole will conclude with the Petit Opera lof SWISS LOTTAGE. Corpiorfa Mar, Me. Page. Lizette, IMia Ies nladnwa. Dreso & Matsqueradte ll1l, WASHIINGTON AIVALL ROOMI St. Phii sttreietiretrween Royal & HIrrblmtns. ttHEL Man-nger of he abin, ntanted Ball Ilnnm,grnte . ful to hIs friennls ned the punlie fir the ttlnpral lelled patronage besto ed on hilrtnorseverml seaons, reepeerfahly infirms the:ll thurtf r esrtliahnmert hnte ieen enlargel for the anlusement of visitorsa. nul uia dergone ilnnie.lme reprtir. The bar will ie surpasserl by nion ill qualtliJty e i S, and tile tIeatiri i ,i ill be keptl ry tie ablest Iestattrntrutr hin the IUnlte States. The room will re-open onil Saturly oven:ng, 3rd o"' November next, v Ian GRIiND DRISS & MASQUERAD)E BAL.L, alnd will take rilaceas usual every Mondaly, Wednrlre day amlSntatrdray vening, dnuri.g the setsoen, whe.h will and on tie let of Mlay, 18139. N. IB. The reaetret aitention wilhlIrel to u*I ilg perfect order tlhroughout the es ablishuaent, as wn done nlat season. NEW ORLEANS JJCKEY CLUB BACES. OVER thle Eclipse Coanrse, to eommenee on Tuesa. i day, the 4thl of IrDecember, and onrtinnie six days. FIRST DAY. Jockey Club Parse, $1,501i, 3 mile heats; seeond est horse to receivre $211H, provided more than two start; if but two, the wint n r to rrreive $1,200. SICONDDI)AY. Proprietor's Puree, .1.210, two mile heats; secondt nPaI horse to receive $200, provided miure than two starrt, if but two th nwilnner to receive $1,i00 0. THItD IDAY. The Nw Orhlanns Plnate--a spIh.uleid Tee Service or Silvetr, value ItP . 10, 2 mile heats, In this race fint year ilds and inmler, rat ryingtheir appropriate wrignhtr 5 sear olds and over 11Ill pounds. FeOItin IirlrflAY. Jekaey Club Purse, $2 500, I4 Mile harts;nneeollihest iehorse to nreeive n- t, nlrovidled mnore thldn itwo rtrt; if It two, thIe winlner to reneive $,1100. IPrprietIIr'e Iors, $n6,0il miile hileaet, abest lthree in SIXTII"TAY. Proprietor's Purse. $1,100, three mile Ialnts. nov 19 V N OIIVER: r1 'HE Fall Meeting for 18:10, over this rourse will Scottmmence on Monday, Ith D)eemlct. First loy--A match for $2,'L/lO side b. ft. four mile henlr; Mijor T..I. W liP s names bl . f Estant, by iop. I eviatao., dlmo imp. Itefog''e, by w\V dererot. (rier & Not,,o n' name It. o. Iho P :iiC, dalot by Si, 1'harles. etond o ll av-A matrh l r frl0( it taide, tl. ft. f folur mitoe hetsl lorpr T' J Wrlls onooes 1: F I'oeswing, It imp. l,'vi.t haono dam Rhot S ltp.oi.r (Ilininthhn'n. do m) by'ropgolhooo. Grier & Oimimt,,o n mes e. ,. IVilhioro Ilerno u hy I W,'nolptb'ker.dalo ,v \ Vhipstorn. Seonnd Rae. snrle daty, t Swee pntake for 2 vear olh colts aRd hllto", mile ients, $500 entrance ht f.ser er, suboserthorh. Ja l: (;arritt on, C ( H Farmr, Ira Smit h :oio ith, T S',mith. Thos .1 W lk I) Si -fl,.on, Third Il -''-Twot mile hr,'s. J ( ptrset, ro. .note I ot , Two, mile brute, .1I ( PurseI , 750 F'ourth lDa-'-Three mil,- hat's, J o PursC,e I17140 Fofil1 Ita - -Fo'ro o o ho to' ,ts, J IC I'orsr, o O Sixtll I toy--',llh It' s, r l -ot : ih 5,J 1' I' ',' it'll) Selh I lay' -Tlrs nne hents, IProprietor's 1nr ,001 J.\14 G;AI' t"ON,100 fI 'IIARI .I AIIMS, '111OSJ 3 ,'EIJ.S. r. , t I- ro. . I.0L lSIANA JOCK EY CI IJI RACES, 011E TFill. Irtt l.tI.', 1 'tfol'?'SE. tottytol i(;' ' otI TI'IN( ; fr. e ', -ll . h.i Frolll l. th-I h tlt.' t r ', I ) b ll. I ' l-, tm'. 'o"eol (ln oh"5wre1' t. for' t'.oo ,'of $Itrr ~ t-o, , nraot~- n "l--o Trior. $.-l, l ,r te ',E; o--l r ,' ol orr thnnl ,r ,)--Jl m 1I " ,' Rinl,. IAl IV .l. WV J 31i to.t $20 t -'or l tha t twoor. t. toothttt't I eItI ''Io,,t $to btItn F.-- Irt'tr ,Dl -,,tr- h' P u r,.' I'sre, II),tt-n, hot.r-t - I . ts,,ole 9to, t, Odto- te pio ot th i r. , altl Itre.oo i l "areO tn1 -o-'l t,. l- b tl ' I'.lt,he wi f nnIe i - -muhe be in . 1i1ote !o.o-T't-Pors t.o..on ile h'~sel-- $,tI ,r al-t Third o tI'-ori-'ytrt oto sn oo nro o ill,'ty II-wit mile. hotts i"f more ,t o to wo start, thrl seehpt htI tot t hre en ti tled to $' t$ -it but tw" , itt wlno r to o it.oer tot s ,e11ct Fonrea Day---Ir'key t'll Purse $]10ll0-milre mihlt heals, tof wlo't ih I IIt' o .p-tot bost wi'lo e $otithled ts o $:tilt.t i'SJtghh Dosy--, ,oiSto la'-tte, not' hil tl-tw' toi-oh Ioyt--Jot ktp v Chlb t 1rseft $olooo -f'r-nthot J I7 I, t AN( ill MANll'tltbl.E IARIIJNY. ncren2h Pay-p r oprie tors's lhln{., $G(--mile rtts DRESS & M ASQUERADE BALLS, Winnuion House Hotel NEi IVER TrEnp'T, Imloohiotolt in foot tot -best S:ain lin. T a e " - t illh ' Dn--P·et l oltoloud ythree oting hets-.2nen rIanllll $"" t5 --ph . p- re fi li all eaes--. wei t IIG age.. IIENR A TrAO, ittE. lJ t r II AN 'II u cltolko. 'tnes, o cd . No Iporo''n oltotil toe odmloitoed ilot PRIVATE BOARNDING OUSE. R M R I tilAto boo Iho plotouro ofion fe uinC h~is fri rlsi antt Ito ptnthb', loot toe h thI a tlott oonniioul hOO 0, NHo Iotel, Pydrostso't, tho tom ooro ofal h. ding. 'I'ls alv'.tiete s tublish peneit will he re-p e pt. i onl Su.ndy evenig. hee. 2nd, 183 t, fi rt ll,, "n t ous i otill . 'is',o oro h , 'i ns vs lwilthten choicestll I t titttoo li t I tod o R Ie t owill bte 'o'llho Ioolll r' oif sahl o ituooatioltl ont ot llote mol sTu i I Polceo r , sdier' to kep g 0 order throghoutl ti'e esloo'lisiot ll ol; tllo' ll to' i t. a l)In t o 1 .op lir nhe ' l O'i h o s w o ottCalmtsd loany kind. iloot o N ving hir 7fri ds ad he p , that he ha. tHkel Stohkhot old ii .t I oiluoi, Poyno re streetb notili 'led l thotl o re.e iloonl of elilt.\io f tlollrlen 'I' llllle s ll lll be I ml iieg on his I rtl tol ) erit a share oo public tOnt. ' l 'loo'l .t 'he, sito atioo o one lotheooooo 'r'r~ t:-Fe tr oe lolrk, A. M iper wee 2 'locL ,v EV. Ch EW; HE Stokholders i is nstitution are re 17 notified thal ie eletion of tl ireen r, rctors t lto, lser esh gru yned, lor ale' by nov28-4t Tittoliplace iwee W the ho srs l t II o o'olo-k, A. M.. an d on St.ok o1'. M. I oly ordert lo i'o to o At a18 ply tFo rI0BEV.. C EW;NNoN novti Cahieo TrN -lib 1& oANo FLeUR work'. do t' ' l. ak , i t & i Ne (r l oo, oud tla010 nl'l0 hnorlll en, l a17 halfbo sb a w lhea lour, ifo l ornl el, iesh gro und, f or le srue novn 7 c8-4 t Tit lotl acet Ce Ir = Ro INo --0 1boh 1o 'rI - A_ oFtO two o orf oooAtC B-and lihens on St. alo Joooo s.oeo r o he Potodras lmrket A-l ply to tROBT. CLI ANNON, __ -.T-' . l - (.,,,p. A oel he,-i.5'Aclille "i, hT -tbet- Ilo, om i ie 'od plete worksfoo \I iAll - .IitsEinz, Th Koerner--\,o' he r 2ldhe Ca'n an a, originda edi Chb ren O Kin,' N&eM.en, A ntoGerl','t -31r 0lboos .no , Di o tit ,,rieo d or io atru¢f C'; 'OII NS A CO, ISAhC BRIDGE. & CO, nov'fi 124 Rlagazine atu. Il.l ne IiS.-rkt. 11n Luxe dras wh .i An pply 1o u )vsl ' 13 1 " ('el pr at TOrIt REN,'t of a ' of oi A pyto ii . l i Itl(Pll Ir(,Plllt3 pnýl ll , dell iio nn 1 P god ilenuhlblP olh.l,; 'o-osoiuet giteu iotmleditulely. A 1l1 It, tiOtiOF & M1)AY, .ottl2 JO a ,ot ,deel0 at

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