Newspaper of True American, January 29, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated January 29, 1839 Page 2
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Ia .asieie ao with this itle is a I El ND r IS E ASSORTMENT OF TYPE r.O .itraNRINI or . ltaI Cn heeks Sills of Lading Stay !Receipts, Anetion Bills, pytrlaptor respectfully catll the attention of -.eYlltin the oabove Card, and assures them that l etrik llhented to hie cara shall be dune at the short. al a syle unsurpassed in this city, and in.e. TRUE AM URICAN. AIIR sua 'b JoSenw 4an1nol. *PAt&auLr. AN DOLD. . t W ORLEANS: TUESDDAY, JANUARY 29, 1P39. Jeat .rarnrfona to the Prairie.-A bright and .ptlifal morninag! The snn is up, and glances fWni she oepres end domes, with almost the bright. a f pting. But then there are prickles in the l.Urt The frost spirit has dared to venture within tortiae n of the tropics, and his keen breath is riot htlif belmiest, however pure it emay be. We can enexte the cold, however, for thel nmnrning is so .lovely, the atmosphere so transparent. an tihe wholedrWorld without, looking just as though it wer-sonelof nature!s holidays. Ahn exeuasid toithe Prairie! T'he President of -d _ .._ ., e--,.. *.. -e , hats invited sun others to pass a part of the day "on the road" to sea the progress that has boon made and to pick up erambsof reflection; if nOt of comfort. There ilnothing which brings the glories and beauties of internal improvement, sit home to a man, as to enjoy the facilities it affords. Now, we are cooni dent that more reflection was given to the subject of internal improvement itt general, and the Nast. vil.o.,ailroad in particular, front this pleaatlt litlle exoursion, than ought else could have in duced. The road beautifully laid out, with all the varlety of dark cypress and itsh earse.hke drupery of hanging moss, and little bayons dug out by the draminin company, and the canal,\und the srhell read, and the Metairie Coatee, and drawridge and steam mill by which it is moved from side to side, fad Baih with its Pagodas,. and the wide and almosnet boundless prairie, and the Prairie Cottage on the Lake shore, wlhere Proctor keeps refre.h. menna that waold maake a prine'a heart leap after a twelve miles ride-all in connexion with a most agreeable company, made the ride one that is not to be forgotten. Some little delay was occasiond before starting, by the locomotive taking it into its head to run off the rail which discomposed its gravity for a time; with alittle labor, and without letting off the steam all wee righted; the cars were filled and off, like a bird on the wing, we started. There is little or no abseration to be hande during a railroad ride. Younare carried along so swiftly that you cannot well distinguish objects. They runt into eachl other with the facility of globules of quicksilver. All is one confused mass, and seems an though the world were running away from you. IHowever, there is much in having Ihappy faces before and around you, and silver tones forever whispering in your ears. We do not say that this was our good feurane dring the excursion, but it hlce been. Yet wan it not without its enjoyments. Every one seemed disposed to feel happy end to tnake othters feelso. Conversation was free, and the elevation of voice necessary to be audible, gave ane apparent animation to a converse, which otherwise mightll hove appeared spiritless and dull. For a time, the railroad was the general theme -the velocity with which we were prnpellrd, re. minding many who had not before tested it, that "*some things can be done as well as others," and especially riding on the Nashville Rail Road, oo far as it is complete. The drawbridge is a piece of capital workman. ship, and reellcts credit on the projector. It is moved by means ofpulliec and chains and is drawn to and from its place by a steam enginn, the power of which is also applied to all sorts of purposes cutting blocks, wedges, &e., nceeea:ry for tile road. iThe rail road crosses the canal near ilia en. trance to the Metairie race course, ltne of the m nat beautiful turfs in the Union.rAtout two miles and ahalf further isn., where two petite pagodas were erected for summer use, and to be furnished with all the comforts of a restaurat,.r;-.btlt which seem now to have been abandoned, and only ten. anted like the straw sheds and "aligoatr lintels" on the way-side. At Bath a branch road diverges and goes immediately to the lake. The next place of moment is tihe Pra;rie Cottage, which Mr. Proctor has furnished wilh excellent wines, brandies, and so forth. Tthe car and train stopped for a few minutes till the passengers had refreshed themselves with a genial glass of what" ever fancy might diCtate, and snuffed the fresll air that ams up over the lake. Puontchartrai is a fine sheet of water, especially when one has been eooped up in the city for weeks, and canntot see aught save brick walls-whose range Is bounded by 'acress the street." True, you can see nothing but the sky resting upon the waters, and here and there the emake from a busy steamer, and at inter. vals on the near shore, a few seattering white houses, but there is a freedom in knowing that tle limitof vision is distance and "nor a"wnal built with hutna hands," and there is a pleasuro to know that Comnmnercu has her white wings spreadot for the breeze, and thle prows of noble setralers are cleaving the waves, although ite eye bcholds them not. We do, not remember which of the old philosophern said that utility was the chief rngre dient of brauty-ve know that it tos pretty !itpur. tant in the composition of pleasure. An hour's ride brought us to the terminuta-that is as far as the road is completed. Here we found prepatran tions making for its continuation. Piles had been dri vant in an estuary, if we can at call a mall arm of the Lake, and somea of the hands employed, wera loitering about, doubtlea "whistling for the want of thought."- Afterhalfanhour a sauntering on the Lake shore, in dulging in all sorts of speculation a.outt tile probable resut of the application of thecr.mpenty to the Legia Inture foraaisltauce. We onnot exactly ray what was the Anal impression oft te majority, but we know wmhat we thought--that any thing the Legiolature could do in r.ason, to forward this noble work, should be done. it's iunportance is incalculable. What immense re souree it willpour directly into the lap of New Or. On our return, th. cars aroppe d again at the Prairie Cottere, where MI. Proctor had a cold rollation eerved up in very handeomn style, of which the g cats partook qttte liberally. The honotrs of th table ware done by thePreaident of the Rail Roead Company, Janees . I Caldwell Eq., whoae mase of iuformltrin on al .11 the subjectse onnected with tlhis favorite enork of piirhlin improvmclit,was everr ready for theclritus and inq.iI ring. Weret nturndten therity at hlpt Gal ur, wif h thr full detertannateon to devote some of mur Ithturs to the ul oiast, aia o far as we can, enderwor to produce can. viettitrifnot of the seeoeaeii, at least the great Itilily man eapedinney of completing tire road. LATENT FROM EUROPE. Files of Havre papers of the 18th Deceribvr anl Par. is of the day prvious, have been received at N. York. The Chiote King, Louis Philippe, delivered his speech on the 1th. He congratulated the peers and deputies on the eontinred proporily of the kiogdrm, and s:tio ootey conditionu of the Finances, and foreign rei.rious. lie thinks that a pacilic result will be iperdily effected betwoeel Belgium and Holland, giving a new guaranty of the iudepeldence of tho former, and the peaer e of Eu rope. H trusts thar the difficulties with tie Mlexilan mrd Ar.eOtirn rmpuhliel will rson be clonel, and speaks f Ihaetl gsee a lresh Naval force to obtain the justice sed prelpies which tIlh comlotrce of France ihad ac uig tq b~o notions, hId lo:,g reqored. The Afri ea p.Njgeri le atre msid to be io r n fl ;ri.lhi-.r condi. lios, and the hannes of the isa represents so beisgin the sate situation. Pari.S I hnahnge.-5 per .tt 1l9. 65,109 76 4 per " ceuts 10l: 3 per rMu 740 ,79,5; hoall Or F'rannce Y' 27 10; Dtalital shores of 1111 1!34, of .1151f. 522:- Nrcanlrktr Farirla 10.30; Spar;i-I Active 1Ii; Flarir Cnalts 1250" Rail Rtad, St orm pi011").yernfllee n righthhlk -45; left hak S227, 50;.Pari.atid. h .re 't, n/ 5i Paris and Orleans 417, )0. el We annex the following items as all the intelligence of interest brought by the Albany. The eifmeorial des Pyrenees, a Chrietino paper says that DonCarlos saeeir busy in arranging every thing1 about hint in such a manner as noon to have a kingdomt conatituted like the other n etearlii e ofýEuompe and with the same anttribute. Lately ha was a partisan chief without any fixed residence, having for his suit only newly mnde oflicera. Now he livre in a palace, signs ovyal decrees, aristocratie personages crowd to his court evaer day in great numbers, and every mornm ing on ri.sig he receives tokens of submision front towns, which revecust recognized his sovereignty. They hiss the royal hands there with the same etiquette aatthe Eesourial. Th quantity of wine produced this year in the tie partsent nfthe Girndb. (BordOud aineojis estinated at 401,.250 English hogsheads ; whoreas the produne of last year amounted to upward of 773,,000 hogaheads showing a diminution 0o about 374,720 hogsheads, at tributable to the unfavorable state of the wearher du ring tile summer. The Guarde .National of Marseilles, states that the Sardinian Government is about to conclude a commer cial treaty with the United States. The King of Sardinia is said by a recent letter from Gensn, to barve made tth following adeantageous ar rpttgemeata in tte lntarest of that port. The duty ealle ed the ostolafgio, levied on all merchandisea tpded there, is to he reduced one half, and the duties on corn are to he reduced from 85 cents to 10 cents, the hecto litre (2 3-4 bushels.) The rates otf the duty called thIe PiaeUe (allrgoe,) ore to he reduced. The free port is to be enlarged. A Constantinople letter of Nov. 21, states that Rue sia has dsngarisoned Abasia of the cordon of 16,000 men, who had previously covered the coast ofthat prov* ince, and owho had been oenveyed with the utmost expe dition to Odessa, un hoard six ships of the lins, and oth ersrmaller veWrils, the number ofrwhih was daily in. I creasinrg on tle Black h pe, through tle unetxahrpled activity wthich prevailed in the docks of Shbautopol. The ioewro from Tetehran is to the 1lth Oetobler, and ferm'Tabrie toil th 19tl. The Perslan army had taken up itsa winter quarters at leechid, ard the Shaht was expected at l'Teran on the 10th of November. Modrid papers of the 0tbh, anoounce tile anpoilntmnt ofthe Marquiso do illirnflrea to the affllce of Prosideot ofthe Council, and 1. Pizca Pizartr, illnister of Fi The capirin of at ven.ela arrived at Constaotlnople ferom the coasrt ofCircassol, eonfilrted the reports at the discomfitur e the lssian in the last eattpaigu. Our friend WLfA. Wallace Esq., late of thie Louilvill l.itelary Ilegialer, which paper he conducted with opir. it oand ability, has firanished us the following beautilel puelr ant we have lhe promise oforocasional contribu lions from him, lwhen lie can avail hilmselfofleisare nro rmanta from the toil consequent ulpon an editor's lifo. Hie is about to establish a WVhig paper at Shreveport, snd we bespeakl for Im tieo earnest support of the hood people. of that section. Mr. Wallnce is a man of gen ile, alld bia paper will be a credit to tr l state. No one sweepr ire lyre a itblat bolder hand, and to none does it gire firih Mrore melody. I AM A AR.-A MELto.. by WrILIra WVrLLC.r , author of Battle of Tippieanon American .leloldies, &c. Yet on my memory wildly, darkly dwells Thy glrib,us rlrreg ill omy midnight slumbors, And thy sweet voice, deep ard reproving rweslls Clear as an Anel's hoeart drissolving numc rs, When the istar-lyres of the Ileaven, are thrill'd lrBeseath their ousic; and toe 8storl' red pinion Furl'd at the wandrone moledy is rll'd tWilhiu the tbunder's cloud-eoroll'O dominion. 'Thu gloomy wavesr are rolling by thr bark, And in treir deptrhs se tile rourld moon shining. SGilding the patbhway of oar trmbling ark Like Hope o'er Danger's sternly coueh reclining. I evain, the hour onrulls its light for me, oIn vain therlltinlrs of Time ere glowing From their blue we Ir -rtowers, where the upper sca Round tiheo clocdplllar of the sky, is floaing. .AM AFAR!-- Those prord dark eyes suorus'l with streaming tears.. That lofty brow, where Heaven's ownl light reposes,-.. That chek umrea, ked as yetby ealious ynears, Still richly radiart with Beauty's roses,.-. hoat voice,.-Nu more! -.-they all are with ens uow, Rslning In wild remembrance, where no glory "alesh'd fromr the Future, Bparkles o'er ly brow, To gild my beiug's agonizing story. A weary wanderer oil the wave ad shore, WVithout thy presence, like a rainbow eurling Ovsr life's path ;---Still Iov'd one would I pour. Whie tie blue wrmgs of Iteaven are all unfurliug Round the hush'd earth, tile last iotes of liy lyre To thee, ro wroag'd by hint whoe deel) emotion Wsakel in the ioil a frl.-eronsumiog fir.e On being's dark adt tompost-girdled Oceaon. Steamer Giuv. Shelby, Jdl. 35th, 139. HIOUSE OF RiPRESENTATIVES. llMonday, 28th .laouay, 1839. AIr P A Morse member elect from Natchitoches appeared and look his oath of office. Mr. Davi :son introduced two resolutions direet. ing the comomittee appointed to examino into the naairs of tire Mercihante' Bank, to lovsrtigate par - ticularly Ith, business of the Bank in Discounts, Loante, . xehanges and Circulartn-if the Bank has put in circulation notes of the United States Bank of Pennsylvania, not redeemoable here, : , wh't effect has been produced thereby-how much specie said bank has drawn from tile other banhks and what disposition tohas ben made of said specie -and further to enquire 11 any of the banks of ihe City had spec lated tt cotton 1 Otr motion of AIr Devldson the rules were diseetlsod with and the resolution was passed. Mr. Davids on on behalf of the conlmnittee of Public Education reported two bills for the relief of the Academny at Pine Grove in the parish of Caldwell, and the Spring Creek Academy in the parish of Rapidie, read luor te first thne. Mir Wadsworth on behall of the committee on the MAilitie, reported a bill to amend the laws re. lative to the malttia said a bill granting ea appro ptiaoion to the Donaldsonville artillery. Read for the first time. Mrr Brasheur on behalf of the comm ittee on In-= tornal Itlprovemlenr, reported tlat the conlmittee was of opinionl thter the cut off' between the par. ialse of Glenville end West BIaton Rouge eil -uld he execured by those parishes jointly-that the committee recommernd the passage of a law grant. ing to O. S. Baker the privilege of keeping a Ilouse and Ferry between ite Points Colpree and St l'ranlcievi'li, the conmmittee reported favorubly to Ihepetition of John Tillitson and James Brown pratlg for tile privilege of f'urrls sing tile Itow of Sr Franciavllo wirb fresh water, and in favor of the petition of Air Begerly, praying for the privl lege of keeping a ferry on tho Archifali, near tihe mouth of Bayou die Glat. On toulion of Air Pat ill the report was laid on the table to beat the call of tihe house. On motion of DMr. Brashear, a resolution was passed for heo appolntmenl of a joint committee of arrangeltentls for the inauguration of tile Gover. nor elrht, tn 'next Monday. M.itsra. Brashelr, C. 11. Conrad, and Clathorne were rppomnted on bo Ilif of the house,a.nd the resolution was taken for liue eoncurrence of the senate. Mlr. D.vidson obtained the dispensation of the rules to introduce a bill to anend the act incorpo rating the New Orleans Cornal and Banking Com. panty. Roead for the first lllnt and orousted to be prig+ ed. Mr. Lockets introduced a baill, recommended by the New Orienans Chamlbrh of Commerce, rtlativo the harbor master, wardens andl pilots of tie port of Now Orleans. Orr morton of Mr. Wadewrrath the bill tas referred to the committee on coln. merce and ordered to be printed. Alr. Rarlieffirilruduced a bill toes ablish a more uniform rule on .ie execution of writs of ji. ft. Read for tile first time and referred to the Judiciary colmnlmittP. mIr. Prerstn introduced a bill to incorporate the Protestant Epi.copal Church in the pariah of La. fayette. Read tor the first time. The Speaker elbmitted the report of tile grand jury of itoe parish of Orleans, tranrnlltted. by the clerk of the clrminal court. Ltrd on the table, subject to the call of thie house. Tlle.aenate joined the house, for the purpose of electlng directors lur the store, in the Cilizens' Bank or Loulsianr. MAtstrs. V. Parin, D.11. Ken. noer, W. F. C. Duplesrs and J B. Arnlanr, were elected on the first ballot, W. lcQuen on tire third ballot, and fl. fBry on the Iourth hallor. Several bills underwent thell second reading. 'T'hi bill Ito estabish a general system of internal impro.v, mellrts was takell Into conalderation, and then the house adjurned. [I-ComutticaledI. MeI. Edrer: l would rgestrga throtuoh the serdiam of yonur print to our friend .lames 11. CaldwelI Eoq.. ttat he should hate a larger number of small bilfe at the door ef the 1t. Chlaries T7healre tlan heretofobe, or if there has been lrsually a rufilel rtllnumher, to eiet hie door keeper hInt to oe morne Ilber I in their di.tributioa. I have been o freqrrent attendtlat tIhre sincemy arrival in this city, a feo we-raks ince, and yet iava not been sie Iortun te as In obatin onr, Irltlll ot flr wallt of fieqlent apptica. ion, as tt iras beel particularly Illy wish tO ecomno sc. qrniutord witlh the iestfrrmereoud [hiar einr unabIe so tt do for want ofa play bill. A STRANiglEl. Lerdoan Newspnpter.-Fram a retaun of the tunrbher of Rtemlps issue.d to thie several sewspapere it England, Scotleed atni Wales, from the aIt of July to tire itltth of -eptemier, 1838, inclsrive, it appears that the rirrela. tl.rn of tle papers heronnafier mentionoed is as follows: |'he"Thdalerer," alias tbeTorlines lakes the lead. Ita circulation exceeds that of IhLrI Mornitg Chronicle, the dirst Ministeria ordan, by 4f0i,000, being nelarly daub Is the cireutalior oa tie lt(.ronicle. For tite time above ,rntloroed tlhe urllller llrf stomps issuoed to thie Tises wtrs i811t,001' s to ilir llrrosicle 191t,0011) tile olernirg Herai 46i11,0i0,, ,orning Post 221000 a S uito 380,1)00- Jonl Bull( i high l'isr.iir paper) 52,00;J. Examiner (a maeklv papire) 6lif4,0; Weekly Desplatch 70,000 WVek'ly 'reret SAut di,tJ10. 'iThe Rpuhlic or Ii py1t gaua p ,opulatinn u! 963,235, uaorih all blacksrr et mutitoes; 4fOfJO esutlar trolunps; ad 11i I,000 rtililie. Th'le Presidren t electoed by tihe Serrent for lile, and receives ae unltl l oalory of .~4/fiAJ0 . Its L'.:l.l lu re Is cullot. pos.ed of a Senate, which 0hItreted o u~,-laa 1t ftInnm a I. preaseted by thr PrestifeS:t " inu ýocF litsl i Recprrsentlaives elected by the itoptk every five years. __ 'ho strIauer t;ei. \t 1yue, Huigh, Fullerlton mster It wIljijdeav this port for-Louisville tpmorrow. Wa*.do WM Snot know a bett.r boat, or a more qentirve Cantain. I hae is fitted out,ltogesthertwith stoteroomes, and will H meske whoever takes passage on her mort comfortable. not Dro I isc Nelson took her benefit at Natchea on the 21st co. irst. The Free Trader says "the house was crowded ro from t top toboet , and during the early part of the as1 evening, a wreath of roses was thrown upon the stage t by some of hreradmirers." Fire! A small conflagration took place yesterday in a cotton broker's oftiee, e..mong his samples. It - otiginated from a spark casually dropt Iy a person who a was smoking a seger. A Cotton Broker should nevar smake. The combustibles about him ignite rather tola readily. ha S Mexico. The federelijts have blockaded Genera hc Fdlsaln, who has under him about 1000 men in Matimo* w ran. A slight skirmish took place on the 5th inft., in at which each side lost s few men, and the federals left as e two pieces of cannon on the field. It is said that Gen. it Wall has resigned his commission in the Mexican d COMMERCIAL., Mail Regulations. to The Great Eastern M il is closed every day at 10 o'clock,-A M-Is duo every day at 12. M. S The T xpress .Mail is closed every day at half.past 00 10 A M-Ii due with the great Eastern Mail, every day. 1e' 7 Lake Mail (via Covington, La.) ip closed ne overy Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 6o'clock, ed A M-Is doe every Tuesday, Thursday and Satur. day, at 5, P M. rd The Louisville or River Mail is closed every en Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, at 8 P M-Is as sent and returned by steamboats.-Arrives irregtn. I arly three times a week. ot rhe Bayou Sara or Coalt Mail is closed every a tot Tuesday and Friday, at 8, P Ml-Is seat and re Fi- turned by the steamboat Brilliant. ....... he larly by steamboats, twice a week. Lahesest nes. Choartston, Jan ............o10 cVahn toni.Ja.. 0......... l rNew York, do.............. 7 ei atl, Ja ......... PtilndIphie do............ 7 Louisville do............ 10O ltimre do .... t.......... . 8 tLouis, Jan....... tal -ava lltth, Jan....... O tiverpiool, Nov.........,l5 a- lo to (Texas) to ....... 5 Paris Nov .............. 4 foi tual, do............... 7 tondont. Nov.......... 04 h0. Nahvie,Jan............ I lavre do ................ 5 SPOI'RT OF NEW )lR AlNS. Sn- CLEARANCES. t nJansary 27. It Ship Kingston,Gcllea, for Balize Ionduras, F De Lzard & co hip Lolumtt"lasa, Barker, fir Boston, MalteAr Sp iPoIliaore Darlta, Posrnellesr , Havana, Muster Sark Lady Campbell, Juhtston, tit Liverpool, Ilautay A Robertson trig Filiaci, DueSman, for Taampic, F Frey & co Brig Mary Pennel, Given for New York, Mastr Fehr Byrn, Persall, for Velsaco, D Goldsmith Schlr Dolphin. Roe, for Cstnpe.t..y, J V Zachirie &t Co Bthr Water W Wit, Doprere, for Vera Cruz, S Capedevrile ¢ co Stenil trwboat Hitdson, Dvis, the Passes. Having towed to sce slip Deanark, brig Elizi beth Ichre .otne and Emblem RKetured to city with ships erey, Riga, Sexon, brig Pasters antud elhr luesle. Left N Eb Pars i7th inst. at 8 a -reports nothidng new be low, excepting eelra D Ittd Ro.ers and Leader. TowbOkaet p Pr Martrin, from the Pase.; having towed to sea aChip Caravan. and tb-l RepuIicu; returned to the city with Itk Abhloa and rig Catlharino. LetR n 27th ins, at 7 a m; reports I bark aid 2 brig inside the Bar, and several ismall N.l i tile river, Towboat Tier. IerBhe, from the,; avtnes towed to lea bhips Yazon, anit Powhnttllb sni brig S y oere; returned to the city with shipt Globe, and Charl.eson. Let on 27th init, at 2 a m; reports notling new, eeverl cerasels in the river. Towboat Pst Boy, Limbert, from the Plaes; harstet towed tosea b Cood Hopei returned to tir city witl ships Julian, and Rualto. I sfti t he217th inAt. reports ni tbio new. 'T'owbolt Pilot, Clark. front the Passe.; hsvcng towed to lea ship Nareranaet; returned to the city with new ship Hanover, and ship Camnlest, ad report nothing now Towboat PontcilhartrAin, Sherdas, from the Paissi, having towed to sea ships Copernlcus, and Janes Ross; returned t the rity with barkth Lawral, and brig Altno. Ioft th Pals on 27th int, at 5 p o; report. I ship and severl small vesls in the oihig, uoCting uew in the river. ship Julian, Leonard, 76 days from Rtelan, to lMuter. Ship Rialteo, llmes, .4 dayI frols lneri'ae, to Master. New ship Hanover. Drummond, days flu Balth, to M teir. Ship Charleston,, 11 days freon Bsaton. Ship Globe. Oliver, 61i tly. from Liverpons, to Master. S lhp itiga, smith, 18 ds ram New York, to master. Ship Troy, Wrood, 1 es front New York, to motler. Bark Abiosa, Easen, 51 days from New Cs.tle, to loleres i Silts. BSrk Lawrens, Merrill, from Lirerpool 6th Dee. to Ialter. Srig Al'bano. Stackpole, 18 days from Catdec, Me, to & J Pt .htitty. Brig Catsurine. Merrel, 14 days from St Jago, to R Dronlng S Ship Saxe, RBaker, from Hllavre. Iiti astora Furwell, from tlavsaa, 18th Jai. to R Gro.. eng and eo. Schr Crrol, Cormier. fromt Havana, 17th :natalt, to master Polacru Colsstantin, Fabrique, 9 days from Huesna, to J SPritts a.d son, S Sloop Jeksou, from the cort. Steamer Brazil, Dodge, front t i Lui. Schr Letder, frtom Bstten, to Heater. Ship Pihlne, Duesate, 21 days frelt Bath. A.. B iig Hlekolok, Toltunu, 14 days front V.tldohore, he, to is G Bedford. Srchr Harriet, Wsll, A akapae., to Mastetr. Sellr Atlantic, WVhelar; Apalachiuole , to Master. Bohr aslrid Roers, tiorgan. from Attar ass, to Master. ASchr Canto, Alloel, froIli Attakapaa, to Mastler. Bchr Liza Anq, Floid, 19th test, front Mitamor., to Gold smritlh. Steamer Wim allace, loResn, frot Lake Pontchartrain, if bound to Mobile. f Steamer Bunkesrbtll, iradsh, from Manchester . Steamer Colorado, Underwood. from WVheling. Steamer Wealk ill the Water. Wiley, frot Florence. Steamer John Atilts, Glenn, from Csinllitil. 5 Sts:imer Atalanta, Fagin, fteon Ciltnuaitti. Flatboat feoe Obio..cargo, 60 brli teur, 18 do moles.l, t20 empty ntollsasea bri., 0 cosks chese., and 600)bushels core, Cect oa hoard. Flatboat fromt Ciecieosli...srgo, 000 ssksh bran . & . hr..t. o Flatboat. from Illissi .. ..rgo, 2200 brii a . corn, Captain aion hoird. Flathoat front Cincinalti..cargo, 400 ltrls flour, ad 167 hbrl whi.key, to order. Flatloat from Maysville, Ky..cargo dour and bacon, to J SVaire & co, and Ogden & Sothsgate. EXPORLTS. BAI.IZE HONDURAS..per hiip Ringstons too tons ballast. BOSTON..,per thip Columbiana.. 11i9 bis cotton. 1800 hrl. flour, 5n hlhl sugar, 155 kegs lard, 2W hide., IoW eackhson. IIAVANA..per ip positre Darlota..22 hhda sacon t51 ke.l iard, 747 bri. flturt, 10l do bread, 35 bvh. nutl. .IVERPOOL..per bark Lady Camphell..303 bls cotton, 2d0 tune ioewond NEW ItAVEN..par he Grand Ttrk..400 hhda mols sea. TAMI'ICO..per b PFllaci..lots linens, dry goods, glasware, haLdwars, &c. NEW VORK..per hg Mary Penosl..320 hhdt msilae.e, 25 tse and 76 ills do. VELASCO..per schr Byron. .lots rico, flnur, sugar. hardware, eprvisioni, &c. fIAMPEACIIY..per srhr Dolphin..468 sack. corn. VERA CRUZ..perirchr Water WVitch..581 irl, hiscult. 101 bri flour, 13 brli porl, 50 do beef, and 50 bakt sweet oil. IMPORTS. MIATAMORAS..per scir Liza Aenn,.9.0 hides. 177 bI. weool, W Zc lario .v vo. and others. BREMEN..per ship Julian..59,i00 brickls, 1,000 ban.h po taoes, to Master. MARSEILLES.. per ship Rialto.. wines, brandiea, 4c, to .te kry consignees. BATH, M..per new ship Haoveir..hay and potatoes, to L II Gale. LIVERPOOL. .per ship lobe .irot, tin plates, earthenwre., and dry goods. NEW CASTLE..pot bk Abtona.. 80 tonis coals. to lolmes & ST JAGO..pee hre Catharine..ecofne, to R GirSeing & o. BOSTON..per ship Chrlseon..asi'd mdse. II ECEIPTS OP PRODUCE. Clnclnati..per atemsar John Mills. .2o05 kegs lard. 150 hhda beron, 250 brli floour, 1O do and 104 half do ibeef, Ogdn 4 Souhtiuste, 190 hrla lard. 50 do pork,. Adais & Hartwell, 1t0 hhd ated 50 tre bacon, I Indian pony, P Shannon & Bro, jt0 dos i.rooms G Darey, 100 doz do A D Gave, 10 don do A Cottens.' l half brile pigs feet, Winston & Shall. Cinrniati..per steamser Atalalta .1 bit mdse Stetson h Avery, 230 br1. prinat mae pork. 8 half do Ieaf, and 310 Ifrlt flour, Ogden 4' Soutbhgte, 120 bri whisbkey, Curtissl & Baden does.. ,0 bi la thiskey B 1 Read, 200 hrl weikeys Moorte & Clark, iroo cranks add 8 turkeys Frerelt Bros. PABSENGERS. I.irverpol. per ship GIloe.. nst $Iachey, and 3S in tbhe steerges. CONSIGNEES. soston..per ahip Ch.,rletern..J A Mearrett, E Lombard Ogden a Southgate, A Grat tr co, R L Kay, H Boneabe]. lBurgitr. Stnetc & co,. Carlneu M6 Mlrllott, G Ligondre, Lawrence 4 Legesnutr, P Slitunon s Ilro, Philipl., Rsynids 4 co, E S Sanford, C E Keith, 8 Slater, Mahard d Sigerson, Laet a4 Amelung. C Danse. J L Leland, E John. b r so. A Parrr, Jaivia & Andrews, J Hl Lreveieh & co, G 8 Curtiss, J Roberts. E Sprage, It G Davenport, Heushaw A Rogers, Ei Stow & coe. A P L)unbar, W iHolmaas, A Wbitmarsh & co, W hitridgi A co. A Castillo, G WVithiy & co, Yeatman & co, N Forsger. B a& J P Whitney, Beele & co. 8 O Blaiehard, C Flint, Italenderson Gains. B Brower & on, Prescott, Jones. 4 c, E Frost. Frost & co. Bas All Hawtllhorn, Davis & Ht. hart. E C Johnstone, t B Vennard, B Atwood. F I Weld & vn, J P Boyld & co, I R & re. RII White. Ltverponl..ier hitip Giloue..Srtetsn & Avery,Edwd Yorke, Kennedy, Desvil co HIlnnsor & Mills, R D Wai.soll. raoder, McKeuea and WVrght, J Varen 4, en. Anthole v R.ach. C RiIon. S tteathsa co, K 4 J Correll, S A W J Dryan, ThOs ll'and, Biass 4 Hawlhorn, sVm b iw, A V& J Denuits.un 4/ eiew Yr.rk--per siilp Troy-Burk, Watt &, Co, Law. r rlcn and tlill, Allen Aslhur, J. 0, Gregory nndl ro., htaldroe and co., J B HIvllen, James B rjIey P lBrswer and co. BuccUs, Toddd d Co. n tJ 'L'rhis aned co Tas lor and Hauldcn, U P I.oulnsi, Datntl and Girdeens, H A Wisuley, C Ituce, Adaies and Ilirtwcll, J W Stanton atl co. J B Wilcox, DI and A 1) Crosmars,. Mirlgeand co, Pope, Pwers and on, Ihlhtk, Marsh and Ca, Stetson and Avery, H Enlglish,O D Lgan, C Byret, J It Field, Lots and Peek, T C Dagoreunse ansi cu," Leolie, Stevens atd CO, Reel and Delaege, Anslry snd lRobinson, Rt arontlg and co,il.ayet atd AtelungI IIl Chiteliaud, \V Dien, W Ailing, Youltan and co, Nor. , msni, Steel and co Walker, Walon and co, K Stow and cs, i U Aest II C Percirval, J B FiId. It Marsh and I ic, Sully and McCtackrelt, J 1 Blatahe. W Nvewcnmh, Sloes nil Byrle, Ileorove Iverneis,J Doleha, U I P Lans guln, A E' Crane, L KI Bsrton, Norris and ol,y Lns, i Iluretic d co, (C iadeuse, IV B lIvynolde, Hurt, La.. Liti and coe, Mlallrd, Smrith ntd c,. Hubbard end c, 9 WV ilode, Whiling tvAd Slurk, J McCotnnell' Woodl anod t] Simlntst, [F'elt and sco, laul Tulle antd on, Dtratid Azuran, M'ilvrcow and c,. M Lstd.4V W i Guys, Sellth and VuOrlcee, Richird.oan, Stalesran and co, '1 l Curtesi, Kirktmtan, Aller.erthy sed Iltaan, Blackiwell and Clarke, LaS.reu.e ed Lrgettllre, l'ahlmenesl Joln-s still,, J I:; agner and co, F IE; Kiatnnln, l+roi arnd J.,lrl • siub, J \'atlre and cs, 1, P J1enn'oee o.da cs.. \h , en-i, Ii Lirericti tt d co WtlItIttv c tt, fir.ucr h8ilnIýrae !ana to, J Tbyr and C . B Mirtniri. (afd ¢ eat, Tn Lea and no, J nad S Hrilntna ar tli, l'cnsantn ant co, c , Hole. s nid Iilnalle1, n Casey Stranl and Rnnkln, Dwight and Trnwarilgc:.J II Gra l o hnn, L Msh. F. Johns andl o,,v and Hllnt Ilnnaght;n. Iinth tn.gnd ao, Brsndor, 'iln( non ar~d 'o. BLevy. Heilntah nnd Rogers, Cl 'leaker, D)C Swain WVelln andi Plhillip, Morrell nnd O ngai s order.d . L Nnawe..Per ship exon. ..y tiffanla Ceesu, Raboa tneaalmbeth an Thnompnaa, A .ol~lte, 8ngsta.l, T Donur Kahnl Daran and co, T Rose, T B Coverlrla V and O Vla -a nend. P Bfrjec,Reinank Delary and ano, V A Marat. Dubulan, dr Brush and Lraa A and Z Cavalier. A Loiodrer. Chatalant & co, Onreya, E Johns and in, Hyde a d Goodrichb, ll Byrnea 8 Oornes. L Iarhnran Mears, Cardeville and lawrenne, Pay I) rosa and Maerrell. Admsn. arsae. ousl.n and ao, Rivardl anod co, HerbertVlln and o, O Hnrtwell, 8 Vlgale and anto, i Levy, Mantr and order. MEMORANDA Ship Glebe spoke bark Caledonia on the 17th letl, oa apentoneay. Spoke Fr bark uchess of Orleans ona9tb Dec, lt 19, lang 53; sailed lid Noa, fromn Hvre, bound to Mlobilea. MARKETS. ln SAVANNAH, Jan. 14. Cotton8S..Arr'd since the lth a st. 115 bales Upland,and 138 bales Sea Island. Cleared in the anm time, about IO - hales Upland. and 10 nr 00 Fean biland. There bas been an active demand for Upland Cotton aianle our last, and prices have farther advaneda n percent per th. ales drnlab the week frlom 0nl00 to n00o bales. Liverpnool acoant to the Ilth Dec. show the manlrketl to lhein an active m stata ad d prac. still a ddvaning. T.he largo imounal anld, anaa asmell advance, cause at to alter our quotations as follows: Upland. orad. to I mhldling 1n a 13 cents; fair to good 131 141i strictly print a I 15S, lealand 33 a 50... (Republaan. " MEMIPHIS, Jan. 2. The river cntnlluu swelling and we once mnorne har.e the gratification of alllansaian that the navination of the pinea pal Westearn rivers is again free. A steamnboat arrivead ye terdav fronm alvs Cincinnati, and reportsll 8 ft of wlater in the Ohio. and tha river rising. The MrketL..l'roduce is arriving more plentifully from above. but ua yet produces bt little varalllltion in pricel. Cotton finds ready ale at 10 toI II cats...(Enquirer. GALVESTON. Texas. Jan. 12. Flour soldat autionat Tuesday lst at 23 per bbl. ii, MIOBILE, Jan. 26. Cotnlan..Ve reported in our a1.1 70,035 balsa as the stockl on hand including all on ship board not clared;..we abvo deducted n error of 47llbalaes, and Slae. than we have recal i, ad 17,427bales, and shipped to Liverpool 6935 bales. to Havre a. .llbal. c to Now York 3613 male. to Boston 9141 bales, to Pa 5 ideo7ll bales. and to New Orlas :110 bales, baking in all 1,a3.i bales; leaving the astock on hand nleluding nall on ry ip hoard cleared a o7131biYle. (after corracting the nbipments Into NeNw Orleaa, &er.)against 7n2, bale, thle same time last .aseaon. The quantity eo.sumed in the John'l'aylhr, about 2 hbales, not beIng t.ken aInto accountl. On Satarday. aftear oar last repsrt, a lively impulse was iv ry an to onr markeat, and an advanace of a n l fairly entalllihed, ta a whih considerable trsnsaiatona to place. Sinae then not no animated an appearane aa baaee. exhibitead., althoual hotl aslua abnnt a uma a. as ..l.nronlac. CHARLES'TON, Jan. It. Cotton..Tha sale in Upland, since our review ofnnlturdan. 5 have been light, and the pricen than quoted. have with. dif. Scalty,a ben maintained. Holders ar unwilling tn give nay; 10 and buyers are in unwilling toperatea at present rates,hencea ihs in,lctivity whlich paervndes the market-..[Cnourier. RR , l-Y N miLl T, .25 24 FOR HAVANA-'rTomorrow 4 The At fast sailing brig LUNA, Capt. .2 Halletrr, will positively sail to.morrow eve I l lng, (the 30thinst.) For passage osly, hav. ing elegant furnished accsnotdations, apply on board, opposite the Triangle stores; or to j29 WM PORTER. 95 (onmmnn st FOR BOSTON. The fast sailing coppered ship IIANO r VER, Capt. Jneson, wil have uepotcl; for freight of L00 barrels, or passage, apply to tsr ja29 S & J P WHLITrNE ', 72 Camp st son FOR NEW YORK-Poe-ago Only. lr The .\ last sailingship C-HARtLOTTE, tre Captain Rice. isill receive immediate des il patch. For Ipassage only, having slperior UCaC Odatlon, apply to tile ( naplain on board, or I ja29 L H l AI.E,Q:l Conlononst o FOR NEW YORK. The fast sailing ectppored brig HAR RIET, Coap. Fisher, will hae despatch. For freight or Iassage, opply to p j9L S & J P \v1tl ltl'NEY, 7y2 Camp t ft AL--76 tons ofthe beat Englinsh aoal, well suited S for steam boat ee, on board blque Abeoon, from to New r'aslle, for sale by HI)LMMES & MILLS, it ja29' Bank Place .rt O'ATOES--100 barrels, int store sd for sale by t j9 CAA1P dIN & COOPER, 82 Julia st to IAR-200 kegs Tor. in fent rate order, Iorsale by red ja29 CHAIPI.IN & CII OPEIG , 8 Julis o bh j AISI r--IO00 boxes Nit Raisins, tbs 200 1.2 boxes do do i 1t00 4 boxes do do do n, In store and forsle by ja29 CHAIMPI.IN &COoPER,82 Julia st I to LOUIL-R bbls superfine flour, lsading aid for ipl saleby J THAVEIt & CO, ja29 74 I'oydrao st ° (O IL & SAo l'-100 b bl- Tanners oillin prime order, asd 30 blda summer strained sperm ,il, 't 1200 sascks Turk's Island srll,tin store for sale by ja28 L It GAlE, 93 Corirtnr rit r. F LOUR--6110 barrels choice brands, landing from flat boats, anid for sale by j09 G DORSEY, 441 New levee . 1ja29 G DOISI.Y, 44 New Lrwce as AtD-P100 .egs lir rale rby Pe AP hlja29 Sl'ETSON eR.rteERYi,8a8 n Graicr B J ACON SIDES--SO0hlld Cininoali, rs n!d in store and forsaleby STE'LCSON r AVEKR, 910 jr29 8 havier at SARtD-25ia kegs prime leaf Lrdl, Lni lin.e anil for SLmale Iv J TH-AYER t7,,, ja39 "it P'oydrT s at O 10OTS, SHr tES, BROGANSi &a.-ia ri .oa.el as L rious quolities, for grntlralrre, ladires, irisacn, boys, youths ard children, foeral- by j29 ,ISAAC IRIDGE .\. Ci,, 131 Malazin. st le LAOU-., foiuwhesl," Potatrer. nc. t 100 half ibls lmrilv Flour, 915 blrlfibbla PhilrdelphibnLelkr hnat meal, 10 Quarter dol do do 100 t :ilhtil do dr do 300 Haonlers extra sized llanre potatoes, 50 small ;ploecestorereeee. Id- 50 canister, preorrved aslmrna, 20 boxes Philadelphia assorted preserves, L Justreceived ranl fire ale by G W PlITCIIARD g, JO, TAGERT, Jr., jao9 car Poydras &S Magazine at PAPER, Wholesale and Retail, certeatly on aind, to suit purchln ars. Draeing blue tid wrhite 20 vellum; qunrto post; leIlttr paper; Ivory packet post; commercial do.; billet Ifrom 8ro to 16tno; printing of every description: marblh, English and French. Also, ors. m sic paper, ruledl II to 16 staves; colored eobossro. gold and silver, plain and embossed, including every sin description of wrapplng, for sal e by DAVID FELT & Co, N Y Stationers Hall, I ja2a 24 Chartreseet a ATINETS-I cases drab ard mixed seatintls, Sfair and merliuom qualities. for sale by j29 ISAAC BRIDGE & Co, 134 Mlsgarine a N EGRO BrOOANS-- 0 cases russetl brogans, drcommonr and extra size, for sale b re. j29 ISAAC IIIthDGE & Co, 131rMsgazinest 8,0001 Capital Prize, aick Csa only $1 50 ids GRAND STATE LOTTERY. Nos. 21, 44, 66, thie asecond Capital Prize of $3,000 I IN, was sold at the Verandah. Drawing of thebs Grand State Lottery Class 7. 41, 48, 70, I, 63 42, 5, 46, 65, 30, 16, 27. I", LASS No. 9. Authorised by lthe Legislaetre of Sthe Slate. To be drawn Thilr Day, Jan. , 1ot 183, at 5 o'clock, P. 51. at Blishop's H rotel. de S DAVIS J&CO, DManagers. 75 Drawn nambern-a12 Drawn Ballots. a Splendid Sceoane. 2.7 814 Prizes, amountlling to $110 c88 Tickets $2 50--lales 1 25-Quarters 0 63. t^- Packages of 25 Tiekntes fnr$6'2 511, warranted trdrnwr L at least $30. Packages of 75 HlalTiciketls $3:1 25 war ranted to draw at least $15 00. Packages of 25 Quarter Tickets ~t15 63 warranted to draw at least $8 25. t For packages of- sigle tiakels, pIply at the SM 4IANAGERS' OFFICE, jan29 16 Chartres st S PLENDI D MANTEL GRAT'ES, at 60 Mlagazine 50 Rouasia Mantel Grates, rich, 20 Ground cast iron Mantel do., 43 Counting house Grates, commdt, S 100 Chamber Orates, S 17 Brass Moueuted Gratrs, A 150 COOKING STOVES, consisting of 50 Stanoley Rotary, C r 30 IPremium, nouk, S 20 Union do.E 925 James do. " 5 Inp. Rotary, with ovens, Together with llan assortment of coal Stoves. Fire J carriers. Ash Pails, stcel pokerse ash pans, blowers be and atcve pipes, b holesoal and resi.l, by WPARRY & CO 60 Magazine at ja5 IBuno Arcadse -I. ARD-150 kbgs Lee Lard, in astore for salen-y -b ae jo28 G DOI1SEY, 44 New Levee S0DON na1 libr etndlirar ditions,, icarce and L valuabl works, for salte by the subscriber: Works of Williamn Congreve, ill 3 tole, 3 do ShRirley, dramatic and poetical, 6 volte, N d, do Shafsabiry. io: v.ea, do Beaumont & Fletcher, 14 vols, do Otwny. in 2 volt, S do Hrore, 3 vsl, with an account of his life, by I-leey lnckenzie; do Sir'Villiam 'I'ermple, in 4 rols, io Elnmeror . alian, 2 vole, do Fielling. I ll rls, r do Roseo, Leo Xlt., 4 vol, do l.orenzo de ladiriia, 3 aole, do Iicl.rds n Clarisoa Harlsw, 6 vul;,e do Sir Charloes Giradlisoo. 7 ls, In additior to tle above, a large collection ofl.on doll edition scarce works. 1V.1I M'KIIAN, ja2l corCamp and Common stsa 'I-LOT. ING -8 cases seaestnble Clotbing, lalrdl d J from shlip Newbnrryport, for sale by at in,28 ISAAC BRIDG!: & Co, 134 Magnazine st i CARD TO PIlE LADIES. lu 1.[lLl.lAMl BELl.., No,. 10 Chartreso street, cnntlin. S tier t, pn'chsne old broke Jewelry, oll gold SI or silver in any foram wlratever, and pay the highest or pricer in Orl.ans. .adies who nary hsvn ol frashioned gold jcawelrv, visz: ear ornnaenls. noins, seekhlees, bubkles, finger p rings, as in fact any articlen of the lirte, whbies is ring l sidle ani oflo use to Illem, can exehange tllesal0 to - good dvalage, by caElinrg r above. NIB-Wc-\V .bs, Jerwelrr and Sonectaclen repaired in the best trnsner-- hargea moderatcl . ad 1x2. 189- lie I for sale by IAAC BRII)GE & Cr,, lt, ian 8 10t M.oozilte st ainn. ill slra, firi stle by ; DtflRSEY, jrs28 ' - 1 . ew ,'e.rc 'rt BE:PRAWN TJ-DAY. The following are the drawn umlbers of the Louis isal Lottery, Clanss42, Ithl 1839: 3,4, 4, 5, 26, , 01, 2, 6, 37, 17, 91, 53. $13,01)0 CAPI IAL I'ltIZl:. .LOUISIANA LOTTERY. Authorized by Act of Legislature. Chapter XLIII, pased Match I, 18t28, Clad No. 40 for 1838. Ito be drawn on Tueosaday, Jan. 29th 1839, ot 5 o'clock, P M1. tthe Exonhanage [Iltel, St. Charlea at. D. S. GRIEGORY & Co. Successors to YATES MclNTYRE 4 Co. 75 Numbers-13 Drawn Ballots. GRAND SCHEME. Prizes amountih'to $236 337; Ticketa $400 Halves $2 00-Quarters 1 0, ft Packages of 25 tickets for $100. Prekages of 25r half tickets $50 00. Packages of 25 Quarter 'lckets for $23 00. For Paokages or single Tiohets, apply at U. S GREGORY & Co. tine Maangers offde, jan28 35, Canal street, next to Camp at For Fulton, SOreeeport Alesandrio and Natchitohes I ' The new and substantial steamer a _ CAMPTE, Wmn B Carrol, master,a S will leave for the ahove and interme. dite ports, on ueday morning, 10 o'clock, the 29th lnst. For freight or pastage, apply ov board, opposite Ihe Custom House, or to THUS B LEE A Co. ja`28 28 New Levee PAPER! PAPER--Just received at 24 Chartree st. t 800 reams Brandywine letter pper, blue & white 2100 " Habb'rd's do do do do 100)" D D Ames do do do do n 500 " Hudson's do do do do 500 " fine & superflno cap blue & white, m Part of the above are plain and part ruled, together with a good ossormtnnt oflarge writing papers, slch as folio post, deny, taedium. royal and super royal, blue and white, fiLr salo on accommnodating tern a, by DAVID FELT &Co, N Y Stationers Hall, Ja28 24 Chartres at UNINY BAUi--500t Gunny Bags in store, for sale, ro by CHAMLIN & COOPER, ja28 82 Julia at STINE--150 boxes Claret and Sauterne Vine, in to" V store and for sole. by :ja28 CHA r PLIN & COOPER, 82 Julla et to EPPER--100 bags io store, and for al y at ja8 J TIIAYER &Cn,7y74 L'rets st S" ORDAGei, coils tarred ote, assrlred ,. .. sizes, from 2to g incPe-; Spunyorn land atonlne t, aetfst; elO, Deep sera nd Ila clead liAres; Niggiog t leotler, &cn, for nlel v I n- ja8 _RIAl) & nARStI''OW,7 Baotk P'lace l1 NDquDloty fo Aale h ja'29 ISA AC BIRIDfE &Co, 134 nltgttzio__t : FURNITURE! FURNI'I'URE!! ot TUST received at tihe Louiiinn Furniture Ware house a large eupoly from Noew ork end Boa ton. Persons in the want of fnrniture would do well Sto call, and relect their articles rom oIe of th. betr and largert stocks now in tie city. \V it CARNES, h.t de 53:1 ieknville st . N B--Porticula antention paid to pecking alnd hnp-. ing Furnitur, freepr ofxpeoae. d6-2 d, ANNUALS AND ALMANACS, FOR 1839. SSPLENDID Lonldon Annotalo,-'llhe Iltnl, of Roy ally, iaerb rt'oll ptlates; Fioden's Tableaux, and Gallery of Graceo; r. Fisher'r Drawing Room hSkertch ook; or Beauties ConerotuSe,-t-h rls andot Blasonus; Waverly Keepsake,--'Tha Ilmpr'ial; at Oriental Aonal; fnores t one Not, Jordans Peortait Anor nal; tCarioer J Anntwll' Colnio Anneal; E, FRiEuWMhCp's Ot rl"rmgr o- I'ih(lr's .Ilverile Sketlch Blolk; or Young ldies and etne o Pioentletioe' AmlUal t Aloric, A Watt.; t(:llrtsholt, 'T'ahlt. ston Ateyrianu Antuaoo. S ThiTokhen and Atlantic Souvenir; T- Ihe Violet; Thllnoifi; r nMrs Gilman's anonual Reis ter s Ilousewie Almanac. Anlmanac's. American Almanac & Repository ofUstefil Knowledgo Ihlot's N taclicl Irtlanoc; d lE Jlhns & Co a. L.ouisiana Alnoanae; to Crockelt-Comi,-Germsoo Alhntooe, Slenart's Diary for 18031, sontnioing a blank memo ne randal for every day of lh.-ll e car hbyE l .I!INS & Co., sut ecorner of St Charles o ad ComoGn le t. v 28--5w t MtIE-100 .oeaks fresh 'thomatron Liole, lnding from shi Fcerax, for sale by d-28 2 & J P WI ITNEY, 73 Col, s A NDREW SIITlI & CO., respectfully informI Stheir friends and the pohlie in caneral, that athey occupy the new brick slop, 219 Tchloupilotlas or street, where they keep constantly on hand Copper, Tin and Sheet Iron Warp, of every description, a, co as copper stills, kettles, and p eps, tin ball. er,in to , and oil cnns, of all sorts nod sizes, nod all Sot lr brass castliog done at ohorlest notice. at Grate bars of every dloscriptio, steh as steam. bout stirrups, og clhains, screw ikolt, anl other to kind ofstoambaat work, such as chimineys, breoch. e, e, steam pipes. '- hey will also do all kinds of ot doolnr work, Ssuch a zinc, copper and tie roonfing and gttlring, &e. They above and all other kinds of work in their lioe of Iuineoss, they will oexecute st the Ashorteslt notice. ,ltc27 E, JOHINS & C:O. . to 'rl'A I'ONRtt'S tALT. eornerttf t. Cht'lh'A ntod t1 'oTeto sntret.tes, Thve ll'nstilrl ' alnvitf g rrelvoo. vel ld tien o ill lmrrl Iheir asnrtmrott of figotet ti t o etgntland, eorce and thie Nt.rth, ofier for tha e fi csl lon; iogr artiel l L e n, E ulishl ra winS pan ers o a l f i nee, , do wrilint d(o tpalr rtoal, t tal nledium and demy, foou a nr. l"pt'r pn "hr, S ex. nlarge thin velluom; J. blue laid;do do copyino ptper, at all sizes, London and Iridrel biads; do foncy letter andt note prpcr, plain, emboss d Intd coral br rude, .Ameriecan o. , letter ,l o riting papers tnlom th o i rat mills in t lln ttIi)l, Pertt an PrAer s tfailn &erw iari; !lJet (;t, r lla ll ld nd ll I'h quills: f l iel en'n and tPerr 'a hl.t ot' t fig inko Ettoliolt ao w tornTit Th 'nt O tlo u.pig aper; t Rodgr' . tSon' Ihest. ctlery, cttiesistiJtp ill td, dirk, poll and desk klirvs, uazols nd s:is. it eors, at; Pocket book and wallet's Roussia ao1 Morocco of A Tleather, s, English wafers a nd soaling wax, oultritr qual' tl no; Travelilnr daoko al drerosioo casn. ry Akehronar'so and Newionll Ibest natnre cn,,.,n, Brookmlano and Akenrln o'n drawhing pPnilo, Drawing hooks, Alhmsw and Britisll slnd Amr. t icon Annotlos, fIr 1839, - Bobks-Eoglish, Freonh, oSpniolt, Italian, fioe rman aod Latit, in classical, low, S medienal works, literary. On. t Just receive' alnd fsr sale by , nn"20 B JOIINS & CO. IMPORTANT To MASTERS or o.TAOI lit Ata'S S h'lte subscribers have in swore a few Ilarrelo of 1ilnatitntld Petr, u now rltiole lately invented in New York. A few brreols of I ll Peat wasp' on hoard ttt Gruet WVstern oul hr last trinl;the eup eer stoa'en that 0 tile result ofh t 1 itrn l Il ls satiticld i that ItO Ibs. of Peat are t'oan to 3011 I. orrl Coo andi tlhat i cttse where there is difficulty in gun lting or keelping a goo.l headu of steamo, thiis fuel is disltentuable. The di ,eotors oftheo Great Western idrerd tihe purchase of of 200 brls for the use of Ithe ship, which was ptt oil board o0 her last delparture. For a trial,apply to S LOCK &.Co. No if Frmon Levee st N B-Rut 2 .rls at a tiae culle only beo delivtered to one steam boat, until we get a furthier .utlply whiclt will het a n eV days. , . c6 S , & Co or lj E ondenignod boonve tis dan foruond n on-parl tO ars ip for rlte rlottslclilttt ofn a (tallla' Cnltloio esion and Forurotling blltiuoon, in thiln ito, i nolhr tilo e tilll of SHA.LL &I1 UloW. ai.d i ito y(n Inkon the mlW brick rture, No. 926, Ma,,ziue slrecl, (hlar PSaydris st.) Refernocet: JAMES 0 tROlWN. at Stetrlln & Avoro, hlt'iing & nlark, Woltona &'o." Wlogart, tletgot e. Iuawthorn. J Tfhayer o o-. W a. ton & Sholl. Noto Crocket & Sltrpleigin, John Faicirild & co., W'alker, Etoersnn s-0o., Grga g4 Chickering, BosTnn.y Chua P ftltey d c d.optn. Whimiddose, ntnot,,tall & c FPitohorgh, Pe... Etlgeertln dt \ttodbridge, illarietta, 0. John OVoodboidge, Eq. Citiltinothet O. J & t Yeatmaun Ag o. . oo..... JamesP Clarke, EneA . x.afnvnm, Teno. E 6 A 'Free, Yr?.Otllls, Me. dl 19 t ERiRING-500 boxes Nos. 1,2 & 3 Smoked Hler Sring, Idhnding and tar sale by d27 & J P WHITNEY, 73 Comp nt e JEP'L SAUCE-15 bhees, cooanunig t5 do each i. itore, and ior sile by jn4 SIHAI.L & BK VWN,96 fiMngaz ie st .I OOTS & BRUGAN,--40 cases,conissting of goat Ssoewed boots, extra size; men's and boys, russet brogans; men's kip brogans, :c. landing from lhip Newburyport, for saln by jal7 ISAAC BRIIDGE & C .134 Marozine at AVANA COFFEE--B bags prime green Havana Coffee, landing from brig Siani, or rsale by JOSEPHI COLKAYAN, d24 25 Gavier s t PRANL.IN INFIRMIART. 7HE public aerr r: pertfully informed that tans insto Stotin .is erected on the most improved plan, ald in an airy asd most udltirabie situation, in tie fatoour Iranklin, upon the railto d, one mile from dite M9issi Ihe boildingi0 large. anl meoteotommediolelvedivided tinto apartments for kipmt separate different classes, nid dtl'ereat diseases.e The institution is suppli I with too most skilful and attentive male and tfealh, nusoes, and speoking the va Sriols mtoernt languages. Private roama lny be had by gentletlen at five dol lure per day, includi, aottendanct, &c. 'Tertns i0 tile trdinary wardo, two dollars per day. ISlave also two dollars. Smallt Pox in the ordianry wards, five dollars. All capitel surgical operationn extra. L'he reoident ph sician is Dr Weddeieat, to whom application fir aditiaseot tlust be toads. or to Dr C A .uzemberg, No 17 tRampart street, apl91 '` INES oa Education. How shall I govern my Y school, addressaad to young tiachers. oIh oII adapted to assist parents in the mana.tgumelm t of falmi Iea : by E E Wiee, iauthor of 2 3,,as uta a halt in the Navy. Hitals oa Education, by the samne author; also, Hall's lectures to schwm'l uasters. For atle by d31 A ITOWER, 49 Camp et HALE Ol|.--li barrels in stire and for rale, by Jt 17 .t.A11.191 TRIEItI, I. Povdra Caneap St. Theatlre. Blenefit of GAIRIEL It.\VEl,. i''LIts EVENINO , JAN. .9, THE RAVELS Will appear in six of their wonderful pieces. On Wednesday, ecound night of MR. FORREST. R HENISil WINES FOR SALE- 41 boxes iHockhab er, 29 do Niersteriner, 28 do Ilarkobronner. These wines are now landing from brig Alexander A from Bremen and have been selected with particular care, by faetors at Frankfort, Meetz and Cologne. dtal rig extensively with this article for this country. On every bottle aneatetiquette is affixed, showing quahl ty, year ofgrowth and bearing my name. as impoiter. it and ouarantee tie genuinteness. jol26 AIRAAIIAI TRIER; 34 Gravier st T O RENT-An office on thoe secold floor, o.eupted I .. by Messrs. Kelly, Iarris & Co. Possession giv ren on the trt February--arpply to O W PRt'CHAC ItI JO TAGERTJR, t ia26 cotr Povtdrns& Maoazinee t SDACKER WAN'T'ED-A seist rota Pbckor, well re i commended fr ability and steadiness, will find employment on application to B BIOW'KV t & Co, 1. Io25 17 Camp rt 1 ACKEREL.--200 barrels, tl) half barrels, and 50 qr1 rbarrls, Noe. 1,2, and3,Mackerel in st for sale by ja24 J 'HA YIR & Co, 74 Ioydrast t ITI'ED UoUU;I.E''o--18 duloz. mti store ftr sale by or ja24 J T'IHAYEIl &. Co, 74 Poydras at t: C£10FEF & CIOAltl-36 doz. primer green Ha StLJ vana Coffee, 5Wl000 Inavaon Cigars, landing from besruie Roger Williams, for sale hy JOSEPH COCK.'hNE, at jau'4 25 Gravierst ' SOAP--800 oIxes No. I and extra sonp, brands Jee. at . Gould, Jackson . T'Irowbridge, Geulge Robbina and J H lioartau; tor sole by ni js24 ISA.AC .itl OGE & -o, A131 Mngnzles t It 1TOCOFFEE IIOUSI F:& BARS-iTheiubscribers hnve jast rtrivedl a large assoortmetr of Gnass Tetobler, Ilecanntors, Sutigar Bowlts nid ilver punchI s Lalles and toddy spoons, whicI theIy uirto ftr sale low. d j"'!2 I) IItBROWItl: I & 1C,.7 Cimo at te U O 0 si o ll standald worki. co ilang of lMemoirs of Crdock, literary and miscellaneous, e 4 volumoes, & Csuruallod, 7 vrlo, .t do Phillip deCalmiln s, ;v e,, - do Cr.unt de Grammont, 4 rinol, dogt Gibhon, 4 vols, 0e io Cutlhrini 24d,3 vols, ,- do * Guilfird, 'II do Sir Dudlev North, id do Sir John Norih, do Napoleon, by \V t Ireland., vois ot do Npioleon, by Sevary, Duke of Ifsvigo, ' il4voli. In sdditionL to theabove. a large eupply of standard works, aot received, for oale Iy , jat6 W\VIt MoKI'AN, cat' Camp &, Common at ad ALCOiIIiL-Lt It-rrorat loIon -ltortoroluy tiLe l Aleohol, iowlodiuig friotliip COal i na, and for sale by JAIiVIS & ANRItIEW S, W HirE I.EAtI & LINS 1 .:I ill .. Si 511k keec prtal llilad Ihrllli 10 tite Liad; I 50 hd1s. I.nolish Linsoo d (l1 10 Iooks D.uhh l.i...eid iI iO, for male by j'2(i c Lr Coat noin . 2 Tchli.,uh,: stn 1"" ý in store asd fir ralle h ov ja_5 Jb_ 'I_ I AYEIf & CO, 71 Putdrs r st `V PK EV--50 bloleaoul dilird lIotak l y Sj'25 (;. lI)lnEO'F, 4L New I.evee | J,1ANII.LA IOtRD \(11.E-f Ii as iii 'lc d, - ill ltre, all fur sll! by J TIIAYMI & Co, O ja6 . 74 _'ovr_ eiil iat t j26 CIIAl111'L.IN &C lOltt'l-.l 0 11lin st g j26 CIIANI'IIN & t'Ot(l'I;lR, 1. Julio st S5 d10 AiU SttI.\VANA 2O)FFEE7---- 311 tlIholio nl do. segitrt. 'm I 111i boxes Virgiia cew 1 i lIng ',enii-a, 0t 121)0 do. fresh hlDlnga uiSiu, OGA Ril ilt CiOP lelnTl IT as 5U lito it,,-ane,, 3i -7 a Cils o a olllds 110 bo\ns a tln anudles, ell 4 bnrriss p)erm and d ll ntur oil, 17 bibls o lt leerom, ill tilro ftr f nsale Jj26 AIIR.\ 111 1 Ttitl Elti, 31 I t Sin stoi rle b J T & S j.a16 7 1s'~y di-, .. ig , lS1- - -- - b t r ' - ,'; i - .;-. i:o;,T J i ol - I ,'Y A - 9 I, .ihl .Tl JuII I 'l 1 I lt'l,7 l i i llinsi- tI ie 102iii - .-11-,00 f-li0 tls i iil'i ).oil, f iit b 1t ', 'rdo r L l ( sLR ',,'ll ti, O 'l- I, dl .l l v li .l, Jc.)JIHN ,V. CIIIIDS, -o. 3, Camp i Si. till li. toILL cn.ra. . ldfrit r...,ir, lothnnl notc. I~ i . u l'ox iu ' bisrit oi l , o ig , ili,iI'll tile ond vili:nlt. (.tld- Ii(turi "I, re,l ulll ar ,. , I ...mine , I opae seals du or pla:Ir ll r toc- )(rware, l-, '. -l i nc, t hand, allno azsortent i siren l ht,,) sld br.tse " , ,r ll . i.- I IRACES. to, r- IllE Sprino tnrlintg, for 1t39, will colitnellre the •Iaut WVodnesdiy, 71th ,liarch. and continue live of days. P. C(ENAS, Seo'y. P. loll NEW ORLEANS JOCKEY CLUB RACES!! ECLIPSE COURSE. Q PRING Ml EETI[NGi, 1839, will c,"mtenge to \\'ed b.-o nsduv 13th of Marclh, 183;9, encoulinne 5 de y. Particulars in due" timae. Y. N. )LI VER, jan _ _ P'roprietor tR)WAND'S 'TONIC LIXTIIUtE--Just "eceive 20 case. ofufthi invaloubhe remedy lir tle Fever anrd Ague,wurrntrd gentine, direct firoi tho manulnc. tory in Philadelphin, for ale by JA IVIS & ANI)REWS, jal5 eor 'echalitoulun & Common sis EW IV AW and ledical iook.s: Curti ' Digest aF'caseo adjudicatrd in courts of Admiralty of tho U. S. and Eugladl; ua e aOd valua bie work. Pe.ers' Diget of ases in the euptnme, Circuit and I)ostriet Couorte,a newsupply, 1 rot, \Vistar's Anatonty, a new edition, received by Pano cost, The American Me dical Almunac fn r 1239, a new and onuseful medical pock, hok for ledical gentlermen, An ll n ssortmeur t the most al.tprorod Law and Medical works. L JOhNS & Co, ja7 car Comtlton _ StI ClUlcs eta 0UOT'1'S-.ludiogfefuolttjt Arnu, 1 caeo r of lien cull sew'd Boots , Il salehI by ..ja17 I BIeFI' :i ro. 131 Maeazine st PERMl CANoI)LES--a 300 bo ,is New Itedford b sperm Claodeto assorted rdizes, of approved brands, 2000 gallons rNow Iedlbrd winter sperrm oil, of very superior quality, 100 boxes No 1, Boston Soap, 10) do 2, do 200 boxes superir tallow candles 10 casks 12 oz zi e,il n lheets, 5 caseR,511 ilheelterelt, 10 lb c pponr 200 shleets ,razier's rapper; assorted, 175 hugs prime green llavaua colfree, 511 thousand llavanaciaro, 70 bhls refinerd lttlre Oil Clhumni2tt WViea of suoperior quarlity lmprial, egunpowder, yoong ltnollt u honclton Copper, in sheets, from 1"2 to 1000 !bb Illake Lad l'oltnoc.erted szes, flA slue by jatO. J)OSPII COCKA YNE, 95 Giruvir st .. Low A" C'LI"-Firet rate, Il),,lltloo) Iura I- jo25 P LAIDLA\V, 06 C ,amp at LTAVANA CIGcARS--Reeiveo d IfomI bit nattnfuac. .1 tory in Ilnvaott on assrtttclte l 31111,000 Cigurs. of the bet quality-''ruabucoe, Iregahlina,C'oatrulone, for salbe It Pby . AiA, ja7 17 & 5SCUslotom Ilouse t ITTER 1.. 0r kel. .tototnr ...... tladi..tud for orle Iy BPS and J P 2 I'PNEY., 73 Camp t P OtRT FtL.,IOS..A splal .,id assot ment of French W ri Sling Dllesks, varloul nirs aid patl'prns, for Wolae by DAVIt I'IELT ard co, j8 New York Statonorn' 1111l, :1 Chartres st 7 'l:r Voung lite, d Tih Young I louse Beeper, and T'lio Yotg Moltherr Bv \\Wll A Alc;tt, altlhor 00 'LItotoe I r I|n. '"Yoe Illan'r Guidih',' ald Editor of the Iibrary of IRetlt,. FDr oale hby ALEX.\NDR I I T'O\r AR 10 .i ft tclljc1 St. Char'les Theatre. Nth night of tIse et"t '.:l ,I' tile lt e brated Miss EI.LLEN T'EE. let night of the engagmetgulcne of ,1r. JAMIE4 II CALDWELL. This Evening, January 29, Will be perlformed the Play of MUCH ADO ABOUP NOTHING. Benedict, .ur Cadl elt, Don Pedro, Pueorn, Claudie, Harrison: Beatrice, Ills Tree, Hero, Mra Plumer. An Overture by the Orchestra Grand Pas Seul, by MadI'le Ranelom To conclude with the laughable Piece of TIlE MAID OF CROISSY. Sargeant Austerlitz, Mr Broawa, t Walter, Cowell, Flraneis, Debar, TIheresa, MrsParren, Marietta, Plater. WASHINGTON BALL ROOM Dress & Masquerade Ball, it Sr. Philipstrei between Royal & Bourbou. /r'lHE Mana;er of Ite above named Ball Rm,grnte - Sfaul to hts frie nd and the publio fao the unpral lulled patronage bestowed on him forseversl seasont, Sreutpectfully ilulfrms them that the eatalilhment hae 'Y been enlalged for the amusement of villtora, and un t dergone imtmease repairs. The bar will be surpe aed by tuuna in quality of liquurs,and the Reltaunat aill hb kept by the ablest lRestaurateur in thel United States. Tr The room will re-open on Saturday even!ng, 3rd of November next, bv a at GRAND DRESS & MASQUERADE BALL., aend will take tlace as usual every Monday, Wednea. . day and Sntllrly oevening, during the season, which iwill and on the het of May, 1839. N. It. The greatest attention will be paid to krep. et lng perfect order throughout the esalblishment, as wal duc last seauon. ,s oct24 lNEW ORLEANS AND) NASHVILLE RAIL ROAD COMPANY. st NEW ARRANGEMENT. ulI ' IfHE Locomotive will leave the Depot at the foot or I I.c istreeCt, everyday at8 A.n5. an return at 4 , P.1 M. except Sunday'n, wihen aite ,ill Dpepa et rtrn ~,- - IPa.M. It' A Cuer Ibprl....te parie, pro.Ided the nn.ber bIe utic-ientt, ill be sent down lthe roead on one day's prevcoua notice. i12, 1839 JAS If CAI.DWELL, President. COTTON -CI.CULA S ID' PRINITED wilth the Greatest Expedition, and o in a style unsurpassed in NEWtv (O ANS, or else where. rd OaRDns lefR t i CortlING Room in St. Charles Ex' st change, (Corner of Gravier St. ) or at T R U E Ae AMERICAN PRINTING OFFICE, Ad corner of Poydras and St Clharles Stre.ts, will bc Spromptly ailttendd to. Dec. I-II. NTEAI BOAT BILLS. WNEt S, AG(ENt'S, or CAPTAINS of'PEAM BOATS ran have their llill stlruck of, in one or more Colored, Ilnks, on Plain ot" Colored Paper, wit deipatch, and on farorable Terms, by lenaing their Otty ORIsa9lc'1i1t.E A1EIItRICAN OFFICE, corner of SIPoydrac nud Si. (lharll srcets. Naov29-t il '1.1{1 till --l0l roil,. wcinter strained aperm ce jual I.OCKE &Co, 8 Front Levee 0, / N A 1t II)X 1"S-5il Cud, mccc of onr owv m u l fYture, far stuprior to tihe InClilb, for sale by st j I( S LOCKE & Co, 8 Front l.eiree '1" ' 1t I-5I00 A ,keg-, NoNo In store, for sale S l by S LOCKE up Co, .janll 8 Front Levee st 01t lank Choclks, lills of Ldting, Auctio Bills, PamphletS, lShow bills, Coaa. logues, &c. Ac. p-'OIRDl:IRSfor the Abore, and every other ide. ctription cof I "I'PItN I'ING.ftj received at Compting Irouno qof"'1'UlU AMIERIICAN," in ST. CRHAtILa En cIrNrsE, 3d door Ifromt Iravi.-r troact,or at te Printing hlice, corner of l'occdrc. lani St. Charles lstreets. Exrtenir, and b'anlfunl IcBOo and ,Ion FOUInti ct frmn tde best i F.hries in tihe United litales, have ejua c been adcl,cd Ic tloe alrealy cwell-stocked Establishment; --and unstD, mtill bcr c.ccntd as I.ow, as Cheaply, t I:xpedilinl,,cl and Ileuutifittl, as at avny other Oiliee icc gli rh i itn Anoe Ir 5 11' 9 'I'INTI'I) at the slcnreit Nolice, in the most Si e.lrntl Imtnnr, in Ilcllk or c(olcred Ints, on Enamel. I.l hId, , Whie I, In c, or Pili, 0urite,l (nAr, and erie s crrcry re'as,coh'e at. 'I'ltUJI . AIttIf CAN OF 1"i E uc,, - or r " I' 1lnhas and St. Ch'erl'n ats. .. ,elralN c ndw cnld I tlillll Founts of 'tl Pe, haer just bee,, cddled , /7te l.stablishment. Ocrders received at Cmp,lltin IiRomln, St. Charlee it. Erchange, 3:1d doe.., "l (;raiet c t.,or at the Printing 1lice, rarner of l'cwdtr: . & St. Charles streets. 1- ,ccrc- t e Ti 'TO I.ERCIIANTS. ][oVnI(:CIIANTI. can have a lA.wuTrry. CInce. I+AR s/rt cc off afou r c lnor NOTtcr,.yatilingat tke Sl'o;linpg Itoon, of 'cI'R!E AMIERIIICAN Pa.anTIo; ()FFIrT, St. ('hlrlce-i lxchnlcl-ge, Maljouting the RIat. ItG lccc,- atc ('o'cr q/of (;rav ier arcedt, ora he Pint i Oflice, c-rnrr of l'oydrac and St. Charle streets. IA I), NCES wrill i Me il ude on li ,menlt to Liver i uul,llavrc, eMersilles,Newv York and IPhiladel. pu,.y ADAMlS t. WHITALL, - jal( 67 Gravier at 1Al tAs-Oio f dloS fliffereat qnaliii i c store and I;,r crde by Jonl5 AiItRAIAM TIiIEr. 34 GreleJr i $50 REWARD. A TRUNIK wee brtken open at Madam Shall's, an tile ve lillc of theI 8th int , and two pocket books, (onle red oeroecto, t,,- other block, with gilt edges) con. lailting ouliells oIluonh.papers, and a notl for $4,400 drawn by I'rel.,olt nnd lIayln,in efavor ofthe sl.blri. ier, i+anbleh out or tbhot the It1th of Mlaech, 1838, end dote tl th 16th of MarcFi, 1t837; the precise dates not re. colle ted,. All persons are foreo rned not to trade for said inote. A mIooi the Ittl-rs is a receipt of deloste, with Rurkar WaItt & Co, Iltbr $5 0, PymeOt ot which, as well as the tllOte, has been stlloiil.d. 'T'hle pcket book is tobe left at the cotntlng roome o Burke,t W'att & Co., t here the reward will be pad. jan IOawll , ttM. B. WA..1.. sT. MARY'S MAIRKET STEAM FERRY CO OT'ICE is Ihereby gie, thaot inll sprubuae oran Or dinluce, asse by tie Counci of tlu t 2nd Mone eipality, on .ednesday fe 2nd Jan ary. 1539--Boks el c lueption to tle ctpitl steok uof2Oe0 in ahus of$1(00el h ih said cul, will o otetlened at Mr. Chterles Dittotd's, o I plte Stt . lary'a market, Wed InodoSy the tlht , Iet.,l ted will be keolt oen for three liy farotut tll A. M. , 2I. 4t. ot taci day. Tea DLiollrs per share to no paill ill cash on subocribilng. S ItIGItE, C omlisCiooser, jltan10-1839. ROBITALL. (OAT 37 1Et00 bunhdtelOcii, In eron , a.t fir ls by o jO \IIITRIDGE and co,7r alln asn t 8ll SOAP..390 boxe Bn.toa No. t Soap, Iladini from ship Avis, ad for Eale by ja S and J P HITNoEY, d t t Camp at s PiENL[i-linTIi i Ann ualc and Novelties: (iellis of Beauty, ty tile Countees Bleeasisgton, The Diadem, it lies Louisa H Sheridan, Eirtap. petruncte, Heath'c 1olk of Iteaoty, Syriau, tile -lolv Lod, &c. Ae:ia tw oah t, llrti, all for 1000, with finished sn gravillgs, Olfver Twist, complete in 2 vole, limo, do dio 1ar!'2lod, No. 4, skrtohecs by 11", 10rt 6, Rob oflhe bowl, by thie author of Horse Sloe Rob Mlary Rayttond, and olther tcier, Ftnr Years in Pru'uny, by Ilobertson, Alioen Veno,, hbv ias Loeslie, and other novIlirs, EJOHNS & Co, jao7 cur Common & St Charles at FOLOUR-80 barrels superior Irnd, fnorsale by i iat7 0 H BLISS, 65 Poydro eat B U 'R--.U kegs. G hen butter, in . aole by J TIIAYER & Cu, 74 Poydresst TIHE firm of J D REIN& A COHEN ic thiseda charged cwith titt settlement tofallclolalt iaDoln the oncern, and will cme tlo name ofthe firm in lior idatio only. JOHN D. REIdas, e jan23-1839. A. COHEN. l3'A COIIEN contiouea tLie Comlmilion Bulisess in Illa individual itmc, and for hisi ow aeonunt, at No. lil Cotutotl street. Jan 23,1839 ol)D WOIit'loi' artq ioened PLANING MA. CHIINE. PTorr:o , NoTv . 15,1836. Tlie subscriber being t oof the agents of said Voodawortl, has oine of said Machites pnt up for use, in the tIill of A.lesar . Horton & Co., in the city of Ls faette, wicieall ierton can oxalittia; as e has a ntmber of stid timg hines for acie, and hus the aency Inr dispoeing of the privilege for tn Olu ail naoliLe, he i' desirous to sell by slate- or parisee, as may beat Stit Ithe a)plicato. ' lie machinioes are the greatest Is. hour tsviag Inainhea rver put i ure,l er dreajini and Ialtlmotitrg rolr lool s, or boards for weather alding. Ann peron deeiroua of ipteltltsig, cn call at No. 7 stimtirtt street, where tie oubacriler can be found. jsd9--1m . Wil, p HAtIKINS. £ '0101EE-.4 ibege Horato Corse landingfrom J barq tio Roger Villiaumt, lor sale by jalS S , J P WtlllTNEY, 72 Camp ol B UCK WHEAT'-- s Ilmlflelrele, fur sale by joa"3 S J I' VWI I'I'NEY, 2CampIt iliU\1i-Z utltin l'oydruo struet, a POCKET B ;lOK, cat,itting ,t, oti oi tlticipsal nMtes;thn oanor will call at thise ier and e'uitS tle eatle , jt,Ž-i

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