Newspaper of True American, January 30, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated January 30, 1839 Page 4
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Ar 0Aa1E AND SCARCE..rll) 411 M.a4, IS r7 :S Pomp . vole 8CtS t ``PI^I' fem ,'ith o,, ort ., lbed latl tlIhboch Ia Phiu vphsi IIzIa otur ) I ea LO Ii. 1Ji ( Parl' 1791 } .ca ."Iettsdia , one eat Elhahcs WON MEDICAL. WORKS IawOle no PNN.LPOth.4ol iil l~ltds Ir fIIw li NMet J, sPrudnce Do ln aniLy Tntimota o Favt-Prpri tehol out ln.aoity ty 'ý811rerv-I~ibln'e ·urger flDatr'te.I-Cont) o popular Me~dicine 1letcarvofchmistry 1alviAlt'eni dry NcoMnxdWAr. AND NAtTICAL. -A ýzeC Amaoo and Repositorv,Foi 1232 '~I caoIO'ciaI Icotionary, Lundoo ps Al*tanoc for 1132 w'Iitn's Navigation r " 1ieaooerr AOCorITCCrefl AND MEOHANICS. * lt' rtlnrory f Atnthiteotote, Lando, 2v. do Arnhiteoom , 1 nole, LondoD inapt' ArchiteOtare 'nzIedgold'e Carpentry , s Nech niin Enoojlovodia, LondoD M Mathematlnical Tables $NDOCELL 050 Coo. eOAerncican Li3.opep .,., AVOID LeaOCDl divelleir 0rom tIhe t 'ADllaD, Jreeffry and BI. COnoIDO 14d Bosno'~ Wornk., 2 vole, I omta Iornoeli't CurioeltieO of Litetrture, In Polihlad EOonomy, b1 Bay, do Vethake aekhiltt'6~lj of Walter Scott, 2 vole INho1dAM'ia jliah elln h1" Preocott, t vAnt dIiti tetfoni odlon. 7 volt, no IO genr1 aacorm t of, l2Joieao Seion ifio IernasCOf, Mioolaneo Ilol.., Nov t0ctioDaAieC (iremmarr Englisoh nd Asemon, Laftn and Greek. od JOHNS & co. " our. Charlto Rnd Common ato. i OWAN 1.'r - p TO i iTf.,b-1,w - - nP ebAo t and tlae of the Feer anhd .4Ac. 1 T#ll bereadily dinrrveied wherein the Toenic lix Smteun ah uperiul to tile nrdinanr noede o'f treating Pever and Aetue. In the fi-st pihe., lreng a ibia etioct, and free teom an deleterinous antl peisan e55 ingredients, it may lie taken wilh the rtmolst safe tySeven b the tender ilfunt, or aged in slid. It pr. vents rnipe of thr disearre, cnseeqenetly the enslitlen. aly seton regains i ore nnted to,. anmi activitv. It estab. obes a soun od Prrlnnent hipretir,, by iirmiertiro g teaosmaeoh,aend gives nit eiah t tile enjottnte nte of tr -te. teing peculiar ill havin n Ilrgatt ve qtaliittitiretemain tontin the bowele s t, incereas this disorder, or to crel. mither dieeases, but thoruRghly cleanet s the sevoeral or eans of digestion, and thee, henests the reialem with whatever othen fectino e it may be nppressed. Individuals, ofire the ,,e cftie Toini Mlixtlre, have been exposed trt ai the "etu l cnronrs of thre ioesee, and hlae eeceped any eVtlllltptlst of rtlutr: whereas by fte ne ofthecemmllon reomndiet, thror i alwayoere ted an incerened linabi!irvty to re.urrencer. The. danger of frequentrrirlapses f iho Ague, is vere evident, torf hes ste al will stion become too mrtlh ptrntrate to e able is reset wiih nedic:ine, a:nd speedily finl t vic iim to eueh inceesant vieleni e The Totie Mixtute is bored at soti, cnrreas oable tprie , ts o irsa it tithint the reach of .everv one!--o that trit tunr and destitute are hereiy furnisheird wileassiistancewilhnt so licitig the asid'ed atlelndance wich n fntlementv denied to them. or olse very rrelectantly bestow.erl. Tile r tiulic arnre.-p eit c'nrto nerd gnint r ith spti liaos inmitationl of thi medic ine, that arteilv offered for sale. It is prepared only h. Dr. Jott PR. R twatd, t hiris Lahoratory, Htarkirt etle, iPhitladeit hit. The atlrueriiers anti. the cnilrinlusents r Ietie outh WVesteirr States, tand will rec b tihe rrae, at *to Philndelphia priee. 'IT be had it retai alel o,a aosttfthd e Apithecaries int the city. J.ARVIlS & ANDREWS, me'haleale DIruggistN, aovvO oar eConr 'I'eho;itouleo Mistestippi and Louisiana ltotel, cnvlrx.'rrrN. r.t RS. MARY I{III(LAND respectfully an. pounces to hier iionds and tihe public gene. ally that she is prepared to accommodate them at he above ostablishmcet, atnd iopes frem lier ucertions to recder visitors orttfNrtohle, to receive " continuance of former favores. She feels confi. dent that personas visiting Covington during tihe ummer monthe, cannot find better accomnmorldations than aire can afford them, on more liberal terms. Her house is ploeasantly situated, aend well etpplicd with every eolvenience; the bar is furnirshedi with the most choice lilqors, &c. in sholrt, site promises f'at nothing shall bh wantling on ter part to give 3 stirs satliefclion to all iwho may patlronize tile Mihuissippi and Loisinana Hotel. je3 io-TIIE -PUBLIC-Tir tuofltdcrcsi dsdt hivin-g .3 studisd under Dr. Sl mildt of Chnrleston, south Carolina, and for some years his assistant in the practice of medicine and ,urgery, has the huoeor te offer his professional services in this aity. Te masures the ladies and gentlemen that tire mast prompt attention will be paid to the calls wehilhi may be made; anid also offers hisi services to thi holders ofelaves, being .wcll acquainted witll the diesses ecommon to them, ihaving attended tihet in the sugar Ihouse in Chnarleston. The faartous anti.bilious pills alter the compositioni e1 Prefessor Smollette, with directions, can be he ad eftha undsrersigned. Tile refect which thely have produced in thins and other cities, has beoon attended with the greatost saccese, to whirl, the best of rnferences can bo givep. Al,,ly at No. 166 Maga. nlnes treet. JNO. M'LORIING. HOJLL.UIh VARtX UOT !TWIUW 7 SAD IRONS, &c. T HE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, tgo. 238 Water, near Beckman street, New York, have received the past season, and are constantly seceiving large and extensive additions to the slock of tile above goods, which now consists of the allowing assortment, suitable for the southern and wastern markets. Hollow ware of superior quality, consisting of about 1500 tons, viz, Pots of 22 diflbrent sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gaullons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallon., Bakepans or Ovens, 7 different sizes, Tea Kettles, fi do Skillets, . . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 0 do Oriddles, . . 4 do Fire Dogs, . i de Wagon boxes from 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 20.000 gross, iron and brass, from :8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inoh, No, 24 of a superior quality and finish, and less than Jame's imported priees. • Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for retailing. Tailor's and hattor's Iron, assorted. Bash weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4-4 to 50lbs. Bells for Plntations, stoeamboats, churches, &e. made to order, Also steamboat. and other machinery made to order. The above assortment of goods is particularly recommended to the attention of S.uthe nu and Wester men merchants; and are offered for sale at low prices, and upon the. most liberal terms; it is be. lisend to be the largest and best assortment ever egored for sale by any oneo establishment in the Unilsted States. Merchants, by forwarding a request by mail. can have a prin*rd circular, with de.criptinli of goods, pricesand terms, fcom which no deviation is ever made, furnishtrd by return of All orders will receive immediate attention. New York, 1838. .1"3 NO 1MERCURY NOR O AItvA Smew tirteans, N ov.l, 1i8;7. ABOULT six m miths ago I had the misfortune to get a secret riseae.i, for n hich I have applied to sevo ral doctors for a cure, and lthery did not clie me, so tlowe' on ths above date I put myself tnder tlr cae of l)octor Haet, and I expet hlil to cure nse. Sines that time the disease got worse, so as to break out in large ulcers to the number of six or eight on ea h leg, and all over my face, and sore throat, and not able to work st he present thn,, ot account of the disease; large ilcer on lie right side of tro tlhroat. I am no . patinog tnysell confidently tider tbh care of Dr. lluir, .f Paris, to be perfectly cured JOHN DEAN. fe 14 lyv I BO CERTIFY that the above ment;oned disease is quite well curedto mnv own satisftction, for which I thank I)r. line; and moreover I assaiis that the medi. .sine'I have taken ,ml,es me fot, and dlid not injiure tmy sealth at sll; th relhrs I advise my f low autfecrers to loss o time and apply to Dr A. linert, 124 Canal straet, between Dauphane and Itourbllll strecls. 1ir. Huil is at hoaa from 9 o'clck, A M, until 4 P M. riley will find a true doctor Ibr tlis complnait. JOHN l)E.N. II! Grnvier street. If any one wants to see mre, call at Nt. 40 Gravic: JOHN DEAN. New Orletis. Fob I, 1838. fel 14 ly .,. :?b'. ..- , , , , ._ e, - --. -T';. hound, is put up in bfltis at the low price of 5t ecsh, .nntaining the ll.pngth of three ounces o .tve Cwort, bnPi ten t'le irttue oi mtlt v othetr rots all herls known aconn the Indiano as efifceciuu in ,'urino palmooarv complaints. The u ijinlled success which hirs attended the !Ise of this inesttmabft Bailsam whNeever it hen Ibet intro duced. has nhttined Ihe cnnfidence and ,eco rnenda tinns of rtcnsttable piylcians, for the cure o c oughs, Golds, pin lo the side, wao tto rest, opittin or blood, liver complnint, &c. To whom it mav con.ern. This is to certify that we bave in our practice frnIottly prescrid ifr Goardl aners Idian lolsunt of l.v.erwott ael loarlhn nd, withi a dided good i effct: ocan therefot, from itn know. lege ofthe nalterialo it in made from, nmd cbserationn an dta xlprieno, reomlatend it as a r lerelo. ,rrtaratio, ollf those tlaOtittns of the lunt ftr which it is r mmended. - AI.BIR I' WILIL145|S, bl. D. 'ALVIN EI.L.Iy Il. ID. Metqhmt, the. Boston Medical Aessociation. Bnton, O0, ,? ". salef vy JAlVIio & ANDREC', is. 1 C - .1n1ls I f sitctol s ttt ARlfD' leg'.etasle flair Oil, for the tatoroito Vsnd growth of iair, ttlving hoalt ad Leaut ,and tPrtl no baldne a. SiL# e this flair Oil v't elfoed to thD ,ublie, it had .en tic*d in hundr.ds ot'caseof batldcso, thinaces., anlid oaljns cl'ofthe hair, and itteirp instance its aluotoa ovrt hbeen realioed. It hasunte*rfai!aod toproluet amwstnd hbelanliful growth of halr o tn teda alread hald. In sa1nst where it hotbee dry and ceancntt gnro t4ai Oil will vewv oon render it healthy, and Ipruduc ·mi antdbe:utiftl growth of hair, without the lron ptry to tih bead. 'PTlhi il gives at, greeanble fra ris ad In nflrashl Itoenvs ntitr H-ir Oil fo pe I msulintgtgn'gsnd the hair. The h ir aIgben.' e .JII.eosr o it For sale at EES & D`LANGF'. tnM:i3 -'i IIARTT &. C, nre nonw rrcivmrtlro , n oil board shi p rlennh Factle, Itizhtmudnr, 'hnk'r lrry Andrewv, Frenh and Gerlaaa nl" n,'nrle: eBack noommnl IBoords; Clhefmen, 21-4 and '2'3-i inch Bii ard Co1.sI; 8 9,9, aOnd 1i2 inch hInade Bowie. Knives; Leather and other truvelline Dressing CIetse;: elt, Pocket, Horseman's, and DuBllih. Pistols; double and atin harrelld. d Gun,; Game Bage; Shot Belta; Poedor ad Pistol Flmasks Dram ltelle. ntd Drinkin; Percesion Caps andt Cap Itoldrsr; Cloth, Hair, Tooth: and Nail Irushers; Ortes end Chlorine Tooth Wash: Teoth Powder; 'tilet and Shro lg soaps, in great va. riet'; lnng Ilair Braids, Riiletta end Prizettv'; Pear: and Teilet Powder; Emery . gh'; I oner Tuh Cushlinoe Patent Stldes or Gartersi Gum E!atlic Suiponders; Powder Pttff and Boxes; rilt Chloins, Seuals nd Keyn; EarI-drope; Wanist Buckloas Rernerlte; llen Necklaces and Chains; Gilt and Silvered tBend; Indlian BIeads Islli anod Plintoes Shell Twist; Side and Dressinlr enmba; whch, in additione to their former ntook on hand, makes their an.ortmtbnt very complete, and will he sold d llt liberal terms, at tie sigl nof the Golden C'oem. 12i5-tf 70 Chartres street. T HE Subscribers, Agents fr the extensive toutne of . & S&S. Butcher, Sheffield. Enrland, thave just eeeived a very extensive set t on" p lla, eoneietian of Table and Dessert Knives otr ao' ." delriptot, Pen, Pocket, Dirk, anod Spear point lrnlvesr Razors, cir eors. Edgr 'loals, &c. &e. &e which theoy are prepared o exhibit to tile trade Ior orrlers. Terms .nd conlitions will he nade known at the time. m16 J. I).EIN , A COIIEN.90 Commo n ot. NR5\' GOODS. SIMMONS, HARTT '& CO.-Are now receh'itg Sper ship Ihmtlthltt, Eagle, Mern.v Aendre, v, iigl ander, French nrrtt Germann dohle Ieald plnvino c.r.s: ter, hrlt nol pekel pistola; lain, ribhel andl split ensslnn eas; enl, Inltderl's Reinsl ra, Itaznos, ern. ve; CGillntt'a eommercial nod other steel rpens: Vioe cs; Violin At-inrse; shell, ivory and htorn cnmhs; nwafers k, bend and leather narseat hair lmids, fiollot vIod auk r'igleltar negl'o pll'; Getnnnt l't'e Frrh cologne .nter, Rnwlands teuaster oil, imitation dtint antiqlue tadl 1etrs'oil; potnahle desk andl deeeIng asese: past hleckitg;ti salleeend toilet gleresa; convex nit'mrs; 01o c1l g:aloes nnd vi;ewes; hlian blend, hells fnd p,lmes; coordeon; whit-"twine; toilet and slhavtlg soaps; toilel owdler, ~estlettie wasl. halts; srcoied r tlin cosllinlno; pool sltnlls; screw clltlliona; fllcy he.l chains ,nel neckateea; billiardl htll; p1act hookhtand walletts; Gercmanll tones; razor stnler; fie nellll eodnmonn grum elastic asspntders, gr ertsdro; lhlls ltcirt'r tatchles; sil er imneils; Creyons, &c. &c. The above i addlition to our forwe' ttock of Farey etrieles, makes oar assort'ent teo'ycvtre'mlela. Nor' elot whollnsale or 'ctll; as thb sign of ithe Golden Cotm',, 70, N N O1TI(CE-.he partnershil.of Rellev ct, on ,Ct 1 of New Orlean ; Mses Harris &Co., of NRhez; nd Harris, Kelley &Co., of tiodnlen, was diss.,lved an he2lst of Mov last, by the death of Samuel A lason, Jne of the pnroners of the firtms. 'Fhe under~irncd, titrvivin. plartoer-, will b e hlrwelld wihthh filllig andr cloing sami iosiness as fidllowvs: I,evi C Harris will attend to the settliup" of the businr,,s of Mason, larris& Co.. t Natche; and Ilnrri-, Kel e & Coo.,t Rodnev and Ilenrv .olley will attend to lie rettling of fhe bhloiness ofKOrlfy, n.i.ono & C.., at New Or lans. TI noames of tho several firims will b uscd in liqoidatioo only. T'hoas indfbtod to said firnm are earneotly reqltteldt ocoorc forwa:rd and mkenearly settllelnents; nod thoe hlaving claims will please preonot lhemn witlout delay. LEyVI C IIARRIS, 1I ElflNYKgELLEY. New OrlTons, Junle 27,1837. IEAN .¶ARIEf FAIIINA'd COLOGNE VWATF;R 2n cOres t.,ore of this spintipor Cologe water, jt' received anil fit sol Iby the dozen or niufle bottl'.- Also Amntiennl and 'tenoch toilet p iwders, poudtr pu(ifs and boxes, shllaing nod toilet snaps, rosneic v a"h balls, iilk of rooes, cosnotic coltl cream, ;etr e o malnsk, It.phflin, Yoord'a vegetable hair oil, ponlatumt reOtme de prrse, Florida. lavendor, rose and boy waters, I'refst' o salots Marseilles petir ttnt r ill tronlok, ve,n-t - Ilet r ialfiquid ro:'he, Chlorine and Orris tooth t'ash,, elotb, halir, tooth, noil nsd flesh brushost together twhtll an ndditional snpplv of flasiionable tIor, snd behll combs and jevwelr ,for sale low at wholFsale or r. tail by SIMMONS, IIAR''rT &CO, ju!y 6 70 ('lhartres street. . coiving from on bfrorl ships Yazoo, and Saratoga andbrig Concordia, fom New York, a great variety of goods in their linar, which together with their fonlrmel stock on htlnd, makes their assoro,. ret very , plate. h'Ibe following compose a 1trt, viz: ell twitt, it..r, ';de Itck and dtrOositgnotis, n f dt ro of anll descriptios, hi i dilia rubber, silk anwortedworsted elnnie oarttrs, eontoot & fine elastic ssotpenders, looo tieo and Lucifer nattllfes, HSeidlitz powders,tpoowder puffs and boxes, toilet onwder, pocket books and soalletsa needle hooks shell, pearl, ivory anrd klorocco card ecase, heo d orni ments, plato co al Ibends, necklnten ntnl neligees, head chains, bcmd iecrhlees, cut olits atd plain,eed,silvnrr antr gilt bends, Indian benad, bells and plutest pistol and I.lne pow Jer lasks, illot belts, hfirset balt. pocket and dancilit istulol; double and single barrelled guns. Bowie knitves, nnd dirksa scissor., lishcare, pocetknives, llnrd chainsr, and ribbons, waio t bockles, clotll, air, tooth, noil,ombt, rumtb, shoe, plarte, fdoor an dustingl brushesr Cologne, Floridl, larvlldler, rose and bty water,nassort-d fesuntes and extrailt, Mloaeetise, heot it altio, and Ward's ve getable hair oils, shaving ano toilet sottps ofnll des Oriftiins laodio' atdl geontleloins' desk. and dreising ases, hair ri liets, frizertts nnd braid, plaintt fancy anai nlusical tiok boxts, platoin and eilt,inred, coat nodt vest bittoos, toear anti ivory shirt do, shiriot tdds, goldr and silver flnail cases, tcotihrrks anid tweizersMpate I , ond gilt loclets, iniatnre do, silher, hras ande strl I ctit bles, booi s niton ,too;, heir pinos, ftllittioon frllit, blk and redink,slite blnirking, toioliis and guit.tls, ribbed: onid plain lercumsiun cap., lilu h twlne, scnted clash tens, gold and sil lo e I r uond fr.nge, latter paper, grane bnecgs, riding wicips walking ecayes,playing 'ls, fans ghcd, plautdl tnd giht j'wellry oe. I'he above, toigther with a great varietvoflolter orti les are oflbreid ft whislenl or retail on accommrodating N t11 Shell conlls ropaired. IETY STORE--at the sign of tile golden cotmb,Mo70 Chlartres ntctert. Tlleoubtribers Ilav ie eoivbd, il additioi to theirprevious stick oil hnd, a full and complete assortment of articles in t-eir li;t viz: coombs, erfunLery, Jomtelfty, brltshes, locking glasseol, ltine articles, &coc. losistino itl part at follows: COIMBS-tortoise shell, wrotght anid plain tiobk,twsit, qoilfed back, lon: roulnd, droeolg, side puff, corl and neck, lBrazilioan combs, of every description namongst wliOh ar0 some Mexican patters, Ivory eonlba of every aseoription, horn, dressing old packet, togilher with a general assortment of Fronah and A itit"ienl PERFUMfIERY-Cologne, Lavender, Florido, honey, hay, rose, ad oraonk lowver wafers of every size soti dn; eription, canlpllorited Cologie, extract'of L.lgaolnot, ianly soaps of nl kinds, shaving do in cakes ali itot cream sosp do, Waord's verptable hair oil, bears nil an tiqnedo. Preston's smellintg salt, plahi, ild perlitltedl toilet powder, pearl powder, pat te ftriiiff and bixt:s po matun in pots and rolls,orris ant ohlorin tooth twash and nolwdcs, with a general aPsotilnnt of JEWELLRY-nome ofthe latest nnd ntost falhiona ble setts, consisting of white and red cornclial, tor - jet eardropi, sot in filfgree, breast piins eta gree' ,..e ty of 'patterns, watch trimmiotes, gilt and silv ,ilekleo, silver thimbles, silver and gold pt tails and guaoord chains BRUSHES-Cloth, hair dult. tig, cruni,llarthlt,ffIur, hant, flesh, tooth, plate, comnb, Nail, sating, sihoe and tI ittewah tbrus fle. LOOKING IGLASSES -Gcrlon n static and toilet tlasas, mlgnify'htg and Frelch dressing glasses, hoonu .do, with a varieiv of other kinids not einlit'rrtrd. 'FANC'Y ANI),VARIETrY AILTICLES-Frenoh and Anteliran portable desks ndl dressing eases, some vory rich and finely finished ladies work boxesand dres tiig cases, with and without oanic, musican l boxes, A erdian of varnious kind.s, violiis and guitirs, silher andi plated pencils andleadls,wood leniils for icarpenters and crayontsnaniitle clocs,gnni slid pisitlsl with and wilthont eaoes, p percussion cplsl percussion cap chargers, tipplle scrotd -ivers, shot belto,giioe bags, paste blocking, toy tea etts, Ilndiani beads of every kdnd, bells and ftliieso, firoeand cotllnon kntives, razors oid scisoors, tni;nbles, necdls, pinai, silver plfted, steel omid contlon sopecta oles, pocket books and wallet- of carious kinds visitinf curdns and curd ceastess,plaving coards tf Frtncl, fiorloou o.ld Amerrian manuotactnoe, olls, im:itation fruit,ail boxes, prints of variotta kinds, Saotndrs' nPonlelor's, Emmeorson's, l an llni ot nawki'o rtazor nirtos .nd metallic helancdirts, fancy bonead IIecklaces, do with " oi drope,toy watches, oeurl bottous, powdelr flasks, u. o nd ilain sensd beads, gilt and ilver do, gum elaiiec .utleOl crs, and garters, plnitl-and sword caer., backgan :nm I boards, dice, opticalvienons, jowshlar'l., lucnlbco matchi os and dlrinking cups, with a great vaurity' l otller arti oles, all ofwhlt t will ie sold for cash or itly accepltai co0 on 12 months credit. B 11 Sdl11fl:; ! , & on. .4 .70 ( 1-OLBAR'S Science of Penmanship receivedanod I- for saLe at their pernanetl WVrlng Acdot miee No. 8 Chutrea steet, New Orleatt, 1:J lrl,:ndway 1ocw York, Daophinie at., Olobilo. It iapaortiulally deJigned for private learners, and schools, and is ealcuhlted fir persoo of all aoe.e Lodies nod gentlemen are invitedTo call und elantin tie svsleuf ur tlhoneLsves. Les.ons are given at each houses as marty suttit I conveniene of alf aod to clasoes in oany part ot the city. Ladies wlho prefer itean receive lessons at theirownt ref sidenees. Pertals payiogo for oe :t lre ofltssonsale acdesired o attend until thyt writc t t ell as they wolh. uml DtI. ,rAIt & LIOIlt111 ll t. DEAFN1I: s . A NEW article frpersous troublhed writh dea.ntess (culled tile Eanr''rucnll,) ht Just bectn rtceivcr, by thle ue lof o hich, tle hl:ghtast artie tlllloII of tine Ita. llan voice is diostnctlv convey) t to the All,, ont, who th os evr otnet obliged (t tornvorn e with It vln r dt t penrson, toutt Ih hflny tlibte ol thle diiconlty and o, l bnrras.olleal txpel lo :ed hntl I1y tUntlSel e. and Illt ill dividualo Eno unft,rlott.ttlhuc'tdt. Ily tihe r e , ti, Ear lnTrumpt thin ohye'tion its rttirely ocviated. Ihe most uc.tlleuL havao alysa ndonll thir doubtt ntter ha.iug used tio a Trumpet. For calen' SF1 GUION'S, ttoey tore conrer of Ct.muoo n.d St Ckarles treerts t lor It: It:,E:.tto. Hotel. b 1I I 'EIt OM L--IO150t galloo puo w onter SSprmo Oil, it cakc and ISd fonr sole h JAItL'S & ANDIYEVA.. Woionleal rg gat,c orner C tnuno aud Tehap Ints street s. tr :1 LHTE LtAL-tle, 1 tIt e ac;lo ,i kegs, lt " Engtlsh do--5 1-4 bbls. 100 . lull Paint lrulshe, various siece, I ea.e Vermillim; 5 blllsCopal Varnish; 2 *" Jon 20 packs Gold Leaf; -50 do Silver do; 11I1 do Dutch Sletal. WINDOW GLASS, Amerman, Erlohsh and French 1000 boxes, varnous sires and qualitioa. Boston Lrotne do.-500 boaes, t , ill be sohl low. Ala, a eneral assortlnenet of artists' e.lrloe and tMa, for sale by A V tCo ' IE, No 48 fanol sI , t.o N B, Alabama tln.s taklit tt te r nd 91- c-,pr. aletrt will I,'reeoivtwd at t per resit dlourlt forer.,d or itt ItttIII, t of debt. ." t1 . [tI l AheIv le . olntSe 1 o lt.: VlI,'tA.. MS. ctal-.t,'r. NOW AT THE JEFFER'ONx 110rl Sh:.JEFIYFEII'Ir iTHREER. LI.I'ISV I|,I.r.. T are .P.'dhlr of the I-,n,i iL.E .,ldre'e'Hra: I I ;--it appears by the noborvatile4 oair the lditorta /.of the Nashhiilhi-Presbyterial, nltoln ual 'fauTr - eript, oa well as the editos of the Memphlits E:nirer, that the "Old GctlEtman" is tamon tie It )tors. Thir i proved by his inely rnge, knowing that his time ie but short;anld that the indepenndent Ameriean people are able to judge for thEmtelveo what are pulfts and imposnitions. The srrthryeditore who are IDoctors, the proprietors, editors or sub-editors of the above namedjlornals, roll every letter from persons I have rrestored to sighat in thlt above pl:a.c. ip0T.. 1. The fent is, that I never had such great success within so limited a period as ten or twelve dans. One who was need loot ten vears, who had only seen the light trom his birth, Ilegn to see to follow his msater to my hotel, instead of being obliged to be led by him. Two young ladies, who had each lost the sight of one eve, one for ten vears, and the other for nearly two years, having both ot them tte otiher eye very weaki vet each of those vyoun ladies beron to see awith both eyes, which beneol I pledge nvself still continues. ex reptin" tiev are under tie influene or dorinati n of thie Medicail I)otors. Another is tihe daughter f a respectable merchant, whose name I am hound never to irention, (an he paid mt mr y fees), who eaid she had lost the pight of one eye from the age of 10 months, but that sie anow bcgins to read large lettErs wi;h the other reve ernlletela shult. Thisthe daitor eritors knews, as the gentllnaon told me himselfhe hsd con dec ell his daiuirchter to tie oaice of the medie:d editors. that theyr might be infrrmed of thie fact. 'rThe last I shall mern ion i anl elderly gentleman by the namet of Yaunt, nearly seventy ."ear of age, htaie(Ida.led pub liclv by pletter, wvhich Ire tlook to all tse dif'rEnt officees in Nashville but one, nd iimself told me lie had paid for 'he insertion whatever they delaondetd, who dcilar e t i that letter that lie its :orally depr;vrd of the in-ht tf one ave framr fa ks ..ter tie birlh, wvhich his mntler tatr d to Iti t .. occasioned by tile measles or small ox that nV r Clhl no ro ot ontly see the lilht of tile sun, for tile first time that ho rCeollcEts, but teh stars also. asd wdS bnerirntti to distin.uish any oiiects; nll dlid, before I iel't that e;tv, give ma ny irnrf that i. emruld see to walk abont the etrerete writh thn othenr ve r'nmtetelv eiseuld l1e osal he had been it omemler at thie Methndist IEpiscopal Chlurch for jno, ly forty vear, an I thIt his word wa oever adoht ed throrgh the whole course ofhil lire. 2. I repean tbr. 'had never reetctr rhereres than at Navhrville, ad that ote nsediEnl and elEriica droctor had nevrrhfr;:rao r t mell rensou to be earared. t lie pior indics tei:n of theiH rv. clerical Dr Smnir ith rorres, Si er, e ntated to too that hohat six vt nrs tsot, he was eonverted fhom bacin a perfect ialid,, to hbelieve ill thie ofctrin s of'ho lible, that Ito mto t have rnadl, n trifling error--tlhat I i tust have meoant to sav, th t beforo tha end ofstx years to 0comE, 11e shelt d be converterd forn is .ill fidlie , as tile .pri t of t he true. minister of thi peocefal ad hin dnrl atrraro of tile Cllrisriann religian does not Iareatale oart alesatrtleion, re, cul tIarta aand falsehoad to please his medical friePals, siaooro tile i lat shor lile sIrE had dre so ullch coa, anrd o in I rv 0 tohany oile. All tha iaharbilaauts of Nalhvillr spoker of ihe .gren.t '.e..ss1 Ihll, v-reept tile aedi.jal drc(nrs. lMost of thetm lo halld been ifaorarted by alht Yortat of tile cllre perfiaaraed on ais totally alind ere. a. The far onlaa Go'ina S. oftrlhi toawn, lpretenvl that 1 Iltve losta tile lall'eia gaiedr ill tlr NIIaaI siane Illyv Sarirval in thc Stanitwert. 'I'hia pl'Oveca htaevcr,l iard, eand tlhtl kept thema nlril nrrived in this section. If I gaeined oelOI ill tie sorth, alihtr tO have rIaacld anoth r iatlhe tsooth naid so.rithvesra, aaUl I saill hoIpe o weair them on my very vtluthfll brow thle dl:atv Inrave, in pite of tlire vi.lupertion of the great Dr'S.,if I mary judge" fraom tlahe man, I are already benefitted in this a~tv within three days, S'I The object af thie pcErant in to infirm the meadi al louliults ard editors of !le Isepilivsn rh nt| 'lrasa script, ua wll ar thie clericul T)r i'itih rf thllle C. Pres vteiaan andll of tihe lIaioIa. of NarlVilec, aos rll ai the Seililoraalad u metleical editrlr of thae 'lalais Eiai taair ,i avwowll es Pie T'ronticre tilre citolr of ithe I.arisvilo SJourlnal, :arad aaloe Ilha medical (;oli:i. ediitor of this city, the arant L)r S., that I lhill briot neicons nanincl tlirnallll , tir rltaolaa liaen, slanlluer or calultay ilnlrdi. rltala Lalter avt arrival ill New Yolk, no well as t aejltl a their iraablaa iae hren thea nedical Goliaan ofthe narta . 1I rat hlilld ina ell'l ay pllllaiae, aer rlta qaita tbis bano v lalull of hlbenltv, rtltil I roar blrght ihe noaEns oif alll nli va alr naelcol( of the lorthl, a i weIll atilt' sEorutr uanid tir aae'l, to ire arintaatara The alilliaten. iacr. fore, lav ocalcuaiate our tidini la rluliui tile acohi of next 'ae.r in New York, o lh a re letter, r pot paid, r at oothersa wil lie sre to reclh rare. 5. To inlborm the public that the llt, so ecl'ed, which the Rev. clerically converted infidel pretend was wrilten' for hihilltu, w ts 'itten o tre thlll It week prior, nid htIeudettl folr thle Rev. D. ulowdll, i.ho read it i; iny presence without manil;-sting any disapprob alion no Ihecontrarv, took it to hisslldy a.nd clden-I d it il tile wa he did, which he said lie thoulllt woull in wer tley purose bettet; he delivered theml blth t Im:e, without pretending that I wantled to b tibe hilm, from he: duty, as I never could presume to offer that gentleman or anll other, no- money fbr stating furts The lIeu Doetr's owne .tttement is before the public: had he not extmineudt all uyliipllal, &l.e. &e.[ wih a b auleeua, a:s intimate friend of his, oa well as the wh)ole of tiey ptilleet, in colnpnnv "itlh another celergyttan, aed Ibuullll thet all tu be eelheuiIc andlallt elily pienst to I e mlor or less benefltted, he lever could have been indluced bye a total straner to draw tp such lt u:tiule I ' ,a wrote lthi -elf fr puthhl tlio , a elldressed it to .Jr ltrihgieldh, editor of the S V CAdvoe ate. ., No wonder the clear sighted medical Goliahs of Nalshvlle tooki tie ala ; and tlIlleelrole used theirel= forle to ieun with the', tlt e :ll-pllowerfulf athh'tie, +Ins: ic:tll l:d inlu'lcltll lfor oe ' the said tl -be-uolne'Ie'l tedl clr lIc infidel. \te redl in, thle Bible tlie '. ir,. is ieuluo by it' fruil." It late say the converted iledel 11. ,I ,i'lo ly i"arnt.d t, e-stablir' his moral r I r a tter a t h wal, 'Le , inki th.ri bribed. Let l tee whcerll r t lhe um of itiilty pieces of tilver will p a l·,' to him ",as w.el a- it ewaC.i w'ell oIlI lie, to another conlrted iulilel, wvho, in the dar.; of thein carnation of his Divine Master, ab:olhitely "cld him for t:at num'er of places of silver. ly anslwer is, that It was Ilevr inendeli as it hn ie, nor coueIl it be eonaidlde. ed PO hby l on.,llleas it was not even eul l to the teuth paret of ll the regular prilterl-' fe, of $1 per sequ ,e. cltnior lll.lL I\O lor h eIIle Ienetlle of cloeler printel ever intended to hiilc him, I sahuld have oflered hiu at lealt $,l his regular eie, insltad of $ 0, which, il all llobabili:y, he touuld have gladly received as his fee, and not l; a bribe. Oln he conrury, ifll ad been c I eI[Id oferilrin. a br be, I shollul certaluiely lave dune it i hn a wy to have in i aceptnc." 0. tIel' the lRev. I)lctlor been ieall' coererted to the Ielifuf the docrrine ot f the .'avilur, lIe weould not have I romised to colllel andl exaumin' Itt patienlts ith t kelpinl hii ed, Irivsw ond e as lways feuad etery ll ,lisler of tile gospel zealouls tet do. i. lild he been really converted, he woulll not ub li lyb have sp llki agilst the American iestitutione, Iwhich, it is u'ell khOlw, are oUe e nulelerous, and which re eepe'ioe to elellm i';e lni 'eIICat. If Eel, pe. ieH on tct :Ch di'eIItId iee e tliCoullng literary char acters, as to he scau-ely resbrnled fTom I'munisIng him I .le Rev. entlen: nthoueh it ecotch a n, is without beenu-e he in a ,lellIreel infidel I sayl he has inot-a all oullt ttl w slocie e i ll tile Irle enls hesge cael 'v ue.e. I flllc tile garellu Cautaei ilundv, aed noeveril other uablliale ou ollte thlnel of N'ur, 'ile, reelle cts trcll thfe cnd.ct o'f Tli. ious exltuldlee of the Holy Setripture+! 10. 1ler rortseeu aleh e dellin inl hleum shape tle I.ev. Doctor was tIe day I et e I to reason w ith hill, eheit he menaced myl gev lhairs willlt U, ll litlel eiig:uiic anll, e. if Ihe 'ould have frll',d le tI, tile geronlld,for aleillnge dlelre el pious luilll cr:lwnv fre m his duty, by a brlile f :;t 0 i lcel of rv!et I realle i elilhled tnieur t'i' it the "Jld Gentlemlu" had alu Ipered in his own slltlre! I. I solelnlyv lelare before Godl, alend am nnt nfraid to caill Ilia to u'itne thallt 1 ev'er. ill tihe hle corssl of '2 yearsc praetiee ts an e,dliast, iln reait Britllin. Irance tfllletumle d \nlelricea, in a single instance ofi fired e su a I ibe .l, umote tol the editor oef e:1n juro billt as i o Ie lcelI.ln fiuthe sIeue [ ec lillluedadI iIlh truuhle edoicl I of enllIltlrl Ilth ; rll tlhat I wasuahuvs ollore lnvlined to reu:dce, rather Ihan adld m t l .,,.y 1yto tire pointer' bill; which is a sufiicient prood't tat I ba;d nli'lcnteion in Ilibe. I". Llet .-'l'he ler ieli a lnqulirer for two or three ees cOlltills n tissue o' fla.ruiet al'lulshd,d· which tIe ledlicul iuliah e'litors leaure I fron tlheir bretlhren ,ofthu il. ioliulbs of tile Noeth, and I lshall treut theie witih silert olllellnipt until the elloller tiltme untivcs: Ulles.! it is trlle what I have {uell iefl rleud--"Seo e btggar, and you will catlc a I.--!" 'Though I paid hi' fur illy ttdwertiseents for t-o or Itree weeks, he only inse ted t henl once. toj will please to in;ert this letetr i your neat pa ner. and oblige yuis. &le. In lasteu, JOHN WILLIANIS, the English Oculist. I.oeuiecilli,Stiy 1837. Coieptdfroen the S. i.. C, Adoet of tkhe 211 Jt.l., 1837. At thie request of ir. tWillieams, we insmrt the fielow ialln ,c froun the iev. lr Ilowtvl, e of n hllahee, to the editor of the Soitth \Vestern ('lritl ell Adrllica s , he, it eal erso, hans exaine d Ihe dihlolans ll e lthier thduc tnetc,eviecivc eltite Dl)oetr's claietee to puhihe DatrIe ge In cluseetiueuc Iot aln accident, Dr. \\' ,iil rt inn!l in ettahtIlte a ftee day, longer thnule t lit first intorndtd--ay the Ist Julty. Rev. itr Sriiemiet;l:-lltviat bee, Irequested hby Dr. WVilliam, te eoulirt, tw il, thisu ty, to xmie hi I EIIIIIPI'I)Us ditl U ie ill ot! ther d'tCoeeitt ltc ioie of ili;,l ilns to illclbl cunfilet. ill his trol ,eesienI itve, it) clupt , c, ith a ltein,,l frieaundte so iit Iea re. A\,llmolg them I fooundl a letter fiol ,; r I' treet lln , lire. seot Ctlrtete d'Aites o tur el te iot o tithe Lrcieth, at \l'Iusllitegtli, nddrlesed to Dr. Williams, tetit " t, tihe tollllelll t lt tc dipltllto it frot 1 the l(icli ot FraI c, leltgiln, yc. as well at tthoie frilll tihe \ ".dicul Sl+<, tiet ol Etranco. Ite has ttmotteeOu e ouchltere fheo iI.e knowvn li li e'et.hih reottiotinn tihisteottrn rectivel tinet Ilit tea icacl i tht utlll itad ..tala.- (e-ttni intst c. ce:. of great tl. ca es ill t e IreSlu latiol of sigt to thte o,.nle, I hate s-en .rt rlv all his hoOPr ailltent- in this c.:.,. I ke...... .. of tf;,.o previ ous to twei. coll;ig u, ,+oe ehis -ar but all I have even say they are Un' Ili'T. B. C IIOWIEIL, Nasheville, June 21, It:17. P. C. liuco witi,7 tl e auove, orne ot l Dr. Willima'' {,aticlel has cOlled pll)etll (eeeel eays he hadl uctuailo and tutally Itot tile (f' one eve lot sevcnty volvrs iut Iowned t dcleS hillelf bettcerl leltut list lttcltt, 1f the first time ills n Ie O t t ic cann recollec, he could dis. tiog tislh, with that ee, soule of the promlnenlt: tare. I learn that thit old gellt.mltan hue livee l mai v years tn this rdgion, aund says he ne beco a .letl:odi deurutg toglO. It. I C. H. C IIE:Ku N I' III.DELIPIItI--Fee :ti, hy l 'ORI. It'. tiOTt LERS, Nt t llt's M er' le.Olt:t tt tNA,&e. &,ti e .lw dap ort l.,suistie ti, te cimp, roattdc e11-t leetle tlt Inllee .., btlc . h i. 'lelll r. tlteittlitLL's .MAl i" TctE ttrtito ecoT/-c cc ~,,.i Ih+ {riul'iplei 'I'tii-i+ fike :,lid M IIIIIll 0II i rl,: , ou hi w uriCh nr rut Ih,'cno,i n,,, ',c ",r.f "I l, ly,,l" i',, ,, h, : . , ,t" l:,~,,iri - -l,,. ý'-' ., . I!.. . · . -.ý .. I ,+1, ' i- \l i.'" '1. , . ...!mLaL:!:i- l:"I ;':r'': _ +1.., ".':llct -di ,lo..;,,( .f "l'ls: INILAN's I'A'AAtR:. (R re cra nl' orhemne im.eer' fila or kings evl,gnut, Saniatirt ri' hip Poot. imi. a nt cancer, salt rheumllln. 4iphilidc si:l mercmrial ,.liseases, liarticularly olcers and pai.tllitl.eltit tioeos te bones, oltcratthroat e noss rtils, licers ol every lescralption, fever soe's, antl internal ahsesses, fistulas, files, sandd heul, scurvy, biles, cluo nie sore eyes, crysipelis,blothes, asld every varietyof ecl tanneus affection, chronic Catarrh, head ache proceed ing from aly acrid humor, Iain in the stomach shd dys pepsia proceeding friom variation, affections of the liver, chronic iiianmmation of the kildnes, and genenld debili ty eansedl hv torpid action of the vesselsof the skin. It is sing :larl'"elfievceiousin renovating those oenstiltutions lwhich have been brokea dlown Iby injdicious treatment, juvenile irregularities: In general terms, it is resom mndetletI all those disenses which arise from im lurities ofthe blood, or ititiation of the humors, of wlateser name or kind. Some of the above complaints may require some trl I fling asistant applications, which thceilumetanees of the case will diotat'; hut for a eneral remedy or Porilleator to remove thecause, the INDIAN'S PANACEA will generally be found sufficient. TO THE PUBLIC. HIow true it is, that modern Physicians, im their am hition to excel in their profession; explore the vast fields ofscience by tile aid ofehemistry, and seek out new se medial agents; in short, to arrive at perfection it the practice by means of art alone,-antirely overlook and neglect, as leneath their notice, the rich and bohnteons stores ofmtedicine, which the Almightly has enused to spring out of the earth in every clime! And how mach more true isitthat while the Amerinan Plhysic;an looks f to foreign eounntriesfor smauv of his most nomnmon and nerceseary articles, perpetually changing as they are at tile dcttates oftfssltio o fo lly, he is su'trounded in his own country with an endless'profusion of medical plants, sllsuciont to answer any indieatio in in disease or to cure f ny curable disorder; nd yet he is igncoent of their vir tues, and they are suffered to 'waste their healing on the o desert air.' Tile evtects of vegetable medicines upon the system are temporary-those of minerale s lasting. The Itirmer ex ert their effects ond pass off -the latter, mercury in Iar - tieuer, aqt elhemiclly upon the solids, deompsihlg the bones and undermining tie eenstitutiao bya slow Sand stlre destrcntioe. r The eongeniallity, emciency and SAFETYI' ofegeta h!e remedieso ever inelral, may be estimated hy contrast ingthe ancient plectice with tile modern; or, to bring il t more immediately me tler ou own otbservation, thc |ooli aI n pranetice with that of tile whites. Who, in America, e as not known or hea:rd of reiatedl Istances wherein some dleclreplid, nllpretlclning female Inldian, by meansof her siplt r temedies alone has atfected the most rapid anlustolnishin.g cures, after the .lte'ira Cledica of tile a -emmon lractice. directed in the most skilftd manner, a has foiled 1 And who has not been uRtlrplrse at the com e 'erati ecasennI aeility with whiclh tIle Ilian freeslim Ssel'f irons an:y disease, n: d lat the almost tots abstinence d helr ilaic disease among them' Who has vel heardl e io an Inlien withea constilution brkn and rutinedt by Silltteetlmenalt A:,d call a dot htexist thit this ha1ppy rex c eelption of the savage from most of the ills wltice the Slesh ofnulm is heir to, is ehielllv owing to tllee genie Salnd salb retnelthes which lie eipIlnys) 't'his astonlish inidlifereue inl setlces, is a fil oexclnplifiention of the Itintalase superiority of the simpltae allnd safe means of e're v clieh (;nd has created for tile beletei of his clhi'ren, i1, ,ver thlose which the pride and the art of man have in If vented. - From :n long residence among a portion of thenborigin r alinh:aitlntsof thinconntry, undan ilntimalte aetquain. n tance with the methodls of cure of some of their most Ysueeessfill practitionelrs, tile lproprietor of ''The Indiat's Sl'celanee,'actquired knowledge of some of thie most Ioweserstlil see tfav.lite tremedties. lFronl tlhese ie selcetad s- i h as were most tll.caeionssalld ait )propri'ates, andl Idater vatrious lxpe'imenst tel t their ls t.terples and sl tl'rength, he hascolelineld Ihelm in the foirml het prsenteld, as the s perlf rt :lol .e.lei ial lur thie putl se tfor whiCh it 5s o-cn'n' enlll el . elltle( 'I hep roprietoro el.ersthis preparat:'ion to the tlnhlie, wt ith tile eOllseilllsis that he is placig t ithinthe ir se:, c remedy capable tofrelieving maney of his afllicted til c low beings, who lart mlterine g i'nhetl the tariua' s chrolnic S atll e bstli le complaints to swhiel at is allpplicable. 'lo such it will pl'toe of inCelculb:lle valle tile imeans, I aid iin malty ratIs, tilhe only melns nfl rlche ing theilr sulf I felriis astll Iestorilg ihtmn' once more to hlalth alnd hap . 111iness. I'. is is no tollesIe as et common rt l lledy, that |f, nmav per channac e he r l]l good willh mny thiers now Id i uttsc, ht as oneI ish elable of sat ielg l'e iin mny , extreme :casesicnl l .e u all te itUteell tmedliiesfllt. This it sI taas do ei t'senttlly; alld thi tb e'ftttiot itith:lsob es tained lwherever is't lhas beell inll'tll Let , is olsll nhollllt t hrls t e Velel. sstiner this prlepa:tltion was 1n presentell sto the Iublie: but inl tlt short space of tisle, n soli'e hlnlte'el of ), t lesonls nli'ht be enllltll el h e ollhe 0 sa .elld , yitl'adle in allona.d ees il..e'r t alse' l: tried tIeeny e and tpercileps all the common remediUes in vain. Wllher 'ever it is kstowc it irtatidly csllning into utse, ans ehi i ttfiltdsthneaost sulcstah natlaeslas calentg nsof alit 'he v'ale he ance i nost conspiFtn s in those long s'tanding nlS syphilitic and selioiulIus Lafnetlio.s w llich have defied all other re.nedies, andl prticularl' ill those cases where Illercult y hals Ihel so Invisl'!y Iseil as to el.seldistressing alins in the bones, nodess ilelc trialtllu ers, derlc l l m nlli althe dligestives ors luse C' c. These it eom ,s.teley iremoves, and in all cases it cutie yIv reldicutes llthe dseases and eltiets of mterle'i, Ien,. otesthe nI - l Sli l titc ll ol, ls'll r .lrt l . ' h sll e lllli we Il wll. I II u r c.c r'l l tl a rtll uc rael -r, Il:ll Oa, ill hai ly thi' ls i: orea t |do s ai t. ultw t givcl intg alsoto c h:-est S, ie l Whll' :It f oa e .ll i Il,' IhoIII s bo .'i 11.~ l ls,i ' a ist l a x s.cci,s a n ai -slle m tie . s ai'l .g ts' , :llI i s'li ll ..i'sltlt IO ts'lcc toi tllllll lto llla c 'xehl ' c illlm ll 'hl glh eti it cllll . 'rcnt:I ethn e ci P 'l these prinki . I le if . llr [IIIC m 11.y h Lulll rl.T l lt l . 'Lie tii l lin i tilcc ia es, c ut f oun iislhuirrt s'l ;i n l aw hich, . dight b es iout hare sp ie tec i ,l Ih it lLets hofl hsede I\ hlia' 'i n llls ano Cef li ne ss ious c.pingljlo t n .l al l 1'utn nilfl.i by allt l sel t, ex hnilblit'l til e o lmst af tile cIlet: mand llr itsu oirli o Usithe rtu' \i i"nll Slluocl u er. Cons %.tsl do s, i. . 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AlitngIill it si'te I bottles of i tie e lat t gC's I r est n toe Io'lsiislelldlt ha t , a in lllcel i m ds tlf Iu'Ie ts a'iled i o t. P'iet se atst licnclJOI, e afeRIiUS'c ', ing s t.lit to iw elfcl, I ials h'l.tosounes s eltsice, y ilh esitie. ,Allcs. ihetlel :lsm, i tt' a,:lc t d Ii .,ktltt a sis crt ciil while hal iei . I)esl'lilit.aolllte, in iicu al irow 'ile asells a bl'r:len o i.e, I Ietu llcllte it l n ileins its New Veo l, in 18his, it time i i the liitoitostitia sltlt I elet l:s ie e se\eit riedy wSlfhth litlebenfo. Oc the. Iliuh of ebtir litat stccss o tile sindeltyti's' tne, m oot e rs , its' n cructch sssilairtosissniisItsI was eeiieUsI'tisire itt s',isssttIsIu. soet'. 'Ito eiigi'cis listtss'rse, ti as sllis satisihtioin,t sll i eOt ecell ti e o tuse of l iltts ll Il isanacea. i lu son l on s' s hsI uIcU u sllsl'ei ti el fCio edS, fist s aile tly k oit lwc happy to state tho has l t esOt, r evsels y tsinclt wehllbut sleeais, slnd whos cossaidess his life sscseltsy tile sbotce s'. sup. W. M. IIIrltIA CNw ots.esT'oe. Jul, 12,1 31. T his y licert, ify thatrs wi thill eul er5 is twse leg,o ith a si lligly ceomaiel ile l crsYd csicela it ittlalatsir unlceratessid trai ic te legi l astly utcle jint mSey ert. eAieIrilt lshys.'icias ecIIstteinskill po it,lut it wen' out I elt'cl 'l t ene1t. Ii llhis cuttse liy e abottle. A Indi's nak tWelty bumttellesol wis ]aclaeatt ire. ' l)esllairlsst of lit,', d h lo i e enlle it bisllseen Ie ga MAIselAupI l A E3tIhi', learin o ti Fsor scaleby Icss of le IIONNAlIIPIa, slruggisi, case sil to my owits, I was T euitcliaed to tr, it, as a last sloon fbollrllp nelstdf , ad e sll s hrooldrsl up akiol ien bd lt, te a lersolutihelen o tnil becamed pi lfiect l:l lthe ill ns c Sa if itw lon thsle tcii have roc hell resc evis sacs llisd, cti te sand Wlicheld iclies ae flrtllh heneit olllcho' aho'te ut'.,i.a iner tsmiatu wse.ri uloe S o syphiliti ft otions , tht hey may knowd tshe alls ic aym .c es henc taeds' on thu seockolcslees f Aslla ise O.r'ed e twho has suil erl everyd Cting bty ice this m l rllesieg tens's''ie c tile plsensticl hitld otesw el deathe, atltd who cosiders his lif s'cved llby e above an t wl s ies' cic e t, fe yea e with il ulcer di the leg, e nd exc. essie laic iln t'e leg talt ln, l iroistlt.'ly out puvnanent henefit. In this ease five bottle sudisl, llP Ianalea made st sit' feet u'le. cti es i MAh t ic 'ctic.sA iI' AIe \VeiTiS', l1 t I'kei l lFsr' sit ebsici iv IcIl' litONAIshlc, druggist, age"l S)Ilitise soieltt scis'hellclllitttdlosac et ll'l. sl s istsl NEW ORLEANS el NAS ti hhlVILLE RAIL tOAc cnIIE sto ickhol,'sers of this 1stpancis are hereby 'l Stilie' d that h a resolution of the Sbiard oiel" c t re. ton pnsted on ths i 19th inst. ihe call madit e s tieml on i lcihii Fessruar' last, iclr thdce lyll'c of fie dollarl t shoe, was resrdiudsd, atd seockholder' sre isrthersn'sified chat the 19th iist elacase r i hha i IIen "ade on the sto odttiers of thee New Orl.......ot.. d Nashville Rail Road Coraul.... our the fnlonw ing pa . Il lllt. t Ihe setock huld resp..e. the first day of 6, el embcrnePxt; tao dollars per share payable un the liri t day of Diln nber nexal sod tw dollrI per shOe payable oi ti. fi st day i Ms1arch next. lowthevefi-',be it resoled, that( the secrtary throutgh hothpu1,tlic pr 1u8 s 1 the city that in n l .fo.'m I. with the six[th sretio~ of the chart Sec, thc; te perllitl.d STA I' O1 LOUISIANA.-parilsh Court fhr the l'ari h e, it, ,f' ii w t)ltnui . rT ilE STAT't OF .A . T. .ll "hom' I tl ot Presnts Flail rine, tiretino:-t1t tien, JiIPe .tome hlvillig Illrlillhe.d lit rIle , Il(de by the Shsril' of the lurieh ,of )ll.olh tlIe properly hereiulterdeeerihed, ,n opplieci to tile clerk of tills cuurt, in whotse office the dcd ol sale was recorded on the 2d day of April, A. 1).18311, ifr a monition or adver tisenent in conformity to In act of tiol.egislature of the htote olf Iouiinna, entitled *,An art for the further assu roanc of titles to pirilthnsers ntjudicialsalae;" approved the 10th dny l Marcho, 1834. NOW, Ioerefore,know re, and all persons interested herein, ore hereby cited anld admonished in the name of tile State of Louisianat, and of the Parish Court, who call net itp any right, title or claimn in ondu to theprolpetty hereinaftlerdoercribred, ineonsequenceof ltilly itftiranlitj in the lrder, deree or iodgeott of th ecourt under whmih the sale wan made, or any irregularity or illegality in the appraisemtients and avertine.nente, in time, or manner ofsale, or for any other i'felct whntso ever to show cause, within thirty days from tile day this monition is first inserteud in the public papers, why the sale so mIlad should not be confirmed lod homo logeted. TPe saoid property wam sold by tie Sheriff of the par ishf aforesa i on the 14th day of April, A. D. I89!8, by virtne of an decree of thi Cotlrt, rendered oil the Sih day ofFebnrvh A. D. 18:1, in a suit entiltld Alexoander Caldwell vs..latmes Hanse, No 10,367 of the docket of this Court, at which sale the soli James lteome become the purchaser for the price of twenty one thousand dollars. I)escription of Property as given in the Judicial Con veyanrce, vir: A certain lot of Eround sita:tled in the suburb An nunci'tion alias Licoutrse of this square No 5, and lot having French measto e, 60 felt front en'l'ehou piltonlas treet, i60 feet front on Oraugers street, andt 10 feet on l.lutaodo du Mare' h street, in such a manner that said lot of mgrond is 60t feedt wide from one Bide of the square to the other, together with a dwelling house front ng on Tehoupitoulas stroel, the kitclen andll de. pendttcics , anlo the listillery estshlil m nts erected lthereon and other iuildings anil improveo ents, the machinery, utensil , implements and fixtures belonging to said distillery, its dhpendencies and lpportenanee . and the rights,actinone,and privileges theorto belonging or ii any wis0 fppeitiioitg. Clert's Occ, New Orleans, Iay 7,1838. m14,24&j: J. I.OLtt, DepitvClerk. ETAT D)E LA LOUlblANE --Cour de I'amessu n pour in piranisse et illn de la N, ouvlle Orleans., LSI' EA'TA DE LA I)UISIANiE.-A tous ceux quite e is pl'r6entes conlernent, Saint: Attenlan qu " iJanes Hlntse vyntlachenl A lne vente a ite ian le Sherif P I delatparnisse dltriens Inapropai.itte ci-loprbs dtecite, s'cst adlres nt Grefe die eette Con,' on ia dite vente lift 1 etregistr.e Ir 2 emejour de M ide la'nncee 1838, pour an avis eonflloemenll l un ntctt e ine LBgisalanlre ide I' lI:tat dtie la lnnisinte, intitula Acte pour confinrmer le e itier des s aquereur nattux ventes jutticinires;" apparona6 le Ill .nsrs 1834. Qlt'i sititconttu, et tonltes personnes intt..ssees sont par ces presentes saonmoener nam n e It ' Etat de in Loluisinne t de In Cnur de Parnissen, i qui lourrnient avoir droit t Ia propltitle ciapi.s a decrie, en consequence td'u.n titut l e forme dalsa I I'nntdre, le decret oni le jugement de In cour,l n terst dtque'l ln t ee n l tiate, ou de ntone ilrrtIgulalite In illignlite dins l'testintalion,l'avis oin le temps et le modet ti lie l t velle, on inour utltaatt'ectausequeleolque; ie faire vOir, dlns t trene joOl. a d. ter tdla pubeicalion ltecelte it a t i ls, Ol i ]ellt atinsithitnceserlitntsl et h olnolmlgu(.e, l.a proolriih'te fitt vendte pal' ]e sherilfsusdit, le qla detlel de t celln our t! ,5 tte Itrir de I'ttnnae 1:81, a dan t i'nlitinc d'.\tcxlander Caliwell,. cntra Jameta v Ilunce, N, 10,3i37 du docket de cette Colnr, 1 Inqcell enlit le Iit Jntls lunac a'est rendu ancqnrueur pourIn ae prix de $i21,1,0o . Decri ptird odrtlu Prnparii'd'lapd.s letan Isfir. udiciane, In certain tI . e terre situ all falnithmr;i d I'An nonil ioi ioo alias l.a'ours,, de rr il e e il l, dllns I'lel No 5. le dit lot de aovant [nie.tre tir it ist',j soin antr pleds dc face In ite TcIhoupir.ntns, trois rent piedls te lace a in riet ios t lantrna , ea t oixnnte pi'is doe fir'e In fiaadt, de in rne in \inalchh,, o sorte qqut Ic di lot de terre a sixllnte piedide a-ti r d'urn out de l'ilet a I't. ltret : encllrble une maisont li'ant IhLe II rite 'rlh ,tritouls, la cuisine et sea db qne la distil'erin construite stur l dit lot, et niutnre h tisen et tl st nltlt inlln; lef i l:ttn it esn. sijles, inttut L ntionn,, &.-. nap r:e-nao dilait dtil, litiraie, se di" nndi anres, alpartrn:mces elat les droirs. actions etprivitSes ty app It lnlin. Itttan du grclffiurNouvelle Oitlbana, i 7 Mai.183B. u,, -LIj3 J. 01..1O;l" I)6p1,it] CrculIer 1\111: orig.inl ,egetablh IIgeian Univters:l Medli citew, re i ald by \V uiskhl s..el.el' of ,u It the t lov:i U(nieon PenVionscintian, Ltnnittt Pjliti, \Vnt'tncto, Bridge, t-d Pnl'enantmd Ppntil of Ctoy' cxperivece and ulparnllelhd succe1ss in the cxltlsirt niscd, mt lie ulhy and n ibility, noda is now inntt tothe ilice of nhe American pblic, at ithe t em ntso ltatilnlioa.' ini anoter of gentnmtln of Iontg na high ann Iiag itn the plOir es nio nl. It is hoped, l ts prelint i nly stepi, Iit chck athe eiils n llhan aieln S. sit.l, :iri l I'n ,, an e t e oft th t ani et"u. . l i leri , sln.rl 1 tnt ll tl" IItItWnn thc ".t hn s tta t hc e r id t lp t 'icCll ,d |ll'l+Dt 'tofso . ti l oltnl 1,l',.,, Wt 1 ,t l'lnn r finttitt , in.,l a! limIth, IhChI use r - in atith it t T Itia ti Iio ItdiI, l l si e -;" l ,ll, l ito i l it h 1ablllrollln , hl r ti:y t'nt ' t raxn t 1e m lll n ' t ill Ill ll ll. i ,l i' .1H . ,ll I,.~tiln k t lt it t l ll It Illcl t -.- iC -1-nl.i , i, Ag,, o ent 1forn , ll ." :t.,1- ,i " I,, ttt ,Mattnatn -r to anent of thoial I ropriet r. n itt kn attl t :n.. .. nirotot, la dS! -.-i i I.. :lll, tini tatttnnllnItll tt, btttin llnn tt- 'nnl nti-.tln-tnt nto licn ,,- i - w.u1 0 11 .H lSlii. l I .ura n. 1):r g, i ill, l h -111 , 1 C ian l l te t n A..i ll hulid I .iT S ithi d l l H ll h lo iohl. jl u llc I: .,ll.l tt(t -1 a tt nt .t lin .-i Sll : \I, - IIInntntt - !. i.r(hll .. imhi} llr,cr - t hlml', 11, Si. 1)., Wl . Itaick1, Al. 1)., I. Astonl %1 i.e IA. (llro ln~-at n in ) n n.lnlll.llMlll I nit i nLl-lt. tI n-nii.llntnlli :l % el )ll'fl'.lil5;l : ll C r -len d - nt- in ll t h lltln tte nteintm- in tlllle tttlr" t. ttu-n ,] JNt(). Itit. , i. INh I.ahla 5II n iPl\Vn, N. Yank, ( olt(. { m A,, AIIgIeII Ah tn l'll. tth llCoCil i Sti 'tc . ihky INti . Ih ltutlata it, Ilrugi -t IS, NoInI Cl,:-Hlltntt, 04It-n-lt A lnt 11i111" 1 nll le . I" a ,'llntll .llt . t it I t S ...-..............-....... I.)UItl It LII, & co, Nr, .I \lziuz street, [tt' o i telree\iing fromln ships Nashvlle, I.ouisvillc, I .eooky, Eagle, awl other late arrivals rym :h. ::th.llr ciies, , large ansl new seleted assortelnt .!:.s, Boots, shoe. and Brognirs, consilt.i ll ic g.lllms,.'s line call and .\11meco bnools too 2,0 llty;o do ibl1al, 1 s(tout o1 ax peg,4ged booouts veiouso qualties; mt n's find ecil se-n oto .1ot roucX a4lh :I 'lll ll l Is ai nhl ' :I.s, h lto!. i.I tshOes, hrogollos a sl*tps: omens's line call aul kipped peg't d sthoesoo Io: ous; dto hoots; slo to-itoo kill. i \0 lx gepIetg shotca id bro-tnos; g ent01 oo to-st quality t" cal',ei shoes; Iloggans o lll lack Ilowlniogs; do calt' land XlorovCo t cklek shgoes laill ogSIIIo S; do cllf, seal old llolnC(co: I t ia0 shore a, sli'~pl s, lo o calf, butt' 0u0 sItl sat tg, ia. olow aticle; do linle call; sell and uoocoq o quartet lots; Iboys', misses' nod children'o s lpegged and sewed bh o.ns, andl shoesof every oqualit sti klind. Also a general assortmel t of me's stout wal and rets Ilrogaos alnd shoes, together 1ils 10,000 plaio ogro g t- 1,1 quallity, trusaett obrogans, nailed in ti e I. loIks, mldt expresly for till:llutio IIuse a gSold as I toelll oft loell's fle anol stout kill rusoett hto.gos, a w o rtio, stool mrgUe qoatntity of an i.ferior qualitl r sset und toax beogans. L-ollies' fine calf, seal, moroncco nad grain welts, nod p op sole slhoes; do fine Frelic.h Moroccl o and kill rnll 0.001 slippets; to oroao. s11Coes, with and without heels; tI calf, sieal and stout leather bolotes; do Prunella shoee 1 tll kits loll qualitieso i lustlng brogans; oo gaiter .4and luoo ed bsooees. tMiaes' lastiogsopriog sloesauoo ot glus. Children's colored Morcoco u1od asting bro S1,6:11111 booas, &e. .enotle-looen'os- ile fahOlionable black silk huts; do black in Idrola, bte:sr do of a sUperior qluality; do imitationt 'tt ram do; otoolod t narrow obrimil menl's fine midrab and l,: :k Ittesia short onalp)ed hats, a IIe article. Yotnlhs l.a ;e size hats of Ililterent , ualities; do chihiren's. lI 'l 'so nd Ilb's black anoI drb wool hats of various sl pteos, with general assortmlent of boys' auntd men's a'! rIaps. 'Its atssoatimenot will be replenlshlotd y the arrival of rat I1 packetslrom thle oauoe namllled cities, all of which oill I to sold oI ncconnmmodatilng tellrms. al. 1--t-' SM t iINTAItUEI B.ALJM FOR TIIE TEETH. T I 1Heoaaetablisbed reputaltion andconstar.tllylocreaossn ode fad fior this efFetltul orerdy of y lso, and pro serrative of the teeth, has induced the sub-criber Itler it to the Amorican ptublit. Arrmltgsne nts toe tbee an o t too ettlli-v togelots in t ll to e priicipal cill liod tosoo io the roniled states, so is to Itphtc it ithi the reach ol those sfitntrio aund tkely to autoer this noso Ilarassing of t:l octhe, Tootoh-achoe. S\Vhe ap plied ttcordin g to directions giten on bottle, it ilos never tfileda oIn otlor iootediotll, and I anent reeli. It ots)o arrests tte lees- ti tooefetiv Iteeth, and rlieves thlt corenetas vlieht eo freeq eutl render a trong tooth lsllesa The onpllicatiel oU nl reloedy are illle0, iunofent. nll oit lnpletast ll anl theo large ounhltr ot'persololl io different oecsiooo of tlo conootre, that have slro tdy experiellced such deliohlfu andsaltutary enb t lonom tile ue of o ire Bdltn . are readv to bear (tor the olblin good) their te61 ti 000V to its too I! rivll t istlea. It is an Indisu remnody, Ittatinoti eingluhrly anl1 unexpectedly, olln I mt he regarded by tile ti ilized world as tile lost valuable discovery oefdman ul tile wonods. L'lico .I ter lbotl,. Sold by JAtVIS & ANDREWS, ne.r CoteCouo and Telok itoonos t+,. EW ;O-Oi(S-Noal .Sketorhb Book, 0o0 lhe Sov ic Ailtloot oiutda.e. \Vitb ebdrateoriatie remioiseeo 0e0, friognleouts ltlt otiiollS. Ily tl.e aothor ot ro'tahs 1l a Tor, &e. scaond oeries, In ' eols. Iosnlldou lt.ecnlteetiuns of tth^ toose o | Coltlolots ftoo, the coer l130 to tole oloseof t.t o,:t to ltu per .o lot s!t'lles of the bleaoln uondllloere--bv one oft no par y, just loeeived and for soole by \V' lcIfEAN, LATE I'UIILICATrIONS. (' lOMVCWEI.I. lo, Ilistori, o l Novel, bo the author ot I 10'0n Br tderde" c c. in 2 vnlo. I'aopulor Medlicie, or Filmily; -onsistl . o Outlines of Alatnomv, Pbosi-logyoo a- d lhg eane. aith such hints, on the Inaottieo of Physic, Sur.ery, 0o th e diseaoor of o1 uroil and o tn hildrtell, its tine Iro.o useful in fitiloes whOll regulotr dhysioians c000ln00 bo toolted: bri-l a coulnlpaeiull and guide Il1. iut*'llivent ioc pal s of ilotittolllllh lls, t ao tatioo--aoll. ,lh boo ldo ' s hol trav.ller , nlld to uoeftl skct:h Inc l menor t w t oo-tuco c I'i lle elu vl\ 1·11 , n ll f I ' n es t.]). ltnro eooroto i ooo-;oooo, in' - voell.lll t-, te I t -.'!'! ooo0oel ott - toorat!1' 1 o- t , 000 0 , ll ,tot-tOso'o00'ototteot o' X lt o-t-oo-o-ot. JUST PUR.LISInEDFROd STEI.OOr rllh. 'I.. I'L'ES, The /'ills I:dilio, n: ROIVT.ETT. ' TAItLES fO't INT'I Rl i: NT: r10 whichl nI, l.,n,, a nA,, \m,,.e. o'ile (:Cldb- 11 tol', or east trethoe.l llfor tit,,il I th, :la,", nlme' on storage, ntes of l ald or hi lrltf igono~ds. r lllur.- t1 chased at dliffrret dates, en differenat etrldits, nd fr various amouitsi; besides nal faI lnd complen te hlanking Time Ta de, the lo't that can be contrived. or that fi gdres cano r )tllce within the samne enndtesend compass, and size of t le. An aitvertiaement in the book is in nearly the follow ingwoerds: Ti Thlle high distinction this work has received through the ten legislative sets prefixed to the title tpage, is a re commendation in itself, so uncommon,, and so eonclul sive, ih t nothing is necessary more than by way of ad vertisement, to give a condenseoo d view of some of its pe- M culiarinies:as frinstanoce, the Interest has been eomp is. c ed ii'om,and compared with, what is equivalent to fonur teen setsefealtculatione, examined in the press thirty- c five times, an.d printed trm ,trentype plates tented t thirlyty-one tistesr, from all which it mnst be evident j even to the skeptic (e.preially on the pessoetl ofthe die itlt of proof in the trefstee) that the weok mlost Ie arith- it .etieally inrtfliile, and in aconfirmation of tils beliefa I premita of two homired and fifty dollars, is now offer- 11 ed f the detection of atn error ofn eent in the presIent I or fifth editione, a exprelsse in toie preface, making fite J' l'a.'er remiots oflered for the same error since thelfirt N nh"lieation in the year 11802. lfie of the most conspieuons features of the talles is in the lrlangement of the Time aid Amount., which N for exalieditios, roference ondplersplienity, with lthe help ofthe side atdt indles, cannot le etrell d anti the salty ty antd ase with which the in:eresil cest hrfountdt l 1h extent of general bisiness, wiltaont doubling of sums ishesidles a convenience so esslential, that in the estcimo tion of some oi tile most competent and praetl cal bsi- n cam men andi pnhlia off ers wlho have mrext gl'e.t oue ofat the work, it has been dlistinttuished by thle lhononlle appellation efofsa "master poine". Ald eonsidloering the infallibility of tile method originally adopted in comlposig the work, and the extranetrlayiul uumber and variety of the examinations, and tests of every edlitio it g has pasetia ithe press, eotwithstandling the whole is ine stereotype, considering, in sh6rt, he positite ecuraey seeredl bty the ttriireeedeotedi means emplor eil, the vo luoeihas heer held ant mn emhatliatinlly stylel ,iLthe most wonderfill hook in the wasl; " most certainly no mancan namen figure work ofthe same extent, which since the lbeginniig ofl reation, has thad the same man . I her and variety of tests in the same numbler of editior:' no, ilirone ail'fthe number, as is eleaoly shown in the ioelirfoe. Besides, as test and standard, ithas been tried an Sprreedl in nearly all the hank and Ihfhlic ttires in the - Unitedl States, all Ilv tllle pltlic gonerally, dllring the long pelrio of thirty.-five trers, yet no error of tie r.t s tcltations has ever been round ill lrilt althollh continu- 1 ally elhllengedl by tihle ol'er of very large ptrmims. Tlle in frat expresvsly adopllteld byl I titeeonurts of law lc several of the States as the " rote of o:leulatlont foritatute interest," as also by law ilor bank interest, aeeordtlitgls the hook is sedl, and as way hoe soeLI ill lpart, by .,e namoes of the shbseribers, ald a few of the sfallsetqullnt purchasers, ill the ialtat the edl of lnh book, is it osesasiln el evevry lotss of iiztes inl every utar to of Itle Unit edt StYt.i I It is moreover well known that, by its rearly cheek, it has so often detected large errors, long after they were Ismade, even bIy the most eacrlitll al| natst colmpetent a'itlllntietciln., tat its usefulnless, an the absolite tne nessily for its ust , have been extetnsively insislltel .li, 11 so evldent, ineeed, larve been its ;dvanltttge and its staving, that, severrl yearl go, whilst thte filst edition a was scaree, andnt ot of print, It great i umoicr of secondl . hand copies were sought for, atme to a n gle t distalce.o r ald prernlsed tit varltint prices, as they r conul cclioln ally be picked Iup t fronti $111o $25 e.r opy, and ,s.Ole persns have nree. y dnel reet, att itolnlcet could Ie' loollted tlhat Ithey anoul play $l , Al, , and i50HI "for a' c. ,v. Iftot to be had tr less, nod is indhiidusl , in thel l terI n i ltanl e,' p rlti h'l:rly,. h:vilng at the ':anfit linle eIxhibited s0ntisf ctory W pro, oI l .wIhte |nsl!Ol II r imore thntugh the mining of hli. ti t'al .able time, he h beig a very rich It i andt in tehlie nlto. It is likewise wonthil orf nl ce, and Indeed proper to Sinpre., that suilch is tihe nature fige wetn k gentl:dly and tecnially lwhen ofi the extent nd itlhptl'ane r f thee In l-s, that huI l this hbnk orv its like blolt trep ar ell in the lusan:t anntier vorne, It the mnotl t lnot pelt ealculatorn in the world, antl aierlllrdS prit, d teost caltlilouly toade. isown correction olIf profsheets, it would, inllt to ta certaiIll, hvlie been unslla te I'. felrnc,anl dear at any pri'e, as the priit-le t lh IIo Ir1li, explains. Ilut s. iefi.t atntd unittble l te the slelre3lv e plates of this wii klenie, Ina-Ie tht tsecellle them, withtheir, mlnneelns HIl extrtordin:ar exaiinn tio tgu+mi nst fire, flr the gent'l heat fit, t'ey' are (hy dterlisentl) eontnthly kept in a hipce of special ,it llat, except w hilt nme 1 in i tilit. I Y ' est willh tusetl l otes', follow the I,' tle, whichll , in this Pith s illn the ivo ptle.eling ediltliol, cotanitn mudl ih, Ir frItion concernling. the two IJ'l mt di:lm oIe(sclempt u ing stle.r mis tele ti t gl ace, e. li It remvns (is, to rrel lk tiat, n, twilhst: lin- thlin I lo ntonlylollhl' eosllir work, which wn' publdi hell ,betre interevt tables wore intr-n.e,.d ih dollh, n and rents hi ientr.linam, it h as bitl eet so utChind ais paid ib rill . iiterest. .le leIt Ib s of otuiall ti e Ithol l and lhi llar., 1 e hl.e is six earsi l lile flnrom 179to 1805, sust ntld oni the flir e d l iin il ( .la picsl. "rig lchaiity hlnm ii ts pliona ! t..i :i Ihnl lIn e, sit ant "U lher prive"It, s,, ,,Ih h il lspislatmii l r o i'<t ,l b r'p o t a lilen. -t h, i. l .i,,,", til 1 i i l s'ri e. h- 'tr linr.+ lt,- h, .t1 ll l '.. t1l S. it,'nmnt and g-en rsi i of tlh ubhlhe for u, eaiol S' un e t- 'l ef llen :l an p l ;,lit p ] .. . i a,1 by the •l! t'ri ,',i . ; ! i. t ' s . A C l ul. l S , I" t .. t- .J I ht .. , , the nut hat of ""1 Yea. Ie is t l' lobl,' IDed.'.+ 1t"m'11, in''- .ol,. The Yoe Wit Tut .ife'x hook, ta umual n mnralt reli Jnst t si, , id ibr by 11"1." 11K , 1 .1"ViN, V E & S .t:IIAI ' FFLIS ' CJ.,ai, aa ,.t I'oi Ex tract , " Stars , rilla, for the c:re ofl'oallitiate ptioas u' the altk; pimples or puaslub of-al tahe S; a1i" whi· i h s ar:.s Irol1 at1 iuplllure at talae or lale od; sealy era lioar,; p ins t he bnae.; ehlonic heoanatiasm; te t r; scrofuah, or :laeg's evil; whit s",llaaag; asyphlaitic dbaCses, a d all dtleld ers arising Iroll all impulre tuate of the blood, b) a long restdell in t lao, climate, or the Inajudloeson ue ol mercury. A!so.--Cava & Schalff rL W~rn S.,r p, or lal. fiat Preservative: the best preparation now extant. A.mlng which are thi al aIlow' g:-laalia:n liDe, Ior cal rnag the hair; Bear.s Oal; laaesian LBear's Grease; Po'uatuem; ichaw'a Free In Washl: sl. petlir Pearl I'lowdler; Illy Whalti; Caremlll Rlaes; Vegetable Ran)tg'; Ott, of Ras, ; Lip Salve; Kre. osilo To'llt Wash; C(arhbonic Detlrftice; Oraongo Feloaaer Waer; Powder Pal'at atn I Bx ; Amer . can (Chrecoa], fleatly put utp in Lotr .les vials; P estoa Saltls; Calague; Krem"ato J'na-lltaehra irops; Hair Brushes; rEnghlhla Dree ag ('a. La. In, un Iluir Oil;-with a variety of 'ther Pert, Inerles, &e. For sale by L W' GLENN'S PERFUM l RIES. J C T'I'IN . AlO, Corner of Canal and Blourbon streets D OYLE I& MAY\', llouse, Sign, :Oul (lllamallllta PJl' ainters, No 3 Caroadele street, two dooers fio Callal sareer. Imitations of the following ruods and nmrbles, ex ecutell in a Iuste.) mlanllller. WeoUItl et IeAat LER. Malhgany, I Egyptian black ralt gold, O.k, Giatlln and Antico, 'Pollard l te, Oriental or verd autlque, a aurled do, , iper, Canaleld atple, lod rea:onel Blrds Eye 'u., Uarby }ranite, Slatin Wood, Potomee, Iair Weood, aoe or luirdello, Yew Tree, Iliaaa White, Corouanldle or Black Siana: and Brecttclla, Isee Wood, Amra i Gas (;aLey, Ash aWlite Oak, se. ke.. &e. Curled Ehn, Specimanas to be seen at tlle shop. P'ailts, oils, glas,copal tarnlishl, .e. allhald tl it!or salc. tIL)N,.TEEL& HEAVY Ite)t)eS-ltit, squrte alal bhadle iroal, well a.,srteId luopa, esroll and rud iron, nrail rods ald ploughl Inouldh Cart, German, shear, blistered, spling, sheet and Crowley steel llllow ware, ncaet ll awrouglt nih aud Spikes Ziaa, block tire, mill tad grind stoaes, salt kettle, Cfaoill cables, alleclors, lhoes Ox, log a t ta.ce ~ laillns, corn mlls All ils, a ices, a merlllallll 111( bellows it'ire, soeetl, Il fie ant bar leadl; aeaot Can.t. allaad eolkiolg loaes -Antes,, Itowlarl'e aandl 'thers tlaaes ml shavels Hook ad ealute linges, door:ald winduw looks (aolliau, lteats, Staaa-, a.d oalher axes l'alr'daaatl NMa.idlaa'ordage, Iiaaesaad twaie UBol aaad sheathing copier NSval stores Pailt,iEE 11A1ire Jaua t latar oil A ifll arsoetment el hardllw:are nl ship eh ndlery, alway)s nalt atu, aed wllhich re lleade firsalt e aet wille sale or retail, oil tile lllOst etorallble telnls,,, by nro LA.\Y'I'()N & Co. n53 01l Levee. HARROWGATE SPRINGS iteatrlsl.aaalliar ay raountyt AIale,aae . THREE D. L'S JOURNE 1' FRO.A NE 1I' ORLEANS. riHe prorliertor ofa Ibis establishmPnt has tie plea su re a artollnoleing toI hteis I.ien lalnd tel le peblic in geelarol, r cat he will le ie readienasby rhe fisrt dle of Beev iu receive rvisiere. lae weill alo ertsate for thear nelit ofltele t a i-tallter e atr tha tere lr tva been lerga imrlovmentr alllltle lnod lhlllelra irat gaoill oil ed hi rapid proress foar oeple ileon, wtlerla sill eatl the eaeacr her to at:aaacot ntar. a rnuc l I:argar nlltllbel al1aa hleartLaefael. aad at thle tallte tnime Imach better. 'alllielie cale aellllldater d . itla goad raonle. or thoe who ieir can Iseav largo eubies a etachedl frome tle maine biltding. It ia deemed unareeosnraoy Ita a nntl'inag in Iorlilla ar ,f tile ellcaraeter ol thiese watersr, fur it io generally be licod that they are nut it.farior teral ia tile Southe ern Statas.A. A ello lusemell thait1 eCllel .llv lard at rWaeteriatg Pluees, will be fiund at iis. 'lar tass . n.f..ei thaatr t ehis p rtaot h t . aCOUtry nalbro.., h:t, been e olgaged, d till be ollaItit aI tel rlane-e at the Spines du.rinuSg e whole sraso e. '1 hr psbnac lib,'r wil avaoil Ilieac , lr r a ,llea arlhl-s i n h ill rsetnrilg s thil. a.'i la ned a alleks Jlr p " I aa tr -rv ha tla alltaport givaen.hiae ll l-eaaeasate a adae peo nllt aaeta 'a ahe acl'ululrllllOdait , to nlcrit a hIbral It lln .,.+,a tlt " It I, cIleft . l T l , 'a I't t I'IItt.t I IC rll ;, I ---e 1 i ,- . aaa1 . I,./; i,i: , 6, 1,a''. . a9 , I MlAIL. AltILA \l:1a :tll1St. Northern IaAil, , . I . 71, t a1. r v. @ D .t 1edne.da Te LaC Mail ( lne every v llndlv, Thlsdays a h uvi, ... -/.+. l F , by :,, I'. 1I. ,y J l . lnn S'eva'ry .31ondayy, Vrdoesda The l. .... fil ln)e every Tuesday, Thursday, a auttrday, Ib 5 P. N't. via Closes every Monday, Wednesday EXPRIESS MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAL, DEPARTURE DISTANCE &e. of ithe Express Mail, belw-r, Moaile anld New York--leaving Mobile dail' at 3 P. M. Nortewar New York daily at 5 P. M I outhward. Arrives Arrive Northward. Distance. Time. Ietarn'6 Montgomery. Ala. 2 pn. 198 m's 23 12 at. Coatlbus, Gao. 1l4 81 1 31 . in Milledgeville, Ga. 2 133 144 21 p.m Coiuotid n.S.;C. 71 am. 113 171 i Rnleiyn, N C. 54 215 22 12 Warrenton, Va. 12 m. 55 at1 I'rPetereburg, Va. 10 npro. 83 10 9a. nm ielntinootd, Va. I am. 21 3 61 I'redericksburg, 2 67 . 7 11 p us. Wanshingtn city, 2I pm. 61 61 5 Ilaltimore, 64 38 4 01 I'hiladelphia, 6 am. 110 II 2 New York 2 pa. 90 84 1305 143I. or 5d 23 Northward. Coming Southward, the time is six hour lees; hbieg5 dvys all] 17 aours t 'I'N D)Oll.IAIS IEEWARII). T)ANAWAY frm 169 Curomnllet corner of lHevi LR salreets,on the night of 30th of August, and was seen .lto next morntinrg in Pnydras slree, a negro boy nanmedl CHIARI.IFS, lbout 17 yeors of age, sadl fee or therebtlots a it heityl, very be ck, anitd hin an aiped intent in his speech,' ote of his legs is sore, oneeoasions by a recent hurt; le had on when he went away a white coalltto o linen shirt anld while cotton iuolltloulo. .oMaserrs of vessels and stlea boats are cauntionedl gninal rceivin or rborig saill negro, as well os all othier persons, as the Itllnlit rioor of the law will It enforced gatnsat ltm. T'Ilhe bore rewar will be pale NO'I(rIe --LThe coitoltnershrirl IleretofIre existing Ultlrr Ihort ofml o Iuboi & Gi rretsnon, ho, lirer rdissolved I The snltbcriber will illiilato tIle alhirso SthIe ctilllrl ill this cliti, nitl reqires all lltonrso indleb. ydI to make lyernlslt to him only, and all tlhosohaving cinhins, to ir.eet Ihcin for alulem ;it.i suel -I -H1 ItAR ltTSON. W. W. SWAIN. No. . reet Amc Orleans I 'AS ilwan s onl hand conl;lnntly & recei.i g f)rt. gl Dyes, Chenicalt,and l'ames,among tdhet. aro ollawni t: )Ru ties. 1)1YESE Antimon.y, crude, Argols, red, do egullle, Ahlntto, Span - do ipo,. rdered, |rzilrtte (too., Itgalam, Cchiintl, lim",11 re, In, Ctop crs, Ame'rican, to oetioltd, C1 tbcar, lrinamtone, crude, Faustiy, T'ampico, do roll, do Cllba, do flower, I0o aiine, Constloil, lIldigo, illggol. Crean t'artar, do Manlmila, Canthtarides, dIo Ie'raccas, oe, do titaoalll, 4do A dnil, I,1ooo{nd, Im opoaohy do amonia., do Jlamnica, do benznin, stwll odl do cotal, roupg!, aItld'r, ombno, do diu setIll, Nioaonrag li 4 onare, do lo S A llllr", to Coon, lno .,lhllltl r ,, ' n 4laloaroib 4 1 ,lo , li t dto Ih44hho. do CIIEICAlIS. Ido kiho, ' A il, nitropu, do mastic, do murlllilllic , do opium, do . .l'phurir" do 01hell444 , Ilh l vitriol, t It se ,eal, Ittantl, p 1, du s:adlac. .iurl +siws sublinmat is In ~trugacantle Chloridle o linme, .I 4iper herries, A .elic n,L t,,llu ra tioll ,. do ill I.'k rtdigt l, h140 d l't4 ci4i4lee, lagtnesia, Igl h, ~4 tcle r ll, do Amer4ican0 litd chrolnoartetaa (allnla Ink:lt, Sap carp111 So*I. llo lsorts, Su P ltaln, li;41'0ice bal , S444r lhan, |)tl cloes, Sulp zinc, do cassia, S.ii qininle. d beIII'.n1 t,1) Tl'oll:r elnalltic, du h lnont, IAIN'SI Ill,.., d4tpeppert . Ii ,, (I l geninu, ('lromic .llo4 , dry, do il"Cac, ,T - d in n il 41o 41I' b:14 "I .4401I44Ih k + . 01h., (l~lqd ilo, I I. , d4,, ho a lt so . ll II :itl El ht1 , ,I\o A 1, inri na o, d l 'I' llnic, ', ''a'ia nllil, · Enlll-hlh, eat Isir, do unrII n et o 41 I , 4 .i . t . 4ll - I1nt ct'hlIT ll ll., III i, n A44tr , 4 II ., gr4.l'h4l ,i Ioril Si--|lgl',, lith " t. ltd1II.ll lllE. I' lI 111 , .ilI 'Ib t I a llt .1 1 N ,111 t% I0o tSotint' ' Vt oo I.,iht', j:,- , l 4hll 44 I 1.4' r 1 4.ll 4 1 lr ri Itol l .. , o Il ',t (,1 04 Ihdio, to tr(hlr 4 : ..,5,,+. I\ il-l·, 1' ughlli \ h it, ,;,,l4 , din A. mtl, io Ioit& A441, 40 4..bo4, 00. Efnodlinh, 'Io Calstile,gl l B l ll--ll l &i +llin the 14t'401,4 by th , atttur 0 feter Simple, &i o 4400l- to 444iu .l' 4014 nltsll Il oll, I:lvtal Navy, F.L L.ordl /bld,,, a rrnnan'e, hvl l Allhn (Cunaingl . n,l ,o 4rl (40 ,peio4 I listory of0t0ly, tr1.Ial set from n th ,)liln alll Iltlhar, by Nalh'ut liel (:relne, in 1 vol. fr tlili( N 104 r4,o. i1, tl lIr l ' I I4r. i1rayto o Vols. & dI ol the (4 ,'w 441 mph4ll e nd unifbono editiot of I| itshlinetou lrrint's IWborks. moacr's I"',r wh and Ertgliah Diclionaryin I vol, oru A'tiatarf I t'weh Htd Fng lish l)iclbianry. Al.s\l-- A Ii·w.+ iiote Ivopl)il'a of i (:t'11 I+'shr' n oloig ili, t.hilh altalnat, Iiilinth I nlld lf l2 -- and 2 ' .'2 1- ) nie &c. &C. Ac.. now`. LEVY. SPAIN RIIVjeISGl'T:F), &, b)y tile uthilor o Ayear T'rils offlltrdt.t eteerlrtr,et y.eortlli npplicoble to the Ab$eriglreo of North Anrericr, by u " 'lorner, E.q Thei Poeliircnl (nratnmar, of tihe Uited Sttetl, or a coleet r view of tiem theory an enerticer of tire gcora Tld sere goveritr'llltnu, withi tile rerhticons letnecn tirem --dredicated re irdapted tolree )toglr tll of tlh UiWtedI, by E It ;alltstield, INEsq. 'iotrod's Iousrirua Tluurs ietligpersedI with cllareter fsliC ee oedoles eoittllt tlnd rIhtgo rf sportinIg tIe, ii rludingr Ilotlier of the riteillpul erack rderds rofEnglnd with lrlytictl riontcrtis, and gelrtel iddrx of nanetnt volemnes. FOtI TIE CURE or Srofela or lKitty'e Evil, 'hronic RIIhuomatim, Chrojic Cutaeoros D)is- P'uihto in the IBores, by free l Nses, use of Mercury the btod Ibring ill vitiate.d ta e. [l]ies very eoncentrnted Syrrlp i pWrepared with the greltest iltrelliltllttllttiet care tedi rrcetrtey, itd conttin rte autive tlrclll.u i of Srrlatrlill a in tr r lnt e en t n rete t lipelo, otlhlbitred with oither vegentble sorubltaoe of knoLIWil e iihmev. Thli enEat desl., erllrtln with phyrietra in being abl it exhibih lrgrti nlntity o'a rotsaprilao i aemma ittse, hai beel otaitn'd ieethis pre lanrintiol-they, beilnr folly coltlnvilcel nil.df it eritls, colltfi entiy adminirter " the e lntrre Tof tlnit-r piractice. Pri'ue $1 50 ps r bottle. Sold only at SWAINl JtitO'tllEIt'S drug tlore, No. I ]Cunal street, whir laity ie irad, fretllttd gelliihle direct from the itre.ile tlre, Swteiol' IP'ntaacea aod Verrliltge, Potter's C..taoU coln, Carpenter's Preporations, ald a large and genera asoortlnet of freish dru gs, cIl PINNOiC( i ILOME, &e. P INNOCK'S IMPROVED EIDITION OF DR Giodninimith's Aillridgrlrent of tho Ilistory of Rone to hrlicli is prelird tln lntrlodetlion to tile Study o Rooilrl listlory, ald it grert variety ofovalurible infor nlatior added Iltrollbolat tile work, on tihe Meneri Ilnttitutions aunrl Ailrtqniilrs of tile Romano; wirth non mlerol biograjhieol atl hisitotieal Notes; and qll q . tsiu Irer eoxinrUtil : tt tillre end of eanch setr!in. II. lutttrtlted wit lithirtyetYlrali.s onr woodi, by Alherton l'rivocxr'r Il lltrted Editiolr of Dr Gold rlrita liltory ofEtlnglliud, fettr the IrItrviont (inf Jrliuil Cislar to th" deoath ol George ', wilth a eorltielratioo to the yea 1032. Witih quiestions for oxauntatoion at tie oend ocll section. ihsitelr a variety of valuable inforna tion addeid tbroagtlour tire werki. Conlsisting of table of collrellrnreoey Sovereiglrn oatr lnriut nrebonee COpioui exlihilrrtory llotre. It.olarks on tirl poll ties, rlrlllers antd literatrr, of the ue. An outlines tile tConllrttlttioior . Se. IIllutrateel by ntoy ong tugr. Gurs' If.LE.tEtyTr or AtTOtrorOty, alRl an Aeridgren of Kreith' New Treati. ont tihe Uce of Globes. New Arlerioan edition, with additions and iaprovemeut anti all eilxlatiOlrt of tile .tltronolrioal part of the At ricrll Aillllatne. JuItrl reci.ed anl fer sale by Wni' M'1KEAN itov ' cornrer ol'Corall ulrll Collrlnllll stlt IIAItI'EIl'S CI.ASSICAL LIIIRAIlY. 1_ OlIACFt, Itrsiled bIy llrillip lrcrltirl I) I), with I ian aplpe* x, collltllillilgr tranlslatils of variour oder, &r. trv Iltrll .Ile:lo, CIIowle, Milton, lirvdoa Prpr Addistion, dnl iflstr'lhetertorr, r" Wrkefreld, teyrsou l ,lr till an t rd s e of tir e oitln et r li ileat octs of th i'or(rr I)RU, tiirll the aplpildix .if tlidli, trinslr Tle i'tleditit' of ilU.ill'iiihY tCI.INKER, by Smalilelt, tIl ) t wilh itlltlllir t it. ' tit .trlitllnlr by 'Plaln. .; .lrrntre, Ehl., tnt, editiort, with ilhlrtrations, by Ga f ,.lll\ 1 a "lilt. iil''t'f Itri a rTainby tier Otr rf "i.iy.beliew Hue1" etrl t.rgrl ,' " trte., to 't editttrt, d covloe.rrtrplg tAIL LllllliFt 0,0-;by tire oohri t "PLItac 'l'hl, |)i:l rt"I ', te, - . 'ill vurluor it' oltltllaew ore o l'"1.r r e CorijlnOtV ilet s. dultrrr'eiver. . (,...l .~I j .-. rt i Fr 'ic ll, ill " uli " mlittll.hl .4 1IAWi"

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