Newspaper of True American, January 25, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated January 25, 1839 Page 2
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CIOMMERCIAL, ChuijetogJan . .10 Illi-g-nPI I .. Mew Y kfh . ........ 7 I Cinciuuati. Jan .......... 0 PhIIddpJ1,l Jo .d ... ool nie d n............10 flatimorv A ... ...... H St., Jail.. . Uavnogka....... ... 0 l.ivorlwool, Nov. ...25 UtdNoe uaý doo...." 5 Paris oo. ... . . 24 /,Na*.. . 77 Landn Nov........ 24 NmhuiI eJan . .... 11 IIoHvr d ....2.......25 PorP OIF NEW RLE ANS. CLEARANCES. Jaunary:) Ship JoB Holland, Jordan, for Havreo, Ga Sorat SLi t[yruod, Web, for Ntotchal ,ter llO ola Hope, Asatloea, for lamnr, Texa, W Ryan lelque JaeEdward. Uariel. for Marseillo., J Ltllande abhr Hadaoll COiO for Apalsrhlicla, Ahhbridleo Jenkllo Serb Convoy, Avelrix, for Ntun, Hheber 4 Woteotono Pakot Cuba, Canon, aoovttlon, Bogert & lawtnhorn ARRIVALS. hl" Julla ad Holen, Barsett, 12 days from NewoptIa, to snlsrTrldeont, Hitroing, Prom Louitville Twobol t Porpoile, Davis. from the Posts. hoving towed to PO ilpalst. James and Shakspeore, rcturnled to the city with htlgroqtader. Loft N. E. Pan red . ,lst. ill the eveullg, a.nd -~_pom nothing o aiight in tile ooong 50 miiel from the Ias. INooinl new lt the orior. Il t.inolender, offmanl, from Mlobile. to MNter Sltatme Romeo. MeKioney. from Mallcheoter Stmner Bayou Sara, (nateso, from MNnohetero timoer Steuoenville, Shoits, from Little Roek, No cargo. stanmer I.eyont; Laorient, from loyon Sara Sloomr BottUlo Oongo, Irving from t (you Saras lOXPO30t'l'. tAVREg..posr hip John Hollald..i180G bO cotton. NACIIEZ..por shi, Tallytrnn.. . .l200 tosS Iloe TEXAS..por brtl Goa Hope..oundry lots rope, bagging, sais, wine, brondy, whiskey, ricoto e,te sugaro mooknreloelothlio , h ugarsa, anl mesro andize MAREIEHLES..per Iorqlls deue Edward.. 19 tonllolnood and01( bhalos ontlol APALACICOLO.IA. per sochr Iuilon..350 drl flourt, 5 kegs lard, i7 hdIs loon,,,6 g 000 Itt ofee. 4 iohds and 60 brim tlogar, 56l bli mool.seo, and 40 brh, of mhit(.oo NABSAU..per chr Convoy..90 ibrn Iltor, 3 brlsomeos bsel 3 Brh. clear park, 2 a2 scks corll, I cask hsm GALYESTON.P. iot ttotm pthoet Coomo..o.ndo))ttsmIll lots of cffeo, suur, cheeseo, picklhes froit, omhooooeon. hur:wtnro. whikey, (laudy, Willeo, ordial, cotings, lord. lour, otc. IMPORTS. NEWPOBR.....ptr bit , ilia nld lIelen, lIt-tliL.. 130 tont paoinl stotlt. (;it emtay Mhdo asod saortod nnechtmd,zn MOB;I.E..ptor b0rig lotllctJero.. to Maotor, 10Mto ocks salt, o order . It:ECIIP'I'S OF PI'RODIOITC. LooiOvillo..per otealor Tri!oet.. 124 brlt whiskey Foro. nw & Reed, 7 brle nod 63 Logs oard A D (tore, 385 ke0slard sad 87 brih Woolitey Pirt'.o thaunooo & Br. 4 ps..lelogo.r Msochater..por steamer Itnmoo..136 bls coottai N&J DiSl &k Co., 56 d to dot... z go. JC Haolt.r, 1trido M Real, ;4 do Brander, McBollo.o A& iWOiI it, do J 3Sto1 i& co. 28 pakagl ndllllrleo, t r Ft rodoy, i11 toh nee cotton aoed P'o. thw.Ote..pir oistemm iloynu ttlru..66:0 bio eltol IBilcknert tatou A" co,..2U9 du N .I IeDl k & co.. II02 do Roeker. Ilead Iy & co., 6 r do Brander. tIo1otoo, Wohis a. 42 doAi!oo, Aoer o do. &Vtt .1o oton. .0 do k, Wo . Oand 3 bleS Ilidcs S W Oakey & co (tdo W M Cuortoo., 8 do J S aoLforl, 1000 oatcks lotion seld ard O & tlloreo, 156 do T C Voughso, t 'bsesl *, order. Btyou .asu.perstomomr I.oltnot..512. his cotton J B Pluo olit& co, 17o do A L.,duo d to. i05 do A .tvardie & to. 42 db Won l'looero, 4. di Jamoa Amoooo. 43 do Itelnetto. Ysrroh day fao. 41 dlo W Al Cuots*.. 1'.4 d ou ko, \v'att ct. 3O1 do Fotm,l Besll.reo Dflolo...5:3 do IL Bllrttr. 49 lu C ''oledoallO atdo Reysolds. Bo-ue & 0 0 do 09 Mtot, I.e2, It Peyrnux, Areureo' & co. .6 doLo .nlo Fooltntle. t do Filonv & co. o do N W Oakey teo. 7 do AltntAoitsor.5 d., Taylor. Gar,!nor &co. Sdo Cale ¢ SStewnrot, 3r1 hlds I li0r00 atl I blO suur. t do o vru . io o to.rk .per slatlto.r Bitono Rouge.. Il bie rolntot 92 White & to. 1021 dr A t,,oldoox & oo. o I do Gnylo.t Stewart 91 do tiNM Lee O ldoAlleo &, T.i'emooul, 5 do order, 40 do B Ploachi & co, 49 do Bdlke, Watl & co. 45 do Tllylor. Gsardi. tet "4 o. 42 do B Sodelllry, 35 do Cnlldwcll 4r Ililokey.:do A Rivardie t co+:1o do Gou rdod 0. Deoit, 30 Ido Wil lowero , O-0 do Iennrt, Ferridy & o, Otdo Ooool 0 Lttndry. 17 do 7 do Lane, Foltenle & co. 4 do) 1. Let rllltter, 1 ido Harri. on, Clsegl 4 ct. 19 dbCotnmon 0 trldlcy, I I do Josn Meto toyll, 00 do S W Oahey S, o. 02 do Prosoit, Jones & co. Odo Thous. Baettt. 6 do ]e.loltnoo, 5 do Lamheth S Thompso., a do W M Peal, 401 ri Iollaa:o Alloir & Tremotlet, 300 tcks ooru J A Barilla, 7 boxes lad hasket, ownoers on board, COON(I2GN ES. Newport.petr brig Julia und Hele..J Plinturn, Godfeyp, Laurie & omoll, and to:oer Mobile..por brig Riogiouider..M ater ]IEt10[ANDA BSteaoerTrident reports 4 ent water on (til Coumberland ar and rising tlapiJdly, ald a gseat number o o buot will bh soon down. FOR NEW YORK. The Nrrc York and New Orleans Line. 7"P['ncket of tIe nthe inst. The elegant chip tI:PUBILICAN, Cap. taii J C Russel, will Fail punctually. For freight er passage, apply o hboard, opposite it Phiip strlel, or to jauo PTER LAIDLAWV, 63 Camp at FOR LIVERPOOL.- The Al tBrilid h brig LADY MARY .LFOX,'') nbey, master, having the greater mart tofhercargo e lanrelsid Cn icon board, will met with immediLte ddepttcbt. F tr t Ilatce of freight or passage, attpply to Ith Celptain ott board, or to jo_ 5 ,L I GALE, 93 Cotmotn st FOR HAVAN A. 'ile' ofat soilito coppered A 1 brig LUNINA, fli0in b lnllett, twill meert with llt. mediate detspalch. For ireight of t00 hnrrels, e ulk there.f, orl.puesago halvig splendid futtr niahedacconmoodations, aupli on board, oppositet the lrianetle stores, 01d lllttn:itiltit'. o r to ja25 WV a I PORTEl, 95 Cotmmon FOR P11 IADELPIIIA. . h ni tew fasit oiing l aterque CHAN-I TICI.rt1t1, C totham,, talisttir, twats the tlulk of 0ni1holo. cottIont to complete her car. gto. lor fretght ofwirlth, or hpsc havinoe good he- ' comhuldaliota s allply to S & J P WHITNEY, jobS4 73 Calnp at dioale ports, I'hll fcott running steamer NASH VILLE, 11 lardwick, master, will S tlave New Orleans or the lbove ports nct rriday evenig, tile t5th inst., at 6 o'clock. For freiglt or passage, apply on boned, or to ja NT4 F JOURDAN, 1 New Levee Far Little Rock end tort Gibson, Arkansas, and al intermediate Laodiage. l liill 7'11r liglThe lhabtdmoeht tfast ruloi , 5.1..-, sto 3 ,ltnor OZARK, Itoza, nmoater. S "-'L`' will depurt as ablse, on Saturday, Ja1etarv '6th inst., at 10 o'elntk. A. M r. For flright or pensage, hlavlng all state rooms, apply hoear, ilear foot toydrua street, Ol to I' 1 tIORDE . BRO, I'cThe ''trea-l-e Iof the iremen't Charitable As a -.iatioo atekiiowledge. th, receipt of Tco ThouMand One Hundred ano fo'rtc-n Dollare, bei.C tile proceeds ofa free Bcntor,gi coot to that Itcituticn, at tic St Charles Tleatte oil Ioe tlth inst. HIe avails himsiel. oftfcia opportunity to reiterato Ith gratlefil aekowlf edgeement of the Firement to the proprietor of the St ChcrlPs, and to odd their twarmest thlnotl to the ladiea andt gentlemen oftho ComoCpanoy. ANTIIONY' PARKER, New Otlene,o Jaon. Silt, 1.39. Treascrer 7,0001 Capitol Prize, 'rTicket only $2 00 GRAND STATE LOTTERY. Nos. II24, 14, 6:, thie secodl Capital Prize of $3,000 wate old at the Vetalcdal. IiDrawing of the Graod State Lottery Class C. &51, ', 51, 5, 20 32,36, 50, 31, 1, i48, 2. 'ILAS No. e,. Anthlorisel by the l.egislatour of the Sltatet. 'I', h' dravr. 'This Day, Jan. 25, 103 , at 5 o'clock, P. 31. at Bishop'a ncloel. S DAVIS &CO, Managers. 71 Drawc numbers-lt-12 Drawn Ballots. Splettdtd ScheLit,. 27 814 Prizes. amouutmc to $95 863 'rTilckets $ 00--l11lves 1 l--Qaarteta 0 50. Packagues of , l'iTckeits fit $.1 00, warranted to draw at lot! $14. I' of '5 Ilolf'l'irLetsa $5 00 war. ranted to dlaw t t.:ootl $13 00. Paikagesof a5 Quarter Tickets $12501c wcrantted ito daclrat least $6 0. 'Fur ptcatco;s of cicgglt tie/its, oc1li at the MANAGERS' OF'ICE, jo.e5 1.6 Chartres st PEIil CAN0oxe --390 boxes Now Bedllord sperm Cmodlo, a.1 "rted riraze of approved brands, 2010 gallr. Nr Ilredbrd winater searr oil, ol'very superior quality, 100 boxes No 1, Rouston Soap, 100 do 2, do I0 eanoks 12 oz zinc, oi rheeta, 5 aoa TR,:j; choteo each, l lb Ac pper.l .fi short hrazil's rompper, assorted, 175 bhoes rime green Havana coffer, 50 thousad Huvanao ocnra, 70 bbls relined \ htale 0,1 W"n ofo sperior qtlity nImperil, uaipuwdrr, young hysoo & souchong Colpper, i shlrets, from 12 to 100 hba Ilack Leal Pols, atsorled sarzes, fr role by jaon25 JOSEPH COCKAYNE,' 5 Gravibr at i-W i" CALF-hirer-tro, (l thaI)ah .) formola jy 'ja25 P I.AIDII.AW, '1 Camp at L ONDON PI3RTER--And Burton Ale landing ufrm ship Ortwexl, from Liverpool, and for aale by lhe snderrigned: 30 cakr, ( doz. eech) rtpr'ior London P'orter, 20 to Dr. Batotn Ale; AL.0-Cltsrtr re.rer, of tle very besl qualily, put Stitin loxas, and freLt 3t a 4; torarh. ja05 1 JOHNSa Co, St Charlea at 7?\E'O-75 boxes Hov ,, l eanfr solo h) "ISAAC BiDlGllF & Co, ja rsl 0 134 b longnzino t Prlll )lt l,-:30 cooks ,ailter ajreanl apera ed, . fLrwaisby ISAAC BIIIDGf&Co. a25 :134 lMagazine at D 3.R0't0'lS-300 hales 3-1 and -.4 heavy brown ahirtlne aod slwrotlinag, far sale Ih jao5 IdAAC IIRIDUL'. & Co, 131 Maglazine at TNBIlth.ILiAS--3 aoest, 28 to d -in-Ma'nta anad S.JGingham umbrtllas londing from Barque Joseph. il'. fir sale by ISAAC BRIDGE & Co. 25 1130 Magazine at. t' UNNY IA -I- 0 bala hony Baga, os ala 1.j nw l prime texturesatab.l ar S.alt, by jo5 I avlIDGE. 134 M.aste at A[RD-150 kIgs Lael Lard, in stora forsanla by _ ja ( G DO)RSEY, 44 Now Levee iNE-An invoice of Sicily Mladeira, in pipes, :V 5 hnlflpilper, 100 qlgau er eraks, nod 20 octaves, ,ssjd 1a debenture, bronds Ily [,,orn,. Colti & Zizza, (oalo by janS5 ISAAC IIRIDGE & CO. StUNNY BAGS--30 bles (3 buahsl bag.) in aore Sand for rale ly DOR EY" jar - -New Leeess ¶.id -ll-O. OJ Iharreloolice broaudas,inr. .rem and for jl sale lby DORLEY, j24 4l Now Levse TRUM AUERICAlA OBFICER. In connection with this Odice is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE FOR Tn. PRINTftN( Pa-mphlets lsank Checks atinlgues Bills of .ading No s Aunction Dill., -l ermsn , Show ll.s Steam Boat Bills Ci lacuar And every descriptolm e.Jeh Work shet may bewequired. L[tThe proprietor respectfully calls the attention of the public to the above Card, and assures them that all work intrusted to his care shall be done atthe short eat notice, in a style unsurpassed in this city, and at the lowest rates. TIHE ''RUE AMERICAN. EDITED BY JOiw GI BnON. 'AITRFUL AND BOLD. NEIW OR LEANN: FRIDAY, JANUARY 25, 1 39. Free Bankifg .eW. 6.-In considering the advon tagesofa system ofFree Banking, let us not fort get that it is the most perfect safeguard that can beinvented, losecure the currency, on a firm and onwavering basis. The fact that the whole capital is paid in, gives confi dence in t asecuriry. Besides the system has gone into successful operation itn New York and has not only rcerived the cone. dence of the people, hut has greatly tended to relieve their pressing necessities. Its beneficial infuences have been felt and appreciated. The system of Free BRanking does not conte - oance over issues by the Banks. Circulation canrt not be expanded beyond the capital, but is limited to that which is paid in and secured, and cannot he rendered irredeemable. The stotkholdermuoot be content with the profits on his captnl-he can. not look forward to immense dividends which a gambling speculation might promise. IHe makeq a safe and decent profit, and the hill.holder isam. ply secured. The latter is noet left solely to he prudence and discretion of the directors, which we have in former numbers ehown, are not always to be accredited; hut to this confidence in their pru. dene and discretion is added, a trust arising from the fact that the State will hold an amount hypo thecated by the original hankers equal to their issues which is held in order to fully seoure them, in case thie Ilnl.s may be misman"tged. It may not be out orf place to menltion tile fact that the organization of a system of Free Bank ing, will not militate against tile inatitutiont f a National Bank should it be deemed prudent by our law mnakers to establtsh one, but will rnaher facilitate it. If il the States were to pass Free Banking laws, the question which has arisen and which lae produced much wrangling, wheth r Congress or the States had a right to establish Banks, would be at an end. Under a general Banking law the National Bank could distribute its branches through the States, as they were deemed necessary. equalize exchanges, and once more restree our country to its former prosperily. We have been paying a most onerous tax for years now, only because our government has chns en to indulge in wild and baseless speculation about the ceurency. Lot Free Banking he eahb lished rand order will be restored-chaos will again have form, and the wheels of government move without impediment andobstruction. Toe com: munity will he relieved, and the stln of prosperity again shine out, without a cloud to dirm its offul. genec. THE LAWS OF FREE BANKING. As the right of issuing a standard of value, of coining money, of putting forth a representative of coin, belongs to the perople, and is by them delegated to their representatives, let us see how the throwing open of that right to every individual in the community ought to be restricted, or whe ther it should be restricted at all. A few moments reflection must convince any man, that for the purposes of social happiness, there can be no act of man unrestricted, that the good of th.msany absolutely requires some ccn trolling rule of action. So that the question is narrowed down to this point,-how call tihe right of making tile representative of value and of dealing in it be tilrown open to easure to thepublic the greatest good? The New York law, to our mind contains the essence of this matter with but few exceptions. The simpler the restrictions lho better, and wte doubt not, bat that the general law of 1838, in that state will be modified, so that every child who can road, may understand it. The defect of that law, to us, appears to be in the regulation of ad, mitting bonds and mortgages on real esarate use cash securities at so high a rate. The eppruatsotent of property at the market value lshuld trot cover more than one-third the amount in cash. Suppose the legislature at its present session, were to adopt a general Bank law, what ought to be its principal features? In His lirst place, he right to form assoclations under it ought not ;o be limited as to the duration of therm. Let any man or set of men soy, that he or they will continue to batk for ten, twenly,one hundred or one thousand years under this law, only make it imperative on him or tlels to state tihe period of termination. In tile next place, tile smallest amount on which a determination shall be declared to bank shoul t be fixed at $100,000, but no limit ought to he prescribed to the upward amoutr, except, that it shall be named in the artiche of associntinn. Herein is freedom in Banking that can never injure the public weal by its inherent tendency. We now come to the circulating notes of these ass.o eiationsof capitalists. How ought they to he issuee i Let the associations be compelled to deposit iit wi the treasurer or thol.Secretary of State of Ioisiana, State or United States stocks, or bonds and mortgages upon real estate, covering eone third of their value, in equal proportions, dollar for dollar of every note asked for, and when this is done, make it the duty of one of these officers to issue to tihe bank or association the notes so required, signed by him as received by said property and stock pledges. In this way,,we shall never be troubled by expansions in the currency, nor shall we be ever cursed with contractions of the circulating me dium. The issuers of the circulation will always be on the qui erie to prevent a contraction, while their own interests will compel them to draw in, when an expansion is threatened. The state oflicev who in bound to issue these notes when the law is complied with, can wield no power in the matter. lto is the guardian of the public without a will or discretion of Iris owa. The Legislature will reserve the right of control by the passage of such a law, over these associations thlat the cunning of no cabal can ever neutralize. When uninfluenced by designing individuals the majority of the people's representatives will never go widely astray from their duties. The very Ifmrting of the circulating medium to the deposite of an equal if not a 'ouperioc value in the hands ofa state officer will forever prevent a sinister influence from being brought to bear upon the Legislature. The latter will hold the balance of porer. The circulating medium under the general law being secured by pledges of equal or even of greater valer; the seoment that the issuer of it fails to redeem it in specie, the pledges are disposed of by the officer hrold ing them and the bill holder fully prmt.ned. Tihe de faulting concern is at that moment placed out of the pale of credit, as a defaulting merchant is now, anRd is compelled to wind up its business. It can exist no lon ger to trample on the rights of the industrious, and eat the bread of idleness. Among these associations, the ptinciplo of individual credit will be fully introduced, and the public will be protected by tie law that enablae the creditor in the ordinary way to recover his claims on a doubtful debtor. By making property to one third of its value, and stoems to their full market price, the basis of banking, the United States, should such a ltaw become general, will he enabled to call an amount of gold and silver from all parts of the world fully equal to their waltts We should become the centre to which tihe precious metals would all trnd, and tihus our'independence of other nastons Ie established on a basis that no power could overthIow. Weo are reqeeeted ky the Reporter pf1 tHet U16t .it IReprreenetativet, to ste that he riil furishlf rull [ ports of the debate whichjpok place yesterday in tho. Houset; aothe sject of.ksl in tiipe for Saturdiy'0 nauaborof tihe state papero. Wun.SbGTON, o.a. I.. In the Senate, Mr Sevier look his seat rhe joint resolution to appoint a Comnmittee to a lispose of the Smithonian bequest, was passed. rhe Bill to reduce and graduate the price of publir ends was taken up- and its first section agreed o-yeaal25; nays 16. This section providesthat t il lands which remain unsold for four years be aubject to entry at $1 per sacre, and all remaining 1 unsold ten years, at seventy-five cents per acre; The second section limits the right of entering, at the price reduced, to those who now are, or who hereafter may become actual settlers, or who may awn, reside on, or cultivate adjoining lands. This was also agreed to. 'The other sections were gtreed to without division. The question being upon engrossing the Bill, to satisfy the 6bjections of Niles and Hubbard, Mr Benton moved to strike out the remaining sections. Preston and Rives spoke at length against thie whole measure. The subject was still open. The House took up the resolution for printing the Sworlwoat documents. The previous ques tion was ordered and the first branch of the rest,. lution was agreed to, yeas 110; nays 66. The second branch of the resolution, calling on the Secretary of the Treasury for all correspondence concerning defaleations which may have taken place sines October 1837 was also agreed to. yees 185; nays 7. It is a matter of surprise that a thorough investigation of the situation of affairs, is reeisia.l with so much pertinncityasis manifested by the friends of Secretary Woodbury. If the duties of his station have been discharged, he should court, not endeavour to avoid the scrutiny of the represeotativt:s of the people. tHow, if no censure lies at his door. can he be affected; let the commnittee of investigation be constituted as it may. lins he attempted to screen the guilty? Or has he performed his oflicial duties, honestly and.withl lidelity? lle cannot avoid the exposure if he is qlulty, and if innocent the sooner Ilo trial tkres place the better for his reputation. Sur mise will spin runnur on to utter tile very wrest, and he will be adjoudged guilty, though he be guilt. Jan. 12. The benate did not sit to day. in the Hourse a re port onraimntng mauch stati-ticial information from iMr Johnson of MAd., otn the subject of a National feundry for cannon, was read twice. Thte joint resolution ef the Senate relating to the Snitheonian bequest was passed. A report flr erecting a new fire prooftien. Pant Omiet wtotad rea d d referred to the comnlmittee of the Jan. 14. Mr Webster took his seat for toe first time dur:ng the ses.ion. The North 'arolina inntrtuctions were present ed by aIr Brown, who with his collengue, Strange, en deavoured to defend their position, denving the intent of the reo.lutiuns, or that they were in reality instru" tions. tr Clay rejoined. A good dealof excitement was produced. Brown replied in a very angry and cited manner, threw up the American Systeml, called him thile defeated candidate of the Federal vlwhige. and finally classed him with abolitionists. The Kentucky senator shook off any little irritation he might have momentarily felt, and responded with great dignity and courtesy. His manner bland, and the contrast itself was a withering reolbuke to the North Carolino senator. The resolutions are ti be printed. Mr lor ris spokeht length on the Public Land Bill. In the House, an attempt was made to act open the Swnrtwout business in vain. They ere about inqnir. ing into the conduct of Comn. Elliot. Williams of Ken. tucky, offered i resolution to prevent long speeches wJhich was rejected. Ayns 67, Noes 93. Jan. 15. Nothing of importance was transacted in the Senate to day, The Land Bill was discussed by MrSouthard and Allen of Ohio, and Lyon of Michigan. Mr Johnson of AMd, in th Ilnuse, introduced a sub. stintte for the sub treasury hill, (reported by the cnm mitter of Ways and Means,) entitled, ao "act to prao. t vent defaleatica in.thet revenen of the United Stotes. and to insure its safe keeping." The orders o" the day were the, resottioli of a select committee, to invests gate th Swartwoutt defalcation; and the subject woa discussed at leInth. 1hig resolutioins.-TTh Whig Legislature of North Carolin, have recently passed reso.lutins to thoe fl lowin, eflet : The 1 st resaolution condemnc tile Expnn ailon Rerolution-t-he 9d declares that the Senate of the United States nught to pass resolutions condemnatory of the nact-the 3d denoncres the Sub-Treasury Systemto -the 4th declares that tile public lands are tile coam mon prpertry of all the states, and condemcsI the pre. entption act of the last Conrnes--the 5th declares that the proceeds of the public lands shohld be divided amonl tile eo-raln Stains, according to Federal popula tion-the 6th idenounces Ih extravaeance of the admi mioalration--he 7h declares Ihat the Executive patlro nage should hbe abridged-the 81h aserts that the Sen ators will repre.eult tho wihes of the people by roting to carry out the resolutiona-and tile 9th directs the Governor t, forward the res'lutions. Some of these resonltions are very similar in their character, to those of Mr I)terhigny, which passed tihe Senate of Lonuisiana on. Tonhdy The latter are ten in nrmher. The 1et declares that the revenue of the U. States helog to to te people, and tihe csato:y and control of it should rest with their repream.catives, as free na possible of Executive directions-tlahe d that :llhe dues of government ought to be receivable in the same currenaly used in ordinary transactions of the people gold, t;ilvor, and otesa of solvent banks-3d, that ol. vent banks, are safer depositories of the public money than individuals, and that personal agencies ought to be avoided, being less convleniet,less secure and more complex, if not more expensive than Bank agencies- Ith, that the legislature oand people are opposed to Stul Treasurera,heoecase cnlculated to increase the power of tile Executive -because it aives him too much con trol over the finances and fiscal action of the govern ment, and because it is adverse to the general interest of tlhe country-5th, hoots at the idea of an exclusive metallic curency, and of making gold and silver, and treasury notes the exelusive medium of payment of gvernlennt doea--6, 7 andt 8t, concur in the opinions of Wast'ington, and Madslison as to the constitionality of a National Bank, and thIe nacessity of constituting it at once--th, requesting thie oenators and Representatives in Congress, by all tiri and honourable means to carry into effect the principles asserted-10th, directs the Governor to tran=sit tihe resolutions without delay. These resotltions are all drawn up i thie most deco. rous terma, but are decided a. d firm. They cover Eomn of tie principal grounds of the opposition of the great oWhig pary, to those in power. They declate unequiv ocnally the hostility of the people and Legislature of Louisiana, to the scheme by which, parasites and coen phante may be rewarded with as much of the spols as they can run away with, and the country be defrauded of its revenue and resouroes. They remind the Sec retry of tile Treasury, that in his more recent sugges tions he has traversed those which he had made, only a very few years hack, repudiaotieg personal agencies, and boutring ol tile secutity of liaetk as doposito torits. Have wen not had sufficient oxperienee from the past and from daily occurrences, that it is difficult to find trusty men. Tile officers-the sb-agents of this admi nistratinn have shown that they are but "indifferent honest." Diotgenes might in these days go about with a candle in fnd an honest man. Those who hrve been placed in oflice are shelving as faet as they can, that they are not to be trtated. Fhbrign andl nmeslic Iellcmn-lhe Odd Fllnows of Albany N. Y. gave maugnificent Ball on the 15th liltalt. L. A. Bcoanc n has resigned the olicer of Bank Cemrntmissioner of Mississippi. Ren. leen Davis lesq has resigned the office of the judge of the 9th Judicial Dietricr. T'he Democrats of Alabama, in convention have nominated Iltv. Bagley for re-election. PIlter and hs cnt pony are playing at Jackuon Mllsiissippi; to goad houite. Thei Mistsiltppi legislao ure is about to inquire into the expediency of fixing tavern rate.. The J.cksln Suit says that itheir landlords give athem the plainest fare, and charge enormous prices. Gov. McNutt of Miss. offered no reward for the apprehension of Cook the murderer until after it had been announced that ha had been arrested and was imprisoned in l'Texa. Nearly the whole town of WVilliamsburg Ky, wis destroyed by fire on the 19th ult. Mr. Norris of Philadelphia has received an or der for 10 of iles lcomtctive engines for rail roads, to be satnt in Enrglaod for ite Birmingham and Gloucester rail tay. T'iee Morno,ns have sent England who ,lie preaching their abalrd doctrsues tn Loll ,tahgliestelrer of Misaouti hao eerrnded the i 1r gaming law of that State, to include betting on a eleetions. Mr. Boyle, long time chief clerk int the Navvy Department has been removed from office. What's his offence ? Hon. Jamntes Hnrlan the able representative of the 5th districrin Kentucky, declines a re-elec tion. A child at Cavendieh, (Vt.) died recently from d swallowing a piece of acorn, which after dead was t found embedded in the lungs. a A roil road rout from Chaembersburg to Pitts g burg Penn. has been surveyed, and is expected to be made. | The train of Cars on the Camden and Amboy e rail road,| lately run against a wagon-killed one . man and seriously injured on other. is The entire tract of land upon whitch Cincinnati r stands, was purchased in 1788 for fortyanine dol g lres. There has been quite a rise of property then ta We should like to own an Ohio bottom that would a' tarn out as well. rs The new bank bill has passed the Alabama Legisla e tore. Miss Nelson tool her benefit at Natehez, in the parts of Pauline, Black-eyed Suron,and Eoleetah, conclud |ng her engagement on tile 21st. Our latest advices from Mississippi, state that Hen derson Ioe been taken up for U. S. Senator by the he whigs,and Smith by ite locos. lt isconjectured in the he Natchez Free Trader that the former will be elected 59 ee to 59. A close vote ; but a miss is as good as a mile. oe Wallack of the National has bought a new play from as Willis, which is said to possess considetrble merit. Firein ouachila.-We learn from the Monroe Pioneer that theCotton Gin of Major Bowmar of that Pariah, was lately consumed by fire; cause not known. Thirty bales of new cotton were monnamed with the Gin. Loss between $3000 nlld 4000. .4 Defaulter's Dinner.-T-'e N. York Trans. cript says that Mr. Samuel Swartwont has given u splendid dinner in Liverpool, to his Amcricnn and Enolish friends, rite price of which was seven pounds sltrling, or about 21 dollars for each man's ticker. This was truly oitne upon a grand scale, and must startle his plain, unsophisticated Iriends an this side of the water. If, however, he hin saved for hinmelf, more Ithan a nlilltln of the lute lic. money, he con well afford to five oand dinners. lie makes no default in the eating departml ent. FAcqxEon CorRTY, Va.-'lThe special lerctton for a delernte, to the General Assembly, has re. enited ar fllows : Tiiball (Whig) 492 WaVllitc (V. ii.) 4-28 Mr. T'ldtol's aliorjity would have :eEn much grenter had no local causes operated upon the elec. tiun. The Mayor and the Second .4uicniipaolity.-The memorial of tihe Council of the Second Municiplity,. which we published yesterday, remoustrating aganist MIr llon's bill which pared the Senate, and is in the House of Representatives, spocks the feelings of t large majority of the citizcus above Canal street. The bill augments the power of the nmyor and invests hir rith privileges, in the exercise of which, he can gre tly an noy, if not frustrate the plans of tile council fr tihe advancement of the interests of the Municipality. Un. der the wisdom of its own corneil, and protected in its individuality, by the law of 18311, by which the city waes divided into three seporaot juriedietions, thie Pd mnniciptlity har been enabled to push forward its im. provements, despite the calamities of the times, -with unexnmpled and astonishing rapidity. It has main. tilned its credit unimpaired oand has not expended its resources va illy nod fly, but wi dom, prudence foresight and experience haive gorerned its legislation. We do not desire to fiment any ienlousy which may Ire engendering amone. tihe different Municipalities, es to thee rapid advances of one Ieyond another. We do not desire to draw any unnecessary comparisons. We are anxious that they should move along quietly nnd rithort discord. The law of '3(i, separating them, andl fivine- to each tighe gt of choosing its own nigelts, is well understood nad has been proved to ber a gedtr law. If any burtien it inlpoced on tlle 'd unoicipality, tun der thie conviction tlit it will bo, bonefilil, it nlone lhar to hear that hurhen. 'We want no interference with oulr ntlnirs. We hear no cnomplaintsi in our M1Luoicipl. ily, that the cotln ili t io eilrr imberile, prdicatl,or illlll. tentive. Nor have we tlrerd any express the opinio that its privileges shtould be abridged for the purpose of clothing th' mayor with more power. If tihe two Soth er aouncils are dioleirtos to yiti their privilreg-s to the nmynor. and tile irlnoaitnnl" of Iheri Municipalities had no chj, atioic, we shall not urge nehl nainlst suchll Schange as frr na threy are cnocerned : But we rmust beg to be exeuned fromll ny such ilterflrence wilh our righs. We perceive that tle mtayor is out in his own it ehalf io tte l uisinnian ; and tile Coourr of vrsterdt y o alo made some splittering for him. We have not space to day to pursue the aren. mnents ised by eilher-hut we shall take the m rp and show thar they Pre inconsistent with sound re'soninaLntd ellirt propriety. At this time we shall only take up a psiiion of the leeared who pre il es over te tripod of the Conl. rier, and dispenses with a ridiculous h eravrtt, his onrcularedecreepe. te says : tExperience he be. lieve has demornsiratted that, 'when the control of lrg. expendilures of public money has been given to five or six men, the power has been only rted either to enrich individuals, by fat jobhs or else give a fictitios value, to to the particultnr dis Irltes, by lare+e outlays of mnely, under the spe cial pretext of ilnmprovement." Experience havs proved no such thine. And i' it had-wvould the matter be bettered by veeline the power in the hands of an Imoividual ? The truth renthrleaks out through the Conlier. The rapid odvanceement of the second Mounicip liyi must be checked, and tbht by Legislarion! II io ,ut stripping its neighhbors. Its commence is Sincreasing--the value of property is increasing its importance is increain.e-its credit has had no eheek-it offers every inducement for wealth and Sbusiness to concentrate within its jurisdiction. It must not be suffered tro o ahead after this fushior . In a very hort timee we shr.ll only be hit fanbourps competed to it! Done It not seem that this is the course of reasoning which would advoente tIh po'i'y against which we are contendine ? We only ask lor a fair field. We wish to interfere with none, and if r can be avoided none shall interfere with un. We ask Iut jusi;ce, and "let it be done though the heaven s fall." [Reportad for the True Amariran.1 HOUSE OF REI'REBEN'TATIVEe. January 24. The house met persunnt to atdjournlllne. Mr. Patten pr esented the petition of thF inhnhi tunts of Pecan Grove in it o parish of Carrll pro. ing for that corinin schenl laids be disposed ,t bi lease for a number years+ Relerred t. esel'i: committee composed of Messrs. Paret , Phelps ,nd Mouton. Mr. Poydras pretented a petition from Mr Do men praying for a reward for the discovery of a cure or the yellow fever. Referred to the com mittee of propositions and grievances. Mr. C. M. Conrad on behal of Ine commitntee t, whom had been refcred the charges nealnst Felix RBoworth Parish Jadge of Ite parish of Carroel iresented two re-olutiorn, which were andpted, authorisiong the comnlttee to eend fll persns;and pap)ers. and to autholrise the sergeant at arms to appoint a substitute to serve subpoo nas &e, isaued by the c0mmittee. Mr. Davidson presented a resolution providing for the adjournmnent of the Legielatore on the sat of March nexl. Rend for the ltt time. Mr. Gaiennio on btehalf ol thie comminile to which had been lefeired the bill relative It Ihe .asoessment of taxes in ithe parish of Orleatis. reported said bill with omendmenite. Mr. Davidsen moved that the house now take up the bill providing for amending the eunatltution. On llias motlon Ihe eyes and nays were called for, and the mrotoln was lost by a vote of 27 to 13. On giving his vote on this qucatian Mr. Phelps observed that although yesterday he voted against laying the bill on rtie table, to. oy he would vote against taking the bill into consideratton, for it was useieas to take up the time of the houto when : waveleor thblt no result could be attaoled. Mr. Williames agreably to previous notice intcr. ducod a bill to amend the alt relative to Ilhe Greensburg academvy. Read for the ltt lime. T'ihe specialorder ut the day,on i the bill to ra . lieve theblens from the fortreiutre of their ci.rters snoame p forcnreideration. After a lItot and warm debate the hill was ndoptd witll soundry amendments, o Iict consist. ed in providing that the act should relate only to such banks no had forfeited their charters-in expressing positively that banks which had sus pended their payments had forfeited their charters but were now released from the forfeiture-and that the law now passed should not be colstrued so as to authorise a future suspension. Two additional sections were passed; one providing thatsuch of said bankaas had not all their capital paid in should call the same in by the lot February 1841 or he limtited in theiroperations to the amount actually paid in; and another sention providing that the banks in thelbty shall- have a weekly settlement of their balancesin specie, and publish aI monthly statement of their circulation, deposits and specie on hand. A seetion proposed by Mi. Gaiennie obligating the banks to lendl, each, S$25,000. to the Municipalities of the city at six per cent interest, was lost. Another section proposed by Mr. Ratliffe providing that the banks should lend two fiflhs of their capital to the country, is without requiring city security or city endorse. . ments, was also lost. We reoret that the great length of the debates i- precludes their iosertion in our paper. Is i i . UAUt aassembld dee nectiennrires de I Compa Sgnia i do tol Road de In Ninvelle Orl6anns t Nash lle, tene le '23 Janvier, 1839. Mr. James II. ('ldwellesq. a e1i nppel' an fauteuil et Mr. M. WV. Hnffinan esq a 66 nomm6 asecretaire. Lo rapport annuel des President et Directeurs a 616 In, aurquoi itl et6 unanimemont resolu qu'il sera im. prim6. Le acetionnrires on proced a lI'eleetinn dae direc teurs. La Dr. E. H. Barton et WV. F. C. DuplPssis oat 6t6 nomm6s rapportears. Au depouillement it a paru qu'il y avait 12,b56 votes, et que lee peraonnes sutvan. teeont6te unanimement elIes pour I'uspace d'un an, James II Caldwell, it W Hoffmnan, Clark Woodrooff, Heratio Davis, W F C Duplessir, 1) Auguestin, Jeremiah Berry, teo. A It aggaman, 51 Gordon Jr. Winm Christy. Sur motion, resolu qua ie aetiaenoirea aiej re sine die. M. WV. IIOFFMAN, 25jnn-2 Sucretaire. 'T an adjourned mrrreling of tihe stuckhlo.drr of tihe New Orl eans and Nahllville Rail (Road Ciompany, held on the .d1 day rf Januatv, 1839. James II. Cnllaell Esq. was culled ti the Chair. and M. W. UIhflnan Esq.. was applointed Searetary. '1 he annuIal eport of the t'rciident and D)irectlor wa rend, rltererpur it trta uullnrnullu l resohled tha Ithe lielart be printd. 'Ihe then prlcededrd to the election of Directors efrone tuarci. )r I I BIrlnr anid W F C I) were ojl, eit jr-l: llhers. Upon couaing the numbelr ofr ori it appearedl Ih re werr 1,:2,5, 5, i otes; anrd that tihle ioallsor ugntadi eentulei were unani In'rll rlel ed i slve for oni e ear, t . ril: Jailne II Cihlyiil, 1M \V tlhrililnlr, Clark .iuodr. 0, Iloratio u iavis, V' I' FC ltir essis, I) .i .arinr, Jerel'miah tieurl', ior A hV ggalllrall, 91 :ired1 ir., War Clirir.t'. On moilli it Wi moaUved and soconderl ihtilrt Stock holerias adirrn, uine dic. 1 W IOFFIiAN. ja4l Secretary 1ACKII' REl.-00 ilbarrel, 100 half barrels, and 50 _qr bqarIs Nios. , 2.antl3. JlackiI. ill, sslah br jl .I'H I HI I 'ao. 71 Pllo drna st r aI .1'N l:0 a - doz. nto staifn sale b j' J I IA Y;I & t, 7.1 Po'ylnnvl at I I'FELI v..n ',0tAl1i--(i doz. prime green .Al )ll,(ll(| Ilavana Cigars, hanlillm fain bo hrql RoIer W1illiams, for nale by JOSEPH COiOK rI N1i , _ ju24 25 ( rnvir At SOAP-300 bSoxes) No. 1 allld extraslnjp, b. und Jne (;ould,tJnkomhn .'i 'Trowbridge, Geotge ltubbin. and J I- Martlom ; Itr raile b j I'21 I,.AAC ililliGIl &n, 131.a3gazine st .P0.iaal .i . , DLE,.:S- -ll boxes NInw Bledotd -apet'r, candh.e,, for sale by jn24 ISAAC I0tl0 ); & Co. 134 Magazine st rlALOIW C(ANDILES-2-ill l xes,tfir sale by . ISAAC BIItDGIC ,. Ci., jan 1. 13.1 aln~nzine st rloI'1I1. PUBLIC.-Ceitain rnumors having Im S com current rnePetlog a mi.tanke lately imade in a MnInager's office in the city, the 11ain. agers of tile Gr L ot ISit'erv deiclol it a dult tlnv owe to themsnlves - nd ith public, to fix Ithe odiui t where! it properly belong, and it free hmnIIselves leo) any risk lof being idenltiliii ' iln the mattei, r. Tlhr high standng;andi g'nt iolllllurty which Ilth Grand Styt I.nlotrr o.s se.A ,,evraIll miinner s, ha hel lacquired en tirely by), Iheo hilletr lilerilv with which it bna ahlauve been coilll cl, id by I lle lrl,a it pa Illltof n lapri-. silli, inn in cuIodt ti.(i as to rel t.III. such prl" mlices, Intile i , al mnr'e m lly Illls have eiIt rtmlmi llc II rot i o I lli ll ieiit . Ol '' Ipuili It ihe taii l it, I ,lieh i Io the mliistklel llr ,t.llllil' hll to, ,Illh i ll+ th.e PoI l. Il el .' + .rrI illnilln our b oI ni i In tolll d wlih II--ad 'I'gve I;.o plra ttlll Ihr in t Nw I , w l ili toh ve ocuIr.'red. It id o" ii I1ii as It .nl 111oi in libis M tii m rarld Lu mosianarn, rlimmreNdiate t 1, b ro n, The v drew r i.s gistler l al ih q all al r ti ,k which he sa l on himh . oirllriulllat, Ilin ,li ai- ,mi. hf nm,, when to ,) suich prizt.."fir oa ,ai, dav. el~ng odolr ie draw Ing, lie ha'l t nkao thl ticket Il the ]atlger's ofice, a d it Wnili $1m l prize, and payihl hilm $!I 25100 1tur It." 'rtieo Ihon inlinldlani,.iv wellt to the Manllger'r offlico ri I;iPLiry l l hIad not paid it wrongI and lasked t lte hroke, it-ho, had 11l m ld a tnitake in hi:r ratkiler. iie brIlntel aniweriePd iiin ht, ktlI' hI d hllnl madl. da iitiil, ri Greory tihel looked annll hi' prize Iirkete, nt , il dnl l he tan lnrlli hI tim ltc in hi. tlice, nlal it ilment i mPrh a) s be inl a ln of tilhe broi er's andls, and if tley would call n ain oi wolhl try to inl itr. They did rll gio, and 1r Gregory ahe d told he ihad e ]lall iitln ii IhPr licker, lind l;Ill; I it ilm Lrklll winlIII ; r ai rl. h o iten aid ovnr the bdlm)l~ ldilt.11 the mnriae, reqmusting IhPeii to tle tihe tlairtais i II IsCreI. Sir eGrenory knews on~ll Sl lll eliiiii IuIIm'itiIm dle'J.:win, tllatthe prize ol $1,9111 w an sold, sad Ih kne w n or beire S"ti. (uIv nlorhilm tthat it uais thie ill ,xchange h t 'inea t lat IbInd nioIII itiand yet wia hnit tilhe hioker alnlt theiro iwlo day' a l lolit Ilae thie er orlltlllle il, ie uahkedl the brnkli',"' It hi ne wa, lll t iii.ll k nill II ln nirginier, \Vm give th a a tlfo l o- we know i iinm tio have m" cult lled, nilI e il n inr.pIrelp l to liove the trutah of ihin) wht'ieanT.r cahnll iltonill t do lo. S DAVIS C.i(), jun3-I-I I litinrtre .I r OIF,-FIE-50 uF- l Irio, lperior article, landing C 1er bunrque INelrero, tor ole by _ ja'-3 SHAIL 4 BRt 1iVN, 96 Magazine at O IL-AAn into ce tall and wishr wrnt , ftr nale y SHIIALL & 91IROoWVN jt23 •11 tlo o,zine at Alto Orleato & Nlashti/o Rtl /lotd to. ANNUAL MI:E'IN( OF T' STOlCKIIOL)DERs. Jauoary 2lst, 1839. ST an annual mrelino etllo ilotckltnhollts, held in i prsuance of the 8 dtl section of tha Charter, a tnajority tfleo ttthle: dkhol,.ro tot heing preseont, tite ele tron was plnsrmtnue, unlil 1Ve.'lnesda, tlh 03d inst. at 6o'eckl, Ip M. JA3IEO i1 CAL.DWKLl. , ijan2 President CHEl11llN A cIOUi.I.lF.s tIlt LA NOUVELLE. ORI1L E.l.S I"T NASHVII.LE. Asnblestlo, anlOuelle des Actitnnaires. A liN usomtllllce annn,tlle dcr ;ctionnuaires, ctnvo Sqlloe plr ,h seltlto 8 de colt tle, oule tajorita ies nctionlnlircs n Brant pa' preselt, I'election eat ren voyec n oercredi 3 du ctoulnlt, n 6 bhetJnr P. iii. JAI\IE IH. CALD\'EI,L, .jay--2 Prenidont. EA tte tihoo oltpooion Ito t.le -I -rDl-ol' Art.3.le, oni Caopt street. He sold a priz of $lIt tihe first lday, besides t:ntllor prizes. r|4O CJ'.l 'I " I .'. .+ It \ S-'-'lth nst lboeo o.r I lolvc juct r.e.eivedl . large assortlntnt of Class i t Altl, s, I.t. . e to(ll . I a rtr Bl. n old n ilo I pouctrh j +ll.l tiond lodly spoots. hlicl floov otler tar Bale low. j:t 2 t2 ItlttVROVIt & Cot. 17 Con!t ,t 1JOtaK--OeIt, I llna and i, litetles, . or -aio e by € la29 : NI'I, ION &, \PIF , 8IY8 Gr:vinrest i y ACLON SI)E S-59 hhtti. Ci.lttttnOat, tlored, oftu. lperit r qtualtt, ttr otle Iy n'2 S T'ET'I'SO N s& 6AVI'IlT, 8 Grnvicr st LCON .I0 ES--I5 coaila sidet, aod 12 casks call B sS. d I ilns, fI r t lt, ft j'2. ISAA(t I{ltlDtI & Co, 134 Matgazine at iIOItI.ANIo G1N--5 ptips, cntllted to teblnttne, 1 for sale bly T It I I)E & lro, jaI 39 Comlton, ctr 1ttgazioet ste T IKL -36 l b hrels rectiftd, in nstor for onle 1by I' It H.YDI, & lro, _ j a _+ 3 9 C tm lm o o,, e r d l a g a zi ne a t e 44 M.t COIlEN has removed his Lnw Office to No. 1 29 Ixchxmpt Place, nearly oppoithe tihe Pont j2o211-, In3-t IJt) tI, LADItES-.,tkiton's t e IlIlato, tr rre moýving superflloas hair from the face, nIpck and ines, with et unlaeTfety antd cert.lintv leavit, tIe" skin finer nd lwhiter Il ton belore tle appliaolion. A Ireshlt sntppty justt r.ceited at Ihe lnaznnr. t IttSItt & ALLEN, 1, xlehnnelon totel, car St Chnl les & Common st Nl'IC 'ICo-The consignee (Johlt Law) of a lot of ten ent nnd |lintis el- al' alis, by nit ship Arab. in stored at to,. 1t Nllo'o I)ulnoa lreetwtre hen io rnques. led to toll nlll reeeive I f santo. 11."'lle I.ouisiaana Advertior will publinh thto hove 3 tnres, and send their bills itto Picayune office. j23 3t P1 I I.E'l'.--Pss.tinnnt given the Isot Febronarv next. ` The dweallitg house now oecupind by Mr Wm. (:bounpanier & Girartd. No 68 Tchapilouls street. For particulars apply to II. Bnnoabcnl corner Natchez and Tchapitoolan nst. el. j23 YNIOIAN'A Panacea, Swtaimt's do. togetlher withli a Inro nsstýrttet t of patent medieints. I'ecrived lately and for oale by I B()N'NA3BELI,., j2J cor Natchez & 'l'chupitoulas s0s CIDER VlN GARI--30 in ster, lir ole Ity j.4 G DOIRSEI, 41 New | even. W INE, .itldy Olttdeira in It.f pipes .nd t ttnrte Scasks, for sale by SHIALL & HItt)WN, j4 9(i Mngziile nt Canpi Stl. Theatre. THils EVENING, JAN. 25, Will be performed the beautiful I lay of TRUTH; OR, A GLASS TOO MUCH. Albert, Mr Frederie!&,. Mina, Mra Barrett. To conclude with the Drama of THE FORTY THIIEVEBS. Hassarne, Mr Fielding, Mustnpha, Brown, Ganem, Hodges. yMorgtina, Mrs Barrett. it Mr E FORREST has arrived due notice, will be giev en of hi% First Appearance. SOAP--500 bones Goulda' and Rabbin's No. 1 Soap in store for sale by J THAYER & Co, jal6 74 Poydrns at R O3 IN-l80 barrels in storeand for sale by jali; J THAYER & Co, 74 Poydras at PERM 01L.-3000 galls. Winter Strained Sperm Oil, for sale b) SHALL & BROWN. jel6 96 Malgazine at CH OTHIN.-- case eattinet Pants; I do scarlet lannel Shirts,for sale by jal6 SHAI. & IllROWVN. 91 Magazine at 200 l 1xes Soip. Meachm's hrand, landing frou llhip Coinmbisna, for sale by jalfi SHAL I, & BRlIWN, 96.Magazin at JOHN V. CHILDS, ENGRAVER AND COPPER-PLATE PRINTER, iro. 3, Camp St. W ILL enrarve and print to order, bank notes,. ills kufexchang, I bills of ladiug, dipllonus, rrcran. tileand visi:ine cards. notarial, conaular and counting houne sealns, door plloates, silver wmre, c. -nlwav son hand, an assortmnent of silrer plated and brass door plater. Pu Cardsprinted from plates already engraved. novL20 METARIE JOCKEY CLUB RACES. r'1F. Sprilfg neetitg, for 1"39. eill commence the, la-t \Vednesardu, :7th Mnirh. And eonlino five days. . I'. CENAS, .c'y. inn- NEWV ORLEANS JOCKEY CLUB RACES!! ECLII'SIE COURSE. SPRING SIKFTI\iI, 1839,i. 0 11ynlntrocoi n Wr.l oeadno, 3th1 of' Moiott, lu!,111:0159,ou rotrio 5 dltyo. Paootircttlrr in duo limer. . N. (ILl tRIO, J'roprilror 13()WAND'S TONIC NIIXl'lllEtt-Jutn receive:) 11. `'0 cii,. of thii itolunblo reme dyt ihr tIte er ani iAgui,wnrmrntilrd enntitte, diecto font tihe rItttottt tury in Philhdelphia, fur rulc by Ji tIVIS & ANI)RFS\O 5, jtlas cor I'cht.1,itottttu8 ,'b itmntn ItV 0/fire NAte Orltotns and Nnoiritle Ril tt oad (iat A tltF 19111 V In trctio 8th of thr ntro -i Comtpa, I;; Iic~ n fo o1i:IiioI-wd h heldl on 51( ndaly rile 21st iotal. at 5 ol'clockk P. 11. at their otfire, No. 1lltnr street. jaill JAillS II. CALl)WVi'., l'risrt.o N i LA ad tlrtitit" tiook.:_ _ Curtis' Digest of cases rtljdicnted in roolltois Admniralty of the U. S. anid England;l a Ilpx nod l vtl ta ble worh.k I'tcer lttgst niofo.rn~ in the ttttCro ct:, a d District Couriti, ttrnoo ttpply, I Vol, W\inter' Aollottmt, n tiew edtion, receivedIobr I cosl, hle Americon Iii irnl Almoc for t839, it 20 o, and uieful nteti'ireln lkt hoklir o iI io r iorn·r t 11in 1 n Aot no onnooitmet oti itt mostnpte "vt Mltdital ':works. U. JIIt . ror Common tooStt it,"~ie. i, G IN\ It hnr a:ld 11t tia I ttt r ji MiE: AP' .i .t-0) tldfliW,'2 o, -. ,.: Ie I oInag. far sati by i. ' It-i I. ii (1111(1, t-it, hb,, roc titled, nl Ill,~llt I,,ollr t, -, l, I-c. lrtrfrrtluti( iir, Itiir It + l I ni rt tt ic,.,r ,qlryloltnr . t, I i t 9. , a e ,wl di-. u o ,tI ake I, r .t S u rt ta l ' jil -I '~ 1A'.i( 1111.1 ' iCXtIIIANIU2, 7iot, illro , dcrpn for samle ito 1) FiLl T' .9'0 (tl NI Stotionrtrr Hitnl 1'ntt+ J Ex chnnge r I,:e, a lea rool* Irulllfllt· !'u.-ttcllr p J)nlI l--, l " UASt4S 1l',44e milt Ila44 d erc1144 11444 o4444 4 4e - j . 7 h l ot Iat r ,for leb jp.1 jo t!'fl il,, Pl·I: ' I 11.._ :x 1.._ I1,o 1 LOUIt.. 1100Ut l 4 m,4*1. from444 (444414- 444444. I,,=~"11 jl, r 170."077, 14 Neulpr lll (· ll I.,", ""r qU\Ps14\'f11-5011, bogy o ci0140Fw 'Nil'((( 11,11 ,h~ill, 344li, kegs 4ppoin44 rPowder4, for clt 4' d.'15 At)A\18 A. \'A liii AI,.ll 441' ""l+ 44 d NtI,. Into ,,,,t4 NOW. 1., 4 4 :.444 in Ih44 mill of Irn T sr . T1011~ & Co., l I.,"" ci444o Il.1 faectle, which e nll personl can 01xam11)1; u, h. I lan n 4,44 disposi,,g tfllh, ti,t ittg 44l 444ji_ - 4 n4 ,."" +uit Ileo app..icant'. U tI44 e 4454444p44444e444h.'..'44.4 4 In bone,.,'viug Itlnchilee ever pill in use, o- &,-o- nndi' IIII t.0440414lli44 plank for ,.4ors, or b 1oards fo1r o ,444444 4 d Any ipersont desirous of 4444'444o. g, co4 44114 '4No. 71, 444ntmott s4reel. where life suhsril~er eon !,R flood. js 19-I111t 41 II 144 I'.' A MEs' hove 11111l I'alleTrs-"011 trams of Ames'B writring paper, ice, irtld .,.d for pnlr by ALEX ' 1'UWAIt, 49 Camnp PI This lotofpoper is of supe4rio4r s4ooth14 text4ure 4nd has the advantttge 04uge, 444444g 444e 444 t444o yeart i44 store befoltt bhipped from4 tht Nor h, therefre much better odopttld to use 44n oue 40444444,44limate44. It e1444 4 cqatluurlo, 404444444'44l, packet a d itlio 4444444,4l di,41,4. eotcolors. Caps blcldlfrrrent quit ilitie nod coloru . Also1 me4dium and royal writing,aoli 444 whic4 1 willb,, t1o1 IDN. 1a19) 04/ýHN IS-UT"I'HR4-Ln,,ddingf ,,,uiiFj444,.. G er. on0 londred firlins ge044in4 (14,444,0 414444e4, u 1440 article, for 44le by the so 0b4tiber It WA El~.l~ltT'T, jslO--144r 155 1 c44pi4ouln4 PI L IYR E 'OI)L 811.;1'-1545,4 0044s 4c44444e 4Aid filu, js49 114)L3114 ES A1111l..4, 114nk Plse,' jPE.) I Iaorll 04rnt of de4 knivo1, pro k144444.; ý' ole, P10104'.', `1fI,',", pellrila end pros.11, i1'(.i 4,11,11 tlt 4444d in CU40444t14i4g 4444USe g44444.444 4,, 4..y 47,1e lo 444 joml NY ,t1Inlnrro ltoll, 44('4444tre444 j 108-Linsee~d J nCpr1114 1444414, 44 ,. :o l1 ? I,)t4 by D, iiS)54 44 N4414444414 (~ I USEH OLD anti ki lrillt, it Fu mill, re rue 0,,l,' std1 14 441e to Neill, at:10 4144444444444us4 I'l. P454 ' enquit on ,heo premise= in hove, ,dl-lit I U 4 .\ CE I4 .N Il 40,444 Iro44 o444 4 liz:44th,4 1)1)411 411 LondonI f~ silo by jtoSI R IID &. 14 1.4R'lf44.4 B414444o I UGA- t on plant 444on4ab ov 4 44t4ile ,44or4414 by, S41Ž itlA 1) & 44A 1,5144144 7 1344441 Pl AtS~ii 8G anld HLls0 hope44l 441414 by BAja(IN IoEAtI) & ISA tl,4I)4V 7 Book I'4444O )IAN0F4J4E'j ES-Tlbs 44o44,o 4o4 at o19 C.,oj; i. street, sill be sold very lotv, if plied for ttttsediotelt. 0444 of lts htovo intltrumsnto in pr0nounce4 by j4d440 to bo superior to anylting O44r Offeredl 44n this4 4arke1. 44.1 N EW lAW 1.11V 4, 4-A T0-A 44P44n 4444 444t I'r44ice A.4lof the Couts, of Chltuoty, wi4 h nt 44 pp44nd4414 of Fonrms of Preced(ents of( nsio, adopted to 11 I1I lost newe\ orders; by Jo4,nt Sydnoy 444,444, o, 4h4444ix ('lrk's)It. 414t, in4 24 oltt,4o. Jttst recejo4ived 1 tdor 1444414 loll ALEX '1'0WA lI, 414 Cumpotr Also, just 4r44ei44d, Cosklin444 Pr4cti44 . ill t44 (:Darts of 414 United Stoie,, onds toews p444441 ofChit ty on Billt. DIIRUG rSlORE FOR '4ALE-Sit4ated on Tcbspi40ulasstr0et. 144quire of II IiIINNAfFL, j123 to0 Noachet & 'fel4pilou404 a4e 1_'O ILENT , 1oroeosioi 41ivet immcdiut4l4 4l o 45 04. fortlblo dw'lling hati4,44t, t4e 4144 44eigl444 ood ofL'anal strelt. To gsood [is,4t thou isl44 enell los. Tltey ore woll dapted 4. tsmll foiljeo. Ap Ily to JOYLE &M AY, jo23 3 Clos,,dcoe 441 TOFFE~E-:i4 bags Bassos Coltoe, Itotdin; 440444 .J battque ltsgt Williamss, tor sole 444 ja43 S S JP V WHIITNEY, 72 Camp, 4 BUCK WHEAT-5A1 bulflbnittI, fir solo by jaI3 Y:S&JI' W4ll11NEY,72Cstp sl LARD-5I0 kegs or sole Ity ja13 St1'1''SON 1 AVERY, 80 Groolotoa (1L0TIHiNG-2 oaaes hlansel a44, cottoooelope It. 'oJ solo by S:IALI. & BROWN, j21 .OloIaguztte at. IS, A1-24444 4,44040 II440144444l 1444a444, 1110 do !.,o 0obbi0444 4, lor tale by SHALL & BROWN, j21 911 Moolttiltt 01. St. Charles Theatre. Oth night of tli gengoement ofthe crlebrtoed Mli2 IELLEN TRIEE. This lireing, Jamnry 25, WVil ho pe.rlnrmIed the Ploy of TIIE IIUNCIIBACK. Moster Walter, lr Scott, Lord Tinsel, Browne, Sir Thmas, Peerson, Julia, Mis Tees. An Overture by the Orchestre Grand Pas Seul, by Mnd'le Ravenot. To conclude with the Inughable Piece of FRIGHTENED ''O DEATH. Jnck Phantom, Mr. Browne, Sir Joshua, Farren, Mumpn, Cowell. Emily, Airs Dlebar, Patty, IHnrrison. t WASHINGTON BALLROO3 Dress & Masquerade Ball, St. Philip stretI, between Royal & BIloubon. TiHE Manager of tlhe ebove named ell Roonmgralet ful to his friends end thel public tfor the unparni. lelled patronage bestowed on litn forseveral senuons, respectfully iuforma. thent that the establishment has been enlarged for the namusement of visitors, and un dergone inneusee repairs. The bnr will be surpassed by nuns in qlinlity of liquors, and the Ilesteurn t ill be kept by the ablet ItleIestuarutlw in the United Siates. 'linni rnm ill r oe.on on Saturday evening, 3rd of Novemlber ext, ly a GRAND I)ICESS & MASQUERADE BALI,. oad will take plnce cs uuntl every Mlonday, Wednes duy snd Satllrdan i ovening, dering the season, whh will andti thea It of lMny, 1839. N. II. IThe rentelt ottenlion will be paid to kebnp ing pierfect order Ilronglhunt the eanablishment, as wat done last season. oct24 NEWV ORLEANS ANI) NASHVILLE RAIL ROAI) Ctt~IANY. NEW AIIRANOEMENT. 75 ltI t~crl~teine will cor~e thes DeotM at 11w fact of J0'nntl Pleltn,onern dey ot A. II.aodclreaeat 4I P.1(l. rcnpt~uodo,'a,wrhen she will 8 A\. Ml. .I. fL.~ A C:nr fle neivnte pafice, peo~itld the comber he olllih~inelr,' ill be! cent dow the ceo.) on one da)'a ti~, l8:(), JAN 11 CAtI)DWEI.L,'Preojdeo.1 OJT lRI\ IlU EL) e flit I/ic Greete Eeptdhlion, cod too sli oe1 )I(TlSerped tnt NEW Oot.Eee,( or eisa OttneclnfrIq of roetrerce Etnet et g. Chetles En holnle,', (Unecclr nfuconc SI. ) no eTl U E AME rRIcA ~N l' II I NTI NL OFFI CE, eonro rvs nod ~~CltotlcJ rettc, will he petp//n'd/i e/rndd In. I)e. nI -It IA:) In llthn-- 5 IIO/IueCioeleoezjlin telld itt dboar jllO Ijliacvier at %¶I A B OAT BI1LLS. WN INr~~, A(i Nl.b, Ntte C tI'TAINY afSTEAM I-9IO~~L' t eent Icl hcic Billeehocd ej ia .me (nine, I to/ioc, enlr~r Ilncitl cc Unbred Paper, aitk Iccjeeklh, endr osnso fcnt/le Terre,, y leaviag Iihede OooeR One) I lILtl 83tEILllrAN OFFICE, crooc of l'eyl.9ailreont C/.o:rlrsaolrretc. 0I'Il~ 01)1,1 i(10 inlea. 010ccetnaloend eperot S ' l,j jut IntinidL end11 InrCI. V Snl l .ttlilI: &LC'o, B Froot Leee £ I 0e1 UtoiXI .5 1 itt) txee I(nnea efonroeto wooo _______N t.))UKE15 t'o, 0 Fenot (~scoe ~F 1)11 l;~iI it) 1n0 hngr;o, ttt ettter, fr olo lyt N I l(:It Elp C~o. jelnlhl o~utl..ecel tllotik Uhc.L, Itille ol LtodtaE, Anclion tUlle, Pitt., IolsItl4, Shlow bille, Cola /LVe)I(Ih Info~~,./c Alke oe, ee~l creep ether dee oH.. o.d.: Inn (nl~l e )~~l otvin· otrnetorol Ihe l'ciotiog un',, ten,.. ofl I:,rl·is ., It .ne o~jr I tbre, ulcer).. I ,..ne1 n1ntiitt) ('A IHIPS 1f I'iLl\iNTVO a t h. shonert Nothe, in the most e I, 4-dt t ..: r.t ., I. ]hi k or I "li,,lI I'us., on I'nantel I. I, 11'h"1I, 1 '.al NutisIl CIc1. , a nd P'r r... e yryer+',, .,tabh' o Tl''Il:l i: \l i'.lII(:,N Ilip' I' E'1', ru..r r nl I'. I, -'ls 4, ,t. ('bnrlhs I.. ,",r;T'..</ N. o,, l -"lif, tl A"notn/ of TrPl: hart .j-,.n I t~ . I, .1 ,. fA,, tlal.l , ichcer #. t lf.,/er r rt' red ut (' m tlll li no m It l, St. ('Ch rles It'r, ' :;r,r d d.,r flr, tlall vier i sr.,r at the 'rilltil, ( ni. turvtsor l'., lr,, St. ('hnrlsI strerts. sort --/ 'i'O THEl R HA' NT -S. [ii j'rllElill \'I'. au h~ire / ia IiERcUTrrIl, CinC. i ti aftru." of't.l .r hours ,oT1, bNer ,taerllnatr the SI "oiiil lonn r/ '1'11!1: A MIHIiti '. N I'ttt'era ; )lFitls, lrhl ..hislchunp, stljaninrg the ltrAt INl Iti tl ori eri se rnii vistreerrt, oratthle I'lint in,,(Ilh, c f ilr',,lor.a d SI. ,'irle streets. S1' t I'I.N S ," clll It. tiidopen at ilntllt toa is er i i,,,Illulr,, .lltn .ilh's,Nes lrk Lll I'hiludel. pll, b \ 1 1 ;\!) M1 .l" N III'I' AI.I. - ltlNi 67 (Wi raAir -t If 7 v1,0111 of different 9 ariant jantl, Clii ItIIAM TlIElLt, 34 (lstier at -5- C-I5;W Alit. tJilt. Nar rIosc ""t'm pe at Midset Sitll'e,on 1 til .liilg oIf thirRhb inst , nld two pocket oolks, 11.d n11A 1 ls oltn I bintk,h with Fll etgell crt tnlii,., thl ili-,t rah",th. Illrrre) . t I a n n ote fir 64,400 :ilt11 l o -111, ,, I I,-i',l 11iii .II 11n ll Iii ll t n vi o lfC 1 i0 stbn ri hir, ,,i , lonl,'ti t thi , of htal ch, 8ill38, atid dlitd ih1, 161t of lilrtI,, 1817; the precise dales not re nAi p,1 nn,.os nr. fr-l r,n nd not to trade tflr taid note. A n.nI._ the pI a ,cs i s a c eipI ofa deposit, with Ilurke. Watt .%: C.ý., hIr $:r ,II. pllylmlent of whIicl, )a well as the ii , h slans " p,,.d iTht. ".'l'l k iittt tae left at the counting roolt of Ruhke, .Vit C.ts Ire ile resawrd will be paid. jll Illc wm tSAM. 1.t w WAl.I. ST. IARY'S I 1\IIRKET STEAM FERRY CO Sl'TIt:. isheo.l..y i irnn tlm in pursuancerofauOr dilcllie psI!od by Ihe lo uncil soI I at nd Muni cipalivy, .n \\I idnsdao v ctlln L,. Ja.trLory, l,839---los OA lll0lhl.ri i lon I e BtonNil .l 81tik I, ln$dOtO in sharei Lf$I;10 luh ien said oFnrl pnpl, rill ihe olented at MI. Chsnllr 1)itinltti's, ltiolLatte lSt. Mry's slllket, WVi irnsdv tIh 161tt ii-t., snl wiil be kept ope for three laht.t fns, I1 A. I l. cltil P. i. an eallch day. Ten Dtollrs It'r tliarl to eriid in ciol on subatcrbing. Ill', jnnissaR:es, o T.'.11. ,:1o OnA , iln nra, alnd for-.ic by jr _ WIITRDGE aond co,7 oatarne b t s OAP.,3.0 oes lionINo. I Soap, landing from rLip 0 tenndJ I'WIIITNEY, 73Csmp t i. PI.TNDID1 flilli Ol 4n1 HUla and Noveltiem: h G,-tIit i"cel au, hn tlhe'ountess lleaingltont , TI.t, ltindtla , h) iist Louis a Ht Sheridans, first up. IHets'ia hoi nk sl Fl.taoly, yrrt ii, th Ilols s.od,t&e c. i. 1 ia i- olthrT Icst all for 1839, with firallthd ea jtlli, vr Twist, omplstw t in a vols, rltmo, Iso it, pare i!, Nol. 4, Sktcelis y ilozi, lart 6, Rlbt us lie hoewl, ty tie authcr af tlorse Sa le Rub Mer lIstavlnosnd, anti oiker tloter, Fnbler 'etrs in Paraguay, b Rlobertsnt I Altcn Velnolll, Ity ilian Leslie, anti tllw nor 'liee, EJOHNS &Co, jal7 ltr ColComon & Si Charles snt (1 LOTIIING8 c eres sen abe Clothing, landing . frnm hihl Newlerryporv, for sile by jnl17 ISAA(; C Ii l)G(L & Co, 134 Magazine FLo(lIi--800 barrel ssuaprinr Irand, forsal by t i iaO7 O I1 BLISS, 5 PIeydr o se .I sale by J 'I'HIAYER & Co,74 Pydras at 0rl llE firm of , I) BEIN & A COHEN in tlis day 1 diaslved bv mtlual consenh. John I) Boein is charged a ith the sentlement of all claims aseinrt the concer,, and will u hethe name oflhe firm in liqaidation ony. JOHN D.'BEINd jonl23--1830. A. COIHEN. F1'TA COHEN continues the Commision Business io his inlivulaI nacce, and for his ownI accomle at No. 90 Collmon street. Janl 23,1839 Mail Regulations. The Great East.ern ,aIt is closed every day at 10 o'clock, A M-Is die every day at 12, M. The ' .rpr s .Jlail is closed every day at half.past 10 A M-Is due with the great Eastern Mail, every day. '17e LIke Mail (via Covington, La.) is closed every Monday. Wednesday and Friday, at 6 o'clock, A M-Is due every Tuesday, Thursday and Satur. day, at 5, P M. The Lroisrille or River Mail is closed every Monday, Wbdnestdy and Saturday, at 8 P M-Is sent and returned by steamboats.-Arrives irregu. I arly three times a week. Tle Raynou S,,ra or Coast Mail is closed every fuasday and Friday, at HI, P M-Is sebt and re turnoed by the steamboat Brilliant. Thie ,dirand i onr Rlied irer Mail is sent irregu. Iarly by steambuoat, twice a week.

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