Newspaper of True American, 25 Aralık 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated 25 Aralık 1838 Page 2
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.WESSRS. SWVIlINI & IO' ~ - I it GRAND Equestrian Exercises every night, Cor. rof Conde & Hospital streets, by an eminent Com y of Equestrians. Equestrian Manager. Mr. IMTNNICH, Ring Master, " WORD, Clown, " SMITHSON, Doors open at 1-2 past G o'clock. Perform ce to comnmence at 7. Admittance--Boxes. One Dollar. Children, if price. Pit, Fifty Cents. TIE SPLENDID EXHIIBITION OF THE " MAJESTIC. The Giraflie, or Camelopard ! rII.L he orpt openr firom 'EN so'lnrk A. MI. to NIn E 'iclc.k P. M. ewr en d. , for 14da. loi aer on theeionter of St. 'hrla anmI Perd ido rtr.ets. Anid to giviall nil opllrtulnitv to one rlld exs ille tle reiaten cllrioqitv of Ole ,illhllllR kinvTll ini ever exlhiiilted in the Unite'd Stater, the !,rice' ofhllnirtio~ will he rn. hclled to511iCen, I'iihI n 1i, erer halri horn withi lt ilarss , will ).oti n,, i hie, ats. isblln. par SlrlllnUc e. Aihlli tall 1e %.5l -llot'. dt2l. Tih fnilowln5 nlp air hf'- drl-l n llll l lan thr, f Ib;te Louisi 67, 1i. 13, 3:1, 57, 69o, .10, 12, . 6,. tO. .6. WII.I. I: I)D.AWVN OiN T1tEKIIAY. •,: 010) 1i tPITAL PRIZE. LOUISIANA LOTTERY. Authoriized h Act io'l.ei-'lntl',e. Chtnl'er XI.I.I, pnrllrd lvh *I. IMate !, (`1 ra+ Nal. "s folr 18:111 to, he drawn on Tlihi v, ih ). 25th 131^8, at 5 'clock, I'. . t tit ile Isxelne,'Is aLil., St. t Inrle iit. D. S. Gitl:R;OinV & C. Sncers,', to YATES MeINTYRE I. Co. 75 Niui,iars-l1' Ilrnwn Iallotl. tRANI) SOCIIFswE I prizeOof $15 r00 in $15 00 I do, 3 e1rn 3 061 I d. I 81 i I:387 10 don 5,2 5 5011 If do ' I 00 In don 10r 2 ((IP 21 do 1i0 :1 00(1 1525 d.i 10) 15 510 ICthe Prjs . nle 1 t in Io 227,81.1 i Pa" kalte nlf tik.~r fi , 9125 srrantlld lto drna $60, a id Iln- dr- w tile (or o rl t e'hi il- t cm l kn l' t , k,, h rl' i,, . " hi, 'f? l rrnts tr 1 tI t draw at lel Ist30. I'lwlkn ter i'1'' Q pllrtr i$31 "s, v rr:Ite ,l hr-aw I a lest $n$15. For F 'arknes or .inglh Ti Ck, t, l ollll - ot Ir. ) IGOTI" l' L ,,, the )annoert. iOs.-P, 113 35, ('anol at, next cor. ('nllp staret. T I V'A\.\ (''rF'f"I:F:-- 0ý !hoc' pIi le green lfqvmal CIId.,e, laslin_ frn-- 1,',, for*I -lo e by JilS, Pil CO( KAY.1'I`, ,121 25 Gnv;er at J d14 INDItfEX' . IIRIOTIIFR.", nO it ,. e p 't ' eRiter t i, I39!. for the ,re Iof men of buninle . Iau rt , phllririi ll I, .te. , ti. cil r ining i ll Innk 6,r e r ia ity , i , i n i lrte ,id eo rna s hxli, osnd isn iverr' ill esl, , l ,lllI ,,1 to l,.ll ..n dille ill sll intkT Psriltli, veI/ nIsEfll fIr e l0ll , for ti nnl ilie a4 F ot al 18Fo9it, F:. Jt)l\S ,t" CO, 1-- rr St C('harles - ('oml, nll ii lI \ .1 \ 1 , ·' C :1 l. I .i-- : tl, i¢ )fr l o, , llf dl lh' rlU , tl il i t i e .1'"'41 A: R1,)11111 tT15iEl), 31 Gmnvier I .II. Iml,,h: from I,.ie ,< li'*l.. -,,,I 5.r 'ne by " Id'4 AI;RA!I hi TIf1:R, :34 1·1it r I Dsefl ist, ,,,,,,I .,,v'fr .i_'l f.,+n i" , illr. .o, _ ~l l|I by ftEINUIOGI''I I'IýtBWN & rn, dr S 9 ('orti st iW:11 IIt P-, liv0 IŽ-, The is onvent Bell; 1'1 a ,amine. rvin, liie; ,eier D ipl r, Oh! dont you rem.ln bhr the bann ill 01 Olv in tl Il rnmatic oninlce; The While Iliose i , of the Pelpler; Thi u art 2I rco e anl d I I v, . than a 1rt nenr ne,i un hv I ,iis. Shrer ri , in thi gauld I unottic" )pra A.pil,; Go I Night; '1h "rh m-i tliini, patine; I c ark otr for. , sirin (tifitii rtIo . Life ni t s Ib ell;l she w lchedl. tr hi,; Fo oIr let fNll ia ,rl l'nlme to ine at mnrnlir .;( )' the i n 'er- bl uwon icsht;' I12,rs" "'n Ihlom l tke m1 own, i~nit usl fN " th' hwp I," ' I.,nisrre- Ito Ip i ll l 'ir (I I Nildril f i sl lr'-c ,d i n, In r , ' lis it a rl 42 119 B1 N CV. \E,' . 1? 'nnlp et t e sl, sl l 1, i rs' is c o i rj .l sl i f s on ii iiS loop hl r l, iDi'bi , rKo , A1.1-. , ,,,, - , ,, Is nu al ir6 3il ofii he r s, i 'T( ),Iw e IIICks Tl'U hi '.I. i I 0xtin I Il , T rtscil n st l t b Ay, T7r, I l,,l sei nh, pll i an intd i.\ lw ear' Gin t l, Jl t Ti re,,l el n nd lr e bis by l, er brns a hn risitnbhip' , r int . r bh (Žsieatur, Anssa', N stlel aC,,ils'r', FIsiser's.Insnil, snapllook, did ttl g li tiet s llf alaiflllem a Iid Ia \ilg Lady's A.11 Fsrge1i cl' 5t. TIhn Cmic unl The Y loke Io rilth llann .tl ,iu .ct, .l i nl, Fi llrlen's 'i'h'eg x, Fishe Irin ' nei i lrlBos e, ., Sptsndidl' hbuns iditiins, alilt-bl ' fsr Chriilstms, and Nw leanr's Gifirs io Englinh, French and GermII lgtl Ilortlr lltd lls Protrstnts ands Cathlrlic PsIlar ooks, in Esnglih and Frsnc, sots, aps'ed I A Iustlsrir ion' t, ent o mist anplnd id Engliy l,lsllk I ThScu e l iamn iln iiu ll ificel illur ti r ofi o h authsre. E JOHNS & Ci, e oI smilnl" Colbpe; anid lercuhneunt, i The Imperial, Oilnriant., Ulh 0i SN:ri fdlen Grdlerv, in r'. .cra ilook, The onormily eilllt- I ad ol nig ath. n sn Fcet i,. TIl , ar , a cotr, n on thni'et 5The l 'bs1sn d'lsshn slt, Th'iiday ibes 2.Ii sI' Jiat TIelad RPgitlea, i: ir . Nr. T. Tbsilpsi. ssiU is Jasahre iest, aill s'eeisb, P. eI, "ays-he SqIsnaesis Ttiseldap lbe A lst Jauany ass By ordr of Briugdietr Gaeneral S IV JUSTAMOND. II FLOAAN. E. Aid de C'p. 2-d A uei.rasr~eto lm p~ll nl~ ln Scrp oos ml.llbnii. f lroieze.~ Head Quarters, let Brigade, L. ,1. n 2u-8 New Ortean., 22nd. 1838. [ BRIGADE ORDE)R, NO. 10. PIIIIE Volunterer Companies of the ltt erigade, 1 L. it., will muotero hl TuInrlay, the 8;h nrJ nun net, on Lafayetty square. The line will be lorm ed Ior review, preeielv at l0 o'clock; A. t1. The Brigader (General is persuaded tihant no oenrtion will be wontidn on te prt ofther and men, when it irerlemlbered thulthev +re ordered In aerlelble rt celnbrate the anniversary ofthe (;Gnious 811 ofJan A natiional ain e will be fired on I afarettn equere, by the Wasitlngton Artillery, at sunrise, noon, and at SIn lset. The offlierecommandinp tie lIerimente to which Volunteer cam p an s are attachd, ill transnlmit these ordrs to the Connmanreri Of*aid conron, inn. The eompariel will report Iheroselveson the parade Ground to a Brigande Staff Officer. By order of Ilig. Genl. J W Justnmond. 11 FI.OkACtE, td14 Aid derCamp S LOCK F & Ct., No. 87 Fnt Levee, are ee a iving by late arrivals forox Etropa, large addition tIn S their eltoe' of Hard Ware, which mnkes their .rnsrt ment ver, extensive; all of whihi they offer lot fur cash, or city paper. d"24 T -'V EC ! S ,~oe ,!! S IA t'KF, & to. .. ro,-t lever. are receivio" perelrin .onhlln HlI, ao addi. tional rtpelv nefrtorte; theai asolrtTent cnlls,ta ,an ofSpoonr a FireCCletnl Ž.ttnvr, of all nices; I'helael. phia Radiator t'nl Stove; Conical (Cokmer ho,,; Onaona'a shipand tCeal hbnt Colok' St Cee; also slove pipe put tn to order. ,14 t )-tV73 kegs /'rini. af lar d. arding anlI Li tr ato ly il'Etrzio\ & A'V'IF: r de4, 1, ir Tce Great Errerc .al is closed every day at 10' J'eclek, A' M-I. doe everayday at 12, M. Tire x .pr, ss.tla is closed every ,ay at halfronst 0r A Nl-Il due with the great Eastern Mail, everr day. SPI The t.ikL .'ltili (via Cevingtn., La.) ia closed every Monday. Wednesday and Friday, at 6 o'clock, A Ml-I due r every Tuesdav, Thursday and Satur. C day, t 5 P . L Tre Ln.%crille or Rirve- .al is closed every L )IMod.ty, Wednesday and Saturday, at 8 P MI-Is sent and returned by steamboats.-Arrives irregu. Iarly three times a week. The Barion Sara or Coast .ail is closed every Tuesday and Friday, at 8. P MN-Is sent and re. turned by the steamboat Brilliant. 7The Alexandria or, Red Rirer .4lil is sent irregu lary by steamboats, twice a week. Louisville or River Mlail. th londay, all Wedueday, and Closs at 8 o'elocrk, P M. eat Saturday, at Coast .rla-l. Tuesaly and . Cloe at 8 o'clocl P . r . New-Orleans Chamber of Commerce. rFFICaRNa er THE rTcAr 1838. S. J. Peters, President. A. Quertier, lst Vice Prerident, W. L. Hoidge, 2d do. COMMITTEE OF APPEALS, FOR 1838. James Dick, Thoman Barrett, John A Merle, 11 C Cammack, Jas H Leverich, Ahijah Fisk, GEO. W. WIIITE, Sec'y. s COMMERCIAL. It.naet i.nterl. CharlelCtn. Der ...... .......19c I.hlaoqen.,De..... 15 I1, Nw eor., do .............15 Clineinoati, do........... 17 Philnadlphil do ............ Ir imric ilne, dn............ Baltimore do ...............l 16 .at. .. ........... 14 Srasnllah, Cdo ........ . 19 clverpnol, Nor;:..... ...... loaa (' xa) De..... 13 Pari ............... Brsto . in e ............... 11 I .oe in . No a.......... eashnile, N r............ e Iavre do m.. ............. .mu --..· -_ -- I-_. .. .. I, O u t OIF N I\V 0JIri C AIo N8.r he CLE.AC ANRCES.. dl Drccmher 25. c h. Sip Deurcaion, lc ow,,., for Havre, a n J P rhitney Sihip .oilecIel% ('ofc for caston, S . r J P b hitncey is, ltip Supirior, Tarker, fer Moli!e. in htllat, rIater ntShcp .lrc, C atle, (a reenrack. Ilmon .1 Mills i Ship Alhdiin, C Pery. for Naw York, lno Ame.l Bark (iatdro, L.oeibard. fLr iBinlori ccaG, n Brdo din si e ie Mssi.iipi., l Solfialidf. l Naew York, (io Redford Sihr Ateloan.a. Prtrr.rons. Ielnrcala, nstcer Steam hip ui l a, Craeo, for ti Galveston, Bogart c Iawhoa c ARRIVALS. Toeelnt M!oellrcl. Eaoi, from the Posse; havinr towned To Tsa iria N lorri cci per. nRetsned to tile city wilslli ci Seo. srhr- DnaviDColRn, an.l Henry. .ft oil ced at e l p m, he ieit (i otll¶mg o. nothing new in the River. Tohunt liramilu. Mcorrison. from thse sr.u:r haitlr C P. cowed to .cc srlo ihliz.l,.rlih rill; retlrned In tebs rity with blios Alndin, aid Eimpneaerio. Leit NE Pa. oil nthe d ' Siect, at I p m, repcrts Icrecnr spoken ship Nrlhocplna, ir20 mIils estl of N E Pi.e. haoad io; ship Unieorn at a.©hor at Ihe Ic liar; tilic Edcar i thle River; passed steamboat on tihe i23d iarst. hlir il tow 4 .hips at Greao Piai,ie. SSeaop Sl.n, Pioher, 45 days foln Liverpool, to nllrader, c SRseen, k kt'rielcl. Iri; Aladil, Dnce,. 11 days from Kingaton, Jamaica, in e khllla., to n aslrer. li c i Enlll pre.ri. crlonerope, I-ih Dec, from (llesrrton, to :1 J .Reedl be.. 4 pcsaeier.. lii Brie Alice. Jnordeli, 1 (lays from onnnirc, to Mnster...Pasll R Imrvehen. n S.ihr 1c.ci0 Coffen,, from rttakspl , to Mster. 00 Sthr H,.lly, Clark, fi om (;rad CaHill.i. to Meter. I Slllonrr aV L Rohialse, Woid, from Rardolph andi icllemphis. Steeer tllcnian. PoFrraw. from yocroe. Sclier den.l. froi Plaquaminc. 30, Srhr All er Sti... (lic the Casol. C Stcn-r ilihlllae, Jorolin. flom "-yntl c'ar. i,'Sani.'r la'llnlln , Ic.htdes, f .n Moonllrn itcarer Pee..,vrei+.S )tioc.,e (ein.Oresaille. It Stenmcr )aelloner. C.crrl. om I': duerhn telnarE r Asoria, Mc('ord, froa St c Louih EXPOItTS. i CI. tAVrlte..Per .hip Dtlerlinn.. .ol Ihis eoien, l BOSTON.. .Per ,ii, Co'lli' i...14P ll s cilconl, 27 brlI trt n Inw. I ic quills, ln ld 3lhrls mdze. d GT;RIEE'OCK.. Per slhp M3:,r. 13 S '5 rltn. IALT.:JIOR(E..Per hark Cinlileo.. GG hhlll and I hrsiar,s I no, kel a mclarse. 559 l rle, 9U9 lkipll shills adteheay 62 hhdl baoc..3R' x. lnhcco. NEW YORK..Per hip Alihnlllll ..l:17 I cotOi. IEC hldll a and 9 Irls cuiger, li bri ii llolses. 25 bhds S tallow 5i elmpcly raaks. It hla sId 3hhdl wines. ....... ..Per kris 1s.isippi...tII hllhd supgt. I PrN-'c(Io.A..Per schr . atisets..3t0 lr's produce. s. CALVES Iro.. Pr er is ship ('Clll...allndry Int. grocsiesr. he provisin.o, dry goodl.. clothlllg flrlituIe, hardl 19r IMPORTS. P 0i Gal V.TONar Per brie Empresarln...nm hides to order h It . I. Rt lE.. 1pr hric Alice..400 ton. salt. to order. PI. +lMt INElN..r 'er ehr Aelais..19 hldl .0u0cr. c fiA'a?..r sclr Aliert Stecn..611 hhdi auger. sly.IVp'aPfcl..Per ale hia e..P07 to relncs, (49 hors rail road iron, 475 halpers plloalea. 32 Ifkins I its h iltlr. lot ivee stck. ,llsad .'d mlze. tle C W {ell.. t+o J lDonnilo.r . nrr, r.ber, rnlaher. csJ eCaldwcll cnhrl tirC.lloiuu.h, Barber, e jr, 'T'h, iheltif. II J loaine. y ATTK oPAI..Per Scr hr David r :,ci feo..lil Ihhi h and i( hris mrelmsaec. to TSer;4 . Vflles. lnt.vv. t t' t:n au tt 'A1.i .i. ..Per echr lenry. a' hhd" Illlr. nn" 106 * (:RANI) CAII.0U. Onr Ochr Ilenry. A, 0 hhd. lr,,.ild 106 or., lord..... to Litnc. Frutnlnr S co. IECE1I'TA OF PRO01Ž7. RiBayo. S oP...Pe, slnim Imer I,,.oi,0..291)n'm, r6, nn At I .Ž,, 3. .'o, i57 iints. oto,,. Jam,.' Armnour. 131 do . W.t,& rŽ,, 8,, do : 1I In0. 72 iid Lomho6ii& Thomp. son, 64 Po6lower. fIt dtoJR I'Pnw Il'm Aco. S6 'o 6i0 51 hle ,v c°, S5 do Tn\·lnr. isnddrer cr. 5': do PF),oal. A,,,,.1 t o n 1 o R. 6Ž,Id.. I.',,& 00. .1 dio i0oy 0 co, "20 lloO.ckFii '&Ii(.ba,. 2 Oho 65 lni000. 03 do to. 60.,,Foiin, 0 0.. 22 ,I ,. ilnBrrein, 21 io IV II Co ,.,Ii., i lo 9 W0 Ž1.y. iii do II fliio-per. 10 I, A Itloir. '. do GyoS. e- teart. i,,ido S00II111 & N,,O,..,.,idoo FkII II &11 tdHld0O n0.5 do Allen., .ihir 1in..5 if, 00 I Too...,. 12Ž.o IIonido., S1.Ken 4¢o. 1I ldo 1o(oi.or C Ž11.i, and 3 BolŽ I.iiduioooy. 6lonrn.,.I-or steamsr .Iinbamian..P7' b'A cotton, A ILadaux )o.Ž; 30,1~ lor.ks. al 6 co. 33 d0 A,,& o, IO i. Kirkm..o, Aibornotiin' II .. .6 do I.oyoi Core , r.0. 14 do BIeiiloor y Ž P6.1Fi, 4 0 do Wool'ov & MIontaglŽ, 90 6.1. Mno &i,,i..l.. V C",,oid.,,P&JP. g..,;4 i ,Sd l.,.i·ll-Pdl... i.,nr ioŽ,Ž.Qon..n 7...y bh a md.zsldiiUS & Jannlill"V hxs aides, P & J Ferrl··.ln: 2 bxa and I rek iiar chair, Hyde & t.ommma:k. 2 cos, Fornyth ,c Limerick; U S, fro Io. l;nii; ''0 plouboo.. J 6iho.'oo 9 horse.s, Owner on hoar~d; 1 hour., Ownr oo hnerd; 4 Ito!. Solo. ·..I I do 0ark. Owner on hoardi 117 ii. .'otton, W 51 fll; 98 1Jo Yrnolmn &oo o; o74 oil. rol.,. A Wa6llae i 'ooo; I iruk,JA S,,.ŽIt. l'o,,neah. .Pen.oamer ftfrdiotoro ..o.go 39 hal0m 0011o0 to L.ockhart, Frran . D..r,,.; 41idodo. Forith & Limrio'(Ž 7 do do Lk6 & Wialk.r; 3 hhOd, tinlno Tlo,0 and )II.pkiio; 460o',, idzlo iurn, 4' ounoid,; 3 O.Ieao Icn..., iS .irkm pea,, 5 se eks earn Prescott, Jmle & co; 56 sick. earn.· I7 do oat. Prescott, J'"nc· ,eo; 270 seeks ornr R CGmouin0 and 60: I ntO, Iok irkman. Ab,,,ieoho & Hansoio 4(10 be1. flour 0,1i. .hil,0y. 900 han 6Žod. N. Ooothgae; CI do0,. 1urko.o.,.idtohic-i..s. 100h.,d .12i., onr. no hoarod. Pt Louis-Ps ,onoo,', ,tlori,. .6. o.. 35 paork. rolbe. S boxes C Dooiir; lobo.,, iho.d, 20 On.l shot, C.op bell A H.,bh: I k0.gosundries 11 . oIlk boxs Žmdzo tJ oli 13 oi.Ob.ef R M61Žili: 0 b'..d,,lor ihin. J A Mtrln, eo:7 Oinn robs. 1 310., I rb; 5i brii. topoi. W Kelly. 20 I0,lr. ....iooiforsythii .l .riekooO 2Oo do Gavin 4 Stiari..: 2 toss. mdzs A A (:.wan; I wagEon end 4 bog. Trnlhrr. W 11 MoGIIl; .3 hrli apple,, :9 doon chickeln., lon blod; 8 IIIII. t~ bocce Adsm. H rtwell. Mlour..,INr meum.i Alhsnion.ji. o hla rollt e,.o ,.i Cs.. & e,; 12 dloT N 74.r lo,, 27hot. .ooul..., A 1Žgoli. & co,. I(l.. B Ln'ioiŽ.iny. PAOS0iŽ0122. I nllieril'..Pfrr imamsmr Pennrylrml...Mr, Mc~air, MIor McNair, Mr.· Sweeney. Miss Duvall, lif Rrsyrlllll 8lrlaan nd 1. T O.. T .inios, . Io. R ,hear & olod, Shiploy. Captain Riddle Win MoNigiIl. rLsre. DalloiI, K.tsoi,. C,...i.,. 1.,.s, Crol.oron. Wioini, Ch,,iei. Ir..eo. L.evy. Colt, All.. I, .i.Nair. Me 0.own sod puno liv., S..,ŽO. (lick.. P.rrint ;, I,,0.. Barnetlt tolskin. E Ni. 'll'.)', J A ŽlorriL, I. hall, Hart, ln'hrnok. Whiting,. All,., Mnthsw,, Alexande~r. C.1 Io'sro. 12il., bIG,.iP. 00Ž;.., Finlay, Capl0 Silit, D.'zeill, Bentley. 5t1.oŽŽ...l'.n6. er 6l r Asto ria..- R .yr,,., BA AŽ.hom.,. N V P..ra. G 11 Oliver. W !(Irow. 52 Willitm.. W Kflly, IV H Mf.Iill ,,nJ oIel, W S Rodgersi , A M1.hieu, Hernf ,er,. E Ouh00, You, L.1., Mant.m. Col I.,laont, G0n Aymo. P0.d.,chn-Pote 1te.iŽr Ml,,iinr..C Moor. , O r Sto,,, T IV Tisdal', Tooker. P C.mrn..gin and . ..ant. Whlinog, IBe.. Oam..I Christ. J 1,I.Gan r.., Rtesnart, C Smith, Rollinih. QQuoniting. R Sullivin. CFFi.on, John. 4tel (Heny 116.0, Oy.S 3lBrry. C Grandy. Monroe I's atn~llsr Ainhamion.Fr: · nln. IVilirto l,,l head' Jil0. HioO. 10 ,,.II. Baho.. Opt.l,, G0;v TO.. 11Ž1. 4' to. Bftha., (`rr.'AdnmOl. 000I.0 Rohinsii.,AI..lO. Ho. end0 othir.. Bayou Slrl,. Pr ,teams,'r Hnntllvi116.. Iehlenr, J Mlolarson Z neard, i r H mlellD E id,,J ell, J '.i.oe .N I'P Lqps ' 9 At' on, IV R Fool Teeny.~lv I~iocrpool. . Par hip rl..l \ rhlh, . Wo, child and set, Mri r.i., v. a1.d .01. W 5,.. .0 jr. H .1 itold.,0th.1 ld y and .Iuly, Tho. Orfo.dI.Ric.hrd Js.o , C i'.gnaio ,. .d h, I in the earlse,.. MEMCSORASNDA. 5a,",,r P.nnyl,.n.. lefIfI.,,,Žnill, .n 6,h i.O'n.pnt, d steamer ('ample, 01-1.1 Royo. 'nlulm' us. anid Go,('lark., .11 aground at Flinlt Island; on the ,9th, poalrl .laminar O~woge at Cumbelrlandd Island ,ireuro; on the 13th, met W If (haul .00, K Iryk. 0.10.1 0l 00plln. Tr,,iboo, and A M Phillip.. .11 lying of fi+ot of Cxlh Iflr~ud, wnillm f or water: I file passedd Mdt...r ,.rou.d In Pi,1,.., II,. AV I.S oOnn. *n,,,.d at St,,k Island Te lOh River w.he.., l-ft I.0Ž 1Žll, was 3 ht at Cui..rl,..d It,,. Tih. r,,y.sold and ..o.e it.. runnins It, the Ohio Upper nil.l.·ipppi fit'[ of 1c. Ti. b0.1 AI.di,,. w., h.r..,,a O to l, 0icy Iby tO. 9s1t, sh. Csysit" (Wm .lut bins) hvlne, Iied on the (.o.ass. O,,., 5 day. ott; he as in...,,16le :3 dr.n 'af0o.. h. died; and b0. longedd to Nooth Yarmo~uth, stele of 01, ),,,. FoR IIAVRF.. T To, A I evIl fas ,,iiling ,hip GIlARl,' Copt. Poorkho,,. ill Ii.' ,. iiŽ.too.'liit0 tI.ls0.100 for the .oni' pain. Foo fo igl Iof 15 tales il'citln05i if in),)dilte ajppliŽotiŽoiŽ he t.Ž.omn, apply to d2.1 ~ 1.11_I(; lI..R,9 !11oo..oo..ont Fill NO>' V 012 ,K-iOŽ,3 f'> ES INE. ReguloPr PoIkot 0.r Tuondao,Jnn.,oŽv lef. ThO sploŽdiid noŽ pnoo." .ksi PAN T (1A,. 04. A.06Ž... oeo, i na .0..'.. For freightr0r p,,-nge, apply on board oppooito 11th ,Ci,.'hi. ,orkeh, or to d."5 I110EV C .A1f1", 18 ri'oop at fl7TheolŽ, for N..w York, will I Imvs the Lrvn thin ('rlur av) v*at0ing at 6 o'c.o.k. P Prne..Žgo.ill .10.0h boon board at tssb hour o ,p c tlallv. d25. Jooo S,.rrr'rp'rt, .olorhilloh tt an.' dŽ,a 'I'he liebt drausllht steam heata N 1Ž lLI(A, TŽ.n. 1'. F.e,, Calif. Olc. oone for theahŽŽoaood interm,. on Wednesday morning, .6h in.Ž ., at 10 o'clock. Forfreoigh olr p,.nae, ap'ply ,o d25 IF.1.E & '(O. ^8 Ne..Lo"e r '2 I1 )C.1 Ný-12 I 0,00, r*0tailln .non's primoe ki 0roenn, oid hrOn. kip bootsllanding fŽ.ormhip (onst,.Žtnooasnd fotulr uIs ISA IC BI..fIII3B & 00. de., 114 3IsroŽzinr P U H"11106111 ATE-.0 en-a: 6we C ..cola, , landliog fi.m shin IŽiC.o.'Žttoli.r f-le Oo 0 2 ,1a ISI\At' B1IŽŽ'(.6 aAr'0I. II Iioeozino,.i 11U\ P0.0000 52-.1 *.eg Osgperiqo.Ž 11n Ptowd.r 814) 6,g. .pot.ine Powdner for Polo by 42¶5 APA3IB & 0; f1T4.L1f 6 C-T..'Ž... SPiENDID ANb EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE WI FOR TnE PRINTING OF el Pamphlets Blank Checks th Catalogues Bills of Lading ce Labels, Dray Receipts, D Legal Notices Auction Bills, t Bill Forms, Show Bills C Steam Boat Bills Circulars I And every description of Job Work that may be required, a [p'The proprietor respectfully calls the attention of the public to the above Card, and assures them that all work intrusted to his care shall be done at the short- r rst notice, in a style unsurpassed in this city, and rt at the loncest raters. TIE I'RUE AMEIIC.AN. lE)IT'rRD BY .ltls.M Gl~s.N. d FAITRITUL AND BOLD. NErW OR LEAN: r TUESDAY, DECEMBER 25. s838. DtIrCTORY.-It is contemplated by the sub . scriber, provided sufficient encouragement is given   by the public, to publilfl, an addenda, to his Di rectory sand Guide of the City of New Orleans comprising the new residentse, and the changes Uthat have taken place during the past season. t Person dresirous of having their names inserted in the addends, will please leave then, with their professions and residences st the Counting Room of the subscriber, Exchange Atetl. Cards tastefully inserted at i moderate prier. The Addenda will be sold hound with the Di ectory at fiour dollarr, or by itself lat one dollar. JOHN GIIISON. r MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU, FRIENDS. ALl. THE WARM WIsHER. OF TRIS COLD SEASON, TO0 Toe, AntD eOURs. rl T The Express Mail of yesterday did not come to hand. At what point it failed wtrdo not learn. When ir the boat left Mobile no express bag had arrived. S D_ The holidays have this day begtun, and being Chrisetmoeday, no paper will Ire furnished from this of fd ice to-morrow. 20 We received a letter yeetersy fro,m a friend in e .shinrton, which if not puossesing any very new r matter, is yet frauoght with seme interest. as it in rivces roe scund viewr and opinions of matters to and things n w pessing at the seat of gt ernment. 'To the sober second thnlthrs nof Ihe penplr'rf New York we are no doubt indebted f.r the sib lrtnd tne of the mer.nenr. IInd tihnt satte follow ed in the wake if Ohio we ashuld have had Itr re, ts of loeofortoivm poured ntt upnn us. 011 John Q Adams is indotritnos'y laving hold of everr uhjerrt that can produlre neitatin,. He first iried hie hand at the 'onaexation ,f Texas,' hut that h,,hby slipped by the itlhdrawal of the e.hject by the Te:oan mtinisoer. lIe next ntoti up lthe qaerre herween Stephenston and Dan. O'Conmnll with no ether nhjret that I can find than strongly rem menting on all who tolerate or jutify dluelline. Should this sotreer nf eitotion fail, sbnlilinn will ta he his a le resource and tro tis complexion must d. we comne at last.' Tile qu stion of nholishline as. slavery in the Distrirt will o doubtr soon cone tiup and we shall endeavor to ret it in srne tallnihle s. haspe as to know who is for rus. and who again, us, and it tile .outhrrn members will but not rt mr perately and in unitn wte rnn In v a etrw of I hands. The lrnmtnisrrrtitn papers and parieant are you spe, Ilrodly dono unt ing tthe nortlo ltr ,t w t , as abtlitionis.ts: tttey owe it to themteo vens -how n Ilthte worll hotw they stand ''The fets are tlal oin New York tholh many v, trd for the whi, er, gnvernor and lieuenant govern tr, tihey did not drl ad eo for tih e cnogrressin.tal ticket, anti we actuolly last several members hv small majorities ill enn* * of th) oypinions of thie admini.trrtin canddote hbeing more receprthir to the abolirioe - do ;sit than thse of their whi npponrntt. In ~liss cs.nrhustrts the whole aholtin Iorce went ut n eainst Ith whitis. Judge Morton the Van Buren candrlidat for gov ernor is an avowed ahnhltioniar. So is Alhxande. do II Everett, who was a locor fco onndidate forCnn tt grees, over whosee defeat the Gllhbte antd its kindredt prints have been mnnrnine. In the distrirt do J Q Adams was not thl ht a good enough tholi. tionist,and so a loco loco named Jackrton was run et as being a betier one. In Olio it is now quine n certain that Governor Vance was defeated by the abolirtonists, who wear against him for gitino u1l that kidnapper Mahnn. Mr George anetocft the rercently appointed collector of Boston not more to Ihaii nine or ten montls ago, openly avowed his rappoer of sholition principlee, sand his opinions on I rhis point were as tlhoroughly known to all as nany ther lint lie evraer entertained. Yet tie Gliobe, sad all hIe administritrion papers, are striving to identify the wthits, and abnlitionists, calculating largely on lie gullibility of the r adherents. It seems to be underalrod that neither G, nerat Harrison, nor Mr Wa'''trr, will make any reply to rhE numlitnation of ile anti-mlasenic convention. More may be heard of this movement hereafter: it is not withoun mean;ig. fBert Ihi in mind. The uob.r, asury project will come ttp in soma shapet again during the session. The President and his partisans are determined to get po.essel.n of the public money3, if they can. The defalcn ions of Swartwour, Price, and others indicate what use will he made of it. I presume our legislature will consider oe subject soon alfter its meeting, and pass some resolutions upon the sub jerr. North Carolina will tie up her Senators very clodely. Our Washington correspondent in speaking of he mode in which the administration forced down the ttraats of the southern members the resuolu. ios asolffered by Mr. Atherton of Maine, sasv those who refused to vote were southern whigs who very properly viewed this as the result of a party caucus, fr the purptose of carrying on the Van Buren and Calouns bargain, as smelling of ihe midnight odl: as eing concocted at the White llouse, and ai being drawn artfully, andl insiious. Iv ,atrnps for nouthern representatives &c. &.c. They protested against them entirely. B.eidet they had not netn printed-'tardly read-not un derttood-ontaninta -semaberh e knew not what, and stollr to be passed on the spur of the mo m.ent, and at the dictation of Party. After the forced vote the house adjourned. And to opens the abolition bill this session. Who s soe Ihode as not tI see to the tery depth of the ad.llonislration's design-of the wretched plot? The plot of a northern President, affecting south, ern principles! ftr his own personal ends. And is Ihetwhole South, nad Stuthweast to be taken io, cnjoled, nod cttatedl No! "Levnathen ts not so tuttted." In addition to the above, our private correspon daent wrile on tihis snhjet thus: In the Iloule of Iepresentalives, the same eg on he in the ,11th, eoftidinr the Sooth, if pne. aIhlne, tlo the support it I r. o'n Bureno and lMr Callitwn as a joint leanm, and Io wns crled on11 wtah renewed vigor. Tle rersolutin,(prepared inder tile supervltion of the Calhotltun, Ritetr, ansd Ptlckenate.oli C.olnrres,) whichle were presented v Alth, rtern of New llhaloehire, and upon which the eg of lthe qrestion" h oil beten propsed and carried - hue givingthe the iuthrn mtelh'bers n opportu. n ty of explaining to his ollosttullel lt" l rue na. ture of thlt innlites t intritg e, tIfh s sprung, I:ke i irap, oIpolo them, llhr (polical ai tcl a;i -they. were ,it had lip, not passed Tl'he shalinv w device thiey corntain to entrap ihtt, S.tillth is pnl1patle to ,very eye. It i bill a aiopie i rolTer :yv \lr. Ctulittl l s illllnot Snu Treasury o tie for a rllror I.fs atat v etl Vay i ll Boren aeot A l.liitwn vatire. Fo . mark tie, the thigdSout h f mln nlol,+e,1 r tcere not cnrooted by the Vai IIntl u S itlhern II pntIhiers tin thfs 1*r hjec atl all T .sir alls. wtre the Vat, Blore. Northern nme" - , n i in.v alone: Toe si. the plain t atete ith, , ue in mlrtor ii lttlo e hie Stll It g .. for Van Ptori t. Clutm li' en Pro fil n ntefre.sti n lnaan airve' iThee antu pteesion,-that would rol The ta a oren men tro made eto resl Irieinds-of the S utl:- aid the .n allies tlheredf: and hence fi'lltws the Ipr- O paored cuntrion, e. mnaer of rourse! a tl These resoldions, if you will rend them, you cie will nectally see, yield the one g.nt,' p, int. whteh if i thet South Imust stand on, ito t sof". Ttevr.n that Contere. has noi right, frJ, the furtherat ce of certain described 'views,' to st .v.ry is n thl Diotrie. of C nlumit b 'i 'fT'is det hr v I ltail i . l'a-. it, tin Yield th' point, that in reaolity, to point ch tact, bl Cngrea, has this power. 'lThi p.,in was at "' taken by Wise and Rice GOrl.tnd olti,,lhers, in the hetween-whiles ,l his most d;scri.rcelul bustet,': 'I but qitie in vain Tie pcrews wIre "'lu, and the ' harngin, so far frrIh, einsnmmatednl. i. i it In totnI pnlable a trick to do muh rn harm. The South c are not thuas tobe enjoled. It Specie onceemore --At non yesaerdaly, our htnks tl resumedl specie payments in romplliantle with a " resolution ofi the hoard of Presid* tril una:nimcntsy aureed to on Saturday last. This announcement e 'ivll give unqnalfied delight to the real friends of the South, while it ought to ennfound with dismany tho*e croakers who an long and so loud have t denied the capacity of these monetary institutions to meet their liabilities. Ctobbett once stated that if the Bank of England ever resumed specie payments he would give the friends of that great t financial concern perfect liberty to broil and eat him, anid eonstantly paraded " a eridironl' in tea. timony of his prophecy. But the bank did re aune, and has ever since continoed to pay spevie for its notes, whenever demantded. Not !ra hoaest ingly have the loco focons of our rhiy prontunrred and re'iterated their asuraner,tlhat or banks were all rotten, and worthless, yet hke (heir prototype they have lived to see their predictions falsified, yet are they not a jot less likely I, brave it out as unhlushingly as he did. Though they havre not r paraded their gridiron, they haee as constantly shown their teeth; nor woull they have hesitaled to destroy these institutions, ntd buried in their ruins nil who depended upo1 them., i they cotlid hut have futiilled the purposts of their fie;dish hate. The lst and 3rd .Tlnnicipalities. We copy the fol lowi,.g from the 'Bee' of yestcrdnr: 'It is not thei n matter of sim le justice, honor, anti god faith, that hll. hanks shoull no. crtne to the re liefoftthe first aind thirdl mumeithiltlies, thie credit of which is endangetrec. The City Bunk hats already de chlted its intren in to pay in speee tlhe bonda of'the second mno:icipality after the first and third are reject edl wtth distrust and di-dain. The refusal of he banks to redeem these issues will inevitably injure their credit, and render them the object of the most infamous speculations;, From May 1836 tile Be,. has industriously triedtnin jure the cledit of the suspended banks,and has with out scruple repeated again and again, that they were unable to resume Iheir specie payments: yet now wita nin a few hours of their entire resumption it mlakes a po sitive, and rightful claim upon them to do for the first t and d municipalities that which those corporations ashould, .nd could have done for themselves. Why is it the small notes of the 2nd municipality, are now, have always been,rcq:,l to cash! Simply because the cour cil has prudently issued their bonds to cover the am' ount in circulation, which being purchaased by the city Bank that institution will pay silver for these notes after tile first Monday in January! And why it it that n the issue of the Iat and 3rd are ao greatly depreciated? SPurely becaose their councils have neglected to use f the same precauiions. On ti ht)m then ashould the blame laced? ('eltninty not upon the banks, but uopn the n. gligent coutnils of those two sections of our city. The Bee protltntms that their yearly incomes is amply ade. a quite to the liquidation of till just demands uiponl them yet utters notone word in rebuke of their neglect, boh calls upon the banks to pay their debts lor them. This is both Ungenerous and unjust. The public censure should be visited on thloe who have neglected their duty, and the appeal of the Be.' cames with ill grace itindeed after all lhe tnd aituptratinn it haslheap. id upon every e ,f o'lur inmied inalitutionC. Cavoa.-A.\s we .up1'Preed the highly lhoutishctd a coIlntrlofthl a Inlillf lfallAlel, by the Patriots, proves almiserinhle hiumbu. It appears by letters fr. m Dr. troit, thlll II the evenin" of the 3d inst. aolnme two hull dred smea p asseil ter to thel Canada shore frlom tie latter city, burninl e som ht;i:ding., aIIl tonoi poaie. Piom of the harrhek g utrl'deul by aboul 1 ii men Bit on ithe illoi inl' diay the iegial -s, and militia made ahtrt wortk with them as npplear 6icm the iflluwing extract of a letter dated on the jth ilnt. W.tlaedalv Nnnn. he Ihe trnie- or anre i iro.irTv elided. Up.n the np. prearh nl the rtgtltr' II- wtill-its inperred--n. n nlr as otid, ttaking beat tfor "lieg- Itlantl." Aterirlan grnutl,'; nhlilt 10 of ihem ere m'w in ol !, await Hi their trial hlern. Tl'e Erie ,a I hfore Intenl tneI ' adea hand and ncllred them; ole po.e fillIw wat htadly wounded by a grap. ooti.anld his oarm nei amp, trtel. T'l-ward- eve.niig he Itr.IIIp returned, leaving cient In msrase thioe who IEad taken to the woods.._ A nuairhli'r in pri,,ne are in l'.ltandsofthe royalists and ae shall toon hear of thei trial. 3P.M. I hnave jnt convraed w ith a cetlleman who hnlre de spatoches from Gen. I.rndv to tlhe oficerr in command on thte tppooilte-hare yeerItlnv ieveint, and it raln.e quence of thel ie remained ntil his i ornin . He in forms me ,l patrints were hill.-i in all, and snme 8 or 10 ro alisle, he idle a annmbhr woutnded. Suraenns werre in nttemneore from thi, bide. They hed a number fp risoners. rtorifthlem were immtdiltllv shltt by the "Black Priee', h: .h Ihilt it e c,illnana, anil all would hltve hllared thesnlti faie had noat hi sllperior arrived in time to Ichek thie carnnge All wae quiet and norhing like exciiti-ment in tlli seide was visible. I pre. sme nmany of those who hive taken to tihe woods will find their navhahk tlthe Ainerinan llore; h fore this many ldoullhtlsa have lle it-,lr.l. \We have had a gen lte full of allow last night, hlich will be to their disnd. vuntage. n6 o'tlok. P. M. Nothing of interest si:ce nanr. They have had a trial on the other llde,n ad in lmhterwre to he, and are fslro this, exeruterl. Nna Iriher attetmtpts I presume will bie ande fron ti aiid' fir the prerent. An eminent Siothern sporteitsan propoaes a ne. ional match hItween IEngland and America. One race to rnks plaie over ih- New Market Course, England, and Ihe other ovtr Ikhe New York course. Purse $30,000. Oratorio. We heitr Ihat Mr. Williamson, re cently a pnlolar mnm! r Ioif the Ctmp St. cemp. ny, and hInn known ans all ITiient mInlher of the Jlandl & I'llyden Sorw,,ly or It -ron, is about to give no Orattrio in Mr. C'·.1ip' rthunr h, in which he il t he assisted by rnar of the heat orcal andt instrumental tal eien nt in the ritv. The notoriolus Uiii Johnls ai has ban , riec'piured near Tbhurg, Oanida C,.. N Y.. and delivered over to the custoly of ibI l trshal. Both boards iof the CoIon- Ci eil of tthe City efNew York have adop'ed a resolution for eaaing a full length portrait of G,,v. Marry to he painted and hung up in the Ciy Inlail. Some northern pap,:a sa) taLt our fel&ln ci tizen is worth two millions of idollart! 'Fire at d fury, whece are your proofs,' as the nln sans in the play. The alderman wol !d douhbleas be oalig ed to these wortlhy crillheae the for norti, they could make it 1i app at. Their ani.rlion that the report springs frol iault hern pIiers is 'a Ilt take: we wish we couleld prove'r tie- triy Irue. LoaSIAntA COURSE! Races to-day.-Thrr ae are two raeae appointed for to-day, in b--ll of w hich, three Iate contend For the'"Creole Purse," will be run for by "Lonrdoftte tsle." to whoml tith Creole Purse of the sa;rleg was given, as Louisianese failed to fulfil the tarmsaif the purse: tagether with M.. Arnott'a ch. m. by Candidate, and Duplntiert's Dandy by tie same sire. The second race, to le beats, will be run by Dick Haile, by h .r Charles: Maid of Orleans' by Lit. tie Red; anil leber, by Bertrand. Such fields are sure to produce good asprt. STEAM COMMUNICATION WITH EUROPE. The followinlg letter fro:m so enterpr:nin, and intelli. gent a citizen as Capt. (Chase, will naturally he perused with interest by all who have the eral welfare of the South at eanrt. lHowev r unpnlattihle may be the ito plication that a large piortin of the commercial tmen of our city, are pposed to a direct trade with Enlopl as milit:tting against ex'sting tiersta it itii nevertheless true, to ton great an extent. lThaln ont a.eual, resident, and etabhlished merchants, i no body of amen with a lrge share of enterprise.iand iapanbiil; and oil tlleir strelilno- exertion- reliatnce Iay lie placed, now that tile sllheme of" ()cean Sltean Nav.gariln " has been fairly tested. And evenl of those who but tellporarily sojourn here, or infiential portion is dluly acquiring a commtn.:ir of feeling ith the true friends of'.ouisiana, and we think may he relie.d on to aill, ad assist, in so vitlily interesting a pr j et,, as the estaillishmtent of di rect steam n onllunnientim, with the great culiton mar kets in Europe. of its lees, itf tried, no ponssibhle d11t10 can now exisIt: and of lthe asuperiority of the rai'e to thin port fior steamtnra. n eltual certainty is felt by allituelligent tmi ils. Ite fieci.ri the project be now tairly aundertakel with a hleirlev zal, we rled as. sared that sIcePasR nay hin isllrcll even alllln our tw titntit rprising tit.i.i h heth lna tit fhilet eatu.e knee of evey required sid frtm the capitalists oaf Ei rope. Of the advantages of a direct im:portatio it is nutl idle to, talk: they are ertainly beyond disaeasian. Ou, legltimate mercartile community feel thisa suject as one of vital interest to them, and dtle' northern agen ice," if they do not alaist, annaot retart the scheme, f it be once undertakeo. To the Editcr of the anrle A.mernean, XN O. llInran.d In n aeri lpp ., o otyntra.nder the heatd ttf ha. od Xrwt " Iele it ct intended tot rta. bli.h n line of Brilish Steamers between L.iverrpol anI N, w Orleans. 'rThe eslatnlhalhmet ul the linea wihl go nlatlcer to thellpenln, a direct trade from tIheBolt ,.i Slxte,, withl Enrtpe, nldver asonu w.h Ia thewhole world: but yea ilguslt It .zprret Ipp rt IIa( enlnouraement a n thid score Iroln the C p tmrnel , Iltherest, as It is It preal t regulated L in New Orlhnnl. P That interest is principally in the hanl'a of nor thlarn merrhllants or their agents, wtho tel.ttorarily V sOjl urn tn ,tar southern eties ltr the aq.luiittln at wealth. cnd enterlarn nl thonuht of n p, ril:. net realltldec nce andt who after a few years, reaurn enriched to their own etuntry. These people have it all their trading connnctions at tihe North, and are v tof 0urea opp sed to anay othetr irectrnn Ihing I ,vean to trade, than that which makes it tribu tiry a New York . Tllese are the men who hnve unilrnmly refrted to ncnurag, in ary way. a durret comm-tunicntion with Europe. F.r eaideice at the eact I refer eoa t tile spirltred exertions made by Messrs. Pritchard, Oaker, Barrett, lnd others, somen law years ago, to establish a lilr of steam eI:d aniitng packels between New Or*tan. and Liverplol, and lHavr. We all know hatw on. availing their ffortrr were for want of aupport from the commercial interest We in lstnt, then at presel t rx eat from that ronre, but look for it amongst tile enterprising nlatttatle absroad , who are noletnnected wellt Ver York. They will allon upp,eireia the gredt tdvantge of traling directly to the rich regions of the Oulph colntrie,and avail thenImselves of it, inpitrling anad ex:oltlng, therein, wllholt paying .n ll y the way at the gr'at nortlh, ern Ill gaile. III the mean timnwewe alln begin todo Imleenhing for aorselves, vy educrtilln and en. couraingaour tfoung men to' cormm.arcial purut, whO,w. htlet theIy ar e tquirin nwecalth, will norI he tntind ,l lf what they towe ratlhe rualtry of their henth. As rsrnrde the acilite ofsrerm cnmmull nication with E rope frnm the Gulf of at l,'ico, thlre can be no questionn. Tie line of tatIng in low. Inilttude, will be aubjete to less 1,1 tetrrtl u weathe or during the winter montlh, than ihe line be treen New York and Erope. On tils seare alone the Isulf Line will p.osessa dv..alltee, overcany other from ita ncr hern ciltes. '"'ne western Islands, the Bermnudas.nnl the Bakh tma. lie di. reledy in the route, and lfford good harbors for repair and lsupplies. The selrmers will car y p.asecngers, ned light treight, and keep open Ihe mercantile correspondrenae. Sitnling resaels will carry ao Europe the great staples ot the Gtlf ,and bring hack the praducts of Europe reqired in the boundless alliaesal the Missiesippi, ald Alnhama, in Texas, Mexiol. &e. Success ain te Euro,,esn communtiation will encourage the opening of others with the Elat Indies, and different perleof the world. Strnm commulnication is dearined to dlffuse in acead of cancenttraing trading operati.nt., the - cffre af which will prove polttiaally beneficial a as well as commercial, o,i I min respectfull,Ynares, C. 11. CHASE. Pensacola, Dee. 3B C. H. CHASE. Naw Yoar ELectron.-The Argun of Tuesday contains the oticial rerurns ofthe votes at the Inta elec tion in this state for Governor, Lieut. Governor, dena y tor and ::epresentatives to Congress. The official re turns very but little tram those heftre publilhed. t Ihe whole number of votes polled on each ticket wat nas follow : It Goeranot, Peward, 12.882 Marry 182.461 ,e eut. Goernoer, ttradtab, 1m,a5 Traey 1t.9a41 'ttenotom, Whig, 191,8011 tIt1.5t Congrse. Whig, 193,134 Loeo 181,014 I 0. 72027 The oltes for Senatorm in the several districta stood me follorws: Diset. Whig. l.octoc let 23,398 P2,721 2d 23t,56 21,524 an 3d 24,516 24.563 4th t 24,185 23244 5th n1,:11 23,615 r 6th 4,324 23,095 to 7th 24.129 22,439 8tht 2,,711 17,369 191,830 181,3t20 S195.520 am Whig majority, 111,810 I ai II I C RISToLA and New Year's Prarrnta. f r 1:,39. Fiololen'e Tableauo of the ASl tonrs, 12 pioten, do Dames of Byron, omoruco exrt n, do IlluItratione of Ivro r,, role, vao, do 4arllery of the Gracer, do llu'tratiion of Bvron, 120 plates, I vol, do do ftl ible, 2 role. OrirelaolAnnual.. Heath's Peoat', I on lules, do ohakspearer Gallery, do Kerpeaer, Illetrlintn ti ,fSetland and the \VW-erlv Norrlr, luds and lller,,ns. l'ie Agee of Female eanrty, T'Ie Itook of Roylty, 1 iplote. richly colored, S1, ni.h and ltioosi seOlner.y. 4 rol, Fi'her's Juvenile scrap book, The Im rriol, Stanfielhl roast Scenerr Jenning's Landscape Annlal, lounter and I)annil'eltrlenaol Annual. Ackrerran's Forert le Not. The Friendship tIffrinr, TIh Chrieti', Keerpake, The (;it, 'Tho 'I'o'tlo, l'bhe Violet, The Portrait Gallere of Scotland, The Romance of Nature, The Mloral ofFlowers, The Spirit of the Weodes. for sale by d24 WVIM M'KEAN,corCam oor'mononert `PERMI Ol1.-d000 galls. Winer 'trsined Sperm S 'Oil, for sale b SIIALL & ORt. WN. d29 9 Maga9aia e t t StANNERS OIL-75 ,dsl brown tanners oil, for sale by SHALL &. Bit ItW, dec24 96 Magazine rtrest DOT; FOUND. A LARGE entra, BULL. G00, came to the hoose ofMr. STEPLIIEN W TURINER, 161 Old L.e. wen, on Friday lant; which thdlowner can obtain by pmrving property, and poyin chargoes. Ile is a nlrgoe hite dog, apparent ly aout a year old. d24-3t Boae OF OOLOAeO, Dec. 0th, 18d8. c HE onnral election of Directors ofthis Institotion, will be held at the Banking House, on MIonday he 7th day of J nar) next, between the hours of Eleven d21--f&et7J J P NISIIET, Caeshir. BANQUE D'ORLEAN', lDrecnre '110, 1838. L 'ELt. C'ION annuelle dea directlor de :rae ins. -li uionare n liroll a Burea dle a Banque, Lndli ln7 de J Invier p.lochain, entare lea hrour de ote et de edent. p. In. Par ordre du co ill'. d21 J.P. NE BIro, Casier. SNew Orleans, 6 Dec~,1838. NOTE of thea Municipality No. 2, of New trlean, l of tile denoomination of onet, Twir, nd Three Itolloro, will be rceirved in paylment and in dlporit Ibr tlhi Eank. and on andl after the first Mlonday in Janua ry next, will be rdeelmed in epeoie. tIreT. J. PALFRIEIY, 8 ('Cashier CITY IANK, . New Orleans, 22d December, 1838 F1 1111 'ank wi l be clused on Tuesday tha 25th inrt. goad t anid lth of January next. Notes and, Bills fdllius de on tl.r dae must be paid on the Jaoe prr,,,u-. ('Hi're Iordi-count hottld be rade on thl Monudays previous. d2 ROBOT. J. PAI.FREtY, Cakhier. CITY JBANK. New IOrleans, 23 Dec. 18318. F 11113 Bank will be clo-ed on Tuesday the 25th Sinst, anti lst and 8th of January next. Notes andi Bills falling due on those days, muo t he paid on the doav prerious. Of.r for discout should hOe made on the Nondays pr.wtious. ROBT. J PALFRI.T, d"'4 Cashier NEW OKLEANS & NASHVILLE RAIl. ROAD, I)Detember A"d, 1838. NOTICE-To Contractors-Sealed propanls will he received until the 22nd of Jnnuoary, 18391, for making the superstructure,offromn fire to ten mil.a of RoIdl; commencing at Posrmnchac and extenlding to ward ,tin city. Spacifications iao be aseen, and conditons made known, on application at this office. 1) HOAIRD, d21--ln Ch. t.oig'r. and ero'l. Suprr'dt. OFFICE N. ORLEANS & NAS11VII.LE R. . Co. - , RAFTS on New York for sale. in aums, and at Sdates to uiotpurchadero. nrlt 31 lut JAN. CALDWEI.I., President LIItEa.IN's INsUUIANCE CO.EIPAN OF NI\V OKi.EANs.--Office Removed to No. 1, CatP TaR0T. next door to the Exchange Bank. dti-18.38 LOUR-6.30 Ibibs thoice Baker's brands, in stere d124 G DORSEY, 14 New Levee st " fIIISKEY-5s"o barrels landiog from stoamer Nisa goars, tr sale by di4 G. DORSEY, 40 New Levee 'IPTY BAItRELS-3114t lulasee Borrela, in so. E periororder, for sale by L II GA.IE d24 93 9,nnmmon ot 3) B der Kersey., a superior ar icle, it, otar end ji or sale by LEV II (;ALE, dee24 93 Common at rIIANNEK'S OIl.. 50 he rels TIaners Oil, and 3il cbasks sununer strained ()il in t re, fir sale by d24 I, II GAILE. F91Comlei el tcttl l'9lASani Neet Yeatr's Grfts. The Lotll Sdoncandi Anmericat Anollal, for 1819. English Editions . f various valuable Works, with silenli I all.ravinel The l I.ngh h I',ts, Library Edition, wi b other at lld.,rd w ks, lll Turkey nmorocco binding, and gilt alge+. I' verr IBroe, Bibles. '1.. different sieze, and in ' tnl f etlq il " 0t1dlgs A g" t@a'srt ,telnt oJuvenile Books. Ac. f r sale at Ihe Book atore, 49 Camp atrtt. d^I ALE:X. TOWAR. St. Clanrles Theatre. XSIAS SAY. Tfill EVIH:NINt;, I),..2i, Wilh btleperformed the beamliful'l'raged3 of GEORGE BARNWIELL. Barnsell, Mr. Inrrion, Thllorangignod Buirke, rlltlood, Mrs. litrrn, Lucey, Inllainn. n Overture by the Itr.heretro Grand I'as Sent, by lMad'lo rtvenot. After which the th:illing Draima of Captain I'eppereal. . Ir. Farren, Lioutenant hlowdhy, Ite Bir, Peelr Vun lIrumtI, , Sholland, Tobv Varrish, Cowerll, Vanderdeken, the rhlving Dutchenn, Ilaarrison, Estelle Vnbhelmn, Sira. Ie for. [F'Pu-murrow t new himtnrical play, called ANNE IIOLEYN, in which Miss Josephine 'lifton and lMr. J. R. Seo$ will al.tain the princial ichractert, with a new petite Comedy, entitled, TIlE COUNTRY SQUIRE; in which Mr. II. J. Fin an.J Mir. J.S. Browoi will appear. Dress & lMasquerade B:all, WASHINGTON BALL ROOM St. Philip tStre, between RoyIl & lL,,trbon. l EllS Manager ,oftlle ilov noamed Ball RI.omn,grte fUl tit) his friends and Ite pnblic tS. the tcpural. liled palronnge bentoe edt on hito lorseveral eaon"II respeeltluly ilfrmo them i that Ilia estahlishmett Sla n een etnlalge,i for the amusement of visitors, and otn dergone inlllle.lse repirs. The bar will be stirpamed by nore iu qalilty ot liquors. and the IRestauro r ill hb kept by tie ableot Iteosttetlrllr in tihe tlliltreI Slle. P room wilt re-oplen on Sallrdaly even:sg. 3rd of November Iextxi. Iv a IORt ND IRESS & MASQUERAIDE BAILL, and will take pilae as ustal every rMondaty, Weihes day and Saturdayto oening, t rioy tile season, which 4will and tn tle iof May, 18:t9. N. IS. The ereatest attention will he paid to keep. fint perfect order Ihroughiuut the eseablisllhmenlt as was done last teat. oet24 GRAND STATE LOTTERY. RIlI.I.hI.Yi SCIE.'IE! 20,000 Dollars! IHighe-t Prize. r blllHi hemne is similar to the oe diawn in April t hIt, rse THE MOST POPULAR LOTTERY EVER DRAWN IN THIS COUNTRY. I Prize if $2',0n00 S I do 5,ti0 ! II do 3,000! d I do 2,000! 50 Priee, of $1,000!!! Lowest Prize $10, and Tickets only $1. nGR NDU STAT'E LT'I"'ERY f Claas o. I extra, if To be drawn on This Day, Dee. 25tn 1838,at 6 o'clk p. m. at Bishop's Htotel. Commone at. S. D4VIS &. CO. Managers. 75 Number.-I2 Drawn Ballets . SPrize of Splendid Scheme. 4 do o 0001 I do 501so 5 itt 1 do 3 ill0 30Oil I do 2 006 2 000 50 4o 1 000 50 0O0l ty 30 do 51)0 15 0011 30 do 400 12l110 d30 to 300 9 S01it S30 do 201 6010 45 do 100 4,500 t In 311 4378 Prizes namounting to$185 755-Whole. Tickets $4; Halves $2; Quarters $1. en P.,ckages of :t tickets contain ing all the numbers in 4 Ithe Lottery fitr $100, whilth may draw tlhe four highest i .S Cuoitat il ls. tiiig to $3.8,101. 4C Packages if 25 Ilall' 'ickets fur $5'; Packages of 0 .27 5 Quarttr'l'i,'kets for $25. For Packages or .i gl'l' irckete, apply at ed lIfE AIAN lt\(;F;t'S OFFICE d122 I6, Chartres stiere. COTTON CIRCULAIIS 1 " PRINTED) eith the Greatest Expedtion, and in a stoyle tinsulrpassed in New ORLEANS, or else 5 whre. S ORDERS left at ConPrrte N Roo is S'. Charles Ex chanor, (Corner of Grarier Si. ) or at T H U P AMERICAN PIRINTINIG OFFICE, cnrnrr if I''cidran and St Charles Sire, tn, will be prompthly atlltnd-d to. 9Dci. S-0 N.U LK- B '~c~I LliSP I ii 0 d. I'ltnrn :,0 Isu Light Raen For sale by 1' & ,t ' W ITNlEY. (112 COPES j 'IN . And ' dIllTnsllll·T · dlil lls a/ n AI-I! kegs sld It baIrst rIuIII r sle l"II1II, ta. _1 Mato by ). 11. BLISS.1~ d1'. lj Ut;. oil II 1m1 h Ito ". . tihe II 10ile 10 dll AdIAlts & (VIII Al I.. '7 l'.rs'irr et finle 's llel. Issitlin froml brilg isorner. 'nl tier ht low t tte le and lily maIe by N 11 t'OlIIR, dill'.1 (1-( t itlank Cheek,, Hills of I.ncdio g, soctios Bills, l'ntsphletS, Show bills, Cots. logae.", S. ISr. 113' IR(Di{.efo the Above, an'! every other des. eriptioeof .r-P;L74 i; I reeeived at Cmlolllnptsog Rlooto of' fl'IE A IIEIII 155,' in ST. Iii0OLES I.:X col..05,:Id dollr fron tlrnri-r s eet..or at tie I'rioging '11111r, eaner of t tdrn end Sr. (11011'5 streets. Extesarie and beautifol lions ald .ion IFo'oO. from the beat Fooondrieg in the United/tates, haeejust been added to the slreeady eell-,ttctked Establishmsent; -and rossa teiil be executed as Inoc, as CIttaply. Espeditiooeiy and lioaoitiulli, as at a0ny other Olfice in the City0. Noe I `oHIkKi:T5-8ll ilb retflied Whieli',- landin0 froml the steame~r Detcroit, f1r sale by LAWRIENIICE & LEGIINIIRE, dlS :P &1 29 New Lerer OVAN rED T o Hire or purehoe asgood Conkhnd Ws hee.tro. mon. Ai~ply at the corner of~aotI, a1d Millicoerte streets. notvltflt STEAM BOAT BILLS. () WVNERT, ,GEN IS,0 C 1'T1 INIofS TEA11 0 II(:AI" ('le Ceohre theire !'ils otroeh off in onle, or01ore I'llr"dIet lon fit i or,0 0l 111.101 ltlllet. o'ith despatch. ad en feterorealte Terms, by leasing their 050110 natT~ltE AMEIRICAC lII'ICE, eOrlner of I'oydlras and St. Clloerlel OtrIII. Nss19-t f U S51' IA NIIII. p11 elrilt Ip Flou s' s trot Sc,,. York and 1' I'li'ade tIhin' 400 monos Olor-, rnch nlls tll loltitoore otott'se torl'. tossnstinj frftlo 91,v 1to 28 by 36, inlsviarvetlnetior quity. IS ttarrels Oltirin of It ''p tinle. anon callla ~in'FI d tIil, )ICI 24 barrels Whilng. 50 do oiperitor CluItt, Phll's. m1l'(, 1140 Os'. Vell w Ochlre 10 bItl, sltferior Veroiolt, Copal, atuperiot tod No. I, tcoacoh do, 57 gallltl m mnotir superio~r Vo;rnish, f'2 ds aseroetell It:rttole.soandl Hh tooa; 111 do %hile ootls llnt..te'soatVotonitl drI 25 parks Killg'a tIold Leali. Illanufisrlusa I hliln. 5 cases Cro CGrellen and Yello, Idr, for sale wholseslc 0111 rloil, by 1ll).NIILLI I 118 581 Camnp A C GAl· '-10,1 I ox's, vstriorln bran lluu somelow, as Al l'e6 tiettnd, lo' sels at No. Front I.ever AI.T-2l100 butshels 'Tsk's Islood sall 00111', for dJ5 R & I P YIItITNEYs 73 llamp ot. M A A't'AS-5 i hobol - 1. 1 brown iaeeritt, tot sale by decl3 ISAAC BRIDGE A-E 4. , CARDS IE3 PRINTEI) at the shortest Notice, in the nmost elegant manner, is Blacb or Colored logs, on Enaloel. led, White Flake, or plain Sullfoed Caser, aald a Pricesetery retaona'be at TRUE AMIEIRICAN OF FICE, corner oeel'oydtos and St. Chtrles tte. Sereral Noo atd irltflibl Founts of TYro hare juat bees added Oo the Establishmett. Orders eaeiree ie at Collltilng 1010m, St. Charles Exchattge, 3rd doo~r front G(;lalier nt.,or at the Pritingll Oficreltlnr of o Poydo &h St. Chlrles streeta. noel-if FRED WILEINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENEPAL Or LOUISIANA, lI S blo.RS his o'tO sniI il) III-lloli 1 i1111 dIldepat. cetll l ollSterlittgnolld Citl Engincetiri.g both intl~oll tollwlnllldotrl. Folnclllo'idlr.hb. expel'irtnce itl his prnf'nsiun, a· nd by' prumrrneleur and tidelit, iu the execution n· busine' elntrunOsll , Ii him, lie hropes to leler, andl reciten a shre ofplltlic pltronage. Ile wil' alto IcOtres alnd cnaltrlltl fIle ntenllrts of waolls ans eoestllmtlltl0. OD sa No l('htl'Irs rotretouoyoId story iack. jo? TO MERCHA TS. UY'OtF'll l ON"I' an hoae a lrsortest,. CtcOt. L satrock ofatfseur hourts, NOTlc byChystlzaltat the O olnlptin" 1n1o111 of JR L'E AMt:IltL7.AN I'rts~tnOo Irriot, St. Clter's Exehange, a'ljotinsy the IerstI ito Roons at Corner of ];raIier tlrelt,,oreatthe lails in, Office, orne eof Iof l dra 1 no1 St. _llutulea st'eets. FRlleI 'oI, FII leelnd 111 1011115 Reline Whale el 150,1 hlsI oIIIICI Oil Fot so Ie by llItittl11' & co, _________ 76t1 lutgoius 01t 200) bo:les it;R1, 1h" olu No.1 5001p, just re105. &:'t t 51,1.1. to 'RoWS, itO lloseisO r Casni~ XI. Theatre. This l .erin,. D)ecmbr t, , ('. rii-tiiria Siy,) 11ill he p, thmned the cclebr ed 'Il a+. o, {l';BO)R .E B .AR N IRI ., flarnwell, Ms. F'rr+thl id ,, '' gCoid, (i;1 l, T'iri oni n, I p rl, Mlrla, I er n. Iilatirn Miss Cowell. Overture, by tle " (IOrh-rt. The whole will cl ,tude with liI Driman i f ith CRADLE OF I, IucE',RTY. IRalphl, Mr. filcr, Mai. Linbes, Fredericks, ltaj M'Fuse, Greni. Nalh, M,'s. Greene, Cret il, ilIs - 'well. A CARl). Mrs. (. BARRETT respectfully in firms her ficends and the public, tlhat her Benefit at the Camp street Theatre is fix ed for TIHURSDA Y Evening, the 27th inst., when will be enact&l fir the first time in this city, Sheridan Kinowles' last play of TIlE 19IAID OF 1PIariendorpf. MEETA, Mrs. BARRETT. After which she will have the honor of applearing in the character of PlAUt.tIN, in Bulwers' faivorite Play of the LADY OF LYONS. Q(t'The Box Book is now open. d25-3t. r tIV il. ST'EA WI iORKS-lFre,,h riin, corn l meal and buckwheat fllour, horns fied,rh.opped' corn, lars aind brsln, &..n 'rurling, swilg ind glilld i. done i nsl lllil. I]All nrclrs in the carpenter and jlinii I'lrce puueI. ally al.'ndvd toy ", 'yTii Lircle. Id25--i1 Cfrom shiiiiLi CIntantin for tle byh dt5 I'.ACil IItI i " COA (', t l:il '1nazine ti AI.l1'--20 1 slhnlis Tnrk's Irltin, bIio, IilTisins of theeargo i thie bnrqlue iil ....a. Ins .i aei byt d5 L A GiAI.E, 93 Ciomion n Dress and :Masquerade Balls. MANSION HOUSE HOTEL. TNEW LEVEE STREET, Inmmediately in fI,,t nl ' tire steam boat landing. The alov.e ,estalhAh ment will be re-opened on Sunday evening, l ee. Yud, 18311, for tht teiaon. tiil darty. p, ilyuua, 'I'Tllsl5nv, and Thursdasy. .'id enstablishmeni t will hie lurnished with the choii"est liquors, and a good Itestnuirat will be atlnrhed Ito it. The mnnni er on f sani establishment have einan e t suffiicienl Police olkcers toi keep goLod orde r Ithrolllpholt the establishment; there will Ie a plice to diposi cloaks. cnlps, 4'e. No person shall be admitted in the Ball Rooan with weapons of any kinid. noi28 77I- 5158,4IN'T S~/T.b lll/l I|/IflI+' 11 ..K ..... xa ov o MER·fldON'N "(O111L001 II(HO)K.- A alpllI, of j llt'r ala 'a clm,,I I,(nk-a, are'. al and f.ra sae a I AI1+X. T)WATAI{, 191 al.lll . -r~el, va,:--a 'lh 7a- N "oaal 91.alliag lhaok . l1r oi in "luI,, o-, a m )RIlived p lau ; li H+. I IF' . llrth l('ils+ ll'ader, h11n" th youlln.r t eI lslell, ; fhi Thir 11 do. l !r tei tlhrlhl r rid* iatpaanced; t ,I a..... do I. . l.d.lh a, eI .. .the Fra t a t . a aelectio. ie ,xrir + in ,rdl-l , flala ranelaard A.' and (l(i'i.h altllhr,r f tilt e al· IaOf tile hig ,ercr alaas ; it, Nrtl'I Al~I.r-illal Ariiltttll ir. Grat part cOlnlltllln . lhe eJlemetnry h'mles i ontIthe nevedl pa'lt, wriailg, ora fal a wrlta n a rPai.a. 'a., Emelirlil+ on v ho,,l lbooks arp+ adoptedl ill ithe fubich schooll +if lPhulndelphI a. IHIIoston, aInd l',ttshure., nud the mut l nlJPfighill'n. partel d, New +l otk, Pleun++ lvl nia, ()llo, llldi1an, KeIlltla, ka , anr d b aa'I ort. l a d a a\et generally. \NOW . II , A Il N . lIE atra~na r in; (h, !,, Ilo n Rlomane n hr l 11 f- Ina b I Trollop+, '2 yel*; Iola, o; ihe la. 1 of the It ; l , It -ala.. al; PI'l.r Pilai,rha I&lr.l. 'Iilrd",'alol a ]'h, a h lNr aan.hirull lt .' 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