Newspaper of True American, December 18, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated December 18, 1838 Page 1
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S Plrci 12, CrENTs. NEW ORLEANS TUESDAY M3RNJ(I, DECEMBER 18 1838. Vor..-'VI No 1835 7'ereas qf the .Velespcper Press qf Nero Orleans uaeto atotuav e agrcdttd eta af tO n I eOt of tnancetlnS of the l'roepric'eto, rt hId iel the I5that of rtft, 1837. SUsoaogearteJ .--l',ViV lI)tILtrs for tltedtilV pil peer tetttl'l Itee ..1el of 11.-l'ity tnad'tlela eoetce tele dollars ftr tl triow'.,kly t:I, ter pa tpr, pacelee oail in aIlvoace, whtere no c'lt r. lbrotuea it triven. No a tbst.ri ptitt will It.c dit-(nllenel uttil errecragfl re e etettlel. ln calce at di contftilttettae, tne week's netioe ibt tritagtt nllltl tt icvfrlab.y givel, jtrevieus to th yxpicatiotu f oaibscriptti tt. ADvEg slaltrl1.-- Ole deollar per ntttere for lef lirst i nsortion, and half th it price fr erach sllbseqnert nle: ano material altertion traImn thIe original adverthienleat will be cOarged as n I w one. TYAtn"r Attat)RTtteSen..-jMerltllftnoS id 'lrc ore,, arty dollars fie Engiieh nale, and sixty for both Ine BJa teh Balks [elouranee )l.,:eR, Ittltloer st~isat pablin aeetliuticttc lify delllrs iu Eneglieh tly, aen eighty for both langunages; Ship andi Stenmbo.t FPa lers, or CetLmanili.leienerlhants sixty dollars in English ne, tntteihletv folr beeIetaeglnga.e. nlRIaliehaa , Onltle nr Ntr11tt:ES, anid ArtiCCR Call intg tite atteett ittf leo etnhtf[ic tt eiliae iat Prc'ptrtt', Stards of feseecee'se, n e.entfitc,e+. &c. will fe ehe'oae I oue dollar per squttre fir tile first insertion ill eae Iln gaaaa. Cotatu'lt:A'rtots otr \lveti.emt'lner, of tny persetsn al natrce, wteea atllissiibfe, sllfal lee chtarged dtlobte, of d ith ad ilance. A deduaetitm of ttcelev-fieo pereett. will be mand to AeUttlfeetrso, Sleerd I eei'c ttfr ,"Villa,ltlttl lenrcealele oate.tle eef rel aotetef, uettlicltol in ftlothl tgetegee,. naed ,5e per cent. a Etenyh ttelllne es Itl feetteet. on ealett i' othe.r preIle arty. AiyaoTIeI.NTS eon tt of tP rliedct line of tnlinteta of t1 nadvertiser, etale ae leal, rutln nd lalltI oanl ols,fe, rthaway saves c atv ntittolus, ien &e. will be ctheargel fer s.olltl l, to atti te orrlinter rtsu. Alev.arTeS.eaera ItIt eljee:ifietl tea to tit'O, will ift Ilulishe uell a tlentt, tld etll:erged aceorlintly No atlvwoerisen'',eta of Iftnkrunpaciact will fit pelhlialed ain any caReae, IIIIIR pid fI iou to inertaion, or payment agtntrrued ty a eayonaesibe parron in town. Theeatres noWd other tilee tf atelnaerlngnet, adbertisil e tnily r lte tenitltlt. to be argedl 1O1t for eaglitelt a Ile, anrd $150 in taell tenhelnsae. Afl aonoltneamente oaf cetinidatta ftr politieal ot,:ce will fe cacrged dtiucehft tthe ptrioe ttf other advertise meatott. Owing tl tlee iemaellto losieIe.eee ttIII( ltV a't'ptaret'r prrpitecors theO ave tder :(tIno tIe: haviollteolilt othat I," a ateaf of Icerttt wt. hose ttitetOttittItt' ttee llt eon ctit rithin ette elontlh after prce'lllttin, tall, g Itt lae kntw., (sIl eir tes wlatoiltbll to t lct othr--lt obli g ntittolle fteloat otet te a Iv'rletie or ernt for i ache olrloqateta. llrdea il telS o the dort' pon'terim. p iert i C e nr. r a;, ho, OME.. , J. IbAYO N, P. P. REAf, J. C. F'PENI)E. G AS iiT, JtiIIN (I|BSON,, I.UJSI)EN. lVetely Pvrcs.--W tlec th. tleerigned, agree to abide by the t lteeo condition, s a s they asre aepplienable to wedklvt apeers. (tiiotl) A. B. LAWRENCE, N e s e, eltriftwioas are token tr leads hee ee6 aonts. Ineter s firnsqtl11l estabbenepot p Janarid. 1 NOTICE TO TIlE PUBLIC.--Unfon deod rull ors of the utaldrrigned having sold out, or diascoeatued his oald and long estahllianed GARDEN SEED STORE, e IfS tei;tsltel heete, Si rcl, Htavinag ben neut t itldtlstrionuly cireulottd by self. interete paries , itile l streaett or hbels to niasure ia friendso generally , and tile pueblic at largeg, teat te still aeteieteta witnlit two dotors of llse este, eor Ietormur settnd, t to iferetisde' rwitea afdit ane'tx tenesie slte ity tf al tifle atatiflrd leinds of kitoehel or eogoI:tfblte htnoet Stdsir, of te growthe cod il. i port ottfite preoant canson, 1r37. Saes tile Oarte part t Sepftenler. he han re aceived nlplo aurtptets, hy the tackeet ships Viee-. i berg, IKucky, ind ArkialcEs, all Uarriis' in shortl pneaBago, direct feolea Netw York. ly thre Mllai sippi and noether p:lket, lie is In elfaiy expoei. tton of a urpuly of Frmtt ' ireecs and Aspcrliugo Ieoot, eaoving alreadty recutivod r eice as thereof byt nTthe luhrihttr hnog fterfthert eo'elre tI',] plttiii atin lc, that he is at lenre as well enflhael to itllellt ee1fee1 ollte otto red c r a l tf he ee i t inds of(' trl el i-iett aetlthr wholeaaae or rotnel, as lIe ever w;lt aine lie icte'arr talhlhle etet ilaeo aeurye, 8d'2". . Cetrlc y lth:tiers ad let hiokt Garde r' oted er-t r Afllotd at tile Iwt''t Illd Ve ealt treasellal ratteo. y LthI l lng d w tolree, Fintooo or tltheoti, innauoure. altaya ltut aottllllof aoil parcalln apjptea'tteoll a jVM. SMI rll 1, l .ll' 4tct.1 .eefLSteore, 5(lt*fiy lllond' strdttl:.e; NOfI'ie;.--A eoti.liedy of Ierd eaf, ll llff erfe eli ft o Ir h llll l ,ee Sllleft hIe cand par p Dr+.' herbsur, --w llh .Iclllpp lly of plllls and }|cll +% I* .. . . f. le teN, t deco t ft IA "| II1 I. Jt)IIINSON Id h:,++1 I01 It) ltiel lvlil, (t,l·~'IIIt, ( B ' i a, 1 n I .tla. tI 1 ' clte beh.Jeleoltlett tlt'liItlrt io'o aeftel ylrcc tse Itete n tis t lurIfe 'If · lvt , t' 11t. treitl: lli " VIte e Ir~lld· tItsP, ll |flnU 114(EI.:I (II11SIU( +%tql't l~l'tt letii+ It1 thi ualltntllr I1 rtiltth 1 Siht'~~lll )ftllt'.+lt, ellltlllil t~lL's sAl.J SI~ le h'lll ,l~l\, ta) ll~ll/~ l alll ,,tlre 11 H lhh J~l llllw t It ttIlotllh taftt fleet el, u(c]o ti llrtl; llrtl+g ilh r~llV, trif, io s, t llC Is, lfate lettit a, teciete.~l fiaefet li ea IIee il t ef~ Lrll leteftel Solleaf tflla LtitO ShIftL ,St'tlt' fl atII n eel< fIaOllS t Lt lkllS Il,rtitlll'/l I+l-clsllllth. ti llld, ,.wli pllld l esliele% Aiteef fue' I fetelol ' te1t'1111fll elteT tatfifil T r al'c e t~tt illt ft ate at ft coat)s nr,il'l t'o nreticte yswlhnt h tion itetet elh e tt el i flitter'hIL Aoenedlo,ne fti pol.eatl toleredl Dtisescanho t t.e J of e t l-. nllc a ce rtne t ti h t ll(il tftfft let ff1 eanedaale. u l.le rtct il" feteolh . Sthle lep It. J tdltteatnt at tie ofliace. '1 foteo fetrtente teeting. ally alto't tacea f Venereal lticeeos', ldlbn tehkieg ate te oleft"., ter atfteloniStflte lt ottee1tete ll~l tde wolfllhy giatlla Ifh .f|t hleeeetee ot caf, ee pr ee edi ,tI oecefetthterei'ntteo itee sleforfcstaatlletfaaaaheltbe puti Olhoficpo lei'aeni een the aoernieeg antifl 0oa'clockhnt +ig.+hf.Il ABIEIINT' IHY'S I)YSPPFIC IJXIIt. lDr. bI, e. thy, Pt ier' at st if E.ngliih slrgeons was o lpinion hall [tiil .-tllth ofl Ithe diseases thutt ailit manlkind origioate in thle bto naet. Thbis 'al"xir was used by Ilil with the most unprecedented success il his private and public praucic flr uw rward of forty years, htr the relollla of .lhe ft;lowingo dsedses: Loss efalup, tite t Fhltulrley I) inttl tit of tln Stonl nch,l'ain ill hte sidl, Iellvloet' o f tie o f end mltl iis r li natilon to slIeell, Irruiur.ity ol tlle IBowels, andl itll all cases where lndigestion or a t.stive habit i bfound to exist. 'lis medicine most not he numlbeed amonn tlh holst ofqlltck nostrum noitw bh.fore thI pubiic, as it is the sole inventtou t"f al- ,e[t allin mast (cieutllc surgeon. . rople ever trodltedl l, It ll sl-ecret of prepi i. it was plurchaseld lby the anglt for at very large suill. I i agreeaole all I plea slut to fie tI-te, nets us a mild uller ilet. llways kees Ithe bwlts iree, ilmprts vilgor and olrellhla Ito lth ys tleli, ali eIherl'l'llln ss It tie llillll, Illd Itint bIt'le IelUv es tIlhe I tl'l v tIrllllllud caers tli l)ys,lopsia or Ltiigtstion, unl preventai return at anl future period. Nrtw YOne,17th August, 1838. ;3j ,allison, street~ Sln:--Ii eoeqlencedf ieadig it sedleltiy life, I Ilave been trulred, In ire or less, with Illdig,,estihn f;r toe years; or the last three )years iy sufltlings have been ilsulplortblo. I Ililhve tid srvril Illy iei s,l tnu a mbralhtqulak nedlicines, with.ot derit, n bhneln t. I d ,*s lii ed (f eV l. ol hlt liin auly erll tlll o relief, mad rei.niled my..lf Ito tildtit liell, .elvss de.plair I wns lersrat edlllel y t y fl'ensllIdS' ty .rv 1erllelthy'. lyal tle tit I.'lixir. I lhla e illi finlished ith fOillltli bLt le. an ti know not how to expreee my iratiou of iIth wonderfill \virtue andli the 'l l ll it It lel. rlno d ill ever. Seedl Ie half a dotn IbotItlIes it e Iand exceptt utv It l ilnr t ile hiesilcs you have n il crredlby re sTI. taubnrihi ptr ope o hs redain youirs, inninge of t s in his psseintr, aeve hondred ts- i inortills slnilar to toe abve, of the exlnoriodinury vir nerri of hi medicine. Sold by apointe by t, lliam F. Jouh sou's, 141) Itienvillc street. llv. 5 ROSIEC'TUS. THndE subq. ri p-opes tol publish in tted be. ginning of the o sug winter, a Condenatiin urt, their twoty volumes of thall thd and Ntw Series of Martin's Louisiana Reports, to ei comnriosed in fair volumnd %ear. A acording to thri model of Petnrs' Condensed R,.ports. This work is now in preparation by J. Burrtonre to tarrison, Eqir, of this city, assisted by William F. Brand, Esq. The Editor is also permitted by a d nirnin ed Judge of te Supreme Caurt, and by one a l the sitting Judges, to expect from, maty naturally be reaped froged thir experience. - Such a work is becoming every day more no cessary, as the original is voluminous, expensive, and scarce. An increasing curiosity too is mnani st, i te other States of the wtom Union, in Moreference to the p.etuliar jurisprudency of Louisiana; and the circumstance of the numerous principles here des tided in the adjustment of confliets of laws, makes the knowledge of our adjudged cases of prime uti. pity to the jurists of the whole Union. Morouves, the rising republic of Texas has adopted our codes, and thus there i a great demantd for the Louisiano decisions from a frosh quarter. Convenient noites, indicating the parallel cases decided in Loiuisinna, and occasionally those In tile lmore authoritalivo torums of the other States, will be added Io each e:ove. The work will lioru four volulme, royal octavo, and will he dthllernd, hound, to eubscr.hbea at $6 per vol.; in case it shoul-l be found practicable to compress it into three volumes, the p-ice to sub ocribrr will hbo 7 per vol. Suhbscriptions lec.lveud by W1o! M Ec hd N, 5 cour Ctnamp ad Coilmun stn . NEW ORLE NS Steam and Patent Biisuit BIt.ery-WVaters and ta. 99, M asOIren ( tsr ifl, I eothartrsin Raeil londs.) Pilot and N.avy lrladl, Sn.,L andi \Vine Iliacut, Sugar, Butter, Meli'rrd and \VWtetr Crackers. All time above articles are avarrate,: l to be ofl the firse ,rLity, and 'o keep in any climate, ble,.sg conlpletely kil, dried. Also,-.Ktln dried corn meal. Orders leftt at G. W. Pri chard and Tagea 1, Jr. scorncr M1agnzino arn.l Paydrea streets, will rtceive prompt attention. Small keyg pnt up exprse'ly I hr fhamily useo. 15nov raANItLIN z INFIMA'kRY a'. 1 plr s il: n ale r l l.t' tllsy I lllPr'i t in t tlls in-ll ill ii aeiry Is r llllaet is s reheI r L Sllerle s t rielill s te tie e l esll sr I ern tklis, upon the railh ad, one lstle I'role dse issi I le h illng i large n-, I ao' te.alllmodi n slv lividd, i mll t Plltertt , r keersllu, lepa lito dils'ere.ll clased , and . li'retllt dliseas e't. ''he illsalllltellll iL s iUPl)i I hltllh 1stIe eeet ekilllel Ieeeel selive m le neced fcrest HeeeIn ,nlesl speakii g tlhe vn C 'rivate Io Dlll" T e Ii il e sd uh s gStlte'ee set five dlt lare p cr day r inclulllr_ CYYlI( r & PayI e. a 'l'esrl i er tile o srs'i v war eset t o.dollsra per day. Slave s er, elee o dolhs. Smet l'eox in tihe odiet'io a ardsI, five Ih llhrs. All capit' l s lrf'je :al nl'erae rlr ' ex'ra. 'TIlhe r ide isit le siie is l \Veddelle te o wholn tp e eiuion f si i lnseiesl O sesn ti le tedeol, or to h (; t lIZrahs'erl erIg, No ]t tsllsps r str eerrst. Ilp!l Iv. C 'I,T''S I'ATI''N'l' Ill I.E M.--.tues ure,' s vieset It's I'nu anltl Sllt Rinfle, filr t rirllllv ind r lr.tern ir f ite. firs, nsed l't the rI pi leil wislh whis h tfelele' ru sesllse aerd tii'chnrglrd exeertd nlny tiing |' o'tho kind that hoo. uei be. n tlell enPll tlre d t ItUlIe &. AIEN, (txetshirh r I e',t esal coroner St Clhaleur sll&. t',is yl l r OUISIANA It STIt' UTE-'i--. Tr tIII la le eo r I lee'h else re"' util of 'r" gen1 ll tl,', h ei ii'I, l, ill go l i nltl OIel tliwllil ll.l II ille t )l-isa h .er, ill the Iesnieles .e se o'tr if th, ell'lhllla ('llts l l, clllll of ( tofrine t l Ue lldl n iie olllln r lr dille i Oel el'h (ldere.t-inesd shols hlean oe'r'e ie'l helhse ' sllseesr.llssaes'+ i00 low tele ll e 'es.e.: . 'I ell rlsle L, nlld who of EnI opr. will s+. e ars indes I e ' tee le lieeis' ee divisiosle ,nr z: 1 'l e F'lh e llre lee ,morel, e esl el s'l .tl; nil ehe Ilc tlion. . Thle clslsiecl dopertmeut, comprehetnding the Lanll enllt (;ree'k kl sln eags.e. lThe deps rtllllment oI mientren Inngelagrs, in wlhir will be taught tlhell'ench, Sp'n"lluish and Gerrman hlsleu g lies she iveathseemric, a ,nd philois lpi al dei p ree entt oellpirrhenlding Algebr I, ireeometry, I1e two ' srigonsre - ri e with teir r l all eiien to 'ter , I willn Ik t'Eveaen' Claes"n in the Modern tn geaare will ber itrleel ined atrnllale to leiena tihe' Ist ()(trlll r C J IIl)EII)IIIMANN, A A1. liels : ee,'(rS : J eIIN.tON A' Esq.R I 'ov l'residlnt SHAill NNs.lON, LroIniauna CollgE , ,e i. A. . Ns lri.. . . .ean. . . I e CASE.'Y, No.I 1 tt,. stree, n t re ived lio"Il London,)01, ooi shlI '1 i-ner,, I ' nrv, \hllilltll I I l Sorp Io" I.,h,I Crlser (Ii ci bierI UIIt ,lohs te le i elle Ip t I h Ie l , e e 's'illh', d ' Iese l l Lees Iru t .rlira ,Ir. ' Ien tI e .ls L .nrn lisTc . I'li nsda l 'em ell I , lot hlIbId ; Ivory ipap r; 'Iltnnl p rrte ,l "; 1ppo I"; d alu Snilv er 1p er;r Gokld , snol Whil and or r i t ,ll (lor pal l ri l e e lst' s , 1 \ ; les' i '' I, . I(: I se 'is '-teve'. i , 'si . si et I s ep' se I' 'encil; lh l.vl. teels (t I IiS,. .. t r.II I tI.e A t, . s ' , el ,s .. . 1. , 1 e . . lm , i esien liu ' Ia il ll h 'it r; 1 11 ru I 'li)lvef S reli : L Prllil\le ' r Ne s Ilea ll;e . l''r I er e lt nal I " lio r l h r ap;oie ei n 'en re n ible- :N ov Ih lr l b'n5hit o ~,ll m ir the irll eli ne illslee ee, ah hi' ai,,s l Ic-i I ll llesse. , .ses) el 1l IIII P t t l ll ll.lil ,1,' "i) t 'll L' iCii (I. n l [l l sine - ..... ... l ... "s.. .... . I sill- - l. ' lleln wI'' . Le 1ldi I illhl frll'l lt u rtIlll 'p ,' l mlawr i0 8 ll I , Ih t ialtth,, I',..Itl hd,,' , .3 \" I l cy Irl.;l pi t,,ut 'l'l hhlde , iii:l, n ii r , IF.N I Ii ,ii I)e' see . I1'erl rlild (bole illJo . -;, e o anI r ii llveihvrdo. T Ill e e.esT.V I' is I t I.Iel \ A.. s 'ie t sues I s I see - t a' t ('u. er.l 'I'l~rril ' r .- tl ; t hll hdI uv u Nlloe l .ll . l l a , ~I! 1,t,, -v vo. tLoll (, f ll', . 4 ill Illbli· of llEl , ltB l r'l i.= ," ,If ' lllnel or. \ I.aiLr·go v, llh Is l'th I 'rP d- r oIIIrn tli I.' i.. h,'l ve t uud ililJ itt au of d is. ti. ll tloi ,, f isail mn ol t I.nI r;ltll l . t lesa noltre-eil,, Lh , wit.hhhn ten dyns from thr'itlelisase a h, e f n 1ses ehJ t si e I 'ii. ellllti u L.,, and Ihe feue l, dir iibsted sill a Ileii Iallilr is I ne11,1s+ |t. e .1 P lIi ellt.l L.,llst rk sr '' l eet I1 Al - I'( E ' Lt I :·I\NI., IV'a &ur idon rme i Iheel 'il 'tss et J lesi:sir k..|e e'. tIn Iee 'l l llr : Pre- lii I'e nolsaels.' -\ .tl lIe ha la'e , Isis e. Jse' b t' ties'v v-, a+ 5 sertli eelsll l- l see's'5'ell 'il-- r 'll"insleleldli hI. I tre ille tli I I n: . , t rt h l . l,,rt i'lls:tn llltrr tn ' d rs. e irA t, h t P . Li.e. s N(', s NI l, tI'nl lir, d!etX :ilt,I ,] f& ,. I+' !',ei," t1.\(,\ ,1 v +(Cl-,'k. lTeTzD r eLirl Ltlilre; Ire Ic i rrer, r noteral w rvanler ,ie evrlbnlrl 'let /ie l I)irrlr:. C e r ieii :.h , . lb ll \hlvie i l\ ti irE~ iii ,I . r ,I lIrlnIu . Ilr , wlrd l .1111& t r lan rer - ) LI I tel t lrI, litrre irellc .Irr eec r l r I Ihr\te1 tl . e.i m el +'1i - .Jrurrl c irli ldllir u trII1+ r rirr ·l. llh·err i ll Ie~ie Ciltl .lll+li . rll· CLYII ll'llt 1I·( :~T· S~I~I IUIIII,+ II III). t irltlctpr le i rt.le rltllt3,t l-,/I llll t llt. 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Kitrrur8 hirrg r celt 0c 1 - I 'ls--redr ntlr dteIn Pltl--lu ereueib r dlTe ir elier Icr herr 1838. A 11)11 .\ il PI1l II'. crlller. 1 STA, OF ltiUIY"IAN., 2 ARI rri rt r lr ti r ParlS an yile y euf New Or le mel, lon ure Irle ICr llllllltrlti Urhr,-les i N llitri, Julge. N .I liti,J l e Ill. (iertilh ltlll i'tl cLtl cr1o , "ie (r - iirrredtir; 1t rnre itrg ue d d g Ilig thpe dol uadlbrr stuhrle, f .inres dae, it ishb orderedty th .l)rt th tt r i lteeli lll 1r the 'rir lilrr llllt+ la-'t llt tule Ielpcr, ill I el COrI1 ct I dtlonde ' tie rlb I;v .rl v rellllller llrte\i r ll-ll ll illrr h ll, dIr-il bernllt t ll r ill . hir+." iefdinslerr nrrrrd ecilrlitllee ealiter aliitreered. i1ege rrguiecrictrIli rre re+ll td rrtrqteley ttre tcrie. Irei uritl-,-,,r iti t ierl r Thee. It. Kt-uedrie larp, be up- ( peilltrd re Ietrreellt til eusr llt rrdlllrlre. Clceb's (Aliee, New lit" crnSr N.oV. .l,. A 31 cbUI'Or , trrre4 Clerk Il+.eler lr Plnrirrer er Ville dri ltl Nle-OrlcaUs--lr iJlll 1 I~l l'+dlillltl iii llll+|teltlell LJLt IIW tlt ilt. elllt-.l J(... el·. ileierrr: iir - eirr t, I I, Irllrir tr r l'lnlti. i i I tll itlll rt llrle i tl tell Irr ulliitrert ir l rrrr,-entrrlrrr lll lllnld USi el - ee tst r t eic~a ulei , , tt ,he ,in c itllr, iile17I)-c,,c i l',tr ; , I +t - llIlt ll I," th~.liherlelr sll"· Ir; Itl~l'll'l·. (It, I··ll<l):x ;Ihtt,·; ,+11 1tttl'lldtttl' • .t+111Pd\. Vb t ilt 1,1t11+ pl i I"'"1] P lp. 'I,' i ' h'·- elnallLir r .; a. r'lerlii 'lb- ffierr ,, IE.UTIFUI'I, bend ofhair ig lh- 'rnndest ornn mnlet blllnin.' to) the h iman lllame. JOw Htrang Iv thll los of i it h nnll rllF he II Innt inn', tind proni a', trlyv ,Irin s ln t an t ,pearil.n,' tlof, ii ag, I, whicih lu se milln to recoil ait eP ing llonver liand s.o eim eVen I to .hl( . m su+irt,' to fiel the trets find sneers of ti fnri iaiintnfe: thfe renmainderonr tbrir lives are roni irsqantly spet in retienrnt. In iiert, n.ot even thet ro ntrrt till these llnla ann cirr rro ll mp nle++ 0l h\ ile' nllIn Rdf I'lin tin i n aps I het hni r fi T ,t fallin g off'i n thild fir-t ap lisention, alsl nfew Iotle restrrs it n llln. It likewiseo protluces et ebrow.s and whiskerr : ,rvnftllat ti. nnilr fronll tulrninu Erar , nmake it n gr - h.mnifhll , ald tre it fron' illulrf' . \n l roll certli atesn o l lthe firrt rIPe tillilty in s ll port i t ile - i, riti s of Oidridgel N rld thie ittloFwing:- Robert 1harton, IEs. Ite i NIt avnr of Pt:l;hulltp hIre ertil 'l il niv h s.e.e ll Ielo;t, to hcehigh chari tel J t' ihe. f tllh;vi1e3 ernllnle'ni '. ITh. ink, it Isrt io hereby ctin v tha, -sn ve inre nhe t 5.m ,,f nsoiii b I 'i'e Fin,,v J.i(ihlritn e t in WItI4M1 'i' ATCIIER, senior, Me tholist Mi -nister, llr in . o ,e ernn s r to. Juict )II tnt )t ''Iiil sl'tAb, n 1 i I )i, ifs;:) linc, It J o nn) isn , n FI'IE f, It ein nprtn. st, tt. Jl rtoi ;ARI. ,Jr, 12l Arch sir, et. I is knu'm trsi nt dl ie of li- i nnit ignleri atre tnr t llan 50 Vyears of fa h, td thle oflr , oIth Ire s IE ion ;30 . C IUOnII mt. a llll ll lt h of J+(.r:lr·tl,+ i O , I Siv , fl I't i'ladteltll . r e i, Robet Vlh toln. Vo, latr f"niti' Ait, of l 'hilde ph l do hereby certi v y fl I ost rI l ncsui .tsaend t with [hIrs J i' IIAR Is en lnd New Oi l rl.anCd 'ts bloseenlan are sillel to tirn I , n etnrllelntth ell lb v are nLIIntnlenein (If elineln tnr nlld resllennl;lhtlnv Ind s.I scill ' e t lol l ce (it lt le Live to t adil saisho tio , Cate. In witnapn wntreof I hvo I rlnillnto set n Ip , hanldl nol (i lsellth c m a o th el o'i city to he i ig xed, this: Chir day ofke, D)e, tonsihC, &c. [L,. 40.] VI L' iN , r. (IISERVEntntn, 374 dia It ) f dhnldgn,9 -iillm h Cntl nl 6fmianm., &25 ke, I.hnaul, 20 i by tie sole ,.ient for nwesn ri.ule 2 i lb eh he, s tl eet, IIre "l r hthln,' tll e Irs.tne IlI tL it tll e i coulnnntry JARVI. &. ANIDREWS, ntn9 iisnhenenIti A tetnn, nIw ,tl SLi, t of Pac'-i!. Ships.--'ihn s netw line of ship b hacs been expressly i.:litL to ru,, hetwaen the above iports, and will he' nfol;d o s'itable driafln, of water: laiolnllldtions sbr pssrs, and issdvrevesn onry effort wiltl e nlado t()give+ ge nerl satis 'action, 't he lined is cotmposed of the I lowing sips: Clhesrokee, 415 tolls Calpt. J l arding, I ssiarolina, 400 do S Lemist, t (llarlet staint, 374 do ]) Eldridge, olumthlana, 625 do e ip l sgrker, iSaellln ni, 2410 d,, J. A owe n, Iombay, li5 nio is I illn, phrey. Tne above hi g ps are all d w, of the irst lass, ieoplr fastle and toplerid, enllllllldnsesn by in itf great ex iirened, lIave large a'ilCCInoantininns, The paekela will lev towed up and down the Aisr sil, ,, a dtF srisei t I tst p llll tli y tt served i Nthe1 IIAe or ,h Sng, and shuld the ra' usns,,les -sel bN deaied in asising'i, olther his elually an ,Igoodn 1I wi %t all sA.sC. L sbll st itt, . A sr ag solicited, lnliOlN & AgnPINALL'Sels to ;ce1 illoal cas uc pintl in • FaneLe, to receiv, niI tilrwartd igoods biy n id ;inn at thieIi ft -rode. Tnhe ti;snls w,l eai. ,iU ~ s It., nrnn lt h of invery retlspt 'ilrty ilh t ,ris ,ay,agt astitply L the ait n tusd b An xtnssinny si d ill tis ,.shn din tnn with N It . i dvlarl e i ntlnn ol oll li r culltsigllln ts to ,lnigssrsni. eC. nun gtbard & Cnun. RU.IIT1'ON & ASPINALI'S ('IO +MI'OUND TONIC M /X T'UIIE.-- A speedy n inll CdUg l tilln curo sni bil Fuever fil Agued 'n itsnslinns a lnr ilerrlts nt , titvrs; prepared i ronls Sthie urlglllal I't:"e 1e. Uso n: a ll distlll all li n velsnl sucess it 183s, be y persst h, on td hihenst tsvs'e it wil ity i tlus city, as ntaengt ien tihe annexed iThis i, medicinre i higss y r.ntit ,nd u, and hasre betn ixtensiveny used inll lbs inate dlsentoses with unth ditiguisusshed .Ucnsi.i tinn. tih proprietor aof nio mll. Onvincl ale intl ed .i, oftr itt teto pub. lie it its iprefent firm. nn thf e hioln that it nmay be Lhf il lla of' relleV iIn. itatllvy of thl.Sa} who are tulferiung illltr thie oeUUcrgo of otlr. enhtry. It I e a iildieltle possessilg groat virtue, and when used iacord ing nto Ihdle lw tihs e hirtlesnver failnd osi cfhct, gll. a ellre~ even ill tile t1lost obstinate stag t of tthe tdsorderl It cs not at all disarea&bl ang.l personLs o thie weakest n tomch, and children ina take it with inmpusd . It strengthens tir digestn orgatns, erCator all Itppetite, anld seldonl relI,:r more thn n oil , or tille obstinnate ases, two I t. to effect a cure. Tcher is neither erc arsenic in tile mledieiee, Ilor aly thing 'J OUs to lhle hulllmat colnstitution. The propettot8 are so well lovillnced of its Utfilacy, that ltr agree to relfund the pric of uvery bottle w.'h a:s been e' ta tkan in accordslles w ith th o dir ,+'o °ns and hoa t' Ilot eti]:etd i a parf,,et cure of t' lever & ague. A. OLLVER, sole agent for yew Orleans, at his wholehale and retail drug rd "led le fle store, curner of Bienwvlle and Char es otr eets. l,'or District Agencies a "'Y to+ _ e).5 . .. W . 1l.rll, 48 Conti et. I11A.1t0 e ti tttte. I. i AY'S LINIIE'.i-No FLition.--Tlis ex. t tror ,d -ry ,:le ical comutp ion, the .s.ult I of" .ciance, and trnventtit o a celtubratd nedi S mCl aiil, the lituldu·ctl .I t of wh ich to thol Illl e+ was ilnesl'd rt: the solemnity of a deatlhbed beq'uest, hs si ce gained a reutaLt L unparalleled, fatly suttagr Ilth corrtecltlret oft the lamented itr (,rtle," lat contes-ion, tht I he. daired not die willtat giving to iptSrity the beucfit of his onl tli ubject," tland It thlereflor b luctei to is friend lnd attlendanlt, Solomon llua, tie secret of' is discovery. at is nov . d in the prinrcilpal hospitals, and to private prcticet ill our clutry, first and most certainly tIr the ntle of 1l1h Ifles, andt so exlte i stv tly tlilualll y as to, ,llll credulity, ntitles whcr., its ottels are witulcrsed Externally in ltho fullowlitg collll ntll s For I)ropt.y--Creating extraordilnary absorption All Swellings-R-leducng them in a fiaw hours Rilheumlatism-Acut uor Chirorme, giving quick Sore Thelat-By Cancers, Uhlcers or Colds. Croullp anld Wlihuolpllg Co'gll-C.Lternally, and over the Chest. All Blrulse, Spraiis, and Burns--Curing in ai few ihours. Sores iad Ulcers-W-hethter iou or long standing, and tevel sorte. Its oplertaltlls upon adults antd children in reduc ing rheumatic swellings, and loi50g0 cltoughis and tightnessa of thet chtet by Itaationl oft the parts, has been surpriailng beyond coltucptionl. TheI rcotlonll remark of tlosa I llo have used it in the Piles, is "a It iCtS iilk aicharI." THE PILES-IThe pIrlc, l1 is rllltnded to any persoln whol will use a bottle of' lay'a Litintunt fatr Ithe Pllcs, anld return Lthe empillty botttle withOlut being culred. Thle are tle psilive orders of tell proprietor to the Agelnts; and out of liany thou. salnd rold, inot one has n eln ulllccs uial. W\ miiglt inlsert certltlartiits i ally lengtll, biut prefer that tllhue who sell tihe artlaoi, lshould ex Illit thie original to purchlla rs. CAUTIOt)N-Noue can Ie grenuino without a Slplotlid eilngravted wrapiper, oil which is Ily nlaoe, aid also that of tli AgutlLa. SOLIUMON HAYS. Sold wholesiale and retail, by COIINTOCK & Co, New York, and by onll DrOggit in evary townl in the Uinio.l, For sale i te Wh\Volesrale Agenits, corner ofI Con.nol ti Taiiuuplitoulas strcut, and by tile Apothecaries generac.;l j3t)3 *' Eiti tYS-i hales Ker..tsi,t 1A u .-- nrl Tlanert tai, :ti .k, wintr ilt, ,0 a in wk hill -trniit i do, I' t.t la-:-1ca1 hoxbae mcirrna t'iti iat. for sale tic II tit . , d7 r~ltr ' I' tl:Ir . Itt11BF _itl htit- i :m, iland 40 it . I prt me Porki; nit btilt 1ii't i nt I ' , ir 'alel y vS itn~ltbi. terr .I I.II)IICA I. --J I1s l rt~cc d alndr sale at Abercrom, bie oil tlhe sto1,a, and b, niovols Arlnstrong's Practice. 2 pll s Ih1 's A],1omv, '2 vuls-- 3.1ll ,x, tlhe wes " Beek'. tedital Jnrdsludenc Cnriiitl es of Aledieal F+Expericent itibtrle's i'ractiePe-pl:bI.'r l's T ltett cs-tl - o l chihlren a G ihsn's Surgery, 2 vols G(ooch's , idrwilftl y G h.erhrd oe, the (,'[leat ]forner's Analml y, 2 v's hooeer's Ihedi'al ictioimary Illa on the Nerves Krin eron the Enr--Luneue,, on it'lhest Luis oil t t iJt iit--Loiti~( il F wr Aleig's Aldwdlery--.lcltni1sh' i "e, Ivuls \euolt & li ce',lts Dil pens .tit y Cn'alogues at tlh store.WA d l0 A A -. "rO V A . ANNUALS AND ALMIN FOR 1839. I'ILFN IID Lptondoi /\:fr l,,-- I:Totk if oly (ti, prptl , ir A o lplaie; sin Tn u ble , nd Yeau , liCstue,-d l t lt 'stuptM.t ar Olriep)ta nl t u r-tt 'ret ut;. ordi ani 's Plt t iltHs Anull u i (iitpll ' Anllllt llII(lAn n l; ,l ienIshi 's If i:-( ; ] Ameic hatn rican fus- fulK l g "hYm ever I" Ta n 4 II t'r u coe r lt Ches an'I:I 1 Com np n Stt N An pler ( ei:m hnn .9e Ic , ' si ltCal p ivd t "+ 10 llbx is f si+ t d p ~tllu (I'ro ketulg tll :-Ig ,i A S ll I l St,'wmt lDi:arv for 1!1:1) en lig It bllk memo- f lo nov 8-50 C- w A + )"x""RoAC.I ala IicI ltIt e.,lol e'sks hr sa d 5i tbls refined %litt tte Champai Wi ie ufsu'at i Ir qual itylt 1pria •l, ,gUn powder .t lllhylg.hrne & sO11 tOl g 'I'nns l A T 3 uhas 1 }r Slack Lead Pu tg uerbrk roesin, f or sale h y nov 10 'li G Vierst TReIIprACLt : JAd V1 C l i csks hhW sand tI l It o su-itt ptirc )hrrsi rdrs e t at ile . o)ah a irll Caal slretret etteen Car 1r ldeLet1lietand lliult r at tie ca orlltie n house o|f II& -I.11 & rllc l.l. , tlOV2 9 B)k Plahlalphie, S tLFVP II GAP ', &Pv9 9t Ct-met 4iet L u- NTICti - )didl 'H er d thi y ed t - c K -I Ao' f [ r ih e lli t ln 0 a liet pi litt. - 1[ I - a Id Flrw Fi S ress l tsinth l t l tndeif tlle I it rm uf I ri. l. . . itt l yw , tnod h LU a n l ei brick store, Ai. 96, aIgtzitle streul, (I,..i Poyrldls ah) R3' ol ; JAM ;S G .t--olt 1 I miVN. S it rti-i iAvier, i ntug N. arkS no tI t 1 :Pzt \i 1 1ehltl & t to.t \ioi l' r 0111 1pr t t i .. allI. t Nt w i t tutreit NS. i o. 'o ,hViAorm .rsio nk ao co.,l 1 i-t e - ll- Nt -- p i i rde pind rVhiteshles, C u sailll e &" E D a )O , pu-ii i plt y -ie utpito i pttt, -Pst Otlice.iipipkit Id;rt on tli ielt,l rldge, Mit ietta, Ol. John li' ibv idp :lcq. hi l lct l 1he, 1 1. 1 l lw \'at[I llll"e. o U. vil . I ru em,. o S& A' ,: lis, to. dk1i2, Ne & J 1 SWIIUrII'., d 11er 1 7 l C l lar lre st " ')"1 .'. CampllJ st i I..l i y(' > .lo; of r Goth " , ) " the. ...h r ,,f 'd nd 'f, ,, bv W\V l .31clxHAN, , ,_, 00 11e,',kn .i . . . 4 arileh, frr e1[ by . Tf T'I'ION'Sl HAl.., cornerof St. Charles and .'l .C o atllll strmrts+ . 'Phl e sl bs.riber, hbavin. re.s'v vell and lnw ilt store th i" iassorn nt rat oodP i n I1nglalld, ,'rn ee an.ld the Nurtlh, off, r tih slc the fill. owl tug Irticle,: low lish s :prawing papers of all sizes, me dia 1 ,1 ill d [I f ti d timy ao r X. I ,. hin v I h blue ,id; I il ctlc I y i1 N , lt r, ic all ct l 'i Lonidm r tic tik iu l I' rll I 'flincy letter itlI nlot pa ller, plain, tunboa, d anld coral Ibro Amerie ell , lettel I ii.d 1 riling alei" rs fIromi I the best N l iX t N I' , +it l" P trcy'an Pens o 'ill descr ipto,; t .l e-t Germun and Iill lill I q ill,; >l 'hl eu' r and I P'Ierrylll'J wrtl g Ihllst , N i rlist 'llo c' Iand I'er n'i hc o' ling inkb; EXli h and .Ill irlllll. a l . n a o f i g" (ll lt-i) .i ! pe)'; od lers i ii ' a N st ottl l cllerv, Io I i dirk, pen and desk kLivc-, irazur, I ad .i is r i tlA'il,;Ibitt'tk t f o old Britiii a' ['c 'Ali Porkl book, AnId r~ldlet', ]~:~ iJs NIEl II(rol'c In thvr, Ul il , .+*r., :-nf;rd ,,,:dinlg lax, snl·,,,i()r qu, II n od ; '|*'rae 8ii Ji de0l,- a indll| dw s lln. ( . +,lo l nl ', tu ) D ., . orln s ll I ,h ing emo( lr ii: , i l )rol\ll l h tr, evlllll . Iallt" t-I ltld Au - iIl AIIIII. 1 A 14 , jill" 1:138,s [ 11.3i 1 n ll ln Iu all , c ull : ,t I[ o t I li l all t W IId IO n , I no diu o l ,a rk S, hit alrlrv, 4e' . JVlll t Il thlNTEo L im l l I s ie y L vI20¢ P F R N C. , n 1J), ·in e & trlo. T h r rhhlvly ; n t h r o lc, in f wol nWi. h 1 n, l ao, n iw'. llr, ' thi e rEvenings nt i m ( t nln re, olr r l/it l. feta e PilPrim, bh Ihr. vird. in ', v ects. "n ,kll e g , m i n llt li ll . u i \ , e S\1'miollrIs +110 sahOlhhi b, I le Rev. I1 \\ tlpshv.'. Sl j ian'T .a h emtl, . lobert alllr; O lS oth r nn ev8 eprrSt (hn , in : l il aCn" . i - , [L P. FRIEE .\N r C'lt).,+. :s l, : |aga hu e street, S" 'e arec keei in. their e,l ,lien f Fal anhd Winter 1. l 1thilr, ilr 'i ei pi nti to u 'reriVe ahill hlet+ l .e' - ite hola) fl it F teh ,'h rllrt lotice l a " ,athle whole wk! ,r he .u+.+crber. M10NDE1'-.L I I andillt tren clhp (4lonrtitutl , all n foll le-vi-vz 44444, f','tf '4' a,, hest qua.lity iro.l, 1 4414 I 14 4 2434 1I) hals whin' lead, parer; 3511 do gers pt"int, in "5 li4r . k e4 s; 4 '' 44 .I , ne J t in(l i s i4n4si4 4 r4l.'' l t.ll b lilth4e;. 4 !h doz plendid e lht 0110grtl rOald [rushl.y '. also of0tIt l at(d I0 ildo; :2 (at, lllir ntr ,e, i owder e l wr : superior article , elodoUaI l l. a t ntllelt call;a it ogs.hto llashtools dfeterl e iz7 andgna q nlt oblepen!s, for arti1sts; [lat markinl rushe ,s fllr mer ,alnt,; artist's ,colors. il oil readh rie -a , n xes, ltt ith all nec ..ry brushes; l 4ake nod hiom .ity whoi',; fit ,a 4k 4 goldl lef; whl, ind yellow ,wax; ain ornbic: nld a lane wiIl choice its Irt It oilf .pitl+, (ry rulrs nil, tc l u ll.t ll. co nllish Er., lu l sate, w , .+a te L ,,a lle and retait tl l aw irt'l, P I prices, l 11 'naL p at. 44,4444, ---4,. Tilt 444444 44444I 't' i' IT hi. hebaen I r spme tima, ( mode known to ft4he p4blll ' that the1 so -,:hrso ahi r l ed ino tarne Ibit or ,t , o 1 e ;, o;-, illirU it thP- l*illlkl' a C ivil C oId - I|+'Vhe we rl.lf.tllrll fir.-st, v. 'nrtlI 1+ th e emait h t v pllrespo .s , oit f ttl ndin h pll i lle u l llioo .i the work, id i S t ;1u e t a sI wi t grat Ilesi ltio u thalt they u l If I cIll, of to tl titl iC_- ,ait< :tli t the p rli n' a i g' tol ie 4illll t o~ i o re lllt,' th lllnll4 c irs. n wiin ch , Iod st the I Stter t lilo tlh n Ihirty h - i llta - o dollhu' , as en tirely olll i " priet. 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Already ha, it been earriud in every dirctol l throughlotit i the United States, and still realizsi ontor than could ollallalits of prsons liave not oly bean relieved,, is eomposed ll uf such lnr, lheicial principleds Its are ah, ivtr, and other lnportnt 44 diges'ative orga4 ,, wvilh any" other complanll t, the c plladyti t ol the b.dy durihg the ours4e ofk tratmneit. T4hos who \V'l'tksal' D.rhk. iot 4 4 . rape,", co,- C,....... It 4'rchuutit4,,ia' .4 4 , O.TY ' .'1C Ti..VTl CO '1''0.V L' '1'U ll": .3\IAN VeACTUIIIt 0 , N 1Eit Yttl. BY s;, tU3.a lit hu11t & 3i.i SCALE , OF PRICES--Double (,tris. c'" For a do.h.le Gin of A or am. Ii, eaih in elilllllder, iakilng I6 s:l ws il the d, s1 with Ifeeder;, bautls, &c. at F Ipr sew, or $.)30o (10 iFor a hu-lh (;it of 6l , vs on a cliler, s or 1'2) sa\ws ill th, atit, llll eders,d 1 a . w S $ "r mw, or 720 00 ti .. or ido. f dt or c saws in a r . For do. of :NI sL,:s on du. or 40 saWs in a ii.0e'sawon 26u0( SIN I 1,1 GINSr. NS) | F"ior a slni ki o, sn o wi ito olte sti i ieedctlsl, b ;l. e & .c. itir6 Itltir i Fordo. it GO sews. with feeders, &, r t i ni S51 pier otIv, 39a. t I r l'ul do. 'i'4tit as, willh feeders, &c. ; 1 75 ler saw, 3t.0 t0 For d . Iol' i slws, , itl feedIrlls, &.le. .lt '.7 Ste fcr saw , I ;ll)t o: EI xttratee'thwd'herdlhired, fn'r fIc tiers, p pltled ill ( 0 cents eneh; the numbrer 10)t11t0 being sbout equal 1 it temlher of saw's. One set .1 tle(des, it is n ca 1 sdieted hll e\er, will wear out to a or three Sets of so s. xtltr sa w siuplllileda t 830 ceitl s t I a h,. ll The' (hnl orderetrll d, will ! deliere':d Ito thke agentsi (I . i. rle lrs IllIistol'.th suea l rl t liowns of tlle ,,tton lllla - i thlp' Stntcs, i | l t hIo.l l ilPI)CI+'S, ilhle il g IoI llgS flk 1 t fr i ll lkt the volle lIlrllr l l New YUlok, aiid h o3elit a. sIlihle for the auall oint o" the {.in, A it. A ll n . igll willhe se t wllithll the l;ins to pI t th u .mL whlrl e i i - r sired; the cllarge's flot w hlase suv-rices will Ie e.,n', (It A n Iron imiiill g 'ewcan alsehe orulered t he-" de:.ired, oi reiasonable .termll,, but will be chali.t; te.. l \l':. hiorse l ftIonwr, of alny elsctl'nll1(1l, can he Iurnished on like I rr teNrs. buI tlllea s w gines can also he nll uerel if de - smIt isl dessir le, whelk planters give old" s for Gins, I tl ,h bt shoub ecomlng{ y them %0t0 theirie ws Ilk rIard {1 " i t , l l l.r e nt'l. to! saws, hlrasts, brushes, .(tic. It is l'{ dike Billet k, o ljilil, S lma del; re ,e of "I I tr.. iilth le ;irh othetls. The mlrrI l .i size is i e or I0loupes; o" some wisnl th'm lit i'hies. SomI with , or ti rows. i blrtshes on al nlh, ~al0h e others dh ' not wanlt mort:i tlh a ,.( mist , S t. wilt WI+II W with {d o1".i.tath to the inch, while others want Illor I . wishes,:ow l the ..uo ihel'rers can lu itl th+m its evenrl i4- i scular. \Vhere , i , is ( ( , o l dislretioi, we shall mak t: Ihe-n ;, Lfilte o.l..( i kIlt't 'l .d a,:tp l I lan. ,1.,. o"1.1. eals hen i teld, from the lime it is recc;\ene, ltir the rnext t'le , all otrd lrs oullg t tr he i:n the b:m lsi of tltl l lman&i1tl 'rersllh tll; first or mnhiddle r Iif : ; 'x-+pt frhlo't:uolms iwherethey arihoate in commenll ci,.ni to i N. l. iile cot i ent ltight, (or a y o ".0 . .. . ,t ... fir w i11+ .le, w ,ll be sold on rteauaile Lti kas. 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ILES 13. hl., .81Frm Mobile (Aa ou ) to A88l318l18l ((188883 Iikl. t ih |r 1 a8,,881 8888 7 81 1)l-I8',h88 r, 388--818 8888 l881881882181888888 ltll .lalO 4h b+lllu'1 8C818 111183,8818,818Hard I.a sbiled,8 8r, 888 1188(8le 888888311h888888 81888l.l~ 88188,1888318h 828 388888888888 1,| :. ,,,1888 y,.,,,,, 188,.,. 118888t8,,h., 818818 Fo,.l, .11311,. u rhut tomo ho hv Iusaeu Itl.llllph io IC e I IIIISII t.lbSS A II 4 iL CIIIMN ftY LIEGIE W twinutOUs, The subscribers iare now rcteiving frl tllheir tic tor'iis il N le Yori, Ia d will k (eep ' st)t llllly haud it genorel ass.orlitment I." Ml;arblh iallatlo Plrc:t l lfsupeniolr workmanship, and of tlle Itie t pattlerl,.t imade tof the h.ct Egyptlian, Italian, Irish and SAmlrican marble. Also, lllllllllt, Tomb alld S(cirave Itiiono, tiiculdd andl pilin sills anid linteL, n) i hllllll ting, lhearth!s d boundary stonle, plaster I ofI Paris, Rtma & 1vydraule ColmnIlt anid Plaster. i) g tiar, toge'ther with a .pledid Isotlment of Sbra.s nouunted and plto, Grates and PRussia Iron GEte:, of the nIIweslt and ,oost approved putuq n.. ti Lttering done in the neaIest manner and at the sholrest notice. Thlley Ilhae nirit rate ,worklmenl to set the above work. is5 'IA ES KAIN & STROUD J IARKIi~E ROCKY MOUNTAINS, &c. OURNAI, of an Explrintg 'FTour beyond tire Rociky Mloutins, under the dreetion of the A 13 C F \1, plrforwd in the )yecars 1835, '3(i and i3; contaitii g a description of the geograpThy, gp . logy, hll!illt and productions. and the niat' CI, u a IIIIII d . i.sate it the Iatlu ivs; with a sllla of Oregon 'Trritory, by Rv. Sam el aI'rker, A M. lihe River and le I)Dsert; or R.cileclntcmte of Sthe Ih.;ic auld th, `,iartrac.e,; by Mitt Pardoc, atir oallthe I ity of . St, tan, &.. ill t Vile. i '1e RoIbbr, a 'llo, ' tlth autllur oi Rlcholicu, T It Gypsy, Altil,; ill 2 'I he T'l' Flirtl: or Adt. -:,ure in a CiountIry lh 11~ , and other rTales, by Lady Blcns..iglon. E I l llk.:'r, Mlra Norton, Barry ( irnwall, Mre Gore, t Captain Mudwitin, aid others; in 2 vols. t Thle Itii ac.d Alv.iintresl of Nicholas Nice''ebv, in Cdited by ', iz, witll lilutratitnl by Puiz, No. 1. Juat rcivcd aud ior scral by [ INDJ A . Ct PiS, &,--.hlst 'reied and for .ale bt £ a _tl tln it i Ittt ltit i tot.tuve i's l'ci a lili ti la' tu.l ni nlmlll llur t' l, i llrmii ll It ,n lindi lll te ,prng n ,v l'ns, i orall i ,'re itso" re.uide',', uteri; Sadles, Glass Trianlees, IPara:ll Ii irr-,i e iocopes, Ih tieii.ietn C.;anctatilacursr."r. ' u i (bhain, t tlioiu i .tc,, 4 dr N. York d& Baltimore rackets pJACKIi- , FOR NEW YOK.--Nei Lnes. I--1,W sil punctually every second Monday during the suaouo, full or not full. d-hip Orleane, 599 touns Capt. S. Sears, Ship Al.tdoma, 474 do C. C. Berry, Ship Arkansas, t(;l:7 do E S Denns, Slop S r toga, 542 do W Ilathaway. Ship Nashville, 540 do D Jackson, iop Kentucky, 629 do J Bunker. The abova slr hips are of the first class, coppered, and copper rtatooned, and having been built in New ork ex-resly Irer- this trud,, they are of light droft of waler and almost invariably cross the bar # without aery detention. T', conumanders are men of great experience, and the ships will all.aysbe towed up rnd down the Mississippi by steamboats. They have hIlndeolne fournished accoulllodations. and Itor's of" the heot decriptiol will always be furnished. The cabin pasirage is $90 without wine or liquor, and there is no liquor furnished to the rfliceei or crew. For f'right or peneoge epp'y on beard, or to II C. AMES, 4$tlomtp at. The ships are not accouutable for of gViate, hollow ware, marble or granite, cooptrage of Litt or rst ofironor steel, nor resoneible tbr any phackage or p'red!, unlers a regulnr hill of lding is a xocured therefor at the oliero of the .ot. nov27 'AA NEW ORLEANS Ann BALTIMORE LINE OF PACKETS. This line will coosot of the flliowing vessels,. which have been built orlrunrhasud expressly for the trade, vit: Ship 'caman, Copt. Miner, Lik Mary, " Nickerson, r Irad Ferry, new a, Stevens, tr So'lmoo Saltus, - l.ltham, llrri Architect, "' Gray. Ters,- ve:esel are of tre first clasi, have hand. sme lurc,i. d ecoollndltoillsoo, and are of a light drit ofl water, o as to adllllt of their receiving and i charring thet'r cargoes i Baltimoore, at the city. Freight will Ie take n for ports on the Crhesapeake or JtollPL.' River, and flrwarded by tho agents, lrMessrs. CLARKE & KELI,t(GG, at Baltimore: expruses on goods shipped will be advoaeled when reiquired. The price of palsage is fixed at $60, ample stores of the b "btquality will be providel. Steam up tand downi the 1:.esisippjri wit. b taken on all ocecasllns. For freight tor passage., apply to GEe. BEDFORD, nov27 22 Bronvil:e at. FI1( NEW YttORK. [I.ottliana and Newt York ]Lie of Packets] 'I 11It; Ships cornpo.itr this line will sail from Ne Orleas andrl New York orn every ether Mon dny-colutencineg on tlr, 20t1h Novelmber-und to inshure the ]punzhtuahty In tIh- time of sailing, the I c11e, will Itl rea ter eonlli.t lof five ship, viz: Slh.p Y;.zoo, C(aptain i'rus, to leave on the 2f0th rNovelnlmer. Ship Locui.-v-le, Ceaptain Pal'er, to leave on the 4thi DecIttIher. Shtrip luntsvitic, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the 18th D,:cenlber. Ship Vicksburt', Cpltain Woodhouse, to leave on tie lot J.auary. Ship Mississippi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th of January. The abovr ee re all w, of thl first clans, copper. du and copper faltened, and upwards of 5!U0 tons burthen, re of' light draught of owater, being built . in Ne York ,'xprs-ly tr the trade. Tb price of p, rIssag! is fiId at 10n: dolars: their cabusaure titltd up in tihe most ntrolved and convenient plan, anrd firiehde n n a nect uand elegnt st)le AmpIl stores of the fiirt quality will Ibe provided, anlld every regard aidll to the ,)c.lort and entiro satishfctiou ,of passenlgers, who will please take no. ice thtt no berth can e s, cured until paid for at the ltfce of the corlrnsll'ig s. 'IlThese voescels are c .u:ritnded by captains well expori.cered thel trade., who will give every at. tlltiolll and xert Lheouelves to oc'lttllndate. They will at ail tlmnes hie Iotrd p ttanitl down the Missis sippr by seteallnbatt, lld tie strictest punctuality obervre:l in tile titrle oi s:utltig. The owners ofr these mt s nwill riot be responsi. ble for any letter, parcel or packague, sent by or put on board of thoul, unless a regular bill of lading be signeod therleor, at the counting house of the ageslto or owLerS. For flrlher parricularo apply to Je D EIN & A COHEN, nov27 90 Common st FOR NEW YOtRK. S [l.oui.ianta and New Yoi I.ine of Packets.] r t L1.l (.tltlrc l)l-irlc !tlits rt rte itr ilaril irrrr it l L ) ll -.ll ; l l i . h l id k o t ell . ()II e' her t ll ll ldav- e ' llllmc n (i h 'Il U novt 2tr and Irto re the sirtlc lst ~llllllllity ill tile r till:e of soililg, tie line fi Ihrreur iIr r-ousist of five t ips viz : Ship 'a zoo, t a nptlni Ti'ask to "aoen ai1 the ?(till lov. Slllrr LJotsri/re, Irtarin t li'tuh r, to letle oil the 4th l/l , r/it/c. C ptlllir Eldritdger to leave ou tihe Stt l- 'ir/lsb;rrt, t'uptai Woodhouse, to lcave on the I t Jonaur,. hip rsle tsorppi, ('aptatun Danvis, to leave on the 15th Ii' The Irabove ships are all now, o.f the first class buhllte, rtre If light dItrtilllt l of Wua-r,. being buiult il New lort,i tc ex,-l rrl . h Nr h1ru d. th riCe ot pas ave is fiid ,n onue otouodred dollarc. Tlheir eaboh are fitted tup'l the Ie llll illllpl It:e td ant ConvenIenrtP t pl o, and t liteled in a Ineit ad - relelntt cIil.llcl Atmple stores of the lirst qullity will lt I ,rovilded, and ever) regrld hadl io Ithu routnortll anlllll en tri~ e ti cti l otr p assenoers, wlrh will please take e, tht oi beltle n I l be secured ull tll paI hor at the iaela ir thr onsi.nees. 'rhese pnc et a nl. l-Icolllllal by C'alpt ill wePll ex perienced in the trade, wholt .l give every a:entiime, and Pexer Ilellselvetd to lecl)oliitodtLle. 'ilt'y will at nill ttien Ire torr , c p nt d du rn the Mliosi. oiprp iby httea,ll tit l nodt t' -triictrlt Irrll t r lity o server d itt tIhe tlirr t " saittln , The, I ' IIOwes I th'e hipsI wil ll not be responsible for rF let it- r trtroel rrr rIt~blge serre bIt or ltnt ont rdoi Soiti , .lc ess a-c ie il l lola ig e 1li cd tplltrfore it the countilng hiiLe of tom agenllts or or: ers. For oritlhr 'Ldltil UoIp s, all1Y to It BEIN & A COIIEN; S1 90 ('omnion st. PI.. r .c l MA.NSION IIOUSE ,E'V C'ITY, PENsACtiLA. 1 IE .subscribe~r I aBi:lg pulrchiased{ l thlee e and fur Initure. this elcr kLu n astaluibuitelt,f tll Air ':,yler, tile le pt pnietur, will be Ieady to receive ,i. itesl by tie ist ..f Aitil ieut. Nutlllllous and ca ly improvements will it found inl the rl'letge.ltleents t of ltihe Mansion House. New iand more l- n oiioollns ltlhino hIoulses will ble built, tnd waul b tlt. will bie protidled tir ll Ihours. A stable w.ll be ltllllchided teo tit house, with good Acconlllnotda ti. thr I'ores- ald carriagtesl. Fitet rate horses and cutrlines will also be kept tir hilt at lloderate prices; IHIIIm iilll . \d l ltlo ho t,, with p pIel, llr s 1 tt tmllnage theIn f(}-r Ithy use ot ¥I 'ls. fl i:ill i Ul(l and ol alnuselnlsllll tstaily tiuid at atctsriug places, itill alte befu trnished, n, iss cu.ldcted I is not to i ,terlesr with the clUfisrt illd quieto the blorders. The wintes anud Iquors will et tl' the hest q lte+ , atld to ensutre t u ll sjllply of it',', a laregu is altn red boeu ordered, whiLhi wils Urrcle Iloathe ltt " MR l tit, Federick tisaeard, whoi formerly kiept so populnr a hotte titt \shitntcn city, will condeism thit toot lit rie pruplcr, who, with such aild, comlidently assures tihe sre,,, otf last o ear, suid his friseis generally, that ti will re ' ivlle every Ilosiible ctteutusn; und thereby ext..clts to git ge ntril satiseacluen. i'e ilclil sdveatsitgen oef th shouse are too well known to t ceed lengt.eued dethcptise i:t+re. 'Ta tlecsa tit ih.e slla.a ln is the largest naval stittont of the titeoverunneut; the general rendeet tlu of the Giulf cietcl run; the slubrity oi its ciinlatle retilshet d coistantIv du li.a Ithe stuner months by the coolest l I TreItes liruom the ctui; ite ihettty of the buc rutcd tie elghtoirtleg iihcnd- ad ii\icers; tihe hIOhe.tcc e end sellieeacy ol tIst i.Ih with itlMch the w.t'es .bound: alnd les proximitty to rho beent outhel mlarkets, hivet Pensacola the pro ference ovesr all other pilaces in tIhese latitudes, as a healthL atiiitelihttlhi suncerretrent. Firs rate boats cc ill ru,i lietweon Pensacola and Mao File, culld sill ct sil tilles Ie able to take the Ipanisseng.r filen Ille New Urleaus bouts. N B ARNOLD. IPenpstlela, Feb 15 ith, 13: [' cinttll'en wlhilng to engage rotmfcs for their tisilies, cei address tihe peopri,.nr, at lPeccesula, or M1r Sewelle TTayI'ure,tlc IomLeri IIprpriiler,at riew Or Rft, rtIesC. r lstiiftil, Fe'q, M lr(It Citlit:U 1i, Eaq., I.t. Kitci,, it al. iv; 3 '1s 'l'I l iet, P It ..'s, Eti, is NeU . Sitleent . ' -a lette'e Iteg, to rereive e su,liralient'onie fr perss t tihe iove ihotel, is pilted at CiUoa Whitima'sm ul:ice, .1 St Charles Eic. I ngr. rlItu1RI4 R1OUTE FOR NEW YORK. IT' l'rcte llers desirous of taking the Florida route, id I llclie, etiutt Itle Nurtllaa ilf..ratld tlht uirtc lw Ihols eill cetactll 'llv relu f}nt. Mihilr io Pencorulca, leaving Mobile and Pensaecu a evry other dla isler ti,; Ist of Ala~. imsid tcp.s weill Ala e epraeeidd uc the sebsclertr to be in realineyal tae. y Mobile, i. case of the failure 6. th. The s, etatncc ian`k pit lit MIA .wwa a a' i

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