Newspaper of True American, November 29, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated November 29, 1838 Page 4
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'moiuienoppi anl iomnaslala Hotel, Ms.11. MARY KIIRKLAND respetftlly an nounees to her friends and the public genn. ally that she is prepared to accoiunod(l the te at hen abOva establishment, and Ilopes fr n her IsrtO.l atO render visitors comfortbhle, to rneceive teeOiinuoano of former favors. She feels confi. dent that persons Vtttin( Covington during the iditner months, au ,tnot find better nccnnnmodtionst than she can afford thein, on morue liberal termes. far house Is pleasantly situ~atd, and well supplied with every enovenieaeo; the hb:r is ftlrnished with the inmoot choioe liqulors, &e. in shorl,she pronm)c s ,'rat nothing shallb." wanting on her part to give I stire saisealction to all who may patronize the lnsiasippi an-I Llnnisinna Hotel. je3 >LO. TIIE PUBLIC.-Thl uindeJ~rs ed. having •- studied under Dr. Sn-.mnidt of ChOrleaton, Sooth Carolina, and for some years his assistant in the practice of medicino and surgery, has the honor 0o offer his professional services in this city. a anoures the ladles and gentlemen that the most prompt attention will be paid to the calls which may be madie; and also offers his services to the holders ofnlaves, being well acquainted with the dismases comnmon to them, having attended them in the sugar Ihouse in Cll.,rlcston. Thefanmous anti.bilious pills alter the composition bl Professor Smnollette, with directions, can be had of the undersigned. Tile effect which they have 'produced in this and other cities, has been attended wit the greatest success, to which the best of roefreces can be given. Apply at No. 166 Maga. sine street. JNO. MI'LORING. HOLLOWl V XR W15O01iClETVSj, iAD IRONS, &c. SHE IIOWFLL WORKS COMPANY, No. 238 Water, near Buokman street, Now York, have received the past season, and are constantly receiving large and exlonsive additions to the stock of the ahove goods, which now consists of the allowing assortment, suitable for tile southorn and westernn markets. Hollow ware of sluperior quality, consisting of about 1500 tons, viz, Pits of 22 different izeos, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, fromr 3:8 to 18 gallons, B Bkepans or Ovens, 7 diffrennt sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillct,. . 5 do I FlatSpiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oriddles, . . 4 do Fire Dogs, 6 dte Wagun boxes fron 1 4 to 43.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 incites. Wood Screws, 20.000 gross, iron and brass, froim :8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior quality and finish, and loss than Jamo's imported prices. Sad Irons, assorted, inl casks of about 500 iba for retailing. T;ilor's andl hattlr' Irons, assorted. Sain wights, 1110 toats, asorted Lomn 1 4-4 to 201hs. Bells for PlIlntations, steamboats, chlurches, &. made to order, Also sluattlbolat and other machinery maide to order. l'le alove naeortnment of goods is portioularly rectunmended to t!he attention ofl' Southern anld Western inmerchlallts, and lare olfertd for sale atlow prices, aind upnn the Iotst liberal terns ;it is be. lieved o te uIo iargest and best nssortment ever nil-red for sale by any O.le establilhmenit in.Lth Unilted States. Merchants, by forwarding a renqest by lmail, can have a prin',d circular, with dtecriptitnn of goods, prices and Lormts, frot which no deveation is ever nmade, fnrnishut d by return of mail. All ordirs wilt rneeive immediate attention. New York, 1838. jc3 I IIINMIN e lItUlP 4 PI'ii.l-l Ud' oodt t l e una srup l'nnd Pin-, ois.tlnrtnd sentt; 'lieu, (n0 cuel-i£ wl )' , I ly VI J n ,NI)Itl TW ., t·l . ur " ? n1nI otttIII, t1t d I'll nll itoniinas vn 11. 1 I I lli I bIo lx os , XI S& i l lbrll d t .hll. I ld, fr str by I AA Iitl )lN . il t &O ). 16 1t S.G.zi. Itnn nt 1 IcN t d:t in' iated Ctp Inn',- i te I nrtnt atlltn-i pIt 1' T VII 1 ":i'. S Nl , telli lbonm, onil t 'r iOn l, el' , t tw ' e 'oii Titl fiI D"lo a.d at hrdoati irnIt.Ic I .*II . U fply to 1 J. o 1 1''T, ". I f l.l+;l~l+ " : It ilt()\VS, +c--'?.5 O heelbarrows, "5 1dit doh i f.l oil , P, tiie, lb'u bv UIAS II'LIN COO I'iEFnn' , )I.AI aned rl1ed Ion iinn! i.ttnlr l'.ler,t.,l'll guln l I li A -,\K Il si.i ei. lil e ier nn rieyll r hll ll, l id llr e nd int o e n:,nn in ,e d r innnn ri:e i In i S Illl il l-lie tt l e' t nr int'l, e lln n'ii( - Tll 'll' l ,an i it, co n-itlly tln ]:l'd sii el stle nit tl d e le l . V ) I. 111 ' 1 &II ( ). n 1: N linll'i ll , t i 'h lr .t. n1 n lin p n t i l.a dtin each M -eIcn ut i nen, I - ,11 i do of' do el ldo ,1; 51t 1 ol F, n n do 1,' inI f l, I 11;1; 'tll iI o let ti In Ite ' lt n ..nnn C h. e, :II i n N , il i tl V "l . hX eini , riillI Onn bann d: ",r t'ri,i tlls ni n . Vin 11 nll) I n' t ' n ("t. n 'el N ittn- i'lutll.n, , I ( : l., . A% 11:\\': live stni I, iito,', 4i1untl~l 5 dee rs i C t Ir n I,.i)il, t: titi$ii , 't I Ntwnei _.t.. .',' Lv IAl E1 & AlELN, nl9 17 Cotuer'e t. "i-- ,I c~t;IN~i--Sttii liirc+l .len lta kv Ihlrlgali n , melu l in YOILKE, I(,l'tr1.1,Ii, NO MERCUIRY NOR COPAIVA LIew ()rlc:llino, N, o. 11, i18 ;7. al ) o si toIli i I hill tho e illllll nisfor lie l to i. ho ,cret diaease, ril o hieh I have applllied I seve rIll dctoralr n Icallr, Iad tlhee did not cure I1e, so ilow onl i above daItLle put myse lf ider itht ale ovf I)(oto liet,nid I exp:t him ti o curie mel,. Since Itha" tibe Ithe direra, got worse, so as I to brieak out ill llarge ulcers to the number of six or eight oil ln I leg, aid all over iy Ilnctl, nml s.ur thront, and not able to work at heI Ihe right side of the throat. I um no . proling inyself conlSfidhill uhnder he, sate llof Dr. IIl Uet, I PaANs, to le i rltly cured Jc)I IJ DEAN. fe-Ill , vitnlk tt, tint; and , mt orer I t t are that le tedi cii 1 Itl, i.aki.n tm !+ke il Imre , nliald hit notll ilnjure my iwilth i ll ll ; th- r libr I adtvise ill IIow l lw i u fl in lo le no tim. nlil apply to lir A. ItiuP , I'lJ (iinal +rll','l- , beilweei l a ll • +11.1h IIto.udl l prr .eis. lDr. Iluec is lit homlle frlnll !1 €llhItk, A Sllunlil ,I P til. hlwy will filnd at true doc.tor or li comprill alnt. If nyi. nor wantr tn see me,. call at No. AIl t1 vies street, alNd th v will Ie. ntillleld. To bie Ipuiblivv held tit Ihe topl:jli of r. I)I ile.l Ji)IIN DIl].N. New Orlellv, IbP I 13:. -I. 1 Iv 11 1E (li.lll li: nlad ll liili \a lllll l theirI+. hII tad i1( pit up inll h)olesll at the low priel lof 5011 .,PIIs ealchI , ontlll till the Istrengthl rll" Il o eIlllees of Liverworl, besi hl+s ihl tirtues of nmuay otihlto uonit herbsll known anon ltt It'.ns as ellivitcions il curing o I hll.lllrv tmttd(ltuhit.f Thilea II~ Ollhtild whihl ha iilltrinded tihe ,1us of this in-tu.mblrl Ithla+nm hillarmer it h:ls bleni intro duced, has obta,,'n|d the conther"e silnl remitmenda tion, of rIspecttble I.ll ysict s, for ie ltre of outlt't , thl, pain ill the sidelt' want of rest, spitting of blood, I 'rt 'omilt, &v. To i lm in it lv comner. T'Ilis i to . ifV thllat we hAvev ill our Ilttli'l frequltilly ilorvt-rlltltl ,l'r. ivtltd iovr'ln Iititu liltt. i of livorworiot ad Illmr oinlo , wthi a decideld 'or1'(t: we can Ilherefore,f romi the know ledge of the manteritds it i nlmade fnllun, andl clhserv.ln Itll ex prl r e ii T relnt+ lP-t1ii nfit(Ir d it as iat lui erl o" prepraltiol or al .itletith of ti l IIII.i ,l l f wich it is rl vl doiiited. A hllililt I' \V II.IA ,11A, At1.1). CALVIN II.I.IS i.1 Ii. llclnllerl of the loton oledicul Aslociatiol. nBosto, O,lerv ti. iall by J \IrVI- & ANDIlREWlS, I I1 f , till r' ti llpl h her,,,,mn Jded ,l'y file ulca i l" 'u-ii.:_cul -- ): l '.F.( Fllr EcIt'v'nt i|lllvrinepiln Apilient--For I Jl Vlyo i<io or i.llig.tin, nlvll I 'VI II ,'llitt , gildi vnlllllld as a telntle, cooling pulr0ntive. 'This desirable prelaration hasi receive'd the lpatron nre of mlllllv emiient membersnPii of 1 le prollfllsio, nll Ifrom il discernlin IIblc many respecta1ble :mIad tiili. cited fits eflia,-vy a- i medicine, have beeni elicited. \h tll ll the l iea=tug qualities of it olaso of podsl water, it pooreses e.the utiive medicinnl propertil.o of 1t IL. I vl'l td slinnoll Itirgatives; it is plelasIilt rto the vli . ntlla i rn rte ful t I i t olllat ii . I10r lllnd 0,- ol ill emnllll lr huld.'i it otig]orvi vont J]agne Piil A r illl, I l' lveein lil i.r .lll e for lothersitoi of lr i olli il laini rg. . e l lt ao illo tlloh d llblny, l. ore lr i1h li--it Oil wa ll ored lto llll ttht .i, it y be flfi i |li' 'll ,or oiiv l.l 1 ,,r tilllli" lr IICI h Nrl -lIIulPll. i 'itil. l"i+ o'oloo"lil.o't.llt Olloy isllr II 'I Ivnrvln-H leirv a re blVi.rotlly suppled h Itlie i ritgiled :ltd ls hiiui iret .lll rli e i l l. ib .denl , l r re- ttti gr" SIC'KIE,: CO. tt.Pllt1 Itl:r 40 Cnnal n tlteet, N O. < A ?l i'S Vr.e, thle Hai nil, 1fr ihe restoratioll th. aind erwill v Ir Hair, givtng healthl d odbeaut,and rani4- triPd ill liulln'A , -1i r 'r ·reb of blilnear , Ith I a,,linr nfl .f t'e onir. and illn very iltanlle its lul ary "ien l'tolw hin PII. I...olleId. It 'I-o l 0' vll oo fihi I'rp fl. a n i alln L pass lhl r i l of il tilt- Ito i f )o ar' let hala. I ,a.,.l* w.llhere il le<..+, dry aidnl ri~ uIA grow. Ihis 'NI will verv n+ill r,,llIler it halllllli aud prodUe.. ra il Inl d b-tliletiil gl'liloh of hair, witoiut telllf ensl injury to II I,, bhud. T'l'h. ()il rives ait agreeaPbl| fr:i IK.1.l-l • ulall is lo.v ul, ilia Il, til*., . ela, l ii r rlil f' pr, +Pl tee. . .."-AG SI.MONS HAR'aI'T t C i,:trr now re nivrlg rok on board ship, Irllens. Iadglr, Ihihhinderal'dker leery Andrew, Fremnh nunt Germin play Icards; BIaek. arld olls; 8, 9, 0 and I"! illrh hle Blow uni KTnivi . eahller nitl other travellice I n.cnlln i l.wig leelt. i'otebt, lIltoria.'tsn -nd lsalli. ' l'isctlt; dothlionull sinle tbarrelh-d ( ii(in (ism. lnlg,;-.;li Ilet% Pi wher 'ad Pint.ll IFlisks - I)(trinll otittira a. d I)likiklni tIt I,: and Nail I)rll.nes ct Chlorine ll rIti \ash 'ltl'oolh Pwdr; 'l'oii ll t-ld Snv Sllilag n hig let vit . riIm; nl - lalr IIrnihda, Riuleta nd it rizett (tai litnr: minl od.t i alrder; I:meryv Rlane; Ivory ' Cushions: I'aterll Slilh or Gilarter .; ( In , ,1 ilei S nI. Ildie iwllpowder fillll anml Iloxs.a; Gilt c:hain., Sr;as and KI(e,; Ettr-dloip; \Vnist li llkla . Iltllellrlt; Illenll N Cklhc( id l hlt nllints; Gilt nill Slilvrett i cn i; Inli n l ilel adn, jle l A lind Mlonines; shell 'l'wiht; Side nual I)ressinlli 1uihsI whichhiu nhditio toteir liit ileri sicer e n handia, makes their na.+ortiecnt very oinllplete, mnll will he .sold ow aild ollliberal te.ln, ilt Ilh t iLin of tle tGotliln Cm.i i25-tf 7 tllCinrtrea street. ilý'lE Sntllscrih', ,r A-genit for tlle r.h·xi.ivi ho-u-+e o, V, &.S. lviihian Shefieldn , i-nvt il, have juat revivel i vPrr extensive .et of" IJn ,, o)llnsist tine of ITble nld IDessert Knives of oi- -'- desJcrititi.i, Pen, Pockelt, )irk,; ll Sjlienr poiilt snP; I lllnzors, .tei~ ;nr.. Ede 'I'oilo, &. .e. &-ec. bwhich tler Alre pren larel k exhile i h t le utrl e Ier o mrdra. Terlls Lnd conllition w'ill ioe mnde known it thie time. mnfi J. ). lEIN & A COHF:N.8 . 5'nmm. at. NEW GOO.S. MlacMONS, tARI'lT& CO.--As c now reeeivilg lnper ship Hutintviell,; Eagle, Merry Allindew High snder, Frnllch aitl Gernman doule h ll e ai i-ving lrd ter, belt illd pocket pistols; pllain rbe, iand sll tli enini cans;l rI htlleleii ncts.ilrs, liczeas, !ten. Vela (oillott's enomiernal and ohiri steel plen; Vio os; Violin sirings; drell, ivory; lld hornl comhs; watcrs; k,l iralaid n leather larss; halir braids, front anl hlk lriigleis; nl.elg il"t Germl toln d FIr)toch colnogei ater. Rowllands measser oil, imitatinii tio; antiqule ald ltenrsu(il;llplmatlle leslke ad Ielleasslig acses: ipast blncking; sattilatlAd toilet glusses; eonve nlilrhi l; op-; eal g:ltises nil 'iean;- nelinn stinls lieillsitl lilutinmte; cia riona whilt Iwine;i toilet ld lin ilvig snlls; toilei eowsetl, Egsmetie waish balls; seellied aMtiln uslionis; pool stld-s; screw enlhiions; faney ic-ad alinhls anil necklaces; IilliaIl bllas; pocket ibooks nell walletts; NGe.rml;a liean.s; tlnor si pi; fi.l and conllnon gino nlastic rollelle.ti-a, gar-tert I; Oells ltiiluir mittcliiL; Sill. Aer menciln; Cantsieh. &e. se.w Tie aibove ,i llliliinln to outr former stack of fney sllices, milakesoll ;aso-tlncnlt vIee cl)1pl et. P it saile .hkoleisal ia re;iiii as the sigat ofl'lhe Gold Com . nit.l, Chliantr c enl-lr-l. rtafl. N St' -- 'i e pnl ni. il ON -, K cI llA R -tT &CO , of New ()rten ; Miaint, Illarris &Cii., of Ntchbez lid Ilaierii n Kt-llrv LaCo., f Idnrtt, &i i-s lin- it-ew oli oe21ti ol' Man Int, bhi the ienth of d.lllluel A Masone ,le of le riters ol ftille irn a. Tphe ittl aindpll lt nrvivla patlero, w hll Ibclrgeo with thet snettling nil tiut lliltsilo's vn fan llow t in Levi C Hlirria will iltenid i tile setiltln if thlie klniitesn of ltllos., lllarrir Co., itr Nathlex ; nn e li l rrin , Kel er & Cio.anl IRtidnlev- nali lehit Kilrv tthv nill tiote bhe ietig i li.a of t ,llitu ofn llt-v, llt-otI d Ca., ot Nlrew t(rlenilie. Thre nflies of the tra il t irln will ien 'lnd illIlgr tidn lon onl. Tahee icnd itled to mli flls an are era-inlint Irneeatid ouaole forwlrll nll In lakl, eirlv SetthIuellt'; ntn th llo hlavinig clalil.n will ilensn rnFrte iil the intiilhoti delay, lE VI ( IIA(IIRI.. III-NlY1 KIELLEY. Ntew Orhlans, June 27, 181j7. Il-IN MAlkIh: AtIIIN -, CIiI OfiNl WiAfrs lil l lrcan e.ra thir nps t Crlio tIilClogei scteill jllint rtemrivell atll for salldhv tfile dozena or tingle linttl. Alo Anertlitll a tIner I'alc h tonilrt I)tnlielei. piwiami Ib ills, milk no roas, rnee merlic ('eold v.ariitll oxth me At lnlak, kl'phlan \Vnrit- vegetable hIrth oil, tonaitll, I-,n ne lide Ipro l, lFl ll-idai, liivrin nIIr, roar old bo v awIeI. Prrst0:,' snts, ll. tclil ile('. IPrlillwv l inui n krllll . -tenII - hie t i Id litil rol,,i ( 'hlorhie nntl ()nnd Orris loloh walsh lltleb,hnilr, li(llh uiail illl, fle+h !IrnTI.;io- together Wiltl la n n dl lilin n al r l l l flll v i I l t' al t li hl al l le hl o r ln Rlodl Pl ul .I llntbinli tli ,oud r t- n.nt tlat wh olesale o r i til N.e\V (I I0D--ileilli Iunp illlw'r . NcP( ,'iilvng front oii I ai ( tlllrhip (lmo tlva ln Silarilaog arnrit- Colu'.rdit, fon1 NewIYioN , it ill ra t a rl iety' gl'pl itfll hei-fi , which to glether with their lnniillll hacVk mII ftl Il' 'llgr I'l l Ilmtar lln t al 1- 1 do tll'+<trieltiln t- I in ilia r hln 'r, s.ilk andl i", o'>id elil-tlt' arllltrs, ro( mpIllllll it fdillil' gin lt-tll&,r- Itif ( on o feco anld I.Ingili'r e lnatyhas lilt til .iow(,m III api llilt"- ; and t )txe-t lhviet till pocket titikn LIi Ilainihll a, vneedle lolllokhell, leilI rl n hedi-, li-¢ n-ilige-c, bead rhin-, -tud Inr-h!;lncti, t - llint l enin plain,seed,-idar tcll.d gill llnlds hln iar t l,aidh , l 'lt itti .n plunibelt pist-l -titil h ilr tiw. lerfllbaki ,,Illsh t bells+ llrlme, h illh tllb l p I an ld eilin;g ,lllatdi; dIillunllle n .il't Iirrelled galti l, BI wien kliIves ant dirkdi. hsieiieorr, ~are,pin-het knivnc, Cit-la ihain "rulelr, ahme, daucm,ftlolor anlll l sltligii l llrlshes, (:ologIm Floriha, lavrnlrr, srr :alld aiw waleiPTrll-assortrII e.nellCst, nlll l i··rlrrlrl. RIIII·· n*ltr mnlir, I ill , t .lllhH,", ailind W ard' v . w e-oleitanllh ir t oi., Ihavint t-nm t toiletstla-' m tll o liltdt;l crittiillta, hulthle' -t d auh lthuI ' hta.;; k mIi i l dt s i P. .ill raveIPI. limi r Irgl rt:, li izt, lie !a liil all'ids, hllnl, n yi nllil musi.a~l wlrk h.lxt-., In llail gn a ilt, filn't -i:olt ill vasi hrllitl, plirl It1ild ioV rv shllirl in), shlilt . lid:,. gohl ant. giltr l l'il I.-ioit, oi lllllnt kr ilc il Irir, i t l' lsIIPel hlileitt, lin lu-ht, hIWi h in , id P s i ile h hatioi n filithl.. anlld I nl'lkl li ne, m H i ii iakIn, Iilion. l . n glhtrrihrd golllld, l il l lli gilt taiIwv, & -ll -. Th incl -ie, t-ih'rtibwt it h g-rittnit vari(t.y of othilr iti-t IP II.i lt-lB t wh hl .il tutu Itao repirelid C,-ied, i maddilion to thl irpreviolls l lrk fIl hl..nd,t f'+ll1 1illl(, (ompl etleI.s( s ' | nt ofll ltll t (If If'll lee lI thl'ir lll.; vii: (tloIs., vllvllllltvh, Jy'v hvi, 'vv.,ril* I lnll i l.l. ]. tltlsis, lll V artilhs, &le, oll.ni8 tin in pv rl l ll ows: r Cl I)IS-tlortoise shlld, iull 11.t and plai i1nk,tuw v t,v qillhd atkl, hi. . round, dresFing, sil, plinll; curl andi nelck, Braililinlll o- oI f v y I d ' riptlioll lnllioilt whllilh r somlle exica palllttl'er Ivorll mb Iof evryi tdhrtptio(n, ho ti' , tli'agiltc gittl t vck,,' hl, ..eth t,r iv h criltiul, lllollnllplllllt Cologne, e aiiI of I r'i. I- V i I. l tn'y saplls.' of:1 all kind11 , ' avtin, do ii t " Ik s llll, ll poti Ire.A . OYI oll I trd', vegt..II i hAttr ill, Illl(t l n Itll ti eri , l reston's stlml llig l. ils, p hla anud tperflt ed toller powllder, pe l powder, pow lhoput' I cal*boI , il -s po aI t ll in pots anlod ioltorrisaiill no ldoIrile toioltl Aw-ll and lo+wde.l, wilh t genvral asiortin"t tf JFl:IWELLilY-some oflthe latest nud imost ltshi.hon-i. le dislls, consistingia of whit. e and red coii 1lin.vr j opr +vl.F jet etrdropl, set in lilngree, breast loins of a grew* .,fe visiliver thimlbles, si ir tr l] l it toilv and viv ti.vvk " ili e' SBRU11SI ES-Cloth, hair, duet tecrulnshearth,ihloor, I h el. , to th, plate, comb, Nail, shvllingll, sbhoie ld h I itewaslhl bliltlsu~w. e LOOKING GLAhSSES-German statil nand toilet rs 1 CItI. M IlliSilll s |11 1 a d F renc diPres'ilsin gtls* s, hiotite 'r In, whith i vnrieiv ofolller kinds not e1nh'oueratd. 'FANCY A) VARILIET'Y AILT'I'ICLES:'-Frneh If ver r.icllh aid finll l 1 nll tll ladies o' w lolrki llll d dres - s Iilll.uses, wit i lld wihllolu .il , sill il tltuxes,1 Ac dialhts ~f va'i.n knlds, vi.v lii ',.o l llkvn's, siltver nd i ten,.d nison kni ve . s,w razors .llin eiv i rs, tliAnblesL N.lllisand l rdl llca,i i, playl iu arlll s ofII Fr l'cI t II l 'and Alo'er iltnll mlnt.iu ll' r, dolls imitation fihltilvnu d xies, prints of v ,ti'ous kinds, S ,'iosn rs' o ervh's, i. m'edh'.s, I ilh u l.o tI,'s nuIluw.tY l i .|tl . stril lll andi) e~trtallIial .Ihilu 'Ilil,, 1.llil a be dti iv'k rlli iath ir alix n. fi,,vl-v! t'Vll lll l ilt., lp ilvl uvi, Ic.. nlvavvl d dropS,t ai wathelo , Ipli l bli.v ipoti der flasks, cul ud! hplain .ell ea , i.ill ll lt v d il r do, , itn llait illc l der', and rers, plain wl and sword ,.ltns, backg' <non Boalrds, dirle, optihal ien'l s, j shrrps, brl to lInatelh e. ln rinknl g cup, a. r tl i 'v it nt l.t oti . l A r rti tIles , ti of ll f l , a dll to cla w Itiie c ishi i wiy Ptlll a . . till gs lnv2 Il lthv credit. 11 1v SI i ( ., . co. f d1 7iF (,ii'ti-'I r$,l. i I ' ;Ae whi ' prefer ican rire cei sons at tcei d o tll rf i aaytivr sile l itv their Cltrill lty 1 riai ll C .yei.',v at lo. (PIhill , Ntwifl il i IOrians , tv 1J illilrdwvy4 N mv Y .rk, oillltihin , I lMhily-, S Pi ispntrtie obrh di,,no l Iit e rlivae & ea rners, tds, hoo attend stilv hleny rgot v ernov l alllll ad ell. l.,,ie ;.disa tire invited to culll noldl examinille NE urtiile ¶2ar -4 s t rioiu. l a nh voc i iicl c ed to eytel tr themar les. | .esismolui, ivenp u r n llhilLI t Iy h Ies l las slynd t llin i.uliavinlg usd thl'lrulllpu . For t l- Isrle h ^li- th city. In adi Fa wr u prefr h lul rl c ove lesson lin lt lhel ownl rl-t I l 'rstns pllllyhl f ri - : fll - : , irel (f lessot < Iro s 1 , o attlenItl until they , rite~ yell ipns l ll lr v % h. i"l Dtl. .l d 1I I. A. IIIt) I' i d li .il\i AF E S. S WAt '\II v l'tg stNil , i or.rllia Ifi'olh adIh cIIII a I ilTl ii,. i ]is and voic ius Golok ld L ved; h ovi tol0 dto i vtemriti oiit IiIIrn WoINDOW sit fully Amernilenn, Eof lill nult lId mFln ary -1.n boxs, vll anus sie ant qu theliln.i es t'ttiorn iowiir t di.- O ltxv,ilv,-iv, llynthe we ill ie t.u- l, m li viltt. A lw } t, Eued l Ird ,uu l oi. N B. Anlu iv a v i. tiv F te at lp. ii. Iti'ivit vI,- 'I' FI (vvltl N'fv ii . A l a m nholoi i tag i otl. i v in 1. . .ItA I iVIi l A NId i lcou \ ,, I C Inc Vefmillieoi 5 bNla Copl VytI iviih m"!1 . '11 Ne.w/1.1~,'p. AlIt. WII.LIAMS, O.i. l.tS'I', Now AT 'tit JIFYE~tanN HOUSE, Jt'FEt.tToN S'TrTETr, LO1UISVILE.k. 'P, tlhe R,4tr tf the e,o.s, il/ec .ldceI'ert, : S lit-It appears by thle observltionr of the lEditors Co)'f the Nashville Presbvterina, Unilon and 'ra ns c-rilt, s well as the edies of tlhe MeipliphisEnquirer, I1thatl 'ly"i (;he" IPilenum , sat O lit ( )tle s.l orl . ' llis is n'pred hv his kinely re'er, knoilwing that hlis time is blt lholrt, dll that Ihe idlenimldent Amleri :nn people ,ir, alel1 to jui lill r IIthemsel vesl..l ti re pI lls i itIl h 4'.in b lli.. The wI t llleditors who are t DoIiters, Ihe propri telr, r edilors (r' sub-elitors of lthe ahve tned j r I, I ts, -i., cll e .iv r leittr frm lpersons [ lavl i t, roid to .siht in th- cl,;ve places, ipuffs. I. The a't is, t at 1 I ever hlad su:h greatt silaetisc, withlliln so limed il peli ius tesn ir twelve hgy . Onu IwhiP wa its Ilhltee m ten mres, wlllT, hIila ohetellnll t Iight lin T i etli M aly he .i to oe,, t folhlw is ltll~ to sy hlel, intlmd of beinig oblierd to be led by hr Iii. 'l'i vollun indis, wheS hil d each lost the e ight t oft one eye, one feor ten venrs. and the othler for nearly two yel'alrs having bot!h o thet thie other eve very weak 'et eIllh i' liosee vlTng llladiles bga tot ee wlith both .ryes which tene fi i Ipledge. tyveelf still eontinlls, ex ee tine they aTe ttIdeir the inlluentre otr dotiatit TI of the Ale dical Doctors. Auntlher iT the daughter of It espelable merchanlt, whose name I m hound llnever to mlention, (as hte paidl e tly fees), who said sie hlad lost tle Teht of one eve front the age of 18 l Intths, hut that she linow egils to r'ad large letters with the other eye cetlpletely abut. T'his the drctor khewi, is thlt lte l an toldie imstrelf lie hadll retl iteiled hisi datghlter to the ollce of the tiediral editor,. thait they might le inf trmed of the filet. The luast shall nmenion is an elderly gentleman by the name of Ylttt, ietile sler.t'it eeil'e of age, whrlltIeilailtdli ib Ihyv b letter, wliei lie toork to all Itt tlil itceirt ofeficee iil Nilselville but ione, atnl hlinielf told in lie had lil fhr 'he insertion whatever they dtOrued.lid, lwhi dIelar ei in that letter that lie ht ttaly rdeprilved of the sciat of one eye filnl f ks alter h11i birth, whiclh his mother ista'd to h; .... o:eusimed blly tIhe winnlsl or small pox; thvt ialv l uldnot oly see thie liht oef tlte Still, etri te iirst time that lc it rueo c t lUt the ebtrl also, cid tris beginnitlig ill disetitguislt clny Ortects; alrid ine , before i left that elty, gi.e I nl'ci lroof lttheo i selttl Ie tlt w alte audthea triies oith th other eve comi hletel closed., H saih lie lide iet intlelieber a the Iletlhodit 11 ti0 ripil (ltller li the ernly hiyd yearl, that hites of tile C nerier delibiot. cell tcrllttu the wrlle o iertl ofis life. a. Ill ie te tll' Ihid leve r lreatell rtl, lel hat Nanh tille, led lhtt til t iledlnl aild eleriil dlrctor n had ineerncefoie tho tlehI reason It lte canr'ed. The Illltc in,ligenaten of the Iev. cleriral lie Sinith prover, whe i e tstated to iu that IlatI stix tlers llost, I wasl converted from ben n iterfi tiliiow li'o theiylierve in the i llltr t .h Iif h e, tIa t I e i t. ituset have , i e tif Ini error-thai le nalst rlte mitt tic oe, tlth ,theor, It the end efeic years to .liaa e, Ihe rltid it ell his tell hi iFitlelity, to the sri t odil th thre lrnitiilter if the lecefhil miid idltrt'iies ofe the Chcristitt religito leer t ear InIathNe oulkllt hertll, rge, aoll ny i, and fitlstehood rtt tlease hic inediral fei't.1l, i tgaineat the itani wllolt he i rlpw hict dae ni tillltit rldttitid no iI jiitr any tile. All tie he illlablitee of Nablthille tslrk 1of tile greit tetne ll I had, v-eent to ledieial doetorlt . IMot ofltes net also t rhad efren i oeil by l Youiet of tleor ae t er, lerfi ned on Iistotally blind eye. 9. The fiirOltcli oth S. fhi tlfls tolnit , pretends thati I cave ls the lteleltl I gained in the Norlith sine e my iirvalin il . ayitplwe',et. 'li l&proret.,lhoweemcrliln, and that kept then titil I arrived inll thise letiton. If I gliiielle one in the nortlh, oughl to tlav gaied t nlih lietlt on aiy ery youlitilfl brow on the day I lelve, i sit e tllhe tvli illlr tifO thi e retr D lit h.i.,f I ey jngte fe lil the illt I are ial.ady beneftted inC thil 'city withln iithree vhw. I. 'JIlies libet ef tIl plreselt i to iaiferett ie nted.l uil Golials tind edititrs if tt.e llepuhliean alnd ITraut Tr ilt, li well ias Iti ler ler tll Smitl of the d ellres ilbvterh wil amii tho UiiOn of N ashville, as well it i the e tiitor and st.teul d ir|lll editwor of the infilit IFttn "i.' i well es il Pretie, the eilitr t er he ltosvile '-oitcil and oli the medical Goliahl ediihr of ts t.o the i, ftr vltuperat iio, sililderlI or eitaliive iuclit - Iotely ullter niy trrival i New York, as well a :gaint tleiriiii, iicb l e to l e I letedieal Goilialih of the iorli. Ilt w btid mla. elllen y r tllrlie, ilever to it uit thih lilttlty lcii if lirty , tittI have broughl I i r lherc i e s l Ilt fll t tl ttlil te gindtell one! The a Ilt'ted there litre ae, im lc0ilhte o r fiidling mtiie dL r lt h e I1iIif' next yeer' in New Yuork w h'ere letters, punt paid, and noolers, will he srie o reea tile.erel . '1'oll ilrn Im nhe publlll t t t tle vi ni o c lled whieh irt Iiev. clenr callyiin'rlllt' 1 iifi elllyt ptentd wisti writel Ior hie lls wa 'ieIwitaei ,e tlal a week prier, red inie'aiid, f.r the R.llav . ol)wtll, who read it in any tre.e..]l(.without monilouting any disapprobation; on the hlterrv tools it to is rtudy anwd c nole u lt t i ithe wy he dld, whi'h li saiin lie Ihcugl i would r eir I llylrlpose bnwtel; lhe dehrierede lheln bthI IIIt withlo ri n elt mlith a Iil t wI ned till io ll| liiein h li'h t r -t dntery, as I Bever eounl resti'ite to oIhr that fri ib e icit onr te othtr' . liy' n IIIt e slet .anI fitei. I'he Rev iDoes' sr ' ht'n tt I betllll e tie rull blic: it d ti lite lot vxaml·ned all~ !lillntiCa ly .e,&c. &, w ,ilt ad I.nenn inr Simiiit fte ound oft Is, nae well tii the wlole, oflily tllll slll , ill tI'O nll )lyI Iwilth oitillti r '[li. tl .llllllI Ihemii ll I ihe t"illf eli , n. nd fill mi '"1 e atie ts tn ibe moe i o oil l or enl. lellite, he nevor nuroal hrve Heln 1 Ind nced b a i allll l ll I monr il mtl iiaw a nll th ll aI le :s IN . wrote hit I-el 'l ilh l lil, llt thh eteed it to IIMr Slrl(li ll, eio S I V C ildvocae.ll. tl i.11 Nolllder Ihe rlia ri.lgtd I cled to IrIeoniIhPof I.nsvllt iolk hl eo adll. .; ael, t ' ir n uI'.i e li hll' .helirIel iluiris hi'nul n i ith Ihel the all-l owerfiil ntililt It I p Ilis ,.icantei.ifhllea etalire iofIe t.,Ci i dl --i O I(I-- vrl" eichal' i n el.l v h I 11e. ia e hi' el. i i' .he l b. Ihnl tit ill i. giiowl ho iis ietli' ."t I tlir Iiy the e nCeit d i llll ili |Ii l, l tllnt It. it llfo t i l-. cir, 7.e t: hIii iteily weienlI tI'si'lehlie'yCfedelll e rllllirilt hr iilli r t' itr Irll by ashll rlwi l a I ah lwt.ueb IlOeo, briI. d. I.'l' 'r srtai watralt t,.. -tilnir" Irhi iliaiity tllmai slv ' will r i l tl hno h i iri'. 1itslle it w s wel a ' li' t 111. 1 h r ill irtir nideIhh , whor , itt il al s l t1"h in lilil e til n if hs Ii , i' e lnc lnt r, it Ie iltsltl hl y ld h ia fielr it O ier iiltie ol t : i b, til , te i lie iilgea Ic g ru' idel'e ed eo by uv o e' . ii s lie nolt 'i 'lr t ' ietll cr th eittlnt (' ait i .l l a t ittlit" Ih tl'it e ' Tl lT its o" 'l .el' t Ilte' d mailer, , taietle' ,e tl bite rat.tatiI ittl,,e o,' foI u tibmeli i' ilitii,h. t rite liel, , hla ly i'" t ,n 'ed tier eis cf li. e th'lihee.e. lotor beel ltreaetelly viIlifrd Io hint, whe'le, he menacI ed my grey. hairs wi!th' nll uplifted oun, woe,, fie menncea my g y ev lrrs ,t y s an uptl'l tiigantio akin, as~ if Ili! Wool(] (lave fe~lled , ,,e t thes Ir,,nd, lee trding to draw a pi us niiiter. awa front hie uty, III' it Irt' o SO pieces of i ilver! Idreally trembled look. ten,,11111 it the ".lid Cielllrtlllllln had all. pem'ed is his ownl shape' 11. 1 Ildenuily dechrr helim ( '0, ndll o a11frail ("roll I nil n 'Iie, (h't IFqnevrr it, the whole nur it. inn I~rl~lo1 nod A tamie , in a ni:'tc in'hdnll t frnd itsina !th i.Iittiotitn inn tlhii edtoininnllyjounr, bullt ils I t llllll on till, the jIiiia'n I nsp ied and the tnroubler u hickl I orcaiei olo'dd IIII·II;:LI 1 hat I wld lllwil~ moeicii"~ red ncu, I--ke th ing Id av vtid lnetn i illl 'i bill; 1 lliell is a I sitllrl i(I1t proof thatI I had(';I nn ivn iii~u ioln ir bribennk I_'. I-its llv.- T 1e 11 aenllpili Elnllliirf rflnrtl, or Illne weeks ilPItnL:Oll it tissue llilfl C lalrllt f(,Isee IIe, w hir Isle medical ( IioIinl, editors le ur,,ed from their brethrenII wit i silipi ilt il thiein In yeur ncxi pw n''1Ld dlli6 .I(II1 i uiO: Wirwl1 vll I ViI5, I nggian a Jndy, ieh - T I him tier my advvriscloent fo two orthe ewen. ks, I tilie oily·, l11 In' I:s'1011, ch . IfuLl t winnll p inrminr-ll 'in lette il your ninntd p - 'II i nt1 iil~ll" ' ni iii I ain o lthi i, in; in tilt.·, k'ein', I n lt. it nf t tilt( l'bggtit oii, illt~lllllJOIIN )VII.I· I.1\UI, \Iillil rlii( 1I, Jnly 1:1. 17. tll ile, Engli sh Oculist.C ]li C.),i1el.d f ri ll the S. 11'. C. A (llrlC1 lI of thll:ll th Cail, i\.LI 7. it tnlit! ih'n in lDr.. Oillinims We inl3l the follow ill^_ it tc n bo l ti tin' . 11r lin inwull, t In Naln iletth eIII "tin ll, in i t'H ntIi t'hrs inn At lldictl uien'ho itt~er, a xlinc Ikeitd ipluttnnd tilgiter in. \\'a l lillviul, vl of the. Doc tor's . \iilli ll to trlilj patron. age la vll~use gn1' te of an acci dent, Dr. 1%' will or·l loniu i~ll asbv se a r,:w days longer thou he at Bret ~lie I kcde - i~v inn 1ti tin', ltev. )It Siricl,, lo Ild:-Ilnvileg been reques ted by 1)r. in.llim,, tile "cull-t, ill nitind.y, to ceritcbl iI~ lls ar l· 1 p bli .a idetill h'. II. C rJiO ion, Iuvc, Nn noiii Jn ' sill, 111v 37.d I rieudO(111) e" wth rlllrilre' k I I ttf ir i t f fe,,t 'bargein" 'Allit rel of the Kin; inf ie t iel,,ii't at \1'u in - ; l tu uddree' ed to 1)r.t' illi'ms, teelitj ieg the llilllllll:ti unit',ll as teen, from the Medical Soule. lii; Il.. I: C II. l ies of F, \ ' hIL ir I' oulr Brno lieu known to be of girl, repitr ilul i 1 ill this I)·1uLtry, relire iIn· slum l IIiP irli n illth itd S ta ', dltiing ii. . ii itra I Lhaienet tint ,' alp his pour patien s ill this err Ili. Care; hilt alp I have seen say they are I1· b·( UU getin'itninI I acii Iii '.iS. Suinis IitintgtIi'n Ilitu~n. o 'i'uiinuunn.'i Iu,,In ''iu'uutt"7nn'.jnii'einnInI'.I e dl (.t klll a pn f yea r+, fou.11'ltbIee~on 1fttili pn. iaet' iai e IIE1 IN )I hi I~x; A. Ot()l tdtee e.u tier.' I.ult ues ,ic IIlla o kitngs evil,gomt, net:intion orl ihip goUt, itlciient cans*ers, salt rheelt, sei lliitic anl mric''rial diseass , Itrslecultt l't uler s sIll li1infrulaleetiotnsof the loiltes, lltuet'uttdthel atelr:e, n.t trils,ulcersofeveet delietlttion, tt telt' soir's, tlll illterelll blsesaes, Iristuls, piles, sehi elt'a, scnv'ty biles, cIho. nie solu eyteyrsr'ileclitth,lrottlertellsl 'rttteel.'y t'.lret(yeeICt iteettems ftre~tleo, thrrelle rr(':et'r'l, Ihae "cabe it.ocetl inlg feOlel tly aleril hllnlor, teein ill the stellach al 1 tlel tn erpeal pll'erllee li onlg v:iriltirlll, aftell tier es of the li'er, eleotin+ einlammtiton of the kidlneys, ndl getneell etebili ty etusedl hy a torpil acti ofl thevelssenls ofl the skin. It in sillg la'tly eficious int r rlevatil~g those constiltlrtiolls lwhich lalrve beell blttlkret lown b illtudiciotus d trett tmttellt, jllvenilteil it'etueleritiesi . ILn e lllnr't l terms, it is llso l mellllell InI al those dliseWCss whlicllhrise n·l'Oll illlor lln itilts of the blood, or iritiation of the humors, of ihateerr ename or kibd. Sole of the atove eonllaincltsmnaley erleuir: trle ri lill aitetllltt qapllicntions, t htith thlecuirleUellrslet Irtce of the ease will dictnte; but for a getrerl renterly or l'elriRent' to remove the ,rarse, the INDIAN'S PAN.iACIEA will generlly bie found sullicie'nt. 'I'TO TIE 'PUIIIIC. HIow ttrit is, that tnlltoderln Phys'icialns, In thei amn kitioe to excel in tleir ilr'fessitt; eXrldor e the vlse t rincs ofsecielcee l tile aid ofchelllistly, nlld seek ollt new r meddial ageents; in shot, to arerive at perfection ill the prEctice by means of art alone,--entirely overlook end leglect, as beleltll theIr lnotle, the rich and bhnlleteols stoeres of mlediclne, whicl the Almightly hles caseed to spr'ing oun of the earth id velery tlitle! Aed how neuch more true isittlht while tdie Allericl.l Physice;an looks to foreign coullntries for enll ofi his most eleolon nlld ,meresre' yrettcls, perleetunll) ekIngiht en they re ater the tiaestes offTasion er fell3y he is eerttonletr in li own coutntly with all endless proutsioni of medrical Itklhds, selbeiclet to aeswer ally ilnliention inl disese otr to at1t n any ctnut' ldisonldert ati l)ct rie is ignertet of tlheir vir tes, and thlleyc are sulred to 'wastetheir healnirg oeln tihe desert nir.'. 'l'lIeefl'fertsofvegetable merllicinesupon tile t ystetter e tntenmpeoyI--tihoe of minerals lasting. 'The foreeltr ex el deeilr effe.tsand pases elf-thie latter, mercury in )le - ticular, act chetltically ettoe ttle solilds, dciontposing the ones alnd unletrmeiitg thie consltitution by at slowi lnl sure lestltleruction. 'iThe corgeneiallit)-, eliliency end SAFElTY elvegeta ble rI1neelie r nilll tln,' ie estilleted by on.llttnetn ingtheaeecient ptIetice with the moidernl; or, to leing it lleore inllmediaely us.eine oliir ii obsltrlvlioh , Ile hie li aul practice with thdtoft'de whites. l'lho, in Amnerica, as not knoWlorlleard olf relfeatled ilnstllnes whereill nsome elrelid, lllllrtendilleg fmcin'et Ieli:el i lelllrmersllt her imnlple 'emediesr alte,i has afrefited the tmost rapid I ntd tstotishinie itees, afelter' the lteirna Medieti of thei 'eammnll nlactie, eiliecteld in tile olt killfl Illltlllter hias riiledll Alltd who hIris inot heeeln sullisu'r l lttllr I - piretiveese andtfitCility with whiieCh the Ildian fIrees himr self i'roniyl disease, dell tll the llnlot tIota allbstillelenr ttoittlnenic elisasetmeneg ttreern \IYI0 llIes er-.s' lll·:l oeell Intlint withe n tllttnteltiOkl tl eiok cell Ii111 rIlleyl lp ill teatlllellt? Aled can a Iu lllter xist tlhal this hiIty, ex en rlti , of tire savegee f'nom mnost of thle ills which the tleih ofecat is rir te, is eliellych o gi to nore geeid enlld etfetemtedSes chie i.I tlh jyS! "ll stbea . ilg lifflerelnet in suc.eess, is a fltir' execlrlication of tre iltrlllle sllllte itierity f o" tihe illlll e t lle d Stteit 'tllee cll felllre Slhielt Goti Ihs nEeldCrIet thr' rle bchtc' oI hfis e hihei iiei, eudr thonse whicl tlheie ie and the alrt of man haInve in fvcllted. From a lfng residence amo de a 'Ier l e o hleaeorigin aliehaleitants'of thisconrety, eodar irtimate aeeinam tatoce with the mlleethndts of Ectre of somne rf lllteiir soest sucteensii Itrtrctittotrs, the 'roirietoer ot "Tile' Itttiirttt's I'Pllera.e,'reillleir'eld ktlllreleige of nomee of' tile mnestt pow'rfuland favoliteiremedies e lroa thirseeselectnedl stuheleaes wce.e.os.teffoeios ....t... rii.itt..'irets,. Id aeter vnious excerime'tnllnts Ito teet tlelir ilrillrilele's and st.etlgthl, he has conllmined tlilm ir thle t"linl rliere Irll.senlltre, s tlhe most pierflte el'cl bentElicial Ir' thie plu'rse r ir whic it is$ enlnnlollel1. 'iThe ilrolietor oe'erslhis llre lratio' n to i h' eit lit , with the e(rItnciolsIeeSs tilhr el is elalici g r Ielllilltelltil se , a remed) capable ol'relievinlg ry' et' his aclihcted fell low beings, whlo are surering Ih i trile vruirttur s cI'oeic al.d obstinate complaints to whirih t is aillielle. To stnll it will prove oerl' ille lletlable aelte,'as the reall. allr in ilally eases, tie o'le nl llem llere t fui itillgltee eirr I - elrill:s n ls l l'esto'in lh min o iiercet Ioee to healt h ne hellel pi tess. 'lThisis inotoele"reer s a ceomett trmtidyt ltrt jn use, but as onle whicl ib s tc hle of savireng life in Inll exll~e lllt.e ases w Ilich all thle ulnlltll t c cit1re liet.l ell This it hasidone tetrr terely and te ii tt e i putttioe ithesob It Is (lln ll(llt n lhlttree y ierst billCretr ' liS .ll i tiOll lw s pIrealfetd o the eihliL:: but in Illlt ( 1n 01 tinLe e tecr t e, r stmlclhle ll*llllhNe} (f IIpIl'erslon Rl l thllli dl , w ho) wouli e sojlelen ll) I.e:l'e tihat lIher bhlieied tttl hete lives wreIerr s P brl¢121 hyI it, lllll ill o)1~t c~r se lttre ' 'hi y hleer t ii e r I lil y aed el,,rhals allee r,'ontnon rtmeiithl in vain. \\ htrr ev.e.l it is ktreen it iseaie lll l cl'nientg illte iSt anll hls allirn'dsUnteieontsubsttanlrdl cueiedrulclr g rioof of it 1lie ' ts, 'Tl eev leof tle Pcanalc' i llostl eolsllnintlllls il tllose heg stallelilleg tt i syyhrillii llt l scr f, e l, s elll ti(ll whiil have defied all etht re'tlien,r eaud ptat.illrttrly in thsel teses where n're.ere has ereen s laein ty ustd Sas te'sre istertessie gli$ils i the horillre lis,tse e Ire rial ilers, , lalgtwnes of ehi rigesth rg'r ' c .e etc i'n: it complet ely l i nuts, alt in :ll aess it lentire ly cl-tialci s dlt e dih s ea :e n alI cli IcI s It "l Iea r}, Ieni-, Itll'slhe constilhtil , and IiavcstI P Itlaient smun alillt TIwell. III n hI ulnal i '. andl in ulct.:it'Il s)ire ,lrui.l its hIily sit cls .art, o ltb lapp:rnt, gi i g slsllbt illllte rlkell inll prop. dolesl , hel. hlianh: Ha ' .1': I l oIpal.lnllpas asian alt ", rn 1 it e ad du l len in dihph 'tsir, dillrrlie, Flail l . nti-sp.s. . lli.. an.d ..s. I .ne. a l in IpropeI u ses, a,:IhIlnaciti ie and t lllle 1!golg e l. '. 11 i :ily exp. ses. d, it ill ,,creases ail tle he'i :l: :o,.I r crl:Lilalns, gi·s Itol l-r l Ihl, " l h and l.\e .nh la.liln I tlllI s i itsse o e lins ; I i: 1 het Ildl l nrTlllll. S lhit s liln lciie ' ll s itbe ll ils n d hiihii li I s l ftsil i Isn s ni 'l'i.m, .. dis'c ss nIoi h re' sp.Ilr icill, Flda it lhas b, (' I sIIll . l w ilerlul sml ic ss s ' tsI s iis ai i " i :s 1 l l l rihla , bI l1llS (, I r s fl"l, l s Ilso lU. llehll 11:i nosof the tch ,5 l sols will l di well Iollu I vu Ir Inl. ( llcSc ip's o ll Io se,. WI snser tlietl ink is la nsidared necssssI y, lpurp, ss, in ll ch Illl ss tii e, t less lexpel ls, all tsllk i ITheII lllo:St il i ilth Iill f l l 'lt hl llndreds sii ilar, Ii )hih m l'ight be prclull T, are gitlaa t', S lnol N l t' 1 llllit I the ludian's i c'aela, in the' Fls.a s ini'ia r nh' Ieiil lentioUa le ad'le , tlliss tiStls l t 1xhi tiisil the I s atllsll is si ll.or m lnaiS r itll nus ulhl y It o s)ar the s1· n nllllSi nl llllll lu . CASE'S (1) Il I III'U.\IATIS\.l. Ia. , No( . i1 , I 1s.iJ. During th inst wlinte l lll d)un rilng, I was illl ,'h'l Ii llh la very 'evel'e ailn dilstvl ' liin rh. slIomn " cII'l n l lontd ly xpiosurll nll lcca b ll wt'elhc''. 1III)n1' taeli g.reti' l i ph' llt : inl ,llitn! lts Ith at lill tle rlh l iu tu Insi il'llrill tl i.. dii ti c to lp e lc t hbea h h, a1 d I conflid lently r -t.ll u nd i toi all siiilwdi y altte mll . J3l1N FE'INI(IUS(N, Kinglist. Cs IAaILtestsn March ls27, I x,3'. I was s'iZel aiz tain three years since, itllS adi t'sl..hg I,omlltismll, causied b ' ltkinga sevelr cll,, w hlt sls er tsleainluenceai Fsaelct), sadli which has disabled rt Irom iusihness nearly eIv s sitlc. I bsing Ihis peuiod halve I'll a patient in tlih Misiise Ilos llit:d i this ihl iupwai sollts I Illlrots lllltis nd learly the slue. Ien.g1, time in the Ilaltilore iospl dit ali tlria l al lst etT re.meh' with little lbenefit. Os the 161h of IetIilar. last, althat timet scru'ely ableto move ahet uptln delch es, I csllmlllenied theIi use of lidiani's I'aluest:. In one milnilh Ilud II . self entirely felud I'froi pain, lil[ ,an ow inplllty to state thlat l sidsit..isIs lyscs'i I'(.tI s twell. . VWM. TUCK tiV 1 It, 1llll, IMarketit. CAStES IOF SCRIOIULOUS U I.ItI'Its. Ntsw YSitiK, Sls. I . It, lit si. T'lhis iam ceriit' th'llt in tislali ot 1825, I was ,e willh aswilli' n i i sai y niteck ,istl Fle, w ich alillrw la. Iulcltad llla beeil setl large ghastly ulcer's in ny neck. Asle'sr'sis'gssve'ssi'palistsseacs toaso adiatsiag, I wes' t I'tli iielsla, and placed us'eltlf oder the asell lIsa. ilh)ts a ll li) ch, ilhen, aterlll eie eated stil aiitialsat to l I iiet l swas pron ao sel'l s iutterlyl icmlll ialel . Als'r. WiasllltI ltktcssis lls es hilsl, osifSwaai's l'.taiseaalid siglsh hlul sis. osi totai eI'a ll:ti iiiii ,ll ll i lt iso lsiallt Sl r llil .espairing iof' Ile, lhich sl lhad ni w s ecs me a '.heln lile, I ricturned to say pareits in New York, i I f:J, n galeInil ll'u I i li '.l 'ig isaclth. Ilitintai or it h great. su.el s II. f " I ndian's h l'Alk, lhlia' lita eiea aas, samilar to ly or(n.I wtas persuaded io tre it, ssie lst .a . sort. To s llls gsa't' surprise, as well s is satisl'lc iol a , soetfiisma'..ts iaa'l. iiidl si ecisssnit sss upon llkint well it the corse oftwi ntilllhs,led have remainedl so ever since. I nake this sitatenisen an wish it lubllishled Ii Ilibes.'tefit(ih'ts ewhoare suillring und. itg r silar se a ihusor tpihiliticlli',tioals,tha they may know what hl cred (e wlho llhas sulliiIed ever'y tling but death,i.nd whllo cmtsiders iaia life saved by the abovse v WM. IllNIIA' CHA..i r.'roi. J luly 1i, I i l·l. I was alllictel, fear yeal's wilh alstl ulcer 1' the leg, oa. casi (nni llllllnc Isllpa ll wile cirltsipeltOau~ ilnhulatioi anld excessive inacll itlt ti1e .lg and asnl joint. Secural niisnelit phylsicians exerte'ld their skill upoll n it, blut wii l out pemanent benlefilt.n n this cat liae bottle Indiian's 'ul'sact'n uand a sssi i t cure.t ' MAIItGAtII' A WVI"'T, 121 Market ilor sall'by II NIY IIONNAIIEL, druggist, apge Ito. t" aproprtietors, TehoapitIsIalas street i6 NEW ORILEANS .- NASIIVI ILI.E R-IL i. I1tl) COMPAN '. T I llEE sosl'ishlel'a ofitl Ils isln aislts' are htreis ni S alill ishat b s ss'a re lisliss of tslhl si boird of is lir''. tion plnsed ,ol tlled 19th inst. theacll m le a .t ilhm , hIe hish l'Februurv liast, tir tlhe paylent of fiv, iohllarn is. eare, sas resscinded, isid thealid staskl'lders are ritsher t i iis is'I IhiL Wil;.ltl':A5s, l isareslultiolnioftlhislu-r paassied. n L l :.ll11, nlilc . aLt-ti l Ira. bl'llh ll: I lim dlle orl.r .ll Iso k il h IoIde litor the follott ig payn's ts on t t his e lt sok hiehi resp i ,e esIl sslca, O a astsl. I salli ita1-i 1a(to aiil' . aii Illsesi .llltt' .a1I1a 1 lie.'itty by lilaltc,ti:-sw. l lll dot i inu perehesla , ipay tll ll the irs dlay Iof September nexIiIIi t; two di llar peri sare uble on the first~ day si tefeisber next; tild two, aest. e t'i 'e'te i e it i 'solvetl, lth it he ,t''s els of this coin v sy shall notifv the share holdlers thleriil, tilnt gh Ihte u blic . r.ntu s of the eci',ittlat in colirntlilt with [l i se s. y st. y''ctiu e of tiie ch'rtcr, ithlti e ple'rulilt.i to poslpuna e af11i pllllse t called in a il' te lstock f.l said ipa.l'i iy i ftir tile iterilof sixt oy i lts, lfrom and a .ier the diy On hi i s it i lin side rlyable, wil the exps icon tsaid prrlngtisuis - seixty days, from sle d afti r ilhe day un wil lh it ishouli have Lbees s iiid, that then tile stos k s1 i hich said paylne sthoutl hatve bee Made, is andi retll "1:. ol.rile'd to the coi.1pan v, the ch -rter sii that .point being i.Jperalive. |In contiolily thereriore, Iu said sasslltll tk of the hkhders s.ts saild company, asis hik proper to pt ol the paylenl.,s on their stok ei 'esul i the sdilitio nlsixt, dats , which s ts e c. ar,, l iolotha ,,ireos itlill ithatste. lts pa yment of l wo l d l. lbr. per ,hlr, culled for,1md du, ,u 11. iltl 'I o I . - Ithe piyI i'nt iit Iet wo dollars pre ssite l csd li , i:.lh due on isis l ist isa sis si i lee br xt, layt' i e p . i o nl Untiltil ihe :lltlh dly ofi Jniinry nrit' '.ss the pliy IIlels ol'tio dllts 'iss.ary I siss -l its calsed i st t, -Ilil i1 (In of April n1" t. i a't. i Iteu t I susin'nes of tIhe s i lis ,. set n 's A It t tllft, 1IrI ll:1ss5 sil s I h 11. . "?, 1' 1. IIal'i+T+ ell citby olf New ()rOulans. r ITH.I 'I F i, I IISIANA, 'I'o all whIl$, S tInt.' 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I' . 1'tn 8 il n ie ot it entitld An e x1ande Ci twoll te . n ttt0111 0 .e , Nt S n o 0ictl 37 of tile docklI t of this Coutrtt at ,ttih sale Ithe said James I ltlt t i ec ale Ith ' pn'ihnser f ir the itnltc of twenty one ttthotusetni tlaesription or Properyl as given juin i the J cltl l pConl nnei lr in 1 I.. il. l o it t of tnn, city int llllute on neI 5 .d lit havling French measure, 0 tel fnont en'Itgie piltnls flreiet. al torl lrollUlt on On7pul r tlr reet senrll Inn r . 1 Iln onia e ql i rein n ' l I.ter , iI ll. nu Iil r lll m anr I(at said lot odrotnd o li Ij feet wide from o, en ide t' o itE inre ntio aIhe nter I, onelher with dwir ng U lari.ot se etit't itnttsn ls In ' Stdit iot ysio l etm e te I TnllAv n m ]e i O rt1 toun h t lln e 1n 1 A liteionq nan n ir' - l dull s t ll r n tholer buil lnl a nid tti lpo i rni L etI n tiCe nl aehielel , +tsil imp lemen and Iii.x-Al ba longt ng ti said t st iil erv, nnltnin' lll e 1 nn t iit p lltn llte n illtuc I'nl t r rigt lt ellnitine plriv legs t h ereto belo gi leten'i.'n ist' tAl0e e r i lan lI, alty 7, i J:n8. l tnlr lit o(is, ,t' tn I kvin it Pt la tto lnn r Il'i ills. 'Ent A T' I J LA lOUISIANI.--A to't r S tn Itlin ol l.1 t i ll t ns tri t ntrli tn Atit'o h qinntnttnd ' In ae ratin nt tenltir nttoitu1 nn fa itntnrt In'n non* I i.tne li e I La lr t", it I tt vlillih, d nh I, ler te', sIst i In ns tins. n tll,' io e Ciet o nuno n irgen dle' tlitan t I ergilt ' Ir' hn t enlt 'o lnn e l main onn I'atntnl 1tit l n , Inill o ontsatnnph nnln 0 anntatinoe de nntq ton inlnjtonntiini' 1in ldti' tiH t tlli ti ot.o n inil' ' lte i" lu . il nlirl de In tites iest gniliora i le s munthini e t:itic, tntr oileinit a t itito I 1.8r9 18.4. l.n I'I a itnot ln, t sti' fa ilet r Inittf 1's lienn s nlt piln'n a nns plelt ds lnot'. ailn Unn inl Ide I iiatnil d lNit ui:4; t t dn la a Cho r da at aiLoisn ni tcto rrliet avttirn dru it a I n uioet, oi-lauei dt oiirito, e In it..ntiinnt elnn Ia nrnit ne fIo'tdie oitl a1guet h in veti'u a'le .. it ah,',nt fot t nuaeg tin'rInh nrie ,,n illv mil Bann l'cstiumtioi'atis oi le i im s No I it voir n d ous turen r Noaofs ai 11leir drhla pubicoion B Ia.te :t 4, pod r : I o nt, niht n 'i i aLe'i teo i nitas inllirnt.e I.1i lln~ipri(.l(, flit vef i. t r t+ Hhlrin i uto tlit, le ni - ti zititlan tour d't vril to |'unit'P 1in311, l'u1 v lir t it'ln' t oetc th o eltti l 5t' aht n Iattin ' ' I er dI i nt It, i l' . , nitiatuase, Nt'111 e 'n7 i.nn i t inke t niie lln':Olio I quelh, vetu le Bit Jame.s Ihonse s'Inst rendu imtnrito ur poit lttr'npix ti. . ten1itN1 i n .inil u llius I .i i i..r die ce i i ville, dtniitn l oilel No 5, 174.4 of ('.IIl~go of'` I'hyoiosouao, LOoldni,. T lIe 044. '4'o'go..dIo'~l Ilygolo lil..'o',',,l tILlo,4 toolloooIcrl Coul.'g'1 of Sorgo,.,o, l.Io,..~ioo'.,f Aplol~l so shee IV~ll~~o Illlhr t4ldo d Ikio,.IC(l a Asooii~, L'oooo.','· .,.S'I'~lIooo'r.'.IeIooltllolP III ·~~l 1 I.II .ilS Ioo.,~il,,..4,4,. .,,,,l,,,,,, .4,,. ,'..,ls .5 Iloom ioteoosi :II lfll .CIopooIII~ Il:ldol·.4 o..,o ,,,· 4I·I)·(I. Itl· IllIll Iotie 11'1II· AIIII4o,, l,,4l.lC , io II· ilI1S 5 .4nl ..,, t ll,,,;141~ ~·~l4 ; l~ Ill 1 ~r~s·ll~~ A4.o,,o4,o,,4,,,,,' 4il,.,,.4,? 44 NIIII. I).ll, Nb.ll 14m'k, NI~II. 44.,I I14' ,,l~l... A4,i, .9 4 1.y ol,,,, Ii,, ,..4.4, 04·lll- 1 1 4l 0.4i·t·:l 111 234)lll 51444,1 141(·( IX,. '244 44'.o IIII) Il· il sll 4.l,l cI ioul'iCI~· "'449.40, N1I. I~;l· l~lt· ;L S..1rbol ~) oat., SIan'. saidlll II )1 l~ i'o.4.(·II4'. 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'vr'tivse to in tIlL' book is in nI,'rly the Ihllow' TL'i d hi' h iistil/, i ison (/s/s ,.olrk his reei/ed Itrough lte Ie le.isl ti\e ietii pIeixed'ls' t iise l sh gI , s t 'e' Colmi l. 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One of ti,) nmsit ol,,s enictls 'e'lles oftii the ables is in the islignlot the o'i st 'ime aind t.rloits, wthich fo' exsstn.diti.s, ir'isiofl e ols peri s ie.ity, witih d e elpt ofthesisl :v it hlls, es iisot e excelled ; ant the salty ty acd ease ,th shich the, in:stel ennl hie founri,tou tile extent of gtnelrral Iletsiloess, wilhont dtoublig 'mitnls is 5iesid, s a t C5ll('llee % i. tSillatia, i th e il est/Ins - timol of sneii oif hi tllilut computent and pltacstenl busi less men amei [llliere loRk eoe who ame e Benlllt lise of tie w/ riins , it i/ lu-cea iiiliinaisihId i, t hsetl i it e alqelnlrhmn eflofa mastser i ,eces". Anii osi enisleig he inf llinhriltv of the nmihi d o.sigsiallsy isdotp in ilni.sist./ ith.ei s io l, ilrk I/d th s hli s /ssti ly l riuber andl varlrit if te txa+oli llits, i an tests i ol' elv lieition it his s lsediltthe issiS/i ot ,ilihstulig tghe wholeois til stelt'lo)l pe, e Cons.itir:llng. in s iv6 i 'lie positive snceltred bIv t hie Ilweee id.ll /e l nl 5 ellio ol, the iii - hllnellals helell u1 uand l lllll ellhaticly slt lel ' o tihe Isiit w/nci s'l ook it the woslks " mosst s et'uihlls nin ilalnta figre iwork os f tlhe mlls e extent, sihet, since tile heiginnillgso creatii, has ha, tbhe saue t'isi l bela,,'tli s' o f tests ill the r ine lilt be, of efi ors; i, snosinte slf' he isn tlbel. , as is lcnaly showll ill die iesislshs, is les t m i slassllllll , it h las i'H l'iell a/itI Ir ud in ucvrl " well e it,, n k tiah I,' i lisc rll hes is the Unlh tl SIid tes i .ill Id it. thc pl ic /R.irvlo'l'li', stiiil' g tlei tall)n iii .le i the vi otlo cif"l.) hul e pl t m mtts. nIThe fa/too t ihsislylls', adled hy all thle notes of'Is el sevtslhs otl us, SIlaes an ithe 1 ri e o i ii ii' s/I h atlo iis lslillet incillt.ret," ka ls os o it law ini nsk i nhi tlle'i, acviord, ll ts the boo i icl s1. u , nh mI t he lcrst ediin part, by ss.,,c la e oft,,e sis iall . i ris, l 'and R I : fle, Of huls.a Ilelt l'rclses iIthr hst ai lhsell o isahook and ihlnr I)llne. (I d Ill( tin o 'hl " eitiTat'tts iwy e .erh o c int ils ie pio ct ed up n loan Unit i/mi St5rys. It is inrseovsIt well knvowl itaf, bs its sly check, iln thelltltr i t sfulense - a r it nel ys, ndi the atl s thle le lessit lii itv1i hitii isi itoe n lli'.r tt issiI i is'tell llrsi-tll msav g th. v, stu I Th .v nr's;ig ri, whlst lhe iri st ein h5e wia isl ell , lit oll t o iI t, a s i lle t nIum e I) f eo d Ianiii copites were' t sis ,I's Itn' , e to ;1 gI* t diitc lc cc. a diplllr , IIIl : 11t X111 , 1 · Il11JI'. tcct sulh i\ he . f , eI ork n lally o Icked op nt floo ll' th o $'5 per u opy ,ane I thullhe g uinloted lhalt thes wb ,ld ip) $ ,'ltk e his 'ii 5 l /ils ol t ol i, it sti til t suif i., mt. m us t inh e i d t o in the ltter icstagec to ticvhu'ly, h'lhing at the saute ile rxhihite d dni:retm'y preai', to s.. ,a p ersiu oni li'i seitst illt e him Ilt wa i ri .llilv l oSr that iiiintCy niil/ imore tnlnslh the svig( r ofi I /i shs vall os l tia e, hes(y being / t ove'it) oIstv niisI tlt lke- ii aiplllri . Asmprte-/lihat lhisu t fin lu Ih ur si ( ls 'iioAsuk getrlly uwl a fpcially w.o'es lo the extenl :of im chruince ol ell in thei ll ii l hce' fioiw' eli ties Iost ('i I intl i Ialetliovn ito the Wolth, a nud aftler , r.s oif impost icaul in y ustli hisc s ofill lll roof ple O sheets, it Iwouldi, ll y, t It / ertinty, hat, t.ll oll t, lt l, I l l/t sinvc, l i d. ) st si n rk , is t/ e pslcaee dl'isc1 iu'l / exptla i 's. Ihit mis .ptee lt and casi/ hl/s te the ste'ren',) t i pl's of this wvkllhe i1and , tlhai itiseie ssleli/iul lIn rIlm i ii1i l S lll l til'01'ilillv 1i 1X:11ii Iil IIso is ai nst lir.n . Iti si lt /isgl' . ll hii. ell tI ii it I sl . (licy sdvetistiitiii) tni' talltlv kept in ai plaes uf spcii al :1itV4), except , h bile I iu pUillling.* A.o ple u ore d eti4os hoi tilr oh b adltks and sotftle intor a'st wilth U H|l tsiiii, l'llows the ' ts' h-i e, whic , i/is n this flhh its in et . ,eeoi. t' he p iis, contain uch in imv inle sel e " tsii i/ i vi i llt g/ ase"o.s i,/s It Iflrel iS .ly m I+mark tihat, pa ltwitelsl:ulil this i l Plist talh ls were linl.O lni-dig dollars id ' cenils ,, Vtld :i tlng t1+, ha hetl s€ PIlb+vt'lv :/ii i/ii i. ' 11) p tl'nised, it ha u not let s /51t a ih s !' 1i, with ii llexl. I.:"laoind, bly iltt authorot ".1 \ lcarl illn +in , inll o bl,". )I1,."1-, " \ I'oll , .in, ill ° Itm . 'I'bc )111 .1 \\'ilo'ý"'s Ic)k1 a 11·1m111 canal I)Ili" II,,l illlll I lllll hlll( . .lull Ic eoI an6ld it sakl bIy \'\. M'KE.AN, S(AVI' & S"'Il[ \FFIII'S C.,ui)itoI mlid Id Ex trlact t Marsaparilla, tfor 1th curo of unil Ioid erullptinls of the skikn; iple rlll puslvuls ol the I:ute; hlilu : Ih uris, fro al timpure stalte of the biuud; sealy eru,,lioes; p ins to thle boun; chroicm rhI ellnat~t ut ; Io ti ; lrOfulila, or kit 's' evil; white ,tvi.llbttg; s.yplhhi le tlr: thl. ie.s, ant d all dluorders arising brP l an impure llltlll te of dilt: lbo)ol, by longlI reshhlme illa Ite 'li cltate, or tile inljdieious. ue of Also,--Cave & Schlial r's orm Set yr.p, or In. fitt Irs.ervt'ive.: the, best preparation nw .e extant. Among which are the Ifllo.aueg:-l-liiat )ye, for col ring the hlir;' (lid; Inssiau ar's Greatec; Poenatumt; ichaw 's Frec'.o Wash: su. peirir Pearl I'Pwder; Lily White; Cream. of' Rl.ov; VegetabfII Rluge; Otto of Ret e; Lip Salve; Kre. )site 'Tooth Walsh; C.,rlhonic I)entrifice; Orange Flawtr Water; Powder d Pulla and Box ,; Aewr, can Cilarcol, ieaully put up ill four nlcc vtalns; P,astull Salli; Cullegtlet; KrIeosot lFoothl.-ahe Drops; liair Brushav; iEnglish Dro j'g (Co',.bs Imitnall Ilair Oll;-with a variety of lther Perti meries, &c. For sale by L W GLENN'S PERFUM RIES. J C TR1N1C. IARD, Curner o a Caal and Ilourboli streets ',l4 F. MAY\ , Iheoe, Sig', anild Oriiev ta Iana eir'., Uav(- dele stteet, itwo vhnies i'll ecl urll d ill~ a teed r lil lllll · i lAiart io , I lh, i l or & elll ii . (vlled dh, Jaspel, Ylis yree, Ilm WhiteI . \et yt, l)(,"hkevvte , ( nwtlilmil llh, or Ill.nk Siimu anl: IIlI Ihetclla, (Icc vv ttI. , it itl 1;,,it Ash \\ hilt Oak,) d.c. ri b m. ( ;hed Elul, eill ms to lhe svl l at 1htd sh p. i 'aihts, voilys glass, i la lll s,1 i sh l, Deie. W ll a ld )l'i tor sa le. I 1 iI 1N,1 .'l'E1ll:i. 111'.1\ \' I: il liIS- lIul, , a i'c Saul hullhd iron, wll assui t,,(. l11,.I,, lseroll eal rod iron, Iuil mr l. aid plugh I( ,, llv t al' I illtlyshear' , l ' i ,l , , el e elliae hl, i le( I l]llhn elllil, i tillll r el.l ils lt spikes Niuii bh k nu ,lln mill :I., gilll can ei, -it keitl s Chuiu lllh uahh' tll(.l) O l+) hIll. , A ltils, ' ices, l I Illl, m i l s l. I s W irhe, S.Ii t, pig anld he(ll: .l; l .l ,11 A m sll ts .l:uld' u o , l, h. ,.I I l shlvels HouIk :ulI plLt I Ph 'lg, XIIn , :,d w eielw hooks / -llll .u h* lth,i% c 1. lwv, llwr sli res A I'll" nel (\u,ie ita lof ai'llcu, io u :ul a ship t i l er, al utysmn blul l,: ,n u hichure L lill ': rd f rc it whIl sal' Ir reta'ili, ul the mot lihorbll h. temII1 hwi luai I.\1 l ('(i b c1 1 h·(ll id ,,,eo TH/R!' 11)11N1 JlII1.\'/ I K0A:.i' I 111: ll mp uitrl thbi estbilih lalnh e t hllll Iho plo:a r 1 er11 .1 . i muu in. m h llt his Ir. ( or m nl tlll e publich i.u u'cl ll'lt I'l ,ill be ill readin ,sb the r'l liet Ila ofI lut\ I,+ e itcvh viiferr. Ihe vi illa l lso at ilo lir Ih h - inlit ol'ie.r at al di-laner hllat th(r a I' bionee large, tlhle rf," it aice imum dalh in miii l ireg r nui b, er thaa I. culv ll n , anld t he, wm .i iime much btte.r. Fiauille cum be it, nodhthed ilh good romns, or tln)V w l) 1n~her raln have large cahiis , etxached from belihvelr lhas I hi are i ot iiti rior - t i n1 in th, .lll - l),,sl mm v. h lhal lli.: !iart of IIh cwtthir, allordt , hals ll l ý n ) I ~" ill lh:. ', htnl, the iuI Tl i \t1l, 2 hi. 1ll 1l ý+,ll t, ;o kl I1. h' Inar"t Vi' hl i),,l - 1iii t-i r,, ,i hll lai ,. , e . and o. - i ny th I lxl, n i a' ", il, ,' ~iutI+. I, b anug In, skn Bicer and \ I ".,~ i ,i, I,:; ;,++,.:, ..; f'lil] + l up l )r OI; MAlI A RItIANGE.NhTlN'I' A',,thc-. Itill, 1 ,eiEvrv Day lie It!A1. (:lclca I Ery duv al 1111 A. 31 wvee/tin 'lie/, f lie evert' e~iidat, Wt'd~uIn~ J J J C 1N1'Nevery llond uV, W1 -da-6 and Set nrdu, by 9, 1'. M. 1 The Lake Mail ` Dan t~vI-V'1' rcdnvTitif I L'ie, 4jel 9inllnyyv .v I' . 12. line tint'l '2 ,nnst,,t, 'Ilie li.,lln, Vin Clones ever.Y MondI,,y, Wednesda EXI'PREStS MollL.. 'I'I'2l i5i Il ARIlIVAI., l)22PAR'1'IJIIF 1129'l'A NCIi &t. o the EInprele Miil, hrt.'iini MInetil. .ii Ninew Y.rk-levinig Mloililel chile t :cii.. II. Nnel,'ehL.n' Neew York duily it'1 t P. l 8euuthlettrd. A i rives Arrive` N eorntr. Disnincr. 'l'ien. IlR'i.rn'g' Mrntgnnery, Aln. 2 tun. l98/ItI's 2tie 1it m Cotlumbultn, .n 111 82l 94 31 Milledgille. (,e. 2 133 1,14 24 p. it Colnnebia,9. C. 7nnl n.. 16:1 171 4 II RaeihN . 1 15 22 11 niWurnrleon, 1½ 2 m. 55 61 tI let .iibnrg, yV 111 nI. RI 10 t. Iiehtnd, Vi,V . I tim. 2I1 3 61 Frttericknentg, 8f 67/ 7 II pmfi. Waishingtnn tllci, 21jien. 1;1 5 B illtmnoe, 1, 213 4 111 Phiadelph~i, 1 Mti. I/60 12 2 t New Yorki. Pin. 96 74 1:6131 121.I. or 5,2232h Nnrtiltnnrtl. t'inning t9nliltetr.1,iI e tihlme is sn PItr`Pi heltg5 dl titintll17 Itiurs. e [ AIRAWAY free 169 ttntrfmlelit coirner A' fI iait s 1L ~leetu, on ll~e ight of 31)111 of Augustl, and c oca seen ehle' nextniinnrningin I'nytlt'n ietreti, u n'grni Ioty namel C(IAll .l( ES, nabout 17 yetirs oif age, tntl b fee e or nll-net hrlnlt tiln tii, i tlnk, cI.. ccIii nen int ItIId re inten in his sptech, 'Itn of i lg IN note, m;'tacbon `j by 6 a resort 11 [ 1r!,1 11; lie hd ,it o hen h wens " ny it to 1,i1 .l.t10' or lifi'tinett tttttt s ikir t.. whtitr countt'ntitiotIe ittMasteittrs of r ie.eelttttd-titeoi htigiaien'I cnueneonelled u oth~l~l. rer porion, itS thC1ei1. Ceri!hf tIe Int will ir. l'ldelndering. its itto tt lien&o thenjino ei... tnhner ii muinicialties, or tit 1; Curoudelet, corner of Devi. Illtneotr p rr e exi-ting l1 undr the f irml of Illlloi, & nllretnon, ham b oon' Iliawulved. The subscriber wPI ill liqluidatre thle atluirn Iti the concernl in thisi city, ail requires all to-iwonsl~n indeiii - Sell to make, nym.1,t to hint only, and ail tlmselmviup I (. W. ) W l. D I thoriy, trll ,sl I rgAlst- ()r/l,o., I'1" s nlduos, in hood eau tlltly " r,-u iA;l ,. r. l regulos, Annatto, Spa+'. , Arsenic, crule, Al .., duo pmwderl-jt;. ,Itiazillette woo, - tnlt.ulp.e ,i, (ochimnel, Mix, crude, I oplrrali, A.mericont, b1ri tos, ooe, crule,. Fusti, '"'anipiO ,. o roll, d (;ua, It, floweIr, .1io Mi , (:l t|ll l i ll l·Fh, i"l'l i , Ratoroil, Indigo, Ikual, CreamI tlltar, do A mill., Santllallri s, dl .I:,Taeao, Ilil :duot,?ol Nu, go d:,,lt Sdo ssttta, do he ilot nio do antoniac, do ,iillmica, do, (ttonwold, do cop, rouigh, iMadder, .obio, do do scrtapei, Nicautgiat, lionantu, do doS AmIerioc-, du Ciot, itu, ..i.... htw Is do tIt....iO do do reie., d1 , Ilucto,. to guinctnn, CHEM ICALS. do kin , Acitl, nitrousi do m hli, dlo nlli:hdie, k. sent'gal, ao tns;l, .do sill , ii' "tl i lllo r il, Jio sam.:,. .o )r I. tp,, s t llls ii Gmnluge, Elston suix, lJuniper erries, Atlerican,lllunilousli, du ds o F)ori eign, I('ed lreci ita , Al~hg'n'sia, I lglslh, , I(l le.tCa.ll , do AeoIIIIIII I(ed uilontl.e po1Ishi 11:IInuin lnake, Srup carp ties. do souts, S.l11 poit., Liq,-,+wice Iall, Sul:'r Iean, (Oil, Sulp zinc, otn cassia, SuStl1 Olllnilt.. doterganl utl Ttartlr etllie., do umo , I'AkIlTS-ll-eac,. dh p ,epperlminl, Ilhle, IRl gJentian, C~h ir i yllow, dev, doI ipec, ilhla. I tllilll,, do oir in'.sil, Ido senec, d l rml Io ill ii: du .o. Vi m ig , I'ari t hli IEnglith, lied Iend, rlllllle do ltun ,igolt, do ',i A" ,no..rl SpIh g clolilar- e, +1. fe .1ilil h Sulli , Spanish, g'. m il, 1 l1t, Cilll(rude, _ . illin I tiole. i l to relined, il ediri d l, S(u sl eves, A ,l du rou d ilio.. ' dull -I t It'n , l ut d re rt hIotI/ti, iitltr, f fng(, 1 ilefate, itb,'siogits So - ., n ti I. : si l" l i :l\ yl; N viti ol.Iu Ka/lflu t/e du A# n aJ'er , tie ti ll llOl E, g ,. illllls LbO in 2 oilie. (.* r u Wi lhter 11 P', Ido Illl i-,lldht ill I.r1~ r o.ilt)i, bi tit'illis'io|ue. II',udoo.lll lillllll. v I '. Io id i nlt..ov,, ai ruiuuollln. by Alo lt oiii hio n,, I vq o .he/t/fru l hl r, wrlilteln I ii selll, iln 2 oli. V ilNs. 1 I ll' lI iew nllnldh, b illa unillirl Adiiol utf 0l/Shhiin.o'hu Irtrioo.' IW'orks. itAr'u It',urt +h 'itl Niagli hit Iuli ynary i, I vol, Ero A'u,,entt's F'renrh anrd English l)irliot. "l. Airsi.--A Iiw morlle cl.,ilil( i, mB's Phrenology "lRiellzi." bluIeat Surveyolr's (olmlnnsse r + + 's I rq . ily, with Chainsllm llito il,--. I 2.1i mti d - `.: - oth gi-le il hil's improved metalic I'enl,japalel Ji lipers, weight JIliL receivouled, n.ll filr sle by O I iIiFENJ. IEV',' I'AIN I IE:VISI'l'El &u, by Ihe autllloro A year i t Spit , oli ll , p 'uII ,, I 'The /'liri l (lraunl r, iof iI le I'nht,,d lat, s, ot a mid . it, -·e ii.....lmenl, ill, lirr,. bellow, them -Iil l i'l i iii l 1,1 iih ith l . t irng ment1 ol'tt U edllll Ai.m Ilunl,-, t ' I', o ,spersi, with 'hariieer isl,' ~.0Icl'on , .o, lol ~ll(l uu oing ,d'.l. -tilb o o l lc I l,,, i Ih lll ,l i l t ll l Ollllll [ enlll ralll . lll indllex of illA lesi CIIN TalE kI'IfIt 51," .,r ffilh or Kini ' E"vil, 1'h mie Ilbeu.nnliot , Il I'slll ltt I, Iltst. lli- Pails ilt Ih ' ITonr:, f1 y flI a ,;"il0 1 I,.,"" .tt iiiio i l.rt iid-o'y IIhe Ih d heiing in , ilil led in Lh~eo. l ir Tlhiis ,t'ry conce( trlr l Srll is prepared with I i c rru, .: nt p ileruint ~ sIie~ iine n s, i' ou tintss -l|,,i t, l, 3 )i ll lur ! u l olblhr vegenllytl SW tllta I o of k W l tigoi'pIon' IlthiT El eii ratll , I to wil o i Iinnl it, I, . ll i, dose: bitoo bur n 'hah, d in'rhti piu, . • ttiohi- , ' beini Illfilli]ll" l Il r o l h 'smet I 'l i h' 1, lf yad ins te, 1 for h . i.n, of ilt ,ir pea lih e. 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