Newspaper of True American, December 5, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated December 5, 1838 Page 1
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Ilrl, 1 C:rs. NEWV ORLEANS WEDNESi)AY MORNING, IECEMBEI 5 1'3 Vo.--Vl No 1824 "'It,.r.t. Ilf Iht. .I.'etrI)Pulwr 'r,.s.. n]" Neroa Orh'.u.ns IIIl.I1 il.'lilll-·I IC.'zr+',' t,. Il l i1 1 tl)l~llll'· l., I~l+l'|('i~lt 11 lIrh I~rurhqrhphi On t J II 13h oif Mcir h, I:l7. yB seaItc li)tIc u .- w .' IrV i. l )III fcl . ir th dl ily N'. u,[ ltle l|1 I111:a [Y+ di t "(] l-|l,l|''t vl' Il)1F [V el~ llv, i B. I. a* 1/111+ Ir illrr I r]-\v~t l ve ill~ lltl v" .t .t'~l', IItilvllbl '. Il Ip b~nlin lloT will be diplotiui nil+rrlngn oe w<iihie'iinigeiit.ntinv....' I nn.l.' Atlv~nlsns.'tlntan.-eritct aid Tra*'e.'t, ni+.tled|. III gea.e of di "coIninrauno ~l, 1on1e week's Inotic., a its dlaylll n u ai vEaris a y givenl|, previous to (t ovxwrII'IilNmI.-- IP.(On do l"llr er. qwalre for the fir.t a cuerti i .a'Id hk,f thanlt price l r ea'lic e subeothe oni : t anljy Imateral'1 al~teratio fmIrom theP origTinal advetyrlisemn t ll will h e I|lrP~l sqa re I n tIhe+ het11 tin(nedsl ort d al r t st".I sng i shhme, mid nx o both huga -s Iut 3 I er" llant, i~mn Enha lO'fe:s 10 p ter cen. nale public ilicti,,tith,, din.v d,,llri in linih oniy, na,,i eighTy bhr both hi~iAin. g ;. lhip tl dtenmhoit atF,,e t}r . ao r tis .necilt n. nr int llty .liri ill EnglishI N.(lltlllI \lltY S (II )ITIOJII {¥ .OIIR" I l: atI lmell ill:Mt e Ulen sp tin ,tiill' lllhc i t' N.a i ls o ll]nert , iiii. €1~111 [~lltl |r *qll|l~l( li)i. tlhl+. lL'e+ illIl~l+i~lll l I e~ll: I lul gled $1.. f.i.lm g idc ai .'. I.'\YO' Li iLL I'E.1' hv i , I 11 11 i., ii ll:ltlllr (. \Vll,,ll tllltl-ll+lll', + rolil ll II1 CILlb'~Irgl..l 911}I, A, r l I\lV itENtl', i., h ari't1 i s I are ta11 n 11 r ll II hant |lll thllll: Fis lltlrl ;Il h'lr I:I·III. itl I·lai l sl llllh.I)I.: | l~l' tof (:l lll. oil P+.l l¢P. ti lll thr he post l'id. ld" 1I|I I' lllr l-l'li ++r. I1·I .t ll' Ii. ~lI, Illlll'lioll, 11II htlllll I O'ICE iiOlI I TIII P ' URi'il i, L' .-Uo u I nti l dl'w . "i r nllll. l eio.wlllnIh ( llllle i lll.i'igne having l i nlaoi t, ,.1o ,I htrl '.llly ·lv' II 1"CE J~Ii ukrl IlHlg,'(· .'.qIll bo imlllishelnl( CoI i 1 I 'Irc V IIl' Imutillill 'n'r.'l i ll aWLI. n ta i ied tARDN PEiI)! NTRE, '|l~l·ltltl'l,.l :IIiI 1 )hlq" 1llll1: .'1 1 llfl~l~lll~lllllilllt. lllvrl~rtir i u. Inter iit iliy r i a rl es , Lcii' i..g Ioi ' .l i hre Ii - h ,',aimll, c nrllf yi 'LI tILL plll tlllllII'.i iIi tlr, in illli e \ I I'LL'i~ i<.i~iLI-I ,L~iLLL,'LLLL, .i".lt~'l..~' will cn, ihn.ii 'l II n'. l i' L il.. il. ie ,,Ir f lr e iac - ii i i e "i, '•i 'e a ' t ')\ II,' I IIIIP illl lll 'IL " I I' L . dillllfll I V il c\'lllilt n pNit I . i I " tl Ni i ll:;"l '''" 'l~lg ''" IIII ; I.I. 1( +111,· 11) I/ 1 1I I l~ l~llll tll l ll l lt I. I; 'L ; .Iii 1 .'.. 1 1 l'l Il. '+h) ·1. :)1.1.111 1III /I LI(: ll'1l 11('.+ ll ) it] Wl'/lillll (111;· lll4)11(h I"ll(1. J.l~l".hltnil lll? YJ lt )I(' IIlll i. I ),w l Iti tttNl+l )'ll 'ilhtl]' Iil'n LtI;r llllr l I hli ;Zl~li tl. ill 'l III,+ VI' lllClVL. I Itllxll'tl.· IIF Jl ll ·I"41" 1LI iiii~tl J i'. I, .'L r.iLL~' I L X .ill .'.'. J'L'. I''c'''L'I, Li .P. I Xci ' gJ. e. I'''Li I rI' YLIL'MS'iT p' LLLL3 i iitLhLr pii iket he int iLit it Ladyll axi : t'I 'L Iii· supply:I of) II FOa al~nd As? rgu mail' c iio i airt ihir t It a an ILL . ub Alit t t iN ttii) P 'i'r i(t1 i, chiv II11' +tl l e II.J, i ii. lt il, t Ill tlL) ' ll'i('ii q 1p I (:het iieds, '' ole i tle I F'.' LL ic ii r al i p,,,k c.Lrc. LiL L.i.i~ni Intry·1. 11.11 Ite ior and Market: 1 Gird\Y!I -no.'~lI~ oner 111,r ,t tl l ow t alm=L most rea nabic rat , bthy. 'in' 'L'itb 't i'L l tiiti' LiciiL oF tILL thl' ll l.i 'll ill ' ictant p l '' I. II p l Sei , . . nl+Oa* I Ii':'' TI i T IIF. Pll' IC.-- nl' de rt llor ll S~clLo[ li ll (lr 'lrlelt } lolvn so u lma .,/ no c tIIL.t ul ll ll liv l 'LLriId n ( Lll . I, illl. ian h e . ' iLL ] LV I i'i .LL '+I ' I, llt i i I'I l I I \soN, l l0 l c I rtitI ll t ILri Selct i p Iill ' rll ' Lt a L, l IIIL.iL Ih liiLL 01 'i iti' 'of lli lt IhLOL l i i ro11 . III iL L' AOlt a thenull'rll i or 1 ll 'lrlsyn w lich 1 +e a f lll fllll ow 13X. tellli·. I"'. l oI". alll ·liltlli.fttlll rd1:111111 lhl~d ll of lt(' IIIt rI h\;IIIn , eW teIrIed' I Ii i .le h can i ll port oI'lh l lr.J n'Lis o, iLL. t iiL r 'Lit eI; e i nlllr~l hl~ l .CyI I iiil 'L i il' l .r I lln r n hcaving n\Oit llli, t io flll Vl'1 wall iller, ,d a tl nd ·!.gt a cins orthedir et re in hew s ork.s Iune cahe p|ut u 1\11ll 1;I( rit l1h+. Onet ir' I .gntil :.ll io' l' l-k a tIt lI (illlI' ;i l]I) ly (F I /l~IV II T r+' iii A sgI'·l |..l+lrll:, h )l'+·Lll. dllthldy I-'+t'i IIII l /lr 111'+ Jt.:l-l~ln l 11 ))1 Alll. iNTYS1Y~iPI LX 'lush, b e hl.,'Ilm . :r b<'. P,.rlh,'r t. a..-,ue IIwiIthIh mlhlr ;tLI lvlj' 1)·1)1-)11, ]( 111 +tl lI*+l;,l i(·C .)l~l]l tll·d)ivdlT. , hIIIH+ aLI nd - u. b ,+| llt,• rue't<l+ th,' pwar ki] , of I;. l,,r, . lrs w, h ith,'r ;v oe or rla r sl.ti e h 'abit wntt it ,,,inii+'i. lll: l t l.;itbl~·lsllll (ls l+ b dll r le .}LIIIII l. |.'. . lIsvllr llr lWitller llld· IIII Lr ,t (.,t)IPlrll ."h ll'.' I O l~l(r I rrii. l ·llt lll W ·l~it( lklll, : ITII.;IIY I I ir t(l~ll(,l ll Otlll illPP. ('it.iIniili,: itl ill 1I( FlI~;v lre*lu'h llI - r :n li~h II ll;~I ili s in l ·I [i.,r'onllE t t rd I n n (ph~ 11O ll h l' It l, Il est, \V ur M " I \ retuIrn Ii t un (.'i Il·.ii II , ll'.+I .t,.ro,1 11') (*t|FIttIIhP I lmt · ++lro01 ..111 Iit Nitor od'L- : N' ewa~ Youx,ly I lthr \noed, 10tl.r I'III'{4'II · or I'Gttll; ) Ilt "iz 'd I+,,III,; h,,rlm :~lll i cl Il.. ikO P.+ ; i-1,1;· il·li..I I ) ·, (hle.e nI IIng llh il tiril, RI. l ll, . •i.I1 +,.+ hl.I· 11ral'll i4i(· .1 il I (II . lhl+ l ·l 1II~t ll4l~ l lt tl~ll'l' il iI .,, i)Il· in Iii I I·il. llll l.n l I)+iI· .-1)i l;li.. i ~il( ij( bi t. , m o r orL lll I i i i i l'l' - Irll* l ,l' i lll e ill V" + L b ilIl h n PI :4 IS II l,.llrl, ,, LI', h,1( , IIIII I·Ii+ l~lj'PU S 1) II illllllli(I" 'I''II hlll ll l ,l llTt1I II~llr lll+ll\·~ 1,I lhl. )~ ,ll ll'- ltilI III·I J ' III.I' '. .I)~(-i.. 11, + Iv iiiIlli~(·litll(l i~i~.)llllIC h~II· l n'l:+ lrll le i tl fIl' il tIVh l al l d es rn- pi - . il.+l~n. ill,+,+l, (1.111 lP:,1 1 111. 4111 i I~·iill t+ 9 llslli'I·ll'.+ l1 (;I+, le,.imd \Ve' ku ,' , , how to , \ ol'hf ll, E I itry I ',,I i nt 1II rIII t'II tt+'·1· 1 ( l·l l~ll·-. (.d ,.w l~l,' 'I .+.llC: h'., l,;lllltlil. ll. lllm ilr~ll,f +'.t~l' I ll~l,141s il~: I! II.I II1 |I1I' I AIi'·l tlw IIIIIID.)'(~lIII< ...*II IIIIIIII+ \li l~ll l~lleltlrl.. lfdlpwi}il riiih Ii5 s-e. I) l~tll~lll ti tr' (:i'il- ln', I lw o tllla * tl .','+·1 II~ withItI lh," II. ll ll l Mrelr+ll hll· l~lt JIIIY 1 l Ii'oll ii I11· ,+ ·li.+'+I, i' lll tIlt- i (!li llljll .lht. lt' R it, l',X ll IIt, lll~l'.+ l/ll I '(.·olt ·II·I fH lt ,.lhe, -,·l It ,hllr · I:1I. It 1112, Illll, . - l . th i,'<:i l, the'~l I me ~ ii half a doz .llr'll :IVITVI Iil· il t li I.h~ lh ll i.CLiren,' *.)lll-.t ll, ,tl d ..tF till,<Ilni hv. h il ttr. F I II l:t'I, 'llL .,It llr llllll''lll. | iil· wh ih lu .,I,I l,,v lb..h hll-'ll~lll,· Iii I l~l~ll'?. ill+~ll'h.ll*( ll 'r+ ll Jtoh nll,' oi I 10+ liilnll vill . lll il P1tOS l'iCI"'l'tUi. 'fi'lR smhseriher p-opcsas to Iubllii.h, in thle be. inning of s the onsong t trl a Uin llll:lrsali(loi cf Ithe twetyr volumecs of theil l Ol and New Series of l:lrll' I,, isinla Leports, to be i co risedl in fo.r voluItaossco., accordisng to tlihe IeiUdl of P'eters' (C onn edl R:eilorts. ''lhis work is now is preparation by J. Durton l;rrisonl, 1sq, ol'ithis city, acistled by William F. ranll, Esq. 'i'Te Editor in also pernitated by a dlistinguished retired Julldge of the Supreme Court, nd hv on oclt f the sitting Judges, to expect from their I c'crsal .lsupervision all th,' advantage which olly Itilirally be rapd fromln their elxperilence. Such a work is hecomig cvercLy erday o ne cessary, as the original is voluminouos, expensive, aid llsirllco. An increasing curiosity too is lani st, in thie otlher Stales of the IUnion, in referenice to th i't'eli:tr jsrisprudconto iof Loutciiana; and the crcums|taneu of the nunerous principles here decs o1l te! ill I l IdSllottmtllll of conflicts of l oa s, nmakes thle klnowloldge of olor adl judgell cases of priile uti I)ty to the jlrisls of tihe who olo Uioll. i orovel, till, ri-ing repcssliC f Ti'',.ts has adop)lod our codes, :cni thlns there ioo grsat dooncod for tie lousiana ito, i~s oims a fruelt qartler. (C'lonveni.nt o~s, isodlting tihe piarallel caese ,idhyf at, indl o o'.als.ionally tehoei iit the to ,lde'lld Ito e 's[ ease. ''Iho wsmk wil sil rl Iin oel volitmss,o royal ss"o'ss. a.d waill e de.ivtred', hiind, to stubser.hrls atl $s(i per vcl.; in cawe it sholsl he lounl practicahle to 'onresi .ss it into three v'olumes, the pace' to sub. tr si r, will I. $7 per vol. Subscriptions received by 5 cr Camp and CoK. s. jo5 etc (inl7lc cnd C'olll'eun ate. I3. I'rower at, Le. I AYE just raseiveI ai t their Fmrnising Ware-hourse No. 17 (amsp street, by recent arrnvals from Fi op, anI the Northt, large additions to thIeir stock of i ll an aIr Olltenliltttl hom+kep.rin/t arlticles, whichI cel letinely (thley believe) form an assortment more genle. al and complete than is to te linot in any similar estab ishment known; contisting of WARE. Coftie and tea sets; pitchers, waiters, Castors, candle sticks, eups, tumblers and goblets; table and desert fioks; table, lesert and tea spoons; marrow and gravy, or sn goal slpoos; sllgar to!gs; stgllr, flace anti soip ladles; ontter, truit, pltiing and fish knives; pickle sold lrseet knives anod iokhs, napkins, rings, tc. principally.fro,, the maoultetory of Mr ii. . triner, of New Yolk, ,whose long established reputat;on for the manufaeture of silver ware is sufltiient guarrantee of its superior qu:litv. PLATED WARE OF SIIHEFFIELD AND) BI1 MINGHAA'. Tea and cotfte urn, tea setts; castors, liquor tt11l1 cor dial stallds supcerb calllet-lras, lad EpeCgues with tllile ror pletenux, ftr cetttre of the dinner or supper table; waters rolatll atd oblong, from f to 12 inces; Iee:f steak and vegrtalte dishles; rich dlis cverst ; cak ntl Ibread askets; delcanter standS; mintloe sand chamberl eandlelsticks; wilne stlrainers; coelers attd syphlttns; Itden ter latcls, clarert corks, te straitners, tasli biells, tien, I.i ltr, eggt tant triltattt'r stloOs; egg boilerls atl stltltnis lest ttra;en, ki . SI,\'l;lt ON 91'.EEL \VAItE. 'ITlhlt, atned kilvles, Itclrks lllland spoons; s a sane ladles; butter and lisp knives, cheese scoop;', s pa1ags tollgs, vegetahl e torks, tc. IAIPANN IV. Ietlli Gothic Sent:lwit at ro llellt crareI Wetwiters, in; soet anl sinagle, bee t to 31 inihes; do tltt t/tier ntte;t/t tbread, elteese, 'ill knitf trays; large ntright pilte warnirtl;n spice, sutgar ltll rsh boxes; pressing etas; Idia :ltl tables t it neitts, catlllils Jappi [tllanlllaS li el rich tortoise shell, lite. An extensive stlslrtat ttAMlltnong wrllone Astral Imoll, all tronzed als ill, atlnl et'riclt cnl glats; mnt laimps d, do, eai;n ptlt ad with glatss pristis i very splendid ci t gllass do ; breollnei l altl aInp elldll sidc orl bracket lamp', Ii (iIIANII IitE.IL .S AND IIIAN .;i lA11'S. Engtlish and Iteclh ctl glass echandleliers or hlstres oft 8, it, 15, It, ''tan i+ hyito; Frech Ilbronzed t ll it irer.ian atlmps, 3, a4 anI lights; h:ll lanes and lan terns, rich blronz boat or centre laltlpt for dlrwitg roonls, rfnOt tto ; lights, tlt sttadesa , s las ani I ANT'I'IF CLIOCKS, tIANIILE.IRAS ANDI VASKS. lBronzed land marble; hlwtlized tlad gilt, ad aill gll;, wil, tixtrll, etc; etuntintg house aditl l kitchen clocks; ilronsed inkslal, % Esaci t. I; paper weights, thermomller elrt, idser. it llrakonasetllnstiea etlt (CII1N A WARE OR PORCELAIN. Engllish andl I'ntlll dining dlesert tl an lltllell ser vices of plain white, gold edge, atnd very ritch tancy styIles splendid toilet setts; water at mil lilk pitchers, mintle Iases; l ay d alitock jl Is lll kets. FIAIllIIENWA Il' Dining, dertilil ll, Wil & Icn-ie, .relkfaii st and supper setts; <itel ware; pitchersl. Also, (Jnluon china dinner sells, C i' (LASS. I)llecanters, pillltc erll ; lrett : d t ll lle ck L Ideen res; blowls, ishetsl iceltery lt es,I s:lt slants, sugair hnbl bhuter tubs, finger hl..I n, t eI.i i .l ,.· alin , chnlll lpaigl , claet, IorlldialsI le llllle and jellh glasses; Iline coloredI toak gltases. Aln, can Ile shale. TAIillI it(tT'lIlIY. Fine ivory talatce handles, sell' tid and ho'k hatdlh kiirs ani ll orlllks of l1 a4ll5 l nd. l}, 1. , , . lc ' s he i lll; ivtor) handle knivs tei) itr tilve'" Il'ks; gtarlI e: l .llie aeilllrs; long slicel, f nunl beef8 , o~hlttt ktisti., eel ra cstt I e ie s; sugk tne, ok scl rw , 1lc. litI ITTANI. ANID 1I,0(;K 1'toIN 0 11. Tea ant pocm e salt; and urns, \ ill. I And '2 lacets, blet Io totls and Iteambwas; O ptt nsled lout:,; I'lhe ll lih ' i v, i I'.em ,,? 1 s " Isn o' ,'h.tting tI h ls; dlish ace lts, tplte Iealll, c. ll ',' glteeg i; l.i krttlcs o S It s witlh* ht'lll l a, e g hail illl' ltl. I Il S I" It C V IIt AtI\Vtl I. ' al s all. nl In iret d i ':,s bras'd t'lul h ;li n ss and ste+,lu ratl l v r d c ket le t li: tli l bellowi I l it l alll i ei t ii1., V Sia Il i.,iS a i i .n ll b"g pI llt. l , I ells\ F Jl'It.TItI -osIV inglV irtn, tin, 1.h i .sl, e rllp. rcI.t, ti1' l. ee lle i,. l l g a c ectio. l lit 1 t ly. t qliatt: a ti .ir iegaed uit vitain ty puNet s t , 'tn IIcan Ibbn in I ti;,'s'llilltlt I te a N. ner. faunIts repaired adli ret rozd f I If lI: Illl la' '-1)llle. tsa. JO'.st 'il .1'..t / l t /,TCT'-ott ).a(L:r; ,\s I' i l• lli sthtllhlagn Ila" e(ee a;l tht elet, i :lch .11il I'.,enteIr, tilne. 5 e1 ligt zin esa, New le($ ans I . I lirl i ll e I t ; t ' ,11 1 Ii ) ll. ee adtutln aitn l o I t tt sn ao r an - c Lnli ler, anking will thes ild Itle anc, Oeill; r, Ims, .41. at te i er sew, or $9r ye (t it pte aw, tt t it; i 1l hl . 1 s 11 tlllleW t aolln fe. ders, dll \ c' :4 2i U 1s stand, at "56 23 per saw, or 511, OW r or di. of 21 saws ltilt d(i. o(, ll 40 stws in a Sstrtl, at ;.50 tper saw, or 26t ( S INil 1 (.I INS. For n single gi of Sit sane er' tre, with I ae slet ti'tr ders, hland, t ;t al. mtiG le saw, $18i Itl " Fordll. iof 60 saws, with teeters, & at $i lFor thl. ofti saws, w ith feeders, &.c. $6 75 per saw, 300 th is For do. of 2t saws, with lreders, &c. at S7 1 5t per saw, 150 it Id Extrateethltwheredesired, ftr ieer, supplied a i- Stl cets cash; the nonher of iteth being ahout equa o et numbter of saws. Itesnett of lieedtrs, it is ocan sidtered however, will wear out Itt t t three sets o it sow s. Extra saws supplied tit 8i cellts eacih. The Glins irderted, will be delivered to the agents ll planters in aly of tihe sea part Cows of tihe cotton plan itr -t ta elste tilme ron New Yorkt, anti beeOtii rt. Atl sis.,,sible 'ie thle aountt of he A lain wrilgh s willbe sent with the Gins to put then up where tit ired; tiihe charges for whose services will be ext-a, bh ty i moderate. te1.ns. Sm|ll steal, engi es call ;also be ordered it" de- i It cidesi:ibl, when piuttller, give otrders ft( Gins, thi' shouId aceo11 ny thlwh with heir i views ill rcgall 1t arrange entrolo saIws, bttstt, ushes, c. IttI llargerdal(1mIe.oe1" Iii,, otlhelrs. The lt 11111 o nui n uII. is I Ilr III inclllhels; , sollle wis li theI 'L illnches. So te wish 5 or fi lows, I hrl1ihes lo 1 n ax1 , ~" hiln others die mw. teeth to the incht, while others want to or I I. \vi llle 111,5 of g1 , lc ll 'tnl llll..9 fi :llll n Illi n hCllt ill Ii '1tY i I I I: h a e tn u t Ithlll I ti It ttlt. tt i - t InC ill t tl 11:u orulV here it is l,1t to our discltionll, ,c shall ! " 0 ld )IIIIsl)IIII he e rhl 4tlh , I I l i lint e it is relllllllr ,l in the spae eih It o nile weeks, n.l the in il . I. l .Ain the l:llhd l :of thte I'etor. Oll e inll tll I a ti e n. lt rp, all l orde il ught I he in llh hIIl s of for I tl 11iots llltliei llt s I te . illn conIo cing to N. I II T e t l Illh-llihtor an o, of the etoli, ittv 11 . itrob l \1ei, c i i ': bc nel a in T -,a &l lIIt) Ia e poth bol.h .h and phlal,, ;io burls l ltalimore {I--il Saltb , f I,':rh s iinil Vit'ri'd, i iarrN I So"i, l1(r1ieur lll Alcohll.llll.I ,\lr'h.. . irlts T'ur ,lcnllti "llne, , arinls, Wind"l ' Vdw \la, Piutt, together withll aull us n nrt i tof Medicine s, Dye- stll'-, Paints, t11., Ac., ilbr sale l t the hnoirll l pric . s rl e In or Biit Ia1l.'I, I,+ JARVIS &% ANSiIE\VS, \Vholeslile I)ruggibts, niotdl' I ,cur (C:tLt oni l allnd Teiholllll il,. Ist ALLA AD D)EEN IMAlIIoMED'S DYR. For chaiging tho Hair, IEue brows, or Whiskers to) a pernmaeUt Brown ,or Blak, by one application:l withlout stallilg tho skill ,,r Ino liest Ihon, jual Ororcived by BUSII & ALLAN, I 17nov Fanlcy Store, c. St (Charles & Colul. , L W Aad Tlivt e -ll-; I. uthll,,er Iii lbe llli'lT , h'ronII h I'I) r u1 r r Itll< ,| , n r ll rull tlCall the . ' of the pidll e toha lt e fh arII III Il II ' i , . r, a. Tih l, Ils-e i h e, 1,r 1 u nl hi Nuilil Id : riu; 5 l ilto to e fiia i t1011) i5 hIal b "uola superior )Ma ly :od al-, I- lenldid arntle oft ilk h )v, to elil c, tuna ;'5 1 alr! et, whole-ale sand t* li l 1 t\" ,BORN, 1I ml op N I Citvy and rolnltry dealer are invCied tllo all. le l) " BALDNESS. A BEAUTIFUL head of hair is the erandenlt rna Imnent belonging to the humnan fram. How stt nce Iv lilte Ioss o i ihcihneei thie ce nninunIeiarn promo' sp Inney to reitl ,t herC niil)veried, and sometimes even to slht soafeiety to vnii th 10 d11 rl tu sneers o their nquniri.tnner; the e r imli eror leer lIvit re con ieqlintly spent in retirement. In shrt. not evenll ft lees iof .iirlv fille tile iierrron Ilhinki yuth wihl tdnt neavv sinkin" Lohmm ,sF don+. fhe hn-s" of his hair. 'r a, 'rt nil llle(10 nl della-an! (;irenm81 .t e. Olh'idl(e. firlt appllientin, nlld a fiw I ftle, r-toreh it na:ion. It liklwise" prnmlncv a ebrows nl whiskers; prevents tl,e nnir Irons uI nine rlIv. m Iakes i It Inr binl ifll y, nind telie= ihi Ci~ sIImi'u NIi' ulll,1 ertir e s 'of the firstl treelta iliiv hin iipir! of fhe v r e es of Oldridgll [3 lReal lthe iiloivine: l,)hert r111 m lo, s I. lnte h111or 1 1io)f Pl"ilall ph hais r'erl i lIr' ,t t iay - se.b en hel)D,- ti the high ch:trt T he l lrNi f .nuil, r , It liii , ! ,e od f .r ( Iol hi.l di A., 1 ,1 by h I. I)hhrid e. at d ve Ih Il l h v, Ic l Arn v' a trevet. v Si ll l Iiher I It . hair, bllt oa i . h ll r l e .ter \Vf.II l \ 1 TI'I 'I'('ii H I, 'l ,nii r, f l .lhohlist A|illi-nq"r il I.t 1'1,w 10 r. , Nol 1 No r h 'ifih t. . N11 :\ I IN(I.[,,.i 'Ii hA, i ie ri- , . J(aI\ l) 'l'llrIAw , 311 I) w , h li i:l irest rih e t ie I i l iiit e n L1 ne ne d orf e ll"r .;1 llI , Inl; l i icle:S rud, r est. ni9 ,111 l, , le Arch stre nt. It i" l i.e l wn llr.l til il, th lb e w Cn te II elb i a e orve tIha Il :1n wsil l se , fund h11 1 ,itl .r ,ill-el Cr lifw ll.r clm o r n ril' a r:iy lr.ii i1ll , uo rt \Ve airur . i nr o" sa ti s ct 1' Tide el ,', hr,i hv l',i llyIIif I I tir el Ii -Iwi h Cihiri-i, 4 5 i , t ,ors ot J H dl i t ol, he urolines oir signed ill II iliw ,irit liie rn ie stl h1ve I"tns,h e11l will lie mld he e civ to thle rifleErt weater: I ce e ilne sti wh-rii i f il hiol e e:l'P lo set lry e]lert l eend mino d th is oIre tln ive - he A tlaslh rIeIlc hat 45e ihie o'l.h (;nlie rilhin a plierid s.ravned wrpprie, on which is reprented athesiif, nId tie sicd in 1iu ,fe iliel. n and c renil IIIy tlh sio:ie reil fo(r nes in, ir e d i. lei iher slr(,, lie 'r \sldri 1.00ei , i ne duiei beil in allntrl.,e ml by i stiii A-eie sit e of I aetrfu nr. t nigH .]i ,h v ie(uIgl' c age i (licill) &i C(I1' la gutrs leigi themIOsele to as been expre as im cill run bacetwcle, to realeve Srs, a.nd gwill b fo ind of li t ale draft oe water. will be iarld to iil.vaeur all'alison goods lslippe'ld, ii re ire. lIii- liips nill lence the letand IuLh of every moiln. helr lrliht oir liasgei, elpiy ti the egente. J A 31M RFlTll'"l', 0l colmmaniei st. N. B. Aedva 8cemnt* meiiiecc onCecgesnmOts line is composed oflho to hlwid g sh&p: to Cherokee, 41 tos Capt. Ilarding, Carolina, 4TNI11 do S Lis-A eel, l arld e 7tincur fee the itev) Eild AgiUe, I(cluri anal recil,. U6e25 do ritl it rker,n ci. ccrcelloucchaSi 1 834, hypeiruIe tlhe hilihey. Tiie abchillt i tis are cityw,as stated iI the ait ed is redllicile is rirplird, rmlirornene, d l men ueraen extnsivcely usaei ilie aliebiv diaieeros wiilh osucli diOigr.a guit exli d iIIn, hlcee lar e iraiietCr of t'pu rtcip,.e s ,lIecn t iland the ry el.-t of tl ir prob. he ic its irerlllt form in tle heoi 161 it tey be the mcels owif rell hvin.g iny ofnd hose who are sut tring ullner tlle sldcur g of otrile eintr It issel a odicldtined pi arrving greathr svicl, eilld y en Igoed accill in ll tes' bi lirectiOt ed. A si er of pilatr of agff i slig a i r, and ll in te ill et ldge tiiitse sves tge of tme disorler. It is net at rall ial to receive, d rsond of erward go ales scid ane h, ind childroen may Take it witllilni leave Itrengthens the digestivery organs, creates aci ciuhietite, ndc srldomi rquires moret tha nfrght, or uIs obschiiee cases two aolntes to fct a cure. T. e A re is ncI Ier imerunry nort. arsenic in tie medicine, nor any tling injurioes to tB Ae humn eonsetilttion. e pou eprlinor ntre so rell conviced of itsl ic cyrd t they gCo to refund the price oevIry bottle wiichl has beesd Coken in csordancs with the ilirecteonecnd has not aeffctd tap eurnfct crte of the ver ague. 'A. OlIVER, note genlt fller N Orleipare , at this origisal re and retail drug d t edicin stare, i d corne icine is highly re nded, and hasstre. e ditin 'ish .d successtt tthe proprietor of. tho recipe has been induced to ufl'r it to the pub. js -- . . , \'.S,\I 1'1'.,=38 Coti ,t. U l, LitIli.Ji iuiiti)S. I jAY'S LINI1.EN'T.-No Filtin.--This ex. t1 raordlnary chlinicl conllllt,'ition, theL! result of science, ailnd tilhe ilnvlltIlln of a co:lhraytld medi, e:l Iean, tihe introdlticl, n of which to to ie pubt : Lwais invested wit t ie oilclinnic y of a dealbhed b Iluiest, has ;nley gaine id l re tolttirn unparalleled, hilly sustainingl the corrlcctnes of the llaented i)r Gridley's last ctmt.scoen, that " he dared not die without giving to pesterily tlh benetlit olf his iknowledge ol this suh ije(," tnd hti there'tro h l.qiathed to his lt iend anld attendant, Solomon li: ys, the steret ofl iit de)cry. SIt is now u-cd in the t prmcip( hospitals, and the private prate eie i lir 'o'inry, first and most certIinly iv r the clure o el I)Ow th-, ;and so cxten slvely and l ieltually as to ht lle ,edulityll, I icle wherer its etlitbers ,tru \ttm ltsed Externally in the tfillwin g clmpllillaeelts: lior i r;i ey- -ti:elt n.g extrlourdliary absorpe . ,ntt at on ior.t All sllings--Rteduchig thmn in it iew iours litinLati.hnt-Aeuta ot1 Chronic, giving quick Sure Throat-Ily (',inirer, trecrs or (ols. t'ru)p and Whoplg lCough--Externally, and lver the (lh'let All liirse, Sprains, and .ules-ulinig iin a Surus and Ch.i'--Whether fresh or long standing, and ilfevr ,res,. Its operationus upon adults and children in reduc inr rhlueratlc swetIIllntics, anI luueing coughll anti tighltnetss of Lhe chestey ti e e!xation of tile parte, Ihas been surlprising beylnd concepiion. T he ctnollinl remarkt of those who hivoe used it in the Piles, i:I "t It ilts i tea thlirln." TIH tlE '11 u tcS-TheIl ace, . is re'ituided to alty persol who will ueo I bottlle oft liay's Linimentl for Ill Pile, and returnl tll elpty bottle without ir 'Alig cured. Thosl are lthe postlive iordrs of the - Iproprietor to the Agenlb; and oillt of Ilmillly thou. sands sold, not one has I, eon ulniles felul. rs tlV might ilslert corlittliti.s lto ay lengtlh, but tn prefer that lthso who sell tle artleh, ihuld ex a h Ilhit tih riinnal to plrcehalers. ,AU'ltiION-None ram to genuine without a splendid engraved wr.appet'r, eon olmh to miy name, alsothat of the Agchts. etLilillN HAYt;. Sold whcallh anW ie etol, hI I'IiS'I'TOCK & h ('o, New Yhrk, and Iby olc ilhlggist ill every h1WiIIIt N tie 1he t111l. i i ior sale h le t'\lholeiale Aetcls, corter of ( tlol tu 1;,''', oaotuoulas doiete, and by tlie t ipU t :,' ge.ul. 1biiy. je3t) -I , a L.\I11 .-_ Bo I " I \\lt T" III:R, inn tct e I ' i drnl i t t. i ýr' .I, i lT tti . ll ~It \ 1I ,i re, r .tl \leIILitAi TI'lER, t.ot i at) ledraccc N.11,F.' COMiiiUND KXTIAIT uF TO t 1.t TOC . otttttt to A I I TI s run C oL( Mr.T.. T " FI{ | doct nl c plronlulglnated w ithl so nmuch assun.: nice , . b- many em|iries ol'll te ltresolt day, tilh one me licinet will cure all diiseass, is not, atllltl f*lt cll Ie tl.rue andl he whol asserlts it, is cid~wr a hi |ordIl nilil postor. lut it is a J'lct mllo.nlslltl'llel~l byv e~xlpeienllce, that combinlationr of nlmdicine m ly he illfled ll rnltlh Ilc VEGE'TALII.E KINBIDOM.I t1lal{+ Will dct SO, iV.i) ilty O Il the system, whleto ttlken sensoton bly, : tnl lin jlldieiott S Crol totions as to ott, ill lile <a .s ollt of tlll all discuses within tile reoHtti allt IlnW t" nltlliein . Prom the will kllOwll tllt(| est;l~ishll~r ·rl'l')tlltion o|" Chioloel, it hats Iong ,been emtltot, I y th t titlltic, and seielttiljo ,l.ysicion, as one o f' the t tIll powo rlil L ag ntt s ltnt tl, ' remo a o f diScoto o t . Ito niot r nll titest ett i .it,tt ls ot eet t lchtit' c,tt' ttiroo to st t ty t aUthll~rS ehlilrntd 'as Sllrt'ilies ix +.l' ,·i·)Iist·:ls,. i,le~i tioti"toi|iotot l tot'. loatittoit w l.l}o il~eti~e Eion s nluell s Ilo collllllr I I1" fol' :Wlr lll'.lte eh~rria:ln~ inve~sti ,,,,io hs |,o,,, lhil Ill,3 h~rre o~f rlost oi" thel |L'lll~lli'('ll attholicons, ke. hith bht:, t t't n trtmt ,'Lttted htLtfbl'e t tle m tntllllllittl, witth so tinth ', tillalsll tlC is ('lttmt tl, ot 1 I b sea < ne 81111 1 us pot n I. ereclt s :In inthwncler onI ther humanIII Ey-I·I Illi <lr· nll l. ll , (il el l l tlll , I lntt o t t it"' A,' thi lt, uilt ll t i ' co+",'itII i~,lI, i+l hl ill iIf lilt" ll11i l)1 (·1i1i'll1 ·1h l)i11 .fi(, t('lil·:ll' / - i. eiols ll~itill |I11l.l.Sll{'ll.PO1lio lllll Ill ·X"4tl'lllI Oll~ll .IU1)11· 1i, dli t t pr i orl he tli\ llll 1i (t llll . ll ill111 h thOat ,it sutl e i s estrod o'ion'm i dehl e , t141 tt,, t oo .r 't irt'' d t o t ilth' artic t h. t cli ln s s <i am .I . itl. l'rotll t'le h r uh . lli .,lts. S hit '' ' I iu' lcl hsil, l II, n aw swlin s th mf llI8 o1" the e h tte th\tttiit l iwig "r tcekein nve h fItalt, 1 an bh~ ei+<.ds toe the ing,'G h r qed th-i lnm thi r eah o al,* reni e, spl.,ll glt l lv t t h ,ilhs ts i, Il'l. i\lltl()lti 0 lt' llslll'li. 11c · · I ) ·!t ++: ;.IFI'!t m,.hmti~l ('.: 11 |;. i. ', e to th " " l. in el :ro the ,I .+' Iit hait' Ott ,,'''lik f't" ""ll 'I((IIS. " ·) 19·l " ! .ll~ ,. II~ ,: JIIV ,ll1 1 .X ' tV+I lo n i .i llrl nr(ill i~r i :I t (II I L II (. .l1L 511111:1 pi~ll wlll tl e I.e, that most of the d is f he outh :ai II1 llnl t h. , ethll ith s leist p Is t gnll icn oll uwl\ de rg.esi tlh:'llh. tlllen - !f 'eliver ; di, rece dwl· Irirattrl tIoIInathosear :ticleswh:,tIch i lnllllljt crll )l~l. thul t.:(115 (d"it+ 61;·(l tii. (li I.II \ll,,w(l,){l~l+' i itt mote t'i "' +l.t.. the t' t;ot', 't' - l tl' tot , loroio, l e p ns resear c ll ., io f resulltsofCl omel,~ i n bothII.I· I~l aute mullp~ lll chron illc dienes tl o t ot i 'ito ltl i nt Ilm1hll t' 111·· 1it j,)tlntio hto 1 Alo titto ital ', Colottt yttl t :o tttin tll t'oil toltSttt ito otoit itho t hlie a o rbtttil t o titl t ol, i t I It,, , ,'i ottl to. ottonce otutti t toto a rtce tl'tht [,otttl itOill t'ttttto'l itt " t is ilt'i<+ li·U+ il l, ( i r Sitt actt io 't l,,ieO ,l th l ~cn ttuti . e* a l . l aitll ioll ltlt it I ls t" n dl ingtllost Ittenli l t i stlo It tier - Sltti t t'ClO 1h 0 tilll t thyilltt' ll. etd hene l llii e- i Ai t rllt its ot' to ll' toe to s of t hi t, Ol 'lloIo R· ',S t Ii hilll 5tll ()Siiiiiitlli#D· of· |LllIIIIi~llltil|: (CI~l'lbL.ll' 1l:f ] the r dies C eottc ti. tOlinttttttti on t t i t h lo tt tot, itt altctttttr'vt tte tll~l 'el HllS| ..i .| o n t h bill s.,r: lll·l l Qi /rr.:m. /; ··· II · ,It'' is:Al nlisi'l,'e ill ll ca ses, wll wrl' 11 is nece+ ssuir It - le ne it lwII1 stomelsa nd bwtey ls. I. 1 m oin tleds sIp r.e I t c CditCes m .uilck ad haltlY .d e. io ; the liilse i S tlellt rI" (j (·ll.:l no th llt .l Id d Lilb din l s [ fusablt ll"e its ( t, itt pro uce n , l ee c.I rcu lati + Its :l<t m l iiill " ··1· 11~.11 111)ll.(· 1l lil~ i. I1·11.'\ " I| I O ):rl ji '·:l u o" {1i,1, .1: sitJill (++{+, i|ll{ 1(ils illi!Ilt'lltt' (II1II·It: ill, 11)+.4I', i o the (}l' ls on Sth ei o th\e b l'lmll l, t i tcc + !ie i Wll,.tlowi .11 l.'l i Ill 'iil~jl '|V I na· tlllit'es Lt,' II· I:lit~llt. 'ii i, t'-I o oInlit' Ib l repented tO tll r |!'ell t h Ill h t" bli ut wil/ · } er,+ nh pi i lll p }i n I ,) I olls ae-ma tO d intl . ti lioretic lu d p uretl ich. Iwte v~il. w p" "r inst ]t i sor · :II I , /jli.(.i(· h: CII, v.IIldl'l't 1 i. l~it~''Sl t"+ JI)1 elu,,s tlla a lndi i o]hor l . t l tie foll, owinill g cxt rne t l t he llthe is from (1 ' Cincin i Th,' l virtu llls ," thile To'ml+t:l o, tht• :l ! ot il l l lt'ilcioi-s hi I hheen i el i-r , .,id bie os n It'litis hi ch.. ,i I t y counltl Iie ell';tullh Ie d ,t'. iiii or ··(lIl It lik.d h' mI. tit. el(ll.u;.tlll i. l~llltl~l; 0l~ i ll: l~ll':ll~lX:l'.Id ·1nJli llmI of the iseas u e .. . . iir ,l'm dio r.d li vr ls, I loL ll l f cl'm·h - lanh me n t s i th h g l 'll ll lall· s s t ' Tlir iS esllP yLt'. i Cial I:l , in Ill <hals Ih n I ;Ith lt' s:'ls lnt i le s l"r w ,, disslle h fitlllill I lh illllill·ter. htlllllll ill it li istl tii~ion. llei~ilct lilll'lllllil+..l*· t h,. .hlll i~li h, ws++,f L li~1) Il; Bnllllb i. nothing hulll t nee ssity s tlthlll i ulc thel . u1 e f. vIt ann I be co'l ilerell 'd s tLesLp aill : on te ml" inCe o ot hrlh prof0lessionl to spcak; of this, )I: et: we srn be plermittedl to : ill' e 1 ttl'ti l' l rl tl:$ ll I ' I ' "', ''ll "tlln: ot bl e itellm, o"lrh ss, n:l l olis to tlhe quantllll llies toirz phe Tomt' il il Di m'+'tic. "1 i les, ti.lll pIll e ua s ocit e, - with t1oc Ir a,!;il l Jp l ,,lld ha,,v s\clucceded tin obtainingI·l 111 such an ·(I extract l·~l fro thnge hic as, it ishl oll , l+ ill e tTrtu lict.Val MI.I I ilu.. c I Thae taken some pain tl o nllllO, llal· n aIIIV II t nl| nlictl e flfects, af- wc liflel well salistl. e tIIhIa it wi ilil prIole a mo1 ist" v ilaltuale rmllylllin b .tio COi ploiltll'.tltsi, il, as h wte hlae beel able to IcRle i, it hti-II ee I lllllthe deirsIIe d ftfect, ncrthllil t l to pr uIe ul't' n II n ,II t,'lrll he livelel , proe rsug biliOlus disclhlargt s whlen nIeled,i -.d in s'i Ome u I heaac hel ehta has ben tinaliS n goolitl rms IlitP Thloll'ly who hlae iusie d it sayt tflhall it dloes , t .t,, lwl , od e thl+ eli a Itllltil th l·e is t Inchi tel aslid' ":tg frmill. " olhl s unerlll t I ts:Ll t thIlse hatile witoust 'I,. a n Id e ofl' s lthlle sot. Ift·Ing a "e i1+1 y cSF~fiel sv ` ..:tfi' .,l..t[ l iT 1Is..I1 I l hmlleil 1B(:llt l h ing ti ·le+" c I·OlSo I 10 II)lit~ iUliiili l'l. l~ld !it.· jllilen\ Ii'+ll llt; have~u toni asonl toi. h~op1|1 111ittillI Iu s sallatilng his extheti of th ilililtou will u \' lhtIitue t aIlomel inl a getant varietyv of calse, we can 0il - Inlod it as .a b i+nit+llg tol,( t!tl u isL U nl|'.'t'llll r Iullst"llft'5 ' r i hlsy .al ll,'midl Ir ii i.t lililil \hh not ,n i hu teled sb h sholihla {Hle tit'ite of.1 "a II hna c - i ' an l'fl ii vI t tll llh il d i-l lailll tI ti td wit'L'o. l h s i lti~et.ltt~~ih s. a e ria .,, I, "olI & II- r.I linn :11 .. - 1 ,,1 : ,',I uI II Ii 111111 1 , 111 " II " f.11 Il 1 'I `-'I I'.. ll. I':' ni ( l i ' ' t .,.. ,Itf I . ,, ,', , 1 . Eli u 1 'I' - '11 o" o(1l/(.* ;" i t · 1r leas inianallt, 1II11 IP flr flI l r rr. 1II f l 1i f Ilr. Il fIll , I ll .I I l1arhl'l I. l,,,f'lrl'll 'I , l,,"Ili ul : ,tIl "i.,,l s , I i . ll ,lllll, , II.I ? l" ,. ~ " III ' 111. 1 I A . 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H r,,'F .,, ,:_ " -l . lIl ;Ii .': II ..II lhl',,,I hmlh : h,,,, -h'.m dl. al T '1 1, I 1 \ ' l .i " 1. -1, II i. 1 11111 (II. l II.ill ara, i III: 1 ff1 I ff1 . ht1 f.ll f1s . i| , ll I',`1 11,, i,.f 11l i.i . Ia .. IIl , 1 111 /)TOI1 ,I 1 \ll, \ .111'1 ", \ ,'.. Sel i ,..i: . ,\111 ", 1 ,01f4ing fro, s' lt Ctoll >litll ion, all fohr 1 ale-- v :; 16.000.'.t ofll hlass, best lldualiynI I \I- I IO t Ist3X1.:; 1 41111 ke4 s w-hite lenad, pi r;, :l"l d, grewen p in i ; Y1i dulz splendid C 10llll 44i grolnd br44 4 ulltrs also i (f01t0 4and )0011 do; :1. se- cro ae green in po( wder; superior r article4 do do to Ians; a ll re assormnelt off a si loafs of every sizenad l nality; sablepeml4 s ifr rlists; ltlhn arkine >rmrllshes ti uer lllts; arist's c,,hlrs in oil ranh pre areil bIoxes, fitted :.p ith all 1ecessa.rv brushes; Flake4 III m It'lllllimtt white; G0 n11 s rgold lef; white and yellow wax; gwi, rarhie; andlo a lurge and € hoiree oS &c., for sale, wh4ulea't e and rd't'jl, nat4l, li w stl plricr, by MtONI)I..LI, rl ol'l·.lt.t-. [ - L . .VETW" E1DITIO.Y OF TH/1E ('I11 CODE OLi T has been for somI' til e wade' knllOwn lll ti p1llC, I lll .at te, oblllcrlbtll le rrl le rrlt i l prelll pl , r forl 'm inlc l ess nrw ell ilion f lthe l itial l 4 'iv'l el.. They wer. Ir,, , f te first, ovrae~ (f the wreit lill|.,ltV n I rl l l"l lllr v i r all llt tI hn h tilln lllolaia,1; t h noill .,l,, slin i w ]n llt i lthout ,reall t hP, tirn. u llll t flhow I 'c selalltd t the I kin . ut the4 l r nt"44I 4 4i 4I44ll. S'U t i''llig to ,h',at ithree tho4U4 lul 4oP li4s, mnid 4 hli, hld coit ile tlate lmolre thl an thirty'" ltho s.Utd dol)lli, ias ell irr iv l oul t IIof print. IFor n,,l e IIntll two vo rI:s pI st, ie usual pace of rhe .work ihas been from thi'r 1 to ftiv dollars. It is a syst4 m of wrtt'in, rules whih 1so im-dintely - I era4 es 4 po.4c44y.4 h 1 lver l of the .444444 4444 elitll.r it nll ! cltltur t llt r ell rv nod which + srnlli ,l I i+ rI 4 4 rhclis pos4l4 io l 4 11 Illof s 4 m th pIrllloperty 4 on' tin4 1 u4t4 4lroml other s.Itats, tlhat- ,llll kl lll\ is, I I Iv ihert 'llll "llill 'law - it4 i ,s Il ,ul t 4lhe ,lx b 4k 4n d , Ir I4 " thel llltalo:lltll nodtll. thei,) or, o1 t i< f thel"h private ge ntle Ij adlllllll l i til' pll· Ol l Milo, a , " Jl w c d o'llnw : th , *ll nit+n s:1 atts, noll irn I."i of Ill 4thae4 la4e44 u4,4. 4 4 4t4 , ai m 4' i 4 t4n 4i4 . 4 tled a tumr t fi,' their prod I ll+, il LoIIII nnll I bl'll' aI 1fie S lienl l 1 , 4 "sit"y of Plel , toi 111 r ll , , lhe, llld lltak it a ,ll '4II 4 .444ll ll 4 hh 4 4 4 '; 44i44ll I heir4 l44 lln 1 i+,4 4 i ll I4444n l 4 h Ih llmerrlu t's courtihig rwll ,i+, I as n U hr,' l ea sk "of file .ll-t or i- te tah11 le of tilb attoref V f. It IO not s plli'i-l Ilell, lll ta lin t ili, ' tl editionu of l ti wl k wf 's so'h w i,-k Su ldi luosted Uil; tud e : mllll flt a 1-.+ r ie o I' t or1!E at lll w ith 'ef l,' r'ne t t, , t~ l i", rt l a, l',tltltl+, I 1 in t s ,th t, I tl'rll lr I Illle, l'lll t- ro i n. . lohv ,l, ll( ;--h h Iht l h , m dI'I'l 4ll, t Oil- I4, i, ,, t 'r,' ,, it he in lll deri. I 4 l ltl4llelr 4 4, ' 44hr . 4 ll 4ru llt. t llh i th l frIen 'tIl 1 l.l illols.ldt illn l 1II. editori pal rh I t f I s 'o m l l € \of nlll illa il o l sesvilol lr s11t1 Itr II n lllll ll Ielllr, 0 U ton' Eu . i l .:bl(, er ll4ltl"4 ii,, l 4l44r 4 l .llea s I| ii . 4I4' H 4Ini . 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T[e r dth Ilr ele t i ,n Iof ihe At C s ,rf'hr, pal rf. rm he ld in th, yetllr Ih 5',' G . a,, d d tial; cnlhinil'' a d ].eripioht o f theO pg hlisl',r and oloTy, clig atwork h l d pr; lt'uct1., io l' n llsn tln 1nule |, po nnl s , ll p44 ' 4.nt4o' 4 o thclear t4 iv,; li w 1 ill it I4 - of Or 1 .ol Territory, by ) oRktv.' I Si ' I t l wI e leP rk , 1 ' lI t'I lle River lrlad Ire hLDesrt; or I I Rco.llecItdi1"s 0 exe o Rhone anid te r :haprlptireu bry Mins Pardne, I a Ihor loft ,1e Ci , .,t y f e S lnl, c.ry ill t1 vol ll o I, t-ihilhe R lobe;r, e all I i, wi hlle au"'or o lchllhlrio, r lHf e ,li. andi - otl. er dlltrs Ile Ly p|aildy B h ti.e " 1ii l'hl .ulr , lrs Noril ni , lit arr t c orwall, t. r sOr price will ,hir l raittny dolltr t'ellnr e. i ..... -IY ARi.I r+". ROCKY ,MOUNTAINS, Sr. Ct OURNAI, of an lExploring" Tour Ieyond ihe S did lky o ntains, nd,:rwith lltra tiens y Phelionz, 'o. I. Just C C F iv M, Lorried in the yef t 13:r L '3 and 'I ogy, limatu n tili dr o du titons and thll . i iiiihe Inaners and , Iistonl of |he, natilves; with ai Map Iv of Oregon Territory by v. ael Parkr A . Lith Rhone and thIt hartreuse; by His lPardue, aultor of the City of . • 1sltlt, &.e . it, 2 vols.r ! Tho Robber, a Taple, h' .- the autiior ol Rtehoeliou 4, Tisho To Flirts; or Ad.44ure nll at Countryl 4r 4Just r4 ceved and 4 b sah" b - o1444l44, ',,, il'4 4 l4,. 'i'4chl'4 h, ' ", , 4 i-h 4.1 4 il,. ,4 pp 4444t4'4 d, nill , 4 l4t4 h4 4 e 444l, si,'re,,l, .i is'4 4 ,, 4 t lon, , a 4 4i4gil4 fi,,t be 4.4'; iii has [e(. hop ringld, l44,Ivet, a Ir -'I Jer l t\ew !.ever ilEiT lJRl'I'rtAIN, FRIANCE nl IPFI.(JtiT , i a ihorlt Tour in IfX-1i.--y llaune IIlu Ihell, 1). i)., resllet Ill A lllh' st ( elli:, , i dn o v . t Th liWorks oif .lrs. hertrtood.--etnllI the only' < lll ete and unlifrflm e rdition ever p llolhtled in tilet tI.oll SItates, vul. Ib.. leetIVc d anI for sale Iby \V M 'I'.AN, COornerCulll &I- 'ot j reets. ROWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, TlEN years have not yetelapsed since it was - first regularly submitted to the public; but it K has attained the highest reputation; and has sup planted every other medicine for the Ague, wherev. er it hlo been known and alpteciated. Alreidy has it leen carried in aevry direction througlhut t the United States, and etill realias more thall could c have been anticipated by its mstsanguine friellds. Thriousanllds of persons Illhave not olnly beenll rvliv[d, but restored to health and vigtor tllrough its aelS. ey; and they notw cheerl'ully testify, at every op .Iortm.ity, to its decidid and sopreme ttteliey. 11 is ollllmposed of such llldlitl t plillCil nc s iS ar.l-, ialultledt to renotw thlt helthy acin of the stolLn acll, liver. nld other nll lllport.o.t digestive org ls the loss of wlt h hl armli l ny is the iI llll,(it .n. l' of tie disole se. It is apparenl t illso, t iht it ol'ldu IEs ane orlllire chanillll in the endli tolll of Ible syselll, ilid ctlrtatinly dIesltroy the i live habili\ty it, rlal - set of the tIletole. When thi Ate-, os attend, I with any other ooemplait, tilte etiplllyntlt ti ilte I 'lo ie tltlxtie will iot iti rtero w I e ith t t h, l Irett. Ilont dof the other dili-ese. but wi 1 even tlld as :ist:lnce by urn lis ting. strrlngt and ve igor to the botdy duri g the o I 'lit ol' treul rlllt. 'T'hose l lmake rase. of thii ledi.cinl mllay Ie assured that Sthere is no A Ils,..ic, ilIks, Alellt rll. , of any olth r arit ele ti il t m pllt l t lI I nll ll 'rl ill d y i l o] e e It con , sl i'l ; hr " Im eel o'.ly at r,,rltll cohotr"; lile l -rolf, whtl hl y ph rrvt t tlet t I tllt I is Loo 1 : t' tl Il'a b ent e 1s .i.p lltv abouth lll: 11 ilt ll fll t .iie it. tl it rl i ht- tohe: tetkelt---in illltlttitlt: 1 Ic te IIhI, t lhe1 Itw is to vltt t rioll e tit , ;elt l oet her illl , ;ari-ing m 0 1 o1. o eo of l' Ii' the h'00ll '! '.,l I oiltrtd ft r the cli re of Ihi i lt l tlelm. It has [.en u tl s u ll lotI prlvto tlVnti , by ll tily Ithl gl tl tic Sjvect ito a I^:l dieale ireil '1i1unl: 0 Il,' ( 'bI ll>, ,il rt I h", invo ntri hly warded l"Lh00 * if L i' t d attai'. O(bsetr,'o The I'roprivl Ir, oll .1,0 :v,1 '.a l il: t NI-i t r tiliteh d ti ll co t rl o'~ l sovcotS .0, It Ilan clI 11 lll' |tl'Ill) ' ;' ` INi lll tn al and r .u l etl" - i lt II' Tonle i lhxt lre, Iin all I.,,a~: i I"'\rr and ,lgl t -e, 1avls var1a1ted i eng.,ging to It fund th, irr t I all those wi -hIv t.IIN tli II' l it'"tl- ill.e t I S cordalnee with lht! pie. berlhd sartlions, \ailhoul having e.t{e' prie lly and lI lI: IIIt Uv eo, lle . The slhslhlurs I lhe \\ ill i holesal ,ges for the South W\elern `tales, aod hav\e in'w on hard nt tly ases of lhl illdicllne, which O A ,! td lt to -I i lnd glenumle .. For salt. of t ir I la lloillv ltrOd plirve Jtil I.i . \t\tI.\\ , Il i r l Il o ollt lb '1' t' 1 0 it, 1,i -Nr i'-. i t AON-2.1 Whis I, Sids, 1: hhd. .hne.· s I l il.l ,lvr. I , 11 1 I , - 'll 1(,I11, tellilng l ik lvll 1 NEW 6: l hit ole. t i t.N1) I 1 Ii 1T l i\; , I : " , , l.,1 "' I I' I " h 1 i ' \" '" o, . , ; 00r1 S ti ll ti l ll 1' ., S N, nor TIIOFIONS1T''.'p) "I ii '1'1.F 11 K\hI Sn ·_ d,,, I _ A ('I\K. T lif)IS\'S :nlllrlllll t:\1I11Il ' :r(l/oplily :Llll S:ol~sa I 11 ' i l ii+-A r"ii In to , .:d," , :furl 1 I Ii e ll. stunt rctn" rl, tite·r lll~el m Bred lot' Ilu' r111u . (i of 1 1111· 111 ( (;l-lea I , Ss, il:llln'.( \ WIill's, I';liioc ire the hock null lone, .I UIIll fit.[ wraksiless, al';"elialus of the k ~ldlica, gl;rtoel, seorbalitt erupltion sfi tree In tlrr Ilti'nl ltlrt 1.0., s,1 a tnl'Iil!, , pos eS;It Ile nse(-u and acRtive virtule (If IIlle (11.. now "W Ie'rede~ to sh~e publlic, for proprietor haI il I'll[ to veld. III,: n umerous ltnlle·1·II Is:el f fis olt in Ism op, brr~ elieving dial It .11~6111 11 ed y of ts reditIran te disiket!r ,,nsnii,.s Aonr lii exlnrss d re'arding~ its ti:~rgree.1"t tasIe, ii iii, 'iini-i I I''je i ll iIl ti . cIs ant1 tonaclll tart il :lr· oterl *g shlat If. nlm.." 'liti . 1,1.iitiiii nll it ,IIIIl IIi lie( none vone Ion n":acd and more owlnr: I~clilll, :Illllillitrlrcd than~l ;red Hens ii l r iu ll. ,m Iighev re e maul~ t1le dIt; is t,,t;;h'4;;. i 'es tl Io.11w', rorIoeio illy 1in ni'tm Iroly sighs pse'n; teSol liime h l hAt,-u t rn - lllitist l't~e~l .i i t I, of ii ·t'I ,'pect'in iii Oa- lllR;· t"11 Sxx r oi I, f 111 e b e i-ate, 1 ]le son's .i nIst Ali\ ' ti lci and Iluri llel n l of tho' present day ex loessll ir their ·I eeelC( c of all. (l'o.tii,, hImin ipni' Pi5., tth ,iiit mi,,Ile itss ein h trilii1m tmmi hi iii mpn1mt.niiin I 'nstlotit u 1n, 3nImn·IIttmii mISli-'i lltn 'miiij mtiimi mjm·i.i·(il IlIIIII Itt, , all, tll ....bos..,e l I:111( . p- .151 IlS m I l -··1( 11· .\.·(;IPI with the el hralldlie A III Ill: y i s, allII~ I.,ItI is, - I me Mubil I) I,, Sect :dud experiemt e , f IIIt , their ·: sail~v :ielo:'S t.1 ,t. I iI\.Sotli born, 11t lill t m llli IIII ra eodl s.l . l, :. o I I.ý i ! a i inrIl l ll ii P a u. [I :IIII II? H lld 'f l. , I! I.L Ir : I li c k . ill I Iyl·cr llr Id h 1\ V~r n-n.- t ii-,i: I' in 'inl tI he. I I 'Unl Pri cet I , ,I)II'ili pI e~ll! I".'.i~l~illti~ ,l I illlll~ ll l l Ili I '''' Jni i,'' I(I mIIIl ,ImImTtS ',nI~inpmk.tmin-m nili'h t nu,, osita, a dI n t n n,.. · cll, trod . lt I host' otttl t'mug t oI, imiml mt it, ,:u! il t t of e;Irs bothl oa elll l ntjal III its & I,'. s It o.' \rll illhlr. et,"I. oll Ilr·l t., tl~. ll - ie, and 1111 1 is, .l ch, dar ooll'll nee the sane nnpltlt'ant - flic su ooll ex i 11 ~ 1 III ,,. \ilj 1I. \I It C S, I.I··lllvl "I to ll.. StO , als ·r it Il ··1·rr."-\-, of , l(l llue .(lla. ln, ,t k ho" , ilu isll S1 11:1\1l1·( CSlllll i:IIL , out II: ilS C, I , It ll anr ((l- I". :I'tot Iht" i 1I lets; t IcI t 1(I.Lrt 1)I~e-1)1 IIo ll1l1-- 1 heron \V U Cooper, h' l1 S, SnlllJI(·lleot to Guy's IlrsII. ymtt' nll1-- ie iue ado..-. 'nt patien ts a l:titi llcltl lillt Slt Cldlli~c dillll( (I" hay follly SS· ·I· n (· that it hay colt y'o so wellnlll es ltli , ln · Ii and Il~iledill 11p1) y ,It loll· )our ca ulnahlle wprep I"..l:~.;'in 1''.9all: oenl From Sir A Cooper, 1 l~·L·(.1 (II S P 11 C S, &c. (:e cases ofrole,,!Cous rtiwa, .Id , had hitelao I allod sue nd;p v y cu est'fctrlI yit i : l. tit. 'rtnt",l "It iN rlFl: ANI" A tI.I ., DAY F rom Ino ile (i.;lal mn n II l ) to A g.i lt (G e)II St 'tt' Imo Em F:1.1'r., Vo I ithk I V, cVn I, C, IntVVV r VI S Ville, V A gll stll . A Iassenllgl. tkinll . s et allt 10". ýl-i bile is inlll n hld er of hein thl'o.. olt or lI.sin, hi i 1ln l'renc . y 1th'.' o .'tliVing il''tV r'stt, V llth IVI.Ii l.h D&. LINE is uill ot Oeconcern, ad uncle. one 111 110 Irr l n at e \ll slltll in tlInge L ci.l' i ( l;'d thr'"6-. (:tl t Ze th br :i(l u t:. . 1 v 11 . Vs CEl. lI O IVV sV I M."l'Vet'II cm"'V'V I 'IV trnode s om hld occ'. Tlhe (IGreat New O.h.alas S1st is carri.ed 'y this route. The Atellts or N e.cV V lr ld. I ]I tinu, T n, Uo. ches andl are not I surlpasse,.l rnI tlle ,"nlthelrl cnnntlry, bll "th sllolth lh Iha , l atlllt"l iondtu, the sl:e tnl inter e esting w ete "l navi.ilti:nll lthe tine a I t' cll'lV Ollllllnl II(Oln, , e S.;Ii .I the tl'avel er slpeed, certait ll , co ellll , and a pieas lilt tl'ravellIrs c1V rea i ,h New iYork 'l Netllll 'w r() l V to iN I.:Es TlA. I' I Ars*--\ '.hlinlVt, city in I 1. . il FVront CtVat'Vi'nhV.' , ' FlrViVla, we have a Itre.til li".t in 1 i tgin) t 'le nul' h ...', t0 St htarks, 4 n. ' . Ico'llo' . I lV',I tllsd I.1¢h it 'IIi N S NOVoHllkIl , tVll Ar 1 t'i h .hn .l ....s \ bile D)is ine,, New (lha0s to 1 '.ilIe, 110 mil. . Mbohile to Augllta j! lll V'i't , 5',h :un , =in " Itt T 1im 'e, tIh' to I ,V' I V 'n l I, VVlV It hIi. n t VI N 1, lck, IsI - I 3. 1F VIlst: C . -.I S. I t . I l I tl- 1 in 1n'r I 'h 1'l ivh li a. I t, I ardlgs V t'hIV'''V ''ttS nogg. ba Ih t uV'V li' 1. II hi. ll lL. Ell lllll IL " I , l 1 n t'. l V..".L . : ll I silll 1-<111 r ll- , I nll l1,I' 1h- 1 . . Silllll .ll . Innl l it .lt llln l tNEYz. .: lt'. I.Wi(t 1 rIl u'llll , ! 1. us. i hu ,'n sI hoi e t,,t.' , . p p SI t ' li. . po Itli Ii . / VI IV I' . , VI\\ - II l ' \ - 1 V1t; N . 1, 1" '-d Nl w YIl] rlkl 'I, l' . "' . ilnl , t a, l y,, e 1," - : l .- 1 I.It . ~rn . it I n I.'.li llli l 11 1 .11 t. 1 (11 -, It ,r , , i,,,, , ni I, II c 1 , 1 ."i\ , i cl !n :.," ul'tct gli lt h. " f V he I V IIII" Y I I ' V 1'nII- l'li 1-c1 . Il"llt. 1.-1 .,lIIIlIl.r i lt .,II .11 nI i, ",lli(l., i 11,, " "' tn , , " - ill lu' n . ,, I . ,IV I,, + II I,' .. ' l.l. ! ,, I 'l". , (', " l,'1'. , 11 l., _len ' I ,11'. +, l l: h ', " ," ' i lb . lill li "..i. I 1 .1 1, ii ·, " ..n -.i , , I i. lll ,V V l. , V lV i S iel- I I n lh- ..:' " iI -, I., it-d, 1_-.. ,. .,.,V, IhtVt Ie d " Z i i. .I .I " , n . , i'.. . . I ,I l. i, . n n" i l.. I 1 ,'I .V IV't.. -- . , 1 i, l i l ,I VV 1 i tl 1 ' I""I_:> , :11 . II1: · I :, ti. ... ",i - . . . ilIi - ,, i . 1 "..l l. , \ .llll ll ,, i :llll , t oVt n.l l,.h V V '>, ' tVV'' V'''l 'iV Vi St : -- 1 ' _I ",.h l, I ;It W' l ,I lieu,"r 11i,5'l. c. u'u' --i.. 1 ,.1.., I ., i . 1,V,1 i.h1, ri . i i 11 ,11 11.. . 11 l l k ,' h'.. V }:llll, " I -,h' hll e il" lil k illh l 1(i1- a n .wI.-u-u\ q till~1 I/lll iT . ll . loI i lli , 1 . i to .1 n w ill r,,l. . .il.! t lll 0ilt hai , i a l. ia 'r it _-nc .l .I !!- )I! It " .f |,|;It h' 1iill h" ' 1 "'1I 'c. " ~n l' c 1-.."ll IrI , W ll. 1,::1"!. .1. ,l 11..1 "I'll,' !, lhc.1. l , llll i., In 11. 1 'iI I I lll.l lh J I' 1-.tu.ri ,i , I i . II oli u -I' iit IW. York & Baltimore Packets IJAI. ETS FOR NEW hORK.--New Lmne. --'1'o ail punctully every second Monday dulring lire' s.a.lo( l, li I or not Ifull. lt.p Orleans, 599 toloy Capt. 9. Sears, Ship Alahremn, 474 do C. C. Bsrr'r Ship Arkansas, (fi7 do E 8 Dennise Slhip Srratoga, 542 do W Hathaway, Ship Nashvale, 540 do D Jackson, Ship Kentucky, 629 do J Bunker. Tile above ships are of the first class, coppered, and copper fastened, and having been built in New York expressly ftr this trade, they are of light draft of water and almost invariably crows the bar wrthuut any detention. Tilhe commanders are men of great experience, and the ships will alwaysbo towed op and dowrn the Mississippi by steamboats. Th'l have handsome fIrnished accommodations, and stores of the best description will always be furnished. 'iThe cabin passago is 190 without wine or liquor, and there is no liquor furnished to the rfliceir or crew. For freight or passnge apply tr, htard, or to li C AMES, 48 Camp at. IThe are not accountable for breakage of glass, hollow ware, rmiarble or granite, cooperage of tit, or rsl of iron or steel, nor responsible for any package or parceel, unles a regular billof lading IFs eete. .Illied threfor at thle alfre of the eats. t,2 NI't Frl !,EANS nce ItAI.TIMORF. LINE OF PA ('KE TIS. This line will consist of the following verols, whll have Ie~~ln bhuilt or purchased expressly far te trade , v,7: i ali-re Fr arr, Irk Mary, *p" iekaraon, ,a Ilud ferry, new , Stevens, " lominl S,rllus, "* Latham, lirie Arehitel, " Gray. 'These vaeils arre of the first clasr, have hand. rtl u oir h rd rrcrrlmodations, annlrd are of a light dra r of 11~ilenr, so ir a l tail dit of their receiving and alhar.oig the ir afr!., s Il ialtimore, at the city. Fre:-ht ei I ~1 takenl for lprts on thle Chlesaplak or ,lame.' ve.r, ad farwnrded by the agents, lMassrs.e CLAlllE & EiIlI4fGGt, at BIaltruore; Sxperses o( goods 'hlipped will be advan^ed when r, dertd. 'TI'e price of passage M fixed at $i60, .unprh, storrs ofa I. b stl qulhty will be provided. hlclu I:p anlld down tlhe Msslssippi wtlh hU taken toall oc aiorish PFir riglt or ponerge, apply to GEe. IIEDFORI, nv27 '22 Btenvil'e at. 1"OR NI W Y't'IK. [ILouisiana and New York Line of Packets J I Ill: Slhiops amla.n, this line will sail fromn Nera t)leans aln Ntew York oi every other Mon day-conainencing on the 20tth November--and to insure the punctuality in the time of sailing, thei Ie w aill hereafter consist of five ships, viz: h SIap Ya.zoo, Captain Traok, to leave oni the 20th. N ovember. Ship louisanle, Captain Panlrer, to leave on the lPt l)cermbler. Ship l luntlvrlle, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the lIr ltoern laer. Ship V.ckl.burg, Captain W'oodllouso, to leave on tir li. 1 roaunry. Ship "r:.stp~ ,pt, C(aptain Davis, to leave on the 151it of January. The atiove are all now, of the first clae., copper :1" od e lcope'r flire n'd, :di utpwards of 5e10 toLn mt,, are of hlht drouahthofwatner, bling bailt in Nta York exiarossly I-r the trade. Tue price alt e is fi ed atil 11t1 doitliarti: their l' Bi re tl,,at :ld fiished in a reat aned lehgant style - Alnpr'e sntores of the fir-t qaility will ibe prvideld, ild rvery rard paitd to tihle comfort and entire talisfelin ofl passengaorse, who will please take t.ri tLie that In Ierth cain he secured until paid faor at the fl'eI of thire COllilgnerL, 'IThlse ve,.els ar' rcommanded by captains well experienced in Ihe trade, who will give every at. eeleliol and exert themselves to acomlnmodate. They will at all times fe towed tip and down the Missis soppi by, iand tIhe stricteat punctuality nosrve:d in h timen of sailing. The owners of ther, ships will not be responsi. ble tfr any leller, parcel or package, sent by or Iput on board of t'hem, unless a regular bill of lading be signed therelor, at tle countin house of the agent or owners. For further parieuloare apply ts J D BEIN & A COHEN, r nov27 90 Common rt f e t 11i f ships cuIIpoJ w-1 11i1. L.tao will snit fromt i\-w iand New York o ' iery other ,Monday nenllloo e ll(t on1 t t h noveml belll r, ml ld oilnsllr the uliri it tll ll llit ill the r tilt o sanilinl , the linoe ip 'o, I ultaiil 'rI Iek tt heave o) thle 'nth nov. ShipI lso/ari/le, Capttin Puabes,, to lt-ave oin the 4th ý1nil lh. t..i //e. Captain Ehlridger t) leave oln the I'utth 1), ,.."o,, i . 11111h I' 'ikxr·s r., C'apltain \Vlotdlhll tsn, to letl , iion the. Ntti likt'.tjpi, Captain I i.'t , to leave t n the 15th 1: '' - ' ll above ships are all new. of the tirst lasus, opi red and l 'u cpper the ileul,I anlld illr alrdll, of1" ) tll on bulllitllnll ll,t l t df i 11 il talll !. I oIf aterll, being Ir lni i New I oa ik expre-hly lrn trade. Thi ltict of pas; is tfid al sue hundred dothars. 'T1heir cabins are fitted uun 11h, most iopnwrod , tnd convenent plan,atd liished in It not uudi eltttant style. Aiimple istore. of llhp tirrt fii ty will ble prolvillld. nolIII every regard lhad to the olnlort anllllr l d entll rle ; tlll to Iopa.<ellgera, who twill ltkl Iliitlt that t11 o bh rthnul 1.1111 ine t ecluried iu - hli It tll' fr t ti ' iw oftiiv of tl r n e signe ,, t- 'I·i,.t, i . , r. e t l ll Ide i \ C1 atI lill ,t ' we-ill ex Silltitilllli t11r ti ,l e, II t l 1, 11 ive( every al elll in, i il ( l I :-ev t l l. ' It y will at h lil t'Iti .' i tti t ii ti it. t I t. . t I 'tg tII tI t iItvtu itt.t i i y rl -Io :;l.l ,+| n t llld th,: .ri e,.ll'Jt' t1+ l tl lt t" icitit t titrieldr fit,.. lill Ii. I l ii uti i t lt.i S iI ihll' 11i i l s L illl 0t1 e respI nsible for '+ hII I,r +t l (i I t '.i'll li io'e en lt by orl piutll i board 'hrn, t oleu t a re thlr hill h i ulinvy be signed the tfore it h (tlettilllg hos. f t hile agents. or o netlir. Fi r oriI'll . 1 tl i ll l el ' , app ly Io i .tl\1 l. I'T ' , PtI ,,A t1 'IOLA. il 1W! 1le l~.her at i Ii it I(uItIe the - I se ani furll ol I l hi wetill kio in nl ttlit-hI . lll l)lnfrom Ai r lii':, I,, tii tat, *Ilalllll, t ll e wiii l ie n to receive vi - i'-I x i ,, Il, 1 ,t . f :.\ rlo l l. + ":,l i, lh- it. lw I' i'ril rowled nII ll hl rs. A. able ,i ii, i'l h it il th' hIIi iii II l th boon i o ii ictg lioml vlda I, h ut Ittll t i -·l rII.· itllltltIJ ti i' il ti I ttI ttv111h 1tiflli j +l l'n Id ' bor. l fi, . h il It r lte hor i- and' Slln lll. -, _ ll lll- 1 ~+ ~, h pll h, t" h lr itlllel clltrallt . pr ices; Illo I ," ,:.,1 l t "t'l.. Iil tlll' sIold o111 r a1 ItPutu lenll " n- illll ~ .."liil .lt l'tll i. 'lu c., I so illn ttInsVluc thed `,i .i ~ -, I t llll soll s ' t ll ll , l, l br en with the comfortln "II o. I h I nll , lh l o [h, lh'l,." The w in l* d t l iq uors will I i o1 l l, u P' I," lls` p ll +] d , .llll0 tIo [l+ O n till e pl y of ie . ' , , 'l, , .dtt.ued, w lhit wilt arris o .]' l I, , ' ofIl l,,l' llltlr :I I s bll ftl d, l p enept lly, that h h , (I!l I llll w . l ,tl"II: p ible Pl'illttl llent lo ; andi tl reby l, , Iti I1 · L'1l rnitel a ltl: ll ti nll. i The lal t adt.Ititt e. of tth . houstttl it e l too well ,ui ii llitol t'i l, t 11111v. 1 e id de. itCripii E"qie. The thorte at P1. rtene lli i Ib, Inr':s. ot il al ,lation of ohi A iovelllloll t111 co il rrudetvo.t, ofl1lle tlll'rquad" hl hli. - , Ihs titi Iti,, l ii n the cuoiol l t I ratine s fruoI IItit Ith ll tl' Inr, t1" hl' heil , l u Ih tlbol ritll fi-h wilh whlch thI w lrllei ls ~lnndll; and its plroxinlmity to th, b- Sot ilhtorl I , tl l ' l. ul liORKa p. - I'r',-ll1+ ll' iot, l lll il' ! tvl 1t11 i lthett er t atittdh e , am itae bltht tnd deliiitttl tioit ii P l itl r Il.te ~hi t i .is w itll . i t ill -1 1 hitweet PI'd i to I ih', and will at all In1tel, be til to take the pi sei nonu Iihe New Or(L'e1 nbitlu. l ' t veiiu mic, or Reffrences. 'I ianfid, Ie'q, Mr C nullo, B McAlpinEsq., Lt. 1it11 , in 1h10 le; - T 'l'ay lor, P P Rea, Esq, in Aeon I -.1 Ietr ba.. I t . . c.iv' . .nm. .unications for pe,-o,..: at the ,,boe holel, is placed at Geu Whitman's ' th ,'. 51. St +'hnt lu t, + ch1x e. F|l.Otlit\ ROtlFE FO1l NT;W YORK. L_- Jrxellel destrotis of hnkhng dhe Florida rute, Sle.aov: Mt1,de uud l eeanolo tevrv oter day after the - I t. o:, l, l ;. .lo i e wi. llll I|vynll h provided ti IIh, .-,1.e c I e Ic i t ~ t, thi I epu, e grrfromt M ,' ' It AKNOLD. 1e 8l

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