Newspaper of True American, December 24, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated December 24, 1838 Page 4
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NEW, VALUAlI.K AND STANDARD! 4 vLVAWBLE ANn SOARCE. eIR Wis . tE'T'1'o Ptp 'nva-t, In yon lot F. Fla's Gems with , prt. ,lo,-ed ltr p ;.m Hubh tch, la Philnosphic ute la atrutl· ) ar, lans Louis Cirilea, Paris 17a 1 sarce Lea aetvcluodiadl! J.o. rat t:eilrcr ) I3 n NEW t FDIC.,'. W-,,R.. tin Lewis on'r-Pn:hini. l a ,d HI J,. o nd It'e M'dieoa Juriatra-.tne to tltno:ti:y ar oii,,ý o. Feer--Pktr:il ,l ,,P t t I ...+ nit anl ihus s uuraore--lri.tiu's ura rv t Dlidwvifervllln irated--{'o'otes pnob t MedJici.' riot Ros'san lyrical Chetni try Pat 1" COMMERCIAL AND NAUTt.i- Pot 1O h'SA ot "on Lrcial)ictionar, Lounloa Et n a ea notor etottof L ootd ead a Almtannc frr 8lis9 U•e owtiteta's .trvi JOgtion co . ieaaunera * . tt. f nArchiteetotea, I.ondot So. Co Sdo ArchitoLtnr, I ovl. Lndon ti rt Rba.a Arcileotnre. I redgid' Capeutrlly E ongine.r's to ehaninlr Encyclopedia, Lpud0-l Pe alrla'ha s enthematiepa Tables it Ipers' Atnerioan tingi' y, I vole IstP Jheiaophicel Mistcllnoieshet-a the t or ronsin, Joffnerv and n !. Conotaa o i I acd Inaeoone' Worksr " vol., I .o fll de'lrteli'. Corioatties osf iitoertl r rt t., Pjlitical Economy, by Snv do Vethakoa "Lookhartn'n Lin Tf nlte ett 2 vole enanlined and ta-oh Ila, i,v Irescott. 3 vas And a en ernal asorni, t of t , anlctdil sien'ie Clasoea, lae isctllaneouo Bot,i si Novo Diettinarie, Gro-ealear0 English and, alit and Greek. V JOIINS & co. e29t har. b hhlonteand t(o t ,,t n gI. P RtI-WANt . , +tntoil w-mltyX ' aUtti. z t. For tiretnti atn d otre of the Fercr otd dtto. . bli 1 T will Ilo retdly olereinthio Tooni Mhix totre a. auoritn to ther ,rtdinrv ttrt A" of reanting the e'or anod Aae.-. In toe rust lure, haeng a Vooe tob'e Extct, ard fiee tinot, enl donterito nl potisiotn aet ingredienls, it nlaiv lip tnlakon wi the rmosl s tat 0y even bytt the tltdr i,,fmtt or ned inalid. It pre-O rents raeldsenof re diseaso e onpsequto. i tl,e cnltltt I tinn soon regains its ,nonteid t.n ad nct;lityt. It erstab lishes a oanlnd and peortonnt riptr tt, hit invizoratinog thes ote h,nnd l rivPes re!iln to Ionthe en ontoe l fn-to. sein peculiar iohal i.n a Itt ,uratP qvlgitt, it rtiemain Sitin the bIowels at intlreaso ttls disarder. r to rrmeatl toer diseases, bilt tlhorougllytv EItnnoe tile severtl Or- tI gans of digestiolt, I ttit. benefitso thne eoto m with whbnloeverr ther afliktio't it mtnttv o opptreoed. Individnahl, aofern the itofthe To. it Mixtore thave betn exposd tto ni tite nsulal ri toe of thle dseaose, and hnve rocaped any o yntilltn tof rat,tn - lte.o b htv the imSP oftll ennlOll ren. Al+, there it o..YS reoat led an inUrease lotloit, to rrttrrt,,ne. 'tlot dlt'nr f freqnent relapjes Iotlfe .tgog i.t vttvt rainl. ltr1r thte Wvlote t will noon Ilcn too mnt lrlt m thruIIte to 01 hb alle toreaedwitheli itp, crlto .o i V ftalla Vic tim to-uolh incesantt violoence 'il'he'liol o 1 aftitr istt fllreod nat suh a resolmnat, pricl, ta to phtca it ilthit N the roenul ofoevov one--so that I.r poor tno- dttitute are herobv flrlbshord with nsitanre, willott sonlicitiong tile aid'and attendance thit iti frtoequently denied to Iheet. or else verv relucta:tly ,stot"rt,t Thle ilhlic aroe. ro rctlov cal tond g st ttlln isp tinns imitation+ of tli ins mdicin, thrt are daily offered It is nptlted t nl Ite Dr t. Johni Rtw. w:,nt, at his .altMratttlr, Markel'str t, Phii d oldhl . I 'The etiscritorn an. thie twhonldett r:tt s for tr i aonth.Veatorn rlttoe anrd nill e,tll hv thr rr.., 3 ath the Philadelphia prices. 'I'T be lord at rel,'i a.-o,8 t mtsatoftlto .pothciari o it ho tnirv. r J.Ift' - & . DR0 t'EW anViln N o Co mn3 &. Tnc o lo ilot as-i -tiaat:1sipt not It Loursittinl I otetl, +1RS. MARY KIIIKLA.ND resptltfilly an. ottoones to her friends and tile publit gone. ally that shte is proepared to accottnodato toheml at hoee abovt etabliishmeut, and Iopae frimn lrrt etertions to rendeo r visitors comfrtarhlc, to rrceive i continuance of' frmter fivorn. Sito finls confti. dent that persons visitnng Covit.glon thtring tin ammer month, cantnot flld butt, r aelnlltlooitttllr l than eie catl afford ItoPn, O mr,t e Iroral terIms. le r otso I ts plsantiny sitetd, and well ullplicd with eRoeyrntn tteione,; thIe bar is ftrti:,htd wilh, the most choice liqlurs, &e. in shmrt,shPe promli,+ se "at notltintg seii bot vtantoi on ther inart to givt ,tiro salisttition to til awhIo tIy patrotizno thle Mtinsissippi tind Ltttisiana thtt el. jt 3 orre 'Tri.i Pr U tlL t.-l.'tI toergaei. i tt.n g g L studioed tonder Ir. Sot midt of Coharleston Snti m Ctarolina, and fr somnte year hiir assistant in tbe pratice of meolieineo and sorgry, thas tle lbttor to offer his prole:siotnol servneto it this city. Hi atssros tlie ladies and go.tlmten tlhat. tL mutt prompt attotitontt will n vitid to the calls whlich mny be mad.; and nio ol rs hisi seorvices to tthe holders ol'flites, being rweill ancequinted t-ilt tile dliaelsn eae onoin to theol. itling attended them i thi e anger hious in CIhrih sfon. l'i'le fanttos anti bilious pillst a lr (tlo ct-t(tttll(,ni nol I'rofessr Snolletteo. titlt directtnot, .-tn bt had rf the oundersigned. Thie It' ct whnct theyv htve produoed in tin and otl-rtciti, hiesltoltten tttltetl1 anith tile gicoaloet rtnetv, to mhihl:t theih Int to refhronceernll n b given. Apply at No. I:G t Maloa. i en w street. 1 (). ',OI1NG IRONS, &o.. TIE IIOWEL.!. WORKS COMPANY, No.1 J 233 Water, near oBeekla n strelt, New Yolk, have roceived tiltt Iatt titn,tt. nod aro col.slnttly rnceiving large ndti tensaive tadditions to tle alotk of the above i oods, wlhirh now eonsists of tlhe allowing aoemttottt, sntttiilt f.: tlo aotttlthtrt and western ntnariets. lloilow waro of superio r q i ,;lly, eosisiting of about 1500 tons, viz, Pots of 22 difl'rctt siz:., from 2:8 0t 50 galloos, Kcttles, 15 sizes. front 3:t to 311 gallons, Kettlce, 15 izes, frtto: 3Si to 18 gollons, Itkepant or )tons, 7 dtrt-tnt snzrt, SToea Kettles, 6 dt Skillets, . 5 din Flat Spidrt - 6 t do Covered Spider., 2 do Orlddlos, . - 4 do Fire Dogs, 6 dA W ago boxes from 1 1 dto 4 3.4 inhes. Cart do. 5 to 7 ioinches. Wood Screws, 20,000 groon, iront ant brase, from :A inch, No. 3 tn 3:9 itllo. N., 2-I of a superior qnalily std fiisth, and lonss tlhan Jane's imported Sad Irons, aorsortd, in sacka of obout 500 lbs for retailitg. Tailor's and hettor's Irnnt, asortedt. Saah weighits, 110 ton., avatortcd lroln 1 4.4 to 201bs. Bells for Pintantions, stnamboatsna, ohurehea, &c. made to order, Also astoatnneata and other tscliinery made to order. Tho above assortment of gt~ods it particularly recottmendood to tIe atteotint ot Stouthtrn and Western mtrohanto. and are offered for sola at low priceo, aoltd opon ho nmot liberal ttros ; it ts be lieved o be tihe I:trgrt and test nssortmont ever ofred for sae biy any ole e.tablithmeoot it, tt. tlnited States. Mnercottta. by Itrwarding a request by mail, can have a prin'td airootltr, wilth doocriptttttt of onds, priceanttd torttst frotn thinh tno dcvoitioo i. evcr made, ftrtoished ity returtf. mil. All orders will rcoeiva immtdiote attention. New Ycorlt 1830 _____io NO MIIERCURY NO I uurn vzx A tOL'T mtix molht' go I he.' Ithe lhfarttollte to fot i n se acret dise soc, for hi:ch I love re ;,lid t, s r e eIM do,etor fior a cre, and theel did no! cure tte, An now on tleo above date 1 put vecltlf under oti case of I)oclto Hurt, and I expert him ll t', te ine. $illce that time the di ase got worse, r. as ttl break out in lakge ulcers to the nmber of rix or eight on e It h leg, nlid fil even thn frao, end sore thlroe, end Inotl abr tt work at h present tilllt o n tret of the disease; tnrge leer on the right ie of t therthroat. lrtm no pm tting mtyaelf eonfdentl Ottllderlte. care of Dlr. II(ts, r,f Paris, to be perfectly cured JOHN DEAN. I n C Fe.srti eY halnt the thrve me t ;hne ee , di.e a e i qtilte wel caiored to icv own antifeotn, nr ecwhieVh I tionsk fr. leet; and motnreove I n r . e. that tIle edi cine I have takell itaket toe ft, Sand dit not injure ly aealth at all ; thererore I advisn my f li,mw i lfherers to Joseeditteritel olnd ly to tir A. Ilunt, 1t21 (anal rreel, between D t;lllein' and Itotrl),ot treo:a. ! r. Huet is at bone, from it oIlock:, A Al, o'"il 4 P ti. They will ltd a tree doeter fi)rti, ti0 roeproithere. JoHN IIE N. r t i;rraienr etreat. If any one wants to see me, cail it N". 41) G hadie JOHN lIt AtN. Now Orleans. PeLt le, 18.. f. t 14 ly -lIlieGnuina Indltn oealsnnt of Iiveerwrt n nee mlnd i Ia pOt up in btrtl et frette lo t price ofi 5) dee'ts eIeth, coet aitiong the strengsth of thirae, ouece of iraet wort, eoei lee the virtoea otl muy other rolts and herbs knttow amone the Indianta as frtticacious in curintg plmtnory eanlentlans. The u ,ritalted sueees which he attenordled tie e of this liestmnable Balsam wherever it tes heen t ntto duaed. has o tteinad the coenfidelon and recnneends- tions of reppectbtle physinions, for the ctire of cougns, colds, pain in tie side, want of rett, spitting or blood, liver complaint, d.. To whom it may ecter'e. This i n to ertife that we have in etnr practice frequently preroribed lIre (;nrd pnr's lndtan Balttm of l,iverwort a cd lnarltolnd, waith a daided lood effect: e cane theerefore from tile know elodge of the materialt it is made from, and n hoel hotton andf x nsrience, reomtmend it as a elltriele" ]reporotion .rall those al:ctiten of tlte Itongtt fr whirl it is re mnenodet. AI.Bf:R I' WlIt.LI AMN, 1. I. CALVIN ELlIIS M. I,. ,Pefonboa entlc Batoun MAedical Aesanintion. logon, O:tabe 12,. salseby .IRVIS & ANIDREWS, iob i9 (m it en- a: I r't tittt .oatl ate SARDf'S Vrgetatle tlair Oil, fer the restoralion and growth ot Hair, givieg helth ad beautIcot ,and " t vrntintglealenes. Irefee this Ilair Oil w - eoferedt t he Ito hlir. it had St.entried inlhendrlre.dsoof ceaenfh oldenes, tehinne,eteal mtlleln nf ofthe hair, and it etery illt.tealtc its aelunary ,oletalbve been rellnedl. It halnearorfied to produce anwamnd heaatitful rmwle of hlit o ne llc * already od. I cams wekere it beromrsdy nel a I eeeer rro row this Oi will very oon r.-nder it thaltlhv, and lerodetr. p1ti.d and ttautetitl gnrowth of hair. wa.,t',ot ther leao ljayn to den head. Ti;e Oil givers treeb elt fir geonw and is prefTrale to any tther te ir lt)l fe pee aming. turtint aad glnsositt the btor. 1The h it setbemtir dr-'o.t "stirg t For tale at e D' Ire Ae(,1, IMMONS HARTT & CO, are ntow reeeivittfr* car board ship Orleens. Erole. l llhlalertt ,oker g o lery Andrew, French and (Grmn plna ., r:,; Tack- | rlmmnon tolard- Cestsmrmo 2 1-4 ad t3-1 inch ltil 45 arl Bntls" 9.9 '10 and 1'? ini:ch hlaufe Rela,-i klives: - tLeatert olImltrt trivetli,,r ) tet ino Ctoes: ]telt. Pockl t, Hornein, and f)t.llhPi istoils dau;-'r nd `] '' -inle harr, "ir Gus: Game He ; Shot Mret=; Pon, .e 'd and Pistol Flasks, 1)ram Rn ,ot in4 I)rink·-t C, "p; Plre dro!l Capl an Cap l ,I,"r; Clltl, Tir, 'tl. " till Nail r I . tcel r, hrn t ( 'lltrintt "'ooth l !l t Lt t',0011 Piw,ter, foile, at l st o sl e ,-'iil il great -. i"' riety: Ino Haitr Braide, . in.Ikl ets and F ri..zel-: Pearr, I/I lnd" Tilot Powler; Emery ; rory 'T'ueb .tiu hion"l ImI Patent .lhltrs r Gioltter.: Cllo Fit!'tie 3llpn llrrtt {r Powlder Pllf. anld Ilox-; (;It Chains, Steals and Keyo; Ear-drope; Waist Bueklas; trneelrto; Beud Necklaces and Chains; Gilt and Silvered Be.ds; lndinn leads. Bells and Plumesr- hell Twist: Sieo and Drsisne I Cornlh;which,in ahdition in thirformer stork en hand. , makel their oasortment very Col plete, and will be sold ow rnd on liberal termns, t thie jini of the Goldoen e Coml,. i2S-if 70 Clhrtret street. F 1HE Subwriihers, Agesotr filr tie extenlive hooare of r Y'. &S. Butc~her, Slefield, Eo"land, hboe nrtl!t eeeived a vey extetnrive set of tn or' ,.R, roonsistinl of II lTble and Deserrt Knives of e- -" deorriptirn. Pen, Pocket, D)irk, and int .olive'Rnzor e i, ,e - sore. Eldee Toolo,&e. &e. &e. wrhitlhthey are prepared [ o exhihit to the tolse tor nott-r'. Torms and conditionsdtt will Io IlJde knhwn nt the titie. tG il . t. IBIIN& A C(fOHltN.t0 Cloommon rt. c ltMMONf , tiAR2rTT& CO.--r rnow reteiinel ander, Frenclh nolld (;Gerlmin lIile .lii plt avilto rls: Oterhelt aond Ieket pistols; plain, ribedr and split ,cusin ip:l.; on lihlders; acis ,lrs, Herse twcn. ea: Cillotl'o eommercial antd other steel pens: Vin sr; Violintl strings; shell, ivory and ltorr crioms; one; I r kLt hea and ll.ather o llrseS; hlalr I,ri.lls, fronit val sok ringlets;: etho pifsth: Germta n oi Fl.relth cologrne water, Rowinnds mnceasser o il, imitalion do; antit1e eld hears oll: plrtable ,letk and hesslng enlset!: int bloseklirg; tntinan,d toilet nlaases; elrvP nt e ilrn.; op- I eal gl:lsses and ie:s; ldiant heit , hells and plumes; emllen;n whit-twine; toilet and shaving sOlaps; toilet owdler, e, metle wahil halls; slee!edl atin ethiolins; pnnal manla: screw eloinlln ; flnecy head chineIe aill necklaces; billi:hd ballI; ipocket honks miland walleuts; Goermaiin hnles razor sl'ap, finle ai common gumt tlastic tluplnderl , tttersdlo; Bells luifur lmatches; sil rer pencils; Creyons, &0. &. I The ilboe itAlltitilon to our former steok of fiucy Irticlrh, nlmkes Oullr mnt very e , mpl1tx. Fee' sale" wlull, ;r re'tail', as ilh li,.l of the ollfden Comb, 70, Chartee t'trelet. eontt t . N N )TllC-The pl tniirtlip (ft' Kelley, .rlton &.it of New Orlman : onr,,. florris &Ct., of Ntrlhez; lid Htari. l.Keler kCo., of Itodn-v, was dist.h'vd In hiollsl of.llV lst,I hy thlen eth of Samuel A Msoin, dle no tllh partners of the firils. The underlienied. .urivivinl partner=, will be rharredI with theill setliu nnd clltin.ld ln Il.lintes a. fdlollws: I L viC Itntirit will ittedl t tlothe rettli of thle bi neltlile of iSoI toolorri& I'ot at Natchezr; ott I trri, Kel ev & Cio.,nt titldtelv nlo ll tirrv Kellev will attend to le osctling of thl htleines, of Keliev, loon & Co., at Nerw rlennt. The ilmes olf e everal irms will he uorsed in liqiutloinonnl-. r 'lltose iudlhied to said lirma are earneslly e uriioe.d o ocolme forwnnrd and make early eettlenlln: Uanld thoeL:1 haling claimns ill please . +retllt them witllUt ielai. New Orltne , Jo, lune 97, 1i837. ý 2 eases t-re (Ipf tllis aItprriOr ('ollttlr steoto. just Srrrrtitve lllld for sole hre dozen or sintlt 1nttl. IAlso Amerienn and ':enrlh toilet pwdert, )toitwer ruffs andr hblerllenvinl nd tilet .,aps, r.ooette ,\ .h hllls, milk of r.ies, rosmetrti cold cream, , 'xtrne o :tusk, keplha ha , nWad'i veetable hbir oil, potllllllllti, eretle dr 1frle, . rom nlldl v ba t aer:, pre ",.:i's snlrts, 1l rrilloe pertlmlelire' ill ttltllk;·hne ln- e titer id lt lni.t tene, Chlorine al.t' rtlo tatoth, wash, sla en ir, tooth, n'iil and fIIIh ,r, tehee. tnzether with n. a ll I tlir i on l suppl y of fna hionlhle i anr andl I shell e lmbe andlll je.wlry,r Trnl1 low nt wholrnle or r.tail at I bj biIlONS, HIIAIII' &CO, ,rl itiofi 70 llettrsm strtet. . \ GooDrn bntniaa lartt - ar-' n j rfa' ± • ce v nze froml on r rnrd hllR \. lips Y zoonm !,ano~aIf *nrid ria ('ncw crdin, fan a r ll cnvl atk, a N.eltl aaar t y o t Ie ooald ill tlheir ilr, swhlich tacerbtr itil thlinrnn Iietm an rlo(·k on hl.n , illllk their assort enlL ver': : plete J'hle !ollowll .'c(,m rtll se a tonrt vlz: , ell t'¢,i~t, I,.r:, ';dc i . Illlk RId dITresiSI rmnl*, holrn1 do ofall d.cipti(Tli On.,l InI- w1 dlia tihbr, tiiltk and worsted elaalic ari.lrs, a (oI1nI & t fi1w ,latic lWpeinlaer, ]tco fcito and ucifllr mntlchp, n Sidlitz IIoder povdtrltd aa Rl I tXes liltt IIwder or proket ],ook. am!r ..a~lrl. LIetIe·II hoork., shell, Icnrl, tlh ar alan"i,'en~ adikacs Ian a Cn~l,ig, beait his ba ir~leckt, o tldls an hliin,.edt'ilvar and eiltI.'Cidsi Indiatladlcs, iattll, raItitah'lttet iatinl nnt allare p't - 1) tiaJit ,liathnt Ilal., hnrse ola . t ricke'tt an noila it aintals; dniht l anRaitle biarrelld eil un. I'owie kfive., ct and drlirks. ti ars thears, pocalt knives, nnrd t h\ins, tan l Itibb '. waista,.kecol ar q[blllellh F'Invidnlavender, rose and bay wnter nws[rh-r 1eqflen¢r , h Rn xllt dact',Mair'dnrt, b ear, anlltille aind Wrnrle- in netaihlo Ihair oil., shaI(/inF nndi toilet sonll )s e t alri des eriIption.R) ]nlh..-. nld gelllh't..'nl rr. d ,:!lrld lile'e itllt. -n ei hair rit let.a fria zeta l·t Itt ! hraihi . I" in, thlly llld titinlbl tpoikti and ., ha int, iiiatcihon fi'lt,'t 'l dink,slloe blaT' ii ri,' us aru gnitan"ribedt ln rlbl rd iaht' Illelll IirI ill"" , eteomodtn a -'''" '"i-ct' a'''~ g at 'l p l8 t' th e l c m rtn 'l ""I(i li, ,neailacr I.a atII, . t ilat tc(n't 'i,'i'Caitaai na lille ,- i I tll Ai A, jl m r tl:lllllllli . oa i ,, gCl, H.lIti nd il.t al h.aII'h 6 t ni i tli iare ofiire t 'tt wiralecal s o' t 'lel 'l" tn ut-'tlnlll tlti tl N BI SheUl combe, repah'.'d. g IelrIETY STOREt-at C tn n i A f th' gcolhn i conth),MoTO ('hastrcs sterer Th slis'lbers have re. eivaed, i a aitlion to their prcvi, ta k on ha'n, ' n full ali l io1, tiI.IIt Col''g ar ·tit i , i In thniani. colnllls IerJ'lali er %"l!. Jews~relr . Il.l'l*l, l 'lr~l l 2win giltIre., I mnr\ nc" rticles , c'-·. ..lliqnr np r af·o q ile tl: aik, lln ronlllld, dre.iia , siag da tfin l an Illl td necltk, hrrlialn car, l hn of eiaral ei lsritiL niol, R allln a si which a". itri lla n xian t tllnllllll Iait, ple lia b of n'" I attlcipati-lni, bnI 'Feinga padr,' rtaitariter all - IqT ll'llMt']!l Y--t1olo1e, v I.le,%r Floride, honey, I t-.lp, rlilnd l-ante loweir w illr o'f every ize and aldut cruption, re.l upn.otlcd Cologne, extrani" nf I(sreamimll , lalll.. y~lnps rl Ial k i .. i-h bllg\;l fie1 itl Cakes illrl(I )ltd tlcal l~opji. \\'lnril's snl~e~Plln so~tlin Iill nT ll,| i~rtnl i,. inaotilni in pots ""Inll r~onllorr nti chllorinle toiltib washa alnd i)owdet.I, with a aeneral asttolrtlapnt of iJE\.~EI.tiIY-somnle ofthe tt ini nilmit fa'shiona ble sePtts, consisting lf white and red corilian, tlopa- ': iot tardniil' 'et in filaarei, e Ptan illn Oe gren i td i ,n tv lf iritel~ll, wat('h Ilillllll I:.S ~ldh allld sti~r" Iwtlkit. , Sf 'thIhll'les silv.r nut,, hi,1 it noils and in ard t haine [ BRSIIImS'I--ChIIh, hair, t ust sporunlbhearth.lllloor, tint la sh ioott, plate, nomt, Nail, shatain], shoe ind whaitwsh n-nills les. LOKI1Nt taa l.\SSES--lbiilan starin and toilet s' nrr~s, I llgyllif) ing8 llld [:'feichI Ih'e.C;iI!: FIlas~tid l(I Ilt ll,o wiJ aill n ai',,iv FO thr kll Ti ndsl nlot e) 11Plitlolertd anti A lesr edn I'ortnahlP (h,4a n11nl LJrEssitl, I·nces. Wcnllel aclA ian ari taes pladniu acids ofeiringca, ianma very rirt nad iri-la insanhld wlation i'irk t)nenadlldlcer -itn caen c witac lt aid itllll illll'jl: , Inllsilil boxes, Ae tuardtidp t'tt atinalnde, ntlnd iiatt tlatw ie r nnatd ilat c and e ,nnkntad, woo Rn il'r~,a r a:ri,·tyof r nlldra acade pete'tti ta ll ', nl itrcne":] i-a) ,ntdIIa-n'atei-.rll')pti 1 '1 •r e el it tstld tri., pan - t r, ti.y an trets ad a ea s ol y e t l. fihlein t Cllllllll klaPtt'ciil'e r lll. nn d s Issr, lln;ln, illtI necdlr,s P..sih'r~lP p]l.,td .steel Ilnld Col~llllio tlllU spea eurdsa i.Il calrd cases~ IJn~llav Ping l cald oi lIrtIll li, lliini'l ! onxefid prllli- of ee-itgcit t inds, titl llnni"'l'nt i tt 'olneltitt'", I I1I tIttttIi n 'sI1 hat'* anti] Itnatkin'a razor itrla tclc d t dcat.ttiy aitchiit, iarl lltOli. 'oawtl.r 'na-ks el. d"ad p a n reed h~Rcada ill nlldt nilver tie, trnill eiastlt. sils ll~ql, drra, anild gnrtors, illl~lU hl Pwutd ilr-late IbltekfiltttItllli e. aII d drinking; erlI' \I.lllh ii 7rent vuri~ty el othe~r ar~i c cts, el| orhlWi h will Im 8ohll I'.r cashl or lyll aee~lull-an. eez on 1"- monnthscredit. II tt 81.'.I?.C;(S k Ire. - -: :.-7.... ---;-,-7-7~-,-.7 -."I-7 , U OLi10ilAR'S ci,0 rr o. 'elf P rionohipi receicvd,nnd1 I/for aelle at theirl Itrrmalnrot \\rlilio .\cnilil i ·· NF o. 0 1 C iiie 1101 ee, o11100011, 00 t iliro dina It' i (hobo .010rl ) niig dl ofon lnut ate Iriraerl, and atllloels, andl isi cllluialer folr persons o L'ull Ize,. L.00.0 s and gent blunl tre invited to ciull nid e1.m in the rooten fon ithe-ln r n,,oinnroinroooiven iit i ,0il 100II1a'd t the of the city. ludliio who prefer it can receive :e~snnr at their own ref sideo no. jereo·lr for v i reeofi leons a11re ir.siond uattld nll hieyjll, tll o y IiEAFNES' 6. A NWaticle for pi ots irouolid ojith i iee (canlled the Ear Trmlln;pnt. hat il just ben received, by tihe 100. of c hich iii. .01· ·', liann t 00111l001100 othe onto voice ill divuncttv,;::::eve:? it) the tar. 1(11· noe who hasa ever oven obliged to converse pit ~~ih :t vivre deu pnnno, omust he folly een1.11 P the. diih Iand nod beomeltnxperi'ne0d lllh tic1 teslves 01 thein t dividuals FO Il 0.000, 010,0 i llie1l.,I. BiY litih nilee t011 Ear "lmlolnl thin olbje 1 ' nis oIt Orllcl'ld. Trie moss scepticaul hive a nl\,us a, endoiit' l ther doubts aflter hnving used I- Torumpit. For otle so "'I F GU~I()'S, Fancy otore.Eorner of Coinnonl ond St Ciharlen strolnt tie LI li n iloel fol 1:i PI'EI l 0oi 1,151 O a lnll r pu0re sinter dI SSpitn (till, in c0' on.l lolMin, for notl by ,IAIIVI, & i)tIIW.4. WholealelDnuggetn, oloner C '100uni ` lllt IiI 'L.1 o-5l~l~i,,Il r 40 kegs, 110 i00 do " 51 Gnelih don-e-5 1-4 bhlr. 40l0 1 100 I'Iint Ilroohnc, vtri-on iiens, l enae Vottrilli ti; 5nhhtloCopal Varnoih; 2 "" Japan 1 Coach 00 packs CGold Lef, 100 do Soilvtmklnno 11111 do Mistch betel. WINDIOW CnLAUS Aloorreon, E, elt nod French -I0iIIjbonxr-, 100in0 -i `re and rl opol iron Baotont onruwn du.---&0l bhoses, cololignioe'.t ill thr sot, Inv-. Also, noonoral aonortmenit of artists, colours and Stoi!r, for solenhy A 00 SCAI ES. No Ii Cilnnni r 'ol. 1 R. Alabmnaoen br= I0 01 1 pi It. iol oliue-Rooppi note l Io 001, 1 ni w en rIII 0 per lnt dIIIero r f1o good l. in pl1t_:trll PflohtPl on r to r ý' etK., t-ir r t t tt IRl~llnt.' ll , nt10 11 :\."u Lever. tOhe AT T roirhr r.h S i - it a per ir by t e i s ervltions "f toe .t 1'" i proved Ib Iis kini r1,e, tn!;owi.'e Owh hi tie i vrithi, t imo e d a Itd i d d l tlen or eolve dacr . One i 'i or ooodjile , i'. li oiro leiii" ' lrli'i thiooorotr4 iio i. tir.o le to Ijdies, hor l.h. eachla t the sioht oat onn l ro hriet orn editor, 1, Puhe othee oftba v |1no tv t. Tlie filet i, to t 1 n her haot. ohtt orat successrnl i t vild sror limitod t.opid as t'n or towelve dayr. One 1, ho enar oef illOR ILrt ni e ar.e, wo hd eonly seen the of: I oit roai hicr rthi, (cerot n to e tPr fil i .minc t.rh n to y htoel, in=te.d of bino.b oblie to be Id lloio m ,hio t owon I lodie o l ihadi eeh lost thne si.htiof me/ itht ie, one for ten nears Itnd aile Ithe ohor fir tearl two tearr, avinC l both oe t rr. Thie otheve veryr ar ;to yet encb of those vnei' de a Prwlt..hlntlle b tn 'I'ee ll h el eves. which benefltl I phedge mtrelfrstill ennotinas, ex ceptin then re inder tile influence or drloti ti .. Iof tre liedicl Detrirs. Anoothero is tile dauohter if a bt reop ertble orc niooirit,oi.eametrem I orl hoarnd ,ver ' . to rentio, (as he palrr me my ofee),who 1,ll e hiie iad o lost rilg t ofoerye t from the l e of Jl monthsi I itrl that le now eo ii n to read la ge .itti e wi'i the i otlhr cocerie poli t .elhot. Thir the 'to'r e'li' " :tril . thle geptnil too I id me h.oelf he liid CIi oue l i lt N iei t i r Iioh l o fte nofn ri ol edi idtors st thatie lrryrt o ho lrre iofrrnilof te filt IThe lastilo hall ,"n ion" is ano elderly ioeriniieian by tl' none ofl t Yo i'ti, nircl ,.vr'loii y c eetsrofr .ie. Whorld,,'lioi hot iilt liv lettir, whroi lie eook tok t e ° ii.dIfroot nl eoi,- ' thiI in selrville totr , e.llnd hi eclf told m he hild piCd ii1, focr e insertion whooii er they eiccl nndid, ryI ti .cdlar- o ei, i t hat letter that lie it 'ovally .hpriwd of o t' e ri-lit . 1" one e le tiro', f, ks 'teicr hi=- Mort, to I ibut tife sar..eln, afd weI h kginlni to dietritttih t miane oiotilo toad did, orllfoe t left that rvt, ive mae rl fprolrfo htlie could see to walk about' Thri e strete wit ta ot r eve ?o tnete'v elsed. He aid he had bee n m ember Oi the : ethndIi t Epis .mpal CTbrni1 fio" 1,e i.] for -estrs, aln I tint his wor tlo never doubt-' I ed thiorl trho elo rvieore orulihis life. I 2. 1rt eopel :li^i 'ard onever reater n-c. til n 1, trio Nocroili0, aorr ticr Ire mediicl andi o lo ia doctors liad everhbef.i:e.-v rh' roon i too he ocnred,. tlhe piiiinidlinonr oO, 'li ter'e. clerical fir So.t ril tirer, wiero " ototrldto co thoit n 'hn six oci'es port, hi was' ionrrerotld rom Ici'i io pelrefl iofidel, to elidlo o il I ltorh tci oof-le Iii.rlhl tht ire inolt iave ma'ns ,nr Flite error-that I P mlt hlrlavo it tr sa, tit t hr'oeft. Ia, tr rodt of Iococo tn o niir bee. Sllorlld lie ooiooocclfert iror ieaceifil t.dl iei.ln doel tlrile of tirm Cr'liotin religie does oit rlcoohio cot de"n uction, rage, 0al00in0 nod t pleat e hls medici l fi'iendi, oeainiot the 000 v h Its khiet'r ohd dooe so roollh gooo, indt no in. i(ie.toranyoine. Allthe orrf NnhivilleIspike, oef hilirr'rert ,i'e, ss I had, i'eeit the 'ocdil-al d ,eoior. i tihe hare perftrol holnithii total ilb lind eer. SThe i ,ous ,iio'il S. ofthio tio'lrr o octenrdr thatli ioroe lost the lvrcle I gained in the Norarh.ii ste c'y oarival in toe otbthwest. 'T'hi proves, hooo'oerI lhd, m id itlri r kepit t iini ntil i crriveo i i hii+iO "tiion. If, I gaeiieoir irl toe cnrt, I migii t to lit oe nceo iii'ilt ir iho tihe snoth and o rotlhvestoand I still hope to wear oIi jinge fr thi manic t i a00 already beoefcttod ni th'rs 4i. iThe iect ,of the prent i to ife m feri mi di-" .nl foliahs ma d edlitinrs of the I rephlienn nl 'l'rns ,criIt.u.e well 'a the clerical DIr ti'eith o f ihe Ir. re- I ,-lter rtn and of the l 'oinol, of Nnsh, ille, ns cerell ue the I t edlitor nnd -uh mnwdirnl edit,,r ofth" Met phie Enquirer, Jour, l, and also the medical Golinh cdil' of this IeIt, the -rent D' S., tlh t I t hall brin aclions .eaini t the;m all, l''r vituperati'n, slander or calunmy, imledi Itely it fteir my arrival it Newi Yiii.. n well ai iaainiti their am i abl e lore bren the medieal fi nlihs of ttle nortlh. 1 now hind myself by pr'mfise, neverto nlgt this ha *pv I et of hobe tv, until I have broupltt Ilia ne.C of al my niedinal (olialis of thw nlor'h, is well ns tile south i;d thi i est, to the grindstone! The allliltd, there fore, ma' calculate oi finding me dlllinilg tie -eakla of next V.r ini Net Yolki, where lettcer. poit paid, and "n. To nborm Ihe lintlc that. the Pwll, sn enl'ed, which the Iev. elerically' converted infidel p'etnd was I written for hin, wae written ~ ore than it wMea ri.r r aid ilicdenl fr the Relv. I). iiowall, wo tend dt i in ne a [ny reseaP v " ithollt maniialin" aIn, ilisi i nPtio lat t irn tile cont rary took it to ht, stilt and eon,[ea-ed it in wer to- 1vuriins betlle; he delivered them b,,th t, meII i ,hdty, as I nlOer 'ould presu le to oflhr that gnltemai or iny olhelr, any nonev fo(r stating" falct T11he R:ee l)oetir's own .Ilellenent is before tlhe IPublic: Ila lie n ot j a'l itilate r lielld of hit , I well a. the wbl l of y eatienlt-, il comllll' ith another clerlymn, llllu folunl Ihem0nll to e uillhelltii , atld all u my p&tientn to he more or less he wfitted, he never could hale hell indultce by a total *rranoer to Iniiw Itup lllh al n'tile a-t a wrote Ji -erf flr ptliev ,tit, a Il I aldressed it to i Mr StrinetielI, e lir" .f tlhe S W (: Advn'o 'nte, C. N ~ionmlder teim lear i ihted Inedical (o!ia;n ofid Nashville took thi e ala ; ti d terefio uced tlheiir elit (i ftris to l in ln iilll them thi e all-powverfI l, hl aiil ie, p 1C s - l i illel i ilti inial ,rt C I-" of the aii a tio-be-conli-ied clerical tinidel. W e read io tile hile it i, '" I,'. i. ltknown bv it iri' " IIi i I say the onverliedl ld ifidM s Pr ihed fi n l'l -Pa Il ce. S. evide nt - nti tnesthi i lis', his mcral ,h r i tlve WillaP r tei him ,s w ll as t it wea well lid c".aernatiin of h. i)tiine liaiter, abnMtely .ilI him l t'nt Ilt he p' of Piwe.s of tilrer My ntswet is int it 'i iineai " i utnle e ai aue ibe, nor p iot l It be on: id t " eid a e," am i onIa, v i, was ctaie $ cgn to ti heelt purl i llI tie res u h. rn'iu'i"i iec,ai of .1t per scn n. lti tioa nine two ari ilaiies of iic ly l 'iitiidii i tinatter, wic were to Ie repeated thee o- hr lie i the 'reebl tte:inn, t'nion ;liad iMonlitorjournnals, hitd I , ver intmina, mt bribe him, I should have allc d him l),,et 3 +,10, hie r-gnlar 0i'e, iuete d tf $ 0, whirs, in ,Il tioon )bility, he wouad h're gladly ecaised as h;, fee, it Il n wa u to hluve in-lnrtd hii- ac,'epitai.'e. a , n Ill the HR.v. J)octor been really converted to the lcelir.of, the ,1 wtrinew of thfe a'.vi: ur, he would not h ve prnmi ed to come nnd examine my pationle v it! - v- t tll kpin hin word, an I have always fund every e, |ministe" of the eon1sl zealone to do. I, 1. lid lhe be enll, 'oteried, he would wt pih- [ ,- I IIn hv e ]l' e,'I8 (kel ne, in-,t tl.e i n cerieell irln liitn ll<,: i t hich, it is ''ell known, arne mlore, rand ,hiurt sl llre inpl. iot It many iln tulne patsld of IE.iroipe. ll is t condlut st much d11 ii.gfi 'tlll yoineIg literary char il'l0r t 1 i bl c. . - . tl l y reel tiedtll llll ullllll h I ug him tin III. untlh luic t tll utl i en . t i hinc ,. "Jl'he lt lv. Ill-i 11t llll . t .l nt ,, i,[ lel. hl lll[ l I,, I i )lll I ' rouse, ( ihle-r. he is -vllnmuintvd), aIthoiu h he in v cl 1hillll he hII. n i:'I as I ll4 1-e the i .tHlericun in.litjltlln. bren l-e he in .Irmv ,rled1 inibel nI wI h, h lltenot-ul·a Il oti I t to · , ll d lll of ti!e iicelli . Ii .i- . Ol' ]y mer. ] fuyrr the ta:tllunl C(n:iD ti u)l, ixand eaveral other anoiab.e voiungl centle1m" n of Nal'hillh. I eroliet i w•.ell lthe roucdtuct of tlii, pin - e.p uni er ,of the Itoly Scriptue.h! u uS i-l'ui i l It 0. 1 fie, Er lnt\, s+r1h. a dmlleln inl hulm lan hllnale n thle IRev. lnctor was tile lIt I nl ell to reasn wiltth Ci:,,ntii: inll, c1c if h1r lOld hvl h ve f-tllld le tI thle , L'r ullllllfiol" Baring 'o iItu'V :+ I)inelS illilllmlt:-- r 1tvlV fl 1nt hi duty, byn bribe uu ,50 niure= of uiuviedu I cunll, Itro!Iled mlo thlln i the uliId (iell.lenal" Ilt d i u; I I1, .lin:nly dl I cr ie:l'fru(etdaud,. oann t anfraidul to c l I l in to r nlllne . tlhat I uiet, in th l. ihole Iout e ,I1 .I' ve st, pincti e a. ot .11e1st, in (i1 1t Britain. I I, Ltl ucullllil llud li '!'illll rijun uihgl l u' lt CC i ul o in f ed niet 1ri ib c ut l ltnoilnl io lled r oillly ljolurn Uiiot nlit il oi e-ulntin or nthe ilspa l 1 npI lled ll t!ld t Iti i ro ule ni i II u'uirullonedl tetm; Ril Id that I Ita nl 'l iolll, ed to ildl rathmbler tih mlitd inor It IrttoI I tw prit'r'e h ill; whichl is au sullcient prool that I hadi I ol r .tal y.-The .1h CmpSll Enquirer fr wo or I.three.. t wte:k coIItains n tissute tof tla tl falsehood l which toth medical liuulh ediltrs uurle ifroni their brtlutrelu I o the 31. tl oliaht of te North, and I 'hall treal l th II with titu lt 11iutlnliot lCieu upenr tit e arr. u : j Unless it is troe \Vllhll h ,i i Ie llb]ernf ll-d-"dell ellw.:r, anll yeaI will ratch a I.-!" Thoulluh I paid Ins f liy hilrtiseltelts for two or three week', he (ally in itd them Il n l ll Ilo I .ut illlllease in uiner, llit latt. r in your iext ipa ] per, pant i tlg yonltei, e, i JOSIN W'.II.IMI,1 : , I the Engliuh uncutti. Cotn far e tile . I1 ". C..9+ ,o te! of the FI lth e.ljn, 1°77. Itl thl -e l Iirrynctt Dr. lllt , illll we ul.r, llthe tI.llhl - I, a-lte~fromn the ely..\ r Iin tie 'f inn'il t dl"tIi it:=i ,n e il'lr tl 1 i ll ' h 1 tll 1 +- on I iot a,, .1,ll'Cl lhi li e ,docat l, it r, ti, r a .. linedul the di.lomus aind nher u x - i* ItSeVirlcilt` o1 t ilhe Iht 's Ir rlaims to pu lic p tllion ih itl l ,.lshvtle a tit- ay lo r thain he t fIrst hinlrndl--r." the let July. Rev. 11r itrineliel l:--iatin_ been requested Il. 1)Dr. Villiao t, the oculi-t, now i n this city, to ex:rinle hi' merori dipllritlma and otheir ldocun.tli. viijve ill. lia clatiins to pulitc et tu n his prtlu'.sion I have, n i c .opn' with u clmud fl' Iend,,lone cc ,i hh plc l-airc'. I .Ui tl l.- them I Iotted. 1 t. lelrt frll .ll- 1Pa eotI ll re- i se iat large d'.\llinire olr the Kin: Iof tcie French, lt; t ashliug toil , addl'reu id u Iul)r. 1Vi llina t .ll tm, tetil't the t lriiill' ut oifi i t ie diupin lltlu ufro llluu the .in t f 1 i. lies of France. lie has numerous vouiher. from ta.n known to he ,f hil.h re ptiion in thi s country, ruvid Osince hii urlival iin the Iui Mit. oatt.., ltlu lin e. itt gem ou grcl t u enlet.ices i ti lte ruu touration of it,'it I i thei tn . I have s ie i n t rly all Ii. poor patients 1i thist e -t. I knew ttne o tf lut'im previuus to thei ti lnute nlu er his eri r t ut al 1 have see" say they are un u:teotiont u ly i enlt'i t .tu. It)lit'T. B. C HOWEI.I., Nashville, Ji|e 'I, 18.37. P. it. u i writ i f tihe n oveAne of Dr. illa D patie l ts hno calle t upon t ea I nd n y he lh d t atu' t a:hu and iotallIvI lost he of oIur eve or ieen'llly taril, bit |ow d'eclare himself better; tilnt Iut night, for the frer time in his life that he .a recollect, he could di 1tinguih, ''ilh Ih r lvt,A)e If tle pro ineu t nit arha. in thin rdeion,and sa's lie na, been a ,lothodtug during trulyil· trll)', i autllu ri'l0 uII. tl. C. Ih. . SilliECKS ItN nc ii I EIII11 llt A--Fr le by h uu ti , nln.n, OTH IlIIIER, , a iIi /'a inrrow. 'F;NNI'c H. AIF 1.t )IUIAN.L,&c. &," b NFw M1A1' or l.oviSlt t,'ilh its eonal', roarid n tul d i tn eit tli lace to phun along tIh tte nitcutt utat or I rue ' rr STre d I princi at Turnpi!.e and con , mnarl., o or hih ore {i reri the oiutlry,. ill ih'. unr ,m hrr to riothe.; oio, 7htt t ou2l- oe Itth ,u.urlu nnd tot roid, t hutu,-h ! .,ritd,-- publihed bi . ht..\ug'i' i- 1lt !.i1. .11lTr H} 'I'll V c T 1. p I ii t it r l '.l n I { I,11," Ni .t'Tr . i0t i ofl Il,' Ira: t, i'tnl . -,tenll b hiat ln rtl -l l rn ltre. r. j i't r fe l rl am t fr taie S\1\'.1 .iI'K EA >u,, X AGA.CE Siettttt tti tlln orkinoptvil,gnnt, t.tor hit got. itl ;4t61 ctnnoers, anlt rhtom, g i il iit. tra 00 u olt ot tottoot lt i t tite-tian totl ticer t oM t'e i ott pti 't'ttoon, teqi t'o .1 t:t,..-a n-of n it t o si e e. .m s , .. l,,ti . t l .It .:t \ "'t t . ý;:i "i, . .'tt `"r t . t"Ois o ; (:v.t+.r.' . 3ýr,ý 1. a. e I ,". ..·· ···I· , t toI l, aoo ' ntlitotooto Ittu, I` iN in I stomltN' PANACE out " o. tr i, .-"''lt l t ,fron fri ; tl'tina ,nlfthe er, .lto- , ttr t • t.r 6 of lice kil tsi i s, anti t gee itt d il tv cnst y.! a torpDidlattol ol'th.'vcsselsofthe skin. It I sit,, "I:lv e"ir.nelous inll nva:ting. those constitutions whi. havel rtn brokten dnown lt ititlt'cirs trelatmentt .j ,itt ,r.l. oi rottirt, l n genttt'Itml tPerms, it is ltreVnom tan.tenld l , hoe sediseases w hich nrise from imlputities t f the blood, ort initiation of the humors, of wvhatever nwmeor mkin!. Some of the blove cntltnpla.'tmay require some tri lling sistant appliectins, hichit tlhe .ilumstances of the case will dictat"; but for :a gen:eral remedy or IPut.Iestidor to remve the cal'se, the I) t sAN'S P tANACEA will 1 gtenerally he tfound sntoient. STO T E' PUBLIC.. Iiow trtue t is, that modern PhysTicins, In their atCt Irition to excel in tlheir proltssioln;explore thte tatt iehots o 'seienee hb the aidl of chemitt', tandi seek oit new rP - I maedial agentis in short, to arrive at perfIetion in the Ipmetice by means of anrt loue,-- ntirel+ overlook and neglct. as henetth thtller notile, the rich "andi bohnteol stor;es oft'lnt icine, ilt hic the Almlgiltlv h:a etlsepll to spri"l o of t el . r.oh i ;n evev cime! Arnd how muchl Ilmove trulle isit tlhat while the Amerie:m Physicia:ln looks to li+ll eig tltoties.ti r totnl of hlis no.t colmon tolt i ,Iwe· tary aticlts, prp1..liy changing all s Ith" arle at Sthe dictates off':shlion or l'llh;, he is sl+'rmllandh l in his own country with an endleosst rofusin of medical p lts, I sillie it to onswernany i:lliction ill litense t r to cre :my curablE isolrd andl ll et he ihtins ton.rnt ot tflei r or ltis, and they are stuleredlto waste their healing on the e desert air.' I Tlhe 'cti of e vegetalle melcneupon the stem are i tempno'.rv-thosel of mnlter:lls lasting. TIhe l t e;l',nel• ep eyt their c1icets artl pIns ,It --the litter, merCett.-y ill pIr i ticullltr, act chemlically Tlpon tlhe solidls, ieclomposil.g I tie holes aIndelllnmi l tile ctnstiltuttion by a slowi ttmot stte ttestttntolot. Thl' eo le +hdlitv, eofiiek-,-y :aIl SAFF"I'Y ofvegeta t- le remedies over' miner.l, mt." t estimatllell bv rontrilast ing the ncient prItctice with Ithe mt!nernl; or, to yingll it lt olre immedi ately" ln ' iy t l'or o o hll st s ration,, th" Ii+li^ s on p'rl:trie with thnat of the whites. Who, io Amerlie, n was not known or;heard of re'pe:ell inst:ances wherein some decrep id tin retenditli...nlelulian, to meatssof to, her simple rle -ldies, hals :nItý" ., €l the, l1rost rl"pitl I ,- lnoIt nO i lli t I % 'onte ht . il 31e, ll T. t' the S-cminnh prl.rtice. lirectedl ill the rAost skilfti manneir, les t'oiledt An.,I who bhat not hbeen silrprIstrl :it the comn e t~lf irom nny disease, :n tl tit the lamoslt iola nlstin'nee r l'chr"n, among thel? lWho has te hlead of an Inli:atn etilh a onstituti on broken andl ruinedl hy e illb raent ? ,h:i ca n a dot llexist that this Ihappyr ex enmt on of the san·ge from most of the ills whi.h the fl'h of lnmn is heir lo, is elliely owing tor, more grenia of and llsai t'emet's wlhicl he a mnllnys 'l' his a:stnnish i .gllifre-nce< ill suceeis, is a ftiltrexemllitention of tilhe a t I t. ] il % pe r , e1'i o "i t \ o f t h e i tillll e a n i ls i llte a s o f Cc Tu e ', those which the prllide and tihe nLt nof mom htave in If v i .e ted. Frol~m aI long : Icpi fence aong 9 t'li ln ofl itt'ttntlgln- c a Il inhalaitiotll of lliscon-ry, vntlnnl itttimilte neelllan I anl ccrItb thl e Illlthonls of rum. o! Ro IlieP of dIleil'lmsd f( L':llllcur','actllli, it a nll~, ledge of some of thle most d liIe bas comblined themm in the . iiI.Im here pr es.Fented, n Ils el i tnnst 1, rt et and ! ;Irllciei s ot, thle purpollse for w hlichl it 'I he proprietor ol lefr.c I1lis pl·rp1W.R ion to the publlic, r n rmriy apaleol'cl~~ig mul of hcis afictd CI 1!rc lowbIeigse, oho acv sclicccccI er thc-cccccccrcccic clcct it andbstinate cplain * t c whirls it is applliccaibe. c O d II soI It wil~s l prole of in IIIdeolahle s lllle i ascicc meii and i ci ccxi'iccIi f geo iciicmeans I. eli'iciiicc l:so ( I:,:", per cliblllce e cyrdlc gn 1:(11 with nun, others now t InW / o ue; but its one~ll n11M.l is cpll~dlle ofI' aa iog T ile moony rl i icc'. Io 'Cae bi cii c !iii' l lo~~m di~t"l " i 11:14 it vll 1'rpe,1: ned11! ; null fhii is the · Irllpollnliill it II lnrsob presented m llr pobii'i!c il IIIi l li Sho rt ,iciccc lciii ,isome Il 1 11dm- ti of pr rIfons ml' ~bl lie Immd, o lit) "dole~llll)t rra~l· by it, w all l in loot afire~l~llll it"!" ha·,lll trie man c j 1 it is l11l 11 it is r;"iro11Ni r It"oi F solo nl"l and thise 1I I''19 'c t I'l ie va'ilitr" ltisr!'r ailir;. most rnnsjl jlrll o, tiill tlss lf n ccccl.c'c'',c:i cc''c''c''c'llllc'ii''c' i i 'i'Ol : 1P (l l. b 1·( I c' i~ · i '.'cccl ict '1·ii 'I· · il 1 li i· ii~i :ll cce i~ccccci,,Iii.. Ic11 ccc il i-clliet, ;'td particularly cIIC i, \ I ci,' I 1IIc 1 II ii l·(:c ) cc-'' '.,ci 'ii'1 1 111 cc i Jil -1 it c Iiios ,ccciccc cc' o-l a en o ltii t ie chmi c'cciccccc' ci' 'ii vo 'c .li ," c i tilcliiil cl cc ice cc ii III :, iirtoliealyl·l isle 111:111)1·: 1)1: 1 1 11 . L· n1 glee, orC1 redo.4 ! i otes t be" nos? itt; ; i" :to"I I, m v. Ow p lll ieol s".1 till :,od ~ell. i "" rli,' I'.? l1: i llr.: ill ll td:l"<.irA,- i,i ore .I~ lltrn I; , it I ; I1Xl [ l ;. rtti arc I,ýl le: " ,iil,.ir1e !, Si, iln" i i31os 1 m oor .I " r S ) III: 1 I.. ill' wo'. ho, ar .,l Sco,. 15. o P " I . 1'i igi.lh Bqll ll i NI llI 11: lllll l (l('¢IC101)1111 :)' ,,xpost re in ba ,wenth,.T. I| rm,, hke lgreat ,le-asure in. sI:tatln, hII I ix b tles of el Itln;ity' JI'. ICIe:Il r e·'st, ) ',d ,l 'IhI II l i hlhl , N nl ( I cioII N'I) hlI lyI' rC mm(nIlllNtll l It aill sil arl: l~y nill iw lll. . Cl. ,, lt. S lrT .x, Mlach 97,1. , 1 2. I wa.. s. tTltql I)|.d'l ll ihl, l. Ij· .llul- 111 a,! thel, s a hng Ii Ih I): C 'N INN "1' INlN l· .I)1!S 1111(] " " I'lb '. IPII]I '\;1.i'.1 NINNCII4 Tl pN7 IN l a~r hex! lf, fn i (th ill h e 1 h IN Nie lm III lli lhnw in the h:inmIvrI. H s al ancl tridl shdoos, etw Iec.l',hw.l\! l ' I i I i IIith lttlefhncl. h lll Of Febru ar lIst : aiN' t i iNN sllo lll l i fllilo : 'NC I II IIor ilu l'o Inllch srlll I omlll'cllell rll~ld t Nlll I I I~Nn" l Ni. 's PanINvN . III oIi oihTIll I fm llls mv cllent rl:lh'y froalll ll:rom pallrlll, allmi ,r Iii INIo ha fI 'I" to sIIn'a' th N ho f'NiderI'nN 'Iself INNI r'fctly neli W11. T'I'KII .I.l, IS MlkVt st. CASLS 'iF SCIOIII'I'OUI II.S II llS. NI.w C oSnI, Sepi I1,180. 'l nlll~lThi 1(1.. e!lqlll'yi]1,1, ill hl· dl ll ! .!, 1 llr s .,In z. ~l h a! c oll; n allll CIIk ihJ DIn tllh il 1, III ! I lNlNINN'C' IaietI.l Iniiih becl br ll' ghilNl, lly l l.r s ill iy l N neN I II NI'hl iN "I ll. If 1t INN I INN I ,'.lN 'N'% Ii)iNiN NNIN'INNll:NNlINNNNI I.ii AIeN N"INN NN'N C hyI i h so ealnt:e o to l'hii.ld l IhinI, I N,,d I nNd mi Ielf uIdC l thN cNI r i )Is. I'hII le:iNtN ' -ul l h. when. Micr'lLpel iest sa llson o niolicIiI IN flNNliN tiitNlN iiNIINelN AhI r III wmi lk. Iun 1ktwlen ii . l 'ollll ailll 's i llle l nInI ligh hookis o PI'|' otter. (a l C hou.¢,, with io nu k bnllir. | 1 11 ( 1 } espar 11 ill of liht , w hich hn a l nw be me ii rlln h tllolll fIpe I r el t I' ,\ )lz: tw ill N Iew Y"oIN, iN 18Iun I ll NN li¾l'.CI' II IN Ni, NIdr l CN. lhN InC h of N 11I sim I' NiN'lll\ i NI II i 1 pelslad11 d C n ItINN it, IaN last' I l soli. iN l ily N lNetiN I ' slp Nisl'i', Ns N weNll .N' .atiNl)PllllNN sonllhil lld lunsl· lf :Ipidlly r1l Ct? I rInll1aNi l I u tIINI llS dln Ise N'lilh'iIs, the . I'Nl' Ishe!ed ml I hi I 'ine I IP rlbC ll .ll hi t ' course of two mI oniNsN N d ha've emill etert s I l. I Imake h IIlI.s IN Nillllm d wlshl plbliheFi.l Ih- henei E tof n thro 11, h orll'e sl fltlrhin uiidelr si ilar t .l rrin or syrhldelli i lbetiosl , tlhat they m in. klow ChN hi Nil·NIaIr NNl IlltNllN CIII'II I INs s Nllltr lv. - tIhi I dealll, and whio considi's s lii II- W IIed by NII. -ove . . I* I ' I . III N "IIA l (:ll~~Cannuare. Ju~. hly I",1I 31. I f'' a'1lictedi , finIr r NNl.s w th IN NN in t 1e le 6, ne. l' 65 11t llc liAN i l Nl will Irs 1 lEatolls iu iNtNAla Ia1 ex. c slt. i lv 4 ll i in the l ail" d I C ll ll e !tl i t il.oi i. . l , l 1 plhsicia is exered th"eir skIII upon h, bt w h out i llei'm Im n t N e N IN . In lhis cf lstN tN N ltN l eNIN J Ii CdNIu iN Ii NlI'hI" A i 'N IT, 1N 1 MN ket flN r si lb' IININ Y NIliiONNAII ,IIId''ligN ist, N iNN I I ii I C iTehNm,' NIi'l n Nl'ret Nil ,II NNN N,. NIN, NIIll N fI. l IN INN ...........I NINI NOV---ORLoEANf.-- .-A IIVILLE. ItAIL li{)AD) fll INtC lulinl h iui t thu il ln are fINNhery n NI 611. Ill'N6IN b NN1 , IiNlul'ifiN iCNChe pImado irNN. Nil' Nf, NNN I l,,iflr' CNlN r iil e N ii niln t iof li ve dolln rsI I ld hare, wlas r<'-eind , and , tll he anild stock.holder'. areI fINrthIriltllNChed Ihat i \WvH, RE 18, hy a crv.,lutio r nlthi-hlourd p<'s~cd on the |1hM inlst . n a v ll has h<-en' , ad,. oi thi. Isockholhlers fINN Ih INN Nii'Nrl 111 . li.1 N.1. h iil. NI Cl I, li omNnCiIN ior tll+ 'ldl,,wiug~n n.liill ll the ihe sloc~k Ih'ld sl'a c-; I iwly+l byl ilem.Vs:-two. ol l al. Iel shiire, tayable on Nie ir. t'dN I INN Nipl'ibei ii.t; tw l, ,Ii per blure , flu iN 1 t IrN I N iv o f I) .ii' m' r n exi ; aid t o Nil fiiNfiiier sii rN Iip liNfiNN n th fi l dN t d'i, I Ii " uI k' rcN i N i x '. CNwIINCN NIcslNI, tIiNtNe scrNtri'I Sof tlii. emapai y i 5ll, .'ut l~l oi! th+e slhare hoblhlrs tlerehin + himl:h llo plftlict pr- nrt ,,f the c~ity that in ,-iiio it l I i .'ith ixthl slcttlion oif thi chaurtc+, I he)a ;+l e rml i tl+ toii14. p ourp e any/ ll;.lmlelt cadlld in on the1 stock of said +1 :'m ani\ for ilhl Iw1 fsxyd , f Io~m and lifler file r it'¢ ,n; I o et t ", t! n ' l l ry 2tlh, 28, p.i 1 illn Ssaid prol"i-neulianl <f ,<sixt in,'.s, |fr on 1anld aft r th d, ii Si, ~ it'hi shouh N have b'IN i u . thai N hIN the sto. , Izicht > p yno,.ta shouhl h r.e I en In dil i u uid r/+lmi . ,.faiitd io ihe c~olnmpa , tihe chali,.r o,1 th t CoinNN ,,iNN I I I v"llili. I ii t'll rniy therefore, to sni 1 ,' l,'1.nil .h,'k f the <l'lh h. r e hi sri r'li~ inl- rl tJhink prope+r to i+i pu t o " hse. pa Ii,1folI~ll t.k CNCIiNC tl ol n ii N INNtydays, IN NI iii rien -r alh,-, th+'ni,are lTuririotl vh t th,' paymentli'l ,f twn dol NJ"lri'INiINN, , N N iNed N f , . , r I .. il l divi f I l Iii .tC ,nINN INCr N h 11xt, h ph I, I , i Lt r lin| i,' N1s l f (cl~,. ~Ih'1 ' N ih' fi.l Ni ' i liiit . iw 111 li 11r C CIIIN Nhi h t llili hlu h i if Iit 'Nilif hN INN Nl ll Cf" l~<,,i'i i 11111, III. o lO t N i'iicf w1111 tr 1 !th f ,l Ii iii Nl.iluNiiiN'N' Nl n,' It ill 1111ll ii inmi id ~vl do~~lr p,' -I+,r, N' III fIrN dlg m l, C' IiiN iIh ifb c l i'ari'h I Ni' I, mliay1 be Ifi Ntp1niI d utlli tih 3NN thI Nday dl'i .rl nNxt. 1 IiE ' Cii " N Ai I t Ni 1 ,kI lI. ' eeiri. ,\1 ',,.. ',- . ' . I . . ,. STATE OF LOUISIANA.- Pnrish Court for the I J.S. Parish and City f New Orlean.ll OtHE STATE' OF LOUtSI1A, 'To ill whon _ Presents shall cor., Gr, -.lhn'-\VWhlren' T, k :ims . im- lllsh hvine Ilneased :vt a nlh L t'h;el. , ,rfl To tlhe a tt:iebh t 1 :1, ... tin' I:rpel tt Y, .n t " h ei lr r !ter dre er; h d. ,llsl a pplier In tB' clerk "t t1"' cI tt , Ir _ 2, of 'pril. A. 1; o1t3t, f lr + t iii or .tlto- It " th Iflth dot of l archI, 1 t84. o v iw, Irefore, know yre and all persons interesterl herein. are Iherel,y cited nl;d ndmnni-hed in lthue ame of the the Stnte of Iiottiil n, ntld of the P'arish (t tout col l whle can set tip nnv rig ht, title or clalim in and it ) ve til tpropet'rr ireilafter lde-cihrd,in onstqleonrOe ol l rlvtIt ttliaooliti ito the odrtlrdorcrc or iodg.~eot of tho court (.Ili nnder which the sale waur mu e, olr ollt irrelllaritv or o iII'oolito in hre oppruireotooto attd ntlrrtiiomnntor iott. tee tcs e r'mannsro ufs e, ror or nn o otlpr ,t'feot wlntsno ever;to show cnse, within llirtvy in's tronmthe t ida thi f m tiion is first nsertedl in thoe fpuiic papero- why thit the slrot so ae htould not be confitrmed and thoume logrted. ttt I'se scid property wa. sold iy thre Sherifl' of the par ihl oforesni on the 14th day of April, A. D. 11.38, by po virtae otn Iltrr of ti Court, rendered on the 51t dr dl of Febunrv, A. Ds. 1838, in a r soit entttld Alexander or Cuadloll oi. Jmntes Ilnne, No 111,307 of the dotkert of pthis Co .rt,ett hih sale thoe ido Jrs ounsl btrecot pail othe purchaser for the ptice roI twenty oe tlhousand dollars. in d tIesription of Preoerto as given in the Jdieial Coni fn veyanee, viz: of A certin lot ot oontod 'site:ted i the suburb An- to Ol nei't tn liras Laouroe of this city. il square No 5, pitnttlns otreet.:oit ftfct "r'nt t(lltrroaerr street, and tio ti freet on I nf.h de d(lt f'oe 6 ttrl, ill osuch n ntanner that soid l tlfortnt nd is l feet widle from one side of e tle 'q.:ore to thle ther, Itgrether with a dwelling holtttre front g oil T l Lootpiotla atre.e thr ceud Itt quttth O peenlncit"sP also the dtisillerot, esitlli m tentt e rrctd Siereo and other ltildigs andtl imtproveentp , tlhe 0 r i chinero utesil, imple ent od land dlhmnind g -' eto said destillverv its dpendeneiesa i and n rlp" nanreso. Sand the right. ntionsnlnd privilegas theorte beo girng or il ounn iset npprt. tnioht. se CItIrL's Offtiee New Orleans, May 7. 183. to lti14& j:t .1. (-I,,1 . Dep'ty Clerk. o i EN'-A TIE LA IdtUIIAN"--tr, ,le Ie·l'l.osu pnnr hI nnrnisse et .ill, de to Nt tttlel Orleoons. T 'ITAT D)E LIA 1 )UISIANE.-A Itos teux qrt e iO ela p.tenlteot e t Ellll.lllo , loult : AIltolld qtr1 o of ilames illluse on aoorl acet ti ue votlle tite Ior le hlifi I trde laptooitse d'torlesrttti l.o it ei-pubsa deItit re r'ettIlht"o a G drere de ceite nolll Ioite wl. rottoioe tit er+ e itrgistfe l1 . emoljt tlre Meo te Potte 1t38, poo ti D nla.ise Notl oloellelt t In et Ie otde l ogislalnure ele I' ttt de lat Lnnisianer. ittittlllA ' Arto olr tonfirmer letsto o t ilres des lqtllrteulrs nllo 'entst jtlieiairos;" ljpprofTO l rte Io Itll Is I 8,14 QIll'il soitoutt, en t oentllneersonllts o ) tinhntirs.s sont aeo e p lretsentes so:lllE tt nit n om de ' I- Eta lt de Io Loiirane it i lto CuI r oe Paronisse, e , i pourraient nwFir drhUi 6lo prop0 ii n e ei-an'1f0 s Sr oeto, ttl e orts t tleuenie td'n d'ft toe ftrne dnte nso It - rdIe le dIecret r 11 to jrngtoentl de Il rotl, oa otrlt uEr I o e d la Ve l te e te Io l r tie, oil t le tou irtton ,lltilett itt i0 r illtgl.,e lall, t I'esinlation,l'atis no le tet llrt et le motdel t d'o 1t In 'llIot e, l In l or ott o.rt ot'ellee l ctfottleio' (ltltio 1 re, t- v uir, dllts trent, jnour ' a d ler ole IN Itlll icnaio i deetler it O:tis, pnollrtO lo Ielte nisi lfitie o slerait pas ltolofirlti e nt el toIolooi n~gte, x t 1.e eprootit ftit vendoe pr le olerih lsdtlt, le ion a ot torzibmto oor d'ivril dA I'fnm'e 18:181. en ru u d'tn n s clett dre cettre a,,,r lto 5 dtIe tifrier de I'llfote i1:1.. 001 dtlns I'o'atlir dl'Aexlnder Cnlhhvell, onltre .tameso tItlttoseto Nln 0,t7 dol docket dte Ctte ('otr, o loquelle 1I terovelo' ll it Jtiort Ilaater oert rethlt t qtuiteutr pour Liti le prix de $ 1. 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IItt E pron rie a t r of t llr li.s Itablish' ent has the plea l s r , o ann,,uninm , his t/icnk t., tie pu)lic .L1ta ti r.'.eceiv 'iitra . tite will l ts tat tlt fr neit of those lt t d.-~t -e,+ tih t itnert have hrn alsl e improvements made, alnd othes mno going o, and m I rapid prorent f" r I ,opletion, which w% 1 elna l y the habscr her to i-ntnondn." n mtch lakrer moter thaana heretlaw', aria at tihe san ti'me much rbetter. "lamilis an hel a|ccmotodated " ith gld rmoms, or tihoe "ho prefer ,an Ihv'e large cabi .a ellached fromh the main huildin'. It is deemed noni esa-.rsv to saV nnythin, in pnartelo lar of lthe alat.r a'ter I tr1 t t= w:tt', s ait it t. g l lll' lelieved that th v tare )t, ina iora r ta any i t `o ern 'ltlo s. All alah a uaenal'la s thr a t ire ora ,all. helat nn ic la that I ai p t at Ili . imtrv noly , at inha liasen oe al- d, ald will be in toast i attendanuce at te SSprinas dhring tthe whtl] ettann 'I I+ s brih r w.ill maoll ht oelf- f t"his opinr:unity in r-tlrninz his unhei;,nei thanks 1 l, r Ill- very libernl sti Irt e.vel hi n inI t seI , . ,I td Ilpes ba the exar lion- that ham e I.r n mh it in i,,pr it hn. and extembtlng ll, ttrmotntdali 'ns, tto ' t'it n ll -ral p l ' 1 ' pt l - ' - i' f" ,a ta'' 'i'''' l' nnd arms, %Iil;, a'hi r Iti 't'r, e for at. l nan A trs hI su pplv 1,,1 FF.'h i, n "t ',", , , , l r amm..e alt I, ..' . r o" 1M AIL1 ARRA NG.fIE I3N' Northr ;i ( h o r v I' v 1,t 1', ',I { t'*~n,,tr Pee , I rV . ''. "d .! - ' via Cnlses every Mlondny, Wi\dnesdon 1, 'c. of h ExPres Mail. , et " , , \ l oilo a t No.t . b lk- le tin l Mobiiloe Iill" t 'i P. . Ii. iNorth ar W- rrew Fork l dilyatv 1'. \i ,'thwd" S"Arrvesr 'Arrive Nonhnward. T il-ance. Tl ime. lreotrn'1! Sudmr Ain. 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Lit aa ' 1 's lir a' ln lan h a tn tii i ta h i t -t ,in.k a I, ,.t:, t..m rv t'l " l l!: . i l irtn Atill' I( "iiti n.,' tllllitt o.t a i lta lni-llalni at -i"tl I tii Iltt t Ixn .i i ' lii'i of aIlt tllt . th, i l tlht r l eri .Wall d t on, w lt ltb t <E Itlil it oxpll'.r on id'lhl ,l·.. Itri.l~:i~lcttll f.;x ts (tfllhe I AE ov . ,_24i corner. of (,amp ant tC?,,n,, IIAlRFR' I CLA IA I, .I RAlY. - Ol A IC traui mltad hy Phili C lPrt, I 01 wih. Pope Arbli on, Sw .lft q.+,lll i . tl *akedfbl. I r dav--tnd JFli~ lltED .,':, w;th IIe app0,,dir l t if'.udins. trlll ted bv Chris.tip r .' ..rt,'t ii J .' 1 fI rm .a vt ,.., tnd I0f "ihbrpr' tl:a, al,.d LIbrau T e IxlpeditL.+i . ith i ,Y tLINK'TR ."mollett, til I), whth a ,.n.,n >ir nf t'tl \nlrlor. h.' I'll v {'uitktllanlk ''T t+E 31PSRt' !t ' , ..!y thl,."tl'lrr of "ltientlll+. M"art'y oltI .rguntdy," 10..i+ i ,,w, :'llubb , "., voItie lcom+pe PAUl+ (l IEi"Oli~tli y the ntlilorl or "P,,lbl. nThel' i-4 i 1. t i 17 tit v,-, 0 n. it o.. flg t a-(+.i - nol", , wa \+ul, .tl eiltwk.,- .i I.-- {<; ,. i;,:< -. ... *; 1-,,i, ,, ....a i! 1 ,+, Ie o ; " H . -++,i + ll,.i+ IliI I ., "' ,,,i.t ! . .lllI

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