Newspaper of True American, January 22, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated January 22, 1839 Page 4
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^?Ptdaim AIM I\Irer. T'I P.Htui N suit,. vhl+ 81ny fith =3rI taan'epdit tfl 1 a'icu1. W cnS Aflall arlad Ral~ Ito . I. -hon·' pop'rai r Maeicine nfLu & lrrJ ' _ " cl i :ry t R'MrcR",1f An Ar:rrbU.. gmaaaaand~ Repotitorr?,Cn 1,19 _ " n vtm rriia16,;th''l.( T LYI'I.! . _ ýSa . ,,,u ntir ir "0RBCa Oa" rC0 flSND A tCHA* C. L.,, .a, llnr rritcatn e, 4ondm 4 v 1,"k Aa/t ne Areijiot IIatm a ,n v AahI ccrars . I redgnId'e Ca puntrq tom""'" 'r eibZir'a jn.rula C Ath I ur .duthrlatir.l Tables ,1I'?tarkr" American ltiýK.+t~t"ý. h v,"!e oraphie",1 Mi'CCe1Baiea fromath, t C··~' (on"!n, )O'rR·fr nr' m . Constun -4 ord UniFnn'A lvnr ·I! .,"2 "1"1I a C':i "Criuritics of I.itarutulsl . t I'lilical fLnnomp by S.", Ido Vsthak 1Jrkhart's lI.'e of La.ttc; coif, al.~l L.cjinaq aynd I;'1 " lin. hr 1 re-+rnt;, vn1+ !t ggnnernlaReorrInentof ia v, aodicu Qgiial'i(,c 41, Mitcn lan numRaul, \Na -,Ora ,"mnr, ',Uliah an flatiu aaald Creek. CJOII:.' & c. __26 ear , ('1,01a and ('aom i ýii>« .YT1 h._ lll`,fl l7't'(i ynir s irr, traentun neat ou 'lJ Freer ene d .ler. T will t Ie rrcilv di...-rehdtl ttirerinte 'r,.it : r ix . , , t a. i ce ru p e t r to le o r d nin r mn c d e o f t r -',lin c e l;'e',r aid Ae . In he fint ;hor, hes~Ir tVeee. elbse Extract, and free 6-0o1 t n tv drletet,.r a4 nd p1,ticn .ts ingredients, it t,r Ie nt.,en with the ,, . teyaen h+" thIe tend.r'itaunt. n seed it a tl:d. h p:: ' vetreglapef tie ,di .in adaP itt i,.ns cllse n'tlre, letin .am rieg ain its vlraed tlin an llt et'vit., It .tb I Ieih a itIt.l ati nd perllniint apretit, hv in- i-¢intin, she llnnec.nedn Rvs n relishl tol rhenqul~nls of Irt t.. t lattlieiaei'e ar. : inc tt'r Pitt tdin the e sw'els tau itttea this ,l er n1 t r ·Iltr disnseas, ut t|h .r Aga Iv Ceo. se tare tvend! a . .lll|. of, digestion, c~i thin |)etlptrfi the .. -.'e with whiteler isr he U tftotl it may he nppr,--,. la,|isldnnln, naf r tOtt nn ,'thr' i'oi ie ,lixtlr- , !1Iv. ' been exSte iud to all 'Iit ilaaul enulas of the d'ni...+,t andl hn.r'e..eped eac svm. ,ms ,l'"et rn' wi-, e": Irv the use eas ..m 'e rnr ie. th ere i alw:y- " ," " tred an ineteased linbiylv to re, rr(nt jt " - dne I r of lrequent I.'llll 0lr* lt o Ag' r, ii trrv il f. o1 r the.ssitlm wdill setlr b,.ecme too mPlorh prtl'ltad ta be atle tm.. e etor al. h ttile h, tird .pr-iilv til n vie rien -ash i ,"el iCnc at ;·,le e 'IT eT o "I' e 1. I'i :tnr,, is ''eflerad at Am eh i n sn:.nhr ,. p rie,, r. t ,bli .<t "" ll ,i tlhe n tu.h enve v ene'- . su t thpr gm e ar I'- itue ale herety ilunrtisatd as liu ts.ilitnc0, titua ole da rillfdle thetmdldrd a.endtlore wv!:h .s fre...ietl. denied to te,.n r else. very rellsctn llelv bel.t,)d. ,'-it pu" , lic ae re.p. l . l.', coot n',pl .,gn.t, ,th inn noun intituio lle I hi$ o .i i uiea, that re daily o cll It is preputedenle It Dr. J.dlln R. Rowautd, at tin Laberitori, btl!trkeitre;, Plhiladelplhia. The eebscribaur are the whlnhlsele atreets fPr Ithe Semh. Western. 'late., and willsel by the 'rte, se P.hil.eldphia pricea. 'Tc he tad at retail als, at mstef the Atpotlhecartni e It oity. J.tiVIpe & AlDREWV'S, Wl 'hi letale l ruae i.i,., Fioll. CovC.mmn& 'Tcho it,,,,,w' iiastasipp' fled Louisiattra hlitel, -1-tra, v 1 ,-io, - .4 S.MARY SIIStLAND respectfully an. to her friends and thIe public gene. ally that site is prepared to aceommodeate them at he stbove establihllment, and hnpes f'reu her tXertiecnsto render visitors conmrlttablc, to rtceve Secntlinuanc of former fevorq. She feels etonfi. dent that persons viaiting Cenvingan duerig the summer months, cannlot find better accnmtoe|l i ,s than she can afford tlhem, en mr,: liberal terms,.1 Her house is pleasantly sittrtetl, and well tnpplicd witl ervery convenience; the bar is furtalled withtl the most choice liquors, &e. ie rlth, ,she premisete -t ai l nothing t shll h:,a watling n her part to g:e I ,tire.etiitetie to all wlt, etay ,.altroizeo Ilhe ditienippi annd Lntiiana e iniil, j'3 " aTrr i-Fi Priiin~-- n -else - ? studied under Dr. Scl mlidt of (Charleston. South Cornlina, and for somne yaers his a ititot rI the practice of medicino and surliry, ha!n the h.or i to offer his profeesional servicers in Ibis city. Ho assures the ladies and gentlemen that. thr'iti t prompt attlntion will be paid to the calls wl hich may be madel; nld also oelirs hi n ot vices to fllt holders oflavres, beint. r;ol anrrojintedr nwilt the diseasen connlmio to theom, having attended thitr in tle mger Ihousoe in Cllharl. ll., Thethanons anti bilious pils at ier the enmpoeal ion el Profesaer Smallette. w ilh dlrrelions, canl h Iad f the uldorniged. T'lhn etont uhi;uh, they hate prodnted in this and otlr cilire, has been altended with the greatest slnces.,. to whieh the best oft rerloretnes can be given. Apply at No. It;G \!i ga. sine street. JNO. M'LOtING. AIm ,aItse to Katll, t \ t) S tElS,¶ S4AD IRfONS. &r, T IlE IlOWELL WORKS COMIPANY, lb. 238 Wator, near .elikman street, New York, have retinr d the past eonen. , and are cornsnltly receiving large and extensive additions to thlie stoi of the above goods, which now ctinist s of tIhn i allowing toaerlmt ent, auitaL:J for the southern aotnd western malretls. hollow ware to superior qualltl, eonsi.ting of ahbml 158)i tton, viz, Pots oat 22 difibrent sizes. fromrn :8 to 50 gal!uns, Kettle, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, kaetles, 15sizes, trom 3:8 to 18 gallons, B tkepans or Ovaos, 7 dltrulrct azes, Tea Kottles, 6 do Skillets, . . 5 do Flat Spdner . 6 do Covered SpiJers, 2 do Ortiddles, . 4 do Pire Dabn, . de Wagon boxos from 1 1 4 to 4314 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inh'-. Wnod SOcrew, 90 I2Utll ra, orn nnrt hbrasns, front :Sinch, Nn. 3 It. 3:9 rncl, Na, i of o esulperir quality and finish, and, lea than Jamne's imported paces. Sad Irons, assorted, in cashs of about 700 lbs for retailing. iTailor's and hnoitr's Irin., assorted. Smals weights, 11f1 tlont, asost ed hrom 1 4.4 tc Blls. for P ttaltio s, ssteamboat, churctihes, &c. madt to order. Alio t0arambat.t and oler inactlillery Inade to ordenr. The a' ove ns.ortment of goods i+ partieulerly rreollneellided to t tle atteton of Sutlhrnr t anld Westerln menrchiants, and are oflercd tfr sale at Itw price., and alpar the miet Itr.eral tertlls; it It hen lieaved to bet tIhe larmist and bt nasortt.rt ever i offered for sale by any otn o.tablishmlnctt in the Unitedl Statiles. Merchants. by ftrwnrrlintrn a request by mail, ca, have a prin'd circular, wilth de-criptl t:., pricesanll terms, f:rm which no devtation ij ever I made, furnished by rturlln iio mail. All orders will receive itnnediate attentior. I Now York, 1838. .1 . NO MWEIR u e - v 18 7 ,onew )tle us, tca, 14, r13 7 A OL'T six moenth= ag. I hnd hlho nisfnunr e ,ga a e' d a Ds-rl di fn. , ane a irhl hic Ihaive 'Ipilird cut t.- n, ral d.ent for a Cllrn , and tl{ee did nlot eure Ine. +it, nial the above date I put imyelrf uinler iti cote of latirt,, liue ll [ ftpI : a liul I i ll 'e 1 . SincOr thor tine the ais':se got rwe, o u~i t a br,.!k out in larg ulcers to the nember of six tr eight in ca II leg, ntl eall avne my lare, and sore terunt, and nlit RO toi nwrk at I Ii enlllltn ainl oltnlate the diiieet la; e Itr oie itae rigit n.le of lhil thrnt. aI nr it pttinlgn mryael confia.enlv uider Ihl care of Ur. luct, r.f ti 1ri. to e plerictly JUdo IJA:iN., . leLy I DO CI ITIFY thal thl n, ,e ,nneitmhnrr, 'l:sc e is i qlita weill read to llv o . ltia+.,cJn, for ca ,.jt h I anka Ir. Luti ; anI oil IOrenver Iof . o It.t It!l tl.i iclb I have tae ie. t, not lit ne ,i ijre my aclt ab naill; thrctre I arivi r o io m f I erw nuls trers I Iose no timri aepply to I)r A. tller, 1.i Canal stnret,iietlwee,.n i)Dl.,leiiia id ]tomlt l ireeii s. r I Hunt is ni hu,e a 9 lra.i 5it:. ',-,, MI unlti 4 P F. llc'y will fiad a tlio ,n'tr or JU I.' iii i ~i. ,I u,',. er ',IreC'. if ac.y one watil to nee iar, ca.l a t . NI ;,.l+, New Orleanu. Fll I, Isll. ife ll av h ne't, t , i r ltltter.n i t1e. low airtea, f I ,r:n1 lntrh, I .,iti lni ii tle lnlcnlth if lhl.. 1llllce l tin lenMiatc, Icnti. • intt +t tit ne " rititeir r,, nlm, nhaa k e nl celtic cmitell, as rmiicaoione in curlm, Ti ,t .le n a 7 4 i ee·nicn on w hi,'h t n d f te .- n! ,'l lit iuelntlllthlt IJnl-mn wh,',erer it hi. lnen ium'. Sdeeedl. ihas nat{,ined iie clcfiil,,,ee al~ d renldl Inr tins oaf rcTtalpci n' i;'iincaes, for tie cit, of ,oltans enl+d, pain in C.te ii.,, a a ttl rcta, xpttih or bitand Tti wiar-cl itnany11, tececi. lii' in t car rrcui' t er b - ' ': n ao u r rr i a , rii a e f r .' ,e , ,il y p 'e • "ri b e d Uti r - I a d ar rI ndian l+.-nt nnf l.aerwnre i c I +e, liln.c, la i'il a dalcided grtd eff.rt: we- can lterefnr, frein the know ,ig,-lqaftbe manernais it is made froml, anle char, elr.:nl and, r ineire c re cu,, el.r- It ai a r: eii Ptr. t ra. t, tr allM e a e iul,dac olr tier iiiit ff ,",roh ii t i, fi allaaenii. .l AfT i' WIi.L .1i-,.1. D. CAI.VIN Et!.Ii .Ia. II. .Ifmtn .ie.~fll.t Uostin Medical Aesciactiun. Iiruton, (ktober 5, · i taa t7-el a 2i, I d .", .on's- e'r+rtrhe .ie niln f te ,I.,,+,,,aT, A "cAlFt)S li U H gail, ,r ili, hlth a,1 beile,. .,nd t ,rrn l.b t:,ie . a-,. ' ,r th of ,,.Ill nO ae.d,[ lead Ii .1 In a. a.i.ire 1 4t, I, ' t idrtt n naon r r te r ll tiaiii . -, ;, ," . . e,..-rh-,i nr'tbrenr irP.r r ;,- ii" Flor sille l,. +ci,1D'L.L"G.Z - Lold Haf&p C a ea naw re.ianagmra, • a Il.:ard ahita "'Wtana. |e, iiehlataier, t'lk, latye Andrew. "renrh and Germnn elunn'narda; lankt ItlIlOan I'ntar,'. Clortonent .1-4 ald 22-l inth lIt art Halls: a,9. 't and 12 innehhlate Bowie Knivea: raelther r,,d! nther..rane.lit, lreasain" Canto . l..e 'ackren, lllro',a,,'n,+ anr ndll~aiins Pisntln; donabhlb anal anlee hrrelht.d flun. Grie Rn(.na ; Shot Iealt; Pnwnler anld Pianol FPlhokh anm flattlen nn1 tlrnktnitg Caps tPar -' Caps and Cap Hdlelar; Cloth, lair, t',enlt: "n1 Nail ilsrahin-: elorra and (hornmi Tomth Wfrh' I'Fo, Padano raoiler ad al Ren inr Soapo, in erat va net,: Inn.l wair rineos, filopetn and h rin ettea; Pear; tlld 'r,ihtn Pnmvler Eaery Hanl Ioary Tub Ctshinn.: Pentr lhden er.(arters (lom E!itic Pillspenlern; Powder PltRi anld onar; t,; Cimnias, Stce od nd ev. ardmpt- ; niak. w Dackle, Tirlorrn Dra lets.d Necklraes nnd Chaina;: (ilt ar, f Siia,'r.'d Ieada;: Indlinn Bradl. ell e anl Pleatc: ; Srll 'h''e it Rtide and Dreainio Cntha;whic, i neaddition u t leir flrtner stock itt harnd. ma es n I etir ,rnen erny omnplete, nod wll be amw and a liberal nlna., aet the icn of the oldea L'onh. 12.5-nf 7'0 fhlrtren itreen. E-iPl . n riher e,,tn lir tinh axtenaine ilanna of SW. &n.l. l,,nhar, iheffield. Ent-ndld, hanve iut cealed a very ent ,n~ive teto€ n ean t rlls, eaneintin' of fable nod nfel.nrt Knina oat a . " r deeri!ttn, Pen, Pocket, Dik, and Spear point laninea. Raze r,, norn. l. nl*, er. &r. &e. wllita they are prmepred o exhibit to tle trale tar nreders. Trnat aaul nonlditiona will be madl knaa-nn at the jane'. tel6 J. I). BEIN & A CtOIIEN.9el tiommn at. I .tM0Ni-. t.ARPTT & (:O.--Arc none reeeiailn `IJr tl| |hl,talrtille Epla, P lrgl.rr Aaalainnl, IltLt andler. P.-la e rta .,! G-e ,n ehe aatatt idtpiinnala ls: nlna,"u eaatl: call helraetln; erisn t's, l:.azor, Ien. nra: (;illott' contmrciait nal nolier atentiar na; Via. naVitinaa ainhl .alall atentc ,lla htnl ,naalasl |wFa.r, hl inleanl ilh le, aIn,'nl.a; lalr }oiclnd, fnolot :a t l Oak nitl lenla nn.aIo pntlfi'o; eran:lna :oatll Fl.rl.lh eolacare .ntero Ro, lanltoa m*ntaeeaa., ,ina ta inn dl, n .tlle M111( 1il: |)ua Il: ll*YIl l ehtr derek+, ,I lr'eqlll. rlsr I lme rt i atalaallkiclatilloIaaal toilet tle.snes; caaen ininlnrna Oni eaatahiteaaean,lniew.alnaltctlanha,la tllarllllln,,,, +tm~llt..*ll,; Irilet rlld shavluan ta-as; et,ilea oat! t'r. c Lsrnl-tle N:l.)l liar1+: 4t~et!;t~d .LHill Celllhi,)Bi p'"Dl stallls: scnrew ellmlli~~r lxll.: [Rley"Id el FH;11q RII!( ,lchwm l lolll aala., ltlet l~,aakh nata l el l;ernl:a lllaa a Iatta, l', tla, ,-; alne goat-I f g - allaalae aanaienrlt,.( ea:,aergdl, l ltlls loct ifat' lallncs; nil la" lteaaiin (I.e.,, l'a e. aa .-&e llhe nine ninnlalahion aan Cl a Faeemar t,+mE kflnrln p ltlat,,.aall ank~s),ai. ·I1.OIalr,.,.ll ., t,l,, 'ta IIn,'1,(I . , Yfll. SIII WhOl,.slte II, i etii , : l n tnll n igll aaf tile Coldent Caia..tL t, ':hl rhl· I·· l~r·:: t. neit+. I af'aa'' 'anlI'loo-o'. It,,.:h · t", &C l..elh .1, MIm·n &(7+ -an. 1 tdornaa l(,lleaataI a nl't tl Tarrl,ain aC.rn a ,l .dI t-lntat.tra i( • -(to., l f R 'dlInVtl,,l Wtui. I dII, en; llt..l~t or' nll v · lly, Iav tlenthl ,.amucl ,. tllon, iLea- (2 tI trata a-lla lt ..lla ,l l tl.e eati,,, of tlaie aa "lrht illna r·lRlalrtv- . nt Nal+lae ;art r ill h e l. re atei('a i-lar l. lel : I t,,ld itt'l, . Itliln- ftauti tll,'aItt+ne tlanl"ti,,e,ltluri,c I,.,,t 1-.. oltj~, ,.lle- Itlnrr, &e -aa I'npi arlrnna. Tlet, 1ln nafi ot. le nevcal firala ailabe l'helie iallbltral o, +nid' irmmn are aearnrallr requenarad eaolae ttrlv;lrl nIld II.aLkeeel-.I\.-liteta.lnfr; aRlnl tilae havinlia enlimo ill lleat, pr; lrlltea wilalllltdelay. II ENerY KELLt'I. O:ar aOnktrleen, .tune 17,1 ?3.. SI"AN: iAL\AR. iARIN i'S COLOGNE WATER r "roes mOreo f this enporior Colgoo walte, jolt SrrePived aInd fier sole by the dlozenr or 1single kottl. tAlsO Aiterienn and l"renh toilet p wders, iowder " ff: and Ioxes, shaning nd toiler eoaps, rosnetic Itlesi. mIi o.f roe., retlmel- cell cr-o't, etIrIc o molk, keplhnla W'ari's ve'etaahle hir oil, poilnltllt, 1'mr." :,'s solts .rr e larcetlles ,Pert ·rl in . rullnks, re+.+ . cloll, flir, hni l,mothr, ni nnr! fleh !hrllllea; tU her with in alilioninl sulply of filthionable hllr and shell r. combs ald jetweir,,flr eac low at lholesale or r. tail I ti' ti 7 (Iharires meuret. V yiiS-;r-MiN tlll, ru & o er, now 'rTT e i.r. cvine frnt, on hlarnd uships azoo, anI Sar loga e o brit (onr-lin lia n NewiVoYrk a grearl variety of ig Ril in their Ilt, whic tgerther, wpith their fornate Nlul;, o h tl.nd, llIke lhrir t srtetr vry' " plete. rhe ,llovinr e (lllln e a rt,t Iz: ell twist,, ,r. ;e, d llik roditI rit eCieltnllls, hllrt ld or1ll dle.triptinos, In I ceil r i .bert silk tnl Ior ptevlio hstic r nr elh, a t ullllll l t ine elastic ator.ttr lo. eitter nd tLeiftr neiclev, pocmket lontks oii eollrlt, iledle Ibookn hall, peen, vr ll ad io riille.o ro fill e lun , Ibe ornlalll id ts, Ip a in u n Snckhie, l lie nodl lll ee diltecr t ilt amon-s, Indlilnl hlrle, Be tls o rlti s; o it loi ler d Ilea'e pll - ii eraIh t at ksl oll h etreS lls r et.r ote!t. .t and tdl ilet r istl et Iduulte-ille Irirrtellted ens, Ilowte knifes, ani r i;hks. srisnurs, ort! rsocketmiveo, llnrd chaains, i and rihlnns, wanls buIrrlesrlll, hair, tio, nuil,comh, -retlll, shone, Ilrse, floor otad ndt elb I eai CoIwloiei indroiitli It,-e nercurot , oniri ny tertno re d eoetse1% e I itinhle hlnir daile, ring r1.ld il t sn I of iil lee. I criptnlld , Inldi.- a ,d e o nlllPI en ' cl k, nlid ilm ain1 castles I i e rri.hl ts frizotltc at l n irl n pllln, fllc y nod .oicBal ork blr:, i. l nd . ilt, tit ., , oft..e ai c litIttollr enld ivory hi t ,II - hir u Itls oldr l! si lhe r e l lril t eo s, t.o' l ltir , t iltl lr c itz llgg lo t e t, t ih h k le , hairs ooi, ti iltttt rlti. ,trikt an i tllelnhrr b lettle rIlln:ide, d lhlleo tild coitiar eleird o t,"n, I.II nott lller Ir nlah d hfoter,l Iner Ijljer, ~,tilo L he. Ini lillc' , whips, wallinl eUne-I playl gea(aldt filn '2ehl, pldtt.tetd lroeiltrotttirllrv &tc. "e TheI'llr aiPt t h ethro r with e i oret cvaretv f othler arti SIs are iller at wholtesale o e rtidel on arconuodatihl N R Se. ..toll o repa....reo ctd. • • R'PIt STORE--at the sign of tile moldln eonlb,,? ife0 Chartres Rt~ert, Thesn cRIm b •er++ hove re ceived, iulhl ditiln to therir previos stRLack oIhaod, a o fll and 'ompnllCte a.IortmnPIht o of r itices in thir line; viz eon hm, perfrlnrrrv+ Jrwelhry I b'u ll, locking glaeuase, illney m mrtirlehs, &a;.cslisting in Iart e af i!lows: ( I.8I.'ll--tororise hell, c iflineln nin tlain turk.(wint, irtlled bouck, lon rollod, dreenllg, sihirit, eh rl and neck, llrnzilian cnlhn of every des'ri ption maeongsl whliih arc n eto11lexieta patters Ivorvecomls of every SdescrLiption, horn, aloe-sing ljri paket, toglehr with ht gelleral n-ortnielnl of Freuhnllh ad lericanll. L' I ?+i+F U3I E R r --C ologne, I.avedler, Floridn, hon vy , lt,%,. rolpe, nnd oreilr lo r wlo brwafers of every sze rnd de. trilptioll. cnlehrat d Coloell,, extract of litrslaltt, tall:t aiap o'-nllo kinir, el:n.,'ine do in clike anti iotse, treamn ennp tieo, Wllar', rei,, alte hair oil, bears ind oi hlioeo. Prtoi iin'ai sioling alt.lii iit llod erftollieI toellewido',penrl omwdeir, pfll Ier tilllh ald bllxes oo mIltliln in pots nnod rolls orrs andl el lorine tooth wah ANCld AwllOdea, witha heneral assoritlent of t E\tIWILLLRY--sooie oi oilie latest ilid .ni.Ot fi.shiona IIp sett, roeiitoo n ill of white illlel Olelerllionla.ol td- " lel enrdhop%+llse in liluglie, lllnulit pnlsnfln grees tie. wt h trlllliit:es iit nrdtilt.- u Aictes, Ilvr hillehihet , silrerl nnd u ol pt icil aniid euard cheneis -ilot .ieI o-Coolotlh, hair, itluii,,crul oie .tell"lhoor, Ihutt, tlflesh, ,thlte, comb, Noil, s avileg, .lue alid h h tecnsll hrush.'.. Li iLO il( r G. t,\S cES--Gernldnn ilaiti andi toilet Ilis, nrlotgnf ig andi frui., drarsirg gjassl, iohiie io, with a itu' i i, iof other kildts not enttrnattei. FANCY ADIt VARIEFT'f A/F('1'I .:EJ--Fren. 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AIlatatal: trtn it o taer ttn i ItadaI .tt..ttea ith It ty de,, 91.aon, statyr to 'tiy a..tt1 ia af filt ti!FReut' and etn hnrre ttet tjtettirtr. dh nih v atham"lert att11i tlr a' I alatadiala a,t nt, ratnatat. t tld~aa. 'i tit e usa lat, I G~ar 1 ruaat till"' ',lr lill t. Ptlir~li ·lvjod. tttd hr mee latatu tur avtea Itl % ir a n t l ta rd aise Laving u tit ul~lrrrc I , u .u ill n i. For : Fr.rf L It F GUION's, Fat'epyeratoriacrr aaf C'.antan tand iit la'arater trrtae " + < i H tla . fhi I:t `PE iii ol .- '1:i gal:ai pure weinter t A7 S alllt sit,tn aaiet, a Iliar anir Lb E ga'a it- 51.4( lab!.. alto IJ a ate ta r a t'l i l , lat; phial (e ke Itratiaa; *"f gait' (laid I refT Mtn d d oI LAr E* Ntttla (ii .I'- t' 'r4 r te b . im " rettb -'I ttlaanti It'atlat.'ar ttalqtsltate Ba '-(I C~lll JI-i Itt lIata' taatetlaiea t.ll .nii be A·.a a rsear uniae rnatnat'refrtttaa' tanlrt aeta a ' ,taur tale ap I IV te~Ot~j Ea, 1 (le -atltn. 'a I athlnant~rta'. ta t' t 1)it RI. 1 eta ..01 iihl ;a tattlrntitsh; ttt trata~. 2 Japan it. -v fr"n ,I I". Anrr " "r " rrrlih aolrrens fILI.WILLIAMI, oMIT~h, tro1v' AT THe aorrattosno oteUso. ,zorZasoelttatggT, LU t SVI.L, IO Tn the Ifditor of the fotuis ile .,drtelier: Sli--lit appear by tile oboervatinn.t of the Editor of the N lashville Presbyterian, Union and lTren eript, ih well as the editoro of th lle Melphis Enqtirer, th't the "Old Gentlemlon" is amonl the Doctors Ph:i is poved by ili. tinty me, gr knoawi" that hi. tite is huat Stort, nnd that the ioenoendent Amerlcan people .re able to judge fir lthemselves what are puffs and oimpositlons. The we:tlly editors who are Doctors, tile proprietore, editors or 'ub-etlitors of tole above ntaned jonurala, call every letter from persons I hnve rmoad to nrt siht in tho ebove pltceR, paof. 1. The fact is, t'hat I nwrer had suoh great success within no limited a period a. ten or twelve davs. One who wase eed shout ten vear, who had only seen the light Iom his birth, hrbe'n to ee to fotllow bt. manttr to my hotel, inotond of teine obliged to he led by Ilin. Two vounag tdies, who had each loot the sighlt of one 've, one for ten veart lnd tlte other fir nearly two eoars, having both ot them the other eve ery' eak; aet each of tlose young Indies began to'see itll both -yes, whichl benefit ! pledge mvoelfstill eontinueo, ea eopting thlcy noi onder thie influeoce or denicati ,n of the Medlical Doetors. Another in the daughter of a rlescecthileotoercchent, wl'ose namel m aound never to mention, (asi hr paid ine tcy fees), who saild she hpd lost the ighit of one eve from tie age of 1I menths, hot llthat sle ntow c eaint to read large lettere wich tlh othor eoe cctupletel3 shllt. rhis tileo dloctor editors hnew, as tle geanlenoon told olte himsellhe he id con die ell his lnnochter to the oflIer.of tile mnedicjtl editors. that they rlight hle iefrmed of tile fact. 'Tie lat I l ocll ntrl ion is on eldehly gentleman ro the name of Yount, tearly oeventy yeari of age, wh "lt leloct Icli. licl ly t letter, which Ite took to nll lira difooreot olclee ie Nnehville bht one, auld hisolof told to hIe loll paid fior he insertion wllateverhey dOtreoandrd, wl, it dclr- SI iu thalt letter tlet lie he tolally deorived of the .ihlht of oe ove freo, f i khs t fee ris birth, liceh his mnlothlertated tto I a·. e. aonsiOed Iy tile measles or small poxn that tncv reo o cUt nlol Ittcty m. tite lilght of the sune, for tihe frot time that It 'etll.clleta, but tie trs nalnn, and wor hb'ginnini to dlistianguish moony nbierto; and did, before Icft that e;tv cive nat. vo pr ,ef tlhat h couldl see to walk ollhlt' ttle tlrret ritth tile other eye ecmnlletety elored. lie toil he had been n member el t lleoletholisit Epioenpol Otoreh (tr toe tly lbrt ocere an I that hist wordl to never loibht ed throghti t he eboCe coursc ofhio life. 2. I r opet oiv;ce cool tirer goreter r.ccees tlhan tit Nashville, end tril i'te Indliellllld ler qa doctors htol never b,(,ec o .clh relttll Ito be vtnr -od. 'T'lle pit.i!ito naoicntil L S.30 Ie-r. olericol Ier Stoiclhproveo, olirt e ntatedto thr, lt tot tix votrn r o inthe vns converted froor. e.l.4 o perfooct inlitl,·I t beliete it o lie doeririn o nfl'ie Bit,le othit he mlccrt .have corda lt orifing errorf-thlat 1 mtloat heve uneat to .lt, Ili t befnore tho end ofl of veare to chlteo, he h.o uld be Cototereted froin hite ifiel*i*, an the s0;iltt of Ihof trne mirioter of tite peacefil n00 tttenitn lno.(trtille of 01c I'tiriotion religlon Sries o.,t rathlle otll n iottlt·lctitn. rogre, ctOall o and falsehoold to please ti's Iloedicol fiet.dlo, 0a0l00t the oon wvhloo lie knew Ilnd dolt e so nIotaoit good, atl d l ino jtry to cnv one. All tile itnhtbilonto of Naohvoill- slpoke of the oroat olec. o I hola, -cepltt thle ,oedihnl d cors. otst otrfthm ttrlt olatIhlrtl ee ilftlrtntei t!v lIer Yountt of t te (lp erftIwcnldl o his totally bliod ct e. :T. The fi ttout o obnht S. oftthi to)wn, pretendl that I have lost the In t.rel I o ain'd ill the. N.oll, glee im y trq:.l in thie Sitthwtetot. Tthir l)roves, ItwtVetC,I Iltn, ali that tl kept them onlil I arrived in titi oeeotion. If 1 gaicoed oteo in tie north, I oirlhtt to have go;led r nothl ar io tle sttth atd oo.ttlchwet, and I slill lopu to wentr thelll on cmy very yoluhftll t:rlow ot the day I teave, il spite of thi. vtulperation of the great DruS.,if I aoty juldge from tihe mont I are already benelfted ino tli tity wilthin thre dov. 4. T'ihe ojectl nof thle present is to infrotn the edi otl t"oliho ocd etitort o f le tle lliolioo toFern oeripot, ts well as the letrical D)r -llith of thle C. Pre.. bterian andotl of lce lition, of nsliville, a well as the etitor aod ith oledieal edittorofthre iMentiois OIoqit Irr, ao well es tr 'retlltice, the editolr of tih l.oeisvcie; Journalo, ntl elso the Ihmedicail t;oli:lt editor of thlis clte, the fret Dr S., thatl I sthall briny aeti tos Isj'st tlnl al oil, :r vilf Prettcnr slandii , or colulnnvy (tootedi nteoly fter tav yrrivrl io New Yrk no well h. against their anmiabloe ht"e en th, e h oinedcnl Gioliuht oltihe north. i row bind ( no self rt potofise, never to quit this Iopp laud of libeot', ntilt I .n'e tr-ght thio naoes of rll toy etedical tolicIts of the oorh, a'well s the sroutl i alt t oll west, to tle gritlstotc! Tile afllicted, lhere. fore, inay crlllelllotate ni oingillge ollooin the VooIIl. of next vcor in New York, w here leItter, ,post pad, an no uttlets, will tite mre to reaectr Ille. 5. To inform Illse Itpuli thatc tte roo so calleoe, wthich the Rev. clericctli convertedl ifidiel prtolend wat writteo fIll him, was wrilttle ore thlln wl eek .rior, ol intlllldedt fir lhe Rev. I). Howell, wrho rend it in my prestntle 0itholll nlnniftalin ianyf disatllllon'binl hecoatrurv taotkti toi tite ' ctiyan cot eel i,; tihe t aItt hydtwhitc ltth Icc ootido he 'otoltitt htooftto nd t the·F wlly Iedid, hhrnse hbter:, he dlehvered thenl bh tl , Ior wilhhol preten :lug thlat I wont a ll t Ir )e bi frogi 1: lllto., ts I never oontld Ioresllc to 'lfttr that gentlelmolanI or any other, ally lmoney fior st:llillZ gfi's The IRv l)oectr'eotn s.tatetent is before the pullic: Ihd lte tot exllllled ll Itty ilip'oot,r &e. &c. Wi l a ' ee I Itto a:l itlllitet fritnln of hito , f twell tco il e W ltoo i of ti it patilnt, in coalptnt y oith anottllher rlergyillnn, lltd fuoeld llhem alo tiloh nulthetorit nndall ooi ltt nltets lIo lie 'iore or lessieoelorilctl, le Ilevtr oLotl (cve htreo induced by a lutol t iritllgtl" to idra up llrh no it titlc .s wrote itiltt'.elffltr tlollid'tilllt. 'tol atdirescd it to 31r Stringeldi, edlitor oftle S ;W C Advo,ute. f. No ,eolder the elear sie d t oedt ctroilsefe ,nolve oo!: ihe il. i no d t he'eire u]ed tirhttri et ti,rsl Ilojoll ai h ll ulhe *a - +w fl t • : -,I . ~,1 ` hl leal-,teal fee , c. ' tan: ,.1a i t Ij ,-i."'o~ rte a'"la c oeri'tll lllfidel. \. re.ndl in the tihle itha o e ' t-' , iso kllllowll by ilts froitc I tdatil. stL the converted i:'llelI Iotl plcllellhed froln I lo t l tout tolte." 7.1 IHevhlericv rerart: te.alis'r Iis ci rnoral rtl' sore a a Omhr I rei.reerg that ie was rbrve ir.o, Ibribed. Ieutec tie whet w erfrrl mP . of tihip rrio.tesr silver will o rely to htl[ll ""n toll a it was well n• e i el nnirrer rrr e i e rllrnotiii r of Ili .)irinille sler, abirolutely ioe,, hil," fi hllllllllnher oe lpioetsC rlf .ili-r Aly rl ms;ert , iht t rir Ilever lllll I ai b h itre, 11or roluldl i her colr.ill.r ed so Il- nonv one, ar il wasillr eVer rIql iI to tle tent rport ofiril the reeorlrlr r rirler'r fee, fi$r er rro irr.e C wnglllllllr In. IuiI I"ethre clllre of i ilnero iyr prite 1 lletrrr eriech were to he repleted ilhre or illr lli in tihe Perel.lVelin n. niln :ned ilr nirorjar 0l r, hu I t ver illl'rentrli ol bIribe hIil, I r Irholld hIllver oled hil a lrlt $3.100 Ili reeulre r fee, irleirnl o'$ O, w'hil, ir aI Sprlobailitv, lie would hive . Iri r received r s hi. fi`e ded anrot .. a brilbe. On Irhe crirrry, if I adl brere c. Ie rle of olfeii: ln re be, I nllolll eertrnlv Irhave doer it ill a ellr to have i.recl Ilid iriaeirellnee. 8. I-lhil tile Rlr'. lI)otor beeu rer lly coIe rertrd it tie i'eli,- uf tile roelcrines rof tire .r Yihtl;, lie rwould no hove promtnised to elne ali( exall in, lay patinllts riclh "ott kIephtlo IliR wrdrl, as r have alw2ys- fourd reVry r, miniser of tile elsiel zealrous Il'lro. 919. Ilad he hel rreally icorered lietrrnlIderrI not r lilyv hile er pllkll gllinrt tl:e Arcrierhnle itetirtrtieor i'rle wh it ir well lknewn, nrre more nnmeros, and whirIh are-ruprrilr to mrlny in saoie prrte s of Eurolle . lil rendect io enIeI riireurrlltried .lolle r'ete litrrerary rhir, In8 to be serllere' reerderi11 freoll hille ,n tire eirr,hy larin rirleurt rIanrd on !'irt. l'i, re . li . g nrler l, rilllt llu h ri rolrrlllll ir wilrho eelxci ,llenll s Ihe is ,ral lr iater ), artl ltrel hr ritr thlill e ieee Iil c rerit to crll-e tile Alllerican illrlitllrillll Ilrcall-e re is n cllrleerlell infildel I ay hie [rap nor--i all uu rrt t errpek well f tilhre idrlgr ie gere ~ ,-ni'y rrrer. I fcrry ioth gallantrCaliraiGrun ar. d severd other amiable young -rentrlrercr of ,\la.viie, reerollec well the conduct of Itis pious epounlcr of tile Holy scr1 rirerrrrrrrljiieerrrleercfri (f. 1 ilerer nsw lllle h a delmon ii llln tln sn-e nFi till, Rev. I)octor was thie day I1 end ll to reason with Ilinm, wircr lie relneer d riy rV gre llirr wilrh an ilrplifrd -igrrtii arlrrn if hie rourld'lldave Ir-Id nle i,, Ire erOlllld for drardrirgl Iro Ien Itin pI rrnllinl-r ,iwayV -r irrr hir dntlv by a brihe rf hO ioeeesrf •irver! I -realv Iembl red m1r ie thin ir the ",,ld Genlerran" had na;d leelrel in his oll nllsape II. I .rlrermnlv rhclrer heirre (ird, mnd rm rno afraid Irrll iHiln to witrller o thai Ir evler. in lr ll whole elrlrse of -2 oearc reracice as a ocerlist, ill ireillt r liuin. Inrulet Irtlrarrrr arld Alrrrie, ire a eingle illrlrnce orf fired ras b-ibor arlr:rolrllt to tire editlor of r llry jodri lilt s r oirl mrtentlrill fLr the araei I r ccrilled nrr il tilr e tlrlulo l whiehi I oernsitllne th!emll; lnldl that I wal always iilore inrlirid tio rieducIierllhee IeIrhar aIr my RieOIVlo Vie peiuter's bill; whlich is a suffiient I rouf Ihot I haod irori.tellinoll tobrilre. 12. Lert y.--'l'he llemplrir Enlrir for twoe or three w-ekse coriins a tissre rof flarat Ihelslehrold., wiicll ihe medical GCliah rldtirs olenrre. fro In their brirei Irr flrlhe 13. 1Goiahis if the Norti, ard I ieIall treart trllrel wilh silre Colntellrrt until Ihe pioper r ime m rrive - Uiless it e trero whrt I have Ireer illfirrlllred--"Sre iregeer, andi y:l will cutr a I.- i" r'hglrh I aid himfr lily ntlve.rtlrelllentlr fr two rr thiree weeks hie colD inserled ieu onee. Ynr will idirine to insert th.i leiter in your nexart Ira per, olrd oblige yours, rae. ! 11 !,.m.., JOHN WILI.IAMI -, thie Englisl Oceulilst. l.oui.rill, Jnily 1837. Caied fror iler S. i. C. Adr.erae of rhoe rth Jane, 827. At trie rrellrretlf I)r. \Willians, we iscerc lire fllw i rr n Fio f iro the rer. Ier iowell, of Nasiville. re the edirer of the Souhllt 1VisterChitiin Aeririen cal, will, it ppear, thll eIamined able ".ilolmtr aned olher dtcu raerrreo,-inreine ir lie L)rrlr'e cleimr to purrlic perrere , In chrigerdrlrrere f hen acciien, Dr. W reill re main o Nubedr e .te fI r days longer tIenno ticic t o t intolndlel-av trie lt Julry. SIrerv., l ie Sieirrgtinl :-Ierienun e lre rler.erd ilr lr. Willinirr, tlie reculi-r, rell in tihi riry, t rx.ecmioe ire uimeroe s irc iir illn otte t dreicreeeenirtaiing e rofl hi ill grrl m c t iprer ter ia t rl.t rtlll illi t Ih ellrh Sminc them I flaccd a Iee lr frrem lie PIerleorrlt pre. r. t kharge d'Adires ofnl u the Kin, of thie Frechle i N U'u lrlilglonl addrPPseid to D~r. 11 lliolll . ertifyingl thee gguuillzllrs of 00., diitllllla_ fir, I,. tire Kiaer I of InlcI; feriree c. as r ell Or. li hiar frrrlilec a re uredre Sr:im iieiorf Fraece. Iltsoirn r.'r.. er eIIrOI.,ochr froene I knaowll to ie Jtr ic orepluir, rir in rhinertrty, reerivd .inc ,,i. a.rial inretle roeitrd 'erere, cirtailing ienre ieo lc l gref'e drcierr In rlie rreelleruti me i of igt the tl..ld . 1 t lv t-eve ieu Fili ell+ a ille pootr patient , in boo1 Irs·I knew o t , h of ttlien toireolle, rihri colinirc InD his calre; hilt hille l have ieci say they are uc riettiinablhy henyiitrd. h le d r irty'T. y. C- IIOIV'cl Nn-.ville, rrlllr 2, i tr. ._, inr.e grio erore or nr. 18ill" "" catir irce called uplroriecsud nave he find ntfia erred reralin ierlliiereitfc onr, let row declaree himo e lf beret, liec leer igici fore le firrt Ii re in hio i-fe terat ie con recolleciloet colild dier rireierrelr,,wirh li Ieareer, oirrf tle prlri-eroieroarneo I learn Ihat Iiri old getr.c san Iran lived mrlrnnroner'. in rirdgion,rnd adry ire noe been a Alelbodeer dluring Yroly ytrel. alwgo R. R. C. H. f IE".KS UN I'IllJL.AiEII'HIA-F,, ,.,Ix . lJ et ~ 1'OUjjti. I'ltm.lite 7'E\Nfr It &LA&' OF· LUUISdr\:i\ 1, ' F N1e1w MAP Cr LUor.e1.UCA, jih it. onCak. rmak olaoad d piecncep, `"n... plae to palcc, along the dnteg odetoolcboo, route", b - II. S. 'Iooo,,r. .'ITCOEE.L'S MAP op rue UNITO,, ll,µjno the pri oipol 't'urophooo d romtlo,,routs, , a which al e ;i'cnthe ootoucnill "'flx rr,, eonellc to noohr d..r, the co--,; of the ea..l+ nod roll "'add Ihron~il tiu the cavlry, arroily rool1pilod fom th.e at o· thrlmfit -published by :iv . AilgtllIJ lix~ l.i )IITCI'tLIt 'tIoY' .O'. oj 7HS i )I 'IOt TOO OITOICTI3ATOOv; a map' the roads, diot, nepx f.ea bo' t ond roenl ro'Itee.o.. jlr. .roui,-'.end 0 or .r l 1Rbi INDIJIAN'a PA NANlA. theeuaeotrrheumntismer fulnerkingsevil,, naianties or hil gollut, inciiuent canters, sah rheum, esblltite and mstqreur'il diseases, lar icutlarly ulcers and paitnntidlalretioonsnfthe bones, uloeratedtlhateasts s noi. ilt, uler sof every desorptilon, fever sores, and internal Ishsessa s, fi stuls, liles, asusl head, scurvy, hiles, clnI aile sore eyes, crysilrelis,hlolhes, ndll every vtarietvielft. tlerons alfeetin, cihroie Ctatarrh. hestl ache Iofeeel ing fil anly aorit humaor, pain it the stonl:sch al ot dys sepsia proce'.ling frosmvariationl, alfectioasofthe liver, .ulstnie inoioammntion of the kisl,res, and genera debili ty eslusal by a torpid action of'the vesselsoftlhe skin. It is sing.a'rtly ellaeaions in renovating those eonsltiatiannl ahi. h have been broken dnwn the itjdtiotns treatment, juvanile iltrellut lites. In general terms, it is revm "endeatel a all hoasediseases whihttarise framn imltrlieis of the blood, or initiation of the humors, of wlsatever name or kind. Stome of the alove eomplaintsmay require some tri Iliogasstat nl aplicatihos, whicil thessirea,,stnaees of'tle ease will dlicha:ta bat for a qseratl remted or Ir'rificator toremnvetheeasre, the IN~DIAN'S PANACEA will generally be found suflicient. TO THE PUBLIC. How true it is, that modern Physicians, sn their sn hition aoexel in their pmlfe'eiant explore the vast liehls ofselence by the aid ofehemistry, and seek sot new re medial agenits; in slant, to arrive at perfection it the practice by means of art altoe,-entirely overlNok and negleet, as Ibeteaththeir nutlee,thelrich and blontenus stores sd'medieine, hich the Almightly hats caused to spalrg out of tile earh in every clilme! And how nmuah mnore tate iIttht awhilethe Amerienn Physician looks to fIoreign countries fir many of lis most common ansd Ineessary alticles, terlelually changing as theb ore at the dictaltes ol'fnshi or rfnlly, Ie is slluenoutlndel is his owi counltry with all endlessprofusdos of medicalan IIphs, sulllei'lt to answer any iadlintiona isslistse or tIn cell r any aen.hblL"slis.Itler;and yelt he is ignr.ent if their sir lts.m.l a lyu t lee a lre sufestto L'wstelheir healissg on the alesest' ir.' 'The elfeltsof vegetable medicines upon thIe system arn tgneorsary'-tlhose of mineral lahiting. The thmter ex ert theitr elects anId lpss off-the later, merory in par tietll-rI, act chemically plton the solids, delcomposing tIl.e mes and lndermoinig lthe eenstitttio.n by a sloh andl store destl'ietiutn. 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Isell'f sim anty litase, :nl t the almost toA. absilllnec o l'hrmoic disease anonsg theml WhoVl has , tel heaI io ll diatll witlh eonlstilttion lbrtk andi r inelld I illln itlei Pt A:lt coan a ,I*l texist thani thiis hl.-pv e t..ltpti ....of the sa from most of t1e ills aItIs. tlhe lEshl O fman is heirto, is chiefly olwing to o:re (tesi: ii stiflretce in ticefs, ism itir eeosiirloliln of I'i, ilioltle - perinlits oIf Ite t itlc l e ild nlfi it,.nhs 'iof Coe cie1 cli hasreatels fil the ble 1 o' en it i" Ildl hl, .a...r iset it to e pride and the:nta os f i n.. .e i, Flora ring residene imong a .prin nfthle o"ighin al i lelahiatslf tllibscolnlary andet' itilt:ste el;l:inl lines wih thie nmthodlsof curelllf some rl ' te i:r nlt steeessthl ptlretitio'rs, the p' n te iets r of 'The Itlas. s u sllllea,'llllii'red ai knl l ledge of some1' of the nllost lpower-fl la tlle orite i n lmedie. 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IIcllbriy tlr~lt ~ STAT'E (F LOIisIANA.--Porith Court icr the. Parilsh and City of New 'LiIE S'I'Ai'E OF tI.IIIIAA. 'o ull whoill L It 'rc'tcs hohd 'llleC Crethlillc:--WlcVh'rce toocre Holloc hlicni cllehnoce dit ci 'oullh' ail byi the Slliceriffelt" tic" lioili irch l ect Iiii. h' th ~ te l'. iereillottcr dicrihed, .cc ilcilllie I tic clii ch·li' c thlk Ouure. in wlloo e offic e tll o ,,eilcel dille .le to recorded I) the hadcle of Apcit, A. I.18.18, lri m it r l ii er risemeon t in clonfi llit t a lli Iclo 'ihet ecielaolir r f the t loe of I.ouiian., eni. led "At uect cIlr thi furlher Rocu Ir ce ollle to purelia*r at judiciil Jale.;" e pprov, d Ihe lath de'.. Il'l~rlnrh 1 814. NOW hIVleerlire khow vyr cnd all tpereoce lolerreiil lere n, Iloereby rii'leleloodiloniohld hid thie oloteof the State of ILoijiac,l toil ef the !'olieh c'lurl, who can act up anY rig'ht, title or claim i alld, io tilepropelir lirele ifter iecrtld. ln eonoecue reiolliey inl'iit'ollici iri cIe , ledr, cloere or oUdoCeic 0l tihu cUurt under o.hlt the ollsal o was lade, r t irreularilry ilr illc'clite hll Itlo oppreioocnrtls ouil lleetieriieornl, tllo lime.,Ior moloor ofele, or foer lov ouhpr t'cfrel wthtilo tvel cr shtew enus,ll wirlthi tirtv doay from the dla tclio mncllioo ic Sect inretetl in eit poltlie Ic llrec, cllbv the aloe so toie fl hould pot be eohtteot'd onlli iioui Iogc ited. s I ileiid prrper d wlv enid by tie Sheriff or Iht plir-c itll scripoti.on ~l ltd y o f AprilA. It l1iBh . by vi ertaof lhoere of illci ionrr, reodecl.oil cthe 5th lnc' fii'ronrrA. di. 1818, ine r ir el.i itd Aro ond er Calolwll cvi. irenrl Hnre, No ,310 6 ofe Iofhe doeoh ofu tcic Court, otrllwicli olo tie heihi Jecinr Milnore lieclclc tie pucrchaser for Ihe pli file cf cwlotyco ole iccnol SI)eaceriptio of Projlerat ig rcivien theI Jdilicil Cun C ew reIift e, Ac ran.Mz .I A cesrrlh ll "esm. c - iw ll tl. in Ihoe lU lllb n ROLei'ti on tifcl, hicre lcte iie IIII IIleo ( o hei lcl liltIritclgr'ene chc iii lilt e lor i., I"f I ,Ie, I' l' 01u por hisioorcteet cI ,il f1 I cI.. 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MI Ir <I \ al ~ Igi ci e imil B ite arescru ·11(ItpusIl-.Yllltod ·sb SI I T 1AT I.Ali i . d LIo tI CINE..A Iiltc Iel le II I t e r it tll 'i h I' el n l 'l i i i a I llb o r A t l' . l lilo ,antio.n cilis, av liiil e hc ceti e v i etlI ,d n I ti hqc 5l " r i e c hh(I i. Iilc l' t.i i c''1i'ccc' tlq. 11. I' Ile'..l \· '.m( , zlC i ( Jr, II'll.r 414'1:111( i rt l tT+,,l I~I .l11111i (Ii I',v I)(. t ilrei flit e nh' e lill citntllll le II' i t I' Icc i' 1 I clcir c : ilef avis antre e nlr' leE IIe iij i clln i' e II c lil' I Ic 1 Icci 'It Ic Lnuic ic lcc clhlcci "c ' 'Act'lc' t'l c" l mc h 1 loul~ II1.I enii I4, let 'l I llt i lltllc' r°e etlr ( )l l + I (· i dl e Ii(t.P I.! 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M Irlion rent, rnerv nndny, Wednetlany Wesfea dil, f t ridny, by ., Y. \I. by may of 1l ClrIn'nr rv rlrrundnv, WedhcndO T ohn[, nna Satliranv, I' !1, P. Af. Tlee a e~ri! (line verv' orw, ','furmdayJ, o Som eb llri a ntlnnI. 'v5 P.M.n v'i Cloteei Qua Monedy, Wed daylny EXPRESSY MAIL.. TIMES OF AlRRIVALA IDEPARITURE DISTANCE &c. afthe t xprere NInil, heir-·.o AMeill awl New York-leavimoe Mobile doil.· at I P. M. Northwar New York daily at 5 P.1 Al outhward. Arrives Arrive Northward. Dintanee. Time, turea'g Mnatgomery.l Al. s2ie. 158 ts 23 h 120. (Columbun, tn. 111 81 9 31 O.t Mlledgevile. Ga. 2 133 14 21 p.. Coinan1iije i.C. 7I am. 063 I1 10 lInleirn, N C. 0j 215 22 12 Warrenmon,Va. 1I i. "5 Itt a leterrbuaig 1'a. 10 pm. 83 10 9Ia. Itichmmull . R I a mn. 21 5 61 1rrdericikzih6rp, 2 P i* Wnelhiagtoa ru, 21 pm. 61S I? 5 Baltimore 8 1 0 P~hilotdelphia, a am. 180 II 2 New York 2 pm. 90 61 1305 143h. or 5d 23 Northward. ('Clming Smttliwnrd, the time isoex hoboo leer; hrin15 ind y and 17 hours. 1ANAWANfr fir -it, t9r rmldelecr oraorof Ilovis El Ciiiete,on Tim nihlit of a0 I if Au'net, and was seen r.h next innornieg in Ford ran treet, n naaegrooy .tainrI CIIA ItI.lei, abot~a 17 venrnof age, oatl 5fee' n'tlierrnlntt in lieinlit,'nurv nlInek, nd,, has ln ittled' bv a irentltiii brt;edl t.lln lie weln'away a white tIII ltoitor itin irnirt no 'li white tton aitatloon.s, Mono raiof vessels tiid stttam Imits are catlioinet a ""in" tttr eeiillg orn harlingrlrid negro, anwra ell a l all othler personsr, asilte iiitti riet r oI' the low will be ernfnrieitngaiat linotn. lThe abovei reward will he nie Blldelivep~iY I him inl naaly ofC thle ails of e itheCr of th nlllleilalilis, or at 169' Curondelet, corner or Nlevi. _________ 'opt N' 1011'- l'he niitaltlrrtltj;,ll herretotfre eamotiag ndethe firm of flt Conrretson, heh eew the eCiierrr, ii, thin city, nod reipijre nil pt"mor i Wleh . 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