Newspaper of True American, December 27, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated December 27, 1838 Page 1
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. . .. ... . 121 . .s... r- - -- .-.-. NIWV ORLEANS THURSDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 27 1838. \o,..--\1 1842 ''rl.. ..l . ellp r Pr r 's Of It (-rretn i _ NEW ORLEANS Termns of the .Yerspnptp r I'ress o!f ,VNe Orleur Sunsceurtl rtiNv .- Ilw' v: It lltr.' fir Ili:ltily IpI dollars f, t .,1 Wir wa.'fiv countcrc Iptor, .av title oar. ear in a nI it'Ir, nihuw it l, il' r.'ii'll, i ivn ell . Nit ai bit.riptii it will Ito ilieo ltihnited urtil lerittro lfira e err a'ttle. li in cte of di contini.rmce, ol, coek'is nitie' in eritey o as r' iivarall y given, previousl to it xpirn. in lof Snhscrilpiilon. .vTInrerntv.-neltl dollar per ifor the first 'nsertii n , and half tllat trice for t1Al n 1.19Pll ll utrt onCe: ntit hinterial alterition IIfr t the, f rigiinil advertfseltiteii will be elhalred asa e nw olne. YrtI.Ir AIVninTIitsus.-M'relhnlts anll Tra irs, ricv dollars lit Enelish ailne, and sixty for Ithl Iln giasoi Ilniilks, Iniurlaitee OIlit:e, nc l lllher t intin t r ptblie Li.lifluitns, fifly diollar ihi EIn'lishI only, tie!l eigllhy fr both IlnngtrtiE ; Ship nlll ntienlbollt Flc tors, or Colnlliioln l rllchairel sixty dollanr ini English ns, and eightll fhlr bltlh lalill.toeer. MlnaitriOs, tORttile IOrNonrtie, t.l n rfirllc soll itrg tihe ntentin F tit i phllih toi -ai.oi propertir, eirdi of pii'tetir-,e liiotit &i. . '&. will hIi rbiarl Coe dhlllr per square fir the rt ilnslrtionll in each Irn CttuwlutcITlt 9 ,"r vetlrti'ln tet, o" ny p nrro= i1 nature, tritslon. aild asiiltt, slitI- itt chargeel ] dollble, iad in ailtauce. A dultltion ntf p reeet,. will be madf It Auctiolnteret,Shetllerl, legistrrteni WVills, anit Matrshalsl n s.lles of rent esarte, plisheed in both Inuglungcs, and 50 per elnt. in English loine: I0 per cent. onsalles b ' other ilrolerlt. AUVtnIt IS cNTS out of the dlreir line of ulinasr of Ilne advertiser, sucl in leIytIl, nitlion, antlll pntn a oil t 1at, rtiuII t l sieive, tIr ttI I lll , ll:llr . . i l vill li ,:lurgedl fitr .epa.itelv , nli ;at th i lrltlilrt rll, AIt t'iitieri t:Tin S n I.i ...itirn . u t II) il ine, i,:' it, pu Iilthed o ur llhallwl lllllwtm : l ithe ci( ch Ior 11 th ,know (slvtfrtis priti, of e krn ;ciac , ill oherh p blishe in an teas, itIlesO iotd litr prvtiIusI iilserlti, or pyell lltt gunnaranteed ly a rOpitsille person in Ilow. 'llhnatret wnO t'olthr ilaces iiioitiltortlielt, nilverhisitn olilv wi llsr renea.o . ii. t ll ht rgeilel l ltil It . gli g i 'L I nod $15 in bi hoth lnlfguates. All n oftlltn lllfetift oif elt,.liitlo,. f, rllilt{e l f lr l'es will he cl"arged dillita t rie trife o r itIi v'-' prortipiehw-, ihr have cull' tI tohel icltlli-tt n than Il e J. IfAYON, li'eel of persons whllse accoullllts hlave tii) Inli b laid knuw.i (dlo fur a practh:icble to eacli other--they obli Ialln; themselves ltnt to adlvertive or priln for such delillquallto, iltlleon in case ol advance naymonts. (bignedl J. C. lit ST. h'51iE:l J. IRAYON, P. P. Ig.l, J. C. PIRENI)EItGAST, JOHN GIBSON, I.MSI)ISEN. IVeekly Pre.s.-1Ve, thie nIldeorsigIl, agree to abide by tile above conditillon, oa lar as they are applieilble to weeklt lpapern. (ligltnd)l A. A. fIAWRRECI, j@ No iih,1teriptiono are taken ['tr le, tlihan 6 mionths. .n.errs monu,i ill ctasle, he ii t paid. NOTICE TO T'ILE PUBLIC.--UnfiuItned rumors Ol te Iundersiglned hving sold out, or discoulnotnted hlis otldtnrill Iirfg esttrtllslled GAII)EN SEEI) iTOR)lE, .- r 15 I ,i n,1 m/ uw o e 'in rl, Hiav ig been most ~listrioutily clrcteu id by sl:lf. ilitoretOuuhi parties, the subscribel r beg to issgire his friends generally, anlill the plublic ut hlrge, thllat m still continuei within two doors )f' hil 1,t,, or torniwr stand, to te liirishied with a fill iliand ex. tensie siupplly of all eu standard kitnds if kitchen or vegetable trt.ten .Sneds, iof tie growth lltd illl. port of tile present staionl, 1837. Since thO early pirt Iit Sepltebiir, lie lion rn. enivled ample supplhes, by the packlit ships Vitckts. burg, Kentucky, and Arkanteas, till airrived ill short padsage's direct front Now York. Ily the Mtllin. nippi and another packet, ie iini dhily expectli. tion of a isupply of Frut ''rees ndilll Atiplrllfut Roots, avming already ruceived lyuicvis thereof by mail. T'lto isubscriber begs fiurther to a=lr tille Iulllic at large, that he i illt pireielt as weII~lltitbld to meet and execute orders for all the kinds of Garden Seods, either wliolesale or retail, nas hI ever wile since hIi first estolbllshlueiit in Jalteliary, 1522. Coitntry Dealers andt .allrket Garll.Illtr' orders fillld at the lowest and most reo.leaslole ruIates. by the pIuml weighlt, iamit gtlion or bushel anllure. C italogien, riiter il tFrench or EI glilsit, ina alwayn be obtLiined oil personal itpilictiioti at usual, to tM. SMITI'11, Garden Stoed Store, 85 (Custotllitluler stroe. NO I'-A .-iA conlttt supplly U1' lird Soed, to II er mnixed or plain; pIulverized soup;ll helrbs, tland SIhtk r.' dried hIerbs,-.lth a splllly of peats ad ibeans. 11 1. Jr) .II . ISl e llh -| Ill ' ; IS1 IlI lll . i , t ll, rll . " , kll J hllr e m er r sylmllllr ils.l e l IS l.lDr. JohWxa, fron r lll oft1 i v u v s )ll'" s p lllde I Wt lr el ''', duvoI1e 11 1 t I5ilt. 15t 5 ln| i' t llirtll i trii.,I*l1e I II 'OItI , h l ogs b r Ill v clll lv , I'l'lle ii Pr i .I t.r d .Il n n...1 l En e ver .l r u, , in e, a u. i' -e s Itu ,. e7 L roi rs a bIIr. IIIIIy I eIild, Swel lled lesiiC h, e1 , ulnrulior l -I ii e STI rl seI ll'eo r I hi, Ale l Ir llell ' IAni thee nuerelul ym,,tI ns wh'llr gIleineriI y fIl llow lt his Misseu.e. AIIS Ca cases cored h! two I r f' h iner, d1 y t tlll t th ale oll1llllrc l iltlS i l51r1 1oo II ilnSI5I , O I t rll r- ' ll tu U in! the Illo~le o lit il lS 1i 111 1,Slll illre; l|ls' I 1 Ill I1 o l - Atic a n, w lnolllt [ i e reIi eas h b lI n rl l e of ihe llSl II 5 l Ino r ,111ll F t rg , and waS Uev M lill i ( i lll h lf a:es derl ci tll llillu n w hex i t wh ch L.erv ell Ia ,iISI.nll d Iu IIIrI t.rl rielh 'rllll rlli . ly 1hIk . J .llns n le ht. oiliero . h I oese perv d l ll ll n.i l. l al¥ it . fll u'P t l ll f is aI'I llllee," tl'l'eI 'lloi Inth ing . ele Vtll or heIll 11 I 1. ill lhe ulJrS ll , w ldl do wall ",y gi~i4 f Ir. Johnson ll ac s proi p'er a Dli-. 3IINItTI II\S 1 PROISPPES'I.; I U I. TicE suhaeriher p-apoies 1. Ellaish. iS tSe hIe. lonin t ll o -fte t tihe 00mb le o lhSe. s fIdirt illn Ita m n ::. tri8l : inlh :he oltoh Tll. ' e i.lixir noao 'uIled wite h t.r llll nw S t pre lllpion by J. BurtonI I i hl rritson, Ea d fthlic city. irted by uw ilds of F.ry dint lis r hed retired Juof e llf the Sprcen Caun:t, sod y tfne of the .ilting Judges, to cpect froml Such. anark i hecemiog overy day more en nhlsry, as tIIe original s ll o li umLItlus, ln i "Oiv fret, in tsle 0o, er tit bee tile U ione!, it refeir eIc smue steance o f IhI I Iu I , -live princiil- l'lne IdIL elxislt, cided i ISId il' ju lstl not Iof oll ilile tll 1oS 11_ e hosl o ig t:. ii.lollall i Icow II lor, flilte pubic, I tla it i, thI e tie 'uw ledge of o llr u dj li llged cellll to e iprIte utII Sliy 1,th ,jui. t of tnoh wIhlSoion " o. Mp ronl, alSe rising republic of Texas Slur adopted our coder, nc tllhai there iln gret dlml," nrili fur tile Jaouisi url oud ciot.n Irln l ell ui+ tiig' tie pIllolr lt ca. es mrie~ orl llr l vlr diget liO u rIIi of thll e oI er St te, ll al ill fu'ur we u crifor o four nolnse, royal et . o. ond wilt he deti1ernl, heund1 to 5ubserhlllarn lt $5t te r eola ; in r the as s hoi e feol d pY u te'liles e lt" Bllt iln i LPo r le I l rlave tl.l, t flftlSl I thy-et-,h sl It een rroi l . euack ,netli' ill5 , walt ,lnt' ler vin$ nilly lcmr. e I Is i.t pr d f .oth r LoLtillue st l' the per nll e t r lilctri. r ill r e r . e air Swa prs rn "I i lred i by .M cllhEAN, yspe niorq. tn 'eemp xr li e isldt cifomllh hit tl.lia ll know rntuitlw It ,xpn's antl mll ntitlo o it`is lver. Sedll lie hnlef a llt- u botr let .1 , xtll rxcrl~l c |lla r thau o ar tile ble.+i llull v n c ovil st T l' i re pwrllg i ll. II e p, lltlcthl d It Illl:. n r elll i 'nure, Tile'agent a rha in h ellec lel+e iin lsoev hndrled te'l ci . i l snlei tor Illhe e of the exUlla rdimrv vir ue, o f this p tl ici. , :S hld hy a nlqiu1t..cut,! 't llr. J h lnslnn. l , 1.111 li vill ll"e re , iv. n ginning ofutha cnn.ll ng wite r, It ('onlrnsalinu c fI the twenty votlnes of t'te Old anld Nw Sori{:s of: Martli's Louisiana llReprt, to b imColrlo in fbiore volmrel 810,., according to rho nmodel o1' Pdters' Condenscd Reports. TIhin work i nnw is prepa!ration by J. Burton Hlarrison, Esq. of thin city. assisted by WVilliamn F. llrand, Esq. The Editor is also perot!ted by a .and by ont of t e sittiag Judges, to expect farmu may naturally be reaped treat t lair exprl)rol.llt o Cellary. anL the original in voluminlous, expelU nlsIve telt, in llO other Stltos of the Union, In referenoo to tha pec!liar jurisprudence of Louisian,; and the jell cot tCmpl and Comm!ou Its. NEW ORLEANS Srtean and Patent Biceurnt Bakery--Waters and Hifillm.u. No. 09. morecl (eaer the oloetletechrrain til It o't[.) Pilot nnrl Ncvr Irecod, Srlea.rIId \VIt ItII? erit, Selg:l, Iutter, Midtlord and Water Urtc:kero. All thle eltove articles are warrranled to ie of the nft vttdity, elrr to keep i/ anty clitlecte, being na Uletely kilo dried. Alsn,-Kl(ldu dried corn mour. Ordersn left at G. W. Pricitard and Tage t, Jr. corner Magmnzino and Paydras atreet., will receive prompt atteetion. Smell kegs put up exprevely tior fernily unc. 15noev IIrtf)tR--IOhO baerels lotling in n/err, endI Ir i ltteo/sy o. It)ltrIVF;. lia44 ew I ev di:l 'eo I I7 re AII.:';--7.0 kkegsNaile, acelrresl sries, leer raslte I 1i AI,.tle &J WltHIrTAI.I., 6i7 Crceirer rr - vertv rrreec -- dIN l_'+.=t_ Ibr =;riG erie. ,115~. U R.e I...- ubak/es Kerersey, t 0/1.--t5 horre!hl 'tret//te Oil, I/I re.ekh winiter /il, 411 c.rkrt eh lle tliratr el dr, UCANI)LES--/300 hoxves ~ptr Centlll Ir. Ilr /le Iy CrtIttocE v hr8V Pt/I/ hI lIK7r ' N/I I Ie tcr llllrle Ir/I N verie lerk; 2/1 blle pri/le lIvet Irr vohl e/v Al~~ / Ya n/lit ~ " .. ....i/ -- Nl~2-ve /v ......rrr . ...... . . trirr~ote~seleeetveerreyrrov al i. NI: Poers. , r es, ih G iir /10 l/'An1e ole lir til r llelv evePer t tlial /lte if of Ill /trent l ce/I t yrlto il er.l - nl IL aIeVtIr ( r l rrtlee I'rr 183i. lrly's Chlli(tlmllw tt fter 1U8;er jt l r ed tll n h tfoe alu~I MeKElcilAN, de _ in oorner of amp& CCommon e ta e LOUISIANA INSTITUTE. THtIS Inrtitrtirttn ilr l re erllltelatin ofyr e g. ntle IT.r dv be etnv, ot t he m l t ci le. 3 l-te.l. i t ni ters itic Ilp, w ll tl lt prtlror tlr 11~·): '- R Ilr is t 'i I I:+ -tllll t .r l ,] ,) III ,,.IJIljl (:,u+. r~, ,, renoeodste/t anob Puredre, not/r thir r/irnrtilrt c ,/the Iomdrehentin d 0to h f )ollein Iv. ti lL irns v eresraltl l( e/ilvgtou t re t c Arehet/it er the to'~cg urroee lesf~tlteir etonteePIIRIOIie'te oeteeeetttiReY 1 I vo et IrethP r fie c I allcr s oterl n it/iieprti llCoy tI Iopre heet Al/r e bre t eones/er try the / et crizdwerl tire i otll elle, i. nk Ie c;epes. r s tiitrrrtrtrley' glhtitve,lrretttl. rt$/teite fortr Ilttreceitul IrtrgI 4·I I/relllil tl·lrrrtirrrrr I ntr ir(I/onrlri teI Ivl r(~irlrrrvvrrrrr i Itkl rtrer i re0 orienrtr I i l o muirn C tlla eo n CI r C 1. 1 1rdltI AANN tee teilrr SIIA\IN, I,otrieieeo Ichirot LO liANt IN E STIh le will . SON ht q. Nere tlenirr. .rer ofb-aIroudll ell , PV h'S, un lle ctio :)l'h. Tnd~signed ho a;; metp e e ,l+tl ielltl'? IHl: eea 'le ts e o i I I C A S Ei . , N o. I! 1'n ,vp etre.e , l . ;j ust ra r ,ived v '. Iioa 'n"I IIon' , peI t hip d e iL ea, Ihl, 11dhI J r i , r a, IiIa r , (& a ier, nc m donI l ! e c lI:1hhlnlLt Il)rwl(iL Iplle, f:"itod Kuvo.l andhope;ll nlli. l. ,Ish. '(·tsrl·11's Lon' u eronsl0s. Pla I ll lar-; et]man l tx ii inod ,illvr , ie;e i(. dhi iinerte , lhili d T ,,iaor he t I , l lllte r 1aVn as Ii nh ,I ili ViN(- Ii'.;NCiI... ll .ea.''.a & (.,tlci' ba t a raly ,iLed i',*e il; Ilr k- nIec Pero I..uugd,,l,.h WIo. nor i 01.,a i'N ll ,& ,., i ' e ,,. I al ehk. s n lra b i -- ,;, it'e and l In dl, -,,. . hlTATs; I.ih 1(;old; ;,Ialll st a.iver She·l . \Ial',1)s anr esint, I Ion Ah, l I ut S u,' , l .I,; leu. l e 1 l,, in kulliv'; Illoll( £t l . e.el' acheir t lhtllltli,,I; I'pll. el;, l.4 ir nlli ('Cork tmp lll, aw and the fu 1s I t h ri b u td (+'u·a to Swen (t..ill l'em'i,'; , - d.c'k l. d, ' d ,,. I 1 11. a 'r t It1 l ) l A:4 1 r' , t .'den " J1.1 'L I'O i T l oxes I utrhelur ('o ri (o rt. ith i ,eic i , ine. n,,'s i, llen.. ,e m ,'red Pt cnt hI' " ort, Ith -hh , with ,ilve.r Jaine il m,. vae._ Platin n rd rite drd il ,it esood, Boxwood, g Iu gomi ld Ihlrni-ed gold, I.'ooey olhted tId goldi gI·rew ilet- . P'EN Oii.llEP. e aI' arl an i( o Pee liierl.; llearl null iler doi . Ianr in i a niadl l OF 1.lan ISa I i ANiAti First JiucIl, i is. I od ,e td al d ('d urt. 'Th irCsaaldtie (inll ai. oi N ti'mIIr,n- n t, ti id on A A LlI th l. de. No. va,: J t , Il Dtnsr it. his CrecihIr.. On mltion ff it v itrol Ilo i lnel inor A" Ilrgue, y e lldi o e ei all rl ,'tia e insoe l er lltanl flle Ir Iltl ofe dea t lill te l ce c ila tias cia ait Iisorderen ia y thner ee t th tcr edte - . ors lf aid illlvenr s nit aullu it ol sieti ller e-tPd pPll e C eare wilhin tein due f n tle lualli'lln h itn hi+ rulle lneld according law und tefIuntd adieriltnu il a c- net lrepn iae anheretou nen il, te r dIe__:A3tit 1 P LeBLANC, Clerk. vc II OT I I.t IOIUIAIANE, ';our dt Preler r-e I I.J IPrict J udiei'ire. Jeudi, l e )e mbre : Present he rl11onoClhe A r 1 Ilehaurnn, juge. JaN ob rto8ssv vs. iaerlitlla:ihrs-N 1(i,38(.llral l tcretlle m n Jl ,vrh, b, hIE andvo ithIre toA I rllair te uolnote dlehirrmrs e NI hullliullll e t:rlite stfii (Peit il et ml'd, e, Ull'lrtt r ne l bh.'e lie danes id nlciertd Ih enllsll elll ' l ltcreinter. sen ltoll ,t le r*,i , c , 1 ,e t unvi-.l I IIlnsn 1U inty 1r LOUIteSt IAleiut d rlllell o enlser s ll i, nllhi gslle r,. ( e lle.lllt l s n Ill ll i et I llln u i; di sitrlieus en l .. rot e de ; .e C s nxtr oit Ies nIlinlutes nr i'nder I' A i en BL, NC, iare p aitt ir,e air iri m.- EIr urt.)o b J y . iosier , Iies c re ditors I - iud tih" t' editril s r I IMeVrtau x - I"-ltr. The ! It o h e J Io , Iv Icf lVeo & Fti- er, l o ht.Rell I Couti r , t (+orII t" ri. Ill. It, Iw tty llri1f:l', IO iu n illai s, cl eiaen, ellit e J.I the r ell e.1 of i. ntll l t uhte ro l t i' e li"t'll, h CsII. ll sh t n I In l srl s.. " t Vi re. Ull et n ..n:, C, ,rese 'tl n eth &1 .enti cPdit i r in e tl c - 1r ,t .lf . tiýa 'e , ',, a , h. , "i, I -: IDl -l ,e ' ' I , a 1 1s. l ta'- k U r _ !, I' l .. . . . IC I uri ii i l i ' + k a il e on l r' u t , I iI ) 'eii fnt i i i i i i J . eii n loster ei cll'oh ,,inrai l e , p I, ,,tl Vel , tls lic . il'+ae,,e d pa-ty r ntn l.i,, i*e, ' ei ehit.l2.1i4 . iIsll .I e ireC P !.111. .Na, De;a. (:rleier ` tI'A'IN' lOF I.( aIdIlANA.-Icrsih l.Iea n. it he l rl, eih Itla rl City if New aarhlll.--' .hl l I'enet, the lhmIlan nloes .hulrn , JudIge. No. 1124g Newonl Hic. h v s h i e r t ! r = i iu t h e C l 'e it o f JIe in n i Ilvd & en, . ce' sione e itee ap er Iti h tihe p,,ttliaacrir is teoe pI d Iinn 'e COll rt fer ithei lea'ii tallt f i , credillr a anl the reeitr- ot Jonl ta Ibed. It i i ordered that sai , creditors d, ine, t n !he at, 1-1 o' H B Cmli Eminr r f te l n1 tIere tiet e llller e up n t "e ul, ir3 (the. inl Vf hea, iid in Ihet nIell illle il1] oecedini n,, lhl. l ,It e erton and aro Iert. .I e uiI Ne ltnn Ilichnerd a re rs hr.l,,, .-- I . eirh ller cearei thi t h ea 'IecErn I an Ki"Ig ha uapoi ted to r 'preriafll t litlat e n e ua t red illtr n this 11c a e llt. y order of tia'- e , lt. AIIIM \NI) P1ITOT, clerk. F. CIlerk' Office, I eeembeL r let. Il3i. a dcc 3i--31ae en ETAT IlaN 1.A LOIIISIANl,:--our dle 2 roiJse ea L'amree liat rei;e et iilse ,i ht NileI. tlre -llea 1'r - e , , 'i i'tll,, i ie ("ai c l llt ciri,rl, --- eelhre Ih r IB 38-Noi. alili-N 'ewio lliehet"i' ea l ien. cier ,a tle " I -ermtniere de .I-Iv ItId & Ca. I.n.ceeica t dIn iont i iituilneiilnt l'e a-t ,,'n , ipt r In I , e nallt tt 1 i esi u reoa . e Itt't e n.i-eallee dertroateir+a le aitlieia ea i',,t l IIeal II Co llna, Iot. publiII vet redii,i Ira I'anvier 183, )i u r delt a aere nur r"h iatiiren a dt ih - tlvale, e a itdllendnttr1 tlle pcarnitcn ellallte Ie per-B cn nee et hbiethic aind it Nrl~nra nillaIal~lir (1a 11 Ilea V n et'l --911. Elinior e . Khin repercsrtl len i reillleia r ib iben c-lller ordre d hi n r iii rcaa ie rante d e a Ic.Iler, ter en, rDe. 1883. ARIIANItP I 'ITel '.rre'iier. STATE OF IUISIANA, ir te(nes, IPresent Iho Iinrnn lel Chn'les M lurnin, hit Creditore; Upon r aal real falini. the pe ntl hchedule, in tilsi cia', It in crd,,rel by the h, titsn a alaeeiia. ait' the Cereto-ar. aafthe In-r .ell 6 tCea. iln CII O rt, at (l ltthv the 117th airy ai, a iiathe etr t1it en ana there In i ll iberat'l on the ii - ub fa rni tc f ,id i so h ,ena t rn i i le qe anti te aill pr'i ee d . irgcn.g.iaa hit aar.eenI ranrll iarnl'ayed. It i C ' it " r tlii,.,' . tm (1" t, au-. hn,,. 2:i, 1: ;. ,env' O -rhe rr-l. -'I " ýilr , . I1EAITTIFlI'1 hPandn anir is thr gmrandest rnn ,nment heloneine ,i the human t;nnr. How lrranle Iv'ther IOet it rhane t mthen I~~ro, cIree, an1 aproen lrPly Itrinz on t'I. opero'mt tr ofi ol ae, whitO. tio ot uen manr Fo recoil at h el lhlnverre nd ometlimeen oven rIf tlllv .Nly to iavoi tifo iterot sol ivert n n rl of thePir Ielrtl .ne: e rllw i n nidde rn. tl ir live are con 'gllntlvy s ntl inl I'etitt rint. In llltot Ilot o Pn tot loI of prop.rto till t he e ferne n. t"O th otwitl thllt nPaoVo o illnkill rlcttlll to t~ nrlo to ' lo o f i hair.l To ntvtro ill thioe ratoipd' totic -ii , llht allo f'% i )' id t' l te h of tlll)hll oill 1o p'lop. l I itir foot fluiot ofloto tho forn nppienotitn, ailf aa lo"w ttlo' reootore itoartnilo. It likPwise pnrlo o r rolnr, ' do whihs Prs; prev'entt the airlroaml lain engrv.ooetih it . , ' e ito ntofirlo And, "'e frrs o ',rf. ' ori. frm or Nu r os oet'tf.rloo ttteo il fl first rrne'mlnjhiliv illo .loo ort of tile. vrltuC of ()hlridgo'j r i , are. -owlnO l sre, ip r r IIIet the orn sd la end f myth otdlhruwing :- ltohert ' ht rtoo iSq. lint" 'lovor of 1'd O..lo ,'ot to t Lor oofoh P' kt tln ' ot'- T n' w ltoo fit' toeno r-not d do herit .ob -.tif tea. t o ltove fot ' l lthe Itt1 oa f 0 oll b h i, it tnofei Ird ,I o. I rittiF . aI Inve fomond it hir'hlv poaler n o eroot oyv i n l revYer ilvoo a iinst the fi li.o ;foef Ilair, l b is acertlm retIer five. i CILiI 1 :'I'll 1 TI'(:I TelR, Senior, o '711:o ! i i, ., ` ,. - n ,i ..lh .: 11U11 f ,lloClitl) oooth lod 0t. JOHfN GIAR, Jr, 123 Anrh strt'Pt. It is knowon tht three of tileI novr siPnersnre mn:; thano 50lyearo of ntp, untd fie ot!ltrs not Ios toha 30. [Fror o thiote iootvor.] Ctotllllolltwohi ;of Pe'novlvlnin, I, Rloherl \Vlrtnrn. Myor of nia Fioy of hlihie. phia, do Imreobv ertify thlt I lot e rll aeqtotieto. with lMe.mrs J P' oInglo Jolo to P rer, nood lIotll I CutyIo Tv hlose ilnes are signed to te ItIOe no Coirttlte ir t ti., toor Ltlttlenrr elo ioharnntpr t ldo ro eltrct 'ii to I ntod o lt oIto I ftiorol ic o llthotl it ' oell to o tilo soid e'rrlifiato. lo witttrrs wrio'reof have lergoyullto Fe nlvhlao and eunrll tle l ead l ofIthe eitry totbe ilixot, this tif1 d'ty of i)te-emt o r. ,-. [f.. -.] " Ito IEtt'I' WVIIAtITON, Moy'or. tOI Ii V ofE that l.nt , ntle ofthe rllneille &lv.nh the ,tall tt \ino ar-0t o o e r s " Sofll .Iole ianl llld retail o b tIhe nlA nenatr fir Amnn ria. Wen FlohCeh, Mr, , tt,'r tlnillen ltrne, mloe Jo SI" BAIIRD & CO'S Ifooton 0nd1 Neow Orleano SLi. o o Paekts Sh'ils.--'l'tis lw n e of rhips, loan been ex!oresool built, to roolt hletWlron Ilen boro; ports, and wnill be ond of suitable draft of watooer: aooemoloodotions fir poaecntelr, and ever eotlrt will be made to givo onlis.oitioet 'Jl h Inoon i comoposed olf lo e f olowing shtipos: Clherokee, 415 ton0 Capt. .1 -arding, Carolia, 4011 do S o.netsot, Chaorleston, 374 do 1) Eldridge, Collmb.ato, 6"5 do (1 Blrker, Seaman, 2l4 oln .1 loweo, Bomby, it25 do ) I tumhrey. 'Tlie ibowo stlies are atl now, of lot tirst loa., opp,,r !asitenellorl t nid oopperld, oel)nllll. tltded by oten of grent exl'peritoo', tone lari o ntt l:lo.o l111od tioe wilt a s0030,trtol oo htih t o tlti eveory attentioo otol hb paid to itLtoet-,Lt, aond tIo vot'v tsot of siores pro. vnioed for thornl. 'J'fiito oaCk.ot. will bi towed'ol uop and doo wi-n t ile ti oioip , :n od lh. strictest 1 otuotli y to orteed i t tto tittoe otf s litlZ, nmt ol lotd ith rtornoloor vessels Ilo dotaoed io artriong, other stips eojolly ao good will it all ae totloo oioutstilnod. A ni.hto o pLottmoI agt I00 l0 l000itld, 0n0llll0 Invo ot. lll pl iolg e lhotoonolt l.s too reo oddttoe t1 mlnob 0. ltt-oaooiotoolo-, tot r00c-tvot and fotrward go.otol by s hl linte o t othtttoto mtlotodttr. :Ilo elt ,- . iliand to ,tdvtoo e atll exo 1o -4S ono goods 'lo'ti t olpt wili hove the 1o t and ot l l of every l. oor l'reillt olr p:tot' lor-O , iblt ply to thl' l.enllts. J A II"8TlTl1', 1 1 o1'o,'"_' otoo n t. to A. fo. Jootttrd & Co. FRANICLIN INFIRMMARY m tnttn tý Cvt.wd Ji the, tl-'t llo'ted plhit, miit It la n tll V , lllly'ad ] l llll 'lrli( n S;tllilllllil( the noo lnlLh ur ]lallk lila, u oll tlfliP ruil] l ld, llP m le l'llll thde ,\li.lla if Tll haihlinl is lmrge a.n- I ilo<Iromlhndiolyl dividr d inah n lLrtlllellts, lilt k p i R lll.lte! ilffelrevP Cla sseI .I l o I (rtl tt e i tee erdlie i''l i nlnlllli Ol ppli 1 i ith tile ml,l, skillul o 1nic lttleti\ve lmalle illnd tl lle elll e-, I nltI1 d p allkill thlle v ]iollonsm )ill in hlll,11 1.P .. Private orui ln n hal hm v .yetlemlen II t five dlll l lr. I i. alily illln l lll n.lA. ,ll'll II'*·) & l. ' 'ellll i t i tel r ill \ litrll ,t\r. dJ lloa por do a . . SI ..... xln tun. d.lla,. s. Snt ll L'ax in rile lrdilwa *y -ll .ni tllr-1r -lll )peratllln extra. The ridideni pI" issr it Dlr \\'dlemann, to whom' 1 i lltpp oiltill for dlllhlliSsllalll mn stl llb maldtl. ollr It ir C I·llZ l III'III·· Nol i It Itllplrt street. lip II ' itUSITON & A£I'INALL'S S011POUND TONIC MIXTURE.-A speedy C and ceitoin care for the Fever and Agne, remittent and intermittent fovers; prepared from - the original recipe. Used with eminent and uni versal success in 1832, by persons of the highest respectability in this city, as stated in the annexed certificates. This medicinn is highly recommended, and has I been extensively used in the above diseases with such distinguished success, tIhat the proprietor of the recipe hal beern induced In offir it to the pub. Slic it its present ftrm in the hope Ilhat it may ble the means oi rehltvlng many ofh thtle who are sautfring under the scourge oi oul enlutry. It is a niedicne possessing greatvittue, and when Ilused aecording to the directions las never failed of l'ficting a cure, even in the most ibstillat stage of the disorder. It is not at aIt disprectuble, and persons of the weakest stomaciIh, ull clilden eay take it with inil nity. It strengtl in the digu e!,t, organil , cratels t lll app tit, , e unl o chlnt riEii.ia Imotre then one, ort in hstinitetoiss, twit bottl'b to rffect a cure. There is nother mercury nor Iarelnic in the medicine, nor any thing injurious to the human cosntitution. 'rlie proprietors ern sen well convitced of its effiui:nacy, thlt they uagren t6 imat,! ii , vi i' y '!" i' , t holllo whiivl has been * takenll chi o ivi c .d a "litii( l : , 11i, u(iCit . .I l,, I not eli-clod o it. rt. I I c* t. &.* A . LinJ'" 'R, .ihl .,` _ ,-,r ,'" : ;li' his wholesale a.nd retail tdi,. and .,cimlcie lore, corner of lienlville and Cllartres streeots. For District Agencisa app!V toI j,5 T'. \V. SitI [I, 48 Conti et. ii() 1 oio)Tt1t IPAS"TL:.--inellegantn Illni ighly S rl IrO v ed I y el ti rl. To'-'o ve t h-elr ' lv il. e. iiu, t l il. te it il 'I'o euhl: ,' llri hlmiln eii.nd lelntv illthe moutlh I Tllll lt.taillllln'lll oIvII' i ii will, Thir mn.I de , ironn , :,,or.. wil its a o.. nIi unc Ill lit,'tCclitnte Pl. c c I W ith prumltn te,. i III i hI llti-eh in clilll )rovr. The Orris Tootle J',se, wlhile it ibeniliie te etr, 0re E an revntill evAr, u ii carlu l tedilrt -r, Srd D.ivin t tle a Cl l Il od pnrly wll itCeasl inn th eh. I a.11 Wi1 ow r. p Ilves te colo" " I h, .u' ol , ',,t.' afind gives nddl - i ll , i I t i It n f e ti u - ier S ii"uirter tile it gletl tel.o pIItreserve tine l'eth Ir "t)decoy, I .I it atee intrls l tn -,onlitr atd lr is -e jutlYy td rtratllS ve liltd. J:1st received i), b ,y I ;&r , AILL.AN'S 1 I' lýtmi e I "loxtil.t Ilolel, erentl el et I i -lto'.ll llr s and Co(.lll l Itn t 'l~Ti ( 1. ,'1 ;I \TC -ilt li l&.l' t-4 itc., d,,., in , o i sa re o r e al o hy S II A [ .. & I tIe o b i N . § N'rIIL\CITlE ailind (lri twal iu ct.sli hto s inted S llo eet SIt ili U it inolueh Itlnrt. -t oldr' leT'lt al ' ,ll, ,l l iie ('aal it, eeie)went C f i r ,' ' ,ll llit i td l 1iIit, Ii,'r It l l ie , li lllllllu o 1"o IIt ."IE,. A.% IIL.O ., I.I ward 'iound ", T e\ ,,Ii Id", it newil llll , inl ` vilai. i',- ici -lll' liooirsl , lt Ior nthe Etenitig · a C 1n-i 1ar in'rt! en tll.i iiitiii.. i 0t. th II-u i-ir lr ill' Unie i t tleD L .Is lihr tll) . eat z'na lirT,, hit. b sFeivI1 h Ihe I th Jllhlit to onrvt) 111nod w I cvle b aI nlds in na y po t ,,1 I I n u-ila nl'. tit- .\a em I iilrt, h all ..rn' l ll., , Dit er nt ,.l V. in; ii e 'll. avil En h ,"r~rV.Ir - lh llll ll l .lE 'iiI'vey p nIsIII p lllh1il). lhlll, rl'lllll'ltl iof "ll, \r.. eil wr ..i 1, , ..luu·r.. .Il ib. I rlnll. .ill,' -rIt ot, in Banks' Are' t. • , _ .cII -.nto-Sot CITED. V[LKI.\CON. IIaEMOIt-RHOIL)S. IAY'S LINIM EN"I.-N- Fiction.-Tis ex. Ltr.lordlnary ehwulical colp..sitione, the resu't of science, tnd the inventlon ,: a celebrated usedllt cal ioin, tile inntrodln'l, II of which i tthe publhe was invested witll the eohliannity iof a tloathled biequest, has sinne. gaineid a reputation unparalleled, fully sustaining thlu correctnes of tile Ilanellted Dr Gridley's last conl.eslnol, that "I le dared not die witlhout giving to posterity tile beuefit of his knowledge on. this subject," and he therefore bquenthed to hie friend and ottendant, Solomlon fla)s, tie secret of his discovery. It is now used in tlhe principnl hospitals, and the private practice in our counltry, first and mIos certainly for the cure of the Pales, and so eaten lively and eatfiotually as to bnillu credulity, unaosI where its effects are witnessed Exteroally in tie following collplalnts: For Dropsy--Creuting extranriinary absorption at oner. All Swellingse-Reducing them in a few houlrs Rhculnatisln-Acute or Chlroanle, giving quick case. Sorre Thront--By C,iaerrs, Ulcers or ClsJs. . roup and Wioopang Cougii-Externally, and over tihe Cllest. All Ilruises, Sprains, and Burns--Curing inl a few hours. Sores and Ulenr'-Whether frceh or long standing, and li:vr sores. Its ipr.,rttions upon eadults and children in reode i2 -,.:.Cnti alengsn, and lo.sining coughs and tl.. .." f' the nst tiy nolaxation of tile parts, ihs hn e iurpriring beyond conception. The columnn remnark of those who have used it in tile Piles. is " It acts like a charn." THE PilLES-T-h l'iprice, $1 is rvelbndled to any per'son who will use a bnlttle e n u l,,"li :: :,." Isr ihe h e, , .I . ti. . ,, ,, u:' ,,.t t. a tllh s beln u ee tnfli. WV alight Ilsert cllrtacates to any length, but prefer that lthose who sell the article, should ea lnhit the original to purchasers. CAUTION-None can be genuine without a splendid engraved wrapper, on which is nly name, and also tiat of the Agents. SOLOMON HAYS. Sold wholesale and retail, by COMS'rTOCK & Co, Now York, and by one Druggist in every town in the Union. For sale y Whoale iy tile Wholoale Agents, corner of Com.non & Tci.ouplitoulas street, and by the Apothecaries generally. ju3U H IE undersigned havle this dv a farmled a co-port I, Ilr thie trunsllnctilln of •a ,enelral C(n01nnsn1 - Pi all lwUilneaiig llillers, i tl is tll v, under the t I vI CaI.I. & iIRwsx, el.d hoer tuken tlhe now hrick stnre, No. \96, MaalzineP .rer., (nellr Playdrn at,) i% I)RU . t l IAt.I,,JR. Rlelrnres.: JAAIF;S G IlltOWN. S, an.t"u es n Avtyiv, h\\hiling & th'lstrk, \lthltonIs .e lt," \\r lngcra, It car&l t llawthllln. J 'Tlhayer s co.. \V ~n Cretckel & Sharpleigh. John Funifidd & +co., W\alker, anon de o., I. (;rins ' n hickeriel, t s nN. Ilvnd TI :lurg , a " , e , Penn. J&I 1 u~a &co. u ,hvills'e, Tenn. Jl '+ inn, Cla'ir., l '. q. E & A &'rlcn, St opu'tlnJo, 1. d 1I a l nor 11 l.OIISIt NP-Crr de lPuroesr h'ýspu, lI Palisise et \'llelt Ia in.le-Orienn. -Pre elut' I'lllnorble' (harlehs llarilan, juge-.oll,.r Isanu Illakel, uill.h'l lent dp"tenl, coutr s ere (.tler::--'or heclure et{ enrepgistrlllelt d," hlaeititonc ,A tl,ci ,, tell cll1n ullint, i n s it (lelllll.le ' to e usieh le .iil Jauu i,:r l 11, It dix hl:tlrea du i lliell t de dllii 'er r i r tlet ui',ires tdei 'iin anne ; enu n atenal' l utes pouranlea et N:1 per1ce so:It arracei; et Ns I.lj vn et unniI e plourrt i reiel er . 1e cleullctrs ua isn-: l'ar ordlela cui r, i 1ti c In I i t ilt A \1 uiL 1 l il., 10,,p G1n mir. T1T. 'I' t .I)F 1 II Lt I NA. Pl rish I ourt I:r thre o I, ar.sll IIl City of New lhilcan-: eint enl the hab Ihon. harlhs .'lnurl n,Judgre,I)oc. IlLh, lid8 No. th 2,l ai nc I Unker rsA. la l ( i orsIA. l oI l ding 1Cr. h1 liltinjg the I'r )itiI shd lwule Ia l th i: litc ed i l ' , l . by tilt Co"rt Io. I l m Iting ofi te llbem scrl itors bra wly heil +tnidl i is"I ,011"t .h,,h ."It be dlhN'hnI g ie.lll l o III{ r a- e I,' u t+ o . ."' I%" ,+ e f.i , li ...... a n l 1 th atlilll- tltn 1 ca1) I ca cree lt t L. lWylhr l ..Ilr rtn, vel. It I+ further de . l 0l) bhhsl r trh cr e rto he rilrl Ol.a ogr c r o aI. - A.I 'I I t rl , Clerk.e t -N IT-heut h brleris timae ci n n l' le dt," iv hnrrel to. r o ne Il a s hld Itll Ill," WE tlg t h ll II J u npIIIIe lln i cI4 tw .ix..w na a t ta d ray.. .. 11 ark. a n tow b relso bIr 1tWn/Ictt n allllr l tl e 'l ,,: , t'atn.t.. o .. ( vo -tr hr IA l. l ., e h ta les ha lwh e rh th e rea II rI iC d i~i iI Jp l lrn t .r 1i, l i AnneiL Anp) A ANr JInpltr Ir aI. So. Uwll be'st , th. I tlhJ e l Is i nLil ,Ipr Ilh'. The tl n e ltors l l thei,('eat \\.e-era l odes k-I e i el , r anu s dulll tors GIo the l1se oi f I1 ahip, which sll p·Til. l toil bOlrd o our l l tilartur. c Ior . trnallna ly tot l'.r I 't ( & Ca o.t "I 8 tf nt o t lllles' Fin ld l l It o I ar"'l, w . IL/ 'n siat; o1e. s iam , ent, nu!il i w gsli.t a rlll+ Ipply whih it will l alit 1. 1 'r.w ay. dJe ko t . & Co; ( allU K I: I.ANIt ,\I': 1l'--:oraal" "u'a An-.h c l :irlt. Inding from bark lIoh telai, ll i~r sale h? -(I t ( .I, I, r & I IIr A E, l ,oaa-I..'r.Itc .'.- - lt-a, 13 'Col ,ll',lol ls Ear, lJOIINS & O. .TA\'lONE 'S iAt.ln., colrnrol't. Charles a ud itiI a1 streets, The sllbcritnll ; IaIng reIIe - I'ogl r, c m n thtddie N Irth, o allr Ifr .s ie in,1. I 1 ," a alt'i ' ta: S .r' ,llr l r, lll lll ll ' L I1 " rLo do l i hr 1 il' 1 ld ; d, n lvi Irtl r a d In is h l Io , ll alnl , C h e s l lt . , i id ,l l l I ln lIa f'ta aw Nlllll atornelr cap, Iltt ar m "tia a palherso a , &i.i " i d ti l i ; Sa l ntth e r. | . ,"ll, ., AllUlw mllll l l l ndLIt A r llll d I.I- RI +Hr1 n.. dII1, d |,Ill k lil tl |Illlrr. t:. Julst rr,"'cl, ive",, ,lbl" silr W e I + "t+;dll hry 1 " (Irtl t P I F is +h ' .'. I trln w " z It l.m >k ' 1. I lo. o k O 'it nl l " , ll ll I"lr_"rl 111 N i tll,| 1 Callrilrar l All nll.. CIIIcIA:I nnuIIaII l AII .; Yo ngi ' l '',,to, nnrl kmol _"c h r,,,,k; O Alan.', A Walt-; l''fu Tch' 'l'lt \'bdolr 'I'.l'h.l il I; .Mr|sq ( ihll', tIL III-tIr &+.1+" Ilaln-ril lin lnae. • F: .II ilN &'. C O., ' ALINT, OILS, (l.ASuS, lit tl1 ,s, aPc.-- ut :Illt kets wlhite lead, pore; :'nib dlo gr.en p,tinl, in 23 lit, r, kee; " ehh iu. ltdtu tntri .l;Nl OIti.. Iithrat v; .lli doz lsp, nd o1 )1))t grull ul hrnrllie 11aso ofO|lyO null size s~til ' ,il.llh, ; tle pencilu Ior i a tl tsR; tlal lllurkit i ipure ji hoxes, fitted a ill all Iecea.sry brus sos rltist's tools, &c. Fluke and Illmn'itv whi-; Cl I t'tacks gtld leaf; white Iand velt:w; goot oroir; mo at large Rtml cholce as lby A"MNIit LI.t, anoF0 5H 'nnp at. .VYElI. EDITION OP TIlE'; CII'l, CODE OF i. L.ISII .1 ... I'r hlts lrn for sonl titme mIo!d In wn to, the pklbhc . that tht )obsenbers are ea need in prelprine for the pree wrun- editionlll llllll tof ter lu ul Civil Code - They i,, r.. I slll e Ihri,, ns la of tle grout dificlll t and" rrrs illoni~ iiitr illl llcli11. Ihg m l p hllly{'llit o t tile work, nd1 it wits not WithI Orl gBren t eitatioi that tlhey coll sellntd to I thelul lld.lluki llt te reent editiolll. aIlnlflllile to ll llllt tlre tlhoutIllll co ltts l t1 which had cIst li SIlaw, moreP thin thirty tho111nll tl oI.s wastlentirely noltll print. For mre thal twol yers Icar ttt el 111111s 1 ilc l the work hllas e I cl from1 thirly to l f,, if Inns, It is a system of t" ' llt r ll it t ls wniclh , inmedi lte operates Ii o ever hlvidill l l ll f he tte, int erested ither ii n.ll ttlt e l tlt rIlu orice nd whi;"h lr er , lthe, Cipositio of sit no ltullth 'rh pu l i.nine to uldu other stte, that- mol "ke : .:. . u .; othorrer e ioe up ni law-it is .ts insh the fi . ok alld u lanual of the lmergeltt l l the plati er, i1, it is of thl e private gentlel man R thd do rt... . ..O lti o 1 .{. ti . l dli? r Po d oF; . ... .. a h ou" aI m ri, t r" sl i nt O., f it f wr I o r al . . ... - . .., 01 ne ,. it. ,, itRI' wth ule be lmpr , -t lnt ...nato. ais Ia c tileh nll r , t 1 d withereferene that the firs r ediion d uSe inf th rrk r to o ilr:lle I t e Itom rlm llhltu , 1111 till jllh llpu rllllll n lea is lnlle Rodll ol .ou{rllructio1n whitll which e lehel gi1 en uploll IIII111y o its Ar ticles by thlt +."..rit'Illle {'ourt. The publuhlhers havel secuired, tlin tile lgeneral snper. nllltelln le nl d editolrill deparmt ent of thle work, theil Ilave elach ,indlyV assisted sIt Ipton s ith the vahlnble notes which tIhey have c'ollected ill tlhe coulrse of theirl saulies anlid pranctice;lnd to Mir N It Jenninlhs,the part nror of r Ipto, who is also len aneldl ill tilhe work, (;Geo Strlwblrihge, l'°i. hI:I preente(d tle ranl ltmass of rele renr.·o," ontoi'll in his omffe copy o(f thie code, 1ond , nich nnve bt'n mllllade hy hin duriue the whole period of his dlia.ll.nlished protlesinollal Inhor The pul.lishll ers fnily tlherelthrn well trust iat thle lnnottion of tile work Hill be all Iat .Iglu=try anod labour, ssisteal by learnin; and ,xpgri.,lee, 1n pverti-foln. Ill )ltftiln fItrihIl l his pr ,{41H'(. 11tn IandJ solic'itintl Cene inl ublilscriberl'I· o the work, tle p bli'lns take pridein tile, fact tha te ltPh illatur 'e i1of |.llllioil llll I n111 o llllthlorizeld tile iovePrunr tII IIkr one1 thousn1111d copies i it' for the. I future usell ofthe State. IThe reLdilneFss owit whI I.i IIrts tlllter was take by the AP;ssemblyl evinced| thei( r 1int sense of the value of tlLe work;atll thev lhlrehv extend 1ed11 that colfidence inl the ability of the pIbhli1, s anllI editollrs whiell it is hIo e'll silltlt wholi' o nl-.ser ell . 'IThe work will 'e printed in French and FlIglsh, upon good paper 1and with1 clear type; nor will 1nn ex pense or are tie spared to make the % hole mech.lical executioino ' it e. reslmond with its grea il,-tfh e , It will pi, illlhly ibe· reldv li"r dleliverv ill onii th ,+| flieeii idhdll s--toe tlllll . toll be plauil tt ihe ilmie' 'lul- , acrihilln. It s ulw.'r tion }islt onne clo ,ed, the store price will be twenty dollui per o, Inl, t; .F; J1111 i.t ,.0 (0. I't .ls rr.. ROWANI) 'I ONIC MIXT''UIE, - i I T EN yeri have not yet elnpsed since it was EIn lirst regularly submitted to the public; but it has attained tihe highest reputrlatiot; and Ihas stuoI. , io planted every other medicine for the Agle, whternv. atl r it has beenl klowtn and appreciated. Already & has it, been arried in every directon thllrorughout 9g1 the United Slitter, adt still realizes morer than could haveo been nlticipatrd by its tost sngtllgline friends. a T,.o.andis of .persons have . n .t only been re lieved', p. butl retired t.. lie .Ith lad vigor through its allgrn. cy; lnd ithey now lheerflly testify, at every opr we portunity, to its de.idd and sipree .reffiTaaey. I to is comnpo"ed of such ioedicinal principles as are va calcloated to rerliew the healthy action of the stom r.1. ii,. t mitd other inmportantr digestive o rgans, ' tn of thi ditsease, I in appare t aiso, trr. t I ,,,.... cosn ill entire tihe condition of the systler, andI certainly destroys the native liability to relap- I sen of the rtfectioo. When the Ague rs attended ' F with any other reomiItilait, the eomplrylent of the Totnic Mixture will not interfere with t Ie trent. nlalt of the other di-ctse, Iurt wtI even nfford as. ate arttance Iby lfurnhing trenrtlll and vigor to the ste body durirg the course of triealltient. Those who ti:e h lmake use of thi illediillne may e assured that vie there is no Arsenic, Barks, Mercury, or any other 1n article in its compot lntlon ultriend y v to te hu nll ' cornsitetino; bcig enItirely a vegetable extract; hi .and they mray have ardditlrinal conidunce in thle ir use theref, when they perecive that it has tl e ef- tt f liet nfa gent'a hlxative about tihe time half a bot- I a tie full thas been taken-in consequence of which, ell Itere is no part of the medieine lftl to linger in I r the bowels to causelI obtructionn., nd other evila, is trising from thie oue of many of the remledies now' tir otl'ered foir the cure of this affection. It has been !hi used also as it preventive, by in.lly who were subl jeehto a periodical recurrence o ithe (:ills, and it reo has invariably warded otl the approhnnded attaca. all Observe! Tlhe Proprietor, fully satistied with the unparalleled mld universal success which Ihas culln. tantlv attended a punctual and reelahir use os the i Tonia Mlixture, in all cr5es of Fever andAgue, Ilels werranted il elng.,gill to rrfurrd the price to 1 ill hone who have tinhen trhe Itr eieo it strict ac rt cord:i:ate witll Lthe presclbd direlir(tiln., withotI r l IriavItng i'ibeen pertieally anll IntI..lligly ctiIredr. or T'1e lsubscribers are tile he I itirtre .aigelts for the Siuth Wertern Stes, uod have tow on tehael six ty rases of this uiitaa tne, which is warranted Ir' ll and genrtine. For sith a le t.ll .tl r'trrdi Ircer 1o hl.s de iIrttWgWls, nov2j7 rn, ('inu . T,.hi.oilrtouln s t trCet.t ( 'D il.l. it "Il l VlI ': ) 1 ' I!; ittnlhe "e;i tr.T ienl n '-si rt, N, wir I lce:ett rioil;l t Tl' 11t 11t : Lt l. __ b . ., . i. iti . a 0 ac tli.tlr r, II' 1.hI 4:1w i 111 111" sl:md, li·derl's, L ,c. a r pI. O wsI n do. or saws i In a S ilFor do. ofti .o orws Oh , It,,. I1e 4te sw ir sta:md, -..50 pee s, oro ` ro (ri l Fi INi;hIll. (INS. For a sinluu gil ll f l Slwsp lr morp, ilth mone st oful' iedrs, builds, &tc. at '6f pr r s1 t i8i1 i ordlr. t 11r l sar s. i itt Ice t ders, r r t $n i -l t I ,r' s ita , nii Ie ior d. itlti sawsr, with feeders, te. 6pi 75 I.'r 'saw, MI) tXi F rd. I "' S aw v, w itl e f 'eI d rs, & c. at $7 " ill per saw110 ,F.xtael lhe'lLe nbrdesired, fur bIt del's, .,pilpr a Io cents Clve the I unI nber oLf teth cii s aou e11(·.oar o htli 11llal~.l of s:w s. )ler set of ilel. c ,lI r eln In id'led hbowettr, will wear oat Is. or three sees o os ix+ s . x p ll+ sil ws stl it pphZ. I I s i 8 1 ."1,i1 i'a h. Thu .:iin srdered, i n ' h' b, Ie delivered m., lihe agients ol pl:hv1ntr ins olil thll sr.ii purIowlln of the colttin plan ilt' "ilu ti he t*ll ;iioul of tle i lal. A o li r". h1h w Ibe tellt willh the t.ils m f 1'til the1m1 II1 where de. sitred; iltr cllatit s i r ei Irttrtl e l'n iterl:e e ill te extral but e I t ie I'rlllllil gn:lr ei R ll :trohe ordered i he r lllL desrlll , terms. Small l tsteri egielrs rcal also le orderl.l if de atit esicitcable, when planters gite orderv for flins, th'r stelllnl aeconrlr.tnv itlrln with tIrir viewn rsl 'negrdi Ito Ineaoe.nrgelittnll salwr, hIn.rltnr birtslles, We. IIt is uni tthey t litl .r opinion. bo. desire rs oI higer dlina e t. rtihs otlhers. Thle nll .col l ollll l sizl is . r r 1ot ilnches; tl , stome. wistll htm I1 itnchrs. SoIeC nIe t . ,lIt T o rel. l? Ill i ,l ll4 i o mu t. S e iC w si lls ih W S w ith N tor ntclt to iter ilcll, while others wantlOltor II. l0 l itrhtselrelettc we prefer thny shntould ti IIime erl giving ordersr. sll rtishl a streit nrtof t trtli owi sheside:1111'le ttlltrIL'e res al'il therm It eel Iarit c lar. t t iCt is t'r er it r titetht, w shall make tren, onrilr the mo der n amt aplnvell !,hc .A, or(dr. con be - llhc. cerrrll, tre otll he it ilte it it leeiLedr tilue rllr l ctp t i lTl llu r I t lst or I llo e ttt e tlt.Ti o e irne hi t, fil. tl e next cri p. ll orilerls ollllhtn Ir il thre andll orl ,b it m a: 1I . . i .c 's e " tih e bi l.r t o r ml u h h e o f ' .l 1 1t ; e x 1 t p l or pluial~ats lock alethey areehlt lu comnlc11cI, Ich .tri h. rii tn., errten ritkt Ir .,u 1;Itt hrol II r~eitnitrtiti toertit. It . ...iiillr tINi .i t.t ii mll~l~h1ji t~lll it ilk \kit %,tt.iii.,co I~i ll aui· UCp'br i Iazl woaketos, ieiictionil ol the kiodv, eutptl tionls, i 2. In the in 'eti.l.iot ot a melictint pnssesh f us the prop'i ' . s bt to relirt t ite umltrots i . motnllotionl 'ticeir. Irlnm itlle itost tlllllnet Io thlldt" dscal theltry ihn Iel'.. , I" eliesing thaI it will Ibedu~ly rulllr'eintu·d'whe.~ i a n,clrh+ lrt. ;,+t .d)k.+I."'L ;'|-+ l|+ (it (:r)[)lil~ lH, Sfirt.'ll h~lll\ ..t~dclilh S, It)lt 11.1 is its crelit I, tihelit itt d like lhip h 'ti Set i tt lll'll..e (ir~d1(:td ill the blowels HI 5onmleh. :nd it. htlrl'(l~l+tt i W. ,Ilsmfitlle ic when nieteld in thle ilnf~illlalmtolr LItHPr. Tht J Iro Ir'ie l ltr h :ls Inbm lJd a1 a m hts sis o f th e I ,ali m /ns , Co n c me iv an g th a t th e nm o " + r e n e i " u n li ie s +a o h e y . 'bI, e m ut h IiI(l· p 1·1)llgl'll+,'t| (1 Y.IAI nzol1'+ IIH.-|'. llv llhll)l~tir). {. tlhisll Titie pirL'nt salfet. The :*how ue t otne coII. mbhine11s In Sl rlie|ts wlhih ell'e ill thP Iti hest rtellr lnm1lot-<++ the I mrlst u:ien cll c iI.II I ih e lrt' nsionl. I;eh lIi .. ill thle Olllmlpoitionill of Illi+ prepar.J ltIot+ c al'l te lltU' II * oifc:IC. o( the h ,l p lloucill anll o etat~ll intrllll ll netl t li nidshlnlg, ad sulr si'i,,. the mai lost sx l .lnm t:t'rti: s; PLos Asilgt thllesmttiitnle ih ullinit f . ir it brllo ttit plrll titll.l. ti t p tIoI tt xllrI . i t heir t l i t i tlih t ll i lr I ito ttitouiiitiuiis ( otti ,uspitoo,othiolstiiOits ui in tte prncpa hsptas nd prbloteotttttttoistittgiit .e It, 1iX lstill Ine, t f.tse lo'pxtit.S g Ii l otit Isl ilt- I ortti roktlt I ii ti it t qe jlthtit riii hNsi hltt o y , 3 rIIoIo o ici ti otll t tllllll tlity ' ' lt-hii ll ot ott .lltr i 11 to|llt ari lllclilonh li i ltlrlso rt lllt I) tllhti SFa it o ltl llh CHiih f Vlll +.iil tlllh yl. hlh Ii+llil;tr iN ftll l' yllo Ito t nll.+ih h,,l slull uilll t II + L he test andllll extI. elnictilll (ill" th, tllllu lle b lradonl g the+ rl'l h lhl'% r xpre d SI tAoI h I Ilttill, Krii, dlh dh~i i it i.bth il theih iiblic in pitlite p ti til.e. Thlwt ft irotl'Hion+ lill bi " villst ed erl'uentlr. PrIatrte b9 J ll 'ihoint i 'iChemi t"uidon. rllce o1 5t0 per pt.L TEI'ST IMON IO.\ .. lrm A H .', h1imo1, Esql, i, 1 H, St.lrgen to thIt; St Thann lHlelospiantnd hI -Il m'ee or n Anatolnl . The tr'ial which I have male+ of sour l prntlm(to in t, variety of enises Ioth nmalemt. ii l'nlateI, illis I+IIShI .'ove'li so highly fav+.u-abh., thalt I d~o not hesihute in, lrl nlucll nlllg " it on ile of th st v lub le nd ullict i lls remedt lit.s eter otlered to Ithe lpulicb, anll inle h in a hld, IK·rienicedl f'romn colpibn. Froml G II IIlayunsd, SI RC 5, Phys.ician to thle St itrTlebo0,e I)ispt,,nsntr . I luke great pl:e:asur in adding my testimony to the vahalhl proplt: e lllofyor plseaLratiol, wishhlg you tile l~ess o (Io filliv de'serve, r no annmlll e reward tllh Inlholllrl n lt lellxe llulcluleld in blrillgillg it to SuchI CItlln pl+om \' ri ro oper, F L S, Surgeon to Guy's II.+: Ti the ulfniflor l sIcce.s lhlicl hals atenedlle tht alminis ! L.lhl. yt~llr· nltl~li~jlle Bltl[lll.h illy: IIljttilllS alll.I(.llc x+ hhl lit llI.)OVr tislcll~mas Il~lt lilllr~ ssllisliell nle thllr ii ll'.s o,,]v* to be know n Io ble truly aplp| s'taCmtt-l. " M a y lhe. success you so WeII dUese vt, am;pl) nld speedily rrley y ou tot JUIll' VYULtlbl. Illel'lll.l'ti~ll. Fro .alabl A {11a.rnt a 1 S IP It (C S, &+c. ke. II.lnr-hlg heenl il~ld,.d· to tr·) ?uolr Fxr~ntct ill sevelull .menwofl villh~ll (;onorrhm.IILi, WliL; h hll'hJiltht'rlO Imalplle e-vetrly rscip.+Z+ tionl aud lmini l'tre by luse, haviVnlg fol'tll surlle alnd slpee'tl ,'Ir's edi tctt'd by it, iu, a f'ew stha s I Icel iu hll i s uots bo d to e i tllt halt I llt) ill mlillS tice ox*Ll ptlblic Inlt private recomm llllll I IIIa ll d( Iislie F'otl5 m %V Illlair, .1 D), Physician to Guty's IIo |it il:l " Ihe htricl test which I hIve ivean your mnedici.n. a..... lu ...i..... n.... itr ihriabl. ....... sues tl,,, w iIll il~lll:r llle ttl (ii·.lSCle.'ll C ill 11ts II+I, nlIld 11It I .IR. ii Ibii slln lct o|' jlisi cu tllll l 01·dI" ? 4 1 11|+ toa d llly |'~rl eti teSti ItlltlnI. IllUl~l~lllhlllIilll~ OF1 Itm'il llS.I· lltetulrn you mny shlcrethl' a bnks fhro t e va.lulaile prle senlt of soutr l.Extilatt Ibr +-the tolnlce. ofl Gi onoho &, ke. I litatl ,.l:.'tefull that you hate ;I] t broubght meicinteh]. intoUH? u hich will pr',,e a d..ik ,'·xtem J."'. altllo llhtl fi ill th,. ll nolt' . t . ll l--na a're, s!ilplei? iImiil luidCt l curt ill cases ,lf the slhol't' claIlS. II t affodII me great plleas.ul' i, i lblishing to the w or l th r saluabl t it ies of) our Were it nei ess~r:. the prtl nit or coll Iere lurnlish at 111 11 ote tesI Iolsll ln;i:&S eqI: lllt as enil t lln'll .torl'v Is the i ollk ill toll ts thtl itsgrealt* hitherto the carer I. ll & exptnlse at which it has been p eparred, will proteils grt llesti re llll l lli O lllllolll al a d(serlling pllli. x One tee mmendld~I t l his piear:i': n vnjoys above ter all olll's is its n t, portlu tlrlt- Ipot IIi n potigis- hi lit indue in which it nay be itlken, being both easy ani I wl pltellft-its tlsteh Il mtVe, witi h nll o rl t'icio n inl dies i would lind this m'dliine hil'hi utsehlil, and might ILevt to be unHaolvided with it preparatim possessing the adl bit v",trages w hicl he ,' 1,,l"rt r,,,, co.. ines. pu AcEoi lm. i ng ti e el icii . it p n ,it ,let explan- be tnor ol'tle dliffelellt sL:lres of the. dli..lslv, without Iit, i ,g " "1'.'3 q i U:.'l; n;Ir" Y 1',,1 11 h 11 ,!! a yn.ill ,' Ii l'r io _,ll. . iriI ROUGlI IN th'E AND A IAIF DAYS, From Mobile (Ahliaiitiui) to AugIta i Ges e) t IIA \tI"S r ot lahl teet othtel dal, ItluPniII ,t tt lel: le steainlbat I Foi:tr. . , to Illtakelo , (k stes to Pen al cl sit llll lI$ ( )+I" I (:t ,.telnnbn lds (per l'ensncnll I tit InLSol ndllll t Cllhloc, " ville, to Augusta. A i.isegeer llig tAki i lll l t at a.II bile is in no dtl 'ige of beig lth wn oi lllt or l osig I t t ii preerence ib otlhr enllflioting itnterel ts, Ath I l.t (liO I)A LIN: is but ou l coictrn, and undor ,e coi itA n l tirolugihtl, ni lltaw irely wotsItIn InTAINTT upon hel' Sarritilt AIgutai in time seclliedl, throgh ill weal' - i ll is enrried I y this ml.o e. The Agents for aclconllodI+ tion, T'eams, Conches nd 1r'itis are ott strpitsed allir the traiveler s hpeed, certainty, ollltfrti, td Illeas st Luse~In t lt.Ia-'acoltttn city in Ito. tt" Lien "in t~l'llleh'Kt and eittti.ikhset io St On it"it u4 htIt ill llit wElle llheCl ll i lre witlr he Li il IK tr i Ausl tr Tn T. AIh tll .I135a . 1 l l i ll Al.lln t tittllltnaoele FII dl, 1 e I3 III / est:,ne, mINe tw 4rle h'fs lnt ,t , ISOl milll t n le, to nsu. l it, Slt" t it -i t to eIa lN o ni, I n . ' i ho l ot n to Nes itl , !1At - 14ut (Ault tot tli ttlirttll toI tt, i t I\tltk t- It t l Timel Naw ()Orlealln , \o l oil:, "l4 Ihuirls t Mobite in A n.rl la. ," utiule i Ae teslA to ltihit tt ultttt, I-, 1 l I A :h:llut sl nl to u, l t.r u ,tAkt ,- 1tt 54 lii' irt I tt "s per I l.. or m, iles t per u Ih rii, ihtI il.. L i nitt J1 h itn', te ineIII lnii tile publicl t IlB ibridges n vel'the CIlilll.n ehe sw a and Ilard laho lEeek3 IlC Olutl ben ll& pleted ) the general goIllvl i w,, ,l ml "!st:lries opr'atnn ag: ils l this sole an, ARKFL ROCKHIYNEY II CE WiN ruAus,& pI ull ,onlA' u.lle htrlr, oplAstly e tolu It hve h die T o o.s kysel ls ti . hin e rri ,tiditr, Odino , ther irAu o lhe. an',3d a giiegnl usiutortme yti ofrb i an t orlq. r if w olgoe from t ernacul,, ho Cet'.ar lluet, it is admit. of te y r ll w o hr . ssed l llt, anr it ort tllh e It surpastlr t i krve tooes olrdeh The u hr.ets aCthoigl, tatoloý i lomtlo TltIenp litIt. uil1 ttCit IgAio.K It l|ARBlll i GHIAIMN[']f iPIECE _ ,,t *rtl, us ellllT:, mBl.e MniNhrtusi loru, ry , onite, toil,-oMsttte. | in augeerl te farbh Mnit a tdam tentie P r.', ra itiI tlll u nLll, tlle ndll i, the laLt,.. llpatlrn+, A,,lrlunn Lnirti . A AIolunllnollt, Toonb eb.ld i i l Ilair, tog[to r t tl i h litll rpttltdd l Plul N o.III . i bllrns mio nhed tind plul ;i-ri and Rtussia Irmn LaIIerilng dlllll ill thie n tl t mannllller Illd a the shrtilt nlot .c . They lave lirel rue iolullu . to ' set Lthe above work. " i5 'A1AMIS K+\IN & STI()'D to I-i KERrs ROCKoY MOUNTAINS, 0e. * OURNAI. of a' Explorlilg 'lour beyond tllhe l ,cky M.ll aini ,undi r lthe dIarO tll of tle I A II C t" M, perfornied in the yelrs 18t3h , '36 and I t i73; containi a de!cription of thie geo0grapll . go aI, ogy, cliun olt alnd prudu: tloll. uand the uIml' ei, te mIII ulrs an d , i.touIlI of the natulive witih a lap e ,of Oregon Territory, by Rlrv. Salliel lParker, A M.. I io IRiver alll tio Deertl; or Recolleetimns of la the RItholle nand i, hartr'uae; by Mis PardlOe, iI Tile RLobber, a ''ate, ' the uthllor of Rtclllioo, i: IThe 'l'n Fiirb; orI Adu u..r* in a Country I Hiouso, and other Tai's, by Lady Illessington. E 1, b BlI.'er, Mrs Nortoln. Barry ornwall, Mrs 3 :'e, II. Cstat t Mewin, Did ot hters; in 'J vols. at T.h L sit, an. AdYen..tures o1 N mol eit Nic .!eby, tii edited tb Iloz, wlth Illhttrations by Pmiz, No. 1. ,.r Juot to, clved alnid t'or .l by altl BENJ lat \ COPES, &*. -Just received InI fir sale Il, nu \Wm. A1 i.K n, ,rner ,I Caiiiiip an Coullllllol stlreet;, I ln l lllilhl llllrlll ii+n iil-% Irawi ngiil evli', oI P Ilg lvdll- , ýIl'' w io 'e.., Ivory IPro. I {may ndll ii l'5 Pa s, Glalsb illts AMwaaluing I al'*- ;fr ti. M. Tork & 3Baltamore raclw4tn ACK ETS FOiu NEW YOv lK-New Lien. S--To slit. pmtudlly eve:ry becolnd Mold4+ , during the . s, fll; or nrllot ill .. ...Sars chip Orlerns,. .J tuna pt. i, . S- to-rms Whip Alahb. a, 474 do C. C. berre ahip Arkansn , 627 do t S Donnitr Ship S r ,toga. 5Ld de, « Hlahwnyr NShipN t lsllle, 541) do ) .$aetkroit Shli K-entuck, IwI do j Bunkter. 'Pic aibrvrc chilli are of tive first clnse, coppeaed. c: Loplcr srleleId, al, having I.u buit in u NoWt. : ;or.., iresly filr this trute, thiy "ro of il ', .. oerft . t taLrlld liomost ievariably erol the Cr o'liliaut a,, dt'ibtiion. 'rPl comltlledersare rc n',s:. of great ext.oridice. and the lhips w1:1 alloaylbo towed up tcll up,v t the illisissip uly yteamIboeat. 'Tll) tithave hrtndst.-e filrilihld tcrlllllnOldaltionl and strlor- of file be. deecrpllnI will alwayas be furncr d. lThe cbin poassage is so without - h ilne' or ltquor, and there t llo 'iquor furnishld to the rffierr or r w. For Ir '1t or pasnoge app'y on bard, or to II C AMcES, 48 lamp st. 'Tfhe ships ar not acoruttti.hic hir bre.kage of glass, hollow wcere, mnarble or gra, ith., of tin, or rust ofron or steel, nor r'esplctrl fbltr any ph.okage or pirele, iltles ai ru;,t I ill of ladui is io t culited lhirreIer at thei t ii ti m Is. nv:7 NEW Oft]L, E. :';S insu ItALT'iTYORI+ LINE OF PAt K Ii s. Tlhi line will co-s., ,f the %llowi.g vessels, Silllh havi c beet built or purchaied txprea.y loyll the trade, vrz: SI~ n, ,t it'n, Ca;ipt .M iner, l .rk A1 try, " i~'kr"sit r r I Ia l el'l: rrv. Irw ,, St.lvoll, S oioanar .all"d s, "ý )tlthaot, tliig Archlfael, a' (;ray. TIan oe vrsc-i are i the first i hes, hove hand. some fl lllrl l ll ccire iIo.datiii , and a;re ofa light drfll of al.,r, it a as. o. dllt of tlhir recclvilng nd dr(lT:rilr thlelr carigoes ilr i aI timoi-rr , a( lO e city. expenles'on goltid- ipcd wti llt ;iivall "ed when relur' i. Toe pr:eie 1.' palss sF e i+ tled at 6iU,. 'lample store. ol'the b st qllllty ,ai1 be prrvided. b te a i p aill l th itior i hp c. sippi wil bea tpaken on all ;a l mistitha. Fur fieghllt or pa&ss;agle, apply In (+ I't1. ;E DF:IORD, ncv27 I iloari-nvl wit. r'? NI W Yu,?K. acI i i pc .i ifir. [.Louisiana andt Niw Yirlt ine ,f rekelsi ] 1 h t lnlps e, p ,,ih. c this hie w l. sail frt o New ()rlas uallld ew. Y.,ark mlr every othller 11tl day-tenlmalc:lr. tho Indth Nov u.c, r-aond to insurell' ploIlnll n.llly il Illp finge ol' .I g, the Novemln!ler. Ship Louuirvale, ('.Ipt.,in Palner, to leav," on the 41th I)ecmrrnDr. Ship Iluntsville, (Captlin Eldridlge, to leave on the 18c1, Deieminhr. Ship V;ckbllrg, t'aytaill \V,,odhu:i, e, 1, leave on fle ]st J tnary. Ship MissiHIIpp, ('aptain Davis, to la:,ve oal the 15illh fi i.lImor. TI he IaItie pri . a I n , , of, l, fis, r oepper cd nll di coi peL r ',i-i+,, . -rii I I i N I - li- i- 1-) II tons buirtlh n, are of" I gil drngillc t l ic c 1 at r, 1ii *l gi built litted tI in till- most l prenll",l :ilrl If 'Ilovr ient plan, oi l lshed in a I1 ' l lasi aI ],I l l'a t y ,lAmplle stores oi tlhe first go.rlly wll II pe ', d,i. and every rler 'd Iplt to v * lol|rl us.d mi len r sa lis ilion of pl,.leo ,g r. ch n n ll lI ,e take ,ac. lce t ticetat l bcrlh ll Ie ci vf rci d unth l pcaid ticr iL thol of9e of tle Carsiers. I.. Thvse verselr are cnmnaIrEd by r:plaios well experl::led ol the t lrade, vho} .VIII y ,' e 'veyi.t' at. Ste tipIcr hllth r thnidl ai I , ,ii .lll-ll . 'I'hr,-eY will it all .1ner b, ti.iowr . d uip n down tri .1Msia siplli by steai ol lats, ani d the str, t-t puit cl lllty observed in the ciiine of - l:g. 'l'e owners of thies h ii will no libe restpnrS. ble for any I tter, irc-l or i pac kagrc , c nlt bi y or put oin hoard of th llle , Iui ii.+ a; r Igum bll IofII hldin. be signed tlherel ir, at 1 1e c lllinllg hll I E. of th iagentl or olwners. F r furtlll r pJ t rs llollr. apply ItoI .J 1) BEIN '. A (. O. EN, , 10IR NI"\V Y¥llK. [i.licianlu I ,ul New Yoik ltr .llc o c1 -'cJ', ] c Ji tllel t -:iaoiitla lin, tip .,r , ieni- crllucit Lnr)Iticcll IrIIli .!i. ll . ~icic , ,'cc.rlli, t .c ct tl..o I Ih. inl.Is'l i nrcIC hit,' l lll c titi c 1 t-1 i tý, 1iii llt lh. Illl cill tloIr ahr IIIIIIcI It icc icli. c i i ., St ilc irizoo, c lt I piuai-iioi I. ol ti . i,, lcii n " ctll' inov. Ship Lomaarl//e, . ptlon hlunrr, to lear, ni the 4th J 1t1', le allI)r. Slico tai Hc 1 riclc ni k': hI c tit'ic r i o le e t oi p I the 1i thi l , er;c it chc ,.w lwhip I'irks/exrig, 'apl iaiu " i.clhil , cc icirve o tike llt AJl-rr; . Sl.p irlc .aito, . o i, Ca it di i icacii, . . ooe on the dit.p lst ' hieI. t v.rt ship t rc al I nw. e ,f c l, fi'srlacs, c,1po'i ciric in o r tlicslit r,, tdll u1";tl , h 5-l Iciti. uiltheroiiusl of licr ticalt I wa nict, i, obecc ly ti c i rew \ ark ix prtsla It1 Ike 'I he prnie l bilei s iec is lie o toter Itcrd dotlrs ithe r c a' a i t li r e atinJed uhNOAl tte ,ostie, rds pu1 tllviN"m lo,Ue d i ishelle in tI,"ut aii Nell t nl ' ill e. Aif I, t .re. ul the [ itrl wuali . wll he ,' it , I .e, re]nal hfo lt the loiiijnd c ouc e Nic cjcciaiai-nt oi iinersc co I ',a r he r a r: '.I u lh a r, a p,~ ti , , il 1 EIt~l~,~i c& i c wE ccnco i i . ih iw I hlli II, ,, i c-silcc, icln iilo. ali xf ict ci , ciji c oiI i' c 'I ' t ic -ii h )', will ac l 'itII l i errli t ag,'d cci, d 'lo"n c i he Mis=isc iPc c i i t hip I 1,n us, anl i ci e stric 'lisi i-cl Ula ic-c atberved .n I tic l ie iii , " f ili q. lv) hi t i r, 'lirottel cjr i'a.clc atltc yIi orca pinii baredol t in i iillesic it e.ilfi ir b all clchlling:iie -lc. ilcat eilorc lii+I c t r cr i c--lit', a ilic i c II BFcINr c +c. lcc c IEN; I i. i 3 91i ('cit iiiiiol -c . PEAM\SACO)IL, 1 RI. SIO.N :iOU2 E it La teli t IL Frl&nault N5111raalat a, hnd rI ariavg aaralar etl luae aond| fla .- Iihu+',,llIli th s .lcl *lu.%ll a..t( . |'..m1 hltl i,. all- I al' .. ...... "r l ......... -, ll a a a .. ..... I. . . 'e lai a l e ,i. 'I -lan I, 'lil all e n h a 1llcll.t- (·(I1IUlllll01(ll.. imthliu.S JI(ItL.tlS. .ill be( [I~uilhIIL Narmlall Ia-. aill Iapo a vidtaaaatalaitl holls. A staable i ,ll b titlalhlu d tIo Ihe l , wlHI g1ood B l C nOlllllllda ilnr flu1 ioL mrse'. tt enrlml'ers. i sl ralll, lillr·Ls.I and vurrences wslll nlslo te k< pl hll. hir at iDnou eratel phee~ls; Ull n tnll tl[ pIw totul ,,-th piell tl o t alllilaaan e talel I ar.- ae tsl+ o l t i l ala. Iila ard Ila aai l atl uI aalllafaeaaat aalaat a a.aIt laahdll:h :1: lillt IP Iat a rlar t lfa a1thalae a lalla ilrn o, li of11,'U telIP b ard'r . 'l'The · a ".al a 1111 Iwqlllalqa l waill b+ ofi l a I ahP II aaht a la- a Il aa1111'L II t ll aapply of ' abltaanll alta, t - I , llal\ ShI [laaia k t lla'alian, n alaa fahaahrTir wlka so poular it hotelus Wa \,'shluLthon ctyi,w~ill combert' ilh st he I for ahI .roa ilora r h aaalllaaa a i lt,h I hni, n'll-Iaa laalalaa Usulret tilt ,llls o laaet yelr. ullt, la .. taila pa a llla'llaa yl lhat ti reen rwlTDle s laer pl)S-ible tlla.llttiall and thiereby (cx l": 14It+ gl~yn gil.i1.1; 1 ·iullll cll~ltlrll r I clts ''.- ad eh halsll, are too wall klaaaaaaiai q a arlu. P ndled a1a-ta are. The " l " ' a c alt and M - tIsl a -In -illlla a a l Inra.a 1 alaot aetialn of the laratr' ta-e rl'- I e l. Nd A a tOstttly do tll - l ailt -gllllllllrlI llhllil|15 b\ tlea Iaalaatta l nea h ttut ilt hallal 0! Tat lllr alal ltll arlld rthe r eighoatnett -hn - i ah aulaaal at-d aleliaa aatthe :i-hI ri l t'h l h*"l l ..ims Ul tl~l illlid;: a1II ils plmximity ru tllr 1 e t, .olltho. LIaaTlketa aiaa I'enaranotl Ihe pee liilana a~rtll aolha'a pleaaea aalaale laatitudaes, als a hl+allh mhd <hll ialala lla ailalllllr tll Ia.l'Ial. laalaaia ll, boatatd illatl I het~ll aaaPleallsanlanadd Heo bilea Ir Iah aill at a I thllaeS he elrla t take the passengers lralaa alia' Naatal, a i aa'il alatl. N B ARNOLD. l -~sw l i, t*'da1i, lA:lBl Lrti aaala'a'aa na a'go a'aerdage raaata for their fI;,uilir-, ,'tillthl r r· I lllll~laa a laar. atl telmetolaa r %1a ",la.s+I "'laala. Ialr. laltlanr jaraptetr, at .Hew Or lona'. i,, . iaeave Mb. Ta hat.rd P1 w ,ir t Cillaaaa Pa MaAlpin, Vsq., [I. Kil, ~ill h iv,; n I' 'l'a~luIn, P P Rea, Enq, in Ness I'' --A h.laIna lno sea rareite etntli entioen ftr -;t llae iaboa a otrl, is placed at Gee Whitanast' i atlca, 1 St tltar!ea L.ahglllrpr . f RIi allDA ROUTE I5r NEW YORK. " 'l'Inelterll desiraus of tkiag the Florial rOels. aia Peaaaald.aacth tlia 1iartltN, r ihfarared that ales' sate h clata w ill e attusiall v rala h-as- AlaMlaile as Pensae ola, 'tvinadlaM h alld teaaaalaaaanata t tlher day the Ist aa Ira, (saro isagaenaaill alaaes he pieeided op tle <lia'e l bal er Ilt hi ill t.Ihaliaaala 'k teketassshg'efra alaalI a +, aaa l tile fsilaaa ol the hoats. ..........l. .,'P I AtaIfILD. alell atpmlannl a'laalilaia lances albilt Ier Plast nl~l ulllr |.Itt la vt·t' Ckl I*. fl'

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