Newspaper of True American, January 23, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated January 23, 1839 Page 4
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-. .0 - .wh Fp oi·iie.~ Pnzhi-i I SI . ~' EcilMEkdjo. Jutl ' rrn p oftn&a.N. II.v isn OtD 1toS 2oii totSPnl~i ,,1 jtttjtti t.?o BemiA.iaoro.j hto.o ivytn icatn1·r.~ A~i( I* At olatto' f·r tIt rl'i ll Ardtitbaolno, LnI..*u Oi. ·&1 .nahiteotl vdgI'aCa000 E~ltgter,~ Sbvhanwir· ttotoI,,.tHdaaLu~ o*t'· Uf~atieol Tabj~u Cni Joi~u andl I. Coattan tJ~itdoaII~oaomv. ho $oo do Votltoke I~rkhavtt. Lifo dt S~'altv. t.Cotl, 2 onl. 'mia d' loh I'vtgvt. 3 .otI J.9aan, Lath.r aud Gooek. IEJi)hNS & vo. yiN ant. flhnrooa ac,0 lll., ,.· ,or tretment mrd c re of tie Fee.r f anl' [oe. 1 T will 'a retdily dai..,veieI haC ertl the Tta nir h .lia - ltratp itlr piot en triltl ltOr nac . m ' 'rt ti, -'he .i'e er and Anttn Ia tile 1ht1t +'h++, hi inI t Vee -tarble Extract, lid fiea' iral, fnl(,ti. *b.ta.ldlente, it ,iay hle latiae with the nltnal wt nt tiytt .e h htio ner ifan . ' aitl in+lid, I .,e velue e/nrseIf the diJAKIe, tnllnrlllenll A file c.,nst~ll on a on regains its wnlliet 11-11 and net rese. Ir e tanb nouncea to1 I rled p annnnt the Allei lby iu ll.otine rth i ton orndh ivel o relisll to the rtil, lto- r0ci v.+l Bei g peai u 'a^ il Itavhll i tll. .l't qt tlr i.i , .. lantin the boweai I. ilae this isr t . etl4r dioetea, hllt tlhlt,r. ihv ,lrnelas thaile 'rvt'ral nr gian ra digestiou, ald thatR Piafitn he atm+. with whatever oUthe iattiC of it Ilv a nIpl'ea ied. Intlihvidla lls, nfer t ll. fte i ,. been expoald t alil tle a l-ti ntl tnu. r of ile d,-'aes, ald iieemcnped a n a, ot.· to, r, " ' the nIle oftle ctatn I .i ellie "tiler i- t nve a'av, ren ted an ineretisecd I tbii ru riti, rr e 'I. , ltenl. tihe Cosine will aoan br"r tan mll(b pr!-lllt.mte i ie ah le to r ll Iit ic e, .t l II l ' bI rim to -ell' i t.asnt vcle,+i '1' e'I',, iv x' lr,,iv are elrelncv hircan b.lnivedat l tt N t 'litt,"a th aie d l l'llatai ti , lil 'd t,. thlem. or elsu very re,"l. ,i hy b,+i . TI'hu f ldihl err re.l,l " i . , , g:let flip no rimsl imit iitn, f lfl ti ll. lt :llu,( t.lli llore dllily , Telred far stae. t is prenpae' 011,· ,t 1,`. i .... Ii. prwant, et his 'TIhe eallalr iher a ar ti. a itt idl'ai' a , I in it louh W~e.lrn ante, llnd will sell bv th r.· s.t, the Plhiladelpllhia ,,rices. "r+ Ihe ld at ,...i tite,,, .. atast f the Apuiheari int tIl. cliv. JAltI.' t & A',DR.WL SVl,, .,.e I ,rag:+'"s, tMisaiappi anti Louitatallat Iulel, t'''ttn'"nv t.ta ~I.RS. MARY KIRIKLANI) reapcltally al.n "nounces to Ier frit nds llant the puhlic pt'c,. ally [hat ste it preipartld to aa.ltmltlll:ti tIllhei at ha abova etabllshmelt, a ta lid Illllt frIll her txortians it rander t isiltors t(',tt.:":r't:'t , ti rItct ive i eontinatnce of alrmer vtr' , Site luo i!'ls collfi. dent that peraons visitinglj Covi.tgtn itri!lng thIt ummer monlths, ea pllot fittd bhler accnttmntt lli.tilta tlthe the can afford thI"m, nl llor. e lhitrla l tth lltt , Her house it plantlltiy titllltid, anti wlall .tpplih'd with every conavtiitent tI tht bar is furllti.leI wit :h the most cloia.e litlors, &a. in hlorllln lrolieP. *'at nolthing shall b wantling tila ther p;trt ti gtva Itire satisfllinitio to RIll w ttay jattrontiza ie di', isi ippi alnd Lnriiilena tl,,l. jt,3 O TIIE P UDI;I C-'fh ul-i rsly n , . , Ii.tvnn " tudie under IDr. Sal midt of (.'·le'hloln Raoitih Carolina, attld htaa0tta yentars tis neatant itt ithe praatiae of ,nadiatlo land aItg.'ry, tat t ht I,,nr to offer hie proealeional strviics a I tills citi . Ha asuraal tillt ldilia nad a gnttltlall.ll , lt thit Ithit' nl prompt altotlion will bthe i-id to ithe ca;lln vhich may be tnde; alld also otitas Iita soryian toaln Ihe aildare arlalttae, litnte we'll nq.iailttd wiih lltie diellee comnl nll to Ithmlll, ltlvt tloltnda d tillln' in i thie ugar Ilouta ill Chi:trl'aston. The fasantl, ntli bilioua pills aiter thl enmpoiation -i Prlefealr Slnulltlau. tlth directitlla. tlhnb, i hadi ofthe undersigned. Thie ttl ct wlita Ith tltv hit v praduced in tlit salnd oatlir cilias, lnt ben ailittlellde with theia grealy:st eltncsa, to whilt [htt it',t t refaroncoa call ba givon. Aptly ;t Nt. 166 I 'itai ino ltre.t. [JNO. 1I'ill)RING. HULLUW h AliT I liOTsT dCRYEW S, SADI IRONR, &o. T HE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, u., 238 Water, near Ifieloha itr er, Now York, have received the past mmrson, nid Ire cos t litly receiving large and extensivie adilioii to the ivnk of the above goods, wliih now vcoto nis of thi allowing assortlment, suitablo lor the soutlhrn and western markets. Hollow were of superior quality, consistintg of abiot 1500 toal, viz, Pots of' 2 diffreiit sizee, from 2:t to 50 gallons, Kettlte, 15 sizes, Iromt 3:8 to 30 glftion, Kettles, 15s izve, from 3:8 to 18 gallono, Ilkrtpans or Ovens, 7 diteTvott s.zet,, Tev Kettles, 6 do Skillet,, . 5 do Flat . 6 do Covered SpiJerv, 2 do Oriddlr, . . 4 do Fire Dogs, fIi de Wagon Ioxnes from 1 1 to 4 3 4 inches. Crt do. 5 to 7 IIoht'J,. Wood Screw-, 20 000 gross,. iron and brass, from :t inch, No. 3 to 3:9 iich, N,,, 24 of .i ulerior quality and filiai, ond lees Liu Jate's implorted prices. Sad Irons, assurted, il casks of about 500 lbs for retailing. Tailor's ando hattor's Trnn e, roortd. 0Sash wcigh.ts, 100 tuton, ao.atted ftol 1 4.4 to Be t. for Pflntatrse, tteambocts, churches, &r. madei to order, Also stearmbtat and other machinery mllade to order. The alo"v. ,:ortiment, of goods i. particularly rleoln, endl d to ]H!ltllo lltt o of Siotllernl andl Western morthanits, ld narre ffor.d flr sale a;t lo pricees, and uplo the imot liberal tnylS; it I lp lieved to be the lrg,'rt nld hIstortlllull.t v oIred for sale by uty ou:e u lsaotob.trblunlt inl the Uniled StOatis. Merchants, bfy tfornrlini a rr'quorit by mril, ca;, have a printld rclorelr. withl d"criptlllit of ol, ,' pricesand tornit, iroim IIonb nI tliCli.llOnl is ver made, fnrnislltrd by ir turni ,of il. All orders will reolive intnodate ruttention. New York, 1838. t NO ninoGURY flat ousr5.a, A BOLT irI Ofllt- m i. I Ictl hod itii,t~iritni to ,elt Sthl e above date I ll t 1111I ' ill( itlli 'r oi h , if Iof )eI oi lluet, loud xi texpet hia t: ell r v. Since : ti .w Ilie disogi~ll wgortNee, au tol hela.rta:t Io I,,ce 1 eerle to Ithe ntmber of -ix ,r ies ht iointt ih I .r, Il .11 Itv, my lae, anil sire tllrot, and not aitlf to aork nat 'II jrevortlt toana oft aefonilt of th,, £ .e lo. elr o0 tile righil si1eofl" thrlo t. I im Ian ,val , t o. iell acorei iently ue:de ilh care of Dr. Ilel,. Pa ,iAri N. _u be pereurtly tlll C{' D "AN. le.. 14 ly -- DO CRILTIFr that Ifh0 lit.e ihrertbcevi h.+ereos is - qnitewcll ',rt-id to iy cwo er ot irtais, for ivi,'ih i ticnk o r. Ie ; llon d ,c ore ver I re that i . , ,i I re av tcken Iitakesilelltolltt, Itd d ll tit inrt io monlth at all; tibritre I dviao dtn, f Illw otl.,rs , lose no time sand applyv to Dr A. lilert II Canl mortel, between Itrolla t oiti I.e orbii i[ei . or flues is tat fot froot f 9 'lock, .. 1I, ucitil 4 P f. I'hey will find a true doetor for this eotmplaint. JOHN IfN.-t Ili tervier street. TI any one wants to ee me, call ot N-. 41 laais, Noew Orleans. Feb I, 1938. fil, 14 It FýlIf fin+itflru Ivn holi yot rt icrtilttoi-,f Io. r, U hotd eU ,i o L oll;,inr . p I. f ii oi (t:IIt'll ) II, l ro l0lller ie Liverwort, h. ii te t il, .sl i tnlt ohfri ts i , herb klnown nrhte l tlii Illrdi.loto as rrficatCious ill til Theioo rio itld o,-Mc^ v wldhich loniootro dthe *" ~t i isoile oflethe ma tel 'e tit ae from, aii h ett on derom refoc loln olia snton er e it Ao' 00 ee ion." duced. hoafoos,,-i; l,:o oif r l fllllrr 'lllf t nhilloR sions falrq ectlnl r o lllvniti~llr Lnle I or, e rrP of i'oll.1 scld, Ipain in thle ilh-, e.tto of re.-t, wirilln og b0ood liver eonpleilll , A:. To whom it Itloc to-l"erlh. Tid is ,to seli°' si at W h.slr i our prolie4O friorllltltloy presAIribed Sirs flle otor'l Ildiln Belsam of I.iverwnr' II d|at'iv:tnr. o deided go+i efSio: ~e ecan tsrfnroer, frnm thr knhoo etidge of the oloertals is is mado from, todI cbh.eevaton -.ll0ni0 iltevve reeoittlnittaus oelerio tt'fartall orll hsso toeetir'rt of Ithe l1i.r fir ouiiil, t ts lti snossodod. Aolt.'It r' .; It.1 A;-., M. I1. D C1l VIN ELI.IS SI. ,. Mle, e, of the. fostoo Mledical Ao.ritition. Boton, (Otloir j2. Islbv J.RVItld & AN!tRE'."S, cb ]9 Cto n Os l l',It t tahtsIv s:l. AIRW1 VFeuitebte lsie Oil, for be etnrattfrt rp ld jtowth of Hair, gi iug htillth ·Id baut,,?,onr I etantin¢ bt'd.*Mae. H3for. tbia time (iI lr of s.i l to theit'ublie. it ha,' own dM fblnodr & - feftwit, (ýPl~nc~e, hhnnnen, nn, mIlitC ufofot e haire, fnd i n ove Itottit its o lu art efi·,i s bee Men reooIrd. It h' con rebind toltrlriut: aneownad beaitital erre th of 'til t n hed., lhead C;'$ " w'" wI'" it. been, es dII~ an I rmera ·o grow ihe IWM YC -tor ileriji hiotltv, ndl (riojlm; ,. td otgIbe.a o fl 'growth of hair. wlv'e theira ,ininy to LIte hoed. 1'1t aiil oives oi." O,'hIPhIh fr,'h groesmed is 1 ,'rrcro~iitop thler If I it ti i. jo umki.·:"""+°n a^'.t" :'- rite hai-. Theo If o 1p' . fr7·inrit For caie nt 'ý Aruar re recr. 5 ~ EEN & D'LAYGE ..7-.A o tlaRI· , m. a'? ..'a,. r~rei' 'mro. a' n Ieoan! hlp O'leAaRsT. eale, t,'ktr pttatnaa raltlu;,l-.4l4 2q t ttlt ilh -r dl Rai ll; H . . t ann I - i 'nch hld le n . v i K nive= I I.fttter .ttlt othtrr tmtal i la-,tlatle Cnlpe: ln.ll Ieehkeu. Illrlntut l. and Dunoline Pitel,: ,lthtle tla 'met-lt thnrrfl,l (lana: Unan Rae'; 'hoat tlrlet: Ptttadp, ted Pa!istl :;ahuaa urea Halmt-a aet Driakbl ~p Paa.'l:nn ap. andl Ca"n 'tl, Ier:-(tlthr 't'a, rth: tid t il tirtah,: Onrri nla-t (hlori:ee Tnotil Vaslt rtoth Pwdrac. a''ailee nd sthaina'. oaer, ir o u va 'ret.: tihnta Halt Blrla. RinElsai t. re" I'te. ant'l'ttilet Pnterh -.tmrv .ea ;lvtta rv' ; .h a ot hltons utent Rtuoea ra Gasert ; flue Ftsttie S ,t-pealete' Pttvoer w Itrtll' andB raa o Int Clains, erl nlle a nts: Fnr.tmptat: WaiV l llriuklnv: Bnem-letr; Bead Nckathet: andChaingl; silt nsnd 8 Germn Bends; hr achn Illt. lellrtlal Plttmea; .Sh-ll Tadut: Side nat Dresin, Cnab-v; wlh.hin dtitil.ant to leir former stock tn hna|. matle their asourtaet tret enmtplere, anld wtll uer ! aw and an liberal term, at the tit a the o. Co" a dea Laottb. i5-nt 7It chnrma etrett. trllE..abadrihe. Aeelat far the Ialu e nF IW. & . Blaettar. Shiellei Englanad, hAI;e juet Teelhed auner e ine attan t of ln la, eanai-tin oar l'abl and ea..en Knives nmiFc -a tlearia:tia. Pen Pocaet. Bitth tl Spenr puintl navt.: RBzn r!,ir ers. E Tae nl'nal., &e' . &ee. whttich tht-v art prenarett e nxhibit tA the teal; turor aletr. Teerma und condition.. 'ill be etade knawn at the time. mll Ji. I. EHIN & A C(KIEYNItnCnan aCot.t. S r\lM.).'Q. TTRT'P CO.--A n ve n rmeeivittg t'ttr .l. fllttt-t-illp, MeteI;l Attdeaa.I Hid.I: ad .Fin cnl; ra ta dr.h .se I r- II , . ,. Ntet-ti tttd ttk Jue9,Ite.ld , jltt aNRtlKELLEY vne: (Cilllt t lt'eeommtltei:tt , 1Ih ee COltr IVet ,ettnt\t n.. VInlta l utlliTl (CIIT1|iIIt . ]Vn l. i~i l~tl-ll~ t~ ·II:II; w ((lt''g IAl Aritlhl. e 11n1.e l rletm r1 t tdert ,.wL d ctlr ttI tulbo;stattln ttat tU wttil inPe tiatP mia t. s 1 netb e 1tie atalt IIA: & I * 0 70zthur let.;re't I lrmb: ll. sltle,; irtaea ltltta ftlle ladl anh, aa l enp t etnil.leeh . wiaelettfaIt. Il lln Itliti. ot.n-ltai; ci e , eIl Cetl. i t l ,e n-..h, ns sC. 'fe almaa ihll, hl l -itit atet et l iCk a fnaln'ee f'~i etel~ ·etllal h 1. ia tIfop t . Kc • ' l ll nl.t e .lnI In 9laecit:. i iiiiie ltt. II. t N Iet e he(:tlre:Iet ( a:Sl·(·(atlt ln iA q. h~rnn oTar Inurv ht.tb tle ,lenthl I11 ;.tt uel. A lurorl, a d, I aeril t., arit'iapaaretne illv het• ,treaed levi C lnIe r1' l at ind t.-l:t ett:li.. f . bIIine.. aof ¶..n,llarriesa (t.. tt Natcle.7t nal larric K.: - €et: ltcIt·tu I.:.ll.llpe; and tltenl-a aiL hla eaVill nttenaa hl 'l(t:: tl tll tt ot I l a nttitl t ie t te,.llecv, an-loa r. ('e.. nlt ttttw rltetatt. Tl 'ttttlai Of ttt deettevartat illabe l'hoat n'la[,a[ l in tttll I;tmmte etrnly rrlllPlt'd Ileolllr? flrwr:lrlild ,1I lln ke tII.It'V setllPlHenl+.; aI1rllfll hlt h Iaviarg clrita . +ill lllEr.e +1'.·.'111 thellP Pitll~OUtdel av.l II EN III K ELLEY. Neefrlt'nle., Jent P7,W1,)7. 5 I .N II+i.i-.-ftt -(+- -COLOONE W.iTeR I aect iet t ret t fT his a llpl.It r (tltte t p Writtet tetti 'i ree.,ivedl IIIIll fill ,OIC JIV Il .ln~ ( 171+r +aillnlh botl.,.- Ai ?\ o Atlr nlel't'1111 111111 l lee f~ilet I, wder%, I,\\I lrI ntt'lt a1tllt ai tlr u ln'e tl-ietl .el,)tti-on11t'n i. ll inlt h. tlaphniht ltanrt'-e veP ehl e t ltltit a ia t (t a Ti I ere:,edtalattt1+, llhl hle elt lrt, Otoe lteltt ,et w:ltertl It:ttltlPte::a ':tpplaIHIFCII' aPIfaItiaIa itttt'aad rlll*·Y'Ite:1 Il~le+ Idl lilid ,..~ e, (lll-rl·ne €1 "Or'~is t loll h warn :IlI1tl,,Imir, h+Ilh~l n:,il ni~lI fle.)l !,re.heP-" t~,· ]e ir w "tI ll :,l lmlml s o flyPI of( Fil~lhio nhlol fief1·· Illd sheOll t'ttttltn t and jepelh,llreataaa' at tl athttealete r ttil by " t.NS, ItAiTT A.tN .tt'ltchnrtrea utreet ztre.k ra hI.ria , t llalkat m R nll Pnt Vlry & , te lete. i'he f 0lh1win aanl'.i le ttit : le ea t imte . -t I1ck fl(iiiid i re~ lll tlll)ll+ hir l do I ()far~. ll Irle riP t o.. . -'rr Ia rhher,1ik III I ndSFII C1or1 t.€·hll elfie ozarler IP;·iilL on if tlie llltrtttail:: tItit ,ende r.. hw. f itet enl eet, larteta ci e aPlteta at natker, a II.' eirneeeet n t nccn toiletpwer mocket latnka a::t callete, teetedle l:k:t, shell, bnree nflll'v a1111 1.1eelccon e..rl .t;ls..e hlleu+ ~llru ne lt, p~l x .o. rltl'I"eatle, nabklmre aulllanetiltee., eadlt.t::taiaatlllh aeek!ttetet ettt eI:at:lll: pltittn.eled . ertae I lt Ihenaa, Intdiat t ead+% ll. nnl Itine: !.irlll al1d larne prw Jet'Irlisalll lltta1tn h1tietltteir. et.eka t net ell at rirst,,l. 11,)111,1.. 111tt:.tcile Ilnrre!tet d c nl . I:-d ,. ve y, 1I1I( lll irks, rrixsllr.. uhnr·...klel k ye~s, rltlt r e . s, eat • .l , titwe. ac iaa klre a ltllt Imir, t e d.lil a11a Ilentct , lltt eteet] r I tiii at-q . :I:a • nl),t I .. Illh~r~ln, h11mrlrde1', r~lse :nldI Il\. v l "a.:IP- I ~TP1 te e.Sellee. ;nr*,t rxlr ec: ttltet ta I t:.ttltar h :n t r :tnhl~i~ le hairk . lx~r il il nIv n ll .u i, 11i.'l )\tt. t~ ~l ( .t e ctll'rieai Itctll.t aiei a ettc lellu l t i l 1etltl t lw eiak m , rttea :r :eld ealil" rnielet:, ri zetlt:e : in, hi'cer ltnitt n n tt llele, l' I:: +. t la' e tattlein cnill:: : tla talntaatl e falt gIIv tit t h lllt m., Pr! Ije re lta hi1' Ha; .] 1- t hI I aadCI I.ilve pnv \\('am.. WIlooIh I ,C PIII v,'et'ze ~l~~ Ate tI'lle :::t, h ::a ntltece : attImir an rice:' af n ther ' rtiI 'PR nlIr I~lli~rrll )I+II'I qql()]] (2 It. l t ell eaaen l e a ttdai : h IC t Sl t-d l t t IlET)'V S'ioit:-a the,, sagan af thr elda.t. d co btl l, M e 711 C all rtlres .t e . .. T he . CCCila terir Itaave .n 'iived, i..nrlitio. to th ir previouas st. ,k . n handi, a fIll llll c lllllete aIatolrtllent of lrth lea in their line; viz: combn, lrIli'turlry, Jcwellry, Ibrsher, lokinl glnssev, anily: articilea, \ . N .. )l. istiing l Inpar't an follow s: " C(it'. aS-ltortoi Ie shell, warii ht Ili pd ilal tenk.twi.t, qpilled back, long round, dressing, ,side pll, curland a'. k, iltrzilianl ernlth of every deaeription amongsl which lr'm.e.olmealexirnne patterj, Ivoraekaaaas of ever a daseri .liann, horn, dh'esing nmj pcket", t fgehller with a aalltatalanaels'lntat ao f Felnlh atlt d Aiil.a icnl. I'EIRFUtEI EY-Colone, Inavenlder, Florida, honey, bay, rule, and onr ne~ flow er wafers of every size arll I.aes ':riltionl c lllllorated Cologne, extra t l'f I];rganot, 'retlatl atllp do, \W'artd'ts tezehla le hair ntil h iars I -ll ill ll ll. -tat, aaiOll , lngilih' aillita tltin an, Ipi.-ti e Itnilllllnnl n pots en' rollc,nrri; and chlorine toent wash a llald 'awdla , with a eellr a.l n .,ltnP itII of S JEV\,I-;I.I.R --a, aaa l'l a 'tst lianit IoaeIt m tlahinna hile -.ett, ernnictin i o -white Iha d red o (ll COt. li to i : let alrdrop , set inll la ree, hi.v ast j oill oa gre" C.,t. (n oll ntta ns,wtIitet rik s, falnta a hlt n dt a sta t ttiat' d+i!er li llrtles, rilhr nan ld ptl I n(Is mlld gtard c hinls IIICI:SIIEe- Cloth, IAair, dtst. I ~ eruAmt) tlFl'b all' , hat, :lea lly olnu, rdate, cmb,, 1N il, sh , shoe and .14itrwnpl rushIFrIr I.I (,'il I a;lt.S .:Sa-Geman st caria and toilet "haa t.' I fltllit it l d ItrItt't rea.'it,' Ilretina lt naast, home Sto, with n ~ i tar of oltecr klls n t enlll ir, on. and . fa.\lllel al iora e la-.s Irl d tltesIt,tritet i rte d sie very rich allla d I i" ijil'l aildie a woark Ixtsatind ht..e in. cae s,~1 withl 111 wvitho l ni isie, musical boxwes, +A cordin us efyvs rioass kind+, Yin in s l aU dll r . er ,dPttd ,aenil- fntd lta. ,waa d pt: n.cs hor etrtlsenr "s ad iltl¢ llr m I, mllllotle Chen;, tlll dl and In it[ w ll ald 'vtholil i re i.r· i, ion ru - pre - ill tl a cap c arIeIs, nJile) d f iPelt sa dla llhbeilndso',very kinlli, lell. anlld polnlllco Illlec lld 4 1111111)11 k elll se., nlld scit O .a tlitllalta Iera , allld ts , ti a ater ayie ,, steel an ;ellCo . t..t eles, .piket i.akt, and'. kl1,.e . t r, ding .ard ti and card tie, plaing tarda of treh r 2tll Amllleri n Ilc, ltlllle te. t a 1111ae. t I ,ta |llt , sti l L I Lxes, fpr i's d o i ar tat ' lVnl '. i, . alll. i rs' a 'nllea , 'al NIa.llllnl r -llt I- haa n's, *aa i a all. ra ta d tr ;.ata . nd dIota, at'ti c tal., pearl t'lot' .mrier I, ldaa , e: n d Illlmn aeld heads,, gillllld il er J,. a mnI al r-ltc a pal i daera, mad gtt e ral tal in atld d t an llltea , a t:le. lhln n I eart1. Iliac, optical.l11 lllt- n c.,hJel la !uwuucu t a h Iind dI r ilnki a e m, wth attg Ieta alett oI ter I ar( esa, all o it a I t will I e sold ter ash or t c t. oit 1t lntlS crediti. . 11 ,11.alitt "t , f . :o. A NOL E .A 'S na it cienare e aa f Peim hip received andl t I( atr al . 't t.lelr ltl atel, \ritlng a. all. ..i,:s No. I8 l latraa n rnt, . ,ew .)rAtnon, 1JJ B/.ldway 11 isltl uti cnlar lt designted fllr prlval e Icar +2ri anld atl a+iiiaatlti r i+. 'aott a lita per'tu» f ail cLrs. t.:,,ien Ia d g nllt llle l are iavitdl alua Ill ald "a,,. .1i e lhi, a .,lel t t l t ,ttntll t-.lavet t . a are aa' in at a ata lehlume as I ay stit tne nallveuicla e r ll, all.lld to a lrnled iniany partl tfI th. city. I.Qdi cP Ill preltr itenaa eeaine lsons a t'hair owa rel ers[a its paying farllm iatrse of tlasson,. are aesircd o atlatlld until tIgy writs,.a eI uas they twih. Int -Ji- EAi i t atttl'tl",. I)EA F. I*:$8. 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WILLIAMS, OCULIS'', NOW AT THE J.FFORSO HtUaIa.JEFFE:RSao, , the ,hlReite of the .Int.Ie .dee.(i -r: .s[I :--It tppetar hv tc elhn-trvetitnll - nthse d-tnrto -"lof l h. Nasllville l'rerolbvrterial, t' ind 't'r-atI.' erpt.,a a well a, the edtto'lt of. the 11errpthli Ionhltaircr. hllt tie "ehl, (;cntleet-ell" i a n ie the ta 'ntort I'1 . inl proved hv Ilin ginl|v race, knwl vr that hi- ti,,,, is bitll short, noI thitntlh- itlenie',hNt ,Amertnt l Ii--ei' er abtle to judtre litor he tlerilvet what ,iure IlpaIJ llll i api itIonI. The wt. ily editors who n"cio teN'ims, the pr,-rietori , editrs or sub-ellitor'e of tse solwe amed joiurnalseI r ell every elttrtrr om pc'son i I bae res'oret to ihet i tfe h .b;ve ileea, poC e.e I. The eact is, tot I n nor htal Nu:h great aueecas within stl.ilited m a ieriod a toen r twelve dhe. One who was neead Alot ten vetarn who he d Itllvo seen tie fromh his birh, begn to ree t flllnow his moathe tn t hoatel, in hend of beins oblited to e lett by hi n. Two'wcneo tldioes, a ho hpd each loot the siglht f one eve, one elr teln vecor ntol tc e other fir learlv two venr, htvine htith of tteln the odlr eae veryo wek; tet ealch of those vnluO Indies heonn to see with teth -i-es, which tenelit I pledge mvNelf till continaes. ex Sheteint tIhe tere tll er the influelce or dt nl afi n of the tlee otl Doetaor. rAltother is thelt anllt'ter ofn rerpertoritn mechane., w'oao name I ton, tlto blnevet to Iention, (ashe e pid ine my fees), weho ncd she hid ooRt the eiEht of one eve erom thte n.e of 1e millanti, hilt that nhie now ies.hl to read Irge letlert wih tht other eye crtmpleteh shot. Thit thie doetor edrto kethee os thi eanloolnn told me himself he l id con dite eod his dlehter an the ofliea of tlte medieIl eiitors Ie't they mighlthe itfreled ofa tle efct. The loot t sloll TI, n oinn i si etlerly gentlelilll t by thei name eit nollit, nearlty aeert veari of age.1 w e 1,rlnlell Ilta. te lictkttby I ',, wlhich te toetc tt alt ito ditO',rnt telttes inr Nianivilritrleetere tecchlliiealf toldte itittitoIl 'aid tfr he inertiorn ahotreer the denta aoldei, oh,, delch. SI ill thi letter oliot Ire hnl " otnllv -eprived ot ti'e ktfto foe one efrona E ks rhe diletirthr to t-liht hiis timer etet'd tote,. '.. ocaei-eemd li tte ,tleonsle a or lsmll pot: fi it no.vrt c'ch not tailo ern th ie lt f tilhe ttoit fiCr the first time thtat 11 reao.leeto, Shilt rh r .rIei nel.r, lld wn h aet-ginini to di'tiel.cieh iinr y lriecor; enld lid hefire I ler i tII ert ,;te, ive Illa ito tir 't'f lnlt Ito retnl lee to walk ihlet hie ifre Po ith tihe other e ca m letlytr elI aed. Hee Tlid Ir v een wa r'ls ah ' ofm the ilethirelie lltepicopu l l'hc rel ie r ne rly lrev r e tltle, ll I l int hi w led a ver lut ed ihroellaeh tie. -hbcle rntr.e t l hit life. l ae hville, at f ' 3 :'te o enrtir l er,1c 'eh rical i leetors en. n reerco ertlo:1,,-rerentetdI, e-ncitel. thin teieeilnieoeatit n crt c'h! tIe'. elyrical 1)Sic proeiI e. her.e e tated to te t .t tnlem n i v.. . .eco.' ,daot, ie cc-nvoreted fror,. .ec- a perfee itcid-f, to* a:;li 1 i te do.,trin se of ld ei)t ll.t lelt he Ioiu IRthemicaid r Irlinog errr- lnt I llt heve illls a I tei alen v, rIl t IlPfel thla endc of -l vear+ to erllle, tle sht tl Ite ,n',.,'r.rltRt,c, lh. -,firteicv, s. the e.l iret i c t e tre f or a i-t 'r l th e cela eyfl all(t he lldtico docn i-ctyef flee lhrieiinu re'iri, tens , :.,t , ralthrc n'c , le tlic- lln r0,,E. l iI'IIII''IIVi aIn tl Fnielrhc to ileate his nerticlll ilcrilnd aenleinle t.he i e v lno ll I lle Ile i h ldd lle so ,le1t h ln orII n ill ey tro nre ctt t. Allr th e l ch ,erhitanns o N, l i. h I ill- spcle. eof i rhe rnt lot e. r c ht l, .-rept the ',elid + .h 'n A l of tilem alson Itrl ieei iiihrier by - Ih foIt t Of ties c.II- eperi 'lneed 'ee til l hm tic , bli, d eve. SI I:e. lot tChe l e iineir t ' _nle e ill the N ee'.ie,- tia c m {1orer'l t the Sclle llhte . "c'hir e eiet ri e, licvl ri o I , o I ce t ee I keltthe l il nrrv llte I iehI clt te rboFnl. If them on 0 ei v eery lflel'wil irie ntltI( r Ion ,nve, in pilte of the . rtnlteralioi re tile erreic Dr*a., if l c.n , lr'ne fronm the iell I aven eledy bellellltird ic thi 4 t Iv ithic three t eai i.. . Th. e of the present in to inf-rma the medi. (aitl itliA t and elitore f ,Ihe ilepehli.e -on'l'd tr a wtell :. tie clterical lr S, t.r h .I the C. e Prei *etet • n e of Ie.,le-' Unione. oi.ntevil'e, n'o r"ll t,a fhee ',litr o :1 e ( medicee l tditore etche lr r toC lis , nrl. ler, t i well ac eMr |)rllliei- , iel lr e i ll of fic .neile .e-nrccltand t Ise r t e r m' die ' l r;t lieh o t e 1il hi city, tile "re tDr e tl'eS. ethat I honl briee arlicee.e .-it t cerly lv . ryerre a :ll in eie n Yre Ik ee well iie :leliilmt theer sIi.rle te hre hreith ire ire-ie e tirl oe lhe noi talt. I .,w hind lllrel. ctelee lly tritr lert otutttite erlie hapy' I tty ., (, tli .e rI, the ilor I., as well ns ithe wlite h mid ll iii wet.he meat, to the gi'iI tne! Th'be nlllieted, t l.e . tlre e efi leeely lltlll ntl o ,l fi dilng lr e duiteo.g the ew.olt" (it Ilexl ve-r in Nea Yorkla,elre lelltere, Ilpo leeid, sIdl ico et.lia-', will he sl re r o r each roc. " 5. 'I'n ilfO' fielhe et dic tet lt he tt ael, 'ri er et SIith thle Itev. chlrriecellh con.vered irfidel lreiendtrl rV. Iritan te mll r. we s a rritell ore iluct a preien k ,ic r cnUe illtOlllec ftir tihe ev. I). HImowell, w o rend it ill lay lresencer thn no ot ing nihl ele.e lllclVm lltil )I'od ioii lheev llralrv, t k it Io ec.e ieto airly. -e, et-ee I Is ,t i rhe o-wic re deldct ewhicle stoid lie' tehi wre-el rin aeteie o olec* eeer t;c -ee lle r e deli verel ftlhel e,.III Lin awilh(au prote nlll i1~" hr t I e ae leted I, ie hill, fir :s utf, a lls, llco e -lllreClls e tloo t h-arci t leo II l no it cla y olh,.r, nlV m ltey lliar al.lhiu- fort' h 'h. Ilev )I llhl SlI'.V io . tal tltenl i+ before 111e ullilce: t lt hle ino eeri iehtiolte i fri' edl lfie sl e l ; ll el ' . I nu vid ll pnI V rr.lltl t.e.i tan liot his cl or e| , lh·r nr fi • l Ifora , I y to he Vi lle ih:r 1 ahe toll I aa,,e nleilr t h mril r will est h i-f ,. 1it, ho . w'lld I " eerie hi i lr'e r elIvr ci lic w, Ii eri e~ l tc ,t l.r lSir n,ce elO I re ef Ice, S 11,' , I :lde 'c. . ed . .hvt t otnv 4ll, t i l i ll,, t ; eo', e Iarll,4' t+ Ihei el, ine tee cIte, witlei n ,i-. e' c ill-trn-l r ,t 1 creel i, ,ll s-r kere Iy ite hrihe." lare ceertlhre -erle'red holed, hlsohpnhilifl, l e wf lhllth Ila lihd v rie (. ive [ s • "u lire, lir Ieu liit e. e r lr Ir c llll-lere . it I l Peu .:. -I eI etc. t t r eocil c"eA I r t i b e, n I + ta1 hllhit hmCoet dyelle bhr Ieibedftth t ls lrlllle ete of ile o oIl fill,. iiP c u, tc f ile r wlir ll e tpiill t im n"s in elle IIIte iiw1' wr le, p lI ed to Ii lll .[ h'h I ia- t iclrl el d , ,,. ice le doeIIII t rIce ir i cit atlhe e i, Ilro'f. iltle llolly ie re ier1 - tllfwi, u nel':e '.P. i(nltle-s he ias a'.l,..nine, florcnaal' I 1 h- ,h , ,I' - i ell, aterc ie onele it It w ias n ie, etll ',Iq1h cI ricere-e lct ofe oll ito- :--regulr od inoer's farnf t ier iqo re. el rer hic . o ecll re p ael.P ree (olll ileerie,' c lie rll h el'fl lhell th ient - lU einti l p iou iotjle ler- , jyryluldl e-e-eeeryl, e t i c teliibe I reet Ieici e l ld eee oiirr bcnl,e at II .'- Ilnl.s1 reru la. lr ir , ilrarr, n ill hII, ler I, lnle .ell lhe n Ihil· v. li t wccio ur .l ter lt ad I recel e le rts'ehfll e reaI nich to ro i btie ch)ic too coa, Ily, it' I id been Co hiIe oet. o ee re, i. If ieI olie to-.irr lrc h don. e e hi t t eeta to a rive tl ree(I h ieec oar- le " l lreol rhcr l icetr eetl icroc ie "L .Id ci-ellc lllrlee Ic r dl cci leered il 'Il ot. Dh r e ell-e! If I .wlefo se tree tulhle f I r:-eee ill ehe wou h ,,lreo hf 4eeI eromised ltbeo rir, c . and ehtile e eellcre lite c irill I cere-leep -re iieeii oii r 11 llleelre eeb r ill w a ys rt illrlee n te ml Isic;-lo. tll e -ll clcl l fr 0eth e ie e ,crlec e I t lre Ie I ld.rt ltle e eenhcice iea(ctoe lieercre rlt o pllee, lir I. intpalia e t. tl -gal'i.'l'ler lh nC I d llro tt Il" I0ntions t e lc ilee 1erclgee leer io i+ +1 Ire t l ,irae ma--ie 1 hitt r ero . re ho e ,it the tteih l G ythe e ineet hre e e reei m r tith e.h e I r ei rit rnice g eI iciet r a- eet it Ier: ccli- orlise why | hare iielo I ao y r tId e o-ifs l eooar. I n rlto J e Wle rc lel o the -- h ca' " s ,ab i I re trite e o Pl ci of cl.+ l eo e - wiil Idle e Io llrl lhih letn, r in e oIl r nee pri-t Ier, c.rl . era ie yn'uif h 'e ve l in Itastt. JUtIIN '.ILT.It \51, S lthe English Oculist. Cerpied fre the S. Ivt. C.. ddea1te tf the 2lth Jnet, IS37. at ihe requestof I)r. .Vdll0,, we ofer, the " .an e w In t+ rn ll tihe Ii eu v. I r t II. 1, of .\ah villt, 1e e t'Sll of Ltt e otlh \Vl+.teft Itlt eetietlil ,II eclic w.| italellerm hlasexahtlli eld Ile lllttna all o her t u :llls:ltS,evihciv p IIv tile D octotr'. lle lln w t Illilll)lic l)tt n ainl ill .hh Vllle nle day lo thnn t e oflit' intItded--save the Ist July. Ilev. .r Sirittiel I:--it tvian heea Irqut eteD iy lIr. WVilhetee, tihe ocetli-t, now in Ills city, to +x mlle lis tlllllerll di llallllll lnd other .11 Il e r l tC la PVit:vr i his claimls to I elOle onlih li cl ,in ,ll ets r e ill Il ave, in collllnlp tll with s value, f'ienl , illb e so . illi t 'drd .inge .\It te thelllt I fl tlllld Iu ttereI t et1' -4ll ll y. e t I t eIltrge t'Altiire, ol thl int e the t ll- -, t t l0ii Yellttt eIClll addleIed to lIr. r Virlliyt e- I. titi tlhe HLE: n oi) +e S l f1the di llmlDL i Ih, fo II.1-F o aFreete ielet .t it.. itwe ila tolie tr tlll tile tlHedie al ,- ie Sie: l it Iace. e-: hoe It i t't t vIu her:t fro i menl eeIlwet Ite f iei.ethith reltoiett it hisettt try receivrt C e . o f g r I + t s. ttl. + l lI t t t I r lt t itt l tj t t t i g t Ito t h e .. ntil. I lile Iaerlltl it r:v ell his lblor ]arient+ n Ithis ' I knew t o 1 . tlmt nitev Ia ll It bet IIIIII Ser re; hilt ll I iee te sily they are io. q..Hrtio ably bellellfi d. S tlrl'T. B. C HOWE LL, NSashvile, Jane ^I2, 1K3A. P. t. Niuce wtitmg the ao.ete, nne of Dr. \,illiatt=' p lttient+ haslfl Calle,. ll Ittt,,lttd eye he ifo. I .I I 1 and totally ilot the sit lt It i otle eo tie cr Cevinl l r , but Iow declares hinlelf bet'er; I ta, frast mI)lt tIer the first tl·lc ill his Ilne lllt l he can r,,e bll eat, hle collhd dlo lingeithtwitlt th t evi,,o:,e he tte eit irl elltleit, iIre. I lelrn that this l o geltl.l"tll tme lived Oltllt i e .=t'r. it thit rdeton,:t d srt s he eas been a .ilet:..oeaiduiritg Itte, yeare. Inure truly, auI t r . . C. HII. NHEt:Ke U\ Ip t ll..eet\ettet1.,\-Far tal, by at E1.. i ", nr t. I'F. NEICK . L I' ,( IMAV (OF OUI61," , tie, &e anil dihlanee", ("d)111 lacee al l+Ite, •loag the s-ita tl teltllltboht route., bell. $. ltetler. . 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Illl 0.te 1 I N I III' I 11 11 masl ill I tuml mysrlf entir l0 freed nI uml l N' , a d II le '1Lii 11 | II11 11 Ill II llt.1 ru . 11 .II ll l Ii I (I i 111 I."l(11111 0, ,111 1110 1 1 t I .lllll l 1 . o1w1 1 1 to 1 te 1 t I I llI l iIeIII < Ill·L 8 ell C.VSES )OF SCIHO)IUIIiUý LUI.C iIS. •EIY '%KV IIIKI St' I5 1·111 IThis 11:1y e'rtlilf Ihatl itl th tll l It 1 5 I Ias 1et. , ,ill Iasllini ll :y niCk and I lel, .2 l loert ai in i. Ih * i elp i ra, Ilr ll.ed Im self i m'l" r tl e cAIre I)r 1 Ihl 1111 a I'tn 1 i AIIXa Rl H Ih e l r 2thutr1hl s. 1i1ai100 AIh ti.ill of I tlter's : holic on, I ill ii t i 1111 t ll .enefil lesic irin. of tile;111k "ih. ill ncol 111111 111 I111 1 1II i 1 1reune to 1 In fe I.ll Ne , Yo'k ii N 112,I:lll ,.lI it sell ull I,,aII,' o5rL 1 .n I det: lll Ile lh tli 11" Ill 'i l lal Ioll i •Ill I lld I tlllc ;l IlllIl c h tO1 ls t".Oil a w at. TI cl nell tv ý el Ill i " l ulll s ill lls ellh v lsel. lli /.' Sm r11 1hr0c1. I pd lilt I h1 i llle 0 e1 1 t le tllt h l il h nl 1o In .l 1w1 l . 11 li c sl o 1. d e 1 Ifr Pia n Illlte, tll eI llo , l lll- onl l I wh· I IIII dl 011 Iw1 (, 110ec1 IIINIIllssIN wihNl' ,lc eibllllda Irleil lir l 0r,- l eI l rU m philiic anthe lie il , Ih:il they Inti kliw u li= t I siI a u ei ll e uhfrta the ll N't t I1h6n5 wl. l 111 deaoth p e d mr ho t nt h it:. a In lifs Se sated the l hol ve ,. I wor a fll lteI , f te I 0'lt lllll1A 0 1 1t I I ceI 1 it, IRcet : I\i situ1101e I cN hoAckll ol ofrhio atld c laoa i tIdn Inda H 's i h ulueea d nrle paal e, wl t cr be, I A 0 N 1 r II AIll tll r:I l'rl'l Itl littl 1 10 01 elMke l rllelllollOrl, it ll epo I d O IOtt io ctiIII eI II.I t l ot i1 tie Iltl el lnl If 11011 It Noo 100 :I. 0100 091 11, tolul 1i I lirt ,ll 1, 0l.i ., "111ilhll ltal l. ll 11. tilr, I i 111 11111 COItt'IN00. T E, il . scrt e, nkhoil ' er lf li, .oll l nnOer n etr , ,vs . S ih llot !it estl t maew b, o I n o nl the 3lrd o , Ii"r. tc joo ni A Ii AloNAllt. See'o.ry V 0 i , . tl d ll h tile l hn . the clll. e1 e IHG AHA 1 o 'lh litll F hrl lr tv fsl tilr il;, my.l e t live !lu Ir., it . illlt?, .,,A11 i . Ied, nllldl tlh i l alluckhl,hu ld r are f le I'u hern,tilied .lntl %Vl f Itl'I:.tS, ill a ,reflation ofih ht hotad !ll".e l on Ihe ll" 9t i t ll . , ils I el l le tnllillue oil .toI i lo,'kh hdera of hell, ew 1i l'lel nlid NIalll ville (li l lto dl d t. ..ll .y for thel fll win." it',ll l nB ll rltltel he lock h,.141ek tol _c. thenld, a . l. ' .,, ,,,ell ltln t, r i .. ...... dllr lia. shir. e dlar l' per ah,;re pc ty thllle on te til at dlaly or .{ rch I ex lt. le lll Ithertrn I'e hr Itreso(lved, th ,t thre seemr .ilrv lllnuih fIh, ý bh+ll pr I01. l. t-. riP y,[ha I). bpl' II1.,l with llhe -ixl 1 1ctio,, +. the 1-harl i", llt"" .,-!tee le+ t . Itoll pl lasl+,(+ lliy ply P risnt c al ll:"1 it l in i- stuck nl d ('.liltnl flll or li Ihe le I 'lly .. Io v tdayslio , 1 nd after the dlnv ,it , ell it innld+ iivlhe, lllhe exl~ , i ff. lul'i., liowtver, fhln if'wit'ot reenl lll r p ! withi n maI wnsn d mV.01 lelt,.n,,hd l e(l00l ud b s and si. 16 STATE Ot LOilASIA.-Pasrish CUrts for the Perish .nd I'ity of New Orleans. rlll STAi'E S i"OF LOUlsIAA. To ail whtint L thcs IrPePntl .shal r'co, e Grertitli:-WI-loreal. Jitticpa Il-lie Ic.nii..c pelehn~ ! nt ' ici llt elc'd iy the Shvi lf.. . he pti i ho'i , f.I i, th. . I ptern .et it'reeintoier decerii'd, i.. ui 'idie t,, io e'erk oi lite 1 cnrt, ill w.IOsr o!fie t e l l , al t i .I"P + a re.ured L a n senet in t-nnornaitv to .n ,c't.,f ti,.e e're id tihe itle ni Li-ianan, en i led "Al iiet Iotr the fnr'hter e'it' rallll- n titles I Ilrll: er- nlttj idiculsales;" opprov Id I e. 1 01th d ny o t \ i re '", 18 34 . h1erein. I ll Ilere here y l ed till Adlllltlliefh-d ill tIl0" iicIIIIe I1| the Stote of Icni.isino, and of the ' aish tccil, who c.un .t ii nl i 'nihto ittlt,, .lk lilll in snill ,o thepro mlet beret, naftert e-.iled iortons eque'eeol tiyV inlbrit nlitii; ill tile t.ler,dJceroe or jt.ide,,ei of th courin under which the -sle wa n made, lr nll iirreý.larilv or illegality in the estrairoeesirtn acld cd erei-cienot, ill tiole, orimanner oftnle, orfor e.nv ohter ,e.feettwhiiso ever; to show eause, within thirty 'days fro the dac thist moniOtit is filet in.serted in ite pjt1ttic potrenr;',liy tie stl into.imae .huuld neot be conlirmed ontl hotn) lo:oted. 'l"e toid rrlwctvc w snult liv the Sheriff of the pnor ish l' on the 14th doay f Aprilt A. 1). I1:8:. iv virtue of c decrer of tllhi "oort, rendereml thie 51th dlay of Fetinrv,A. It. 418:18, in a eitc entoth li Alexnndei CaoilwIell 's. Jimcir lise,o, No 1i,3fi7 of lte docketl of this Court, at which sale the said Jameo Ii.aet, becime he pllrchanser for the price of twenty one thousand dilltrs. Description of Property is given in the Jodicial Col vev0eee, via: A certain lot of Oceri,;d itled in tile ubulrb An nuncritin allinas l.nolrse of this city. .il sqare No 5, . n d lht h ,vl ng F " re ll e alhll~l ll e , till lB ;t rot r n ,n "l'e -lll m = p:lotlan t 'treer, t t'ot In,i, ii n ()ti igere trtelt, nd I0 feet on I nf eoe 0,1 I no Le e 7se . 1illnusuh it i nllle thlallt aid h t oI" erlllhlll is II feet I d'l le frot, o e sillde of tie fq re ot tile ther lrloelher wit, I dwlittng htt te It. l nIi IIn TeIll h tpil lhll C.I ellthe Ikt l no l·d de.f tieodicc, .tlho the .iinille'y eoei..i Imi n te 'eeted lntl t ' ht'le i t i, inc liin, titmi rie I nt( t iini'e hCilni o i eg I- voin Ivt illpw , it. d n l e n te,'0c .s tiind s u," i t ll es In i4, '4a j 1 .l. IIiti , ,oii i ', e .tvo !,cr it '' l E i .a i' i lt I. Il)4 C o r . . i. tx .iee iticiot petl i hit' inori'int, .init iiete " oiletuit i tip sllni'hta t "I11in t' A ciw tlfl ien t t e l'if ' t. 4 cii ancicniii,,te 'i 1cut u on0b de tdpnuoi, I'h n.e s I eso rn prp i. ci- ert ,'our, 0 itt'& Ce Il., o (' ' io"it' li' i . rnt( , I rN u I n di. " -,cI teI " l Srel rlmte I'..llr de It rll e lu u rit l rlll· t e I' nin.on iit lt i.' II a o l rllde ' ll rlll4l l L aI d'n' "l01 0'. l tA lit i'c nne int l de a t. nc, l'i' ,ior', L aI \i lla L n . o I c n lc , r ile. . tilt icsdr e q'ri, *,, '" 1 ,, s 18.4, d. 't ionie doo te Coo s, v lqc.. .e. e.. ee rlo.dllt p ei 'S e . I' s sol:loeer e co I e e ll ,a I' I' I de, i:l, o hIt . If l l C I h. I).l .liti·· ', iti nelii 'lt i c i(,ltl nl lt l it I h:' pi c ll lilo i e t .i.-:' tlo n S':i l t' , oI o IIIISI. ' tIIII' IIt il tli lt d f I'J o ,I . ris'i 0 Ir, d r.le orl I, jo.t(,in llt l, It r n .' ..,'Ii 'Eltnttl till te, hv tie i t thi ,Ift ,le tae ei ii do d l t' I. 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I+MPIOI{( ED)TIITION OF DR " (;.ld~rith'a AIhrhgrntn of li hstory of' Roue ho l\i chl * is prxlll' e dli lt J1(1I(I to tlhlll'ltl dr I) l llelllll Ih t h.+torr ol' ' Grot reie w n " i ull l O|i nf `nation shle1 i thrl,ll l tsI· tie wad,, at the y nlllly .er' hllrlillllioL lm llll kllll ,1 llll] l of tlh Io mnl wi ll, o i ,.r lr lhi<, r:.lldli,. od h islo'ir l N tes; n dI qut i . ,r e×.; l ulna :IO I Ill. `1111 of ench eeetnli . II Itt-ll ( ,l willhtlhirl\ l+.rciv, ,,t t:'ir 1 wo ,!, y.Iw , e oitn l'iss, ' h r lllpl rnl+ ' lldilti nll i 1.11 (:olds t il;'. Jittl ry Of :oellalll, 11"Hl the If |t l oul of Julius '/Pslr to ti[ thesth'lH iit wl Itl` g 1 .a tvilO it ejaa , c, t +.h ,n '. asectio ". 'R es der .iletv l .u hhll' ti· J ll lion :.,hdcd tllrou+.h,.l, III` wort... ('o.Iststlne of tables ~.t col'trlllh l.%crus t,, i a\r, ll?, and uIII lll. 1errBol (',quiol ,+ eXpb uldlyl t olor. |{<' i ks on thle I101. o "s, loun e CI s n·`( tur+. t ,,+ ,t tile ,,". o outline. Ilit l oontluthmo St., \.r. ,IIltttrlntd by Illary elngril (i t' .f:\I,:" r.s ,F ,At'r vt y, any an Ao n et g n ,,1 K, itl '+ New 'l'rcittesc 1111 tiro lUse of GJlebel. N~ew tillll ricuu~ udlillon \+IIh addloo tld improveenet intol It11 t~x Illion l t|'hel attonllllOllicul `t " of tl e Aar I. -lo' l A I Iim i a l t. J t: t .t,('rend and f~or sole hv 1\"1'+ M'KEAN uo h+,. -4 ... ... corlner( n p of noii|+l d 0¢111111 01 t I, 11I':I'$ i:I .\ IIRA V r J.*(lt ,Irana .,ttod bv Philli ) Franci , I) I), wit S' u1,,, .q.|..'ulh: ,, c o l'tining Ir,st t 1, t its va.rioUl , d,l,.. ac. h~y |itll JHl-Oll Cow'er . tsll', I)rvdon i',Ir+ +.. d in,x u . \i ttld ot£ , l if |l uit llhl' \V cl~i ellt |I o 't +I Ii'.1' .,t 'l tU+ xiththe a pnd'"'ix-) u , ioln .. ...... W 1,.i , I it ll llpo l, %.oiiio 1i1:jlll i 1. ndt , v~a' .i .ald ..~ ", " Itol or-e's+ ': ,..i-I I | ,LI .rV ..... c: t,, i./, . ,soi ,! o,. ,..,~i.5 ii,: \,t.hl{, by 1'om i ~ ~ . r1te o r i~i t, uo it sI.etn, y I'iii.; ill'.' 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