Newspaper of True American, December 28, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated December 28, 1838 Page 1
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I AA U!, CcL J. 'CEN111114, 1 1 28 18-31 01 ~/c~; 'e erm e Nes rper res orf rtirr t elr yl uulinint ,I-I v,'d tt a 't hit ll'l a it '1.11 I iiiaPl i",, oIl the 'rot ritl orre It h ll n ,ti uth of ?llarlrI, I:1lT?. Sute4fea rtsntL .--I',v' l I) rllfle r I In ltdily' npa. per untie n,4ttle rreti- .tttiley i ew e:iv tee Sdollar ftrll the tril'e a'lv'e l olv p.trpir, palr le oneI year in le llulet, whiter i t eity rolt r IIIIe I iverll. Nor n Ioriletlln. will b discontineltl il earrer .i, ttret netled." in. cae l tilil ertinen.ehU. ne lier wel t k nti'' in ierrl trt . . , tl l roltl varilh y given, previno to Ilt ftpirultion of tuhiecriittior. A dollar per t uere.e rr for the t iret norliont e I hal, f thi t price for each re l.keeic rl o,: to y t terii altereration tIrt thie ortgiciu l erle erneetrrr. will he tinged a' a nw one. Ye.trta .r Atrvetttneaeet.o'lere t adl T'rn ere, lrty doll lrs till lr irl ln ii rt e , t n, sixty for lint 'l h .l l eigllty for oir irth . an n I Slirf and I te e . in rPr tor , oIr I Iom a II n . rml r lter t , I t 'rll erili, in llt lih nte, aerlnigity io both rlrttilar r eIr. out lll n I era nllrreh A ndeidetio lof twenty-five per cot. will her madel to A . actino.ltter , lrthtre, It i T e tre 'is, l.1 lei'" i.rihitl on a les of real ite ate , pi lihrtr, in hWth tee a r lrr n rl :tI pre tr et. in 1 ghen alone: r 1e11ptr rc cr nt. otvrrf Anth vPonk*ors not of the diPret line. of bonite,. of the dvertier 'e r, rcr t as Ilegl, nl tion, nd lll It ofl '"Ia lllllllle il l r IInltII( , trli y anit hlllo l +. in'. &e. will I r elirCh elirg tr artr'tely, .nd tit eth r I, linrr rater. c r.r' Anvt erl ien n oIter i I i nrpeIIcrr i'e s 'il llr e ,ilicr hew tllie N lrlh t hrrit leat.eI f nl th l t in wi' i err. tiect i e, lin a ylllr tu et tlcllre f ti lirie l l ,rci ll ti iepell i. l ll ci tr .Itt nIPerr I rrclto I tti c ell r tll i rlllr' , rllr rdi r in ,irrrll K 'l'tt tratle eeel oeter llnreerttre eicel e, & e.&ertliiliC al y Ireite itr th r iearrtt bre, rhrhrrittt rer lietretnl h h 'u ln tc iere I r l it t trlll t IIn e . A·ill nnnutlneeaent o 11. t or poilli t lirot 1 tncas. rrrItitrr ItE tOe rT llee tti ll. i el l tha Ill el' cr1 IIira oly , afe r ."1 o . i ll' . p11 k i (rn faor on p ttea. Iml un --it t he ',in, rh-t . ut, onr diso:n an I llll ht] a|i + rIllll I hedlll lllm+o S n'lly enerall abo. liriF itr lie at no re t tllll ll t. don r sl nd| .3 to hi h thrIilll h i wI ' Ntlll lXI' tvr vegetable ·;arden .%rds, of tee ,rowthn ,d o Srt , cipi of tI r, prs " e oIl ni,i IITtor It i o o. butry. en u y, in d AI k en , i uraIt It-I l]lr e, di hnr'ettl d b h ,is lt E sn t r e ,, f ll ' LI aa ld. t inItr yetv l Ip t , lin if hoct e tihor as tord . lnre Ins S•,l , orrt' an' I t'l ti t. l ic ll Il- Ir l elo ll i th m w) e i. htI. , 1 4)n d gatl " l '.l li r hll· l? m1 1' 1 l] ml lngue, W ithinr it.' I nIs I h IIIl IItII', o dorial r i nii t iI l ot. ll fuIIrt I %-'' ,'L IHII it f ll ex. r rtri p ly f ltte N r ,11,Th v tge [II'l (d O fthII, -Irollrit( retrrilr iot I ' th p sent 9e I;t sPI l lE ll . \ T ri le rr ttteptt c, l tttr . dlert YItor'tk It1 iI ll':." tie Stre. ut.' 't tri n t,+ i 0: r .0 :ccl a Cri lthil , ti-r n t re re im i ere •erk i tl li ter'. .tnrc rit 's l 'n l) r I 'l )l;, 'achte htr 'r 're ero t i'n rei e,': rl y : a tic. i0t 0 , l . )hikt f. to [lowrl..te It.t Ct ro 'rciocnr dl'ci rt d. i " hrC ccrtccc i1 t ccenerod l, otitc t ! '0e 0li tier I:lr+rrc c I l; i , tr erli t.. .Ind et' r 'II 1 I' Cll ti' . tir p'eteho recrcelr t erSt l(c ll, c Ice It. Th ci!.rceierrr+'.ice h* t a. c ~lccr', ct i,%,!, + ti h . :. l t l . l 1',+iI \ctllccc ii e he , c-c , aictilirtri nnl{] ctt'QI...r~ct 'rt'r p.]!tl*|tI.ii{(*llt -| J, I III,,- \,t i,,l,': i ~, It;,,,, i l, - ,,,i i. liJ 166," In .- n,- r 1,, |:t," m ',nl',,.;l Irl 1 i'.h.'J,',, D r ,,. 1 ,,~l ," . Ist ,. ,,,,, ' ," , ,ý , ' , ,'., i,,i ... . s, . ,lft ,v m ,, of t hiiur . ji11yi"" . iro "+ i . Ie ullllln v L I" '-- I Ia l" liT lli,- II 1 ' ii ~ I I* , ,i rl,11 llr Tll l. i l lS' l rliloll I Irla I"'l h' , i ii 114 r1m I ut. I w'. its Ill or tjllt" i ,v ~I i iii iitk ,. ilsi .I l llO sit. ilstior nllu ltl Int.-l l h Ills s n- "oIII "Iil , o i o rni t , - t hl o b in I o ,hl "t" a rllrnll I i ' • of.hl 11b li.Jol 'I.,m .ilt Ih . !tb.,.. 'l,..I " ... 1nIl. , .id It l l, d th lll i" l un" orllrk .ii i- , w , ,, utbh I i lllell I oldt bIy1. IIll . 'lll ,I 1 ;it It . .0'lh.'1 e.lC i' l is .lllll" , lu is,-I iy i, iil lr II. J lt-Oii s ill . .11, ilo.IDr ,",",l ri hutor hi,-r IarTe itth I 'hl fI i-t' r b 1 t I l -lie I Iv ll wr llln l ' lt ' n l Zin I Itt les -i l eloriIn I', t. 7let hel IInun A 'Iic N''r 1 I' r '1.'l' r I t:)1 11 ,\ 1L Tit r Is V ctibe (fl, i.s, t ' ~ It'h,' I the be M ar I Iilrtn l o -isi I Rltli+ ot th ll be oI(,~l r L I ill: , i , i1 usni e s t, cilicori n t t hl od l llo llr Heardr o n1 '611 1 I tlhI hll ' iy, a1",i It, i + llit ' ha. I riand, E oll T dse itor is l ips ' e ,-' Ii' y y tln, r tits rIt' d Jullllle ho thef, lllo v u 1 I C I.,n " o. n , Fi la , 1 Iltll-, ,llli iJ f t ltll '- llI il m yhl ai ulli ll Ih- ,ll,' II .eatV s talsl thi ' Iehi , i.r nn tc l s.l r h .l is omi i g l r a lin w s i tcy I t m- rirlt, isil"s I, l m i s'Ih C, xIp1 iv. 5, i gr ite l uohll l, rle slnttutlll Ii t, l l , iad l' a tll hlll i tl citmatwanty orlu th' ofmtrou 0t srd Nipo's igoro atd olses Si it., adjutent ord cioingcs to the mae os h.rriso.sin or Iuoltis.. oity, oan stod bt l' i oiett ily dw isinogslto rotirod JudIge o I tre Sr r llllin to Cl , maund byoneor ithe sittin Jofd the oth stit fir'h bl ity nl ell l iter or I vlu.on r yt l ottic -i l ir t1c . Sand an il w rlve rk i d b icss, o ile r.,it1 e tia; ot earit. I ao u its rv, r tohihe,,h oo wgY nacii llll, a o dicoroe . A' i nr)i oel"eo I h ai'tytholn too .lol ll I wn' I'P'rum". ninn f" 1 'sbll m I1" . tLfI h't sib, fo.otlld Iint w sI rlll how Stoit nft t III t r lliill f ith go tlln erl tnr rs ,a r I arllld ollc t'lll o jat I and1: lillli aI tll tlhat he sh hlllh oroasII 1 I oL .er de,1 - lillllmYllsk il'lilRT lh,.ill _ ),.11.· hae o( ,,L,,y 1II" cIlided isl to adjsle to o a i .lIn ok t ie wJil a ti ll li ll o il:. thesrin ll rltl hit lilc o eIInsto th il v" htt ilollr rd to, sil titcu siLilate i ,Ih gsub ,rte fihit lntior lloi;aliy i JIII s Io r' , I I I t lieuvill," LI'.brr . ... .. .. 5__no,: ... TI i s rion s riser p-o poe es i rthsby , in h oe be. gi oning ef l he otens, wlLi .ir, lu ('odoinalil I'n. dMcarin'is Louisiana Reports, to e ionallyirad is ste. oumit . a tiori at cordingl to the itiolr of a tes., i' bondensed seports. S[Irnd, Esq. The Elditor is also perultlted byoa distingllished retired Judge of the Supremne Canirt, and by one of the sittin g Judges, to expect frolst their personal supervisiot all th"l advantagehe which ' ay natuirally ite rrstpl froim their experio to. i Such a work is boeoming every d,.y more ina. cessIry, as ll oriinal is voli7n llse expe iv, aliid seare. "i i inroeasine curiosily too is iaNli fioot, in the other Staten of tlhr Ulnioll, ill reo.areice to the peeuliar Irisprudnce of Lu,esiaull andthe circumsltuneo of tile nlmerous lrinciples here de, sidod in the adjulstnIent of coilllirts of lalws, lmikei the knowledge of our adjldidlcd casce of' plrimle uti lity to tlojurie ts of tho whole Uniioun. ;loreovwi, the rising reullli c of '"rexs s hlas adoptedl our eodess, and thus Ihere is a gr eat ileliii'd for the Loiuisianll deeisions rolm a fresh quarlOr. Conlvenient notes, indicating lhtl parallel case. delidod in Louisiina, aid occashionally tllhoe inl ti.e ilmoro alutllhritative forUlms of the uollhr SLates, will be added to eslh Ea.ase. "['lie work will fornl four volumes, royal octa ,o. and will be delivered, boutnd, to sullat.llb.;rs at $ti per vol.; in rase it sholll,lI bIe oundli praeticahol to c" Olprsso it inlto tliree columnl!s, tile ll-ir. to stlli wcrill'r" will lie $7 per vol. .lee ror (iamp .tal ('ola mol ile. NEW 011.: IN.; St:em u 1 Pcet .dl Iei-- ct el.ery--udters and S9L'er, Butter. M idurduand Water C:rckers. All thie articlee r ewarrecnte.Ic t be of the irce qut ity, cl ldeo klop in any climate, beingg ci cpilc-tccly kih dried. Al n,-KlIn cdli co ern meal. OrIcrs left .it G. W. Pre ch.rd and TTag-t, .ir. ,rnter M .gazil allll Pydlrta treetl, wl rcc eiec icpropt c lct:tlnctcn. .mulcl kUei put up expreee(ly lire iLtilcY ici e. 1.l5 ov g u-L (It-- 10) 0 barrels lliadingiccl . c 11l. ,l hicc ]lie b 1i i c r S". dl: . , . . e- I .. El I E ---- i e-c,,Ie 'l.mrr= c;i ell ., ll ter Ili, Ili i ea l m. hi 111 ic cllllc i n c U..IA. )I.I+--lII0 bLess .plrlll (:lr . C ille,'. fur 'I. II (;A i. 1I', 1ý pr1l7 e rk; 411 evI pri e lie, p 11n inr Ih , I eTlf lI i )St l er i ,li i I cr f I w Paino- I,,,t e, hnl b t n , t,,tlm ll h , " r, it e tr mcl ( clil- in i c, c II lllllcll elll -I c jI',cI'ee ll I 'lit.e ice l - d - hllrnr _I III t ( i;,-_"~..v. T lle fliI( ..i.rf ll 111111 lire el--.. I 'I' . llllrial:. slI oIll a p'allle- E lli ll . l h ill Oi C Clclim ii tr llillur I e , -L nl ii.l irel 't. I ll- clli r .)X ( ll-.I l I -1110 dz ('airr 11111 lS r 1 mik cc ;l.lcd icicci ic - \I \ Ic-1 ilc ci lic al-l,.+':,\Vhl") - ' 1 t .......... .... , N1 S l 'lhnrv , t i m l, .rd N ,, c I ,i ani a l l, . • -; \Th idd , cr - leml ce,, tc e i.i le ccdc ani Iae, ý"I, «, 11 l oki T r ,Ivv "s 1 '1hr +iLlm-i filll - ;lll: 1 cclir c 'i c-i c-cI Ii cll l h i eicl ci, tltcrci ,e iiccic nc r clllcfl'e I'"riI - "+ I i-r , f liill c -ice- 1, I i n nill l*lh l l"- UI IIIP r nl' th ' lle r)e'il ls ( ',L+ ell ,," aldll ceill icc- r. i ii i ll. l rriii . i lllmllii hi mi hci ill le i l i cc mIc c ntii I 4I.cccc Ti inll hc -il d fih hi l ,i, ll r . ll ~ill , X HII I ,\r i ,I c' llhi I'hi IN :!:,i ,l c' in: lilu ' IN,_-r- II tit \ I /llIr h I n, ll r " i Iii 1i1. i I -i c I,- : II'11l ' ' \ \ I .-N ,, J \ S.iOi ub\ h:"1. N,.ce 1 i,1,ci-c. 4 i.<, . \ ^ll'.c i. , . ]1, ;' tr I -,1 : I, I., I +, 'IJ, .t t ,,ý : i", I .1 ; i;,,, , I, . .ý 1t 1 ," r it ". . '. f:r 1 I, i. , , , , ,I ,' 1., I !:,h , ,H .,t : t' -, i "m ,I " . .o ,- ,I,,J : ,,, ,, ":,~. , 1;,,. ,I I".:,tI ; 1,+, !l,,]. o'"; rI t:,II11:(1' ,! !,or~ 1.,i~H 1; t ,I,I, '.I ,,, ý i ' i , ,. ~ : +j.i.. { L,,,H . t- \1 11 :15.1u (.'1~ Iý,+ , , o t I., Itt ,r. 1 ' i I' : ." l 3tC, 1, " I'''0 I . ,' 1 , 1: 1 . 1" , t , ! .","I~ . . -.1, . 1, , , l' \:, i l .<l- . ; N - ,, , I '+.· ;,'. lr , t,. ,, , I',, , ,'r ,,T 1 ~l, l ' ' l , I',l . 1,i' 1: 11\ +,i,: , + ,+ 1. j r , , t ' 'I ii -, I t _lN i 1 .1 , , I' "- .. .t 1 1. I 0 tl . i. I l 1t n K o . ., I ;, i 1I,-- ' ~ I' !. I . ':1 ' - , I'I . I , ! I ' t o sI, i ti, l",, , -, I' ',,:, . , • b. :I, ,b_ " I, b ' ,' rn.-- ' l·.1 i l'l : Iu l 'l 1 " -' II. " '11 r ri ::511X '+ l" \.. l . ':·1. 1111; tF1.· 1,11 1 1l 1 ' 1. 1x/ ."t Jtll(:l IJO li~i-'.il l l, lt,,1lli h~ ,l I` I~t.r! : ··"~ ':.;l .. l+ l !m t , t' ('x.t1 . T'l'll'1 1 t111, 11"h' , I 1 . ~ I 1 ,:"I. 1' t'.,r" , hil,' II ,I .\l t oi l l h t h, .I . h+, \.o,. N I. | ,l ;ui Il. .l l·I),,h . l.,l,,--) ·Il-h -l'h',ht,), . ,L llltll~lil l ,,l !'.,t,,t·+ i-il ei i -, i i Pl (+tl- llll l'l1 a II:" 1; l ' ,i l,l t l ll' , ti. i s, T "f ~1'~ l1) ,lt Il Lo 1 Illo'lh - ). . of~1. r ,1P , d o' 1 t hirt 15 '.,ll, i f h 5 1'.(l1,1t" u . t1h 11,1. o L: 11 '.; nh Ill' Ill Id o ,!l.l ll a", ! : , l n , ll ," . h J m b,, ,I!.I I .1t!. ll-lil I1? 11 .(11t , 1' 111 "" ,II . 1 1 1111 '51!1''1. 1111:1rl ý It-,!, ý. I .i' l lll , '(l hll t 1 1 i~ I,, + +iL d tlt Il ll l ' Iii l l lh il ill ri1i I, ql . t ,,,o- . i, " 1,r ,1 ( , . ~--+i1rm I 111r d 1,1 l i,!, i+ l a - -)tr lier Jo u lt i lir,,. .|,"5t1", 'i~ )l.o ,lll l s', 'llt , I' ll,,llI ll, .l l il , h . i ll ll . , .J til. ,l l ' X' I a' Jl 1 r': It t enI.I' ,n,," . Fu.-.. l :l , ,l, 1 N'.' I . i v . ,`'l ' :1, 1,"`' l ; -\,' n 51 11 11 ,3 t';- Il ,Ilu'1I· I . ll ' 1,,11 ~ . 1 .ll+ !:'ll"y.1 ~il ,!'D it ' +,l" it I , l n ", .- ll llW . . s dill:llli ;liP- 111l llllt~ l'l` ilrl+ ,+lll-lP ll-;ihlt ,I t1 l.IIE IL'I". J11111 l l · 1 lit ·"Iv i+ 1.1t:" lt lll r\ r tislll :i 1 ~l t I11h1 1i lllt i ,., t""." ,1 t C[-,' I1t' tli-Ilil+ Plll " llh' lll h l Ilil ;' C L. I ' ill. il:l, . .. . . ... I ... .. .. .. " ....... 1ia . ... ..r ... I, l "; i o h i l Ililc h l i ( 1i k dtri mIlllll' .o tl r ll: I li tlii ' hi , 7111"-s Iin al s p r ll". lll, i . ' I.i I l I F _ ,. Ji .:1I,7.'171' <)1 I~lj ~l'lilT lll II'. (.l--I'i,. ll~i J+,ivi~t IIll. 11 1, ,,-l ott~ ulr. ollh, ily I".1-1' ,+ii Irtis (... S upIl l .o in, li 1tere I .' Vile llkee l to i I " -ipr e, 1 Te s nt i l. t l in I ; IIeli' Il ~ il l I' (.II .1.I N(ll 1 I " lllll)ll l l P'II II'll Ii , ':TI lT l i 1, L 01l 8 l.ialt.1-1 I 0l dhtu rIa'll t l/ll" i h Ilci lr (.uhl" u rlell ., Jiltl' I' ll P, ' t , ll IIi; on i tl s aidl1,' Ir| . . 1t i ~llliea " thncIer r lli-.en & i"t ill'1 1 -r ,l i ofl I dI I n ytla I ,) l-rt,"r 11 ,. : IllI .c\b- ,l l Ie ht rl 1 ihi 1 I ,-1," .!1-1 1 .511'1,:1 llli . , I'r it n. Illl. \ . I~ i ' 1 , ---T!. I. E OIF: L .il l8 l , ,l,:-- "uIIb l I'iil' 1,ll n'.lt .t ohar ll . '1 .a llisnt utl -.t I; l)ttt jtr itLl rl.i l v . nI .l l 'eI . it , urhll ,iiie . I ,I,' l ,,r ,, i p IrIL , x5 ,1II Iln , ta ,,i I , h Ilhll " I1 inerli t+rlll L -let i1. n i c l , 131 il i, I l +11 estt t lsin. i ,1 1 1 il^ t 1 av . iI I111 r e 1 t, llIlll. IloulTt 1.1 Il kllr il.l r11] llv,- IIIIId It. l+ -'IIII P .'i - I_ i " 1 1, I '1 '1 4*Io( hll i 1),J lllll , l t L ll- l llllll I: l'1r^I. \li:-"'~In 151 1. I 11n.t l l +1 ,1is -h11-tD e r [sl ' , J t .lll 'stit, ,h.-i t ", Ifiir-,.lr , I'll I r I T 15:1 .L' l,"' " ldl te11mo de a11s' s Is 'l e . llh'i r t; L L d, J 1o , l l 'll'a 1' +r r It d ll I 'l r l llt lill l S.lit(l : In |Iv I s ( lllr . I. Ie , '1" r . ,des ul . p ln i .,7 II`) IIol ;111. . It '.ll i t -n , '. " .,,lt' i - ntl lrl t li+ 5 11dei l l llr- Il ll lli , ' llo. l'p t li-, sn em1" i , ( iJ,,.,(.t, F,·;1 ,, 1 h .llllti I" r il trai p .l; ,' i:r hi. l,;i t -'. fouri t'', it"li .liI~~' l hi h u.lot~l'I". i,i" I~I It -l'12ii.., |"-Il'' hln :i.r1ih 'l' . l 1o or d 1."t . t e 0i lk ,n I + t. in illl. n u~ It'sll~ Ull iii' h-on r i >. it ah tu,Ilanlil|. 1 c ll' d I, lifit- . IIu "lit'ir dus It cnt,: Ii "c 111-(, `I, .,'l.-hi O I.-rllr lltA E h l le 1,11 11. S l eas, Prel l tt fl. ifp r tl 11 t ,t at 1tn-i t l ai sh. t lun i. 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II" I u'. l )l ,' -cp: n l lll dt' llll: I V li sulll lllle 'TRI, 1. , ; ll I' - l " ,II !~ Wll ith V r I " Ut skii t nllt, I 1,thle,) 11x,t' ud : d I't l, 1,1 ¢-,lanli- d sp'thk lig the v I I'(,l t c i ~l-ill lll un~lll~"ari , 1 . I 'i II1 IIII I~II It' Hq lll IeLlll'i tiic' l ,." doll'1, . c 111,Ihh - lt l,-I ''ci, It'. pi li it',, . ' i ll ON I P iNll,-,l all 'Sl ,, Ir tier ,' '!h e .... . Itw . ... '. . .. ... " lil lPox i, +, t Ihe I d'i'l''v 'I i:b., ,- 1ir lt fr'-, -it' i. i i+ Ill \ c l, aIt'llnl I , Iwht I ,,,,'l ~·+lion li I I lllllissI IIIII In~11 Ill . t,1" at I ie t; i So1011 IUN 'I')ON I c 1 MIX I'UIItE.--A speedy aud i1 cunii iir ucv F a,;vr iand Agu,, lllliltelll li'l inier.litl, tl livr!lv s; prepared ftilll )ira oriti l ,II .l r" elpl. lidJ w ih en Inent anllll lli vers.r+lII ,cce.ssi 183d, by PIersons of the highest restiicl:ililtv ia this city, is tated in tlt e inllll./ ed cert lilt, s. T'l. In , mediciue is Ighlty reu'o, uended, rand hots b,,n I.x/.nu.lvldy s.,d Ii III le ab v, clisce;ases wlLth s luh i.t .gils hed succu't s, that the propri ,tor of the ri,:l' i la ha . ,li ia/hcid toi 1l'r it ito tihe pui . h: c1I t.l i it , lll ilrlh l t o Ilel hope tIIh t L. Iahy iei sti-.rl u dicr the s-III llrgo ui out cU tliry. It is I u I nIIrJl,,:l Ip ssb sllSig g~re viatU e ill, lind wlhen usedI tccoilllingr to thll dir.l lisl has Inever iled iof I eltIItitl , (clite, elvuu ii the most oli sltittyle si Sge of th, tlasCirdcr. It is II Ot at ll d/h i l.rellr e, andil parnous of Illhe we llldoi stioi nach, and lldchll rell ay tlake it wilth inipaiiity. It tilrregth/iis tie digestitve orgl ns,l cretll. s ,I aU pl iit, iut d sl ldoui re quires artl lll in the iidi/aid ue, IL ainy tiling i atjurittO s to the lhuuain conistitultiu.. Tl'e prl riCtors ar soi wheiividll c 'vion /c i o" tilicy, theiat ihtdli in to rIti lltllhe prie of every'L bottle whieh, has linen takae in icolrdtane with the dlirectons and has aiot lttli:etIId a .l er/fet cur. of Ihe fev.I r & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agent for New Orleaus, ati his l whl, saler and reta il drug and ttediillte lstore, c'.rner of Iiev llhi a ind in(artres itreots. For District Agencies apply to I ,s T. WI. r T III , 48 Conti St. i t li ih'e l tl l I ai l it p '(..v . Inele a h I n'I' 1 i. u . npe n hil c si'-n to i ' Iileelh 'T'o net.h1w, ," [e ' Inrn d beaf,,',tlll ' lthe u IntIllh, And ul/l n liner ,i sc'.i -ta- ti rith' hirltl i, Is o , Ii nl i ll. itl lll, lo ,, tiiDi ly i i lv a , TTh .,Ii Io .,I1 . ,I w u"%,~-' lt v c cI ie / rd. T1Iil. u11 h ,-l". ed re" , n1 will ill.s . V d l h i" l . ,- h m id lotti p . ii tat:l h l T t d/ I,. ult n /ell cal e iticai,. th-b- , it di intc I,," , r, .r . It " r an,,l t l nells + sto reel, tiht' iiidiaa bo ci it tuil' i inid it ol 3o illliilllt pyor nI+ I i, inlt iii diii ii hi li I rl it I 1 lc e l-i Ro,;.i+ 1 -- i lyt. s il ven,, vriv cciclnu,.d. Ju1st v 1 r eivt 111.d'h ). e..i I.I.. \ t' v n o v e l 81 s t .r ,'tav .coe, ,x ,iuI , 1 Ih lol, d I dur SI (. h lrh,- lill! (J.uill l sls Ill 'IhI (; I \' t'ILl .-4A-E . W hIK 1 J '' ill ,u ne, ' hta.r 0l! . 511.. 1. II tlll)l I, i. \ NTHti t \CITi'+ iland sir,, . ('o hi i~ task,'ll o nodih II)'Iil &" II ' It iii r ila l i t adul ht it nchiui. I ' • " It al the' in l in i'iini ttrei, ictlW'tc t tiuitcu-It anid iiiiaiue "r it III,- c ..annul llo,-t et /I I .,IES l II, i, liot,"2 ' taBusk lia'er. lI 'l li/ bI : i t u -it h lv e l. i d .! v l sI. ti .c- 1 ,,hIit it Il . i il, in :vu .. !, r. i. <,II1.i'i- 1I''. \\ o,,its. 41.' -,, . il beI, .ilt,- Retv. II V t ;inihiw. l i/ ti's., 1: JiI N- & C/a, t I l).l' , lll+ Ilirvtcxl~r ldliir a.''ho I n.ict i''' to id ,i a-ii,. 'i h ia i p ,aavn ri li-ill. ('oil ': i .FRFI, s6ch It .¢ll lI'.'++, hIN i'i { ?nr I1- !.lw-.111 FRF.ll. \VI"I I.I N,.iON. SIYws LiIhiMG NT fleU Pseteit l- I lits sJ tr iordtiliry re , o, i a te r'su:t F rcitsnce, aspi the in ttieto oi a celeiratei ane.ii l anui, the introdutl, sn o'bhiell c to tie pobLc asas ipesifoit witl.~l te solenuilty o a deatilbod iiqueat has stine gained a reputatior unparalleled, Flly sutaining tihe correctnlnee c the laImeuited lWGridley's last corrisiol', that i he dared not die without giving to posterity tire beuufit of his knowledge on this iubject," a'nd hle thiurelbti bJqueq thed to Iisi fiiend and attendant, Soloumoni liays, -Ie secret of his discovury. It is now used in lie principal hIospitals, aid thie privetl prllenliel ill ouIl ouuutry., lirat ait ta cifrtaitle leer the eiita ot tht Piies, attcd l exteol sa:vely atld eff'etu;illy es t i ,hlleh creduitly, unlade wheir Its ellects tle wltlesued Ext lre.lly in tle, fl'ulow l h cfompllallll nlt: Feor iiropsy-Crcetieg extrnaordililry absorittin, at e,. All Swellings--RIducing theit in e few hours ltleimiaiatim--Acute orClhromic, ,giveg qulck euse. n. toitlthronat--By Caneers, Ulcers or Cells. Croup and Whooping Cougii-Execrually, aud over the Chest. All llrusen , Sprains, and Burns--Curing in a I few homrr. SSores andi Uleers--Wetlher fresh or long staidultg, and tifver sores. Its oeraitions upon al dults aind children in reduce ing rlhuinatic awtIlhngs, and looseuting coughs aed tightnel, olnthe t chetay nlelaxation of tcie parts, hia-L- th:ti urpsirimg beyond coti niptonn. 195 etutIutoiicU rnlmcrk o1' tilose wtIs llve tustd it i Lthe I'de, in ' It act, a hiie a charm." T'II E I'lL ES--'l'the prIe, rl. 1 is recrutiied to any Srsoen whoi will Ose a bittle Uoi lly's lllllllti lir the Piles, andtil return thie nIpIty ibottle without beilg eured. Tho'lase are thl pslitive orlere of thlle prolietor to tile AgenIts; alld out of rally thLIu ctlllsa btlti, aott oioi hasn bLeen uUiiiecuceIsll. Wet miight insert ecrtilleats ht any length, but rife , r that those who stIl the arltilu, a hultd e'e IItt tlti' srigitnal to pitrealtOars. CAUITION- Noe can be genuine withlkt a hplldnd lngravtednt wriapper, oll inch Is tily ianie, sid also thaet u lthe Agents.O lN iY. oeld twholtnal n aid retail, by Co.lSiTOCKI & Co, New York, and bIy oe Ilrugglest every ttlWll ill the itlU ol For sJa by tihe Wholeslale Agente, corner of CeOlll lloe u SI "'teiloupituula slrCer, asid by tile Apotilucrices geu rallV. Ju30 C iN cltt. iC-,'- I JI- 8 TIC-:. dIII undir tizned t vlt thit day listned a co-parl l Ib e iit t Nc I ,r t iiiltr i i ttr clio f a eutr (Ollllllh 'l t iat'l IJ+ t.' hra l ' l l -il 1- ill th i t, 'a. -i, til ,l I i m -'ll1.1. iV Itt+\"+. ill.ti i lln +.+ c-,itt ll Ilw cluO t.riu ici-t etititg, .. ence . i.( I1li iiu t e ,iittit li.c IS,r u' J Fl\II'Z 1 (;11 r usinl r ,l .%. Al t-,,n ,\" .\+e, \\ haw, ilhtg l' .'lar \ilTDhllI) 1 LOYI,,N. WI IC-Ci IllI. l %. +"+.l~ll. I·. I I' l 1· I +.:1 *1· II"I' )Rl · +..*.f lo iUI Crt, 0, Lt . '-arinet ilh+ John lan field tl ti nt- t tle ¼ i-i 1 i tt e I t r de I1CeriI l I~r ~l··iivr".b eeera l'll: llr lc Ior Ii T C ,ll htll I t is hit. el ia" l in b arl City of New -hl h ai·I·\ ·rl· 11 u n,1 Ju Its r, lo n, , jII -i, 1' , I C`i i . ,ntt.k 1 tuttir e n ii SI",It, ihi t . l. ittird ,l 'i lt ll ( iih iii c\ iii.. 'l iii' t ic-q t'iihco-i ' lJ .%: I.+· j)(,lltltl UI11 t (:o. INtlll '+lll , ']'t'I/- I B.· I lll j~il I, 1 l l i, tb. I 'l I i l in t ilt ' c Ct tittiti titiic.o u t l .. ... ... d Ii . . J ,,q 1.: \I ': 1 I :% l' 1 et \'lilt' ll() I I ( I 111·· l "{.1 )t',*'t t.( Jlllq - lVI' iiiit't iit l 't~lfa £'iti htitt hi +In'l titt llt i ti.iii i ,- i \\lirtl. .il l, I-iiiri, , l *111111t 11,' 11Hd l d (hl~l~ ll -it :, ltlt I teill i itiltl i ll l i cjl, . it e.:. tutu I. llllt Itptillt ' ItS-.?+, " il.It " I 'liwli" :<il' I"" ',I'' HPI d+: ~!I'llIll It +': 111 1 . tril I, t1·,, I+- 1 +llll'-II ?hTM 't 11 1++l ' Illll.lil cl +.o It t ll'th P ;llL,.el I'1·.1" lII Ilt lll'llllllL- I ) Illl 1"1+11]'1 1I I1 11t1h+ tll ll-'1· {! :'t It lliJ i ii iioit'r, 1 iec |i .I,,[, 1 :; ,r. )l C. l iij. ',le ] .tl ,' 4,l.'t.l'.4\'|'4. '. f ..i4:. ,, .- 1.h.t 1" Ib I',. -ooe 't'.c.. h, the iii n,+rck +,, nw l- o t. ,ba liilllllllIIt.I i I tIlliil ItI, a, illilg e hll l) ili llt 'lr 111 Ae., [ i l I i ! +lr- I p, a r h " s u li , ll a' ll u 1" , l,, . 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RUSVANI)at 'I't)NIt' .111\1'('ItI":, lf'ltN ears have nol L ye elapsed sinle' it ''a as (tr t regularly s.binilted to the publih; bit it h lts alrined ith highest reputatiatl: and h .-ll- , planllld evIery otheir ei-i,, for the, wher,,v. Ir it ha belentl kilown and apprctlll d'. Allead; hlas it b(ion crri.d in Tvery da re"lion thro_,hut Lthe Unlited Ot s, allln l still realizes or, thl, coulldl ialva ti dI h l .nticipa t y ii mUo- It t sla tngliine fr- t I d 'oLads i att rset have not onll y t lbeen rell've'. I billt rIU tred t. hi e lib and vigor thruil h (l t Its Ia . c l al'd thyill ntl ow cheerl' v la stiy, at ievey opl. portuni ty, IO'its dti llll(nd slUpreIt e eail lt tllly. I. is cornpo. d iof .uth litdei t talu principles as arei, c.! lla td t o t rei tllla hell healthy acillltl onll ho . ach, hier, iand other important dige.tiwe organp,, thlle ll lf which harla llly i, the illllull 'at'l at I;1! ,i' the m disease. It is apparent al.s , thil it prudh. i.s ila ulirl change i lltie condlltilollll. 'i l and certainly desroys the native liabi lity a li, r -Ip Lsli of Llle atl'ealion. \ih enI thel Aigi e Is Itlls l: l a ith ly ta othe lr compl aintll, the ie plo' lll 'l lt th 'P ni ,l\.lI ,ly tali will not i la 't r re wtt tha thlh It lt . allll l t 'th othir Ii-eas.e, I but i li I even rai llhrd :as. st,l.nllll by lfur illis g t lllrengtlt n ld vl lnt to I1' boil duringl the coa.i l treat'intl l. Ta.i \\ ho inlke ui.. o this meditcine may bi e ai red that ll tailre is io All a atir, l r ll,., ulralt ll, ol r anity othll lrticlle inl its ,o,"posltio n u Iri'i d v to l thi hei a li ln i t.lll llluo ; being tllllrly ali ·.r!uIj II i l oi rrl I I ttll y I t lt ay h it lve i a l adill ul - Sid ll- tilt .I te tlhereuf, when tit y pteret,lve that it ltas tae i, it of agent tat lax .,' about au e tie 'hIallan hout lu falllt hl is blle takenl - :n : onl '"leo.C e oIf %, ' ll', here is lio p.rt of !hfi mediciln ,, lt to lioger III, tio bowels to cause bdtratll ntls, and other evila, sritl~ fronl thie iose of talnlly of tLilt relnlli'les noi ,tlred l hr te cure of L ih all 'ction. I hias been I Ied alo. as i preventiive, by l.lny fwho w Ire .ub et to, ll perlndical recurrence ofll ' ithe Chlls, and It ilas !nv¥riably warded uof'tlle apprehended Httirc. Obsorllve! The Pri p Ia tor, aflly satiaslied 't 1 i the lparllleled ald aitvertal surcess ariaa hatt cea. intls Iattledeld ai Itpuctld aland rretlatr use o' the Flt I" a.lixte, ill all cases of F-tv'r anlt Ague., lt wrran'ilted in engagiing to ritfa d tal pbira to all dhoti. who have taa'a ta u ia tat rtdicitn strict au htav g . ott peratleiy aitI lastingly ciil'd. The subll. rlelrs are thie 'lu ,ilae al gents for the( South Western St atas, ald have nl w iii ilnld 0 i ty cases of this medicine, ihich a I wairranted I1 ,sh l and genuine. ] tFor sale at a' alth hIl. ctiured prlce. iI%.IrFte s, 1 lllllll PAf:hc')r' ( ai'll .t ( ill \ I ly tlh I'latnflce, No. 53 ail l a' ia . aiteetl, Nelw ( 1'tilteas 'IU1E I..1 NI F.aCTI'tl,1 - It\?NNEW YF:V YIIU I t In RttI-:tiU' ItUa & CO. SC, -if! OF i'lt/tEt-' ilid/ thuits. Fir a tdullle (ia ollf lt sollPnlil l or t th cI lil , akiir Ig t1reat l s ill tahe stanld, aith ied 'r.,l biuialt, & . at .fl perisat, tr $96S i tll Fori a I | uiD li tc, Gill of ti sa vs $ n al cy flinder, o¢ IYt s ',,' in h ll i ltallld, Itlltil'%, . a. $6 pi"t taw, or 7d11 It -Fordo. of'4lataws do.l ' 8 sa: as ilia s:taed, tit 6 23 per slaw, Li :a)00 0-a For iio. of :d suws oii io. 1r 40 saws in a stal.d, sat fti.50 per ta , tor a 6at ot S IN I,1: sll; N .. Sate selt of .ieers, bands, ci, a at per Foro. of enss, mithafeedtrs,&t at.U6 For'i dol. i'III llt ta's, with l feeders, &ea. 1( a iFoo . sa'ls, witla eieta s, c. aa t 27 1 I ets alih; the IIattl'eri o telth beiia iatia lt 1. S the t ubettl. of sitws. l ile sl t of iei - ,ilte i'tiitaao sidest ll |Ietd h w er, will \ear o1l tw, o1' illeC sets of iti , s. ii allt at toms Snt pli,.tii at tlal i IAI. . ,1 h. Illp ters ill :,a) of "he s, ph o t" own of thl vol' !t l 'l l - willhe lsetwi. thernsitis I .t at h m ,tin lit here t Ie Ssired; lhat charges it whse rai ei,:. will a e extla, btu Ir"t1rnnineal r ani l so ltder . bt i r St aal leit dei. rl. on riasta.l l t t ter , t, but ia ill be c ti'.sge t exat . i alt't I'e e, ala'ant slesetatplion, ia'n be Ia't' nished o11 l ike 1iat1. Smallt steam eailes r ' ' tcan Ird lf d i at ~iralhhn h htuat t it' ve irdtrs fte ;ias tie . tt i a acompa.ny Ithen with the1itiews i ryt :tla ito toe.rtlngemenltl s.wsI, breasts, brns buh Sr. It I i un i l the\ dillie , opinion. Sone- de...i' . 1 olg diam eter Iho others. T he mi 1 nl l siz i is 9i t r l inct s; It - rin` , asa to,, l 1. h i btes. Sona wi i or it ,~ i st I brui'sheos IIo l1 axle, .li 'e ,hf do n(t w'anl moor amale th a- uon t. Sttt," , is ' o Wilh on'J tie th |ti the inch, . hile oill'ra wn':.t Iti m" I I . I ishes,:mIiiiil it . lat`il ltu s tantit lil then in e e y1 % parltc ulen . W here it is Ilft to o it discrelion, we shall siake them nn I mle not modern sn1 tillalnell plan. .!t ord,:r can iecxreulned, fro"1 the time it is iecv i,',, i~ fie space of'eighte rnliili" tNet'ks,anlt the (i111 is that tihe pilaced in the hands of thIe (.c .o'. "o h* in h nle Inc the inex crop, all orders ought to le in late 1till,41s a I h o o ,: n l 'w i w t u rrl i hl ' n h f e ll € h t o m in h d l e o f \ l a , ; e ' tve p' pt f'tin. s I the 'vy arelate in c mnileoiu5l Io X. I T. II ,h'.,tent Rilh, f,,r aiV one of ihe roteo goN'_,.,, .St r, wN i| hle sohl ,i 't rass' rtuli wlanls. v1.i ii I is O""' ý' Compou nd $11151 of C'opsu'h null S IS"u'i Ila -A e'I lain, sale, :I1,I mist .. li'cl llal r0f · dluvlejrlibFsotpuild jllltlll i ill i ll tl li II U- Is, weaknless, afleviiullr a1' thle kildlirr, gravel, scurbuitml 111 lilt tltllud1111 c ll I s" m Slll e I nsrrrfirlg the Us1111 andI active ,ilrlri ul 111r, title no~w dtfelerrd to thie publlic, toe1 propsl. ur hs but to IrL·I(I In IIIIIIIIF I·el~ll~lll~·11II j*ISIISI ii lilll 1·111 l· Illlills ht eelt1d Aonplsti ~ 15,a f"seu inl 11ts51 , I (, betlu 111: 1 Atlas bdn) a1,I".Leetalded when i a I11et"6r H are ,,ol 1 !till) known. 1 beI; 11 t lel I~~lllI.. ~ IL 111115 l 11111 15 I (1·IIIJ .d' its creditil tilrout if,,: dish I~t" itill, 1, p. ii lyls turton r iexprss d rt";;aII flaSs it lJcC i e ii atie, ,16 ý.l~u ·.(r prodncer Il in the boss cis and slrut nt:,r I, and its llltelelrtilr / ineffieieuct whet, used n Ile tir nlian.,nuCcurt tt s'. 't he i ll1g11ttemre at5i5e5ylu ities wt'. id 111!hii be llu b .more I' St IIO l:,ttilll) : LadI IrlllIc III11111 d itio e, ou Ill, th iii~ lc'n 5l1te Thi'S tssi's· iI ans i Il' - Iisll which are in the highest rd rrpr~li ne "loon" tie* Most scieullfkc trod learned it' th1e1 pro1111\ I el 15. Ill t11hIe tompoio· 'f thIt isI on i'5 S sIssssIg l n hlT1 !sndn, ng n oI: I IlllI¶Ilu n 111 Ii I""SC 'i't 'it gat tike same littl111111t1e 1 I 5 1511 I its 1-611; sdmiuislel~ed wth lvvivcl S 111 11 in I tslfllsli5 I sutl (I·IIgI1onlol lj ll(·(.. ) Le:ll dad ·P: rei(.I llt;·1I ·( v~ \ id al, pll~im 11cd hospitals :t'~1 publIIc mt.i ed '1st lIltIlIsS 5at be n, stll still comi amles, te It(: 8,It'naitr. It w. !I. , n is,-Isl'I v W155it eecd1r I.llujtiun., wll m ·IrsIISIr 1151 s I ntlt.:ln!t S151,1,· :,11n 511 1 II ~,:'; 5 111 1 1 issl bs -p '" I11 ",., , t i , " , " i ,tI(osI 11n1n1,t Isis"I e iljY case under their btIlI1II aldlllll1l1~nl it ol ill I)""11· roluu P55 I "t( 51 per pot. 11111 S1i' \1 11\ l.\ . S s. IlrI" Ic n'j:li .5 II '"bno , :1t1 1'1 1 It " "x g,", In if,,~;il i lI'ssnlssIso pll.sssi( Le in ' l .t I ol.~· At· 5Itlf'Ii.... Ibos Xisll, lsja ssas(,ses I. .I·III .olr llll so bill l 'lI·IIII· fal l· sit Is tI t o' te eli e" et'r '. i 111 rr ( to I,,. i u1, 11, , ( " n, \, b, Il l. Iro "'o 'x1'16--, 1 van 1 I : . e , s'ti'r, jll;I~l~lll I1I1 dot's ( III1I · I·~l llll) iill s llle l! :I (:1111 1.1 cis u \ :1·· , . tuluul. dl Ili op ,,,'s of Iru 1"1c., (I loot t IIIII ,";; , . !: su (IIss (i tl .n billy d, ,.", \',.u ao 1 tu1· 111l t" r, "\\1:u)1 lot I~1 fabn':u ll'd ' v!.. I 'lt ,..'mai'd m In ioriug it it u d, "o,'li.·: 1t' tom 15 : 11 C oe" F 1);11·1 1 S, Sn I tgeou to i t,)'s I I' s-il ·I1 I I, "It N" t iii lri I toii' I Pi, t, t a i!i- t'i,.t u .1 1 ' t I. A M I ll e n , :,,I't l 1 , 1 '1, l :.,! I "1 , 1, ', t ,)', I l 1 , I 1 4hr:l "gm t" . , l'l, I:m1s n a I w r :n i ;'he. ,:,h:a. l, . I , I II : 7 : nc! ,. t ' I. hI v 1,1 . ., r,: I I ' ! 1 n III 1I ti:1 \ll 'i:ll, l lt·a( ( Ij ll .llhlI·, Bhl· . ( I)';) 'lit1\ .];) jll. \ ,:!· nionh, ) utl l nllh ec i , -IIii ii..1 I ,. N Au l1i1'.ll!i :,hd I ,vl,:,. .il ', i in, no , 11,;," t 1, nI l, II l 15:l I il. t .Ii il il u. Tre e, o oth, , lc ?inra, rn tis. i N F i)n 1.I ,i I l I)IIt Lnt ih wi)tnt I I I li i lt[n cloi thrllllnlltloli :ollll iInn. t .%te l 'l ll I 'I ' ,IIT\ll I Iv IHIII il: C li'r iu ito , N..-ti a tite 10at tSb ts 1,:11: (1c1111, h sn n w11 a Iler . ''lh : (N .w I o rk ()1 .:.' c \1:. 1111 CuIt111' Cll'iiN lllllllt I is hl. s r ll)r i I i :1ia(0 ll o. u o hi t lll'. . . 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I h rp Ij e le , ll srrlle I .m g ,from a ar n r, i fr l ,:Danht °l.n'. shr.1 ni'llml' I.mel ll ave Ol lirLh h't r tev ..ll ' totill h eI oi tt' iotllllirt o rllll t 'lr ll' t dI'l I ll lnI i ot ; h a Io Itlle ) :l 1ir1 Ie: ron d u tll .h h ,i 1~ 1.""i , i rlll .l. hi ,; nIlies a n der i l. 'I Ihe hn lr.ti.n l ione, IiourGy, hl..l: anhr0 t l.ol r ut lol, :..I .\ l; II.\ tI il o . reanI II r ,!tr y iNb y R l\: 'l Ill"'t' r. \ . r A: 1 , I IIl . (, riliel l'c lari notI , tl'l:ll'l ii l ll I llll: r , i,'. h r '.r I he , th ' ir r wr r R l , a d 1 1 r ';l tl hll y I h and l hlO t lll' ; il as.. rt n artuIeII;· i l ! byl+. ,,lillo ' , r al'tlh llr h k m.l l h, 11 ll Ill " ha,1 it [ Iv lal l. m:T10 o belil l TR El %, lih 7 a u, ,lh 'i R, -i-h n,. ( ona a otrlllll n T, ll( lltl yti l uli y : mitoI r , Elll;l lt. 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