Newspaper of True American, January 26, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated January 26, 1839 Page 1
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PRICE 122 CENTs. NIE\V ORLEANS SATURDAY MORNING, JANUARY 26 1839, VorL.--VI No 1.67 Terns of 3m NXewop'tper Pres omf Nero Or/lean 0110 nilnsslo negretd t1 unII o.5d11115ll'l 10 'olieg o1 the 1'ooprietol0,hbld on h Io 1:5th of Marbh, ll37. SunsclCIrriav.-Is leu I),ll.irs far Iltdlle pn por 00n0n In, loL'lo ,r.11- 1511011/11 islllW'151111 tenl dollars fir tlio Seri owkly 1 c1111ev piper, payalble 0on1 year in advantc, where(100o c1ity rol reoe is given. No a lba1.rsptialolmll be diclInlinued ulnllil lrreurolloO. a Battled6. In eane of di c honinuolce, neo week's niclie in wtrittng moot ot inveriably given, previous to itb a oration of subscription. A DV HRr51tit: V1 dollar per onnolre for bhe first naorion, and I all llllht price for Orlealhlloqlt rrt ouc: it material alteration rum the oe riginaul advertisae nlc l will be chagd 10 a 110w 11e. YePnlLV AtVE11TISOIlb.-MerOlchOts end 'rem ere, arty dollars filt Elgiielt alon1, nod sixty f11orbo11 Iton. gaago Boanks, lt1115e5111 Olivoe, 1nd otlher 0110(0 public otntitlltll5, fifty dlollllrsill nEnglioh only, 01ll eights for botlt lssguooes; Shipr a1d SOlomlo,,t Foe. tors, or Cdllollnllolll r rclltsllo Ojoly slllro in English no, andeigltty Ifrinoth longuoges. M ARntwa0, Otte isttr Nsrvies, 0nt3 noirlco esll ing t.lo atltlenllt lf tlle publicr to ta0 0' property, cards of passengero, lluot .1&c.&e. will oAltoree I one dollar 1per square foo the tirol in00r0ion in coola h It 50010. CoMMuNIonCoAT 0, or Advertiemellts, of any permm1 al na0tur0. wohe ndllmissible, sha11 be ohnaged double, and in admeo.. A deduotiso of twrity oiore perceno. will be oode to Auctiouocos, Slherif, krgioiooo of Wis, odll fluranllls on sales of real onnole. p llliohed in hush l nogngeo1 and 50 percenlt. ill English alone: 10 pere ont. on sales "i otLer p01p1erty. AUe1oCaKisoooo 1100t of 1h1 dircct line of bu-inrar of tho advertiser, such1 tO legal, aI ctlion, s01d planot t oil soles, runasay slnves, stry uniy0 i0l5 &c. &e . will be chalrged fr 0 lta.nlely, 0111d 01 lIth onrlilnalry 0010. A nV00TIS0l111NT T 41 1n p(oicillOld a4 o tlllme, will Ibe. pu0 loishbed ne Ilnlntll, an1d11c10arg0ed1 aceordlillilly Nn ao ereliseol -111 11 bankruplcies sill Ito pllbliolleld in any ease, lllels paid Io pre1viou1 1t, insertioln, or payment gasrloantelelly it reslllollsible person1 in I11w01. rbotreeand olltl bl1r places11 50lll001001, nllvdeelisioll doily ie thIe 01105110. IIIt o o lloaged $101 for L ogliil a sour, and $1501 in 1111111 b loth la 11110. All 11115011111111101151f el: liinl l- for pout 01l rive t will me charled dsoIbl Iohel priceolflalltlhrldvletise menrs g llis/ tlellrl leOl 1111 111 0 nloo l 10 b1 110111nrwx pCo dolin1100lllO, 1111101 11 10to III IllO rIIll /(ll,1lhltll (signed) J. C. Ite Sr. IIOll;.S J. ItAlioN, 1'. I'. 101:3, J. C:. I'ltI':V11ERC~iSS'r, tIOILN t:IBlSl)N, 1.1; 31SIIEN. WIeek/y Press.-1Ve, ll, undersigned l, agr 000 to by rillho alove co1llitions, as nar on they are n1p1licable, oll woOtlv loapers. ditgnedl A. It. IAWVIlECrf, Itermllustl, inll cn1 5,I be 1101 pa1id. N.IOTIC TO iE PUBLLC.-Unflrded wil' S rumors of the ulnderrigne1d htvllng mold out, I. sr discontlnued lit old and ong e hnhlished lI GAI&I)I:N SEIgu sTr tIlE , l,.,u N , 8 113 Binesi h s te' , rt, 1 il avin been most ig d ben o ustrelroly cireul tted by self. inLterested prties, thl isubsrI b r to as...o . Is "hl il friends generally, nlld thle public at large, that 'le R , still cei:lti:lct wiltilln wo door of his ltll, or e forner standll, to be litrnishetd with llaili inl x . ,n LteolsiV supply of all the stlndard kinds of kiteiheni or vegetable ,trdc Se.o,, of Ie growlr and in.. port of the plresent leason, 1837. Since the early p trt ot Septetnher, he ha re t. be ile ceived ample suippile, by tIle plrkt ships Vicks. burg, Keitucky, ntni Arkanan, all arrived ill short piasstgeo, direct friiii New York. ilv lthe Minni. sippi anlld anther packet, he is in dail expeltn; Jan tron of a upply of Fruit Trees and AsptriRgus Roots, having already received invoices Ltereof by nmail. The subscriber begs further to oesure th[I I plic atlarge, tllhlt l o is at lprsoilt ors well niilehd to .roo. o a nnl . ..o... ritl s fer alnl IItheI kind, of araildel [nods, ritler wi holesale or retall, ns he ever waI since his first e;ll nlllenlll ill Jilianury, 18'22. I Countlry ilaiers u.n l lakct Gardiner.' h:rdr t. Gliluil t the lowest :tI I L ist re sti iib'e rates. by Iy ,-I th, pound t ll ig ht, illd galoln or b a bel l it m u re. Clitn "s , o rl.lll' In fr inu i l llult .l IF>I,. nlnxnid ir ol a indl itt .r., , sn Ie , a 1 ;iii :ilitrum ii i il l dIrd h) r i-.'ltil , I , iipi' m ni p n.I Inv d " -w i l r - n r .e u iti I I II' . i, i' I soi n L en : t o pell· ll tul I Il: ; ?Ietilt' ,I A . %ilid ,i o .iiion i l' I Irtnh I i .ii . i- i i h ifeiill I n. ,lid, oni \ti i ts \ lini IIti r l ptr 1', , I I. ti i i [rth ii nl l t ilil th lll, y ll Lpp lint , j oint. r ! inntI Aitd tle ntlfn eltua lttouin w II ul sii c gIt erl ly fiil di Ue (reion r ., g ll., itt W orihl. tIywo r W- y ll ti n t, me t)",lere,, int,'rrrge. ton Iron ,itli ot li in ter- ' tioli intoMulls ode tol Ciu. :\ ell e hu d e it i r e t t ut v e r e a l I ri nrl- e c a ll e u h ) t nll Iy gitir.Jo e It Ii u r- n tie llci p tie in Iht it l r I t o •re tutlu i rln f t ltt'U I ' II eru-. orfei i by hbo dinnt IItI ntne.rnl ilgnltil n' In ihlich hei Aerve I"INuTr i.erJ I, II.-' h V ri ,. rthlvd , ,,iy,t llt llrtit -t llu bige. 'I to " r'iiiec I tti~in sera vlly ,g Irll"l l+rn l. lJ I le ,-, wt lyi ould rlitrs i oll ittoti.: ' lit tll ' tri" n r 111l1 ,1o.1 1l 'by givig Ur. a Joh or i t .. . .. ;lII, , proplter n.rthi ines tor their core In the ,. ll t ir 'tl ll e ll b . ml t D@ D llu Lp witb writtenll e to l,, i their nI-e. t iope iepo fnrmIullnlrl t7inthe ilrnilg util .iiclock atiIi niiht/ Ai E odinine Iit'Ittto l ItIni tte u.l ,noon I t ln 1)r. b r enem y, titr t re ,ttn ct n ir tn 'iu f n.. Onllnd wn, r o opici i i en dtrund ond tire nnerre' tlf t 'iaect mnk antiorige nl t he tllt tItn Tilh n it. i ihitr na utsed y It lin with y tti 1 r iist nlioipr ttle ted rn, cllni ItIli its prvito tle iublic t i rlntlo ll, Iclrd urnolo irt oil ot iiy years, f, "oi.t retlil al if sirlel io, i itlt if se',n -t: - leto ne'iill Ie r ltoe, in te Ir yleo ,ii th ll Ieolill i 'rtc1 bneei rn iutl diglrnenbo In or ltt iS tI bV ýi , i auiled rn Thisl reditn e iu tii nlt imi n htobed .ninn ii the hin+ ofqllck ii tro liild w h'fre tlnpltl ln iiin toitl it i-Lth' rulehv liv ion n l'the ndld lit nind tintlt scieltfi surge tlII Europe ever ilriltel nlltnd thte cret of lr it ttiil it was Ilurchaosd by tl t fIn r very large cun. it i" inree.tee irn d titisllr Io the Itl e to , trts is a 1it t Itrer t iet tti nir kee I c te Ibwl s leri e , iintolr vn c ordi inlld stre tgh I llt th sys1 tl ,e nd i A i r' eehi lU*e. Ito tlell el II ll s ui d a t fi e - b ,t'l l, r e el n 1 - t h te i n al t c u l lr le a to e s t, l ' I)yse pia or Indige tiul|, wllt] prevents,, retulr at soyly storing ntn0 InpeIt .St moult. r I e ilti itO -Or6 1 rhetie ntlraie ' n oldnf 1eo ieg t -rr lent nr v lift', I ilnc be ltrunlrtt in ,iet rlt r .. with l ,nee lu illdlim te'f, tne g-ear r tril e ut thl'ust thre y itr elil rItlnl'lllln b htt beetlln nis hin rtble I hat w trio d b ivirait ilh -itt al t vsotei l •1 Uteoe id foietrhille l h erred. i- nll S Johnilon's,. 1411 Itienvill,. street. _ V. o . PROSIPEC'IU. THE subscriber p-.losns to publish, in the be. ginning of thile onennug wittor, a (Condensation l" thotwenty volumes of the Old and New Sorlie of Martin's Lonisiaia Roports, to be hmnlrised I1 fon r voluoes. Sn,,., ucCording to tli' inodel of 1'etcraS Condensed Reports. This work is now iv preparation by J. Burton Harrison. Euq, ottliso city, assisted by Witliam F. Brand, Esq. 'The Editor is also permited by a c distinguished retired Judge of the Supreme Court, and by one of the sittang Judges, to expect from their porsonal supervision all th'e odvantage which mayy naterallt be rapold fronl tli;ir cxporinoe. Such a work in bucoming every day mort no cossary, as the original is vohluoilnous, exponsive, ni r sctrce. An icruasing curiosity too is nan.i tbst, in thle olther States of the Unio in, Oreference to the peculiar jrisprudence of Lauisiana; and the circumstance of the eumerous principles ohere de nided in tile nadjustment of conflicts of laws, makes the knowledge of our adjudged cseos of prino uti. lity to thijurisrts of the whole Union. Moroovni, thie rising republic of Texas has adopted our codes, and thus there isa great demand for the Louisiana decinions from a fresh qunarter, Conveiaent itesu, indieatil.g the parallel cases decided in Louiiaina, and occoionally tlhose In the mnre authloritative forums of the other Stateos, will no added to enach case. 'rhe work will form four volumun, royal octavo. and will be delivered, buicdl, to subscr.twr iat $6 per vol.; in case it shoul I he found practicahble to comnprosa it intoi three volumes, the price to sub. opribers will be $7 per vol. &ubscriptions received by WM McKlIAN, Fn5 oor Campo and C('.menut eis. NEW ORLEANS Steam and Patent Biscuit Bakery-Waters and No. 09. Mocrea, (nlar tlo I',tlllthnrtrin Ilull Rnod.) Pilot end Navy lrunald, Said aid WVinse Riseuit, Sugar, B.utter. Midl:rd and Water Crackers. All the iabove articles are warranted to be of the fire quality, alld keep in any climate, being cunepletely kiln dried. Also,-Kilu dried corn meal. Ordern Ilft at G. W. Pri chard and Tagant, Jr. .nornr Magtaziue and Paydras streets, will receive prompt attention. Smaill kegs put up expresely for limily use. 15nov -- 1LOUI-- 1000 barrels landing in tmer, atll tfr ttttIv V l sale by 1. _ _It_ eY, N IAll g -- 7lO ke, N-i-il, as teilit sietl, fir sale byie 1 -i ti) tl VIIlT l.[l , 7 G iver t U. ts -t i"tlsit ppi eundt taken at 7, Trut ie S ee, for t;rocerites. d15 -q k EiiEYS--7f bthlra Ksneres, tt,ý tOIL-- ;S Isrrelts 'l'anert Uil, 3o cnsk, winter oil, m 40 Clasks tIIll strained dit, list CANDLES--3110 buane ~iperm Candles, for like ,ale hv L II GAIE, d7 93 Conmaon e' cre N LW Pi) I & BliRt P ln-?'. tt bbl cme's, anil 40 bl. I k u I prime Purk 21) bbls prime lia.ef, fir sai Ilv tlG I)dll-E , i-i df - 14 V" hl, .r h. lee -\ t RIl. R4. JI)NEI':, IProf. r otf si ging, the (cii ar Hnll a e I'iauno-trite, b.44 t, anuoti et h,,r arrival the lfromi f .L+ w, andfroni several yurs pacic,. in Edin- i (3 R.,,"i ae ilo atr er.; i th hei r v- r iten of in-truclio, n . ili tivr sati-, anti n tl", Iu ils. liv" ''' Illill ,lla ' I to ( Ipolil.til , l c,. ' III he lie wn, oe apptliiii l ti tt, rr. Miltarc' 17 bI van t .ert. dW1-- 1 i):N :i11'111 ----P0 dtI on, t il,-x ('inhrs, ust r 1 f be o rel, net, I smt o!du fbi shph irn Ahi sali, t t the Loaiiana ,'k'aiturat \Var- lao a'. noIJ 13tr RI \rtl 't i :l h I' ri .h l the 5 I on , . i.. . - I, I lt , a c t.'n e in inlv 2 t a volU. T I b'All,' -,|idl i¢ r-i t,, lbi11; a I " tfh. i ItI, nli's Chr is r. u..i I .i r In3t'; j ,l h recei- 'E l it d fu,' J 1 I i iilliIi ick the ir itd tn IioAN ON iLuipsii s Colg , I.OUISIANA I N, '1'l1U ['l1'. 1 ra!lll ,- ln'it to n ' tl: i t I ir I t l ,lnlit , t i 1 qi ntDT - are o1 I " 11, "1 ill ' IIII'I O ll l i ll l l: l IO: tl" I h'i" l :leI - ), ier, in th hi.niic eti -kerv .,f elnuthe. einl hd , hurch ieli Ii, r ifll"n1 I i l 11l m, a it t ll t e , fil llr, tir | iie d ie iict i i is t grailHate i l'oi e t i ' t ie in i st u eleiru ted i lnii rsitie- s C of L.hnar.r h ,, ' I', lie iitr i ofltiui et ie .i t h is i i .ii l I h will ir:.... hr, 'll (rl ,"' It frd o~in. eliae ld.+: in:: " t l: h: ui-htf'h o li h of gltr h ned n'.0:, o1 h .it Ihlsi-h ed-r, he| i i nil-1i. ,l aI ll rli l 0(;rP lilll, 3 A-*tI v.I • T her h l lon-III a 'o l.. ', on lfll 1,.A, it| Itllil'h 1 - l ,illl hr l tll 1 F rcnch, Slpl o n un'l i i(; ,e.r,,n na-: i. 4I. I'h." riilltheollilit. 11 nllel d d philo+.-Ihi Ll ie;':'l'".enl cooprrlhroh I :h11_ .\ I :i, ' , , ' r · o0 1,( r llll·fy " I o . iTric onojll '', p. r e .lile. , Ihllh ir I ": I , .i a tl l i l,,a l u n I, :V'n ' llt t \n ,_lVl Il , 1-Iolo ffv, A {:. ,ýntlit lli ' i1h(s idly 11:1'I o ld SIlll'llllil l Iluei Yu iitlll. Il e u llltllr r le taittai aid ut Judet o l ii , JIoh Ic lo rI C I.: 1 J 'IIt )"ltl IAN.., I A 01. Rt.F'i nI c 10 E: J tIIc.;l)N I~sq. liev ptre..i: i el i ANE t ON, b o uisiana Ct llege, IP I' dt I. lZI .\BI i l(r, Ls l') \'t '.iV Esq. se It.:-1 A:I't i ell - -u 1t-:i ', ait 1,' ''ll 7, lu ist'- , uI ,.,i-t t l- , 1i I,- i,. n, 1'p r dhl p ii'r, lImill, \I, li iIi I'i I I t.-I,, s i i -r It l ii, hl rlei: -), ( i',h tl, ti e . ti,'l d - le ill ,h*. ' l'luuh/ll:t 'r II),,,v d,,u Ih.I ( S I It lla l :la, Tin 'llir·1o I : IS':-I h :,I , ;Ird 4'htll pr/Ilt ; 11 i|ll- -I P,.I1 Ih r 11 p r.. the 1 i,'l .I i" -itt ...r l pit. l 'l' d h 6 , r , t,, 1 II t' l - h," !: \'" t\ I l \ i ·\('l -.a' I:, ie t '., . i. '- I I' liu .I , i tt. lltn I'clri !-, Iln l hl.- aRi In tiLt ii- I i I, ",', . V f',=ý .eir ,i'ii'1.v'\ \'" ..... il I " l ' "Y, l4. -,, "t ':;:: Io-'- :S i, 7 an 111 |,'l l Ill I. l ':i 'I' i lI: , l l l i t I .I ('1.lhlilll ' iA ( -,: 1 if ' l..I " ,;i -h':. '-;1 I Ivo i, lcito i Ill i nl Ish,.; 'd'i l e ", . ,' . .. .. . i - .',,, ; . .. . . Po l ,'nll . Ta :,, . ...... ti, i l li I,,i.. ltc l ' litlt ri - ' In 'rit , l l ' paltg i i itunt, 'I 1 i tull '11 1:110ite .lt "i U~t: ltau t itti 1\i;l l c li ,.i c "1 ll -l ,l' I. (', ll Io. Ito -i a I. . u eh ', l',, I v. a:) iII ' 6 i Jles.I 1'FN 11:)t Il) 1;:;5. Il'r] id he l oitlli ti-I rln" fln i nn I .n I-i-ti-r et . vi t l,'1I'III\ .ayl iin iiee dnlI ~ i, It a cal-n- a- n . ..t_ . . d I it I l a - i a i-.. .. . . I - jli' I 1:~ ' . 1'te. II atw ll .l lsi.ii I qt tit i e .-1 }r i- ee k'e;.r la - albi ,nu;t. es' ý' 'r t- ialie -- -i LP LI-RI eC C t Dsls taeslie t It '| eo7 P Ll I';IIA \u, Dell. Greffier I AT l-. -i . -)llI- NA.-S tl h ll reit e ouit it h u o " i larishtl ca d City of Newu ll tllll-TI.Crli'tl, the ,iCnr v It i u li, il . e ..r ti ' litIii o s J ,11i i . hold iv or hecur t.,41hqI d 1 8,,frtl ,3, h Ik.l , r e uaid "Io tr I u. illto s dl1 , dh i r " i l'"i li e. 1i Ih ll P . , Cle i,k. Ip SIh q8, a vocal dlle Ao Laftb,:ruar gllun e, iiin c F d ls cr ill-r illO tad ilt e ditls s , p r i %e .,l'u-lIcr. rhl i \ aedlt ne it oii.s iouI oin .i t if-rI itu lui e ha. lli 1. io.lea un ei ul. eiio t..l I " ll u UiI l- ll h l eiql u Ia L llll ' i r- i ,l c ser, I I . , -ii c r sU L i r Mr1 t, Ad c I ti e l t -, it-l. 1'' e c-u1. ' . . ()Ii ur t.,I, i 3.- /iri deb th--id i- ._.i .iI.i rc t,'ict C o urt. iJubi . I y lur vt I fitrC.g , l llUl. nd, bh c edtlo e I'.l'e la'rtx l Fu-llncrl he etit -i 111, , 9111 t - 1.1 ,i it ll , " 1 'loc k it. Ill. to ll fitCL l , ril- l Il rIrr i y .vvi J t i F rell l slll h i.d'tilll ql I lo o ir ti in arson, %'('1 llll(I "l .I nil'lb Viind h { 8cie. ar e up|uine tl to l lra ll 1)1the h. t dlbh s(tl~l iilLn IJ dei7--3tilld I '(, ('Ihik. ,-.,.A','E -OF Ll)Ul l.oulst Fun el Jedic ... i)is- . , c L it'lluncraccl. A th Itiiu.hlll jlllll, . Jll ch MOic cIe. a.c .,, "ttt h..l ii irs-.o - .Iq. l --Illa ti ll llll llt; r. I.\o t li s i, t itcicvfctldcutdil jli i AL l ru eu idc c c tnierd tit. hs, cvtl.l etti ti ie cucl i ii fill: tr elttic t lt lc .tieti ,ci -.c f o is ea :I te i- dI e , i 11t0ol et all otl' title h..Selll l-e d cu re liiciii g a dots d jrnti lae pubitcii i of dilit fcd ditwhy.ccd e ci csoul lot cl i e uit i, ý n l cera ,Ib fr cls hoveo uin g to l v nud ll 1110 t4P. Itlld t dii et lv ted ifll ?di e P t A I.BL I\NC, Dl'ltclicte. II - ltr diir itiic t u , ' j.Iut A Ii. L AI \Nl l ; .It r lirl _ i,_r l" a is rict Julli a-- - 1eI-. "i , -l , t ,e D --,t obr - - P .rcce CU lluori l i A, :II Inc CII rl j ELle t J t !ftch.'cu l iis. o'l'l'Jbo cier s--No 11,351 1-,, motIoI n doI : R l-i..d/ ie t l tavoeuatuo-A Lu tutu. il t Luii. ciiu r irs i d it b ton lillte iv ll c 'i lleil c. M i ll toid,1 n ll'ln e t lt lblruit lp d tire l'8ill c dlid I d ilg llONil,l-el' illcl ilt ercai-e ls ftillt is, nvia.le ' .ianu po,,ur 1. l'.lvgi .!di" ld llt!;- n- e weals BALDNESS. - I++FnATT -F.T IIn. hrI l'lair sa ti.le grandest orna tseir r elon ain n h ., tiae tnmnu - r'a . ta' ooa sctr Ivlht hct' the es it chnnefP rhle c ,' nne ai , and ' irela Ilurelv .rines olhI tlhp .I 11 rnl.ce ofold ,j . wh'irh u sen mrnI n to recolil :ti bvie II HP ,Vrer· l. n c1 netimtns eypll n lci'ety to a voadl the t|ests a l sllt.neers of their Ileqsit . tl n ll.'r ' the rerntainl r or'' their tvs rae eon seqt'n lly sp.'lt in relitenet.l In sh rlt. not erv'n the Insaa f macntaerta flis th, raseestna th.nkca attla alia thi air I aanvv nhlhl aaaa f ant it- doar thne I. ra. of ai hh. T m t? rv nil tlils" Inpden nm errolttmsrnnrlll l, h'i.'{' tical nf (C chlmn s tla ia f ipce htel s flthrm,, cdlilne atioa the firl nplip icntion, nald few Ibottles resnres it Uianic. It likewise pemlltr p e rs ret 'ows nml whiskers; reventlls lthe Inllr from Inllrnint era , mr lac if enrl hlenatifllly, alnd I'e+ it fro'n -lla rt. I oltnrallll s cetiliten. stll e th firlet re"sqlP:tahiliVy in slnla.ort acI' the virtue s of Oldridge£j llint. , are liowll by It' proprietr. 1t3 Rend thre following: lherar t Vchnrton Sq, Esq. Iaant ivr of a 'atil td ' il, hnae rti if.i ' i t+ atv i rseen bel iow, to thell tlg h cdtra ftre f la e fla awirl eencte carn. h e,. ia 11111 ri aae do I tereav e iy tif ti t t ehinve userd the I Ir a, of a' , ia'ih di 'covera'ed hv .I. httt'idee and ltnve f lllnd ia Iighly .erv.i'eathlter st nlliv nIa. t revpntirve ahemi.t Ihi fatlln" cci'of hI r, t ia ll c 1o U certllill rheasr live. WVt I.IAl 't! AT 'tII,:I erlie, RMetihodistt inir i (;`t n it . 00l0ll ., JOHN P I l' l .:l'ittt l ,h l , l rl' ,t. O f l llll /,+.rll 1I.! i1 :.'ilh +' h ,1 t),V x it ,Jr, It Ai a .! , t Art, It i., kli- l tlhr Ihri , Mo e ,, li bv. -i. +,. ,_' 1( nt o1' than ital1 1irs of uc,, ni llll lh llit t less tline ll a:hI a a an a r ,,e a tatr,' ad'', a ch ac atac. a ai a t l'hila d. f 1, I t Ioirt Wharli rhn . 'lltl voir ill f ",a i ti {f I'htil..h; ''ah d 's Ir's ,v c's rtifv 'lso l, rt i~ell ntll ,lr I a t ', ihia a 1I.' s,. lJ Is h +li. ll, J, Il" ' ' ý,l'l e,. I ',l l II , r11 , ;nllr l.v v 1" s I t t!imll i · :, re' o l,-', It,' Iaa' a,,' cc't ni :l ,,,hl ,i, ' err t l i ll nl,"I nrif o i.nlll nrtl Ih·.tr n llll'llnlt'lll I1 , ll Id In catch tall a' s', , ,iv,. t., alh ,ai, o,,rtfih tae 1 In ll lt .+1wh ill re I n hlve h rlei lnlotla r, htac llllt atnod th aall ra(t a a x dta , tisit + 6lth d v of h 't l+," b ara, ,t i. O i. I ae'alt .1' e Ihn . i h l h t"tin 1,, In ilc fi'-hl ,\t 'e rert. e al'Rc t ' a. n . i"lc' 'tabe' rcect, iier iaat c'aa I.latta, c, li al,,m he! P- I I atra'.t,nnd bs " mt t tctei c- a1,tchseaec anaiaagh ho 1 tarv. e hli t l'tsio,'.,i' t,'a'st Ie,"a a i ta , . Li e a otf l'.cl,'l Slllps.-'-l'ht. Inew h e o. ships laos been expre-oly it to run hitwton t Iov'" Iarts, anld l l l '1 htolnd ) of suitald droft ofl waler: C il .c.ommodatios for passengers, anild every cflbort Iln will be moutn to give 11000,.1 sate. action, '1 he WVhJ C., ror ..i. 415 tons1 Cai p. J orII , i, Ju' Cirolia, 4t11 do S Lor ist, (:4halb.tom, 374 do I) Il)Idrolge, ae Columb ara, (id5 do .G BArkter, Sceaman, 2'111 d, J [Jolts., ionlloay, 1l 5 do 1D , uJ mplry. I "'The, nove ship, ar, all new, of the fir..t lyaosIs, iot i r lppl r erllrlenld st! Copper'd. commalndud by n1! Io , oflgreat experience, have large ace"mentdatio=s'i tt o t 'i p i rate hI d eS c.h''' ; every atht l t n,1 t ' ill be IC, ' toid t o o pal v r, and thi e very , es flo f' stores pro. o vided for tinomd tol lone of a01 in' and l ,,, t d the '.y' I,1' l essel hI.. Ilh: dta~ ,lt r ll i rrl tvin g , o lth r cIt tlll . 0 0ll l, : o It .,,to t Ito ! wdl I i 00 ,Ilt l:,.,. 0 ! lt, Ll0,-ll 'th. I. .- ) .fIO h' l It0 l Tlrl IICC lllommoldae la llt ell 4 u. practl Chbl, to rec:Ive 1 1i1tl Jti1...r . '^.1v.1t t l:.. h1 e ,at h.u . 10n00 q llohr. i shlope ". I'r,,t "'t Itrd. .C Il ips ,I 1 v thlo lt atd 16 h of , r' onth i. F ir ,rI t I 1)olo, iH y l the. lt. 1 to l,';~ s. A. C. 1, Iuonbl rd & Co. ' ill 1t ,O o' I i21 ot:''-"l It . +' i o t ltl ,it ' I' t , III 6 (lo - olIL' l u I~ " '(. t of t-ItNi o too. o ... It r O 1 \IIl' U N\ II) 1 .> i' IfU I; ll Elt .- .L p eedy P ; ,d l it il r i 1' ; ito ' 1'" r and A g"l , l I I t '1 f Ia v, rf,,1,b t i eiV,, l' i pr lpared omI'l't il Ilhr, origl i ri p':,(: . (1'd I VU,', tth i,.nnt nld u ni ! tv , . .n cc , 1 t o. l' by p rsIos of i the highll t It r, o- il,,'. ht ilt' I it't t 11 i tly, : 1_ted ill thto l ull Iexed S 'Inl m.dll dci, is highly rero'niieLI nded, and has l n t xttio"v y us itll tile abtllvd daltlsot withl s , succs, that t te polprietor of It il n o t ,tol oia t h ,,' iloi:iced tot offer itLto tit e 1 putb-. ie io its prlllrlt to I t l io tl hot 1 hoil)at it may i 1e Sthle means of wh:lievIang manlly lof th:ose who reI 'I t . tl ring u , 0 ,) r th ,' 0sc u ge o ot tlt coun try. I is.> a m ,dl c p. c hi ll 'ic l g el at vib tl e, and w henl u edI Saccuduig to the dtreculois has neve.. r falld ofi lli"cog a cre, lvn t I tn the Lost obst tilnat0 sltage of f't. dlt lorderc i Iio ut o tll ,t aoll dilagreabl , rlo d ot lioULs'. I of the ei lult ttomltach, lot Zl tdren mayi lake ii with ilpuq nity. It stre g tholls thil digest1 IO Sorgans, creiates Ma p c adl appetit, anl dom reltires " tsoore 11,n olt, or i obstinate lcases, two ottlt s to i~c t a cure. 'Thro is othetr olercury nor arj o e l in the tLt 'liotelll, nor anly thing ijtu0iou lto the hlllan collnstilUtio . T'l e proprietors 1re sot so well convineod of its tli,,cy, tioet they agree i. to rotefund the prlice of every bottle wtith hasl been tos taklo itn aorod.ane o woth the diretoLons and toe lo I not el:eted a poorII; t cllre of too 'ev.'r & nague. A. OItIVEII, sole aget for New Oirleans, at his whol isale and retail drugi and rlsedliie store, i lcorner of Ilienvltlu and artres streuts. e Fur District Agectes alo,!}' to i j ,, T,. %V . S I \ 'I T , i 1 8 C oo n ti t. I ancy Poocklet liokols-Uilttr it 1 head will bit ,tund i ,leolh iol variety of lad o' und g lleol el's t , I t, , ooIl .otot', old. oor o.e ,.dt t.0100 1' F , ,cy torks. , 0is1)pend, I O, cL .-0I' te Ilatest 8, I attlrll ,otnd t lt ' uplt , r qu.tcll l ll y, consi. tiog ot pllan in' ,. ! Ld figu red s al ,, b imbiz.t ', velvet Uald cloth "i stoc.s...., r.... hi. .s, , and ie,o y w it .and me i\witout ,1lro'lil , . 1,. cot1us, sus1pedels called to) l hl-tooglofb s00)i1.0 to, thoot, u.t4111 el1tic 0r0 0l. ") .odtttduootooot(olo, with ild tt'ithl~ot roll'er, 6. tto ta t ),10 11api 0tt'llt wire 'prl1g0;00nd to reat vat ri.,y o, 1 ge:, t,,,,,I o 's , ,ar, ,ua ,, e 'rtr sy for the rttaol b-ade, by A. L. Viutn and O an oe' Phila. hso-A general and complete uls-orlen edi- ' iof ro s t'rto i tho Ir aoonufactory.A'.ro Eogsi lt e nd French dresio g co lbs, etc. del'27 naio " orgo o recelo d f610 .thip Mte'sy, Ull too FRANItUIN INFIRWLAEtY- b Itl gilt" , p bli tooe r.^ 110,,ih iir I , Ii, ,,01I/ t ot tens in1d1 Id ttulll i+ erected ).ll ,1 Ilse;0I ,,-oimprve d l n, 111 ~ ~ ~ - do1 0111.4. 111 Iooolil~ le uu nod lll s l· b Istlulat ol o nill,, ill toeo 3b10 uo - ~ il th rout d o noo h,,lode,, jollot Ali,,l int31 dlirt.ll fu orLt l l I ,3 nod l\4 I:ru di ooji.'1. :1,0 "j ' .1'." ilbltllili i.33 joppli I ~ltl tell e ,o, ,killo l lo Mlvn·: ll, , I uiul,' uIuJ teolulý 11s1 e-, and d Ji) Bnhill tlbL cu 1' Iho II II''I oIlhII II 11 1' I'n, Ilc uulos :n,\' be hal by eCIlltlnell t for do '1"c,,,,. ii n Iill. or tr ,nrsl ,. dllrspe dy wo*l:, Ittu'&oll1''s A3l 3oiu 3133-i3' 3pra 3:a 43r I!b rcideoNGdI p oo,+ ho',t i Ir W&~enn htoo. liam lo, lion' lood olmssd most be mae ho oOr( I CIrIIobeog, No IT 1(n 1(11p 111t street. op1I1I1( I1 't nýIptJ t a.:lt aretinthe uumngclrl.:ivlrls of' tuuli LesJ by E 1: ·:\iIC', :LouhOIor of 00 3 cu (t d it bolt inl the~ Nuv). I I itltJ o l d 311e: ti , by l le 1,11, : nultbll l; Ill,"31 i lur'inres to school maoslpr3. For `I'l I\' d:31 Irow lll, 49 l'llrll st '_® I:It 111(:=111(1 boxs hoi. 1,2 a:: :a-li u Hr Y )l3130 333d.113 In-d 17o ,ale by 1.J7 6 ]1' WI t t'I \ E\" 7:1 ('aml~p at + e3. h an fo psol, ho N\1I.\1.1. L 1 3ill'\, 9,(I t,,,: ,011'111 11 0,1011' ' lg 'P., l Ll(U( (t\~ ---1U casexsvu ll-i* . n~ ,'I not reWved boat:, extra si ze~f; rani s and b uys, lhRL. 4 II Ufll'NA Oe, indl-lll [IIOllhl L\-C Ilion' 3nI(') o3 X,)1 1 \L IIAM MOIIIIOIDS. IJAY'S LINIMENT--Nu Ficlion.-This ex. Straeordllary chemical coplllsition, the resu!t of science, and the invention l al celebrated mIndi call man, the introdtil i n of which to the public was iilvoetd witli Ihe solemnity of a deathbed blequest, hs sincer gained a reputation unparalleled, filly sustaining the correctness of the lamentedu i Dir Gridley's la-t contfesion, that "lie dared not die without giving to posterily the beuefit of his knowledge on this subject," and he therelforI bqucratlcd to his fililend and lttendant, Solomon Itya, thle serct of his discovery. It is now used ill the principlal hospitals, and the private practice in our country, first and Inout certainly Ifor the care oef the Piles, and so exlten sively aid efflictually its to balle reduilhy, ulnles whcrie its eflfects are witnessed Exterlnally in lb,' ftllowlig coimlllillnts: for Dropesy-Croating extraordinary absorption at once. All Swellings-lReducing theml in a few hoers Rheumiaatislli-Acute or Clihroic, giving quick Sore Throat-By Cancers, Ulcers or Colds. Croup and Wlhooping Cough-Externally, and over the Chest. All Bruises, Sprains, and Burns-Curing in a few hours. Sores and Ulcers-Whether fresh or long tandoing, and fever sours. Its pnerations upllo adults and children in reduc ing rheumlatic swellings, and loosening coughls anl tightnessle oft thle cliet lly Iclalatinn of the parts, has been slrprising beyond conception. The colltonnt remark of those wlho have used it in tile Piles, is , It lts lile a charml." TIlE IlL ES-The price, ,l is rerunded to any prsu wliiho will use a bottle of l,,y'U Linimeint fir llie Piles, andll return tle emptlly bottle wilthout being cared. 'Theiue are th poisitive orders of the prprliecor to the Agelt:;l and inut of' ily thou sands oldl, not onll l has u sllll c cs ul, W' ,ighlt insert llllle.tles iu aly l.llegt, but prtier that thlio whol sel the alrtiel, aliImuld cI hllbit the original to ptrehasers. CAUI'iON-Nonl can be gllnllino without a 1plendul enigraved wrailppr, on willch! is ily amse, and al thlat f thl Agentlls. SOLOIMON IIAYS., Sold wlholesale and retail, by C;O.MSTOCK & Co, New Yolk, and by one Drugglet in every townll ill thle lU.,n lFor sale by tie Wholecsal Agents, corner of; ColII nn & Tcl'ihoullulas sttest, alid by time. Apuatheceries gilenerally. je3t i II u ellrdla.i.l ld lve hlis day Illllh d a coa-p i:- II n * tier it ut r the nll',tllliu uci llD o1' au.ewi tll llliT,- stil 0io atd larw a ing 1,t -ine tiris Jl, auder th no aital titl " I tsa -a' a, altd htajae tike'n thtt.i i t 'rick' stot', .'U 1. 96, .llU aile< (l s T l otydt l st.) re l tlatrtit-: atlIAl l., Ja. Nata `:t, [ ,at Sa Avt v, \\ hhilg t a. - lurk, I wh aattn. J 'T' ac c',. V u- nt Cra,,'ket & nharllhigo..lohn ' lanfield ll Chastal nl" -ia-at&Ila a I I Inat .an, 8 Phla os Plaid'T Morg na Iauslurgh, 'Penn. I'dtl-' aew n ' \1 aaa dl atdt c', hla fla e, O .tt ,t. h I.' ·, \\1t !hlidh| , lltlq. Chlilhcolhe, O. ' Ja It Xle, lttt tt q Nflat villa Tenn. u E & A T'llu e SI Louls, 110. d 1 la-e ' T1'' DI), Lk LOUtDI \N Y.--.t'. . d.: l',tsa.s 1 -J,,p, la ',a. ii- e et Ville da la Nile-Ortana--I',e- tial I, Ie kel, It all atrllll ttll dti alllla aattt la . e tttre-t i un wles:--Su r u :n itat eal lleis aobi t tite lpetilta .l IH uldeul en roll s MY I Pi l',lre it eat ord lll I U'tltl us-einl: - N l e dee, ascrt an ci t' di e 'i IC . atilallti: o tl t t ll e IJlln ct. tlr lo, v q dal iaata r lltB , it ilix ht ,. ea dau mt iu a hl d ^ dliuerpr .tlr I' l le- Ili lt,·lll l ldle ani ub I Ie; r l lluu i a l l'| (tfntc },oI-Ii t ts e t al ptrsonala a a aartce+tt a L. i i" yua c-t " llls pur relrta,: l . e. 1 a dv . IB A M dLT I\ ll.l)'p lGr. IDFIlir hall I- 11ar>th a l, l ' I''tiatf aNla (Ilih n-: i wt't'a he I 1e I t h. .,h, 183 . Na. a l' tatI n : aatatta i " Itata t a t Ie lill8 8 thNa ." ltt,I( I-a: ti, a .a a s rt t a.lttll h a a. .I. . I t' l lto u 'k I, . M ]. t r l a d , i t l t e l e t lt s he w t u - c ) , ,li Rtll , l awI1 [ i n anlll il ll till ceedigs against s S i e-uaA a tt e stayed.k It itv further d e t Pd o aI. I niwyn i a:ll et'h appo i anted Mo re e oetc bte aib+lt t 1d 4 .tata ta h re y , r I t'ot1lrCl e t1 11 3I '( I'T s '.1N''"rt A A.31 1'ac 6e l -I ' A,- t lI,I' I. -c Ei t " -ti " , Ioa una ah l a afet Ia rrel ofa a t'rat'a aiaaat'yt aa letut.t l,- tlhted tt , Newt. 1'u :i. few b rt . If lhia I'aeatau'aap. tuba rdn l fi t tlh If'Stll Of ll'tll • t, lI l has i l h ll ell l that 11),l ls. of f l Illld at b :11 ib . 011 aCtl alt , that ia ' ',, her. the i li,-hnt , All er "lin or keei. irg It l t ,t a tf, 'r ttat h,\ -D'rll ,.red tihe pl)Ul'ch t I ; 'tl a 't, Xill ' ra. ll, l a Idh SI, t l Was a" I t U lI bl ad OL her list de+l, 'ltiro . No II ro e st N+. n t-- ut ' r nal at ,ati t at can n tly be dt llteret to a l M aaae ul atta, ttll e g'a Ia arldh'r Uld whichft 'It Sr l t. 1 ll tL Ia. d , ta-. al d lt'''' t " l" Ia. t a 1`on't a atta JusrlE, JOIa IIdNS & CO,t ha' S u 1 I' | I'PA 1'I E IAI.1.,- cornerof t t. Chnrles a ita is-, o C o u u .n str e . T he s u lb eribe-s having r evel-ew . ,,I tt anad ta ilnt ator a Iallir aso atttttaia f gtuaad-Ir it I ,flt a td, tns attln ad the Nrat, uaity for sale tt e fatta t I. tag articles: E' ,f ls3h t 1raw)l g papers O. all s ies t dO welring do) s taar riyul, ra ya' alnt tai t all a tel foas tap, letter I r txat. i ge thin vellu tta; do blue laid; du do taa e ,p lt a praalpa, ltit tall sizesl .d London alai 1r-1tl h(a~tI; do facy letter nad re tie Lest l1 8lls li In llllaUnion, a ttl lr attlll r ad fauash t quills; tteaa ettn's alta taa ta'er aa's h tas c tat inks; la+lish d ao d a A lm-r tt ( tad a a aatt daltta cu aal. n Lpl; dirk, p,,aaa d desk karata , razors tnd sci, leather, Ea glisa t va'et s atat stutIt." talhl x, superit r t t ttalt y 'I'ravellil t tl ta, a arad d at-all ttas,,a, I latArke-a nnan tltl t eattuaaa aa est a tataae ct,..,at ha ron llll itln i .. elatq 'l dealtia, pencilta t It Drawmg aoas, Antaalnnt ad Britiag had Aaitr tat D itgt Aaalaa , ttar ad r ad, ltuaa ;--I t.ll-h, a I t'lh a pnni>ha . Mtalian, liar a la fa na d i.utit, rot i.taag ill aa atsictd, law, J t 'aleaeiv'atl-atdar t asale hay ntvv.O . + In J I)1 .. & Cal. S hi e , Ibr s y tor &kNDREWV MIITfl & CO., respeuottny c toront their Irienuis and thu public in cueral., tltst " they occupy the new brick shop, 219 Tehlloupitooll. lsreet, whl.e they rkip constalllly on hand Capper, Fo Tin and Sheet Iron 1illar, of every descriptioln, clh as copper nitlls, kettles, and pumips, ti bIath ing tlu s, and il cans, of all sadorts ld rces, and all Fo other br.ts castinlg done at nthortiat notlice. Grato bars of cvery do criplion, s'lchl s steam. F bot stil.rpst Iou Chdllas, stcrew bo!t., land oltherI: kind l'.te:tttbtattwork, suclh . chliimlys, broeelh In F T'lhcy ill ialso do all kinds of out door work, such i- Zilnc, cpipper and tin roofing and guttering, u &dc. Tiny abovs and anll othtr kids ot workc I tI co their line of business, ley will exceuto al tahsu, sllorltes nallie.. d "r.a 7 Sliff, Is p ul'o l plitac; F' dee's'iIablltuN, his It Iit olod LL uci a uTal, ; TeI outoenta in', ll t (elds it ld lllsimr; Si SVale~ttl [{tltps-kIe'-tThi llu'eria; a)rit ll it :llntm l, 'orrt ar- e t otsa e u ricln ano''lll t,t i aoUttltlil; Coi An l el; a o hn i I rlldio r ttli nN r. Co * J stnlr , s trtreo idu tLe;Ci K IC art w tiat i litilltl VocetlileiIfit tll l ilens t lcr-Gtiihn' ata lei-r ousie Atmhtinac.b ýal/ ,tt's. Jtlu' PIr-dli -thi. l .tllnut p; in1 J . oin & 'o s. aL-uii..iiu t .hnaane Ssin Stewartr, I )iar lta lIlt. cmlaing a blank mirnn- I " : JgtINS & Co., r incorner of 1t Charles anti Ct·lnlllon sta. - U i N -N l-;ru E! F 'I T U "I. ! ,hip o'l' ren"'ivud atlt Itol.oaallil Furnilture \Cxlri; " house, a large .pi hltllli)Bot et oLrk + niII .t UO d si toll. ]'eroUlo ina th`'want olf Ilriltrc lll ld do tell to c a ll,ua nd se le c t ,l -i f .tri;e leil bi lu t o tle o f " ti' t b e s t LI nd ` lu r g - 1 ý tu , k a n o w hu " "' ,it . \V 1t C .1 ILN E :S , JiTIN'I',OILS, GLASS, BIIUSlIIES, &e.-aus I landitg Irom ship Constitution, and fir sailv-rz: 16.000 fiert ofglass best quality, front 8XI0 t ' 2X2U; 31)0 keg. white laud, pure; 350 do green taint, in 25 libr. kes; b 24 dotz juptuedtins litrsigaue;ti0tl0 I blithlrage; 26 doz splliendld 0000 ground bruste, alnso of01100 anud 1011 do; 2 cares cronme green in powder, superior nrtitle tno I in canes; t large assortment of sash rolse of every size slid quality: sable pencils for artistl:; fat marking brushes frmrchants; artist's colors in nil readly re pue,in Ibxes, fitted :p with all necess.ry brushes; artist's tools, da. Fluke and trnuitav white; 60 packs gold leaf; white and yellow wax; gutl aric; andi a large and choice as e nrtlnert of tiintu, dry colore oil, turpentine, varnish, ku., for sale,wlholesale nod retail, at tle lowest price,, by ' MNI)1EI[,, n2 51 (Camrp st. EIVP EDITIO.N OF TilE CIVIL CODE OF S I.OUIS'IAsLA. IT has heen ftr some time madt' known to the pulihe Sthat tile aubscribera are engaged in Ire nritg for tpress ;i trew edition of tile Louiaianlll Civl CI - TIhey wer. Itr.ln the frtr., awoar of the great dilticulty and respunsitiiit attaending Ithe publication of tie work, and it was art rithout great hesitatinl tat tlhey con selltd i tile undertaking But tie present edition, ano ulntlliont to bot ttlreetlilotad copies, and which atld thie t utat areti thlno tlirty thousand dollas, was etirnly out of prinlt. For totre thanl two yerar asta tho ilsal p. ice of thle work hans been front thirty it fily dollers. It is a evytem of written ruare wnicl so immediately oelnrates tlpon every inldividual of tie stat, interested either in aglliulllture or eonllllrce .alnd whi]ch aoverus ite disiositi t r of so nutet property miad g to Ut frtl ilcreltint tid tle planter, as it is of the private gentle Iluall ullel tie professiooai advoe tr. l'lTe lawyers of theadjoinilg stares, and in fact of al Ihose tatesa aonl tile t)hiu aml \lis issippi rivers .hich ftld a iuartifur their produce in Loisllan, have a Ire gnrelt 't.:sitl of referene o tie tre anldeiad make it an illdiipe'n~ ble ret nttsit Int tloteir librnari's; nttd in tht itlt of Ner Orler he ,tlook s is stiure t.l LJ foulln in tile nerclhant's coulltitg rt ,alltr, s uu-r Ile dltsk tai f tile ii1([,_,l, r ar t l s:,hle of th ittL eev. It is nor t a tott risitg Itirefte that tile first edition ot llte work wa so qtuick ly disposed ort; and although a tire reprint of it would i nlstllelso measur .me supply the pFulic neces-ity, vet it would be inrper cot and unsaniluact, ry unle-. atnutattd will reiten.ees to thle Report. nd Statute , in or!t r to n rare the numerous a;lelndllltnts wh tich hI h. en IIllde by thie L.egislaltre, anld the ilmponrtll deialons nld (o'tllt ItItollS awhilth habe been git~tu upon Umany its artcles Iv lite Supremlte Court. The publllishers have serured, r ir the general super intendenlle ttI(t editorial departnent of the wolrk, the proufessilsl t;r.viraes o1 \\ lhralrtk S UptonI E:q. a nll ,"eror l the Nw OOrlolllnS tInr. Tite litn. Jutlee aulhtrd, . audc Itermudes, andl Ilion George :ustis, :Ihave each khidiv assisted 3ir lUpton tilb tie valuable noltes which tlhe have col]leced in tlhe ollre e o their stolena and pratice; and to OMr N It.lenninas,thl e nprt Ilar ltlr U ltro, who is also enegod inl tile work, Geo Strawbl Esq. htI Iresented tile eretl liass of refe rrreso·ontnitled in his office :opy of tile eule, and SMlt ntae been ildei jly him durinig the whole period ot his is.rnguisheil d ireleassiolatl lbaors. The ptiliah ers IIV t!erfire I.ell trust thsat tteannortationt of tlhe uork will e oiall that in;dustry av:d labour, assi-ted by hqlallillz alnd exleri,,nce, cull )t.,rforoh Ie plutting aIl'ths Is pr c petcta IoI soliciting Pene nul suhaseribers to the work, It pollhli-hers take prilde ill the lat that the Legislatuae of .ouaistlu haS authorized thIe overlOr to ordsr onei thousand copies of itl it ftiwe future lust f rte State. The reatliness wil1 which tills etatledoor tswnsre Ia y tie A.remlhl. PYinPed their ldst sellr' itfthe valle el tiler work;uad lthev eIlreblv extend atl tllhat ctllaidene: inl f he abilita of tie puLblishesa atld etilers twhich it is ho ed isuot uwhol. v telIserved. The work will hIe printed in French and Engl;sh, upOlln good paper nold with clear t\ i;p; nor will lln. ax= ttose lr caree t spared tt) tlke tile lhole mectalnical exeiution of it rrresneed with ita greut inloartunee It will proahlyI be ready fior deliverv in btre n1th (f rSepltlubr [ltxt; and th. t]rice wrill tee, to selleseilt r erl iefleten dllanrs-fit e dollars to be paid at thie tt ftef sub nerihitg, Ths e subscription lists once closed, thle store price till be twenty dollars pelr otlnV. rat 1i IS. Jrit C CO. Il,.ilhrrte. ROWANDS 'IONIC MIXTURE, in yoe It-I:VIL AnD AUUE. il irEN years have not yet elapsed since it was E' -- first regularly submitted to the public; hbut it has attained the highest reputation; and 1as sup. n: planted every other medicine for the Ague, wherev. va hr it has been known and appreciated. Already & ha it beeon carried in every direction throughout '91 the UJnited State, and tl ill realizes morn thanl could all have been anticipated by its most sanguine friends n cy; and they now cheerfully tistfy, a ever p portnilty, to its doeidod an isureume efficacy. I: to is composed of such medlicinal pritnciples us sare v eciculated to renew the healthy action ofthe steon ano, liver, and other inportant digestive organs, to the lots fo which harmony is the imeldiate cause e, of thle diseose. It is apfareolt also, that it produ. cos On ootire changoe in the conlitiun of thie systetn, nf llcertuilly dosfroy3 the native liability to relap ses of thei affeltion. When the Ague is attended r with acoy other conefpaint, the emiphoyient i t e i i 'I'olnic Mixtue nwill not inlerrfere with the treat. menit of the other di-ease, hut wi,1 even affard as. st rsistnce by lurnishing strength and.vigor t. the st body during the course of treatment. Those who to Imae use of thii lmedicine nay be assured thatt vi there is no Arsenric, Barks, Mlercury, or oany othler I aricle in its composition untfrind'v to tie hlnan i coenstitutiii; being entirely a vegetablre extrct;I andt they may havre additional confidence i theII use ttereorf when tihey perceuive that it has tile ef hect of a gent c laxative about the time half a bot- I itu full has been taken--in consoquenco of which, there is ito part of thie medicino left to linger in t hife bowels to eause obstructions, and other evils, I ising iromn the use of manty of the remedies now ltbred for thes cure of this affection. It has been used also os a preventive, hy many who were sub. 1eet to a periodic.l recurrence of the Chills, and it Ias Inlvrotbly wardued off the apprehendedol atttac. Observe! The Proprietor, fully satisfied 'ith t ito uoan aratellued and universal success .vhleh has c ln. .tautly attended a punctual and regular use of the Tonic Mixture, in all cases of Fever and Ague, ru iels w 'ruoted in engaging to refuod the irice to all those wao hove t;leet thie mcdiciio in strict no cordance with the prescribed directions, without Ihving beten perfectly end lastingly cured. The subscribers are the wrotCoale aegentst for the i South Western States, and have now on hand six d ty cases of this medicine, which is warranted fresh to; and genuinle. For sale at the ina nuietured Irices \'iWholesaleo l rtIgirts, nov17 coer Comeon k 'T'edlopito ulas street. OIRDIRIS IO;ECIVl EI) FOILt .IOE,.' P.- TIEN'T TCO'J'TO.NV (t IV, llv the P;ltentce, No. 5 . Magazile street, New Orletens MI 'i'OIE IANLFACTUItED IN NEW\V YOIKIBY sie ROI3ERTI' tOE & CO.. SC.ALE OF PRICES-Dotble Gims. For a doableGitn of sOi saws or mioe ol tacl cyltli ler, snmking 160 as I ll lia s i OL statn, t: ith iOr.r,, bnl, &e. at $Gi per saw, tit $960 t ;to For a liouble ( in of 60 si ss tn a linder, s or 1.0 saws in the stand, le.ders-, &t. a $O per stw, or 72 00 tOl Fo d. oft4osawsoodto.or I saws ins III staeol, at t$f 33 per sinw, or 50 00 C For do. of S'it saws oi dt. or 40 sawI iwn a sattud, oi.i.5 pemr saw, or 260 00 SINGLE GINS. TI ForFa singlein of SO saws or mor, with to onle set ofelenders, bhads, &c. at $. per $4 UI000 I Fordo. of i6 saws, with llleedrs & it $6 39000 SSpoir aw, 30000 C . or du. of il saw's, with feeders, &c. $G IFr deo. of u saws, with lieedters, &c. at $71 0 o 5l)n r sOto 150 00 ol I.xomateotl where desired, for feeders, sotitlied l In i0 cents eati; tle numbher olteeth l ine bout equal 1 ith oliuteiIII-rof saws OntosUt of titohris, it isen G: sidere however, will wear out two or three sets of siidt.e :s l asa wsolir shlle ast eics will be c t.a, tho I ' rhe tios 'de t"sct), ihen elieivered foh "'g into ips ulnt , i t hare sti purl tol ln. oe tnes otll Ie l -w Sil I States, A thle mote piTces ie moet ont s elllS n Ils"e I "o .olt o ll. t. sa e flllolm N w0 0oLr.i llla lld.ucu i. reC s t s . . n i a l e ti n'etf eo l h e m t u t o f t h e l ai i . A . l ; i l t i gl o t ill he set witsh the ;i uls O.i t theils op vilt oe l irldto thie .t args or t ae uervice willitr Ic t-, b itioeltote. p twero' elinscroiptont , be lt'rnishtolilt llk u t' oil lll ie.. s ,itslT giS ca also bitc mlmdet rei nid tin . s uid i.tIlteth w tem fitr o ei viet, wol I-segud t o t "oe r l -a ,,enl o e lt o s a \s , it r lac t s) , C r u s h e s , & c . I t is" tIltd "th lil 't - i l l a it ti t i ir or lo sirtls too e t ht I rge t Iimuu'ter than othte 8. The most c lTot lnnaou sizt. is 9 urtol incllhlls; h. sul o w.isi Flthlen o. mltes. Solmc e wish 5 r O w st .t r sh s oi Al axl , while others do , il' s h c h to the i ne ,, w hile others w a ut 10 or II. t n I 'the ma cturers an Itt l the in c t rh in itctlieb te first or idtle of v; ex" N. B. 'fihe II,*tent it l tth f.+rw anl\ to e tft lit' c ,,t. ANUrtiO N.l I 1 le 1 'LI 0th + a'ltlJ jIlIORN'S Componoto Eltrat of Co,:ihba odo Sats"a iopa'rila --A crtvainl, sale, anld ;I1ostl ih. 0ttl t t dy ever discoel.rcd or thsl're cure of Gontlhe, (Ilet IS, St'ictuo.'es, Wfhies, Pail, inh the hack land ohits, stuolal I wcal.ness, sffitlions ol tlhe kidliir, glotc5lt, slrbutic lruptions, &e. In the iltrloduclltion of a merdicint p+ossessing the ueful and active ituto of tlot. o noeoIltlt lnoi d to tIe tpub':, tie proprietor haof ts but to reti. tL tithe nul ero tls 1, - menedations received fiom the mlst eminent of the le dtcal ftculty ill EIooe, b,:heming th:t it \.il hI' ruly apopreciated when its cI.itst ar.e t. l fullo kooo W. 'hle Uilslm otf Copibah, sueltesivCly shd, hias lost mhlchI of is credlit flom tile dislike o ekill t patients loI' i er I expI'se sloo'egloalhllo its disotoeotlb'e- ltstoo dOt1:nt lltodllctol ilt tlhe boo +cls and o tolmaoh, :'ood ito helt t o , iomc cie.ilc' whel n used ill the inll.nllnl, ory sltge. 1'h ro 'prieltrhls lmale an analyrsis of the Itbt ll, ' tohceit IIg that the more aluteiyualiliues oaId thleeb) he mh.h illn Ule lpreenllt site. T"'he baore m.u.a ild cit lle c binesi l g''lienllts whlich are in thile hille It repotle cmoo" the most cientific ao.d learned in th,.e protesion. o l':It rull.g i thoe ,onool ositoion of tliSplret alon increases hll eliency of the ohllier, producing an opeot ruhly ask nishing, o;11oh surpassing the most l plllll. ext1s cntl-os; posslessingatil. e s e lime thie ad ge olf its beingill dml inisllltered twll perle. t success in the '1oorot otoI oi' the: above disoes' The omost oentotlI, ftl'llt al0 surgeotls of thel present dit' express their ot ci' to f oo-o aoinoo in o f vr lloo o o a l, li ohi ilst i!s Ue ill tle ve e l, olldail l O llllio ltnt iI n Les, b .t l niw U . Ie.n t W io s Ie .Ia alnte rcnted" with the eelhratrld lit" Abelrrethillyl :!i' (t.ll(.l Lt).l liClin lls, slllll I t o ubt~oiu+: l· 12ui lllel2ls 1 Illl-l0 l t ig;b bee.n sub mi.11 it.e i tile test alnd t x per'ieLtCee of the most celebrutio at ong tohe teoo ly, the, hate exproh 1 t)iet stis:etiol of its exraordlloa, r10 ica00 in c)leri 00s0 ooltdu' tfol, ua " €lul'.e v uwti'g io fo,,, i, their oublic. :oiI foif::trt p tAo e. ""lfhus oo1.b oooit.ll0l, s ).ill o iC fus0el• ol her'ollroh l. Pl'opoot'd byly II 1", 0 t, h 'l, t isl Lodonl. Price $l 50l per put. TEbTIMO1NIALS. From A II Saloon, Iso, F It 1 , St:rgrtn to the St TmIloos Iospit illl,aool Le0 User no\ A llatoel. 0Th0 e tri.d o lll l v0 e mole of tolol I 0l'paotionll io trollnnllntil' 0 0 it ols ofn l the 0,l ost atillu e nd elli0e1I.1i,1', Itolotoie eG If oloro t, the I itul:,.o ll 0 0 'v Ilf hS itoo l P ello iet c I can pl] ce every lii;Lt, \+hill o 01oloo fol0d0e flie s'm0 t: L: cs utuo.otooeo nFrom G1II I\ l d, a 0I It C o S, Pghy i.ia.o to the St 1t t leboue 1)ispentur . I lael grlat ple su, it ahling ntc testiltno to the val'hble prop 'rues of yore' lreparantiu, 0 |siting\ nu the uccess)t uo so fullll dlst iel' ill ah ple rewad l th nlabo and expense inecued in bringing it to suLh conn tlltt )erl'f e ull. I'voa \o 5J Cooper, F 1 S, Surgeon to Guy's IIs T' te uniform socees which ha s ae tended tho e al nils eriyoungyoor oooliio oo o to p'tints taoliclted 0i0h tolla lo e lisolicfes, has fuyit h.ooi;flitl oe-l thd 00 I'o,"..% to hi knowll to ble truliy pprc llat. Slt., sloy the s0Ce0,ss you so well deseo~ts , otilply and speedily rela ) Ž u liot youtolll.o v tloooe| 0p ll'0.mtii ll+ Fmnt bohi A Cooole, '' It S P It C S., &c lte. Iltoig beetn itmeed to try o our lexl't i0 sellvetall eusco f tiolh:t GuIIrrha'-, which liad hitherto b'Anid e000y plores p'Illpion t I hio l Itro l iiioo ltool 10' 0., ll·g 0000 0u0e atod loeody o rlo es o llooeted b)h I it, lla f0w0 d Iy ieel ol . llo tolooud tooitott lo.olo do hool o i )o l llallolo c ie both lpublic lllld private recommend anllllltld use nol l'room G W llair, MI D, Phyosiclan to Cooy's o i [lthe strict test which I have iven your mediitn among my patients, and its io'o-ttie o-tl olcs, thus too , .ill i ic 100 ll0 p0oe 000ie00 i its e llt, ool I u tl i bot n ctt tot j olsti tadt of t lrty to ololl i lh" lu thesei • loooioa e i lo ot :i a sel llt o l o f ti le rlel l , t ill . Fomo I, CTf ooofo, .l1M) F It S L. Itre'too yO) 00)mm shne0 tohaks for t ce valunle l p oont oim.tte o 'xttoo n for the otre )toi on tooo, ot . I feel goatofo , f u He t otooodioho0 ixo0 use which will provu l dtideratt hog sought lor i1 t 1 tlatwim:t o t - 0 ue, sp00 l it o d c t tt oo t lta l t'ellot ito ases ..f the above class. It ato*,rIt'" -- g0, o too pl0':0 0 'o00 ito iuhlihlsog to tioo worhl tlo tuluahic quaolites of 0 o00 ExtlAot. Wer0e it f O'cesstrylo, the propl-ieor ooldl here furnish 00o0e; D0t ists tlto.olhtd ft-'otla 00oed0 0it0000 to the S, expelnse t w'io it o ioo hs been ot o opaedf - t ill of 0 , : 00 i0 One )omjniollt t01yh0is to/oftootgho eloys aot0lfe all other 's is its o t eyi t, p loolo . ot ' 000 u p to i pel --tit too' ofth te "ilf . o t stages of to he diso lo 's t, oottloto ionii For oalo ftp Sf1; Lfs k G0. mot Illle oo l o0 ,oo alo Itvet, THROt'G1 I,1 FIVE AND A iIALr DA0., iFrom Mobile (,alabamta) to Augusta 'Gen)J -- FAVI'FS Mobi u c el't mi'ther Ia\,, Inllll.:",I:,ite? ft' I L- the :'rti :cl ,l'the ttli frmF New 4lh rhi1.0, 0 i Ii,,I )i tL,:ll ll lll t".II4LINE , t0 lt lhbl e ;r;:,lehcs to IllLensnIrCV sL. IN tu h( t er, anSt Iursasdee o ieu' toltrlle o i, eranmloD D) toodVc.hiIeXO', iIeuicsit'hd rA (5 ci es N I t hrn on, . nla weuhr (lorad l vee s a o d nt;' r ,, sI o Iair v1i CtIionl hIe time, and IYomod S i oilllt, to AlgI ise Aio seogrtel.hh Yo-t :t - ,1»1 biles in nI l onar- oft Ing loII II out or sIingl: I 'S SIredoec llced h r cO fillctno ilnteoestl ahle IL(lOI I)A LINE es bi llt eOlDcelDn, Und llAo er o I Illi to I LVIlI thte giioult, anE lay rel ) ot' i, II'A t ho u rrilvl at AiuglIstI iatime sItIioed, through :il A te tl 0-' t e v an tit m' asoel t" o unlrm i t heAoot r cet l ctatl - i Ade sa d 1 o 1eccur. The ires Newt, Orleaus Mld t Si is c.ri ilt lD this DIoDite. ITh Agelnts i 'oIi iieDlnlDlorj " tiol'lt.otoom, Coache.ll t I iealrs ilveOtSt suIIINpasse thle so0:theru country. ,` 'Ie smooth thhe , Bnl a ob ral roads, the siut ld is ter it c stilg .ter ha \ie lOllsoh c, t lile tim e d aceoimlntiun, R a ori d t", trs t veler speed, certanlty, eOlsnlfolt aId a ple":,s f il" , vlic \'; collnectel d : as it selre with the J~ail (I ,:u Cl(.u':lston, S. . slol the swa:mln [rockets Ito New \'rt!:, t . V I Aers c e ae I NDw folrk rol nu \w OVlle:t t! L,- .e 'It.I II sets-" inotoo l eit\"Ii 10. Frlomla C(_hattahoole,ee, F|lolidal , wt. hate a emU., I, Li I ia LiuevIi ll aD : li lldinhssee to St 3. l'k%'.h, r1w t post coaches, tiD, s te Io ll'a.Iiles IfOl IIt kiAill l ti olln to Ittilledgie, and Ol to \aen1n, light two ut I IiIP Ioaseu. . I "1't)Cle'S [ ION At1(i00T00, 0t11 Jan. 131. O(ice' at NllseaIl IloAse Mohile t It ltisloti, N.'. UVO.Di tIo Mo:ile, 150.mile, ,Moile toAAguiI, '.i " Aw ltSlt to Chatrlestioll, 11 C io:DItr SiAtl toN . II York, '..,- it t . 1Tite1 Now. Oi alei t, MIii!,ilo ' ho',i's MAobilD It Augusta, AAugluta tL rh'stAIotlo, 12 Chllesloll to N York, C- 154 - Mokhlg 16 mlles oIilcl day. or 7 milues Ielr lllll', sin te tolt lstIoppages. N1ItIt. I leate.l to inhim the IDullli thit ll b'idges Iver the tltAivttlho . .lteswoIItnll ItilI I.aIt!, | ,c'l Ik h- r~l steen cnnl~llleted, " thile geneal Sl' gnaernl | in t, (the " y) o|stacles o|peration :lag;ilnst this sa.e li ,lt slpce )- . out. ale thus happi, y rcniocYC . llll[ ht t· '1, iClI titlIDOe ltl ei t |t.ll I ro traveI lrll ers tht the t oE chOl shor.i s s, d•ivers:a l earls el'e oel h tfirst olrlelr; sUl tas ttht 00 eII lv ll t Iho' hV I ,ast d 11 it o bIiI ,i 'lg ,:,Ist I 1O CVcur.aii h.ave also hIenirIVioIt+:. J I C IIA KIIR ý'AUBLE CIHIMN KY PIECE WV , enotEsr,. Cuatotneiose street, opposite the post-a tia . nt The ubscribers are now recevllg 'fromt their ate- Itr tories in New York, and will keep oemslrantly at! rst hand a generarl rasortment '.Marble Mantle I'lecs ia ' ofsuaereteor wtotrtushit, trid ofatitt latet patterns, 1 et n snds of tle beot Egy tin, It liaa Itti t, ota . Amertean marble. Aleo, ionumenetr, 'tomtbs and lbs Grave Stones, moulded and plain scill and iilitels, marble fhcings, hearths anid ltodary btone, plaster a h of Paris, Roman & Hydraulie Cement and Plaster- the in"g, together with a splendid assortment of i tihe brass amounted and plain Grates and Russia Iron 'ith Grates of the newest and most approved patteirn.,. Lettering onte inl the uarie st tanner anid at tie ,n shortest notice. They have first rate tork ncr. to ta c set the above wo rk. icy t.\MEIS K \IN & STI'OI'I) a,, PARiliET'i s ROCKY MOUNTAINS,s & t. li 0OURINAI. of a-o Exploring ''our lbeyond the Rocky Ilonttainsu,rd,:r the dteraetin of ti - A B C F M, perforated in the years 1835, '36 and 73; contlinarti a desertption ttt' tits geography. ga .e ilogy, lltllmatt e s t d pru luctteo s. illd tsle lttlbet, imnuers and t sectoeats of1 the nltivtles tolt a Map hil of Oregon 'territory, by ilt, v. Samuel Perker, A 1. fe Shte River and ite Des)rt; or I' ecolloctri,s ol the Rhone and tille hartrcuse; hy Miss Pardoe, author ol'the City of. ' , S tan, &c. inr vtls. 'hi Robber, a 'Lale, the author oif eihctlies, ts I Tte Gypsy, Attila; e l 2'. 'it Trwo Frlirts; or Ad.- - str inl a Country hleuass,and ither Trls, by Lady licasingLtn. E i. Buln:er, MrsNort, ., Baerry t ortw all, hMrs Gose, Captain Medwitn, and othler-; in ' vo!s. 'rime I.It' .a. Adveintures of Nicholas Nic:. lel ) edited by loez, with lilustrdlatons by Poiz, No. 1. Just re, treed ad lo a I) Bl,:NJ 'toMl.S1iS, te TERert1OtlsT'iP s, MICIrtS otES, l,,S, r --iust received nuI a b)r saIt , e Win. 2lts.un, cornlltr of Camlllp nIdI) CUomlllOro StleceCi· ouu Scalo-, 0' ilr. i's ,-.: . . Ch s T.. ala. e I Z. York & Baltimore Packets ACT:I;, 'S FOR NEW YO.tKI-New Line. S8--To sail p:anetully every second Monday during the seaoun, full or not full. divh, Ovlear,, 599 tons Capt. S. Sears, Ship Alabama. 474 do C. C. Berrr, Ship Ail:ancas, 627 do E $ Dennis. P!p S r ,toga, 542 do W Hathaway, Ship N.ashdie, 540 do D) Jackson. SKap Kentucky, 6(l9 do J Bunker 'iar abo.-r rhips are of the first elasi, coppered. and copper fcateed, anld having been built in New Y,,ik exiPressly lbr till trade, they are of light draft of natera andl ailnct nlvariably cross the bar without any dil-tertio. The commanders are men of ghat experience, i:nd the shipes wd aolcayabe loaed up and down lthe 1s:.aicsippi by steamboate ,1,1,r v ;ve hba haodomin irll.icd accoemmodations, and sitres of the balvt decrIp:iun will always be furbi,.i., Thiu cabil. Ia.ageC is ,91)0 ithout wine or ,Iquor, and there is no ilqor furnishi d to the ofiiece or crw. Fyr i'rigl.t or paveage apply ni bloa:rd, or t, i C AMES, 48 C:amp at. The ships are not accoun.abl:e tfr broahage of glahs, vIolnlvw .nre, marble or granite, cooperage o tin, or rut of i.n or teel, tienor responsible fhr any package r r pateC, L! a regular bill of lhding is executed Ivtlel.r at the [intl of the etits. 'EI W ra 'LANS .n: ili?.TI.11IRE LINE OF PA CE 1TS. 'Thin, . will ,' r ,. -t i the fialowing vessels, ablivlht h:.i i.eev.u ,uiit or ,u ,_iivsv d epressly Ifor Sh:,, a' -ae, :pint. Mihner, alk Mary,, Nickerson, Slead el'rry, anew Stevens, i ieb moa aiulas, " Lthanm, rig Architect, " Griy. e: vervsuis are oI the fr. c. :lss, have hand Slro trl-!d r 'e', drJ O ncvo dtIo::', lanid care of a light r ft ( ,, :.,.i, +,ý s , a.lit of their reeeiving and r i' . c ,r n then Cl :; C I 'I, II atio e, at the city. l r ,-i· tL taill be t;,, fhr ports on the (:!ireapeake .r :e . r':i:.r, ...d r' ed by the .gents, Mre.r:". CLARKEI & KIt IAAGc , at Baltinmoro; , .r: pens ,ll -H lt!s l reb !l'p, i wll be aldJvuaned when , vquLred. '1I,e penric o passag is fixed at $.0, p.i!t' .toLeC (tie b ht eil.ity will be provided. hte;,.,C up :vnd dowi the .,iiaisjsippi will be taken oi all otceaous. For freight or pasiage, apply to GEO. BEDFORD, norv27 22 Beonvil:e at. F Pl .W YTRK. [Lo.rOiaonao d Ni w York Line of Packets] 111 E S.lips erooposing this line will sail frora New Orleans and New York on every other Mon dto --oroilnelo g on the 210th i Novmrberr-and to i u-re the punctuality in the time oifsailing, the hle v :I l, raftc r consist o, flie ships, viz: Shlrl Y.zo, Captain T'rah, to leave on the 20th Nooveamer. Ship Lolu;v.llr, Captain Palmer, to leavo on the 41Oh Decemtoer. Ship Iluntoville, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the lbth Dcember. S',ip V:eksburg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on tl,e ,st January. Ship r:ssri-sippi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th of January. The ahbro are ll new, of the first class, copper. lda and copper fi>t!enod, rld upwr;:;; of 590 tons Iorthsn, are of lhght drangh.t ofwats r, being built n 0New York t xspressly for the trace. The price of p ssage is fixed at 10)h dollars: their cabins are fitted up in the most ihnproved and convenient p ln, otd finishoed in a nleat and elegant style Amplo stores of the lirt quoahlty will be provided, and vory regard plid to tle c.mfort alld entire satis,ctlun of passegetrs, twho will please take no tieu that no berth can be a'ctured urttlo paid for at the o tee of t;;r orusitnuo.s. TlIese vessels are commanded by coptains well oxp.r-iL.ued in tlhe trl-ade, who will glvo every at. toion and xert themlselves to eollllllodate. 'They wi ut ll times be towerd up and down the Missis siplp by oRteamboats, erld tire strictest punctuality bli for any lstet, part:o utot ,o"'prs,, ....... -. pult oil board of themi:, unless a rcgular bill of lading he sig:,ed th.oralor, at tile ctounting house of tile oiagent or row;ers. For fiotrltr ptatcuolars apply to 3J ) IEIS & A COHIIEN, S nov27 90 Crmron st FOIl NIW YORK.! [Louuisianand New York .ine of I'ac:~. T II . 1.M ipC cor ý!n I,. ,i I.111". -I! F111 Ijll 1 New c.nunencinlc ,.I I fit :-It november, and to insnlre h strlctsl ptllrlnalilty inl h r time of sailing, tih line -Ic In ll n ile Cnnjpi Ict rcit ie t: hi rc viz : e oil, JI.toe, t 8ttapt.l n 'tck io loleo to e e nt nothe Ship Iouisnpille, C aptain l'nlier, to leave on the 4th Decemtober. SRhip I/votterihe. Captain ldlrinlgr teo leave lon tih Ship "icksl.,'bg CapI tain \oodhouse, to lave n tile Ist Jan lr v. Ship lenis ts.pp., (aptnin ilnt ii, to leave on thi 15th i" Til e shie6 hipe hnrn all new, of tl.e finst lase etinred and coeppe r lies0ntl, nd pnnaris oi 50e0 tors hnoein'eiecl of hieht eceeghi if water being built ito hNew eork exa nren' l lefIr ;c:l e it'.. T'h , printe ot pns: seer iý li,,d at one aend:'ce dolnre. Their cabins ea'e fieiird tIp o te tinl~eieiiovcd til ncdnenielltpla Itend fiiec!d e t I t rncnllld e ahkltI\t et-. Amplne strnnt of tte liet-at ulntty will be ,rat0id, ,and every. regard hnl t eo the colurt lno ellctlc a a.,liIacil:l of Ipalsengls, WCIho • ei:l alese Iitne oie;dccIh ht lbeoohl-l can be l ecured aU : l p l I I.I fonr ct t le f tic,: ut tile tolll tlltetta . ' 'h,:.e "fl. - Il It ll~c (olllul lll c ed .' C tlpta .s enrll ex pen-eced in Ili de,d,: \v t ir n ll give weery attention, and txclft thrlll-ePtro to ulccommodaeie. 'thie" will at nil ihnoo be tor\¢d up n:lcl .ton the ,lissi.siplpi by the ttite of ceilinig. Tie n i netetlC ttheCe hips eill not be leopensible for : r\ let ere I ncci or =cent by orput on boirtlet -Ihew. unl;e,.a regtnlr Ih:l o: !tnding hIe nlgned thttntree t t t ne inmtineg hl.ce of t:l.e agentll or ownenrs. F r m ill. · partirnlll 'a, e ' pu to e neii tEIN & A COIIEN; not 1 'i (OnllCctmol at, -E:le.COL.t 3MANSeION HOUSE 1F'Wi .'(Y, PENSACOLA. DrIE b. t iter havi:"g ,iurehatid thi iotro end fur' Lt nituletli t oils . oot withn astaolishteont, fromt !Mr T''lor, ht` lat pr'to Inite, wiil he eoady to rereive vit itelts by the let ue .p ril n lxt. Nd uietroas ale boedy ipre ovcientos will be found in nrc ¢On.udioos bting hts .e lltto , buil too alld hwrt th wtl o: e oe er" ti edl atI ll itShIro A lablu Sl l be tttluchd t.o thle houste., \till gl acsu d teChollllll'lt - u totli rId" hOlies lld ulntrlrillC· ~..eittrao and. o ca Ttiese wtill also be kt Itlur biro at miollratoe iltices, hld el and totw ll unta , i ith eo-011 to "taitleoa them ct fo th, an io . Vl :qt t .. ti tlts a d t e al ct Srsoaili fuunr at tt ute~rivi.s-sed'. vt it l .tlst he i uni.thidi a. d ° rltutd/ te t nu to i e to.itle with thie co t'qult n ll quiet of tile Io)RttlP er-.h. ' wines nrod liq uors will .e of the ilt rt quuhLb, nltd 11 Ct-ures a ell stlpply of ir ',, a r~nrg o ie as n i reb d b ,ea o td c re d , w hi kh w ill arr ise Iabout t .e| 1-t hl es ty. lt tFl.l redrick lla..ard who Tor3eriy hept so popular a httel at \Vi; in tl citi, till elltcl tits Il o el for stle rtt ttclot tot, S \ithl Pth Pid :onfidntl v ossure. the s1silets of lust ranr , and his fr'ielndl eeltelull v, lhat tv w it rit..u ive t'tery pottible attention; and thereby j cxrec s 91o c t Q il .ruI sa.lifaclon. t'l lie 1 ti - I atit *--..t of it S o =e are too vel I ros ti at 7l' i iho lar:st ntvetl slation of itha lot"e 0,'ra le l.e g . i tat rendezvtut ofi tile (;hlf squad. u, n" th'e s:,! i i,} ofl n.. c( U.m retr tlrd Coheren tly du ltttt" t' siot.:t t I Ilt,: i t btS h1 It olest y reerae'fiuor I lt tt; litt !te.i y tf tht bat and tile in eighbolrieg t:led ',d tiOt " ; ittle atntidantt i and to cearv of thom 5-h oils "le , lc sl ite \zetl , nt oul, d; llld it 8 s p oximity 01 I ot,` i 000I I th,.r p et, ees in these latitudes, as a ituelhhv alnd tlliebtu;.l e01t ,i'get-all'lt. bile, and t ili all tilat «!1 T I t.I to take tile ipurrattalgr fruom ith, No,' Or!:n, oats. N i3 u ARNOLD. 1.J'l sl to ,t 1':r!' 1 r, l, t12:f0. QF lienden tt¢'llwtillg to netgag rortus for their 11r Seuw ll'1' l'.lUr tile borinr Jiro] it if r. at New Or . '1 San fi .'d I (fn, Iutlu t:, r. 1 Atl fin, E rq.,r l t. Siub s', iu slob ht; S '1' T'S'aylo, ! r P Rena , Esq, ia Nes, 3" S--A letterl bag, to rrcevipe cmlnie iliot t fo ser le, s at hie hllve hote l, is pi eced at Gen \VhJuan' td]cc :1 sit Cl'hrlea 1:*I It hagee. , F:l.OIIll)t IRouTE F\R NFn' `'rL.. - o T uvrllcrest desrius of takin, '1 e Florida route, \it 1'er teolw t t er, t ste N o lrt , la e nf,,rat ed that first ra in outss will t;,, tan.ey rIII fri's. Mb bikl to.Pepsa,.,la, talt of plGoo Good tyaes swill nlwvays he pria t t{!'b,. t ! ., o n t l;c : i- rr t o h e i n t t ' i e es./. o I t a k e p a so ir t. fin i n M o t le " in c a s o f th e t I ¢ lu te tt" th e b o ua t

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