Newspaper of True American, December 1, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated December 1, 1838 Page 4
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_ -- . d LouisLutsono Hotel, eollsuTON. TW4 . ."l. ARY RIIKLAND respectfully an. ' t unoees to her friends and the public gene e..lthat she is prepared to ,eeommodate them at o0 above establishment, and hopes ii nl her skertionsto render visitors comfnlortale, to receive 'eaonntiuanceo of former favors. Shie feels confi. dent that persons visiting Covington dluring the tima'er months, atnnont find batter accomonndatiotn than she can atford them, on more liberal terms. tielp baum ao ploasaotly situ lted, and well suopplied with every convenience; the har in fulrnished with the most choice liquors, &v. in short, she promises htat nothin, shall bh wanting on her part to give 1 'tire satisfaction to ell who may patronize the disisippi and Luoisiana Hotel. je3 , fO TIlE PUlIIC.-The undersigovi. hovieg studied under Dr. Snl.inidt of Clhrleston, Soath Carolina, and for some years his assistant in the practice of medicine and surgory, has the honor to offer his professionnl services in this city. He assures the ladies and gentlemen that the most prompt attention will be paid to the calls which t.lay be madc; and also offers his services to the holders of elaves, being well acquainted wih the diseases common tothem, having attended thic in tem engar house in Charleston. The famnous anti.hilions pills alter the composition ol Profesaur Smollette. with directions, can be had o7hle undersigned. The effect which they have produced in this and other cities, has been attendled wilh the greatest success, to which the best of refenenes csan be given. Apply at No. 166 Maga. sine street. JNO: M'LOIING. . St-LL-VT wARE, TWTO-ffSCREW, SAD IRONS, &e. rIlE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. * 238 Water, near Beekman street;,New York, haue received the past season, and are corstantly receoiving large anti extensive additions to the stock of the above goods, which now consists of the ollowing assortmatol, suitable for the southern and western markets. Hollow ware of superior quality, consisting of about 1500 tons, via, Pots of l different sizoe., from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 galloin, Kettlos, 15sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallona, Bakeipans or Ovens, 7 dlrcrent size,. 'rTe Kettlcs, 6 do Skillets. . . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do IOrtddles, . . 4 do Fire Doge, . 6 td Wagon boxes frot 1 1 4 to 4 3 .1 incles. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Scr-we, 20.000 gross, iron and brass, from :H inch, No. 3 tI 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior qutality and fiaish, and less than Jame's imported pices. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for retailing. 'tailor's and hattor's Irono, assorted. Sush woigilat, 110 tonu, avaorted from 1 4-4 to 201bs. Bulls fr Plintations, steamboats, churches, &e. made to order, Also ateamhboats and other Iochinery made to order. Thei aove assortmert of goodsa is particularly rreeniololendcd to t1le atleltiton of Southern and Wetsteron merchatts, and are otilredl lir sale at low prices. atid upon the most liberal terms ; it is be lieved to be the t largest and best istortment ever olfered for sale bly anIy no establisloUnctit a the United States. Merchants, by lorwardiing a request by mail, can have a prio'id circular, with de.eriptieou f goods, prices and terms, front which no derCation is ever made, fnrnished hy return otf imail. All orders will receive ilnimediate attentlio. New York, 1838. j3 I."Ill-N ilYtll' LI l'll.. i.-m-ini.oool's I.e u, Jeiur anid I.kiles, Iss.tIIIId sirei; also, ()1 lxes idf l,0 . is I lurlcie I'in kh': ; hir ntalt, I.-ilo e ai veeir IItilClt, l iy J.IS V ldll .ll)l 'lt\\oaS, el ! r ",rI.nIIII1)On nd~13 'l'chtlav ilolll.i lis -c G b: ,fSr,,i lcbv o,,.A,%.. hi ltl Jur Apjy0 ____ .1 1)1 bub11.11 LI 1C 511') 0·1111001 11111 I~l.l i~ 11I1Irllr 11,81111III It~l~ '.llr . .' &,1 CO 1. Klit·* NVlli~il SIoI ~T·illo)Lco'l III,'41hII IrlIII ~lI\~ll· l\ ·III l1 i~ II. 1110 rl~l (·I.TL~l( lilt)r su~lo~llllo? Ii d11 c.1 Illl, Slool l I)1 110101 IIijbl 15IlNll"~ i 81011 II ~ tli~dilC, ·11btDI~IJ on)11;1~3 ·1111l~rlltl1, 11I11,1 RIIII~ ~ ~ ~~1. lill1 Ilil ee·(P III I I ~ll~l lI 5. 11 Ji 1001110g. hIr 1111 0 1111 111,llcocoe1e01.·11 j. ~lII-sIII1I 11111 11))~I:.1 III11 ·(FP 59 CjE 1II N ol. 1.II' 14 %oo.IS. II IIsIlo1,1 ooll'It AClolo'dll, 11,1001 i)~~~ ~ ~ .iiil-7tTr · JPIII I & SI~ull- I ti d t,, NO MERCURY NOR COPAIVA 1501()1 llr. 1110 So. II1, 181(7. 111C1.CI, III~,. i~riIII001II lIPro rulel IIR liOC IISI IIIC7 1111101511I(I I,11, II. 1111011111 11Il WIT~iIII0COIICCIIIOS"C I'I sielIr:I 111l110di l~i llr l~lsl101lllnr lr iXo Ill" fk( lr~snl·0I s1 r,1illllCulllYr 11TC11111ll1(.l~l 10I8 111101(, liiik 4,11111 J~~l il~·ntlel111tll IN 111.85.l~ III~ 11,01010 0 Ifll0000 II0 11011II 1110,0011 51Nclll~dII11000i01FF oboe, 1111 1110l nll 1 to 1\ wlaltrr:i~li~~lil 101111 ji tI~l~llcd li~l~l 1110'l*.l- 15111 OINti 11.55.l Sco'r 011,01 cill IIll~~:LI isr(l'(Olllnlt lc10010,llv lrwl~ll~ll1. II P!II· il tNl· I (lOCOUII 111' 1 oolr pl'l5111111' Illdolo~ IlliIIS 111 ~·~·)·1 1110 I 11 117115 111cr(I' 1111 1111 11) l 11~ lIl o rc T5 arl~ oCidod o..o 1111011llll 00l~~l~tIl001C·illIIIII Ilkllllll. II I~lslIIIlar Oo~lnloisr. '2, 0.110117lli Il~ltilll 3~l ·ltfilolll( &l~l ANItK8VNlll·l ll Illll 1f .1111111( J I~tliill· l) I I''01 1 ~lf 11111 · 11111S 01rr l71i',oolll oool 111101,lA101111ll L.150, .IOlllIllci I1eI!l lLnitl' ll. t l li ,11 .c i1 IilW qless,, 1.sO0'1111511',lsl~d IiO~sCTgIlT 1e15,8.lllld ooOLlmlcI,~l~ lrilslrh5l5 01~ll1,1l: s ll n i110I11151151111 l kl~lw Issla ,1111di00'slsit11 Btlls 11500u Fllsll'0011 ood l~l os..Ii.~, osdso'ses,itp'oeoesllcOllsoolc~IoioIIC L \llilon 1usd sll;·llcot1 loosd 111011011111115 II ~·LIII 11111 sioopclI00L' 1.01011ec010l llI~: .II I*'ihclll-lloI fosl l c lls I~illv I II:i 00111001111 111011 ln 01111 to 'n 's~ gll cllll, llll lle 100 pt lr Ti nril rtnidlkoIolls (a~ivdI)l A~nn ,sl.5 ' I~rl~Ili lnvr.wllll·os oIrocs Ilrli rito AltO'Sun~d l'1psor 11110· (1lii Ilici 11 SI lllplEFns ,,e..,c. Hi l~ Ilol1112'1. ~lrao0~ lllll11010, a l~lllS.0110 IIIC'11llldtlell0IlfllIl 111151111111111 nllleodllloloosdoli LoTn ll Clu~tH's lodrller ,o, 1111101 i'S 111 li1i dI I,,esul 5,ll l~lI Cet I~lood TI h 11 g~u luesr 1111 ursoe·ls XIPleo 001107pri.11111 "olir ~ nl jllllllC ·Ion.II~l 'Ph1 (ln1. 1(C mlS ~ ~~ &n ulI Ar~·.NIIE. I. i-MOIIS IARTT CO,,tauw recreivm.lrol on board hip Orl ihnaa. F.ahle,tilier, t'okr lory Andrerw. Frenh arod Geonan play cardl; Bcck Cnon.t BRoar.l0; Clrmeoaane 2l-4 nad 23-fltlree hil crd allts; 8,9.nd. I n inch lade ll tivt Kei v,. cod,· cotlt'er tottlites Rill~e'ott (JO~t I*rltp; Icklr .'celklt Slltte Hc ',r tr tllIl;l l llt l' tit : berltl.le; clt nlld Pistotl t lal ks. r )rr m I lottle-t nd l Itrinkiog (l ; 1nt'ollhl' - , To ile t c ltll S ty tt ll SI ltr T iu .rha t . It'll ntt rlaillrre: Shell Twia : taodiodeotlo; lreitro lr'Itt Slola very eten ; ci tot f l o tir Sca ton leti o; Tahler tr t tstrtl IKcao (niv ltf -C t rtinaa, uIc d eil, e r; Er-rtrit; \) l e d l .r l o rl.; llr t't. T; erlOad Ne ~ilc'eIs lndr letr, Ilech anod Si6e aret o ,llilh ; Invlina lrlr.s 11es cod ih ttts-o Shell Tait: hiihto tel ono Io. ir lbs; V hiti , itinladitioo th rhl,rir rorter mhrack ca hrood Uallleathihlr aa.,oortloeat tort r'ac.Oilral-',aodlo' ill lIeadsl oow and ll.rooterm pooa thro birt of the (rolden ljcolt. 12i5-IC 70 Chcilrrteocoterrt. ck iletlES, le IrrneoPu t1tre o- r rrird o ithicol.ol W.! &.il JJII.VIP lh Eh.r. P nhel'fiehl EuAlell, hav Hisll te rerl tllra matetl,.i r oe ll imioc iot do;iotit ilcf ola".1e odI. I(nlet of o -..... r i.ttxioo, Peo, Pockrlt, 1tk.eand ciea Ipdoorr looes;, alazorc, lmes nsor Vol.e Tool; rl ,&c , ilet. anlc then nalt r e; tpreott nll J Ite . BElIr & A COIEN.t hI oo mi wlleltt. Q 1I1MMONS, IIAR8T'r&. 00.--Are nowr reervial -- Rlrhp llrrrttolle, Elagl, MenT Aoth'rw, Ilig'r tlneran Prerh aod n erar atr l hlnaread clmavian.Conar sterh elt atid pariker Itrralsl plalt, tltrti atod sl it CtrrtiitctCcrt rat.+ etidthedrs; aol t~rrs, Itozort, 100.. a:l (ic i lla't eaomaterrole. t lld otler mt ch ensr; Vil Trl; Violaltinr a nihhlln t roried r scad walcl; k, tcl ali leathekeU r porreln herIy h r lts, froNort cod toekringlret;ll; lro pIoll.; (lreltar oItl Prlollrh cohtolle olealr o atls n tr la; C s thr oil, ltei oliet Io; aatitas r, mlrsoiplorrlhle rloska cord drterrltg 011e11 10st, Claektrge st t a; ttovex tnircr,; 05 o gl:oer anoieca; lniao. lrc plotarhet aereotrloo; whitorahre;toilrtoodrhcoinog'toopa; tl~lct llre ofthlr, ctie colr tohll; rm el s. e o Ill; 100 too, tllt sIotet1 Cat ll oentl l rt clly lead ll attl l or l lekhneg ofe bbaii ns s l oeilrll~; loke .llll h oook atl ehatri lt. nderts grter- to; eIr is hlifoe r tntlsor ; sil ','or pencils; KeIIreV on+ , T &.c. ev &. e..l~~C 1 TIce oorr andritia to oar floettmer stk of Ittr itIrrktolorrse t oile lotaotieno yto)elral Porrile. PP Jlle 'hrvi el a ori r W oll las th e s teofte G lt llor hmrh,lta , lUhcrt ,ltreoret. ragl. HE.NRY KELILEY. NI OfNi'an&t, t.,T nari7, 1 .7th ; od ll-rt'Kelh,& &Co,, of lRsoneooc w lioo doo.\,Je htrtIttslf Sloe loot Ito rhetletrol o Ceth ol l A Masot oeil o the rhltrts, r l"rwth ot Ike ircsn. Tlh trr tlerp* n , trl<rir s ieroetollroestr ill eltolrmrl trt arilth rtrthre e t roi.d r~ciao ttitl s Iteitters et folltowst j evi "I rr ie , luvi dai t Invenradr, rt h i ln ru, wahltres, ralf I ut , t ltt , lerr lae Cor io N t rcherz"y tI IloorriCs, el er &( l rioloal nncr t lll Ioryt yKlhI otill ttrend toh c Iombsl and jewsel ,lor pale low at whoilrsale o~r retail hrttly of the llteo ofNElle, 3a Co., at Nuc, r t of 1 hartr110 co-en . '1 e tohh'oled otHidinl lit lnrt & eo artl rlollqo ere I tocki~r fon hnd mae sir r ahior uentoo veleal ph rel hli lln chiinll t r ill u llleooii prn*till ailnd wilholr l delles. Flor .I1Fi l h Intruder ll'l, rose~ l· 1 and l hav il. waerase/e i cesences, ve 0 b ttotocr rrarIot In ' ev o ler ottrt o, wit euta o ad Suilverl p enil s t ot'tnett 0c, tond rt de bre.r ,t n gLEVI 'l IIAI k, "II 11tr 1 il r b rIs u IIENIRY KELIE'Y. e 'Li rhles, alto lac 270, 1 Pli37n. , ni. It37 [I AN \Ilrp ,it, (IP FAIIIN'S E.ftttNE WATR Ir .i]1 r t ls l llre k h bla ins , vpriolt S C hl guiP I ribll.l .ut anl plain pe rcusi on~r lllll c pslnes.k C tine(, nann Iiest ensh S kicoop and -ihlr -ace h o fonentor Eohtg goioot IsI Artlllrri t rnrtl I'reth toilet iritero, lo wer , l p, i1I~I4 ill i i Il,..tP (11.. iii1 ."Illl ill" t+1.1411It llPI~l{.~ CItIL'll [ btllo otrottllto r rlt L t L cItt lltlll lle i ] ll ll 12xt[ ,'11. o • rl ar.kkl, lhlhr l orll egehlhltliltrtir oill Ilao olldli lt holl onlcocc m crt,.e tlotoro i r oloPtilotl ottltcl hlo lillth lll nlllctit e II1ttt tro v ltll tIe p oilttIItIl trItr. . tItll. r'il olllcLoldll Irrr lrc'hto 'lt, ie l .lllp i Iquike r, I tl ri t lel It ll t riele , t, rri g t lr wat ohrl e lilllcl I ~, a r o. ,nai andr fleir (,lr.h,. illllloglher wi thll an tllrl tttttt;~lll Icttpp kloC( .lltltitrtltlo ll ttet cr tdir ,tl,iell .n n d,l)(lill e.IC(l·ill Ciepdv of ilshonlel hor,.l. ai~~llll shell~l trtort ltlarrtell , t w holelotl or rteco bo.oiltorlr tor tlil Iby "SIIMONS, 11A1I1 &0,l july i 711I:lr'trrro .rcc t.t cev.fri+onI rd chipo Vazocle, cot lO~ tollhri,'(.contoroko ftttot Nero York, ot grettvrel ~ .otoirocilol oorkiroln, hc lt~lrooot~rtwohtt eirtfrttt tlollttoI11 itth'tle',~ll. lttttttlt horntt llctrtt d .cottttl~ilJt In pollrket~ r slootlot. o rtIttlelo tdcla i _ellrlctko ,o111ll teco eI~lwlo, tthl r~h. 41.|lt ltc i. oo tttt tei ite tlll ,ui.rllllhP lee kt,tholoks~t Ite lit e, cot Irt.dol'et boto, ldotearl t ictttl dtts ekhrttltec; lort le koee~lileet rbttt l !hi l+ .a cci,loul~lco.oroioflltcll.uiliiii.crrthlblir, t'rolli ~hi'i totIs c, eIlll trt.~ r gle,,tiarr tited III,c Ilweklt •'Irtoll. hr , k hiert ilo lit r I llin rtie hesttiticc otolle, oocrI ttl(,lriools letclriioollroblti l ii u an '!rtllsr , cld Iiro coo l; shoto, lirt cod ortioilrtord .tof ccll cttlrtrrci,,nsohorid.cttceol g iltrlrlelritttS lk nd doresIn rotilgilta Irwrl rk r h tor'~i p nIrtoio, otton, totlo.rrnI * rl,: itt~tlocIrrl. oarrlrttioid ivo~rysi;irtid. ;lirtt Icrirt, tol I iiilpltsitvr trot'i ttcctrPStroo itc , l~itrot l ~ e~lS pa root1 ihIH'el, I1rloo o Ili t lrceeot { fitorl.rt.o lrrl eocc1 I troP goI . ltl r d in glto roellong',.itrrb tortillil terrtl rotiito a31 i.e4 t |lroh i oth l tt l teellq toti N . IIv MolIrIIoorrI orl rr. r ieeallfrl. tl' __t_.ri _ _e, ___ll colllu, all7l Chaurtres strerli. 'iThe.a.ll icrr. haIve rTe leived, illdr!ition to their previou.l-a i m k oil halnd, a fill and tcomplete ii cI. orItc ent oIf ,tl es inl th ir linh ; viz: comns,, prlimlerv, Jw"elh'y, hruilcc , Ickh, glassl:., (.0 ))[ Il --hrsle)l . shelll wr islt l - I|1ill tlsll4~ r'is-, q;iilled hrk, lon-i rtlound, , tld puill, curiiand Iiei kt, IBr tzilianll t.o11a oft' every destliptim u ollun gs whichtll nlt i U ..lexicln pltters, IvorY Il s lll of ei .y ,laucripiton, Iornl, dressing II ad p kelt, tll gether with li gell*'rll cn: m'tll- el l "Frlr lllll Itl ll]' l'I IFI fl'l ''--lt.ti' tn,', r, Florido, honey, Ihu v, rose,sdorneaflowe r wail'rs ofvEw.rysfizt.,ild'des criptioll calmphotl ed Cologle, cxl'atct f I'krg;notl itncy .. Iap of lil kiltnds, shavingi do in ruks a.nd , is, Jre VIi ,I.It s Y-od, W tldi. vrE'Iehle hair li.i,h iloe ll ili tttirl itc l. ti.)l' ll i ,tIllilc l c;ill, plain aI ndI lr|l ln.d taslet powhder, pen, , owder, trovehwr Hl I roa. 1 lsoxes po tIuI t otlll 11 t( i t ro1llmrri s Dull chlrinte tooth wash ticell t allt..l' i, wilh it gcltlillll I t i t.'rtnIP ltl ' ol ble lsetts, consiStillg of while and red cornePli;il, Ilper . ei PIrdrops, met in filagree, breast tite oiI gre* Cii tv of']mttl.rns, Wlicll trlmlll llnlg, gilt and re ive' 11|ckle(]14 silver lhimbhles, silvler and ,g..,l lie ioils atitd gamed chains 1110 k ISHS-('Cloth, hair, dust i.,crulb,helrthl,loor, hlt, .e'sh, tooth, tlate, comb, Nail, llviin, shlle a nd ishit-wash hlrushes. IOO.KING ;LASSES-OGrmllan stat0l and toilet glllasss, mttgnifyitg aind French (uessici, gialcos, home do, with lc varitiv of other kia s ioilt anllcllt rcltd. IFANIVY AND) VARIIET' Y AR'I'ICLLa--Fren ih and Almlrican portal, le deaks and i lreslil ram', stcOllc d very rich andi finly finishd clielsi work t'xriTaml dre; mi., CaseS, with anltd wbagithimi a, msltictadl boxctli, Ac cordi alln of vrioul kinds, viollins l d litltars, siter Iad plated plencil alld leldswood pencils for i rpPenters and crayllmnntle clorksn btgntad istls with lllnd witholtt eases, renw ) slutrlllllatt lllpll ) I' l'('ll.+sl l Im l ) c Ip htil+ 'l'l nIl pple Mr nlw drives,r slhutl Ibelttnrga pLI ust l at Ihlt:tillba, hiai tell Belts, Indian heads ofrvll hellybid, bells Id lllllans ineld ll Innnlllll kllnives, rum1Irs anld scissors, thimbles, needle, ppeill silver plvt ,lI ,til anti elollpllllllel S ca-g cles, pocket Il)okv IaInd watht+ oIl I(llir ll kinds, visitinl cenlsit a card ciases, pdhay a c, rdls of French, i germa rA lmricdl:ltl nupillc'.tuir, dig.llcii acltl'lU litmillacttm boxrs,s pd'ict vpt imal kindl, j Smlndrps ' lOc llervy'a, Ell IMRr'on'S, llillmn'e alld lUwkhfns razor trapl anlld metall c lates dirk, b.oed ieckll:lcs, do with ro e rinl, toy wltChar , trel nl tonrllOawCder flhlk, eul alldc paw etrtd ladip t atd toil.e.r 'o, gi lasiuil de i,,llld gmllltrc, alal llinl st\wrd (Utae Iliackgamm cordsl, dire, opt ticul v hierl l ,jerl slllnll+, I llbco ag lllll. h hend dlein'nhgms cus, ) with a grtt variety ll olher arti cair, .1 oCfwhh h will cIa sold trileil s Ils a'ti ironelllli era tin l1.' llatlti credit. ot I MrtiSl. , ro. d t 70 Ghillrtremta . III tItI, AR'ttaic it li'elilnnii l rPeivtd,' lld NI r ar P tlle rorhirrw mnrn rlllldln \\riuthi Ac:amiies INIc. tII iCnre, slr,'tll.aiaw (i)rlotclli f Ict clhthCttay It.'w Y rk Ihin e mt., \hohil. I is ticul t colne idtc' hprvate etar. Aeit, In Ilariteu udti ailenl, are invited to caIl uad eoabi ne the svsierl Itr tllet..el.<e,. i.e - ts a are given at such hluelsts airlav lubtlitI enmeuiucllct ol'all, and to 'lasnco tLrinned ill'lilly part ot Iroe citt. Ladsa taao ptefer ilctl acaivo s anon at lthir own ref I cideltcec. P crls ca, c fr onllC e : I rr, e of PlesIco ilra Jet.irea, o enll M ull t hL e I,'y t g eli n P ] lR Ih elr' w s.. d I)I:A IN ES. A NEW nrt;,,leforrpetrsmul trrl,l,'d witli dhIagl+-.. I pay n a l . i u,l nf laeh sf li rs-ll c c tc - r l lalitill l Iao i who tlea lai IO.'en alrS, cct ootrr w'itln a vItc Itcal PIt ilo, Illr l lh I'ullv t c i lillI t' rtllhe dillctictiIllttd , lit arnlssnlienl txperiie il aled brth Ilv thenl s.lve0 i diII tihe in nividllals oi unelltorlu l lo.ttli t l- l It hei I h l Ealtr "I'rumtt. IBris ttbccilon is tctitei cttvinteI. T I most scepic a l have alWLys u+ lnd·lltned ir t oub t. alt er hIaviga used I. 'l'rumpet. FIor al cat I' F (IiIICtN', Fallcy ttor,cmlarcr ifllCalc allndll St Cnarleai ireeta `1PERM Oll.--151i gnliln illure winter d S .tlermll Ill, ia cnsks illl Il,.l , for al l Ii JArItVIS , ANIiK EWS, Wlh.leioplo I)cttgg ais, crnertr U ulictclll anId TcI.hL Ils .itreelo. r. n r il ,A I ,lll kc -..\t an s, I:,OtImi! , ; - _ _ s oh Jl I"w ,ir V , 1lh1 i lc-.ef " to1o u !n1 .tret 1N WI)()l n (;I.n.ts. ltoe a ritc i, i,. l nld ieil n -l(te will be reilved .tt J1, prcnnllt discolu+ f. r POods Iai,, at ten ertu t t c ittc I,, llIc ,titttlSbtlgyAatV .ltf ' .'I ',t IN IcIl Coiu h Ir 5 ti3l o i .l I Io ; a 1 c 1it - -tctct tt ,hatic r Loll!' lihe MR. WVILILIAMS, OUCULIST, NOtVAyTTHY JEFFERSONy itUSE, JEF'FERSOyt ,-ru,,:r,1 To he Editor ,,f te lyyi,,, ily .'Ut ,yiier: Si S r -It apifeal' by the ob. .,,nin tie F'Ut~to, 1" oft Il,, Naishvie t'ryttleylvton, yniotl TrI'ants- t cript, as well "".the a to ,,it, of he liett pi,' t f ll· jil , L i11'liac ·1;1 1~111 ld~l(II~l Ill.' t)1, i."hall th hooers 1"b to iIn. I ibh ,roottt, knowing,,f,,thatyhi, flee' tIle roprietorsyiditftt or Ysa ditorfyI of ,the ti ve ityt so all ell jennmis, cwlrSJ every letter fro11 1 persons I havle iti Irri:)rll to nightr inl the o nlle places, tulle. . 1. Thle FIlet is, that1 1 n 'r had NI rulIn great alleet"-S it within Ity lm te ttt pe ,,od L is tel or,,twel yr t.. y tt,,ti who ryas need ahem tell pears, who hII) Iad only seeEPn the iig tfo ,yis birth, ,tttietot etit tr ille,, hi-y ,yrtsttti ,1',f yueh f,ystte,f wh thyid~ my-yttintti ,ythe,, fLn I,,, ine fir t~n oettns. Atod, tihe jther ,ir,,irlt ,wC e itttt, thaviyiygt b,,th o t hethe the, ee veryeweak; t ruies, whiee bettfittl myself=till cotntin u t, e Preet ira they y17tcotler the influence or dittte ility i it of respert~nhle merchantII whose namI le I not hound never ro tloetiy,, l tfs l ie poit t, illy fle), wille salt ,,fhdt y hilt tha~t site now l egion to rand large letterslcr with the I: other eye emnptetels y syijt. Thi the Lt r eitio knew, n y the gentii1ytinn toll me himslf he ,tt lyon tite Ie i yh t he b tlter to the ofice of tie tmedtical edtitor. cloj themy might ehe informed of the raft. The lot I do ,ytll ybyy i fe a leldrlIytv wtleni Ipt cr,, Iby ,h C L Yount, nerriy ly eytryt. teati t f agi, ,yyyl,y rrlylyyelI ,,,,h tidy tIy letter, Wlthy h he took tit,,, t,,, - ,tfhiy jiiB. s inl Nashlville but one~, and himselblf told too he hod paint~il fi2r Ilia insertiocn yhoever they ereetdey',ey who d rT Nyh in that l dtter boot he list :,, tllo ry,,r wl f thle siyyt ofysittre friont f kA y iter Cit birth, which h,'is ytilrotydltor to bttt ... otctsionedby the measles or smalll po~x: that1 nwv iist could not on ()lly see ithe litr of tChell, foir thet FIt timttth Itty e retollectst hilt t stilts~y,, a ite, ,rdiwit,,f' thy o t,,, d~isting i,,h tally olojerto; anrd didl, l'rIIre l left thatlI city\, give na oy proofu thant he* could s ee to wa\Y~lk ,boom the Nl ?nTIets withl thea other eve Completely r v clleed. lie saiid totted11 beevn i member sit the Iletlllnlil Episcopall Chlnreh f or net l'ly forty YearniItdy, ithatytiord wyt nevier douet yed tl irllyythe Kholy course Ihis lyttt °. 1 rlop'eat tle t '.ll I.ever rentftiy t snerttethtIn st Nashville, and y tf t it l dicoindttiyteitttfty N doy ort hanll never before t to .II reasoll n to he llrnleII. The/ "oty 'c tyytf to ttt thatty, t t Nix , enr, CtfteI to was coner~ted ttfrom b tingiti pttttct infildel, tfiolity in thly retrin tIlytf ,h , tylfiattg h ,,a tltt h lth*nriyfll g tertor-thittt I ttyft, ha eymeiyt tosy, t t eo, h peaceful tool benign doetriflaill(· of thep Christianl religion does nott breatthe coottoesteion, rage, cultttiatnf falsehood toI please his medicael friewts; nroliolit ther man whom he k lnew had done not itch Food, a nd n o1I ill jtin- jury o tons, one All the,? inhnbiimut-*of Nosllvillr spoke of dile great mignon I lad, v-ceps the mednricall doc~tors. Most of client also had hleen informed by Mr YoTo-OIIt of t thle carep ecrformen d tot his totally blindr rye. 31. Thle fiillloll (ioii)h S. eIflhill town, pretBLPI Ido that I have lust the ht vrelo I gainer' in thle Northi, Nil)(e mel I Cvtival~ l in the S o 11111w It. This proves, I L'oliver·l hall,1I1 or in the south and e P·III1Ioeltw~o.t, ad I still hope to wearBII them ol toot- very TY yolulllfol bow n te Llly I)I? 9( IrnvrF inl spite tit' for vituperation o, If the greaut D~r i.,if I tune~ t judgefrmo thIle nonl. 1 Live utlrvody leollitted in this cityxttfn thee Lits t J . Thein~r ll object of the present is to micr on tlll melli Cal e(itorRlarli and ol.dit(nrl of olboe IIP Jrlpolln ,list T PI( ,r ; srip, 1 1 ole00l and of the nion, of!n lrolids o f the C. Pres.~l ,vile,'o is w ll s II(, is t ilitor al bd till tn'diral editole llr of he ilraphis E iloirlF'r, as .,It to Mr Prentice, the editor of th (;liillY O'lle Luoi)11Ile lJaIl , atind tIIIt ethe e lt, al ,, i it editor of IVhi the "rent Dr S.,lnll I~ that I shall hll rll ict (IIC *1IinII them elf, or v ituperation , slander or ca 'Illously, itdillren·. It a,,ly alter n 1tv nrrwol in New }' elark, tow ll ~ o:uns A their ?umi llCe lll c hr1P the medic l I iol tlloo oI he 1(1; l Il(tl Ny yyttttlitfeylltof tefyilefttttll ittytIItie titstityht i and the wet, to the I ndstone! The I) lietod; t ere. r. 5,. To inform the pubk i 11 Iilc That the pllII·I'IIIiiil which tile, Hey. 1I1I, wriill l I 1:P cli I infidel pr \.lllll~ and \ ilatn dt" :I For the H(Il rv I\. 11. l 1 I w ll, lr Iill rest , :L my proseo rv I witho' ,Inil l lnmlillll se ug nay · IIIiI Fllllllilliil r. eon lllirr~l ItI trrVIl tank it to his Nlid }' and could s.llilll the wuv he id, witirlt he said Inc Ilmol.~li~~ ~~ht would anI: wee I~lll Inv Puri ho;I·I· tlller h dlt vned IIli on, boI~ll~il, I., Ile, s, dory, as 1 never waist lrlulsOnnr if) offer that gentleman111.:1 5:. ela 'r o ~mlr Ilill,"tfil is before the ll IIII1 olll host he o ut n, exnnniao~,l all Illy diploma-, to.. t.II I with It (;O.ileoln0 Is II:I, intimate r ll CnI , Il i, t: w ll n th wiL'I f · thatnumbi r. ft I'lr-s r t Mur , 1 Ie hs,. ,F dit, it. I ,y oitti t it ttr i n. i. t i / f -', rTih iOr l f oilli' I o rag lat r pl i t.r' - .I ', fII t i1 tot' ' In ei . f.iltlt$ ,f/a,'igi I .i.flv oi'/ia, . .ll.fft yIIi ha Ii. 'il. r 1oil n lllllolh or ll thpil e e(' " enih n'n. o1v nl el: l if, llnte it ll.'llS Ill'vet illleU,..fl l.l RI III ihr, llir lr;ll il be i(Iii CIllii .lie· d.'.(I bl) ,' illlY OllP( Yi.i it swa,. lllll t'1·'l11) t'gll'l| Io lh(' lelllh 1"l11- ii 1 " ll ie. re Tl llr I) ,illl~r11.(* fi·.1" C 4 1" , 1. if1l"1. ll. +i. alllller, whi.'h ltl' Io ti. r t . eae, I ihrft' a ' Itllla l ilh the 'rel s ·bly liilll. le llillll i lllll lnlll ilol r jorllillll sl, hlunl I to l r' - i'l.l/ll a tol il.' him, I Iho hl hav' o lle. d him at Ia.t I.)II thit , re.tht r fIo., in lta l of $ II hit h, in tIshhil'itb I' w ia'i hir o Itll rei t al· af hir t1a f e, 'Ifn . no ito ,' lrih ta. Ot the t o'i- rar'oy,if l i ad I..*' - puleth~ l'of t o ilrine aI br'be, I .]houlh c'erhninly iuve donill it III In . oi - tI havI i fll alled hi. itt i'nIe t . Ii.Ihl d ti i t. I R . ot- t ft)ll f tlllh t tr h el r1g ily t t /hp nlt/elitfoitr dklIrill sllf llllll IIoft a volioa1ld hIve prolll li eld I o I rII II ii eramine a y \ plllll ii\ lll.lll. illh o~tke nh+ his worl, as I have .way~s l.and overy iii' II . Il Il' PIlll l lIt', ol t w iin o II. latf he [.' ' really tfoil/rtoet l e wonf i nt ub ot l- h lave lll i ln al~ . t t tl b-il , t ltit it tit iIIIt I %wh"IeIhl it is w )1.llw areIC lmllOre· nlllunlllrorll. : llatltiah irio i ori r Ii l lll i l plrtlt of iiu- -I.o. libt to)na I i lltt:l t io' I ll hiiaI-t lla i I '-t llleot I mll.P aLtit'ar , a to tl-lt .-in reil l a ned ro pell lli.,oll ill oin lht o hl ' laving viollenll d olnll ha l hiot ft iTh f toaI ntetnt uh ,-ittt't aia to eortihman, its ft- ithot loth ai l?. f yoa. t eontll e th n) o It hl'(.t' h ill , I ileollle '";t0 ~ ~ ~ JiII Alli (fil 11111' PtIh.PlllI llllIP+.lit \i.l'llli llill lrrl lill 1/ Idl.lllll1t lilltr'I1+" wa we ndite of tis pi i-a-xo tnft tfoOtHli Illh, I t Itit ...l ift, o I dll e n t inri. illan iln lic ha , the R ell iv. II oi r was l hl e lll¥ 1 d anl t I cl ;i h re· , n hil ll wl--ll .II i o a r, Il fI h ,el k l .e oull of th haidvze. h Ft;,, sll;d me int oa tlll t't l it' tallnt tt-l)lllt ol-llI n'lm a P .tao l'. olheLr Cllll nilt l Sie i *'. flllrl~ll~l' III11 O f . llllllh+ lh, \rl.ll~ietlt IIf . n fllti. r llwS h tf l a dIe-i. t ilo I ]o tu/tllll ot'l tit.,I, the ul. lt . ini lte wit nelss dth.t J n ev |er in ) rise wh l w l nr hritl, l'll,, he llletlllllt Ill lily 111ey Imirs).1 l.-illlr ill II ilit'd I i, otlll l t'II a -i l Mewo d ft p it lh ii.Il h IcreLd abril.l i I ny):t 7 m h o )t] . entle rlany jIn" Ntro aew i ihi.a Iolel.t fel tyi..t t'tlit. im, ,clll li. - t.o a,'iIft ,i t I r~,la, u , it In tai fa' \ill/ t . . noet d li plr intr e ll; aIch is i rullicient p hil'l'l Ihaitdi oinrllltent io lh. o iii ll. lll lll ili illl lll llt•e - Ieref h tti. ntO ih..- la aif tho iof th.,-'- tr fa fI t.f- tfn. i beggaldlrl- andl yeaI wi1ll cth .-" Tu.hIpi b·ililll It (llll tl tlli- ll IIIr llm +lit'r [·1- l)(l'l 1·" l lllilll· lilt troll(lllb[. w ei [ ll(.Cll~it111. iltllllll I H1 |',.':I. 11·1;;11 I)ll]',.itl' .-I ile l.O a nal'w ill ale to if., r a/tl hiaI ortb hl -t ir "i/ex i tII tl l Ol' o e llt t IIt t Jiii l ItIt I I+. lil a.ll~~l ll'.'.--T ll. :. 'ili l ']n+ \\ ii r."r&+.Ilrl..iliilr lhroe x+/Plll £. l.Olll~s i ll+ t~lC ti..lll+lll'l I|lil'lll 11( lil 'lt.ll+ I "'lll.· lIi~jltlllledit ll| (;o ltth 'd I,.l-it fttItI'te " I/ltt t l. i if tI, lell Il"it ll ltlly tOll lllllil ittto tl+.ic,ta it,.,iabf istratiad.e 0, - ifli, hnd t,'.J .d 5 1cath aI-+e of Th l e h J ne r i hi.''i"lll Iiir my IIdv+.rtiIeu..nlw r il/fIV or IE eE h Sillord ill Itle ll lou 1 1 lete rntI~ristian Abe -'h ifl~l. n itt I- Ie o tr'si nit. i-th / nfi, ic ,rt. I i a-i t I -iII t llitto .I.I.. Iii:.7. C, jld fIoIt t~lillllhl, .. II'. ('..@,,+c If lhl "-11111 .Tllflii IJ.;+,ll .' IF IO.l th r .I L h i II. Ihe t.lhIw 1illii e, hIIIIIe h ,nl.i-,l no r lll t t I, " t:. · h . ,in ,. .i 'f lllfN NIZulllh eI hi ll" Ithlid I.I& lllllh X·i i tllt t- t,..oie e otit. t.tor a il.s tp nii i , ' l - Alw itottt be of Iahrpt- t in' t-tttot nttt-Lit $0.0., | a llll illl a iS l ite itatt e , d)ti' \ .illu n All i rall t.toh I'r . +ews i .It rtoll(lti.r ionllll h It talt Jlleld.|-. t ? /hra e s lit srlyll hv. o aie t nt i at ft knewiin tiaf-, I/ott,, I..v P n I M r sH ~i l l: - ~ vI " h a v e s .n say 11 e l .| y a i r.u n oill ' lr l ll ·l I~t1' rih , It a i i ll I ll. . t ro li ilh lll tW . I . nl%71f ''.tli t iNS I. I iLt oI.flht'Ii Ii II' -., ll I -ut 'hw d 'Alr Iin,.el h if the lr'r,,ur 'h .t t\l~irltlim inhil II thatd'e.l| hei |)1n r\'ih llet, he col d d'i > l - ilblllill1lP.+ l l ah ur l trh l yl,++I ii II.i '. II|.I'ltt' ie ' fl |.'r/llt.,% h , Ii + l' ) llll tlSllll.1{.l l, l. .+iii ll -'i,'+ l ' te mboutl imore, by iI., S. tl T oun ii,, n t i~.11swi" t.r'sl P ll,.e P; ilfli rat r.slllll Is B -rayh Il how n h~d " ne pri oip . ur .i. aly call hi' .a+ Imli, in w hisn u.lfr his t't.e, bllall haws st'ivu ray nat r naleu I rr1e Nlilll .-; y |l~ ~inn f h m d, lstnr.f [tiE*KEhNv'ill,., J W.,M 91,1:I:17 1I +. .llp rll Ul t iiiiv , ~Pilll . \\IT I ll I'li" INiAiN'S PAAI:'IA. -t() thte em 1 otl'rthemtism,stl fulaor kingsevil,gout, i. nacitica or hill gout, inci,:iont cancers, sMit rheum, sichicitic ,..,l d ,c .curi"l diseoses, partie.ohrl l .l urcrland tpait'c lctilf cttio e s o l'the bones, uleetatedcitit'ats . no - . 1 tils,icerso nf'tlerldscnition,f fever soies,altclilCtrcc oalt hlses s, fitu cts, LIiles, scald hetad, sculvy, biles, chro ;iccsicreeyes, ctssielishlnti.s, andi eVely i variietyol'cl la eoos al.ttlot e hl.ronic( ttit , head achCr e p"o ied ing tl": :ill.: r hltrinrc cIlcil ill the stotl e ll a tie dvs- I cpesia ptlmctlditlg tfrom variactien, atcetious of the liter, c ctlot'ic i elammatitc ofthe kidneys, acl gener.a clubili It e:used hv a torpid action of tihe vesselsof the skin. It is singllo" trelrlb cacious in renovatinl those constitutions wli et been boke i down by iyludicioos treatmenot, I juvenlile irregulariie s. In genercl terms, it is rrvo5 - mended l all thoee cise diseases whichlI fll illpurlllities I of the blood, or initiation of tie hulnors, of whatevere name or kind. Some of the above enmplainis may require some tri- i Iling asistant applications, . hick thetciLcumstatces of the case will dicta'-; but for a oeneral remedy or 'urificator c to remove the cause, the ISI)IAN'S PANACEA will generally hle ftaot sullicientt. TO TIHE PUBLIC. How true it is, that modern Physicisns, mI their am hition to excel in their profession; explore the vast fields of science by tie aid ofchecnistry, and seek out new re medial agents; in short, to arrive at perfection in the practice y meanos of art alosne,--ntlirely overlook and ieglect, as bene:ohthteir notce, therilch antll bounteous stores ofmedicine, which the Almightly has caused to spring out of the earth in every clime! Anti how much more true isit that while the American l'Physic tt looks to forcigm countries for manly of his most common nld necessory artieles, perpetually changing as they are at the dictates offaslhion or folly, he is surrounded ill his own country with an elndlessprofusion of medical plants, asuficient to answer any ilicatioa in disrease or to cure any disorderr and yet lIe is igntlmot of their vih tlues, Ild they are suffered to 'waste their healing on the desert air.' IThe el£ects of vcgetable medicines upon the system are temlpor.-y-those of mtinerals lasting. The folrmer ex ert their efects and pass off-the latter, mercury inll Ir ticulcr, act chemically upon the solids, decomposing the boles and undierminig tie constitutiln by a slow kind slre destruction. The congelniallity, efifciecy and SIAFE'TV ofvergeta ble lremedies ever mineral, may be estimated by contrast ingthe ancient practice with the modern; or, to Ibing it inoreimmedlitely cier orer oownc oIbscrvl:tion, tllc Ilii an plretice with that of the whites. Who, in America, as nlot klown or heard of repeated installcels wherein some decrepic, lnpretencling female lmnllinn, by malnsof Iher ictsile remoedie alone, has affierted the most rapil soldc astonishing cures, attic Ithe oMateira Medica of the tn-ommo c paetice, directedl in tile most skilfll manner, hacs toiled? And who has not been sulprised ait thie com tlativec: seanldfacilitywiih which tile Indian f'eeshilm self irom anyt disease, and at the almost Iota abstinence olfclrollic disease among them? Who has ever halnl of nl Inldiaa with a constitution broken and ruined by ill tremellt ? An:d call a doubt exist that this happy ex emp tioI of the savage from most of the ills which the falh oFllrat islicit" to, is eoiely owing to ilore geoia f atll stiforemedemls lwhich ic employsr "l'his stotlish ilg dili'elrence in success, is a fair exemlifitcatio of the itcldiate sl ueriority of the simple and safe rmeans of ctlleo tlwhich God haIs ctenated for the beoeft of his clildtlen, over those which the pride and the art of mcnc have in IFrlom a long residenco aomoong a portion olftheaborigin :id inhaltilalitsorf thisconnlry, arian ilotilltate aclquain t:lucet with lthe, mlthols of ctle of somle oft hei llmost s stceisslll practitioners, thg proprietor ot 'The ItJiHncn's Pa I'cac.nt,'clllliretl a knowledge of some of tile most iowterllaInd 'avorite rermedies. lFromthesel selected such its were most efioacrious and ttlprp liatcs, anll after vtrious expcrimentls ito toest their c prcinicles ant strcecgt, he ihas coltbinctld thlem ill the liorm hel'e preseted, ats the most iert ct ad bcluticial for the pulrpose oer which it is 1reclOmlllellced. The proprietor offersthis preparation to the ipulic, will the colsciousnlss that he istplacing withinlheir sea, a rlemedy capable of rcliicvig many oft" iis afflicted fel low tl.ags, who alev sOFlerit, nIIdIT the tarious chronic and obstil at. oempltints to which it is appltlicable. T'o slll it will prove of incalculahle valce, as tile meanrlls, a III nd in mtay cawls, thle lly I tmeansl iehe ingltheirsulf iilgs all restlorting them once Imole tol health osld hap Spiess. This is totolftel'red as a cotctmm roemedyv, that Stollt.y per challrce the eiully good with etotlrs now i s use, ut c s otone whicth i c capcable of saccicg lile in Itii c y extement caseswhich tail itheuii sucs:lcitrtediesitcl. 'thistlit htas done trep. tedly; al this is the rept.llatio ithasob tainedt wicherever it has bcedt ilctrmhcicd. It is onlly )eout three _. :llS Seilce Ihis pl pll":laation wyas pti'rate1d to the rublic: Ilnt in talt shtmt Ispace (of Itooc solemnly delre tihall they Ibeliedl that theoL lites weres 'sav'd , it, nmd i m all llill s salielr hev had tlied oIno)I llhaps all the onlcc o rentclcetic dicc gcc itctc . 'oi hcl' tw.'t it is klowll i sl 'pl co ig it ise, moll U c t Ihi at'Frdsth' most suhtansallannd coutilchg proof f i l il It 1:1l 9 .. _ IThe v.-uar i I rIs te l'atacn i n most crnslpticllts illn those Ihng stlnding :sit syphilitio :rd ' rofulots al:.ti'ns vhale deield :dil other rI.nedies,s amI parIlicisrly in tIhs cases . here ercutry ha.. s hern so a:I, is ,, ...e.. Sl'k l C ill Ih ' . (lL Ii' sliss'si' llvillss i lllt. I llln tt..11 Iiii' :C* As te calse distressing paih s in the ,ones, miles, memo ri:all ers, Ih l:LIra.gemIIen tl ofthe digestl e l.;ns, lll de. hillew it cIompletetly reoll-.llesa:. "l iim ll case: ilt tir.e 1 otesi lll n m i m"t' io al nat i ml : la the pati' i t I Isol tla hell. . ,sin lo atiiib 'n :Il i ln u iceral ll sure throi its cis are prt tlessapparent, giving almost , ne TI akl.'., in I"h'l-r n do hrs, th l.h.lian', Panal ea Iere .. " , all:kIl ailllWlk hllle n l tet ii( ;eo t;i ia l t-j i np weic , di"lletllc, iand l.'lih es, at :s'li-s' , ni s ii l nlle . (n a hn; tl is i pIr ll ) '' e:aes,,, a snllll chi s tlls sllW Ie ',I. e lll ll lr'sT AIl·l expi* I d, it aII II I t sereIllll atIll ons al ii ex 'vs -sa iss. n a' ' t ,'tie ' i'tach,.asiol.excitesami ln i. i lie la;l: IIj ..i I a portill l.qll ] io te . d o is these P rini i-I Ipi I loperations lllll a lll ll. ll lllll l)l ·'I.h ticllsi in llllasa lleit .a tm " hi ll y I(iO ll in manil ul.n 'il l wIII delI f Ull sI n eiss l a's a Spri l:ln il ll s.ll i ie ', Is ! ls holllsoII l ssli hscun C iplltl lilthechestli'i Io whl se n ilcs i llcl tiolliniy i e eI w S Vl' r llllll SLIIS lis. se". 1 e v l a 0i, aI i'rink ,s conni . I.e l ecess, ii I'allell t, Ii ll't iin a sti' iose; w ill answer all itsi l p'poses, i uId isa isslles. Ime, sIt less ilxpense, a in The tshll wing h el tif.l iates, out of h h ih drelds l sll lir, the lushal6 IaiIsisnacs in alvarious comilainit heren mentiined aii' also is exhibit in (li e mi st s'saa si aciilto I)nll gil r.,g l,.ellllls inter nalllspringlI las afllicte d aill. n tery) evere :mildistres ing Ite uantaism, ocen)sioned by ''0 sollsur in Lad weather. I mow ttke great pleasure in tme In pedti'et ct ullh, mil 1 codlideuslly remaHtuunti it to all suutlh 'ly alllislctld. .10111 FI'EI(IUS(IN, Kigst. s (:Co!.Its, Mlarsl 27, 1I,I 2. I w s :ltr ed aI c ot tht llll e iii lll S bille, % lll ii dlikllresille g ihrl natlll in, alll uI illl:l kin ' s'evere ii ull, while inlller Itheilllhllel."t merenryll .1 whisch lia slsiablstlel rl from Isusiness readn ever since. Iiuring l is periodl have be. un apatiest in ise Marine Ilospital, in this cif Iplards of liill, months, in nearly the nlle lenllgtill tilie in the lalinllmre liospitsl, and l tried almost i ever iren:ely, witl little benclfit. On the 16th ofi ' blruai 'lit tilllm si.srcely ableto movellouti upon crullll es, I ommene thlllll e ell" IllliillI's Ii.nacea. Ii osr month I lioind mysellf e'ireli l'ruCd iom l'u ain, anld lor Ilow haply to state that I consider m'ysel'plllfisctlt well. W1.,. 'I'UCKEII, 13 Markit st. CASES OF SCI.ROFULOUS ULCERIIS NSw Y'sKl, Seupt. I1, 1830. 'his vtal cerli t iin the l ll ill il.. ill ol 1825, I was seize ill I f llis illlug iu jay neck u lil h ie, whlicih aliC'erwa AI'ier it) ing i'..ral Iphyasihians tio no advantages, I well' PIi I'hiladellphi, s'tial l callaed myself n Ilel thil lcare I)1"s. hIyltsic :and Ilielch, Ilelt,: lltr it Ilpeated slivatioitn tIo o ,ti cIul, I w'is ll'nllil lllsCe i t itesl is.y i llncuraibl. liel wlrldshk I envy hod p1t' wlllllsol~wailli: I.ýls ..aue mand eight botltlles of IPotter's Calllt licun, willh Ito Il.aerlkl d benetil sllairhlnof Itii. OI.hih ha:Ul now bIIecImea burthnt II nle, I retlrnled i mly Iip:ni) ts in New York, in 1i829, in gaste ilyse'll lp to a i lingering sathl . Ileaing of1 Ill Ireast success oI The Indin's lll en, hoi Liwevcr, iln ceis. sihmilar to my own, 1 was relr'iaded to u") it, as a last Is. sort'. To Illi g'reat s'rpii'ise, As wel ts satislitetit,.i . si . l'found li'ysuel lpi 'lyl recuvi'i g,aist iupon takibi seven stles, the ul:rshlic:ald id I lsamis lil perfectl well ill the course lwo mohsll,llls. d lhave ire.niinel so ev-er since. I make- this statemun and wish it published se'llllsou rit hilliti llll li tins, tlti they maylll know whnl hlu enurtd o, who hi. ls iereld evei'y thiing li usI i iaid who itaCOsidrs hl S lis tife sets sby tilte abosve s. WIO.M. IIINIIA' iosAss.sasrsos. Jluy 11,1s31. I w:la nlliclti, foi lr o'u: ls wilh iu lllsll " tlhe Ileg, os c o,:ll accom. pani'.'t i ed s' 'sill" l iiitu s iilloiiiusiilsi ilsi excssivs'rs'i in Il elesg sIsssanls joiiit. Sessosl .llil lit lillsisoia ns eX 'idll t'i tlh skill liposn ii, iiut wilt o isiiip sisissilnsit lenlii, llihssics fiolv otil si. si's l'a'u ..'s s :.le s'':,iiu'o c a ci e. I \I AII IAl'K I' A \\'E.tiS 1, 121 lin'ket 41 iFr slc sllb IIEt NtI IIONN.\IIEL, druggist, agen il. Is l).prii ietorsi 'l'hlioi minslas sitrat 16 N.EW OR()LEI'ANS .' NASIIVILLE RAIL 150.\1) t)lI'.t\ 8'. S.._ Iillilsl ihil I ir~nlls, ill-lln i1|" Issl usisilii Oi ilisrs u I Is 11., on I he' I lsi h il- i . i nll' llli'ss limiie lthel onot ioh's,', shh l'"'h ilssll , l-I u s11 he I is t 'lis i f s tihlil.ul s' l rs l\VII.I ii.. , fy nia i reslltilon of lthis b ioard oplissl. o siIllir hssIills. assli slll..Vl aoLsI tsln ,l il in ahl l'sulckhOhl sy il ilis . (hi llis lwi.l .isrilol ssluse Riln ostdl 'i, 'jalea ny i 'l i ll ils i e slwtiuotiis' s "'liilrl pl e i l n Ihe irst d I., ' lt llllepte ber ilet; Iwo dolli'er pelr share vanlbln th i firsti driv I"f )eclllber xt; mAd twoII ,ilr es 'ar si,,s l . a, ils.lie n lin ithe i I's " a ,, harch I1 t, I .0ii l,:l le Slrlll IiIt I.isi ll l lah so'i Ith.. 's lllr y (i thi< ri. n or stIrll n ifv the s llar ho lhers therein., hil t ae s , li i its of ii'thi e ' ilay,i'ls t i , i uii Ulll'in ilty SIt' h Ihe -ixlll ii ion of theh r ,iarIr', Ith'y s'r ierl it. o IwpI e ai d pa,1-il i enty alld hi . A IIl. nadk ,i aiIs u S(ils i Ilss l l. i Ie ils if s' t I's'', ,1 ( I ,I tvitil l Ilil point bIlr illper ti 1. In Ioulilnsl theres, i re, t s t, :ill, l ' isw of l.` kill\lssili .1i 1 is said rlompnyil., 'i l l p r o p r ii p ai\htl l llsl hl ' h Illst o n l h ei r si l l k i t Ii a of the i i' t, nai l sill, s11 s i , which tll ll charter ailit ll tl In,lal n t'li' It IIll l le Ilay .llt llllf two sl Il '1 ..iid churter, uti l he 1st ley r f O(rrhbll' r ' ext, that I 111 dollars per sh re tilled Ill , 'i , ,' e i, t i ,,ints ll il iisl i' Snxt, hic y' Il,. post iioie I until i the s ili:d 'i i h' i Janua sitli'o u l the iilli - rlh t of i . l ollla i e si are rhlh , s fi s i i ls lo, uni ie o nt tlilr d ..M, i iiiii t, 1,n he poh iiioed 1urAIl thes Mass , l's -I: 'l. ,h8h is' o-'t. l;s as. s m- s ,Int pil's,- 'i i-i s . Iiill 11i, ll il h Al.lh kih p ol"\lill' l STATE tO(' I.OcflhlIANA.-'oParish Court fr tile ( .t] Prish tUlld City of New Orleans. IJtiE T'I'ATIl OF L.OUISIANA, ''o oIll wltht 5 those PI'lrean shll |lcome (, Grtilng:--\Where<ilr, r y th± Altoorillt'I" thl' ie ht I fLhlll otroentlt' tr terty· Il,:r{iilaft uler descihed, in. u iplietl IIo tile c~lerk el~ll flts curlllt. in whost I. fice the dedol salle ovs reordedl In t1l. "ldhdy of April, A.1). 183I , fIr a montititon or dver- i lisement in onlrmnil to an nct oflthel.rrishltre oflte go otle Io toooioian, titiled An act for thle firther nssu olce htitles to ourclasero atjudicialsales ;approuv' d tie Ioth do)" of 8larolh, 1834. - NOW. Ithlerefre, know vyre and all persons interested lherein, are herclv I:ited and admonished in tile naome of the tle State of L'ouisionn, ond of the Prilsh CoLrt, who can set o opny right, title or claim ill and to tile pro fcty Iteritrfierdescrihed, i eonseotluenceofony iooiornolty ilotie rordtr, dicree or iudottettt oftlt eo rt under whIh tie sale was lade,or ny irregularity or illegality ilo the approisements and od;ertisements, in e tillle, or lanner ofsale, or for any o,her 'efeet wllllso- o ever; lto show catseo, withinl thirty days from the day this Clndioll is firs inserte, in tile ot,llohe dokerot ofhy thie ur loa h tn c stn hould not lt o oidoroned o d heloom The sa~id proper;),v~ was I soldy theC Sherif .ff ther pr- I ith toroehsir on the pi4t cy of twApriloAt Iy . 0 thory Devirtue of e re ftin Court, ren deri e o tie 5th tdiial Coy ofFebuary, n A. . 1838 in n sulit entirledl Aleranller o Caldwert l v o. Jo H e, No 10,3o 7 of the docket of nis Court, t wlicLor sale oftile said tym l aqase bcrNom i, ood lot hoviog Frooofhooetooro,G60feot froot on Tohoo tile puonro ther for the pliogther of twenty nell houon d dollasrs. i estriptig on of Propiertn as tgiven in the Jkditcianl Cond - 1 ve ryanee! rig: A certain aot of .round sltuated in |hle suh~urb An pnurtnciaton aol tLeo rie of this cityoll shaent re Noote d ot having Fren ot leadinre, go Itet proct noTeo, tu phlnl ys teit,: oip feet fmoentr an Oraflr street, andio fi0 feet onl l~o~afde dnl ,arnml,. street, ill snch n manner tht said ltfl'erouni is 6 fpet wcide omon nlte nice of ttt ti e origlto, te other, togeller geoitho a delln g hitle fronting onl Tehloupitonulns stl'ne(, thle khtchen andJ de orendncics, n o tho ditilcr, e hlolyshns erected7 1 . ttril,&j an oe ilings aJ. l illr(fvelnentsC tile maehinldy, utelsils, impllementsl andl fixtures hlellnngiln ETATi irilv itsDdL IApeLllANE-ci lr pptoenncaoe unid tile r~lgltritlefiolls., and irivileges thlcretu belonging~ I or ill nny w-ise nppert:liniCf. Cler·'s atfilt~c, New Orleans, nlay 7. lf;3n. I otl 124&j 3 J. Ol..11l l' Dpltv C:lerk. -E.k~IlA'I- Ii,; i.A IU~jlblhil' lie I'an'ots." Ipour la Inoisse et villh de l Ntroielle Orleans. L 'I,'TAl' lIE LA I.OUISIANE.-A touseuex qnte 'ces iosentoos oollcelnollt, Salllt: Atton'll ojo , oamesln v ,het t Iono i hett uneu venle faite pat le Shlerif I delaloutisse tl'rlalapopotlot pofalA.t o d-opoltteorite, s'eot :olreeo oo aOt Grelf de eorte tour ooo lt dire veotoe I'jl elregistt.e Irf 2ellejour de oIn de I'aoti'e 18138, tunl n0 avis conforioemeonit A om scle de la .6gislatur le d ' I Eltat de la Loisiaone, illtitull "Actt pour eonfirmer leo titres des n ealplrSeuo attx ventes judioiaires;" appronvot le 10 .1ars 18.34. Qu'il soiteonno, ct toltes persono es illttlrsoeeso o t pial" test csefntes sommo es au nom lie It ' Etnt de tla l.ouisiane et de la Coor de Patrooie, I(0i pour-tielt avoir droit la propriitoe ot-oprtlc de0a0tc, en eonoc4tolnocne tltot t(ifont lie forme dtna I' lordret, le oetl t le jlgreloeltl d la otllr, et vtrtltt huel Il venllte a fte lhite, on de toite irrtgulriti ot ill6galiti ( n I'stlisation,l'via ontole tlempis elt le lmode t voir. danall treniu jonl's 11 dl;der dela pulldelj)IOn dleeelle ft i t, ilnltutti cat ioolasi fiite ne setnit es conofirmoet tot Itoeologol~e, I.t trnotritl' fit vendoe par le fsheritotosdit, le qtnr Iltttii'llle (totr d'ltvril dIe 'aulllle 1838, en vertn d'tna IdbCre tie cette counr le 5 de Ikvrier de l'nulnbe 1838, duts I'llAIre d'Alexnfder Caldwell, contre Jamest lianse, No 11,387 d, ditoket dle cete Coullr, A Ilatluelle I veltolP Itlit JlllOes Ilnose s'est orendU acqlltreur pour Ic rix tie $2l 1111. l)cserilftiot lela Propoi1 dit'tqr6s letransfertJudicireo Savoir" ltnctroain oft de terre situt at fino hoorg te I'Aonoo r:iltlion alia I.acoursel, lie clle ville, dlls filet Nt 5, o dlit hI~t lie tt'trt nylott [tlltootre fr tlttnio] ttoixttott -pftttlotloIt"ftt'e ooto'tol reThottfittoulooltroittttfel[lh ;ir: Incl·' i. hi rue lies t railers,1I· RI soXRnlC pie~ds tle fre ol o i ftitille dr II1 rue dr u o loorellrode eiorte (lie Ie ldit Ilt fde terrt at soixllnte pieds de 'lrgfur l'nfUtiitout 8e I'i9c r r I'autret l c sel'ttttole mnaisot l'snot tloe t o (rue T·hhlloulllillllls euislnett stos I H eltt Irpen ltceStlsi lt q le Ih -tillh.ri c lnstllllito ourle dlit l t, t 7 ute t .l hit tit*.e~t Illr'r lillrnlillls; le llt Ih tites tt Illel sieot inllt - alion. .. aptp rien..uhl dbuiledistilheri..,.a.di. ;lwnd Ii ill l lllprlt, l llnasll~ et l rs drliL, a ltion. e rpriviliges ?" Ii ii I ii11 I',an d grefiier, Nonvolle Oribang.le7 Mai, 1831.. s n l,,, 1 &: 1 & ! I. Ill.Iyk It#'pni l I· r leicr oyttto ('ollt'e o'f Poysio'raol, Itolllllt ffilft1tt otittial titctitle II)yteittn Uttivttot .thti [ ci. prelr it by V ltiskin, t sq, It hnmr ooo Itth t Iltal Cttllt.' of S.trteots, Ltt.ttttttl otf A tlte -1 cmIrav'stan , FIellw ) of1' II.1 CourIo Solielty Surgeol to the lial ", IPt sio n Asoci:ti n Lanca9ar IPh..e. \~terhloo Ih~ide,:u. nt Perpetual Pupil of Guy-' 1nldI St. "1'lllllla ~ I Iospialt i ot ln. "This i alll hi m, i cull·nllt~. I o, Ithe irli of tIt tlll y ylllrs' s ex]pleliellce uslll III entle'lhled Slucer.s ill the e'xtellsive and highi) r'espe.tableh totttlieo tht. Ipri atr t tised by 'he ftcul o nobilitl, ando hd Illt.'t .tice of hto Aotrwat , i.hli. ft. th' e:It neso sf licitatio l l' ilflnlller 'l Wotl lltoll l' Iott lnd lit h st:tulin R in t1l*' plofession. It is I' etitI I as a t rtelin'ti nlnr' stleLp, Io elllcl·k ltne rvils nlid It.1an colqulel llnclles arli iilllllng Ifrm th. ,se of lthe nllnllllel·(oUS lnuli deletelUiOsl$ Is IsrIaSI'nIs hlistled uponllI tih pullllic bY :,hewi ofIl ( tlleldll it tlio o nil.: l tlllltll otlt.t , I ti tid tohl INlllllllt Ily L1 III tIooiIm t'1".1 , IAtlll o otill tlll l pwl llld nrl s 1 Ion ijol lllt ofl mediar.l scielncth ath itl i,.omihl ,. Ihhe I)nuIs'rou SIhlllsilol :.t:1 Ii1 Iol lr g1o downwiti \ h I he i ItI ili l' 1 it.ql rhis bicons..r.). "T1...iws ills,nsibldam.In ra bla~,e Ii ( l5 l" 1 1 '1· , hlll ul . I bt. kteplt in exer t'l; h mlllily Iii e ,. i I iir mii dl, u illies ", f ir , b i t ei*1 • .olli.t IaLdn idlrlaion1 i lh 'lr , cruingl s w YsirI s ,I1I1 | '%1'1"1 a oIt hIII: otllr abrm11"llinl. SI lhmpllaill% w\.hich 111 4lo oftenll ltv Inll l, sIII ng hI). l '1^I s11 I\ l .ll ll't'l~ll"· I't.ll I '1 I 1lll:~( t l, ll CIil~l'l~lllill·'l .i .,il~ n iln h pctsl at si. bent,$ aid~ f:'e,, Toh,'b say r'es.h" ill Iilcklls 31 . i ll {*#.ln(lldi iJ 1 ( lll II· J.. [ I b?1.1. i~ l *Sii( (i1.1. iin hl, der gi· stlI h, booksllie., ual. seni h , I ,..ddicin h il f l , ,lnimal i ,l ibat t II I,, (',l, lan s, a ilh cl Io, , lllllrecl iol,. h.lollis. ,Ith s t, i m ill " of pedi,: ine all• '1. S ii l If"o il. fi he I .ib ii. c nfilu l ...tiun -iel: Sir Astl,.) Co,.Ier, .I ,\!,r'!.thy,,Ini~es .d llh,h 11 . I}. \V. II:uck. Al. l., .I. Astoi "Key, A. Emmpti hil, .\I. I)., ansii iUlliti'ouis ot~hers. 'T'ne oiginlllls Ility Ibe seen.1 II p wi on~'llll orl Ilhe (;GeII'lal .A tp-iI, I. H nI th m I) i c e i slltllZt I, implii itul t'd ililo this o.untylil.r, ainld1u to wihii .ll appi il~iiou (lo.ngEtetie iliUst is. hlli/ md. J.; ). Ill.Ilml'N, 1:19 WV.'eily Place, N. Yolrk, > lilte nI ItIl. '\ll Age t trL. tih Ulited 1 lill eS, e . I o F al .i h' uppoi i iililenit ofl ihe tnrigiilul proprieltn'. hy Sw.ulN & Ilnrim.n, I)ruIggIs, Nol I1 Caillnal Sll'tre (1i, ii· n le A. 4e In S i -e St. a tlhee o l" L nnou isia s. ju bl \ E JIILiY It I'lI': &t ci, No 3 Malgazie street, art ln,,w receiving lenilt ships Ntashville, Louisville, KI;'ntlek , Eogli',;dI olther late arrivals Iron :h, t: ;:-lb(rl citiles, . Inrge iand ew sIlevied assoliaent ileis, Itools, chses and liroginss lesisietg ilogentle n's lilne calf and l olrocco oolts do 2d Iuality; llo hul'II, dll stout wax pegged hoonts :lu'io Sl llltiillet nu(' 1''s tine11 c~alf seal Ind ol'oroel rlho' ip11ps ldo brog.tllf Iltbekskin slioes, llito- t1s le clplels: nolllelloe c:ll' cad kippelll peggd atIsalll I rl)O.nC; do boots; do stojt kill and waeox pegged shoes a lbrgn lls; getlenlrmU's best quality enl' sewednl shloes, Iilgl.ana idl )lack I)oWllw(dgs; do ldf et 'l .aoroeco SIckle shoes alnd brogans; Ido calfl seal alld Morocco. I Lita shoes and sliplpers, to calf, bulln anu seal wlgs, new article; tlo fine call;, sel.I and inonoc.. qouater ots; oeys', nlisses':utd children's pegged and sewed b ogauls, and shoesofl evry qlality al1 kind. Also a general asso'tlnelt of men's stlt wax ntd rt bIrogans land shoes, together with II),lto0 pairo egre btst qeldity, russett tbrogalts, naild in lIt Ileeks, mIle expressly for ploantatie use; as goiil is. Sltmnlt of len's flle allll stout kill irusel Itt lgaos, a w article, audit a arg quantity of an inhtrior qualit) rl t and Ntal b.rogans. Lelies' flle llft, seal, morocco and grain welts, and pump sole slloesi; do ille French Mnl.eo iand kid r l itll, eeal uld stoutI leatherlbteeos; into l't'llllla slltoe. I fall kinds t ad11t qualities; do lasltig blntgalts; ,IO gaiter" ,'oal foxed bootees. Misses' lastingspraig shotesao ct "goas. Cl(ildre'ls colored MoerUeo and lasting b)ro , lusalltl hooets, ic. Stfen lee's tiseltlehionlble black silk hats; do black in idrab beaver do it a superior quali ; do imitaltio IIt ram d; broad alnd lmorllto brimt ien's finle drab ad hl:ak Ilssi: sllort lp;lplelt hats, a new article. Y1otlhs [:it e size hats or dile'renlt qualities; do children's. ltn'sund Ibe's bolc.k alnd l b wool hids of varlllious ldupe's, with general lsosut'tiet of boys' and llell's se! aeps. TI'ls assoilent will be llepleisllvd bytlle arrival of es tlI lckllekt.oltl' thle tnuoe Umeldetl cities, all of whichl Sil I ll sold on eonlllllolld ting terms. ag 1l-tf MI1NTAIU I'X IiBALMAl FOR TIlE TEETH' . rlY !tIestelblilhed retulitn atno stal'.llty htt rrl ;n I deemad for tlis eel'a tual remedy lofpin, and pre servalive of tle. teeth, ha indluced tile ubscriber Iotir it to the Auoeri'llon public. Arranulgeenllt Ihnv beenll llll to N )plY agents.l in all the principl cilie and townI in the Unlit;d states, so as to pllhc it ithi heol reach o(t those l;loiog sind likely to utliecr this mans lnrassihlg oftall ilele,'l'tlTth-il-ee." When tippliedl aeertling to diretlious given e n bottle, it bIl never lailed to flltd illll!ldia l and mueentl relief.l It also arrentl the dihea. In defoertiv' teethoand relieves that soreness which seneo'. Ieit reillera i a Itrong tooth ulloless The appiciillicioe toill remlledy aure illie, innocent, an noIt unlpleasall; ountllllrv, that have alllready experieledl suchll delighllfu In iisalutry elf'cts fro the use i h , se oeekle dc toc ready to bear (for t ie public good) their Nestimnly to its un rivalled lllnllilaes. It is en Illllill renlme, obtainelll eillWNllWy llId OKS-Ne etly, el flk nohe r A;.lrr, bl tll, riiliimel wrld i;t! etie ost valuable discovery JAI'tVI & ANII)t8.'\VS, ,ilr 5 (Clanlnon alhll rli.htupilllll· .ts. It tit ii,;; I SeO' llii tcth Iook, I I, IliSvir t,·, Iro ll'r ll 11.u llionilnns. Bv lI the ll uthor o I -'l'h,.ol 1i TrarI c. sI nd 111 erie, il;n Ivol.i llthlseso l nlo o n l l f Ileu i inl {In . (Ro st o I II)Ic , wit bi llll IIi'h n l eTr :;;) I tu c. e ofl I ..k,. lh .lllohllgr Ii, tl lll Ikellla of ilt' 'l 'ile o lllllllubrs-- y (lit f no lr-. ,I ,oIst |iti ii w d nid fular seale. by \ti 1 11 KI F.N. d • "1h( \VI',:i ., i., Ilis olh al .ovel, bi tlionltrul lr or . /'"l' II'(rot a n hr . n ul" \ t'. itll 'all'.t l'oitllir \Iehtlllll , 1, or Flllliaa V .\dvls,1r; I·o)15i.iliog of OIuthe-tes of Imllllly, lly allI, Itlies, wilh :. I Ilnil tS the lavise cl o f itili'c, I llstteret lllll iph nIl e n r a nd. ,i n ot il'tti a me. ( l ll I I ts 1 . I ill Il-u,,ili,.odls Iwo nwgular l m ains t ct ot III l e e i otl I, III I'l: brin arn '.repnniuanal guide oI r i C o llli_,,t ,,iri.¢ is. f tit, ll'llll!ll:l o ri's, ll:llltaLtiOll s, alld blllt h , -bollllll io l 11lls I" T ht t lt l i es, l elasellrlio vers lll o-a:Sa hnr sm te r l, IL'. 'to of r , f ,'dirinw.. I S'l Ift-vor ll f niI:,' .\l. l). If, ,,rnplhv rr lte ys of fardi-, llh lrled bv uil.pS i,;r nelltrkd ,Itoletin. Aurt1net ve r.t h t nil |Iiotrn, pore No. Brk, is hereby,'vl fi,'l f I hat Il,.v less1 i'1"ihIIet " h tt Iti'tt'I' alI iUT')t PUJRIJSHIII) FROM STEriEOTI 'E PLATES, 7he Fith bdilit rtt ROWL ETT'l'S PAfo.htllSol' IN'i't:ri:'Y':T A it which is nin w adla d ;all Avrange Tlime Calcula t ea s aetoh, fr l s n ei ttr atita' athe avaar'a'ge teae W el stora-ge, ole." ,f hal o• blillas of goods, lchal paer.- by haseL t ditil'ernts dates, anl litretent reelits, atd Por w:1iou.ts aontlotsl; bes id~ u seibll :uaad eomlplete Blanking T l'ime Ta'le, the best hat can hre enetrive. o thlat l - a gUres can tPr clace within the some etalesend compasslt, aml size ol tae - An aa vel'isemen ill tlew lnok is inl narly the follow in~g WOrdts:T Tbe ldskghl dlirltine tlnuls wolk hlas rre'cined thmroel..h ive, th I ngllthint is neees n.l. more luls by wa- of ad vertiaemellt, to givean eotaeedl vicn of S.oe o'f it Ie nulia'ities:as ferl istanee, the Ilntarest has been comlas,. el fl'oaanld eollmlredl wilth, wllat is euaivalentto f'our-. teen setsef calcalatione, exaliuedein t le preasthirty fine tihes, anld int.ilell rom .terleotype plates testced ulhityt)-one times, flrlom all whlieh it mnst he evidellt enenan tle tlakcptic (especiallt on tita pIe.sonfl ol'tlle ice talla.rlteoetfiattleprcbe)tltittll tllescrk lltaitt hte arllt meticalnly itlallible, atla in eanfirmataon oftlhis Ialifa I premiuaa of two ahunhad and tflitsv dIollars, is now ollir ell for the detcetin of all eteor ora cent ill tile .rcsent eor fifth etlition,as expessedl i the preface, nmakttg five I laceprons ailaa t'read for tioe etame e"our sinteethe i(rat I publictloll in the year 1802. One of tle moat nonspicauoos features of the tables is inthe 'arrngement of' thimelime and Amounts, whicll foraexpedlilians, rofreonee onpllerselcciaity, witll tale htela ,fthenidle anld inlon, macannt I eleelletl anltitesal' iy ty anl enase witll which thi e int:eeoal eal b lafunlelto the extent of general business, wilhont doubling ofasuns is besidesl aconvenience slo essential, that in tte estima tion of some oi tlle most competent and practicala busi. ness men and public ol.ecr wo hehase made lgreat ue of the wmok, it has been dlistingusllsed by thle hoolble apllellatitan efffa "aster pinoee". Attal sonaideteieg the inlalltilhv of toe natatltoa originally asloptel i nomoaingf ale work, andahe exlraoal'limnry number all vnaiety ol'f lte examiations, and tests olf every edition it I has passedil talae presa ers totwithltalding tile whlole is in stereotvle, considcarg. in allhtt, he posicoive eeuran~ secnreal by the unlpreeedented means emlnloyaod, the vo lunlehas lbeen held up atd ematlteically styled " tle moat wonlerflh book i tile waslk;" most ertails no mollea nmeo tigure work oftle same extent, wllic ailaee to aEginlaingot reRatioll has had tile salt e nluta l ber and variety of tests in the same namber of editors; no, teoalcte half thle onumber, as is cleally shown i tlhe t preface. lesiles, astest and standaerd, itkhas een teieldanl rte aia nearly al altle tank a ut att lilie faniles in ee nited States, antld y tlapblie gealeaally, dtutiag tile long period of thlirt-ifive rears, ryet no error of ile cl ctiltiotas has ever beet fouldl ill ll'int*t altllonghl cnltiltll tally oltalletageat bly tile offer olf veeey laee l'eemiuons. l'he bok.i i fact enpressley alnatel bly all uInourts1 of law scl everal oflthe States aas tle " rate of aleulatloal forstatute interest," as also by Itw foa Ilank iaterest, aeeordingas tile book is used, and as way he see ill Ipart, by ,e names of the nbscribers, and a fiew of tlhe subseVquent ulrelhases, in tlhe listatathectud of alt baook, isail poseasil of every class of' ciltitan in evrycIT qual te of tile Unit ed States. It isanm'eover well kanown tlat, 1y its eearly cheek, it has so often detected lagle e'reas, rsgh after toley were maide, c ntil hir tile most realifUl and most compeenllt aritllmetieians; tant its aseftllless, and tie absolute ne eessity fiar its utan, Iave baea extensa elyrn' itasisteld ueao, so evieellt, ilaeedl, have been its adlvauatagel, luaa its avings, thlat, seerrl yearsago, whlilst the firvt eldition wamsearcce, atl s out oF prinlt, a grealt au mther of r.eolnd hal elllies werel soughlt for, sotle to a gle. t distliace. Sand pnrerased at vll'aot s I'ices, as tehey couhld occasion ally bo picked op at felm $al) to $25 per coly, andl sonlell ersols ltave eell.'a.y daclrcedl, a a illsanel coutld le l uotedt thatttleay would a1oy$5), so10a, atd $500) f'er a copy, Ifuot to be had tor leass, anld n iadlividalt il te latter illstatl ce partiaVlarly, lvlng at the ane lilae ri.xhibitell nltishletory eoal; to seltral persolns Ilre snellttlat tlohit it was realy worth l:at imnley aId aorevtlaoug'l the saviang otlahis aere saalstttaalltc, ht b e i . .. a v e er r ic h m an l l. l in p l bll lic o me n. l It Is lik'wise wot'h. ott Ilteaapa llhh l itaea pcproelr to ia'nl rl lhal suach is tilt' Iature of fitle wotak hetnetally sal Ir aa llte thoo llf the xteat lad .lmorael (I taase hta ls, ahaat au l thia aoak orait ike ba n tst par ed inl the usutmannUlller vionle, hs the most copt' ntlHlel talcelat olill the we lhl, alll a l*lrlallts miost atattauiv unslr his otn ilaoatiota of toatldathat it would, l oll ftlll to a cerltatli , htvl bl'e' a t.l Iallt i1 le faet , anti tittre a t at ly p-ct'e' as " t't 't"t t'a t ,el 'e tat li" n larip e"xphans. ut msh pelftct and vairahle t a ha e stel'e tl it )lates olt'li s l' btea en t m e d t to [a a .tts Elll lhelml, witllh IIt.e I ' llle 't a ·e ll';tol'lllal:' el alllina titaspnga.ilst fiaet tot the gaatlartatl beta s fit, s s tt'tattat (-y advertcl'tisemntlln) colnltanly kept in a ialre of sprea SatR t.+, iexcept \lilllh.. u I in llp itma, Amplediretctions to lial oh h:usks aI stat'ate ita'' eat ,-h us ul It'% ftt'ow the at r ''at etat ta t', aif in'a hia l Sflhas illn lhe two Ir'eellilng edlitolln, .tlin nIIElh ill foltllllin Ieolernllgll. t Ia.aII a awaio ii iaa. a fa tottllllllt-a ill. iiiher sty, tel, d1,i 3 af gl lel, kt. It ia(.nlllna l .a oy-aal oeahak att, aaettwiattattaltn. al lUnlomerl.llly cotlytI work, Whilth wat411blishted Iitelwe a ilalatr tables wertla': illll'ta tndlta. in taottait5 anall aelttats taI' y.andtatatattaaaltane- htahsaaa stat ota .ntot*s aa d at slttal'alttly - a)atlOllise d, il ha ia t a t so ill h.ll i ia illl illtlala a l. s tet heally ilos of i1..rl.1 I+e111 thoulsald dltiilr', ib!+.hles .L' x I( I'e:11%iy tllll h'lll. '.9 I I~~l (i l!.], %l01 t1: llll' II~ i. Ihl" ti1'51 S ti te1X Iats t .I II, t a t :o111 Itla' a t' " llit') ti s: n wll 'l ilg of I nan a t'llll tia 1 a i t I th atatlt t oa t I t laI t. ittlln " taaat Itotlelltt 'a tlitia rtItt t'e \\hla l rlllo l, Itti m. thllt la till I fiet io tli Stiat'eltlaa l tat d t tatre it t aaathe aa itli ta 1 a attat oIttatt a b11 1 it aa:'1,' g',a't'tt l'a tle. t' .'ttalt tae s ha a PI'atalaatlt li'os<eat,'aneH'aalt I ae II Ii .b W 1', 'I,, h' Yrl,hr; +" NI, W V )Itl,. et l.,.,.- '|nh." · .h ,"r I N-11i lllb'ei-j h l'iti,'-, SAV ': & kS('11..I"HAFIER'M' (Copon)I.)III F,.ul I': lbr ct t ISorapariPh, lor the cPre ," lt l eru vLi o t ; p l r I ieb- i th I't El , & S I 1F I hi h ll. llT riH ;1FF i , lt l y-t r" Ih ;i lleo ll; ale, l w ti, t l ar.,e Ir lllu t llan n. re tti t . e tll Wood; stlrll ýee t t launi; ne ini te bitsni ; e"thuic' rheuinc L, Ul ; Int in , ; t Lc r rorla, or k i' a . eill; what,, swillttug; syphiliti t e'-' e's, iand all dtitorders (ri.ung Irol t an impur.etttt f the itblodl, by i luny! residenc, inl a hot clirlte, or tle Ijudiculicu use of mercury. Alma,--Cavc& &. Slca r'.t Wolin Syrup,, or In. .ant P'reeorvattive: the beat preparation now extanit. Amonl which are the fl'lluowng:-lIdilan )llye, for col ring the hatir; hear's Oil; Ristie Beare' Grease; tiltiatum ithw' t' Freeie Washht: sti. perior Pearl Powdui; Lily WinVrtl; Cl . of Ro'e.; Vegetable Rlutge; Otto of cIto; Lap MSalve; iKre osite 'tooth l VnWh; Carbonie DLentrlice; Orange Fisler Water; Ptwdur Palt ind sit ,; Amer. canit Chaurcoal, ntotly put tillp itn four Ile vials; Prestoni Salts; Cologne; Krcootrlr I'ooth.icher Drops; Ieir brushes; Etiglicl ier ing Co.i-bs tiirtin lair Oil;-w'ith a varietiy of ,tier Perfu neries, &.L. For sale by L I GLENN'S PERFUM fRIES. J C TIRIN( ..ARtD, Corner of Canal aild Bouirbon streets Ol.i) k I.VAY, llser, Signt, and it iltrnientls J Painltelrs, No. .3 Cl'iticlce sitret, two dloors from i canalstrect. Imitations of the following woods lld mtihrbs, esx ecutleld in a Insllell) mIlIIlIer, Weti s t M IIiHLER. lv:ogaey, ! glti:in teieo k illtnl glgohl, O)ak, (:ill a Aolielln Piollard d. Orietal or vierd ntique, (Curlled dll., .laslpc, Ctreleld Maple, Illoid tone, Ilirlls hice tio, I it ly leitte, Satilt Wood, : notmac, Ilair WoVtod, Iote or Itrdello, Yew Tree, 11nl lii While, C(rllromlUdl or Illck Si:llla di IBrectella, Iose WVood, Amneri:l (Grey Asi \\ hite Oak, Ica. k .b .t Curled lit, Specitmns Ilt lbe see at the shopi. Paints. oils, glass, ConI;al viarnish, . cen lidIi Il lr sale. I'fLON,ST'l'EEL.& IIIVY (it)tll)DS-Iliit sqare 1i ar bundle ironl, well assote!. l(lolp, siroll amlt od ironl, inalil rldis anol plougIh U'st, German, sllte.', blistlreid, slpig,. sheet lan 'Crowlevy steel HMlllor' watri, etir niltl wrrorvht aiillsl er sprikee Zilc, Iblock till mill illlr gtnld Iotiieer, calt ketIles Chaint cables, arelieors, liers Ox, log lnold toce cllins, eor'I nl mills Anvils, ices, Italltmersllland bellows \ire, sheet, ig ind hitIr lenl; shot C;.:, dll cooking lll stoes -A tsi, Rolwland's Iiii other lplles; i slovels Ilook platelil hinges, door itin.t wiiiitor rJooks (lallils, Iltitls, Slair'i. mad allher axes l'ar'll ell \ltila etrt age, litos ail twilne lsah l n liatlirg Icoplet't Nat al st.rI s A full assortment oii hall dwarlte alnll shipi r sale littlllery, sale or retail, on the most fiavorable Iterms, by ItI IAYTIIN &( C. C 5 Old Levec. HARROWGATE SPRINGS hltllt i lelnt tey i ttitlte, Altllllll. TIIIREE DA Y JOURNEY 1FRO1M NEIV ORLEINS. rIll I' iprie'etor of this esllltislnnlrt uhsl the phlt - o ure ofntit ul cing tie his fr1ieleds nIoid tle publie in enettl,thatl lie wille ile n radillnes by lthe irst iiv l' fylee to ieeeve ti-ihers. lie will ilot ilate for the hb nelit oll'itho alt a dlioltl e, Ihun tlere h ve bIeen large illllmtprlovlllletllts madei , oll|d othersn now going n111 and ill it-ll ' pt-i iertr iompletion, whigciti i ll clletl the ill bsirr ,t ii to tuntuor itie iuch tlrger Iuiberii thanr hlilllsltllte, and at the slmt tillime much beltter. Ilm.ili eoln Ihe cc(onenaiLdated ith plod roomis. or the who prloer Ican have larg'e actiiis e'rltched, fI it i t in i ii tl ig. , It i i th, n cet u i t-iEcssi.ry e sa hi io -hn in partie' . lier of the citara tes. , Ilthero atliel ln it is gei m r lly leli,-ll h Ih II t tit re niot itl- i ir to :t in the l l I~er e S t lltest. t l i lll 'lments thaJit iin gee rally Nhli ot WatIeN it'il'iis, , ill ebe rtd at 'li'. The ele tni ie thait tehiet fi r ipt. t IIi eutri tilrdi , it ietn e llr,,Id, tnr will ce iuions it ( atio e rid Ill the "1 hJ h.oeldte rlll hhad i if o this oppllllllrtunityl in relirning his unfiiinerl thanks for the very liberrI ut1 port giiven him ln-t sIrsloil. lul h o..e ,v lyh e ,,xer lionl Imh r have .he. t, lira l, in imir n. a t d 1 xtel , digll. uthe nl ,llions,$to moitl a liberal pinl I ..n e th, prlenl ceasom. J .No C... lt. A i 1INSON'S Ill.I \lf.LI'ttillli; r m"inoovingi t L per l uti i gear Bril t ,e t -.i.nek iiito l d nari-, mim d . ii -:tl y ai rcrrllili , g the -kin liler rot hlitter ltnl heIn t t, ne cpphe'tion .1 k h ple No II rx hangl Ilutel, cwrer St (Cnltlhr . "ndl ',,rnrur it.a.up b, MA|I, AIIRAN IKMIENT EaItre I,,*rvy llil, at tl' A. 1I Wn "c"" ( ,Ilne.ttryitttmlay, \Vn.i ,-it iyesterntv j' tl, ri day, Iny ni, 5. D.l by ray t C neevery to a, \I W lcl' Th'lklteMail ( tre verr ,' i-dnv, "', a edatuylt.tva I '. ill. via < Closes ev ery Monlday, t'Wedlesd:lay EXI'IPECs MAIl.. !'IMESOF ARRIVA,,I, It:Fi'ART'I'111t:' ItIST \NCEI &e. of the ExPrtaa :Ma'il, hclw",.<.1( ..,ile and Ne,.+ York--leavnlw.. Mdobile dail- . :3 1. dl. Ntt rtlwar NewN Ylork daily at a 1'. £, 6lll ItNatwrrd. Arrives Alr'tve Nor'thiw r. I i+nrt el.t i ' rl t' eg Colmaatt,, t. 11a. 114 9, :11 a. at Milledgeville. Ga. 2 13 11 a, Cahmtbint, S.C. 71 aan. 1" 1 174 11" IIIeieh, N C. 541 21. 1 1 Waerrataet.. V.,,. lIA. . :- ,., Iiit'irtntat , Vt. IV . ml. 55 Ill. Frnderilksburg, I ?17 7 l p m" \Vtthingtaone ly, itprn. I;I 14 4 I'hildnlrlptia, 64 am. 1111i 11 2 New Yorka 2 pet. i0 1: \5 131' 5 I1 b. o.r t 1d 231r Northward. Coming Southward, the titmet is six hiurs less; beings days alnl 17 hours. R ANA WAY from 169 Carotltelet of Ilevia aslreel, on the night of t30th of A ngalt, and was seen the nexrt morning in t'ncrvdia sitret, naegro ay naated CIIAiIIES, cital 17 ean s Of ag.,"I act fee or thereabouatn in height, veriv elilek, atlib an iped intent in his speech, nall of Is Iega is sore, tasilllon.d by a recent hurt; he had ol whn h wh n aIll nl lary a whit. cotton or linen shirt and white cotton pntll , n.r Mnnters of vesnaels nd steam In il eille ellllla gainst receiving olr harboring.a id netgro, as wll iats a nnother lPrI'Tn,ns ihe llllnnnot rir'Ioaef ,lt IInW will m It enforced ulgaiin elt thlt'im. Th'l it above riewalrd will Ire Iill fordelivering hnim int any of thet inails of i'ilter an ith. nIlltciplitiesa or atlt6" Caratndelet, cahnetr of livi street. salt - ( t'l' C( C -/ , 'i 'lv 'tt lt 'tnir ie ra htti l hI ter tt tlii e ,ttc a tinn g Ilninder tle firm of t l? uhoi & (9tarl'rttlIn, |llt tleen dissolved. The subl ,riber will lih ihale the illhir.iso the oncernll in this ity, anld reqires all parsons indeb. ed i, make paymelnteto hnim Ioily, anttd all those having chain , to jtlese ut them falrwtt'lhwtilt. . W.W. SWAIN. No. llLCanal %rertl NA'tr (Or/l'n.a 4ASalwattayemtlnhandcointmtanatlyOraeri. itt ,l. Lyres, Cntemicala,aad Padulds, ong tlo arr llowni ie: )itUC.S. DYES; Antlimoy, crude, Argnlst, ired, I regnltis, Annnattlo, Spint . Arsenic, ci Alum, nit, twdierad, Iirazillerte wotn4, Ralmmt capanvia, Cochinelt, inBomx,crtde, Colptear Amterican, id, relined, Cupibear, lrimastole, crulde, I"lustic, 'Ittanpiaco, io roll, do Cubt, io tfloar, In Maie, Ihirmalnth, French ries, Caestor oil, intigo, I laie l, nCream tartar, do MlaaIt.t, iCautharides, to (:eera.c.s, iGum altoes, d ile tIami,, do At.hic L.gwool, I illllpllch do asna'mltid, do St otliogll alo amonil.c do ,:uttr ier , ln lellzeinl, mllwn dll , do eolal, n |gh, Atilller, oIbIlin, do do scraped, Nihu.trgot, lion re, do o S Americ-, do Car, do tic anpn ol', .crt'te, tdo l'ar :b do do rt lilt , ' il, Iiclh . do gailecum, Cl "IC Al.. ilo kino, Acui, litlllllll do ml stic, d(e. h i iati¢, do shellhc. Illiu c itl~l , 'in senegal, Ialanhltl, l ' tt , Ii In' imr oSi . lli tiot S tit t0 aga llnth tld ' o h. GI .boge, .s'lo Ill It J llUi berriesl , A erie:ln,,liur a ic Ido, do oIig. , Ied IltrcilIt, SM:*glesin, Knglish, HI l e-h,. ll , • o I Aieriinj Ried h rom. ot p. l.aslh - I I\ta1 flake, S carp do sortsi .iSuii ptostm I,ii,;'n ire 1 ll, Suag. ln,:. ittl c tlee, S .l ninc, docsIllo alssdi dip qit l el,.. tlt t h l , Tli rtt ( It'llc, I' I, .(Clt i lllan, (A. , . one . . ,,doa ipec' ,, d ..... ., . do r htloluilb, 5, I a o k, , .I ni t do irr, L '. 11 .t ,I . . . l.. i.... ...t.. "t d serpt , vi e~ .nI,'rt t n i .. . .ii . . ti Il ll r l e I I, <d' nt l :eu.. c.- a 1, Il . .... . at , ,, t .. ,,, , ,, ati ~ r la //t t ?anaIp, incat, ina.a l all, 'Li. . at I. . .n ,.,t'.t. . .... . . oI h atil i, .t n .littll l tt i hn't' .1, , , , i I 'itc nIin ed 11\I all f111· 'I I\ I,' 1 \1 1,5 i f at t ia h ve , f utt e t I c P e i i,a .a<il. . i . i I·d , ai I, 't r nari,, , a1, tc1 a tl ,y .. ri..,1, ee .... .. .. 9,,,,I,,l ..... llL... 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