Newspaper of True American, December 5, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated December 5, 1838 Page 2
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Mail Rel6latlepas. The Great Erasern .Mar is closed every day at 10 e'eloek, A M-Is due every day at 12, M. The Express .lail is closed every day at half.past 10 A M-Is due with the great Eastern Mail, STie ta~ke .Mail (via Cdvington, La.) in closed every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 6 o'clock, A M-Is due every Tuesday, Thursday and Batur. day, att5, P M. The Louisrille or Rictr .Mail is closed every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, at 8 P M-Is sent and returned by steamboats.-Arrivea irrega. I arly three times a week. T e Bayou Sara or CeaLt .Mail is closed every Tuesday and Friday, at 8, P M-Is snt and re. turned by the steamboat Brilliant. The .Axadria or Red River fail isent Irrego. larly by steamboats, twice a week. •Louisville or River Mail. t Monday, I Wednesday, and Closea at 8 o'clock, P M. Saturday, Coast Mail. 'lTesday an t Close at 8 o'clock, P M. New-Orleans Chamber of Commerce. rOFFICnRa OR THE YeAR 1838. S. J. Peters, President, A. Quertior, let Vice President, W. L. loedge, 2d do. COMMITTEE OF APPEALS, FOR 1838. James Dick, Thomas Barrett, John A Merle, I C Cammack, Jas I1 Loverich, Abijah Fisk, GEO. W. WlIITE, Seo'y. PORT OF NEW ORLEANS. CLEARANCES. December 4. ltir Pastors. F'raell, for Ilarns, tR roeninr A o Brig Aldelrornto, Bugber, for Franklin. Master Steamer OCanse, Ilarris, for Apalachiola, Mater. h ARRIVAl. b Isteaser Little Red. Kennedr, from St Louis. Steamer Semaphre. Clark, from Baton Rouoe, oehr Cavalier, Allen, 23 days from Thomaston. to Master.. e ceargo, Ilo caslks lime. to order. Steamer Car, HaR from St Louais. lSteamer Bonker Hill, [lsle. from Louilsvtll. COMMERCIAL. Latest lInten. CharLsto, Nov ............2 I Weshlngton,Nov........2 New York, No............ 6 Cincinnati, do........... 26 hiladelphia Nov .......... 26 ouislle do.............27 Saraeo., No..... ... 2h Liverpool, Nor............4 oon (h ) Doe...... I Paron, Ot .............7 i Bstee. Norv ............ 3 Lo adon. No............. 3 Naahville, Nov ........... 28 Hvre do ... . ..I. i IEXIPORTS. HAVANA..Per brig Pestor..cargo, Il boxes. 13 cask.. and I M sample herdwes,. 3495 kegs lard, 250 brlats olor, ld 36 hit cotlon. FRANKLIN..Per brig Aldlebroolto..carco. 100 carsk lim. pm 25 brls potales, l0o emnpty Itrls, 4 bx, bedsteads and 3 do sperl eoondles. APALACtIIL'OI.A. Pertsote amer(koeo, .crco, 300brl Cour, Ohhds and 20 1,brls sugar, 2 bri, molassc, tae 0 lpcs bLggin:. 3 beaoo ad 4 tons grate bare,. IMPORTS. at R ECIPTS OF PRODUCE. St loli..Ptr steamer iitlse Red..3 acser and I trunk a mdzl, Fik 4 Lw; 5 brl beef snd 5 do pork, J 4 V Dwyser; 3 I casnalbos, Loyal Case 4 co; 2 prig load. Conely & CIler; 1 his cotton aForvth I.Timerick; r07 ri rland 9 half do heeI; r 53 hrls do I yet Amelonng; 3lO keg laIrd, Ccm.tok, hIyJes m 4r; 36,00 hoop parle, J n4 W Dwycr. B,ltoqt Rougc..Per steamer Semplhore..t24 lis cotton, to dt I.ambstl &'Ib nmpson; 24 doC Toledano; 0 do Caldwell e4 Hiekey; 8 da. 15 hhdsser, , lot bousehold fhritre, o ne greass. Fellain. Beliorg4"Detelos; hbls cotton, A Rivarde& gi co; 5 hbds sugar. A Mauri, 4 co; 1 bls enotlton, Rinold Of Cammaek; IIldo, Loneo, Fongtin & co; Tl0 hrls molssnes,cc Wm Porter; I tr.nk, V David; I bale, Carriers, Daro co; fi I neoCLordeolle & Lseroix; 2 boxes, kcheat, I trunk and legs.s, E p Garnier; I box, Presrott, Jones, ro. re St Ian;i..Per steoner Czar..I box and trutlk, mdz, toIn J BSei'y, I jar, ," De.con, jr, hales skins, J A Merle & co. wI box ldzc, to Pierre Shannon & Rro; I doa, ls & Ilawthorn; 40hsad oxan and 2 horse. Godfrey Laureis & Small; 24 brols epplrs and prt.toel, A Bllemy; 4 br, and kegs mldzes. so Whitney & co; I hrl mdzo., Woodward; 308 bris fl our. 407 elcksdo, J MorliocPr; :4 milas snd horses,, V Cldwrell; 7 SIl horpes and I mule, J Mortimer; nodl 5 hbose,. Woodward. S Louisvlle..Per steamsner Bunker e 1i...46 bl cotton0, Re nolds, Iyrne h ro; t25do Burke. Watt A co; 79 do Iuckner. ll etaton & co 111 Ido Mll Willord; i31 do A Fuolto & co;: 26 rk.cocrn. 100do ot.., Order; wine, Christie Ln. Pa PASSIN(iERo. St l.oui..Per steamer I.illle Red..J H Ricge, R Somth, J E Moorehonsb , tore ,.r t.n. ( Tevlor, r1tC.ller, 7noler,o E th; It Itcbr. IV t)Dw r, C D Pralt., Shaw, Flzr1as I.o wrllca Bsaon Rouce.. Per sto mor S. o pheor..pc J Berlin. , B0r. Ite, Dr Page, J P Kirmo, Jolhnson, Lnportoe, TB Collh, P Mleehsn nnd ,ir on'lldr. Sl Lotir..l'or te,lmO,,r Clea. J S lolt,sr. P Wontnrmhan, hi W Caldwell ald soi, F Ihwzon, c e.Lymur, T Sba. J S lHen,lshorbt, I Viljln.o s. Il, lat. C lorgan, Wilson ad ,vt, an SV W oSpee d, J lnrtlmcr, To Dtllhn. C o. odworthl, J C Doans J Lambn.o, Johnono,. I, T.T,o, B Rodriquoa, 0 It Coalhoun, Dr Palddock. J W Chian, & vt. J loanoker. C D llnse, Dr Cli Oheoysr d" avt, S Il, rown and In.I, J Slimood and ldldy Cli.s Johnbnn, lron Lnna nI child, C WVilliams, Baptoitesnodl dy, fo anr187 on decrk. der I.nostil.lle .Porsteomer Binker Idill.. lr WaVy lld rhld,d Mrs Ponsll, Beonner and lady, J Ilndersoll: Jo ne, dardeoo, the ID Allgustl o, SmlIb, Early. MlcIVillijI. C Mller. MEIMORA.NDA. '. Sleamer I.ILtle Red report thel Ohio fIlllin. 0 ,EOR R1CIINMOND. The tri I.IN'CItI.N, Capt. Grint, will hare despntclt for, arsai n rllply In S & J P WHITNEY, dj 73 Canm st FOIl NE1 YO.RK - -o i 7i ln IINE:--E Regot/ar Paekri for 7/ Deeeber. - I'llE ship :1 IRIKANSA , : S Itroir, Mel. ter, is tno leodiag aod will an aove. ti For Ieiglt to passage apply on board, first tier below the Vegetable Market, or to dS--t II C AMES, 48 Camp at 7,0001 Capital Prize. Ticket, only $2. GRAND STATE LOTTERy. Drawn numbers of the Grand Stor. Lottery, Class 60. 16,1I, 19, 24,1 0,51,31,45 ,3 1 It, 18. C LASS No. 61. Authnriseed by the, erislature of the Solae. To bh drawn 'TIIIIISDAY, Dee. Ctlt, 1838at 5 o'clock, P. Ma. at Ilishop' Hotel. S. DAVIS & CO, Managers. 75 Numbers-12 Drawn Ballots. SCIIE ME. I Prize of $7 000 $7 04 I do 200 20 I do Ison 1 200 1 In 10) 0 - 1r 0 0 0 2 dlA 501 Il 0e 1 000 4 do 2 100 8 do 1=0 100 Sdo 10 o 132 do 70 t2 740 63 do 15 914 03 do lt 6310 126 do e in 08 391406 do 4 15 124 23436 do 2 40 872 27 814 Prizes, tmnuntine In $94 539 Tickets $200- anlves 1 00--Quarters 50 c. Packages of 25 lTickets for $ 50, warranted to draw at least $24. Packages of2 lhalf tiketts $25 o0, warranted to draw at leasl $12 00. Packages 25 Qtanter 1 ioekets $12 50, warrnted to draw at lean $6t0. For Packages or ile Tickets, apply at the dMANAGERS' OFFICE, 5 16 Chartres et 01I5, PAINTS AND TUtRI'EN'IN E34 .ks Englisl, Duttb andl American l.ireed Oil; 54 I askgpure spenrm oill 9; Ibl brown tencer'n oil;6 bhl No. l castor o ; 2600 kegs New Ytrk white lead; 250 kegs Philadelphia white lead; 70 kegs green paint; dry I chrome ereon and oyellow; 15 bbls spirits Turpenltiner; 20 tin canirters, do do; togethecr wth an assortment of fresh drugs and medicines, for sale bI JARVIO 3 'ANDREWS, d5 neor Commton &. 'rc1opitoulaa seta I NE\YORI.EANS &CAIOROLL'T'ON I R. CO. N Notice-l)uriag tihe Race dae the cars will leave the car house, P ydras street every half thor afer 9 A. M., until 5 I-. oelnoak. P. MI., and will leave Car ollton every halfoor after 8 A. M., until 6 o'clock, I P. 1., and ihen regular. JOHN IIAMPSON, SCI. Eng.1E . r. .& C. It. I. NE(,lESS FOR SALE. - MARGARET, a molatto wotmn, first rate ream. t stress, washer,ironer, and cook: n oot d servant s every repeet; warranted iee from the viceo and mal rdies preseribedby law. Enquirsatc R FARIA'S, d5 U 17 Coston Ilouse at. fTEi?{ G tN,3c aask ofla sllerior qra i-. Sit; an aaoreente of real Danteic Cotdials, direet importation; 200 rolls Polishl, Linen. 30 and 40 inches wide, aeitable for baling 'obaceoand canvassiag I hbas; an assortment of Damask and Diaper Table Lin- p ens, Shesetings,..Sirting,, Hlandkerchiefs, Platillne, Creone, tBreagnes, Ectapilla,, &c., direct from the man. elketore in a Siloesa. (Prussia,) and warranted to be ptre Linea. Aloanasa ortanlii of.torlnngsnd eks for E aile by JOHN H MARTii INiTEiINf it dS--Stp 122 Royall s OIL-150 galltnifIned While -il, Ifor sole " by WIII'TRIDGE & CO, 15 776 Magazitnet t TANNER'SOI -.100 batr,. for Palelby WHITRIDGE &Ci, 76 Magazine st f BAZAAR. S $8 8.& A&.LEN NO. 1, EXCHANGE tOTEL, Corner noIf t. ChArles and Commo, sast, NEW ORLEANS. IMPORTERS and Dealers in Freneh and Englihb . Perfaumry; Dlreiing Cares and Portalle eak, it Cutlery, Hosiery, Gloves, Shirns, Stockin Umbrella, Caae.and Fancy Articles. d5 MAtY KEL-neP. I, 4 * land: and or ,sal U a5 by / & J p WH.ITNEy, d573 Csamp at 0G AT ---(0)0 bushels Catiz Salt, ii sacks of two 1' bushels each, landing front ship Antiolh, and ol t aale by & J P WHITNEY, l dc 73 Compel o r .ASt.j,..-I0 barrels, iii lfs lea log orader t slaoding eirnt seam boat Setnaphoro, oppouite a BiaravUllUslmat, and for sale by W W POJTER, eb .m95 Cooncon at ed TRUE AYEIBRICAN OFICER. In connection with this Otfice is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE FOR THE PRINTINO OF Pamphlets Blank Checks Oatalognes Bills of lading Labels, Dray Rceipts, Legal Notices, Auction Bills, Bill Porms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Oirculars And every deeeription ofJob VWork thau asay be required. [-TThe proprietor respectfully calls the attention of the public to the shabove Card, and anesres threm that all work intrusted to his care shall be done at the short. eat notice, in a style unsurpassed in this city, and at the lrwest rates. TIll 'TRUE AMERICAN. EDITED BY JO5l0 1l1imol8 . PAITRLUL AND BOLD. NE~V OR LEANVM: WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 5, ~13S 07The mails due yesterday did not arrive. Races po.tpoaed.-We are glad to learn that on consultation between the various parties engaged in the race tracks of our city, they have agreed to post pone their meetings for a few days each, owing to the very unpropitious state of the weather. The race in tended for this day over the Eclipse Course will take placeon Friday, and so go on until the entire purses have been run for. The races on the "Metairie," will be put forward three days, and thus shall we have a chanceof enjoying the good sport in prospect in better weather, and under clearer skies. N. B.-The rules of the Club authorize the postpone ment of Races on account of bad weather. A small attempt at getting up a fire, took place last evening between 7 or 8 o'clock at the corner of Common and Carondelet. The lime Iuse, or shed, attached to the buildings now going up at that corner burst into a blaze, but before it could extend its ravages our active firemen destroyed its power of mischief. Sixteen hundred barrels of lime were destroyed however. The Ginrue. Thie Conncil have granted permission to the proprietors of the Giraffe to exhihit their singular, andhitherto unscen animal. They are already actively preparing. An accident occurred yesterday mornin g to one I of the locomotives on the Carrollton railway which at firstthreatened much inconvenience. A per. tion of the machinery got broke while at the horse station, foot of Race street, which prevented the 3 o'clock train from getting to town, and as the race, alled for much extra power the accident might have thrown out all the arrangements of the day, but the activity of the engineer remedied the evil at leasi an far as to prevent delay. The En. gine from town proceeded on, took the disabled h one in tow together with her train, and thus with h fifteen cars, the lame locomnotive, and her tender, c reaehed Carrollton without delay. The engine e' will be in order again early this morning. Owing tae confusion in terms few persons can understand what was really the cause of the steam ci ship L;verpool being obliged to return to port. Some papers call the darnaged portion of the ma- ac ehinery the "escape, pipe,"other, term it the "ex. tl panri,in pipe,"-oad many the "expansion pump." ir It was the e.rpantionailve, as it is termed in Enig- i and, or thie "cut off," as commonly known to us, to that required refittingi t r ECLIP.E COURSE RACES. The rain of yesterday was like the reign of the third George, havy, long continued, destructive and good for nothing, Three nags were entered, hut two only came to the post: the imported filly I Clinker being drawn. The Brown Elk,eand Ze Sina, came splashing through the mud, fetlock deep. with their tails plaited up like peruques of the past century. The colt tlooked well, but the "heavy wet" he had taken in reaching the track made him present a vrry tulerattle picture of a 5 drowned rot in the hands of the boys. The more was evidently in first rate condition, hbut her coat II -wre hould rather say petti-eoat, in deference to the sex--heing 'toell .t', as a Cockney would call it, cool'nt shine, though she could. Both nags slillerred about for a time, like dtcks in thelnemd, and such was the closeness of the atmosphere that it wos clear that each had a heat, though neither had started for the race. Zelina was the favotilt at odds, yet such were the good looks oi the Elk, that some expressed themselves aloud that the knowing ones might be taken in! but no one nibbled at the bait. Barney was on the mnare's back, and the thing was not to be done. With a good start they got away, the Elk run. nine like a deer, and making a big gap atefirst, for Zelina did not like to have dirt thrown in her eyes-the colt could not throw duet.-At the third turn the mare went up, and gently suggest ing that if her running companion did not wish her to tread on his heels, tse nust quicken his pace. Away started Elk on the hint, but whether it came front his pursuer, or his rider's spur we know not, and led Zelina past the stand in 2 m.e2 seconds: at this time Barney and the mare were more covered with mud than glory, and the gap t grew wider over again. On the back stretch it gradually got less and less, till on the third turn t the mare went up, and after a short sharp brush took the lead and came by, hard in hand. It was now clear that Brown Elk could not win, though I it was not until beginning the last half mile that the mareresolved to part company with him alto. gether, when quickening her pace she hastened v homeand in 6 minutes, 44 seconds, assured the d judges that Brown was like a cornets crupper, behind theflag. The rain was pouring down throughout the race, c and all was dirt, damp, and discomfort, though I had the day been fine the accommodations were so excellent that all must have returned well pleased. Reault...Now Orleans Racos.-Eclipse Course...4th Dec. P Joekey Club Puas. $1200.. if not more than two starts $000..3 mile heats. .enr A Tayloas b. m. ZenrA, 5yeas old, by Levi atbhan, dart by Stoketolder: IU7 be. T. W. Chinn's b.e. Baow. Et.x, 4 years old, by Black tdir Elk, datm by Oumpter t: hba. di,. T.J. Wells's inmp. b. t. Clinker, 3 years old, by Ilum. C phreyCtlinker, draws before rasce. Time. 6mi 44 see. By the steam boat 'Little Red,' Capt. Kennedy, arrived yesterday from St. Louis we learn that C there were but five and a half feet waterin the ! Upper Mississippi, while the Ohio had risen eight I feet. ti IJtThle Rare ot Fr'tda!--Geillemen attend! d Three interesling females are about to enter on a an animated contest on Friday at Carrolton, so all t gallants are bound to see fair play. The 2,nile ti purse has three competitlrs, all ofequal age, all of I equal blood, all of equal fame. Here then are the h, materials for a first rate race. Their names are ae Britannia, Wren, and the Jewess. The first is a stranlger, and yet was never taken en. She is from ot the old country, and has come here to settle. An th alien, the daughter of Muley, and halfbrother to Leviathan. The second is a sort of cousin of the g former, one of Leviathan's very numerous and It fast going, as well as growing family, and own fu sister to our favorite Linnet. The third is a daughter of old Luzhorough, who came here from ar England a few years ago. She is a gray headed be young thing, full of spirit and speed,and noway de inf.rior'to the company she keeps. The three to will make as clone a run as ever has been run, for th it is not upon the cards to sa)y-'tht is best.' th [Rrported for the N. Y. Sun.] de U. F. CI CUIT COURT-Belore Judge Thomp. th s o n . ,e David Parkervs. Silas Constant. This was an ortt,, brught to recover the value rf 500 gall ns TI oftiv, a.d sold and delivered by the pluintif to thlt the defendat:; payment atr whtlt was resinted alU en the ground that alter the uila were placed in the 1O1 store or the defendant, they were tested by .n alis- ext teeter, found to be front 8 to 14 percent. b.low sot the standard of sperm oil, for which it was pur- pot ehaaed. The fact of such deterioration was pron. ed by .Mr. Stumereaw, the mnanufacturer of the Co or itw after the delivery of the ihe dlen. drinr, he ttared it by a perfect instrument, and found th.t it was adulteraej some 8, some 14 per cent. It was contended for ihe plaintiffl, iht tllough tile uliameter was made, by the statute of this state to prevent frauds in oils, the standard by which oils should be tested, still, it was not an in fallible standard, and oneof which was legally the incontestible rest of the purity or impurity of oils. As to the question whether the oliameter wasor wan not, incontestibly the legal standard, end one which in law was paramount evidence of the qun lity of oils, the court was not prepared to give a decisive opinion. However, if that instrument was as is claimed by the defendant, such a slandard, still the statute which enacts that standard, and under which thle delence is set up, prescribed that redress shall he sought by penalty against the seller, and not in the shape in which this action is contested. The jury consequently found a verdict fir the plaintiff fir the amount claimed, with interest, making $565 26, subject to the opinion of the court as to tile legality of the oliameter standard. Robert Diedrick vs, Samuel ScLarlriul--This was an action brought against the defendant, late collector of this port, to recover $1505, the invoice coot of a lrt of goods imported by the plaintiff, and which had been sent to the public store lorap praisal. After being appraised, and an order for their delivery had been given the plaintiff, they were not to be found in the public store, and were never obtained by the plaintiff. The delivery of the goods, their appraisal, the order of tie ap praisers for their re-delivery to the plaintlff, and their lose, were fully proved. The defence set up was that the appraisers being appointed by the general government, and the defendant had no hand in their appoirtment; that consequently could not be considered in the light ofa ballee for them. Moroever, that the goods were in the pos, seosion, and eonsequently that be could not be held respotnsible lir them. For the plaintiff, George A. Wasson, keeper of the public stores, was sworn. lie is appointed by the collector, as his agent, and considers all goods deposited in the pubhec stores as in his possesion, from the lintme of their deposiets till their removal except, perhaps, while they are immediately under the inspection of the appraisers. When goods are placed in the public stores, portions of thet are sent to the offic of the appraisers for apprtesal the balance remain in the public store. The np prainers exercise no authority over goods except such as isa necessary for their convenience in in syereing them. For the defence, no witnesses were called, but several authorities were quoted by Mr Hamilton, the defendant; and Mr. Goddard, for ttes plai.n tiff, also read seversl authorities which he claimed sustained the question. The court charged that the collector was indu bitably the person in whose custody rested all goodsplaced in the public store, and that the store eeper, as his agent, exercised all control of them. If goods deposited in the public store are canetrt ed by any person totheir own utre, and are missing the burden of show what has become of them lies with the collector, who is responsible ftr them. T'he jury found for the plaintiff,for the amount proclaimed. Bch . S IATE OF LOUISIANA. rae First Judicial District Court. he In the matter of T. W. Callons praying for a habeas corpus. he Judgment delivered Ly the lon. A. M. Bulhan .n, on rn the applihatlon of Tho. V. Colleuo, Esqr. for a writ of habeas corpusn. he Tile return of the keeper of the prison of this par:sh, he shewe that the petitioner was cnomritted to said priaon by John H. ollandre , U.. upon a warrant Sisulng from the ninth circuit court of the U. State, ed holdin snessions in New Orleas, of which warrant the h followng is a tenor: ' rWherea it hath been thi dnay aldjut ed by tie cir sr rnei court of the Unite.l r tates, lir and for the nilnt eir ne cult for the Eastern District of Lourisu a, that Thomas W'. Coltlen, whio actn as deputy to the former clerk of the said court, hath reen guilty of contempt of said court by rerfusing in their presence to oly their order, cobmmading him to deliver over and surrender to tih m court th records of a rertair cause therein pelding, tand entitled RoLert r laugnter vs. John Brown and othersr and aso refusing toi th court tihe use and in a- apection of telt aid record, of which be was then and Sthere in possession, wren d hman led bi the Judge there o; You, the said t nrslhal, are herelty tommanded to imprisnn the said Thomns W. Collent, till the ftrtheri Sorer of the said court." ()fthis warrant a copy wos furnished hy tire U. S. Marshal for tis Diitreic to tlhe r Jailer, with the frllowing endorsemtenot:-n o rdi tec to a warrant to te direetid, by the Hon. the Circuit Court of the Unrited Satre for the Eastern District of I.ouieman, whsreof the within i it trr e copy, I htrver enmtired trhe nir rti c ramr, t Thrmasy W. Collersaeseq. rto cthe npriso oftlhypaorishof O Ie;tst a tld te Slleriff e ofrthe saidi parish ist here requree t keep thie said 'I'h. n, . Collu, eqrt. insafe cutod tntni a furher order of aid court be made in the pr.nisoes, or until he be tedfurther disctharged by (dire course of law fit the pe'itiotn er tre habteas co:pus, and ir the nrgR. ment upon the return thacounsel of ii r. Collens hove tokeh a very widerange iudeed--'hey have niot onlv of canvassed tile f.rmof the warrtlt and rotutitnrntt, anrd the tques:ions of law oariil)g tih'rfryt, ibt they a discussed theprevilts nproceedigsleonat ltrt tilg e con i termpt br iwhich tie petitioner is rmuntittei, ond have even atlempled to stake this tr humdl th· - rbiter rf n controversy which has existed for soa elime pasrt re eopctitg ih elerkship of the Utli'd St ates Court it itis ctity , jltf irng the, reftsal of the ptitioner to proe dttce the rccorhi ofthei Cicuit Court for this federal t district, ot the gmtrod tiat he was the lawfti keeper of thoserecords, d ha bern dselared to he such by tile Cir cuit Judge, and tnt the atterpt to di.vest hitn of thetn i rewasrnt latepted ntrpation by the d otiest Judge, twhtich it was leritoilse in tite peitioner to resins Such being the extent f tlhe ground covered by tie ecotrttol frthe petitioner, I rnsiter it intutnlbent upon It meit order to treent oliconslrotuctitl to Irelnise ntry judgtnentt urpon this opprliition by declaring that I re. eogrioeeprlicitiy tire docrtrine atocred by tihe spreme ti courtrf tits stnte in the erne of Buqtet vs. Watkins; d that when the law has vested n a tribunal, the inower ofpu.tishing roreoneruptsr such triulnal is the Judge annd the soejudge of whateonstirtutes aconempl p: ant y its decision nu that head cannot be reviewed by any other tribunal. Indeed, I may be permitted to o.hrerne, i'it were it order to examine into the cause of hnpres onrent alleged in the warrant, that 1 can coneeive ofno contempt ofnourt no gronss, as te withholding of et. cordis from the recogn zance of tihe Judge and of the lri. lore, by aty person whatever:e a contempt which does not only regard ithe person of the magiatrate, rut strikes at the root of pulhlic justice by arresting tbe course of judiioil prone dings, and removing tie evidence of liti gatedrights. And I would not consider such eon tempt as any the less aggravaled, because committe hy a person claiming tohe crlerk and keeper of the re cords ;for it is auhrrd to pretend that there can he a privaterright of troprty in public records. This point was indeedsttlled by our eupreme corrt, if it needed any adjutdieatin, in he rase ofloafitre vs. Ducan. Under this view of the awm, I cannot examine the matter which influenced the District Judge of the U States, sitting as Cirecit Judee, to punish Mr Collena for a contempt, or the circumstances of tihe contempt. Upon another branch of the applieation, I rvimit to he distinctly understood. Several errore of form in the order of itmprisonment, have been urged as grounds for the discharge of rhe petitioner. Bur even if I altou'd be of opinion that those objections were valid, they would not juatify me it drcharg. ing. supposing that no other grounds of discharge were presented; for it would then become my duty, under the 823d article of the Code ofPractice, if f interfered at all, to render a new order of arrest, in regular form. One otter point remains--the illegality of the commitment for want ,f precision as to duration. The intprisonment is to continu until the further order of the court I rink this ground of objee. tint to the warrant well taken, atd that the pelt. rioner is entitled to be dreehored, ot the ground that tile Circuit Ctrt of the U States has in this point exceeded its jurisdiction, as defined hy law. By the judiciary nOct of 1789, section 17, courts of the Uniteod States are empowered to punislt by fine or imprisotmert, at the discrerion of the said courts, iall contempta of authority in any cause oil hIearing before toe same. In tile present ease, I take it for granted that a contempt has been comnmitted. The ubject rmat. ter was exclusively writhin the cognizntce of tihe circut court: and that court has awarded the punishmenr. But is that puniahment such as is contrmplared by trhe act of congress, jest lciodl e Clearly not. For if it were, the court would in its decree. hIave oexerciseod the discretionary power Ic intrusted to it by the law. I ani not aware that congress aue set auny precise bounds to the discre tion here spoken of. It must, therefore, be con. atrued arbitriunt boni virt-th nmeasure ofa pru. dent, yet energetic and efectausl administration el justice. lThia diascretion, nmore or lenss arbitrary it its nature, must yet, it its applationi to each par ticular case, end and delerrminate by the decree of the judge. F'or it is easy to perceiove tht, unless tie judge, in Iis sentence icr a specific contemplr has haed a period either of tine or of the perform. anes of an at, which shall determine the length rf the imrprisonment, he has ntot rexercised his din. ereiaon; and the sentence ir, consequenlly, not such as the law has coutemplated 'Io illustraie this idea: Stme oner nces are punishable it Louiei aua by imtprisonment at the discrction of the court; but wio ever imaogined Iat upot a verdict at guilty, under these a' alutes, sentence could be itgaily pronounced of imprisantent until the further order of thie court? And can it be prn. tended that a senltone, which would not dbe ter after all Ihe preitminary formralities rf rrdiarnrcnt, arraignoment, trimi by jury, and conviclionr, would be more legal, whera none ol throse fourms had been observed, yet where thie result is equally the deprnvat.on at the ih'erty of the ci'izeuo? it seems to tme that such a doctrine is alike repudiated by the rules of legal constrnction, and rejuginallt to the pirit of our political institutiona. ( N.,w, the irmprisonment of Collens, being uon.i dlet'rutined in duration, by lapse of time, or by the perrmrtane of an act, has every tloteent ol perpetual tnprlsonnteot! ; for what can be pred. cited of eternity itself but i, tat it is o itaout'litrl S 'Ilhe eftes at ithe warrrant being then t coneign the prisoner to perpetual onefinemcnl, without suoh perperurty being d'crred in termns by the court, it resuhs, iot ouly that tle court has lot exerclted its discretion tn tirrs rnsa ncer but uns ubhatitu'ed, in tie place of its legal ulascrettonary power, a jurisdictou undefinred and undtfiniable. Considering, shb rero e, tire 8 thd atiiele oa tire Coln ol Prtcir.r , rrrchi declares that, if rr appear Iy o the judg , grnnting a hnbera copue, that the Sparty appllying for the same Irhs bten a icn inhd hb d the order of a tribunal, i'hich has, in such order, r exceeded its jurisdiction, ns defined by law, the Rh judge may restore such party to libertv. tis Considering, moreover, iltat the circuit ,rri of by the United Stares has exceeded its jnisdi.i,,n, as n- defined ny law, in not determiniing, in the order of he imprisonment of Thlnaes W Collena, coammiaicrd Is. by said court, for a conterpt, either bh the Inpse ar of time,or by the performance ofa specific duration ne of such imprisonmnent : I- It is ordered and adjudged, that Thlcs ao W. Collrns hbe released and discharged from Impreson ne meal. NEW ORLEANS a: JOCKEY CLUB RACES!! BI. he d. e J Sterrtt, Sry. Distance Jadges. f HJo Alex Porter, KPrest. Dr David C Crer, CAKb Sd Ditaenee Judges. p John Slidell, H C Cannmack, Esqrs. a tecarrds. n Jahs Hagan jr., Minor Kenner, C M Jaasa, William y Christie, Charleas Clegg. Rih'd. Htaat, Peter Cear. a Dr Beaty, H W Palfrey, T M Doyle, (G Mcrrick, cad s YM NiRead. Laadies Comrcaitee. Maunset White, Jos A1 Kennedy, R II Carter A K of JaAephs, Duncat Kenner, Hiagh Wills'[. A SeEon Day- Wdnesday tm e 5th of December. nPrnpretorR Purse, $12011. Three mile heats. ' Tianhetwsaen heats 35 snte. Distance 130 Laerda. (' Race. to cone elf at one o'clock. r ENTRIES : tar--Minor Kener easera g f. The Jewess, 4 wnr e old bi Luzboro.ogh, dart by Sir Arethy-Dress, SbluDeand yellow.l p 2nd-i-W.J. Minor entre hr. f Ilritacsia, :cip 4 era pt olt by auley, daoa by Dick Andrewsa-Dress-Dark SBlue. .d--Soathane AttIIain enters ch. . teran, 4 years Stold, by imp. Laeiathan,d amt by MImtalc Ney. Dress, Blue and Blue. n- Y. N. OLIVER. Nd Prupt irtor. SME'T'ARIE JOCKEY CLUB. 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Il ceek ' the I'EIRlI CNIei-1.10-le,,xs n.-ec fiy-dcl __ l slmr Cale dlee asseorted l c es, ofnJqc nc v racec s b e d 11,0 l xes i)fuI, i 'eullt s Je ac .sIc" I .Inmd !c l0 ItbIs retecd elf alile filet llhnclceuiclc \Viue ocsulte eer ecc q'ilc Y Imuperial, guapoder, \urn g \-+.u \ ,rbs ('C lpeer, ic aleets, flreal I. 1 1 l I ..I jI llbck Leab I I'ete, aslertedn sieea, cir ..tle Ice JOSnl'Ii COUCKbI"rI.· " Ilu\ Uft, )r ii NO I'ICE. Mr. GEORGE MnLIEiICK having reigned the of. fice ofchief Engineer of the New Orleans and Carroll. Se Ion ltnil Road, Mr. Jon 11ampson lhas Meen pplint id in his place, to woh' t ail persons having lus-iness iih, cor wishing infitntation regarding said Rail Road wvill apply at the Rail Road O(Nice, 'oydras strect, By order of the lahrd. no7 (Signed) JOHIN NICHOLSON, Jo nccvi7-tf Cashier At COTTON CIRICULAHS S 0 PRINTED withl the Greatest Exp1dilion, and in a slyle unsurpassed in NLw ORLEANS, or0 ele. 0 OItInERS left at Contrtrc, Rnoat in St. Charles Ex chanfge, (Corner of Grazier SI. ) or at T R U E P AMERICAN PRINTING OFFICE, I1 eorncr of Poydras and St. Charles Streets, will be protnply alrendcd to. Dec. I-cf. 1'T ItlTE I'TAI IAN MUL.EtRY PLANTqS. 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CO, uov23 134 Malcazine a NI E\V 'ltItl' i':;1.t-27 lllda Iritle for stc 1,n C I pltlitatioa , catve ltht city, by REAU & BARRO\, A novt l 7 Baal, Place 1)jEACH It11i -tY-. dataw bblt all cad tan aaatat Saa.icle, r by le by & ARSTOW nova3 7 Italtk Placea L &LTlANACS T. t iOll-- -Just recivedl a lter ir Ssunplty of tha ILoislaa, Al ane fior S39, catl llllltoIed fr aeatate.t of LnO inialllal, lissai'ippt c1t Al banlt, lorai by 1) FET' & O New YIork Staiorlia Iltallr, nov30 24 Cbttlrt·a .e J1 .022-it bakgs eastoadiaze, ajat ie n Sfa sale by S LOCI(LK & CO, novt2 l 5 Prone ,eve_ MAaa- t V llta p i lt , at ;tata cad s ft r r ante by LJ G DJP I .SlEY, nov"l 44 New Levee I)OIO':UFFI"E-'I. 00 ballgt to tre alld lr Snale by 1 TI It II 1I)E & l1litn, n decl : 1 r "o & lng azin e a l flr al by TI a 11 : &t . llatae, dal rayt Caat & l.tgaauzahlr Sa I AISINS--3/I h atie 'e ant S'il lhtllf bIrera Fr ta 1 t Raiaias, fraait itaportatio, t or saale h v T It IlIIE & Bltl, A I l 11' rate ile a ow t r le.lhn'htan bttea I appled o board Sbhip Vikshbarg, olpplsi the vegta la m allsrat. rc decl (7)1O1'I'S PA:1'PlNT Itt tLES. -Justare-itid olt's 'n~atont Shot flesR, on- clraav alid Ire o 1e' I he ire, and also theacpidiiy whth wlhhit thly are Itaied adll diCaatrged, exceed any thillg of the kind tlill t has ver beel iiVcotaa d. 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( I t I-it\ t' itItUl' l--1 h ta-k I.t'ttLl.',t i'artc jt.\t ('l t i''SlIE 0,a 51 \ ti7'r li te a t aollllllOu tt j 15 Cant ? St. Theatre. Second night of the ettagement ofrhe celebrated per sonator of b ankee Ciarater Il R . M A It I, E . This reening, Decembrr 5, Will be Iperformetd the celebrated Comedy of WHO WANTS A GUINEA? Jonathan Swop, Mr Marble, Andrew Bung, Brtown, earfird, Giilbert, Sir Larry, Fielding. Fanny, Mliss Cowell. Overture, by tihe Orchestra. The whole will conclude with the Drasma of LUKE, TILE LABORER. Philip, SMr Marble, Iuake, Blrown, Bobhy Trot, Johnson, Clara, lise S Cowell. Dress and Masquerade Balls. MANSION HOUSE HOTEL. NEW LEVEE ST'I'REET, Immediately in front of the teamn boat landino. The above establish ment willbe re-opened on aunday evening, lee. nd, 1038, for the rseason. Ball days. Snadays, Tuesdays, ad T'I'hanrsdavs. Said establishment will be flrniohed with the Ehoirest liquors, and a good Restaurat will be attacihed to it. The m anagers of dsaid establishment Itve engage oaltcient Police officers to keep good order tbroughout tlte establishment; there will be a place to deposit clahks. caneo, &e. No person shall be admitted inl the Ial! Ioom with weapons of any kind. nov28 N EW ANNUAIS FORi 1839: S Cartrientre Annual, London; Findea's Gallery of Graces; The Imperinl, Lontdon Annuald Alari e A Watts, Christmas Tales, for 1839; Yoantg Lnad's Annual, for 1839; boune (Gentlerman's Annual, for 1839; The Giltl; The iolot; E Johns & Co's Louisiana Almanac for 1839; J ustreceived and Ifr sale lb F JOHlNS & CO, novli cor St Charles & Common a NEW PL ILt: ArtINS. . r1E Stranger in Clhina, by D)ownting S iThe Ihritisl Slenate, in t vol r Romancare of VTienn, by nrs I l'rnllonw, 2volr; Pelavo; hb. asot of th Gothe l it 2 vole; Pe1atr l'ilgrio, hy Dr. ILrd,e vols; t'icrioll, 'oNt the renall C f Saintine; The Wife Httater, or the Mloriartv fntaily; Land Sharkh & Sea ti lls, rb Cn.tain o;lasa rack, R N.,in vorla, for sale ho k JOtINS & CO, nov24 car Srt Clarles & Ct, on ast C IIF5lltenbsribar hbnintg taken antsntaadiots fiee Sproofwarehoure, resplectfully ofaiere hi service to ihe herchants Find traders of New (olans fir t1he at, litt stnll nlsll' of Ilade, Its atlnd peltris andt to relpack le alme as well as wool, ittn, Ilempl, tlObaccn, dr} goods, &ac. 6/. lie will also reaeive any kind of ter. I tnadize on storage, at 155 Tchotuitotlasn street. dec3 R WI EILIOTT. STEAM BOAT BILLS. IWNFEl:l, A:liEN5, or CAt'I'AINS of STl'EA SBCAOTS Can hare their Bills struck off, in one, r more Colored Inks on Plain or Colored Paper, rilth btspntch, and on favorable Terms, by leaving their OnnEtts atl'RIIE AMEIIICAN OFFICE, corner of Poydra ntand St. tlltarles streets. Nov9-s f O/lice of the Fioremen's Insaance Comnaon of New '' OficeS of te Firoeoreoe' Iosuoonce Comnpany o'f Not ling Orlemn. S1111E Stookholdelo sre hereby notified lhat tle rloT InUtlo lm:'lole onheir s'lok jo d'o and payable o a st the 8tbh December nex, at the oD'oo/sicsleslofl tl oo bbl 1I. 'IIACY. tooos Sec'y. A M li CuAN ItllANDYS ` lo bils 5plt proof Aooei tt . can Jranodv, for slaloy end ISAAC BRIDG(8F & COo ______ 15 Oogooso H111111 R( FlR. INISiII INI) ST'lll :. [ter 13 lRl1lWIoR & o(3. lootoran o'oootooly lonhan noo thei ox«tioo' oololisloootent, No. 17, Cam/;oo Si. anol 81 Comoooo st/cel, oo very Iarge ~oeoooleme otof tat honoor krvpiuL aole/eo, ooooiotino of Ifottlsooo,'o utrl (.0 oi f s ;Iloo(oao; Brass aood S ee Foire Netts ,,Sooo !,'cad'ets; Ku -he,, "lmssils; Iron, Tin, Il ordrearr and at Basketsr; silver p latedpr, br~irlrrrtlit arljapanued goods;~ amp,' anl nd chandeliers;; knivles and /arks, anrrd hone'r 00 ishi/ol goo', t oolo'ol,/ol, whooiooooljoooo mb:vae trp ;e to supply a It redtl(red prices to p~rivat delig jObadnghe' , otes choip,,o ooooi/)o*ts, 4.,,oo bob re- N'e (rlo'n,,oov 8, 18::. E NGd 1,11 ANNUALS FOR183ISS-'t'h Block o~f .4 IIovallo, Rlot, b s ola plotosl , t Fiodern's 1 ,1,1eauxlx fooc alra'/otl Gallery vof Gra010; Fioohe'o s llrowing Rloamoo Scraop Rlook; at J1P:LIrr1 d y's t ltltlmr I; B ond lll131 oooo1o H \ Inverrv Kelelfo'o k 7o 'the. Imperlal Orienlltal Aoo ol; (or 'oololeoNo';o Csohooooonlal lb bobnail' llnie (or .I,,trrir~n, .taana/a.s 8g 'l'The .o10000bol Foogetl-Ole-Not Juoo lbl ulli.N N rr3 II n 31.1 41;\1 81 1I 01. (Al rnrn1t (b oof :,nl co'o ,01ot 1I\ tOl!)('t).-N101'1 00000000 1Iooo ooihln (oth eIll '`" Iravr Ill. car I ns,, 1 I)Oydra, ,.tartI', it halt p ost 11 I u'lr ,1. .I:'m l.oofoooooio and i0oflb0 nu~ tinlooe 'fiokeoo:17 1 Ž.uto sot. :4:35 13 r 1, l (111 IIAMPlll'i IS - ooooor-oC ('If. Fugo~. N. (l.& ('. R. lI. orr ý'11(ll': : .''''"''r"ih lrr hoer new on b f~lb 50e0 bloooo extra soaop, blraotdo of'Jo a's (Gloold:. 300 do ioitaon No I do fi =5' 50 llow o·tollos, blaond of Jock's,, n 'r oTs'Ioridge dIoooo'oooonnllo's, N loo/fooool slt Nantuket 50 booes Juodl'.; pasten do do :t8ll do codoolsh ot 1010 d1 n1tnufartur e tndo tovnriois brands )y 20 ease'oto'eetl Spanoislh rlooooolato, "1)0 ro'o's hlot sodo o volllloogllystolea at 50 booso poste o lackiog 380 legos Bnoman naoilo of Il cask., to t'erlottjlool spefrm noil 880 Sicily, Hadriln o'inet, ilo pieso, ihaf pipes, qr ooollko osnl sctoves, ontitled to debootlore 800 coilsboiole rope Ill ohles Ilospoloire slheeting,., shirtiocs, 8," drillnlogo 200 ILs,'!I 001ton0, 718 ood 1.1 oal osd,.o o, and li,, 00 Heys, kerosys, suitalblo Ieo sogro clo)hine ISAAC 1811BlOGE & CO, dec3 131 Mogolosie t ' Blank Checks, Bills of Lading, Auction Bills, Pamphlets, Show bills, Cata. Ot logocs, th. bc. 0 'OIIIIERsfio I/he Ahovte, Os') every other deo. o-iptooo of I 'l lPlNR l · '1SG) roceioed sO Co00010ti00g Room of''I'RIUl7 AMIRICIA N," in ST. CsOA.LES Es' , o*Soo:, 3do dooour fron (ioool'.o stloet, or so/hoe P'rintioog 0)0o'oe, oornoer of I"'oolooo- ooo.ol St. Cha)rolos Ltorelet. iroexooonoooeolbonotoolofol 'ooooad Jood 'bo I1UN7?i front the beal FOsounrie in the Uniteod gteoo so , hbo ojuot heen aooled t Ike alreadly omoel/).otbd Estob/otshmont; -aolt (Iotoa w0il) b/ooe eoeued as loo I. oo Cl yoollo' lo:xpodioiooosly oooo loeauoifully, as 1 a ay otlhor Oflice rin the City. Noel I ANNUALS N NI) ALMANACS, FOIL I0.39 F51.1.N)ID Londonoo Anonnooo,-T''le Book of Iny. 1 t !J ally, eupIb -tl', lplotes; Findeon' T'ableaux, and C Glluieooof Gooce,; io F010hler os , Drlaing oso Phil0o ,k1Bo Il esooo ConootooooeotloBd, ooool Bo'soosomt; Oo'ooooto I e s ake,-oo he I'00)O ot eii';o; Orienal Ann ualIUH; Forget eta NH ol; dl Jordan'sPortoat Annooal; horic ooo Annoal; CoocioAnsosl; 10I 00)0rlr '0 Ofllfo'orioog; I' orsher'. .Illenilo, Sketchl lluook; YoungR ladie's and young gec~lllellrln'H Annual. ooorie', A Watt-; ooooooo loblhle Am0erican Anals,. Thn 'tok 00n and001 tlnotic Sooveooio; ''o ilt;'l'loIt le (i Moo, l(ilnll's uloo ual I sotjeooo & Ilultseo Ile Almoanac. et Aln/ootoos. & Aooooooo':oool ASlmooonOao & Rleplositoooy ofliolool Knowlsloedg I~nllos' Nsoooio'al Ahoooss,; MoJ.EJb0s o& Co'-. l.oooooioinoAlmosnne;o N (roookelt-Cosoi.-Germaono al 000000000 Il, Steoaolt' IDiaro for 1839, contoining a bloko Il andoI foro' eYdry ofy O(t 0 ye0. In F. JOhINS & Cs., onfer of St Chosrleoooooll Common sts. 0000 58-Sow - , I1'NEo13 &C( 1WDAl8S...4;ot Juiooi'Ohoooo uloeooooo als IRhenish/ Il'iooa. Nioreuoteioloir, 3lartoltruoooo, Glooofoogr, lloo'lloo'"i. oooer, 'loh,)oooosiohogero senboloogor, DOur loolo', 010k, SteIo (" I oesllejospklioog llooook, atood Itoool Woine lirl and W\hite, celebratedl brands.u Bul, too.y. ol Spnrkoolloog,llo oo no, Cloooboooio, Clos de Voogeot, FI oaod Nuroo. Bordeaux. ' 'looto'oo b.oo0boo', sooln Cloolooooo .tlloogooot, LcoIkolle, 1Jul (.nose, line So. Jlolie dl St. Fliabiljooo Polotocr Sor o, ' ,-oors sf3 doz. Goold Estploo od SI Julien E. 'l'bolo C'laret. ll'bolloo Il'looo'. O)) llerlmitoge, Saoteroo, Blsroocoud Graves. 0Domeotl Wints. - Gcoltour l.oooool oaol Frosoigooooo Alojocoot. Madeira, 'old anol pure as imploortoed in bonoo. ilmtooly.slo Caloooooogoo, is Lborrels of 3Ogsgls,: doz. soo in 1-1pipe . ye' C.or'diols. l Goenuoile Marslohino oood di Zora, be too Haroingoo so d Booooosoux Coordiols, Whloot sol a ln o IleBrdeaux Arios'o ioo coseo, Oldl lbotofl dio l Ooo lt,, Aboontho oaod Kiraohwoassr, 11000 blooolooooo (lloanoly I ruit0, 000 Whito ordloooloaobVooa Vinegar., Folr salely o' JOIINS 1 & CO. 11011'23 cor of St Charles & Common F1 `10:11-;0 0 oxers No. I o sf/liotýoooplefleale by2 WI'1'lRI)O(;I &: & O, l'oot '15 78 MxgazRine,.t ' 88-)A10000) kegs lfrilos' Lcsf l lollodoog oood 0ral000000101! IT 115 i3 lilavter lj St. Charles Theatre. Se.ond nilght of the engargement of Mfr J R SCOTT. TiIS I'VIE.NING(, E:C. 5, Will be IperfIormedl the Tragedy of DAMON & PY rlIIAS. Datl,n Mr. JR Scott, Pytlis, Pearson ID~nvt Bturke. tlerrnrions, Mits Ba.nes, Cnlnlhrle, Ritr trorren; An Overltre by Ornlieslfa, Grand Pan Seul, by Mad'le Ravenns To conclude with the Drama of LUCILLE,. St Cyr, Mr. Hnrrison, A mlreOb, Delbar, I zaK, SCowell. lucille, Mi.e Barnes. Dress & Masquerade Ball, WASHINGTON BALL ROO' St. Philiplatrel, Ibtween Royal & Bonrbo. T Ift Moanager of the abowe named Ball Roolmr ful to hris friends and til pubic ftor the r lolled pntrmntge bestowed on him forseveral resa.ctftlly illnformn theo that slhe etabtliohmelnt ha. been enlarged for the amusemt nt of visitors, and Ot dergone itmmtense roplairs. The bar will be surpassed by nooI in quality oliquors, and tie ResaturIt a ill be kept by tie ablest Restourutnur in the United Statles. Tihe roaur will re-open on Saturday eventng, 3rd of Novmlber next, Ibv a GIltlND DRESS & MASQUERADE BALL, and will take place as sual every Monday, Wednas day ned Setlardav teeing, !dring the season, which TO MERCHANTS. lJ IIERCIAN'T can have a IEAUTIFUL. CnIRCt rN off arfour houra NOTICE, by nallang at the Conmpting Roomn of T'RUE AMIERICAN I'Pltams OrrIcsE, St. Charles Exlrhange, adjoining the REAo INe Roora at Carier of IGrrvier treta, or alt he taint ing Office, erroreof Poydlratand St. Charles stLrees. A COFFEE n IUeE, krnobn lre t name of ta" A Steatblrtoat oExchatnge;" for role witr nll its teOtnn of i. t rt 51) . tllarc permourlth. Any wtshing to purchase will tret ttentionr at 13 Girodat* For corl t a barrain will be riven ROBEIRT MITCHELL. CITY IJOTIL, Cornerof Codraon and Canmp streets. ft. & MIttS. (jEt,. Sh1ALl. live tre ptleasrr. M of intlitrtintgllheir frieendl and the ipubtlic, that tire hourore on hvIcntre rly knbow to BIdstep's liotel, will Ire rllottere on lVedtetroav, tilte I4h irrtt. for the recen tittt noercoeltaty. hl'itevlroe trod tIhe ottuse thorough lyretrairedandtnewly brunilterd tlheontghtoutt, antI beg leave to ustere the traveller and ritizen, that whatever elpllttion ther hobienrlllyb'le. h crl red in e sRt yetrs,. no exertiron on Illeir pnres all hre wntring to maintains it hereanfer. A Collation will bI splred at 11 o'cloek on the morn iog f the It lltinst. t, wllichl thle ipulicr is respeelfully vi otd 1 rell r'Nr'A' EX:CIANO;E READING ROOM. FT TfIE proprietor ha re-liftedl his Reading Room, in 'T te St. Charles Exelhange, Cornelar o Granier ae o and St. Charles street inr the neatestl Ilniaar '. lBesides all thle nrianillal Iatpern of lhe Ulllilr t sler, 't ofaeverv city and sate. ale (Canadas,'I'exaa arlad lnexi ec'y. co a fllav aura te roal isrregularly andlexlenaiv. ei- lvsulpliedwithlthe tae stL ua''a anplatern, Laoyd' Listr, natd Prias's Price Curent. Also with nearly all the .lterary I'erodiaials oftaetrtday, anad sn there in r st plllicallnls oft tile I.oldon, Edlinblarrg, estlllilln ster bleltrooalitan Reviews and IIBlackwoods ' lnagaaine. The. North A llricall er iew; thI! Soulthern liater ryKnick 'd at bek'r,'I'the Americana Jourtnal at' Seirncer andi Arts. p SL. CaUtMliaat Mcrltl'uly l)ntb'nratri' Iel',e ( tialaemean's at of a garine,AAtnari'an naonthll' Ilta'lyia Miacelleany, te rare, Mexiaco Chiruricar IRe'viewsa a anarity af oItlher. 'acrl) All t 'heme works raroa rgnhrtl rarl usrbed a r tla' reei - aand atra. The rooam ia luananrpilied itlh Ia ,lane vaaietyr o ads; o afllla t la+ nllaar a, Nilhes ' itear I.m evy'a a ri C Ca ur ndse alet llllrama ik i n ' llllllet )l el t, Gaznteera, nll Ia variety pored of works of'reherence. lilgs Theintnll etl.'ivi. ,inotl lineatl news ole ct orearsae vn ag ;pl ed, fogivea; a thecrnr ll;erttalri' ls an Ian p n 1 r i x Inler will ahe tlp 'Ied to rI del r thlis Reail ling Ita tr It rhr I sr he Ulier d St r te. " Slht a'ralptlrr IrPra ' earea'pPtflly 'la r , ni I. NIItL~l 1(371 1. " a, rIIllb A·llllfI·tt i Io RIL · I MCI tI·~ tell I-tf NEW I)tlI';A..' a, -tAR tit ;I'ON RAIL ItmAD) l 't r )i l'a.\ N Y. Ilan ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ T sr arm 'n a', ,ak . 1a!rCrn A. N. ta , a Iraa,' Ira EMk TaOR T ','' '''a at. ha I lr araca" o'eaIar L l nr, IHIOIve It .. . "' a-ullin l Vny . . 71 " Ill .. .. l t' ~ . a ' .1 "" ' a 1 naa air' liar tIf'e IlI r.'. !,trlk 'll'( t Ile tll ltk i f. a lo lll. l ll l 01ý 11J it) dol l~lr. f,,l t~ll '|'ill. ' ., ',, '''',la''" 'at at i,'c , , '' I. .M a run c . Atl . ,r,,IIe' '''l"t a', ar,, a k la, I. r w all tart. .. tI' rl 1Ca , al, st l+ I la n il ... lnla llra ba.rl lag. tl +, l IN u'. la C 'R11, Vallt t,,h,. I ".. at altk t,, \ 1,1,1, 1 1 I r1 (ll. "'Iaa'arI l aatr ' rtaarara, I lt 'ralp lIlll lhlis. .111. 1'."I ''r. re II ar, , 'ra anv al i tany art r tl ( narlirr Ir ?h I Ih llln IlI,"a wgIa ltlar are Ilay ti 'rrllr i a V -to . ~ill 0 al a,, a ll'lv ll af iat+ 1ur1 ',a" I ' .,rA ltua atl iJTln I arIaIII n, l [ aar al rara'aall' iat't. Illa ,a 1t1taalid Its pa-, ilVl i rarl _.rrr Ohif .llar ag. alaaiC.Il ntG... a rt''aa at. . l . i , ' 1- apaa'ria, I ar iniI ta airr. ., )7ra' tratltne ia a ra u t r' s rna/he ar'eIVer a rt In.te .Iia i Twillereadd idi c liee lner t Irt '' arateX tar lre rissia,, aair larte ordtinarrll r ,, I f traar ing garra rat ara,'aaraaar, mt liarnl t aa'aant~ire llra aynrnm tile Islatr r ar ll ,rra theaaria it I i' ,i alrn an Vegea -. tIaalaaalxtracta n ld free Ia tian l'' ri o lisr nd, haeson i tl I lltredieal t, atl nll ae akaen aleith t tile ldr san a aat'aaratrrtarrrrtaaaarnrrr.rrllr rnI'la cn,,ntay ry ec-1 h, the tender rifrat, or raatd t. It pre et relll e re l lp f ihe disease,cl n 111 a m i ll the i n ntit i liol stotl, regains its won ted tone a In ' ae i "i It estab 'lra laaie at'tnlashes at nlll ati aolpru Anet a11 aipatte by a.riagrat ag h tila trnta rh, 't gives a lraeish to ie enjoyatr sr oasftet, aBeing ar uliar iar aa r'suaaat Irntve, us it p it aitairhia otle Jnte towel. he inrease thi isorder, or 9erairale anara llrrata at'raaiataartraittrsraialaaaaar'rri~ltraarlaali~l~iaagl othe ir l'eases, batll tharoa hly clenit s tniley severaid o gaas tol digeatiou, an thus hreils~it the sylitem il withl whatever other aatlyo it be oppressed. Ig 'I'vidaals, ali rn the useof'the T'a aoni Mixture, have r ee- exposed to a iahe i r i i ual auir llsrt Ia f the diseased rag ad haveea'aataed auly ymtoylarllprlrll r'll whereas by aaaaaar,,tlrlrae Aiaaaalaauria 'ar alalri 3I· Xt\iL't" v INDRlWS, tin ith se o th e co llm o n r n+ Ali , thl i t la a lwa l i l a reas, (ted ll in reased linh 11 ii r t rcurr ca. h Th irilt langss . of frequent r nel ' s ofthe Ague, is very evi tin for a ataihe tsvatelawll o n b& coie. alld Wmthrr preo lair t the taial to react witrh medicine a ll seed y fall a vina io l lint if) such l ei essant volence. o ' hl e 'Ii, T h 1lis xura is Lateffared at 'a reh a reanle priaes, aa to pluae it aithin Ith reach of every one--so that 111', linor and det, lute are herey. f. ilrlislle t tassiry st Ie, w 'l'hot n so ilne tilen apa'alit iate riae whsaic is frnquead tly denied asto aitllln, or else verdly rel rct l j aly b asrowed. ig The publict are re..pecll rv t, ned ngnlnst the Hipl rAlt a imitatitl of this aadiael haahat are daily offeredl It is prepared onhI by lr..hanh rIa . Row.amrla d at aeis Ld-hulardtar, a\larket'str raaIel'h uigaaa __ The s Nr"aS ''n iii the h'l)anala' for ila a ,4'Smith \ te'r 't . qa't. ans'd will a l by ae tarn ls, at t taia dnhihld rl a'hi ri, rp laer. a'. a he had at retail alsaaat In hAt I ' lro urraa'aaia'e in h, ', a 'it. 111J.\IOVIS ,L, ANDREWS, lieWholesale r ltggists ý7O'TI lo( atyal A aiI ana(anh \ v0 I <r tatla aaalr,)a I Tahoito hltr dnabeed m'Nde Maaars. Blair k Lawes al this c dtya a of all thearaira er ar. a eltan lef ery desert tir an beal l. n l in to W tl n it o e ll &'it Blair satd \VI]+ttcmnlore, Blair & CO., aind nlefrl1y of this city, nd of said I lnr & Lawes or r of Nwta'lk New Jerasey, an I to Joh \VII lllwrh alI Ian. J. Mlihr of r lilt aa ity of New Yark, frr te b)enlefit of the. 'rodituor ll'.aid houles all l utll trl e lon All pol sonls ida ete ltt said housa are e reuestted et 'Larl s Iraranr ,a'arrn a'r'a rla'al atano atra'llr',anvrraaqal'. pay, adtslid ll erditors of" thle. e ealll ere. ret'quested to pre 'se' their t1:'1'ra'18 hlaala tellnl t' "a ErrNlYarn Ia 'll )'IASIIOAS, __ _ Agellt oI laid Assaignaines, dc--t No I Chartre+ 0t, ear. atRhl. a, 11L7' PRItI d-,l'in attt i;,itrar Natar'ur ils p aaaI.a rIa''arfaaraII/RaaE.Rsar I'lalaal (aalaar'aeIC\tcS tllaaarraranl. Ilrra niry r&Lraa e cll Vil,' I lteI' a lIERIliAN OF f'tTE rI'ar'annae afl'aryatnaaa art,, S. CIralna xR tn ne l Naie s d ' I des rtilii alPl " l'tta t' It s &+ Bhdnr e1 \Vhittemore BItlh",,r " ,,, idevant tin melt, r illo tot itlt'i-. fitl,tilel +,' t le~ , u d ai s (ll squtels ils sent rnsl be-etiventiienti ilre a(+A Joht 'Tay or. de Newa rk, New Jersey et it ' .os \\a t w rth ,t W tat Jt ,iler, lra Olar'a'r'as'nad at (Iaaanpiuge Rararn, Pt, Chad,.a a E rlaa a, nd de a New ' k, (ai aIniaftae das tcr Pnientirg de Olitres, raarir 'tr afx eu'tandnia i. cifreas auath ante de ir sllno r, a is ntel ia e du lne t e rreti slre n alite Ville. aarl-tfS 'Toes le,eraInLnes i u tes nvers eaTt I) SN array ara rho aannaill rrgl~ attta itla Ortahmr, alas itae nalison, s Ant prIers de nidn, egnd etle aiat lal-n len Oll polrraait devutir, do tires t '; le11' w ell k m es n nml yraainshlanna'l r a 11ENRaIY Ea 'I'Ia0lnnAS, est Aerr des assat 'ignra'r Taahnr sa 'illres Iar anid fL's tanr alnliaany aoIr lblrles latliLE &r iIA1'h' it CCA'aaatDSns t: 9-PRINTE'D at the shortest Notice, in the most lad, ahiler nlae, or Plaatn urfait ced nrtrnn, annd a'a Pricres very rensonable at "I(I{J+F A11L;IRICAN OF dFIalr, cariaer of ylndrs anl St. Charlles ss.a naUAl--t-i" I & eN' 'I'IA IJ'e and BLa-tial('l ia raas \V Trds and j s labe At RI illar ('to h Elabn i hot. trt yrt spaeaksalnreelnvehad sat ig aa ;'saa eaIart. Charle| it 'jaid fr 'a n deivrmw ndianti r Ina tsePriih r. y sg, Lr Hl MAY, fi cSC ree est a T E II-Iri IA I'lIA 1 ýUN'I'wl onIThe morning th tl c 31ths7 csthr atd CAl ~lhe('l NE ant gi (llel,5 tegrl abetethity yearea Ispeat Frenc a~l~ u' r ,id Enlilh; iswllt, known, and 3IL~ C,r.lelet at tIuauao A ,'ra,.iils;, snal ot aind+ o.thes arera rd. r lef :" tJ rea y i in I' NIl 'tert , be w e d3 73 f'a'np tot

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