Newspaper of True American, January 26, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated January 26, 1839 Page 3
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BY IHEWLETT & CENA9, - YNIIC'S SA I.E. 'I ll.l.te sndl on lohuday, ilth oi Ferl. 'ul ryl lt 1i iDt virtue of nocaImt I ,t lllot ie I',r.-h '. on t, for lhi' Parisi and city of :.w tl.r, u. claled teI 7th treeit under the Sirencionfthy o uh, lie, ItI.llllowin. nrser 1 ed prn *'rty, strreudered by icubriel George tIlenny to his eredlitor, vi, 1. Four lots of uGrundl, Nun. 59, 60. 61 and 67, situa ted in llt'nrrllton. Nos. 59 and fill nceaunrig eahlc 25 fe t front n illaustreet, b 15o elnt in depth. NWsn. 6it and 6., hvingu li .till inroet of '5 it. vs lteseev.e st, by a like depth. Illopgll of C. l'o'resby Notarial Act passed before La Gurleur, Notary Public. the Ittb of May, 1837. 2. Lot No. 5, in square No. 15, in tubulb Washtinseon, 3d Munic'iplity, enu.surilng 29 ret 2 incthes front on Morales street, between Port aud St. Ferdtilelnud astraet. by 100 feet in dithl. Bouaght of L. S. H illrgberg, Iby rat before T. Sedher, Notary Public the 218th ne Febru. airy, 1837. 3. Five Lots of Ground, Non . 8,9,0, it land 12, in fuaroe No.21. in suburb tVashin lt n, 3d Miuaieiplity, Noe.8, 9 and 10, hving each 31. 1. 6. on Menresant t, between Morales and Lrqubart streete, by 1117 reel in depth. No. II having 31.9. 6i. feet oni Mlrnt street. 'cy 107 feet on L'rquhart treet andn No. 12, having 31 l.el on Urquhart street by 171. 3. b. feet in deptht. Borut of E. Berthae y act before L. Feraud, Notary Public, the 21st February, 1837. 4.Eight lots, Nou. 13, 14, 15, 16, 17. 18, 19, 20, in quare No. 24, in suburb Wahihlugtou. 3d luniciplltv. No.13, forms Ihu corner of Flerch and Urqulhrt stlreet; measurinog 3J, 9. 6. ferel n French street by, I116, II. setl on UrquIart, aad Noa. 14 15, 16,17, 18, 19 rod 2.I, eachl In.:nrlringS 3, I. 6. fuet frent on French trreet by 10O, 11. feet in deplth. Bouglht fGoa E. BtItLhe and Thas tuplesit by a ct ,tled befcore L. Feraud, No nary Public, thle 'tIst of F'hlruarv, 181137. 5. One lot ,n Vcoe stret, nIear theI new (alotnl.bought fromt (enree Andlreows, by private Iact, Ihtled tihe 18tt Marchl, 1837 leu. Andrerv otald wife acquired title from N. Houeas, to this lot wiicth leaurens 25 fart front on Vine street, betweean tile Floridaln Ilnding anl the boundary between Suburb, St. lMary and Delord, Ilaeilng 125 feet in depth. Terms anl Condiliuse--Onn third in cash; ad tIhe remainiag two thirds cf tle price of each lrlechase, payable In 6 and 12 months. Thle purciaseer giving Ihis noes willh one good endorser, anid mcorlgage retained until complete payment. The netn of sale to he paussed bhfcre H. B. CEN AS, Nota'y Public, thi. pureclser payin Ithe N.tary'e fees,I and the expenses ol taking pseseion by a strveyvur, if •Meeesary. jel I PAR HIEWLEI'T & CENAS. VENTR PAR LE SYNUI8 1 msereoeadu le I.nndi, 18 fevrier, r1.betreou, At I SItoursredo 'iti., en vertu d'oi dcrt de In cour der "pnroilne, pour In I.aroiuse ef ville de In Niuvelle )rle ans. en ditte da 7 cui eouranlt, soun Ia direclion du syn die,let proprecte nuivanni., abaodonn6c par tabriel georgo iltnny neI bRt.neiere: S. Onatre rits do torte, on 59, 60, 61 et 6, nitues iq Carroltoi; noi. 59)et Oihnesinornt 25 ads clheque fare A a rue Ounzi nur 15t1 piedini do lirfoneaI;t not 60 Ct 62,t chaqt.e, 25 picdo do fce a In rite Iteicrvoe, our tine mamao irofoindeur-olte te de eC P'orr, p tr no auto de Legardcour, nt publlc, le 10 tnit 1637. 2. Let. no. 5, daons 'ilet 15, au ilettllurg Wnehineton, 3 municipalitA, Inuitrao t 29! pds 2 pn itrlao re Morales nlare leo rues du Port et Ferdinland, stir 100 pieds en profondour-eachlt de I . S Ililhignbrc.C, par aote de vnnt ' egherstc, nitii. plb. e 28 fivricr I 137. 3. 5 Lois de erre, nts 8, 9, 1 I, et i , dC n I ilet tin 24,. aI fanboirg \Vushington, Mulnicilpalit no 3, no, s' 9 et 10, Ityait ihdqu i311 I. 6 itr Ia rue Mutant. enlre Moralen ai Urqllhart, ur 1t,7 Iiloied de profondttar, no 1l ayant 31 pids 9 6 stir la rcup Minnit nulr 107 piei our la rue Urquharl; et ni 12, lt pitds our la rue Ur quhoarr rur 171 piedt 3 ps 6 liguoe nel profitdeur--hie Io de E IBurthet par mite ilevnt L "Grauod, not public Ile t1 fevrier 1887. 4. Huit Lots, une. 13, 14, I5, 16,17. 1t,19 ett 20 din Filet no 2, anu fiboniur6 W ashingion, 3. 31ouicipalite, no 13 rmaan I'e"oigiuire des ruesdenF lnncanit Ur .quihart, ,esuranl :It p19 Ip 6 lig nur In rue din Fran onio ntir 106 it d I I ii onr I rue, Urquiharii el lea nrs. 14,15, 16, 17, 111, 19 et 2 I, cliluei iiiiiii 31 3 '1 II n n 6i lip c d0Ce ito i ruedi dre niueoio stir '56 It di pre. 5. Un Ltet ot Ir la rue do la 'fgne, ,prtsdu nuovea.u Canal, achetite par iGeorge Andrews, par acruet priv, n date do 18 ilnsrn 1837- Geourge Andrewsrt alon epouit ntcquirent l titr! du N IlmeIti , it Cc lti. qui Itins,ra 25 liel de ftuca n lt ritle d I IVi'i:lri, dttiirt le lllirncidere Piorildnet in ligtno de l.umnrcltiln Ide. Cuuliurg Ste Marie et ol)lor, uyant 123 pited di prce n,tdelr Conditilons--in tiers Cinllltu, et let delix autres tieres tti mui, I'aleqlleretlr diinnint eiei billets avec en diensuCr, I hvpotheq ulli us IuI'anpriii pOaiement. Los ictuI de voiute ser it pnses derIIant t. It. CenOn, not pulb. l'acquiretur pm ant hl. frais d . Iatoa et la prise d!e pssession Iur I'itrpetlletur. i,1j r~idpOnniui~ii itilieiiii; ~ Ilr.r li_ j 1 T'hr subscriberr have in allen for sale, 300 bol,s oll In,) h ledched ald brown donestic shiriný.+anal hvI al iwii,) 60 d1o l.a.r ,i otTlnl , 7.-8 4-1, and twhalI d, d ito I.nwell bllllalck mixelnd ?tni.,,,n, I0 ido 2 Unit,, illamil)alnrr drilling, 10 do ,. plllr wllie tIng.ln Rlinnel :3 o w1l.t,, green and mixed llIllrolli)ne and f1lline( , 40 do anld a-n + cIthn, eonitlin.n of rlniell lnrllr:La kcroe.,,and:l pl.inshllack irlie I a !.l ai. n i l' , ldv wnl9Illi.e.lItn nd h lxr,.a.k j.2 h, olrxn,, plnll Ri.l 1l1r awltlno- . '20 aens. I, 'reh aud Anteninn prIlnl, vaIn.ll qnal. 4 do attinlles, drah, black in, edl, and hln. iix ed, 4 tldo c IIIr prillIeal pnlle land :lrenat anker S . o h if brII I . , , n2s, 41,0 d 2 l' ln, e , t ,e , s.I dilto and l:Irge "i 5.20 .ca. anlll, n of ; hn~l l. nbrlla, 24 to 36 " 701 l, ,re +,,., m c rih.+. , a.rhn9 nolitile , 80' 4if, . .o .v . "I, t . .. q n alities, 50 iess '-w ýin rit l dr, .+dis h , ) Itn b ,arn. tba , t, 2 11 and po u n, lu Ills, 1d0 db Ita I''; . "Irh., vonnld h.0!.n t , ;;icily nnllira ,.il. 11 pipll-, 'f ii ,., sti ll o lnlaIn ^0 k t.dli h .le rlp, .of slulerio r quality. Ill en-h a- II. , - III , 1i na, entl andl thllilk water water hollln , 150 do cllfaud kip bruogan-, for men, buys and youllh' 50 do rusrt IInero brllagilnn, boy, eneI nad ex ^.0 do ,11'n '. nIbt ., 91111.9 su , lij ,,el'r2I, Jo do ladiesn', anoes end kjldn,tre'a dlippea an.d bent+, 5.0 o elothin, ofl variousl qnnlities. consi+tinell j.,ckl%, Intdahlmnu, veslte, xhirts and fiocke, 50 boxes parte bil kiLr, I M 2 gr.sR each. 40,n e0mpty 112,ll, e2 h,4vnhead.., in older for filling, 6 oan. ilay)'h cnlrd., ?1l) 20 0.IaStv.' r 2,,l2 Ilalanne,n,wnrranted corretl; II) *nloal)mder ilon cheab,'o,. jail ISA.\AC JIIl)(iE & ";o,,3 1lagaine Ei l N 1,tS11 ANNUAL - It 183J-The lBok of R vad ,s n;,erh i nl' plates. inllen'.4 (iI 'rv of Grlcnes; Fibhern' Drawiln g d'nnm Sera ýp flaok; idcunty' lnlll I III"'a; Bluds and Iluoauma; Wavenny K)o1ep1.-e; la Iperil Ori nll r al Ananul; *rgt 3.t No); Cariature Annual; fFriendlhip'l lalleringl, Juvenile Sklech Ihok; TYoulg'e' AUAlllnl; Yunag Gaenllemn'. Allnual. American nlAnnunl. The' Tken nnd Alnlalic Souvenir; The Viulel; 'Ihe Gift; The Juvenile Forget-le-Not. Just received and for sale by Wm McKEAN, de a corner Crimp and Common ela S AGt i -- 1,O1111 i - oGiy tggr of superior qualily I an lin; from ship Arno, andfor Olelbv jal0 SIll .I. & IIILW)\VN, 96 Magazline t uLLUNT' NIW PII.OTING ItRECt''It)N.S-A U very useful bhook for Ship Captains and the moat popular work oi the kinmd extnt. AIlSO CHARTS, .gulf of Mexico, Weat Indies, Iahama Banks, West * lorida, Coat t o' Ilrazil, Medit'eraner , Se a-CotRt of Afica-St. Georges Chnnnel-Engtlish Chn1el, &ec. N. J Thoese charts molo be relied Ion as ontaioingi the m tst correct infornirmion relaiveo to thl above named places ever published, for sale at S)AVID FELT CO. If Now York Stationers Hell, No. 24 Chartres at. January I. R EMONS.--130 obare in lalte aoI for sale by ja Alt At I\H.A\I TILER, 31 i ravior s M --ISS PORK.-t3. . b. )lees Pork bor sale by iRL 0O. H. IILIt88 Jatnuary 1, 1819. 63 Piydrants . AtISINS.-3110 WhA, oe,d Half B,,xeI ls . It. Ranit. Sis very fresh and of superior quality for Bsle by 0. H. BLISS. January 14, 63 Poydras "t. e LEANS POIRK.--50 lnpeLted for January 14, 63 Poydras st, . H.BL ( 1 tANtlRtIES, ii, FHalf or or. Iarra very .t periur qaulity in store, for sale by Jan. 14,63 Poydrao t. O H. LISS. ANTED-A rldouto 1 yeears ol g in aroiuiioii hol houooewlhose paentso reside ii the city. Address box, No .09, Post Office. janl0--18 i9 ifANNERS O.-7 bl brlo brown Tauner's oil, for .jrole by LEVI I1 GA1. lE, j N . .. . 93 Coollnu'n streat SIURPlt.N I'IN@E sinl Tainer'a Oil--5 bhle sloirit I Turpentil.r, 90 bhll Tanner's Oil for sale by J ARVIS & ANDREW:+, d18 cor Coummon & Tchoupirhoola sta P LAYTING C1sllS ofarvd aneripiiA a nd ,q~uli y- yfors ule by I)AVID FELT &CO N V Stltloner. Hall, Si CInrtro. st ViNT6 and iils. J I MIntlch liseend oil received ilper ship Eaglto from Brmen, 50 barrol Englinish linseedl oil receired per ship Elizanletl frou ILondon, 100 barrels browns lanner's oil, i0 haknrel chalk, 100 baorrl, Oponidl whiting, 1100 kegs Philadellhia white lead, 60 kegs grrnoumint, 50 khgs reld and blck dito, Clirme, green anl yellow, &c. &c. Paint brushes, and for sale by JARVIS & ANDREW., jan15 corner_ Cem'on & Tehapimulnas eis. 31! EMPTY hhld. and tierces, for uale by 3IJJ SHIALL. & BROWN, jai 96 Maeozino st a3) AS -PI1So'n m il' Hondkerchiefs, of hondsiome pntteruos, for sale Iy (iOStlP & ('o. jas8 It fln,l.ost 'txnhbnoo 1Ho'l r I.o'iHIING.-2 eon . Oaanl f c0,,, oe il,,r our I sale by bWAI.t . & BRIOWN, j"'il 6 Mgazine st. NEW BOOKS, 0 The Onlly DIolrhter. a dnmestit d stry, by the author onlilo "oSutinltero," Ac. in 2 .ltl. Marv Kt:,L oo 1ad ll*ot Tllsu V l rr (o re ulthor. ..s al' 'i6;I e.u sud I|lug ter.," \"c. in 2 vols. "he IH ir t' .ielwoIo, Iyw Ilvse uuihorss of ".llrhluters alt ul n (btirnr, ( & in" vols. Alllla Ve'rco,, or tlho :mrroidered Ilnrdkerachief, in whi,h is .dIdd IIrnrirtrll a Ilrio',, or tlre I.teo tr.atSrS Um rnelho, by ,li.s Leslie, author of "P*enil hkesch e," , tac. utne vol. Oliver 'l'wis. comoilete in 2 vols. by Boa, cheap edi lion. Just received ud aforsale hy. WM. .'KEA.N, jan8 enr Camp and l.nmlr,n Mst HUREAU D'ASIURANI: D0E LA L.U,aIrA G\IE DE~ POMPIERS DE LA N. ORLEANS SES actroneaires sont per le present notifies que le Aleio sixi.een vrseelnmet et doe, et devra etre paye it Fevrier prehain, au Bureau de la Comnpagrie, no 21; rue du Camp. 4jnn E L TRACY, See. O FFIICKo ftre Firemen'e lnnruace Compana of -Y New Or/en.tlr 'he tloekholtlers are hereby no tifeld, t at tihe 0lT0H ITAL,.'tT becomes due, and s payhble on the ftlt Febhuary neat. it the officee ofthe Cttr any, 21 Camp street. EL TRACEY, jn4 Ser'y CITY BANK, I New Orleans,l 26 Der. 1838. rlTI1E Board of Directors of this Instution hare this - day declared a Dvi:l, nl of Twelve per cent. on Ile Capital thereof. payable to 'he Stlo holders, or Iheir legal resl,reertalties,on or after Mollday, the 21st JInuary, 1839. IROBT. J. PALItKAY, d28 Cashier NEW ORLEANS & NASHVILLE rAIl. ItuaU,I )eecmber 22d1, 1838. NJOTItfE-To Conlrnetors--tralld propoalls lrill L ho reeived until the 22nd cl' Jaurulry, 1839, for making the superslrucrture,offrom fire to ton miles of toad: commencing at. Posmanchae and extending to wourdl tli city. Opt itlcaios lmar bte seen, nd conditoans made known tt appllication at this aose. D) 1OA RiD, d2 --lm Ch. Eng'r. and Gen'l. Super'dtr. S PLENDID MANTELG RATES, s60 Magazinest 501) Russia Mantel lrtes,. rich, 20 (iround cent iron Mantel do., 43 Counling house Grates, common, 100 Chambler Gratee, 17 Irnes Mounted Grates, 150 COOKING STOVES, consisting of 511 Staley Rotary, 31I Premium, cook, 20 Union do. 25 James do. 25 Imp. Rotary, with ovens. ogetLhr with an assortment of coal Stores. Fire carriers. Aeh Pnill, etrel pokers. ash pens, blowers and astve piles, a holesnle and rerail, by W PARRY &CO 60 Magazine st ja Banks Arcade LAW NOTICE. IAMESS . MAYFIEL.D, Counsellor and Attorney Sat Ltw, of T'lexas, lis mode aon arrangemenl will Joseph Mi. While Esq., late IDelegte in Congress frons Florida. and iounsellor at Law of lhe Supreme Court of the United Statz, to give his advice, legal opinions and intrlletions in all causews in wlih he a is rentined in 'exas. Cot. White wilt in all cases give written io*tructions, and in caesi of great iopnrtance, ill llill ated iiperson the Supreme Co.rt ofl'exno. lie is in pos'seaion of all she Spasiah and Melc.ea s rdi. annae, an iltoluat New Oricans, the largest civil law library i Americau. land Titles, In all encas il whlieli Jamtes S. Mlyfield is retained on an attornoey and llI.and Agent in Texas, le will rceiv my sei.slance, and advice as a counsellIr. jn7 JOs h MWHITrE. CYCLOP DIoAS! DICTIONARIES!! t E:S,' Cyciupnedla4 47 vols.; Edinburg Encycle. Petnl Iy cl ae.ia, vol ltth. Encyclopedia Amer icooc, 13 vulu. Penn'.y MAenzins for 1837; Gorlton's Igriaphical Dictionary, 3 vole; W'slker's Dictionary, I vol. Buver's Dictionnary, WelIMher'n do I vol. Jollnson & Walker's I)ictioiiry, I sol; Newman & Ilnrrett's Dictionary. 2 vole. Johnson' I)ictionary, IvolumeWebster'e Dictiona ,urc, vo sa; lovr's Dictionary, 2 vols; Al o a large supply of English souvenirs. &c, for ly Ws IlrIcKI1AN, saledo er Camp and Common ot "l., Kl"lSEx. . rc.-8'l bbla Tanner's Uil 30 bils Fall s'rained oil 411 Illes Kersnevru 1ln0 ubcka s'u;ks Island Salt 300 LsEmpty Molasses hibll in store and for rale by jpt' L I ( \I.E, 93 ucooon .t I AV.\NA, CIGARS--l(rcici ir..hi h ...lln 5 ticrt k ilsonvall, c :-ferlientil Oil0 I Cl(ares. f tl'l beslt quelily-l'rabucu, Iieguii.+C .on,,aoo, for alie bII . JO7 17 I 5& Cosmltl l Iuolu e -t O.50 be'. o r ter. Ilend, nol fotr reole b S ad J PI.WIIITNE'S '. 7:e Cmp 1 t )(tR'I F'"IIIDO ...A .ptle,.id m'onotm;et of Fren,. Wri -- ni DeLseL alerio.sizes ald liot ?'rn, ilc +.IC rly DAVID r ll s.Tadl o. jO NeW YOlk Str.tlsluc' e l,ll. 21 (hllbires et • (t\I() \ I + olnll lr r Ir liiIOp. lf -car:c: alndl - allllE-lll work, mlr DeA r h ae. ) I u III 1cribcr: or.a ofllelli rV. illw , , ale, do ! osollllll zU Fit, Ilher, I.I vcle, 0d c (hiney. ia l vole, oa I Irhelle, 3 v Is, pitl, i ncoanl olhi. life, by 11,1 vhl ,Nkni.; cc i ei' ,e l li ia;. Il. i :r , I ., do Iunpowder, yo h n 4 to chn du I|r, in h , f.rY Xlh. "I V1.- o" j o It d n ('Toe+.a IIeF 11 ierw, uta, d.' Sir l'hale u i;rt,lim e. ,,io ls, In sl l.iil tn ttle olre, a ulnree Oille.iio fll .,ni idoh eite cca ecert i workb. lV i1 0I'KREA N, jit 'Icr al oer am; iei r'elno st R ci ailltlicr c el iule t'ar. lieu I ic', landinlg lroi brie ilha.,aho. d iri.'e byl F4OR 8\I.F:-h A i'n,. (ilive.) Auple'i75 IlItnell nsit t jalR8 j*slt l I Be llI-h : e. i 131 Mni.rne at 4 E'EIlI (1ANI)I14 ES-- Io li llxes :ie s I;edilll * eperlll Candle., asrorsel r.iTe+, iof lllrioel ibrlllrd,, 21)01h galleons \., Ilellerd wilntr sllerll oil, l' very r bl serlor llr'i.v - |00 blllxes No 1, I-lut,.| Soap, iI[0I to 2, do 2110 oixes l peri Cr Iillow candlhs, III rnc+ks I oz zilc ill sheet, I cses,5 r ehieloteucr, 10 II c pier., 2010 sheets hrlzier's ralper; asorted, 175 bhos prime green Ilevan elllOfe', 5(0 rllnSnllsll tlavlln eiac ro, lC'hamloic. \Winr orfsuperier qality mlpie'rial, gulepowder, youcg lt)cu &n cuchnug CIl.per, in slheets, from 12 to 1i0 ll b lluck Lead Ilots, asorled snsze, fafr aole b, jan25 JOSEPIt COCKA YNE, 5 (;Grevier at OC W A. Cb ALF-First rate, (I r I t)r aorbal ONa'O P LAIDLAW, 16 Camp it I ONDON PR~lTER-And Burton Ale-fnding 1 frollmhiltpOrwe!l, fromLiverpool, and fur sale b, the undler:i.sled: 30 cu ks, (ti doz. each) suprior London Porter, 12 do Itr. Bllrino Ale; AliO-CChester elreese, of the very beat quality, put in tie oexes, and freer 3 to 46 to each. ja. E JOHNS & Co, St Charles st SlA--7f5 boxer Hymon Tea, for sale b ISAAC BRIIDGE & Co, ja25 134 Magazine at 0e TilE PUII,IC.-Certain rumors having Im Scome current reapectiag a mistake lately onde in a Manager's *.ce in the city, the •to.l agers of the Grand State Lot'erv deem it a duty they owe to thenmselves atd the pubba, to fix the odiumo where it properly elotige, and to free theamelves from any isk ofbeing denoafed idn ti the matter. The hig rtundtag; ad great populr;ty which the Grend taote Lottery pesseeaes Ioler all others, h as been acquired en tirely toy tie sttnt integrity withl whlif it has alaave been eonducted, atd by theproltpt pa tentofts pri sen, end it Ita ever been an objel t of bitiooo with the itanagers of lthe Grand State Lottery to have the bu-t. siness so sontdu ed as to remove all vuch preejodiecs, as they are sasare many persons have entertained itk remd to lotteries. We publi-h the facts i relation to tie mistake above referld to, with the sole view ld Ipreventing our boeotoitg ijentified with il--oad give the particulars just as we know them to Ihave occurred. Oc t riday week last a mechanic in tkaisity ptclhased o qutorter tickht ot a broker in Exlha ge Place, in the Louisiana I atrery, No. Itr , Extra. 'rite lottery dew on Saturday; but en that day, before the Lottery had drowco, the broker who sold the above omntiuned ticket left the city for Mobile, and did tet return until Tuesa day mornitng. lmediatelyon his return, hie eow by Itis register that the quarter ticket which he sold on Friday had drown a t rice of $1,940) happening to kaoaw the perron t a oe he had uold il, he went to him to congratulate hitt ton Iliu gtod fortune, when to ris sur,,rize, the individual told himn tlhat ht. had drawn no suchlt prize,"for on dSatuday evenung aftar the draw. tag, he hanl tabke tlhe ticket to ihe Mtanoger's office, and iihal lie. Gregory itimselfreshed it tir hIot, telling himn it was a $101 prize, and lpaying him $21 25100 far ot." r . ,oary etsa lhe hlad not paid it wruong, and asked the Iren.e if Ie had lnot made a mistuke in hisl ra.iotr. The brlbce answered hat heI kneh he had tot Inde tany mistake. lit Gregory thin looked among tis prize tickets, dtod said Ie had nosucht tiekpt in hii oafiee, but it mnigtt perhlsnp be il tote of tite Lokero l hands, and if tlhey would call oanin he would toy to finad it. They did evlj again, and Mr ireaerv theft told tlhiie that rer h dfetttoal thelticket. and batd itomarked wrotttg; and tlin paid over the balance dor uot the nrion, requoating the o tl kcep thle trnmnetion a scnret. Mr Grergory knew on Satuloda eeuul tg alter tile ldrorwint tht tlthe prize it $1,9101 was sold, ntd he k.ewon tt befre -outa day tnoring thlatt it was thie broker io I;xchannge Place that Itad mold it, and yet when ttn broker oent there two dae after to have the erroreorected, he asked the hroker- f he was nat aistalken it his register. 1e Lif e the above faelt as we know them to have o curled, and we areatprepred to prove the truth of ihem wetntever called upon t do so. S DAVIS - Cc, jn23--lf I6 t (hotrtea .t OFFI.E--50 baea IRio, nuplriur article, landong paer buroe M~eurer lIr ale iby ja-3 llHALL 411it WN, 96 Matgazine at ý. /ý SHAL1l.a ItRt)W'I, jaJ 93 Alag.nzine rt PERM :NI)L .-5'nt bores Naw liedload alsperm crudlel, for sate hby ja'24 ISAAC t III)I;t b A 1'o. 1:14 Mtagezine at r ALL'JV CA(VULN i--gi. Ityasne, 6r sale by jaolt 131 nlegýai.e rt 1~ O RENT.-A lotin Julia street, near the new Bt -.pL ein, suitable fln na oodstn luoniber yad. Apply al ilt i3u k ('l tc o , .p m :) MRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, .lemovd fronm 17 S1 I') NEXT 01)(1 i ToST. t;II A IIL, 'I'II EA'I'RIE, Coen.o oF lPovYDRA & ST. CIAIn,.LS STRIEEuT. anu:9--1838. TO RKEN'I'. A LARGE and conmmnodiou Room over Levy's auction store, 53 Magazinet treet. AIpIy to W GREENE, Lithopnrephr, on the premisew. N B-The above would nake a good drill renam. novo JEFFERSON ACADEMY. I)REPARATlURY to Jefferson Col age and to oth er coudulotd by I. Grent, L L it. Exchanlge Alloy, between t'onli tnil Ilienville. Thii rutlation wan the most eligible that could be found eing entirely free from tile roine of the streets and tile rattling ofdrays and car iages. ile Jefferson Aeadlmy is divided into two depart. mtetse. 'Ihe Junior or oeleentary department for athe varium bnrnchea ofcollon educatilll in' French and in Euglilsh--'l'he Senior dlepartlment or Latin, Greek, ttathematics, &c. P'unctuality, order an, discilpline ure strictly erjoined and ohserved. 't'erms. Juniul Departnent,per montth $10 Senior do 15 Spanish 6f let. Bono, slt e., paper, &e. Cchoreed separately 2nd. A month once began, to io pnid in fulI; 3rd. N, deduction for absence nor for holidays: 4ith. Pnyno.nt to be mtde regularly every anonth, ichool hourslroa 81-l to 3 o'clock, excepl Thurs days. selpc7 EXCIHANGE READINt; IRtltl. T HE proprietor has re-litted his Readling Ronm,iin Stip St. Charles Exclhunge, Coraer ol Gratier and St. Charles atreel, the neatest mLnner. Besides all thre rincipnl papers of Ihe United States. of everv city and state. the Canmtln teexon and Mexi co ntd Itavsanna, tie room is regularly and extensive ly supplied witlh the latest Eauropean papers I.oyd's Lisla, anl Pelic's Price Cirrent. Also with nearly all the Llterary Pernodicals of tie day, and hos the re puhlicalions of ala London, Elinlurg Westlmineter netropolitan .eview and Blaekwoudn Mugn.eine. . The North Amurican Review; the Snulhetm Litert.wn Linick bocker,Tl'hleAiericat Journol af Seienert and Arts, Calinet Mitceliany Delorolatic Review (i.eltlemenllt'S a gnozie, AnlelAricn monthly, Bettly'. Miscellcny. tihe .leaico Chirurgicnl Review, and a variety ef others. All tlese worrksreregularly suhascribed for and recei red. The room i. also supplied with a large ntietty oftmnps and atlnases, Niles Reg ister, Levy's P'rice Cur. rent fren it. eommeneemllet, Gaaateers, and a variety of works nfreferenre. 'iThe most aetly & intellitenl news ncollectors ure em ploved, rto givetletrliest urrivals,and no aits nor ex enee will he spored to render this Readingl RoInomt the firat the United Stales. Subscriplions are respectfully receive l. aot l--Itf NEW IJ-.ILELIAN8 &c U \01.LT0N RAIL ROiAD COPtI'ANY. ARRAnOZMonTS FOR THE WEEK DAYS. Froa Carrollaon. From Noew Orleansl. ltose Caat t4o'clock, A. M rHom Car atn 5 'lk, A. Loaomotive tl " tocomoive 7 " ' . to . II s P.M 3 4 " ' I " , , a 7 After an o'lock aCarean be ontained by paying 10 dol. lIo( fLr- tihe Trip. TIIE JACKSON AND LACOURSE STREETCARS I.luesCunllal street to ojelock, A. M. ,nd run hollrly. At olfipllnet7 o'rlock thil ear will olnmellce running every hall notll nd cOltinue throughoteol tl day tlllil S u'elo a' M. ftnt the hc.d ofJackon street. Persons going by the Lcototltv muot provide themselves with Tickets, s not money will he tkell by tile condltlur. omte Niew Orleasl and Carralltan Rail Road Colpany, Poydru street. JOIIN IIAtII'ON, anov .. Clief ng. N. 0 4 C .R. CARD. ' IHE Principal of the IEnglihll, Fre~i nal:d Spnnish SAcademy, No. 14, St. Clltrleo street. announees to his friends and the public with satisfhtionl, that his institution is now itn suceesasul operutl'n, that he hopes -non to Ilav his ceopliment of pupils, which will be littited to fifty. -'etMU this opportnnity of uaottring parents thuat nothlil shall Ie wantint, which mlv contribute to the eollort and improvement oftheirsons d7: 1838 GEORGE W. SMITH, Surgeon Denttst,from Philtldelphia, SEGS to ieformn le Illres and gentlemen ofNew Or lI leeno thut ie halt nl,lltertl it ,elflt Yo. Iti6, Canal Street, opposite the State House, wlhore lhe will be happyl tou uteud to nny professional ,-nmllenlmenrs. i 4 Snithl lnt having previously Vietled tlhi city takle tile lihlbrto of ertrnectig ltrelo soe r'etoto enta Ifr lmml Rho. tllavetknown hils lonhg rn oi itinrtetly Froult the llR . 0 H Tyo. oft'hlletllpia. "I ,he earat tple sure in sayin that It hab had neollillers tlo .tellr lttlll.,e wlth slr. Inith both pernOllull y ntlll ill lthe bnu.Iles, lolit prI, olniou. It bntll orltpectc I counider hinl SFe"tlItll, hi'uhly worthy of the ltast lae which he In. Slve. As Iealtlt I lt e nter fullll lla oorantor n lll I tnolllntertdlliterlor. ul fool m satisfi, hl tlat whtver oenOfi h 1 ~ wlll be well repald by hl aischlletrve uolflllult llrlltelo t htn. O tr. ttllh Itblt.lttinrtd t Iti ott.illterbln extent for l ei p tltuntlll null ft r lenlllberts of ll,.ttllnl y i'l' R :YlIFN I TYNG. I'Rn Rev. J J orrtlntrlnt, ntlilonary at Syrlt, il'tiree. ' tI wait.i ill Phiilll ,llla to ivo i)r. lllilh II fairl n plltu nity tltllti.ltn lly t.ktt itll norde Tltt-theitr i toe in rte'tmela ble tlme. , c. , . iteforolle ilt New Orlean:.. Gto Yl. Allen. tItl, keb.-.o., Sl.eoinhl. Iichtlrd & to, Ntew Orleoll. ",dtliat It lrt iek Jut. E q. I Cuthbert Illllit Eosq. I N F ItR.E-N'4- - . C- Itg.t./'O tNll. -(1 a.O, rimt.-N uI'ICIl.-- ln nld aiftr lhe la t D ,~1, llrtn, uutil fuoiheer nttilice, anlt Exler nig/t C.r w ill hltnlve tt eiar hlti.e, I'tovdi.i stlreel, it alIf post I o'clnock, P. 1. ftr al.favehtt altd ilternetlnoie t plaes. ilgle Tickets 37 i1-2 ellt or t i 15 per Ilulrel. JOlAN IIAlt IP td5, l -ntt--t( (1f. tIg. N. ,4iCS C. It. I. f( IlRI SIttl I till I IAStI'--At elegant had hilghly .p neprovel dentilirice; thle henst Irpare ionl ever put p for t iletetl,jtie ut received ou Ile lBazuar. IdUSi & ALIEN, 1129 eur St Chnarles & CoolnlU t., Exollatga .IJI.; APPLE Clit.l.l.: & Go(shlren llttter, fIr ralu READ) & tAIA \TOW, iBll9 7 Illank Place 1JINE, Sicily Minal.ira in lnif lipies unl t rlit r Y casks, for sale by SIIAll i IIR()tVN, j24 '91i Maeazille t t for sile by ISA.C Bitl (IhE. tO Co. ju"l 131 Mltntzine o t 1..,S'1'I d--3U; I hales 3t anttl .4 Ileavy btown PllitlagnInlad sltlltilltg, fa" sale by jn2.5 ISAAC IlttllllE.L & Co, 13 lugazinlue at MTilIII ,;LLAI.--¢[ eae., _2 to 3ti in Ne 1wn and G inglhA unbeelle ts ltllitg frenti Illtque Juostll. hie, fhr sale Iy ISAA; IBRIDGSE & Co. .jW5 134 Mlagazine at. Rt"1 primle texture, suitabln lir t, y j;C5 I ,RII)t;E. 134 tnganzi.e at SAtL)--150 . S.g Lent Lotrd, in store Ibr sule Iby I ja.i i Dt[),lEY, 44 New INE-At invnict ofSicily (ad irn , in pipes, SV 25Ilalflipesl , 100quil trasks, o.,d 211 inhtler entitledl to debielture, brilrSl Ity Inlgrani, CillIl & Zizea, fin stile by jau25 ISAAC IRIIiGE & CO, G UNNN BAGS-30 balle (3 bushlit bueg) i sltore aU dfor sale by " ILOItBEY, j°'aS 44 NewLeve I)'ICI-."-Trh conseignee (Jolt Law) of d lot of N en eat andplai er out Paris, Iby tlbe hip Arab. is stored at No. 19 Nttre Itume street, where ie is requre. ted to call aud receive the atne, ID"'rTe Isouiuiala Advertiser will publish tile ubove 3 tites, aud send their bills ti Picuyue office. j23 3: rIO I.ET.-PO..esa.ti, given tie tost Februarv next.t T he dwellicg house now occpliid by 31l WiV. Champenier & Girard, No 68 Tchapitoulas street. For ,articlars opply to II. Boanabeol corner Natchlez and 'l'chapitouulas stleets. j23 NItIAN'S Panacesa, Swnim's do. together with a lare ass,.ltnant of patent mtrdialias. Itecrived lately and for sole by H Bt ,INABELL, j2 b cor Natcbez & Tl'crhapitoulas et IDER VINEGAR-B0 ibls in store, for sale by C j'4 O I)OItEV, 44 New Levee. JOeRK-Mesa, tlrti and stitalders, tor nale by __ STE1'.SON & AVERIY,88 Gravier at SACON SIl)ES-59 ihda. Cincinnaltti Cured, of ae. pLB rrirr quality, tIr sale by jao22 STI.rSON AVERY, 88 Gravier st B dCON SIDES-15 cash sides, and 12 casks can vassd hams, for sale bt jJ ISAAtC BRIDII & Co, 134 alciene ast . OLLA-- I ) GINA~jpipes, entitled to debentjie, II. for saleby TiR HYIDE & ltro, ja22 39 Common, c.r Isogaziie asa Ia HISKEY-36 barrels rectifiedl, it store for ral by I' R IHYD": & Itro, ja 2 39 Comton, eor t ilagazein cta 1 M.COHEN has remored his Law Office to No. I 2I Exchange Place, learly oppeoite the Piost Office. ja22, I t -t T ) THE LAI)IES-Atkinson's I)epillatorv, firre moving snperflious hair from ithle face, Inek eand arre, with equal saftty and certainty leaving tile skhin filer sind wr liter to n bietre the tpplisation. A fresh rsupply just r .ceived at the Bazaar. al IIUSH & ALLEN, I, Exchange Hotel. car St Charles & Urrnmmo sat New Orleans & .cashrill Rail RiodI d r a. ANNUAL ME ETIN(I OF THE S I'O('IKHOLDERls. January .tr, 18t9. T an annual meeting of the ttorkhohleit, held in pursuance of the 8th section of the Charter, a Smaejrity rftle latnkhelders not being present, the elea. tiu a wnn i.rtoned until We'neadey, the 3.1 iest., at 6'trhk, P M. JAMES Ii CAI.DWILl.,' S ja2 President CtgIiMIIN A COU5ulS.hS I E LA NOUVEILE. ORiLEANS FT NASHVII.LEF S Assemnble. annuelle des Actiounnires. e.ý UNe ssebl annrt a llr dsi s .ctolidasires. cone. qae ir litar r srelieo 8 de In ctartes, are jorite d*s ncrtinlsires Irt'erttr p present, I'electioa net ren VIovc an Innr'credi 23 du courantt a 6 heroes p. ll. d JAIEs H.CALDWEr.I., '2: jav-2 ___Presidtnr. t ) A ItiO r has opened hi t ,,lee ontteaith the t1 rirls' Arrant.onCalm street. lie sold a primi' f $llll thre first day, besides s:aller prizesr. j ,m: - SHIPPING. For Europe. FOR LIVERPOOL. The Al lrinlh brig LADY MAIl. ()X,' o obey, muster, havint the l rreoiee . a .,.,ert ot hercarco enoaged aid gtoingen board will ICe t whl ilnllledlale despuhllh. Fo"r olane ol lirtighl or ipassage, apply to lite atiltin board, or it jelO I. H (,ALE, 93 Ceot. u st FOR LIVERPOOL. _ The A I fact aliling ship UNITED ST'ATES, Capt. Barr, having most of her enrgo engaged, will havre despatch. For freijht of two hundred holes, or paaege, apoply to jt.9 t4 &J PWHITNE.Y,r3Camput FOR LIVERPOOL. nd r, A! shi can take 200 mbles rottnn, and will positively sail ot Nturdlny next, 19th inet. jal L II ALE,93Commonti 9'O H VRE The A I and faet railing ship JOHN HOLLAND, Capt. Jourdlt will receive despetch Iaving tIe greater part of her ctnr goetoafoed nd geoing on board. For freighl of 011t hales ceoton, or poaege apply to GEORGE IIIPr(OREROT, Rnvol at jal2 or to L H GALE, 93 Common at FORI II VERPO.OL The.ineship ENMAK.Lovett, mas ter, will have im nedinte despatch. For freighlt of 20(I bales cotton or passage, apply to jaR L H GALE, 93 Common at FOR LIVERPOOL. Thie One faot sallilng ship ST. JAMES, Capt. 1 Hcwe, master, will have imirediate des atch. For balance of freiglt or pnasnge apply Io jal S J 1' 1WHITNEY ,73 ;pmp st FOR IIhVERPOOL The ftile new Al Itoarqu BYRON, (Capt. Bellereon, will itave itatiediote despatch. For freight tof2100 Tnlie eotton, or passage hnvi g eotd acommodations, apply to 'd29 " . L H GALE, 93CCommon st FOR HAVAN . Thie fast sailing coppered A I brig - LNA, Captain Hallett, will mee with liI mediate despoleh. For 0reillt of I c barrels, ,rthe. altlk thereofl, or passago having splendid ftr 1) shded nceinamodetlona apply on board, opposite the 'TIriegle steres, 2 Munii'tplitv. or to ja25 _ W__ - PVOtI ER, 9l.5 ll 'o n n n Coastwise. FOR BOSTON. Tihe A I shop PERUVI 1N, W Smith mater, will have immediate despnatch. For filty tons hearRvy freilght, nppl to ja S & J P WAITNEY,73 Cnmp st FOR NEW YORK. T2he New York and New Orleans Line. I. '+acket of the l :lllh in t. T'he elegant ship RIPUBLICAN, Cnp tain J C Iusel. will sail pnatctually. For freiglh or passage, applyn ho board, opposite Sl t'halrpaeret, or to jan5 PETER LAIDLA W, 63 Camp at FOR NEW YORK. The A I packet shib WARSAW, Wm P Meallell, ItIlIrenr, hailnt peart of her eargeo engaged, bill meeat wietl despate. For freiglht or [tsange, apllpy or board, or to j_ al I EA 1t & h A ITItYOW, 7 nank Pine= FOR NEW YORK. A N oThe A I feat sailing brir ALICE. Jor dtne, tllawer, havinc all her 'rekight LenRgred h ill leae despateaR. For raseage, having gooda ucommndations, at e In J1a li9 MI PORTER,95 Common at FOR PHILADELPHIA. Thile new last ailing barque CI-IAN TICLEEII, C 'l'hornas, onstler, oants tihe n ulk of 2r 0 bales cotoln to ecomlete her csr go. For freight oflwhlichl, or passage, hnavin ood ac comtenlationas apply to S & J P WHI1NE¥, jn24 73 Camp st O FRt B CISI A I eN. The new and fast sailing sUhil PIIARSA. LI4, mt. Wimalorri, IS, wil ha a ito medinte drespalh. For freight of 2r) hnale. c ellon or anosege, haovin splendid aconemood.lionae, nalply on board, opposite the OrlPans Crtton Press, or to Sand J P WtIITNF.Y, FOR NEhi YORK. S The new ar WIe I.ItLIAM IIRT, Capt. Coason, will have despatlch. For freigkht of bO hhlds.o on decki, appl to jml S & J P WIIITNEY, 73 Camp st FOR NEW YORK. hNto Fork i Acu, OrleateLine. A LINE ofpnhketsah bean established ton run he Iween New )rlenl aad New York, to contntof fivr irst l ate etiapa, Vin: :hij St. Mnar, R .VFoter, nmaster, " Rerpulican, J G tqsuell "Aulurl, H P lIlurfey, new I building, Thle alship weree Iuilt in New York expressly far this Itrade; or of a light drtglt of wter, a.nd will note be .lltja'rl tno Pnteni,,ll oR te liar Their ao.eorlnlnledtieon forpstrengerse co e rie iail that may be reqtired for etotlarltoed cttnvntllettee; and thlir cltnlnda-era are terrll ext) lieOe.n Uanti Ihe shaipe now buildil.p are c:t lpeleele, two first class tship. will supply traeir lTehe r;,rte-t pllncta.'uity ill hle easervnd il tite tillre .f atililg, nanld eery reaeoantble naeromtetoloillon extenlldedtl lo p , genlr,. Flt lurtllelr tarlicolars ntplev to t-easrs. Johnson atld .na.*dell, No. Uli \Vill street, NN'orkaw r to ar Pt:'ER I.AItt.,tiW, liti nmeep nt FOR FREIGIIT OR CIIARTEItL a The saperiorrshr JUI.IA ANN, Web e er, nnalter, enarrvillr oll thhdt. is ready tn r rteive t aiel rl r Ib r . ta ilorh Ira will g; up or o.tle the river t loaI. Ior ternas. ll, tals eo jal8 . It.IL. & Ilt tl'.eN, 41it'ngazine at WANTED A smnnall trig, cap.lblea of enrryin 200 hads. sugare, sttrd load for f norlhern ,laot. "Apply ta L II GAI.E, Jo 9.1 Collllmmn st FOR SALE. FREIGIIT OR C-iA-RTEI. 1- lhebrig EIII:LINE-an eroaeellert vr.s sel in every re.speet.,.bout 100 teos bur heln, or will cnarry 150 hllds. Apley on ' oard,ol. poitel ld ,Levee. " jot6-It A"or the Interior. U. S. MAIL. FOR BAYOU SARA AND PI.AQUElMINE. 'Thl splendid passengar steamnoat BIILLIANT, Iplrt, Muaster, (all stat, roouts) etlnmrnced h..r te gU eur trilo oil i t edlesdauv, tihe 19th1 inst at l0 o'clock, A. M., and on Sunodaat the same hour for Plauq ea. ie, and will calotiuoe I run reaular the bala.ce ut tIhe beaStuO, altd alevepUlaltttally at tle hur advertised. A sepasrate calia, all in state roean, fUa -ilated plt. pie. lFerlreiglht or pasage,'slplt nn Iamad, or td di8 A I tlSt & WHIlTALL. U"K .,OBI 0 LE The regular pueikttlow pretsure M steamer GiRAF FE, Capt. Swiler, will leave thle Jlake end of the Rail tea every THURSDAYS & SIUNDAYS, after thlearrival cftht 12 o'clock care, and on her re turn, leave Mloile, every Tuesdayaand Fridaye. For passage apply ou board to CAPT. SWILER. P S--Whelrvaer a snfleieat otobe "ofp asaselgere offer Ithe (iirallb ill touch at uay of the intermedinate landings, upon previous notice beintg given to (apt •.Swiler. ne7--f BAZAAR. Corner of SL Chars f Coemmon street, EXCHANGE HOTEL. USI & ALLAN would respectfully call the at. B tentioa of vitzens and strangera tuthlireomsplete assolltent sl (;entlemlne's linen -hirts, du ct bhrie, with linen ronts. fashionable linen froels: linen c.l lurs: silk, cotton and merino uader slirns and drawers: caubrlse and silk handkerchiefs: black and fancy eta vats itgreat vatiety: stocks sl'every decrinh tion: gstT elastie and cotaon snrpenader: eilk, cotton and thread gloves: gents Iookin gloves: umbrellas and canes gold tmounted. Also,-Splendid assortment of ladies asid gents wri tisgdesks, dressing cases, port folios, perfumery, cut lery, and rich fancy goods. novl 4 A OR SALE ATthe manufactory of the stabscriher, Hoisting Wheels, .Lead Pipe, of all ixesa) Sash, Plaster. IHuir, &c. Turoing, Sawing and Grinliag done as usual by J. OTf . ONE twa story duelling house, No. 6, Tri II ton street, near Tivoli Carcle, siatlding hack E from the street, hltving four rooms, well fin i wu sntory aitchsn with (our romas,cistera, well and every convenience to lake it a coat fortsale resi dence fora small fatmily desironus ofliving retiredl. Ad. ply to J. OTT. tled FASHIONABLE AILAS: M I.l.II 7Y. T IE subrscriber Ire s tle hosor of ienfrming tie In dice, that Ihe hon receivedl per ships I.abyetle and Maretago. att sply of fall and witter Mlill:iery, o, the latest ald richest nateriala in Patis, vhilh Mlrs. Scallal expects to lavle ptened aid ready Ibor exam. iosti o on 3luday and Tuesday neat. I)D P SCANI.AN, nVt3 25 Chlertrvut 1)AI.E IROPE--81) code Kensuckh Lale rope, in nsart and for sale by J THAYIP. & t:t), jal4 74 Povdras st LA F)IES' Velvet Ridihn ltat, afithe latest styles a sale ly GOSSIP & Co, St Charles et, 18 Exchange Hotel •lANIFII I, . \V1VI'r'RS----Wilson'e Ihnlroved J Manihold WrVit re in every svtls, ljus recertvd at tile hAZAAR, corier of St Charlsa aad Commoaan sts. BUS I & AI..AN, nov 0 Exchange IHltel. I 'EXAS I.ANI) SCRIP FOI. SAI.E-Tlenulavcri hebrs offer for sale twenty Floats of six hulndred and frtv acres af cand, each. "By the net o0 the Legic lature tltis script can be hIeld and located by foreigners, nald is transleralalc by assignmsata nar't9 TILOS I LEE & CO. PORK--Mess . Primle, at tllo inspectita, for saloely jai G I)OItJeY, New laevee G UNNY BAGS--35 bles in sre, fir ule by G DOIISEY, nlalb 44 Now Levee ORDA(IE-An c voiee of tared Rope, aeaorted sinze, far sale W REAL &SBARS l'OW, j.lO 7 Rank Place IOAF UGAR--And Sugar iouse Mlelas'e in , tore, for o bYh SHAiI.. & BROIWN, jnl9 93 Megazine at BUSINESS CARDS, FRED WILEKINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENcPAL .r LUtISIANA, O . lr.I his servtres to the. p ublic in lt, depart menlo ot Surveying and Civil Engineering, both in town and (llcountry. " Frun esliderabe experience in hIs profeeb;im. and by proonptnec and fidelitt illthe execlltion rf' bu.ines. entrusted to hill, lee hopaes to nerit and eceive a sharaofpulnlic patronaoe. loe wil' also omeasure and calculate the toutents of walls and excavations. Office No Chartresatreet, secondsatory back. jet BANK NOTE ENGRAVING. RAWDON WRIGHT, MATOe & SDSON I AVE ouened an oflice in New Orleans. ponesting Sequal advantages with their house in New York, ort the purpoee ofengreving anl printing Bank Notse, Bonds, Bills of Exchange, Certificates of'lhrposite, Checeks and otler importatt pa, cre, reqtnring tecurity against lorgeries; and hover nmade amplo p.lvision for ther safe keeping oat all lates and impreenssaon entrust. l to theircare; their epeci ens etnbracelhe notes of over fivetundrel bankifc institutiont, and all orders will be executed with promptitude, and . tile usual terms. Office, corner of Royal & Canal street. ja7-tf SAMUEL TOBY, .Merchandise Broker 4. Commission Merchant, d13 Office, 36, Camp et.-For the preseot. O. H. BLISS. 8HIPBROKER & COMMISSION MERCHANT, No. 03, Poaydras Street, NEW-nRLEANS. J. P. FREEMAN & CO., W~bmele CSki/a Bsa.slshmueeftr No. 3, Magazine atreet, H AVEcnstanyontl htand a largenuppl of Cloth ing, calculated for lttr country rade. 'I'heir as. oratent beitg large, mercllatls from the eountry can be suptlied ai tlhe shortest notice. oct4 FASRIONADBL CLOTHING TAYLOR & HADDEN, No. 14 Cf .lrtre. rtreet ,HAVE a eonatant supnly f every article peratlting togentlemem's dress,. of tile latest ustyle, at New York pr"Ara Een et J. B.B.o SURGEON DENTIST _no_ __ No. 3.3, Itoyal .trect. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIO PRINTING ESTA BLISH MENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Banks' Areade. III.L9I. GOREENE, PROPRIETOR nrl J H. PARKER Commission and Forwarding Merchant, No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, UP STAIRS. New* Orlresn, Feh. 25. JARVIS & ANDREWS, WIIOLEr4ALE AND RETAIl. DEALERS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILs DYE STUFI'AS VdN I)LDOW G GLA SS, Corner of Common and TEhoupitoulas streets, NEW ORI.A NS NATHAN JARVIS. JOHN W. ANDREWS. A large apply a Garden Seeds, warranted the growth of 1837. DOYI.E d& MlAY, I)EALEIRS 1N AMERICAN & ENGLISH CROWN GLASS, N,. 3 CARO'VnDELET s STREET. of FI IR ll I EN'S INSURANIE COMPANY OF NEW ORLEANS. This Companv are now prearel to take RISKS AGAINST PERE. No. 24Musson's Building, Canal E L TRACY, New Orleans, May 15, 1838. Secretary. ROBEIRI' CLANNON, ROUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. I' Camp street. Wholesale Dealer in Paints, Oil, Varnishes, Brushes, 11l30 Window and Picture Glens &e. &c. T. W. COLLINS ATTORNEY & 'UUjVSLLOR AO AT LAW COW u prctising inthe State and City Courts. Cli ents will find hil at tIhe Clerk's office, U S Circuit Coulrt, in lthre Cuotoa i lousebuildlina._m je T ilE s.hesribhr, having rece*ved a Couiotssion as Deputy Surveyor of United States Lauds, for this State, ofiers hiat ervices to the public to survey and t lcate Lauds in any part lo I.ooi.oiaea. As heretolore all operatioon, either of Suoreying or Civil Engin.erin", such aos alignentssurveyS, ple, drawings, teveli i g, profiles, calclotlatins of excavation, embanklment, clogtenrt of walls, kc. either io tewn or country, will be promaptly and faithfully ottended to. Cbhgen renstalble and trrmos cosl. Office 55 Mea goine sotret, in Blalnk' Arcare. dacel-Jaw-.m FRED. WILKINSON. P H ILIlEI.PIIIA lBnckweat Metal, Yeetponvders Sbal, Beef, pickled ''onguesa, 'urrant, Citron Landing from ship Alersey, direct front Philadelphia, .0 halfbarrels tlockwhbat oeal, 1110 quarter barrels Buckwheat meal, '.5 halfbarrelis No. I Shlod, 25 half barrels finnily Ileef, 10 I lflarrels pickled Tongues, 2 barrels stnokodTonglles. I hlld Sumatnra new (Urronte, d281 gross tlivrr's Yeast Powders, fr ole by d28 ('I VWli'tITClIARng & J t TAclF IT'r. LF LI UIt-200 brl1a' F FIlo,I (hoak g) lhrole oby I j3 P It.AIDI.AW,66 Cowm ot T IVElt'OO)L SAlT-750 sacks finr, ao.d7511 acks oellrso Liverpool Sll, r tceived per rhipas Qeen Adelailde ad Danuolles, fiotf LivrpoIo, oand folr oogl, by 3 IlOl.M 1r: & MILLS, Ilonk Place I LRACIIfEI L t11.--18 tiereo bleached Fall oil )g ianineg from shlipSt. ltary. 321l hIoe sperm Candles, New Bedford brands landing from schr Mlaria, fr sanile by I jao:t JI)ESPI CI)CKA YNE, 23 Graver at F RESH MALAGA IRAISINS-l0lIlD whole and half bes, for sale by ABRAHAM TRIER, janl4 "lt iraviert D ItMESTIC iRANIY-- I blis Br ndy-first an I fourth proof, landingl Iron, ship t I roe, for sale by LAWd\VKINCE &i LEGE.IDRE. jan3 So and 29 New Levee. THE Sulbscribers offer at wholesale the foilowlig goods. lIIATS-fo cases moleakin silks, as sorted size. ador brims. 100 do best No l do do 1(10 dlo do No 2 do do 100 eases best No 3, assorted sizes and brims. 20 'o Bearer, a superior article; 50 do Fine Nutria; 50 do Extra do 200 do Black and Whiot Russia; 50 do IExtro Illock IRo-sesg 100 do Muskrat &e Coney ifor broad and narrow brnns, for Levee and country trade' " do, Allronks ofmilitary& nnv..i Chpogeaus; " do Lhilgrrets silk sad Ruoaio,oll sizes. Caps-Fur, OUr, for Seal, Natra, Muskrat, and hser Senl, il two dozea esea. Sealette. e Cloth Clps--Pickwick, Polish Aeril's hat esnlpe, soft tlop. Fmrest, Forage, Military undress,. t du Leather foeging. hildren'a Fancy I urbans, Plaid and Valvit Caps, Freelgc patterns. Stocks-Saton, Silk and Bombazine, of the neatest styles. Umbrellas-silk and cotta,.. Military Plugles, oiled silk. Silk Handkerchiel-ePongee and Spitalfields. Bandhoaes for hatters, wood cases,double for dry goods. The above goods comprise a large stock, and all af thelatest patterns andl will be soldl eta smnall ad viane, with coat and chares on New York prices. The sgbscribers will take orders for southern, welmrn and Texas nmrkets, fur the bousea ofA H Gossnip & Co., Hat Manufctrers, New York, slid at thll shalortest possible i notice. CGeromag and French Plushes bought. GOSSIP & CO., Naval, Military, and Fashionable Hatters, Exchange Hotel, noel4 St Charles rt NOT ICtL. Mr. GEORGE MERRICK harvig resigned the of. fice ochief Engineer of the New Orleans andl Carroll. ton Rail Road, Mr. Joha Hampson has been ppoint ed in his place, to whlsm all persons having business with, or wishing information regarding said Rail Road will apply at the Rail Road Office, Poydras street, lBy order of the loard. (Signed) JOHN NICIIOLSON, nolT7-tf Cashier COKE. I.HE price of Coke ftom and aftelr tie It day of October, will be fifty celst per barrel in tile Gas Work'o yard, and if takelo in quantities o g one hun dred bartels, "ill be lo eli ed free ofl drayage. Tile advantage than t t article of Ifel possesseso ver the anthraeite and olt,. milgugs' coals, igniting lOlre readily then tlhe fnrel and fre. fromg Ithe unpleosnnt smoke of the latter,should induceevery family to make ase of it. Orders received at the Gas Ollice in Bank Alley. E Wy WELLS, ,ep29 Sec'y L INDSEYS--0 hales Lowell Liedeysr, ladling for sale by SrE'I'SON & AVERY, ja7 88 G(raier at SIACIKEKKL-O2I 9 bble, and 151g half bbls. Nos. 1.2, &2 3 Mackerel, in slore and for sale by jotl J TPHAYER& Co.74 Poydras at W ANTED-A partner with a capital of$10,;0;0, in a general bonuishiron & Brokerange business about to be etanblilshd in this city. A lin., addrened to A. B., Ion t9,. Post Office, stating when an iterview may be had with real name, will be considered strictly confidential, and meet ith alttention. jnlt--3teod OSTON SOAP-il0 boes 3 in store for tale by RAt! \M I'RII.ER, 31 ravimer st I PbERI CANIDI ES-150 boxes it, store, fSra rI Sjali ABRAHAM TRIE:R. :14Gmveier s o 3 )T t rOES-2 0 h'mperr-t100 a Segs Frei cg SPotatoes, ofauperitr qlality.landing for saleby t at6 GA.t.!.F, 3 Common at _ BUSINESS CARDS. JOB PRINTING. S OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, SPEEDILY, IIANDSOMELY AND CIIEAP.Y EXECI;TEi ' Ar T THE OFFICE Or THE True .Jrnlerlcan, lT. CHARKLES S`TREET' , NEAR POYDRAS. mtn 1IcCOLLUM & DOSSY, Factors & General Commission Merchants, MOBILE. References in New Orlea Kirkman, Abernuath & Ilanna, CodwelU l& Hie/y, Pope, Porer, & Co. d8--lm BAZAAR. BVxI & ALLEN, NO. 1, EXCHANGE HOTEL, !oraer of St. Ckarles and .Commn ite,. NEW OIRLANS. IMPORTERS and Dealers in French a,,d Engli-h rrenfnaere; DresCsing Cares and Portable Ienks, Cutlery, Hosiery, Gloves, Shirts, Stoceks, Umbrellns, Canesalod Fancy Articlen. t: FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. RODBIE'SOJ/ OD 600D' I.IVOO No. 6Stl, Lhartlres Sree, Onre Dour below Birnvile, H AVE eonstantlyon hand every article appertein i lg tr gentllllean's dress, mlade in the I-her tienr nd most faehionnble style, which they offer or cash, at rednlecd prices. der4--18.3 LOtIIYIANA FURNITURE WAREROOMS No. 53, Bienville street. SILLIAI R. CAINES, would respeetfullf in. itrm is friedrls and the publiec that heia con stantly receiving from New York and Boston a good aseortrnent ofFurnilure, auch as mahogany el airs, sofas, ed-tends, males andl painted chairs, mnple and cherry bedsteada, manoganv and cherry tables ofTall descriptioan, bureaus, ,ilots, seeietnrvrv, writing dueskas, wardrotea of malhogany and cherry, wash stannd, looking glasses, Feathers, bedding, &cr Ac. NIb. Furniture packed for transporletion withl, great care. novl:l JOHN STEWART, No. 5, Platt Street, Nrew York, COMMISSION MERCHANT, IMPORTER and dealer in Hatters Plashes and trinmmings. Amnplae Slange rnny ,e hd on mod erate terms, and every attentun poid to goaul forward. ed to hais care. References: Messrs. Larne & Provost, N O. (JiaGsip l, Co. nno22 183bi-- ly A CARD. CHRISTIE & SINNOTT, Wholesale Grocers rand Comnmission .erclChan.s, No. 27 Commonnn Street, New Orleans. StPe rticllar alteotion paid to the putting up of Steam boat and Ship toren. ncht ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC O.PICE. No. l, ,lttael.zie tr et, i nks' Aremie, ESTA BLISHED fr the execntion of maps, plans aand drawings, lercihalts' circulars, lmsinese and alldress cards oflevery description, fuinerl circular- on deep mourning puiaer, apothecary and Idruggists'labels; bank checks, dray receipts, &c. print.d and exec te d in acheap and I'editions style, ly tie proprietor. Wt!I.IAM GRIt EENE NB. Bank Notes . atlv executed. m24 SUST reclved sat the Louisintoa Furnitur \vure" Roolms, .l Blienville street, _O00 Mlaple and Cherry Bedsteads; a first rate article. Also, a good ansort meot of Maple, Walnnit, and Painted Chairs, which will be sold for the lowest cash p NriEes. W RCARNES jy?. 5 Bi.noville street A C.rd. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC ESTABLIS/. ME T, 53 MAGAZINE STREET, OPPOSITE BANK'S AoCArn. W GREENE, ertirts his sincere thankl to his frir Ids and the pultice of New Orleans. for the patronare bestowed ol, himn for the lost two years. and begs leave to assurce thn that all order eonllllilted to his chrge shall lie punctually nttended to; he will as siato, keep the orioe op en dn.ri tile sumnlner, ant shaltl e aiwa' S readv to strike oIf inereallksto eirou lare, buinies anlld address cards f.uneral notice(s, nape, plans, and drawings, 0 e-.'iv description, at the shortest notice, and on the most rensonable terms. Being assisted by artists suptlerior to any other establish tent in the nitq and frola Ion ex.rirerience in the hItb~ raphic line, Ihe feels confident af giving entire atisleaction. N Lt Apothecaries and dr..ggists' labels exe.uted in as good style as copperplate engraving, anl at one tlhird of the expense. jy24 OMlhS--'T'he subscribers have just opened sever. / al cases of Combs. HIGII TOP TORTOISE TUCK. Quill top Totomise Tuck, do do Twist, do do Loneg, dt, do Side. BRAzIl.IAN COMnBS In all the above variety of English, Frenchl and Amteriecan nmaoufeture. Ivory fine tuuttt Combs, in all tile variety of size and quality. Pocket, Ruck, Horse, coarse and foe, and all other Combsn, for sale by REES & D'LANGE, nov13 18 Gamp st Sl, llDW GLASS, LINSEIED UIL- 7tt box ea of Wi d.w G(iln e, 1300gallon Oii; lit lar eela ofVartolhee; 65 d,.z of Paint irtlshes, recelved per a yip St Louis and Barque VoucheC, and for sale by t,011.'. CLANNtIN, nove27 12 Camp N EWIV MltSlC-l-'o( , ltosalie-I don't moan to tell i yon her oane--T'ltoo hstse learnt th love Another Sweoet Alton WVturr The Knlght's Farewell; He pase es her in sorrow; tindL's Loaent; They have given lThee to Another; Lovely I.aldly Mline; The Bridal, The Br.ken Heart; llly Heart is an l Alone; 011! Men what silly thintgs yo are; Ohl I cotl I oive h4nn ("h! Patriek, Flyv ne; Tlat thou art lo. Iv olho'll deny; Think My Love, Oh! Think of Mte l'o think i Ilave ia mCrr.v ieart; The Vintage Song' The ship is reaody; lhteh ivrer Mloo; No care ever, grieves ma; Not ftl r Me; I've been lhere iresh Flowers are Springng: I dearly love Thee freer; Wool,,tan enpre t at I'reer; Tie \ildl Albatrosso oise Faries, Rise: R sa of JPesey; The Milstrel woo'd a beauteous Mnid. Thie Guetsts were hidden; Ily LFather L.and; 'The Maid of the Mountain; M I native Love; My heart's best trea sure; My W.dlannd t ride; Mtine mutst be a silent Teao; My ehilithoad's haurs Farewell; 'lte Greenwon d Tree; S.ilonon lolt, a comic song; a tol wore a wreatllh of tRuses; il. pretty Jane, Just teeaiveel atd fur sale at B CASEY'S Piano Forte and Music store, nov1o 19 Camp st ttUI.J.hs OF U C()UOt'I'. T E IE uls of the Circuit and District Coart of tile SU S tor this Iistricet, for Sale at th.e olca of the Marshal ofsaid Court. Apply to nov19 "J P WALDEN. NOTICE. THE Office of the New Otleans and Mobile Mail, Line is rtemoved, fr.r.t under the Exchange Hotel tr. No. 78 Poydras street, at (which place a letter tag will be kept open until I-1 to 12 A M. Ftr way letters &e. Those for Motie and further East, will be put in the Post Office at lol;ile. ttnl GEO. WHITMAN, A SELECT and fresh supply of I)rr Colors of ev ere deserilltion, for Scene painting; Oil anl WYa ter colors; lBrus es and artists tools, and an satens stock of superior VA RNISHES, from lne manuefacory of P B Snilll & Co.,consprising in Nos. I tc 2 lurniturre Nns. 1i .l'. ch Varnilsh, :ndl I & 2 ordinary domestie lack Japan, and Brewn do. Also, ('l kegs Creoe greel, in 25lbs. rech, grunn d in oil, and 15 annislters nsuerior French green, Iaso iI. 12 brreels Spirits ot Turels:tine and Boiled Oil. Artist's Colors, &c. (Reaves . h en, I.ondon,) and 40 hoxes French Laks, for sae at the Paintl Sore el he sublcriber. M10 NI)EI.I. 5NK-S-tephen's riting Fluid; do auperior llclk writing ik; do unehongeahle lihllt ble; do do darkl on; P 4'J Arnold's maehine ,opying ink 'fTrrv's de' du do; alsnard & Nsyea black "writiOngW k; I'errsac iok Ir steeil Lpen; Perie, i uvet &`cIos black writing ink; E J L liuyot' red ink; eonstat tly a on lnd, and for sale by IV MIeoKEAN, dee. 0 corner of Cumtu & Common e's T HE lsubeerih-r hasj)st received .nd for sale The Life of Chsul, with engtnvinga Evenings at Hoteii, by Dr Aikia, and Mrs Bar: banld, wilth engravings Velaeso, a 'Tragedi in 5 arts, by Epee Sargent Lord Ciesterfield's 'orir, I vsl el8 ve Manual of Conchology. be Tlela.s Wyatt, I ro 8 von wih illustrationsI of more thlan 2O0 shells E JOIN. & oen, 3 cuor St (Clrl.e aiod C.sIIonn st SAIl'T PFRIIE- 208 lbags Suit Perm, in slure lnd for sale by I. WIIVSNCE & LbGENI)RE, jun3 l and 29 New Lvese. UI OIIACCO--20 loxes Virginia Tolnero. assorted, Ilanding fronm ship I.ouisville, for snle by jsl5 AHIIAHAM TRItRI, 340lvier SIAVANA SUGAR--24 boxon in slore, anl foir sale I by jsl5 ARllRAlA TRIER, 34 iGrvierst T URXIPS-14 hhds Reit Raga T'Purip; I i o. Sn Iar llects, landing itntin t, pOrieat. anl fiL,r sale by d15 JiSEIPI COCKAYNE, 25(lravier st ll3Ol.l1..SEc IIHDS-tI0 e nests new hlolasser L casks in store and for pale by ian3 VWl PiiR'lI'ER. 95 CSomon 501 CASKS London hbrown Stout, and iti cask J. Scotch Ale, for sale blv inn3 HOLM.ES and 5lll.1., Ilolik 'Alley EXCHANGE on Bosotn and Balltoree for sale by d31 °WtITiIIDGE & O,76 Al agasinsee. INDOW G1.AS;4. 40 bunes Chelsmsfoned. for jIV satshlA SHALL S BROWN, 96 lMagasine at jan3 CORDIAGdE, Is.-lllOuuils tarred Repe, ssursd. I sines, rom tio 6 ielrche- Spsnvarr anti Iaiseio stlffs; also, Deep sea and snclleed line"; Riggisg iIslthgr, lk. forsslenbv jll REAd & BARSTo w,7 BankPlsea T'EIW IIOOK.-Rnbh of the Bowl, a Legend of St. Ij lileres. iy the author of'Swallow Bern,' 'tornes SShoe Robinson,' &e. &e. fti 2 vols. Just received andi fLralekl y WV1I M'KEAN, Intl oear Crr & Coarna I CoW yihM IiitaI% floter 'b ttO l tI doun you toe the w' ti li al glsde in tme lratit ontmane;,' Te Wtaiic , h, ,e uofthe Pp{ eri.'l'etm art [ enue and r) deo nte tl c mtea unog hy'nil$thor rill in the grand ltoinnotin OIpdra Amilie; laontNlglht; 'I'hi leeting ond palting; I ears anot ir .prittg n It tckle willg, by II Insaell; Co.mne.come, ill art in aor row; A Ile oa the. OrtaJ wave, fl y Ilissell; Sim wal(*ellor liiru;io too Irt lij a teyr; Ctoar 5ot. at nouering; 'erthe waters by nnooniiht;t'her.'no hoImu like nl own, arrangod for the hkarp y 'j' Lahrrl.. Royal Waltens, by A F-hPth; Qusat Viotole's Cunr Quadrillea. Jut received and furh rael y 119 B It CAREY, 19 Carmp t O POSITION NAII-t- o and It inok rises, ) d22 HENRYb. AMES,48C(lmp sInrw O.'Le Bureau do la Cmnpagnie d'AOsaratn Pomplers est transporteau No 1, rie do Camp. .E inl GOOS-lust & lle have jnst receive IN a oplendid anssnrtment of fin Fanny tioado,lnita. hble for PRrse'ors, eomprising ladies' writing desko, dres-in carer, work baoes, musical boxes, portLdioa, needle books .o pearl, shell and ivory, card cnesand souvenirs inlaid with pearl and gold; pocket hoklt,'tkur nes, opera glas-e, goll and silver peneil, il..rsi HI all kind,, cttloro, Ie, at THE BAZAA. d129 cr St Chnrles & Common at., bEckhngw ilANt' FOt'lI--Jnat rceievd and for sale aithh Sbookstore of Alrex. Townr, 49 Camp street, ta assortleont of o.toall made Piano Farton, aletned bY a professor of music, and warranted to stand the soetheam ilnate. 'The above instrumlents are of superior tons and fiisth. Alho, a varietv of mnsc anodmusin seals. Thl pub. lie are respectfnly invited to call and examine thasa. didl FALI, & VWIN'I'Et CL)'I'IlINl( . J P. FREIMAN & CO., No. 3, Magazine street, Saore receiing their snppliee of Fall and Winter Clotlhing, and will contin uo to receive shipmtents regu laly thrnglhontl the sroson. Their assertment being large will renble tham to euplly nrehumas fret. the country, at the hortlest notcar; for sale wholesale & retail, on accommuoating terms. ep_9 _ FALL FASIlf01N?. SIlE slubscribers take leave in inform their patr0ns, d and the ptlhic entrally, tlhat they are now per pared to exhibit their ll fal ashions. GOssIP .. ro, Falshionable Hatlers, Ecanatgn Holel, iole2 8t. Charles a H AY-75 Ihles lInv landing from lsip Jonl5 Mar holi, for sa!b.k S &S J P WVHITNEY, .101 7,3 Campa L ONl I 'L)KICK.i, onnUCEs, c. just raeeived by the subscribers. 12 )loxes Englishl Pickles, aesorted, 12" ,1 Sauees, do 10 " Extra quality London Mstarrd. IlL Ainhovies itn glus jars, ., 10 Anchr.avy pnlrts, 3 Ilne. fBlicking, I)avy & artlin, 5 boxes uper. Uliven it glass jars, 5 Sanlad Oil, 5 " Asrtedl Fruits. 0 W P RI' ClHARD & JO TAGEIIT Jr. noari4 car Pnvdiras & efarnzire el Unt.-. uturucten t ,.ul mO ulnk alt iutanskadeliv al errd i rIlt tii suit purchasen, orders left at the coal nard, in Ca, l street, or to -ja,3 IOL.tMES andi MIoI LS, Bonok Plase C l '1 i vr P.W tsRLEANS --Second :lltn icipalitly, 'IlThid Ward--l-Dcember eo(hth,li;32. lite own ers of llr,,pertt on ronlt Lewe er ret,nore elrby noti fied to copIntlV with the, ordindnen of Ntvea ber last, under the penalties preseribed, in sixty dnay from -this date, inexeculng tihefllowing older; to wit: to have the snidewls fronnting their roapective pooperties cono otruteld tgreeohtlr osaid ordinance, with etrb anodgtt. the tones auI a three feet pav.Id support, and to have the samte lpaved wish good quality lake bricks. SA.I1L KIBOURO, Commnis~orv, 3rd Ward NLLE-UOLEANS,--2de Blunicipahte, 20 Dee. SIE S popnrieta, es des riret sitneos aur ln rue d In Leveedn Front sent par le, pr.,,entes teetinisc'a voir a se cnfor -.era I'o ldonanc, sc novembre dh ruin sauslpeine des nm.rldes y anoneere dns lea 60jotur qnie svront rette date, en executnot I'ordre suivant de faire coafectioncr leR banquettes far i foisnutlace a lear poipriclo relole y en koabnncr briqtes u lit llnc. eon. irntetelet a ladite ordonntioe, bordersea t dalees e, gi. rr orne llulorts er Pierre de omis piedt (cura and oltter stones and a hreer f rt paved su. ppot. d20 OhS, . KIBOU RUA , comt. .t district. i-PEII1 CANI)I.E-I-211t hoxe.s Sporm Ca.ndle, to brand of Gee. Huw.and, landing fromh slhli Can ton, for sale by ISAAC IOIDGE & Co, jalO- " :14 Mnlogoazline t jal- (; i)(;ISEY.'44 N'tw . .II . ( I T ROF - F o d a W . . . . ' a n f a c t . . . ll .crbkovs o il of Vitrol lon, th ewt e , Client icall Cnlpally, a first rut article, f,,r sl, by JA ItVI & AN b,E.b8. jota ear Cone nn & Tchooultus si _ G l.OI APHIES--Goodrich'n U ivnreel, 1 l ace volume; lMalte Blruno's do., in 6 aol ne; Bulboi' with Atlas; Woodbridge & Willord'e Univernal, wilh Atlas; Onlney's, Wooderidge'o, Smith's, Hulntington's, Malte LErun' Abridc tients. Parley & Beeohev's do. for beginners. Also, Bennett't (cogmply. bf the Hre wens, withthe Atlas. A liberal discount allowed.l to teachers and others, purchasing be thequantit,. ja5 ALI.,X U'iVAIt. 49 Camp. -IAVANNA COFFEE--33 bhgi prime, landing I. froe schooner Eagle, for sale hy 1j5 lABRAHAM TRIER. JI. 34 t'ravier at. E L(OCL.tNl JIN-=lpies C w Peep Gin, a ,u. j1 perior article in sto, od or sale by j15 J TIIAIYER & Co, 74 eaYdrue st. UNNY BAGS-1011 bales gunmv torn ifu store, and 115 SAr BR IDGE &rci , 134 Megazine tI. .A fo U1 I w'lela and RC, _ja5 NYork Stn 4 Camp at UIEg a n j rd sre re i jeu. iw dot pu blisied by tile sOb-cribers in pmp.htlret eorm. Rules and eOrders. eLtaldith.Id by tvearol of the Colurts o Noew o)rleals, all iLdislpedsonl work for all prof.'soisnol gentleocu. E.JntjNS &r Co, jat5 erf St Chtarles A Common siat EM ENT'P-- - barels elydronli Cegento. ladian frot ship Tasrquin, ftr sahl by ja4 5 & J P WHITNEY.,74 Camp an SOAP, &--50O0 hoxe sperm Candleais ar s brands ý2110 boxes tallow Candles; 311 boes extroa No. 1 and imitation No. I Suap; 4UU boxes white- am| dry jal0 13.1 Magane tr RINSEED OlL--Copper antd Ied Beans, isn tor LATEST Splendid Lonldon Annunls. The Diadem; edited by Mist Sheridan. On alo tile mont splendid A nuals, Syria and the loly Land, wilh splendid plates,,' And a tlw uore suptelb Lordun Analuale, or 1839, Dle u at E JOHNS 4. Co; jal25 ar of St Charles d CoW7anlko at tHAi ANA UI FFEE-l-t bags prime geees i van Coffee, landing fromt ehr. Eagle .ad. hrqus Rogeir Weiiam h, ior ulye by Jnlb JOISEPH COCKAYNE, 25 iravjer'it. OVER SHOES-S cases ladies' and genbt' India robber water pro,oanre shees, landing from hip Newborrypurt, for sale by' 's jal5 I BI2IDGE & Co, 1'4 MagaziM a NKLA'l'.-Just receried Seasses at ery spledid. Welsh slates, hard weod frantms, f,r sale by DAVID FELT & Cr,24 Cbartre at jalO Now York Stationer Hall SEW BOOKS--lRo,: ,l the BIow.l; by the author of Horse shoeh Robinson, Oliter Iwist,. in 2 volumer, eonmpetla, 'la only Daughter, 2 vole, Th':Heirof totwosod, do, Stnnlet: or thie Recollecions ofa man of lh. Wotld, Rolwtttson's Parugnoa,2uvol, Napoleon Mlemoirs, or eveoitgs with Prince Casm-. haceres, Ellen Glanville, 2 t,ta,, Alexanldve's Iirneory in Afria, 2 alea, The City of tile Con r, T'he W\Vife Hooter, 2 vi, 'lihe British Senate, 2 vul., lottance of Vienna, t)utv and In.litalion, by Mllisa .!adon, S vale, Lately receivrd nod lior sole b jal5 ALEX TOWAR. 49 Camp H YDRAULIC CEMENT, tar aib by aoll READ & BARSTOW', 7TBank Plso , nH. onlmltscier haviig taken a rommodotitingr Sproof warehoause, rerspecfilly ofbrs his trotl. to tie mrechaots and troders olfNew Olesa Is tle t chane trld sales o iides, furs and peltries and to paci the anme, anwell as wool, moss, hemp., tobte dry goods, &ctest. t e will alt, receive any kind merchaodize cn storage, at 155 'l'ahapitou Ins st eet. jl5 g S R EI.LIOTT.' R SA SHEETING S-I4 bales Rutsia Shset. ligs, for sale by % 11TRIItIE & (.' j.,iO 76 Stags.aia-.t IlNEGAR.ii blts t elresentrled as very floe for iarle by P .AIDLAW, - j3 66 Csmp .t lIj EDIt AL ]1UOKS-Juat rereived sod tlbrseals at 1 tile Book Store. 49 Camlp stteet-Honstoalt IPractice of Phyic--Bellelr'.; utedieli J.ournal. 12 vns, bonda--Listutt's Practicall Srger; W'istor's Anltny, Snew edition, by l)r. Poa.uot; KErater te the car Begit's It'herapetIter"-Shtaw ou Anattomy; 'aron' l icsectr,n Vlgeadine' st 'ltiologa; Beehlnrd's Asattlae. Edward's Materia Stedici; lBt le's Anatomy, tyD )out'-; for sale ly ja7 At.EX. 'OlWAR.• JuNthltE SII.KS- 4 eare.psrioted ishiouable ilt. Iturs; fino pogee sai!k hauidkerchlicfs in atom ald for calt,, by ISAAt BRIDGE 4.Co, jot7 -- --- 134 M4l. -. 500 GAI.LS. Winterprovred sperm iil 500 .1H1 Ftll stietnid inO--.. Il0 011 Refined 'L\hla Oil 151 hhleTatnmler'e Oil - For sala by WIIITRII)Gt. & CO_ joit 76 Malla.I, -. A NEW Edhiun of Sir W.ltseT'.lfti'e Posi " .. workslin 6vole, -,iDno ' Alan., q new editipunl the Waverld m eorI. Or O "_ justrec.sivedand-fbrole " by A t'td.o . . 1N KJ g o r-- elto t i. nldt h s-k , O.. .. ,,eme ls .t t . 4 |,riv,.,,',;ms. /,t,.m +,.l, spit i . ,,mIlh paintiug, rviitin ecnt, teu.. e:l.k s saqirr to no r} eer iltraluode to tlhe plik. .. U.l. & LLAN. 11*21 . • .Iyv hSt'.ore Fe.lbar nHt

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