Newspaper of True American, December 3, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated December 3, 1838 Page 4
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Misslesipi sal toliusian. Hotel, cOVINTON. La lRtS." MARY KIRKLAND respoetfully an. nounces to her friends and the public gone. ally thlt she is prepared to acrommdate thenm at lie above estabhlilnoentl, and hopes fr tln her :xertionusto render visitors eomforutalle, to receive Scoantinuatce of liormur favors. She fheels confi. dent that persons visiting Covi.,gton dlurin. tihl ttmier lmonths, m:tatlol fland better acco1tmlcdatics Ilthan she can affold theln, on moere ilhral tterms. Iler house is plerasantly situated, and well suppllid with overy conveniee en; the b:r is furnised wilth the most elhice liqunrse &c. in shert. she promisesc "'at nolthing shall h wanting on her part to give ,tire satisalaetion to all who Imny patronize the ,tissisiiipi and L'uisiana lintel. " je3 rnO TIlE PUBl.IC.--'fI undarnigoiil. hIv;a g studied unlder Dr. Sel.tnidt of Charleston, ounth Carolina, and for some years Itis assislant in the practice of inrdicine and surgery, has the holnor to offer his professional services in thli city. ien assures the ladies and genlllname thate thie Iallt prompt attention will be paid to the calla which maoy he made; and also ofarn Iis iservices to tIhe holders of laves, being wull acqlsinted with the diseases commonl to tlem, having attended them in tite suglar house in Chlarleston. The tlonao anti biliouepills a tler the composition ol Professor Smollette, with directions, calt bhe ad of the undersigned. The efliet which they have produced in this and other cities, lias beet attended with the greatest success, to which the best ofat references can be given. Apply at No. 16f6 Maga. zino street. JNO. M'LOIHIN4G. IIOLUbOlvW 1tVblAR -TiOdIt SC. i tW -S, SA' IRONS, &e. N ýrlýl IH OWELL WORKS COMPI;'.NYor 238 Water, near Beckuman .el r're constantly lave received the past &easullidtions tohe sltek receiving lnrge and extensr" now consists of the oe tIr above gooas, htanblo for the southern anod ollowiig asmti Ulttel' wetru nteark e f sipcrior quality, consistinlg lo lulfow ns, z, a rl ut i '-lifj lrelt sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, ctutles, 15 sizes, troml 3:8 to 311 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, froli 3:8 to lld gallons, B lkhp;tlls or Ovens, 7 dlffercIt sicer, 'Ta Kettles, 6 do tiilllets, . 5 do SFlat SIni-rs . 6 do Icverld Spliders, 2 d Orditdlcs, . 4 do itro Dogs, . fi do Vagon boxes from L1 4 to 4 3.41 inches. C. rt ll. 5 to 7 il:ells. W\ood Screws, 20,1110 gross, irton and brass, fromr :n ilch, No. 3 to 3:9 ilclh, No, 2-e1 of' a superior tqu.hlily and finish, and less than Jams iniported pices. Sad Irons, assorted, inl casks of about 500 lbs for retailing. 'li'ih lr's 0 il aitr'lt s Irntr, asucrted. w,:ighti, 1Ill) tuns, a ,olcted from l 4.4 to Icllsa lr Plnlttatioels, stilleailboats, ellhuice, &. Also stuiltbeats and olther maclhinery made to ordhr. . t e asorttment of goods is particularly r-lr:l nlliil el d to t!le atltenltion lofl Saoutllerl anlld Westerll erclhatllr , and a;re otffer:d for sali at low price., ad upon tei ior stit liberal terlms ; it is Io. haved. to bhe li lag:eL itlandl bost iasolrtlment ever ollhred ftr sale by any one ietabhltieIuut in the Utitdl States. elcrclhantsl, by forwardillng a rIue.t by imliil, cat ihae i a prildil circular, withl dc.criptin iof gtool.lus, priceimd torns, fromll a ich no devlation is ever made, inrtished bly retLIurn oIf mail. All orders will receivt iumuiediate attention. N w Yet l, 1i38. jr3 i i ,, n te11ll s I i, dhe', cett,recaI sir,"-.; air, Ill i, ,,\ ,,l I,,,.£. & Ihl-Icrll .' vk l ' l I ·. ar r ihe 1,, .loh -c it Il- Ili .IAl VISi i, -NIi liCII\V ilolli , l.,ir -,d:. Irv IAtC II['I I r,:":llilll, ll , .i N I",':1n de,"Il o,: h (ill' . hi-. l lI ,l rl, I,," h ppl r .1111', dl I , 1 ,r,1. 11r : -trl t,. h r .' Id v 1 t Lll l ulll. ' .\ I ' i I 11 1'r Il 'jlt. \1.\ *1l. ,1 h ,l, p +is;,! ·Iil lr.r 1I:-,burn, I'nll ,1n., i - a-l- 1 I l, I ll l . 1 "1'i ti. 't,, h h, o f 1 ý1. 111, d riilr·1 ml _-lb r "I," r rin N Y N ' r.B llionler' 11,,1, .i 1' o hilllh 1 t. ,I" l l I/ b te oi'll z .1 r I i l acs .11o-r'lle \\ lie, I 'l;, ,Ii ,h, of '! do nno id t Id1; .,'I , inf' do " Lc i I' I'orti , 1111i ; 'ti de 1o1"7 do~ Il, ' bl wll ti r l lSilt, illl pipe, extra \la,l l r I .or-ieh tie tIl:CRll) N t": llt(I . S binding, rorl ly oniiett n I'rn ing, l uli and lIiinling I;atlly., .f , of-hurti v ir 1' o 'n ilr ,1 L "Il l I hhlte N lilt' l l-l, h i' iWa N tll.llllll , '1 ulh, I l I il ' -l b - t t llio f cni 'i '` aiiIn iiAAC IIill)(-1t f & I't . n'I 131 Maigajine -treoi . it) II tmtNT. , 1: NWV r aity bri- k I,-o-, titluel) , doors Iro In the se. nd' uinicihaliiy I I lalinol st (h rlub .toct. Itrit vain i.)l, powestl mn seven :nnnedi ea l. PI-lilte1 ti prmie, u!I, II'. + 1\ InI It-- ull llU i I.h1 .h a,, I - w ih -( C.sKS" it \'(N sid's fr .,nll. Irv -- _ vii! ili~'.i I I il 11\'Y, I1 Nea Il ~l~ic , i~ Ii:II .,,ild IiI)!lI, Illlilild,,, r,.,ll ,\lli,,. ll l ...... . *;;a,..illl· by I+.11 \ T' ,. .11,;.I ,Ii\ ; S lllm 17 ( ;.mn l+.lcal, -i. if S IG~ll l~l~~"(III "%% 00 li+'ll,'.t: kll a " iniz ,I lu li 3 rm ttto M Warl,: I IH'llI ,l. jl.{; ; ~i3. ( tlip -|11,,I NO MERCURY NOR COPAIVY 'tll' rl(t. Ž4.1, ',. Ii I, I ' 7 h- Illl '' .rir IIIr n llh) /nS-. I hadl the mi u Illillllllllll )O i ,I eve'l rt dliscue.l,, fo~r a hach I have1 allpllie', h, :+'..' Ir+.l ( l: lldri li1 II I llla'r iI thall dh Itd l u l t 111' . I \ I)11 I holl· t, IIle I put myte'1t'j Illlllf r th+' lI '. s o1 f I)l l.1() illuc ~ tl~l.:~ t,'plfrt i I lin l lto " e lle + us . intl' t. ll tl ill lth i-ii' i ent1 ,1 1. , ai l I1n. () Ibalk out in Ime1+ , Il eIlimllbhtr ofl >-ix orl e htill on1 ona h hre,l tand alltover| a 11 I;ll .(o l llll ll r lla( 1n I s n It 111 11f.e a t w ollr k nI II I'l'etll lilln ' Ion aatol, o111 l"th di.eate; It: a e Me.rr a1 I thl' sislll side of th Ithroahl. ulll in v ,illllnill" ullnb, l :onfi.lntlly1\· under the enaIe( of [)r. I nt· e, ,,f IPl.i. to be lpe.rfectlt,, clrted dollHN DAN.. 4~ Iliy I ( 1 ) (. I".[T I,1' thu the albov,' m ni on.ll lll .11 i as~l. - (u t well . .l .,llrad ia hI all u a''%1. li-, .ltionll fin '..hilt hlI Illb lk llr. Ilna l 1 alpllly lllrllo r I i.rllr 111 1 t1, Il li finp I ha v(+ tilken l 11111 ŽP lit ha. i llilld l IIIn iIthh ai t all ; Iheirfi re I advi.Oe lill f IIH w *Iuli~rl·Il hI losIe·? o till illli n lt i a l ..' l 1)r A." lia , 171 ('iiilil J(I, , 5\. I 11.4vi ·l 111:4Ž4. l-lrt'e, b tl l )l'~!i: II1 ll II1" ~lill i(ll~l lr irl 111 · 'i, tIll 1I(ielI II I h'lllili.. frlii lllthl. k, \ <l lll I: 11) .1.1~*. 1 .%1.1111: i'h1 . Iill lhdtl t filr e dli +tor I l iit tsllLIlhhilt. 1.1 11 IIIS.I . h It (i t1 41re" l . ir rely ,oi Wlll ifl It ' t Il ne- m c- ll lit N, . Ill Gr'vies ile' elllltllll ' l th iv 'ill ll ' it. t I Tol bo p· bH1 l el at1 t(tt1't I tt lll'il ii l i r hi hou 1 1 I;: h puti,+ i i,,, in T h ni ..... i 1 .... pr,..-'., ,e. t iIh l p ' alln I A i ii II I tlir' iF. wol ,l i| ;111 '1l, , 1 I. ,- ii atalhl a l t 'I .Ih Ill f itll at. . l . ',ru Ia o I. ll r .i h'1 i ll , +hilll n n 'tIIII. t iill i i Iit o iirt iI) I Itll' l lllt ll , t llttoilga lhth iai lt. l cii C\ I ober%. ,F lR IS IND Vln O E~lhl lll,'ql! l~ hl lled ly th lll l ie i a h .,,il llli ) ,, ,.I I. L l+ , .8 ll, III' v . llem en ;t 31s n l,.l i Al n.l i ltllrll ht at f trlita I(l l'artaiei' sIttitille Ilm ll~ln ( n if r. i~i+< , t , I y) lll hS " &'rlh" Ii'. llI 1 .ll· , in aId- si ill tle I", c li tn I" e- - ilin i h Ih', o ,,.!alhn t oniet Aeneso h po.ioza T. +1 1,.I· :,; l 'tVrw lr Fllt'Pl. 'lh + li- ,ril ihl~l FII·-ill hlic el .d ill " a '+'q .ll the IIIIngqu Il.ierl'ol.d cllar+ ol Itn, a w, ui i ll, p seeshd+ t i nl tihl us lc a ro perlll i+ t ilesllll rae rilll a illillllyltI rlnl. ed of ills fatll', Ithat thl A yli lb ,It , l tl I rc it pretful!o n l et Ir Ie t I.t ith sh eri i l1 i ill.i '~ll! I. ii A liUT l :lllr \V ll~ll,%l? + .\1 I ii. nnl lplr I I,(, [dlui,,il,+I{. tl .+lcul l alwu+l .\. elt'ilil? ll. l I nSiI+I.ll i , , l r 1 r.I t und,,. .,th to v 1J ilr l(.( I lilt hll' illllr.@ l l i br I'·lIt ' . i I. bv + ill w l.o l-e . ill' tllle t publ ishI(nl I, ,·r· rI I dv·· .. fllh +~~tit hll. ,Iil, Ilie tuih·~TIU i. li 10 1 -11·: e, r:ir, ' in h lr'r Ir l e f~ ens :lolhd ines, tishinuel a tl .> fahlll +i. t e buerll ,% ull n vry hni' ;iV tc. ts Iry Thu l. Ih+n t hhIre,+ itiu be home y an d c'lv,+l t to litrowl uijUty le to risle ;lhea. lthi O)il liv s ii ilealrlohi u h. .n celir I a ,,d ih praleflehe ltl l ln an t ellir i ir il ' ·l . r i. rill;rlh p~i ,il itlI~UT e l~lll r i'Lii. , I'i·i I liltl+l <, 'thi )~lll t i~ l :+i+. ]llr a ,r .1:1+II"" & I ,'( . t ilt.Ji CO l:odoog In. 1.j llllyAd.jr,,,,,,,I( ,,,,,o ploo.onlo; 11oIi nI ~ hi' 1,01 Vol IS, ii,,joo~,, I IThl,,,io' -l I, 88 10 1:1,100 11io lilll'I.' 1110 rh,'i,' boo-,' '5-If 711 lihoOn'- 0111111 l''''Ii~,,'n,-ot 'I 01''lIlillIIlIlo.l,'o,)1.I,,,.,ool,,., I ,'l'lll 111111 '016 .1 II 1110101, 1911119 '0)1' NF88 (10010 81-11 'lI I oil, o'hlo',-n' I,,ll o'. I.otI,, .ooLoI ok. 211,1 to10~Io;(10yooo,&n&~ iIi,,nio ,o,' fio'oo-,- god, ol 01l'olo'io-,k,--o 'l.001'llIooI.,l'n N' ''III I 1111 IIOl'll'1 10011 I 20131,., 0 .1 ho,,,, 111,I'1, .10 I',..,, Non-I no'.; ,ool d 1120'.--.! hi! Ioo;,ollI,-,,,,' 110 ri,0 lohoo ofl{olt,-o, SI>" II 188'! 1 HAItI 1118921' (FIll. N. I lot, on Ion- 29, ICI?. JI IN 1JAN11 IiIiINA'$ 11113115913 II' 81111 'I.-,, 8,,,,,',,-,oo,,Il-,,.n,. I. 10111 p-nh 311111, '.0 IlNitiNol 118 III St 8V 1116111-i 10n0,o.,oo IIiti&,,, till ....~ lo'onolohipl,'ool88'olol,' - i,,0,l I ,,i,,,i I 11,0,11 Nit Slot! 100,1,11, II 18111 118111 891) 88 1001)1 111,1,100,,,I,,,,-,lt III 111111 '.111,, 111110 01111111 I III'l'i -lll% 11111 III, loll lii I ol',iI Ioooio, ll'1'ililolOijliiii 88oolooo,'ioli, 1010011 lo' Ill 11110 Ii,,., I 1,1 11,11, 0 1 11,11 1111111 ''ii ,,,,io,,,,t II 118918 89')) 8,81.11 18 hi, 11111 -1,1,1 ,ooloioolo.ooooloool-,.oloio'ool [11111111 Ill-Iil'li~llllltil-llll0,l0lill0I 111110 01 LIII Ollilo, li,,li,,o l,,',,,lo 1,110,11 h,,,,i, Ii II 111111 lOllIllli,11101101Io 111111 n,,I 10110110 L,,,,lo, '11,001,10 I I-,,,,, ilohi, I, niH I,, 001 ii.,', loll IA 0011111 In, 011,111 11 II Sill IIi on 'II y I )1I 5II' 1It' $ S6 "n4'4' iiil.'11111.t111 -, ,I' 2I; I ..n.I 1.1414 .,1' l." 111 111."114 pinl~· l 12112111 -(1 11 ui 14 .1,1 ·I1I· . No 111. 1'Itn ", ,'ýI 1 , .1)·111.1 11.· t 1rlý+, ' I .;'ll I : run~h· Lu,1111 .1..I ih'I. It to (.:111 i4l' it l (u.t d." 211 ' 1 111 111 i1'~ ll ` n":I 14 11""1 nod' ii" 111 l i . .,4 ilt1i n." " , l 1.:414', I·I(·I· , illl d1nw my irtl· I;I·IIII11 :11..1 1111114 1111" 1 rw l 11 I 11-x1 "iii iiw ou -lit'1 .11 i-it 1, 1'iii, . + :1- nuts ili'i 114' I4'1i1 4 iii 1,l.1'4 1 i all .1t 1 11- ti Ri.'- I *i I ii Iil. 111 I" I\ Ladi., lh. pnlitLtir j1t·1-; eevei rr l ll.lln l xill l lc rowl rr liii!tr.+ lit' I I·( i I jiiii' thu il it .'ijtlll1. Iii i'iiiii-i IC ItI- ,I I l·((ii'l~ 1'ri"l pa n i Fo nn, . ar_- I.+11 rv ei olll 1 4' 11111 Ih li Ibit-i r 1.1+2 oli!'I 1· ii It i--I Ii.!- 1.1 l l I NiWitiply , eti trýýi.' lrll x 114 .1."1 .`'11". (yullrIl 1111. 1":1114 'I'ruui ýý"t.) t t1 juIl IIc "l tir."i1 ý".I, Lt 114." n li" ..1' " 114' 11, 114 ..lil1 l'' toti ul 1 i11111 11. 1u ' 1.n voiie.' 111. .)1 e11. 1 1 v 1 1 w --ll 1111. e1."r 14-Ilt o1l- ."il tr.. tm- 11 idl 0lri d4· n1r.1u,11111 tIw 211 x411 ,14" 11 ' 1142 41:...lil l~l1 14'4 1 1 an 4in ý4a r x lc tr peito4l o1 Iv Ihlleu. 11.111, o ( lividlR P x , unln fli-tely atIlo te(. ltv IL. 11 ~14 I)II I1I1I haviniilxi itt" I XuIV -tliP--ri, /7ii -2i? 1111, 111 12nd41,1' I I 7:1 1112.'_-, NO . NOW AT Nil. W I.It II Ir, I u To thhel to9lrr Ue isri ic .9 ,1, lrirr: t It- rIt 9o9,tr- h lu Cr o lr,90ltinli o, f thie Ei tor 19 f. Tie -hs ill, 9 't'h .9in lci ''' r ' hll t Ti ia o - , I, .hin t finir" d a 'o hr,,il" ,I ,o, ,,or Ih vt iohr+L . I'hl in rm o te, i - ',,-"_h r:^'r, ks ,,,le : thbe l,; hli 1h i lt - n, Il et, a aIh ll- il, 9nd l A i, ,i,, i9 t o l9lh r,) an" hh' to jotll o l fIr II Ir,' ilyr+, W II )lv I1`' null (IIP t illl l .ilinl s' . I lly. T h d' I .di o es ~ te n hsir llDo c to r, r: e fifllror.e ten l, rui,s. r Ste-h l.thir.s of Ihtnl tbv, I" , lud( joiur. 1 c, r1. ,.v htell er from lil ie,· l'+ii. I t,'t' +, .orein hiey 1, m . li 0:s .9r l, I. . I. Thel fl.l isl t'rr I it evter IhIs l . er.n l +'11e· t ow.. a, will ..t ln ih peioderl Ie1n r tw lve dn -. I I cui l In. d9 91i9 m9 tl ra999 9 o ear'9n9 9 '9 l. e ad1,, on, e ra the Sligh rlio s hi.. t h rI b I -.1e l o .rill I o. follow hie fo.<t.r i,, I : htnI, ,e'd h ),l, l 1 I,9, 8l th 99 I b'1) hi,.. Ir r1'N rIIIII, Inhis. Ii, hla d 'n; h h t tll, .i-ht i" ot I r hl9 i9 ' t,(nt h ,19 hr tihe' l " i loIr 9' v 9 kr' t9. ` l('t P rh 1 ' 9r l 9II .v ,on._, hl. ll, be lin .t1 I IIth i nyes wh neinh til I el r ,bf.1 l m -i c tetn o n ihllll . -, s ilr" . of Iluthe' ge eii l rd r iho ill. rl :(e · I oll i lll l in f 1 I ll . 11.1 ri'9ll Il'or l , . i thl r in ill l+ .i r -' . t1 o i l lin h,1 111apa 11oer 1y th..,.. , HI .'l iI i1a1d 1... l ,st the ,, . ,ah .. ... i e .,v , :,,,,, , ,_.,, 'arerl' ,,:o. !,,)It , 9II.99 % ... ,9 '9.9" I,l ,,sho . 'ts' .",,, 9 ,,11w d. .. . ",,, knrwas I+ :rlil~ i-hlIll(]ioie Ilihn+. ll"hr hatI on d -o9 r In ....... r nl t lli o. i, f ti eil. it. m9 ' d il)9 rot flu tn ile i i roh H f tl u foo t. Th e ot .919,491 9999 in .99 ' 1 ltb999991 9.9999999 1 9919 I t%9)' I,. 1199911t, 91 Iit 'l h.v bheti'r w ith'h Ill- m let io all Ih. dilli ro, mrl". l. i N 9p 9 9llvill9 hot 9 ,'! 'illl. ! 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Ihonies, ll.eerated throat sod nos i;':! . ol,, s c.1 l't'ter lesuts:p" rn, ltver sores, internal I,-,la, s. fiA ul:s, Ipil.i, nsclli. hdai, scur.y, hiles, Cuhn h ':. l'r e:" -et , r:rt. srl, lis,t Itlh t s, and every \ariet( oL cu . uil n.+ a f'. l. tlimm ', rhr nie C( tanlrh, hear d ache pa l om eeld illg iania mnne, nerid hnor, pain in thie stomcnh lndt dys Epsi ..cedilin flnlllvnll:ltioni n, dictionsofthtle liver, cutnitc i tbans.matiou ofthe kithto a, and grenert. dthili ty enused by torpidi action of the vessels of the skin. It is sinllnlely et-iceaeius il tt"nlleting those cotnstitutions Shi.! hale beenl:l boklen fown by nlljudicious treatment, ljuvenile irll'glllllilst. i -gell l terms, it is reuom m~illed Imn all honse llieasets whill larisnltom inpurities of the Iblood, mnt initiation of the lhumors, of wllateer name or kind. Somle of the ihonrnne cnmpllaints may resllire some tri Iling as;istant applicatilons, hidl theeircim tances of the case will dictalt'-; it fora geneo l remedy or l'erificatonr to reImove .,+ls',n i-,n INIJIAN' IPANACEA will nncltn n tlolund stolfnieort. 'O TilE I'LtatjrC. llow Itn- it is, atlot imolno.,t1 l'tnysicisns, In their am hittion to e tnt, n ill tlnilr Inroessio;epolo e thle ast fielnls ofscie o Iv hlhe aid oiltollo istlny,y and noek nelt new i- mnellial algents; in sthott, to arrivetn l .rttttist inl the lactice I- Ileantls of nt alolne,-enlltiroly unelln .,,..t nglergtt, as illttllh then' notIlll, tllle rich Ind bounlteous stnores ofmediciine, whichl the Almightly ohas caused to spring out of the earth in every clime! And how much nore true is it ttt while the Amelricnl Plhysician looks to filreign countries tinr mny of his most commonn n andt teee.oaot ao-titles, perpetually ohanging as tnl-y are at the diettes otfastlioorfotlli, ie is sunrt'lttlnLt in tis own country with an endless lproision of medical plants, sotfnieintl to answler ny indication in discase or to cuam oy CeutHale isordter; and yet le is ignotant of their vhi tles, antd the. arle iufteredto 'wnaste tlnir healing on tlhe desert air.' T'he efl.ets of vegetable medicines upon the asy stei n re rtemnll'tarty--those of nllinerals lastinll. The illlnmer ex erlt lt'ilr ellects tand poIss moan --tlhlt latter, mIIery ill par tieul-r", not belllically up(l the solilds, delomposing lhe holes and unlderl.iing tlie consitution by Ia slew and slre dstllrction. 'I'nt congetti:dlity, e.i-ienioy anid SA"FI"IY of vegeta ble remedies m e'r minel, seto.y noe estimated itby contrast il.g t tle allcient pr.natice wilth the modernl; o.nt t, bring it orte imlmediat.ely one ler our own obseovation, th-* Ihli :n piltelioe with thatl ofthe whites. W.Vho, in Ameriec, nias not klnowne ' he-ard of relpeated inlstancllles wherein. So nn decepid, -nnprettditn feiltnis Indian, by means~tf te simple l' tc .dies .ltne, lanS tn li'eted tile ltmost I'alpid Sastonlli hiti.g coreti, Intl-i ti e .ntte lia MI lliea of the r nlnl practicet directed in the nmost skilfil tnnnet, , Ite , Ani whno n ~ i not htie,nntutp.risnnn at tIni totn In-rativtn:-ase - nl licilit .o it, whinIhl Le Inlltlin ft-ees him ll' iiol an:y lisease,:nl" a' t the nllnost ton ahslinence olfcl '·lloie disase tImnIg tlhm? Who.ill! hls $leardll ola Indian witha constutution broken anlt rllinled by ill r:timnlt. Adl can a lhlhtttltexinst t tlu this hIrItIp ex enlption of the sacvage fron, most of the ills whiell Ile Miesh ol'al is he~ianon is nihiefly owing to mone gois nnitd' IremehnUs ttlhinht Ibe enep nys , TIlla s sllilisI ilag ditli'llrlnlc c inll sl ess, is : fairexeln licaltionl of tilh t'hos. iC the pride anll thei lrt of inall Ive inl Frion- a ltog rtnsidtllen- amng a np-tion oflthetorigin tn l nt:i itncnsof tIliscon-ry, ndnn intimate n equnin tatm, n iithe l.dsi et- n-tet of meof ,heir mostI IllLcesst·l |lra.ctitionerse, lth proe rietor of 'The t inll's Pun1,i 'nuielI a: knowledlc of smut, of the moIst ow 'lll llltd trorit.le I meli . FrlOlmll the. he iseleetel whitl :is % llere mos.t ellieecios llil all ippopries llld lrafter is xperintt tet titt t t heir princip les and sntength Inn has nnonintied Item it, thte forn here ptresent"d, as thet ,1n ;,rl c 1 a ,enefitiul for the pen'pose lf, whih it rne't itntentted. 'lint proprietoro.i lli.s.tllis preptl.lioll to 'th public, t in t, i t- cncio t' ntst tin-th Ill' is pilai-ng wilthinlhth ir set, Mt'Iri .u e hl - ,f ntnlievi, - "n n of his aitlicted fel low i n, o . -r t ll ring n itr the tei hni :.,d o sli:se rm p hninis to which it is a icable. To cllh it will, rove of ilcI nbl--e iale, ais the will s, :ltoll 1it,1:may C:sie,'" 9 the only ennsnl of letlies iti, their sLlt - hr'ri,4 :l,,I I'e~storin bThem once anon le to h':dal al.I Iha - ,i, . li is o.. ollred ns : co in oi,, in ren.,,,d,, it'i im:,y ar th:mce, he ii ,rally good with m.ay othirs mow li+ ,'+. hot as one which is apable . l et ig ill', it hn.ny III I n. vI ,sIsii{ II i thllel I llllllm lll e' ies I. 'l his it n dll e 'I- e ;n-i- t-lil :old tihi, i. thi reputall tion ll h i n-lcitl n I- I - v:L-nrn I itn lan ,i nn inlllltrodllln lel. II i o I yiiI( ii '-'lll I tn m t ",,,il e Il, I, r1rp:ll· i l wasi Ii +,~ ut1.,i ImpI h, l Illic: hoI1t ill l shlI , t ,.co1 1 , .f llrge,.. -n.t, ' I ' ,int i nt Iw i u m ,illl tit . lu.p n, ( I,, ,,I u lli 1T,! c i n ll. derv ll : I ell , I t. h tlitl 'ed tht thil ' lip, c n \s rln Ii t l h",lll!9 ,If 1hw, ..l .ll r, u dlll(llit.p m aill,, " ll; r It JI J i. kl l,t.. l it is i O.: iiidly Il' i , illt ll hn ,l,, ;a dl lhi, 1,I~i l t+ lI mrIllf; lllllI hl l,:l :li,,~ coot\ l lltm l llv . il t d'l" I il -niii t Ii l p'I' : tu :II a s l'l,'l..llo : IIi n+ iIe le b. o e nn.c l..n ll . i.e, tnt'- i ---tl. n-n tn-ll -ni - -iii+ --n- i -c -I. I tl llt· 11 i . i L + '. iu lh,,,. s. I, e; ls, r . seslll+. 1 h, 111 t e 11 b . ll9 (.9l a , i loh l !,; n t,1 I its .eI , di.lll. e ,t,, - I11, i t l n ttit h' t iint i ,til~ t Itionll I idl llln t ,,, t llt n 'll n t t I tn i ll l I , in t iIr '-tint-l-, ' Il , llll ll i s c ess a md m all:,in :n ., 'lil ll' hI e'r . .lh" . , ,, :II 11" ', "9 'tl ,dll , ~1 ellll'tll rt l irc i itnInt-In inn s ie t i ne 111ecth. tin tIItI ltntttt snnt t nll it .1 ein ll. tn-n l'h, n li-:iti-n Iii t in ll-otIt - biItn d It n l '' tine l ltnlt- it E - al l , ti t Ii m tl' t:tsnll t I i, -Itenll ,ltl i tý - nlm l t i n nit': t-niiinIII cttntnntnaitt( Inns, ncnc limit n I'aoan n-n-1· -.oa , t l'ati.n,.nl l n; a t iph ,lit ni, - t nr ld.+i ii l. t ;ll I -axativ s, an : ll l- ll.(.t ' a Id all lIo .; lll : 4 it. ll n'. ',,:in\l · :ilslII (IIt I illll' \ is C11r ide raggll , tIe 'S r.. ls tin.( it. I l n.lln, i nt t i trlentsn a.ll tel I.11- li i ins iii ttl -ei tli-Ihll. l i s loll mll " a eaIil :S I , I rh lmo, ilex: ri is , i h 1, ti cil , nIlllll lll lln- n l- llllnllii 't il in ' , ' ltt in ' t in in I th in iinlln h ,, iinnt inllltI ln l. ittll,., e st.ntttt I h Itt , 11t 1lt n i l, I, 'll it IaLn I tn , 1bin th h,,idt -i {neo-cssni. Sng, ain d c ,n.i-in l ''n t-n a i-,r.ti r int vi.n . o .. d -b c" ]i..I r is ,',, t nt-n, - l l -d ittn; . in nm-it-r -all itsl :w' 11-11-t. :'.ti~t, hlls:t ' hint tll t etnlonmo tint 4 itt'nk.y TIht t li lltlw'i fil i li t n f loid'tis limilar, ,ii) Iht ti n-it nt w-intn't n l t - l-t inini I ,;is t - llnh exll t its hbad w,',llhiI'i I now lmaken reon t naln .s--- ie ih ilil-tt , nit- n ban tih: ill' i- h l '+ 1'almvta, itnsttnr-.d tiltoE i "Io,'2iarh 27, Iii, 2 Iwag s,-roll ze bout lhrrntuh ss'inc' , wits t distressing ihulnatlll: ls. , nlil.l l' h.I I lk ing ¥ sev(tr cold, wh.ile 1lt1ut ' he t lul ttice f merclrly, land which has d(isbled r"r i1,mn bi simss liI'arly e"r sil:c. Iutissg this leriol l i s het l t s itsitl inlle Ms trite't ' ospit-u , it this cit ti i 'll s fl Ik tim lllll Iositl,hu. i tries lnmost evri r'medy,l witll littleLbellcsi. Ol thl 16111th l'of Ibnlal last, ittht imese t iel, ) ableto mott I al ho, t t ton t ru1tlltcht . es, I c n:lllllll el llc t e I 1 I f lllli ln's Panacea. IIn oln un111sst I lil rtsl tIs f. lltirel, ti .di t lroni ps i, and ila tuot happy to stat' that I t c i'det 1, wtt lt' st ll' lSti le'i. Y i lly \\'I. '1'UCUK It, :i MI rlt st. CAt.ES OFI SCIROFULOUS ULCIEIIS N'sw l'iltiK Slltl. Il, 18.it0. Thlis tln' certify' hatt il tih lill lt t l .iu , I w1 s s1 izs wills t at Ipu lgiihitry neit'ck an tliceu whichi ait er- . e. ulcllated aw i h. catnh' hlai ge gastl. hy ulcers in i lly lie' . 11111 ct, I ts 1 ' s t11 i tt t ell , ttserlt' ict; tblet . 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I",1' bll" IrIeets /" +" .I / ;,,Me,, I,'iy s i. .I+. . Ile em j fi l +l 'll ,n 'hthsc.c. S I. l ;l r li I'S 1 1:\ \\'I~ t11 K l, , .- r e-T h 'I.,\ 0 ..,, ,wl I":o'h ,, ,y Il th nth horlf' 1 ,' iI in ,pul,.; " it, Trh, iiioLi,/ \\'ili', Boldl,, a llhll lli, i lloh ll l I+I" JY us r c','ivr,,, i l lot -r., y \V . \,'III+:AN, Ibllood; u ly cIe1 Iin , ;illP Ii 11Ihr h lel,'; rtlllfillsl ht'llltlll n; in t I; .crot'uia, ir knlle.+ Cl l; hi'rfu ,' :1 islng I 1i 11 hl i iil'€ sIt ,o iJ|" the hlood, by it loog perior Pearl l wdor; Lily \hite; Cross ol'l{,,.t..; J (C 'PRIN+ . ,ARD, Corcr of" Cua.l aud Bourbon strccts 0 'I.1Is . ':S1c V, Ilcncc ,, Sign", and Oc.cccccc-c J 'ccIccce' Nc, ,L-ccr l:hcc c : .stc -l, (cw lo dool'-,fc'cOc ( ccct c sI.e-l. Ilnitalions of lire I llow"ing omls and rltlblesex ecuted in ai masterl") 111;1111 W(olms Pn ,a BL.. M laccgcmy, E Ilci-n black mnd. gold, Spel in n sI. c-icc Iccict h(, cctc.clc ,cacc Ti,,sc illl and . coll , (('cc i tcailc -i rl bykiccc- smlh,-cltc ll s cIcIc cc rlc+l- I c c c .i cclll l III -l c Cc ccIlCs (:11it,1r1h , I 1h. n al ha isrl , c.c oc ls l 1terll k ll ll cc-tl - Sillk. cI -oc - nllll , ( ,l i -,cIc, d cc ccd. cl cc ccc ( , Icc-c III c rin l , lc hci Icccc llc s hic h llc s:l ccli+ .cllll tol he elstc c r sh s f its h ils glass clpl" lLrn is d .. o .S him h-;Il,, f hr v s .a T.'HREE, l" , 1 h..1 w 1:I, R 1 I ,llt ,t M Es I;Il I l 'Il V cccclp ;(cc It c I I th (cccI ccl ccl c-c SIcccI I l csl ll'll (Icc n s r iea l ciu c , n: ,i l llccc 'llt lh l c.cI. c . c ne ll:llllc , 11I c nd ct hc . c Ic llc I " l m n i cccc t lil.(.. I mirll.... ccc nOltc .cc ill l l cI, cc I - n' cclcincc, ccc c i c r IIAR.ROWGATR SPRINGS / \/i c I 1 , Iiee lr\ i c ,/cc/ i I \bJl /cIA, I. l t I. l I s. 11A, .In 1ockinI c-cei A rllll. rln .l r l ld' a dlccc lic llllci+ ll e i-c i lc el s (11. ccc I a-icc - ccu I ccI cciu ( c Nr ll cc 11.. h Mi ll ' ll ttenlltlIh I Oill l"1;) h i+ Vll+ellut-s ,illl] till+• 1ll 1. / l m t+, +*,*+',;'+',il- ei I r d l h' :old \illl 1 ('i: tccc r hh, ll assoll'l tml nt l ofIlIh,, hited Nlh, 'j,'. sa,, ri " hill ,u ltlilrler rv1! · l Imi` , ll1 r 1 '(,;nj.hieh 1 1 't I'illi+l) ' :h , \viii .fl h at Nholh : l1 1".l'11''l" t Il :+'l ,l l ·l +t Ih llr h to,5 :11tl ll tl, brr thltlll I l 'h1P Ill:-i', l ) 11', J4ll 1' 1 1.+ ll+ t il II VIIII' Illl'. c llri cc-ccc ccc 1ccl-,,,-' -( - lohli. - - -ill Til n Iccllc. ii' h , clcci I ! o-1c-' c ,c- c l ), li ln tcc cc IIc''c.. I , ( CI! cl h 'c:il (iccl+l. -e ".cc li, IcIc1c i I r( c .+ay. I of ltll :. ; :[wt ' e vll ~1 +t1l ile " M II -o .sll'it siff, .,'ll' IIl'+ l ne+l' .i ll i ,ll I c-.-,' cc cki Th c c l' h larg. I heerl i .' +,::r sill, roml d ei o i in l r m i'l ll t"111 :1l1 l1l , r " : 1- -I , .! lcr l\ttc - (ci· - 't Ill i c . c i r , -v 'i , :II M.a. A RIAN(. E I ENl I Ntle lin Due I,2n .'v I ll ti . III. NorlherIo rlli', hus I:nrl rv I t A. IL Vetlern oklil, ' rv d v, \\'l,"l wdayv A' ,tray oi' I/ r F b y 5, WI'. M. l (i'orki, N 0 54 Ch 5 r r3 1r h Wet2 , r V o r 2 vro. 5 e Tim Ii lCornl o, on ll ll ri . h1:1 II, t. . . l d oe I. knla~k r gl 7o7,n Irri 'I' .fa" ' I' i p In, W:y m.ll,,gn , Il l. 4 & TIMiSi iA ltcA lV.rAt ~, I)IIrI'AIl'!'UI , o)I I',\iNCI B . ol f th e (x l 4lbs i b il, I 1l 8 inm t 'M o hei l nll, r N e w Y rlr--hlI inj ll i, lolit . lrill' I ll : '. 11 . Nul rthw r N iew York ihaily 0l 5 1'. n110 .l.ulh ard. .mile A rrive n('lhllnny1 (1i:. 1 1.1 1 9 l 3 1a. , Milledgeville. (ol. t2 1:1W 1 1.11 211,. (nmn oilgl, S.C. 7lIo an . I l 17n lo0 1 )rlnton, V I. 1i: nt.I I 5i5 A ;l l'ttersbur1, Va. 101 o In. nf| too . no NlOlcOnllOnlVa. lnulgo. 21 ; 6o Fredieriekobnrp, , 67 7 II p m. Wanlington cuity, 2, Ian. ( 6 n iloll re, , 01 :1 8 , ll hil leollIhinOl, G 0 nl. n30 11 0 New York. 2 puro. (0t 81 1:5 ll I .l:l l. or 5.d 2.h Nortallw rlI. Coionlrloh S' , thie illlo , is rixl houlr less; elung5 IIys and o 17 bo trs. 1ANAWAY from 109 Cmrondolet corner of ]lorin f a lreels,lon Itol night of 311111 of AugusI, nulll w,. seen tile ei t norpillg ill ovdras, 0 1reet, on negro Ibo n mlloIod Cilln f, abot 1o7 ye-s of ageo, r ii o, feo or toherealmnls in hleght, very black, 2a1ll has an i0lld intole in his speech, one of his logs is more, Ini:isirnrle by Or:el|n hort; le hail or when hle enal anv i wliilb otlon ok linen shirt nlnl while ellon Il nlllOll. Masters of vesselsi andi seam honla are canltione a gninst receivilg ,r h llrb, g inill IneIr, as wIll nr Ill other wrrrola , HS Ie IIIIt(tm t rig rll) L'e Ih law will bo enflr.lrl aiglinstI |hi.H1. Thle albl)tPve reword will he, panil fordelivering hi, iollllatny of tie jnil of eihl r .I fh'1 nlnllieipcplitiee, or ait ll19 Cur,nllolel, corner of (levi. ICyl l, 111t701111,llII, 110a¶11,010l 171 ill2 Onl'rl,1-I:-- ; opi'hr-s, rlTII hrr,,fir existing Iltlller ih f r of )lllnio & ( 1nrr1(0t1, hlls boe dissnlvcd. TIe su li-rihrr will hlnhhl hel ira l r AI I1) I )n i k aa iilll' ") 1l i ll y, tI ill ! d ehV in, 'I10101 1'll(l lllll, I Coolao I o.:,2I,)I l. 111 n 1:-- 1t 11101,,:so W. W. SWAIN. 1 A'. llI minalnr, 11rr/. Ac0 e Or!...s InAS alw ys on b 01d1 Iltly e lei inl Ilr _ yes, Olleiicalls a in l litps Iiillillr tl n , ilt ull .llll l l al. . i. , (loelthilnl lloi i~I, Colr n R A Jilloi% n s Ihl lid, lC t l i I d| ih , fl rrll ,1 I2 llle r 02Ml ll (Irlu ariatI, to li sk-al-el, ( I 'llies, l i 11e (i2 t:, lha,, do io l'iii Ill|A ..2, Io 1 ningl2 ido lnnkih . t, ,tIo, A ion, d.o c l, - 0un l 1, lanlIlc l l lo d ) Il) r'liit , I[:icl -.. hId qUiJ:(1 1:111i'/11AI.S. iII., il aei d,) nl rci.i7 ft' llll.i. :l. c , 1 I , 91)0 11. f I, !1" d 1o ' i co,'ý I ,h, lh 11,r1i, 'I 1 siol , olil. pIlIiIr Il l . l i'll' .ul ,! n 2, 12'. 1 1111 )01 1 1 I,11 n , I ',lii 11. 1181 hh ' I ,, . o rlllllloi" 1 12 P.2 'tlll , niI l I2l 5111000 U " d o d o Ah , l,_ : lll, " l r " l 1' l •121, 21 2lll, l1101n, j III 11 IIS s fn // ·r/lesif"ri·, I,, [I,,- :,Millll. of 1',1 111. Sillil~l e, &a I'a,r,, rrrn- · , ill. a it jet,,,' ~t "` e11111* Ilili· fell in t (1eI '1 "1~;1~1:il'l~'" ""·' "Mi ll, lhull Navuy, 1'.1 II I,·rl I , ,," ii . ",, I rv.j.. I ll. ~I .I "I (iir,rnlren(! roox lixl;rt y n/ 'ht/y, 11.1111-11111", lllll Its "" " IIlalrl~ull I)v NfllllIlll( ' (;eerily,( in 1 vol· Fill. \'"1*. ..\ ;!, ~11 I,.·\ ;·,'I )III·II.ilel Illlil lllrerY. 01 /force',, /" ,"ulr ~ur /:'n lixlr li /ia,,,i rna, i I rlll, :irl, A r,'cl'x /'" ",rrh ull 1":a,/txh /Fir I "''rea '" .%,,,,--;1 , 'more rape', ofll1(11~: 11· 1 1'olr111 -1I -'?~ ei~I1~ ab"I. I, III~illini- IS~IIls oII11-I fad ! I ;! in chesII( Just Ieeeivledl, nal f ssI t by II1: IiII ;NJ. l1EVY. SlAIN REVIS I'I'i ),I&. &c WI~AIN tEn, in_ oIhI:, &e,Iby Ihe auIIteeo Ayes, L i Spad,. l" oa %irrilx o/' /,,,/,,, rrhm nece, nR ge era I] f nplicehle t the A I'g ,e f Nor It Ica, b I iru ci,Emiq complete , i, C of III . [I.eo, t,., I~i. Ilnne:fi, fReerm II... ed ' eyoe...ll.n Wll I'tem c ''''pim 4nl Ih Ninrrorý'r lhBc/,S ' Tours iniPI.*/1(1.vl wish chlnl.U ewP islie 1111,"don'1(·, gat iw,, ;lad d( l of spo () blll rilS IIr·II inl tvilh 1Laulllicnll olltuI~llls, mill I clI1Eel index of i. IIlllIIBWl k',1µ Tif F. IRII SItn'.tfla nIr .c't.. s n.l. p1'''''"' nti I IP. II I' I'1 ,' IT ·n' u b fe ,lie bl Ind.'.' n viinl ..aned stte, This very cnfeemrutcd Sy III·IIIIIII i pi-' j, reV( I1 whit flilel thle ,,hive I ml illle of l III· ril t+4l);ll i it, tin! roost r,,,,,(. C tented Ilocrr, I, llllltll.L! H illyfilter v," nCrl~iilllV SlllnlanlC of kooll enirej'en. 'I'llu erem d ecideinlt~iln acith pityivinnlls Inl keil,, Si ito exhibit Itlo, '+ 'Ioaniiy of ill.-I'ilt is It doe 11- he .,oiinr illhi JrpaaIoftn ,Le fi" cm.' ,sot Nr) f I( :lllt', ... ,'n n.' i fi. Il111 r11· 1u of Ihl~l it fo El' llillo l l t i.", " .1( I~·~i .LLE"I'II~I ilci.' 'llC. .' (Ti1,.n I'rii l-·:il : ll ,,:r'I NI, . ISold ..l nl 1:11 1Ni It dim, i Ilrln~ l I,,,,", No. 1 1(f'nnn 11 street, whe 1:11111 lo rd, 111·! . an, Ia n' v.1 i . I,, Iii,,,,, ti,, pr irrio S wnior'IIII II ' llll , A till %,, if 1III Il t'oil er's \Vitll oli IN.NO( 'K' S" 1.11ltlll I1111·1'Itl II 1` I)1· ' l(l I'It llN (ti ()It l ''N i I. I 'e ''fll ..i II o 1 to till . ladv Ill History, flat it i l ,lilill l llr LII l lll'lllliill c I fil II ''I 'Mom, Il t , oI..c.. Ifi (';.t;l.e nII 1Ii·1I1 lire rxl·~, loe ltio :is the vial 01. cool, ll to 1ll. 1. I'll I e \' II i' ,"l '!*i vll I wood, he' .tit eton i 1'txxovlt'., Ii IrvteI ll, itiil "17 It, ' olllllolil ' Ilistory ofl 1":,;; tm ld, Illoi'Im il 1' ccci.I; of llr*itl 1 ,1. likel death of t 'i're _',1, t. vitt f ,"onll* ilalll tiolll to Ito yea111 17::1!, Wit~lti ll l . g~te Iloll Fur evil oo t oa of te end (;I.\.* sl-l: il:P.I I1PvII.TII It 1Y. ti of lll ·\l)) iillllCI Boll mI&A througlula, it u" f iurk, t 1'oa.,i11II ilting of IIa'I1 of vol,[co pot'+ISý S m er 1 n a l I N s s ('pot x lo llor l s les.11":~ II Ilts ua t111 111 po ll lies, lanneers ,lad howni o'1" of the ...... A111 ll ojfl line A me ic n ,l li (·, vtI, n,,llitions roll 1.I, I.ol, ,,er rJ om it "' lutio 'N1 1 1tv 1i a 11 ffl t . u .I,.' .; i'H df, I in Ilee11.11 (N allyS vor uerof(.,m ~,., I) ~.ii ,00. 1 t', fill, ,is~1 k(I1f. 1' ":,In rsl:;le )l Iv With ''~ ·:. a ,, -' , sus,: of t !:h0 ill .. .. . ·o ·:I, I

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