Newspaper of True American, January 5, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated January 5, 1839 Page 1
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NEW 0 EA; SATURDAY R •n~ ;- __ "'. N"W~ ` O 'SAURDhY' MONING;, JANUARY 5 1M39 Vol..--VI 'o 1B4.' ... .- --r- -... - ,- -,-.... .. D ..,. ., . --.C,- ý...-,. n ,. r..-.._ W W, IV . . .. .... . .. . . ... . R. . ... 'I'grms of the 'ewsptpnr Press of New Oilcan., hIc'cinolnilo agre.ed tio uc,.au t l rcr mil. cuetiicg.o the I'roplrietore,h:lid tn thel 13ll.ot t afbrch, 8:37. Suna+cntrecSs.- I'wlv I) dl:trs fir tihd ily pn per unn en tv t'a, l - ic ttic cs inc 'elly i adv' in sc e ten dollars for tla tri .ns.kly coUitry pa'per, pa)vible one year inr cv titcce, i hcrnai c rcits tl'rreo eo in aivnr'. Vi SIbstriptll will e ditcrotl until arrear,. rs nrrc rettled. In case of di conti ., one week's noticr in aritag tsmt n i..s iarlgiven, previlus to It xpirationt of lbshcription. AntErlsIvuna..- )no dolllr per arlu.rn for iha first I ,sortiot en1lll hull' tflit price for eacuricsibluRqlrt lnle: Ia.i caterlil attritrtin frce thll rlll te orilgilll advoriemcnlent will e charged Ra u nnw one. YlautL ArDveRTiStrr.-Merchonts and Ptra er, erty dollars filt EIng;ish ahrte,. sixty for Irth lan gageuo Iuankts, Isrunroee Office, and otlher simianr publio stittiainc, fifty dollnrs in Engrlish only, mlod eighty for coih la guagres; Shic and Steanlnab.ot Fac tors, or CCunmisinn inmrchiants sixty dollars ill English * e, ne+delacty for bouth lanyt . M NIa.tltnney. n)resx ucS, anid ortirlcs enlt. icg. t.h a ulunut fJ ornSit ec t. c aes inprperty, eards if paurungersricOel-it.c &, r.wihI eintrli . oe tolllar per squmre Ifor tlhe first is,!rtiin in neach lal tc ofaeAntcrlovl, or Alvertii'ncncii of acmy pursoit hil tin.sre e a h c a dil.ieioibil,e cll cbc chargeu daouble, Itrd ic u ,lr t , •e. SAe dleucli if itw.tvivre per ciel. will be maudi, to .ycti ocncr eilc rf a., tu oircr tccf liH . Ylls, 1a o Marslsi. u'1 sales of reall isatIe. clullio dll in i tslio i Iiiih l lci,'u.i sald 11 pIr c int. ill clg 11le h aloil: I llh flol cent, or ia itty i'' othrr cclcr ticy. " Auerunsorl.lurn nolt of tie ldieit llCine of Iucicrie -. of the advertifeir,,.Ale a.rloealo- auctiln, ainl elant cs t oil eatln, rooonwity clowe nic. ntri niy'tuti, cifi fr.will & be crhargedo r epl.acctely, anId t i o th tIcrlinory rtaltrn . 'AeU rurL.. lccE't uCci . l sleiifend a tol illl, will Iic '.pal liued ,lce ciorthl, chargud No cedvrtirion co ''is i Ici rkn crtlccc will cc n cccii li ic' in an V reep Unles l id llh pr.villllo t inb rl , t i ylti it+ gnl a llnt1 wid by It respC 1 s lllll).ilI -m m l nr o nllyl [[l i11. lheatres and teh," p ulus - o t l, arn t, tIerli~ia, dtilv i tie sicccn. i he chsargnred c1 1 fo I,' islh un ll, I 1 :.d .1:)) inll boh In l l o :'e o. Allii , co i ,c 'iof clcccclic ciic fcrc, cl ciiti'c'lcl cicfc'c will he tchared Idile tiihe price C.f tilhe aiverisI - Plent. ,t ,jril ,n to cc cnc A cr Ililn nst slte ain 'li C icye v apE i peqel i~ Ilr. they havric e io t.w YIcIic I Il il(.h. 11 1i c h witcil'n I nlr)hth c .c r cci ic mtiic ,, -ill lht- I' 1: J. I lii , sl e JI)ItN fIBt ftcON, t lrI.A Io 1rcI .-t c IW , l ll lI'rs linlcc l. ' I 1,y oti. cC',,l cur 'i I cltiocs, as r c is they ncis ciici'iic c. A 11. i.l. W t \ ('i: i , th iri li i.ire ' li.i tr I i h ,, TOlTICH.: TO TIlEN PUI,1.IC.--U II:,' I,·I, " lullloi + II [tll, i anlllld,- 1od h.tYlllien *I n .A., , or di.':otl'rord his. ,,hi aoI ,11i;g e< .hlithi ., (iiiiE' o SEED :i l'tie, flcviccl , un lu r inc t c d s c rii i t ,i cacc t-d 1i. "I lotrcce, s It trueilcs, chcc ci'cci ccI r hccci, ici hcci frlillll ii, ll:r;c l ly, amit thi ile i I ill t t 'ig , ,1 I c ., |llrlllr s1 tnIlllld, to heI· l'urhislrl with ,a fill ,,I i . tonlivu c ipl~ly of" ;ir I s Ici c tictci d i ii I, " It .,,, 1 ipurl o1" tih prei"n..t rec a nro , IS3. S ince the earl ir it of , o .trn r, h 6-S hrt . [l 'in New York Isive t, .g. eel or 'ci cllil IIa sllee lll n ld llllob r Ipl.k,', he i-s iti dullly , , .,. I iltl t!;, I l g ahcaII dy rece11· ,l:i:l vollil i s ·1 II +,. 1''lu su).tcl',!c cr h"-.++ f'trtheI' r r n :t - a l"c ' i , at hlr ., o it he is ;it pr-i is cici' , m cIC ccc tint cl. . sl, lllllls i I11 J c IIi i I , I tic'' ccc)i . ''iic'.c. i ; 1 c11 cLic iI ( ir c 'c," ' { thr 1i1 ''iLu, wi.2ht, ccli cI g )l 11" hl.iii I I nlui t. ii 1 t·jiill. ,] GII Ilt I-.'cLc l c Ic ': rucirn IO l cI' dr* ,I l+ cr: i,-- , l: i I i : llicc 1c " t)c l ccll hi . . .,, +ii tit': t ii ic c i i l iii :, u ," . i, , ,.. -c.11ci l c , I ,ic Iii, ,I,, . ' ' . ' . tI."i , I I '., I t ic ,11 1 '1 , I I Icic'ci tc i it i + ., . lmTl • 1 ,i , , yoga" - , . i ,( , ern' ,I : . 1 i, li ra[ I' 'ii i I . t '. I I' .. III I1, mil , , "1+lt. io n 1 .Ir I. It , a , r\l' ,l ' . "Ii-'·, C ,II. d d. . iltn el n lrIh y ,iuhf ' i IrI n ii o 11 II' .ni IU.ih,'- pin l"llsl .. lr J, r l ll i I. r· ,o l l, h-w 11 1 o e ' , . It id)II: w IIS dll n l ,lIlt l ' I lll IIri u_. " 1)11:1-,'tle all froll 7 ,n the miolllllllilg unlln l I t'.,)1' ,t niglht,] AlIliI ' f I lii S ti ..' P' I .1 I I1' 't . f u t ur. ) I 1 t l , ' , t l' : fte I " I I (IeI I " i ." bel oin" ,I l. Iit u n - i l : lr " tllto f 1 t -o. , ' , t i . I lr o , o if +l lo I t sel { t te o e ,m , s e I'. n i , 11'1Va tt , -tI tl , t 1 rmi t , t t ,,,I-, r i II . ISVi+ I1 ,,I ye;ol I h re tal u i .e, a let- i t h ,a loo, ,n l +) t I.ur It+ TI laIF~ , su ri b r , -p', e tll, pt+ , h ,, I in he ib I This | ' In l l ' . lr nl, on: I .ll ofll ,igettt hUII 11a - lalt m w tailt+ " ib lI Its, I< II.II it r nt , r..l[ t1 l of t ho l e "n .at r, It - :let ti I++ +. tha twenty voll tluetl he" I O. a atl l, r Id ) .l I 8ll IT, it M artll tl LW. .al o I d., i a R 1 pnrits. wl'l,to e .tr l +. m f1 .nr olumep , , ti ,11 al c ri n te tow. h. Ith., at;t oi Pet er Hlr, ison, t Illshq l, no d t i htyl, ll'ted- r tio, , F f and l E~ q. T he rt' n-,,'>', th,- m ,r t i a lht ut d by a,1 Iew r on , J ' h i tSe , , C. a I. t sanr ro.oingcu olo ýttlI llOilO gl+,o qlleO r 0 1p Oh fih . ;0 -' m'' , , l bettill 1 brw n hi led, rta r, or It with ui .:l, "r o Inn the peculfo r te-juristuence . tof oul.}" o's a te cir.temt nc of ii |thl ll e n m r u+i rIpV he.rIc do..-+' bleneity l d +l:.i, et l of .. r whov 111n Son . aMo i irv w drilr l Vl '[i . v llltr i t;1 Ili t I ,otl ,, ,l lll r ,.olle.;ta illa a i talil b, dlh uioh lt'l I t, u ,t tI' t+, cthe r .si c I ablaf d,of eas haltle "n .... :d .r c d, a n d t h u s ~ the. r e h i s , h-:e t . a y ru i , , re , yo.. 1 i a r e - dol~ecisi flro a fre er Coiu nvenien rlnot ir prupnrrndtinl \ e pe llel decid-aed int t in 11is lna , an ci..n r l .tth:, ,. d um+ Jole n auhoi tt J40 I orillit a O ftrel. +Otv 5 PROSaEC 'I 11 TIi wll , rboiero p-,iot ito, Leto p tih tO 't b.. gilning of the oouila g wilor,o oottuteoh itltt t t thl wet ol.y vnl' o, tllo so t of h lt .t n S. ro biltoll f M oartiot's Loisvr tiao l toporte, to too ,tosle stt, ot volanes, t..., .inordtnlg to tiht ,d thei ci P'ters' Cotnidesedl [-poorts. 'ribis work i too io prepare on " yJ. Borto, lhlrrison, Eoq . of this city, assieted, byW tti, rai F. Blraud, Esq. Thes Editor iairi al. parttld y aI distinguisied retired Judge of ti SripKet' Court, otltd by ooto oi tl a sfttig Jtdg .. toe ltnIt iotlllt their poersnttl o.pervisiot alhl Oit odteltter whioh toay naturoally Ito ropeol tfroot i. ir ciprl ell tlne. tP Such a work is boecoittg e. sty day tltt'Itno. 0esstry, al tbt origtal is vll 'tnbllot, xpeliove, and o e:are a. A n increasin oe ur '. loo s n lli . feat, in the other States of tht I ' Ohn ootoren,,o to the pertlirtrjoricprudonco of .oottotat: ond tbe aircuoonStonoo of the nut.0rous ,r, here h. eided in the Ildjuostment of conl. eta ifli o, Iolakel the koiwledge ,of our adljoudled :ioLs | o roies ti-t lity to the jorists of the whole NlrlIrl, rev, the rising repoltlio of 'lexaus hlat a.llolt.o o ur cades, andl thus there is a great dtolnat: tor ttlie Louioianao docisionls from a 'rorsh quarteor. Conooioet nloteo, iondeatltc! tlio ptrtllcl eiiasoe decided in Lollsiana, and ocne."-tilttllytho In thoe tittre aouthorit..tlivo lorotlos of t!;e ot0Ir t.alues, will se added to each ctase. The wnorit wi!l foroo fotr vootof al o'tvon. and will lie delivered, b.ulnd, It' suiotor.toro ot $6 per vol.; ii e0se itl sooi!t I b e fo'ulod Itt':tiohlo to cnnprpess it ioto three vol'utlti', th p-. to suLb ierrtoto wcill be $7 per votl. tubscriplioni receivetd h y M Je~i ear Catt.tlr o.otltoo.rtl its. NV UttLidANcn Sscaczband Pelnt %iZuiit l'urkery-iWa s ond 0. 049. cor ,ll (I 'lr i'c I t rc'lcicc'rc aic Ratil Rnod.) l.lbt naid NIvv irlllli, Sici. ci and Wine Iisruit, " B.1'uttert.. M ;i 'rd and W\Vttr Crlckors. A.i ae b ,ve a;rticles ar wtarrrantol to be of the fri , u tlity. cicd o keep inc any climate, being lc ii+,1 lyiV tillc drcidc . ,-KRdn dri,,dI corn men l. I tI Irelei :It G. WV. Pr' chard and T.g' t, Jr. ner 1'M gzine Hani Pccydras streets, will r eceive ie'~jieioLtolcec h ultic t llacit hugo+ ]ut Up roprecely fir 4w1 luau barrels lauding in stare, and ie r ~ by ,i. I)O~tdEY. ydP G44 N,' I rvc t1-i7c700 he dNaile', u erirl ocl i cr i!ciby S.II: i.i) '4 clid ,Y Villhe .Lc lrlnlvier ! , i +Funds t at 7.IrL. re, ,i N t i c loch iric i ii 11,ic .E Y -7 bales K ire ce y ll n'r: l.-'.5 barrel'r Otl .cro oil, j I '11i'r~elk winter i(i, e 40 ciiak' fc ll ec'r',int'd dI , ci.\NI)LI S--.I U Iiuxc' li per m C. ndle,, for ii . i b'I II A1 .r , " l'cL I i rklil ; t lil [ill p hl in t , l , ,or scllce bi SI)OltRIcY, 'f - -i 'r.. .. --. #.- c l,, Ic , .I NL' i 'i I r l s ingt, tl, G i ar a nd 'tili ' ltl-i i tll 'l l i lll llt . ,'r rri al r l crl cc cc lifr i.l llll. ji, cic - c cl' .. i.r . I • :I' i lt; l , r Ian i a ,I lrri II r i t' lpU ,le r N :x. Ir1iiici C1 i F I'lll T Iui i'a·r nos ry-lim'lion t il l Icy l'l'ilath to Ill t'' ,i .,c' i I'c cc i Icc I ci , t lc i llc' c it e low, A l opplic lien Io i,'., ., il l,l.';, 17 R ytl l tr' c et . lVI \ (ll |t:1 --101 \tenz", Ilex ('hiria , ju it r'-, . c, 1, c'c' iid''' Ncl . i I1Ii= in i. )t .,'ll ll,('rti I : Y" i'h f':i,,,, ' e h l.. r . r- n 1.. 1:10 , a t + r'~U T' h'c',h.,c r , c,,i" c Ir 1 it h il! of . + 1. i-, c'l cic, ,c c- ic't c ,'i c i c1 llc i ll .lcc -c r i it '. S ,,,,'It. ,, l .,e i ,;,' ."Itr:Iti , n , "n. .' ,, I I ll ira: ,`'lir -,l 1'. - o,,.t, ;n t." hI v-, , t,"~ the I h .l . . ("ha rsh , .r ,I'(! I i, , ",hl 1', 1 ,', , d i- i p . cl i i , ti ,tial - Illr 11 . lIi r l)IP ."s tt ihl II,'llh, ~'ha ,ic i,,l .t i i i" . 1 ," IIl + moI st e t h:e t :', t til] ''c .' . ie t Tl, , e'i cl, c i 1, lic n ' ,c i i cic r Ai.i a: I. Ir w 1'r ._l,;., h ,I 1 . .t ,,,n',r,,+,týn."ot I e. ll Ith. ih: c,,ccII'", l I c mc icc l Il cc o.c, itl , I ,i-h ". '11;I - i c , i l1.11 . ,YIIII ;. ccI iill ftlit, i : n1 \ tlli t llci f lll cl n 4 i ,i'. l it ll 1it unt. I . l · )I :lr v< III h," t . +_,h0111 t *. ..' , , "., i i 'c I'I iecc ccl l e ' ,I .1. Ilu .,,ihl tz, t' ,i I m l l·. l i " i tir c c.inl i 1'''' ' cc i h cl; ih ' ,cc .cc , II, t ''i o - vi rlcc 11c i, rcc rci'i- tit l1(4 1. ' l; I n 1 '0, i n , it ''t':, .. ,,'lI t' ~,I 3 , lh* - , l ," 11 ,,,' I•. : ,,'_'+ a ',i, l be, lm',, I : It t, o1,1.,, 1 t~ l , 1 I:.r II't I I.,t,,r':r Ii ' .I i s \IIi)I;. I,\I, \ ., A 1. l i, iccci .i ""cc1 1' 1 11 1 .uiti:qant u ieg,", Ih+i" 1 N .1i' I Ii ric(:,'; ,I'rI-l:, ", It' 1 ',I\ I . , N, . I r ,I, ' r.. , !1lo nb " '. I hi' c i', i,.,,, i, , , N,,, I. Ii'i, i i "~c 1 ic'c Il c l ccc ci,' icccc I ciii i iiwi i Iii I, i , . f;I,,++ ," l l 11f ! 1. II '. I ' I i ,,c1,1' I. ce , ,'- c i ,i "'c,, 'i" '.Ili1, "I ~ I ., ,L "'I. I''.. 't.., '1, 1 ,,x 11. lc, , ,'c~ ' '+( , :11,i ','- V i ,;. c' ci, ',,- I '" c. c cccii. i , ; , i'.' ' l' , cc. c cc ' ccci cc i- cc " ii I II, 6't * t'll ', , ii; icc il, c, 'ichrc .iri .ci ' rl c iI I, c ic l tc l IcI,,, - v 1·:-ill .I . .-I. i. I "1 ,~r l i1 '. , i 1 11 1. ; I ' ,I I ,he 'It, I , i ',"\1 l . i', I , , i i1+ i"xl i I I .d i t . Il r i ii ,' . h icrc I1 I I.. ,II i 11 ,' I I. i) . I I ,.'." i'r , l un , i Iiicr i.i !," ' I , L " . 1 'tii t , \ V \ I .I. I I.C "F• li. I.r l ii{. 1 it (.I ' l'.... I, 11 r "'l. I "!: , 1 1 .\\ l'l•K ":. l €ir I , " 1)!: i , t I:ll ' il l, , . 11.41 I, II E)$ l' EEE'!E'E1 lBl 131 JII1W\I~l P ,C Co. hou11l r lrl.n··.I:\ y on hand at u IIivir ex l""u .1I, I c- yl -I . (cXE I'IEE'1 )EI ) E, s lEE''.' I E l kle E' aIEE'EI e If IIE E I' I' 'E L jIuý - f E ' EE I El)'; 'I' lEE·. IlE I EEE1ll ~l:- 111 11 I.~l'· China and (~l:loss; il IITC( lll n\id Steetl Fire ,, tin and' F rtaters; K thi e,, ('I leEIEll Ir n TinE IEEE nd nare 1' d E'EZ-3 1('I'. '040 'I at rn , 'rieva to p'ia'' illi Aga Ne rlen ,,6o 1, 1.;3 , \' i i·1 IIIi~ ''E'I''E EL ''E1 ;.un c bI ac I't aU lb el 11. 11' nn 'E-EE'l'L I lily :IIe L E o E E L _ d"'0I III I lllll bIII P 1 1)III1 1(·111)·^,t), 134 :ligazioo il EEIlE E'. .1 llt lt $ (`n IE\\S) ELELIL E' I S IEEE ,r , 0)1 " ELY IIdl , ae , .1u EIELEEII 'll l st11;ile l it th ll C 1,l on,,l in Ca nn) : IC L1 d., I·Tsween Car ov rlt Iil l· It ·tuuue alrcI (ala, t.+. d.0-(· Y III~P II Gt ['1":)t\I l:.l \ I)1 11. -lIidl r ull· c .lv, nrs~c dir 'ol ELI)) E')'EEIEEI ',EI 'IIE'Im E IEIEIili'IIE IEEE) ,IS S110'':l TI EEILE biela Illl t0iEEEE ll l fret IcEE lea for s ale by t iil~Ill~~l*PlO II. rti BLISS, IEE l .11,71) 1 ,E)lE E'1I\E El "I E \LEEIIEEE I -E 1 IIE.EE o NC. . o Lv rulurgIdlhlil'1'iu nod t' {,per 31u!lof ctl "ing establt-ham idal u d ore ,ul w u!Irilig 1a or1 It, the tud fi all art,,r E ll) ELEE L. 1 1e 1lEl: ix a ,e' EE id to IE" illt E'EEEEE AIIM. EN!)[II ie lU.' O 8.'ee l EL ob I -I. 1, I· C '4 . ý a ItEE) llE anE i n DlEe' 0Ihl e lEE Ž.IIe.o lllrE of Al )E'EE I IIEEEEE EEIEPII b~LE') Eil EEEEEE jLD gE-EIEEEYEE)E' I I il Tvi') 9iE'EEE'iE'E')n Mr EI1JEELG Irn: l & CE. SIEIEInrE'E lItlE) g )E EEEEEEEEELE~) aL ne lEE'E'dpEE eE '.; Ill)4 etea- de>EiEEE, d o IEEE). Ni, awl-on It Dictinary of Amllito htr. 11 . Ils; -E l). l'0 .t il E E'EEle EI EEE )E E 3 I Vla IEEEEEE) IWalks L~ El) I Im BEEEEItaEn f Clio .ic ' . Er , EIEIEEEItE EIEEEEE)) Il RaiEEEEEEIE'E'EEI El dIE, Tile I glai.)IE I' I'EE lEE')tir EEEE))EE, flEEEE.. 'EE'I I 'l'1)5 IJ'LEEEOE hoir 'e iCulinrig Clat's EELOCE NowI010,SE' 3 3E A~~~~~~~ 31~e "U YOUturlnligBuk, E la d 'i; CfInd. A in '!) o s e Y r I 1) di + + . N L I. ALDrNERS. aL EAITTIFTL head afhanir an ala, cranet nrtn mene telneainia e, the hulennmiamer, I lIve', I fitlt t ola tt it aln-re h I len t e [ci'ns a'ee, tlla prnlac e si llrPV .inct en ihb e nlrl Ept aF efnla Iml c, wthil a i Wi W. la T rpil I .fI itt ia, lh,ene .'rl nnI nl,l pI rer~ll In ll. l~l .. 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It Is Il:,:)t ' ull a-Iei-ac r i l-i, r ii ld .I c c' aaSO!l a o c thle wei'tc q nlal eh, Ii e (iiIa hh enay iia ko it with i-ta t .lic It c tieililIIe S tihi diigt tite I t trteeti, pr,"ciih eitg ,, uiic tcc hloliit reuiree iiir o I~.hall l ll L I l I) i ll O h. lvl. l~ II,LLII) . twoC J IiYIwolh -ic lto lel aticn ree -i T hd,,e liiiiiij idta rneer ~ I [arsl' in a th lei eth,.- Ilar aliny aita ithe eIts Ilot th~ehtll l llt I~lrcllltilll)l. rile 0 IlrllrIlll. fiV' LPll!. c i . OIaIV EIaa s-ola j ala' ,t fci r e ela Orle , t L ii Iis hhsI :,l,, at,,l roII I ail dr·ll+ a,,dL ,.I h ,lo~el~ .Ioro, ,c~c rllcr tot I~ji-IIVI l~lh lll Chlri~tres qreetCSo at ja.5 TL. iy . Bi\II 'iI. 4t CtntiAN t. • :1' P)L' ,t. 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(II er :.t lllh, s· i1111 C.lllllnl~lA sLt IJ '= stOore~rsalev . ll\~1121.& III()\WN, d15 91; Muaguoluest tAM I.. A N1'1'11tt.CITI+t atnd Or'tl ',aol in eRs'ks bh,losnd Shi lot ..) to'tit pIIrchtstto. ()rtlder 't lre t t l, uoat yard ln 'Intlr street, betPween Carudlelet and utluollu, or t the coutlllti Itu-e of nov`: 9 lietk Plave. COOiPIR'S LAST IIOM ,,E Al ' IIOUNI)-hy Cl.ooper;sequel to 'llome ''he \t ,;ly tt tnw novel. i vols. Nttlte il ui s, n o I thr l Evenis ttg Canmbltcres in ic V ruh l vl.s Mit ,litllord't Country SIi no tlaeo .\ ,timlslitt I vol. W\tt'tl!ltt il sno o ltoutd it leIte'v. I! Wiinlhtw. Ihlo ieiutt,. .itanual, by lt'ut rt iJ|ttt'Ic; `n l oh r novelties. 1, tlilNtS, C, Slate, of ers his services Io the p Iblic iltL survey and I" locate 'Lands in naiy ptt fillt Il l u o n As hertlhore ail o tet'tio, ,ttin ter of Survo intg or Civil Etgi tt.'ritg, suul, it li tglttllltlt l trvey, Itilttl, lruua . ,lt'.rc litg', l·lileS lclll litllle td' xctnv atioll rettnLktent, ,ttllleltt olf Nall-, e. etither ill twn ,r o nry, wll| le piromlnpllv Fodlfitfulll y ilt' ll|ed to. Clltgegs rnlttsllolio and terlm cslh. 55 1Ma a .i itreet, in Bankl' Arcade. g IlI-2aw-^,m FRED. WILKINSON. IIlE iORRItilOI DS. -FAY'S LINIMENT.-No Flction.--'his ex. Straordinary vhmliaiicuomn p aition, the result of science, and the iiventidan at at celebrated mendia cal man, the ittrodue , ne of which to the publ e was ineclted wit!: the soloumtaLy ot a deattheldl halqueaian siine gained a reputation unparalleled, flatly suntaining the correctness of the lamentted )r Gridley's last confession, that 1 he dared not die without giving to posterity the benefit of his knowledge on this subject," and' he therofor baquoathed to his hiitlhd and attendant, Solomon flays, the secret of his discovery. It is now used in the principal aInspitals, and the private practice in our country, brat and Inose certainly tar the cue off the Pilus, and so exten sively and effectually as to baffle credulity, unlato where its cffects are witnessed Externally in thi follnwing complaints: For Dropsy--rCreating extraordinary absorption at once. All Swellings-Reducing'them in a few hours Rhuotimtitsmul-Acute or Clhronmc, giving quick anee. a S9re Throat-By Cancers, Ulcers or ColJs. 1Croup and Whoopatg Coogl--Eaternally, and pVa tlhe Ch:st. t All Brutoae , Sprains, and Buins--Curing in a fow htoure. Sores annd Ulccrs-Wdhether fresh or longe standing, and fever sores. Its operations upon adults.and childrml in redue ing rheuacatic swelhngs, and lonseoing colghl and tightness of the chest ny dilaxntiai oaf tali parts, lhas been surlrisivg heyfflld conception. The 1 ieontnoton rem.rk of tlhose lwho have ushod it in theI I'ales, is " It acts like a charm." 'T'lHE ['ILEIS-1'The price, j1 is roetudud to any person whle will use a bottle of lHaly's LiumentIa thir le Pales, andl return the empty bottle without being cured. 'l'Thesu are the positive orders of the Ipaprietor to tlhe Agelte-; alld out of manyIl thlou. sands sold, not onoe lals been unllccsoolul. Wa might insert cerittlcateo In any length, but i prefer that thota who sell the article, should ae h.lla the original to pnurchasers. CAUTION-None can be genuine without a s ,lad engrgaewrved wrapper, on which is lily namae, anod also tiat of tle Agents. OLOMON IIAYl. Sold wclholenete and retail, by COMST'OCK( & Co, N ew York, and by one Da)uggalst n every town ill th cciioua. o isnt b VlWhnaleeale Agents, corner iof onlanoii & TaiL oCupitoUlas steet, and by the Apolthecaries generally. je3)1 a - CU-.a'AlT'llipll Ný,TICri:. Ig Ie Idcr -iarled havne thi day forlled a o-part ui s tr. tr tmt tIrans,, ci ii) l of. a (utell lc l (CoIln tis "irl (htal/1101.1 ý'. . I"Rllvo, tlu d Iilvr tl Ul ht l l UW 11e ." k s "t', ", no, •tht;, i ll .t ii i 'ti " -tat l, vl l o," ', .) a Rpllerjare' : I i\ 1edS l1 IitaOtWN. ICr.oket & Slear leigt. John FIafield ', ei., t\h'idt- a arn11I'asuu t cco.. i (ites S1" l-ehiakiartatg, lioSTo.N. '11ee ll t.til ae ea en i'o., Philadelphia. 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'lrn jiminina F iii, a ll nn, " aimtna. iii, Inmdl nit (Snui na Eluu'.s olive Iinrh hniolla naainuld Mln tpitii an with tar ialublle a~ lle s which tllllv have collected nl' the course o theirnn studies~l· and practice; and to lie N Itl~l llienv .lell the part HerofIIr· w I II· I. who is also 'd ~ii. I.n n-hmm ao, lien Sirawb, iclr,1, l" i p elsn tNd the .irat mtass onfhete. iinniesi l tlnlt iia I ll in e opa naa f the nas, and .m enanu- mayiidmii'mitie welllt tmullthn a,i iiaaf nlu a mmln, of nle atrlk itill hii aili flinil nni-iiiiiall a bii u rl, npei'lil i l uenrn~a.iainafmnn exeincni, inn -ilrm a[niillplttin forth..his p lpeiinals tlsliiiba n, nnm-mln' tl, he i ii la moth a~ilm, ii... ..lm~ i mu-anr tab.- il nit11 file IIIinvern u mton . nti roiu erli of it ri I. in ~se ( Sn ni-m.. Th iirnalines S. ini whlich this uu in..-wa idol, lh.a i Assnmbilla, eviacnd thim iot altatcn ieneim mle.u abmilmity i tlha ilinblia nitiatan Thyint it'll "In hpinimtid iii lanenailaoo aiiil s a..'cod ppe iiinniid. aitli cleaantope nor anill nni an irseniim enrnn ~ie spiiidilt)iiiil.a the mluala iii( n~laiaal e r I I,,,o it tiinniui.-p m aithi itn arnai ino vac iuhen.'.ilullnaa-fiianulollars tliepiathetn ii tin mil a n nut il, I p *imianiti.n Silts anennlnoand, the stomna prien inill bSn. tuenatut dollarspn corn a i' . ji I.i"Illlni Sn INO. I'nlmlinSh rtna ROWAND S TONIC MIXT URH , i FWNR FEVER AND AGUF. i;: j EN ye'ars inve not yet elnipsd since it was f' Slrlt rt' ularly srbirnittel to tie public; but it lilts ttained the highest repolut:tlion; illd has sol.- im: platnted every other mdliillne for the Ague, wherev. -tdl or it has been klnown and appreciated. Already & has it been carried in every direction tlhrolllughoult the Unllited States, anl still realizes more thalin could d have baen otlatieipitedby its inotsainguiine frienids. Thousands tit persons have not. only been reliev.., 11ý but ,enitored It. i iirnd vigor through its agela. I, Iy; attd thety itlw chteerfully testify, at evcIy op. f to Joti iitit', to its d~elided and suprene eflic ty. It to is colllposed of such medicinal principles as are v calcullated to rentw lie healthny aetitn oif the ltom Icll, her, and other importanr t digestvo organs, I the l.oss lof which hairmonly is the inmmediate c.use I t Iof tile liseaso. It is apparent also, tllatL it t - ens an eltire cthal ge in the conldition of ilt yleln, anlid ertaini y dos<lrys tle native liability to relli- t ses of the atlr:tionl. When i the Aguo is attilned l.i withil niany tilher nmnplaint, the employment rtrt It 'I'nic Alxtiue' will not int!erlere wtlhl the treat. mmt oa the other di-etis, utt wi t even atiltelr as. at lntancee by furnishiing strength aid vigoi)r to tie, stt, ItIody dulring the .ourle to ttreatment. ' Tlone who, t:a io.. ken use of tlhii imedi:ine may be as nred tliit \i: there is no Arsenic, Barks, dMenl.ry, or any IotheIr tI article in its compoulmtnl Illltinllrnd yn to tile hIn conistitution; being entirely a negetible extrtct; iti tail they mainy have additional confidence ina tihe ,se thereof, whlun they pierceive that it has the ef crt of a gent o laxative about tlhe tiin Ialf a lot. I le fitll hais bteen takenI-in conIsuquence of whuch .o here is no part of the iteditiinie left to linger in ll .he bowels to atiusei obstructions, and other evil;, is trisi-g frotll the use of many of' the remedies now tin ilbAred lir the cure of this attiction. It has been lit ,iusd also as it Ireventive, biy m iny who were orul 'Pet to a Ipeiodical recuTrrenIe: of tIi Chills, id it Ei inas llenaralbly warded off ith apprelnalded nalt.ct. i Observe! 'The Proprietor, fuhlly stistied it ill the nparlolled itad unllversa ,ueesus vhlch hai s cn,. .tiatly attended aii punctual antd rrtettr use .or thet 'u'onic Mlxtolre, in all rl ass of Fever and Ague, eeals warralted in engaging to irfntd the price to all lh aso who have tatket tilto a cll iillon II strit ino cordaneti with ihe pre.cribtd directlions, without having heron perlitaretly anid tlastinigly cuted. 'L'Thb raclitanerin te thie to whoulsale agenlat for tlhe aSoutih W'tiiro Statles, and have now on hand six t( ,.Macs of this miinll e e, w hieh Is warrol'' teld freSil 1 and gellile. For sale at tle lanutle'ured prices JA.L\lt IS Atl, F\\ 1 , W'hlolentle I)rlgitto, nov27 car Commolllln k ''choetpilullo -ireet. . olRD tECElu IE-iv FORtlt rel J .sY ' 1, 'TE.\''OTT'1O.'\' I.\. Ily the I'.n lie, Ni. i. \lia'iue st t-, N\w Il !:m 'TOBE if.INi F.\CTUREsl) IN NEW YORK Btt"' R0)B1l lt"' ltrE & CtO. SC .RL OF PRICES-Double Gms. For atrdoble Ginll of it0 saws or inie ton e-;tall illher, making tf0sat ,sI tthe sintd, [with feeder, hands, ac&. t Ifit per sat, i. 'rL;0 to ioris a I ule Git of 6 st s -it in ti, tli ader, ail l' l saws ill Is." staitdl, Itw tlort, me. a r $li per saw, ..or vI'i Fordot ol 0statsnon do.r i t sn's in a S siti, ,at i -25 Jore saw, , , , .s,,1 u. I Flr d. of t mait s ton d. or 4 sws i a stool, l n. 50 per sawe or 2di ti | SI\tiL: ( INS. FFo n single gin of 'Sl saws tr inore,'. with nrp set olf ledters, blnds, h&e. at $i Livlt o S IFo .~ at tit lsws, withl ltfeeders, -r nt $6 - p.rt ' one, S90 till Flir dIl. ol'i" aws, nitll fleeers, &e. $6 Fit it .a sawss with fledtos, &c. at Sr7 5i1 Ip'le' - t OIl t Extra teech s.lree desired, for' Ioet derls, supplltiltd : 40 cets eavb; the silullt r ol'tlh ,ieinlg a lbout ,llnll l the moueih ft's't si.n ()). set of tieCdlo it iis,:o sidlered honwever, will wear out tw or tihree xs l on0 t' iltitu . tilt l 'ir'tl , wlltCIi ht ei duElt lls itmts ii c. pai ers ill miy oIf the seo port wli 1n1, the cotton plcal "' f -Ill )t the t s, ie' il'.m ill Y e hec oio, i re'+ s . lible for the amoun t of lthe (;i. A Iln W 'l i i ill be sen t wilth thi e ins to ir t ihem s un where n r e Silred;l the char:ge, iofr wlhose sei.iees will be rxin,. bl ii- niomdtrie. Ironl irllilln ge.etll anls h nrdclre where desired, on treatd.l.:dd le!.lI. hiut will he ehlG.(.-' extllr'a. ih.'s, powel,,o't rt'l des,: ltlll oln can i ftlrllishled oil litke lellll. .lllSall stuea egilns can also be ordered if lde a siel.n I It isdllsinsble, when l:anters give orders for Gint tI n v sltlllld .ccti m) Ileall itll thei, iews i n Itreg~ld to "elrlillmeIto sanws, Ircs, , brushes, .te. It is l ulnd tlhe ditft'i ,s opinion. Soim desire sawi o ln'ger dialmtelr tht nuothers. The IIIt cutelll(i si is 9 or it il itesl; t se lll i.n them It it tthes. Soale wils 5 e Ii row'l . bruh esi l li xie, hil othrs do not wanlt Inloreth, at moa nlolst. Sit , e wbtll 5: I sa. ith i ome teeth 1o the inah, while others wan.o tor I . \V lieu dimtre mcy, we prefer thty shmild, i Ihel tise tl'fiiing olrdersr, in liotish ti S:Lleliitit of their on uishes,:ltd l'the i italieturerl s i u iulil tht t ilt ever) iarticlear. Where it iis al't to oar discretin, we hull tnake them onl the most moudlctrn uod i ipliittird plan. ia. order can b.tetewited, friou Iila ttci e it is ireceitd, Stile noett col, all trdels otsht ti e in the hlndl o' mtl u i ti ultfeturersthv the Lirst i'r mihidlle ot'f 'Mia; exrcpt ol lalntuatss wherenthey arelane in to I1 tk ori" g l c lll,n N. It 'fin Patie n*t Right, for ' an, nat of the 'etton ;owneilK St:ls, w;'1 be sold oni retrola.le ter-:ns. itnJ Eltns rIH1OHS'S C. ..pll... I.s.tct ofrconpihboaRo S is y. ½ rilla' -A e) tn, t i and l n' st' lllctul rlea - n ,' e',ner ith..e.rce hl h c nlne of( GonorrheI , Gle.ts, , Sirictures, \Vnn n' s, 'nt il,: in I th' Iak t anI i ih., snen lu:d weantllk ss, nbceioans of llhe ktdi r, gravel, sn:olblutic t'npltinnn, tc". on Ihv 1 lt uelinnl In I n meldi,:il ' pnn!ssin, the tlpefl and active, vie file of tIle lne no w oilt red io the pi blic, medulathlls .'reeied ellf no the most ,mi inlt of the I- nieal teull itn Ein opet", helieving that it will et dulyI when int n ut rn t are "r.n m tlls kntowu. h Balsa,, of Iopibn , tentnnnsitels s.d, has ttt ost munt h iof" its clv it from tle diiihke ,t lief, Ilpatients nc, l y niv expr'ess d regutI ' ,'d, its ,.r tas tote, Flistrba e clt. ineltin.imn t lnl nstd in ll e inll i ,nn tort stag'i . The i proprlietor h', s 8 lll ' an n is ll h t the .nnt a n, notneiv t l tl, a;d tinle ' nalt' atRtIt , llililesu llllt't-t be mIl lle h ' ill the ,real.-l nate. The . bore i.-clt n w.sine t :conbinesill g.vrien.ts whith :e in the hi.he;st repmue Riot,{ the most scieltlic n I learned it thie 1 w itm- F" rh drtg in Ithe o po'lti,,ol Ihis ; prepat rratiuutoo i tt ltle e'liacy of ,e. other, ildttilg :in oitt ltio l tril n .tl,-t ishio ,:,l l sit .n'n the mo t l ll nnr n il n I:tln tl I:; pa, ,h .a ietime It, d t,+e n ii t hi adin isteLred wln h p.n erlS t l S tt s inl the dii*llrentlt s1. ; f , , iie mI t emi Ct phS i' orgeonII All thi e )prtl l day exress ir - Ir :tRin ,tn h .Ior opII tnt n.n'illun 't ilst its a i nt . ,ip~d ho spit s a lt publie mtedici insttn lios has ventrnl willtn.lo lnsl n ln n obstitnatecultaneous ern plinltc +1 • . ng "'(e, 1 hmitrn nn' i sat s 'l n'ln'n'sittn f ntu het'. Iicri, tt (;inn tt tt inn i Ins ';ntnn'nnninll tO Gn i l nase in tt nntnnin nllnnlnty 'n nn nnnn'n'ntnt' bo nt nn film.' Lotdon. Price ; 1 u0 rel. pot. 'EtT I n't t t nNT.11 \ IS. Frnm 2A II S lmoon, .11 1, F It , S r~i ,n to nth SI nttt 'i n , , ' n ,:nlt nn n n 'n nn r " A mi nnn v:nietnn ane-n., both ni mlt Iled ,, ;de, in itstrv is h ,."t Iprntove tl so thiilt' l m., i , th:a I do not tn nt: in, pe ln, to \eiog it (ll, - of it ,, o . " t. lIItI·C IIt ;m ! d (' ,ll' ..: c I' elltd s eer In.i r 1d t1 Il iplath., tnin! qin ih wn h I L ll, honlll l-x picltiitl ne. t I ti n I nn ' ,I'tn.nv nrt 'lra .t wl.,Is 1 1 itl,, n 'itn11trd c t.n ni trope unnn a' it ei'ttl .lln :l"'mn G II II ay, . imd II n's (3 S Phi·: ia. to Ilh. St 1 tIu i,, grral lll e.+ts e i rttl ing ia teti' ,al,. to thei v l:t, a i nlt"i ttl it lll"t tnl Io" pu I:,lioni, wishhlig ,.u the success) ,- al ly (J-1 ,e aill pl w v it! aiIIle revllardl for the:I hbt n il e ,Xi l t I inteto Ited in brin nng It to n c liI lFrom 11. o (nper, 1F It S, Sni geon to GuI's IU+s The Rtil.'n snertew .dicll has .'i lled Ih, aMlini" | (,ing yotill ;l·ll n ,im. a Imonp. InV emllts AlI lvteI| willl to be khw ll to belL tru," pp illr lltt ti. \..i. Ow sni ce,. You so well desco le,utulq y awl su .edil\ reeli. ) ou liti yn l taluu: h pr'epml nli lh. arom Sirt Ie.1 ( .per, ItP S Isi It' ( i S, t a,. I N . l ti. ting lte. im ,. tt ' o l;tt xtr.'l , i . l.l el:,t e tsof 'intent :onlh lnlnln' h h lad hinhno ntilln stIe an t,1 e 'iulr(· .'tles elletred i ,) it, il It few (:t .' s 1 le lt mis l tind ty Ihmt d to sI u te ( ll I now in t i: :i" I litre tgit puiblic ad prin e recotintl an d 1te tno Iron I ; 1V 111air,1 1 I), 'hysicin to Guy's !u i IThe strict tesl t whih I hn ve givtn ynutl m'tdini Flnon my patients, a td it+ i 8.i.hle ,utes, telms, willl l 'bienheee oh '.1,er i [n t lt, atIn n r m nI lta n t.t l n' an t n f dutn tt ak' elftt y eb tin .l - t 'll t ., tll :ltlt', tnintlof its ll' l-' i F .' l'o I. t+' 'i'tll.' lli' .tl ll, -11 ) " bi i ,. ].. Il'lt. l l nl 1", n i. ' rI ll, +% I +*+'' t e tln,,bln tti' emt of l o.e.or l+sxtlme, toh, caure or 0 (. lu h .L ic. Ie e l T tl' id t lo n t rl to h ' nl t hl . l le In into use ~,hich will .1-iin ,,m long m olht lor in lth eint.dl, 'i d wI , ll-n. t'ue, . N and lIl.etl ,l core ill .c'as Ih' abt've l'ts. It i' t'",Iu +ý.t't ple;a.ur, it poi lit ing tnt o it ' wo" I lnne vai' l I, , iliti.s oi ll) ! .% r it oecess , il th p, ,ro; it ter c uld ht:"r rwn-i,'sh t ''~ ' n 't" il i in, I nl:I n 111,tl o. ' 1h a t',t n hitt tt in mint th nt it, atnn inlnti nt t ll tts tt., & snti se at h.i ni it h+ it tint in.t 1 r'l. t .emo ln ' h1,on this irllp':n,| rl i l elj")s albo.v ai f l t,'rs is its oraw , itlotr.l e hl t -- put up mI i'. -th F tlh +llnt---iln'nnti itt nn 1 'I ith tn l In inn o ,itt, 'nn'tolon n i, tlt ' i. 1. : i m l ltrn I' 'll'l l v1im ge which II h pre-,s; nml1 'uio . Ac omp.nlnl l lll i I. . ll ' it i in l,n i" : ll. II'.I It <l l I 'ory f e the l'ittqt Nn'n e of .'thli i,'s,, ,Ith t atnl lla lebuI ,,", yOtatnilin full milhl n. ' ii . rm nln.i t ,i'3: n .) n ':, t.reet A 'r : nnt:, i" nI.' n A' nt: , ,. ,1 1"::A \ I. S .% le. t. othel I hl , i ttll.V ,,f." l\ :,1"-t t It I r inn'l in' tnw 0 ht» nbin t.,w i,, i .nn n ti, t .aLImnh intn Itnn t hn ,' , an.d 1 1.n' nl, ',ll Sl'trol ib t. rit I a h el: I ,i t In int tonAt! 't;on i vlhh+ A'. uIte in'I I .In ' tn I ( i, le t .nt, ' t htl, ti i m .\I si: n:11, si'h.t:F lhlyt'h,' (lit 11,lh e1 '"1" ti n IIII s oih:i~I,, t' , tilor lT', Gl lawlt i.,,lih :001 I.NeIwr t] li ly r is l Im . ,u dt.rhi , oa h nlghl' tI t o' '' ht' I ) \ I ,e r "s m a n . a m e e rol , .nds , r , : t i ii ul It heriy:,l .tru lel t hn"til l.'sett,. yll+. , inh o,,:r,h a: l .p tll iS cari Idt .c thisnct '1" "thee with1l b In l ; t: m wll Cthil h'1ao, S .. C ua l r1 . .l Driver ' mk l to 51 p a ksG t.r a ,v 'er a ctnh lutl't'. Tile smooth,, ha t ", 0001,,lorni !, i.e h.;e n,-l ither ltl cn , ' 1i . %l l.1ille, lht o e tot 1111 t lrl, lin e, I.e.S ' TlA) II new ''--r..\ulis ghn cit. ilo I'.u Lioe ,I:, .tlw 111 id 11nhile ot iS t \itrk,, a lit. pos+t oowhts,+ idA," tug .uS, thimht, 'leo:n llxa1 ,ow +li ,)t n \I ill lgtr'ille, wt on e to \Nla oik, lighl i-( hoa lt T i,,: ne., Ntw rlie.,os to +I,..;1'., 13o hoe ,,pll .' o (t h.o , . i . Ia . s h. ent to ih.rn the publi ul Ibridg~e l'vr.. tihe \h'tt na m.' . , w d Hd I , ' -1 tc ee htivt , t bNt ,).'ico i ,the .::1 tto :: - i i , . t ble u Inth tilt A]ra n;. , i d 1 'e 1 s0 .ttlk s iniil! dtll.t of I 7t. eh , r lin , in. ' milder iIe 'et m . ln;ioal to 'ed;" 1. t ab l l iiii ,m ehrshtao) ol A -I ''l" o'+, ;,,ro lTho e lu),ct ibers tnri, now re-, "ngfh1ar t h!eir lac to iý" ,i New Yolrk, and will keep cinsiantll ., hinId g.nleral assiortment of 51nr1i.i h'lntle t'M.ccs of ls. wrl*ll r v.I lli1tnllu ship, amt1 of' ilt, (,llest pattI rnL.lll mIde of the be.t Evypti't, Italian, lIrh and AmerIcain m'arblue. AlhO, M~OnlImenlts, Tombs and cr lvel Stloni s, Fn'uldeii t d a plaini sill.s and lintels, Irble lacings, hearth, and bolundary st1one, plaster of Paris, ltunn & Hlydr.,ulie Cemtnt and Ph lt~er. ing ll ,ii r, t in:; ther with a ,pllendid sir'i!iiia t ii brass mountied aiid pIlan (Grtes and Rilssia Ir(n .rate:s ofll Iho nrwet*L ,I +Im.1st approved patterný. LetOteti lg donle ill theL In it(`I- lia)'llllln'l " inlh| aIt the shortest nots... Tlhay bate first rate woxrkm. l to set thr ahoyv wor.lii SPARiKEiR'S IROCKY \I)I.1:N'IAINS,&c . i FOURSNAt, ont . xpturing T'our he,'ond tihe R, kv M'.citainsi, u:idir the dract.ln .i' the A B C F 1, prlirliied in the yeus 1i33, i31i u; 73; Colltainlllaga dscr:ptun of th lt gtor;r.phy. g". lotgy, cliateo and productions, ural tile nit. as., n"l nlltrs and uistol s I the nutiv,,a; wth a M ap iof Oreg.n 'erritory, h R v. Pil el I arkir, A i 1 I h i err and i e I ",st,"rl; or It cll..cltr. s of the R1,te and th| GurImtrus..; by Miss P.'"due, author of'ti it' of . 5, ta , . .. in .2 & vols. 'l'e.o Rubber, a 'Taho, the author il Ricirelien, 'T,, Gypsy, Aicia; il 2 " ITh ''iwoe Fliris; ":r Ai. 'lr"n in a Couotry Iloua, .nd other Tialcs, hy Llay li.sN li'tn. EL Bihdal r, Mrse No:ton. B.ay ; urnw:,l, .Mrs Gore, UCatain 3,1.,v. ii,d d; in 2 volS.. 'rnci Lie Advwmture. od Nnc'el s Nic'ehy, edited by tic,z, with llluttr~atiunc by Plot, N. 1. Jict reowced id foIr tl l by IB ENJ 4 .TOM ':\A s4:S, T'l'll'. iL '1 ' lE iS, +Ilil'lus i /t't)PESi, l ' --Julst received and for sale b\ WVtn. BMcl.'li"n i'ncer otC..l tianst t.IoluiI/i sieets, Ia generaTl tastmtlll o' llvo's C'a paall.Oyrs, MAlhm! lunstr' "nt., Ilrent'ig Pect. S ii l d,. sivd 'id, lrang Bloiv 'Pens, Ivory Pro. Ivn rYv utle ., iin;lllel .'s.c . Ca l:lss, 's Tianler , Icarallel hu era... iier-cpes, Thelmnete s, Ca mý. t tl+rts a iurvee Ch1tini', r 31,aasu'iu, 'ccci., g. . d 4 W. 'Ohu- d& Dituuorer tick-tS JAC.,ETSr FOR NEW YORK.-New Lhin. 1J-To sa il pctuall y every sOound Monday during the ~ason, iunli or not full. :hip Orleans, 599 tons Unpt. .. Searn, Ship Alihrnna, 474 do C. C. Berr. Ship Arktansas, 647 do E S Dennise - Ship S r'toga, 542 do W Hathaway, Ship Nithville, 540 do D Jackson, S!tp Kcntucky, 629 do J Bunker. The abova rhips are of the first class, copperedo and copper asterned, and having been built in New York ex. rersly ftr this trade, they are of light drlaf of water and nlmost invariably cross the bal without any d't-lntin1. 'le comma.nders are men of great I:exprietce. nd the ships will alwayo a b towed ) end down the Mississippi by steamboalt. Th.y lhave Iandseono Ihrnished accommodation and otort-e of t he best descrtpIton will always fulrnie, d. The cabin passage is $90 withou wine or liquor, and there is no iquor furnished to the o5fficet or crew. For f'r, ight or passange apply on blardl, or to I1 C AMES, 48 ~amp at. Theo hilps are net ccountatle . r breakage of glans, hollow were, mtarbil or granite, cooperage-or tin, or ruOt ot'ilotn r steul, nor respolnible for any package or p.rce!, unless a regular bill of lidio-, is exta'u'od thelrelor at the olt;l of the entls.-. nov27 NEW tRi.IANS Inn BALTIMORE LINE OP PACKE.'i. Tin. line will cton,:..t of the fllowing vessela, whic: have be,:n bulst or purchased Cepressly 1er tl. trade, viz: Shti p n.on, Capt. MIiner, Bark Mt ry, Nickeraso-, S lad l orry, lnew " Stevens, Solono alttus, o" Iltham, Bfig Archltet l nrey. 'Tles-,: **tm'el are of the first chlas, tare hanl. oll)0,e lurlihltud : ctuoootoo."lt iot~i, and are of a light draft u o to;,ter, o as ',o a;ll it of th ir receiving ald de-ci.oi i.g their cago,,-s in IItinore, at the city. !"rl'it,.It will Ie lako in for p)olls on tile CthesaM ake or Janle.' liver, andl tilwarded by tile gentls, tr-.-. ('CILARIKE & K ELLt I;G at Baltinore; . xp.secs on goode nh)perd will bI advano.ed wihen rt:r,:d. T'Ie, prIoe of as fixed at $l.), x:rtmo:, sto1res of the b st qalitty will he provided. : t llt p :tai d tdut a It ..1,-t11" Wptl Wl e t..kO tn a.ll oewaiorns. I',r tfrtiht nor iaaors'g, apply to ,GEU. ISEDFORD, no.i7 22 Bienvil'e t, 1'"" NIW 1'"RK. i[Leuisitna and Nt w Yt Yr' Iln of Packetsa ..,u I i::I Slips ceipo.inr this line will sail fri N.e, Oritlas ald iNew Yotrk on every other l Mo - '4 i:y-:otrnoc'ln.r ot the 21ith Novembettr--ntrd iiiwre th(10 p ot i,: t y in the tine oft 'ailing, tlt t h:o w ill hereafr ct t ,it t of live ships, viz: blip Y..ztto, (pttain Tl'rTsk, to leave on th o 20th t::ip Loui t: b't,: i t, C pttain 'l'luner, to leave on the 'tlh DUecolhr. Sh ,p filntsv:le, C;ptnin E.ldridg'e, to leave on the J - Dh ec.ornb.r. Ship V:ckbinrg, 'aplaiu Woodhohuse, toleave om S t1eo I, J ,ueary. Ship 1l:ssi.*tppi, Claptain Davis, to leave on the 15th of Januoary. The a.ove ' re ;all Iew, of the fir.t class, ropper. ,1: nts cop,.r t.u.t(ned, and upwards of 511) tone t,, are of light 1'rnlr! t of water, being built Il : t. w I.;. 't(l loto ly itr thel trade. The price liof i~)n e' is fixt! at. IOU Id llarn: their ebins oare tfiltd tt in the t lnr in llprovled and conlvenlot lplin," anld finithetd in a neat andl elegant style . mp1 Fe , stores .1 '1th1 ltirtt uitlhy w ilI be provided, ind ov ry rgartd pi tid tnhe comifort anld entire 0ti1.M cli..o t 1)I ; 'ngers, who will plsem take no-, ý. e.E ll t it tno bertth tc.,, tn,' ,ttured until paid for alt te .11 Fce of t' lt o i lrl.l to o. 'T'iec v t,0sl are: e ntlllaidd! 1 by epltains welt xp.ri;,v .,d mI the traole, t\ho will give every at. - 1)d , xertt lheutslves to uco:'tutndate. 'l'They , illa a il ,ines te ttwtl op and down tile Miasis .,pp1 hy stamub,)ats, and the strictest punctuality tob. .ved tt the tuite of sailing. T'el owtnvrs of these shEi. will not be retpoeni. it for any ,itr, parel or ptkhge, tent bIy or p r. r hard of them, itlt-.. a regulahr bill of 'luding ,n , ig:,Ld ther'Ior, at thei coulntingl htluto of the S 1t,' t or ovt.ers. For f ollrtir pcrllionbt. apply to J ) IIEIN & A ('O)iEN, noi;v97 90 tnimon st FOlt \N.W Y',OI'. [auriciaa , and N-, York Linie of Packelt.,] L V t0 o.ol.u N o " orkil tor utither 3illlda v "Iilttl t' ti 'I_ 11t, l. .'tlt t'veli er, t, nt to iolsure the r alll I l IIt'.ll ity In th. r lll:e ! n aiiling, Ihe line a rp 'azoo, + a,,nt,"l ''l ':sl it leave on the 20tllt nov. hpl, Louisville, "t.',t~in Palber, to leave on the 4th hil u, otri/c. Ctapttni E!dri,!g.,r to leave on the :'p ) irkhur, Cllt i t W\oodhouse, to leave r Ship _tlls', lop:i, Captain D)avi, to leave nl the 15thl iTtl Tttie ships are all neo., olf th Ilrst claRss coltppared Inl olipper lateled, ad:tll iipwltrlls otf 50U tun1 huo denture of liht trals'll! of water, being built in ""\w i uic e xpro .thi or Ihe Ira(:d. Thll pr)ice of pas 11,lk Le .e( el ot nIte leundred dollars. T'heir cabins h rs +tItd tit , "n the o1 ,n inlllproo 1 ad a e(:lll o e PInlltlanand ti i;itell ill a , n'tl totd electllt It3lot. Ample stores ot thie firlt I:lit. will b,: l'to ided, Iand t le r regard hoa S[tile (-llrl(,1,) : ll0 enlrtt, ,ttio ctiOl"lC oll h o ellgerlosd,who p ttl Ilh(te tune no'ie ii' no berth eoon be secured an Itt o.ol ru ' It the ot, t The Icon s 'O vh eehs. In .l"e r uen'., , it* n (·, 1:lullt(ld," by Ct tai ls well et Ierlilced ii the Ililde, w l vill ive e er atlellntiO , l t1 exert liel 'e! lo t oe l o otllolllllll e. ' v ill at ll[ lilu.,. h." t u,, u l a' ,d t d t he by :.:. l., :,ril the s tricl t tt pu.,Ctolio tlily obsertved in 'iF'i,, o," litI I t ill-e hipi P w~ill not lbe repnnsible for tt ti lh cannon ,ho,.s of te gttgets or uO lters. Fcr I pl' rol ltrll uia.s, aUt il. tI Iit iEt & A COtlEN; non ! 91 Cuilloll At. i I'C t"At")' I, Lj ~ 'hWS EN 'lOUSE. : .1 CITY. 'I'EtAC'oA. I 0rlI b a, r i alio pulto i'I1sed It, latiell d fur i t n ltedl t 11: Ik+ lwln~io n astaibli hIent, ftro s rlly , lr, tI it to ,,p0', ill be ready' to rereive vi. it. hva tho I lot t >ii! o-,:. nit t,:,i o !y 'l , t'tn nta will be fttund in the 10' I o.rI, f It, t ton o1tlt o Itt lotouse. New ' v d route "evnaodiul b:ottiog I, uses wi e buil it, and ~\ilo bl, toh- ,till lt IepluV oed utull hotlirnl . A rhibl n ii be alit. tot1 hoo Ill I hiuse, wti igood to t o ollolnd- / di~ h,,,-.s , catrri. c ".. 'i.t rate lmres -a " r, l ' oo litod :,l1 \l eiinlg, lla' oes' , will o6.he urnisht' :t nd ,ti c e lhtedtt :.a ti .t to i terlbre iitlll thle coml fort ialnd quit'l t the bonir v . T''It witts nd Illllquorsl will bh0' of ltht, re t eelry, and l td i t t uur tt Till sIpplv of S, p r ot l u O :to tlertt, hict wrill r'.isa "! u hl , lit Ith t- ol o tTov. oit b'rrt''h k tolloiitlrn o woltilol t Ottitot hitlttt poanlfr A !b^;.. [ ,,lltot to', who, nijlt Sttlt tthIl,o'ttOltdihtltly s00ure0 tile , I i+li,, of lis, t .ear. ollll hi. friendselR P le'allV Ihlac I1'lV( will ui'L e eer:lP 't too i.d' etlonCtiunt and tl.hor ei tcrib"to Iti totte ghlt rto ntlod loololl. lit ''t it kl tiotdntotzet: rof ltt t ttlone 'am re kitioi to (eed tt t cttdde- lion hbr 0' .,c tlhttt Pe clvac i' a ~olt olt'g t1 naval ettion .t . (ii : ri t t ILe gooeral reladoroue ot. l e Gulf tel e i: thl:e r...t:, }h t jt is. c.ioa,uo e rtit'.eshd constantly dtlt. ti"[, r nu;,,lll er iontlls hby the coolest I reeaso lrom rtie t; t',i tito. oltt of Itil lo'lr tlll tloe neighbnotin j it!. ll otitoIIl. iw It, a!lllltlltllute ld delicecy of ois t"i-h with wh:ch the wuatels atoudl; and ire proximity t' >ihe eat - tllhenll ttatrkoets, give Pensaeola the pr.e t.ten.e oo tr sit t'tloo pIo:;t's in ihooe latitudes, as a JuI mlLh -11( .ieinlivtl'ui .ulllllnerrcltrst. Filrtltt it boats wcill ruto t between Pensaeola and Mo. ' ;ile. tolit witll atu all diote ' Itn Lle to take the pasenlgyr fronl thc Newv Orlte s |Aotltto. NBARNOLD. Pe'.,tola. Feb. tIhlt. IS. K7" ti:illttlltel wtohiltg 1to enngge roor for l.. forili'". ,ton atlhoos the Iprolriooro at 'nsesoolea. 11or tewell ' T'ylor, ttdo ftllnttr propoietor, aIt Li Or leaaa. f, orenreel T a fordtl, I'q, Mr Cudllunl, llcAlo.E . tKitbby in Mlob t S T Taylor, P P Ma a.'m P t- Ioltr hao, to receive toom perto .... It Itoteo botel, it plceid ls ... FLOr Utli ROUTil ftii ' The i teatlia lec m1si " cole twir raveke

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