Newspaper of True American, December 8, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated December 8, 1838 Page 1
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uc, 12N C rs. NEW ORLEANS SAT.URI)AY MOININ(, )DECEIMBER I 1otl38 VoL.-VI No 8,27 T'rm o the j New r l r,,s, of m., ,/ N., ; . . Iruowe %.r - e - - - . m . T'ertt[ of t/e Netrao pper Prtst !" Nereo r/elea ii lat illll v t l l ' i Ing ;lm m I II;l, lll'llrm" Ir Il ofIiI tIle I ro rleI l'l 'ropricturc, h(e l on theill .13111 o l" ut h11, R. Sun c ele rt l .- t 'w ve i ) ,ll tr i iCr ei hll ulv pal plr Itllnltl n pt11 .1C -e. 'lltlt t - i Tt 'li¢ irl r tllU tU tlol Al tr fn r Ill! tri-,v, ll v fi t ellrv it e r, p iaabt le o t year inn t lanclte, whiee lrl citylt r t l relel t ai vertit. No til will be diconti.ilntel until t rrear gel e are setlttll. In cat a t tellf4 ll lltt, o rlle lweek'- nllticen i [trie ; Im att 1n i iarlnth y glven, previous to th wttl .e charged its i new tIee. YIte AtI A t'ei rlt Eltrv .-r iterl t +s hnd lrT arn orta ilotllrs~, f i Ltn lliih aloi el ll a,|1 six tiV Ifslr ot I ll-n Il tllk, i ltlr lllt e i .tiit e llllt t lillmiial p hll. intllil ti Ion I. I itly l i'+tc en ti ttt, ill teIi e ttill .ilhl t ' for b thll llhll ll.lnn I Ship iil,| -$ e lP ll"r.,! F ie t ,uc ml, l htr vLu ot h tlth ailil WLIisl. lls , MI:tr l l oltn oale i r(lra I o 1, Vet p lrli , lllh n ll' b tih(lcan eM - ia ll 1 t IItIentiil i il f titi ldell i t ti illpetr i lllln .e rt e oni of l i.- tir a 'r h u h, I +ra "o tne. q't. , . will h,: Pldr.+ I obl ca rtll ed pfr al 't 1 e ,e Il" tl ll ill lath rdn I ir ll lh iil ItoII .i..... w.. . f ....rhupihll t ? l c hurgl be du ble. aotI in ,lll ~e i r int o I A dentutii otef tweip v (iC e epr eni't wIl' l he intl to Au1 Stli itl' it 3i' Ityiatlr o( rVii lt.l. Ft .lar hal R,: t ltle e llof retl it. itl ti, le llllth it bi Ith 1 i ell ellta Sil l et r .cre ih-dlh l Iou llble aoeri l lit eln. ,ide rtail: AI nV gr t u tl t he thIewsi r l r el i n l. li lne s a1tille io t ire nl. tey rIe ,e f s Iellll tiotil I tllel latII i OII Snt!!, Irl+tIII a l i 'V tlint snav moma lv . &t'e. wil bp he . lldrrlllell i' n i l+lcllly, ite t the lrd lltrv r eato-. A loV I rtsIlIta'''lll nit IIAIbli)W , llilll e w lly it one month, tid lr iret nevii et ll le m 1 paymin t t ,l ranlee! y n rlad +iher e irrso ini town. dnily ,tr t1p ,tall[[, to ~"ll. ct a; I ' l $111 Ir I+ng~lis+h hilet tila l , L 'l ill It h ih e d III i ita. illi li erey. Adlll+l nlll t.) .1'[Y ,e l iitti , fII r iile t'al oEltP iv. i hwill ' P, ,afged doutill Ii lllri)eI of tihr lvettiter IV t ile tll te itini.iit tie I nca i eld.ti illiC tl iiP ell r ,- i'ie tr teile, lion l, h 'a lo r l t i Irtl lil Ii nllt th tt I i Ia If iii , \t I +htCei +ii wltl IIi ra iot heen p id $withit one ulb rt oi al1r prea ,"ntifo , sl l hli e Itn ll . k t til (so rI Irt i tltil) of (eiCllt ithtl ey o i yglili" The JtII e ntlii to il veriii e or I prhi f)' r uch dclicll atIcll, I' [l e t+1 I I I 4tl , le l l die i/lreltt. ll igted, t lt M . (l r t. itftiSr. tt ritcSu tc. e'.ici ItI ., ~ ltial" l 1( c r It . I. Ith . f ' t I':NI y tlr IrIT, .OiUU I)llD WI IN, R rr Igr,1 e,dit, Peo ru' i.-h l a th'o et lleli. iIm t|r twoli to [hi, Ic v a tile ah vel. l en lhioh , as the a+ they, are aPidi bhha to J+,k I prsln r l. Ilr.l) e c r (Sin·dti ) t y I. I,. ViW iyV ry(i, nii,, hi Vo thll ri tioh t ar th lne'lr le I a than i| honllhy. |h,''Orise laltl llt ll i et h'eo ." i p e ot l l dt. C Sprllalctv i, ha l Mr. ' ille r hbl ell ired to fu is ll hi .lOSlU IIALI)\WIN, .Recorder Sentll to thne Mayolr, IDec. i. Resolved, That intnih ,o)in ieo ao l is hlrebly grantd it, J hn ( nlyoni to e reclt fr two ,ane t ha car asn- i'evlllhn, " r thu ei x a lbhtny o hir (o i lrt. J)1,I[iTA \ IlA ,l)\VIN, Recorder, Seilt tio hlle 1aylor, Dec. 5. Rl oly!vd, rhiat fhe Tl e,,rder h ,-nI he in hnrly al it imri.a hd t) -n i<.ri a for 1ii coloil , o ilse ['od. ao rl'r actie, elt tit tur: pnlltihi, bl y E. J lla, .L .JOSH11TA I.\AI)WIN, Recorder. Sent to thei Mayor, D)c. 5. ItRet ,lv'eh , "l'e at t eil fi ....iii . " .0 it il i.el p ~t . t.ol. l 1 e lo, .ll, 'r dmd.lov tr t i xth. I ltrle+, ,or l N ,I, r Ii elptt nt i l .uti 1e 1 ito- nth 1 .Ic I I l' .\A I bI i) \ VW I N , R . co r hc e r . Sent, to the A layor, D)et'. -i. Selit to the; Ma~yoii, I)et'. .. i-.olvedI, t'l' t the 'L'r, 'tri- pay Ity.t . Elli oi l warrant If thell \. or, the sltn of thir y five dollars for stiampi''g 1611,4 iII 1t iip:1 nntes. .j )StH II A IiALI) WIN, Recorder. ..ul to the .Mayor, I)ec. 5. Rlesolve,, 'Thal the I'Treasurer pay to John Tobini nn thel warrlanlt oftlhe 11yorirthlie ui of twelve dolhlr tir gr'ltl . he itlven at the foot of wharf No.2, biy oitIr lo ii t llh larti nLer. .JOSlIUA IXI. I)WIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Dec. 5. Resolv' e l, Thll it the l'ProteI. andt Potitiocn of N. I,lo in, J.. I. l,:Fulanl , E. V. JoIurduna, 0. F C. Dupyles, and cothers, proFtiniCIg iginslt th Rdii nc oll f tlhis Cloiic, I iri0iting thi paving of Cirons street witlh rlound t n i, la rejecteid. Jil( MS !T7A IALD. W 1j) TIN, Recorder Sernt ir the 1Maor, Dec. 5. Rtesolve , That it is ins c.'lient to granrt the rie qc t of tihe ;i. \1 lry's tn'ket Ste a, Flerry Cotnp,aly :"t th- tt1un . 1 0.1O s, IJ.A tl I I )WIN, Rellcortler. iSent' L tl the .\layor, Iec. )' .5 Reso'v"l, that ther of".r of the City Bank for the $311ti ,0l 10 11 tid1 anbh ,; t ,I It) rei h llluion of 25th Septemberlli , 1838, re tIIhe rIetilin of the small note circulation f ll e uiiiiteiptlity; to wit, eighlty dollars iPr every hundred dolllltrs of Blndst, tIe and Ih ,l.. e is herebili a tltlllel Am.' tlhe Mayotr is hellu y auli rized to cisie he issil01, and0 de livr.r ied to s tid heIlb I Lt r hu, lmldred liundt of this Muinicipality ior oie Ithiiuaitnd dollars e llc, inthe utill I I cwitht interest wirrntiten anii.'.edn tlLhereto; said lnds to et dalted the first lDe)oetmhor, 1H3i, ipay i . in thiirty yers, ieatring lt six per cint per ann11,3u interet, payable o! atn t1tinually at the Treasornl's ottieo, or at i .n Ilinkl in the' City of Now Y'.k ' s thi City It ink miay dest'lt'inate. SHUA I. D \VWIN, Relicrder Sent to the Miiair, Detc. .5. Pll OS CC('UA. TII' , subs tcriler ip--li,.i s to pI b liih, in tlIte ble. gintilll thoe ilt1iiclicl5 wter, a Condensa-ition a I' the twiiny vollia ot" thi,e (hli ald N' w ScHries tii volmiese. tc1(., accordiig to tlle, model of Peters' Coendcnsed This work is ntiyv i, pei-plraltiln bty J. Burtion Ilarri.on, EI15 , fit thes ety, aisticod by William F. IBrtiind, E-q. '1''in ltiitc1 i: Als- peri teit d by a istiinignisetd retired Jutidge of the Supiioreme Court, anid hby tne it lof the sititng, leidgos, to liexpect from'i their porsnii it csirvlsioni all thl advantage whichi may natuerally be r-apt Iromu ttir expin ence. iiich ai work is bhooiouieg every day lioie no cessry, as tie origoitl ii volutlinous,i expensive., and scaureo. An increasing curiisity too is malli tost, is til othlier Statos of thle Utioll, ill reference to the iei ultar jnrisncprudche of Loisiail;i and the ci.rcistitancen of ithe nitleroust principlies here deo. cldotl in the adjltctennt llf conltliets of lan, makesh the knlcvtd,.gtof ie' 1djlt" l e-osa ti' to prima uti hlity toii thej ri' of tie awho! Union. M.trevenl, tih rinlg repubhl 1l Texis has alloptld Our cnd0 s, an tilthus there is a great dtoa-'id for the Lutiiiana d.e,.isi,,ts frotii a fr (li quarler, Convevaient notes, ilticating the parallel cast decidted in Loniio ii and occulOeiinally those iit the mre authoritative forums ofi thlu other States, will he addeld t io each tase.u 'T'll worlkll will dorm four volumes, royal o0taV0. and will he dohvred,, hontln, ito suiiscr.lers it $(i per vol.; in 1i.131 it +hotl I be found praclleah.tbi o crlplst it i ht i tlvolm es, the pi' i i o ti-i io isuib. sor -ibh r will bel $7 p10r vol. SSubie ipltions rec:ivtl by W 31 M1KEItAN, .n ear amp andti Commoli n a. , -. , l 1 -. bIt s ' I ,lio v 1t.I )l & 11. 1 Itl'T mli\\' I1. tirower' o ,( . SA'u pslt n eeie,'lnlt their Farnislhing V:lel-hbrle II No. 17 cp tltreet, llv recenlllt rtllt,,s lion o.k, op, and tle Northl, targe alllitls to thlleir sonlk of lectivoly ('they bIlieve) fori 111 :lti sur,, e lrlle " e1l'r San.n o'opll ete than io to he linel Din Iany sl}ilar esl.. ] thatlt known; consistiIng of 1' SILVEI \VARII:. Coffee t-tu tea sets; piltchlers, witers, estors, candtle sticlks, ©lp, tumblers and ;oblete; table anld desert krks: table, desert and te spoonll; marrow lnd girvy, or re golot spoons; sllgtt (O!Igs+ Slltogls; l'e, scee ndU soep IHll es. ',toter, rliti, tI) lin ini ish kniv es: ,ik le ot I o.kt kniveto .o reeks, it pkit.s, .ings, &c. " "rion lly firn h h tlt iaolttoy of Air Ii. C ,)h.ol", of ew Y,, whose lon;g established reptatto, Ifor thr man-ti ltue of silver .:mee is stlliciellt glnarrntllllee of its slpcriorlll PIT.l'Fi) "AR.,.S OF SIIEIIFFIE!)i AND llts( I ,INtlHA %i. 1'Te antl eoffet, ., tra setts; t:lrs, lillonlr and co ldil stm:,is; superb c!ltehbrSs, ad :e e K . gtes with ..r Vor .dte:nil, ic, crPt.y of lit ,iner or sp er table;I :lters t roi antl olio g, from 8 1 o 1~ inllch3ei " ,bee= ste:k and vetgelabe dishes, rich ,dit, envers; eak t I 1b1ead bahskets; dec;ltler stands; mantle anlL d ch:unbler EcnlhtestiCks; weil strIlneris; coolers t nd syphons; dec ,l Ice l abels, claret colrks, tel strailers, tuhle bells, tel, t'tv ble. egg andl nnstartd spioolns; csg Ibildes. and et eeis, toast races, &e. SII,VEit ON STEMl+l. WAItE. T.llable and desert knlves, tfrkS al pons; sto p andl stoce Ila, ; ho.tter and ,lu knives, cheese scoos, un.s a'taguls tongs, vegetable forks, etc. .I.\I'A NNIEIV. Iln,' Gothic Soalowich x, ."oun u re . w:,illte, , seloo cIrl single, Iom Sto io inches; doI ol'/,pillt adrheo Illearl, cherse, and knife tre:s; loge upright plate walrlnelrs; spice, aullnr ntld cash Ihexe's |Irossing c'as.s tortoise shell, etc. C~llllP. J[S. An estrtIrsiOe oatnrltrnt, cotntlg hunp re Astrai Ilet:11ll( lto glas o; tlltzed lalll Jal,lllnel side t;a bhlckl" lptnls. CIIANI)EItEltS AND IIANl'iCl LAMPS. gll tlish 1a111 frtllo h lIlt glttss ellllllietl.s or lstloes ol 31, 1, 15, lt, 211:,1 124 lights; l'reooct; 1bron1ze d a. gilt Gt1.eic eeIpsl, , 4 , dt 8 lights; hall laopl a.od ln tel'O, rick hltloze blo! oI ce'ltre l:a110fr "o awllwilli Oltln, l'otl I to S lig.1, I:lm, shaIles, gilgassese.lld wicks. \IANTI,Il: CLOCKS, ('ANI)LEIIIIAS AND V\ASS,. Bronzed and marble; bronzed :Id gilt, oId all git, with fixtures, etc; counting hollse :lan, d kitlchell clocks; iro.nSid nkstands, et, :1: ll'; paper weights, thermlo.l. e ers, Cr racks, e.nsalrsiekls I'. CHIIINA W\VAIt!E til PIitCEi.AIN EngliSIi d N ell h dining desert, tn"a andl c' .sr- I Ivices p ll lllill e i tlill ,ok(ti t l; wt loob at11 Iik llk .its! maidll .sesi; tlancy ce d reeks and balskeits. FAI 1 ti'i WN VA ICE. I)iing, desert I, oS,, t:e, Irekflst and slllpper Pels; (;ti" CLASS. Diecalnters, plitchersll ; clalretll sl ll o rll el l hock dllllleetrs; bollwls, dlishes, celery tlast, ialt sltunis, s!,;11II bowls, blttr fillllS lillg lllll Iasls tll lers, wi llne, chant.lg claret, cotdials, leanonlllo L )illy g,.sses; line colored hock Igl..nses. \Alo, cellh' sha:,r'. TAILE CUT'LEiY. Fine ivor Iba.l e ar ndles, selt tip and l uk handle i kruis iid lork' of 51 ndl ,,pirects, o" the +t,,-n; ivory ilhtdl knives ,ol b in o ii .r o'trks; ,e rdl alnd F Kn 1 c1"rr1;, Ilor; slics .'N)Od rnIbu, t ol.ter kliNs, notlt.l Irkloll . ( ,-e 111 li v1~" 0.t ll rl . k 01 1 t1.1 F I ;lilTT' A\I.A\Nit III.OII)CK T IN \ ll:'. stllitlllr Ir hllihl t+ III l o5 ei , wi.i ld i : 1.i itw 2 il, ol ctvc rs, lat' : e 5 .s; ti " ketrles aln teull~ , w ilh haol;lors, l.g Ioihrr, o .g . FANCY I1 \IWIVARb lie; h l':el wire lh l I ers. 1 a r ilnll n rlll as; bI hs i ,i l 'a eel l -ilsll an t o I ngi ',i I II;'l 1 '·1./1- I:,1 hod' Ill n III n 1 111111 100 n Iook.; \"p$n'~l, brat/ awl 'hIIII, I, g rl' Ifi/ I l.l . !illl( l l2 il4 n, l ilT .(,ll l1 1 I t\ li 10 ( I:1l+'11;111:\ I'I' l 'l \1 rl ",- I',,. osillot o .. , trl, ! kc'e,. n ý,,'oj wr":und ,oodent arrs, bh,:Kg a carh'etioll ofi .i III'h l l,,t 11 ,l) i ,11 ) i f : : Llo p l lll It .' britan . ll ,iin.llde xv..l, wI'lr:,I I1.1 . ' kihd:,. e ,"l 10. r + ltlp r sln;.w1 . 1 c 1 d i ,t- "'1w inI li.. a1 n". . I1 e Ip I .!":,,; ,", I o I , ]!\rtnI eil I' l" , Inc I ll.lh, Il ·1,',h'1, ý ,1,", , \\o, · ,,Hl .l l V 'h 1 .'1ltr ,, '.,4 " .,(1/,' Pt!,':.\'+'--I),,," '' ;e . t i , e t I· , il , I. | r o . I* I l o v i r ii sws in a 20,, ll:l " ec saw, $i(U 1115 Fordo.Otf slawso, with ceedrs,cC .st, $ $ 180 fit per saw, 390 00 Io ,Io 0ll 4 ws, wiited , &c. $ft 1 do. oA taws with feedlrs, &c. at $7 St) (0 5i 1 pr1 saw 1511 t)o Extlra teeth ".lr" d.-ired, Le 1f +- dters, s !plied a i ts iatt; the n..n,ten ofteeth ,ing. ahout e,-al) I thUe lllllllllt ' of . )Nll et V o' tc lhlCrsC it iv ean sI d h1towe(l"er, will wetl" out 1w. 1' I three sets of so~s. E l lxtra saw sti, pllid atl 8,l I inits each. The Gios orvdered, " Ill he deliv-red tat lh agrnts of plantol. ill any o. f the' se port tollwn~lli the l cotit, plan i f ·1 ` IeI , allt tll, aho u ll-erts, the tll Iils tll l l di e sI'II -llt llth .e %IIi iot. il\icl1' t il Btennilncnigt rl 1, , ble o the almtulnilt of lhe Gm I. A- Iin I ri, 'lht "i lhi e .s1111 it nih thie Ii in , ht lhl em p thn ltre ie sived; lhke char-'.es l I ],+. en ict- -,e will he ext'ra, lbuti [ e.l fro. II ih I: Ii n .IgI r cak also he orldl red" hlere l de ire l,I 1o , rl'o';l lll: t:' , hot I ill he i .:l' e 1 extra. I loriI p Iwer I',alanv Ieacltljoionl , lrln e in nished o like, tllmlle . Sl l.ll .. i ll l lgi ls ran aoll l he Or llere if de It isIdesit.abl, when 1llanter ~i\,. rders nfor (ins, illIh "ryv s chl O l i ti hlll. " tI t I \1ews in reg;Cdi n ilel rl'al Ulnentni so si , ,eirnll' r4l ,'tl ' r l 's, &c. It is 1i t)l ill),: ddli ,, opinion. Sint de+ire siawto ilager t' i:ilter l ll othdwe. The ,iot conkIs ) siz is 9 or tit inchls; , sme wish them I1 inches. Sinl,, wish 5 or 6 rows, " irushie, on an axhe, "hil, all..w's ,1, n.~t,ic, oe .,u,. .it'tnin is atw with Iin orl o I tllt ' the inch,, hile. othl lrs waot olll I1. 1V oclll tT ll l ,' %,a In,, " Ie i _,re Ii lilyfi 5.11111 1 ,l! Fih r cime olting orien Irlsi.h a E tynInn, ,t inf lthen"i winhes, :it nte I:In~Inlor i'ks , ty Iit themuln in ever pn'niular. W ghere it is left to ourldinretin, e shall makelll ll ta o lithe moaLt miderll lland "ip'oved plan. rlno-d Il ca e. U.tetl ll, m th ti it i e , te plo adin cy the hSnIs o .he lr. o e in tlon )for the t crok, all: orh' l ilers alt lito he itn tll hllll I ( thll .l:l erhll y thle litst or nilddle of lalr; ess ep for lnt llt l n, lltll l they l . t in co i meciing to ;ick or ginl ~ cllon. N. Ik The l',tent ;tight, fior any oir of the celtlo fgo wioy SMlo'a, will be suhl on reasonable terms. LT1 :,t ke;s loul. nod No I It htlte L ed, 1SlO -'l I w e, d I Illin li,: -es owll barrel., 7S bers Green paint, in .,il, 51I horl'e I Jlltni ore " l.lm Sall', "i1 earl t. oil Vltril, (Grallnal he, Iur Gih-'er, .,|0p, 1,111li h andI .lnier-ull (alwh nel, \ltcll 1, 8.,rit. Torple thll, Ti m 'rind., \,'ih tlw IGlat', l'ntly. toh ether wilh It lull us till utll .hl ,'hnmes, 1),,-.tti=, Point*,h , &e., 1or sale at IhIe h.let prics, fi" ca-h or city Ilper, by Wholesale )'ru.gista, nov21 cur C(orie and lTehhlpltnultat s lt For changing the flair, Ey, brows, or Whnskers to it lperlanent Il:own or Illak, by one application without statiltng thi bkin or Iso tihoo.t lin.n, just recrived by BUSll & ALLAN, 17nov Fancy Store, e. St CIh tries & Colrn. - OI, . WIT -:T:'\V i,' ,,he,., .behr r7,-=.,. i.i i ,w ,b the ,hilpl Rocheiter ani Klopiulbl , Inn romi ullra, it honlae spplly of I:ohlune \\'ater, I'ooth Itruslo as, Nil broh,., & u. f it aperior i ilyht', which ' I'lle"r lil solo ,t re eta..'a le ter s. N It\' IlAT b'l'th,., r UIT r,",..ived per late arrivas from New Yolk, a eP v I -h ni I hellonbll e assirt h ent af liATS. Til'he oh-- ibi)r" would varticularly all the ,,nbat;i.' o" the ~i It,' t,, a -t le f heaver Itla of it upllerio f'ti-h, li nth e, r 1 , .i h-untifiI lhaire;i- o a :l I hel l:-" ia - ~ :,,", 11,t, lý,lqTl e w itl. a . rlgen l t1. eirlo l i iioo l:ý l ,'|d h. hlo .-.1. -xpies-11 for this . + , I r 2r ]e \ail'1't FIe . hert n fl'i 1"t , = +t s ,n ntl mea Ispeontin, t., retisco" human t: nm1; low Il r~t iv rhlelo se .,I, it .hn gr+, T r. eon n't, .<a and r rm T h1 i srl;,e i0 rl'l,,,+ :o Iher hl y illtl.,i f y ,, t latI I lwrha eu,r e d' SoV'l f!IopJ'ltWI(, Ills th _ ; ITHI , -,ari4 it. tha odt n Mivv l nu I' t doer he I rc II f ISc r In air. SI' or + olll1l.lll oi l l ot ilt r .lit 4)+' .l . IIoCut, i Ilrn ,I fir-t ,I pli' ntirnl, +i. .i a; Vw botl r,'., +rr. .. if o, It slitir )o ll rnin^ 1t y , Imaqke,', i t •,, . If ll y, nod fPree it fro~(11 alllr . NI llirf ++nm (NP,]-o tii''i lls, m l t1' 1 r'Ifl,- f mPcl,"corlitv inll ' p alr of +he virln. llif I)ld.Oh i;el [I-2 rr., he 4 vlill .)'' ,: 1,· h ert It lhrtOl In, I. . It , vo r I" , r 1 2222,"e1 "'i , "4,' , , "I 2l 22 2.. l22l,2h to th2',.2in r ,t terof he f1tll hwan 1,- tl . "o t lr t of, foF (iP t o ,) hi di-v,,vvred hv .I. (hJrldadP . ana halvPe lllf l it ighly se'rvilenu bler trot altoy na a preventve af:lint the .Il, Iff hai rl, h ta ls 4", ew "Celin lll resi ' 22', 11 111 '/T '11 .4V''I3. ,'',,.iSenior, .Ihou dits Minister r ill S t ;e1rr s . 4ldiry " ,lrt N4 2; North, , Iiti t. J()T1N P 1\ l' I, l.s,:3.l A,ch r lt:et. Jtob b IIN a )nn, 62 1I/ I). , Ir 163] r,1 J[4M 1N 1" Il, I22I2 12 1,244 . e tr ,. .Ir IInhay, t do Jr, 1'1: A nti] r eet. It ix dhat thret o the vry . ,e oeP il fl e oor:· . .tha : l2hye'rs wll4.. e,, n le l.h I,',l I n I 111n 11tha . i t 4rm the2 4 a4., y r .) . o il + N'l ("a41 4 ,in,) I, Robert 'art .. av (r o",aid .y, to I'hilv.. h ,h here y ,,r2 rv thalt I n" , ' l( ( '2i', nl e (4.4s Ilh+r J P I2l2l li.,,22 2 I e42'2 d I2ll ll 1 "'iord,,,I T4, ( d111,112, of2 r n,, a n',22,22 '2 d ' hi4 2 o4 e n.+ I+ +, tll rlt . ireay s llil ttI f lp l hrr1,1 '·? .l t hnt Ibl(; to ld Forfresaihth seal aLl,' nit, to be . i nxtd,. this, (I Iy o il d + I [: ,., (f ] t llh,,r, \\ . [I 1" iu ] " It()1 1 l,.ii'I' \V10 (III, N, S 1 ynr. I+It 1 5I'V1',: tlat xn h h1 tt ild , f ll lil Oa ln hasd 4 'l]r-ndi l ' (aed 224 wrl 2, ( 4 Wh 'ln .s fle l2 t. Nthe l, ll ,f\i a l s, .. . . Sol1t h4·hs4 c, ,l 2 retail .v 'il 2o222422,' t( for An2l bet , enr rl ll x '. Its "and ; { . t 1 l,-o lll i jllld +)erl fV I +n I t " zghll,.' e l'l lilr'¢+ " J. RV44 &,. 2\NI)2II,\ 42l)4I2 42 ,42I1.2 242,.22 x., 2Ne D2222 42 ,'-lll ., 'Wt 22' , I 4(22 " 2, & (:o'; 2 ,l4s,',, a .n , Ne r ,ea Line1 ol f Packe+t Sltipx.-- 'T i. new line of shis Mils been expressly hiilL Io raln hetw.'+ero the above po rts, '( 2t2 ' w l to b2 2 4'olt1 , 2 ,Jr s 2t.t 'l s d r af4t o4 w at e2r: wvIIi heo sII,[. to ktvd ,'neII:rI d ,alrlt actiont , Thu hsm: ix c m.nposd ot' , I fh o t Ingl ships.: ('h ru-:,, 41151 taus Capt. + lla.rding, (4 .rolina 2, (221121 do 2 (," 2rn2lm 2, SeMHi Lan, ;211 t2),+ J ]uw t2, 2 ( l222 h2, y, 22,22 24 2 1 2) 4 2I22 2 4 2 l 224 . T'he 2222 2,v ,hips are,2 all now, of2. li2 ' st 2o 22r 2,t 2 l ( 21 tlI p rd, a,4,l ll4ded by g, 'l' n. p a,£ : 't. w ill h o I +V +,I op a n d d o w n th e , ' 2 ,12 a g 4,' 22 2 s 22 bi 2e . rll 4 i222 .22 l2 ll2 2 2', ", t2, t'us2.22.2 o 2,,4 l' ,,'2 2g o Is !,2 , 2 td 2 . l, 222 ht2,, 423' 2222d2r. 2O2'.t2 . F,2 2 r24t22222 t+..,, ,. .i'''y .. t22 2 ilt .22,2t. . .I +4 2 42 I2 I; . 2IT , 2. 2'+2nm,2,. 2 2 (22 2 "]2 Ir2242 I2. 222 i22 d,22 o42 c- )g222 t m21 1.2222, 2 2 1 ; to .ll, l \. .s2 24 2242. 2' 422I2&24 {'sO 011|',)UNI) "f ()iN ,4IX I'tRItt.--. ettedv d. l at| cel,.ll crt for tie Fev"r ard Agau, thllell lllI r I tll r . U td tw,ti t tli tlltt n(Iii versal siuccess im I32, by persons of tle highe t rei, -ctablhty i tilln city, ,s tateid in the anit ced cert !it ates, Tits medicine is highly reoinminended, and has been ixtestivicy ei iid in Lthe acve diseatses with such dstittuife ir successr , that Lite proprietor eof ' the recipe has belen inuced to offtir It to the pub. lic in its present fre in the holpe that it may be thIe lments of relieving Illny of those who are suffering unudr Lhe scourge of oel eountry. It is Smnetdhllle possessing grat virtu, anlld when used according to ho dtiretious has IVCer failed of effecting a cure, even ir the most obstinate stage of tihe ditsrder. It is not et all disagreeable, and persons of tile weakest stomacl, nd children may take it with impunity. It strengthens the digestive organs, creates aun aptlpetite, and seldoim requires more thln one, or in obstinate eases, two bottles to eflect a cure. lThre is neither mercury nor arsentc in the medicine, nnr any thing injurious to the humanill ctlnstitutio. 'PiTe prplricetrs areI s,) well convinced of its elireacy, thv.t they agree to reitindl ttlr price ot' :very bottle wllch has been takau II nctUod,nmc with the tirections and has not ci.ited t at pert et cure of he over & tague. A. OLIVER, siole ngtnt tihr Ne'w Orleans, at his w Iholbsale ami retail drug antd tei.dlcIe store, corner lo' Iienville and Char(trlrs treets. For Disttrit Ahgencties appi!v to je5 WT. W. S.4ITI1, 48 Conti st. I.E MOlliIttllI),i. E AbY'S IINIMENT.-No Ftcltin.--This ex. . trta rdlllary comptill ln, thle result oi' heicne, iand the l Iventi loii a celolerated Iueti c.l I e, the illtrodtL, i of whichl to the puble was iltve.ttd \it iii hillleolei ty oo f a deaithbed beqelht, hais since( tained a repIutation unllparalleled, folly sllstalllllll Ia1 (meorreootns of1 the lalmentelld *r icrill,'y's loat cmoteis.(n, that " he dared not I die without giviug to posterity tih heurfit of hi I knowledge oil tits h utioect," and he therefllot biquctlhcd to his fiieind iand attendatnt, Soolomon titys, the secret of his discovery. It is now u'ed in the principal hospitals, and I the rrivate practice ill our country, first and mo. certnllly fr trll clre or thle tPils, rtland so xtlel sively andl cfictually ast bo,,llo clodulity, unless whlere its eulihts are witntuesscd Erxternally in the I'ollow i comiplaints: For Dropsy-Criating extraordinary obsorption. it Ollcm'. All Swellings--Reducing theIm inl a few hours RhIumoation--Acute or Chrometu, givng quick c asme. Sore Thrott-Bly Canc-rs, Ulrcers or Ceols. Croup and Whooi pg Cough--Extiernaly, and oveir the Chet. All Ulutses, Sprains, and Burns--Curing in a tew hours t Sores and Ud ers-\Whctheir fresh er long standlng, anid fvl r sores. Its ope)ratons upoI-l adults and children in refdc ing rilcatr sweltrugsand i loosenllil colghs and tightnetis of itei chest y ela.xatitnll of the parts, has been sulrprislig beyond conception. Tht commoni remarkt of those whi have used it in the Ptles, i' " It a:t.. ;l,e a chart." 'I'll 1 I'LES-T-'he pore,. :11 s rerinieid to any person who will use a bottle of Ilay's Liniment I etir thl Ieske, ant return tile empty bottle without lbeig cured. 'Thoos are the positive orders of the - proir'ctor to the AgentsCI ; and out of iaitny thou. sands ,old, not one has bi en unscessu c l Wa , m;ght insert crclircates ti aly lenygtl, but b pref:r that Ithoseo who sell the artile, should ex' I itlit tie erigiual to puirchalsers. CAUTION--Nolu cunl be genuine without a cip)i dnd ntlgravUd wratlpper, o Willch is my namuIe, acd aloo that olf ti Agents. rOLOMON HTAYS. Sold wholesale and retail, by COi)MSOCK & Co, Nrv Yerk. and by one Druggist la every town in tho Unrou. For stale i, t:: WIholesaeI Agents, corner of C'orn no & 'T'.iloupitoula;s stlect, anld by the Apothecaries gnllerallv. je30 1i t I0NI --5frrail fir ic saletITv rciS5 401 Pedri. et - l i O)\t(\ i'iotitT"ltE-lin l-iter'eeiived iper Mlr..s, 1 lii - by lhlli.l E. x iL. nio, I. "' Ilink1 l'hie +\ i't! Si iii1 ,,.,el -.i MBILES' CO\I IPO)UNI) EtI'RAUT OF" TOTI LTO. A sK IIsTITt-rl; ,'u t ru l) IH':trs. .I. by m1iany e~ni irie~s oft'he prev.en,, day, tijest one. me-. Ililie ! "will cure. all dis.,ases, Is Ino, ullll nIlleve l bt. l' a h who ls. s it, s eilt'lr a I~Ll or : l· I ]l stor.. ]li1t it is |a t1et cleII(IInonst I' iabl by 'xp r'ience,( that combl nall tions of sedicil,e Ia1 [e nlo'rtn Iflom, lth VEGE:TAII ;l E KINGI l q M, that wsill aet sot I slei'l'.dll zy oIn thesie sstei n~wher.Ie. n e a b II .ll y ,andin j lld.,i lluir )OrtaI ns as IB Itoll I11, in l ni n I call. fi: ll! of Ite , lll .11 I,.l.ICI 1 wi|[llll tIIe.rI' l ', 11 1an pow ler o 1f 1in ii . • Fr m 0 i e11 we' kll Iknow usnu l estalishe' reputatn('11 ofll f CalnwIRl", it has lolIg beln ilnllllae(t, b" thetmi r 01lie, mul sci.',tift c ph si cial, as )te o) theF n lll ImI)\t . lpow l agents ther the moumotal of diseae.., lly th,. ti.nwr, al I tLto1 the i( ln h l ' h111.%, thodih. The i 11 li 1ll I on hat !ho n , t sl l ilw. 'lh( of11 us o1 "t h Iht,{ )el·qlq .'' " r lll ,'~l'tl~lnl i I.U, Il 'II , c lltI'. :I llf;1+; II( lll'l ! l oll' ll ll~l,1i I 11[l·~l, ·l lll' ',lll,. II.(1·(1 ( .1) III 1 1,.. 1 III"%1 {If llli( 11 1111-:IL'' ,;, U"int liclll a , km which hit be' 'n 1 lt li te bef'11 oe(ll hlle : the o1O1olnlit y l il- ih so ulnE b ullslenl, Iil nlllF is C bIa( nllll oi" i Ii ret .iai ry iil so w on.llll ,0 :I ,[ f i s lll tIII ll)llel 1[ 1.h even itlllhl mhllll o elllll .. irl ll'll I Aili l l" ,r\tis, oll in I1I iblnll. iI on l( te l ln s t , unforelllll s nll it ( l j IIIII· hlil\·'lal'| ) II' ll lh·(I~l((· T:lh~ :l~lllt.lnlHnillll lh,1'1111 rI SI:OIF.1[ I I RIIII hi ingsug onil ( rel':ll uuvll e" o l ageI°, d(ise-nw nllhl slh:th, w t r. slllh sholld he expecel~ 1 |ld ell n pe ll )I ,IR'll IEd1 by I gI n Il tl II ' l wll. thlll p\ lh[ 'l" n ) m l h lulsald \ltilll, sp1'el:ik, a soi c hfr} tom wlll I tr T'lllll oo. i(l a l Olll l llillt. beII 'sgi c'~l th lusion that no Il· ntsi~l· te nduls oflll thel' lhvus:nune Physi.'inns depl're lhe sad .'. is resulmdgo rl' lnt Imlemr alln ,ractic,, mul ,vll a ladly h ,l the iln. Ell'l~l lll~l on18 I~irlicle thal cals (Idely ellS substi thlleq ICJ} cuof wl. .iThar, e.,. a.n., thatken)vloy';.V thed~ a l cetint | ti t | itosI .]. eI ' it s clll nn).l 11d Jhr. " nIsIL II Jle .II |t.i.n|, j ill i hs ious Isec n r cllonScllll( cll m sI thll i ' ll l litn, " . ill chIll oos te l fl ea t oe f t ;lsl:llj the kllnow, hllo oh*e r aticl' h thal willl '() a rou aI tllopl' id ll. llll RI II ' ll(' lilol nul slt in If e 'I.c:n.ll l whll h Ol hlandll larl i\ slltoll cll-llintiln itsi u151e, nllotwil. h:ltl( el il I coI lseIIqIcelII s Tl'hey hlave. Ion1g del( irall hll olht n aticle ttlllC w lnhl plriodue lhe good ellects of this drug, withou1 subclingl" uE01101 pat /ient itseleteiousrsls.Sc leati ol llr it· is beherdll,, has ill lenlgLth bee2nl oblrahle. , I il lhl l, ar ch.llle w |ll' S tlelllhd to tlll(h public. Sill tIhe r R.ll f i ell"dl, r'eme ls's adalptdi | t the dhseas ie pu. c .idellnl t.o t .hlle llillt thev ilnhlnlll it; mullld kllno igll , likl - wisc tllh:llat mi ost. fl (. Ith hs ' o(f Ihe U S'outh "d. I 11est I i :l'ehlsl, l~l lellr~ln ,ll lllil fl' :II fl(lllt l i~ l e~lrl| Il': lll.. li ·l·lI1 FI :lhl' l ~l ' l lh''hd the' l" ttil)llr I (tt ,ntion t those ali'cle s lll l hicl ' . e1 p. ci ntll , oInl IIll billiw ary l or g es AIIlte hong, habolros ad exllpleslll eI,. r ch, th y 1 i, ..e sue . . i n ,xtractlllcga a sbi c f ri oml. I ,Iiii the TO }. MAT! V'O, which, from, its peculhar eliket1 ulpon the holpe Irl, ll. o ti' lll'i lr\" (i~ II~ I (ll'll: l~~llII( 1d·lll)lllhl( ll ll'l~lll..'. r 1esul1ts ofl t#alonwll, ill both acut1eI alnld chlrOlic di (Iuses, Sitnllul thll e po ssibl)li t " ll oll lcllig the ll( I2'lollClus ItIc II I I'il~li llt . ).I:ii·ii(Ii~I? 1[ illl 111· ! Illiz,|ll .. ;t il~ )IIi 11Is actioll ii uplln t IhIe con) lls llil)llt i is ullv· ersLal. Io par' of oll lll } l,:·em apli· nIt inllll\en llc:. ] I1 if, howetIr, ulporl lthe or)'gans' of secretilon amII e.xcreU|till, that its g.Irut powerl as par ticutllllll llu il..Med ; Ience it i. pl-I euliarl'l' adate; d to) t..r treatmentIz of' btil'/',.h' j}"zv r~s :mhd other dilsea.'s i,, whic.h a torlpidity" or conge'.tionl ui th l uit,. paalf. td circle prem. il. ht is :llmi~ssilel llo all cas(,s, wherl' i1t is llecel.ssarl' t( 1[(II audllac\tlh' a qI k lli( t lll he'althy. .lctionl of the. literl atnl 0.1h r' 'laiularldl~l . icera'i io usie ulinhsu} en-ll leing. di' I'usablhe h its o ie-ration, it 11"inU es. at fr1e2( c~irl'alltionl llIt ve'.s 14 on thes .orlheil of the(11 belll\,accompa11 IIIil' hy ;t genltle. ila s pirlionl. h IIt . iiii t ex ai..h tl like idl';s-I of/lon iiilt..u bng fol i ts lt hanl~ inilll'en- teim\plor, llllIr1 l Igiiii het Thil I l'll'to i llllnw llthe tuw nofh I al istitll i i mJ11.. p'rlf-ct haralnrnr. w.ill th, W ownl laws .'f ile;, tan is I Ul' C0l, ' ipl'I thi rl~ l~ ll'i ' ue l inlto :. .lrlll p pIll. "lhe wllm p~ills are' ratthartic .t '.i,, i - phtor'etic: aul div'tH',t . "The w[how pills ar' to.i' ,tm 'Ilhe rfullu ing extrnllet oll thl ,l t is trlom the :cil nl Th' I 444IIl m i ht I - t ,? ;'":, 4 4 4 4 b Tli)i44IN :. .~·~l,)++.h 1;rhh tI( i~ll.'· J11t:I .Itrt' ·I~:) llllillll /tu.+tIt 1; I tie I cl l 'llrl~ lll r.. lll 1+. I , .'+lr l lit".11·1 1 lllJ.h~ iI· " 'I'CI II) 1I h;' it~C( ll CIh~ll,:lvl·1·t%.r I I :I' :1 IIiIiolsilqllll I ..I) II .·· Jlll.(. LIilil~lll Sl'}lll~l'lil(.lll. Iii lht.· .;h~lllulnr"l hi cLt'lll. ·Il'hi. i. v< ,,'.i:,ll. bIhlu .:se iii l a in, 1 inls w IlL [11 qu111'11 .I)IIL tio alt b emII ti, lln : I h abllc l I :ll!l t ., ' c ll 't·l· ll:ll in te Ilitll wo n l 1. llh ) in,44 I'll4 " h ' lt44 l4 i 44 I IIII Illl'444 14 lil I ill I. lt l.'( I " (.. li llcl II '1. .~l lIc it, 11 II. llli~ltq'fll rl·llillll- fl,,· hu'I e.<+;l]llitl t.€l ;It Ir[l· ~l~r i ll/. 1,1. l1e l.',)Gnu'.. ,l~r:11(11 h,: 1 t~lroii...iu ,ll I, 5,. l l. ill ti%, i'·t~ llt.lill)' ht,· 11(11·nilll1.d Ii i ilom ll. tl (illh t'oheiIIIl lmo L Cshlll l-i .;ltl he Ilbtl UI Illll inllll i( r IttlllS houl Ins.l ;u u p fm .ll It' S i lndl Ilth fl'iitL+L l+)'IC! o1 itS llift' ILIll tilL" E~ll~iltllti~lli I(,'tl) be.ti~nt A cod l tites tr il- pa si tlh lelin~t, f^rn l th+ rr 6 V'1; 11 ki) llRcllve i ii. lh">illt'l·ll l illn lli:] bttiic l~lllr t~.'tL i lit °r ionlt(). lIt. , lilt,. of thi, t w iie mi ilil li iilt it ithEp illteis l:is llll ll eour trn o icion ta C llel'. li h r I slle; c ithou is j(i Uri ll I I m ll iIh H II e fltF pIrII nI t hI e si e ysl - hlnd14 ith i hrequency of i1 ts l'e, uli the contli+t, uhtio fthe' ~~ ~\VI. lI:I\1; bikll .)ltlt Ii~lill++ ti t·ll((lilC ii lllll~lll. l~cllle +I: IIat nlt Altll Ot slubl'+ hillt t I ,l tll hie nllher rl i onl* thi vo i . wVe la'btIen ;lieel to learll it has. been..dnCl hloe(,>ire.(i i t·lf'ct( , Il! ell. l'll t n I ll lrl dllcr·,'IlleRItlth .r llil~ll (i|t Ite li\-l~l, lil'" ilHl'"1 lil illl~li tli.C~lil, rlt .1 l.lel iicl.lrl,~ l nllll ill slilt. 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AI P.Ahtr, p L,-I ri, ner ..I.I, : in tthenel ter l,: - e, r anoI . . th S., mhir not1.;c, e. hoey h.u .l l , I, ., pi e .orekme to ~, t he., ( iol ,,I Kin- . }m,'itl l. th tabole tw.. AT - TA. 1oRe KAIN & STi '.ID , I I TA T t aln ,i AT.IT.. r e to .T A - . I m a . erl tm f rhl lTl "( 'I N. Work & Baltimore PacketS I [J;(d:.ll'' FOR NEW YO K.-New Liai L-'T i s ld ua,,'uy ,v'ry aecond Monday duig tlln LirL -aOl , fll ll or not '1 . f1 Scr bip Oil01n-., 39I tw, C.p I. S. Scare, Shop A4.lauaa, 474 do C. C. Berr'. Ship Arlas.r, 627 do E S Dennier $hI pi r .tta, 542 o W lHathaway, I s Nal, 5) de ) Jackonr Shlot Klatuil:i., )29 do J Bunker. ''Iw ilbolv,: -htips re of the first clar, copperedo . 1n1d ciopper 'istrhued, ;i d hlviflg behie buit in New 'i aik ex rely t;hr tils tr.i'e, thi y are of light. draft il" water and almot invariably crass the bltl without alo drtehton. 'I'he r:oma:no lder are men oi great oexIletrice: , eatd the .lships itt. llie ayei bo toed op I)and dwn the Mssissippi by ttetlimboeats. ''They h've lIir.oaie fioineltd laccomodutioionse and "sorle s " hoie best tdecrpttot twill always het fLrhd. The cab i pastgo is $910 withtout \ t,, ¢ i c,,r, anrd there is iiIn IlIe r letrnished to I till.i- i o, crew. For fr ight or passage apply , hIrd, or a il' AMIEi,,4 Capi ) t. The shp.. are not ccontabll lort breaikageo of glass, buttw wire , roar ole or gr,aite, co)oolrige of i or r( .i L of lrn or, nor responI ble lor any p Ick:,go or t, rce!, enilcrs a regrular bill ft' lading ., 1 x, o.. tIerelo r at oLto.; tflu aU the t tiLt. NEW oRLlIANS INu ItATI, IMORIR LINEI O PAt'KT IS. Thli linne will coltset ofi the following veeeetn, Swhich h;lv , benul ilt or put hIlaaed expressly IlF lShip remnnn, Cpt. Hiner, B.,rk ary, Nickerson, " trad Ferry, now ' llevens, ," Solhm n .ahttus, ,' ;.althail, ]Brig Archalect', *r Grec y. These veasel,' are of the first eass, halve halnld siame turthed . ecnrnodatlolnc, anld are of a light draft of water, so al to dflitltt t tht receiving ande' rluchargong tior catg g, ti Iaioioooe, at the city. SFreight will he taken fior parts n th Chesupeakoe r James' iver, and Irarld by th, ogente, Mors. CLAR b lE & KLt | I t, at Baltmnoto; rxpnsesi on oods si:llppd gill be aiV whItel re"qurld. '';,e Iprc. of paage is fixed at $4iO, aiplle sre.: oitthli b st qo. llly will be provided. e, ito," 'p i.,Ldooown the o. losoai.p il will b t koen aGll iec. afo ns. For ftceilht or pansage, apply to EO. BE veORD, , t7 It ISnve st. [.!hiainna ncod New Yor, I.:c of 'Packets ] li1 Sipts cop)ofiat. thp hl0 e w1il sial fIrotn ,, v Orleans aond No\ York oil every otler Mot-o dlny-o ll lnnecitig ot ilthe 20il11 Novelimber--l nd Iio llurt' tohe I Ctll aIt l l.ty ih the lon le ta o'sailing, thJ lino will heri alter c nsiii t a five shlps, viz: Ship Y..zoo, Captain 'Tri k, to lcavo on the i20th Novernm' er. Shipl Iaui-vle, Cptain Paltmer. to leave on the' 4d, December. I Sll Ilhntsvlile, COptain Eldridge, to leae on tlo 1]to D.emoiber. Ship Vockalurg, lt;ptain Woodhousei tO Ieave oft tho lit J.iuiary. Ship hrissiqppii, Captain Davis, to Iclao on tiot 13th it January. Tho :b:ovlreare all nw, of the first clal, coopp.r dt anid coppeIar l it .I1,a lii u ward lioi .oill iotn 01rth0e', are of hight daught (it water; being built. in New York expretly fr he trait. ote prict l i p osearo is fixed at 11111 dollt- their cabins u rn ittd up in the iost l provrd aoo 1conv enllrot pllaI, sad linioied itI anint ail ciegalnt t ylei \il;o stores oath, first quahty w;l tie povpded, and every regarl p:aid t0 the c1mfort and e(ntiil atistictohtn of pila slgrs, who will phlasc tak.: or Ilce that o il) brth tan tic secured utlll paid for at LIte offce oft the ctnsignllec. 'i"es vessetls are collllanded by Caltains wetr Iexporiiiiid i thi trade, \\o will give every at. toI liul a xoert themselVes to acolnlotidilte. i'hoy will at ail ties tie towed ILp alnd down the Misrsli sipp1 by steatuhbliats, und the strictest Pounctuahtyi iblrrvd in the toln of salting. 'TL'le owners of' these sihus will not be res poni bl, tr a letlter, plarcell or packllag(e. ent tby ,.ni I t iotiard of thoo, unles a regular bill or ladingr e a.'ra'd therefor, at tioe countlilng holt of trh'O aglit or owOiers. Fr hflrther partlculary apply tit J 1) BEIN & A (OHEN, nIv7i 90 (Co'nmon oi { I.,oikiuI'LII \.I,', +' mk I IK iller of Plac(·kts.), I n m11 · l it-llel I , .Ioo I a : o t r. I i I, I 7 n il tollm e Avr s' Trlnllelll'll. Ill tit: ':.(i1 lltI ,11 I, 1'r. +,ll. 1 t 1 It' l IIII hlb .+tro'h=,'l t p l iti rl..' ) th r hoel+ of , ii+ +, th I b,: lice w il Il,.l,.I tier s,,.,1- t+1 0ll+' t~" hlJlI V, Shit, Ih ( /.rri/.. a itptain Elhhidgr to ieava srr tire hI L L L'Lrkysh Lrs Captai Woodhouse.,, i It balve oln thi t11 .hill Irr- , Shilp Jl alt ls i, oLptl l I)nis, to leI're o n the 15th f"'Il e di e l ;si' s L/ r all new. o lh. fimr lat+, r.,p/ d aid , pper l I, I L'L, and LLL'Ld- o' .)lIll iorlU I ' It v nl lllIII' , Ih'.'Ihrl ! , I LhLL.h !it"IU II L ,'LL b il' lItL .\L'Lv IL Lk LL'L 'l!t' LLor lll' L I' raLL . 'I' ~"1 I,' oI past. LUI L I' I" r l t L lit o! ' II l re,l bld' llars Tl', i.r edlll o itis fitted ll 011,t' hil t' III pI hlllll Jndll illl lent II plan l, n ! SId leldt' in II ll't It , le nutl e s. ,Il e. Ample stores (f' r the fir:! ,lo,' \ll1 ell. I," pill,!lA , tol . e,~ rQ eI' d .Id 141 tIhe vlelln l "llll:nrr i m +llol-ll' .;l -l tl'llll ll I i- lt t er.rl W hlo I, ' I " :' b e. : .1t, ,.ll l' rlI ,I e fII. ' lI! tIll lll'.' tlltLLIed -i ai d l or .It l', e" , t' t . IllI. 'I·; IItI tilt I'I , l ;1ll iXl/ l 1e11'1 , r, vl l++ : eI l Oli l ' Irl , . i I I." Ilo ,., I I'i" . : i I ,i ot h Ih i l,[ r i by \i h I ' 'I lr'. I',t'L UL llitr oh.l'l ed ir AI i l 'O'Lll Ii LlL LU*I O US , 1 .11 l I ll ' ll'l ilin t hI l'll0l A d l lbLe f lrt , Iir t +l, l i tleII i' l( I' , , lL -CL! !Ln I I"hiL t l ' oo ollr o I T1, n il r, : re l " r ; i , l, o, I i ll ~ hr LI lll -ield l th,,.refvellr. ,I tle ,i q :I,"tlt o I I LL 'onl· LoL usLC AI b lrll- ilLr oUls 1~i"l( L Le, bll loil dli I11 IeId .at ('olr. A bN; t I1v t . I IHE l h U! 02 d . i1 . Ii r!e 'l Ose O an wIIIl lllll l r he \ I \ 1 L hire t rllmt'tl lht lOl clll(). I cEI f Ill tl ll lh' f, u , lll l . illlll ~ b li f ..ahtllll'h 'tl, l'rolm MIr 1'., 1 he hlht pro p!iwtI , ., iii he lr tv toeceive ti : he i rL!' lI',i s" ' ILL t 'ge I thllee.1 u ll llo,' l o I lt LI- Il l 1·llll yv loenle mill be found in tll." ,o',,oo, o the I I'U (,'LL L'L 1 l .lL I 'iew uI d th'' ';0il + ,t .il ll u' l riLL L n' L' ll' e C I yI, Lo iiiu llt m lll e I l' LILLLl ll u Lsw I LI of tlb il,11 I eir t11 lL- L.'it UL mi ! oi', li d il . iALbI Ul iIot l ey Si I .L vrt , I , , hLIL " lill. l lh ' ood aj to n ll. I'd l'l'tl + ~ill al,, he i.,i lot I 1 hll at ulon, v era le t lain o esP ; It o lll s uill and ew t ill ~1,, ~t lph ,t l lut nlartnge tlllel t h e h ,le ! L V l . I ll hla l r I'n!r ohL'lr li'L l I Ieulait rUll .O, I . ill bo de fuili shedy ir., srt: h l t l·t ,| "Is Io i wrhr'ere a ith the funltirt IIhL' I l, Lordr' 'L'hL it ls I lqUo willr ov onh l1,," tht . I IIIlh',, noll! I,,et~ o rell It Ill" tplp of it' , l_- ha- utho , tl, t to , u orll-,rd,' hirt, wi i l i rive :th,+ 1t ho f I t o, Iit ," lL LIabundn aLI0d oUl.cavo henni r' FrIn dr. k Ihlrl8 rd~,C 'Ull' flllo I i so p piElrity Ia hh, id l of I, ;it lI ' tt ,, el l eoI loh, ,hi h 1, u h l llre ,e, l. i f la . lr. Ii h ' l, ,eR ll r I [II+ entt .''r +ie L L'r n , l Ut ; In iii LIeSr a Fl, ~ lli ROl ~ TEI FOR .EWl toRLr.e ' h, h,",,I n.Ihv~ ,L0LlI- ( I ih k hotL LOs iare too g.ell Li L ILtP ,t II ' N .rh ,asI i nfLe r Id o o I lin of th i t..," ,ille, u ii; t lh ., i e, al rend z. ,lll ii Io t (:uf equal(." i ; t U,, -.ll i 0 L. .IT, LLL t e retrO U hed tg ' e oi. ltlyv lot't - ilL :' ll II" ., I L, l thI hf tl e LC ,oleCr I re'L +,e..O l "P tl'. t of ailt Godt . l the 1, tl, l h ve nolghero t t}l T I'irt ail hmls (llpll ouinlll lrae lnIoebieIoa llll ~ 1 ront.m the N e k, el e I ot . -'e- , loteb, I f. t,, o L:103 I". ,iroio,LeL LdiW Uioleg iOILii. ttte rOt'ls for tlieeiI 1 lll.l.. , LLLLu :,;,Iri t - o. fhe e p iro Lit, 'l ILr l'etll l ttil, or f' -1 lete CerL gIiLL to reiL eiL e eoolMobil.ariaNi ffrP s rota, oa weekwbIS tip

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