Newspaper of True American, 11 Aralık 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated 11 Aralık 1838 Page 3
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UNPRECEDENTED NOVELTY ! The GIRAFFE or CAMELOPARD With three other rare Animals never before exhibited in the United States. T IIE EXRIBI[T[ON lf h ttbtve opnl ne 'I'l IS I) 1Y, (Wednesday,) the 6th inteant, in StChnrlee street, between P.rlidl' andl U itu. tj,,ut ftir)t 10 AM. A, t4 1.'. .. Admsittnnce One Lollar. Chi:d'etn and iervante 50 Cents. In Pravilion, MRl. S. R. G. NFr.L;S, born withut nrmw, will go through his anstonishing per forntunce. Forl,articulttl .e, sae Ilills f ther Iay. [1? Anssitslto 51)Centts. Chl'mlren and Servants, half price. D)c 5. -1 a1ý A w m w e ýv as U A> tsr u Qiu- e R A C IIN G. NEW IRILIANA JOCKEY CLUB RACES. O VE.R the Eclipse Course, commcneed on T'ues. Sday, the 4th of December, andl are to continue six days. SIXTIl flAY. Proprietor's Pursc. $1,000, ,lta il heats. nov 19 ' Ol.IVER. METAIRIE RACES. TI*HE Fall Meeting for VI1:t6, over Ihis eoarCe will 1 eolmenae on tWeddn o(hv, I11t I)ecetnt,et. First Dl)y-A match for $2,501) a side h. ft. four mile heat,; Malr Ta . J. Well's onatme Ill. I: Exlant, by imp. Leviathan, dam imp. Refugoe, by WVanderer. Goer & Sitnaau's naure b. e. by I'utilic, duat by Sil Chnrles. Secoal Day-A match for $50011 a itside, i. ft. four mile heats. Major 'I J Wills names : IC' lieeswin;. by imal. Leviathatll, dam IBlack Sophiai. (Biriu titghimtt's dam) by 'Tloptallatt. (tir & Sitllli(lllllt11.t!tnti c. Wilhina Heraden Iby Vnolpeckerda.ial by Wbipstern. Seconld RIace, same d aa SwRelerake- flr 2 vetr old colts and filliels, il Nteae, $5t 0 n entrunce t t f. iolle aahrlaberdc. Jaso (;arisnn, C C: Farrar, tet Smith South, T 'I'hnitb. T'l'lo J Wells I Stevenson. Third lar--Two mile Ihe, t,. J C Pirat', 5i0AM oame flay, Two mile heat,, J C Purse, 750 Fourth IDa-Thlree mile hiena, J C Iirse, 12011t Fifth iia --Four mlile btat', J C Pti'are, W01111 Sixth llly--Vile hest,, 3n i5. J1 1C Purse, 7011 Iieveni IDay--Tl'lre mile healut, I'roprietor's purse, 1000 JAS S (;Altlflt)N, RIClilAtI) A1AMIS, 'l'OS J WEIIS. nnvl--tlro JOCKEY CLUB RiACES, OfI'Elt THlE L. UJlSl..1 l CffOURS..'. ,rl E IF'AI.l. MEEI'IN(; la inel post t .nd to Firt Dal Uy-w.v eel ' lIke., lor Illwo year olds-mnie. aud --JIhll I' 31illtr, A 1, llil;l-Ulllla W J Ali orre a ,y-- ihrs' iPurse, $14.l4--mile hents -a.ittt. ..t. iC dd Itot. hue Iroe f r all hors.,. Srctnd Day-'it'he t'rtul ltunns' of $5121ti- il' Saone Day--l'Pllr,: $':5)--lile hll',s-tfr.o ifr all T hin Idlafy-1'roprivlm's FPurslr ' 1 i-tw, toih. Sleas; i flor, tho, two 1art, the see.i best to bI en titled to $2111-t-11 tllll , ilit w Illr to receive $11t4t1 1. Four/ DIay-J-ckey Clhb Pure $1,800-/hlre, mile beats; of whll, i the . al.tlI est wdl l 5.e enll'd to $3.tI!, iti more thn two su at--iu' t two, the wittet tt, ilcetivl 1l.a:10. a.tti Day -Tit'1h Lousiut Pla h t'tt e t l1,t0t-tlo mile eat st vyla, r li s ld ln oivr will urryv Iit1 lita. f lolr vlltr ohi.asld. nd i1ldt+ tlh ir ,,pl)nupllrlt;, weigllts. hearl: if more than two sint, tI- e aiind biest lllor wll be entitled to $ doll--if but two, the winnlr to receive ea th.A Day-l'rolpritor's Pureoa , $60ll--tiile heiats -bent :lie 5. EioI lt Day--Post nke--three mile rs-en ance $250-- p-free for all ages--weilt fr age. IJENIOY A 'l'A)L " I1 IG ICIBRANCH, hfAoltilltg LLl MAgItdNY, nov23 ..rl rirtors JIEFFEIIERUSN ACADEMY. t-Ei'AILATIK'l'LY to jcltierst ll nl a toool'td oIhtl rs* c.ll uci el by II. :rauet, I L 7). E.achllnge .\levy b twee olna a uld Iiille. "Clli; dituatiu ta.s tle llrost eliidt tliat coul be found ieillng entirely free troul tile iOlle ie l tile streets 'tld tile rattling'if drays anlld araiuges. "rhl Jeli'rsuli Acadelrv is divided into two depart m 0ents. T'he . u i i or elttall ll ry topartlleat ther tile v triout brautllbett cullllto etductilltil i t Fretncl alld In I:glishl-- he Selliur deplrtnllellt fir t Latin, Greek, Mathelatiecs, Ae. PIulneluahty, olrder uti disciplinle are strictly eltoiled anld ohaserwl o 'T'erm.. Junlio, ,eltpu .....lter; $G)l Sptlnish t let. Bonga sl. es, paper, &c. charged separdteiyt Indl. A lIolth once hbeans, to be paid ilcll; 3rd. Nioi deducttih forlt abselle oir ilor holiddyt: 4th. Paymenltlts to be mllade regularly every Imdonth. !IcIoatl hours Irott 8 1-2 to 3 o'clock, except ThiCis.a dvays. sep 7 O OX iAitR---IIIU dozen Bus Cllaire, just re. coived,'amt suitablO tfr Stliltiiting fotr sale at the Louisiana Furnituru \Swte IlRoollsE. nova3 \V11 B (ARNE., THE SuBscrihers otll r at ,wholesale he following gouods. V IIA TeS-- 1 cIIo,,, t . .tco olesiid silks, a s!Iorted size. amll- lirilllm. It l do e 'tN ) t lN doIn do 10 doh do Noe 2 do do 100 (efird beLS. No 3, alnsted nsitols and hbrim. 0 ho ave r, ir pf i urtit le; 511 d I Extra do 2(I :lo BUlack ilol tthi:e Russia; 511 d'i ExIOtra Illuiek Iuatiat 0 do Muskilrnt & oneie hr broad &od narrow han, ftr Leveenull counlllltry trade; ' ifd , a Itt tillk i Ollllitlrv & lal I CItt IatuLIs; Caps-F'ur, Otter, jfr eak Nutra, Alaskratt, add hatr Neal, in, to dozen isaEs. Sealeth'. .-Ctll ci ta.s-Pickwick, Polish Avril'a las phla; , tSoli op, Forest, Forage, lilitorv fMllrei*,i hild re'a Fl alty 'l buui, Plaid ad Vetvet Capls, F'rench patterns. .tocks--SIatU, SiLk and Diolhilnine, of the nlnetest styles. Umbhrellas-silk and cotin i. _Military Plunmes oltld silk. Silk ltaudkerehieis--l'onll e asud Spitalliel.l. Bandboxes lo)r hallter, wood cotes, doullei fur dry goods. l'lThoabove goods culiprise a lamre stuck, anlld all f t l atl Sl |,lttll llalrti , en will be sold fit na sllll ad nee,, witlhcost harlldtehare. In, Now York prices. The sulbsribers "will hake orders for soltlllhrll, we.sterln and 'Texas+ lrke tsd f Ir tlie InOllse of:\ II Gosip) & Co,, Hat tlanluitit(ers, New York, Hoed ltr th1 shortest possible notice. Germlan and French Plusher bought. t;t)SSll' & CO., Naval. Miliirary, and Fashiolh e Ilalters. LExchlal.ze Hotel, novl4 StChurlee at R IAT ''\VE'I4'Elty P[EN. Jllust received direct ýT fromn Louloo, onI: hl ,lared gra-e of the Great WVestern lS eal PIe,, made evpressly fiwr staiblleers retail itles, and warranted the be t pen now iu ose, for sale by DAV'ID FEIT & ,CO, nov 29 24 Chartres at. AIRNISIIES-A large and extesive stodk ifrom i tle melianfaIttry of II Slliill & Co. coliprisill; in parl llie ful ,win,: extra potlishilig all I ildI 1no fUrlliture ma , dro uo 2, do 3; tolch vlrii h llo I, do no 2; varnish nio , ` and 3 for ordinary use; black ald browln japan, fir sale by s. -ptl9 R. CILANN(N, 12 Ct thepat " A Y-1001 bales prime nurlhernl Ilay, landing from let'7 II (aclict hi is ) 4 Et E, ,I m lrP sret '10 ~OJ:Jl F-~l'U 2[ bags in st, r aid hr .ale by decl 39 ecr 4'am &, Alaeainuesl iik Ior st(PI petit; PrinPe, t nvktri m c hhkb ai iiiils inek t E . I. (iisot's red i; hully o l luilldl nuld dee Ilo " i irnler or Canlll & ( Comlllmm rt with lPrilme, I.,andiaceles, by Uaron ILangtiIl, illn Pariev's istmhs ilt lor 1.3 i; u received s ltd f1 dc€ l Il ncr of &Llli l Cor(.IlolUl ste AIRS. ANDER1SON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE,. Jloeniod fron 17 Cuslomnhou e SI. 1'0 NEXT DOOR TO ST. CHARLES 'IIHEATIRE, Cooooo OF POODRAS &. ST. CIIALotES STR1EET. o:, 9-18381. A1.O ItEN I A. LARGiE ad c o biouo Room over Levy's auction stror, 53 Mllgozie street. All4y to W GREI".NF:, Lithnrooolior, oo the premises. N It-The above would woeke n good drill rooe,. (ONE two toroy dwelling horse, Nor. lioooo ri sse tonI Istee, looor tiTioli Coirle, Llading hIak jA. romL thololtreet It, 11 vittg folr rlol~lo, well fit isod, a tI Istory kiitlchnlll wihlour ootoe10 1,m well nod every onvenien110e t0 lko it it ,oolflorkl, r, Ci deo,,oo f1a soioll foooily desirooos o livinig refird. Ad. Illy to J. OTT.. dem1 'I`( RENT. ,ý WO two story houses and kitclhens oo Si, sle Joh0n st. near the P'oylraa mrkoet Ap pLWE lly to RO1. CLANN(IN, onAvli 121 £11114101 1'0 E.N V. J ll TIHREE QUARTERS of a square of JT111flgroun it:l two hmi o thereoonnellaiIOOr thl ________ 13 1211111i 01 TO RENT. A ollnfoortiobl dwelling house ill Coron tlelIt street, a few doors roa CLool rtreet. It fl hlI been reOcelltly painted tip, .nd is no0 i good enallntoble order'ossilession given illllnOdi lIty. IIOYLE & MIAY, 10123 :3 £,ar10ndellt s '1O0 LET,' Two hoP 1usesne0 r TIvoli Circle. Applyll. slal oIllO ll,, B0ti1lo r ,t. Ch10rles 111 Cloooo,-St. 1tiltal & ALLAN. ________ F:allzlIOHto. A 1110111.11 lVIltllKR1I--Wjlcoo'or Itpoe .1 Aloollold Vritjl, in every Sltlle,jllus reoooo,,l ItI ll, BAZ.'AlAR, 01101 ,1S1t Ch11r1011= a0d C11lollolllll10n sta. 11,100IIUSII & ALLIAN, njlot'' t N~ODI i0Nl ~E Allte LIVO IV [C)'AVIY-1.a Bureau d' I1'Aflduallrr lde I Pit piers~ .1.1At 1 e0 nporniien; I ri1 1100 tI prlol t nu o 4.5, ru1e d c.,lol ,olgglian in BanqueU des Art issued. noel scribe~r on moderato r1m1 , 1r11011 01r inoll /, ,ooh t i i l·li' dele ; '1riaugles, Field an Jl Il \o 'I III,; Cut ry - - --Ut'VICL' N. ott10 ; E .'a1 0 l V11 .1.1: I t0. ft. do. I ts 1000 Nw11 1 Y r ff sale, it, deans, 01 1i110e to sort purchasers. 1 1111011 , 101111 100*1111 1 uc. ,1111111 · lo.,io lli l '00 :10 fino~~ JAS.l~i 5 1 ;0011.ill 111000001111001 411111 Corne til't. Ch1rle1 -It, 1aon1, street, Mo oUSploo&IA ALLAN 0ou 2 rIo nlrco call toie t P oentioho, d hil00enh01 11 rl1Iio IelrilleIImyltCe Slooeit , t of8dlleuiotl'. linen lI·wklo do ogoloori. Vyii BieI 01401 0.1 I'ahonaRII' nc fr...., 1AIIline col-lt TLar: milk, lorCollll mrn1100 0ooly e sl3r,, lit drawer,; 0111111101110mesilk ha1ndkerch1ief- blacklaild fa1cyra-og v'a its great variety: tocks of every descriiption: goeCo .lustii , ad11 1 cot 11o 0 0011 toleade eilk ll daIti o o ll trlead gloom,11gents0 blukinlovesllg: uyObrelluIIl lo 10nes gold A Isar11-Splend1id a0101rt00ent of ladite mold gentl wrok ingll Jenks, dressing cases, port folios, pcerflulcer- cut. cry. and rich Bynny good. - null _ _ P ERAS IAND SCRIP FOR SAL E-'1'fic sullcri heke oiler for solo twent0y F1loults of sih hun00dred0 And Whoel, acres of loed, eh Il. B th0e act o1 th0e Leo Iloninte thisr, ,"ript b held and lcated by Ilreignere sioult ih _run__erab_ uOTT.nule anlv?!1 'fibs BLE E &CO . .33,0 Orlanos' Canal and /anikri Colpany, Novem11 ber I271too 1838. P '(lIE tockholders it. thins Institution r Iteleb 3otilied that tChe aNnual electionr (ll;rteen Ili rrctors, tit serve. thle ensuing year, will be he~ld oil .Nun- I tny )11 1h1itho000lber, tt the Banking I auae, be. tw 1 h th0e ho0ursof II 1 o'clock1, A. M.. a1d 2 wo'lck, P. III. By1 oder. tiar23 BEV. CHE e~ FOR SALE A'r th innnufatory of thre sttbarrihei, Hoisting Whfeels, fp d Pipe, of all sizes! Sadll, 1P lterl Hair, &o. Turning, awing and G1rindingo do1ne oi usuanl by . TT hPEM CAND11lES, Oll., ,fie. 3110 bores Nl w Beldfod Spe1rm Candle;d . 51 barrels Relined Whale Oil; :13 Casks New Biedfad Winteljr Oil; 1114)bxs o l'E0 Al re £ANlKl111d k,,ooo Noo Iloautdlocipor~i lollc bIoIies\o.2Lo d..; 7',:u, in half chests; Youngp Hysl 'Sea, illnI: IIb hlxl 15 b Ia-hots first qualityV Chaugmigneill l Wine;' flink e.nd AtPlo t inllu goo, 1011111111 sizes, 511 Ihllxdr white Uovuitlt Sugalr, sulleriui Iluul it.?, in storer and for sale byPI COI I E novl5 2irve~ UST.I' yestinbol mliuga a ISAAC drawh by P& £0 4 Mason, in d vlr f E Wlittle uiirel uni t ogOill 0 darne1d o A hegoew Blow le LOIIPr lSeordl lldiod 11nd .I.liry oolohydie~fn 11th OI1f>38, du AfirMrh, 11:9. 'l'ife I:dS ldi are (Iutiolle d agni ost 01ding for file Sub ,oo, paymentll of thle nu~lu being -stopped.ll Ie fIeudr will planes, oco111 it' at thi1s ul 00d; rind re. e cive a sulitable rnwatd.f de 1:1:31 ; A7 Cndle:; Lauding, for Saleh Irv 111 oho coIrco 1110.J-IlIIC Ioiuo sIl h 40.01 01 11, SA1C B DG A- COl.ll,, 1 . ld3 l11 .oooo, A1131ov Mlcdlooilo Ato Fily01 7A'IE o'.clck-Iilgrs, olllllloooio fruito, 11hipU S L -ru5 hfor, Saolo o i rs.'EAC BiiiiGE A CO, d8 _134 Magazinelt a / H-110kg 1ra en tr landingg and. LA Ocrrsaleky SIT'E'iSON & AVERS', 11 -- _ 81 (ldovior at DfLOUCAI. A -OLLEG E. OF LOUISLANA-Cnlinhlle of Leryoolluriad Ehperimetlsllidn' Cllc litiltrow I)r. Riddellt wo 100111'tl uooolnnololllue pt110110or th con11veiec llofo oc Witiellnis , (nd the I sh to at tendlhle above col e, tihe leoturesvill O l Kivull in th large roust indthe l-ement of the llw Bf'lblulisl dIt, Jl-0"-in thle evdnings 10ofMonday, 1d eddlelO av n Fridaysl 7 o'clock, sontnenuioilg Muolldud, Dec, 3'11. 'rickets $20. tl'd-2f LOWELI. Lll SEYS-h5 labdles,' nairow anld wide, for sale by Sl'TSON & AVER(Y, (115 8(3 olviolr St. USi1OU1I MA.IVKI-A niew s011 tllocill ir loin 11ot1 P L f Iryoutd jult orceived a k oolr saIe Al the neil It uk~tt,re, No. 419 Camlp Street, by A. 'S'OWER.. I ?ILLLPA11 P1((,ST is assaeinllsd a" to portlier hillhtllr firm of Wh I riFdlt & Co., No. 76 Magazi street, for the transaction of general commission hulsi I0sS. d 10-1 o y Itti OU1.I) CANDLES-250 L.XP· New Mould Cam-I b.:S't 11011 l00.I)ll.OHlllll, 0111n ll01100,uluor 1Sf 11111ll l~l~8l ol IIp 1111 0b)11III lsl.e hululred by I)AY 0011 FY. I d :. bHIPPING. For Europe. - FOR HiAi It1. - ThaAl. I (ot ailicng ltp, lllt(UCAI.1IN. 'i Capt Iwer, will havu iluu.diat, e ',w, atch; ,._"l-'k- r freight of (t1 bal's ur p s-age aplylG tot &.J I' \V ,lT I'Y, i (dl0 73 ('n u,.t FOil l.1 Elitll'il,, h.~ T'lp A I fhat sailing ship Np iM iN, J. . ,cVod, itaer, wil have i.nudiile Ide patch, for hlight of2011n biler oCf (rolt, or llage,applyu . J. 1. WII'I',\ .Y. lelll a:p st. FOIL OREENOCK. The well klnown ship MARS, a regu Inr trader, hr inll Iearly all her car, ,near g*ed,will hlavearlc3 alsiclach. I li-r ightur palan, having a most counafoltle ctabln,. anplly cl hatelI, o IIiO.MIL- & 111.1,, d8 Ilallk Place -- FOR IIAVREI--llsalge ,lin--Thlo Al ncd first ship IIAMBLrIn mita llih ita 'r, c i1 "- - re despatel,; f-r |passage lulwillg ]lhlll +UIile .accodlodationsi, aply .. de n0 LIi "GAL.., 73 Common streat FOR L.IVEllull. - The A I and fast a.ili I ship 110 IHA\VK,Capt. Thing, reqlilres 3lipl bletct-,l. l ct on t fill, sllld will receive illnllile des ipath. For trltl, applly tu I li A.E, d6 . : ( 3 lComoa at FOR f1.\V tEl. The Ac l and fast nailinll ship M.ATT'A KEESET PCCltt. lpe pll' l, iavvill lh errot eat pa fltr :farcllac Illl oard, eia~' 1110 co 2110 lialea c.. toll. For terms, having very halllloe le cuato lhations, apply to I. II AE, lcc-t 9. ) :1 (olllhll s FIlt ItIAVlE.--Rlegia 'l'rader. 'rThe A I ad very fast salilinCg Ipakt ship ROCIIllF.'ElTR, Clhli O.ei, will poilCively sail on Saturday Ixt, anlll ca nllke ble. tollln,l RIIaeColllllllmmodate rce Imore IIcabin Ilpas seagers if imnmediate appllication lie ae to LEVI II II l., nov9 !I93 C "ilnll0e st FOl 11 VILI.'-- ' i ci .0 ii,. a ilihlg ship, (il.0,OG( lW, cill havl, inimmdiati' despatch. For passage only ail il iI S & J P IVIIITNIS:o, Idcl il l l tllnip s 1'0 II tAV II 'The A I stiupriir ia sailing shlp i .ii R'.\. "rus. Capittill Siiw, will iiert with illlrrdi ate d.splatclh. For pnI-sageouly, havinlg vary lhaldelcme aceullollllld i tiac li lply 11i LEVI HI. GALE, dy 9:3 Ii',I )lli c st Coastwlse. FOR N:W YVIIlK --IHll. tiE IN le .. ReIultar Packet /Ir 12th December. ll e il ,ship ARKANSA., 1I: Ilnniei, \11a tllr i ltow IrCdiog n U 1 will nailcl as clnu. For ieaightl r lassage ailllily ou board, first lier bellow tlhe Vegeutble t, or alo 11 C AMal2S, d8--tf 47 t 'lllp .t . '.i.Ti, brig CI)tUNcEI.I ill, tCanl itce', will lhvce inilnmediate desllatch. For ihciaht o r P1s1C,0 alyllY tol c c& c P W TIII'TN V, dll 73 Camp At FOR NE\V YORIK. To soail on the 12th inst. I.OUIIiIANA AND NEW YORK LI E. I'HlE superior fas sailing pcket ship LOU ISA, l'rumana, Master, will positively sail tns Ihiovc. For fieight of 1.i0 Iales cotton or tile bllk thlerecf, ir pusage, haville elegCant aom Intldacioait, apply to the Cap ain ,n board opplosite the vegetable tictrket, or to IJ I) EIN & I. ( OIlIEN, deelt 90 Commor n st I IL C1HARLEISTON. The A 1 fast saling Ibrig LANI:CET, J. Clark, ilaster, halving two thirds of her car gotagagedwill hiave inticledite deepatllhl; for btlne of freighr, or prasagea naplly tI Y S&J P WVltlNE'Y, dei 73 Camp st FOR 10II)ilSIONII. The brig INCOLN, Capit. Granit, will lhave despatclh; lilras agt alcly Il S&J I'l, IItNEY', FU)lR Nh\\- Yt)RK+ 'l'.Te fas soajliiL ecLiII aecid tiIll coIIPer fasl ellld '.rig 'l'lftlJA,. C hallll er, , iti l,,bl . iI.l al her eargo enagtecd, will -ail itt a ,w llay. Cor Icasallge ocly,llavting iilllcdsomtac uc.tumLCllO dcitite, pi all ) to/ let-I3 PORITER, drp5 !9 (Commle... it h-cll ALtb Yi t1iK. Thme ft-t sailing hnioe e J, f yilte, cmptali I.mndis, will te. :w "an!!:-c ! in 1 a lic dqt ti. IRequres 1511 ito 211 l ll e cIlte ntill t fill. For pIccnage, l clll iltnliiol ll U ccUo:dlll l ll a ll i1 . Iy t drll 7:3 ("eI )llll0l0l .ov 30 _.73 C:amp t' I-FOI H.A1 I,T Ili . h -ll-. '4ihe l stl -clilnl. 1111 r i A flS'l[N, St I es t- r, t r .aii ter, hricvi g all hpr Ircicht ngacicd, cid sail t a iw Jdays. For lts-age only, haug oollId a,:coI iudltinls, ai.p)ly Io e: r lterior.llll For the Interior. Ior the Interior. For Shrereport,andtlalllandinis on Red River. The well known stealer AILEItI, capt. H14. 'I'tylur, iow ulde.,itg II tllhrough reapirl at I arnerrls & lii'ns ship yand, wil (if weat r Ipermil) l' ranlny it ltake reigllt al Wehll "daIv, 1211 inst., and will run tile en. iug seasaon in tell abt.ove trade. For freight tr ius. snge apply to \WINS:TON & .IIALi.. dR 7 Front Levee F'OR M1llLbLE. 'L. ilhe rpgklnr imeket lowk presure siteamer (I.11th FE, Capt. Seiler, will leave the lak end of the IRail taui ecry T "I'IURSDI&AYS & SIiNI)AYS, f"er the arrival of the 12 o'clock cars, aid on er re tin, lev re Mobile, very r Tuelidas antl Fridayr,. For peasage apply on bouan to CAPT. SW\\ILER. PS--Whteinhever a nsufficient tllotlbe of pansegern tier the (iinraln will toui at Iany Iof the intermediate uld ings, pition previous tnotiea leing given to Capt. Swiler. nv7-tt COAl.. ANT'PHiACITE and Orrel Coal in casks hhde and in lain to suit paurchasers. Ordera lelt t the icol vard ill Canal street, between Carondelet and Bc:ronuln,'cr at the house of IlOLMES & MitI.tS, nov22 9 RIank Place. 'AY--50 bales nowt landing and bl sale by 1:S & J 1'P IIJ'I'NEY. d5 73 Camp st )LOUR. 50 bblt latding rotm steamer Mterrimtack, I for sale by I)ORSY, dee 5 4 1 New Ievee. S ter, d'r ale by I DlRE |ee.5' 44 New Leve, Oitli ii iA A l..i" It W ANTED, in the above isaitufi.n, a iidIdle rerd W ibmal te 11 PIt tie sitlatioln f MtAIRON. Also wanteld, a lemale neoutaml,, i t the of onlg hildren. Apple at i.3l 'l'couhtpiitoula ~trleet. N. II. UIexceptiuatble testllinminlsofelulracter and aplacity rill lie reqired. decdl G: ILOUOR--300 brls landing from sitauter Alenonqum, Sund frn sale by G DUI.Ell , dec4 41 New I aee C( OF"FEE--l51 bags Rio ti;,llb., fier sale lv ll' (iTRllE'r i cO, -J l-71; Mahgazine ,t . PERM CANI)I O luem New lHedlih I s p Crl Inllliiea.nttsurted nines, ol',ttritl dlitc}(Is 1I1) :lixes itel lttildinillcn, Jacli.tslln Irlll 10ilbolxes fr~ellh Solupl 5:i btls refined l lile Oilt Chniipittign Wine oflsuperior qualityi Itpl'leriuli p,qgnluwder, )llung tt.lson & Fechalng 'ran Colpet, in shieets, fromll 12 ItI 1F00 lIb Illack Lead Iots, assorted sizes, fio sale by JOSLEPl COCK.h .IN, iov 30 2L5 Givt t I EitnEYS--7i bilesr Kil-erec-c, 1. O --'5 barrels Tanetr: Oil, :N nasks winter Oil, 40 casks full .trained di,, CANDLES--300 boxes Sp.erll Cadie, tor ale ILv L H (ALE, r17 93 (Coon llll IAIFFLE -Thc rlite Ior Icthe celeibrated tioting Bt Hor.e ROI.LA, will itk pluv e this evenlli, at hit Exc.linge Hole, St. Charles streer, ii ltie Illttiti.a ia p stairs. A few chnules still relmain, which calI i.e teIkciicn applidation to Alr. Diubois, T'ttersull's, St. Charles r tlreetl dlL ANr firomelijt Sitaspearc, ta ew o . 'Atwters J L Ci 'asix roluman Sltove, lnitlallt for ball- or pitarlor, f sale hy MF IM I tVtI VERAUX\ ,t8 L6 'tcllitehcpii tin at 0TiiCE To F l IililltS-'l;tthe Vesinrv of l'anl's P rishl, ill tie itiil Munieitlaltly, it Vila )nilders to cLrer Io Mtr G IV I'rilchliard. u o heirte tih ,lh tinst., proposlal for building iu chilch, accordlig it a tlan of aentciticatione to be seenc c t the stole of lers ra ttiV WI ritethird e Jo Taltige tjr., cortdr of l'ydras clld .IIaUilln it leets. Tllle sa i ll rhlu rh ll bI e cr.cael mn ii.l lrnlll r tl CauiIp undl lIartholonelew .treats. -7 in-- lae IT II'TY Il.lItREF.LS--4fit( Matlatst Icrrl-, il su l IA Periil order, for sale by I. lI I.mI: I 13 C nlllnlol t New 01rltans, ti le.,1IL N u' s of the Municipality No. : , If Nelw I IrClllan 1, het Ili, d;e: n enaýu tion of' ihne, 'T'.' ,, a iel 'In rse Ihlllnr, till be rceived in payment al l il t : 1,oThir b) ThIli. ik. l ii itti afierI liret Mi. h d·i) iu JntiI ut ty next, will be retleellltd inll secie. de hie S "lenrdl hundred white h.l1n ll hlberlv plnin , Ifrnt three to siK ttt hLl bll " ir salbe ty rhie vidit ui'rd, r, siding ol -lie I~Unli. whill, 0n Castio Iavo' betell Il,- l-w on laidt'dl c and .i lel.cudl n ,i_ n v piali tatiom. JOHN FAU" E. dec3' BUSINESS CARDS. .1. P. FIEEMAN & CO., 15'holesale Clothing Istah(lIleshmCt; No. 3, hlagazine stretl, _il AVEi' a.ttl tat thnd a lr ecaltllveaf Chllt 1ig, accll o I [t t rr lie colulrv undh.. el'h+,r as. sort.tmI t eiing litre, 'lll' ellc h t frml tlhe cnutl call be sllpl.ied at telshortet notice. ucln FASHIONABLE CLOTHING T'AYLOR & HADDEN, No. 14 ('harlrn. ercle IIAVl t a (nsllluntai pply .1 every arttcle pelrttlin to rg.tliela'a diess, of . lle style, at New York 'i+,.s dlr 2o B. E.Ross SURGEON DENTIST, nav No. :3i, Itn alreet. S. A. PEItI(OrSI ER, MERCHANT TAILOR (.7 ContalIoI tirieet, B 1EG'O ito, ilfeirmi the liublic ltht ltt\ina' purcihansedl )from M'ml ears IIOU'till, SKEltiuS & CO. part of thelir attatk, Il .ill ,oatianute ti I b .ilass ntI tlhetr old tadlllll, opposite iiahp'lle ,' tel , whlre he llps to meril a sltur ofthteir patlroanre. e htas nde lr r mntlllllll at the North it, be supplied nan lily wilh the latst and motu ittshiotiaie goidad r 14 CLAY & CLARK, HOUSE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, No. 102 loyldras street aNew ()rlCeans, AIANUFACTURF"s t-F Lead Pipe, Water Closets and Pumps (f ail dls'ri!lionl. IVARM, COLD, AND SH11 ER IBATIIS Fixed irn the must a .,prved principles. MItI' l) LEAD, 'IPIS, &c [()Orders extcprtetl it ally part of thet SOtthettn States. Dr. RobertF F I i lloc. OFFIOr tE, xr Ne I hrt:L. li+, . LIAY & l'L1iEK, Plumbers and Lead Pipe Manufacturers, No.. 1ii Pydrlll s t, -.' iti. P t ln h td t ,ta nit.,t tlnplyie of l~en Ptt,-, -X tral ;! in, dlhtalllllr dOWlt o av t a. ditlltltttr, in ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING ES'lTABLISiiEN'T, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Banlks' Arctda. ItIL.1.1.1 l GREENE, PILOPIJIE 7ORI r II. PARKER Commnistion aud 'oriwardig Merchant, No 6, FRO)NT LEVEE, Ne ' ' l''t..l Vl ? :. JARVI S & ANIDREWS, Wll)l.2.I.SAE AND LET1l, ILEALEItS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS DI'E STUFFS J)N) W(INDOIV GLASS, Gurner of Coaiaon and 'rchltupitoulas streets, NEWV ORLEIANS. NAT'IIAN JAMViS. JOH)iN W. ANI)IEW.\ A large ulpply o Garden Seeds. warranted the growth of 1837. AT MOBILE, Ala. S. I. & I. I. JONES, AUCTIONEERS, Nos. 61 andi 63 WATER STREET. rIIiF: undersiganed, itaving esatt,llirlhed thenaseatn in +.lobile for the p rpolte ol' traallcting thYll Aalion and CtotltlinSioll btttinare inll its valrits t branches, beg leave to illlrll their frietllll and the pullllic, tlnt th lr low prepaLred tIo receive conelllllgn.ellnts, t lllae liberal alvances onl the same, either for priVate or public sale. S(ilIOIAN I. JONES, ISRAEL I. JON ES. Refer to Walker, Ktight & Co. New Orleans. Motile, Feb It, 183:. feb 13 SAMUEL SLATER. ARRAe AMn TRIER. SLATBR & TRIER Forwarding a comtlinaiou Merchants, No. 401 Poydras Street, N EW\ ORiii EANS. The, will devote their pmartular attention to the sale of IVo.e.trll iProduce. Referenees. S i Ilan"htrd, Ilart 1i Shiil; New Orleans. A 1 Natl ,, es.rsr. I'.h6, h)tron & Co. J l: M \Villants, ) It r ai , t Will & Co. & Boton. ag'. tlios I. (a. t AIt trlSkia ilrtl' &'q Co. (atII arStlil & tttt. 5 New York. Voa i'tlt&l & oit l!. Statulttrd & Jlatis. ' tLouis. (.la-gatt', Shlua &, Ttamta S h Rdet & Io I I u ttttnl 't. iAIIli E ,,& B.T'N. .o . ay 1. ... Forwardang and Coueniiilen ivrclhnhsi., ANI FUItNISIEIRiS OF SillP ANI) 110 T STOkiES, No. 114 TcuouPI rOULAS STREET. New-Orleans. ,Ilesars. stALL. BAKER & C. EntEEZEeva V 4 BC . osto A. B' MEACH & Co. New York. It. PUTNAM, i J. & P. IlO.LAs , Cincirin. ti, ,. WRIaHT SMITt , DAVID STONE, Dayton 0 It.CO mSTOCK & Co. Colulll:is . N. ALtooUC, & Co.. Louisvdle, Kv \VILLIS, STEVENS A Cchrt.s, St LouiaiMo A. II. Itort, Alton, III. WM 1E. Wi'ruaow, Ilushillv, 11l. J. &P'. P '. AtTWEL.L, Btayo Saru, La. SOLOMON HIGH. New Orleaoos. Jan 22 DOLES & MAY, I)EALEIS IN AMERICAN & ENGLISH CROWN GLASS, Nu. 3 CARoR1lELEr SsrREET. o[ L-FIItIIE \N' INSURANCE COMIPANY. OF NEWV ORLEANS. This Comlpany are IIow prepared to take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. No.24 Musson's Building, Canal streer. E L TRACY, New OrlansI, May 15,18332. Secretary. RolIERd LANNOIIN, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER' No. 12 Camp street, WVholesule IDealer in I'nts, Oil, Varlnisheo, Brushes, :1ll \Viduw and s Pictre Gle , iss,s c. & c. T. W. COLLINS' ~17'TTOR.\VY & COU.\'SILLOR .1' .1 11: N OW Vral'tisihLt inStlo Stasd C(irsv Crt Cli OS L i l lt LILd hiI il titthl .Clerk,' , lli's U S CirV iLt Co t. i rS l o tl.osllt Il ol .e builhlli . jet L T A CARD. f¶11iE oSldersigned Iluvr tlpenetl a house in tlhis cit, lor thL . purpo. e ot tracil tling a GENERAL COMMISSION HIUINE1S. IOFICEV, No. 10 G.svEt STYVREET, IP STAIRh. IT P I.:VY. 'TIe hots.e at VLrand Gull, Miss., wsill bhe continoued in tll, as bve llnle. oi slh lV, LI i& Sl, Ne Orleans. La. lPeto.s '. \2lillLd, ' . N t elss . IILlLper, Iurliilr i. Co GruIld Gulf, ,lis. bltir, .Aootre &t ( ,r Silo Iillard, nut:lhzO, hIss. Net'w tl'ies, July I ., U" ' J jyl2 FItlEMEN'S INSURANCE COMPAWE OF NEW IRLE\..NL, Office No. 24 Muison's Baiuing .CANAL STRET'. . ' IN I'I:I) A, ' I_ IION IR of the capLvity of I(10 hlIIds.Sagar to loid Isr Mobilh, .Sll , " LEVI 11 (AIl.E, n'ov1. 93 ('Comon s O TING I tIoollcli-t )ily toN LJ P' I 1I1NE3, o'Y 2 7I3 tall tp - ONh)N PICKILES, SAUCES, &c. just recei'ed 12 hxcs Eiglish Pickles, aesorled, I:1 " ,. Salile. " e ls 111 " KExtra i i lily L nd fianard,, 11 -' A cl+ 1,vy iptst 3,t 1 lbI Is. hl t cki 'tg, ilao & O ,VrinLoL 5 Itxce.uplr. tlives ib glau.; Jotr, I;" laLd L itt, 0.11 V '' CIIAlt & O1 T (lIlTT Jr, oI Tv I ( c- r l ydra- i l.ii tie i I rhi' l:h elin.3; 7.3 inn II Lowe)l!cotonn; l iun des, I.tdl l.l : K ioecys anl Ruo.ia .sheetiugs, ii store, ad tae sisle byl, v7 . I.1 Maeanzin: 1t l rI. , ' I' E lvrl T I-t &c--1, • Mi t'lls /#"/ S LOtOiL "l xi"7 hl'et, h l' %shrmt , tftlern (o)il . S Ill en >k"d I. i. S1(1 'rlLcL. lllLLeL' thl . i urre. S.pirits ''Tur/ l Ith, . 1 ri ý ri o ill, all S1. lw V'ork and Phil" . delllhnit \Vhite I.e,.t, 7.5 ke_.. horn l',hin , , -,,, n,,,,,I ,r t =ahe Iv otf, .7-la ) t'tilllll lu :.. 't ch ,att ot BUSINESS CARDS. .JOB PRINTING. ni't:FtI h.v, IrA.tN osII.uIIt.Y AND) I III. ii~v EXI:i I I II AT THE OFFICE OF THE S'' II.lt1I;S S I'IIFELI', NEAI1 IUO) IIRIAS. Tru·e ~I~ae)iECau, 11111,1 ; 11 . )Y ', MICCOJ1IL.I & DOS4Y, Fancttors & General Cotismsioin ,Merchlatus, nIlOII.E. Iniioent- ii N (lrll'nan: KikIin, Aliiirrdlii & ffonion, 3 Cnlienill & JIieiy, I'npie. Poritiin& (.'a. BUSH ;& ALLEN, No. 1, EIXLIIANUE IlTlE ''ulster e f ll. Char/ex ary(l C'ommour sls,. NI'OI(IIlrR r ol Iilitetn in 1 oii.Iin iiad I(IIlti· reh ll"rfjn r; 1)ressin,! Cu'o, rant Illllrtlllr I'rsk,. Ciilelri, I io~ii (:in"',a',510111,, block1 , 1,krclln , Canieo,onal In oov Aricleli. : FASHIONABLE CLOTIhI.. RO~DLV1SOXA'' GOOI)IPI.VL, No. 0·1, Chartres ]helot, Onle Dintr Ibelow liirnvill 77 1 VF; con-tautly oil hand every article alIIerl lin-~ l in' it Y rntlr lulu'n Ilrr·+( weds ill tit inii-I tlvii cash, at i ted in lrl lrices. FURNITIJR. WAREROODIS Sl®lA I Il.1A tO. I N wou IItliirslpi tfully in ff f nn Ina V1(Sntil I:r i IIi(:ill un~11 tkvp pll ia h 1 vno .hotly rct till-n;; flat Net,, York , -Illd Boston it goml (11111 I~ou e to ' lrit re loll, 1~lo ,ty el:in Ninls, I iolitia loiS ii Ilan paInItId Cil-l-i g(lint] c' ar'l, I lll lo ll* i~ll il ah !!ll. r. l(. shal;., washC~I: rr JOHN \V. C1ILlS, ENGRIA VEIl ANI' COPlP' ER1-II.AITF PIll N 'I'R, Iu :, (nip Sn. W 11,1i , iii ll Iii 111 i ti toorl er. I o nli ki n(ote . In li In l xI o lnd·, I biil Itilitding, ililondyll , igi . aL - tile, and vi,,:":ue t-aIII+. mallilli Icol t (:11*l n·11,1 ,nllll iil - hhou sle seals, ldo-1· pk1:11, ilvEI wart- , e. - elwnl?*Ol pJ (IIIP 8 Citilp lrntd I min plltO i111'e(II) e·I"Igraved· JOHN STENVAR']', iOMISfIiSIiON MEIICIIAMT, I1111O1I't'Flt and dealelr inl Illlnelo 'llllber and trimmings.lpN AmpI)e 611otU~e ma~y bie IllddSIII mod eraie terml, inod evryo a enilllon paid to gnuda forwrdn ed to his nure. IRe:arellceo:- Pinnsrs. ILiitin&I Provost, N O. 15101,1) b, Co.· 110.22 113:1- ly ______________ II. It. & F. 1). Ne wcois h, r VF opene d It home for thle traiiiitti o a ;en-t lllIrld Cui allt, i11:ou kusilll'*g at 7,uteh r., lld anyl busnless conn nided io 11mom niha1lle fuijllfillIy nluladed Refertnncoe: II C Conmnolk & Co., ) lnMalu] eI Whiiii& Co. } Non Orleins. Cildwell & Ilinky, ) uctllt--eol'I 111. A CARD. CHRISTIE & SINNOTT, Whoulesalle ('rrulers ad Commission, Merchantsnnlr No. 27 ('ilmlliiin Stret. NOe Oliltins. SlaIIIm lbIoitnid Sllipiitoiti. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC OFFICE ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIII O'-'ICE No. .:3 .Hta zme(n s irt , l.t ,lp,+ose ,alke' Arcade, :!I .TAIll.islll·: I r flt the execlltilili f ill" ila ). n ,ul. A and drawine.s, ineruclvint' cihculars,butinless and aIdrless card'll of tv'er v' descrilpthon, fluneral circ'utars on o,,elrcpI ii~llill. ll, * II(LFr·ICCi llhii'llry fiillrII drugi..t..'lRTd el luI. kI Illt£lltlll,. tltv i)LI',.ol( iI., .;l e. l]-ll-.Y I)I (ItlllalOXiHif t d lle· Ilcleua atl exledihios sttyle, y the tin ' i etcIlar E. XX\II j.IM G.,ItEKNE. NI 7 ank N. llt-l n\, lv pxellltetl. mitL1 (CYCLOP E DIAS! DICTG IONARIES!! EI'.cs' ( .l..1.d., ; 7 vols., Edliburg Enrcylo- lPIIei, I ..:l.op.l'ina val1t l tll. Enlcycl.padti Aler nuytt.'.a. i thr 1 t&37; ( h n'hili ]hiln hlem lird -ilctihlu ry, 3 rl-; \\Jhlker,. Ittiocat,,ry, I vol. 1 b.tclc' a D tieionara, ie WS M.I1N Sie eis r do 1 val. Jolanion l r- a\'ilker'n wniil an I Navyreoad, SictonLaury, 2 w)li. ino JohlAoll 'a a ibove arionla're t vohl; blter's Dicaiona ,w . l it , a.o olovt 2 kilodtied., AlsoK a large crlll ey of g li, Fe tlvenirr . Le for sale hlvIV hK" , ll'l ear C.!uuI' u~l!/Clullnlnlol ..t NEW OReLEANS S.eam anld Palent Biscuit Bakery--Wlaters and POrder left at l . v Jrod, ch and Win T.gauit, y. rngar Utagaeir, Miaidrd and Water aeets krill. All ci )obve artiel.e artt warrautead to be of tile flint quality, alld ,o keep in any climallte, being ·elnpletely kiln dried, Alro,---iln dlrir~d eorn.meal. Orders lelt~ at t;, W. Prll~ehard and T.igatt, J~r. ,.orner .Ma~ga.,ino arld Paydr;as ntroetu, will reeeivs prolnpt atteltion. Small kags put tip expretely for tanily uar. 15nov TUB I: reeeivedl Iatle 1.oillosla Iurllniturs are ItLa,,,tal5: t Itieueille ata.tet,tilltt lle tucl Cherry ltedtawadls; a irat rate article. Atlsl, a lotev alsori Illent aof dlap Wlla, tillatld PoiIced Chairt, whielh will l, sold for tire lotet casl c I' eaS. 4 WK i CA KtN:C: jy? 51 llionville street A Card. ORLEANS LITtHOGRAPHIIC ESTABLIShI AME.T, 53 MAGAZINE Y'TREET, H orrLoPerE BANKl s AlRAdlE. I W TSr REN r~ultnrns tie oitaa're tllrnkct to ci. W Ie i'lan Iht lltlllie Of Ntv rItank. Ihr he1, patronnec bestowell ol lilll e ir tIheInet t0o yer·. illd blogs hliav. to Itstlre th l mIhv' al l .lder collllllitte to hri ecllhlarge shall be lmlll linally nlhildlt d tlo hIe will no osu, kee thile alie opee luri,. tle enoeloerand alinll ile il is rl~lt v I1 ritrilte II t.lerehk illl , .t ircu Ilirs, Iu<illess nd addllli-re Icrlls, funierli notides, ilmapr, plian., alp l, drawin s, ol" evI ryt de.crilptho, at the lllnst Xithte, ailad, oi dcaml t reato ale terms. lIinl ainted bII* a rti 's SUpelri r to i lly IIthe e 1(lish ci·· Q:: a attcli, I.ctll in l I t It 'it, li .r el. oat Ihho,.etliltlill, lI1 jeiaitOllalltileti , feienrot.r it,,,isll~ hir-il.ct ttllit,,.ltll 'ie LEES & tiLXNCE IN f 11A tlth h itst Ap lr.liis Ilh (xe1 1.- ila Iit tiavihetl e, I e a'a erilate lcgraviteg, :au it at h imii ti.Nii. tXN.t-, i. 10Alli. -- I'11 Suiscrilw,.s hlav', IIn tt,,opend sever ' j ul cat, ,,hf ComLabs.t"i" Qui l htpTotle Ti,'TckI,IS TtC . slc ali, Xiietorot'r,,Oa y thFethavd ', ld cIe i-,t '"XIII 1."',,.1 at ,1 4 uI . . . 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DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENEPAL ur LOUISIANA;., h.IFF'RLS his services to tlhe public jp hr- deale - rlmentl .l Surveving and Civil E1 iey'ip, httli i0 rolwln aid country. rtnanmesiderqble expcrepee ill his peiaalion, aad by protapltese an fidaelt itt . ,iee execoiirn nl' busilles ellltruted to hinllt, llt ,eal eo Ilnerlt and ece:ivea hare*of publie patronnteC. Itewil aLl lllPomsre iid ca.lulate tile tOllrtelts of wa*lltta l e ~v iotolln. OUteo No 8 C(hrtretes trreet,nceto% ittOry Ibatk. iet7 FALI. FASHION N-. 1llE r1r. rilbrs take leave It inform their plairros | and tII publi: gener slha, that they ale lno Ipre parcdtl to exriit their Itll ifuahoas. GOSSIP 4* (CO, FlFashionable Iflaters, lxchtange I ,ltt.l, isml ht. blar e. t t AISIlNS-1500 whole and hal.f boye for .an. i A13RAHAaI TRIEK; dnci 4(1 I[,,ydras at F "IIIER-1'id Potntl.o. 6.,001 l.iet cleartetotn. I1 e litotrtt. totl ebis Ptntltms, lttltlitg frtom h I. Lagranget, and for dale by LEVI If GAI.t?. nt, 19 ( Co;l tton at SPi )WI l tfit-- large supply of the above i'owders turosole by SICKLES & CO, nov22 ' 411 Canal at l ItALE l101ly'4--+ cils Inrtlhern BtRle Ittlce fir Al etby &i Jr Wt It II''&Y, dli 7:1 ('amt slt ºll1A`1--ltt 13ll1 Ittn-Op-2-tT l d llu-atntd a A oe 12 canilteon eathI, tir sale byI \VINSTON 4- 9lAt I.. do 7 Flett L e.ero AI&I--IO kPbg atid 13 half kegs I.tad ltdingt fr'om steamnboat Ozer , and for asni by J THAyER i Con, tdec3 74 IPo drto st I.MOKElI BEEF-, bile smnokeld beeIf and 11i. Stlng.lep, landing Irollit rtenjttl l (rark, Itod 1r" node, by J I'IIA YVEI & (i, dlet3 74 Povd rIT T l )1 Ii. 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Liverpool Suit, ailust in lot to .nait Ipurchasers; apply to L H G( 1,1, nov21 93 ('amm1on st 17AGGING and Bale IRape fler sah Ib B READ & iA'RSTO\; LINDSFYS--1o hbles heeavv Liadeae , seautable tilt Negroes, landing froe ships eCtueulgee and Ar kansas, and for sale by B i ISAAC BIUIl.1)R & C'), eovl 134 Magazine et .IAIAG.-W\INE--hb, qquarter ,ask+, ad l/rliae _. bills., dry and swenet, il lule by __ _ Al l jlA RSTo\' , sore| 7 B 't '.Ie,+ OL(OKING GLASSES-4 eaes,, cntaining 159 Looking Glasses, of vnrieaa sizes, fer sale by JOSEPH COCKAYNE, d11 2I Graevir at 10 COFFB'F-200 bO g bagin (are 1ae r Ine by it 1AnIRAIIA- 'rlIERI, d4 l44Poydras at 0 IL- 1500 gallo.i 1 iletfie ,l ' hule Tail, fior ale by WHIT'IIDGE & Ct , d5 i76 fingazie s 7ANNiERI'SOIL-100 barrel., fbr al." by SWIIITRIDGEIR &Co, d5 7l Magazine : R ICE-S3 tit rees new prime. Rice fer sl,- bk) R ABRAHAM 'TltEil, novl7 41 Peydrus at -OPE-100 coils in store, and for sale by ABKRAHAM TRIER, d4 40 Poyv'rns at S OAF SUGAR-100 bbls in store, fIr sale Iby Al ABRAIIAM ''TRIEII, d4 ,I1l Paydrte at A CO)\ FlOll SALE. A FIRST rate Milch Cow flr sale.1 urham breed, tlapply oa beard ship Vicksbaig, opposite the vege table market. deal C OLT'S PATENT IIInLR.S.-Juat rrec-iedl Colt's SPtenIIII Sht Ifles, tir reaell etev ald teren tf111lt fire atlld also the raltt with bhieh.thely are leaded 1ad, d'iseharged exsced any thing of thle kind that bian ever been nllventedll. BUSH & ALLFN, (Exchange llotel,) decl corner St Clarles & l aydrsa eta Sfor sale by . J 'IHAYER &t, e , d4 . 71 Poydra NO'I'ICE. lI. GEORGE MIERlICK having resigned tile of flee ofchief Elngieer of the,New Orleants and Carroll ton Rail Ro1ed, llr. Johni l~eapson has been ppoint edii:i hisi I)dne, to whem' all persons haviig business with, or wishing in irmation regnarding said Rail lRoad will apply at the Rail Road Ot`ice, l'aydras street; By order of the Board; (ignaed) JOIlr NCHIIOL3o', na7-t Caier 1iIACK IIREI.-Nos I1,2e 3, in banrels, 1-2 bur. J rels, and kits, tear sale tY WINSTON & S1HAL.. la . 7 Front Levee SraEAIS--32 boxes of the ecelebratte blak ,luily 1 Ten; in store and for sale by WINSTON & SH-I ,L, tlf , 7 lra-' Lever S)lIilEII.AlS-_5casesa black nmubntta Ulbrella in store, and ter sale by ) OllEAS'n.-e ISAAC ImV 'll n Nct 1e , e (1 Ril. ( KAA- 0 bbl- . cll'ie bruasoe, i,' ri.rate I n Ri la ltttIa'SEV, t d7 41 N.1ew Levee iE(ielliS-lh ,lIeIV SaE,-braeed. 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SA e-eA smrt, likely voung ra.grt, lee,, lgedlfltee yechr.: liee will b sohld a bargain, byl Iepplyineg toe A PIA), 01 4ASES--0 l bII Ierals, it leen latenni erdl, Ii ,d rkl eate s't and1, for e e ,aleby r ,WM POR TUEI' n, WHIli'KllItOig &n'tl, J LUe received atio. ielagen:tlet Furniture WV tre itl.ta a lerge enpicle leeuee Newe nTrk and Ihete too.e Pterson.t6lthte wene ef Iernittre waatli) lee neell tlaee t elente einnetn lhe teclun tran nleA oft bet and I e.ealt stbka now in the city. V It iANI ntS, N -lPartiuenlar eattenttin poi,) t pateking ,tntleitp ptle Furniture, free ofexpe.te. dti--yw PO'I 01 'P(il htlIt bereel., leIptn l enng en brin.e i, S etace, ipposite the entFkeet, in ale i yvl (-1 I;TS'I -.--.1 ,e ee ,,,e Aieie Cheese, jee.t tee. InEIDA. BAILSTOWi, FrIelUthl.;,u at t pee Ilc 1 'nl ' tifeil`'1u J tulhwi, iY deredd ril the'mtpl hnpm Iwn. then; b in an al.yan .ld m,. "ih i b. bie o ituniin f; a fuldlur nI tl. l, cintitener .a. 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