Newspaper of True American, 17 Ocak 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated 17 Ocak 1839 Page 4
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m.orlI I 'ln.lhe+n Vmtr.{1 ý ei1d to ý ýercer NO iitne WQK h and BhrftLe. g 't I da1 2ortae+rndenseen Insatrity Ir Ov~l l'cia hfa nninrnzy i tl ' tti~ever-:Pritphui on Iminuliry 11 !'urtaty..Liltrs s urgerp ý'if~trr Illnatnted=,;aeurnpOu Medicine Via oft,'hamist'ryl 1~rf119 ~iennen att .Rrpnitontervi 1835 .t AMhP1, Fo Mlrriot ti~trmnnary, Loudstk Nea A~atenec lbc`INSI tt V ton's Navigption A ýU ac uRE AND -OCNAN0.'e. ? 'º`' + l` tearc f Arrhitectuor, Loudnr -J. do A cI i joc ,odc 3 v.*l. Landau r !M" lirodiine.,tu . 'rlegnd's Carentry ý frsCecln ' 8nctyoIrnndi, Ltoudon M t0,'ELI. n Cols. Amnerica,1 Biigeraphy, o vo lioal Mincellenhsne'rere tire 'ei Joulfry and ' B. Comilla et'aWorks, 2 valea, London· ;4 so n rlacritiee of litemturn, l.e Le1ýa Cýrtwmy. by Boy, do Vethake Lickbsrt' or f, alter Scatt, tract, Nlbnacopn.. abolle, by Preenctt 01 Aod Itesre, !Icodid iodd7ujoo,,,l n,8n ender sso.rtme.nt , of Law, Medical SNejeeiic I(diaiiui:aPsn, Miscella tousholoe, Nnv Ibeationorion Oraernotr, Ruglile ond Urtt'a, etito ehd Gcnok. E JOHNS & con r2N ear. Chorlin nd Conrnn etr. Fr a• eAeded care of ste Fever Bred -4 . 1 Twill he m1 r nlj inverored wherein athe Tenie Mix U tare ia super to to he ordinary mode of treating L'eParer and Aetr. In the first pleo, haeng a Vet' tl.ble Ekaet, and freen fronl any delet.iors anal pdiean eairAtsedieants,t rnlavybe tlaen with the u atnet safe-' ty vis hby the tender iffntr, or agedI invalid. It pre nts reeapuof the lliseleecondsequenll the conetittu lnsaoon regallo its woanted tons anld octi;il. It estab llbee at lna and pers nent appetite, by invignrating the Snlmneh,ad t ives r n relisll to the enjoymertls f tante. natt. tI peeur in having r pCriative quality, it rein si ot in tie owelr to increase this disortler, or to create Hiter diseases, but IthiroogilUV cleaines the several or ives of digenlien, and ie b fia the eastite ,,Witl E whatever uthet aflaetions it nay be opprensed. nldividnal, r te er r oie fthre Tonie Mixture, have lten exposed to ial itle eustal ucnuse of the disnse, ,lapt haveerreepeld any svnttlitolns of return: wheresn Iby tltnle-oftr e h omm unn remdie.,l there is altays cre. Jd11 n inrereseed litilitvy to recurreneree. Te danger of ifrqoent rl.eelpes aoflite Agie, is very enid, nr, for th stea, ttntill soen llbee aie too much prolstate in be b;le to in dt enith nirli ,inc, andl erlva toall a tvic dtim n uet h ohiiesoant vit lle e Th i nattniMiturre is ll'errd a eaeh i relasoable pricer, ais to pilaei it .iln the reach of everv onel-so that the pnor andti destite aro hoesry fnrished with apsistnrey without ralieitina the a d'a aenrtendaer whichs tfreqlretiy ndied to them.or ael. very re rctatllyi beshowed. "'lte trnhirlit rar re.1tlr 'ao inry d ougtagat the spit int tale. tiosf tie s Inedieine, toal are daily offered It is prepaned nnl hr Dr. iiorn R. Row:rnd , at hisi Laeratoryt JNlrksstreetIbhiladlpiltia. 3The mtrtteiheranru tlterwlomnlesh saernts fr tile 'ailth Weslver lnte., and will sell ba fire ron.s, at t ePhilndrllrlpi irnioes. t e ladl at retaio il al e t ent ofte. A podilc il iii,. citv. JARIvIS & ANDRE\VS, Wholesale rn ,iermlr.i , movlO ot C rier qaln. Tl olitonli o MMiantaippi tral Loisittioa iotclr, , 'avrtNrtreaO. iA 1oRS. MARY KIRKILAND respectfully an SIti ncnes to her friends and the public gone. ally that sIte is prepared to accommodate them st e abhve establisshmct, rand hopes frim her axektions to rendor visitors comfortaiel, to receive eiolntinlaneo of former favors. Site feels onfi. dent that persons visiting Covingtcn during the ummer mdnths, ca ruot find better aCCommodtltiorra than bile ant, .ffordl them, on mare liberal terms. Her house is paeasntly sitratted, and weral sepplird with every conveniance; the bar is furirshed with the most choice liqtors, &c. in short, she promises 'Sat nothing shall bi wanting on lier part to give * - re t atiatretion to all who may patronize the .dliorisippi and LnatniiIana IHotel. jr3 ritfEý irLC.-.i Ctiiro utiJErrigred. hlavrng - estudied under I)r. Sel mnidt of Charleston. outh Catarolina, and for snnie years his asirtnart in thie praotice of maediaine and surgery, has tile hunor to offer his professional services in tins itly. le atrresa Ilr ladies anid gentlemnen titet tie narnst pronmpt attention will be paid to te calls wheich .may be made; and nlso offlrs liis serieros to the holdae ofelovns, leing well acquainrted with the diseases eommon to theit, having acttnrdd them in the sugar iouse in Chorlstirin. ther fanmous antti.bilious pills a iter the eomposition o, Proeonur Smollette. with directiore, can be Ihatt of the undersigned. 'rile rlieot which they have produced ip this aed uther ities, has been attended with tile greatest laccesan, to whichl the beat o referenos na bsae given. Apply at No. 16u 6 Mita. Zinr street. JNO. M'LOIINGU. S aLu t.U r ,hAI. Wt)Olr 'SIttEci,'S SAD IRONS, &c. HlIE IIOVWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. S38 Water, near loekrrran trnret, Newo Yonrk, bare received tie pist season,aand are cor.stantly rnreiving large anti extensive additiors to tIhe tnaok of the above goods, wlicll ,now etrisists 'f ti.e o*lowing assortmenl, suitable for the soutlheron and wrheon markets. SHollow ware of superior quality, consistling of about 1500 tone, vin, Pot. of'22 different slzos, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Ktttlea, 15 sioes, fromn 3:8 to 30 galltrns, Kettlebs, 15sinzs, fronm 3:8 to 18 g:rllons, ,lakebpan or'Overs, 7 difterent sizer, Toa Kettles, 6 tdo klillers, . . 5 do Flat Spiderr . 6 do v.,aored,81 i.lers, 2 do Ortiddis, . 4 da Fire Dogs, - f6 di Wegot boxes frot It 1 .to 43.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to7 irches. Wood Screwo, 20,000 grosan, iron and brass, frea :8 inch, Na. 3 to 3:9 inch, Ni, 24 of a spIerior quality and firisb, and less than Jate's imported priee. Sad Irons. assorted, in casks of rabout 500 lbs for retailing. Tailor's and hattor'. Irons, assorted. alth woiglhtt, 100 tour, traortlud fromui 1 4-4 to D01be. Bells foar Plinttntio::s, steatitboalts, ehllitreies, &e. made to order, Alano ataboatet anid therr machineiry madel to order. Tim albve tasrortenrat of goorlds i particularly recommended ta tie atlOrtir oi S ontlIern itid Wcstern torchoanta, and are offtroid fiir sale at low rries, nid upon tir rntut lilrali terns ; it is be eied to be tihe largest aid best ~atssortmelnt ever alffered for sile by in)y u:a tr etabriirhlnttl in tle United lStates. Merchants, by enrwardinr a reqnest hy mail,. can eave a prin'nd lirchilr, with d.acrllittrlrl nliuoodsl. prise and terns, troa whichit no tltciaLiolu it over mde,. furnished by return of mriil. All orders will receive ituntdiatio attention. Now York, 1838. 1 3 o IWERCURlf NOB UoWA a Lnew I~lrle ,.., r.,,v. iIt, !; :7. AIOL'T six moltlh a go It IIIU t llihi)l'ihrue to eUl al watert diseas.,, ior-.hi'h I have aHppli,,d to s,,ve. a " b rhe sbovs date | let iI,),,. lrrilcr tIe- le IIf J)oatu l Hlunt,tdtllexprt liel ttt ca[rt,. sll. st!he tlh: t ti the dimnsle gilt wor,, o ns to lr,.attt ollt ill Inrgt ulctrt to thel nulmtler of rix or eiIht ou on h le , an,[ all over my face, anll mnre lltroat, ttntid nlot allt t wrk at e l)rnennt tiltn oil et:clnlllt i tile ltol, C; [Itrme llhP T el the righIt ride ofr the· ~,thr.+~. I ,an In i l / plin4q relelel+ osifentl nudertle c tl of DIr. Illet, f itl.i, tU be perIfetly Cred JOlIN DEAN. o. £I4Iy I O CP.RTI FYtltIat thnenlti*.,vemlelti,,nted dinette, in J pite well cured t,, mlly own atlilt.ctn,a clllllr wi his il lutal lIlr.+lhtet; antd mtoeover I atanre thlu the ,lldi dine{ have taken u,, nte a lItn a l il nod t itjnrc tmy nllth'at nl tlherafire 1 advin.e ry f Ille nllcretrs n11 legs natine ul apnlply to lIr A. llelt, 1"1 Canal sltrte hbewnmllnt Dauphine .adl llu.rlattel, lrtl.t. lIr iet ia at huome frtno ,'elck, A M, until l P M1. the will lad a trie dottr e r thit cornlaint. JOHN I)EAN.-I (;raviPr star+'t. It any one wants to w e nme, at N. . l Ir laviel J()IIIN tIE aN. New rleans. Fcheb I, lS33. ' ,h I I v . i~iadnin. e-I nlin H ,,,ltlu i,,-·ltai' I;;e - RL llirl. . ptlt uill ill botleis nl thIe1 Ihw plrwe Il Iliier .mi. flollten tin e a IrjPItatte tle" rl'+e Ollllt.t t t llt l/iinrlsnn.:tsi aet tthat irtu+ lal anav otheri t rotn t itn, Lr6· untown anul n tile lndians as edifcaciuus in curing pulmtti.acVt emnlantn. Tiea u riarllld suessea which Ils atrended Itle ,ie l f hiis inestitlna le l nl illln aul'erennr it hla lilili illll dllced,l ha sht.ilnltd ilt cnieirC and relllilllenllll-. lhmql ef renpotable lhtysicinns, fur thee eitee tOf tIttIIa.t naold, lun in tlhc ide, lnaat of reet, .liltitg ae, liecr.mtntplint,c e. Ta T loat it Iletv cwelrtln. T'his i- tt certiv Iltt we hanve 'iqouturplratice litquettly pie',rihl. llre (.iit e'nr lnditan lallean of .liverwonrl ad titrhouIc . wilth a dteidalelgt.ld elfeec: an ctl Illclrefirt, frltl Illthe klllw ellea of the tnatcrial. it in madt frot, Iltd < (lbel vtIIo aine.ilterieltat. tccnntecllitltlne sait. ter"t I litll trtll thoean allntian nI lltm liitttm Ilr ,ntit"I it Ie itc inmeinlded. AhBA+I E .Idrd I.ftM, Mt. D. CL..VIN ELI.IS MI. iI. llnrehale nte e o Baltun Medinal Asaocitioa. Ceattt. Ot'al,cr Ii. nahby J..RVII & ANI)ILgEWi, I., , tt.taaltl i P ncoit,,ulatr aslt rol lli illVt ttlcir, airi ll, llItethetell neluletintl I r.m'UiaC tl~lllta. ltef thin Ilatr il wn. , Ulratl to the puklic, it Ita neepl id ia hullmdr c c.aneotf lialdtlesm, thillPce nlll tiltnc it'rff tt Ieta, idt ilnvery insllePtae ilt wIlu a1r Rl hyl-ave laman r i,.,hl. It hic all , feai ll i lrl.dulea t lnd Ivnesirl crolwh of hihl n BIend· nhahd" . el wi, re ii beco el d, v aen. c-nnes !o Fi ow : I"ve rotl -on r it h.nalthy, latd irenci eo urtingettnI elcmi,,l tie hair. lTc ith Ir -,s I 'd .as aiE a&t D .A . oth Pow 1] Tl &CO,nt e i nl aing braetv on board i'Oleans, Fagle, Highlander, Poker anry. An;rew .&eill and German elar, indl'n; Back ljt*.n u -ibards; Clitqsnman, 1124 and 2W-.8luch Bil culni8,9t~10 aied 11 i -n lolllads a lnap e Lenter and other rnavelling Drepr ahiDas wit; Pocket, haori.enad's,'it botiiillI Ifr8olrdam tie and msingle arrelled .nue; Game Br(ls; g bt-elti'Pwoder Ind Paistol k lh ; Dram tnttlos and tRii'ifua rtS Pereesion Caps mad Car Holdera; Cloth, Hqlair, T'Poti and' Nail Bru.tnhas: Orcr and Chloine Tlibth Wan:ti othll Powder; Toilet and Shavipln e i b117in·'*Laet nl. ustlnlg lairBnidr. Ringlets and h ri.itimbl; .earl d Toilet Poawder,, E;lnelaga; Iv oray Tub Ouldhions: Patent Shdeas er Gil er; (,n Ellastic uespendesra Powder Ptaff and Boxes; bilt Chains, Seal ant Kioes; ear-drops; W\ais Buckles: ltmac.)eal; Bead Necklaces and Chains; Gilt and t"ivered eeadsc: Indian Beodst ollal and Plumes; Shell 'rawit: Side antl Dressin, Crmhbe;which,in addition to their former steek on hand, makes their assortment very conplete, and will he sold owand on liberal terms, it the rsiftn of the Golden otth. i2f.if 70 Chartres .trnet. tihES critra.r Agenti s fir the etensiravc hrs; of NeW. & S. Bltchert Shefield. Enland, have jort eceirvd a very extriesive ast of on' r ta, cnnsi tiln of l'lhle anml Ienrra Knienivel'-' e i" dewers ion, Pen, Pocket, Dirk, anti Speoar-oilintiknlves; Raznr, Sni- Iors. Erde Tools, &. &e. &c. which they are prtpnred o exhibit to tie trade ltororl a..Terna antd con ditions will be mtade known at the time. m.I' Ji). BEIN & A COHIEN90 Cn mman at. ndIMMrk. 0i, HA r. TT LC k-Area now reeiving i-rEine shil, lui. H t Ele, .inA nhtew, Hi*lh Merda, Frenlh a.l crcn clelerrn tr ater, halt aid piketr pigtanol- itli, ril and ai asplit auasia .psl; .ap hlkera;eipUnri,' Iteznrs., ena. aes; Giliott' an.mert.ial andhler stedl pen.. Vie as; Violin striags; hoell, ivory sanit orn amnbh ; wal.nt ; k, head antl leahler luaies; hn.r hadtds, front and ckrilngloetsi; a. no pitul; German ald Flrtl Rh ologlte eanter, Rowland, mO.esacr oil, initntion do; a'lique andlheardno ei; prtlle R dks an d realng eases: lMst blacking; alia antd toilet glasesn; convex irrarea,; op al ghlses and views; ndihan lhenah, bells anld pilmes; Seaerdeou whit twine; tanlet Sni shaving snaps; toile ewder, etemrtie wash lails; et;led ie ta onishrlns; poelnd stands; scetw ellions; fancy benad eaititts ad necklaces; billiard I{t1.l; poeket loaks and walletts; ahonst raine r tlemps; fine anil common gtin elastic tlspendere. gRirrsc do; Bels luaifar matche; sil g ter pencils; Creyohs, &ce. &c. The ahone in addition to our former stock of i'nO-v Srtitielns, nakcnsoer ossoetntett Ver'yn, utmilto. Fornali Swholusale or ietail; as the sign of lc Golden Coml, 70O .iar.rte street, mlR. N Ot)TlCE--fteo partnerlhip of Kelley, Malon &Co I of New Orlean-; Mason, Itrris &Co.,c Nant;hee; nail -Harris Kellev &Co.. of RodlnIev was lissolved a , hel t of fav latwst, by lite detlhl of Samuel A Mason, y ane of ti parinera e f 'the firms. TThe underrigned, sunrviving ptrtner, will he chargedl awith the ettling and closing sncil hbnsintsc ae fIllowt: [Levi o Harria will lattend lo tie asetlling of tie Ibusincs. a aof Mttbon, Harris& Co.. it Natchez; and Hnrrit, Kel ev & C,.,at RI dntev; and Heary Kelley will itten;d to lieo aettlintg of'the bhleseinees iKaliy ie, laslot & Ct., at Nte w Orli',n;. The nanes of tie severtal firns willlio te ued in liqnidalntiononlv. c Thnse indihledl to sidl firmn are nearneilv requtetedl o osome forward nnd nmake early eetetlenc, naln those havigr claims wilLploeane presnt them without delay. - LEVi C HARRIS, it HENlY KELLEY. iNewOrlean, June 27,1837. SFAN MARIE 1FAItiNA'S COLOGNE WATER eF 2 ases mnre of this Silperior Cologne water, jnst t rrceivedl and tifr sale Iby tithe ldozenr or single bottle. at Also An;rricnn ;;et Ltrench toilet p'",wder, po;dler nulles and bonxes shavling itd toilet sops,enosmtetic wah bails, milk of roes, (.Onlc tic rclt crti m, extras o oluk, ktpllln otiartl's vegetable hllir oil, pllioatltl, nelue de itrarsFlohida Invtlldllta rse mIntiev waers, lrtee'atuttoltlls Mnraeillrolterl'tmcrv in trumake vereta dle i td Ipltdi sotet ";hlnric and" Orris tooth wooh, clothl, hlir, tooth, nail .ita flesh erllllhes togetIer withl t- n oaddlitional ctpply of fashoionale tl ltor ni shell . mbs and jtewhlrtc),lorPale lwi at wtIhlettle or r, toil it by SIMMI ONS, HIARTT &CO, t i jt!v fi 70 Clmrtre street. E\V GO(')i)lt pI, clllttios Hartt & co t tir o on'ri 1. trivcie' fro on O hnRl hlip ' Y'ono, ndcl Salatogt oaendllrig Concor,dlia, fiolt New York, a lreaul vlriety il 'a ,..s in hitr , line, w Jich to~ethrwt t il" forlel ttStlik itn n.l, illt e o i t.ok vhri r .r itry t tr pite T" 'i'i ileh luwling etnn|}nr n part, viz: t r1i I h ixt,..,,r:, :her, i tuck cnd drroiuhlucomnhs, horn do oftil dlnrrilptions, I Ii h lia rtbhller, silk ndil worsted elastric s;otl , ttt nttt.iiiiio &, isfine elastic rntas1andrrs, tloo Fol. and lecifrer tnotclte, elSeitllitz powders, powndepr lrnlh ;lini.xesh,toilt t wdr, pocket tooks and taillerts, tedllle kooksel, e rll l, ia,,rv lind ittrtcco ;eyd cces, head {ro • i . plt a ihl re ral 'bends, neeklot'eo nlt telit. riles, held tla iis, lbrad g leck!scl'cc , rill t l' as and t lilinsccdsilvr o l, gilt ht-,ai SIlnldian hieds, hello ane lldllie; e iStll uudl large paw Jer fla-k, ,st kIllt, hhresh, lell. ir.c.ketl and 'lll iliaf i.Its; ; iou oe andcsringle blarrelled nnst, Rowie knivcs, r.nd dirks. sieisml', %shenrspIoert kllivtes, giunlll hliailni, anit d ribboiis, wanin s l tkloh,% clIIh, hairl ' oh, Io lliilleIl n. riuhi. ctiahe, pltste, fioor a 'd kthocll ,rnnhsl Cologne, t'lon exlracts c rh, 3 iitct ac , 111(1 bet ,,rtruo;ti c, lin arl'.. v gelllale hair oils, shovinFIig nuid .oildet Tna is of rll d,.s C liptl.ns, Id "lil,' andl gettltlrc;t ' Iosk lu Id dlre.s'iin cases heir rto h-histfrioetb ' nhclltroid ,plain, lhn'v nIi Smusical woIrk h xel, plilaint land lilt IIlti, lltlell, r tiiis tv ltg l hlicth e s, p eti rl au l it r r o h irt d o,t sh ir o t lt ddt s o, 1 and silver penlcil ruses, tuti lipi-Jo ha vcezei-frP,1d jei SI ll s ll gilt l iikuhuIhiuilllllr (1do silver blrassx Itilu sel( it i ilniiles, hloks nrid revIs, huah" hilrns, u tatiln ,aflliihlk ten'llgd I t llid sl liarsl u ud Iifld |'l',ll InP ell itolr ,aloec hI gs, ,.ili ''. w'ii s, w: llki. ri.ltlli..<i hl, llp l I)IIcI r Nlllan gthll, itlatt ad ud ilt j;'ot'llh.v Cc. The ntt roe, Ioattllor will it gretlt variety of olier Sli' eIrs are oltred l wahiolesal or retil o1i aic.OLnlU(lalll p N Itil Sll coniha rolairell. _ W 1 ~ilII.E-AL AN.I HT.11,ii C I ii T5 N!)K I S IETY STORE" . -at th- isgn of th gte dlse conhlb,\Mlo strl.l't. Thef. Sub riberS h -,ave r, ecived, in addition to their irevl usl stuck n hand, it fll! and compllet assortmenn t i i" l' rtkles in lltheir line; vi: collllbs, pertllllmerv, Jewellr , IruAhces, Itking glasses, iosn'v rirel s, i. 'e.- u sll tsltl i s' ut p t . fslllloWs : (('fI|ZS-tis rti's sh rse11 l'slusist s nsd pslurn itk,twicss, quilled iu.Ick, clng round, dressis n, siP' piI l, scurl and neck, Brazilian combs of every descripttio amongst which 1r' ismrie Mexiuts n Ililttlesii vorycombs s I f i every dam:riplion, horll, dreC sin III issi'mket, iic iler witli gnersul ussorl met' off'rcluh s nit A mrican. PIRI"ItiFIRV--Co(ogue, lnverler, Florido, honey, hay, rosen tridor. Otiznlowei r wI' ers of every size and hdes cription, camplnnl'ed Cologne, extrl:t of iurgamlun, irsnslle s 1S ml klinds, shvingsisi do in IIca S and1 os ble I(!hlf, co'i.sllti n oIf wmllitr lrll p otrlin ad] tIp h1 l: torle ' powder scirl iowder, )oi cr, ulla ti n d LsOXIs'i jet aurdr in s, sp t ill silI ,ure( r asi l l hlu s ofui a (rO es Ir· o1 p terns, watllcll tl'lllltnlnllcmin 1ill and ilvr' .aekles, nih'erf hiiihhss, silir nmts Isd !us'c prciln Ind s nit' l ., i'trlii' liR (l! 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B 11 SI+Ir :, , uer i:o. 1 \SOLAIl'R ,Si'iss Of f 'ine :s i ra ofils 'sc.eirrveid, ,nl is uixsrsss is ths' ir mcii sis'!!cs hiss'l l .ils l, ll.++ No. N8 1(es'a r't .ic cs v Irlls s ., r i;us inla llW y It s I lisrilhlh y d-ir l Is Iiis )liVgls Iplllrll Is , d I.esa , oiis gLii sivse iia sulh I. rciisnii ut Ih -iuvll li 1e l, a nd i tl o ala; ixatrl d iui "llV 1,.,i o1 I.he citv. Ladier wliu pre'er iti rei:iive lessons at therirow ref si'lldrnres. IPrs.ns payinllfr is o :f isti ofss '.oll lcre reil'rdl o itlld d ulti l tii wy Wn i I s ui ell as ii lllvs wcis l. 5 l l) I laI. iEA IL & lnIs il'sil.R. Im3 EA FN.IESS. 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Aabama nanIte takenl at p r , i nt 11-ýass~l, i .,f rea il 1 11 11 fd b,., Iv , P L),l 1R-?ti uiu ltlwot m n11 mj .I I ndepc l j m.3 41 Sc I.crcs. ,MITI WA :hlAA , ( l.13'1T, NOW A "T arekRtSoa inUStn t jiitilOn sru a TaI, To the Ediaor:of IUe L: i##e Jldnertiero: r SIR -[t aulpeare by the obaevnsationo orthe Editorsn iof the' Nahville Pr.rbyteritn, Union end Trans- t' qdiprt as well ns the editors of tile lemphis Enquirer, a that the f"Old Gentleman" it amon g the Docatns. 'Ilns l a inproved by laisa ingly rige, knawing that i ti.n te is t altort, nid olhat rte indencldent American people in Tare ai to judjge aiir themselves whnat are phffets ond I iapositlone. The reathy editor who are Doctor, el the prnprietora, editors or nub-editmcs of the nbaoe tI named jnunale, cral every letter from ersons hane ive ecntoted to eight in the libanee plahce, palei e, i. The fact is, that n1 ,ner had csnch greatb thneam jt witlin so limited a period as ton or twelve days. One who was aed abHut ten years, who had only seen the a lightirom hit birth, ihea n to re to follaw his mnater to tiy hotel;interd of being obliged to e led by hin. Two yunpg ladiet, who had eadhlsat the sightof one eve, one for ten yeors. and the ther fos r nearly Iwo years, having Ieth oa them the other eae very veak; t yet each of thne yalunt Ilaies began to nee with both eyes, wlich benefit I pledge mvselfslill eontinues, ex ceptisqg they et er the inflne i or ue oinatitm of tile Medical lnctorsn. Another i tihe daCtgliter on a respectable meraehant, w-tose name I am bhalad never to Inentiol, (athie paid It Inv fee), who aelde she tld lost th anirt of one eye frilm-the ace of Il months, til tllatl eltO the bglil to rand largel Iettei. wiill the atlicr eye ceiipletely nshal. This the lettoried entsa bnew, an the getllemane told mae himnelfhe thai can llle'ed his tdaghter to the affice of the medical edlit Is that they millt be infirtlred oT the fact. the last I shall ln'in sn .n a ltdecrlty getlenten by tile natIm oa Yount, nerlc eenv tlly nears of age, who deelnred pub- s 11iv hy lette;r, which ete took to all the different officer iif'llnalville but one, und himself told il t he hasl paid for Ihe insertion whatever they deltaltded,.wht o dclar eld in ulette tt letter itt lie I- IotallV deprived of the niblt f oneive frot f n kee alter it eh irlh, awhich his mather.anted to ie. . - oaeasioned t ly the measles or small pnox that now re cmuld not oldy nee tie lighlt of the ren, for the flsat time that he reoellects, ltt thie atlns alvn, ld wn hegilnninn" tintimtiniah many oaliecte; ned dli, before D left tlrut ct, givne ena ny poonfe hat h could nec taaalkhnbnttihLe circets mith the other eve tomitletel elnosed. Hn stlt Id e htsI been a memller ,l itha ii l t Episenpal tnilllt+ii fur nclrlv fortyy ear*se alnt Ilin mst id r i ctrte Itollbt. ntl tirlgh the whait eoirane oftia life. 2. bed never nrenter Snfeeesnthn eat NPlshvillea, ad that t'le mtdical and clerical dctors hild neverbefie elo mach reason to be enraced. The pinil. iadignaticv ofhib Ien'. ilericnl lir uiiitth proves, wmol, -ie atatedto ma tiht ntilllt si vie ,. waitc i te ns contverted from heing a lerfict inlildl, to believe i tle doetrin a ntflie Bible, that lie ialt hanr e inald" n riling error--thlt bar mat hla enel ti c env., it it thefi.r tha cad of nsix ets to come,r littr 1 , h 1 Pt,; eilvertit frnn iln itifite litv a the ipilt of tile tlite oilllltter ie tie lenaiefltl nd heniign ill'ltrinoie of Ilriate itill religion nIm ,,t iranthle oult ilesill'liitiii , cac il, il ll y alin filnerhlolid tt pletseo hic mendical f-ilendi, thle iant lllnln l dleki.wti h t lldoe na lImh gioIo aldI no ill jmiv til any one. All tile int.ll hailntllcu I' Na villa silnke of 1til gratt llre;.tes Id, '-eellt tiIhe Itilcnl Iletnrc. Most ofat henl also inc l heen ilimlrllledl by Mr Yount ofn tlve enre perLorned nll lis totillly Ilild eve. 3. T'lte funialln (;linh t, ofhtis tiowtei rietelllns thiat I have ht ile laell s I gniaet i ithe aNort i liy iar, ival ii hi"ll' Smt et. T'hise prti., hoiwever, Hi, and lin I kept li ro instlli I nrrivI lll n li t ei e cti o ifr Iti aeineeiii the tarirth,l Inlhttoi nedtltlcnniditnitt. themt on Inv v"eryy lynivitnl ltrw fifi thin In I hve, it spihe tihheritniperltin f the nerec n it)nS.tit Ine jlldCletain the in iin i ave auirelaly Illhieittl in ti.a city ithin aiiree dane. i. Til the lljet l i tilu ei snti p i+ t ifir l the IIn l atl iioliaan d IIlin edUrilto of ilthe I cnl Ictclhii nli d si it', fl n e I hen aeii i r', te ulit i t he (. Plie 1ivlerhil and Ili, i , In lolll" hl li ll ts well h.tillhm edtrorn mil soIL nied enailedor of hi nl pllhi Fn¢.i "I ..,e.l. Il etMr Prntine, the .eiter if the Iho vlu lue .Iollr llnl lrd e el ie Ili nll (oli ah ediiar of thit sin cullc, ' l leIec t D'ni ., lintl In alIt a rine a i .nstnc illflS theti nill, Ii r vltupertin, .slittider lior iitintt y, itnintedi-. i elv. t Ial rll)' t nnll i n 11 etl in ta Y no ll. i- e li tic a tgi tia Ihe i ir L bl yi -bll lell l Ihe nlt llirnl Ilnu irlh ofirht o io , t Ihr 1 llw etit i l ittitalllta ittl r lit'mittrio uiI tCit Ic l ii ill : thl lte o if lr l tli ti, u it rl h II h hiI ties1 tl i tlt I inv nieii l (.l linll s of tih e lo ?lr it wa ll snli thr ,alll th ino id lht ih to-it th l il t lrtittlsit'! Ti. i li t he rel, Ir, iar rabil ' ull " al f rillii mIe ,ril it li we-olk, hof el l tt 'r in New I l er t tii e letters, post tIni it, hd i'i lltlltl' ie lll itre I r i ila i illII. l e. et h itr idien r lic flte tih le i'etii no -qeiitletita , w, ih Ih tin Rle. clerically .onver-,J d inlf iel lll ""'ll IwIas (wrhnilltten tlt n a h )i, ll~n io ntit ire timi11 oI l liP rti t iiiln IIIIded i'r the Icly. -)i. ll , -t Itu n ir en d n i it i 'limy +lrsePmell . withoutt i ettil-lit g illy ditti l ppolltilL oil Ibl l tlult r til k I t ttl listt--lnillttc t c, tutu cd Iit in the wit he did, werlch lit s lidiI Tou l lllt alln tc i p li iV lrlle beitt eri lie delivered Inll ltb th to II. wi llm;I pretmleintl t l wnlnr d tolIw hh dietfo 11:8 duty, is I r yer could preso-iei tltllir lie ta 1 mu- lem or slne oilier, eIv mno~neyen aii iit fcts Hi Re i Rev iol o."' oiwl tato lil s - a i I b ft it e t l t ith l, h : loId he itliti axnllliIIOd ll inv ill ilnn ile Ne. p ' vital i goIlllinlll Sin llltll fri itlne f his, weii s ihe l ie wei- llt ~ ol e Ie lc : pa nlll +llll, ll In o111 n I y wilth :lll l r clcr.yulllll. aIII1l1 + liuO i l11 ill i lh l me ni, tlld ii Il n ll ihl to he iiiore or Iesm icllefiue .,i le IleVe collll haive h eI..n It aiudned by It ort. itrintbtli a to Oa n, ti si nill anlh-le I rie , wrote hiunelfilir lhlhealii, anid adtdreted it lito lllri 1:llillhl e itr ofI r II"` S 11 ' (! Atwlvm to. Ii. il toidllhe tea. Ir.Inlclieiivi-il nctci-illo· ilhg of. i . t N lvll e lpi nc all ill. .;a nd i lhrld e l ia id l tieir m, - tIo s to joiin wir l it t11t 1 ,n Itll -in ' t i , " i t lhtlu'm , pIl s ittl inda ibll ecntanelln ca all till "aah lim- .n,illwrle ehrhm llll l hnid l. WI e rend inhea t i lll ihle i hli 'nlrt' . is l11 n IIV la l'tilil- . (it" I cdI t-tlll i·lv t- iil nlll'l'ell ili e] 7..'r(. + ~i: l'i, ill , nitLi f llllcil),s ltilll r Ia h il thilr titb IIe if i it m I ll, iy ollli, Itil ct h i'teI n nIe.:il tl, iin. It btilicli. I .l e Ifs .re. wh t lher il. i.not osf Ihiv· Bleesl " Io" TIhlr will np In 1'ith'lih i'ttttteiiii a ita:gae cll ait'll lit ,le Iletr nihl 1'11, a liaht I' A ,ii) dic a ys n ti illv, alritll io~n of Illhli - Ilivli lie i nlbiier, ntl n itv soln l IimTfr h l f I; llilllh r If pia it oi f nilvri . ia lltv ln wier is lhi i it _O*lltti e I tnIan tirilltt it atln ihr, ianr a in int itecn: tini id so by il"aV:· o n lt it woi cntiilnwitn i li, I"lllhin ] p 't i tlli n tl e iIer lll r i m r's Tei of ti u'r sl iere It I n:llll t' Iwlo 1 Incll'u(nait. " e fi closelyVit a an intl tetm illtti, r, wllihlt i va tl lo he reti n tedI t hr ee or fl i rtBrlttl e inll (the Ih.reh rirl iu i.. Iiilllon :lid . nl lorjalnlrc t hltd a ti ver it lendt ttt i i hr hillt,,l l thl- lllll iui hourcii t llian iL hiit i nle i 0I Iii I, his regll h ir ble, i lotad of Is fl, whiellyin, aill lroblll ,wleI wouildl I tem lhullv,'i Pived his livs Ii.e, 1id IloA a1 Io , s n i t Ibribe ll ( i)n oiie r rv if' I I a(l] l lllhci - Ica-pbl tfierollern a hrhe, 1 sloohl ."erniildy love done it in itI way b, have insuled Ilim aolp titea .I iltlt ttt ieittttl I ioctlor lee lly aIt'.nv'rtIC to hln elu'a ,fafi-nil etrcia ofa the n tvin-f. an in.cla noth hove romied llr ie i lCne anl iunIllllnt• tiv ll" ieml s ,'hiii - [-ill n ot kep nin. Ir is . ril, a II r I hll aye a wltIy m I oa1d every, imlinii i Ister 'l lie gosl el ic.linllou h i do. .I. lind ei beenit really converted. Itl, w uiln Illno l I itl Iv ivii tIkIeIi igll aic ti InI. A eitci. i le i itnilt i.n wi r llicl, it. i well k\i'w ., erre utu , nm erulc;ksll w Ilihl] 11" tIl ifs to ke nenircely re i ) I 'lll Ifo Im lisl'lih . IIll] Sollth I .u1 p llt by li l\-ill, vhllnl· lill on bi he Iyv. DI)tor w's the t I rdl e1to rtenur ,iit, h Nt-/1 Iclt/l~l It. u/tii/eu-u Ic ~i/er tl~I ·liauht.It). Ii-' "i/c""" tut" u'\lulll I-ieu/jiglll It II -etIteutI hi'~ll iitite, t1e- itt/utl""r it- iii iutuolfl,,Ii \ ailIJ V. tutillgtuul udIt',-,l I il fl/i* t·ie,.ll Oitl it/i, /t I--lteecie.III fillll/i~ni DIItIeI· 'eI'IIl,,;ll*I'u il:il(l u-lluouuh/y hi-utut /swI l 1/· Cill 1101 11dr: l 81·i· tiluc~ Id-1i,,t i tiucl ltu~·C. itt Ice-~l.tll:till fletiuliutluc(1Ite I· \- I Ire~ Iln · 1I Ill~n ll!);115II. IIICi P IIIII: It l.NIi K-r· ,I it ItIl-v t 6iilt,-tay i,& .r I11 Ilt in ititi -ire Muitllerii- IlllulI Itl )t c-I-run fr l ul - c, (Utah INIJIABtst rYA'ALEA. O. theeourme o'rheesm.tism,.cr ' ful or kingsevil,goat, Sceiatiea or hip.gott, ituicislnt emsner, saetrhenm, I aphilie anel neetrial diset.asn, pmrticldarly ttlters and .psiltlidlffoetiomst ofthe bones, elneriteldthliosatl_ acrd J ils, uleerseof every dese.lption, fever soresasand icternal absesses, fiartulas, piles, seill head, scuaty, biles, chro hi: so:Ce eyes, er) sipelishhlthes, ann every variety oFet. leneous affc~ton eu'nlle Cltarrh. head ache imreleed ing from aty anrid humor, pain in the stomatl, nd dys pepsis roeeudingfromvariation, ulirtionaofthe liver, ellratie itllomnlatotion oftile kide'ys, andgereatd debili ty eaussd hy a tsrpidaotintt of the vesselsof the skitn. It is sinclarly eflliaiousin renovating those consltitutions which have heea broaken low by injludiclious tioeatmenl, jnvenile irrei~gulrities. In general terms, it is r - memalend m all those diseases which aris from imlaritjas of the lIood, or initiation of the humors, of whatever nameor kind. So8he of the alhove complaipts may require some tri fling asistant appliations, wllch thaeireumsrtanees of the ease will dicta:; but for e anerenl remedy or Purilitcator Sto remove the, the INDIAN'S PANACEA will generally be found seffioient. TO) THI.E PUBLIC. CHow tre it is, that.modern Phiyslcians, n theis an kitionto excel in their irualion; explorelthe vast fiells of ience by thle aidl olFchemnistry, and seek out new re medial a'gels in Sholrt, to asrive et perfection i tlhe r cttice hy mnals of art olonIo,--nttirely ocerlonk and negleet, as benoeaththetrnotice, the ril ancd 'bouteous stores ofmoedicine, which te Almightly has anaedl to spring uolt of thie earth in everyl dimet Andl low moth isnre true isitthltl while the Ameriuan Physician looks to foreign eountriesfor maey of his most common atd sieesnery articles, perpentually seanginig as they are at the lintates ol'fidhion or folly., he it surtuledd in his own country with an endlesa profsion of medical Lphmits, esuicient to ensweraeny indietion in disease or to cure F any eurabla disordler; and yet he is ignorant of their vlr t, Itus, anI they are suffered to 'wastetheir lhealing on the desert air.' TheellFetsofvegetable mrlieinea upon the system are , temlorary-tlose of minerals lasting. The Ibrmer ex Sert their effects and lmss off--the latter, merary in par .tieulor, set cilemically upon the solids, decomp.aneeg Ithe btes anad unalerminni g the censtitutit by a slow II ai silret desttuao tion S The ongelnialllty, efRleieney .id SAFII'Y of vegete - lite remedie.s ever minetwral, may be estimated byeontraet ing the ntctient poctie with the modern; oe, to bling il Inioreimmediattely ulederour own obstervatiotl, th, ildi an practice with thotor the whites. VWho, it Amlerioca, oasnot knownoworhearld of repeated instances wherein some derepid, lnopretlendig femdleltndiano, by mtoessof Sher simople rmedies atlone, ties tlHectedl the ost sl pid I andlastonihing Cers, after thie Mateira Medlic of the r eanmmon pralice, directed it the most skilfdl mnnlter, lhas oliled AndI who han not beenT sullrser l at the eom Spaati veease and fieility with which the lndion flres him self tiom any disease, aned at the almost tout abstlnence ofcelhronic ditsea tmontg thlem Who has eves heard olan Ildia. witho constitution hrokn andl retineld Iy Silltratlmet t? Ados etaa eotlict exist thal tis ihalIpy erx entttioll of the slv:age fiom most of the ills whin l the l shofe lnan illheirto, is chiefl-owig to meore genti of isa! ln emeldies whiielh he tmtoplyat 'his ltsi ish ing tliferettce in saeueess, is a fair exenmplifieution of tie t infilslte stpeeirity of the simple nds sfe metans of cure whibch Godt has creoated for the beneDt of his o lilfren, , over tho: lwhich the pride and the art of man have in if vented. i From a long reilenee among a portion of the alorigin talinhatlitantsof tliscountry, uaiatd intimot at ilainS ill tace witl teile mtlols if tfire of solme n their e msn1 Y slicesstill |ctiEtilonvt'rs, the llrOllpiCtor ol The llndil)'S i Ptnacee,'nea tiitred la knowledlge of some f, thie most towerlitlind favtriti rtmediis. Frotntlseheseloeted such Its were most efllicacious s and :pnll olprintes, alld Id tiel varioousepetrlimentsooatestthetlrinic ildnsrelllia, l lelascombiled thtem ie s thie ltoan Ilhere pt llttlltted, st'llhe most em; ct tlrnd benlcliial lor the purbbse for with it Sistvecomllendedl. T'lht T.rorietior oleilslthis I llellltion to the publiC, witlh the conlstllosusnless that he is dlacing wihlintheir sean a remedy elatittle elteting mtaty ol his allikted tel I low |rt;n, Wllo alto s nh clll dtI l r h tllt t olltt o II. ~l loh+tiSte cn~plal s I, whllttlh t is tlltdicvu hle. 'to scl it wil lltt set ttolto ale alne, It s to e Stoi and i mll n sllall iT ses, thi e one l llmeaas drl clbe ciligtheall, sli erin!;s find restoring thm once soers to health lao d I a oa piles . 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I w:l sesioed hsa ul tI.el.t Pars tilneo witlh a Iolitht'esshig thlleltslotis , cUaludil beli tr killtIg seesvt .ohlM srt hilter u Ie peinhhlelaectio 's mer'l rit , nes , lc whiOlh has dilstaleI re tIoim uiesi oelvss ely ttoever snre. lthlrlng this i erti wI h.: se be y. a patiot'etititl thie M ai n . llIs ii l , i i' it w''g u ads etoI ib .r onoths .n l Ctori it,1 h mad c I roI; e I e tio i teinheillaltis ot llothsital, eiyI tianl ahil es e i iryaensd, bi little belefit. Of the IeGill of Ieblutlk last, tat lt scsl i ilael o abile tom vai, hos cllt on icllltuh. es, I ro egl.l.ed the l.e oif I tlliamll s I tn alwi. Is ean lmolh II th itl oiysell eist ellst i rll'ees fI'r i, iL d ri. iow hallp to sto hatvI s er i rIt" i tl) tisl, CASES )OF SCIOFUIFlUS II.CIuIS. Now YIe.K, Sept Its, I$i. Thie may certily ht ill tihe ti il o 1825, I was seize llselrtell and beoinco laoge ghstlt illocrs ir toly eck. 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To ety gacl t surt oise, as well :ts sateisl atiosl, well in tile oll'e al'otwn mIlOllthl , a nd sieet o lo t i eo it e dvr ic. 1 n ketlthis stolteloela ilitd walshiplU lisho i lilrtthe beno fitlo'tlo fll i ' ht i ale, stloi Ig er siillr .seli uslitor y' b hili ti enitl .tii s, tht l thh t dl o t knIlw whsllallpe Eretllo ll who ho;s suflelve d c trlm'V tilinsg it i c otrl, :.di ile Cislit laI Cs hi litile Sl ed Is) t P yi ciabonr lo. WM. IIINIIAi. (Clllntsflul ros. ily I, l s t 1. I sar allictlel, f rs Iy a r hls withan ilr in the leg, oc e sli ontlly iecotn aniel ws i h c rsis elostv s ii llt anth , elllsllt nt i tsolians exrite d l h skil in ditsil l n s tise illsor oil lr si't Ts.rli ectso egeitellt. silt Illi neolou li th siultl Inl i:nm's Panaemtl dnlopseo ierllc slt c Trre. M- AlIl AhtlI, A tol'- t l, sol siuktt ;l4tor sale by IIENRY IIIINNAIIe,.ig , drlougllEst, ya n ho:" I co l gel ia.rl s , l ichmldlli ilo ll.a s lrtoct. 1 a NEW IORLEA-NS -t NA:SIIVILI.E I(.11 liO -. 1 1)M1 PAN V. cI I t t it 1tnil t rliinlllt is w ither llo i tn il to olinr I I 13r. h lsebrut i st ll t tio the w siit lls l of l ii 1 lAir 1 ha 0 5 rt citidt d, siaid thest ld I stacldsuldroo are isrlher t silrtilled tlI it WHs.REAS, by a oIesltiotlll llthlil;irlrI pillt i llo illi'N1 i Ollotss•a stI. s IloNshsil , hilellstill ssll is t sb0li)lltl'+ lor the fslowilng p laotsi i si oin the tle slocsk hk.l r. a s l e Ih h"b byftile , vAls-twho its s it er sharp I 'ed a, t Ie I irst trlV o .se a+r |fclty, wlit I wh i the I.lndian ir Marl' ct tbit slomi any siat' no t the oarmhol rst t hs abtinee I onllO ntle lic t s i loe a if lhes lllr iheeat; lla tri willth IIo I sdin csixth , ion o' t l ril'lo- e tl e? .anre i lrn el .t ), _to iiostr1te1 A d pllic.nti cal sd d ibt iso tha thisk ipt aid c telpa n fi r Iss e sei lllsl' fiixty div, fro nlld alf Ithe tHid iroln0art dies11 s ( ixty I.s fihlo alhld 't' r aih o d nltR I fherh it S.I uIIl hi ve i n, heipl I h in l tho .i o:ki ol shirs h aiso llis tit lositit ld |vy e occooclilllii deallot nis sts in I peorlr. it d o il he iOilll ly, ll e ea n 11 r oiii t a ossliill s LiiIllis s IIssIsf o h .iso lilss'el'os stlli" lll O OtisXr.. isi IIlow ltih roeli Isi ll eisted folrtlllh P oenit il w his chtoldh l i, i' iler tho se w hicllj t bt i due s n t he irst s fusas , ' it SIo lhe n ted. II l o ll r h I hl ll t , - Innl; ilrml, n rIlllesi e.l -,amo g alln p ! tion th il+,ll, i iai lr t s tii th islco II ol, site f lissoro ll O c. aI i, loai llc ss w itooo et'o mtiod h , lor hotio sosaln f thiiso ost oiiliioltwol lor- pe' shorc . lo lsls.o si r niid hlu hy ioc, milsss he po piet l The sits. sit IExtrnes i o knnll luts oof the thir. jut h ts A Im sssiti to is is t a . . appo 'rv.i i i silt s sis-I I ts, s l ists t s T h i ,r+i ss o isl,.-. si li+ srto'sst.i them is the 'thm heJ pr|sutI ;it' its .+, TAT. )OF' L.OUINIANA.-Parish Court Ibfr the Parish and City of New Orleans. tJlIE STATE 511F LOUISIANA, 'To ill whom SIhPe Presentils shall toine, (-reetlillg:-Whereas, r Jotona Those hyttllt iturchrl edlt ait sole tonole by tile Shlri'oll Iole torioll of Otletenp thle property ' hlereiontter dsecrihrd, os applied to ihe olerr of thit i courl, in whose ollice tIe t ~ed of to.le was recordid on the'2dday of 'April, A. I). 1838, fr a nonilion or adver tismenit in coneormir It *in 'lrato f tiel.egislature of the g Nrote of l.oui'iana, cltilled 'An anet for the fnlrlther 0In ronee oftitlas to pourcaltrro ltjiudicialaolsi uapproved the I1lth dilv ofrMuralt f1. " NO\VW, 'lere'ore, kllow r onol all persoes interested herein, are heretlv eitctlod dildnnoirhed in otle roue of tile State of I .ejisilln, and of ltle 'Parish Court, who all set op any right, tile or eloitt in nll ItI tile pe't rty hlerhirflerdrrorited, in eonalslstqtreo ol 00v illlirteotlity in tile I.nlee retree or iualg.,olo of tilt 'ottt tler wItinhthe elo we olodor leay irregularity ir lllreality n htltrtltltroboewenta st ulooiit'toltanle, ill ime, or manntcer tsale, or for nov other .efert whtoao ever to slytw etats, within thirtv'dayo from tltedu tyhit monltion is rslt insertrd in io e pllltie pi er owhy tile Corto nIde ahluld oe the confirmed ood leiml legoted. l'lle sr id pIooi M perty as oll Iy thie Sheric (i' fthl por ish tifolesai(| oil tim ]4th day of AprilA. D. 11:.1 by virtoe erofa loceT ofthis Coui, redlered oil the 51h dlay nof ntoary, A. 1). 1a38,in,uise it enilhid Alllanoder Caldtwol vs. Jotere lansloo,'n 10367 of the tIonkhe ,f tits Ctott, Itl whicl role the sold James Ilonse I)eollttle the puareatoer for tte ptiee of wlaty allo tnhousnd docllars. l)eemriptiou of Prolerlrv as given in the Joditiol Con frnt-go Tehu ),anan eet, th i tce ad: A leorain lt ol rennd r itutsedv in "ie subnrb An nuncieation lis Ltenrse of tis eitly,ie ttsnnree No 5, hrand 1o thring hre h minoosnro, 60 fret irout on Ttou plittlee rtreet, tenil fort tinleen 11tsigen ir street, end it feet on Iof.urtie dtl Mlere' h rtreet, inserh omanner that said lot fllemtlrnd it s il feet wide rno ni reides of tile eq''e trei thte oster, ogether riit a dwelling hoilse fentol ng on Teo pitoalis stlreet, the kitchen and de Spendenlcios, i the littilliey eslblisl moete erected tIereoo tid othier h illngs e iao pruvemlenl tn e maeh serv utel il nplernents Itld fxtures hliAtging 8 t1 said diotilery, its tir:pettleolettis and oliii.rt'nnnces, tllo ! tile rightas atiote, tanl privilga el theorto barloegig or in tty wiso olplcrtlinsl.t. Cleri's Oreir, New Orlenlti, May 7. 1830.. ollltl,i4d&j:l J. sl.l,ltE, topllty Cterk. ]4'p\T~j3~Ei- YIJSSIA\5"t-t-to tie tfiri~otso - uner tit c oltoisre et nillc de la Nlvelle Orlenes. T 'tir'A'l i)E LA LOUISIANIS.-A ton s eoa qneo UAetrs e o l'eortnt eolottelot'llo, Sait t: Attecont qou ieter Hetessose y.otnctl o ll vents o Fite fe ir le Sler'i' II delaperoisso dtrleas lttaproopribt ci-olrt detrite, Ss'ast hoiisrtsit avGirf de eertte Co ol ii dorillt e o rto elregisglroe r toemojoo tieMal de I'ttl'e 1838, poor ni owiso enoformeoeltt t- tn seltl dte Ia Lhgisilntrie dI' Ie tie I Loolienra llel. inhim At De 00 ourI i'nfrer los itrs lesdeslelltetes aooretite jldioeiolres; i" rlouit 6o le lig lt . dans IH et. im'i SoneOnllis, et tastes per lemoe o inutl'rLree ssott par ees irtsenites notllllerit al ,ion me I' E tiot ido Lcairiaionre de to Cour dle er'aitaoe, iult Iit rret o t Aoitt tlthlo Ii lt d l'oltroite Jti-aties d eit ele, eo-ien17 dot e lt llt de c ltt le t tl' e Ienlls t nlelirt la dere ltlot le jtgIementoIe It iclaettecr ti'tt haltes el lahele A a rue Iite, oupietanu tile irrentirl pq ilgTlllt tintt 'e'itintjiotn ,i'i is oool lps I lodet le ' ltrttleoro iilot1lttt't llttt'ooteltteieottqtetiiel'airo tir', letlls ireltote joors t tller Itr tlliOotion tiecette iris, iourtnoi la vclltt illoi Iloe tIe teIllt ps eonllrmoe ieo lollliogoe~ni, I tJrti titei, irt vePndllo pr lf lahig, rastdt, le qtl' tlrzli.]'nm lairT .' dU l'llllll(,e liT:18S ell elfl llll 1II Stloo:lel do octe o S5 de l'rir dol i'les o'o 1p8:11 is tlo I'tlilire d'Ahnd i lhttioe (Atlwell ientrne James I llllt, No i h ),1i 7 ll' I lolskit tl e telo Ceelollr 6 Illtt ellh' sellth e is .halne. Ilanme s'et resnlt uloftwenll'lr 11ntil Iestr tito ll ee l- titt.'lll'll . ';I s lelinot l cllh eih l. iitl'-t-ttto I i t. - liltiti SI i nt It ,'er lal 1 ile tetrt titllttll lllll allr e l l.' lilln'i. 't l ' ;i I l'llO IIPj 3 '11111 Zlli.: llll ,IIlie l'I~tl ;ij hII flll dull ,' ii 'l llt d1( 11 ll II~ l:lli:I'. di lllt(· I iII ip' Z 1"'" ii " .I '' .i. h Lr,. lli..ill hl p~i,'l. . ,l 11 11.r,-'.,lr t(11 1' , SI. 'ilt i i t I 'lllllr:t e l be r t til PIIbIo' Inn llll I t'.nlI t it hI I Il era t liri t lllltrllilt ' I * 11 tlr t . I iettgol tol' Igi , lin . p cet a t 5,li rcent4,; h,- nel SG chi,,- U h n ih . .,e y lir f,. i llolle , d r ,,g illI, lll ,,ii , i'i !i !Ill · ol-liil rf . li !1 Il - i heI I tIlllllhll t i' t i I il:,;. .ilt 1IItIr: ;l t I 'lii lilt . l.o it I Ali, Ki t telt . I Oitttt'tttlttitt i r. < 111 1 n e ra l ,Ag e ln t , l b ,1wih (th e l m u h ei n h ' 7 i l i. I l 'i b . ia < 1 I v: llnd .o . 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Ii t l ) 1 5 a~l l li ehl itfl ' ;.Cl~ ll I rlrll'l~l'lllll% Hilllris, ClI· ll, ll1II Ii-ll~lllli. sl l:llll ;llr:·ll.iII i, , I rl t~l l tl tl, llr E I : tbl F (it(~lS | 11 , iii i} 1) 1 ) 1 111 i l~llnlill, (}I -\ II·. 11, Ih,.h 11~ li 11llll1l I C W.l..[ lll III- kt. I ,. 11. T' l·L S~l~l ii 1':i'Fihullc1 I :'lel[.s l i. L., :tti • II bl) ..1· (( ,hi· L)l I$ "i·I:YI ', AIII·,·II,.I,h,llrl% !hhII~h 11( lll.: I., \\,, I~tleli, llll b:. Ic,) |s.I \ ciitlollrl )'t'elt. I.··IIIIII t~t a Iti.. 1,lh l ,:i1lll:.,.(1. in (;.I(I:IIAktH, i, :.l 5t I1t'l.> 1 HIll] ' '*lllit'l* I iil'llli " rle illl ' l libh.)III.. ·1ri. I I I hr lll~k,~ l'tl '. . inlll " iahll (,fE I; . :~lci.,l r i, t Ilt i Sh oli. (;lllilell : I , i(lh, liil ii II( .lil" .'\ lh S illr8 Clr.l. ,t. 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IUdi , runai kne e ",1u lun, ' J ilic'li'Jlil tl>ill * II % M ' ';% JUSTUlLISHEDFROM STERSollrl¶h PLIITES, The Filk Editlio nf ROWVLETI'S TABLE:S OF IN'TEREST: rO which is sew aded sl Aveesge Time Caliuln - tor, sr easy methods fint alling tile average time on storage, notes of head o'r Iills of goois, whten pln'- I chased st dliferent dote, on dlifferent eredits, ancd tfor vorious mosntss; besidessafus oful end coIlite rankling lTime T' 'lei, the lsIt Ihst ean he elooritsed. or tlt iti gures cane pr ,looe witlhill tihe s:lnle conlldeetlnl coasilns, nllldsiae oi tp e. An advertisement in thebook is in nearly the follow ins words:li The high distlinstion this work has reeilved ths-ogh the tell irgisltive acts prefixed to the title lage, is a re commendottissn i itsell;so nommon,, and so eonoit sine, th t notthing is rneessear more ths by wa)y O ad vet'tisemenlt, to give n condensed view of some of its ipe r ellarities: as fr instance, tiLe Interest aes bsen eompas ed fiom, notd compared with, what is equlivleont to foe' teen setsefletnisslaione, examiued i tile press thirt five times, ond otiitred iprom istereotylte plates testesi shirityty-one times', from si whlich it mnst be evisdent oetn to tile skeitic (eeeiill oniys Iho i.eannoi oftie se tsiisf prosf in sise'iPrelfeC) slots tsie oratk nsst te nriil netinlly isnfllible, ottd is conirmaltion oflthis beliefa y premim of two Iloondrcd mil finy dollars, is now Olfer y aid for the detceliol of an error etofa celt i the present r or fifth editiot, as ex.tCessedi its ttie inrefooe, maknkgfive sf loes' In-llOetslo fi.leI toile saieL 5 lTlt' tile first posliieotien in the3 ear 18012. One of theo mnost eonspicuos featultres of the tables is ilthe arrangement of the Time ane i Amoemms, whiell Sos-r eopelitisls, roferesee oolperspieoity, with the iseli oftihe alde ad inod, canosne he excelted; sod the soity ' ty al ease with which the int:erel cnk ne tlid lo the eotent of general bnsiness, witlsot donhleisi Og smls ' islsidreo convenoienee sI essOential, thot ill the estlm:s tiMn of some oi the most completent aod lproetI-al hlsl essass men asd ptnhlic ofiles wlio haoe ileslle gl'sos llse Sof the work, ii lls sheen Ily tie iOnolel opptelhltsni efofa tmstser- sioae". Asol sonssler-inlg ske infaliktisy of tile nlelissl m-igilnslly alopites its e omposlngl tsle work, and Ihe extsoidrldnevtr usmieor andi variety ofthe exi misntions, andi tests of enery edition it a haspassedia tsle prsess, eotwilsahstandig the whole is ill atereotype, consider-sg. in dshist, the tositive acenraey secured i.y the nipire'edented mtenlls employil, ithe vo lumehns iheensc'hel dll and emissltically stylesd '·the most weonrhrfl hook In the wolkt" most c'lraisly no maneao l uamen figlre work ofthe same extent, which since the beginong ot c-eation, has hal tile lame nm ber nno variety of tests in the same nomher of editors; 0no, nor one half the num'wr, as is cleairly sthowlin the if ret'fe. Besides, nstest anlld standard, ithns lresn tried atls p lsseed ill nearly o il te baok iand llblic o.iless in the Ui ite ttes, anod Iv the plsdic gesratllli, dslsnitg the long lotrid ttf tlirtl,-fl:ve se-ar.s, yet lo error rtof ile al eslatlions has ever ktse-t fonltl it l1rivst, llthonigh cOlntisin- Sdly ehllitengeid by tile ofir of vetry large piemiums. 'Tie ill aosispted by Ilt tle lsonurts P of law o i se er- l of tlhe Saotes ot the "i 'te l " c lelllutioll t'orstatute inteo'st," as sties hy itw tisr Iiosk insteirest, na ccs'lriisgos tile Ileok is useid, d as way hl e sof(l ill ntspart, by s. ntames tt'slthe stubstsos e-rs, slsd ti few of tite st s s Se Lient er, ill tle Ilisat lt ile enlld o"f s t i ook, lin Isos'ssesilsn crevlv closst oltcitizets in every qltar it of iile Usit et Statids. It is mnoreover well knsown tlat, iy its reatiy chieck, eit has so olte - dietected i:lg erl.ilst loln 1ilstg r Ithevy ere Smade, vecin h tie iost cael -tsI atd most colmletent arithmeticinll, tat its ts'ness, led thle aIbsolnte le a. essity lr its uss, hiers btetn exltn-ivtl,- iensistv.d t t l l an so evidelntl, iln e d, ive I b ll ils whla' l tales, ilrll its I savingsthatsevrrl na, wlt ils.-the s irsl s sdition s was sl'ce. S le d osti ofs 5I5ilt,5 great Inn1 hr of seonlld 'lehand copis wess r osoight for, s-os t llt( Igl I ditalllce. I d pllul(llrll(l tq([ 'I t 1 uriou, pr1i. es, ll tel y e'OhlilI illl ltlen o - lhI " ihl'le', II:,." r , 1. }p..t foun , -I h ,,, , l3 r hc h gnl th * lll s it to-tll s i t s;l It llll i s-st t 1s -L 1o- s u5lll .( 'ls i tt Us Io te Itso t lss e ho lls ls slis .I -1,sst lo- lisst stml I I ·ill hilt* i lllur Ill~t illt : ll. l [ i'IV\~ li(·]? I,,,,tF:l tlt .l l,] Si ill , ~lll it ) 1it10111- jpIII st Ihe lor. l~· I i.,a l(, t. 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III - ' ll,, i ,te l I--- II, I .l lip •l ,i .t('l'lt~~. ~ fiI'll' il~l lnl \;!!.* Kll,,l', .l .,- i lt'l ,,IIt1 Ii ,S'CII¢ I·11 I·~lilt oll, .llh,,.r o hi ~l g el t dllli l .. ,: i1. i m (b tI lIIIIn I' I Illi. *1 :l. l 1l. fir,',· |',. lip, g<'l .,,I I ,,',.( (I, .,! : i (ill.: 11 o d. Xol'li sost'slsso Itlol I s ,I-1o ils - I · I , . cial ii . th s s .ltto s ,, i nlh l , Iw os11 os I ,, I . os hlsh i si 'hs t'' lh~Y Ilqlll lllntl l·, i 11 Il.L .,ilr . tlll!.,l~ l. t,,,,:.i I ··..lll 'll ll - l".r'.*nltion excl;.t_ igil the. two u a 10 ' a\.tl i dea to c mU t~llil 5nitrs< teedys I fgne e • ,i ll( .. s Le itSI .. l~, . 005- Itstm-l s t lystssstt s rdnt as k s shtttsl .. thI stsh.lisg IIi oosunIIoololy s tcostlh wosl.ok hich wois s pit li hesib .1 s S iintel'si ilablts wcl e intirml.t'd in rinihu s usuI cent. I,,, yils s istloso imslsnno hlos'loiisos i act- ivott s - soI lis ll l aronied, t has io Olts i 0Il ch iots 1oit wthi is trss'.i tot - 1s .sti l- s of ,ls t r th us tal - d sllars hss id S aix y ears (o tiIm to'll its , sotIIoi l io th li t edilioin of 781k) .npies.%:+r..i.I hefl,.tl lI'ril it. llh l t sr tt iie ,0 otssotal wIto , s s os I I aot-tttl o5 - I lo 11tnI i ( : n ll,.mlt*. l ,i ll; t~'lo l' I· fr; scr10.., a r klt,-ll(li, ,,1', :u.•,Ili L ar ounli ll' t \hi, . h.' i hl. o , a h all 'nr lc l l i -i lll i li, it al icrh ll 1. I" \NI,'sh Ih tr a ' l f Mar . .,parilnla , . 'I , Ifr h ir of , Min'ol,.e sit I - lii -si sol' sto t. TI.. Y,. L 'ih).l. a \ <.V lUll 1 't ""l I " 1 I li-I I l'r nl'll~~i.'l : i tllr l* . ll' ly lllv.lrl. %!'i.i' \,s l l. s t- s'. & Stllii\l oIt s I.- a l,,,i,,,u., 1 " id jr;x -teliL 1's tees sts'srils Itslr sitell, ssr h sllr r s 's:tIll ts plissns os fhe l kistks iminples aor i~stnlss si thile ,, ; hal,. Whil ib ure irain a, impurel at ,t of the it- dl syewit-I r ionIcs p s-ssssis sstsiseos-oii lronli -I miitisnoa t t, rI scrofula, or kihsst'os ra;I wOlt S lli5f slslhiltsc diso esea, n d all sisisorders' arisl rog rosn an0 hnpuresatolte stf the hhilto, Is; hlasg rus-dolc in a ho clinatt , or tia e st justclou. usseof . i ,ury. I Al.-Cave & Seloff r'-s Worm c 'rct p. ar los thets itreservottivo : thlst bIss t ocrO ls p rao- llc l tittt to . x-otos t. Ass--tog whihssls to sIts' fo'llswIssg:-ltiols-to l1ye, i .r c.,l ring, fith hiar; ihuar s o ,I; II~l.'::n telnlr's sate:Pl.illll ; borelW' Fi.ll; iiltooo.-st lioos'' isl P,,: I .1 e'; OPy soVt-,; tCroto ill ul iRoios; Ssit-l los ; th l lt .,t ; otis 04; ; Ksre. I " I ' .I ; (' srtose. Itasli, ; Orniigo , Floavesr Waler; Powder otlbasi and Jslllo ; Aoscr. o n ossro sll t,'l pi51 slit it s hur i h-s vlol; s PJ i-rtoe halts; Coslhgnes; Kreoonto oasttls.acho tt Dret;li-tr isrslshee; Etglisli re tog s' habs it-I,.ass iltir th-wl,-itsh 0 vripty al sthor Plors. e-lriee, &os Ftr sale Iy .L W GLENN'S PERFUIsU RIES. Ca o J C TrlN(..ARhs, .,'1 Corner of Canaln aind Blourbon structs IOYILl k M.1AX, iHousa,, Sign, O)r.:OnIIa ) Plainters No \ . Cam.od.:le stLet, two doo.s o.ll, Conal street. Uniiations of the fallowing woods and nyrbles, ex w ecuted i master!) m n Ier ii F.. . Mahogomy. F.gypt.i:n hl'k o t.I gold, lllak, I (; all l a Anltio, ¶'olhlrd do, Orienlllld o cld :tiqui e Cilled do, .SllI:,' t Curled Mple, !Ih..I ..tonie, irds I.h e ,I)il, by (.-lllite, Satllin \VnoD. .I Potoma , Ifair Wood, 1.hoto o Ilurdello, Yew i'ree, Iltaia Wihile. Coromnltle of Iliack Si:oIIio ansod lrlectlla, Iose Wood i Ak lotll nirey, Ash %i' hthe Oak, kc. &.. ke. C >rled Ehlm, iSpecillns to le scot at the shnt,. faints. oils, glarss, colpal varnish, kl . ot haul oitof ltsak. I 1 , I nll lldle iri, wetll tlllio'tlid. 11ll, 1 et'oll ioll rod ilronll lt il irolll hil ll pl g C:sl, (;lr an, shel., blister l, spring, lshet illd Zinl, Ilockl ti, 1 ll Illllll gri l 10i s . llt il1tk les 01,, log a ,I t ;w: imhi.s, corn mills A\Vils, s ie.s, Ilammerll S al(slhlllows l C.lld|, lolll:kliconking si)\e 'Ames, Itowlnl's and otlhr spades sdt ,hovels S.ollhs. Iloioits, 5hmio s. nd t hei Jitst 'li' clld li IIIill o lla i~nt .. st mIt tdow ine . l h i ot s ti.olhhl , , oil t)er; IN a l blto ,li.S I'aints, I ii lll llln lii e I' nil tl A full Iassoriiient of hidwrte and ship chldltrl IIl lotn li a dt, illd whi0h:r i 1ohred tIrmlentill el.l sile (It retail, a ll the l ll" l I l lltro abl" llermli . Ih n i ,-i_ kI.%YT uill & ]. .ll() jl,,.v., I_ IARll IlROWG .iA- SPRINGS I I 'Ol 1 ,.) , to .. .ol ., tooo' 0i Co otl 1,1,.t ouolio, o, l. .'. ;', r.:/,,' , , i s the 1 d,, . e of . '11l.Et",receiv. , -ilex II I, " II , nl·l , Ill, i , ] : ill prollr l ,il, III o + It ] it"illll( I llol lloh rlt wll· rule nlsil- Iltl - ,l l.+ Ile,. to nei re,m.hnr<. e I ,ml lolll ire ' sou Ier tha, l III., io'u , t ll li t Ithe mi i sun t iliuc l lhelt I 1''r).lu,1 ir+ I4 ll, hr .rllli| ei' il,·l ih ' itll soon rnotl , o i th' - main bu h .ing. bllllvltd th', tIhll I r llo i flllrior to tl in Ililh [South host "u ic that thi: part of th r untr. "llbrs, Ie heel rug.l.geld iIi.odl be inconst nt atibancent. he'I in returni l_ Ilns nutrined ihak. l t tlf r n t h , liberil oPIIor . I. ivP n Ili the in -l . nd lt l hol es th e o lverrrr lio,- thAt ute- b,-eel ,nIdec ill ih r m llllnh d x.h.. , he.t llll..+it tl l ions. In+ ml it i ll" h l iill l p Ili' TIKIN i . IN'I ,IIh' ill. 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S.C. 1mw. l 1 elrign, N C. 5) '2155 12 iat renntsVs. 1 m. .55 EtO Ii Pretersurg.Y V. ll pi.n 83 10 It . am - Itiehaiond,Yi. Insh 21 3 61 a PFrederickebrlb, 3 67 7 1I p m. Waslhinglton ciy, 1p 34. 461 C Philndelllitin, i)l am. 10t . II 2 at New York 2 pie. 92 14 S1305 143 h. or d 3Y SNorthwardl. Coming outhwardi the time ia ia hour Pleea; bcing5Bdnys anid 17 hours. _ _ Ty EN I)OII.AIS REWARD. ie ANAWAY fron 1t9 Ceroidelet eoarner of Ilevie is I sreetls, on the niglht of 30lh iof Asguat, and was srenitie neattmorncngoil'nvdowlneetrnnt," anegra Ioy named CHARIlES, hoolt 17 years of age, snal £ tea Sor thIerenbhous in heiidltr,very iasck, lid tes an imped ile ant il isin pecth,sonc of lii legs is sore, eeasihned ' by arecenthsrt;elie whd bn whenlie wqlt away a wlilo iotton or linen chirr and while crtlon lanltlnnme. I Maters of vessels and rseam basta are catiomed I goinirt reieiving or lroriobi enCI negron ns Nell s nle oilier p.sreeae, as tie utmose rigonr ot Ish lnw wil bti enforced against Ihlis. T'h1 above reword will he poil 7focrdelivceing him iato noy of thle jsilt of ihcme sll.. mnicieipalitiesa;or at 169 Carondeet, corner atoF Hnei ienteolet. OspI )Th 'ICE--'rk sopnrtnechil, hleratofore caioling Iilithnits' firtt of Iubole &O larestenn, hboa tos diasstlveit. 'ITis attticriler will liquidole the nhffirao a lthe col.crnl in this city, and requires ItI perone indseb - ed tiio miike paymen to hlim oly, end ill tlosehaving olohioc, iii iooti,.iiltio telor nerttieiit. ItIICl-7i H :ARIII TRON W. . WS3W.?.A-IN.r-- - I No. IlCanal i',rseet Ai'c Orlnnna i. TAS ailways en iimld i lrlntly k receivirg Dre. II livs lesi oemicalslinii d Plai:s,aolong Ishet arc S i)IlUGf. DYES4 cAliinay, crmlc, Argnols, red, is egils, Anallllto, S IIa e c Araeic, clrlule, Alnm, In towdered, Ilrezillette woon, , Ialntm enprin, CeebhioeeI, otenx, icrude, opplerns, American, Ito Iretinell. ··e .bcm' refirlstone, sltle, Fnstie, Tanmpieo, vi do roll, ito C(bla, ldo flowe, .doa Maise, llirmth, lremh lmrrle,·sa (t o anstiri il, Iiitig,, Iltengal, i Cirsim ltatr, do- Slnillb, e. GUl alies, do ts Ia, tamale, ileo .nInitc,, Cooi~ (:iamIP.ay .sslelii, Si Dliailnic ilo ,lalnoitn, iioiiii itail, vimwo ild, a l ( ...... l, r h,. 9 M tle.,,, onabln , n I do scaeit, NielllllcIogit, ISootsre, - lo Io St A ,ric-, do Coron, do rtil • d Iladtle. do gilem, CIIMMI(CAS.S, do kno, A II, Iitlllii i, ih tnastie, ta niiii tict tItlIIItithi olie i li'ine, G *..h gr , Ipil . ll llul i C, •11 I]1, II',:~ltIII 1: 11h~i~l n ILl l·illii(, l hlc iii,,. , o. iii',i. ,h .d ',elfm , 'r rl A.err i s , ; lme iedtiu a cautro i:c p !, ,' .l:l nhk,, Sup carp So* 4 iui bI ll, S ,aI I r la Lt .inil~ilf i. ) tI,]i it,(, , Iil.ll ZI IIas 'loses, kipzine todo , si, hi ip quinie dol '.*.u. I'AIN I,. Ith llla· (Ilr .' ' I~l llllr~i l (I 'Il 1(Il' 1 'l .' d T i tp,, • l'l t li , at l"rto , IIc hiic l , h , Ir h o1i* i looi It oN,h D Fril, Tto u b'll oI tlvi 'o lkoetisni h ~l , l+K" ctl.,! IT. I.II:'II* ,l. lh ;it'iio/oih liuoo I~cctiivI itlyl ~ii.oonltnl eh i i,. SW1st nol. liii " tle, a mb " ...... ni gs n a W nt rof I[, td ], i i i it, I [+,1,1. ,.of I(I oo\hl' Ioil o io'r'ollll itoro oIlt. I oitiiil liitioo, r y.IolS last t, ( Inl N r'y rII, .l tll ri5]l .l . It- h101o hIF .I JI 10 p I 'I1I i' ird. S.,," ,.,., ; s ,:: | ?,i, ;;:\,,vo.:, ..,o o I'icoitooil a tnlll l .Io,. i s-Shy hw c, or co.,I tooiio 'olhinrislogy itl:iiii o...dmiilii.i ...o•,tiiverocigti Jo ickivccit ni toilc .yi I.he n,;r h t t l. ilEVY.&l "II (uP,md,,iao., Ilr uI W\inll'.r (It , Illh,.. Ilai',fil~lI in I·+,r., ( .t'', l, ~vt' itill )I1I., I1+..1, l rI Sv l N u.'y F. I. 1 '.; ,u1 I "+,,. It,- /'.-,r'+d A'.hh+, it l)lli~ll(,P l), h,,r.+i~lll (:(lllllll~lnn+llm) | I/ t., ,.l, ep ardL ,,'+.hll I1 I VP IIIJ1IIP) ;r·llY, in I v o-] . 1 All ('.m/.' Sdims ~Ilis~t~tor../ [I·:lliY Irtu s€ |I'roa t. Vol. :l +. I 1,l 1Ihe u+w ,l~r(IipIIIl,,I aild ll IlllljTI ed lit)+ ' I~n~,%,.r' I'rvm'h· ,.ad lil.ubl..h Ihrtimmry. n vol :Iro E \,re.¢.'.fx /.'v,crh r,r t d ':sel/i..+h I~i,'t....'.. SAlI.s.-- A'ibw iiI1 lre .,l~il·,.l' (:lll,, • sl'h lioll ogv Il l.,its'. w ~ilh ~ ,'h l, illiudl hdsl '. -III~L II u 21 -.II) II i e llIs Jllr l r,:o'ivrll , n liI Tfur sale by II;1 BEJ.IVY SPAI-- N S iI i ."--, Ic, htit a tut.r. a Ayear 7l'ittie r, t/J n/' gal a Ict t t .Ir,, a r illr npa licii let to tie Atle rigit.ira rl North A eriai, icy (I 'l urll er, Esq rlre Pa.itictl raretar, f the I 'titlc Shtot r a tit lcihtr tlt .ltl o Ifthe , r i rllrrv a cltlcl i tit rt ll gntrra ati IP ·lt'lFellli II IIll] the r'htb I ll-*JIi ll ven llll i n --'inii t antd iae t the etang aten el'I h U nited ittil e Illl''illr ltl.( , wrIII u4I'I t l I o l in i l l -r tI t al tI e, I ntI 1, rl- einc ne tite a aitf lhle tric•I iuie'eer tcih r taors tfgtntlh d Wi·llll nlyliillnly lclt etllllllgett t littin at f IUIItt tr Cill IIllcll' otl. c ll volumes. FORl TriF.# ('llilE or ._ S-'r,,l thl t r Kig'c , a vil, Chroet c i Itha mnttnti , (hrttee latateoau lice- lairet it tie. tatter, by tre, tileetttitereary th Ihlll i n I.d iltle ia itia idtt l.i TIe llcee t I' lI. c iiIrnet rt riitStr ispepare d wealt-it Ihti frtllthl·+l IlahIrlollle:l. l rarh'll· aw l evornya d i u rta e i n Ihte rtito qrnnc h le irtl Sa prill ti t e roost t n ci rtlled ItugrI.rt, ttnbilttid With lther. vegetalblh alletitanleo TIhe It atri el - I- l :'i li wih ptyllh ical in brll ien iti tl l'xlib lt iaIt rge ql ail t o ; i i ntrralllltt 11tiiar Laim t diols, itlls harn eiti.l rit ll tl tthii tPl tr ita lla-ti t hl, tllt i t tl:l'.. iIlilI)"I dariL stare, No. I i] ttietl atrer t, wt"i r tate he hal, fits aatd genrieaa, ttret tfront thi trel'r turs, .waitl'+ ianatacairnd Vcurifutt latter's ýr.tnll eoll, 'nr-lrlllter'a Preparatiolls, llid aattarge aadgralgeera naa.cra.inlell d" raIt.i afillr I'INNi{ 'K't li.\ltI1, &c. -JlNN1O(.l'S \/ I.Ill(iVl+llI) EDITION OF, lDRl jT lihl ai i arllxl t I II I tlt etll Itrri tf iata. toIII l tab l la l prefix 1 el lll ti r IIntr cnr on t tIr e StI f hllybr Ili lilsl r lt I " rllllv, llllt t vuwrivi, on t le . Uble inf linlitlltit nIet ti itiar+ or the a ic t tfiallal wiittth eieI'o ttt thiotrltlttiltt tl l t list hrtti a Notes; Iltr I res lions fl atr Ax i telattoi e ti t file rutiof et' l, xectn. II te ll h I t t C e u hll trle e t i a . II ettilttttdwitlterete et'ecviratttitna eai hr Attertoa PI ll etttl ltrm l l ft llf r (; Cit iit's I .tir, delallh il of ' llo t eIl -, atllr i i u ci ltalia tlc .lrtl t tl yo l T. \1rllh Igllll? lioa ti e atlltltilttll t i cat tel eId y clrl. it llllt h ieleta l er I raietcY valttIac le illtilrtili t i e'llll'tIt i l Ictht tw r lll't i illl ' talleI t "ue~, e cccc toerimtatee ttdeetriaii ttg t irbir ' ~a" C.xphI fll(fror rIlIeetr. telllll t'ka ar ttle poll <,,,+, ,,oll.,',l ,i ii atrll i tltr af ghe n e. An outlilne Iie, tittldteitulalu, ..LJ. dlusttltedcy natty rtaga tCtI- (ta.E-la:ars oni At rIaITIOy, illaian Aarigrlrnen af I(rlll's New' l're.ftt ii 111 ic these ut Iof liber. Nrr Ai.'ric+,n ..di eilh a with nidect aeci u amprveaitaar i l n llali i tie' taiti ti.t.iieallc tl pert oItiler Alt i t fIill J ·l~l~ititl+.. I·1 Idl~l~li LJ ll fta A Joi.t reele'ittl atll firalerl Ir i Will'KIiEKAN rrnv _{ corllr tl'Ctlnp alld colmnon str it it iPlRi'r (ti.A.Si.itI, it IIRARY. nl-llll ll ,dII , r lUlttitlunl ily 1hilli Frantlls, I) D, withI I. [LR ni a iIplltlllea erell icir'liii rll t lal. t f ariu tilda, &a.tI haf Jotst, itt valt- tliltett, ledaI)v Pope .\(clit-a, ieaift tlilcatetrt , it Ie-e allil, Iiarllo tI ·1Ira-ata~el l~· c.;tltaaaa eaeeetiat atI I;~,., . iii,, t'~I,'yitt, & ttitittiureftheeplacle etratptso h I' lla Id itc l e It ih c "lllll l m s , wi %" l lu npllm)I x i o-tins trli mIl cei lcll b :r -ti ,,h r ' :' , i cc volll'i l i; cii cclc ,,a I flll"l I irr'.! IJ!,t, " i. I. i a l.brary Tl e I .rt pitte itt.nci l Ieh; II' l v t I .INKIEI, by tlntitllttt, .II t ei-"tao ,t +.aiir ril 1r . ttltii , lie t'ttcta rt. Mt,, re.., iEi. I., uit+ r+,h..,i, \Wil~l all, tratroull,, by tlo 1I 1':h'll ' I n *l*.'l' 11Y "l' h. y l,. +llllrir ilf "llicnlledlll 1a'.-'l, I I ael attll l tav ' tit, :IUi.,r it -).aytl eh ilte": l t 'r'ta ela Cf. i ,l Is J aI acl rrr.iv i. s,,h' , )\V,\1 ,.ibKkAV II it t l tl'li:-it i c.t'-ki t.'i emlli llli i Itf `trr uetttlt.Lt ilao menAW 1"ie. tiUUILILI & IIAWVI'

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