Newspaper of True American, January 25, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated January 25, 1839 Page 3
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BY IIwII,.'LfTT & CENAd. SYNI)IC'S SALE, .W1 ILL be sold on M5oll; lv, 18tl if ilehruary, it 12 i o'clok, at th 'ity Ix:ihangRI St. I.niis street, in virtue of an ordet fI,. ther I'rlh : ont, for the Parilh and chv of N: w, tialt tile 7h iinauit, inder the dieci.itof ii theliSndloe, the lollowing describ ed proprcr' , iosuredered by Gabriel George Ulenny In hiu credlitnrt, vi.: 1. Four lnts of Ground, Nos. 5i, 60, 61 and o.i, sitn. ted in Cnrrlltoh. Noe. 59 jliId till InReasttig each 5 feet front o, itbn street,lby 1it iet in deptb. Nos. 60 and 62 bhavion te sao. irot iof25 I. Fon Risenen e st t, by a liee dnlept. Ihoutght of C. IHoee by Notarial Act passed before La Grdoeur, Notary Public, the 1Uth of May, 1837. 2. Lot No. 5 in square No. 15, in suburb lWashington adl Mlunicpality, menwarilg 29 feet 2 iiclies front on -MoruleM street, between P'rt and St. Ferdinnnd str6ets, by 100 feet in depti. Blought of L. . Hillegsberg, by act before T. Segher, Notary Public, the 2811 ol Febru ary, 1837. 3t. Fie Lots of Glrond, Nea. I, B1, 11 , nd 12, in eunae No.24. in auburli Washington, 3d Munlnipality, Noo.8, 9 and 10, hoving each 31. 1. 6. on Marnt st, between Morales and Lrqiuhart streete, by 1117 feet in depth. No. II ihaing 31. 9.. fi. eet on Marant y treet, by 107 feet on Urqunhart street and No. 1', having 31 feoc on Urqithart street by 171. 3. b. feeit in depti uootcht SET. B lrthao by ant before L. Ferand, Notary Public, the 2lst iebriarv, 1837. 4. Eight lots t Nos. 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, in q iuare No. 4, to slbuWrb Wnhsligton, t 3d Municipality. No.13, forms the corner of French and Urqirt saretriets; measuring 31 9. 6. feet oi Fretch street by, 1uG, II. -at on Unqlmhart etre, o and Nos. 14 15, G16,17, 18, 19 nd 20, eoch inOnnnriig it, 1. 66.fort fronton French street by 106, II. feet ill depth. InBought from I. Burtha ond TIho Dupledis by act lassed behore L. Feraud, NAo cary Public, tlhe ' ciat of F hirmrrv, 18037. . One lot on Vine str,,nh near lihe nmw Canal, bought from George Andrews, b perivate act, datedl the 18th March, 1837. (coo. Andrews and wife acquired title from N. Hlloes,, to this lot which measures 25 fret front on Vine street, between the Floiida landing and the boundary between Subure, St. Mary and Delord, having 125 feet in depth. Termsn and Condilions--Ome third in cash; and the m.maininp Iwo thirda of ihe rice of each ptrchanse, payable it 6 and 19 mnodtl. 'lie pourehlaer givintm his latel with ono good endorser, and mionrtggage retained until eottplete Ipayment. The actse of sale toi b ponoed boefiro II. B. CENAS, Notary Public, tlbi. ptrchaser paying tio Notnry'c fees, and the expsces ot takinu pi, lsssion iy a sturveyor, if nocessary. miSa PAR IIEIWL.'I"I' & CENAS. VENTF, PAlt LF SYNDIC. 11. sBer. vedu le Iundi, 18 fevrier, A It lhures, A ia -Ioursedo s 'iti, en vorlu d'un decrent do Ia emr te paroolie, polr I, Inorioeo e rille de In Nouvelle Onre aas, enadate dI 7 coororont, ts ouI n directilo do oyn. die, ole prpreteo slivanllte, nhanndonnes pa; Giabriel George 1ilminy A ses crolacinro: 1. Qnatre lots do terle, ouo 59, 60, 1 et 60, itnles A Carrolton; no, 5911t II0llesllrnt '5t nde cloetq fote A la rue Oonz sur 1511 piieo de pri l'nieur; no 1 60 it 62, ehaqule, 25 pied, do ftce A Il roe IHeserv6c, sor une moone Irnfondclr--anchls deC I'orcr, p or tin acts de Legordeur, tt public, Ic 10 mc 18:7?. 2. Lot no. 5, dons I'ilet 15, an ftuburg \VWasllinslon, i anunieplitoi, ou' orat '2I pd' ' piorInr rme Shocales elItr a les rues do IPorl et l'crdl,,olI, sllr I10 picdr on profandelr-cttan6 d" .l S I lilhIgoIherre, pr actn de vant'i Sogllero, ot. ptuh. Ic .20 livrier 18137. 3. 5 Lota o te , rroe i II , i, II . Let 2., do 's I'ilet no 24,au faubmllr" WVashinlglon, llunicipalit a n 3, nost ? 9 Ot 10o ayant heltquo 31 1. 6 lar In rue Maozant, enrre Moraes oat Urqllllllrl, sir I1 7 pien de ) profooll)Ir, ao It lyant 31 I l o 6 sur In rut lezn.nt urlli7 picds aor i. rue UrqIIIdart e lino 12, I1 picIs Pur a rue Ur q.uharr rar 171 iicds 3 pt 6 ligurs en prof.odour-ache. to de E Burthe, par ace dtev.nt L .Fraud, not public sle 1 fovrier 1887. 4. Huit Los, nrs. 13.14, 15 16,17. 18, 19 et 20 d.ns Pilot no 24, n ftubourg ~V' aslingrol,3 3" 1unicipalite, I no 13 forlnaat PenI' igoure dea rles den F' aneai et Ur qilhrt, miesurant 31 pd9 I, (. lig sur la rue dc, Fran eni., sur 106 pd I I pl sur lt rinl Urqharl; ce lon nIc s. 14,15, 16, 17,18, 19 et `20, clique olcoclalcl 1 p) 1 ~0 6G do fae a lhi rue dcs FrneoCi rour ;f1I; Ide prr foanldb-o-linec de Ir 2 rllIo .t 'I'll-' I[di'soii, 'par a et devavt I ier lt ,nuiI . plb, In 2.1 fe. ri( r I 37. 5. Un I.'Iir In cur de.o In Vfgnec, predu nouvesu Cunal, achl:te par ieTrge Andrewci), pr nle priv6.nn dnteo lo I rllrs :137" Gorg' Antdrews et son erpoll aequoirent In lilre o, N Ilolmdc, , ce It, qul meIC,,r; 25 pe Itod ieinI In', rule Ieo lo Vi!nc, cciro le debareaderer ;1oridlot la ligno deo, demarotin de. fAlnhurgs Ste Mlrin et D)olor, ny)nlt 125 piededo pref, ndFur Conditiols-lUn tiers con ltool, et lee deux noiree liers i 6 oins, I' quorcuir donnant as billers avec en dons.our,. t hvpothequejioql'a prllil Los eclous de vente per nt poases drevntl II. It. Coana, not pullb. Pacquorar pavant les frnis d l'acor et In pri.a de porseeaion por I',rpenteIlr. 12, +LV(Y 1ii)()lh4 I:I~t I 'II INil, &c. TI) ilo ruocrihrs have inh 'tor r sale, 300 bales aid caIes blo)lchdrd nlll brown dd mesti shirtingi rlod] sheitiing, 60 do lowd Iot lo , 7-,1, 41, d o illed, 5 do lowell bhuck ullntll cllllonde, 101 do Union IloliiIp0Iiredrilling, 10 do super woliI., .gtlIo Ioo11'I, 3 do ht"l, .gcr'n old ,nixed roehing aniti .hinL, l40 do no, o'ntr elg llo e thI, s, coll itn , mi edI ( enrdo'i kerey7 .01,i plainl,1blatck usixet i'it tcl01lil t krle', 'p, w a hll a tri to I1 a Il. arwl.k jlrnn, tn i ti l, pl. I']ttti itI) 1 )l·h'r linl ,.Ilv,, 4t 'li 'f''1't' In, i, o o,, hl, ,' 'J i 'h ,I' n li, ca d li ' - d.1, 4 do ' un r pr ,t,: p'oi l .and r I ln ,:r 5 111t ~ ', 'I;, iv'1' h 1; . , I I ,II »'1"''1 11 ) r, SI , l. 1 ' 1 I - 'i n ar i Ill ,' "- iI r ,, <, .I : . I,, o'l ',Ic ll,1 ti a I , . sit c,> 1 ro I t oo, e lI n', ,I itilaC, I' "i I ,1., l oll' 1 T o 0,' d ", '1li0 do , ,'v 'l. t o o,, ' 8 ni, a1 , It mtlll hIpoo. 34 do Ii' o' ','n cnro , a:: "t i, Io ., mI iI,ci al-, 150 io clst,hin,r . of c iouos halI, ie, con)istil'op f 0 'lo l, i ll i l l llil l . ll in , 75l cae ,f ll,, Ikip, -l l llnI ll ... watrk rl+ waltr |lrl,It, 1511 dho calf uand kip Iw.lg rtnn, t00 nile, boys a,,,l! 1 i ''Iotcollo' I701 Iohlonoec,,oarraotcd correct; I) italao llla, i 'r l O tl iE boy, M ineS, ni e - jl do le teI', L li1.1' 0 Snid 12' ' r'll'n .dopers sdil loil ISAAC BtII(0T0,:1a'' ", 1 \|amazino s C-1N(ISI ANNi.AI.4 i'tOR 18:lI-Thae Bootk ul S oyay, superb col'd plates. Fiadel 'I'ratteaux, Findln's (alllrv of Graces; Fither's Ilrawiig Room Scrnp IloaL; Illotv'd nonlloras; Buds anti loaslllm; Wnaverly Keolanuke; Tho Imperial Oriental Anneal; Forget II' Nht; Crtncature Annual; Frietdshtitt's (t1ring; Juvoenile Sketch flhok; Young Iad es' Annual; Young Gentlman'n s Annual. American Annuals. 'rh Token and Atl ntic Souvenir; 'Te Viulet; Th'te Gift; The Juvenile Forget-Me-Not. Just received and for sale by W'tm MiKEAN, dec corner Camp and Conmmon et DAGS--I f, (,lmmy it ., nS erior quality 1 landing from Sthi, int far salelbv jal0 SilAI.L& BROWN, 960 Magazine at -]LUN'rT.S NEWV II.tOTING DIRIECtIIONS-A L. very utsefl book for Ship Captains and the most popular work of tito kind extant. ALSO CHARTS, Gulf of lMexiao, \Vest Indies, Iloliao a Banks, West Florida, CoIst of IBrazil, 2ledlet raenean Sea-Corst of Africa-St. GeOraran Cbanneo--Englllsh Cimnln, &c. N.B. 'l'aheo chtalrt mayl be relied on as rcoatniioing the In ast correc t iafneratinm relative to the above nanmed places ever published, for sale tt I)AVli) FELT & CO. ( New York Stationers lhall, No. 24 Chartree st. January 14. . EISI[NS.-.0 bhooe in somre nt for sale by U janlI ARIl II\\I' TRIER, 31. tnniver 1'98 PORK.--13 lablis. Mes nork tor sale lby O. 11. tILI$S January 14,1839. 63 Poydras st. R AIJINS.--3a10 \Viloae and talf Boxes I. it. ins very fresh and of superior quality for sole by O. II. BLISS. January 14, 63 Poyd t. N CW O)IRLEANS PORK.-50 bids. .. for sale by O. 11. I.Ito. January' 4, 63 Poydra --t. IrA NBII ERRIE, in Half or qr. barret of very sn . pcriNr quality ia store, for a fea by 0. It. BLISS. Jan 11 63 Poydrai at' -TA~N'I'Il)-A- Itd alout :2 cr 14 yenta ol arge, in Seo mmiNsnn wHall , pre ts reside it t Ele city. Address box, No, 29)1, Pon t Office. janl0-- .i9 SANNERIS O1.--75 labls Lbriwl 'Taer's oil, for sale by LEVI II GALE, ja4 93 Commoa street rlEbIIrPEIN FNI ani nitinT r's Oil-15 btids i rit Turpentiae, 90 I i '1'athner't Oil for soloe JAItVIS & ANIRIEVh, dIls ear Common & Tehoapitoulas ate P LAOYINGt CAlIIS of'rrydeseription and quali tv, for sale by i)A VII FELT CO, jail6 N a Stotioner' Hall, 2I Chlartrs st -P .I1NT Y and ttiu. jL d Dutch linseed oil ceaived 'per ship Eagle rirot Bremnea, 50 barrels Eaglish linseed oil received per ship Eliznletla frim lIondon, 100 Ibarrels brown taIier's oil, 20 lhairl.Is chaIlk, 109 barrels pnniash whiting, 1101o kegs Pliladrellhia atite leat, 60 kegs goon painlt, 50 kegs red antd block do, Clhrome, cretion and yellow, &. &e. Paint hrnshes, and for anloe by JARVIS & ANDREWS, jao5 :s eticr Cnlonlo n & 'l'rchapitoulaaa ts. lIOC I-1tl.-- 2 hotrcts Btrtou Labratery ptro Alcohol, tow Ilunding frntt ship Colmliain, and for tale by JAIRVIS & ANI)RF.WS, jalO c,r cmnlot & Tenpitolata ast :)?l EMj t 1i' I' Yb , atdt tirree., fartr .le hy "1, Sllf. l, & BROWN. jot 086 Mlaogacie ot N W BOOIS. The Only Daughter, a domestiemoory, by the author ellSte "Subsltern," ,n. in ll vole. Mary RIt monnd,anl other T'ales by Mrs Gore authlor ee al 'ttet its tand Daelg'tere," hc. ina 2vols. Tie Ielir of "elvoondl, by tle altlherees ef l.'.lotltere ael I)tenehtere," &c. in2 vols. Althen Veinon, or the Emlbridered Ilnndkerchief, in wnhich is addled llHenriotta Hnrrin, or the lot' Cotton Umbrella, by Hiss Leslie, aunethor of "Pencil Sketch es," &. ill one vnl. Oliver Twist, coenplete in 2 vols. by Boz, cheap"edi tion. Just received and for sale v WeM. M'KEAN, jnn3 corCnaml l n hd Cttmm, n sta SEHlIE AunntalMeetingof thle subsetihberstt toe I'e mnale Orphan Societ, will be held at tile Pay dras Asylum, on Wednesday the It1th. jtst., between the houre of 12 and 2 o'clock, for the purpnst of elecit. idg mtnagers to serve the ensuieg year. je5-10t bUREAU D'ASSURANCE UL LA UVPA GNIBnDES POMPIERS DE LA N. ORLEANS T ES aetionuaires sent par le present notifies que In iJle sixiejle vereement et due, et devra elre paye In Fevrier proehain, nu Bureau de la Compagnie,on 21; ue du Camep. !.ian E L TRACY, See. OFFICE ofthe Firetnen's Ie/aurtce Company of New Orleans-The Stnokholders are hereby no tified, that the SIxTnH ITreLraENT e eeomee due, and a paynble en tle 6th February next, nt the office ofthe Ctmn anyt, 21 CUmp street. EL TILACEY, je4 Sea'y CITY BANK, New Orlelns, 26 Dec. 183. ¶-IIlE Board of Directors of this Inetutiont have this S day declared a D)ividend of Twelve per cent. on the Capital theeelf. )ayable t Io h Ste. hItlders, or their legal retresentaetivesaon or aflee Iteetv, M t le21st Janerey, 83ii. ROBT. J. PAilEt{iAY, tI8 Cashier NEW ORLEANS & NASHVILLE KAll. ItoA)D, Decemnber 22dl, 1838. NOTICE-To Contractore-Sealed proposals will he received until tihe 22nd of January, 183J, for makikng te stperstrecture,offrom five to ten iiles of IRonl; commencing at, Posmanchue and extending to weard thisi city. opt itoatinns mate be seen, and oenditlon ntmade known. on neppliaentinn at this office. I) IIOAIRD, d2'--It Ch. Eng'r. antl len'l. .lper'dt. SPLENDID MANTEL GRKATES, nt 6t! Mgazine et 5) Ilnslain Mnntel Ornson, rich, 20 (round cst iron oltonltl do., 43 Counting house (rates, common, 100o Chamber IGraes, 17 Brass Motrtnte (Grates, 150 CO()KIN; STOVI:S, consisting of 51) Sitanlay Rotorv, 31)l PrenillUlt, cotll 0 Union do. 25 James do. 25 Itop. ltrary, withb oveo. Togeth'r with lan asortment of co l Stoves. Fire c arrier. Asll Pail, utcel pokers. ash pans, blowers and astve pipes, o holenalo and retail, by W PA RRY & CO, 60 Magazine at jan Bnlnks Areadu ic thllisa tly io ntll d ty liWlKit lt io I. W llll.n ll .l,C lll, due tt said ofitc. \V AltKK N Januatry Int 1839--j3 GI'OICUGE I. S.IORmt'T"' i. o'ICE I'rIe sulsaeriber having lurhosed the in Slterest ofltr (ioarge I. Shorlt, in teo JLtb Printing Ofice of Win McKeln &co, will Irot Ihio dy sennlil. nlO t uIcuiuens of iJob )rinltlllg ill hi ow name ald for Iis own tccouut. Wtu MeKI".AN, Jntuary Lst, 1838--j3--ctr nfCamllo notd lCotmooun err 1Is'1 or lislaid o note of N. Gfoilltl, idated r Ju E y, 103:t, ant .lrle six monlorb toliter (late andti to is on orTder. ll by hitn ondursel, for seven llndredl dullaro, wilh itttt'rrt :t tts intl often per,"rot li* t to n turn. ttyment of said notte hatit Ieetn rto1ted, all" Iersnn Illo forwlored irol tradillg r the smle:le Jaun3 A. mIC.1 tIF y. S( P rIv'F-M\lr. l nrlo f llo nor r elireinr d frolm wl l y nrsaled It, alR panrtoer of the iirt of rJ 'l'boy tr i. r(.,' eo thu first day U' Oll, tber lost, by Mitin r'n-int. Io J ''lrThaer &'C 1t 'rwitlchetlllare conlnrued, nott will still Sttlt'iltrttsi It, l ltin l'ss as l0t lltl , t lld' lirelh Ie ' J l'lhaver & Co,' andar ore atloriz,.d to clou till the resi tae of tie Inte B urll Newo Orluanr, Janllnry 4lth, 1113f. J 'T 'inri;.| Vift ni fIr .tall by tic1 atllcilterl;, i '7be Private Jttlurnil lofi : iSor Blr, in vill, So, Iy lurlltbe I. Duvic, ulthor of llemoirs of Aaron Iltter, natlly bolulnd, 'Ihe IFar Weot; or, A Tour betol thea Morntain': IA r voln. Also a nocr' supply of Ilomew ard tlownl, and oitahst novrels of Coop. 1h e las mound, y 1.r. Itt'Cttlh h'ra ' o nttllUar eia l I)itioT nr', I vol, a very valutble work for tile cutnercial wolrl. E JITIINSA & it, jn7 corner Srt hlohrlhs & (:onllnton t I il ,C]i . ` 1-- .i c-e s- s we,'t t'hiw'ohhl am",hooling lt flolll sitp tr o lltltiuri, ,o,fr solle I bI j.7 I -.hA n tiol Ili jt. ttn), 13 Plu onzire oi LAW NRO'T'I: 1C --. JA11A':i XAY IElil, ('olritti'llor ad Attore I JXoaeph l. Il'hile Col., blte tIlelrgts ion : r, ICti t t1 th t I, t0. I ',,l Atotltr ito ] tf rbt '.llo r'lllP lllh:i ,'1. I tllfronlr 'tliron il l tIaIIII' in olhi'h he iv r,.i~ ll·,1 i"l "fl'erns. t'ol. ",Vhih+ hsill ill 1ill I'a+("+ gire nll ' lll"l 1*. i i, ina r oIo sl t1' t igrrt ll , l ti o ., ,f i ala." i *, 00tll rlo 1tr-' e0t. Tttrt lof rllrxs. lh. '"we·. :.n 1i l 1 tI.ti t w (t l'celt.t l t la est ciril law h ' l, o al \ r ri 0 all l t-l t tneli te . e n tir I tt.snd Tles, In ll ll[ il I,0 o I hillh Jan,^+5. 1alihehld i' retah l n utt ,hrim " in' ll lIHn \ .'nt ill , '|'exit% IDill lvTeive iy 1 0) mpo, r.. M l vsle b is a ', torlllo t rr. l A lto 11 l . 1, 1 \\'lli'E. (l'(', I )C , l,,'.E I DIAS! D[(i'l" IONAILI? Al lt 0I Cvt lt tl,din,-t17 voI s. ,dinburg I IWy'Z{ tll ! t A0t1, o, I t i viti, it ,n , i: ort cms Ienry MOt.zinn, o mr 18:17 3 GArt o a':, aitill rb ol' i li tli tuti cirr . A , foo; al r') )i'l ar I I coo. loc ro i ,"-iK) oA , tl t ot, 1Ve'1 sor's do | vol tl.J llllno &t' \Vitlk+e,'t Ii.i ii rv I rid J li Alit ollto Itrk o Irv olu tl V ter' itionlt Aiso a golttd c llersirt oT gileon, Ia t elltrotod f t0v nl. itly orl y Itols brall tty. ,ogotller mint ()Iy., ja Rer ,c -2 l AII" 9'uiu itii O t 0i 0VlX rl iIyrl sra-ieoliolo lt t 'rttf e 11 s aleory A Ila u, Otlal rstltmrlrt rSltt,0t1+ Ciguc, Sftre bernt qrbIltulity-''eoboo, legnlilo, cu1oaro, fdr anngcdlo wl Pia orte IcAnintt eW ei ja7 17 &5 58 Custom Ilorle -1 -,ICE-8- 0 cn.r l icolnding rom shbilp Almena, lfrom Chorletton, far .lt,+ hb jol4 J 'IIIAIYI & : t, 74 Prydras A VAI.ABLE S'''A.NDAR"l WOIRKS: Wilson's t)rnithnlogy,9 volImes, imperial Quar- Il to, cotored patter, 1Bnupanrt's do 4 do do do do I)ugttld rtllnrt's works, 7 vale, 8,o, ridgewnrler Treatise , in 7 vols, l.tII's Geology,2 nots,, 1 vtler's Universal llistorv, k vols, Sir Walter Scott's comopltite works,7 oles, do do do Waverly Novels, 27 vols, do do do Poetical Works, I vol, Encyclopedia Americana, 13 vols, Cooler's Novel's, 26 viav , Irving's wtrk-i 12 vols, Mlunot art's woork, in I t 2 volts, Byrlon, on I aid 6 vol, I Lumbe's wo'ks, in 2 vola,, Iryden's works, in 9 vola. Bllrke'a do 3 do, Shokspenor, in a greit variety of editions, and bindings, Together with n great variety of Law, Meodicnl, Theological altl Miscellaneoos wnorks, whilch the Ip licore respectiflly invited to call and examine. jal4 A TOgWAR, 49 Camp st I llRTINGS--Forty bales extra family sheetings; ftrleen bales extra heavy brown shirtings, lalding e far sole by ISAAC BRIDtGE & ('o, jan8 131 M9gazine at LANNEI.-Landing, ten bsles o n .annllamnls. ibr s'ale by ISAAC BRIDGE& Co, al8 1:14 atgazines tITTER..50 kegs GarheltBltter. Inalll, and for sale by ~jd _ 0 sld J I' WIItITNEY. 73 ('7ll|) DOlRT FOI.IOO..A splendlid ssortlntoet of Frtoltch fri- S tium, .rious sies tnd tt ttera,t. for ,oooyb DAVIDYEI" ald co. ja Now York Stltlouuers' Htllt. 2t Chartres st ON DON rtnnard library editions, tof - ree and I valoable works, for safe by the subscriber: CONSISTING OF THE Works of William Congrve, it 3 vols, do Shiltey, droamatic ond Iteticanl, 6 vole, do ShlftsttAry. in :t vls, do lteotmont & Fletcher, 14 rolt, do Ot.tny. in r onls, do HIome, 3 vrtls, with an account of his life, tby hoey lckennzie; do Sir Willtian lTemr e, in 4 volt, do Etlernur J lin, 2 vein, ot, I do Fietdt. It u volt , do Rorco, Lco Xth, 4 valn, do Lort,ltzo de Medici,3 volte, do tirbharda, t Clariona ar ow, 6 vuls, do Sir Chareso Gradiso. 7, In addition to the above, a large collection of on dont edition scaroe works.. Wi MA'KIAN, ja21 cor Camp and Common tsis R ICE-51 casks, and o 0 titlfcasks ptihne Carolina Rice, landing fraott brig Debolta, ntd tlr sale by jalo J THAYIR & Co, 74 Poytrams ot OR SALE-A tams Dtor, (alive.) Apply 175 Rsmpsrt st. _jatt BO' fron shilpAr no, 12 cases of irne calf sew'd1 Roots, for saie by ja17 I BRIDGE & co, 131 3Magazine at MAYJIALIY tF N:WJ I.f--t .AA-N.. TlllHi l.e tr Irnsh flmr to-day is $8 00 porbarrel, t acrordil, to the tttril; tbm batkers shoall gi du itng tiom tltowting week (frmll Monday t 1rst iln.) 36 m, ces of broad for t littr. Bread of the stcoln toality ir required to weigh b5 per cnet. more. vit: "15 outces. t jsnl3 C. fENt)Iy, Mtor. CITY BANK, r New Orleans, 6i Dee., 1828. N OTES of the Municipality No. 1,of New Orlennr , Sof the denomninntiut of One, Two, and Three I)ollrs will hi r,,ccived in po.onit nnd in ripo-il iby 'hlis 'lllk. o1I and on all nlier the first Mollnday i.millUans. rynext, will be redeemed in specie. ItOBI'. J. lAI.IRIEY, dl Cashier ico0 REN'r.-A lot in Julia street, near the new loi . in, suitable for a wooden lumber vtydl. Apply at 9 lIunk PlhIcc. julll: ( LL and CANiDL.s. 17 casks bleached winter r strined spelrm Oil; 16casks tunbl'ncled do dti do, 33I boxe first quality splrm Candles, assorted sizes, reteivetd direct from" New Bedford. aod oo.v loading roun sloop Iedford, ani ti E, slto byy d31 J COCKAYNE, 25 GCraver at MRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, Removed fromn 17 Customlouse St. TO NEXT DOOR TOST. CHtARLES THEATRE, CORNER OF POYDIAS & ST. CuARI.ES STREET. autg9-1838. TO I I'ENT. A LARGE and cnmmodilou Room over Levy's auction store, 53 Alugazilne street. .11Ply to NV -IE r'ENE, .itrhotirpher, on thle premises. N B-The above would latkk a good drill roanct. tnov:a JI)REPAR!ATtI)RY to Jelffrson Col sei and to oth ers eonducted by HI. tGrunet, LL ). Exchange Alley, beteteen ,mti and Ilienville. Thi situation waI tile most eligible that couhl be found ei entirely free from tihe roiseo of the streets and the rattig ofdys andy arlinges. The Jefferson Academy is divided into two depart metss. The Junior or elementary department for the various branches of common education in French and ill IEglish--l'te Senior dleparmrenot for Lautin, Greek, 'lethemattties, &c. Punctuality, order un t discipline are strictly enjoined and observed. 'T'erms. Junit DeI)partment,per mnonth; $10 Senior do 15 Spanish 6 let. Boltost, sule, paper, &c. charged neparately ond. A emothonce b.on,to be paidin full; 3rd. No deduction for absence nor for holidays: 41ti. I'aytnets to be made regularly every month. tch eol Ihumrslroo 8 I- to 3 o'clock, tXCet 'Thutrs days. eep27 FXCIIANGE R.::LDING Ictut)u.t IIE properietor hat re-titled his Reading Room,,io tile St. (hurnes Euxceihnge. COller ur Gruvier and St. Chtrles street, n the n'atPst manneur. Ilsideo all tihe rrincipatl I 'rs of Ithe United SI uses of cury city and state. the C(nmdas, I'exots and hMxi eo and Ilaan1a, toI rolo is regularly anld cxtensliv Iv uilpplied withhe latest Eropeoan papers, I.od'. LtiRls,and Price's Price Cuirent. Also witl neiat y all the L1rary Perodical of tle day, and has Ithere putlielntious of it,- Ioelttdl, Etdinlburg, Wetmlln..ter rletropolitan hervicws and ltlackwooods liagazhine. The Norlh American iReview; the Sotlhern I.itertro Knick 'uahin-t lli('rlhay I)lmern.ll iv ic { 'ew,( d man'lell'S a gurtine, itonthl , I'"a l isell +nv the Mexico l(hilurginel It.virw, andl a .ariety of otLers. ,\11 these works erre e.urlrv sub cribed for itd revei. ved. 'f'he romit is also e tpidied with a lat, e vat iety of mops and atlases, Nilet leliater, l.ev's 'rice Car. ent from itt cllnlteltclenonet, Gazatlero, and a variety of works ofl reference. The most a,:tioe & intelligent news collectors areetn ploved, i, give thel earliest urriwval, and o plins nor eox ense will be patrted to reader tIis ltenadiltg loenn the iret the Unhted Stolates. Subheril tions are respectfully receive1. NIEW OItLI'ANS . UAAILttAl.I.TO N RAIL ROAD CO.II' NNY. ARR\1GEMENTS FUR TIIHE WEEK DAYS. From Ctrro . Pln N Orlralns.o. ltrse Caralt 4 o'eltck, A, Mlo.Iros Car at 5 o'cltck, A. Lcomontivo e " il.,eoutivo 7 10 " " 1 [ 1 " " 4 " " 6 Afer I0 o',lnrk Cnr, can bo othained by paying 10 dolt. larlfir thle Trip. till; JAC'KSON AND I.ACOUItSE S'REEI T CA RS Irneoov.Col street atti elmhik, A. M. a orn ootrly. At e,,lf 1 o7 uh .lock thi ar enr will m l lllla'ia every hal I hollra l l eollilllln throughol ut the l ay ,i ntil i u'.lo 'P 1' |. frolm the h,. oi ofJack.eon treet. Pesroll, going by the Lncolnillvll must providl thenmselves it'r 'ickets, as ii h lllny will heo I l.n l h% theo . Olfie- New Orlelns lnd C.itrrolll llail tr olld (I lm :llly, Poydrut treet. 1011JOI IIAtII'ON, neV.i Cfllif tng N. C It. t. CARiD. f IIE P I'rincipal of the I7 g~li-h, French aned Spanish S Aradclcv, No. I1 fIt. (;harlrs strret,,ut unuaces t his friends la ed tIe,, pulflic vith Patitslio..lion, that his in.titutlnu is now il; srl CCe sfll operation, Ihnt lie hoper s .nn Io hav his cmnplinmeut of pupil:, wvhich will be IHe inkes lis opportonity of ansuring parents that notlhinlg shallll Ire wantin,. r hih may contribute to tile condmt r a r imprroverentr oflhir rori (7: 818. (I'ORE ;1'V. ,1i'THi . Surreon I)errirt,frorm I'hrilnrlrlpbir, J I i r; r r t rl ir I f t ih e t ha h,r li erlthrr'lller l or C Newr O r., leIr ea[ ihat the has I,,ratetl11 h e Inrldf ut r1. liiG, iCnal Shrrfe, oppr itr e the Statr e rr House, where litl. iil Ie happy to at~r r dl to any prot'e.ssional ienrrlrrll.r.rrrirrrlrrrer'rrrrn irrrr rrrri i " rrrril r I e..\ tll Inot !lllvingprei:nsty v I <iler d this ity takel t.he lih.rty r ofextrtri n. r rt l rlm rIo ll rrrrei rrillnda Itoy let,trs, thus he hlear:, ltie follawing te.thinonial fro n thll ! w o h rvte k n i im rl' ll r r.illl In It llr r tely.r Ih el' la ia lrrrH ¢ with 1.r r. -:mii e rth perr onally ir irr the , .lult:. ofli , IIIrr'rlrr , I 0 tl rr rer'r i t rrrrri c n d I A tqy++N, s l Dn .IItI.L (scat::: 1 ' I f:r :)ll I rhl non peratnr whom I i a oall te well rrle md by hv. dIieelhlrxe o{.lutios (tltrllsted to S ll r ll rr II III hll r Iq,..rlt el r r n. .,e:t i ,irr,i bl eX ellt orf ru, r prhr Iserrrly and i.r rrr rrorr orr rr frrirlly. srhi:iIElN I 'TTNG. 'rlll Riev J J Rrrr tnernl. lii.iollrry at Syra, in ;ireece. I Walru l illc Pr il rlrl11 Ir r iO DrIir.Smr itrir fair eopprlr.u Rni) rf loig mlly .rll rt1I III ' nr i r he in llle illr i Inr lrrl ti a I rl t lh Or.; l the gI -i:rtl res-, i: s . ai skiit with i h ,li, r.lits hir oL , rrto1i u ' are Planlerd it only by Iilia . WIlelll k.-, -elr: r ill g l2 ,everyrrhiL " 1t l e r hiShe i.i . I Itl et.allrer I lr N Arr Orleans:.. Jnro r Wilcox. Erq. I ''llh·. Allel,(:l Ulike k Ao.. I ShAmrrlir irhintrd r & (ore, Ne w Orlennes. ril i ( i rirla r ei J el. an I a . C C uatilrt s Irrihrtr I q. L) e., 118 r3r, ltil r.lrlrirhr rnorie, rhnr Extra night Car rwill pletiv lle ea tr hCll,:s , IS)ve';tr street, nt hilt past it rrrlrrk, t. Icr. hI i latlevrth nra d irlorller rircirtr dr aces. '.rirnl r lektelsr7 Ir- calri, r r .t i 3r per r minhed. JOelN IIAMI 'Sr )N, nov2--tf Cihf. I:ng. N. O.& C. R. It. j jOIt IS Ttr:'11 I'AS'I'i--Arn elegant and hiighly t rpproel drentifriie; tile irs' prepnrrtior ever Irut p for the teeth, just rieceied llt tire IBlzaar. BU111 & ALLEN, d29 cor St Charles & C mlllr n Srr ..r r xchlr a ýI UslCAt. INS'I'RUMI1.NTS FYt) MIII.L'ITARY m ANDS- lhutt receivred Iand Ibr sale Irby the sllb. crillrr ierll mderate termrs, Cllriollets ill (C lild II .lit do in I alnd I flant : I'irroo, and ritertv Flutes lI)plh cleidesr ; 'I'riangles, Fiel odrnll iolon I)romtrr; Catalry 'Il'rulnts. ilaln; IIrrrr)O¥ r II .r ritcilrrrks rr 1rrok - bones, ietter; French Ilorrnt'-'rrr'''i; Cymbaal. E. JOHINIi (to, nev 30 corner St (.hlrlCmr aoid CrrIrrOOOr Pis .1 ANIrIOI.) .-8 llt', It V----Wilroi -,rImrro-ed . ManJlhd \Vlit ri ii errerv st rP, just reel+" d at ilrd BAZAARI, enrer ol St Chi.rlnr anid Clromr on srs. LUSI & A8.1.AN, nov"0 Exchangu hlotel. r'I'OVIZE ! Stones r! S [tir'Ki:, C. Nv ' lt Levee, are receiving per sl p J:;:hl Illli, an addi t[inil rill rply of Srirver; ,hei, assrtllllnelt or istrr e low of Slror'sI Ptnellt Coalr Stover, of AiL sizes; i lilath phia Radiator Coal Stove; Coricar (,rking Srove; G unasrn's shiprand steanl boat Cook'. Stves; also stove pipe pIiit up to order. r21 13AEXAS I.AND SCIIP FOR 8AI.E-The rrlrscrij Sbel'S oer for sarlor, rtwenrv I:lorts ofslrix hiundredi nd fartv acres rf lnrd, sr c h. lBy the rr t i thr e egr s :attirs tllia scripi can be held uud'Jocaltne by fioreigllnrs, rld i.Irtirsrarle by usrrgir n nlnr nrvi9 T1'IeS B L-E & CO. OltlK-Mless 'dPtine, at ab e i , for oale b Sjn4 )f}SIES',, Noe Leve N E LW BOOKS-Tlhe Prdate Journal of Aaro; 11 Burr drhin e I ts reidee ofhtor vyears in Vau tope, with selections from hloisc orrespdence. Edited by Mattltvf 1 I Dayis, outhoer of mea oirs o Aaron Burr &c., in' vols. The Far West; or, a Tour byvond the mountains, embnrcing outlines of Western life and scenoer; sketch e oftite prairies, rivers, Incient oollands, early settle moent of the French, &o., 2vols, just received by jn7 W3. .I'KI".AN, cur Cooop a Common st V-ALUALIE BOIKS--For Presents, &c.--l)rawing S nolua Setp Book, in 2 ports, containing 72 su perb steel aine D'Artnite, 73 inle engravings, prinutd in French and Iuglisb. Italy, France and Switzerlund, in 2 parts, with 9f splelflid eteel errvoinage. Syia, the ioly Lend, Asia Minor, &c., illustrated witfli 37 frge engravings. Th'le above are of raol quarto sfze, and are boolund in embsseod leatlher, and handsomey gilt, with gilt edgeas &e. ce. IondonChristion Keepsake for 1837 and 1838, rlya octavo, embossed cover, eilt edg-, &c. &c. TIhl fe are on eonsienoaent, raei .ili be sold very cite, ill tile New Yook ntationer's lall af0 D OVID FELT & Co.24 Clhrtret st BILLI (11D BALLS AND CHECKS.-1 lurge as Ssortment of Biliard Balls of sioperior quality at the Bazaor, corner st. Charles andn Coalnon-et. Bltill & AL.LAN. nov 30 Exehange Ilotsl. ( UNNY llAGS---0 bales 2 bosbel laog ia stoe;' and for saleby G DOR1SEY, 44 No" Levee. d17 1'ANII.LA CORD GE--50 coils assorted a.ze 1i ta loding from ship St Mary, and for sale by j3 P LAII)LAW, 66 Camp st W ISKEY--IIIII barrels rectified, flr sale hy jl0 G. D)ORSE, 44 New Levee G UNNY BAGS--35 bales in otn, f sale by 1 Go r1(SEYV, Jolt, 44 New Levee ORI)AGE-An invoice of tarred Rope, asserted C sizes, for sale by READ & BAIST'lO V, t jalo 7 IBank Place I O.Al .U -Atd Sugaer Ilouse tlllasse oI I4 t" r ...e by SHALL & it, WN, 93 J Aigazina st lAL'L.Io .a. & loshen Butter, afor 1 ale. i' lAD & HAIgT'OWV, ia'9 7lank Plarte bHIPPING. For Europe. FOR LIVERPOOL. 'TA'rl, ( iyft. Havrr In,hai g root ofthr 'tll-gt engaged. wtiii Io. h la dtespatl. For .___2 5&JI' Wll'I'iiiI.1,P31'aopet FOR I.IVERPOOL. An Al ship cnI tnke 210 hales rotton and rwill ptsiively soil on saturdyo nrxt, 1i41 insr. jol L I 1(2I, G l, 9.3 Cotnutooot The A I ohnd rfaEtoiling shipL JOI)N IIO'ILATIN), ('pt.C .o B orr, t win l rtf ivr rer eh.hai ethave i reater partor ch. For. goong rghd ood goioq oal Iooral. Fotr frtightt of 2U aleot t oetno, or pogr al topply to hnE.r inG.e ls .InWIII''Eip7T. J;AMl Et - The T fo finehi i ENMIAIR. LotRtN, Ca aIcr, n w ill ao e imyetsdinte despatchlI . For freight of jO2l htlet cotton, or paoage, appily to jo9 I. i (tAlE., 93 Cottmmon at FOR LIVERPOOL. S The finer lintrst t .tlig tip ST. JAIIES, OCat. i) Hcwt, cnater, will waeve jttttodiate despattch. For ittlottle ot Iregla t or p rtfioetr frbigl t of 200 I ninor cotton, or ilnvi t aegommttod betitiont, apply to 9 1. II GIALEl93Commoo stt Coastwise. FOR BOSTON. The A I Ell I'PEUVI\ N, V Smilh master,will have inmmediate despatch. For fifty tons hruvy freight, npplt to ja' _2 S& J P WAITNIEY,73 Camp st FOR NEW YORK. The A l Ipeket ship WARSAW, Wtin • P 5lendelll mast r, havaing part of her l argo -engaged, will meet ith despatclh. Fortfreighlt or [tnasage, apply on board, or to jaol RIAlt & IIARSr.VW, 7 ttak I'lIne FoR NEW YORtK. - The AI fats sailing btie AlICE Jor dal, lhaterc having all her freight engtgad will have despatch. For passage, It.vtia 'It BOSTON. The new and fast sailing ship PIIA'RSA S LIer , i. \h', n tr, at, will ha1 t h tmedite tielpatlth. For freighl of 2110 iales cotton or passlage, having splendlid aeatomtOade.ionas, aprply an board, opposite te l trleanns (Irtton Prers, or to mirt,"n J nve e Ined Jl W \il l IIN' EY, .:n 4p l t . . t woi - n , n ir t h av< o d . Fsh l l o r fre tg h t o f jalo S.,' .i I' Wll 'I'NFrV, 73 Ceap Mt FOR NEW YORK. Atw ao Yor% Y.ta Olcate. Line. A LINE of packets It been estalli-led to run be tween Now )ralle and Nw Yourk, to CaonSltaof fi. first late lships, viz: Ship St. Mart, R WV IF"lter, matter, "leplubliaan, J I lisell " " Aaiurl, I, I'ltuli'y, ne, Ibuildnig, Thell ships were luilt in New I'rk expresaly ftr this Fllllji'(el t drrt nli~ ll al lito I:ar :lo.nonllld :liat - aS fortpa-s'Itg ers a prl' c all tlat ,Illi lee re ltirel d Cfr ctlllllo ;rt andl oenvr llnl)nc; find their emmnnmlllll:4H s tire me,, Il ex a rittce. t till It,, sahip- n w, Ittildita are c: pe~leted, too first (lass ship; s ltl suppiy tt ei places. The grlnte't prlllc. ttlitv will 1,e ohllsrved in the time of sailing, anti (,v,,ry nousonab|,f• atPt:.nmtlnlut ation extended to p 'at scinrs. For fartller planlrulars pply to 51-ssrs. Johnson al. Sn.tden, No. i Wall sttrel, Naew York, orto FOIL FRII(lIT 011O CIIAITIEIL. tatale sutiirs'lhr JUILIA ANN, altb t er, n ,later, carraintt 1211) hhdsIl . it readly to r•aiv tlut f.ra tea nlthern tort will g.a ip t down tht e river ttI, . Itad. Icor tertc. tpalv tot ja18 SHlAIL. & lIlt, \tN, 4li;'lgaa ne st WANT1ED) - A rnmaIl brig, uphblo of rerrrioog 200 111111. , suar, and lod for ohn lot. Apply t L 1 (AE, FOR SALE. FREIGOI'r O1 CIIART'I ER7 'the brig E.111":LI N 0-out excellrnt vlcc onI in every re.0elrt. shout 100 toos brlthro, or will carry 150 hlod.. Apply'00on on r ,op `or the Interior. FO1 B,4OU SAU~OlA AM) PIOAQLE2II INE. ooor. spleli1 p 0000ngo lo e 1110LLIA1l', Moot, Matr1 (1 --it,' roomsi L 1'1I I(IIII) r:IIIII1 II1I) h,-r le.-IC gooll torips oo I Iool~,l o Idae 9I111i ,ooti II(Ooclook, 0 51., 00,l nn oluouoo tit ' the, 0am hour Tics I 00 I)I(IiPe and woll continue o rnon lr h n~~c, h d08us IV ill 11e puny1I. l th l our ldte pl.I " rih or one, apply nor d ri Fu O Phll , lop1.1 .ýc?' ,dle lone hoe lokak eod of thoe llail =Z , vury I HURjSDA.lS & 2UN1)Ah'2, nter th olo~iv ll l'tlho12 o'lck co,'r, and on hlerore Tomn, leave llolile, erlery To esdnaoh nd ·Fridnay. For pnasagoe ap10l0OY oard t u CAP'l'. S0W1L1R. P S-Whe'neyer sOo'fionlo onmhr., of ponsno-gro tillellr the (iorltZ illltocht Ltny of lthe intlermedolat ladns pnpeconenlotic bring given to('p .Ooroler. no' 7-00 - .- IIAZA I\R. Corner of St. Charies 0& Comnmnon street, Ssell UP. llOT OL. PLSII h& AL.AN wooold renpectfullly call thet - P tc.Itiol of I:iii$B1111 15loal g roltoo jIoieo, lote I! IREsl·r((lrletnll of 000,00ennn InloIile.. do oeooo00io, u itlt 11ucn rents. I'aihiila:le !inert fro, ho : linen fl e loor-,: silk, 00otte00 00 Id ooelilo un ler shiomn aonI damrs:no rtobe and o-il~ols roOknociiofoo blnock ond fiooooetn. o'.o rin _otnooa varier *v:l ok- o,: k' r of lo'vr oiril~tioo:goom el mic o!l cottlon * loo001000OOsil, croon,01 nIo toocad gloveo: grnlo hoobio glooooo: 000 oo'llas and canes gold noun. ed Alno,-Spbrendid assotmenllt of lndies and Seats mri 1006d olroloh droootnin 07 raoo, potl folion, perfuoooy, cu1 cry, non! rich fo roy goad;. no ovln1 000,2 IALE' ATtlrn mannnfuotory of hlor the obooelor, Hnoisting AWheels, [.d l'lonPp, oO' all 0i0e; 50a1h, Phoster. Hhoir, &e. Turninog, Sowing otol Grinoliog doneo as urnolloy ie JU~l~1I11ClillI'I'(01. usual byy - - - I'( ll T - - - ONE twIo anerw ol.oollioog hnIoon, Noo. 6, Tri vtos tnn ntroet, eaor 'T ivooi 0> oori, standin00g black ss E froo the strt. hloving iour roomoro, well fin ' fishedII, it twostory jl - ilt. owilt fa.ts 0 0nscinlen, w,,ell an~d evrtnonooeooiroo-o to'ooho 100k iti o,oIoothooblorrrsij d1rnce f'r'b aono all family domironn of honing o-00iroe. Ad ply to J. OTT. llecl T HE saubscriber has the honor of inf lr:ing the Il. dies, that Ile als reeei d per I ships I.uaf.yette anld 1Maeneo. at supIpl of fall and winter lill:ntry, of the lateft and richest materials in PIaris, whith Mrs. callloln ex ecls to lhav opene d sl readv Ibr exam- S itlatioa on tMonday nd'rtaettstda dt neSt. 1) P hC NILAN, m3 l3 Clthrtrh t 3 Ah --IIi-t 1ke- atet nn l li.alf laid, of superior i . dl F^, H L Graviet rat C hVASt ED Itl 6 hhds rve liea., tair sale by juf S'I'P I'Sa.V t &AV. :I:Y, 818 trlder ava I IL-) 9cadikchc caut uatetrtaindarne oil, arrard t j pate, latdinhg traet hip Carolitm, and fie sale I _ja4 &te IBRIDGE a, 131 Neaczine at a LAtID-t8 kega and If brla lilsl rate article, for Isale by S r . II. BLlISTW, d1 7',,oydras a ~ OU.A.iSt..S--tt,(a;II tgialllltlll. as plhtl atl,,t 18 Ai. miles hahlol the city, f rf sale bv di1 AtI)AITS & 1Il tilA'.L, 7 st pllNCINE CLGcl.\--It-:15 tI Princile (tIigars, su terttr flavtorsa, ed lfi ale by jIs$ I BItII t I+', .t'O. :tl Magazite at .T INE-l-; ps fi ..le Ir ..lta.l ele. I .... t. ga S mtllt, v IIAL.& t nltltt N, ja1 96 ateazille st ja5 A lIlttI a1t. i T ll FR,44 -t ravier at U I' 'l'li--tll, b GeatitattGet Batt'r, beet qa.tlity landiang girot ship Elrop,. liai sale by ja5 I.I & I' h1tlSlN'i I 7TCTatm st C IIRIS't'.lASaadl'tea }ear's G./f , The Lout olnactd blet-ie-al .'hate, hir 1l"9. Egylih IE:dlifitnie f atvarious valuable a orka , witht epleatlid eellar:lii" ThE htlgli Ih oe~et, Ltibrary Editior, aite ettet rt d t ls, ill 'lktll'klvy molTroEcU hilldill, anllll gilt cdal,.. Player ]lte.o, Bih'ea, 1'. dilfereat rsiezs, atl in vari ms 1 i dll . hinldlllmg A g (.l acsle'tr 't ,ent Iof.l vellihe loak, x\. for sil aLL thte lBo ll,,k , .l to, 19 atlll slre,.. li1 AI I.:X. TOWAR. Ir At.. tttel't:3-- t1) cla KenaltckLa talae oape, ill Lastere eml fur sale by J Il IAY -:R & to, jal|t4 P7aoydreac st I AISINtS--5t aoxesa NRil Raisins, Loring's band, Sin stre alld for sale by jat4 J'I'tlHAYER & CO, 7I Poydtlr st L A I , I S' V elvet h idi -glt , tf t I nh - t t seyt - 1n ,sale hy GOSSI'P & Co, St Charles at, 18 Fxchatge llotel tOIDAGh, &E:.--11U0a sa a ltlntt e -, assIt"lat I sizes!, roll'll t 6 ilnl'll, ;+ anyalll alld kantlle atllia;la.s, Deep "seand tt allltael lierS; Rtggillag l"ealtar,&c. & eetale b jl lI:At). I&T.\RSTOwI,7 Bank P'lae.e SNE. PO(fIKa:.--Itte. of Ille Ilowl, a I re.-eel of St. 1 I lllttarte. t' Iia illltllltl"ean ,IStaltI y Ilan' 'II, re Ir llo e Robinsoa,' &e. &e. f n- vols. Jullt eeivdril ;adtl am rate h't 1 i'tKtEAN, e jell car Can p & Caeeeetn - s BUSINESS CARDS. FRED WILKINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENcPA. r LOUISIANA, I·'L' fit, rs ·ir(.Ialei( to ow pnhllic: i . if,,- depart-l mentl of Surveying- and 1:ii-l I~nciurcrinlr, Loth Iapofe,.i,,,. no.d by pr~pns .,,I fid.4t i h executionl of busineo, eutll anted to orll Ito hoplles In1 meat·l anld receive share of pnhllic Ilatramli _0.. tic wit' als~o rodirslre end calculate. thle cootrnto o lf walls and~l exeuvatimss. Office No 8 Chertr.. s .treet, secot~d story tract:. jr"7 BANK NOTI' ENGItAVLNu. RAWDON WRIGHT. HATCH & EDSON I AVE openeld an offlice in Now~ Orleal,. poeaear~ilg 1 equal ad'anz.geea w.ith their he... in New York, firr the plrpore of engraving ul.l printin~g flank Notes, horde, B~Iills of Exchange, Certificates of Itepositr, , Cheeks mudl other importanlt pnpl'"r, regn":ring seenrirv ag.itrst Iairgcriez l Iand hav ....Ie .ple plvieiela for the. caf.e kee'pi..g of all plate. and i.pressins eutrUst SI.. theircare; their epe.iO.ens .tnhrnb.e.e notes. of ovae fivelhundred hakine institutions, and all o.rders will be xeacutcd wirh promptitudein., and o te a' al leran. Office, corner ofRoy'al & Canal slreet. j.7-tf SAM1UTEL 'L13Y, Jlferchandise Broker 4 Ceemmissirn Alerchant, d13 Oftfie, 36. (Cemp at.-Foe the preeern. O. 11. BLISS. SI!IPBROIER & COrMMISSIO.V MERCHANT, No. 63, Poy-dras street, YEN-nnf.£.A Y iJ. P. FREEMAN & CO.. Wk~t., ar CI.Ud..ff E.g blishk.entJ N2.3, 3Maeezine street, J AVE conetrantol Ionttd a lurge supply of Cloth 41 in~, cnlclcl:ltt·1 for the country tradi". Their nr sortment bring Innis. rnrrchatlr i from the country can be supplied at the shortaet notice. octl FASHIONABLE CLOT-.ING TAYLOR & HADDEN, NM. 14 Chartrem aireet HAVE ernotanrsatr1ppily, f erere aricle plrtaon; i to nrtlemea's dress, of the latest style, at New lYork ries deri 2 J. B. Ross SURGEON DENTIST nor 8 No. -3. liovnl =roet. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Banks' Arcade. WILLl.JtI GB REEN, PROPRIE'ETOR I nrl "J 1i. PARHER Commirsion and Fortwairding Merchant, No. 6, FRINT'' LEVLE, U:l .TAIr s. New 3 :rleane, Fer. 2L JARVIS & ANDRE WS, WHIOLI.EALE ANI) Itl,].\I, DREAI0ERS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS DFE S'UIFFS JYIVD IVINDO IV L.ASS, Corner of Colnmon and Tihoupitoulas streets, NEW ORLEANS NATHAN JARVIS. JOIIN W. ANI)REWS. A large apply o Garden Seends. warranted the growth of 1837. & 2 1AT, ICA IALEIIS IN AM'ERICAN & ENlLISlI CROWN GLASS, NI. 3 CARONEIIL-r STRET. o1 Vi R F; % l IN'S INSURAN"E COMIPANY lOF NE\\ ORLEANS. This Complan areo now preolred to take RISES AGAINST FIRE. OFFIC s No. 24 Musson's Building, Canal s.rert. E L TIACY, New Orleans, May 1.5. 123l. Secretary. - O R ElRII' CIANNON, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 12 Camp street. Wholesale Dealer in Paints, Oil, Varnirlte, Brushes, nol30 Window and Picture Glass &e. c. T. W. COLLINS .dTTORNEJ Y C tOUNI.Si.LLOR AT LA TT. NOW ilretisint in the State nld City Courts. Cli ents o ill lind him at the lerCk's olliee, U S Circuit Colrt, in the o usom i lotlSe builiilg. j8. T IH. lls' uianir, havingi receaed arommomlion s De )utv . 'cynr of Ullited Stautes Laids, for this State, offer his services th the pdublic to survey nnd Ieal,. Lands in any pmat of Louisiana. Asl hIertnlore ail l opertins,a rilher of Surveying or Civil Engineirrinag, sit 'a nalignments,surveys, pians, drltwi l- levelia gR, profilei, alculnltiuns of excavation, embahnkment, linltellt of wnll, ve. either in twn or countsr. will b ronpllliv and l ithllfully attPendd to. C:hares rsnahle nlnd t rmls ca:lsh. fOine: 55 Ma gnazini -ireet, in Boai-s' Al' anIi. dcll-anw-3al FRiDll. WILKINSON. + l riL liEt'IPI·i Illeki.,tat Mel, Yrosti p-,dora S Shiad, Beef; pc kled 'Inullas, 'unrrnllts, Citron I Landling fromn ip M ser, diret tfrom P'hiladelplta, 20 mhlffmrrels Ihtckwhbat meal, 110 quarter barrels Bunkwheat mual, i5 ialbanrels No. 1 Shad, 25 half barrels fanlilvy Ien, 10 h llfbaI el i ickled T'Ingues, I bIld Snaiumllt nw C'rrltls, I gross i)liver's Yeast l'owero, for tale b d281 (1 WVIIRIITCIIARI) & .Rh TAG'IRT. LI IUl-200 brls S F Fir,, (alkhine) flir sle it . j3 P I.AIIDLAV,66 Canaly st L IV I1RP(OOL S,, 1:-7150 sa' ks foilt, and 751 sacks - nars I.iverpoool Salt, received ier shlps Queen Adelaide and DannInss, fli tm liverpoyt, and for allt byv !3 IOI).,120 & MILLS, hlnk I'lnee I iEAnltlll OIL --i iercas bleached Fall oil- ) landing finl ship St. Mary. 3 I,,tx's spermn Candlls, New Bdford brands landing thian sehr Mrlni, ifir saNi by _ janl J(IESPIO C.O..A CVNC, 2i i(iatier at Ir.IS'l MALAGA RAISINS-- 1(000 whole and Ilalf botxes, for salt by AIltIAIIAM 'PTItER, janl4 34 iGravierst S 2MES'I'IC BRAN IY--I bbls Brandy-flrst and I fourth proof, landing. irom ship I':rn, for sal by L.A WVi0.NCE & I.EIGE\IRE, j!a3 . 8 and 29 New Levee. THIE Subscribers offer at whlolcsae I thile following goods. IIATS--II0 acases moleskin silkl. as sorted sizen nau brims. 1i0 do ba t No do do dIll dd Nao dn do 100 cases best No 3, assorted sizes and brims. 20'do Hraver, a superior article; 50 i., Finn Nutria; 51 de Extra do 200 do Black andl Whi:e Russia; 50 di Extra BIlack Russan; 100 do Mnsklant . Ctoney turbroad and narrow bhrns, foir Lven and country trade; " d Alla ranks ofailitnry & nav.i Clhapneau; do Childrens silk aid Russi ain ts, nll sizeo. Caps-Fur, Otter, ftr Seal, .trat, Muskrat, and hair Seal, in twio dozen oases. Sealette. Cloth Cnaps-Pickwick, Polish Avril's hat FIrat, Firlge, Mtilitarv ndlireas, ido Leathelr fanging. hildren's Fanny ' urbans, Plaid and Vtlvet Caps, French patterna. Stocks--Satn, Silk and llombazine, of the neatest styles. Unlhrellh--silk and cotton. Mililtiarv P'ltnl, oiled silk. 1ilk It tdkbercl:ials--Potgae and Spitalilldas. Ilunll oxes fo hnatters, wood eases, double for dry goods. ithe abute gioos clicprisa ai larae stobk, tad all af tlieln.mst palteans. ndi will be soldatI a small ad Vyou, with cost andi chares ont New York prices. Ilhe aubscribers will take orders fir southern, wesern and Texatlmarkets, fr ithe louse ofA II ;nssip & Co., Hit Manufacturers, New Ylrk, and at the shortest passible t notice. Germanll and French LPlushes blought. G(IISSIP & CO., Naval, Military, and Fashionable Ilatters, Exchange Ilntel, inovl Carle Mr. GEORGE MItRlICK having resigned the of fice ofchief Engineer of the New Orleans and Carroll ton Rail IRond, MIr. John Ilaonpson has been ppoint ed in his place, to wh ma all persons having business with, or wishing information regarding said Rail Road will apll at the Roil Road Ofice, Poydrns street, By order of the lion.rd. (Sign..l) JOHN NICIIOI.O'N, navl7-tf Cashierc COi E. ýIllg price of Cokl fin a~ d atetr the lot day of' SOctober, will be fifty cents per barel ill the G;.l Work's yard, and if token in loantitis o onei hi.n dred barrels, .ill he elh l ed fre of drayage. I The advantage that t t article of fuel possesse o ver the anthracit lld, i nlin s coals, iglnititn ' molt readily than thle flreln anod fre. f.ln the Imto pICSmht llokrof tillte laltar,shotld indueeayary lintily to make ose of it. Orders rec:ived at the Gas Office in Banok llev. E W WELLL rep'9 d'ec'y T INISEYS--50 bales l.awell l.indoler, tandilg for sale by S1IETSON &. AVELRY, Sja7 88 (; st 1 AtE:ll.lI--'29 bbis, nd 1· half b1s. Nos. 1i,2, & 3 alucker in stde Iand fior salf by t jal6 J "I`HA\; I -&Co.74 PoIeoras lt ' ANTED-A partner wilth a capital of$10,0: 0, in v a genelal (Ol'ontlllioSion AI. I hhoio g tsinesIoh I about tto be l esalishod ill thiis citve.A al dressc d t tlo A. BI loo9, I9 t ttPOllict, sating olrten ans intervienw Ilnv Ibe had wih real rlme. will ho coosidered strictly confidential, and meet with allention. S jali --3teod 'a II~oTON fOOP- l hosest Sr note bh \Ilt il n l'tIE 31 OCvicr st ..i'RI ChI.I..-t .. boxe i .. sneo....."... a j1 l0 .lltt . IIoId TRI.I. I r, r TI LPO t 0I0 -- IIPIth llt - I , I(. ets FiCe ,h s I"Potntoes, ofa supc oir qualylaodpa . oe for saleby S at 6 L II GA!.F, 13 Common e t ______ BUSINESS CARDS. J B PIf ITINTI'NG (IF erERtr urý""rT.r""riý :ý AT THIE OFFICE 3OF TflJ True .1inerid'i Ot, .McCOLLU?1 & OSiS 1, FaEtors & Gcncral Cwmnnissiown Icerr/han.·, fiIOBILI;. References in New Orlen KirXoRss, :1Prntatri/ & frsonn, ) Pope, Pnower & CLo SI8-Im __ BAZAAlR. UVSH & ALLEN, NO. 1, EXCIIANGF. IIOTE!., Jrner oft.C (nhrlesn,[ CnmmoI' tad, NEW (, OII:ANS. I IOltESadfrlrnI r,"nh nd Eng'i h r P,"rlnm"ýry Ihrý=imll Cnllei and l I rT1:l:II Il~rska Curler', Ilnri iy, Gl,,'n, Shirti, Stock,, L,,,'Irlln', Cnneo, I1d F'ncv Anrtn'I,'. 7F sH iUSHO AJ3BLE CLUTI-1iM.. ROBLVrSOMF' Q4OODRrL',; H AVE~ con~tmlyll on hasnd eyrr~y article ;lippert tin iug~ tr. gene llr men'a marFIlrl, inl th " best um1I1I ner nal most fashionnble style, hidt they the tut dee4-I Hat LU11II,-IA.\A FURNITURE WAREROOYIS N". 53, Hie5yd' e sl t. Wi ILLYAI R. CA .\ES, Iwould re·C1etl in I firm ht ri,- la rind thelIll pahtici thaut he is (nnl Elalallv receiving f rolln New York sad Hustolsf n a Bondl assert nrnt of Farnimre, su ch an mahogany al alV rlirs, errv bdste,,d, maIhognny alnd chetrv t.t-lie of all de~scrip~timt-,; bureau,·, '"data, sea- amnr, wr itiu-lrp dahks, nwurttrnl e of ntahrap¢lla and cherryr, wadib stand-*, loo~king ilnrsrsc c ,c.I..bdi. Vio .d'. Nit. Fnrmtmofu packed etil tr iranjlpttrtait inu ait', ,rent care. no' i:( C-I JOHN S'E'E V RT, o5. 5 I, Ha Sirrcl. . A~tr Bih, COYl)lt'SI.IN MERCHANT 51PORI'T'A and doanlcril (latter.. . 'l,. he", an I ritmninga. Amlple -totng In may be had on molrd e Icracr, and awry .,iatecn pcadth t g.o. fraio rd. cd to Icis care. JRctrrrbccrc. Illcssrc. L.arva Peat ro-.- N O. (inn-alt ," a. ncccii311331O-ly _______ A CARD. CHRIISTIlk SENOTT `, IVhnfucsuln Girners and C, ,)ntnisaonn .'tf', -tilt, No. 27 Commonn~ Strict, YEII. Olle·n=, ltr'Pnrticnlarat teniiu paid to the. p, ua ant p a Stenamot ad nhtip stoles. nov'_ ORLEANS LITHOGAPhIC C OFFICE Na. a.i tla"x'e, r otn.n ut inn L.a' hAlir. /0 STABlt~iSHtr for tfhe exth tion at manps, Plana ./and drawings, merch-lllte cirrulursrp, bosinrs+r and aIdn cnrrla,,of anrVdescription, unds' viwitiar- n drop mouna ing pranr,, nftlothtanly nnd dt ilggita'tnbciha bank checkn , dran taripts, rc. printtd n t oIxat , d itl acheap and ,Ceditionsnntylehby theP, piri nC. NB. flank Notes, t atla" FXrrmed. m"!4 JtrtT n9roir llat thn te ainat Ln Ia ttaa hn'w Ilel Itdr its, 53 1iie nvi lll, meat,' 01 11 Dlplo l ' l \li,ý - Iladsread; a first rate nrtiefn. Also, a tatn d a it ifll! ba sal! tor the lowest cabh p"'icn. NV It (.At hRN jv7 i lil>'1vIl r a(1'ppt ORLtEANS LIT'HOGRAt PIllC ESTABLISHII ME 7', f53 MAGAZINE ST'RET OP'POSITE BANK', AaCAIK:. GREENE N, returna hi sinere thtankns to his f'rie ids anti the ptub~lic of New O(rleans. for Ills patronage bestowe::: on ; tl fr tht e ot t u o :e:r:. nd begs latoa I to ta'su tha+nt that aft ol'rdera Pmniiltc1C I his charge shaalita poft Utunltn ultend,,1 to; hne wal na usual, keepPI1 thle ffie open a uan i ngri th nf · i 1tha shall bre always readyl to strike elf mrrchaont's circa-l Intr, batiners aand adldrn carda fnnrnol nutiters, ato., plans, aa't drawittng, o nanrntta'ttif,, at th shortesrt notice·, andr on Ihr mostl revsunablei terms.n Being nanaintoil artital ntfapian to tant te eata blitn a menr in thn airt; an, fli'o'n Iota experiece in nae lithoagraphic linn, lie tonfa cnafidenat alfgiving entire rati~ldetiun. N f: 'Apothrrnrari and tlntuottat' Ina,'nl Prontnl it n t good stylr as copperplate angranviag,, n nt a, - tltird of iho expenseSB jyL' al aanne., afCombsan HIGH8 TOP TOnTMES T,, U.l Quill top 'lartoise T uck an dn long, Inal l th aboe vriet of1':u libl, 1rorc~an Americns manuacbtr,, Iaory fine trttntfut'a,, it tll tlhe toaet aize and qtnlitt. Ptofket,Rluck, tnohs, f nontnt' nd ans, ant nl "thee Co,,,bs, far taf by RFCE' '.11! l'tl', np 't.\3tf fit a'm~ ftotftt t 'Wi tl\V ittn taft I.tffvf alI tL-,, 1t Iftat rola of Vnrntatl'h; 5 dIto of Int ,,,tL ru, t,,ttlft per a..ip jtttLatuisnod ttrtltn' VooIhe,, satttttnttttt RIf1t,! CL. ,\NInN , a a t 11 41 E11' cu(iS((-ioar cc ci-:lic-1 dcn't uicc otiena 1l Syl hel na.l--'l'lluu holt Ilnt0 to luore Another Sweet Afton Water; The IKglhti. , Farewe',; l ] e ,aits es her in sorrow-; I ndl'sLum:ntit; They have gihen 'I'Thoe to Anllothler; Lovely Ladly line; Tl'h Bridal, The Broken leart; 3yc Heart is R't Alone; Oh! Men what silly lhiug yon are; Ohl I coul Il I love hImc; h! I'arick, FtIc Plicm t cc Thatth'ou nit levo Scou think I I;ave a merry Hleart; The 'inluin Sonucgc The ship is ready; The Sccer Moon; No (itre ;ev,' ; grieves ate; Not for 31e; I've lt.ien t, hnerl frclvh Flowers tre, Sprlucgg; I derlyi love. Thee f'ee; \\'oodtu''l ctc ' I uose ,,f Jel see; ,The M instrol wood a beauteous Maid; The Guests 0were bidden; 31y Iallher Land; The 1oid oltho Mo tcainc . ll naive I.,ce; Mnl harct' sbst Irea Iure' My "VWoodland Bride; Miilne moto dt b a sihent 'I eow; 3c c'hil ihood,'s hots i cnrewell; The Ircenwoad Tree S~oltml'oilLoh, a com,,ic sg; 0;.he wore a wreath o1 Rusoes; M. re.ltt Jane, Just receive.l and for sole at Bt CASEY'S Pilano Forte and Music stole IcIIE Rules of tile and Dis:rict ourt of the I U S tor this l)istrict, for Sale ,.t the olice , the Marshul of said Court. Apply to noeA9 J P V At.DEN. NOTICE. !lj4IIE Ofcen oflthe New Orleans and Mobile !Mail I line is removed, fror.i under the Exchange Hiotel to No.78 Poydras strcoet, ac t which placl a Ictter c ag will be kept open until I-_ lto 13 A 31. Frr wav lettrrs &l. Thost. e r Mol ie alo further East, will be pot in thie Post Office at 1lo ile. noel GEO. WHITMAN, A SELECT and frlesh supply of r l, Coluor of ev er, descri.toou, fur Seen c pnintlilng Oil and W\a tcr colors; Itrucches and artists tools, and an extens stock u' cupel ior VARN iSIIE. 'from tile manufactory ofli' I" Sccilh I Co.-cccccpcicdc. in Not. 1 t & lucuitu're Nos. I .c l colcch Varnicc, i. ncl I & 2.cordinalv domestic c lcck a Japan, and c tll'Brown do. Also,' 2(0 kcg Croume green, in 25 lbr.i each, grountd il wilt, ald El5 l aui er tlperhlir Fl'rll:h green·l, il. Ito oil. 12 bherrels Spirits of Tcrcic tinc and Polciled Oil. AI lust's Colors, Oc. (ReeveCs I oun, lcllc cdcni aud 40 hco si Frenchr Lake, forl cle ut tihe P caint Itole o he sulscriber.1 NO I)EI.I Sll---telhwn's \\Wllling FPini~t .no atlplrlrl 1h0,00 'o; P A-J Aruold's InaChlint coy)\ioo ink; T,:;rr', do Ldo do; ensvtlard Noyes blcl: writin iak; Iermin ink tor c stel peas; Perine, l (;uot c . c o's ch' k iriiiig ilk; E J L Guyot's red inlk; conStt: V iot hed tllnd sld icr sale cy "\V McKEAN, t den l' tuorner o' CIcicc & Colollccc ci s 11t' stbllserih,,r has just received end for sale The Life of Christ, wvitltengtovings b Ev.nings at Ilo e, by Dr Atkih, and Mrs Par: bauld, with enlgravines S VehtIco a 'Tr 'eiy in 5 n.1,to,bv Epea Sargent l.crd cc shccrcichcc'c ccicil,,, ic tIcc'cccct ,, 01 iro 3 vo cclicc ll cu c lc c i,clc', ofmo, re ' ,cc c `111 i ci 1,c " ; .lIcINS .\ c'c, 13 c ct St t'halcc 1.'"c aicc C.nllc'c n c r :9- for roaleby I.\1.\V'IL:'NC LF.ObIOlRE, jl 0 cc actcld 2cc New I ever4 . 51..-h Ucor~nlnsllnma c;cr scclc Icc i J.\1VIS' & ANDREWS, jlcc2 nor C'co.on &c Tchoucitolhcc stic c FIOLIACCO-211 hoxes cinia Tob'llctlo. ussor'ted, landing fronm ship llou11i1 ille. for sale he jal3 ABRAHAM TRI'IER,34 irar..erst l- AV\.1 A ,+Ut;GI(- .4 hor-- in ,-lore. rd- ar Isfe.nI b y Jrlli l., AIIA I' TILER, 31 Grarier st rlTUR.I'P-14l hhdts luti Reza 1' Tnip;l I du. So ouI r Besoct, lldlul fron ship 1'rient and llur li h~v d15 .I.SEI'It COCK \\E,| ll3llaller st A Ol.ll-S'!'; I1).+--1111 liO lPIY nIe .Muldsoe.. enasks it-,lure andi Ir ..lh. hy .1ill3 \1,111 f'l'lR i'l<, hi Commaon s 5 Scotch Ale, Ilor sale by ian3 HOLM3ESi and 'MLLS, Unnb a .A V!IITIIII)GE & O, 76 J1 nlU ziine. ! N,, )OW (GI3..(S. . 40 -hoes Chelmsind. , o,,r 1 6 saleby SH.1. f DII.-IOW , 9631uazine si SlilITE LEAD & LINSEED OIL. S 910 kent plure No. . Philadelphia WVllte ] Iend,, of Lewi.s' n+alufi~t~tnrc, recei+vliig per -hip Wal Iter aIItd !·lig C".(.t·td. Alon, 2611 kegs No. I irk 1hireh I end, manufthcore hv Ihe liaon \VWhite Ladl ,oilpany. 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JuLI-I,ý" trd. f~ll r .salt, by 1C L) j A., .LA IRA AlA' 0 to, 134 AMeaz'i:e ta. ^, Il 'A 101Am I" ID1'Sc d c', p"15 S ]'ulk Sts dune IfAA, Y4 Cso a C) Al) aIII sernl of thA A'o)eA') Af \ee r'li)'))), t, ir')),, ))eA')Cllieel c k fAor All Ioli i·iinnle l gL uilll( E JU 'NJ c& C,,, M5 er Si Cbiorlea 4 Common its "'II :n b Aroll III'deaulc Cement, landing A Aro }iA ' a'm ., ~ '' se l 'A'' j&4 .0 J P WII I'I'"EY' 7I Camp at 1 00.1 P, a r-;"O hoao· sperm Cn))))le)uarioA brands S0nd 10.11.tlIl o, 1 Soup, 4uu bozos ~late and dry Codfsh, ursueby ISAA If Hi c&CU ___10 131oMagazice It 1 A\'.LEA)AIA uA.1. ')oe)A A id lied Beane' in store July _ __ 4 Ne·w Levees T)he Diadm; edited )e31,u 'hebeidan. One of Sale e).A, ic jll lll :IIII[)' e] e) S / . acr 'e I toe Lan, "'eth Aplen'did platee , Anld it ICR' Illle rulprrb Low! ml forIH~l~IU 1831, Aa JOHeS A' Co; jO'5 ro o'f"'A Ch'arleo t Common.e eat 1 1 .j.\ AlA 1 'l l-A .Ale p0)ng 1)p)' teen r I e tan".c Cl4ie, Aeoe'.Cng feeee.emeAc . EaAe haoqur Rogefi r W'illiam=, for sole by - )~eq)we ,s Llies' el'd geo"t's InA APrlll'I poor 0' Al '0 " T ..e en) ' Adilg fm jship A.P eo,lpu1 fo cecA.e'c')))' vbb .Aeebg'eeel A I:I11UAC.E P Ac ICo,1"4Alagzine c LA I L°--Just rc'eai~e7 3 euiea oo eery splelndidl 19 \\'el-l Slates, ont) woo e I o iri, ,ier s Iae by JO,11 Ne Yl'lk 1 2tntionlorJ Hall LA A oU'o"' tile Bowlv;bvI te author oA A Holr~ .oo ljbiesone (1!ivet 'F~ ist, in " \ o·ocliv ome) lt.te, The only l f ,nughlrrl, vole,. S Calet; or tAle IlRecllelc'.)eo efa male or tIh R.'bertuen') Pcragme,ev, ^viol, Nnlpolr, n )lemon s, toee eCUineg ~i 'It Pr'i.e Clag lIAce Ieee Al'ceneeb'e'v iI~ece'e iv e 2 le Ii cole TIe i'a ofT thbr tca 1, 'iie Iueio)i lel unto, b c; e.A)vl IIuur lIll Inelmlnrii;m, by Misis I Indun,, 3 v·olt, I.nt, Or -rotihed and for sole by AI.EX -TOW'AR, 49 Cneep I_ ADA ALAL C: CEMcI'2,'l', loAe sile be jnlAl RIElAD & BALRcTO', ;Baek Plane T III. svblcri)lr bevmg takeen i re'nleelioes fir Pr'OOf oolrchouserr r, scrittill? · n/ors Lisr s,, ric to thle IIIerel lllr s and uode,.; of Sc,, ()lej t I, , it e CIIII-P nild : alesol Ilde=, fors tit d peltrieS sod to( t.I~ l":,,1. the , Ic, u,, .,rid n+ ,cool, muss, 1 e B P.P toboe go cd ;A'", )IIv'. lie 0'el AaCI e o rekind o~et l~,.d: eon tnr.ý;,.t eI5 v ' ', o , mop. = relen. .la'A, Al A1 l.'.IAJ'I"'T R ',III1 S IEI\l;S--I 0-4 bl!ls Runin iSheet Eh ill·, nal- by 1 iiT 1ritU & C5o, j.,1 76Ingsins 5! 9 fur tbI, 1' 1. I.i1DLAW. 11 ---G6Camp st 0 Lls AII I300K-l).R I = I,(.sss- anu lbkeale nt 1he 15eok Slbrr, 49 Csnspss uit,:-Issneau '. f J illls'.,. S',sals I :Td 15lav.s, Imund-Lkto~'s prncticnI Sato ry" Wic'j n~lt'r's An~atomy, IIie t,..r\'9U A s sisil Plssul,,gy;1 l), rsid .lsss utnsty, I,,nl'.9 eo I sl[iu Shies ii :' Anusmiu.- by I oat': ____________________ A SI. 1'I'S 1WAu. l1.'s((1: F 911.1(- 4 e sra- intedl rn'hionible pnt tl~rl=; lireE pullgee:k I1' dkslrrhienIs rouire and fir noIo. by I$IAs 01101165 &Css, 1017 131 Mnigzine et )Ot) (I.I.S. AWinterpr:esned spermn Iii 10 3,01 FPulluonind do Ill 1.01) Rlefind )t Isle 0.1 10 hill I ssinsscr aVI For rnid Iby WIIITRIDCBl & Co. jnll 76 lagsinnie A i \iL Ldsnion of iii W'i ller Scott1's Poetrga is ' 5 iii b uS , I u, Alss., . .unew ehlitisss Its Waverly 1na'ovel is 5 eol, ju'5st eive iinid for sale by A T(WAR. ju17 49 Isapat d rNK--h13 nreined ):old ink, li.r arvi-ter. .hnol' an I "private r.... Lnd es .. id find it '-~r ,rt eo.·Cnml pailnin-', suiting card, &-".. to lie . 'parliur to a" Inkl ever iilt'ol1l rld t ' the 11166c. 11'9)1 & ALLAF· ý, :1 Fancy ý:t r. Exchange B. tel

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