Newspaper of True American, December 18, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated December 18, 1838 Page 2
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COMMERCIAL. LSO iasseTa.. Carlson. D .........I...3 Wohaiogto,,el......... ,, New Ior11, do ..............10 Ciueioeat do........... 2 Phillaahphlido ... ..II Loulal do............ 3 kldhlc do ............... 1 t. Loui. No ..........3 Scyaaco ........ .... 13 Liverpol, No ........ 4 Iloeeen (Tecl) Dfec...... 7 Pare. Oct ..... p. 27 oete. do ............. I.. 8 Lend .. Na........... NaSd.ills, N............ .8 "..I. d .................2 PORT OF NEW ORLKANS. CLEARANCEI.. December 17. Barles Tlamaa. Wilton. for Vera Cruz. . k J Carrel. Brig tAneten, Grat, for tRichmodSd.S J P Whitney. lrig ldokheton, Thotplo., Ver Cr;, P Bhrlmrd, ICzl last.,PBrad .ht IBrig Exit, Linton.Chaeteton. J A RSelli & ao, Schoocer Alte. Wahinlgto, Dearboln, Vra Cr, J F La qoeree keo. Steam Paoket Columbia, Woade,alvesteon. J Reed * go. ARRIVALS. Tow Boat Shark, Tlltom .. .t t the pance. having towed to ae Twil Commtodore Tucker. ahooersl Joain. Rolar. and Pchltn, and rlt nted to tlhe city wltb .hip Olympia, brig Orleans and echooller Beln ililan. Lell o 11th at a0 m. Tow Boat Perpoie, Davis. from lhe S WV Pt., bhaing tow cd toseaehipes Cocordi ancI Victcrie, and returned Io the city with nlcqne Astorel, eheroler Barton adl eloop WVater witch. Leflo the Ii1h at 5 ip m. Keporlc one brig off the Paee and one hip le tilt River, Tow Boat Tiper, leehe, I - h-2hone from S W pih. ho,. lig lowed to netlhetsl'r'eclnc and Arialut, echo net NIm ph., alld U t Ilop Woodbnry returned o the eity with -hepeScJemecenad Elli. IBrooks. Lofton the 16th at non. Repot. one brig ill the tMtlo, atdi brig Lagoni. inlled the ae.w. Tow Boft Hudeon, Iloture, fltom W Pee.. Towed to eta ehep Tremont and brig atm Houston;a returnld to the city with ehipl othlecllild slid Valter, acd Meicane brig Virginia. Shtp Unlted stllel at headoS W Pase to betow. ed up tby the Pecie. I.e on the 16lh at ; p m. Shlipe.le Lda, Weecott, lt dlaye from Catll.a to alc ter. Ship vt James. Howe 63 deyel ftc London, to S J p .Wlituey, in blatlnst. Ship Walter, Foulk. t6 lays l'rOn Philadelphia, to malter. Ship Caravo, Nicholl, 18 days from Newburypoort, to i nuter. Ship RathtlehlIl, Lokelt, 53 days from c iverpool. Ship Water. Foulk, It elcys feta Ithiledcephlc, to maler Ship Olynlpic, Grey. 53d11)1 from tucvre, to r Peret. t Ship EIll Brookscl, .iod.y, 4 d ,ye from Liverpool to Lee. nrqge. Walldorer, Jenkie, 19thb Nov from Demearsa, in ballat, to ma.ter. i Barque Astoria, lOttle. 2 days from Portand tIo mealer. erig Eley, Wall. IP cy. from Th;lomatlon, to G Blfllr. P1 IBrigGrundee, Gilchriet, 2:1 day- from TlomAltol, o Geln edlford. c Brig Virginie, Gltattiqga 411 day frotm Lagcnnc. lrig Orleatn, ttauLhtoe, 15 days frot Richtmod to ms. ter. Schooner Ben lilcan, More, 13 day from Galveton, Ito Me Lolltn jr. ia bal.. Sllucollor Elleu, Tyler, fton St Jolephs, in hllalst eo mset e, tlr. / Scheooer Dexler, laeon, 21 dy. tfrom Portland, eo J B Frolhingeam. Schuocoer Bnrtn, Darliug, from Grand Catillon, to mler.. mSchooer iH Weller, it dtyl rum Se dJgo deCulba to IC master. thooneor Itnlone . Bmron. trmc Thomlton, to mater, pl Pchooler ePocttone. Dwyer; 6 day. trom Mobile. Sclooner eera , Eldlidge.. 4 day. frmm Btslen. Scbooller Texina,, t;lllsborough, 10 days from CGalveston to e master, i ll bllast. Schooheor Cullvy, Avery, from St Joseph. in bal|lte, to cc matler. Nt Slcp Wterwitl:eh, lunker, from Sabhine River. to maets Pleanmer iuntllville, Jordnn, from Bayou Sare. Stelele Brlidwaterle. Veelegt, froe Vic.ksburg. o E neeO N oi.age.t, tellllell, trom illcilltnati. Stealeor e1oeltro. Ilagrecfrom L.ouilleil. et Oteleter Rolelcco, ecolt, tFrom Cinclitei. Ice E:XPOK~tT& VERA CRUZ..Pornhrqul TlOn.anre sundry emll lots u ,sortd mcrel:tndie. - - Per schooner Alentder Wahington 27 be as perm c.lntl la,119 boxes raisln, 595 do cla rat, 20 cak red wie, 10I hbs eo.gnac hrandy, fil0 , boo cod 11S.30 bbis vinegar, 15 dumt jolhno od 75 bnoket oil. GALVEST'ON..Per stoat plc'-t Coulumbi, lolt provisions. grolnrisial dasorted merchnodise. CHAlLI.ESTON..Por Ibrig Exit. 112 hbds .ugar, 21 bbl m!. lamses antd l2ta' io ton. RIICHMOND..I'cr brig Lin,,h"I, 10i hhdll sugar 55 bhd. stiereos and 30 barrell mol..u. IMP1ORTS. IIAVRE..Per hip Oltldin. Wine,, brnodie., glae war,,, lots flrniture, dry good., and nwearing ,p. Patel. LIVERfOOL..Per ship Elle, Brooke. Hard wt , rail road Irn, nloud e. erockery ware. 400 bampere p uer. toe., hay and merchandise. RICHIMOND.. 192 hhds moanufoctured tobacco, merchandis.e and 117 slaves. PORTLAND..I'er barque Adtori. 183 tons bIa tones 500 Idhb poatooes, 500 empty borrela 0I 40Od hales hay. - -- Pea chooner Dexter, 53 ton, polting Itone, 010 Ible potatoes and 400 reonm paper to j B Flothinghbom and R H White. COAST..Per .bh.otonr rtlon,. 10 hh!i. bi ...r nd 100 bbl, moleses, to l.ene, "ontine & ,,. THOMIASTON..por hrig Elcy, 10! looks lime, 85 Iptre atd 45 onls paving toneloO to Geo Btdford. - per brig Grade, 1000 eask lime, to Crge Bedford. or,, CABTINE..per thip St Leon, 400 bble hldil and tota Ofpota" too., to easier. ST JACO do Cubo.. por schoone G It Weller, 145 hb fee .20 bale, tobacCo, lUt d segarP' adl P co Cuculu, tLpyer & co. GOlOul. and t f0il to PHILADELPHIA Apter ship WaltrO aoutoo.d tarch Rildio,~. SAIIINEI Wotorlctl 2,7bales h odise. fe "I!del to ord er . 0 t.o.. a.d BANGOR..per .Ehoooer Caoto,t 80, 000 feett In •order, aoino, nbr io .hip Rotlhehih, 2 ton Solt, t i20 t0o. LACUA..,°, hoig ®Vi i2 dotll,o0 to. st .arth 0.a. &o. 0 lo wood,to J Y Za IlOSTON..pierchoooerGree 50et np n New-o NEIVOIUIYPIORT''..d r shiip C.orn, 100o bundle bhay, 00 bblt l,0M0or0li n0,1} Imb0 i hoh! ! loonlolttar.t toho,,r otkonao79 bbl. liees- tolt , t.ongues, td D50 ack salet to A 4 J Andorew.. RECEIPTS OF PRODUCE. flayou Saoo..poroitemor Iluntll, eo 8 hle. cotton i 'Ituo.tu & co, d1ooo dlurlk, Vnnd d&oq il do ionloy 4 co. I 7. dll'ot & a M0odtootery, 15,do 2G 11ee, 2 do Todlo, Good. tier & o,80 do ItI Wie4 . co, dl do serule, Arruol & co, S10 do . Wi, Floor..4 do W, Curoeol 31 do Aooot & Wbi toII.,7do A livnroi &codi 2.7d2o d W Oakley, 28dotRtin.oo : Fd, t. co9 do Fo!!oi,,, Rollocx & Cegole. 15doLam. lh ,O Thooll"On I(- Zo"allWldl . Itkey, 14do Brander, ,lcKncoo4 ",,oh.t I do L,,le. Mo. o4 do Illo.,,. AOor 0el,o o.,, Itlojooldo Iy .. o .. o. SdoW E Turnt.. 0 i :ItI l I6 I ! I: U Co.8 4 do J 0e0lo 08 do R Hrug!r .3) '+`° .Itel. 'oilo.., U.l.... 4 Dogo,.., .2 hd. s.g, t oVio t.,ulpg..!temetCr ollridgt.t.. E eard T .l'ol. Col. In n. 1111. I. l AIIIn ace, 8 1 Roger., J Ieverm Coon o J ,l9Chtders, , Beei, J tlowrd, JodI DtinooW B 5 Ciitchepn. a, g oVB Mi.o'ichg,..p rrlm00,o Oridgwatr, 58.9 h.ales otito W SBole, "7.1o IO lolalllo, B d o lurk W cts 4 1. Wlob soy. 91 do PIurlyld .lcriPL.y do d, Vanc, 4 do Ho. .. l.O':oorh,, 1oo1- , H P Ldy,, 12 do Ioe0000... rriday .& e,.IAo dorJ ItN.Roo.51 d& Wyigt, lbo. ..'0 Fe.rd. .... 0. 1 ,sou ..r eii,'. cl rgio: I cs.rri.go lo.t. hlt Id Fas.; !J balo d htd loto I 3i. Cdo ,.rll; 50tkg. t pis fc:t j 1.0,14,, an co; 41t '11, sr bf du bncf Ogdu aid iiontle f ge&; "2rli . hiry lo! pckles M 5 aks o lllo. 9 keg0 paont St &a &tNJ .tl, cl,3 ca,l b oin, h'ntanuo, d trod 118 bire role molo.. A'lo,1, o,4d T'ortaot: 7 Caltkt booo , 44 Mkeg bouo tr * ofo eg.,I chicke.n turkeys and furniture tu owners on b.,trd. ' w I.ohville..lsteamer Fmr~ltrF II hII rmd.e to A 'nodhlalnd Klmizbury; 201hiris IIlrW C In c .al IHn; bof lime, L.ner. Potrine ant e, 2 berls taollv vJ Tnyer tind 00; O1l!dis park, 50 toegs tobacco, I7.l oil rope, 340 keos lard ow"'er0 o beard. 'o hlinchlnati, per sie0nner g0Ityra-19j1 hiz brouln,90 bed post. W C coltrane, 575ikegs lard J Votlo r '0 b; obtea fIoyo,'ip.')_.den ..& ,ltglll 1 3 hhlcnn o n ohn id..I-yll, Y19 kr,". her A I) 12,1ve, iI 61,11+ 3 kegs J Lil I,l , & tI,, I'llll!) Ilt,11 ,, I I!! do1i. orotio & . o elad o 11 `_I1 plal+ i ll.rh y ,i lir lilt Il b ardl 84 kee-s pig, feet 4 ' 1,bls , -tt., "7' lI: Willk o, 7e5*, barg curie, I cow and call U0 00l llodil I.tis 0411 on . CON(G IINEEo 10 IIovre..per 0hi, Olyp.llo ,o Wines, hrndiol, gltas. wart. ol,, .oo.... Jy .......d.., oeariog a.p.. J Coa.e.r, liltn I Illon 1. 1. orplnter, RAdno, Aldehurot, 8 Hermana A I'looIro leTe I,. S d1o I.rt1101 11 Brow II 4 J , Ut l J o, 0 ,,rllool .li. l ollt Z indoor ,ltl Gr, ir llote, oc, G fir del,.J f 'aoIr, IrrltttF 'srinrJ O)1ll, 4' eo, V D i$id W doR,," tt ' ,,, th I thohtpuono F t CoI e,... J F Ulr . 4" *,, K iun Darorer er, line dlr. 4 n, r~lla, ~,e', to, L e Clarle, .ro A Ltert, t, O Hep don, b. A I r h V ,yooto. W r i Orleal ns. flood ooaortoi ,ood Th Ic00. 00il0,oIrohteryo~o. dUO, IoI.III·ot t1'oitt.a, Slop tdy tIo marrbnnd,.e, 4 1100cth V an. cmid, & Warerac, S & J 1luir- wltu oo d.J A ololI. oleudo,.o,,& Unit e.,itII H.oyno.,ond rD. 00 Rirhmotd..per hrig Odoooos. Hoaro, Loi,,oo coTheo t01 hold !rtcllloU, 51 Davis,. Joltn 'Theo 7 l Ml C'igo l co w Ta. Il0 - 1oNi. 40Iorld,,.. o1oon&* YVrifht, A S-Addison 0i2t I.I! v lo N 4 J Dick & go. floers 4' Cre~nhaw. C Bu I C lard, Rooe & Cllol w. Jarvil 4 Aodraewl. L.obLth . to Thonlpi, It Lawrence, M Vold 4 co, capt Hortn, Marto I'looolllt .1 co. Urko oM Ili0dAor, G E Ri.hard.on, Johntto, l YPontn ! co, Aroour. L(oh, & % Volker, Bluekner tlltiooi ., oA ( trilt l p CO yor Gard 4" o,J M C. Lo d o t.n , o,, ior l'otohud..Per 6o'gue.Astoria. J P Frothn4lga n 4 co, ,R 11 IHI hc. Ph3 PoldtdellhiM--Per slip Waiter F l..k-L.yetr & S. alneoulto, a kirknlant doen0, bprne, price johlnson & co, aot. mnsfy,, r t wordwrth, soever & n- n cInls, pieroe shonnnon & bro, Ih & w h opkins, e w pnI!00y, lo, ronnwetll armour lakeo &, walkeri, j I Ki Ioef, jloons & c, sickle, & co. j Mb Mild & to, c I Th rlllchard, gssll &,.co, C hildo, otrembl &. goo-0 trio kin, yelmaol & co, j r wetdhl, dbin &M brown, t qooaile o, d d .ors y,,i brh dge & co, jorvi .l&. 4 d0,s ..... adUllls & h irtWell, rtpe j hllnsmn & eoo, Ilopowell & Mblr'y, heiloitnw & r.ddgerd, W n'oealo , horo k watt r Scn, ognrl & hawthorn, j1 h wing, green & oo, w ognr!, g iweel, htrc , labIit & co, goozaoo & Co, j &w. doer, norrne& eco, s{Iocomb riclard &. eo, w " 0l useyp &00ow h I)el,w CUrt 000i., h whitlouck E"I barker ly cth i co, c doone, and olheri whosoe 'ri Blllra are 0 lU 0 lllltlonel d on 0 ie ll lolllo . bon PASSENGERS. for Itaor,..prr shill Olnloloa C C.lloo. oo Hoolartbro, olo.ewi, tlrtIbri-, too, 'illhdellIer, Pool Roglers, Joloyb An Ioaire. PIonoi.,J U Iaolcx. tII Rolulott , p Lain.. itil Loir, or F P'(;,1et, moo. Coo.', and child, p Lnd.,y. A M.orey. ,oi.0 Et I' t,0,mi..p Clark. Londoo, rlerhiti o o Jnioe--31fr ctins, lrosedt and 6 in thle lePrueog. I.ieropool..Por ship Ellen Broooke. f Croy tloyrioopt i otp ' later, o A C Io p ell C u eomi n s, mud 35 in•t e . ae r , bp ,n lrea n.. e sl sce,her Ben Milen. Mr llock and ldp, wtl nlro I'rlgl,, Ihp ody. II 1optatlon. tlhyo.u. .it..l' ,r o!o0t'or ,,tooil,'"i., Tho our, Th , J olloy, Howell, Mut.,u Ilorn, Mto)eo Tot chmp., or oollola . J Broown,A Millnrd I U Ru Ion. Cad dilot. tadtlue lilntchard dI oobter a.d serrTant Mr Pra Co I,oui~ville..Perste i rrn0 tre . R {*bIt. t falllily. Flr .l... C6mb nll liu, 1,lU . .co; n., P a.hSko.oll. ... Rboll,, Boolt., Holdol. thel.ob en.oti,, Bila:..eSbey. timmobtdo , Wtoill i re, acrhoon, tod cillinotd, per Nt ttara-J Eaulih P llnoert, Esltew. oI art, A. IHaehelw, A 'alton, Mono. anod tIay, Mr Giblt 0ro0 olnd odnuglhert. eoo C itloinooti-t'or oltotoor Relianco..Hie OtoConntl, Rid dlc Toy-9oo, 0itoooam, Caootdooh Moooro, l8 E H Pordp, top0 Ienver, oCo J-o, UJaktr, M BTbo Cloud, Elpiott, S lrowo, W tleoit:, Jackbon. oS l io l ' MEMORANDA. are Netw Yor lhth Deoo rr ship Hiltk, Hammond, from N 0 ..on ýI settled o imirrllb ..oo tolld .Ilp Mt,-titippg, for N .R I5o3g 8th Dee dd ship Taeitut, Plaoor, for NO. ik tb No. i l 10h 4ILo6 A 4r ship from Briotolt R I. not known, bound to oblts. nun S. LACLING. t100oe 8dos dIlit,, for ,az e volo by . 18 SMALL &t BROtWN, 9d Mognzino e o r TRUE ARERICAN OFFIC ,. In cenneerion with this OIRce is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF T FOrR TIHE PRINTINO OF Pamphlets Blank Checks I Catalogpes Bills of Lading Label, Dsray Receipts, Legal Notice Auction Bills, Bill Forms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Circulars And every demeripteom efJob Werk shat may be required. IO1The proprietor respectfully calls the attention ol the public to the above Card, and asstren them that all work intrusted to his care shall be done at the short eat notice, in a style ensurpassed in this city, and at the lowest rates. TIE TRUE AMERICAN. EDITED NY JOnw e. la oN*. FAITRFUL AND BOLD. NEWV OR ,LEANS TUESDAY, DECEM R 18. 1838. DIRECTORY.-It is contemplated by the sub scriber, provided sufficient eneourtaement is given by the public, to publifsh, an addenda, to his Di rectory and Guide of the City of New Orleans, comprising the new residents, and the changes lhat have taken place during the past season. Persons desirous of havintg their unmes inserted t the addenda, will please leave them with their trofessions and residences at the Counting Room f the subscriber, Exchange Aotel. Cards tastefully inserted at a moderato price. The Addenda will be sold bound with the Di rtory at four dollars, or by itselfat one dollar. JOHN GIBSON. f.ongress.-Walhmgtog 10th Dec. In the Senate Clay, of Ky and Preston, of S. C. appeared in their places. The lRev. Mr. Slicer waschosent chaplain hy a majority ofone vote. Aftert soe unimportant husi ness tie senate went into executive sessitn, on tomi nation of a candidate to supply Mr. Price's office in New York. Such is the runor. Houoe of Representatives.-The clerk read the names oftlhe diferent standing committees as appoin ted by the Speaker, which are nearly the same na in the last session. Documents regarding the 8mithsonian legacy were referred to a special committee of nine. The Treasurer's Report to the finanee committee, with the exception of that part which relates to the defauol ters. Special reports from the President regardmg Swartwout and Price, were ordered to be printed. Cam breling's two resolutions, the firle referring the facts relative to our monetary eonditions to tle "Ways and Means,'-the second sulbmitting the defalcations to a seloctconmmittee: which latter was posponed to the next day. The mteaoges front each of the departments were ordered to be printed. Thu Wisconsin disputed election was referted to the election committee. Mr. ) omgoole's resolution on rira rore voting crea ted a considerable debate. It was opposed principally hecaase it was a party measure intended to drageon h the members into party votes. Several namendmuents f were proposed and lost, at length the "previman ques. tion" prevailed, and the votes on the main question re stood, ayes 1i26, nays 85. Mr. Cushman movedl to re- t fuse any cornmittee the aid of a clerk without leave of tile House, whichl was not sustniaed. The Iloase agreed to elect a chaplain at noon on the morrow and then adjourned. The loco loco papers are just beginning to ind it out how iniquitous a thing it is for an office holder to become a defaulter. Such late conversions are t not very likely to he sincere: nor do we give them ah he slightest credit for Iheir eleventh hournmora- e liy. When ,he black list of sueb treasury robbers e was presented to Congress last sessin not ne of l the whole tribe lifted up his voice against the cri- die winals! at the daily, nay hourly exposnren recently nade of runaway phstmasters, and peculating the eollectors, not one of their loco foci editors de- at nounned theml as rubbers and vagabonds, but now th that the exposure hal become universal, and so many pattern cards of ptre democracy have been the shown up as thieves and runaways, IIt becomes ti. them to take their cue from the White House, and quo cry out 'shame' on the naughty men! lBut even il ehile they do so, there is so evident a fellow feel Let eg towards them that their denunciations seem of o have the same reservation as the undetected exa tief when his chum was taken in the very act. Cot Oit the wretch-the wicked thief-he deserves to as hanged, that he does! for being such a fool as obe found o0.t tint els, InrorTANT FROM l3U00os Avaos. The N. York Journal o Cm, erree of the 10th inst. eontains a letter from Monteviden, dated Oct. 14 h. which states that accounts had just been rcchived there from Buonos Ayres, announcing the intelligence Ihat the difference between that gnvernmrnt and France will result in war; Ihe efliet of which, the writer thinks will be to hasten a settlement of the disturbances and troubles in that province. Clanree wit. An equestrian now in New Yorkr by name N. B. Turner, announces in tie Circus bill thb ate will appearon three horses; and the t he will ide,drire anrd stride them, in imiantion of the Colrssus of Rhoder! What said Cltossus has o do with horses we are not aware. Public Drtotlefa.;l-M.e for petty thefls are sent to the penitontiaries for years,-this no more than right,-hbut how much more so saiould be the pun. irhment of individuals who enjoy lucrativo offices under government? Twenty years in close con finement, with eonfiecat on of all thtoir properties, would not be too too much. The above is frort the Cor~alE of last night. We perfectly agree witih our democratic neighbor, in, a, least, this expression, but surely he is some what indiscreeot to tread so hard on the tender corns of some of his loco foco friends. There are some in this little burgh-"wo name no parties" rwho would now be living higher tp the river, if the Courier's rr.sNeT opinions had boon always enter. tained by those whose organ he is. Canada.-The weather lhas been iore mild lately in Lower Canada, so much no that the navigation betwern Montreal and Qullbec was again openl on tile ilh. On rithe 7th eight prisoners were 'rouglht into Monfltral from St. Charles, along whom was a of P'oiseau and hearing his name. In Upper Canada tie court martial was organized at tI King-tson oni the Ist. Von Shultlz pleaded "guilty."- b Three of the prisoners turned Queen's evidence. iThe trial of all the prisoners was proceeding with, and tihe p belief was that some would be executed immediately, ad tile residue respired until orders coold be received from England Robinson, the caricaturist ,of New York, thas got out an illustration of a "meeting of Sub-treasurer's in England." The sketch represents Sworttwout and rice in a fraternal emhrace, the one having in hand n r hond for $1,o0,00ti and tlhe other n similar document for $01,0i,O00. Sam is saying to Bill Weleome thou pearl of toondrous Price ! Theoracle of Tal'n'my lall. I hope you'ee got a handsome slice, tI Slnre I've in motion cst tlme Ball. We cent say much fthr the piquancy of the poetry, in hut the likenesses, and the occasion, will atone for some want of humor. at Corresponldence of the U.S. (azette. HIaetnsoUn, Sunday, II o'clocl, Dec. D. 1838. A' this late hour ot the night our streets are full f rtrecd men, their hesvy treold, and the sound of the 'lirit a'irrng' drumo,with an lccesiontl com. mend iivet in la grlf and soldier like vo"ce are sounds and scenes ouut often witnessed here, and of course ex.ite no little curioitry. I have been around at same of the 'eneampmenta' if the Court ouste, the Arsenal anid the Lancasterian Acade. my, in which they for the present find arn "biding place, may he properly st called. The instru ments of the tProvieional Government,' I perceive are all on the alert to try to disaffect the soldiery; I haye reason to think however, with hut little alle tl. Rumour as .usual is b'huy ns a nailor with the ta n tholland togtles, spreading re rie as. to the numbler of sIdiery that may to expetred htrn. 'Til, sid that teneral Keim is on the m.rch with volnntest from Reading--rether doultlul. L'p to thii hour, tihere are nIo ,hlisery here but adly next a week, under the old Constitution and they have sent fir him for tlat purpose. From the Baltimore American By the rail road cain from York, last night, we learn verbally that about 1200 troops were asseam bled n Harrisburg, and that every thing remained perfectly quiet. By the same conveyance we reedived several slips from Harrisburg, one of which -is dated yes terday morning, hut they mention no uccurrence as having taken place to dlistie, thc public peace. We find the ollowinlg paragraph in the George, town, D. C. Advocate. Thb circumstanee is not mentioned inl any other of the District papers and we sincerely hope that it majy prove a mistake. 'We understand that General Gratiot, Chief En. gineerof the United States, nat been suspended in consequenceof his being discovered to be delfaul ter to Ihe Government to a large amnoun.' 0rSinece the above was in type, we see that the fact of the disenisanl of Gen. G. it stated in various letters from Washington, published in the papers of different cities, but they *concur in stating that he denies being a defaulter. The money which according to report, he admits to he in his puso. sessin,. he holds, it is said, to saecure to himself the payment of claims for commissions alleged to be due him by governmentl. The Raee.--The race of yeterday,-best 3 in 5did not attract a great crowd, but created a eonsidarab!e sensation among bothll the"knowing" and the unknow ing. Three nags were entered: the imported Tramp filly,-Riehard of York, the Star colt,-and Rhoderick Dhi, who ran fir t f)r the :rnale stake in tle spring. In town the bets ran in favor of Richard, but when on the course although lie was ua star" he could'nt shine. Before the start the filly was the favorite, and heavy bets were made that she would take the race in three straight heats. At tlie start Richanrd ot away fist, with the foreign lily close up. When I.nlfway round, and opposite the stand she went up to Richard, and without more salute than a kick up behind, as much an to eay"that foryou" past him by: and at the head of the hack stretch Rhoderick followed ,unit, past the horse, brushing the mare down the quarter won the heat by a head only, in 1. 511. In the second heat, Rhoderick Dlhu took the lead, and kept it to the end, leading in gallant style in 1. 51.-the nare second, and distancing "Richard,"-the third. It was qlire clear by this tile that tihe AMerlin was moreofa conjurer than most folks believed him, and the game was nearly over withll tl imported filly. In the third heat the more got off some 60 yards he 'ie the grey eot under way, and an bad a start was by unny deemed fatal to him, but he went to work geal antly under the spur, and thouugh he gained very hittle mlil comting home he dashed down lihe quarter in "gre. r horse" style, winning tile race easily. SIXTI 1DAY, st Jockey Club Purse $700--mile heats--best 3 in 5. F. plulnlhtlier's gr. II. Rhoderek Dhu, di 4 '. . by flrrlin,dea by Birdsall:h .I h l a. 1. I I WV. J. Minor't (J. Ruth's) imp. bay fil v A y Tramp, 3 v. n. out at Marchellen, (owan sister to My Lady) .3 lbh, . 2. 2 Alinor Kenner's h. h. Richard of York. 5 y. . by Star, dain by shylok: 110 lb . 3 3. dis. k 'ilme, 1. 53_--1.51-1..51. aly Trutth and candour.-in comnmenting on the very son lengthy report of the Secrettlry ,f thme Treasuly the loeo fets ocoe"Peot" of New York says: 'e "On Ionlkin" over thil tivanent we peceive thate the t lin rereen deolntia ofthe hanks ewhb r have bern entree ra- led with the public money amount to three millions and Te t lsahtow rriell whitt recklessness this print, and its lifellow laborers in thie unhallowed work of supporting a profligate government against the rights of the peo ple,we give the fillowing extract from the document ad itself, as the heat eolnlent t on thle enn.llr of the Post. ler "T'he reminlning dles from them (rceent Iloponite hanks) a o nelreig Iherteen 11111 and Octnher 37, thloulghn t first very larie, have been red.diced to ah oln tet ouit ilions flr ltunred thesadm Itiollnrs, and mnlst, ifnt IaI of thent el debs e it is eennfilentl - expected, will he paidl in tile etdl." " Tie irst inltal nre ten n doe Iromn tthose twhie hlve gven 'e i ee rity lihas en prolmptly paRd, D a portior of Zhei sCOentd Ive f I nlrehie hrne amleace by sme of then i su itsa re n i hdintg gilniont otnly two."e y Alnd these very two, he it rettembered. were under teti le s controlhe otecreatlares otf antite r tndl tra and at least one, Unlltdr te presidency of a near relation n ithe Seeretry mnking tile report. Ts Tar RAcE Tc-Dein Preseeur and Zoline geo or in the three mile race today, and a capital match aithi weill mnkhe, nd eofr they hade settled the Id question or superiority between themn, mntch race de will be run between two canpital nags,-one by Levinthan anlt the other by Bertrand, nnd both oat fof Whip mares. Two such contents will make an i excellent wind.up to ithe sports on the Mtalaria t t. Course. i[D A elight alteratian has taken place in rots. in tion of ti recace on tile Lounimean Course. The E plalle, 4 mile days hIave changed places, and tihe k latter race will finish the regular sports on Monday, the last day of the year 1838. h I FOR RICHMOND. a The A I copper (antrned echr PROXY, d ('7pt Bradtferd, will meet with desptcht--" For freighpt or passge.enneplv t Fe or Lwiseille, and intermediate Landings. ite late eter DIAiA, Crter [ . sountter will leave for the nitove uud ieternle late landings on Wed. passage apply on bo.rdor:n t or LAWRENCE & LEGENDRE, R118 M.L&29Ne wLeve . FU. 81. MAIL. _ FOR BAyOU SARA AND PLAQUEMINE. I T he a[tlendid passenger eam boa th . at,." rooms) ill commenrce her r - de I gtlen tripa . l e\\elneday, the 19thlns t at ei o'lnck, A. M., and ou Sunday, 10 ns ric wa tered silk hOt will , onti nuel,. rti re ultla r t ie balance l t ih A separaterobi.en, all in etle rnoots, for enlored .pe. pie. Fger aighlt or pssage, tply otn eard, or I or i118 A DAMS & WIIITALL. dg •AIT-: One0 sackes ni and coarse Liverpooln e, 1t gdally elfortet, and f.r Bal e by dIl8 " l. I1. GALE, 93 Comnonsrteet. ·eon netter. New, Orleas aaed Nnealille Rail RoadCompaenv. i ý_./IIEREAS AnoeRevi dlispotnd person or perso p "e on Stf nty night D• emlter 16, alter therde pi, dre of the Ilas rrail ot ears fron the races, wifnlly L nd mall eio sly seo t fire to, and dt nolish tle tick s o liees of the Nea Orleans nnd Nabhville Railroad Co. tnattllnd at the junctioi of the Metairie road, and the N7 rilromd, and whereas the 171h setion of ne ehartar of 1 tile omlpan provile aegnst allny injIry done wilfully ela - agaist i compalnies properalty or ork in tile ftl lowing wat (id: "Atnd lie it flrther enneted, That if any person or perstns shall wilfulle, by nnv means whatever, injure or destroy any ptrt of stidtl ailmed, or nttelnlt tt do On, eo.rutee ]rb sa'id ompany, ulnder this net, or ana of tllhir works, carnriages, vehicles, or Inachines, ruch perset nt pttteetotieotling. shbnll,eaenhl ofrltet, for every lelch ,eff ne, le liable fi, all alnnmages cesioned tilreehv, and mlat fulrtherlnore be proeeeded ngainnl by illdilhctet or inforlalion at ny tie itln i monlhsn fier 1 ho, " itic e e nallted, aRnl be pnti I. ed Iy a tine net excetling one titounnd dlollarr, or it, prisnlllau ut not exceeding twelve mnollths, or both at life rgr liatertion oflhe court." This is theflore to give notiee that n reward of filtt ldollarsn wll be ive fitr infrlnation whlh mtay lead to a conviction •lfthe oflel dr. d l--3 J \,otIS i .CAII)WRLEI, P residett. 3 )CNNIUALS FOR 18139. iThe Rook of Royalty, 1' teoni A pltttek richly coltrtd, saterh mtrweo hitding. Fitden's Tablgaux t f tile laffectiotIs, 12 p laten, tine- fr rote -in N Itldsanlld Blo atom s I0 p le rich watered silk l &' I:eattv's Cocttune by Ieah, I2 plates walen d silk Alo, Fisher:'s Drawing Room Scrap Book, by L . I. 36 oil, a Tile Otliontrd :Anntlal, 18 lntres, norocre Are IFricytlllall Ofrillg ad ~Wiltterat\ reatl, 10 plates 40 bt morocco , the e The Forget me Not, by Shoherl, II plateo, morocen Tile Waverly Keesanke, or Scott atd Scottnind, il-. Instrnted with sixty plate, 4 to Arabsqrne Itarv, Fr.lee aid Switznrrlaad, 43 plates by Peront Cltrl nndll trdiaJ Araheqgne. Rany Fisher's uIvenile Sira Ittook,16 plates lunge IlvrnlttR(Gallery, 31; )]ates, morocco the o IThe Keepsake large vno, crimeasoilk Jennintgs' L n.alte AnuAtl or rel Carrieatore Annual; Tie Violet Tihe Clif; in eariotn hislndings 'ie rTakes nind Atliatlie euvllOllir 'The Juvenile iForget me Not ling,l oPr sel t 49 Caip street by AE an __18 ALEX TOWER d i1JIISICFIY3011 berrels landing from ateamIer Tba ` " gate, fior sale by TE d17 G(OISEY.41 New l.evee. C.ORN 10lReulane dintig f r i ar he Ib -J leahy oil 115 G I)ORSEY, 44 New I.evee. iJN INiW0.1A. 411 ti.... eelmnlfntrd, for Al 1V sale by SHAtI. , IIIrBOWN, 96 Magaznine st I tt:i., 40 h:en ll , atire net taor salt Iby jLI ill.; AIR IIAM TRIER. 34 Gnonvier st 1j 1l (l:1 1R\l 4i1lA7 . in store e td botts e k 13 AIIRAHAM TRl ER, 34 (iruriere n NEW BOOKS. EN GLIVILLE,.a novel, by a Indy of rank, nh nvol-. Expedit n of Di.covery, into the Interior of Atrie, pebmrd by rapt Alexander,2 vole. he aley, the Recollections of a Man of the World, in vols. Sity of Czar, or a Visit to St Petrautg S the winte of 182430, by Then Raikes, Esq., O. 2 vole. L 'on Poetical Works of Missa L.ondo mlrising. d SImtprovatrice, Golden Violet, Vow of the tacnok, tl Iron Bodoir, Venetian Bracelet, the rater Gift,&c.&ao., in I vol. we A, the 7th Io. of Nicholas Nicklebv. m Jaooteived ant for ole by WM. 3hKE Mrn1, led dl cor Csmp & t',,,,,rinn .t" O. H. ILISlS. ral 'P BROKER & COMMISSION. t ma- MERC HANT, Ice io. 03, Paydru Street, me. NEW-nRLEANS. AR 73 eg Prime Leaf Lard, landing at e' for by STETSON & AVERY, at dis 88 Gravier at d AN SED HAMS--6 hbld very fine, frr sale by 1d STETSON & AVERY, 83 (Gmvier at SCAND 7bon sprm candles, vorioms br'ds _in lfortby dl 5 GBI.ANCIAPI). ( IL--loks winto strained Oil for sale by dl y ( BLANUHARD. Le )ORK.- bbls mass fall branmled, for mole by rs dl O H BLISS, 63 Poydras st OTAT sb, in qnant who le and -I tail,faale by WINSTON & SHALl., a d. 7 front Levee e OLAS.J. RR-ELS.-400 o large i, 0do .vLemall do r le byy O H BLISS, dl8 63 Po)dras at -AVANA 3 R-25 bmmxes yellow, lnnding id and for .i ABRAHAM TR1IIR, aecl8 34 Graier at GA5Le Winterltresed perm lil 5 PI( 3000 l Foll strained do 10 000 Refine bale Oil b 5 ISb IIs TaonT Oil For sole by WIIITRIDGE & CO, dils 76 Magazine at MI, IPPI FUNDS. lagaie ( NW E want to p.ass for goods from 6 to $16,000 dil missippt s. Apply att front Levee. P 50 110 K U Z 50 do LhtRaen e For sale by S & J P WHITNEY, . .d. .7- Camllp st R'IUIIPENTINE a anners Oil--5 bll spirima n1 Turpentine, 90 Tanner's Oil for sleby I 1 AAC BRIDGE &f CO ' 0 n rn 134 Mn.a t ci3 e 4 t ]ASTE BIACKIN IO llgrolss, lmading frmsh-ip Sorulm, fr sale y rIo brnd 8 ISAAC BRIDGE & CO, i d 1:14 Magazine a IOWVELL lINSE1'i 5 bales, narrowandl wide, A for sale by SETSON & AVER.Y, dill 88 Gravier at. . P RIN'tB . 9 caes. Fr and American Prints, for H dmale by WIIITRIIIGE & CO, 1t 610 Magazine e film llOTlt.ING-T'l'..... er moub .ve on hand nnol for by I . .ole 100 .oea nn Clothing, conniming: do tlack mtixed, blue and sattinet round tucketr O8 striped, blnk. mmnixed l d l iet pantaloons: Der- wI rv, cnttoned,dttb.k andt a i re dor ;cottronde. duck andl derrv trowservnfrlo, white cotton, Low. mll catlt, scarlet flannel, d twilled and calico re slhirtsl; elnmbrav, Ime. derry.o onade froks; whi te Angola flannel under-alfirt; r drilling Angola flannel drawers; sattint and .ej vests. 117 ISA. IO BRIDGE & C, 37 :114 Magazine a tg 1OAP--000 I.nex xtrm Nc. ~ -mt -- brand oTiG. men SRobbins, landing fron, mllpt 'linl for saleb Iao ISAAC IRIIGE &CO, In d 7 " .13 4 M a~gna m e at e a u TIHE stb-cribers have lmow, on ando- ae blel II50 boxes extra soap, bran fJameso (iuld', 3110 do imlitation No I tI do " 250 tallow candles, brand ofJaconen Trowbridge o" 4110sperm candles, N Bedford al Nantucket I 50 boxe Judd's patent do oen 304 do codfish 100 do mnnufacttured tobnrevoriwme brands 90 eseas .went Spaniltl' colatm S 20l0 cases hyson ald youltg Hyso tea 50 boxes paste blacking 300 kegs Boston nails . 1 Rcacks w ster strained sperm o 200 Sicily, ladleir" Ni.e, ill pirs, Ialf piper, qr cosko and ocnavec, entm.tleld toti. enture _00 coils blme roe r I 100bolev Hamplhire eleetinys, siilgs, 8, drillings 210 Lowell cottions, 718 alid 4-4 elnolles, and lin- ct, says, keroeys, suitable for negrnctl.ain. Ite ISAAC BRIIGE & CO, ,, dec3 14 MSanzine st IDRY GOODS. " " " heavy37 otnch troowa I(unatic Sheetinog., fr 170 do hoeavy 8 inchbrown Dotlnec Slhirtigs, he der 25 do 7-8 and 4.1 L.,ocell (CIgtmo,, 10 do 30illel lampshire Drillio,. 5nd c5 anes 37inch bleoched l Slrtineobook foil, . n 3 bales ereen, w it. a r Fd he ltig, in "21 do Prints, varions olvle a qoe .tr, 3 do super French Pri;los, for I0 do mix'd Waslington - Wvrwcek Jeans tch 55 bales LinsyKrey s, Kereys fur negr o tothingg i 5 do 4-. Lowell Colroielld, h, 40 do Russia Sheetinr., superior q v t Sdec '4 ISAAC BRIGE & co. I '4 M°tinest Ci iby EBr'ol AX. s f'R 8311. dr oat NOTICE is herehv give, lthat lr. Charlt Itoai- et Ire is appointed to collect tie orses onle l `.0 on uteaod staves, for Second MooicipalGy, for 18. He willemolltonce in Ja lary, 1839. J 1. NE, g O1B-10tsr Lria d 1--t .l'iasurer V-.-U1L0OI Nu'i'iL PAI1ER-Just I'ot, i .3 rect frnt I.ondon, a q uatily of the .ovee, a . sperir article;alo, Enlamelled o id l'trclata ilrd she English Letter and Note Paper, for sale by D FELT,1& S 1 N Y Satiorr Hall, 4 Cbarllrt't a, L ONON Pe, E Em ei-5U kak beeto single q4 ar double brown Stout, for sle b t d14 HOI.MES & MILLs , in e. ".- -~i.r-~ri-ew BOTTLES---30 goos wine. c and 100 gross porter bolt es, firsaloe y i ,d- 14 ,lOLIS &. MILLS. Bank Place. I o Lr Wheels, improverd ont ruction, for sale by ds r14-6 J OTT. Tivoli Plate. orT INSEE OIL-10i bblo, landiag from tteatbool 'Albany for sale by G DORSEY, od. ' 44 New Levee. or T ESS IPORK-174 barrels, inspected. a ",JO H BLISS, dI4 78 Poydrrase iPP'E:R-It bages petnr qualits, in good o or it L dlerforale by SH LL&BROWN, h96 Mogazicre ot l 'AXths de 1.38. Avio est cidevant donne que Dr. al .L Cbarle Lemaitre eat nonnme colleteur desn tlaes o depropirltr v. d'enelkvespoorl Ia,.ecoden Mul cipa b i, itoepor Paenner 1838. I1 commenesera olee Jatvier, 1839. 13d J. DObANE, 'l'r.orier. vt I 's ICON-140,0011 Ibs Ci, citnnati cured barot, con ,issting of sidan hamts, shoulders,js received and for sale by o IORSEY dec 4 44 N I.ever l AA SACK Brlan, no 50 barrels cliop) ed corn, O00 bushels frelsh ground corn n:eanl, 20 do buckwlheat flour, fit r sale by J. OrT, Tivoli Pace. 1rl'unring, Sawing and Grinding done as ustal. Its dl4--6 SLARI)--12 kegs and 11 ble- tmst rate artcte, ltr sale by O. 11. BLISS t1t 711 oyross i N STORE & FOR SALE--Groeeries on tihe usun of tenno, antd at ,be lowest whtlesale ratea. Aleba Ittla attl ennessee moneny taken as bretofi r0. 281 bags Rio CofleCe, 1010 do Greeo Rice, tr 26 do Haraaas, aew crop, 4i barrels Loaf Sugar. a 67 sacks Jav Coffer, 137 bes 'I'obaeett, rarious brnolds, S6011 btxes Raisins, }, e and wholes, 2r 75 do Spera Candles, d 25 do Tallow Candles, 20 tierces anew iee, 4101 bogs coirre aud filt Salt, i. c':eners 'Iab'e Salt, 611 Itoes each, 25 do Pickles, witt -general alssortment ofttlb rgora.ries, for sale by WINSTON & SIIu L., a SELI'C' atnd fresh supply of lry Colors ,, ev Sery desrrilttion, for Senee painting; ()it ad Wa ter colors; Brusles asad atlist tools, atd an at exteu 2 stock of superior 7 VARNISHES. from the manufactory of P B Smith & Con, coimrising in Noa. I & '2 ltreiture No.,I&r. e 2coachl Varnis, ttnd I & 2 ordinary domestic Blat.k Japan, n.t Browrt di. . Also, 21O kegs Crome geeer, in 25Ito. oatlt, qraond itl 0 Sit, ottd t1511 cannistera saterior French gretell, al tt I oil. 12 borrels Spirits oa Turlpertli at tlBd Il t)ilc.Il. Itto Artist's Colors, &re. (Reeves 4. Son, I.tduto,) atlld 40 boe!s Frencb Lake, for sale at the Ioint .M|otre uo the seuholcriber. t)NI) ,I '*I " -FA-L WIN i ER CLOTHl'ING. J. P. FREEMAN & CO., No. 3, Mtgnazine ttrero. 'inn Sareeceil iug their stpplies of Falland Witter tirot I Clothiog, and will ototituo to receive slimentct reeu- brie larly throughlout te season. Tbheir aassortltet Iniotg large will enable tlem to supply ms relhnst froItI., A tle coUntrv. atIltOe .lortrest notCe; for sale wltolesale 1lt1 or retail, on accnmmoatitg terns. V seLp29 II ----~-to 'OARI)S & SCAN'TLING--15 M feet Rseasoned CrOO U White 'ine Bnrdb- 2. M 111feetllenIlackSott- & ling, ludling from oetor Cai.oits, near Lev,- IPress, atl (I Ier sale Iby , S .J I' WIIITNEY. 51 I dli 7:3 Camp sot Clh SIMS' NEW NOVEL. av D ELAO: A story of tteI Goith, by the atllor of WI, :.'+, 'Mellicliamp%"'rlle Y .t.....e 'hitt) Rior.s.' Etg 'Ibe Partisan,' Martin Faber,' &c, in 2 vol. usnt receiv-o .h ell atnd for satle by W3 " ile EAN, J& novP3 cor toCmp & CImOn1ll t Jo AALT-,5000 sacks l.ivrrpool Sl , altt s.ll, lot to E t ll suit purchasers; apply to LII GAI.E, nov24 93 4'onmu,on sot 1 rIiNI2SFEYS-I5 baton boocy lin' s.c , ea'tlole tar LA Negrme, landing front shils (eu;unalge and Ar kaestas, and for sole by " ISAAC BRIDGE CIO, i noe24 114 Ml goint t Mail Regulations. The Great Eastlern. Modt is closed every day at 10 o'clock, A M--Is due every day at 12, M. The Fxpr, ss lail is closed everyrday at half.pnst 10 A M-Is due with the great Eastern Mail, every day. The Lake Mail (via Covington, La.) is closed every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at Go'clock, A M--l due every Tuesday, Trhursday and Satur. day, at 5, P M. The Louisrille or Rirer JIlail is closed every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, at 8 P M-Is sent and returned by steamnbotsa.-Arrives irrogu. I arly three times a week. The Bayou Sara or Coast uMail is closed every Tuesday and Friday, at 8, P M-Is sent and re. ttrned by the steamnboat Brilliant. The .lexandria or Red irer Mail is sent irrrgu. larly by steamboats, twice a week. Louisville or River Mail. Monday, Wednesday, and Closes at 8 o'clock, P M. Saturday, Coast Mail. Tuesday and Close at 8 o'clock, P M. New-Orleans Chamber of Commerce. OrrclCEs oa rHE. YEaR 1838. S. J. Peters, President, A. Quertier, 1st Vice President, W. L. llodge, 2d do. COMMITTEE OF APPEALS, FOR 1838. James Dick, Thomas Barrett, John A Merle, II C Cammack, Jas H Leverich, Abijah Fisk, GEO. W WIIITE, Sce'y. () Ata. 3 oil b..a.R-blin' Nlacexzra. in store and dr sale by S''E1'S(N & AVERl , 88 Laravier at d17 IrtK. i2 b bla less, 20 do ruutp, and 24 do ehoul. ,tlers, in store oadl ll, .sle hv dl? STE'I'_ SON & AVERY, R8 Gravier st (YI.OTItING. A o invne, jout received, cooiaeting Sof vests, pan'aloons and ander shlirs, fi salrehv d17 SIIALI. & BItOW.,71, Alagocine et r1dALLOW CANIILES. 50 boxes 6s-, oU s, land ling from ship, Idielonr', for sale by ,l17 JOSEPH COCKANE, 25 G(ta ir at OCOP1FEE' -127?bog in lstre. a dfor sale by d17 ABtAIIAM 'T'tlEB, 34 Gravier st KRESH MALAGA IRAISINS--lI (0o wholer and half boxes, for sale by ABRAHAI TRIER, d A7 34 ( revi.,r at I.i.VANA COFFEE-40 hags of the nw cro S strictly prime, landing fromn brig Jovea Elnrique forsaole by dl17 AIIRAllAl TII.R, 31 Greeier e RIKANNSAS I)ONEY WANTEDby - d17 i'HOS B LEE & CO, 28 new Levee I3ORTFOLIOS, Illloer.. Il, Banker'sC oews. Just I reerive.dl, a g.,od a.,sortl.,elt of eiboserd Illttrre ef variols szlees, witlh oand witaout lock, do I'ortfolios with lock: also, Banker's eases, wit8 h lck, for sale by D. FELT & UO,N. Y. Stationers Hall, d17 24 Clhartres 01 STATE OF LOUISIANA. Parish Cort for tuhe 3 Parish and City of New )rlelns: present tile Hon. (huerles Moirian, Jude, DUe. 5t11, 1838. No. 1:142, Isaac Baker vs. lis Creditors. Upoa reading ( filing tile Petitio and sclhedule in this case it i ordesrci y the Court that ar meetig of the Insolvent's rredliors on, take plaer in open eoiti, on the 5ib day ofnruuaEly 18,9; at 1o0 o'clock, A. Al. tlen and tlere to shetw cuse why the said ilaelvent shoultd not be discharged ac:Ur ing to law and in tie meantime all prceedings against aie person and property are staved. It is forlherlc; rreed tlhat L. Elwyn, Esq. be np,,ointed to rcprel Ite aoselt creditocts, by order of the Court. A. PITl', Clerk. Clerk's Office, I)ee. 15th,, 183IS . 'TAT DE LA LOUISIANr-t..our de l'an,,oe Spout la Paroiose e Ville Ia In Nlle-Orleans.--pe.. ust I'Honoraule Cllhrles Ilaurias, jugr--No l11,342- lane Baker, nctulenllr,e,t detena , eontre sen (.re tciero:-Sur lrcrtare et eregiistreent tde l petii on ilralesa ev relic af.ire, ii esi otr dn e 'oune asses, lee des rreancieas de I'iasolvoble ail lieu er piaiO ei:eur e inlq Janvier 1839, a dli.' heuresa dou otin all e deliberer fur lee of8.iree de l'ino.oable; en ctendaol,, tiles poureuites et so personoe soot retes eL Il sen: ParordteIa courl, 15Idec 183:18 de1l8 A MGUYOI,, Dpy Gesifier. OAP--10ll half boxes NRo IN oas, brand ofJaiu G (,uldl, for eoleby ISAA.C BRIDGiE & CtI. -it 134 Magczine struet. Ilank Cheeks, Bills of Lading, Aucrtiosn Bills, Pamphlllets, Show bills, Cata loguea, &c. &e. J"l ll(l)"Il..Sfor the .lboer, and eerry other des. r"ipiioo of Ii 'Pt(IN I' Nl..tom received at eupsisting tn oef'"'I'ItUIJE A I EIllAN," in ST. Cianti.e:, Es. A as:., 3d dor frm (;rvi-r street, or at lthe CI'rinting I liac, crner of IlrIra,. sdl St. Charlcs Istrerets. EItensive and heurelifjul IloOg and .Ilon IOUvTs, ram the best Foatldries i,, the Uited Stil aes, have just est added to the oarea, eell r-elocked Estahlieke,,e ; -taid IllnEns uit/ b,,c.,eertd as L.ow, as Ch(eaply, and Ilcutatilhl y, as at ny othler Ofice the (tIy. Aov 1 r n .HE xllll;;,il.,r, Iliviuc rtr ,"v;e n <,,,..;nl.hio, n n D1 eIutv ullrvemVr of I'nitld Stttes iLands. R r thi. Slllr, oflir s hi services to the pblic to survey and Aocale Lande in l not Ian (| I ouisinna, Ax herelnlo )rt all o )erninillloa, el l tr of Summig or Civil IEagiloleerle, .eltl as dlig .cs, ! rvcy., Ionll,. drawig, lli,1rfilectl, sti ofr ell nkllellt, c ntle'll t of wall., :ke. either iol oiWU ,.r countryll, will be: prolmptly andl faithfully attended to. (:hallea reae,,be r . e l,'rtns cash. Officte 35 Ma glzne slreet, in llanks' ArceIt. aecll-law..l FRPED. WILKINSON. PEA H IIIt11 A law ble ail and superiorj Parlicle, foir sale by n(4 EAD & IIARISTOW, nov24 7 Bank P'lace S'OVE-50 new iptltln ( oal Stoves; 10 lorteblle grale Slonves: 1O'2ro olc'heat iron I.eves, cea article; ale. 25 etoking, jlst receicedl i addi. ion tIo their L.flllr ,tock, for male by S LOCK& ('O, nolt9 8 Frmolt Levee t N B-Stoves pipes, mlle to order and put up in tly part or tle city oi short notice. S. L & Co. I AN'I'I)D in a Iru orin Ihi citv, an as+ttnnt k tloroutblly ntlepailltre itl the Apothecarv Itiheso, woi conld dspeak French and give goodrefeit ats. Apply to box 2l31, Post Office. I-Yi tte)e.S-Jlttt receiveti )be eS hopeoen f ,,Nert Yorkt,2o00lquirem hlflatttl t 'aIt rhu 1 l. sale low ra, Journals, Invoice oid Letter rooks, ftr walletow nlholesale or retail. Purchasers would do Swellto ca ll, tey will find a larger assortment than in any other "use in thIe city. IIAVII) FELT & CO, der? New York Stationers Hall, 14 i(: rreee E'TJHN. & (L;o, TArIONER'S .,.Ic, corner t oSt. Charles andu Common streets. The sltlteerihers Ilnvig receiv-. red and now in stole it,. nsso)rlnlu III g f ds In fit Ion ,glo, France at d I eaurt, u¢r for sale the .I.. Eotthh; tprlicles tt ........o........ ec, ..lish r papI i mfall sizesr t meritin du . Paer royal, ...yl t ei re at ill e tir ll u a lrt, e er t ptro Pex, la r stn o ll ,r i LUe id; do dd) ")'pylh[ It iter, at all'." London aud Ilr.t,,t l a ;ltls, fcy letrl aore paper, ipain, embu uss. and oral bro toecad tEls, . mc 4n d alon l rt American cop, letter sd writin io paers l, o the est aillia' h lciott, Penryan Pena of oll deerpttiostt; c iet t ertttd Eig lit qatdillo, Stesl.e ttl I Perrvan's writing fluide Morr Itn, slid i'errtyan'o ibet copying inkst; Eoe, intdi b AnmeriCall foiin o antl i larto copvioi. ter Rodgers r Scn'o ltet Ittlery, c.Ws.t.,tt.' - irk, peon and desk kn tees, razors ad sW cornI Fockt books and wallet's Roussia and Morocco Nratlter, English wafers and h e dli wax, supoeri ,r quotl tv; 'lrav ellico dekls ind .ir.e,in ca.s. Ilrtt nltll a a td kltrllltll'S drawing ptetic., DrawingloLtka, .tllotlt tid lBritihl sttd Altar. ic.t Anatoals. fiobr 1l3, lc.o--Eingli.h Fce, Sihre , i.hl, Italialln, (r toan nti I ltiT, ltlttiotitg i cl sica, lw, Ilediahl worke, literary. &e. Jusat rceive,: aotditr sale Iby n5100 H JI)i*N1 & C(. COOlPER'S LAST. - " M AS OUND)-l-y Cooper sequeltt to 'llmte dIIwadVouI.N. Ithe ' itldy a ew n tovel. i t 2 nvl . Napolton tl.oetoirs, r the Evenitgs at nalonbacerecJ nl ! vollume.P Mist Milford's Countrv Iboi o . Pet,.r Pil,_ o.ri , by it. i"ir, in i til. .i Y-alkee .'ota i vol. Wotm,.,u -Ie should be, by tte Rev. IH Winsow. !I yi oitu' .Ialaltl Ity Rotbert iltt.I,; ani thl r oveltie E J IIIIN.- & ", tov'8 coarSt Cha rlet J- Cnmotto nt C 1-.' tlN ElItli I ' NIIICIE. I 1tlli ttlercitd tave this day fttretd a eo- trt 1 -Irsl fir the translill of iu Geleral CLaUInO. lotl atd Fcorwurdiutc bktointese, itt thite City, untder the itlt of 'HALL itttcwR, a.d tone taken the oew trick, No. 96, Moplclil'le steet, (neat Poydros Ht.) te'tsll 4i Avery Wiiing & Mlt.rk, WIoltol , rk Io. ,V lturt, egoart . j lawthtoro. J Thayer & c,. W to. lot. & Sitall. New i)RLt.o NO. ,rocket & Starpoleigh. Joht. Foihleid & co., %Valker, lFmersol . co, G oikeen, t t o. ]I Il Monourl &. Z- o lT,,s P M3,v co # Philadelphia. iligertlon &d V , ttlkbridge, Mt-ietta, O. thn W'ttdbitidge, Re q. I..hllitvohel, it. nine & ' Clarken, . WNahrille, Tete. d & A 'FrUev, ,St ,os' , to. d,,cl2 I.AT S. utIIIIRTY ttoutnod -1 inci, IaFladro. fom rig ILintcoli, u, d r l r el byney 2& 1 J \VIIITNEY. LF ..J WlITNEY,' wee24 73 it-ilp i Camp Si. Theatre. First night of the or gagemtent of MlldS NELSON. This Evening, Deceembr 18, 1 ill be perfrmed thie celebrated Play of THE LOVE CHAsE. Wi"ldrek,. Mr Fre'ericks Fondlohe, ,ohnson, Waller , KeiN ppell, l.?dia, Cu ecll, W'idow Gre(en itrstireee. Overture, by the Orchestra. After which the thrilling Drama of ISABELLE. Eueenr, Mr. Frederickt, cipio, (reenme, Isaelle, Mrs. Greene. GRAND STATE LOTTERY. Drawig of ttie Grand Sltate Lalerv Class iS. 6!, 3u, 41, 31, , 72, 1t 711, 75, II, 14, 57. TO liE DRAWN TI'tS iAY. 7,000! Capital Prize, 'l'o. k t .nly $2 50 CLASS No,. (6. Aulhorioeh Ib tle I egilators of the State. To be drawan 'iO.ORRO\VW, Dce. 17th, 1838, at 5 o'clock, P. M. at Iishop's IHot.l. S. DAVIS A. Cth. Nianagers. 75 Numheirs-12 Drawn Bellett. SCHEME, 2? 814 prizes, antnitlng to $1. 539 'ickets $2 0-illalves I I--Qanrteso 501. Packagen af 25tTiketrs For $513, warranted to draw at least $21. Pa of 25 Ilalf Ti ckets $25, wr ranted to draw at leset $1. PaNkteges r f 25 (lrllrter Titkete $12 50; warrntted toI derawant tent$ eor packages atl'inegle tieketr. apply at ite d MANAGERS' OFFICE, dlp e 16 Chartri s s -ann l.tlere, tlase 27, fur I:At; o 8s 35. 32 611, 72, 7 61, 71, 24, 23, 42, 40. 20. WILI. BIE DRAWVN ON TO- MOR tROW. $tR2,501 CAPITAI. PRIZIE. LOUI SIANA LOTTERY. Authorizedo Iv Act ofLegiSlatorle. Clptser Xilli, Spnetr l Md l I 21. 1828, ClaIne No. 88 for 18:8, I beI drew', on Wemdnesday, I)ec. 191h 1838, at 5 o'clock, l'. Mt. attle h :Ix.hnue "lIot, St. ChnorlF rt. D. S. GII2tIOiRY & iCo. Stcessorees to ] AT ES ,iIelNT7'YRE 4 Co. 75 NtttberIt-$2 I)rawn Iallots. SCIIEMiE, 2 7115 ptitzee, naountig lt $18!1 070. Ticilketr $4 00- ltlver $2 0nl--qnarters t00 Packages of titkels ftr $101) warrantt e to raw $I2, atillrtay draw tite fiir fortt 'nilnl Prkngee of 25 hall' tilckets $50, w:rrented to draw at lest lll$i. Pnckteee e f '25 (iutrter I iherts $115, wnrrnntell t)tdtle teleatt $.3. For I'ackngd or it.l "rickecr, apply tit . 1Gi.t1tRy & Ct,. thle tane.,,tr oflh.r, I18 :35, Ctmtall it, texm .tor. (t'tep street. E ,MIESON'S Sli(,)1.. Ih11I11)K.-A tsuptIi O1 b lnmrrso's Seh uI lt)ks, recoiead uld fbr stoe by AIX. T)OWAR. 49 CaIt-stree, viz:-T-'lhe New N tonal Spolling Blook antd Proeot iao 'Toltor, on nl inmproved plan; lhe Fleortlh Class IRtder, for te yoll.Pnget ^011~,~;tIh lI'ell i o. for the frther t ll val.c(; the Seellnd dbo, for tile nlmiddle classes ; til. Flrst Ilo. it otlreCtill ofl exereispee i reoditt, frolllt standard Alterittttt anli Itihall nlllttra o, fie the if - the higher claeesa; il.e Ntorth AtmriecAn Ajrithltetic, firl patt icolltailltt teim leleellltar Iesslnee lhe h tecolld partI wrilin.t, oral end writeetll t le.'r . Ellleronl's sellhol I!,o,ks are adloteItd it Ime plrI,• echools of P'lilntdelphi, , jloron, nt Itn'ittoltrte, andt tl. Imo.t;o Ullliolhhneltl partt e1 f Newe-Y3rk, i'nottll.ola nin, Olhit,, Inliann, Kentucky, atlld lme Sutih atIlld West geterally. COTTON CIEICULAI{S ] I'IIN'I'I:l) rrilth the Greatest /rlrddtio,, t,ld mn a iStle. tttmlrlbSsed in NEw ORLtEeNS, or elst-. whet,re. , 41 - . OIeeEoS lr(alCosrt'l .. tf. ul CI Lurlen Ee ..aht, ( ,Cotner .Of G ,.tic t t.3- - I,..I iJ Il AM ERICAN PRINT 1N ING tF'Fi ':,, corner tf PIovldras ad St Charles Si re, t il )rompltl attendied to. Dee. i-If. -OI"F'EF:-50- htgi RioCtllie. ' iCo v . Ittt d 4 71ti .lngltlelte 0 UNPRECEIDENTrID NOVEILTY! The (irarlle, or Calmelopard!! Iit. lthrerr olletr rare tntt1mttts ut, t r ,ftore exhibirted ti lit , niltt S.ola ,. . I rtI1II EI XIllI'I'I(IT N of nn. r ,hm,, will open f-nrl I firs-tF. bale ofl lln IMn h 'lv ill oe 17111 i nn. 7 I IIIS Charhles slreetI, tetwee, It'rdidttol (nie ()1 n ChiiFenll aIIId SPlI anll :50 (C'rll,. 1.n te n,.lloinio e I'.dt ,i, tl0l. S. i . I No ,.t t, borll wilthnt r1-111 will o, IhLll I i ltr tl , 'o rl Al AIImi S.,m. " 511 Celtlll . tClhltt.i all e 'r ;tll5 Is ill price. I1.-. 5 ------___ý_ a;1-^ it- sx··1 Dress and Masquerade Balls. MANSION JIOUSE iHOTEL. IN F; V L E V EIAI .I . T'"I'.T , I h, ed, i ,,I v i, r i Ihe l .t wnn h1 aa11 .i ýn ·. ' 1'in 1 11 e Ing ili-h-' m nr will h e Joina" r , ami a1 nl Ir. , S . r ' . ! I}h I I r l' ýom 'l ithn, , ,n,, ,, 1'? 1 1+,,y kind. ' m",:e Thld I ,'bura)Ll. ., n aIdl A n d. ill e n -l, w ·ithth Il, 0 ir'·; l lf ll tr t ; ill l)('l 0 llllf' 1 llt l ( I, r nhli alll I l nI l.n n 1 nllv lll*l -.4 (f ail enrt l l lhl llrle f o lnu , 1l1l1il"4 4 f il PIoli , otfice r Il' ln r l lp ll Ir,· Illl l ll mlsll.h ll! I 1 11' rln. blish men; hrE ill l, a p,', t d,' n, E.I , ' Itlln .i' , n ,. in( 'irn na ly I bI ' lllllit i Ithhlly IIt' ll l w ir I.h il1 i f lll ki d. cock , il\1. \ 1(- . II . I I 1 .. i n ,r2 i 'ilre ,All l d lllllll)a llI; I':MgIn&t n I la n A .IIAchntn tInnr, f 11011 - N n l tii( PN Il l . 11 Th II llnk . TIIE Slllanier illln l'n ln n l nallla TAhe lrini ll m T"ht in r 1vi; J mhnl e iv (ol Vi" on A -111, Ibr ollo 21 iee3 a' 1f n `,!rnn Ietll,'lllg- ,lll tl llllr.Cm I t Id i9; The Wi NY I ntir, cr the ll oir eil; IL n alrks & ( e'ta GullAn,ntb Ahnn.lai ilir 1c S .tk, It N., in 2 oll for nale by E J(OIINS & ('(), _ _)1 _ cor St ;halrlh, & (,IAoltl n st I nr i ,W-lcki l in thi.te ty N , eN r r-P nelu r in willcil, ad tiv prwninc; n rin d p icAn Vl A I r s rle by r Il N EWd~INUIINul o InlaI nh', In K n'n nd , hk r I ' k t" . ln r ills,,,,I,,, Iill ,na n ad - o heir I l ., i' er rs, m llte.. 17, (N. u p. I. I,. call 81 Cua laln .l1c, a lo r nger &(i'", l"ulot a(ti U T reied ti Ikriln Iriue Wetran g Ln irlr, by ti h rna e Bender.; w ii lenn,,dI nnnn ; Iran, 7'os. It oddm,·r ar . Baskets; .doer pl NIr., b ti rrri l nnntnllnlIaltrnt,,ngoo,(; nrE al InLd " h'lrges; knifoes ad V rk1s, a l,,,. ftonesin1. {aulls i ~ ge w ant, wrllietl I w yi Iar I n +erd V)nke ptnr nI$ylEle A & r liels te 4,lll jats, n. larg et tks abintlea t WRxI E Fi ,nn an's ntgnrv of n G tc,; Fi5:her's Ile,, ir,11 11 cr nrlr 11n.::; IN nn n r-P ric ,ulr llnl io n Il id ' nl I i n ,elo , lu - l The. . Ilmlerrial Annl l--; alln ., lrI, n l alr, a e b oy "n '1,,+I :tln IRtic .ouv C ). I 'e Vul) I+I ' .,Ie ,il ] o l1her o""I'l eFllbh-lie-N l l ,,tt IIa rn a n llr, ant Cr h l l it'U o'elock, I'. A h. for Lafsi ls; ro in.t ' pace . Sinagle dickets 37 1-h celh, or i $:3 i per I dllled l " Tir I ei -A. (; nnel i g 1{,w ,11 the , the fi)prel finst Itle Levee r y o U I1te r ss,g whil e slid browl Uhi .o t lllllrd s, for le.l. d7 NRoyaltylars sAll, _'4 Chnrlhlle Ih .n fcIC all>v of t Ge "rig;ill, I inventor, J 11 Larug La ulll ' r111 ttl linr pale by illtde glpe Ilo's;, mn e Yolk prices by Ke &k" ST 'S ial'Kt) KU 1)IANONU A u TR P-I-. 1 'lllp tl'""i re Harir fill il '' 'thir ll uid I u i gi e it ' 1i15· tad .Iein I il il.: ..n e ll lllty pmple, it necullll wlll Il a ll I W l llav e hllle lie , r l tulll i. cic17 NrI, . . I.. . I h t )] ...... . .1 P i ..41--- St. Chaarles Theatre. tirgt nihn oflthe engtgeme4 of11 ii CLIFTON. Stixl nighnt ntio eosoogeotent of '1r J t SCOT'1T. Tboth night tot Ith etiie ttitttant ol ' le. ,\JAS. IlitolWNE. Tifts lI'iVX¾1'if(_, iui,:;t. is, Will be 'pertttmed Bltwerta I01y of THE LADY OF LYONSI (hlotda i aleaiotttt, Mr JR f oll, (7ttI. l).ons,,,,lFaresn, l1inueaut, Ine lor, GlOavi, hit friell, Hnrrisong Pooline, .lin li J teeIl tinr Cliflfl, ~idow Mlhltttte, Aire sF llrrtto. An Ovlertre y Ito Ohestra. Grantl Pas setl, by adld'rl Ilrenato. The whole will cooittlt sil the tVearce of IllIlH LIFE BIE:LOW STAIRS. Mv Iolrd Duke, Air J S ltoen, Stofiner, I)e iar, Lovell, linrri suo 'ito K i nlts, lirs Fre LtLndy Chrtlotltt, l.rrloon. --- - L ]1 Dress & Masquerade BDll, SVAS.HINGT ON BALL R001M It. I'lPhilil sltrel, Iletween Iloval &. IItrl on. ]IflAIa otoglter l' olteiohve ottojetl { Io IIntm,gorao - ." t' lh .' a i 'uli fton th unnrd u - wroed rlatir e itittt ton 1 t eurd o eo ert otl o. tlleltl llll, itirlt I t lt sIt e t li-ltLtet I o s tel/ntniell til. l tile ltllloollllol l o(f n.nilol , nllnel o - IIPI~ rLI enT a! IIII(C ICI rI Vis ey, land ing rOllli illllllell· r !rhie. Th~ ~lAtr kill Ine W roernwsetl 0Ily ttot1t itl qtllllli it toI tiltlsllll' tl ell e Io otnur ill ft. te lty Ile n lolet Ile. lltllltr.lUo r in tle United Sloten.. 'hin ',roottt wll ro-tooll) oll ollltitlov eai~lllg, 3rTd ttnonthertt i it (iltANil fIlL1 ,t-.s & A1 'eiIaiEftA1fIlg fidAlI, oIt will tIlla.e ooiiOolevry MIlnotht, Welaoll. lao IiiT tSttllllrtlt1t ioreiOg ttlrir il te stert,u f ,hich wi . d III tll s I' I I f lnl'l Il:LlI. N.It. ''Thettt tat ttttllettthit oiA W be p aid In leep illr mrle iorder lkr g Plai oilrh eoaliriettnln t s wast. tiolll tile slenolller I)elT rmi, flr anitn I tv .iA\VRIC.:NOIE & I.':oUlNllE, d00 h0 i Lr t Neom Iean e 10 lito or ioro slh n rttml (teod( a n to W8her-wo 3 ttot AHt i a tIntr Il.tttt e d . il' t n ilicerta hirCllplro .iEAIrI ii BOAT BILLS. I\VI~;~II, A;I,:N'I ., t r (See I'I'AINS oefTEAAS II('''N did hl e the erir Biet a'ru..e in lotre. r ecore Inks ns Pltni or Colredt Paloer, nriml despalth, nctld fufneorable Termo, by raeing anei O(l.ilcs nttat.Tl('I'lel AdIICAN OFFICN, 1sroser of j'ttyboentotttttld CltheEtr ldt'n n NO at5r tfd Ia o pig ia,&.Ga e EjrhaneIrI doot loN;Viri asti;KIr.r lThhe Prntin lli ll, lo otr n ot Il'ooc . Sii 'tt olesirtnneentt.. tot i to' as re .1t l 11it rtt N+,lv"9--l"` h'1 . to l oI r lila I'hthI th nt I 14O4 lb AtI,, . 1 i011(hi lvt - l, b rnels, \n er or q llv I. Imrret. a l,"4filr Vr ll~. I'TI, )+,n loio e , 5lolt~l .'i tagllet .,o (i notk )l t i sopri ot 94 b~I, ·l~ilhllllnl1 ott o;l, r I otgottr V etl t 11PM-1t thl'Isitn.. I t IR ' hho n t itltto .. . d. o,, foesino i It I a ito I'l I Io 1ii :I ki f dl Calrp on e/ '"-tt ott,')'. Ilot~ll hl~"ot I t re loon en t;9I:~·,,,, nhl a+.orlll.:I n)/l(l(ll.. 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