Newspaper of True American, February 4, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated February 4, 1839 Page 3
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J IIItI-1 ('it lEGOILY'B, _jai 1. Exehange OfAice, T5 Coanal at THER EX:llI0ANG0--Biills f Excabntne on ANew York, at Vhort sight, and t311 and 60l days. Apply to ANDREW. & BIltO'S, j2Lt6-2t 50 Clntpst SiOAF 6UGAI--100 1,1b, in store, and for nlle by , j26 J TI' \ Yo 'tt & C&,, 7, l'yvdrn nt ja32 IIAD It & I ARel 'O\V, 7 Bank I'lce' IýTiO0OLt''E-15 casens v et Jrcoll ta, Illnding I s from ship Conslantire,f3r sale by jm6 ISAAC BIlltIIE 4' CO, 1:14 Mnenzine _t r~J IA R BOOIS--l0 cases think water aulto, for sale by ISAAC BRIDGE l& Co, jisO 134 Marazinme at H AVANA SEtIAItO-35 M. Prmcipe tiOvatn act ga rs, it quarter bonxes, tr oale by ja26O ISAAC BRIDGIE & Co, 134 Magazint )OMAN CJMENT, landing Fron ship Eliznbeth !< from London, ft sale by o P jOn26 READ BARSTOW,7 Ban Place. UGAR on plantlan n.. nr the city, for ale by, d26 READ & IARS'POW, 7 Bank Place 'OSTON SOAP--It boxes in store Ior sale by aRAi %8M rRl t,,3I 3l ravier at `PERM CANDLES--L50 kbnxen it. store, ifrsatle by ' ja1 ABRAHAM "RPIFR. 14 t;rvinr .t t(Y , A rOES -2 t h otmp7er- b tU l a ,n.C Sp'otatoae, of sunperior quanlity, ln.ndilC Inr aleby it6 ' I H (A!.E,93 Colmon sat lORDA(E-An inroice of tarred Rope, tsaorted sizes, Ior sale by READ) & A It rotW, jal0 7 tank Paince SINDSEYS-50 bales Lowell I.inderye, landing for i aleh by SrETSON & tVEItY, ij7 88 (iranvier at M AJKEIIEL-219 bhlt, and 150 half blls. Non. 1,2, &3 Mackerel, ins stonre and for sole by jai I T HAAYIRI&. Co, 74Pnydrra.t W ANTED-A partner witth capital of I0,0 0, in a gmsralmI Comtissio& Brokerage beuinesa tbohit to be etottblished in thin city. A Inoe, adldre.sed to A. B.. Box 69., Office, stating whe nna iblerview may be ad wish neal taeun. will be e.nsidered strictly eoaidentiadl, aid inset ilt nitlentio,. .aO-3tdiod L AlIES' Velvet idtinr Rlat ,of the hates. tvyen In aale Iy GOSSIP & Ce, St Charles a t. II Exthange HolteI M ANtI wL Ir-. IIrERS--Witsn'sa I lnpr*e.'d SManlloldritor a in every vtyle, ju.t renei d atP he BAZA.AK, ren ofSt Charl~e and C.noncs sise. BUIH & ALLAN, d ntov I.anchanee Hotel. j i XXAS LAND SCRIP FOIL SAI.E--T'he subecri S hea offer for lae twenty Fletnt ofdnl hundred I audi fatv ac of lnd, each. IBy the et l the Legi ci ltunre thit script can be held and located by foreigners, I and in ranserle by asig L &ent.. L naov'. TI (tS 8 L:;P & CO. OItK--Meta & Printe, at tynlaRhe l.Yui, for sale by 3 j jl4 G I)(lclEY, NoIeevro el GUNNY HAGS--35 bales, f.l Ioby. P G I.1 INI-tR 9', Jalb _44 New Levee TO I.FT. 9 tao entry delliang houe, ho.6, Tri toan mnree, near rivedi Cirele, neandino hack I from the streelt hteling iear rme|in, well file ished, a two uetory itchea wit.i, dfur rnoona, cielrn well q sad everv ceneniece te mea it a ,o tnannr le es- t dence fer'a ln ofamily desirouse of ivtig etmired. Ad- le ply to FASIt)NAII.E PARIS MILL.INEIY nl Frti IE nubscrihr h:e the honer cd iafntmieng the a- i 1 dest, that h he has rrceived per ships Ia. yete and Maoenrn. a upply ofl fall and wiInCer ,1lill:nr, ofn I the late tead ete:iti eainteninle in Pari, ed;t hM. . e.. Scallan expects to lcove pend d rdrei obr exam - atlion on Mouday a Ad 'rResdav uita. a D Pet ANIAN, fALE DIIi'E-S'l vaote Kentlle'k' laMe eteje, nu s.te and for sale by J TIIAY,,. & tI.t jie ll-ar 74 t'ecdn. et BAZAAR. Corer of SL. Chtarles - Comm e stee, KICtII AN( a ,TEr,. I B US't & ALLAN woull respectfully call the t d tentiol oc eit veran and strangevr t tlheir etlle.plete aeorltalent cli Gentlenenl' linen irle, do eotamlie, with haem frlints. fashionable linen n'rutn linen t id laor: milk, *hteon and ineria ullvder airl enne drawers: canebrie and silk htadkenchlefe black aot' flnry cet vat. in erat varietl: snrkL l elverev tsecrlptiun g(el, .elaetic ns Iotatleou silk. cnettln itlll hread glevec gcels nnkiaglgvnc uncltlludJ and naoot gold Inoanted. Alm,--Splendid aeorlnmenl n ladene and gent. wri ii ldenks, drenCing eases, part lalios, per'u nere, cut ' and rich fa'ny gcedr. :'UK MAI.l: i Tlthe mnre'artfr' , erf tle sunbseriher, tlcivtineg A Wheels. l. ad l'ijr_ of all rie-x sush, I'laste.r Ilir, tt. * reing, Sa'ig .ndl G.i'+o, done an .LAW NOTI:CE - ]AMEN R S H VAYF"1.1), (.. h 'o Ullol r ald atorntey AIIF t I i. I' Il'lm, Il l,.in lllr a I enitgr e t l elllll ll Joseph .W I Whinte l.q.., lt, ce el' ,t in tiecre'ne Cr ll hrt'Iee a.' ll Iod olnle I l r Fit l ,:ta oee -tie s ,'te e' lounetoll, t -tnedl t el l :a glttv. Isi setdel.n, 1,7I" opeine e.iea a ind laetl tle-alns i nllntncel'n e n elhine Ihe is writall in l ell ' . t'on , . n lid te . ill il i all -e..l. rnceillibmrelleteit enod it.e onen+ Irgees tic lnt .w n riolendi o a.e in an re an gelrntd rev ee. II ell ~lLn e i s plrlans .in, eaullpe n l'lurl le -II its Ili p e e ln o f " &l (l ;h e o pln ~l r t a d .LL hx i x a . h al+, " I auoce.,a wts blenit: N I'a' I WKe'trte,lthe tartesi .tVe ? lan w Illhrtry in A n.rioe. flAtd Tiller, In all aneenlliell.le Ieee' tnIs. clS. i" relli. lnelo neeoaulteeeyeand Lned in c 'let-, I wecil I:+"~ CYCLOPA)DIAS! DIC'TIONAIIEl.!! )ELS' Cellpnedia. 47 vols., Edinuhrg I.n.-.el. Ik pt.elin. IS vti e., l'rnuy t lclnteliln,, vtd Ith. EucyclnpaJdie .'leter icnnlan, 13 val. '.nnty Menageaine for 1317; G orton's fli graldliteil l ictilnury,3 vos; Walker's lthionary, e vul. Uuyee's Dlitionary, I vnl, Welote'. ndo I votl. Johnson & Walker's ticetinary, I eol; Newmnano & B lrrelt's Icetinarv.e vol. . Johnson'c I)ictinoetv, ILvoleteWelettrla Ilictiena r, 2 vonis; Boyedr' Diiclsnarv, 1 vole; Also a large saltly of English Souvenirst. e, for byWar C and CIon at ale 6 en ecoan.d t;l.nllon. t CARD 10lIHiE LADIES. W7ILI.1A91 i';LI. No. IIl Cblirlog 10ree1, couin- ji te oonlto pi 'boor old brnkeo, Jewelry, .,ld ovld e.ý silver in any faro' whaitever, and pay the hIighest price in Orlo'ois. Ladlies oah, oyv hoy.' lv d foohioned gold jewelry, iz:o oelar 0100 00 chaoins, neolcai'oo, hockleo, liongr rings, or in fact any articles of the line, which is Is lltag idle andoo ano ue. lto - bo, cn e Raangeileri oil fi & good advsvitge, by callingdsll abovl . N B.-Wtchoi J o, elry nd Slectaoleo repaired in th the0 best mannler-- charges moderate. J Ja2a. .869 FIItILY MESS B1:1h'F-4O Io hblr. fooily moo beef, landing broain jtr boat ' S ivanni, end .ale by 1a39 J 'I'H.\YYEKb: C, 74 Poyrlrasrta pfURKS ISLAND) S.bLI'-450 bh leinl airiore for JJ sale by S " J P WHITINEY, jaoO 1:1 Ca.oop j)I NF:'I02111 +iek Iimoenolauoidiii Irn.b Calomel, an.·d for sale by IFa ·mno- i ja39 LrIG LI, e3Coon -t 1TAT DE LA LOUI'iIANE-Cr or de Poroisoe 11 our in parnisse et isvill de In Niouiello Orleans pmosenol l'onorihle llirliis Mourian, juge-3l Jan vier L2389-"l. 11495-Jameii'o Henry Illickwo'tith entre lose creooiorn-La ceroion dco propriles odu pooilioo. - vairo etflaneccepee pnr IRn oICuroir lobenefice de sea ereanciirs, ileslordoore qu'une aooemblee den dits _roreaicicrsait lijonin e'etulde de D. L. McKar, n00uir0 - public, 0 Moardi 12 FPorier 1839, pour deiiherer stir I4 affoiron de I'insiiible, 0t eni meule 00e0 Ii tfo 0Ol0s OO saiteF contra as persol 000 o r o ss pmltriioet0s 00 t 00 0nerent ro0ol0tlies. Paorodrd oe I eaoor. Bureau du Greffior, 31 janvier 1839. I Feo-l ARIANI' PITOT, Gfior. `TATE OF LOUIlANA. Porish cr of th I Cieof New Orleans Prevent ll re Honorablel, hir0Ie lloourinoo. Jodee Jun. 31st, l39. No. 114113, /oole Henry L)Dckworllh vs: lia (lreiiiri. r he c001 rion o1 0 llroirty boy ti Petltioeer, ii ni'efl'd Ithe h 1 t Cooof.r01.ollebneoo1 i~lliocreoilr· Iii ioodeiedlbol aid C'rrditoors .on meet' ini lhoi e of0 I. N Coo, lot. Pub., on Tuo'dlnv tbe I Job hv oIf Felbruary, 18119; do,0 and there to deliberaot up10n theioffuiiro of aieooaid jinolvenl and 0n the ouroioimallrol his person atal properly ore stye'd. B~y order of Cou~rt-(:l'rk's oflie, Jan. 31'il 1839. llyidoofoii10C~h ARMIAND pfprlerk Clorh fel ORLE:ANo' i.lli'H i IIAI'HIC i1I'ING Oi. VFCE, 53 9logooaioe sreet, opposit lanIks' An S W (IREENE takeon plerore in onnouncing to his "fr iends nod obeiilloeiiO of Neo Orlennolihu lie lhat a Iet gdot b0,00811 Lithiograph)oe par 101 oil copper plate prioling, owld fron the lur ililba ile ait tan o0ver colplper plate engravingie calor executei.oll ori'seolenrusoid to It. hall 10h0ole expense of elgiavog aid neorly as cheap ao toypepritinlg. Morholloot wislhingCircuolars se0110l in th-or own hond writinog, cl boor oanvqyquantity no few houir iotieo oetlhey will Iioee eolte faortlhi in a heamiii i style, HII: ub hoo I oerelnfoie given goflrill satisctliOn toiill file 0001 respectble ciimioiiooifi aloll00 in thi1 city. 1euotle0en doairiooof bhaing ialillg or Iloi t e ('ards foinlihd it frle 100t ul000l01'ill oo well hi collin 01 lie ooifo oic d see speimeni. N B-Blklo notes neatly oaecutedand circulors, printed at ou0 hour'o n00010. T ANI)KERCHIEFS'S- R' lO"ge hondker h3. iefs, for nar l by ISAAC IlRhlli E S Co, ol 134 jMagaine at FWF-55 ut, p''s teafland~ing ban iftea I boat Nunr olr by G. Ia Neow or. Ja"30 --Kn Raiins, ,S=IonI~ 3 IO bu ' R V 24. oies do dn 1011 ht R ho do do do Instryad for sale hY 1000,rO O.IAiOIIIN &COfJPER,02 Julia y, ý It-2119 bhil' o urrO ne flour, lbnding ond for "a sa lip J THJAYEO & (3O, ja89 74 Poydran s0rFL& AI:-l-IS iI'taoiier ooil,in priie order 11 2Ohhllli,GIVioO~d rroohiprm oil, If 30iS rck- T alk to odslsini s lore for sale by J28 ck I I GALE, 33 Cooomon o BY IIEWLETT. & CG AS. SYNII)IC's BALE. W ILL be sold oin Monday, 11 or Februry, at 12 o'clock, at the City iehaolnge, St. Lntit street, in virtue of an ordet friom the IPlrish ,:o lt, for the Parish and city of New (,rl.ea,. suated the llh rusttiet, under the direetion of the Syndic, the fildlowing trlerib ed Iroperty, surrendered by tijbriel George cilenny to his crelitors, vet: 1. Four lots of lround, Nl.. 59, 60. (1 and 6i!, -itth ted in I arrtllton. No. !,iu ( it nntrine elch 25 linet fronto nl I11l street, h i50 1 l in ii pth. No . bj01 and 6"-, hinnin.ilei iell 'rol,t o'.'5 iQ. ,if Ilteeevoe st, by a like dlpllih. Illhn ligl t i? . flre Ii in e ln li Alt passed bPfit re l. (ilodeul, .ut ary L'ulhic, the llth of May, 1837. 2. Lot No. 5, in square No. 1.t, in suburb Washingtont 3dlti tictpliylt, tensurng 29 foeet ' inches front on iMoralestoreet, between Port oand S. Ferdinand atreolt, by 100 feet in depth. Bought of L. S. Hiilegobarg, by act before T. Segher, Notary lPublic. lite 28th of Febru 0ty, 1837. 3. Flve LotR of Ground, Nos. 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12, in stuoreNo.24. in subuirb Wohlingtoo. h 3d Mlticipolity, No. 8, 9 a.nd 10,t having each 31.t. 6. on Maront et, between Morales and i rquhart street, by 1tl7 eet in depth. No. II having 31.9. ii. feet on Marant street, Ly 107 feet on L'rquhart streot and No. l", having 31 feel tn Urqtthart street ty 171. 3. b. feet in depth.IBought of E. Burths hy ect before L. Ferand, Notary Public, the 91st Februarv, 1837. . 4th Fii t los, No. 1, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, i,l square No. 24 in suburb W qashington, 3d Munieipality. No. 13, form Ie l eoirner of Freeh and Urqrlhart streets; ineaeurine 31, 9. 6 feet ontt Frelleh street by, 11i6 II. eet on Urqullart cir.el, nall Non. 14 15, 16, 17, It, 19 amid 29, euel , ntoeerini :i, 1. 6. feet front n ll rench street by 106. I. foet in depth. Bouglil from K. Burtllr and The.n duplesia i neet ,need Ibfiire I. ll dlau, No ltan Pablie, the l" st of Fcirutrv, 1837. 5. One lot tin Vine octret, near tle new Catol, botiChi frot (ieore Andrews, by orivate nu, datied the 18th March, 1837 (eio. Anodrew andt wife u quirqid title from N iSoliees, to this lot which iletiiicsrin 25 loot froit on Vile street, between thie Flolida liding antil the lbotdnry between Suburb, St. Mary and Dielori' havitnig 1'5 feet in depth. Terms and Cotldihions--ne thlirtd in casnlh; nod the remainint iwo thirds of tle price lf etfach uteh'le, pynhble In 6 and It montlhs. The pinrtaser givitg hin ;inte wethb one geni endorser, and mo.rgigc retailled until complete payment. The acts orf ale to Ih pasned befire H. B. CENAS, Volarv I'Pulic, thb, ptrctliner pyinge tlte Nolary'e feer, ain th exrpettse o| taking ponnesion by a Saourevor if neesosary. jal. PAIl HEWLE.I"I' & (':NAS. VENTl. PAIL LE SYNI)IC. ., rare vernltte I.rnli,l Ileverier, A 12 hrree, A. I IIlrs-ed.e ir, on vernllt d'ui, deer dr In cllr I e peroire, pour In .arscc e e ruile lie In. NouvellCe )reI ulls en dte drlt 7 Ir Cllrmnt.t, lrot In direutill do nyn diEee ilprsprere Inullnvl, nblrandnllrnd pa; Gahriel t Grrget-ln i ct rer rancirl'r: I. unarme Iu de terre, llon 59, 60, 61 et 60, eitnce A Csrrorltnr nos. 59et fillumenlrant 2 otdn nhlque face A In rue Onz.e ur 151 piedn de cprftnJser; nno 60 ,t 62, chaqu. . 25 pied di, ftce A Ina rue Ileserv6e, sur unne menls rf ondeur-neheten deI C Prrsr. p tr u n ante de Legardelnr, n,t publir, le I10 msi 1637. 2. Lot no. 5, duns I'ilet 15, n fiulnur Wnehinelon. 3 ilruniilpnlil', Inu-srllr O! .l Op 21n rt la rue Mnrallee Illut lee rue. dl Porr ct Ferdlinand,t cur llf1lpirld en prnfsndenrr-nnhehlr dr I. S lilhrgrbere, par acle den rant'I' Seglnhere, nt. pub. le 28 fevlnar 837. 3. , Lrn is e Oerr. 1n1 8, 9, III. rt I2, dun 'iles no 24, al frhlonlrpg Waeshirnglr, Alunieipalil. no 3, il 9 er 1, Iyant clnque 31 5. G6 er In rule Menunn enlre Mornale el Urquluri s r n 7 piiedn de profllleur, n I oyntt 31 rpd 9 stir ln rule taln.nnt ller li7 piredl cur a In te IJrqnluert; c no 12, 1 pindes ur la rue Ur-n qulltrr rur 171 ptied. 3 p. 6 liigue ee prolf'nder-c-llche te de IP urlthe, ir ate dev.nt L fCnruud,l not public le 21 revcaer 1887. 4. Iluit ilrts, l. 13,14, 15,1i6,17. 18, 19 e 20 dlis S'ile n, 24 ur filonrurg \' nnlhington, 3. IUlnieipuilhe, ni 13 r rllln l an ell'igrlllcticlr de ies Flnnarnia rrUr qllarr, Ieeurata 31 pl19 p. 6 Ii stir Illh rul d'n Frte n elul, 8r 106 p rd ) pr tcr In rule UIrquhal; o lee nos. 14,15. I6, 17, 18. 19 ct 21, clique mI1RnuRani 1 I ps 6 ilde itdce n In rue rIes Fraunin err ,11 II 'de pr. l ltdelll--nIr ietc te K Ilurblre .t TIe ll t )upllrsi Inar net levnvt I. ernudi.n-e. pc, le c21 frer i 37. 5. IJn 1..t urt In rue de Inc VfLnr, ire thin thverr Conl, alrhrle pnrGe,,rge Andrews, r..raelre daite dtr 18 i rn 1837 GCrge AIndrews e on repIOur' nrquirent Ic titredo N HOlmes, iI ce rlo, qu meorea.r. 25 prel. de fcea . l rue de In Vicuc, entre le drl.lrcldere ltoridlae In lilne de demarcll ftion lae. llohrgn Sn-. hMrie et Ileor., nyant 125 pinedl de irrrfndeur Clltlll rinn- lir tn clnrtrtnt, e ler e nle nx IlaITe tiers a r mois, I'acqlre l. r dh)l nn n Feu e billeto tvee enr d.eur.en t Ihvpotheq..jlqu'u pcIull.ri' piunmenl.. Lreus oCteuder vlents rer nl1 I.e ecvlut H. Il. Cenne, rnot publ. rl'aqrenrl.rvnr le rim nd 'te t Icalrise deet.r+setion por n 'rrlentelr. 1art IAINTl and, Ip. Ir Dtllch linseed oil received per lship Engle frot Iurellmen, .0 llhrrela t.nglh nu.ued oil received per lship l liznra, r-Ilt nton 1l116 brreal h,,wn tnner's oil, 211 Iar 1l4 rhalk, lo0t Irurcel' rnpninh whiting, 1I00 I ker1 Plladelpdira wrhire len:l 121 khereuw n point, .ll kcg erl ,ud ullatk tin.,. errren nnd lellow, &.. &c. n'iut brushe,,nd fnir Fatlehby J KVIS & . \NI)tIlV', i`IcalI't ai*ria 81180 tut-sc, ier unle Ire -1.114.l & IiItiUIN. inj 89 <.1.n-.ine st .j plnttentlslfr eomlr,+ b 1:1 IOS & iVll, f ,1, ''11,,urN - rllslnl urnrer.l rlrl vtn il.. ' ilr sol ne by Sl 8 1.!. Ii)lllrW, I n 7 I,)II l . ll l R 1.e'l . I)Iiv , l nl, r, a d lrlr tic.orny, y the author t ll't h St trlh: &r '. i ~2vnl sd+.n I lucrc It rrirtol ,l ,l lherr'I'uh"I by Mi. l.Gorre turthor. unt '%I't,alrr rI oug iero'rX' 2Vole. TI'h,"÷r I n u',Srr,o,tl, I,- trl authoress of "r.llthtrr lt, a I ltxhhr," &,"., in c vols. Alhrna Vect., r-l or the rl.mbroiderecd |lnndkerclrief. ir r whil,/ i idded lenritta Ilrrio.nt, or n III ine C'lltton I'r,relln, by rlisn Les lie, author olf "Pneil Skethlr -.e' &c. in one vol. I tliwcr'l'cist, compnlete in 2 Vole. by .ion, chenp edi rulion. Junt receivcd arti rorlll hlr 81WM. 1t'KE18,5 jPll. rnr (VR In , allld V-i',,HI')1 C te N I\V 11.1 ,1( .--IrLl, of Oh I- wl, un I , .,'lul `-" ilPcu-rcc I)I, ah .unthlo r of'A., Illhow lIrn,' H e rse hore olliunun,' Sr. c. &. In a vul-. Jus rreeived nttld nr sale bry W'M M'KIIAN, j nil enr lCnr.p & ('rn ,, r 94 fnrom lhi (lrwell, frum Liverpnool, aud fnr l.r . by the trnder ieued: r 310 cr-h,(ti don. eaunh) slpacior Lrndtu Porter, s AIsn--(:hetr chreere. rf theP very hest qnalilr, put in tin holxes, and from 35 to 46 to'each. ju25 r JOHNS & Co, S lharles Rt -Ij 1i:A.1---75 lwxes Hyia Iea,fanr anleta - ISAAC lii IIttE Ce&t. ja25 IA4 Magazine vt C IT Y BrA NeKh New t 8C De 8l'i. rl/llIE Iloard of Directors tf tle I'anluttitn tlae hlis - dday ldeclrel a I)vihntldof Twele per cent. ,o tlhe Capital tlief.f ptt aile to the Sttt" IhI'er' , or their agoa reso tittes, . etr a ,ltr .Hoodla, tIe flat Januarv, 1839. IRO11'T. J. 'ALIlAY. -J is " Ctahier. A IRUG S.lotRl FOI ltiALE-Situated ton Tchapitoulas areet. Inquire of If RONNABEL, jto3 cor Natchez & Tchapitoulas 5ste TO RENT, p,.srs+ion given blalnedinPly two Cmn j5. fort i ts dIwllligolses. ii the Iwi.borhod f.Canal , To gl teootoo, the till lie rented o rh. the] are well adapted t, nail itamiliesa. Ap rly to II)ULE & MIY ¥, Sa23 3 Carondelrt at 'L vi.ltPO)L 8.tL''--15O0 sacks coarse and fait, landing and in store fir s:ele by jal9 IIt)LLlES & MILLS, Bank Place JUSiEPH .11 WAlI'TE, 'oun-ellor at Law, fTic- e Exchange lace, a few doors from the Post Otlice. )anl8 --' 'iNiIYi . S--201 bhdet asosorted siesa, just r- i ceived, and fior sale by jal8 SeIALL. I BROWN, 9i MaSgazine at 1 It..EN APPLE.S--10. bls in lin trder, at the " ladling, for sale by i I)DltlISK, jl8 44 \ew L.evee (' IDEIt--t) bible rectifil d, t thie oInling for ale by j/ ial8 II ORS4EY.41.ew I e on A IlttIOK Keeper, who has it present, only his eve ninig. oreeapiedwotlld wish tu make fan engagle tent forl tle relanllder f his time. Call give ant sat isfactiot a- to llnlit andll character. A lile dlihess, A It C, Box 95 , Post Ollice, will be attended to. jat8-lltf ILANK Bt111.S EXCIIANGE, Notes, Ilills lading, l Fori n Eutries. Custom t lualse p res of every decriptio, lor sale b t ) FEI.T & Co, jal8 N " Stationers Ilall,1 Chartres ast I(OI,LANII) GIN-5 pies, ent rled lto .bentutre f1 r salr hly 'IT R bl'lt & rn, jao22 39 Commaon, c.r ,I gaziane ss I HISKlEY-36 barrels rec-itifid, in store for aale t by I'R I I-YD'D & Iro, janL 39 C,mmonn, cor lugazine eta i 6 1. COIEN has removed his Law Olice to No. lI 20 Exc'hange Place, nearly opposite the Post Offce_ jit2', 1.34-It EARI-150 klsg Lel Lard, in story foir sale by `4 jin _ _ i [1DOIL.EY, 41 New l over .LANNElS--7 balel s fite lhite Atghll flaIaIlsI for .Nle by ISAAC IIUIIt & I tt, ion 8 131 Magazine st I UNNY V AGS-si0 bales (d3bushel hag) in store t ad for sale by G IOlI RY., jan5 44 NewLove TaO I ET.-Ptassession given the Ist Febraarv nxlt. The dwelling hou, u now olecttiid lby Mr Wit. reapenatter & GirarI. No 68i Tchlapitoulasa strret. For particulars apply to II. Boonabell acorner Natche aI ondI Thapitoulae stieets. j3 n NDIAN'S Panacea, Swnim's do. together with a latelarge ass.ortnet of patent medicines. Received lately and for sale by . H IO)NNADELL, 2f mcar Natchez & Tehapitoulas ats ((-IDfR VI INEGAR-S30 hbl in store, for sale by S?4 G DORSEY. 44 New Ivere. a )ORK-" 1 ** a 8nd h , yrier b t ACON SIDES-59 hhdo. ti i-onoa. a ured, of nu I perhar qtalitv, fir sale by ar s STErTSON A. AVEIRT, 88 CGavierat b C BA ON I.iS-15 cask sides, cjtskse can by vased hams, for sale by S jad IS.\AC BRIDI; & Co, 131 Magazine at b PINf * j Por Europe. FOR ilAVRE--Ruular ''reder FUR The Al splendid rhip VILLE DE PA RIA, oapt TrAlt, moe', will nereive im meldiate d :epch.or freight or e iyto' bles Aco .'' AC 1 newgnpl d Se t i i \I,.E, nri go, hain spe I ai he AI nt (eraling hiag Ship 21AN tA Osf'rlT Cn. llll El thi, lietl lliihe ,rer piar lf hereurgo e r ,,na g ,l, will a leel , i:h doella'ch, rFe bitlallce o friiill uor l mssaget, iipply to fl. .. I II AL;,93 '.,.moe:n .t FO(I LivERtPiOOl. The Al new and fast sailing ahip CIEV ALIEO, Capt Knight, having otoa of her cargo engaged, and going on board, will meet with immedliate despotch. For freight ol 02410 blesa cot toe, Cr ianenge, iaving ulpelior aecomiiodatlona, apply to ja4S I. H (ALE, 93 Conmmon at Filt LIVERPOOL 'Phe Al fast sailing ship SAXON, Copt Manefinld, havinrg he greater prlt of her ear go eln aged, will m+et witl deulatch. For I ight o' 0110 toles colll, if immediate apllicntion be mundeor pasage, apply L H ALE, il 93 (Coinnoon.t FUR LIVERPOOL. ' the Al Ilrilieh brig LAIDY MARY pFOX,rTon hov naster, havoing the reater prt of her earle engaged and gi.g uOil board, will ne t withll immuediate despulch. Fur Lalnolce o| ireighl or paolege, apoly o thie Captaii n hnberd, or to Insj i. H (GALE, 93 ,minon llal FOR LIVERIOOL. 'ITho A I ihot veiliig ship UNITED St'ATe, Canpt. Blarr, having n,0cC of her cargo engagnd, will hove deepatch. For Iretelht Jf two houadreu hale9, or par,.ge, atpply to joa?2 ,i & JP \VIHITEI'IY,73 Caip at FOR LIVERPOOL. .. At ship can lake 200 hales cotton, fnd will positively nail on Saotlrdaynelt, 19hi i___._ st. jait LH (iH ALE, 9:1 Comnmon lOR IH hVIIE S The A I and fost eailing chip JlilIN HIIOII.ANID, Capl. Joirdan will receive idespatch laving the greater port of her car go engaged and going on board. For feight of '200 ale GEORGE BPI~RGEROT, Ro al it isla or to I. H GAI.E. 93 Common at NOR I.!VERPtI)h)L The fine ahip l)E.NMARK,. Lovett, man her, will have im ,ediete despatch. For :osjp. g freight iof 10 bales cotton or passage, apply to jao I. H (A .1o, 93 (inommon at FOR LIVERPOOL. The fine fast satling ship ST. JAMES, Capt. Ii Howe, master, will have immediate despatch. FPr halance of freight or paorage apply r jal S &J I' WHI''NEY ,73 Crmp at FOR LIVERPOIOL. The fle lew Al Barque BYRON, (:Capt. Bereeon, will lhave inmmediate despatch. For freighi ,f~'l0 I ale cotton, or passage havi g accommodations, applyn tot FOR H VAN \--Reular Packet. The At packet v'Ioner TI"AZER, tpt vreenelndi; will positively sailon Wednesday, Feltl fib. Ferbalance of freight or parniea: hlaviiig splendid filrpiahed aceoolmmtdatioini lor 35 tins engera, (n desirable riinvei ante fir those wishing to visit Cuba,) apply on board, Picayune Tier, or an fil WM POIRTEII, 95Commonatt FOR HAVAN \. 1 h I'he fast soiling coppered A I brig i LUNA,Calltain Hnllett, will medl with imi d mediale despatceh. For height of :00hnrrele, or the Ihelk thereof, or pusatago havrig speedild fur laihed eeiianlndntionai. npply on Ioardl, opposite thie 'l'riavglets ores,2d lunicipnlitv. or to ja2.t W,. POI'RI'EIL. 95 'ommvon vt d."~ U -a m.'ansn miu aoasstwRse. 'I'l1 Unitel States ovtmmert armed nI packet WO(iH)IURY,Caltiai NlPIOIla.. '1 are . til flr Tampic and ,alaamoras, on Tores day the o.lh inst. Sle ca aceoulmndate a few passengers, and will take on honed Quicksilver. and ol her return to this port, will bring any specie, coclin ael or Vanilla that may h olired. 3r Fir terms iaffreighl and passage, alpply to the on 4 dlraigited, at whose oafice the letter tag i djposhied. -ell HARIkILON, CLE(IL ( :C. (llyo f1t2:3t 47 Royvl at Filla MOIIILF. - n T'he fist sailin coIipper fastened a:hr RORT WOt)DILUIF, Grtrhea,, masttlr, will asd liave deeptrch. For freight apply to Im f2 11 t)I AMIP1, 411 Camp s aft - FOR BALTIMORE. 'o .... The g%,od schr AIlllIiN, A Farnham, Iv a inaster, has mont of her cargo engaged; for List hlaeiec of fIeighlt, ir penire, applv to i I&' ab JP WHI'I'NEI ,7tCanmpst FOR NEW YORK-Pan age Only. Not The :l flaet siling apt 4lIoQ61ST~it tti pii h,"t le r p slta sange only, having superior a aIriiiiiomlOlliaton apply to toie Captain on board, or to Me jan-i l.II lAi.,ll E t: omionon All FoR NEW YORK. . .. TI'h t aliling eOplcred trig H.ItE rn RIP11el, :ipt, Fislertwilnl Iha deslntchll. For j irei. I or Iasat , n oply to a FOR NEW YORK. pC PasaJtge Only.o fi She A I font sailing ctip CI A RItiO I"IE, ' a Vn l. ti i e - will e iit i ntletedi e ite. - i l. Fr pIcsage neLy, ho-line i uperir N ma trwilohlllltll apiply to L II G \I.l, tja1 "0 :y " no3 'Camonat FOR NE t YORK. n lThe Al fist sailing barqi e VIIGAINIA, I danl Win Siclair, LansIer,l acinll t oe herear- Lot gý i . t.egaged, will have dlepmrch. For balance ,TLfre g tgir passoage, apply to C OUltti on ioard, ietpo rlte po.t 14, 2ad mtii eCitaliIy, or to 'jaN6 S b.i P WHI'r 1 dr. 73 nmst F----OR NEW YORK. e The A I lllket lit si ARSlisAVW. P tII P Meidel!, maoiter, .oaw l00 hbales to fill it. fo e Forfreidet or ie lssane,llaly on lboard, or to ' ja2tg RE AD b & I lA te') iW, 7 altik Plate.e FOR NEIW YORK. Ri. S T-'he A brig MIOXY at, for fha g S b & J P WHITNEY, olai6 73 Calnimp stI FOR BOSTON. Po The fIsl sailing oppereid Ihip ANO VrR, (ipt. nmeoLn, will ave l:lepatlch for rI fright of in1l Ilareln, ora~a oge, apply to n j29 . & J P WjllTN_',72 Cmlnp t FOR etO.TON. A R Th'e At Irqqur eEAVFRnJ Edmond-, I nlntele, will hal e tlulodiote lenpntell For li Ii eight, ,plyI to S & J P WeIIITNE', j 6 76, (s a ..- FOR BOSTON. ce ,r The A I oh o I'ERIIVIAN, W Smith fi aot r ates.will iiave ialnoidilte desolatlia. For fEifty toun beoavy fieigltll, IttilI' iI te JoO- Sv IJPWAIII'N.,7/I t Campct FOR NEW YORK. -"I Te A g fast aililg brig ALICE. Jor imewill have despathe. For passage, hnving tr A hs Tile emw last satiing barque CIIAN oed S~s TICI.EEIr , C i''hll lac, malste r, ianel the P- ofnd l1i alec cattaln tio complete her car ge. or freight ofwhieh, or passage, having goutd a at comui,idations Ipply to S & J P WHI'UN.El li Ja4 73 i'alnpat .e Thp e tew and fast slaillg shipi PwIIA A RSA Ic LI, I, Wieidsor, M stier, will lhae in l itiediite deopetch. For frneigltillt i tl bales cote or passage, haelg splendlid accom uonldatione, -iply oNboard, oIpposite the Orleanu Cotton Presn, or C.- to SNd J P %VIIITNEY, t FORC FREIHT OR CtHAR IER. - ,_- et. tc hr li A IAION, J "eorny, tinaeler,e tle barrels betitlbe, napply to &S J 1P WHIIII'NEY, ee jai6 73 tI a -- - I ~ P0101!. - i'y - --FOIL NEW YORK( . 1 Tlh new sair WII.I.IAM IIAIRT, Cupi, Correia, will have desplatch. IFur freigKt at . b- 0 ltiu, n dree, p )Ivh' uo S jll S &S J IP WIIITINEY, 73 Camp SI .... FOR FRERIGIIT OR (CIIAIITER. The tuperiorsohr JI.IA ANN, \VWeb e'er. nmaner, carrving 1211 hlld. is readly to I receiove frigll fora norlthern porti will giolt I t oatr thelv e tiiver tl idl Fittertir.otlllla to acry jul SIIALIt & ilt RtWN, 46 tlngalnet st ,fi. A c mt b nll larig, eoible"of carrying 200 I bhl , h ltlg ar, and load fur a noItllhrtlI pr. __ Apply till L It GALE!, era joli 11.11 tntotetnit FOR SALE. FREIGIIT OR CIIARI'ER. at'.br Ithebrig IELINE-IIau eacellenl vi-cn eel in every respectl, abot 1110 lluile bllllhhutten, or will carry 15J hlhdo. Apply, on oard,ot. No. il'< OldLvee. a6-I IFOR NEW YORK. ,., New York 4 'Vs' Orle," . "1", to A NE\V LINE of packets hag been eslwabllhed to rll A lptiween Noew I trlen aind New York, to otae eitt fllfV letrst rate shlips viz: iShip St. Slurv, It W Fuater,"maiter, "eve lepnblican, J G Ruoeell ' Aultrul, P tLurfry, it - n ew buildimg, Thlee ehipo were built in New York eipreeely for this thee trade; or of a khl drought of watler and will not bea 23 subject tadeentitt, al the liar Their at.coonuldlitiotiite forparseegera co'epriso all that mnay be required for ith a comfirt and convelnentce and their comeandanre are cived tlet of eejmriene. Until the ships now bhildhing ar etmplete, two tarht clamo ships will u'piy ltoleir atn placee. T 'Ihe greatnet punctuality will Ie observed in the te tiote if mailing, and every reasonable accou odatilaion Seltendled to chippers and p'tnengers. For further pariculamrs apply to M-ners. Jhnsonn vier c and Lo.,wden, No. B6 Wall ltreet, Now York, or to ofi i- {a : P E T E R I. A I I) L a W , 6 ,a; I al I ttE s t [ l L---Ci'pperao eid led lles, io rtoiere / ja',l__ 44 New I :evee A1,,i TEt) UUCKES--1)11 donmm-o-.. a- rine et 1 ja1 J TIAYERRI& Ca, 74 Poydrao lOLMESL ' LINEI OF PAUKE'r.S. TO soil punOtually a. nadveriedl, ft each prl-t-The line will consist of tie i, low:nlg t l7hilp--iz: ship A'asetrtle. I. taen Wood. Arkrntxos, Pt'plain E . Ilt.nia, Alnbtina, (a'ptain C Berry, orlemns. C(,ptain d ser-., VicLxbr e, I etxplin J aa huknr, Pntlten, a apllin A.hi "y. TheI u ],vr r nh.l: all o|iti, first cloas, coppcred, and ,rpper fbsteced tl, were L'uilt in Now York Vo x" )".'.*lv IL' tllll tr "^--they are o, lighlt .hraugrht o1f w. t ar, aliost invariably cross the lar without deiea 'IerL sip ek ti r am a c eanodert hby Cnpltnin wall ex pwrnt:od in tlo trade.,cnd will nlwanynexrt themselver to accommodate. 'rhe) will ala.ys be towed up elld down the ri;er, atl will ptIqoptly taill a adtvertised. h'lley have wlandesoely furnished lnentmodondulir, atd nttlres tlhe firelt quality will always he trllnihhPd, nd I every ll:eotion paid to thle comfort and satifoaction of Theo pice of the cabin is fixed at l80, withllot wine nr liqutor. Ftr further particulars aplply to A COIIFN, l8 90 Cl.otmon treetl P'l'hn ships are nolt acecuntaa'le fr breakage o glaus, hollow wre, marble or greoait, cooperue. of tin or rust of itn or steel: nor responsible for any package or-pieel • ut on hoard, unlessn ar oulnr t II ofladiog be nigl ed Iherel; r, at the offia otfha agents. S r Ote I a:.erior. U. N. LMAIL. FOHl BAYOU SA' `. I'1 Pi.AQUE\ilNE. The ep'endid ptaeenger steamoat BRILLIANTP, Hurt, Muatrr, (all slate room) eonmenced h, r tr U rt .tp-oUn iedllelny, the 19lh inst Ut Il o'clock, A. M., and on Sunday,atthe same hour for Plaquemine, and will continue In run regular tllh balance ul tile sea n, and lea.vejpuetually at the hour adoertitel. A sepnrate culhl., all in state rooms, rm) jolored p)e-. pie. For freight or passage, pply on Ibald, .r m dl8 AI tAMli & VWIIITALt.. FOR1 MttL I.E The regular packet low prrsura teeamer ilItAF'FE, Capt. Swiler, wrill leave thle luke end of thle Rail THURSDAYS & tIINDA V., after the rrival of the 12 o'clock caro, and on her r*l turn, leave Mobile, every Tal'esdo/ed a rdnay. For passage a, pl on I.oara to CAPT. SWILEIR. P S-Whkenver sufnicient numbe orf pulselgerl offer them Girnl'e will touch at nv of the interrediate l Iladings, upon previous notice being given to t'n7it Swildr.. noTv7-ti' F1,o RENT.-A lot in J uli treet, near the new Ba sin, suitable for a wooden lumber yard. Apply at 9 Bank Place. jan3 MRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, Removed from I? Ceustamboae St. I'O NEXT DOUR T ST C A IRLES THEA'TRE, CoeRNnr OF POYDRAS & ST. CIIARItES STREET. an:9-1838. TO RIEN.' A LARG and commodious Room over Levy's auction trer, r153 1lgazin strcet. Atpply to W0 GItEENE, Lithnrapler, tn the premises. N B--The above would a good drill rvl. nov3 JEI"FE1ESILON A' ADl.) IY *)REPARATriKV to Jfl ,rso,. Cul age and to oth era conducted by It. (irumet, I. I. I). aiehauoge Alley, betereo antii nollll Iienville. Thli; situation was the most eligible that could be found being entirely free from tile rise of the streets and the raltling of drays ald cariages. The Jelirraim Academay is divided intto two depart lents. 'he .1 unior or elenmeutory department for the vurilust brnches of.olmon education in French and in tIEgl.Nl-I'he Seuolr lepartmtent for tati, Glireek, ,iatlh.matics, &c. PIunctlulity, order an. discipline are strictly eljooicd n rd olImeved. 'term,. Jumo, t)rportoeat,per ,tntai; $'10 Svnior do 15 Spanish 6 let. Boous, is eev, paper, &c. chorzed sepoarately '2nd. A ,moth once began, to be paid in full; 3rd. N. deduction for absnene nor for hohdays: 41h. I'ayments t to be mode regularlv every mloll. chomnl Iruurs Iru 3 1-L to 3 o'clock, aexcepl 'I'thr ldays. ___ _ ep_:7 F:XCtANIIl R' \LINI; tltnll. rI HRE proprietor hat re-fitted Itis Reading Rom,in I tle St. Chhrlesa Exchange, Corner ol Giraver anld St. Charles street, tn the nearest mnlner elcsidel all the orincii al I epers of hie United States. I ofevert city and state. Ihe Cunldas, I'exais iand lxi t publications tf the London, r tlrivrgli , Westmininote eto litall Ieviews . nie d tlonrekwoddr s Oiadgie. 'to'he North.tltnriecn tReview; s . Silieo l.irerto. (oick a gazine,Amelicano anonthly,Bentlv's Miiellcny, the nMexico Chirurgictl Review, anta wtorty of otiers. t All these worki rereegularly on reoibd fr andI rei veil. I'ke ron ioIolso oupplied me a Inrte roiiety ofmnop oillJ rlunoet, Nilet Rlegister, tevy't Price Culn. rent roin its commencement, inzatcers, uud a variety of I o works oreference. 'tIn inat ativiie & intelligent newee ollectors reim t played, to give the earlient at rivals, and on pains nor o pronse. will Ie lnred to render thlis Leadinlg Roniii lI lrst tlhe United States. Subscriptions are restlerfully receiveo'. ncts i:\V OllIASA t CAIR)tRO.ILl''ON IrAIL ROAD COMl PANY. ARRANOEMENT5 FOR THE WEEK DAYS. Fros CarrolltoA. Fiom New Orleanc. " 8 " "I - 0 I"" I " . . ,, ' : " :: "n After l0 o'.lock a Carcalt be ohtnlutll by paying 20 do re for the Trip. TilE JA KRON AND LACOUItF. STIrREtET I('221 from the he d ofJack-on street. Persons going by the L¢omlnonru must provide themslves • ith Tickets, as no mouey will he taken by the conductors. OMce New OrIebne a d Carroilton Rai Road Company. Poydre street. JOIHN HAMPT'3ON, .ovy9 Chief Elg. N. O 4 (C R. R. CARU. ri +E Principal of the English, French and Spanish I Academy, No. 14, St. Charles street, announces to his friends and the puLlie wait satisphacioi, that his institbtial ic nowt i aysitUessl.otaert iton, that te Ihopei oliun to ilave his e Clnlilleat hl pilis, wllcUh will be limited it ifity. e tes is oppor ity o fppfrsni tf agsurineg parents that nothing snail hte watllitl, owhicih iIlUy contribate to the comtllrt and improvemlent of their ons d7: 18:138 GFORt;E W. SMITH. sB Seon Dentut,from Philadelphia, EGl I it reori te ladie, and geantleleI of Nei Or leans I at t he has I.esatd htl.selfart No. (16, Cotal SLreel, opposite the State House, wherheIe will be happy to attend to any professional engageleita. • i W S. Iih not havine previously viieted this city takes the liberry ofaextr. cttl i from sonle reeconmenda tory letters, lit lie bears, Ilihe followit tetig te onial frilt.ho tstrwhoeha ktrsn hilhltntlg et tittiluattly Frrom the Rev. Ii Tynqt. of Plltlndelllhia. "1 tike great in soyin tht Itnae had rettiderna ble casiqaatatote ntu Mr. s mith lbeat n perstolly ane int e i buasiane hairi pmfes, eion. labol reelect. I conaider him a gtlt'calc .hihhly iorly of ihee panu gae alltnh lie re "eivae. Asa Iatistia I hare noae a f tund operatioter whom t pfsolered st per hor, j n feel alsfie d that h ,lever oni deolveall be mrelgald ill him by those less sEdcqialcd lwith me pelsosally and for members of l ey mily t TETI:IHEN n TYNG. Fromt Rev. J J Robertaeoa, tMlsesinary at tyra, in Grreece. "I wasited I Philadelphia to give DIr. Steiit, , fair oppatIU-[ nity of putRtil my teeth In order This he atsr dmne in a lUroterly mannse, and the geAtle-tmi.. seo and skil with whiath he caduets his olerattons re equalled oly Iy hin pa ltius perea.ratee In gliriln every tthiuithe hihest i iliah. Ib ihitlt future he saved not only much suffering, but alra I much val:tble timel. "c.-c. References ill Noew Orlesans.. necab Wilcox, Esq. 1 Tholr. Alen. c", ke & Co., I Ilociteo. RichardsA& Co, New Orleallt. Willllam a'ltrke Jla.Esq. Clltlhrt rllallitt Esq. S'EW OR.E.ANS A,. CAtlil Ll.'Ia ItAI.l ROAD Cit).N: TICI.--Oua iIn after ithe let DIrc., 1830, debtil ferther iotice, an I xtra neiht Ctr will t ave the car htltste, I'ovdras treet, it hall pnst al so'clock. PA . .f Lafayette atd inltertediare places. Stagie ''ickets 3 I- c.ntr cr :t $.15 per hundred. Jiil\ STAMPSISiN novya-tlf Chf. Fng. N. t.& Cc R. RI. RIrtSlS ft'lt't'll lt.A1IST.-An eleeant and highly approved dentifrie; the heae pieat- ion ever put p fur tile treeth just received at the Ilaaar, IBU-.H & ALLEN, d'i ecar St Charles & Cumann t a, Exc Ehang I JINE APPLE CIIEL:r. k hteiehn rtutter, for al A REAiD AR:1iTOW, ia19 7 BUank P'laca iIN C, tlcily Madeira ia hiallf Ipail at .and qarter caaks,ford sale by Slil.L . itlt1W. j24 9tl Magazitne ti S PiEtI-Mt l1--311 casks tilter sltuilttid pees.. oil, f or site by iSA.AC tIittiIE' .\ Co. jitn 131 Nlsiftalme-I S1rJIi ..'1S--30i0 haes 3I-i antd i-4 Itetav bltown etlirtingeisnd lheelrtilalg, fr saIe by ja2i ISAAC IlhtlIii. & CtOc 31 \tagazina li 'TMiRITEL:I.aS--2t ca-a, 28 ir 3ti in .ialuta allltl t Ginglium iumbrellas I.cdittg fiernl *turqte Jostlph.l ins, for ale bIy ISA.A BIilIUiDE & (:. jL234 MiogItaitte ot. 0t1 t B-hAGS-lulli bhies Outsny Bagts, at clet alU n pritlme texture, ulltnhle tiffr Sall, by r jaS5 . I ;tI.I)iE, 134 biagaaiie t A / in- voice of a icily ladeira, in pipes 085 ha fiipea, l21 qiltsrteeaekIs, ad ii intacr entirled to debenlure, brands by hItrain.Colli &L Zizno frsale byh jan'l5 ISAAC irRIIAGE & CO* I SME-titt0 caske firt burnst l'Thamaston Iim* Ltlanding ftOla brig Ill-als, for rale Iby Jan ,al S J. I'. i I itTNlY.21 ('_ Y ,3Ca eI I 'IANNERtS 011i-- i hbla. UIruwn l'iantr.' t, - laading and ftr sale by rjan 311 5. .t J. 1. \VIIITNIT, 71 tact - Kerseyc, Jeens, tc. suriable for aeero tlbttittt r i-sleby ISAAC BKII iE K& Co. tjn a 134 MlgAeeiset BUSINESS CARDS. FPED WILKINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENcPP .r LOUISIANA, )IF' H .RS his services to trh* public r. tbe depart arnlen oi Surveyvig and Civil Engineering, ,olth in hlwn and courntry. IFro n, l nsiderable experience In his proassinon. nd' by r.penapne anid lidelir i ,he zer'rctnol l ,f |lhine entlrusted to hilt, he ho)pes to emeri arid et:vive at .hdr,.f public patroottee. Ie wit" ol., I.tso.e.. ol raldcrlUnt IlCe aOlltleti t o Ilf wtllI aII ;x IlylljnOs. Olicen No 8 Ch:lriI'e stree(t,seo:lnd story inCKe. je.7 BANK NOT''E EN ;iA\VlNU. RAWDON WRIG.aT. HATCH & S13,SON IS AVe. o:,e.'id an olice ii New ' , .ns. ,o<-,a+. equal adllvnntagri ilh their Ilse in \.'w Yniik, For the pllrp1ec oferegraving uail prinling BoUk tNis., f;tl., Bills ol" Exclange, Certifiea.ea of lIeposait. (:heyks and other im oorIant pa;.ers, reqlrinlg ecelrit a rnllitt F nerier ie; d ILae maide inple plvision fur ,h' safe keeping of all platea nnd inprerasion, entrost ad r !heir cnre thecir ) , Oa n etmbraneile noles of hveo fierel d nrledl bukinn intiiutiaon, anld all ordera will be executed with proniiplitude, and aol ter ual term.. Office, corne of Royal k Canal stree. ja7--tf SAMUEL TOBY, '.Merchandie Broker 4 Comnmison .Merchant, d13 effice, 36., Camp l.--Ftr the presellt. (0. I . If L I N T. SITPBROKER & COMMISSION . MERCHANT, No. 63, Po)dras Street, NEW-nRrlgANS. J.- P. FREEMAN & .O.. Wh.elewrf CleihEL g .hee N.. 3, II aazlne etreea, I AVEconstnatly on hlnd a Inrge suoppl of Cloth lin, calculated Am r the coutyllrt t I''duii . a'lhar at . ornlaenthieilg large, inerchar.t froln thie countr can be nupjlied at tile lhorteat lotiee. oIt4 FASHIONABL OCLOTHING 'TAYLOR & HADDEN, No. 14 (harlres. Ullreet IIAVE a otunlltallalilll 13 f arrerv article pertnlaning to grntlellllle' dress, of tile lareast style, at Naew York prierts 'le 2O J.D1.3c . SURGEON DENTIST noev R N.33. RIavl street. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIIC PRINTING ESTAILLISIIMENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Oppnite~Ill~ank' Aecade. I WILLIAM GREEN2E, PROPRIETOR et nrl J H. PARKER Comnmiaaiof and Forwarding Merchant, No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, GP STAIRIS. New OldrapeFeh.2. JARVIS & ANDREWS, IVIIOLE.SALE AND IRETAII. DEALEItS IN AIEDICINES, PAINTS OILS S DI'E 810(" ,VDX IYVIXIOIP' GLA SS, covrner o-t n ioan and Tolouepiooulaa atreets, NEW uat.EANS N NA'T'HAN JARVIS. JOHN W. ANDREWS. A large apply a Garden Seedsn. warroated the growth ofl1837. d, IIEALEIIS IN AMERICAN & ENf3LISII CROWN GlASS, No. 3C" aon'oft.ET STRFIET. of - F'IREI 'N'S INSURAN rE COMPA %Y OF NEl ORLEANS. Thin Coanpanv ore now prenoaed too take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. No.34 alussun'a IdWlling, Cennl t.-t, E L III1 ICY, New Oflewan, Mno 155 1838. sotaey. ltlliCI I' 1It1N NON. HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. I -, COlftreetIftL Wholflesole tealer inaillfts, (il, Vaollio, ruh InTIIa m30 WindTw and Picture .\OLLINS .qT7'ORXI1' & c(.fUlJ\SLLOR .'T LA I1. O(W Tproetiinlt in the Statell' f1 City CIIUrlt. (lIe cote ~rill fidhma teCeks lle i ici i IDep itySlurveyor of 1 Unite States 1' Utdd. for thi. State, oflfe ,fis ervfCf ltfo the public to suoret slid f * toI 1'f Lauds in any ..filf 10 I jofififl.' f I Ac Iferetoire all lerfIffona, silifer f SoUmll inkl or Civil I'flftffŽOfiner i ofll or, sunk Isfief !nn,' fOrve!O Yn, bIne, draw ~ gs levelil g', pfllffiO , falcfllfl flln I. excavation, embanlkment, 'llnte, f alf wl I e fal.'lil io town oo ountry, il toe prollmptiy and fIitibtullgy f lte lned tfo. Cllorgese relonallfble 111n1d t fffs nLoIIh. Olli;c 55 Mla erm.ine street,, in Raokla' Arcade.lq (Ncll-Law-7m FRlEt). WILKINSON. UHIIL1IilP1114 llffhfotlffiullf'en tpcladlefo r 'IfIfI Rleef, plafIkled 'I'otolea, 7lrrffntn, Citronf IIflI ng froml:la Ohip 1 j cit, direlct lifof Philudfljfhia, Ii ll fnlfhre els Ilffkflfhat ff001. 1111 qflberter blalrrl'ls BLuckwheat meOOI, "5 halfbfroib No I, lOhadi, Ill Ifldtlof onI Isll ieh d l'af1"ffoO, 2 bnrlels smokad"I'ioocuesr~s I Ifd Suliflftf Curants 1 grofsf 1 oc ir'. I fl t I f 'l, "i'lf r =l eb d28 (I Wrl1 (1101110k IAoIl) S , .llG II. F1 a I Fl ol Ihohf,lle lfor solo IVEtOUR 2¶illhei )tnc~ P1 ne 411)1 n -e6kefffla L VIsec IvieltocfI :alt, nlf l Ive pI r off f10 (l10110 :ldelallr aell Uilllill i:, ( 1)II1 i~ilCI(IIII, modI far sale byIl ! :l 1 ýIt -liltl OC-.. lMa S fi. . Bfod I-all IlfI It lnfffloffffaflferofe OffOp St. Maly 001 II lI-P~lt Cf 1110) NE2t' If ,faofe01a "II 041 MALAG 1141 INf 1011111 lor ,d Ifalf boxoe, foe sale Iby ABlRAIHAMI TIR11EIR. jan14 t1 ltraieorsl U't)IF1Et IL I3RANY- 011 111111 IBtfnffyltlrnlnff I'l ffoell poff I fl fill Irofa ship ' Ifop, for sale It by I AU Ill 'all RI C.Ey'I)RI !s/ jtc3 28 and 9New levee. ('((F. 0151 r ei wls s all sur the (followins gsdy. 1ly - (A'l"'S 101 cos's molesokin silks, aoul torted siPz cnt blrims. It1 (.10 do blot Ns, I do do - Ill do do No - do do 100 cost s oito No 3, osslcl~rd sizos and brims. O .d. (loosel, sostasosr artistle, 50 do Floe' Nutria . AIde ! xtr dodo 200 do Black ansodko(illell Rusisi; 50 do Volxt ((lock Rn m Ioe, 100 do Msioklskot & etosevooltbsroadond sorrow brimss, for Ioeee and sdcoutry trade; - is do All cosks ofssillcnrv & navel Chapeaus; " do C:hlcldret'oilk anlldleosi1Ilo, nil sisZes. Caps-F'ar OAler, .rr Seal, .0'oka, Muskrat, and to htus' Seal, sokiot docen coase. wi Sc'lctte. Cloth Cnsso-Pickwick, Polish Avril's hat lsi (lope, coft lop, tic Fsoreot, rv Oilitoss uniiecs. dol Leath~er llnoing. hildren's Flsoy 'I ssrbana, Ploid sod Vslres Copo, ter French patternsI. . stn Sotoks-S ioSilkk and Blombozine, of 0 he neates 1 olsICs. fro UIlmbhsellss-sllk ond cotton. its Mlilitlry ('luoo'o, oiled silk, e Silk Hasdks'eli'l o-l'oogacaol Spito( lsslao. llndboxeOl sc l ,,itters', woodl asesosdIouble for dct goods. oil 'rhO labove go5od.- colmprisoolarec sIoakossol l oil of thle latast patient-, a nai ill be~ sold a t a smlall ad. ouIis'fcowitlLsiss costsllsorolo1 no New York priers. ('lir 4i0 obsskstiLers still take ordsrs for soutlhero, wleton ns od h( 1'''oossrk,'tc,lissilse hiooie oft A II .oociji & Co, H(ist 2(stsofoacsrI. Nws'k sitst, alsllioo at(Itsssl*OtlpossiblI soliose. 0(eosossoand Frenck 'looliss Issihtll. 51,040111' .v ('., +It Nasoal. Ilililsos, cod (sso'sissos" latls' , , VosIsosoe (lsst'l, it, sonll 4 tt cloolt soi Mr. f(OF::4I;i NI I(tl U l( hCK tvt o e -igc'j ed ihe of- - foee ofchiekiof (oines of rho Neoo Orlrs'osiodss( srroll ton Rsil Rossd, Nlr. Joha Ilatapo fdshtopboci ppoins - Id in his plaoe, towit+Im all (itoocvs hloviog Isilioeoo bI with, or ishii ing nformtion rioi rdiog said (loll (otid yswill appls ilst e Roil (Road Oflice, I'oyslso stre't, lt By order oflfhe lisorsi. 0 (Sigma) JOIIN NICIIOL01ON, mtv17-tt __ Cashierr COKE. sr r 1IIlE prie of Coke f.som fod after th l1t doy o ' Uflolllter, will be Ofloy cets per barrel in tle hi:s - 0 Worsk's vord, ond if token in Isiuntities ol "sic ksss. t erdredkbsrrels, " Ill he I di ed fo~'isV slofrat,le, TI'hecadvantlog liil'i I riaiclseif fl pncosceos,. ser ilkhealilrilti sal tit., mili55551 cosls, igtsisingssmoro eml Iss tl:nlIns Vesose, OIld fret Ircnisllss'lOlsnl)sitissl~ Ismoslsess t lasolsss oIssss idueiodveo y lslssilyistosII ke' SOrdero r ci:. ied at Ihe. Gos Of1ice in (Ionk Ille's SNEW O((IE ANS & NASIIVII.(,E (11 (ift 'Il , Is " NOTICj'E-1'c Cnsilierasct Oeasll , jtssoplol sisl he ree lsed tillia lot situ1 is$"Js.artl , 9l It lo stoking ilhe supes'leostesrr, sif"t as rive tov lets poks of SIli te edil: clOsilngg at.O(, iiiOsn hhd t040lsdeE 011 Isrd. this city. Cl 0 ! ilk ttiotc 10m bhe sen otnd cadiWtan s mas knobs, son applictionat5551 stliaoi U I) I{ARV, es' d? -ti, Ch. ksg'ji asis GenSupso'410 'o. UREICU rt s555(ANCE UE LIstOMi's GNIF (ODESPON (FO k'15y% E% .ENS J I I" sootisonalrl*5sD51 pe!I' tiles flue Is lrt pave Is "nerklbb ai nu1 J$l~tr lt'ts! totie 5os,plsso31; Os's, (0,onl,. '.fit lss'sse w: lo, FYI 1k Ft hoI'y 1 01.01 nt ikn e sts'o s' oldie tro l'11, suokh,+ der", are herrrll, it.. a . "e F)oý NI .huary nextc. at +h,' ·I~c·F of the sLsort'ny, 151 Camp street. El. TRACEY, 8 i Svo'v BUSINESS CARDS, JOB PRINTING. OF EIERY DESCRIPTION. tPEEDILY, HAND)OMELY AND CHEAPLY EXECUTED AT TH* ornIEO Or THE True A.lmeriean, dT'. CIIAILL.ES STILEEIT, NEAR I'OYDRAS. m23: !McCOLbLUTfk uPEON4SI', Factors & Gr'teral Camminisioa n ia 1erchaa nts, IlOBILE. .f ulr,.sa in N aew a, . Kirkman, Abertatlty & llannaa, Cldrell r/& iticky, Pope, Powers & Co. d3--lm BAZAAR. VUSH & ALLEN, No. 1, EXCHANGE HIOTEL, Corner of St. (h/arle awN Common Alr,. NEW ORLEANS. IMPONRTERS and Dealers in French tard English Pertrr try; Dtressing Casea attd Portable I), Cutlerl. I, liery, Gloves,1 Shirts, Stocks, UtnbrlIla, Catnesral Ftnav Articles. to i FASHIONABLE CLOTHIN.. ROBI.'SO." R GOOD II7'4, No. 05, Chnrtrea Stree, O e Door below Biinville, I -I'AV' consta chtlv on lndt every article appertai - 1 ilg tg catlel,.lt'a d.s.s, Idade itl tdctttr Ire-t e a I,erand mostt fauhionable style, which they of'r' libr cashl at redaccd prices. dee4--i 838 Li lIUl IANA FURNITURE WAREROOMS No. 53, Bienvdle ltrer. I ILLIAMII II. CARNES. woalt rpectlftully in tor has friicds and the plblie cthat he is eol stantlv receivinc foatl Nw York and aBoston a good assrimeatt of Fro iture, such as mlhgaany clhaiirs. ofase, ed-tend, manle lad painted chairs, ,apple aind cherry bedstead-, maloeany and cherrI tInles ,fall descripltiona, buretau, Mile.sts, secer\rs, riting dasksr, warutroe of nlallogany tntd eerry, wash eraatds, looking glasseIc, leathes, tedding, &a. Ac. NB. Farrtlltre packed for transportation with great care. novl3 JOHN STEWART. Na. 5, PlaIt Stret, New York, COMMISSION MEItCIIAN'T, MPOR1'TEI: and dealer in Ilatters Plushes and trimtmlng. Ample stotage aoty be had on mod erate terms, aadevory attenteor paid to goods forward ed io his care. Reereaces:- Mesars. Larue & Provost, N O. Gossip & Co. nov22 1t384- ly A CARD. CHRISTIE & SINNOTT, If'tolesule Grocers rand Comnatisstn .'Ilcrchants, Ne. 27 Ctommon Street.New Orleans. [F:Partieularnatentine paid to the. putting up of Stanll lat and ship stores. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPIIIC OFF.CE No. T3 53. a_..,z+. ' ,, M .AGA v-lN e 1TREEn'Tle, atideas fardsco..vt dscrcipti, o t'uneinl ci.eer- oil deep' imournina i,, a rathe.ry iad dInrggiis'el haelt; bak cheeks, dray receipts, &e. printed a.ul Pxecnctcd ii Scheap sad ,'editious style, h`I the proprietor. Wal cseo olAuGEENE NB. Bank Notes ,teatlv executed, m24 jUSlt' reeeivl art ithe Louisina IFurniturn \Vare Reci.., SI ienvilie streret,00 Ma lse and Cherry Bledsleads; a firct rate article. Also, a good assort ment of Manle, Wainut, and Painted Chairs, which ill be sold for the lowest cash ic rices. W it CARNES j i? 5:1 Bintiville street A Card. ORLEANS LITHIIOGRAPHIC ESTABLISH MEi3 T, 53 MAGAIZINE TREET, orl rTOsr|: BINSK'S rC. E. T GREiNEI rLtuir'ns his siuecere thnks to lis W fie alls and the public f New I)rlPna's. for tllh ; tr on ,e r b lest. ed Ion I r' til.r ( l st to lo v lea . sotII L,_s leave to aorel Ic' th.'nl IIt all oldern collll,irt/'d to hIs charge shall Ie r nee;uial \ K n itellllls ld Ihr e will as9 stl, keep the ofriot oI duri..ti the -hler, a nd shall be alwats reII to stride 11e Ilrr H tlln ci rall larb U-i! Men d I ilddless cards foul rll linloes, taolp, Rein ' ti- e Ir v mi~e~~ry Hei,, ; , Th o nthe, , ee h bin h tlh ;he'. Wifrod let,, s rlie i . eal..i..,c ei:l l thligroni t line, he leels colfideni of geiirtg et ire, sutillactlro. N IL; Apollhcaries an d lhueg;ists' labels oxet.urel il Ras ood stylrean cpplan lrte engrat vi. g, s1 YI at oe. thfird ci'ths expens.e, jy34 £ 01)-,1,8-lh-ni sI7c"icera lic, lac lopeced sever- I ) al cases of Combs. la n11 To'i TRlTcISE TUCKC. Quill top ortoise Tuck, Ioc do Tawist, tic dI Long. / do do Po*ll; uc do Side. BRAZII.A N C(itBi4 In all the labove variety of Engliah, French and American Ilaht. ufali ntr. Ivcry fine tlolh (Cuolbs., ill till thevriety ifsize adl quality. Pocket, lack, Horse. coarse and fine, ltd all other C o Ibs, for stle by c REES U D'LANGE, ncl3 18 Ceanlop t S. .0Ii LV U.ASNS, I.INVSFWI) eflL-lull ken. V ' es ot1i ,(,w (,tle s, 13010 gallons till; 10 bar irlc iI|.Il' l-h es; t e- otle if I'lit Brusllhes, reeivred per s.,ip t Louis nnd Barque Vulnchel, and fot sale by it011'L. CLANNi )N, nnov27 19 ('mp E1 \ tI Ucl--Poea |Ios:.lie-I dcl't'l ileunto tell you her nellae--'i'to icllte:tl art Ic hre Anlothir iweet , ,floe\i.tter I'he ile.gln' Fnarewell; liH pase. es hne ill-i ee.; Ilicd','a llwica..; Thiey hltod givent '' to Aelther; Lovely I.lady tine;; 'l'ie Blrid:e, The Iniken Heart; Mly lHrt is all \loll"; 1)b! Men " It sailly thiCgs you tire; Olh CI eiI tlove h.n; i I alrik, FIly from mn e; Tlhat thl u art Iaye. Iv I kho'll deni'; Tiichk lMy Love, l()h! Think of iMe 'o, think ! Ihave a c ter'l lHeirt; The Vinitage SoIIgi iThe shin is reid; ThIe Silver locn; No care ever crieves oe; Not lfor le; I've leeicl here feshe Flowers cIre Sprtelngn; I dearly llve Thee freee; Woodman spare that free; The Wild Alhatross; (time Ftries, Rise: l,.se otf Jet, sey;'l Tl linstrel wtt'd a beantens Maid; T he t:eesl iere hidden.; v 'ratlher Landl The Maid oftthe Mountai;e \it native Live; My heart's best trea sure; Iv M l lWdland IBride; Minte ulsit bi asilent Tear; ly chiiildhood',l' hours Farewell; I'he (;reenwodtv Tree; .llclllon Il, ca elnice song; She wore. a wr'eatlh of ltauris; dc orettv June, Just receivetdid i fotr salt at U CISEY'S Piano Forte und tlMusic store, tne11 it Camp ll iUlUi,1 i)F U I jtCLOUi. l'. rT11fE Rules of tet Circlit and )istrit i(ourttlf the "'C U S or this District, fir Sale at the ofllice of the Marshal tiofsaid Cou(t. Apply tlo CH novl9 J P e'ALDEN. NO'L'ICE. riHllE Office nthe New Orleans and lMoile Mail A i Line is remonved, fr,ra under the Ecehange Hotel t. No. 78 Puvdras street, at which place a letter liae dale will be kept open nt al I- to I A M. Fer way letters voy ke. Those. fo)r Motile and ftrther East, will be pat ine the Post Office at Mo.ile. - noel GFO. WIIITMAN, - A SELECT and fresh sunply ofl)ry Colors nofev Srt destri ,tton, fur Seene ptinting; (lit nad W\a pri ter colanr; Itrushes and artists tools and an extena Asck of superior VARNISIIS. - fro thie manufhetorv of P It Smith & Co., cotprising it Nos. 1&'2. ttrcitutre; Nos. I &da.cih Varnish, -nd I & 2 urdiaar, domenstic Black Japan, and Brown do. Also, "1 0 kerni Crmne green, in .5 111. ealh, eround in ode oil, and Itrt cattnitertt superitr 'trrnh grete agran, a n d, il. 1 "2 brrrels Spirits of T urp t int nanl H, ,iled o il. tes Artist's Colonr, T&. (Reeves &. onn, L uln,) andthe 40) hoxes French Lake, for sole at the Paint sttre tt he saltc ieri,'r. It N K l IN . e N-i--tephn's Writing Fluil; Jo tsuperior hak wtthn ika t do uni ahttnai le tliht hilte; d, do dark e do; I .1 untold's na,' ine ,opy.i mk 'l..rrv's do 7 do do; t iaittelllt t ia NI tl a tl k "wrin ink; Pltlrt tllr I: r llel pens; Perine, l at t' bltacka nii ik; E J i, ot'e red ink; o , tI n l hand, and -.I . s h ."rd)-r I -junl rece v..l and ir sale l 1 T n ale of th i-t t .ilh lliti. i :vntti ll at iiie, by Dr .\iklll and i rs li ar:l : a SVrlndco, a'l'r'gtedy in 5uctsby Elle S are-, alrd l r h .tlhfs e h0's \Ior : , vii 8 oII - Mlalnlla (of 'ncholhgv. b Thuolm t1', a't 1' t ro P 8 vo with illustrations ofn .re that1 200 a'i+.ltas J3 cor St Ctihaf,. an!d Con-.ton t fo U brsale bv LVW' i:t'ti& LLntin Nitt " j l3 to tii nett New atle, a, n lending h nll,, .i1 - ]l on. i , for al rby ?l r j NitIW GIi.I.. 40 ht tcl: 'il olvier, fat I 4\'i tl. tyl : i , ' i torx n I n ,ratc d lte t sale l" ,y tl o bite Rioa.t-'P1eit t tit'ie ieru t t , 'U etttlleS-IeIhs .,ta i t ='. -I t- . t jati, tS HAlL ing 1Rl iWN, 9 iect atad Ike stle t IL- -alsk ise floang wid f, r ,Io by sa t n) i e ttt \Ve l I't itt nI ltt. •. n t m ntt t ft l CASKS L,,--. d eiant, Stout,, and -ill cask ,U Scotch Air, l9o saale vta of I n3 htlI+MI"+S tant) lt .I.S, lRlik Allav i caHl \IL 'inR.E8-5itte btelli urc Bier folbl m d31 WtTlTIt)GE & Ot.,7 cd agazinets. -NLiOW Gi:AsY . 40 ha- llr helnisford, frl salf meby StIAI, A- BROWN, I\VN, luugaino at t ja'43 ,|i 1 aI t tt ýI- I L--At a ce ful l ao-c+dii., wine,;r w lTtett, for S ttLOW CANadleI, iF t - a'e ihv A. ja D i; E & ('.13l Ma.Xazine 'ta ,, jan'1l 131 ag azine ct i "tnn'i n;:l'lw Whie ll Irse uftth Peppetral'tou came and . ) ove it ln- art near mer rhung by Ss Bher ri. in thI grand lornantit Opera Amile; Good Nig 'I'ITh iettioig and parting; I cta not for spring an 5te ficklr tWin, 1, Ila usetll; Cotneacme, ttou at in sm row; A. J.Ld on lh tlratnn wore, hbr H umsIell; 8hl watched for hlii; o me Inlfall a tear Cnme to me at nimrniug;O'erlhe awltera v tnoanirht; 'lr'iere'a.. homet like ny iwn, arrnaoed for the haturp h 'I' Laharre.- Ioyal 'naliz,:a, by A FlIehe; Quaeen Victoria's Couurt (luunlrlles. Ju I rseilved .d for se le b II ( it tGO 'Y, 19 Catnt at 1\ 0 \k til ill S-Hush & Allen Iluve Jul ·m slval a plh, "ndid usortlment of liFney (.luueo, sui a rbi fir lonv ns, emnpritin; awlise , H ating diorer needle bohllk l pea .rl, liell ranll ivory, surd came tl onuvrnirn inllid willi pearl anld thldaplrpltahiokl,pur tea, onac glns+oe, eol and aileer .pAlBt. pFl n.atol t nll kind,, te. be a 1"t.i ,AZAAIt, d9 mcr Sit Charolet P Cottmmt a., Exchange )IAN(C FOa(RTES:-J ult recived nlad for sala .t the I bookstnor of Alex. Tl'owar 49 CIamG ) soteet, 0 ainortetnt of Boaston made Piiano Fortts, atoutal uy ,rofsaunr ofl'tnoic, and wurranoid to SItead tlhe onUfthae cliimate. 'Thl above inatrumenma ate ef tupeior tSoa Aln, a vanriltyv o lntmir andtmniaie ents. 'the pia. lie are r.pmec fuill invited to call and examineo tltem. & hi.I. & WINhV Eii C1.IliffNG. J . P II: FREIMAN & CO., P 3, Meaznatreet, are reveil in.- their applies of Fall aid Witer Chlirting, oan will eontlaue tu reerive rhipneatn reru larly thriughont the season. Their araertmentt teing will enall rheam to anpply amrchanta frtt tlhe ,unlry. at tile hllorice nltice; for t ao whnoltlul & retail, on uccollln ualio f.l lterms. Fi Ai . IA. 5II )Ni". I rI HE rnh criiers Ink leave 0 t infotm theirpmrnns, Srd an the )iuhllii e irllitlythllt lthey ore non pre paetl to ci.ntibl, tteir fall 't.hiti. (OO81P I Vol, Fainlionabloe fLtert, Enxllogea Hoit, ovl 2 ]St. C.harl. " T - A %Y-- ll n finn du-... ii m ohip J-t M lar Sshalll, fr sa!e hby 8..p WHI IEY, inl 73 Coamp KiONilIN PICILLn', actEo,&c. jiitt redpe iij tlhe leserhere. . Sbxes EInlilsh Picklen, a.mned, 1o . .r lnRuC., in 10 " Extra qualiny Lond.j Msltard, 10 " An ,ainn in glnesj l Ill - A..l]Cavy gotnla, 13 II1. Hl.kine. I)av & Marnia 5 boxesn Pr. (iliven in glala ra., | N, aind Oill, 5 " A.,rtedIbnit. G W lI'LICIIARI) & JO TAGEIRT Jr, naovt4 cnr Poydran& Magazine at ,IOAL-0ATl-'i-Tr~racial Coal in n daki-ldi Jered in lltl to saui purchasers, ornrr left Iat the coal yard, in Ganln slreet, or to jtte 3 IIOI.Mo and MIi...r , ane k Plae' S O.pO IIPT1ES--io d in h' s Iy terteal. 1hor nlue: M nle Bru'e dn.l, in olaumea Buolbin' w:I.t Atlan; Wodlrhilge & Villd's Unihrine.l, waill Alla; Onl ea'a, Woodhridlgc',v Smilhe. A luaill2ton's. lnihe I;rua's Abrid' Illpillt p, leyr & alerce'n do. Tli le ,bgint. Alnt. l"en;,nl' lsGeograply of Iha Ile,. n n ,. a iki ,thas. A liberma dinconi allowed a tellne'rs and others. inur(,a~ian by tie quanlity. I e_5_n ALEX ITOWAR, 49 Campe "..- EW O1101S--linE .,t tim Bawl; by the anthter 03 io Itnianl'.! b. tlnnialon, Olieanr Twisat. illm rle anr, colllleta, TIhne lill Intraglgler, I 2o a e tin. In, .,r sale t lby dn lHIG&o Th',.·lle'rof .eh~vuoo, do, Slltll'*In or the llnea.llnatinn ola man of the \\'llnld, Rlnnnlhr Oll't,2eolt, Nia o.leAl Otll] a, or e cellitls a ith Pril;ce Cam Pr actic e I / i., e' i a ou--o a EIhn tel.nnvtlln, '2av|. AIEnandllr's ia )irclver ill Africa, 2 aole. lhe (dit v 1rf. Parr, ThI. r iiner Itnater, 2 Aola, TIIe lIritinlh Senlote, 2 ,ulI, nfhVilan, I)lt at..d Ihui laeitnni, bv Mlice l..,adlnn,3 yale, I. lely ieeivct d and for said by jal5 . ALEX TOWAR, 49 Cetnp, Ti I YDRAULIC CEMENT', fr nal by P II nll REII All & IIAl~n''OW, 7Bnk Pla-e 1 , .hchehvlllg ntakn u crmmorlious I pmrul~j freh.unae rIslallIfullv i lne 'a his , .. the lllthnlt.n t.nd trtnrinrn on nv' Orlean for tht h nnlnan .lh. Ollidei, fllta neI Ilehrie and to nc! r. ·c, a·,w~l lr . aoal, t ot., hlemtn, lob v .n nn.n,1 n'h. &nc.H inili alni receive any kin nnrehnalnho onsltorage .n l 1ii Tnltapimnuihts tlretr 013 I+ lV L'..L.IOTT. - I 1U, 1WlflAGS-IA l.-nlr II..nla, Sitan. ,in-a, fr snle I hy W'lIITIIID.E& Co, J.1lI 76 'lpggaaine as el Tar sale by P I.AID'LAW, j3 6tCamppnt Ille IlBo.k Store, 42 Canlp tmet--loamaek'n P 1rat .I I'Phvniic--Jnell'., letdical Jolllnal, 12 vela, bln,.ad--Liatnln, Practical Surgery; Wintor'n Analomtmy, a IIn.w editiin, Iy l)r. PancOasa;'rnmnrrr an tihe ear; IBtniln's Ta'tllnrnapenlrn--Shiaw oal Anatnlmy; Tanoat'a Dianctlare;lal'ndicai Phnaialoa rg;Belilard't Anatomy, Edlar d' s M alal ria Mldi-.n ; B lonI 'n An loaa y, by Doatr e; fan" renie hy jal7 " AI.EX. 'tOWAt L. ,)' E SII.IKS- 4 Care printed fashionable patl Iterns; fine ttotgae silk h.,dkrehlief in salutre and for sole. by ISAAC BRIDGE &Co, Ijl 1 t 131 aganzine 5h0 i AI.l.'.. 'iatepretrerl 'apo 1 l/ 3110 d Fil sleained d I0 o01 ll ifined Whole Oil 5150 ihtl 'tanner's Oil For arle by WVIIITRIDGE & CO, Jall 76 Magazine A NEW Ediliomn of' Sir Whlter Scat's Poetical works, io G vole, IQmo, Als r, a ew edition ofeit Waverly Novels, in 5 vole just rceived aad Ior sale by A TOWAR, je7? 49 Campat INlti-Just received (old Ink. for arlists, schools and private vnse. Ladies will find it lir oronamtental painting, vilillg calrds, le.. to be suparior to any Ink eoaa' iltrodua¢d to the public. RUSH & ALLAN. jail Fancy Store, Exchange Hotel 1 AGS--l.aseed Oil anal pperas, il store for -a I by C DuRSEY, 44 New Levee I OAF sUGA(R-And Sugalr Ilouse Moleanen in A store, far asle by SHALL & BROWN, jal9 96 Magazine T O THE I.ADIEhS-Atkinson's Depillatory, for re. nmoving superllauous hair from the face, neck and trms, with equal saitty and certainty, leaving the akin finer oand whlter thin before the applisatiun. A Ireah supply just received at the Bazanr. Its BUSH & ALLEN.. 1, tExchana e Ilotal, car 61 Charles & Combi. at Newa Orleans &. NAashrille Rail Road Co. ANNUAl MI .EITING OF THE STOCKHOLDERS -H January 2ltt, 18'E9. T ai an a annual aertinle t s tckholdenre held in Spursuatice of the 8th section 'of the Chrier, a majority of tl st ockholdters ot being present, the elo . aion wole t:ponred until Weo'nendv,the A 3d imnst., a o'clock, P t. JAaMES H CALDW LL, f jaT- President CIIEIIN A COUI.ISSiS '1DE LA NOUVELLE )RLEANS T NASHYII.LE. Aassrmble nonuelle des Aetienneiree. rA ti o: usaee mbrt ananelle des netionnaire. reano Aqte pat to sec~;Al 8 de ao charte, une majorite lde. actiNEnnnir t'setalt pan present, I'election eert te rvoye u noarcrrdi 231dad oaratnl, e 6 houtea P. r1. JAMEe H.CALDWELL. 2 jtav-- President. lIh:AK SO. ha oheoI o mpent opposite the St. SCiatrlea' Arcade. on Caemp stnet. oie asod a priz of $100 the first day, bheides snaller prizes. jan',c 9AtS-10lto l Gunncy fag, of uperitr quadity R ntdina. fromt, ahir Arno, andforu alt by g jltO SIIHA1.I& BROWN. 96 Magauine et ' INeS a Education. How selil I govern my I school, addresead to youtg tracherp. and also adopited o Lantinl larentt int the Inagrtaetetltcts of faei e . : by t t f.' Wies, nnthz r aof '2)rau and a half in tile N av. f lli5ts ,. 'dea illonm le te Slnme author, also,iltt dtll ATOW tilt, iel 1 ttt ,titbarrlcn itee l i AVt\NAi Ctl ARS--tarrcea i :t.r.f .t.. "y to-OT in Mo,t.0cn'a ); lp ,,t n,:tp ol l , , ,,.r it th b' gt, qttlitta --+llrste r 4.1it'e(tll: : , ot roe ! R .,h. t,, 17 d: S0 U ,tun, ionU .,t '0{ ' .. ,i" |otttea,,nt.atur'.. l, .and for salaeh 4 .'.IJ t ;.,IIttNEY, T Camp -• -- _ . .- .,- -... . Of R'"i.'t'ttlA.A etp':tdhl . aortnlcnt of French Wri 'a tin, lt loe, taltaew. tlleand pat,erlns. for Itftal DAVID FELT 'adce. y, *(p ?brk Stottoannr' Holl. 24 Chsrtraoet Wh. ." e Yanng Wife, . tTr Yeng Ilout Keeprer, and t 'ile. Young; Mother, SIv t\\a I A Alcott, nauthor of 'Htte I Ilma In, 'Ynon ,hillt' (;'iiitde' ltnd tditor otl'llo library of ileainlth. Fe Si ale bv AI.iXAN)DEIL TQWAR al j"sO 49 Camp tpa - I )tOOTa'--I uat g ft'tut. ship Artto, : rasee of litt: t' _IJ A17 I..... l IIGI_. .& co,, l agmajue an S- tl.Ej-3t Inaneuxe New Itedfonl re Sporn] Coodles, n.,.,. -..ale Hiz oflapplroed lbnds, 21.00 gOllaous N,'tv idlltrlrd winler lsperm oil, of vety ats uperior qualty, aoe t 100 bOas No L, Step, " tilo do 0, dot " y)lv l bI) Sexes ,tterir'r tallow cadle.r, b 10 casks 12l oc. zinc, itn ahetet, h 5 cuanss,Slt aheetreach,,0 lb h pe r. 5111 ,br sheetas bnlter'e enpjter lalatrtddd for I 175 tbag prime green Havata e&tbre, S 70 ttlas refined W hnle Oil ' . ng Chamnpaig Wine: of'"nliau qu.tlty hutl', gunpowder, yuoglhysl d 1 . sa fltpper, ht ahct, froma 2 to IeitO/ *p..< Itltck Load Pots,.a.atli4 n crt jant2 JOSOEPH C I 0 roes atre efesloataeh te ,t and Ateaenclt aillt Itl f-- ry i Plhdudeliaphie, fur 1i ltet jntS car a.en - J .

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