Newspaper of True American, January 21, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated January 21, 1839 Page 1
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Y"slE 12: Cot-V. --o 1 , - - 2 CET. ..NEW ORLEANS MONDAY MORNING, JANUARY 21 1839 \ot..-V No 1862 'er,ns of the Xeaenptpor Presr of Nero Orleans Sla nlon il+l, i afgrC· Ire u lo l uIat Ito-ulriud .-ine ieg i Ile Prnlpretpiorah,.ld n rttit. 1:111 of Mareh, 18g7. Sounn:.ttrrtivs -l'wlve, iidlitr. for thedily pa par llnr Ia , I t Pll e ,,, li. - ti'ially il l dwlo n-::. tell dollars fo.r rlira t waailv elllltlrv paper, payable one year in advallce, where illr city refearence In. gVe. N.n a Ibc.riptiioue will lie dliorntintosd until arrenrnget are nettled. In lleae of di continullae, one week'eonetiee in ariltng ieel t invarlab y given, previous to th spliltitrn of oubscriptiotn. Aovea rlslNn.-- aln dollnr per ellnare for the first entlcirn, anud Ill thati price for each scarieqtertrt e: ant tnaleritl altlltr i rn frm thie original advertisement will lbe hllra,"d is a new tille. Ynatr.r AuvRertalstra.-Merchant and Tera ere otty dollnar ftl Enginsh alne, and sixty for both len gag i ltanksi Inurace Ofiree, nlie ntler simi ar publit nilitilito,o fifty dlllars in English only, nctil sillhty for borh lngtagleso; Ship and Itealmhonl Foe turs, or Untni esiitye iolerlitat .xy dollra n it. nglish ore, nnd eighty lur Iol.h langntege. MAne tonse, OnriTeoInr NOPre.oS, and ertielce enll eardll of paRnceeger, beullite &. &e. will eiunrgei, one idllur per .qlare for tihe irat inertion ill each lael l ,,o. SCoAnnllrcATlo.s , or Advertisemner., ef any pertn.n al atire. wile adOmissible, iihall be itllargedl doluble, iod ill adeneoe. A dedultilln of twenty-five percent. will be mnade to Aucti.nlm.rt, Slerlle, Itegienser.of Wills, and MarrhalA onl saleso l real estate, publlished in both lanuarges, and 50 per ceatr. in Engiish alone: 10 per eon. on nales o.' tlthr prenlerty. oaet of te direct line of hllneinae rf tile advertiher, suceh nm legal, uectcilso ntld planta It oil ales, runauay olaves, slray ltlills, ie&. &e. will ie chrarged for eena.utely, alnd et rhe ordilnry rotes. Aorrrlaroauaalo not ttecified eI to time, will be "pmaliohed one Inonth, and eharged eeordlinily No adverisoenecae of bankrupccie wiill ice prhiibed in any etle, nl.res paid for Ine insertin, or llaymneno guararteetd y a respnstibeii person in towl. iheaet aned plno ee rif onneeonlr, ditoertliliUg daily r the eason. to lie chiarged $100 for . ltglinlt a loie, and $15L in blit langnales. All annonnewtcntl Iot efaelilte for plil:tanl offien will be ehrarged doulle the price of ocher advertise ments. Owing to the immense lace ulntained by newspaper prmrpiteler, tire have etllae to the retnclacitrn thai the in ies of peraona whonea acountsave nilot heen imid within a an month after pregenartian, ehail he made kn.wn fso frar a pracieehale) to rolec ather--hey bli gfling themlnlven nort ito lldverie or pltri for such ldalinruaste, unleIs ie cae of nideanrer pa cyreat. (Nigned) J. C. I)e S. IHOMfIES J. RAYON, 1I'. P. RIEA, J. C. PItENIiEIRGAST, JOltN GIlSON, I.UMSI)EN. IVteetpy Prers.--We, the, ndiermigned, agree t a bide oy tile aIblvo rudtlicouu, as hur un hey are applicable to I wacecl a papers. ~irgntkedl A.nB. IAWrIENCE, 1 n N aecsipeien are takes for rles thai 6 iaotlha. iaierad oert, ill carse, he nplot paid. NOTICE TO THE PUiLIC.--UIafonded ranlreo el tlreorndrerigned haring nold not, to lieroateuaed his old atnd long ontatlibhed t tiLDEfl SEED STOiRE, /lMi, ii Ctuloei /eo,ur Strecl. tlaving been miert inldastriloaly clrcillated by srlf interosted rprlien, the rsiabrier hogs to aelure hiis frinrd, generally, aird the puiblic at ilrge, that tie s ,till eoti:ilAre within two daoor of hi late. or oerlner t:alnd toe farnliald with a frll and ex. - tenire upplyil o"f ni Iri tadatllrd killcds orlr tehen or rcgttaelo woarde erde dl, of tile growth and in. pert of the preeent eaoaeon, 1817. Scaro tle -early pert ol St,prlethrr, e oine cit- I. ceiled amplel supplo, by th. phkeot sliipa Vlck.h burg, lenuerky, and Arktrunea, all arrived in aleart igaesaget, dirct crmn New York. By tire Mioos.r nippi and another pedake, he te re daily ceprcea O If a 1 suapply o Fotnit Lretl anrd Asilleraegn s ioles,l hliving already recuiv.dl :to oi ea lcn oel'lt nlail. rlne s.rabriber begh feirtbeT tno a·relce tire, p.iie at ht he is at irreenlt a well enaleld to reaat l Iilu e oarders fia all 'e kind. of (iarden itueds, eitler wloleale ir rettll, as lie ever was silire birs rclt atabhihnesut ie Janlary, 1822. I Countrly Uales anod Malrket Gaitrd.nttr onrders ai tilled lothe wert and Italost retoca.ltle r.tts, bylI the pound wenght, tun., g.ithe or buslel meate. Cetalogeo.lett ctlur 1l otolre ch or Ecighlic.. Iuav nl-raev be ubiltrlld teru pRInersloll.rn a ,hraltl ora usoal, te W Slt, DlI , l li i; irdn e Sued .Rso ir, 85 CurtlSionerea u . rlliotld or p:,.o; pulveertled reyis ; uherlc, tad S akeri. r iried Ilerlr..--Wllo a aupptly ol'ees ald buan. ci Nt.i ir.E n N IA I s i et-a l il- pr-lati,.e te Ilarn t(lUteUl to V.eatwoil' i idl eaa : lu.l I De it n dlilrl lru f,rul pl. fino ae a, sl ad th ir u i hi presorel - u.le tc a t le pl l e iu p th t p rtiula r t1 il ln ii hr ptera ul l lllu. , guiraLIt l Ia oafu spedtly aild clim l:Il al r-irc tos lll perao*ul as are. etiele I ht e nIL, itlt t e . : f rlt ll t le t t Illl lo.le , f iIehort, i, r rilhro, PIcc tralt a. I a , wlle d I eel:les, aiErupihn. o. the Skli, Sotn "t'itu-t+ Pan iu the Juoillnlts; iAun thit ntllo. tler.... yItoit ...ih gte'~Ctr.lly itel,,w o IRecenu ,een cure I in two i! tlielle,, f .ye witlllt t the use l otlrc.o, ihtllerr-ptlut Irolll Ilur, or aiertca- I Lon ite, ttllr. r ttle tlh. rit ntrl 1 oloct at A n latedite i., cit S.l., tllaeretitl Its c an Iti o.h- i JllKd of i llr.Jo llllla. IiIci Irliul lllthe e.Ipe oi the iurl rliarry, a , e lrbrated Fre.,h,. re d waf t led iy ilvis dlrllnIg ar .oerol CLalpIi.ii ill whlch he IJ nerved an .urge.ll ri iclll ill [.I' 'reltll Arlnvm rold by rI). Johnesar a i i,- olicte. '-l o-t lwronl t it lamsi ll .y mt'e, lion urf Velerenl lieeurr, noal t teRois Ilea voyllge., or rbnuVil"u Ii, the tote ulllt i, illl o r:indaa or ller ctre in lthe sltorees llllale cn Le pal uplo with wrillrttr dirt.Clioad f i t theiir uliie, I Offie optetnarunlt 7Tin the IVlrrille until t o'clockat r. night.l ABERINTIIY'S I)YdPPFIC IIXIR. Dr. Iherethy, Ith greatost of lEngli4h surgeone was opinion that nin,-ltenths of thme dlseoes that affect mankind lrigtinte inl the stomach. This tlizir wa useod by II witll the must uinprecedellted eutes in his private and public iractice for upiwardo of furly yeirs, fur the remuvel of he fllowine dilsees: Loso folupetite. FllaiueInce, Ditoeio of 11ie So011. seh,Pain i. iho sidt, Ileni*t ssofi tie Ile UIdod ndili Ination ot ileep,lrregularity uo the IBowels, and in all cases where Indigestion or a costive habit is fiund to exist. Tlls medicine mustl t be Iumlbe,ed i llong Ithe htost ofqactk Ileostrlos now beolbre tlh, public, as it isIt0 sole inventio of the ablest and mlst scientlific surgero Europe ever prsoluced, and the secretr of preparing it was purchased by tile ageit ifr a very large sum. It is agreele lnd pleasalll to the tu-tI, acts i a Illild aser ilent.always keeps the bo3els free, imparts vigor and elrenglt ti the sysleln, and hlloeerl'ulnes to tile elib?, and a few botrtles removP thle most cloirmlnd cases of l)yspepsiu or Indigestion, anid prevents a return at any future period. NEW YoRn,ltth Agtgust, 1138. 3:5 ,lI dianmst reet Slt:--I3 eon.qieneceo fleadiig a etlentary life, I have been troubled, mire or less, with I.dligeotion for ten years; fIr the lust three years my sufferings have been inuplportnble. I lhave tried several physiecmlae, anid a tnloiberof quloek ltedicinee, with tit der ving ally benefit. I despaired of ever obtiil ally permnanenll roelief, andl resigled myself toU3 tile l Itoltopeles. despair I wa persuaded by many frlenls to try Aher ethoy's Dyspeptic Elixir. I have o ow filishedl the fot ll botl tie. arnt know not how to express myl ' a iration of its wonderflil virtes nllld tl. lllirmile it h it plerormled ill Ir.t1t toh m." to thlit heltlh which I t l loht lost for ever. aSe.ld ip half a doz,en o1ttles t1 e and excy,t mlv thallks for lit ubles inr s ylou have . n erred ty re eturilng 5l10 to petletet health. I remain yours, JI'Olt MONROE. Tohen~aent in his possession seve huldred tes timonials similar to the above, of the extlaurdimtry vir tile, of tlis iledicime. lold by appolilltOellt, at a r. Jothom,, I'e, 141 Itienoile street. nov. 5 PROSPEC'I'US. TI1El subscriber p-oposes to publish. in the be. ginning or the onnoltg winter, 0a Condensation -of the twenty vonloes of tile Old and New Serie. of Martmn's Louisiana Reports, to be comprised in four volumes. n8o., according to tihe model of Peters' Condesmand Reports. This work is niow in preparation hy J. Burton Harrison, E.q, of this oity, assisted by William F. Brand, Esq. The Editor is also permitted by a distinguished retired Judge of tile Supreme Court, and by one of tie sitting Judges, to expect from their personal supervision all tho advantage which itay naturally be reaped from their experience. Such a work in becoming every day moti no. wesaary, as the original is voluminous, expensive,. and scarco. An incroasing curiosity too i0 mani fbst, in tile other States of tite Union, in reference to the peculiar jurisprudence of Lousiiana; and the circumlstance of the nuinerous principles here de· cided in the adjustment of conflinet of taws, makes tile knowledge of our adjudged c1ets of prione uti. Ilty to the jurists of the whole Union. Moreoven, tile rising repuloli of Texas has adoptom our codes, and thus there ina greut dolina-d for the Louisiana decisions froen a frtlt quartor. Convenient olutos, indicating the parallel cases decided in Louisiana, and occasionally those In the more authoritative forums of the other States, will on added to each co0s,. The work will foro flour volumes, royaloctavo. and will be doulvered, bountd, to subsort.bere at $li per vol.; in it shoul-l be found practicable to comilpress it into three volulnes, tihe p'ice to sub scrihero will ho $7 plr vol. Subscriptions received by WI1 ,teMKEAN, Jew car 'almp anl, Common stn. ,-, ;--·--- .-.=.+_.+-.-_ L " NEW ORLEANS Steam aod Patenl Biscuil Btkery-Waters and Hillman. NO. .S. Morenas (iar the iOidntSoioradin 1Wiin Rood.) SPilot and l ay I dr , Sd san Wine Ricieit. itsSugr, Btter. Midebrd and Water Crackera. All the above artieter are warranted to be of the . firs quality, slid 'o keep il any climate, being i o nplautely kiln dried. Alao,-Kiln dried corn meal. S Order lelt at'G. W. Pri chard and Toga't, Jr. corner Magaaine and Poydrun streets, will receive prompt attention. Small kegs put up expresely for family use. floor ILOUR-1i000 barrels ladinginl tore, nil for 13 lýile by d13 Y)ol #I(Sl, 44 New I.ero I ILB--S 10 kneg Nailaso.irtedl sieces, for sale hy d15i A'.It &WII'PAILL,67iGrnviert , FU! lieainippi Funds taken at 7, Front I.o I veie, for tirocerles. ,1,s K ER"iEYS-7 bales Kerseyn, OIL--5 barrels 'foroere Oil, i311 cansk winter Oil, 40 canks fall siraaind di, le by CANDLES-l300 hnes e nIHrm Caodle. for ilea he bL H'DIAI.E, 1d7 93 Comlmno. e" r]EW PUliK & BEEF-20 bls nmee, aull 40 bbl. NI liine Pork 2l bills prime Ileef, for Rule by l4i4 . wl'V Levre ..\ CARIl) M JOENES, Profrner of silgling, the (iloer Land Pianil-flrtte I-M, t &nnaullace her arrival l ini alognw ...... ndfrol, several year prcier. in Edil bnrg aud ]lnesow. s e Nltlters I'reld IOtat her eve. Ilia l"* ielrnilltion nill give nltieloetia to piprila. ''*l"etioinnlls as to cappailitV, he. cau ie ashwn, Oa l applieali an to Mrs. Millard's 17 Royal street. dll-- n e " i OX CHAIR'4-I(IO deie r fln Chairn, jlst ri r coived, and caitoblo for shipping for sale t tlhe Louieiana Fure surA Waro Ro ma. noar3 WIlM BC V8RtNH N EW BOOKS--Napl"leoo.. Mernuire,--eve iiig with Primer o(,amlceres, by Rerar I.analn, in 2 vole; ilie Midtlv, or scenes fre, the life of Eldwnrd I tncelles, in vr.ln; Parle's Cirie'mne Tales for 1839; Parley'e Christinai Gift foir 18le3; juty received and for ale byi W McKEIAN d,' i eorner of Camp & Comnmon eis LOUISIANA INSTI'U' E. T HIS Institution for i e tdcari Un oof yio g enotla I mien, will go into operation on tile firt of Octn ber, in the IoAemenrt eriry of ihe Methodiet (hurch, errater of Cnrorndelet aed Poe)trne, under the rlrectine oflire liadersigned wbih Ilrs eci piedI tihe lhair oa lietlllnlticn re a overal ('ollees of rhe norlh, nd wit o is r gra aten onal ue f tile nis celeolrartd univerirties of klroepe. 'Ike coanre f etlnrlireo to lie parreel in rthinseminary t will he Cietireleudeld iri thine faIloair divisio.nse e: I. 'riie 'rglie ild)nrtllPrn ri, ebrcing ill eg i breclihen oira thorogt aind ocnrlcollilnpir Einglilir ed. i Seucntirm. '2. 'IThe rclassiel departmenr , cornprehlreding tihe rtin and erl eek languages. TLhe depnlrltlrult at mllodeln langoallges, in Hhllil+, will tietaugkt ile.lrench, r Splai.h and Girrlienli llal guages. 4. T'le roithetarbtial ndplrilosnplii aidle iprtsot elrie+ with itheir plneulinll arp lirait to Smllrvini p NnadgLilr lm, lonllrr,l Ac. Naitril 'lolisoepIy ntld Clterieltry dluer~rterl by aplrniprirlse eroirirllnren. LLPErerrit ('tnosee in the Modern I.angllagi will I Ire irnli. anlld alreuarej fno rllrte i ot tc klrler. C J IIArI)lII'IANN, A l. Rrit'cscrom: I (;IRfON Enq. I1te remdeoIe SIIANNON, Louisiana Cellege, Ie C A .IIZE\BFR, , I. C IIUI(:IAN Eq. J NICIIOI Si)N Esq. NewOrleanl. SEY, .0e++ 1'J "uti.t.e... , , y.r ll u- ,.isewd "" /lie nli I.crrllele , lar skip r 'rigr, Iieru r lllllll Prr 1 Stnoal, en.rr llalr ltelplree (ell trlunbir. 4 rI hrlrlr v 1riirpnret Ihirnioc parpert 'inteld I.r.'al anud hIn ,. . funreh l'ls [.talliliil ll . I' ( liel I 'u, ell e i Ilrr.Irr rk lrdr ; we r p patrm t r 'lrr r rle a op a re ,, lI r . p :.ii" . t # (ilrd nirdrsilver nralrr rrh.itr+rdoe r rt'r thirea lc.imr, ill it erl irt rrlr r r ni l tilVti P.Aec, e, Irrlleeltlr"rrnillll'rri ' rlrrrl loi ret-lie~i- lr - rerl'. Slear ib're c SnriW, rt er. ; N rit Id; snin t hlooic i rk Shl.,i { loria i-erec (loar i 'ree .,-, 0;, ie lllloll Friesle. dl a iarieoe o I" dri. o 4,e i - ' it 'areilve i i Iilc ill ketcir all'ri l' i iilnal t hi 1 a r rc l ,T and C ork Cstlli %luilt I,.'i , un" Jt ne Ie'am.c+ I 47, 311 &3i iiirelie+ p fl'KEr B1O Kl S & W AIL, ll'. I Viltrll;d ra ',olr'o IrIr. 1ldree lrIIrb- I 3.+ I n tec lerresn; tnt Tla'lbletr, tilri pr'rir r liov.. . S r:It(rt aliitl'r. Iltii en. IedIrierlt rcI , IIerrlllrerwrd, Met nn1 i lrel-hed gold, Fancy clnted end geld Screw Iltan'. t die. PEN HlDI.ERS, at ei Ieclind lolllle Ilualder; ll'erl ond Silver do. elr I ill Tt. 'f'E ti' lF LriISANA. FPirs JualidetalIei ' ict Ceourt. l'hlr'drrr tir tlr dar er Nevemirber. Prl.serr, ilre tin A il lBlchail o,Jurige. Nir. 1tl:18f a Janrrb Ctrrrnv vso. iesCrrriitor., trinr mtrin rrllc !)u. veril e q rf Ci)tIelurir ti la.tfirgiee ewlir'arthe rrrnd. h lr i of rre rirsloenr ar liling rairr .rirdnriri rlrtrlirrat iilhisI cas: IitI i.rlderedrvll tIre crrrlr thar tIe credit L ore o f said iiaolveiit and Ill olhers leteres-ld. enes canle willihi tern dvasn lio eln iefbliin irf th ruae wlty Heird irla au shruhl rrr Ie hetirolrgrlrd rrit can. finnrled errcorling ti law and tihe funds dir11iirated in eaorIner therein. deC7--:ltild P Letll.AC, Clerk. iI 'l',T DE) LA LOUISIANI, rrour dr Prelrier Dlistirict Jadrciaire. Jei, tile I)Deermlre : Pre.ent l'llonorabl. A M iluhellroan, juge. Jaanenu Onasy vs. eascrenridern--No tF,38fi-.uruloliaten de K Itruvrrr, re EKq, avocalt deit A Lufrgoege, sdc de creannrier de l'irllr1vnlhle t nearen arir entere un taleia dle distri lution rn tile rtuefi,' eel ordrone qlll'Ulle eneebleg Vt de reonnciere de l'inaolvahle tl niatrrin tereeees it re de faire voir drlls lixs jrurs de Ia Ublirbatl illde cet ci Iaid, lee rineous polr I'equCiles Icnit rablleu re nerair por rUirolrgo at er nflonllir i eloll In loi t Iee Funds bh dietribues en uollsaequeinle. xrarllt des llinltes 7dee l' A LIF.I. 12C, Itep tir.tir, ti T PATE O(F LOULSIANA--First JudiF:il tin- i itr~i~rtt. ekeJobn 'lay P'lrsear vs His Creditors 01 anno Ihe ceedhtira il IteVeaico 4- Foster. The red i ors of Jdh• May Foster and of I)eVeau & FoPter, ore C herehv noified to alipear in tlei r coi o n Saturdnly, ride Aril instal, at It 'o'clock a. ir. hio sew rneei 'feany a tliy Ihave, why said Juiak MaFaoster shota ld not liave of the benefit otrie laws made ftr the relief of isoelrent of dlektrs ie actuil rasroidy; Craswell and Brand Esorn. are aplpoiled It represent tlhe arbset creditors iniin is case. Br order oflhn court this 3d December 1838. 01 'lec -3tiidfSre I .' Ie.1Nil.C, te trlck. El'TA' De LI LtUISIANE-Ceur du Preumrer Itiserrict Judieiire, John May Fslasreter olre ee +er~lciert et loe crbanciets de )eveatx A Foster. Lee creaniers da Juhn May Fotler ft de DeveaH a & Peos ter cunt parle preweint requia de s'eae tbeRr Cn pleine Cter, earnedi, 291 do courent, a I0I heure du te. tin .ile O mntrer ceauaes s'il el exeis. lePttrqlci lerlit Jollll .lav Fosta r e'ctlidllrit tah Ic. betlefite ldes hai. nrdeea Ilc r to noOattttnlllet des -dcebiteors instl les tellets. Caswell L. BlraIid :lr. saet IIo: ines pt) prrese~ter Isea creaoclers ebzelns, idllt cette attiire.-. Per ordre de la eeour..3 c,r,18..8. t'ee7 i' I.EIL. \Nt', Iele. (temfer S ATE OF LOJ.ISIANA.--. ln~l CoTt O ul lhe SParish and City of New e)rle s-Present the IIn lares Maleurie., Jdgee. N.. 11418 Newtlen Riethardt vs bi creditrez el the Creliers iof J iln U eutd .s ct The cesier of illc perty iv the p,.tilicter is aerepted by the court te leytneIcefit o Io l. ee itor Ulll tile ctretiitlor of John ( Ulod. It i irderedl that said ere.itore do meet in the .ffl.e of I lB Centsa, Eectr netary pcblie, on EFriday tle 4th day .fane l, 1838, tlhn al ther to dliherate uplosa t e aletirs flthe ino solvaeit, ni n tile m eauite ell l e e oc iigt ga inst tile person lland property el said Newttn Ici".lhards are tlyctd.-it is f2lrtlher orderedi tIhat Ie.srs Elmore arid King lie alpccietcd to r:pree t the acl.tle t ered tors ita this case. Iy order of tle co it. A IN D I) PITOT, clerk. Clerl's OSie, Deceehar It. 1;.38. dee .--3lasct LOITII1NG-ltl eaese, eemerp-i,,g a geoeral as eorhncalllelt Of c .lRnIIleaete, Peantthlouet, Vests, Shirts, .e. sow landllut and fier sole by jl0 I BRII)GiE & Co, 131 1Mngalene at LARD-I kegse lalding froat cteemer Oswg~o and leor ale y (U D ItIEt, 44 NSew Levee. jal0 iLOUli.-liO00 blia landing froet teeceer Noth Sttr acd lor sale by t DOISEI'Y, jal0 44 New I.evee PERIU( Candlres-I1lf bcee New Itedfcrl, .et re. Seeivecal tLeI ec slle cy SIII.oL &1 ILB t )W N, d10 96 Mlegazi.e It OS lAI' oF I. tUISIANA, RI[1IIn tolrl |cr the Ptrish and City of New (r leilcc, I'ac..'lct !Ile. Holllerltetlt Ct.ele M ianc, NIt. 1 il;ii.Jl Joh It. (irltalc, i atlctal calt hi ItCrediort; Ulilll readinig cacl filincg the pe dl ..lcc , dell injtis ccae-, It is ordered by the thacctcctietl c tietclctate C crd lr tile Iceolve t ae-. i'l ollcc totlrt, ol 3l1davc ihe I 171b dllv o1 her cota. tllten al lildrt, to dhberaete eon ti. el . ofeaid illlvettt slidt icl the ,cea.tni:ll ll proeee geucttnllie pe-raon lcc irccerev ere stsvcd. It i r r~cterI ti it it -. r ºt. btKuedi, iRq., be a d t re,trc elll ltie -siect eerrIcclllre. S lrk'. i tlce, New ()llc'ahc, NccV. .3, 1838. ,,A B OU'VOh., hu:e 4 elfI BALDNESS. 4i nAU'TFiIF, heand of air is the Erandest orea Smeett helongIngC t the halman frame. How stnrte ly tile loss of it changre the .etalltneante,and proma talrely rinear on tie apteroare of oolage no , which a et ano y to recoil t btil., niteoreered.e seleaa tit e evell i'olllle scielv to avoid the tnait anal taers of their naqaaitl.ltaeC: the remnlinlerof teir live are on suqcently apetl in retliamenal. In elrta not even the tIneralt rlaf tn fie t lil ie genr llt.lllthinkia .rt enl with that nenav ihkintg glohan , dhaoe tile loe. of il hair. To avert all IheeP r pl.e l nt atirmlrntaneOfld nlt, n fa Celunmian stoh. the tloir frt,,, fillineg nffnictlm tirstarpliDetioe, nlalt few Imottlers nstserr it teatln. It Likeewi.. proalc e.t nebrohsm ld nwilalkrew; prevents the tale ironl, ttetin If gray, makes it rcar IanatifnllY , nod tree it feom, eoanf. N tameron eertitcaten e'o the first sa )lctehilsit in uplpeot of tien virltue of OldridgLh Bohnit, are siown by Ite proprietor4. Iho Rend the folawinga- Iohert Wlhart, Eqon . late. Macor of I ili.d idpla, ata terlifen' n, iay i ean below,o IIo tehl gla c'.I terof ie fhllawi l nte l eletn. 'prer ilnlariaed ao Inl tereh,v ~etif tht nta. haven ued ire. B.lllI of xCohlrmnia ditrerere bv J. Omdlridte. atd have fa ,l it Iigllv eerv eerhhy notnnlv s a prevenrtive aThlanl tile fal lag l of heir, hut aln soeertan reator live. 'a'I,.t.t.A THATCIIER, Senior, I Methodist Minilter in St George h eare.s I No 6fi North Fifth at. JOHN P INGLISN,321 Atelh ltreet. JOHN D THItMAS, M D, 163 Racelat JOHN N FP'REY 1f Spreuce street. IIUOH AMcCUIll..S43tnouthh2d at. JOHN GARt),Jr, 13 Arch street. I It is known tlat three of the altnov s6igers ar none. than 50years of age, and tite otnlers nol less then 30. [Fre o the Moaver. Conanon weah .a' Peanncvlnna. i Ciay afI Plialedelahis. 1, Robert Wharton Mayor of elit ait y of Pllnde. pahie,do hereby ertif Ithat lnt well acqtlinlted wmith lesonrs J P Inglis. John N3 Fure r, a d tlHgh M Curdy, t hoe name l to tr ea i to at o ele ceraiflnateat li hey are gentlenler ofr rohneter an i ntspecnltabliav, and aa tuch fil creedit shohl ahe iven t thle taiol cerrifleate. In wi:neswh.reof I Itave herunelo t aly ihand and cused llth seal ofl he city to be ,fixed,t ll 6th ieday oflree emter, A&. L. S.] Rt)llElT WIIAIITON Manyor. O, "t E tmntetclh r ttleofthe Genuine itm thoe allplendid eraverd wrapper, onl which is repreor.ete. the Flt ll' fNiatnra, &Ac Saol .holenlaeh! ntll renil by ttle arnoe nlt for Ane .t rica. o2 Fltcele, o treetl, nar \latidn L ane, one uot het .. P'earlstrert,and bly cs (Idruggidlsnnd errlamare a' nga lIe eollltatry. JAILVIa & ANIati\VWN, m9 Whlleleale Agenrt, New Orlean-a. - OMBARD & CO'S Bostnn and New Orleans C *- Li a of Packet Stip.--Thlt now lilte of ships l behn expressly bhllilt to run hetwon tho abnhove porta, and will hbe found of tuitlala draft of wiler:t aceommolaltionas for panasetgers, and every effort ouill be ande to give ganecr.t satis aetiona 'the l tne i conmposed of lthe f nlowing allilp: Clherokee, 415 tinl Capt. J lIrding, Ja Carolina, 40t1 do S Lemist, Charleston, 374 do I) Ehldridgeo Colnmb:eall, 625 do t .,arker, E Seaman, 240 da J llowea, Lollmhay, 625 do D alumplhrey. The abhove ships are all now, oef tihe first laos, topper fastened allld noplpered, coaltandtcd hy nent At f'great exlcperice, have large accommodationo. ra ilth Ia separatR e lathes cabit; every attention will be hi aid to paseellaere, nd tile vry , eat of tores pro. e aided for tlem.a d T'le packethas will ba townte.lp and dowal n thle tMit asolalt, said thee plltaall y to aervead ia th Iltla ofetailillta, alla sh.lhld tlserta e r ot ant ves lee a' detaaelle i, nrrlvig, othelr allhis eqrulllyg as noo I .l1 itta l I b,.aaall taalaeal. A tItire f)1t patrnl, a' In ao;acited, I ad aItl t ag allls iledglo e tllelnsat lver to tcOtllllllOllt as Il llat ae pratecalhetat, to receive etl latrward gaoeln ly a id lino at the tsat loader. al te charga , a d t antodvance all u.apepaea on goods i aitped, ia reqaired. al 'l'au hi toll t l eave tha e ls. and 16th of every I' atotllh. Far or p'tatege. npplo to the agents. t J A ,1 FrIILIT, 2 nCaitomatn 'at. ali iR. A. t,o cene alfs Ill,.da oial collaigtlel.tll I o M.'ar. A. C. Lombalrd & Co. a.v27 1 FRANKIL'iN INFINMARY )Ill.: p()lli art" I'c pi)) tllltllV I1IihI11-.II Ilust InoI ietl Itlla'ull i-tt. nod tl llate.ltatyataa aaaIn)at Itha aatia all tKll ,,, altpi e I II t tai t, te l det ti,,,1 11 ti e 't'he huildlng is larg e ao .1 Iamoaa-ta'aam lial ,m lit. dlih i a ala nataraa'.aa fr ttlln'ja aeptaatte dialti rat t.lanes. Piu. TIt.1 illn llllltllll s llsldpi I with tl e Imlast skilhll anllll iua Ilatn harh Itlltallt a .t t'ritte oluull. Ilna a ,e hlall Ity E ltllltee at five t1o1 a trH per da y, ielitalitan. taaaelaaea', &t. ' a'cln. it the ,r ,iatare wards, ata dallars per day. a t, , xl tat ato dlalata. sauall Pox ta the arditatay ards, liter dalhIre. All to.aital surgical alaerntns exlram. a TI'a.a relraul abh a in Iar Wteddlema, to whomln plicolton for adaltis, mIII Sta be aanatn. or to r C Aj .raaa'ebrg, NlO i Rnllllallt street. tplt IT (t HRIIiTl'AIA and Netw Year'., iit.--A iew of the' -) Englih and Aineri,-ao Annuals, lill te lie had at hIl. of ALEX Tt)WAR, Wiher a large an.ortient of the uoks aeuitable f. r the senason can be had. d2U--4t RUSHITON & ASPINALL'S t 'IOMPOUND TONIC MIX'TURE.-A speedy - and co,trin cure for tile Fever and Ague, remittent and intermittent fevers; prepared from tihe original recipe. Used w;th ominent and uoi vernal success In 1832, by persons of the highest respectability i-t tlhacnty, as stated in the annexed t certificates. This medicine is highly recommended, and has Sbeen extensively used in the above diseases with such distinguished sucenas, that the proprietor of time recipe has been induced to offer it to tile pub. lie in itslpresent form. in the hope that it may be the means of relieving many of those who are suffering under tile scourge of our country. It is a medicine possessing great vtilue, and when used according to the directions has never failed of effecting a cure, even in the most obstinate stage I of the disorder. It is not at all disagreeable, and persons of the weakest stomach, and children may take it with impunity. It strengthens the digestive organs, creates an appetite, and seldom requiree more than one, or in obstinate cases, two bottles to effect a cure. There is neither mercury nor r arenmic in tihe medicine, nor any thing injurious to the human constitution. The proprietors are so well convinced of its effiecay, thtt they agree to refund the price of every bottle which has been taken in accordano with the directions and has not effocted a a perfect cure of the fever & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agent hir New Orleans, at lhis wholesale alrd retail drug and Iedlcl alstore, corner of Biaenvlle and Cliartres treets, For District Agencies alp! to je5 T. W. SMITH, 48 Conti st. Fancy Pocket books-Under this head will be found a splendid variety of ladies' and gentlemen's pc k t books, note, i ard, needle sand thread cases, Fancy .toeeks, uspend. rs, &c.-Of the latest pattern and of superior quality, consisting ofplain Ianil figured satin,, velvet and cloth stocks, linen busmsa, plain, and fanlcy with and without ruffles, shirt collars, esspeinders called Washington euspenders, also, gumn elastic worst. ed and cottonett do, with and without rollers, pantaloon straps with wire oprings; and a groat va. Snrty of gentlclmen's wear, made expressly for the retail trade, by A. L. Vanitorn and -an of Phila. delphia. t ombt-A general and complete as.ortmen of coilbs from their manufactory.Aiso, English t and French dressing combs, etc. dec27 A NDREW : MITIl & CO., respectfully mnforut a their iriends and the public In ._oeerl, that they occupy the new brick shop, 219 Tehoupatoulas street, where they keep constantly on hand Copper, Tin and Sheet lnron Ware, of every descripieon, e.hlt as copper stills, kettles, and p mtpe, till bath. ing to e, and oil calls, of all sorts and sizes, and all other brass casting done at shortest notice. Grate bars of every do criptiotn, sich as steam. Goat atirrups, hog cniuals, screw bolts, andl otthe kind of steamboat work, such an ehiiuneys, breech. e,, steam They will also do all kinds of out door work, such a, zinc, copper and till roofiag and guttering, &c. They above atnd all other kinds at work in their line of business, they will execute at tee shortest int ice. dec27 U IAT )II. L..A r. 18 i.user I lna ia silk Umbreila -,r U: laU hge sizes, reeei.,,d he.o hllilM 3e r,, aall Io solbv bI I ttlltnE m.'et, d;ui] 1:14 lneazite at AVANA t:)Ft'FICFE-- 6 bags plriame gte..t Ilanevn Coffee, Ioediei -roe bt i_ aese for -ale Iy k 11 HAMIORRIIOIDS. H AY'S LINIMENT.-N Fiction.-Tlhis ex. traordinary chemical comp. sition, the result of science, and the invention or a celebrated medil cal nman, the introdu.l.:, n of which to the public was invented with the solemnlty of a deathbed bequest, has since. gainec a ruiutation unparalleled, filly stataining tll correctness of tie lamented Dr Gridley's last confeesson, thait "he darud not die without giving to posterity the becefAt of his knowledge on this subject," and he thlerefor.r biqueathed to his friend and attendant, Solomon flays, tile secret of his discovery. It is now used in thie principal hospitals, and the private practice in our country, first and most certainly for tile cure of she Piles, and so exteo sively and effectually as to bathe credulity, unlesa where its effects are witnessed Externallly in the a following comnplaints: f For Dropsy-Creating extraordinary absorption at once. All Swellings-Reducing them in a few hoors Rhoeuatiena--Acute or Chromle, giving quick Sore Thront--By Cancers, Ulcers or Colds. Croup and Whooping Cough-Externally, and over tile Chest. All Bruises, Sprains, and Burns-Curing in a few hours. Sores and Uleors-Whether fresh or long standing, and fever sores. Its operations upon adults and children in reduc ing rheumlatic swellings, and looseninlg coughs and tightness of the chest nty lelaxation of tire parts, has been sugrriring beyond conception. Tile common remark of tlose whie have used it in tihe Piles, is " it acts like acharln." THE PILES-Thlq plrice, 1 isn rnundtd to anyy person who will use a bottle of Hay's Linimernt for the Piles, and return the empty bottle without being cured. These are the positive orders of the proprietor to the Agents; and out of many thou. sands sold, not one has been unsucceesful. W" might insert certificates II atly length, but h prefer that those who sell the article, should el hthit tile original to purchasers. CAUTION-None can be genuine without a splendid engraved wrapper, on which is rmy name, and also that of the Agents. hSOLOMON HAYS. e Sold wholesale and retail, by COMSTOCK & r Co, New York, and by one Druggist in every town in the Union. For sale by tie Whlolesale Agents, corner of Com.nen & Tchoupitoulaa street, iund by tire Apothecauries generally. je30 Ct-.'AltTNR'N ISHIP NmITICIi. I rl" HE undereigned have this doay forned a co-pert U iers ip or tIhe truanctliin o"f a (ienelal C(ommis- r sion and Forwarlinrg bisiues, in this City, under tile firm of SHAL.L & inrwxN, n.ld have taken tie now brick store, .o0. 96, ,lagazine itreal, (nmir Puydrrs sl.) References: JA3MES G IIIUWN. o Ste-oin JL Avery, Whiting & Ilark,h \Waltron A co. W Iogurl, IlIgart I a Ilawtlorn. J l'lhyer .& en. W nc irii, toShll. NewlOo..ra.. I Cri cker & larilreighr. Johln Flirfield 0 coo., Walker, .rrmrson 'r rco.. tl Grigge J ~Jlhickering ISoeTO.rr. M l en sn & a . 1 Philadelphia. ft W Iaiivleai, uil &eo t r rgI , en. Edgertnm .& Woodbridge, Martieln, O. I Jorlr Woiblliridg', Esq. Chillirthe, U. J & It Yeaa ir Co. Nahille, Tenn. J.mem P Clarkei. Enq. s eo irn. r E&ATrac, St Louis, lo. d 12 ,t''A4T Dr: LA I.OUUItl.tNr.-iLour dr lultoce I-.pou. In Parluore t Ville dl Ia Nlle-Orienlts--Pe clt l'ilonrnlrie Cilarle Mlaurian, jug-N- ll,3:2- 1t Iueac :lker, nlt, illerment detenu, collur see cre- mr anceirs:-Sur lectureer eIlregisrertlllelet de II ipetinia I et mltleau enl elte aflire, ii est ordnlllll qull'lne assnel- w blee des crenlciere e I'isoilvable ait lien ell pluise cuo r le cinrq Jenvir 18:19, a rdi h.ures do Inultin re I de delilnrer sir lee nfleirern de l'inrolvalle; en alteudlal tonut" nOruites et stl perenolrle so:t nrreties; el L. I.l an e it n .all e poullr repreait ntrer les eltnIcirs a treit a 3l GUti iu,, Deip Gheier. h i ....i P. o. la c ur ,., . e....... . ;.. IAS 'l i LtF' tl.h.rAA. htAa. r iii,, o r ie m ta t, PI antd City of New trle.ut tpresent lithe I I Hlia. t lhoelrn Maulrian, Jltudge, Dec. I.-lt, IU:a. rt. It. I 1:l2, slanl Haker e. Ilii ( redllors. Ullot readinlg 1. tiling the Petiion aind arschdule in this case, it is ordered 1, v tlhe Clrtt lir t a ieltieil of the Insoilven's c:rditors e di take Ulace in opelen court, on tlhe :)rl day tofJnllluly trait; at lt ot'lach, i. aM. thei aonRd tire It shoW aus wliv tire auiti i.lstvciiruri lthil riot le diortieiorgd ncarir dinti torlaw anid in thie mriantimie all ptaceediengs agaiinst Pi' lit peieirto and prroierty are anyed. It in iertllr do- 1 ceaud deli L. iElwyn,, itti bci ilrtintedt to repracri c lshe ablarrt urelire i, uf r lfe t'tlrte a A. PlTU'rT Clerk. ClerksOlfi e Dec. 15th, 1re l 8. -11O)iTANT To iA' 'l Ei:ts or F el't.AA.m luA I e 'lleub scribert hiv.I e in score a few Irrels of 'litiuiinRated l'eat, a now ariCile lately iu ventll e lit n .rai lurk. A few blrrels of hlris featwasp uonttirartnllte Olenl WeVterni on ielr last tri ; Itle enp oeer .t es thIat nthe wesult of th. trial lhas atislied hi tlat 1 I tbsu. ol ienit are .l1unto 3It)1 Ibt. ol Coo nlt that in case rr -lere thee i diteliulty in gee anting or keelring c g,,oUI read if steal , this filel is dlj.Periable. 'l|e di- b retours of the (rent Westtern .rlrer the purchase fi 10)1 brlu fmr tie useo tile alhip, which was pult ou board on her lust departure. For a trial,upply to S LOCKl l Ce. a. No iFrolt Levee at Ct N B--l ut 2 brli at it thle can ullv be d,1hvered to at eonte steaml bat, until we get a flrilther ulpply which it wvi ht, ll a few d,,ys. yo ire6 S 1. & Co Vr'UltKS ISLANDt SA:I'T--3A Salt, landing from bark Bolulema l LIEVII, nov29 91 Common etn E, JOHNS & CO, TATIONEIt'S HAl.l., cornerlofSt. Charles and Co'nmon streets, The nlbscribee Ilaving reeeiv. red aned ew in store their asRortment if gouod. Ii l IEngland. France aond il Nortlt offe fur role tIh ful lowing articles: t English Drawing papers of all sizee, do writing do s.p.r royal, royal meditll and deomy fooleca,, Inller ppser, ex. large 'hir vellumt; I. Ite laid; do do copylng plper, at all sires, London slid Ileristl boards; do fncv letter and note paperh plainpetaboss d ould coral bra code,, American cap, letter end Writing papers from the Iest nills in the iUion, Perrvan I'ens of all drscrtpitilo; esit (irrnt anod Elelilsh quilln; itephent'e and Perryan'e writing flilds, Morrisn'so and I'erryansa iest copying inks; English and American fiho i.'d quarto cupyh, troper; Ig SerAn n's beat c lery, ies nnat ia irk, le andl desk ktivel , razors and scnla Pocket books and wallet's Russia andi Morocco rlather, English wafers end sealing wan, sttpterior qual; iv; Travelling desks anti dresaino cacsne. Ackerman's and a\eman's best nature c,.,tna, Brtokman a and Ackerunii's drawoing pencrils, Drawing hbloks, Alltms and iritinl and Amer. clan Annuals, for 1839, Ilonse-English. FrencltSpanitsh, Italian, ine.' man talld latin. con.tsting it classical, law, medical worksa, literary. &c. Just receivei atdfor sale b nlonv29 Ii JOIq s & nI. ANNUALS AND ALMANACS, FOIL 1839. I Pi.ENDID LoLndon ,A nuall.--Tl'e Iook of Itny. I nltv, nlperb col'elonteo; Findell's Tobletax, atid itllerv of Groaces; Fiahler's I)rawmg tinmt Skrt,'h lBook; i;eaaules CMlldlllalie<,-Bads nodlll |osninc; \VWiverly Keetsake,--'l' Ie lperia.; Orientl hantal; Fior-et fie No t, (:ariynttr, AntIo C Atitten Anatol; Ftieilsbiile nofferitig; Fisler's J .venile Sketch IBlonk; Young ladie's anlid ounllg ge.tlnern's Annual Alone, A \'alt-; nllristlmas Tales. American Annuals. The Token andl Aiantic douvenil; The Violet; Thetiill; Mrs Gilmnola'a ltinuulltegilter & Illlnswife Altllnac. American Almananc K& rlsitluv oifUselol Knowledge Blill'Se Nnlical nIlliutlc;' EJhinl & Co a. t.liaiinali Alitanui; Crockenl-Comiie-German Almn lne, Stewart's Iiary ler 18i.9, clotaliilltig a Ilaink llemno. randoun for every dal of Ihe. year. E JO.INS & Co., omrnerofSt Charles and Commton nts. v 28-5w FURNITUREI FURNI'UtiE!I rUser received at te Louininan Firniture Ware hoose, a large sIpIdl faot New York andi Bhan toi,. Persons in tile wanat of iurniture wild do n ell to call, anid lelect heir arlieles ruol oine if tl. best lid largestocks now in the city. W It CA IN IS, dii 5t Btietnill, an - N B--Particular attenltion paid to packilg ilnd shlip ilng Furnititire, f re nl'eo pene., Il-2w SIERIRING-'.I bloes Noi. 1,i 2 c. 3 Sd , ilo ict rine, lanlli;,g anld Ibr .ale by d27n S &J P WrVIIITNEY. 73 Cnmp st " INES ,on Education. How shall I govern my V olhatl, addre-sod ItI young teachers., nd nl; a dleptrd il o trist r parenti ill tll lltttitic llelll taof flnli ies : b E IE E ine, auttIIr of 'i .ean ald a hlif ini tile Navy. Ilillts til Education, by te nsame authiori also, Htll's le-llares to sclahl imasters. Fur salr by d:i1 A TOWI'tII, 49 Cetlnp at LIIE--Ilti casks efreals Tholllatoun Limelr, landing frio sllip Firal, fior sile Ihi dJ T S&JPWIITNEV. 73i:Cnm, t it II Al'd t.t New Vork, fouranle, ov J J'_4 tNDiIE\V. , & II:tOTtEHLt at! Campt ,"ianirteUILaN, I LASS, IIIIUJIIEr, &e.--ua L landingrompn ship Constitltion, and fi)r sale-vas: 16.100 reP t of glace est fqu lity, from 8Xr 10 I ' $X28; Uit kegs white lead, plrce; .511 do green painrt, i 25 libr kegs' 24d jrprlred tite t',rni-rral lIf eOliltll sa 26 don epl ndidl 0111X1 round hrushr also of100 ol. 0 ) do; 2 r.ales latine gree ir rorlwder, tlperiar article. nn do nl ctLn; a Iarfry ansa;rtlllen{ of esall to ,s of every 1 size andi qralir: sallde peleils lir narisr'; flat marking brushes frmerchant,; artint's coalrs in oil reah pre psredin hlxes, fitted .a: with all nceeess.ry bruselas; artist's tooeals, ,c. Flake and rInrhity wlrt ro '9 aeks gold lear; white tadlyrllsh wanfgran rnbieicans a largecual clroice as slrlnlel of aillt'ia, dr colors ail, t.rrnlrine, varnsh Sc., Ibr sale,whulesale und ,tail, at the lowest pris, by 28aUNilltl.Lt, si8 53 5Carmp at. .VET(' EDITION OF THE CIVIL. CODE OF LOUISNIJJA. IT has been fir some tile nollde known to tile pullaid tha tre a rolcllrdlr aren enged in IrPeparintg far the press o new cditire of thre L oisana t- iCoie - They, en ihe firlt, swaru of the greatr diriealt' nd repnraririlitr attrrclingrlr le;anlicai with worskn nlad it wa n Ilt *tlllut great hrsitstio tht lrvathey Etl. selated t tile undertaking Buat te preselnt f litillll. amroalntin r to bout tlrelrhousamd COries, anir alrieh had e lst the State rere tha thirty lrnrred da na , was entirely nt rfll rcin. For aIlllre than two veers past, tfile Irulal r ice of tfre work lars beern from thirl to iftv d llari. It i a systelr of written erales wmirh so irmedlatel. II'Jrlrtlra l t every inldivilrdl of tlet l tet, iiter sterl eIlhler ill ag-initl re Ir culnlerte Band whlich hovernf Ihedlialplsii r llonf ai rrrrll prfoperty . arlirg 11t IrAJr'll otier states, thnt--rrl ke nlrmre,. a , othertretore ull' I Ihaw--il is a Inulclh tile axrt-hlnk and llanllua of tile mers anl ll tie pllanter, nr i is r, tle I)rivate gentle mall ban the pnrrrfesinrl i rider tr. T'Irle Iawvers o'f trireaidjrinir stoses,s nd iN et' of xl rhose trtatets pllrn tl Ohio arnd isi-iesippl rivers whlich find a mart for tllreir produce in Loasisina, have at fre qunt necessily of reference to to heede, and make it an indispenmable requisite ta their libraries; and in the cits of New Orle.ner tile hookr i as sore to r fonal in the merhaint' enrotlling rm t ais upn .he desk of ti e judoe., or tIe taltle o tler alcneace. It s net surpriei g s harefire tlat tile first editirn arille work was so qlick ly dlipstd I e or and allholgh a mnre reprint of it wcould sovme e n eanure suppaly tie pubalic necersitv, yet it wTould le iroper:ertl nnd l.naisletry uonles annrsteed p with terenrees to the Reporns and Staoure., in trlcr toe em race tile numeronr aenrlldmnts whici Iave b.en made by tile Lgisiatre, anti ithe irptrtrant decisionse anild eonstructios which herleeeenr given upon manry o its articles Ibyrf Srdpree C.r n urt. The pullsiher hlve secrured, i'r tie general super intendenee rnea edlitrial deparlentr of the work, tire parfessionl .orvieesi of Vheeloek S UIjton, Esq. a rle.lleroe ' tire New OrIleans liar. f it e Hn. Julare, lurle liesrrrlrse, andti an G(lCeo r o rgea, Isre each kindly rasisted SIr UIton ailh the valele IaIe notes wllilh her. rir olaalelen el il the erolrse o' their staulics anid raJtilc ;and to 1r N if .lenniarr the part ner of SIr rtrr, who is alsens e r drrl irn tile work, (lea I' tatrkwbrirle, Eo1. Ilnas reenred tile ereet arss of refa renesc ontn ined inl his office copy of tire code. and wncir naver bten aulde iy hin drile g tie wThgle perior il ol his dis.iengished retrsiarie laborI. 'lThe prilish- ti ere may thler rf iraOre well trsl r hatrItletnrrrotira oflthel yt learninr and omexperirnare, acn perform. Inr prttinc forth this pr arterll.n anrl reoiistirg eene Inl scirueriioni tle work, tela pali rretrakle pride in i tie .tat thlatrie rI.el'rrirl re f Id isianra har autlorizePd tiae rI;erner to ordenacr he tolrsand eoa ies tof i flr thr ti ft'rer la of tale ~lalte. Tia e reea line a ith wirh it thlr lmr ilral W ta be I tie AsseAemlv rvineed their f rt ti, ellse lofl le vlno el'rlre wolrk;ansd ihey tierebV extendl lr1 that ernfidrl ence ill te ability of the publishers aird edrilores bich i is lrr- erl is ar wVhrolly adeserved. t T'e work will h printed ill French and Engls, Pi elon a ood aoper and witll clear itnpe ; nor will and ix penae ir care ie spared to trake tlie w llle rmerilaniesl aP exeeolirln of it rrrereaanrl with its greal ilnrrrar ee r It will prl rrly ie readyt fulr livery in theis mlnth ktla Septr'lllrr nexrl; nid lire price will Ie', to shlisr erir. fifteen daoln's--fre dollars rt be paid at ulre tie of subh sariing. Tlhe subscribrti n liots once closed, lie store price se sill be twenrty dllars per ip E J() llINS & CO. Publishers. i ROWAND'S 'IONIC MIXTURE, in t,,n FEyr.• AND A.UE. Ijl rEN years lave not yet elapsed sine it was'. hans ulaserd tihe highest reputation; and han sn . 1i planted cvery other iedlcine for rihe Ague, wrerrv. I ai cr it tos been known and apprc'rciated. Already & hko it been carried in every direction throughaut Re 1tie United Stotcs, an still realizes monre time could have been uoticipatedby its most sangnine frienda. xl Thousanod ot persolas ahvoe not only been relieved, hut rertored - lIse ,1ir and vigor through its agen. oI cy; and they now chelerrllly testi'y, at avery o- ai porLuarity, o iis doaided and slprelre effiacay. It to is eornpored of such tnedioinai principlas as are v e;lalclated to renw the healthy octiin aftte stom aalr, liver, oand olther important digestive organs, toa tih loss of whici harrlony is tile immeoadiate cause e oa Ira disease. It is apparent also, that it produ. eos an nircnlir allge in irsl condition of thIe systel, anld certairly dosroys the native liability to relap ses of the hffeetion. When the Agus is attended t with any other complaint, thIe enmployment l Lithre Tanic MiXtlrrr will not iterlebre withl the treat. ment of the other di-iease, hIut wi I even ffrd as.are sltlrrce iy lurnislling strengthl and vigor to the i stan body during thie course of trnatnont. These wil ' tabl make use of this medicine mnay be assured that via there is no Arseni,. Barks, Mlercury. or any olher o article in its corposition . ifriend'y to the Irarman vi onestitutionl bl'inrg Olairely a segetrlbe extract; it and they stay have additional confidence in the y; use theroet', whn tlhy perceive that it has the er- h roet orf a gent e laxative ahout the time halfm' hot. th, -i full ha ss tal k.ken-ia con.aqrence sf whlieh, c_ rtires is io part of thle medicine lnft to linger in ro the bowels to oause obatructions, and other evils, is ,rising from the use of mrary of the remedies now tin ilered for tile cure of this affection. It has been the used also a sa preventive. Iy many who were sub iest to a periodical reeurroete of thie Chbills. and it est rIo Inverrably warded off tihe apprehended attacs. ralf Obserne! 'fhir Proprielor, fully satislied tiltirle Ih t ntrparalleled and ulliversal success whllieh has Cl oi tatntly atrended a Ipunctual and recular use of tile tra rnoa MExture, in all cases of Fever aId Ague, EI nols warranted in ellg'ginrg to reo/and the price to Ii all those who have trrkon ti mnedicine in strict ac. cordaco wilth tile prescribed direstions, wtthout ar iralrng bell perfectly and lastingly cured. al Tire sarseribbrs ar ie t wihe olale agents for the Soutllh Western States, anrd tare now on hand sixn ty cases of thlis medicine, wiieh is warranted fresh arld genuine. Far sale at tihe marufactu'red prices J.ItVIS & ANtlt4.,.i , Wholesale Druggifss, novt7 a or Common a 'I'choupitoulsa street. ORDERS RECEIVED FOR JONES' PiA TEST COTTO.Y GL By llthe Patetce, No. 53 Magalzine street, New Orlenls STOBE MANUFACTURIE) IN NEW YORK BY ROBERT I HOE & CO. SCALE OF PRICES-Double Gins. For a double Gin of go saws or mote on each cylinder, making 160 saws on the statd, withl feeder., t tnds, JA. at $6 tersaw, or $960 loI For a Iouble l tin of 60 s vs , a cylilnder, or 120 maws in the stoad, lioeders, &o. a $6 per saw, or 720 00 For do. of 41 sawson do. or I saws in l stand, at $6 ,25 per sw, or 500 (tJ For do. ol dl saws ol do. or W) sws in a sanwl, aigi.S per sanw, or ttio 5 a Ij PINp GL GINS. For a singl in of So saws or more, with onle Ct of lolears, halds, &c. at $6 per saw, $ixot i) Fortdo. of fit6 saw, with feeders, &e at $6 90 .er saw, 390 .) For do. of o41 saws, with feeders, &c. 6fi 75 per oaw, 311 0t' For do.ofl .ti saws, with ledtcrs, &c. at$7 50 SO r as, 150 tw0 Extrlnlleeth, h Iere ldsired, torp tirers. nlpplird i Ioets cal;l thle tUlamber of'troth beillng about equall o the ollllbr of saws. One l rt of t` :l's, it iscos Sillereal howlevter, will wear out twlo or Ithree sets lof sots. E.tlla saws Spplied c t SU cenlts racll. Tlhe Gins ohIroted,. will be delivered to tlhe agnts 01 i planters ln any ol the se orlt lwn o tlllle cottol plll lfet-l on Ihe samit' fi'oln oNe York, wIII IltrOltl tg ro slo..aible ou the nmountl of the Gin,. A Gin oright il willhe sent with thl Gins to pot them lt p whore de. iredli the challrge llr whose serlices wil, be extra, blt modertle. Irot running ge:rcan otso he onrered wherre desired, on reasonable termo , but will Ie clargoeitextrl. florae Sower, ol'noy dleariptoitn, can be Turnisked oi like terms. Smaoll steam engines can also be ordered if d-e sired. It isdesirtble, when planlters gire order, for Gins, thoy should t ecomto poty them ith their views inl resal d torealrr.mgementro saws, lbreasts, brushes dc. It is li oul they ditN , opinion. Some desire saws of lt ..larger li:.nieer tlh: others. The molot enommoo sizel is 9 or 10 ll.lestl s . some wisl thelt I, idnoches. Smllll wish 5 lor i ,.,ws I hlushesl oil at alre, while others lio -not walt more than j lt most. Sole wish saws with S or9tieth t tthe inch, while others watllo lor II. i W h uch diserelmnce, we prefer they should, at tie tilme of givilng orders, furnllishl a staotCement of their wishes, at . the lmanlllaurers can fulilt them ill eveh n iopareldar. Where it is left to our diascretion, we stll inmtke them on the Ot mollldern anld s iplm rld plan. An ordr ca he celvteld, from the time it is receivel, in the spalreofeight or nine weeks, and the Gi it, thalt tine pilor.linll the hanlds of tlhe fctor. To be in tane for the next crop, all orders ought to he in tlhe wads of the noanulttcturersby the first or midlle of lay; ,rs.ept or Ipl:otatlllons where they arelate in commenttilg to t pick or gill 0t0on. N. It. Thel P'atet Rligtt, fI'r :na one of the eotlotl t a o 3ig States, will be sold on resot*,ale terms , r f.tioos ain .0 A N . l IE, i-iF J AUiL Ut ilki SCINSE . !8; VlIIOiIN'S Componnd ml a tri t ofi'opilba anIl Sarts SI arilla -A eeritain, sale, a,, must effectual remt, ily ever discovered for tie care of JnilaOllal il:euts, Srictures, Whites, Polis in the back sdll oims, emlalln tI weaktlkesl, aclionll of the kidlicr, gratel, scorbinic II Ithe introdtlleiol of a mediin,,i possessilng tile uasel| and active virtue of the. one now olteld to tile pullllic, tIle Iproprietor ilas bhoit to rfel to tIhe ilerost recUl 1e me1laltmon received from Ilie mtoi emlillen of Ihllesie sdlcal lieuhly ia Euro pe, blrllillg thlat it will ble fll) aIptpeuiated when ie merit i are iore iiti, known. The Uolsanl ol"f C;opunii, soutenllsiael) usated,lao lost mcout. of its credli roIIt thei dislike hliih patiellts toimllelr) e iiess lltr egall ill. its iliv-lrcilglo:e last, Iii, l.balcl, prdulllllceld ill i ow Iell raod Slltll:a..l, tind its belrlrtoliar illltioirinllo wllen lsed inl the intfll .I door ' Thl, proprtieor has Inathl. sd naIalysis ot thc tlnis eolleicr Siig thait thie miore ativeialitie.swo,dd tbr.,) hie much mIre .oncetent a. st and more usetillt ahn.ntistrerlvl than ill tle preslnt state. The ba1thl eie ru i neia csbiloes ill o redientsa'Whieaure in the highest repute smto0. the lmost scientlllific anI learned in Ille ollllhillio. Eltti I drug ill tile cOmltsiti Ost Islprlllllltion io:lCreases tu.' , eilie.c) of lhe lothr, iiproducingi operatIion titt a)rIt Snisthing, aid sturp.sing the mtost gnine e lttios; I tissitsilg at the salte lillle the acitaoage of its leillg Sadminitlerled withu pericet sueess ill te i dit.'ffert stagi n of the atbove dlistn. I'le ost emnlinelt physiciiitlllld [ sI rngemls of Ihe pltrelt dIy exl)ress thlleir deci. el Ia Spro alin in iiavm" of hi-opalritl, whilst its use in the in'cip-ii hospitals and public mi dicc d ici stihuio.. ha, be n, aIll stilal unill; tr) exttnllsite. It wsl+ a r'isv orlte lrlmeyll illl llthe ceeleh lldrd AbernI,,by in al vtlereal ofleltions, ana l obstinte n '[ill cut l tnue l"s er1'Mnus ariking from a disordered state of talldiges.i-elctioal;. Havicii hern sehnuitt-d to the text and xperwioc," oi tihe 101u1 celebrited ainfjig cthe iialliy, the, o, xpre i tlleir srisltclion- of its extrwardrn) efklnic in every iadoe e idel t ltir ild..e, bI ai ,tilluig it loiit il il-il Puli dic ac ll p :,tr pt'actice. l'lie,,' ais eCmotions -ill Ih Istened hereafer. I'repared by J I i Thiorn, (:heaist London. I'rice $1 50 per pot. TESTIMONIALS. From A II Salmon, Est, F It 5, Si.rgeoll to the St Thomas HIospital, al Lee urer oni Analiomy. The trial whicll I he made of our Ipreparatin ini a variety ofecoes, both Icmole id flemale, ill itsreblls Iate proved so iighl)y favourable, that I llo nolt hemate ini Ipronoucilng ifolle of thle most valuable ullI elii:Iciisii remedies eert oi.redl to the public, ancd one in I hich, Irom elxperiece, I cIn ploae every reliaine, bihilst it doots notllrolucle thlestoe unpleasant etfeut usually ex peliece(l from eopniba. From G 1i Ilaywaeo, NM It C S, Physician to the St Mictylebone l)ispensarm. I lake gtreal pleasurll i ll ldding my testimoiy to the valuable prop.r ies oi your Ipreparaltion, wishig you tile success yoa so flllv deserve, in an llmii le reward I li' the labhor and expenlse itlcutlid il brinigig it to heuh cIoIt pleto perfiction. Froml \V Cooper, F It S, Sirgeon to Guy's Ilis Tie unilform succrress which ihts a'teniled the adminis trernitg your mleoieillcie anilg in)y ltiets afflicited wilh tie acove diseases, illSc Iully aisfiell i e itlIhai it has to be knowlll t be trcly atpeiilntial. Mayi tile st-ctess you so well doesa ve, amply and speedily relay c)o for yolr valuable prel.oa.tioon. From Sir A Couoper, F i hS ' I C S, E&' &s. HIaving been induclled to try your Extrllul I several easesof violenlt (;loilntlllcn, which had hilherto biHlld eery Ilsecrilio l alllilnstercl by ale, Iavinlg llallll sue and sieCed)' cureos ceered bh ii, iin a liw ldays I ieotl myssuifin lty hound to stale that I nowl ill II il.e tice botl public cald private reconullll and use inoi other. From GW V Blair, M D, Physician to G.y 's tio pital. 'he strictet test which 1 have given your medicine amolg my patients, ahd its im,ari.ble sllces, tlhus litn, will induce me to il ersev iln its ulse, and i deIem ii but an act of t'jlstiee alll of |duly to add 1mly lfelll testi monial in con~ eawintion of its virtues. i from IotC Tiihom , M I Fcii iii. Ireturll ytou nly siocere tlhlaks 'ior t e V:uitl.llle pire senllt ofour Extlal for the. IU care f (I'oolllnlrrhae. a'. I leel grattill that you hate at last b ought a nle licilnl into use wlhich will prove a desislelrtdun I,.€ oUI:g it for in the medic:a world-a sure, saeetly and etitetual encre in cases, f tlle above class. It atiirds lme greiat ileasure in llulidhing to tle world thle valuable uialitici ol' out Were it necessary, the proprietor could here rtfnish many mo'e testimonials equallys commendlatory as the c alo~re; blt t usts that its great success hlitherto he c:lrt & expense at which it has been p lparedll, a ill Ilp1oeits greatest reconlmmendation almong a dliscerning public. Onerecommendationl this l'rel'paration unjoys above all others cs its Hnet, portab e torn--put up in pols--th mtlle in which it may rbe taken, beilg both esy n ' t plea ant-its tastely natture, with no restrliction ill dil or confinement fr6om busiess. Travellers especiillh would find tlls oedicille ighly useftil, lmul ought Ievi to be unprovidled with a preparation posaessinig the a-I vaotngeswhicl the ipesoit one aomhinoes. Aecomlnyiing thie edielne is a ipmphslt tlxplta-. tory of the ilitlorent sitoges of lthe lise:tse, withllo all extia charge, containing lill and amplt dlirections. For sale by SIIKLES & CO.), mr 41 Coanl street. • THO.IOUG IN FIVE AN.D IIAL.F DAYS. Vrom Mobile (Alabanlm ) to Aingsta 'Got.n I EAVES Mobile every other das, immeo.inatly anti 4 the arrival of the mail from New OIrle-"ns, per tll steamlIact ExtELiNc, to Illkely, euoces to lPense oci atealnmtoats (per Petlateola Ia', St atola sound ail Ch.oc. tahachie Rtier andl ay) to edar 14tu, cocllhes titl-,, via Macrianna, Chttlhoochee, (formerly Mounlt \er. non,) Baibrlllge, Pllderion; tawkionsville and I.oui ville, to Augusta. A paseogeertaking hls seatl at NI,- i bile is ill o danger of being thrlown out or Iosig hI ipreerence by other .mRihctig interests, ae the FLOuI . DA LINE Is but ont concern, anld under one cu. IIt throughout, and may rely wlor lFcrTANre upis hlt arrivalat Augusta in time siecified, through anll weah. er and at anyv season, unless mtne most o uloseea eatac trolphe stlouil occur. The (;Great New Orleanll Mai is carriried y this route. The Agents for accomemodlt ti,lt Teams, Cochlles Ad Drivers are not surpassed the southern cotntrv. The smooth, har:d, natural ralds, the safe and idler eating water navigation, the time and accommiulation, , afortl.the traveler speedl, erttintyj, comfort, all A pleas a ilg variety; conneected a it were widh the Iaoil RIoad f Charleston, S. . a the sterai packets to New Ylrk, i travelers cal rea eh New York Iron Ne-w O()rleails LEss TiAN II ocs*-- cashinpiotn city in 12. tt From Chattahoochee, Florida, we hve e a I.aii Lini via Quincy all Tallahissee, to St MiarLk, 4 hor II ost coachles, also two itRilcches froln Hawkiinsvilli one to Milledgeville, and one to Macon, light two hal P conches. STOCK olNs U o. a AvoesTA, i,.th Jan. 1835. Ofmice at Mansion fIotose Mobile . LDisilnc, New Orlealcns to Motile, 151 mile tI Mobile to Augusta, 9411 a Auguals to Chlarleston, 136 (Chrl:eston to New York, 980- 180 Time, Nuw Orlean to Mohbile, 8 hours Mobile to Atgusla, 32 " Alugust to Charleston, 12 Charleston to New York, 06- 958 Making 168 miles per day. or 7 miles per hour, incht slve ofII alstoltppage,. to It N. II. I beg leave to inform the publie that Ih: bridges over the Clatahoocheswomp, and Hard creek have just been completed I y the general govern ment, (the ulyy b.stacles operating agailt this safe an speedyl tute are thusahappily removed; audl I ave th. pleasure ofllrr. aing frot travellerl that the coaches,hor. as.s, drivers anl clds are of tlle Arst order; and as tou l it :ater route from r'elsanlc to Cedlr lituf., it is admit. ted by all who f have ,assed th.roug it to be unstrpo;sse tI ilnnvellties beauty ld tlafety. The bridges Ihrougl Georgia ltve also beenrepiilred. J 31 C IIAKEII 1 ARBLE CHIMNEY PIICE, Cuontoutlbouse street, oppostte the pohl.ofitc. The cubseribers are now receivtng frtom their tie. torice it New York, and will keep constatntly on hand a general assortmelnt f Marble Mantle PIc',c:I ofsuperior wrkmn.nshlp. and of tie latest patternls, :made of the heat EgyptiLan, Italian, Irich nod' Amllerican lmarbie. Also, Molnuments, Tonmbr and t.,rave Stones, tmolded and pilain ell and lhntel, larhlc !ikeingn, hearths and boundary stone, painer of Parl, Roman & Hydraulie C.nuot and PnIoter-d ing Hatir, together with a splendid as.or!tmen ut brass mounted and plin Grates anld ilssi; It· i Girates of!he newest nd iiost approved pattern,. Lettering done in the nleatest nllonlr land ::t the shortest noteco. They hlave first rate workmue Lto Set the above work. i15 LAMES KAIN & STROfD JPARKERS ROCKY MOUNt'AINSS, &c. OURNAI, of an Exploring 'ITor beyond the Rocky Mountains, undur theo direction of the A B C F M, performed in the years 1835, '36 ad 73; containing a dserlption of tile geography. g-. ulogy, climate and productions, and the nmlnhe, mannors and tustome of the natives; with a Map of Oregon Territory, by Rev. Samuel Ptarker, A 1t. The Riverand he Desert; or Recollections of the Rhone and tho lthartreuse; by Miss Ptrdoe, authotr aoft.e City of r Sn tan, &e. in 2 voIs. Trie Robber, a Tale, ' thle author ou Rtheltie i, Tite Gypsy, Attila; in 2' 'Ihe Two Flirts; or Ad. "olre in a Colntry House, and other 'Tldes, by Lady Blesiington. E L Bitlwer. Mrs Norton, Barry Cornwail, Mrs Gore, C.,ptain Medwin, and others; in 2 vole. The Llife an. Adventures of Nichlolas Nick!eby, edited by Boz, with Illlutr.tiona by Phiz, No. 1. Just received and for sale by HENJ S OMIPASSS, I' ll~ E OllE:'EK , tillt'Ot.t StPO'Es, , -&-..lst rrceived and ftr sale Ivy WVm. Melilan,ntornet f Caoltp and Commeon streets, Sgeneral asetelttwllta lvSetvlr (' oItr'e -s s nltlhellntticul l tttlrt ellt,l;, Irattaila PIeti , Spling Dividetlsn, aprag Bi teo'rena, Ivnory IP leery Scatle, ittnrrr'a Se:les. Gines l'rinnetle, PI'rallel Rtlrrllt aer l rl,'t.ene l'rlellhltlleltt ('allea (lttclrurn, Sur ei Chatit, r Ilu.euring ''alpe, do. l? N'. "ork d& Baltimore lackets DACIE'T:' FOR NEW YO tK-Now Line. .1 -To sral plun'rally every snonsd Monday during Ihe searon, i;ll or not fl11. c "hip Orhlans, 599 tons S. Sears, Ship, 474 do C. C. BorTr, Ship Arkansas, 6i27 do E S Dennis, Ship S r toga, 54.2 do W Hathaway, Ship N.shvlile, 540 do d D Jackson, Ship Kentucky, 629 do J Brmoker Tile albove abip- are of the first clars, copperod. nd copIper iaslelind, and having been built in New Yolrk ex realy fitr thls tradie, th.y are of light draft of water ,id ahnmot invariably cross the bar without any detention. The ecmiiin.nders are moen of great experllnce, and tie l-hips vwi always lt to-aed up or.l liown thoe Miaelsrip llby steamboatl SThelly have handsomer flrnl.rrhd aecaommodations, n and Atores of tihe tlt deocraplion will always be furnrih, d. The cýb n para.e.e is $90 without wiine or liquor, and there is no iquhar furnisahd to tile o.ffiPer- or chew. For ii 'ig!,t or plsmge apply on board, or hi H C AlMES, 48 CaOmp at. The sliips are not accountaler for breakago of glaes, hollow wure, marnlie or graiiti , soaperage of tln, or r 0st ofiron or stri 1, lur reispoiblllei for any I pl ckdge or p rcel, ule:;rs a regular bill of ladinag -s exn -cua d tlerolur t Lthe ufilo iu 11 the cOs. NEW ORIIIANS AND BIIAI.IMtORE LINE OF PACK El IS. Thisa line will consist of the fllowing veseols, which have lrun bult or pumnlhasned expressly lir SloIi -eaman, CapI. Minr, Bark Mary, " Ni'korson, " Irad ferry, new "" Steaensa S" Slomon Saltus, " Latham, Brig Archltect, Gr.y. Thems vi.sels are of the first clas, have hand. some turnishedd, acoromodatnons, and are of a light draft of water, so as to adimit of th-ir receiving and disciharging their eargoeg in Baltimore, at the city. Freight wilt be takenl for ports on the Chesapeako or James' River, aind forwarded by the nagnts, Mirors. CLARKE & KELLt GG, at Baltinore; expensil on goods shlpped will be lndvnaned whenl required. T'e price of passage is fixed at $60, anpie stores of ithe b st qualily will be provided. Sttela up and down tihel Maiiesiptpi will b t titan on iall orcasions. Far freight or lpassage, apply to GEO. hEDFTORD, nov27 22 Bdenvilae st. Fl01 N'V Y4 PK. [l.euisiona and New York Line of Packets I I1 Slilpps cmlnpo.ilg this lile will sail from New Orleans anid New York oni everyypther Moan Joy-conirlrnei'-g orl tl,'i Sth ZNovember-and to lre the pllil:lllally illn h time ot'sailing, the llle will iel tiietr Cnllsblt of deP ships, viz: Ship Y z-ni, Captainl 'Ilask, to leave on the 20th Novenmber. Slop l,onirvlle. Captain Pa'mer, to leave on the 4ti I)Deceumbr. Ship Huntsvalle, Captaini E!lridge, toI leave on the 18th Dele iular. Ship Vickburg, Captain lrolldhloule, to leave on tilhe ll J luariy. Ship Misrioarppi, Captain D.vris, to lerve on the 15th if January. The above are all new, of the first l-isp, copper. di and cpper flatened., .ld opwaris ofl 510 tons h 10rlhn, are of light irlnghtr l of w tll r, hbel.g built n New York ixplreisly i lh trade. T;,e price of pssan0e is fixed at 100 dollara: their eoabinsare ilrted up in the molst 01 proved and cionvenient plkan, nld finirhed inll a net and elegant style Ample stores of the first quality w ill be prtovded, and every regard paid to thle comfiort and entire satilelction of pasrelngers, whoi will pleanse take no. liae that no berth can be secured until paid for at tie noffce of the consii nees. 'l'These vesselsar conmalndd by e ptaimrs well .-xperieucr d in the trade, who wial give every at. teution and axert thelmselves to acoioulndate. They will at all tiies bl towed p and down the Mlssils sippi hy steamlboats, aid the strictest punctuahlty ohberved in the time of ailang. Tl',e ownir, of these sill will not be responsi. ble lfor any letter, parcel or package, sent by or pill on Iborad of thicm, unless a regular lbll of lading ie signed therefor, at tile cuunlting house of the agout or owners. For furtler particnlara apply to J D DEIN & A COHEN, nov27 90 Common at FOR NEW VlitR. [ILouisian: and Nt.w York Line of I.'lnult.] antLtis, t'lpt cotttlnttg thit rLote till snit ir.ll lllex, U lltotINr a-Sftn 1 or.t neer-y atlmrr tottdnn.. ltric-aln ll tnt lit, in ll th r tinme ot wilig, the line i ill Iletllltir T OIn t Of t. fi :lhips viz: S.llip azoo, t aptain Trcsk to I leve on the 'tth nov. iiip Louisville, Captaia Painter, to leae on the 41h Shi Ip'tunlarille. Captain Eldritger to leave on the it i llerlne ti. Ship Ficksburg, Captain Woodhioua", to leave on the i st .I aall rv. Ship ,listaosippi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th January. [FT TIe ahove ships are all , ew, of the first class ctl ;ared annd con tler sltenedl, and tponrds of 500 ton burlhn, are of ighht nogtf water, uieing built ill ,New ark expreslyn fitr l;e Itrmle. The price of pats eare is flied at one hsundred dollars. 'heir cabins are fitted uion Ithe lte titnproved aid convenient phan, atd fitliscd illa neat v ntd elegant style. Atlple stares ot the first qualiy will hb provided andt evely regardl hall to tle t tomlor stad entire oattlhta CtiOhO l .tseenget's,-who till tilo.-e take oling. it tto ierth can be etured on. The owners he hips windll ednot be reptains wibell for od exert nleasanelvg ton accanodate. I her will atr all ttllte be totled of tle agen ths or oinerippi Fr elenhmpartl r anyd Ite tritrst pnualityBEIN & A CObIEN i te aioieof' haili llg. 'l the owlat thproperie his will not be recpoteivae k-r ay let er, panrcIl t pAlge seaot by or put oibotrltd Nutlr, oules a regular hill be ladin foue nigtd thernfore at tie rrongemt hets o f tle agetusi or nouser. w andr itetlt particuls, apply at t 1 BEIN & A COIIEN; non tL a i Contmohre at. PENSACOLA MANSION HOUSE NEW CITY, PENSACOLA. TFlHE n. ill ern vit isg turctased the t lere antd fur' tnyltlr, tihe lte pr lpritor, will te rehd_ to ruetsae vint iters It the let .t h April neot. Nuptrutto t nd el ay itttprovemtents will be found in the ttrangetttetts of thie ltansin Hnouse. hNew sdi itllt hotttaliont t atling hcouees will be bhilt, ant ttrlrtll t lh will be prsTde tita.til ttlatld. A stbls -,ll be B""'. bt-if to thelthoust, wilt gouto neatttrntttda tstrat a bo ttlttred cittgn . Fit ratelen eoel and o tle, to till sirit bltl k, it ll tr heirt at tet tle en.pgeltr, t c, ll : t r.n -tt u tr,, wa I it re p mt int n wibegn trettt for the tNe l rvlatue. "liiitnis. ttd ttlt amoreenta cfanlt~,c tons it :nitet lh e, pl ill anl,, e flnoiated, dto tl.ll o ttluctJ : s ",itt to i Ietre with thae tatnllaf ndttwll t l(ltte Itho lerst. ellte ie todl Ilqata. Tile lt of tnttlla t p tStt tti nld to enre a t til ettptly of r it th .,trgu lhit at11.l: io ru ordered, lrltit, will santd :!bLunt thin I Stan1 of 91i t'ret l , ihk Ilttrtllc, alo forterly kept cAlptultt aP ot le ttelptt nOt,tt beile cohdmu/tIletiottts lfor the:-irul', tare wa, xith such i,.bayentildeetly aeaures itsoln aetr tl lort tel. anld Itia ftlend! geoernllW , that -thn will t nehtth"a it) - P tt-ihir atte otnd ts ptihereby n Ili-, tne ertl ro satia c tn. Ie h uer lldl at er tIees io tl I b,! Re lrp t o well htnutll totl tit iltttgt. erod tlt-t-tltin-t lare. Til fi ls a 'ensenalto i the ,orneat niorned ttun of the iti 'rleesil cant rbe leeulltd reoa tt Itse (iulf anqad. ttg thie mert mthttI i b tl haite nawti I reenee Irata tibile (ll ilhta Lof t the hile ebtntl i thle neighboutngr titld ,i/ttle;n wtoiotee atle anddelicacy of thei to he ii. int tllern as eliot, tavtl'en-s ola the pre-o ariwn ter all r tht tlther pluc toitor ltitudeas, as aulthty satt deliglhltal tttttr e et ett'l. ibrt rate bloatb ill t T aylelter P ealeola and Mo bile. slid a ill it all rittres ht able to take the psanesgers flrmi..-New (lrl-su bout. N B ARNOLD. Penttaee, Feb. lt h.1 F:BB. S -:'-tt- l-tten anntll+ to entc-e rnoms lortheir fotalie. unatdlelroa the o lttltetttt at lasacolal, or ter Seieall I''1 aylr, ltie lostoer prntprietr, at Naw Or R" ev rrer, fti T Sa Pucrtj, Ftt.. ll IC C'trltttt, iMcAlpin, Ehq., Lt. Kltiy, it llth le, S T Teaylour, P P hes, Eeq, itn Ne P el-A ein el lbsg, to recoive cemmuaniseij.on for pesota ats the ht.e hatel, it plnced at Gen Whitans' Itltce, 51 StCharlero eich n ie. FLORIFA ROUTE FOR NEW YORE. r T raseller s tl,.iros of teting the Floeida ruso.a via Peutsuaelnttt Itt Nslt,arre infoarled that 11a or boa-s will retatatt Inien frueat. Mabile it' Pauaaaah ieaving Mlolil- tnd Pmeaeeneobnreyv n da*y aas let nf Alt. (latd otsne will easploidadep thesahlaerltrl,e iu tteeine..le Slelile. in asat ofthe failurae nt the I,6 t",ttt-t eoeb. 1 fsb9S11

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