Newspaper of True American, December 20, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated December 20, 1838 Page 2
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3roateeinge of aountUl. TU U DAY, 18th December, 1838. the Conneil met pursuant to ndjournment:. Prenent. the Hen. Joshoa Blddwin, Rcorder, Al. dermnu Caldwell, Gloyd, Hall, Lockett, Meun, Nixon, Peters, SewelI, Whitney, and York. The journal of the preceding nmeting having been read and approved, A comlunlication from the Colnptroller, was read, transmitting n statement of the nats- taken in settlement with Banks, and submitting for tihe approval of the Oounril Messrs. Daniel Donovan & C. Rosaliu s, as dditioetl securities in comjunction with J. C. Wagner, of 11. F. Pister, farmer of the Poydras Markct. The weekly statements of the Treasurer, for the 4th, 11th and 18th instant were sub,mitted. Thatofrthe 4th snollwng the reeeipfs to have amounted tp F9,892 02; halaneo thin date $60,626 78; balance last report .5!.567 88; expended $17, 999 54; notes to cancel 621 38. 11th-balance last report $5,668 00; Bond's to City Baltk $240,000; issue of notes 87,200; halance last repltt .60.626 78; Fxpended $.2,605 58; noten toeance $23 50; b:aance thit date $167,612 14. 18th--halance last report $167.612 14; received since $2,606 22; issue of noes $4,00 ; expended $95,707 37; notes to cancel $42; balance 6148,468 99. A communication from the Treasurer, trans. mitting an an ount of the disbursement of the Char. ity Fund was submitted, when on motion of Mr. Peters, the rules being dispensed with, it was Resolved, That te sun, of one thlousand dollars be and the sante is hres y aspropriated to the Charity Fund, to be distributed by the Aldermen. Another commnuication from the snmo officer t transmitting the amount due for Levee dues, was t referred to the Finance Commlttee. F Capt. John Bailey and Wit. Turner were on r motion accepted as the securities of J. C. O'Grady, Commissary of the Poydras Market. A proposal to firnish lumber from John M. O Back, was referred to the Committee on Streets and Landings. P Petition from Wood & Simmons, proposin g to purchase a certain ground rent, was referred to tile Finance Comminittee. Of A. Fortin, WiV. T. Ilepp, and A. L. Plough to tie Police. OF l'elagio Dauphin, to the Committee on d claims,. t OfJ. A. Mayhin and others, to the Committee on a Streetsnd Lidings. Of the St. Mary's Market Steamn Ferry Company renouncig tile privileges granted to thtim, where. opon Mr. P,.tors introducedl tile follow jg, which was read and made the order of the day for the next meeting. AN ORDINANCE To establish a Ferry near the St. Mary's Market s and connected with the City of Lafayette. p Be it ordained, Thati a Coopay lie formed to establish anid coti nue during Trot Years, one or it mtoor Steam Ferry Bosti to ply trn.t a Linding to be apllropriated to said Company betweeon St. Jo seph and Dulird Streets, across the River touching at the City orLafayette going and cenming, irovi.I dedthe uald Company snall conlorm to the eondl. Ii tions hereinaliter named: f 1st. They shall establth a suitable boat with all necessary conveniences for Carriages, Horses and n Passengers, and not infterior in any re!spect to thle Boats now eimployed as FeIry Boats crossing the Mississippi within the limits of the City of New i Orleans, within one year from the passage of this Ordiiance. 2nd. They shall at all times during the existence oftlheir privilege keep a Steam Boat ruonmng once in every hour. from sunrise until atonset, to and fromt the points designated in this Ordinance, un. less prevented by unavoidahbl causes; and the rate of Furriage shall not exceed thle rate h}r htll'are charged by the New Orleans Steam Ferry Comu. pony. II 3d. The said Company shall lie allowed the use of the Landings which will be allotted to thenm fur the space of Five Years free from any :l arge whatever ; but at the expiration of said Five Years s said Compa.tIy bhall allow and pay monthly to the Treasiutr of thiu Municipality the sum of One IHundred Dillaso for the use of said Landing until tile compietion of t the r of 'rTon Years. 4th. Tihe Secod Minicipility guarantees ni right to catahllisl th;s Ferry in case it should op. pear to conflict with any similar right conferred oni others by any existing law of the State. Be it ifurther odltined. Tihat it shall be' lawful for any number of citisons of thlis Municipality, not less than ten, to accept this Ordinance int tie li manner fllowing,, vi: A Book of Subscription shall be opened by l\ Cllarles Diinond, Solomon High, and M. Robitaille Io who are ircniby appointed Comlttiiiionlra flr tis l ,. purpose ; after five days notice in at least two M. newspap,:ri given by themi or a imajority of themi, N which Book shall rnimin open op r at least T'hiro n Days from the hours oi 10 A. lI. until 2 P. Mt. en ito each day, at a place to be designated by Com. ori miassioners i the albrosaid noticn. iO, Tihe Capital Stock shall he fined by said Coin. "t missionettrs a auon not exceedinp g 20,.oo, and C I stiut; ne ouvm'em Into eniures or titineach, nti o .hoea the suhbseriptions are closed ; it a greatr amount is m subscribedt tban is iecessary, the than sum shall be ,to diminished by reducimg the largest Subscriptions ts in such mainner that ino one will be r.duceud while s a larger one remains. Ii That as soon as it Company so fortmed shall in- It corprateo themselves n t on!formity tot'e law of mO the 13th March, 1837, and shall notify this Counctil of their acceptance ofl'thi Ordinance, it shall be al,, binding on sand Coompany and this hMunicipality, provided said notification b demade previous to the inui First day of Fobruary next. That after the formation of said Company, and acceptance of the afotresuid Ordinanet , ti it major. d ty of the Stockholders to said Com)paiy shall have oK the privilege of increasing Ilcir Capital to any sum not exceeding $40,000, by complying as NE' atfresoid with the law of lthe 13.1 March, 1837. Petition of B. Fox, rultrred to the Commiittet on Streets and Landlings. II~ Of Bior & yrtewer, 'id on the table, subject to - tile call of the Councl. f James Sylvester ani others, laid oin the table, CII subject t t the call of the Council. Mol The Recorder laid before the Cnutonil the service rofa copy of a citation in the tplper ca:se of Charles tenois, Mayor, vs. lHenry Luckett, laid on the PIll table. Petittion of Ilogert & Hawthorn, was referred to - the Wharfinger, wilth instructionw t, grant all the fa litines poJer itecd by the Ordtilnaices, to theo NEt o anti li, Cuba. Mr. Gloyt.I Chairran of the C(omnmtlile on Streets and Landings, reported the following reso. htlion, which til rules eving dispensed wilt, was I BAL adoptid. I resolved, That in notcing to be paved the streets on each side of Poydrss Market shall allow ten fooat seven inces w ech idlh each osde walk, on the North side and on tie Sooth sideo of said Market, and 10 leet width each side walk in front oft o houses on the North and South side ofsaid Poy. dras etrett. Mr. Lockett, 'Chairman of the Police Commit. tee, presented the thir following reports, aecoen panied wit the annexed resonlhion., which, the ruher Ireig dsphIensed waitl, were severally taken up and adopted. The undereigned Committee on Police have had under eonstleratiq the peitition of Jatnes Adhlom and others, of the Night Watch, asking an in. croase of pay; bhog leave to report: That after having made diligent inq'iiry into the subject, they offer the following Resolutions as their report: Resolved. That all Waltchmer wino have erved for six months eonsecutivoly prior to tie first of December, 1838, shall from annti alter that time re coive fifty dollars per month, for every muoth they may serve. Resolved, That all i.her Watchllten who many be now or hereafter enhsed, and wire shall well and filthf'ully serve an sucll for six ilonths eionstecltive. ly, shall, from and aftor such six months service, I receive a hike sumt o filly dollhrs per month. Resolved, 'ihat tit'salary of the Seconid I ieutent ant be, and the same is hereby increased to the oum of fifteen hundred dollars per tinuml, suCt salary to be paid monthly, from and after the first day of December, 1838. It. LOCKErT, Chairman, JOHN HALL, JOHN NIXON. The undersigned committee to whlomn was refer red the petition of Andrew Daily iand others, day police officers, have had said petition under consi deration, and beg Itave to offer the following Reso lutions as their report : Resolved, That all ofticers ofthl day police who shall have served for six months consecutively, prior to the first , f D:comber, 1638, shall fromn and after that time receive fifty dollars per tmonth, for every month they may serve. Resolved, That all other day police Officers, who may now or hereafter be employed as such, and who shall well and faithfully serve for six imonths consecutively, shall fromi and after siuch six itonths service, receive a like sum of fifty dollars per t maonth. II. LOCKETT, Chairman, a JOHN HALL, JOHN NIXON. The committee on police to which was reterred 2 the petition of J. D. Rosinda, M. C. Fullam, J. L. Wonter and X. Ganan, Sergeants ef the Night Watch, have considered the application of the pc. tetieneri,And offer the following Resolution as their Report: Resolved, That every Sergeant of the Night Watch who Les faithfully served Ir twelve months preneding this date. shall hereafter be entitled to reoeive a salaryo at and after Iit, ;ate of l1,100, II one thousaad dollar, per annun,; suah salary to be paid monthly, to wit: gs, 33 100 per month. H LOCKETI'T, Charetan, m JOIIN HALL, JOlIN NIX N. Mr. Hall, Clrairman of the Committee on Okiar~ made the lollpwing Report, which was adopted.. The committ, e anclaims to whom was refer. the petition of John Oibnoy, beg to refer said poe. tition to the Recorder of this Municipality, who with the Chairman of this Coom.itteo hla the power of acting on said petition, and beg to be discharged from the further consileration of said petition. JOHN HALL, Chairman, H. LOCKETT. ORDER OF THE DAY. The following ordinance iotroduca'd by Mr. Pea ters at a previous meeting, being in order, was ta ken up section by section and adopted. AN ORDINANCE Providing for the Assessment and Collection of the Taxes on Real Estate and Slaves, within the taxable limits of the Second Municipality. Art. 1. Be it Ordained, That on the first Tuesday in January of eab.h year, there shall be appointed by the Council three assessors of the Municipality Tax, one to be chosen from each ward, who after being duly sworn by the Mayor, shall proceed to make an accurate assessment roll ofall the Real Estate and Slaves, sobject to said tax within the taxable limits of this Municipal ty, taking as heir guide for the number. ing and boundaries of the squares, a plan deposited in the Trenasurer's office. Art. 2. Be it further Ordained, That on or bef re the first day of May in each year, said assessors shalldeliver the assessment ro I to the Treasurer, who shall cause said roll to be copied alphabetlcally in the Tax book with an index, and have the tax bills made out, after which he shall proceed to col. lect the tax, giving ten days previous notice in two newspapers in French and Englhsh; and in default at thie payment of the whole amount of said assess. ment rill by tile thirty first day of December in the same year, it shall be the duty of the Treasurer tobring suit.without delay,befure any court ofcom pstontjuridietlion against all who may be in ar rears, including interest on tile amount at tile rate ol eight per centum per annum from the day on which the assessment roll is dated: Provided, how. over, that no suit shall be I rought agai at any per. son, until ten days after he has been notified to ap pear at tile Trsarer'n office and pay said tai, un less he is a non resident or unknown, inl which ease an order shall be obtained by the Municipality from any competent trilunal to have the property subject to said tax seized and sold for the payment thereof, after due notice in French and Englhsh, during ten days, shall have been inserted ill at least two newspapers printed in the city, givn tng the ad. vurtisement three insr.tions in each of said papers at the expense of t he property advertised. Art. 3. Be it farther Ordained, That if after said assessment roll is deposited in tile Treasurer's office, it should appear to the satislokctioa of tile Comptroller and 'treasurer that any person has been essesseol for property not belonging to imn, satrd Comptroller ard Treasurer shall have power to make such deductioos from the bill of the person erroneously tax .d as to them may seam just and proper; and it shall be their duty to keep a correct account of all taxes thus remitted, to tile end that if the proper owner cannot be found, the prope.rty may bel pclc led against, as provided in the 2,d. articie of Ithis Ordlinance. Art 5. Be it filrl.her Ordained, That the sum to be paid to ebch of the assessors is hereby fixed at three hlndrod dollars, which lhall be considered a full conlmpensa'ion for their servica.s. Art 5. Be it furtherOrdained, Thatall Ordi. nonces or parts of Ordinances, contrary to the pro."nof thiw, are hereby repeo ed. On motion the Council adjourned to Tuesday next, the 25th ilnstant, at 5 o'clock, P. M JOHIN GIBISON, Secretary. atsse e -- - i eChtrl..o,, Dec. .. .........14 \VI'onelnola,Ue. .I liii ___ ______ ot tdn~ p h Ooo J, .. .. .. . . 3 .. 11 ie 1,1... ..9 lIldd O 11 'lll fur Ko·~tn ,, do l..-..... .... 10 I" I \Fndn,. NovDr c.. . ... .. )1 (jIIIIll 1111 ho.~tI,,, A rgs \a~hhlllp, Nov ........... 2d Ilav re du .......... ··. are giri y +l YatnmaavA` 1 ---- - - -- .. tae 13 till 1I)p 33 l , l o l(f lb 0 . otil --C. ---I. CLEAItANCI":S, Drermblor 19. 81 Ahi Ol-llo,o'y I.vnn, Nev, York, it I Cn ito. Chrili ,,s ! Alh'y, lhy, 01 Il C,, I) lkl.nn oil Bri . M.pnr ulpo , Sm1>111111, n, R l1¶, H d1 cl Sl h8.'7'a ma. IIl no,, Ch8rl yFio, i, mInIet t7 hr 1171. se, Smith, Mobil,. 'Yl ARRIVALS. lie Tow1oal Pi'n1, Clark, kri1n 11i1Ill Pil, havinL lf1d to Ioj einp I.aulm. I wrlllllrx r'llsltielenr nlJ i\.l .. Ilr c ' ( torll llnl 1,,l Idd. I'nll on the 18th~ illRI, 01 5, P A , Ilruglt p N ylVna e l nrn: Iet. h ll,) oe hp , heN ' IIAI'ANA..P..I s boo F1..A.I aly 31341. t.eli. r11 iv gt To-'.-.-t, I'nrl fr.,, COot,,, r lom 0on 1,;n. 3 g Go. d 1 , . HA3 tI, . Fl i II,",, r, C Iit ",, 31 ,1 onot Left till h 11 ii, N 1 l's. . 1 the In1 , 111 in, t, a I) u, I' 11. Itr l t. shi Unicorn. - '" ' " 1,1,1, lll III I. Ill~s l~ SI.OlE~l ·rIIIt33 Bt~ll FII.I(I,10 ~lidI *.1111 IlI1501 hotol.IPII 5o nod hr l"_ (' '1111,1 ,I~ 0;'r n io new loIlt It ir11, TI n lAi utI P1111 ',am, thip P I St lien I00 1LIlWzor havin in ilwed t~ .ea M,.p UII No, tIjo 'fl" 33 505 II th, river 1o NI ' IjI VI 1l1lrr. lt 110d n , g ay II anId CI~', 3 1rhlo (11831 a~1 F art 'l'a'er 1 11131 C Nl .2 1 : leo he1t ot Shipt5Ia 1.Iret Forbe lolV 17 d It, lrot. Baltimore, i n 3 3u doI,.i. J·\lloool t OOI~lll. A lo \3 Cold-,."jt0 a, I 0 d;'l$ ftbell"lyldlewo Y1rk, I is 111 Shin 1111an ll SI ps n 17 . dlli~ at fron o 'h~l 11.1111 i1.ii11Ito 11111 ,let- 01.o00i1.I &o A ti )lok e I 101 71 ., BaI , 1 91111 d1y1 Iduo dl, I11', iW At dojl,,g Chllit Ah"r,ll 9 d11ory. frt" huh 621 do' '1 l- lreg11ly P,-158 d.,ine e0o~ll A,1.yI1,0 fIl, 1'lot.) (Me, o Dr m Addtlr. COSIiIIdI Il (581111 00 ',00' 1.M.111. inool 5 11 by fot lvala ostr Po .r 11 ary Wo,.ao, (,1.1akr, I, d. Vllkl I ilyat &a, to &18ll0r Ear,,),il Al. 10cLrmpe, 8 dny.LF f; m 'A114pio, t 104 -Ilip I8 lo lllItlltO1,,,1111 PInlli' 1 Id ,,, I St l 3UU 1 Towed duo,, Ih o hull of 1111.1t1 0' I.,,tI ownI 0 41, Ku'.nt Ajob,, &rom IlO lOIl 3.r. y o t FtO :8PI1 k,;)IItlll'.IOlo AVto& A lEW-YORGK..o , ship O-e 9oIo16.10,0W pi t. I1001 Il.1 b y 0o, Z,2hot ao; (111, 32 W 3ll7l lg; clllold t tA n A lll stld 11 I6.5 h"In.'arllq r IlbAVlZNA.. Per b,,5 F',s, ,~ A"I,'ly: 21;4 keg. Inrrd, G paclkugo aW1 t I& hsIesll y & o 0 l 0 --Per 1- oR Morris Coopear: (1011 } bbl. Roue, I16 1-r CHKiIt A.t Oto.l IP- . ,Ile lr alo : 39 I11111) B0lles nod 109 MORI~LE..I' De rchr IPlorerclc l in hlld sugr anld 130 base.), FlttI0lAo 1. ~110311& ltI I IIoop S Lo; ".J~dI..~.1.. 1A1t111111,o;o P .IIILp 13,,PIItd Slob,. hip fr. ,,t d SPhi lpi: 200 I,1,hoot,, h,, 1ýn,.. *h4ll ld).Il -I --1'.r shall o IooI. eaUE.ottgi.l11o hII . hay. '". "nrk.· I" Iss, onle tut iron pll.Dp and .-udry i0 NEW t YIiK..I'oPtt l5'13 VIrlil I6 Itl de. h01 y 150 11n3 SG urll l lll, 1 t1111 . 1111 t t M,.MPICSO . l or...1" SaIh A,,'.: $', .005 .rcir. t J Cre~hy; Ao~looth~ C(to~vll; TtopieosJRdpto.T~oo.,,i At ,·i SenTa.lnl RA BLT)11ORE..1'or *Ilp Mar9"rrt Vs,),,, 12 70 pet Dl~tillc.l 1,1M h.ttl.t Inc. p,911 .1.,Il~ 1.1 Of-- .d a, 11 CIIoo ILL IOp . N.,lo, Sho, C01,3i. 1otll. rot alo d mdse. L'OIL'l'L. AND, 31 ..P- 11 1,9 3 . , 1',,5,,11: 2011 ble potntoC.I SG inn.corn tm-e, al lam era I.t C liuur S j 9 ANNAH.. ,-Jorl ) orry Traver: 207 tierces rice and mdze.u to l'nllc iC 1 ll5el1 . h4 II1 k dolman . ; %%..dD. Illo llr Isncncr, -. Jn,!lol & cu. D Smnhlllnd..prr .tramm8 Ro, ky Moumlll,," ,'4 5 hat., cnt DRt lla . I, nollr, Lake .a \\'1,n, · ; 21( du (·UIIIIII & GrhIJe' In l~~11 NV m, a o, 5., d. 1'1 Letlt A d n,;5 o 1 1 .1 P'rres01'. J(.,r, & e1; 7i d,, Ln"Ithrl, .ll Fnlrll S Ilullnyan. 2 Sdo \llro:n 1'114,a11. y,. n; 11 J.. Fora)lb, A 1.rlle llk; 10I d, P A Ila 113 9 J, J 1 I.rvcl, h: d, J. 8 V O.,ItCY ; 5 do \V' ,'e)); 5 As W ldn t"Sak,: o VJ Dick & ,,; 3 d, Ma;dduz & Pullllnd; I du Mr U Cooper, 4 lltll L I-CI·nI V 91 Be..); 2 Sdo Laurence s (Lannon;rl I(10 : ek. rue,, m I d1,; 54d arksJI co.5 woe, n boad; 1. 661 iuu, I' 611·loll & e.,; 5 b..· led-,r ('armlor G (;,1'e) · Rivar,, 1 0d 1I",,el;9 uI e prl;Id f A 1laul. & .·:ldll d. F l inn; Ild. J 11.1c,'. 16 don Pry TC.I \V it Arrry; ,b 11 1, 1) n 1 1 llrlumlry*; 16 do R UB liri St Ih o u,... per st. ,,nr 11 I. Kiarv:.. I1 u eý, ~r. God r , o Sta: ll ,'"h luur . l 1 J1 p1, k I', W l/wt er; '. IhhIP pork, Mr 1:1,; 61 hale- I'lillu l, N J 1/5k & , o 3 I, on 1s,,r no heard; 2: i hand sheep, o w ner o,, land. A5,,,,,), ll.. 1',', a.'sl lr Volol llosdr·: : 91 ha e . I1I)I, o N &6 J 0't "v- co; 171,1,11 I"" ;.` e? co; 12 Jot I'rt rusr, Ar re 1 a,. ,; 1:14 to J K II'aaucle & r," 4d do 1, 1,1k ,p11 Tbollll·', l 24 do Ill .An. Wllld & co; 4 do YFork Ilnltllrr,; 74 $ell~ lrkn lu., Ab:·rl illyl Il.,an.I,;l 03, 15, 4 I.,duuu & cu; ;17 20 it . Fnl'.h , Iieh,,,'r & Deg,),,,, dU ~pith 6' Vollrhsl·· 7 of Biasar-Pe, krr·lholst Arall: 47 hales mt~ln, to J R I'I~ucllo S en; ,io do I'ayroua. Arceutl IS co; 56 ,lo ''lru· Bar. red, 42P do A Ledollra & r; 4du A 11,vardea & a. CONSI 1iNEEB. Per Abll, .~rrrtgnnvl~tt. from 'lllllhl,ladepn: matzso to N F ConneI~lly, 11x)1,,, A 0; I iroog Aru; IE Heh ard J 1 1'.r .1,,,, Waplsar, flau Sew Yllk: ,ndzor to Ilyd, & Good nchl; 1'eatcr .r 11,1 a J1; P V (ull,,,; Y.,nllurl .Is co; Joseph Cuckolvue; Hrsry 'Pate; I Luollb. Krai Ilrlrrlu , I' CntI & ro; 1V' 11 Sergalli c1,; 4 L Furly; A Gt..l t M o; P Leary; (: Uosll,,;; oad thle 1'sl,. to Per ,bill U',, 1,d StntIr. , n 'l'a.cji. .ri m.I,., 1. W IS eo, s, r,-1 . Avry: Adorn,- C 1(.1 LWll; Giillllglmlil d" co; cnuil v e.: J H \slrlldldle (iuoll,nll I.rvy; J U Ilellgro: UuM,,,. IS Urn-l; 1V Wondcy.~y J "1' )long h1; WY C.I$I.II; Hewlett,. Ferriduly. & co; G.,.rrlll co; Rugerl r Hu01wl0, 0; Godfrey, Lo.". & 5, S,1.11, ., H,-ma"', IS Soln; SI:hllllll & ao; Pierce Sbemmn t i IIII; Slsutru i, A0,"ry 4, ca; Peters IS Ill,,ch ard; \\'llluul cu. Per ·Llp Margrare F,,rhlx, from old ~ore: 1,.. n'd m~ze, to T' C lnpgsHil: Bolen , Itu1rlhorn Canln.,,, Jr Wl.Haa ,,; J W I Zanhurla; Yullrllran I co; Walt-l , c1,; I.;llludr & Jeeruul,,; 1' M1 PII,"luus( · ·\ cu; J Lilnli. h co; G Les~; Rucullsr Sl Jlll, q I rot Weed IS N .1 .. ; Wbitrldge IS o; VV llig~rt; A Grout;; Rir4Ard.ou, Writer"'. , i 1'uod; Wooud & atone; J C ~C H.,.,,,, 11.1-bi R Hllown; P Shannon & Uru; L` It K,.,,sdy;y 8 Lurlg; C k J Anldrews; Adams . F Iiarll,)fi J Bircu,; and fi ardor. tie PASSENGERS. Per Ihill United States, from Phi'a~lclplhin: 111 hoclaaker. 11 J Pemhon, R Ilbmlu n. C E S dulaill. ;,,,d 11 .taetilgc. Per alll, VV'arauu , fromn New York: II Lamb, l. ilac M Ain,0- b I hies, t, R Gatrd ,or, Ileullllaoon, 11 4;11. and 11, Orr. Prrrbil, !Vrrr.lnolelal, rom P Yhladalgpll.: Mi.. Todd and 1' Mr. 8todlert. toI Par schlr ,'arh Ann, from Tnmpiro: J Repn.,. T Soar., K 1 M D,114,1,0),, A C Perry, M Hrlmr. n 81. Rork, K tkr lnuamilil . fro,, 8 lihhtsndl Mess, Pelletier, 0, Lo~ r. ",pr.C N.1,15, 15)1,1, 1u1,,,,, Levi,,"', I(··Iusr, sold Forsyth.. e hI " fod Y Velripeoe, Alp To ,.,iio, .ii, Fort" 11, !. gao, Burdraidl, 0 B immon.. J PA ,e Fqoeh. MEMORANDA. '0- Bhip r-pnrte bvine 'pna.e on tile 11tlh Init, a. othels I).one. Spanish Rrig r vt" -. tIle Capt of which ra ported that on tile 51h hInt he 'oie ill wilh nld capl ure( c Portatloore BslaP Frig. hbving ol, hoard 2O 1 rao.., and that he had sent her irto Nsalln, N. p. of Ship Varnw relorts hnv.ngse pokh ship Cnoreoli,* onthe o 1,3 i8lI 15 d.y. from the Iloliz., ilrhrui i Vagt half North, distant 15 mlen, holunlld t Boston. Ship United St toe reports, Ihnovinr spoke on th. 13th inst, in ,t Log. 85,50, Lt. 25, 3P, ship Do.r.tli.. foo Nt. Orl,,.... to, SIaler it L Kirrey reportl thedea.h nfCharles Tr.,.nn, aiotrerlan *ailor; he ohaoyo acidentally fllle. merhoar, i Wlle I.he bat was laying to oa Now Carthage. on the night of t io T"ri E PRESS MAIa] S New York, IIth D*1...,1' hiI, St laryl Folter, for N. O. s, Ar. hip Ruliro,, Ron-ill. htrrco. SPhiladelphia, 13th Dec...Cl'd schr Texas, Smith, for New Ortenio. TRUE ATIERICAN OrFICE. In connetion with this N)lice is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE FOR THE PRINTINi OF Pamphlets Blank Checks Catalogues Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Receipts, r Legl Notices Auction Bills, Bill Forms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Circulars And every description ofJob Work that may be required. ITFThe proprietor respectfully calls the attention of the public 1o te above Card, an I assoreo them that all work intrusted to his care shall be done at the short. Ynat notice, in a style unsurpassed in this city, and oat the lhnest rates. HEi I'IIUE A l;lElIlCIN. EUDl'rED B-Y Joalfr ClH.sniON. FAITDITUL AND BOLD. %Ni IV OI L, AN i: STHURSDAY, DECEMIBER2E, sIs. DDlt.crroRY.-It is contemplated by the sub et oriber, prnvided uRflicient oenaonigement is given hy the public, to pui,lifsh,; n addenda, to his Di recnory and Guide of Ihe City of New Orleann, comprising the new residents, and the changes that have taken place during the past season. Person dersirons of havlIng heir nnmes inserted in the ndl-nda, will pleose leave themn with their proflessions and res:dllcles nr the Counling RroomlI of the subscriber, Echlanle Aolel. Cards rnesefully inserted at a Ilodtrle price. The Addenda will be sold bound with the Di ertorv at four doll 0rr, or by itselfat one Inlar.t J.111N (;lISION. Privare aslthigtont Correspndence of the lTrue Ape 2 Since the rchoice of Clerk, spc lntion has been rife as to dih result ,d'this ser:.ion. Rtwyer aildl hepard the rungnate tr.:itlnrs, wlio have deselrted their plo(besed failb, In alrh ilmpenlding terrors ofl South Carolina ('allh in.s n, le.ane the Wlipgs no Inger dolhtfiul, .1r, see, Ia to the course they mean Ihereafler to take. The folrllr bolted at tile lost session, llon llhe Sllb-Trtes ury Bill. The Inrrter am'n to tIle perfirranrr of this diiagreeable tsk molllre deIilberatlly and rehlntanlly; but ° liiil he dill come to it. 1ie has n'ow given ant that hr is herlrater to co with flit party in pers, n,-nId it is oInderstood to he a otlld thine that hie is the f'an Biu ren candl.tlle for r-electillon, ill his own di.rr:ct, next spring! Iel:orts ver asn to llhe political eoln lllrxin of tis district. It is thalt far'erly r tepre' ntd by Jesse Sprigt, Ia hot I,lo,-tein,an it ou!ld be wonder , if, with allrhe iflienre at work in Nolrt Carolina ijst sw, it could fll br1r a0,, r h focoi:fed ~ a busy I"fil p ap l mi n. `'lilt, tll rie. elih, ansll h reiiw I lel from thl t selll tion it IenIIur, who de llure that if Ihe Vbig-s w ill ioly do till ir holadeo nt theie, the, irrl-y tasily triumph. T'1, ra'l troa io rv Bill is to be ne; n nor .dl upon this C,,o...., a tolltr, 1t the Pr sillnt alllll pertinncilon-)ly advis-td r his - acilh.e -t-rtre at lia, Pe. ,llpissed ai t th- ; siesi ,n, it br .ec- s e tIr, law fot ihq: I al.o , ie sl,r- ,I' Ihori I lilnl, ll Onl n of theI ploI'et here nnd eP:l.where, fIlr Ihrce ofr foIlt y'ears at hest.' For rh1, hrot elongreo.s car's~( re Ieal ilt,c ns'ituld as laie S nnlre Is 1,ll will i,-- I and if Ihep Jidl, the r veal eliln d 1o, h e arri, d bi two thirds of the lhlouq awrli donut, aialnst l lh. I elo ,f the Pre-i 'e. Butl crt/ it pnss! Of the reo, II I aml , i, rlno ennna sre. I fre i Iolllilng of th ,Ii s n in e I i ncrlIt ill tP Hllloa note, that a nimatefll t r1 , ill eomnol n with the na ijorIty of my pory, at the isr - srtlon. The fatful ifro lds rnalc by the C'alimo,,, School ,I p,,lic'n., for their own idol's peculiar ,ehoil. upon dIr , opi nions ol some S ,llhirrt, \%'hl,,, and] bh a shilll1 ibrI mllost jesuiiena & fallaemui usea of partr cirts abr'rionismll , at arri tlerl il rests,-nre ea ou h t to lstajger I1my trust the lrmnllless IIf sverl ci ns.. iene iul "- onpIlnefints of t.110 faiial mla, re. The Weld hope i1, hial no bill lolft, kind can Iip s. 1, bly hbe Iranl,d, llelet tlhe views ,lf bolthI Ihr I - vis,,rns of the parlry, the Va'li l iurenisl es rrd the I COlhounlor les. 'PIa latter w:ll gl fr no bll nor i fully Iatre ablh, to their mast.r,-- w tll th. t rl nerm be ,a ,.lly tenacious no their peculiar nrtlions lo -hi's ,unje-! . Bia, sirk ,or swt inr , rvilll or perish,' the rdul v of the whiri part, , I (,i, C t reso , fi i,, i'r-s, tainirklt frwr ar l tIi. II.--isa. b w ard t .. .. . ' v eire a... I-.rte. by p ri ' iildlry arrd rI patriotlc d, v ,lIon, r sis, This hole ultl ur... * I haler o-tnrh irar--t/hr wear-, r, brehe n tlr ni, ror le-,, w. Ir and, , The1 a-e their - i pirl a h in rl ir r done &. So-rot Atnhtoo . Ih 5Pihp floe., from Val- \I prnliaio, arrtived r New Yrk on the II h. her in reollpence is c onseq o tllyt but little lt re thnl was received by previ,,us dvirea. ThP Chilian nrmv has de ntilell the Perl'lvalls under Obrendll t, al nd entererd .illla. An awhlinonnl force of 2000men were about :,, he sInt Iloin Valparnict It that city\ A ilost sioalir fl0t it thll history of commnrce is shown t this vostl, intasmuich os one thousand I rlIs of tlo o ourned piar oll hr ctaro o Tihe idealt SCInpolrl ln hrendJtall froti Sllouth Anterici , ,oand 'speeally flo l n prtion of it so closely ongar,-d in war, is c, reatulI a novely, etspe .riy ti t tev, n I t dotes of peat e, it his been in the hIbt olf rea ctttvin largo , sut liies of lito t ar liles from us. American Prisones in Cnaolda.-Fromn I cotrrs pohdente which ht oten pithliohtd in the Stckett'a Iltll, lr Joulrll', it ippetars hliat l ll prisonerl s nllo co;l finedtin ingst on, and, now aiting their tlIals, are trroteda with gret hluolanity and consideration. A small isum of money has born set by friends if n Sl kett's harhor to procure a OtfwoJ-e.Sttaies lobr the prisoners in ort ilatoo, and oet to .. Mtl)onald E-q, the , heoilTfof Midland dt. tat, lwho I tio m int charge. tlt reply ing t the honntoui "1t1o6 enclosing the money, this gentlemalnl not only undertla.t tto ]y, out any such contributions for the purposes intended, but futrther in form, Iheir frietlls that the prisoners tIRe aliowed hv the Governlment daily one pound of bread, and one porndl of meat, with ample Iul, and plllnrty of good clmlon bedding And it sel: ot f o Cpt. \V. Vauglhn onle of tIle pisionrs--writes to his latel- thu rs:-t we are used very wsll hre in tihe For--t,-he sh ril' tends tI tu, and is a vlnr lille tn ." 'T'his. an oul clleltt is tlor Ies credlital leo to the Canadian Gltverenllt tha rotansolttitary to the, ftiend, of the misguided tn who have thus bitcolte vicalltll: in meddling with thle af.irs f ortthers. Notwithsltanding htroub II les, il Canal Ithe imports of Quebec haty greatly itncrtoacId thio year. T'h;a, however, is easilv ncollltlrl fr by the tresence of eo I arge at portion oftll Blritilh lArmy,of wham it is said thre aare now in the upper and lower prolvinces shott r liftsee thoao'ti , bloeidth anl elllot diotl forteo of twit' tllhat nu ., " ill .\Mlitia andlll Vollntlleer trnllns. The chareletll Itlnks are boPolllig very unpopult. fr In thoir molnopolziitg Itrnsa tions, that ol Upplr ( rnadlla thaving rakeon of thle l llllllisariat filiy lottall nd la pounds in Elxchallnate Bills at II pe'r cnt. If hod hare, tld inl Mootrotl, dtlal lit +g l hr"e .oeo n tlrwn against it lt e' per centllir e n tly t rll- hlofti l oif thi lle rilll mO'lllllll it; t, al to the ,Iatbiag of lhe gor ernmint, at ad not the pleasure of Irt haires on Tuesday evening. stand was fulland fashiono l{ Lady of Lynon, witlh Itis ltat P in Mr. J. R Sat,tosCl.oldr e4well received th, tile Imnnngetr d to repeat it ..a.n ghlt, and we S soPtte absent. Thtl.tsagreeale weather Inart nilt prevented tman tr"n attending the Thieare. It was 1Is C!ifton's second appearance ; ale pcrfrormed Con. stanse, in the Isove Chase, and seldotm have we been so m bch gratified, for seldol have we seen Spiece better east, or better gtl up, and netvwith. slonding a second delinquenev, a endden iltnes, of Mr. Harrison, which cenlled Mr. Pearson's good natutre into requisition, by reading the part, ieldnomt have we seen a piny better performed, Of Miss Clfton'a Constance we would speak cri cnlly if time permitted, and withoull partiality we should award her a most distinguished rank asan artiste WOelnt's W\ .-rThis exelient ply, of Knowles' is to hbe perftormed to night at the Carnl., and that too, with a powerfl enat. All the characters are worthy of the artists' care. They are we ll drawn and very nearly equal. In Inngose, this drama compares with any one of Knowvle'e, for strength. beauty and point. How the piece will net, we cnnnot say, never havinag seen it, hut from the In. lent engaged, we have no douo, full justice will he done the author. On ctparvng the Cast to nisht, with that in which the play was first brought forward in London, it is not a whir behind the lr. ter. On a prtopr ocnsion we tony pa.s our oninion upon the representation of noman's Ilit,--till then, we may safely leave the matter in the hands of the public, who will not fail to sustain both author and actor., if they he worthy of support. tfutic.-The Concert announced by \ladamle Garia Ruiz for Monday Inst.and postponed on account of the drea iness of tlte weather, sill take place t )-night in tile nall Room 'of the City Exchange, in St. Lonis street. That dtthghtfttl singer. Madame Ellthrmun, she intereaing Eliza Roasi, and Signor Rosa, will aid with their brilliant talents this gifted Lady. Such a musical treat may never again occur. Boath waes play cg again in I.,sville on the 12th. lie has written on to announce hisi coering hillter, and to nmake prteratiolln. Fro.t thle Courier of yeterday. Tite tortent walicWe.en ltliirti d vt tertl,v raen tive to tt e inretine trotlle. itl M ' se r cl.,lltflutld by tie arrival, this morniag, of rle slhr. snarlh Ann, t'n;tt. lonttntse.froue Tamrico It aptears ha o e 30lth ilt a an llgtl.lrv balttle tok tplace at T'atllpiC, be tween the adherents'of the gospreiet lnd ih tr etoln, and the federalists commrand edv er n Ur res, ill which tire forleer Were defeated, with thes loss .f 50d men killed and aounrdet. Among the prisoners taken by the ftlderalists, was Gan. I'tcttro, ste commalder of the goverlmlentl roopa, who as olot im edlately after his eupottre. In oddititon to ato lneore we htvr tle ftidlowng par liculalr frotle thte loe car thi r mornins The deletidero of l'anmico 'unf'rled sotle lona. lit not to a great extent, hr ingo n tr one hundred f teir ttnr' pot hlor. du oraln tihnill i. irayv. Gen. Cosa fldo f fl tOhe as l oun so aE leprceivtd it was going against himn. Afier tile bnttle, the gorermtrt army retreat nd about n0 miles fronm tle lthlt alted to await rein forceull'e. lThe next ty atll Itr, vessels which tile oovernment tlarty had detainedtl or I te liar came to town, andll levn the S.ttlh AOt' ift, Itere were seven vessels it the Inrbitt, att'tntn Idchl whcre ttree t Ameli eCns ochtoolet'o from New fl)lleon.-, olte fron Hrvnr, an Amteritn hrig ll'"onld With inn:lhittr, for tse taitse , ndl houot Ito l'era Cruz, and two iemnllls briga from Ilttutllrtgod Bremtoen. All ex ,tess arrived at Ta,npieo fro Mlexieo a lnv or two htfore thie deitlute tl the schooner travh Ann, oehirinr the news that rile governlent' had pnsliltvely tefllel to .ctCk llltvlelg. tny of the artitler tl cnpltlltalinn entered into hetween Ith French nld lexieano ato 'ert Crnt, and that no trety\ . n mevrr wouol hIt rattteltd. I' is therefir. hohlly prahtoltl thai ere this wotr has been lormerly d, t, la ted h I,.tw e Fr.tnce and \Ilexio. W' : re indlterd in a nterotantle frend Lfor the ftolowing etter, written Iby a highlly respect le geUlltltind atd Idtetl <slot-rtoo, l ettlrtber ft. 1831. - flC iec, Iliie ;tii r 8, 1838. ' 6A short i e rincer I in rnei y.outi t i tIthe I enrrisoin oi thi pl e, l had rrv, lied ie nini t i thi. iby ge eral govrn er;ll lll ntlel i lthe lr tnl er genterll, )i11 i' dra c , i ,ii , vernli of his oFllier', .ill i i1 {,i.i' iiii1 i i 1 i hi . phil. hi:i c hti l .cd I n e illlrlhele l, .i n ibord iiielsh i, iri2 I,ounc fir N~w OrIeiiil, (; n er-l ii i ii. ic ,i lead iof i,,i1ii hu N ',v O leans, ir rIlilv ,,,., ~I + IIh, t. 0i, ~ll o I, 0 l lld int nm ,. I hi r-,ri if f l.iili. ; at whiich 1,1 . l re ,~ i r, t I a a s :one iby G r n z t n IC - i e, 1, 1 t.e rii. IlH llle li '. I t ol . i'r he p b I' oiln.l Un Wlllnlll hl h hr ! Ir" ll lli hll a ll ( G o .r, (I l r , lZ r y .l ia the d i . I r1 lIl I i 1+ -nii,. I l , r. o, , "ýe cam tu ,ll ntl. t,, l , "1 o, I hr+ .IlI( l h u 1T llltmo tam ll l f CIr- y ,rall, i i lb : " ihe tlirol i l ltIof ,he L++vi rnllinit Ylr , to nc i sura te ihem Frerti , and thl a the I or,, honeis w ,re there po e i' clll oui t in A i pii r ail ls Il er ii iri s iln I doubt i hlll , h ld Gleneral IO ih beeiin iecscln.ull roI or ll o ll te il" rei rs onll l ld Eav-e h e, vli rll i hI . .- liy letter,,r i i o ntl i nt, i n tr n ll "ll ex;c , the ul g vlrnilmnll t w ll not ratify he rel i uilaliin of VeI Cruz, na signd by Admiral 3 nut in and ten. [tin. I ti. 'Th r sitate that ihe whole cro ntry shall c sr madI e liiO lichre, i eflorlle the will si ubmin to the Flrne' demanll ds. We were never more it want ii i iii I Full rl lll' l l qll ce F l iii 8,i uinrtc I, I,, .i I I to ihi ik lii. t the Ihey Ihave nol diuii y to perf'ri n ih I Fw r , the proteitul e i of hi ler I 'lhlw ciu lizerid i ali hat t it i i more for Iheir lben.lii toi he rut ing Fll r i n rI one 0~r'l ill, ccih r hi q ..t i, ,lone "Ir frei ht,. SwAe sh.ll perhu ,s iete ntol' oe , nV of pthem, ail! tl i Pe ur r lse thar tarpen suelis o lum Thei ariilelldofcape lulati-mn V n pulaer that Veri ri fruze shall rut ni in pse-s.i,, op Gen. Rincon, she Mexican coimnimlndallli, -lbH a g rrinon of nol v,ur 1000i ne ,l l llt e dii i ' U hties i Fwith Frainc are I ojur ed, until whiich ill!e the pl orl is to be i orned llo the coimerce of l ntionsl . The Ca - iitof Str . Juan de Ulloa to be occupied by the F ,ch nd , idhave every facility for supplying ir beel compelled Io quit Vera Cruz, dare permitted ri return, and full omprisisl, l Io ho e med Ithem Sand M, xican comnmaftndi1ers, alnd daled the 28 h of a November. iCorreepundence of the N. Y. gonr. & Eiquirr.'J «VinleitNOHc Dri. 8. F l ih late news received fril'n vue city rll8 cr. roted n much gren pllle plllie) mo h AmO i ,rlnin+tr:. i io pioi ,le than yo'ui ire it e - l. 'T' ie Preei luen, ns well is the hleladst,, D pa llrint ai t lr tiproe for the rerrtlpt lt sie mail ,o-niht, a d are I hli c I l, v.ury Fhl i u ii Ihere houd ebiile s i sr new i i anid fe.irul exp siciii . The i , I tc knr s oi . asi i i. . F evn Ior ed f obe a i l tit i tlel I.arly ti he Serei laryl i l/uhe Treasury, itCd wele ai sentlue nlaft ret ht i s I t niight. T,- ;I t they wait ilie "rr, al General Gra(1 iio, F eri v has lren arached even to the crri'ge anl d c horses. 11ts bring s rich. en from hule roFlli of the alrny wai dt lcr,.iined in Cabirnl meeting, and ilthe Secreryi if Wr is said to have le ll nimuh i al lie ster lln R uan did when hie piesssd rlt, ntri on1 his oiwn s on. Theis who hai e ,urtken m tiii liberally of the honie itality and kindll liess of lLre s ll elltral are I d in their r irolche s, particularly ftei crelatures of thi aid. i I lllll) lr , n IJ appI ean l il y , 11r ii n li heu cle h rilorly l as-lr Goverim t ih U l e ri . r ii r TileI eil ll'cashlul.lnicll rc e r duerr t i ll h euisr 1iii Mir. Adlcie,' Adllciiisicrai n n ierti l iii " fuiri rn. irlll, loun oF hic will be lound lln he p.r p i1a'. tl u , elll rl digracetful cli ill er th ti ieet irked e ar i gellrr sf il Jileckso, irl i lee ilhrei diuing die shrc period rf theirlti|al carr. From Li/e U . . Gsett. 1 I,. EI'ST NEWS FRO1l I tjARiI diI.IU'. 'i l, . tlarrielsl ur I llcil di l d 'c o s dC y n litlyu s ddon n ,andei yeccitery me hiuoritir e i fi d i t I hrll ,i lusr lr rl n I Ili, faiu, e w nIi n cll n m1, .rll I tiie iciui'tcuuievl w h ich run off i rell itr:r ihe .lt,, J ',i,,. i ii icc O U llln t uf w h ic h w ill b e o u n Id ni ollu thirl , c d rll I rieii ui. i'lei Itlriah r, raIlil aiierrived lot eiwi nire l ah u t II o'clockr , nd illhroegh tilne iiiti, cll. i i Iiwe reeived i le luilw isll nd byl Ith S wIkr I sel I h'l t e iii tl "t i IIIm l J (m'ul y oIBr the new C in.Itu 111 , dl i d. T he Senate chai met d enrd ii wers hE m Ii)lt for to I ry Fili cla s rs ,,I t i iw sets fi iiile nt s IrCc li Phlilae.rlphia c ieeol r. The . i,1. lnt.leen rc. lililer i lerks,he Frahey of Scntpr tkil. l aysr l I (, llloh, K ne ry of Waiyl i, Ve n li I temi Fu ei, r.iui c F'riciliili, Ewiing ,1 Wi , iili 1s, tl'eriii ced i e F ieir- secd (ii, i Ci met'I , o'.leock th'e eviening,i ihe greau ' o. ,,Ih,, ih, sc snaled by the Seakcoer f ihe eate t call to i Seni chambr the i .i - errse hoeilk h ii~t, lit Reircsruiinvicc Iuilceuc of :iu Sroe il eli.tiecoftelle - liii',n d ie ith.ceir ceed ..Iu e of i rr, 19111 ci At1.icc, 1836, i he iii" 8en ,F 1 irhe Sipibi cme sihall i ri and ii u lih ihlt A c is retie ,u i tih. , 1. ton for and ngainst the omendmenea to the con ticl~titn of rti.$Stnte. Ieptfrleed tly the rnnt.rnitin in lth preslrne ofthe members rr rlie Senate alld tIIotse o'f Reyres.enlltivejr en tie ntt\t T.olsdav 'lfter IhP first Thurednv f Iohe nrxt sto essit ' ft L.ei.slahiure after such Iron th wino, under that act ret, ivedt Ifron the Secre. Itnr" o the Contmttttttoleh the 'ridl retlrit a. d.. hivered hv the said Sh'et'ritrth ''it hi Cimmo enlh Ino re. ifs Speaker of dh Se lnnti, I wdll, ,n it. mronrron, heint a ch next Tiesni ,ier the li st Thlr.rtI,' ni lsuch next sei. ion of the .. ttislatUr,, oil 1|2 a'tIl)o . meridian if t!hll d '.v, ill the SrliltPle chambler, per,,rn the duv en ,lined| Iup,rn lie I t. Ihot Ilt antid I hhere7y trle II. the Im | - l.reo of thi Soo.te and o Iiuse of Redr. selootaltte, Ihnt I wil' sl perforon ihl douty and I hreby reslecrlullly invie the memnlbers ol Ite Senati. and Iltll teif o l leresnr tttll Ve. Ii it beIrtse . nt ecordolll It, lha prtntoiet af tthat or.l. CIIAS. R. PENROSE, Speaker of the Senate of the Conuollnwealth of of Pt'nnt I vn nin. Nondny morning, the 10th of D. eember, in the year 18313. Cammnodre Nichlson died at llliimere on the IIth afte. a few hours illness. S. Elli t (whig) has been re-elected Mayor of Bolston tttat FOR NEW YORK. Holomes' I.ine-iRegular ptcket for Dee. 22. v Thep fasl saili, iaptmket ship A l.. BAi A C C Herr,to metier. hlvin i.t large part of her Ergo enga led t will suilton her regular taorn ato tre. Fur idtland e of freitht, tht Iulk of 50 haols eltll or passage, apptly in toardt , opl, sItetla vegetable msrket, or to HENRY C. A II E'. '.... 48 t'3 llm t fl Thle litter tto if tie A I pihiI1tVE'IL F())., i I.iverpuol, will he i i from t1 le Merchants' Excho e, thi. afternoon at 5 o'clock, tlto The letter tag ftl irs A I iu oeriarl rsii tRAlBIt.ErI, fil Havre, will be taken from thie Merclhant' Exchange, at .5 'clok, tis afternron. d20 I, A G A.E, 93 fmm o . t rt IDP'The ship Adrian, Cat.t. Somiters, froo nBostrn, i diclrgig at othetf l Road. 'eosigi.eea will plese attelll to ttile receipt of theiir goo.s. od.0 RI A D & IttAro'TOW, 7 Bantk Pieee GRAND CONCER'r, AT tihe i'itv Exrhange Htall Itlmn, On Tlhurtrd nert, Dec. 20t.f 18e30. by Mr.t onoe iARCIA RIUIZ, and orveral Arersta of thti Italinai Cumpo.. PROGRAMINI . PART i. let. Dtel of 13e:iarit, y by Meadamne SR.on tiand (.hresini, Doniz.,toti, ad. Romance iof Alice, in thie 'peer of tohert te I)iable, by ti rs. El ler2oll, Mayerbeer, 3rd. Diret t Flin anr CldlRl,l f by T te.Creniti onl De IRt. treadando, 4th. Ani air with variatitetl, fr tile violin, hv Beri it, 5tht Cnviinoi of Rottec, d'il Mntrr. ll C pletir Celuloih M"le e (oaroain Ruoz, tllllili. PTn II. let. Air of f'Gr'lnt' 4,II act ii tfte olpera of rtobrtlr It Diable, by Rtlad,.me llerttoa, ; Me'erbeer, 2nd. Air T'rquoiTel'asso, by tMadame Garecia Rliz, Donieelti, 3rd. lDulet of Williom Tell, by Mre. de rroa and n Amaoteur, Rossini, 5th. Grand IDuet of La Normo, by Me. Ellerman, Bellini, 5111. Nrtiionat Sponinto Air reog by Madoic tGareia Ruiz, oett"pInd by her father. Mr. Gareia. Tirkets may be had at Johns & Co's, cor er of (Com mon and St. Charles estlreli andil at Notler & Broetard', St. Charle' street. Admittance. $1 n,. The cone.rt will conlllnlelee at 8 o'clock pererielv. .122 -lt.ATES-Screw Plais. eriii;- sft. ad alt0, at Inllllnfetllrers price, fir st.l by dtS0 SIIAt.I. & rI.{OWN, 92' tnrazile st veil at l for sltile b dto SIIA .t. A "BRO1WN, tff !oerneite st r. WENTY DOLLAttRS Trp,\Vt.It)--I..e lton the premises of the oub.ert'fer, corner of Itl~phin aed CIi .Ireie, Otenll o o Vidnylladi eveoiPn, the S1ilt instalrt. abrown or t rk lay Hr F e, ah )tI six years S, a little ebove tititllini c ri' , zo e wte ite fiat, t a aoi tid tol whbloer eier tit e sir hrm the tntlersi e n i, ir give s iuch ih j mlfeorrnt titn t i ll tt d t' s i,.:.evrr,. d20 'I. t t3te,. the c 6d YOF N16 W ORI6E.1NS-161pI ,.ll lb enr r of pllprrtt on Front(.yp Lever str ut, a e herlI noti- " r c mlply rill) the nldimn noeorder thAl I f Il ii 11(N IIIFI1 -- ir; cri bcd, in '6tlv dove from Ii S,,11 ItIwn le willll6ith r llllll ek Ill, i6 s.I 611'1, I 1f '1,l 116 ~1' i (: III I1614' I '~tr; rl,.,O r In Front a not pnt" It" . f p Ir'.rol s 6 li, i r "i 'n, ýýý vn I nfr' r a In s11 is t: no e d~ll r" n ·1 11· III1(.I III IJ·Tlir.T N.11T ,.1 , prior de " nIac1 it et 66, n 11j~ ," one.: , mn"- Ibr ilm Ids 5::t ,I'" lev nl t ,n 1.1f.,..',en"+ 614 lr,I rnhib,',' r, l 6 1 , 1 1,l , - on Timr t .a4l Pniiteu ':a~c, o If r C116 6166161 ".1 4211 n 6616111.IlllJ'G "16:6 lstit a, " i Towneli llt lIN VItr'I sI 671,11.' 17T1:11Y. 66 1 5555li ' ' IInr .,,,,,ll1 C,6p l'". r rl '1,1166 pl te11 el6Inldu't Ill 466 il IN1hib new Pd. Il~···~i~l~lilnlIror.;,,. II 11116 1,,, 11,, , 61 6rx tiro 61,16k. npnon's Retreats, designee 2 Forvillas, ,t0c. he lewril 'l 111 11 110771 *6f) Ili. :11iInrv. 3 vole, IV' ,:r 'Arr' 1 66114nic pocke , Ii ''nosy,16f~ ~ 11I A,,hu. f1,r 1,1ini hing for Rooms IG %.1 nrinl131r Oxford, 3 vol., :" Pnbl'c Wo~rks f(rs iiti i sie le Bemoaen theC RnllwnIV prnwlli--e, tit W1e I0-n I1ail R16,1. a new byhlien, t irhnisnn's five o rd.'rc inl Alchitle~·trlrp 421 _'rr ___ahf nn Il1.,I.,ic I SkS~etchelr'. llanlraI, ,d AmIlnfrlr'n \In.rllal. In Rruf s hnniinprrine, Thai 11 titre' ttitit 1 ninn of.ttica, folio,, II Sh11211 J P K 'itO'4bII r j 1196Il Treadglold'" Prinripl)'P of~auiponlcrinc, is G losaorv of' Archilecture, l)lw's'Innoln, . "' A variety of Elementary Drawing Rooks, & Sp 1115661 5l1 1,-11 e I cas s, l of let, llnd ted 3r 11 11s' in11611,6o16 by lIT I -llE lPIN I·'4 Ul~lf(l-lO · )112111r SI*·)1I' YY lrlkc 1]2 \V1 II 11 66Fl .Cn~lns Iii 11t.-5rPII VR1 l11'('OY cL,:7znmol66r1~k&Co, ' . Fron 66611,-, ho1ve.~I enlnrg.d rhnir Tin and~ Copper \In·n1Iacttarin" ·IA'lllh Ii mnt, S llst l llafeIV, 7oe the adsoil art1 Si , Cle ' ,1,6lfnelrr hf tin, tit N61 York, priclis. Per. l.nn, d6ling6 in41he 1 w1rs 6re inviteld to 1xamine-th 1 eir Anll 5 ,lI1IT Si B1'1jdjt1 II slty --I e " tO S I.OCI(E & 11, 8 Froolt'lLrret· I"66166 166 ,AS-66,1I mieslMrk i ll61'1 UII ll 61,1 A1 i. store, Pnd f.r 51o1.,6. 3 :111 14111. 411 I,,i.I. , Q, N I11gT Ill , IN 61' N S1k1f.,Crd winter srainbel *2sperm niJ,,1,61 4,,xte pur 0uigfOnsi 111 1161 l1111l061 111366616j brnlaet'r d'') 134 5661 Illin,6lol 1,6lb,6LESl. 16111 hoes11616116m Nw 4e~ii1d ` .Sperlm C1 lltle:, 6, lloil l tl ,'ect b1y j I,61161 11 v Jon. ik r'a., principallRIy fos, now lIn,%'11611' fro Warsaw, and for sorrle i,v V 21 JOSFPll COOK tyNE.,25Grain rrt 66y k O: 16.- ,.llll ('rIf il i", 0o,-k it 561 1 in6 I6 f1 r ISAle uI fit, cooI yard, inCa11 l tre 16,Cflb ween Ca unldrlet and /l.(nlnl)( shet.. 1]` ,20 lnPI'ER-i56-1: 7 hags superrio~r quality, in good or.r o o de, for salec by SHA~LL &ir ROWN,~ 4 rlit _ _ _ 96 Maazine, at )'TINE-Arin~il nvoic of Siily Madeiral in piples, 41n9 Srlal1L. & (BROWN, 97 \Isg~lrine st t.. .ulrcrior goally, let, -ale b y Sd19 sIIAI.[. t lRO)WN, 960 Nv~nz'nlr a ý\THI'II': PINE UU11B--RIIO:) l 11 fre clear ,! (orrsalebyO f ISS of Yrxts, pan' aloons aInd undl~er shlires, for UI*ly to dl'J SIIAI.& SLI3RO\V, 71i Dlipuzine st NI1'IVE AMERICAC N ASSOCIATION-11- toga t day evening nlext , the 20th inst., at the 1 Ifl(Cehantf ' 1":X- t wl~illl to Gmgrprr.· on thle sub~ject of thle naturalization o taav., will be Llltllljined· The elertian of Oal16ceri for the. ll~llilg 1 ear will take a plnre, s All witive Ame~rican:, re·idin_ inl the rite, ftlvoralle to Its objects are teapot ')follyv invited to t I1·1oin() 11 SA 11'L, A. JONES, Pres'r. protei. ai L. f a a, Seely. Pr~ot nt. 419-2?r is rj1l : soh ~criber" hav~e now n oi hand and for safitle: to, 20 oeseta op randl ofl'Jrlle·s Gould.' to 300n dol imnitotimn No I do, .'50 talio~v candies,. broad of.·raaekson b:.lrowblridge 4ulnperln cot "lllln, N Redfof~rd and N antulket 50 Italics Juddl~'., patent do do 311(11 d, cnIfish D It'll 'o n ;nuhtlutrd tnlllnccn,vn rio is brands ;2110 ewe's hyena s~:tI young Hys le( tea 50 finite.I'I paste hlnrl:kingp 31111 hogs Roiltnn Intel. lti (-ask w pelr strainer) spe~lrm nil caHCLs tied OCIIIY , s, end 1 :1 t ol debe tue edIsImlernr ot 2'0 o- 1 c tu..71 nul .4 :nllw le- -iedhu Ir ny I, ker ,IIII Il l it ,bl t Fi er ieg i ll r l Iln lli.   &, 3 I~r.'s,.Il 1 l 01 les1)clnllll Canm!, SI. Theatre. l'lird nigigt ofl Ih, rgag ellmlnt 'of I lS NEOI.ti. N This Eering, December 20, WVill be perfir,,erdf the celbr,'al ed Play of WVOIOMAN'S WI 1'. \ at i nsilC m, Ir Fr(etPrick* F*;lll{ l o.e, J ,,h I1E~lil, (lie,.er, . {{z~rt reH, Eul'r ace, Mi s Nelpo r, "iero. Mlrs. BaUiIht Osrture. y ftyh Orchhfryt Afer which the thrilling I)f nma of ISABELLE. Elln". Mrs. Frederick, Sro.(ro . ir pill /I lld rl~w , ris SNEWV f((OK(S. [ILEN. GLANVILLE, a nover,l by a lady of rooank An EFlreilitii,, of nit'overv, it,:t 1, Iolsrir o Afrirn. Irhfitrlllfd by vralt ofilxfr,,oe.r o,,ohs Sta,,lry, ,,, tile Recolef:tion. of a ilan if tIo W,,rhf,fJ, t o s. Thei Civy of tif, (zar, or a Viii to St Peterisbui, ut Ihb wi s ti r of l.9-:.1, y T ,,s , I( k es, Esq. 'Th Poe:ical Voriks of Miss I.naon, collmpriir tihe hI', isarnirofi, (ihhIfr, \'dio e. Viow of l I'P .rItok, tie Iron old,,jir, Vconillaa ]lf'crlo t, iIt EAlt ir , i u. ill I vl,,, Alo. fir 7iIh No. of jO,,ollf. Nifklehffo. Jus rrceived and for soalre f VM. 3IcKEAM, I- .D4,-+ bkgsI-. ,r- o ,lE r load fod,,, ain, d rl .i'r'I'E ON . 'AVsll i', (J AjOYAPnfI) H, 1.-1,1-If, hh,ls IP. ' rise h+ra ., ITS )f'& A VEI"I Oh i,'1 o.rse si A )LE 7.5da b o ii,, ri ulabr'd T11.--15 caskasinhtr stlruine-d Oil-ihir -l e - . litL l ,I f I.ANtIIAIiD. I :ORK.--,, s i;,1 h ,1 hi, r o -,y dl88 1111 II.S, f. Pod'ans at I_)OTOI,. f :1,d 'Ifh, io, iunsiovwl ,ofoife.- nod rilailfor sale by eWINO'ION I SO ALI., d1 is frono LIeveo 1. lASlSES 11:h.1 11f] o+ 400lj. ofu6-l fs,s,r-r< t+ t +Z,f li slnall do folr sl by O II BIs.s& di3 a 11 - AVAN effb2 L for II sd fo .o1111,f b F AII.IIi~ II i f1 I 50I1i fl's Oo1,',oi.s.,f- ... F lh I FaLff f ,, n d df ,,,,,r ll.d do dl8 73Cape 10 2ff( Ifrlhi,,l Oblifle Oi1 1 sle 10f c, r ssinrll lotig, cninin n: IBlack m~ixed, blue andl brol.a l >nitinle l nround Jacrket~; * riper, byik. xd Wn l 1er1te inl-o os: Il& ( r ry:, cotn~dP~duc~k anld c~tnl causin re d TolIotune If1 f ;SSfS ItPI Ff1 NI Is rll coErn ll *1·1;1.11nt l f olrc,- oodl , fl.i n ( f1 , $10,lfh) sir Mika ipi blfuncf Aff' ll l,,ef dli InYol lnfilfl fn r lhrs t l I I lin i ol a ForoI, ,"+&lI'PWIIlIrE, ri 7lj Ci t ii v I'Nij ,,d Iro,,, ff-lt I si i fl . 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I, &l 1' "+,,((( __flfl' ff1 010,*nhl if,.1 i flfibii i dli· g , . +il+ .\, r Pill, I sal Iflfflo , o Of dl17 Iff , )lff i ff J 1 I irrr!i, e ifl, hv I·i+,,'. ,l, h, --, lssortlii,,l, - ,,fsi~f ,,fr,,,,i If,,,, If, RollnCIII IIO.,, f 1,sf1o-f ,iff ~lIs oof~1·;;1f 1 f 11 fffr • .I ,f,,sri f , ffll :.,iI- Of tl I f3 f Ils, lLr Ylh 1a. - mpN til [IFli'ler i f If 3`1111ff: ff1,1·; , O'Oilol~ f, ff111 r e~ly cl f (l. Ta ¢l;/d t'+~ rt-~ ·l,',lrh1· 1 'l' 1nhel- ..liltlh l ,Iff i-d e i f flI, i f )\f l o lI & - ,lln-- 0 ylo~fflm.oulf lit fof i.,ili,.,t !r il E. D iII.\Ii. I.H I fW: j --If I ., f ,f 100 , N ], i,*;,.'h, !z ill,.'zlrl #I ,,,,,,,, '' d ,< t , t? too,,,ti ,) 1h1I,,,,rvi0 l, ,, o01 {,lil.ll . olo o +i f If If,, 1 +(''4 ).,.. ,lll ,h , I10 I f,:,,,f- f,1ff,,r,,,t.- iil,, n ll,* 1, ,rf P... - 10t1 f'r"fo~ ' ,l~l i~al F u,,,, f 1-f,flo,fi a .l lll+i 1 , , l ,i h ], . ll,, ! 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IA N O ;EIS' &1 11I I I":, 71 -r- a1 i. i aN 81'( at)1 ' - o It I 'aI oV s tl,' :... l at 1 il~rclt Anr l a, lad e l ,l Itl I s,,tl a I ntlllllll t t l tl, .I) I,' hat {ll I n i ti , c al 1C d. lill'l l Ift ll)I &CO r tLI lot I :ltlt I do do pt cor lain ,1 t ta T, llc',l t 1it 1 toII a. I trt lla'a all l r t at' I.,al aa hi $ , ant'Itl t., tat ,. t d tI a i : ilI h.ttala ' Ont 7 t It : ... tat "t at l. 'a tt ,d aa arn, 4f . J. I"ITT, Ti.ali ahia'+. I-_ stlt e byO. IIt. IILIS t, Ilatlea I.ltatow ti..l l I at, f laid lI tt a al e a . A+ W . I ' a 1'.lt l (( 1lla 4A' a, 67 G l vin r :1 at'al-(n tia" Sttt;ll or tha 'l2th iaaa'. aIa thlett J ( Ia t rlla tae ,linit , a isIt ll w. l ;at , a tairL La alt tIte itttltttat' ilh 'ltah trla II, I"t Itat latalllt lt illtl ill llU .. ill it ha. Note fa r t.aiht : kit, draw at tt, 11' anks lt t t,It . 'tl:, lsll d payablell llarrt y l i t t [ar t1 k3 d tie a rie£ Nlur i I' Illi-st l, h 'ril'r t. l ll , "I ai t II :' ul~ of' I'. J tl for $41511, dtattttttt hht tr i her :eI, to rd, r sllftll i euilrsrd y . 81 \1' I'iithal r r C lIle . o aa, iIa'rv 'Ll it 1 1 3. INoe lIar Lt rd) d tiwn l hy A 1 Claytoln tit o-drof and eulurh rd bY (3ll'iw llIlYheall teaUll I-itet :Jilt, Octob •r, 18.17 ptivable ii lll llls atelt l d ,l'nrapl ed nl e a,,5 '. i 1t b1 "111 '1, 2' l.r~ to Nttrv Publ c. of,. id eIlor-e:t hy ,. "W. lritlch tr alld i4 w., thled 1ls Jlllll h ld7, pa abl ,Ioe at 7 mill ttlttaI IIII t 'lll er at l lllnhtIlh later Ildte at thCl tllleCO tig irc n of he IAs the ablv,. N t++ can be : I no tllV ol tie but fle ownmr, tle foI. t', nu. es call .-il the U olr in the. wallet with all (tie trotUerlat lt e 6L'ar ol' t 8ler.] lll l'll I.xe lllll, et, or iIlal IIg tILe altpers addret, ed . 1 to IIOX 137, thIrouILh the Ith (:1)0 , wI h il, ( e i I: tu llw lllht+ idh' I hll e re ard h I all le di ire ,l d Sd l--2t CI i rOG`IN1-; 3 l c :ase., I+iinil,.+ tir 'lltS p Iill mekl I l/ t um aril t Dhillen mark ,or aid h d1'+ .\ H. ', i'\ q '1':IIE,',3t" I:I ,ivrr = St. Charles "'Tis.c .re. N. 'lird higi t ol theI ri .c , niellc t c of ,I11c li ( LI (Li N. Fii lici ht oftlhe egllagenircnt of 3lr. FINN. lSeventlh night oif thc i n c icneicnt i li .chr J It S(O'I"I . Ts ills I '\i NI \li, 1i;t'. '2i , W ill be perl'c 'Nc d the II n li'ta l I i 'i of THE LAI.\ OF LVONS! c('nudei hinoit. , Mir J 1it Nc lt, icol. icclcloc. I r , a l i ieI"ll io ctll lie Itar, G lasisl, lli, ft e,:!, Ilirrison, 1 iow .ll rht te ,\11 Farrlrln. Ani Overture i y tih Orchestro. (Grluian Panl' seai, by Mad'le I:nvelot. l'e whl le will rc cllidle with tIhe FI arII e of MONSIEUR JACQUE-'. Ik, Mons. J lacqllu , JI, Fnn, vl,, R h , i rgq il coi"n. s illiaer, oinar i, 3i . ol.ehr r E NIi':i;SiiNc .'1t;O l. 1ioK-i.-- supply of A i ril lccrco'sel, I Ihllilok, N Icrieric,,l anI ifcinale by I. a\I.I.. 'I'T, iAll. 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