Newspaper of True American, January 29, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated January 29, 1839 Page 4
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- c''''cm'·, •I . , Att N ABUC ANa 8i IANUDAI)t t'i q ,"ýM LIrfta YNU tlrARCc ý S6l'co Pnnate nLFOaacO.z n Ro I;le't Pbilo ompthla Iv yn N, ic. .i.d L Pbttuoopi+JlIr 171 lNIn , ,ctrt: CiajiI, Nris 17;11 . d-lie tu cumt heilco' I) S.., " 1 IMDICAtI WOa.KS Phithe in t Ian ,old IC lurilprudende on Insanity Prtchard o lnacnity "Li-to's srger " red-ct-ooit'a popumlr 1adicine CMi li oml ef-etryP rCaeO lc tr, AND NAIUTIOAL. ý-itltaeactand Reopnsitory, fIm i139 iy-asepc mciaj Dictionary, Landon (c " lulannac ior 1839 tdtnditc's Navigation I thMeasurer AROagfl'actoje ANDe ttU0tANtCO. dar s it 'r~tin hro f Artrhjteetnte, t~itduO , 8.. 'il i-" <lirehittelatao, vole, London 41 i.?ohectiire. 't'eedgold's Cion.lry echanic's Ec- r clopedia.,. .try Tables ltrOOsc vernue. logr,,i,, t ;vol 'eal Miacellanier'e;mn the t e ir, J.lofc,,y and B. Conisea One aWorks, 2 rols, Lond,n .e4rni'e Cllrioitie, of Literature,L' i ,ll ,Eonomy; by" Say, do Vethake stn's Life of \t alter Scott, 2 vols Tina-l.-e andd ibella, "by 'rescntt,3 role --'.-i... a sl adeditd.ion, 7 volt, Bnc Sit a s eateraeclssortiett of It.w, Mediceal, Sienlic .le_ t Mi eellaeoue Ihobks, Nov .,Oltriel Grammar, English and ria;ni Ltian aend Greek.. F JOHNS 6r co. tI' b 'or. Charleo and Common rt. - RWAND'S TONIC ,IltX'tUIFKF Fr tre inen cure of the Fever , nld rlAce. 1T willt e Ie reolito clvso ered wherein tho Tolnic: Iix trf. is ih aelpneo 0thl. ordinary incd. of trerling ie LPaver anld Ar,. In the lint placo, lie ng n Veo iadbe Extrtor, and fie from any drlerPterioir ld liloeinn eia inredieents, it Inn0 Ie tiken wih the ,lrmonl Rale ty eavr hr the tenllderIlnfnte or ie edina l nid. ht pe v-tein rsprrf otfe din.nt,', l , he cons til Eeoon regaiLs ht uwonted tlli d aclll;vity. It elnh. ea h eo3n.o anllJ perliinent nppreiii, by ih v o ratin" thsa"0\l81h~nldid'e P :l ieia.ll u n i n0 C il ll0 olt ii.f, Witi pectliar in hlav·ing pu ] q Ilitv , it remlains Matin th howells itn iacren tili til isorderor c0 creale other dieases, but tilrougllhglv elennse the ceveral or gnes of digelion, and tlla benefits Ihe h .e etel with whtrevoer nht. f elctio .- it mav hbe nppresed. Indiiidhll, Afiter thle nii lflhc Tonii Mixtuire, have beeen xposed to all the Clcl causere if the divecre, and harveeecnprld ly y ytllll,, i fretllrll..WIlevac hv the use ofthe celollnin ielnedie, therw is alowovr ceia ted an increased liibli!iv to Ireclrrreone. I'llr dnner of freqllent rielni,aes cf iho Agne, is very siV i,nl. for the cistem will seon oreoine ton mueol prostatce to hbe ae to reaci with ieliiilcie, nnd .leiilp oll ia vic mii to reuch ilireirsnt iioleniieo Tihe 'I, hi licture i.s raod at ellucl i reinsoniunlo price, oi to it n ihlic tiL'rneach of every oe!--so Ihvt .li puor and rlr.titul e ire hereby furnished wilth assislunce willto solicii llI the aid 'and tcdalliIlc wliihh it frequiitli denlied to hathe. Or rle very reitelacntly benliowedl. The publlic are re.lclllv Ilt lll. .lliig llllet Ie.e eu Ad"l initaliohe Ofitis lidieicn,, hat are daily offered fir sale. f tiiprrelaed nnly Ir Dr. John u . Riow:nd, athis Lahrtaerv, l]arkeiic trn,,i e hladllltia. 'rhe enilcriberlux tl he hi inlele ocaetl hr lithe oureh \Vesteru <late,, cud will sell h the crisr., 1t SPhilhadelphia prices. 1', be had ai retaiil also, t llteufthe Apolhecarice in Iht city. JAIVIS & ANDRtE'S, h,'r hclesale Irtgcist., cOt oe Comml n ll & 'Tho ito mlct Alisnassippi and Lousnioa a hlotel, M RS. MARY I(IRKLAND respectfully an. nounces to her frioeda and the public gene ally that she is prepared to accommodate them at lai above establishment, and hopes from her exertions to render visitors comfortable, to receive a continuance of former favors. She feols confi. dent that persons visiting Covi'lgton during the ammer months,'caunot find better accommodatiotns than she can afford themo, on more liberal terms. Her house is pleasantly situated, and well supplied with every convenience; the bar is furnished with the most choice liquors, &c. inl short,she promises t'tat nothing shall be wanting on her part to give ti tire satisfaction to all who may patronize the Mississippi and Louisiana Hotel. je3 studied under Dr. Schmidt of Charleston, South Carolina, and for somn years his assistant in the practice of medieionb and surgery, has the honor to effer*his professional services in this city. He assures the ladies and gentlemen that. the most prompt attention will be paid to tihe calls which may be made; and also offers his services to the holders of slaves, being trwll aequainted with the diseasee common to themn, having attelded them in the sngar house in Charleston. Thefamousantibiliousbiios pills a fer the composition ofPrefeassr Stmolletto, with directions, can be had of the undersigned. The effect which they have produced in tllse and other cities, has been attended with the greatest success, to which the best of references can be given. Apply at No. 166 Maga. sine street. JNO. M'LORING. iULLUW WAIRE, WOVT D.-CfflREWSi SAD IRONS, &c. THE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 238 Water, near Beckman street, Now York, have received the past season, and are constantly seceiving large and extensive additions to the stock ef the above goode, which now consists of tile allowing assortment, suitable for the southern and western markets. Hollow warn of superior quality, consisting of about 1500 tons, viz, Pots of 22 different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, frora3:8 to 18 gallons, Bakepans or Ovens, 7 different sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillets, . . . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oriddles, . . 4 do Fire Dogs, . 6 de Wagon boxes from 1 1.4 to 43.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, from (4inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior quality and finish, and loss than Jatnc' intported pdriees. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for retailing. Tailor's and battor's Irons, assorted. Saehweights, 100 tons, assotted from 1 4.4 to 0ibte. .Bells for Plantations, steamboats, churches, &c. made to order, Also steamboats and other machinery made to order. Tihe above assortment of goods is partlularly recommended to the attoetion of S uthe n a.nd Western merchants, and are offered for sale at low prices, and upon the most liberal terms ; it is be. lieved to be the largest and best assortment ever offered mr sale by any oneo establishment in the United States. Merchants, by forwarding a request by mail, can have a prin'e.d circular, with deicripttnn of goods, paicesand terms, front wltch no deviatiou is ever made, furnished by return of mnil. All orders will receive itmmediate attention. New York, 1838. 3 NO MiERCURY NOR COPAiva Nnw Orfe ,ns, Nnv. 14, 17. A BOL'T sis mtthe ago I had the wisfortne t gcot Sa scret disease, for rthclh I have aplplited to save raldostor for a cure, and they did not cure te, so Iow on the above date puat Itynelf under tllt coue of I)oetot Hast, and I expect himu to cure meo. Since that titie the disease got worse, so as to break out in large ulcers to the number of six or eiglt on ea h leg, attd all over Tmy fae, and sore throat, and not a ble to work at h' present tim oar aceount of the disease; nlarge leer ol the right aide of the throat. I am no.e putting ntysell esnuently ullder titr care ofe r. auet, ,f Ptatis, to be perlfetly cured JO8IN IEAN. (9a 14 lv I DO CP.RTIFY that the ab,,ve meot;anedl dlseose is Iquiis well ttred to mv own satief:ctin, fotr whi:h l slast Dr. lbant; and oltreover [ .os ,re that the tledi. eune I have takeu tales me Cfat, and lid nt injiure Ity sealth at all; therefore I advlise m f Ilot stlferers t len notitoe u l apply to Dr A. lilltet, 12 Caltltl street, between Dantthln aid Bottrlhtt streets. IDr Hnest is at hmns from 9 o'lick,A M1, uintil 4 P 01. They will finad a tron ,loettr for this complaint. JOHN I)IDAN.II Crantvier street. If anyone wants to see me, call at N,. 4.1 tilaiut JUIiN DI;,E n. New Orleans. Fell , 1838. fat, 14 lv 01ew UrIsanO. oel , LO8J. fob IV lv J honod, in put up in botlns at thin low price ,f 51 deslte each, tl .1n trench rf thrro ounces it Liverwort, hl..i lere t, tirmroes1, alu:v ut.ler tunt. and herbe known auon* tI.e Indians as lficacrous in curing pulmonary uomplaints. The u ,ritralld suooesa which lse ltenoded the ose of this insetrorbln Balnam wheie'nr ii hbo ben intron duced, has olitinel lthe onfidence and ,eco lncndla lions of respectable phyrsicinans, for the cure .I counhs. coldn, pain Iu the sido, want lof res, .pittillrg o blood, limr4complait, &i .. To whom it mny concern. This is to certiej that we hew in our practlce frequently prescribCJed tle G.i-d. nerIledisa Beal-m of l.ivetvnrr a d Ilioorlcomnd, with Sdnidedlgood effect: wne can threforel imrll lhL kbnow tedgef the materials it is manse from. ;and ch:e, vntrnn an dep}eeirio, recorrrnelol it as a 0 l0;, ri,.a r paralio srtll Lctiona o the lhnno r ir fe icr it is re emmeadnd. AiBFR VI" \ll.LJh 4 l, .11. D. CALVIN EL.IS N. I). olembe.s of the Bostun Medical Association. Bess. Oonnhr 95. saleb JrKRVI & ANI).EWS, tih l l O tiua.nan l r'r eotitirslas rst 1-(7AR.J'S Vlrgethle' hinr' Oil, for rhe rcoeoerieo sad Irotwd wof lair, givig health and beartr and Moe tIbh Hair Oil wee ofOlred to the public, it had oise t dlhnedraol r f caseoa ofb lres, thinneors, andl sel gt e 4latlir eand ieenry1 inretneo its nsluary . ael ae beeat cehlned. i iaa.dsonoerrfriied to produce l bad bisautif' l growtl of thi, s. her"ia already Iel. seakr whle itre en.od dry und cnerre to gron ehikihl will very ..oo reauter it heelthy, and iprEouce _ee &d4 ltntittiful growth of bheir, witN'wut the lener i toy tetM had. This Oil gives a". agreahle fir II-I. s ispreferahle tn any cther II ir Oil for per iet , ee:utla g and gloeeiog the heir. ThIe hir sot een re drd ig iut For sale at JEB & D'LANGE, / CMh4ION tiAR'rT & CO, te nwreewo ,eivemrofn ' or. board chip ODlots, no gt lo Iln ltteblndelr~ r to 10 Ietrv Anrnein , and h, tin-ronnpil anot-. lonck rk m'd th1ile; ti,1t.il0 and t2 inch oldae lroin Kcat v.e r .tr on other nruvellid'. Rets ing Cartee; st. P r. Pohet, orson e'e, anid oslhing Pintols:ldon th n ot t ile Tnroelled Gowd ; Game lItos; Shot ioello; Podoner nod rPieol Flaski; inmh Itotltr annto riinking Caps; 1i8 Prcateudnn Cops ani Csp Hllo.hnr; Clttlh, hnir, Taotr Io and Noi Inoohet Orbrioni d Chloliooc Tooth wahlt etr Tooth Pownder Toilni ood Shoeine Soato, in gretn-t · netk; Inbg hair lirde, Rinetln anod Frizetean; Pear. lit nod Tailet Pon-der; Emnert Itrgs; Iooey TUb Comhion : on Patent Slndes or Garters; Goll P'uoti Sopendters; rat Powder Pnff Inld Boxes; Gilt Chains, SeCnl ano.d Kev EPar-drele; Wetait IBuckles: tBranolets; Beodt Necklcesn Wi and Chain; Gilt and Sivered Benlad; nldian tleads, o t Iell aind Plime; Sthell Ta-st; Side nnd Drewsino lit Catnilt; which,in addition to theirfotrer stock on hand. to sakes their assoetment very complete, and will be nold Ti ow ond onliberal teenr, at the siant of the Golden e1' Comtb. i25-tf 7?O Chrtrea street. ye lbe Snubcrbers, Agents foir the extensive housae of W. . S, Butcher, Sheffield, Endlnnd, have jlst eoeived a veto ertensive netof o' er, .s, consitine fC is Table and riessert Knives of n- -i, description, Pen, Pocket, )hitk, and Spear point anltern Ronzarn, Solo- to nos, Edler Tons,&ec. &c &e. eobo h thev are preparetd to o exhibit to theorade otr ordler. Terms and conditionu s will be made known tt the time. m16 J.t I. EIN & A COHEN.9t Conommon n t. NI5tn' Ol011S. di QIMMONS, IIARrT & CO.--Are now rehrnoing tI per ship o t untsville, Eagle, Merry Anlnew, tliiln- sl nadneer Penleh ant Getmmnt donu!ble lhetad phtnno erarlt: V ster,belt and pocket pilstolste pluain, rilbned nld Isplit ti cuwing ca ens eca hIllets; scissrst, IlnRzno, lien. it yes: (illott's etnmereol knand olner steel lpns: Vio- Ce cc; Violin strtlngs shell, ivnory and Iniorn,n; oon r;0 kI heal and leathelr lursesn hair brlnoila, fnrmt Itl nesk innltets; negro pittlh German :nIl Trennlnhe cologne - water. Rnwlanls moeennonr oil. imitationn dot nantihnene trll heeart- nil:, nortabln denke annd heslng eases: patn t bltocking; tatnio nd toilet glnes; convex mlrrocs; opo cal glissea nonl viewsna; Illlian honl, hellsannl plnmes; m Senrleotno whlit-lwinoi tonilrt ndl shonrilng snoaps; tilel nowler, e-metie nwino hmotto, ntd ot tint lin loshit8n potl standsnnl crew culhiots. ICney bnnoal chains sll.11 necklnaes: billihrd bti.; lltocket hooks and wanlltls,: Gclmnal honeso rttzor stnapt., finle tnll ommtnn gntl-nn eclastic on;traunlern, cantersdtln Bclls lucifer matches; sil Cer pencils; Ctrevoio, &e. &c I Thie aibove in ilddlition to or former stock of tanhio Irlel, = o1Ctt Iol :k s no IItnIsncntn one't ,Io e .nt-nI. i` t so wI otoslct or netail; as the signn ofilie Golden Comt, 7t). rCthoate,. stneet. meO. N RTC)PICE--TIte partaRhip of Kelley, lusn &Cot ," of New arle n ; Me.nnn, Harri &Co,., of nntohez; o ld IlHnarri,l(llev &Co., of ltnhnev. wn s dto , lre lon , heilat of lhy last, by the deoth of Samnuc A Mosonu,, Snine ofthe prianIereo 01 tile fir-s.t. Tle toideroiitnel, <nrviving paort-ner, will be ontngnd o with thn ettl-ling and eloning onid i,nlatne sas fdlws; : or LeviC Harris will attend to the settling of th. buines, o j to or Manso,,,llarrie& Co.. it Natchez; nd Ilarris-, Kl eor & i.ndnev; nntd Henry Kelley will attend to i Ie senttling oftlh hn'esines of Kliells, oMa'on & Co., nt in Pew Orleans. The noanes ofihe 'cveral firs will be I used in liqldtntio, only. 1 ' 'I'hlose imodhtoed :o said firom are enarneostly reqested 0o ontoo forward and nankcoenrl;, settlements and those having clinos will ilease resenolt tmtn ninonut delay. I d HENRY KEI.LLEY. N'w Orltnnn, June 27, 10,137. ,kN A FAIINA'S COIOGINE -VAT'PERl Ie o' 2caes m aro of this sutlierior Colognwwater. lust Sreceived toil flr in.le by tile lozenel or single bontl:. t Also Amnerican nid |i' enell toilet t ,wdere, ,powdner i. utl and Inboxs, slaviie and toilet soaps,n.onmeti washin ball,. mnilk of roses, cnsmetic etl! ceam, extrnaco o tunk, hneilmh t:ntronl·' vegetahle Iltir oil, potoatnunt, n'rneeleo prorse i Fl tidn ltvendar, rose snitd bioy water, T'ree' n,'eeetis, ota rseilleo peerlmtrv in trulnkm . voeto-. tile t il liquid ,'n o, (Chlnrine andiOrris t-toh wanl, nlntb.,nie tooth n:dl and fleso !irunhee; t,'onether with I- n ddit niioennl senpplv of fanolionab!e lir; uand shell combhs and jenehyyir sale Iloiw at wholesale or r. tail at by SIMMONS, IIART"I' &CO, o jnt!y 70 ('hartrer street. e 'NEV GOODS-Simmons Harte & co are now ire 5. ccivinn from on bcnard shnipa Yazooo, nrt Saratogn I nto d brig Coneonrdia, from New York, a great variety of inigoits in their line, whichil, together with tiehi foeinme stock on ln.od, hmakes their assort eo verr y:, pltte. SThie following compnose a art viz: elltwint,,.,,r., .;do, td tulk andd Irescsinicontbs, horn do ofoll deseriplinon, In Sdia nlrubber, silk nnol worsted elastic narters, noeimon no & as tin eltstic sunsenders, lico fiei emid Ltiltri montlcIe, to Seidlilz powderc, towdr puai's and boxes, toilet powdcr, to pocket hooks at a wllets, needle bnoks, shell, peonrl, inory and tlolroceto card sooes, Icod naments, Ipla'n co ral obeods, nccktaces anl neligee, chl-in, b-ad g neek!aces, c ut lats annd plninoeedsilvnernnd gilt bendo, n, Indints beinds, bell] ond ploimes; pistol and largepow nJer flsks, shot belts, hlore, bnelt. pocket and ildelin;I t tiitolr; doublle and asi:ngle barrelnled etlts, Bowie knivos, and dirks. senislos, slhairs, pocketknives, uard chains, and rilbbons, waist buckles, cloth, Itnair, tonoth, nil,comb, Iteoln. b shoe, di-ate, floor and dlsting br hashes, Cologne I Florida, lhvtenlcr, rose noid bniy tvater,asortCd essennes, Sand extrmct, N aecansr, hoar, antillc, And V n'tr ve i getitble Ihair oils, lshaving andi toilt soaps o all des etriptioni, lIdi::' and igentlein' dnsk: and dressi eases, hair rieglel, frizattus aind Ibraids, plait, foncy nod nnsical work boxes, plain aind ilt,n figued, ont antil vestl bsttons, peoarl tand ivory sirt do, shirt tnidd, goldit and silver Ipenil cases, tooihpheks and tweezers, nlated 'nlld gilt locketin rentiature do, silier, ornts nd stleool 'Athintbles, hooks atmd eves, hair pin., ilnitotion fnuit,lblk of and redlink,shoe blncling, violins and guitnroribhed a. lnd liii percussionn elm,, litnn twinc, ecented clnlh elnsugoltd dlo ilier lace and frnge,l nIttr paper, gine D hbags, riding w'ip-, wntlking cinopaylingcada, no gold, plited aind gilt jnwellry &c. Tie elnve, nogelher with a great varnitv otother arti 0. lee aoe lofered at wlnIlesale or reLitil on, acooonlllodaling it. leonns. le NS1 t hell ombihnrepairedi. V RIETY S'ORE-at the sign of tile golden comb, Mo 70 Chartres steert. The isubscribers hlave re. ceived, in addidon to theirprevious stock nu hand, a full sland complete assortnent of narticles in their line; vie: combs, perrfuerv, Jcwellr', brushes, locking glaasee, fency articlee, &c. rcnsaisting in part as follows: COlBS--tortoise shell, .nught and pllain tuc htwistl quilled back, long' round, dressing, side ptll curtiand neck, Brazilian combs of every lescription amongst which arc some Mexican patters, Ivory combo of every daseriptinn, horn, dressing and packet, tngc'her with a general an-ortcnen uTfFreunalland Aineicnn. getE1FU1ERY-Coloe e, Laneider, Florida, honey, uay, rose, and orange flower wafers of every size andt d a eription, canplhoratd Cologne, extract of Brgamoot, laneL soaps of ell kinds, sliaing do in cakes andiots, rcran soap do, Ward's vegetable hair oil, bears and an ticJuedo. Praeston'e smelling salts, plain and perfindl d toilet powderpearl npowder, pon leerplf andboxes po maotnn in pots and rollse, orris an', chlorin toothl wash and nowdecs, wilh a gcceal assortment of' JEc.ELLRY--ome oft'le latnest inld most fashion.a ble setts, consisting of white and red cornelian, opUo let earndrps, set in lilngree, hreist pies of a gren' 'e. tv of patterns, watch trimmings, gilt and silv .ucklcne oil er thimbles, siller and goll pt neils and guanrd chllinn BRUSHES-Cloth, hair, dust in,cruebih,earrltliool e hat, flesh, tooth plate, comb, Nail, shaving, shoe nao whlcitewasl bruslhes. LOOKING GLASSES-Geortan statia and toilet glasso, cagnifying and Frenell dressing glasses home do, aitlh ca variiv of other kinds not lcenterated. 'FANCY ANI) VARIE'TY ARTICLES-Frenclh and Amenrican portable desks ned dressing cases, some very rich and finely finished ladies work boxesand dree eing cases, with and witheltr ms i ,c musical bores, Ac eordlion of vnarious kilds, violins and guitars, silver and plated pencils aryl lenas, wood pencrild or carpenters and crayonoa,mantle cloclt,gueaand dstlla witl aid wilthout eases, percussiono cina, pl.'r.i'*lou cap lchargers, Ilple seranw drivers shot bolleo glnocs hIagse pfito blacki;,i toy tea sts, Indian oealls ofevery kind, bells nod Illmes, lie and ceniol knivies, raznoru ld scissors, oiilmblcl needles, pins, silver plced, rteel ncd coomacs salecr. hles, lpo et bonks and wanlet ofe variolus kinds, viaitin cards and ccard ases, playing cards of FLrencel, Germsa) and A.lierieao monfeacturo, dulls. ireritation firult, Sna boxes, prlll of variotls killds, Salluidr sr PealeevvY's Ecnera.n.o, Illhlccc'a ndcl liRuwkiu's razor straps ani metallic hlones,dirke, finey bead nci:lace, Ie do cwill' •r drope,toy watchces, Ieacrlbuttone s, powder dalusks, e. and plae seerd beads, glr it nt ilver do, gii e-noine uealcetn ders, and gartersa llain and swored caltcs, huaeltgaculci hoards, dice, optical v innees, je.ol shnnps, Iloneoc natch ea nd deieli king cIps, with a great varciety o other arti cles, all oufwi la i Icill hc sold toer cash o oity acelptan coW on 12 monl s credit. B 51 Slt12( ;,S, & Ico. dl L 70 C.lrtrennt. D OLBEAR'S Science of Pecmanshlip received, adl efor sale at their permanert \Vriticec Aculd:lcls No. 0 Chatrea n arat, :oNeW rlouei, 1.0J Iictidway iNew York, oianphie4 st., \lohilo. it is paticularlc)designed lhIr private Icarrlers and sciools, and is calculutetl fior perseus ofatll naes Lndie, uuld genteleen coe icavterl to call anl nexamine the vsytecl fr tie o eilves. l..eocnis ace given at Anisai loues as ndav slt teu eunveniecnco all, and to clanen t irniad ill cany liart ot the city. Ladies who prefer itcai receive lessonsat their own ref sideuces. Piera4ecs paving for one , irea orflessons arle aireod o attend util tlhey wrta ct c ell as they awiah. nlI Dl.OEAII. & tlRfOlrHI-.R. I)EAF. ES;S. A NEW articl for persols troubled wili d'eenea.. S(called lthe Ear l'rnclcetli) has last been received, by tie use I. as lellcl, the. alhgiltcn articaulutiu ofl ther lu. .t "eel dI la c tngl ; t t r lul pe icin.ocr s Idiscnc oveyc et. o te rie. Anvnm, iceli h ts over omi1 ollgcacl i cogr rer with c 'ery dcac lVl.n"i, lUc tce filly eo.i.lo ,f Il'a dll iicltt n , d eln burr-iaccntexperiencaed eol nv tiiimtennrcei and Ic c, - dieidcvalcs soc unfirtuctcae, itsilscerl. Ily lie uan cf" tic, oclcroar Trumpet toi on le isc entire'y ice c ted"uhe having iced ten cTIrumpet. For aole s SI' GUION'S, Faoeystnorneoruer of ,Ctanon need ct C-arles traeets iIer Ice i ..lnlinHotel. fle IIf SPERllM OIll-15)0 gim, purere wcnter I- Sp m (Il, in casks nnd hills, for silt, hy JA1RVIS ciANDI'LE\Vl., Whlteoln Drs gg e ts, corncer ( c'mnico end a nd eha lr' U AO kor ic tulr cl I c solIe On 4cc keen, eoo e 2011 do Ic.,, Englih do-~25 -4 hbls. 4n0ell L1'0 i'aet 1lruchoab, various sines; 5 blls Ccpeal Varnich; 2"' Japn " 1 1 C' - liO o ilver di ; lo, do Dutch Metal VINI)OIV GLA.S, American, Erenlish and French 10110 boxes, various nices and qanlities. Bolton t rot wn do,---5lt boxes, enacegnmeat, nill be sol low. Alst. a general ascortment Of articts' cnloura and )tole, cnerale ky A \V SCA'I E, No |lc (anal t-ret. N B. Alabama notes taken at p rl cnd .tc 'ci..+ p notes will e reeeeived at 1 per cent discott for , encr, cc li lb)RSI'. - m---- I - ! I. .- L - * " MR. WIl.LIAMS, OCULIST, NOW AT THE JEFFEIRSt N HOUSK. JE.FERSONt STREIOCT, -i', the Fiiter if the LDtte- -ie .d ,erli .r: sip " I r-It appears by tIe oh.ervntinn of the F.diEptor s I"of the Nashville I'reslhvtrainn, I.nialn and lrns. cl ceript, n well no tlhe edltn:W ofn the Metphisi Enaquirer, oils th; tle "Old (Gotlam-'|n" is tlot tithe Dionctors ITh: t is proved iby hisliinely rcoe, klnowic that hin tilln is ta hlt short, that thet idoenendent Anerican neople itg tre able to judge trlr theltislves what are puftst and pal imposition,. The no%-ttily editors who nre I)octors, the proprietors, editors or sub-editors of the above ty named journals,edll every letter from persons I have s rmetored to oilt in the sbhve pllces, pefo.,. I. The fnt is, tloti n er had suc'h great success jot within sot limited tierlod as ten or twelve dina:. One who was need about ten years, who had only seen the of litgt from his birth, tenaon to see to follow hin tnlt v ne to my hotel, instend of Imine oblited to be ledl by hi n. Two young tIdles, who had ench lot the sight of one tilt oe, one fior ten vear,. and tile oiher for tnearln two a ears, having bott ot them the other eve very weak; to vet erch of Ioseo yotltg Indies becan toa ea with hoth eyos, which tenfiot I pledge mvself still continues. ex cepting they mur ender the influence or dominati n of the Medical Doctors. Another in the daughter of a hi respetable moerchnant, wlose name am bound never to mention, (as lie paid me my fees), who hdshe Iad o Ioot tile hihit of one eve from the age of 10 nonths, but that slite now begins to read large letters witl the 1 other eve eomplotey shiot. Tils the docltor edithtra knew, ao the getlemann told me himselfhe htd i eo dote d bIis dnuehter to the office of the edieal editour. l that thy onight be inf-rted of the faor. The last o shtll tm,- ion is an elderly gentlemon by the name of to Yoot, nearly roeventy eanr of age, who deLmnmtl Itab liolv by letter, whlehl he took to nllh different otffice in Nol.ville but one, and hesnetf told Oe ne h paid oid far 'he insertiln whatever they lehronded, wlo d clao-n. i e I i that letter that lie bs t otallv deprived the reilht f ote f ye from f, ae ihwer his hir'h, t wahleh his mnlther latd to llf,. , occasilne t cti vt Ici menasles or ntnl pox: thait n-n v i. ent ol not onlv hee the light of the tuen,or titef irst time that Iht remldecots, I but the toars lo , ti nde wad n it llini to distinnotishl mnr ohiiecte and did, iothiire I leoi that o;tv, te. iive i ore pl ilf that h enlllc tee eto walk aboute tie lr e e t hith tile olher eore conlohtelv el sed. He sanhil he hod ionn a nieltber elo the letIotlIis I:eisoepnl C-hiorch tfir on Ily torty yarsnn I that ehi word era never orbt. do - ed thiclmh the ..ri.ta coarse efhi life. 2. I repeat ."ldt lenrdresten rn Plereoe. than ot SNahvilotle, art! ter t to tmedical and lorica dl ct rs had neverbofieroe ttech reaeon eto he eorand. Theo tioii indignntirn i th . Iev. clerical to' Slith ro ta eIr '.hr, a noteadro thot nhmlllt r ix tooille pant, hen enW onlerllvrtedf fro. belg a Ir1-lt ildhhil, t believe ill the doltrtin nrofhe iltte, t -onthe m Ft havie nmad en a riflin Drror-that onost hante isellto neRic, th t hefore thile ed of six vear to cometr, he sh, old ie converted fronl hie infieliti, as the Illa t tif the tBe mtlnioter of the i nwcefnlll lbnllin dlortroites of lthe. ririntin religiol does not hreatth, out delrtoteinton, n ace, clut-lnlv olld Sfnl e idto il plea i to motdical friiedl, aoiltonl tthe inn vloh hle klloew Ihod dmie so mnoeh goed, and no in jl'ry to ill'y ale. All the inhiallhttntstf Nnas.ville spokei of the :reot cic..ntI I haf, r-ce it the I.edicl d etorte 1 Meost oftlem also hed been nfllrterlnP l by Mr Iouht of a t the nute perforned on hi totallvy tnli d . eve. ii S'. The fnt nons fio ith S. nf' thi tnown, petrtnd that i 1 lavea Ist, tie tlir.cel I o!inct ill tie Norlt, ilncie tin d aoriv ill the S.othwest. T hie tiies, h.'o ev.rn l c haIhd and thialtI keht themti artil arrcvet in thi oection.. Iff0 I haine+ ntle pmin the Id r oueht to hna ve _pa'aed nlltth er ilo th sctoh lld trlllestc anlt still hae to weter them on ttt very yonuthll Itrf llllon l the y I leave ineii spite lf thve eoitrrtatitn of the calln Drc . iif tionay I I jnrdge from tolt man I oe Oalrtldy benefitedin this I t oithit threc dvse. I. The ohject it tle piretn t is to inirloo tile medi. roal ntollas and elitoro olf the Itepulllican and Trl'em 1scriipt, its well :s the clerical Dr witt h ,th f Pti .C Ires toter ial and ot f tle Union, of Na. ville, a wetl e Ithe et;litorno ld sob nedieal editor ofthe Mempihis Ecnirer, tl well e 3r Prelntice, the eitor of Ih. .olltneville 't . lit l, and li l e tedieal t oli.h ediitr of thisi ctil tile rsrctt Dr t s.,t that I shell hrhin aeti oles aais t ll allf. it r lrati teti, slandUr oir calumny, iilrtodi- i it etrv rfterny arrival ia New Yonk h n well has o aoilns itheir ml ilc Into e hrent the medlie l Goliaih orfthe north. I lw Iind lt self hy premisce, e terlo qit thin nxt pt land of lihettv, until I have hrghto the o.les of all -e v medical Goliath of the norlh, a. well no the south nen th west, to the grindstone! The ofltlicled, there. fore, ntn cIIlcR ate oi flndion. tie dlring ohe ,o ao Dof n.ext yea. in New, oirkc, tuhere litters, post paid, andi no etellrs,e winle tclre to reach Itli. S5, To inlforln the oulic that the left( so eal'ed , eotwhich tthe I(et, c!ricull converted hlfidol ireetend weas t wo'rilten fov1 hhn, was wriltioo: ore liamn wecek Ipiocir l ond itenoded for the Ret. D. ltow!l, -nto read it in cy mprsence a illslIut mnntfe-sliol troy lou p.oparohtiono; rcll I ecolitrnry, tok it to histieny aintll yetnitdetel tit o I tile way he did, lwhich tle toid he iltotght wulld ai eutr tny c eoree hIbtter; lie deinvered them hth tt, tne, td niithouc preoen'inogtht I wanted tc:b-thie htm froitc Il0a t, uto, rtls I eever coule iresute to offer that gentleart or an.yioht-e, any . onelry n fr t-ulinlt fo tilen I I)oretotr'to intetnotnret is before tiepIublibc: lto d thee inot ' xlnaell all lly di l'o-.,s . lb . wi IH O ePnlemLL, , a: intimnate friend of hi, a well as thie wlolo of ill , patieltc ill cm IcllIv ttitll nnotller rlcrgyoalo , anu I font all thei roto be asuthenic ante, all mO y etiecrtt iai he ilmore or lesh becritteood.e l oevcr could hbne hloit c- induced t.t a iotul atranero Io traw up tocht a at: tioee in es t wrote hin-elf fcr tlluhlllilnut. no I adodressed it to ilcMr Strinfietl, editor ofIteP S (V C Adtdvo toe. it n. No wondter t tlo clrsighted imeica di Gonlillah tIf d Nashlletneok too he le. o ond thie-efme il.edl Itcir of d forts to ioin wth tlheoll thl all-tiowerflt athtletice, plta d ricaland inolltettunl force of tile said to-ct-o.ovlterted o1 cler-ical infidtel. \e rentd in the Bitle ttha 'c tore is Ik kono hv its fruilts.' I dale env the converted itfidel d Ilha preached frolm that pasui. I 7. it evidenttly nntid to ertabhlislt his moral c hetr 0 :nar a- e r loan, by shetwing hI:a hoe nwas lbe becinl o bribed. Lut its stre whether thie sum of thiltt iesrec of silver w'll rlml-vtto thil 'e w-la n it on-"tell 'at C l ti- to allrter cnntertel ilfel, who. in thie tI\e of lthe io crtcarnation f ito h inte nMaster, i. tholltely sl hiln bor tl--t ntntler Ofpteceoof silver Inv oni-iwe is, thit it was never iatedole I ae a !t ite, otrcotlthl i be eon.t-i-l. ed o bvh nanv one, a it wats lnot ere.l qI.I tt th t lentil en prt of ail tihe regular ritl'er's fee, oif $1 per sttl -rec Cot( llllnin. Iwto c tllh not cotllms ollf closel pri:o'tclt It miatltr., e icih wole to bh retleoteod Ihree or efar times e in the reseterian, Unioo coud iititorjuoenrts, had I ev, r intentt e, to brlbt e hitt , I tIloled haie hit at Ilc.nt $ttfl, hi rogulnr Tfee, istoild of$ 0, which, ill i l, iollallilit, lie woruldt hna ladly receirved as hi fee, ndcnl not tas hrihe. On ihe elvtrery, if all heel ca I" lltc otf ulretoin a br be, I thonid cotertally have done it inu a way to have insured his na etalunce. 08. 1-1 tlhe Rtv. Doctor been re llv roareried to tie ieltfoftlte tloctrines ot' tihe oioviturti he woulo not uhave protlsed to come stillc eXalliillily u uo tieuot .. ith. l0nt keepiln hirs h ord, I havnre nlways fool.d every t ttotniaet' of the gospel zealrtota tt o. i. 9. Ilad he heeli reoally cllonrted, lie -tl.nIdI oet olt. I it h-lve spotkeno igliiltt Itl.e Al ettrit'one llttitiotl., ol whlicl, it it well knowon tire Imorce tomerlusi andd whIct care uotritlr to manyv in some pots of Ettrotpe. lit cl cntlet an itlltch tlin- u-teld some votlng litrnry char lersts a e to bhe ll'eFlv rolntllllvued fhInl ihc a ,o tnile utl,oy ayino rioet-th, Ihd nd on :ti:o. tot' eo , iv. be t lltlem t nth St!l u;:,otch to,t is without '- exctse, (uale-n Ite is toLliilltlin d), lIh tlctto lt e lrt te, tink he Io,: a ritoit tonhttie tie Atuteronu tiltt tlinttoti it becane he ioa onvt-l-rted inflidel I sav he has not--an , all ooajlt to tetrklt well of thfe lerilgeo Ile g:ls sCfi-n o over. I filley the gallatClltCRllaita (Grund., and senrctl other allle vollui. tonlth men of Na-hIi!te. recotleot lot well tile conduct of this pio on expoun:ler of tile hloly 0e Scriptures! 10. 1 never saw iellt a demto in hutttat shapn e as te rv I)tor s the e. octo tt daty I elel e0 ton rllsol wtwll hhchim, wle,'io onoeaaed ntV grey henot with an optifted ' tcigantice rm, .no if hie oel;ld hoteo fil- d Ile ti the +ctooUnd,fonr dritng o drtaw pious t inis -r wa.oy freoo od hit dttv byae bribe o 0 piecesf -t'vter I realtv 'ad Itrmolh mitre thton itthe "ild (ienllelan" lhad up iott " IueitIlia owln shtloe! -It I. . solelnltv dceltne lefer , It, anid am tint fraid tyto cillt IIiiitn witltet that I lnevle, i the whole carse 00, of 4i yea', Iractice as an oclist, in itrent ll'ttit, s, i-rloce, le ollllon alld .1 ncri-tc, in a tlgl e ilttetllee of t- fred as a idibe tllv hno lll hion the ditor of ;antjotiore' tg ut ahi e onmllcnle'tiuo Ir the srahce [ t oco iet eanoitnse trmtllle whvich l t h cailoht net thtoo;uld that Ioht wna-novne entor intolind to reIdUe, rttOn tIhe lalliad ore IOtcrto ' i, feot ute'lion o t tororito. wc-2 . Leon v.--Tlhe lemplhit Entqiirerfortwo or ethree ttd trt-h notlotilt a otinneC ou.ti lnerat Ihlsftlt,-,do, t hich itt-tolie nelticol Gitliatl ettiottits Icar -c I fronti tIteir bretltore on 'loht e. Goliahts ioFthfe North, atnd t all treet lllei -O e Uo eit tn troue e.' I tlnav eI- l iconfrtnufl--t.Y uer hil- I'r ty dlnvtyrdsonnonotn fur ttno or Ihree wtekh, be -ea o ill Itdetlloe to ionert thti loettor it your next pa n It1 ler, otod oblige yoouoo, &e. itn IheRte, JUIIN WILLIAMI, the I:nglitoh Oculist. uld oonittilhe, lty 1837. Coajiodfron the 0. tO'. C. dnuoate of trte itoh Jbloo 137. n te tn l tth tueae of Or. \Vlllinn we hlo toer tihe dlotW-t i eura +t fo tht ti:e-. linh I o.lctto',Fhotto.II,'l,, the toetlittol l'o tht Stltht \Vostern t+'hri-lnu Atlotto tce. tho, it a iocero . ho s PXaulined tpthe ,!irlOud:td ato nd ood er ,L:eo-. no,nt,oeihoclve oftloc Dioctor% clllitlto to pulhtie naoron e ag- a ctasoqto ello e of ae l accidenntn n D r. - it, re Ionliioin lototslvllIe a of- dliyc longer than Ia nlt trost ad inoonqded--sny te Iiot Jly. lieon. ler StriogFlo It:--hitviog been itqcested hy Dre WViliant, tioe ocull-t, tottwr ill Oilh city, to Oottilhte Ios ollnnlerons dolilollllto Ulltt thotrd dcuhtront eVioCtIo of I hislilltt u0 iolottoettoafhiltt. - ,inhis prentvice, Iltoon, toin co lltoto witho vaoloUo feielld,dnOe no e ihtantlrc. iot hetlt - foo t ar fi'oI .tlr 'UoEoote lelfvin e.t Cnharge d'hffitrien ot.tte Kill of tile loolooe at i,igto)l, addressed to I)r. \h'illiaos, to-til ittg tih IllllllllL·8 of thl di lloolloo IrItll llIhe Kinteg of FrLotie, - Itiet ot troo aletnle Jlto Iooenfeitorotoel io votlel nro lilr I.ottnut in itoot too--i h re mtoanttilon ill thieotttintrc- recciocot teo Ct-n of great outcrosoin t e rnltoretioa of oitelho t the e:-. 1 li hoet-ono ofitino Itofa pltstot tllhi metinig u hoi- taroe hill all L hare .ten ny t[ley aret Un q ictionoabiy bonetliotod. Itt)ltT. Il. C IIOWEI.L, t.n t. dc-illeo writieIfhrl antoveiottoftDr. ttilli.,rr' to fisttmti-t oit flotiat tetcn rcetllect lhcoliddtn iin.uiah, tili th .t ayeo.-ue of tte prilnlttcor. tare. I Itrnb thct thic ohlt ego:.,olaO ha hred Oit'v rotear ill lthit rolgionoand oayn hIe aa been a oleledltttoidfr ig firutt years. eIgl_ I Ii. B. c. if. ( 1 IEý'Ký" U\ I i1L.tnLhLL'II ..--Fr.r salt' by SIu oF' I r oiI IN i,&n~e. TIENNUK'J SLAP~ OF~ L.OUI3IANA,&c. .ue 4A Now NIA or LouisANA, wIIIR its canlals, roads I7aod djntaoces,fwwn pilce to pIt' 0~, along tit'otago kAL,%dteaaootbntoutes, byll. S. ' eonuet ItheiCt.rnc1ror OF THE Uaina IijrAOIEO Es toing the pincipa T-urnpike and olntion rbodtls, on which ure tir~n Elie alstsrrces in m~iles f-olli one IluiUI1 to another.T I:-o the, votto·r of the nasalso and rail roads Ihron-h . :I thecoumr(II..· nr~l lly compiled fansl thle bestlu· I.ttti.=-pott. ad 'Ira ttt. lontta Mitchell.t T oftheona, t listot ces ataan O+: ttt sd t0)tl rorte'.:Bo. j rotoor.-tEiVlool ror soal M M1 }II EAY, 'T'HE INDIAN'S PANACEA. 81 ollOR thelteure oflrheumatism,ere Fluhorkingsevl,gmot, seiltiua or hid -out, iclieiontelane ers, salt rheum,, T viphilitic cot Inerl.ritl diteoees, pnisellnlarly oleerls uod IL aiftolalfriotions oftihe bolest, tloerotsud throlt e, ans- Jan tl'ils, ileeir of eery desorsption, fever sores, and iternal by o+lsessses ts,alas, piles, scold head, scurvy, biles, rio' oia sore eyes, nrysitselis,bltllteIs, nod every'wariets'ttf tot altlttes ull.ltinll, alnotie CoLtnrlh, heab acllrt oclt e I isg ti'rm any eid hollttmo, pain io he stomaell anti Ilys epsi pro'ete rlitgfim o variation, ali|tina oef the liver, ultrolic intlalmmatitn of the kithews, ond ge trl debill ty eussll hy a orpili action of the vesselsofthe skin. It is singilns'lyeilona'toosin rnnovating those nonstittisions tltito have b>een Itoken lowan It it elltiiniots truitsen, the jisnoile irreenlurities. In genoool terms, it s 'seism- oh oucntel uI all those tisouses wrldattariso from isni ttrirttn tie of the blott, or iniation of the humokns, of wtltever int name or kisl. on Somne of the aiove eomplaintsmny require some tri- il. Iling asistant applieations, whiol thei'reumstales of thek tin ease will diaesua;bat for a general remedy oa Plrificalor e to remove the nause, the INDIAN'S PANACEA will me genenally be found suficient. th S TO THE PUBLIC. lo Iow true it is, that moiern Physinisn, m their sm hition to exael in their prosfeslon explore tse vast fiellds il ofseienee hby the aid ofehemistsy, and aeek Met new re- o5 mesil enlst. in short, to srive at perfeion in tite of iraetine bty means of nit alnte,---notirsly nonenlok .ini C neglect, vs Ieneaththheir nltln e, thle rich and bolteous thi stores tnmedlicine, which the Almightly hn enusetd to shk spring out of the ea:lrtb in evelry clime! Anl how mneh d more true isitthat while the American Physician looks f to foreign o.ntries for maily of hlis most nmmons anid sleeesry nItlicis, peroetually ahanging as they are at the tilnstesofnfastion or fttlly he is urrtnttlrdel in Isis own coaul'r with an endless profusion of medical pkmls, ka sollicist to nsewer any hailieation ill disease or lto cole any etnooblv dis.llrdern;t lyet he is igo.tnt erf tleir vit tk lItus, atind thley are sllferelto 'wastetheirc healillg on te tl tineelt itr.' 'I'lhe efectsof vegetable medlicines upon the svstem are stenportnlly--tilse of insemrlts lasting. TIhe ti;rmer ex ert ltheitr culis and toss off-the latter, merouty in tar lieobr, act clemlically Ipoii the solids, ldeEnmpnslg to tile bones and sllermirning the cntstitution by a sloh ar lnd slulre destcl'letion. t h'le olneigrallty, i effiincy antl A FE'TY ofregeol bie remedies ever Inillerna, om:wt De estimaled t eIolltraos ing theme aient Ieautice with tdemoldernl; or, to Ilbrinlg it tuttre imolellitltely un.lerlor owr n obseolvltilr , thi , It, i. tn uuIectiie with tihatof the whites. 'ho, itn America, "nas not klowonlollee:lrd olrepeluated ilstolces wllereil sotome toeitepl, eltttteelr. ftttllu'm.le eluieutl, byc meantsof i i1)~,.,..·,.plu ..,*rl~lt$.. ,.I .... (;o..n.ltb.l.. tlbr ,1t nninll I .IIl o I lslanniRni n cures, olfter the .lotir lelr nleiat f ll , ' -mmon .ltletice directed il thie most skilful tntttter, has ltileell Andl who hks not been surrisd aiil tle cnm p:u-tivecse ace lfecility willh whictl Ite lIdian oftes himi selflmnte tny dlisease, ntld t the almost ota alltstineluOe i d ofelhroniec diseases e amnng thebt) Who hlutes st eart i, o all Indihl witila constittion brIokun ans r'iledl by i . illIreeallllnll A:ll can a doelt exist thla this hapy ex-. I gnlfotito nfthe srv:ge frum most oftbe ills which the it nf man is heir to, is tciefh' owing it more genia 'eul sualre etlnclos whilch Ih edltinys? l'lis astlonistl itg difeience in success, is a Iirexsemplililcaioi of the aiileilute letrtie'ioeit" s thltiim lle tled slYt meaus of" crte Seleiteltd 'ellttts created for thle benfct of his clilele'eu, e , over t wlo se hichl tlhe piise and the art of malt have in i venetd. - From olnug riesieneen amolg a portio torflhealllho.igill r alitlt:il:lllttsof ti collllll Hllndatlll itlltil te allmil. - i lalocc wiltlh te ltlldsof eureof sonic olf tel" in t " secs.e'sufeel' practitioete'is, te perpqeriuletor o i'el''lih' Iia's L .itlll:i~y,:21 tll't'I.ul n lllooletge oeto o aor of thle molt s I""wue.l ei't'il e ol',metlie. Fr10t'ttlthsrlthesnlueeed I o' IIcIl s were mosteieeiwtoust altl .el)roiriates, mlul atiela vt riolllses le 'te'illlnwntt to tet thtir rll'hetielesl tl strI egll thl , I he be Ilolsm10"bin1ed tmllI in llll t I"12 t Ere plresetqeds Iit Ib emost pUrf € a beeliial totr tl.e itepos'e f'or whllec it is rinl.alllllnenllleIl. tshe lt oprietrtitor.lfeolstis plrepnoation toi the ulilet wilblh. eonsciio|uslss tlhnt Inhe is lteing witlhtleirt ste, t l, remedy capable ofe'd ievhi g minycl e of ilia aflichtel fel low beilgs, who ate sual.o'icg otunt he ' arious chronic eIl oteletieiee comtitltttnellsi t wthicIh I is altllienllble. ''o suh11 it will llrl. of inull~ubl|l e vaie, as the inoeuis, culol ill nlly cle~s, the oly nlealsofi ellecillee lgtleirs lle eb leitKs and etosllini ltheglm oellemoelte tl helltth 'ieei apt-r t. pilless. 'T'lisis sIetoltelell Ra tellnmolloll iremedt, tllt t or my lel clhtuLe ubeltuleitly coolo wilth mO.ny oltheus lowt id i usel, Iii as oue ohich isno uaplee of oti lir i lloe i ilny exllrele ecases ~t lie all l nt untli:t l tenlclietettflo. t'bsll t 1,las done Ire eatedly; and this in the reptatiotnil ithusob s Ittilt whell ever ilt has Ibeen illntrolelced. It lsteeon"Ilueelt tltettl.Sr ntsniecllsiset'ebitopetioet wet - +1 101 lee'e.uute Iette lulilto:klit ill Itllou shortt sstpu I.r Itllce, s lllh11 'l'lo" +el'SOtel ll nlie e h[ l lelOtlll'eeeel .tlele w oetll 01 sol letlit 'techule ,lhlt I oe)+ hlieutelh ' heh. lit s euct'U sIred o 1 it, eutllt; in mlost eu.ettt'cseetliuy Iad trtite lten andl perhaslr all the conumlI'n rnlmedies in vain., W\'hel e' rl ii ist ktotitW it ieeiltlllY .oeei.g into estt, necil this i : ffollslltteoistsubktstttual ttIIuI oniiiaitng proof of it maele,~ t t The taltee ftile Iltnecea i iotst cors licuous l Ithose ion, g stallee ti sl scIehilitic ae eecl'o' tleoes Lff'cltitens jtticih have defied il othei or'otdies, anle peeticuteltvln ile tllose uetises whliU nercll ury s been so :iriss !t usud as to cetvo diitressiteg tites iet the eon's, nodeus, ttlelOt Sr'ial ulcr~sls, ·derang nUlt o'L thl ligesive orgnte. dec. I 'lt e'se it comletl rheovl'eles, and in all e it enntire I! enl;oligniles lh. dli.s.els. ;llld lef ,ctts o m'nrel'clllur 1s reto ol es' hee c l oee sti ttlliE e e d e 'elleloc te l tl tieltt salelllltml llete wel. ]IiI' 1r tr i I in uekerate sore tHrlOl illts hs iliy e II..l II' llne ot ters aIlrlllleinllt. giving II a ost Inme. I as ally ahl-nraies tl11[ ibnc.c..ealse l thle seethliletelln edll e C o cetlliulls.'i, ivcs lo to the t tolle.sho mtle t xciceltg lelie o ill ti e'l an i n tlS Ilen lie lllldelitel 1 n .i or This lelieillce tras leell toudI hil In t uiuei' in .unuI at u thigt.s diseases ,t herl e slt ecifil.d, t nl it Irs LCll leeused with wtoneeel suenasi s a Slno leleg l Foll Ptn-ue tI eeilwel. IIe toe151' ho sttl et Suu ll t tu I cotitl illte ul the chItSI e· cto illse eo, stitotlioeleleteuire nw viRc . SIch IPtt-t el l ll will do w lll IIt l se Ivu . ) thllee e ellolll.eill s ::li e . els. i VhellCtiel. a lit!t lhink is cOllsidtlsre Ieeel lie. lhis lllllucLe, tllkell ien a s uall d iset; wiell answl' all ilts Urtltses, in mte iuh less tie ut l less expetlse tnll d intll el llorll o ilollcnre'te tle lied o l sll lict leei-l . Tlhe fl ' owin, c yl e tific ese e ut e .. he t.ds siel tee e''tehed olet i oee'ocuted, ae e gi'o e to show Ih, art oI lht ae o llttllilllee sellle lv tle tee' it lln moiulaI l.l l1 ,le,,t i,.le mlnenrt tli.. itoexl,, is t.. ..... t CO i l., ,) te alleele. et l. i titrlOOOl itt tie e s.'*-otlets ilcte lnisc1 !ese CaSES OF IIIIEU LIAIS t. IIAIRLESTON, NOV. I5, 183. I. I)urilng thllelst wc'initer ai d ci iig, I vas ufiCtei.i wVih a very severe amhldisitres+Ii r untitism, occaoionled i I c u.. I'u" inll baId WLlther. moal\t tallke~l~ati Illcaeills L. iI sltil, deat Nix 1hott ofth11 u ]ndjBnzs Iras o Panacea, yIe..)ln lid mi.e pit erlIct .hehili, ild I cofidinilly rIat,. n.nld it to ,I l similmay iiliicvltl. JOHN FI'EGUSONI, Kingst. C,Ait.LESTOS, .March 27. 183.. I was sei! l aihot lll vvrecycarilcel wvihll atlitiriesIing rheumatiam, cauiseld ii) inkilg i scaiere col, hiltsIunkr theillltelnlcel nlercuryll , and which Ihas disabld li fromt busincas ncarl ever since. During iais period lhave he, t 11 tienti iin the 3I ell I leospital, in this sit ii wards Of e'olP molths, anld niel'" the same l1" h," tile in tht l]stimore ilospital, mil trild ahlost setrT ,remedy, with little belefi Oi il Ie ltith oif I'cOruart last, at thaiit tive seccu'el cliveta move abouil upin enatl. , I commenced the e ulof IndiOm's eI'aclllet. Iiin il motilhll I Ila l11 mysell'entirely litved.'rom il, amtd ,r iow happy to state that I conii leu muyself piirfli .ctlv" nell WvI. 'I'UCKI:t, 13i larket st. CASES OF SCROIFULOUS ULCIuIS New YOll, Siept Ill, 1830. This Imay certify thait in the liIhil of 1825, I waos scritz with a swellingii my eck atal lace, which aticrwar( llelltted ani bcumv Ilagve ghastl) ulclrs in my neckl. Allerilryitlg sovelral llyvticil to lcito adililcige, I wen Ito I'liladelphi, andl Illced myIr)self lunller thie caru I'rs. Ihi sic uid Itecn , wlen. a.d.r uelvateid lcdivation< to n etilecl, I was prIlionlleed utterly incl.iale. Aler, aills I tvilk tiwcty hoiillsol'fwahin's Pain:celal d eigll iboltles of PItter's Catholieoll, ithl no materikdi benetli iespairing ll f lie, iwhlic hlad low Lecome a imeil ctiUn.eiil t cue, I lolvir d to iy lcrllents i New lYork, in 182, all igave niyselfp tiIo a lingering deathil. Ilerilg of thi. g.evt snedoss ill'The Indiai's P:utneet, hIoe. hil cast similar to m' own, I was persuaded ioir, it, as a last P. soti. To lily gvralt cilprise, its well as satistecion,. iooniiOicvii ilcysrli raiidly rcoviring, acii uigoii takhiu ciciini boiiils.,itii i iuiilcieid ciiiilalid bc..vie iierlifevtl well ill the cuse l'two months, aind have rlnmaliied so ever silee. I nlIakcelhis staticine mill wishit publilshled Ilil tll ii leeifltiofthils liilll.v u o v l illvg voill lllillr sc, 'ihllllu or sypiliitic l ftelivr i, lihit tliy' mi v kilowi wihatii cI eildlloe lwho hlas sutlerell clerv tlhinig ilt dleath, llnd io considels his life sireld by) tie aove iy. W.IM. tIINIIA' Coantssusro ,ily Id, 1, 31. I was afflicted, four years with ii oulle tol tile leg, oe. ci,vionally i'eon cpnied wilh erisipelatous ihflmati m caal e~cessive aii iin the leg mI atI ic joimt. SvnEial eminent physicians exciited their skill upon it, but witli nriit liU'vinielict benefit. In ithis case 1i bottle Iutli.n's Iallnacca made it pet Iut elrve. MAIIRGAIRETl A \VFieTI, 121 Mlarket -For oale by il IIIRY ltINNAII. IdL, druggist, oeen vI lv lsiriieuso.I.Tehvuviuluuvas orect It NEW ORLEANS & NASIIVILLE RAIL ItOAD COMIPANI . tl HE ctailhohlev c iiti this company are herehe no I iiid tiati by sa resolutiii of the board of diec St. piii.cClil oil the 19th ilest, tilocall iits Rov tbeill ori Ihe 13th ''ebtiuarv aml, Ih for lltve nlll pme ' ofivee dollars S cltlue, wns rescinded, vanl thl said stockholders are filrthler ntified tlit WII liAd, bh a reooivtlon sithih board poared on llthe 19tl iont . a call has bel ndne on the atockholders of ihe New Orleans iand Nvliville lRail CoImpany ior the ril Iioilng payooits onII the the lochk hlad respIc tiveh by ithel, iz:--two ooilars por ahlre, pyable on the tirsdayv illf dclltemberoext; two dillaros r share payablhi the lirst of iDece.ber next; ald two dllars per e.lhre Ipaable on the fi st d. y of .March iext. Niowtherlefole e it resolved, tl t t ile ecretaryv of this comlpany shiall notify the share holders tllereis, th'mtll li puiblic ir nil tf ie city, thal in onlvorrniy with Iiii -ixil ectiii of the clartecr, they Uilelermit.d to poiitpoite ,iy iayment called in Ii lle stlck nfsnili cslllllnny fto. tho terlmllf sixty dilaV, from lnlld after ih e dopy vl -hi ellc ii is ildo llyalle, with the expliesi csn diil: lovle,, tihat if lvlt regullllll pll wilhin the said Iprolu.tlioin of vixty dl.vs, rioml vil lft r Ih- day vo which it sihlouh hae livlo cliUid, hlt hilseis tlie otock on whic:l said piymelt should have heln made, is and r vm . !orfcitid ti lhe clnlmuny, the chviricr oil tha pohit tlo v tilllllativc. 11v ic cvldnrnity tihrefon', to sail icall,villo, clc of the lockhitiollde's i said comptuny, us think Irucier to ut offi the iymevlnts on Iieir stock to tlelaldvf tile ndiitiinal sixty days, s hich lhe chiarier allowsv thm, are notified that hell payment.ofr Iwo dol lurI per halre called for,and idue ,io tihe first of Se icllltmer i.ea, ly ile ienil.tplolied onder tle iixtrh eetiil of saidl ciarter, ui til he 3lst diy of Octliier net, ti at the vioUIIIllt n: two ilnllars icr share culled for, aniii dioe dichlt filSilay of t feeelnber isoot, icuy Ie post lpineJ until the 3ilth day of Jaiinrv not;acid tie pac mclit i two dsillars per shlare call1 fir lld lie oil tie lstid dav sdl' Mlarh nexst, may be vpuripod until the 30.l day of 'April nelt. Extrnac ol tillc minutes of the board. joine 2I A It M\IcAIR., Se'rv. Hats, for sale JOHN II OIH.161. sp 16 . SlATE OF IOUIIISIANA.-Parith Court Ior the U Parish and Cityv f New tortoiea. TIlE STATE t1, IUItIsANA. 'To ll wiom J Iltse I'H r ent h i alg l I'Ine, (itretitr--\Vh e itii James Hanno-having Ischaed tltt l ale l' 0r1de by thre OltrifT'oa tie Ipoith of olents tile lrro'lnt' (tt horerlraller drerrihrd, olr tpttlieltit I tr clerk t ih utiro eoourt, it wen oftoe( tirae d.t' loI rlt, a rroEordrdu Onto she.2drlo of April, A. I). 10.18, tfr o mooition rr ulter lielment in ltnfrmloriitytul anurCtl"tiro, Eristtu'rP oft Rhe I Stale of .loi-lann, eo!iilerl *An act Irt'iorlter ther stllan rna o'liles to irl.r.rr judicl ile;" alpprov. d the I(hth dat ol Marelr, 1834. 4N(1, leraolfrr, knhat vy. nad all pet.enoinateeeStel herein, tor heroltv ritrd ntlad adolltnith dhl the tlarol Iho the Sotalte of I:euisiann, nd of thae Pa'rish 'turt, , who cnn set up any tight, title or lailm in and to tIre proueto Irereot rltrdrr-crihrd in eonrat(ru'rwrtr tlt t onv ititrrttnlils; in thte .anlr,odcreoe or iodedfiert of th. eo :t alaer whih thes-al was lattleor soy irregulorityre at illgality in thie appruisments and adoeeonst, e. timise.ezrsraaaersofsalrale ssahrree' oort r a in.Ir mnnner ofsale! or fr env y e (Infect whlllRO- e err rtos sow eause, within thrirto'rays trom tietdoy tlls I moitim n is first inert in ilte Irlaic per, hy thi hiCorathihshold othbe sao umle Handeecm hom the slo ano made should o trre atel hosrn b logoted. htt - es i sanl property wa sold hi te SirFthe IhepIar- 0 ish aforerald an tht l4lt day af Apriln.. 0. Ib38b hy py virtue of a deerre of this Curt. readered on ti.e 5h dny ofFehbaro, A. 0. 188, in a enit ensfltrd Aloxuader 00 d Calwotl vis. Jaten Hanme, No 10,386 f the dokret of I thisCoaurl, at wohich ral the said r J mes hnnIar becm t" a the posoareor foe the pole uf twtnly otle tllhousand Isdollors. Iseoripoiun of Propltert an glsven in the Jediial Cout , r neyan se, * i : 8 . pA erc'ina lot of rellnd y itd in tle Ouherb An n aUEi'ttonn alts Lnnurae of thi qouasn o 5a and htt h gring Frehmeeonso, e, 60 f :el iutt tnal'ohou ., • I ; , -, , .... .. . . pitttls ·tarrers,o1 fr-I Sos· -in to tlro/tgoer Street, rttd tit 0 fol os I rIrorts dt Mao &sre' t, tolltoho oanueor t ati Ilotofrr'ad is lilt fret riltnle o e o ito e of af alhe q are It the r.tller, togdether vitll e dwellng hollse ro le eg ie Trcheeeoitur delen elt. Ihe knetlen 1838, dy pendmiinanhr, nlto the dirilery errl.ll Im nta eected t lu tr lLt u and othier hintaliga rl ilA l toruverr'rertas tIle at -mtehilntv, trlootilo. iopleI, enar nsdl xlrrr'en blhl,.tsinrg t tir rio d iilleerv. its dl teudrvtneio and ou ulru lrnae'a , and the rig)s.. toi l ssorot privtilocgro itelit, elronging I ortoty u-e Sptrt ate St or ill .nt b ra e arrIlp rt p rm,, o f I,. 0- Cterrtl Ofioe, NewO rleuns, Mlnp . . P8. I ts 0- mls4,24&j'l J. (tLI. I|. kr'it',l orlh.rk. e i- porir rloi tirs rt rlll lt Ia Nl' lt il e Orlc: -rs . V1" 'lI.'AT 1rE LA 8.I8UISOANIO.-,-A mtort ter.era quoe ore Ils 1II'lSt'III S .OlWI·)l~ilelBll ah: Attunlhl~ (u,, t iofllnl acse .vsomatt onohr'r Ituo vonltu t Atol le irert It t *ie H oul a s d i de I a1ie l1ooe. or1 Iill e C li is erroetir(le I' 'emtjttr lt de seirt tle loute 1838, er t i dll avi ontt.lillrlelllll I. e Icn lieu e Ii L.gislotr t lin e I t It tie le ILurllltieri . lln trtit lll' loEdi t nl0 tO tor .l e s bi11 t titorstlesoottir'ort Sntriostetrle rrjioito aions 0tpliv~ieg t it orr t Qr t selle rl lt teentroI elrliltiesrle7tar.oInO s lt7 tt El oaet l.o ll lao lleS soltlueir t nous a l ic I' oi sItao tI e lo Lo t n - eo L1 U illl lis C e Ptocrii'O ,Iie IT"~l ~pmn'rlaie llt nv'lir dr·Llit h i i I'Ollihle ri-alli.d = aIlt. l'tu li ctro tq ll ll lul ll ll lie fjtelrllle ttl l Iu tie Itllltl 'ell t sleorteL Oi le jltgiL ellt t de tr sotltlle*:t t t elt t Ilde ilThi vtllle a r erIruiice, ot e Irle irltrplo uti e tril s Ii' to till taeb n I'tsli noli I ate o Iutetpt orilote irde it te ttltoi oI. oil tI I nrt ltein lltit u It~o toillenlllql l oo reinL. - i i ltar s ltle , t he nnl'fi 1 d th e l' d l ll rnd i n ll ll m cu el i e ris inglllmltlll se oflhe ite s i le wlu n I[ l ellf lU I Ye i t2 hellrint niml u onthlul1 ea It prolirittf ..rtmenduo pno le sherie uodit, le 1 out uo luioz Oin or d'llril do Itllllooi'e 1.'i8. ell v ortu 'i o mc le crrei Ciro ti. . dte tpir de I'rt oi e 1ro 1,83, us n duot o 'u i0 ie 7 tl tihlel t id ieltyi t'outr ii lourlo in l o lerdi Jinc Iloone s'sto rerd uld ou.ier o Irir IIo proi, ie $ilt, 00. o Ilueroiistiort dlooa Plorioi·i d'ttrba lefciiro ointtutlclarr rit Sil or, wi:' S elotorotol I lie terreoiltuno oulfanrrrIrlr il nnto s .Ato n e, iili .Iiiu ~o r utrot',nr ootr itir , ndii: i'l'rton t rn oithert l Tie s rlro ell [ e s llre fr illlls oyri [rto" i rl- Ilo duril faoe . ]lrU ''hoo llrilrlllllr irro irelll Ilirl do ioe i 0I0 rue lot lnalltorre, oortoiollrnl Piird t lie floe A it iigud,:de lu rot doel lathl,de sorh' u, lo is tlit Irt ,i olorr utn tisosl r i.n idtl. i ootiare tiru' r lllt de i'ilet l I'o llr : elnlt ntil lh ulle nillll I-lle te iit orue l 'l' eo-i i i tr o 1 llsilre l o ritdl I1itrnllu tceroirt iir te iye rtA Iiiti oorieolnr nirile R'r It'r, dho 1h e1 C Iu re. , e- , i*rcee Ae nt I, S]illtRli(llle; ofIe Cll n. 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I aiaonice atree-,ad 1 :"`w coo iag from chips Nult E . l.enllt l., E'tgle, a ~c other I:ta u :c l . :ds ic ,' '1 :tI en~ 0t,"i0 :, I: ' tge aId new seleitcl aass.'lt.'l, Booti, NIIhoes andtt Isrotans, eanaillillu g, let.llll's lille C:llf al nd lll l e Iboo ido 1 tia liity; do buil nl, o tltlt s t a pe llgged lll ots vuriousqualities; men's fin cal sel and Mora'. titaijisaitl and brogans, luckslha shoes, iirogoais iii Illlle ls: men's lli cIIlf and kiipped peggiie s tllos I; do boots; do suOiInt ki,1 nu all wx p.leg l shoUes P ta brogais; .eititoit a it yti lity calf aweri shoes, Iseganot I and lk I ownings; do cnl' ndt \i orulcc I tIkli sti d la lls; ti.c'ht i ,i, st.WI l 1 1 0 0l. I ',dltll si s l d slipllit '. i cl a hl, lii Iii seC . nill. i, a lWe article; n I no e lll lll; s10. g)id ll orll co illll s & totsO ; 16 y lll b'lyCmisIse ilin o hildl ei'! Icg1 l tll d. Also a gerias tl aiss tlll t ullt 1ntlll s5l o w' x Pnll t* a as Isi1og tns sd ishos, Iogetlhulri i tlt1, ) 8l.ii .;g 1[ I le i quailitl , i s111.t1 hl'r.alli s, tiiled in I.II I tils, lmade expressly for pIillati l cit l a g.; al atS. w 'c all ol It g i quatllily s o i.f 'io.i lulity L:.lias' fiie aitl, sali, Iioroici sad gic pelts, ital [i, l solo+ sho~es; d lioo lc' cll .\latticl tlcI l kidl icitn ni i selippe11 b do Iroi . shosi , wilhl Ii1 withlll hlcl Iu elf, si llll o1111 ielthle1 is o1utel.s; do lll'run lla s1o1Le 1 Ill kill l lll c cii lai tic a Idu lt s ilgac' Ia tilo ls i i iiii, ll' is gut1s. Clldill e i's ' colotI )ate-l ccll t istiing bio-a. .o nutd boais, \a. lielh ll'slllinclc shitnalll. bl acii lk ilk lists; do blick S1d, llt bI t lav. ol e tl i f sn l '1i " I Iluality; do imiali on Iol ialldol; iiladll l uit U narro i l iot I1 n' Ia line drah aid ll k short Umpped Iats, a dew article. i o-ths' ti ei size hats of dillerenl qualities; a I chilsren'., I a l ll l bal's ) llcblk ld drabl'l ol alls of 1nl'i l 1I hIs :snsl$l nent will lie relplenislld hl thl e rrit:ll of It ispacketshl thie stllre ncatosed clhics, all of wchi StII ba sold tlon i olllllotI daltiicg ae lls. alll 1--1 f AltINTAG .E' Bf.LMLi FOR THlE T E'ETIH. rnlHE established repotllaio idcrsani i i dlo tcllllll o thiso ell tl l t it li ii( P0 hJI L iiid pro servative of ith o te, s inducled le slub-riber elefr it I the American public. Arrangementt s hav to clle ia de tll sup cl II l0et in tilll lir lti illl citiit i t slllt i t s te Ulltidt O alt l Otlt i5 it i i lac it ishi ties rach iii tihose silffl in mo sta I lky tI sulifr ihis 0mus harassina g c ilia ll l.,''o tll-ch, \ttie aIplied al crdcing to diectiousa iivon oi h lhitstd relieves hia t soreoelil- .icttlsti t reqllytc enders a strong tooth utitltut Tie if pltlicisiai; and remedy are lsinacpe, innocent. an -tle autpleaiUaon hia large afli er ofptersons in slabrenst Hacti, ss tof t counltry that have nor ady cxperi loed ouchi deliehll' and oslutory eftirota fres the use otllhu Bullll are readrI rivalled qiolitise. It is aci Indian resads , o htaied singulardly anei unl tedly, so d ilae l e egan l.d b the ci iizeid world Its li moat valuable dicaiverv sdO iL of the WaitIds. Slila $1 elr bhulls. Sold hv JAItVIS & AN tlElWVS, mrl 5 Car Cosmaon sisi T , tllllautoll-.s o. E1N E BOO'CS-Naval Sketch ook, oa, the Servce All c t and ashore. WVith cliaracteristic reminiesen a'es, raginitos aud opinaios. liy the author 0ac disahes of a Tarl c. iecolad serien, as iac o u l i Sallltde wc recgullecr phics iof ti illlose oiI Cirlellll:i, fl'oll the setr I811 tii the close o1I.i a tl, btlading phos-l, al eskehtes of the leusing of families, ollutraed by ma y,.toat leciiedi andor soale by W MacKEAN, LAT'"E PUiLICArAIoNS. C ROMWEI.I., sut Iistorical aovel, bc the euthor el Popular setlicioe, or Family Advisor; consieiing of Ousies ofi Aieatoy, Pihysior not andCom Hoiel, wI distases of wisILllcd ei ildeos ailay iove u-ell in fiamliilica whetat rgoics phcsicia.s satcit hu ltcttisreilt Iof tlnta!erom 'sw Yorkplt tis, hrqld borinstlg hii to1 Illld.e+ of famili est 1at stais tot . a-ttig lllcsiotiisrieso .r iug tic study tf'otediaine. ie 0 st-ell Cates, II. 1). Peaer IPasror's Universal ilisaarv on the sasei tf Geoirephy. ftor ihe byuse of ilis, Aillstrated by maps andm31 e(cnrvinrs in 2 volGn Just received and far eale by IV h.iKEA N, ll) atar tia1;Ip and Cosmicon si.. N tlI'CE.--ihowtter of, veisil iaciksss mtrchan die ,sarked Madome V. A-tiqoeaccve. per ship Groton, from Naw York, is heristpi not fled shat they have ls n ctored by aliTIr(tN,'AVERY &.CO. mll Coes.scetas- "ss'iuton,' JUSTPUBLISHEDFROM STEREOTFrPE PLJT'IES, Thle Fi/l EIdiionr, ICowLETT'S TA.ILESOF I1N'iE'. T:iTi Nor rlO lit:hlti tn' Illellld nt Avnerage 'ln CtlenPh t tont. or eevs$e nleth. lllt linittllltilg tle IvI ,,ra ine e\o e o01 si~ltorage, nteslt. of hand or hilhk of goods,. whenl pur- [h ech .sed at ,diffireT ...... .I.... . liferen .... edits, aud t.r vnr'ioullhmountlt~thesidlesnusefill uit comp.lete ftanking T 'imle "IT le, tile Iett lthat cn hbe entlritved. ,' thint fi gttr can le r 1l'dte witin thie ille elntleseld EOmpulsI anlll size ol t pe. Atn a. veltisement in the book is in nearly the follow. inweoNlh: TIl l'he higit tlistinetien thins work |lon reeeletl thrmoglt h the teol legialnliee atln prfined Iln hlie titl eItoge, nate enmlmetdaliti l ill itself sonseimono, anlt so OlltIo Aive, tl tl ntlhintl is l etesarv n ollt'tttetll It v o) oflld vertisemenl togiea enoll.end view lN'nme oi'its pe- M clliorities:nsferlInsltanee, llter Intlr tn iltes heel onltLn (ol ed lfotm,atd onmltared with, what isequivnlenttlo ots'- Sli ie.n netsefealcll latiotne, exmitetl ill thie presl thirty C five tiomes, aod prilted aIrtom t-eolpeplate n i taletl t tor ihilytv-noe tinel, o' an l whieh it faent bn evidreln it ttilol'peoofitttlte Itrelone) tIlol tite work toont Ito Rith- Ilt teotiewtly vi|falliblto, nld i. eoillrmottnoflllofI bhlinf'a e ipt-'tttitto of tlwo hiotie anlll ti ftlly dollars. is now fler- W delerthetlelotent Of n error Of eCt lin the oirenot Si or fifth elition, as exnrasedl iin thep.tefnee, lnaklng ve Ph larIte lletminlts t 'el'e lfor the nlme etrror silrell fill N imhlieltlt in the yene 181(12. SOne of tllo most ennsllticltos features of the tnldes is iotle nengllemelnt of tle T'line rnl Amounlts, whilh N frn' enjcetlitit.t.s, 'oftreene ntlerpite lh'oxt t it' olel hlpthe flhfdc sile trtttl litlPXe, etiant he eoeelltl, ittid hiltt'ctiy ty lIlnd eane with lwhilh the i.:eren lt cian he folt.ln tohe oexlen e goenertal blsines, illittll tldilitg of sot.ns i hecithl,' i eeoveenietee s tstellttial, that i thelllll sim time fl' some ltlllh lmn. comllpetent iiiii preciIElle) lui. nl ltess nlell tnllll iillhii otii vel l 1olltce ttItte t't. I'I t lltte of tile mo , it hrs h eel|ei ditlligioshel Ih llm ihottote ten ol,l1ellttitlt efefa blnonIter jllne"o Atid ttsI'llotilllh by d he intltilthilitv tif thte tietitot origittolly .,ottitet hlt cnl,,oo llmll llle Wn l~k, 141111 li exlml~llllli llrll' llllllllll' allll vartiely ollthe exatlillntiloln, ltd lelst. ofevervl eldhioill i hits Iassedin Ihe ip~r ss, eotwilthltudhlg thle l leni is in Ssteletu l lie, enntidetllig, in sh6 i. hle positive oetmneC) I mstItellll\ the Illlwond eerfl e kn fll a th eals emostln riinD, he l lume ha t eelslitlldctjt hitttl r etttmtltotiet.Ily stlell 'ltnt th toslst itii'efrltll tnnhtIt tlio wnslkttt tiotl~ll'l il noIIn onm.l work ofhIw ti le n extent, nhitcit 'sinte the ln'gintiiingotl erontiont, hat htd the rittme ttttttt SItentici vairiit'v 1tf levt in tihel. .tse llalllerlof e" itulorl; ii' Ino, tnlr llne hlt llllltlt n el'be, ai in oleal lshiOnll tihe Il. I' nesid,.~s, lRs,,st nllll il stmtdard, ill+... lw, trcl Iir cdn ll i I-n-lll'~lh IiII l Ilslt II. l~llh L·l·..·· I.·°'I: Iml··· ',OL.' ilI.. r.Tteni Snirles, ,tln hv lthe tl~ihc glterallyn durig tlhe long period tol 'tirti-Iie ret's, yre ,t nerr ri the i al , ellli iollsl hlas e'er en Cll lllllll ilni Iinl, allhongh eontlllinll i tllw cIletgrttl I) the nSine of vrty lihge Ite mitulnl. 'hIte blhik.isittibel exteri''.1 otiusljluet iii itIl lteorlns fi a Ilw i:I a~lrlll[ ll Ol i. lle Iles tim I+ le' I€ l'te Of e 118ii lltltlll Itirnatutie iiteinest," onulso ly litw for talok ititert.ts, ncelr itgll slll l t ie ilil, is Isoll, anl at s al y e selll iln ltn'I, luy .,Ie n ine n ofithe t -herires, a lrdi few of to Ai i Iur Inte llrc hllllesehlls ilnhElC hitI altheelnd oInf l. book, iitis-einl l'.vrly lls lof ciliznlln ill evelry qua - Ino tchIlle Unlited SBnIet. It ismnlreover tell ktnown tlhnt, itlls rearlv y lheck, it has so t it'l dtet ect ed t lr'ttt 'grg e'rrit', i lter ltr e w 'ie Lt :malle. evell bit thle rsl elirr l elsd lmlOlt comlp lelelll arti'thi'tet tic: l te ISulellurlesa autuh tutsnnIIuoI lle . cesity for itsii , h- ve ' een e'xlitl ivu l h' slte, t pit ento e.llis'ieit in elt, lltt e blren irt ItUIvitIIitstt i o ti it Ir Il:Il(I'. elllaljt l\YtI~lr y'll *}+lII ll~ I11 h (1 l ·ls tll III ICC· ell ( ; I l, tItl igs e( +t, l l n lsoer i. u'iirt iur l', it.h nt tlllct t rt e inlil cv ttnvneoroe, aidutittnfin'it,eagu'o'nt .niitlot tf steniti lalll cllitn s i erle ,i llrl l , ll, siimt' ii re i i istilllle illy he 'itked it lt:t lt trtu $I.I0ti $.5 LIT co1py, d l us som |Iteilirs hive r. lie llt. j l ati ,Sti'I l ,I S d ii l Sllll cIil baIl c lluled ithat thle ll wnuhl |am .5,1 .hI., nnwl $i..ll - lo :i e py, II nIoi to be had Ifor' Ic u. a iI ai llliai l in the lttler insta~ce p:rtievhlrly his eeit t titt lt it nle rliniigi.t lnie etitl gy prii l, to slei l pelsons pi sent tllat to him it Wals edl'yll wolrth thatl mneoly nelll lnoln thlouglh lhe saving. of h~is wr l~u. ~lable llen he being :, vers rich man..d in public oflice. l It is likenviee worthy "IIInr tle.l' ideled prl.kor tt hoplre n, that .llchl is line Imahure of" figues work ge.nerally nmul aperinnly vleoin tile xlellt ae I inltlloare oI th ted la liitiha. had this hoik o' itd like bt on pre au ett 'lln' 1 ii t ililtn itin e l t.el el .i It llte Cllltth ll elll llclllula r inl thlle worhl, illle I llrel lo l is f ril, lI l Im ItI e:lllliounlllly Itl hlisow(ll corl.necti l f Il. O Iho" Is, I w3tithl, nilmtl~ to a cetiatnoly, utie iren ' nllll llte rt li ,el ,cl , lan diei r dI afn pricra tehle i nlll thil e lllll'ltl h telp i txp lni .t. i1i i i .t hi;c t na l iniitictle Itnte tht , k tl' A ll'+" (It., ll' ] Wi: II1I ~llklht.,n~ I 1111;., l~h llP tltllltl' I nil :el , .i, i Itlrlllle l ( l..cll S lla llll e ll~lS lltlllillll 111Illlllilll isons,. nilnst fiie fiiti th l l tt rl h fit e lln y are (t l- titictise. inli) cllntIIallh kctl i rn a phlc lf sceebtl '(drxc~ hh.eii" cient ili. -tt,' ii'i'''i ·'' Ill~rl[..ll'l'lllllll·ljlS 11.0 l~·\(·l hulll V:l~lllllk$II :rd lelllllltr 'il t i'tll h lltl' l t s ' l.n l " ow l the eeols. , whi1, it, this fll th ;,. i tlll he tw*+ prtece ing a dii.ns,, clLllil anil ch in - Is ' rnoh l llci Iee n IilII.n t twlenl i fi'l le'ntls c tee lllillUt i. lrete cit d tts i, etes cftgttee tiet.. SI't I tI III nl I j lt tle Ik l hntnll , l w it hs ona ll lil hi S unICoIniIII easth wok, which was pubIH! lih)ed tllclllll I ntrlelll ll et t l llels w ,t is-t .tn.i i nl h Ito lit l llls I icl l, 51. itn, i h sTona , ha hel nsoex;11· ie l 1f l .hh~I., . I h ,, hl.i ,Iral s ,,'in lgien e aniniiiii e'tl t , iii' ltirt ll en, th e ltei s , idi ti'" t in ittUi., l e, ne. tht, tijnd i ttitc p itli o t'' Illl~ l·Ill h·ll tlllll, I Ill, ll· il (t~l lrcl ., ( Ill ..i· ( II. nrll,l l ,,I Aml,, -C ern "IIII I SII I' nlw 1II' c WIII ctt Ptli- c pI r II .I ll itnlllllt, t ic ti i it t li n o l .lall i llye, it.lenI i ~, te mu; Ience il; Iten l r, ie' oui II en O Rig 0Iefer rii nWi LpSte trt ricc itt nll clira lle - ri', te; .. ft/ s . on . I h'leot''t't, Pyen'dre f''ta. Ylrien Aptl"ieee Irc ,,[ ll l·il L~j~l lTI1 Cll: L(·. i.l·I . ,lInte lDeee i ol WTeyn, ittn 2 yi ti. I The e ita. Cell IIt leg ', E cllltent l 'cral retinli-' othin, Otto llllll ctllIC tin" lefitii l t'g InIL Ju it r. civ.l all titr r tde by V+. e'l.'e I'[.Ni V11&811 FE Cmou enlE trLct I GrpNrill,'. lor the Ilur.M ' llE.< L ptiolns ofl+ tle Ckiln; Cleh. or putI ul - of , he he er;a; illles t w ehi h CILe Irol IanI Ul\nu i tt of thei SI; .o a ll, eru lI ioni.; pI meJs 1 hu b neillll; ch ni hl I Ill S h(,umFtrial; to L i'; scrul'a, or lln. rvil; wlhlt so . lllung; sypllitIc. d lis I)asl, a td all dilsolderl itrian Irl ai fimpureatute of the. l, l, h. ii lon, rle Ih il a Io cllnr te, or tlhe nlljud ousl uLl.eof lml(rc y. AIo.--Ca\ve &' Schifl" r's WVormt Syr p, or 10. fan1t Pl'l:.lry stlvl: thl, be:.t prep, ratir ~oll nlow lextelt. Amonmg which are the follow .,g:--l,.liate Iye, for c,.l rl,,l tho hair; Ihart '. Od; Russiatt B.,,r'. 1'Great,,; Penlltum;ll icha:w s Free+,P 10 WailPh: sl pr ri,,r P,.,,, P.. dP.; Laly W hthle; Cream of 14,,-es; "Vege.tahb" Rang.,; Oftt, of' R{).+; Lip S slye.; JKre. ..ite To-oth W\Vah; C..rhborne D),tratk.e; Orange o SFlasvcr W;a er; Powder Pudi rs .. liox ; Ameltr . e. tn Chtrcoutl, neutly |pit iup ill l0 r llel v.ial;iI. i) ( estll .,ills; Co)logIIIe; |Kr4elJlteL J'oh.ulche( S Drops; Ilair IHrnshe; lEnghs.s, lro ug ('o .U. I. in ll,.IIr O+),;--w\'th at varaity of< ther Perf, L W GLENN'S P'ERFUM RIES. 1J C TL{IN( ARD, Corner of Canal and Bourbon streets IO1I.F. I I.AY. (lhuse, sign, andl (lIrttmlv;a 'allinters,I No 3 C rotlele street, two doors som uithations of thie folll.oing woods :Ind m-trbles,ex -cuted is a mastr!) mannetllllr. W(IIIID8 I MA II n T.M. :etllanil) E. ttlt nll Ilck Ind gold, Pollard do, - Orietldt or terd antique, IurnsI"se moo, m hy (h.anite, Stinll nod, PotomLac, lair Wood, )lme or Iturdello, Yenw Tree., I lian Whie. (:orouotlle or Bllack Siiiun and lirctella, litts to,. .rni t c n Grey.. Asih \ hire Otik, tc. & ke. Cirh.*,l Kim, Sptcihnunos to bie seen at tile shop. Paints, eil,, gh.s, col , tllapi vlrniblt, ke. on Iid Ini tor Bale. I RO J.\, falT l & I II H EAL Y G (li Jl) --lilt l, b are and blndle iron, well assl. led. Ileoip, seiull and rod iron, Iil rode and plough Cet, Glnelllt hear, bliselrd, sprling, sheet and Clr'wle) stcel Hllotow iltar, cuit and wrought nails aid a ltike Zille, block tih, niill nin glrhld stlell, Latl kettles (ltia, i ..tcles, tanclt lhot ILu* O0, lig at d aIree t haits, coi mills All Ist ices Ilmmiul'sRai bellows \Wiie. slirt, uiK a.lld It- Itdll; uhot C.,sl.dutd etking Senecs Anls, litowteld'n tl allhe' spades and shovels Ilook nid plllte ingels, oor land wilndow ooks Sollinlli n s. , : lll:oors, mi all lr t oires rl','dl anIdMailla eoilhifbe, liilnos anl twine lolt alnlri siheathtltg entlet;l Nled stores Paitlrs, lihlsetll itlul Slttt t oil A hill tacOttotllilt oi hattdwtere atail ship chndlery alvYli)'. ohil t ii|, anI wi l wh are o it..oiti fr r iile ar whoile sale or retail, on the Loitl ftilvolile tterms, Ily int IL Y'l'tk kr Co. iS Olli levee. HARROWGATB SPRINGS ,, t ,tgte,,ery t.w... , Altt'e..te . THREE DAYS JOURNEY FRO1f NEWI ORLEAIS. SIl}1 proprict.,r of Ihis establllishmenn t hla. the plea. • utlr t annlnll il.l ito hi fr nlldsl lll l tie pLublic in genelal,t tt ie w.ill Ite itn lleelil-e..ab the fist Jia Oa Miay to leenive ,iciters. lie will also siute for the ir. tilt of tihtse at a di-tiane, that there lel been Ilrge iiprovtemnlenls made, and litere now going on and in rapllid plro'.ress Ifor cletidetion, whiel will enble the subter her to acl:colmlllllrte a nluch larger ntnber than hretlfrlll, and at the amln tihle imuch bettier. 'llltilii elll lie lccot,lllltodtetd i ilh god rtonlot, or h cte thll i no p tleller have larg ecabihts rtaehred frott the moilbild lindtg. It i deUemeid IernoeeeIt.ry atl sy anythiti ill piortietl. her of the characlet:e ol their weltter, ns.t it is genlrally belieed thut they are not it ftrior to anv in ti e Soutt er ttSttelt. All tile atlllttettteltt that mie g'euerallyI tttti lt \tWateritg l'lacee, will be flund a tis. 'rlhe lesl ll.ic htilthis Irt of Il- counIItry afL.frdi, ieha Ioeea egiged, nnd will lire in cOtera lit atteltdlncect tihe Srlines dlrilleIethe whlettrtpareo. 'I lie tlile tib I will c eili hi;tni lfr t ,hie lltti llrtr nilt i -'tinttttrntg hio unlttiied Ihettke fr Ih-very libherll .,tttort tiven hbin ,eron. and otpes by ilt e nten.r tido that have beeli Ialldn in inlprorhia and ex!lllleltlK toI. acerommodations. to merit a liberal ipatrllnge tih. plesent secson. J.VO CL11AM. ne:l TO t'iltH LADI)IS. A TI(I.S.f)N'S IitI'PILLATI'fIIY, Iltr remrving el: et elnl t io' lir tiol r tile facee netk and clens, Witr utl:ll ratetti ld eerltaty., leaving tit skin rtior catd waliter thwir heltreen tle ltli'atitn. A fresh raipply juet received iat e'ftN'S, t I Ethsege !lotel. cornel e t Conrlb , : etdl (nram-, torp %a MAIL ARRAA.lGPEln NTN , .. uo Ev¢+rv l)ay ot 19 DI. Norlherl ual, a Clorar Eve dav at 10A. M .. .. f I r t¢rv 911atltl17y \Ve.]l+.t;+*da 'esterrt Alail, rFlto / day n a, etay lI, a 'o~ o /t '| Ifr/lv, by JoI. ,SI. by ray oj e chela rvc ry onday, Wedisdad Coast, laid Slattrday,b y 9T.1. I.. .I vne avoroc Tovotvy, 't'hioreday, a i Cloaes every Mlondany, Wednday TIESO AE I'tES SAILl. ' , TIMES OF A IIIVAL, IiEPAR'rUlF DISTANCE &c. oltie Eapress MIrail, belo^,v' Mooiln amid Now Y'mk--lenviong Mobile dali' nt s3P. M. Noliar Now York daily at 5 P. M bonthward. r Arrvea Arrive Narthwnrl. Dinsance. Time. Itqra'g SMontgnmery, Ala. Sin. 090 a's 23kh 1I. Co lumhuaGa. 11 81 82 Si -Mhhilledgevile. Ga. 2 133 -fotoila. S. 7m. 8,8a. 71 ' Jtonlrigan, 6. 54 215 2" 19 0 Warrenton, Va. 12 t. 55 60 , Petervburg, Va, 1 pm. 83 10 S.In. -Riolohovnl, Va. 1 am. Il 8 Si aIroderioksilltra, 6 7 76 ip, t Washinagon sity, lipo.. II 64 5 t ,, m i as 4 64 Pkiladrlphia, 6 am. 100 A so New York, 2 pmo. 8 ii1305 145k. or OatR INorlhward. Coming onthwllrd, thI time l aix hbur ler; hein idavs anio 17 bours. 'lEN IJOlII.l.AIt8 REWARD. r ANAWAYfr Im 169 Carondeler ornero of tlevil i st rmets, otle night of Silh of Augoslt,andwni 1e0 .bliIe oatInorotg lll a Il raos oee, tna ea grr oay oinaed ThIIAIlISrF obr w 17 years ofage, d a/n Ife e c u t ores ent il e I i ort0 v /er l nk, And ho TSln J a ed to bilnent in his o b o!, of hi' lgeg i. treve.'al'net ,by a rn aIlte t had nwenb elm w eno ay t rohite o to eatlr liren hiri nand white lotton ionmltoem. ats aloa ofw vesrels andi rlirln bolal are onatilinod a gioatons e reoioi nor arborigo anid nergroa nn we'll ne aotler yeraon, r, tbhe taiot rieolr i he tow will bs eaarcited agaiast Ibhm. 'l'b obove reward will be rnio 'I lrdllve .'Je0 hhn inl,, ny oy f tile ails of eli/tor of 11 Siniiilaliliea, or at 169 Coettrodelot cornor of lovi. 00 oteat. mite di powtere tiBre/iiila'etalerrw olailo il alnor cile fim of tiobasa & GnarretMn, hal ber Iisoelved. ' be osAcrire will liqluidate tile nlbiso ito ttilonelr in tbahiR ety nad reqira nil Pc.ront indeb -o l to l lnkoa Iy/eat t hito btolvd aio tllnaehainlt ath0/a/aes, taoatotth~er .er f eti/ai Mtll. no-0 I- OiAILIUtTSON -- ' ~VYT.W~WAIN. I- A/a. I1Caatl B.reeL cAle Otff/aa AS alwa on ilond con oantly IL roeeriiog in+. I: lirmllisU~, Frncteis, Ito ',, Chimical atndi t'.t ala, lOag ihalt sr, Aottlltlllly, ClIttlo, Aegola, ted, ieo im gtllnu, olll antto i LI ls, Ia iogtitads, Adooto Speac -sa SArcit ndloe, Atom, bo oliiwterod, Ilttzill/tte woon, UMatmoi oolm.ais, Cttlt/lilti'ot, Ilaol, ctolnli, Ctt/tipsvtos, Aoerionn, i/a ot/toil, Cttj teat'. L o dt rsi t l ed ,aotote, ! e,1 'I, lomute, I.,h'~inlst o~lee FIvme, k.tlstio, j'l'm leo, do roll, ito Culla, S do c ower, ceIdo Mlurille Itt Iorek ./o IMoate, liomlttot, i/ac lHlCrrie, /o i/alll: lln . do unirllus, i/n aueeilc (. ettlltt/i Sdo s\|+this, lotnel, ipoitnby /io o lzin, bior v limati i / do rl0a l, ,ht, C ,ahlor, ot/ite, dito t/ , i " i il/l tt / h lratOolloP i b·, laon I,~~~inke·, Su crpSo ll !! . ..... :ll J11· ........... io .l '.na cib IaL <IO Ior ts, I lf i h.pota ito titlietlnl, tCIISII"AI.A S. i h ,n siAo, oel t nitainile, . d o h erg ai t, T aro r lll 'ilmtic, 'to tlt i/a.. I . t... tll,h r , - d lo slcllo , Ill AIe vitlnl, a i Sll tlie. to.orloosivlo s'tlimitial i t ll tila lllt b L t or i t t f h ilo , a scov'C/avto GSaltlow, At ( T u totllo t t.lamniIt,,ar rl- tIltlil'cl' Irel'l' t% AtnIel'ie nhl,l lll~lrI esnslliel / ti c a io L"nhitign , bol tl'eciliteto, e Ie A10 eriesne led cliogit e id.ta s i la 'linst' pISt i ltar ni ., .I n .: r'i ce In dl a o it ir ltb it 'A EI. PINT'S Illac. tie t~lq Tlailt, Rlue, It id filiu Chro/i 0I'lhw tO 'Iy, do l+.... .'' Iii 'l 0i 102 11o t'Il'el ' ldo t.'eoti. d o W, i to I il'j)1ti Ii i/ d .. llho , /- d¢). 'l';m~Ic, , is l.hlhIitt, c/tlit, ':0 A'ool/ll hl ip 1. ot.l~i:lnll~ l·t. .])ill brllll. iill, Y':,),li'.h. II ~ir lllltl'Olle/ I'o iiii h12111r · lIIrl.l~tl·( ¥ ii lee, '51')*I:(, . :u"" g ,,nIdOll ill oil in re '."if'hs ili.i ) +i~~~~~~il rii. r\cllI (0 lli lelll " .:tl~iti; Sl~a id., Ao,,I ititta Itt i/tI / tIll' Sl' I /tt i/al 4 41/1111'0/CItltd g,'/ti t mr't al/I, \Vaill~t~ lt~'/,'ltI N/,lae ldotltd tart a/c I 11k m 'O ,Iatia ryi i iottott t h h A /l/i'bt. 'Iu'J. NLW N'gEI.h I ~:~frat/a0/a 'a/rlr /g101 i/It ltitr at t't'lee S/Itt/dc, & i ,IoI (':~v,·rl It,~ritr l I~iO .l'ellllll ill l/v/ tot Silt/tloe ,l ti "r I atll.tlllte f o a il le i . all/i~llh t~c ert l J*. lll littl roaht I TCeIt iog ta, m, l t m I fatopiad lr ltaaatya/fa il, t l totllall td foir amn lot.ta arc otiit/loh'(i t/oat. Nltai/oIaaI l(,,a aiav, ta ca.f, . I.II Itt/ll Ctiy itoi. 1Sarl', actlis II rni/ta e a la r aa/ tlat vo aofllingearo redto W e#rd Ii c 'Otto Iaioh ' lo. t.eli l. f". Il'fl I'it, bovolr r.Lat.'/iel/ I eo, € ttfv I fiat:,l' hood~c rsla/a lichUiliaotai'1. Ino·. Aiao-79/ I" aaoc oIIOo ooll o le'a Peyenoaligy $oeoia y . ti e4aa" aLosh uooq ai.inlllO e nnd ur e o / :I fl i Iit opt. at~ll I l~ln. Itleii o t'01t01/OltottotlInltolioe ott)o/.i~os otdsl tou lot I yr.,'s Wor. Roger's I.Ur¢,w. +d n/iDr ENJ. i lVye xIIt.:ltl nE, eah idl'~is Dehmr /ll.. --A ;"'' nreC l: f{2Ib.sPhe- lg xI'AI.i I(II':ISlTZ:r) ,&e. &c I'IN II"VI dI T:EI. &o, Iy the 'nltor Ayer ?'il rpil,' iul~n rhvol.., yennlrn~le~l r Ttorj, io ,flodtlttcherodser eg enerolt~tgtppllcahl0 Alboee gittel,ief Nelori Awerica, by I.. Torer.E 'ler Poliieool (3eromnr, o ttte I'nhied Statee, or a t.Oltll.ctP 'iPWlit'ile t oeor llr trtll tice of the g'eoe~ra tllele oR e gee, e'reolltlnll.! wilh the reloollOn Iiiltenllei the --rliedillrle h Ind llllpled Itl thle )song .en of Ile Unlled S~tterslb ho It 3eetojiedI, oe~. Aeieeroel's Ihleoiar..e "ToaUt intenpreroed whit eharaeter ;atict elllet:lelletO· YeI ,ll¥lllgd delnta ofsnorl0e notoee, in Iill'hIdlnllnoices· I)(llb. prineip~ul crack r der.oil'tl.glnoll witlt anulytictl ctlttetllte, lnd geerul index of nallntet vohlnel., i FOII T)lE CII.I.E JF SereenhlA or Kieg'o Evil, Chteronic Rheoremetisn , ClhroIic Cutaneots Dio- I'ain it theo Brtest, by free ewdent ih e of Mieorcury iithe tHed eoineg il vitittted late. teleil vero onetetoirtod Syrop is prepared with Ihe peretean Ilol;rllttetloicula carte illl neorecy, etld sontetin Ihe tootive pletle otf Sosolthorill in ths tsltod conoe. troheir dree, comtbinted with other vegetoible sub toeon oll kllh)wnt ellit.Cy. 't'bh ecset etlinidrotten witlt Ithyihanat in beoi n abl trpeo I etelllty of Sornleellla iln a ala IItl'1 rloell Ifbteintd ill this relaerntion--.thov, beinlw follh, cnvieecrd tf ilt eloetis, conefldeoIIy adlidiJter thle tcolrve ,tf Iheir iraetiee. TriAer $1a0 Iheor hottle. Sold only at SWAIN I.rtI)o'ltliRl'S lor no tllre,'No. 1]Cotleal ltreti wtte plihv Itm i tu,freehi led gtoiolei, direc c uf l tile prl,fi d tll;,e iloan ic ld Voornloed ereifngelPor't Col.t.loll Ctlni etllorletes Preltnrationa, untda large altd genera osoreetllllle of frs t .drtege, tnl lINN(XlK'S ROMtE, &o. )INaNOCR'S I1PROVEI ErIITION OF DR Goldeeit's Arent of the o intry of Ron lto itlicit is Iretoixei an Ittrtedul:toltl to the Sterdy etelliel titteynlld aei groat voriety of loethie itfor nlatioleteddet tleeontploeeet the work, on tlte MIllnner htoiitlttiote ltid Al(toloitios of the tlhttene; wit ttae terotiett biegrplhiol eleld historical Noteo; and qellea tilnett ole exioleeinoulilntl at tie dofa each teeli!en. II. hltelruted ntil tlitirty engrvitt ga nowpool by ,h Atlerlon leltbOrHIB I roptted Etittiuot of Dr Gottlemtill's Hiotory ol']lllelld, fotltl tile illensoon of JllliBt Ceotar to the deathof tieore dI, titll a coltillneitione to the yea tl; Me. With qolstteiOn Ier exalattlltolen at tte endu oaoeh setion. UtltttCeI n varietya o1 vltable informt tiot deede ttroughlllll tile wtork. Consisting of table of oolnteltottnoa, Sot ereiguf iteld eminenst nersouo Cotaions ealtnntoraey notets. ltoetrks n the pol tics, inetueer o elld liternttte of the Pae. An otltittel tte rontWaliuttion, &oe.&o. ileltrledbhy tmatty egrl'l. Gui, EhioLEecero itt' A'rtIIOmOwY anti an Aorisgmhnn of Keitl'ne new reatise ona the UDse of ve elobet . New Atteriac to editio t, witlt ndditio t hs aot ildlprov emeet ntlll ll epiaetione of tiLe Itro havhertlO plrt ofti e Aml lae lli [lllenle . Jet eepied etlnd for salo by Wi Mt'KEAN inov h 1 corner ofltanlp ind Comlnon sat IIARIPER'S CLASSICAL LIIIRlARly. I1 OILACREelrenslteo d hy mhillile Ltronmis, I) D), with IO al ltpel llha celentnottein- trlellteuonll of alrialn odeo, .pleby teret Joreeon, Cowley, ,hihtl an, lrvdun Itope Addlisont, Saift Cltatuetlo, Ii tVfkteild, P asoon Iryun, &c. and sote ofrlte leoreeelnillenet "e ofl thIA tIq -IlLU t with tIhe piltnd ix .Clli edtis tronulr toel bl CIII'iselotlio loioirll lVi t 'ot tlit itte eotll:Wot UlJd Li olf'"llterleor'e CltSTieal Libeorr TIoll nItedwtotbn of itU.otllst le CdrLINoKI fR, bI S:lollmlot, fti t, wiltiot a tlntitr nf tIe elltilhor by itiltt w illeeho de. I vg, leo edieion, wihti illioaletion, 1 by Gel 'lh l icml's'; n Title, by tolentinletr of "Rictnlltl hl.eytlt ' erguleely," 4 ...tonw Cdtittt, el ri gapl, J ItAU'L tLIFIelUe'br et;h a ateultte "Path.:. T Che liia ' l," i c, btiLj doluln1I' oalt new mi le'atfl a 4re1Cttaele hetel t . Jell.,esirel. sale ~)\VJ( i\LK~L., itACON prtel;:-6 a ec v t'il-,b etinneti emtil TL i pll!l k t t. , i tll ettall tipoll . net o, anll i r eat i I ittiotttou aIi" lAwn r

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