Newspaper of True American, January 18, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated January 18, 1839 Page 4
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Itteatth ~.hsa sootti ood plrtttoetctt atppltitt, by ineigolattiot ho ntntnnoh)~. sod finr It ~etloll to tile eI~en l I I-tr httta llvil: lgttttltlv qltotlyitye ir rlni * * .-ti .0e ..oootn to Ott, lot Ittin o letr,nl~, rl r rf '~ :~ t~iooosen, hotitll'lr·'olt., ottIl~r iloe ho oloonl 01. ~i·Ut'l of ttt~loootI01 tity hetteftt tlnna Itor~sr snot. oIHl1tooo tttI)1,r ttl:tion · it It, IV he Itpt100tti~. ':;lodidi~toat, oliot th idit itt uhttir t (rleo h~beca DtlroittI tlt alt ti~ueslr titt t 1 il lipc -t.he Intof Dotte mlol ttttt~?titt. IltCFi it l\n CP; -·'· .edlheqaeoil.d nr~httnt IfIto Agtttrnc. llt'ltId, tt, ho toe ot~lelonot otthIsedtl t tl.cll trot plc-tFtl~ne hIt Ihsnitle lttn~t~ItIIO,1o tteqtlllei clp, :ltnt)orilttedt1tI icdtn * - hel,. rl 1 ole, I t rei' totltitUtl'rIiz st l~r t( lll I' 'tnithe Ottollc~r tlIttt l OtlllIltl~nd tI ttttlr tIll 0111-llll tIOUUr tIltntib n l fttai l lttted i ,.otItr~ttltt~ 1 t It)O nl~dltttittlvtdt t' r·outlR. Rowoti, thits i'The slttleol~ihot0 110 te0 ll UIlICPItI 000:1, For ItoC ~,erltl'tlo'Icttl. toter, DIII tl~ilttllby titt orrR,,o' I Ate l'tltlieitrllhto I~ic* ..(IHt rh pl~lter Ot 0l III t ttlt'l J hi:\tt & A\DREWYt, NI htIltcotlht I~lotte tot 55V!O ci" Ciiieeiio "Mitsosisipti ind Lontsiuti o lLotel, 1fI M .RS. MARY DII,1,LAN. ) respeetfally an. vounces to her friends and the public gene. tlat she is preparei to accommodate lties it . he hbove establishmeint, and hopes fro.l her sxertionsto render visitors coruforteablc, to receive a Icontinuanee of fortmer favors. Shi feuls confi. . lent that pirsots visihing Covingtlo during the Summer months, cannot find better accommodi;tins .than she can ufford them, on more hberal oermns. Her house is pl'asantly sitnittd, and werll uppli:d w..; with every crnveniune.; the bhr is fur:ished weith '.the most choice liquors. &e. inl shote, she promlires ' 1''lat nothinglg shall It nolting on hier part to give ". "tiro salisfhetion to all who may patroan l.e .diisrissippi and Lonitiatna Intel. ji 3 10 IbTiti t Pu dLtc] C io u ddnc,, 1d lasrvnpg S studied under lir. Scl.mlidt of tICharesto:o ' Boutlh Carolina, and for some years ili assistant in the practice of medichin uard surgery, his the honor to offer his peerolestonlt services in this city. He assures tihe ladis aid genlltlemen thie the most prompt attention will bo paid to the c;lls which may he made; and also offnirs his services to the :holters of slaves, being rwell nequainted with thIe , . diseases common to them, tI.ving attended them in the sugar hioue in Chnarlston. Thle famous anti hitloins pills a er the ctomposition I ef Professor Smtllettcl titih directions, can be had ofttho undersigned. ''The efloet which they have produced in this and other sities, ihas beehi atltenld with the greatest success, to which thie ibet oel rofureferences can be given. Apply at No. II1G 11 ga. isne street. JNO. M'LtORINt. ,li HULLUV-l t, AhItu, t' 'CHSlER\'S,- SAD IRONS, &e. T IIE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, fio. -.( 238 Water, near Beolkman treet, New York, have received the past seraon. andt are rn,stantly receiving large and exaonsivo udditionos to Iti stick of the above goods, which now contists of the allowing assortmient, suitable for the outllern and '. western markets. lHollow ware of superior quality, consisting of about 1500 tong, viz, Pots of 22 diffbrent sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kottles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, frto, 3:8 to 18 gallons, ' Bakepans or Ovens, 7 ditferent sizes, Tea Kettles, f do Skillete, . . do Elat Spiders . 6 do 'Covered Spiders, 9 do Oridlces, - 4 do Fire Dogs, . ft do Wagon boxes fiorn 1 1 4 to 4 3.4 inches. Ctrt do. 5 to 7 incllet. Wood Screws, 20,1O.) gross, iron and brass, from :R inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior t' quality and finish, and less than Jame's imported pnices. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for ;' retailing. Tailor's and bitter's Irons, nsrorted. Sash weights, 100 tosa, ansorted from 1 4.4 to 2Olbs. Bells for PIlintalionl, steamboats, churches, &c. Smasde to order, Also atieaabeats and other machinery made to order. The above assortment of goods is particularly reolmmended to the attention of Southelrn and Westertn merchants, and are offered for sale at low prices, and upon Ith most liberal terms ;lit is be. lioed to be thie largest and best nssortment ever nffered for sale by any una ettaablishlncat in the United States. Merchants, by forwarding a request hy mail, cane have a prin.ed circular, with descripton , of goods, 4pries.and terms, fromt which no deviation is over made, furnished by return of mail. All orders will receive immediato attention. Now York, 1838. J.3 NO MERCURY NOR OoPAiv - Nrew tlii ns o nv. I, l8:17. A BOu'I six inonth ago I had lhe mis fine tune ii gi t a s-cret dieasc., for w hicl I h:lve aplitdrl to save ral dxlora for n cure, and tilte did not c.tne tne. + n.onv y 1 on the above date 1 pit ty.U ' eac lllde rthc ctit of )uI1Ctol linust, and I expect hin to cure tun. Since thal time thr dinean1 got worse, no ai to break out I large tllcers to the number of six or eight on nI hi lee, and all over Sway face,, dl stre throIt, aOnd not able to work at h prenent time o. aecioot of tihe disase; lrio tit'r onr tile rigit arife or the thlrat. I ra no ptllingn myvelli cotefiently nider tlh colle f Dr. Huet, r.oP .ris, to be perfeetly cured JiJiN LEAN. bo14ly I DO CE.RTIF'Y lint the meo tntdet li]sse is fI.nite well eorld it, Inv owl] satioftiolm,, for whi 'h I tiank D)r. Iltet; and moreover I . ra Iere hat tIhe medi chin I haver taken makes me fat, af d 1d;1 nre nilre IrIc nealth at all; tilerefore I tidvisen mi f flonw nirei s tiu low no time and apply to Dr A. Ifuet, Ill Canal ifnnet, betiween Da!lph.,ii nod itIoiirlibon slrees,. lfir Huet i at hloim frim 9 n'tle.rk. A M, utiil 4 P 1I1 They will find a trlrl doctor for this eumpleint. SJOIHN II.EAN..l (iGravier street. If any one wants to oee u)e, call at N,. 411 Grivie JOHN DEAN. New Orleans. Feb I, 1838. feb 14 ly , i+ i G uineii, lIndtia. i l Bltn of Liverwiret and Hlie I.hoind, is piet aip in bottls at thel lw pries f bife .1001 each, cnotniing the rItrenrtilh of three ounces of Liveswort, hrsi lel th': irtlnms of inylv other rents and tebs b known Onmog the Indians asefleacious in curilg pntmunnry complaints. Tie u rivalled success which has attended the i.*e ,, this iuestanmbl onalanim whrlnever it his been inrto duced, has ohtineid Ihi confillence andi rreno.nensda tionsa fi respertable physicians, for the elua of "ourn.s eelds pain in the side, wa.t of rest, spitting of blood, lier ecomplaint, c. To whom it may concern. This ia to eorriirv th t we have in our perct ic n f icently pirescribed hlra Ciard ear's Indian Balnam dfl.everwort a d lnarietndil, wit adrsidd goel effertu we can thererrfmroii the khiiw. I.eelp of tn mOaterialj it is tado from. iaid i. h-,e:';.ttc. and n itoance, reeomnmeur it In o n peria prianiantien etill [bme afiertionl of the inmr i.r hichici t ii rI teealnded. AI.BF.R I' \VII.i!I AS3, M. 1). CALVIN Eil.lIS M. D., Mlembn,e of then Ilotuna Medical Aasncisti.n. eBtttn. Oetolrr 1. S and wth of Hair, siving health and beauty,and Slit, Hir Oil wie ofred to the public, it had titod in hintde0. o'f esis ol bahlones, inrllirire, nIdrl S. , fl'.rthe hair. and iieverv iinta,.e, it, aalusnry ti. n hren reiliond. It ha.te-erftill topr, ioie it . 'ti.J. beerifol eolh of ,ir o, Iheli .alre adi S+"i Id ill eet.. where it beeo,n.ea dy au.t leasesto gro; O ' +.l+)iI will vary tolne relner it heaItlhy, and prodne.. id aedbube.utrifl gro-wth of hair. wlttiiut tihe lese a tor to the heod. Thli Oil pg1ve ni. ugreenhlie fra S gLraltil sle in prelatehie t lnn ther ii ir Oil for pse o urai'gtr'iieii ndigilosie gthe hair. The It r Ss -r dt" ltr. i 0t For i al. at 383 & D'LAt:es' _~a----- I.h INI8 IIARNT &, 'O, a sonnw reeoivngtroi '. dm boar~d ship Orleaaa. Esl~b, it.hlseder, s'oko teiry Andrew. ere and German pl,.y sols; Bak ,aanttan Bsardsr ChSoban, 2 1.4 and 2 itailr ,lI nari Ilills; 'S t0i and .0 inch blade fowiae Knives; earlier and other trnvellinii Drntsin Cane.; enit, Packet, linora.a's, and t Dulline Pistols; ouhlen and stanle barreled Guns; Gament Rhan Shot elts; Pllwder Vnd PIstol Plasks; eram Battle.s aad Drinking Caips; ereaision Caps and Ca Hlnlder'; Cloth, Ilair, 'Tooth; aad .am'l Hruhita;.aOO n and Clhlrin'n Tooth Wanstre tndoh Powder: Toilet and Shaving Snnap, in grnert vn riet; orelt Flair 1Irait , Ringlets ani rirze ta; n Pear and 'l'rile-t Powder; Eilitery Ba-El Ivory TuL (i Cihinnls: Patent Slstes or Garters; Gfus Eastlie Sosape dea; Pavader Puillh nad Boxes; Gilt Chains, Sal nsdtl Ieyns; Ear-dlropsr; \Vnksi Bueklrh: lmracelets; Bead Necklaceso and (hains; Gilt and Siivcetct Beads; Indian Reads, Hells aand Plumee; Shell Twirt; Side andi Dres.ais Cabls; whirh,in anddition to theirfosener stock n hand, makes their assortment very complete, and will. he nsaol ow and on liberal terms, at the sign of tihe Golden I['naib. il5-tf 70 Chartrers srtreet. iIHE Stictsriher., Agertso fir the extensive house of W, & S. Bothlscer, Sheffield, Earlanl, have just eelved as very extndive set of tin' .t ., oensistina of Table asd Deasert Knives of e" .. d. seiiti on, Pet, Pocket, lt)k, and Spear pnsilnt nveo; latenors, Scis tOars. Edge Tools,h&a. de. & . which they era prepared Sexihibit to the trade Fororders. Terms and conditionn vill he arod known at rite trim. t ma16 J. I. REIN & A COI 5,90 Common at. GFK)VIFOS. SIMMOn.S, TIARTTFi CO.--Are nsw reeeiniag Sper ship IlFt silsl, Eagle, Ieliae Anll ews, Iickh Cnder, Prerhi arl Germam" deolte sewnrtl I:\ in sllS: terinhelt ad lia p iet stols muln ra, dr1etselaplt. yes; (iiFon's esonmerieil and Otler steel liens;i Vi. as; VioliAstrinis shell, ivorysti hFln cowers w:sders k, herd s sd leather fInses; haihr nraids, feaOt mai aesk Igir.lets; negro Ipnfs; Germsrinn:i French oolotgne wanter. Roaiilds nailnasrer oil, imitation do; antiqne asrl henj'sroil; nrtabl le slesh and disaRg cases: past; blackleg; st.tir anda toilet glasss; convex; op ol glasses and viewaK Indllian IIasd,'elt nal Ildanes ceorreon; whlit-twnhe; toilet nld shavig sonaps; toilet o.der, esmelie wash halls; ascl;ied satin shitnslra pon' standl; screrw c.iomns Iinc bheal chains.ted necklaces ; I illiard bull.; plocket hooks ahil w:dletls Cermil hones rocari lsraps; adl commonss guan lstic srlrresllrlear.s gatetls d,; Brlls lucifsr matchlr; sil ove elrpenils; lCryyas , &d., d.s. The nhe in addition to our farmer staek of fayev srticl's, niakesoer .ssuntrllnelt vstery ,s dlt. Fesr sile WllusnCe o, rateltail; as tShe sign ofithe Golden Conlta, 7. Sli 'bn ei. sn streeet, I ns . Nali. ()TIr ',-s-'hs prt, rhip or f Isk llcv.S, \osrn &Cnain I1'1 of \~w 0rl,1,,, : \lnmn. r, llrri &Co., of Nua v ee; n'll larris, Islluev &hCo. of t-l bvr, wts isch Yieti oin eirSt of n ayF Insa by ta rles ' tl onSamuel A lMason, an eoti ethernrs it rie efires.• Thae uaidere l nrd urviving p.ret neer, will he aieel r it s the he llilg an d c ~'sisr a i l ,iusio .sa ar dfllin s: FLrviC Harries will artted to trle settlig ol' the bsttleos of A:s,,iotntsrris& Co., it Natchez; and lrrlain, Kel es, & Cs, tIesI l.ei. and Ienr Khere w llnttend t ihe -ettlnlg f the Isiusiness oflisO'lle, M'saton & Li., at New Orleans. The nmes of s:ie aeosral irdns wil te ae i d in liqlidsntionsusr vss , Thses, i'ndbtrId lto anid firmla are earestIr reqursted e. arce aind s make narl . i andthise having luits will pese pre-rat thcm witlout sdelay. I.lEFI C ItAR"IU, H- tNItY KELI+g. hei.' nlrann. JIae 27, 18:37. s -.:N SIIA t11 F'.8il UlNS1 COFOGNF E h'.TER SrusePlls m·e e rinel ist ssorcier Cloincei watirsi. jt reeived a, ri file ant ly the Iozen or eilnle G bttl.- \fo Alllslt, A m llen d |Illcli tRt p wder, powderis Sial arid hllox,'s all ing s a lrinsad t ilet sna p ltle v l ht d h s, railia of oens s n nleertic cold errnt, Iear oni t slck, re shliale, VWar's vegesnhl Iir nil, potatimy r lien 1, - p lrs t lride Icvendi r rose lnd hit) wnters, Ple 'r:i 'as I an eill e Pi n it) ' ll Vs i · '.e tn his satu ll alnd roll ('i i i s, or and Oil in tloolh washi I to, h wirc'' thl llcnni flea !.usort e ; tngeler with cLbs ae d jeweLl-n r sale low it whosale r r, tasil 'ill srig ('jtien dins from News Ynrka a grea varie of nos ri thes lie, rwhich tei hr withi thei"i l o e 1nor ,i.1n ba lnd, llllkPs ta ir Ps soiinlt ran t eryi r , i l ete. tu.'lk wnr aisa mil dresme onob. horn de ofnill deecristiotnn I -i dlin rulie, rsilk asdi reo'd ea Pli'' , e ratrieon- s' & lin elasntic kSllslllll.s, I lore firiefs d s I Uoi' r imhbhles, sehliliz 'l'dr.sI' Cmniderpnfli ad nxIes tilnutn Ider, rsocilet lokn anur lleln.eil bIlt. ps , sheIll, pearl ian lnII maI ('nCat'lrrd r .s bend orllitnit.i . o lain f rl.i r al nd.l ] t hlLs , peiarla ml but lion , Ibw ad r lnins, hr and Ilmesl, i es , r.l l st and psinr t dil ;.l"clss-i s 'i .Pebr-s cnian leu'ns' clrmdai nt ' s 11 611.1 nai l l&g po. Jes ll'stcin. beIts'i'ancI, IIIhseani isn' ,n r tresl riic ,(s )to 'ice do l caii d 'issic i ss Ir led rutin. sq BowI i kniv - d di'rks, erissore, t-rn=,.rhat ess ai d:esn kis d dre si rib..s . , i i i i'iuc 'leld s i'hch hair m th, . .il...e. .b e erlltlll, shop, pit les flolloo r nd I, ijeI 1rtl:l.ll* L (olo ne Ron de t/, lumpier. rose nild biu lllaw ,r n. ,.ll oasson . and, onl Itrait,,siPI ICin , lr er, anticur, :mI'W rd', reo S aila e aii ' oil's ,' it -IIsIIcI , sil t 1 si' ulc i sa ll ss ,TnI ,s ci •i ot n s, I li,. " a d Ceniiti ' i eiks a l nd drssing cci, clam, ir naei ietsfr zetws n il id, ,lan, m nd I csanall. work Isxash psla'i il iand e ilt, - ihe 1e e . as Iiund lvet hrceas'lcs ppomnrtal ivory shirl de en hirt sltdds cll nll~d silveP r illlt'i| coslt', to ih oIIt.. a 111, i o.l "itlvL's, plalted nl t Sill It ,.. eh+s, e li tiirtlfe iep id l,, hl_'_be ladst elllltl W'iTi 5E11110 iTVinnl it'T, tnir i oait Ii 815 lvk and red ink, F h'oe bSt ,kiei raiseig and citier"aribded aa !iilnli lsln ct-, pai i lto n i lrps lon ni .acs 'nted (t h sa'nasld oaiell- sener lace sand fr`·isu httser ts p ar gam I lt rildin w , wt king ...ClS, I rnacld .... I t.woI gol , la ii olnll t ientt w i, o i& . ali i i a i he s hi , l tos etheir r wec h cii ept vriet y oie ei utlu r art .le are olacnd tiat whleaseaic ocr rcies' on sccisunsldati g tll Sad Sohelln co,'b repaiared.a' F'E I{IE' I'-rSTORE- a d:r sigdn f cie goldes, co1 i11),nad71 Calarltares streert. 'T e seba.eriheesi hav i'e comb1})s, perlfumrr, Jcwellr rlF,bnn ·I e, I:,-;'knlg glnssea, fntil n nv aint idles, & k s,o ' d a c.ihe l an polrt a: felo,' : eO)ToncaSdal--.W arlicehllt l isrl.htnd h'atl pintsslstwit qliir ll M rlne, I-ra rot ld, irl uls , acl- in ids . i pal e l lnd whictr arcL st in i clslae 's i[ii pt s Iivory olnihi of every descriptlonhu drll sgI ull'e l llad picrrker, tsic r er nith " Jk.lsCl' i,1or, llt oFrel tlla afirslse d An irica rLiia. II'EIFUI IE1 R-C-ails, ii, lianvetder, lIdhal, hoaiyi are s oipsth, lall kindse, cshis, nil, rd ia cakes rle tl tiet lcawder, rl power, lrr's ad hsxvs i i act llatifa i r:t ad rollIsorrnllC d chlorine tooth wash asd, tties ,e, wi ll llra gr e ,kils lnirset sof. JE VEI.Llt Y--olnlcO l'he lnlft s Icest nmid moas fasblma ile sd ts cons isting of whiitc e le d red ccii rl ianl b (.it. - jet e tn'drpisct iilagi''rea, l-sditdpicns of atree ~dl'aei. tia ofcl'tla's, wasch tri'lilisii,.indit ,inid :ilvi" cose!.le, c.OOKING GLsASSES--Gera co I tal d inIid t.ilasaiO et eulass, agernif ing slie Frioenh dressing gissascs., hoead asnrd A;i-e'paa'ortale decks sod dressings cash es, sOg slle caauises, with cll witholt pnsie, Imlsical hnxr, Ac csnrcnlnrs ofslvrimls kinsl violine and guiitals oilser :iutll plidie, penils, snnd ilnsl, cree sils hr ,ariuntrs nCsad csran, p ptals clOek ai sn. lrind islrols with iarl, vitihout vases, irausslon e" Its. peircuission cap ehrgeii 01ci c cliciii lll d ieic'll l krlrslil'stec, slushi. isitt ian isso tslld,'ll lc lnee l es, osnt sho ai l ,ai n s il.ste , ste l o lld' e Ollclran a sp a -r el set, "oi t I oall eItplia cl oi i 'e .ia 's iiusis Ii., ilsn d eiactld eases, ]isi]aai ' Se ing ' islrilat o crne ,:l ll~ l sis;i nol riro's Is will ias anid l i'sc s ran oric c sit :ts m, seain seold si lt acd Lh II 6lhll.I~' nSl. il. IDOLlllAA 'S Since ef Peennanshiic reeive l,tenl No. 0 (I trc, t're , .c'' t)rleooe, I'I1 B-clcwdy Attw Yotri, Ihtnphino en., tpltc iln. lt is prtticularly decigneldlii f iotie learners. ond etilwols, andl is entrnllu tet! ill per nnn of .1 1 n ee. Ladies end gentlemreoare ioniitd toenit)i andeod aoH the eeteon feat le iro ivcs. I.easuns tire given at c tch Ilrlllcs n. wlnv snit thy. tcta entetc etotall, ancdto claoce foure o l a i In of1 the, city. Ludictlilc prefer itect receive leesos at ttleiroot rel sidelleP*. Petosl ate pyinefcotr i ne ; ,ctree of lresol, re dafireti o "t itd until tonry antsIt Ilcotc coit. 01 D ul. SEARS . JLlAllli.,lt.. DE1ANESSi. NEW erliclde Ocr peeos troubled cith dea'rereo (calledlclcu Itorlr E tcIPei,) lce jh t tteon t eeiCed, by ith seit o hiech, the s~iglneg: articulction of thce hc ccur viee i it ciisllla nciirtecied to tie eat. AIccy nin wh lls 0- rrr of ea R.lg .I) w -OavermC "ll a Very dCeR lrtn at1Ie fully s-1i~ j0 tiche dil icnt Ilced eec b teoaanl net Pe rinced both ny ncete elves and the in .I victuls scirc fcuinonattie c tfirlld. Iy the e ot ttt* the Eaor Iroln)et thi lehgrtion o rontirely cocitteli. The eroec ceepcol Iure alwccs a- cludlocil their do Itt otter havtin used (Ln ho (jert. Fioll' sale n Fancy sturu~cnrm-r ofC "umoon and St Chorles "ot"ret obit zt tc'.c tt,- liotel. lb Ici `PE Lt Oll.-C::md gaioni pure cwiter d S , 8retttltt, ienaktrtd hlls, fortalehbn ,.IVI, A \ l and d , ill~l o lC V uVcieealu Drug .ct.,earitoco tiuotot tttcd leco n. ,trects. ct e ti W lIIFE LE>tO-Sbe, iitlIe * 4T ke.0, 100 Englilh e Cc-'i I-4 btl.. ttttc Iiif'inttflitttehtttttftcc"cs sizet, 1 enIcine V unhst Vlill ld Z0; i bhl'e el Vettttilh; 2 "Jepl.e I ~Cte'.h ill) ptarhe Go~ld L~eaf,, 50 do, Silver de; W tIII du I Itne ltbtetecF gcl elFco WIIDOW lctczro, , Ac e ritc n. Et r lie h anl Fietc uh Uoeoau tLrooi dc.--: so binxrhtherecntit~cnr,e ill be en'd low.. Also, it sencral ortenl oftec tri'tc' ieeotoes aete Itio's, eor cte Iby A W SCtAI E`! 1n iii ralltll ctrret.'· N I. Alnhttn e entrealctt c at p rand t \li Olcclpiti entes will I l reeirelocl 1 peercnt discoutntfor ftoad, nr in paymentll nl'drtetes ,ii, 1 1, i4L1tt t-cie 0 aeldeb r nerslr nieed rnr, s)ort - MRi. VWIILIAMS, t)CUILIST, 'row AT l rtltithl e ERsOt eoush, JrEFErson aS PrET, To'lkiEdElor of the (trtis-il/e .ldrertiier: L .t--it nppeares bv the c~ihervartion of the Editors -lf Ihe Nashville 'leshytsrilan, !nio otl.i Trll:ao erilt, ns w'll rI the erdittoio of the lMenllplis IstnquirerI. that ithe "lOl Gentleman" is a notI the Doltors This is prlved by hliRskiillvy rage, hotlry i that hi, tilme is ihtt sltnrt, anid thrat tr ittlednoo nt .Amerlonrio tile are able to juioidre ilr themselves what are pll's and imptlsitioln. The weetthy editors wtho are Dioctors, tile prprletor, edlitors or suhb-editors of tile above lnredtllourlals, i eveyv lette front prl"sons I have ir-.!rtl to sirlrt itito nl;vbe plalce, poll. 1. Thie foat is, tcllt I n over had seltrgreaet uceso witil so limited a period us ten or twelve dn.r. One who was aoed aho ten years, whileo had only seen the light irot Iris hirth, Ibelan to see to follow !isn muster to my hotel, insteasd of biring oloiledlo he led by Ilihn. Two young ladies, owho hid eahlolat the sight of onile eye, one for tln Years. and the other for learly two esars, having both of theme the otier ee verry weak; vet each of those veo fr ladies hbean to'ct: wi h both eyes, wrlilh benefit I plidge mvostrfstill eontinueas ex eeptinae they arg unre infort uence or cdoltinatil of thoe Medical Ioctors. Asenther is the dnauhter of a Sresperishlr errchnnrt, wose nname I am' Iroondl onever ton nmtinl, (ab leP paid hie my feesf, wole said he had loat the sillrt of one eve from tile gee of 1h mrlhros, lhts that sire ilow belgil. to read lare letters wi'h tihe tiiter eve ecmpleteta Fllrt ll Thli tie dletrior editors krno, thle geRl!nlel'n told me himselfre li-ed col lte'ood his donahter to tie offir of thie medtical ediirrs. that tley imight be infrmed of the fact. The last I shall oesioen is ao elderly gentlemon by the name of SYont, nearly Fsiie ty eailrs of ager who'dehn.od tillB lilvy Ito litter, whi:h Ire took to all tile t diflCrent oll tic in Nashvillei but one, ad himoself tohl mer le hod paid for 'lo insertirn wohanver they deolnnded, who d.olar l in thalnt letter that he h l olltnllv deprived r the olit nf on v ye fryotm f ho thaer lihis brv, 0olrhll Ihis llsltherototd to .d l o.e. .oeeasionedd ly the nlhlares or mall pox: fhtit ntrot i elloold tiot ,lisr see the ligt lof the sor, for the first tims ith l.r to leetts l hbt trie satas ilsor and was b'ehilsinn to distinigtis ratr oblecti; and lid, iefrie I lef lirbt ri;tv, gve ttir a rittrnltl tn l tlldod osee to walk aslllti thle sCt'etas witi tire otlher eve compiletelv elsed. He slir ie lhad o.rneit Iember ol thie oitniiart Eliscopal linitel for forty eorste an I that hi word tao never dolllt ed thrroghl theo rbhrte r lrs o ifihi lirle. 2. 1 repeoatic.t 'Id neoer rerten r otlrlso thrlon at Nashlville, ard thlt ihe elnical tand leriei doctors had nver hefrieo r to tell reason si he enramd. 'lhe S pilrs indicnaticnr ci s lre. clerical )ir linth llt ro v! IlrIt o e stteodto n.- thltr lot srix e ri s In.r , aO was lonilveorrtfr'l fr t : boio. a n lerftt el itifr ili, tol t Ileliee in tile dnotrin s of lie Bihlrl, li t e lie t 1Ine hIa, irllhe s ioi trifling errnlor-tlln t I ro st lave nl'r.': toll ti: l tr h t lleflore.i ndl lf srx venrs to raltrne Ieto .-lrIl e orlrveried freln Iis irfioeliiy, nes itheie oiltt f Illre trre iin tleri of tihe plere fl al arid ellien dotrit e of the li'siti seli n l ie r .t lreatie oilu I d^ili llletions ro e, s i llsmolv i 1nit falslhood It ple. e hi I nmdieal firilnds, 1 ot ia tl h e rie o tlolll Ito e knew ethI dsone so iath( is nd, id ill Sjltr' to tillt olle. All tie itnhalitial ts of N aslville .llnke of i le rry.T'rt' . n 'to.o I ladI, v-rep tile r .tdir nl d ,clt.s. oit of ther fonltrre bIr idl( I. f'rmoof ir ed bor ofo tot Stih e ltrof oi p lrll d tied i trst ll' Itlinrdl teo'e it. 'lile fill ose st'iol S. otlt'l iosrolitrretnlds tltat Shasnve rst tile lna'.ols I , itrlaino tlie NS rer ire , Sarivnt in tie Srntllvtlvct. Thie lrlove, Icrlwoteter i oot,' .sand that i kept trhemn nil I arrived in this seotion. if I saiohed on a in te .or. it io iav e.o oted .ti n elr in th oluthI anid sitilhwest, sil I still hope to wen1 thtir lo n io tV erys ru lhrihl Ihrow o i th ir Ie la I.l n ispin of ell s ite rtlle lionll o f i e erin , o r' S.if sI e jndtie fro ithe rin to ive eI lreadn tref itrtd in thls ltv ofihin three dini. i. 'The orljet . f site pr.,nt is t0o info trm tirei n ire al 'oiit sirtand l ,lrr f'rres k R aellt pt lir ns trld l'riIe ri it. ,v,11 it bee clerical Do r v ,etIl of th i (`, Pro. SIeiiieriird aud of the tillrrlioirar rf sle e illrlr wtml is t ier n well re i or l're know , tre editor e f tire nalll .i. o r l lltllr , il a the I e iltl l toliah r dt Ii.r e. Iris lltry, tle 1 roto Ill. .,1lirt t I shl ll I J ri n in aci l lst t}'inld'i, I' r .itr nlicoti 'u, si-oill Or ralulntl v, irt di surl.lll l r il' my 'r"oival il New wcell ;, a: iilu otheir amiable loe hrien mtclentl Iol thriahs ofrie oorlth. I nl of riote I t11o, rotr m ll ll ' "itt ti (1o loo Ill .rtle oi l imy nied rl f ',lituhsfr oft I rnlrsh, i ss ell it tt Isltlh ioS ielurr, e ill il t . rl l toe in . I 'c l infIo oiim the i lt ' lic, ltht the o'r , i o tori, ol( i, to the Ri too li ll to ovte to l n ed inrfiel rtll.d wa writter iee him was li ore hi - rt r tl . i tn adedl f lr the R ev. I/. low il, whom ne oit ioi i m rell rioll iot tit io ti i th t Ir wr ig any d ,i roll o lilli o itor lo I i4 tr i rv tack iL to hir s r n o l a 111n r iene it he worcet lie d'I, whio hi'e ti'l lies Introh sotculd otn s-i r nly urll oenboe r tm l lltv e l ed ei o o lltl , riorr ttis' torrorrocr luc'rro t h It i rr't oi . thorn trio toot, I fthoul preteI t linrso ot ari l r td t, io o- I hI r tl lnot1 It Sdieg r, anily ynev |l iellbJ lacIt 2 1 nll- r IthaIn 'I g idntem o ei nv onh- r, nnv mafn ll oie. sl',ldin dors ll 7fl I enIIc; I itot nr.'sn.lw tril er t is) bor'' tillt l e orthe iie: hl - i e i t a'l illtlnl ii fri tlsd , r" Ili ,roa e. 1 it he ~ ;'o' ,. ,or nay I l' Is rorole Iroll o r iltll hetllir iotz tl, . i ll r'o"llo or too - iile ore or ,.s f eoro iled, tii t leoor iColn fl Ito ne hds -l tinduced Ih-n os al ' tllno wcl r Itto s - nlw lls l, h nni arslich o I l wrotll e Jtlt i i- ff . or ill il i i nt,' I nddl.i se r ll it i rIto r Str tolrfttl, rotlett lor ri o.f 0 oor lS : tdorl i e. 'l shl le tookr t he l de, " of o leti lh fil - e ie, torit, t l frlistor If llo ill euth m e l-e'i o rfi llI h A lldtic, w ho'a a loltl inl cott drseure - ce of ntle ot in.t-h-io, otrcllr!c dllll l li!) ! its Ialyese loit o nfFrrh r t r gleninn I nidels Wt e lmarl fro the ible Kina 'o "r"n i oil sormo i s letils," II ,aio e ra the sosd- i'lel ihas Ioirc..hed lhrotat sl,reir ortteo om. 7. - l le ror ident l totll em+ ll tioet st nli s1' ili. morao .il 'r arto+t'llo l itt 1 f rl c ewoiler lll o'e htr't- i. tite L or .e brilbled. I ot dils e =ie, w r tll l il s t oi iro r l riel i n.e fi -ilver will Ipply It ]tiri s wall it wasila h w l l ' lldi'l tio ale t Itr e tro llt re I iofidel, who, inr theu to t i t in V arit nlynber f picIt of" silve.rr.r y r answer i, thyar it t w te neiv etllel, tlleiolt a ti l i r, nllroi ll i " r io tortilitdr', Ie'd sl nl - llluosr illr i l ltrf se, r ilt t l, lUr illto t nhtlr rotl ts r of tille t e ll ilrc r l riln'tl-s eft' , of it t r ii t Ire. Ci l sonnill.. twir ir thllre ilrollt r t1o Ic rlnscIr fllted Inllllt'c r, whi r I wole l rte tllerpa d h'rte Io rlli i ioett inl the 'Preshrceria, ltnion -,ol rdtlni'rritdturs, b'rir 1 ,.ver anended eto blrihc hi,, I shouhl have oflered hit al t i s.t $ ;n0, ilia regulalr foe, inrtsad of $ If, ,.hich in all pinthnhiliv, lhe w lund h'lv, llnadl s o s iro-ied ils i-, fie aall no t ia t rire h it t h' e illl n irf, 1 I rd Iie1,i - imbhe oIf uIn£ nt bre, I shct lld r'er-iel-lnir have doseio i ill ir iy troel have iinsu .d hie .rr iepl sror H. 1111" the f11t o e . Dil)Othr beenl lei, ly cT'i n -crh. d to rlot I-liorotl he oir io esoira s otet.ervis o if wiltel nlt have pronliscd to Come n d ex,'in' il, n atient ,1- idle. iotinisteo sf tlshe oel zalloitr or 'Itoo rg . Haed he been reall" c. avertted, he wourlldl no t hli. lit tIv hairrti slo Itrgais'lot tle, Anerianor tr t irio whireho ilt is well koltwn, mir'iolre nO iirll, ind whic toarll opt rior to nlic tll oln rho lpari ie ctlerne. Hiis ricedr..t tfseeh1 In t.l ii. .lrd oltrl-lnse vn ,i literary -ralr. . tefrse rh Ill oe rlottrIe repsrailei froI pspiortle n- htire on the a ,ol tv living vildent bi llonds en hint . I('l ik tr. , tolltl s ti it dlrst s l o lrstch ron irhe 00thu " tha se, tl( le-,s hle is culunniald), a h. l- n ' IIr, cr. he ia a sloitlvorled rioidsl say lco e h s a n-as all ought to aifa well oif te llid Ii l lie rrca tofi ovlesr. I filonoy iti galln nt oltpllr sti (ir r rn d and severol lthi.rcr anillhe yIie. tellt] men of Nalhille, recotlec well the conduct of this pieas expniui~ler of the lldly Ite. lihemr saw sdrh ith demon in hld n eo Rs the lRrr, Ntn tr was the day I eel telo rtilsltl l ritll, hi'ro wle liei tore'o,0so my glo haro st. , i th ti .re iltd f -,tnlhi300 orttn its orlitourdhthve ills rid n Ieiro flo. g i'o nd, far drinig to Ito to pioes iltoini osrot jtl, from Ir dI ttv, I a bribe of 3lit ie is otorieIf tlver! ireally tretm iobied irnl-rct othar Idle "old Gentleman" had or p00red in his avdtn she s d! rI 1t. r I's rtlitol llitdre iefiore Goll atd rli not a.rrlai to Call o1 .rn o witnesr that 1 nevo rid, in the le se Innf I'. Ll- ptlotrlttiC t at oitrdo irs n trllnreti ritai troaiedo-ooy tireIso olyi' I]:Pt 011e.rissohla httoirtt. - IUn 'T. R. C HOWELL, Nashrville, Junr 21, 1i337. P. S. Siane uiting the anove, onr o Dr. WVilliaan& j~etirknaaniha cateliupn inn, nil says he had antnnaiI ant totally losnthe srlhrti lfr unit evaIOr eCseety ya->rr but now deelaren hihneelf ber'.n; that net anhltt, for th irst ltain inl his lifa tiant he can recollect, he coul,! din. tinguiash, with th t rte, ool. e atf thne prmnit'nt: tnre. I larnnthat this aid gaet.atuna lita lived anny v0e'r in thin tdgion, nd raya ha nut been a Mletinodnat during fnrty yearn. }'ours,trunly, augil 1. R. C. r. C IIE'KS tn.\ I HIL.DELP[UA-Fonr an!, Ity YOIt~i . IIROt'Itt I, -_ 21 F5 i' + .r.tna TK'aNER'a bIAith' IOUISIANA,, c~n. &r" A I Nat MAP tln i~a ntlr c Wi its "anal., r t - 'tt14distanccr. 'int plnatt to tIt,, elinaug the tgen nttdaonnam boat router, by If. S. Taeetn. Mtrn nran l' MAP On rite. UNImED Start-n 'rrt ninag ah0 prinripal tnurpinc.. andl aaaan maart, odn a icn are ;eirt a the lnerone i,, llaitil rom mm: plaina n nI to a ,It also the nouna-nt-c of tht namelcad rinnleletlsthroagh out the aaaenr'.', tautI~I v enoanpiled frnanthnn bent u an 3i1TCrlrLL'S T 1'Hn 11.4:,,'4 St'int' Tltitltl~ntr THt LCtrcaLE Lr 'reta a Innt' of te tt- TItanl, t rrran Innt andctnl rmtn. rn.jnjt aenrit.dntt.dfor -ale Wit MI 'rIT ;IN AwN'S PANAIEA. -OlR Ihanle ee of nrheumltism,'er t full or kingsevll,gout, L aciatica o hipl gout, incitent cancers, salt iherm, siphilitic and omerriail diseases, pl.rticularly ulcers nIul miintllerllctioso itthe bones, uleerrted thlrst'. ' nrrs trills, uieers of every description, fever sores, iand internnal cbsess a, filtulas, riles, s:lld headI, scurvy, bites, chro nic stre eyes, o' 'silelis,hlothcs, all every varielvyof en tanIrus affctioe, elhr'oniic Cltarrh, hebrad lche Iioceell ing irn any acrid humor, lpain ill te hstomach nillll Vs p'pisn proIceditig f'rol'mi:'i:rtion, alReetimnsr ofthe lile:r, chronic in!rmmamtion of ilthe kidneys, and generail debili ty causel hy n torpid action of tle vessels of the skin. It is singlarll'ly elliclaiolls in renovalting those unlrntitlltionss whi:rIl have ieen brokenl down ' I y initdoious rtrealtment, juvenile irrelularities. In generl terms, it is Ireon n di nlthoseisese ises which arisr from impuritiies of the blood, or initiation of thie Ithumors, of whatcrer name or kind. Some of the shabove complaintsmav require some tri. fling asistant aplplications, which thcircretumtances of the ease will dietse-tbut for a geoeral remedy or iPrificator toremrveltheonuse,the INI)IAN'S PANAGEA will generally be found sunicient. TO THE PUOi.IC. Heow trie it is, that modern Physicians, n 'their am hiltion to excel in their profession; explore tihe vast fields ofscience eIv the aid ofchemistry, anl seek out itew re mnedial agnts; inshe, to arrive at llperfection i n-Ile practice by means of art alone,-vntirely ovrerlook and neglect, as benenath their l utlasce, the rich anll Iiounteous stores ofmedicine, which tile Almightly has eaused to spring out of the earth in every clime! Adll how muchl more true isit that while the Amerie:n Phtysieian looks to foreign countries fitr manl of his most conmlon aond neeessary artieles, pereretoally ehaoging as rtley are at the elicates offrohioei or frilly, Ire is surroludl in Ihis own country withan endklssprofusion of meflicll plants, suffllcient to aiswer aty iidiention in disesea or to cure Sany cut.lble disoriderI tnl Vetl he is igtu.i'at ofl' their vi' tles, and they .re sull'rerlto'wastethusirhealing on the desert air.' l'ihe effectsof vegrtable medicines upon tile system are tem lonllry--thoseof minerl's lastiing. The lilrer ex cr ilieir' cl'irctllful aiss i li'--the Ilttelrl mnltel. ill pry " tielclrrl act clh'itic lll5 rtrrr thi solildn delc ,niposrti g the bones iralld unlleremining tire constitution by a slow and sil te est Iel t inl. 'iThe congeniallity, efiiency mid SAFETY ol'vegela Ile remlueies ever nlillelral, mla fie estimlated Ib clllintrst ing tle ancient plaetice witi tile modernle; or, io bring it moe immediaitely nler our oIwn obserit'itini, Ith hll l ipractice withthalof the whites. Who, ill Alnerics; nas net known or heard of Ire.llated ilstnlclW wlhereill some decr epid, unprntl'ndin._ fonitle ldihn, hy nwlans of her simple remoedies ialone, has fl' tlt the mrst r:pi'hi and atonising cures, ilftyr tihe tlitira lletitca of tire -m-mlnli prctice, directedl il tile most skilfuil nll:lner, Ihas f.ilc'1, And who hls not been surn lrled in the cIm paI l ati eca.rfsc'. ilr c wi clliie i ti Iwithwh i l ia l llnfrieshil s el" I im ally disease, nilit at the arli st iii t aihstiii lice of hrlonic disviae ouring themr Who hag tu e r ln ! of alt llinh wilh a cnnstihtion broken a.ill ii . teid by ill Itreatnlent? Anid coa a itotit exist that thiris lipiljn ex I empiii orlf the s:~rge from most of' the ill wlhich Ihe Ilr'liilnian it helcir to, is hiell o{till IIg o lriue griniril il i sall!( renlt, lies whchh he e i ploys? ..s "hls asilshll it n tlill etince i s clli! e>s, is tiiftir exemplillition oI. ile intinlte superiority of the simple alnl salt, means of clnre wwhich Gl Is created ir tihe benefit of Iris dliill'en, over tihose whichl the pride sillid the it of man have inl I'From n l illg resiic enre among a portion norihe l oiriiil al inhnhilantsof thiecountry, andae intimate ac;gnin tince willr i he I t liers if" cure o"i'f some os f their most sell its were most einriierinus old g ppriprit e e ini d aler varioinsexpetlr nis trintiatentlteir incip l ld strength, '-ie h:s erminel'd tllem in Ihe fhim hi.e presencid, as thel most perry ct amtl b:,elicial Iir the purpose ir which it i re iiln cl.l ell. I he pnlprietln olfer thills pruepir llon to the publie, a'hhi i the clnllcinuslllssh that he isa placi g iri ithlilheir sea, ri.lit ) I ei pable of reliev .inlliln " of his Itl blil.I il aiml ihhstinti comp laints to nhieh Itt s appliedble. T'o sutch it will pilove o'f hinlicunlable vsbltl i as thile m lnals i' per i haIri hi e ei(i i 'l good with . i rs nown I SI ill Ii l il as onI e hich i clalp ble v t': igil in inI t.reme rases M ltfi l flltrgem At 1 licc :ll( i . Thlisi I s"Ieltlol vt , d mecl Ith: they believ'ed than their lives %, re s edle ir . 's.l i i titn ic sr thei i ad teed intye til tpeu r Itl'ps'l the e nln' I n Ii ediesi in \:ail. 11 he I it is ',, n n i t isrtl. , ll l m uing ion i and Ili , , ierlf, dl9the molt subsItaniIa: L h n t nlinesln; proof l.1 it sI ti I .iltsii SuT hiiie tsi ie h .ti,, r etritrir i innm ut rhiru .lltirig i , l i ithie st-,d Ine :I l s hii d tier' a , " tcc" nhi breld' i tl cr.i hct d 'i" n ahnd Int h 'I, r' IT ist lllcliell I i illi el 1 lh .illllly, I n:I.{' ,I i ciii:ideo0 diease. . ie dig,u. , ]'inne u Inel i b olellilll : hl h i s r I, 7 it l I.l " a d II il II, f o s ,Iieh h . ,ill to ,u 1-i oI..r . "r !, 111 ,1 ,, ,. .,I ~I ill Whei ev. 1.;, r·.. a di,. t ,ii- !n ink ili I -(.l .l I:; iI ii i i lail i (.i I" i n s ill h "h1 t ~ 1 ,, u h' ll is; hf in mei' 11 tlllclilllllllln r lllls In .1' t lw , , i,,I ;!l ,it I , 1.i Ti h tiI ii, ';l 'illi "l Iu i sll 1' m ut o i r i in '1 ,i ,, : . r- l a e t, ', l , ,l i : ' i iI , 1ii.i i . 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I nceI'% %i. ilh. adi t r:sl" l," s t s wl Iltn I 1, o sle o o rlf t ! ig evrce I o lll, slllll .ot I oenI , \hi eve r a dhe t o, hnuk w1,, h i al, I' e les or , i ri n t:ll t, la rlt Ire i ll a s i all d S epl l a sIl.r ti ll IIt llr pse sll, sin litmnch I,, lim , : llss Iie 1it tl lle l ni a o'iw c f~IIi tc l rtie tall.- osI derny , too of h l tl y r i ll! hied nig h hlleilhthI pi.ellu l, ar'. g vlne l sll. thew I'll .1cil hlhenhii n's Ian caiini the, 'n 11) i nhn' ra''n .i Ion . I,,d . IIl t olllld l til, ,i exhihitll i II, 1 ; IT , i si lll.ftt.O r I nle, lt .t ilsslla elrierily o er tihe i vrr's IIn I. 1111r II : CASES tO F SC II'LOUIAL C.\I.S ' Tlhis mat lc'ilri th:il ih.r ill R1 it Ilt's cl ih,;c rlhh wthvry se verewl, ln i d , •l~hl, nrcw i rln''erw Ileurilet nIII betind s ah i gI mw r,. uer rnw ii my lIecn. Atnh r l ing siee.h. otIteII s "i t Iidi ant' I'alw u rr l., , an Io lflct, I has ur hont ll cll tnrldnly ri'ncire lil. ih Ir wall si mini wenlist tie r nt .ltll.IirIteincull' ti.Ircit, (CI'ASI nfOIl.E , :\'I arh't , It II .tr t DeIsan 5loncf th hreoh e rhh .dhe ,o iis Inre I Ii tI s etcllllll. e i te y p lll n iern. iii l w lte hIti .Iis iN k i 1 I 'lvl bms"yselfll tl i a inle. Iurith . Ilesi n opri d lis'i' sies s f lt ile dini e 's ar neHl:leh , I r, i n thihs illei the h ni lrear to lmh own, s u Irlei It l ilia l laLt ,rt Aell ill te cnise tllihtlelietroo IIcnths c ve m o" i. ared' laer sillce.h Imesal e is tly atlelo moll ,a l "imit Iilih.d ha, lill eomnr ed tll theil us of h lli'h ti:s ) r l:ur.d Ill li. si ace ithi r I.ird irlcei rt cilrc , Uli' · s' r d . 'i l', Lan rll ir n ion ha pip ''y to s i ie itlih't I O il tdir mv.{lf r -rfio tly \ Il|, Cl' ra.]. rr l . .i.. l y I ~l I :tl. I T s arelicrtel, f thal iar wilihl ol .1,1, e was sg, 'i wih a sei'' my u c' iuct eie is wrin l c ilernLrae l iieriresi ued bea inth le gaitily utrers iins y heel eAfieTringnt l e ereiilllhersir e iiter ski aniIlllL wi l I I'hihlaelhm, manid lia eve mnlelf inder ihe ret I(ira. er Ptli ti nd ll icei h in. alnel lrlie.atc lil i.or tli ic.LY I s. tNhIeLts e drl lit, ,.cmiin I reshi Prol'etlire, I.ershhaneoitslsrcliv II . drl ris NEW OILLEANS * NAhltVILLE ttAIL KOAIDi COMIPAlNY. Tri tl alockhii ldita c thi company are hereby nos tiled thlht by a realclili ofl the hiord of irce tian pained on tlhe 111th islt. lhe call aloe nn thole oil ihe IJth February .at, ftr the payment of live dollar I shaIe, wasi re-cindad, and the said stoclkhulders are falrtier otitiied that WH.RIEAS, by a i reslution of thia board passed on ilhe 19t1h inst . a call hts heren , ad on the atockholdecrs of lthe New Orle:m. aid Nlshville Ihail Konad Cnlaafncv for the litll,,wing payoriits on the tile stok held reilne lively hy twli, tiz:--nwo naiia per ashre, pavahle uoo the firdt dy' ii 6liteimhler coot; two dllara ler slhre payableOn the iirt aInY, of LDeeimher next an1d t Sdhllarltper sh:re y~inyle on tife li-st day otf 11aich inext. N- a'liceciibe ir it reslvedl, thl l!m,mrv of this cmlmpny shall lnltify the share hnhleIs thnel.inl thlouh the public pr ti of the citytlhat iin nltrnity wi, thi -ixtl sectiuln of the chart.r, the. me perimit l to miiotponre any paIIynIint eallled in oiin is stock if' saild cri;liiny for the crm, of sixtV days, frolm and after lhe iday oil !hich it ii miad payabl, wititlle ex /est ao, diio, however, tlhat ifnnt reIlarly Iaid withli IIf: taid prinln.catila of sixty dys, franm and aft "r ih'" ny on which it shouil have h eel paid, that then the lstoink .iin whli'li sai: paynentlshould have hbee oiude, is and ream u rolfited to t lhe comimaly, the charter oni that point lrmin ilmplrptive. Il, colnlrmtity therefttle to sat clt. all, it.,ch of the stnclothlders io said cnom ny, as. hllilnk )r ,ror to 1nt ofif II , pa? ,eallls onIl their sto'k to the h, , of tile ad.litimlial .sixty dloys, w.ich the ell rer Sllows thsm,ar n.tlifirdthat tnhe ..payment l ( two d(U Inars pile r shr called fr,and dile on thlie firo, act . hm1lncr nextl tnay le postone.d tinder tlt ni.nth nre.lln of Pail charter, tInhl ll. :ltl day iolf teober ext, tiiat d iie i n ihr lint day tf llece'mher next, inac be 'p. poelal unlil the :i iih Iy of . tn- ;tr'l f II, p^v oment of two0 [l14 - Iw 11 lp.r ha- c ll,..l 1i r l. t In LJ ." the111 Iv fI" April nixinlt. jxtracta on ta iitiia, of thieorar.l jtne i A It Nent.ti, ,ectry. ltn.ethatle Jn IN II GtR tlA1 . STATE i') .OIUSIANA.--Psrish Court for the Jt Porilsh nd t ity of New Orleans. rjI'HE ST'ATE tOF LfOUISiANA. 'lTo il whom .'. thane ho'sentts shall ciame Greeti,-Whereoas, by the SherdFT o' i the psrih of IMeton, the property ni h-rvifter demnerlbed, ile s nn plie I to Ith cloertk thi elno eurt, i i w rhoat nlie d the tlheep (io le d oo recorded 0n tO tl 'nd dayo of A pril, A. I .1138l, foer t monilion or adrler- ' tisoelen!in e nti~lrmi too an Ict ol 11iAto. of ilhe gt irtote of loiinr, eoitlitleI l'An out for the fill 5thor neau tes o titles to Itlchs:lleor ntjdicial arlesic" elproved hi llr 1th day oel' Mrch, 18 1 i NO\VW, letrfirr,know ye, e nd nil rsoons interested herein, ore here leclted alld illllnil io i thiet! neale of i the State of Ltoisiana andi e if tie Iarish (t'art, , hitiall onet lP.pany IChit, title or citi in oiand to I, tihe property, in cosrreqtelto sol tao inflotolity in the c rder,decree 1or iudgetrnt of the court aohier whh tle nsle itoe mntde, o nnvt irregularity or illegallitv in the appeirsements antid adlertisments, in time, tr manaer of sale, or for any other t'efert wteo- I' ever, toshow cause, within thirty days fre m therday this monition is firot inserted in the pullec ppers why the eti nso made should not be cinfirmed old home e Iog'ted. i1 'lm said property wan stold ty the Sheriff of the par.I ish afolbr ril on teim 4th day of April,A. D. eit8, hy p virtue of a decree of this Court, reondered on the 5th day of I'ebnrv, A. 1. 18:38, it a esit etutleld Alexandeo r Cn hlwa ll o u.InJm es Ho l-e as, No I ,3fi 7 of the docket ofi s this Couirt at which rale tie said Jamesp IlonsP e becamer the porchoser for the puice of twenty one uhornsend l lesoriptiop.of l'relert as given in the Jadieial Con reystice, riz A eertain it of grountl Sitrated in the soherh Atn niei:oation alias I.tenrse of thit square No 5, .and lot having Firench mactal e, til Iot (reotltn ol'choit pitonolos trert, :tt6 feet I'rent on ()ltlogers treet, ald ltO feet on I a enttle dt Mite b( trnt, iiutoauh n mnoiner that said ot tofrorlnd is eilt feet wide f'rom le hid. of thi Ie oqre to the othler, together with a dwelling" hlose frontg oto 't'elopitoolas tll, teie hkitcilen nodll d peodenriet, ilos the distillety rsoitlill m nts erected hereoll and tiher hllitldilte and otilt ettOvnetO , thee mnchintey, utelrris, impletento and fixtorehen hmoing to lsaid distilelv, ts ditspecdcn ems and pa ilrenaner.s. end the rightn, itiotnton and privileges theretu or ill any wise npptlrt'ainitg. SC'lerk' Offiteo, New Oreons, Mlay 7, Il:8li. - n4 ,^4dj3 J. (.1LI111 Deplty Cflerk. r E'I'AT Ie L. LttU2.OA2lA--lt u e io'at tsoo por lt pa:tt"i se el till I N. 'It.t N ltotll Orle:h s. elr 'A lI)E I. )UISI\NIh.--A tolts cells qor gs ot e, eoillltr Ctteltllt.ullt, Salntt : Alttllellt qlte Ilnlcs o t ens noI lltache d lt o mtllto Ite PIol It f . Stleif dehiparoisse d'OI rleanll, h It, prir lb ci- lprto dec'ittr , s'esl llrtesdr al lc.'l f: de c.elo Co o ll l tditc' retto't 'celbreglstre Ift' sinetjtoiurte Slot io ott'e t330, poor I tI tttis eollllltmt neit eitt i tt l :tol; lie 1It I.b1 gislalt e ie IP .- Etat do e lsti na, ttitltulf' ht' ltot poor onttfter let Ih'e Srlie. I 'ii lrigi llnralls l it les di' oll s 5il" ap i ,(Il It I1I latrs 18.k,. Qo,'il soitonnotto ert.tottts pel'tsnnes io't i' e llt'c lttt p r t cest esentes slltlt llct elt tltom li e IIi' Outui u to I tell r totoottitldro et t It tetnlcti( te ti-alctioS S tt'it', e nl .tt lseqtttt, e' ti on elct ormli t edit, l inots O o , lttttte i tior t oit oil le jolhi 'ottt de a'tielor, titt terht - tll ll |otelate fit e tll ra, li oet tl e tll ie tiot'dit(,l ' lle et t diote fneal'tl o d l lohit o i i ou 8 le tet Is'otte l od oe le I e to l t li to p lt e f0l'e ite lnet.l'onte; o I 8i0 . i{ht iato ttlltite tI',0 e otdo fe t tI. hlite aio o etetto Ae ol, 1itclllmla r:II sie or litr te etUnit Itts et ho Aholoiguhr 1o i I.u pio rihtc fot venrltt pIar ]e sherisl mudi l In q o-" t titotxitl:e o r d'I vrtil dot I'unim e ]8:8 in v'rlu I'oll Sdlet tte cell e l t 5 l de fvrit.r tlo Itltelll ne 1tIo.t, Syelltae elit Jame. IhMase s'est reedtl oeqreltcr pouoor Il prix de $21,11n01. Dewriftlotde hot Prop'it(ttt'oprooo, 11 ^ll.tnillo I t t e terrld lto t nitt f tullfo. .e dlr, \t100"l eia lioull alias |,III'neoI F Irte r rill, villi· dolln ,ll ' [ 'i i " 5 led t lot e t ,ret-, rt Iamv ort [ll+,.l' I· for o ,1 lr ,] fi. II n1 +, 10ods lle r )11 I': fn l e 1:11. (Itel lu illltll'..+ Iin.-Il -llFI'1'+ Id," I l n io lte dets tl , ttl oost' 11 p Itdo . , )oe tit. ltitt faooI,'h: d I t s ll \lto lorht t ti sorto . le ,lIt (o de teartb it SnixanIP p·110 d. d11 ,1 it, I I llr ..'l.tlr bo1 t h { d,'" rile~t 1 l 'l tii pensellhm , le lleai m ,ti]o t .nutll '' Ilt t, 1 f i ie ''l L'ho"I 111 l r..l a II o ' ili t d pell e -t, ,i.i i r tte 'l u teti'ert ' toot-,' no r I,' ith i., i , 111,t . I'l lI, I0i- ii et n 1 (li+rati1 h "lo; b , e11+i'.· . - i u hnsihq t1-n11l ti .(-.r'. tIolt r'etootle ; ' ih' di~ lilh r,' as dh ood- , I', + all i lpn lttl···l, ll'e 1 .l's i . .111.-. Iei'[ii) 1,11.ti,'. Jh r,+;t l ci( llit t:rt1fll erNO +Nou le rt, l s. l t 7 1li'.| i , 'l,. SI . jr·l. !3ilj .I.. ! I l.l.l l l(" Ih u I r t Ir. 'rr I t .ool '.l·rqd ih· oi-oIt ( i'tolle" at Btt'' itito. s, I .. 1mD'" 1 t1"",: ,, 1",.ItO.." l of .i r -, , o, '- . , o' lli '' oii 1 ,ltt l ,til' ,'it. tllo'' i ,t l ,l toI t" o.~ i.i , ' ,:,,. it ,, l I'to toh i' i i io i i llo' l' I% \. i " i li h,, I. .., ,i i .h:, ll., 11. ''t". e"" 1,' i o'i', ' , l,, 1 , i , ,,. :"11, I lan o: 1 lclv11 1 1,11 , . ,I"." ,l,1,,,.. " '.. . ito l . l oll 0 t ''e t`", :o t, .d 1,.',111.. :' "I 11·~ ,nil " ,;.1, 1111 thei 1i r ',111 ofi. .[ o ri al ,-i i ii lll Ii++ : Ii + 1 ·" toi pi I, , t, i . , i, I '. !1, f;,. ' ir.,ll l f,+ "!' '" ' , f '" , ...i li, 11.1 1t to, $lil.j· t.1 ot1 1 . t .t : lot ,, I,:,t ,i t it l it+ root t "toot n' .i-. I t t ,' i",'to o l "'1h ; i'olo , hI loo l t oll SI It :t , ttt , I ",, oo elo, ith A,- lt ,. n i.l+ t io Iit4I lh - I. , i ih ,,:ý ot tl't'lh oo J oi, og ooo to \1 1). ot . ll;A 1 31. 1o.1 . .I}Nt.i tile ' ;It . F t loo , 'o \''l'. i'lo 'o, N. o t'Ito a I lher. The++ i le O oitli litiir he Ii . 111'itolsir.0~ , o ' h. 11is eW.1 ' 1,' nod , rto o ., t lgoit ,t I t(i>.. . fr ,, o .l , 10'.J lh ill t c., S I..t Otq:tiin t - ,K rI o , ' " '.,",.elig. f',m shi,, N;,sh',,l; , I. n ".I d' , tisifio,g Io el t, ' ilt oi siil a l roL t co I 'dlo II duaity; Id halld, lnl stlliit wa\ i ".,: ,. Imhl;,, 'hl nitll i tlines: men's l illno c lit wt1l Sll a Id y,, Itptli s: men's lilne .all :,i llar kippea cl p lgged sh -o.:li. I I'~Iumw tw illollls; il O.l . kil nnl wir pegell ' s el sy , P ,i1 bro;lsil ; geotlde i.en lI qii ality callswif .i c' . I,,ao will .ni :h k IDnwinilgs; ih calf wll l 1Il We;n1 t tkit" g oes mid lll no .Is; ,i' elf, seal ,ill d C,~o t. I tdiiC slhows nnd slip g s5, dn call, hall amt sewa ot, Snow arlitilr e; do line c:lll st. I (:ll indI oC(ll lCt) qlul Il lts;t Ifurs', mis.uul0'ld clhll le 's eli and, 1 sol ,d Also i ,g l rl l l Iget-ll":,h i 5"1'C C C t 0 ar t Ilni ttlOs aimtt ttt , t l.l ll, t Wilk 1D M(1CMl ,a gllo 01't llot lity, 0rl h 1, 1 ttrgltIs, 0oillt inlIt I .1ks, Iidue ext.'rssly for dit otin uone; a :Ipod as. S t:ll of mnuen's lil' anl slout kip ruselrl brogans, iw trticlhi tl. Otitoe qlu:tl ity oft ant ihlrioI quality) I r sbletnd wat brttohtng Llhdies' fine callf, sea, e nllmrocc nlld grain welts, toll pmp sol,. slluSt1es; ,o fine Fi i,3 . %h1roco anlid kidl run 1. iiI lippels; do roi:, , solll5 10, ill :il without oi l e tol; I c tlll I illalll : I s 11 111o leath r bo lh s; do r11 11 liso - ;, al ii,\,od 1 h elliet . .bI I sq05s. l..'iii s ping shnq :im, t glts. CUlhleln''sottlot.dt Mortoo otsl looti.glro Sentlnh 'hil i' lin le'shionll le Ni ck silk hts ill no l00ck In ihral bt lrrll hvn lo il srul lloo 1idll ;do imiathion C. rai snn blo nd l iand l'r I . trim no ';line (I bd, ;Iii Il. lk ltllhsil shol t n: llied hits, a n0ew arittile. i t'olh t I, ".e siz hatlls of dillelr'.t I hu lilies; I o el l sihtl1.l .. it "~', and I:y's hhackn d drlh wool hi|s of varino" ssl els, with general isorlllUet iof bo)s' aod men's 0 caps. 'I hls lIasslllitren will he replenishetd l ly the arrival of tl i l tcketl lrnlllthe out re nl mlll cities, all 1. wllich S;i l he sold on neolmlnolltily ell.s, tl l-if 11i IN'I'A 1 i ilI 1..l 1 .2I FOIt TllE TEETIH. S 1 14 Ef . e s tn h lin l h el re p u lta tio n n m l or r tm.tly t t ncrtt o ;nit dmlallnd lir thtis ebllol ttll o reoly oi lll ,i ind pre servnlive of thre teeth, has induced die soh-enter lffer i Ito the Ailltrilln pblltlil'. Arrangements lnv ,been made to supply nIItttls iln il tIe L I pllll l citie nld Ito nl il tie Ullited lStte, I1 s III tplIce it ithi the reo'h IiI lltose oslltrilt ulln, likely to sulher this noot hbttrtltomil.g of 1, o ahlte.,I't'otlttthitr. II'hen applied a colrdinll to dirctlions given on bottle, it Ir.s never Ioit ototo fll'rd itno ediat and inlt nlt re!i,f. It alslo arrelsts Ihe dell:o Iit lohcltiv eetlll,anll reliCves I I lt s It hichll's loerq.llitt renders a strong !'i l[h cslles The applientiln anUl remelllPdy are silltle, i nuovtelt, an Cot ullpleasIl; and1111 thle large nlllotber of per0sons it dilrlerept sections if IlII coitltlr, that hIve olr ldy experielced sluch del:ihi'fu ind slaularv eth.l s I'oem tile ut e of th1e BUlo, SOre otady rivalled qmltet. It is an Indi:i rsmedy, obtained tinglllhorly ol uteipeilCdli, ndi tia • Ilh regarlo1 bt llto crilized w,rld o s Iollt tihle l valuable discurto reolnlui ol' the ooonnd. !'sice .1 lr boll lI. Soltd hv JAI{iIS &. ANDREWS., r o Clr CorCooo1mnh o Il "l'ci h ulllilUlho 'ii t o t . Nl 1 BOODS--Navrl Sketchi IloInk, ol, the Serviot A.lltioand htiore. WiVth chrncllteritic relminisceel zes, fralgments nd o)piions. b1y the author of falhsol a o 'ur,&ce. seconds series, in Lrols. |i0lli00lll Recolle.tiotlO 'If tlht IllILO tth ComolnlnsM , f'ttl It'e vettor 10:i ll[ Io rio te o ilS. ttio, m htlu tligu .i . nil sketirhes olltht ltlding lltllber--ly one f Ii par yi0ll trcived aod tor ,oole Iby \ MlcKEAN, I.lI' T PUl. U;ICATIONS. ( lROilt \I'l.l, an ilito Io ll \ouvel, i tihe au tihor of o1I "'lh lire others," lc. ill 1 vols. Io pohitr lhliioie, or lotmily Advisor; consitinIg of o ill mes of Alnllolny, I rheio'no', n,. Hv(ienr with ohot hio Aosntoo I liteoto Is toty ,"o'oo th o i i n titsl o rlt h w t oilt'r ld h il b Ito. iCsto 0 111,,, iIIII1. 1·ril o l~l'}, Fll { R1 11 110Ir 0' :I. ..;? . C 0 I r,1.1 : l 1 1 i i ill t ir n 11i 'oat! ' ;!. 1 l li1t rcene I aud i'nr -ale b \ 1 " 'l:.lN, ' .,,or "I,'mp an, C,,'oi on sl. I N.ItI'ICP.--Tho , Ilerofo .I',t:t ptlikta Isrrrllll t dioe tihll Mtdam lllole irtqltl1llrll0p, per ship tsotottn, foin Now b'ork, i heresto not led thlat thle too' I iton h, OTVT IN 1 lVERY&iCO " JUSTPUBLISHED PROM STEREOTV PLJTES, The FYlth Edilion of ROWEIiTT'S TABIS IO IN'Ti'tPF.T: T O which is nc w adltlec to Avlerge Time Cnlelan tor, or eint methods fll flintg the avernge lime i oi s|toage, nlltes f hand nr bills lof goods, wllhen ir. iL ehased at. different dates, eh different credits, laid for 1varilus ,=mlont hllside sis usefil and ethnpflete lilankling T'ime Ta lc, the isc l Ilat en he ent"rived. or that fi gurell an fCr aluce within the same enllencnd compass, u size nflI;p. All a.vertisement in thebook is in learll thle follow ilg words: The high disinteion this work lhas received throngl the ten Ih gillltivto nets prefixed to tihe title page, is a re commentoltion in itself, so ntllmmon,, and an et encIta sie, I tI nulthlin i tr neeessr)y more tam1 i,) y way of Al verltisement, to giea e nlhttlltl vin'w of sonlo os its pe' enliariti*s: n: fIr' illtanee, the interest hits heen eomlops. ed front, oand ealmplted with, what is equivnlent to four teen seisr elenilaotioe, examined in the press thirt . five limes, and printed itom n trentype plates tested thirtyty-one time, from ail which it mnst ba evident eoen to tie skeptic (elxpeially ne ttht te total sfthe de-' tail l" ]roof in tile preacee) that tile werk most I e arilh- I eetedally infallible, oltd in ennfirmation oftits beliefs I pelnium o1' two hunsIIdreI d fifty dollars, in now offer et fr the detetetil, of lln eror of a cent in the resent or fifth edlitio, as expressed in the prefee, naking five I lareel remills ofiered frle the slme error sincethe first lellilcatiml in Ithe year 1811'2. Onte of the mnost collnsp s feflllt of the tables is inthe Irntnlgemlett olf l e ilile aed Anonlltsn, whil t til- ext.editittns, roference orald persplilenv, with the help I oftie aidle otdl iriex, eomlllet he excelled andt tht mllfy ty and arlre with which the in:eretl enll flt stttif to te extent of general business, without tdoublingg oi'snms is bIesides a eonvenience n essential, tllit in thi estlma tion of some oi tie most competent and protecalt I.i Iless men all pnbilll ofl, ers wIl hate mdle egtl It v e nol thle work, it Ihas been dliitillguised hl the iontolatle alplellition ef'fa "master pinee". Andl onsiderilg Ike illiliblility of the method originally adrolte it eomlosillg thoe work, anl thle rxtllorlliuary uulobet nlld variety of the examinations, and teats of every edition it has passed i the Ipes, eotwithstlnlling the i, hole is in stleent l)pe, nllsideltlfig, in sliG l, hie positive aecurcey secuired lI' the tnlpreeelo ltred means eslnlty sil, the no hllinellhs heen hleld tit andl em .,hatieally ityled't Ille noat wonllerfl hook In tile waslki" most certainly no "ntaent s ntames figure work ofthte same extent, wslich since the tegheei ng ofe creation, l has hd tlhe same nu111 ber anti earithy of tests in the same number of ellitors; no. ao' one tlfl the number, as is elearly shllown in the f preece. Besitles, a test ann d stnedarl, it has bee tried andI prced in nearlVy llthle hank anll pulie oflices in the Unitelt States, au hll tllhe pbllic golerlly, lluring the n111 plIt'tiod ol' thilt"t-fie 'relrs, yet nlo errt nf he ral ellltions has ever been ilolud in print, alltongh enthinl alle chfllhle'gl'd hn the fl'er l'l very large 'relllnlmns. 'lThe inll fttexllprsIly ndlipted Iby all thesourts oflaw cl svrn:ll ofl'thle Sintes as tile " 1ate oPi'c:hulalhin lor ltatuh interest," as also hyv Iw fo ha llk illnterest, let'cording lls the Bolllk is lsell, nll as ay be sen il spart, I) .,e Ilales of the slllsvribctrs nti a tfelw of the sulllbselueht plutllrl'hrs, inlhe hIt althecdll of ila boo1k, ]isn jIloesi, l 'ri'ry clle)ls Ill citiellns in evlerl lllllur tco"flie Unile(l StaLtso It is moreover well known that, by its rearly eheek, it Ils 0so olftln detected larg- errors, long ifler texy wereI made, eet by tile most carelofill andlll most conmpelent arillthmetic:tms, fat its aseflllness, al fhu, ahsollhte ne cessity ftr its tuls'e, halv been txlinnilyr,| illnsisted ii rn, so evident, incel, late Illbeen its antagsllll,.l anld its savings, 1th1t, ser'rl tylarsago, whilst the first edition was scarce, anld lout of pint,4i glrealt 1.umber of second halnd eolpies weLe gntllght r. somlle to I gre t llistnllee. ld ill'over: sed :t pal'mll s II.iEt.s, s they "Olll Icellsion dll e 11, 111t ti111 fro11: elll lo $25 p ct' oy,:nll .nore persn,,s h*:lv rece.. v ih elare,, a1nd intalle.s . 1til I I., , in eId t lh l t li', w el t pl I 1 .,1, 1 ' t1t, An11d 1110 Siw A .,, , 11 sot to I le had f,'r it-,, wl :.n inditid al n1 the hlth'l i' ltI lllC. pil.lllll'oIli t , Illin'' g It thIll 011. 11' i e illrxhl1 l lt sti sac t r1111 ro 11, l to s.,,r l ' p l lrns plr seIlll ll th i it wi i IIIr llll a lll lll(ltlh l '11 llln e Ill n.tore thln lllhe salin ollel al rv I al' b . lhe tnlte, hlie hrungt; :1 ,.; ie , anusl i n pi blir flice. It is lik IeisIe w lhly i ' 111, 11n e 111, ioi rI e l p11111, l p' r to t1 le n, that such +is Il,, inlture 0)1 floor wolk generally' W ll 1 n..,p t i iit Il l llW1h 1f ilIt lxle l . 1111p 1 I, l a 11e of1 lh,',l tit It ,, Ihat land this boh ,k 'r its lk.1 b.e,1 pr'll:n' 'elld i1lhr II I , 1· linl0 1ln'lle, h the l sill em 1 .1111 vI joLL t' 11rllll 'i)11 111 ' the w1o l1,':ul .1 hII1 n111. 1 111.. il lt I s elit otll, lh t el r I s n~11o n l n., I t tll ci 1 ,.f l e, tlli h ll-t w111nh. 1 1 .1 I'll ' Ito I Ii h 0' i , h I. l , I n, llt ItL. re1 , IlI'l l1.s, rllll d ,tr tI any pll l ile, as 11. t pro" I ·e Rat liesu I' \l , h .iim, lint so, ltl I i t n d ' . ,1 be o1'e ti s,'1'~r , tte : ai,, o I"bt is w..l m' . 1 '', u , sCt 1 , ci·t+ IMutIn, withi I ,In +on . , II ex, I ll, l i+ + 1,1t111i;i t'o,=, 'g .i i' IIII, I'"' h. ,Ir;,ii, ". -t ': l., lh+ . Illi,) t '. l ll:u.tll k, I 1 i, f r e ( t I . \n I fI iI lv I (l.1 . h -t 111 ,. 11 , 1 I. , lI ,~ '.1il h, i, li . I, +., ", : ,, .t . i'" {,'o,,+ t e d , , ... . 0 11 ,,I U tell. i .i I . .1' +i* II, .". " . . .. i i, '!.,+ 1 .,I , ,I ..l ,1 '11 e,;11 1 ~ 1 - . I tr11 l, . .1 ,, 1 , , I .1111, , l 1 1,1 I,,t ih.:1t ll 0l0-1 - l ol, -'o Coo t ,, e l afI; I. h el, l ,I ' S , l.,lo Il,.,l I ' e i e . 11 lll; .f e , , 1i 1 , 1f11. ' ,. 1..lo , It I .. i to. , ; 01t1 .1t, ,1r In ' . , ik lll 'Il . '.. . i r. I t e,, o,. im . e, I e.,, l l,, "o =l ' L I ,,, l h h lon ' ln'<Iee r, I " , I. "; Eb l , lle r 11,' I o "t t. 0 A,,,0 ie o roet.' lo' I ,,,, ,0',y -' ,, ,y,.' i.,` !.L, \V r.; h : rdt. \fl f, l \ 'iS , i U;F fl .S ,; If C rc oal, ' i, v 1 , t "i\" i , b'.o, il' -s1;. VL \I G.StIl.\VE l'S PR'st,,FUTI R1'1,S. J C 'I AMil, 11 1. Corner ofIho elo, i lnlltord 1l onl streetsi Corner of Cana] and I].ui b/n streets eitEII' & M.\I., Ibo,Si', ',oltt:,,otort.mmial Inr itills of le follow'ing 'aolll alnd m't lesl x ecuted~l iln a masterlll'| muanll.r Wools .I 'MATIlBt.E4. . Mlot goy, Egypltian Iltsek onlI gold, SItl,,ol d Anlioe, I'olltrd do, Oriental or verd unilue, Hihds .e do, lb! by r toite, Sah k iod, tPotomac, Hair Wood, Illove or Ilurdello, Yew Ttree, IIoliai Wlilte, Cor'onaodle or Black Silnno and lBroecella,. ISa \olod, I Ameori n CGrey, Asnh \\tile Oak, k ao. & ion. Col'Icd Elm,, Slpeimdans to be seen at tlt shop. Pailts. oils, glass, ocol varlOllib, k. ob haod i dtor saIle. jrEUN,:,TIEVI:!r II&HEAVY (IilO)lJllI.t, olllolor n ual Ibndile iroll, well a.sslrted. I1oold,1 5l.ol and rol iron,lb I:il fulls anllt plolugh iiill illl Cast, German, dlshear, blisteraed, spring, sheert and Clrow le.. stet:l lallllw n~l\·clrt rill anol weoupltetils a tll spike, Ziflc, hlloek flu, mill nlllrtll g sm +ules, trtllt k.llles Chhli et slC% anchors, howt.+ Ox, lo b to tlce chnains, corn mnills Alilsr vices, H:nlamlrsll onllos Whoen sheet,'io an ho r lbad; obot Cbatl, aIot coloking stotres -Ailns, Itowillld's alnd (Ithe 5slades anla lnvels lhnok anld phint hhnges, door awnl whndow hooks I':ii.'III n(l .l:ulli~llll t:JrLIhfiV, II'iI:. L(ld Iwiu¢e IIrlI sllal sheall lollh oologlIe Nu ooll sall'a a t s, Olt e atI b r i atl stores eA lt ll e snselarlalt o hardware allnl sill elhonollle.. lwl. so lilt Ilkntl, a tntd wli ollHae olell t':r 'ale t w e anit h o rtel il r at tll llst favotale ltams, hy re~i+ I o\ VI`) r N I. Co. 5.30l I °eveer. HARR~OW. I EI'£. SPRlINCIIS TIIREE DA 1 Jo)URN Y .11O,1 NE IV ORLEANS. flTE pro arieter of etlablilhtotnt has the plea 1 sure Iat o llllllllllcil to this altliettIdt n Itt e tputblie in getleal,tt at he will le io realdie-aly thIe lirst lev ofr bIln to receive vioitert. lie will a.o lato lie l the'be. lefit ol te nt al Ih-ttna'+, that tIor bnvto letn btrao imllprvemUnt lo e, oodobee ate olng ao" an1 g n ralpid pr'lgre.+. lb- com;lpletionl, whlllch will elnalble the ' tlor lel t tl tI t nltll t e llll IIICh IIt llltoba than Ittotlltal nr t the sIa o e ttunlot Io elI belI er. 'amlllil l cnll he Iaccellllnleldluldl| ith good room.. Or hllse \who ,rletr atu lte large rubilb , erlachel froln llt ailtin oildinog. It is ltellletl leOoLneeoL:I.ry Ito .ea anetlhi:ug in plrIe lar a tolt oehrner or thee wt orsta, Cit ii res raty bdelicvel It lat t al nor tl it f-ior t anoy ill the Soair - erel .tlltPes. All tim .fvlull~l¢'~lll. rlh:111 live .'ll1:1i;'] IY h-art -attit o hht thi pal rt ol th utoe-tr, alt tJI Ih e Ito h dae hte r.,,.ladI wilt h ,o in tou -a at S.-.,,,,.,-. .. ,..:.-..:. 1'~., ,!· r, II- I ,, ,, pres to ttoulnOt fll T..... t . . .. . . \T 1" t r re m. in -· -t-- -tot,,~ at I, p, I ttl-tnl t n t lo h 't ot tlll I, I l iup llo o i.t lr jaIl recivedI H-lrc'|I tI!,Ile "m jstre at :P I M.AIL ARRANGAEME NT Northern Lail, De Evnrv Day at 12' M. C loss EvIerIv .ay nat 10 A. M Wsterai D every day, Waed-esd ay by •na fu Ctes evarry Mlandnv Wdnesdla Costl, tnl Satirday. ly 9 P. STheLakeMvail 'ls tit'an v, lhursny, a "l'helnkrwln~il gSntwnrd, I;v fi I'. PI. wvin Closes, every Monday, Wiinealsday TIMES OP AItll VAL, iEPARITUltUl DISTANCE &e. of the Exprea1 talli, ctilraa'I Mitlie and New Ymk--loaving Mobile dall' of 3 P. 1. Nartlwar New York doily at 5 P. l southwnard. Arrives Arrive Northward. Distance. l'ime. Iteturn'g Mtontgomer, Ala. 2pm. 198 n's 23h I1 In. Colnmbilts, ia. I1 81 9 3n. m Mlilledgeville. a. 2 133 144 24 p.m SColmitil..a.S.C. 7 am,. 163 174 10 Itanleign, N C. 24 215 22 12 Warreaton, Va. 12 m. 55 Ri 0 Petersbllrg. Va. 1O par. 83 10 9a. et RiehlnamlVn, I am, 21 3 6 a 1rderilcksluir.F, 6? 7 p in. - W\V inglon city, a pm. 61 l I Haltimorn, 6 38 4 04 Plhiladellpial C am. 102 1 2 New York 2 pa. 90 B 121715 1413 . tr 5d2 3 ittthlinrdl. Coming Solthlwanl, the lilne is til lour trless; being5 daas anlt 17 lhours. y 'I'IN 1IOA.lS ISIdWA I). a AIANAWAY from 1ll9 Carondelet corner of Ilovri S elraets,on Ithe night of 30111 of Auglst, and was aeai .he nlrext stAring in aavdrtni street, ani negro Iy naiedt rceIIAIIng E, aborit 7 yaird nr ai , end 5 fee ortler Trrenb a soui h rtl,-h ,,.rv ili latoik, al tlna e i pa ila a recent ert; ie hehal , whrtn hle enrt ia. y a whiln Ncolton or linetl shirt in d while cAotlan p tion s SMasters of vessels and stetm bnaltaI erif Ciaatiatad a t g ainst receiving orhnrborig sndi negrn, am wel ns a oiler persons, as tilae tlnst rigour of the lt will he trenfolced against tha m. a 't e an uhot rewart will be pat l Sifndehlive-ng him int. rno of the jlllls of either n, fhu Amnicipalities, or alt 162'Cnorndealt, corner of evie. e wtreet. letp IN (ll'lc:-lul liae c a rttinershiii heretofli re existing la inda r th. flirt, oal )ubno&hi. (:nnrt-nt , Ina aeela dissovedl. The subscriber will liitiitlate the nfalirso the concerntl ill this ity, and reirtin- ail ptlisons iadeb . a d 1t Illu lnti til t o hi m lialn tand illln lhn sllovin clan rie t ,t hem i for tthlrn rati. nr n I8-3 _ oI ARtlT8iO W. W. S\VAIN. No. l' rant!l S.reet Atr Orlnaan "I TA S tdw nv + i a a h a n d in atn ill e t rtea e ilid, ia D rt l %, yes, (Jhvmicultd rd I'uII illlmlrl.the I "hrc ISr' I1f1I. tOI)Y'ES4 , uli.n. . y r , ,,rg , red.. o aelllt, A io i, ASo lieao , a LIArtnitIa t a'ir lilsta, r'laeplan, do I ra lil rl, ed, Ii llgt Ilont, , dlo do fl Anr.'er,, do , n, I a staaolt , r e, aad , 'Ihm n i, la n (itall,r, iil a, a .o stlil, In ti l ella~a tal I r eam p In en, .in o {A lInn, "I o .\ ie , . .ogw¢nd, c, n l e hy alitlish, n f ie ntisnl' rA ida, de St li Mtningt ,, :. a niac, It, .iatinclat, ta tiinn, Chlwntd, o do tln set^.l': p , it,: .gaa, llll llonlellre ,l ,..In i rcn: ip , ael,] ,1 n M LA 1 . l dod I lacn. lit atittiaI , itnuII CAI.S. ihlt h), Aa-li, ti it'o ido eiln .l I¢. ice 1i11.h - tt tji lth t. It lh . i ll, It-',I,--t 1,.ie, ,h n, I.-, l t h -ti S{iii Ia-. llt . i -i' lit t : ti t . ly ., ,.+ll, Ei, 1,. ' n .I , Iut ,111 1, i1li, , itli'i i. - '.- Iti "I a , ,\,, 1 , , , , ,be I'i' , ni I I. I -, h I I\. 1': l ., , h in . ., ...... .. . ~in nn ...... ... , I., + I lnl n, in+ ,,, , , It l ,- :t itit tn a lii ei a 1, il ,, th ,,~ li l t a, , i li , ll .tt.\ ti mttla-ni'! ,,, t I ta.uI, ,il ,.i I t,1 a, bylI tll , ,,, i hl|ENJ v o . :11 ,*, ' gl .=, n ,. a t1 i SI tctsetl"VS'e''),t.&t- . & - - &iin Spnina,' in ei vo i t A 7'ritsx ofllndt,.n reHarnrter, ns eerrn rl y ap lirnhll Ito the Aleriines ni NrIth Amerii,it by ''Jmnlr rEsq The Politiral Grammor, of the I'n;ted Stoees, ir a eal.te nit-w of ltll, alld i"in'lii'e of thie genr.n ntd ote i' g'eIIrnlllnill witii le rtiitlibti we IelitneCI thIem -dediah 'd lull 'dnpted to thlte aeig len of tihe United S itrt', Iv ' I) i :an ieia ld, l NIq." tiunro'# lleulin$ Touri' ilotrraii ernrl with hnralcter otlte enelultlll, nvnlllnne il tddiIggs "i rlirg men, in elditng notices iiiihe irin:ipaI ern:k rhtierns of ngltnd with inalytlirtal eontints, and general itdex of naone,2 FOR TIIHE CURE Of S* rofitl or King'a Evil, (hraonh Itbeumntismt, ltlhlonii Cllninetlll 1mis- Iaialn it tin tnnlles,by free, 1it of Aercury the htend bingi in vitiat e state. Tlni very coenlcntratedl Sirot. is prepanred wilh the greatest pbl)lnlllceUti cl:lrl i'nnl ac race nnd co tnin tile a"1aie,' ir cipi-ilil" .t"i in+niarilla in te maost ert rutllid elgree cl'oithiind wili otiler vegeltabe saobstanee of known etioI inicv tlheit ttnnat desi ratitm nith phvsitiana in being cil to exibit n |large iquintitt of Sstaptarilla in t ama d tse, has been hitiilned in this pIreatration--ltey, lmintt f1y convinced of its nIllri-., confnidentnlty oaduitnitter the '.ourie of thciir irtett-e. P'rice $1 50 it o Iittlh. Sait nily at S\VAIN Ilitt)tl'1 lIt'S dIrttn t .itie No. I ]Cafll 'trect, wits mnv i' had, fresht tll nogelnlitle dir i froi n i uef tte tt- . rie furs, Swailllt's I'nllnlt'tltt and : \lllrnlite~ re, Potter's CI t 'io co, Cnt.arjienter's tPrenartitl+, and i largon ald genera aeSortilelll ofi liresi drl gs, m4 I'INNOCK'( S 1ih()u:t, Set. INNOCK' IPROVED EI)ITION OF DR o oldsmith's Abriidgmnt of the History of Roit to ,lli'h is preixed anit Itnlroduitioant tohe Study o oroean Ilistory, aod a greet earielv of vaniobte infar mantion added thero'hnnt thn werk, on the Mann1er tiltitittotlns nnd Antiiiliiei Iof tihe iiomtist with nu lerollls biygrnphiemol am! ihisoritat Notesr; and qlees tinni for exlnaitintin to Iti- end oft each sectim. Ii lutatnted with thirtyenolnavi;n i on wood, ) AtIerton I)'.tOa'nS ol m-oe) l'd Ediiiti of l)Ie Goindsllitl's Ilistor of Eaghiiund, eionmu th neilnUva of JuIiS Ciesanr toth deatll of George 1Ld, wil, it emltininatiou to the yea 18t:2. WhiitIt ii'tiutns lier exmilmntinat at tile ell it l arl - ectiol. Iteltiles a varit-yl oft valtable infonna tlin added t1roltthoun uil workl . Clnl.Jisting of table of o-llntenlrnln SIovetreigy In eminenillet persons Copinusc eixpdnni;tory ,iites. IRel-umks nn the poll tine, itlnenr anaiti lierltllrt oifthf l e. l An Att ootilie tIie Cuuiitiutinn, &e. &t. dlustmated by muanyeng'a ingSP, (iuos' EI.F.nIerS OF An-lra'nct -, .na un Aorindmen of tKtithis New 'Ttreltin,, in the inep of Gilhbes.' Ne Ale iit-un liii, a iii. addltls an d i rutvetimeIt mut m all ne+uatinum ol the .tn-uu.iul m iimit aopart el'tlme Atm lI +311 ,.ll Itrlllilll ll dllllR.1 lllll~el J ii:: receirced and for tnle by \VM M-'KEAN v coru,-r ot Camp nilld COltllllOm n nIf ItI llll'It'S It. Thiilt.'At, II(tltAl Y'. ' " tCE,lc t eranted hy Phillin, Francie s ) 1), with "I aiqll pl,4th' e .,l tt 1i ililir il tlau1 t , i iI1 lt toarilul odesl, &i ly Itl-lle Jcci+Oi Ciowluem e lmt, iiltttia |'+,ie +ddi.<on, Sxail't ;.lattteit,,;h '.i t\.0lIoni d, Inrsou ltniin tuiue \ c. nd iiu f a iiki e mmuiu'eid ot'mf iroc 1. i)ii ;, v.ituli the tipr a di if ':.linl tranal,' teld bl -Jl.uitiul" .O hl I l .e v ,I. ir, i Vlmc llm a.rd ··l h l e's- ,rinety-ti-v i' Ci 'Ii tl II '1 v I him im ettl e u+l"' : , , w.,o o"l t It 1 ,llll j , tll , rte ai. in i.i,, i, 'ýi+ I., a ..1'0,1,tun, w' lt a , l [rte l uiA" by (o i ' Aft 't ti-tot' 'tithe i ttl-, 3112'1';. a'"T:, ;y.. h t . .:; 'n..r f .. . .neh a , \!,,rv oh 'ir mld , " .. , ,.tw . h 4~,. v.n., tl y + ptle J3% dim '-tth i'+.L . ý1l"'IIFFORI;hy tiel t ,or on ""Pclha. Thel IOi-. 1t '+,"' \.,:, ;, "t,A vU;l a g,, I% nf ltre new . .: ilt III l " t. 1'a . til~i"t.. d i F mm.iii mm l.l sole . ` \Vt.iit tkKl n . - +A:oN .-It,+:-::t, +,,,kt foc, nt ,. + . + =tJ tae.,htl f,"n.;"ll.-;tr"..,.lat Ee,o. naon lht site, .'. Itl~tirl':l I - 11 `.Xt'l"

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