Newspaper of True American, January 15, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated January 15, 1839 Page 4
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, qaJ7II. .oýr r,.tbirL Iia bluo d If g =JbiweImnonluanenty on Inntuity flarltof+Lt U nretry 111t n€ A ~ 1 O ofrd.iytO opir Hodiai!nr . . ' T ýU~haTL ý o t~la·ChDrm ARli " Nn tnry, , I>~ ? *p P;-;m-"- tlCQ¶D!~ 9 v 4 A olU iaa o r g ais citluvejmt Vd Wrksi vat, Load.. Wilud hmWbdt a.31.Pm.coni. .bmet f aintta" bi~tii *ifl kou, imfin and creek. .96E PJONS boo. º4aPmdd . - ao mmav t t.. V2 r._ F m I o nor. Chres nald Common ate. o tJ ro and Aree. a o e madile discoverZ d aor' j She Totie Mili. ,n+t ,ta penron it the ordfint' mode of trenting unmer amd o Nt . In n the fid Plne e, beamg a Vegi . tis atracttand rea from any deleterious and hoisoe' ei· it ·rlmayo ha'taken with the i tmolt al es t7 won by the endler ifen;t ar aed inalid. It pre jthemouchipocle li. dor, consequeutly time ennsttmi stiolireaimu ito wonted tons and activity. I eastnb. It. 4,-l.n . and pCrmanent appetite, by inviaoratino Susunc hshnd Fives a relinh tote ahenjoymats of tamte. pIomst ia etimo havil ba pdr totroqaity. it ralaiwi nt c m lla . ~oel ne I .ae this dinorder, or to create olnr dioeas es, but dinmgi ll ceates. the several or. FalsoUf digPelooni, and than benefits the stntem wfPrtLhevhr erol atteio a it troy be ioppr.d . Idiiduael, maer tihe use oftlhc Tol Mhixture, have ben exlposed to all the usiala eaunta of the disease, and huve escaped any symocitmnl ,n l resrm whernan hb withe thleatehscom cn remueies, theom in always cr.a tedreh ni inbted liaility to recurreance. The dagger of fequent relnps.n mi the Agne, is very vimi 0, for e uMstelve will swmn bPeome ton mtnu protmste to lhltd'.msrea with eted!;ine, and speedily fall a vic. oedemf cl s eesannt vifl;ece The Alixtu ais tered at stlcha a reneansloe priceons to place it oilhini the orelo very one!-so that l iii por anid deslttume are herely fitrniled witl asoisrtnce, witlollt aolicitin e aid'and atlotedanee wlich i frequently denird to them. or.eleo ery reluctantly beatowed. The lllliu are re..pertlv ralt:onid agnenst thie op itelions of this medicine, mthat are daily ofalfered It isprmpered only by Dr. Jole R. Rwd onm st his Liotlra.ry, selrkletnro., lPhitdeolphia. Thb stelmrilmern are the wholesale e.onre for tie KPoit, Weonera .laten, slid ill roll by t ie rr.i, am •he •hilodelphia prices. I' be had at retail also, at mostllfte Apother.ri soi th d city. S J.tJpltvS t ANDREWS, • .&bWhuiesale overlOd d nr Canm llllCo i& hel imiulan Misasisippi and Louisiaua liotel, cdde lttrrn. Li FiRS. MARY KIDiLAND reopeotfully an. neunees to hoe friends and the publit gene. ally that she is prepared to aoeomt3odate them at hi iboer establishment, and hopes frm her :tartions to render visitor, comfortable, to receive t continuance of brmor favor". She fenls confi. dent that porson cvisiting Covigtorn during tmhe unomer months, oaonot find better aecomltmdationt, thbn she cani afford them, on more liberal terets. Ilr house is pleasantly situated, and well astpplicd with, every convenience; the bar is furni.lmed with the mnt choice liqunors, &e. in hort,she promises "'at nothlin shall hb wanting on her part to give toire saiialmetion to all whie may patronize the °imissippi and Louisianu HNot. je l rd f ""PT 1UBlC"l'lho uideraignd., having ntumlied uender Dr. Sel midt of Charlerton , lmetlh Carhlina, and for some years his anistant in tie pradcteo of medicine and surgery, has the Ihnor to offer his professional srrviceo in this city. lie aem me he ladies and gentlamen that the eost prnomnlt attontin will he p;id to tlime culls which may be mild; and also offers his services to the holderh onf. lnvre, being well arquaitied wilth the dioseases cOmnmun to them, hvling attended timem in tim sungar hIoiuee in Charleston. The foanom a anti bilious pills ilter the coemposition anl Profoasmr Smd llette, w ith directions, can be had oflhe uiidurmigned. The rffeat which they have produiand in" this and other cities, hna been attended with thIe greatest mnccess, tn which the best of refrenes canll be given. Apply at No. 166 Mago. sinm street. JNO. M'LORING. IU.o ..U, tl ARE. WOOD "SCREWS-.-SAD IRONS, &e. ¶ HE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY. lo. 238 Water, iner Beekman street, New York, In recemived tihe past season, anti are coestantly .neriing large and ixt.ensive additions to time stoek of the above goods, which now consists of the ollowing usortmenl, suitable for tihe southern and western markets. Hollow ware of mtperior quality, consisting of abmet 15011 tone, viz, Pots of 2 different sin.e, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sines, frnm 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 size., from 3:8 to 18 gallons, ItRakrpan or Ovens, 7 dtflirtnt siner, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillets, . . 5 do Flat Spider . 6 do Onvered Spiders, 2 do Ortddlee. . 4 do Fire Doge, . i de Wagon boxes from 1 1 4 to 4 3.4 inches. Cart dtm. 5 to 7 inlches. Wood Screws, 0,000l gross, iron and brass, from :oinch, Na. 3 to 3:9 inoch, No, 24 of a supeiori quality and finish, and loss that Jame's imported prices. Sad Irone, assorted, in oks ofabout 500 Ibe for retailing. Tailor's and lattor's Ironr, assorted. bsh weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to SOlbe. Bells for Plantations, steamboats, churlches, &e. made to order, Alo eteambeats and other machinery moad to order. Time love asm ortment of goods is particularly recomtmendad to thie attention of Southern and WctrLmerohants, and are offered for sale at low priees, anmd upmiy the moot liberal terms ; it is be. lieved to e lil le rgl:st and best nsomrtlnint ever loffred for sale by any one establishment itn the United States., by forwarding a request by mail, can have a prmned circular, with decripton of glools, priceo iand terms, ftom which no deviation in ever made, furnished by return of madil. All orders will receive immediate attention. New York, 1838. 1r3 lew Urlanu, L.Nov. 14, 18 7. ABOLrT six mouths ago l had the misforltue to gol n sacret di.aa,, Ibr which I have al-plihd to no.o l t hrctore Ifr a cure, and they did not cure me. so now on the ,tbove date I put mIyreif under thlo cate of I)uoeto Heetsn t eiipoot nhim tU Oure me. Since tint tiun the dire. se got worse, so as to break out in large ulcer, to th n.a ber of six or eight on ea h leg, nd all uaer jy ftes, atlt sore thrount and aot able to work at h. pront lan( ou aceYnt of the disease; large -leer on the right aide of tl.lthrtt. I as no r putting mysela eotfifn tiy utnlerthe care of Dr. Hunt, r, nPare. o he terfettly atored JOUIN IDEAN. let 14 ly Di) CF.RTIFY ttat the ohbre mentioned diaeane io qlline.Well cured to my own satisfaction, for which I tallt Dr. Ilost; anl moreover I uosure that the medi :iae have taIke noLkes tle fat, and did not injure ony natth at nil; thertfore I adviset mt f ijow tufteoers to lope no time apply to Dr A. Ieo, 121 Canul serenl, betweenu Dupbhoe and Bourbolnt streets. i lunt hm from 9 to'clook, A M, untit 4 P rI. rheb will find a trte dtor ft r thist conplintr. JOHN IDEAN.,40 Gra-ir street. If any one wants to eon me, call at N,. 4tt Gravioe JOHN DEAN. New Orleans. Feb I, 1838. feb 14 ly .1 I'I-TGenutin'oddan, IBaltmef Liveortottutd Here bamnd, i puot spin bettilt at the low price of 41 0 0 "et-oh, colnai"lng the btrtngth of three ounces of Libiwort, hee lee the virlass of nma her reoto andl hebknown moo; tetl Imass se acious in curiig The u rialled succe whieb has atanoded the use of Ihtjl pn.hne alaom wherever it bha been ionto dik I a.*ti t r.end the coufidnete and recuumtttd tione of eetaleo ithygieiaoa for the curs of eough., Sla.F the side, want til nont, spitding ot blood, rT whmit may concern. This is to certify that we hnave sngrt p.anto!e ft-reuently pre..ribed Mtrs (ard Ipo's ladt Jiglehun of Liverrwort and tlnarohntsd, witl e dnae.g n ot: oe csi thereron, the know. tadge of tle materials it is nrde froml, od tite, e.taon tOltllo tnd it an a euerin" prenruatio: em tlanllT e ani, of the lunges .r wkich it is n ausdad;t. .AfBER i' WII.LItMS, DI. D. S CALVIN ELI.IS M.81.D. tMemin of the Boston Medical A snoriation. luoetefOdtober 25. , J pebl.t J.LiRVIS & ANIDREW, m hit 'O n ,oonto I I' Illt' itolln. ent +t- f*7fsr6.- aWnble Nair Olt, for the reotoration 4-I ý,gro~ He.r, giing hea,,h and bouq,o," tl i-[W'itsOt wts afd to the ,l'tnlit, it hnad aaaat ipiM+.e* .solPS W baldness, thionaesn, an, lititn .lr, t.eiinevery itasve it. Saluoary enin-dtr. It bsne',erfai'ed topmdum, a -- ft1 ribtl i # o ftbait Ot ooends already eene tit ,osnos dry ead ars oe rn - qgpo r nlar it btailhy, Ud. modu.. - - I.5nrtb of hair. nttlaent el igee tn-n. l i it ri-n a. arrenth. fro ltr11.11 hl i nn tthnr ii r tt Iil iao .ft' - 4I-renn-n the heir. Tht h t t rj:: ,ý'r:"rrrrns I Bc~e o k ptV nn. . , ; S - r I t **At 5 BllkhlZ ler rand, ale Ar id 1. Pooth t and hevtn ' RonMil, in Cpt va a a-rlur Powder:. Finer Rage. Ivory Tuh Cushions, ktent tohleasr Gortner; Ga'm Elastte SllarerR; Pwder Puffs and oxes; ilt Chains, Seal and Ke; Ea-dmpi Waist BIklo; Bracelet; Bead Neckla ed Chains; Gilt and ailvered Bs; inda nd t sand pumos; hell Twist; Side and r sin ; hih,in addtion to their former stock o had, tarke their assortment very complete, and wil-r sald ow and on ibral term at the a ln of the l olden COomb. -,.-4.F-tf 0 Chartmntreet. T H are Agent fi"r the elNaieroe of W', r ] 1feheMe, Sheffteld, evnlae ,.hlar just heelined c iery eitenlive rNmat of pon t, f Tatle h and Dene Klivea ofle O N" detiLii Pen, Pocket , rick and Spear point onlveot Rnapes, Sle.e qear T.elba,dr . &c. Sae. which they asm pemesaed ofthit to the trade tlor.oder. Terms snd eadtiona sill he made known at the tihe. mlB J. l).BEIN eA COrlEN. rCommon art. IMMON8, HARTI d CO.--Ar ai rreiving vpenr ship U llurville, Eragli Merry Andrew, High andor, French adt German dmilde hear plavngearols: ster,helt and pocket pilotls; plain, rihhed and split enuicn apt; ecap holiderse ninses., azenore, pen. es, G.iltlot eammercial and olher steel pens; Vio as; Viotin strinags; hell, ivoy and horn enmhs; walrat k, head and leather puraes; hair bealas, frontand ac rinaglset negro p uff; German and Freach eologne water, Ronwanls mshasler oil, imitation dot antique Ild .be oailt prtablle desks and dremlng ases: iarte bl aking; stiatinlad toilet glamse; convex mirrora opt eal glasses anl views; Iarlian Itnl , .hlls and llunme enarieoni whtit-twine; toilet and shaving somps; toilet order, e-ametie wash hallat sented ntin nshlinnsl pool etandi; screw ashions; fancy heal chains and neaklanea; tilliard ballh; lacket hbooks and wolletts;" Gaertnan honen;t ror stn.rp; fine and common gum. olantis auspenlerse, g.tlerlatt; Belie luoifer mathesl sil-. ver penaeilslCreyoul, dka. 8eu. The ahlde in addltion to our former stock of fancy "tieles, nakes otr aumnltent very c-eondeto. For sale whoalaele or retail; as the sin, iofthe Golden Comlth, 70. ChrIne street. mn2R. OTIC--T le parnersbit of KI(llev, olusan &Co N of New Orleano ; MasC, aHarris &C'.,a ofNatehez; nd Harris, Kelley &Co., l Rodneyewas dissolved Oil helat of Msav last; b thl, dleath of Samuel A Mason, oe of the partners ot the trts. Tihe undersignedl, rivivnlg parnners, will he charged with the aettling andil cloing said lbntsinren as fllows: Levi C Ilarris will attend to the settling of the business atf Mason, Halrris& Co.. at Natchez; and lnrri., Kel ev & CO.,at IRodne; and Henry Kelley will attend to lie etling of tihe bheninass of Kellev, Mason &O Co., at New (rleans. Thile nnes of ihe several firms willke tnredio liqniadatio.only. 'hooe idebthled to said firme are earnestly requestedl ocome frornward and ake early settleialtes; and those having elainla will Iplease resentr them witlot delay. ILEVI C HARRIS. HENRY KELLEY. New firloano, Jlne 27, 1837. SEAN .IAi1T F.RINA'S COLOGNE WVATER at cases tnmre of this slperiaor Cologne water, just received eind fir sale py the dozen or singla kettle. Also Ameriero and h'renih toilet powders, powder rtffe anld blaxe, earling ald to let siaps, ,oo lletc wlt Ialls, mlilk of rfIa, O, cometic oh1 d cream, extr e o -nsk, kephlll, Ward'l vegetalle heir oil, poletaotm, rcle nde ners, Flrild. lvelihlre rne arlllay waters, P'res'el's salts, hlarseiller pertirnnerv il trulk. ve'eta. lile r d liqnid rollte, Chllorine and 'Orris tooth wash, clloi, lair, lntlth, nl alll aitn flee ruahees together withl an alllitionll supply of fieLLbionblte hLrtl and shell clnobs tllid jewelry, or sale low at whlolesale or rtail 1y S IMMONS, IIAR'rT' &Cl, ju!y fi 70 Charters street. N"EW --GOfiS---immoae ttnett & co are now 're Scaiing from on beard ships Yaeeo, and Saratoga endllrig Concordia, from New York, a great variet ol goonts in their line, whichl together with tileir formel stcak on Il.and, nlakes their issort, ealt veryc , plte. The following empose a plart, vi: tiell twist, ;c,rti,. de, tuck and dreassillng allnb, horn do of all dercriptionn, I n di rulbher, nilk nnll worsted elastia snrters, eolmmen & fione elastie sluspenders, lIco foco and Lucifer matehes, Seidlltz pvoders, powvder puff anld hoxes, toilet powder, pocket hloks and walntlets, needle hooks, shell, pearl, ivory ahd Ioroeco cardl enases, held lllrntanieuts,plainco ral leads, necklaces anl negligees, bad OLntslll, bead -ecklhles, rIt elies nd11l ptitin,eed,nilver al gilt heads, Ind ian Ibeade, bllll anld Illines' pistol and large pow. ter flasks, shot Ibeltls, horse, Ilelt. pocket anld doeilio .intols; dobllhle ald sigle barrelled tSon. Bowie knives, and dirks. scissors, shears, locket knioves, guard achiles, and ribbolnls, waist buckles, clotll, hlair, tooh lnoiloemb, arulel, shoe, Ilate, Iloar anlld dlusting brushes, Calgne, Floridn,laearllee, rue :roald lay,, water,asaaertrd ese.Ceiu , and exlrnlacts, laecaoaer, hear, altilqll e, ld Wlrd'blvo getable hair oils, shaving a:d toilet so1aps ftall des criptions, ladie' anil getllemensl' dlei land dlressing eases, heir rieglet, frizetteo ant lroil., plain, fancy and musical workhnoxes, plain flid gilt, figured, ealt and vest hbutton, lIpenrl and ivory lshirt do1, shirt studdo, gold and silver plencil cases, toothpicks lulad tweezers,plated tad gilt Iloketa, miniature do, silver, lrals and steel thinlmles, hooks atd eyes, hair lille, illitation fruit, blk and redink, shoe blacking, violins ald guitrojiblled and plain pereuasiun caps, linan twine, scented eullsh ;ens,gold and silver lace and fringe, latter paper, game bhgs, riding w'ips, walking canes,play!ng cards, hita gold, plated and gilt jfwellry &c. The above, together with a great variety of other arti lee are offered at wholesale or retail on acaontamdating teNns. N B Shell combs repaired. RIETY STORE-at the sign of the golden comb MoT0 Chartres steePt. 'flTeslbacribers have re eeived, in addition to their previous stock on hbnd, a full and complete assortment of articles in their line; viz: combs, perfumery, Jcwellrv, brushes, locking glasses, fesnoy articles, &c.copsistin in poart as follows: COMBS-tortoise shell, wrought and pbtin tuok,twist, quilled back, long roud, dressing, side puff, curl and neck Brezilian combs of every descriptiu amongstn which an: some Mexican pattern, Ivory combs of every description, uort, dreaeioe nod packets togctler with a general aneorttent ofFrernahnd Aelnerica. PERFUMERY--Clogne, Lavender, Florido, honey, hay, rose, and eranoe flowcr wafers ofevery ize end des cription. camphoroted Cologue, extract of BorUmot, laney soaps of ll kindo, shavi g do in cakes and to, crem soapdo, Ward's vegetable hair ,il, bears olan t tiquedo. Ireoton's stelling salts, plain and.perfmned toiletpowder, pearl powder, pow lerpoffo andoxs npo ratum in pots and ruollnrri and chlorine tooth wash and powdser, with n general assortment of JEWELLRY--sooi of the latest end most fashiona. ile setts, consisting o white and red cornelian, toper C. jet enrdrope, set in filagree, breast pins ofa greis rne ty ofpatterns, watch trimlinils, gil' t nd silvo c .eckles, silver thimbles, silver and gold po iils and guard chains BRUSHES-Cloth, hair, dust: ag, rumb,hlarth,floor hbat, esh to, oth plate, comb, Nail, shaving, shoe .nd wlutewesh brushes. LOOKING OLASSE--German stalls and toilet laesss, nmgnifying anid French dressing glasses, houm d, with a varielt of utoer kinds not enumerated. FANCY ANI) VAIRIETY ARTICLES-French and American porstble desks and dresiug ases, sonme very rich and finely fiuislhed ladies work bhxesand dnes. sing cases, witllh and without music, musical boxes, Ae coriins of various kinds, violins and guitars, silver and latded pencils and leauds,wood pencils for carpenters and crayons, mantle clocks,guns ad pistols with and without eases, percussion clops, plrcudsioi cop chairgers, nipple screw drivers, shot belte,gr me lbgs, paste bllacling,toy tea seals, Indian beads of every kind, bells and plumes, fie oand eommnon knives, razors and scissors, thikbles, needles, pins, silver plateRI,I steel and common spaecta. cles, pocket books aid wallets of various kinds, visiting crds and card cases, playiog cards of French, Gorman anmid American iolalfaeturve, dlols ilmitation fruit, sou boxes, prnts of various kinde, Saunlders' Poneniy's, Ensnerson's, Hillman's and Ilawkint's razor steUap and metallic hones, dirks, fancy bead niecklaces, do with -ar drepo,toy watches, pearl lbutton, powdler flunks, eu. and laim seed beads, gilt and silver tido, gun elastic supesn derns, and garters, plain and sword .anes, backganlmon buards, dice, opticalvieunas,jewsilaris, luoonfoe matchl asand drinking cops, with a great variety o olther arsi cles, a ofwhi h will he sold Ior calsh or city acceptan ceon0 12 months credit. B I dIIlMO Y.d, & ot. rld 70 (.iartesnat. OLBIEAR'S Science of Pelnanulship received,and Sfor sale at their perainunelt Writiog Academics No. 8 Clhutres reel, New Orlceaunos, u Ilieidway New York, lluqphinle st., ,lubilc. It is particulurly designed tilt private learners, and scoolte, asd is calculated for perBous of all agees. Ladies and geuelclae are iuvitcd tw Lull .,d eamnine tile system for thenselves. Lusons aere given at sech houses as may nit the convenienee of all, aud to classes formed iuoaiy pari of tie city. Ladies who prefer itcan receive lessons at their own ref sidences. Pecrats paving for one • true oflessonsare ilesired o attend uni tlhey writs li rI ol as tllhey wish. tot DI. EA &. B3El lO'IIt.R. DEAFNESS. A NEW article forpersoiis trubled with deafness, (called the Ear 'irumpet,) lha juRt been received, by t ie use if "hicb, the slighieat articalation of tile It. man voice is diersincttv couveyrd to the *or. Ally one who his ever uoem bligc tol converse willt a very doa 1.'on,, moUat he fully sell ihle of didficaltv and .n slrrasaeut experienced both ny themselves and the in dieldats ni unfi,runoateivtlllieted. By the use of the Ear 'ITrunlrt. this objection is .tirolvi oebviated. The moa sceptical have always a . andsnietleir doubts siner having used tile Tru.upei. For sale at '1' F GUION'S, Fancy store.earner of Csmnnan and St Charlen streets udor iln r.oIn tli. Hotel. feb 13 `PE LM OIL--L1500 gallonIs pure winter d 1 8pern Oil, in casks and bhls, for sale by JARVIS & ANDILEWS, Whnlesal Drug its, corner C ,mmtont aud lTohep In streean .nr I: W TlrlhTWCAD l s, 15it0 lbs c a 40 kegs, 1110 - - 0011 dou" 25 English do--`?5 r-4 bble. .100 "i ito laini rusheos, varines siez; I eaoe Vernilli ,; 5 bbls Copnl Varnitl; 2 " Japan I C.oach 20 packs Gold Leaf; 50 do Silver do; 100 do Dutch elelal. WINDOWv GLAS. Anerican. Egelish and Frensoh --1e- boxes, various sizes and qualities. Boseton mrown do.--S0o boxes, ennuigamert, sill be samid low. Also, a general assortmena of artinsts' colnre and tools, for sale by A WV SCAl.'I E, No 16 atlll street. N It. Alshnrn n,les take. at po r, atd Ml sssslppi notes will lie received at 1O percent diseont for cgods, of in plsyent if dehto. jo I t - H nLOIf0 solding ft. ,, steioer lndspeld. am-, lo I DORSEY. .m.s 14 New L.vee. M. I Wlla.lfAmiS, OCOUIIhT, ,oVi at r ,lta. salos atnosi 5 a mas1111J.RI a4mel. LOtiIOILLE. .' .Tb the Edior of Ime Jeaile l de . tdieer:ter: , R. i ear by tile nts atie.t of the Edtore ;)of the Nahllle Presbytertan, iTnin ad. dTrans cript, as well as the editorai of the Memphis Enquirer, that the etOld Gfellltaan" is amnlonl the Doetor. Tis is provedl by his kingly rage, knowil.g that Ihis timne is but short, atld that the indtleendent American people are able to judge Ihr themselves what are puffs end impositions. The worthy editors who are Doctors, the proprietors, edlitor or sau-editoys of the above solmedurnnals, all elvery letter fri m persons I have restored to ghtht In th? ab;ve places, puffs. 1. The fact is, that I n ever hed'uneh great success within so limitedta period as ten or twelve days. One who was ahed about ten years, who had only seen the light from Iise birth, legan to nee to fidlow his mn ·ter to my hotel, instead of being obliped to be led by hio. Two voUnig ladies, who had each lost the right'of one eye, one fir 'ta, ears. and the other" for nearly t~s years, havot h n of them the other eye vern weak; yet rer h of those young ladies bean to ae with both yes, wa ichele enefit Ipledge myself still continee., ex ceptilg the. are tinder the ilfluenee or dominati an of tIhe Medilan Dotors. Another is the daughter of a respectable merchant, whol name I am bound never to mention, (as he paid me my fees), whoe sid ahe had lost the eight of one eve from she age of 18 nmonths, hut that cite now behins to read large letters with the ether eye completely shut. This the dotor editora knew, as the gentleman told me himself he had eon dte'ed his daughter to the office of the medicel editors. that they migrht be ifhrmneed of the fact. The last I shall menion is an elderly gentleman by the name of Yount, nearly esvenAiv eaor of age, who declarod pub licly by letter, which hLe took toailr t different offiee it, Nlsoiville but one, and himeelf told me he had paid forthe insertion whatever they demanded, who declsr el iu that letter that he he etallv deprived of the sight e one eye from f ka alter his birh, whmich his motherstated to ht,. .- occasioned by the mesles or small pox; thtt now he could not otly see the light of the sun, for tihe firset time that he recollects, but the state also, and was hbegioning to distinguish many ohjeets; and did, befitro I left that eCty, give ma ny proof that he could eee to walk about the streets wilh the other eye completely Iosh ed. He said he had been a maember el the MIetholilt Episcopal Clhurch for ne rly forty y reas. ant that his word we never doubt ed through th whets erourae ofhis life. 2. 1 repeat thkel Itad never greater anee i than et Neetshville, and tlort t'ee medical and elerican doctors had never hebfot eo mcl breason to be enraeed. 'ith pioteindignatia d(dfs Rev. elrical Dr Smith proves, when :e atatcdto me thalt rt six veers poste he warse converted from being a perfect ittlided, tn believe in tIl dectrin s ofhe Binled,that lie mutt itare laddeea trifling error-that I e muet have meant to seay th t before th end of si years to come, lie shulld l converted frotee hi infidelity as tile spirit of the trne iesllster of the peaceful and Imenign doctrines of tie Cllristian religion does nt blreathe out desttrution, rage, calumny ald falsehood td please his medical friends, egaia.t thlt man wmm he knew had done so mue good, and no in jiry to aerl one. All the inhahitants of Nashville spoke of tile great success I had, a-cepl tile medical dictore. Most of them ilo hadel been infirmed by Mr Yount of the cure performed onehis totally tlind eye. S. Thie famous G'iah S. oftltis town, Ireends thiat 1 hav te losttleloxrels Igainedt in the NIorit,t sice tee, anival in the Seouthwest. This proves, however, hlad, aid that n kept them uetil I arrived in this section. If I rained onee i I the nortlh, ought to hive caited anoth. er in the sothll and solthwest, anil i still hope to weor them oe tmy very vouthftl brow ot the day I leave, in spite of the oitulerattion of the great Dr S.,if I may judge from thie ete, I Ave alheady bpenefitted in this city witllin three days. 4. Tile object of the present in to infret the medin cal Goliahe and editors oif tile Ilepiblicei and Tranees scrilt, as well en the clerical Der Smitil of tie C. Pre. hvterian and of the Union, of Nashville, as well ai the c;litor end sub moedical editor of the emlelllhis E enqirer, a well es ir Prentice, thle oelitor of the lotiooalle Joue nl, and alse tile medical Goliah editior of this city, tile great Di S., that I ashell bri, actilns against tlitmleall, Ir vlteperatii, slaolder (it calumny, ilotrdi ately after my errivall in New York, a wetll is againest their altiahle hre hren the ileiedial Goliaehs oftie north. 1 nlw t ind etyself by lromise, never to quit this happy land of libelty, until i have brmglht tie oees of all ty miedical Goliht of tle ilor;h, as well aso tile south and tile west, to thle grinlstoile! Tile alliited, there. fore, may calculate on fiodineg lie during tie "eole of neat yell in New Yorkh, llere letter, piost paid, and ttoothers, will ie slre to rneach Ine. 5. 'To ilbrmt the p;ulic that the tlpl, so cated, lhieb tile lRev. clerically cnverted infidel pretend was written for him. was witten ni ore thaII iii week prior, and ietelende for the Roev. D. I-lowvll, whl ret it i mly presence withoult manifesting uay diasdpprobution. n the cllraov, took it to his stody nedlcioel-el it it the way le dd, which lie oldli t liiiiitlt. t would an wtr mv petose better; lie dleliveredl tlenl litl I, tile, without preteling thlat l wnlltedi It.lllibe hilm frol h;s duty, s I lnever could preelumlec to offlr that ýeilemeu or any other, any money fior staling fiufs Ik'e ice Doere'esowotstatement is blefiore lith Iplicil: lIeI lie not cxnanlined all lily di ploanas, \cr. &e. tvl-b n elen' elc n, a:n intimate I'itmd of hi', a, well its Ihe weiuc ef yy potien,, in reni ny w illt another ·leryvnlll and fel them nil ,n he ullle.,,tie, ned all i.e ipatielts to he iore or less belllielld tiIIE ilev.r co.ld ho e bcoii induced by a total stranger i to dewi u suci all art cle as Ile wrote Imihself for pnthliratinn, an l addressed it to Air Strilgfield, edlitor ifliPe S V C iAdvoiate. 6. No woniler tie ecIur sigltled medical (iolialbs of Nashville took tilie ali. .; alid Ihlerefore ied tIlei ref forts toi join with then, the aillpiwoofuii, ahliCet, p1's. ical sed intellectual foice ooftho tio-he.-covrtel elerical nfidel. Wen redil i the Bible that to tree is known iby its fruitle." I daoe say tle converted infidel has preached from that linsange. 7. Hv evildenitly wanlid toieitablis'!l Is moral t eoro eer as w man, by sewilg itllit lie iwas II ovl,O being brihed. letussee whethelr thesum if thlir tieces of silver will apply to Ili, i ,well a.i it wai welld applied to anotler conierteil infidel, who, in ti. days of Chain carnaetion of lls I) ivine Master, tbsolutely soldl him for tle!t nubtler of pilee of silver. Sly answer i,, that it was nelever intendel asu b ihie, nor eouhl ie b colsidler. ed so lv nv ione, as it ws Iiol eve equ i to tlhe tentl perl ofonl tilte regular priIer's fee, of $1 per sqire.. Colltaining two ot' three colenetns of closely prilutet matter, which wee to he repeated three or four times in thle Presbyterian. Uiou sod Monitolrjoirnelui, tal I ever intenldel to brill him, I slould Ihave offered him at least $31100, his regilar fee, insltead of$ 0, wllich, ii ill prolbability, lie would lave gladly received es his fee, and not Asa bIribe. On the coltrury,if I , ad been ca phble of offerino o bribe, I Iishould eertainly have dtone it in a wsvto Ihave insured his acceptance. 0. HIe' the Rev. D)octor bee really convertedl to the I-elireff ilhe doctrines of the .eovlour, lie would iinot have promised to comoe anexmi,,i.iiy plttieis vitll,. out keeping his word, as I hlre olwilys foutd every) minister of file gospel zouiole to, to. I. lIad he beei really cittvereed, ie weul(i not nub liclv hive spuksn agailst I.e Aiiericin isitliutilo, wltibh, it ie well knowi, are more nalerous, uand which are superior to meany in sontle parts of Eirojpe. His conduct so much disgusated oilme young literary char aeter, aes to be scaltcely restlaiiedl fronm ptldsh;ug him on thie s pot,y laying violent hands on Iim. The 1ev. gentleman, tllough a Seotchman, is without excse, (unless hie is caluniated), altlhough le ttay tllitk ie hlas a righllt to abusc the Aimerical ineltttitutes, hecaese he is a lolvertedl infildel I say he has not-as all ouglt to speak well of the hlie goes safely over. I falley the gallant Captia Grlunlyv, sttd several othler amiiable young ienllcetten of Neatville, recollect well tile conduct of tlil pious expouider of tie Iloly Seriptures! J0. I never sow uolh l demin in huttonalhope as tihe Rev. Doctor was thie due cal ell to reasoo witllh hlm when he menaced lly grey hairs with an uplifted gignnlie arnm, s if lie would have folled nme toi the geround,for daritngto druv a pious tminister iway from iis duty, by a bribe of 30 liece oif silver! I really trembled ltore thon if the "old Gentleman" had ap Ilearel) it Isi own sbipe It. I solemnly deelare hefore God, and am tot afraid to call ililu to wiltess tht I UIovel, in tihe whole coltrse of 42 years practice as ain ocilist, in Great Britain, Flranoe, lelrlii anid America, in a single ietlance ol fered as a bribe anv amontet to tite editor of anyjouurnta ilt ns e.oletpeiaul ion fl' thle srace I occepied ned the trouble which ioensined thlemo; and thait I was noleays more inlinel to redttce, oather thnt ildd ury tnoneyno the pelutir'a bill; which isa auftfeiett proof that I had aoii'telloaot to bribe. 12. Ltyv.--Tlhe Mlemphis Enquirerorftwo oreltree reeke eoettliis a tissue of laegronl Ifholltuode, whtich the medical tioliah editors Icurliedl (rota their brethren ofthe M. Gulhlihl of the Norte, aitl I shall treat thtorn with ailetit conteitpt until tuhe ltoper lilte errree:-- Unless it is trut wbalt I tave fIcen inafi~rled--U Sue • beggar, ane you will catch a L--!" Though I paid hittl foreyt yaetnrtinseeen t for two ontvhree weeke, he only itiserild lliriic. You will please Io ietsert tills leltr in your neat pa pert aed eblige yours, &e. JiIIN WILIAIt, the Englislh Oculist. liooisville, Jnly 1837. Copidferom tue 8. W. C. .deorte ef tae hAlt Jane, te0t. An Ihe requestof Ier. Willinlau, we insert the follow ilen01Ue froit elte [evy. ir Hoacll, if Natlhville, n tthe cdatorof tll Soulsll \Veooetr, cllriluta Alvtonele, walu, it ajppears, has exeniiiedi the uliplutetl antil oilier duipu montaevieeeive oftlha DJoctor's claisna to pulllie palron ugo In cuetoequvooe ,ilU ate echleit, Dr. i will r lnein in Natllvlll a fiev days longer than he it tirst intended-isay the lst July. Rec. lr SlrinuglelI:l-llaving been requested by Dr. heilliatO, the oculi1t, now iui ile ritytso camhli llaui is nualerois dipiuuuuu ondil other dieuulaente evinciytl of his elaiuns to public eoufideur 0 in hlia profeesiue,l Itvce, it eolntlln with a valued frienaluneiso with pleasure. Amttag them I faund u letter foiiit lIe Paueno,ut pre illt Charge d'ALtires ol the Kinag of the b retneb, at Waseliigtoi, addroe.ed to Dr. hWilliams, tentiyling the ~esuiettneet fthe diplounua frlcnl lbe Ksiag otfFbaneucei llelgio e,&. er well en thsie (rote the Sindioal Soeie tiasofFremer. He has nulnerons vouchers fronti ien :nown to be idhigh reprtation io ltis country, receinrit inee hib anrival in the Unitrd Stuote, deeailing insalen one of great suneces in tle restoration of sight to the aund. I have enanee rlv all hit tone potelent io thit c.:n. I knew noae of tlheuo p'eviiees to thei cotwming "ulaor Itie care; but all aItave eea nay they am un qaetlonably bonefittod. ROBl'T. B. C IIOWELL, Na.thcille, June 21, 1837. P. 5. Suitee writingthe aoove, one of Dr. Willimsa' uttioen naus llal ud uavsuuul says irhe hiad actually hint inow declaoes hiamoelf beller, telut last night, for the irst time iu his life thiat he can recollect, Ite could dis tineuinli wieh tb t eye solne of th e pritniuent I tate r learn that this uoit gei.iaaen has lived maty ytera et tits rdgioo, and says hle .tas been a Steteodiltduring forty yeaes. Yours, truly, augl0 R.B.C.l{. C HE^KS U. I HIL.LDELP~liA-FFr sale b L YORlir. nRO'OTHERS, NI FS t :enrp ýrrnet, TlEMIWS MAP OF LOUJIIANA,.&C. &e Ne NWAP or LOUISANA, witl its cnnOBS, mads cen ditance, eho plane to pl arc, along the stege ord stetmboot routes, by II. S. t' eooer. MIcTCHEL'S MAne oF THE UNrrITD STATES r Phwin the principol &i ~totmke ned cenmmo rtoad, all whiclt are 4ire 0 the ottrences in miles limn o I l Ilaa to atott erT 118o the Toltt,." of the'eIa'tll s il rots 01rauwh .'1i the couatr', crefully conilptid ti-tn tit best to. tltsritiaos-.ptpulished by S. Augn-rltt 3tinIncll. MITCUELLO TItAv ILEttO (kGtttI OTtOUOG TN) UNTmE So ATk; a matj of the roads, distancte eteno baet aindcanl ronctst, . just receivet and for sale W31 M'KEA.ý, Ithe sos m tisea.ulgml seim lti vllnll n lgos, ' abtatiea or hip got, inei: lent eateern, rl rheum, lianie mereotriil liseates, paltioularly uleers and ilfffeotionas of the bones, ulteerated thoalt ed sas eils, ioers of eoter dtscrittiton, fever iorts, and linternal bsesses, tfimlas, piles, satid hed, sourny, biles, chro nit lso'eyel, orvsilelis,blothesI, anti every vnrietreofoll-. tonous alt'eotini, chrolic Catarrh, head ache pl oered ing from at y aE'id humor, paIn ii the b tomah litd .dys pepsina proeedlog flrom vrinatino, neotinonsof the liver, ehrollle iotntosusstion ofthe kildeys, and geneel tcibili ny oauslt hysntorpid actiontofthfe veuelstf ibe skit. It is llng'.larly eflhetious in n..qovtnlt thole oonltilltliona whie!hevebeenl broken dow by ioglnleimls Irhea nt, joutonole irregnltritiet. In geneest terms, it is reeom annealed Isnall thosetliseases nhiobnris from imlrhiiols of the blood, or initiation of the huniors, of wlhatever name or kitl. Some of the lminne tomttlailvtsom y reqaire some trl. Ilinigasimant sisplitationo, whlds Ihmoihteontnoes of tte en e will dietat.lbut for a general remedy or Poritesator to romovetheontse, the INDIAN'S PANACEA will generally he founsd sufeient. S TO TIlE PUBLIC. IHow trle it s, that modern Physicianls, n their am. ltaon to xel in their prulesstein eplore the va itelds of stiente by the ahil oa'lhtstrottty, andi seek mit new ve medihl ageist; in sor, to arrive at perfection in the tmctiee by means of ast ion,-aintirely overlookr and neglect, as hensethther rnosoe, therich 'nsd bounteous Storeonlicinedior, which the Almightly rtis elsed to Sspring eU thI eareth in every elime ! And how moth more true islttht whilethe Amerien Physicion looks ,f to foreign countriesfor many of his moat common anrd tieoelarsry eictle, perpettatly changlng as they are at the ditnes aotdfaahion orfolly, he is surrsnoden in his down contrgy withallt entleslaprofuion of metliao ittat soifeiilt to answerany ithdidation in disease or so cure sf y eelasabl hlisrmlert anl yet hIe is imgoest ofthseir vhe itons, anti they are suffrteeto 'waste their heoalitg Oi the dmen sir.' The effaects ofvegetabl e melicone upons the s.nitem are t emriery--thos otf m tinerits laning. The irmer ei ar not keirffeot or ptars of--thre latter, mesares ine pr aieleLt at chemically uipon thse loid n, deb mlneang ndheonmasnihn lcermising the enratitution isya slow iiammnl iserdestrtlditn. rThe cottgeniality, elficiency and tAPE'iY of vegeta ble remeniles aver msineral, my te oatimatei btycnents ingtheatoEient pravtioe with the motlertn or, to brilo ii oine immediately tnler osar ow l bsurviation, I tli. ove pactioe with thiF Othe white. Who, ima Amelion, nanotn knon rorhlenrd of repratod Insttnes wheoirelt some s tndoeieo, olnsoetenhis t frvtoinel tivat, br malraino lter simple ettunmeaalonteo has caleccl tise ons Irapidt g sttttaattlsilistg cnoros, aftertlhs =\lotrth Metliea on tite esmmon istllraeotiee. rieetl i the most skilfllt itlsner, ha foilet .". knoi And Ien vitrlotde at o ithe eom a ltmtv' scease anlslofsility witi whvitii tite Itsltialt feesi imo srulfirom any tiisers, anti at he almostt tots atlltnenee d ofhmlodie tseas among them Who hts rnl s rherd ci ano tolian wlthfa ooositotioal tbrokon nod essiveti ity iltre men! . At t a it ri that this ha - hespcion ofihe svogre from mosatio t he its ohiris tise otsh toanis heirto, is ohieii h ovbs gl n mowte gotisa tf atom sfeo rcmtdtes which he entitnoysy 'tItis antnslish iw liffelsneen o int s uleels, is a fair exem oiliuatin of Ite isfintle itrlliorlty of tie simplle all softe means of EIt walich God lanres cr ted for the enef of I lis chilhren, over iose wltoib the pride and tnise art ol' a lthave in if veltest. Prom a long revhiilence nmoog a portion ofrtheaeorigit at iuLabitants of thisclllll'y, acatlll a i timlte i a ainin tanewithte methldsofeu sureof some of tllor most Ssieessisll svlctitiooers, the ie'ottrietnr ot ITe Ilslidtins lpaaeoe,el tlotied asklowlebt igeof sonte of the mon powertilsl fimoieritevmsovesits. From these ltastleeled inrch as wene most effietoionulll sspio'in'iatel, and ifter varnous expiertotrltn tt tirs their illrineilus nnd strellgtIl, lie itas oneiietd them ill title sn here plesenteti, oshe most ichter Ihesnrfd oiifl lor the isrlose for whiclh it i sreteommelvledi. S tossise isliretor tfl'a Iis ilslsentioon In tles plltei, rUalnttttdeaiottttsrottsstbisiissisgoittitstheiesns, e wiIci tile eonllamses t hiil he is e hl<uhig ilhhllcllreir rtel r e nmelldy tolllse ofruliteig lntHy ofils nillteod lel. low being;t who alo sol'lstistn' irlstr Irte tv's'sns chlronic atlt nistsislole conltilais toI ini s iIetiti.atish. Ino bll a it will nlore of ileltrahlble slorise, ian tliemostlals, ront tttrcso oes, bsit gesscaty oeooemisniogu.ter and ill nialxr eliess , ilt rallsy mratnseeiflllcvinu ihanexl.l Sciretlings llessl ltonig ithem toale nolt e Io teisos astI hasti isiesa. T'lsi nai aas inatirul asa ellnlsllo t o t hsts s rin' i nlei o I t''ty e lllll gors ahih m.nis ly otus.n I tow sinuse, bito ntti w ihiehl sissclllle slsf Sr ilsg tii 'tilttl tts oeall i ln s e s tt hs i - rs lt t t o o I l poII l I ohll l esi . h e til i l Ians hlose lustteolyt aslo thinls is the rrljtt.stiol it ias oh. ssi ilel io isrI'lt' it lls bsl'' sitrettll ls Pe. IIiset.tienvairoisa' ,'o'ts'.tiooetisosish srrioessost't 0 It is o,,ly n rlloit Ihrt ie yesll se wlls Ian.Cw:elliml was Siro'stesl in htion lssstBi llsit i ss alllst tpoietf tlllore, tola tsIttt'r'lt of iset'toonssi'tsht bet',tt I'nl, hweh aolemtl tilelslli.e Ihnit the lrsleve hlsw t iceit liite wne.e Ihted ih it, tltd in Isott.;t ~ ll'tes. lu ast h td'icsl nltltr tantil ie'thlps :stll t oelllllon Iltllis at i tistnilla . iVIler et 'i't i' killtis itasttositislts rllyt . ill'n Iisa e s lls Ihlt ThI e vo tlt h olteroll. i nirs I as.itc,'i' Iht Innl I IIa~I·til, :*tIII s!lilliljiPit :tiIIl Sel~ldlil~ll~ll9 ilflbiiollS uill hhosts es se.l6rt nltr s lIsIr It:as lsolt S ls'o i ost.iihrsior Ytlvsriotssaseseiofssisttessisss riv sus',, ocssss ne as IP Lau ."lldLrl SlI~g on:lhdl tl y reimu elllll nd nit, tol·ii 'iOttstsstnonrstKiss't. Ie w s lsleC rt s eI stlllt alll Ine i Issi sstnc t Is' s.,i., tts in r'lh e i t lnllls' a luls ir elll'aing s llrllvit l hiosLs tls II lt li - Ii' clat~licn lec Il llt' lc~ il. f' l la L Ittu.lilb I l't'llr·III·( I.n~lln Ioeinslie Ucollimlilrci:u, anld wh.lich a. s I,. ank.lcl .l'.lnd old ~f't'rssteosssissss itssls evsrsincs'ssts't is er~x w ell I t rh satic, , ilnth ils Itn itst osits . sl, at, il hall yI1 ellss~l~tl III* il Itl:: ili li lliUIIK, IBi\ hr"O il~li0tI hll/Ine. "lwardol Ii dies, htliiteili the sle nleng5h* ii istaltl i Bl ti. r Hospt nI ' nc l lli t r acl m s e1l.ter aLr~llll. I~latiltl anI I Illli-Slli~ll,,liu· Il~ltIilll.l i., Ir m y ' i ts bser is et, i ss t hl osi l oll l i ll sti ' astlly exlohss'tlv't im tisssslysss a l Isoe nostsssss upon I eX f olewtill, hn gi s lollo laII s lh s 3lllloLI , IIisii CSsilsrb elils s o Thsisme erlltlin~lI tha oio ullhorssotlai lsrithaoswes'si ss ye leckansssis're,swosht ler. T Islisstetiaitllh hnsaten fsslillll lulls iltytefUlin my Inst Anlh l si. mieac co n her a eitd. anil i hil hcn rtt ltss e sisI i nchsllllhltill Uttless lir Spsl.oll, st aliv alosso's It oilier, h) llose whone sulorel socan llesih.oh. i t arl r lilles' eitisaolutilts'e l tirrco sw iettsl.s Shitt e totl -' en ill rur welt to use or t hsin s boeistte i, smis8 sito ner. Vltenoyr alirt I iot iris edosisrs i't o. laoto on ., oti oIyllsaena, tak lltls t sslillse os', will asstlisbel' all It lntloses, ill mc ltss s tihlets, alt less rlltel-, IIIill a it t'ai ll'e agreIable Itillsllnlssttimhn Iht rossnlsun ttlie si'k. T'lte fssllslwhisg oostlilfciat, rot of leststdrells sinsilto', ;whilh t itsght oie l hcu h.s u arse gitll tsatlsow sihet'aR oiot the Ithllllllns' Inesesra, hiheSal'is lsi eomllslails I ster;. esotisslleslhe ln oot satet osbittis in thhe nlsst salisisltsllsr' snl ttrits'lThsrty s 1 e re CASES ii?" h'llttWI".'I'TSl I w.ftlAs wsron, a h e leg, 1 oc,.2. tass'isllgit rcioant'ieter osth ' s eol1t, s Nofltimtiow an' er rcssovee sal istlhslesillg i|I Orollltllnl, onCtIl.l e l ei sonslsr it lstnsi wo'snitt'. I issstss s lllset osllioleossn' i im s tnleiet l g iastiolls slIs s Osilt'eullsrrtsTsi .lllnlo t it tt o isneti 1rAtirtlstG oltaooAidVsssT, esssossMatrkse it all nhitilarny 'llirsoll. JOIIa I" IEIGUSON, I.du ist. Catton.rsTen , lartls '27. 12. t Iv wan ser:veil aiat three)o rts sonie, a its asitres.tihl i rellslllssatslsnl CUs, J s I lakllhg t scvels colse , Irhile iiiit e 5 Ite intissessarol' ns~totossr, ostti wh'isi~ hso sissailolt',' ISoolni hensiolrsonvleot over sirle. I)'iohg tsis telerit hatoe sethn ai atieiit'sn use .\atisse ilaos itlsl, hit thisi citi o sss'i ssslss,1. llltsl,oss an tIvoe'ly tito ssase Iessgtlm. tihneithitIe ,lttlinvletoslo'eilsslto,elttil triesi ahltnsst no'r Sremetiy, whit littlte benit'. OtIs t IGt o ti tf l'ol'tar lInst, ttht time snltteely llsleto mone olssvut UItoII ErlIt h' nlow s Ipto y to statetlmi I 'elas 11 t1. "I'U7CKtIt, I. Ma'krt st. S CASES t)lt SCrOtFULOUS ULI.EIIS Thiw YSteKV Sept. Itt, 1525. Thils may certify Ihat hin ite fllt ot 18'25, 1 was seize 'wih a osoehli nloiosy sliseoaolt lace, whiih olierwalar olslelltel aiid beroame Iitse gltostty uleors is my cessi. A iir'rt.yiong e.'oettlnltsitnstiso to . o oItItott.g, I voo. io lhi eiedl itts sn·d o ltnedt se)seilf I llr tttilt' lies. llisO assst Ilteshs, when, oaftnr solslt t llivaiioit to noetett, I waitlot lto'tllllseell lltlr'y iltl:sroble. Actr, wtards I took twnety botllesooflwaion's ltosooeaoos n t si'l hostlrs ofttOllettter's Cssthliiant, ss iti iso tlslses.t'll bellselt l )tsspahtiitgof'liie,tohioih htns stow beoir'tsea Ittshltrsl's it se, l'etsllelsl to nltyprllet ill new ni'l'k, ill t8o'2, II ae g smyselfnupto a listsels's'it deth. Iloatrisseof Is, fi teosat ssslssL'stf'e Indiatt'sS Pasteovoi |owereoet Iln els ietiler so my owli, I wtns jterslalad Iontrj itas aaest. i sort. To nsy grealt vOflll'S' I, avellil as osllltinfaontio" -sinertfvund ntynsl'lraf ill-relaoooriig, nott unpono lakhiq seoen boltics. tie olcsies'eslsesl iltS1 t I tsi'sl'ne lsllsefrtl) Iell in the course oftwo lonsIllts, tled hate etnsnlalel so eversilssln. I isltke Isis abittsnlnell nlst wishil llbtisllhei -r hlt' itenefit oflthol 0 h areOtlOt s riiot'it0 ltlttrt s hillnr seesi'itsloutsor sillhiitie alSvreions, thilt they men kslso Willsthlt estretosne who has stnstered eertrv tising hol lieath, sti atho nuatitdel hri ii lift veatbe t b e abHn vet s. lmvi. IlIN1A5 CHttatt'rONc. Its ly 12,1 Sit31, - was toolffiitet, faor yars'n wit awi llt o ut inc tale leg, o. i nss~oiatsllysatc~rootoottielt ioh¢'isnjcisi ltttuts itslsnsataists onsti exvcsnrnive nill ts e leg iltosI nontol joint. Sst'tsil onlioeot pltysioialis eex'iteitlh it'skill tilloii it, btswitlh oit i',ronaorlat benett. Inlhtio eae l fire boule |li:lll'l I'allneea mlade a pall'cut ¢llre. MAItGAIOE't' A WE''S', 121 Market 4For sale by ItIFNItY IIONNAIltL, ds'liggist, syee 1 srststsirt~'ietors,'Iot'sts't~elldolsl ti rastses It NEW ORLEANS 5 NASHVILLE RAIL ROAD COMPIANY. Tl IE nstockholders fl' this company are hereby no 1 tilled that by a resoltin of tile hornld of tdiec te.n poased on the 19th ilst. the call made on them on the 13th February ant, for ite payment of five dollars Ssharet, was recinded, and the said stockholders are furlther notified tilat W I..REAS, by a resolution of this board pns-ed on the 19th int . a call has been .ade on the stockholders of the New Orleans and Nashville Rail Road CorUampty for the following plrn.nts on the the stock held reaspe. lively bythum, vls:t-twt dluitars pet shitor, payable on the dent day of lseptemblernet; Iwlo dolliars per share payahble on the lirst day of Deembet r next; and two dollars ter share poyable o tile fi st day of March next. Nowlhelrefore Ie it resnlvcdl, thel the secretary of this company shall notify the asltre hIdlders therein, through the public pr ate of the rity,that in iontformity with til e sixthll sectio of tie cllharter, thevare permitt.d to postpone any payment called in no thie stoc k of said ctnlpunty for t.e termlf sixty days, from and after the day on which it in nmde pable, wvilth te exptress eai dillonr. Ilawever, that if noe reguilarly paid within the said ,rolnlaelinn of sixty days, fv fianl alftr th- dae an which itshoull have bhels paild, that then tlse otwlt on whic:o said payments shotuld have been made, is and rclma . forfrited to tie cutlltllay, the clarter of t hat point tuina imperative. It c.,nftrnitv therefore, to snitl cell, nall s.ek of site letockhnlder itn acid company, as think pIroper to poa off tlte tylalllts io their stlook to thesad of thi ad.iti-,ttl sixty dny., which thie charter allows th-m,are notifcidthat the paytttent of two lo hIra per alalne culled ftr.,andt due on the first of Sep remlber next. mlay Ire pnstpioned uder.lhe sixth seetion of sail chonrtr, utuilt thI .t dry of ( ttolher lnCx tihtlt the patment n: two dollars per share called for, andl doe ton lilth dlst iaiy of IDeceber ne:xtt, inay lIe ptitl pone I utotl" Ille t.lthiit t. of ,.ttntrv neatt;tle o the yn. I nelat ,t'l two hllur t pr t Pharr .il. i foer and hie on tte f) ttl;yt of tllrrl next, ayllll ' be pI )Iont d itll u til tle 3ctlt tiay fAptri] Uixt. Exlraetos tlia l llinutes of theoannrd. june 2d A .1 McNAIR, See'ry. .-I Ot.- IIf TlS' in case--25 dlten white Wots V let,for gale JOHN II GRAHAM. sp 16 'TPA OP LOITIISTANA.-Parish Cburt for the St •Parih atdt'ity of New Orleans. rT HEB STAT'E OF. 1.OUISlANA, To all whom L Presents hahll ome, Greetii,--Whereus, r Jdates Hanno hkalga psrokhuel at a sale made by the Shorilofl tls paoirh of Iileacs thl property 01 hrreinanter der.rihed, at eppliesi to the clerk of this ci ourt. in whtotI offier tile d,'d ot rle wos recorded on v 'lie bil day of April, A. D. 1838, far i. monltitn or tlasrs' 1 tisemnt in conflbrmity to an oct of tile l.eilature of tile g 1tale of Louiotann, e.billed 'An act for thie Frther nssu- ai rnce o titles io imarhloero arjudicialsales;" approvsd he 10th dev of" Morl,, 1834. it NO\V, 'keretfre, know ye, nod all persone ioncreleed lersin, are bereyeitcd srloaadondloaaash ill ths ,e ata of tite Sloan of Ilisaio.n , iad of bthe Pl'aith I toast, who eti tip oan eigtlititie or claimn ii ild a,, Ite prbetitryr Ilerreinleifcrderorsd in eonal s ucsci sslofy lliihllnllityi tile a.irer,dearee or iUaladgsse ol aal coaUt under which thie sbale was madle,r aany irregularity or illsgality in the appraisements and udlverisanmmnts, ill ti,,e, or manner of sale, or for any other .efect wolirCo ever; to show cause, within thirty days from thsday this monition is first inserted in ihe publia ptees ohy k the sale so made should not beosailirmed aad khomo to~ated. Iltsnaild PeIr t war sold hy the Sheriff of the par isan uarela on 11h 14tha day of April A. D. 11l.8, by virtue of a decree of thii Court, rendered on the 5th day a oeFebnars,A. I). 1838, in a ellit eoitisd Alexander Cnldwall rs. JaIner llnsP, No 110.'t6 of the dacket of I thlis Court, at whichl sale the said James Ilnnse became thrpurehaser for the plice of twenty one dthousand doliars. SIDelosription of Proplerty as given in the Judicial Con vI eynneet vlz: A certain lot of srenyt t eos d in the suburb An snueiaion alias Lacounrse of this square No 5, and lot haring French measie, 60 ifet iont tn Tehou pitoUlas 'trert, .i1) faet ftron, on Oraogersstreet, and cl0 feet on I nlbsode dit Jll,. 6 street, in suoh a manner that said lotaireaaed is 60 feet wide from oaae side of athe asqere In the other, together with a dwelling hosse Frontng on Tehoupitonla street, the kitchen and de Spetndaencis, nice the diatiller~y ealuhlial m nts ereeted I-mucoh eird other s uildings sel5 improvements, the muehinlery. nteeilo, implemenlt nod filtoree belongiug 5 to taid di.tillery, its drpetdencis and appurleenancee. and tile rights,actions,llnd pirivilees thereto beloegilg or in in wiala nppertlOnitlc. Clerl.s Ofice, yew Orleans, Sta 7, 1838. ml.4,24&j: J. OLLI, Deplty Clerk. ETAT DiE .LA LUUI.ANI~--Cjur de 'arisiei potIr 1 paroisse et slill. dc la N, .erlle Orlesln. S'T'lA' l)E LA LIOUISIANI".-A tousceux ques L cea ii seltlles eoleaI )ista, Solos,: Aiterlwh i u, Iiames Hlanee syantahetah A.nne vente faie ,a: •eSherif I ilelapocosie d'lsleato i pripiti eii l llloi i lssis, I'est oallerllaok ol Grefe de artte Cnjlr mt hi liie vealtl ais elregiisbe Ir 2 emes jsir de Mo dce I'aaase 18:103, len iini avis oFom'emeill ai ln ac n idle la Lkgisat tire d I SEtal de IUs Lomisiane, intituit " Acla ponur cofirmer les tlires des acqereures naux ventes julliciai.e." applaou6t 1 le 10 larnls 18.34. Q'il soit oola, et tontes peisoles ioilttr"oseeasoot lor ces lresentes soelmlbeS au nm le I' Etat de la Loiisianle st tie Ia Cour de Parlisse, am pourniaent avoil droit A la Iropni.le ii.als eerote, en onsatqluelcre d'un dtllit de Iforme daasa l'othal, le decret on tit jngement de la cnour, el vern dnquel In velntse a 6te fite, o Ile touts ierr6gilriti an illbgolih dlnt I'ealimation,l'ausis ou le tempt sel le iodeI 0ie I i ven oa, au p oosor I toal'eeau~equeloollqale; Isa ilrse vola, daim trenoejoars a id. trt dale aablitoiio atle ae tt aai poaIisuoi lsa ente Isi file niaerslit lassoafilrole e laoillhologne l.a Irllpri.l. fit veloue por le Ihlecifsadit, e an toisibieaollr d'alvril de I'alsloe 1838, rn vorlu d'll .leset de cotte ollur le 5 de fkvri'r de I'anlbe 183:1, dimns I'aflire d'Alexn tdsr Caldwoli, sisitrs Jocies Illare, No IO,3t7 dtl ilocles ile seets Cour, i laquellcl r enla e dat dames Ilanse s'est rendu acqusreur Ipour Is plX dia do$1,5!010. LaDescription de ia Piprib n 'ii'aiaor, leitransfier Ju.ldiEiare, Uu atrtaini t de tlera it116 fn fnthnarg d ltsa'Annnn 1ialil,ll nlillaesnlo.c, dol rell sille, dona filirt Na 5, le riitlot de le trre avlit [ilesnre fr I ai so,] aooxnalte pirds lia filer U Ia ie"'isIoloupiltla'laiiioia elll uiesls lie lace li lIa rue s ies o rannl, rloixtnlle irid stl face k la F~aaJ.ll. ola ruo dl tarchsal eorte qsolle dlt lot de terre a snintale pi.ds osi areiPlr d'1 I.IutI de I'ilet " I'alllre; ncals he unie lai on Islt fhl e ai lai I'lru 'l'rhwspi ,tonl e,1n stes dr lite dt uetus ,,isi qlue in distil!erie c nsltrite pur Ill dit lit. Pet llitrle. lIlA ti0s1e et i ralihlasn- leo Ianscliise. ustensiles, lanl aIlioll, o. altppelnn ruti Ui Illa lise dioilh rieean dilOllld u lllerealrtnancesl ct les draoit, asCilI ast privilBes l' n ,p tl ilnl l, ulilrtlau 1du grefier, NioNvelle r irofta,le? Mai,.lBb18. sr 14,.ij3 J5. CILII'; lieal1 slfj]er llonl! College slf PlihyafIeou,, Ilist-disa. I .THIlE origillal Vegesahle Ihgeinh Univler·sal iMedli 0J sine5,llrpln~l~rl hly V MibLkin, Esll1. rloiiner oif 1 Iloval l olhlcl; oafSia.-eolIs, Liaerlatse if AInhle. - alr nIasLotlply, I'lwllilw ll llh init ll Soriet,%Siargoo II tlbe Ilrsil t lUinli Penslionl Asoaiatiall LaneC.a r allce, Iatlrloa Ilrlie I ntili PI er1etual Puo iii of IuyI I ,illll I'l'lrli~ii llrhm i Iillls c Io I illtl. illl lvrWll.t 'l'his rnahibdle needhcinte, the resuht of twenty 1ell.s Sexpyrirae niid l naaaIllcllNd flira,ss ill he eIlth e nd !highly resp .,'abhe ,i-nethe of tl10 proph-ty, paUr>. li il illised b the Ibra City isoul n bhility-, alll is nw i lt'lhice totiht inoile el" Ilie Alnwtrlitai i' bli cii I l I 1t itlh l la t so. i . licitli:lon .( a num ber vi g st.,i we. of10 I ;;f amd hi- h l- lsu lii i i tll ll le l 1 o . io hol ii 11111111 , ii1 i eli i - - I'n slel, Iti cheelk til ot, ..+:wll shltl conseywe, ltc* I isi' nglil.P f l'ona hesl lli hel " ll te sllllll l i a d d l lll telinll s u.s1l'i , htois lll;,l i llon thc p nuliId . by the a l Oell ,, I -proof. of mlist';lorCI l olll it h lllltller fltuls bs lllIj o I.' II , unllpl i ollai\ 'tI'ld lr clelsll, i la tiltd i. L'a eol pl r o·ln ih c hlll i,)r, " I-"il.m, g I 1 b l :II ll1· 1 all...,.l Ii thE trlllunl0sre, iho*ulll he kile.p , in l ry tmlf h 'inl case tllalll ili illn,.s fol, hy thl ir l',m ' i e Milte.ii 0 to a r1t1113 a Hkllea ILaeroro nil tb llti -loi.aptlallllail% bal hli ao tisia psraove hlt, lid Is 0111e Ii+,d lilllcahll.dolildtise kieel, a hoasllahtei. "lboa as.'t iti~ll ill l..ii l ,l Ir,~lhs , krlr. io iraladlroifie, . h u'nitedl Slllesli I le Cnlladasl, with col.ilOlli aitelios, - ,etler nith, saii eslmaials of proiasiaioal abillty tirla Ile flll ina enllITIlill gsislelnlan Sir A^tlek CoLaeir Abrelrlcthsy, Janie i hlllllill, M. D., IV. hlaok, 31. i., . Asllen Kie), A. lralmllio, 0.1 i, Ill ttl lllmlilOUs nthers. Tlhe origihniI imay Ibe .een n ip,,<s,.ssson, ol'ih tinlral Agent, ti whom taiss a lsiia a s ima ortai d ito i : ai: t' nu i'to lhoia ill aipldicatios Iu llragellciat JO). 110.illE!.., 119 Wi.arl·y PLrc, N. York Sale (irlll-: I Aigeit fIor Ihe UliltI SIsttes, a c. FI r Idt kca , otll i ltlll ll f hrI l iiil:l r.i' l Cltor. i SWa'tAI aa IIU iutaER, lrtngilS, Nlo l Caolai siriati il A l' al.gnt. S lithteieOliouisla. .111 II 1.4111' It L11 1 o,N Nc 3 0333ziur st3ree3l3, Ig :, 'o r g otIn shl p. Nashsile, l tlisill , I3i(033 '1 , Iglei, an3 o1 her ate a., itdls tr. :h, " lel h csiiro. ;, : 3ll 31 g Iand nlew olet ed 3assortment l!;.is. Iooln, Shlloes aimnd Iiroglnlls, nilsisin3 io g3 'lIle3 ln's f1ine calf nd 1 roc1 o 1 111 ,C lool s do 4dl quaility do bulll, dIoI stouIt 1a1\ pegged bohl iL .arious q5 l thies; meIn's fiu call seat andl M olr. e.. ppel s: lllmn's fie calnf n kilppd lpegged sIIolS :uill I rogins; dlo hI ols; dlo stout kipl33ll t tlx pegg4led sll3e, ,a I bro gns; glltlelmenl' best qunlity callf swei sho1s. Sogaie and Jack l)ownings; do calf and o.hocr, I leki slab a01l brogantm; cIo eall, seal and Moolrs"lee I aliain shioes and slipl,.-s, do enlf, hIll amt seal wogs, a nlew r11iece; do flile 0all se.I Hand Imorocco ( :lte arot3; I1oys', Illisss'uIIl chdildl3el's peg3I3 slit d sei .ell LoganIos, lil shlues ol ee,0) iqualit Fiid koinl. Also i 3enerall iasstlllent o| nllll's stout waix aRld cwtl i.In ll1gas mId shoes, togetlher with 10,3l00 I:1eit, 4gro 1t1 3qu(3lity, Prussett hl(a os, Ilt3iled in h1t I t o.l ho1i3l3e3 xpressly lor 1n13Itiu33 use; a g103 'd :as t ttlrellt of Imell s ttile illl stout kipl 10't ll billl9it b Lra II Srw llicl, Il h IlgO quntlily of all inferior llii I..alies' fllnec:alf, snt, imll3roe co ansld grainl nelts, s:o1 p1lllp st1le shoes;i I3i lili 3t3u Fr.lli3 Il'roclo andl khl rIu r3 Iaitlsl; llpperls; d ll lll shoes, with an13d Wiltlll I heel b cell' sHal ilt( blst lulUherl blOttt.s; do PI uillat shot-,. I h3l khi1s an3 3 lht3s3 a!n l3;i3 3 b3 3 3 3 3 g3al h l3 iler 1331 3I 30 333i3 b 33l3ce3 . 1lib3e0 ' l.is3ll3.l3 4pr3ing 0l33,s0 , i 3glles. 0Illdrei'scouloed all3ur1coc.3 3l3l 3ilsg b0ro " llientlemen's lill3lhsiollnt 1ble lllllk tilk hats; I Illack in Id'ia heaverdl I o a sIll perio r quIlllll'I ty do imitaion 'i1 r31iO 3 ho3 n3id Il narrow bhrim men3's fine d1ll3 b Iml1 1: k I33esia holrt n3133t1ed hat3s, a new 1rliele. 3Yo3'3s I ue sizie hl0 s of diftttinll lallities: dle children3 . 1 1' wld 11~ b:)'. black nlld drb wool ha:ts of vri30ol3s sit, ts, with gerlild aIssortment of bo s a' n nilllt * (" caps. ' his assortmenlt will be replenished by the arrival of r4a he ckettl3rnmi th3e sanne nl3med lities, all orf which I i ll h1 sold on 3etomlmloatinglt termls. a.u 1L--lt aM IN'I'.\1GC I'S B.I LIl FOR THE TEETH. f-l ( I 3 estabdllished re3putation aed contat0ll3 l3a3crea=;ns U delmlind fIor this e0b8% Ii1 'eremledly of lt'oill, ll 3 pr eervative 1 of t31he tothl, has idluced Ie sub,ul rber ofer it io the American pllblic. Arralgellnllels hav beea made Io suplb' aeeuts in all tie prul.:i +al c'ios i 3d 3o0w1 in the1 Unit+d 3 late, 41 o a, I3 place it ithi the reach ,3i tihoeo sfl3erl3.I andil ikely 1to su8er this mos harassing of32ll alclh.( 'rI' lh-3iclhe. Whe n applied oucorlingl to directieos given ion bottle, it hla niever 3iled 31 iff 13il1d hiime3diilt si1d Iomunent relilf. It also arrests the de30 car I0 defiectiv treth, land relieve's th1at a reo0nes bhich 'so frequently irulls a trllllg tooth 31s3les1 Th1.e (aplic3ati3l and re1edy3 are sim3ile, i33l,3elt, an v3t un(plea3unt; and the largell3 I3ubr of pelsons in difIe'ent sections of tit colnytll l that have , lr. ally exlperienlle3ld 1uch diihii'll 0 3ndsalut1lv 3eflct ot tile u0se 31 li 31t 3l,1 re ready I baId jour the public goodll their teslii1onv to its uil Srivalled q.ulil3e3 . It is a( I0dlial realdy, hl3ahied3 inglo l'l yFi a ll3 u lepectledly, 3 llll iia lie1 rolgi-.J1- by ilhe ci ii0od w30rld e0 tile lo1t valuable diecuerv rodm3ail3 of the woloIs. Paiue i$ t+r botile. Sold by'VIS & ANDREWS, olr 5 Cer Coommon 33d 'l'e.lflnl3(33 3 -.a. N E% BBOOSS-N33val ketch Ilook, 01, the Service A2 l33l3u(d a3hore. Withch araceristie reminiseen 0es3 fragmlets and opinionts. By the author of 1'['lh,3o i1'[ ar, &e. second series, io o vols. 1113103lll3 Kec3,lleeliuns of trh H(3lue l Collllnoans , l3ll1 the year 1330 t1o the elCosol 1831. e13:ludiag pe(3.. n3l of the leading 0 3mmber3-by one of oo par y, just Ioemived and for esale by \V MeKEAN, L\'I'TE PUILICATIONS. C liO1lI 'El.I., an Historic al Novel, by the author ol 'lThIe lhr3th3r3," . . in 3 ! vo,0 , Pop'ul3ar Iehh~3,3i, or Flmilv Advisrreo;nsiotiog of Oulll3ues of Allaollly, I'lvliO;oev, olld Hvgiene, w1t3 oueh hints 3i3l the I-Ir.,lic0 3' Pf1y0siC, Surgery, 3n1 tihe diseas4es of w omlen and children, 1 s may prove usnlil il f 1miliies when regular physician3 l can0not he procured: bein0 a comp0llnl3 l l3ad uidle 0 I;l3 i(u1lligPnt prinipalslo of I0'l3llllhl3l03-3., i1mta3tio.33, 31and b1(irdlng sch1ool baen = 3 3i • 333li 33 M, as 3er3. of v,0331333.33 3 r;,s 3l , n r 3 tr-3ello0I '; amI3' nfl3l 11 . l'I tch I(rI)r 1,'n- ,.3 C1151, 0.. ille I , stlls 4| iml];eini . tov Ievll,+ (:;antts, , . D) 1Po er I'T3r.o3', I (I3veral i listorv 13 Ithe 3 Imes of GrO,,lraphy. f(r the use of 3 a3lli.s, llius1nhhed by maps n1! uernrinsr,. in vl. Jusl ire:eived ndII1 tilr lln hv W ,KE.N, N 31I'ICIEX.-'I'howneqrof oeerIl 301ek3e3 3ltherel3an1 I 1 dize marked Mdamoe V. Artiqueneare. per ship Groen, from Now York, is hereby not fid that theoy have Iesn srtored I, . STETI'ON,'AVERY&CO. m31 Consigneer "Groton,' V"LPUELTSEDP OMTlREOrn'UPLATES7 The Yth ICditiof ne ROWLETT'B TA1tLE OP IN'TPRE9T: A TIl O whi. is anew adind tn Avcrnge Time Ca tlculi Stor, or eas methodnlls ioi tintting the average ime ht on stornge, notes of h:lnul or bills of goodls, w. hen plr chased at nli.ilerevnt dates, en Ilifferenlt credits, annd r varios rnmollnts; hesidean useful and eolmplete fankinng "linme Tin Ie, thbeeet lht nenl be enlrivedll. on( that fi gttras aen Ir nhlneeteitl.hin the me e cnlllLenld compnass, ad sllize of t pc. An avveriisemncnt in thebook is in nearly the follow ink words: ' .e'hc high lsintlnetion thi. work has received throegh the tell hngisnttive nett pl'.itxet to Itle titie .tge, is a re tecormnendn.tinnn in itself; so nonlnmmon, nIt so eoneltt sive, ti I ntetlting is necenarv nlmore ihunin by a ni ad vettise.lnt, to gi.ea nllllnlnnd view of sotlne ' n it t pte. r edliaritlies::is f.e instance, the Interest hans hten .onp is. ed f'ttn,nn:d nem tred with, whte is equtivanent to t'ote .five till en, anlli printed ironll trleOltyle pinltel teetnd Sthil"t)l-nlle times, frena ntl Hhieh it nat he evident y 1 for the deltetiont of an error Of cent in the preselnt or fifth editionll, as expleled ill tile prlefce, laknng five nf I atcr'Temicnaoffereli tine the anle eerr"o siti.e.ltt first jpnhlienthln in tile year 11M. One of tllhe most eon lienms features nf the tables is in the lr.lngement of thie Time anll Amontes, which. forn ex edilit.ns, reference olul t iprapielit), with the hell1 nfthe side ant ilex, emnent he excelltce..- n;d the saIty IV snld ease with which tile in*elesl eall lie ollll tO tile extent of gtenrl l busilless, withon t doublilng ofnst Sis heeidsa nt eonvenience as, essenltial, that in tth estanl tin ol'fsome oi thte monl en ettt m tnti nd prtlelical llsi. et Hss men anrd lplie ofi.ers wile have I-adeenrleln n-.e eof the wnok, it Insc been tiestingucishend h fho honettllnlt aptlleIatnll efofn "master pinee". And consillerirng the infallinillty et' the method originally adapteln in composaing the work, and the exltrarnilttary unnumer and Svariety of tlhe examinations, and testa of every edition it thasnasnisedi inthe pres, entwillltaintiitg the whole is in g stereotype, ennsietleng, in ashi fi he positivnee neuriey seenred iy the nllpreevelcntte.n means enlenf oeti, the en nlumels llen held upe an emrhntintlltv r ylet " m te mot woneiPrfill hook In the wasltk" nl;ast eerlltnintlv t an ncn mam f igre work ohe c sae exnt tentc , a sl since tile rnegainnihng ol ettinn, Ilns had tile aline nnlln er lli es variety of etthe int aescrme snllern of edithe.~ IO. inonnr nne ha il'tile nu inbers as is clearly shouw in the if nlawe. ltesind't, trteat sni iantedlnRI, t Ins behee ie t da.i ik It ins inre r ne tII ll the hinnk etlld ll llilft rl's in Ihek i "aole Stles,~~telll tld l e nblllic ogneay.lty t hiing nite long period etl'lthiltafire rers, y tneoerror of ihe ne.l chlations has ever t heenl 1"onnte in prine l atnllhnh conlienu nrlly etltehgefd hy tihe nll'eof very Inlge lr'nlhnita. T'he in flnet expresaly nadnptledn I' all thevennlrts oI'lw cl setclen l oltie Stntes is the "L lte cfsenlaoHtln lnantynlnte inllter.s," hanalto by law tir anlk illteret, n, Secerdlinga the book is net, ai l ns wann lie hen ill ia emrt, y .,e names of line sahscariel's, at f cew of et e h sullell ent in-Cltae rs, inte ilsat t tine td iofnehook Sill .i esi ue f tCintnerv elnissa lciletlles ill e1eryI lt tni letnnfttne Unnit he Srles. It is hrnen'oter neil known that, ny it re1aelet cheek, itf Irs no ontfll leeted l rg eerrnors, Inl'g fter theinvenr nihle, even hy tine tnst eav.etitl alcnt tt ceomptennt acillellteliri:ln tnt its asetrfltness, andt tile hsonllte le I" osan tercita ntt hena vI ntle ben t'entllnitlyIt insstned ell tson einlenll, nitca har iv bec ell its ln d hllllaen llll irts , vings, the lun nt annr etl l.rst g, ilst the il ls e' ditltl en. ullcar n t addt oee i lter d h e gmll mr o Ifm I ln llnd i oies wtee sought tinoy, snoeln In o n si gIl t d rtalcett. isenc Innd it serious prices, as Ihe, could p drrc~io cly he e iken d tttp i nln I Ie t nioen 5 praae el , and Some ersolls hlave retrn, v dteklnbrmd, ial ilntocrrs errltl Iei: qllOtedr Irha thter woa;ld p laorI, Ina0, odl $5.(a for a copy, tfeot to he balld fir less, ,icll.n hleivi ~tlll hin tihe eltter ilnstancee paneticvhrly u intil atC tin iine erxibinted salialnctOlny oll's toal s tendl efSOt S tenint nttit dt ln t hi1 it wens niatni entwonth thnt nmneyn inn I notrethintgh ihe ntsite to"o tlt teerv mnn1able l ne, ft being n vetl' i.i tlerintllane in pnlnlie onfice. It a en eckoiin t seennthtc, netnod ninieed inrtr to inniy'e, tatnnlhnteh is ait., nitnnre o figue Wik g*et clloei i. snto .lt ' ral w ellh:it n n ite -nin lla i i ortacellt a I thes Innnn. nItan n tftntlthis enok hr its aike bhnes |l'cnnr ed inl l Isun~l lllllle elneOs h! the mnost cnolnlrtell ,s caleuullor in tile WITn ini l nni eltU'nars I se l d most elllnllll liIh r h.sni n cneerection of l olno f shitesl , it nwontlt, acln l to a cnrtainll lty,ine blie lee nanl ' ti.n 'eC feettntnt ad nitetr it ainy pniec, as the tnr-fate ien1ien-. ItrlP explins. ]nn l sc pcclct'i andtat iuldfannlnne Ihnt eterenl.nIin, flnnne n|f this wnhl klheetn mnalc, tfnnt to serenn ll tionls,gllitllat ir, fntlnr eI, lllnn.aiellnntfit, In;ey ale (bIy ".dt.'ntn llnllln) rnnntaully knen t in a Iilae of sflci.; 11n1sllt), exept welnh tine tI in nrintinn. Anicie-enetions Io nihin h hbuh nkks nind statute -inllnn S tact fill Ilnefnl notetas, fnllo tihe ireane, which, in ic tlhs fish ins i nhe twe innpeeding ti(lincns, olntnin nlu in n l.n l:litle eOt n.l nilln tn n two Il nl n inells ,iti t( Ini r t ne't n t in clnto h.1 l 1111 , n wi tIhse tin dti t . hi n nllleO I ulnllly (·);? os lywok, .lli'l inn oil llll ni-hc.n i clnn)tI ilclr-,,A I:a1) ts wA" l. iII1.W I ;sai, 1 1, [ llS a llul Bed hnt h, - " i ll nnolltnl l m nnin , 'ts hn n iL'nInll nct nineInl :., n i,- i. I ilAtl.ihsellt Il h:C Ih&b bs E, IlSc ll as IS W ird wmih Ilolr. It. In het+,. lse IP v rti d;sl I....r Ibh, la lln d dnn ll:n w, t ei ,he . SAmong ill litrl e I ill :111 1e 11.:, o llo i -ldion 1)yist fi e' · ll ttl .il l' -,.li t.,) l(1 e. o'y l' lit h iuults pit1 Lll,-'l tl r c.l d nl t tI h, firt : a allOlltl '1." ; ..I. t o s s n wh,. B ,t i Ilt r ,i :1 r or , an I"n ' ,,n o . n 1n t'-il ndnne r , .fl,, .14 1 "11.11 I nl'I l(,. \\ l lt',l'.ler' ihc :4nh,,r ,fill l, liea (ilth JI n na' 'nt td C r o ll nntl .t f lin- n hlier eIt t'n n nlnt : Ir ;lltne .t. p ly lpt,'en s,.d p' tl'nnl ' ".t'.t, .t ,l tt' It1,. /nn t ,in n-'i l I tin i i nn ednn I' o t tn.\t h.nn e ..eN Innoe i'a.nNe infe Itfek, c EeIell i mor a l rnli -' I n n r o i Is , Ifnl lln a.nnon Ldhr.r a Je ju -nceiv,, toetfitrsciete W1if. ifLKEAN, tract . I Srq.:nlplrilla, tor the cenr ofl lenetenhiL en I.inten of the al,,; pniniPlrs or pulstle.. fI, tie t d; Ciy ern til)ns; r in tIInt tntte bons; ChroiinIC mteuletlUa; n t' I r; scrofuia, or kille's evil; . hitt an ,ll n1g; phiiiilln dnlln..isn , it d all dlvlA , rs aririllg Irm o r iall imull)1f. d ne al+ thea bloo. , b te i.illotr reeilctlgn i itt ho clinilnte, or tnle illjndni:lus utte oi n nnnernllry. A1, .-tn-Cancn & telelif' cc \Vornn Syr, p, or In. f.r1 I'frtet'rv;liwe: tin, beI t trllnetpntntinn now Xltlllnt A\ nlnlnng whicli are lln ,id hntti.g:-fnndianly Ityr, col rnnng thn halnr; flinr', Oil; Ilesiann ir', (GrellS; PnIIntlnniII; inIh:nw'n F-',e In WnVish: sn p.mrir Piurl t'n.nnnt; Lit)' Whilr; Creaenilit .nI.-.; Vn,''tallne Rfig"; OnLt' nf RIPen'; Lip S lve; lfre- i I"lar'er \Vulner; I'uwt r PI. "itn s n Itex "; Au:e r .' eat Clhienanl, enilliy pltl nIp in four .fne ll vti; I I'e etOnl 4,'ihin; Contingne,; Kretnonton h , I etttln. ' in ten, If ()I;--nttt aenneit rety oIf tler Prf.- ' n merlnc, &e. Fer an,: .by L i GLINN'S PEIRFUM RIES. SJ C lTRIN .-ARD, ' Corner of Canal and Bourbon streets i D IlOYL; to \lAY, lh nsn, Sign, Rml ()trnai.leli Poinltrs, Not j oitnllqlele atrelt, tHo dool. 'iil.ll anal street. hlitmnliol on fhe i followillhg woods ll nldo.der.b . ecutel in a Imastct!" lmIIOO Ier.I w Ma I*r.ES. M tlog miny Eg. ptln blk anml g~old, I task, Gi ln (i landlC Antic(), Iiollard do, Oriet.l o d t Curil'ed dos iJasle., urled .1apl, Iod Ae, llir~l E.. ( -!i,, i i)4by 1.0llmt lthir Wood, o or Ihirdell, 'Yew Trele, lialin. lioe, tio·01"oll±le or holaok Si:lllnti and Itrontelsl, Aselo \mIr, Amnnei nn (;rey, Ashl \i hlits Ok, too. kt ko, Cuorlok Elln, specim,.ns to Ie sesn i the shop. Paints, nil,, glhtqsl copal .:urnish, ke" one haslld neilor shis. jIttOS' 'tIs;t. & IIEAVY ti t)l)S--latn, sqoare andl h~landh, ironl, well nralll'h'·l. 1100op, sroll alld rod iron, iuil rods ond plougt nruuhlcs Cotn, (ernlmn, lsheal, blisteird, sllri, sheet slid lrowle. steel Iollow ttoore, cut nid wrounhm aiilsoiid spikes Zione, bln..k til, mill zod! grind ostones, aLtI koisteg Cl(uinl Eenhless,anchor hloCw On, log an d trace i tions, corn mills Annils, oicms, llanlliers and bellows Wie, sl .lrti nI Indt leoad; shlt (.mlol, and otlillbinlg Stoves nAs, Iiownlnl'sslotherl spades si ovela HIook lod plate hiillges, dooli n'l widIow Iooksl Aolli,, 1tiou, SoniltS1 o)w alld oter, xes rololrd Ihint 3nilla oOelo lgi e oisnli iitoioe Itolinil nliteolliig niqipte, Nonva! stoies Pauinlts, li.e l~d sIII 51rm1 oil 0liiul ol Illlll'iit ll Ioi'ilEiLolerniollldlshl .in di n v e sale o l r nlti, oin ltherot lhioibleo telmi, by n IIh I I.blitI SC (Jo. 4(0)h Lenrvee. BARROWGATE SPING.S 0liillllot' lltl'i clouiiv, Mlloil. TIHREE DAYS JOURNEY FRO.I NE I' ORLEANS. rpItE lirorilenor of thisi establilshment hoas the ple I un' o f ein hit linililmoitnnl tlte publhc in genlltl liei h n eilltno iii nolinns..hb thie oirt dlon of Moy to receive viiiers. lie will atlso .nite Sir hetihne nelit of mi.P at 010 i-taneo, thnt there Imve ipn largo imnprtoverlents lnte and ithers now noinb' on and in ripid irore..s ir eitomdlion, otiih will eb ahi e hr sulscr her to ac.olnlnll'o.dt a imntlch lhrgeir mIllnber Ihal herr'totmle,i anid at IIthe same' time much bettirr. Flamilie can be oecnimmodihnted - ith goid room. or thiore whlo Irelr enl have large cabilns i ecliced frot Ihe main simldiiing. It is dleenmeIl ilnesrary le nay iantill.g pnrlmei. I lar If lthe clhulreti'r o o thesP waiers, lhl it i lge', ti believedr thal Illtv are not iiftrior to uiiv ill tile Sot ll ern Stlm . All ihe omoorltoumlos ot lli·i rlelre it Iiiindot \VWterintm Inieo, will be iiiti d li s 'rile best millusic thau thi irt of ! h counry alltrld, Iha L.=oI eIll!.lleFIl Illl.| will he in t.¢)nst,:nr itilrl i~nleet thle Slrinto durino n e whlole .im ean. ' Itestulloisli'l Nwill bIliniuelfof ihis opporiunimy in retirnin hi Illlliilreid mlilkS Col r ill ry libVg erl riulli'lOI ei.#'l hli~l i.-ltp-t .e t-ll. I t ll·,P, s I,V t 'he exer tin clllSiS ii.l 'titii iii iuull'Oihmn ioiiitd eoi.,,dlmo, Illn. liltll*lOllu l.lur ,lPI mrI·~1 ll a IIbeltl ~lll llld xrlln Ill pltearn1 LPeii+,.il. J1) t.R 1. roll Tii emt Til n 1 imti i \ mI I igi. ltre t. ·i, t A l "ItKINoi iN'. ti;titI.A tut iu'', in eoll-i ;t m llrilmiioll "irmorlimi! lo, bier-,ie neeb otil mlll, m'l',: simtntI otoiy oitil mimmotiniml, I~li'niig lib- ohotinmionerildI inhiner than h.imoi tlite otiflonmiu.Si Ar <thIrob siipplni joni receinrd ai (iUION'S," NolI Enohooin ltntott~,re.nOrlo S[ionarlm, nod fnolmln) MAIL / itw f iX" M . .n . Northern M ,ail. Du, ,tJ ,..t a Western M+ail, evZ r . t $nsdy y tray otf he{ d: .e verv lilodday, Wedsoda Cor,4 andl etnirdanrity 9, P. . TheLkea ne everv.'il d v,Thursday, ' ailiturdti, l;y 5 P. M. via Close,, every londny, Wednesday EXPRESS MAIL. TIMES OF A4 RIt VA L, DEPARLTUIRE DISTANCE &c. of the Express Miil, htcle.n- Mouile aid New' Yo'k--leaving Mlobile dell" at 3 P. M. Norlhwiar New York daily at 5 P.M bouLhward. Arrives - - Arrive Nonlhward. Distance. Time. Return'& 4mntgnmery, Ala. lopm. 198 n's 23 i 12m. Cadotlbuein. 111 81 91 `3{a.m -lilledgeaille. Ga. 2 133 14j P ( 'oicuniia, a. C 7e. 103 17 10 Ilaleign, N C. 51 215 22 1 SWarrenton, Vt. 12 im. 55 t p l'eterbulr,. Vao.II p. 03 83 I 9 n.0 eichmnlld, V n. 1 n 21 p rederickshu, 67 7 p m. \Washeinlton city, 21pt0 68 61 salhimelre, 61 . 4 01 Plhiledelplin, Il o.. 10 11 2 New Ylork, 2 pm. 0 8 a 1305 143 h. or 5d Northward. Coming Southward,the time is six hour' lens; lering5 days stn 17 hours. 'l'Et: IlOI.I.AIRS REWARD. 11 ANAWAY fr an 1(19 Carondele corner of Hlevia l ' slresn lthe nighl of 31hh if Anugut, and was seen ,its next niorning in Pnwnrts sirees, a negro hay naenrd Il:AIIAI.:S, about 17 years of age, entid fee or therenloutsin their, very black, and hnsan imped itlllittllisseehof n Ii aehoerhis legs in saro, occasioned by s recent ti o l;eitll odn wllrn ie went nowav a white olt;qn or linen shirt oand while cuttn [ialnouns. Malas of vesseol anlld steom Iats are cenutioned a gnineteeiving or hnrborineg snid negro, ns well as nil other perenn, as thile Il0tnnn rigoir of tIls law will it enforced ngainsi theno. 'liTe above reward will Ie pail Sfordrlive-ing hliltl int, nnv of tie ails of either of It im niciplities, or at I1g" (Catrodlet, corner of Hevi. sleoel. soIpt i t iT lt f--'l'ihe uo tlllerolilltsh hrlit lrt e existing Inder Illte irll of' I)ubois & Guarretsln, ias Hee diisoilved. 'Ile .inbscriber will liquiate Ithle nfairso ihe Roneernihl this'cityn sad nre , u ir all p", sf nindeb - e t i ake rtmwne a s t ro hn onl, nid all llsehavinp arra:-ti -it II I:AILTSfSON, W. W. SVWAIN. Ao. IIuCanalt .reel A'rr Or(teant Ai Iw anv. m ilnnlld lu, tnntluv rtei in. IDr, ý I)ve (s, helwiuicuasnd I'alnls,ulollng . hr, ar. ollownir: ItlU G. Dl\ ,I Alianttll y, crte, Argols, redl, do regulus, Aialt, SteI -. Atenuic, craudle, Alum, o powhaiered, tIlazillette woos, Salsameln opm i, Cochieal, lornlx,i elllh, toll. ra:sl Amerie:n, do efilledti t alllitlnle, lloimslo lle, crudlle, 'lltics, Tampico, do roll, do Clln, to floer, .o Maire, (insll'oil, Iaiiia,,, Lc galts , (rm l:r11ti dno oManilla, CI.athari ks, do (":*cast, dotado Jamtic do Ab.:zdin, Cal-wood, ido clopni, rllulh, Madder, mn.eie, tdo do c.uptl, Niautigue, Ilonluire, ro r til, .i, wo l che. do gaiucona, CHEMIICALS . Andt kihn, A , ittts, do oi' ri'ns'o uIItiatlie, S nto Allt lllsc. Irloit tesul imaen t "do rnraacnd, '1lr 1 Ih lihe, ( ttltage, taui, enlitnlls, -Junipe" krr~ries, \Arner"icaa, rasureauae, Sauna l.I.keI, p ii are, ,. I do s ots, ttt1lp ti' s l, Sdiq* .'':ice ba"llt, t "hhari len," il almit Ir, Sa tl t ine, 4" . ' ll. .',I .. l, .... le ·h l ll| l ellllll , I ,t I. . . ,, I I I ' , tt lll a i. , ,I c, ,,1, , t, S "I, .Lt"i ,." .. 1'.,.h t,,ba h 1 :i, i. ,. I lia i , I U 'll.. 1 i' ll t. iar i' 1.5' ll1 EI.A I ttttt't . t St ein ill itt l an e - I ut,,', u.n I t, . Iimil '. iu al, ,, n Slhil'a, Jt- ;r, 11)( I, ·r( I l llll d ! ,;l',l. h, n u',o , Itt ttit, u u I.o io rit ,l/ii .lu'tiutnt . I Ata l aStt. n , 'u', u i. ft nu ' h i eaul. ,',t,\Iltltt i', i AI ,, ., .i..... l Se untt, iiy, Sil r, II a lli \. lallwli,, illr i. t(;in l .lllo l ,ll r'I h ,l '1, ,II( i , I.' I· I T lli . g o l. i' , '.h , S..01 hI C'll:i,. r 'i A yearI 9In' T lt a rimmilr, hire rniyl nltiso Aenm, t dlolt ('llll ., n.lJ I, KIIIIg.oe i nE , i' t I t'ti tnll tI 't se l-tllil l ep, liea.e. , @IiI aiiitt 'tliuino' of iiio f (ihi S nteea itrto l ,s-ti,,Ir T iiur ti, ll.ntperI ',, d with character 4 o'stir ',I+.lrr ,I llt.l , su It letl; y gu es ln t nleu l inf t , ,. :aa I \tl , by h,, tS I e(l anrtv l.lfr 1'1.:1; I+ t. , .I ,hr tairn 111 telo naill lllll ed lee n von. 'my rat:|.E Or Serecfolu or Kicle's Ecvil, ('hroniejc Rheu atistn, Chieui' ('ttlloee se tis- P'Uins in the IBones, by free eases, use of Mercury the bllood being in vitiited state. 'T'his very cltl'entl'a e Syrup in prepared with tIh grcatest' lllllllltllIee iell e 'are ee eCrroeney, ard contain the n:'tice priatil)hIe ef Saraepaerilla in the ttset nonien malted,., ·Ulre'biue.i! with otler vegetable substance of knoweetOl+'iev. T'lh crent detsi'terattmt with physicians in being abl to exhibit n lalrgt qlUanity if Sanrsaparilla in a Ima dose, lhes beete oebtirel int i prternttion--they, beinl hello conee lacred olf its Ilterits, eolfideolily administerr the l ourse o tlteir proettice. Prite $1 .1l) ilr btttile. SoMi only at SWAINY IttOTl'IIER'l (dlrlu tollte, No. I ]Canal street, whe" teey le hel, fere',sh and gei.nilel, direc tfroth tibe itrfrie ters, Seto'llil'tll l tePn ateed VerOlllil'Uge, Potter's Ct.t.tolf cel, Cenrptntetr's repnlaratitons, and a large and getlera alsoecrtmlell't of fresh drugs nl4 I'ItNNOCIe'S 110I11, &r. ItNNtet'K's I K'IHOVEl) EDITION OF DR (eOld-tlnieh's Abrijgleent of tce IHsitory of Roint to tlhith is ipreixedll Ie Irlel i li e to the Stidy o eeOtanei llisleery and l great variety of valunble infer Intottioll ndded "tletle-ecellelt tle work, on the Manners ilttletittillns eted Anlttlqities of the Roentne; willt nsi lterieee Iierlllei eih eticlll eld itatoriecal Notes; and qetes in et I for CeIeIielllteiie i t Cte entd of each sectien. II, listlrnltedl with Ihirlveeioreivegs etn wood, by Atherton ItoOI'Keee'S Il eereeed' Ellilioniof ntr lrdGdnnlltl'se Hjistry of Enlgiillo., ier ill tite einvaesio of Jelius Caear to the death of lcorge etl, witb a eoltlintatiose to the yea tij3g. \'ll Iqee'etliues tit r exneelllelntloe at tihe end o elac sretiell. ies'loeti a variety of valuable informnsa ion ndle otd eieroeglin, tie work. Consisting of table of eolteellleeras Sovocreign', asd erinei t FerOnne Copious explailatorv notes. ltentrks on Lhe poll ties, innatners lind Iitettre of tite nge. An outline f lhe Coestilutiel, Lc &. e llnstrated by many entlgrs Ills a. (iaus' EtLEMr:'rs eC AtrroOomv, and an Aoridgmen o Kefithes New 'Ireaitise ont the Use of Uilnbes. New Aetericlan editienll, wil aedeitiots atd ilprovemsen enil eilt cexplutitl oftlte tstronontioil parc eflhe A. sicoan Ahluoett. Jusitt receivetl and for sIee by WiVM M'KEAN enov e4 colnter of tCuep and Conlon ll IIAIttER'S CLASISICAL IBIRARY. -._ OlAC..,fruanslated by Phillip Francis, I) D, with I.I nll lellpllcelx, cllllttilillug translations of various olte's, C. ley lien J ce.cOll, Cowley, .ithn, Dryden Palpe Adiieauo, Swi ett ljttertoe, G Wakefield, Porneot rilelee, &o. e.ied eIeceel oftihee lilortetelnient leodts of th la)'--aill ille)l:ll!IJe, tile Ie plit pedix at Giedtis transli tee Iv Clthristlllllcclcr illeltcLetmat i t'll cew yIf lc eeOiuIntaL etelli tt" ltct tci'ss :litleal Librarv ''le Ixlet.hiltie e f tel llttli'lt Y CLINKER, by ileeullett, .L ic, -1 l li et oerlr el' tie Author, by' l'lo5 it tletee, Ks1.l.c., sev cl otien, wLLth illustrntions, by aI t'luikehan1I 'iell: ilP'.ih'; a tl'elby lthe atltltrt f t iPchbelte ticeFV n I tiel, low editiieeI, vats I'AUIt. IIl'lt;lly lilt inellOeer ot "Pal!la l,,ie l i 1 c,' ;te, eitl. vculuet,, IV nltntnew s u et ` ee1ew ee Jeic'. F°'lic. aJUat rerive4 C.,I 1 WM MnKk,AN 'GCON SeIIeS--3L1; casks Cincinnati slu 5D rli,,,. fleect etrleelL.tllbOat Eteeo, ntn otr te saI Itt etER'' ,& IIAW F

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