Newspaper of True American, January 10, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated January 10, 1839 Page 2
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Phil:dellhite..Per barek .eesphieo..E Drbliee), J A Phillils. and MNr Kirby, IMEMIORANDA Spoken on the 3d iest, off Cat Key, rthip Folhbernor, fro Nown Yore to new Orle n, 3d, spoke Or brie Roee, of Los. don. Snod Kry. bearing north, fIrom the Bay nof Hondurs, bolwnJ to Lnedon. Five feet waeter in Mo.lh Yazro River, 16,0001 Ca pital Prize, 'rTekets only $4 00 GRAND STATE LOTTERY. Drawing of the Grand State Lottery Clare 75. 3', 74, 26, 59, 65 24, 18,5, 70 26, 16, 22. LASS No.5. Authorised by the IL.gislattre of the State. To be drawn on this day, Jon. 10, 1R3), at 5 o'clock, P. 11, at Bishop's l otiel. S DAVIS & CO, Managers. 75-Draan nutmbers-a- IDrawn I allots. ,Splendid Scheme. -27 0114 Prizes, ampyntgir to- $1202 6310 Ticket $4 00--Hilve 2 St 0.Virters 1 00 Bsrpages of. 25 Ticklets fr $100, dhrranted to droaw at lest $418. olf `I Tiiettens - war ý ..._:, .. -.._.ý._. o -n Ickegeos o u Luoanter Tickets $25 Ott warrnlerd to draw a tt satt`2 00. Fur pak.lnge ofstllgli tickets,, apply at the MIANAGERS' OFFICE. jap0l 16 Chartres at SECOND MUNICIPALITY SELECT BALL. JT is propued It give a oerios nf Select Balls, in fhe St. Charles Theatre Arcade Ball oom, e o be re gulated by tha fitlowing ruler, and any others the subscribers may thlink proper to adopt. RULE 1 The series to cnnsiaet oul light Ballt', to commence nn Thursday, . and take pince eey tlteruato l'hThs day, unitthe whole are completed. RUELO 2 Thle uhbrcribses not to exces.d sixtyv in number--sub scription $50 each nemlber, payable in advancs. lThe Ball eto It tnder the sale manasgement of a comnmittee of nine. to be elected Iy the subscribers, tbnhecommiltee elec:ing one from that number for their President. teib 4 Each subscriber to be entitled to two Lad.'s ticket. RvLE 5 'All lady's rickets to be issuedl by the conmittee, and an no consideration can they- te traraterred. t PLE 6. Stlbcriber'o to Ine iis.tied by thie coummitet only; application fo wolirh msot be made to the last tosmmittc meeting, prior to each Bll. The price of eath ticketr to be paid by the emtnittee. Ont balftf the proceeds to go the lirector-the residue into tie supper fund. RULE 7 All refreshments tore provided by the society, the di" e.tor furntiehig a sitlable room. eULs 8 S Ihouls any diaptlte trise respecting the eligibility of any proposal visiter, it is to be deedad by a ballot ot the committee. Two black balls expelling. It will appar obvious to any person the necessity of the forons ognles, so as isuale a selct comtpany. 'N, fB. Suboription lists at the mus. stores of Mr Oatgapat - Mlesare. Johns & Ce, corner of St. . 7 . b.le aidMaSt 0moa streets, at the book store of iVm. '. 4tasos.erof Ctamp & Contmon; in the Reading Ta- te "u. . a msela.n, is!d at the Box Office of ,lOa H BOXES-." Cash Boxe of oar own mano J . . f t lue e, f superior to the Englilh, for sale by O 4 - . LOCKE & Co, 8 Frot Levee t E L AD 0 kegs, NoI instore. ar tale 'V SOi " LOCKE o Co, - 1 8 8 Front L.evees at AfNTED-A lad about 19 or 14 years of age, in etenmiaion house, whoae pasrata reside in is city j ddseetieboz, No. 290, Post O t.,. labil i coitneolnd with this Oice is a the SPLEND.j ANO'EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE cent rioT.. TSl PR. ite or in iP *iiee*~ baibait and Dalle ff sadiag ipw ksaiils, Dray Recaipts, Legal Notiee, Anetion Bills, 35llm , Show Dills or Steam eBotiblls cOrculars obj, enra 9 bee And every desertiplom of Job Work sha poli omny ierequired. *ITThe proprietor respectfully calls the attention of the public to the above Card, and assures them that ra all work intrusted to his crae shall be done at the short- in est notice, in a style unsurpassed in this city, and sin at the slowest raMte. di 'THi I'tIUE AMERICAN. ,, EDITED BY JO11St tGIBON. W APAITRFPUL AND BOLD. NEW ORLEANS: ir THURSDAY, JANUARY 10, 1F39. The IVhig porey aegain defeated.-There is a faotion ii in this city, comprised of men wrapt up in their own ci conceit, as ignorant of the views ofour population, as be they are disregardful of the feelings of the country, and oil reckless of all consequnnces, provided their own ag th roandizement is accompllished. This faction has long th been the bane of the Whig party; and instead of concili ating and uniting it, they are continually distracting en and dividing it by attempts to dictate to the majority. hi The latest instance of ihieconduct, is their attempt to br force down the throats of the party, tile strangges ar- on rived hIre since yesterday, for the office of State Printer. so They succeeded in obtaining for their new favoritefre dn .1 votes, and by disgusting many of the party, have, with It a large Whig nljnrity on joint ballot, been nause that a democrut has been elected to that office. aI The wishes and intentions or the bank menarc to have at a convenient tool to work into their hands; and because as we have deelined thathnnot, we are forsooth to he put 1k to down and another rained over our head. But we have of Stoo much confidence in the mass of the Whig party ,to ac believe for one instant, that they will withdraw their ci support from an old and tried friend. m We have now a Ititle mvice to give to all haonet li Whige. It is this; that for the future, the feelin:gs and ih wishes of the nmembers of the party in this country he m Sconsulted and respected; without this, we can never m hope for success to our cause. Hereafter, instead of a littaning to the impudent dictation of a few speculators se in politics, lot primiry meetings be celled and nd delegates a be chosen to conduct the affairs of the party, and to in- i sure concert of action. M Concert his never prevailed in oun ranks. We a0 have ever had annollyances to which, from the stati c of our organtizaion,°or rather disorganization, we have been rompelled to yield. These annoyances iI rn, ctinsistid chi fly in tle assumnptions of vain and P 2 conceited mten, who, dressed in a little brief nu- O i. thority hkve been ever ready to ert the most fA tntastic tIicks. Let tile Wllie--the genuine 0. whigs whose industry and capital are identified oil with the inrenste of our great commercial city, take their affairs into their own hands, and submit no longer to the petty tyrniity of these presnm- I ituos lordlilgs,. who have cointribittd more than are all oither c.usets combined, to the division that w existed and still serer to exist in tire whig rnnks. 4 i iis nertifyinq to us, an a whig, to think thai we have been defeated ionan important ieetioc one calculated to test the durability of the whig to- principles of membere professing to he Whies. R We care not for the emolument of the oilice of trj public printer, but we did think, as an old and Sfaithful co-laburntor in the arduUus struggles for ici. principle, in which we have aidently engaged lot nei years past, nndl a l,n resident of the city,ihnt we hlad some right to put in a claim for the office IVe did not anticipate defeat from an aluldgama It., lion of Whign and Leolfocles, which ehould resul, W in the choice of a Loofren. S T, the twenty onio tre ro Vltigs and staunch ots. friendsof the Lcgislaiturc, wilh voted for us as i.E State Printer, we return our sincere and helrtflehr lant ithanil . T'o those gentlelnen, whlo cAt.L theml o selves Whigs, buht who!vted ngatnst us, and di Ire. reetly and indirectly for the dermocrntio candidate iatwe say, go atnd joie the democratie,riank like men ; lt but sever again impose upon and deceive those l who put cenlliderc in you. ,o Amend thy wiay geniloinen, amernd thy ci. reo duct entirely. A FEW WORDS FOR OURISEIVES. IlHtingt conducted a pubhltjourna/, in this city.jobr FOUnOTF.N YEAItS, and hasitg on all occasions, freely and fully explained our views upon the lending subjects, affecting the interests of the country, nod havin never shrunk from our duty, when it was necessary that we should speak, lest we may havne een misunderstood, we propose to make a distinct avowal of the principles and policy cwhich we have advocated ! We have be. lieved that the peace, prosperity anal even integrity of this union depended not only in a great measure, but were involved in the past and approach ng presidential cnnte,t=, nor have we ever conuented that our position to reference to any of th' important que tions connee ted therewilh, shoeul for a tmomaent remain equivocal. We have opposed tihe sub-treasury scheme, earnest. ly, steadfustly, as one of the most dangeltou levers in tihe hands of the executive, uniting in him the pulse and the sword, tur affording nut only incentives to hut thes mans of effocting carrutotion, wherever the sord d neres o avarice prevailed and tte hunesty of the ciiuaen was not impregnable. Wle haee opposed it, because it offRnd inducerments to speculation and fnlld anlaotg the officers of the gov ertumno;. and recent developements have established the rcrrectnessof our position. WVe ntlve held that the course ofthle government in its unjuttliiis.le and unrrontitutinnal interfeoreneAvith the IU. S. llank-itamadand unuitermitted attacks on that iustitution--its viiounnry sehams In mend the currency and secure the public treoasure-its employmentt of pet Banks as depositories of the public moneys, thereby canting an expansion ofcredit and circulatin;ar.d the sudden interposition of the specie circular at an un looked for and mot inausnpicious period, the wild and speculative theories o a blundering and stupid vioionist precipitated bankruptcy which a skillful had patriotic financier would have ward, d off, and which the nation's own great energies have at length enable4.her to re. trier., . . r We have earoendedtbat the right to control thd cur rency of the country and to regulate it, belonged solely r anld exchriverly to Congress, and have abwtwyn loe'ed at the interference, on the part of the executive, with those prescribed duties of ('ongress, as obnoxious not only to the spirit hut the letter of the constitution,an I nterference with the eaptess duties tf a rcrdinate de ipartment, which should not be recognized or permit ted. I"'e ho:e cofnetded against the unwarrantable proscription for opinion's sake which has charae. a termzd the late and the present administration; and we have urged the propriety of the ireun" bents of public offices having other and higher quIalSicaliuns than a blind devotion to party and a belief in the immaculRatness of those st power. a We have insisted that it would have a tendency to relax the moral toneof n atoety, nd to lead to crime and dishonor among those employed In the public servicr. We have believed that a great deal of the public trrasure was squandered by those d through whose hands thr Exece.ive had designed it to pass, in purposes of corruption and to effect elections in accordance to the wialles of the Ad mintstration. of We have belileed Martin Van Buren unworthy te of the station to which he was elevated through Executivo influence and the corrupt means res i sorted to for the purpose of perpetuating that party. We have looked upon him as a subtle, de.signing of and unprincipled politician, substituting tihets wiles and tactics of damagoguism for the bold and ir of refrag;ble arguments and principles of truth and statesmanship. We have bealtved him to possess Ir unhallowed ambition, and capable of the most a. abject sycophancy and fawning to reach the ends of hits chemings. We have seen in ihim none of the attributes which merit the admiration ofa highly cultivated and free people, and all of our energies have been used to prevent his advance Smeat and to weaken his inlluence. We have look ed forward to hlt rjeclion fromt the Presidential chair, as an epoch in the history of our country and I a period when all patriots may offer gratulatitns to in the.o who have contribulted in efflcting that inm. in porant and devnutly wisnhtd f:r coneurlnatiorn. P'e have eter, ,in artaht. tltm tainat id tilae nv lability of the national sad stale Contututioh. the suprmacy of .the laws and the obligations of al order and morality. We have proved ouenlves i to be Whigs and have never ceased to contend that a the cause of the Whigs was the cause of the I country-that all of her interests were involved t in its anocess-that her-nuture glory Cnd greatness ( and the perpetuity of her. free institutions turned . upon that point. We may truly say we have de- t voted ourselves to it, nor shall our vigilance cease t or our exertioni be pretertmitted until that greeat object is achieved. Our course has been plain seraight-forward, undeviating. It cannot have been mistaken-we have never pursued a double policy or attempted to mislead or throw a false glare around us, for the purpose of personal ag. grendinement, by the use of mystery or intricacy in the expression of our opinions. We have always taken truth and honesty as our guide, and directed our course thereby as undeviatingly as ever mariner trimmed his vessel by the load-star. We have never concealed our preference for HENRY CLAY, as the individual upon whom the Whigs should rally, in the approaching Presiden tial contest. We have urged the importance of a general union of those opposed to the Adminis Iration, upon that illustrious individual. We have urged his Immense and unrivalled public services yet enpaid by his country. We have shewn that n hiwneme alone possesses a talismanic power and n can gather thousands to his standard who would a be unwilling to bear the battle'rs brunt under any d other great champion. We refer our readere to the files of the True American. They will find that we have been unceasingly sealous in the cause of this distinguished statesman,-that in his cause and the cause of the Whig party we have o breasted the beating waves of a rude and boister r- oua faction, for years, until they have in a mea sr. sure subsided or in their murmurings are not to dangerous if they are not rendered entirely impo In reference to local affairs, the True American has p always urged and shell Always lrge such measures ane are deemed calculated to promote the wealth, dignity and influence of the State. During a period of :anty three years the editor hles been a resident of the State of leui.iana and of the city of New Orleans. His family and connexious are all here. He in identified with the e city. He understands the lannuages and customs, and b may he presumed to know the wants of the citizens. lie has been for several years an officer in the service of a the city. He thinks he it qualified to judge of the modes in which her vast energies and latent resources el may best be developed. He has ever advocated inter. h noal improvement. Hle has, and aver will devote him self to the interests of New Orleans, and pay assiduous attention to her cotmmercial and political bearings. She is the great heart of the State from which health and strength are diffused by the arteries of commerce, which are returned in the productions of the fertile soil of the country. In exposing the fallscious and reckless principlcs of Ithe flutics who have agitated the country for years I past, by the dissemination of the abominable principles of abolitionisnl, we have never swerved from our duty to our country and to our own feelings. We have Ihved long enough in the south to know the importance of Ssuppressing the obhnoxious doctrines of these infatuated I or unprincipled wretchle,- who regardless of the con- I sequtonees, are placing assassins with drawn daggers in our homes. Our identity with the south, and our past labors are nicient guaranty that abolitionism will have our eternal and most spirited opposition. The labors we have undergone have been onerous, s. and full of responsibility. Yet we are not afraid to challnrge the exhibition ofa moment's shrinking on our _ part from those labors and responsibilities. Whatever ifirtence we have been able to wield-that influence has been wielded in defence of the institutions of our counto ofthe great principles which actuate the d We have had difficulties to contend against and r obsacles to surmount, which cannot be known cr and xperienced by a newer laborer in the vine '0 yard: we have been the pioneer of the party and had to open the road, which as now, in contrast to vtwhat we found it, graded and McAdamised to those who may choose to drive over it or jostle us out of the path. We have endeavored to discharge ch our duty in times of danger and peril and excite s ment. We have felt that we were expected to eli lend the attack saainst the foe, and without va. It- tity we may eny, that when the breach was made i- in his serried ranks, our rtrnour was not bright nor tIc our swurd unhacked. We have never faltered, I;tor grown a white lilly for our escutcheon. We tae have felt the justice of our course and look to the continued confidence of the community and our N. own cnsciousneess of rectitude to sustain us in its manly pursuit. Our trust for the preservation ef our cuntry's rights and immunities is in honest, independent defenders, who in opinion and prae. for ice ,re and will continue to be tfeithfnl and bold.' The Legislature. yesterdrday elected as public printer. Mr. St. Romes of the Courier, on the first ballot. S I, Romes 33 d J Gibson 21 Bullit & Co. 5 In the lHouse two additional clerks were elected. A number of the m mbers gave notice that they would introduce tills which shall be noticed if of any importance, when introduocd. H : Jn.InAARy. The 241h nnniversary of the baiule of Orleans, distineuished in the annuls of arms for its decisonn land unparallelled carnage upon the o te side with a trifling loss on the other, was celenratrd on Tuesday with the usual pomp and magnificence. The day was overcast but was I pleasantly warm, and although the atmosphere was rather humid, no rain fell. The oustoumary salutes were fired and the milltary. fire com panies and sclhool easuciations were all on the qui riwe to mak te ti most of the The Battalion of Un:form Companies nttached to the 4th Regiment turned out about 400 strong and presented a most beaultful appoerance. In equipm.onto and discipline they have not their sou periors in the Union. They were reviewed by General Gainea and afterwatds by Geo. White, both of whom ex;ireseed the greateet gratification, at the precision and excellence with which the various companies went thrruoh the differeht eveo. lutlons and the thorough discipline they had un dergone. J t It, the revnint* .everal comp~nties visited the Thlatres, and pr.serted a handsome aptpearaeness their oi y uniforms oontranstittg with the not lees gay, hut more delicate appendages necessary to set off the besuty' whlich the 'sons ofC durmbia' were sworn to pr,rtect. General Gaines with a number of the Veterans of 1814 attenrded the St. Clharlees 'Theatre where they were hailed with loud oand hearty cheers. Tihe day cloned amid good feeling and the usual hilarity of a holiday. FIlR. Loast tiobt about eleven, the alarm of fire was given. It was diecovered to bae the Sugar Rcfinery of lMr Good.Ie on Benjamin st. just be low the Orleanaor Utton Press. The timply exer tionsof the firemen prevented the flames from ex tending beyond the refinery which was consum ed. The ttew loco ttco paper, 'TaE LoUltIsetu,' to be published by the brother, and two of the late editors of the Bee, is to appear in a few days. The Smaterials, or most of them, we understand, have already hero procured in this city. Much good the suhscrhbinglWbhig have done to the advance. meut of the cause. ' Tule end not to beendure. ''The fanaticism of some people carries them to very ridiculous Slengths. The Coecinnati Journal and one of its I correspondents are out in fiery philipies against a omusic master, because he allowed to be sung at one of his concerte, the beautiful and most impres sive piece of music, the words of which are a prayer Lto Mary mother' for her intercession, com mencinrg Ave sanelioaime. SThe Bank of Charleston has resolved to take on de Spoeste the notes of the interior banks of B. C., and of August, Georgia. A report has been made in the Missouri Legislature in favor ofrcontructing a rail road from St. Louis to the Iron Mountain. THen HoLE IN TH H ALrL. Pearson opens to maorrow a Lsttery OTf1ca in the St. Charles Arcade adj-tinittg Poctor's where he intends to sell the tr) hi tL e i ,ttoes an11d tie lmost of them. Tis RaEht A--Tbe irst Ilegtta oh the Misltr sippi took place at Carrollton, shove this city, on Monday. The daywsefine-- soft air breathinte over the bright waters, and the sun unshorn of his hut glory. A large number of spectators thronard to dia. witness the contest between the Mobile and New we Orleans Clubs. The scene was one ofmtuch gaiety ing The friends of the parties were very anxious for -ve, theirauccess end readily wagered their mosey on me the result. It was ascertained prior to the time of rot starting that someof theNew Orleans Club, who alt were to have manned the Ariel. were too un well to participate in the contest, and that under the ciroumatancee that boat would be compelled to c forego the race. There was alas a little dals), oc easioned by a misunderstanding as to the proprie ty of admitting the Mobile barge Crolius as a cosnt petitor for the prize. Had she not been admitted, fo it was determined to man the Ariel, and contend t with the Fairy. At length, all the preliminaries having been ar ranged, and the Arisl having borrowed three eare a men from theSeadrift Club, who had entered the Fairy, the three boats were drawn up in beautiful F a style and proper order. The Wave Club's barge, i. the Croliut, had the inside, or near track- he Or. leans barge Ariel was in the centre, an I the Seu a drilt's club's barge Fairy had tihe outer track. When it asked if they were ready, their oars were graceful d ly thrown back, the signal was given, and offthey i started, like gallant coursers, for the goal, amid y the huszas of the crowds that lined the shores. To i to give more animation to the scene, a number oefam id steurs manned the barge Thus. S. Himblin, and I t, rowed as if participating in the race. in For a moment the Crolius appeared to lead-her re how shotout ahead of the Fairy a f-e--the latter r boat seeming to leave the starting place reluc t- tantly. at The friends of the Crollus, and they were not "- few, became feverisht in their enxie y to "go their whole kit" upon her--and d-u'tlrsl many X's passed over into different pockets from those in SI which a moment before they had beent lodged. A ty f w stott pulls brought the Fairy up alongside, an i b aefore she had made a quarter of the way, her ly crew tel their task leossdffi--ult to he aecomplish. s ed, than they had apprehended. The Croliue had id been evenn before starling evidently the favorite. in. The Fairy made the turn and tame do.rn sever of at lengths before the Crolius hid ranch td the o| buoy. The Ariel,(a bad enugh bhoot at best) ont ea ly affrrding exercise to those who were willing to I" heighten the piciure without hopo of aslccels, d-cli, m" ned the conteetdid not round tihe stale, hroht cut in uh s.d came out second-the F.ire making the goal nd most gallantly-her"rjolly thol" r tdng ithe air in ci answer othe myriad shouts on as'ore,and gracefrully he waving their waving their coape iih the one hand, while with the other they leisurely pulled their of way into port. They won the prize, an elgoant tre pitcher and salver, and deserved it. They have a ea nice little crafr,and they showed themselves kil-. rty ful craftsmen. red of We regret that our club had no boat nearly on red an equality with the Mobile bttrs, but if we know on- any thing of that club, we do not heainte to prae in dict that an impetus has been given to its spirit, last which will cause the Mobilioes some trouble in a a-e future contest. The Ariel cleb want a new and proper barge and we are willner to take back our 'so prophecy, ifit be long Iefore they have one. Our new allies of the Bee, any that in judging (n of men and measures they will "lIran rather to d the side of the feeble than the atrong." Will they S not he compelled then to give Mr Van Buren an di occasional lift? It certainly accuses him of inca. pacity and imbecility in the administration of the A government. Tae CAMr. Mr. Marhle, who is equal to any one we 'haveever seen in illustrating Yankee character, and who is moreover an excellent general actor. takes his beneflit at the Camp to night. Mr. and Mrs. Barrrett aid him in the nest farce of Perfection, and Mr. J. It. Scott plany the part of Michael in the Adipted Child, a part in which be excells and which is filled with honesty and good humor. Between these pieces, Mr Marble will exhibit his vere.tiliht in Iroged, and farece-enacting the ardunua characters of William. Rolla and Carwin, and winding up with his in rivalled jump of Sam Patch. Mr. Marble is a correct delineator of the brned 'Varmnunterr,' and and is withal a modest unpretending tentlemllsn. We trnut that he will be so greeted at his Benlfiti as to have no cause to regret his 'New Orleans Adventure.' The Lyceum in the Sr. Charles Areadle, fitted ap under the direction of Mr. Gen. lHoiland, was opened for the first time, Iast evening, to a respec table houlse. The entertainments are very agree" able. Mone. Adrian la a prince ofjualers and he dissolving views are most beautiful. This delightful restrt i open evtrt evening. Mr Samuel Palterson,a highly respectable merchantof Charleston, was killed on the 91th uht., by the fall of a cottonbale which astioe lalorerra ere rolling from the second Itory of acotton warehouse, near which he we. f panning. Joe. M. While Esq. wa* yreterday admitted in the Supreme Court ae a Counsellor and attoreny, and was qualified ao such to praetice law in Luuiriana. The 31s, Decemluer, the eaniversary of the de. r, feat of the Indians at the hattle of Wtlhlneo.nhie, p by General Clinch, was celebrhard by the Clinch SRiflemen, of Augusta, Geo. If all the a nents in which our troops were beaten by the y Indiana were celebrated by the victors, they woiuld .I have not time to achiieve more triumphs in the il hammocka and evereglode. The Georgia Legillature adj,,ured on the 210 h ult. The moat important hills poased were, the General BankingLaw; the Ctnventien fill, and the bill authorizing the State Corn mtsainnere to issue State Stock to the amtount f one and a hllf millions to continue and comlpete the Wrierl i and Atlantic Railroad. A young man by the name of Brown was killed at Sparta, Tennessee, on the 2901 ult, in an affray. An effirt is being made il Loutnsvlle, to get up a Fuel Company, to keep dow n toa prop.r Ita nl rdl the fuel necessary for consumption in that city, which left to individual enterprize, frequently, when nature has laid an embargo on the tiver, corl. monds most exhlonritant priet s. The Riehmnt,.d Whig syas, it to whirstered abnout that Mr Buchanan is to be the grant man of the pnrty, thlat he is to he the candidate for Ihe Prrti dency,"and that Mr Vtn Buren is to retire on the laurels he has won. It adds that the truth of the repnrl is lnot deemed who'ly im.,lr.fhrl. ST. MARY'S MARKET STEAMI FERRY CO. NOTICE is hereby given, that in parsuance uat Or. dinsece, paaed by thle Councii it tlttr lnd ,lltlni. ciplity, on Wednesday the aod Jetnoary, 1839-J-nola ofeulsription totheoupiatl stock of$.t),Ob in haores oflSlO reach in said tonipat., will tn olpned at Mr. Charles Dimtnd's, opposite ot. Mary' mt.rlikct, Wed nesday tie t6tb, int., and will he kept onen. or three dlays from 1I A. iM. until 2 P. hI. ot eachl day. 'I'on Dollars per share to no paid is cash on auholrihing. C DIMONIr, S G1101 AILL Come issionera M11 ROBITAILLE) jan 10-1839. FOR NEW YORK. ,-J r The packet shin S' . MARY, Capt. Por ter, will sail punctunly as advertised. For lts freight or psaee, alipt) tn ttoard. or to Jaltt PE1 ER LIttt.A\'V,it6 Ctanp et FOR HAVANA. SThe fast sIling, coppered pftckelt brig GANNICLE I r',€,O t,m .,t'aptai. Walkcr, will positively sail on ttlluv, lllth ilet Paasgera will pleases call en Itutil this meoraine, and earrage for these berths said pasasprts. 2d tier be low the Ferry. orto WM I,)R'l'El, julO 9a Cuamoon st NATIVE AMERICAN ASBOCIATION A SPECIAL Meeting of this Society will be held rothisevenig at 7 chlock, in their rootn, third sto ry ofthe Merchana's ".aehaege, Encltange 'iacs, front. All native Americant, wishing to becomes members of this Association are invited to atteid. jalh L OGLFR, Seretary LATE3-J ust receied cases ofa very sleendid SWelsh Slates, hlard weod freretr, ftr sale by DAVID FELT & Coe,21 Chartres at jalt New Ytrk Stationers Hall ALCOHOL-l2 barrels Horton Lhbrntory pure Alcobol,now ladintg front shil callsntlitno. and for laeby JAItVIi el AN.)IIi.WV, jat0 cor Common & Tcopitoulas . t GUNNY BAOSA-.,(100, I2,2 and 3 ,roshel iunny SjBe-. fr P sale hn jolO s b J P Vlil INIT, 't3 Can r oi A CARD. ;re Capt. George Chose, of the Ship tranl: stn-To you we return ore grateful th tIks for your humane aid in taking us on board your ship in timn of distress and shipwreck from the Cat Key Inland, where we had just arrived from the Great easesel.ftar remain ing these over 48 hours without food, and though two vessels pasursed unsuuheded our perilous situndon; you most generously hove your ship to, seved our lirve, and rendered as all the aid and comfort our distressing site alion deserved-also, to Capt. A. Kerman, of the a'ip Leonidas, who kindly took eight of our crow to Mobile. That .od may speed your future prospects is the sin eure wish of your humble servte., JUAN AVID , fur the Crew. LYCEUM. SAINT CHARLES ARCADE. MONSIEUR ADRIEN'S WONDERFUL PEItFOEMANCES, AND THE OPTICAL. ILLUSIONS. Admittn:e :: s$1-Children half price. Peerlormenee to coitmenice at 7 t'clock. But One day more and positively not longer. FlHE SPLENDID EXIIIBITION OF THE MAJESTIC. 1 The Giraire, or Camelopard !! ,WH C sII will lone on the 10th int., nd leave then Ior Mobile, per straeumhuetm Giraffe. d The teatmer flirnift nill in hnture lerve on Frident .uinstlenadofThurtdtic, owing ton hich her nImenske will ihe exhiied one d50 IntloCer in New Orletans. Ci (liene go and lee her at St. (hrle. & PtErdido ate. td Perlhps you nay not u lave anotther opporltuitiy. 'Tltscm.whouhavo not yet seen thle ereatent wonder of the animal kingldom, SlouMl cll t St Chtlle estreet, er anlvicew and judgeo for themselves, whet hse delightcd thouiando, end deeply interstnId thei eriots aid suiet er tifie. u" Pr.e of Adnmissionu, 50 cents--Children and erventlt. tslfl trice. In tlhe nljniini Pauvilion, Mit. S. I. G. NELI.e, ol born without arms, will coetinle his astonishing per i, I formnnce. _ _ _ jail). TO 111l DR.\WN TO-DA Y, Jna. 11th. The following s e the drawnl numbers of the Loul. iane Lottery, (ilse 36, for 1839: 15, 22, 35, 46, 40, I, 19, 75, 53, 60, 32. 51. $12-,500 CAPITAL PRIZE. LOUISIANA LOTTERY. Authorized Iby Act of Legislature. Chapter XLIII, cncccd Mnlch 21, 1820, CIs.e No. 36 fr 1838. to be drawn on ThuIsday, Ja 11111h 1839, at 5 o'clock, P. M. at thn h.chcnne oliteui, St. Ciarles at. ID. S. GIItE!;ORY & Cn. Successors to YATES McINTYRE 4" Co. 75 Nriebhrs-13 Drawn Ilalluti. GRANT) SC t 5EM. I pri of $12 50 is $125 1 do 3000 3010 I do 2 u0 2 (100 I do 1500 1 501 I do 1 184 I 184 3 do Inun 3000 3 do 5110 I 510 4 do 410! 1(00 10 do 300 n 3 ((10 20 do 150 1 500 21 do 1 " 2 500 21 TNdo 10 2 k(I) 126 do 50 t10 (0o, 12( tdot 30 3 780 16 do t20 2 510 126 do 15 1 8311 4458 do 8 :15 66 24583 do 4 93 332 '9 7115 Prizencomonntinc to $189 070 Tic:kets $4 00- hlclves $2 00--Qucrters I 00 Pa::ckages of 25 tickets fli. $10. Prckagee of 25 hal tickets $511). I'Pnucke of 'J5 Quartcer 'l iekes Ior $25. Fopr Packages tr sinc io Tickets, apply at D. IILiE(JGOIY & Co, the Managers office, jenl0 35, CVael street, net to Camp st $50 REWARD. A TRUNK wee brhken open at Madam Shall'a, onc the eveninls of the8th inst, ,d Iwon pocket books, S(nle red ,mrocco, the other bllack, wlt gilt edges) con taining valies valuabhi paper, nnd a note I(,r $4,410 drawn bhv I' and Iyn, in favor cof the tbecri ler, pavyhle on or abnot tle 1(11b of tMalch, 8I38, acd dated tile 16t11 ol'lareb, 1837; the preciae dates not rc collected. All personc are forsecrned not to trade for said note. a Among tile tperc is a ereeilpt of deposailte,witt Burke, Watt .2 C., for $5:0. payment of t hick, as well as the note, has 1ceJL-..opp,.d. 'IThe pt et bohk is to be left t thte cnonting rolom of y Bnrhe, aWll & Co,.lere tie reward will be paid. j.l,,_l w .a. ,. . . B. Wt":" - GOVERNOR'S HORSE GUARDS!! ATTENTION!!! T HE Company wilmeet in thae Coammtte Ronm, EaIEchage ilital, this veanit, at 7 o'clock pre cisely, for thb purpose of elreiing a coret. And Sunday moraningi, at 9 *.'clnck preciscly, oa Lafaennie aqunarin unifogit, on font, for drill. BY older af Capt. saborn Crow. jamb0 JOlla (iIngON,O S f IFE PRESERVERS-400 Goodyear's patentint. r I rove Li e PreIrPa aaraslna receniv'd, for sala by SjaiP bHITVITIIiS . &tnCo, 76 mnagainen it -j3UtSIA SIIEE'I'INiGS-1a bnles Hlannoa Nhreet I iInge, for sale by WHII(ITIIiJE & Co, j110 76 Mlagnazie at ,PS II H O 1,-?n100 raela. wintnnr atrainad -pern 7 oiljust rtceived annid fnar nln'l ja l0 r LOKI S Co, 8 Front Lamev [)AGS-lI,00 Gu tnnny Bnnge, of annnnerinr qnnnlity Ilanding fnnnn nin;n rann,, an-i nar nafe b' ja1 II IL Il"\l:i-"o 1ag n . . l iSKFEY--lll bat elb rlo titid, ftr sole hby I fU li. .'Lt12by., I4 SNow Loevr LA.tbIT.)--t;Ol 1lki1 landing tro- .... n ....r .l,,,, ranr I jalo Ir 4sale by o lever. ai a' d Ib sala byS tln, n U , it V ria o 14 NM . llusr o avu, and for covl, by 111, 4 Sis' st dA0 931 lagazine at V ALUAI.I: tI) bIKs--Fonr Presou t , lc.--l)rawing It.Olll Scrapsleook, in 2 ports, colaniillg 72 a iI- d pclA steel encavin ogta Siage D'Arlit,, i3 fi te engrIati:ng, printed in Fre'm h and tIngliels. Italy, France nd Swilzarl.od, i 2 parlt, w it 92 splenid otel .i engravigts. Syria, the IloinoL.l, .ta:[ Mis.r, &e., illusirated ait n 37 nlge engraving.. T'lle ah.ove ro rooml i quoarto sioo, a,''t ase bound igi emoboss d lelhelr, tld Ihandsomrly gilt, siti gilt edges i &c.e. L.odon ChriLtimo Kebepsale for 183 l and 1838, rod ll oclts l ,mlboisoed coor, ilt edg", oe.. &. . Tlte ,llo are on ekorlsils,.nt. asd will boe old very hespat lle Niew York o tationer's leals la0 0.\VI 1) Lt.' iT C. 21 (Chartres at p -011K II--.-10 i nto Pork sad lIec, at ileil tpec on in loresli. d o- sale b'y jIlG g ID t1ir14V, New Levos "-LT)'TIUNO--lil cases, ttlprlosirg a gIneral 0n A er t of RIllodahsllt., Iantalolttl, Veto, Siirts, &c. n',w lalding and for sale by jil _ _ RII)BIE & to, 134 legaoaolo ot G UNNY B0G'1 --435 bees Gunlny Boas, oe llse as'd prieio totLure., Ultsebl. lis llanlity ja0 rI 1,l Itit;, 134 Aloaszine Ht b OA', c--500 boxes ipr n Conodll:s,-,'riouia benhoads .t :10 boxos tallow Colihds; 3 .1 bhux,s' eveoo No. I and imitation No. I .Sap, 4oi1' boxes white ,tlt. dry Lodfish, fior sole by ISAAC k )il1ll)GF ' 1(I, i110 i1 tlngooie t IOJR..701 br:soolanlm fjon FIot Boat. fr setla by j( l OI'EY. 44 Nao Levee pOTOSo-0. . bhot is Io ordo,. for s.. by. JOa t DOI-EY. 44 New Laroe R ICE-18 caskslupe-tior srlcop t'a".ulins Rtio, for sole ij8 by \\%HITRItTGE sln co, 06 Magazine et 'ATE.' "O".basbns Os's, i r.. un,1 forsait by Sj WHIITIIDiE snd co,0 5tssazsiae t t OAP..3 lotheos Boston ,No. I oap, ltnding from shlp ". Avis, and fo, sa e by j ansdI PWIIITNEY.l, 7 amp t L eli cotonslanding liar sale by jal ISAAC Bltl G E & Co, i34 Magazine st - iI rIrrlN-GxS--Fnry beass extra foi'd' shtetiogo; Sfiielu boles extra htavy lbrown ih.irtlnle, tnedillg fer solo by ISAAtC B1111i;.b & (Co, jan8 i31 Miila7ine at -CL.ANNEL-Lannli bg. tol bols alnlon O otlls, e.ael by ISAAC BI(IDG'sC& C:o, 'a 134 llagazine t t-cIon.igleos per thijp Nsrth Aserica. frois A..t wearp, are retul5ted to ltaKe 1t Ihir ppermits and at tend to the receipt O0 Ibeir goods, now 1nsding opposite post 23, in sd municiypality. L II GALL, ja 9:1 Coollllll st t"iTTER..tO kegs GostrnButter, tsedslg and for sale by if J S .od J PIWHITNEY, 2i CEs at "flOb'' F5ttOO.A .pleadolid enotsmnat of Frencsb Orl I slog Desks, sariousssisrs ,d VsteSS. fas ssl. by J8 Nea York Btatolonrs' Hall. 24 Chartres st A4,IjtANACO VOR 1132. for sate liolntsln osd KIoisl by .t DIVIIt FEI.Ttt sd co, jy NhYok Btatilnoss Iall. 24 tasop t d rom I hip l'arqui .lr snale by jal oi & l' VItIi'rI2EY. 74 Camp at ilANli.L I UORD\E--56 I coils assoted esas eIIding frm hip it Mtrv, assd flr oals by j3 I' lA111iAW,id 'ast,. -t Can~ St. ThIeatre. Benefit of Mr. MARBLE. Bie MAr J R SCOTT has kindly veluntaered, anJ will appear.a Michael, in he Adopted Child. This Ereniag, January I, Ilt Will be perfErmed the following Pieces, De BORN TO GOOD LUCK, let Act. - PERF:ECTION. JONATHAN IN ENGLAND, 2nd Act. Bt THERESE, 3rd Act. PIZARIRO, last Act N ADOPTED CHILD. BLACK EYED SUSAN, lnst Act. TIHE WOOL DEALER. In which Messrs. Marble, J It Scort, Johnson, E O Barrett, Brown. Greene,o c,and Mlrs. G Barreul, & Lit. Greene, will appear. Tl'o-orrow, Leenpte'a last appearaace, h.lea e- e will perfair!n the SYvplide. Ien rheasal--'lhe Water Witch. CAMP STREET THEATRE. A CARD. S R. IMARBRL reapertalulicv noonree to the it iJens ot New Ohlalel, that his btlefil n t Il , Camp str. T'heatre, will take place oi 'rills IAVII: NING, Jauwary 10th oil which noccaion he ll I have the lhonor of presenting a vcrio ty of enterttia tuents whiae he truPte may prove attractive and im part l)enuere. He will appetr ar e anl! in tcfeetn, Rotbn!! Born to Good Luck, Re Il!![ Piz:rr,, Carwit!!! Tl'lhfSae, Willis t!!it Ita:k ea-aI Suaeen. imDaon"a !!! lamon t& IPythine, nto-otaSnut !!!!t!! Jelithaael illnEaglucd, D Jnalhaa l'lotlghbov!!!ttt!!t Icmaet oare. t . Br Miarble honpe Itlalltth varity toe Ters, hmay in d due thtse who feel d:spsed to lend him their miles, to be pre-cut at his benefit, and hc e nesl res them tlLt Ihe ill nlways remenlber with gratitude those who may countlnance hiat on that occasiOn. TO MERCII1ANrS. [- aIII1DIANTr can have a IE.nUTItUIcI. CI.ttto toan strack of natlbur houra NortCE, by ,arrllty at the - Compling Ieoune oj TRIIUE AMEIICIAN I'ntesrio; Orricr, St. Charles Exchanllg,' a.ljoininag the rIl:at Iao Roun ao Corner of (rnavier stteet,or at tle I'int ing Otrice, corner of Poydrae and St. Charles s, reels. F" REID WILKINSON. be DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENEPAL tr LUUISIANA, P. (.tkFIFRS his erciret tao Iht. jt,lic i.- the cpteprl a nlent os .tacnre.ig and Livil Engineeritng, Loth S in tlwn and country. iroaa onsidcrblte expcrielce ill his profectiun. and by prontapttnre. and fidelit, a ,lia recuation of businless entruted to Ilia, he holes to t alernt and eceioe n short ofapublie pntrcnnoe. t e wil' Ot also measure and calcolt te theat . I)tllOntn f vl a. a Il 0 excavationa. Otlice No 8 ('hartrea-treeat,aecontdstory ,O batk. jr7 Blankh Checks, Hills f' L:ading, AUCtion Bills, Pain phletS, Show bills, Cata logues, &c. &e. l3ttR1)RFl~/.for the Above, a,1/ evry oer les- i criptionef.Yl'tdL'llN/i Kfl reeeired at ColnO/lbng It/la, ofT/tRUE AMERt/ItAN," in Sr. (uto tsH Ins- Cr p a..ta, 3 door fro.N t ,3d vie r sefrn. or atrl. hl/I e P/rint Ioffice, earner rof Pydro- and St. C/nr/es streets. Extensive and banal/tot Ioon nand Jon Ies ars, I fromnthe besl Frsndries is the Urnitd s'te+, narviea t been added to the already, well-teln/ed Ltabli/,,rshnen --aniUirO.RDErsill be executed aos , nas CIhooply,, IS pedilioully and ecautiflflly, as at nylother Of1/ic Sin the City. If, r Novl 5000 G;"'·'·. "Intrrprer med spent toil i 301111 o Fallt innd do 10 l1/ 0 l0e/aed W'hlle Oil 15N lbln ?'unl'nr'a Oil a' For eals by WhII/ID(7t & CO, dOil76 MsgaziW It (' jIU\ POWDER-5ln// hogs en parlor IdnnlI ,ader g3110 kegoperninL Poder, for erie by d25 DAM &/ liW IIIT 1.~,7 /ieesarale PIOTATOIES-461 brie in ,'aeal/eas anler, lsanding .3 Iro n brig Llml, and for ,le Irv ae L1Ilt:Stl MALA//A RtA~iSNS-Ilull s~, a half bloxes, for ssla by All/nt/lA M I i 'I'I:.1/, of jan3 :i OUI/lVt.tl1'Bt O'lh I/IEIls'I.-t cI/-k 11111110 - a15k of I.ouisille ,r $511, l flr al,e/,e rI1I IrL"rMiON & AVERII, 1t c (.ruril"r s SPElM OIL-d///D g/lls. /ner isir Cl Ol,lormle a bia/1 S//ALL & 1ni//g l// N. CARlIDS myS PRl/TEIt) atlIte shoreleot N. e'n, in the roost ele·psn t ,n, nnrlo in Mack or I' (alort·d I. K>, asl I llll e/e'sri 5.lrl Illl'l. i /r 1,I or 1,111 G(I.,Ill (·(11 111 1,11( / /11/, W hi/te ll/I', a l ai /111 'solio,.,-, t'.1 ,a . d'l-i es very reaoer Olirl/5 at'f i l F I' /l.!1i// it II' 1, / IT I'1- corner of I'syderas nnd S,. ('Int/I-. / s0. .'erctIN'ow and IsIenutil Fore,/O o/leee:m larme just been added to lhe Establire mrntl Orders reeeirved a1 C 0111/10110 /10011 R Slt. Charle/ Exchley eN 3rd deer fr~onll (lroiel ot.,or at tbe I'll/lIs-to 0//lee, corner of l'oydeas & St. C rl,/. a/etIsr~e. noel-ifr jet sI/I tl, & llb I/O/N Il/I I/loser iF.jiPiFk //AI1 b.-/.r illlxl'llsllllllllg /01/110.. , I eaeh, in -l e, an1d flratl/l/lf re- jnl4 S/I/lL & BR( rb/N '// /lleno-ei/ on PARS-3/l ,8l1 irelrem a/llS e ooIer, 1s1, ad 101/ 11111 Is stick afdoat, and fr asle/ N : jrsi rb .1 I bI' 1,1l''s/ I·\.; 7~"i 11111 I 7IlIE (Ophan's Lyre: a culle ll of G l', a m 4 - rPIr, Wuab4.l r (,,.aaa l Innir pnruealuh- N. : erleretdlroll thle mntet cylglated rc,,:j,,rta, nod nr ra:g.'d with a P'ianoForte anjcot::ittteettu ur , , eh tiou.. P,:serr. for sale air~gla a, ty Ihr uniye ntte a rariety of New alutic fr theltttatil',]itt fottxlcaatc redured prees, by ALEgX TtVA/t, ja4 49 ('n0,1) COTTON R CIIICULAUS 1r- PR IN'I'ft wi/h fte Greatest Erjtd lion, nd in a stye u nasrpassed in Nycw ORtLEAN., r ,'let Oayeas left at 'Coyetrtet: If 'ct in 5 . /1,,:r Ir.a hontr, (Cotaer of Graricc iS ) or at 'I' It I' C' A M ERIC A N P N I 1 r I N I) i F I I. yorner Io Pcvdr/.a and St (Ciarles SN e hi, will br pIo"pitty alq t ltd to. Dec. I--1I STEAM EIIOAl' HlLS. () WNEINS, A(tElN\I',e, (; tli'At\N at ft'":1 htOAI'N' a a fheve fthei /il/ls ecrt-tl. tlg ac+ou or aore Colored hlihe on P'a: or Ctlaerrd Dupr, retchf11 deapatch, nod o fattable Terma, by lectviag thLirt Otiiatal rifteI: .\1IMEtIt'AN I'F1I.FC, corner I, ' P'oytf rat atd at. (:hlartcs atteeta. Nae '9-tf 'Li AttAN tCtUiA-1"-)"rttcitcdtrot teta: u l~ tory/inlava tyaaaett'o atot a. tIt.(o-,Ifllt IIwat of the aeet qliety-'la ucaaRgalia, (;figaniec, I. sale by RF11 jai 17 &53Cu-tnI &53 Ca t ca S1 UINNY LtAIS-35i hla.t, ('Ittat:ly Iat.. llaa and for eale Iy ti hOt/cc; ja5 41 Stuw Le, cc BANK NOIIE ENGRAVING. RAWDON WRIGOE, IATCHU & EDSON*, \VI', ol~slrud ,0 oulice n ]\r. w 'trlrnllr. (lo·..:·-l, L1 ga iatiea elith itho N nra toelatt.w f Vtt e fey thae par titar of etgruaiag an 1 tcaig 11000.,,. lttacI, Bite.ato Eech ttg, iy a: taj.,att W aV l. Chef/i and ottter iapllutat l Ia to., tegtt recnln Ow ref. keolnng o 1 all i liltLm 11d ( 111111'*al o, CIIII 1 tl tye h care; /ititlitthtal/tttttt rlac/i ,tcptcetc Ictt I ttver to iittcrtld wank : iu.,titul llu . u 111 .:I Swill bie ex~cu ted with l Inlllllilu,l ,, an clo ,n Ihr :n t teeia. (fitce, coater ttttaeRyl & Cou'tatm],eel, I J. -it Dress & Mlasquerade B.:li, St. Philip y trii ct,bitwiu lual t it$rtl- .. T H E \lul l nug or 1f Ohe nvllh ,' u I.n d tl H ll I ouuom ,grn h .. t1 lto ill' faied, and the pub.c het the t.. ta., lolled valrounge besto: (e l on 1 to r l ,-%rul bvaet . reipectll ully illlfo llrs lth thaiit i l e-l' i ha -hllca i t ln elren elllaiged Ilo the alllon emretl uf vlilxll, alld till lergone iullle.p e rptilre. "1'h1 hiar ,ii bI tur"lnu , : hby nlns II uultlt'y et( i Uolr,1nnl the Itrl·CIIII t t ill bI, kept by hi e eilest l irIterlll r in thellI I tilt ,lia ..+ h rool will re-open on Satulrday eten e .g, 3rd of Noelntirr ncxt, bli a GRAND IDtll is & M t.tIQUrER.tccE 1.11,1, l.ed sill take tllace na usual everl .ilndril, i cl:o, . day and Santrdav ovening, l. l'll the ela. ., hI cl will end en the Iet tof May, IMiLl. N. I. ThIe creates attention will ll , paid to I.. p. in Ierfect order thrugchout ILe eubablicellnl, uie ctu' dona lt ea.uolln. octr29 ANDREW l MITil & CO., re.pcctillly lifo,n, Sthesir triend. and tlte puhhle In eirel, t t, they occupy the new brick shopl, 2 r19 Tlouitoul,. streut, where they krep constantly on hand CopIl Tin and Sheet Ironll Ware, of every drecrltnil, ouch as copper stills, kettles, iand Ip iups, till btll. ing to. e, and oil cans, of all eories null eizs, lnd ill other brass .sltitng done at ahortelt nollce. Grnto hare of every deecription, scttch ila sla.c boet stirrups, hlg chanilia, sacru:r iott.., an I otlelu kind ofetoeahboai woTrk, such as eoliultnty, brieCci. oe, steam pipes. They will also do all kindls o out door ilirk, tuch a- zine, copper and tin roufing slld .guietl &c. They above and all othur kinds ci Woe tI their line of business, they will exuceultli t shortest noillice. dlc21 U lvrgEl sies;,eletiid flbuttrlitll r rl1,ti. 1 lur salt by I ltlliil& I, ld it Ii l ,zinii St. Cllhrles Taenitre.~ liociji of Air. LA REIN,9 hi. iRsi· cod1 uoly o~pparaucs Tl'lsiJIVESINUi1JAN. IA, ~Viil ho p~erlonoerd ii.lorobutihll hey IioelyO' oIA.ue Lor Icker, Kotilcoa~, M. oron Mary O'hore, I),·bnr. Sonlg.Ar.Iekn *0sg. An Ainoicor. Noiioooi Airo, by O~rhetra. To cooclod.. w~ie the .nev Piec, of T`URNING 'I IlU 'IAlltk~d. Jrno-aiobfRlnrpo,MrBeo, Jlock Humllroi~deret 1 Edger 11. thoulrn, Dlner, Aij~o Kr~rb~, Ou. Pihovrr Vatrly l.nrrrioo, Iirn JOHIN V. CHIL.DS, ENOiRAVRR~1 A\N) COPI'ER~-l'LATE' PRINITER, Nau. I, Crnmp &L ~TI1, L cnr~ve ond ,,in rodelcr, honko !ote. hills rilr ood oici: onr ordv.oninlri I, cnrrorulnrr oell rrcrrtiiog irrond,rrrrooonuri,recoiol' oil.rrrplorerdooellbruae door Ilog Corir loolocd boo loir Iale lredy relgrorod. Dross and M~a~squeri&&3cllUs MIANSION IIOIJSB IIO'U El1. N Ti i HIIII V)iilii. Ijlr I nrrIcI, (Ill en corel.( IHli fo~l llrk creert turn norin,. .uorrehrvoytrc~tb oconv. I, ornlld rrrllradnlrr vrrincrllirhoo roI(IR~III1 ill llre Corer·1 cci IcI ci 'el er ro lcjrrrrrc 111acdI cOI gcrrr L~rl Inoo Viii icr. lie co1~ ocsnlrereo(f void1 relorliororcll coner ,ocP"gCl ocll on cII·. C·N inclcrIicjrcclrcOnhrr ~n·lcrccccrcl i Nol crone, cho ilr odenlir ire PoeI re cokeepnoor id ureat~ Attraction! r c , V; O()dots nnll (ii f lllelllic l 1I1 \.1(:1-:1:11; of 3leln! JII · 6ing ''11o·1 w o l r1"Idof ntnI IIiIILXillluCI!I I , wil~'iYI ll do will xp1"ei~locov of No-olll ol 111xtoiy ever o lli~ltl(, is thery canl r, 1"y n ot11 few 11 e' xII\. JD', llpen fn-n1 I l ill 5, and al curly cand~le light.. i tettnorc Jct..-l'I --(·:ildl)·Il and l D , sell, h )1ll'p rice. NEW~ ORLEANS\N JOCKEY CLUB RACES!! EC,1' ii ('tleC 1 1'R I \(; \I t. I I't'1 \ 1:, I:;:3?, wi sll elllllice on W ed.J i i nlticolnrlr to due lilllP. 1.N. (tl.l1'F;It, I'. oprietor. Yi ctP¶. ~~1 arfi & (·O· ('ir·Cnsr. ,a . -t ( 1>.:, 1, t lrlorl.iil xrCI ri: veryT nightl , ruiner cum,+ot ,I i:1,1 1111"11' l r- ( I , IIiI'n tlllllll ltt II ICIIr h 11ý 1n "iir u 7. ,\11101 IIIIU(l rlur", l ()1 ) I d ll. r. (I 1ldd em nl r II I e","... I'_ ' I",1ry PIclll* . _ __ -_ '_ Jt'-l.l'll Ctit I.\ t'F O, I's n Now 1 :srk, 1 Mr1 ? dI. t .\.1 1 il.h R I· OTI ljl ."l. ii t sib 1 a , fr it llll l t . i ,. . .. > .L.fI IV i _ITa, EV,7I _ t'a ti ng 1' ,lwy P.,li',et Book,--[it r IlIU . he ad will Ira II"' t, I c r, roIlll, ; lll. il cmp ll i e I thltalll r.,s S.,my tlh, II,. - lpnd, rs, &c.-Of thie a I.: lit . .. n. I + oU pI+ , l , rpl.n, , ott, -w m l i g ' f ulI p .tln 'h ' 1, , "I . ," n," a",". d , v. ye tl Cr 't sa-l tie itd ts nailed tIVlnltll on Utp"nlt ri, aslea, egit arll nie worst. d rl~llcl et~ssi do, wilh i tll titwhitot rollers, gll ll in Iral will w rei bllIr(ng,;aud , groat Va. ln y of " en! me"tn n's ,,U,,r, ineal ,It xpr essrv ly, for the rit.Itl Ilt'e, Iby A. L. Vanburl andl ntn uf Pliila. of ti"'Is 'ir.l their itnniiuictory.A so, English t a.t L itlch dresiingl mllbs, ete. deca27 I USIITION & ASPINAl.L'S (Q- O UNl N ' I N tl It' lTU IIE.-A speedy I Ond cMit in col , for tin F. r.r and Ague, Sr ntitellnt all in t i r,li'ltmi t tlvI,'a; pr iartld tromn ite igln Il r'' p, . Uttd t th lmaetintl and unit Siril -or.III i 1ii32h. Ihy plrni ilt ll h highetst rl-pl"clt l lht is tins tlli. , as stated in the anlleled itl tillc.lltes, TI '.1 t ih neimo+ is highly rorill ml (lled, lanl d hasll , tlll XbtthI'I v " iums, sl a iiI . tttllv e a ll iaet'as with stuch ,slingutaitai ourctn that the proprietor of the rltip a bhar limit tinc. edi in otilr it to the pual lilt Isit. pri , r nlt ' o it m hopei that it may bin illeans of rhvnig many of those who are .ilf ill lnill rt t -,lti .orge of out mulllntlry. Itli a an , md t , ,> la'n l galit isteo, IU ,| wlleollnl used itimaoping to ie dirci.n'.l has never fa.led of ' :I UI·.ll, It ml ', even ml I ii U I a mostI oIltin tto s.tage ',t dt ad.d., r. It ilt it all dih.agre.aible, iand S .lo s of1 ll, alint i tl matilt ih.: l l lphldren inay k, aiiii ithp h lnty., Ili str, ngthensi l the digestive ~ -lrsll, illtionl tio all p r " rlltl l Ud .ldltll i reo uirel *,ur. i il o , or inl atinU e ,Can , two bottles to <ttt1,t n cure. Thilreei is soh r mercury nor utl ltte in the s diano, ir iany thing injurious ii tho hiuIman cmanuliatlon. Tao loiptiituri are in tll c llvitcdI ot its I.i :,lmacy, ti.t they agree to rillad iti prite of every buttlu whilh thas biot l sl tll in acad mlla t s I t llt l lith e iti llr cti ln a d has i ot i :ttl' d i p,:rtf ct ca re of ttliat it.' r & ague. A. t LIVER, sole agent flr Naw Olloans, at l's n holtl..t.l td retail dri m and i tidicit e tioreo c,.rnor of Ili, Ilvllle aid Ulnartree sitreet. lor 1)istiLit Agencies p,,!y to j T. V. 8,11 IFll, 418 Conti At. 'II ii ii'i. ''a n 'i" l 'Tllt "!I" 1· l I itvt" I is . ermiled oth'n timi~iolt imploed plan, and lit ti an i and miust ,,I .irtbli si tuattion , in tihe lauhour I r.ltinu, lupon the rail ,i, oae lulie from .te ilissis i ilr aiblding is large a . 1 mn.esmtonov limtwly divided tli. aiptl ne -t r ,p ; ur aste: ditfi.irent classen s 'h'e inihtinitls i s.ippli t with tln mout- skilfuil and attetieuo mnle nallnd tenltes , sooand speaking thea riues mon1t11 |lalgua s. Private looml mIIy bt hd hv b gentleme n at five dol la ii. tii d i. in h liditil utttI, c t, le. ' mlýil iiiJi' or i t.ry naitat an, diutlhurta pot day. ýIxv l.ll .lli t dtn nllltii. mitll Ito hi the ordindia ry +a a I's, lien i t allr i , e Tilt .-i..nt ipk 'iiu' r litr t'eddeman, to whom n;pplit oiun ir ulsis.itl, nl be n ' aln . od to lIer CA u. mibvrtli, Nao IIlt impurt tretl. apl9 Ii --litifiTtIAS tll Nu.t Yent 'a tii'--A Iaw ofthe . it dih nid tameri an luntusi, still to h hadl ait I|t Iiat lite of At bI1 ' i ttIW AIt. hi ret', atl l ' aitonrtimeU't ofit' t iiiiuk. 'uiti lle fir hit -, i.a ctat In nad. d .ilt

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