Newspaper of True American, December 21, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated December 21, 1838 Page 2
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COMME IALI t~llmrlsatno. D ee, rnn.T~e... .....1 $011 Vol, do..... . 12 1: illinnarl. d ............ .1 blMd.8,19 ;ado ...... 1 I I.;,; iil,, 1; .............12 kkolm,9. d .. 13 I R. l. 13.. 9 i ferlne, do ...... ... 14 Inlverllool,l Nur......... IY*oioon (7ex .....toI~llnl IDv......1 as00 ..., 5.991a (1d.o O ...1 I , p No,,, .19, .2 .IoI11s, Nor . . .2.8 Havre do .. FlIT N ( NEW ORLIEANS. CLEARANCES. Decalmbe to. l U..rpeol. Darvp,.,, l.ire'p'.l, L H Ga1.1. AreRa. 899apoil, Vera Cruz, 1n... Da. ,.. Co. ke Deat8 Bdges. M 9rg9. Altokapa, muter Mr Hawy Le., N1.133, 9obil, L H 0G1.. ARRIVAL.. SIOp CIarlnn3l,, from Na~.h;., bound to I.lr3rp9 I. ..rge.. R9'9.ft9,from N .tches., booed to RatI.. !roamer Levant. Laurent from BayouI Sure. 811939er S.uth,,er,. Raro, . f1,3u B.939,,,d939. llaamer R~ltnn Raupe, irwin, fro~m R.Iyoo 0ara. Iutllls Romeo, icceanney tiro',, I'luogoentiaiu. steamer Dsvy Crockrt. Choutc. front \lrrrldria. s1t1e1mr Bookler Hill, ('Dwell, from, Vickol,,lrg. EXPORT,,. UVERPnOr...9., lhip l.i.'rp9ol: 2131 b1,irs ran. VERA CRUZ..,1'r . ,; A;,,u: dry ; nil.3 cl;9;;. 3.3999 are9, paper. prin9.3l sta9tionary, all,3393139999, 3,"an., 4c. ATTAIAPAS..Pe, r33r David Re189., 10 s91k1 ma.4. UO8ILE..P. achy Henry 1.e: 149 1hd.v cod 98 ti99es9 Rnc9CPT' OF PRODUCE. P1 9..pP Rume,.n: 32 hales 9341100, to M, Naltr Ford, 49 do Irlubrlll & Thompslo; 38 bbd. I'r·, sadI In Imtlon. W H Aery: 3 bales eothe. M Ploueh a cot 8u ". r gan 9 Ibbll mlain,.,J1J Hob,9&, cu: 3 Its Mtge, 1. I.. C.rp.nti,,lih,,21...5,,.ad I do molassn, 3.lmij,. and I .@p 119...99 F Pr99d83; t2 Wl,.. COtto.. Hen.9 &La9urensl; l do .Go,,8. & 899; II bbll beans. 5 hl... 9191on, 13 do4.n c131k13.,. d 29 u e2g, to ower 1 on board. 8179, B991h..Per 1.9l99 R8919 R93,y., 97 Ihot iI sGyle 3 &3l11,;S9 do B9k.. W919& e9l7.i du G M Lou: (1 d 83 Wltke.y; 163 .3. N White; 51 do W Flo3.,; 57 119beth & Thompso; 5 do,, A 1.ed989 4999; 51 do B Lau dimity; 4 do Conno, & Gdl.y; 41 de3T TIay f. G.94dn9r 4 .o, S aPerrot::1 do AItaj,, Train ul,; 47 do Ad,19 13 WhjI.33; 119 IA M113in 1 *co; 18 do , lnrri,,3Cl99ll .l c9 It do Benn;tt. Per id98y.& co, 15 do J,5 rl89. r; 14 d8.o I;s. F'un991'33*ci,; 132du A Rivar9,, 4 co,; SIsn N M C,39 ; 5 do Rlyo,8lo. By,,;,.1-.l. ;o C.'d;8,l .l ll1919e; 4 do ,19'o9. nor; 3 do L I.. C;9rp919,3,; 5311933 3,3,8 nd 9.n .3,,., l,,19v, to L99mb.31& TThI,9,;,;;,,I4,:a19ks,,,010. ;tai , 1I 38dl3 3e,.lhrr, WE Fl3;,e,,. A39*3,,3j... Per 1;.,.r Davy C3,r!,yk;. 67 ,399 coton to A d x o; o do Laob'III 0(1I~~l~ilr; IR d' Hnna tt, Ferridayl & c9; 39 1,, Peyr.,;. Arc;,.i .; 989G d3 9199hridg8; C9lu3,19,..Per rlo;lmer 139;n1 9 l,;;3r: 3 51 ha1es 9.29;. to Frnk3lin 4" 11933,39999; 7 do C9;ll-, 9. Gridle;I 304 do 91 White 49 c9359 do 9,,B.,; 5f33ll d-. 2ke. W99; 991; 178 do Kelly. Harris At c931043 do I'39 1ze9. t1llflrlrY 4 2,; 24 ,to Jt9ylnlld1. 3179n 9&8,; i33 d8,, I9? u19999. 4 c; 973 do A If Will .0 It ro; 39 do F91.y3h 99 l,193ri9 k; IS d3, 4V 13 C3. ,1.: 511 58 I'ri'se1. J 991399&. c193,3II Com.soc,. Hyly;;& co; 87 do 83,th & V.., ,,h-. Nsyou Sorl..Per olaolner L~evant: 153 baleas cotta,,. to A L9doo8 c9; 3558;o F993;; y & ; 948 do Ba;rk,', (Vla3& o; 549doJ R 9lau14;9 I, o; 44.I;o A Riard, co; 94 do ,3 91,in, 3.1I.1q 4 D1.;l;9; 38 d8. IV,,, 3lo 33 ; I 3i 111 .,, L ;; .03.o P9Y93i9. AI,3;l 4 err, 31 do I3;3.l,,m1,l& rh 0,,,,,993,93 do8 W O,,y; 40 do R R999319r; IT ,10Jl J99A 19ur; 298 do Hen. Wort, Ferriday.& err; 13 d~; Lat, Lou; .,;& c9,; I2 ld I White & co; 198d R Re;R 69,I, ',3,3fur. Gard;,,, & 99. 4,3 B.nd98 I.19dry; 5 do R9y,,,, ,. 33,,,, &o;;,85 d.TI,,, B.r 99l:I898 Lud;899;j9 1, It. 39,199 Prot ,- North. Vic93.3,9g--'er 9911..139;. 33,nr ,11111, 48! h,31 cotton. to Buckner, Stalnton & co;ill do SW loilev; 34 d, Hob-lon . 099933,4 do N & J DiSk 4 ;,; 37 3; K.e l.19ll9,3,.; I9 I do M.,tin Pln··.II( en9 181 dIA II W.,3399,,l II3 do 1,919 3th &'Th;.,;.on; :16 do All3,.ller 8.3,9l9 i do98 I'icket1 I B3nk 34 t1V91W M 3:e33; 257 I33l,;3tt, F9;id8.9l& co;248 do J H 1.91eric39 42, d 9,,919,rk., 44'.,3 9 ,a; 31984 d1.9L,, 99,1,.n & .911;34,0 II White J- cu.;,,6, , G 31 Lee; I9I do 9 9Inds. ,f. Kenna & W rj;', III do A I.93lou; k eo; 9 do C D Bo;..; e1 bbl ope39 oil, WValton & Kemp PA9IENGERS. Per999 .mor Ro1.eo. (9,,,, PI;3lu3,l,3l;: M99 II L.anding3. M1 8,313,. Richa,,9, IV WCo33.nies, Vor it lady, Cro9f. .11; (;olium, If Wheeler.· Per s393,mer 8,3,tn ;ou;;. from Rayon1 Bern 51M Vill;,. & 2 1193131. WV R9,3,k a1 1.9991 J ,131339191. E RII;.IJ Cna 1ain3y, J urnIV W1.3,991. 31t1'' Y7;,;;;, 3 J G- H199 t1or9, 11J3Fro;. h, 9 C33;3,1,,,. J I.3 mn 33,,;,; II r.. 991 Ne;ort .IV IWiB,,,,, E Dragon,1 J M 1,,or,. TII 31 Kno,,. 33 Were. F Dupay and y9lI't, 3'l, orth' ma, . point9,; H 11,;3 1,1. RK,,rkia(33l.'19 Memue, 933,.,3l..3,l C,.,ln. 833 al. J Al toyer, C 'l'rsllenlaal, 'I' llhieucplllllll J L· 'rhloncnlaarin P Ito P~idv, A 4; 'l3rk, V.ll N3 t J. 3 3 r,.;;. J It .l..·,glP. 33.399 9 b913t11e9, .1393393,,'9r. 9339 3.3I. 3333 1,3333 ,3 : ,,.,,. .3319 N4,3,3 and P9993931e3n9 7ll93,3) V1-3333, 19911 ' II,9,';,, ;; X3.T;ld91, Mi.. J Pnlcrs. Per vtenmser nulllior [fill frail, VLLIIIIIIr_ \ L TurnerT. Ur 10,0149, J I( Hedul'. J Illack ls , it, Poi rte, 1 Glll.oll. Ale, ]it, J ,rli,,3y , 3 3 I'3 l 3 't. 8 333;,19 C,,;; J I3,,;;;;, 319 . 313., Poo9lh339.,,I3919y. '131;,; 33;i3.I, 1) II.,;r,, I ape3 119;lI;;rhI, C.3, 1V199,l9ur1, 3,;',9,393 19rr 1, J J1ck199;, j'i,33;, Copt Wason., AV 313bon.; ,;d 393,8 3; It. Per steamelrr Snothlernlor. fro,, CO!alllllia: It If Sa,,,,,. Jc.kson, 8 Willey, I'hI,3he,, 19';.333, I' A 0wn,3. it3l 3u1. son, D.ll. M1r. 3199991, Ill. 3319313., .[lies 9;993,,, ~n. Mrk, C Bleak. Roberu J Je 4,0,,, J I' 1(l111gy. II, oil, and IY ,, dark. Par 999139r Levu.,,l3, f99m B1ay9u S3393 : Ur Uuer, T.,,,I,.,.3, J 199999r, Fowle, BlJ 33arrow93. 9,9v'19 I3 3,;.I ,13 l 1,111,, I.1o Baldw1,99 on39,,J 3Imor. A Goy.3A 3,9ll J ., CI aYbers 1991ri99, F91.8uli R y,, J 19,l1Vuy,. J A V3939.8 II 'I'39,rI, i 19rb9ro1933. B lA .9t, LAWUy1I J 1 ;llp;,.1N I;l, 4rd19913 Mr. B.,;, & 2 children. IM. Phillips .9,3., 93339, Mr. 33,,,. lards. Misl ;399g.993, MII, Lahore. 3, 3,I.;,;nb 4 9l99'i. A Goodo.... Ba9911de, M31,99, bar,,3,,. I' C Pay,*, TI,3,,3,;.. son, HI R Hayaa F B St Jlarull 4 2serv'lra, j Marin, J Too,. .P.9l.. 99135 I,99,;347;,,,l~i· 13;J1,,,;. 1,99I 1"'llt1411;1.:-sin O )t1v t1,. li inst.l II1I 3,lock r.9l3 . 11397 it,13r1.I x3933.19-33-11.1011!9 I~li 333 39 3 109 attend;3 to 11,: ..33,.o of ulC gnarl,,. 997J 33; ": 1113 3 33911,743 1'1 I3{',31 ILMessrs. Boitc, F tfer3rmn J 13 (IrvrrIis, Ar. mad, IDuchmier, Zllellrt. !'!teal Ch'train, ces"g''""tl o ';d+ prhr chip il 1393P19na, 1319 re19 ;:od; t1, 93ll a ha ;ubgcdlr,,'1o33ice,, 9333 r3999191 339t 1m3. 1121 3.3.I 34 '.AILE, 9.3 Common a L'rhe chip l'n;tod 939s, Capt.09331 B fr(, I'hila ds3l.1ia i. discharg3in g opposite th; Orleans C1tt 1 Pro.;. C..n.;gllr. are. r993399.ed to 391333,3 I. l3,p re. eeip3193 tl3eirgoo93;1 39 & P Y191ITNk.Y, 821 7.1 Ca933 9 111T131TE I.3? A1) & LI39I .F. 1)'L. 41111 ko'o norm' No. I. I' ilude;lphi; Vbit Lead, of Lew\\is' Ilelllllicltln, l IPiL:Igper chip lVeT ter a 'jd 03ri 1 Ch,311333 133,. 91119k kgs 19w Yo91 Whitt, Leed,mnmlrrl :rtur e by the1 I'nia~ Who,' LandPar ll;9333393993339,,16 lmz-beac 3,;; ;;3;,,,,, u 1V,.l.,.,,, 99333393199o. ;199, 39 3ln,33,933.33339oi 3;~llliv.3;tl 3 333 1,93 1.391-d Oil. n 13ol e 9333,9 ~r :3 3. ;9 .3AK13V33 &1 3N1333331 , 3.3 l)g,.i I., ýý rA1 )r U JlaO If t a 'I'bo;. C nln~ ts lilt!1' l'''----'ýt 11III. aoouni mrln; 14,333;. . r l · ; 139 II~ P33 93.339 rclo;;9o3'31;1,3' 333.3 I , 3',,,.,,.;3,,3 tvii b hold3 at No. 19, 33x93lg 331339.3n, u0 .1: .ad 9913;, 07 933,,t 1239. A meet1mg ,,f 33he Exclv C;133;,;i13;u 3wil lake place a 91 30. 19, 1.;93913;9 9393, 391 9,,l;rduv 23rd 1)99. 1'E TIL CENANO, 91'2-31 c' an; Lottery, ChI~ 28, for 180:i 20, 28, 45, 13, 5t,, 5, 3, 75, 9, 42, 67, 31. 39. WILL BE DRAWN OD .i.TURDAIY. $17,000, CAPITAL PRIZE. LOUI SIANA LOTTERY. Authorized hI Act of Legislature. Chapter XLI:I, patled Match l1. 18228, Cl.t.a No. 28 for t8:8. to be drawn on c aaorday, l)ec. 2ond 1;38, at 5 o'clck, P. M. at the Extchaolrt l[lt.l, dI. Cbharlc at. D. S. UILItEOYtV & C'0,. Sucres-or to YATES iclINTYRE 0A Co. 75 Nu, it-1 rn Iatlls. GHANIt SLII 1:.. I prize of ft17 11 0 is $17 1 1 do , 5 U,0 5 0,00 1 do 2 5114 2 it') 1 do 5:1110 ' l 50 18 da Iflitl )O IO u 10 do 500 61t111 IO tI 0o 0 :3 4uu0 In do '2008 2 (00 20 do 150 3 :0o 155 do 1100 0 Olher Prize, amm, .tino to 27 817 Tickets $5 U00- linlha 02 5 0--llarters I 25 Packaghe ,f tickets f ,t $2. war,:,nt,.d to draw $60, antdc m ap cIr,, tih Poor firnt aoritlc- P, ckhges o1"2n hall ticke.:e st2 .It, walrraote I to draw at least $30. Paockages t2'15 Quarter I ic nts $31: 5, warrated tiodroa alet ls $15. For Patckages or cingl Tickerts, opply at D. 9 tiLE;GO:lY & C7o, 3nnoera e icr, d21 35, Caonl t, next cur. l'emp street. TILE SPLENDID EXIIIuIIION OF TiIE MAJESTIC. The Girafie, or Camelopard !! S.Il lie kept open from TPEN o'clock A. I to NINE o'c nck P. %I. every duv,lr c14 data lon ger on the courer of St. Charles and Perdidou treets. And to giveall an opportunity to see and examine the pretes curiosity of t ,e atnima, kcncd.o, ever erhaibted In the Unitedl Stalee, Ilthe price ,fodtmioim,, will be re. dluced to 50 Cents. 'hildren nd .crvantlo,halfprier. In tirte adjoining Pavilion, Ala. S. It. G. Nt.LuS, born without ar, will continuooe his asltoishiug pr formance. Admittance :l.s cents. dl. aPERM Candles-- tU hboxe New Bedford, just re A ceived ad a for ale by SHALl. & GI1ROWI N, d21 96 Magazine at t!eC. 24th, 18,08. T .E aurealelection of Dirct,,s <l'elis Institution will be Iled at the Blankig House,on ,Olldav the 7th day ofJaIuar) next, bhetwee the hours of Eleven and 'Iwo o'elrv:k. dt-l-f&etj J P NISHET. Clshir. KERIS TOOTH PA'1 8 l'A.Sl-ouctgrg t mad highly a'provped eientifire. T'o gie a pearly whiteness to the teeth, To enhancetle t charms and beauty of the mouth, And dd afragrnnt swteiness to tIe breath, Il an attainment long devoutly wished, Though ne'er till now eIfeltively achieved. This mech desiraed resul,, a will itsre uon,. With peomptae and hiih sartisfaction prove. Tle Orriu Toeh Pase., while it beautifiea the teeth, removing and preventing every arpllroOanc of tartar, andgiving to them a clear and rearly whiteness, im provea the color ofthr lipt al roumta, atd gives addt toal beauty to the ote eansemble of the mouth-by its dhiloastiag propertlet it greatly tendo to preorve the teeth fomm deao.,aud it alao importr that pemcliar and -grant aweetuesa to the breath, for wohch the Orris Roe, iu eo jltly and extenotvely celebrated. eJue rasneivedhy BUe1 & AI.I.AN'S Fancy Store, ExIhange Hot*l, 421 cor H St hnrle; and Commron ta A IdA All It*:EN ttAll(.l-tED'S DYE--F'or ietn ring thl Hnir. Ene Err.llo, e r 21hiker ,, r,, lper mnatrnt ,-v e ,r hct". io l' sp!rci t tliir i'-o llu it'i t" skit the 5:.t r, . I ,o ,."+r,+ d by-. |T ,I+ N . L,, 1 ;+%,t r rl,,V ,. . J(1,r p 'I !'ll)+ric +,it t' ,,in, ., .t+ TRU9 LEAERICAN OPFICE. In connection with this Oflice is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE FOR T116 PRI.YTIStL OF Pamphlets Blank Checks Catalogues Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices Auction Bills, Bill Forms, Show Bills Stem Boat Bills I Circular And every deseripeom erfJob cork e th may be required. IfThe proprietor respectfully calls the attention of the public to the above Card, an:l asstres them that all ork intrusted to his care shall he done at the shortn est notice, in a style unsurpassed in this city, and at the rneaust rates. TI18P A 'RE 1 1 IA ERIC3 1N" L11k,11'|1:l) RV .]IISI 024'-M C). FAITRFUL AND BOLD. NfE OP; , LEANsi: FRIDAY, DECEMBER21. lS:1. DIRaETOaR.-It is contemplated by the sub scriber, provided eufficient encousratement is given sy the ppblic, to puhlifsh, an addends, to his Di rectory and Guide of the City of New Orleans comprising the new residents, and the changes that have taken place during the past season. Persons desirous of having their names inserted in the addends, will please leave them with their professions and residences at the Counting Room of the subscriber, Esxchanne Aotel. tasteully inserted at n moderate price. The Addendal will he sold bhssnd wis h the Di ertery at four dollars, or Iy itself at one dolllr. JOHLIN GillON. S' "Ae have noi nes whatever fRnm Ihe North. The Fxpress Mail failed yestvrdasy beyond Chtarleston. A few liles frem the Westward cnrae In hand, but thi-y eontnin little. or ns o news. The Ohio contslues as closrly fastened ap as a miser's purer. THE CLERKSHIP CASE --YResterday lr. F. A. Foy. easnet, deputy ftr D. N. Hlennen le k of the U. Statse Court, was dishnrgel hby Judge 1laserian of the Par iis Court. from the illesal imprisonment ordered by Judge Laurence of the District Court of the U. States. The case wase hroght before Judge Malrian on a writ of habeas corpus, that palladium of Liberty. The able, impartial and experirneced Judge of the Parish Court, doelivered an op:nion fall of lucid arrument and correct conclusions It appeared that Foygner had been inm priesosed on a writ not hearing the seal of the Court.- a writ impressed with a most hungling stamp, in no way executed accordinllo o the reqisites ,of law. It fur-I th, r appeared that the writ requested Iree impornaihili ties: let, that Isoynet nshould deliver a particular re cond on a day pa t, say th 11 th of December last; 2nd, that h' should remainin jail until after he asoird bring into ecourt the recrl-aUs if he could recall tine or he ill two plce, at the gain- tm1^. It moreover app ;arel that JIn.der Lrel e had l eed hsd stein, Isi jart diction, fpor the act of Coneirena declares that a conterllpt .hril he punished by fine and imnrisonmetnt only, while the Judge not only hlas payedl a sestearee of lmprisO e nient, hbut goinllg arther has conrdemned Foyveet to teliverucn cerlain pane's. It again n:p;lered that the sentenre was utlcertAlll in not exactly delriing what were tile papers to he delis redl--Ienvint it eon-equentli to the enprice olthe Judge to say when lhe wa:s .tisfied. The ase was arguaed on hehalf ef tre. prisoner byhv Messrs.C(:hinn Gry mes andl Conrad, in a most able and eloquentr manner. Those gentlemten deserve credit for their exertions in the ce se of justice andl liberty, for the causes inolvred the fundamental rights oafthe Ame rican Citiea. 'e are at n sis Itno ultdererand whether imrsl. dance. or ignnrance nmsts predoraminater in the hIrefnrCd .s'.rsin of the Co)tti r that e M tres, of 0)i ,, i or never itas a whty. Morrii is, and al tntes ha lbeen, It ntisv Jackso I braw'er, It kllown n tl 11 tId an aet ,. . llllmttllll ll)l ' l ,"Mittiett itn tlteeli lton ant oth. r I, et ,,o e do et -ne-s .tiee the inon emus I)r. r e ,ea.! Yet ti. is the resat whoa e the CGurlwr dlenominlates thile wiu. candidate for se lnletor.a 'lhlv. there isl not a leeo- foeto p per inl the ernuntrtr, Ile (Couriser in ItsId, butl heas shun dinely liten upheld Srename Morris in as t going, and pattern cord Dn-mntetr.l.-and is it a want of memry, or thile utter ahbsence of hame that mlakes it now attempt to pass hiln over to the whine That Morris i. a leo fleen, heart, tul and practice none but the Courier thinks ofdeny ing: and that he issn abolitiin:at of the grassest kind fllows an a matter of cource. sli opinions on this suhject are but the echl of Isieworlhy chum Dr. Duncan, and other first r.le teonlocrats, and of the Co'n lllels xiosl of these optnionll s, we givt, the It,'tttvinwi si himen from !tit pu'.lishetl ron, Ier>ion III s.u It . "I have eal te 8 lhoved x*latv., 1to be g~r .nag in e)ll ils c ,1 1 i l res ts ,Is i (s'V l t can palpate t,, or ive it eoven lte. .;.arn tl beltg right: anll that American e Iavery is the most obnloxious f its kind,--a Ithl lupon our rn. put licnn institutions, an!d ruinous to the hest in tereste of the country.' Here then is a prerly loco teeo confessaion an the subject of slsvern. Ex uno d-sce onesit. They are all ulike, from Martin Van Buren the head. who voted to give the blacks the power of vnting,toJudge Morton the oft defeated enndidate for the subernatorial chair of sound old wllig Masschusets., down sto Mborrie and Duncan, of Ohios the very dr-gs of the dirty mess. Te O.RAFre. 'rhe exhibiiten of athis most beau. 'ifrl, and singular animal, continues to rtitrcr the n t ticre of lo r it zrnn, and .with~out exceprlin is more w,,rrb of it than any epeciirnen of Z.ologv ever Peen in the °ountry. The ueientiic portion of our coainonity is gi;ett' ion:res:ed in thi o nOst extrnardinarv ere.nrure. Frin the tarliset saes the Girattf his forntld tile wonider of the anitoal world. not I.s titan the odmirt rion f rn an. Its lormntilo is altoJelher unltke ony nit-hr living erentaure: its i lits are as pPeuliar as its ehnpe is -ingular, and the very interest ing partirnlaraof its i l life in a wild esate whrh nlay he gl, aned from the intellilenee sod experience of Mi Claytn w ho has hihnt, d themr fr yeare, render this exhihttlon as instructive to the mind. as tt is delibhtful to tile eye. IOn mild evetinus this ex trsardinary feanile receivea company by candle light: but the is so thoroughly a southerner as to dislike every thing not warm and genial as the dispositiona of those she has rome here to see. The inimitabhle L corapre appears tonight. Per. pare, all ye lovers of good dancing, fr a rich treat. Haste to the theatre early, ye, who have no time to prtocure asats il the course of the day. Seats, it is rumoured, have already been engaged for the second and third nights of this admirable ar tiate'sperilrrnaneee. This is as it should be. It proves that her reputation has gone beforo her, and that the public are disposed to uphold real talent. Once seen, Lecompte will tnke the palm off the bush. Thru' the inodness of the mlanager, we have been allowed to witness the rehearsal scene to La Baydeore. The sKi!l atid elegance if Z los were beyond any thing that we had conceived. We really long Ifr the approach to eventide to gra utfy our exper' a,,n.. FIRE.--\t lMottolinery a lire occurred onStn day which desltryed the Pluniere' Iitel, the Journal office, & other property valued at $50,000. AsOLITIONIam.-We have hourly proofs that the LOac rco printa are exceedingly desirous of shift ing the odious stain of abolitionisen Irom the ad ministration ranks, to the whig party. The Bee of this city is eternally harping upon thia subject But the most barefaced assertion is mads in the Louisianat Courier, f yesterday evening, eharuinro Senutor .Maorris, oi Ohio, to be thu "iuhtg randidote,". ftr r,.eleelion to tile donate of the U. States frottt than state. It io a fact well known that 11 lr e ilot. I. I. teet n, i n cu L.t i. it, ,ri F/.,'ho tilt- I .ti - an I ad f.,p". anna he is of ,co to be seen if senator Morris he.' I' he is, this at once showsa that b arried that slate, in the recent fall ele. illl Adminiartraion. But we hore thtllllone better man, no matter to what party ithe hI.llns, will he chosen. At all even's Mr Morris belongstn lo e administrnti',n party and let them ahelain in the future front charging eithtr him or abolition to the whigs: At <eny'. Brook Auetion, last night, says the Nash ville Banner, the Life of Martin Van Buren was pat up. The biddlin" commenced at 3 ents and ran up to 75, when the book was knocked off. Alter thin, the Life of Henry Clay was offered. The bidding com menced at 75;t the book was knocked off at $1 15. aoid the loudest kind of cheering! "Straws sh-ow which way the wind blows." Peoolty frr furiosa Drriin,.--ron \Wednesdinv Jodge BItrlhanai sontrner,rdl Conk, (the orner of the drlay that rnn ovrer ('lt. kVllker, of the strairer Isnhelln.) to pay that grentlerlloan twelve Ihundred dollars drlmnEes! 'This is a just s" ntenre and lonlle whicl we hope will not only hlae thle eiffct or recompensing in somte Port a worthy citizen fora wanton outrage, but serve as a warlting to others. No one who walks in any part of the city about noon, but must see dozens of drava driven with a recklesnress, and hurry, that put the lives of our eiti sens in momentary hazard, and it in greatly to be re grettnd that some means are not adopted to bring more of these offendern to summaryjustice. The Heiref Selrtood.-Tl'lis charming specimen of modern fashionable lovels has cams to Its, from our friends a. Johns & Co., who have just received it from I the press of 'arev & Htart of Philadelphia. We have r not completed its perusal, hut as far as we have read, it is every war worthy tire pet of its elegant authoress. Mrs. Gore, to the reading world is indrtcted for the :Fleir of Seltondr," in tile writer of that charming woirk called ''"Mothllers and Iuihters" lhich was re cently so very popular. VWherever that class of litera Sture ir enjoy,doand whkre-save in the murty closer of the Plhilosophr--is it not, the "H'ir of iSelwood" is sune to please. 'The New York Sun oomakes some sensible re. marks on a snbjrct either little underainod, or wil. fully perverlrd in tle north, namely, the good trealment of slaves by their mnasera, and the ljustre rendered them by the law when injured. The Sun ape 'ha oalmly. and truly on this theme. It is a common notio,n, with stome very zonious people, that no s'ave on trial can receive justice or mercy at the hands of tile courts. Among the many proof controverting an uncharitable and un founded an opin'on, we notice that the female slanve accused of poisoning, some time ainer, in Ken rucky', thaeen arquitted. Another proof of eare sand proleeton for slaves is shown in the refusal of the Governor of tone of the southern states to par don a while, convicted of the murder of a negro. He said in his answer to the petitioners, that the very fact of the relative situations of the murderer and his victimn, made it inctumbent on the execetive to vindicate the majesty of tlpe lawr,in the prolter. tion of the irlependentlr part of itet rtonunity. la inna Seoator.-i-inelerten tnsuccefsfnl bllotines ihad hieln pl;ce in tile Indinli n I.egislature to elect n SSenator to ('ongre<o. On Ihe 9th hallroieg ionll' Snlle was rithdrawn, when the worthy tlarted for Walshine ton in grtrt dulgeon. title doubt was enoer lined tlhat a \hiRg would I elected ton the fillowinl day. The 19th bllout stcdl thus: lMlnke, (W) 68l: Noble, (W) 4a: I)u y, (\)V2: H-,ward, (V B) 29: Ilendtliks, (do) 2. A lElUeTIro !'Tll tn.uoIr.- leaf interrupted in his progress by a IStoe, gave rise to the follotwi.It colloquy. LEAF Tho unmoving milss, why dost thou bar min path? Sront. Thou idle wanderer, water rolled me hither, quarrel with it, not with me. But whrre. fore, may I ask In turn, doat thou fltter against ine! LEAr. Wind blowr me hirher-hl tile it, noit me ST -NE. Thei mnav water and win I oe u ntnd ro treher; let tlhem dits, ure, while httr and I remain It pentce. u LEAF. NyV, billt vater nIII wailn ! .'all VII o strou ao. in ilt ,,r. For .l . r I thr. I 'ty one sI r ltt .r e, lloro.ttIl nt tilt- !rnoll n iv .ti e. rl nn o tIlt i-, n I IIIis 1 , , .i arI t i t. ;i rP t li t IIv vl lor l 1 II Il"rlr- ild . I w e .they Ieen t r-Fll , i . I. Il ,, ruse'P hI tetherattnd emhrh',, nou wlie tilert, , . vyocus, t is bur i,, join ina sn,,. If nyor thingl wre yet r wl ntrnllltg loetnvinte the unprtjud'ed tha tha toeo locl tl prless care not In what extent ihey ga, wht fIal.hood they tIll, or what insare lrlse latti.n sn they klla k , ill order to east fromt their aIWIn shouldlers on those of the whig party thet itpuiriar n of hild ing abolition docr c-ne, we would point to thher culnmmcts of the conduct of Mr, Wisa in the matter t of t rI. :tthert-ott't resolutions;t and theo It. ductliolsl,nd Imipu.l ions they nake. The frete in themlanives are lain and silmple. A pirtisino menber from lanlollr, m-mv-ao a string of ani-lrlllbh. lin re.soluornts, et crouched in a forml Ihe knows to, Ile uljec ;ionahlh to ihe sutllhern nlmm ls, wh ei,, Silileress arc ,tll- vi:tall. cl'ernetl; yv nio .oe !n r tIieI I' ten - i ti t i tl eron.eti I I a I i' r -ovi ris ,,tw ' I-, r ;i,.1" I .,,la ,il;ltot H,1 n out 1elt tll alllll l Iti, 1 i, ltrim i. '", !o tol, tit, n ,1 lii .t f cTitao - Iv Muzzling fie o ih" southern del'ie lluho. The hirh mioed Vlirtiiniau- would not trhtr Ilt insult to the south, and requested rihe withrlaweil of the ohXoarxios gag, which was refused: he stated his ohjections which were put down: pro claimred aloud the true tr onestitutinal principle that congress had no right to dicussu, or it any toay in. terfere netl the institution of slavery, yet was not permitted to embody the rightsol the south in any angible form ; and becausee he boldly objected Ito thus being muzzled, and dragouned, he is pro claimed by the loco fto's of ysaterdny, as the foe, while Mr. Atrlherttron is ,uhirozPd as rte true friend I of tlhe nortthr: auti Inttn rt'olslnn sense and jus'ie, are aacrinicod ill thte Illsive hopt of Ihonoi-c an otp'ae.nIt eaolit too behtween tire woligs and nith,. tionisti. If Mr Atlleron's resolutionn embodile tie trur prtnciples for whlich itLhe sOuttllh rotlllelld Iwhy wa Ihe rlrllt delniedt a hearIog ? Will II be hbelireed thalt the entllcman fisom Mnine had a dr-n er inttro at in soulthoern instusioos than the Vlr inian! can it te be!ieved Ihat the ,ights of tile sOIrlh ar, in elter kecpiog with a srranger, than Ith the high mlllded dun ,fI Virginia ? Yet the SInco ce littler writers In VWashington elldneavr to In like it appear that Wi ae, and the whin are in iavr ohl buliioln, becaule they prefer their own Ixprensirln of tiheir principlrs to trholse diolated, Ind onf rered, by 1r Atlhertol, and his misteroled Idemocratic friend.. NEW Pit. DaRIVE.-Wo have inspected a model of Mer R. A. Henson's new pdle driver. The plan of it is both simnple and eficent, and works rhree large hammers,rr drnvers, wlhieh gear and unsear themselves. Thies. are furnished with a rod on their iop which works on a pivotr, and terminares with an open hork, that falls aSeaiot erosa bare fas. trned t, two chains, forming a sort of ladder. These chains and rods, running through grooved wheels, and worked by a crank below, carry the hamlmers to the top, where, when the chains passes over on rts returln, tlhe ihuoke dtengage, asld the hallmmer fe ll, atl. is errieJ up eagain by thre first iron bar. or ladder rurrA that passes the h 'ok, w hose own wri' l.t places it to pllns illtn rto he laken upi as te chatins andl bar roll r rounrld. Tile whole machine is ingenils, lnple, and emrfclent. The Dutch srear navigarilln company has late. ly received a" R rterdallr, tie prieu.prl establislh. ment, a new iren teiramer, called tihe R.H1 E, ur1,1 at Fevenrord in Hlrllarrd, whicih is 200 feet in Iength and 30 feet in breadth, being much lar ger than any other iron steamer yet rconstructed, even in Enrland. The paddles are 30 feet in di. ameter, and dip into the water. It in lurni-hed with two engines of 250 horse power eac. They mnay be worked toeether or singly, acting on one tr bnth paddlles, en that tile steamer naav he rurned within rhe smallest possible space enlnis. tert wilth hr k er'gth. It is to be used in tow. ing aIr.,e r'lp. Tlr ",i'z.--'T' h,. S . L,~lrs Rh llh , , ,, jll- y t,; s.optntn nsote r, noanony o few miles below. On e.n Sfund thie rumour to be entirely ion. iTs `oAar.-Somne persevering wigtht trot the 'le to count the number of v, Iiele' which passed over London brid'e on the 17th Septemrer, in the 12 hotes from 8..'chlnk in th, mlrnning. Thb' n.oreoate was tnnld to I e 10.1110 -averaging 917 an hnor--l evers y mintote,-or, line in every lour s.enonds. British Lilerati.-' Yonder is a very strange looking being.' said 1, ihat hallf man and hall wrmarn. r..nnd whnm so many persons tre crowd. inn. Who is she?-I heard her talking just now aI matnoers which women seldom converse on with gentlemen; and she seemed to understand h. r subject too' 'The ol'l'tieal economist in petti"olte--liase Harriet M Irlineant. The enenmy of over popula"l1o, and the writer thereon. It is a strange subl et fore lady to take o p, biut it is in vt nt ,ent she has handled her suo-ject woll. That young Indv npnrer., with th very Intnlletna eollontPtnla e and plran dress, is a pn rs n of quire a dilier, oi order ot mind ,o \lins Mlaoit.'nt'. She is .. Iof the most dlielhfuld plnte s and novl lisn . IIt i o country. it is Mims Landon.' ' As we or, gont aototsn the htdi', onray ihfrt me 'whol that start sonsie, ",kint lay is b the table yonder. Her dress is none of ih. most elrt gatt, and no one, I think, would take hItr sfr s terary female.: L Nevertheles.,' said my friend, 'she is one and a celehrtoted one too. Her Comnltrv Sketches' are unequalloed; and, as a tragedian 'l Renza' lroves Ithe abilities, as a stage writer, of Mary Rnssell Mltford.' Here two gentlemen, who had just entered the roam. attracted my cane. They were hoth dressed in the first style of fashion-one of them, the sharote of the two, foppisnly so. The taller gentlemen wlts handsome, his hair was eurling, and he had an abundance of whieker with a long t:uiline, and a htndtone mouth.-There woa San air of 'ton' about him. I slid not need any enlightenmtenl na to .ho lie was, for I recognised, in the finistePd gentleman helore me, the orntinni f a hiat I had sern prefixed to the volume enlllld 'The Pllgrins of thll Rhiie.' It w as ~eaatnd L.'t. ton Bulwer. onl0 we1ond to Scot t n novelpIt. r It coll, ani,, n wtsee rnriter shorl er, w ith a sar, ng. ly nmanrked Jewish countoenance. lie, disptoyed, too, the' tastl of that people in his ellalorate dis play of Jewll ry i tle shape of res ns nid chains. His dress., as t said, wa foppisha. t I lo, til rs were ,qually so. He miglht have he, n tt ken for a tailor's partern weaverr, and any. one wouoht rather have taken, hint for a tonceited dllndy, tha, t f what h unndouhtldly is, a mnnii of tin nilar otniint i go inl 'See,"' sid mny companon 'htit tt rrakintt a letter for snome one or other, or Benj Ottoi D'ils r teli the youner is an M P, and vain enough of his franking privilege.' "'That old gentlemann near vott," resumed Mr -r I'l one of the few who poasess thlle e seldom associated things-great polioi at Mloniaand areeln wealth. Ilas face is not the most poetteal in its appearanee in the world, b.t that .is not his f(uit T'rhe autlhor of the Pleasures of Memory needs not the aux:liary of a handsomneeterior; runny a needy son of ,soe hna he relieved from his ptrse, and the name ut Snamuel Rogers wll live in his coun. tr)'s literntnre. L IVERtPOI. S LT-1, 5 ascks Liverpool blown up Salt, ]aoding hill for sol e by d21 Bf: \ I) & It rOlIS'O ,, 7 Bank Plae SIll. - hI t -- oter e t otri 'e tarllitt line, lon4littg fott SI' brig Chili, fur hle tby AOiIAH.1M 'pRlIdl, d(i 34 linGravie at . XC'HANt-.. t Bt,.'i',,N--f" .le r- .V idd I IS -\C .Il)l IIhi. S CO, O P--ii0 heoes extrat No. I Soop hotrtd ol ieo. t . bhthins, landi,t+ from chi, Adrian, tor sale tI d"- I t li lt WI kll--I, e, jn lie, dl21 _ L+__ IhI)GI & Clo, 134 itgntnoe ot IBANQUE D'ORLEANt, tDocetnhre 20, 1nP30. S'LTC'1rlON ,uultelhd a as "et. tls de !elte i a. -li uli Onll tira oRir e n s Irlo tie n onqe, Itllrli l57e tt o rJ sovit r oehil o llto t. t le hPare de lloze et de Idex, .. Pat ordre d]u , mi t 0d2l J. t'. ,O , II', Canosire. -roA NNo-tt]s/ ln-tt-Itl, roe altd for enle It Il t\I.. Salllt JOtV, 1l21 96 le gaz hte at ! rant+ Ieoun, in sthre land lfor tni.' hv d l-t ti Oil. Alt i 0,n Ne o I 1r1entor atl I-0h'I'I-Ni- iA -O get a -It I rh su t O r i |dr sale by SHALL & tIttO\N TAG't ; dotlI,) e1 ie. e Pr-, - -- I rt Ir - Ati 1 F1.\.ITS r h\'. , '1t 7 "imtn Pha'e - . 11.1 1 \i I- t W , ' dtr y i-'n r 7 l a n ks. S ludi h i n i , ,r cl ilt ll r e l l`en O· n. 't h. iotli :\o t ot i e.ln i, 't t o-oo 'tonl ohV d'l ' ll It lit. D d"ot 7 I , i 'h. 0 0 j, t f' i' I'ti -L "". ,)s'. 1 1, 1.. t1 (: ·11 ,1 n B t lle-, mj t.[our oe ort7 Bnk e Inee boos Pt ottr1 . .I..l to S LopTC:AK BCo.AT Srl-ent e n it cie oral net h '1 l-H, dt, Iriler s t h v, in ll .hore le.v b rrel.. o wilnll dlt'l Pe ,l it, ilo la y i e ted io t, t to T'r. t w brrett tf thin feat wsituleoud tent I;ret , ititentl ttlo ihratJ I ttI tol, t -he l tn er -t t os ft t Sresult of tt io ha, . stis iedh h II) Oat 1 I . ,of hero e there ir dil] uiL.t i eni ,at J )o h r ked ,:i(s. lg ott htail.f stino, ttl, idttlui idtttllple.tlbh tT h'geo t. t lto, Wilof ae ir, mtUnttertlletso l o tloeedit llr. s p ate oit J0i rs fr the ass f It o ll pshio, whitn io was o it ill' oar do hir a I rid l, app lly to S L'hrK .h& Co. enN, 8 lat I. 8 n er0.t st N he "2 antcrh it tor m, a nnd y oftho e re. to ill tA PIewtT, Clerk.. ClE,'6 OfAF, Sro. 15&, (oS.o -IjITT O+ LA LOI:JOI'-tE,--o do P.,.,,ro,,, ilhp tt. Iho Ponii o -t 0 Vil e dl' oll I lls IaOee, itaiorte Io ot It rI oosl lo Clorios olthariat lar'g,-Nol,d.-i-s ,Iso t BoLrI sot olpelnt.toom ,lll o t 'lh day o 'Jorn yo a12; t io-lr letrck, .. 3n. thern rolld ile tot dsew Iatu why thlte aid i Ioott lloo t i.ohl not onlion.rhlllge aocto Silng Ib r llowa l* ill he mcalltlinlee all pi eedl i lfg allu t his erouo aor.lndpoulerty are stayed. t i, further r o Icreed tht L. woi'- , Iraq 0 e istpltointedo to repeeolt he adsrnt creditors, t y order of the tourt. Clerk's Office, Dec Ao. 15th, 1 .113. NTAT D:2: L1 LO)UI.SI4N--13or de P',.,r. p.u, t ooPatoi I-I Pt ill d, lIn Nile-Org fos-P e Isaac Baker, atlllenellt detem, contral sea ere et tthleut en reel t'ffire, i ' et orddnr I'tne ese b)ee l ".r &reelliess to 5'insolvole nit lieu en !lohie heo r Ct-d l''ir i 'firle N 'in ,h bomb et8w, t Io. 96, Altogaotaostsnas, Is.o Pto+ern-.i So Es lltTYroo ro, Whiting& tlo- on b lan,ln fro iI Walmtn -o nt.J 00 liogacs, IlaIT.t & hlowehono. J T\h1yo ho. Wan- , to & - Shall. Now OsLoNT .. 1rnohot & Sllrlgetitlll. SoLn I'niofield oon., Woibon, Iosona, he tnh brick 4 atF N..C ikoiog. fosmoea . CSteItsohn&A;er, thingdlphrik. oontl'h'Inaol Non I'taettoegh, Pens. Edgo.'sa0, Watlkel, E strsot o . Johot, Hiq. Chilliciloho I. Jamet P Clarke, Eoq. t.OstteO. E & A 'I-rocy,+St Louio, Me. dol COOPER'S I.Ai'r 3li- Ili j!IiiI Country Stories. Yanked Noinn~, I vl t\'lllnlln ah xll! duld t oI, by i lia Rev. H Winl~hllr Phsician's in anual, by ltnhert Maoris; ind other noie8 ,ar St Churi rle ie io n lnne e T n auliderihrr, I10,v-nIg rr aI·Ycr, v d ll n State, oSlr; his services to thle pnhlicI to survey and Iocnal Lalndsin nnn par t '1 ui~i ilae et alerinforee. nil nlpeniinn , nle her f Snurin% ii: or Civil Enginnerinp auaI s nnnligien tsniiin yo, plasn,, drawings, leveli g,, profiles, enalcllalion of ei cavation, imbinlmrnelt cnniet of Halls, we. either iii n ",wn r eniintrn in ll he pnromnniind Inndit lnlfllvr nitdrd t Charger mnoniile iiid t rnn Cnsh. Oll 01e 35 in gaxine slrrer, in Mlanne Arnel,. rfmrl-Cnw.mFkFRE). W j,1INSO9 j 1.lh ilil)niikn-.lineiinvei pre -link bear rotNaYk.Alifi) quires hinll ond iuip, ul eJ frIbelel. , Jrnals nooieneul Liten inn!t fin lnnhlIe i at ihnii .al e oln reanil. Pun lineaorrr in IIi ,'ell tie1, In linen will fiid na lager nassountmt iii,, I i ne In -okSais . 1 Mail Regulations. '7te tcreal FEr.slerrt ,lito is closed every day at 10 'cloh.k, A M--Is dul every day at 12, 31. '/ lt Irpr s ..l[a is closed ever'y l y at l haitrl Iit A ,M-Is duo with the great Esltern Mtlil. evry d ry, 177" f/,k.e .ilat (via Covingltn, La.) in clesed every Mo day. Wedne lay and Friday, at 6t'clock. A l-l dueI every Tuesday, Thursday and Satu,. ,lay, at 5, P M. T/i L,,isrille tir lirer .lnil is eloed every Mondaly, Wednesday and Saturday, at 8 P 1--Is ellt lald retulrned by lstelmboats.-Arrivs arregl. I arly three tunes a week. The Hayono Stra or Coast .Mail is cloecd every Tuoddav and Friday, at 8, P M--Is sent and re. turned by the stenamboat Brilliant. The .lelroandrtn or Red River .lai is sent irregu. larly by steamboats, twice a week. Louisville or River Mail. Monday, ) Wednesday, and Closes at 8 o'clock, P .1. Saturday, Coast alnil. S Tuly and Clon. at 8 o'clock, P M. Ne~W-Orleans Chambenlr of Commlerce. oFrricas pn n II"rE YEAr; 1838. S. J. IPeter, Preidt.v, A. Queriier, let Vice President, W. L. Ilolgr, 2d do. COMMIITTEE OF APPEILS, FOR 1838. Jluies Dick, Thomas Barrett, Jol:, A Merl, II.C Cammaek, Jat 11 Loverich, Alijah Fisk, GEO. V. WHIITE. Sec'y. DLATES-Screw Plnate,. with r leab dies and talu, L It imanufncttrrr' priice, for rtlo by d2ll ilAILL & lBROWVN, 96 Manozine at S200l hlesooblloin' Ei ra No. Soa justs j ei. r d)i SIIALI. &'BROWNI, 9l; i~nzine st NEWK' BOtKi. E LN GLANVLLLE a novel, by a lady of rank, TAn Fxpoeditiion of Discovery, into the Intericr of Africa. t er.rrno d by la lesnwl le.r, va. , Stinler , r i tilt liecollections o' a Mlon if K lh W .rl, it, 2 vols. Tlrh 'it ar of I li,: t c f., r a Vi-iit to tI Petelt li'g in th wintto r t lf . rII-3 ic, by Thus ruiie., Eiq, 'I.' Ptcilni \k oft otrMeili .nt tr i ti , rlioii i tinte. Pa e.cik, tle Iil Il orll, V ic lan leBceleia, tIhe Emoter ;if., &e &., II I vl,. Jiai receivedl ant for sale Ih t \V1. hE.t it AI) D143-' rlga PIc.ia Le'e i tf ltlcal a, . d .J l'realebc tl$LSlON & :i\l+Ii', la ci 0. tacit' Al 11i , irI hRinrl Rooks. &.e. IrreIeed ai foir lc Ictt til Book Stte of Ales. Su'ar't Villan.e Arcileeirlcrcrn olored dates" Lindnl's ille) hpaedia i ofArechitture,, nw edi li I n, Thnorlpso' Retreatitn designed for villas, &c. Niclholeo's I)i'itinnnrv of Arhihelturet. 2 vo'.; do Prkirillea of Are hilectu re. 3 voalt Horltin'. Arihitrectre, IY t aintwrlt' Arehl t n:la lral I)i.tionnrv. 3 vol e, ( rieltr tllathanlte pocker i)iliionary, Pen, arek'noFini hintolellr Rooms Armorinls of ()xfordnl, 3 volt, Plll c Wtkn of Great Britain. folio size. Ilrese on tie Rnlhva prketlce. Veo I on Ilnil Rodal, anrew a+htion, MNiel clden'l five rd.,re ill Alchitecture, Treidecnl -on Hlyralites, itket her'is itnne;nl, A n d, lr' ln.,ln la' It srlfp"r En hnP erin . T'Ili 1,itti .( ntiqlitiea of Attica, folil,, hllatw'o Areltitcttllre Nlcholv m's An'li p.ernrr, lN Italn t ei A'r, . l i e't (fidh,, Trra,len+l'a Prinrcip'e ofCarclllticic, Pl ,,tnrv cIf t r xctneoijtiicc, Svariety of Elementary Drawing Itoak, &c. dl. WS IL P t itl --Il n 7-'' neow tl.,-a ,n iks, of lc t,n id nI 3rd ic , . ie fIlr sale Ihv VIttIi, aIE 'I' \Vlient eh -\IinIi ctIe. SrW - vn:lllltl e] I O,'lrf xtCo. n., 8 .+lFll lrvee.¢t· , h".ve e nlrg-.d their' Tinanod o 1 op1 r tn nllntacrtrieabhlh-h .n ent, and re tw f o tm 'oll tI li, tr ,de, all nrti. Sele , a n,,ln. led o ti. ot i News York nn.'+ ,. l,.r t.l' do lh'f in tse 1w 0r,'1 are invited n rt.xntld11,i tlte' i I ) i r_ Ill S, r.iC l fo sale Ib - . ,d l!I ' OI KE & C0,13 Irnltl[e l i st tre, a I trll s l t e tV d10 I 1.t' iI 11)gE& "0, 131 Ion nzinc 4t t " I- RO()i' .- 1lY -',il. (;,''sle I, . . Stn IS.\At le lilD 4. 1 ," " d n l , 1 10 1 ,ln - J . 0,0 b e,.r, ll ; '.1, n,,1 I, J A I i to, tf1 ' lr dil l lit hER ii Il Si, c1 Iret " 1 -t .1 1 o , i't l'l (', I 1, I. 0. .. ::,, .,i "~.. l l_ lr] lir ' -Utllllt •. tr,',f: l, 2 d') 1911 .,tlnrl ine 0t 1N - ifi v i al ad ,, ti l p ip s, 011 half l ,lt s. mIl iId y lei l ti I itill I ~l l t"i tttl dl9 5I1 \I,I & I iR ,i\ , ''7 a n ill," z i t I v. supe 'rior .tr nl'to, fl r -ale I ' r. .T i I'l'E PINE L+UM1tER--10,',0;1 11 Ier el, h .i. I !! fir sale by 0I 1! B.II % L, ' a ". Sec'.. SnOb n. 19--21 " . "501 buvesJ rxtra slnnll. blland u oT·Ju ll ('J ,'ll.'. 3'10 do iskt'et inn No 1 to " 50 tallow ,smiles, ham~, I of Jarksntl b rrnwhlridge 4tlttapert tanilna, N B1t'fited amt Nnatnn bet 50 bones Judtpl' atenttt dao It, 311( dol cnltn1h4 1o0 In masanuatuseedl talarca,t'ario as brand, '0 eacst'C' swet "pamsaiatahcoal, 2lt caca Ihymn n,,l d oung Hlytoat tea 50 hoxes patla Itinting 300 k galelttaa nailt Ili aaslcit w ataar varailatdsperm oil 200 Sicilii, 'ladeita Witse, ia pipes, half pipe,, qa ea-s I ad Octanets, entitled to dela teur 200 tailah~lt i rs 0ll hale t Itn.lantpi-r a hte atinaa ', irtina ", S- Irilliaev 200tt f.anl ntan, 71i:i3 d Il-4 ttnnle., amsilit. ez?·r, kcl·Jcys, suit..hl"' lire neLgnl i'nllin z. iSAAC 11211(1) tI/IS O, It lilt 11-n1 itlh I Au I Sea pi hedal. anIt I n m16 ::4\:..--i B llatnk Chat ba, Pills of Laditng, Auctio Bills, Pamphlets, Showv bills, Cata logues, &c. kAc. (L/" tt1111/ ta/tar the Above, aa'l evety ither tIcs.. crip.ioj tf I' dalN i,.~ij receiaved at Iitttttttg /ms, oef"'IiUE' A1IiStttliAN," in Sr. (CtanES I'a CHtt.aat 3d tdon from (liravi-rtReet, or att the flinting. Ofticte, crncr of Pat da.i and St. Chtarle streets. EAc/nsaL a and bentiftnl Itnan and Jan t'OanTI, fram the best Foundries in the Unitied S/tate, have just been added to ihe talrcedny tcell-stocked Esbtb/ishetent; -aatdl ( lnDitaatil/ be executed as, a. Cheapir, Expedaitiouly and Beautfltlly, as at anyatietr ()/boe in the City. Nov 1 C 'HE subc.tiber hltattgttitketabeaan aaIattonfire p ttro 's I ntclsae, restpectfallv affert Iti, aeCrvite- to the tttnvebnta tad tradlee Iof New (2, leant for tlhe po-, clhas and atl oaflti,,leat nura nntd pcllties, tttltno tienk the sauce, as hell as anol, moss, IhemipIaitartani dry ! fronds, Sc. 'c, He will at n T( CrIVisve kitnlldo met nhattize otn tttrale, at 155 'I'sltatitt.ttne streiet dect I It 00' 01.1 ITT ALLA AL)i lYyAIIOl6VtOTs DYk. For ctlatangglut Hair, Eye hritaator Wttanrer ito a permaiett at Blownt or Blob, by one applicaation without stainittg the akin or the fioert Illtcn, just received Iby BiJeii & ALLAN, 17toat F~atvyS'ae, c.s~ S it (innas rn j 1,\ tiltly'Io'l:R-In IaialtelItl or Mltt, 11 ftalet by .L..1 25. a 311iOl ime Stun 101 III tto'a.. J~II notIS ___ Bankl neaan " '1ý 01.A 1 lNt-It, qttt.n"  Iaal,s, and l ItiI. dr atn I,, Ic -n a by 15 Rt' 4. 1'tt 'I'I ,-,7 lank Plate 1 i0s tal \ti and Binle h, n e lot Cill by 'lBb t.saa n Ito S'I'Ot.It 1115 7 thiTnk Plat F.\111NS,-40-J bolxes iulsll , ,,teen Cr axle b y~ ý./ 111 Al',ltHall TRLIEH. 31 ovieristr I S Alj - 147 t,61s ib ttt't'a'cttt ourd tat e by IA d1lii AItRAM TIllIi 14 1101 sE FURiNISHIING: S'l''llit. it2 10 In't) l . Ca. hlnae ctnalttta la nn hand nt B i tir - nt,- r tbltlitlchntl, ('ti p (attt 'I ftt//iCatomatt a/treet, ac ve t- I jtc't' n-rllllent /atne t'papirtt nratir/ans , a'iiaiintt att Eit I, se, hia nt,/ i la i hennar oali aS/cl FiraSd,/ct,,,d 'a t/,t/ tIrd lit rI/tt, ,rtnntaai,vietd 1st/nr~r a .un t r "1,.1 1, at I'rr~llr cd I n I nc1 (t.t St. C/I.,,les The: 'rre. rthi h I' ih.' i , e', t iof 1: I Ci I" l I ii ii- .- ii ' OilT S r. JANi. I. ~i, t\\\E. 'T'ult IVI,:N, I;(; , ";1l',?.91, W ill he p.ibred lhle h,'nldful ('ao',,d3 oi1 'I'l SCIiOOL FOR SCAND .\L. Sir P, ter, Mir. Finn. I1r1 .d1YvIf ni n lii. Chli u ,n, Alir. Cyalldour, lrn. F, tunli dil Overture by the O-rchstr-, ;rand Pax Sel!, by Mad'le {ruvenot. The whole wil en'lnII'd wit{ the- FIare of fHIt1l LIFE BELOW 'TAIRS. .Iy Iord uke Mr. Bra, mn, .uve.l, Fini, \li- l Kiti t, 31rs iFai In, 4 L.INV.1SS ;I) II \ \I .-- 1 hhl1,+ ,,r. fn, I'.,4 ",I tJ hy d i S l. S'f\ . 1 I.. ii ' i,':lr, ( 'IL-L S ca ,I b it' ruIahill i r, i ,. fr Iv -- t rrinliir .ale by AIB4 4 AOj & 'll. I1, .nnall do d h F lr iby On t II i dll ('3 Ilhlinli it .I ,ii'AY NA 51 nd.1 l pt ni i r o ynib -mv' r I 'Iand Inn ntiInby AInR+IAII 'lbl Ii innS on g 5.. 0pt hAL Sdo laW itn aInprrl' Ieni I0 10ii Refined Whale Oil 15011 r, Tin lP r l Oil -i.nole uy VIIT iiRI)t. & ('4, d18 i n De 3n 11S I I iiT 100, Ii i n SI.i i , 1igi.n ,io i,i,,r. t, -i fbii ,. i ;,,dh i 0 ip i'nisto ipli litld.. Apty lit 7 Irulll rCVle. dIAiCll t ]+.1i l l & F r B ale I lt I, l '. i it 1. . .. ..... 7 1 t 'n thI iJ IVI & Ii?,\Vs, • n tale by U, Ii. BLISS, J l)I U I.\ Ti Iiim-- lIII li ii. liii, li irlli , i _N 19 I l I'A''iiii l ii w .11I il A ~I' 7i Grin iir,' t _ 1 ) lbrigl~t le antl 4 Iil3 ipN t.,t ding h I., lninA Dlla llt ll ., a lld iour , Iii i ii l n byi/ ISAAC RIlIIE & CO. deci 9 131 ilniiIa It " L( I '' i Nl'i-1ll r -ges m le ; ., ,~lei C. (Itl i+g, launding Irol llI u Iellll rk ll,+l by i-,, ) i'IES-)g. ' rrel;, J ie i P I l l, T ,,,-17;'n'' fif e o)der. irndiug rtar brig lh), ,c(, _nl lerll % lt! "li-i')' llll, '-ý.{: IA St:(. I' t \l· -I lili li, r,-,ll t-I;" .1il ii i li t h '- a I.; " & I I' 4 i'in u 1 '4, 111 I' 0li i i i ci4 ' in.t 5 bn m -ll hr .',+t,, h" d114 11f BI t.I ll I 'S T IIEII,.q ;nf l ,.i i; AIrplTl i !11\ .7'1:T1 1.O1) A.. B L OOII@ I Si . Pbib,-ri r O lllti. llrr xr Ro ,u \ II,,, II I . I f l l l ll rli, li-i. i r1' ~f' ,.", ,,. i l+ I Ii l Iuonlii. _ r r r • ful to hl - f,.u uud OW" I , Iah., a., t1 , |L1,lc, l))llr,)tllif· I1II1Ig," he, l).llrd rllr i)a .or. .l'.r r,= ,,, Nen rIaa,';eI i..r I e te l l-rllJlil, " 1a I i1 . Illlll HI hy n tilW n aul l ia, .al ,Iaa,,IuII I iI," I 'C 1 Inl I + II l, Novrn dratI)%'. lllll h (:ICI \ l) l tifir & )1 \DQ i'EIl\ II:. 1111 , 1.1., kr \\ \1\ , I:1` 0 w . ... slu.... ItI, ',:d"J'alrl"l I · by lh~ • I ¢.l, ,# fu l, tI')I~ P l'l>, ll, 1.+ . I'Ir I 0 11 r- uI (. I ,' I -rh . ,.l ,t a.I lti/\·il T nr i'i) n rrIr. ,S irilt, ,f( ( ' illtl / I )J 41011iF .:llh Ihie.d, 1 th l, 11411 I1, 1' I w, ), . ,' , AI.'---:. I)Iu-h - ltk , - hm t ,l,+ ') drcl96 9G ag t#,,zille rlreet CA RDS' led, Wie Flake, or PIhti, .'utibei CAIiII), and a Prigsveery reasonablbe at T'llUE, F\ll.IIC J1 Ill ; Et'E, rants of (':,,data mas n~d St. Clot, lea its. ,Sere, al \e~" mad li eI·'lll'oI f 'aaab ' of T,!.!. harrr ''jut be' 11 aid 1111t the sb1,,1t t)relr)I'l, crired a( Co(ipCl,0 (Ic.",ni SIt. ((111tr.1 (Ji ·Ln ,ibra·,: i C I oo ll olll Ii..&Sl; l I.,*r a! .. r . ':Iitll FRED WILIINi5 DEPUTY SUR'EEOR GENEP!L ,r LOUISIANA, I\\ iIRIt III ")'ur~(Nc(il) l ('i(le IcIer cut.i Ciol, L.JowR anlffd , mu I 'hlot l MITJic,",l h,' ;pro 0.,1c toe :I NsIpI, Ib l~lllLlll 4'IREII AAll~ll.IEIICA PRI·1'1~.· 1 hcim E, Pte-io. and 1c,u pr~it o, 'or3C tIjh~~i liccuto,. exeRo t ll CItillto tf (o t j lc llto Iintt. eIC L eIls oi Imlt notd e"; it a"f llydttit ct li. pauo(ll r.(He ,ti alto olL'esdlre and lcal culate the conll~·lt rol, f walls andl~ eat ntatiwtsl . (lil.Ce No 8 (;, nl:*lnir, ntrr l:Et,aec al Ir dL 4 __________ it'll MA'(ILAL, IIa ve a IISEACIPI; I 0' I LAR alraek fattatr hours NTI(:F, by ."W!1n17a1 ihe Co¶1pting a Ito.... of TRE AMERIANI -IyIt $1 ve.; OFFICE, St. Churle EIchanI, , a~tjoiaiag the lteto" tilt Roos at Corner of ;rudier stretet,u, oral the 1'tiltt I-Il Ofice, lrsrr oj f r'odraa F c i dtj . (:(hIIIeIr steet.. /1111181 'iit, e of uefIl llolr to-day it $8 7 pe ILan tt ,es oflbrea~d lb!! a init1. Breal d at the 1II.(:( d 'Intl l llt 1st relqie ll II, ( rei ll L'j I rr ,init. "tore, tic: I:r3 Ill5 C bell fltl'IseldThlf , i %1 llIl~cl~ dlt S ALT-~l - 1:11(( ,.ar', li o' androur~ ,er1uol 1:t I1 d18 I. II. GAI.1), iii (JCtillllill ,rte, t.1 I(i ((1i ll ll iin. F r lll·: I 1 Lt Otinr P l tt'll ti /": Il ". 1 /: /)" -----I I '1-will IICsI ((1 , d b ',1" 113 l (ail It (dI, h"I ( 11 :ll t- .l11 ll ev di- nt W di -ýEd of .c-l l T rltr ftcrlthl ol· 1,or~e of he I ( t1 ui o of caits I' r " '' i tlp r rare~·, "iii iii1 fic ~ t, Ne, (irk na' u d Nn-ivilln Iid ' d ('o I' ll _ at file itur nlrP, -.,o o h ttir~r sl u h lie 1-01111,ll1111% ro l , , ti ut ilj1r% d o e 1l ol v 1 111~. 111,011 sha l 1 ful ' . y ny n 'to v 'r e , oj r o r d rs rtt a ny t o o u tid n Ii o 'id , ,"r 1.110,111 .1 to C o an o tnce 9ridrmat , e i at 1 n ofthi okrriatcil rt -or,,r :?d~iyý.C5a iitAý.I )Mý>l 1 . N'. [ ; : . 11,· .:.l ' ,: , I .ut o. f l, ,l,.. I,1: 1( .1111 '' . , 1 Lu o: , f l i, t Ih r,.I,,l rattltl Opera of l.A BAYAI)ERE. I'l Ie ohk ,n, 1u l,. Lo.reomple, 011m Por, John. tn, TrChm,'ar. I Ircn i+.ul, Teh c. Si,!?nlll I( I]r m ) nel IItil~lll. 2 isi l l' ottllrl ll tr Zelani, Btrmio , Overtute, by the Oreohewft. Afi'r whirlh the thlilling Druna of 'rTo cn. hlclu w'th 11hp Ihty ol lle TiIREE WEEK : AFTER MARRIAGE. Sir I hi ti'4tud nt, AMr. Barreit, i a ., , J r l, lt- n,. il. indy· ]hw'.it, Mrt. Ilnreir. ' 1 ))+"- ,,'11· :-· 11.' 1 ;:., I k;,,,I ," '.''i,.,d roul fl l• sidelby jI I iil, lllo 10 1 r.t 0 ,) . -4! ! pplo ofi i' i ,;-.- ' + I. --1·~; . I·II: ' 1. · t .- ll ii ).-· h~lr f rll thtr a -ll T; ,,(', : S,(.,, l do. . : it." ,b!!h h i -s-t the I't-k It I t l", r lt'tt, . i1, Ilra pi , from "Ittr,.lst, t .\,o rrl ieIt pthol I NtIi-h N'ithor<, t r tolh Ise of ftrilll' ) t]'; ," 1 . I0, i" bo h .\1 ,"l:0IIIIc A rillt l e tic, rIi I Ii N t I I , l r lll. it'6l' i'," .ary lS tns,rdti econd, ' " troto' i. t hook.s tr, lld in the pr bhe Isbhiols of I'hltadel phi, r l stlo anti PittSr. C , and' fille mout.+ lislh uel pa'rtedf New-Yolk, Penn lviva nin, (Cio.diana Knltuky, and the ) outh ad T RU est geserallys a M COTT'ON lIRCULARS t ' RINT I l with t hei Greatest Exp editionl, tli ina style unsurpuisedl inol N W O iEANS, otr ele Onrn:rs l e/f at (o.. f rl it Rtiot i t St. Charles Ex chln0 , (Corner of (,'rair' St i) or at T R U i AMIERIAN I't'NTIN'I OlF"ICE, .or,rl r of i',vrdr n, o I st ('hirle. , re t", will be i" . m,,qq o.'Ir/rr!,+,1,',. Dress and asquerade Balls. M!A.SI, IXt(OSE HOTEL. -4- 1. :: ....... I lamedi tely in flout 1i • I+, , . ,. lizl i, I e11 . Ihe i bo v ertablish t 'l, i l tl I+-'1' ,I 4rt o. It ilv v" int i . )er.2nd, , I'h. i! " , l t , ' I ,l I I ,old a goo( It'lauru t will be (liril Ivh e ,,l . p- go,, od iorder I trottiihol lh," e lt0 ,J ltl .l; 14, r," ;t ill le a Ip tie to dI po itot l k , , 1 ,' . 7%11 No Imr-,o .-l l e adll il ted il it e til I' .i l m ih tl t es.pi.n l ttnt y kind. I ;,she L2 of t' It i l vole; 1I',lu ,; IIIllla.l ,f'the'oll l h , ill 2. l" I 'I,"i I'i.grim,,lvhy Ilr.H I st11 , I vo tl; lTe, oi ), fhrm tlhe I ren lh of SA .intine; The W fi, Ih mitier, or the Moriarty family; l.nod oll ,rk & Sea (hull, y Captain Glass. tcoc It N., i i vol1, tr s lel, by E JOIINS & CO, ,) i ,. I 'car S1t oulies &. Co iol m In t tL- i;NIT l i.;E! F.IlNI'I'UIIE!! .. I .1-( . III ih . i, till ~ I f I'tl rr v l ,Olill do oill i I , Ii I. 11 " ~ I' l v (hr. us o nell l l h' th e t and htr_, -,, o ," : I , u oi- 't . R <' . I1 RNI']N, l flh,'nville t -' I ........ .......... id to p. . cking i-- In p. . I ... . . . t 'iI )t\ Ai l s- I Wh t of I A m eri. lb I- 7-1 1"1~ , ,r, I .\"I' ilI)Il;. & CO., ' l II l -The Ilok of -11 l{ov, l,,dl a o )I , + ' di, phl F," o, l,'i, ~Iu'- li' , I',d 1. 111 . ) ", ( .; 1," 0l),- I -; hll- nod lll. mnt ; 1" ,1lb 1 0.t. ' t ' i ,, 1; , i orinrt .F elt , ~"'I ,, T ,.I .,,, 111 ulh'e , ":,,tll llir; h + \ t,,l, ,'l i l:ii: . c .l Il _, It -Nl r. h t1 1, ,1 " ,,, b,.," t 1(, 1' ' " , ,,I T ,,, s,, ,. T h . (,) , , p ii iiti , 1 ,,t. It ..e 'F" > NE NX ! -EI - ph :I 99fl A ,tor . f rh (bib by tihe autlhor of t . i.llh. l 1 ' "'I he t " i. al, ee, ' (10) Ititrn,' "''hl, I'nlti-ao,' Sltart;n- Il-ri a , 1t jtt l lrt ceiy. ,d col II -,t b \';M, MIkKEAN, _ . ,i . . r . lr ( -a m p R C o n -m, o n .a t , I'-.-.J ' ).O l) ck, l~iverl~aot l Salt, ollol hi Itel to tI I s ".lu1r - til.;- Iplt H iA LE, 111, 1 9!3 Common at It o 1 4S 19 ates mena kip qt calf ptggoet n l '-w+ 1, lo . Ie ' 3 3... 3..I. "ll. " ;RIiR WN. 96 Mga. ine at ' --) I i - o \ ( '1 ý -1 l. ,I , lllll It t l ltt- firat i , t a. , o O it ( athl I re c is e s t I'.. I'« -, &\ t I .' ++ ½ .lih t ritet eet, a . ý 1." I+.,.,' . ,h,. ' ý , +l , h,,<ný ,f P'o11 and Wa nter I ,,,.0 , I Il-l- , I - , I t, Bhi ela o e . dI ) . , 1 i + , , 'l I, r. " I f'ir a Pl-l " iae t b e in g , , ' , liialf I ttaaa llai mItllla .'ut i"' +.ll l. .' : ',I ,,ý.: Il-alJ tI ." l it)r -alle t oleol. S11" 3 , f I t t 1 ·1 II ll I"I'I, E --lIt i a a wlna. Sll·--t; J O'1' L'. Tivoli Phice. 1NS1:1:1'. h i l.-ll If i lnu l ln i frcllu ICtullO.¥ SI Neo Levee.. LS PORK -171 hilrr, inba r ell te 4d OH Ll.ISR, 78 P'oydra sg TAXES F'OI 18311. O TICE i lbob given atle l 1\Ir. Charles Lemai. I n 1 E , k oI -t (h- e t a ten t Es. c u o l , tl uo ipihty, faor 1838. iH well I],li ,lit Jantaryt , 18:1.9 J DUANE, d 1.3--11t' 'l're,\su.e( m til sll i l, t aattr 0 t 01 + lle .liur es tJaxes 2Il i oor I d :i, i rta Itlele l le iert t I tll I a. J. I, ,a e ac h'rrsorier. I w l ;It t 'Ia!l tt I., wholhs ie rotes. Alab i h t. llh' I' ttlll,.i.e ll n.yiilli Ull li heriofo rh., br;. 0 I tllrt [ lr (;rmoio. leo 'it lil ( ll iie ntle, .1" beuree+ 3.oal'0uf ,t i a. 1 I7 s k il t ii Tl (' lt lte , 1.17 b,,l, "'s Tl. i frT. ii.) ll l o bra ds, fil(,i lbo llx.y I rai.u ,il , a lniid .h .ules, I IIt lla llll'.w In el ·,- l illal o-+ri noadt hiee, l -. lh, hoxer ech,

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