Newspaper of True American, January 19, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated January 19, 1839 Page 1
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PrIsce 122 C.NrTS. NEW ORLEANS SATURDAY MORNING, JANUARY 19 1839 VoL.--VI eo 186I Ters. of lthe Nemspper Press of New Orleans "th nim ltooll agreed lo at adlournod meeting of the l'rppruetore'held an the 13th of March, 1837. stocnorrtous.-- 'walve )Jtllra for the dily pa par nnln,n palyableo oni-:lnallu y in ndvnce: tell dollars fir the iri-weekly country paper, payable one year io alcvanloe, where i0 eitd reference is given. ldo o tlerription will be diacontinued until arrearoger are settled. In case of di continuanco, one week's notice i .wriltan must o invariab'y given, previous to th xoimtion of subscription. AovrRatlslt.-One dollar per euuare for the first anertion, and half that price for each allaeqoert oem: a0 material altoration from the original adverrtlemeat will be charged as a new one. y.sItLr A rvoiTlSta.--Me rhant. and nr'esr arty dollars fin English alone, and aixty for both Ian goageai Banks, lnsuraae Ofices, and other simiar pabll stitutlions, fifty dtllar in Englith nly, and eighty for both laagtages Ship and Steambhoat P-. tar., or Comnlision merchants i sity dollars in English oa, and eighty ltr both languageo. MnlelAOra, Oalsreesa NoTncao, and articles call. ing the attention of tte ptlhlic te ratee o property, cods of pansetgers, benefits, dc. fi. will ho eltooga aone dollar per suanre for the trat insertion in each lan uaige. C.eSaclICATIONt , or Advertisemento, of any porsen e1 nature, when admlissible, sthall hbe charged daihle, and in adrance. A dediatiol of twenty-five percent. will be made to Auctioneerr, Shoerie, tlagiers of Willt,and Mlarlhls in aalet of real estate, pnollshed in both langogero, and s50 per cint. in Englch alone: 10 per cent. on sales -i other prlarty. AuvarlsMaoNTS out of the direct line of business of the advertiser, such as legal, acltion, and planta a on salet, reway slaves, etray.animale, id.. Be. will o chlarged for sepanately, aod at the ordinary rate,. AovpaeTors.etnro mt e lclfied tai to lime, will he pIhublihed one monatl, and charged aeeorlingly No advrtieriaemcnt of bankruptcias will be poblished in any asea, llees paid fer previous to intertior, or payment guaranteed by a reepnnsible peroon in town. Theatres and other places of amnuoment, atlvertiaio daily irthe aeason. to he charged $100) for Isnglish a lone, and 1150 in Ietl, nlologloon. All anannocementh of can adlits for politicnl offices will lie charged double the price if oiloer advertise Owing to tile inlmeonseloe. iisotnincd by newopnpc r prirpiletore theov are inne to thie concluion that the aas'ca of persons whose eccontc Iihes not beean paid wyithen aie month after prs.arnta tiiln, sllll liale de knhwa (tn for as practicablo to ech othltrr--lley obli gi ting lieotllllveo not tod arvertie or print for moch dehinqoents, inless i case oe oaderlce paymlcnlt. tir.mod) J. C. lig. dT. alO.ll3 J. IIAYON, P. N . TREA, J. (. lRI1NIl)EltGASTT, JOIIIN GIBNON, LUM.IMhS trEN. Itrekly Presr.-We, th, Ilndlersieredgo agree to abid by tioe airve conditiosl , aes tr os they elre applicabl to weely iapers. (digonel) A. It. LAWIFENCE, iot Ni olioeriptione are taken for lems tlia 6 monthll. lotters taunt, io ll il eaeee, Ie p st pui x. NOTICE TO TIlE PUBLIC.--Unfolded Srumors of the underrigned having sold out, or diseolttloted hie old and loneg otablihed GARI)EN SEED STORE, .\, L3.atom a hoanse Street, laving been w oeast iddtiriouoly circol tted hly self. interested parties, Il the r hbcr a Ir aigs toso ha Ils friend generally, and the public at large, that he atill ae,,ti:iecs within two doors of his ite, o Iornier stand, to lie tirnishllcd with a full atng ex. taooiva suppllly it' all tile stalidrd ointds of kitchen or vosgetablv .;nllru Sreeds, ol tie growth and iln. port of the pregsent eoason, 1s37. Smeee tile early part aI Sealltge,,'r, lie Ila re. eeived ai ple ippieta, by tile pa,clnt ships Vicis. burg, Kt oelbey, and Arkanseas all arrived in short pailsagea, direct fro Now York. By lthe r.asties aippi :ud aooithr pa.cket, hI is in daily exoiecoli. Itoa n i'a aaiyliy if trollit Triii, gitd Asopragus Routs, hIllig ailreildy rcelviel iovilleai tllrcul by The. sltoberilerr hogi figrlier tl aerire tir,., itlii at lr, it l o Ie, in t LIr.el0llt iam wll nolbl.It ta tigt aogd gi ec tere orgrlcor oll thc h .f Gatrden c l:eods, eith,. whlcletole or reih, ons heo ,er was bcn his eirsat onoibltwtogot in J lllilry, Ibol. Cuilltry ichiero illid ariel il.,rd..nre' order, filled alit l Ittlc aoliil IIIInoa. re litablo ratcl, by thil pctllJ wailli t. aid gu tuII or IolllhC lllllcamre. (Ltloallutl.e, citicur Il FigrclIci or 'lglllihh, IaV alwavs hbe btiaind ct ipreoal appilloation a0 usual, i W\M. '11 fIl, . rdlen Sed itiro, 85 t'g-oiahouso strurgt. NO lI".-A c.\o.,toit ittipply l" lierd Sied, oiller ioXoi uli p.,i; g llvei a c icop;ii l ar ll,, figia g g1 .r-' dried, o,.rhý.,-wtlth, . altllly o, peas lid bottntt. - II'.lt.l lll l .sI m ,;, I dh I 1 Ih ,.o i'l- sir-, 1 In - i) l e ,s ll e r ~11, n o '1 1 r d t' dywll S.I. h e ii. JA/Ai iJ'bin a t I ,,s. In' icie IIers. n estoI I V rr.a.. I1, e lil r 1re 1 .i ~-II" l ' ll :InIr rr J hl ' u r, in t he ho'e u u Lie r IoI. l., rI r ~r I... III- Ic ' ll II 1 .l-I 1.1111,el I, I rrant, . icr '! .,r11I "llla., l af ,lmI' II. .' II II.1,-n. i a' i rrc r _JuYll ~) Andl I . ntume roll llltll I re lli geclerally feollw i his. ttibeu -e. I Itr'crlll c.lde carei in Itcn or Ihler dieays withrla t i t le use Aelerr%, i.n-rr tliuen Ie, IhUhleerr're, or uLtcc a lien in Ile M.ll or f l t il ag. A illedlleanl i Ireellr e.ertieO fUn Ibe Ol ieaied l IIr.Jl llles t It in mll tlle ier I t!e li Illa iferri L rry, t Isllrlmlnld i'rte ll: l llrulc, a quI wIs l , serred as .ultrgoe ll (almoral Ih,' ll,, lu Freh A.rlmly. s oled by in t . J hni Ii ill lte tice. 'I ho-e I. ,r1sr o l mvill illy al.J L ieiu of Vreiereal )ilee ln,, I I uqlll it asoinrlg ea vlyrllge . or el elligc llie Ire 't e iII i/ld do iwell y givig Dr.lrih.oel r camll, ie propler Ireli ilvothei er lure ie toe ho revs hone can ble pat upy wilth wrilttell dirlrisu F Mhei u o iner rC Otfi ullcr lfromh 7Tlt tihe maursig cnil Ou'iluck ate nighIri ABIIEIiTIIY'ei I)Y ii'PP !. IIXit. i)r. knerrlltlly, thi' grelrttn ret . ng'irhlr I.rgeosnwll opi io lult r Iillr-tei llr if the ierealss tlhilt l ect imenkiend origilate inr he etorrclh. T'I'bi .lieir ecae tleyd ibn Iis with ihe inet Illrprecredeted a errern:la.s ill Is pri.te ndpe public tracle fur upwards of forty I yelrs, i;r Iri rlival rr i f ilewia n dsenaln : L.nt llf a)pelite, FlanlPlrIyr Uiti telllioll of tile .tool-n tcuh, aon it I c ti , llne. i.old f t hleaid e di nen, ill)i nthion tsleep, Irr"eghlrily trf Ieet lwelnh and. i ll ealles whiliere lldige.tiuii or l ctivu eabit idc; 1i11i ti exist. Th'I'is edi:ine mrst not be nlrerred imoreng tile Illlrt ofqmaek esurlrele now ilrfore tile public, as it i tihe sole inventiun of the bulert acid la ncientlifie sllrgeonll Enroie rente iromesd, aid i e lr cret of Ijne rlillg it was lnrchased by tile agell fRlr t r very large suri. Iin i-. agren.le ac letincornll to tile tl-re, at as a ild ruer ient.aiwilys ke s trile biinrs free, ilnpartr vigor g led strengtn thr tinE yyslem, atid clleerlellllrasn t ile lilld, and a few bottles reinres thre ialt eo.lirmie eases of I)yiellesinr l Iidigestie, slid )revente a return at all funure lrereod. New YOaK,17th August, ] 38. i: n l adis lnti, reetl S.a:-inrturallequener efiadir g It stireltprv life, I have been tronbled, itiranre ile, wirll finr en years; fIr the inlir tren years ely rnufrig iierive Iaenisrupporelble. I Ihave trired averail plniyicirlll*, etla caln rrmer of qutck redicinreo , with nir der vi rng ay benefit. I dennuired ofj ever uenoinir iriray pertlltrelll relief, and r.stigrtd myserlf h the r lre Inolile'sc de.rrIir I wts peintraded by meiy friendlis tor Allsrllemllike Dyspeptic Eliir. 1 have newfiilahell Ihe firit ai. tie. and know ilt Iow to exrees my "irliu f its wnederfel virtues end the cccrele rilrit merfcrrmed ic retrirg tlle rti that healt whib e ii . r t i oa. lost r fr ever. Send me Ilalf a iren attle, an e ilxeept cry thanks ife toe biessings yuu have a it crned ry rc 'strinig ri tl e tlelet healtth. I relnain vrers, )iCII MIONttOE. rhe agert l res in his pssnneesioen sare h tdred tes titllOrninls a iltr to tile bortve, Iof thie exhtneediere vir tIes of this mredicilre. Solrd by rlpirltrrlert. t I)r. Johnllson's 1411 Ilienville street. non. 6 PROSPECT'US. THE subscriber p-opoees ti pebliush in tihe be. ginning of thre nsatemng winter, a Condentsltion n ' the twenty volnes of tile Old and New Series of Martirt'. Louisiana Reports, to be comprised inn four volumes. Son., reeeordirg to turl e iodil of Peters' ContdeonMd Reports. Tins work in now in preparation by J. Burton Ilerrison. Esq. of this eity, asisted by Williamn F. Brand. Esq. The Editor ia also pernmitted by a diatingunished retired Judge of the iSupreme Caurt. and by one of tihe sittieg Judges, to expect fruit their persenal supervision all ti.e edeantage which may neaturally be r poed fromn their experience. Such a wmrk is becomeing every day mote nen cessary, as tihe original is volnminnue, expensivo, and scarce. An incereaing curiosity too is utrni. fast, in the other States of the Uniol,, iii refereollnoe to thie pe.clliarjnrisprudence of Loueisiana and tie irceumsntalre of the ncneroun principles here de. aided in tim adjustment of conflictls of Ie e, makes the knowledge of our adjudged eases of piprine uii. lity to thejeristeof the wnole Uninri. Moreeer, the rising republic of Texasn Ia i aieptod our codes, and thus tihere is nr great denrend for tihe Leoiiana dtcisions fron a 4fcir quarter. Cocvenient notes, indicating the parallel caues decided in Louiciana, atid oeecsionaely those in tihe mire authoritative Iorent of tire oter States, will en added to each crase. The work will forur feiee volnmer, royal dctnavo. and will be delivered, bound, to ubser.bers ant i$6 per evol.; ill case it hirn-l be found practicablen to eonpress it inrt. three volumes, the p-ice to sub. scribers will be .7 per vol. Subclriplion a received by W\ MeKCeAN, . 1e5 ea Camp and Canunan stt. NEW ORLEANS Steam and Patent Biscuit Bakery-Watere and Hillman. No. 09, Morenu (near the Pontenharrin Rsil Bond.) Pilot and'Navy Broad, Suda and Wine Riscuit, Sugar, Butter. Midford and Water Crackern. All the abave articles are warranted to be of the fire quality, and 'o keep in any climate, being completely kiln dried. Also,~Kiln dried corn meal. Orders left at G. W. Prichard and Taga t, Jr. corner Magazine and Poydrau streets, will receive prompt attention. Small kegs put up expreeely for family unse. 15nov LOUI-tI000 barrels landing in stlt, and for ale d3 by . DISEY. d13 44 New t.eve AILS-700 kes Nails, assoled sies, fi r sale by d15 AJA5M 5 WHITAI.L, 67 Gravier s! tUiUlS=a Lisn sippi Funda taken at 7, FT, Ie S ee, Ib_ r (;_r_ erie. dis [ ERSEY.--716 bbrn Kersery, OIL- 5 Irrrla'l'annera Oil, 311 caske winter Oil, 411 cask, fall setrined do, "CANDLES--300 lboes Sperm Candles, for sale by L H (GALE, d7 93 Comltlln r NKW POK & IIEEl'20 bn hl ese, and 40 hbl. prime Pork .21 bbls primne Bleet, 1r nle Iby iG DOIISKLY, dl . 44 Nr.ewe A CARD. I1114. JONES, Profe onr of singing, the Guiar ,I. and Piano.fnrltae, th t, allnntlnce hbr arrival Iron (ilaenow, and 1from evn.ral r ctiin Etin THIagh and fitngown. die Iatters iteroel that her lys tan ul' inatruetiun will givn alntinlesti-to to perils. Testimonials a e to :iarubilit, &.c. can he shown, on apltlietion to imrs. Aliiard'C It loyal street. SOX CHAIR'-I-toO dn flnit, Chair. e,+t ra - I X cleitd, a1tll et ah It ll ul r shipping far alr at tile Iauisia na ernilt Aur N Wtr Ro in.. novL3 W\Vi RI CARNI: EW BEOOO(--Nalleon'l. ll r.lllir,--.v. a&i N itht Prime , I .nalanraran, by laron I.aat, itn d volt; Thie Middl, or aa:tan ls r root Ite ite t if :dwnrd I.scellel, ie 2 w;ls; Pai'ley' (Chri.inas Trales tor 183.; Parley's Christmln ill't or 183:1; ji receiiven d and aor aile lby W imcK:AN, dre iO aenrnr of T(amil .tI Coimm nn pl.r LOUISIANA INSTI'IU'r.E. HIItS lnsitulinn lur I le edlneatin or yotng gentie tlllen will go iinto pern ill n tilei t art etof :t. her, in the hanelllenttory . r the Mehl olld st t C(lIurha e arler oa Culalr nlel n nni Pndrn, anlnder Ile direotiol oaftlhe Inrldersignedl wh i hasnae pinel the calir nI ,tllelnatiesin evera ('o e.s a-l, it ll nort i, and whoII is gradulate l'orl of tlen must celebraled utivernitin of bitn rope. The tnurset lfatn stulie to tI prnu enl in tlhl eentinnry will Ie comatprehendled it ithe filliieow tlivni iirn,vna: I. The Eltgt F bt ,he Iartrlla ll enllt, raem.r aI I he bhreellhef u ha luorough ughand eccomplisled L, gli.<h ed ilalion. . The claeical depnrhneit, cotmpreanhienhing tile T 'Ple dellrtilleln of lllmleata lnlag t sn i ng a i,:i W t11 Its tag Itl tIl"l'rnuil, Spallish inl (.itieralt It.Iat ,"tnge. 4. The mtalhmt tic d nId aitiltoi rlii al depanitrmen i'oin rellainii Algel rl, . alelrt Iiar l tiwt n ''rigo ilill-ll elrina wnitlh lir t lrttvla h al n lllllitalllttn ll St Irvevinn, Nneinrtion, A lýnt ol" , I iA c. lAra l -Ir P ,,m,)y and (Cheati+tr.v ldI tsr .tt.aini h l lrl ), i;ti le a l)l lllelll . lO'PEenils ('l.rtn ha ilttlel lMlotern I.nrntng.ns will I e trmed latd shati tllea frlll It e I it t i llla t r. C J II I)AtURJIANN, A I1. J (IIsSON Isa. dntv IPresidntil adIIANNON, Luuiisianau ullege, tie C A I '7ir.ENIlf ],l J ,CIIt)I.SON 1:.q. New O)rleans. .1otti-tI t831 S fi, iltl.€)nlilutl, per .It+ ip .rI i )nit, Ne l'yl, illl Ryen Hn .,r l{s..I, ml)crhd, (1hlhier 4i 11 dl e I" l" + nit Iol I' et 'rr 'l'iulp d lllel hotel and Im Irria do. pya elll'sin it I tldnt I I tlr lill and i 'l tled 1r taild ; lnltiii patlt -r; [aitinlreat Il lrn pal|tai; , ,ilve tt , p tttr; G l tt hrded . . ao I it u, cr. " L J n's best prep o-d l.,.ad l'tneil,; Ifromt - 'I Ln i t dt ( t I it, t t .l "+ an. i'tn . in . \.or t' or N . ' d, e h' x ., t-. .lek. snti (:hem. --:-l, 7"! antI l r 111 ;Mels ttm aethi7Ii - .It tttli ltý n"It-nt Ill-, {, op . $ .lit l ll i ; I hI '.t : 1 l . + .. t t ia t, t ( l l l l In It ' al , .+; Wn na tll n-lie; Ittit i htirer , '. 11 n lntthn i e; 3 , at nive Nbril+th., I, II ; " S lll.h hi .(, It It1illh r ., l tr: dl, u -; \,ttnintllt ItIll tiid ali d C tit S a. a.ll l any, nil;tIb n hiigti , t a. - tTile I'. .tl : '.. ep p.edeh,,e-; . R,·ol, t si'..t TillIt..-a I P0 r Co , r w h I'el' d,a. It ,l , .. it, ý" , -, art e .Qu;,.-ist - Pearl nl (;auld I'ell Ilulder; IPearl atd Silver lo. antiS V'A'TiE of IOIJlSI.\\A. First Jurdicull)is . id (ecurt. TIlurtI:,lv tIh th d. oe NIovIlbiPr. 'resent, the IllAn A M IIluchanan,,Jude. No. 16,.1i6, .'"lmub ut..v va. his Cr.ditm+. Ih ltm'ion of . Ito11 • ·rt :ltq of C;le'4el lot . A Itafrgette.yidl, ufl te ore d i ,e f.,teC i ns l ulr. he fid filitg I. tibleau of diitll u tli, SdItl cio:. It isorderledb the court that the credit- L ts of eII insolvent and 111l ithers inltereted, etwI A Ire i il ten dInvi l.omi, the publicati,, of tthit rule 4 Shvy saldlableau ahuid ut11111 lie te ti.lgated ael a on 6fi-ed according to law and the finds ditribiutl d in ac- i c ordltce ihrretu.I le-l-3t11hl P I' .elI.A(NC, Clerk. 'ITT'PT E J.1 LOU:lAN d, ti. or -i- Premernir SDistrict Judlcisire. Jeuoi. i6 DIecembhre : PresentI I' onomrble A M Ititcltnutt, juge. J.tb mtalosv vs. r i.e rean.ier--No li1,31-- notir tiigllt, te K Iiiuevert, 1% q. avoett '"ti .a I.nfarguo. s.y'dh: ln. CIreannieru de i 1'i lvabke' Pt Idlnpa L vuir energ et t elluall ie didtri-r ito loen cn ete fdr aieil etl ordonle qu'une osem c lbe de. creanecrru do I'inoulpalde I-'t lidilrt Illturhe cs noil e i defaire ctir-iholi joihirete d a pullir tii ed ee Iv e. lee raeo i pour qulle Ilit taheau lo ti ie hotllolotgie at coliliiii leu uli I loi etl Ile flldsi dilrlbulae n oesequele.L tExtirit lie Ilitllel ilee P A lI.BLL INC, llp (iretier. . TA '#O F LOUISIAN.A-Fires Juditial Diis J tri.tJ. t. John lay Fo.ter vs Ilis Credifors the lve (t aid lon uae I tele Fosh r rei( oft inslvent dllb orrie alstiual custody; Cawell lind Brand Esqrn. are Ippoiatid It represeut 1hie Fatbsent i creditors in thn eBy tJi the court trehif 3d Dene er t18,8. E;j L'ATbtli. Lt LtIUleIANeE--lour du Premrere le!' rtiyloluilieiiehe, llohn Fay Foster clitro se Ire.tu ! et"yp trkaneiere do Doveinux & Fiiter. Les, cre ueolea e l.Jh ayt FttOsler en do )Levieteu itlc ts tenr slet .sy lepral e rt requis deo nllt.P tillr cn ptcino artor, atllllad, rp du courallt lt, ai Ihiur.l du lrtille Tfit dth namOlYr elltllo), sil i. eriCIt., pourtnl ledlu t lJoh .Hay F8M ItiUblIr.idrtit ps le bcuCeitice dies tit isledt pourl c e ioulllleite de tt ldelia'er ilet aldt l elet nto ..Cwll &, brandIni.rer. tini Dne &ouFittr.' Lee ellr l enter l lreaai er ilelee tie e..., iis r titie ulire.- P itr erdree, la coure, t. i 1, - et.itt Hll Iv:hd a n eortleti Judge. No, i48 Newlvii Boyd 0't eCoI. Tl eriliti rt pllrlp tlv tile ptiioiiler is acutepml.b lj l eourt fr the Ie.lref"ii It hin uredlitore .nd tlhe e &edrite. Johl e C I rlvd. it iiordiered that sild icirr aitt il oel in the flite of I I II C-m(ir, EsFr notly pllilie, ep-riduy the 4th day off hll t, v,' 1838, Sth t nn dthstet'ldlibernte IlCon I e lilr ifthei in rsolvent, t.dih it] mun timNe all p.eetediug- gai, hst thei peru n aend nitlliv l uied Nt, ivtto l Nichird are lstyed:,-lt ie f.l titi.r orderedl theit iltesr iUElllor, and Kieid Im etipo,, I1 itiio r itpre lectl the itiors ie this ccai. y tclrdetr f tltf court. ARItI tNI1 P ITOT, clerk. Clerks Offiec., Deceber let. It38.- den ---3ttlin !l ~lt-il til. elO1",. comipri.ig it Cgeeral an etiorlitil Ok ROUiIdl tilt di Pdiuty tilatiet VntilI celirts, &in, ttno e itlllte elid ftr.e.Cle by jl i 4 Ie LDlG el i :c, 13lt Magtzint e at K itD-tiTeeeireg lateit gti t lie eleetitr Oeedoe nid tl fr tial tby c Dte .ir J e, 44 Ni w Levee. lOeeteOice,) D endiugero utt.t ferftoriii- ar i iatd , &i ea t dy til DORe e y jalot 44 New I.evee PEIMI. C.l.lec-l ii0ebuxe New Bledtilrd, juit rc ceivei: and foe cwle ity ItIALI, & BROWVN, dl0 6 Mltgazgne st T'I'A 'E OF I.tIUISLANA, RIS[I Counrt o. the Pariah and City of New Or leans, Prenpt:l the Houtrabl(ll tlh en Manurnn, Ni. II-l24lJoh Hi. Gra.ntm, in actual cunto hi' Crditqr, Up.n reading a-d filing the pa 4td tbeulpln thia ca., It is ordered by the thet a l e of tlhe Creditors of the Insolvent ac,n inav n Oort, on Mo leay tlen 17th day of her ant, tIil ed thert to deliberate on the al: nofstsidn td inn the mnxatimeoall iroceed gzine tIta e apnd pro emrly r ame tved. It i= r , nl~. la. ,. It . ennedy, iSeq., be apl d tit, m :baoot creditors. I irk's , I.W lldelns, Nv. 71, I I18. A M (UcYvI., he _; Olerk bc ~ ., ir BALDNESS. A BEAUTIFUL head of hair in the grandeut aeon mes belaonging ta the human fname. How mtanage ty the lose o it changer the erounantene, and perma rarely Lriong on the •ppearanoe of old age, whlrl u eee many to recoil at heing anovenred, ond nometimes even to slua ,twietv to avoid the testa and sneers of their nquoitl.nnce: the remninder ,f their lives are con seqrently Wprnt in retitleoent. tn aloro, not eane the loon'frltroportv fills ti e genrrollt t hinkine rg th with tllht neavv oinking gloum as dosr tle lo*n of ain heir. To avert sll these anlteto-nto irumstonees, Oldi.lore' hlmoo of Colanteia etopo the hoir front fUing ofon the first opplication, at a f'ew bottles relonrrs it again. It likewlse promluere evebrow and whis.kere; preventS the hair frol turning rayv, maoke it earl entauifill, annd frere it from sorf. Nunmerourt . ifiell tuoIc the Hirot rOesloetnbility in support of tie v rtues of Oldridgrgn Balmn are sholwn biy ite proprbetors. di1' Read the following:- Robert Wharton, Esq. Iate Mayor of tltilodolp has certifier as mav he seen below, to thehtgh chlara ter of mhe rolllowing gentlema n. The undorrigned do hereby .'rrtifv that welarve used the Bril tof (ololtnbi di'covered bv J. Oldridge. ad have found it highlr nervieeahle not only as a preventive aglimnt the fovllin oflof hair, hat also a eertana rester WIoItAit TltATCIIER Senior, ethlodist Minister in p t George 'are.o r No 8f North Fifth st. JOtIN P INlItIS,321 Arll tatrhet. JOIN 1) I'tilIMAtSM D, D16. IRoeeet JOHIN S FItR EV, Il Spnruce otreet. IIUIIt 3loCtln tl)Y.nlRd outh 2d st. JOilN GARb, Jr,1t23 Arch street. II is known thtree of the lboe igenrs lnre more thon 51l years of age, tad tile at!lr not loes than 30. [Fror the Moter.] Cattttntooweolllh adf Potcvloninin, Cilty of I'ltiladrlph,li I, lohert Wllorton. Myonr of aid tity of thilde. phla, do hehltv cetify tlla lt I orell aqnninoled with MOcar J P Inglis, Jln Fllr .r, and Huogh M Curdy, hnse onames re saeried In tltallove certificate,tlat tiey are geltleleon of elhrorlter anil rrelotonbtilitr nod as sach flIll eredil lonlt li gcivonl t, thle said cornioicate. In witnera wh'reof I hlve hlerttlllo art tyv and and eansed the .sd of mthe city to he maxod, this 6th day of Decemobler, &r.. [L. S.] RIB~:El'r W\IIAIVI'ON, Moyor. O S. Fl VE hlint eelle lattle taftlte fin ouile Rbllta lap a splendid engraved wrapper, onl which is repr.t~nter, the Fiull fNiarnora, &c Sol,' .llenle allnd retail byI thle sole noentor for Ant ricn. o2 Flethe, otreet, no',r eillata Lalle, le duol bet ' Pearl trert,nnd by mont draggistaand tirfunlra t' hle country. JARVIS & ANI)IIFWS, ott9 W.Valcaole Ageoto, ',ew Orleoans. " OMBARD & CO'S nBoston and New Orleans .-' Li n of Pocket Sips.-Tl'lIn new litae of ships has been expressly built to run betowecn the aboke ports, and will hbe ound of saitlble draft of water: aceommodaltons for passengers, and every effort will be mode to give goonoral oantis aetio, 'Tho lhne is composed ofthlo fu lowng alships: Cltrorkee. 415 tns Capt, J Ilurding, Carolira, 40011 do S Lemilt, Chalrleston, 374 do I) Eldlridgo, CaOlimb;aun, 6'25 do G Barker, Suamn, 240 da J |lowen, olttllty, (625 clo D I lumploy. Tile above shlips are all now, of tihe first laosn, copper falolald and aoppered, comanlldedh by mIen of great exalerience. Ithavo largo ancolnmmodationa, witlt a sallprate ladtes cahitl every nttenti',, wild ho pirid to pa'-nelgeru, ndn tile very .otnf atore pro-p tided lor thetll. 'hill packits will bh towed up nod down tle 1 is aiRpi., tdll hIte otrictoaut ptnctuali y t, served in thle ao ofoo ailing, ad sdhoual the re.ular vessels I be dutainaed it rrtving, oather allipoeatallly as rooad ill i all eauola be atlbstltotulod. A slare otl plnrul I. ago ico cat natti nat a ol tlc agolls plalege tleanalveeo to I aceonoaln al tn as mutIh0 as p)ratlioahle, to rcevoIU allcl rward ngoods by a il linu at tl iallstl Itodlr. ote c'largo., and to advanceo all uanipeviCa on goods mouoditInc IF oagi'lt or p~eanango, opply In Iar nponlno. J A NI I' I 'llT', l:: lutaaouso at,. S. B. Aalvl.or:eo,neatotl n oai a hi llsaignlae.ta1I to dlror, A. C. L.umbalrd & Cu. nov2a FRIANKLIN INNPIRIYIAiY S\k11: a "te It Id ," :',ti 'lt h it'd, a l Llle l 111n ito ll st I 1_ tl,* -,r1· d' Inr Ii" el, ct , sell ere. d a, , an. d of ull :I'l thu mat11 llll.i xlril ;i-H mithe *4111ullill;, ul Ilon lltlollr 1S FI'ranlkll, upel tllhe rihll ,Id, uIle ulE Irulll hbe Mliss1 t''II febild;ng i+ large a-: t Imu t counnlolluiusiv divided ilto i lp rlllltellt fi k. -al t t separate dill'eret classeR , and Id lirellt diseeanus. Tie institution is suppli I with tie ltest aekilftl andie atteltlie lale and female nulSe., and spenking theIl va rlo inaauera Inglleea. a privnte ieltt I bany i) hva by gentlemenP at five d 01 lar or day, inclulin I n l, attend le , &c:. 'reralna i the or inary wards,, tot l dhllra pe day. SInves also two dolila,. Small P',x in the ordieunry Stards, five daliat rs.. All calpirtl surgical opnrantian extra,. Th'e r eild,,n! ph sii.ia it IDr Weddetloa, to whom aPlictlion 1ir tdln.ellt Iatwul be nailard u to l)r C A j Luazetlberg, No 17 Rampart street. apl9 Iv l IIRIST'IMA8 and New Year's (;i--A few of the SEnaglish and .Ameriaua Annuals, dsill to be had - at t111 Bookstore of AIEbX TOWAR, WVhere a large assortment of the Buoks suitable far the season can be laid. dai8--4t RUSIITON & ASPINALL'S (OMPOUND TONIC MIXT'ULRE.--A speedy and cure for tile Fever and Ague, remittent and interamittent fevers; prepareld from the original recipe. Used wthl eminelt and uni versal success i 1832, by persanl ol tile highest respectability its tias city, as stated ii the anneaied caertificates. This lmedicine is highly reconmcnded, and has been I!xtelivoly used in tie above diseases wilh such distinguished success, that tile proprietor of the reciape hals been induced It offer it to the pub. lie ill its present forlm in thpehope that it may be tile titans of relieving many of those who are suffering under tile scourge of our counltry. It is a imediclne possessing great viltae, and when used according to the directions has never failed of effecting a cure, oven in tile most obstinate stage of the disorder. It is not it all disagreeable, and persons of tile weakest stomach, and children may take it with impunity. It strrtgtlenns tile digestive organs, creates an appetite, and reldonl requires more than one, or ill obstinate cases, two bottles to effect a cure. There is neither mercury nor nrsenic in the mtedicine, nor any thing injurious to the human constitution. Tihe proprietors are so well convinced of its efficacy, that they agree to refund the price of every bottle which has been taken inl aecurdanes with tile directions and has Snot eficited a a perfct cure of the fever & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agent for New Orleanll, at his wholesale and retail drug and nerdiotan stlre, curaier of Bienvlile and Chartres streets. For District Agencies apply to je5 T. W. SM11Tl, 48 Conti st. Fancy Pocket Books--Utder tl a head will be a found a splendid variety.of ladies' and gentlemen's poeikt books, note, eard, needle and thlread cases. Fancy ttoekL, Suspenders, &c.-Of tile latest a pattern and of superior quality, consttinlg of plain stocks, litton boustms. plain, and fancy with and without ruffilesa, shirt collars, suspenders called Washlligton suspenders, also, gum elasatic worst. ed and cottonett do, with and without rollers, d pantaloun straps with wire springs;and a great va. riety of gentlemen'se wear, made expressly for the retail trade, by A. L. Vanlhorn and ,on of Phlila. dolphia. t oasbe--A general and complete assortmen of cotabs from their manufactory.Aiao, Englisht and French dressing colabs, etc. dec27 S NDREW SMIT[I & CO., respectfully iniform a their frienda and the public in vueral, thlat they occupy tile Iew brick sthop, 219 ''houupitoulas street, wllere they keep constantly on Iland Copper. Tin and Sheet Iruo Ware, of every dcseriptlou, such as copper stills, kettles, and p anps, tinl bath. ing tu s, and oil cans, of all sorts and sizes, and all eother braes casting done at shortest notice. Grate hars of every deocription, iach as steam. boat stirrups, lhog cliats, screw bolts, and other kind ofastealboat work, such as chimneys, breech. c- , steam pipes. 'rltey will also do all kinds of out door work, r- such a zsinc, copper and tin roofing and guttering, , &e. Tlhey above and all other kinds of work In their line of business, ¶hoey will execute at thile e shortest nolioe. dec27 It TI Itt.LAO. 1'3 case nlanautun silk Umbrellas,r Slablrge sizes, reced frna salitp iaerse,, and to ant,. by I IltllltilE ,ta',a, d3l 13t Maazine et LJAVANA. :tFFEi:--ti lace itlilalert NISolat SCuetie, landiog Iho ht I i aSallaln, tr tale tby JttOSlPtt Ct KAY\C, dQt4 a Getnr tent HIEMO RRlOI DY. AY'S LINIMENT.--N Fcion.--This ex. traordinary chelmical colnypnition, the result of science, and the invention or a celebrated medi: cal manla, tile introduol.n of which to tihe public was inverted withl thle solemlaty of a deatllbed Imquest, has since gained a reputation unparalleled, rally suntalning the correctness of the lamented Dr Gridley's last confelorasion, that "he dared not die without giving to posterity the beuefit of Ilas knowledge on this subject," and he therefora bJqueatlhed to hlis fiend and attendant, Solomon Hays, tile secret of Ilis discovery. It is now used in the principal hospitals, and the private practic in our country, first and mout certainly for the cure of the Pales, and so elten aively and effectually as to bafSle credulity, unless where its effects are witnessed Externally in the following comaplaints: For Dropsy-Creating extraordinary absorption at once. All Swellings-Reducing thlem in a few hlour . Rheumnatism--Acute or Chronic, givintg quick ease. Sore Thlront-By Cancers, Ulcers or Colds. Group and Whouopng Cough--Externally, and over thie Clest. All Bruises, Sprains, and Burns-Curing in a few hours. Sores and Ulcers-Whether freshl or long standing, and fever sores. Its operations upon adults and children in redue ing rheulnatic swellings, and loosening couglhs and tiglhtneu of the clest ny telaxatioa of the parts, hae been surprising beyond coeasption. The ennmmon remark of tithons who hava used it in the Piles, is ** It acts like a charm." THE PIL ES-Thae price, $1 is rerunded to any person who will useo a latttlo of llahy' Linimtent lir tile Plee, and return the empty bottle without being eared. 'TlleUeo are thle positive orders of' tlhe prolprietor to tile Ageotsl; and out of mnany thou. sands sold, tlut non has beea unsnecesfoil. Wi alighlrtinsert crtaficates to aay lengthl, but prefer tllat thlose who sell tie article, should er btabit tile -riginal to aurchasers. CAUTION-None can be genuine without a splendid entgraved wrapper, on which is my name, and also tlhat of the Agents. BOLOMON HAYS. Sold whleteale and retail, by COMS!TOCK & Co, New York, altd by one Druggist in every town in thle UTaion. For sale by the Wholesale Agents, corner of Con.nen & Telaoapitouhls street, and by tihe Apothecaries generally. jce30 HCtt-.AITINlil:StIlPl NatTICE. I.flHE unedersiaed llawve this day fLralaed a co-part. I cers ip fir tile Iranlsaeactioll of a (eallelal CoelanaIa. olon and Forwaraiaag huei:nae, in lhic Clity, uaeler lhe rlll UI alSHAi & IIRIAWN, have takcn Ilae ltao brick stolel, No. 9G, Sla-azeilaa' eIa (near oe yllra cl.) = 6gl~ltil+; :HAII., Ju. lnJi'anca'es: JIt \11+S Ci lUltJWN. Stat-,t h€ Aerav, Whlbii t ur, & Uleb Wa~ltilal h tO." W lagaart, IS-gair it. llawclorn. J Thayer & ac. W Its-. aa & Sblall. NEW ORLKAns, Crekbet & .haarlleighl. Johbn alfiacld .c., Vclkbr,, ealllarauai.. da, (irigees 31 Crlaleheailag Ilocetac.· M Ii I nltEeaa a a ca., CIs It en & iladelp i. haneid T MorSleaaI ,-- + Pttua raghPenn. Edgearo~ ac- i' aaaaabralga., l3htlelat, 0. &lt cKaataalahg , Eco. CNahrillahe, Tea. Jootes P tClnar.e Eo:q. I. O n.,.lte ie E &A lace, Sitlouiso, he. d I" *tT+AT DiCi LA-LUU-nVlANr.-C-un dt' ...... 4paul la hiPaoiose at Ville dab In Nlle-Orlaalaa--PIa entlt 'llnletrabale Chatrlea Mlaurian, jug--No I,342- Ilecae laaker, actntlellleeat detellt, cotre see cre nueaer:-.Sur lectanllre t enregis.relaent de alaeliltola re eab I'll en aorte utl'airln, ii ate rdllnaell'uac Inscono bhir le dncreatleieaa le Ia'ilt..lVhlke air lieu rll lehlill Eaur c, titllea lltJil0 r a I, at lix iuhnarcs dtl Illlill Sill da dolibeerneaer s lu ulaihes ale I'iaallvabhl:; oat talal.llltlt toue tIaioraitiea et sl lteraollan arreetes; el L. I.lwylel a a itlllat e ptlllar raellaeellter le.d lunanirs ael neat1 I'naroldiela ctlelr, l.dcln IDo r Sdaall A at Gl tiUltI)., Dhp GaSrer. SI' ui City of New )hreaIe: ltrCesiIt it C 1:1t2, Iscaec liker bi. id s;eedllore . U oel reading ' lililg the 'Peeeetint ie a clidule in. t ie case. it is uttlrrtl bhy the~' tC l lthiat a ileetilg of thle nsolventl's e:l'editour dl lake pluce i. ei n l 'ea laolt, a, tile+ ilh diy cfJelluae y .a.... .,. , - 11 | rs 1. ll., 1lll, re1`1 lbew cnau e gin. tllo law anh in theine.inilcell ilcclleeediges igeruillet II, lo, c and pr.rty ree seayed. It il fulrher de c.e I that l.. lh I, r hr. aepinted to represent he. at- cr'et lize'-, Iev litdr of tihe ('erlt. A. I'l'l 'It, Clerk. ('clrks(ltf e lece. 15thi, 1828. +I1P a)IT .1 1 rN no A S'I' IITEK or e'I'IA + litO A . 'l he .Clcrshe'rs Ihve in stoic it few b.rrels of lili e uileeiei u,, i c . liCele I lately inlvelltetd i i we nerI ec i ee ll' el h,ir ii st trI i ;Isei i e 111r es tlilt le Insult of th,' ti s a~3i e satisited hi" ht~l a ]fi ll lt . l' at air, t turl to dl lie b t. Coo anele aelit incte wbi rx thlere i+ difi,:tllt ill elIo sting (ir kening it g,.o.l iecldiif teii,,l tlee uel is di etableet. ''he di eleiehre eiil eIbereetWeeieitell ,d,'lee eIle urchac e e ef oe1 tlto ur e o ae iet ' uill selaip, heil wEas tp lt ell L Id on her lest deplertrllte. FI ur t a to S LOCK & Co. No 8 Fronl ICeve st N Ii-eul "2 brld at timle can eely be dellvered to O oes IeUl boat, usntil ee get a furite r supply wlich will b eo I, u lw dly'i. dre,, S I. &. I, 1VfURiKS ISI.ANlI SAl.l'--5i11e Salt, enllig e fr e hlark ruheneit LEVIL novD9 93 Common lt E, JOHNS & CO, TA'IPLONER'S IHAli.e, cornerot'St. Charletl and S Co'iion streets. Thle elbacrieia haivieng receiv ved ned now ill stale lheir Iasrtelelnet ofe goedl;ie il, Enelaed, France aicd lte Nilrtll, tT:r fotr e ale lice fel ileieee ereiclel: El lish rawing papers of all sizes, de wriinig di, lasper royal, royal mediem and deJ v, foolscap, lelter pat or, ex. large thi veellum; do blue laid; do do oL e pi ea leiler, at all sizes, London ulid tirstlcl Ioard; do f scv letter slid ante pler, plein, embossl d alid coral br AmerieRa cap, letter suid writing it papers ro Ileslt (lterealted i:.-Ilish qeuills; NSlepheC's and Perrya'S wAritieAg NAlCs, FMeoreison'R and Pervryia' best oelpyig inks; English and Alerilce fI..i eee a' quarte, cupyir.ig meepe eRoders a¢ She's bela cutlery, CEeelealllep ill irk, pee slid desk knives, taeors cad suis r trs, Iockt hietls naid wallet's Russia unle Moin nco Eeeglish wafetrsI e ealieg Ewax, teegerier qual: Ty; Travelleng desks and resin en s. Ack ielan I's .Ceeue'st Ilel nlulure Al...n,. micr mknln sltld Ackelirman's draeing peInils, Drawitg books, Alelntee ii n itiil alld Atmar ie in ACeaiel. ieer 1839, ieocs--En-lilsh, I:rceirml, Spailshi Italiane . ti lrr. nt mlr lotrd La.tiU, con.inting i bclassicale lew, imedlil works, literariy, &etl. Just rieeivei al.d fur sale by rndov0 ' iI JOiilNS & CO. ANNUALS AND ALMANACS, FOR 1839. LI3.I,.NDID Lotlide .4\ aele,- ieThe lhlek of Roy Sally, ellperl icol'inleert; F"inden 'I Tableaux, and ;allerv ,f (riee,-; Fisheres ilIcaweig I ce.i(ol Skb .ch tleiek Ileaities . ultleie.i--ltds ie lllieellsnlFe; W liaverly Keegseke--'i'liell legerit'; ( trieeltet :aenuaal; Feorget lee Neu Jortleae t Port, aet Ainnoel; C.iriealur, Allllal; Colle Anieal; t Friend-liileS Ulritig;'s .ltvnile Slketcl BIl.k; eeYeneg ludie'ea eetiuing eeeehlitwe's Anntal d Alarie, A 'alt'i; C'rtes Tatei les. Amercaiea Annuals. d Tie Tken end Atlalntie etuveteie; 'Fthe VilllP; 'The Iel; I, CM Gihtnle'S aeeiuel Ilteiteer t & t lteee"tei Almnace. Almanae's. Alnerican Alilneteec & Itlelceituly efUtelnl Knowledg. iltlnti ' anllical Almlllaen ; EJiihee & Ce e. l.nuieiuee Almanae ; Cruekell-Coiei.- etelnallt Alenaelc, Stewrt's iisry lIur 183'), etnainilng a blank memo Srandlm for every day of eli, year. F JOlHNS & Co., _- orner olf . Charles and Ceonelloa eta. in or 28-5 FURNITURE! FURNILT..J.!! SU.T received at to I.ouisina Furniture Ware s S ioose, a Iurge sup:lv flior New York and ihos ton. Persons ino the wal tf litrn iture wmoid do ell to callaud select 'lheir .ntieles from one of ti best ood largeast tucks now in the city. \V It CA RNES, d6 5:lBientill tat N h--Particular atlention paid to packing ,nd shlp ping Furniture, fre ot eaploene. d;-2ov EKtltiNG-5lll boanos tios. 1.,2 ,a 3 N ,toate. ttr rig, hull ig and Ifr sale by 127rig, & J l I \VIIINEY, 73 'amp st I( INl.' on Education. low shall I goverun ty Ssehml, addresand to young teachersr . ad also adapted to assist pareots iln the manoagementst of lottll eea : by E Wies, i utheurof 23eaors aid a hall in thile Navy. Hints on Educrtion, by the snme autlhtr; nlso, Hall's le.rttms to scohotl mastaOr. tor sale by d:l31 A TOWEIt, 49 Cnamp st - IMEj -l10ill casks aresth 'htoluatnnt Lime, Itamng I from ship Feran, hf l a t, lTv di, " I. J P t fWI IT E"Y, 7.3 Ctam t d1 \tNDRE\V.-k I& IROTl ,Rs. on tamp I UiN'I'T.",0ILS, (ILACSS, BItUSII.', landing roma ship Constitutien, and for sale-viz: 16.000 feet of gless, best quality, froa 8XLO t a 23X28; 3(6H kegs white lead, pure; 350 do green paint, in libr. keer 24 dos jupeaedcine fursigg;6MlOlb _ 3lithnage 26 ldon splendid 000)00 ground bruehe-, also ofOOOO nod 000 do; 2 tuesne eroe green in powder, superior artiale an do in ecan; u large assortment of Rach temls ofevery size and qualityil; sable iencils for artiste; flat marking. brushes forrmerekants; artist's eolon in oil ready pre pared,in hoxee, fitted :"p with all neeesat.ry brushe,; artist's teols, &cn. Fluke and temite white; 60 yaeks gold leaf; white and yellow wax; gimn erubic; and a large and choie noas. sortrmentl of plints, dry colors oil, tlrpentine, varnsih, &f., or ale, wholuesale and retalil, at the lowest prices, by MONDIELLI, a28 58Cal pa t. NEW EDITION OF THE CIVIL CODE OF LOUISIANA. TT has been for some time made known n to e public Shlat tile subeeribers are preparing tor the press i new edition of tle Louisiana ivnl Code.- 'l'hev were. Itlrn the first, aware of the great difficulty and reepos tiiiity attending ihe publication of the work, and it was nut without great hesitatien that they con soated tol thle undertaking. But the present edition, amnounting to h'bout three thouland copies, and which had cost the State moe than thirty thousand dollars, was entirely eot ofpriet. For more than two yvears peast, tle cuseal price of the work has been front thirt' tn._fity dolllers. It is a system of written rules wnirh so immediately operates upon-every individual of the state, interestedl either in agiculture or commerce and which governs the dispoeition of so much property soming to us from other states, that-unlike alnlom.a'te othr treutlse upon law--it ias ae rach tile teaxtbook and umanual of the merchant and the planter, as it is of the private gentle man and the profesrional advocate. : Ile lawyers of tle adjoining states, and in fact of ea hiose states Jponti the )hio and hMiuissiippi rivers which find a mart for their prHicoite in Louisanea, have a fre quent necessity of reference to the code, and make i anl iedipencblee requesite nto thleir librariesa; and in tile itin of New Orle,ne the hook is as sure to l.f fouln in the merchnt's counting room, as upsn .he desk of tihe judge, or tiee tablleofto aottortney. It is not aurprisillg Ihereltre fltt thie first edition nl'ilee work was so qeick ly disltosed or; and althoug an mere reprint of it would in some Itenaslre supply the puhlie necessity, vet it would be itmperfect and unm tisfaectery unless aelnncleated with refernces to tohe Reports and Statnte, in order to e race te e ulnumertn amendments which have been etmde by the Legislature, and the important decisions and constrnelrliOls which Ilt e loeen given upon Imany o its artieles by ftileR Splreme Court. The publishers have seuttred, for the general super intentdence and editorial department of the work, the Iproessiona servioces of Wheelc.k S Upton, eq. a ime.ier of tile New Orleans liar. Tile Htn. Judge Ilullad, Jludc Iherenudes, and Htno George Eustis, have each kindly assisted Mr Upton with the valnable nIotes whietl "they hve collected i. the course, o atheir studies and pratice;etnd to lMr N .tenenintecs,the Ilrt ner orf ir Uptlon, who is also engagcd in the work, Ged Sttrawridge, Eeq. iha preeented tile renat nlms of cel . reanm ouoltined in tis office cnpv of tile code, and whticth nve been' mde by himl dcnring tile whle period of his dis:inguishied iprlessional Iaborn. Tie publish. ers may tilerforr well trust that the annonltions of tle work will he li l that indlustry anl laboutr, assisted by Iearnloull;nd experictlce, san perl.rln., le puttieng ohti crti rri cneecthu not solciting gene. tlI subscribers In tie work, tIot plutlihers fake ipride in the fact tihat tie Legislature of L.ouisiann has authorized the (;overnor to orr to cdone thousand copies of It foro tile future ee of the State. The readinesse will, wlich tihis Ilenltlter wc. tnke , ih tile Assembly, evinced their elist seente oftie veliu oletie worknlbald tihey therev extelld ed that cnfidetrte il the ahility of thle publishers and eCli t's hliihi if ic hio ecl isll n ,t hdielly uLldeservci cd. The work wil It . printed in French and Engl;sh, uipoe golod paper and with siear epr; will n ex ense or care be spared to make the whole ehanical executitl ef it ecrrespot,d with its great itmortance. It will pollbaily be ready for delivery in tlw motth ol Septemtiber next; andl the price will ie, to onscIreiber., fifteen dollrs-five dollars to he paid at tie tlr e ofsal- I screibig. The suhabription lietn once closed, the store price will be twenty dollars per copy. i A .l EIIJONS & CO. Ilnlhlithers. ROWAND S TONIC MIXTURE, i; FIR FEVEF.R AND aGUE. II rEN yearo hlvo not yet elapsed since it wus Ex first regularly submitted to the public; but it has attained Ithe highest reputation; and has sup. tea planted every other medicine for tile Ague, wherev. abt or it Iha been known and appreciated. Already Iha it been carried in every direction throughout IIV the United Staten, and still realizes more tllan could Ihave bee anticilated by its most sanguine friends. all Thousands of persoln have not only been relieved, pm but entorered t, lie lth and vigor through its agen. or porni ty, to its dola Ad supreme eetnincy. I to is composed of such medicinal principles as are vat caleulatod to renew the healthy action of the stonm uelt, liver, and other important digestive organs, tnr tile loan of which harmony is tihe immediate .cause eat of tile disease. It is apparent also, that it produ. cos nn entiro change in ithe condition of thie ystem, llid certainly destroys the native liability to relap sea of lto affection. When the Ague is attended Fa with any other compluint, thie employment of the Tonic Mixtuae will not interfere with the treat. ment of tlhe otiler dicones, but wi'l even afford as. siI .sttance by furnishing strength and vigar to the ie. body during the course of treatment. These while tall make use of this medicine may be nasured that via there is no Arenics, Burks, AMercury, or allny other no article in its comlposition unfriend v to the human vil constitutiol; being eontirely a nejeblble exltract; il and they may have additional confidence in the use thereof, when they perceive that it has tile ef fIcL of a gent e laxative about tile time half a bot. nrr tie full has been taken--in connoaqt:ence of which, r there is no part of the medicine loll to linger inll at the bowels to cause obstructions, and otlier evils, is .arising fromn tile use of manty of the relnedies aah tie offered for the cure of'this affection. It has been tsi used also as a preventive, by many wiho were sub ject toa periodical recurrence of the Chills, and it ca has invariably warded off the apprehended attac. ad Obserne! The Proprietor, fully satisfied with tile ni inparalleled and universal success which has con. atantlv attended a punctual and regular use of the r Tunis Mixture, in all noases of Fever and Ague, keils warranted in eng.lging to refund the price to Li all tlhose who have taken tie mnedicine in strict ac. cordance with the prescribed directions, without oi having been perfectly and lastingly cured. no Tile subscribers are the whiolesale agents for the South Westerni States, and have now on hand six ty eases of thin medicine, which is warranted fresh and genuine. For sale at tile mlanufactured prices JAIsR'I & ANIDIEWS, Wholesale Drt.ggistv, nov27 cot Common k Tehoupitoulaa street. ORlDElRS RECEIVEI) FOR JpoyXE PA TET COTTO.V GIA Hy the Paltenee, No. 53 Magazinestreet, New Orleans \I 'OBRE MANUFACTURED INNEW YORKBY si ROIBERT HOE & CO. SCA.LE OF PRICES-Double Gins. en For a dotble Ginll of 8 saws or more ol eachb yllinder, making 160 sawo in tie stand, at with feedier 4 bands, .e. at $6 Ipr saw, or $960 (It pI For a Itouble Gint of 60 sa vl on aneyinder, a or 120 saws inl tlhe staad, feeders, &. a $ i.etr saw, or 72 00 in For do. of etsawsondo.or a snaws l it stand, at $f6 5 per saw, or 500 Ot Fr lldo. of lt saws on do. or 40 saws in a slnu1,a eti6.50 peorsao, or (m 161 SINGLE GINS. 9 For a sincin of So saws or more, with oae set of taderas, biends, Ic. at $6 per 0 Fordlo. of fi0 saws, with leeders, .e at $6 ) per saw.e 391l r0 For dlo. oi 411 ,saws, with feeders, &ec. $6 - pelr Is., 30000 I Fir do. of e msaws, with iede. rs,'&e. at $7 50 per saw, 150 0(1 Exsa teuth where desired, for feeders, snlpplird a Scelt.s tanhll; tile number ofteeth heing abont equal o the Inllontr of sawas O, e t et of feeders, it is con sidered however, will wear out two or three nta ul siws. Ectirtsasnppilltiied t it sensti each. S le Gins ntllPireI, ill be dellve re I Ithse agents of t id:alters in lay of the sea port towns ofl the cotton plan titg Staoes, 1 tne asoe sicons te agents ist ilg the li-i -l on the samoe from New tork, anil becolmitig ie spl.naible for the amount of the Ginl. A Gias wi-gln e will be sent with tim Gins to Fat them ip where de sired; tle charges for whose serenies will be extr, hut moderlte. Irone runling gearean alsohe ordered where denited, .00 eaonaslile ttrma, hbut will be ehoared extn. Haore 'power, eofaiy deneipnlitui, 0a0 be ilonished ona like lermn. Small steam engines canll als be ordered if de silnte. i- ilsldesirCdhe, when planters give orders for Gins, III they slloul aecomplny them wit Itheir views in regardn id nto toearnmngementot saws, breasts, brushes &c. It isi eiund they differi opinion. Some tlesire raws of st lairger diamleter iha. others. The most nommml size P is 9 or It inches; l . some wish them 12 inchel. Some wishll 5 or 6 rows I brushes lon an mile, while others do r- inot want more thaniat most. Some wish saws with a tor teeth to the inch, while others wanot loor II. st V , uch discretlncy, we peIeer they shoubld, at y the time of gihing onlers, furnish a statement of their ao wishes, and the mtaulfaltulers can fulfil them in every ti. particular. Where it is left to our discretion, we slmll in make them on the most modern and approved laton. An order can le executed, from the time it is .esived, 's in the naoe of'eight or nineweeks, ld tie (;i in hinat tilne phlace in thie hands of the factor. To be in timne tor the next crop, all orders ought to le in tile hands ol tII the manlntactuershy the first or mniddle id M ay; exapt or phlintttons where they arclite in commencing to ot pick or gin oetten. N. II. The I'tenit Right, foran oneof the catton i cling St:ate-, will be sold on rcasontl,tl terms. is 0o- fitoa AN UT ) HP, IJHlkAUL'1 U!' HILL CIN E. /lIOOn'S Compoulnd Extract of Coimeiba and Sares Spmar'illa--A ceritalin if, sai d most eflectual reme dy ever discovered for the cure of G(onorllesa, leets, Strictures, Whiles, Pins in the back ald oins, seminal weakees, af'fetioni of the kidimer, gravel, scorbutic erupltions, (c. Io the introduction ol a medicine possessing the usefu and active virtue of the one Iow otfeled to lie public, le proprietor has but to refer to the numfierou recomn mendaion r ecived from tle miost eminent of tic e t dical i'aculty itl EUope, lhelieving ltht it will lie dilly appreciated when its mnrits aee omre fllly known. 'l'e Ilsam of ,op5ib0, Iso. rtLnicel) asedt, ilt h mleich of its credit from the dislike which patients tormerly elxress l regnrlintg its dimgrehab!e taste, mllltlltrmer tmrotueced in tim howell dmi stomalh, mod itl ilretofimr inefficierev when iued in the itflummatory stage. The an nlysis of the BalsaIy. conceim mtg that the more aetivequmlities would therebyv be mumch more ro.centratrd and more usefully adminolstielred than ill the present slate. liThe above memd oile combines in gredients which ae in tihe highetm repute among the most scientific and learned in tIhe profession. iieh drug in the composition of this prepaealion incurases the elfficacy of the other, prmloducing an operation iruly asto nisihing, and qmrlpaulg the moot mmang r il erlrmctatm;ll posuiilmmgl the nitme time the Ildvantge of its beimg adminismerem with perfeit lueer in tihe diferellt stigL oif thi aboe disepe. The mont eminent livicitullsald sIurge.rlof the presenl tiny erpress their miotletd nIm prolllation ilm favor of Slarulmprilla, whilst its tie in the trioeilpl Ihoitals nsml puilic medlical ilnelillioillm liis en, mId satillnmtmmllul, vo.r extelive. It we s a iav olrte remelly with time elelbrmeml Dr Abermielhy iim all venereal ai.ions, ansI in obstinate eutIeous erntltimun arinng frllI ,lta dinnq oftledigeslisfe Imletiolm . Having berii ublmitted to tIme tent mlid rxperi.mne of time most celebrated among the ficulty, they lhave expreslrd lleir satisaction of illt extrlrtlillry efficacy in every osone ilder tlieir lhrte, by nlol.ti. g it bol hin their tllblte ilnl privte m lr ltllee. T'leir oi erlvltiollt will Ib mleried iliereit'er. Preplaried Ihy J I Thlo' Cmhelmmil Londmlon. Pricel 1 50ipr ilt. TESTI1 MONIALS. From A II Salmoo, En1, F Rt , Stlgeon to the St Thlomas Hospital, and Iectorer on Anatonmy. The trial which I have made of your prepair noiiot in ai variety ofeases, both malend felal e, io its results hr.,t dr proved so highly trvourable, that I do cot hesitate in di pronotlning it one of the most valuable ellicacinis F remedies ever offeredl to the public, andi one inll hicl, ir hrnom eaperieee,-l call pilae evely irliaince, ohlilst it yp does not rodutleti tle siloe plusalt efoctsl usulsly exo ,. perieticet frlom eopaiba. rom G H Ilaywart, M It C S, Physiciani to the St . lMarylebme Dispensry. I take great pleasure in adling my testimony to the valuable propertees of your prelrratioin, wishing uoo the o success you so fully deserve, in anlample reward le laborsad expenlse incurred in bringingit to shoul elllt plety plfetectioo. From W I Cuooper, F It S, Surgeon to Guy's lln. 1ital The uniform success which has a' enlde thle adminllii teriog yon, medicitte oamolg fiy Itieiots afflicted wilh) thle aleve diseses, hIss fully satistile ile thait it lhs olly to be known to lie truly ollrecited. lMay the slecess you so well deserve, amply and slpeedily .lmy ) on for yousr valuable preparatioti. s From Sir A Cooter, F It S P R C S, F&c bI di llaving been ittlmused to try your Extrlelt ias vel i easesof violent (ouonrhatt, which had hitherto tilliedl every prescription administerted by Oil, lavinig oneill sure and speedy cures effected by it, in a few days I feel meself i duty hountld to stte thatit It now in iti pe ive both public nmnd Private recommend taod use un to other. From GW Blair, Al D, Physician to Guy's lo Ni plied. The strict test which I have given yourt mtdlici SI among niy patients, aotl its invariable sulctes thus litr, will indtle ie to terlevele in its use, aold I dleln it S but annact ofljustite sdll of duty to suld lity tfeble testi monial il colmendation of its virtues. From" LC Thompllol, M 1) F It S L. Ireturn youl my siuncelre thanllks tort t v.: Vld alale Ire 1 sent of eou to tile oire 'of (;:tioltrlla:l, Srt. I ifiegettll r ttllt thyou latet lcast btlronhl a medicine Ot into use which will ,prove a desidiratutm long sought for in the medlic.. woold-n sure, ieldetl tlunt etll1ctlU tlll e bt in cases if the above class. It atiitItd tile great pleasure Ill ill publishing to the world the valuable qualities ol') ont A Exscl. II Wertelt necessary, the proprietor ouldl here furnish t a moany more testimonials equally as commllllendator as the above; bhlt trusts that its great success hitherto htll clre t & erxpense at which it hasl beent p eltraed, w ill plroeits greatest reconmenldation antoog a dtiscrnilg ipublic. One reommendatlion i -tld prlar'atino ijoys)- above all others is its aent, portal e tnrl--iipult up i1 pots-th made i whlich it nto be take., eming boh ello t l W pleasint-its taselv toture,with no reitriction it del a or confioement from business. Travellers eslpecial o to be ttlotided mitt; a pteel ulit ipolmlWkiftthlflt uu vaetages which the plesentl one eombines. p Accompanying the Medinioe i, at itmmpblet oetdtlat - tot. ofthe dill'eeett stages of the disease, withiout ant extiwa charge, entaining full atid ample direetiolls. For sale by SICKI.ES k CO. mr 14 4 Canal street. TnRotIo IN FIVE AND A HAin t DAYS, Prom Mobile (Alnbnma) to Augusat 'GOeJ L EAVES Mobile every other dol., inmi..iltel ti ftea the arrival of the mail from New Orleanst Ier ilt steamboat E..Iuso, to Itnlkely. cocthes to Penaoaeolp stambots (lper Pensacola Itay, St Ros soound and Chou taiaehie River andl lay) to Cedar Iluff, coaches thenoet via Marianna, Chattahot euhee, lfermerh" Mloit VeF : ' nott,) Ilainluldge, Pindtrton; Hlawkisorille astll lirs. 't ville, to Augusa. A Iassengeertakinhd hits seat at MRbo bile is in no dalnger of iteing thrown out or Insing hit pereerence hly other conltcrtillg interests, ast tle FLOtIi. Y Iit LINE is but ont concern, and lunder one tal tlle throughout, and may rely WITH EnTeoNTT U ponL hi' arrivalat Augusta ill time seeified, IIthrgh all w eath er and at any season, unless some most q.aorelseen cats.s trolphe should' occutr. Tihe Great New Orleans Mai S is carriend y this route. The Agents for accommnodia Stio, Teams, Coaches and Drivers are not surpassed the sonthern country. The smooth, hard, natural nrads, the safe and inter b euilg water tavigatlion, the ime ilt accommmlation, tI1 afford the traveler steed, certainty, comfort, and a pleas I ea ing varietyt; onnected as it were with the Rail ilad ti Clarlersol , S. C. sad the steam paekets to New York, I fi travelets can rea ds New York from New Orleans II LIM THnU I nlaova--Washin stoo city in 12. I Is From Chattahomohee, Florita, we have a lltsie Line via Quinsy utl Tallahassee, to St Marksl, lo. t post onahes, also two lreanhels froo Hawkiosvills mm to Milletlgeille, and one to Macon, light two hlrs1l P noaches. STOCK IONS ! uo,. Aunvesr, '1th Jan. 1835. a OfiNeat Manlsion House Mobile S "Distallne, New trleanIs to .Mo;ile, 151) mile Mobile to Augusts, 54ti " Aogusta to Charleston, 1I3 t Charloston to New York, 980- 10 Time, New Orkean to Mobile, 28 Ioursl Mobile to Augusta, 32 " Augasts to Charileton, 12 Charleston to New York, aft- 250 MSaking 168 miles pr day. or 7 miles per hour, inclo site ol" allstoplages itov it N. It. I beg leave to inform the piblie that thi Iridges over the Chsathonlu eswl ntmp al HardHr La creek have just been complletell I y the general goveor meit, (the i tly obstacles operating agnilst thil safe an. seledly route re Iethus happily retnoved; anl I hae ith t pleasure ofles tIog from trmvellers than the coaches,tlor. is, driversmld nads re alo thle Art onler; and uts to thi water route Ielsacola to Cedar Itluff, it is admit. StetI by all who bhav palssed t.rough it to be uisllurpo.ssel sitlnoVlties beauty oatl soletl. Tihe thronlgl aGeorgia havealso J 11 C fIAKEIR "I 11gARBLE CHIMNEY PIECE Waroeests, 1. Custolnbouso street, opposite the Ipost-olice. The subscribera are now receivoing fronm their tUe. Lories in New York, and will keep eonstalntly on Shand a general asortloent if Marble Mantle Pwetes lfosuperior workmanship, and of the late*t patterns, 1 made of the heat Egyptian, Italian, Irilh at.ll America omarblo. Also, Monuments, Toinhs find o Grave Stones, moulded and plaill sills uail liotels, marble facings, ihearths and boundary stone, plastrr se of Paris, Rotanl & Hydraulie C(:emlent anld Plaster ing Hair, together with a splendid uesortment oI I breas mounted and plainl Grates and Russia Iron Grates of the newest and most approved patterns. aI Lotterinlg done in lthe eatest manneor and at the t shortest notice. Thlly have first rate workminu to set the above work. ji5 tAM11ES KAIN & STROUD TPARKER'S ROCKY MOUNTAINS, &o. JOURNAL of an Exploring Tour beyond the at Rocky Mountains, under the dlraeltio of the A BC F M, performed in the years 1835, '36 and 4, 731; ontaining a description of the geography. ge se ology, elimate and productions. and the num bet, ie manors and t ustoms of the natives; with a Map U of Oregon Territory, by Rev. Samuel Parker, A M. The Riverand Ihe Desert; or Recollections of the Rhone and thie nhlrtreuse; by Miss Pardon, l author ofthe City of " Sti tan, &-. ii 2 v.tsl. ot The Robber, a Tale, '·. the author of Rtehelioe, ,. The Gypsy, Attila; in 2 . le 'The Two Flirto; or Ad."-rore in a Country io House, and other Tales, by Lady B!ossington. E L 0 Bulwer, Mrs Norton. Barry Coriwall, Mrs Gore, I. Captlain Medwin, and others; in 2 vols. a The Life ano Adventures ofNichbolua Niclleby, 5tr edited by Bos, with llustratioln by Plhis, No. 1. Just received and fobr .l by , 'tOMIPASSES, TI'HEIltOMETESlI, MiCt;Ks lin 1 COPES, &e.--Just received end for rule hb We Wm. MleKein, corner of Camp uanl Cotolllllln sitret, ola llerl eaolalaO lll oe f ,nr*iior'es CeOprateon, Slnlhentntinal lntrOuc ,tlllito, lIraming Poon, to Spriig Divildoodo, to'v Pelo, loory Pro Porollel ( olterV' i . e hi 'hlllltOl ieo 'tItliiv. Otto, Camm raObs.irus,r-urve i .haoie, r Measulng rI'es, 4":. d7 W e York di agesagare sworo PACKETS FOR NEW YORK.-New LIne. -To sail punctually every seeod Mond.' during tile season, full or not full. `hip Orleans, 599 tons Cat. S. BSer~, Ship Alabama, 474 do C. C. Berry, Ship Arkanas, 627 dB E 8 De.an0e Ship S rautoga. 542 d W HatSwa.y Ship Nulihville, 540 do D) Jackeon Ship Kentucky, 629 do J Buoker The above rhips are of the first elas, e apered. and copper fastened, and having been built in New York exjreasly for thus trade, they sem of light draft of water and alumst invariably eras the bar without any detention. The corgmauders are ulm of great experience, and the shipe will aloayebe towed up end down the Mississippi by steamboaes They have handsome furnished accommodations, and stores of the beat desaorption will always be furnished. The cabin paeosge is $90 without wine or liquor, and there is no liquor furnished to the officere or crew. For freight or psenge apply on board, or to H C AMES, 48.Camp at. The ships are not eccountable for breakage of glass, hollow ware, marble or grailte, ooeperage of tin, or rust of iron or steel, nor reponsible for any package or parcel, unless a. regular bill of lading is executed therefor at the ofice of the uuts. nov27 NEW ORLEANS AND BALTIMORE LINE OF PACKETS. This line will consist of the followinl vessls, which have been built or purchased expressly lior the trade, via: Ship -eaoman, Capt. Miner, Bark Mary, , Nickeraon, Irad Ferry. new . Stevos., " Solomon Saltu, ,' Latham., Brig Architect, Gray. These of the first .lass, have hand. some lurnielhed recommodations, and are of a light dralt of water, eo as to admit of their reeceiving and discharging their cargoes in Baltimore, at the city. Freight will be taken for ports on the Chesnlpeaku or Joames' River, and forwarded by the eioste,. Mesare. CLARKE & KEI.L)UG, dit Baltinuore; 1 oxpenses on goods shipped will be advanced when required. 'l'T' price of as fized at Otio, ample stores of the b st qualuty will he provided. Steam up and down the Miaaiosippi will be t kon on all oecnsions. For freight or passage, apply to GEO. BEDFORD, nov27 22 Bienvil .t. hol'iR NIKW YORK. [Louisiana ansd New York Line of Packets 'AII ; Slrips composing this line will sail iorn Neo' Orleans and New York on every other Mon lday-comlmnencing on the 20th November-and to ilnure thle plnctuality in the time ofsailing, tie lin,. will hereafellr consist offive ships, via: Ship Y.,roo, Captain Trask, to leave on the 20th November. Ship Luuiavlle, Captain Palmoer, to leave on the 4th Decemnber. Ship Huntsnvillo, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the 18th Decembenr. Ship Vickhlburg, Captain VWoodhlouse, to leave on the let January. Ship Missineippi, Captain Davis, to leave on thl 15th of Janluary. The above are all new, of the first clans, copper. d alld copper fastened, and upwards of 5IU0 tons Iurthen, are of light draught of water, beilg built in New York rexpressly for the trade. The price of passage is fixed at 100 dollars: their cabinsare firt:d up in the most inmproved and convenient plan, and finished inl a neat and elegant style Ample stores of the first quality will be provided, and every regard paid to the comfort and entire satishietion of passengers, who will please take no. tice that no berth can be secured until paid for at Ilia oWece of the consignees. T'hese vessels are colnmanded by captains well experienced in the trade, who will give every at. tention and exert themselves to aeommndate. They will at all times be towed up and down the Miinsa sippi hy steamboats, and the strictest puantuality obsrerved in the time of sailing. .u."M o°pge~dslrate,ý}t1i :@9*,x(ld bg, )6 "!i put on board of them, unless a regular bill of ladin lie signed theretor, at the counting house of the agent or owners. For further particulars apply to J D BEIN & A COHEN, nov27 90 Common st FOR NEW YORK. [ILuaiaioum and New York Line of Paockets.] raI itt lahips crlrrrrmeg this Line will asuil Iro New SuO.leae. ind Now a ork on every other Monday comuuencing on the 20th november, and to inmre the otrictost punrtuality in thie r timlle ul sailing, the line aill erealiter conlait of five Slhips vi t Ship 'azoeo, Captain Trask to leave on the ithb nov. iShip urnioeill, Captlai Palmer, to leave on the 4th I)ecelber.'" Ship tluuteesile. Captain Eldrildger to leave on the Ith l)rrcenrb r. Ship Vieksburg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on the Ist Jo asrv. Ship Mis tHisppi, Captain Davie, to leave on the 15th January. u The above ships are all new, of the irst leess ,,ple.evd and copper isteoed, and upwards of 500 tope burthen, are of light draught of water, being built iu New York expressly for the trade. The price of pee Sage is fixed at o.e heuried duate. Tlter cabise are fitted ul,;o the nret improved and convenient plan,and ireltsed I a neat and elegatlt etyle. Atple ftrte oi tihe first quality will be prtvillde attd every regard hall to the comliort aid entire tatisaction ofl opsengers, who will please take nlotie lhat no berth can be aenured un Itl Mai lto at the tffice bf the eonetgneee. 'I here rtcketl are commanded by Captains well eN perienced in tihe trade, who will give every altention, and exert themelive to accommodate. I hey will at ull times be towed Ipt aId down the Miweieippi by PsteamSbox, and Ilia atriteat lpunctuality obaerved in thle t Time f lailing. The owtvrs of theie hips will not be responsible for Nay let or, parcel or peeknge sent by orput oil bonrdel ielt., ulees aretignlr n l at lading be signed dlerefore at the en.ntieg bhote of thi ageuts or oaners. Fcr u orth'r partieularsr, apply to Ii BEIN & A COIIEN; warm 3 tll ioumon at. ENSACOLCLA MANSION HOUS NEW CITY, PENSAOtLA. SillE eutthrntoerl.aeig .ureh.sed the lesd e oad aur nllrte rif tlie aelti known stablibumetnt, from Mr Tl'ylrr, tile late pIroplrietor. will Ih ready to receive iO itere by thre let t.d April next. Nutterou antlld costly itlrprvements will be found in the wrratgelucnts of tile lansion House. New and more eulttatdaliota bathing houset will he blilt, ael valn b ito will be pIroirdd at all horsl. A stable till be attacrhed to the house. with guod aceommuda tlirs nltr laures rrsld cerriage. tilat rate htoree and fcnrrnaes will tsllt pie kcpt for hire at iluoderat irices, and rail ad trow boLai, watl personr to manage theal lfr tlhe uze otl vititr'1. N lilliards and theti AmuseuentO t, slally tul.ia at ot aritg placet, will alFbbefa mished, and atn reducteJ nsa liot to ilntrfere with the comfort and tqiet r the boarders. The wine attd liquora will Ire of tile bet qualitl, ard to elsurm a ull supply of Sic., a cargo ias nlreruiv beeu ordered, whtit will arrive about tile lit it Maly. ll Frederick BLrnard, who fornerly kept no popular a httel at Watrhigtarr cityv, will coUatlctit le ho el for lthe proprietor, who, with such aidconfidently eaoure the risiters of lat vyer, atid hip frienda geneually, that thoe will receiva every posible rtteutiani end trerby eare:cta to give gen ral satielaction. alie local edvarntages of thas Itle are too well knatwt to tireed a eagt. cuerd deseripltio I ere. The trtel II-t Pensaetola is the largist naval atatloe of the (t;urrv-r.oten; tire generel rendeavouas ot the Gulf qund. ren; tile saRlubrity of lits climaOte refreshed eIUtantly do. ring the enltter mouths by the coolest Ireenp free rim Gull, the lhatatty of the bey and the anighbouring islaed- and tiren; the ahundance and dalicay of th f-t with wlhich tile watere .bond; ed its prxiitrl Sto le heat Southern umarkets; .ne lPneaola thle'pee IreUTe over al other plaese in'theta latltlUdese a healhllv ati dlightfll sanmmerretmat. Firso rate bolat will ru hbetwee. Penaaeol and Dl. P bile, ald will atall tiie he ablel to tke theeeagteoer frolI ti e New Orleaus boats. N B ARNOLD. Petnsacola,Feb. 15th,l18.8. ID (ientlerueu wishilig to engage mens for their familise can raidress the Imepriutor, at lPesnsaol. or Mr Sewall T Taylor, tire former prmpietor, at New Or: Referenees. T ToSnirtrl,deq, Mr I Ctllmo, B MeAl.p Eaeq, tL. Kibblry, it Moull ei; S T Tsylor, P P RealEaqIelNew Lrleintr. 1' S--A letter bag, to receive eeomzeletsa r persool at tIle 'lrw hotel, in placed at Gee W.lts. 'a ulfice, 51 St Charlee Etehoage. I. FLORIDA ROUTE FOR NuEV flJ Trnellee , deser s . of tox the . via PeneacotetOac t4aNerth,are reat. will tdo ran le leahd Mo loile and ls e , or tat oft y. :cod etaleself tbheartl.eb. he e in Mobile, in cas of itoh a e The .tertihoetUblatepl loan' to micc . eek.

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