Newspaper of True American, January 10, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated January 10, 1839 Page 1
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PRC 2' ris --- ----- ----------- ~ ~ ~ _~_~_ ~_~~ _ _~_ _~~__ ~ - - --' _ NFW ORLEANS THURSDAY MORNING, J~NUA JIY 10 -889 fjr,,,s o f Liw Nowowtp· P ,yo , o NMW OItLfPe eNss u/ Ndw nan ,,nIv ng1c Slea m and Patent hieui t rl, - i I 's rarim n rt , Ioe n " le a 3l 1 , oF bo h. 187. ..... Ba, tiº - W aters and - - -'-'" _!31h~~~~~~~~~~~or.V of 1852.81y i:'`1Fr t II~NR~10D 'oIrmts of j e .NeTros per Pres Uof Ner Or/e nul el,, nitn iolIV egre dt tki ai it hli ra I ltl.~thi oft the Prolrioeor, hIdh I.on tIhe 1t111 of MI-h. I37. qvulsaterJios.-f-ive Jil)trs for trhdiilv pa per mneat. itvbl, e t / t i-tait nill int aýlvie . ten dollars our the ni-wonkly nco;.t-v paptr,pavi:lle on year in olah-e, vllherea no city rafrenace is gin,,. 'n Stbst.riptino will be dieotiatintinllel until aroe settled. In cane ofl di continian ce, one week's a tic. o worilfdg m111int oa itarnrb y given, previous to th Iiraiop of eaeubscription. Adopvtnrti.iti--.-)i dollar per eqlo.rn for th flrst nserliwn, nd half titt prire for ech ell ealleglerl one: ald) materi l al1teration Iltom the original advertirement will be aharged ne a nrw one. YAIL. AUVERTISaaaR.--Merchanto and 'r err, arty dollars fi, English alone, and sity for both len giaoae Blanks, Ilsuornee Olfioes,andl other niniar pobfn iasnlititioui, fifty dollars il Enalieh only, awl mighty for both language; sr hip and Siteambot Faeo torn, or Comlois·ion merchants misty dollarn in English --, ald e6ighty ltr nbmth languages. MAatRIuat, OBITro-aY NOrTICS, anid nrtilce etsll lig tie attenioll of tise pnblic to rsale or property, ord of passeatgers, IucnRit, s oe. &e. will e el.-re t one dollar per qsa re for the hrat itloertin in earici li gnote. OOMMUnClsOATIOl or Advertianmeanl, of any peruln al natlre, wheyn advniasille, lhall be llargel double, and in advlane. A dedutiom of twenty-lree percent. will be made to Aictiolnere, Mherl,.lctegistereof Wills, and Ilarehals altn ear of real estite, pualisehded in belh langoage, ead 50 per catl. in 1gtlish alone: 10 pe r oelt. on alas or other property. AunrVarToesaos olit of the direct line of b1eianes aof the adverliter, aenh n legal, suction, and pla nts taus les, rolaany salaesr, lry inimal, .c. S.e, will be charged for etpa.ately, eand tt Ih nrtlilnry ratee. AirTa+rtnMoENT-r not specifiled a to time, will be .'llahedl one mouth, and cIharged ae.orliitr .o No adrvertiemesttn of Ibankruptcite will h pitbllshed ie any cane, lllles paid or previot1 tin inerriorl, or paymoenat guaranteed by a roltttstille personl in itow. Plltttroe and other plneos el tl o Motlnslllt lVr, olintlo daily or the neasoe. to he charged 0llti fir t Lgliuh a lote, and $1150 i hbolth lnguaesa. All anrooutcmtacllotttool ctllitiats filr polit:cl leicee will be eltirord daetble the price of oilier advertise Owing to tll, itniertt .t lon sIlltltiletl by teoewpapr prnreturlt, thrhv lleale cote to til clnclusion that tlh a tna oll persoln wtllttie IaccUlttt have lint besl Iaid within one inotli after presentatlion, lshall lie alle knnow, (so fir an prattiedlble to eachl olther-they ohli gitin thelieolvru not to, t nlvrlitie or print for such ddilillltol, Itltleno ill cose el adeatte pamnlctle. (Signed) J C. I)c ST. IHOMES J. IIA YON, '. P. RA, J. C. PIINI)ENIRGAST, JOIIN (;II|SON, l.l :7tIs)DEN. Weerky Pres.--VWe, the tdtrsiiegtteld, agree to abidle by tins a/tove vtonditioia, as tr no they are pipplicable to I weealt papers. (t'igned) A. I. L.AVRENCE, Sti Nc nanbcril ione are taken for leso than 6 loutabn. L.ttore uifa,io all caselr, Ie plost paid. NOTICE TO .THE PUBLIC.-Unfloanded man ruls of the undersigned having sold out, or dicoullntinuled his old arid Ilonlg tsllilhedd GARDEN REEL) 'STORE, s 113 j 'stoun, lhoue Siteet, Having beea moat circull ted by nfll interested parlies, tile ihubcriber begs to assure his friends generally, nols the public at lurge, thati h still couti:auea within two door, of itt lateO, or tormur stand, to be furuisiled with a rfll and ex. tensivn supply of all tisu slladird kinlds of kitchul, or vegetable h ardet ,iidl.s, ot tIm growtll a.ld inl port of the present seaoson, 1837. Since the early part on Soptenkbr, hIe hao rv. eoived ample sulpiies, Iby tile pabcket ship Vicks. burg, Kestucky, and Arkilono, all arrIved in shiort passagos, direct fromt Now York. Ely thie sippi and aIotber packet, he is in daly expicta. Lion of a supply of Fruit T'rees anid Aspariguan Roots. having already received inlvoics thereof by mail. ThIe shnbcriber begs furtheRr to aessre tlh, Ipblio l Isrge, that he is at prelart as well I tabled to mest and execute orders fir all the kinds of G~arden eools, eithler wlioleate or retail, as lie Ivar was since hisi first establilshliet ill Ji.,iiry, 1822. Cuuntry lDaiers an.d Alarkbt Gird.anero' crders tlsliowei t aid roost riiaoslilble r.llas. by th poulnd w'e7glt, and gitpo ior bnalhol ouillaure. i!alahioguec, oiilhir in Frecllli or Eigliloi. tlUa ala4ys be obtallled we litrlsonil pplliitioil at usnUl, to to t. S.lit, da"vdeo Sued Storoi , Sli Ciusiloilouol strs I. NOI'F.--A co)ilulntat supply" of'lird Se;d. sill er nltied or plaiii; pulverrlz.d sulilp; heirbs, ald ll;k rs' dirled helrbs,--wall .iau s.upply of e. nd i ,ana,. 110 i I 1", rI: P I>.ts 1 K Jli.n )i 11\ Iru 0,ll15 o I1| Iler I bll st lr,.et, ncr l i _. li. uni, prlean.e ti t rii c l Il I-llerell ltlllellte , mia l D it!s mlm r I111 fIma In. 1)r. Jalnllal Illlllu ai re.idu l Im .f ilm y rrl ll" r llllra It piinloii e.urivoi, mduviited Io thie iretivmiia tf eitrneal. del pallrticutlar iornllseD o1 It11 Iprofessionil qluaratut ,11 ·iie, nps.,dv nlod . IDiclual urn Iemna llrb .(1ill as ore shoteel lllo isiiale i~ei lt ni ihii. mmleii. immm~l. i: i.lhln s tJreIhrlla, Priiarale Ili t Well, dwelled I elalcile ontri eo oin tle Skm1, Jore ThIllat, Vauis iu Ithe afe. i numleroud ylltloms wmliclm generally fulll w hIemalslIes cubred in tiwo or Iilaee liyl widlmout ithei uilc s 1ret. rarv ilvrrntptilo iro, wusl.eds, or aleera lio Ui~IC·ll1h nulde ufli. illl.I.O11I~les I 111l A leedlla Ill I rele Vellserenl lieame cun ei oi - faihlel lIf I~r.Jullll·llU, I |l rlill] thr r-PeiDp ~II' Ihle I|lllliH L~llrry, a I-lizllrwr $le |'rell,.b ...erS ll,.O ll ,Hd u*~ Ll~l'd hv h11Il durol.g Ifles · +.nll clulllill .11 ill wDIlcDI lIe served as vurilll carl ill lih. Frelli.i Arllt. lull.l I lul tt (·Jllhle )l ' llllerlil Dlie ue' till, lrTl0 1 lll111. Iel ljllly eKl.l 0 191" Vrlll~lrli. l I~iho lldl· llllj %I Wiil It tDa well by gililil iUr. Jullhil.ona oull, .ir pr.Diur lledli eoa. hor their ire., in t le si.rleom lian ioue put upm , hilll wrmer l l llr. ellc nd f,, tIheir Iuse. Otlliceulens us 7 t Infe mrilll uitil lilu'clocka. I i nighL.h ARLIlNT IIY'., I)Y.JPP'1l I.1XI;R. nD OI~lini~ln Iblln Idnl -h'uIDI4 €11+ Ihle i~iarell. L its DI ,Pc Illl me nitl uragmlstein Ith stashtulI. Th'bl c.hxer wal. ulAed s h lllwielhst metla ut llllr.eesot e.ied susl:a ill Ii1.drluleUt enld plublic p~racllc.. |llr ii lllrnlD. nPl trlly I years, liar 1he re~lOlvul of lie £.IDVIilII tl·.L·'LIR: "~ J.oa. ri'. .p,+tile~ FIDalllle.! v. Di-itmlliuul 111 1he ...'l1l- i ech,l'a.. !n fll . ,% Ile~vilrlel.uf Ihe fPied amD illcii- I na ill v l ieepmIrrmsuitrity ol Ime m lmwi uand in aIt aenll wl.ore andmielglui r a uelivice illi i. fIound Io Tlli lnedicine must inot be nuimbeirli ionle the Iloal ot'lulck nostrums now blfole the pllh:ic, s it i· lh., .uld ilelntion orthe an'lr I. aId mne eovlelllivc nurge, n EuroDe ewr produced, uild Ibh secrer of lU,.pnrrinll it Sol D'urlam'd by tI. Uimiiiiel .lr c .ry lursui. Ii ihi 1re1.1ole llly lfeu ll I, the.i l V es a ler l tiieras .eri, ilna.uluge kouonynges sro).nl i-I.Iheihn woold Iire.ll111 gih oh.Ish+. rld hei +rnielnoct11, Iaa phipIIo min n.d u timew but lms rimtlllo i la ls teinaas c .uliruel caes i.i a)sie Sail ir lwe digelion, uud ilevotiill riulrmlr natnoy ftulure or i thee acn un iud.t'il n :Ar R It lltloiolll n tIrhl4h sliio:--l ontsotmii-l1 tirdim lse a M.iiunentiy ie II.iI harte hen bniuiiest, iii ir mti r mvs e with elle.-liell eali inivllsa sIrs lls amieI I l- Ill ltIlIn. ned IlaltIsie DIeeeii til~*I"llb ible | JIlUY( "lrilld Io¥r'rl~ii Ihy-)·ilillli%) ulld a II1I(I)Ieu lherdtlll.'k .re, lid~ills* .% w hll ller ving oily . Dlenefi. I d+>ili. ofscnirlulrcioililln.. :erii~rlHqll;I. relar, ie ,lbd reiii of. ho flo insg. darnh, air 1.ono lpefntmttt .lniolrnt, lDitrtii. ifL thelr tlsi. aktl.n lai,, lioviaprmisa ofvtt ,irsli ofit nnotsor'u.'nlsepIcemgiioitynts~luriliiwItal~ nteramd all toslorsiseiiadig enthaa aIsaotel o h isl.i. lauull is clqer.o lnitrllno tulleadz-. Infohm s the mmmh d Pto l pr In thak. IIu' lne blessillELR yUU DlaO ,. II +rred IIY re· salriml.o tis slsallecf healthl a a relonin yonmrs, l ie'aicnlaa ia eo hie pns.wiln tse e hnii a red' oeu sies .igll on eili aoliid% Iif ihe eulsalrdinry vii-i Itla.e~lfe llis mieltcino. culd pry eIntOIIouIieia it aro lse i.ioll v i. I melllsid i1 ieul l e slreeh n mii. j PROSPECTUS. TIlE subscriier p-upopns to pahblish, in the be. ginning of the ensatng winter, a Coldensation c I the twenty voluomos of the Old and New Series of Martin's Louisiana Repolrts, to be compriseld i four volumnls. San., eucording to the model of Peters' Condoened Reports. This work is now iu preparation by J. Burton f.arrison, Esq . of this city, assisted by William F. Brand, Esq. The Editor is alson permitted by a distinguished retired Judge of tihe Supreme Ca.rt, and by one of the sitting Judges, to expect frlim tleir porsonul supervision all tIIh" advantage which may naturally be raped from their experience. 1iSuch a work is becoming every day more nle.i pessary, as tite original in vllluminouis, expensivo, pad acarc. An i:.eruasing curiosiy too is mailmi enst, jo the qtir .States of the Union. mi referencu to the penaliar jurisorudegee of Lou..iman; and the prumlndtance of the n!iglqrous principles here de. cided in the adjustment of ceuflirts of laws, makes the knowledge of our adjudgeda c:ses of primie uti. lity to the jurists of the whelo Union. Mornovee, the rising republic of Texrs has adopted p:r codes, and thus there is a great for tie Louisiana doeiaioce from a fresh quarter. Conveeignt notes, iliJieating the parallel neast decided in Louisiana, and oceusionally thiose n I the more aiuthoritative forums of tile other States, will oe added to each canse. Tiie work will filria four volumes, royal oetavo. and will be deliyored, bouilnd, to suhsethr.llr at iO per vol. in cnane it soul I be fould practicable to compress it into three volumes, the p-ieo to sub goribhrn will lio 67 per vol. Subscriiiioms received by W1I McKE AN, e enor lamp and Cuommon sir. NEW ORLEANd Stelna and Patean Bi.eui Bjanery-.Watvrs ag IlillHIIH. - No. 9. Meorers ("mr her Pehlsbrnli Rell Re aod.) Pilnt and Navy Dread, Sad,, lned Wills Illtcult, . ngt.r, .Bttaur. M:d.ord and Wilter Crakorn. All tile .blve urtieloe uor wvarrantel ta be of t-a fire q sllty, and I. keap il aey climoate, being ouenpletely kiln dried. Alto,-Kiln dried corn meal. Orders lel at G. W. Pri chard and Tolga t, Jr. corner .Magazine and Pydrgnstreesl, will reeive prompt attnoation. Smnall kegs put up sepreesly far lanlily eln. i5nov LOUR--1000 barrel. lading in .lore, andtr sadl by (i. ISll.K¥Y. Adl 44 New Ire NAILS-O0 keeg Nailp, near eo l rire, ieI,r .ai la dis Altt -'ld , WHIrTaI., 6? lraei.r Li4 1UNdtrlimer aittid V iuada lak re, a t?, E.lI Lte S se, 1 jr ir e.serie . .115 K ERW EYJ--a6 bols Kernaey, OIL-- 5 barrmeln'r ,onee r e Oil, le t ceadke wilter Oil, 41O rak iull s lmrlned do, CANJLReS --IO Leoar Spermn, Candll, for sale by L Ii GAlE, d7 ,e g~93 Ctlllmtn ,e NEW PU0iK & BEEV--2) bhle iems, and 41 bbl. Irime Pork 290 bble primes Ikel, tIr sile be dB • I)€)ltEy, dO4 td'vl..eve A CARI). Jn InIs, Pr Nes or f singing, tile l t r ann 'lan Pirl-r, e, I ,.xr t alllllrlllle, s Ir arrival tro n lavgnow, and m mnslnrl yetlrs prsctiaaln Etin thn.rgphod filsmomw. ele Illl.r* er.etr ll 11,ot her evs tea. altin~lrulmtem , .i ive o lv aa+lt,.aetiam to yuyita. T+'slilliam e+ Ileapt alilitv.t. &.c. cll be bsllow., e pldl~i+'atio Ia lro. Millardl'a, "1 Iloyal strert. IJX CIIAIIL+ I-110 d'.e, o . ter.. .a coivedl, nlld .l~ltab f)ar *hipl eenl"r sat at 1k,. latiailae Frmnilure War., It(, In. aoldJ_ Ii C.&lt i'05 EW tlOOK4--.N lel'lneo m Metlranirn -ev.oti,.g N ,il Prie, ,t.aemoscares, by tlaBlrn I.nllr. n .I voln; le tltlv, or s I,,.s Tr )m I e *ile of a.+t +,+. I~adcelh.++, in vr;la; Pa~ley', 1C1ri.cmta T, les tbr 18331 Iealey'a Clhristnogo git for 183;1: jniq rceirem and fo,' lle byv ++' \ McK";AN, dc'c i0 corner of Celtlp .P Coanslloe .t LOUISIANA INSTITUrIE. 7 illS |llmlilutln Ior tile e ltcation of yn .ng ntls Ien, will It, . +o olarertionon tile firql ol+I)clll ltr, in tile eleonnelltelarv ,mf I. ntltetI m irt c4hurcl, calre.r of tCnramlelel ans Pe) erat, t ndar tlk direolioa offla. 'lernigned wh), has onralpiel tl0e cltair al .tl ell lal~inin neversn .'olle.,,zs oftlhe nmrlll, ned whni ia uegrdmI. teof aoes ,tile mnusl celc'l.crted univeerailie of Ror,ye. Tlme nra.e of rtu liem to he pureeed i,, this leminarv e will Im Clmlpllrellellldetl IIIII s~. wl~l .w rlv i+ llI.,vIZ.* c. he ++'i. t ie rlmlrn .n cnltlr, ell|+ nl hle hra' oef tlaraeullm Sid ecrgm iislml;d L.g illal ed 1. T'Ie cllaoeil.-ll depcrtoment, eolnprlwrnding tile Nalir lie.d (;ral , I . . ala alagn. ll "rile..ia1 Ci gme e tiir Ol ga.n rn , l a ugansp i e 'l icl will Ie u g l!ht IoL'rclr l Yl~otlatl s iaud lIrIAno, h1n.' 4. 'l~le Ill~ntllen~iclvh n nd l.luo l i"r, co~,I~r~lle,~llllif Algclrtlm. tic me lre, el tUO · 'l'ri_.oii1ll N hvrnlu A.r.lon.iY v, e llrll |)S N Laai y UC l .+.'ll~nistv ill~qr ut,+" u rpriat e rx .t r I e .r . UL-+=l~lrenint Classles il tihe M .erz I.anl..agn d wi!lI be lilrlll(d miIld tellttcnl to frllll111 llle .·l I'oller L' J IIltl)I)EI(\IANNS, A MI. 'J flllt:'+ON Es: Ilev P're.iidc l~ :IIANNYO.Y Loui++iuua Cu lfeg Jeekel,.. Ihr C A I.IItJZE I1G, i. C I)UNc:AN E.q.1 J \CllI)l.NO, N Eaq. New Orlersa. ac er... .-.I ..I..____..._r a Ii Ct at }td ,1 tr' t, Ira t"ate rtived I I. ft. . ldon, Ir ( ir.l e , i- el- l ; v \,rlh., IR.v.I. tilper It... i, I m periol, I i. ( irr. h nr 1 double :'.l +il Ir...... ,.. .... ..... .I'i" t d IG ,.nl nud Ir 1111·11 ,ti. 1' ri ll'a lon l d lo hnl . a r i l "ei a I nd '1 ,rr Ihleat-1 Loald • IVolV +pape,r 'I r.! pa+{..l Mon , r | i -r S(; d,,hi I., silve+r 11.1 pcr; Gult hordt, Ira, 11iln.te nd C.'uiqr, ývl ittbnl Irat et. I C +Itt"l "i I ttt--.-.i tt 7 +N tI.. a li 1r tIN-:; 1tabI, t I , a. i t, ti. . Iia -i. d d a lll "td i, itnllta lll-l'it ( a, . i .Wig,10·11111 11· r,. 1111 lrark l;() OlIii.&- M-,. \r 22 ' KF." i `,'., B nrr f WA Ir.2. 'i't". i y x ea of+ + ('h+,li . ,ý,I (:r'.v++ - 'tai, 7+2 a .l 1 i . i *li r o snilat; alll nd (Hlld; ' , t i I l III KS . II,; llD l d ,t ar, I , hlk IAIdd tttaattin Ma'4··. . t • ,I T o, ., ri; P ell a9,rd(id ra I M"avar , llldar t i t l Sl'areda. Po rahHI b111~)11 ; Lest Jllllt·P T l'lllill L~u.,ln ",.· ; Illllill ati I e'a·" at haLI 'a~v·* Atlllll~ ·Ia iltaattJaI~ e. Na*ll.r 26:28 ,.,,.,&t, b+ ,,,+ .) ,o,,',FI .....t~ jl",,"7, I.,',i.';,. +'; :?, ;·1 t l-nives; 11~a l 'lall l t thitltL I'i ta ji K , l i'n ar - ., fr I t tork l at lip-; tI',r at ri a I t'r Ip~ e; 111· 11III~L ~ , ~ll rlt l f lp cill llt+4ii "i. € ta tiat a utl Pe rcilI; d t Mi tak ,I I ti d tl. ) OIL I'+II.(J)U( ,, ipltarei d ,ata .ria - Jt a r at i.T ll laxiadia llaadh r Co I Ittilra, t .el, t lterra wer Fl,: .lltla.llta.t rtvd I, alt I'1 I,;T lff)Y K & AI A LI, 'N. el-tiS l Pu+ll,,ra aco Packet it i li, ks 'll+il.e 11 i+ W. islt,; I.Lrnrler I',c el ;+k., ;3 & 4 Iv'Oll l4ATes; lil Li t, wish Nrilen, penil ca gel , S lCI{I' a t' ta i IN1 It.t.'.- a t I'lnin '"Id lRerlhd lnomemou,l, Bloixw~od, 9let cold iturti.hed geldtt uicy colort d adi gull a craw dlt . PF.N HOlD)E RS... iPe rl a' d Gold Patr luldcrti ia 'eirl and iSiaer dt. nm·tl8 T'I'AI'Ti ()IF Id UIa IIA XA. Fird t JuIlit dellts. P'ic aa (. tart r rqdav tie edit6h da) oit l'uvttrltr. irtH llll, hen tt i a ao l A ' llte u. lla J u un e, lNll. l i,a5i8 7ldc, M It'I av va. Ail l llr- MI. C II t rlln ti t rll hult.l :?;.+,?rln· I i' .u.3 l,: ll l '"3, i ll, r l,, o :+. i?. °,+ $i i 3'" j'l,Pi U q ofil hl uaaellllly .6lldI Opllb ¢ Iytde o If ihe red I~llu; \ai l~lil) fl~l ll sll'lll II(II hie |~llie all + lltl I1 llIbl rl~lll r +itlriel Judnellrenre, dellfiling I)ae, lllhrau: o TtPruiol sot, tri l oar e A L, fa ereft andrr dc a cra nritrc di 'aillsall ai ar, tl iapnve a tld ll -t r i . Illlllle r lt ir -t i'llliltrll tIIohti t IltCll , l ra. I-'aitall t qll it ' lll +ttt tte I iet rmat-ciert i 'it lltotvatbla It lill,,' crit ei c it' lI arae ti trdlair tn h jtlalrt do lta pu blicatin a de eei l avsy. led mirtiu s psuhr old uth , . ledi l gelltlu Ine seraii I hlhl'ue, o l, t Iullandll l l te )il ' la Iol lu l lued le.l de: .tld - - - - P e-.1 1' l"k liT EcF I·OI I IA Ll+'.il. ·Ji+.C, ll), ()irl.. l' tn n 1.l lrl i tll I nVt+ ,1 ju I J'u-let T e eMu rt dlr a ir e al'J ardera lltN n R tlhr lild I caVtta der. I 'lters e Ihrehav iltll: d A- 3 .alretl, i2 oi- tl tC l.rt " lII- [tItr hI . e 'Iht'L!)lll HI'lll+et ap elal vcot.el l t sti t,vable.a e dil' lhe+ hllen wh? L'+it I"IuIl) al1 a anlreal ntri )n l o I dlhlhllre ill ,airdlell l.. lllldv Ca Ldl.o l iIII ifl dI eLilrs. arv ,lei ...... p. ,lesari tim ollea ....... lied e ... 1 ,llisa a ly h d Ereoi liP a curonfiri 3d D lcileli tr. 18 . 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IffrufertyI Iiy the phi- *e es cotutprd by Ifefer our foir te hau."ite of his c.ff nurs mail the crediors f Jflf"fGf(111f.e Itioree hi i leret ilor do eleelfafeit llf II f BlCett 11C leq4 nufffy lffblie, on Friday thw 4th d ,y ofr-all. ac., 18:8, thllfenod to fleliberafe upon t e effiete .f fbe ie. ealvsnt, andit, the meail lite all p r fdiglgu ngeinltl Ilae fetafr ad pr, f4,rloer e enloNe Ie tirade lflfbed.-II is fcrlr odrdarLd that flf essrs Elinor"an Ki..g be applif4ed to rcepreffnt tiff fteluC erditors it tlhji case. By order tf tle couet. ARiM bN) PITro, clerk. (:lcrk' Office, December let. .138. dee f--3btar 1ITA'r I)D LA LOUISIANE-Jo.ur do farofes' Uffroar la Ifreffle et ville do la Nile. Orlfecac-Pre. 4eftl'Hucoahle Charlie Muuri,11, jffge-ff-fbeefbre I 18I38-Nu. 1118-Neeteen 1llfof.d.r 411. me.: 4ffOlei rc et Ife ceraffliers de Juli, a HBoel s Co. I'l ceei at des tiane d4 pelfitilffa're eet eccif.e nor ebt 40ur,1 a benefiefa ile eerceooicere o do otersenmrlere Juhb. G Bfvd; if eel erd,,nne Ali'une as-efflIee (clw renafefcre alIlieu e, a'q·t'de de 4II Cetae, ffo1. public, veodradi, 4 'enrier 1838, pour feli rarer sC. tlel nlfairee f dil if solvable, e aelltlenl itlftee purauitre c4ntre lamner ae441f4t toe bieuondudit Newton Rfbhnerdi eaoalfl.eerf, -3141. k31.or &a King eapreesele lee eh Cfte-I'fr erdre de Ia raur-B ureeau do firefber, fcr 'be. 1838. AIIMANI. PIrfrrerrtf11r. SlATE OF I. IUISIANA, RISII Coli~rn fr the Pcrish aed City of Ne.o Or Ieane, Praet1c life ilaeHocora.fe CffJIrft ~ IYtle faf, N.o. Ildfif4,Jub111 , if. haot, inaenull cuJrla hie Creditore; Upon jeriieag efff Wlig thm e p11 ad Sh'fedef, a slliJ .am Ib ic ad ffd6 by tle. felhe It feeetiue of tile Cr."J toer ef the II-IlvenI ace. it on Court e.n ifue.ay ti11. 17fh. fbtff bar falt, Ihen and Ithere is deli bratr ef ,th. aef e'e..ill ilrtftfcee andaadflt lfef antnlflf ll frim-Peff. fairs solflf his peraon aaad tlf erly are e e-ffv. Itfj. Igs ..alorered theaf Tie i. H. K.,,red., Ellq., te a-. 4..ti rojt r rtlfl 4iet thefilaff I edlitifro CbCb'a UUleIie New )erlfeaeeNoc. .Ii, 1138. A JIf fUYelI. a,24 , I i RA IDNR..q . a IIEAUTIFIpJI, head nfhaair s tha grandpat erne n.lent helnnging I.1 tibe Iaanln am'.m. low smngl y th loIns of it ehnareg. the caunnaaeaae, and prama arely Lrines on tile naPanmnra.e nfnlfi agea, whihh e u let mnny to recoil atleing aarheere, aInd aorlimean f nven to AIhu laa ,ieRV to avoid lb ntet anda snaers of tlher acquala.tanra:lhe re alnandea r a f la eir tlies are rcan enqa'ntly spaat in retilenent, ls ,lanr, not ev. the a Iadatlropprtv fills tlhe en.earnoa ihaontihg vnalla with hat ntav sinking Elnaam a a ano a the loo of hlin hair. '1na aetall thee unplleu ant eira anlna nee, )llhlrllede' tnalm of Colmnhin nlop. the hair frm,a flllin oafflln the firat nppliaatinn, and a few hlaIIPb it again,. It likeahaan promldera evebrowa and wlhiskers; lrventa tlhe nair from tnlring erov, mahes it curl beautif lilv, anod fee iltfrom ncuarf. N.aIanera s ertifianItea tf the flrt tesppelahility in aoplmrt of tile virtues of Oldridgell f Balm, are h.lown by the prnprireore, i Reaed the fullowing:-- a Rohert WVhnarton, Feq. lan Mavor of lPhilnd.lph has eertifa na nv h- a. nae hn elow to the laig lea raa tfrof he faI win.aienaleamen. t TIhe unl.niagaed do hetefhy..e,1ifv rhat weheve ued h tha le.hla.ef t'nulbin daaaaaa ired tbya J dride atre d have faand it highl alt a~ aerral .tan naral five funi hh. ,re ,'eahle not only fie preventivep atainst the falling ffuf hair, hut sis a nernail renletr WI.ILLI 1a 'I'HATCIIF, II. Sni., P Mlthodist Mlinister in it (:eorge c'lare. i No R8 Naaah Fifth at. h JOHN P INlI,31.clS Al anlatreet. JOHf N 1) 't'IlaabA) , M I), 163 Rneacat JOHN S FI'ItIhVY lra Spruae etraal. II U'll nfllCUl IIY.13 la'2 a,3 ut l2d at. S JOIINV GARI)c,Jr, 1',3 Arch ..lreet. P It in kaown that lmthree of tie solvr aniners are mn t than SUyearn ofage, andl lie ot!hrs not less tlan 30. fh''rl.a tahe Mvor.J ap Coanlaaaaa eaa h h a Peanrava nnaln,aeia Ciaa nil'lailadlel phai. [, Robert Wharlnn. Mayor aa F ia aily of 'aiaa. ahia, a la helhy a rilyea that I a tn well neqwlinea wiah Ca •iletrs J P Inglis, John - Fare, aad -lilahll M Curly, n. Shena natne areeanignl t the hllaboer crtific.nle thla atheya are gentlemen of lchanmracter anal rlpreclhlatiand aaa aleh full credil shaall Iae given to tile eail cerafieate. Cn In witneawhraof Iahlave hereaunto ser my aal Al 6th day of laeenlher &e. [L. ,Sl] ROISEIl'I' WVIIARTON, elvvor. O. .ItiVE tblat aeah bottle ofilah (;ellnUi Ilnl lare s esalendid engraved wrapper, oa whiech is ralarelatet' aLio hIe aIll fNi.tsrarne &c ir Sol'' .aalennln nal retlnil be ahe snao enrrta fer Ann brit ian. n2 Flieie, alraetlu, tar Mleu I.dlnl, ll e a lur le , Pearl slreea,,d by Inlant druggia a aaaand banoanore J anugh lIe coualry. Str JAILVIS & ANDIPatiS, % nam 1VWhlansaler Aganms, New Orleanas. r OfdItaan . ren' n . - -. SO bIfARjD & CO'S osteon ond New Orleans SLi eof Packet llips.--This new line of ships ias Un bilL to run between the abov, portl, and will be fouod of suitable drtfe of water: aceoonmodatuoon for passengeor, and every effort will be maode to give geo:ral sails action, 't'ht tine is coe posed of the fo l wing slhips: Chearokee, 415 tones C pt. J ilarding, Carolina, 41111 do S Lnmist, Chlrlevton, 374 do ') D ldridgo, Coeumb anos, 625 do G B.trker, Seaman, 2410 de J flowes, Illomhy, 625 do I) , uphrey. The aobve 1shilps are all now, of the firet Inns, copper fiste.neldaid anpperid, commanded by men of'great cxrperiPelle, have tolrte ,oceOloodatist, willa separate ldlles ch bit; every ataintioni will be paid i toI ttsnnrar and the wvry eat of storos pro. vided for them.e TI e pcketoi will be toweil p and down the his ispipnllt anl the. trLtet Ieioiu.lli y " seerved in tlte thne of uailing, ;id sl uld theL r's .lii veseCl.s II dtinlled ill irrlri:lg. oilltlr tipns equally its giO i w;ll in sll cases bol subilelioll. A slatr of pao -II. age is solicilted, sits litec agelii pledge tllera elves to :aceroolloedlt itso mashl as practicable, tLu rccive ad fortward gouoldsy Ih i linlt tle It,.t moldr. :"'ei charges, eed to idliuin a n xlll- ts oil -goodn iftplpp"d, rreq tlires,. 'l'Ihi hlllfs will lteam tie tlt end ]Gtub of t!very miolth. For freight or p:itOep., apily to the algIelItn. J A MI"1111I , l' os Intneleill e., SN. It. Advllcoeltcaot Itlde si coaolgtmne..ts to Merv. A. .C. I,umelard & Cu. FPRANKLIN INFIRMARY r\l11. pIublicie arer pcitll'y llleut oed Iiiit tIle insti I luti:ll it ree ittld :1 ifhes llst :1:h:, nuts 1II ell lr"v riotll "llOst 'lih I:rahie +< t n ill mthe fhl In ur ,Iroilnli", Ulto tthe rumiht u ti, tite fonei thie "oists' 'lThe bilhding io large a- Is' tno etictll el.islnV dlvidel I tilll i a rnitlll ell|, ilr kveh,:lt tee ll"at. t dilitle lll chlaimes . I elidd lt rellt di elle+. The ills ltiul in i ll ) li It withi tlte llit kilu lu nei tttenlve male tid lemiil- Iltlae-, and sptekiLLg thle vea rioon llulleln lallgllolet. 1 Irivate oiuul ull be d I lie hliheg'leisnllestit fle de dl ere pOr dItV. inclldill| attell ll' ec, i.. '1'elrlllt in tlhe or inlrv wards+,tl iltll ora per iay. olave h 8ta i two elltlilart . illtl Plxs in ile ordilorv .ards, itve dollars. All eapittl surgieal oterations extra. The reildent phi aiilmt is Dr to e dednr, eo olen OPhliattion for f dteeils'imimut lie irtde. or to ler C A - I.nzembergl., No i (patic rt stretet. ileqI ........-rn- RUSHITON & ASPINALL'S COMPOUND 'IONIC MIXTURE.-A speedy - and co, min cure for the Fever and Ague, remittent and intermittent fovers; prepared from the original recipe. Used w;,h emonet and uni versal success in 1832, by persons of the ligiesit r repectability i:l this city, as stated in the annexled :ertificates. This medicine is lighly recommended, and has been extensively used in the above diseases with such distinguished success, that the pro prietor of the recipe has been induced to offer it to the pub. lie in its present forom in the Iho e that it may hbe t the means of relieving many of those who are Ssuffering under the scourge of out country. It is a medicine p.lossing great virtue, and when used eccording to the directions has never failed of alfecting a cure, even in the most obstinate stage of the disorder. It is not at all disagreeable, and persons of the weakest stomach, and children may take it with impunity. It strengthens the digestive organs, creatae no. appetite, and seldom requires more tlln one, or iul obstinate cases, two bottles to effnet a cure. Thellre is neither imercury nor arsenoc in the medicine, nor any thing injurious to tile human constitution. The proprietors are no well convinced of its flicacy. the,t they agree to refund the price of every Ibttle which Ias been taken ing accurdanca with the directions and has not effoi:ted a a perfect cure of tihe fever & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agent fIr New Orleans. at his wholgtaalo anld retail drug anld medloane store, corner of liecivtlle anld Chartres trertas. Fr Diat'. I hAge.t.n :.ply to i je5 '. 0 ..11'PII, 48 d oti ast. Fanlev Pocrk.l l,.u k-Under tIlh lcuwadevi be founllld ta llcn:nni!i,. .ou I )i lndijbt and g1nllrto;en's po k t books, niote, ard, needle anlid thread cases. Fancy Sluoks. Suspend rs. &c.-Of tile latest pattern and of superior ql a ity, consisting ufplain and figured satin, boluboz.lne, velvet and cloth dtocks, linen bocoms, plain, and fancy with and witlouti rufflie, sllirt collars, suspolders called Wasllington suspendrs, also, guti elastic worst. ad and cuttonett do, witlh and without rollers, pantaloun straps witll wire springs;and a great va. rialy of gentlumon's wear, oiuade exprelsly for the retail trade, by A. L. Vanlhorn and San of Phila. delphia. (O nlbs.-A general and complete aasortmen ofeclolhbs ftoll their mianufal'ctory.Aiao, Einglish t and Frenlai dressing combs, etc. deel7 ANDREW .MITfl & CO., respectfully inoform their Iriends and the public in .nneral, that they occupy tile now brick shop, 919 Tcholuptoulul street, whereO they keep constantly on hand Copper, 'in and Shoot Iron Ware, of every descripttol, sa ch as copper stills, kettles, and p onips, tin bath. ing tu and l il cans, of all asorts and sizos, agnd all other brass c;lting doneat shortest notice. Grate liars of every do:eription, salai as steam. boat stiirups. hog challsa screw bolts, aIn1 other kind ofateaumbhat work, such as chimneys, breach. as, steaml pipes. 'They will also do all kinds of out door work, such a' zilnC, copper and tin and guttering, &e. Tioey above and all other kinds of work inll their line of business, they will execute at tile I shortest notice. dcg27 H AVANA (II'FFIEE--86 bllg lmlille green Hl ala Coflee, lalding I'olli bhil all. ni, lior vale pIl JOSiP'1H CU.t,K(A Yt, d 24 25 ulevier st ItIlAFTS Lat New Y'ork, orucle It d"4 ANDI)EW\VS Iif.llOTllitCl, :ll t.amp tl Lj DIE-lllb) eokbs fresli Thoiauls on Limlle, landing l Ilrou hllii Furnu, for uale by dltlt & JP Wr W ITNEY, 7:1Civip tr S11Itil ..I.As Ieases iloltua silk Uulbel a, , slagle t sizes, receaefd fin l .il er n.t, ul| ill . lit ly I BI 3L M, in lot t d111 134 1.tigarir or IIdJEItIIRRIIOIDS. [IAY'S LINI 1ENT.-No FICeioi.-Tlis ex. traordnmary cheotmic.l comp sition, the reeuit of seioelc, and the invenuln , it celebrated liiemdi cal Im1Sll, thie introdu:m mi of which to the piibl c, was ilivei.ted wiLi Ihse solemnIoiy of a dealthled itlU'eLt, ihas sinoc gained a re uttio uniiparulileld, fully sustainiog the correctness of the lamented Dr G(ridley's iart conefession, thlt " lie dared lnot die without giving to posterity the beuofit of' hi knowledge on this subject,' and hie thierelolr. baqueathed to his friend and attenodait, Solomont Hoys, the secert of his discovery. It is now used in the princeipal hospitals, and mo the private practice in our country, first and mosl g, eertainly for the of the Piles, and no elxte n sively and nffIoetually as to baffle credulity, unlem Um where its effects are witnlesed. Externally ill tie: Hen following comiplaints: of For Dropsy-Creating extraordinalory absorption o t once. it.e All Swellinlg-Reducing them in a few hlours ir. Rhoulatislu-Acute or Cihroulc, giving quick e' ease. the Sore Thront-By Cancers, Ulcers or Cells. It Croup and Whooping Cougih-Entrnally, and tle over the Chent. 't All Bruises, Sprains, and Burns-Curing in a few hours. Sores and Uleer-s-Whether fresh or long standing, and fever sures. Its operations upon adults and children in redue ing rheumatiche wellings, and loosening ciuglles and tightnese of the client iy ielxatioal of the parte, ,/d has been surprising beyond conception. The dil eonmon remark of them wiho have used it in the ve Piles, i " It aets like achnrlil." TH E PIL ES-T'he pric, itlis reornded to any person wlho will use a bottle of Hay's Linimien tfr the Piles, slid return the ellmpty bottle wiliiout being cnred. Theose are the positive orders of tihe proprietor to tile Agents; anid out of many thou. sanlds sold, nIt ltoe liua been unlsccessful. WV mnight insert cvrllitcat.s l ally lengtlh, but prefer thal those who esll thie artivue, shoulld e Iuhbit the original to purclhasers. CAU'rTION-None can be genuine without a splendid engraved wrapper, on which is ily nalie, ulid also thut of tile Agenti. I bOLOMON HAYS. e Sold wholesale and retail, by COiS''TOCiK & Co, New York, and by on11 Druggsl ils every a tw 'townin tthe mie. n te For sale by the Wholesale Agents, corner of Coml.nen & lTeioupitoulas street, aid by the its Apothi ecrijp goeneraIllv. je30l '1 illE undervigned have tIlli day foreed a co-porl. il Smiero ip ibr mthe t'anslet.ii of n Genrl "at; s- st r =iomtied oerwarihmig :miie, itis ti aty, uuder tihe! i lirmit ul OSat.i. & Ihi ewl, n,.d mhumm huv ie Ilivw mie brick store, i~u. 9, MNo dazine streei, (tiElNt imiyirl's ..i rv r n a ec, l 1 a ll:l.l, he. Rn cJsunes: JA.INES G ill N. ul StE't-lm .' Avery, Wlhiiimg Lo& io rrh WViillon i o o.' i liRgurt, tlogartlc i lHiwthorn. J 'l'aelnr t. c. cVrv - ie ton & bn11il. NItV OiiLEANS. urinlie: & Slmlrlldeight John I'rlield I & .e.., Walkr, Eturso u m D.. ., . , Grigee e 4Uliekemino, Ilos7n.e. i the miis Ielyon & ci., , e Clint i' flmuusey vmm I cu lmi Wlmvid'o' Morgan, Cmiiviil o Cl I Edgeriimn . tuoodbhi'ge, Il-iei, O.vell J hulit hV'' bihbidg., KI,- Cilillicuhm , t). J& ItYcnumml'uu C Jnm , 1 t'c I iii h , he . ,1 'g it e . ... li'u Ei A 'f'rac, rm1Loull, b. d 1'2 ex( II'AT' jg L.% int~l.l.\il'--mumiilu' l'iu,.- , I ,al 'llotvulrbhm Clhirles MIouriun, joge--.\v I:tl:-- liii ue its u HB kcr, mIi,'i ime I'm dlmitli, llll lt suai l i eCr'e- Iset iillircl--Sitr lyilltlrm i t rei rcvi m relllellt ml. ilell lie I , I et tbleau enl cne.t v uf' ire, il emrmimli'ami mirseim ail blee ellrmta cie'.le le ,'ilu.r lvtlhl l ail Ii 'ml all il,, e uci Cmcllr le cihl 3anvier I18 9, t dfix h,.ures du sIII or n it " de deliilmerer lstlr In. ul1iirs dII (lillolv ble ; m e I i Il' tuullltlea p trr uil es elt ea Iersonam sear a wireh ,", t .I t.. I. yu ll 1! IlInii e pourrep reanutTihr Cu ltla C netll 'ts al ri - 'em.: Ivrioidle la cuur, 1h deeA I 118 I A hi i.Uhii, u lb.i. Din ;,tel ll'm,' C lct12ttuffi el~· ic. Ililt, 8:8III~T~. U~IIIllil: \ I IIi)1'AN'A' +,t rtt i a.\.1. E llt IF. rt.lurt t1,r tr ott 1itt~ I and Citt of Vow trllaa-: p c" ell th N-But bas It ai , Judge, Itl . Ictti h, 1t 8 it i 1 O11 l2, itLne Ittt,"r ttt. t io gta u l'rruR. u j iy tti dtli: fl '8 t~u~ .lru, nti SI.&C tt.~r~ by the ('url 11 at a meeii : of the mmikem', u-.0+u. ait, tundllg frtott bl. tck en n1dttltttt l, bt Ahytfiltetkt.c]tpl vIcttI Ottld 'ritittg !ttvelnugr t 'r.unt ding rtionaw alelnti titf lit 'fll p, tieorrtittittttt; Bitt ' lrltttl d l ud tItio giaC t lad . 8t ipfeur trde At.Td~fU'ltli. rt'atlfl11ittttit iutttttlitttt.111lllltttt -U Puokuti tutolltdy t, il t'n nittttttottd topi~tlat theu~ hara t'.~rr ditnrll b u rd. :r of the lrsCrlo :lllot ; letlriuitf e iuru itc.! utltgut tlllttrt I 8 tt';lla I'tt tel isl~lg lluu kett, l~idtc'ltgcot'l~u. Iur r111' llttAtt1t"t OttSd Fcktll:;lor dt'uuittg Bott,1EIitit tt !;.(F t ti:; ' Juttertubetl. Itthadtint'u~ "tew Va~so N1litttur"2O I'eat1a newartcle ltly i d 30)1 N \. & lb. York. .4 few barrels of this lent wasp; oil board thelic the r al ulth" ril asanisie h tat101 bs o where (ere indife Tulty i Cei acng r ker lg t '40 a111 lards for te era tot ils skip, which wa s p rat an ho rd ml her ust deurlure Far a u illl apply to S LOCK & Co. No It Front LlP11a1v)II rill.)eltrp s)tT N B-But 2 brl il ate time !; dlt ly be deliver ed toj will b, rot u tow i h l ulcay . V \UI old I5 ISLAM) ',11:1'-1.50 0 !II~nll Salt, landing from bark Bohemia aulllll ýTAT OVEI'S IIill., :o arol'.r. harts nu v. C unin streets. he ,ah d rbe",i huaag eve v ved allot atom in store that ,,daortuoetlt of good- it n dorya' writing do sl~l, I'r royal, r' u nial medium and decoy, cl uullo cpr lever !,apr, ex. large thin vllum; dnlz b lue ntid; ud cupyis n F y pa per, of all sizesi l~ qalI; London md ir~atl board.; it,, fancy Irinneer sa d note pupor, plain, enlubaa s. d andlll~ canal btu American cap, lettelulr food writing papers from the Lest m~lls ill the 1 %niou !Best Ienuan and I. lisp qills;be& phe') an Jurirk, pu roaddark oire, razos tadaria ANNUAL AD ALM1ANA , Fb R 1539. 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FURNITUIE!r e U Lii'' reacrmed atI.le Leaiaisaa. S11arltas Waure hoau, i large sup st fiua Neav Yaori and lBsa ton. Persaon in the walnh of firsilture r\sad do anll to call, and selete 'heir saricleas ollh one odtith best and largest stacks now ia the ailt. IV' t CAktLNES, dli 5:1 ittmuillat N Bf-Particular atelntioa paid to packing andshiap ping Furniture, fere oape. _____e_______ ' EI iIiNG-SI)U bsesa Scal. I..' &3 aaLase Ile, 1. ring, lanli~lg and for alalely d2 j& J P WVHItI'NEY, 7:3 Camep at f HR tISMIMA e nd Sesw Year's ilifs-.A I~ ta the EnIllish and sa rttri.'aa 1 Annual s, still o Ihe haIl al ha Boatlolre of AlhEZ\ t1htVAIi, lleW hee.a lItehge assrtlment ofiho tolosa suitailfi Xche VTINES ora Educatioa. H te w ali I g.uera hat schooi, adliresasn to yuallngtsl slhler. alo. Iot Mallailtd Ill aadnl 'il, llby aill lllllllI all.ll +llll ll 11 1u, tIllIresto alkultt Iastra. 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For soewhlesale aor d roiil, attthi lweo t pritee , rotby Mtrcrrh.I I, tr&A,J-Ptir; I be. .NEWv EDITIoN 01 TIlE CIVIL., CO+DE Ok t O UISIJIAN. IT rra hren tore sorrnr tiroe onror knorwn to tile puolre I t hror rlrtr rlerodwre are enoerrred Err ire )rone io r it tirr pros rr arnr eclitin rr F rlr I i.oriinaoo i lo Crrrlc - • rlmv rren.1. lfIIll llllfrtawareI( e R Pl leret ditle hlly and nllOlldilnr olivetonr Ihe pul tieel e err tile work, d rllrtito wa nolr rilhotl great looitlriron tirot trev etlro. orrrllltto tint rredrerl:lkino itlrt the prercllt rlirion. .lmpnnin. to boot Irree trhonorrl ropieo,ond which f Ittlredopt tire Slate rrrrer tlrho rlrirty tlrruorotrd rtolor.r, war ellirrly 4irrt ofr erint. It r irllrrre rlurl two vetoo g tsrt, tbhe rtlral , icr of tbe work na beeo trrom ihirlv to fitr drllirr . It ir a tsytemo of wrritten roles weirh btr immediately ri rPr"raeoUor eveir irnrriVhcllll rr tetrlltallr- irlrnterrd CithPoeriI IrilljltlljlnrO ooreblptiere terd whrirrhroor erl F t1 he diJ.]litil~n of ta e ru.gtt." rrtilrerr atntrsorlhlr--lrl r ke rrri r ,r r it e Io trtrer liro g ttr laW--il ir B11 llntleh till tPXl~rb+l )knlc d al~un 1 if, • inepllhqnl r lrto ttrtltr ilrCCr r i tl irj of o lr prtvan0 gettc r Slllan ld UIII/~.ll f l',.ilb.+ionaVII i v € ' lthe iorrlwrs oflllrurrjrtiti. rltt+ea, rrr ill Errfrc lrrfrtl bores rtrr(tirr-rlnllrtriro tril)rt rrl td o iErisrgri rintrr r a]inc!h trnd a ll:trrrl rlllreir perrllhlrrr iL rrttIrorsr Irnrve arce rtrlrr rlltne.:rity lrrrcrPrr'rl.Ce toI rile ode nd trrie rtt i zldi~l'" n bler rm ll sit e tu tl eir iiir ri o i lr; m d ir Nrc ,'itr rf Nrer ()rl. eie dthe uok i I tIre tIr Lr rtrondi thrie rnerrhr'tc'tr etrltte nm,t o rrir ,re dIerk oF Ib e itd'e, orlrctr!,lerthrrnco rr v. tria errrcirirg rhirelhre thbot tir leti ri "l rti,,n re ihe work asoo rtrickb ly dliwl.,S+,d (~ l!+ oF; I1, 1III) II a1 tIltrel re )rill (I. o't W01nl Sill so le tlleasllre ul'l'll y frilr lrrrrie ncesrirty yet it wltdnll Ire i ttlprr rrt tes LIrtrcyIry a t twith rlbrrotrrcerh tlh t Rrptrt nild rllol e o in o lo r t r Io I ell r lco t le lllIlll(.rl/ll'. ililllOltdllell S Whlichl IIaVF b.61 en ntolae bye rle I egrrirtro, rrrd Ithe iEprtnrtrr d rrilono rtrrrClrrrltrtrrrrrroolrrhirtbIrbleeOgnigo+¢ro IortnlrryO p ito articles by tile ittlrrllo 17tl +l tiThIe tiUhrll ec It tCve ettred,l rtr e te gcnrre'rltrr jrt oill rtrll rrr, ti an t' e tilerial dcloartllltn l or 0r tile wrutr, " I i IroCwa~ss)nl seriecs .Ic ,\irhrlr~k b VItron, Eg. n Sle~er of tire Norw (trelerrt hoci. Tire ftrr. 3 tre Illlrtl. .lot te rltllrlrb, nrt I Oil (;elrtege -, , Ii ve eat'llhkindlly llitpi~~ nir I.'pton oill lh " valluahhc lltlle wh ti r rhllt' rltre l tlI . trite Erlr'l ) Ir rotir rruittu tirel t'trtrt'rr'l trrle stuesrtleirtrrrnd proirr tolr r ntoe- r.nitlr oor) ereb;iiel orttfttlrlllttebtr'o wlie irrlto terffbttr gile riteo i lrrt otItrtwlirittSltoite, Irsllterr!Crttt tni oitrter ItE-t ( to eorrtttq orttlrhnt ill hi'e trei flV tr lt o r t. ~Iet (t nrtr n I rt -Ott otrrltid:i tiv' +,n nitlctrtlerb hittd,tiltbtthtthe r,'+rrr Iy lth Icllr rltl 1 nlllt leti llnrrit'trpl'c .sio ll r T h - rnlttt rt o - r llt I aittillrlnnlllil If ile + O tll fj It III IIR IPL'~illlll.C I tt·( o intll kclljttiirl ett ++,,r .il h ll ll i; t , st " r·i t l l II 1b r ansi-lvd I b} y lelrrlngilrd P +l'imi~" ~lll .~r'( itn rrtt it it in l otllre in krtlll hllr i it- rr l tl'l ' it i Err ltr ilrlt r { II '+ 0·l | (I I|P. I+P m ;tirP i |+ li i lllh t l h ,iz , 'llle f (v~lll(rk t ll orI ,1( h tI li • ''4 ' I+ "l P +s 't(Ir t rintre.n~idt m t i Er r il rr"r . ¢' Th'w r ,,II, .in ltl t rin lrer 'h arta t',rrtrr h ' ulU )on II .+)I paper alld (Ijlhl I·I'le Ix ;+, i r %VII)·yl }I0 L6 - Ill)( Ins elr llar{ tip r.l~llr~l-d1 IiIllllllie Ili(·t. 01 . Ii).lle p. C I Hln ttriPst ttli.fitr tirie'rtler hd wir h hit i eltOr it'rrrirtP r il It will pr~lhlllllV IIe rlll.: v ;I r deliV('rv inl th.1 1111111 I t f . .:el·t'nll.r l,l,'x l •I~I tldlh.+ I)rice w\ii IH? sI RIIcI r ! ,·.r% 1°I tlrletn dlolaris-- i rve tdcllera t. be l a . e 111 e o b- t i ocrihittg. a ;.'i 'lir trrei trlirr+rt I +ni. ,r rncclred tir reice .s oil!llEtc twlertyd.olrrttpt't -t .....y..eeIe . ,Ie . . it tlNS . CO. lt.riri.tirccr. RIOWAND'S ITONIC MIXTURE, k- i FEV1:R AND AGUE. i . N years have nriot yet lapsed since it was Slirst roegulnrly sub.lite.l toe to the puli; but it s luained the lllblgest reptallltinlrl ; andi 1a up. plalnted 'vciry other lotldtcie ll or I hI Avrl, whlerv. SLr it ihan been known and IIap cittntd. Alheildy has it been carried in every dlrection tlroltughout rthe United Stotle, nd strll reatlizes mloro thatl colld I h ve Ioot at tdlllltblt y its lon t Lsnlluine frltlds., 'i . sanldts pt' l' s heave ant onlly been r1 lieved, itt rtt.e t" lite lib ,nd v, i r through its al , Ie; land they now hoi.rllly treIlfy, at every op t portunity, to its dtfkf d and supreme etfic.tcy. I. is corlold iof such nIeoteiIaol principles as art ca.lcnllltl e to reill tIIte healthly lctinll lt th lll t achl, ver, land other illlportaln t digolive orgtans, the loss oIf wlich hlurnoly is the ifmt mdiatl ctaueoi of the dienoase. It is rpparent also, that it produ. coe an entire chgllo Ii th conlldititl of `the .ytemn, alnd certailvy drleroys the native liabililv to rell)p sea of till (tfrftion. IV, ton the Ague is atlendetd oith anty oilier coLptlaintt, the empllloymllet of tIeo Tonic MIxtu-o will not interfere wnth tile reat. Imtt of thle other di eurV, but wl I even lhird os. +Ist,,nce by Urlllhinlg stRtenglth ald Yviglr to tie body dlrinig tllo course of trlltilet. Thse wlho.I ioke use of tlli tlnmliine may bie sesured that theren is nio Arrenic, Ilarko, Merrury. or ony other ,article ill its (ompllsiltiou ulfllrlield V to L te htumanlllll constitution; being entirely a vegeoltrle exlract; and theyoy may ave ddiltonal confidence n the ie thereof, when they perevive thtt It ths te cr- I 'et of agent a lxativxvo about theu tme hIttf a bolt. tl full hars been taken--in cnullolle e of which, here is no ptrt of to e todtcino left to linger in tlhe bowels to c;ausl obatructlont , and other evils, i ariilng Ironl thle olr ' o tllly of the retledirs nllw t ftferend ot the iere of tihls ileclion. It Iha been t sleed alus ite preventive, by r.laly who were sili p 1o tE t periodtol recurreno ce ot the (.ills, lid it ts itotrl. lb!y warded lit'the apprehentlloded I Observe! The ttioprittor, fully s.tislird ,ith tflie nplllnrrlleled indi unliversal success o vllich ihas ctln. -t.tltly ntoldotld it punctua dl rand regular use of tioe Toniie Mxturte, in all fases of Fcver oltd Ague, reel twarrmnted in eng aging to refund Ile pricer to ll those who hIluv tatken tlu medicinle in strict ac cordanteo witll tln prescribed directions, without ltaving been iperlctly and laistingly cured. Tie subrleriber are the whuolUale agents fir the Soutll WVeternl States, lnd love now on hand six ty cases of this itlrrinotn, which is warranted fresh nid genuine. For saloe at tile mllallletored prices J.JIlt Ii & ANtilthU d, W\holesale )ru gLstgis, novuv cot Commonll '&'cThouiitoula slret. ORDERS IIECEIVED FOR JONES' P..'T"'IE.T CO '1'0." GL, H the lPtnt Ie, N: . 50 logae tt l eelt, No, (t'lear. 'l'OBE IMA.NIFAtrI'UItIIt IN NI\EW VOILK BY EIOUERl LI Itlot; a CO. SCILR OF' PJRICJ'S-DoUble (G,0u. For a doable Gin olaf 8 sa:ls or morv I,,l (·nd y)'litdhr'', tnlkilng ltlOiitSa in thelt a: . aO-t Itoudbl.(ii oI6 & 's ,atg a)tt)',:dael t B 11eof 41 1Jt"s ol dul. u0itti'1sh9 In,a tId, wt $6 -is p all'sc, or 500 tin Fel.s of t.i o .so. do.or 44 atsl ait .tlildl, t, t.5U Lper saw, or 6Ao to SINGLE GINS. For a sin'legill O|."80 b:IwOl.' 1101l', plith Foil. ttof t0 oa ws. tvills teede, &tt at i6 ta.0 tat, 400 00o Fo <r ( a. o t40 .ows, with feeders, &0. 6G IEl do. O '2t saws with fi'eders, &c. at 7 50 t saw, I50 l 00I Extrateeth Iwhere desireda, for feladers, stpplied a 40 cents cahll; the t oumber ofleeth tw'illn abunt equal O tlle t1mber .1of 6:I Ss. l the set of Ieders, t is corn ideileted Ill. wer,tl will wear lotll I10' ol three tset. of soos. Extra.' so. absalplied att 8o0 c 't'is ech.t. The Gilts oIrdered, aill bI drlivered toI ttIhe ageat',I pIlaters i lly ll' tile sea l t0ot tolti t tile t ctta0(11 ht l:nt It..Ilttble illt.a nt-alhotitat tilt l.Oj A t;itllioti-lit willh e sent with h tie ;ill. o I ltpt thetat i) wtlre de. sirel& t;l lharges lo ar tose. serieo r ill be exta:, hlt moderate. Irolr IUatlllthi -ge..CHtl alsnhe ost'rderedt wherte desired, ont I'mustlmble teralnm, but will be eharte.l extra. liors. Ioweroflany Ile.'iptiollt, can be tulrnishedt aol like terlms. Small statm engites eal altso be ordeltrel II' de sited. It istlesiInale, when pltntet orlders for Gilts, thv': shouldi a0complll) t h Wit tlleir views ill tre.gad totlneall agllrem to sas6, Inllrts, brushes, &. . It il iulld thety diflet l . opinio. Somes ldeir sawn of tltger di.oeltlLer that others. Tile lost common lll is 9 or l0 inches; , . some wistl them 19 ilches. aSome wiah 5 or rownas tbrustes olI aln xe, while others do tnot watlt morle tha.l O t 1ot. Sootm. e wish !.ws \Vith, t rlitrteth to tile illch, while otheras want.llt o II. w 1 Iltelt ttsra otct, we pref.'r they slhould, at lte ttite ais itgntg Ot, ert hl'itsh .astttlatuistl it teitt ., islles, ad tll e Iatl.llllliaclnlrs can tilld thei l in e.t.') iprticular. Wtllete it is left t tlll'dist:retionl, we shalit llake themlll ol the Ilosl mlltlerll atllm II ppontvd plln. it, ot'ol.t h ca bete t.ld, to om tat ie tile it is recaivtd, IN te sItpaer, olviht ori srt~l ti o' tl. k , alt itt. t ihai (1100e placed1itl, hhud. of the llhllar. T1.o he in lintle In' )lbl next crop,. all ordes' oghllt to he ill tlhe halnlls of llthe Inmlatnuall'tl s;Il'h tIle first olI Iddle of f1 la; .ei Pll i. l tl:tlati, a t t(ll eret( h .1 tlu late in lt lit litnillt tt N. II. The R Ie't INi;ht, ,l.r a)l oae oB" the .. lottn pw !i1s mildatel, will he ,old ou rea.mlt, t01.110s. 1 '1h3 6n1Ms a A t R auiti-,l) ii 'Iy l t I FA UI i Uk hALL :8 CIN E. IO8; j -N'S ComAn illil E.xltet ofrCOpiiba and Scaisn L t, iriltt--A cll ilnlatln· e s I I I icestl.,EliIel rene. dy ev er ¢]isnverted thr Ilhe cure of G~onolrrhea, Giledsl, Sa'itlalttrs, ;iitea, Ialn its iithei back alnd oins, gaenll Hweaknlels, tffctlionll oI lld kllidr, glrtl. , scolrbU i( I Ialt illllellluction oli a rnel icile iosst-illlll the useihlit anl active vil'rueof dIh onle i nlle )'ow oDerel'I Io ie pllbliOc Sil iroprietor hl bIllt to ref .ltlo tlhle uiter.Ith t i i cII l lUclll:llitla l rtceiill c ifom ihc Inlcc enititni 1" tile l Ianl ci, apPIrcntteci whell is Ialraitn are cIir'1 iillly kloiani. "lTIa O.1111 bl|' |+: ll~l)!J)I SaoeSell~iV(liy !sl|, il IIit! mile|nll1 tI-alictnl ~l·~nit l caetnctieYIC-lynnnaiian(e dhlllitticea cf ala ereitli Iraini tle diialie hci ilih pati~nai I rnmityl --I IVO~lhlcel ill tile boulPl II~Iilcl llclln,li Hllli ill ht, lr·(lill.L, inelticil-lv w·lecl iisd ill the ih t ialelllmtoT stag. TIie plrolrietlor liais illlwd aln nalisl of" t ale i Bal.ll, r..elv IF tllg tht the olte acRtlieeqialltiieswoil Ithlrlclln le ihille nltlre Iollncenllutlt atd moilt uetcially laillnisiared tltact ita il ltlresetlll sae. The nbonenml1 dcie acomllllilltc in. grelllie llc l ahiellclin in hlan higll.tea relcicie nnnoc tle - tcctcsanieaitifinainileni'ccci icclc Iltuanuiulsiilnic kliceh ty hlla in tl ana aaitin t of tllt iprelelt1innt'CeI tie a- mialcy wl tile oillrnI icolucingtllanann i-tlnlloi IInly gai h I, porsssillgat tllhe aliitne tihe aclc-tage l i. t ita billg i adnliniis.cla- wilthl peltfect ilueela in Ihe dliliarentl sltges t, f tale ahaove ti.aae. The lost emi. titea t Ihyi)siai illd s putnllsscu Ilp a l tllll cv nprel tsllnilc Ic.eit act i IPril'l:ll hIopllitals aId p ellliE nmedlient inllitluions hlas Iv . en 1ai l ll iln h e alllillllts o-sl~ ten cl, i tit. iet .h e. IHat - !do1"11. i'tlll.lly~ witll Ihll eeiflll'iltcll lh'· AbcI'l~lleI!) ill all h Ilaaill iEllEa sUlidenl ta te ctalld t pdritell ,1etai ln tial a s tli. a llln t ia t l tl l Illllliac. y elltn1 In i l es l' aiacae uldt tiehea ybre-, hi chittilg it built i i ulcIc IId rIlvate Ilalllce. Tceir lih ntaiiotliis iall - ilaan: acllnl-f.e . heaP-nltac . t'-pattli .1 JII 'lln lll[iha Loilllloi, l'r~ir .1 .1 jlyurl. o Lcatiaa. la- 1a p 3ipc t-ia. hrn hm S T'ESTl\tIONIt iS [--IFr A HI :lalllllac I ' It , Si.igaetI to lt' SSt l'lcamens Iosliial, acll I.e a-i-r ol AintllOll "Tr trialull tiic Iatave mide of coi r pa e ti aieot i- a i'liaic-ta tal'.iacas , botlh maleainsifialc , in itsltuit bute it Iao eil s Ilighly liiv i-ullte, thlt I ,t o l oa t i itaillle ill Ironouncinat it oiie of cite mitte vai bl uvi efllaciol. aImnelliesenlr otla-rell tol the lubliac, o o i e l1iC1, an lactl ealcliclcer, I e- ptil~a EllvelT r.iiicll., hil-t it a lt-ctiet c-aica lie salat waspletetit elihats sal x Fronil.G II alwi.ia,,111 (.C IS, Plnicini at tlc S.t S.talaylublloie 1tislletean,. l.kte .r e:l i l IC I aaii c etici llct lllh c U t l nI lmsuin a Iro nllt oIflylur, pll i prati", "1-hin you ti e a.llccss )i so illlcilly eseve, ii ar ttnle r - hllallll i il le inhlllral'llll.n I ex s IoIUri lI its hlinL ilg it to slllbh ! o11 11 i :iei.c iltli , iii iiitiiti t .itleaa- lceth-t-ccccc Fa-eam t\l . Caooer, F II S, 5ac-geen etio a l ].s-a lri-alg yaac ainicia-te amg mcy pileeca all l T cill IIII i lel-tee apll y at il aI cetl u l:l I ll :l hlc bol reill ilsulll s h( ll. I'.11) t isatifi ed mIi tII itl hias lill I I )'hill Sl).l'ibl d~ilullioll I])" llllll itlccd~l..\110 ~l-.l~illi 1Lllll lil y I l llt illh a r hnel osa Iil lla riatic l~l' ..] ii i'|', I" L S II ii. i.ii haie. |i sur lilii hl'f.6d lll·L4 (i ·.ld Lo ;I %o111 I Hli'i.' it,.ic: , I/ iat-c oill iublic a llid Illlrait ia ccl ciel ei h IIc li1 uLu lhil slrict teat alhichL I have giten yoler tl.dicit ;amlne li II1 tli- LIac c si , li! ill\tilli. le mel ch t huI s finl, will iltItae' Ille to Ilaa .la lte- i- its Iri e, t I1e I leIIe i bulalul: o.l'."i,,ni .1e11 o1"f dh t o cithl in l -) teitbl - esli moaniia iclala.liiieatieoi OFt icseviltcsa. .ilt t , i. TlnciisaiI It 1 F lI C L. l clll'l )tac myl V illtlt r i ht:it iks n it r I t e valub i ,lt i- ' selnt o1'f o111' t:olEIt l i l tl, clrt e of ' o rtl nllSl ullrl, k 'e. I Ie rk11 thact yuhtce an atbogtamdc ll nl l ie lliCI will piii Ce a Illail lll I"i1 l-itiga IuglllcIt illlle 1hcill l lll'il'. IlIIi~ \ i11 t..i r lltrllcllr llll ielliol. ll;~l lll r l ill Itll. milli' c tall n It l--- lt i"" ili c tilt- ftliid ' i ttiiaI t i clolltC IC tllllli l illl tue e clllliltitltit iil il, ii , at i t It i ISr iiIt atiat-cuect tieipopietiiit-ctttnetiiii iiitatitticci Snll o1 11.i.s ill ilnlon illl~ e uT I :u t l ll lll i shour v , s--t l I ,ltlxlhrl \ cltll lcllll o l ll' lll , tll-l i lal ih1, Iil i - ,lull i 11-- il.lll . Illi. w llli lilt gIi.lll Ci,,l it ll 'lr 31' (:.lilliill·l'lll,' 1)(II I'lllll~ill('.s, 'Il'(l'llrl·t' VSI q'.i~tlll. "1 Ii li l Il,- i- - lilll i a-l t HI' l itit .i - , bl "i'a-Itiliicul lii ·Ih t lutu liCilile-i i li r icrie- . .c 1 .... ti I hi lllrl ol lt-e diff'erlll e ht s o l h at I-ti, walth It-.l J n;II·g , col:t a llli lln It l a l rolI l li c iil'llill !"or -.h" b? 1ILES & C1. nw 14l~ .iuw Jm 4lr: Cl~unalr ; ree ; '1'fl l~u n 1N FIV'E AN. A nI rLe I+.1,, eonl Mlobile (A Ilmnan) to A ugtuln. 'Gtej A I 'AVl'oi lol,ihtle rvy othtl'er Ia, t, llasi.i altl .' I I_4 tIhe arriv'l of 'th m,.il from Nsw O' e.ans, per th, sl:leabnotl l REIIIti , toIn Itakelyv, .nchllest I1 'rncaelp. Sstemlllllbo (pet I ensacInl. I , S Io t snld ( ll nd I Ch ('ll I:lhc ll IfIerl I ant I lan) to C dI r I,1hI; c,,o : eIln. . th e, vial v lMarian., Cltt1aOlthes, (h'o1 .h, iMot Yer.I Inon,) HrIl hihldge, PIindhl ::o; fl x k' kinsll l .d 1 L ll.s tillj, to lAI uIlIo. A l a' s lI ge rtotl oi Otts .'at : it A bile is ill II( niHll gel' t Lt ll ilwg 11hro1.1J out or i l.ilN. I1h I)it '1NE' is but nL I ci0n I .ef. 11 W illdlr No l.e cuJIt t lhrilnoul4utl, anld mlatIt'.t.t.t]'rttoo UIk u1k n 4 . t) . i / s1 l:5 At I rlsI, ht 1lim ltllo.' rc.I lltdt s 'irou. h o l .k ella II r1 t aNlI lll e It ttason, u1 les O11 tl , u111,lilhlrsII at. l tllopeshmhlt ocur. The' (reat New OllA:ms Alai is carried La 21is rontm, The Agents Ilv a.~ollllud nfllIr , O Co alollUII irs are 1o npse The smooth, hard, luntlll roads, f|le 01-r ad inter rslill tain1, I oIl pit.tiI the lilll e,:u 1 1 tlllllll5ll fil I m4 va'ie-y; eo~unctb.l as it weee. ill the A ail Io, CII:h'lstonA S. C. lllld the AteI:I acketsLo New York, I travlers cols rea ,h New York Iron New Orlenrs Lo.s TIIAN I t.Als-- 'ashin tn[ Cit) in I r. Irlnll Chttrlahnoohee, Flololrda, we have I Ilra,¢ Linie t ia oiny and Taal'hat ssee, to St iarks, 4 hor post coa.hls, ilso two BIrauches ifome Hlawkinavl|ls e in tolilledgeville, and oie to .1aen , light t ItL but coaches, STOICKuOS ? co, At:rriTrA, .enh Jan,. I1.35. Oticeat Masiin lh.ous lMobile "l)istanew, hew Orleast to 1o:1ile, IS0 .mils Wlhile to Auglusn, l54at Algallauon tojellw Yorlk, Yll- 1(2 Tilme, Nvw OrleaI, to Mobil,: 21 houtrs Mobile to Anaslits, ='. , Aullnusta tI ChIresrtoon, 2 1"" Clhartleston to Nw l o1k, n- .54 Mlaking 16 miles per ,t). or 7 miles per h1our, itin site of:d' sltoppges. iuj go i. t. l I be; Ieave to inform the i ' blie . Ilo,,t bridge.i s over the ChaltnhloltlehswtampI .1IdI lHd Lobo lelrk haveit llst been cllollllllted y lolle gellnl gn until. (i g ll s ly omataelrs pet rkifeg agiasst fisa s sate ,,net... . . eee thuIstpt t tpo'u . si .,.d ! S i I, ,:t·. . ·.i~p . lIS r inm'la0rl ll"0lslo.I('ot ,e "i I V ", , I"[, 1 ds at no, e 1 st ,. -' lor; , i taioris qo Na.w York, r oe d watit krp tIaiIohlw; all fooIIerlor a towltr ab olethlad, ltalaautu.tlertlw . .tedr Iltwo hetr ot E5 ptia, ilit,1 to 1 r . a:d. ,r11 On S tal l t mlllrt. su lay. 1 olle at.t .11, eoollia hav.lle also bllleen rpairs. .1 C I ARKhIL B IIi lBLE CIIlMNY PIh CE'l5l ' ry uaaslre, Th subacriblrs rl now receivinllg from their Ie. torits ill New York, land I wl kireep c tl,' tl Ila 1to1 hand ia general assorotment F" arblt Malltloe Pecs mrde ol tlo best Egyptian. Italian,. Irwh al Amerrica~ marble. Also, Monuments, Tombs and (,rave Stsnsn, mrucldd out( plain sills and luntelt, marbei 1'mc gs, hearths and boundary stone, plants, ing I sir, togetheur with a splendid usnner'innt of Grates of the newest slid moss approved pat iens. Lsltering dune in the neratest ianiner and at the shollrteototlice. Theoy Hlove first rate wotrk,,a to1 ie5 TAME' S RAIN & STROitt I SIPAR1 IaS ROCaKY MIOU'I AJNS, &Sc. JIOUILNA', of ari Explorirg ''our hb.yod the IRocky Moutainc. , idecr the dratio of tihe A B C l' .M, pcriorrMd il the years 1.35, '36 lnd 73; contoai.lag a description of the geography, go. ilogy, climate and )prodlletions. and the nIttl etl tlnller uand tlotlnl ot the natives; with n Map of Oregon Territory. by Rev. Saonel Parker, A NI. 1 he RLiver ad he Deselrt; or Recollictaions of the Rhone and thK '3hartrrusa; by Mlis. Pardne, author of the City of So In, &e. in 2 vols. The Robber, a Tale, ' " tho authtor of Richelieu, Ti't Gylpsy, Attila; itn 2 " The Two Flirts; or Ad. "lure in a Country H"ouse, and other Tales, by Lady Blrssington, E I. UIBlwr, Mrs Norton. Barry Lornwall, Mr, Gore, Oi)pttln Melwin, and othlera; in 2 vols. Tie Lite ant Advewntures ol Niiol.t Niccs eby, editd bly .iz. with llltstrtior;i s by Piz, No. 1. Just ro, evcd and I.r .ale by IIB:NJ It)lP1 '1Tl i:.11 itifil itEiS. ti nab hi ('t 1 ',l'i , .--Jst d iand for silP h1 %Wa. Mcl{.ilnie, ,,r.ntr ft Cl,.+olp aHd ('oUllltnol nirCet, alt el'rl ur uln lllle lll of \II 'I Hyllr'v 'J IIIIou paeP Y, l ,7n lllc o tll't ] !tlltlllo l .lnt , . in I'ellr, Spl iig ih)',,is, 'ipr..g Buiv fet, Ivory Pro tl, .ti,,r, Ivtory Scal.l-. illlterr's Sealts, ('lisms Triaogl.e, 'l aie I Iresl. e, ur ,. i i'h , i. Alieut ; E e , 4..', Il' N. ork & BNaltimore rackets ! -~-X ---.( .-.-.-v . PACKETS FOR NEW YOltK-New Ler. S-To and punctually every second Monday during thie sea.on, full or not filil. thip Orleans, 599 to.ns Capt. S. Sears, Ship, 474 do C. C. Berry. Ship Arkansas, 627 do E S Donnis, Ship S r.,tgo, 542 do W Halthaway. Ship Nashvidle, 540 do D Jackeoi., Ship Kentucky, 629 do J Bunker_ TIe above rhips are of the first class, coppered. and copper bastened, and having been built in New York e,ressaly for th.a trade, they are of light draft of wate, and almost invariably cioss the bar without any detection. Thie commanders are men of great experience, and the ship. wil' ale aye be towed up end down the Missipoippi by steambeata. Tlhey hv h ave lndome fursalhed accomnoodation., and storve of the best deLcrtlpinO will always bh furnish, d. Tie, cabin poarnge is $90 without wine or liquor, and there is no liquor furnished to tihe officers or crew. For lr,,iglt or ptasgoe app'y on board, or to Ii C AMES, 48 Camp eat. The chips are not accountablc for breakage of glass, hollow ware, marble or granite, cooperage of tin, or rust of iron or steel, nor responsible for any paeliage or parcel, unlets a regular bill of ladilng Is executed therelfr at tie oeicu of the aette. nov27 NEW URLEANS Ni) BALIIMORE LINEU O PACKETS. This li., will clset of the fallowing vesne., which have been built or purchas4ed exprroely f1t tib trade, viz: Ship 1eamnon, Capt Miner, fBrk Mary, * Nickereoo, " Irad Ferry, now .* Stevens, " Soltuomo o ult, " Latham, Brig Archltect, " Gray. These ve.sel. are oflthe first. cles, hand. rome urnished, ccommodatonslt, and are of a light dralIt of water, se as to tdt,it of their rereivt.g and discharging their catrgtos inl litimore, tof*e ily. 'reight wtil he tlakeotn lor ort on the Chesalooaka ,r James' River, and forwarded by tlie og,ta, Micare. CLAIRKE & KELLit tG, at Baltimtrer on goods shitpped will be advadn ed when rrtrrl.d. 'I'to pace Of paeoege ts fitxed at $60, .,pel storos of the h at .ql.hty will he providcd. ieatn up antd dow't tthe ljt.istlYIi wli bLu oi all not.u.ions. For freilght or pas.oge. tpply to GEO. BEDFORD, nov27 22 Bwanvil:e at. F'oR NF·W Y{H., --< [LhIe inna and Nwe York Line of Pacektts I ill; Slhips this lie will sail fioua New. Orlhan. and Nuw Yoirk on every otler Miltn {iny-con ll iuciag on Ihe 61ith l' pie i i ily' ii'y Ill the o eiail;ng, Lth. hn will hInreiter consiui of livr, ship, viz: blh;ip Yzon,, Ute:nltai 'l'ok, Ito loIavne on li OULb Novetober. JShip Lnlonvl!le,, to le.F oi the 4th i)Icemlliber. S,!tlii IlllttioVil, (Liptin Eldbig, to lU Beave on the ]tht Diiciciihvr. Stilt V,kt1burg, Cuplain e.idhiouse, to lore on bi nL JLt.iuory. 'lllt silootii (;. aplain Dtvi,, to laveo on the 15th of Jollory. Tie abive ;ire all new, of the fit- ctlass, copper. di: aoi copri.e fnttneIl, :Itd ulllardsi of 500 ttenr b orthew, are of Iret e draught of wattr, bliing bu.Jt In N-'e. York xOp~rehtly thr th,o triil. T'e pl ce oh p tssago i o fixed lt 1LO dililrn: tri, r oabints ar lilttd up in the ItotSlt tllp rioved anrd lconleliti pI!un, and filibhed in a ne(aut atld ee g.,nt slie Aiiple soores of the firt quahlty will oe p vfid, d, slid every regard it uld to tile o ltitorlt arp i ethiret 'ntif. clitn el paseinllgro, wdo will please tiki no. lice:e tha.t no bert.i1 can ibo securud lluln paid ,ut vs ldo o 'ffee orf the colllniql'nrs. h'l'ene vnsolsaraco mmllllande'd by enpthlints w ll exptlriuced in ltho trade, ,ho wil giove evely at. teolliOlt and I xort Lieioelves to mlieI omdat. Tm'my oIl il all titlmes be towrod up anld down the Mitesi nipl hy i t mtloloalaon Jio titr o lltrclst puncluaohty me. -,. hi (lit teit. i" 01 iling. Tea·J ow'['*.rs of tiese sii a w\ ll not he responsi. ohitinr ily ltller, intrclO tnr ;laCkihig nelo' IIyl or i't ,,:I b'oard o{"I thell, Illlirrs a rr-g.:lr bII ll !dll,.y Ie sig:dl cnhrulr, at tie cmu.e ntilg holl: o the Igi-lt or ow0,ers. For ati-e.r partiueiiior apply .. 3J DBLit fb A COiinu:n, SitC 7 ,,, .l .a. s.,",s al a..ti , U I• (3 lll nHlltl R6 PW ]k oil a er, 111,er 'litday a el tllllll an iig a,, t, a. i ll ll . aaoa'elllbl, a.rl to ltaalaire th h is. hirlttU~st put uulitv in tlte tin.. tll tine tiru will he e:dlte cousist of fite Ships viz : hli , la o ua lla tc a a at t at t fl i e alCiu o ls ,t . t . ;l.o,, ,aa ,a l i al, ,, l a, ltl ae Oaill. t1 I lecrlnlllrer. Slailap tluaille. Captain Eld ilger to leave on the '" 8,J11 Itecelnht t. l' lpl ick'Iahurg, Captain Woodhlouse, to leave cn the S tsl .Ihll ýnrt". w ip tlia.. aqlg.i, Captaln Davis, tu leave oil the ILtI, i-' 'l'ite ublvt slips ate all new, of Ithe first elaa, Vl, ,md nhl ,.o z ani d apwara a .+lf "500 t op, Sbunllhn.,.re at liaht drltaleht o alaier, betig built it, aen euxrk expresma for l mt. r lae. 'I ,i. pIice wl Ias S';atle as i a.ed aat one tuadred dinlare. 'Tlltir casins are fittd ual on lie I.on, improved .,, co vtnient plan and i ialld hl al tc t nilal al.n , l ll Ht aa . AapII a setreas Ut tile tfirst tlalaHv ill bI providld,l notd eev regarll afnl Ito tle ID1 talt t aa.aYLenlll, :.alisa t + a ,,,,l iiltsalaelge, s, wHba Saill leas aaatPlaMeia e ltlalt ano Leith an be secued on ,t I fd for lit lre office ol thle colmlscgnees. I 'lke.e aai aktaa are coaalllllltllaed by Catanlsi well ea Sperlecrae in tile trade, wlro will gie aevery nttentiou, Sand exert thensealves to aeaom outdate. 'ltaer will Fo all tittles be towel up end loun the Alsrsisaipli b. .ateabatnlle. aand tile atriotatt puaaatunlity Lasertead itn 'tie ltle af sailing, 'laTe uwnaers taese hips a ill not be rmensatible Iur an.y let er, parcel ar lrepauge sent Iay ao p t on oateard fhtmlla, ualeaC n reglaar hlill u lalinlg be aigpled theat.ef It thle caalltlllg toailae a of tle age ta r ol nera . Fua t al,"'r particulr, applay to If BEIN & A COHEN. tov 13 911 Conmmtaon t. PI'EASACOLA MANSION JIOUSL a esaca la.,, , a t. 1 ,1. aROL. at a iatln- waa . aale: a.aia ii aai's t. atat ltiara ns r htro's nud car,-.ages. . el rate hor.ed and att+a ala.a aill ala ba k,"lf hitWnt at, *'ua,d ena alale Taw b aotal, wall petoa ta taaaga iahe, i atasall:ts .l vl-et I aii:llates atnd othe 1neatantaena et ,-'aUvllrn , at atrlul phtacet, ill talobe Flura stlie, a l a ',oulldalcted :, a tat to Ia terftr it l thle catotetlr toud (itall the boarda arae. Tl winle tll h tqutyoll' a ie,, a. carlao hus al l' 1,au ordered, ahict, ait arrit. ablanat toat. al-t Mla . "a d I Frederick Lt.urmarda, tamho fnerly kept to popular r it li ol l tlt 11'i ll nl ontu rift, will euldnel1 I sl o. lit) Iler tle prrapl er, whhit, w th hl. aucl id t cnlitlltly aUsuI Sthe tlurllh oflnst year, ala hia.: faitrls ieariaally3 tiatulel a lluv till r,-'uvae eterv lalcible tlateatalor; aud there'by taltagl alalatl aell gt il s` aa aatialte'ia. I lel a.acul udvunitugeas or l ih t lle al too e efll Ik.l.,Vl taa aeaL d a Ilatang. aoield de.eria tirt teall c. ib11 B I e llaaall t tttaat iLtae la,.asl auaaa l tLtian of tti (ta, Ia'llla ; tt e gatleraal reat, aaltus of'the Gtlal'tsqul Itta; tla'e alhaaIaaa l, its cliatl'u releala'd constaatly dla. taog lathe sat,. ,lll. aaaa at n thl, oh.olat I reee. froutm Ilr tata:llle lal, t t,,latat alae b.l ial tllae neighontainea irnd e al aiders; tla'laaatlata- tnd lietietaayatt ta 5-laa th thla h tla eat' w tauaaae a aa.loud; atd i ta proxmity It t. elt Southlltl-n olrk( r1ltv I'entaaeol tahe l'la Sfirenae oer 'eIl other [oICea' ij at L ttae lantitudes, a. al ihalth. atnd dcliWlatul .aaunl e reat.,at',, Fiet t.,te boalt aailal roella be'lt 'el.a, aealt and lI. tile, and will at all titalnes laIlte td talau' Lte ptaaearo ei iall. Na fttlaatta tulatat. N f ARNOLD. I'rtauatla, Feb. 1tll, 18:la. (j" ,lttlelata wltaaillg Ita et.o epe mtms for their f alu ilies, .aln addraes ailt, l.l~'tiltlar, a f Pensacola, ta lr tewell "1'unlur, a he ulto.aer ilaialtor, at .Lew Ot loans. It, f. rF1 C*r. T ,n l e t, f'at e tItC 1l'aalaa., 1a Ste Apin, Esq., fIat KibLv, il 31Ial, 1I,; a T 'o lurt I' IP A'a, Esq, in Nt.t Orleast.. I' a--A laltel I,ile. Io receip clanantnicatioea for petlms ilt rile t bore hotel, is placud at (ioo Whittuaat'a oltica, .at StI Clu'ias Ltch Itge. FI.fOh tIa ROUTE FOR NEW YORK. [ICj' 'r'nalalecrs deairaus tf taking the Florida rotl, via l'eauaulu,ta, tIle NartWtae inf.rn:ed that ern rate buuts will aaatanalv ratll frala. IMobile to Penmaeola, iaai'Ial MobIlil, and Paenatacol, vtr olitber dav fter ttb It ta alay. Ctaald ataeas will tt waays be povided ua Ilhe auaLr;ltr to It in retditaa ato (fee luttile, in eaw uf the fuiluri t t'e h bolt lltrs rain t.. f.. enrol. A*I

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