Newspaper of True American, January 26, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated January 26, 1839 Page 2
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Let N oiqh ott iet tr p ti; nothieg off te .Br, nothinb 14t~d te river.." I B F.aebon Alby, from Hanoo, ateh an.. to Mleer. SbrIOeewerr, Noglle. Irom Attaoap. to Mter. hr Agle, trom the Cone..aerro. 141 hd. eoger. Icbr coofdame. from Bayou Leoerrihe..etrIe, 91 hie oet te, epyroeo. ArcieU & Co. ud J .etoerro. Blaor Hdals, trots Bhyou Lumrrhe..earlo. F0 bit cottelo, mod-S hi mo,o J Mejer, and A Rirvrde eri troeoebh. Palge froo Cinclaotni. neot r Ruldnef, ate, from Maytrlle. Kentucky. Steamerr rillisnt. Hart. from Bayou Sro. Ifcer Troeit, Clerk, from Portsmouth, Ohio. itoemeor Georgta. Short, from Stamer e, ,of MioNIori. Finchb, trm St Lotte, BSe e Ieoavao, Baconoo, from Prdlea, I MPORTB. N6W brh Cethere,..OM hhde ager, 104 hkhd tgos, nd it0 bi molts... .pmecheo Peeqemte..9g bhid, 20 tea rod 4i brie ."..... ....... pear vcr POtmco..g. bhdh I) t d * brs . 5T TOMAS.. p.oror ch Utchtteld..37 brIe flor, 990 khg lard, IS kegs better. IMPORTS. UAVANA..per brig Foneci Ashby..21l bho ager, 73 bog, OtUOee, eigar. md fruit. RECEIPTS OF PRODUCE. PatIoath. Ohio..per steomer Traneiet..200 brie floor, ted d5 do whiskey G Dorsoey, 63 ed corn iedford A Sor. Pbor450 brle flour 75 do wbbikey, 2-do pork, 20 do lard. to Bayour era..per steamer Brilliant..9 bl cotton W Flower, LI do Ttylor, UGrdesr t oo, 3 do tl,.o19 do ourke, Wattl & oo, T homu Brre I doTo B Coldwell o Hikey, 0 de rudrd., MoKeIella & Wril.h, 31 do A Ledoue &Co, 38 do 0 Ledeoly r d co. eo3 do U Lauri, IS do Ootrdaio 4l Reeoitt, tbdo Prescott. Jones s co, 1 o Ue Prt, Johnson A co, 30 do 1olllien.rlleoeq 0- Degelori. 31 brig pork and 4 hoe ejothion, Nior, J Clarke, It brl sundries, Owners o bord.. oyer ille. Ky..per te0mner Rubieon..R94 bit rope, 7 do twine, 110po hlbgging, and I do Jean. P hannon & ire. 434 begI lnrd, WlI bhi Im pork,.71 kreg ladJ, Owner on hoard, 45 pcs bloioaad 40 coils rope. Thompson, e ps jeans ad bt rmdeo Lawrence . Leendr. 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Stleis..peor 000000 BeDlle of SHtle ri..ll40( lpcr bolk porh, 349 kgs and 9R brl laord, 00 do 0p1, and II casks j olr iddeH &-Hall, 1909 plot ullk pork. h be lenr do, .57 brle pork. sed bhds ham.. Loyot r Aoeolsg. 4 orle boeer. 9 hbor do. 5 de and t0 haltdo pork, 4 lbrlfble butter. S keg do, 3 bihds baeeil,. 0 ri crckner . and I horrn. Lewis Hart, brol leurd Kolige " tire., 130 brol jour. Capst inch. Pedulobsh..per steamer Hvana,.g03 Ieta.Otton N O J Dick .4 Bo$lO7rkS core James Love, 354 ske e corn Le.wrence . (hbnmerl.5 b cotton Marlini Pleooosante co, 7 do Brander,. MKener t Wright, 5 do 1 Whl.e S co, 3 do Lnokart, Fern 4 Dotepgn, I90 do tad 50 onekb corn Counor Gridley. PASSENGERS. • oesionnti..peer steamer Georai..Irwie, Comfort, Wiliame Qaay. JCRoblaono. WII Dunbar, O H Dorsey, 8T tun, dlh 4 lkdy. Dr Kittick, Rusell and lady, Gay, Mi GaOy, Htderean iL.a Triaw and r14on deck. Clnclnt.t..pnr reamesr .avnnah.B. Brand, Shield, Kenedy Townsend. Wash. Balker.. Maysville.. per steamer Rubi.on..r P FRoberton, Mr PA Claybrook, J Crtisi, JC Yord, JOLhn J Hide, J C Fian, J M Iaaotwick . ld 2t ona drek. St Leo.s..per sleamor Delle of Missouri.. l. Dillon. oIr ltlersll, Sullivan, stlter of rhnrltv; h l.w, Hort,. J Wi Folglr. Pedrkeh.. perltpamer llIvooa..Dr Marstslion. Mr TuI , Datledge, Rie. T'horp, Ruelnd Kirkptricck, MRec. Taylor. Wi o'n. Lo. Ronel,. Espy, Walker, Skih wlth, Mgdsrl y.,A le Mashanll, Wtillon, laldy ond on, a ouo. in A eingnd tot, unintlg.Jonen, Partride, Lawrence, Johll Lawresuce, 2 h'd and art, Cept Lov, end Liltleiohn. ayou eiro. wper steamer Brillisnt.. r Pir kers and lady, apt Augestin, 3 child & srt. Cl Taylour. Chapman, C resup, ,und, Sanllonr. J IH Frith, Hommas.o, Thas B Smith lird. Mims, L bUavislr A Jones, P Butler, Doualus, Joa Lonell ( II RaaMn . H IEslol., J tron , H Chritlian, Thoa pear, S D MClenaooo, Mathewln, Porkinson, B Lolliul, K All.en, Z Osway, A Benton, Claverv. CONSIGNEES. Ilava5..per brig Frauci Ashby..M De Lsardi 4" co ,J 01 lslero, J R"K Geddes; R Grulirog& o; H P Grly, W F IIEMORIANDA Stanmr Savannah left l.ouililla on 7Ith n1t an. d Moulh of Oho on the llIt. had In toft water on Flint Ilnd and 7 aee at Cumberland Lar, Oho, risi0 salowly, and weather ver Mulberry street aptist (,lnurch, of the city of New olrk, will prenal at the First Congrossional Church, St Chlarles stret, on Bund.y morning, the 27111 llst., silI o'clock, A. M., and at the Methndist Church, in Poydro stree, atl 7o'clock in the evening of the same day. jan26 MAY)RALTY OF NEW ORLEANS8 T HEpri;ne el Iflh folor today is $8 O0 per barrel, ecouring to the atriff; the bakers shall give du ring theonnuian week (front Monday 2.8th insl.) 36uu-. rea of bread for abitt. Broead of thie second quality is reqtuired to weigh 25 par cent. mlor., viz: 15 ounco. alla6 C. (ENO)I,. Mayor. " FOR FREIGHT OR CIIARTER.--' The schrMARION, JTorrey, nlaer, herel h &h ta yP WHITNEY Jn2 ~ 73 Camp et FOR BOSTON. The Albarque BEAVFR, J Edmonds, masstr, will hoavo uolediale despntell. Fon freight, apply to S & J P WIT ITNEY, • - jam __ 73 Camp at The Al brig MOXY, Capt Grant, for ppaaagr, apply to 8 & J P WHITNEY, joh - 73 Camp ot FOR NEW YORK. S 'The Al fart sailing harque VIRGINIA, Wm Binaclar, malter, having part orf hercar. goo r.gagnd, will have despatch. For balance .rl tor pasage, apply to Ceptai, on board, oppo-. pmt I, d munieial.yly or to jt26 S &. J PWHITNEY, 73 Campat 13e0001 Capital Prize, Tickets only 5$40 GRAND STATE LOTTERY. Kosa 84, 44, 66, the second Capital Prize of $3,000 was sold at the Verandah. Drawiag of the Grand State Lottery Class 0. "60, 61, ,5, 5, 30. 24,4, 6,9,59, 2, 13. CLLSS No. 6. Atthorisad by h L.egislaturae of the tate. Tn hbe drawn This Day, Jan. Z6, 3039, at 5 q'clock, p. Ma..a Rilhop'e Hotel. S DAVIS d CO, Managers. 75 Drawn numbers--I Drawn Ballots. Splendid Scheme. 17 814-Prines, amounting to $192 .2 Tickets.$4 00-Halves 2 00-Quartcrs 1 00. Packheas of25 Tickets for $100, warranted to draw at lest 644, Packages of '5 Half Tickets $50 00war ranted to drawat least $4 040. Parkagesof 15 Quanrter Tickets $.d4 0warranted to dmrawat least $12 0.0 Fr palekagea of sitgla tickets,nspply at lth MANAGERS' OFFICE, jan26 16 Chartres st TO BE DRAWN THIS DAY. The 'oilowiag are the drawn numbers of the Louis iia' Lottsry, Clas 41, for 1839:. 40 22, 47, 5, 44, 16, 6 4, 48, 19, 65, 56, 18. $20,000 CAPITAL PRIZE. 'trOUISIANA LOTTERY. Authlorized by Act of Legislature. Chapter XLIII, peaed Match 21, 1828, Claoo No. 40 for 1838. to hbe drawn on Stturday, Jat. 26th 1838, at 5 o'clock, P. M. at bhe Exchnge Hotel,lSt. Charles st. D. S. GREIC ORY & Co. .uacessors to YATES McINTYRE i Co. 75 Numbers-13 Drawn Ballots. GRAND SCHEME. Pries. amounting to $236 3371 Tickets $500 Halves t 50S-Quarters 1 25 Packages of 25 tiketa for $125. Prckages of 25 balf ticktas $62 50. Packages of 2 Quarter inketn lor $31 P25. For Packaes or singla Tiekets, apply at Ie,.4 _EGORY & Co, the Managers of.1c, 1j61.6 35, Canal Street, naot to Csmp at 'ga rrutamr _,:_'- IYOMAN CEMENT, I' nling from ship Elizabeth, from London, for aule by Jun26 REAL) & IARSTOW, Bosnk Place. Sal boco a city, for agle 46y, A7d06 RlEAD & llARllWrm, 7-Bank PIiece C GI7stý}s'd al ot;Bfn aokPl o. S R ItEA1) &e IIAI*'IOW, 7 Bank Place I ( A 5 cms *esthclte nn L'o bip Coadsiarefr ao l.l by to t I4AAC BR11niE d , 131 Magaine at WA $ft 11001Ts--0 codes thick watecr bonta, for Y MMalsby ISAACDRIDOE & Co, 6A 131 Meganlae et I- . aPrincipser .ana B in quarte boxes. far sale by F ANrlHMII 11 ollmarefoa. raa at~ a __ J~ Exoha~s I 1o n Ea OlfiaMt- 75o Canal at N R ItN EXIIAN .-BIIf NHC; au(J I*e Appl 0 . ANREWS & r UO's, 50C spat j I nprrnld aM ja ~ 44Ne 4t'aatLve. 1 i TIIAAtir Co, 74 Pevdra.;a A Sy r ~owsr .saa. t MI ara El rct&E D'LANG4E. RWMl AUMZBICAN OVFfICE. In connecrion with this Olcoe is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE Fot t'Tn PRINTING OF Pamphlets I Blank Checks Catassses aIll"s ofsLa5he ill l eris, Show Dills Ara every desertptlem efJeb Week theas may be requlred. lTThe proprietor respectfully calls the attention of the public to the above Card, and assures them that all work intrusted to his care shall be dope at the short. eat notice, in a style unsurpassed in this city, and at the lowest rates. 'TIIE 'RUE AMERICAN. E DITED BY sRO .a t 4Im, PAITRPYI. AND so01. NEW ORLEANS: SATURDAY, JANUARY 26, 1P39. -T' t.ejor sand .d .ltu1suiciplt.-We propose to glance for a moment at this collision, in continuae lion of our remarks yesterday, in which we shall take ooeasion to notice once more, the exceedingly profound suggestions of the estute editor of the Courier and the equally sensible remarks of an anonymoue writer in the Louisianian. There is claimed for the Mayor the exclusive right to appoint and remove the executive officers of the city. Also, the right and power of requiring from the Treasurer or Comptroller of either of the Monici. ptalitios, any statement he may desire, concerning ihI finances, withott a previous application to the Council; and in the event he is refused such state. ment he shall have power to remove that officer and appoint another. Also, that any long-winded and irrelevent, and superfluous address he may choose to lay before the Council shall be recorded in the journals, and be published with the proceedings of the Council. These powers eare claimed for the Mayor by the Courier, because its wire and experienced editor, thinks it less dangerous to concentrate power in the hands of one man, than to distribute it among ten-he would be less liable to exert it for selfish or personal ends-that he would have an eye single to the public good and not "enrich individuals by fat jobs, or else give a fictitious value to particulas districts by large outlays of money utinder the spe. cial pretext of improvement." The Solon of the Courier would dispense with the Council alto. eether!- Do not his words not only imply, but express as much? He would trust all to the dctlate riot wisdom of one man! Is this the true demon eratic doctrine.? The Louisianian contains the following remark able paragraph, in a communication on the same subject. We call it remarkable, for one of the editors of that paper, at least, csn'atleet the con. verse of the proposition and that a body of men are not so liable to err as one man. S"Experience, however has shown that`in.s truseed with power are too apt to abuse this trust, and every day furnishes stiking examples of men in elevated situations, who, after having acquired, by an irreproachable conduct ofyearas, well earn ed reputarion for honesty, have been unable tore. sist the temptation of applying the public money to their own see, especially when the dangerof immediate detection of such malversation was not imnendina.'r The proposition to give the mayor the right to know the condition of the finances of the Municipalities, as contenaed for by the correspondent of the Louisianian, is altogether another thing from. that which is included in the bill of Mr Hoe. It never has been contended that tie mayor had not the right to know the situation of the city nfnir, and in reinttin lieve that he exerciosd a privilege which had been guar antied to him, with justice, in the removal of Mr Cal: houn. They were convinced that the conduct of the comptroller was perfectly correct. To satisfy a prying curiosity, and an overweening suspicion that believed it "smelt a rat" when therejwas none; and which of itself could not get at the secret, but through the interpoui tion of the mayor to ferret it out, the call was rmade on Mr Calhoun for the reaponsibihi'ies of the council, and not for a statement of the condition of tile treasury, which would net have been refused. Mr t'alhoun ha ving been called on for a merely e parte sttemtent,de fared giving it until he should be authorised by the council so to do, He was removed by the mayor for diohbeying orders. and was reinstated by the council because his conduct weas approved. There weeas noth. ing which the council desired to conceal. They were unwilling to expose their reeponsibilities, witheut at the same tinme accompanying them with the ample re. sources which they possessed, wherewith to liquidate them. They were aware of tim feverishnves of an in. dividual to manifeot his great desire for the welfare ao the municipality, and they were unwilling to place in his reach, the means of injulring the credit of the Mu. nicirpality under cover of exposing abuses, without ha ving it accompauied by its nntitde. The law of 8th March, 1836, makes the Council rese pensibhl for the conduct ofits officers, in receiving and disbursing public moneys. Impressed with the convic tion that it would be unjust and oppressive to hold them responsible for the conduct of men whose ap. pointtent they had not controlled, the law provided that they should select and appoint their own olmcers. In theaold charter of 1805, it is distinctly expressed that the Council, "shall elect a Treasurer who shall continue inoflice for one year,or during the pleasure of the Coun eil." Thu Mayor had nothing to do with his appoint. ment-see section 6. The Mayor had no control over itle acts of the Treasurer, or in directing him, save "in pursuance of an order of the city Council," see section 10. The second section of the 8th March, 1836, declares' thlt each Municipality of said city, shall he governed. and its aoire adminisitered, by a council, composed of a Recorder and the Aldermen elected by the wards withit the limits thereof." Yet the wri'erin the Louisianian says: "The usual title ofacity in "The Mayor and sldermen and inhabi. ants ,e'," and "sach was and is still the title of the car. poration of New Orleans, and by this title wouldit he requlied to assert its rights if they were called in ques tion." What wooderous sagacity! If he had looked, he might have seen in section 90, "that all the powers now vested by law in the City Council of New(Orleans ahktl'appertcin to, be invested in and he exercised by the Councils f each munic ipality" and that in section 21, that "the City of New Orleans" can 0ue and be euedI and perform other acts,"so far only as such acts may be necessary for the mere purposeof liquidating theun. inished affairs thereof"--that is, the affairs left uodn. ihel when the city was divided into three nepa ae* corporate juritdictions. In prescribing tile duties and privileges of the May. or, the law of '36, section .8, says "That the Mayor may,by lodging a complaint before any section cone. cl, remove forthwith, any officer of the municipality, provided, that in case raid officer should be re-elected by said council, then the Mayor shall have no right to remove the same." But let us return to the proposition of the writer in the Louisianian. that the ".Mayor, Aldermen, and .l. habiluants i the title of he city of New Orleans, and that all husinaes must he transacted under thai title," and oee how much truth it contaliu: The Ilth section ofthe law of 'J6 says: "That each of the aforenaid corporations shall have the excluswie right to makqand enforce all public laws "nd regulations within their res pective limits &c." And'in section 15th, "That all the real property of whatever kind or description, and the revenaes arising therefrom, now esated in the MIaer, Aldermen and I.habitante .f the New Orleans, shall be vested in the respective municipalities in which the same is situated, &c." We have made this article of greater length than we intended,hut we have iflt a desire to show the grounde upon whtich the Council of the Second Municipality are charged with infringing the rights of the Mayor, and an augmentation of his powers and privileges is claimn l. The Courier and the writer in the Lnuisisnian, both claim that one man is safer timh ten-that he is not so liable to err; That Ihe will be more restrained; That he will cheek himself, better than ten could check each other-That he would have more discrimination; sounder judgment and meor hontsty. They with to invest him with the power of apoinaing four A~udred ,,~irer, and think hle would not u e the L 4 lILt-t..el utting fr. ... inc,, ap btnting power to nbdeiveehitwn interests and 1 those of his friends and parasitee and yet they are unwilling tha/three powers should be vested in a Council ltlrrl. Among thi', appointments. are the ofmcees f enmiptrollerand treasurer. We shall continue our remarks, on this subject in our neotand shew the great power which the Mayor under Mr. Hon's bill, might exereise over elections, and hew the Treasurer and Comptroller might be made Al creatures. and, as the writer in the Louisianian observes, "be silent rather han proclaiin any improper praerice when attended with somuch danger" to, the tenure of their oifesa. We shall also take up the condition of the differ. ent municipalities and ehsw how judiciously the second has been managed, and if the otherse, which are looking in every direction for props to lean on, have hot been as judiciously mneaged, it did not arise from any pernicious counsel or inter. ference from ours. If they are willing toacknow. ledge that the Mayor can exercise the appointing powers and others elaimed for him better thaenthey can, we are sorry for their imbecility aend desire no closer connecting link than already exists. The Second Municipal ty is in a most flourishing con dition and we hope and trust that the Legislature will do nothing to retard is prosperity and advance ment. T.k ariaal.- Mies Tree's benefit on Thursday night, notwithstanding the exceedingly bed state of the wea ther, was a full and deserved compliment. We cannot say much for4Mr. Knowles's last play-.the 'Maid of M.. riendorpt.' It is an ill digested and mawkish concern. Miss Tree, however, certainly made the most of it; she threw much more interest into the part, than we thought it useceptible of. Barton, in Muhldenan, again gave the audience a flea specimen .f his more peculiar style. Hi corsect conceptionsoe of his author always places him in the forward rnk of artistes, and the deep pathos of his manner, compensates much for his want of a strong voice or physical powers. The Hlunehback last night went ff very well, although we must confess we have seen all the parts, save, and excepting Lord Tinsel hotter performed. Brown is in imitable in the gentlemanly fop. We would speak of him, hlad we time; but he is deserving, a as first rate Comedian, of an article to himself-he shall have it. Miss Tree played Julia well. We ame truly sorry theat we cannot accord her unbounded praise; but, we do feel at times, ant too ofteti, a want of feeling hi her acting* -no, in her reading, the tones of her voice, alwa ), soft and dulcet, but soulless. We have pethaps been severe on Miss Tree ; but she is an actrre so lady-like, so perfect in her reldings, in meny things that we must try, like emany others to admire her in any thing, al. though agmant our better judgment. To night at the St Charles, Mis Tree, as Mre Haller, mighty tnaukilh piece of enasbility,hut 'tie well cast. At the Camp, the Ravel family on Sunday, and Forrest on Moelday. 'Tihe New York 8,ar extole a new project of using locomotives to propel ships in calms and adverse winds, by means of paddles, which unalip like wheel of a conch.' Louisiana Advertiser plessq explain. We are at a less to know how paddles can "tunship like wheels of a coach, unless they are thrown over. board, and if shipped, are taken on hon board. Or does it mean that they move on an nale I Or that they are all taken off at once I Or that they are like "the wheel of a coach when they are an. shipped", and not when shipped ? The meaning is vague asld needs illustrnatin. Lewis Tappsn has been ex.curtmunicated from the Church for having uttered charges against the fair Christian fame of the Rev. Joel Parker ! tHe was cited to appear to answer other charges., but hehad engaged a reporter to take down the proceedinge and the discussion was crushed in the bud. The only charge made by Mr. Tappan against Mr. Parker was that of neonsesteney ! L. E. L. The spirit that breathed so sweetly over the !yre is still. The voice of melody is hush ed, and will go forth like silver belle, no more. The harp, over whose harmonious s rins., she leaned,in her rapt musings, all abandon, will nev. ermore feel her delicate fingers flying over its chords. The soul of its music hah fled. The murmur of her song hath ceased. The brilliant tttte-tfefi ilirtid ed in that gloom which no sun. light ran penetrate, and which is eternal. But thememory ofthe visionary, lives in tihe sweet tidreams which she embodied and gave to immortal. ity. The sympathetie strin gs of the soft lute, ut' ter a,melancholy response to the flittina of tlhe spirit's wings that yet hover near it. Her song is not forgotton, bhut will live as lonug as there are hearts to appreciate, and taste to enjoy the brilliant and the tender and the beurptiful. "Mournfully they pass away, The dearest and the fairest " Mine Lindon had married a Mr. McLean, and accompanied her housband, who went ounnt as Gov ernor of Sierra Leone, or Cape Coast Castle. It was considered a sacrifice that one who had been formed by nature and education for the enjoy. ment of refined society, should have accepted the hand of one who would withdraw her from scenes, hallowed by the delightful associations of child. hood, and the memoriesofold friendships. It oas a sacrifice to sever these ties, and hear her tfl to that unhappy country, :where whatever might be the domestic eomforts which surrounded her, could only furnish such food for contemplation as would chase away the fairy visions which tenant a brighter and happier climate. How beautifully ha abshe herself told this, in some lines on the grave nfa young Egliish stranger, at Shuher, a small town in 4 wild part of Jeypore. "Tia well that youth has hopes, . That gladden with the future, present hours, Or else how sorrowful would seem the time Which parts the young bird from its parent neat, To wing its passage through the dreary world. Alsa! hope is not prophecy;-we dream, Buot rarely does the glad fulfilment comet We leave our land and we return no more, Or come again tile weary and the wern. * C S- *., I'd rather share the lowest destiny That dares not look beyond the presenl day, But treada on native ground, breathes native air, Than wint the wealth of worlds beyond the wave, And pine and perish 'neath a foreign sky." We had scarcely heard of Mrs. McLe an's reaehing her destination, before the painful intel 0 ligence came, that she had sunk under the dele- b ierious influences of t he climate, It will be a mel- 0 ancholy pleasure to glante over the outpourings of d hiergirlish heart, when in its untamed freshnsaas, she swept the lyre; and to trace the maturity of her thought in her later productions. Bright onaes have died, and their memories have been mourn ' ed, but the"tomb builder, Time" is daily erecting g narrow prison-house for some new victim. Thechanteriatics of Miss Landon'a writings were grace and elegance-a refinement in the a rone of sentiment and the arrangement of lan. gunge. If she did not frequently reach the subl. I] lime, she woasl.ayeahoveecommon-place. Sithe pdlsessed a vivid fancy, delicate; and reflecling b wellproportioned images. Her versification was smooth and unconstrained--the themes for her muse were chsoen with a refined taste, and were such as ean bled her to play upon the heart-so in. i strument on which her skill was seldom, tried inii amin. She had saarcely reached the meridian of E her fame, when she S"Dropt trum the zenith like a falling star," tl whose liare waned not, to its sudden go'ing out, and whose etreaming light will lung be remember. od, after it has disappeared. Hlow beautifully appropriate to her own destiny are these sweet verses, which were dedicated by b her to one wtho like herself, had been blessed a spir it of poi sy, and who was also garnered by the uni. h versol reaper, while yet the hues of youth had not ic passed away. "No mlore, no mors-O. never more returning, Wil' thy beloved presence gladden oeath; i No more wilt thou with and, yet anxiuus yearning, Cl'ng to those hopes which have no mortal birth. Thou art gone from as, and with thee departed, d flow mssy lovely things are venisb'd too: ec Deep thoughltothat at thy will to being started, ci And seelings teaching is our i.wn were true. PI T'lou east been round us like a viewless spirit, Known only by the nmusic of the air; so I'he leaf of flowaer thou hast namerd, inherit n0 A beauty known but an thy breathing thre: is lIr tlttl dId'.t oor theqm ling thy strong emotion, Thelikeness from itelf the fond heart gave; As planets from afar look down on oeeanu d And give tIlrir own sweet inrge no the wave. **And thou didst bring from ftyeign lands their ii treasures, As flonts thy various melody along; We know the softness of Italian measures, , And the grave cadence of Castilian ong. A general bond of union is the poet, By its immortal verre is language known, And for the sakeof song, do others know it One glorious poet makes the world his own. And thou-how fir thy gentle sway extended! Theheart'asweet empire over land and ses; Many a stranger end fair flower was blended Sn the soft wreath that glory bound for thee.' We have already extended this article to an r unusual length but there isa melancholy pleasure in dwelling on the memory of one who bee so 'g much contributed to our entereinment and enjoy ty ment,and it is with reluctance we withdraw from 4r the contemplation of the exquisite conception of ac her who will SaNe'er see her household and her hills Igain.' [Repo.ted for th True Am tercaee. OU37. OF REPRESENTATIVEO. January 5. Mr. Ratliff prerented the petition of tien inhabit. antes l the ptrich of Weat Feliciana praying for an appmpriation to construe: a levee. Alcoa me. morial from the same, for the incorporation of the Bayou Sarah Whirfing and Improvement Companyi-both referred to thecommittee on In ternal Improvement. Mr. Dunbar from the judiciary committee re. ported a bill to amend the code ofpractice, which on motion of Mr. Rodgers, was ordered to be print. •.d. On motion of Mr. Dunber,the committee was disecharged from the further consideration of the hills amending 126th end 128th articles of the code ol practice, and relative to the surrender of property. Mr. usre from aespecialcommittee, reported a bill to expedite the construction of the Clinton and Port Hudson Rail Road-eompmt, which was read the first time and ordered to be printed. M . Guinrt introduced a bill relation to police juries in the county of Lafourche-Read first time. Mr. Ratlif, a bill providing for amendments and additions to the several acts relative to the g.-vernment of the town of St Frenciaevllo. Mr. Wadsworth a bill relative mt the sheriff of parish Plaquemine, and a bill to provide for Ihe appointment of an additional juslice of the neace in said parish, with the powers of notary publec. Rend let tmoe. Mr. Pattenr a bill to change the time of holding the District Court in the 9th judicial district - Read let time. Mr. Ratliff, a bill to reduce to a more uniform rule the sales under the write of.ferifciaei-Read tet time. Mr. Gaiennie, a bill to incorporate the Protec tion Hose comppny-Read the lIt time. Mr. Ratlill moved to take up the bill providing fr theamendment of the constitution, and for a convenion A debate arose is which Measr.. Retliff, Davidson and Thomas insisted on the ne. cesoity of immediate action on the bill. It was pposed by lDr. Brashear and was lost by a vote of 21 to 13 The speaker laid before the House tlte report of the Board otl pullic works, transmitted by the President C Woodlruff Req On motion onf Mr Lavergne, the bill to expedite the eontru ition of the Atcbalilalya rail road was taken up, but on meotion ol Mr D)eclouetr.lnflefsum debate, was ntale tile order ef the day for'l oesda, next. The senate tleolutinelton the suljeet of a National alank and the currency, with Mr Ratcliffr' amendment, wire urderel to be primed by Monday,ae d eet for Wed. nenday next. The a snate'o tesolutian instructing our Senators and Representatives to use exertiona to obtain fono Con gross a grant of rail road iron for tte use of the jail in the parihes of Carroll, Concordia. and Madleon, was read for the first time. Mr Patten moved to lay the resoluti-n on the table subject to the etll of the Iouse. The true object of the resolution war not cnrrectly con veved. It was to oltaint an exetttpot intr duties on reail r ad iron imported to he used for rood. He would preparea suhetitule. After some conversation toe mu. tion was carried. The rein ietn fixing tihe final adjpnrnment of ths Legislature flr the lot nof March. was on motion of Mr Lewis laid on tile table, sujeclt to the call of the The hill introdueed by Dr Brenhear, for a system of Internal Improvements, wan made the special Order for Monday next; and tile House adjolrneid. WaaniNtoOT, Jan. 16. Mr. Morris presented a petition which was laid en the table frh wilVg .irelket,tojior. rnr specie in carrying on the cnmmerrin' trnsections of the country. lr. Nicholas of report. ed from the committ:ee on the D strict of Clumtbia in answer to the reanoluttona directing that com. mittee to inquire whetherir not the Banks in the District had complied with the law oi last session prohibitilg tl:em Irom uing small notes. The committee on Public Lands ews discharged from the request connained in resolutiona for a grant for riding two of the Vt. colleges. MAr. Wright asked to have the Finance Cornm mittee discharged from the consideration of a me. morial praying for a Nationli Bt nk. The orders of the day, the land bill came up and Mr. Calhoun gave his views at length-being in favorof ceding the public lands to the Statea in which they are situatred. Mr.Bayard followed,boat oproaed to the cession and the plan of reduction. The bill was ordered to be engrossed tto 23, two opoen. nis absent. Mr. Dremtpoletn the Housejmoved to suspend the ruler, to take up a resolution he had offrred two days since, to elect the committees when not appointae by the speaker, oirt ore and not by ballot-lost97 to 93 twothirds being necessnry.lMr Williame laid upon ilie tabtle the N. C irolina rear. lutions with regard to the Public Lands, which were read and ordered to be printed. Mr. Legari asked to have the committee on Foreign Affairs, discharged from the consideration of a memorial from citizens of Massachuasets in relation to peace which was granted. A bill for settling the claims of New Hampshire was reported by Mr Howard- and referred to a committee of the whole. A joint resolution explanatory of the pension act July 1837, extending the act of relief to certain widows who rmarried suhsiuently to a certain date, was reported an' refered to a committee of the whole. The Swartwout defalcn tion was taken np and dis oussed thruro'h the rest of the day. LETTERS FROM THE COAST. No. 5 Wa diaeoyer Gen Gaines, has trongly recommennded the er.tion by Government of fating batteries, toIn be placed at the mouths of our rivers and hbatboor, u' I meuanos orf rtene in time of war. And for thons used st the BIlice. ti answer the doable purpose ofdredging mathines aind mochines of tdeferne. We have n high respect OGn Gaineo. He is a brave molitarv commander, and hao seen and done much servioe on eend; but with all due defarenoe to his age, and experion e, we must be permitted to say that water does not seem t h be his element. We'on.ilder hie project oa floatinl batteries, totally unfit or thl purnposes indicated. Ho a nlarge oval maes oftithbers,obto ohtin qnere for fihes and troops, in soufeicnt force, to defend the ntruonce a~ainst In enemy' n flel, and yet be managehble with steoan, and at the same timn anower as a dredging machine, we con. fees to lie a mystery to us. It in said by omet experimenta mando, at Old Point Comfort Va.. sometimes since, by sol naval .racers, with a view to ascertain how thick the walls of a ship shouhl he made of solid oak, to preven, the peasoge of an eighteen ponald cannon hall,within point hlank shoa: and they came to the connclsion, tlht no preetical thickness of an oaken wall enuld he adopnted to prevent such an occurrence. It is said hby persons familiar with ordnance, and projectiles, thaotn eighteen pouid bhll, within point blank shot, will pasc through solid oak of four feet thick Hence the wells of ieneral tciain's floatine biattery. mould have to be of a most extraordiitory thiknes, to prevent demolition, perhaps tio much no, to admit of the ready steeroge and mbk. lon of the battery. There areae nmther of ether o.ijctione t tho sdop tion of such ponderous, nwieldy endt perishable s.l. chines, sote otf which we will name. It is well Known, that timber oenntinually immeise.l in wateur partly fIs and psartly salt, as "s the cae at the mouth of the lice. insauhjet to rapid and ecertain tecav hy initer-in. Not only so. but scch a itnas of Ieav tinber wouldl also be subhject to dry rot, thiot wonuld tolon render a IattPrv of thin kind tietess. T'he tenerrl iiglt connsider, that corrosive suhllnitist,, could be appliet to pievent decay of this descriptino: hlIt the enpeniss attenoding it ppliealion by saturation would he oun grart to dliut cl its use, it would hbe nearly as chep, tn build another battery. In the next pla. the itetoat ofuach a battery, would habe to be porfertly flat, which would make t a most diMult mass to stemr, and give it such evolutions ans might be required. Its turning would he slow. and unoertain. by any means Ithat ould be adopted i es a eisllv, if tim water should be roughlenedl with a high minl nt the liine; whoever, has ndlertarke to steera l.arhot omedl boat tam realisedl this dificlllcy, A common rtsosl, from poasessing a harp kee, allt be raised out l water,coppered and otherwise repaired. We doubt whetlier any propceiitin of natiihalc defonce w0s ever more nntenabls than this, it we except the gun haat system of Mr J oereon. We could satne ionny other nhjections; hut consider ennitol his been said roallow the fnlulity of such a prjeter. As to the idea of ,king the hbattery a dIreodgitg inlchine, it is rItI chiitt,,iiil for diosu. sion. Indleed.ihluGl:eeisl tnitl'et us in the dirk us tic thi cudurnt operandi. ,r hbs is litw, the baiter3 is to performt this duy t ad.lio i in ,i. it n IIcr rune ri,,.t. ? We respect and hnnnr Gr.t CI for hit. )patlotiotin and good iotentions to servo his country, in every capai ty hr thinks prot:er to nt , and rrotlet Ihnt w, differ from him sio widely ont an ilp,..rlillt sbjeIt We shall conclude this leter I y sgnigst ng g mode of defendine our coast, whichl we eanrt very importanr, and to our mind more valuable than all others. We kneow we elnntl, ..rselvce it be thought .notlhr'--We saw noticed the other dn), the elopement of a sub treasurer yeloped Reckless. In the foce of the airme, *'there's magic in a nnlec," we perceive t!ht Mr. Leggett has bhen nnptiinited chief clerk of the Navy Deportment. Is it not natural to suppose that he'll hardly be warm in his place, before he also will I. -i . A native Citrn Lemon. weighing 40 Ibs., rate. ed by a Mr, Mandeville, of Orange county, (N. J.) has been presented tb the editor of the Newark Daily Advertiser. (Phil.Ledger.) We don't believe it-unless it turned out to be Sa larpe. "pmnpkin". IFThe Treasure of the h iremen's Chanritnble Aes sociation acknowleldge the receipt of Two Thousand I One Hundred and fourteen Dellan, being the pr.o:eds Sofa free Benefil, given to that Instituti n, at the S. Charles Theatre on the 12th inst. He avails himself Sof this opportunity to reiterate the grateful acknowl. edg m~ent of the Firemne to the proprietor of the St Charles, and to add their warmest thanks to tile lasids and gentlemen ofthe Company. ANTHONY PARKER, r New Orleans, Jan. 24th, 1839. Treasurer n nallbills-The bill to remove the restriction on the circulation ofsmsll notes, has passed both houses of the New York 'Legislature in the Se. nate, by a vote of 83 to 2, and in the house, by h 117t .o 5 The story that gales as he Is improperly term ed (Weeks being his name) who fell in the Galt Hf ouse affair in Louisville, was the murderer oi Hallen Jewert, R. P. Robinson, is all a fabrication,. Unless a better story can be furbished up, aecid. ' eat makers don't deservethin salt. Literary Piracy.-N. P. Willia having with. C drawn from the New York Mirror will in conjunec tion with Dr. T. O. Porter., shortly issue a popes ] entitled "The Corsair ' In what sea of Litera e toure will they commence their depredations ? EDITORIAL SUMMARY. Thet Free Benefit given to the Firemen's Assor,. ation at the St Charles, on the 12th inrt, netted them $2,114!! Quite a munificent donation! The number of prisoners tried by the Court Mar, vial at Kingston, are 140, remaining untried in Fort Henry, 4; remaining untried in the hospital, 9; died in hospital, 2; Queen's evidence, 4. Total number taken, 159. Ten have already been exe. cuted. The State debt of Virginia is $5,t22.850, which it is expected will be increased to $,,024,170. lHemblin proposes to rebuild the Rfowery. Hie also proposes to issue 20.000 tickets at 50 cents each, to he received during the first 40 nights after the Theatre is opened, although the price of ad. mission will be75 cents as heretofore. He wants 110.000. A man in Macon Georgia recently cut his wife's threat, beeause he said he had proofs of her infi. delity. The Whig Cnnventirn in Rhode Island have nominated Gov. Sprague for terelrctlion, and Joe. aph Childs for Lieut. Gov. The Massachusetts Legislature probably re elected Hon. Dan. Weheter to the United State Senate on the 17th inst. W. W. Irwin the regularly nominated whig candidate has again be enonsurcessful in a conteat forthe mayoralty cfPtttburgh. lie was defeared by a Whig, Wm. Little Esq., who was nominated by the young men and lirerme and who was als, supported by the democracy. Ilia mtajortry wes 300. Edward Coleman the murlerer was hanged at New York on the 14th, fur the murdrofl his wife in the presence of n.out 300 sptreclorr. 'The, experimented on his bodr wtth the multiplyingg al vanio battery, but notriing new was elicited saw expoled toeid bein abhout ta r,tt, prot.u."od na i, I nt a shlock if not greater than a b.ttery of 1000 lour inch plates. Coneumptwon ae as had to l o.ttn as pellow fever in Now Orleans. In the , art 1838, it made 256 victims, while other dets nlllt causet s of death carried off, out of a upulatoon of 80,000, but 1664. D.aths in the city of New York, for cho week ending the 12 ib alst, were 96. A young lady, agedt 20. was burned t,o death inl the city ol New York, on the 12'It itlst, from her clothes taking fire. The num her of freolgn arrivals at Baltimore, in 1838, was 400. Ot lhese, 318 were American and 90 oreLgn. The foreign arrivals at New York during the year 1838, were 1,700. Of these, 1,361 were American vessels. The passrngersarrived at New York during the year 1838, were 25,581 ; ear!y duulle the number which landed in 1837 The frllowing address written by ,tir fellow citizen Janes lreese, Esq. was spoken oi the oceanion otf the benefit of the Firemen's Charit.hle Association, on the 12th inst. by J. R. Scott Eva. ADDRESS. The drama's muse attunes its golden lyre, 'To sing the praiaec of thie sons of fire. 'wo pictures now I'll hold up to your t.ew, Tie style o modern-bot the subjecrt' true: The shy was dark, its golden gillts ld pansed, When o'er the city'a gloom, a glare was cat, Up front the e mrth k hg. anrrking tulurmracu ene, Roiling aloft. hean burting iant flame! Afar, around, the red anl lurid lglht, , Awoke a day, anid the gloom of right. AdI n tie anrota, tire enginre swrifily fy, Led on by torches fanaline to the sky ; While alke on fake, like rIghal fires, arone ! To warn a friend against icoding toer. True hearra were there, noble spartan band, With AMeo and engine reedy t theirir hand; Firm as Leonidas a phrlanx there, While flame on arnme went rattling through the air Hissing tn fury from their crackrns dome, lbteh i.ll to ealth a w reck or hbrning alone- The fiery frle with unreaistld wlmry, But In! hehold-the Isnaudering iass grows dim, Our firemen aiur their watery voeline ifu ; Unceasing they-uurweariaed-nbl.uring still. The 'Fire King ' benrs him to their mighty will. In such dread hrur wra heard the irnr'ra knell, In such a scene lamented Funny fell ! O'er whose sad fte, the erolly heart aill weeps, And trierndhip points to where hit body sleeps! Again-when from this temple's utmost spire Vast sheets of mnoke ascended, wreathed i. fire, While trrrn the pile, the fierce aid fiery foe, Bent lordly r'rr the gathered eroe d below, And biasing firree with dire and dread intent, Reared high tha temple'u smnking monument. Earth has no rrsans to save! 'tis false-for lo! A nole bard eagnge the dreadful Ife, Battle ye Flnaomcl -baltle-glory thine! To mortalporwer the elements incline! The mnrree wept on high, Thalia, sll, Mourned o'er tne noble Terplets oeeamtng fall; 'It Inmust nat fill,' the hard of Avon criel, 'II shall not fall,' old Soprocles replied' 'It eannot fall!' some rindred sping spoie, For FInran's lforms are seen amld tile smoke!' These Clorieo won, what now Ihe fierrman's pay 1 \" hat their reward, when health hoc passed away ? DareI t grleat public lend its golden store To keep the blan.t of winter from their door I Il)r inntitutims by their valor saved, Tley whn, 'midl fire and tempest. nobly braved F.'en deatl irtself, rernember whenr 'tie o'er, Time Funtnt', counrage, aod tile FtrrEn I;oor T Then ask it nort-their encinoun dnty dore, T'lhat ones salreved, the bright reward is on ! But lovely woman krr performed hler part To aid your cause anti cheer sala drlmlping heart; The ceer pitying tear liat gems her eye The pardon rf a thousand reltns cnr Iuy, And sterner man, frrom her r y learna to lend His mile of intereast to Ihepopde'afrieud. There il a temple'neath whlrr elnaseic dlnme Tl'he Flsaegn ever fedo a welconm hlrme : The Drana aids youer canuse wirlt ecener .llime, Till tlre luet eurtain siall Ie droppeII n, tirme! A UNK assemblfe de actio .naires de Ia Compo. Sgniadu Ilail tload de Ia Nouvele Orl6aos at Nash "ile, tenue In 23 Jauvier, ]839. Mr. Jamed H. Calrdwellesq. a et6 appole an fauteuil at Mr. M. WV. Hffrnan aeq a 616 nommn aerretaire. Le rapport nnuael des Preidelnt et Directeurs a frt In, surquoi il a eta unanimement rerrIa qn'il sera im L-a citinnnires on proed6 a I'electlion dos dire. leurn. Le lDr. E. I. tlBarlon et W. F. lC. Dupleesi a It 6th namnmns rapporterrs. Au depauillement il yanr qu'il y awail 12.6 vlotes, et quc lea persunres auvanon eeontote unanimrltnnt clues pour I'espae d'trn an, atoiral : JamesH (ICaldwell, M W Heinhla j ('lark Wrnrdrool, Ileratio Davis, W F': Dupleslis, I Aan.rutia, Jeremial Berrn, GCer. .A uggernma, M Gorrdon Jr. Wi, (Ilri.ty. , sur mntinrt, rrnola qua lr'e ariniounnire aiourn Sc ani i.. ..". IItf',' iAN, " Camnp St. Thseatre. 'TIll EVENING, JAN. 2.t, Will b!e performed the benutil.l I'ly of GEORGE BARNWELL. enorge Barawell, Mr Barnwell, 'Fhornugbguud, Gilberl, I'rnueman, Kepp.ll. Miltwood, Mrs Greene. Pa eBenl, Mrs Bennie. Dance, Miss'Wray, To conslude with tile Drama of ISABELLE. Eugene, Mr Frederick,, ipi, .Greete, Apolilo Jolt.on, IAlbelle, Mrs Greene. Mr E FORREST has nrrired due notice, will be giv en of hie First Appearance. R HENISF WINES FOR SALE 41 bxe a Hackheimer, '29 do Niersteiner, 28 do Markobroonar. These wines are now landing from brig Alexander fomt Bremen and have been rlected with iarlicular care, by factors at Frankfitrt, Meats and (ologne di al nlag ztensively with this nrticle far this country. On every buttle a neat etiquette is affixed, showing qunli ty. year ofgiowth and hIeari g my name as imposter. and guarantee the getuineneass. -jad6i AlIth i HAM TRIER, 34 Gravier at 17 KENT-An office r, the ecomnd floor, o craied by Messrs. Keally, Harris & Co. Posseassion giv en on e lot1 Felruaoy--aipply ti 0 W PILITCHAeIi e& JO TAGERTJR, a j26 cr rPovdrals & nMezine *t PAUKEK WANTED-A filet rate Packer, well re. comimended for aility and steadiness, will find employnma on application to B BROWEI & Co, la25 17 Camp st ACKEREI.-2l01 barrels 100 half barrels, and 50 M yqr bar els,Noa. , 2. an3, Mabkerel. ii store for al by jis24 J T1'HA YER & Co, 74 I'Peydrn at It pr l'Et t i, UUtnETL-' t dy i doz. i Mar tIbr sale by if js24 J ''HAYER & Co, 74 Pydlraen st C( ' tiFE & CIUA.-S-36 dos. prime green I.-. vana Coffee, Iil ,Oit Harana Cigars, Inndling from berqll Roger WVilliams, for sale by JOSEPlt COCK %bNE, jur4 25 Gravier st A S P--800 Ixen No. I and extra stolt b:ande Jan. (Gould, Jack.oni.a T'l'rowbridge, Georlge Robbina and J H 5iorton; tor anle by Sja L IAAC BRLiGE & dt&, 131 Magazine st OCOFFIE IHOUst. & BA t-'Ii nubscribern tlare just re-sired a large assortment of OGlas Tanabea, Ihecanters, Sugar Bowls and silver punch Ladles and toddy spoons, whiclh ihey otter fer sale low. jediS2 H BIROWEI &Co. 7IT Ctmp at ONDON ELditions o staslard worksv coii;ing of i i the Memuoirs of Cradoek, literary and miscellaneous, 4 volumes,. do Napoleon, as dedieated to lontholon & iourgud, 7 vole, do Phillip do Uomies. 2 vole, do ,,unt lie Girnmstnt, 4 vola, do Gibbon, 4 volt. do Catherine 2d,3 vols, do Gtilford, do Sir Dudlev North, do Sir John North, do Napolrcm, by W It Ireland, 4 volr; do Naanoleun ba Sisvary, Duke of itovigo, ill 4 vols. In addition to the above. a large supply of ostndnrd works, iust reeivrd, tr sanle Iv ja'6 W.t MReKAN, car Camp & Colamos+ st A LCOIO01 . l-2 o a'rrlo l1,ora nlubuootity part Alcohonla, nolwtding Igfrom hip Collmhina, and for sate by J AIVISa & ANtI)I.S, jal0 eor Cmllmollal, & Tlopitoulna tas --ALEILATUS- T asks e al eratl,, in store, and a7 for scle by J.\ItVIS & ANI)ItI"WS, jai6 car Ceom on & Tchoapit.ulaa sts SITE LEAD &a LINc.EF.D 'il.. b6ll) kess iure I'hilhndellpia W\Vllite Leadl 50 bils. Euglish:.insrl'd Uil 10 coaks Ilutch I.iiaeeld (hi, for sale by JAItVIS & ANI)ItEWS, Whouletale I)ruggisn, j26 cur Corn non '& T'l'chopi.,la. o is AIn.,A , NV. -4I1 Iboxes NIL Itnisins, l.uring's brand, in elure and for sole bh ja25 J TII'THYEI. &. C0 74 Poydras at W II~SKEYb 25 barrels reteliied, for salety JI 5 G. )DR.SKI', 4, New Levee 510AN I.L. UItI D\ 1E-5tI cll assrtred e,@zr. . in |atore, slid lrsalo by J Tll.t YlEIt & 'o, jo0" 74 i'ovdlra st ao I's-00l sacks hates, in sorae for ab, t av e _ j26 CiA Plf .IN & C'It'Ili,,'8 JiJan t ,O'I'ATES-100- bariocls, in crle andI antlel v 541ld4h I( ; 1S II.\VAN-COIFFiE,- --... V 300 . t10,k anal do. sgainr, 11111 borxes 1'rnltlia, ttneeo, x 1 ti ýp fru i. ai-ei ja, lltiln , .ta tratt at,, l"nunde 3;10 O, s alh.t rnnd erlers, 0 20 din Il,,ten onop, 41 b.rrelo sperlt and wha!e nil, 10 1 ieres C-a ' ill vier, a 17, bbla lu tfi annr, in stalo for anla h jao26 A 1I IA |1 |11 Itt] l It, 3 'G ran ier ct IL ClAP50- kot l ioald.' ond Itattra,,,'e \,a I an in ntoro fur ale by J Tlll 'f I1aall Int jol6 7_ I'_vhn I tt -)O1l a.-lOl barrel. it st,,'ttd tIm ,a" hara jaai J lI'l.Yl , I' 71 Pv Iras lat PElt.I: OItI.-3-1UO0 gull. -ioin er Stattid Spart.. l illot role b) :IIALL Y UI.t11\V t t e 6 9, aleagailer Lt dr CLITHIt--I. ro .e ace tinrl f'ata; 1 d et alianeI Slhirtl for olr hlv jellt;i SII.I. & lIlltOWN, 91, Inganzine st oPvt -ltpttmtaltnaa, tar wati b jil _liAI 1.& ItIA lit , 9lt N aacnzine tt JOHN V. CHILDS, ENGRAVER AND COPPEIR.PLATE IPRINTER •No. 3. Camp St. W 11.I. engrave and prilnt t order, hank anotes. ill Sofexexhange, bills fflading, liplonat ntrean honse cedls, door ilnaten, silver warIt, &e. -al w1Y. hnd, an Arsortmcnt of silvr plated andl bra's doo P S Cards pr:nted from plates already engraved. METARIE JOCKEY CLUB RACES. TlE Spring meeting, for 1839, will eommenee.thf last Wedaesday, 27th March, and eontinue five days.all I. t:ENAS, Bec'y. jall NEW ORLEANS JOCKEY CLUB RACES!! ECLIPSE COURSE. j PRING MEFTING, 1839, will commence on Wed. neadav, 13th of March, 1839,anti continne 5 days. Particulurs in due tite. Y. N. OLIVER, jan3 Proprietor Si)WAND'S TONIC lX'TURE--Jut received I 0 can of this invaluable remedy fA r the Levra and Ague, warrater d genuiLe, direct from the manulace tory in Philadelphia, for sale by JARVIS & ANOIREWS, ja15 car'l'chaplitonulas & (mmntn ale Offie New Orleans and Naskedle Ratl Road Co. AOREEAIII.Y I to ection 8th aoll the ChUattler of said SCompany, an election foar ten Directors will be held on Monaday tle 21st inst. at 5 o'clock P. 3. at ltheir offile, No. I.I Barone street. jalli9 JASIEv II. CALl)WELL, Presaident. N EW LAW and |Medical B--kn: ICrlis' Digest onfcarae l judicated in sotrts ol Admiralty of the U. S. and Etgland; a lew and valuae hbl workh Peeras' Digest of cases in the Supteme, Circuit and District Cnourtl, a new sutlpply, 1 vol, Wiatar'a Anatomy, a new edition, receired by Ptn coet, hle Amnerican Meldical Almnanac for 1839, a new and useful mllical pla'ket hok far Medlical gentlemen, Atl nto asSOrtment t ulthe most ajt)pronerl Law and Medical works. I'. JOINS & Co, jal car Cotmmon k S1 (:harlesa as 1 1NNvY BtAit-201 hales asorted 5,s, justet e.ived, and fitr anls by jaIl8 SIIALL & BROWN, 96 Mlagazlne at El IEEN .fr PLES--10o hbls in fine trder, at the landitg, ftrsalsoby G DORSEY , jal8 44 New Levee IDER--10 bls rrclifiead, at the lnndingC for sale by .a4l8 (O It)RSEY,4 New Levee A ' Ot K Keeper, whno hats at resent only his -ve. ing occupied, would wish to make an engag.: me set rsenmtnderttrhin time. Can girs any eat. nlit tisa t, ttt atality anId charattsr. A line addreas, A U a. itta 95)', Pact Ofice,mill hr attended to. B . 1 Ut I.l.S kX 'IIAN (dE, Notas, Iills Iladitg. l'orri~t Entrtc. Cttstom Hottse pa era of evetrs .tt-crtitiutt, nfor sale Iv I) PlP,'p & Co, ill8 N V' $tatitterra Ila1l,84 ]arIes Pi aJ EaEI'lI .1 W.t 'lhE. t uu af·ellur nt Ijw Odiv SExchlange itt:, ath don.r tlhn e al n t Oli.t. rnlz . St. Charkes T'beatre. 10th night of Ito eolgaoemenolt of the eatlerlrated ilios EI.LN 1' fREE. This Ereidng, January 2'j, Will he perfotmed the Play of THE STRANGER. treneer, Mr Scotte oeinbrt, llrrison, 'r-net, ,Debar. r Haller, M. Tree, Io Overture by the Orcheelra reand Pau Seal, by Mad'le Ravenor, To conclude with the laughable Piece of PERFECTION. ir Lawrence, Mr. Frne., harles Paraon, Browne, Kate O'Brien, Mis. Tree. WASHINGTON BALL ROOM Dress & Masquerade Ball, St. Philipotreet, between Royal & lourbon. T HE Manager of le above named Ball Roome,grte ful to his friends and tlhe public for the unporal lelled patronage belstoed on him iorseveral seasons, respectfully ilnforms theal that the establiMulnet has been enlalged for the lamusemtent of visitors, and un. dergone inmeanse repairs. The bar will be surpanssed hy none in quality of liquors,and the Itestaurot ill be kept by the ableet liestaurateur in the United Staten. - The room will reopen on Saturday evening, 3rd of November next. by n GRAND DRESS & MASQUERADE BALL, and will take plaeceas usual every Monday, Wedaes da and Saturdy ovenito g, during the season, wh ch will and on the I't of May 1839. N. I. The erPatest attention will be paid to krer ing perfect order throughout the esanblishmeat, as wat done last seson. oct24 NEW ORLEANS AND NASHVILLE RAIL, ROAi) COMPANY. NEW AIRRANGlEMIENT. rl'HC Loeomntive will leave the lepot at the fot of Canal ttret,every day at 8 A. S. anl return t 4 P. M. except Sunday', when sio will IDepart Rethrn 8 A.M. 2 P. M. {7 A Car for prlvale porlion, provided the nomber be alurcienrt, aill hbe sent down the road oil one day's prey one notice. j12, ,1839 JAS H CAI.DWEI.L, Presidellct. COTTON CIRCULA-.S p3T PRINTED othl the Grealest El pedilion, and in a style unurpasued ina NEw ORLEANS, or else where. ORDERS lefl at ComPrtis RooM in Sf. Charles Ex change, (Corner of Gravier St.) or at T R U E AMERICAN PRINTING OFFICE, enrner of Paydras and St Charles Streate, will be promptly atlended to , D,. I-t-i. I ACON S1 DES--50 hlda Cincinnati, curd i storae and foreaule by STE'I'PSOIN 4r nVEItl, ill _ 88 Gravier t STEAM BOAT BILLq. O WNERS, AGENTS, or CIPTAIN of STEAM ' IOAT' can hoar lae ir lidslstruek of in one or more Colored Inks, on Plain or Colored Paper, witr I despatch. and on favorable Terms, by leasing their OtcEaRs atTtIIUE AMERICAN OFFICE, corner of Poydras and St. Charles troterd. Nev9S--af I OF I PE ll 011.--5000 r"nlt. winter attainel soperm ail, just received and tlr le byIr j ll I. LOCKE & Co, 8 Front l.ever SASHtl BOXIES-51t Cath I'ox.' f autaroaatl Ilnaot-. ' Pifture, far suaerior to 0i a Engljl, ale lov jIt S l.aICE &a'o, Iu Front L.eee IIIE .AD3.-0 kegs, No I it ratvre, fr sale by y S I.,ia'Kl: 0'o, janl8 l Front I.tiee at Blank Checks, Bills of [tlltdI g, Atrction Bills, PaltnphletS, Show bills, Cnt.a logues, &c. &e. it 70IR.DIERfor the Above, ant erery other dees cription of tPIItNIN itiN rereired at Compting Rtooi of"TlIUUEAMERIICAN," in ST. ('atoI.Et En , Cae.tseO, 3 ol daolr from (irovior atreet, or ot the IPrinting It Jflice, corner of I'oadrn andl St. Clharles streets. S Extensive and beanuifol linon and Jon IFcOurs t from the best Fotundries i, the Uilted Stotes, harrjus been added to the already rrwll/stk,ed Establishmenot; t I -.andu (rtoEn s cill bh ezec~ted ans Lo., as Ch(' pir. v Experliatisoly and lireantially, asat nlr ther Otl-.: t in th, Ctty. Nor 1 u. I s El. I) at the lshtreirt N.ltie, in the most elegant lantrr, iin Blt or Coor tlnrt.l Iax, an lo:ln el. led, Wine Fnlake, ar Plain nlfin, C.nou, nd Pricserryreasonable at "1'1It 1' 11 illf Il 11 F 14' "I, orner of I. td'dy anld S.. ('Irlea ftd, , New and. Ilrlllif .l Follunts of Ty'E hape just been added to the I:tlablish,nent. Orders'rrctired at CO( ,lphi, ftlootm, St. O* nrlrf Eeoange,3rd thI,,, fom a;,ari, sr,,or at the Prinitin Ollic, corner of I'ldr.m & St. Clanles stareets. noel-if TO INRIIRIl 1I'TS. r'"1IF.I(tHAN'T'. cran here a toIII'TIIr. CII nBe. I.R struck of a ftlr hourr N OTIl'r, y , 'alln, at the I'onmpliog Ioom "1 I!I": A 11IlltcA I'nnl.T ; Orrutr; Pt. Char!', Elxchnl,-e, aljuluing the rlr.aI tsO IRool nat C'ornr rof 'rn.ier, oratthe Iliot inrg O(ir, crar nerf l'tydrar and dr. 'hllales sreet/,. A AI)V1ANC. aill Ihe oi on .hiptmenr to l.irer pA l,h are, lur illFI,,e.f nolk al I'ildl j,, I AAIMAS l WWI'IA I., -, jnlfi r7 t ' avir at IAI V A V A Sl .It.-. 1 1-t- ltut, ,l.iint lii lin mttore tnd fLIr ale by jan15 A AIItAfl,,l 'rilIEI, 34 Grnvier at 0 olle n aDted. All TrUnK ar k prerodrnd dt , t re Sfrll'sraid non lraon by I're. otr ianr o eeipt of dapositeh le n ith Ibrki Watt ll Cot., or $5I. panvelnt lo hiotsa welI as the note, heas hen eltpld"d. lThe pekel book is to be left at the counting room of Burke, Wt & Co., hlerolte ereward will be paid. jan l10awlil SAM. 1p . WAri.. ST. MARY'S nIAIRKET STEAM FERRY CO OTICE in hereby eive'n, hlito in purunonce ofon Or dinance, possl; Iby te Council Io tlto '2nd Mnni cipality, on \ednesdlay lwe'nd JotaIry. 1839-l-Book nfd u eription to the captitalltock ofI ,30,0w 0 in aharea ofTllO each i said cmnpatnv, will le opened an Mr. Charlen Dimnnd'a, opposnte St. Mnery's tmrket, Wei ensdanv ite 16hI, int., nnll will be kept open lor thre daylf'rolll IA. M. nntil 21. 41. on each day. Telen Dollars per cltar to b. p iid in cash on suanberbing. S HIGII', Comn:isnioners, jan-1i39.M ROBITAILLE AT..0 Di I IIfnre, and fornale Ity _ j8 W'IiITRIDGE and rco.76 Mi.anine I SOAP..390 loxer Boaton No. 1 Soap, landing from hilp Svil., and for tain by SSandJ PWIIITNEY, 7, Camp It SPLENDID I.tndon Annuals and Noveties: (iete of Beruty, h tile Countess Blleassingtoon, Tte Diademr, A lisa Louias H Sheridan, first op. Heath.eti ,k of Bteauty, Syria, the Holy Land, tc. And a leo others left, ll for 1839, with finihel ea; gravongo, Ulfver Twist, complete in 2 vol., Olnton, do do par 9ad, No. 4, Sketches by loz, pnrt f. Rob sithe Bowl, bIy tlte author of florae Slhoe tb instn. Mary Raymond, and other tanler, Four Years in Pnroguay., by Robertonn, Alien Veano, by 1Miss L.esle, and other noveltiee, E JOHNS &Co, jal7 ertr Comlooa & Et Charles mII C LTIIN(;-8 casen senta-nble Clbthing, land g frem slip Newburrvporl, for sale by jal7 ISA*AC Bl'iDGiE & Co, 134 Magazine FLOUR--800 barrels ~sufprior brand, forsale by ( ia7 O l BLISS, 6,3 Poydre a t U'I ER -Y0 kes w oin and thr Ssale by b J 'IAYEIEL & C, 74 Poydras It T I E firm of J D WIN & A COIIEN is this day Sdiasalved by mtuual consenl. Julib I) Ilein a charged with the netlletaat of ali ei a iegaainlt the concern, and wsill u.e the name oftite firmn in lolquidation only.. JOHN D. BElA, jsn2J-1839. A. COHEN. IT'A COHEN continues thle Commsinon Iluninesa in hbs individualnaine, andl far his own accounl. at No. 9l Comon stree. Jan 3, 1839 WI t) iiDWOtTIoll'rnerwty inentead PLAAINt. ,)A. SCIII1E. PATEi.TID, Nov . l, 18136. The suabcriber bein one of the agents of said Weodwurth, baa onne cI' 8aid Alechines ut up for use, in the mill oaf Messr . Hrton & Co., in tlie City of La fayette, whicl any person cn n a xnniim ; as he has a alumber of said naichiies fr astle, andl Ine thle agency tor disetosing of the .,l.ilee Ibr usiac soil mnachines, In is dea runs to nell by abt.l. or lparie s iesa ay ibeat suit the appllicunt. 'I ie nabchines are til greatest a. boar sanving imahinrea eer put ill use, for dreesin and sa.othliog plank fi.r flnors, r lboard for wrntcher etdng. Any person derirous .I l Iehcl g, i c. caell at Neo.7, Rallmpart street, where tlhe subcril:er cnn be fountd. ja 19--Im \V1. p IAIAH alNS. 'UFFEE-."4 ines H anaa Ci(fflee, lacdina from . barnque lto, e" Williati, Ior sale Ity jaJ3 "S J I \V IIITN.LV, 72 Cenip el B-UCK \VLL:AT--35 ilifnrelCi, fiar rlpe by B j4.9 y & J I' \Vil VIT sY, 72 Cramp at _AtJaD-- 5 0 e a.o or oate hv ' i _ p:TrTn .u rn :RY, 88( nrnaicr

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