Newspaper of True American, February 1, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated February 1, 1839 Page 3
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I n00l9rIkP'AfNtI Mill Dolare . lr rma. at Jie2 Exehnllogl t'lffi, 7 (tm'nl at NORTHERN EX4:IIANU F:--Biles nf Exc'lhnge o New York, at shalort sight, nd at 31( nrdllw'l) uyA. Apply to ANDREEW~. & littO's, a26-t 51) ('1ntlp at LOA 5 -UGAltA-1- i bbI i. tore, a.ld fr sl Iy j26 J 'IIl IYlEIt & tn, 74 Poydehas.l "BAo ciINGiccl Itote l\t In ic cal' by jolt R N EAI) & ItAI .-tl'1'OW',7 Baok Place" )1 HOC-i..ti rEý15 cn. 0 sweet Ikuculate, tlnling l. from ship1 CmlelSlltihe,f ,,r solo bly W AI'EIL BUOOl'-- ill :.c lle hickleer lllll, for tole by iSAAC BlRli~lGE & Co, ja2l 1t Mel.nzine a.t H AVANA SEAltrlL-3;3 MI. lI'rc:tipe IIu nuctc gars, illaeirtibaoer , bl.for 1tt1e by JS6 ISAAC BlRIDGE & Co, 134 Mngazine MA 1VJRALI'Y OJT NEW OIL.EANS. TlEpree ato Irtll flour to-doy it 8 I)l0 per barrel 1 aecurding to the tariff'; the bakers sall give do. liug the onsainq week (fran Monday 251h iost.) S3oon see of bread for a bit.' read uof the second quality is required'to weigh 25 per ceat. Iore. via: 45 ouce.eel jan"6 C. GENItl., Macor. OlRAN CEMENT, Iandting frot ship Eliz.abethl from London, fot ealo by jrn26 READ & bIArISTOW,7 Bank Place. -JV rAK on plantation ahrve tie oity tor sole Ity, /J d26 READ d IIABSTIJOW 7 BunkPlace O N TON SOAP-2.1t boxesn 1 er lier rle by ALA_ HAM I'RIEIR,3tl (cravier it I PERI CANIDLE-150 loxea it, c.tu, I.frcltle liy JalI6 AIIRAIIAM 'TRILER. :14 trnvier .t P.)TA tOES-2,II hm pers--t00 lbarre renlltl I 'aoltoes, o a superior qniliy, lndig foir acle by I16 L 11 t.A.E, 93 Uintiinn at C ORDA(iE-An invoice of tarred Rlopent sorted eisae, liov ale by READ &BAIIARNS'I'OW, in jalO 7 Bank Piece L INDSEYs-50 bales Lowell I.intdayv, laInlhg for sale by S rE'T'dON & 8VrerY t jeT 1 t reier it d ACKEIlti.-2It9 bhlue, and 151 Iall tIdi . No,. . 1 ,, 3 Mackertel, In ltore and for sale by I jal i rTHAYER & Co. 71 Ioydrnte Pt ANTED-A partner witlt capital of $10,000, in a general Comoissiion & Brokrge bueisinerl about to Ie eetatlidls ill this cay. o Ak ine, aIhiresAi d to A. II. tBox 69, Plo Oftfic, Slating whell an iltertiew inay be had with renl tonm, will hb eu cisidered strictly confidential, and meet w ilt attention. jal6-3teodl SADIES' .iding pIaa, oflthe latest styles . I sale bly GOSSIP & Co, SI C(:arles ;I, 18 Eaxglnl.gtge Illte C .l. l Mnnitoll W'llre in i.veryt style, just rergig+rd st lie BAZAAI,wa gier o gSt Charles angd C,,gggg , atg.g BUSII & AI.LAN, nno"O Exlchlane IHotel. 3 rEXAS I.AN1) Si(:lP FOR)l SAI. 'l'-ghe asblcri eg 1 bert offer for salo twenty Io'l)ts o lf ix hundred Pt and forty acres ofI land, eachg. Ily the telt o the Lregg is s lantur this sgript can Ie hel and I go:nted by foreigners, and istlranslerablel by guaigmllneallt.g nov29 TIIt)iS It.1.:.&.CO. M T0OKK--Melll & Prime, at Ith ihtpection, for sale bv I 1 . jai G liIOI.I'I, New I.eyo all G UNNY BAGS-35 bales in st.rg, fig t leby qy G 1)OItSEY, alb 44 New Leve le twll letry delling hIlloue, No. 6, Tri-. ton ltreel, nonr 'Tioli (:lrlt t llltel, illd black S from tilhe lreet, halving flor rlmis, well fin a skedl aI w try kilchlo with b ur Iutltg,ggggergg lwell 14v and every rclveniesmn to Itake itn eollltllll rei dence for a small family desirona of'living letired. Ad -u J n TT.r A E subescriber hill tile honor of infll rllin the Ia. de S dle,lllt he hnla reeiv.d er shils I..1e yenlen the latest and r llet nlaterinll inll Igi., i.hidjI .hl Fr Scanlan hiectl to lAve wouPlned ldl riady lilr aexa- t inntion ar3 onzday and Tuans liry ilge\s. 1) P rtIANI.AN, tie inon3 2nt f l l dn:Ien vAI.E vrieP-8goRd; aan Kek Ioe (l, roii , in esaore ndfor tale bly JiII Al;i+nll rn jet i k u n l- lr SBAZA\A . R Corner of Sl . Charlets f C.ornuu a treel, ia x l:ll . A l U It ,i i: i.. JjUIll & 5I.I.% wggll resecitfgillg call the at I lenlial c illt elln a d +.lrlllati n io a la ll+ lcllill lh't ' with lilen Iralllglts . l+iingla le illlall gisLiL elllm - i lare: silk, cgtggon nl gngeringg l dget slhirts sll drawers: calnhria. nad silk hlla.lklrllle, : Igi lnlb l lla'csh l v - I1 tats ia great va rietg : agtgo agk , o ageverg dI+'ri il : -no, tit hlaglic: llnd ctgoggll slglgaeglers: alk, cllglgn sll tIlgreagg gloves: enlsaktgl h n.luae: gtgllllhb, g Lan r,.lsgggne gohla tillanled. Also,--St lel n ll a rtl, lln f llt lm o ,n anl ga ent t i. igit asks, eatongs, l ine , alo g olgrglgt p lgg,,,ut-, U[ASIK:S S. \IAYII'I.II, gggggggaellg dll Lglltlggrllg asls, in. g' ggtgelhlw la lftalsb ll llrr ,t iilh lw Jlsq a ar . I t' i.e i .sq,, ia I hgle, . i 'gr Ur~li .,osIsdaig l gi anll lll ~nllh I .IIW U|" Ih" ,hgllllCll pin ll ~lln Icait inruhil i1a in t11 1 ll , tlin f rllh lta l iuI r at.ioed ill rXa l'ea ,1 gAhits m ell n I gll.-.e s w ii. Jrillep inlrl It'ilelll q .,lld in' i el lle g" 1t111 illllll t(' lulvi.I i ill ggeadiag ll eIsr tl Ih lr ',*,% j.glllle ,gglgisg l llllli libenry in Agcgi. a. Amer. Ien il salre in which Jitlln! 1..hivfiehl i ni rtun le-d 3 il J ewlicsinnal at l iOan helarges ciia *gov itgglgjngar Tivlesa an altloliry lnd lnnd Age'nt in'l1exla, lhe will Irccelvn say asairsl .ea, snd adsicn as a counaeallosr. ja7 JtIS MWil 11'7. CYCLOPeEDIASI DICTIONARIES!! 33EE 3' C yclopaedia, 47 vols.; Edinburg Encycal .5 pondia, 18 l uls., Penny CIyclapaedial, l lth. Eacyalopadia Atger icas, 13 vole. l'enny Magasina for 1837; Gurton's Biograpghical I)ietinnary, 3 'ola; Yslkers'n lDietiunary, I vol. Buyegr's Dictionarv, I Vol, Wehater's do 1 vol. Jlhnson & \Vl&ker's Liieionary, I val; Ngewglaan & Iggrrelt'g Ii:tionrvat. voali. Jolhnson's I)ietiunar, Ivulunle\lVebtalgl' Diggtionig ilover's Dictionsrv, a vole Alaso a Irga s'pply of Engliash gnvenirs. &', for by W1 i alKAN, ale a car Cglnll allll n :nlgCnalon l g I lRY GOal)DS CIO'I'I[IN{;. c. STile sahscri!lers ,lash illtlure for sale, 303 bales ad cases blneached and brow, dmeotic ahirtings and sheetings, 60 do Lowell cotton, 7.1, 4.I-, and twilled, 5 do Lowell block mnixed Cotllllhtde 10 do Union Ia unpltnre drilling, 10 do osper white Agula flainnel, 3 do white, green aun mixed rochinc and feting, 40 do negro lotht,Joonsistingt of mixed cordora kerseys,and plins, black mixed wa ertwist kerseys, washioet.n soad warwick jeans, mied, plaid andl tither lidlseys, case. French aslid Amlican prints, various qual- a ihies, 4 do sattinels, drab, black mired, and lilac mix aod, 4 do super printed pongee and sarnot 'hankor chiefs. 50 bals heavy brown Iossai sheet nges, ti 150 do (Gunony Begs, osnll, medium and large si 50 cases mantunaa d gingham umbrellas, .d to 36 30 caskn winter strained sperm oil, 30 do aoumnnr strained sperm oil, 70 btoxes sperm cadles. various qualities, 21)0 do tallow candls, 80o do srap various brandnandqualities, 300 do wh.,: nod d tr codflish 50 cases swer.t .iSpanish cloleola·, t 2ItS1 bknxes tlbacco, 01,, 12 Ib nd tound, 80 do lian, 'tnea; tl5 leel. voringI hyonlt Ia,, Sicily nndeira win. in pipe,, llf p1ipesr and quar to elco.,t braonds fI Iterlhaln, 'lll, and Call, it 100 coils bale rope, of superior quality. 150 casks Boston nails, 75 cases cll, kilt, seal and thick water water ,boat, 150 do calf andtkip brogans, for eno, boys and o_ russet iegro brogaPl boys, malns, ld et 1ra siues, Sdo ottet's shoito, ttlts ld et lippens, r 30 do ladies', imises and childre' s. lippers all 150 do eolthhl,o o'valrlousqltsities, consistng of jackete, patanllnlls, veots, stirtsn aid frocks, adapled to t ioe .0 ,oxe paste blaking, ) btI gross each, 4011 elnpty haltbseads, in order for filling, 6 cases playingcards, 00 sots Stvcrns' potent balances, warranted correct; 0 sjalaaander iron chests. jail ISAAC IBKII)GE &.o, 3 Magarines -NGLISH ANNUALS FOR 1830--The (ook oa . oyally, suplerb l'td plaUtes. eltt iodel't Tablteaut Fina tn' a Ollery of Graecs; Fiaksr'as .rawin Roam Scrap !ook; eaottv's Cuottumes; Iudo and Blosasms; Woverly Keelf.nte; 'lte Ilterial Oriental Annual; Foret Me No,t; Caricaiture Annual; Friendsbiltitt )tleerin; Juvenile Sketch n))ok; Young'es' Alulual; Young Gentlemtn's Anntal. American Annuals. The Token and Atlalntie Souvenir; 1'1i Vilet; lTha Gift; lThe Juvenile FCget-tMe-Not. Just roceivrd and bor sale b Vtm McKEEN, dec3 corner Cuantp lid COnliutnt sIs !L, KitILSEYS,& .--0 bblsk Tanocr's Oil 30 thIs Fall straited Oil 41t Bale. Kervovs 1100 Stcks 'Turks Island Snlt 1011) Etmpty Molasses bhl in store an) for sole v jnl2 L H GAI.., 93 Common ct SI)EC-5" cosks, tatd 10 hltlfrc.eo pntitte Carolittn Ki Rice, latding I.rul brie I),baD , and Ior sale by jul J TIIAYEI 1Cot, 74 i'ovdtas st "]OR--ALE-A .m-mnt Dta, (aliv;..) Applv 175 I. Rtmpatrt t. jla. BY HEWLETT & CENAS. SYNDIC'S SALE. W[i LLb sakldon Mndi 18t1 or February, at 1 (oi mek, at thro tily Exclhllage, Sr. I.oui' tret, in virtue of tn order from thilte I'nrih 'tout, for the l'nrlsl aend city of Now (,rldna. diated IIhe 7th instant, a;der rtio dir-ctiun of lie Syndic, tihe tidlowiirc deserilr il ed sp.-rly srrendered by Gabriel George (ilcnyn to I 1. Four itns rofGround, Nots. 59, I)l. (1i anld 62, sital- t t'd ill 'atrrllttl o n. No .. 59 tl d i Iltasallaritr e'ch a `l'St lLct front te IIll strrCete biV ilil at itlolidetb. Noe. i;() usd 6ii, lbir.Itteiiet ( l'trt oa f5 . Ite.on Menone ~re, by o like dplh,. Hltngit of C. I'trte, i c lttr.ul Art tsseed before L c Gariler, Nutury Public, the ltothl of ftny, l. 1"-7. i. Lot No.5, in tluare No. I!, insunburb Wnshiogtolnt 3i1 llttnirlpaliny,rrrrrrciag 29 ltiet 2 ilichte Cl.Bt tllnt e Mlorales street, retween Po'rro id St. Fenrrliomrl oirlets, biy 1(i0 ter in depth. Iloughtlll of I.. S. Hillegberg, hI act beflire T. Sellher, Notary I'ubic, tie g811t uo Febru ary,11137. . Iivr I.ots of Ground Ni,. 8, 9, 10, 11 nln 12, in tquare No. 2I. in suburb rishi inloao, 3lI lueicipality, t os. 8, 9 and 10. Ihoing eaeb 31. I. 6. on Mlranl ort, beweren Mloruales nd corrquhrt snreetr, by 17 eet in depthi. No. 1i havIng3l. 9. Ii. feett e Mulrat street, Ly 107 feet on Lrnuhert streetr and No. I. hnavbg 31 feel on Urinrt srrect eey 171. 3. b. fot in deirth. BAugbt of E. lrrirth by net before L. Feuneod, Notary Ptblie, rtbe 21ct Febrlurv, 1837. 4 4. iiglr lits, Nuo. 13, 11, 15, 18, 17, 18, 19, 120, illi t lunre N.o. 24, in suburb Wnrasington, 3d Mlunicipality. No. 13, fourm the ecurcrher f 'rncb and Urqnhalrt slreels; Ieasurlin 31, 9. 6. feet o I"French strert by, 1116, 11. cot n Urltrt .tr. er anid Neto. 14 15, li, 1 17, I0, 19r and 241. scat Inn 7 ra n " r 31, 1. i. feet freot on I'Fmenc treet by0, I-lI. feel ind Iepth. I(ougahtb 'lli E. I crrtbe lnd T s I)uoplesis by uct finCssed bafonre I.. Feined, No tay Puhilie, rthe lsr of FLebrunrv, 1837. 5. ue lot on Vme etere, ntaeir rite new ( nrtnl, bought firont eoreoH Andrews, Ity privatl net, dalted tile 181h Marell. 1 18:37 (lo. Alrowe anld wife ncquired title Cfror;o N. HIlolme, o thIne I lt wic rnleltcsuree 25 lfort t front o Ville street, betweLr the nlhril Ialrolinng oald Ilte tlclterv boltween Suburb, St. MAlry cnd I)elord, i oivog r1'2eri riet dnptir. erlots and onrl ndoiiliuioa l thlrd in cnrt relled the Ilnnilling twn Illirds of the price of ecall lurcltlbile, poyobin ani ond P1e ontori. TIln rieslameer give ainris uutos wltll ilco geod rnl|rroer, nd alrlrgoge rercicod until cualmlernt raylnent. Tie cr ifal e o h pa u hIlaretd bofilrtr I. B. CLENAS, Notaory Iullblic, 1tilt 9lrchIr paeyiln thie Notltry' fcs, .ilt Unl llpelseS of i) sVUnesil by it Slrvevur, if r t necessry, jolt d: I PAL IIEWI.WILTT & CNAS. VIENTFl PAIL I.: SYNDIrC. 1. sera vendlller I.laldi 18 terrier,eV hberet , A Ip SIlnuriede , ririien ere drntintt decirt de la t llor tle ptrui*er, 6poir I' n,i.r e el illr lbe I.i Nouvelle (Irle- n ttrue, on dIitt. u r 7 tar arantl, l rain direction dla ivn. dic, le prtprrilet noivnctee, lindonnies Ipl; (;abriel Gti rge t Inllcy A sea crraoeiers: I. Qllalre Iteio det erina, liO 59, (i)l 61 er G1, sitleS A oCurdr.ltlla Irat,. 59er (iltnleallrulctt 5 ill " l.1. tc . lce IA l riate ) oa, cor 1511 pieds tide pro nitr.iannr; a.a l8 t ;.., cnitcua, 2-5 piedr de facel Inr IteiCervae, Our tine. inell. IrTtlellr--clrtes ile I'treor. or u it ac ie eg rdenr, n,,t. r pub lic, l 0 iti 11:17. 2. I.ort lt, 5 dlone ilot all it iurC I WVatellllcnii. I 3 tlunicipalil tlc, inctcrntllt 2!9 ille 2 is str In rite ll.lall' s etre le. ruedu Po Poer lrtln dinnd, stir 10 pitle en prAtfaldcnlr-cttetl do 1. 8 Ilillrglasbre, inr te llre rnor ' Seghers, orot.1 p. le 11 Flferrir 11:37. 3..5 Latnr oi lerrs, raar 8, 9, III, t I, dlse I'ilel- re -24, n foulloilrf Wnoeltinutolllc, t icipalile nit 3, ,It.e ' 9 et 10, oynol i.Ilquce t 1. f6 sir In rue azlnet, enare - Moraloa e Urrlularl, our 11,7 Iieds de promltllIr, Ic SII rynot 31 lid. 9 6 uri o rIuce Niciit stl r 107 piedsr 'sir lA rue Urulicrlr; et nl 12, 21 drrers url rue ulr quberr rur 171 pieds 3 pt 6i lig.e en IrofrIldeulr-.h.e at de d I )rtlle, Ir actte ecacnt L FLiraud, at tli blic' le 21 iovVrier 1117. L 4. Ilurt Lot., ce. 13, I 5, ll;, 17. 19, mt t0n dneo I'ilet n -I1 l I2etiafu ls iIarg \ liusaingon, 31. \lciiiuiclielh , - nt 13 fLrlllllnl I'Pilligltlle lh'eR rucl des, Fe. I I i [ lltln i Utr. quo. rl. tf leurca :11paa9 l a - a; It-. a.l ait I'nr,' dt*.s Fral eeir, str f106 pd II I sta r Ilrae rOirqtlllrla Ir lees tir. funode-.-arlle ti rlle IS Blrtlh r.tI'lrae It....t , t ae, ndeocr . L Fr cd,ci.a. , ce b 1 e rire :17. 5. Uc L.t nur la rne doe I Vf nIe, r di,(--l(it r rnuv Cnaol, alarele par Geirge Andrews, p re atic acrhell dnae du 18 lnre 1237 George AitdrerwdeocIt s.t etIrOUr : aeqiurenr er titre ,la N IIlrmes, a l. Ist, nilli ro r 25 ieled de fite a la ratlre i In Vine, ontre le diblrclllrre FLcrirldel In lignc e d d.mrc-rictcio dos flnhburg `SLe Mari et Dellor, cyrnt 125 pieds de tovftlder (clldititlll--un tisri eatitircair, et lee Iueox aUtres tiers a 6 rmorr,i I'utrlquercillr Idonnall re billets vec en-t dtmsecr,i t rbIivpetheqrc..jitc'a tIariait paitmeao . acltaoa di vitte ser ult iosses devaotlle I.. (onesl el i .b I' aqllu !re ult r pla v aI t lel t rai e d p I'r l t e et ls .rit do pneaeisiln par 'nr ltellplur. 142j L1/N'l',. NIarY" 1'l1.1 I\ 1 t '.Cl'lttN:-.t" very uaelfll Ibo(ok I'r Ship (CapUaitlles ned tile lmost i Cot alar i.irk nl thie ktlllad tti nit. A,18O IllSAR'I'$, ;Ilf of eCraxio, \Veet Indlie-.l, h~ltamn Icok., Whest Florith, (rairert of Brazril, Mledle Oltrla aciarrn -C Sr ((}I" Africa--Sjt. (13(,emrtll lellllel--'.ll'tlinb Clllil ChIrm, &rt.. N. It. 3'lI. e ,.lHarts I nit I etV 1e i r,.nh, td e ll ( lilltillillt" Alta 111 it l(r'tlrret inltlatlrt;I l rhlotitnlol t Io fhe aboVt nlnluwlllle l. ace ever p lubl lihed, r cllle iit ir.1 I) "I 'rI & t). I New Y'ork Saltionere Hull, No. -4l ('llrlrtt nt. / Ju ylll lr . I ij cijtcltel Pll.-- 13,) bbl(1 I', llt :11(-hv tr ier it,¥L 1 i . II . Ill.itS I atinr I .1 1 , 1 19, Ia. a P aw crt nt. r. int 1 verye i ttalld of aa1tcrir qltnlilt fair e1il Ib SO, II. 11LIS.. Jan a ,,,ee 14.;L ,yr . a W al1 (f. I NS P'ac{iK. 50 6aa.. iniarearardJ for I. l t sale b, (). II. BLISS. ,' .I lunrv 11, 61 P,,v,!ra mt, itat, terillr Iultit) , store, fl r sale by 0 U. I1. 111,1,0. t J t.ln 14, 6'.3 P iVdlr,4 at. Ie l ae9t Hlll1Odll ht)cL-. e whnsc prlltle reiode in the rita. Aallre- a box. No. hll, [nt ai Ice. w/ ji ll--li.i9 r'IANNLItItS )IL.-75 bbles brown 'I'ucner'e oil, fCr e .le by LEVI II (;ALE", . _ jt4 . . . . _ '+t:| lmm,,,, sle,_ vI_ un PINIINV and'PlItTnltr'm OCil-ISbi hls pirits 1 "l'urlntill, 90 alae TItnnri r'ct ()ilit fr eal. iby JAItVS & ANIIItF.We, i I di8 err (toalcntot &. 'l'ro apiiltu ltll s sit AINTo' andl id. S d n DoDutch lineed oil received per ship Eaogle tIrm Bremlen, 50 barrels English linseed oil received per ship Elizabeth frinr London, 100 Ibrrels brlow tanner'a oil, 20 haelr "I chalk, 1010 barrels )panish whiting 1100 Lkes Philadelphia white lead, 0 kegseed noll bklbak do, :lhrue,lrcren and veltlow, &c.&. -c 'faint lrushe, and or sale by JARVIS & ANI)R.lVWS, jan15 corner Commlon & Tehnpitoaos sti 0()0 E1:MP'Y blht, n. d tierce. , for onle by ! iHAI. & ILBOWN, or jill 91 Mla ragazine at . CASSS Pongee silk laondkerchioefr, of hltndrolme f) patterns,for sale by GOSlIP & Co, jal8 bt C lales nt Hexe lnge tIore L- ) I lblNG---2nases olalnnl a onl cllmn;rtornlor Jsale by S.ALI. & BROW.l, j24 96 Magazine et. NEW BIOOKP. The Only Daunhler. a domestic story, by the author ea ary RSnionl, and other Tales by Mrs Gore author eso o t 'Moihers and I)naug'lera," Ac. in 2 vols. The Ilair of Selwood, byv he authlloress of "Mlothers andl Danellter," &c. io. vol. Althha Veoito. or khe Embroiderwd Handkerelhief, i wlhich is added Henrielta IHarrison, or the Blue ctotton Umo'rella, by \lies Leslie, author of "Pencil Sketch es," &o. ill one vol. Oliver 'iwiel, complete in 2 vols., by Boz, cheap edi* tion. Just received and for'sale hb WM. M'KEAN, jn8 cor Camnp and Cotmmon tis NEWV IOOKS.--Roh of the ilowl, a l.egendof St. Inlegrea, by the author of'Swallow Barn,'"'Horse Shoe Rohinson,' &c. &c. fn 2 vols. Juot received andtI or sale by WM M'KEAN, j nil ear Camp & C(on on p I ONIOI-- T- I Ii ft-. \nd Jturhtn Ale landling t ..JA from ship O)rwell, from .iverpool, and for sale by ti tile ulder ibll: 811 ca-k, ('i doz. e0ch1) supelior London Porter, 1 211 do Or. Burmlo Ale; AIs0--Chester lhteese. of Ite very beet quality, put in titll oxes, oand fromt 33 to 46 to each. ja25 E JOHNS & Co, St Charles t I SJ1EAS-75 boxes lvstl Tea, for aole by d ISAAC BRII)IGE & Co, •ja25 134 MNag zint 01 CITY ii.ONK, New t )rlenn: . 26I)Dee. 18:19 d llTEl Board of Dirfectr of tinfs Intotiol have thin J day lelolalrel t I),vi:'lnd of Teel/re per cent. lon t loCa nuoit tlti''eof, puhablo to Ihe Stlo holdera, or their lugIl relsooentotives,oon o afitr ollda,n t linle t I c e, Januarv, 1839. ROBT'. J. PAL.'ILAY, dO2$ Cehasier A IRUG STORE FOR SALE-Situated oil Tchpiltoulas street. Inquire of I; H BONNAIBEL, __ j.t3 car Nntce & Tchll)llitoula ts t TO RENT, Possession given 00lnmediutely two cllln Ot fortuble dwelling hIouses,in tle Ileighbor.loold atreet. To golod tenants tbhey ill he rented ow. They ore well adapted to small families. Ap Ily to 1DOYLE & MAY, jun3 3 Carondelet at IVIttl'O)Il,. SAL'T--150 sacks coarse and fine, I atding tod ion store for s:te by jail9 IIOLMES &t l MII.l., Bank Place JOSEPIH l WIhITE. I('ontellor at Law; Oine Exchange lace, a few doors fromt the Post Office. lanal--,w" G-UNN-Y -BA'S--204 biles asoorted .es, just re ceived, and for alnt by jal8 SIHALL & BOWN, 96 Magazine at G REEN APPLES--10l bdbl in line order, at Ilthe landing. for sale by G DORSEY, jn1a 44 New Lerve S IDIER--40 blls rieti&d, .t the nlnding for oeTp jal8 Ii I)ORSEY,44 New I.e'ee A BOOK Keeper, who has at present, only Ili eve. sings oa'cupied, wldhl wish to make ni enllgage. nllnt for thle remainder of i t.ione. Call give nol sut Silaertionl a on ablity anstl character. A line ohlesso, A1 It C, CItx 95'1, Post Oltice, will be attended to. blTLANK lII.LS IEXI'IANGCi, Not'e, Hills laing, tat dl Flioolrei.n Irtieo. Culstom lluenue pIlrs of every 175 decriptho r sale b 1) FET & Cli o, jal8 N V Stationer IHall, 21 Ckatlretn bHIPPING. For Europe. FOR LIVERPOOL. --- Ti Al new aIndl tr Pailing ,hipCIlEV tAIl:II(, Crlt hKiglht, luing llot of lhr r ilh il islle ,e~pateh. For freltll'toullln bilho Ct " ll, llr pIlI geI ha lllng supe iolr ae llllllllU liO ll, i . apply Itl ja'2l 1. 1 (GA .I.:, :.! CmoI t t FOR LIVERPOOL. The Al Ilritch brig .LADY MARY FoX, To Ibey, naster, having tlia arc.ter pnrt ef lher earsgo ellgaged ull guise on board, will ne,,t with ilmmediatr e de lnpn'rh. Fur baltdsce of' Ire'llgt r passage, apply to lhe Capltanll I ard, or t j1, r. I I (lAI.R, 9i.1 toooaet I FOR LIVERIOL. el. - The A I 4trt ailing ship UNITED '. NIS SATE, Capt.l. Ilarr, hlvri.g aIot of her en arg engul ged, will Ilav dte.plllcll . For freiglt o'two hundred alesl. sr a I roerO arpply to jla=2 S& J P WHI i I.Y, l: Camp at FOR .IVERPOOL. o S n Al ship cal lake 2tl) bales cotton, I and will p1itiely soil on Snlurday next, 191h i inet. _al-0 I. II CiAnl,9uE;Cautae FOR HAVRE The A I and fast Ftiling ship JOHN u HOLLAND, Copt. Joanrdal will receive - ldealt ch having tle grealer part of hIer ear. go engaged antI going ol board. Ittr freiglt of 2001 bales otton, or a r. page apprly to GORI E I RFIIRiEROT, Roveal at jael2 or to L II GALE, 9:1 Comnlntt at FOR lIVERIt|OL ,.r The fiTneoLi I)Ft INM AIIK, lvttlt, n tar, will tluve inmmledlate deppnlcli. For ... freight tof 20I balem, cot or psoPa pp ",I'l to jat I. 1 IiA1.1K, 93 t'ottttoa t FOR LIVEIRPOOL. The fine Girst satll. Shi) Shi T. JAMIES, Colt' . I.) lIwer, ttter, will have im,'caliate despatehl. For Ibalance of ei'eoght or passage apply to jal S &J I' W.IINLY 7:3 Catp at FORL LIViPOOL. The fine nIew Al Barque BYRON, (Capt. Bearn, will hlave immediate denpotcb. F or I'rigll 0l'10 tle" ttll or passage huvi g rtooda octttodai I n dtott, pl ( to d2i9 _. I[ (iALIl,.flC.mtma,,ot FOIR HAVANA. .'. I"ne A fast siling ecppetled A I brig ],UNA, C alin Hill I etll will meet with i tltedinta deslpoch. For freiglt of e tO ,rrel, or the Iblk thereof, or peassage havintgtele id fril ntllted lteOlllmolodationt app p or, Iot r, tile 'l'riaotle atolur , 2d Atl nJirillh it.r to jtaJ .. .. PR-','l,,, 95 Cotmmon c. Coastwise.. - . 1 FOR NEW YORK-Pas ago Only. 2 hi.e At fast sailingship cllAtLOTTE, Ca'.ptai.t Rice. will receive immediate des -t, th Far passeae Ialev, having rltperior dSo ttcnrtetudotiono, apply to ItheI nlain l Itboard, or to je29 I.II t1AiE,03 Caaomiolot FOR NEW YORK. 'iThe fat a siling r,,,.;re d trl IAR- l SRIET, Ctlpt. l mier, . i hate despiatch For Ireight or p-itne,, nprly, ofo J1at9 S . J I VII''I'N.lY, 72 (Ctamp att I FOR NEW YORK. Iv r Passage Only. Li 'The A I fast sailing shi CIALO'I'TE, all SCpt. Rice, will neet with immediate des- pal . loimt.h• For pa'ssga eonly, having ruopo rrr te aclo.oldatuiool , apply to L H GAL'., Nt jao2i 9 ()'l('o lllltrt hoc FOR NET YORK. The AI fast sailingo barque VI GIN AL .Vm Sclai:r, car~ter, havinIrlomt tl' her c ar A g ll l.geaed, will Itve ,lspatcI. For balatlce r .ffrolgltor pa-ge apply to Cuptt, on bard, vepo sit post 14,o2ndl municipality, or tetS ja26 S $oJ P WHIT N'Y. 73 Cnmst FOR NEW-YOR-K. 4 . The A I parcke shil WARSAW, Win plo P Mendell,, wnnls 200 bales t fill up. pe SFor freihlt or psttage, aplta tn Iortnl, or to fir ja.2l READ & IAIlS'I'iW, 7 llak 'howe. FOR NEW YORK. 'ITt Al brig MOXY nt, for NE passage, apply to S &t J p WHITNEY, ,taui 73 Camp at FOR BOSTON. [o The isl sailing eppered ship IIANO- La VER, 'f t.1r Itrtat will have tte epatcl; for f reight of 2,11r btarrels, pr plyn sarge. appIV tt _____S_ & J__ WHIvN'E:', 72 , ,lll__ s FOR INOWTON. The Al utlesJIIgrbEAVFR, L Edmond, mnster, will hltve iottetlinredte tie pate For A . freigthl, anpl to S & J P WHITNEY tr, jo a.6 . (ho h FOR BOSTON. iThe \I I alto PERUVIAN, WV Smith h nmaster, will hear immerdiate d,.rpatch.l For fro FOR iEW YOR-it K.P The .New 3'rl- nled .New Orleans Line. Patckert of tite 30oh inlt. The elegalrt ship ILtROPUPRLICAN, Cap tuitJ C Itol ela will sail punctuallv. Irtor ifreilll or pstage, apply on board, op osite t tr ht' deh p strret, or ton ii _jal, PI'.TEI+ :I I.AW, omni Ca tp at A.t 'Ther A I fast tiling brie AICE. Jar FOR PNW YOLAD RK.PIA. 't'he tnew ftst sutitg Itarqte CIIAN jaI4 73 'I n mpst to F _131> ia 1'0 Nr rI , lThe new and fast sailig hip PIIARSA- I LT , 11. Wiandot tr, ,lll a, oill have im apply natttrd, o posite the Orrtras Cottona Preaso, or to a iSuid a P Wt ITN EY, a FOR FREIGIlT Oi CIIARIER. . tr hen sehr MARION, J Torrey, master, l barrels bourt l. sal l e batt hl s & . I' WHITNEY, hi ja"6 73 pt , FOR NEW YORK. Th'lh new shr WII•LIAMI tART, Capt, COrsi lI, will have deepslate. For fteigkt hf FOIl FREIGIIT OR CIIARiTER. T'Iho ot•'h tpeiitrslhr JIULIA ANN, Web star, manster, carrvinl 121 bhdsl. is readly to receive fraigltt ft ao noorthern port will go tip or iOdvoll the river to load. Fr tersln. appily to t jo18 SHALI. lllt O\WN, 46Mnagazine st WAN'I'ED t A small blricg, capable'of u carying 200 hhds. sger, and loadior a nourhern psmt. I Aplly itl L Ii GALE, [ ja m r 93 Common t I FOR SALE, FREIGHIIT OR CIlARTER, lltahebrig EMIELINE-an excellrent v.. S eel in eey revrLeet, bont 1110 tuns but thll Sorill carry 15 hllhds. -Applyon oald op aet0e2 Old Levee. jal6-It FOR N :W YORK. HOLMES' IlN0 OF PACKETS. 110 sUil plunctually a advertisedforearc pnrt--The I line will coansist of tile following saips--iz: 1hip Naslhville. Capnitan VWood. Arkansaa, Captain E S Dennis, a Alabama, Captain C C Berry, Orltltna, Callptoilt S ears, Vicksburg. ['aOptain J unker, Pa athea, Cawt naint Aishl-y. TI hoe anbl ships a a tr all ottie lirs class, coitpered, and coplir fastenlel, anld were b:uilt in New York ex prossay fr this trile--they tire tl'light draught o' wa in t."r, and alnost iavuriublh cross Ilri bar withou~t deiea I hes,.paekelts arte eblll lttllttattle t ("apttlti altll tx prte'need t ote itudt , a t d a lh lt .i e tote ,rt thrttseltv is tttoa clmhl.oot.ta lilet willa way. I.c lowed .1pan t dlown.the river, and will pttlll tly sail as advlrised. They haso handsoamely furnished acomlllnllllttttollstand t storeaS oftle firntquality will always be furnislhrd, and every attention paid to the cotnfort aitd satisfaction of passangers. - T'le price of the cabi is fixed at 3it, withoutr wine or liglor. I.F'r fiirlhcr particulars alplyc to A COlIIFN, jotýh 90 fl.C.ltin.lor strcct' I ' l e ships are nor aetontale fir breakaltge of o lass, hollo, waore, nmarble or grtaite, euoltt.ulr. ,f tin, i or or ruOt fhirtor. T seel: oiar resp.tsib•le fitor it I).ekage •t or parcel iut on board, anles a regular bl ofltldllbg he aigted Ierr.lfr, at tilhe ifte ofthi agents. et '-- CAR.l 0il-- LADIES. n 111 .I.Ald LBLI•, No. 10 Charlres street, elntlit ties t, ptlclasae old brtlkl Jawelry, old goldi or asilver in any fim whatever, nd tpay tie higlhest ts p'ic in Orleaus. Ladies wiho Ialy hl.e Id fla.ltioned gold jecelry, viz: ear ornollt itt , clainsa, necklttsa, buckles, finger Srings, or in laet nny articles of tile line, wlticn is lying I ,d idlletaldafo'no use to hlttt, lcan exchange thestaral to I .o i aldvatlllnge,l by culliug asbove.. ' gN B--Watchs, Jtiwelry nlid Sptetaelesa repaired ini loot Iluanaer--chnrges modcrato. st ja2fl, 1839- _ /S , AMIIIlY IdlESS llIEEIt--4htlI itill. fattiiy mes ' hoaf belitt.i ittg trom sttee butt ht vattt h, ald fr' a _llle by ja31i J ITHAIY ElL& Co, 74 Itttlrntat ro r IKS ISLAND StLT.-iotIO hauhrela in store, fart :. alileby S . J P WHi'I'NF\Y, i ja:30 73 11( p n1 - I mej.I IIPt.NIO--Ol la.nsk Pitt.loodtoogfrtttio abip I C [ tlnmot , and lu r sale Iy I st ja39 1. 1 G OLE, 93 Commotn t 'e P ERAS-70 haaisnran peta, i stare fitr atlne, ty S"-ja30 CHAMPLIN & C)001'EtR,i2Julist tee COPY BOOKS far Letter presses jtustreceired r l trma New York, and will hbe sold low lr csl, Ir[ orapprovedcredit. Alao, leler press, nd the last lf -tbe Itttnoit, 1t DAVID cEL'I'l & Co, e-. jn30 N YStaotiI,.rsa Hail, 24 Chnortreast ge- 'i tt IN-7l htaorriant., erttn nd toe v --. it ja3t 3 I'H.IYE:yIRCClC,_I 7 lty.lra..t Ir. i litl. t illll tir salOe l01 si ja30 L.Vl h lALE, l C.otittliut.a ror the Interior. U. S. MIAIL. FOR BAYOU SARA AND PI.AQUEIMINE. ( . - cc5. im elriculid picssclg,.r stelnbclec .6 in 1 .c c ILIAAvlTc', , liirt, c ter, (all k ...l rs. outl,,lU) POIlllllPll(.ed h-r Bl I gulir tripes oa ,t cid ltma , the 19Il lust nt 11 t'lro k, i ,A. ., slid on Sulldac c .u l the Maete Iour tdir olagnirni ii nlld will continue ll lll rei nnllhr l ahi bal ice a I the e season, and lever pllnctually at ile hour adcerlisld. d A epnlco cabie , aill inI iteti rooan, fi alo olnred pe- ail lie. F.r frelight or Iasne appd ill y lachald, or t e d18 A IAM & VIII TALl. FUOR AtlaitoiE. f he creglarpaetlw pcke rssur ,isecer l;IRltI'FE, Copt. .illier,c Rod iirllua ti e Inks end of lhoe hll I T'IlU(SDAYS & SUNDA S~ , . after theiarrival ofl' iheiro'cloclk eare, and on her re. Ii turn, leave MNhlile, verv CI T'uesdcpsand Fridaye. ~or passagealy oI n ul I ClAru a;pL CAPT.I'. WILi'iF cd P S--WVhenever u suffieent .cnluc!e of i.pll .ccger oftr the (iiralfh will toqch ati sov of the intermedecliate landinge, uplon previous notice bring given to ('pt Ice Swiler.. nv7-tl 1.O0 RENT.-A lot in Julia street, near lite new Ba . ein, suitable fur a wooden lumber yald. Apply a ai 9 Bank Place. jccc t MRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, liemoved from 17 Ccubcm/rou.e St. "TO NEXT IlDitR ToST CIIAIRLES'I'II EATRE, CoRNEl of l'uvDEAS &. ST. CIllAI.ES.STCEET. aug9-18318. '1(O 1.i'ENT. A LARGE and conllnodious Icoun over I.evy's auction store, 53 Magazian street. A, dy t W GEliE,.NI. cbce I.ith'rcphccr, tl tie reuise. N II-T-he above would iillke c good drill rulllc. IR EPAIlRATOR'IY to JHeTireon CoIl ee and to oth. ers conmthl eti by II. llllc i, 1. I. I . i'xchalnge Aillev, hie, m. tiered a ienville. Tlhi; i.all i le wl 1.1. enicc Clii.le thaI t could lie found beinlg enltirely ifree irms the i c ise i: the streets alld the rcntling of drays crid ei , isjes.c. Tile Jeffereol Ac..i'rclcv is divided into twoll d+nrt fli :(f. The Jut, "r air c 'elellelrv departlmlent lilt the va""ious brdmllehea if'cu 1ll lOa eduention in Frecllh and in lI.icij--kl'he Se iar deccartmncict for lactin, (Greek, iallheutcicu &c. Punctuality, order ccll, disciplio are strictly enjo:lled and obsie.ved. 'Terms. Julc inic lie pnlmll, pcr mllonth; $10 .,oli or do 15 Spanish 6 list. Iuses, clclec, paler, &c. chnred separately 2ud. A ciooith miace begUn, tci he paid iln full; 3rd. No dcad Ilin for absence Inlr for holidays: 4th. I'aymentc s to be mlclle re ulirly everycocntull. • lehool houarshnou 0 1-. to 3 o'clock, except il'ctr,' days. sep27 iXCiANGF Itl' 'l)iNti Itth)0 . fllEcc prlprietor has re-fitted lis aicil Reoeom. in .L tile St. (Ccharlesi E ulcngce, COrller id (rvicier alcd St. Clharlces street, il the oetest nlllclcr. l CBesides ll Ihe criclciull.ciprs if the Uuitod States. of every city land state. the Cuandas,''exuas and Mexi cu anll llvanunc , tal rOilU ic regularly and extensiv-e. Iv supiplied witi tile Ilatest Eurolpean papiers, Loyd's Iist.s,uand lPr'cu' Price Current. Also with nearly all11 the Llterary Percodiccls of the day, and hau Ihe re pcblieciccua of lie Lcdono Eldinlurg \Westcmiser lllelcOcciticn h.eviewe andc llackwocl Magazine. The Norl citin, rican ulcview; lie. cutlero l.itertr, Knick bockrc,'l'llc, ,cmelicac c.hlcrciid titf Sciecec and Arts, C(liiiet Miiciclaay Ihe i ccrcltic IR'eview, (icitleccc'c A a Irvine,. Alllrliecan contihl: ., Iiecutly's Miscelleny, tle olexl, ccchrurgiccl Revi'w, and a vcariety f ither., All theewe works ore pIruarl,' subscribed Ifr dt,lreeei. - vedl. The c;om is also supplied wi.h a large vctietc Iof llpsi lci a llIta'ns, Niles lRegister, LIevy's Price Cui. lest fiom iii elllclllcement, GUnzateers, and a variety of works ofreference. Thile mlost active & iltelligent news collectors are em pluved, thi .ive tile urliest al rivals, and cn paillns lr c x pease will be prIcced to recder this Reading Roan, tihe first tlle Uaited tiactes. Suble ilptions are resleectfully receivel. NEW OIILEAN" s tRAII RihI.LTON RAIL ROAD COMI PA N 'Y. AIRRANGEMENTS FOR THE WEEK DAYS. From Currollon. FIorcINew Orlcas.. Hore.C ar tC 4 o'clock. A. HMIorse Clr at 5 o'clck, A. Locomotive f Lc ' uc.ic.c.c.e 7 " . , , " " 9 I 10 " "I " 1 P - P PM. Aner 10 '.lock aCarcanI be obtaliied by paying 10 do lees fOir the Trip. 'TIIE JAI KsON AND ILACOURES T''REETCAIRS I.e;,veC. llcc l c tl c ili ojcl1 k, A. M. Icid run cocirly. At .clif ler t7 o'7iock Icli. car will colmnene runnllill Pevery hull holuc, olld co.tilllln c thrlio cull Ihe day Ultil e 'eilc, P it. frolll Ihe hcold fJ.ckcon i treew persolns iolg by lhe I.,,ior nuvu must provride Ihemsalvea With lickel , asall i t a tiuay wicll he tk iy thie, OUice New ornetll cud Carrollton Radl Rod CE Opiacy, Poydra n street. JOIIN IIAIl.'SON, nuv|ll Clhief Eg. N. 0 o C. R. I. CA R). S1 iE i'riecipall of the Engli.h, French and Spanishl SAcadelll, NI. Ic, t. i'hll'rles stre et acliucccos to his frliends i lld Ie pubIlic 'citlt sntitlcillr , thIIr his insctiiltuticl is frow ii; cuccesIUlhl oplerutinIll that ihe Ihopes cIcn tio hlacc uis citell)c|illlc l f puplils, which will le I cned tgo ietause thelis opp)otuity of j r perents that d uothig seull Ieh walllt inc which cav coulribute to tihe comlorte and icollvcrvelelt of their suiics d17: 1830 t _- GEORO;E W. SMITH. Suteion Detctfroet Philadelphia, B EGS iccucIlIhc lhdicsland gerlcccmec ofNNew Or S leans t aCt ie has oilcaCd h nselfat c No. 166, Canal Streelt, opposite the State louse, where hIe will be happii to uteud to alcy profe.iionul tngegeewnts. i WI Smcith nutl having previcusly visitd thits city takes the liberty fiexraicthig Irc soime recilllllem l toy lee the a rs Ice bear-, tihe following tlctincnial frllonthos.e . have kllOW hiie llng eierl illliliatccly rolll lthe Rev.. S11 Tyne. of Philadelplhial. "I bike Trcat plea.cicre in ol.iln r that I havle lall colsiderc ibl ecq lllollcllcl, with Mr. Iiltl IulcI pcersonlccly ucnd m tiihe cc usinof- his prol'eiccim. In bIotc respevct 1 i mci ider hanm agcllce llll i.i hlylrly eortly of the cclclcllle which he re- i ceives. As a I)ellu l I ctillve nlever fIund all eratolr whnlm I considered sallurior, ulld Ieel satistied that wh.llover cilul hicl will be well reiaid by his discharge of dutiec eatrusted to him. Mr. Smith has operaled tc,c cOsceidcrcble eixtet for mo pesolly anUd for members oflmy f.lilyily. STEI'PIIEN U TYNG. From Rev. J J Rolhersos, tissioavryt.a Syra, iN Greece. ," "I waited in Pbilcelpc 0 ato ive Dr. Smlith a fair oppcrlu o nity of puttig my tcelh in order This he hau doce in a icllucerly iccllller, clcd the gelltlecesu, an , and skilwithi et whlicl e I couccs his operations are equalled only iy his puc - lieliiicvrsewc.craice ii givc ccevery tinic g the hihlleut fiishc . I shull ifurll lre ha aveid noct only much u.urillg, but also b. n uch vai uuIIIlle tii . c. bc. to Icferlcee ill New Orlealc:.. i Jacob WilcoxEn1. I 'PIh ,. Alle (:lalke & Co., IN t Slocumhc, Riehard & Coa, .New Orleaen. clilalU Clarke JCii i sq. Ii Cutlhbert Bullitt EUI. I 00 EW ORAI.EANS.-- CAUl( LLI'O' IRAi. i ROAD)CO.-NOTICC i--On aud after tcie l]t Dec., 1838, unti flrlher illtic.e, ml Exltr~ night Ccr will at leave the carolsle, PIovlrun street, i half pul'ast ItI So'elock, P.IM. icc lalh.Ite anl itleromdiate places. Siccglc 'liclets37 I 2 'e t'u or t $'5 per hlundred. tin JOHN HAIIIi '.iN, S cnvc' -tf Chf. lIng. N. O.& C. R. It. o K liy 'l' t liHP':aS1'i.-A.i el.t an ad highly C approved dentifrice; tile Itbee Irepartio ever put p for the teeti, just received at ite IBazur. IU$II & ALLEN, d^9 cor St Charles &. onunon sta., Exclanga PINE A'PP'LE CHEIESI & Goshen Butter, for sale READ & BARSTOW, jal9 7 Bank Place W INE, Sicily Madeira in half diaps and qnarter caasks, fur sale by SHALL & BRO VN, S j24 96 Magazine at "P'..I OIL- J30 cansksa witer rsiued saenra il, Sfor ale by ISAAC BRII)GE &A Cao jo25 134 Magazine st eM .l I.a--3ill b 'ea 3 -land 41-4 heavy brown Ssirtings and sheetiesn, fur sale by j.2a ISAAC iBRililD. A Co , 131 Magnzine at I T iilAn "in eae of ai Ser in Sinalac and I) Ginntamn umbrellas lalnliag frem Ilarqae Jo stph- 1 inr,, fr ale by I IAACl; BRIDGE & Co. j4 C 134 Maganine st. 1UNNY llAG,-1-0 balesn Gunny Baga, l clnss and primne texture, suitable for Salt, .v ja5 _ I tRl(I(llE, 1311 at e,.i:led to, dclwone, rsiorul by Ih.r Feb,lr'rlli & Z tizz f b, irr. ISAAC lli i T GltI & ('o, N. I.\GS -ii bale. (1i busha l itage ito ~ tr llr aud fir ale Ly G I)OIleSiY, ja_5 " _ 44N.wl.ewe 1al 4OTIC --The co.signee (Jlahn La-) of a lot of slen et and Islia el l I'aris, Iv the ship .rab, Is nlared at No. 19 Iame ratreet, qeeal he is r.ques ted to icl nd rlcand e tlle saile. t 'l'the I. uiiaan Adverirtir will pualish thie ahrt 3 atiaes,and aii thleir blills It, P'icaye, fftie. j2a 3 I I.fE'P.-Psea-si.n given t'ie let Febhruar nlext I 'h dwellir hlctu.e nw oeccupied hy Mir lVm. I mlpanier ( Girard. Na Cil Tcalitoanr larstret. IFor pariaeu s ainlply tt II. Bonaabel craer Natchezlar i uni "luchall rollns rlleels jhO : I INU AN'i IlaceanP a, Slauinl .a.I. i. .hehr itlh n lIarle of Ipatenlt ndieile. IRee, iveJ lately and for aile by Il lit .\NAB'.II, j'.!J ear N 1atcne & "lehalitoM,a.a .Isa ,' jl4 G0 I)ORSEY. -41 New Ieve. ' I NOR K - -I eas , V, l, antd whlt hi , r t saty le iy t Kr.-2 1TEON & AVERV,88 GrIvirt+ t 1 A C i) SIES-59 hltds. Ci.,iiaati C'ared, ofsau i j TET2SO + S tAVIER_.T,_0_ Graviera! \CON SII|ES-1-5 cask sides, sud 1. casks can r vasned ills for anle hy janO ISAAC" BRIDi;E & Co, 134 Magazineat IOoLANI) GIN-5 pipes, to, derlentar 1 for aale by 'I' R HYDIE & lir,, ja22 39 Colulanoa, cr lalgnnzi.e at. IHISKEYi--3 barrels ractified, in storelr fr al. b y 1 R lIHDv & Ilr.. jai2 39 Commn., e.r AImgayzi.e at, t I -I. C I ,IlI b ,a hi e m o -aed Il n.eIn , a mffi te ! Y'I E ! lixehatge I' a+e, nearly rlpsite tile P,. I .. - :,4 i ItttltSF . ,ll4 \ew I .lli r a I +\lbhNNEIS-i 7 butte flna ally Att liceus., for ale ly ISAAC BItII)GF & 1',,, 't jon.8 131 Magazine ' BUSINESS CARDS. PRED WILKINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENcPF ,r LUUISIANA, O I LL c 0 rI. ,r. s , i th,, pl. ,ic i; tlpea depart menin oI S, rve ta g iad (..iI ,"ninering, i oth in toll vlll and utlI r ttIurV. Frl anll Osid( h.rbllP te' e .tIr I 'l ill exlellll l lll n i Luau cullll lll ll to ll , ,l i hop ites t4o lilrlt arld ,ec ive a share' f ,lpnllb p)trol.,. 11 wil" .alllo asre 0iand ni.culnti i, a cot rnl'ta f walls at ly e ·.tl arliolls. O.lice No h (lh:,rtes treett, CoU ed tory BANK NOTE ENGIAt VING. RAWDON WRIGHT. HATCH & EDSON I I AVE ojpea.d an, lit,' ii New airkiha. .lpor+ilg - equl aa Ivalllagea aii ihei' hoiu,.. a11,l, a l',W .k, ..r.aatie Ih gi,ag f aie.olaa+lF: I1a priogn l hank .\atIa. lin ia;, kil a at E'xliange, e dlt., ii .1 llplsit", Checks tllI olther illllportanlI t IIIp , regn ranI senCaLI ag..i.alt I".wg.'irn; and have mlde hlli e p a la *+++o' lu tlh FliP iaIe i ' all +,h " llt l i n prt r I I'i a elltr t ed to their care; iller sIeci ell ellallce th,- ni ltl oft ovor Ilelunded Iallkiair instal tioat, and all ,Idrn will Ie execnr ted with Ipr, llitiae,l , aI on ,Ite usual terna. Ofice, corner of ityal & (.'ll llraeat. tai-tI tiT--if AMNIUEL TO' Y, J-llerehandise Broker 4. Colnmia'man .Jlerciani, )13 aflte., :36, I :h) st.--I''r nthe areat. () . II LI$S. 81HIPBROKER & COMMISSIO. MERICHANT, No. 63, IPodras LSrot, NEW -OllEANS. J. P. FREEMAN & CO., fl%.fesae Clocthing E.tIblhshme.; N,".:1, a.luazlne street, IAVE const.tatl i ou I hald u lIIar..lippi. Cloth S in. eni.'nl,,i.'d itr ite-c uatry ira de' . ' hiia r o. . .rorlielt I, iug lure, mn'rchardi firola the couatr. can be =Upl:lied at ih.e shortaut niotie. PASIIIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLO(IL & HADDEN, No. 14 (Chartrelll Mrcct lIAL'I' a aollantlll ;aply, f ,'ner nartlclih prlrllli, lg to gacl.l llll,'ll'al' daa., if lalie intean astyle, .i New Turk p~rior. dr 211 J.B. Ross SURGEON DENTIST oas NIo.33, l(vual trert. OCLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING ES'T AIliSi I IENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Ilanks' Arcudu. IVILL.AJ.l GREENE, PROPRIE TOIR nri J HPAiiR Comnmission auLd Forwarding Merchant, No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, UP STAIRS. New ') IlIas F'eh. 2 , JARVIS & ANDREWS, WIIOLEAIF N) I tNLETill. lIEAIElRS IN NM.DICINES, PAINTS OILS DYE STUFFS .AND IVI.VUDOI Gq.SS, Curner of Comln and 'Il'hnupituula streeta, NATIIAN JARVIS. JOlN W. ANIIREWS. A large upply o Garden Sculs. warranted the growth tof 1337. iUOY & IIE A , I)t:AI.EIR IN AMERICAN & ENGLISH CROWN GLASS, PNat. 3 C.alNIEt.EP SarfeT. oa INSURANSE COMPANY OF NE\\ ORLEANS. Thit Com(pany are now prelared to take RISKS AGAINST PIRE. No.24 Maussaon's ulldinlg, Cannal s et. E L T'ILACY, New Orleans, May l 135. . lncr tary. HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER Nu. I~ t'mlllI 4 . m P t r Whollesale hIealer in aI'oiin, il, Vurnishe, Ilrushes, Iatll 'aIs,\V w and l'ielar (,tien . \ac .. T. W. COLLIPTS .)TTOR.V"'EY c cn;L\ sI. LJ.LOR ..7' L..I'. NCOW n.aintiail- illtiln Stlet' nalld C(ity ('o'ts. Cli N el t ~I ld.iia, ,t CIh 'nla'li . U i Jl'irnuia .aoust. ii nl.n Cnasnnilla Iilllin' huilali.i a. . Iis Stuat", atl;rs lis seTicea to the pullit; to survey and a locat l.a ,s i any part of l am i i oa. i tl lita, heretoore. ilt , erations, l -ih.f S rve, ing or | Civil F giu,'er'ngaU, a its nlitaaetl ,tui vv.-', 'pla' , dralwig.h, Ievelilg, ,profilee, calel ie,i., ul'e xcavatieI elmbanll e . ntllll lll f Iwall, he. eithller ill IOW Scountrv.y ill hL priplltY tn a litiltilltflly attnlded Io. alzile stri.t, ill Bllll n, Arrnille, dacll-.naw- Fl I ED. WIIKINSON. P IIILAI)Il.I'IlA liikwant ,tal, Yenst powders Shad, leel, pickled Timnuest, turrants, Citron Landing frnn b'i, .liersnv,l tiru Ia. Philadelphilua, ItiD qtirnri lai.'nr I. llltkwaleat aneal, '25 halflbarrls Nu. I dhad, 25 tIP arn' "In httly Ille t 2 hbarn ls s ollelI d 'o u IIIIs , SIVEltt lt ciL S (:T-7I30 tacks lin',lt730 sancks lllrs, l{iverp,,l :<:t, re.iCed per slhips Queen Adelaide llanl llllll .s, fIuI l.ivcrl,.l, lIId i h. i by !3 ItIl.11 . S & \t IL111,, t a k Plhtce 13 LEA I Iterea b ached all oil 1 III l fni.. a FhIt a nnt. Maryi" 32L 1:.esu spellll l.Tll , wV Bedtfor:d irallnds landing .int aehyr 'tur;i, aior soh. by jan:ai D ' AIr'iNE. 3 Grrier ýt "I.TIESI M1ALAUA iA INS--1000 whlrh and ' half boxes,,rrelet by AlRIAIIAMll It (E. , janli4 i 31 (;r avijt. rt M iES'I'IC 11 ILA NlI--I I s Bra erndy-lrstand y fourthll lllool lltla :rola ship I n ronl, fur sali by IAWL.,NCE & IEGENI)RE, jan3 2;I and `l9 N.w Levee. ''Tl: Subscribers ultlr atL wnaol le the Iblhaowiug gans. IIA'Id-10 cesi mnuleskin silks, as sorted size, nan berino. I a11 d- bestn t dN a 1o 1 ,:110 dia N ',,t.' do dot 1110 eis6a bel No 3, a. sorted sizes and brims. 20 'dIo !ncavl, i n spv a riur article; 50 do Fiae Nutria; 50 da Extra do 2o( :lo Plack li nal Whi:e Russia; 50 dn Et:tra Black liRusa; 100 do Muskrllt & LConu Ihlrbrload and unrrow he6 In . flnn l I..... anlld .l.....ry ad i a; d" All ralakn f'titarv'& nav.i t'lh Peans; ( n!,ilren silk anmld Rustsia Ints, ail sizes. Caps--Fur, ttear, f.r Seal, Nutra, Muskrat, and it haltr ,a/ ia t 'wo dozen cases. Sealette. Clth, Polish Arril's hat a nlspi, soil top, Iairs,toag, bilii.ry tn rnress, d, 1.-.t1ler fin. ing. hihlren s Fney 'I urban,in Plaid and Vtlvet Cups, I Fre.. Ih patterns. SStoclks--S ti, Silk and Uombazine, ol the neatest stvlre. Unlnellas--silk and notton. Militaryj t I l, '. oila d silk. t .ilk I jln dler lie.'--'ugal and.! Spitalfields. - lllandloes 1f1ir atllitrsa, wondenaines, double f.r idry goads. 't The above goAns omtprise a lena atok, al all at the latst eatlens, anl'd will lie rohl at a s,0n.I Ti atlltei with r',st alind tit ha den nIn Nea ioltlr, 1~' " ,s. nhd al nllbwrilcers ,..ill tllke ordllelr for saOthelrlllhl, wellern nlld II- iinikets, Itr the Iollte IIA I t iosailp & Co., Htat \llnnalll etlllrs, N w 'i'lllk, a hdat lit tl p llrlsl iossible notlc. (iermaln and French I'lullea blinght. ti tiilt'P "". CO., Naval. Miliitar, and Fahiounale IIlaturs, t xchana It .ahltl S t MrGE.OitiII 't.lllIICK resigtad the ,f fice lrchic'f IEnineer of the New Orleans and nCarrlll re toi Rnil Road, Mar. John has been aipoiut ed in his pilure, I whom all I"souu havinillg business o with, .r wishing inlormation rnearding said Rail Inad s will apply ait the Rainl Road (liice, l'Poydrans street, - Ily ordetr f ihe Iltailt. (Sin'le) JOItN .NICIIOL.;ON, anvlT-II" Callenlr COKE. t hlIE price aftCke f.nm nadl fter the ist day a a 3 olllhar, will i etilly I.'IIIan t Inarel ill the t Glnn \oSk's yard, and if t'ktni illn quanntities of one hun ez dred llbarrels, ~ ill hbe 1,"h ,l ftree of draync e. 'ti tlitadtiiiae ihiatt I i artile tof iIeil posesas.o ver the ta.airnit aal d i'ati. aitnas 'anln, ignitinn mnri S rm nlfy t ell;ll t he r n lln. ;rllll frl rllll r the nun hnsal ed + llk. oftllit, , lt. rIII uIII inducLel vetr lalnily to Itan .. , ite io il. Orders recaiv,,d at the Gas O(tlne in tlank A\lley. E A\V SELL.4, NI:V ORl.tEANS & NASIIV'ILLE RAII. RO.\I),I ln ),,re~ ler "i.d 1838. a I- NOTItCF:-To C'ontrtatl.,-sealed panposanla ;till i I reivetild until the 1itl of Jianitary, 18lt', f'aI, altaking the ,tip,''r.,t'fraoll line t 1 te' nil- of in R( d: couuenlllll.lmllig t, O LP lurcac tud extenlldilng to ward thin Itiy. t p t il.tillluan\ tnie casll, sail tolndiltona Iailde kano w .in applitollnl at tlhin ofifie. I) tlOA Rlt, _d2 --hn ('h. I:ng'r. aid ten'l. Sull.r'ct S +'URE4ZU D'ASSIiRANCE IDE LA CO\IPA (;,NIE )ES I'O\ P1II:RSd IE LA N. ORLE \NS ES actionuaires son par tl presea nlotifies l le a hn ! ixiellle verseaentl est lhe et I't ivrs etle pose I 'eerier prlchain,aln lhurea I:I C pallngllie,i)l: Ijl.:ln r "111111S. FITICFi n!/h. /I".'i,,ua lantr,'ai e a 'osa'nni,t af SSiar rn'ia--ht'ii'iklr.ckhli',t aie b y.i ua, ili tl, t al tihe S,1"11 1n Tal.t na\T I t','i'iies itie,,l( Puy .:lt,: oI the Ohl, Fi -b -o rs i xi. a1 l" officeo tih :, aIrY, 1tl Cump street. EL TRACES', ji Snlc'y BUSINESS CARDS, JOB PRINTING. OF "E"ER IoE)r." ;i'TI:'N , Pl 'l:DILY, IIANDSiMiLI.Y AND tIIL:4Pl'Y EXi'TE.'EI AT THE OFFICE OF THEE True Aimierictn, d'1'. CI' 'tL.S ST'I'Fi. T', NEAIAL l'OYItR.kS. IMcCOLLJ lI & D %OsiS, Factors & General C(,am ission si lerihaitste, Ireferlenc ioi N'w (Il'era ' Jirlmo, Abl'rnalty & Ianna, ) rnlahrll A" IlidAT, I'jIp, Powers & Co. 1 IAZA A R. BRUSH & ALLEN, NO. 1, EXCIIANGIE HOTEL,F I 'orner ofS. t (.hllrles and Co mmon .s,. c NIVW O(JILT IANA. a M l'ORTi'ERS and Detlers in Flrench nd iungli-i rlLfoti,'ry; Ilrssilnl Caset and Portable lioesk, ie Cutlery, IhI.ier.y, (ilove', Shins, Stck., IUmbrelhis, I Ca.lewiand jpeY Arlirticle. 15 FASHIONABLE CLOTHItNG. ROBIDSO.T & GOODIPI.y ' .o. O., (b.h[i'r.l ol'rrtl, Is O oie Dour below inville, 1io AVE. constuutly on hnid every uiicle aplpertlin i it flr :vatblnen' ii er,, uade ti n iu'.d I r-e noIn1li iedr iul liust -lilnlfhioelk styheI Iohuti I the ITle' Icr - euahl a U 1t 1 le l edI pOces. FURNITURE WAREEOOMIS No. 63, tlll, ville 1 n I, I l i,',llid u lllt t le IlL.1 ttha it ti "orin etlllllv rceivln froim Now Yoark llld lito.n a eno.d soto, I ed-teads, iliao leir Id Ianlet I , hto, tolie tol - cherrv Ib.sdeteed., nla aganny and cherry talecs oI lll descriptione, reaui, -iiets, oi s, tei· trvs, IT ritia delks, wartlrn, s of t:erry, wi sh onods, loukilg glno-es, ltenttre, bedding, ':e. &\. Nit. IFurnlliture packed lir transprtationll with grat nrf. lyllnvi3 JOHN STE WART, 5. 5, Platt Shtret, An.w lork, COMMllllSSION MEItIIIANT. IMPOi'I'EER and dealer i Il atters Plushes tnl(iu trinniugi Ample mtlage maily lie had on iid erete toerins, ld every attenton paid to goods forrward ed to is care.: lieleretlees:- Mressrs. Larue & I'rovost, N O. nov lGossip Co. A CARD. CHRISTIE & SIINNOTT, /aholesale Grorers and Conmaisselo .tre'in's, No.27 ('I ommoni Street. Now Orleans. tl'srtlicularlttenioi paid to the putting utip oft S.oeit inat mid Ship stores. nov2J ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC P 1'£CE No". 0:3 .,itaUIZIIIIe treat, oppoiitte tlanlks' Areande, 1 'T'ABliSHliEII fiur the execution of maps, plains land drawings, elerchants' circulars, business and address cnrds otenvelty dresctitioii, fIuncrl circuhlrs onl Ldeep6 oulntrlig I~er1 Itpotilee:ary ati i drugoists'labels; liak cheeksl, dray reciplt &&. iriltid alntd oxeeAtl d in helloap and "editioos style, lry the proprietor. " WLI.IAAM G0I EENE NB. Bank Notes .anatli erecuted. m24 USTI rec 'ued ? tt theI Louiiiana l'uritiueo \Ware Boons, 5:3 Ilinville vtceet, li ali.'e a di'i Cherry Iledseud.; o torst rate article. Ail,, a euot assort ilnrt of lanlllph, Waiihut, tnod Puintetd Clairs, which vill be sold ior the lowest casih iri NES jy7 Si Minville street A Cardl. ORLEANS LITIIOG'I APHlIC E STABLISII ME T, 53 M 1. GAIALE .T'REET, WEr GREENE rlotilo Iis hie itere tihankn to his i ieiads uod tih ,iill:illt of Neow (O, ,Imiii.fll the atronr e bestowed on :i Ibr thet last to o yearsr.,itld Iles leave to 'sure t ni th't l ot a lders llllilted to his clurge shall bie ipunctuily iltendil to; e will us 1's' I .tkeep t ihe ot: e pien ',.lli , the sa eradlllllli Ll slhall ;,e stwals r'alt to strike , ll' merchant's circo hlrs, i lsiles anid address clrds fuerl loticnes, nlloll plan, apnd drawillnes, u evecry des.riiption, at tihe shortest notir, andlll on the ImIost ellasonable terms._ Icuine as-i.tod hy artisls sulelir to any other establish nI,!It in tile .L ot. ud front leo Sti erienc in the lihomgreaplio line, lie eels confidtent of giving entire N I Apothecaries and druggists' labells executed ill ias goad soile ns copperpl'ate engraving, ind at Ilne thh'd ol" thna eXpIe'ne, jyi'4 t 0lll' It S-h oht al bers have jlst opened sever / al ease. of Combs. HIQI TOP TORTOTSE TUCK. Quill top Torloise Tuek, ` i do 1twist, do dou L.oog, ,to do Plt, , d, Sidel,. In all the above varlety of Iagli'h,, Freinch nd Amelrican olllluotlc re. Ilory ile troilh Combs, in all the variety of size and tuulity. 'Pocket, tIok, Iforse, coarse and fine, a and all other Combs,, lr satle by BEES &. D'LANGE, nov13 1 C(iampili at -V l.)\V: GLASS, I.INSt:I,) llL-71ili box en, of \ i dow Gl, s, 3iliglloglll Oil; 11l hnr iels oif Varlnlilhels; ist d,z of Palillt rlls.Phes, receied per silp t Louis anld liarqtue Vollt,aie id, fi sale by iLitn'L'. CLANS i1N, nit27 I: c' am E l" MI -ltoIL-l'oP Ito,cie'-I don't IeUo to tell I' yiit hie," Isie-l'Tnou isttolearil to love Aootlher See\till ltln t itter;o The Iin.ght'e Fae.,wl.ll; Ie poso. o he lcr in aoowI linda's Laionll 'They have given 'lhee to Autlle i Lovely I.lady Mine; Tle Blrida, The Broken Ileart; lMy Ileart is alt Alone; till! Meln iwhantsilly things you arre Oh I col i ve hlllleoti! taltlriek, Fly frnom nme; Tht llotl art lne. Iv wnho'll denyl I;'lnk .My Love, Oh! 'I'hitni of lle jnlll tlhink I ove a mlerry Heart; The Vintuage Songi T '1'1' :lip is redy; Th'le .Silver Moon; No care ever; Tgialns rie Noet sw r ie; I've ' teell rwhrre flsan Flowers i la' Splh'un; I doearly le Tlrelle fre; Voodin Tlll ore oi lot roe Oti; T Aie i Aite isone; itlee F. a ies, Rife: Itose, f JTJ ey ',y; ri lloitr woco't at beauteous Ahiolit Tho'rie istllewaeei hidden; Mln Fathetr I. ant; Thile ltond o,'tllh )Iunlin; ,% onlt ivr Lt.ort; aiv hearit's eait oreu Ire' \Vtotdhuid Itlrile ine intl be ai t silent t eal ty hilt ,lhood'- htii S Foarewell; 'tle Greenwo o d Tree; s rolluouf Lobh, a co Nie woligi SOhrwr a . l tCl aofl Moses; 1I lprl-tty Jllne, Just.e reived astd for sale at B CASEY'S Itiano Forte a llt rtuie store, t navll k 1 Coo .I st ItUI.EB OF1 U a Ct IIIT'. rI lllltt B!es of the Circuit and tllinriit Courterf the .1 U S.or thi Dlistriet, for Sale at the oficeo of thl. Mcrshul ofsotid Court. Apply to insj ; o A Ii~ NO i'IACI. N ,; [tilE, (Ofice oIthe New Orleansr und Wllhile Moil 0,1 Linre in rinovdt, flCe..l. uldrerthk Itxchtnge lintel to No. 70 Foydrn stret, a0 nwhich plder a.lettor nag will be ke t onetr ionutil I-I to iS A .L. For winy leOtt. /to'. T'tioselbr loilii til furobtrEast, wtill ko pll. in o'.ar~l lIEe. WHIITMIAN, ASELEC'T and Fresh supplly of Dry Colors ofer r er; dlrnilccarrr forr Scne puoktrir; Gil and Wiur ter colors;; Ilruslca and nrists tools, and~ an eteulR rucrk u rfuperior 41L(N'HI -, frolIthe ruriifiitori of I' It *iuiih & Co coterrririiuiu in Nor. I & 2 Irrnitire; No:. 1 & ich Vnrnisi, uir i - I &2 odrriud cnrrmertir Platk L Ick. n, nd Brloin do. Also, '11 Icels Crowe reen, in c Is. aItr, ground irr :II hi I'r Luke, for aiir e Piiniirhtote of he shicrihr'h.O-iirir ----- Jun iiiiiiC 1 ri tilei I uiii~ Niirteiire's riti (Iit ;r .in sinuphriorj iirid h riting-nerdoohi~e"tl 'rID Miuite;t.1d I' ,\J A ronnnhl rnnctiinrn rrnonv inc nauk;' :: iy i ii hi^d, I,- leyinucin \ \orn-. tL-. iiriin, ink; Perann~n ininiire(iiur'u; Peririi,i~ucrit & con'. llciik ruriniig nih; l; J L iuruiL' rid jinhiiiii-itninii ,ii reid, rid. ~rnle by,- (V .IcKFAN, dr-n III rurruicrri ('oir np &A C'uuinuon iienii T II.: sonin-rrlrrr Irni-jii-rrr'neiid iinil fir sile Th ~itii li fS irirt, riur rtir.'rerrcee I veniuiig- iit Boni'i bDr Auiiiircrud Mrns Bri Wauld, rith rngrnnnniiies Vruescor, nri'rngciier -ii 5ruiiu,ii es ipeari Loral kin-rier t 'idnrcl Work, viii 8 no luirrinuinfi (nriutnnirngv hr "(liiniiin (('iouu, l 8 iio with riutrations r r rfirllunir r 2-n Oi shirtl C: JOHNS & c o, 13 cur Si Chatn sIi iii C mt ýý ` ( P.Erii it 1-r tIr,, iinu stars~un for kniireliy LI1\tin'ii\C &. I -iI.:11; 11tE jnn:1 23? and 29( N,-a" Levee.c r a 10111A 'CG-`_h) boxes VitginiIu '1'ubaro" a sortedl IBltmihl (ii ii truio u Ipouis, Me, for s jIl13 tiiudin iou 'I'nn i R, 3llEfr-it - ur s 11 a ISA '-IJi ilRdhu24 1n-+iin stire,, oiii ir-gale rg1'URNIPS- hhdsI'to I rig iniiiii iiiirii-nod fcn~rnnsle iii 11 .ii)nI i1 Ciuii(\AVNIX6, 25 riurien si I R;ci(((3"4:'( HHDS-- l9n nests I.ew Jlulas~ea .1 cilnuks inr tore and for r r ilIri II.H Prlg'IfIR. 95 Comnrrrrr C" i'ASKS Lbrrun hronr Stout, nid (t9O crd Scorrih Ale, fiir rair ti jun3 HO1MIES andl B11II.a, Itnrok Allay E H ' r iNG e oin 5os;an a rd nllru ie or ralnr b C 31 WHITIIIDGE & 0, 76 I W INiIrIV Id .AS.. 40 nruniiClnlrehsfiiid, fon Ssair try S11 I.L A" BIRIOWN, 96 SMrgaziune at jee I 1C)FFi- F -50l Itic, euuperior iiriicle, irinitig ori birqinesean-,uir iele by jr" SHALL, 4 BROIWN, 1 9nlIniertee Oit d IL-\nii irur cci trill suit -IwIrn-r. warrnurrrr fuFrrale b! itAI.LL. & l(itr\WN, jie23 9t lag,,ain e it 4PIIII rI\·IIf\I 1.5n hrror I) es New Idlonn 1Ir",IuI 1 Ii. i ;re "0.134 rugniaie at ni3rn.I.Lr\\rW CANDiLES-urrii z h clrrre fit ISAAC BIOIDGE A. (r, jenrl 131 Megaainre , N Iw MlNK-O, Native Musir.; 'rh o *.At At. i'm yItllB i r aln e lean; Never (nmJra I oir -lrollll 1 rlem'ni r flu hentlle glnde in tIaeiraitnat Ituninur .1 le Whll~elHu fl oh Pepper,; Thtan - nll e inl +ari IP I I e ar anr Ile, g by niiiandler ti I ilth" unitd iilntii1i(n Opena dmella.; ondd Nfight T ,'I l ii · , 1 asa 1111n pll lllpn I Crar nll+ fr iprig o itr finck ,Will, I,' II It Umsull; (:lnieP, come, thu art in si . ro; Iife iub iienir aum en W byin It eril; s he It, it l'"I"z eI., IVA ' hl.nlla; (2. u yicturt'a oUa rt (inlltlinleIn Jl ri.: ceivnted i. flr -nite. b 1 Ic (.ekklY, 19 t('luth at S• pl-mll Ux l r tb di llt s fltl+ Iothy (i tno n uit,,. a leImte linao n wiing naliakl, |.-. ini,, rnr.' -,'.rk bol'e ,. It l-i':ll blx,nm portf. iU , 'rrdle lo(,,ks I ofparl, shell lls iersO, card ased a.d .tu -.ollir., " ul vi ild . pearl land lgolldI; l;lpker bUUk,,t, ar 's, tm l glas. c, I"eid a l rtlv nr P i . p in lr it;' klind,, Il, .rv, 'ic.,St I l .T I BIZAAIa, 129 r r 'S t (hl rles i ( ;,n lltln at., l csxu lg'a )A N) I,' I lII".-J II rint r ived and for nalnatite _ bnookstale of Alex. ',lia'r, 49 Camp streel, an issortle nt I,t ' a ,M llnln l'an'iilu I or d ea, lentad by a rotleslir o+n mlt, unll warulve d to stand tbe asouthern .lilt. Thlle bove ilstrglnellnl are of superior toal A hq n varietv o r I tsic and Inllisc nea., 'ln pan etieaie iea,icclnll ialvited to anil allc exanine thail. d r oo9 .".1l,1 & \VINrI'IlfR CI I'INaf. 3 P. IFILEICIMAN & 10., Pn 3, Magnzin etre.,. Saare rrccillg thelir sollplie of Fll and Winter Ltltlns, nail neill cul,iaiiu to r.neiabhi pnaent regu aIrly tJl atalaOt anaiera. Thlin aramennrt nl being hTr;e wil ellll IbeHln to Sllllly ierchntla frmna. tiRt icoum·nc1tr fIle uorfsat notice; for aaln wholesale ai reaial, tn aciminnoaa1tingi erlns. I ALL. FATSH ION". aiE s ilanubcribler take leave nI tlannr thelir polron, -t cIle p)ubli e oi u irae, y tlla t they are nowa pr1 . G6OfSIP us cO, anlionable laintel , t:xchltngalli el, aal`2 -- St. CnharIe at 7 I-A)--'S baIles Ilt,, funding I'rom hip Juohn M j 673 Camp a L uNI,tN I'ICKEI. Sik S .soa, &. just r&eeived lby Ihcs Ihsrerrs. ] bollx.' i.:aFi.l Pickles, aaenlrted, 1"` SaPuces, Iido l0 Ex Ftra qinality London Muatard, 10a Antnviean ia glanss jarn, 3 ,Iln. Hi kingltiny & Martin, 5 btoaxssulnr. Olives ill glanjnare, 5 Aanlad tail. G' \ PiaITCIIAR) & JO TAGER' Jr, nov24 aor Poydran & Mngnzir' M INA l.-a racith fast inbalkan incankada0-e J ered in lta e, niuit palrchancrr, orders left at tha cnaslard, in CanIal aret, or nto jai, HOLMIIES and M111.1,3. B ank Plea. UEO~hRAP ITi F.S-Codrihei'a Universal, " large vta lunir; ilisiat Brun'a do., in 6 volumes; Bulbt.' wilt Atla; Wnoodlbridge & Willnrd's Universal, withl Atlas; (luean's, Woodbridge', Smith'sn, Huntington'., Malhe Ilrun' Abridmanents. Parlay & Beanlhey' de. for bligitmlnr. Alan, Beaneat'e Geograpby ff the Ile ivr.a,a ith the Allan. A liberal diacouni allowed til teachers ad lothorseprhaina" by tlhequantity. j"5 AI.,;X TOWA- , 49 Caitp ENVW ]da)tlK--lol : Ini, the Bowl;by the nathor of I liore ione o iRobinson, Oliver 'I'wist, ilna volumes, complete. 'I'la only Datghlera i ols, '1'h,:Haerol Selwosdl, do. Stanl: or tiua I iccalle, tiona ofa man of ate Woild, obcltsonll' Paraguay, 2 vole, Napnolieon letsoins, orn aeninga nith Priare Cam. hacters, Elltn a aladitle, v2a.s, Alexaonler'n Iicoverny ih Africia, 2 role, " The City of the Czar " The \f.. of lisiter, vol2 , 'Ihe lriisli Senate,U rol line, aulnd Isnrioalna, in e London,hentm., matnly rccnaledalndfor sanle'lma jul. AI.EX- TOW a,, 49 Camp a T l )IlAULIC CIIENT', lir anle by jll al AI l &D . A IA RJ''OW, 7Bank PlaI Il illn shltasribr hanvlg taken a nommodiouais Sproofewarnhousa, rlapccnfilly nlera blis nerr to alit iilerclanllts aa d I radins osINew Oriesa for tha chlla II11n salesosllides, lilrs aind pelries ad to pack IItl. saune, ' well ae1 wool. eons, hemp, tuba irv "-,ndi, & Ie. &c. nill al s, aecive. ally kin nmerchludizs oa uorago,st 1Is 't',chpiaulaa alroat jals It W eI.LIOTT. " U laSid ' -EETINCSC -14 Iale. Rusaia She-e l ing, hlr sale by WHITRIDGE & Ca, j.0 76 Mangazine at [INEGAR-t-t' blln itpnnallle ita1 very fine for sale by P L.AIDLAW, j3 66 Camp at J EIl1.AL BtOKaS--t.t receivi l and Ibreanle at J Ithe Boos I ealre. 49 Canl) streat-Hoasaak'. c'ratice i PlyetLc--Belle'. Mledical Jotnal, 12 ule, Iound--Liston s Practicnal Surgery; Wistor'n Anatomy. a nw editlonll, by Dr. 'uncoanst;Iramner on the ear; Begin'a 'llueanleter as-S.haw on Anatmy; Taon'ia l)issecttar;lIagndaie'n Plavsialog Be;lllurd's Anatomy, Edward's lltaicrin Iddi..a; Buyle' Annaoav, by l)oaer; fir le yado ja17 AL.EX. t'IW AR. J)ilt\nti:E dlSIKS- 4 casesprinted fashionable pat S terns; Oine pugee silk halldhkreliefs in slaee and For ale. by WHAAC BITRIDGE &CO, jill 176 Magazine 301O do Falil tned do 0 k000 Heinloed Whle oil NE N b\ L Edilio of 'ir Walter Scott' Poetical Als., a new edititon if the Waverlv Novels, in 5 vole just reveited and for salelby A TOWAR, jl7? 49 Camplst -N I-Jutl receiv.diedol ltk, for itlriis,schools and private use. Ladies will find it Ibr orqate+nlal piniting, visiliih cards, ke.. to he coparior to any Ink eve inlrodudedto 1the public. RUSH & -ALLAN. ja21l Fancy Store, Exchange Hotel BAGS--L',scd Oil anid Copperas, in More for i BIy G Ito, )RSEY,44 New Love OAFS UOGAR--And Sugar Iouse loleaces in I_ store, afur sate by SHALl. & BROWN, jal9 96 Magazine .TO THE LAD)IES-Atkiinson'a Depillatory,forre. m moving superfluous halt from the face, neck and rms, wilth equal safiety and certainty, leaving the skin finer and {ihoner thn ubefore the appliation. A fresh esuPlly just received at the Bazaar. c. U BUSH & ALLEN, 1, Itxchante IHotel, cr StI Charles & Common st NAew Orleans & .Althrille Rail Road Co. ANNUAL MI:EETING OF THIE STOCKHOLDERs January lat, 1039. T an annual neetin of the Stockholdes ie old in , i urstnee of the 8th secion of the Charter, a ltoJriity otie0 schc kholers naot being present, thi elec iitece wa.o stpeoned unoil Wi 'neosdav,the l 23d inst., at 'cautk, P M1. JAMES H OALDWEILL, ji22 President CIIE3iIN A COULISSI.S L)E LA NOUVELLE ORLEANS ET NASHVILLE. Assemblehe annuelle des Actinnnaires. A UNE assemblee aanuelle des actionnaires, convo. quet par la section i de tl charte, nne majorite des acionnaeiros i'etant pas present, I'election eat ren voyee au mercredi 23du courant, a G hleur P. Lh. JAMEs H.CALDWELL, 22 jay-2 President. 1 PEAltSO )tits opened his office eltt.iite the St. CP irles' Arcade, ou Camp street. Ht sold a prizce of $100 Ihe first day, besides smaller prizes. jaun2 AGS--10,000 (unl Bagsd of superior quality ja.ill i Sl.ALL.& IllROWN. i Magazine s IN 'IEsl on Educalion. How shall 1 govern my a ?V schtol, addressed to voutg teachers, and also dapt'Ped to assist parents it tie ttantgeents of fastli ian : by E E (Wines, author of I years and a half in the Nuvv.e Edueatiout, Iby ath ome autthor; alsonlnal's lectlrts to shoeol msterls. For sale by d31 A TOWER, 49 Camp at i IAt ( lIt.- IIi Ibarrel in at-,re n. d for -ale Iby jil AIIAIJAM 'iIER.34 Podrna t ,\F" CAL.F-Firt rate, (tIurhat ) toramle ty I j_2- V i.AItILAW, t1 Camp at j AVANA CI.GARS--Received from bis manufae I llV ill Yiruvutll. atin)niIenii I oatlPl,0t Cigars, ulftil Itit ta tiltý-'l'reubue, Regains, Clenes, for ,,le ir "IL FARt4A, ja7 17 & 58 Cuatom Honse ct I;TTEtR..5 0 kLcg L(.telllRutter, Ioti ned flar Ylu b S. .,lJ t'WIIITNEY, 73 Camp t IORTi FlLIOI) . A slletndid aeortmalat of Woi letil t D tust, rious sizt. atdll pa.ternn, for eb by DAVID FELTaUd eo, jO Nc Yorkl Stattoners' H1ll. 4 L'haCtrel st -i.C-tl')'S (OA\tKSS--,-,z: , oe '1'1.m w\'iltWife, TheI \ttutg Ilouse Keeper,e and TOhe yorng Mellter, fy \\'te A AlctIt, attllltr t'tlluose lire In,' 'Youn I i'' Giaiec' aind Editor oftlhe l.ibhary of liallt. Fo ;..ley ALEXANDEK TOWAR, 49 Catnp e 1 ) 'l..-I ,aunligo tut ship Arnc, d cases of flne icalfs Btats, fo r salet byi t i jel I BtLI)G-: i co, 134Mapainer st Pt-:IRM ICANDI.EIS- 3i10 boxes New l.dfnl sJ serat (Cittdle, assortedl sine, of lapptmnd brends, 2)00U gallus Neow tedford weiulner sperm oil, ef very superior quality, 100 boxes No I, Bosttn Soap, 1(Iit do 0, do p 1)0 hoee cSltp-rit. talIlow candles, Iit ctrks 12 oz lon, in sleoetn, 5 caeees,i1 sheelaeach,i i Ib e ppern 411 sheets bnzaier'n orir aseorsed, 175 bags ime s og. vtt cofifee, p511 ehogentaoa ;O hble W rfi Chapea CJI'Ue4pelnr qquality hnperin, gunpocdei, yvuang bhlaoe&t Br..ohll Colper, in ehtlts, Rota 12 to IfOS lb . li ack L ,d Pnl, annocted tcee ir ontiw hpy tjaai25 JO.IPH LCOCLKAYNE, l Glv"er stn d )J)W.\ND'S TONi. tliXT'rIE--' snoivl t = R 0 cas of this invaluable renely lb the iee,. ntllt A Uet + anrratt,d eeuuine, direct from di llmamlf - hut in P'hligdelphi., for r-Ie by JAI RVIS & ANOREWS, je15 cnr 'Tcl:alitouaia & Laa., .

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