Newspaper of True American, January 18, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated January 18, 1839 Page 3
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BY HEWLETT' & CENAS. SYNDIC'S SAIE. '.7TILLhbe sold on Monday, 18th of February, at 12 a o'clock, at the City Exchnntge, St. Louin street, I n virtue of .n order froim ile Piarish (:tolt, for the Parish and city of New Grlelns, tluted tlhe 7tht instant, under the direction of the Syndic, thle fllowinc" describ ed proprty, anrreu dered by Giebriel George Glenny to his creditora, vit. 1. Four lots of Ground, Nos. 591, 0)l, i and 6, sirltun ted in Cnrrotiton. Nion 559 nd lt measunring ercb 25 feel frot tin Ltlith street, by l( feet in depth. Nos. 60 and 62, ihiine tlre same front of 5 ft. on Iteseivne et, by a likea depth. l ought of C, Pure, he b.ulariat Act arseed hbefre L.a Gardeur, Notary Public, the loth of May, 1837. 2. Lot No.5, in sqeatre No. 15, illn subuh WVaohineton, i3t Mlnictpality, measuring ll29 feet 2 inches froet on iloralea streoet between Prrt and St. Ferdinland strheta, bry 180 foee in depth. Bought of I. ,. lillegsherg, by act belfore T. Segher, Notary Pn llc: tie 26th ot Febriu tryt 1831. 3. Five Lots of Ground Nts. 8, 9,10, 11 and 12. in square No. 1. in solrb Webhlington. 3d Municiptlity, No7.8, 9 sad t0, having each 3. 1. 6 on Marant st, between Morales and L rullalrt streets1 by tiI' feet in depth. No I I having 3L. 9. 6. feet ot Mlant street. Ly 107 feet on t rquhnrt street and No. 12, having 31 feel sm Urquhrrtr street ry 171. 3. b. feet in deptlt. Booght rf E. ilnrth by act before L. iPerand, Notary Publie, the 2lat Febrrarvy 1831'. 4. Eight Iotsa No. 13, 1415,5, 16, 17, 18 , 20, in quare No. 24, ton suburb Washington, 3d Municipality. No. it, forms thl clorner rf Freoch and Urqirhart streets; measuriq~ 31, 9. 6. feet on French street by, 106, I1. eat on Ur uhsat rtvret, and Nos. 14 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 eand 2J, each measuring 31, t. 6. feet fnot ai French street by 10t. II. ftot in d-epthr. I rtoglt from F. Berthe ad Thbns L)upleis by ant paneed befane I.. Feraud, No tary Publicr tile 'list of Febtaerv, 1863. 5. Onelot on Vmre stret, near tlhe new Canal,bouglt tero George Andrews, hry private act, dated tire 18th March, 1837. (tIe. Ant own tand wife ncqoired title from N. Holmes, to this lot whir maenaresa 25 feet nroean on Vilte street, between the Florida lending and nth boundarv between Suburb, St. Mary and Uelord, earing 125 fet5t in Terms alt Conditibns-Onr third in earh; and the 'remainig twe thierd of the price of eah purlchase, payablI.h 6 and 12 montls. The purehcser givlng'his tleot.s wrik one Ieod eodrsor, and mortgage retamied rtltn u 'om pielo payment. To aets of sanle to bhe pansed before H. B. CE N AS, Notary Pulriec, idl plrehaser paying tIe Notary'e fees, tan the expeseLo of takinr Iposseuion by a surveyor, if neceaalry, jnlr2 PAR IlWWIWfI'T & CENAS. VENTE PAR LF. OYNDi('. SLera veldtl Ia I.rnmi, 18 fierier, iA 19 hebon, it Is Ioursedes 'itir, n verur d'un dert de In sourr de pnroineo, poer I.,t.nroisse et ill e o In Norvelle trie. ant, ell i.ta de 7 iers ourant, sout la directini du ayte die, ler prrprietes auivantes, nbnadonrrnen p; GiahGriel Georg (iloany f rei crhnuiciern: I. Qtatre tots do tere, rios 59, 60, 61 et 60, nitnes IA tCarrolttrli; nits, 59 e nrat 6 In 5 ed ehaque fare A Is rue Otzea nor 151 pie d le profirJerrr nio 60 et 6l2, huohqr'. 25 pied. de face a la rite Itneervhe, our uno ei ttp.e rofurndeur-Iaphetee deC Porpr. pr lt ate de l.eganrdoer, n,,t. public,le Ir10 lt 1837. 2. L.ot to. 5, dane f'ilett1, i. fllititrgla Wnshineton, 3 mrunicipnlilh, misurrait 2l1 tles 2 ps air Ia roe Mtirals eoth las ruet du Port et Ferdinand, our 100 pliel one prifundl.r--helrti de I. S Ililhigbere.. par ante de vant 'I Seghlere, t rt. iull.le 2l fevrier 1t037. :1. 5 i.ots de lerre, nom 8, i, itl. et i' doom I'ilet no 24, an faeolilry Washingtogln, Mnnicipafilt lrr3, tril f 9 el 10, iyant tlhque 31 1. 6 snr ln rite tMazant, entre OMraeoi et rleqiulirt, eur 1.7 ,ieril de prfo.lreur, no 11 nyiyat 31 Id 9 6 0our ita r' IZaanIIt ur 107 piedl our Ia rue Urquhartr el no 42 ,'21 hlitirtdr rIrrie rter quhtrrluir 171 tiede 3it 6oigtflealII trll.firdeur--ittte to de IE Iturtie, ilar cle tIotv :;'l i., not Iiutlic le i2 f,'rin.r 1887. 4. hlirt i,,te, nos. 13, 14, 15, ti, 17. In, 1tet 20 ,Ina P nilt no24, ill iioIIurg n'V ashin.g'nii, 3 t liiuitlialith, no 1I3 f ireislti I'lrnu:igiilere e ries des Fianeai I et Ur. I i'hart a ite-tlrll t3t 3 Itt. P-t ljig lr l, rile dos Fren ntn,. nor IOR i'd II tie our In rile ULrqilrri Pet Ir. lotc. 14, 15, ii. 17, 18I tet 2ttii chune tini.tlant 31 ,l 1 Ie i lig de Ince a la rae uI. I,'raoiit,, cur I08 I11I , pl - lfitdeti''tdete t' I'tirtito it ''-t iie tltiehin, par alct-devn', t FernmtJll... lmh eIr 21 fPetrher I 37. 5. Tltnl.'it etr a1 rae tIel Vfgre, aterdio n'oeavir Canit, ahitle p.r fiQe"n Anilreta, p. roarle rivipen drt.' do It itrlllo 837" (iirge An.ilrews el .n epiOltrit. li:qllirlr Ie iltre loi N InIIieen aii e it, qUi ire',,r.. 25 d tatii', n I riue tie Ia .'ienl., rtrO ire hdr adere i;.uridl lit Iln iglte e tli.'lllrrtlil, ti. lJt irrlihttnrgs Ste. Marie et Dbtor, nyantt 125 pields tie Pifrt-mell llr Condliionsr-t-lt liars , lluitlltit, et leo d atro tiers, Ii6 tll)il, l'aI( tnern itr idonimmit set+ biller* nvn c (It dresseur, t i vltlllel qU j'lli~gita Palrfl p) elel, i.e. nitbe IId v,IIe n er ,int iilciPe .eVolit [I. It. t.renR, n at pa,. I'ile ui'rellr atol It Ili frluis d. l'acts et tl pltes de poeseeii.n liar i'nrlptlteer. Ii i oio Th lu ribers lnvo I +totro ifor sale, :30) bllllo alI1 atoen .IIIIhmcll'.d an wn lo .ll Ioti ohirinllg, I l ltlIl 't illg , fo is I. . i'r l ar oll,7', 7th ;4-1, nuod twilled, 5 d ILow'll black mixo d toi toonile, lit do Igol . IiBl upl0ure drilling, Ino in ll r while t lo lo Illllll. Ini, .t d l u 'e, goen nh ail m nr ilx ro.hirlg alnd fItitne, 40 do nmtd to ' of oths, rouni-tin, Io* mixed| rIllollll ,n'rseysnlll plollll ln,hrtn, k l I w - t 1 i.tlo'n. o k o'rlso, wooi lonk ooil unrwsek j o, trlu ti t l or. i nlll l oi ler is ld lr.e " l Ion1 .lo tI tolll t.'ll l l I0I0 t III1 -I'n 1 201 csll+ Frll h In ll o l iroll n prilts, n ull s ll l -4 d, te l t t, ,loh:,b lo:, toio d, a dl tiln ,: suib 4 d .t , ' ar l oitet pot'-' and otl.+o bantl Itokor .r I Ioo l'. h r cr tl il lllloll'l oitil 1 t , i . k.. , In;g, ano.tli, mndia no andin trge i ;.0 dc r+.., noti nllo ginhnm olllilbrell, tonll 3 :n dopr. i r rli to t . I o, il, :.1 d +"lon r ilr ined I.Pr U oil, 50 ballno mate Ilooobioig',I kot en ona d(l ntoy I. I,. inin r dn ii cu to ualiii.g, :l so dio whlt, nd dr. anidsh, ;II nr ll s wller " l hni h l bll o lar, iln I i , err. nh elrr,., 8 1h, I L' tih a d poIrtlnd hitps, jol I1 II1 " I -hl 'll t Vlo, 1n laganin , Sit noy mnTel,'rn "ino in hi te, halt pi -,n ond t uar, 75 t0aE+ calf, kip', s AN1d thick w lter water ionls, I1on do ednCo ain kip brogans, for men, boy.s and youth., 5o0 d1140 ruet negrohono brogl. hoy, mdi n., a'ld ex 150 do6 clro ing, of various qualities, eonoiening of id jkeri , pantaloons, vest, hiitsof aId Ifrnooks, adapted to Itde seson,ey, 4111, theo nod tI,en doilleado, in order fori filling, i0 letll ,lvlrls p lllllo ni eoo warranted ogrreint 11 salamtrloetr irol t elt .inoi. A I IIIE .ANI o, I MTOT, Clakxie STATE OIF L.OUlSIANA-Parish Coort for tihe Paris and Clity of New I .Orlealnsl Present thi llonorableChoarle 'Maurian. Judge. Jan. th, 18s39. No. 11409, Itobt. Ingrathan vlo. his Nrditrs. The oo - Ill of prierty by Itihn d petiitioner is ut anpted oar ie arid creditorse do oen onth e oince of Horatio Davi Elq. Not. Pub. onmI nlesdav phi, t2ond day of Janiary, 183t, there andli thon to delie llniie on ed dirs of0 tble insolventl, and in the mueaiUle all pruoeeding against hi e e rso n al nl propter ny it tla yed. Ionxtrt1rum 1h1 Minutes--lark's Olen, Jan 9,18oti o9 LF-P'AT DE I.A LOU I lANE.Jour de piaroinse JL pour ha paroisse et ville do la Nile. Orleans-Pre 183n. 83-No. A1- bert ANI) PIO'. serelnoiero. a c l d is du A itiNUAL FO re est 1ecep-T e paor In Ieour,au Ilene lice dI sen croanciern. it eat ordonue u'une assemblet des cred pancieraoitliee I'etdede les bieus dsdit son t arretees, --Par ordre1de Il cour--Buroau I do Gr flier, 9o INGIISl1 ANNUALS FOR 183G-The Book of .l. Royally, superb eold plates. Ii llell'e 'l'ableuax, Fimden's Gallery of Graces; FiBher'. Drawing Iotonl Scrallp ook; ]leaiuty'o Clnotumes; Buds and Bloonunmsi Waverly Keetonske; TIhe Illpeaial Oriental Annual; Forget ila Not; Curicature Annuali F'rieodshilr'n Oltering; Juvenile Sketch Book; Yotlg'es' Annual; Young Gentilemlen's Anual. American Annuals. 'rTh Token and Atlantic Souvenir; 'lIon Violeto; 'lT Gift; The Juvenile Forget-le-Not. Just received and for sale by Wom loKEAAN, dec3 norner CiaIIII nd .o mon lis U A.i--10,001 Guonny Ilng., tof .tnperior qoldilty lanoding ftIom ahip Arno, nadfLtr nalefhb jn1U II \I.Lh& Ilt(\WN, 96 MSagazine at IIUNT Ni'OVl PII.O'TING IItROF.I.'IONS-A Ii n venry useful oolk ifr Ship Captlall and th1 most pootular work li tile kinld xtoutnt. A1.SO CHARTS, (;ltlf of Mexico, West Indies, Balhamna Banks, West Florida, Coant of iBrail, Medteo roneanl .en-C-(ort of Afrion-St. Getorge IChannel-English Channnel, dce. N. B. 'T'hone thltnrts may be relied on as contanining the m.ot corrent information relative to the above lnled plnaes ever publishled, for sale at DAVID PELT & co0. New York Stationers Hall, No. 94 Chartres tt. January 14. j 1f)l 4S.--1.O boxes it, tore t I for oobl by U ljaoII AiIlH '.11M TRIER, 34 ('roriera MEtiSS LRK.-l3 I bblo. .8ea ork ot br sats by jyj 0. H.II, 1 tLS Jatt,,ore 14,1619. 63 I'oytsras at. R AL4I.S.-340 WIhittlo od Half BDxoe 11. It. ot,~, inn vtry hes'ot ad dof atterior quatlity for ,tle by 0. II. LIS8S. )anutry 14, 61 Pitydeso .1. N RW L)LKANS td lUtK.-a bhl,. Iopttdlictefor sate by (t. 11. 13LISS. Jonuary 14. 113 Pnvt!ranst /R4WIERRIEStn, ,t aIl or 4,. btrros ut vry,.e pefiar quality in star', ta~r saw t 1, 0. 1. BLISS. ije. 14, ,13 Jtydrot St. 9I.\1't 811h. I' tIF NEWV t)8 AS. T I1111t prit ottre titthtor to-day it *8 66 er barrsl, 1 sotttdtt to it" htol"ti; the bakoershooll gire du ring t4eo.,train, ot,, (Frotl~tlndav 14th inoI.) 36 tun. res of btroad fo' a h,01. Iltttad ot'tit, stettond qulity it. required to weigh 15 ptcr evil. moren. viz: 15 ounces. NTAN'I'FI-A Lid about I tor 14 tttttoti', ap, is Sacootishioo housewtloot ptrltyt reside in the city. Addresi boa, Na. 290, Pool O/cTi, jooln-1"83S NEW BOOKS. The Only Delirter, a domestic story, bty the author oftho "Subahtern," t. inals. tenry l mno murd,llnd ilther Ta'les ry Mrs Gore aetheor seeof ci'Mithersaod I)aneg ters," &c. is 2vol. 'lThe Heir of Selwol, by thre authress of "%luthere anl liotlchters," &e. in 2 vlis. Altlrn Veranrr, or the Ersiroideerid llraolkerc:hirf, io whi'h is addred Iere.l.sta larrinor, r tihe illre t r:tornr Umbrella, by .lise Leolie, author of "l'Peneil dlke:h art c. itrone vol. Oliver TWiet, enlllete is 2 vols, by loz, cheap edi' liorl. Just receirved aid s orsrle lr'MB W E 'i. i'tEAN, jni8 corCmiIp and C(rotoenr ats r1111' Aotnoal Meetmig of the subscribers co tie Fe. I male Orihaon rrrietlv, will bie heM at the Poy drae Asylum, on Wehlresdey the iith inst., bertween the hours of I.! an 2 lli'chk, for tile purpnts of elect. idg mrnasges to serve the eosuhlrg year. ja5--fIt bUR51A1 U DI'AXSUIIANCIE OK1 lIA LU\IPA GNIE DESPOMPIERS DSL .4 N.ORLEANS SES aetionuatlrees etnt pr Is present notilies que Is Iat. sixlear verentert rest dim, et devr etre poye Is Feviar promehain,au Hureau de l Colmlngore,tlie t rue dnr Camap. ,4n EL TRIACY, Siec. O' +ICI f Ireaes'e lIurlrre Company of 0 ite OrleOar--The stoekholders are hIereiy no titd l,tler tile Stlree Is 'rsL.*cas Ireelrmea doe, ond i payabl ono the Stir Feb.osnry texlt at tire tfes of te Cor sany, t1 Camp steret. EL TRACEY, ja4 ' ser'y___ y -- CITY BANK, / New Orleant, 6 Dee. 1183t. 7111I E Board of|)irectore of tian laurotien have tliil l daydecalnrsis Dl.ilrnd odf Twerlve per cent. e tIheCapital i thereo. payable to the Sone hrldere or their legal rpresentali;es,on or aner n lav e o iA, eP1 st ,ocnuor, 1839. tt)B'T. J. PALPILAY, d~t , Cshter NEW ORLEAN8 & ,IASHVI.LE IRAIl. KUAI, lIesemaier ŽJd, 1838. ITOTICE-To Contractor--Sealed propoerls wilI N he received intil the 22nd of January, 18?¶, for makhitg tile soperstrocttre, offrom fie to ten eilie of Rood; cmrmencing at, Postearnchce iad extaedilg to w rdis city. apt ileationc too hae seen, and conditrone mode kown w nat ap)icatinal illiroie. 0 IIOAId D d2O--tir Ch. Eag'r. and Iiett'l. Supir'dr. PLENDIDMANTEL ORATESaSul Mag;;z, ines t 50 Russia Mantel irotes, taith, 20 tiroond eret iron flinlel do., 43 Counting horse Gr(iaesa, common, 100 Chrsmllrrr lrores, 17 Brass Moullted (lrates, 150 COOKINIS SI'OVES, consistoing of 5r Stlaley Ilorary, lit l'reelaulnr, elro, Sf-tittioo doi, O2 James do, 25 Inp, iRotary, with ovens. Together with all asortlmeelt of clal Stoves. Fire carriers. Ah Pailr, oel pokt s ranils, blwers Ood rsrra pipes, rllhlrerilel nt rrelail, lre \V PARK.Y &c.O, il Magazltr at ja5 Banksd Areradeo SO i'iitC-"l'i-Trcrrlortrt.errhip rlrlrrtohlrce stller.ll ti toeeu ile uedotrreilrrll Iir s Jrir Pirilting 1lincc, in this i dy icsolred liy liinitulronr. lrlllrm D icKenn, irisi agerllt, is alone clltarged rwitlh erllretion, of debts die It said ofln. . WIt alKeE iN January Ist 1839-J3 G(ilSUIiISL SIIlORTT'' WOT'ICCE The suhrr'brr iavlirg turelsrd thein /• tre'' oflcr (is rege I. $irrtl, ic tlre Ji.b Printr Orice sf Vln leKrelll &co, will Iroll llis day clnil. ilrthe h iesmrrsr i Jobs Printlll ill s i n Icll A UN lld lilt hl~i Ov ll at'l'llllllt. \111 rla It:KtIA,7 Jallnry lst, i8t-,-jil-cr rlf rr rrlllllrrllrd i rlrrOllnon c I (O'T'lor tLisshnid nlOreole of . Go)I,~ a ti, ae In i .Jt iW ly. 18:1, a + ail milhr aoer r dUate nlllr l t iA yi i i, r, , in l r ir him ullour; , rr riil oileltl r u' drt d dollor.,, wlih ilt.r l rit tir e a:e iroe n perr ' a t pe il rt9 t1. I.aymertir l lf +aid noite Irsihlr hrr e n to' le,, il p.ers toll rrcr lreowarllld irr li l Trrr rirrdie. for ire sal .tanr A ic ..llT1 . OTIC-'-\Ir. Irar'lo i Hooter retired frr ad crrsed trr i" s aroner rr tfrh fSrelr of IJ Th'iy er rt.,' ,o thi e fi so lay o f Of ,tut el Ilnlt, by ilillaill r·o. -en l. J ''iloer & T'I Twitchell hivr continlued, llrd will still r'lrllillllr thr lllsill r uul ill Ulll er thie firm of I Thver &rr Co,' ard arri autotrierel tio clone il11 lie tii e re irrrtry4h11 Ut~v:s or th Irii Ir ll iew ()r leli', J ll r llIrfy 4il, ltlii .fWii'-i(+.i);i SE+ltaice, lrt ci" ir h-tire artircri'(rnb,; irl otri, rivaIlsr,rr orlrrrerrf ia'i rrrrrrreo 'ci Socs, tne,, Iny lullli, w o I)Davi·, alllltollr of \I enll. ll rs of Anrllf)ll lllll'rr rsin lly hiIrrrrrrr. The ar fo eSet; or, A oer treyrriJ the olountains: I Al a orr' rcuplply c loi wa i nd,llll atlll l lll,( novllels of ('ool. I rlor e rt lr r I rrrIi io r. Nirrrr~irnirs rrrrrU, rr'rrroiltrrrr~~~rrrrrres · i~ri iici voai tsllh. c r tlr real Ii Sl u rs I vi' i r v' y Ei .Irrirl nS. (i'clrc rc, jr7 co rtiesr set (hiarh.r tr(i mmon r rrt (: iIt ti..ii. .'I'I+:--.( .....l svr .. ? ,+.,+,:,ll,,,,., 1UIl,.,,+ Wif irre elrrt '+1r .~i rccirrrfctir.' i l S,7 "\Ai: Iit litI, " ' (), i :I ii 4 ln u ic + e 't LAW NOTI-C:E.. . . " 1 .% I1". . ).11 I t' l l nllll a \ll en eV I n t It i 'v , SIt ' ' t\ r, r Ill:I r rill Iri' I cnn ell r i Ir r ulini, + iiii l tirlctins in all '.t e,. in ,hwh he is Jrrey n I T .ilr if i r. i on l it; r ' l sr . ic T i riw l ll ll t , i s l l'rirrh r oil f '-ciru e. ~IIlll+'l il)-(ilhllli ,ll,.. ,lllll ill I·:l-I'·1 I,*lf+l'l iIJI It;+~llfi~lllo ull11 .liPII1 i' lI'.l, lin r~l.' ..'.ll'+'m. '~III t"""l .rl'l't... It,+ i iin.r tr i,,,l r f n ll ht' pi- ., a d r 1 siln. , tiial • rrr- ar , l hotri i .rr r ow r t ree-nrn, the h ,...t . d w lilb. ' mi onn,'iit' r. L-nJd 7'i11s, hin il .lo fa in w1hwth~a u J.ll .t ', /lol i d li+ re'tatin,'l , no a ll ,hrniIe? 1liiI n hllln \Soie l iii 'l'P' i .1 i I It i e I y I,? .l..;-IR I( l+J . rodI itll e.,l· o I 1. t ,.111- 1 ,,r. ( '(' t eil s 1'8t vlI ), l ill , It l. i IP: A r)r-cl P. i, lll xllftl fror 1::'7; G. 0rtc's N ioeerphire l t irtie n y, ''le \ onlker't nrary, I teul. lihyer'. Dictilionsry, Leiisters do I voI. Johiro-or & Woalker'sl * ltlrcortelry,e 1 vii; NlewcnioleJo. Ilrricer it'oisle llirrootr ' . -'!'''!" l"!! ri' lcdtrlllise olin stee'ril Iicl ltloc S Boye',a Dieti norv, vnols; Also a large alrliply ofEnglish Fovrnirs. &co for fatsdy -" o r m r n coKm rat, s·IrlclleU i.,r (.nllip ond (-l)nllnI)nI sl o IL, S -. - Mlls [oeeye 30 hIlls Fall ,'rained Oil 40 Itales Kersevs (100 Sacks a'l'rk Island Salt 300 Eompty Muabses this l lastore and feor sale by jal2 1. l GALE, 93tCommlon st TIlE Orphan's Lyre: a collec:tion of.dlees and catch. ec, ,utable for social music partie., (lubs, &t: seleetedlfron the mbo .t celabated eanposers, and ar. ranged with a Pian.u Forte accomlonitlenetl, a new edi. lion. . Alan a good rtoli.ceion of glees, by celebrated oem poser., tir sale isigly orry itle qllalltitly.v together rwith a varietyv of New iletic lor iloe Plaao Forte. for esale at reeuredpricea,by ALEX TOWAII, a4l 49 Camp at __ AV..NA Ctile RS-Rleeeived lreei his amapface. tIl orv ill Ilivanan, Oan asortmeot at3l,011I Cigars. , ofthe beat quality--'rabucos, Regalia. Cat.ones, for t sale-by . R FAII IS, jue 17 &t SSf C erom, Hmse it I I) CE--80 cakt Rice landitlg frot ship Almenla li front Ctorleotoe, for role tby jal4 J THAYCle & Co; 74 Poydras VAiUAIBLE STANDARD WOIRKS: Wilson's OrulithIlogv,9 voluItes, imperial Qutar to. olaored plates BW naperte'c doo 4 Ido do o do lugald Stuart's works, 7 voel, voo, Bridgewater 'Troatias, in 7 vole, l."" l1' Geology,2 volb, 'lytler'a Universal History, 4 vole, Sre Walter Scott'scomplete works, 7 vole, do do do Waverly Novels, 2? vol, do do do Poetical Worko, I vol, Eneyclopedia Aolericaae, 13 vole, (C,'oper'e Novel's, 26 vole, Irving's workr,12 vole, dlarryatt's works, in I & Svols, Byron, to and 6 vole, I.aabe's works, in 02 vole, D)ryden' works, in 9 vol·, Bulke'a do 3 do, Shakspanre, in a great variety of editlone, and Toetller with a great variety of Law, Medical, Theologiral and Mieoelhaneens wonrks, whlich the lb lic are rerspectfully invited to call and examine. jal4 A 'I'eV,.Lt, 49 Camp st IIIIllTINGS-Forty hulea exta toamily sheetings; fo fivlkenl bales extra heavv browt ahirtimes, ladling feer eale by IS.L,,0 1i I S 201'o,0, jan8 3 _1 " e, ,,,,,, ,, i F LANNEL-Landing. trelneoe oeselu Il,uttrle, for i aie by ISAAC Bit)llG le &. teo, 1a8 1:11 Magazines DU'rTER..50 kegs G ,sheonRtter. htnsd ndeo ftr sale hy L JOd s ond J I WHIITIEV. I Ctnlp e te FOtRGI' F-il.IO..A epleneled ssotllleerte of Fresch Wri Sillg Desks, voriou and pat e.rns, for .lte by DAVID FELTolI eo. r j New York Statsonears' 11I. .4 Chartres at ONE TIOUSAND DOLLARS REWARD. A C IECK on the Merchant's Bank, bearing thle ig nature of the undersigned, was purloined trom their C(ounting Inause, on tr atver the elih inst., and be leg filled ou wih the sum n7f$)TUI, was preoretell and poad ut thleth ilts, it 7 hills eoft.t boonk of I111t10 each. The fraud is believed to have beep committed by EBENEZER RAJMSA Y, formerly in tbeir employment. The abtove reward will be paid for thel apprension of said lramsys aod ilthe recovery of the money,ot in pro portion for oany part the.tleol. F. Ramsay isoa native of Scntlanl, about 95 year. old, about 5 et 9 inches high, fair hair and colmplex. ion, and tfselendser figlre. The notes paid out were of an issne of 110 noteols, de sod prior to the 9lh inst., and numbered I to 101, neealy the whole of that issue has been salled in, and the re mainder will teas soonos praetica'de. The New Is aie of the blercllnt's Ilank, of notes of that denlonina tlin will be oI Prlelrio.r date, andt numbered from 1101 All es rmns nareautioned torl sbe imlmttlpct ill re ceiving esch nIolea of tile oib eslisilnl, $200 ijll be paid for the nprlehlenion of E. Ram I, oay and placiag himei in cttole in NOr Orleans. A &J IINNI.'rouN &.CO, New Orlaue,t Ith Jai... I13I, 1~ 'lhe Mieile Adecrtiser; Thie atclhe Courier; Viekebaur Reie-ter. amol Rodlny Telegraph will please eonv tier oble, lanld id lld their accounts for paymaentl it tie N.i,. Belletin. a )LAY N' i ('A (ItS ofeverrs deenrisetee acnd qtatli. I v. f a rsale by biA VII) FELT.r. cO, jeb6 N 1" Sttialilers l1, '21 Clharrles at .. .. . --..__ .. . . . C IT' BANK, New Orldeas, ti Dec., 18328. N1OTER of the Municipaliy No. 2,of Naew O)rleaus, . 1• oi he tenm0llnalion ol' tIre, 'ITw, uanl' 'll re tlla llurk, antlll rt Ind sier1h, lirst Monllday io. Juounl ry next, will be redseented itt ryapnr-. de; l' ushlier ICOlI'.r3. J, 14lI~l. I-ti', i "o RENT.-A loin Julia street, rnear the itrew ln L tsit ....itable fo' a. oodota lualme r _d. yd Apply at 9llath a lklce_. "_ "j:o S()IIL and CANI);I.CS. 17 ncaeks bleachedl winter Sstrained sperm Oil; 16casnks ualleuclhed InI d llo, I 331 hoses Srew quality stoern, Itandleo. anonrted noins, received direct fIro New Itedlford. alJ no.. landing rolan loup ldforul, and lot sale by dal J COCKAYNE, 25 Gravier at MRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING. HOUSE, Removed from ?17 CGulolaouse SIt. TO NEXT DOOR TO ST. CIA IlES'TUEIBATERE, CooNao OP POnDvAS &, ST. CaIIIIIES TrEET. aur9--1838. T'O RENI'T. A LARGE and co.nmtodious Rotm ovecr Le vy's auctiou store, 53 Malgasziaa tIret. Aiplly to W GIREENE, Lithoprolahr, on thle teremines. N v-oThe ooS would ooluke a good drill rtlot, nov;. r + JEFI'Ei{ntN Aa0ADLgEM Y. 'EPARA'TIY Eto Jcfferst Cul eu e ald o oth er cotoducttod hv II. (drntt, L L It. Excltage Alley, hetotren noti tnd Ilieloville. Tili; I ituutiot was the most eligible tlhat could be Itlund beillg entirely free from tlre I nise of the stmreet and the relltlltg ofIdrayo nord ceartiautei. 'li le Jflirrson Acetoly is divided intlo two depart Illents. The Junior or lrolementary departecnt 'lr tile arieua banshem lofeuaoonno educetiona i French and in Ettglioh--'lth Sooiur dleportelntt for Ioatin, irerk, hIatlnurtnlies, ar. Puotuuolttr, nerdlnr oqo diolidiae are strictly ejnined .ald observed. T''erlms, Ju llou lDeplturontelIlr oniltth; 5111 nouiar doI 15 Spauioh t lst. flaoos, soor ,e, anpe, nachhrerd seperttely l-id, A atallthe onc Iaguot to beo pohd in till; 3rd. NP, 4etltttiatt foor ablo,:e it r Ib Itholidavoy 4111. l'aytltltaSo Ir.e itllstde ergalnrly eery lonth. Scbool itloaoatoo t I- to 3o'oluok, u lr, W, 'IThurs days. ortt'7 E+Xt IlANG C lIlt n 10N5 latotati. rlI e rolitr eietorw tao ehlied tios leading Ronto,i te . o hth n .mr a es xoehtonh e, CurLoer ul rnviolr snd St. (Charlem street,st Ill hetllat,.st loltllner. teiesa all lea noricil Ilirs of the Uaitd toters of every eiltr ud state. Ilotl Camtad:t,'l'reaa and Mtnei co allo Iraonu, rtila Rlon io rengolnrly oll extlenstivn Iv ouThtlid wirth te latest InIto tditnt pa ers, Iond'a Liuat, utttn Ptiose' Prieo (uelit-ta. Alsot witlt iewly all tle I.Lttourv Per.edinalo o'll Itetlo. d ltlr Ie rt pehllcalinsit;f her: I.endrr, Ivalsn!trg, \Vsnainstorex eltropolitnt Inoviowo and Ilaokwoodo Itagooine. Tihe North Aonurioan Itevie; toe Snullara I.itorn's Knick lnhcker,''lae Atlooinao Jnart:tl laf Sotitlleo oval ArtA, talnelit Mtite.lllay rtrto. Iera virn, (iellolrtnr's I oa gztie i llhlv, tt tt t nt',e n ir cee lltv., ilo laeio Chirorgicnal Icviewo, and a noriely r udlhers. All tlhese ttwtrks arenrlurlv attl,teribed tir ane fe malrt vred. 'Irhe ron io also olu lliod with a .lcha vlntairt tnlauos otnd atlonis, S\les liltoiiert I.ovn' I'ri.e Cto entf l arn ti t clllnlmetnv.etot, 1 ioaotl:(slnntd a vUnllety of works ofrefrevnot'. The llaIot a.tive t illlelliun nl news a oll: r paren ell t plotve, Ill aiv iletl aon rliet a ivs Inld Illt Intri la t x eroello illll etId to anllor tlis Iteodiag Ioolnl Ito tlltn rtsa;litas lirea reenvr e'. ,+r I I-- tl" Nfr,\V those wh',Aek\+n i ,'.,+IIQI.TNes IAll inthAtI) t IRel .G e I3.ST HI TyE WEEK DAIY. FIlt l Co rruo n nll . . tI ) lo. rilLS l Ito( ar v JIo04 nt. r A. ts [. trts t ar at . iGrc, . R IOll "O.NO O aIf Ate.r10o',unlenor hrnon in ulleard tby progi hi dol o'lcP arnynean in rmiy lncg s ilsf toe Tripe3 a' Till itJAr'ttin . hD IACtOURtln ST EIt T C Rln I.nrave Cunl tlest nt tora'lttttton. A. -t. eIlod r oot Ilolily. At etaooiartv ot 'la ck tlli o:a.r will (otlle llat rtllltlill u' e lery halt hloflr, nlld t:Ul~llll tllllhgu t(TICIIIo L/· y allllil d .'ri. o P Iel ftrool IttI, Ic .d ofiJonkouu street+ Peraonoo oioa by tle o.,.(Ilrlllullvn Inurt prvidn theraselves willh Ticket o ls ,i lllOl re n ll hu l:ll by RIotO C oolld| tl oay tOml-e Na~w OZle+lllal :1iii [ {rrulltull Raiil Rl..,d Colnl):lny. Po~dn· ~lvel.JOIIN IiAMl'bON. 1 XIII)' ' IIF I'laall:ilol fl t af II I taltath l { d olltll]Sdl i IAI'I·LL~ll)s.Xo 1 |~l, .'-t.('hltirh"+i sllrl·, nlllU11,1.111u P tl hlis rrittllll s llntl tIhe )lllli t witlh altlatniaLti otl, l ela' I ilil~lllt~ll~ll i14 Ill)L\ ih· tlIHl:l*I' I IIII o ).rtll~+.llll( hc11I1 halI)Ci -ULI llI III lltlV,, In:+ i.,.iii dilllUII lll l . |il-s, \\ hl.h w ill bf, l~llltloal aaoalaoa.1apott roo oIttlo nrrottntlooat Itothi llt llaull Ile talllllllat , ullcl l llV Iaauato ot lllule aot o llot 1 1::I11 ~111~it ;f iillr~llllLl rllUII t I il ·-l tlher.lU : ,G 01012' O f'. SMITII. 'ann(;h I. nlfilll Ih+. lnaol,'oan )olttltttli'o .f.tcw Or tillto IoIIII1aIt n a-iat I'n a ta 'lttn tta ,.,-lh l lla i t\oi· Iie i!,lr (+lll~ttl[ .['t'L' ()al¢#illll-.¢. rl(:. #111. (ll~ltO. j' i~.~ I(:he.r., 1 liP+++l e rl..r,? tutetll tu ll~ull\ l·.l'llt'-tlllll IIthtrl allhl i oll aola.,ir ll. oalhoovhl . l llt lt fr"iIII trrutlli 1. 114"{'+ ll ix'oill himI'"1.I I1YI· )iill EILjl:!'JO.. l rot f nllt l'tI lyaan.l. ,i" 'l .l~ ta tllttilto a, "1 t.+,Ia,' It at eltcl frtl a . t Ioo hoglll n hiltlan natno e Ittaa 'o-too I~h I • +-tl.|Mc, .c , ldlw l r . • -nx1I th hotll l ,'(· hll ·I ,.,d1Y~ ill th,, PeiI II.s. A, a ll,,.t'ls II have x.t ia(lr at. ollt t.'rlt t.'tt to i . I drii.P rllhn~l ln hi, - lat ill tInI t tat t altllo l i al booie lu rd llh SIifi,. will Imo w,,ll rrlpaid Ivh,s tlr Il~h-.hrLn of 1lIII.s +.Ut~lltedl l,. Ii Ii. +lr. tlllnh t line Ol'III·h' Itl c .id,:rU hh. eLteat ftr Proal e ler. J t 'a.-Ertoa. ll'v tItloara lt Syra. i.tat r. ect . " olaailend i ol Phildelhlllo to iatron lian nllnlh ta1r o en·Wlu-' rlito o tsltlul lll lly t..lll in ut lht r 'la ills ea o ll;n t dol t ! ill t tt14(ertt - llrlloltalr, nntl oll tl0,,es % o an, I rii, tkil illl wh~iuh hll t'andll·t llt. o l/lrillillltg llrO .qllllloll oilly try hl.· V lholla 0ilelttllao ill ,ivlo aa lto ii.a lllilto. a ina sialin laltohnt r l bn'tioInn Iyo ntillno tneotlotlcnt'aaa +i oo Rluoi'orlllu(;b i lit .. w )rlolil; *E Jorub Etilcott E'f.Nt IIIo$. Alh, lh I:lnlkO L re.,I njlonod itnl, titudta& Co, tle Orltlitalf ltaitnttftanattttok tot-tIt in. ovo lt b a' to. _aothhelyooon !" _ttLanoo-o... lo...t..........oitl NEW (,RI.EAN,. & CAIL,¢tJLI.'I'O,.Y tllA~l. II.OAll Ctl.--N()TICL--O-- n ald .fter tle h hec., 1t3n, undtil Irnsetoer tonot iCotora Exlra nmht Ctr w ill tltraoooeoaa-ir h one, I'nvdorala street, al hilot tla.stl I| o'clotk,al. o. L~r Lanre O ar i.ilermediaw, places. igloor Taikeln 37 1-. ceut+, ur .t Not eer hurdread. JOItN HAWens.Ro,1 nov.--tf CAL. Esg. n. (&,. C. R. LI O ItSi 'Tolil'i P.ASTE--An elegant and hglily approved dentifrice; tile bet prep'aration ever put p fir the teeth, just 'eceired it the nazitor. IJUtll & ALLEN, d29 car St Charles C&. Co. on t Is Exchnlgl UtSiCAL INSTlUit-.rNTS- FOIL ; IILITIAKYT Vi IIANDLS- ust received and fir sale by the suh. scriber Oll Iloderltte rte, Clarilnets in C( lnd II fl.t do in Fond E flat t Piccolo and Oictave Flltes; Oipl clbides; Triangles, Field odl Itlass Drunlmi; Cavalry Trumpets. plain; Hlarnlltnv d wilth crookh; l rolll bones, tetllr i l'recll iorunts; rescelle ; Cymbals, E. JO)tN2S & co, nov .3l corner St Charles and Common Its ,j ANIFULI) WR\ITERS---Wilso' Improved Y tnnllold Writ.ia it, every ett It, just receiv d at the BA?,%A It, Cnrier oeft hLCarlet tid Co,-litnoll ic. lU2SHt & ALLAN, nov '0 Exclantte Howtl. i TOVICS! Stoves '! S I.UCKR E&CoC. No.8 brenlt I Levee, are receiving ecr ship Jlhl Htilll, an addi lionel supply t lSlvccsi iteih usellrllnltll consists ltlo lf pllters P anIet Cool StvecI, tI ill; l'hilllel Ihi t Rtdintor Coal Stlve; Conical Cooking Stove; euasun's ship ani slett hbolt Coulk', St.lte; also steve pipe ptt up to order. 1d2 I TEXAS LANII SCRIP PuIt SAl.E--Tihe sillscri .L hers offr for sale twenty Plonts of six hnlttlled and Lirtyt res of llad, each. Bly tile ict tel ti. Legis lalture thit scrill cell be held andliocuted hy fareigLerst and is translerable by assignaeltlSt. oei.)9 Tllt)S II LEE; & CO. l -K--,lKsa - r'lMillle, at Ithe p ctie. tr sale by l j0l4 G IIIISt2iE, New t.evre EW BOtKd-Th-' Prttae Journal rf Aarol Burre during his residellre eo'tur years ill It ropet, with atlectillns frtm his culrr-eldltlltrie. Idieled by Meatthew I, Lteni, uliehr l tttuin ~11 '1.rotl Burr &c., itn 2 yele, T.e F, Ihea, or, t ePtour leylld the tt Ilcltn:es, eombracinll ,.will,-,, ,.lVet l,,r: IH Got:, Io."-,, I,.elrlle j ::clull I te i' t ri nc;, St :., '2 l.l!,, illo t lecelve d "hy ju7 Wil A'r;I:AN, cur CUtiii et Cotllon ti E.A R11111 EN W A l. CIOUNTRY MIERCANTS aee itvited to call and / examne the ascrtlmlet ol E.rtlhen \VWaoe, Glass,i China, &e.;just received and ftr sale by It IIROtWIR & CO, lll-2w 17(steop & l t Ctt,ttmott Ret -'IIIALUALE t1l K"--For Presents, &c.-Dratwtlg R lttoom Scrap Book, in 2 parts, containing 72 au, perb etr]l engravingc. Gagne D'Areite, 73 fine engravings, printed in Frenrh and tEnglish. Italy, France and Sitezerland, in 2 parts, witth . splettid steel etgravelgs. Syria, the Inoly Latnd, Asia Minor, &c., illustrated witl 37 largeengravitgs. The a a are of roe al quarto size, and are bound in emboesad leather, and hadasomely gilt, with gilt edges &c. Sc. LondonChristian Keepsake for 1837 and 1838, rnya ocItna, emboCsed cover, gilt edg, Ac. Se. The :ltlttor are tt cllsicllaentr , antl will be sold very cheap. at the New York , tliliitt 'tttt Hall tnt0 D)AVII FELT & Co. 24 Claltret st ILLiARD BALLS ANIt CIIECKS-.- arg as-t u aottetl ot Bitliard lis liof sltperiort qulity et the Bazaar, cornpr lt. Charlen and ConItIotn-rt. UlllSL &. AllIAN. nov 30 Exchant e lIltel. G UNNY IBAGS--0 holes 2 bushel ltasc in Lstt aldl or ale by G DORSEY',I4 New Levee. IIANII.L.. CtiOIRD i(tE--ut clls tlrletl atrtt SL lalding from shilp St Mary, anld f." aile iby j3 P LAIDl.A', 6l t'ntptet 1 IllsKEY- -tI n hatl rllLh ectiiihd, tr ule ic v jill G. tIEERYF., dI New Ltevee OTIl'E.-Ftr side a UI)FFE4 IItUcE, wit .1t lits fixtunre, itn Cn mp treer, in the elntralt par, t alTirs, antld doig owIlo t a litti stmrt htilis, illr far her parlitulnre apply at Ithel,ffic of tIit pplller. It SUNNY IAGS-35 bales in store, ior sale by G DORSEY, t Jalb 44 New Levee SHIPPING. For Europe. FOR ILIVERPOOL Fn AL thiep can take ifi0 lales cottln, and will positively sail os Saturiday next, 19t1h inu. Jul , L H (;.\IALIE,91 Comtnmn st iOR IIAVRE The A I land fst sailing ship JOHIN SiOILANI), C'at. Jourdan will reccivo go gageard andi goih{ o board. For frlnghi of "01t bales cotton, or i,l.age absply t o C;I;OIOGK IIJ.Itir-T,, 'P R Rval st jal2 . r to ki H tA\ L,9E 91 Coulin ast (OR v RI'El I't~ l I, S The fine ship1 i)NMAt IlRk. .Lovettt, ma ter, will have inanedite despatchl. For freight lf2hl1 bhae es ottio nr pistage, apply to jaR L II (iAI.i9, R9 (:smnmn st FOR LIVEIrPOOLi SThe ' nfit l isan (it sailing ship SI'. tA1ES, Capt. IO Ithwe, m'litr, will hase it .nediir d'ssii.' tcit. F" r hahtttne if freleht'or r sage apply is jql S N4J I'' W | I'.y' ",T3 t;'pi tp st FOR LIVERI'POit , The frtes now Al iaorque DYRON, (:apt Slnrsmn, will hlve illnedliate decpaile. 'o r freight of'2h0 iales cotlon, or pqassge havi g ess scposntpsodlti( apply 9O d o ' L, 1(GA|E, 93Common at Goastwise. FOR IBOSTON, The new and frst sailing ship PIIARSA meditO dt.psath. FPar freight if 2i0 baleso cat Iss or I)rsage, stplendid seeiatlnotdatine, alply on boaNrd, olpposit the Oeriisll Cottan Presns, or to Sand J I. \VIITNEY, FOR NEW YORK. The new echr WII.I.IAM IIART, Csp,. Co tllo, will tas despatlch. For freight of S hh Ilds. on dRec, aplyr to jul 8 & J p WHI'rNEYv 73 Camp at FOR N>~w YORK. New a York 3' Mct Orletnt (ine. A LINE If ptckets la been eartabli,hcd to run ki tweit Netw (i leras arid New York, to cnstist ofl' five first rate llisi, si: Ship St. Marv, R \V Fosterr nmaster, " litepulliean, J (i Rus-ell a Aulstirn, II IP urfey, hie" Ibuilding, 'The hlips weelt hUilt in Nesw York exprssly fr ltiha trade; ar of a light tlrs.lght of anleIIersld will utl be aubject ttodetention iat the liar Their at.colnodti lllls tir iassengers eso- prise all that may be teguired flr olll'urt anlld IonveLllentti and tlheir colmlnsnadsalm are men of ep riencte. Lntil the ships now btildinti noe ao:u'tpeled, two first clais ships will aupltiy Icir The greate t pittcta.slicy w ill be ilbservv'd in tIhe time olf sailiag, and every reasonabltt aecoitiollllttion ext' nled to p ssretlgrs. flor lurthe'r lcarlilatlu rs applY In Ml-rsra. Jollsson ald Snowaden, no. ll \t'sll sntret, Now Tyrk, or to j I'Il:'tR IA I l)l,.W, ii Cmp t -r A'aill hrig, salable of esarryimng 20 lhbds. sUtr, adIsd loud fur n laortlern i t. Apply to L, I (GAL.E, Jillt 9. o"nin on Isat FOtR SA\L. FREIGHIT OR CHARTl'ER, • I.''her, I,:HELINK,--i e-eelle t 5 ,5. tel to ee ertiit, i"lot 1110 tit, ilsbtltlen, ' .or w~l t crry I5U hinds. All uos hmird,sp. pict' l I s!t.,ve."" jalA6--lIt oir the Interior U. S. M.141L F1ll B\YO)U SARA AN)l PI.AQU\E\IINE. rp' e. 'le udi r stena hont Lp -- BI ala .1.! Bl AN'TI, r, astir, tall I r ri8, n rclotus nroomd ) -,In.d oweIv t -n t' - k it'i ti n ict . sit t ir din , ilts l!it, its( It lt ttelepel, 0, i., ,s ll s n q n lit Ith S sat a it PIql ho f tl llllille, slid will , utilto I i,ti rn re.lltar Its itiallC e ol the eati,,si an ItteL Islll pl tLIttlI lit the hiti r adsl \ei lsrdtie . A Rearnntt cuhi,, all in .olths mOlnn., fmt .:t red iee. fie. Fl'r Hi 'ight oliir tusagstt aiply ,mi taId, ir lit dll 1),\\IS & WIIITI'AI.I,. 1 l l. It))iltt l lit - ll leave the Ilke end of thle a aili 7Iuse.Is na I'ritfsyt. Fi.r Ipas.ngs u,,ply us boa to CAPT. S\SILER. Ii ,l--\i hhaa.t r n stius:it ntt IInlttI (i ta (f)o 5'aller of.,+r thle' (1ii)l';I wI.ill tunch rut vit Lr ill the ilSten altltIte • .SWI :r. nov7.ýttl root I itr -iiy I o.\ .7ti-~ I r If the1I liý o u 1 \'111 ritlep 4. 4 (.Io·. \o. 711 )iln~luz lml Al' r"1, Ilt' f Irroci'y ll nl l rr r f'. llc r ut llissor.11 boit ii, 81 II.rtyý '- 0stet ( Vr-rf Ij tAr\'l:AF. tO1'1'1: r I t I TI'SII C ...1.;\I AN IIuII respectfully c ll thbe ar ! t(?lltiu ll III 1 ill~c inl rtrr g" tS totrrir .pl Ct u.,+orltovot 111l lio lltlclllr l'', liutut h biT( , do (·nmhriv(· t'11, 11 Ar.,1 runt,. fit, "1, alfJe litrr nl Irilrlof IIrrr:r I f t: lk, rg i rrt O Ift 00rolo u drII hirr s amd raw r.. e P oIhITu( and s ilk lwudktllrchier.P· binrlncL flat' Conecy tea .nt ingreatva s et; +o Atve~rv trrsrrittrrrrgao r hll'ti u uudI rodeo w, 51l111·t11r:r: ilk, cocoa uud Ihrellnrlld lollves: C'l'llln lllill Move..: utubrcllue 2.4 canes foldJ rl~l SAlso')-Spllr lndid n+rll,·rlllel f lodes~ and gents wti tI..r\IiA rE 17'Ihrnnm rrrO r.I o tf th d orrrr njil oi ire dov r J. I)''. --- --- --- ---- =1'i 1 1.1%.'1,. - ------- -- -- f Iioa OIl IN): two st itry duelling house, o.(,'l'ri Son rrtrnrotrlflo rIf tIli Oreld roe diir g hack s t lron thd street, Ifi e.n four roans, well fir isated, a (Wvuslory kitCIChII with our roollsllerStern, well slideverv. c tlrrienrt e to mSake it ritriodine toe n' Pi. deuce fcu rn mall I w6lnily desirous of living retired. 4,d" ) O'l l two J.le drii 1"rr - l°p i11AllE AIS11111\R' tonE s tribIt , I04 th i Coluur of inf0, rmi ng td he 100 dies, feoto tioe recived per sripg I.fnrurooo and Murel,. tn ppy tOfll hl Rud winter o lill'nerv, ti dhe lateat and richent mtneriaols in PIlin-,, vhrh hrir. Scadyl, e l eels to J ,res opened hit reedy tiltr exalll i~iutiuti on )luudang told Tuesda~y nest. I) 1' bCC\NI.AN, tetiv3 FALIDLt-0IN0 lllaid, of s,1prior 4l ulityoo forlnarte by ,oIJr TETSO r,& In d31 8 In;ravt yta CAiNd VArSSr. Hn noppl If a foi ryo -infr Silner sale by juG S'1'BFI'Jc) AVERY(, 83 crlvier tinL- 3t9 otoik teetoter ntrniuai pnrm oil, .harnrante O I'ne, Judirg tronmtotp CdroliniRo d fur ne. byv jut 1 R I, 134 iagnziAne st FIAINI E 0.1-7r5 blroebnrwn t Tanner's oil, fn r Pule by LEVI H GAthI, di titttnn'oto'I TuLN n ion'e, 9 b1110310-16er's Oil for tle biynot J bRVISI & AiND rEW., d18 , drg io tmtn & 'i'rl hllpitoorllnn ai r 'LARD- kegrd 11 brlfirst ro tie le 9: Cornoticle etfur s T .t by O. H. BLISit 1140 I'.lylrms ((OLA\d e.S-1lI,01111 toIunr+ ' I, uulunlalnl, 18/ I miles below thIe city. for sale byl d19 ADAMS & Will 'A I.I., 67 Gruvicr ItIIrt:CGR-4 \ 'iep ias o rji -ti4'P -t-urd P bpolnr flavors, a id for'nItIj be die rIo I o &l.\L 'ieitpirtr.t ju; 96 Lltel(zine st AICt-1 Logo Ineol ir itte t , jai AIII(.\Ht AM rll!l::l1.4l Cr'aRiirre ;,w'Ttonbotonh kets(ltrciyer Rnrdr, hosyqulity otlaulling tpuur lip tEolr f iltr al by jjs S & 3 P \Vf;I'NNt tioCneinetl r8nt )ear's Gij s. The Lot 1C 8- I IrI-Al. ebranAnnual, h fr 1819. t ILoglish Edit s rrf various valuatrbic Works, with splendid l Plll·:uilravie Tihe Irrenlt tfo'ott. itborery Edition, with other tttd. tnt Inlkt, iA l' y moltrooo binding, otr gilt edge ,I Prayer Iltook, Bib',' . ,5"e. diirorent siee, nntd int n1uri mistRridt.iridings A gt'1 nrr t let ofJuvettiic nB.rbn, 4. frr etl altto h lloorrh ore, 49 Camt p steetr. I1,1 Ai.LX. i'O\VAi. g 1i4 ttntooAnirvr nf Sircily Mtodeiro innpipes Y 25 ta4fpipent I irlnnert troniio,a d 0 ltl ontoen, Sent:leci to detutrtre, tlmnAad by lngrnmo.Colli & Zinra retialne by janit ISAAC ittIDGE i& CO S AiRE RtIPE -811 rnrtn Kntrrtye 'tli ntro, in aLnore and for nale by 1 TiiAYiI & 't,, jol4 _ 74 novrdroat Rioi Se-sr00 bunont NRl losinino, Lorgio'n brtood, in torreatid Air alieby janl4 J'I'IAVER &CO,74i'0iruo st A .CtOt 1111.-1i halrnii lRoton Inbratory ipon Alcohirol, now lotoliog frnrtr shripI Ctirrtrrttw unit for Pala by JAtIVIS & ANiiRkFtl, jat ear tCwornort &_Tropirottiata P * OWF'LI. i' In NS-F'iti lioe btens 7.9 Low L ell totton,llndinrr fir to'., ir et A.(C A Iltl(r'iE & in. .:t4 Mnrtninen P u P~l, rtIMtch lineI'd oi rrceiverrdr tiersip I :ngln reoot iiott,nttn, 50 Itnrrclr Englishii linoeidl oil rcgriirIi pPr nirip Elirobellrtir ofr 1.0,rn 111r 4 1010 tbtrn I. bronortoirer's ail, w I `21 ri bi b /ulk. 111 barrels . imeoish ilino 1109 k.'go ltitlrtrt' it~tir in hIt, lea.t, 60 lilt logs gnn pla' 511 keg: red Dud blackLl~c dn, ro ('hrom,,eniat yettor.w As. Nto. 11 'Iut botriro , i nd on r barnobeiry I I gvit & O.t\lti'0l" r- j 015 _ mnrr lent rnu & t'r , J l UI rtrrtrrtll rrr '0. tim 1r0 g .t-orting Ino% tee, f Ic+dr ho I_ ,r 1it)114: M. \tlIIti\11. liLA Geti,rat BUSINESS CARDS. FAZD WILKII2SON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENcPAL Ur LOUISIANA. () I FII( is. Ionn,~ on In b-publ.ic ;, I deprtnI - l rusts o1 Surve, iog satI Coivl 1Ri niR, i.. bathl iu flown nod ro toolary. I'l1110o1 I llbidler~lblr Ix)I·Iril·Ir in j s prol'estion. and 1,y pr aooptorlei o wllll lide~litl iu ,Iret txecution oI,Isine-o, entrutd tn o (ic, ai holn e1s eont and 'e,'iv nn sinnlnofpublic pnolroune. Il,;wil' ulna, oonooen, and caln Iate Ihn c,, lfnts of wallai nod ewioviouns. Oine No 8 Lhwthnreinetreeo, noennl story tank. jeq BANK NOT'FE ]NGRAV1NG, 111AWDQN WRIGHT, H4TCII & PDSON Li AVI. uj nola all ofice in Noow cOrleans, nerning I equal adcvantago-n ith tlhir Itotuoe iu No Yolrk, flr lie puton u of engring att pliutt ngPnk Niatc!, Bonds, 1o I18tiP EIonnoe, Cloo,onoleso' ii .piooito, Clantks wjid other iooottlportiotlot poaer, reqa rolng oooitt agnpoel Ioorgetoeoi and haveo odn~e xtnoplo ptoinieun hoe lti.nlio.Ie. keliioigi all Foltt.. ton1a io lteotoooti enlru-i ed tlthir owae; their rpeoi otto ci . thoe noote iof ntar fte hftttthttto o llttlttkiu it 0 loinon and tall ordors will Loeeued illthoonoopliopituld, ncn, Ot tlhe nuall lcns., UhIpe, curneia, oi Ryal & Cruel strel.t SAMUEL TORY, 'Jiejrlonnrl ,e IRoner 4' Ootnnnoijwon Jiierolonnl, d13 OffIcn, 31i, ('oop tl-,I-o loi pre _____ 0. [I, HLIsS, SIIIPiRlKER & COVMMIdSJIOC M1RCU-OANT, Na. 83, Io)dta, Strnnl, NEWn nRI.EIAII. J. 11. FREh.MIAN & OU., I Ikolnle CVoihig y sFeblikhM.eMI No. 3, Mloaaozlne slreet, H AVE ntonstaotly oa anll a largen nlupply of Cloth i n , c*lcula,,nllntelodl te hnorlooo rde. lTheir to. Ilortlrlenf 1Pj114 large , me01 111 from the EOouutn canl boenupplied at thme slmetant notice. DASr 1i0NABLE CLOTHING TAITLOR & U-SADDEN, f4., 14 Churarea straai HAVE a onononolntlt( su pl roery article ftnntioopug to (Oolelelto'oa dresa, of ion Inatent stle, at New York priersr de' 20 SURGEON DENTIST nay l No.33, IRoyInl eoet. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING EsRoTAlloll 74 RN'r, No. 53, Magazione Street, Opponilr Blano' Anrcnda. H'ILLI.1.'11 GilENIXE:, PRJOPRIC TOR J H. PARKER Comtin.,ion guoti Fornwaldilng Merchant, No 6, FROINI' LEVEE, IT STAIRIPS. New -biasoo Feb. "?'. J'JARVIS & ANDRE WS, WIIOI.Eo-OAI.E ANDI ItET'AII. UDIAI.LICS IN MEDIIf'ITES, P'AINTS OILS DYE SJ'LIh'dS .1:\Y) WVI JOIV' G&,.RSS, Caorpier to ilnolln,intoonnl end lonoopitulus ntren NEW lZLEAENS. NA'rFIAN JARVIS, JOHN ii'V. ANI)IKEI\VS. A lngne tlploly n o ootolo Seedls. onrruateoi tlhe grawtnoh of 1337. IIFuE.8.IS IN AMEIRIC.AN C, ENI1LISII CROWN GLASS, N.,. 3iltnoiotglc.n: Snroov. o. JN~rUrta.Y: 'J~cOYIPAN~Y Ut ttn':' O N L% OoRLEANS . This Cninpnnv nor nw prt" re totno ta ke hUSKS AGAINST FIRE. No. 21 l ussono Ilnldllluo, Ciinon st.PI. New, Otleouon0lun 10).183!. tent toy. It:ilIt I CI.nN NON, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 12i Coopi oloooi. Wolesalenn Inoler iooe ion l, Oil, V (lii ee,, 'n ruooihe, T. W. COLLINS O.TT(J12.VYF &, ooJI.OiinLLUR .-1 7' L1if /1H lsr osnlribrr, havinrri Urrirvrd a r urind iriol as L )e.Iuty. .urveor of' Uniled t lato· La d, It r this Stalt, otllir his services r t tlhe public ti turv :~ ual localr no" l s it ful y paull.rl el louiilun:t. .A Iereir itbre IaI opI rliCn.,ii ulSer of Surve itig or ,"tnhulln'Clh eit, c ul, " , r +,u·l. ., of . nbalth r iin teItla ,r' I lcull nlr % ll I. po il rellli li nd I tihrhlirlly oltrlld d 11, Uh irge- reo:.iable andl I,' rms carh. Olie 5l 11. gnzhe , illllre Ir.' At, Irh. "dclli-row-at a FREDf). %VII.KINSON.O 1 .HIL. l f).Pi-ll-A l rkwret IM,,al, powdrers inhi!, Reefl pickled "'tmnguas, .rrants, ('itrun L.anlig frit lhip IH . rsey, direct from Plhild. :Ilue, ý l e m ~ll' 'Imr flunkhllb t l tU eel. ' l1I) Irter barrels Ruckwheal leeal, .' hrall'barels N. Slr .N ad, r, ulff barrels ilt rily hel, Ill hlrlllfb riels erkliJd Tolguer ,[ 2 Iorels so tkr d r uie gues, I llhd lirnarn nro C(:rrallr, I glusa oliverr's eulls Plwdr r,fr lte by di18 It V 7PIt'ITC 1 RlI) &I..1) 'lo:il 'll' I j3 P AIIlILAOV tefroreji+ nst Cal'++ l.iv,,rlrol ah.1t, roeeived ar shliips (l,,een Adelaider al llIe.oofl rrf lrlrll Liver o,,, tIlid for nrale bye Il ollilie frelll ship St. Mir. 32. hI.,xs rpeolli Cldhlr. N.ew Bldllrd hIods- hlandinog Irii Wnllir Mllrio. feir sia, iy IPElRM CANI)IDES--31I0 Iloxesr New Itedldl 17 aIrlal Candlles, aa;sorle/C iOe,'d i Of'/llpll'liPd briids, r0 S.xresi illOl c olll et e .Jirco'r brulndrl Ill0 loIIxPs lresl .otll 70 liI rl ;ifiled . hnle (Oil ChaAlpoi-an Winr uil'soirrirr qrrolitv IOlperinl, gunrpowderl, r ung & sunchnrrirror Copper, in sheets, from 12 to l00 !ie IItlak l.,ed I or, assorled slrer, fir glai. bi jrrlll J.lOSE;l CI)CKAYNE, : ravierrt R1'1SI. MIALAOGA K.AIINS--IUII rhlll, di i hlf boxes, t.r Eeirt lry ABli\ IIlAM TI 111IdR, janl4 14 II rlerrsl [ ir.tIMEF.'I' C IIAl N It1'-Il bblar iraend --lrdst nlld IJ Io rth Iloor ll Ianding, frir sipll) i Inio ., fIr . le by 1. 1V I' rNCtE LEliE E'1,t., jjnn3 28 nud S N,w evee. 'IIe ot Sl heroeieirs oIlr lt w olulirale the fllrowillg gollra. HA'TS--1Oll leasst nuleslin silks, as sorted size- aird lrrirns. 1I0 do bs es! Nat di do i uill do do No dI u do 1010 csers best No 3, assurrtd ilne anlid brirrrs. 20 du laveer, a supvrior article; 50 ino Finve Nutria; f0i d.r Extra do 200 Jo llloek lnd Whi; Russia; 50 do Extra Black Russia; 100 do llluskrat & Coney Jur lroad and narrow brims, frr l.evreansd country ntlde; n du, All rlnks oitnlihrrtr& nvr.l C.Ihapellulis do Childrens silk ald rlltoe-1 a linRtllI sJzes. CtpisFur, Otter, fur Nenal, .JYltrr,.l uskral, rand rir Sieal, in U'ri dozen cos.e. Sealutte. Cloth Capsi-Pieknick, IPolish Avril's hal, IF'ortge, Mlilitary undrerss, di Leitleer fotagging. hildren'sFancy'lurbane, Plaid and Vlvtrr CIaps, putterns. Stloks--Satin, ilk anrd Itleobazoiue, ul tflt neaest rstvylrs. Itlmbplla-s-ilk and cortnl. Militarv fllrnrrr,, oiled silk, Silk Htndkerli oei--Poki1gae and SpiraleIlt<, Udllollses flir hatters, woordenses,doublr fur dry goeids. '1'he above giooJs lopllllrriooe I large stre.k, antd all af Ielaealpet pillels, alind will be sold I l i smainll ad varnc r with rtll sldLharead on New York prices. The strhscrihe rr jill take orders for sroutrirl, werr rn li 'Irex. tiRrkelO, ((r thIe ioArrst rfA Ii & Co., liLr )alllitrrlrre , Nt w o'trk, rrI rl Iha1 lt ortrest iosilde ntolre, (ilrlrrorIr illr Froench PloushrR lurghlt, I;OSSI51 '& CO., Nartl. Mililary, and FoahioltbJle an Iel, rxchrllil Ilultel, nprl4 et Citerll at Ntri'l ,.. Mir. fEOliGE MI.IRILICK Irrving resignedl the of fice qfohlief Engineer of the Ntew O()rleans and Carroll ton Rail Road, Mr. .Ja1)1 Itrtnpsaq hna Ilboe ppoint el inhis place, to whrtllt alU plersons lravi,,g bIusiness wilt, or wishiqg irlhlrlnation ireaerding saidl Rlil Rooand will apply at the Ratl RIlld Office, Poydral slreer, iBy order of the lr ared. (Silrrrd) JOI1N NICIIOISON, Itlv .f.l Cashler . . ..- COKE. rlHiH prIc ofCoke flrto atn after tlra ist tday of . Oetolmr, will re fifty 'eltt per barel it tirs oVurk's yard, rel if tlakre ir Irltrtitir eI tteI h4tll t dre harrel., ill e Iell ed iFre itrl lrnveo. Tlhe lvrphlnr tlltrr , article ilofi tl possessesrrit. e riter lrtllhnre .lrldl Iet. Iilleri-o tirrio rli lignoig inm readily tl lrt the f',rlrl r tarlt Iret. i lorrrr lir arurllmrelrt llrmake of tl'e lalltr, lshoul! iduCe o metry fi wilyl to nrakei trrlwa sper. ired at Ithe (aos O(lie ill Ilank Alley. 1 epr9 I LSlety t INI-S-:1l-i-u. iln.op--Iroeli liriiaerrr rarlinrg fret S j;,7 8X m;rs.ier ,ir 1.E. r1-8111 brlrrlchoice brrndte,in store and t tr sole hv b I ,ORSKEY, jl 4.1 New |ever , / i Eit - i d h5a1 bbla. \1s. S1,2, & 3 Mcler'l, in =tore and for sale hv S jxll J TIIA.I'ER & Co.74 Poydras st - BUSINESS CARDS,. JOB PRINTING. Pl'f.ELDII.Y, IA.D.ft11I I,Y ANDII : i:AI'IY lX'T.'IT Tl 'I AT THE OFFICE OF TlHE True Jl/merican, d''. CIIAtLES STREET, NEAR. PIOYDRAS. McCOLLUJ1 & DOSSY, Factors & General Commission i1errhants, ( MOQBIIE. Refi'rene.s in New Orlea Kirkmt,n Abernlalty & Inaan, ) Pope. PI'ers ,& C'o. IJAZAAliR. sUms &, ALLENN, NO. 1, EXCIIANiG; IIJTIEL, 'orner of Sl. Charles and (namon sTi.. NEW uIfEA NI . 1 SIMPORTERS and Denlers in IFr'nch anld 1gellib I oerfnnarv; DIoirfUesn-e' lllnd I'amn"lo' I'ltk.k Curlerv, Hi...,ie GlNoves, Diirt', boS tck., Unbnlo'ln :, CaIIIi;,lnd IIJv ArticlesIII. 5 FASHIONABLE CL'OTI{ING.o ROIIaSO.. .rt G OO(DU L.tW, 1No. t6, Ch arr arret,e S e, w ,' f . eDor belw 1i,. nv i'le, _IA;AVE ennstally hand everyv nriilne appeerlati h-I ing t, gntiemen's diess, nade dt th," 'loedt tr i rer nid llt ra f I ihii.ualbla style, fifeh Tbey afOtr nlr cllslh atr reduced prices. " d.e4--tilI, P J l,tI'tlelIANA FVRNITURFB WARU OOMPS S No e. 53, dienvill sfrr.e oi _~VIIIAS4M R. CAIiN.P, wo.uld rspeertlully in S frlarm his I'rie l. antld ti public tlhat he is Fon stantly receiville fromn New YTrK aud Bstoi a goud .nssoranent orf Furniture, snuch ao innhtaognat chiea. .POfn, Il.d-tendr, maple allt .nanted ohairs, ialiple and -: herrv bedstenad, m eai anl y 1rne heerr tables t aoll In i ki dlesriptrln.., ,rotui, '".ilotia, ia.1teurys, ',iti g I rike, werms ", ian iv f r nblll onll curl ts hag d , frwash Seud , I ooking glace llesell.,ra. ht.ine, Ur n, c . Ni lt. Ftlgltare ipackod lire irnslluluitiuu witl, grea'a !i:l r e,. Il -t r13 - - JOHIN STTS WAfIT', . o. 5, e lail ,SIn elof. sA' 1 .er!;, COlMMIllSSl)N ,IECIASI ANT, SMLPOR1TEIL toi dealer in Iter.n Phrlshe uansll erolPoteraicnlS Ide nod y iiLalitnl paid to gtaud, e.'a id I lbe:erteluc's:- MALcE.-.l,arue Preentinls, N Ot). e nov,2 1".?3R.C ly A IIRIST'IE & SINNgTT,T Si n ;drcswle Grocers and Comicssornlr .)hier r l,, n N0,. 37 C.lttlitinl Street. NMerw Orl, , . S .rPlrticla n r No ten tit n paIid to thll up it t aeelllll 'Lalt a nl d . n1di1p La o. ei'n. OR .LEANS LITHOGRAPHICE OPrICE N. G3 staui ilea ir,, hiupinrte th anks' A eto - (1,1 STAB I. SHIIE fr thne exetioln ltr ll mlopl,hint and drawilgs, ae1111hu lllh Irclrs, bLusain nlld ] Sulldl aress aner, d e criptiol, rile, nl rcirui sr- i11 bainIk chekis, druairei)tsl, er l . and ,etdi i ill NB. Bank Not,.f i, nitly exel1edll. I11i fi .l pi oria s,d A Ini avillr i sh, la"lll M aitteand rrear I Sedte, ; It Aoire IrIe a rt i' l,. Astc ' , aa -id iu n. r - nrt t of Malple, \Valnut, aud Pnillttl Cirun., w'hieh I 1 b sold for the lowest cl lioes. CI ,, R It tAINE"S A Ca rate.i"1 ORI.E:1INS LI7'IIOGR.PHIIC ITT.STllIoI-)S ME ', 53 ,IIAGAZIAE c '1REET'' i 01',P,+1I'rl B31NKt', .KtA I:. ` I- G RE l N b: vn r s Iiy .in . i're tha nk, h , hilo ti 'rie ,tIs nl th+ p h nl, ii oi New ()rlil, . lIlr 'lh ,oatronae hlsl w d u Ionll thl e l t l lu ri '. i'lf oad he's. Ieat+ye tol Ila-elrle• 1 1 th lllt t nil elder cnmlllinttcd Ito lsi I Puru shrll 11he In e llrlli l3 UltI'Il,/i0 In; lle will r a a, I li ei, klle la:e , ) li l erle. ll o llril tile u l er, e llll i shall lf.''in i ti-a;eefn strike; . 1ii-"i ie l i'l ir' l u h ' ha li dh, i arIs t'ig eal il Ill bar lrh , a d dra u e, 1 i ei r of na'it , ruela, t riiet s llnortes t lllie, 1and un the 1111 e a.Itetd mble I leirll. I elWig insi lated , i lr l ri.rt. il' lthe t th llh it I 'ilt i ll ,la I.i . I ulle , 1ron111 IH _ n 1 le rtlll i te Slitha. thik l h, e leen cf a e l eht r t f giving lfii. N 1.n uet'we GieA y n LINiiie Lab. d exe i d a euod styhl Iti ts cunprilv te elnravhM g. tuld Lit tlle sr l y eWr Vn i o dln l A n a ill;l es. I; sb. iiuin e'; d o r i V r'RdI 'naie 0r..I ,.iiioo rIeIfi ; t( 'lSolomon "Iub ", ' cm ; rl'uak, w t o 1· (Lli I' CLA.N' iN, o I; all " Ihe nb in'e vaey 6l" iEgb, FrIAii ad .A 'Ieric' l l allnnn Ilin. tfl Ir n i. Ivfrl, (f fIi aullo Cw bs, ill ill tik e variety ufaize and ri l ne Ienel;Tle liand sateg' ;fackel,. Ruk. hiursaf WlrdLA fine r ine; , I1d hal1 tl.e Ction II, for inn, Y . BEES & I'LA1NGE, nnvl3 18 Clomp at 1 tI .ula-''y.y a ,.ASS. Luf IS:ED )iL--110 box pc: a01 il St Lutai uad Burqil VuuChel,n llfl, iieIle by aI "ll L 1'. CLA l.N i "N, - ,,v27 19. Camp . l • V elli | dr llll 'Iuo-- rIo1 ilnSt }Tllla I I ive A llAnother Sw eWPet'..fIO l \Afht rT h Kt·Jn l 'I' 1'. KiLture(T .tl; lh. pus - ; ., her ill ,r1lay'1%; Ililndt'ul lllOallt; 'rl'l ' h ttro gvledln 'l'hee to Anothe'r; I.ovely I.ady /lile; I Til Bridal, The Brokll Heart; ty |lerl ia aq Ilv'n himrn h! P'atrick, Fly from at'; 'T'Iro hlou a:. I~vr. at Iv 1hlo'il denhv Think Alv Low, Oh! Think of M, . r1 i -'ll thlnk I lave it merry lIenrt; Thte Viitae Sum,' S I Th se dvil isread,;''ile Siletr Noun; No rare evre; ' gri YevS nee" N It far 11.; I've been , brer "ifresh 1 owers JI'e g.el nlng: I dearl love ! e ehe tree; W\O,,dulaut allrc hat,:t /'rer. 'Pile \Vill| Albatrorss; (line Fhries, [Gsr-. , Itnse tlf.Jc lseV; The :\linslrel would u lb ,ute+ . llid, Ta e kGests ne P. hidd+.; 11y o FIleth Laun ''ll+ Tim h " 1 of the untalin;:|ll. al iluliva LovP; 1v Ieart s host tleu My .hlidilh d' , h1+h s8 F'arewell; I lie ;rm.auwod Tree : Roses; i\ pretty Janlt. Lid Ju rt cc, icd .tat tun a:dl ul ] at j PiallOu b lte sd .luasir lut e,| -I Ln l2 14 t.d p et/ I IE It Wei fatell Circuit stld Diipilri~t f'uur of theI USJ or this Uisaljcc, folr ::Ile at ci e .dice of tihe Mear-hl.l of said Lo'uu. Apply to iVs19 J 4' A l I.DES. Ne)TICb. 1` IE Oruc ofl' [lie Ner t tlrun'o I Moatile HM il Limle is Trfl'lYId, fTrut.I llldlh 1. cl P'I: hah n e HuoLI1 tL No. 711 Pocrdnla *tr.'et, it whll placellm a letter beeu will be t tenot. l -ito. I_ A :11. FI .'ttay letter. &c. Thoea Iir ,llt'ite its l ttrthrra Lst, w ill be pot..i., thle Poslt Office at I u. ile. I- t(HO. XI IITMIAN, A ELF.RC'fwl m r.dit autply oft I Oit Color.t,(co or, desrriplnlll, fir SuenU Inilnlillg; Oil mod l \\ tey t~olure; Blrush" add artist, to~ol., and au carpusl mctt~k of uero VARNlýIlEF4 from thle manufnl't otr v (WP It StuilJI 4 CoFIII 11IIiiinll I 2 urdi O koCS dlntllU ic dlll il Japan, ono Brown du 1l AIse. 1(0 keco (Crwt. i 2.1l. rath, tttuttJ in. o~il, anld 1511 eanilllltIle .l lilellior Fr ICII h Irrilnl, also m1 o~il. 12 hr rrels Spirit, fit Turps, it-if, an tlld IS ilvd oil.· Aetist't Colort, A. (Kt· .tt.. I':ntod,,) and 411 tll,J FIrtncha Lakedo skotcttttitto Point imodre ot hIe ftIIl(Kil. .. NK Ie l ol' 1 rjt11gr lltcc t . : to -ol f ... l.. w lritng ink; do 11m11·rsllrlnlll fight bloat do flu tl lnrk P % J rsceadtti m.....IyIt.n Alpt,, oin;l'eav'eliar du do; . llooourd v. So\nes block . (YitillY ink~; 1)(.1...111 in fo, r sted l Ite; Pemitt. , t ; llt etettta blue tt tR..tto iuk; F .. J iruts redv ink ttttttt. ly Episodargtid lur sale by A \'IOI FIE'S, der 10 " . corm·r of` ('stn i A' Commoan :', S 'h.- ALifrA I.. otteka mat l't'odIttg I...... E dnng it it.e btyl byji.,a~ MsB, wTithTetc re,. mtc V.jj aeal( a t 'rtged' in 5 '4 ts~hi EpIt ..r.e.t I jadl .llhesbf AlRXulA I s L, t lla. ti MlOanu f.tea..ti...t .lv, hr chIyt..a Wtt, aleI no 1 Vow itl0 dluAtratiunA of m19e thn 720a0t spi.,: i. JOHNS & co,, jr cur SPt tihul', E. 95, comtlla ta I) Aci(;INU and ltle Bor for ,alc l)je': REAIt C 110RSI'O\ 7 nsllli('Igoer tS~~llE Wilii11 I''"' A."" 0,71 Metlre... 5()9tAI.T lET. 2 t1t eg .al.irl~el *t I nI Iii tfiti le hy 1l 'VIINUe ' 151 C'(IK Fe. ta - - y .l1nt l9 New 1 rUte, j ahil Culit tidtgezor anae by JARVIS C. AND)REWS.S j rd3 r ('elnm""ol Tflhollrit.ulas sts '1 \OISAI'C()l-U Foxes Virginia Tud,,lce I. qeroyted, lunlllag from s hip I.nuirvyillr, folr sale ht )ale ABRAHAMAX 'PRIIER, 34 C;~ nier st Jij t,'.\A nUISAIO-4 hetar.. n store, il nc sal Iny ja14 AIIRAHAM 'I't(EY, 31 crrtjer at URNIPS-14-- I hbdll Ratn Rnlan .flruip,; I do, Mo T r Pr liens, landing from l ·ilt' t'ricfn, andl fur nine by dl15 JOSEPIH t'cC .11LYN :, 2iliru,iersrf S41 UGAK oopleciotiln above the city. frr uurr hg IýI I\ OL.RFsi HH03--llll fiesta new Llolans·.a cache jp store and fir note ny j i>3 \V.FI I'tI('I`ER 95('emalo CASKS Lndons hnrrwr rlout, and tnl ce 4 5 Scowl,! Ale, lf na6 ian3 111011. NIPS Hind Mll.l.i Rnn$ Allax` XCHANGSG I ,it :··tull and Ibdti.,olre ftlr w In dr t)00 C (_ : -(I.I.I S. Viutrr , ed adpent; ii- - JIllull n FaLlll s1-wl fil I0 1'00 Reofined 1Vhaln Oil Per sale by \Y.I!TR 01110 & CO, jal n 1eartecl ]jEW Lc l.C-- c , s 1ai Mce t'El. Romn ee; 'ni'lnee Wt in 1 I e beli o ' le ir,1i r'olme allnd a Lo Ilri arr nealr me, rung hy a ri < in elc gcnrnl Ii ctJn'llic Opera Andlio.; lIst NTh- msrle amn nrcting; .lle nor lir snaij finlbs wingbyI I Itlneell; Cmneconme, Illl.s Inw; A Iio e sn lte Oeal wove, by H In waI'emd for himr Vo me letfiall*nl tecar; Ctn. mnrning; ('er Le wteras- by naroo llht teru.' like hnr srwn,s crteea d lr the searp Iorv I flcyal vi'nlecb. Ic A Fle:he; C ,eecc Viecre QJuudrillen. Ju-r recsvedd laeir ti ale by l119 It ClIFY, ilo CO POStIfON aASllad-Isnod I}ssIsl ,- )eIe by d2ct TIENV'YO. AME., 4fl. . 1 IT3Le Bureau d.: In t;nmpagnie d'Asnt Ponmper et tran re nnjlcrfe No I, rne l ic Costs TO THEr IAD1ES-Aikin-,m'a fepil.ato moviag uuperllloue hair from tlhe face, ecmn, wilh etlual taf Iv d ancdrla.innlae"i finerr ansd whiter tIc Inelctre the alcpllsatise.; supply just rcerived at the HtaUar. I11t941 & A 1, Exchnnee lintel, r St Charlne & Us i Alcq-'T'llrkishjnforelsnpghing. tIp l flair, to a beeulldI£ hbrwow (r black. 15 Blt9ll' & At 1, Ls " ucjs--. -l N. Anc olive Pniaa au plendd UssnJteII t IIf l Fancy Ciceti Ie tour Iar¥ixTeb, comlrisalg ladies' wntiq d ies-inw c.,s nnork bones, l osilcal iliax-,, eedle n ook it rle-nu, a.lell ance ivory, arn nesrtinentlllll lf U llno nn anude t cisul 1 ;snrte, co elllpsO Ilid icUr., al adrelid to jand tie. .ies, udt. tI'lal e ill dru liver arel vi l unl li knlld c .r, 'I i t ; Al u.Sl uIt it of laU. i andl Fortee seale. pl n tnlr of IU'ia, and wA l rrs. ted to P tla d tile. les bs thi-e. lic a r eespecttull .lvited to ea ell al lannea Ii 4AL1 &, INIT-E- ( it LoTiiNU i IP. FRILl -MAN & C)I, PIo. 3, Ma3si ! ea n. e ers, necis i .g their elplslie.s of Fall anssl lC hinssg, s dI wcli r t1 sctive i hiell larly tlvoulgho)l t the seaun.UIi' ' ci he rSs.itlll sre will enable tahem lo suppyi;sv s.rha hI I c~slully, nt tIll n cllorcest noti'e; t lr ues w r n:tll, i a acc Ua puatinsng llta(. FaALL. F.S IH)NIP. I lTlt' ssubi cribern Iske, leace to infortm their l ucsd the spublic ensrually, thlat tiler) ase Pnsall I-s s5s carn sins all t a i sel iisse. Fashionable Hatlles, t-xclllue -Ii is ts Invls u ;lnl-sn [ ln hin Juln milli, foiso!. y S s 'i \\2 ll l II I'lt'IIlf, 1 . s1e-+l., . jpset J I hes sI. ubs silcr5 r. J1 j,'xe. Engilieh Pickles ,, as rted, 10 " .Anc v s ie n glas . jrh , Il " knis qn-ulsy L ,llls nlslr l SI- sh locking, lhey & Martin, " xe. d s ( lis en i. ss Jur, i \\' tPIl'I n-sA 4ls & JO T.GFt Iluv' 4,,r i o) dla .. D I UIIIINII; he tenlpuraey ubnruewm o'ethe a hn uthori .d ng;nt, au, i l to him all ha ing Sli4h Ilt.1 :lld l.ig1l.e l·, ill l]clene Ulrplc. ,s ,snccl' ' r I C ls-n .OI.E .s sled 1L 9.:711, cns.....n--..l.. lt I ..1 it. loss, nlltl i t lrld in hlls to suit purchuscr, lldlrsl I cu tl n ard, inll C It Inl tret l, o Ir 11 , 3, , II l l ii II ,, ill M I .IS, PL a \ I.dtwd S nhip na. bnrll sle i ty 1... \\ ;E1" CE, .pm3 .,,1 EFrr 11. s I" s OF N W ORLEANS--Second .'lne '1 Thud Ward--t'e.mber ++lhh, 1138. "'1 rIs.a lf Irl eris ul Front Leve ster, I lar.le lle. ftdI h lulllc withllthe (ldioutllU oll f N vem mhltsh e p,-s l oen. pies, dld i.nsi.ei dayss d.,te,inu e,'', ilog the ,iuwing older, to will t.r sidewalks r tlnll lll brir rnpnctive ps lldes t tll icireId unerU bl) to s.Tl d ordinntce, with curbl i tihe lllrne ud a three feet pa, d s polil rlt, ch le Sle snse paell \ith ,psd qulhit) lake I lik t I = S,:A ', lE llspt SNLl,:- UunLiA S.--de 11unil( i,ht I:I pIo rnetl ,es des Itrrel ssitleer sur l'. ALe. yu 5c Fruill a80i 0 ;lpe It pr.c"srlels lfo Svll so clllloflr er ea ICI o d ollle l.d novllmb p i ,ta lsris le des amln les y en ilucers dlsll l htlli .llvrolll re dl e, n e.i xclut nlt I'urdrle . I eI fll se c.l i -t: iion ll Irs .tl nqutstl- oti :llh to )poptile t'-etprc we en onrt.s hbri, x f!, I mlu.llt lt4 a ilile ordonlv ucc, hurders stJ "·- r e u. c s uilplnrts cn Pierre de croi Iled. l.:11or 1,0llt , anulll. u there t' it paved su, morl. d-.! , N A' . I11, UIt , culn. :Le dfat L br:Ih of Gea. lhow and, landine, from o tul, for tstle by IS. AC IT IlI)G' j12je . 14 At SR-5 le keg ic nnndisre tcnLb d++ _{ 2.4 .... l .'. .'44 `, if, OF' \V I'l{(l.-.-Fr .'od, \Vuter Haa S 5' iearhvs oil of \'ilrul fom Ith Newtu ir:l Cnrtmpanv, a hr; rate arhcle, fr cule by JAIVIS & ANDI)1 jl' eor Common & Tl'ehuu;it /t ( isFI ; 1.s 1 - s i f llss s-(sc olIn'sh' I:siede rsa l volume; llt,,l. truaf. do., ll',c cohln d . Aries; \Vaodbriltd-e & %Vilart'd' Uliivnr A lam; Oulhmy's, \Voodhridge's 's, Snitch's, Idg Male I ram'i, Abrid, ineates. Parley \ Bleec Y for beginlners. AIsn, Ie.lent's Gescgrnph lie,ebC, with the 9Nile. A liberal ndiunaie Ir t c-ille. nlll uilhurs . turu. lh hlgt by Illrt les " c Anc.X b'(\L . I1, 49t Ir \V'.\\\ {tCOFF'EE'-133 hug. eirne, 1 c 11y lIIti)Uller Eltlng e, fr . etn l ABRAli+.hl TR jII 34 1; -- r. inssl-] pipeI s crnf wn ha ee sn plei, urricle in sture, and fn r eale by jli J .'Li'YL': C.'4 Poy Sill1-BRT(+-100 boeseoA n v InDI 1t rGa salel by t J 'alAn lls. .: j',5 J TI'l lE & Co,1 C74P nI Ic II RIs.LL:s-s - -e, hle es, 8 to 31i ill i tI, s (Jieahsil s u ctlla A luil siecl fene Icsrsns In-. r11· A' e buy lISAAtC RIDGF Jll 134 I.1te, it. '.+AC: I I{II)(; E & 12o, 114 H - AI' 'lbdliI l/mlioi jI1IA Pu4 I JP4rr WH I I.uNEY; . e55- Ii . lPc atsc l nnlllk Iun' alel, i j 1i.1"S :,nI trden ji-l rreds.eidle n Is ! ,I cb le 41111 bnls, a leps t snaris. and ph. 3o. ii. l h sllte t e 13ule ulltd tlider.. 't.a lliPsled l s4lPey , jul I H'+,r SrC ) rlenrl e ('w IIlenIshn'smI-us hrllnnlnsdr"aul. e Lslqsnl nus cle In 151. JP ItT ID 4 jIs. - t, -llsus (sl~dle-t;hlnll Isup:s ex' C.udii~lr I~iIa I I lt[ t- II. A 5 Lnl 14 iI l,~ lou ~t~epAuxt The. Diaed, e, eted by Mi eIherid u. the splendlld .toil te IIt, ,)r'y r"t anlihe Jely LItad, wit splendid A."bt a Ira miue superb ad ttehlr Atttu de, lets et .Jel e tm/)hi Fi Al\--a,\ Wet ie 1 aieeet I very, jiNew 44 aa i N ' I l t l' ; deL - fl a L tt al pr ib y le Ii~rllateupr I "tat a1i 1 ciall niaee enIaj)e veuu Celfee. euuaaiad, dq, It het. S .,KS-2 e:nzea (.:dies' endge Srbannhe .ut~r heIL....elleeI~U' iaaqae)ll lbet,-.wtaer It. ,aei res, ing Naibeepeela fa. soleaa ba~teyeina Alttl a Ia aglriE &. CA, 24 I..\ l l·ý-.lust euaie ed :1 epes elvey 1.7 \\ieL 4dleteahard wood aaeftheia'ate j le a l l eitt lrP rea e l .1' n tipp -t i u :. the Venue, th Itlll~e 1112 Robinsron, l)liter'. nia'la. iallt vultatee, by Mpgatitl IThey ecieal, aiqalgtr :2 voile, p'aa'Iv, Heiro ehaiun, wsiejui o Sta nale.nijh Itendeulr.. of of ui Wiablein aai elit tiilmii Nxbyrtl~en's P~learsguat2vol, repel ct i elletuuils~utr epjtiuy i iP Ilncrn"-, F:Ilea aaaalattiaalaai2tivoileT A~lpsauders· L I)t.1tpv ry in Afries, 2 V a'lt Citl of the pr, 'I'i a 'ivefe ii oter, 2 welt ThLe Itrilirlt Specie, 2 v.4r, itoe apse uatl-.a le Djela ry4 by Mips lnpaduqW letely receivead and for ate 1 jelrlL-i! kt V~pt. Zs*t( 1 tn '" TIIA! `)h. aberjer tovtigtwtlf k s } prenf teeeoll,,une wle*ttIily a c 1tCk the sd·lave, e t wel it woa aver row eyeletlln, &c. Sr He wll al, rapid, tall rfe. L ul· i+ .RlrL5 14 iUp . I!. e.., ,"' w l 'rk Sj.ll

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