Newspaper of True American, December 27, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated December 27, 1838 Page 3
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LOUISIANA JOCKEY CLUB RACES, IIR FALl. MFEETING conmmenced 'Thlis Day 'lToesdy, the. i2th 1:la-mber. Fourth Ihay-Jockly C(itb P'rse $1,R81l-taree o mil: heats; of which the se.t d best wIl II' .ntited t..+ $ Ill i More ltth two hlrto-if.olll tl o, th miltlllel It~, rrt'cir ,t,-'o0. Fifth Day -'Tht "Intiut PhI'ltt, va', $1,UfOht-twt nil heaL:; . v" ('i' a " dlds . n, I ,,'r will :r'.Vy IlIf l's - lfllr yeorlll- lnd lllll e. bIgllli l]llltlsii'tt. s igh s Si.lxth Uruy-Prop .lllo'; lur1e, ;ilu iln l hie at: -flrst .f 111 .t. Seveath De y -J ovry Cinh I'urse, $ |,.i-flinr) milt heats: if'll re ltll two .,t, tIh- cooltld h, "l hlorse tw ill be etlitloed tol tU--t but tto, tie willnfr to receive Eighth Dtay -'Pot Stake-t-hreo mil~ ats-e trance F?5U--p. p-freeefor eo l o '--,orioth Ifor age. IIINRILY A 'IAYLOF:, J C BUIANCII, MANDEVIII, MARI;GNY, nov'8 Proprietors JEIf'FERStN ACADEMY. jiIREPAI.A'I'tOIY to Jefllerson, Col eg t alnd to oth Sro Collndueted by II. (irauet, 1 I. I,. F.xchan ge Alley, l't.;e.ln ,'onti inl ienville. Thi aitaotion wao the moIot eligihbl that could be found being entirely free Irnoml tlhe raole of the streets land the ralttllng of drays and enrillnges. The Je Ierson Academy is divided into two depart ments. The Junior or elemllentary dtpartmt'nt fr tile various branches ofcoooIInno education inl French and in Eoglih--l'lI' Senior tlepartmeut for Latin, (hreck, Mlaths'mtic', &oe. Putnctualtty, order onu discipline are strictly enjoiaed and observed. 'Terls. JUlio l)Department,per montth; $10 Sattior do 15 Spanish It lot. Btots,, paper, &e. charecd separately find. A roloth ones be~gule, to bie pid in :oial; 3rd. No deduction for absencea ior for hohdaes: and St. Charles street, no tlhe' atest t mt r.t Besideo ll theo nrincipol tapers of thel Uniterd States, of every city anod stlate. rlhe Canadals,texas and Mexi co oad laylnllta. to' ootn id regutarly enr ylott ivr lista.ntl Ptic,'o Prict Currntt. Also oith ne;oly all tIhE Lterary Per odiatls oftheday, d t ins t re pohlioatioos ot. Lton- t. tdoe, E~xt'+llat.ttor1 ut(totttter Mletro(olitan It(view n'e Ia thlltkwlmollo Io ilt'to rr. T Norti Alltricnn tevioew; tthe Southern Iiter tKatnick bocker,Tl'hhe.AerinnJourno l of S'ienc anod Arts, Catbinet licitlllany DemorttiO. t livr Indao'le stlideM'i a gozine,AmonicanlI otthlyt , ItIntly'tt lisoclny, Ithe Mexico Chirurgicl teview, alnd a vanrierty of others. All these wl'orksoel reroulrly isubcribed o'tt and recei hrd. 'Ithe rootm is ltstI tsu plid l ),tt a Int et' ottitt l of .topo and Ietlo , Nilto C'gtrllo.f.tlt o r riLc CLI ront from it. crommencellmet, Un zatcers, and u valrety of works oul'refrcuce. The moul aOttivr k intellignit news .ollectors re em ploced, to give the earliest arrivals, and no piinrs or ex nete will te pn rel to render thios Readintg Roon the ort thi U nited hSlate. Subscripltions are respectfolly receive I. owotl l- tr NE:\V RLKFANS.v ,AIItl())LTON RIAIL ROAD COMPA1 NY. From. CoreoaTIn Fmam New O0lin,.. FloaeCo.at4 o'.)c 911ukA.M Is mCmarf5 o'clock, A. Larmti..8R Ioutvr 7 ," 2 "' t P.91. After10,.'1,1ka b.rCantb ohr tuaed by p.lyin.g It) dol. last for the Trip I..... . gin byteI );.g.e m .))at I~rv e t .tn-r e I o I.3 Che ) "ng .V -I. h' l: It CARD.6.'tt'tI)6 6 ~ limited In..i..' (is ;0.111 18 6'.61 Vtb) 'O VjI Ife It 1 (0 I ,'";6' ~ very ~ ~ T~'IE It n-PYmlt.ll Lo,,eta,7 h . l gia/,lh.'.c6. a . I a...) fw . 1,ait whlktwill ).o n,1o v, s.o ""IaIIIch: t" ruffs Ity,, pa.i *),ali.fal a r t all ," d ..u .t ,...I .a.ehv11, ooftrti -..g , 111,1t C.Ire ,)I).I, 68 . ___________ ___ by 1 6 8 )b:1 11 t11 ti.1 'I., bil IIe f ;:ca ria "s)tN 8.68)) 1111 1)11)011)',6 I L'-.Ifa Itilln 1'. mynaci: J im)? t .1i l EESIh &t0. n 1 .tl').ANGF' 1 Camp 1 .5J DIESl !'tu SI)tILIeet, 8) oricthe Mateb [/..z, U ( INN;I1 tll) 146v1)6 previousl vi.c ia..l p tb oily.aa ta 1e Nh lib 't oft10,11 11 Irn 'hle reel tI n~tet, at 1.yto .,, 'AtLeI' , t.J....t.''i ae.),n fr.'.), min~ Is fottl."..h ave .'tc ia.. himce..t..., J Intnatgoy.' "'I lae 1grea plasr )in )C 8)..ll h at ..) afte r tad loet D~e c., 66:16l, a...l) 111.: crtha,' b tha aioh)nll C..l. thil Ir.' bui~ .'caf'hs aI..'.c,e . I .)aa 10 th repet. thl .. I, uie hin a gnleman hi81 8.,lyfy wotte ma) ,ateonacedit .lachea11 r t'e'. "" t Ask 10,1 I tae en 11,11a N pr.0.&C. o I.ft ,m)UdRNIN NncrOl st seI Al.i~ I.,l tat t'ecrviae111110 d tme.ttfc1boa,'aaed n ai , .)aaflt-t6 ..(tlae nbawith bbgl illbe w~ell e, a., l ba In tlc arg tatmrue s u ltl l tae .1100l7 od fr mmbe. o 1' 19C il~l ' & C. ~~1I8R3)AN 6)46161 b I 6)) 1816 TVNG~a.I) From Rev. Jaa J.C Robertson, .)O,.),tar at earao, i re 1a~tad l m a nn a er , end sh '61.' n0. a ac se.. p. ~ skitwi tiCn N per c.."ra 4) ;n .ivig et thing the Iget6ih 1).eese in9166 New Oraeals:.. Thu. llen,,InM, Itlk llt) A CO, Canuthbert in part, Esq. alava tilava nivtad aolrd; tat1 byi to.r pratten, andr inmla cam p11 late temtebi)ta at. ~w ricer,' can. p1.1 bI CA~r aat 1)ha er baricet if naaeeya'.lurets and qua lities.'.t hairal b h gros sir,., and ah, ink N . tat1)7rca 18,tt . oar. ia.. ,,)d .t at ''1tetiarqaaity;.cep 11'1{)t1a\laaaOaeeSTR~AP-Fora larg acnpiznr;pan Iurot..,an aiac).,n p09gm, ,Ic:a. and belmads itar a)e C..rrllian 'a, i+De.Otlea1e 1o thara ..ov t riestake.11lrl to t II-1wh Lavesrong Iotcne. talnd aende ltres, tsaittgzo.aple da ai~t liant.tllt. wil ireceiv wallredatain, so ' at ,ee~t't nail u t nnda1.bp eninat.)te, )and aacre, at~entan Teaat1nae..e.,a'aa.trlelcafor.slce byit~a,,aa ,atf~ aee1 112:65gt &aht rivet. N F 1w Cat a mp a1t.,. Caf il' a..)'l Egli and 'l Grdaa.ta wjZit;lyt).Ec.'1'ta)..'t0.JIat rective..tdlea 5bkteare. .1~t.) htoandbn arown canicra Ianbtras and s )tile b Plated ne.5 e1AtteItoahout. rciveta al ta h fro" m pI lted catacar o and ordl'igin.a.!nenoJ1 dnard7u AIRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, Ji''mrnlre d firon 17 Cnrlrto,,kn our St 'll\l:XlI 1)1)33 U 'r Sr I'11' jhI3I3M 'IIFA'I3 l:, $ II -1l llr lll)I r, .I:{ -II IIII.oit,,' ,tl ldIlr \1'1 ll' to t1' II(IY1 ":3 , Nit -'('rieoy ol .1. IiIa'pl3~,e :o rl all ~~-- ,°-r* . ONE fw,r' n,Iv .j,,rIha_ hor ne , No. , tusnl un 1',r,,Ii C trir, all dir,3 3rd.l ao° fro Ihw alrlet, h,:tailg four rooms, well tin fished(,, it strroy hit,. Uh .aith fouar r.o ,riBrs,',rr, well and every crnvarni,'e to make it ra alf'ttlrkl resi denre f3,r'n (all lirwily deairo,, of living retir,'d. Al (lly III .. UTr1'. doll t 'I U (hEN')'. t'. 1 IWtV() twa,, tlory hous nnd kitchera on St. ice I Jnhn ar. lear the Pavdr.s morkct Ap pIJ.!J ly to RIrB. CLANNOiN, n-,2- II'(1 llapNI .1FIIREE QUAIRTE'RS f a square of sIj ground witt we houses thereon near the e i ~new market on Poydlras st. A ,·'ly to 111o'3'.C 1-,A.i (or novl'fi 1' Clump 11 ' 'rTwo houses near 'ivoli Cirale. Appalvt. is novl9 J 0 I1. *)I LIAIti) BALLIa ANTI CtIf:sEc2-t lt.rgr .. )) alrt,,nl t ,,illiard Balls of 1311 aperior quality It tre Buzau r,oonrr sot. Charm -n anad Coro,ntan-rr. B11511 & A.LLAN. nor I0i allatlew Ilhotl. \Inllalld \\'ril··;* itl every Et}lr,jusl rererrvl d at thr IIAZAAIL, orreor of Charlre s wd Co(213110a 91s. B3USt) & AI.(.A4N, nov'.0 Exehol.) I(Ar I. BANS)- lwat received unl tfr saleby the sblh. scriber o moderate: terma, Clorirortaja (i C a'd 1 flat dI, it, Fand !: fl.t : 'irilclo and OlcItare FIatn; ('id; rianltt 31,I Fied an.d Boona Ileums;~ Caltlry Trumetts,, plai,, Illratarn 2' o itlh croaks 'Trailn boneo·,loor; I'rnorh llrr: ; 1'rrorratt; 12,-nalas. I'(. Jt)I(S & ro, "o"30o corner St C(hrlrlear,, :end CoI i I- AZA - 1. (Corer of St. Clhrler , Coutnton stret, NXCH A NU F. HoTI: t ')132211 & A(.,.13 wo,,ald rrspectfully caIl thr nt. I) ellrtij,,racitirrans tad strongetoI ttrirca,,plrtr asool,nllenf o (lencucu' lne hils t ermbie malt loon runtslll. titsbhin table linen troll lm: lineln C.·:: 3urý: silk, 3',ttoln, 3,nd (,,erino undelr shij,,aaunidaa drawers: cauoher and silk hltadkerrhief,: Inlackod f(2.''y cra aotr i gret vauiltry: rtocksl of every de'ripition: go. eltic llnd cottontl lurspnders: ' illkartl,,cottondtltrhrd a gfloars: i'.'rlrI,,,kin glIrra: ualobrhlloas and anesn golld mute'~od. A 1so,-3lplrrdid ntrarart of apladies and gents wri. tin.g deska, dlreraming onRO, pOt. flios perfuoer}, cut lery, anld ricahancy goods. mavll T EXAS I ANI) 2(2(1(1'FI Sro -Th all F I I hera erllfor Fol.r weroItryFloats of1,,a Ixhudre~l atnd frtaacrerof lnoad, each. Ily the netr n lhr I.egia lature thisa script can be held and located b Iy foreigners, ,aid it tranlserable by assignmet. ao,311 'I'1(119 II ~r·:Eh& Co. usal byI . ' ro()STl' ____ter ___y. mring, n draftdrll.. by i 1 domle'rtl AndrewI Bwler,aEr,.l(qr Srrre,,/,.r hr,1 ad fifty dollat-s, d,,rd,Jn I1 ta61th, (18313, dur hir Juh 28.9. Ihr publir ,c,',l,,,, are .altelne of tt.d'',g fot hr ait ,v,, Iat,,rwtt or1ilr ath tar lrbing. so1,'p" 3. '('hre 13,',r will plerc laave it at this o33ic3', 1,1 re aeivr a. suiblle reward. .133 1221~. Mr. (GEORIGE 9IF.RIICK hIavL 13 1ttrt the, of tau Rolil Roadul, r. JohA JJHo..pon hu I been hr, int. Pit ill his place, to wit ln all persaons hainRg bu'inei liv order of the Boar1(rd JIJIIN NfCIIL((1 '30N /'11113' prier ,l1'rokr fou. raol after thelr It (ay If I I ,, 'r,3 lr ,2. ' I-rt / pr .I: 1,"oo:1' "11 ti,, u r, hllld iul 1l·I11): I o61}' to make t triter, ere ived ant thle Gas ()(fior in Mink All, v.P( : 1 ' 1 tl.1.s -'I't to ,l, n,.or t+' ,, lt ,,t d oh llllll.. t11ll f illowing .\ rll i . "li) lo d t sk - 1\Vhi I Ouosia; Itl d, te-l',Ihao o coo thtt,: L Io I o It r Fll ,ll. I (p ,uI ,,r brl.l."o al ldant rr o brhen, to r Leve, nrid mod r tltd"C " dt All r nks ofmllinrv naVy I ( 'hllpllenI; - do Childrh'rs silk and I1 h-in Ilnts,,li sizes. Caps-Fur, fitter, far Real, Nueta, MuLskrat, and hnor ertl, in twio dzhen cases. ('loth (Ap--Pickwick, Polish Avril's hat I halope, sft op. Foret, IoraK". hilhIho' Ianch ? I'-Iuban, Plaid,,ndand Vtlvet Caps, Fret,, h pftternv. Stock i--altnl, .ilk and Iollnbazine, of the neatest lnlbrellts-silk andl [olton. ohooikor llor ok, oiltd tilk. tilk I k; ndker nllh s-I-on e? e dll SpitaluellIs. 'lindlboxsw lr, hat ter, wood c Ises, doulle fr d re gotdl. t1'h above gotos col prite it Ire tock, and ill 'f thelatest )palterns,dl will besold at small ad vance, wilth cost andcharner lon New York prices. The subscribers will take orders lr ,southerln, western anll Texas markets, fior the house of A IH iossip & Co., Hut alanlflctlrers, New York, alnd alt the shortest possible notice. ((Germall and French PI'lush a bollught. tlIIS. IP & Co., Naval, ,Military, and Fashilabhle Hatters, Exelhlaner otel, nnsvll ,I Crahle ot I wrilin iuk; l l lrllh.lllnr.lle light hhle; dIt do tlark d,; P' J Araold's ooaohino ootvio ink; i'trry'o do db do; lavnHaro & Noovro black writiug intk; I'errvan ink or sitel pens; Perine, IiVot & cos Iblalk writing ink; E J I. Gu(,ot' red ink; const., tilv ,t ohand, and lir vale by " ' MoKFAN, der Il rnpr ol CliCor l & Comlolln V-_L1.A-.1n iovoiee of Imtterit l Tea, V'outoo It~o,, . I Ir'r Precrto, oad Soudhont , in half cl.'to, sltd eattyhaxos,'obr sale bIy S.IALI. & 1tIIt0 N, '115 96 Ma',tzine ot I l.OUIl. 34 bhills landing Irom steaoo r Dianl, I.r It al, byo d17 i lt)iSr.Y,44 Nrew I.evre. UNNY ilAois-:h-t hles 2 bulshl l 2 asy ih o torot and ooor saleby (i ))ltlhEY, 44 Nou Levee. EN L\oV Ill) ii--.Zust ree Iv per ship tm pinre. lrom Philadelplhian at ithe Nie Ilookstore !49 Camp treet, Leigh's Nisi Prius, inll large octlvo volules, w oth ollte und rtltor nces to the t lte-t AmIer. ican cases, ho ;iIoorgePSh erworol. Archbold's Practice,r new edition, in 2 vaoolnme, for sole ho ALEX. 'I'OWAI(. tI %tIf:N'l'9 1)I).11t. ItS RlI'V.I Dltl-Iloke trom I the promnises o of the sutbscriler,cornler l I)lulthin and Coitll strets. tin W\edne-da.y onlllng, tile 1th instant, browlll or dil.k ylil II(Iorse, about six yearsL old, a little ohove mtidttdling size, oo e wh foot, o ot d short tail, had on a halter; it i,- pIrelued lhe has been aIlkell t"Ip h smne per'o , otthrvir e he wouool have ti turndoofhisoown accord TIhe huve rowtrd will hr paid to whoever will deliver theI said lioie to the adlleroigled, or give schl ihl,lnationl as will Ill to his tiscorery. d20 1' It I tD. ITY OF NEW ORtLEANS-Second Munititipality, 'Ihird WVard--lDecember ,20th, 1838. 'I'h w ers of plroperty on ront I.evee street, art herelYv noti fed to complloy with tile ordilnane of Novembelr lalt, under the elnalties prst.ried, itoixty das frnnom this date,inexreinlgtler liowiollgtoter, to wit: to have Ithe sidetalk, fronting thtir retpuctive poprties conll structed elrecably to s ,id ordinance, with curb and I.t ter stones nt a thrtP feet paved support. anld to have tile same paved with good quality lake irl ckr. 311L K IL 11 URtf 20, Coominisoory, rd iWard NLLE-OltLI' Nri-dtle oNI ou'itlte, 2t, De0 . -- I.plorietalo esolo' terret sitluee stir la rile de In Levedlu Front no't par les pr.esnllles tetifi'se'ar voir a s e oonolr- r a It'o doonnaonc, ' nvellnbrl e i rutle soluspreiler des n,"n en y anoueerts d nm Irs 0 jollr qloi sllivront cotie da e., en exlnoInt I'orlr sivail de faire confelltioner in h:ao, ttes ftisant fu:; a .lur pr iriete resp)ec ire eni botUs,' briq.l. oIU lialat. con tlirroellt a Indite o rdonlllsec. brr, les ot daleenlrn gierre av'c suppllorts e pierre de trois tieds (cut-o Rll nd dltter atolne, untl iltlro". fiet paved slprt,. d20O t 1I.. I.OltJL t(l , 'Iii. :ik isrtrict. APER--IO rerem VWroplriog PIaper, assorted; 115 SHIALI. & IItROIWN, 9i Manzoine sto Sil 1l.E OIL.--150J g-alls. RllftLPd IWhalt' Oil, for salet b Sl.I.I& ItROWN, 12-2 9;; li ntzine 't 60 11.:2 'i: , 11 -12l' 10 0lr--t i Ftt oo ,,h ' ir j Iliarre!, ellin I 1:oifllilp Adrian, Ile:ow the rail ronad, and tin sali byl "1' 9 \V31 PORTER, 95 'ommton o t I.t ISX1:4 rIA ItRltllIo-- too ttl tie size. WlO, du T1 sll d f, r sol ho by I e 111,1. i l~ 3 -Pohdrce it ot13.31 fr vithr t L tei'.l ,',' fr .ll or h ,-H.\ltI L BRtIWN. Sdtil ool Mlagaie SHIPPING. For Europe. F1 I IIA IM c[. IThe A II iId fa.t sailing ship GlIRtARI), Cantp P, rkler, ~. ill (r, . ill. ,.i lel p lC :h Sthc a ov porr . Se 1,h i lltb , 1.5 llides f1 .u. " if, i illllll iintol appluertion be :ida, appl'y o T-hr .1 1 eeru thi siling bnrqeu IAIllS, firrgt or pa e,ag Ihaving Iwo splenldl euA i , u ply Iu hi d,or u IIOLM ES& 1113I.5. FUlt GREENOCK. The ae ll known ship MAtS, Capt. Cio Stie, will sail on Ihe 2511ir t Caneomot forta blv ccolnltmodate a few cabin passtngera; ap ply a, buard, or to HOLlIES OA. MILLS, "122 Bank P'lnce . FOR IdA VAX:. -- Pac et Itrig. I'r - R Al P erlailln fi alg, rst rote ropered, Philad.lphia . . lit, packr I brig i;ANNICI.EFFT', Captainl Walker, 2110 ton. Thlis vessal has been tiird tip ex. pressly hfr the trale, Iavinlg splendid furnished aeco nmdulins fur thllirty ipassengerr s will Ilve immlaediate de-patch. For tr rpasage, apply on board op. pole tlhe Vegelrable markert, or to 22 tn. POUIRER, Coarlnon street FORI LIVERPIOOL. . The A I fart ailing ship BOM IIAY, R. P. Gay, Master, hoving the greater part of hercargo engage:d, will havr despatch. For trngt aor passage, apply to S & J P WHIITNEY. 117 73 Camp st FOI LIVEILtPOIIil. _With inmnediate despatch, S Having tlre greater part of her nargo en= gaged, the A Ifanrt sailing ship Ct(NO'I I'U SION. For freight, apply ta H WII.I.IAMS, 5 Rovtl at., or to LEVI H GAI.t'F, 112 93 Commnon at lOt IIAVIE The A I superior faal sailing ship AREA TU,Caaptain Snow, will meet with imomedi ate depatlch. For pasalgeonly, having very handrroe oneemamlldationall apply to LEVI H. GALE, d7 93 Common FOl t TAMPICO. Th. Ite A I lirhltdraglht copperfantenecl a hr IORAL, (Davia, oanter, will have inmmediate rlelpatch for tI, obove plortl; ls fahe inccummo rdtiolas fr twealve passenrgers. didt 8I O BLISS, 63 Pnydras at Coastwise. . Foli NEW YiRK-il - 10 II r S' INE. Regular Packet fr TulLadea, January Ist. TIl The plendid new packer ship PAN I'. ' TIIIA, GeoI. W. Ashlaury, mnster, will sail S-_-nl la above For freight or passage,apply on board opposie the vrgetable market, or to d?., tlENRY C AMES, 48 Camp at FOR NEW YORK Packer of the 29th Inst. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK IINE. '. e Suprl rior and faat sailing pacike lhip VICKSBU'&G, Ilunker,Mirre.,haviog tart of her cargo engaged, will saila a above. For frit gil or pasnage, having elegant accommodations ap pily to tne CaIptain oi board, npporite tle Vegetable markert, or to J 1 BEIN 1& 1. COlIIN, I d12; 91I (dlllPo on at FUR NEW YOlth. Packet of tSaturdav, the 29t11. 'I he A I ship .\UIII tN, (apt. I)urfev, will sail as above. For freight ofl 50 ihales i, .rntroiI, or passrge, havlng elegart furnolled ccrrrmmodoations, arrpiv ion hiard, opptrsite tie Mlint,I Zr to d121 PETER IAIDI.AW, 6 tCamp st F tR l I g1 o aN nr 'The tstrt iling ashr PACIFIC, Capt. Paddleford, oill sail on 'Thrsdar ; for ant suge only, apply to W,1M I'OITI It dlti 95 mmolnllln n St Fitlt Ilt tl\lION'. i S 'The A I colpr fasteelld -hr PROXiY, 'apt tItall;.rdi, will mieet irthdespatch. tr freighlt ir Ia-snga .rpl tar (!f S J I' VIIIrI''N', 73Camp st tO- (). A L'I'I 2 tIE . . .. - l'l fit saiin... brig OLIVE IRANCII, SCapt. Emerson, will sail in a f lar; for Issng- uillllnpplys to WVIW t'iY'I'Et, ,119 I95Conn on st FOR BOSTON. rThe AI la-t sailing rhip JPIT ir . (I, will n ret with d apatn, for the above port. For tifrightt of1511o')1 bdler cotton, hauving the greltile art of cargo iii Ilordlt, apply It o It 1 r. t(if8r 1 and cn pr rrrt coreid, foat `1 .I.. ..1 i r:",.{ ..I ; : l".:;L..1 ... . 1 ; i ll ,ll .: lii, ) r aI tt tlhll a or.. i 1 all trl , rIl illdllll:P t 1r I II l lir ilt tltlrt, " t,, S ;EliSON '\ AVI.:II , ldaa - IANTI i r T "lwobri 9 ofthbe sappcity of about 400 and 3nI 0 hhl .agir, to loadl o lol a ~lthlll r potlt. AppI to I.I.VI II ' II' , d= 93 C oulton it L. or i l Interior. ,OU i01YOU 8.\l{.\ AL PILtAQI'I,:tlNE. . tllnr trii+s on , lrl . + xlll t,, 19.. ihtlt inst at IU Io'rlok, i. \ ., anti ll S ndall , at tIhe ame houl for IBr tlryaini, anlld wI I ontinle I n r ll r ll r tile ballance n tile tui-oll, and le IYe pla'II tay at lhe hour adverlised. A siprate caal ,i, tll I taictlt rotia, bar onl d pern pI. For faeinaght or assnge, pl o on rd, tA r It di8 DiC.1 &.YI IITI I. dil Aite laa (ilta I, IH . i. - TI . llr pltckelt low p....ur. aPe.ill--a le ti lkA end of nd Rail "'HrUIlSI)IAS & SUNDAYS, after yI o arrivtIl ,f tlle Ie n'clk card, ar d on her re turn, leave Moblile, elery Ta'esdaysand Fridmry. For pasage rapply on boura to CA I'PT. SWILER. P S t-Wlheoea r at atllmficiet itllbel of lpilaellgera offer the.l tiraln ill touch at ailly of the inatermedliata I.aa.dia upoa preavin .n.ortice beig giaen to ('apt 'ASTE L.ACKING. 100 daoz, for aa by dla SIIALI., &. Bl.\WN, 96 Magazine a1 nBOXES hita Ilaaa Sluiar sdefa O by ld19 S I G BLANC.AtRD, P ARLOUR hMAGIC-A new and intereating bao T fbryouth, just reeivcd anid lor sale at the new Sabokitore, No. 49 Camp sfreet, by A. T'I'O ER. e Wo\VIILIA.Ip FIRotS' isT aisociatedd as r prtner ih the firsn of Whitridgae & (o., No. 76 slngarine wreet, for the transaction of general clanariimni hu -d! --.Im h IiSKcE TY-6i brla lal;ding from atpuuer tridge ,. reter, and tar .ale by GI)he nrEY deie5 44 New Levee RK \NNSAS \1 I0,:Yl \VA.NTEDby A l17 'rllOSA II I.S E &0. CO, 28 now Levte NEW PUBLICATIONS of tl'lde, Coel e noleeind haniwith \lerhant' acrOlats, inltnd and Iareign bills, par if England: r(llltiln a al t.ll ltat e. l B F alster. inloeran. iln AInlllian, bly AIlnis de Tocquevilla in !Ivo.l Man in his plhysical structure, and ndaptations, by Robert Mlfldie. 'iThe Flower Garden: eotainillg direlons for til Sulhivalioul of all r garadcntlotemaitA; w eleited listn o the mostr lrptoile.d annual, tielnial, and peranreialf ltower elanta, in1 ill., I"iito. (ileanitigs of Natlirn e-lintllallining ifty-st.n igroups of atintali and pladnt; with lpaparln dancriptiont o their ublrit. BIv Inbert tIludi,. The I icilns df Gniaila; being eatratat front the Din ry ti an :nAerhntt tliyviciln. utwtanrd Bund; orr 'a lalelnhnt'a Aldvanture, by thel .tliaor ofintali, thie aeef.r, 'TIe tld Contlitodor,'e new edition, in "t volls. A Residece oaf Elevean Inar in tha Nmew Holland allth, tCIaroline Ihlnidl, alini the Adli iattres of J. F. iO'Uiuell, Edited fromt hit verlal narration; in I volllume. StevPlaln's Civil Engianering of North America, ia laiat's Elev.illutrmtaOd, L vol, nO . (:r.ov's Iard, illustriatedt, a, h12t, o es ter'ahr Earlelanti oI Pt.hysic, I vol. Ion. Roaoe's Life ofl.oenaz de lMedici. with a memoir of the autthur, i I vol; jst received and fir sale b r an M ,nt.Kil":N. nov canr ofCa lnp & Commnan a ( tR BALE--.\ writ raw Negro, lIr 0 to e jaurc dl9 __ " L H tipALE ,93Commo an st A SEI.ECT' and fresh smibply of tre Colors ef ev I ern des,.rintllan. for Scenae pinting; til aid \Va. trr e ,lmllo; Illr+hrsliead atlitlr toolsaidl an extent stock of suplerior V.\ II 'ii I e I,.ti. lrom lhe nano itftory ofmP mIt tmiil & Coa.e cmpriting ill Nos. 1 & 2 Iuruitrnr Nos. I & '2eo eh Varnish, end I & 2lrdinar domeatie Illac k Jalpan, alid Brown itdo. Alno, t210 kegs Crlnae ganreen, in a25 lIb. aacb, rlannd ill oil, ulad 1ntl talnislcrt upem ria, r I' rrlllh greea, aiso in oil. 1"2 l reels p airit t tl 'Turliet tm• aid ll-ild )il. Artist's Colors, &e . (lIeeaes SJ, -l, LoidollI aind 40 lnnes French Lake, for sale ait tIe Iaint tl)re el the suaiaerihe r. MONIELIl FAL. FASIIIONS. 1`1lIlt itneitrnhers take heave ,m inform their patrons, 1 tlid the ipblic tlnt r t le, that th,, we ieo .u pmtreI tio extibl their fall titshnia. Fa-hnionnalle Ilutters, fiaxcllnape Ilhtel, t_ o. 1 St. Clltnrles a t r iENs I)(1LI.A Ilt: A -IOE IIt annaway on lhe 1311 il. the gril girl a tellillte,, aiged aboult 26 tr "7 ,, , .t I . t ,l , '\ i i-;' . SI, it.5 , :; Basl i r , I ir'a, atpnlnlttloata ilmilks' use, f varioua pnttern Padiize'. For saale IV S LOI'KE e-n, dl9 8 Front Lever (;llcaoti'ta Stloves for a' i-n. ttenih boa's, tic Ilalla, a sIle r nrtll, en,tln oIk tlill ovter 100 ier,ims. -i- 's' reeeivL ,.+ yl, Ii.le-rril Inrgr ar, t lare .,rttnea a tI Ilhile Snne !China, toegPthcr ilh a greattct tri eayof ('t o and Plain Leiclth I'itnhterac atiallcet far B.ta and Ilmela, which ni:l Ie anlil low Iy lhe ipack ta, cr doann. B I(O)WER &c., dl--lw 17 Camp, and 8t Comamonr ana S I ,S , flIPB1' 1(Ii,'R f &. COMMI4SSION ME ItCHANI'T, No 63, Pas-am ;trect, 1. I'. FIREEMAN & 'Jo., ilofleslle flothlsag M .blbtthe II N-,. :, ti,,,zine atrep, 1I IAVEcr, nottly on had a large supply of Cloth I L illns, e Thnl ,ted alr the eonitry trade. 'rhlir as. orlllenl b ng lare. , rchallntl s roltl Ile country canll be supplied at tihe ashorlet nolire. ,a't4 FASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HADDEN, No. 14 Chnarlrer StreeS IIAVE anmontantnupply if every artacle pertaining to gentlemena' dress, of the latest style, at New York priers dec 20 J. B. Ross SURGEON DENTIST, no* N,.:!3, Royal ttreet. S. A. PERII.(SSIEI.R, MERCHIANT TAILOR 67 Common street, I EGS to inform the public that bhavin purchased JE (roan Messrs 1tOUC0 1, SKE(i.i & CO. part of their stock, he will (c)ntjinl the business at their old lstand, oppolsite Baslho'p IIllte', where hIe hopes to merit a share oftheir patronuge. lie has made arrangements at the North to be su pplied man hly with the latest and most fashionable goads Inr 14 CLAY & CLARK, OUSE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, No. 102 Poydras street New Orleans, MANUFACTURFRS OF Lead Pipe, Water Closets and Pumps Of all descritin.on WARM, COLD, AND SHOWER BA THS Fixed on the most approved principles. t MILL'D LEAD, PIPES, &e I [If Orders executed in any part of the Southeln States. Inr 9 Dr. Robert F. Lindoe. YFFICE Enetxcrso Hors.a. lie CL.AY &A CLARK, Plumbers and Leand Pipe Manufacturers, No. 102 Poydras street, SELP on hand a eonatnt oupply of Lend Pipe, .fro nt2 in. dialnatet down to 3-+ an. diamneter, for sale. ORLEANS LITHOGCRAPHIC PRINTING ESTAILISIMENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Banks' Arcade. WILLIL.M GREENE, PROPRIETOR nrl 1 H. PARKER Commission and Forwarding Merchant, No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, UP STAIRS. New O:lrane, Feb. "2. JARVIS & ANDI)REWS, WlIOIl.EI.At.EI ANI) RETAIl. DEALERS IN MEDIOINES, PAINTS OILS D E STUFFS NWD) IVIVDOW GLASS, Corner l Comnmo and Thoupitoulas streets, NEw OEAlNENS NA''IIAN JARVI.". JOHIIN W. ANDREWS. A large upply o Garden Seeds. warranted the growth of 1837. AT MOBILE, Ala. S. I. & I. I. JONES, AUCTIONEERS. Nag. 61 and li: 8VAT1'ER SSTREET. SIIt unldersigned, booing established tltemonlvoR in E1 Mobile fortihe purpose of ttenoetoln g tgi, Auclion anal (:lllltniidsill IUnllC e in Ito verio Ielnohe., leg leave. toilnform ltir frieu and toie pllolic, thalt thlle are no poreprd to reeio,, coolngno.'nto, and manke lthural advanler on the nmle, either for priootr or public sol !. SO L NIAN I. JONES, ISIA Rl. 1. JON ES. Refer to Walkber. rlilhh & Co. Yew,.N0, C ti: 00001,,lr oTe. ' , I';0 .SAMvci, SLATE,.it:AH,, SLATER & TRIER Forwanrdin & commissieon Mlerchants, No. l Poylero Srelet, N lW (l tiltEA iNS. ol tVelouro Tradute. Refectrorle Io t..l.,l AI Non ' hlmeog. A AI NIllhoo: itrn. Fnn,, Ibo'on & Co. I I, & Al 8·lli 010,0 ( rinks, !8WI 'Co.I. ( Itoston. l,.h, its Irothrna & Co. I.everet & 'I'ohouno. Nenw York. Von P0!,! & Me (Gill. Stanfiord& I tneit. St Loui. etlogoto, Ioel& Ttum. S S Rii,.,r & Co. fluood-,, Poge & Dounlip. Alton. A It Skci,!,,re Esq. ( It llarotnll ,& Co.-l.neigville. DUOYVIR & tIAWi, I)EALEIIS IN AMERICAN & ENIILISUI CROWN GLASS, N.,. 3 CROHetoE,,gT SrtEr.o. Ill i Fl'ItENI'S INSURAACE COMPANY. OF NE\b ORLEANS. This Company ten nolwn prepnred to takt RISKS AGAINST FIRE. uer'ICI.. No.64 Mageoio'o Bui.lding, Canal ,trret. E L TRACY, New Orleans, Maey 15. 1838. Secnrenry. ROIIEIt' CLANNO)N, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 12 (.amop street, Wlolenale [Dealer in 'aints, Oil, Vrneishes, Brushed, m,3ii Wj,,dnoe and Pi'uern (iles, &c. &e. T. W. COLLINS ATTORNEY' & 'OUANICLLOR AIT L IA . NOW IraIctising in the State .nd City C,,orn. fli ret.t noill lied himl ot thrClerk's ohItic, U .S tnr ( uit Court. in !,h Cuet,,o t1,,,ow Iotolding. JIO A CARD. T 1E underrtigned hve opeed boouw in this cityt for 1ethe purpose of rtrancting GENERAL COMM~ISSION IIUSINESS. OFFICE, No. 10 GOoIgia SoEE0T Ur STAgIRS. 11 P LEVY. The house at (:rand Gulf, Mien., nill be nontioued Sin the shave estate. Ilcecrrllrrl . Godtrere, Lanrie & Sn111, New Orl nneeba. Hl3 [fill & Con, Loueeisville, IF. John Al (ill,,reo, Veiclkeburg, (tito. hooper, Carpenteglr & Co (Uro,,d Galt Mine.o (tuir, Alotrer&C u,,, Sil-n I.illrd, Nnathez, Miss. Ne. Orleane, July 1-1, 13i`8. jy12 LONiI).N PICKLES, SAvoon, &c.ju t rereived bh the nuberebren. 12 i,,,neo English Pickles, angorted, 121" 1 Sances, do Ill " Extra quality Londoln iloelard, 10 Anolnch,,t in glass jnto, 10 ' AnoIvnoasta, 3 iIio.ilncnkotg, lty & Mrltin, 5 boes onpre. Olioro4 in glaso jar., 5 " Salad O~il. 5 ASsortled lruit. (V WPRI'tlCHlAtIt & JO 'AC.GEtlT Jr, nor.) 4 cur Pis odraon& Hogngn at INI IC 16 r. URING the temporary noohn,'t of the e,,hereriirr I from tne cite, Choerlen iRggo, Eos. will net ao hisi -nonhori',dl egt., nodI to him ill' laving busjnens witbtthbe undersignled, will please apply.v FI8ANCIS ILSLEY.JUN. ntr14 1822-tf NEV MIUSIC. ( ANIIt Triotelnel Mearch of tie Louisiana Le htagnllia. orl.onioinna Waltnee. i In tnt~rr. Jmger %loittlg, ino redoubll, dedicnted to the Ger maoJI Fg'r i'OIIIIIanyi Li l~It oh eIeer daro; Veariations on Italig' ceeiora ed gir folo MIdill of Artois; DI,,ol thlou oi,,e lat tmy MO(ina to-il~yt a celebrated mane~idedicul, " I. NIir. Iie,.ooll. alllo obohe campus. 110 hi Is .hI,,,,,rroria.,of Ne' I rler'lo; oIandconstantly o~n bonld a suit as sortllleal of newu, otswntnble unit alai-~n lord0, it00ii, Vocal nodn Intlrulmental Egliali, French alid Germanl. For sale by n w21 roc of i 2!hnrloles .Common at EL) tiEANS-4O0" blo. to store, for sole be --_ 8. DtIII IEY, 17 41 NrnLoever ý, TE:4M 1101' S FOR S tI.E -The eidrpnii l' hbunt Sin Wg.L:nV V WOLLnCE, now runnll0ing 1' dir I.nke, ioe ell nIntell to the rive'rtraie; IoI.lpassed A ISO), Tle srelm eoIlnot ,,IUTH At to not bhicth is no1 beini reperjI , 00 wll~ei h03 n Ic ompltoIrder in1a0 11 , dt:1., Iooloe.,e." 'I 110088~tr,00 IIIccsr~vV'c a a Itooa,S:t Itienvilll: street, .Co :-opts sold' t her,.? ll,(ll III Maple, 88011111l, lnd paintoed Chaire; wich will [t9 mollif,,r the lowest ,' dl, priced W R 68RNElN1. 416 51 _ _ _ _ _ _ ill_ P ON ti)iN IORiEILR-161 Inou Lo,,,i fotejt 1A recived and for role by CIIRI.9r1E ti YI''t)T .4 IOO 87 (lclOninn id 11s; Ct.' a.i te 13 ,ho-e it (i,IIl'ol.loe, and I II Ilen do dle-1I1,e, iI. iel ltre Ied ifor tanlsby dt9 e s t Tao 6t AVERI6Y, N (11m icer 31': UI11' 1.1 3 t111.' ND ( lI: 1'.V I: I('II :f AT THE OFFICE OF THE True .dZnricra, srT. CIItLS STREE v, NCAIt Iov1'itAS. McCOLLUJII & DONSf 1, Factors & (Geeradl C,,nmisnsion 1iIcrclhants, MOB! LE. Rfrences in New. Orl0a Kirkman, Aberaty & 11.anna, CnAdrrrtl Iii4, ,18-I. BA ZAAR. BUSH & ALLEN, NO. 1, EXCHANGE IIJTOEL, Corer of St. Charles and Commo.,n t,. NEW ORLKANS. 1'erfum^.ry; DrlerSiugl Ca~er ctlrl Portablel) I -k..~9 Cutrlery, Hosiery, Waves,:. Shirts, Stock,,, U aolbrrillne, Canes, and FI~ncv Articles. d51 FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. RODLV80.V A' GOOD flL, N.. 6S, Chnulccr 81rel One Door below Rirnvi'.e, NlAVE ···n0tanblyn hand every nrtirls appertain-n io tgrtrrnsrs, ae nte ead most mrhionnble style, n high they offer ti ir cnah, et red.. ed prices. d.,4- io8: FURNITURE WARDROOMS N.. 5:, dienvllle sir-t. W J1LI.AM It . CAIlNiS, wou d cop. rtf,,! atnntlv rcaeiving frPm. NoYW rk and Itoron pa.n.rl ·rarortolc ni of Furniture, such as II* IIIaJIoaaIIIV chairs.L c~herry bedsteads, mahogany and cherry tab~les oll l descriipti..n,, bureau-, rilcar, ecretnrvs, wri dtraks, warden' es of mahogany an Uid cherry, washI wandsl, looking glns-nas tiealll·IR. I dding, d',. Sc. NIt. packedi ta .toa.,c...j.,, witat, great I care. rnla I: JOHN V. CHILDS, ENGRAVER AN!) O()P'PIEI-PLAE'E IRINTER, No. 3. Camunp SI. "e~xchange, bill of lading, diploma,,;~, m 'rcaro tile amtl viriiine cards, noltori I, cmaso~llnt' andt r oustingg ho1.LL ett, dooaer plse, silver wr..c, &Iv.-alwae. lii handll, an assortent .ul,.il.r plated aond bruin door PS Catrat printcd ... IatesI already engr.ted. JOHN STEWART, fi.. 5, Pol! Strect. Ae.. York,! t03131M1aSitN S1IERCIIAN'I', I IPORiER and, d...I.r in,. Plushea. nd Strimmingsl. Amllple tlorge inay nd on mod erate termsnn, ad etery attentino to g.....fof..war,.d rd to his care. Jlelev,acc': AIroa. LarULne &. IPros, r.N O. li . urp 4' Co.. no..22 Iti-ly A CARD. CEIIISTIE & SINNOTT, WIhoesalIe GCroacrs ..nd Contmmi.ssoo,, Trrnt, No. 27 Cmn manln dtrrect New Orleanls. IriPaictlac,,t.'.ti... paid to the p.uting up to Stan, l,,.,tt a..,I Ship nov2! ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC OFFICE N,. I3 ia in,, , i I ,, et, 111·.tl e i.;11s' ,f In ,.,,h lsTdllolwinlE II I 11.0ehot circu0lar, bovines, nii oldres s crds of r,,. tlirlit inn, funeral ,, retimr- on depmOrillounng poper, nlot lw.nn nd Ill ,1ggiStll In'!.; bhclk ,l:eks, dr'v leceiptsn.&c. punt "d sol exlec it t ioo a cllLuI mud exp~editious sill'I, Irv 111" lllj)Tl'torl· NB. Ronk Noonm nll0ti010l00lii. 34 CYC.OP;EL)JAS! I)IC1'1ONAJ{1I 'nil ,01 11th. Encyclin pedionme inuo Al ,oori,,n for :7 (, orlo ', lii l,,,,,o1n11 1ictiol IIv 3' ol'; 'Ne'ster's (n I to,,. Johnson & W oullkoon* Niww~a & Bnrrrl's DBictioiary,2 voDo . ,'non, l),tolnir, Ijio lDion lIn r', lb ,iv i ols AIov.olg ton..oI, ii voll..on. i o Alm o a largbe soppl'y of1 Englishl Souvenirs. r· , forl nont nip in' l liCon, ,t J UST nPrield It (lie 1.olii 0,i0, I 0uru \1l unI " Itootnin, S Iietl,,, II t, III Ihlopl. no,!Chrr IlBdetidste; a first rae arocle. Also, a good n..sml mpht o Maple, Wloo, ol In .Ptejd Chlairs , lhicl, will he dldl ur tllnlowest nlcom pries. 1V Itl CAION lS jr7 53 liinlnville street A Calrd. ORLEANS LI7IIO4JL 4 P11dbC 1TAILISHI ALE 1', 53 MAGAZINE STREET, V GIOI'ENE' returns his sinier ethanksl t, ho dreiladtepbic of Non'w flnl~oe ot p noronie besthowe oul i II tiltl thei ls Itwo ,:ors. an h iIrRoheael to o rntlnto il l ot ll orders ..kotilrCI to his charge 8111111 be !Ia eluldelal attend,('l t,; he will ass 1~nal, keep f1le doiogn, 'open duringr (1: oo t, and s0all ine ulwath rie Ion strike1t0 er'hknt'r ciao. :are*, bu-inem+ anld address cards folnrll notices, uulps,)1 ,fail'1, and drawings,, o evrer, deserlltiun, Il Ilie mhortest notice, till(] o the p ost P en sonalll terms.R Beinge ns-;iated by artists sup.' a r to ny other establish meat1I in thle cityan C,-loexerene n h lithugrnphiF line, lie Iron cuufident f giving entire rutin lo. NIl; Aplthecnrierand drnugists' laIbelsn o.utnrl in agood style as -coppelp.lale engrovgnn. t 00 e third of' this exo.Oe. jvpl C M 1BS-t hr hc wlhls0Lerbl have Just oplrlrd mever \7)uln ,,en.'Conolih. 1111.1 TOP TORITOISE TU'CK. Q.nlltopll't'orltoie 'l'uok, do do 'wirint, do do loon., do Ino l'o1 en do Side.. 1.n all Ithe l,Lo'e varielt of lE.ghilI.., Fl0onch; uni Ivorliorie lootl Comobs, io till te OIet llo fjize nmod quolity. P'ockel, hlack. Ihors,. c00e nod fin, aod all other Coo,!.,, for ale 11E0S & I)'LANG'ir, nnoo3 Ill t'nm_1It lii 13111)6% wti.AinS. l,1.V,.'Dl n1EIl- o es nf' of dor (fib o, 1:30 gollons Il; l'I [lbIa reels of Varnlllhes; 5 ofz of faint irhsos, lreN ein e pernniip iS Loui nodlloBirqone Vouollol,ond for l by ff53.1'. CLANNIN. nn07I' Cm lI IA!.' Ell 'pl~oC-1',.,, llos 'lo'-I d,,i.' meomnu to 1111 \y lou orr nae= - l'ouu hoo ' learonttoIlove.\ limo lr swenmt Atonll Wali, T'h'e IKn l Il pus- em orher i f sorrowd; nindo'n IHnmll; ; '''hey Lava glien 'hIe to 1Anolher; Lovelynn lod· Olime; '11 l ridol, 'Tim Broknn 110ar1; illy ffrrtisu Aoolo; Oill Men whoulnil1! loilugm roo rr; h I cn'' o ove hIm; itll l'atn'kIn flyLon m1e; 11'11",0 o,1 . lo r I hon'd deny; 'tlhiok fly L,,nr, (11! 'Ihiok ni Aln 1'ou thin!. I horn o orr Y Ilcnrt;'The Vintage 11010 ; The ohip in rnudv; 'II.' Silor 311n0n1; No Icure '0 nO grievesocmr; Notliforlle; l've ern n Ithere Iohoolnolower. ore prionglng; I dnln'iv loon Tlh'em fnnn;. hl'o,,,I' 111,10'f Joisry; 'lb'1 IlinolnIl wo~o'(] is Imut"oo n 'l'lln tionolo nonre loiddon; .lIY 1a·l",iI.' )In,,, ; 'I ho 1101 ofl 1h0 Alonolonin; 3lI ,nnlnv in.o'; S1, hear's bsl'o ~ a *ly oltilllo~olI' .1o,.. I",. oonIl; I liele oo vo re S.l 1Otu itolo,,a c( lie so ng;i11o woe a wNl r no ui IRonno; All Iproelt Jun., Junt reenivood nod for sale 0t B C .SFY-, ionlo Forteil. d ''air store 0, 7ISIE Ioles ofl the ircuit,,itll(omo't In, 011111 IU S or llhin Ilinoici t, Ior Sialn al t oll,,n u Ihe Mlrnh,,l If osid Couol. Apply I.. Ilurvl9 J 1' \·"AI.D:;N. ilOUID C.CNlll.i. "p-S5 bi ooo elluuld No l,' I llnjust received and l'r,rooj, ho JU.ilP l C iCiYAIF, decn il 251 ruvhlr ot vý ~17/111.1 TJS i tl.f the New I h lens unI l Itblle hail t..N.'.flimP.'ln nim ont~, fol o'I,moIr, 'io. 1.x11,Iu1 will 1mr k01,l,.,',o .u Il-I IArll : .I. n,,r ool 11010; &e. 'loli .ThefMoil, ubo 0161.11 will rl , put the Twat Office tit Mobile. t_ G WotthT'oo N1 R1(0I-2ll no-ho RliOn lo~din, lfom.l ah'dlp from ChorlooI.l,, for sole,' b J ( 'r(' V)11 1 ', Ai le\Dl'tUIII-S,( dIdi 2 5t r",rll,,o,'oo 1',ov.'l. n ihisa 1Iawlo (fm, im' ('no 'I .".ord '(o l'l'b- o,.'okl:n,'a In.,,,r.\l dl. _ l Ol .,ii(on &i(·II 1l..Ifnoulnnl. 1l/ IN 31:11,01. r1,1);111, I. l. 1 llI I'll I' 1(5N It' i dIn JK! 5IIIl &11' A Il\ k,.Itloeoi 0I'l: 8 I ni. nIn[S1 o n,,?;',i em hal rop, Isty an fo al y 1 '1'11.15 , I' .0,0 l3it1lIIN 'AlolI-1 ( 'IOUNTRY 5th ff1lIANt e or,' i", o"I'n \ 'examin thle nsors uoeot of 1 :v r: t lll \\ tale, ( rase, Chinn, t, ,,nc. 11Il,,rm 'I ; j)lI for fin 1. RB ROS'. I P. 'm, dIlw l7Caorp 6,h I 010001 n nt NPEW BOOKS. I ANTI 33! "Ox.11I33:3 & SEICA GUI.,i:r J 3 '' W 3ife 3'.331 r in '' .3 .l11· rr·b.11 nod ,~t,,,. es c I1I onin ltield in ) (hi row s,',l r ,3h, , Il .l ' ll oi ii ro,1= nr ( viog" ··I1I. e l , ' I 33e -,,33,)'33,,33C1,i, r1 1re3l I.,3.,-,,le r. ,, it r'-ili of I i-erai33I;33 ill I. ",33q, Thor oe e, Iý 1 ,'-1iliF llt i (' I. l, w .. wll ,,.... I..n~ · helll o, G. of Ir a-y.";l11 r33''3,3 13,331 J Iu·;ull 1., the pre"" n bllr·, ~r l "":1 ýIb Il Jnuun: le 1. b+ tlcnurl I'hr ;4 ~i I l'''3 33'3CEN, nlll Ii(lll'l ( .n ( c o, C~llio'[) anllld (;^m eo "t 18'0~A~k. LAWBOIIOKS. .3,1,. 'fle333 v333) 3 br ,,. n on 's 33im3l, '33 voles; F~al· 13,i'* IU t h roll; II3 l' uit3 I33',rt' , .3 , 3 "a in, 31alsfidi 'r ~'io n lil~lll(L333,,3II 33, 33, it viols; d 11a ~a I1111· Irll Equity N2-;II1 :3 v ,Is; IIn agllllP I~i 'h'u:1r, 'I~i~~s,tnehl 8 role; isl.lllllHIP. r lUIrrII :3 vol)I 8 rot, Ad"''3,3 I3jrn33, 3.~,3rn33333333&3g,33 b1oI; A1 3.,,3,3, 1333331"[33 t, v l. 3u i,e nsd ;111 uar Leigh' 43 d 'hA i . 3133 a' '3 3 t Crllliss iiepoos It, viol,, S.or,' Li- 1iorks, i\'d-k lut tro l K,,-," no , Its luroilod to ole, It stllo ;rv I'V 3532 s Cl idEvi3e,3ce,3' P wll ,, ,,, rl 33.,-, ad v3 g d3 , for sole by *c4 4IAi,,,,3, 333.3331 33333, 3ii3! 3(333,33,3 ti,, `OAI 33331,',0 oe (733333p3g33' xrNo 311fde dn d ;3 333,,, -S ,e.' d, ,i. "f 'l Iv 911:11,1, , 3 l ,. 3ii 3 A , 3'Al 3,bi' ,3,3 3,3ra/3 !37nes. nwllr, '1'l.! ll,",n1-bl"rr rr, :'"teilll eel·( Our . .'nIl , r~l k D~il1 ,iseSuknwlg oi, silIn. ,l \ t, bed sliyd While 3,ibi w3 h fun , .. 33 3 n3 3, SpaprklingF, limln nLcr, C'lra lllr t in, ('!o, do 1'noSeel. nulll Nurls, I)o33,r3 CI1Hll,' u I.uflc lltte, at,,[ ( hi Rllu i'lrlll, I.~ll~illl· gnuxI in rasp.; ON doz. Good ll:B ICIpI I and St Julieel 1'bblc Cialtel. 1.hie 33,,, i 333333 es.333 '33~3 33rmitg,3\ S3333 F-, l3nrss· t!'13 G351 33 Dessert Wines. Genuine 1un un l and I·'rumi anu auuent. aluulleilu, old and pure In s importetd inl cilnll . 33 rn3333 old 33h33 pag3,, in3 b3 rr3ls of 3U g, lls, , 33 z. Genuine 1r lnmr~·lln o a'.d Ii Zara 3 du Hlarliir lllr and )UIIourncnu ('u"-dials, White J nXI.N lied 3'33333,, A3iS33te i33 c3se3 , Ol!d itutt.libll It illlillJP 1 Abstu'hle sad l Iirschwiwlserr Bordeauxlll If ·I1Idy FruitsF IGor.Flll by G J'1IINS & CO, nuv'l~l: cur o If "it Chad', & Comm a It~r n Dý,ll I~ru ei1 rr;o d Ill e u, N; Inir d'l Ciuurll'r od P 1II , ub-criber ha333333e3h33,"nor ,f i33,r''mg 3 h3 333333 tha333'33 33e3 1''s ,,e,3 ,,, per33333 ships I,e~yut and 3lureoe" a supple o 1 3l~l a333 inte Bi.33a33,33 333ar.ta d ih -ta t,3,,, in3I3,3 , 3 i,,31,M3. 3313 & .'N 1.N, 11,3-3 '1 ''13 ' 33331333 33, 333,,..3,,3, 33333,111 333,3'333333'33'3,33,3333 333,,3,33 _ 333s37 33 1 an a)3tif3 1 '1'1I I: 1..1lr l· 111 I";.- Ilk li r nlln ii' 1,'s · I rPiiutry fr v Turoug sup.rf o ms hair 1", m Ibe la, , neck ,oi 3l ihetl, 3333'33.33 an 33,3,) ,t, ity 3rv,,,3,3333,s3.33 supply jut r eei~e III be l1 t :(III'C B ·(llllrt li 11:1 131:511 & A1.I.:N, 1,Eehlý 3333.3'3"33,,33)3,,3, 33,r St33333333333im ti 333 o enu~ ,3,owrhc ,,3,,,..,,-3' ',,, i ' .33" 13,,,3, 333 1 3lll3ll3333 133. Al3331i,3 IJ ,n 1 I f ,:,_d il I'. ! eulo e -l 3,'3'''''ea h'''' , in" l 331s 3133, 31 333333333333 ,M 33',333333,f3u33 Wn fl nlububi.,i ANd Allll·ril:ll 1I1 III1 . Gilg )IT, lodi 31 Illlill and Londonr Il'urtieululr. Seat 31alnl~n n Sli os, i111-eel Poll, toldr utlllr low p'ieed "iu " R[1r isle d7 7 Groult L~evee t~reren v~InIlne- of I.llo",v,,I I of il,'lj· ·111I1 in,( with lil' R and notes, by Ju" 'I Sp''k,,* Thell I)lllllllll ui, Co v-joooden,, o ~f thle A netriulll Ites lllotiool ill I·''01"-. ,\ Jared~l Spa rk..P lI.Ill' iorar, "t i1''eri(.ll Ijitojil.ll dly? , in is. h lI Jsrcll ilrnrl o i r l"` LiI AA,' d1 ,li Cnl nonn PI() re , 11l1:1l,- Il bhlm. ss, l lnd :30 dO ,t-,-- A SPork. , ; l ec!, at ie i;po etir1on, fir sale ,,b 113 14 N\,' L3ev'e i)1l8 . 7 bils Cmes, 1 0l d) d , .uuIlt, ..4 du ehuul 1 d, r 1, i st ore .an to. sale Ibv d 7 ,''l: 1'1.\ ,% & AV\'ERY, Grivier st )fNAIL)\t' CA.)LES. '0 )xes 6 50 do Nso land ling ( roitl sip I)enttr, if .roa tl td b r tIO COFFl.i'-127 ias in store. andftr salu by _ (117" tl'tAt lA,'1 T'F{I it, :34 Grvier , t F too1 FA AiGA RAIkINS-htul ill w1loll Ind I hulf bl,xes, fir ,sale Iby A ,tRAli.A\t ''ull . :1,t 117 " J ):ratite at -j, Ol l.'t) l t),I , ullut /er., l') k,.r's J. sm reeived .a god a-! 1 n.rl. ent o ,f embtos)sed IIh..ters of vraril ll t· snes, with lind willh uI [ o1 1 k, do ( I'or tl: os wilu lock: ni~o, BH lkel'.; cae+(, willi Itck. lir side by dl71 -4 hirtre· sIt fo t ILL&Iiiti Adtiai, for s:ill by 0IhI, fl olon wship 1)gIr lIl ,k, i t, 111- 1-iul! plirits T'uIrpPlltlle tr sale bi J.-ll:r1 8 ANIIII.W S, dl i 7 eor Con ' 'ehouphi las s I .1 "'I lN 0 1 l i: ' 11 bb l n1 o11n I 1 - nd1 I hItls 0i ctlent d lbr iby &TlTh o \\o t ;', ( I \ ' (.1 k' ii h t (G' hr rd ell)m . Ji all to o. i l i llt I l. l , d17 173 ' nI 1 sIt { ,I 11t,1 \V.VI'..I{--TI' r ,ic~ a , arina t',, lu.h, 1 .) waiter for sihe by IR :0. & 1'LANi 1t', _ .117 . ....:1, I : (II IliIS I'l1AS ANIf-/\t:1 1' \11 VIL'i l.I..I'.\ I R . ) J wl, r.,',-.ived, i l iii,-l (,i o ,. n d intltl sl sed, illu-Crated linn v 'oul p "Iun ll..n., t,+. Iloind; la o,. 1h1n; d itIobl,.I a worl .I itpo . d ill point ai eIrlanc'a n I del istn. For .UI e I v I). F ,L 4 & 1O, N. 1 . ottimwr's Hall, d1724 CIhartres st bNar I l11 Wt 9 . ol t lll it A.. 0 .14 i \, - -- l Ito ir . I' h ll IIu. tit ;,' by - 1 11,5 ill 0r.g J Y \i1+'rl\. , illh('unlll .loo tr t ý(1'"A. 'to t tlr llo 1 -Jlllli cts 1. c ;l,',los' I o , lh o n- t1 .' ru'n i.ti.e iln parlt.o ith' l lu., i ,l I mi d s pn:nl l ] 'd n " .'l 411 -i l li;'i t' \ihr t,, , nd', . |{O. il C' l -I ( ' wla pr l l lpr d el 'Pal t I' raI < (lte , .i1 , o11 trlfr -m leb ib).111t)II F1LH.I &.: C(I1, 1 1 1 1 " l llllll 'I'I' ai(· )· sll, l , ant hartres Ta 'c 13 . ; i T. A ll..I ft , lr, (111A(T'`-Just reiy l d Iiii i ,vou I I of looms' (orridu. Itsnal. sheo S. O edit o. & lt: At.iea, 0t lcourge's . )anusel, Itrabih t'hannel, for sale by 1•A lll1) PEI T I',o, dr eu N ntion r hiioo 1,4 ., yrs e t Ttl!Lflikli M1NlY-(heart)' Hak of Pu1a e lhinmanll Ile a Ir )tu o i tk, o ee. sale : / Il l .lw od l Id ', in ilylk Ilitv,. (lItt en io f't't' - l 1- NtuI1R- llt a lor k lh i n r1i l l Ii.?rItI r.\ d19 lit- noolni io .-- ll le 10+JI es fthi· n i -na l lotn:g, e ni 1,, I ,in : lh Ilek .illlln A all d II rii nti nl tl!v ioullll -h d, tIlnk t h ll (bllt ,r.t in Eglad nd tlhe It l e l IP t l si.l M l rs d!19 N,:'*w," kll 'll )talioue . 11, 1)14 Ithl llr ell t (t \ h an tol an) <.41 i..alll drawers; dat.l t anI d icurl ves.I. 7 l lb<,, wiall i1Iid sw, eli)lr -ale hy d15 READ II \Ltý"I'(t\V, 7 nlilt Place i l )AGtilt and )tait Hl e lorsl.,h by -"- 8 0.EAll ,. ltA:RS'I'OW, d115 7 lhank 1'llS I 1.1 \: I 01- l,,xe) in all tuf iii i . a,1i b I h J 1, Alit ll 1 'RIEK, 31 ;rvierst 1Lo 1 1 11---:: 0 1.h). I - in sure,,. f.- ,,le h, - dN . ' )I{ F;1', 4 Net Lrver. 1Ni ®; I:l t l , " I' , !' -t"I T ia . 1 - -8 ..4 )e-1ig 1 ,- I . s1 of ( I i I a t ' : 'I'S i h I lot b. v' ". . t l(r.ur. ;In ' ha;i.- of i hl V th..,:a.d ' furs, , nillan 1 of pain`, abrumle-, 1,,-. lol rc i1v. , d a : , i sanh by d.' Cfl. a$, 17 ('Amp .t SI ''EIlI ) CANI)LES-- 300 hors New Hedr; S ýprnn (:er die', +-Polled 'ice=, oIf. app mPad~s l.AI, boxer mrno, ldeaadlles, Jacl..all', ilrnd 511Otlls r." ,.d 1· Ih e nOil (lhlcc 'ccjc'n \.c e of cI l.i ' r g1 lnlity Iul c jIr, :npo'. d r, l'c log hrr. I & Ouch1 Ill Tck ,,-,Pd Poa., a I arll .4 , e ; h' .J )SIi, :I I )u . dAYNt, oov 3) 1~5 CGanvierst ' A1 [lT IH I' I i II :1 clIf-S-REciveld an S for nl1 at the lP ,, k iIoir", I0 I .· , -trrret, vis.: 'I he ,l'k fof rn e .:390. ., pio,.ldlad Agraitn (;elle of HlR llty:r, -i a IIl qUll n,; l ' (l.hor ncfC :lg-c o rlI, Io d0' d0o iltlIF d nl I r . r. ( Broria n ,,'llliu,.!li G d .". A c. ho ,, lo" r .t do (il 2 i uP , .,,/% by, , llhisr'ate.I h. m P te, I'hartlr'. Lai. .ly e Hurl I 'trlnlt t;:( ler), Mls. 1.alker " I.'elrI e Ibr-,ty0 , :t improved by C. I p. I llb l illi t Cl Stll therr. lhblk poreI'P t vo!, kvo, illtnetr' Ird by 40 Plarail*i Xnc.ccvllc c c 'I1. WctI c nc i 'clu in· " of ihnk penrc, Ilie '. Galh rv of ritiii h ic ng.c viing, l.oud-' s Lo' I +clcOr dia of (.trd:ninmg, 4ew eodi 1. h11t.10 s ri ofPla' ntrt de Flno n'- illhsrriionts of I, rcol, 2 v hl., 1)-h·rnll'o c of I.'e I'ranL 5nd Hal'l.atage ei G ol,hlith's ccccacted Xa 'nro , 4 role, colored Al ltc'c Il'rccblic I., ct, wcli Malrtin's illustra c'Otlo , scl'ccdo f, I'+ ,d (irrl, teutifully ilhletracltd, lh'o n'.i'o ci,,' ihict-,c i. nc , 3 vot", (;.,i', )' palco , : vo:,s, o vc, with m'lany engr. SIcctc.' cte 1 tod, with lc autiCf.1 ellarred raI ii tli, hi t'ch i Ifli oIo, rlc do cI trlllcnc cc c the \ner iv No elo, i3 rcl, "Tor:h ~01 o I rcP n-orn 11It of A .-ricon Si& - .Ii. _A lFgX. "T.OA R. 'fA) I A I N11 I' 1 a1r1t 1.1ANS. r! lll' ,l'.p v , ^ .1floorr to-daY i $9150 iperh ac('or .o; t, l l tar,i'; tihe L ,akers shall give da I'I 'l i· i , : . U k l l \ilo l v .' lth i nt.) 34 lod - es , " bIit. Ir l l tile sI c olln quality is 1.ll",ti:l0 I a .., o Jper c'' llt. il .. o' Il : 'l(llll( c o. dlci++ I";'\ , c lc il to r. . \ 'f ;.11 I,. \- A c ii ,,c , ,ioe. ' ,'/ic'+iou... cr o'.c - cc:' qc-,,1ý. .2c0occ01 I' I J .:1 I' . 1,',rf S- od b th: ac uthsi of Mfti' - er ' ' t ('i1, W, Iut h . r cccc]'cll il cl' c' i i 0c, ci c 0 ccc 3il c c- n· noi hel otP hty 0, .,r,+o! r, , ,., oo o Ua., of'lho W ood, Al'ccoltd' \c i cxc - 11 i 1! li1 ''"I''lo 0 rl-., 2 rC'ole l' "5, l..i , t o .- ,05I .. 1 au. ', t ri.,: ) 1 0 . 1 : --. .,ý t 1 0i e nt cli - A ' IcccIcicIc ' c " ('. I, I'3 c l-ni ine I i t l c I IA, h , hl' 1'il 'fi d "X I i.21' I.liltIciic, ' (''' ico ..l nr.,he t - - L(Ii . - ti' r Ic- '.i 50 \ .cc I `- ic ic 1 ..c.1 o i (ieoo -. , l 'Ihill \\ I. 1 I; l l ' ii Nl s Ili mn k. b ,. 'coc,,g co1,v ,- h .I.ýr+Ii...ll z,ý?h .ti l ' . j Al , .. ' 1 - 0.k r ' li iflacer f I, i~t., b -l _. iI 1,e & iH.), ti, e dL I; u n':,, ' ae .,,. ,'. ...1;. 'II., nulak P luee L IVI I , I ' ! le l .1 .111 l .. II V . il\ e s,.in , , a.,e u hi .v. Il9t11 . ' Ii I 1 11 1 l inl p hI I "II I . ll~ljl. I : I : IILfiI I dI d1 1 1.n · .1. ,l) .c l; \lb'- I -. T7 nl b '.1( ,,111 1.1111112 1 , e."- I,'t , Ih. e. l alt A N ,. f', 30, k I L .c II II I. . \ , 11 < n1114 I all 0 i ,q 00 cil shal 1~ar *~rr l II.1;·/ ·~ t.lll:lL l I.ll' lkIteCeel~ "`iin .ll.. su ,, ln ,- Ir,, iu , ,,·r ,,,,~ t ~i ,,tu ,r· Slll : " J '1 n,,l' rrdI,-rii·ia ..rDl-,,r, bRn· t,:,'Af.l.l, nstclhld.'o i'd 1 ' i II P11.o 0 L s 1 ,,''- I. I . Cl ' -C'. it. lie Ite hI1/1 Mae1z 0ne 1 Ct fl 1 -4 I s ,lq'll (. ~irll,, If,',l jll] (IIII() mid .\::!l;d'u tltll tti I eItish 'io I HI d . 1 1.01 It11001" SI7t. Pl(AVER41 lll~l ' t bvNi : ltlliH m l rubb drs ( do h ,, I ¶ttt tmenti teat 01R lI tt s lv ci 'It It, ' 1. 'lOll1 Gaettenei d at a20fl cus ,< a 1 ;hasia1- , r , i u .r-, f kn s ,a d ous r0n~ luses p; -, he hplstemho S0 HI . h ' rI , Sit ol I, : It UOt i 100 h~lll l l~(O- · ]I -I )h lf. n·. ·n.112 ", .1' I't Ptl. . v'iIllti VB r ,l.I 'iPi=i1 It,: tI- lllle llidl. i lllld I - d,.e 131 Alhamall n II (I tO diI' --i~i llI ll 1' " t' 'tOO N " Cru, ['FIlecp t, Flr t1 I;u nl, ilt I ,? t t . \. %'" ii tlit ti 01 Ot I t tt t ll w • (flo s, ,n o17 I le t tla r hi l I I i, i l Y Grlra 31 CIII'o n 1 1 ls t II.ll .1 . i 1.d1 a-litn B ,fr i , t I1 XI; ti'i ..tati i, l, i f r elrlrltweenl ere . C1·rlt tl~rl it ' t~ lelr t IlIi ·t i tt? Se . te It "' ti~lor' ..d I;' ~l ls; ,'lltNII et t"i'kpeieec. aPe P''trs; Ktti,' hr :·il "h" ,l s:· lrvt, 7'11 .. lo d r ea , " l· E -Ani. vo(ise . . l. i , od111 r i lt ItInLd edi c d~rl9T' b· rIill Tl31/ mie a ·I~/I.. f llet ~ r 'hl,,i,,'. l ,,'s ArlClr lr n la o g, !)'. (,t h u# PERM{Ih~Z .%1"" \M)[88-13l. V~[' I x (New t' ~le t loll.l U . lll lnl Ik.d i nit E Ity~ll?·lI~ltttllil leOkstcErelfAe. I l tittI .,etItteL I tdln 9l 'III l ,.. h'i. t tA lll Ntd. 1 at int t etc1 Itecigneci Ide ethic, &C'. 1d 111 i c` , l r-10'l! pal el ea l . 3 OL llllielt 7 r.'tl lit t e.3 Iclt d00" T , i IA t _a d ,-,. · ,I :4'. ureh t he llnc. l',lr ' nI tl ' u" a'h NIi, C I't.,Aie Il ; ,11 -111 tee ec't' (uct ered . le ti cn, 2N 1 Ykg rNe. Yer B aliot i t hle , e'tefear seltl ittt d tottt Whaine Lheed T tI, '1 te tealeei I -It tl ate n L IT ' A L e t lcl lee len r v n &AI~IltEISh, i llltleeci ttw iells. NL2Lton'U %lttiona CII 5 rdente'dtrea vls \ o '01.1 10 t lOW Nit ifUagaisen IQ4) che- a 11111.c .tetl teEl tte "t An~/~".< lI a~s s f Attini,w ,| li* n e. r. haw , a " 9 Mmaiw a A vNEar ilet viy of 100 ioa y rainv. B.ooks, $c .'..e. . dL FS cre P.lure, wit I se\\, , ' i7 s adz l sto <1 "n ufac r r e t aiv h w -,Rro ab a¥ f ALr sale vy t s 11BII:

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