Newspaper of True American, January 31, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated January 31, 1839 Page 2
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V3UE AesIIIICAI OFwFIB. $oaln t art; 3I exxwrawal - a connoction with this Orfice is a IPLENlDIODND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE 4f ITllI PRINTING OF ! l ato Blank Checks Ca tBills of Lading rjLg o Dray Receipts, tces Auction Bills, NWi.Pcrms, Show Bills lSam Beat Bills Circulars Ad every deceriptiea .r Job Work that mear be required. Si7The proprietor respectftlly calls the attention of .he pUblic to the above Card, and assures them that all work intrusted to his care shall be done at the short -.t notice, is a style unsurpassed in this city, and t te lowest rates. , I - ir".mr.ims a mm em as .,am ThE TPRU AM ERlICAN. UDITRD l BI Jogtw. 9IRSOiN. WAMTRFUL AND fOLD. NEW ORLEANS: THURSDAY, JANUARY 31, 1.39. B Owing to thie great length of the Proceed. inig of Council, we have had to omit much matter prepared for this day's paper. TbLaU.S.Shooner IVoodbury, Captain Nicholas., rrived at tiecity yesterday frot Vera Cruz, whence she ten on the 1b instant We eeaeindeabted to Captain Nicholas, for the itenmtioe that, Capt. Pou'ding, ot lost WVedtesday week ad a'lled on Admirial au.din. who informed him that the "ortmoTampico oan tetamoras were for the pIrenCt open to Cemmeme, and he pledged himself that theIy should nt be Bead without giving timely notice. The fort of Vern Cruz iL- Onie Mocknded, merchant vese 's are however ul'ateod to ath-or, but not allowed to discharge cargo, under 0na0'ty of meulaeation. Tbe city of Vera Cruz, is held by a small Mexican Guard; ita ienhbitnts by the order of uanta Atna. havr left with all their moveable property. The French have posoess ion of the CeMtle, aod the army of Santa Anna is encnmped abolt twelve milesiu the interior supposed to be about 4000 strong. Whentapt. 'icholas left, there was in the Pot. of Vera Crua, the Barque Ann Loulio, ofNew York, the Schooners Amalm, Alexander and Washington, of New Orloanls, the lt ceemd her papes eudorseod,and tile others would bo enldor et bedoe they left the harbtur. COMMERCIAL, ,ntest |)otea. -Phloldalphlo do............ 7 loouisvlle dlo............10 Ialsi|mme do ............... S St. Louts. Jan.......... . ... t.loj.J atato. do ........... .... I.ooopol, Nor...... ... 1 Nmhoille, Jan ...........1 Ilnvre do .............25 --- p I . . . . . . - . . . .. .. Fo'rT 0r NE\W 111c1 , \'%. CLEARANCES. January 30, 1839. Ship Caledonia. M.asseroo. L.ivrlnool, A llowl, orquoe Roer \Milli tln., Ahller, Iltrant, D A.l.rto, BhrIC OI Smiho, 'rotten., T nlllaM 1H·, s a Steamer Anteolope, Clnolrnn, Smt Louios, bla ARILIVALS. Towloat Porpoise, Divis, froon tli paoses; toord o sea .tlip John Ilolland, F olourqot Jasol. Fhll lono retnrl.ed with shi Ohio, V hip TOretal. I. eft0V lth ant tl II A IM.. A Ihip ofsoth point itltntillg iin; three.s Is ill tlll iver. Ship Ohio, C(ttell, 1 days footm tBostoll, to Stetson ad A..ry. Ship TreBcott, .insey, flot Rio iu Jbneris, c ilh Ngov. to U S Cottoor W l.odrv , flora o r:t rC.t, 8chr Vi.aue, founlm tithe cati. 50 hlhdr ugar, to Coldwel Ilickey. teaOler Coloulllos, llllldrmlonll, fronlt C(iinlniati. Steomer W.VtIit gtonti , trloo k,bt ,,h f hllo lOlIOIull, illh. Stooiner Io t.Killlly. I'llllips, ftolll n S l 'lob. nolo[ Altoo). Sitooa or issi.sip pi. 1irc1,, t.Ol,, rll,, Sht taler , Cistilo. frolo ('in iiTtllll. hteamer Colunllbiat, uin, from 'Slhrov rt. be tner Semaphore, Clark, from oBatont Itoago. Steaaer Itomo.o, Ilnrdwicl,, f' om Thiledouxvite. Iteaoer Soutoonl, the, trolt Edldyvillae. Stamern I.exingDton, Alleo. from Lout.ellc. Sttamor Southertor. Barrett, frln CoTumTEro. Steumor Optledid, (hllStcth, tlnn Cioiutinlti. 4flt boas 4ttl live stok, etool, , corn, poultry,etc. et. EXPOILTS. LIVERPOOL.. Per N hip Cnaldonia..ctrero 17354 bales cotton •15 hll ds tkbnco, 12 IMles cotlon. HIAVANA. .Per Ioo lue Rooer Viiiaimo.. urgo: 3,25 hIea., t, brlo i.rd, m83 b. Is Dour, a lida olld1sd It n a. , TAIPY BAY..'cr ochr C ,t Sliith..aorgo.: 22n1 bsiot o c.l,, 4 8 1tst a ,lcot p r. n tI oe-. poilnt. ST LOUIS..Pr 0tcalt.r . tolt, lope-cargo oasorted. IOSTON..Per ship Ohio..corco nts'tl mdze. RIO do JANEItIS.. tor oli l Trc'tu:t..carloo G0.5 bogs tof fue, to oder,. Stomner Soualhrner lo w tl'edown baruuNatacilz f' Noteh jtnnr dam r tports 4tct wcator ou tlarpclt Shoals ato d Cumboerland river fillig. SRtoaner II L Kinlloy reort e tlitio.oi tpl river, Ja 111 re Tliondtd 003 Itloc Iof ndlm a n lil: mIe r1ui0 0 loatE , I... the Missouri sult Illinoi ri ttotrl l l o ly ri,. . Steasoer COllllllS towed do0wn0 shipEd ill, bohod to Tivel - pool, fromtnlt oll (Gulf, cotaO cto. Stler ,eSoutllrlhr o toowed o.,l i brqollo Ntbllez, frnnl Natehez. houotd to Huston, rial- cottn. GAS DEPtAIRTIIIENI', Gas Light Boaking CEVElNN , JAtN. F, 3131, tS39 T HE Stlot of Coke broing m t't T dooecd thlt Clot, . poay t will funrish Pittlburg Coal, inu smUl quo,: tilies, to their customers. Orders received at the GaO Onfle. Ioank Allot. j31 F: W\VI"L,,V SIee'o S Hiboat Coluimbas. ior stle, by ijan 31 ;. ItI)(SVT , 41I New 4 ev1 e .1 Splendid, it store Cft sale bho jan 31 G. OI) EY, II o 'New Lov: Tills 109V. 13,0001 Capital Prizc, l'TIckrts nnto i 00o GRAND STATE LOTTERY. it Drawing of tho G6rain State Itotery Class 8, Exrr. I 29, 37, 4, 36t 65, 18, 40, 42, 39, 17, 17, 311.i Nos. 4, 29, 37, the Capital Prize of $t1,1O0, was sold th to IMr J N Carduzo, a nterchantofthis city. C.LASS No. E. Althorised hovte I.ogislat1re0 of the State. To be drown TI'is Il)avl, Jon. 31, i 1039, aItS6o'clock, P. l. t B ,iolp's , tool S 0tA VIS &CO,.Olllllooots. 75 Drawn nmlooro-o--lD ItDraw, Iilluts. Slelodid ,SrC/hnte. Itl 27 814 Prizes, 0amounting to $1:12 773 Tickets $4 tIO--lohioes 2 O--Q.arters 1 I;. s Packages of 25 Tickets fior $100, wooratnto to draw I o at least $48. I',kagoetsto l " Ilalofll"l'iblos 111.13 t war- t ranted to draw at Ieasl $.21. I'arkoges of 5 (Qloartr r in Tiekets $25 1t0 worranttd to drawat least $1.. ooi For packages of ttsingla tiskr.ts, tII' tt 1the D 2.\NAtllC; li IIFI9(' I, Vanmp St. Th eats jrhod night of the engog.ntttot olfto" taeltraltetl Alt . E1)0601N FORItESTk . TiIs EVENING, JAN. 31, Will be perfor oed'thelo lragedly of KING LEA:R. King Lear, AlrForrest,, Edogar Fredoricks, Edomnd, F.Ihling, Cordelia. lrts Barroett, Regaln, Greeno. To conclude with the Illaughale Piece of hIt TI I7 R EIEIWW. lot Jtohtn.(m, . liono, do BLeanPnrdl, Gilt,ert. ho Grace:. o ove, lro; C:eet, 0t On Firlay, Thiro ni .hlt of 3l11R. FORI01ES t" i a S[. Cwaarlcs Tlae ,dre. 14W1I ni llt of thee r , uý."nI~ lrul i t r ,",-I, I 111(1.1 1 2nd night ofthe egngecnrFnI Of This n ig ru,,y:1 Will Ib pnerfrmd I lil .!., Il Or TIIE:CIIOOLFOI SCIAND.1\ . $ Cha·rlkn SwlacAirC.IdwI Josephir wr .tte, Loly I' nIa, I i dAn Onebmure tile 4Jmnnd P'as rt y M-nII:I, . TO I n.;l li,. im of BO.'IASTES FURO W . jJ nnjbasI.e, t;rwn, !Arlexotnenr, Dnslifnu, Ilir II ,~AINTb-Chronn4 green an! inck iitr .. o keg; uenrdries ad block l~ui lls, t: nlinl itrn k s calnniislrs , IruI Nl.r s Iwwlstwd tasle he 1ns.1 :.1lIiis (,, O (NEi'-J tirrDe, s ll.,' ssuiuil,n ,,, lies lud insg front brag Bostn ln lot1 "a n', r w ,b Amn30 Car LCossmsssn aIn lie h sta.. l1Su U:-u1h Iiht(:a-, a It,1, bItsrY :.d IuIudl u rI .(n! r*aeY, In. -.l & Is jltl 3't 151.10 Bit1U1:E & ('.r. I:'4 1t""eplr;,, s "9IiRELLAS-:;I nauts (i.nsbam and luutua n.bre as. sss nenans. tnas tnrt ," )35 I3.l Il\AC BRIDt.E&L Is-I .lssglagunsss . -+7; 1_ ,i. , __ . jjotie tugrsoc Of eOUQi~ . TUESDAY, 29d January, 1839. Tile Coollntil met pursuant t adjonurntnent, pro sent: tee Jo1 ltenla alahtwm, Ree~lrdert Aldermen, Caldwell, Giyd, Lockett, ,leux, Peters, Whitney and Ytrkre. Tile Journal of tile two predilg meetings were ap'proved. 'iThe lblouwit.g nne's ge of the Mayor was road.. 4tayoralty of New Orlents, January 28, 1839. To the Presildent and Members of tihe Council of the Second Municipality. Gentlemen: Thloroughly convinced thlt the powers of the Council, ihowever important and extensive they may be, cannot limit and control those withi which the Mayor is invested by the law, or which he no. cessarily posneeess from tie nature of hiis office, I cannot approve of the resolution passed at your last session, by which ydu authorie your Treasurer and Comptroller to furnish me with all tihe inforeiatioo I may demand relating to the finances of tie 2nd Municipality, and am compelled to return it to you for reconside'ation. If I Ihave taken and maintain a position in some respe.tsaopposed to the Council, it is net with the Ihope of obtaining from that honorable body any concessions as a matter of favor. It is ay wish tllat tiose powers wliebh tihe law ihas giver to tihe Mayor should be freely exar cised, and that no attempts shoul he made to tram. el him it tihe discharge of Iris duty; but I want no voluntary concessiones; I do'not ask of tie Council as a favor what it masy refuse as a right; and I, r therefore, cannot give my eanetion to the resolu. tien; for whileo it gives tih consont jf the Counci to the acts of tilte 'io'masurr nlld Comptreller in flr nishling me with the information which I may re. quire, it also implies a right in the Coun'il to re. fuse it when tiley please; whatever depends upon their will nalone to grant, tlley maoy at any time withhold. But in cry opinioll tile Couno I posses. see no such power, ald sitould it ever be assumed, the act might justly be characterised as arbitary in the mnoet rtgorous sense of'tet word, nod as suci, I eould never lend it nle aid. I also return a roeso!utior to the Couneil, by f wthich you authoricse your Treasurer, under tile di. Srection of itre Colalnlttee of Finallce, to lave die. counted in tihe Bmaks of the city, hcaCI illl ananot II of bills receivable as rnay be necessary ti meet tire eurrent payments of the 2nd lMurieipality. And i the reason Ibr which I de so, will I Ihope, be appre. ielated by those otemtbors of tile Coutcil who have exrcisred n' direct agency in the admtinistration of tite Ftinances. I learn tfoln statement recently I transmitted to me by your Treasurer, tlrat $6597, 621 31 in notes have been paid or renewed wltlhout tie signatluro of the Mayor, nad withutt any par ticipatiol it tile measure by lhirs. Most of these notes, which I hare examined, bear no signature, besides tillosa of tile Treasurer and Comptroller, but that of tile Chairman of the Cormmittee of Finance, and others haIve not even the signature of any 1 member of that Cnommittee. At this moment there eare in tihe Banks $152,400 in notes due, and I hbave reason to believe that threse too are of the same no. ture. Such a state of things, of which I nan con a vincd that not only Iost ol tilot lueobers of the 1 Council, but even some of tlloe Cotmmittee of Fi. notince are ignornllt, appears to loe, and I pre. some it will to you, intoleraible. Far be it from moe to raise a dourbt oa the capuaity or integrity ot the Chairmai n of ytlur Comlmiltte; It gives re pleasore, on tile conttrary, to naeltnowlttgo his Ihigll stntding as a financier, ando to ecogtit the inany SeIrvCes wliciieie Is belen en:abled bIy hii porscotlnll positi, to rernder to the Secottl Mnu;tleipality. Buot, ge. :r itlete, you caennot expect p lW..ys to Iave tile slle tdisintguitlted person in your itnrorahle body; tie timet leolew t oc tlewlit, ic tls cotrse of nature, you i crat no lontger be guided by his abilities; and thien tyou wtll ol ltheo ltlal eotnsrtqtouees ol' the prose. dents nowt bainttnietablished; rnd it is for this rea otut thstl I fIel otbliged to reontllttentl I tile Coun cil a thorough changeg it its nlesures, S There is auotll!r observation which I feel bound to mOake, as it has beet. one of tile rotives for Stile detrniloation to whiell 1 hiave oenc. Accor. dlng to the teekly t.oount of lyour Treasuorer ub tllilted to the Council of it session ,f tit 22d inst. therte remalntd I'l the e Treasury, at that date, but $2,05b(,.2, Ilotwitoistacnding the discount of $300, 000 of' t onos, obtaited at tits City Blak, in aecor. dance nwitll tile reso'utine ol tile 4th of tie ermber, 1838, Ibr tihe purpose of witlhdrawing fromn circula tio= tile Municipatl otes entitotad by you, and yet there ware $137,711 94 of tther notes still in oire culatLter at the same date, trhe 22.1 of January. Whlatovor may Ibe the resources at pour disposal, they nlut inevitnbly be exhauslteid, if wher provi dud they may be pervcrtcd f'ronltlltoose uss whiclh you have desiglntted by your tcsolutions. Your resolution of 4 Iit December dbelires expressly tlat the disrtunt of tthe $300,0,10 of bonds, shloutl hie obtained to witlttdraw tI notes; this enlr isslosol hbd on the 22,1 of Jmcary, there being but $2.050 22 ill to te 'rcatuury; and still threre rnain Silln cireul.atiun .$137,71124 itl these notes. (Gltle. men 1 ast pierladud that all iti le nmmltrs of theIs Cotlncil enaonlt ho tq'tmt nted with these acts, or t/fdl.l'la.lY t'lft it mhto 'toetlCers of tite Cuttocil lavOe no accurate idea of tile detals colllttile d to tile care ol'feach oficer; and tilts i;tol Irlst be oi'irdent to all, when it is icosicderi d thtat t the last session tIh Couucil rejeteteld a resolution authorising oeich Al dorm'n to enrluirt into thstl details whenever lie sltotid think cxepcdiott or I.eess:ary, to enable hitl to thlfil Idi dlties. It is eoarcely credible thto tita Countcil souldttllt itlelso itnftlirtiation to the iltdivilui l Illelbers eont plosing it ipon tlbose very outjects ol lwhich they are.lltd tilt act in tlheir efillni capa city. 'T'hero eertai;ly Onght to be no details in a publie tmight nIot be known by the wilrle itetyle. And it is ttco'e.eivahlo why tto Council slhoutt reluse thaIt lnltorlnatinr to cte rep. es.untatinis irltnillg its own body, which ever) ir ividunal Ilas a rlglt to lossees. I xcaeedlingly regret, Gentlemen, that the oppo. riton W olltll I all compelled to ooro to your reso. lutiun rmay conflict with thie engagetments of ltha Munlceipalilty, imuld tite watlls be ilcldtllnatt attt! ptOessing; Ibut l have sufficiently Sexposed Ihbt d'tger of tile nttod ilouretofore purauedl it ebtatotiag discounts os tihe notes wl ieit ynu altit, to persuade yo, I hlope, tllatl I anot nsubscribe to it. I therefore, take tite liberty to reoomwneltd to tihe Cilt oil the appouintent t,1 a picial Colurttstt tee to etoqltiro into all tmatters relative to notest elltittod, Ipal, nr retlered by the Municipality, anti to present tt ttio Ctouneil a report oe the subject expressing tts opniou on Ithie legaity or illegality ofwhat tIi;| bt,lto dne, and ro iniate, at time stallleo ttle, what tlotrse it is expedientct to pursue for ile ifutore. Siu lprrec;utiot atppeaors It Ille indiepen. sable. and I alltot unbseribe to ylotr reoolation till tilm Ct:ttlnoil adopts soet Ineavcuru \wvhicll will r lavo tile effect 1 desire. In stippurt oftlie reaeons wlhich I have itbvo sublrited to your Ihonruale body, as controlling my colduet, 1 eouol not, per!lap, 'do better tlin nubnitl tynyou thle anuoxed opilltoll of vonlr attor rny upon tllree 'quoatioa, en hich I eddressed to Illiim: "Sir--Yeu hta ve roqaretedl rie to gire yOU an OtntsweOr s Aiioctttt'ney of tite 2tld ttunniiiml~n ity, to lrhe flillowiia t q It sliovtt: e]sL-C(tn any otottey b paidout oatho Treoosury of ithe 2ud trtioipttity. w'iithout ta resoluaion for sctll i'alnyttott, itayinrg ditly pnssedc thlr Coaureil i satid ,lunietpnility, nlld cyOn ae warrant to said STorentsrer' :ettd by tlre Maiyor? 2-s---CtIa aott Altroran oitr oftice lralbe cna con. tract e.evter, to Ill'o account, orleor tint of Ilse colnllerei lil It'. ith thle nl1uuiai nlet s? 3rd--('oat atty Alderttatt itt~lt ieo, ba oetrlioyerd as n aln A.t,,roey for tha M olunitpalliy of ailt lie ho is an Aldcrttatt, w'itillotlt a salary or cotltpenoa. tiont fjr weh serV.t ? I' I antoer to thoe first iqaiyrv in thc nogtlive; to do 00, it iso ttotrecossry tyotttctt ttile various ants ofnt tile Leg rlattrrr, relatovu tOt tlo ccty of New tlreianse or tile act of 1535, drvidtrtg tile City into thtree I Stle, tteplthtit',--r to irtqttire saltitatitr tieso laws t dolliatol Ibtt all iaylllelltr Ily thet'l'rleasurer sllnuld bh uecon aresolutiou daly paessed by the Canoedcil. naid ca ,1: t wt'nraat eltgia',d by rhls .itynr.--ITrle ('oune t~l"abe 2 ld ?,u lt:i .:lhlyl hliVI! declaredl by l a el..lae I t' l lt b it clrtletlo ot It olordlnltlr l,-, t lpt'ot - vo:tl ityl lhl, It3G: "L It~.n l,, uLhtlrlltUI1 b a iP.+Olllll~lll ar i~dlll:IneP ii] "oh..auc e~fihepnibv ty tta' etnltrurer, al 1. rthatott ttt...ll utld'3td itut.oti.tns, in thre ilega. / t 1g ; rt etsl,ceiltall, y.end Iy tlhe foutoil of the +~:I~~'Tual' n<. A ",. calorber, bfld; rf tbid Me "t notlp'ltt)3 tl.ti.ll .1.tiitleer dnlitlty or itdtrecctly Inm " t tr d ..ttd Io t tol 'r,t tlt'r wrttetao ode tonse or, or tttttt[,tpi'.,' tot it'' lertiottd I., itroi Muutt~~lrtahy, " L t't li d! . edtrltlll oet lr e o .Jl t Ol+ tttfte li'a'thlt tinct Spatlt', ettati rtitocr by itrtlteii tr ity atty othter petill , lt r t11ottn bLt InLano.e r i.rlllttr O'rlly branoh1 " ol t ee tev tlll tin o nt lls t atttttru t):L; anllte trat nt, P h' tnerotatr 0ull itt" ttaeontln '.anaoo to r}1ibte, ahlati "r''totot, l bo I tey e'lley e'allltllli. lii or FOmPen. wL 6 t1i,11 fr ote, i:.'' rOht·d'lt'd, Or to ba rentdered do ,ttllt I ihtrl thtet tittotOdlllttnro is mar just c0oUr frtl~y w~ith telt iitaiitt nod rltealllntg o tclte lawt. ot" tie L-g glatutoe, ieltetlltd eo provonc Aldernense t,.1 tii,,lr :,,revcol.. J aUll very rclqn'ctlully yonlr o t'd.toylL rorLtctic [,,'-ig :':,Jd, Flr ii.\ Xl, t7. CARTEIR, Att'y. Sl'r.yNo.. 9. N.t:\ O1[I:[IIIP+ J,,+try Ic. ,1835. I rein ,m rcspent trlly, Y.'tortatett illell, C'. rIiNO Is, ,lhvor tt ·. P..---('I j itt het InI eortie d'cl it odtl~ de li, o eb,, .,, ,.1r, .t ar drt nit'"lh t d, 'tctlol.- l e at tu Inqnell je prends Is lilrtd 4'appelor PattentlDo do . a Cuosoil. C. GENOIS, Moire. N'lle. Orleans, Is 21 Ddoembre, 1838. A Montiour lo Moire de la N'lle. Orloans. Monsieur le Maire, Le able ardent avce lo quol la population do la N'lle. Orleans 'est emproessde de remplir la sonscription ouver.oaepruis si pen do tonms, poor In ftondation do collebg do Versailles, m'imposo le devoirdo lui tdtmoigner mo reconnaissance pour Jo haut ddgr6 de coolphnco qu'elle mt accorddo, et j6 no cruis ponvoir mieux In Ifaire, qu'on offrant do donner une bourse dans to college do Versailles hun onutlit do lgeC do leul' t douz.ans, prio duns chlque Municipalild, appartunant cuno famille digne d'une paroille faveur et capable do I'opprd eiur, mais prir8o des noyens d o donnor 'ddues lion . ses enfants. J'y mottrai l condition FxproCse quo ces enfants devront rester au moins six aon dones l college & qu'iI me soerpermia de lee doestiner In I'instruotion publique, ci jo les trouvo prnpres BI exeroer cette profoesion. Par ce moyen, Mr. le Moire, nous pourrions par venir avee le tems, I former des professeure dane notre pays memb, & noun n' dprouverions pas loee inconv6nients d'eller les ecruter dane Ioe payes 6trangers, surtout asi In ,le content D vonir an secours des colleges poor q,:e ean fnmetions impor. tantes sorltt idtribudes conme el le meritent de I'itre. Jo voue prie, Mr. le Ma:re de somettre cette proposition aux Conseils dee siffdrentes Municipali. t6e, & do les inviter . prendre une ddcision promnpte It co sujet. J'di l'honneur d' Otre, Monsieur le Maire, Votre tree humble, &c. [$Sind,] CABOCIIE. Whereupon, on meotion of Mr Yuoke, it was unanimously Resolved, 'lat this Conneil do persier, inotwilfh standinig the objections of the Mayor, in its roseo lItion of the 2-2 inst, authorising the Treasurer DR. Slarwtewe f She 'e.urree wedl Jl4peendlwre of Ml5 ripu itUg N*O., CR. for the er' .ulrl Il* Jvuujr',g 1839. Itlla It eceivahlo. nds and BillIs Payahhe. T. IU'Ce in tle I2Treasury, 2.d Jan. 18,40 I 44a 1By P.ydras 04.4, 4441k;.45 G4rog hop., 43:4 lr Wve. and Levee., 741' 15 re,,4 ...... 44541024o, Pa4i,.. 3l2oria1, 3837 I4l4ls .lld Exhi' ilionl, P5av le p Stre4 . , 321004 ,ve. Ds., 447Iys ing h Wo, 1454 4,.ke Dre,/y.. &r 191?IIII l',Pvin, St Cltrle. Street, 14:45 SI' ,dlrs .sld Ih.wker, 1 9 l011" sidwasl k, 4:414 i '1'4x4 R ll I2' atato aL.1. d Slave I 348011 5 Commissaries of. , PoIC,31 (Droetld4 R.ent., 42244 1 Ll4illin44 t4h 4 4llii.l.ll4 y,, " Oy.ter Stand., 8500 ClE1llall4 ad 4Repeili4 j Streets444, 6449 43 SU.4..ll ...l4r l pll 4a4e5 101 1 - lll n i4 .hb , 1408 334?44 4,t .ry'. 3.l.rket2, 2451 allry of, . ll4 rirpn Ofi0 er., 2 8794416 S Poydra4 do. 17744 R.nt o4.' ac',.l ,11 oil,.olic. 4 ,, 714341 ] 4tal.nent nn Ifonds issued Io R. i, . Day ('.,si. 457 57 4e.,air, 1 " 4404 St SMary'. Market, 08021 , I..ter s. do do 1, , 4 0.3., .. .. L,,, 1648150 - 7 45 ,4Frut Stands, 24414 10444444. n St 444on4 Poydr44 to 40rod 7 ]lPrlt Jrest , I; 1 5++ 'l! Iit, " 415274' Openig aind Drn.ilillng Streets in tre4 t4at .24 of 21" . ).4ipul y 45y ISO Poh. Jail. . 44040 Priniilp, 102 ; 4.tltrre I.44'4 C10ro1C rpenters ..plo44d in S 4y4' 4Pevhn44 04.14 4'4, 43411403 p4rte44t 1572558 pHeilbur4,.o.lellt ofPavin Street.4, 3272 550 Ca.,rl. do do do 244,.4+, Cotingnt .', 33 ury.r'i Ofie, 41450 1 lunicip4l N4otes issued, 259404159 Bmidg..y 4t7414 47 4.Dn do exch4aned, 324 Co4mi44.y 4! D437rs, Fiels, 39 Taxes. (tate and Parish) 272 AAlnu4lo i :tiou Street, 155183 aec4e4 .ervie, 74 S 4..41yette Street, 31418, 12064240 Strays. 5027 S Tchapitoulas 4t44,4 142 4457250 lto1g4n4e Street, 24574 IoinBuron-mt of PFencing. 134 4 Anlunri.tio Street, 191 25 Do Pavins Sidewalks, 814240 - 430'47 Lfaymlte Street, 150457 4in4 Food. 4 F1 40031104 3 Nore D4umao Street, 38114 5475 4l.nd 444kl4 City l4ank, 7320444 Tchoit4 . Street,94702 Dills Itocei4ahle, 1282044'7 CttaonI Press la4, 149550 Uills P·ay bie, 1 Inralnormr, 4 Py4 Reiluremenl of puvig refunded 1204337 ill puyn l., 1 29411 614 4 4ills Receivable4,8017 424 A lltunci atlol Square,, 1677 75 Nuirltlllc s I1oat, 4Mu4icil4al Notes re'lemed(4 o cancl4 71424 84 Do do do (on hand4 2591)5544 Clti -+oucies, 6161 1:15 Pear 4441 304444:4 Fe 444, , . 4,4 05lielell3.ailn Municipal Notes, 017) nts- lcret on Bools irsu.J to it 1 4 4N4air, 2640 S4llring the Poor, 5550 I Its D52d Anmls 2705 lT4.n4yette. 4 uure4 4 k 4ng Fund, 8471I73 Fir4st 1(u11i 4iplity, (proportllo 44 I)4ry t4x.) 5047447 .....,.... +4 ]+4+2 Enginne IIbure. No 5. Mlyor. G4ll4ero Council,&, &524c, Co llnair iu l, 1P r luter.vr t, 5331 Ch:4ri4', viz: 4 ordera of ..hAl rm4 n, $4,4. 40 . .llf,,rera by 0ir,l.,Charie~ntln,:2,l].0 Ill P 4ytdrs 2,lll1le A 4ylumn, 4 3: 54 4Catholic M) 1e 4 Asylum 4, 443 44 Orp44i0 Blys' Asylum+2 1,000 00 F irlmlllu iit C . Aasol: l tiOnll, 7i 1 l I4. C44.4104.444, C '44444444444. - 't 44St Patrick'. Orphan' A. tllll 5tl1 -10 . - I'........1.. ....444 Fire Cnlompn iv,1, t LntlimirIh Legionl , 280 Comptroller. 10 .Sesnn 11unkipt Real E t,,b, innlord Stket, I1500., Jauulsry 49 14:, fFJ tcr Vegant~blu l~lret. JU(KU; i i I _ , Com trllr.50 S4 - aloen-. in "Pulnea ry, t ItJun, 18:19I " - I 10 8 8 " ^ )-- 8 at The weekly statement of the Treasurer [ was submtitted showing the balance at the last report to have been $2,050,22, received in since$23,940,49balance this date 82,018,02, expended since last report $20,605,73. rit e quarterly account of this sanme CIM. .o,,,,r -......_. .. aollce Uolnnuttee. 0 A communication from the Clerk of the oc Criminal Court, transmitting a report of the II, Grand .1ury, which was laid on the table. A petition from Pilster and one from E. SBl3anc and others were referred to the Com ,1 mittee on Streets and Landings. a A certificate of (i, B. Marks, Notary II Public, showing the results of the opening of' the books of subscription for the St, a Mary's Market Steam Ferry Company, de y posited in the archives. o Petition of R. T. Downies referred to the Committee on Claims ; Of Bilfeldt and Lansot, when on motion, the rules being dispensed with it was Resolved, that it be permitted Messrs. Bilfeldt and Lansot to erect a board and canvass building, and to continue the same lduring three months, in a lot belonging to Mr. Freret, opposite the Theatre in St. Charles street, for the purpose of exhibiting their Panorama of Paris. Petitititio of Chamnpemire and Girand was read and on nmotion of Mr. Vitus, the t rules being dispensed with it was rltRsolved; Tast the memoral oftChasmponmier and Giraud be relerred to the Financial Cuiunittee -and that said C(:olnmiltoe he authorised to arras, - ithl said parties and olher purchasers of lotso bought of Freret, Bros. and P. and W. Dubaya, for Ia do. toy in the payment of thie alount dueo ; subject to the approval of tis Council. Petition of Fire Company No. 13, was referred to the Fire Conmmittee. Mr. Peters as Chairman of the Finance Committee introduced the three following resolutions, which, the rules beingdispensed with, were severally taken up and adopted. i Resolved, That a note of this Muuceqality, at sixty days, for three thousand four hundred and thirty four 90.11)0 Dollars be issued to Robert : ik. tin tsr curb and gutter stone, delivered ao his cos. tract agreeably to a resolution of the 27th March 1838. Resolved. That the salary of the Commissary of the Poydras street art market b ad lte rsame is here. by fixed at tile rate of twelve hundred doll'ras per year, pay able amoithly, tile ame to tak effoot Irosi ihi, let Jalsuary, 1539. RIsulved, That Ihreafter the cleansing of tile Poydraa street market shall be done by the Commis. sury ilsilct, and that tile sumn of fifty dollars per nolth b paidl to hlII thelrefor. The same Chairman, in behalf of the Committee to whom had been referred the three last messages of the Mayor and a commutncation from the Comptroller in re lition to one of said messages, made the tdlouwing report, which on motion was tun animously adopted. I iih iaicii - I. ri-i-i-ioo ioil.t iisa ir', "IIISnrLltion rita-k, tl ' iy rclirti ) 'ti i l he ' irti t' ill ea said Ince- le. ch is withouS dase blt "v-t, i sllll a (i e d ld tcll ll i t it i - a-ed niun lla-rit tih ll ' I ' er ..tala,,, ttan i leu.r re, civid try hib I ri, m M r Gall ,,i f, th'"' r, l lcrll c v l reply t, at call ll u lia, t ltl t rower ,P oli. -' .I Ta ll ', Into n: Oi ly, w, t, xtrx l tr ioagy andiil ltllne istent 'to ý ;i It Ii to m o couI. l, I h hi. i ll t is rlintltllFtl a + t1 iti sntbIl.l cl, Wtcllh ac, , r wll h i il, e i i ,i llralha n r Ir Iii ll, qlice The t'S i-vr ar i.)', i a-akit;a r tit'p sratci'toi. cald r r, ie 1ir, i II llls 'll' U-rI1 i ily o iectd Wr pn.'r lu ca1tY on veli ¢ery ellofficr u lt ltuCtl ltlluhI lit l ; as is l r l fnlsaaa rie i lylr a s (hief ,xt' llVe we b ulet , irto ; a dit c hisn ,wh hedr[llss a taels l IS ind to rJ (L11.11V hillt hl condu.;( the duties of h roe i'o per I I:o e. so h,,lied iailit h ,. p lr r·,,ll. t", ,? hov airaiii,'y isisiicr l iatser rie 5 SI,'slyl i'n ir~ir tas sroie ta i-oh, i isl " 'iq, i,,'. i i ya, tu' ........ is: ....... r I:--s- hyt. Ilta! Y Cili, }. Fniehr'hry, 160),. whe.+2rei it is oltutdo -tl onl h," oll thLe 1 trea e -ill have ptl lli. .t - ll ne [ year hisotll t'l t Sll , alt l ty leaoei ,) by whaich it ia lurthicr rein th',i lll'1 t le rca. a urt'ltlli h ave his a ,s i iyt v, Pitied Iy I s a hlll :ii i I i made o' . thi ory oi f the malyor alnd ottucll to cause he truaatl rr to 'x e pu (dish ie na se. Your el( naii·l tit- haelll l alt L h III I ettel ni·t la s c Ip tlm . e e : by tlt n .O+-,.r, ut d tihr . urn .om p l lct] u" .. y l t p ca" t¥ 1 in "I mo n I w t hillt n t llls. i ifs t a i t ill rent . tua rts - , Eie ex. ofhl ia/ ýtat enle,.ts: that ,, ,,+¢ re IrIIt h(i t . [ os Uh il l,' dlsItegar. of oblidativu:J ra srlJ++Ll 1"l' 1, _ aw.e'£ t ed ndl Comptroller, to furnish the Mayor with all information he may require in relation to the Fin anors of this Muniripality. i On motion, of M.r Peters, it was likewise unani miously Itrsolvea, that this Council do perstst, no wiilh . i etand1n0 the olhjectios of the Mayor, itn ilstresolu lion of the 2.d instant, auhirising thre 'r,'sutor t tnndir the euperinintnoce'of tihe Conmmtitwe t Fioane. to have dic:ll nted in any of the blolnks, o Sthin city, such no , of t ills reciobolV It L moy hm necastory to meet the current payments oi t t Iohs Municipality. On moltion, he 3d nrtlirl, in relntion to a coln. Smutcention Irim ir Cab-che, was laid upon the table, subject totile cill of the Council. On motion of Mr Peters, the rules being dlsplers ed wuth,.the three following resolutions were a unanimously adopted. Resolved, That this Couneil is much obliged to his Honor the Mayor, for the advice contained ih his message of this day in relation to thq finances of this municipality; and hereby inform his Honor, that it feels itself fully competent to fulfil that por tion of its duties required by law-which says it must have the sole control over the receipts and ex. ponditures of the money of their constituents. Resolved, That in order to inform the Mayor on the financial condition of this Municipality, the annual report of the Financial Committee he tranll mitted to lam by the Secretary. S esolved, That the message be published. a Two communications from the Recorder, laying complaints against Lieut. Crane of the night watch and Patrick Ward Com missary of the Batteau, were referred to ns the Police Committee. A communication was received from the h Comptroller, transmitting the following er " yearly account. thiirty ye,,ars t,,mli r , e,, - nn, Altr.e'r's ott`:e w't. rrr.t",I, ra t',lath~glaotile +lairsm of ifh- tre~a~nrlr, a u As Wi n' t v li.l" tz. O sty(.s g+:rx lu*rr~l "ll. ("","+ Jtld.+ 1{tII ':ilati', 1),'ctstn,+, (C Gi, .t. Mittr, vs. 11. Lor'khri .'irt 5th Micuh, 1936, t Isi.ttliu0r . i t' ' liiiY3 Jlit rY',,t fl r th," hn.ill' · ha l)I L.,tim of tle, nmayor, ,arl e SprevPet+ n ati he It.,w su rshit I frImhyr Sisttn the r illstl hinwl, want of eorr .til.,-)a 4 il n evinrd in thsll thin,-n merea. _ The n'" L.iv(,r,P "er r'v uittll'(r.tI'rtri.'- ir sirei-al rit. 1- ,' inorr tl < n11I eit e rtr 1 , tba vt'illl t o tm apever Itn ll ma ', . iratisi'r ' Idet is lt:, I thiitr i rsrihewn irryrrrltsihtgt. 11 ,vise, th".It 1ft, i'ttirrii the t r,"ipnnn rht iProle Pt h 1'1"s) mlul s n lllll r -temll( ll , r ,ty d iltir Itt Ira q h o paralel ih tisr ,,r 'tiit o if trer - irtiy, and ian t of its feei litrititrr wlr'.ih I'rrlilti ini , rt.einre od reiriltin the wr+iisrh oarir Saecr ii the three distinct and .#alp ite coriporatlinn will be i,,hltid outr in til, rir ll. '1e1!r 'r'sI, r stratl islr thisirnSlndltorr p. wer suld ex. i-t, nl flol' tO (,.rol hill) ruch inthrntllon as wo hld re. Y , icer Win Irrnm personal re.+ lnsi.ililhr when eallhd ilpon+ Shr (n i rrv is ,r tt'ert sigin notes 'I hot.l fhr etither o tin. Si yni ' liti ttt If the i lnm'or mean it sIIi r tii thdie i pur srnalr iy r y lllli frti as;rg hlig r ril he may sini ie r ai, r, lhrir',ttn rr thlei oulncil(ailnd it adi ofl o other Tinterpretation,, he h mders;i+.d Iavet mtin, leh respect fIt r ti intelligece ti their crlerlhure+, rit beiheve a redatiion o I uch 3 llexttraorirtiInaisr ositir h r aryr.ilrit i D Tile next mte-.agle of"the itlayor that thie tndersigne,] Swill proiieel to eritrrlirr oe reil r its rthr tie cr'til a rilhtioln the lerilr rl" the csnptrollyr Wl rr itrnvl riedlle ttdr'irtthrr d" nirh rie mayor with i. ie information he required and with v i. nrThe ryrI i this inessage reitrates his assertior (tf :1 ri:e ll'J r., lle 1 alld meer reitnltaed in office ih18 rea. aLn hoiet difference f olfpiiin witk respect toy the lliEaniou P i'rlteir rf~nl~lrhr (YrrntClrfni Mhrrrrrtrrt (r.l (Pvirr ei r a law, W'rr r ullicier reIslop rlirremovnlrlltirh fah la ithi, officer iiomrnfrtilll r , iilpell eve rhI'Ire WpLrr nilr I hs linih nrll "itti it yor ri thisimysrllr pirrllrsag c , ii t t tlorrf e sr'iln, views, ftsir htr enleror riirpt tPrergthrllr the errl 83u7 rshrti lion ir ity l rh hr had histily rr hie, hlhrmrelr, hiy rrlmovtlii the comptroller without tstllliieiel cauisebhy lfresh churL.,' iI Il t13at 8ll h',r. lThe c-iilntriltr, Mr. Calhrun, Is charged wiltr havinr . neglet t hls dll y, by not hari ring l rnllished tlhe etunil with I ti rlannlarr ati llllsr r1lt37r r req iriled by the ordlnane ofrtr a lay 1816, to h,: sent to the coulcil il the month of Januury rirtrir r lOifir rhr CE rcrtrlSIrilrrrhrIrnllr'ITlhrtrrti 18rti ; tiat said tr temot was rnoht preented till in Nsrhner 1rrr53 r aid .t r eco rptrolen r i l iriegliectedl i hsdtyb o having,1 said acTtlr published. t T rtrie crlntrrlt IriM Nyr rium lant reiutg Ill, rl rfthere iharg8, rnd r it lunnecellllscclsary furthunder~ Y, th o untlortake to disprove theln, irChirtrr nrLr trhi (Itrittir Siiiitrti IrlMLyIrs'lYlTV New Oriearrit, Jauary I, 18I39. i '.Ho.3ov. u;tt.t BAI~aL to, I President of the Crlounri/ of Mlunireipality No. Trsi ro:i S-i -In letter aldreslied by the mayor oltn the 7th isrtr. to the honorable body over which yon preside, I am charged with il Tect oif duty, in ot presenting it, the council until i'Nrveher Instr the comptroller' account for r1837, when I altreeahly tr the oinrdlne it rlould hare been submitted ini Janur 8rr 138, rIn ,fln hI, this hrouidless accus tiroln, the mayoir must i have Ibrgte] solme facta the most in umrtant otwhichi are, rlrithat rrsllre hted rlra untrr r .y,18 yospl llr+ni ill Iidr 18 molnths atler the account lhouhl hare beerl laid before the oiliicil, in Ir at it had reen presenred by r r. Nr e, the for. n'er ro . nttrlleri btt re I entered opi n my official duties.-p A reerenre to the piroceedilgs of thh lTcucil of the Sltl May, 193s, wilTlshowthat l sh th louicatiinI was that' day re,'eived fro'mil Hrr N rye, unclosing, his achourt fier 1937, which wits referred to ti finarnce tlri niilteril. ry rccuri.r ties were acepted at t le same sitingi alid on the uilh tile day nn which their a'tlaicc was lnnned in thr r orr ficial gazette, the bt. documeintr , h . of the oriler , werr tfra(i - i'erred Iotain. Thu %|sir. ym will perceive that his honor is i error, illot or nly in ituppoig t' i t 1 r l d any thlinr tr d, With the account but in asserting thatrh i it ttr .s nrot pei*lt3 ultill nlnlt t .r's r.r'r ir Iihy i I at al', c "nltured fi r not omplyinrr with the folr llowin rrsollioll+, passed n the6th Novembler last: "Resolved, that he account of he co trllr, for 137, ias preentd by the fita'e commtiittee, Ihs published ir ther fliial ciletust aind lhat thI srimi beh dpoisted inithe ts hi' e rtsull tirll rilrlhrinithtr instru1ts or empower, me t frrllr. lisp tht et,'ptrlhjir'i account' that ir the duty ofrthe oficial t hrinter, who, like lfri isa itiicipiotl orficer, and whuse du. lips its weIil as imy nllyit ire defined i, the ordinances.--i Irrrtl.lthe arrtl( has f llot riI rh re.l il thd olficial gaztte I hit urllt It irri h, nir huih vr inj urs, d were I to do+ s [ whil.I , in a ntlUtier aplper'ainit g t tire dlrdtlie ,f ,i'"" wh is nl t rentltsible to Ins, anld oer when I have hit' rrslsr r rrs ihlr rsndlortirr hr, '~~rirl (h'(i rlr fh rrrtplip iiyi I a.rr vtry r hrptrr-illy ls , i "P ,ur ,obedient sevatri..1 J. ALIIOUrN. Comiptroiler. It apretIra'r ther,'lti'rii, that tih iri ytr was iuinor' t ol'thr I fart that M1r. C1inlii was nril¢ compnrlo lllllrnJnuary, IS3S; bht i rirli wa, lec'td 'i 31ty ii-l u hat the frriier er i rolert s ,'t(lli W'a lsellnt t ' tie cou tnil in Hay, i 1r 3 , siill. no i tn h , n . lher; and flu il y.l gna. ti t it is n pit h , l ly of tI e m . '. t1.l r to+ pnt~hsh -:lld acc'outln thlat hemig the dolly el the Spritr, whritl was ,lirc, ir to do it hr.y the ounciln It ha rarely f.tllrll to lh- lot -1" the ulidersiglled, Cu fin"l so ni..Bty e+rr,.r, ill s.) - llUI at l lpa¢s. SThi.dl:, i.' de n.lrend..lh na r Ihoanl n , and in relp,lrt ins it hy thi, illll~e, r tait i by i it' tnt t t r' eing whh ihc,",r booksl o1f" lte I1ctr!sf whirsi p,rre r to h rr inr. rest. rod ret irt, n thogh ad ininuhn exlamiation from Ilse emnl.nmcetiicli tfr th,, ee,anilnion of hisl·ls d Iartmen whicI Ih-rl.. Ihas eehil n In' the preslilent I piillolir ,r)LLe and re. //'lre I nt,,.y inlolhl s o)c.t,..tion. 'L'h.+ books of the twoe de- . lartnltx toW agIree t,, a cell. |f ally oa:i +llhJ,,Ci req uires worl e thart nother, IItp,+ a . tion l alr ex'dellC+ hbefore srriving fit .1 ,lecion l it is the one,. powi lllller emtn+i"Ihraltinn, A .,'itiso, filhlln Inhe mu-t h Inn.l Ie oration iln thrr.elp +y ~f this cOunlcil, should nt h e ac cused publicly (,f neiturlt of dutly antd he dismisse+d fro, l an rmpluyment, on which, perhails, a family are do tendent for theirslibsi~tence, units, the mnost irrcfiagible evidence ex iste1 ,,rhi, gu,.. e ,. yet wIe sen the Ilint offieer of the municipality, gr1ss1y on j57 ,,y rit.e, nt,'htnh.Ic,,nidenc t~of the.cuncll and Ele res I ,•t ~f his. I*,11,-. :ilicet.ns ecnsed b,,.,re, tlitle conined, by t Ihe, ch;'l' :IL:i-trot+' of he city, of im r,.e r cnol. ct tot wv. hi,.h, if tru,", ..... hl r,..,,lrr illl'himwlt,tll)- flht solli h'llee ' of th,+,or, tor tit,, rcsll.., t ,,f tlhe other, and wbii'ht accilsa Wtoos rtllln tan to) no, utterly .r,otnrle.. |t it,it, dlevohvtJ:. t~i li'ulI,.rsignr,d tO examine the thin~ an,l Iaitmes+a,.-g . of I,,1: a o. 'I" ure,rit toi b: ' t¢P io fI O1 o 1£hi,i (, ist'+right<.'£'e th,y r E n raclt w ,)!thesr re--o, r lt;o,i, ,o•l~wrver, +re ,snai, Ir.on i o questi,)I before hm, , r Mltlk- tusltat+ Rich i iS tits pn"u in y ofthe • ,lJ'c rleigh.l to ,!i+{:rve; :no .n ,, tan ikre m n~i bo, t s t(nh ii 1 - t, g flee tllttr~i, t,-, ,f iih, iu"nb..+ )' oft ti e i'i 1, w "I h the it,i J. < -,d n,+,l~ . +i',Itr: , 4,1t ai ll: t ,he ir f ell ten etrtr du" vti t , tIi I, .,,r:LblJ-I o(flthel way-p+W/li:-, ),+, p rt'e.," > ,'clhrlor iti r-<;v'.s r,: iuires :a traclk ;aid unl,,llivecil rot l'u[tioll of 0 'l'h- reurnluriols, the sul.Jr.,of tile miayor's contmmt'ss. a I tl , lr +. ti9 e;' Whereas thii Counciits atnforred, cleat a hill has assed e the Senateof the stater Ilavlng fir its olject to deprive thet councils of the 3 mnmtcipalities, of the right of apofintinll their own executive oillcers, naitl tat sailtfhll was rsuenl cl anid dvocil cd by tho .,oaltr it f ih parish of rllion,'an unsolicited by his ConJetluc,., nr eitlher of' Ihn councils; ani ntlldrstaediilg furthlr, that th rcalals ailv;icld by said e~lnttlr, fu~r the, p00,100t of said hill, w":r. thalt this cnel inll recelltly rtILpll ill ,linit thlt of r tho trensury, who had :mlen rncuved lty the Illayl~r : e it t lrre iCrte Isl. ROLteaLvD, That in the llnion of ttlis cnnioriil theh p tdremoval of John Cihtla fri . the I:alics ,,f amtrd uiller Iof ct, Trcasury of the Srbcuia ila upal y h. the ilavor nf rthelll, ciaecuse said cnm b troallar reallrlh thlll flliltSt difference of opinion inl th unLst" c ion o*' Q Ina, an opinl inn sanctioned by asrecent dcsil, oflthe lt judllicia dlistrilct eonrt of theaState was an arblitrary exrrcisa of power niot , conteLnpated by tile law of th March, 1836, ani otterily ri - pugnant to the Trinciplee it, whcich nor inet tctitills are based; and that thlis coullcil wouldi have considered tihe' comptroller srbjecl to is eensnrrec and Cnwnrthy of the con" Sfidt iacl ald res icnsibcre pnsit it he occupied, had hs eiven the iatyor a onetsirted slctemnat b f Ihitlihe tc nl afirs lofit tills municipality, withont first nbtairiulg the authority of e this council whlcll he believed tile law required. pa2mc1. ReiOLcIp, Ticat thiscouncil v rews thileprpnsed law depriving it ofrthe selection of its officers nntl "gelus, wh le Sthe law of the 8th March, 1836, makes it solely ristrlnsibul , folr the proper administration f the flancial conc,,erns of its conetitents, as uttjut and oppressive, and vioilttitn of it the rights ofthe pecpli ufthe three municipplities, s guar. pnteed by said law othe 8th March, 1838. r 3tc. RIOl.EIgD, That ii1 the opinion of this council, tihe power vested n the mayor to remove from oreice the trehs. n Ucr and comptroller isinecnaistenlt withthei sound maxim, thlit tile rpeople ehoud,through theirnwn immediate treprescntative, harie entire control over their own money; " ea principle incorporated In the act ofriiv istaion, ias well as in the originalcharter of 1805, by which the liayr was int permitted to oppnilt, lnoir to eremove trs,i s charged witht the custody ofthe treasury, aRI that tlereiIre siid pwer should be taken from the mayor. rIlt. .ItIoL.Ea Thtltrlci presidlrnt ofte [ lcuncil is herb. f by reqested to trnsmit these resolutilns, wiith copies tiof alli documents reflatingito the recent removal frint "illeu of tlilh '1- comptroller, to the Governor of the State, and mo the Senate to and House of Reotresentatives. These resolutiols being merely an expression of opinion of the council, did not, accordii g to parciatolntary nsage, present a case sublect to tlh veto itpower e In comnenting o l the first resolution, tle mayor is pleas ed i0 say, that tile ColC buroller was Inot retoved fllr an hon Est difference of opinion on tile ineaning of a law; tlat Mr. Calhoun in his letter Bays nothing shnlnut Ill law, buta co0n" lled hinbsellftio say tlther didtltl fbi f lltorird iit trals mitthe statement reqiested, until he Iiad reelhrrc d the sl. jete to the ouncil. It seems pulain to tile ulldersigned, , tleat the comptroller nlmll tlhait he did not think ilhe late au thnrized him to comply with therequest oftlhe nlaynr. S The mayor says, also t, tatcte ecy iia, ot II: , lirst judi Scl district court ,seems quhte Port i .iL .i lt e usttirlbtu; anld lie 7is "unnable to discover whly he council enw flu , rely npuu 7 it i tn jtstifcatiou of an ollicer wiho llad nlt fulfillc t si 0 Fdurtey, cCi. The court, it that ,dtecisioy (rMayr va i .octti 0,) soay I positively, that tie nlcas n l which tLIe iayor ettdrlvnrs to i sstarn dimcself in tile preelnt controversy, ha-.r t ci rr pealed Ibytlheuurl ou 60A r, 181,ocettef llr I n hs Ill 2001, 9 section of said law, which saysi ",u 'hf t i 1 e rtpi lilyl I of Bald rity shall dare a separ'ate treaeo'rry pur tryarmtrrr, t he duhies and t uah')irnlior o1 ,thao shall br dlr/ird by the rr~pertire rortncc/Is.' Thejud~e ala ud+s to the' !O, ,section1, whIich! says, 11.411 rrrripls anrd expendltulrs Dvrt 7 be under the saol control of Ihn onrrcils of }hr rrs prlir, ' i ntrirl..d lirs wherein Itey origi.alr, or bare ryeliirid Io Sbto uhdec." Who, thuue, Col0,aultu thi, cu.rrctllhea fiiilleth , clsin olf Judgeic Biluchiu n tyltllilb d as it is iiy eulrlnr s ss clear anid so well tefldineot, c o it elrro s y Ih. !r, ' - de, l. that this decision is feilrei.n tthe qurs trl hltu prsrt. ' led itself'to thle mint of te e o11 trultier,' namely, w.hether, CInder lh law it wai s not the duy o Ill teayor c(1 ,ly II 8 the councl, who had th ole rolentrol of tlhe trcuetry, aln Snt happly to tle conlptrollic r C This point, lke notll ofthe o; hrs,req ires II irgumenlt ; 2it istnly necessary tom stateb facto and ci t e lw m re ile tile iiosition fiiflle nlayor liis Ilonor is at Punll plins to bring forward the elrrits o tile question that was behore 7 tide lrs tuludicial district court, i II lalnlle to Il oe Icnru ut 7 decision alluded tI. ie sy, l illanuthr question was 5 Whether the +ayor was hnltd to execute 5, ordler for two thlousmd five hundrel dollars to a Rhlrrlr of tIhe rnun. 7 cnl outhr ,econd h~unciei m i ly , in pnymmý of his SOlem o in 5 i' " Fs I ttccE crllid by Iho rCud rilu lulile Iu t r,:dlll ut was 1 a member nwith ialldlindi thile 12th section oIf e act ofl7th i owne sectinr Ihr, tanyor refers on is thu s, "IN mac ser o f 1tilt, [ lul iI city Council shtullrhe aplinllthd Intay rplovlrlr it or o eire, under the "li c rp c 7, luiu ,lllucotre Ien itlyldlio ithegl 'ut. ll II .hu hv bien ]l rrcithd by the c aouncil, durin l the timehPoor which hoi sall IB ltrve obeelnlectrJ." e Ii It i clear trur Ilwas thatp Inteo t.i ;cl npo i e c, one of 1 14 ion ete r any epl loyntr lit oruc1 h-iiu liriau or w5 the 1 nt8 or i Ilas owr hu.ll' i s i2 ffrhile he ,aarot s a 100010 nld r the n bilg it wc + t,!r1lltemts, w e bn uin ille rgI act. 'l the hnaynr scrtemas ni.phf~LvIIlLch illn thllis sttrlnent of frseaks he is intlf nuoly ltl the otk/,., tha t.hle.ul 3rr]ignk are canpPrtllul a el .r h o ' a anhlt tlripe rut~ lIt auhr[e I h I INVI~ o ' o t Mr. tLockett arts yrnd ap r ointcd to , nn a,1. Hr,,ra. nolt I0 c eit!l ed, hto , a cny t m l tll,u tihe u luui-i lla n lr ulnti uurl wbtciuh hatd beentuutilul i ti . n Tle loaw clearly meansutou ludu mllr uusi u ron cant u3 of-ices with sittiLurus, nll Luten being ,'lo'o I,.iuill thou, as was elan,, pe'rhapvl in ftltrr 0100000. i7 His honor crrtaiuv ry dispisys noolt iolor·rit yr ill stutio e !0 tih case, so ic;xldlc tl ti cri' ii i i io thie Iau . llo Ih speaks oflthe ly nnli h ;hi, t , . t- ca l dlr. uou , kuC ,ris c19 usnlapointe d! .lllin 1lt, all. llbte lllltr i-i. 1"'11 ITh is umunte etion Ihn l -r \I r. genirtlementhemlait Sl~ritg tho thet hnay)'+' +l,'ini, t r aului l.uiciu a s llt ,riu iiIrlth ILIyln l1hu ,. 1uu .iu luu Ill hl l ii tl'iii,t i c I fi ll111 Mlhuvii, ' u1 cuuult uu try ,, .... I ,,. v • wll e elu l tI l hnodrrt rlolh11 I I l , + T hue Ia r r ritf ). . al,. l ::licero ,f t he n,,' u,, iC l. i. r y,+,t holl htr. lthe enteruponmllhl the ilr . dui .....a lr , t,,o l take an ,oath ,of wrrl.rot ulthe ~yr ; yo ur! hv r onrn,'[I Or, ter no ,nl.r ,,; .., tc . l x.r ,the It uui thi s qucu II urrl the prrl ormni rr ~( 0'hils . of Mt r7 upon the dIelfenc of tLhIe rioI,, a l ,r+ ., ... .. "1' r.i . " ,I I' r,, ,Iu lip. ulity to make.,their "0100 wh a c h .l o 1, ,,.l·,. . wI li It rho Firrst,,[000 01 av ,, i,,tr n h 1"r.r r I, s " ., i, ' , ,' A llhuuý,,, h t a gt , nl. , l I, r n ",I i tn.nlh,, ,"+ t o IhI" , t e8 o iuhart a -e i tt, ,, p rev oro lul, .,,l', t ih , 'r , Iu I , ,' e u ltrlrf r it e m ,,n ll . " I . ..- . ...:r, . f , , ý I lotYn n n l'h r r. l i y o: i ., :. .+. ,. rug ,-+ t fir ~^ ,, ,I ,,I -". t! ,,-t n vto,,. the mil,,i r ipt rily . Tlo,,lt , cul r. l 0 .t, .. .. ,, ... .. Illll/l 'r o l . 1 r,, tin llr it iw I .d h . Ir C I,. .s t, .. . Jv 1r,,0 mover. , -r. +&:ll'·i, ) 1 't h" nl .. -i . . .l r, i0 , r. ,.dn ..: rn pl,,yinr li I r. L. I..r tt : t,, hi'- e II. I , "t-'.1 , w ! ,t. Ihftf helt.Ia,l ~iyhf r ;.,v~ , pi s v,.,t , 'l l1¥ o, I.i, .I , ko , . .r . : t0 , ri , ~e ll a +l ith "]e f cr !- t,i' t 0 ";.I.r , :t l -t .n ''v l in l,)o .rot , r ,dlr . [" ,r.0 v ,,I , . . t! t ' , t. I"Ir ofn d Ito -".0t 'l l , i '-,h h l ,, h 11 ,+ , : .' I,. ` ."1". I'. . . t,. Li"Ir eri tit lhl t ,ll, I p r, I v t t~ l ýlrr II " t r r0 rf +s ,i2 il th.ilr. ital 'l,. lhe i ,'' ,,:i + +'r h~it i f' riý. ' r~ .Il; " fr r n Ih r rir , .d p r .l of I . s1t1 r il" y yr' r.. : r"" t. ,. t .1l · ,ý, ;,.f Il de+lt t t~ a hL`" " J, q']l¢,1I; ii i, r II ,tI 't 1- II I( ..Y , :i._.· t It :111 111 it I ll.P~ ilPI'(· , II I + /liq .. .• . . lw' ............yerne. dt, !,.,,,,, ;, a..."h: r ,,i": 'L : t: ',t i- + , - Jar lionlelp il ey rtr l ol, , ' Ir .:t ,, i 0r , r , t.i irr ,'att. nt. o f r .. l k i+ r . llth rlp , t l l h n I t , .l in ilde'l"y t r\I r .L , I.; ti oll l tlicl h .i I , n , h ., , !. I'tý i h tren t-o , hlr c. '1 he c rh.h r I t ,, ..;i, t, ..v rill sae ilrd t iht l ihr tlell hr v IE s,'t ~r~1 r ,,, 1 Fn I " ti~e i~l yl~p in his , lt't l a citY I.-i li, :, I' I i ,r ,. I • r , l s rOtlr l. l l· lt" ti l ...t""ri lt.. h r Itv e .i . ,i . ... n , +r 1 1 1 1 r " .rv Lnekct, antl C eI r tL or, it ,t 0001t010 tr,,, It, tI. ,ý . t wo" i. t. rot. of i gnioS rll v hilld i~ thet[ t Ii : ] III V reIlob 41r t h itrn . The ~nlavrnr nrem rks, tha~l ar it. [ las ih I. . 1h di-t r. 0I a "t e £eon tl."th"I tl t ,lr".v+ !0_-,i .1r t ,n r:++n + ,' ,+r rTatl o nat ) wl ie t ý,ill e il l , ; • 1'"" . , I,1 rc tIre ar. ln ,,dn .r lf'in nl i the- u, , p ofih,,. ,.t , ly . .id .Io ir no theirfyrPLrs-,,h Ca it .~n0I isxrt~rl~ v,, sh t:.t';., f~cr while, pcrhapn rl~i r puhlir.,l pore ·1, rs, tlrl Illrn,." r"+rllel .." In d rit. di c n t+, hie nha n tl -Inu ,.t 0IhF; l cur, h rilr tothe Ir4.- rt r ," on h au lage 1000 thug warll ve1 41,1 ' ~ 11. II ' .. a v ni ,2t S.r thel.c tira r, ls in . h ,, r. ~ , ., h ]th'. l th a in -ri ,, ots ,i t p Ir T hty ý i t;l of 1 ,,y ,r o i ,t . o l l oi . It. c t ll l ll l' .d r IL Ir ke Ibore the r ir i, , ·rr Ii 1.: ~t . t u tr , h th a. tlllfive htrIa1 ryd dollarsc ,il I'.I£,t , now irea he, th'e Sus ith pram, Court.. 'f IIII eonlr tP] ehllt, rtr M eilr till fr Yl: an1 air.,i rare, llrt 1I,, at LE I'tr prr,, ml, intro II l yte la,, r' w vf ihr s,, ML~rr h, wIt 1936 nunl rpneao tres Slto tlr e n le tlr on wla"r our a0.00 , Lions l sdcare In ,r1rl, I. If th a-cnu r i rilr Ja,- t . i-e y s h " thon a' nd their Trls rro ..100pah tmhe" unt 1,t rt l. , ,'' ir' st hra.,ed rm ii l [h tII!P Inliy'r r h.,s so irr~llraliv I,"+U111.1t r l "n m" i. tintI it a" hliJq/p,"ns, that ihr rur~lilrr tl ;· ao IahtIlL thatl Is tha sl l in plai n:-!t i, . ire rl, 1 0000 itn 1 u I oll , ill tI sh0 rrl, - rid, thI e removaP l (ul' Jolrn l ''ll on ,runt ihr. . Ilicr. O Inl. o[he1. ' tr~Ilrr of the IC Irraory nI Ihr Jar~:1id '710000 tp.IIIrilyh. rro, said comp1I1~l roll rr rnlrnninool ;,It tm:;rs I iiill , r ·III·, nr ~f olit~i.err Ih i, ihr ooustructi~i ln of a, rteI. tic. ,r.,, n. ., r. rote0,00 v0. lh ,.00,01. 00 low'Lc, etc. r.te. It w.0+ tlr," rrrnI)iv:,! front ll i."rR~l ,riithllo rrtlich"L~l r000, n, nod not110 thle Jr.llill r! fir ir00lilrrln ry lionl IhoL was declaredl I" r Irabirayrlrrr- 1' o' rr andl thlis ie a11ptlphlcthll he utlrri1nrl ;rr," snIinc lit that so s u~phidlfr. a: an Illtrrpr ounl ill I't brI rrsolll ion l ·i/oullll rsI I b r he fra ltIn ge elo e! y i r lt.tnttl-r t 1 41 "Co 11l'4I 4I4414ll1 "I I 11 1 Alip~viay beievig I 11 ,41, iste44... 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II~rrr erarxri rrn" of ~ 341,l'4 th 4444r 44d d "444rr rd 44 4I(rrz lo 41 I e~ V.'.4l,4l r +o44llr o '1 canln fn" ,' n ''1141h 0 - no '14411.1 r~.,+ , i rrlry ~chi , 414IJrl"'"1I41/ .'4 coc,/ef r fr 44. 14414th nIrcecsm e am n ilrltveln lr of fil ,tu e *, of t eII r p l~ .s a n l . o ,: l ~ n eans, thaI)be stered in the reapeetite muonicpalpiae, it whieh the same is sittled)) Sectio tOt praties to r an oeh neoonnalo nioof t,1" etl re 2'tuiis tlollt., lterlo oel.vrt hetyeio, wto t e tioyoe ooooonitoeioldorowersooohot,,o t~o 2, T ioIx tlIe salaries oo tile Oolllyoli, It sepry llr 1 genriitl conncilti 3. I'o make unililrm regullaillll. will rye ,t.t, I. thyl nlan-ol ehonlen toko, ohbioie toithiot itho totoota ofr tothir.o h 00. T tt r tla t CO etP olettl(lli t:, rt·ellali lloo . Iro r,'su'i~lili lil' Ihntthts teyoo e oll[ l tho itolllloiloo pooe- too er eths la eetcontr o o ao tieo rc or loa e oespect by th fctihethiys wherein they or ,ilato or ore rcldetired to et Jt','rthnl 23 says= 'LThant aeach n)llli.ihlpallity shal hv+. se +orate treiasury anld trreal Perr t tI~ lilc ild tula m'fr LI IOII I(" Whnlll shlll be tlhllfill,, hy th,,· ris el't·ire c+,t~lcl l I.' A\ct Ilth, Marchl, 18836al ,'ld+ttil, lit, ~ides, thatna Ilninll' of th~e threeo POrllrati0;l4, ecret,,i by 1II la a 9l, ]l hblare I, sh.ll Itkt place withouot tlt cotent oyf twh-e iris of the rnau~lialld volr Itelr o flP treo nlltllc~l +litia u. 4 Ito 1o tttotlivo examiooeo ll IIo t,"te lawe t xithinonettg-I riot to tile doptiono of the low to, toivision, it will oeo ltenlo thet the olytr po.ssssed tie f.fllowin, pnwers: a. To veto nany resoioo tr ord lapt nce adopteo ey the eouncil. 9 . He exercised general sn 101"ViSion~ (IVr every depalrt semnt rtlhe city governmsent;; no i lo ey eou d be palid with out h e warrant. 3. HE wIt charged with the ctstudy of ttao seao of tne ehe.oe nominatoed to )ifoeo di eoro s oillicep o tiso chargeo wi-th imeustodytooF tile treasury, ad te prvto e oeactrl ,tt t tile tnn neil t 5. He was J'ustice of the Peace ill criminaol matterr.+ Ra hs .0 AT 2 t eoio p ters are it strict ncordlance w0ilh tile then IIytulnll ~of~lverlllllollt. h otUallolr t foil yooiolhllg lyw: i. lie heeo ly. IThit IWloyr oi veio o nI rtsoyo tln otlhtine o the revel~lies slId expclldilltnY.res ftier llunit paIi y. T io 4t saoid thW toyr, that ech y couhnil iust gat. the sottleer ottttver bytbotie oo o t 3.'. ThileaA soeoctlyoo ill coonneieonhowtf tfo b20Lh, oed tol eochi ittouilyfll 0,0w00 oi eoto holith a treasury, t iepnint e i t rnasurer, thrflell his dillies, S~ld execrilse the 8ale erntra] of "rIthe treasury. TliJ isle irivel tile, nlllyor of 0il polwer or sinitg wirrt too thoooo treanlriyylo r oyetlr moneey ol ho. oyotlion, itolooo ahiLrie hy t oot !,ifB POCCiIy. '' . The cllatloly ,immllg II`JI LI s ank,~l ' rl m aim nd sacl tmuicilttlity ioattthoeori d to otioooao its own separate meal lo (Setoiteot.I) 4 lie is f Iht authlorizlied to a yololhlt oytmtctr eoetoiy tlloso aplo rthioinot oo11i8o otl re; lilt m prnl tlE{ L' relno the LI'rlll lOth ller oer dnarhl- tile }prried i;r whichl they may e' er ,ltied, lir mo,,l ailtl slflnci~lnt resnJlls, of whieh theu '' . HII c(ntitl'lvs t hel al |ut h' jlrl c ,f tile prtr, av hlte nelh Ictof the rOtt.rder, whhl ,l/it respeclive Inucipal i, haIlve eonllCrrollt jurisdictionl i~nd p, Dwver ill thlai capaclity. O. Itlt lloo tillnol to l oo o lio h Illt to tooort t o noo e rno t io r • Ioiti t v or le ttee(oltltollllo oolioot t aridtoot loo onle.-:o Lo (exce n tIs€+.-- €'tilltt'rllluff tilt' rEP1·l' I Its I, e IS) enldillrlP I) am t,,adv i suwI/~( itll tine 4tI1nli+:lI tJIeIP ell , jlh. rPI.I mII the( weev.Iks, visits thlroullh alI il~t· wI~riR nl't1· llet rell IilIIIc[)l itv.. I t~~~R , I x,.,i le I le +laWS nllll iIPrdillallCO I a+c llilrc edl . Act 004f1b Oltroh 1'20. Ottor theoo itotlyor tlol h It t ytoll7 , eh telerooor w rso Ltken kiOlrt h" IIICY I.'li CII iv++. c (r,+1 eInll onrs)II setlt o CI Prl(R( ld arI T iL ll+ ,u1 der· 1 l+,Ii:+ 1, t(i~ '~i ll ..... I .1'++3<' il ... 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He II h(,n llr(,IIc,'lmIt 1 Say). thatI 'hlllpr~lT .d*· xvilll lhjis nllinitm,: 000000iloSii(t-olt.P 00000 t iotlotttttvot h to r nont,, ar f h lot reoollr~t illsn tltoootlotoolthr,+la tloot!l ttooeoyutttoott l0000. poeoyetteontootrttooleturo,, ot.ol rhtnh.tottolte lo--ots oll rt 0 latir 00 I tiltt ll00 lll0 0 u1012l0ll tv, tatto totttatt tt l)loto t0 o l0 otttte,-ooet ootettntttttotdlt- t/--oorrl,mtltOtP toof etotyt too,'l, ctoot'htothfott I ott-ottOly to tile ly s,,llr c t,,r to rr1 to- oIht~ro titsl" &c. NrIwh sem , thI nln(,rlitnnl~l thII1 it00lhe 0n0ay1r ot ot rre¢,dveI dlrt,,'t il+[hrllll:)itl~ll ,I s,+I rlS +P,'Illlln lh, a harleh·r) as " I t,, · Cl. e il~ ,+ io i I flat re, and s 4111 h1 l l IIl n 91U1) ,','t I le Il'",,lyll+l~ 1IhP vl+lllllr,+' elf lIt+' Illllnci, theI Ilion|L (rPilk li dII Illil JIIr+bh ('.IIrseL tA'++lllll htlvD ~ll.lell tl hay+.· illlt.,rlll,,d Illit h,, I ~~y ,+tell a: ldl Ii, have~ rrl~lj ll'i~i~l i~l~l, ·lhllli,+l+l l'tlrthcr, that~ thr`" . 'hv. 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To th, Rrrnr'l, r at Md, lnrn of .ll llali! .ccrlr Vi i,.. X. I and ir;1III· I:lll by II, hoard ,"I ,Ii p Itillklln l of Ihi;il nl itllt a 1 I to 1IP.IIIp.. II·1 Ihr *l~lli( 01 1Q his n 11l ', :I lp h 1r · ýr :1 1. , I i lllt~ by annrl l llallllrl of tl· llf:I III.I 11111(II1\\-IIII· 1 l· lol:, vii : rlebly dol;Ire l iitv I IIve! I it On, tln m.Illillf~t III hr payable III pre lir~r,· L pliy hi, hal l'. Thy (·\1\· 11 hr. I·I lea ~ Irelller Ift lrir cu llanril Ifle lllin^_ te ~ l; oe thl, han an opn 11e Your sve lr siwjr., ROBERT J. llI'·A1 F'. 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Sri~l· I andll i-vu,"d 11I lite Ill, -oh ltinlisroli()i II1 of i'i splarlce(· snrr to. maliy roosidrlr it it, vxtraordinurilllry Irlll·e~lio, to pry Iloo.II tv h,"o th,"v) Iel lr dno, Inlt~ 111 it was rosy hr8~1 Ilia Imvo "I' lR 0< rt:,iel Ihn <'I(· was 1lI Ill·arlirl" I1·1II Seeoo I Alt' oi p'il` t. it tI p[ ol his post t~ sotll t'y th ttrt'y I~o,,i , j poyio_ it. del.", w on lli II II l at I ertlil nly Inv,:101 het or t ypl -ly t lo' N jollltrea jo youthe I 1 iia Non hn, a h, err , ~ it, I by (I· III v Ill~ll· "I il y , ln n-( / -We,,(.5ttt'.f~/ Ito,,', Io." ''h o',ooeil lid eoaoti 'r~l o/ r,:,hO~tily too1ra.y, ohieto,-,rsy, "toy hr jolh'rtttgrlot o'qi o'edto prnisXP YII)IP comlnlll or otarbolotlvTloP, o h, iolloo tnlitot tolr op-llI d, ot l n 000 l rl " that iI lac given it with. "Al 1 o 1: Il iltl Ir~l yr of Ihn lC/I I 1, hr he MiesIIIY beenI Ot an'tht Malo Itottp '.oo'lttt toloto, enntlih of otattulutiott Ott on vey tolint'ttl lotto tli tttttttLhes it lortanityord orf tare, word rnoncil, rhirh~il/l B he hefirr I the far required," n"iil 1 ilann hat if tan rnmprlnlllc F who is nu officer sworn to do his ihol Illliy ottits to otw bliev o thtot Iots an nont nrt on torotr oyt'the mo'lor withot tint autthorit[ otophe dItc boond, a o tdtlh Iroeltoeuse topd i, that thisk p loooing tt ttislic,tioot roittol tilt,[ int i ourather cause lire commands tine [Iuu!l hl;, rrI1' fV( we r- tin co~mptroller twangS In his 000 t'rrtlo'ion. '[to the tt iltoa oooI Th otoittjtyttxp'esle no ,,tio' opinion tol, wtoithrr , oil to occarsion, thire cop tioipry'lopinioo, teat tihyot rilro,'ytolttotttirt I tis hotor i ilsflu otoolpla oo hoooay, that thetteople nod TO he nunt tIhe l cootituentol ofI cCIl0 , tht, ottotnderlsign tool utust br permitted Lditfer from him; if he means tilt f Ilcople ofhe ot ofor, comt'prised a iey do, a .aoge pottion of 11s co n1rurlllllry, the cmtnlil~ e MUSE say tintI it le ran eon cunll infrrlirs kil ll Lle ll te Second Municipality wil IIU nto inotertigoo with ditto i, the ttltoo''oottl oftt pthir iat. o ,iciptll a'ttttot o and'ol /tooy o t libehrtyt to tloitotho th. m a mode lot lmicilil to'vernment otrl best SnIt"thIe. t't Iti t ,r 1 t I ltoit'l Itt o ay, o ho.It a olto ''Ntt0on the ohndooiotoodtilt 111 noothtotto th l11 to'ttIolotmeoy s, Atoollt It ,t, thhtati m sae,''oo't be n, utCci;, cltllP aeld ht derie [of thet [too) oftt cotoI~ ohoot .ooorcv tbt'otllyortr ats is ntuyor sou it pn trll'H LL'JI Ill the rho~a! IleC 11A thalln the tot xclusive r 000,' it manna otfiOlrn" p· ticLirjflog in oteh In aalalion; cu09rg ,tePi t hod to Ihn C.i i all.II 1 111 .1 ·lln. not L b II1e,-Igned. It Is certainthat th0 C11 o nnll a0 old upin0 of 10 --flit to unles~s rhaeon by , yhe et'yar. wl,fi Is cho ilnce w uhfl '1 no Ilea vailing) if fi· ll. nrry r did n o, I P((lilijlnNC fly onto anti, g. * t- "Ioo lt ls yet t It l''tt,tt ooetotttuct, w calf it h Violon II of als riehttof the1, 1. Il i, a- t - 11 t't O h I t ty '['the oas o r ot.rrh, Itan, ns ItI' gh Ihn Ilehlt of the tenpin of Nrw Oro ot'ltos, la"tot -1iY t1'oot t 0' 9 I'trch, 18.t I0,11 lt.loooot tzog had rrmmlined till thenill the Mo elr nhjarslavery Ity 'r r nbsa'd AS Iliil lle·r l cat Iatrrlll Millio~n 01 thel reanlut(/ nn r" ofr thle Cona"IIl may ovenl it is neve,,ýE literally true,, so y 'o llb the citizen s o f th t Patti c of NewI I'ICIn(I, "ow theh IU Qennnt Mu, l cipal "Y, w aye vl·uree~ ned, ntl it t n- Illy er1 of n lll~l l art. Tile rnYllllll ill or the rounril referred to tatllP see too of I·r Ins 11 II rll -"tiles , Lllr the p~lu II of the, threw mllll~~il t tl, ,tr I t t : If,- I t L no I11 I r e . , t l nl 111 by ca n.. n s, tit 11!1 w;,I1 111 a of . 1· 1 1 11 Pl i ttl C ill tile, IIV 'T'IDY ll b A~I s t" ol i-,n Irt; r1 t, I n neleho t oonb "'lI, lnylr nI·, liIThal r,' 'lrir,'l,, plel lll 11I1 rth h-dillt ll 8181oiur i I· th~ It n rI '1a l the jl t, by mea ns o .III I a 8l 81mdalm he 288 anti 15118 . ..pp8 11 by Ab. rhirf ri i,;. ·h~v nrr 1, o' rely omdl prIle rt, Ice tic tenurei Ihcncffi".!;ilt Inr payo.'1o 8 11th nlniy~ 11 fl Ii m imtI .1atehl,81 the 1.1ic inl111l ll, 84r hil I l tII tw h ic he o1." Iter ocnn II d IV to; Ior 0,o Ioo' I 1ll1ii18 p lll Is hcop. c,:. r IIexpriI, nrr I mnrR }~ vin Ir,·rrin lllIy the w y, ' hc '11.1910 411,+ Irf' 1;.1 1900.1 ~I Irani l t, I I 3. I( 3 i vn no 31,,rp 8mMibote11 .,"btr teLgxaue a wll Ir n oco "l1" im e pnlmon 11 the r-totr ll the 1 t mayor, he tuckl no, par, Inl Ihcir ilploinim I, except ttide Elie surety which they wire b unit III li, "' '1"'1"m mNar pl,uably N1,"4.0 lbroltr ,llihn 18he lllensd, wll t wn s :Ira Iri lrr· 1 n1 f Iecnlil ulr who Introduced theLII( bill;i I: .II 1's r llolu no 1."r ll + . The reI all of the comptroller by cer mnyolr. Roll the ghat ewI liewr· rlalnl"1 bIy this coon. ell. Ilse e""namr floral Orlvtl.e tattedl. furnishedl the reasoln for introdmnlyin his III!!! 'f1 n maynt over Berms to Lh-nk itdloes nrI t I. I 'I Il I i p11p 1 Cd m ller; I'ls U. 'crlcl11 llook d, RIrr ayly It I`I rcr a to ion; h~ nay's \(·l:li t pre i .LII Iho a. lop, lpn l of the SSPo, IX. NI ra 1I 1011, the coral t; o 11 lr1 r 0011,' >, lyf n ryln >,n R by Ihr trlol hi hook no pert to his nppllntlnrnh' p a III lle irllc nllillkill 6 afA by Ilof I t:1 ':;11n mayor n;·I · 1 11.+ Irr tlv horn "ta' 1: the office ofI if , .011,1 col cr w 's 111 I;k·.· oxl to !IIIc 100 .rI the emir in vela ins ml) . r 11 I"'1a It ' rI; III all ), a situ al I1IIII( Illly That a(ll !( liIt l 'Pt theil 11 .!1!~·r ·1 shored trip l rl nell try the mayor; and~nal + +II," I,," m tlllll ii· rolloo e1 IIiC lirsl ro p trli ll 1B ;, lyIf ,11 · 11 "'w the ro o · t, l . er it the c· ,,erll einki ol fill d [11818 1,8,188, r 1:1 .' h tI I m. y `r \1,oI think I het the t? Irelllsi lell and rN.,' 001., IlI lrl t 2,1832.5n osy 811 11111 , p lrr l Ih li r 1: III II ick I·Il are, ;Till [,'ll it ~111 r 1,1,1 I, l ?ll t 11111n 1 .1118, 11 1, t 11.181 at. 1l ) ..1 o I o 18 ,188yh 11c11 8 18n81ahvebt 0111, I 11· ,1n11 118,.. 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