Newspaper of True American, January 25, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated January 25, 1839 Page 4
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AI t, VA1;.,,t 11i.r; AND 8 :.,Vlu UdD! V811? AOL8 ANO SCARCE. Pnr.i .p.m o - Vo- Sin 1Tub ilefi,1 GPM-, Ivih ·Inplrrt Ec~!o ed net Wnbbulhý r hilnampi,;o ,I? L Nutur.F O'!U i }1 led, Poriu 1i7:1.'. ~n~t~lu;8alull .Il ~lI*ICIrae l y} xeu AIEICAT. wY~c~li i it /n Fevvr-:',rthilil ani lily, , I11 I."" 1. ligt'-4 11 dicnl Jur.a 5ridenc on L'2!1 1 ity H" 7 "~ n Fever-Pr t rnl"{ ~TI In;Rltil' Aiudirbv Illuatrato"l-^''" popu'" r llodicin -l ot. pop39¶r 10:l 31010 COMNERCIAT. A\D l.xTICAL. r~nhl ~,n~ Ofl Repnootoov, fo. llS) k'0000''n'.o1il Iiuuontiters, Liudef ýa Alsonnitc fr 18:39 ,duic,.'o Navigationf .1 o c, ~rlirn n f Arrlituctros , 1,00" 2,.I -o Arcljtctil Ar,: ololvols. .nndnnl 1" fr...w l Afr ilteoltr.LI ") old 1 C.sslro 2 !"Ws llchnir.'s Fnev clowDdia," Loulon alt Jl thematkal Tables 1P iloouphic::i pliicellnnieR from the t nLirt Jonff n " and 13. Coolonn lord 3neln'0 Wori e, 2 vale, lonlmno tdlillc ll Corioyitiee or Iiter.otoe, I.) kklitical Economy, b 'Say do Vethlke Vlckhan' Li' ofgiler a tcatl, 2 vol. lColinoodlnod lonhilo. hy Pre..oott,3 vole YhokOePonro, . lendid edition 7 vou,' Aro Ad o orsaneio of TeRer e diCol. souR . ika tic'oj Niscellanenus itonLP, Nov) it, inunrriea ( Grammar, English and r'noao, L.tin and Gieek. 11 JOHNS & Co. V26 co. Clo.ri.ans 00, l'oto, I'. ftowVANTh, TO7\e Cat\ I out." For treanten.e aruI ere q/. tLe Fever and Aeue. I11'will he rdil- Ili+ .lrverelt Shcreilat e 't'eeh, hix lure in W tulr.i[to Ihbe rtlis d v l lc i. o" tr. eine Ile- ['e',or hod .eu ". Il the firet 'l,.e. le nl" fg Vet. table Extract. nod hrer frotm ev rdettrlus and po ltsn .,a insredietls, it tone Ile alnc wilh tih lle II Fafe ty owyn b1 the tlender infot, it, read innsldl,. It p e eelns relepsefoflh disee, r.cnns,-,ts euly the em n1Ft" tionn *OIt rrc'giiuls irr wa'lnted i canlletl liev. It. eleb. flshes tt Ra in | nled ]elnnnrtlll rl i ,€lit,, hvy i ,, it lratll z II1 setnlo~eell'ld ,1'd H :t relilh tothIe P 'll. n ,Plla eofI1 trt. Heiem, peen. n-ia- Il' l ai jeeureeme qhualt. it relneinR uttin tie llhve.hC Ile 1'rrnse thhn , serter l"r to create ether dtllese let th..rugu v Clpnlr the ' 'ereal or alls f dlieastial, eeil this brtrfit, Iine .tsmr1 witll lI|leter IoIrI stTcrtia e it lai he l pprejtsI. nldiiidnalie, Ifrr tie nee Plltc loma hiaell, testY. sefn epllple.. fo illt tle USual t Ie ceue' oP he deese,. . d hl'rereapped uy tlllltlllll. (If'etIrnI wherltls he tshe e II;,le cfmlrrl(I Irel..die-, teleel ie e wlvr rea ted ius ilsfren d eli eai hei: ' to rea rence 'I'hi" rlneers r frequent rel pies f Ihe Agre is ver y ,,, ' . for the elslten will Onion beomee tlo mlltll pr-l~tate rlo be slle to react wih 5ll.trdIhlle, nd FIdr-e'ily elt In vir, el In t Irtch icheee eshnt vhll . 'tche 'Irs lt I' it'ire is ,utrid at such at ressml ale prie,P, nn to IInrc ,, "`i hits tine lRCth ufI.very on! -- o t111111 Iht t. p.icr nnl lIltu le are r-.y,,r lirnishd ..... ...! .. . ..i h . I the noltlldslttdllle nee whichtllt lf rh,,eltl dcteicd to themll. or rlsel vell retllelnletlt heeleserd. 'lh.l'en a ei;lOro r I' weti1y rllblcs rled .glln tlletr rpI riPt it.,iis.llto A lthlis medicine, thlt are daily Ilihered I: i. he,cd nalr b. Dr .l thl Il. Row:Md, it his Lale)letrr. .ltnrell stnme , 'lhiladellCphlia. The .tut u., 'ilerr. !11. the whnleolP ete)( fortlA for th~e Ilnen I.teleItl -ets, fI d ell illesll r I hee htrr at ls Philallelphia priee. '1' be had ai d ct:il aIrso,. m.s.etlthe Apotlcari s ill in. city. JAIltVIrt & A'DREWS, W'htirrale I,rutieils, mactO cot' Celmmerl & ''elel ilnllic s -L~___.... Micssaippji and Louisiaits hotel, A RS. MARY KIIRKLAND respe.tfllly an. nounces to her rriends and the public peer. ally that sie is prepared to accommnodlate them at he above establishment, and hoper from her mxertions to rendor visltors cro.ufettabl, to rer.ive I eontinuance of former favors. She ftol. confi. lent that persons visiting Covigltan dc!uri', the nmmor months, cnnot fihnd better accm odl)lll imosi than she can afford thern, on ilor, liberal terms. Her horise is pleasantly situated, anco wcll tupplied with every nonvenienec; the bhr is ruroio.hed with the mriost choic liiponrs. &e. in slort,shn promises ''tat nothineg shall b.t wattin o helor part to give Sttireo sajrfooclinn to all wtrI may patrouiz, the Mlissisippili and Lomisiana hlotel, jo.3 *110s trli fffLIC. .hela udermand. havingv Sstudied under Dr. Sol midt of Chlarleston, mouth Carolina, and fir Smol. years his assistant in the practice of medicine and surgeary, has hahe Ioaor to offer his protessional services in this ciy,. .e assures the ladies and gentlemen that the mnrst prompt attention will be paid to the calls which may be made; and also offers his services to the holders of tlaves, being aell acquainted witll the disseases common to them, having attended them in the sugar house in Charleston. The fanous anti bilious pills nater the componstion of Professor Smollette. w ith directions, can be had ofthe undersigned. The effect which they have produced in this and other cities, has been attended with the greatest success, to whir, the hest of freerences can be given. Apply at N' 1HG Maga. sino street. JNO. at'LORING. hULLUw WAItE, tO iC--T EWS, SAD IRONS. &e. THE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, DI. 238 Water, near Ihecklnan street, New York, have received the past season, and are eohstantly receiving large and extensiv'u additions to the slock of tihe above goanods, which now consists of the allowing assortment, suitable for the soutlhlrn and western markets. Hollow ware of supelrior quality consisting of about 1500 tons, viz, Pots of .21 diflbrent'sizos, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 31) gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, Bakepans or Ovens, 7 different sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillets, . . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Ortddles . . 4 e do Fire Dogs, . 6 de Wagon boxes front 11.4 to 4 3.4 inches Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 20,1000 gross, ironl and brass, from: :8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a -uperior quality and finish, and less than Jame's imported prioes. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 Ibs fbr retailing. Tailor's and hatter's Irons, assorted. Sash weights, 100 tone, assorted froan 1 4.4 to Olbhs. Bails for Phlntations, steamboats, churches, Ac. made to order, Also steamboats and other machinery made to order. The above assortment of goods is particularly recommended to the atteltionl ofl' Southern anlld Western merchants, and are offered for sale at loe prices, and uplon the must literal terms; it its be lieved to'be the largest and best asaortmlat ever off,'red for sale by any onel establishmont in til United States. Merchants, by Inrwarding a request by mail, ca': have a prin'rd cirlcular, with dercripttlnl of goods, priceaand terms, from which no deviation is ever made, furnished by return of matil. All orders will receive immediate attention. New York, 1838. 1 NO MiEROURY Nut{ ous- .. ,Le0 Ilao In li, l v. 14, It 7 A BOLT six moutlll ago I had the Ilieflirlune to .al a n'eretf dihearn, fIr a hiar I huve al'plid to sere hl desora fora cure, alnd tlhea 'lid l.ot allle nlow. oil tile abha.a datre lpuit mllysrelf ndler tIt :ae of I )ct,:a Hulet.and I expe.:t liMn t cure Ilme. Since that ti nl the dise.nse got worse, so as to break nout in large ulcer to tle nomber of sin or eight oa ra leg, ntul alnl orn my lIace, an:l lre, and not able to wlrlk at a pereset timl. ol accolunt of thile disease; lare l',lcer o1 the righllt siidef of the tlroatl. I am no r ultlliagl mysel eoefilentlly nder the care of lr. uliet.,f Paris, to be perfectly cured JUOIN DEAN. feol 1ly ! DO CERTIFY that tile ab&olae laasnt:oed disse is quite wielt ardo Im own satiaflctiln, for which t hiank IUr. I lr; anti moreover use r.a that th," medi' eloe [ have taken Iaelll tile tlt. and g t d not itlllre mll estalth a all ; hereforle 1 edvii: Ilg f Ilaw sufaerers I. SInesle ailm u n apply go Ier A. IlCle, 12l CangI stroet, bestwee Da hilllhland Ilmurhnd sitrerrs. lr Huet is at homale frolm 9e nlrk, A iM, until d P I1. They will find a trle do.:tlr lar this complaint. JOId I)- A. l.-t l c eiravier street. If any one wants to see te, call at N,. 411 ;raviao JOHUN I)F t.\ Sew Orleans. Feb, 18,38. fn 14 l d v H a Genuniae Induianlsnmef l .a irt and ,l,e. hlaundl, i pllt up in bottlhs ait llbo Ioc plles def 5. ..sns each, eolasi:iar tha sritencth of tIea, oslltI LivlOetOi, hesi lea til, .irons ot mannv olethr rr,.tn anl, herbs kanown amnlclra Ih ndians as elflcaious il curia pulmonary aomplaints. The su 'iall'd erlerrs wlih l: s nEatairled the le r, this inlestmable. Blsa:m hrgevers it has be'n inlln dtlcmed. has ollt:,iiad the collnfidence slid ,lo:llllll;I toelss orf prealaeir lphyaicians, for the cure of aroanrn eldepain in ohs side, nant of rest, sfitting or blnod Civresolplshnil. A. To a hll it malv.c' nclrn.Th Thi ia to eerlia that i, have ilg oar prartics /rallflltlen irelearilaid ills t;ar tar's Indian Bsleln of l.iverwlnr a d thllgargland wtl a deeidcdgot effecrt: we cans therefore frmll tIh' hkga ledge of lbe materials it is mads frol, an:d bhee: claon sea a meriase,r ereollaflll it as a sUlsris lreparaall easll those folntiane of tlhe hlna f- r whl0:1 it is It matadd. As.Bit.' I' VII I [.14.M, 1. D. CAI.VIN ELI.IS 01. 1). lawembee of the Boston Medical Aseacitaion. Boston, October 95. mlsby JARVIS & ANI)REIW8, Ilkb J9 ; n sou asn I 'a,.t nilt Ilnlas ts I,.IARI'S Vegetable Ilair Oil, for the retloretiill ,J sd growslh fthfHair, irig beatlhald beant, anu nil5.'till.hadsoes. tojre this flair Oil was ofsere "a the pablit, it Is, s rua vied in btnddo f aesle of beldnees, tllintars, en , olof the hair, sad iuevery iastanc. its llst all -es!v been rellised. It hbarr c failed to pr,5ha " +*aseet d beastifigl ta.lh of hasi on he.ds alreal h.ld. In canwle'". It betnal s dy anl can eesml, sgn, this Oi will wry rnoaf, -lter it l.'sthv, and preodii: _pla+ad be.ttiful groalth of heir, wOtlrout the le . leeory go the head. 'rTha Oil gites as., gre:ehlr fr: rFevo- and is poei errl, tn an ether Ii ir C il for t,i pirnr. , ,r'ine satl slnrir. thle hairi. 'The h ir *banusr dr& For sale at t eI twa reel. EEi & D'LANGE. $ IM.IIS CIA RTT & n. nre"naw re eivm t, on board ship ()rleans. Fele, Iliehll ]or,'nkirr letry Andrew, t Frenh nain German 1 anr lo ; Rack tllnlllnnl lonarda; Ci'ipwmen, 9 1-4 ntll 2:3- iilh 2 il artI BaRlla; 2.9, 10 atnd 1i inchl blade lBo1wi KnIivir: .leaher andl other travinlil-' t)reainr" (Cta. hallt. l'nlktl, t lnhnt.tnIa' nlll n llill Piiln.sitt . illllle a. mI l P Istol IF lacks; 1),. , I(Bn tl- n,, I, rinll ": I"^ C ,,: --r e on CapO ant Ci Cip hh l r; :lath. lai. Tl,,h: tald Nllit |lhthI: ()Orrintnl (' Chhirine Toonnth Wi','sh I'neth Po hr.- ":l'oile, andl 'lhnvit . :nan., in t,,'t va riPtt: Intltia lr Rlrait. gitt+liant. l roctizltr: t llear, Inld 'Poilr Powder: '.mlrv Bo.oRte IrNry 'll (T'ublli i'n Patent Slies r l(:irt-in (.mi nln I.9lnie ,pen ri : I'nwdr Pilt and iRn,, t.;I ml,;ain.; Srnla nadl lc'n ; Ear--droner; \i i rt Uncklan: RrtElnte; Benl.Necklht. and Chains; Gilt and Siivlrred eadrl.; ndian RIads. Hell nand Plumes; Shell Twist: Side and Dretline Coinh;awhich,in addition to their f.rmer stock on hand. matke their nninrrnentt very cmnnplet, nttd will he ili tiw and on liberal terms, at tile el nof tile Goldlcn Colmb. ii5-tf 720 Chartrese sttet. r' HER tihaeiheri , Aigents fit ite extensive lhnce of l W. & S. Botcher, Sheiid, haIv. rnu reeived a very extensive nst otif p r' nt., iona.tin . of l'abi and esnert Knlivee oal e... de.rerCittion, Pen, Pocket, DTirk, anil Spenr poai at nlve; Razorn., Sriu ore. Edere Tl'nnl, &. &c. c&e. which thlay nr prnnret o exhibit to the trane tot orters. Termns and conmditiona will le mad kntwn i nat the a ite. mli J.tI. BEIN& A COVlE.,. 10 Cnmean at. N %X' GOODIS. HA '?& CO.-Are nnnw recrian t'er shipi, It lll(rille er, Merrv Andew, ffitzh ander,, French eel (ler~mrn Innl,:llce leall phi~vinz r~ttric: iterhett klld pOClkt pisols ptin, ribbed stll ri plin Elneint setk: cap tlilders: Sciss IN, 1lt1nvs, leirl, vet: unit's cemimernial ned ether steel pin:s;i r · us; Violin serinps; shll, te nts a. nd horn ankh'; e (r":;·l·F Vnter. Rnwittamii mhiimtnthi nil, C mitS'li cnt do; t tic anhear nil; Inginre dnifrm ltren, d'sina caPne': ~ ih'skisg i'suiess,,i inihnil'r; ne[nirms p hA~issa eet; e~lits hnat, hellseid l, tonns mlnesem; whiit- iniim:i"ih nti'dleiameiig s",pn.; toile: onehr, c seanlnie tnesmnihall,: seem rd ' lio ashiills; utteenl ieis st a e' ie'iins;i lime brad chain'll n (nekl lim"n; mdilind die; fl'.i't I"L ' wdes Tlhe l boe itniAt itnllillll holl! hliIhhi'iitck Ir WiIer ct'liel ·s, mikemimimll" 'tee0 "etII tý·) L .) let;. 55m I !I;i-m wh(S-hIhntnn ont' il; as the signm.,I' hr Belle, Ccm'", 70, C l~eir. stre t. - nrS 1ý of Vow Orlt n ; ,an." herroi &C,., rf Nathtz; 1l ll'i K lhrv NCT,2+f I.: lo. r nfs di s ,h'Vl, n llinsnt f llv lal , Il v the dlleal I lSamuel Ai irhnAalio, onr of the onrtnerc ol the fres, with 1t1h ,e ,rc liet, null clsin - sai, lushless f,-I . .,,, LeviGC Harrin t,,ill attend In the settlle of th,' bhoti ;: of Mosn,, Hn-larris& Co.. It Natchez; and h rlt ri (, .I e & (Io'.,tt I.olev: nt d teunrv Ielle vwill atend o helie ntli nfthi biiinens of Iellev, laon & '., - t N iew i()r-ani. T' 1 mlinims of he ieveral ririm will.. 1 ttl'lrd ill Ii n lnllnlnllnnlll e i. TI'ho+. audhod ;in raid irmn are earnrv.llv rt.lll ctrd lcinino ftirtnl l"nd e.rt' -oltlrnu'lt nond ll., having claims will plcase prr.oi thmn mwithlo.utll Iv. 11`\'1VI I EI f:N. ll'ENRt\ KELLEY. Nonw lrbni, June 27,'C1U:7. Sjo IN ,OtR IP 2t IL'S :COlOiiNE W IA ? o'n~'es IIire of this sop1,' (t(1 4).,+fr wale . . 0 i received notfol valr LIhv the doze!ten or nin.^+h, Lktt',. Also An.tericn d mot |enrllh tiltt 1I w.ler+, ,0,"s le Ilaffs otld hoxnrs,shiavin an toilet lnaps,. '1rnetic 111t halh, mmilk nf roses, nmne'lic cold nril m, .xtr n. o nlsk, kephalln, Wrd's vegetable hair oil, polnatl it, ,rnsem le porne, Floridn lnvendar, rose nand hna w:,crs, rI'v.* I.,s waltsI \htlreilhei lift ',i rv in trtll . e- ; ,.1 l it id .iu,11,, nn ill n', nol tndlhl" , to1 t lr lh wiit'.i In nldioinnnl npp In of fli-hionolile Ih+o-r nd shie, .nombs and jewln,fOr '. nlo w It wholeln nle or r tiil by SItMMONS, IIAITT &. , ju!v 6i 70 treet. SEWV GOOfllS-Sinnono tinrtr &e are now rr ni"ceinv from oin or lrnlt dliln Yl'nzon, RnI Sarnlnto, 'ndibrii (ponnollin, from Nnw Ylrk, an reat vnnietl nf i llds in lheir linr, whilch toeher wilh their i ir'e..I stock on Illl|, nlnkes tlheir n-sort nt lrler,: nte. din rnhhr, silk and worsted elan n tnnil - PnIrI, nnollllllln & fnl elasnntic sn1spenlders, Into A noll I.nd tithr mIlcles, Heirllilt doll d pIrnori plfl k lnxnflh d tbii ilet roolpr, pnelket aloiks nl allts neele , ie shl , pteiln, ivoler nd oilanlcso rnlease, Melled ennl oen, knive lo rnl lbends, n ilns, lot aned ligen, heal crhn ills, -lad, rieklnes, nit, l,.ns nsand pilnin,s;eled,4iler ni egilt Iendos, IdiRin bead, bells niac iiilume,; piitll and lari'P IIw ler flnnt.klllt lts, in llrmPe, belt. p,olcket natd lnilinr )isnls; d:Ihble aIIndLinglC lnnmrrllnld gnios. loniie knimvn, and dirks. niao ol,r, heslinr, ket kInllives, inrdl nalins, tlll r i onF, waist bn ckln, cnlo l, irt h i, ilr, lto , tillu ollll, nnminol, "rnci, cniat, flootnand ilitilang Inenns, Cnintnn, Fmorlnda, l cr, rotse anud by wnt, siIri, rtPil esseinsIn, anidl extln i, tlcensnr, blni , antllll' , m llll W d ros . - enble hlnir oils, sarini s nllon toilet sonta l.t all lnds el'ptinns, lad!i.' lall acuea nfr'l d|e : itel IprFser ram .n nne, hair ltionmo, frizentivu nnl ilnbral, plniln, flncy n1d Tnuic a ,l wrkiloxes, lahin and grilt nitnflrn, tl(e ntlld vret Imttoas, penr; and ivory shirt o, shirtlhlrtstdd, old and riylvor :<'li'i cU.Pe, toothhpecks aIndt twHeeel'er ltlle.1 ltld gilt nirketi, nlilltollrn In, silver, hlai s and t .tel ,ii nnhmen, hnifik itd ii cS, hair pint Initatioiin uii, hl, alen renn oiffernl, at ~hlklle or rvilil aonl iommart rih, and plin erusi s, liu n twin, Scocente r inonll tens,nioh l anlhi-ter lace uill fr~nage, lttne paper, cpanu Ihage, riiling w'iipn, walking nnnplaylnngcaidsn, lion gold, .lattd ro!d gillji'iwlnrv &c"n. " flThe above, ninther with n great variety af ofthr ai ti les tre offered at nmholeale or nrtail ou0 accommodatigin N l t Sihell nle ..epnnired. SIIITY S'l' )Rl -at thie sign of the gollien comh, Mo0ln Cilhartela nrt. Thel clentihrs have re ceived in.tlditio, to thleir previonni 01k on lhand, a full unlt complete asortimnt of articles in their line; viz: coalls, perfiluery, Jew-llrv, Ihlers, lacking glassel., fn lel i lrll e:lc, clt.lltietinll~in prirl le frolloies!: (Cti llS--toltise shell, l'titaht .ld plain tucktn st, hlilled back, lon rounld, dresainii sillI cluf' cllrl and neIk, Ilrnzilin comblll of every dircripltion amonllgag which aelre nl Mexican lattern, Ivory comhb of vnury dnscrilpton, born, drelsing andl packtl tng 'car with a geoneral naorln ni ofI'rt lbnh ank d .A1icirican. I' IilFUli3ERY-Colone, LaInalder, Florida, honey, hiin, rosne, and i orncll, flwr ,alr of every sizeo ald dns crilption, camphlorted Coloane, extrat of I3rancanot, laIny sorps 'at llkidls, shaviingd in cakea and ,its, creamn noai do, Ward'a Yaeetable hair oil, bears nnd al tildo. trestot'a sImlling salt , plain and perfiuod toilet powder,pnrl powd, pnn ler pInt and loxes pio ntll in pots alind rolls,orris and chlorilu tooth wash ald, witll a eneral aisortmnntolt .IE1\\'III --.1 .llm oflle latest IIImd moIt falilliolla Ile setts, onsiisiing of whilP and red cornelia, t1p11 let eardlpalo, net in lilagrlee, heaist pit ofa ge'-" nl. tv ofpatelrnn walth i trhniimil.a aill and cilc ba- klee aler thimlles, nilverrand .ld t.I leild and ;uard chlu IIIUILIIEI--Clotli, hair, tliilt is eruniil,Iioirlh filior, ilt, dfleh, tooth, pllte, comb, Nail, shaving, allo and whidte:aslh bruehom. L)OOKING GIASSES-J erman statia and toilet calsne, magnifyinl imd Frenchl dlesing glaassou, hlolme o, ith n varfit'vii of other kinds tiIIll ulueroted, FANCY AN') VARIETY ART'ICLi$-FIrench ,dated i encils i nldlea dls,gwotd eii cil s il r c:allp nlltir's aud cranylnlnantlcilocalgill-nlad pinllia wih and vtll ut cases, lercu- sion cup tp rcu-nioi cop chat;;P*=, lpple aitii:wa riL~.ln , - b li rt:i', I oli lle haIs, anti lll e Ib 'di l o t on neatts, altion Iads of every kind, hells atin t u, tic and comllll ini kllivr, in.lii'a d saciasor, taiii bles, iincdles, pilln, ilver IplIte, bteel miid oalinUli s)einta elea, illlket buolm slid willata ill varlllakianl vlsitin g cardcamid card eiles, Ilamiagan cods of tlrllci , Gmra au , li Aimeri Iia i lllaa'tl, , ldulls. ililaliOll fruit, illl lboxes, print of various kinds,' Poetl, 'a , Ei.iiInainsi, luilhIlllali's and llawkill'a razor stills aid ilmntalic honenldilrks, fanay tlaad ineiklahcean hlil .. rlnmi,tiv 1(a0lltche, lHmrl ,ittamii, Ilowdcr Ilalakst c. allmd plan seedl eiis, lm ,id dilver do, gauit ia-lm., saa eip ders, adl gairtirs, pillit alid aai sword otL.iet, biickganullin Iiards, dice, optical vienlers, jewhaarps, loCntouo mnrlch asa uud dlrinlkiig ciap, lit a grealt vari'ty tl ute,:r luai cles, all ol'wili h will ie sold lir cash or city aeeleltil. cel on 12 iionit credit. 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I dealuly th'tlare before .~oe and nor not sfrtid St, c lt i liu 5 to s w lets that I v' , i n the , il, course or I1 t es'es potc0i(.e uis aius t'ncllst ino tie r5t 5iri' 5lL5e5 5 ltoou all Itei" t l55 ia' ih s ill Ie in5tttes o)f' SfCet an Is h' the taco' 1 Ont Iteso the of se llktor t of 7j,) t,.t .site o tssrpuctist sitse a'. !,('n '.a . mo u ,.h.. a. rl.h.: I'le :1 ,da v . 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Ilow trle it is, that mollenl Phlsityiains, In their nm tition to excel in their lrelaessinn: esxpltial ae vast fielns n scietes hv tile aidl olchetmistry, atd seek oat new re nedin. n lents; in shntt, In nleriv at perfnetion in ite tnettite I. meins tof art alooe,--oltirely overlnok anti aelglct, ,s hee:aith tlellt ItIottce, thie ich nll Iknuteous 5toees ofmedicio, ahitch the Ahnigihtly hi:as emsed to lrilln oII11 oIlf t eatllhI i levL.- niClime! Anld how ttitei nore tree isit that while tile Aiamritan Phllvsietat looks It l1einligo ennlllltiesnr IIIIanJ itO his most Olllntlnll nisd.l Iwesa.Iy alltaicles, pIerietutlly ealtgintg s ttleay nle at tile dictiates ol'fntshion nr l;til, Ihe is lerltutdlid itn his ,wnl elnlllltry with lat eniless-ro.nftusiltl t ,f tI etitn a lltnts, sllfnlieinI t t nlls er all" illidi tln ill diselse or to acllle ily eullbl* ·e ,isrll'lderl ' nlnl"'vet he is ig'll.l.llr t of their vIrl Iles. n ltall tlla a lllrlllto .w:astelaita tleallillng n the ,lest rt. air.' " 'TI'hle tnct onf venetoble medlticines uapnn the svstem arte teanillltlty-thnitt of liernllais hntintg. IThe .otanel ex ert their ltlectantnel p,.ss off'--he hallee, imel'lcury. in par uiell-ln t ri, I a hIll I lcally) Iupnll the snlids, dllelo lmll I nsgI the Iboe ull need u r1"nin lills tile onlslstitlltiot l by n shla :,ndl a~llU ~lelShlllicls. 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"his is 1i o noi lel d ns c oml: uso i1 l t''meil l that may. per' cha1nctbe es ,rdlv good whth me~my others. show in late, b.1t .s us,' ahidh i's cupbl ohh (." Ilile ininutnv :x rll'!lne ca;s cs hic Il :l the mII u:,l etllCli esl.lI. TI'hi it 'h:lsl, le re u:ll edll ; ill tlli is Nt!e I', tllltiot itb h soh iitu (I 'lhl ,le v r" Ii his been inloidll I eIdI a i tn. It is it ti . nlo t lt thItLa tn t .:t II. Ce tll is Iien l :lld:tliOn as -n entanll t tItte Ibllli c: ltie i ll h1:t1 9 p1111. c dil1 i m hle, 5(m.1. h III,, c s t" ple1'rson ts mi nhL he I'lil1, w hy wt shi solcnnlyl? Ilhcla:re ht: thley ht liecd thltll lheh lives were, rt.'.' I.d h 1 it, n Id in l mlost saw nli'hr they hld tried :t sav rle sia' h il lhi' camn..n windics" in wlin. 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Clauwr.,ls'r, March '.., I .S.Et Sialll l sfll zed I b w h relelll lhl'al. l i ni' illc l h ai di h't'e I,, , C ilhiviScl" m,,trur, ,.. which has dlU.C d , as busines nI:(euril\ 1Ive since thv~llIIIXS. ig th s rimil I:I , le, n i ull: I in the .I la itI , llos fitsi in lhis ,'iT u1),· all sl ,u1r11 I:C:ILIIt h ;IIIII ne rly; U I I anni l Cll lenl. h." i,,ii1 I%1 ~ lhl; l llllt I )I leI IIIII ( ),,l~ 1 61. 1( 1.:1 I>|". ,.111'1:11 last a t III lh' slil l'-. ylI tl tllbl t I u ell |,, if l llllU I Iw i i ·iii l' lh es , I Iom mesment(b l :lll l elilt IIe o tr' ii i ll P I .I.ll IIIi , m tl'M. llh II'f u lln , (ill'elen iR'h lI cal', |'I',,,1a iiniiil lcll, now haplpy to stat.' |hill I consider m~yself ,plrfictlv well W11. U''cli KER i, 1I3 lurl.e.t t. C3ASI"S O1F SCII)IUI.()UN UI.CUi"IS NI,;.,w.. \'OllK, Sept to·:I , I[ ?1\. Tlhi nltls e r'ilf tlh l i ll il. oh '. l18 e l I 5, I was Seln. w hll,. swe lligin l my n ~eck ai tull ce, hic I erlllel'war( ,lc l hillelphI , a ll piJ bl:ll ll tsll o olll 1the I v eII .rl estel'llill,.a Genl'llc h, hll elllltlc r evo Iell l. 1h li a lI h,.1I~III l'11i l~ l)ll lll., l,, l.lit~ lll I.'i I" 11 III l hur I ll 'UT CIII , w;,,s I oolk t.,-Iul hetl,',o1". t,.'.. IJ;,, ,cL'n mul eim-b bouh 5 of Potter'bO' .IitlO 1inl 10 1 Rlt. I:lrll|l:lll l'l·~llll).l" ;llll ))ilj'll, CI.ill' lII IIIHI l'I'.'.IlJ.',t-'liI f le, ;lairihC n ll lite ) hll Ih had LI o be 11 ne ha l hull t Ulltll lt | )1 F'.lll'll ll I'X(. |,lll' I1. il·ll . I: I 1 'lkI(I ,I ii) 11 i1 1ol, Il'.llhr .S, t a If pl t Isl I'II:IN , Y 1 in thii nn I mIlr tol w, I was:k..· peru)liSrllyllll I I it l lll,·h1 t . I1 1 0Ii h yq grlat surprI@. i sI,. II'I we!'''i; llll a ' Saisthenon " we.lll in th cours'e l ftwo mo,'Il, ~ su a:t'd Isa" 'l rtl init s do ethI, andl who o nsll.ider ,l, i s lilth sused, I.,y ll'ie w~ove .i. I rup.W11. IItXIIA' ; ~~CuI&mI.'6Tov ho I I L ,'l't. ;I was 'afflicteds, four'year's w'ith an alter 1;. .hee,. o si c nim lly ncm, pan ,,iedl with cr.sidt o.l+uu infl.,iua; I .ud excessiv,, lnain iin the h.g :,,,, ui,¢I .i,,it. ses ed 'lt.lCl:.l li i! l{ji .:kelieIo~.:..elmiswa ph I icians e .'rte de, irskil u ,on it bu walls :I.d ,n's la am n. tea l~op. ce care. .11AI'I;AlF.I A \VI".T'I' I'. Mar'ket ..Forle 'Ihy HiI'NIY IlINNA..:IIKI., dr..last, new In , iI,. lr,,l,'elor-s, l'.l.,instabo la. tret,, NrW OILLI'ANS " . I lIL LLE RAIL itRiD rl111' - l- Il rl·' l , ýItll · Ici['.tl c ?? nn l a I edl hlt no.i le .9 . il l I"I' n ar n. -, t;l" I:rll ` iii lll to,- t!,e 1;o : llve dui I l ,:ll :'s r- n!ll;ied, anll the said stockholders are "'l ier unlid ]d that \'!1. 1i h:etAd, ec a relutlaion oa tihi, h.ard peeted an She 19th ilr t.n a ct ll hdi Jr. olr the slo:akholaders oi the \Nue lhic " isr dt N.e lhvilie Ihail t la Cona ttray hor he f xllwi 'r" tat oat toi the ithe elUlt h ld ermee.e utie|) Ii lly 1 hu oltl, I l , Ill:i- l o lle l ro i lla er ltr,, Iles epic o tI Ir.'te t, atle iLtlla t tll act l i ( t.l d i ',l e atol k a fie ctalleu it r It e terll : l tt i xt y dll r .lo all d L: e per . e11 Sy. l , In w t'r he inta la e i 1 teie Ii at iye nexp; a nnto Ilnlt I t. ul' lt .i eie t t Iaeolle d, IYd l, at ta ern the o pF cisi' In'uy n t in n or t theit iu reie hd iaraiii tosii h with llia xttla ick ihe iaticllrleri i, d i ltc o lp n itt.a iianlite,,aia, areitiiet mtt iitiit y eiito tilta las p ea i laie caiy llie r, n ai Ii Iin 1 the tirst of Se.i u I tll . Ir e t lltll nir rixy da ll llll tiehaitlh ith :y iiia tl ch t ier a drei ti 111pnvulle wlhIle ii e o. ,I t l Ihi n l( tv c e r , t h a t i ll t l " 11n1o r hl l y p l ill w I n ic e aidti rt prll e ii i. 1in1 of sixty tIty l 'll ltl l ift Il r| Ire" ,' v ir pielhict t in l aiuh tees i,ret t.i tile ti e etard rI p .tta.iitedtoa the e'nt airV the aaurltr el tht cfllutll .i ick " Iiiie .ioikta iilr if (atia tte tact. as thiek iraowelt of4 tie pl'il tinlt e1ac the ir d.tuck ao i1 roda iif tie i1d ititncr l q.ey dae tt, hich the charter eilltao acthth II1 oifre ati Jhah Iiavlrec a tdthe &I Iias piti . Isihao c tlrr,L iat Inc tin the iiai rit of ia e- , I .:lleruxlt o.nlI ha ir ltlie r d under the i ixth sthein thP - .. it : i r l r. hare ca i i ll ldeo. , n 1 i u il h 3d,'h in of Jcate-it tia ;c I it av town[ of twaftarllar, r hire t cillij r I I h e ito i t he il.thcl of til lliUuea of the coled. sp 15 STATE Of I OUITSANA.-Parish Court for the Parish and rity of New Orleans. rFl.ITl SITATE OtF I.)UISIANA, To tll whom . Ih T Presellls shall cmle (r, Grtiu -\, Jnines 1Ih5se having lutelhl<ed it ' sthle made court, in wLoe othl e r tlead .sl IIe t Hrecorded on rie 1!1 div of April, A. D. 188, It r . m3 itio. or adver I~sieCtll in eIt'ormit. to an rtt ilrtit. e i·latllre of the tllle it I.oui inna, on i led "Ap llnt othr fI r flierl n<sp ee o I tIr tle lr u t atjotliciul solos;"a ipprov d the lt0t oihl i llenrcll, 18314. NOW, Ilerefilre, klnw vP, nd all personl ilteresteod herein, iare here llv ited rlid atmonis lltd in itII ,,ne of the Sanlt of lo.uisinn, anlid of the Paish t'ourt, who n senot ip anll right, title or tlaim in and to theprottpnteherei,: ftter dterited io contr tteureof tinv illle solitd in trrrit n or Ite rrdctrec or jo I. oo r tt I Iunder thteh lhe -ale wae made. or any irregulnrity or ilgality iln the oapprnisaer ento antIo eldvrtiertnts, ill rime, or manner of sfle, or for nty other 'efeht fhatanl - ever; to llow cause, within thirty don from, thle tiny this Irllti is firrt itrtted i ourtren lred oi the 5l d. thie eortl so mae' ahould not h ctut irtJme oind toecam tognuted. t larcid spropert fr w ple ofby twe Steriff of thr pnr l.s norirption of Proler4t s dy of April,nA. fh l Ial. Con iA lern lt decr of lrind ort, ren ered in the 5thtrb A-t frd lt hnrv,Av. . 18:1R in a ratit eni ront n Thou-der IColtwoIll ne. 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E\\ 0 CS-Naval Sketch thnk, so, thie Servic, i 1L'ttaIud tore. W Willi hrul:ctri-ti, reettl .nct !,s l'rttglllttiolt ad o llinittO. By tho autlhor of l i,.s o f 'I tur,I &. oeLtd eries, u eriul t. litll llll teectliecti ll of I IllNolu of CtI e 1 nu ot hoft the tolr 830 to thle nlo e o Iuta. 5, nllldilg p o t. ,atl okebIles of thi leaditg Iotutbert--,1y omte oIf t ptr y, jrt ecotived and for eale by V IMcKEAN, I. b'I'LR IUIt.ICA'I'It).tt. (' R. M\Vt I.I. .t flioor i. an.ovel, b to hinluhor ol I " ,I'TI l.mrtherd," ott. io vrrlt. 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IIsIe. It likt ilu wu rth m 'u tisln I ke, 'i l intlemi prm l< r to inl.'e -, th:*t such is th.. nahlr e" of O,.e work gvlneraIl. rlI ..pec('ia:ll whill f the extent ll) 1ii m r II :u ct, iI he , h1l I·,, ih'ltlII I l ' thim hi ok it t n its ltikt i,'' i i (' 1 ii i ii t e ut u a 1·l i 1inu r's t h , s a hiiii mosllu t ii ll i(. 111 nidculldor in 1theI woldvh, I tI 'd iie.'s t 'e m lli l { I it* ii l. c:alll l mIil" klI hIIO II correti on'' otI "o r. alwo| ,II' t woutlh, ,|In+t nIo a e c't:Ii"Iy,k el.+X e nlL(l ntlsal~ l',r I (F'r nCe, ' , iis d1 sltr t tls 1p ill t ctiii i. r it| : ,ii hlidp e.'\ ains. lIh, so pei r't n:ul sunal e l unlci e lily lt'it llll'1''s lltslu1u'' I 'i 1 llt Iii ii llllt lll l tutu ,:i, li ll. Ateieludna ptesiutnnin li'dnktlbeenkeeth'ats ucm 'ii ins i'l iist 'ie vi, f l th, 'iin l |ii' ' I' , tl t' te (h et'i' itnialyn kedit ih i. fac of speebt Ial|., er enI' 1 mu'ci elllli.i l i nt i u Ar "rledi l'rsion to th (I Ioth b usks :l11 s:stte in1 lest +++ishlles'Iinn ml t, h l~owl the p',If. e. whid , ,ii li ltth ii ill thIt tw''5 l'''i ec' diing ii. c iitiii , slitl'oi l 5 ni t'1 v ii n t t1 us .d . c . cern ing ii. i.,v la ll mall b of lItil' it 1I r rn. , us llu to rtimink thut, l hhit .+ ,,d,, thi /ema ivnl s il/At'rk 'Il tins lid'. ilth lt labl " ' rhI 'ltls i v'' , to n':n n, t h t eln Hlda lmlmln +, h:itwn ht tl t bo t hllivt . h +, :n sob blr+nltl puts*"I est1, +i haIs Inot ".ct so llua'h ais l,:tld .h 1~ ' I t11Ii,1 W llt .t+los .of fis.llled ( i mii€ l sll. h ii 1 , I '11': ti' I.' hoi t er irt. n tii ut i lit i i, 1li 'h nnlnt u lIIi I s, i t ng c.1 i t , J:n itnli'e 'csdtnlr't'ehe thr V IIt ' r'lwot I", i of~'~llil 1p eter +m atil pauILEIt+ 'I tn Ii I riLL NEW , WIl,,#,1.sit , .The A.*,,wrw."<e g-+ Ih lanLd, b' the+ nutho)rus ".1\ 'cut ht g a,' )ll ' in . ... e l''YI;iceded+ aw n, +,, ,,,. mist. .a d d duest.i, dutis.i I Jut t reevtJi•, l llnd or.ale by W 3,' . 11'KE':A., Itra, t t1$ ,,r ,prilllz , for the cur'o ol'€for airat p IIII of thIIe inill; pimples or pu ulll h- X v' th i l < l ',Ihi I nr 1e Irom an11 IF ,f a l r Il, ,id; c ly erul tio, ; p ins l I h hcr ..; rh:. hb.uln It.iI; to I I; seIm.r u1 ll , ti; B'c tý', (i5; 1 . Iii""; lypl ili'e ' ,u.r ,rI, Ii .ll ii iricing l roni al'i I pll l 1n ure tatlh :,! iu l , ,ti . :. .h ru hle-. c i iltl .u clim.te, or tile lljuIrI uL I. 0u1. Al -Cave & Seliff r's Wolic Syr p, 'r In. tha,1t Presolviv:th btIl brt irpar: 1 'c.'ion n',.u Iat t A ,iini wlhich il r I ', f , -lll , :. -I.di n Dye, flr cut rlng the hair; Iehar ' I; Itn in lVh r."l Grw; Pc, in.; i.hel' a Fic in W h ptrio r '. P P..ah d; l. y \Vht ; (Lri n of I; ( '; V"I"I.ta rRn!, g ; Oat, ". R ; Lip Siv ; Ir,. i[ 'cuitS 1\..; C'rouRU )icE;. Plirr'r W . P. ,,wlcl"r PNf.fa I' , , ' . c,:, Cht enl. n, alllv put ult tt I'Mur .i e Vul"; I 'r. l S ili. :; C b.ig.l ; Krre' ,o I: ' Dr.p-; Ilir IIru...;l I'nglulh., I)ro ng Cou Ia I. ill. II ir () l;- lli . valicty iof ltr Pirf - 1,rr1c-, &c FI r .sal by L \I GLEG.N'S PERFUI RIES. 3 C 'uTIN( ARID, Cornur ll' Canal and lurbin streetsir xll II t . .\V,, Sign, ', l , )li, ml La ita li cantat N L Caa'tttaele ltttalr , (at dean, ltop (;anniIstreer'. Imitlatios of the follhowing wooals :Indl marbles,t.e ecutlll d il mastelt!! mnlllll 10 l,;+t). Ili. ploln hbl'k .o+ n gii hE Il . lia ll .'1IatI+ lAnnll , cl a.l' t ' i ] + I (, llc, Pollard 10, Olrie;,lull or er antique, R 1 .ti , \ \ ' o i d , PI n lltltl o e, I lair 11 o 1, S t)oer ar hnrdello, Yt l'r ., liilan ,+11 I.h. (,orom: ll e or llack Sinm+i: " ,nl Ilhictelln , A s , \ \ b. ,e O a k , A .. & Ic . I .c, n La.d lha e. S n -, I, - lTI: 1 Il I.11 l itl il)- liht, squir 1 I ad ha n lll i lronl, elll us olllltt. lh l , . lu ll aR d roll iro , fail rods and pll t ,h , , (Gerl t anl , llshel r, bliaera.d, spring, shet r-I AoIIt e , tIo i nodI, wra I hti it aSils a: lpiket Slt, block tiat, mill at gritnd looaSl , alta kettles Ch ll aai, , achlla.a, aalllltll r attat A.i ,,ices, i l: o llo.,,mvrs v ie l hRbllow W\ir , . hidel, illg r onU t er lllln lhotll .l, andl l cAking sall es Aln i, ltOWiln T's nuil ~thetI spl le ind shovels Ilook unal phiae hinges, doorund window hooks TI I lllll:?E I , V Job II. iI ROd \ 11. A 111 ORULE ItN. Ill E.llla l .,ro ie lltar yiltati etl llin nt h, tha td Il e l++oit,, li..t vd " ,not + ,er nill Lail tn' nlai]e all a ,t Ii llle arrt r11a , las atl' e hy s .: tali llt tnat amltrnce, tat atia ta ne shi ben Inse Im v nt ha) n ande, aianiadtd al itr w gatna o d attint tr lsit I rle er 'e at tha bate lre R hu a ra ta t r a by aa tn d Iig a le in \ co.a r a53te lidcev the. S ries lc l , , rib t wllh lae , , Iat s lr. THllllE prolriet r ofl I.Iii elainli.:lf..'nt has lia plea + ll ro of n.u'iv nl u I lll I'"il I,, Inl, IIi lll :R,I thi e i llie c ;ltaltneIla it t hi e atill in ta d ilal tailte tar ithte t d ilel r of hlalat to lise iv a ti-iaaa. lie will alsi Iatta a liar theaitl - Ill ore turi e t it nli-ufane, thatl there Olive ben hl rnl aIs st' etr ti atiolllaaiaO i meflit at lileraa lllallltarnam e 1t1a prleslite setns lln Jtheu LC .ll. I t i InHemel I,'Icet..rv It a , Iny tahin.g in parictr. rP i ali t ae h aire r atta llalit fa .itIa'oi eata il s re., l'llI leliv that tlie atr e i lat isAor ti e si an r il the attlll r a ttllts. All the apll lientalr .t h fre talllall'iy ,d t terin Place will rte fien l at tli '' bes I il. unrre lhtl this parlt of l h cn r lllll-· II' l, hlts r " )l.ue Evarv I)v at n12M. Nort/ern Mail, CIloam Evrery toy at 191 A. hi r n Mil, o I1o e erv il,tl;lvy, WVeois. day by 4a a ' 'm rve'v m v, i Vedlesda poa' /, Ian Pnlnhilta , h !I, 1'. A l. Thi La. ail lne er 'Iler- v,''hursdny, a . a t'llntrll. ;v 5 1'. Al. via U Closes evrvy nlally, Wl ednesday FIXI'liE.e s .. 11A.. TIMES olf A ItlIVAI, )lEI'.\aI'lil it DISTANCB &co. o aho . Eopr os l Malilo , Iooe'r, Aloo1ilo and New Yo,lk--le 0in lolbile doill" at 3 P. Ml. Nortlwar Now York dtily at 5 P. ! woutthword. Arriver Arrive Norrtward. Dittaner. Time. Heturn'lg Molntmr ery. A . . 2 m. 198 2e 3 It . aIl. ('rltlinlo, 5n. Ill 81 91j 3a. m. 5Iilletico ille. o. s 133 14 2 I10 . m {u lll oioi t. C. 1 an t. 163 171 10 l nller ln ign, N . 5 215 22 1 I arrenerton, V s. 12 m. 55 1± R 5. lowini 'ter ltlirg, Vl . 0 pit. 83 10 9Oi. M tiiehtnttl, Vn. I nol. O1 3 6l rd. '-der tk tull it 67 7 liO p n . . osct . 61 61 a 5. n 14 18nlll n 6j 38 4 Oj 0 el nll r ei, lli, illtr, Iltan. 1110 l 114 2 i New York 2i pin. 90 4I INotirlh lr , om tlrCo ratlhwul,the ztro inn six hor 1 le ss; thicin c i I ll 7 11 u1rs.c e T l.i. Iltt.II.IAI leWillolAII$D. l3l 3.WllrAY Pr oil 6It l'IrIloia elet c ornc r of l evie Ut 00lre 10,al llhe otilhit of 3f h of Aoloolttaind wm aein Je lr e llm o e il llvtn ar a c ee.a Ilolrn cte e g, o boy nnola dl'llAlti.o, at nhlult 7yetroo 'arer-, onr Safe ,lh ihern nu s in ui. h cer e n tok and as n filped i Ilton in Illls speechIll. ,t of I llis , lis tlre, .,l O e l, nionrre ib a rPe. ent l t; olll i I t h l tll ll n hiie went ailllv r I t irorrrallllr 0 ton h eh1n I I wl li I IIteot orrobs n RO o lra. i lortoro, on of tgr owl. nd 00it:1 i altt ore cr a f a.rinsit eeoer (cll alll hr io lll nl( ereo, n well ae alt otier rol n rithe Ms riorf e w wim lh e diiorei nniolla m. 'Ie hov re rewau l w illenin l ' r delillr Ol Willll nlil ilnlo iI lllhe iln of l it, e thr o h n lllin e ll l l llt Ili!) Cao ,'l.dl l, 1 oler of Ilevri, ____ _ _ 113 1 , l. orlll tii lil r,1 I" II " _ ll l arhn li ll I Arte l0l ia to uhl k ithe lirn of i 'i cll t. n 1h l, h sbear dirO 'edlllJ ,I. I'I, l ,' , r wie ll lir l i .i t ellitire I sIII I . i, Ik ru llll p, W. W.. \AIN - [I II11 Cmar ol rOeel rl A lele.crlet .,0 e 001,1to tollt n hrr t li- irre~a to Iw a.. ( O!tlhs, d ll i'ol to lm el or e. owuAeci, r:. l, Is l h nat «i;: . I a ~ It , elot , t l nioo.,,lIt, reol, lhI, 0 t ' cltslta rl,:,in, SI ei, Lil llircl llaollr, 111l0n11, o. l l rI!, rut",cd I o ,z( ,,l ,r woon , 1Il0lgl lriog l, c . 1I8~ | , l' , C-,, h t ,I':c n A lelrieo, S l allt. , allil ti roo 4,l l , o rllllr, I 'm h Ii 'ric lch I(errl cl , T; a n pnil, Indig, henglt r to b .omrr. I P a, I N Ilolgllllh lllllo. 110113cir, I l ll l I h1 O it, dn1111 , Ial h .1, 0 1i.'1 ', , ,,o oJu lia, aclt 111li0io r Antl I , t~o .,,,, , I ... le~ , \ otd , am ur I d1o I p , l rll , It ll l lohe. I 1111 4t, ki , el, l i io lt111e do 1illp ri ll , shell s, ]lllc 'Il tl ' l, Iit s gllll ti t.:dnntvl, T ,l .1d. Ira oo'oo.', Il lite.e I i- llet~tlt lli, es, A .llln Ci.helli. li v, .lI ,l tSo. Sti 0 ll ,li,, h. Il"l !, o,':. h R·,rit l ,. ,. ,"or. h. tiJ i lll , ,,i Peter S.mqple, &,, I, (', . I a I-Iat 't Ib ittt INc' ie,&Ln ~I c ~I¢h, !,. rflilnl~lP, itlv il,'lii in ll e lii1 h ilit, toy-al Nivn, F.L /:ttal'i l eI , t :. t ,tIll h It,, I ll t , en¢ l i hlncp l c 1s tlalitr 'I Itally, ImucntI farm the VoIl. it 1. Ii ll,'th ",,t t lnt hcI," a d iutllcr edition floll,,i /ic, l,, ,ri. lt) t' . I r/,,+. I,'-re's /.rt',c I, reif. c"/lat ith ticr tc.i'sfi vo, 'i. I-rrll tl'# F c ea h ,rnd ':rr,/tsh !)tr nIt lrr,,. A'|-. Irt.atre c.pcile-- of Cal hac't" Phrenology "ltienzi." I.arL,," .ýurwl,"r's Itllll ~nol~lel wof+l Iperr rqu i ", itl q ]b'll i i , I ill ' id I -ilt+ '1-_"I and 2 -t'2 hii in ( lliI 't , i hl' vcl d IethIh'cu, i nll e nlitplaitaers, weig hts .Int-1erirda d fr Fule by _ _ IIL'BIENJ. LEVY. cI \N ''IP I. 9I. 1I ' S-iR ), &a. 1i-lt, tIl ell . ill T'I ,, r cti titi c altle "ir,. it.,,c,,c 'r t n t,,.. c. er,nI in ,, I a . n mceE. ht "ric Cur. s f Noirth A nera in by I 'I leslr Ell The Inli,/ ic;rtmtnr, oatf ithe nlted t il te, or tu tpirti'l,.tl ithe sth,illla ad atrn ice c nite gea.ra t I'mlN -e erR.O rl c11 I11~,l: etecn t.hem --,1lhritl,-, , 1 ill ~ l t h hei tilt ii in cen oi "ti e Ii thred .to IVi r s llptix, Ia'n Itr o.lld.ion r o w character "r ofrrdo. o, l '-:,.i n, l ,ilaf t rrti mjf n Ii in l1,hnlc .,tie .s he tf till iii.t l erek nier ntof wtgland - r' - T"n t Cr it: n o 'rtfiuila or ltcp'Ini II, Chronic ll Iwtumtnti.en. ICllrllic Ctttnilllell ti- Painic i te lIl lanclby frer erl:,1?. cc, u eIrllercc -y tlc itlo, d bitgla ian vitinted tice. 'hli- very (ollel''lltllted Svrl in prepared witil te I reIeCtI'stp:m marclll lreaa,' ",r'irlllll iconta the n l illp ,nrvIl,h, of \.S r-la rilhill h, itl,. U- p 0selm ruttc tc' .terev, 'toimcd wihialliuItcr vegetablcl substanoe T thv c it tiic ccd,cranut with h-,cicions in 'd inc " ac i ,o exhlhll M fores , aIIII tllt t of'i ".ll mI a in a sa ii thl.., blllus ben onllillw[ined n his'l Ism tr. ltion-ll- iLtL,, nI 'irt ,' $1 1,~,tlo ittle. 'lcl oanlty lat -IVAIN' ItIs' t)TE I:) TS dru. store, .nO. I (;lhanl "lretdl whi" lhrlie h llea!, fresh a11 g~.lltille, direr lfrOln the pllr,.r r tllr, SWa l'lIls hic'ca ian'l Velliflle, Potter's, li lit m o lllllol ll Irh Irc t, n14 MINNOC'I 'S IM11OVELI IiIi'ION OF DR .ohl nith' ci hrldtncent of tce Hitstory of RaOne to thich i c n Ireixtc all ccll c ttin to tI( Stily A O Iano n IlI rV, ai t gren variety of vculuab n in eor ulliolnl hhdd lhruoughlt fil work, to the ,.huuers Inl h lti,,ui .nl tll.i I cccttia ct ci tice inrmac Ia; w ith t all ut lls Iioe'z lldicul Mtlll hi':tla Notec canc qt liiee t n, s llt (,l ll ntinn at IIse rtnd of eachl secti,)n, il hlu:tl:,, l ilhs liirl3 'lttlul'loi,:g. otll wood, i y A h 1rton l'lx.utpt's Ii1n Ti". I:dlillt l o1 it, Gold hm s eitlrs r ui ttaI: tI:t. it it n t -nll' tc nttain of Juclius ic l tarlaoth) death oil' tilo-t i 'd, ltc a cic colillJ'itic a coe tle yel 11:2. iViti tlt ltt ti-ti, hr exia, "\ titc c icn t th0 end at Icch s1eti. lltthltn acrt, l'i aclmtc lie iintoreaa ioln ahhed lrot!lh the wort'. Ictccnistiig n1' table of cntclcc'ti-cc v .c .ei,tc Ianid etnlilc-t persona Copiouts exlantpti Ic ,rc cc c utos \ c rI tnie pali licc, cacnnec' at'ci litec'at of than 1inte. Al Ontlne) ltt LCn- titu'iunt, &c. +cc. Ilistralctd by ninny augee (;uts' E Stati; ia orc AcTntiuNtta" c Itd an Acrcitmen oi Kccic'c Nc Ic'l'teatisu ca Ion lIJ,' ccf Ghlbes.c Noe, Amccericantca-tiiii, wlih ccditiitc tll imaroveenit aln cit exitlttcctl c he ni ta .cc ccnotnnicn tl yttot'the Axp tican Alttancc. Juat received and for sale by Wil Ii'KIAN aneu2 torer 'iatnp iland C.-tc n at IIALIl'IIb'S CLAS..ICAL I. IiRAIJY. 1O1Ithlt'tantcslated by P'hilip lPr~mcis, ) ), with i lU nalcpacndcx, ciUtninitctlc4, Lr u fhlttc at acricUc cdes, &a,. it flea J t'it, cOjc innv, lhitih, Drydec PIte Adtlistnt, ,t c tfct ca ,itt.t ,t' c"atce eld, I'orane by IIcctU.t with the appc, ix tc;,"lint irccn.i acd by Chlhtctcc r i i0'+ iI 2 -"cc ,i" 1 t~ilu I1.. 'l'l" Itaxpatic tu ld I ,I,2 i' iLINKER, by Sctolllc, I 1 tc tilt aa it of1"c ia cAthor hit-nIi a., cJtccce, ICcl., tut a -iltcta, 'tilt r.;ac1cctcuun;,n by Gi i, uiksixntctc htrt'I oI.i '1 d i. , a lcIi.e.av ci,- ot',t cc c Iicatplae PAUL~ 'LI u'nt h i;b c thro , -.-r c "Pullc.e ac,,,+ itt n ctt..... lt,,tLa l .el uap'c rva ....... ,:'r II ;i :t' r ..

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