Newspaper of True American, 4 Aralık 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated 4 Aralık 1838 Page 2
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PRR'T OF NEW ORLEANS. CLEARANCES. Decnhember 4. Ship Rohestert Owen, Havre. I. H Gale. Ship St Lou.I. W.u.te, for Philadelpbhia, W F C(nnTly. Bark Marl Billard, Laminson,for I.ivrpool, O R.dforl. Brig Voltaire, Sleeper, fr New yok, . Mster. Bhr C W Rreerwoodnl, Trier, for ote leh, oaster Stteamer Corvette, Johmson, bloblile. ARRIVALS. Sreamer Bridewater. Wright, from Cincinnati. Steamnr Merrima:k, Baird, [,ouisvllo. Steamer I'Patrick [*Rary, Pnwell, Cilncinnati. IStem Ship Cnta. Carton. flom Onlvestot. Bare, No I, Whitcnmh, from Cpviitlon. Steamer Hannibai, Meonly, from French lsland, with 3 fiat bosts itn tuws lden wotk hvo stock; no other cargo or paene `ers. COMMERCIAL. {,n1u-1 Dtnte.. Charlastom. Nov ............ 9 Washotlll ,Nov ... ....t1 Now Yirk, Nov .. .... 6 Citcilnoti, do........... 9 Phdadelph a Nov .... .....'26 I Iouisville, dn............'2 Baltimore do.......... 3 t. I.s, Nov ..........2 S. . INvnrlpmool. Nov. .........4 Iltioutll (l,,NO) Dec..... I'ri, O .............2 11tea. Nov ............. 23 mdou. Nov.......... 3 Nashvilr, Nov ... .. d9avr4 o .............. HAVRE...... Pr ship Robhestor, cargo, 1390 bales cotton, 3 PHILADELPIJIA..ier .hip St., cargo .79 halesnott ton. 315 hhd. tooboct.. o85 bho d t sar |.49 bides, 216 ihlt G@ 41 tlereo meolases., o Itbalt. mo, 140 enmpty cook. 3 boxes clgars, and o LIVFRPL0,O1...I{r bark Mary Ballard, cargo, 877 bales cot too. NEW YORK..lPer brig b'oltirl, cargo, 114 hhds sugar .and 124 ibhrls muotoslot. IMPoR'TS. Covi ngton..Pr Broe No. t..t' lgo , 13 lol,. rnttn to Taylor, 33 do I.h Merritt J.hllitg.t to int oamse Foltl.nt (.. a31 do Itrkh, W lt .0 Ca :.. 9 d J L.Allnalde, 4L r do Lsltb rth & ThompAouo,.r do S r Okooly, 9.1 do ,t M .onrl & Co. RECEIPTS OP PKOILUCE. Ciotinnto.. Per .lotooer Boil,twtalnr..c0aro. 50 Ilt flo ur, 49do broons, Dudt 11; bbl oIrk, Ud, anotd Soouthgto, fit) kF. trdl, otd Ili hbI pnork, Ilyos .t4 Anoclttl, bl hoht halr, inr. bo)s , 5.31 kegs lartt, 51oota oy.d Avert . 2r 1 ooh. lald, I 'llavI. C(:o; 3 bhls wllisly. A Loter, on board; 16 horses, J P tlayne. ('inrinltti..Po , 'tn amr l.l'oir k II.Irv o..ralogo, 1(f ploe. of brSolgotn in In:3olts rope t.Lot Ao.nolDeo 14-7 ilrrs b cggtng aind 219I cooils i oo. (.or , (;tridluyi t6 ,reelso TrtklaC twin o and 33 I;lles dl3 t. ' li, h, a . S , 1 I rtlto ro 13. Id tllln r, Tal dt o Itlo : ;, s n. to. 1I1(1 Pow ll. l.ollloVo lo..Per t tt.tamor 1lorrtto lr k..arooo, Ito lIdl1 pork. lod .tl7 keg loat. Mons, 0t toe b Co; ol52 .O,,Io l II d I n. bo tdles t oioe, ,Jo. & .Wttllol , o 1;r ti ,ot rope, O-.' er, o al Syr olort,.5 byd o tooh, Clo IIro..r. ,I box. ond 4 trol. J outer. Sitloilt.. Per slomeo r "Co vetlot..or,oo, 75 bltt. oollogr 50 blos pork, 100 do flllr, cako bttosll, old 35t.t'b.tti btlol. PASSI0TA C EY I C U S. Clneoolttt..Perosteamer trldoewtatt.rot.. lr It ateknos. flal L.atdy, A .otr old y.n Iv, J I, otol,,t A Rty, .o Ntoaone, T lollo. Prdolln t. IDtoottoo. I Kroll, r lI.ll.l.h Bloan. DotA Eddy, nid Itndy. olc.lurrthll. b lrs thoo, lMrs orwilll 4 "amily. Aors o'hlrk. 1l Villt, Ixno e inltlh, blrS loioos, IRotltot. Slorro, II C I)ickoy, It.tsolloT Iirowlo, Coo Ittehrook lady and Itotily. Cortoltnuli.. FPr .t.tmo.t Pltrk I1, o1toy..J 3 Sloth. J I Arlotrool,, \V Mlar kt, o;t, Wdder, toUo o ald Lady, Mr. 5lwin. Brtce. Atto and o 11": Ittlt., Mr I.ol'o, Fltk, Itt .o, Batcroft, M t lIr, otlI, t -t, o.ld Lt tvt. t3 eottt.ll.ter . r tot s ltt shop t btt l .I.. , Col' t and sto, .lrt Jorklrt. Mr, Itiyolt. Stnallll, I., oad o aond. CoveEton, J N bheltbolno,, MSt 3i MrKt o . J. ll I)ot I rlot, .t Ilipoely, I' Ivnl. l, )Illlllila. |. D blllbin, All,,,l I) Mltlrpdlloe.3I T PhI e.It, 11,0fll elle. -ton, Vo, e cl. , I o. t. Lanioe,. '1'1,111 o h,4,n d. '1' I tit , I. l', Tt totlk. Adotto, J t. Smtoo, J to' klakt'IS tnt.r totloy, II Kor, Iobd.l, Mlartlin, J It tolray, Ilrtooo.St I'hllhpo, T ('ooan, J W lrogor, J It It'tto. J3.- rlliono.It. Rt CTionl,, A 1\' whlle, ltc ftrleo, t, ,y 1: t'lyl " I .,to. J U ,l,.tsooo,, 3It Sass', K..t EtAOi 1,' F ,oo to ao,tbnllo . oIo Io'I( 5tono.I IIV CoUingbomt, J Io;l.t,t',l "V Wttto.ttoott on Ileck. t11ESl4 01tAN3A. Steam Sbhip Collho, lronol tulvltollllo., pts-o. brt Ptnrvnrllnt on t 2d, froo t tilot o st too t ltto t,. Ottltoneto Itt, s ', Col Loog, 1olb tll bnto ald otott lltoll tlolvetoon tor New 0,t teo 3 o.iltt att d 2 btrto :tt the itin. Posed at I'lnoque 1oa11erl,, ,ib. )~-1' , On Iurth SItI. Newt York. 2Olb Nov ,ol d.ohll Alllt.rnl),ltrfros, for N O rbodn ItIntd. Kotgo, d..; t \\',ro:.l , t lt l .'dll, do 'Itt fobllowtog v-s k.t s. t l ol'rltt d ot (t;llvto .lo : \V. o'aWd ,ot , f,,ooo t'bhtndeltdritt .1 I . ,O .toCt+o' g; dott ; l,,ro..,to, ftolt N olt ; Itokllolloon', Doll Mobileo, IIrrlet ltad Lol tn troot Now York. N. Y. IMONEVY MAItI,'1T, &c-Noveto er b.o4. A Jl .,c , , ,no otIot. n llll , t'it Irlltoln rtt l In tiloe Stto:k Sotlr kn ol~-day lltut t llt t d bt y it tlltot o tlor o o,'tot t e . tt ll, th lp1i , tI t ,, " d, t.tllil toll 'to Ivoll' stogyk It i.,9 1 Oo o t Io klltb k li. tu,ts ,ol;low.rt and Hod-oo,l.l o oo t I ter c Iuln, 3 .oltk L(,ta wlllsll , ll6 011I +bar(,+ tvere +) we ! re r ..... , t :l ll od ilatv' Boolk 2 Int nt nl N, tIllh .blll,,,rll,;tll l rla nll d ot llt l lno og Co( lpll y t M oo .d MlSt hootto o Lo,,t, ot In t Betjotlltin .oU i, isC10I. too, l to t lrolte.l, n t l[Itoor oo ,f leo Noort Atllltorlt til t'r ott Itin oIlot t ll Co o:om iy, to toC ltloldy 1 00l 0 rallay mIi Lhe IleMrd. NEW\V ORL, EANS JOCKEY CLUB RACES!! t J"i tIlt.. .hl .IJ. of It,, In Joil, ltand. I1,1 .Aloe fist',,I 'r, ,.. D r I)1.'l ; 11 Cr, (C l th Lert Ihtt toto, t I':tI. II I ol I , t tt, 1, tery.t Do.loott Jotl/tl.. Jo,,i n , ]l.'[I, |1 (Sld'e:l. I ,:ll .i At, I" Jothn Iogoojo jr,.ttt,t Ion, Kent, t 31 .I,. 0blli a1m -.t'o liti, Ct|ltr c,.t t Io'g lltith'd. 111,4tl, P lter C .na nI Rel.d S ledies tbuunil kc. sunel \VWile,t .Ino It Ktllle, I I .t Curlert, A K JooMlhs, DononIlot K.tlll.,,', Itlhb SVllbdoll. Firlo tty- 7','otny tho Ilb of Dfre'mbrr. Jockbc' Clt-., Poolro, $1511o. 'Itloreo oilP h(llt1. Time!)" R ' hell ats h lS 3 minutI.:. D) iltlic 1:1 tlrd$.. [T'tottt~oo, co't 5,, it ott . e o to.ot, I~t. 'lrhos, \V ('hitnt o,,tor, Ito,, oolt loroat Itlk, ty lt.bk Elk, ,I years old, idam by Sompltr.--t)rtoso or unge sld black. it. Ihotrv A. r'ryllo, o.-r, h. no. Z,,/ot 5 v. hl, Iy l+.viottohtttn Ito Stttot.holder.-trtai. olllh0 . ,lJ. Tht,.otto J Wtlo, en.t'oo itotpo. t. 1. (.'lto/ooo, 3 years old, by ItIoumlphltv ('libnker. Y. N. O1olIl.ER. METARIE J(.OCKEY CLUB. MEEICIl0NG hof Itb lttttltoero of lhit (ol will ol A held ar No. 1to, lxr<hl#On Illotl, on '|'llltldnv vPenilltj I exto. I i. O'('l k. A 15I1 Inosr l re i· s ie' ,I ,'41(+ ooblltlneot of illl0t.rlotooo 'il e Ilbrtllht Il'fo I le . . . . .. . ' FASHIONABX LE CL1O0TH LNG. BliSOX V.1" G 001)On IU'I Nu. tit. Clonal t 1 t el, nol IDoor below II11., -,,ll "l~l H VF: onotni., l~.ima v"vuit ,i~~ra bar and a,.+l lit~hionlllll e my le, which the~ly offer for cash, atl~n l , Xe Ie prices 'Y A NTEIIl, io d I c iustr i totupllll a tn llii:lr agrd lieall~e r f II t fill I lili, a) *o . (INN A."I wanted ~ b . e I ouratu"10 h a of younI childrenl. Apply a t 13+1 I'rlhlllitoallli rlr~ct. N. Ii. Ullnr l·., l:i t oolltll: lo-tnuonala o1, ll` ulllln+(· tcr andI danc4ity will yo requirrrl. U c" D I i t Tbr ship l 'III T II IIO.I i, I ood not~~·. A :tc 11 11ma ( c"do'nowd1, Iron ba. .11 w7 - , w I vve ML ag. F ior c,,i;; y. ol,),, hale- ,Id bg.r,,pply oil a r Tulp s o tts 'c;el U ,:n On+.e, o t l~r~iiJ 1)0B E .\)(111 A ld drJOlI' CDI K h't lbv~ .11.10 Ct -:, 70 biar l, i ndng.c. , tlie. by Iludon, n I or .to b (: II()l(iEY, 44l 44Ne Lv OU R-30)) tIfn g I 1p.1 Ig i and for s u~ Iil 'llcn il ale by UD RI.' de4 401 e ."e N EW P() 'll & Rlll,:r nll2ii hlr Mars, 4)i r cll ,4lHUDrk 20j bpiaBf r by d1 -1 New aro i' ·ge AIIIIIIIAII II IbOil OF'FKE-50 bud tio '~tb-raipr o It, , d417(: 71 .1,,.., O IL-3)1(10 gulls Winter pn s, d 4prr, ()it, Oll sale _ d4 76 ilgarlio s alt 71) ,\i -W np ilprlr irclrr .i atI " \Ot A·=X- bk Iy yung dný,s tný appl L'UI+g fa H II ll rio , 11A\', I _ _ C ruclts AdLOOKING (ILrrai NE$-4 tra. r, e staii g 15 Lookin (floses, f trn, I,, sale byr· ~tlP 1 f~NIDJONI JlH CO1·:KLCYNE, dl 9 7aira TRUE AMERICAN OV7ICE. In connection with this Otlice is a SPLENDIO AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE FOR TttE PRINTING oF Pamphlets Blank Checks Catalogues Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Recofpts, Legal Notices, Auction Bill, Bill Formns, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Circulars And every decriptole ofJob WVork ithb may be rreqired. lfTThe proprietor respectfidly calls the attention of the public t the anhove Card, and asanres them that all work intrusted to his care shall be done at the short eal notice, in a style unsurpassed in this city, and at the t lowest ran e. T1tE 'RUE AMERICAN. EDITED IY JOHNl GIBSON. FAIT.LFUL AND BOLD. NEIW ORLEANS: TUESDAY, DECEMBER 1, 1P38 It appeara hy the followingl extract that another rival is actively in the Held end avoring silently. but strenuously to divert from New Orleans the trade of the up-country which ordinarily flows through the Ohio, its tributaries, and the Missis -ippi. That rival is Savannah, and of iher inten ded systeml of operations some notion may be formed from this notice taken fro.n oneof her jotr nals of the date of the 15th ult. "Our state is not behind the ago internal im. provements,and GovernorGilmer's sound and lib cral views in this particular will doubtlees be sus mined. Indeed, vhile Charleston i itlkhmrg about the Great Western Rail Road, we are ocling, and hut a few smeall links are wnnting In t ie great chain already under wav, to connect the Savannah and Tennessee rivers at this place. While South Cnrolina mtay psih forward her works to the Blue Ridge and tlhere meet with almost unsur reuli.table ebstaales, re have a natural opeing where that range ceases to oppose its summits, wiher we can pass witIlhnot a single inclinej plane: the only such easy route ftroll (iergls to New York. Five yearatleot will see the Atlantic con. ncled with ttIhe 'l'etnnesse and Alatramna rivers through our state works, and the ntediunn Icofm amisniration with the Gulf of Mlexico and the Missisisippi wiall he Georgia. Of course we prt. diet great things for Savtannah." rThu does each passinr day bring forth soaen motive I tstir the dormant activity of Our own state. Every lregitltalate- except ours--seem ful ly alive to tle advania a whrich a rail read com aIcmention from the tlOhio to the sea lUbl secure to the port whose citizene have energy enourgh to complete it. O)ur private enterprise hrr this pur pose, although hither o carried on with most praiseworlty skill, and industry, Irauer necessarily conc to a speedy termination without eflicient legislative aid. W ill thisr be longer withheld? A month more, as it brlntg our lawgivers together will resolve thie,toall of us, most interesting prob lcm. .orlk Eastern Botuulur.y It is a singular but no less gratiltngt iiclEligence that heas lately beern received Iroln the engineers conmissitnted to find, if iossible, the true line ofldemarkation between Maine and Naw RruStswietk as laid down in the treaty of 171t3, suroig uits athat e highlands, and ,ther manrks defined in thati treaty, but cosantily drened an eXistelle slnce, have Ibeen fond, and mostr correctly traeed. 'Thus presenting a lair i., surallce that Itls vexatious question is ilore likely to he delinitively settled, and that all lear Is past of any collirin, narising on this score at least, between two great goverlnmenlts whose mlutual interest is i"peace." T'EXAs 'no at, ae sllip "Cuoll," Capt. Carson, arrived at the levee yesterday evening about 6 o'clck, S te left (Glveston on the Ist mst. \We have been poliltely favored willth the Galve.. ton (;tarttte of Novemnlber 30th, and tolnrt tile fol ltowing it e s. "The steamt ship Charleston Ihas ien oftlerd to our (ovrllnenllt, for the use of tle Navy, for $30,000." "Mir. VWiillams, our Na.vy Agtr in the Ut. . hal s contractcd wattl Frederick o a)tiw oo, e',q. of 3alti. lorel, ior on slllp of 5OH tons, clrryl)itg 18 guns, two brigt of 300 tons, and carrying 12 unas each; anld 3 armed schooners for the N Ivv. T'ley are all to be doiverted at G-filston, furnilhed with proyt. tllln, n1utnitioln , &e. for a 4 months crlise, at a cost of I $2 . 0,()t0. ,Mr. D)awtton is one of tie part lners I anl extensive ., ghsh housell , ntd thesea v sets are ton came ronl I.gland." "Thle teoanmboat Motto left New Orleans on the 20th inst. and on the morning of the 24th, whten within Rthot 30 mile of tlhli pIae, hurst one of her boilers, killing itttmmediately four out of the nine leen persons on board. The other 15, Including thle elain,whol was badly in;jtred, succeeded in gettin on board lthe yawl. O(ne peroor diedo l his wond between thile wreck and the attort,and the captain was left on shore suplposed to be dying. The wreck of ithe 3,ollo, upside lown, was passedi by the Cuba, as the latter cane from New Orleans.' Ganrrlton Gnarltte. ~l')tur Hlotston papers received by the steamner Cobn, are to the 28th instanot. 'Ihey are wholly void of interest. The only doeulmnlt of any im porrance ia the proclamationt of the President con taining an vxpoaisitn ao Indian affairs. It is deemn. elO entirely unsaatafactory by the editorsof the Tcl. egrnph. The Cuba in the trip onut and bItrne worked to a charm. She was thirty six howrt only in reaching the liar. T'r I.VE.ruoLt.. r. Show, the ,Marine mantn ger of the Trans.-alhlntic aternl novigtipen com. aony, has published the particulars of tile late voyage of this noble boat. 110 soys, the hourly average speed of the Liverpool was six mlile', and if to the above distance of 3,15ti mile s a dded the v.locity tof the opposing currents between longi tude 40 anl GO West, the hourly average woe 8 114 mil.e. 'The daily cllsunmption of fuel was .I ns-the onsumptiont per nle under 3 tw, and for tachi horse ptwewrr r hlour S lbs 12 Uz. It must be brnet il nlild, 0sas Mr. Shaow, that the Itlver. pool's power is bcyond that of nay setamler afllal at tills nmomenlt, hnving 7; inch cylionders, otd a etrok, irt 7 leet; the consutptinl, therefore, per die.n, .a small indeed. On artival at her aehour ago on fr.tday, *he had a sueiivienay on board for 6 day's steamlnig, which might have been mnore, had a necessity for economy existed after the des. tinod port was wlthin reach. Na'ew Books. The northern press is teeming with novel productions which, as fast as completed. Messrs. Johns & Co. receive from tile publishers. We have on our tabei four new works, wllic we have only had time to glance over. 'tNrpoleon Memtoirs.' A never tiring theme: re plete with novel. views lo well known matters, and treated by Ctllbaceres, the second Consul, and enlivened with all his inulmste knowledge of the delicate strings used in the pouitical machinery of the tines of Napoleon, is motr than ever delightt ful. 'The .liddy.' This work ias all tie freshness of Chaner's nautical life, withll much of the dra. matic tact of Mlurryatt. No tale of the sea that we have read surptasrea'the .Oliddy,' in interest or amu uelnment. blone as foounl.' is a eeqtel to Cooper's 'llote word bound.' It is cnlined to skerchei of Soci ety in our own country, but from the uniformity of nmanners, as they exist among us, and the level lone of our domestic habits it lacks much of the stioruog variety uaunlly met with in the author of 'thi: Spy" Cooper's place ts not hi the drateing : l ls inlllld Il ill tile tlrest, his soul is ili lhe Seas,-still `lomne as foun' cannot be Vold of n - l-r rst to ever 4tenric.n reader. 'ntuntry Sirtie,,' iby 1Mt ea Mitford. .Wik l. h a tloot , .'tr Vit llge,'cutlogy on 1ios M :ttrdt's '1:t,+t/lry+ StBrien' is. P,1n"l ini~flllt . ,I n-... e..ithilnit ir l Mi Ionger looked-hlr (;irqc-fe, opens Io-mnorrow in St. c:hlllles-h-berwn Perdido and Itnion. Th'Ire Races begsl to-day with the 3 mile 'ocker 1i Club purse, and three footy things are entered for o' it. There is Brown Elk that run like a deer, and pressed so closely on the heels of the gallant Cap- A lain Macheath last spring. Then there is Zetena, d who did the trick at Columnbus, and may do it again-ifthehas a chancce. She looks like mis- N chief, and means it too. lesides these is the im ported filep by by umphrey Clinker, and if speed runs in blood sihe canl hrash with the fastest. ' (IJ Mr. Jarnes Browne, one of the most popu lar actors, and by far the tmost versatile now on the snace, has arrived anlong us. Ils Rlobertl Jla caire has been played oftener, and with ereater success, than any dramalie character of the day.-. Many of our creole population witnessed his per formnces in New York, and having seen it acted ahabndantly oflten in Paris, yet proclaim it "unri. valled." Canada. The delailed ollicral ace.ntso.f the afnlir at Prescott, as given in the Kiugceon Chronicle, differ very little front those previously publi.hed. From it we gather tile following. The only toss sustaind Ir usaon this occasion wan one of the tceht compeanr of the cattect 83d Rrgmcent who h.s .sht throagh the heerd. Th- los, of Ihe pirates, on far as we can leare ies a t fllows: Killed on the 13ht 07 Left dead o the field on Friday night, 25 Tuotl killed 102 Prl.ollEr! takPen on Tuedany and sent to Felt llatry go Tnatl prisoners, 1I2 There is nlso a list -of thirly of the prisolners names sent to Fort Henry on the 16ih out of wlhonm wenV six hail froln the United States. NOeRTH Ca(R.UAII. tur advices from this Stare, say that Joyner (Whig) is elected Spelaer of the elatle by a majority of three and that Graham (\Vhig) is clccetd Speaker of the . lonse of Com nlons by a maIjority of 12. The ltosclcs, the last built and itrlcact of tlle dral Inntic line o I.ivrpool packets Raililg from N. York is, by the papers cucfalt city, representel as by far tieo largest lship ever Icilt in that ptrt. Site is commanded by Capt. Collils wlho formerly traded to thi city il ithe "Sbalke. pere," nd registers 1100 tons. tier ditean' sionls are: ILength ain manil dek 170 let; do do spar do 180 d-; breadth ollf beam 3i I-2do; deptlh of hold 20 do. There li a report that Mr. Carlin, tIe Governor elect of Illinois is dend, but it lacks confirmalion. Yesterday the weather was extremt'ely close, and rml: towards evening t!ce ralin reasedI, and exhibitid symplnlls of if. WVe shoulllld ot be eurplised it Ihis nornling te Icold shllol Icommence, ind give us a clear, file sky. Furthrler Europea news, us received by the ltenncer Liverpocol. the London papers as well as from pit vale soureCs, ,wc Iearn tlhal tce ihItLrencees Iotw-een '.lnglnnd and lRussia were nssumingr a serious ns pecltand that a war was deemed by many inevi ihble. It was contfidently reported at the latest dales, lhat Lord GlI nellC has resigned ;Ihait Lord Spencer and tlhe D)ui.e of Richmond had eahc declined the vacated cltice of colonial cecrelary; anld thnt no suenssour to Lotd tihcnel had ais. yet beehn found. LLord Nrtllllly lsill o rltiocrtccld to he. spokel of as the successot of Lord Durham in British Alce lien, A pc!' (lte inrler was to e given ill W\\'terford to I)laniel (i'Ciloulcl c11 cic .e 13i N .Y. An exp!osi n had taken place in a coal mine near Whitehlcven, by which frtly of the workmen were killed. Two men and two boy s were pro. I jected nlto the air frot the mot uh of the Ipar, lke bullets Iroll a ull, anti, what is rmost xtrlaordl. nlary, only onle was killld, tih rest eecallrng with acie ~r lllund . ''liry four of the t man were lnd alt irl bolttom o1f thre shalt crtlshed tIn utlher in a mtaI , aid coritplaie-ly daitollr d out of thie s ncllclance of llllltanitry. 'Ilern,'s Oak' in Winrdsor park, lho scene of ulslll's punishmenl t in tihe Merry Wtves of Winds.-r, was bluown dloI n. Ou tilie great wucstrn railway it is sated thait two oI the care were drlvenl 25 Illesl by the force ul tilhe windl! Parliamentlc wa to eel algaini on thel 4h of I)e r, for dslepatch of kusItes . L:ldy Ruossll dioed at lirgialun 'on the dnd inst. oshortly pioer her eccenchenk e'. L.-oul Napeluou was at iFento's Ilotcl, Lon. "'oo sic ina ship r biu al \W illair arrived oai icr Ii drnvc. Siie IhtI N-ew York (Iet. 2(h11. Tihe packeti lop \Velhctri n in tr e nearly ,as hcrIll a 'TrICe stlapll Ircnle of KI ddermtister wears a let pci ri c ilp I. c tveral Alllerlid nl itI-ca Sich nts have cmade pch:I s rllC l. ca trper.l The huo-' i Irale Is g.·lai.' - I sill, S 1t Ile [l..t Nov. The p hcke Sip lihe-lih was ininonced to leave Livrn r. I on thie I ird clst, with mcctany cI I h Liverpool'o passen, els tr b.ard. 'I'lce Camllppn llacn o war hall arrived at I'ly t hIIIII , Ibou Indil. l'lh. sales .IcIoi lltl o ip I hc !4th insl. hiad bcon aIarse, chiefly hir speculation, and an advalnce oon previous raltereI llid per lb. We -c-;rll from n IDublin paper,and we haleve rhc : ccc ,ul t Is coL llrilei hby a irivale rleter rpecivt, ed in this t Ity, thal the packelt lhip Unted Slllles Canptinnl lIhhlredge, arllved at L. verp olI on Ihe I -thc rlOcri-ber. Ske sailed Ihor New York ol tihe 13th, and had therClore made ie e voyage In 15 I day. uay!. eTOR'I IN T'IliE SO1T11I'OF ENGLAND. A ttnleihos bunriUoln was e iilit.ed ill t lldon oil Fhe nighl l lhi'' utuh of t I.til! i-c. eroie n eo in t ile llo illo La'', il Ilf()ý. llr to h ve been plull llmore violent in its rhor t'h er thanl l that whitch swedt tillll ollrt ant norlllt PIttern mul t of ngl anll d ithe I Illthand l 1 hI Ifi' thse m lilthl , m lre' (lf ithe Jdisastrouls 'li'ets of" whi('h, we detailedi n or ullllary tll news by the irat.l \ tern. lrlusrs were tl roold bv the. i lleI great numbers of trees were torn up by the roots, and Ilyric Pith wi a 'ritlllrit J treecii 'hith liibriRit ri ney, Kenrington, itnourninith, Ilnipatead. &c. ad fi.lnd c t l.dBolyll lad many personslll were severely hullrt, Ih mlell it is said no lives were in t- 'There was inllslh lconullll llon the shipping in the river, bUi willng tol the prleutlllionsll tklen tllo osecure the vessels at lle irerll llnc elletlll of thlue ule, little serious dalllll ws doile.i ''he l .i'i lle i lir (bre Gia t 'l'l rk, I lllllld te ) New Or leans, in tltellllill Inerl ri it tr Ildlllu eU ilsiRa tniaill rh bIIei' bIeawn en Mlolrgln' llld l.llaletlt lh% r[llun gru,)lllllll butl iflr Ierec[g light ined war got re'i'hil l vit ryr nitling r At Slhorlehnn, a brig was drhivlen ashore, land vesshele with then ,oL a d ,s a. un ia.nal o disress, was s'en I.shin.g i .s, lbI t II ni sin l"e coi ul be Ltlendered oiie itgidretirtt' billtirOthrir stkierihs et pear r o AIa Bri-t( i hll rer'idie, ro te l rw i e et a ie oig water illler I nI ll rs f vells is tk ref u ll ein lll the evurlt \V i are rrloS Ilo trrilld Iom the lritol ntrlleg IatIta t h n r ew'ttl lin irlan luer ir ,h e;r lives inl a flrriouiier' e erviti tern alte ierrreai.-Liv ietl pa err, Nv. tr. Sliddefoprd IBa. li t t ihar pd a -t l·en oloctn ywat nrd ond acualtnec, i i nd toshe rl Irlh lauhidents applear ia hPlle rc.r reli ir tle tll ritilh to a tt d hl un l ratjpe'neue II rd'rthee.-M-tlenneltily Atrident. (rnphl in tl lr i i r r,. rl, o tilt I (I lerge Id ei higl, No., Caten tl irl e hai; i ,'l- hi lr Ii t ir n tiue r , lO ta e li'rhn Nerw "eoirk rhan the riiie j-It rerhlrered. Ittr the l ,ra- lt week eII1erle grl i'n revailed, bui t rileg iltr t w'i tell ri y i h -rri . Iciii P.onf the S. \ i'. t 'eiirted i -ver lillr -lllld 'twent'" Jlu lil'% (I, i 'l'hlll.dnll e ulr (ap ( V'[ ,ia n ltr lrln-rr lls ri'iiri c arried away thtr t er itretr -gra - rln t filrS r r'l unl o ther e.tnt e. iW hile teltd cdii ii r he on the hlad. "1hh : ltr f L l , w fell from rle trd rino ite r.i, ~ hr ill ctic . riblVy Itgitn el, anlld- yn 1ever seen tir rardi.-Liverpool pTapier, Nov. 3. OBITU lIIAY. Drprted thrir life at half pat eleven or'eceok yesterday mnorning, tli. GI)It)it W. WITIIT, of this city. Ilth freudl nllrd acnqnuintcesr, and Joll ie of dl hIother-in-law, Dennilc Prveurc esq. ten rrncfrii'ulli itnvited to attend his funnrcl, at 4 oluckir , I'. M i r i li lauie e dwelling, No. L , (Can. al 'treatn, withul furthier Dotiie e S T(II,I:N It,,,al'ol n g side. nhii tlhiui n c tile nigirt of ini," itno out; 11 reel elrrg--in reunclll e rewcrd will e paid fir thi e reteenier tl lelrlr plirry tIi bIhititrIN & FF111' t)ev3 SlS Graier atu ]llltEc-tl I llr ; It rir.'i Sides, i, greri conditioni ill S tore and Ibt sale by ei I'ETiStIN &. AVFIlV1 no.QI U, H;ir~rl )t' I I. ueo lit'arl., .\ Io 'y at lle ri , hns lenl 'et i I t It It :It & lISi t (l- .m . ltrItr nthe,- linrt • sllip + .ier poo l oppr iteI-,rit li rlt tt r ese r Acu - lilVII i GLI,, inn 7 !)'3l (i' ii n, s ()lltil 311E.Y fie -.nle ire S'l'El'.tl N & AVIIY, White Lad, encti tigS , nice enr, ifil. ednilphia, for rule by .IAIfVIS & ANDREiWS, BIite'lt corionnncl end''ehapitnr uhl.t ae nei t wit ,u (i S S rate St --" *" n I'PI. I_ lo ln ,t o ito rove, I T' lli te,,1J) r F Iro, -Irt-e t s F N il - nr , etilc eerl1 le or'-er modpinn op ll 'ri- inCo S Mail Iegsltillonos. Gr;Ili rI.rbLtrn .llar is closed every day ul ItI i'clnik, A M--lr ida evrry day at I2, M. 'ITp ICrpr is rilored every day at halfrr.'l 1 10 A M--ln due with thie great Eastern Mail, overy day. tver Lkre .llrilar (via Covingaton, L.a.) is clnaord every MBlonday. Wednesliay arl Friday, at Go'clock, A M--Is due every Tuesday, Thursday and Sathu day, at 5, P M. The Louisrile or Rircr ,ail is closed every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, at B P -t-Io sent and returned by steamnboats.-Arrivess irregu I arly three tinmes a week. Thre layou Sara or Coasal .ai is closed every Tuesday and Friday, at 8, P M--Is sent and re turned by thie steamboat Brillint. The .'1 le.randria or lcd liver .laiil is sent irrngu. larly by steamboats, twie a week. M oasisville or RIiver ail. Manday, 1 Wednesday, and Closes at 8 o'clok, P M. Saturday, s Conaet .\niil. Trisden..ty and Close at 8 o'clock, P M. New-Orlehnsn Channber of Commercge. OPralCERS FoR TIHE YVAR 158. S. J. Peters, President, A. Quertier, 1st Vrce President, W.L. Il odge, 2d do. COMMI\ITTEE OF APPEALS, FOR 1838. Jatmes Dick, Thomas Barrett, " John A Merle, II C Cammanck, Jan II Loverich, Abijihr Fisk, GEO. W. WIIITI, See'y. L(lIl IA NA FURNITURE WAREROOIYIS No. 53, Bieanilo street.r .'II.I.IANI R. iC? KNII', wa hi hecipvl'crulli ia .I'V f-rla his t'riel rltad h ictririre tiat lie r t ' n i stanmly receivifaier ' Ne1rl Nw rk rird liceto a corc i t nolltllt of'FcPrrrir crI cr, iraal ailal cir n 'h ,irr, l nOfieI d.tetI,,Rr rn1tIe oIrd lRillred Irhairr a ir, lP nnd 1 cherry bedsteards, alarlllga ltl 'tid cher rry trbles I f t.illi descriptions, bllreaus, toil;.ts, secretitrye, w riln,. dlkc wardrrhers rf aihrcena y llerr% Ilas. i seds, orokiiag gliaesre, l'hraen-, thedrdirrg,&c &r'. Ni iI rniiturciirirked for traeisprrtrc ticrr will gr'rt care'. •nolr ATE OF iAUtIIANA1.--rish (t.rt i1 1he iarish and .iry of New Orleirrc-'r'shr'l, ie 1cn siharlc Mir.tirn, Juige. No. i(199 Cliii n cichards vs hi' reriirrs and the ceditirs r rf J r hi it k Rovd ' ll r Thin cess ccil el I rl'( el'ty by ire ],lhimei is i ccrlr'r' Ih teii Pollrc rt r t let f llrret it or Ills trti ' il rs rclrt Ilter (eritrIoelo.ttcrllltl rI Iltvc'. It i. or erri iIII1l said creditors do 'er in the lr 'e r f 11 ' r en:,f , El i r notlay intririi, trrr F iridy rirh ' tih dry rrf'.ltlalrr vr 1i:, thien arrl there to dcliliir~ alc IIrrrr rrr e r. fl r r iFe ll+- iu= snivent, tldir irin nemrrr crrr all p eredinit nr rrttl the a'rson anI prpeI.rtl el anid Nrewrcor Iihardt r srtlell--t is fIrtrhPr nldererl ilt t Mlesers ,Illlmor llll lirr e hra llirt i to rlrri P n he r searal i reditors ill Sthis cnas. Jyod~ dl ,iit Alti \ND) PITOT, clerk. Clc rk's O Ikec, DecemIr 1trt. 1:38.- dec 1- il d T'I'ATI I1 4 tIrtIFIA E--t r dr pa-ie Jli o tIn I'Y 'irl? s ..e elilh"· llF ht Nile. Orll'ialls--l'rlm II'lholllr (:lde~hrlt Mlrr ise, ii ugt--i d itt ue it , S38c--Nci. 1Irr --Nicrolr'ln %lictrdrrvs, rye ril-lrllccrtprr et l's creanecrs de Jiot si lcvdl & Cc. Ia c-si n des hietns d plitic s rlltlrt l et icr' ' I tlnr in torr' i henefide ses ,rore taeei'rs e des e'ren ,wrsde John G Siconle r .l i c rr n rd circ'rr er clillcIt. dlla repn'ir 1. ell'lien ell I'lqtlldP lie I1 B (·villll..i iioi. pllhlh.i. Vtlllrln~di, 4 'nt eviery 1 hin our d,'li Orcr s r, l s helv ies,I dit in aoctlvableri e ttcll t rllhlnt rtlllttl i ilelll.rllitaa IcatOrrIc. In l ea c'aitn'll hi c irll. t r c'l ir re'eotrt ir 'crhe ,tcnr . bS ior - --itR. I:l.or A Kitn. I rhe i c irrt rencoiret.l; - ret 0 ntlar Iemns.Ay ire .l thintrii rtlcl it rt I '0ll ill r--rt + irrr l dli G rrlll e, it 1) let:1. 18ll·'t:18 "IIIII~ P1. A I M ,\N I ) P II. t CI'' C, :.r+.llier. rr... . . . .r. i ttIr i tl r . i lr l r T IIIIIr l . It tt'Ftr'rr lrr Itr t cit rirri inrr ret t l..t hait ec it'rl'r eh Nir allrl l llSh r l ind a rc 'ii 'l - 'rrtllrtrrlr nrlitl ,t ill h It 'll[ lllll 'llV I' II-ltic Ill( c h e ', I L rii aneii 'toser tn rier m~ fvm si mh l~l.. Iii n piiirl ll~ l willlllt , l,lr llll · lllll \it| 3 G 'od.lit' F 0a r t I . th l iv l ll h l IIF I .IIG ~~. (l·c:R ii l / I\d.\ [ B1,lit, r .,tii h~ ll l i apr ii!. allll I sh rilu, lll~ nd rlle ll s l ly I ti ll *Ill tIry ti tll ri c "IIit'AN2-iO mtit.' ror itit l eol ire, td Mnit' liiit-li r i rr rit I . l, e If I:r'''e,' te a tre ir-ir th "r',' , i ,I, ., ,i,, , or ,vi , '1-'- \-Jil I·I :--+ilrl l I· ~i, ·· ~II . +"i i J+I,, a~i ll, -i1'- i;, , ·1· ,.( tliX ri t o llritn'rtt rI 'r e iiht\ o II l -itrE i S icii i ccccoi- tic'_,. d -i'r'.ce;;ad 'cc- I I lb ri Ict lcltti a . r II l il' ) o· it n l i, , a ri c' .1ri a t n ,, il, e t m Tf vllll eryrel uct.i:- v,. ,I hh , to . rid 1 ditto i o' l' ii' I +CI', i r n l Ill'lrlli'l rI' rPr-l' i rillll+ ..... i t onI: I- I )' T r.i i\I ,\hn it II. IH w a I l, i s 'lrlil Tlhll lll )( I I1 1€1 il 'tlr+,IFI Ill'l li ~lt" ;'P' llldllll t . ·l..llt( •ot h W stIerTill I Fe a s r v i, an hIll ,',il h by It' 'l'due l ix: •" I''Iie is ll |l'l l illll I[1, E l lll llllYV iii h t ' If,': tlilll. Illh lli lll pha itH , r~ic'I . i T Iht ' Ihu , alt lr. e i r ,t mIrtlf 'e Apotterir' r' "t "t"'r arIt . . .., S1(I'II> I'llrl"'d 111 .' 111., II Ii11:|,, ~l,+li llhi. 11(' lil,+. -lib·11' l!~~1If 1( `111 ·(ll llll I., Ih 'llnh'r il · I,,/hn! . v:,, I .;thll. I t pt,'= h o - I. ll le l r iii l, " tart, aIito 't.r lnr 1111 rr irrracr r Ilra( tI ot 'l rtl. y i.ti P 'lcite t IIt-c s l~ lill lte i .aIc ,t- Il'l l l l IIe'. tll . lllll il 1 Illiii'2 .'Cill 1II(·rI hPl lalill IIP ll m ,it ¢' "llg i I . .I· ivn aii~il I 11t1t I~ill .ll h/(.,,,,<I,. )1-1)111 ill1r.+lll ihi.l ii>,71,,hlrlt'r i ........ i ll~l~r· IITlilp·i Ij~ihCiiWi h'llhlv t.I,;tlllll'. Ih Will'llll (l ii1'-l tllle t ' rrr t -lll, ar'rrrr I r'trll'rt+ rr rhlrr h t rt'. it ' WI e inth tr .hllh tt r l- i t h r'i iin't rt' l I ttP iilV I1trer i ,l'-t d rrrIi'lrl'rl' ilf a r lrr'ir It iei.tttt- I l lt t ie 311111. 1 ' hIral. irrid 1 ir"''1c141 e1r1 I tlllV i t\itc '1a ''1 a (l 1r'c 'ii tttl rr,ilt h' 'LhoIiPII nil l llscr l ll·r rv l llll I lrh,l ci- i h l'e I.Illla (b t're a" .l i 'lre rtttiiic Sw fe l .11t C i'r'lr Vl rI v rJrIr r , iir Itahi r attilnt' w i ,I'n l , Ili illrllhir';llP lie th, hti roerll iiihca t tl~i, . .''to it c -i aedire hill Ita trel ,ie Ih iiore lrititirrwli ,iteic-ca ith i . 'taie orrla totti rri rci , ath l Ihreraitdr'tlrd Aiariredani.cirltwcithI+Ie'.wlv hlitdt IIi4i,elorI d mh" by IIIr,1I J~Ln II. RowIIrod, at his. I~alerahryi~llrkct O it~i 'hihhIe& Aihhi.ilv Toti susrb rs rr th, icc~-ahctr 'i'ei~rrirrrrir iat 'INTM-l4 . tIN I -o t.l ougri.r o,, !lie 3Ilo , go ulio i, a eru BH.I ( I' L. h'I n 'v27 I124 MlaOa in e at U I A t LJG , I - A , i~ ad I t II ll.t.- t i o ,-a i. v . a n d AIOIAo & WIll!11Ill Ib.,lw tJ e CitO., fo ?. h' Ito, 1k, Ililii I ICl.Vl,--aU 0 ticrces iine iplllll I(itP ll] r: ' I A---\llIo'll I Il , .l'o1' 1lo aII o al n OIoitI o+ l I . 1.R lll Ib . lllr l tI r l Illoo, I t llll, (: llill .l l - lt,oo l, Pl'esonto l I he lh,.o lall Ch,,l,,, , .hluriooo i Jutli e. No . IIo (itiJo llllII, I. rhaII'IIn itloltlolill . I.I - (I'n V+4 tllIll (II1'l~lihli' ~ll i rI((:l'li lii arid )IlIii Ill-l ' llt. irclnIlllb ~ :.tll·X ul e,·I I( i l /l(:( ihi ca l, It il ,..IlII I,.1I' UIh, olt tha, n i tllt lhlf·io, the CrI l oLturN,,.8 Itl h lo -, takel platc iI o eni .olur'l tn nidllh y tht I;*h d v ., fairlC int2 hi in niverntan nd inthemllnl'll ll l lall ti. h pointed Io l ol htlllt the. ulr' llt or al'itn l.n Al M -fYil 10, nolnlt Ih llllii (h l h 1 nlCiii lllC,- I, .l· l ( 11 Illlllll tII 1U I. .l R lilllll. N I - 8 ilo I - JO Inll to l oU o l s, t oet I i llit d.l lllll .N1kt" ,, i 'i , I .oello o tsl l Clhil M ii a.t ir -u l, dun o l d ,'lomt,, Iull. .1 lto , d hli. e d libiv r , .ot r Il0l , 0 r01 o I'llI iI llltul0 llbtl; i "" *U lt lGl' t ' ill II t h l '.l, ' iL. it'l ! I N~lIlllle ii III . Iltllr l i ' LIlATIIINIlli' hd llA , li n rlIS . t, hiirll, nolll I:,C o t.el, . T he oo l. 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