Newspaper of True American, December 29, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated December 29, 1838 Page 1
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PRICIl 12,' CE~NTS. ý. S A T U R A 1 2 C .N E O R L f A N S SA TUR DA Y O R N I N G l, D L ' E B E R ' 'rj vx. - v I \ o 1 84 l'1 ,, f're a l'm'sý'rr h.Vz f ( . Ner rr (n~ Vn rll I NEVVURILEANa _r.. _ .. '.'erms of otoe .Aerrsprtp,' r I'res, n/' .Van' Orlenttr iousiitli.a iim r i a .gre id to at t Illnl I II i linnn i i ntihe Proprin osr, hdi cont lnh.11 of" `tkrih, 1i17.i p I t In t . at r , l - t y I ti 't;l glv :uln, Vt s t' o : Adloers TI . lIi .- m Or t tio i ,r r prtilnre fpo r p hlie oin.t yearl in1 adilv t3:, tlllt"l. II city. rli, l cretl',. i .-ioeo. No tio wi ll h itorid uo ili inw e.ll rrer Yrnnr.r Anruv'rut'ri"s M.ertinti intd T'r rs oi Itll n r t:e It uinish a lnl, id solxt ftlr t's licn. put wti ttn i iinl in vana y givein , pIleviols t i llr e, nialion it turi t Ii lgrpt leon. MA av:Rrlsa - (.ITO n ollar peN r T ar ti lec ll' frIrist n rg theion antiu l f that price folic to ih t' IIts rIit iert:i cnrd ilf .ltil al ratione rom t i t org&ti a il odv' rt hlllPHv I gu ie. Y ..alt.v .%luVrlt'rtsl t +.-lNrr cnlt s, ut nnd 'pra Drs, oItv d lluartis l nl i twn sh ditlie rt . wi llxty fIr bot s n gadtgt)ll r e It , n.srance Ot 0ies, ill ll nn otertroainl r ,bli it lin tio'nt' o t ifi fynI ll leit e line only, b neltl nt an r eignhty r both paigor res. AiuEitiirr anieer III i r lidies lin ' r nf iniu t In'. 1 0 , anil .$ s, Oin i m th N Ou I r and fo rli-lcs enl! ig tbhu tteltior, of the lt hlie to ahii I I o lrpert cards of u itllasn uir, nvlit., &t c. &,i . will bd i el' r il' t Or dollar per Isuaran four thl llo st insrtinr in each n l - OAiT'nlMtutlu i,t i or t'dvrr' nts, of anyf li ,uirin n t e dntt u t, . pirle, shd il b h 'ed nl l ti.... ud Iin itlt itae A dudiintii of t w yir' tt it e il r u'l.It . will e mld,, Iu Auciu,. r s he, l Io ,R gisters f \Vills, anI Narshnli o on s.l~elc t' ret anal,. ~iJ.uli. h ld in bot h lRan fu-n , nlld ,50 per rent. 1in Iglih 0 on . pot cilen. o1|1 loo -R of other proNertyi. At~vltrh~ .osnT out of , direu ine of i Ueo of ile advertiser, sT ch a lTHE l l illl, , ndlh la t ilti bhe chrgued for s nhtlyd' i atll t he it i vi rumi . A) Ill T;rItIsE r I n oT IIO I L 1*ill'd :v to tll ill wi ll e b i y Cl ne pt li p T i l , i Nil'n fi' prymientd r .Lyd ,3' a Iold l llp ,"rsoll in nOWn. Tihll res oIR dII other p t'ceo d nem:I dcerioi1 ' I U l .f daily o nf trio suidO, to be . (r lrge.{I $.t i for I.Illiill it lot 1, and $151I ll hnt'oth t kit' e I.II All nLotII.III III UoIIe g A o' l,! :iI:tI fil l" Ir. lit:,';t ol f e'it, wrill be ahurted durabhe lil price of o wlto, ado'rns, 11t i 't1I t . Io t y t o Owingt tttt ,lh itrllnll"l'l l , o so.4 l I 11" I /1.. iprt ' lhrie lith1k1v hii v r tA on ti - iltl lt it t ' ltti i nlic f 1,1-, i tii ttHt I n Iit -' i iiet N ii "li II At l id witlhi ilo o mo tIIIhI alter II: Ln:nltmol, [IiI tl ,'l h o:lisie Ikll iwl (Iollfr is' irttul i I it) t 'o ch othlh lr i ,,he o i- i KII ut11t tit II' i.h -V t " not to ;t irt no ii1'111 for suHh ( igncd) J.I '.i Il l Si . r 11 1 ' IiI J. IA\ VIIIn, io. 1' . i r , li J. C. 1I'1 I\ EI ItllU.\S'I', IJt l 1 ' hItI) I, SIx. t111 r \ll .l'1'("I.\,1 Iri' tlitit' ' Itt p ittti ii Il . . - 1I tWee,'! I I'reoo.--\Vr, th,, uharrriO :,,, ; n":r.,: to :d'id' nby the above i Ii I it ilt ,In i , ' t t hey re4 upplicoti.: to wo, l I lirs. " (h liun,.) A It. I.\o\V . eI i , i e 'I' ' T TIl' PUlIlt il '.--UI u s il r ii · n ;n. it oIi r)6<< olsenllll r. 0 I n li I tI h m o . rni, l t\'l ol ,I a )lic i ,,vi g h,' od ,.si n I :,l+ .'r=,,I -}' r', :: td hy e" h 1, i iotrf,.h i htl "s, th +,hsCrlhtr h, !;s !o :.+ : I:ftt h flm'ed.h g.'o-rrtliV, noellf u::. tl'.,, : ht (:r .', ' ;till C rllllL o cllt. n'I th IN : , 0: ,h ,r h e11 : t, rill' i' I rlloier eI. llt] 11, I e1, I5 1 hlr lh \vllit: : a fI"a1[llan :'x.c + pInt of hlb.n p.L.e.nnt .,,,.sn Iy|7. .tll t lh, - tit,! arly Ip t orf, Se I,+l h.+b,,r, hI: h:i'i r". .:rivd amp ee t weuh ,.-, by lhe p t,',t .oi:, Vtctk'. |n g, henll olt'( y, an Arkt1· mo :, all arr,v L·,it11, shel I tas. goL., d o r- l rrillr ] N. i Y,,rw.' B Ih i, .l lrl t1 x11: ali h..r ( : " i : ;11, : :: I. J| ; ] : tl 0 .' ::Iv lt:. .I: nofIl a p r o . 'I.:,s " ,,Ll,, l 'lr ' ,t, .\.p,,"'.,-l t [oo,., h.,,v· ll· ,re,:dy re:c,'l v d IIVO . Lher1 ol by' I 'J'ln nl th. r-i l r b,;;' I',trilher to a-=,l: th tb , p1ll!:: Ili Inrc,,' tit tt ho ]- ,t pr- 're ::s il n I : I: Ihll't ,oil,! r.'c"ro1 ,rhr l',, Io.t: It,'I i.::::. ,f l:": (;,mhlr:' S .% , I .r , r h" , t r nllt.i l, ,it, nn,,(, a v.. I~' .'.: n:..:,,, I.- finst ,: " )dth1m t in .i, 1ron , 1.'2. w t' r.+ and : ; ! , t, (; r,,lv:t.' or:,,I hI " 1,,,,1 :, 1t ~ ,.ý ,tt, ::l I . / ,' :i ,, ..r I,,; :-',I . o111, .r t " . , :.... . , ' . . . . h , : II:, .. . r i,'':, I.: :: n : titl ' ::. n T\ I 'L: \ . . . ,,, "I, Y ,, I': , . . , ,1 , i r c l II . I : t ,::m e :p . :. L) l .I" t ,,- -. ,:, II I I . .. L ,:, J A 1t l 0 ::0t ',,:0 ,lll, , , "l l ,,t, , r i ll o , f I n +, . _ .. l :, h : .. I :., II(, ro PROS."'PE'C'TU:. TilE tleria'er p-ope. t.t ,lih. in the be. ginning or tlt+ Ons ilg aihure, t+'oOulllstitll t f th itwalyv vo nnes of the Old and Nti.c St'lirs of volh"taer, ,b.,e ,f c rdt g to thl: ehudul el' Peter.' 'to'ar, air s noin'v is tlrnmtrtint by x. Itrtot l 11 o rita', I" , o thii ailr, ssi.ted hy \V i Ita ltt. rand scrceq. 'l' ine .eain curislso y too r t by a fd., intliti otelird Judge of the Uiiomne I r.3rct anto the o tlinar jri ttigr Judgneo , to expeca t ifr l their pc l tl pervii nrl ill th princtal lltroe W tle irlny nottiiralty Ito re.'t tfre'tt t,.ir exttit'atric i. cid eh a worke ij s becomitg vcn rydtlc Idlymo, Ieke cose sy, as the oarigaal ij wluminuOt, eX petiveo, and scarce. An, curiosity too Ia. tani lieat i the other St.t, n of thoe Uniona, 111 rovt,e to triint rptiarjbliaprud. 'ex of L.a ouar and she e re + n l " eo ft" the Iltlltel l plrinetpj cs hreti do nidot in thtt adjustont t of tcnfltcts otu tito , makei the I hanaedgt of our a.ljutdtga eases cf printa uti. lity to tttjnju-ictt of tiro whoeh+ Ution. thlcreovot, the ricing reptbi ol''l'tots r ite atopttod tur codes, and thus there in a great doettad for the Latisiuna dueioits f'rom a retsh qcuarter. (ollvolitntt itttts, inlrttcating tIle parallel eases deci,ldl in IL ui ianI, and oce, taionally those in the moire anu tthrit tiv tor,.n. oft thite other tyitats, will 'thu wort ttil ttrttt ,four vnalnets, royatl octavo. ant will hie ti.:evered, 11e11t1to, Io subster.henrs at $.( per vtl.; int ,n e it ha ello I be ftltt prattlel Lhle to compre- it itll thro veolumst , thll pi.:,n to sub vriber. \\wi! he 97 p-.r t,,I. ' nti,,nt rm' .:iv ,d hby Wit M n I AIN, non car. i-amll ,t: l t n2o1)11,1; a'". NEWV ORLEANS Steam and Patent Biscuit Bakery--Waters and Ilillman. Pilot and Navy Ilradl, S.da anld \Wine Hlisctle, Sugar, Ilutter, MRidlord and Water Crackers. All the abllve article. are warranted to be . tile firs quadity, and rn keep in any cli llna, bing no npletCly kitn dried. Al.o,-K-iln drie corn meal. Orders ell at G. WV. Princhar nd ndTag t, .r. corner M1lagazion and P' ydras streets, will rt ceive prompt attention. 5:tall ktegs put up expresely fer TjllOU t-lJtd0 barrels landing in '2torw, 2 i l2r sale by (1. 1 .9 '' I tI , w I ,l, , 211:11 1 1 AII.S-71 kiege Nail a esirled rs'2 Inr ajle l l II .\U 1' \ ' W Il'IIT.\.L, ! 7 ;rlitr rit Elt1w S-e II r r e , b. mpr l r C LO,11 IIST IlLT" 01l.--'5 narr.,hl I',n n r Oi i, h1!) ro '~ 2all iira It e i i r iAN LI --1s ' bixks . pirn Ciau dhn , fori si 'Il e . Ie ' 1 N I I .,11 , Ill\' iJ2(® 1 6. II:,: l'- bilk ill' 1, 4) Id . J Illh Ie P ork; 2I ) & IIl. I'to ni I I1ee0 f h i'r hb .1 +16 ill iG. 1 )OI"." IdE ', 1 11 2 12 . : 1_ :1( ' aly 1 N ,'n Il.,, "e "% , I ,, , _t" t i'.r ' I 1 I, I t ",I .. 1' i: l l t t11 '-111 . -1 , t ,- t , ) i - o o 1- "lv , nllill , r + ron l it , lll' i 'r, lll ~ovit:'r ,'i= I~ I S II('u li,(11 (; n i n. 2 'liil 1I' " .11 '1:1on he i t sIr I r, celor Il i l r o yes- I I[1 ,, lln vol ; it·IIIIP 11 r 1 s2(2i' · 2 12 ' ' nl2 ies. 111i ' rl 'nlll ll. lll r ii nrll h i al til, ) , I2C o'li llt ti X. 1115i 11: )ll ll llnll ,'il'se , r 2 Iti flell I'2 m llill22 r, I ' -'n . %ill e ii. nt p r ti , ' he , 'il ihr lik-hart Iil l t i l :\l li II I"b n I l (.,Iiltu'n 11€ fto11 ,;lrl l:l)' ll 'p i 1"111; shI fh e ' o21 I, i ;11O121 lrr 1 i i -' f (re'etl i, t ,lll , l 1 , w 2o211 '111 . Dar m i , to .\ po ieTi n u ilie C-.... . 2w1r2 1 tll hi lellhil2"ri t I:(1 h I llll2i2l I22f2s22.2ions, ,"I' hr, !'a ,,,,ni,,t,+ o:IrierllIlio uIIi, Ih,'d 'lrII'-1. I, L )' l ,;,l .. e Id I 1 .jTl tI'r , 1 ,2,2 I 22;22 2l 22,i,+l/I a Ill,- .2 2 I 2 ' ',- I iuti ,l Ie l .eir h I l i .2l2'. l -1'll2 'el iitili-h2 - ,i re. hl'2 (lc e eic ' 1 22' i it, 2 'i'lllide2.'... ,il ' i l i 22, l'22 22 l 'l2 I h, .," 2 2' 1, h 1 ,222 2 2'.." ' r , 2 22 l t.h1111",I222I222,2 hi .il 22-' II \ II lI)il' ,'' INN. ,I,.). ]' ,+;! ,ll )I,'. ! +. ItIu I ,,.J l I Ill U ail:,l 'ILI * !:'''I·.· - -.;'*; .1 i D '1%'' tl; 11 \ ' 1.: I ! "', , , · 1 . " , ' :. , ' I 1 1 , I <\ , , 1 (', 1 t ; lhd+,,!. 'N d ' lit'''" p lltI+h l i t, ';'Pt 't. 'P' . : .II 1 .l h l.l q ,,I I ,t t ,111. 1 i .th I:I1 ,i .: i i' ., 111 , I Iiri, I l .},lli1 ,11 i t r I .1; ii .',l<,h ;-i,: l l,.t I*, n .,; l u, id -r;'. Pieo o,! ib r I iiI I ,ll 1. I IL { , I lip F O ttI-'At tt;tir ,' Juie /D Ih , tr i ( i1r. T--: llll llt·i It 'J lil t I:,l (I. . II I,],'ov r tl ! , . , h1+ Il, n A,,., A lhwh.JILr, Jud¢ e.I ,I t,, iN . .ii t.: 77 t :.' .. l ii h,+ .n l a e l rttt 1 01 ,s e F. ' .il t F tlll, tl O' 1 ' il \ ,' - I ',ll, t rlilt, lltlll ,\ ,I1: I t-; II It' l iI I,' +?h,' Ir ,,t'i I t II J,+l.,1III ;I +." 1j Iv.III1 rlu t <" - I,:t "t '1'.111 ,111 'lll ii .. 1111 11 11,.'. , ', I' '. I nl I:++t'.; " P..'I'' I ,\I'\II''' pIl 'll i ,,'tl .ull l~ ci1+'v : t',lhJ 1 t'! +t~ . I I'<;,+ lllti: T I irict ' l. r J n 1),tt toi *: " ttt,'t . l 1'w n tlgll. l wl' , l ..~i.tttrt Ii:'tiitl 11 'lt' m d E It ertt Sl'e'.::ll~l . ,. I··ll lI ti h ir.; J'<'.ti l ili irdn n iei'on I''. li n optilalc a: costllilll onIII I~Iloi e 1108 1:111 u ii3Nll i tN'l ' i' tt. i tt 1 p u tl. bsll t Jre i los in - I Il t tl ill tl Tii I, I Iii, Ot ,lllllLer " rit.,' I h,+ A . MI Nll , ,h 11 -"o lle , . Priim lil,·\ . ,,,lSA, Cl, - -li ,'I . . l l lllt ililI - ia l. , , ''uh ill th ,'lltL ,t tlitta' imtt ,I d ,'i,:l t r itt t, lalat T elE OF11A 11 t r il Ill ih 1 LO it e i- i' , r p od t by t' t tl it-i i",s l nece ttll b ly therm thr, the beeitdl'ttl~ ,o his me itors h - It c d,l .+ll r itor l l l.Iohn u lit 3t d Ih t h, orde reI dl usti i,l'. ' d t hr to I bttI utII p Li I l - i rs Iiftltil L i~li, I(! I1III1I'1· (·ill~( X I ' I ..II(\ -· IAll('+,lll Il1vrk. ii4'l'l' ,]' Iusul . I. Ihe timll ll \ I.'. . ....C.. e hi a,.iltl (-I n L nll di' pil.lI L rop tlleilr 1 said i (eto i tic1.I,, li |llaltr il ar l 1 1h i Itdd,. iA rh ol deredi tillat J l+* . - n rsv an. I', rk'o I;e, Decem.\, erul'r st . 3 8.-h 1 c ll Ill Itl' I .l~li i lll· t,.te ilf:,i, l t, 1e tiJ '|llldY · 1·1 i 11(1 tltl l. P4+tIIIllq sn lililt. \fr p riil s etr i llr dt+e lt e lll lll. rltoen - Pret Illxilll. le a-m lt"h-tlll'tlt·s h'd I·labhlaii ~1 1/ ()·111 ilt., 14VlRil .,.++ 1. ,,lt Ilhllluu Ll '+ ,'oPlllh,,ill +< 1ol I,, hfi vt ilCI l;,lld+l d-t~ldcl.-l,> i*l l'lrll.ll(r Ill 'l~lll. Etl't nlt It'+:'+ lllhlt.lraa ih; lr I*le .\h[l lr l i0 n t, jIlell- cle rel r Ib_ (l.T+I 'l+ ()il." J.OuIl.lf s.lN .3U--l~rt.lttilIi+ Um 1 ol .l,,t Slit+,+Oiri ]o p~ltlr lt llltil+ t \ 16 )o llllki' . l,'¢+-tev, tl. ht~llIret1I,v wItlle, t lillll~di Il ill l il'll, t'ltlll lICCit1ITtIrdt' 181l3-NoI. 10298--Newtonl Riichlan rds *. *esrrolncicr* Iht l"s irnth -alier \ de Job¢hwl CG iii, & a l t rei, i II ' i nt,, h du I tlllo"- nth r la.t ' r llihl lilL hco.Ur Ihe R Iol; I. 'it et hrdone I Io'nne a r ebh'led df hl-rouncietl t a holsub le , in ttilen ut rot ut' elh ( curtll t ltital contr Jl l aei r ...... ait l .. ..h.ue .it ewtilo iarb... . id se..i ,t larite. |131. E , nor & l ing retpr etohl 1[ t creunclll i v 1 d. IIIS1hCour t - or ~h' I': lhll City if Nhtw Or i an I'.\ , Pree.t. . Ihe Ho oall eC'l ha\ ]- t lr al|rtianl, No. IlaliiJohn )t. 4.r1ha, itl co-o , t L- ' . I, tllat a meetlin: of' the Cr.·ditorls or' Ile Iin o lvan - . l c. , i·i,,, n . u1 rI' L l ttI l, i R lolllay t lle 7th ail,+ of I h+' next. thi." Ialnl I lhereB 11 d.·t '\ r- t e on r h(I i h - : hh r h lr f i Io lv.rn , dr in the uii l t' b in >ce del It it Pr m)to r th' de t c IT.e i +, 1+ n .i y . iqh p Il+l 'shalloa.%ic. livll nileans, Noi. II t1+.; 11%1+ i iA r)N . btEAtrTIFuL t e, d .lhnor i he f randest on n msentibelongint t., tle Illn "oate. iw sh nrge Iv tIhe loss i ihtng'r enn Fr t'een rree,e ad prOnteta plrlt Lrinrs on tine llp rrPtr, ofolrh e lre which r rc u 0es l In r eeo til ntleilln at nr tt irland ri rm eimenn si titrit' rt'je,.t irr he t t se e tt"ti y1set i rt'iotir t n . r.l.ot eOr thle ir'erf 'e p' cert fill' thr1i eenrets thrnkie i ouh, witt thast beenv xroslyin mit dore th e abosvof ui, hnir. Tor ivrt all hrPse ounle nerl eirrttrlstran et) Olr dte' Rnei tn f ('in lnl teiic .i,rpt fIl nir fr f.tI1 l orrll f n tire liirt applicttirnt, ntrdaf,"w ot(tlr ie r' ern. iteCerie. It likewise trndne r"a toverio t orl whskeri s I),,event t ie nir Iror lurnieti ¢ r etv, nlaktes it erl b'eruetfliv itnd 'i~ree it from ol'llrl. NnmPrmna er-lifialaes let th first re be. e 'tility in aupporlt ft tilel virtues of Ordridgel itahn, r, h eraowr, Iv the proprietnr.d : s . c Read the lhowing:- Ch rlbeWharton iIsq. ate Mh e or te f i II:tt'D p as Ierlit. na 4 e st belo , to tLe hgh e :tra tertfih e flltowhl_,. l e leeee 'Th • ba, 'rIiened do rnshv e"ti fv 11 aut Prnve isp, tlhe b,I of C'n.lbi a di clII.Iered by .I Oll ril. ee Id have fuund it highle aerviveohle not n.y .a m e aefinit the fxdlin,, offof hair i, e al certain ,ester IbITc\ THATCrHcEIrtR, Senior, ilertldist Minister inl r t l :ore chnree, No 8 , n North F iitlh rt. ,IOIIN P I[NO;Il, 31,, Arch serest. JeII N I I'rllIt ),l A.e p 1te, Irni, ; icst tr i e ' hli 1l Sprli e stre i. (... : 1 , , . h: , ess a' tr F ,' .. ' rit h t fin . t t .ho . ll i , thun U Uyoars of e,,, eeld Ihe ,,thers not Ie. tha(i 10. [Fr, l Ihrt e I dv vr.J Cuuunuiln]eahh,1' Fi |enoIthof inl i('irv ,rf I' ll ei lpl i ea ti i, R P 1'tecrtrbtchrin. 3ar of "id eritg r c hicle. Ihi , do ierebyv eellife, thlot 1 umeI nrnw ll c ltained wilh I 1)1srs1, J & lli 's Johu FItIrI nr d tehI 1 ",, 1. 1,.A'l Ott g neti' it ose use, re si. l tlll. Ii C rtile le nt. r.v Srintrrintin, R\I·.I I Bovc , I i llreoefo'et m hcrete nIodl e·,ccc l ithe sen'I f"the eite t', be . fnixl d li tis lth d'It ol'l)c" niher, \ r . [I.. ,.] R()lI':IT WII.I'I)N Mivor. OI:hln EIrVt ellrl it let i ,ottlie Io'i' (;c llllille t lle l llh te I F" fNl aft\inl ura, ..r, Sol'' ,hoh.le and r,,tail by thll'rrolt nr riie For Ane, hel , t'inrl aee,it,ntd by mlthe andpe.rinccirrers et'r lnrll hie nnUIIlte. 1u!1 \1Vhh,, sur, A euits,', w ()rh' an.. tIrrt1i 1 It Pckt tr'i'i a.--'l'tr new h O'rri en shi.s ' 'a been 'ixpr.tly rudi to r'en rPtw.i'rtin I't',1 ahoy purls, feud w:ll Ie flo nd ot' ,lllltable, draft o1"Witt w r: ;utr:I.alllllRllaiols fo(r p l e I cbSI' 'rcS, and C lli rt wi Ie 111:uh.. t .givo R~' c irntr s tli, 'actiuoti 'r it,' hllloc is collllpul ed t'Iolh l IIf l,.ing ships: ,rolina, 40l0 ho S lt emist, (('oh tmb ;h~n F15 d nt c th'i rcer, ietctr~ar, B0 dee .I lHowve, l onloay, I2 oii ]i ) t"r iphrny. vtupp,,r li:tctl:nt(d and aopper,,d, 'nntlmanllded by ,IWenl pc .;I.It (exp++riencll o, v ha\' ar u accnI n dlll aold. tlt)llo t , pail to 1) t-In ny:u rnl, and thu v ;r, .cst f tl ore pru-o e· ,lsilpp, ,n~ thfer ri, t,,sl pn lllhl i yn erred hin the !llll4 oi'f ejlhnl nL od eI1 uid lll : tIll ;5e( llllyllt r vsstl, b.: ,u' fi ltl' c! ;,rrlyinr, ll,+hr h+illp t, tlaity aco ,,ood L'('erI n 'd e ,tlt , o '' l :,. p1 lr,11 :!'c.ill ', to re.:rtcI 1 tN . 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'thi': t-ttiI td i to highly reI'omtetoded, and)01 O -s Ilto bll ]'tetlltl l lt il sIIII s II r h oe dioa cIvI Ir , I )e wlitC 1ell. ittll i, hdmi so esst t1 ItllllllL ol . ate rittir ot ti O\rI'UN Is TiON iid Med It X ittIt.--A Sltetdet V iad COLttill cutro fur tile Fever avid Ag.ur, rclll itt pre intd itoerls iLtt lt toev l; lropart it ml io theo origlns rccllvin. U neJ yll oth lt and ulli vurbal success n 18d32, by persons ol the hfighest bo i g to th irevely tioedll tho above dtiaes withof such distinguished succes[, that thl proprietor ot' ilth retieg l e rtteI induced to oltr it to the ob. li ii its pre s.t fIrt in tn e holl that it ta y be d thersnes oft ruhlievillg Imaillly Of thoIeo who ary toil ring udtl uir th.e sourgI of t outr ou.try. It ie a IneLtlcilre ipolsse'ssing great virtUe, aInd whell Used according to the dhrotltionu has nevor fdl-cd of effticting a enre, even in the most obstioate stage of tim disorder. It is not at ail dtsagrecabiO, and p I m.lO of" thlt+ weakoet stlllohllh alllld children Illay take it willt imlpnity. It etreogthe.,. the digestive orgasll, ereates an appetite, oanl seldomll requires olllre than on, or ill obstiinato cases, two bottles to bfle.t a clre. There is neithlr mercury nor arsone ill thie ltmedicine, lnr aly thlilng ijulious to the hlumanl constitution. Timl proprietors are so welt convinced of its ffolecy, they egret. to refund the price of overy bottle whichl Ihas bu taken in aecordaneo with the direcotons and hlas not effucted a a perfect cure of thol fever & ague. A. OIIVEIR, solo agent for Now Orleoan, at hi. whtolesat!e and retail drlg and uloedlrmie store, Jt) .. 1 . tO . l, 48 tCotl g st. Sap.proved lteutlite. T'o eivc 11 li:e h'. while't-- to th," tmelll, 'I'0 elll tllt'el the lharluls aill l ol lll hlI molll I, AIII idd ii tllgllt t mlll . to hllo' brt'uth, I llo III l mll ll'll ll' ololt tl i v, llt i Lhl, 'l ' 1 sIll nIit till low etlbr'titeloiy tchie' oed. 'his ru eh d .es're.d re.ul , a. ,ill its 0) ,". \Vith I +lmliOss alnd llill cu alllilelll o )rVP. ehie Orrig s 'lToth Pati/, while t It 'etllicJ Ihe rtCr i. remollving anld IIIeIentniII. every ulllppeara'll ofll tartar, atd giving to ttet at clear anl iearly twhitenes, ino hrIoes tlle ,color ol'h le lip r lld ulls, and Rit es odiih ti ,nal betly to the lent 'lnsemble of the mouth-by its di intecli ig ,roperti,' It greetly ttI ds to prts'. e the teeth flo' Idci ayl, ld it ol." h.I llalls thht pe' l lliar ali. ra.grunt sweeIl u tll o the breath, I III lll r w t-IIh the i' : lto d re i ti it sl ll aw l tus n avel' telellnultre. Jiaat reet :c d r dIy, Ill;tll .\ LI.AN olvll2cy :tole, It'xt'hlte Ilotn:l, n stureC for sale "' JIlAy 11.. Ix BRT OVN. dl1 io '.odtieeiiiollooet 4 ' T II I .-CI I t ()rI ( erI n' il is antsB 11e111 told - iln lttI to s, il r s to ltyCh -. t)rdrs let nAt lthe inm hal.l ill ('anal str eet, between C ntloll nle l told [ a nukule, "or at Ihe clltll IhSllOhl-o of tuov.2 9 lhok Photo'. - COUjnit-W LAsT II OMNE ,o FitliNI)-by Coupto; equer to 'tiorie 'T io \I'hldt; a lnew tern1. in 2 vile. Noleotn'.hllloiri, tr the Etvenoilngol at Callloht.ere alicss litlbrrl'e Collatry Sroi s. 1 tel l'r il~rion, by D'e. Bird, in 2 vtle. YeauIve .Sutima.,'ill I 'o|. \VXX titi she lOt lltt Ie, hl h tt Itrv. II i'. Ptt tvtcin't Maaual by Ioubert XI,., titi, oihlr noveIties IE Ji)IIN & CO, not' e t r tr St (:l 1,. .C i-ommonll r .ItI I e itrtit r, hriorg . iltll I e eleottl'tlml- l lt t Dpt 11" r i rveyor of Uniiied la-ito LIsei, for thir mtort- Itica tie s'toviio to to it I tele plic to orosy sitd 1 \s ,'re outlrt ail operalhtns,tilhtl r t Iic f tItoP? illn Or Civil E.ineering, saschl I1 b m liff ,lll~llll, t t'es, pIlnlls, dr'tw: t 'ovu',litot tl pn r,i cnlchltiiu ofe.cavatio., _to n itbr.i t e,' ,itlert Al N ll- e e either if' town ig C tollllr F t'e IU )rl)ll'V Iltbi p fOipt lhyhlolly meltln d lh0. | ('hatr'.iiitiimc le andi l t cr sto . tlii.' 55 Mat e ÷ .tr",,t, in Mn~ko' Arode. e.. ii_&..-'.n FRED WII.KINS;)N, IlnlMOll tRIOIIDS. AY'S LINL1EaNT.--No Flction.-This ex. 1 traordmiary chenlie d ,coup, nlion, tile result of ntacattalae, and the inventt)n .,I it celebratei d Itedr; cat marn the in troaIL a r oif ''ahichI to he public was inveoted with thle tonlolbanty of a dteathbud hbquest, has mince gained it reputat;onu unpatalleled, rlily sustlatini thae correctalneH of tIhe lamented Dr Gridley's last cvafenalnt, that 1t bI dared not die without giving to posterilly tfe beullit of hi l knowledge on tian s ubject," and a hnl tlhereforl biqucatihed to his lhiind and atlcdanlt, Solomon fliays, lthe secret of' la dilcovery. tile privet practice I our counlltry, first and tlll certllnly tIr the aule of the Piles, and so exten Rively atd etltetutally an to htalla creduhty, ulesal where its elfects are wate, sctd t :Exter.atlly tat the following contpil tt ant: For D)ropsy-Creating extrarillnary absorati'on at once. All Swellings-- educing thernt in a few hours .llOtlill atalln- Acutel or lChronic, g ainllg qulct case. Sure Throat--ly Canvers, Uletrs or Culls. Croup and "'lleoap1tg Cuoghi-Externalt: ly, and ver thue Chest. All Bruises, Sprains, and Burns-Curing in a few hours. Sores and Ulcorrs-Wl.lhethr frleh or long standing, and fever sores. Its operatlrns upon adults and chidrt n in redce ing rhneultnatiai swvvlngts, and lonasning oulths a nd tigihtutess of the cheat ty iletlaxatonl of the parts, has been surprising beyond co1neptio. Tlhe o!nlltnon remark of those who have used it in the I Phi-. is " It act- like ai charm." ''Ti PI ffLES--'Cime prien , $l is refunded to any persou who will wve a bittlte of ay's Lilinment imr the IPles, and return the empty bottle without being cured. 'Thosei are the positive orders of ithe proplivtlor to the Agents; and out of mnll ) th Iu sands sold, not one ltt b, tt unnecv.ssfil'. W e t miglt ialst rt ]ccn il ,t"" t " r t .at' ii n l. t t a'o p rh l s. CAU FLON-NaIo tal tae genainme w,.thout a tplclldid oUgraved wrapper, on winlh nI l ts y ane, and also that ul' tle Agents. :OLO(.'0N HY.\8. Svld Vwholesale and retail, by CO)MS'ITOI)i & Co, New York, and by one Druggist in every oantt ili ttl Uatouv. Far sale by nt Wholesalu Agents, corner of C:ommon & 'l'chloupitoula,.s t, alnal, nd byv Ilhe put hell cares generally, je3J A III under-tignd Iamt e thia day oi.ted a co-lpait ti ner .i) lnr the tr.ats+ction of it tben iaul t'O m l,. lR(elr cr' 'e+: JlA3ll.S t. lita' iti .\. I, t-, n a. a 1 v lAt t hit let & . \tla l m .\ at at ha :1. tu) l, n Ia 4,(t .a'.a hti ,a. natll. L.t i la -a tat . ,'f a ,t 0 a.i -aar, t aaci: . Joh(n al. i aai,. t-o., t. att'i I, Orun . I t.. 11 1S. 'h~lh ta i c-t Ti tl'i', li n. tl'ta a 't ,l h I at11 a hal \lal 'l , jU.. - .li lli, - 1, i . tta Iatlt \ a ll llIiiI l s i' pat) -ea I l :IJ i. It lll t t a~ltlrr \ c . i l. h .l)el" l' iiii I ii `' 1'\ t nr'1' I)1 " I.\ ,)t ll'Ir-l 1S ,'e -,', 'eIr k d i·. 1'ie'. t aap 'la. l Iala uu I o t trilea ta tIl a l·jl! I 1 1 ( Watt, I ,,1 itl i, I 11 Ul , I ) p ; c i' r. tn i leii" I. " ; eI IJ i N t t ll, It l" .l aa t ,ta , a t"Il e , a I dil l llt.i un aiIltr i. l. bai iI t,(, tl-lst tI- i' t all-i , ,b" ih , .t lh ltl,'",,, (ei t ,l ", ') , t ta ,ta aaal .a , a a a . a-1 tt l- a c - atI aa i; t I I 'ttr h" Ic , ]iciio, i a, L·` ua- .1 alait- t a, It.. hoil I1' tall I t ith l iltn ' ail a ll a aea a al, la ' 5ui l '.1'1' "III+ 1.lUl- [))r (d l.l I1 t h t* il, I', ll I. i It a'l aaaat ea-a I i- ala at.', ans ho ~ .aaIf ;, Iaa- \u ala, I I: ., I", e aI't' i .th a, a a a t - .I T anT n·i t' t ' ,l.\i.ui Irms, ,v 11111aall l: oa " btt ti;l 1 ;,t11 - 1 l't.l I,, lit "ibteý ll I1 ,' i -fl IA i'tl n ,.tl Il I ) 1 .ýt[ i " r i l O i l h - lid h, o rlw I tyI be nii tlI ; i IIa til' t ' a t aI t a lll - i i ar, clt , an- tl i ut ala, ta I h p.. a-. aa a . I t 1a ; a taaiaa t ,la it. s .teed h . el It t, n, l ,, ' 1 a-"t, i lllnal tu taai c ,t r tuaI- l a .l v 4 a' .a r lalaat hlat.l.taat \ *-tall'll' o ll l ,d tat, I t llaa lilaI J I'i11~1~011111 t; I.-\,'l-t I1 i1( . t I) ilill: I d n(. ·e w tallt L, lt a l ra-i d , salt io ,u nl II, I-at! mat . tn t I a, ,,,i I ,t l h h t , i t . Rco t f- oit -v ti , a aiu a I tata ' t aI S I C Ca at4h1-l, bile at d th e cr n vly + ila I'ita)lNC II , I at, itt & i-tagt atata l ut d lrtt e- itt. tnt ,l Ah, l a ilatta . Ita , t i,: l )atlaý-I Itt.yil+ p apet s a tall, it t l l\ai llu0 aa bl oc iida Aerican cop, tibe m itat t a 'ili tl pat e:, Itat t ats bat n ll at i 'n t -aaeaiaal l -t.|(; allltl ||lid lsth 11_' -h11 ,1ii ]-; ad t lll,.t'a iiat i-a -a','lP wn l'iain Mai:, ' \uarlaa 'a sad aa rra h l. sba ca t aa pa a t ia ita-.- tati t; Tra blin t a a- ih nd l lta L .il- b '- ; autttl t c .II 'i'lh l it lt ,Natal" enat20 II Jt)ll+N' ('a:. ASNNU Al AN I) A A~. 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Burden( I . · I io li·· 1·1111 .h 'll ,trllle; h rn IC tIt,', ., ¢.11U I 11ti f . .--ic-h + 11iihlllllI,, 1,.tni'1;li:. Ilc.<t I) I:III1( · li.:.ll X IIu I,2):ISL %;: :I:I3 I."_l' . 'a iut' ; bu.l. .t ; :,11 t li, tan n nint, ill IlIt 1I I.,i Supt'" tio. loo,! I i t -, 0-, . "ih ': n0I'' ! ,'II r. q r c,, ll Iill rnlO f.o S l + ;n, . ,'l 0,010lll l ++ I~r ~l. 11,11 111 ... Ir ll· II l · , 'I.(I I)(·ll hll .... '!c ..+, ttol,r erglln hi In,-d+ehr; ,up rimr .!rti.:I, Io 4~l tc-l:lll'll l llllr ;;:: II (llt l fo1'lr." nI ! ,",r· ' , i "and rl~r ' ', -dhIl, m, " Ir . )ll rr o v,-" ,tt nl,:i ,l:,Y Ilrt=h,..,; for 1 I", ,,t- -; itt''- tt •, tr t ( rtt li ' itt , pImrel iu !ho r:+.,.li rý %it. l ,11 e ' ., <:r. iY Lt u 1.t " a titt' t al at 'C. ' hSad o mid tm it. ;'- e; fn a,'k, .,l],1 la'; tta tttt.t n1,r1 y. Ilh.'.. 1.,.t. ; .I-I r I r I- -cm ,11 h I'l l ,_v aI 'i lo .e t,= rtlnltnt Si l ti , ., t%1 I XI , )). , 11 1" , il, ht, , *l ' 1 ' ,. 11,h \ c'., lir . ,v l e 1,1· .do..,! ., //1 1 I, t h~g .~ il = itt I', by 111 tl IIII 111 IiilL·II \tii-i/li iYIl 11;I( nI~ t t (' at it' It' i tt, ) . I I.ItI' [, Nat'. ti i '''i t I , . a111 ii i ut N i t Ilit Ii( 1 ''tatttt' -i il;lt't·~ V' I" -'+1 1:ttl'- .v 0 1" ' il 11 t,' ( '!( 1 0 - .'1 t g [ 11b i pcet' el 6,r worn,, ti:1er II' ,,;;I' i" : .'II r Il ll , )" "a ttl.ll ioL -rI r tl-r, i "l' I .ll: ,i I Ir,'[,.llll for t I + I 4LB.1II. ·I+t°.. "\+ ti, of f t!~" , .t i.:.n +i i :I ' l'..... l 'lIh,"l ,..'r+ . Ih,,. " ti ' . -1w ," of the11 ,,I 1 1 th,. llh i, ll"tlll tIool rr" \(ulil r n ,!1('\ lhllltS uttll u.lt1 ng th ll II I t lli -ll .i ( t ilt, , it . tttt' h ttt . I t Lr ;o iitntio th t ti ': c . w t ,,t o l,) the+ Ul ell l n.III !'2, lit tile lr,'c't t'ht,,l. ;!lll()lltilt~r toJI .llll! l(·illll 1'.'II [i l+lIi t'~l~lllil + lllltt X.ltlrt m hll l otti it,,o ."Lt It+ m . tho --A co .ll ., IIt i m , og t irty - 111:1,:-1, ll~l+ iU i e' r ''l'oli o t tl I t'r t,. IFor o.' I n ., + .. . p t, ti e ,ll1.tllll jll l ol ti ll ''il , h- l l i 'l ,,ulltt irl to 16tt If~rhlr., It I., a :t wm o6tetu w-tl ttel ry w111 I Ick ', itnntrrlin trI 1i +p llt'l , tl .n (II llo " l ll ,~ !I,! ot+ I!,," ·(ll,' . 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L t.t, , rln ,:' I n 1~. liat manner atiadll at the a~ a,'h noItl e'. i'h" b .+ lr e t rat. a Iork aenl to I.a t MIlS K tiN & al STRaIO'D g lI'AII.tI';:KR ROai'Y , MOUNTAINS, &A. e )LURNA., of an E.plering Tour b'r'nd tlh Rocky Moutnl ants, undel r thie dirction ol tiet A II 1.F \I, p1 r lthrined in the 'years 1633, '3G aiwd :1; cantantng at dser'ptty t of the " geoira"iy. ge. ,.y, hlaa and, ia pr.d ltlons, anld the nu 'l eat, I aL'tt r l i .;ll i .lult s a tr e nativell ; i witll a Map of )ear nI Tratlory, bIy Riev." Sawm el Parker, A. .l. a i lavear and le a..ta; or R1 :clldins of' the lhne amt the '%bartreuse; by h>.+ Palrdto, aut ur ,'althe (ity It a .' tali, Ea. ii vi,.s. W're Robber, a, a tho author-ol Hichelioa , l tlpay, Aatala; I "' I he 't'll Flirt,; or .,t, .t sr in a C ulntry 10,,m e, adathr 'l'Lde+s, by Ldy Blesington. E 1, I rtuver, 'r1.. Norton, Barry t'ornwall, Mrs Gore, (',Illt tiu \eodw n, aid othtrr; in 2 vole. The Lib | art,1 Adventures of Nicholas Nic' loby, cdat.,d by liz, litu.trations by I'Puzp' o. 1. Just ro, rived and for sale by BI,:NJ •t ) p tssFS, 'Ti'l t .10 ull'rETilis, M1 It ". " t t'P1l:':S, c.'--Jest rec,,ived and ftr sale 1, a . I, tilt, , O'Lorn r of Cullarp al,( ('Cannu streelt, t ,rtnl a=ý nt' entm of ýunr" ty 's l' n lpa ses, n thtlem.,tvtl Ie :rninetl , |hawu ing l'ený ;.pa1' I,,suiu n , prog F lu l'v Prens, Ivory Pro. ii t-€ l tev tl , nt l ie's "ý ltres ( tie T''riattgle., vtl, . "rve ."' Ch ,,h , , rm St£ i 1. 0 ,,( '. & • " N. York & Baltimore Packettl JjACKIt''l IFOR NEW YO(K.-New Line. L --'o ail punctually every secoud' MondhY during Ltb u.ason, fill or not full. Fhtip Orleant, 599 lont Capt. S. eari.' Ship Alabima, 474 do C. C. Buerr' Ship Artkansta, 627 do ES Dennis Ship S .rtoga, 542 do W Hathaway. Sitip Narhvdlle, 540 do D Jackson; -!tip Kentucky, 629 do J Bunker; l'The above bhipe are of the first class, coppered; Rnd eTIppr tisteneld, anld having been built in New 1 \Y-rk texoressly flr this trade, they are of light draft of wahtr and almost invariably cross the bar without any dlot.tion. The commanders are men of great experience, and the ,rlips will alwaysbe toed ut and down the Miissippi by steamboate. "They hI ivo handsomeo furlnshed accomnmodations and strvs iof tluhe st description will always be fiurnihed. The cabin pausrgo is $90 without wine or liquor, nnd there is nii liquor furnished t' ie tAllicute or crew. For f'right or passage apply onl Itardl, or to H C AMES, 48 Camp st. The oships are not accountable for breakage of, plass, hollow ware, marble or granitei, cooperage of tto, or rust of iron or steel, nor respotsible for any or ptree!, unleuss a regular bill of lading: oa ext:nted therelor at the oftieu of lthe elts. out27 NEW' ORLIANS ... I BIATIMORE LINE OfI PACKETS. Tl'hi line will constti of the following versolse Shiclh have been built or ipurchased explressly lii tl.c trate, vlz: ShTp -nm0n, Capt. Miner, IBark Mary, " Nirkersor-; I aitd Frry, new " Stevens, t N.ohlltonl Saltus, " Itlatham, lItig Architect, Gray. These u:o selo are of the first class, have hand; soome tlr- ed, iltod -econ datloltis, atnd are of a light drillt f water, so no to adIlit iftlheir receiving andl t eIhargitig their cargoes it Ba!tittiole, at the city. Freight II dl be takben for ports on the Cl!hespleake , r J.|tue,' Riir,'o a tnd forwarded by tiho gents, liisrs. ('IlARKE & KELlIttG(, at Baltonore: x Ienuscs on goods shipped will bu advanoed whelon riitrted. The lprice of iastsge a fixed at l$i0J Out.p!e l tore tI) the b at quality will be provided. o.tealt up) aid ddown tlh Mtol.1ietpp) will be taken' on all O('( mnlallllS. Fior-ite:gott or poatusag, aply to CEO. 1)EDFOD, nov27 22 Ulenvil:e sat I'rl NL.W YRlll. / Louiaisinoa and r-w Yorki Line of Paukbts] I tlr: Ships catnpoitt gl tltto line will sail frota' .t,vt Otrlaon anild New Yorlt on every other Mon lt-on:ollllill on thile 2th Novemlbera-uld to' t m fret the p'n' tuotality ini the time of'sailitg, the Iat w ill ht rel.d r cotsiL:t offive ships, viz: SShip Y..z-,n, (',ptain T'ralk, to Ite., on teo 20th' November. Ship lo.tuisvi:ie, Cpitai Palner, to leave on the -lilt ])llcetoi tr. ;hip llunlsvil;,. Captain E!dlidge, to leave on the I.rh lteciimbt r. Ship Vicksburg, Cpluta i5'nodhoase, to leave on' tit 1st IJ ill ry. hip MiW;-sippl, ('aptain D..vis, to leave on thek lilh iof' .lanuary. The..bove are all new, of Ithe first clasp, copper t: t copoper I t.'OntId, nttd upwards of 5N0 toell tihltl, i t' ot f light drue ght of wnater, Iriig built n Nw YoVrk expressly for the trade. 'hte priceo i p ..a.te is li-oed at '103 dolltars: their cabins are it'ed itill til the mst il proved and convenient pit,- anld it iished il it lltait alid elePgant style Atn o stores of lthe first quality will be tprovided, tnd veIry regard paid to the tolll1Iort and entire satiAlctimo of passetngers, who will please take no. tit, !'l-it o berth can be seulctd ulttl paid lir at the o ofL tile C :I;COl i tn'llS . '1'lH e v-.selsar co.i ttllllndel d by eaptainls well' . x erw:,c(d in lthe trade, who will give every at. tctltl notd I xelt themselves to co.llltldate. Thley i.; at ail Ilner be towed up and down the 1Missi s.ipi by stt"tteboats, r:d the strictLt punctuahlity observtd il th t tll e tti of ailling. 'I':te owner of these stlia will not be replonei. I l fl r " itt lter, irt,-I or pocekage, ser t by or tin t t.ud of tltetn, nliei s a regular bill of lading hIe slgottt ttteretor, at too coutlilng house of the agent ur owners. For fiurthler particular apply to J 1) BEIN & A COIIEN, nov27 90 Coumll tort [L.uliianlna1ult N.w Yorkt Iai of Packetl.] t11, Hlo nhlcil t. : iljluhi EdliGer to illvh oi Iia 1110 l 11 u er. lI r ) ici irba i, C;,taini Wooldhouic, to leivuu :' L ', " '' b. ove 4l:ipi ,-e .il new. of the firs)t el. l colhtnl, n\,1' ci''itht dlihl of Wtilr, being il.t :,. \hli. oiles Ir r . il Icii rl l litridec. The ilee r o i li1 ti,,ii'e ila one tla it'lred dollars. Theior cnhan hilled ill 1nthe most Inpivn lndt o colvenient plan, h ' d l i~ ina itt lol tlea'l t styli . Ample st.i o the riif qu lity will ibe rviildd, olll every rega,' i t! I fr ihe ol the eoliglee' . '1'h411:e e I tt I f ll i' c, c t iticul eld by C atloinit will lwrilc'r,',l ill the Ii'udi', 1 i ll lii give very ai le alld t' l Ithl seivl. ito lc cllllllllOed te. 'I hey \1 ,I 11:1 i.; l. t iwed dov n the M1liosisilii. +e!''boul"lllt 1,1id elte at u'li u llt a lity obsest., r; ' lc u eril s of tIlhese hip s will 't t lie recsponsible i1 i utt i t 'lsllllillng bo . ofi[l i it ugent or i oh c iers. 1 i . it lIEIN & A COHtEN; n 1 13mm L'IEN.SO)OL.4 MIANSION 11OUS:. ' E\% CITY, P'ENSACtiLA. r.illl" slbacrlberc I ii lpturnhased the lease ond fit I nlit!Uof thic· i l .I1cii ainlablishmcent, Iieua '. Tl:,yr i, toe i r110 h 0or, will be oady It ocreive t il,,is by? th,, Ils ,I " \pril nom..t Nutlliltrtou a u l coSl unpr'ovenenIIts will be round tilhe m cl"lFlit'llsl iof rhictnlnllal Iloells. .ow a.P, llt1l teo( olllll'tiOnlP buthiiu ht I U.e.i will IIU built, lio " SiLi Ih. will le prividedic at all hore. A ctal i ii, ultelwd to IIthe housei , wiith good aoutllllll I.n.l l Illll o s noiid c carria'Cese. 5ilsi i.te Ilb 'aisi ll t also bc kept fil' hire att ltoderatlll ice: iid It t t l lfi1 lo w b u lt- , li i t l p e ollias to l r ' iiag e ith e, . I"1Il, 11i t il l vl lh 'ls. $ili ardL andll 1 '1l Unllllt el i)elt. ... .. 1!1. ,1 atd 1 "lerli'g plact ... tit ahms be . ..n ished.' I, . .." :·,1io t I nut Io itell rel will, the coun tihrtl ,ild quiet 11i tie bilitioder. Thel wine iland liquoei il!' be ofl the besl quliIl, tiid it enitlre a ull. sop ll ot ire, a t111h is heldy been ordeited, whcit will aii ci Ib t l ilt lH t ate ay. 31M lfrtderik lturnard, who formerly kept so popular a oliu at \i'iahici ton oiit,will condct hi hioel fr the 1,rpreltor, whlo, 11iih cacti taidi,tolfidently assures the Violcs cotlset Peor, oci his friienids geU'citly, tili they oiil ieeive acry I.oaible ii tentllou; and thulrhby el . t; It, g I llT-nrtl slts ishction. 'lip toII advanlitge el Ia i t' iouse are too well klcllo to ined a hengt. en. de-critlicn I ire. Ther Iei. iIeIi PolRoiiaic iS the noavl tatuion oif tht tio v'T riinrl theii gluclil reldllotll of the tiulfT lud I l; tlhi 1.:dl uriy (l'tiis clin.;:te reli-rh hed c onsa nltly du ingl e ulrlloer mloulsl 8 bi tli coolest eetitude, as f healthv ald delightl'ul suni1errelreat. lircti rate bloutw ill rtl, trliweeut Peaencola and Ilo. tile, ill,1 i ill a it i tlimra lie tIo take the pieasogra' from i, I,. No., Olleaasboate. N B ARNOLD. t'ensieula, Feb. 15thi, ld:18. [lid c" .tlealien wielling :,1 er1nage roome for their' I iiiti ii-,didn 'l eia, W'eo itoiprticitir, at l'estaccolt, or Mr Sec cli '1' l'uc lor, lie lutormer iroprietor, at New Or litfrenee. 'I Sacilll, i q,:ii, Mlr C ('llthu,, It McAlpi, Elq., tl. Kibby, lit Mu le; S "T '1l'hr, P' I' Rea, Eoq,ia lsei. P S-A letteor bg, to receive ommunlications faot" perscai It tie luiec hotel, it placed at Geo Whitlnaen'e' flic,l 51 St Churles Exchauge. FI.ORIDA IROUTE l.OR NEW YORK. QtJ 'Travellers desirous of teking the Florid. route, via Pelosloula,ti the Northare iaformied that llrsl lrat buoial will ciin: tindly enn free. Mloile to Penoocole,' leavinsig Muciih ild Peaoaaeolaevtcy lho, day after th. Ist of Mayl. Gooud tuage will alwaye be pvrided e.9." thue oa irircr tho in r'latin.iu toake paoesersfrotL iMuhile, in cos nI tEe failiol ofihe Nl B Aatf4t1.. The steilaiilit Chafmoiun Icaves Mllobiltr enma coln ticice a wed., ( v

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