Newspaper of True American, January 11, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated January 11, 1839 Page 4
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I •' i 8ls38i' It to U illil ' tce hain i ci l e th atl tn h odt st- it x vir Itta Ilefforendts ue irenroli le P r;o te i o IIyion it, o h li Leingtruni o iar r h Olorhyl oair read i l iiglnlil',lo t emains " ooth.r Oni l ern retlo , iouo! wl l i th toti. " v re - Tith p hl hn : ure i ro1p .ctlv op. + " e . n dhtvlurelll e nnhltr th r o Ile Ii Rot. in, t hi: ionstoeflie Apotheinciti iilt lrcit y . ov10hl o -ie tlelruT, i-ix tpii echo vr ne -,Itt h urn'id-ttt ar e ely f r is e hn s'i u e "ih n nirtn nlissinasippi nutd LOi s(llia h otel, -jIJiRS. IAIRY IiIRK(LAND renpetntlily an. . noullces to hier friiends nd the publin gone. ally that ileo is prepared to :lccil,oii , e i: theil at ho abov, esntablishnnlcnl, and hui.!s ir in her .oertions to render visltors cum tirt.I.le, to (t ecivc I eontinuanco of former fvoirs. Slte fi,-Is entail. dent tnat per:tons iviiig totl0:rin thy: ummo r monlths, cannot finrl et t: r t aCe.';l ith t than she can aflord them, on nm;v e ILbcr:,d lerm. Iler house i lIasantly Aithta , and w with eveory cinolenattei; the bar in feriu,.e I aiil the moant ehoiceli r. Titiis(:risrrprmheiicct dat nothlinti !hanl b: wuniirig ti. Ihr p rt to ginf wtiro esaTirsletion to all wl, tn y pat thi i the rioirncsi and I eian.a cintel. j- 3 -a etltdid under Dr. S).lnli dt n Cha irhYs'ori, toatih Carolinoa, Aun tor ten years hn asr : itant in the proctico of tan:diA in and o urgni- haI s the hul In to offer hi. piroltr.siunal esnrvi,:e in this city. Ao atltro tihe ladte, h and ge!tlainei latit the in1 t pronlpt attention \ritl be patAid to i. calls whic! may be teilllL; soid ilSO ntT]er ils a erviene (i, the holders foti aecs, btnuing ,t(i - quhd wihit th lta dis.eoases oontin o to tlhIeni, hivin lla ttCitcd tIIcio ill she c.gar netuso in Cnharht toll. 'rh fantoun anti bilious pills after thrA ein oiption Vo Pr1olcssor Sitjlolltte. \nith dirceinls, cn iti: hla ofthe uoldecriglned. The clt, ct nwhich the tlonir produced nA tohi ansd otier nitit, his hrle oz with ithe gicatlect succs.s to wichii the hint o rSi!releos call he given. Apply at No. In6 31'a.t lino street. .Nn. lt'LORli .( ovtLLte Ap' "At-r," 1t, t ''(i a IRONS, &r. HFiE HOWELL 1VUIKS C:OMP.\NY, Din. 238 Woter, lear Ilcrlmillan stres:., N: York, of the above goods, wilnh inn, ei.i..;; of thle ollowing aasst lnenl, suithbu Tor thi ount!t rin aid wasterll arlrelt. Hollow ware oA supaWiir qnity, t e, ofntmtitieg o abhut 1500 tonl.i t i1, Pots ot"22 dilttrnit sizn. from 2.3 tin 51i glloc, lKettcles, 15 oizes, front 3:- to 30 gliol, Kottles, 15 sizro, fear: 3:n Io 188 ga0 l l, Ltakepant orOvens, 7 dtll, 'rea lettles, . t i Ikinllectt . i dot Flat Sptidr. . G i Covered Spidiert dt i Oriddlcs, . 4 td Fire Doge, tG Ti Wagon Ioos fromu 1 4I to .13 .tiic'.-. cart do. 5 to 7 itches. WVood Screrw, '20,rtl0 gross, iro and brahsn, froin :A inch, No. 3 ia 3:9 ieal.n,, i'n, l of ru!,rinirl lquality nud fianih, nilld los tt s.b1 l inJanoi inmt ted pUices. Sad lront, assorted, In conees f aeo'nt bLO Ilb for retailinig. Tailoer' an0d hbltrnlr Irei, emt I,t .dc Saaolwoigilt, 1iGO tunc, aecrltcid tiaot 1 4.4 to tOlb,. Bells for PIlntationse, steamboats, Ehiureles, &c. mode to order. A!so stualnalteats ad other ntetiahiery itIadn o order. 'thi.oaLone au.ortment of gonods ii rartictlatlvi recotniodced to Lthe antc'.tot ofi Soutllillll mlhd Wastern merchants, and are offerd .or nale at i1.,c" prices, aud upolltl lnh nlnoet liberal TeriIs ; It to be. lieved o hn tie Itrg, et and bent Issnortiunt ever Aft-red for sale by ai y onoe ettabhrtlunent inn ti;o - Unwilod States. MIrcllanit. by forwarding a requrt hby mail. can avre a prio'ed circular, with direriptlmt! ni loridn, prices and terms, I'rom whaicih ti itcu.tioii is titor made, forninned by return of mai. Afl orders will receive imaniuliato attentiocn. Now York, 1838. NO IVRCURY I eOR C1 O uv:. rtew Urlcu:, ,n,v. I 1, 18 7. A BOl T siO monthlll ago I hadis t lis;andle 1 I 1. a sacrat disease, flr which I Ihove a plitd to no, ao on tlhe taov daite 1 oat myeelf tdr to te of Doutl lauct, aitd I oldoe:t li.n tt atltrief. tilre Ithat time, the di-eaoa gut worsr, ad as to, Ihrtk ott it Iltl uitces to the number of rix or eight on ca h lec, and all overt *ey face, and sore thrlat, and not able it, work at ha timua o. acaount of the dlteate" lare I !er oal the right side of thit throat Ie u nl, r utig 0 t p yal eoa.ldantly adr rthei care utf D. liuer, e.t ',irI to be perfectlCy cured J l: I)-A.. lab 1 ly IDO CERTIFYl' ttut the uhvo me loeo l,..l e '.:d,-a i< qtite well enred to ao'y own sati-,.co:io, o,,r I,t, thank Dr. line; aot morecover I ., re . tha. t the . ito li- t cilue I have taken mtkes lo e tn t, aitd !d not }':rs ne m naalth at all; therefore I advice tot f II t tiitreo to Ieee n tlltr and tiapllvy to i)r A. Ilut, Itt1 Cane.i street,lbelweell Dauphine and Boqllrbll ttreats. e tr, Huet is at hett from 9 iL'luck,'. ,M r, util I II. fhtey will find a true Tlator for thin comapliirt. JOIHN IIAN..l Oravier atreret. If any one wants to ace uac,call at N,,. lu Graveiri JOIIN D[laN. New Orleans. Feb 1, 1838. feb t-t lly O dil1 Ottiee Irtelo Blstam ofttrat oi lie - Ihonlli pilt tp in holitle at the low price of 510 cente snh, tLontailig tthe .trenglth of t iIteeo ca sea If' Liveawort, heasilos iha inurta o manv t ot.r rootls ,red herbs known among the Indi.ns as elticacious is curietg ptlmonary compluintas. The u ritlled succet s which Iroes attnded the !e. ,if this ineatimable lBte nIlelrevlt r it has btee iltro duced. -as obto:inled the confidtince and rccormeertda tionsof ree.ectalr phyllyiciatns, for the cute of co:lttts, colds, pain it the side, a tt of re. t, tfiiti::g or blood .liver complaint, & e. To whuln it may concern. This is to certify that we harve ill ourr lretie fretquently ilroerlled ,lrs (rah-ia sr'e lndialn BaIloa of l.tuverwt.rt ad !lJarhottt ldl wil a decided goal effect: we can thcretfort, tlnltll th ktoew. ledge of the materials it is mado from, and l -clrv.ttlwn sd. seoieuee, recanlntend it at a ollterv.- 'rrparaeiot erall tlheae atlnetions of the lbitde fr ohiith it i re mtuended. AtBERT I' L W I 1, ,'. D. CAILVIN EL.IS At. D. emabea afot Boston Medical Auaociation. Iastnee. Octohr 15. saldey JARVIS & ANtDIr'.S, Itl 9 lniona itnJ i'aittllnal st o ,ITARD)'t Vrgetable tlair Oil, for ilte rtotorotion s and grow th Iflair, giring hiath cau beault.aOnd terrelt ttls Har Oil ws o're al ie to the tlhlie, it had a.alla italinbunadrl"o .f oarse oft behlnera, thinnra, llld b nlitceintlnf the hauir, end itu egery iutlo.l itt eaultueo el'ia'tabltvrhe-be reo roll Ite-h rttr ft rrftatt oprodu.e t dw aqapjtltifll tgroautlit of bit tht ,b . ateady bald. In lwHa where it beot,,ea,, tlv and e:,e t rod ,7i ,J wimll rra be.utiful growdh of hta,r, wtuicu the le:als h"ery to the head. 'liha Oil gtieeH' ., ,,rhl. fre p uane and i, prefrabln to any .,tor ie ir il ftt,-per Stlteiug, .ul 9ad gllssin ithe h.rir. 'I t I h ,r otba:u . th e..t.rr-ttret i, For ereo at fet RTTT n Cd , taariae reia l;ao I l t" na"oa''h, Orleans. Egle, Higahlnn ir,;'oknr p aVlndstV~r, llau'a h and 'rma nl4a sdl,..; lBck ardtrmi k,9-89, !t)"Srll . inch blnle Bowie Knh'e<" Lall ertriald aithsr T.taeallirnl aiard . ses;a t "al, PactJket, r(lotý' t aneg tis, rm and Fr chal c luoub lo.nnd snim le hn'l. .o ;u.. Gbaae Bg!ls- Shoat Bltlic PO.ader mnd Piet0 llaiake, t )rainl tl tlet and I )rink.itg Oaps; Peere a-or Captnfe d .al !Haollld ", :llth, [lai'a 'Ta mh: a'nd Nail' a oUrala Orrme, and Chlorine Tuta Va ashl Tooth Powiled;'l'oile naai aah-aillng Soaps, i greaa t vr a date' iann" Hair Breaid, Rinllets and Frizttre; 'cPear sal i'ailnt Plwaar " Emery I ite Ih vrr tn Tuh Cnshhal: Paltet t.tSdes or arter 'u.i aI,. Ear tir e .lspaolr ler; walwer Pallf. aad Boxel'nilt Chainsa, Seal and nle e; F:aridrops; Waist Blnuklet; Br.elnttit Bead Neckhles and: Chain; ailt and Silrered lenalds; Indian Belds. Bells and Plumes, Shell Twist; Side and Dressnl 'cali wwhlichhj' afdltiora to thear Frtiar stock nan hntl. diked tholr siisortmeat very omplete, acnd will ibe sold ow and onaliberal terms, at the sifga of the Gdlden 'omitk iaS-tf 70 Chatlres strael. VIC a, Agents ftr the extenr'e ha...a of . &. . Butchera Sheffield, Entlaad, have just .cetrvd a very'" eateaaaie nt oFal' o a t.s, ensllatin 0of Table ad Deesret aKnias of ao" . dsrlaatioa,. Pen, Pocket, .Dirk, and Spear prtiut l aivre; l.zorsa, Sti ora, Edgle Teals t, ae1. &r. vhich they are prerred o exhibit ton the trade tn order.. Terans and coaditions will be umade uanaan at the hlae.s m16 J. II. EINL t A COHEN .9l CrnlmTn t. lP:1W cilioi-s. IlxIs Na ( I. Ital'.TTI & Ct).'--Are lrn, rceving 1i. per smap iltaatile, ar l e i Merrya A andra , ilil.' andee, Tre ine anlatri(;Ca an dInul'l Ia d l ineae ar r: sterbelt ai d Iaraket atistotl; a ala ribh. d oand split naan ti o empsl r1a Ihthllrs; cisa s rs, :lza- ors, u'rn. vna; ( a illo a't eommrealal alnl oalier steel aens;t .a vsu r inalha saniasa shell ivory an d 'a or'a n 'al a r a taa , kIl, a ,al narl Ila.athc- pa'asea h:a r Ilaa idals, t a tanal sek a ainileti; nsavgara ptll,; aaelta alt ll 'lrrnaaa colnlle FI',ler- RoI len .I v aneesser oil, imitartion do; a an tio aall hears nil; .ma"tille dekst. ana dreaslna eastrs past. blnekiog; a imi atla i toilel'ses; eonvex.:l'rrnst op twner, cr sr ili e a:-h balls; sentd al lslliol; 1ool; sia,.w et'1hiS . I"rdev h-ind| chains Sol neeko eces; Iilliard holly po" et b;ooks tm3l xadltts ; Gemnd h g alaaaaan- l'anar ntlaaa ala t ccla.laall Il ala; a i lil laa:r 'e tan aak a l n l lnastla slsp unlteraa, a tc s'trs Bea ls It al dr ,lanaCI e cear paneila Creynla, &,a . a cE, The lad\eIn aaodditinn to oar' former adaek ot fIaoey articles, ILakes oaa r t:lsstr h:nt tna a a 1ca la. ta l P.' et whrll :sale o" re:tail; as thue sig l ufi,e Glndea Coesh, 70, lua l eaisadI. Caaaaaa p r all n .ao"Ir,areli.-ra-t - nit en 'ca, ipn.,.x i p cirwyetSmpl,.e o f aNwIt'aaana" aaara:lr, T srri r:la'.. f ,ina abttlez an I a llriCaa, I(llv aa 'acot. Il, dl't. td a di-s rled at alhe ,lrt or a ln stF y v hedeaa uf uc .art' P sol, aalaiC Ilarr talaacaal tl at aaad to aaa ti l ing of alaaaan!ao nu ,la' oart,, laarris C ., ,,t Nata hezaa 'laalu a ria ag la - ev l ('n.,at aa dnev; a nal lf'aarv KI l ,,tcn rll ataend to lre setlilg oof nin bulaineslaa' oT'i'alrs, ll'ntoo, & atca fia c'ew ,lrnl n ll1. The mn n oa e ufcr ,e einctcl l rltln \0i1l e :ied ill lioaa il'oial oail, . hai; nlhiaN wi~l l"ea-r ,'I"a\ iCat llt a ihbI 't dei.T . { ra.I I i I `la aa IaA- re a ' "I1, lkata F:la o i'a-ela:a, , a\.e:- 'aa l, a'a il r! c urn 11, -.l.1' f Ilhhu -,t i.,r,"r (° ob,)io., , m'l( ', in t r'le red all fr tale liv the doz r .- I"ltti:.- +l1i nd harts, elaaia al ataoit.'alal, raa,-as',a lalta l.h Sba , mik f rala l , aa" I. ccr ii Ita rinIt>1 n,. l o .k, k+ I, : d. , l%'a ti's v cel , 'la Iaa 'a aa r n l , 'al la'' :l. u , Pi'tc l ligi,'. rt, ,", ('ha i n, s 'ad a't a'a'-aaal' : i,1, . 7 1 art1 aa- trai.,I e nt cat l. ,n".n n ,,1 rll (ira a r nil .: ':,o , n nI a, r tr I . and lIrllr G ln '+,r din, f: tl tn t If "Iq l ,]L]. aII /.yri-, l· Vat iLl l C· I["k ,i . lull , ui , s ill, it u-: ,.i"t rnl , :' t, , loe. I'Oig)l lha i,;rl n rillil laala I, , l ti ea lla ttit ,.a' r:. ,In talal a':k Atailtin .:: lt l to nal l hraal o o allaea ,a la;iaa , ' I', - i lia n rn ib 'r ai a.aCaI aa~aa' or,.,:! a-a , al, -ao.ron & fhne. ."-m,;ti,: ..1slv.llti..T·rs, In ~ hi:."n n::..! l.u.;,i r t tcht's, pnt kut l n k, n,,A.. i .; .li` e bun;, iii3 nI, i+ ,l Oyl ai'ry Iaallaaaiaan.'nf s 'ad elce aa-a'a aiaa ae l)lnt. p .,i v" "in,·'1 n ntt_ I!,, . ll'l¢t t,,] Ir ,'lll e o,!r uniti tnl] dit 'i i ln ''au c ," el,, i l aiatl a'd ln re ,.~ l I:a:l,- 'a'aa a. iaa cball 'aaaaa I n lns, laaa ie k'it a, , -Itlad d aill veianu' e h la r-l apo k c: i :1 chin- a , nboe ribb,c, m bll. n it bluckles, eiolh 5;ir, to th, nail;ncol . ,a, ,io , 1 :: " i:ct rua' 'an t ad 'aay ne:ai," aIr' o, a ',, \, .'N , I wo: I ,', i:l u:,., Ct-i r vIl voIt r. la'aa -i-a -la'lla aaa e i.,. ttli.,' , , n -'' aiit l., ket,, a-ia t;in,e di .a-a' br " a l a,', a --a a a F1h( plaia --itilSol al:l p ,, i ., : al,,,,. nac ,l :h- l nll", ai'a utad a.l lt ii' ;iaaal, a... a 1; l dt.\ F :'5n't)iL' :- ' t," -' .n l "a e ,'I -.r l a aoaah,.a.! ?t, C lltt,,cs n 't. 1a-a'' ala- ' 1 [:, ra trn n , -t a ril. a:-- . ri,. i r i:, , "^:t: I ,eý. , i, araaa a ai, . a.,hya' I',t :tI .aa la . il , ",a a a':h. a, l , I aae i ,", "r, !"r, 1 i aide,. a '; aa . a-i-at'n' i :,a ,tl-aaaltaaa l a 'a'CC) laa' . ,I, tiaa;,a' 'd '- ,?s[,' s 'l. :' . . : pl:,in anila -r lta I a-a llaia,'.I.ll'-- on, ''" , i astI'a'aalaa' er f at'aial I taad"t f a.ula.aaaaa waalea -ai ,:lalac a. o .a aalaai .la ,iaa L(K I... 6tt +`ea .3a:aea n - a -la a Ftaota a ana toilet rin ., uaraa ah", hi llia ' l drll :,iaal ''at:lan:, l:aatalI F :ia.'Y ala 1 a Aa i:i 1 AaRTaaaL:a--iren,-hIa eora diaa d fval'inaa kiada c :i,,:a a nd,- aa ' gu'taus, a l vr , 'la-ai all a ila an alIc::ll ,Iaa d a n- ila Ir'l rpaa' 2rs at stl yl!Otlri:AiW'.J circar: rrlf P!.nniauliip roceivrdl~lln.: 1L3 fur -to m t 'Irtr Iwotnu"", i"!,:: .ý",l;.lr It ia!, InilJ pio tu i "ýt; u.;d ·S :r private ielca a,!-;l and prmi heffo I' . 1.)-rer* P44l 0! tile ciiliiO * - , P -LI-v i Ip f e y . ie :o a r h i i'rreua,. pn iar fir nv1e i ire o IJ *ILE ill:wre o ttl. uiT wP ri[ pd ia.ia b " t e o Ithi n ' l han-rg eis'ii. p pVr livc:;;c' c",r,: to t elslr ncd rre ;o - FapUioyhamrr.wmerrlb i.Cm';p (r,, P the ili P'C ti . IV . ilearsria ln-,*s Via Il nt p c, ::i agd ti, I ep p 1 haing uRITe L LOJ- i-.ri Ia i. 1 .r al'" C r Fany to . inerofC m n nd1i C I. r i I P t "0ar ! por.. I. a "II I . : L PE Cl! ??tfl E- : :r .i ) -*nlto:ua pure, whirr~ WiNIIrOiV 61 e-.: any *itflr .It' r -414.11? .ii.1-ar,1:; WITEE0- 1 i r Apoeuro iPPPi)'l 0I ''' "'-" I I 10" ( km 11 l rl 6 e I 'r vae1 S NB M C lih-,pa:" :teh 00 perrerd,--f~af .oLd1 laov I1sn¢orla~nun of u-i.t1 , h'I e n WILLIASuu , oULs't, NOW AT THE J.FFtR.sos'ttOSe, Ja.FERSON e Tsa 0rft, To the E4,or of the L.ouis file ." nlndrierien: 1 ti--It Iappearsn b thie observatinnn oftihe Ed tort t of the Nashville Presbyterian, Union and Trans Scrint, s "einsa n th ino-o. sa of the eitniis En:noirer rfi;i t m " en d G eriflem on " is a ,m n,_, tilhe ID octors 'l'h:n s i proed! behi. kinsly ra.c knoting that hin thme is Cotiht aldn l that thnu innibind coidt Anmrican peotple are able to jitdreo lr itcerealves what are puffs ndit imnposition. Tl'lhe nartnn nlitors who ne I)tia:tors, the pruprietors, ediators o sub-editors of the nab ve anhed inurnli, onil every rletter rom prsea s Ill have mlanorsI to siht in tiat: nb;ve plaeCC, pa-i. I. The fact is, that ! uver ad lasuoh great success withlin o linmited a nd tie nlsll or twnnlve daye. One who wnas aed shout tenll vaenr who had only seen the light tromn his birth, benan to see to follnow ;in Oa-ter o my hotel, instead of beoint olited to hbe .d ,v Iinm. Tniyvolltg ladies, in tl had each nIi the sight of done ate, one fie tron tenr nid tlne otlier fir earlv two hers, honaving both o thn the otPer eye vterv iavenk rvt nelh of tthnae oung.lndiesl begnr to 'see wti hurts ayes, whbich be.neit pledluge anvoeltinill continues ex cptliag theye are undne the influeone or donmintli oa of t no Medicil l)ioctis. Anotlur is the daughter of a t'especttble hlenhiant, wslhis nanm I am bootl n ever to mention, (as he paidl e my fees), wl o nitl she hand lost the eight of one eye li.nn the age of 1 snann hsn, bhlt that alia now begini to road large letters wiuh the nther ene c nl petht l shut. 'T'his the dontonr edltont bknoo, ao the geonlennis told ale himself ia hhad eon duca'd hia dauihter to the nlnee of the medlical editors. thaI they mninlhtn ie nnrnnrmd of the fent. Tlie las I s lllToil ioln is ag elderly eoentleman by the namse of Pounnt, neatrly sfvnnt. years of aage, whdeclaneid paub rnlv iby ttr, nrwhicni die took to all tse differant ofince in Nnosville but ne, and himsaelf told mra he Iln Imaid fore' h innertlon whstever hlley tastandnnted wi declar 4I tU that letter tnhat he ha ta ll d-prived of the hicitief one te from f ks lhnter hini 1n f ailh his mother sntatled to h;l .- oecasioned hy th mcnntales or saell poix thlt ntv rn cl cod laot nilly Stre tha liihnt af the Ull, foe tihe first time tlhua h rel llecs, innnt sthe s.irt aln, and nnwat hnainning to distinetish maly ojieets; anld did, heforl I left tlhnt atv, Kiv la ny pnroof that In cosld see to walk aboiut tlhe snrenela nlh tine othnner eove coatnintelv cllsed. H snaid lne led nrn it n inl;sber in t thie Mrthdnist Episenpal Clinnrch ior no, rlv forty rra+n, all that I h hia wind 100 never doulbt. ed shtin'-ghi the o h~en coursu of his lin. o. repnts t' nn: .ad never Lenuter eaneeufels a st Nanlnvil:c, and ikl 'le nmoedici and clerlicas doctort had neverhafcr e to elltn reason to sle enrnardl. The iontlhinndignetrcn t .? t~ len. elricnl 1)i Snith proves, when "se a utat tn o tIhutnn lt in x n etrs past, he w'Its enonverted frnii bed i n e len:n t infidiel tis beli eve in tile Sdctirn s of'i iible, t In8la isrit lnin lh en dimenrialin, lerol-tint i IIII iSt hve n llaint I to n y, thi t hI hi. tile endl ofrix years to cannte.ihe Illt l it conveua rted fInnin .iu inftldcii, ans tne speiiltnf fine trint mininstr of t,he lpe eil fil od enllin dmdirinins letof te Chirii tian rei pgii drees nt Ircullte nt detrnerionen rage, Clnlltl ly nd fisehOand to pleae h;s InIedicail fieinds, a.ainnitn tine oat ll whonl he Inenw ld do hen s luceh Fol an t l illn .I330y to unv a i. All th illlteintninof Nnunayillr npoke of tile great .u~ee. ss I had, ,-oept tie mledincal !.:o.tets Most of thnma lon s inn iben innirilein by Mr Yount oa thtn curt peorfoIred on h-is totally blind eve. -s 'b'c -,,ln nia (t'lllln. nl in In ac pllllle.tentlotiat Ihave nlst the la,:rets ngaind in thle Nanlstil, sinee iny ar, ival in the Snnnthwest. lhis, iron,-nni hwnvear.I inn, and dst I kep1 themn until n innrived in thiieft' n itn it I .Illr l e in t lon te northt, I o11.g t to have na ltd Ionrth er illtll'. sllth( andi snnlihwentlln l still hope to wicr ts -:in onl nily -ry yntlllidtll lri.iw oi n the, idia 1 Ilnove, ins siptoe df ine it eaiinn Inm the cnln"a Dr'S.i f nay jUnge ilin thie inman. I ane aaind}y beeltniesd in this ctv n-thin three daln. "i. The nlhiect ,n h o Irun '.ca-t is to ifiCrln tle ntn di " t 1 (i i~ ole liiid e!inn r. I f In h lenia ll, ,-i i ll- ml n 'ro " rlotl+ we.ll is the chinanal tr nun ~lh 1nn ;, i" ci , P3I.. b l i i lln ,ld of (li unlt o oll fin i tn It Ini , nn welt n tins tll e .lhnn and 't) nnndica i editor I ro tnlh t no a..nq e. u-; well ies A Pren tine, nit nedito o n, inn Ii~vil. Jno it-!, :no ill- s lhin31 l:ce ll Idll·dl l edihor o' tis In nlin n' n nrit rli n)r in.,i tihlt I sh:,ln l fi nine at ' It, a is t at-. )ft'lat.n nrriv:,p in ll w St e i lt ,t n1 wll t ,.4 inityrst cin(3' aniilaleb: t h I n-a ncll nni-n intnl Illt l ofine Irlh. al. li of hlu t'.,u.iuntil |have hr1,. 1 ,. I,0 ao'es of' lilt 11. 1% a e i' . ti (1 ll. 3 o i" :or'h, IT .1', 1 e :I I o the sotth nni tnl nit wc In n int. - t inn--r"i,'! The ttiIeth ! t1-rr i:,re, als "" ,t~n '- I ai nlni:. I- n thl- loElite . od .odf io nW na n ii n t,;it tien chll lilt i . i ii in t r11i. Il1·ill in'nl [ I'ull I n itnt:lllll t.h ,..nin 0 t t o Ct'tn t . i wc Ith INv. inn ,1 'h y t n- L'rl, tIlnandeil lnetnd wa " 11 I-i fit! ll' rr,. in(l, wa l : no 1o ? i, o-re I i I t.iitel(. pi o, ol inr:- I' ,t for t ,c Rev.I - i ll owon , I lm. i . l. l it inn I~·~l-~ln !) L ·'...'h l. .itl. 1t Illlil.'lsi nf liltl tint, Ir r o i in· ,brr·. ooilllf;, toomk in toi h--inll, n ittu it deni ed i i I The w+ty he di., 1ihi 1 bet 131i :i 3o ; hi. lll. will d tI¢.t lt J't ,', ns l neet or 1,31:11dIei- - -c to offer that ncit in in !- tt tn, -r nli (h 1 liy r 0t-iF:n, i allne '1,0~ i(,clrr i;lot ..,, owrn lem - trll i.+ befoure The S o hdc i e no E t ixi ln:n:, 1 I ' I v ,lil " , l o ,% u , .,.. ,\ .. \ , i hfi n -rt I.... . i i :, t . :int e ~ fiiv,;.I +'f hi,. ,,.. wve l I t::s le ,.,;e "t n ,o v -- i n tle Il a , A- in rIn tn t dr11! 1, n (:i tici- i tii , t e - 41u^1dh,' ntrrt l sice ni icitnenha Pt,1ri 031.11 ta , u, I i' s'q r i. I I - 11 ' irl r li rI " i .. i ' I itD+ t i l adth'es ltl il to M1r 0 o1hli l,'Lt, edi!,or of' ll l "ihe V (: Advo lntt'. I~, No( lt :er t1,0 eici l r i'b 'ae 0.1,1r1 (!do l ie , ah ofl I--, I tn:: i-tle ' ,. tn "d - S-nt titc tircl clou h m ,( 13 ,,, 'ie 301(+0-n--inn ei .: ler d in the ninnn tin . ' ,- isi 1,'wn by i;o fr:l -" 1 laJ e A ' ti t coii, c d in, p,'"t t hicd UCL-ta- '`a: - 1.1 u li nll :, t - i tint- e n1 ~ ,t bc ,e':1'.n e,, n , l , i i' Ifin t; e in lee :ii - In i S - , in nntttn',;ni t -cfn --il:n,r i -,1t.. \+." i, in I t +s inn in.nnti ncn.:I ; i;i n, nrm1,nn n- -n n ..nn.nI' ei iu t i" :n, lv , , w of , , . l J o . ee l:th in:utien, nr:,: h n !-e To i;, lnin.taici I it on - 'n:'n irin.; l,'.ý1. ,'",,,ol, iti. I, , i,111;'3n-i i -ýoin-id ofmin 0i n 1 hn i a ;i ""li,'t, ilii,', h," -14 ,l h . n it- .iadh' v-ct~ he- ni lit- oe ,.tun:. , t 1.110 h l i t, Idn hi- ac botnnann le ;,1 ihe 123. Dno,ii i en n rln.t in nn'eitid to nit i , rli tin e t o ,, 330) , inn nit iii ,ni 1 pny t- ent- till ,t~ll n,. pill.' Ia Iio1f,, a'1 Iii-nnn al-winin I ,.d 1:-\'t.,, !19. Ilmt I~e her,,l'irt cin a ,tncl'l.d, ine n"nina t IT inob tin Iv 1-':''e i ii oi ' ii nii ; ti ni .e American imciiv I '°"l l !o r t V u "noll ltaint] p s ic o Eu-it- .O in Is cnn,:hnn t ,o ,nian i' . tn'-i - s ionl i't1:1 literon doian itfl- 0 it-n 1,0 01:".ni.:]i nneda.tined toimne IL hint ;n n the sI,,!,V 1U1 ll; vic:t hands oil inn.n 'i,-:17 . - , cht n-nl, inn t o:lehi an otiht i ln t it wl ithnut ''.0 ."n,,, ;:;:1,. n he i nn nntnl, !ii; ,tha ii ]in, o n je r !nn ' ',uctit h3 i' 0 Scu', ',rtd iutin , I n a h lnncn tnbnd not-I3 -s '.I irit ht tin ml' mt n well of ttle hriin n es he 3,:en santi IV ,i ermn I f ony thne g.,lnna Ca.iu Iiii Tnn d, alsnd nnevld itit icr +:-ann i tn it i t f N"I~hvi:r rccollcel Jntal. In^nt.,r a saw 0 . h a a !etr, ill LuOnlI sh the os hien It . sataactlt n i03: n nhi na\ I 0 1 1 1 ,eason ,it:, - ig.nn i a,,t , n s if bn wotuld 'have i 6nat d tu nic e 3,, a e inuilnbiid mY' ti than ititie a,,Id Gentlmhni" had I - p-h ren io his onv ee rtocall olt un;a 3'i lo.n ihnt I tnei r, iet the c.ahoie pa; of n ,t f'e l r e as tn olist in (inttn e rii~-)i C. ts -- t la lu Usis!ilt, Ci' ,..tis, ,'- iie S. i'. C. islnrar ot ts 5lth June, 1 3ss7 i u it tw iti' a'i lt 0F' Dr. \ls lls ii, iie it.s r ths os . v a ie s n t e v. .Ir Io, illi, of Nalhvil, tso the 5o5l tI" i o, th \r, stera chrisvian .\,vocatwho, iit ,ca er , has e'iasisnld ii ! " i, lo'i e and olher dscu"s ue,,oyviheltse ofthe )aoctolr'I'elaints to public patron e..;u Ill eun+..iei ;-c : of nn accidentdiat . \i is alsoa it'"n Id--.y lilte ist . v. iev. Sir trilnefitill:-.llvine, been requesited Iby Dr. 'ilIIElS, tise assoct, now in this elty, to eia lnine hisc nl d nas and otherii d" snients .sinciv of kiO ll, eai.. to ntulhe e nllhtilel. , in Ilia prufessim, I har-p, se, t t'h'tryi t i res o the Kin, ,f the I"retlc at \ na.,h , 1Jrt:!.h ssed to Dr. \l illia ns. te-tii',_, the ii , i lis arivat IiI the Ls I t li "'tactlsa de n e i nii :, n s',: iof greIat tsees iat ti ret otion of n; to the ..:I i. I havets" ,e hqs rI' all his poor ,atueuts in sosi. I; .cr his3 iscu; bht all I h ave ien iay Ithey are - ni q cl:'etif-nhll y bone fittd. sstJss' D. Css IHOWa 'LL, Narliville, iunr -i, 1s:i7. '. riMco ri l iting the non, almo of Dr. 1YilianmS' ,ttien'q has caUe(. It un sat ,/lh nays he had' actuabl: btt now tdeclares hislsscf bet'rr ia. lut lust InllZll; for tilh. first time in bi - ife tihat he ran rleioliec, ihe oull dis tin.uisihwilh II try.,.tl,r rll ftho pilr tJIl)lll~l'·llf t Iria . Slearn IIIa lhit ssll ylil;ll il h al tl II this rd zion, and ay-s lie las Ieeua .n ";iet'r.oduii ding f ry" years. Ytour, truly, anglo R. H. C. II. SIlErIKS i iN l'ILL.sDL i--i --P.r l-s -y S YOK'i'.'rs 1' tT'i ilLl "'TEN'EK'3d i' F L)i1.IN \,&Nc. I&. k .v .t.t it OF I'si .IItt s -iatlb its .05 I', roaii.' , . aT hi.ts ,n'^r.,15o5 pT.tee to rlte , niny, h r ,it ; d , lea t~c.i s rl lten, by 11. S. T'wlaler. sisiIetsi r '- 5iii sFilt |;.ssil.a's-, She) rirciil" 1 '1. 1" 1i-l 1- . ..t rlt.ll hr.:l , tl a. e lrc . the , .:,."- -,f sh." canini * nod l* r:tt l mr,,na t ullrt ll l'....,:" . r :51.;1 I t~e r..I=,di-a bee mdc:a 6-t , ...I . " p I ^u,.," 7" I orsaei' LTHIINDIAN'S I'ANACIHA, Olt heoiireof rhenmntismset fulaorkingsevil,, neiaticnor hip gout, inetiint cannuers, salt rhetum, iphitit lad mercurial disasses, p.rtiecularly uleers and pitfuillarlectiousofthe bones, uleeratedthonat,.r! tolns trils, uteers of every description, fever sores, and internal obsesses,finlsilas, piles, senol heied, sourvy, hits, chro nic sore eyes, ar si llelis,lhlothllrs, il every valitiy oi'i sirlcms aettietiii, cheonijie Uatarlh, head b elt oI poeerd ien i e m aniy ettli humor, pain in the stotnch ;Iln dys Spepti. prncet'lilng frotivnlrititicu, alfliction, of the liver, chronic indltoamation ofthe kidneys, and gencetd debili ty eausetrl hy torpid ction of the vesselsofthe skin. It is sin'gslarlyeflit.reioes in renovatitlg llhose constiiiiions oliilt have beetrhken roeicown b) iliudliciotiis trtmei t, jitveonile irreguitiret Iu georal terms, it is reveom e:neded cio all thse diseasecs whilerseh from itpuitrllee of the Mlood, or initiation of the humors, of whatever r name or kind. Some of the above complaints mao reqtire some tri 'lingasistant eppliealhons, whclit thecvireumstanees of the case will dictaet;but for a .eneralremeldy orPimificator to remove ticause, the INDIAN'S PANACEA will genleotlly be found suficiilt. TO THE PUBII O. Itow true it is, that modern Physicians, in their am hition to excel in their prlofessiom; explore the vast f6clds ofsreience by Ihe aid of chtemistr, and seek out new rr medial ageitis: in shor, to arrimve at perfection in the practice iy leans of art alone,-entirely overlook and neglect, as beneathl ther notice, tierith iiand bolttteou stoires ofmedlicine, whcih the Almightily hits ecused to spring not of the earth in every htie ! And how nutch more true isit that whilethe Ameriean Physician looks to Iforeign countries for many of his most common aud iceessary artivles, perpetoually changing as they ore ot the dis.tes of'fsIshio or fuilly, lie is suoresndled in his dwu ocountry. with all endless )prfusion of medical plants, sttfliein:lt to answeralny indication in disease or to ello f ;any curblu disorder; anl yet lhe is ignorant olf their vir te, ancol tey are selitflred to wl:stetheir Ilealing on the deertr ir.' - iThe efectsof vegetable medcilnes upon the system olre iettoetoreT-- thtiel o ermicrelstlasting. ''le lic her ex el their effectscml pass fllf--the letter, mercurye in r tieular, net chemically ipllon the solirs, decnlllosing sthe honesand ucnt deruiuing the constitutti by al slow d inll silt eslllt io . S Tihe onligeniality, efltiency ald SAli· TVY ofvegetn flle remelies over mineral, mai' cc estimated by eaniteast ini the ncient pelctice with tie modern; or, ti hring il it lore ilmt ediately nl.le, ' oulh {owI obsl'rr:tioll Ill" Il i tin prtilee with that of the whites. WVio, iii Americi, Its tint kllnown o hellr of repelted Inshnces wlherehi some n Itecrpil I, nprtendllllillnS fmlell ndianll by meansof her simplle remedies l alone hals atlted the iost rapiId arslastonishini ceres, tter the lMaeteira Medictlea of the -rmmioe ni lrctice. directed iin tihe most skilftul manner, lhas tiilelld And who lilts nItot Ieen stlltllidi I Ille inl Itraotivieeose and faiility witlh whlich tile Ininfliacei t im .'lf iiio any dieisease, aild at the almost toi abstinence d Orl'chronll.isetie umonog themt Who has.el t lelard e of oa Indian with a constitution bhlokull and r,.ined by Silr tueetomt And can a dlot.litexist that this hiappy ex e rnltiolt or the savsge fi'om most of the ills whicl the lle.Ii oI'ulI:a is heir to, is chiefly o'willpp to nure1· g'IllliX itg dilit"tle in suces, is a fahirxemplilaltion Inl the cibillrnlcts t leeiiitt of the simple adl sIlea means of cure whiich go hts c"iated fitetie thetneli of tis cildren, , over lhtse which the ptrie and the art of man have iI if vellell - From a long residenee among a portion of the .lhli, ill r tl illhailtats o1 thi eonmry, amtlan intimate nletquain tI raCe wilh thle n tit kll ctre olear some of Ilolthciv l ost Ssilleetcesslill tileitiolrrs, the thoilrietlor of 'Th Iti i:t's Ilanacc el~ll ilell ait knowlelgee s tf nt e moll" IlSt ow 'i'tlll :lll favritce rscnedihs. Frm htrse he selec*ted sich as were most eltiencious :lll l.propriates, :lland tiel v:ll'ioN11, xperimeill t III te ittheil, lrin eS t lsnl ls .ee gth,t ile llsc.lcbiler d them in tireti presnllted, ns ',h .ltOt iierl' t li allll b lefi ial let the t llll e l lr whiye it TilIi Iiiiroprietotr oel'stlhis l preparatilon to Ih public, with the cL scitnlSll ss that he is placig withintheir set, ct lll iin 1100000' elts, the only mel a ns Cf lleting.t .ir I.u IE : 'iri ane, l rtestoing throlle, h c e mnot r h health l hapi. ,pis.0 This is not ollelel .i s ni acoi mlu rnletvi tt d Oat I per vhance be eI wdly good vith rn othrs now tut u e;h tis a lne wenc iniscapable of ss iit .lil' ire It o S xt.Slelte r.,;s v hii' l ni e tI u lllth U:, rrmcl liln 1u. This it In b s dI one I peatdly; colil 'is is tlhe rtI pto titlr it i;:bi , a th lil d wherevert t ill i it t h a been itri thticl . i r, it is a ntthoheeeive tenessinecthisprepnratin was S pretsented It t he Itlilltc:0t °I int tvut sltlgL ýi:( it to I , r; n ome sllie II etoll·slllol mo s 1 ~11 1 . RI itoht: ll i fin wo d e solcmh it ddo' dhat they bliesved l, tihe i' w. booted h) it, :,d io ma. ,, ..l:ý: e, thov Int II I~, itd t ,ic v Mil It.;1, i dI II Ith. iem mllln It ll rem dib" in v:in. \t lot1 , . 's! cu t It i s is knot'l it 5i.ailliv rnollli . l ille niol., t.i d Ibis n a l stf is the t t ub st.Mo tll::t l o t: I )Villrillg prl.' of it butelio ltIti b itli cvo n io i no II tho e Itaels i1 :crn i Ihust coll,l l i, lh . Olltt:: ll I i ii :tllll ! titit it itI li.l1t 111 I. P, ti, .. Ii ti e :I, I. s'e II ll,, l e I1/1·1 I:'to IIo.l I I 001000 , Il l i"IIiii0,: . i w, 0: , itIt it c tiiti s m m. " i- " b h a.H le, s h1, di , t , a' I , llr:ehti ni,',!, 1 h' t: he tithl, , i t-s, tlh l ,t :,:, tt ,- .lt c tiii ill. il+ ilil, i· rii l., .,a11i " l: t , i ihli·.iit ti. t l iii hi il, ts , iii1tttl- ii,,, t.t. t ,i t i i LI lit, l. Il i. I0I-' i l0. pi t peiit ois Ni. 111 5 S r 'i.= i oth lt: , th, m, : 1,, :.~t t , t4 , Iv, l t1'a Illlt, r et 1 vi0c:01. , l , .:,,.1 it , .~l t . ljlt,1t.c i .l. n " si. it wbu" rao-' i t lil ,i lc lii, ior selllilt tu.ull ,.l il.: . lih c ", ll it ll d lsoIIolitil · 'll le " I i' w l l' iin lit ai iti rlee ps ,l i t 0" itoh It . 1 t 1 11' n , (IIit 1.ti t11 ; t hail , ,1 I I r ~ h iPe t e ttte i thit oei tit: l t el i ! TI e Ie l )ltll llll tl e t li.ll ii . il i tl i Ift I e ti tlI 1tue1,.I St llll oi -Ih hr c Ip e l: hit o 1oh 8 P nr lle nl l ,U~Io" IlI l i U esist, Ico tce ilwtt) iei Itllofllf iis Isis I tettsiss o ivIIv b It y o te blIe Slgo lii der te , bll mE e-il it.: tom ll lt t k i , tI t ti l ou te, ite .; cioeu, e ,, r tt, huotle u s uo ,iitt ' III I'is tl llia l'el I'lt e nls Itli er : 11rtem l 0ll 0te ' 1 elcs IIIvsk tveitlt biottleelseit Pt.'. ehn i.lllull ,ih1 SIlIlie . s, .tlli cOnitg dlltlto titesU I i t tlil Ihl. hdll)tt','ý 0h' " l n lll+" l, , h dI _ hrt ']l I I; ' toe, I suiliot.eitihi vsiit"o t'thltpiuieoIig l t }Iti Stilllh ¢.ieti ti 1stairshelt itllue Ialtri hirrchlihta d I trseo e a liherireltT it, Ireisetiirse Idr r tL Isto mertcll toll ut l i i el 1l0 ilo is ::nlllel ellueto liu o i g e. lfHliulth, Hit i t lltekroll p o i e. tc.lll e I e l· c it il l uOti ti olr sfer ti cil rce iOaltl liii r a tt ct oseo, t dht s te I 1 l 2ll'als o~tisil lip ' I , en I Im lromI Wo I, l a' 1 e' II,'de I to. i, a.h n s t t i .Thi may ree~ t~etat sreri, iithell ouiis siii thlienu ,lrl -,ite auh rey e to 'o: stth d o e s t rs e i t neilt .r1itt tiiiltnlieo otIs ehs taeriri titriesbnl l wishit Iuteitto thel, illnud nll 0 onsi0de uhis life st ti .bh tle t at e .\ 1 si ni 1 ii ilac sm-it %i'a A nrsi ng.0lf Ur iofld Fee he n axe lie in (beil lgiu t not:Iile u0ot Sw tit is iintr fHt icrIatt, i lte0 ei hoitheal Istr iet. ill u llt ]it Oll rt lard h tweth blnlle cowfi ht. Olhs a the p oithfualle I t,li . i.e's I call flma de ll plualo.nE E Ilt I le. ~ni 0 :0ll.10lld i.tol 'a th li llly I m. t sel- T 1 1 e ll' I 0 sever mlchy il l syt LhOX.he, S' gepte, 1e9.0. wtlio the royi .sev l hi ians toolIs andhaeenlar ln NLW OIRLEANS * NA.iVII.LE RAIL Rou)D COMIPAN V. / ton ckhnte l.1Ier nt this cornp mu are thereby no W tiRid tl.. by a rn.rolution of thie blt rd of wed. - I tn pas. e oin t thei n l ttdt, th e l tom e hal oel ,he .hh themlrv ny-t, oir file pitvnet o ffire dol:ars i haore, nw, r-cin. erd ani tIle said ethockl tuldr ear tiirter notitfied t o o ht %I\\ii itl" sbi*S n a reollution ofthrih.h ard Inen the lntm itlt . cnn[I tre h.etol ade on thi stodk khno er tr the 17 sluwigl ha pt, in itt hieo the tok heh rei n -c. ;,l:tylrlu a n the firt daty of t ecetnher niext uid oft to ki d,+ltlapser -h.le rpaaubln e on the i t drlv ofr Mll-ch nxto Nosy loitiilhntn lc iitt i'icsoled, thtttt o srecrt,tri oh, thin conl:+ny m:, ,d i.' te slntle hohlers to 're, ,hnot of h he jtmhin ; f ir ,,s ""ir ecity, thrt n;' o nl' t - e Swith tir+ lxtll s "+ ,oft thli o ni rthino thtey el t eon Irtit . : to) I"; tl-p +.c a 1It). t.l+.i. o onln, in on thre Rtock ol'snid "- ,tay flur tlea teroft sixty dbey from~onld anil Ithe they on vihich it is rmttt ,h.iyae, ith tilel eLxp,es co,. S:.tlr l·. Ilrlw cve·r. t!3t tl ,ll I'r tlnt n rly p. i dll wit., in fll 1 nil prnotllPntlion oilf ixtv dtts, fro lnd lft f tr Ildnvy oi hikl it snhou tl haven il.ellInidil tht en itt s(tiuk ont t ir aidittl tr:,tyeltlShold h etio bee'n tlt dr it anitd r nl; t oi trt t oe itittl coln t ht e charter o t tI n)int ,1n\A itmpel ative. , confi; n itv Ihercfril, n o i I 1 , 1,,llellstc;k ofi the sinkhoitlers iu snid coltmpuan n S a tliiok lropcr tl pOut lln thl lpneltslo on n be'l" sttri to thltod ,i tile allithoal sixtydhyoi which the charter Italln(otvill.1, th nonti!itd thaI til payment of tan dl-I l, a h pr r alml ^ ca~llId '.r, nd Iihl, r.n the iran al S, -. Ptetule.r rla), malny l e ,.-tpnuled Ilntler the sixlh sec .r, i olf ealrl ehicter, until tire :1lt d-ry lit' Octobler nlext, that 'he palyent o.: twt dfoliart, per share called for, an, l notit : tt, ren tonitt tce ber next, m i he. it fi-rl.y v .f Mlarchtl lot, may be ptoa:poned uitil itt 3,n' t. nt-Pe of April il:tet. I ; itrnacit ot ticl nlinuncs of the hoard. jtinr: I A !. Me-,AIR. Sec'rv. 10t` I1J"1'3, iii c:.:'---:. d~u ,+eti; Ln Hst=,fer sate JOiIN II GRutiiI.%M. STATE OF LOUIlIANA.-Parith Court brs the Parish and City of New Orleans. TIIE STA PE trF' (fOUISIANA, To tll whonl Ihtosu 'Present s ohil imne, Grseti:n-Wierenaei, Jaaes 1 lse roittinsg itmehased at c sdle nmo o by tie rit.ailf of the puail-h if rflei... trh eiirrrtdr fdeocribed, t as o opyli I to thie lerk os this eloritr in w00t trhe lert c rsie was recorderrd on !ih riosla of April. A. Di. Ii.d, for i mronitiori or nd.le riasment in lo rfllrrmity to aln rctotithel e.ilhtre of theI turte ofi ,oui-iaitn, eilrrled 'A net for tire fturther nasu rnet; or;ti lesto rt e.i's.i Itjudicialsals"airpproved ith I0th dy ol'fMarch, 18341. NO\V, " Ircfire, know ye, nod all persons interosted hetinrree hrelo i citetd iod adlnoniietd in tlre name of the State of L'Huisiannn, nod oif tlte Polieh t'rurt, .hocn c 1 net rip aOn right, tile or claim in and to I tlhe prupot\ir heitrafterdre'orild, ina eons.qun.c oo iny iolirhality ill lrt srder, decree ir ludeiret oi tire court undter dhi eh the sale wa moade, or any irlregularity or illegality in the apprninetce tss nald udvber s;i.mnn ts, in tiltle, or mnaner ofsnloe, rorr tinyt otler sirfet otrStao ever; to show cause. within thirty doys from the day tihis tmonlition in first inaerted in the public paper, why tire s al so made rshould not be conlirmed aid home logited. 'The said property as sold hy Ithe Sllerilt of the par s it sftaoa,,i on trho 14th day of April, A. It. ti:8f, by virste of a decree of thi' C'oart, rendered on the 5th day of FebnrA. 1). 18:8, in a sit nortioed Alexarnder Caldlwli .is. tJaeor flanrs, No 111,3i7 of ithe docket of this Co.rot., at which sale the said James Itnae became the potrchaer for the price of twenty one thouanlld dBllnrt. Description of Property) s given in the Judicial Colt veyance, viz: A cerruin lot of .-rind srihtoed in the suburb An onuneition rlina Lneourse of this square No 5, and lot having French mnlreate, 6i ri fron t .r i t T'chou pitllulas treet, :,OI fivt Irna) s on Oranoeers street, and t10 toot on Ioaonfagde dt tiare 6strers, ido schi n lnler tloi aie nlhtolfearrond is r0 feet wide front <ride ic of tie sqrn to tlhe oi ther, together waith a dwelliog bineste froar ng oil 'IFoehnupitonlas strrc, the kitchen l un tie e ptdetieisi, also the dliotillel eroln olis m nts eeetedr rhereos and other buildings" and ismprouvemerts, sire allllchilerv, tcroils, ioplesotlens sod fixauree be lnngirg to maid di"iillervn its tli'oirdrricles aod ineprtenaor'es. and tihe rights, aetidrns, nr privilcergeos thereto bekongi.g or in any .sise n]+llrtail tii o C lerksi Ofieo, New Or teons, aIy 7. 183n. -lttl,t1, j: J. t)L,,I If, teplnte Clerk. p tur lt pl:arise el iltli de lat Nr , Ie le Orlels.l. i 'r' AT DE LA I.t)UISIANIt--A tors reux quo _ a cos prrsetlus esnoerntelt, Sailt : Attrestll qulli SJathies tHallse r.nnloetHit rehnt u n vllre fatile par ti Sherilif I deirpI.ooirse rt'tthleaois tipeopr.ikit ai-irptres decit', Ss'est odrl.ssht tit 7nrtl'e le carte iCnse nojora lilerittfllle ftlt hrergilotre Ir iemejoor de Mla i de L'tnlme t183, portr Saitis 1onlormenltel.I A ln note de in Llgiasnlllalire e iltal de in Louisione, inlittlf " Act.le pour teofirinler les itrets des nmlteretars norto ventes jioiaiesi" appiroi ne It1 Mars 1834. Qir'il saitenlol, eL toltes a personne i ilftestressoul piar ces iremteis s.mlliteres sn nunt die o' eitat de la LIruislae it de la Cone d, P itOis.le, Squi Iurrl ietll lvil droit i a I op lio t le ri-plid s dIcrEit, eln conseqlllle Id'un liO:tit lie fEl11c dnlts f tordh', decet, on leI jtg.ement de tr i 1ri, r a ' tIllt.lrl"llr e 'ri s i' t le lftir, crllltc e iiriirri rlrr g I rl,. rerurol ill ttotn ine nti rr, ro d to tr irrigriitritt n ili(.glith danrs I'eimatiio,P'ois onle temps tt le emod > de It, ele, ooi pour unmu: )trr caPIeeuq lconqioe; de, flire, woilr, thuns tret tt jours a d ter d,-la publieation de o.lrl : i i, l"O .uill ilst e te r l r a itet t, set ail pas conli'r t et holoocoiacle, Il prillrirtl fii serrdne tar le sheitffsisdi, e qrro sr n' le Iet tJll ite Ilunr e s'esi t relldtt acqul.lur pour le prsx de 32I, Oil. e DescriptiBel opri [itroPop rbis v fe tril diciare, l In l'liill t de tr .itn Ie roe]+ \et' I nn - riatis n ali s I~ alu'a l' M, d,",, tielll Vi ·e dulllle, I'dh'[ N1o 5. !I r It le t d t,' r av 'tlt [ :ni i r ais ,] nislllt ilt tltd. f tr. ot u . ' lonit litmu lloii ct i L ard e ]- e ]it- to te d I rue dr " It ;,,i e.I t r i +rmi , Ii 'ds i Oilt tt de I " r a t11i liane Itid , i lltr ,tlu r dt l' l .I ,i+. p'ilot ti I'lllltr e ,,n, t,. ;lte, nlle F+tiqllll o i PIw I In, e a Ini "L t S+ p p it renan 5.+ a in 4 i brii , d,,. , I qne ln dt.til'erI e cmn- m i e oi r +-u "i t IC ,, , I'.t I ',"'it I 1 ti.- u e t ( lisrt s' nt i is '.ti . n .it , . S I Imi na , lrapp re+el lll i [ "l t d bi, i, ri rpu+d i i ii I u"+ t I un nt. t iur.u gr.fer, It v e, l.a s , 7 ltti,18"iti lon I i o'1"rtl e Ct ik I. I.I ; y ll 1 ter r 1o. Ph'r `I t til io 'i; i l.' I, e \\"abb Its;.im leI i f. iNnei ciie, *rrt t rel bi \1i ii'' in, i siri I itt ii - v r m nan ". <10,, , Ii h . . t:t I h i' Iv, t,, Ioi ) I'l.,, V, lh';,-t,.n -~id ; , ,. :l., ' .'i! ;1 to) S lu'r. , a lr i it T u:1in ,,, to ri" I.1 i..I l,.I 11U , t c 11t 1t1_l 1rea ,r[l , h n:l.'ti : 1,1 (!,r. i [n r tL , p I u - ;; him : gI,;, ii it+ Invt i ,I , , ; : i ,re iuh, 1i., ., , ,, I ,,1 . i Yr I i ... . tit , i", i i .r t ý, ' J\ .I; '.,+ I t i recrir:.,+ Nithl+v,':.1 , hI gn. P t ,i p m1 . >n a"' ai+ i llkl S kl i s II l.hoe l. h , t Utrpess : te t c li y call k tt t il la :I sho . .ltllrcl s: lom~l,'e i~ne n tk,~ ' IIt ~ l I :V }. ,I shfichsJlll. I o .d.t ; dI Iut ,I i t kit , d n1' l g.ed P I t bl ..tll 1 Ic ll\,ii L ohr lit . . it. cuh ", ,.ll ' , 1 cogantjj.l .I;wk 1)nwn n';s do .,ll" :o],d .0 I ckl shoes :n,';i; ,o sall, ? '.d tolI o1nI , I auia U s iho . a l ',l du :'I, hIf i :tlV u s:,1 1k1b . Ite ull i(lb; do Iine cill ; :.tq aml II n k ,lisa, I lllt tl ' Slaln w ilul:.s:., and ,"I .'g qu ilfh :;,, o.i n . o t Icu: I- 11 Iog n tl l l ta (1h., 0,1 pg l r' .:gr Ihlt gn.dity, rut , ;t br..nt, tit .; ,h II l i. i nk r, ,m le e'; s. t I, u lt l mu e a giol ! :I,. " u, r: soe st sI I:Ido i I:ml. ~l'oCh t ott c n uI.I . 'at tt i lnl T ll o.l, t:i l llt:le l s t ': I ,' :, t ,i 0 . 't:ll . n I ":li tlTe S.llta tS tt't iit;'elt n nltu ntlUtIe tIU htd I: l k111 ldr dlJ: beal~rte r o nl a sItuilr Iit:y II; dL i itlilinltiO ' ,,m tl o; hlnx ul lll i I : nit , lll'tC. , i , ,,'s tine ,h';,l) :nnl erI.I ve of.I : tlhi l, l' t ,e t, has .t :.I n lul l' i I t ar 1icilll. ol t 5t s +i a t -f fila d ,le is, i ht us- ll .- + iih . thel "1 h of th e c l < a ttI <rab k 1 e li th all o whtillh 41 t re in t. lIe . l o .ur.ien te l :n I-itv Sl ice I nd o reli vle] thl tt sors + e l II c hte soi t (I ' rj l 4 lr 'd re stihlillei, rei Oll tiutl. un t Lo it s1u lls( I tt dUlU nttItft r tito , ietit, tot tc tt,hn -l, of Otto ut d t ri ser% tttive I tt ,d tto et htO, indutlY ed l se rti oll'r in t I thle , tUlla l blitt . tt rl lratitn rlal s h v ild la Vli + it ti:e I ' i' t at F' Uullll, ilf' IoItt Iatt iilti tie llrieel t o tlt Pi n d 'i l< ratl ,to h ller thia i ll) Jl'trl +lllg Of ~II a cll lel , T! ntac -eleh . Ibottle, it h Io r bevrI . t otl 'Int.l re'i,'f. It ait aU tore'ts the dln,, t I n tl fe tivU tt tlh, a. | ralie'en ith t .ushore a +hi stieh' ms n slt le et d, lrme tsllo ll i,i llntts. to titU Ut. oll I hll p O Ill." lrge br tie f rlt o'lI. t, o ovil,: f s llte a utho oftiT rolltan , Iothoeat and Utit ebperiec, d -alc dutlithlfn Clllod u;,totr- ellt, I to t irlho te of tl'eA l uir tllo te re .d to euril r ( or tIlw li . udhe pu lir p y i r l ts t t luti, r m )d , tb u p ite ll]: • ein rlr a lmnJ puno, r el a dlu i ndle tn it ,l .ng;r hi b thcie i,ize ,d a ne tihe ,l n t vnto:ir discovm-ry liie jlu r' b a.lhe. \hl hy JA.\ l .e & .1 . ITK' : \ , t E .\ll O O 'CS- -1 , 1,11` ketch B ook, m , the ti ervlco mt in1 t o l Ils 1ore. '0 i eh ctra lie renlillS(.te "l'Tahb- ot nt 'l'lr, &e. second se :,, 1 Y tols. k / *""'ii+1 llroth ,tu " \.. i1 v sul ". JUSTP BLISHrEDFROM STEiktfOTf' PLATES, The Flth Editiont o ROwVLETr'S TAIILES OF INER EST: No TO which is new aodiled on Avertgt, Tlie C(leulo tot, or easy melhodls ior finoinlg the wvrage liltle W Slltoragll , nlem of hIol or bills of gools, sis llwoen it. chased at different dltes, en ,lifferent credits, and fotr val'ious alolnts;ibesilte ittus l and scoiphle lioki.o is Timle 'a le, thie lbe Istcan he conlrivel. or tllt f-l gttores e- r nehle wIhe within h .e sma cmlhoteshnd copllss, .All a: vertlisen:lt in thei book is in lel thle follow ing words: l T The high distinction this work Ihas rec iv'ed Ihrgnlh the let lelgislative nets prefixedlt to e title page, is a re commend:, tl i iitsell; so nnclllmlUnnl , nrl .i eonllill sive, th t nothing is lneessgry more lllthan by I o liad t velisement, to giove eolsoltslod view of cants" of its po oelirities:sl f rle..ante, tIe Itll restl hais belnl comp n l i Sell Ifomn, lllnd collpared with, whalt is eqIUivalent to four-ti leen sel oetealc lll so'le s ex:lni cl in thle prsCB thir. (· five ltimles, andl printed Ifronm wrelafetype tl rtes tlestd It thirtyty-sne times, t fom o nl whlich it i-tl htl . I 0 ientst \l even to thle skeptic (ef s ei:sly nit tllb Ile sto:t otl'ihs ste ta llr' prlooff fle ll t irlt e) thio t tile w lok ,ollot e olidtll- Ii nlecldenly infallible, and in ll con inutln ol a his brlisl' a L' preimiui tIf 'Iwo htllldil n llinfv dotlllsm , iiv now olbri- . ell oll th te deletotill of Ii error olfa cent inll Ie Ilenit h r or fi'th edlliolt, as eixpro.sslll inll e plretlies', mhking fio a e P1 : har oot'oos e lforel In' the sale error sincethseirst No pllhlio tliltt in the ycot 150(10. S Onte t the nlost on lls iecnus fat:llets 'lf!t' tn'bler is inlthe ulrllrnngemnlent l the l'Time nd Allllllts, which N fol expeditios s, r rosirece oidporpioetilt, with lie' hsllltte ofllhesidle and indlex, tcannlo bCe ,xcelll.l ; ti .i l lithe sally ty anld ease with which the in:'erest can I, l'mod to the i texteno iofl general Ibsiluess, wilhlit dollhlig olf oniH ishesidls a convenience s:, esslential, Ihlt ill th esll llll- . tien of some i ile mtlst ceomlllent I till IprooICtI Illt h lti. nItsss mes asllell stoile oel, el'o tht l ilt, I el ,,ntll l l iC of tole work, it Ii.s been. Ilistis oo lhst l lt t l tos, ithe lti Ottlbh tsoll nn o togl ooas'5 s"slatlcs Al ute . iiolt s onslerin b tfe ( int'llihilily ot' tile ioetlhu d o 'it iilolllv siiio o iI h eonsoe llooing tile wolok, lls, I 'he xl'thordinlr' niumoeritoo ,ll variety oflthe examnillolt ts, lll tests of vtle'y Idilili it hs Ih asts l' dhlin the press, eoti w ithlit o li.o thi w ho,, hio it ll -l ste ltypes, conlsidernllg in stll t. h'ie positive Ilrl:lllto ilt lot'coliftso heen hIld a ot hu ood onl iolt'alh o s so oI ' i imost wolldetllul look in the wslkl;" ilost c++rint iI I maneIi. InImn figullre worlk of htl• sname extelit, i lullh since the ' It ginii llag ot el' lion, has had the silllt . - her Il vIIIrity of eL tll iin Ji, , ame numbtlerl l l l ,'Io; Io, no, i t he ilfio llthe nll er., 1st is ctlt o l lltilso~, inll i. Dtesides, I s test amt tan: d:trd, it h:l be e· t ,lll l .i,. , !lreed in l l the all nk and lllp liic ili ,,' in ti r. r lIniteltl S lales, "'l Id the pu lic genelrlll l ,lllllll'luig ilte lon t period of thirty -lca t's r n:s , , 't i nolot rll"ool t o hth - mtionllsi has , elr been ton.oll in print, o ahhol h c,,nio ,U o ally chlltegtttrtl by) the otfile r overy l oloarge pro mieios Sihell bo' in t'i et etIllesl) ad lpted by all ithetlo,5 aI S tfllisl cl s' v ld of' the 5 l.lolt C o he to I.sIt o e, Iclolo' Ilrlll tlut interstoC" iasalo b1 law o r hi lk itttlo es1.N. l accrdin ng the honl0 k is o w ll, iant d al wtli It , 00i0'll i, partt, lby . . ~- 1 m s 1f'th1 , sohl.s hc r .lt , d 1 f . .,It ,I , s.ulllse.leIt potlllosl rs, inhllh llo I thll elld ftllf i ha k, l Illh Io the 5 it t Si bttutitos o I $0 t It is morteoer well know n th:ato h its ri:wih cheI c k, it has so ,,Il, tl det'cttd hi'rg^ el'l'l s, II '~ oIlIer l'd y w ,ere ' Imaallt, even by. the o lomt o't,111 lo l ml s li lll o 'Itil aithmetii s, -mi ' its .1 flllneit. :,fil sl rh.e abstl le. S cessity- th its ns,, kin e been etot si 'toot itns ed ,p il i i sol etvi teni , iroeold, ave breO t. its tilll\1n in 3' , 1i ti' its ('r savingss itha ,s' erl )o .s . g whilst the 1 first edition I I wis d n ut of prI ie l" t, a reit:, ,ilieh' Iof 1 ..l, (l ll hamu l op1 ies wer. s(t ft i11l,, bre 1to 111ge I ,lit:tcI . ' i ir 1.nd pulrmraird mt miios' prict'e, :1 s h11. v ,euh111 ,c.uinf llly bei 1..i picked fit oll ·a f t eo $-5oper copyl I .l l. tuls le pe]' is have 'tenli. y decll're , 11. d ins.1.i 5r, utIld I1, ot, If;. tll th 11, \ k. hld pay 1.i., ,";II ,I .,I nn"w50il frn ii ly, it ll<It lo , hrtIlad h1. " ;i', 1.11;1 : idi iat al Ih . rx l .ht. lt oauisl..r ,'V n ,'i h 11 ,' ,:d 1 , - seol Ith t to hin it wH , ' i it h ~ t h il ''l i ' " , 'i+ el:, . l' , , ' , ·, . i t is l ik~ ior., wir h i . . l i I1.'h , ,1. 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II, A fr l , t t9 ': rI te i o rrnr of Ievise "In s' ot o nigll of 30 of Augunt, aid was l t.'e .h l ulll n h i n I ani-dll nt Ii llrn lrll a negro boy nll, Snn aimed (:llAl aa.'o, it 17o varS.Il. a f a .a n nl5 fia or t·ller onll ltin ltai . h 'ta,, v i t t Ick, , lllhra l IC ed cotton or ll i sonnlllirl d whe c n . 1 i h 's . ao inel ndt : NIII bu.aein, ion re a Flilt reeeivit' or h.1.rori, to ii a ,al.',a weli in all aotlhlo ..r.Ollo, I th Iala Itoli at Ii ao tr n U t lV will ale enla.ieed n"ini l I TIhi . hll d 'io . nw ll he. paia llrdoliva,'inalalhil into tullV f tle ja o .a i "e 1r1ti l ttlinil l la ietor a lt 1 G1 Ctnllrhlll ltl cltiner if Ilevi. si JU' i ,T eahli, h , t 1 llder r til- firmn of Illab is & Gulntson, l* ha bend III aet-e~ Ia city, tn nti lalaen&( Iaa t ta oa innlot 1, 11t m llkl eIutl+v'll lelt io hill : v, l l all 1,in ll hnoclh vil \V . " e I\AIN.l 'i a tol iHl. c, ee- a ct .. t otr . oltownoil. f. r ! 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I ill ' CLAN511.1 1r i *le I h11 byAtYll. rtonlARY OlIEt ICti liA ilInKisu, D , it .I lo Adion . t .iit il)t Ud" e u tlllt it t ) l Itltl it it "1 , ll orin ,,I .irlan, d. r uunI d of t., h.a-ioc, nt" J pel s o thi e sl n:lt lltrr lso tb T em 1 B)1" t'tllt'tlp l'l'll > ,"nI tI 1\ t;*+ ii ll, OI:Ttnil i I)lt [1. i thll 1I.'O )H)LI L 'X)ktC tt· ' l loit'+ 111 1·(1 IIC lie )Jllttzk ,)Din t[| p l t'i i.+ I ;JIl:+':`;! d~ . J l'l'llltt · tIle llime. +.n O~p lttll *i Ii: t o, Ch now eel ii fi ottt eeiieit l .' ,I I - i.' I I+ ~'ui-,+ U 1',;" U ti. of I G el . auiu N At'rtN M - t t ttI hi, -- tt tittli a tilit t rettetti >1 i i' l i r, Cit. ar ou r ,';,i.\h.,. P,1,.

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