Newspaper of True American, February 6, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated February 6, 1839 Page 2
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GU WhiERtAL, mai.rl Regulatlons. The (letl P,.rSrn .nlad in clorrd every day at 11I bInHs. M--, In. ecvry day at 19L, M. e Erner s 1Vail is clloased every day at half-parr A M-I-l due with the great Eastern Mail day. Laher Mail (via Covington, La.) is close, Monday. Wednesday and Friday, at 6o'clock. S-l due every Tuesday, Thursday and Satur at , P M. 7 Luia.ille or River .fail is cloned every Menday, Wednesday and Saturday, at 8 P M-Is t aid returned by steamboate.-Arrives irregu. nely three times a week. e Bayou Sara or Mail is closed every and Friday, at 8, P M-Is sent and re tlrned by the steambloat brilliant. The .n.4rradri or Red River Mail is sent irregu. hily by .teamboats, twice a.week. Lnaeal DnIes. haleao Jan ............In Wuhintn.Jan......... 2 .w Yerk do ..............21 Cincinnati .an .......... s le d............... e ....... . Rmll do ......... ...... S It. olie, Jan ....... .9 - luraonnh, J3a ............. li Iverpool, Den.........IC l lnalon ('feal) do....... Pariu ................... atonldo ......... ......0 I Ioedm .............. Is Ilehvelle, Ja ........... 18 Havre'do................19 PORT' OF NIW OIIANS. --- " "nn ill-armi-- =m SCLEARANCES. Febrarry 3, aIR Iw Silp Repahllrean Rt eol. for New York. P L.idSow ilr Caroline mad Mary, Cole, for Vor Cruo . in A Oddt. 'tr Diadea, ttnrly, for raod Caillow, Maern ARRIVALS. Twboat eTiger, Bsehb,from the N E Pee. havlnl towed toe -e- ship Telumneh. bharks Nschez and Alree.der; rturnord to he city wlth shi WahipW ineto., brig Audubon. and echr Mty EIltn. I,eft on tie 4th instant t Ie a in; r.ers towboat orponie hering towed ieside the Bar ship Wm Henry, schr Jasper in the river. Ship WVahington. Adams, S days frtom Newbury Pon, to Iteamer Worden Pope, Dilier, frain Louieville. Irlg Audubon, Sabeti, 5 days froe Haven,. tou R Groning " Mbhr Mary Ellen, Elli. fream Penaenl. toMaster, Stuler Brilliant, Hart.f rom Piqle.ioe.u - EXPORTS. .KEW vORK..oper hlp Rp1Whliden..to9 enkbrneeon. 3O8hrl poerk. 11 ben tneao. P25 hidea, 476 steirk fu tick, 4 d ie l Al OtOt pi , 12h sanrks cor.,n hhds tO lbneo, l09 hhdP hamlo. rnadze. "SRAND CAILL..OlW..per chr Dludueo..00 e1 slply barrele, and O brl polk. IMPORTS. VREWBUUYPORT..per ship Wnhintono..Oe tons hey, lots aporle. and potatoeos, mackerhl, and olepty btrres, J Patien, J P3 K0 tinght m, lietlul a Avery, J iG Bell. iAVA1A..per brig Audulon..898 blg. cofee, Sln hi Inaler. 3rt,000 eioers and lots rnioit. nA, to R lronint & re, P Do Linrdi A co, A Oastillo. J Piorow, b M oarcio, Mt Lopes, and onrer. schr Mary E.IIellen..35,O.O feet lulubar, 4 b cotton, to E P Simpon sed order. RECEIPTS OF PRODUCE. Gou steamer Warden Pope..5' hrle pork, OlI iris fllr, i1 do whisken, 18 half do bte. and lard. 3 hhdl. Ita., being part of ihn cargo of steamer Per.inon..3l calks enon end 86 keshlord Hen Kirro. I lhhdd Ron.r 0 eray. 4 hes mnde tohbehn & Brown. 40 hhds Inhecco A L Addison - no, 118 rle floor Owoller on onerd. 31 lin coltton i Whnte 4n o, o0 do Mtrrelt, Jenninge 4 co,:l3 do PBrander, SMi Ren A r Wright, 54 do Ri h'.l ethk, ) do A Slotren & co, 13 do rSond n Lnndry. 2111 seaks onte Owner on board. Plaquemine.. po steamer Itrillianut. .54 brios Ilolne Ie. 3 bendloe shinlen nand 12 blr cottom, L. Learpenlero 13I ls cot. ton Adnams Whioll, 15 lo A l.doux A ri. 55 do Yeoa.o, Sco, 10 do and 4 hhdn sugo r Follint. ielloiq ¢ Dnoe.n., 71 Is gotion A llourel & co, o. dof R Btrenier 6 do U Iaurie, 24 hhds sugar B Lnudumnniey, 43 hoerl onolaee.s, end II hlde loar Brand e Ldaldy, 8 bXs od trunks Owner. on beard. PASSEN(ilI I.. Louisville..per steamr WVordoln Pnpe..A onut, it Ho Mnrroy, Livermoreo. HBok. Ho.ell. Tankero, MNn, Tappoer SBurk. S Robb, een.O ilartn. Plaquemlneo.. per senmer Brilliant J R o Nlles. in lady. tDr Duml, lady, child and svt. W H Gllbhrt and lnady. Ehiic I LandryV. ies Anlnut. JL %a.nn , .i1 Keeon.l, Bauo. A Umnae M Com.o, A He0.ert. Dnvis, R D Brnlll, N I.landr,l Bailey,, wV All I, Bronx, D)lrandol, A St-nr.J W Put., Sam'l I'ut., 1.ahranche and lally, ,Mad (C IPoll, dau'hter child, and vt, Cobb, L Kivo, Pnoit, UByrone, Riltr, Dr Enit, MEMORANDA. n oeh Royal William waen spokPn on the I7th inotao by Cnpt Wails, of the parket ship EnCiIhlld, ill lot 40 14, lung 6d, owt onedey..t L sea w v, cry .mouth at at the hl me bhip Archeronirseo. 16 dlysd.ropin w N Ollans, seloied at Phildeldphia on the -5th. ..imon towboat Delawnre,. Blnnetlt, wt5: ihlp Arhner.. ehe went up Through l.e thick standig ie without any anp pareont 'eterrnptinn. S Cleared, tor New Olrleans, on tleo 241h, iark Nnvrino. -dwarde; sepoken, l1th nlt, brig loon Frankhn, bmith, 13 diyl out from N O. 8th inrl. lst 55 long 79 30. hips Contitulll.n. Glidden, and Liverpoo. Davenport. from N OrNeln fIr I.iverpool. W t7 r0oo l)WOKTII'Srtew ioentendl'l.A NINiI PIA 1tt CI HINE. PATENTED, Nor. I, IR16. The suhberiber hei, one ofithe ngnl-n ii onid Woodwortlh hao ,lone of said icehlinepitn, ul for use. in tihe mill of Messr . Horon & Co., in l ye c oty of -I. fayette, which aiv person can oXlnilln . as n e ha lioa nunmber olf said IacBhianes foIlp e, and hia the agl'oi for dieposing of tle nrivilrce for .sini s.o Inachi .., ole it desinros to sell by st1te.0 n pnrisl-o.n as iio belI tit Ihe applicants.. The mhtochies n are the o rl, aip t Iobouor r.ving machines ever pplt in use. onr dieirl 0.01 olnomhing plank firfors, nor loards for wenlheo r hidin. Any person desirous of iehla-hitlg, cat, call It No. 71 RK mlart street, where liaa subscriIer can in fllnod. jao19-i-m W111. P IL.\S.iNS. _I AVANA COFFEE--0l bhagso pron qality Sin atore, nd fr RUlIP by jal7 ABRIAHiA3i TRIIER, 34 Gravionr i' HE undersigned have illis day formedn a cn-part nerhip for tlhe traosactinll of u lieonii Conoms. leon and Forwaroingg btsinesoo in thisb City, llld.r Ihe rnol of SHAI.L & [IneoS. have l lakiia h11 new brick eton, No. 96, Magazine -loeot, (nenr P.vlnirao l.) lEn 1166E AIiAI.I:,Jo. Refenerea:n Jot1iElS IG lROWN. Stetsoon Avery, itnhiting & .blark, SWalton & no. \V Bogort, Iingorti J IlHawthorn. J Thayor o& co. ton. & Shall. NEW' ORLno.n. eCroeket & Shlarpleigl, John Fiilfiold & con, Wnlhor, EiIerooo . oc., Griggls .. Chiclkeriog. Boo.oo. I B Denoman & cn., Chas P Mansey & co. # Iildulelpnii. fnanid Morgan, 3Pnnhuro lln. Whitoeilde,.'oniptnlell & co l, . Edgerton & Woodbridtg, Mlariettal, O. John Woodbhidgo, Enq. Chillipoule, t. J & R Yeaoalen ,.n hl, co. ... . Jnmes P Clarke, EOsq.n'hllnil E& A Tree, St Louis, Mo. d 12 I l1itIS'lAiAS nnl Now i -oor'o (ift--A tonw ofith Englilh and Anieriaon Annunol, nill In lie ho? at the Bookslhor of ALEX T(WWAIS, Where n Irge noaslinrunnt oflhe Bookh suitahln fIr he iseason oan lie had. d8--Ii IMPORTANTro MIASTERS or S'rT:AMI BOAWS lhie nohscripers have i 0tonr a few h.rrtls of lituhiniated Peoat, an not nitioeO lateily invented ill NPo' York. A few barrei ofl this Poeat owasp" 0 n hioird IIe Grelat Wnn rin oo lur last tri:i;lle cp eor o tn en tll th flnue ooult f rho trial hao oletibed hi thnt I (10 Ib. o Peat are i qIu to 3Si1 ll. nlo Coo . and that it casen where there is difficulty in agn aling or keepllg a goo.I hneal ofnvPtiai, this fitel 0 dinpi-tenabl. hoe dil ectors ofho iGreant Weorern s o dlred the purchase o 200 hrle for the use of the slohi whichl wn poto ln oard on her lust de, arturo. Foor- a triol, opply to S LOOtK & Co. No R Front Levoe st NB-Buo hills r 0a in0 can only Ie delivreod to os toaenm bhlo, until os git a further eupply which wll be tn a lew dayo. deO6cS1. &Co fAIN'S--Chroome green and black paitts, assoated bkegs;verdigri andI blanrk paint, grotud lot il, in eaanilsnteta, om tih New Itedfrd itrum paint mill, fur sale I, I AA. IlI ttDli t Co, ja30 131 Alaeazine a AUIBRELLAS-t1 caes Ginghant and RantIao hUtbrellan, varioe sizten and (llan!iti t.- rt sole Ia jan 31 ISAACt IHRII)I; &(l. t.t 1tanuxintam t L t ID--'5 kegs prime leaf L.rd. LaInin, aotd f,. Pale y J TrlIAYblt & C., ja39 71 tPodra FURNITURE! FURNIT U-E!! JUSI' received at the Louisiana Furniture house, a large supply fiomn Ne,.o ork and IIHo tnn. Persnoa in tile waur tof ritndurr tnold do Hell to call.and select their articlea from one of thr belt and largea stuocks now in the city. W K : CARNES, d6 .5:l Bielrilleast N B-Partielnr attenton paid to packing :lnd ship g Furniturc, frreep of eapren. d6---iw E, JOHNS & CO, STA IONER'S HAl.I., eornr ofSt. Charles and Cotmoln streets. The-subherihbe,'a hat ling rev v.d and now in store their asortetllr of goauI- tr III ngltnod, Francs and the .Nurth, offAr for Wll tlhe ill, oi'nog n articles: Ep;glieh Drawing papers of all ries, de writing do o.perrvan I, rn a mediuam and deyol, fuloleop.totter paoer, cx. large thilincll etm; ,ot ble laidi U. don copyiog paper, at all Pizt-, London and Brltotl boadre, do f ncv letter and note paper, plain, d antd coral btro cad., American cat, lteetr nhld ritint papers from the I rat mtills in tlte til ted, Perrvan Pens of all derlerltions; BeartGerman and Eneliet quills; ttephen'n and Perraya'a writing flilds. Mlorrtnu'a and Perryan's beI t cpyitog inks; Etgltrh sid Ameriaut fi lio at tquta tol, , cup fro ape r; Eodgaren A Son's hbet catler y, lanotilltg it direk, pl and desk ktireae, raoers asd scis Poket books and wallet's Russia al lMorocco leather, raglih twafersand sealing wax, superinr qonlt ty; Travelling daak and dretin . eaa s . Ackerlanna' al Neeolao'tn besat nteltre c,,,to, Dnimkman andti Aclertan's dntwing Ipenil.t Drawing books, Aloms attd British nad Anor ican Anuala, far 1839, Ibna-E-aglioh, FrenehSpanith, Italian, tier man an I Itin,a otlallng itl classical, law, medical works, litcnray. arc. Jast receivte.i andl r sle byh "-a AO(-AU, 1i:.-IU0 celos tarred Ilope, aaaitett inu. tsraa n2 n6 inche ; Stpunynrn and tatlte eatufnnie. Dlepr a and Hauclatl .er; Atihgging Iaahn,,&e. for satev i, tREAD& BARSTOW,7 Bank PI'ea S.IPE,--,P 'i t cuods Bale Ragte, of asuU.tor i quali. frAC sale by jl MAAC BIDIt)'t 4 I., 131 Slng nin art TRUE AMERICAN ofwlcIE.i. I.e I Jr .r In connection with thi Ollfiee in a o SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPF hld rln "'x'E PINTINt OF t Pamablets Blankl Oheclms le Catalogues Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Re.Clelts, 3alH LeGyal Notices Auction Bills, Bill Porms, bhow Bills . SItole Beat ills I Oirculas i And every deseription etJeb Weork that mnar be regaird. ITThe proprietor respectfully canlls the attention of the pahlie to the above Card, and asoures them that all work intrusted to his ears shall be done at the short. I eat notice, in a style unsurpassed in this city, and fis at the lowest rates. o TIlE'PRUi AMERICX 1N. EDITED isv Jmeoas eanMrta. hi PAITRLFUL AND BOLD. of NI:WV OR Lt'AN1. at W·EDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 6. 1I39. D Our .Munidipalty and .Jr Gensei-Tbhe pro- * r mised reply of the Mayr to the report ,f the Fin once Commtoittee of the Couanil of the S.rond Mo unieipality, is not yet, unless it has conm to light this morning. But let it come. rthe Mayor will only I.e rendering hlinetll more o ridiculous than he is atade to appser, by the F'n. ance Committee. In his attrempts to shotw olffhis close scrutiny into the Municipality affairs, he hes only exposed his urter ignorance ntd incapacity to comprehend the plain principles upn which ouar ril ity hli tnstitons are founded, and the provisions of sa our charter inculcate. Is We are forvilly vtruck wilh the feverish anxirty IS, of Mr M ayr (Gennir, to, Ie eonsidered a great oan -to stne himself in print: sod t. ioimprese nheri of y his importanee and atwh,,rity.. He has esice his y elesalion, been conttinlltn mltnifeling s jelously of the rights and priovt. gem exercised by Ihe Conn. c Eil of Ith. Seconl Municip lily,and he isesanyed to death that Ie has no power to punish the refra.. 4 tory conclave. He has, on almost all important quesli,.s opposed them. and endeavnred to eat. lasrrasa their progress. He has been stubborn *o i I. degree in clinging to untnablte poestions,' a, r Sthey have been repu linled hv the uniled voice of L the Cuncil. lie sets np his mind arainst the r. research andi eculrenfeessad exerience or ien: and O, becanse they have looked through anlother medium 31 end cannot form the same concltuions Itha prej.. ie dies has stamped upon him, forthwith, he applite ' Ifor ie power of punishing them, and of counter .d acting their determiinaionn The course pursued by .Mre(;nois. asen.:lniane re- in the fiTnane repr to ,wards Mr Cellholn. th er cemptr.llrr, and Mr Ltcker, a hmember of 'he Cou.cil, who was emnth,,..d a0 counsel in noin.. tie rrtnlt suit between the Secondl antd the Firne A Municipality hns bPees s arbhitrary and pr. po,.str. otIs that a mnn.err's con-ideratlin must ,nonvince r the legislinture.o the inpro.prliety of ex'enlding his powvers nnd i'ves. ntie hI l vii', nw. In the fir' it.hantie, he tlrn*l man ourt of, fli.e ftr dl ing hi by duty, antlende,,l.urs In jnst.ily himself hys ae, u. ins the Complroller of an oflenee, which was elt committed beLfre he canme in', , f,'ef.or which she upon inspection does not seem to, have been rom.n nt mited at tall. II the second he annoys Mr Locket, Ino wilh n troulettsome suit to reeve the fee allowed him by the Council, continry to his wll'. Hle en" and denvoura to holeter up his posilri n , but he only I e more exposes mllself i. the acorn and mlckery fIA Ihe thecomtulityl. Ile ,hd beht e ntent wil he, p..wers Ie pts-eesie, and endcavour to fill the dttli., ol his stl oltn with the i est ahili.i.s he has, a. and not desire mIore than lonc lin he .hlould te er a lse. - LE'TERS FR1oM TIll COAST.-No. 1X II Our sixth ltter was in r lntilon to the Geolr gyI 1I l.nni.,irna. The rtfleclions excited Ity a alluii, t, I IIht subeJeCt e eluve e ,ncluded t, fbllow ith, t:o someo extelt in till- Ittr. 1 henrins respecling the age of le worlrd, have b n lirrllite theme, with nil civiliz:d nalt olr. \in l very n.ation tof porplne hale been t, r di hoild re, whr lhercvilizd or savage. It tseem tro be n innnte doisr.rlionr l th,: r Ir n i mind, to oui d up ar world for itt Ill, tl the olt+enre :rf all peilive ionfer .,u tirn ,n the e ljrct. Wherever re reeo anId demonslra lionee Ot, lhr lirrlllte And hore y hg n lleg ir wrk, ulld r'e hlad no olher rf trel thie flr fllirit hnll ereenuroee of heltllnmen nlilld. than lll edltF tlhIeorle. nnd s'. Itel+ that latve, tram tillm ;o tel,I heell devised nld held .rl. toi the r or.dl as -tanlards of 'iith, Itey eouli efird u he Leoloemeet prof of iot rIot. As Ino : g as (;eolobo was eu lied with the view to bend it' few nec-rlellred I1, t-, to ,ie support of a prt conceited tlheory, so In didl it rem ein c it ; ,S oI'choItie jtrgon. So Isn its tteltlits we1 e mane by oi, to II Iort the noo(o of gvIr ec rIIe o the orld no elong dld i appear ridiculous l ts a eiet.ce., anId r. tanted i a crlde oud u:lcrlin aeinte. All ilcusoits fOllon (ti. I ologieal riltn to prove thIe Ipretlee Age of thie world hnve been a fruitleCss Wtote of time. it is tllid several French e nvtller wVre encase ' in disculsing the age ,of worllld, with resprel to whic:h ti y entrtained diflir tIo notiotn. An old Sevtn, who litd rerain:It silent,ills ith hi: hands and c.go r.strng onl his emie,r it list retell.d to the grotuld lind tirLd prr a onrrl ric'k andl herld it to his ear, oe:.r hre" Roek fell mle rom ld you erre?" Stia h' " iI will ont r,.wh" hrlere po, lie hlii iO dow:n arl wnlk:ed oiff. Ilia nctios tftlhe t l nolnn Itl have Iloed it vltohlole hine to thlree world blildere ardt debaters Iltrout its nee. Until ;lir tl,rc.erie- of the great Curier, little was kn.,we,l.coirto lea rere i!rtlllnlion. Joulti t thrtlr erlce. Itero guLag ; tle tirened tinll rf nll liP donn. l'rs.eo . eg an extrolrllirllllV -lle orf geist, united with lha.h i Aorf u rt ile, Zellll Ind perseveroll ce i ,*II le Ul "J.r. took to irvestie nte, hie routellrnrlcel a crlse of di-sert ioncolbineld with thle rtudy o ll mt rly. For eight yetl he twi d d the dli-secting kt fe, exnoining, 0i leuel, the Iollicrl .lrllcnre Iof very kthown trinlml oe wthich hie c0ul I :lrtrin po'etion. 'l hle " Jnrd n des P'lanta" was thrown lpe, to himt I he nid of the governrent was eni(ted in hi ilvtor, and naturulials were sent to all rplterof IIe wor ld I to mke corllet lions of rare animalls. the reslts of which 'tere laid beflre Curier, fr hi slolli., zing exlmllnma'io. U exact and certain had erton his knowhledet-r, tIIIt it a· lsid, if only a etorh. ir a ing'e boene of an nloktor-n ani ei was handed him, or if lhe could only rer, the tlok of one, ill pelrified rock., he could frolll either oi of dsh, nt circrrnettnee, rdlow errtIetn exaLt dellrerti n tof all he other prorortriones f thle ounknowlr sperire f aerirnlrl. llavrg hlis etil, storerdt with a vnta ktou ledge of .rll ph -ical su'll'lure, he tllrel his nttenl ion io the in. i vestigation of the forsil remain- of hlas ilerle cuullry of France, ill i Iht1h it was so Orltit;itl. lie woe o Iot Il illi nnkn tie e .ltr astonishing dli-. coverie, s*cllh ar lorn illterealed Philosoph., ers throlngh out the civi.ized werd. lie created the scienllce of (;eolonyv rout of clt lHegve it 'im anlld -encel: In.ll, d .ip n lictsA.,l hoad lben do e in chemistry by I Laruisier, hisceleobrnted cnoollr. o fn Ile wa.r noet lnig ro Irileing to lirh' the fo.u.i re. b alms u" Illtlm n Whtole S:i1". llloll lnltltl ii ,r, ,.u l jnt haveP Ito exFtinutence ttie bbrrrlio olto ler, 711 ,pectes of planta were discovered in rllo-il pItrilntlli nts, which lre nuw crot kilor rofer i ie t aety aree, f the worl. lie dsecoerete Itoh iIe uure, r SIa Lizirds, of toot extrrordinary size, one of which i, de-ribrted as bring anht 711 eter i lentgth, and wars -htown to ptsr.sae Ihe power of lert rg it hrrnd nllbourt o feet Ab.avr water w hen in plrii i it:ts irpr. Ile elso di cover, d the i.e.ilt of the Plri S.lrlus, at kind of pea monlnter, thllat could move anllld Pexit on land .s+well a- in watlel, supi :o*ed io ller rtsom intcil llll to the tlabed rtt gnt of the ancionts. A vel-t number orf .thrrerreins oIf iuimlsl di scvele tie him, which art IIo(IW no1 knuwt, by thelrir petrifiedl rellin. AotinE on hi0 0 phe othera hrve go rllr to odl to tIle It ulti:uol of theeP silrprilngr focts. Vt.I i rlllrert on' ra rehllr o lle hleen :tr1clrvrord illrr froil Ptnltr, which, 't prerr t. have none othes like them in oexiso,ne. lerl. Augnzu , r of Swelzerland, noa di-crvererrI the reunillof f.o it fish, t Inv of ol ich like the phtsa and e,imtol belli re toInnlii ei d. were onel kteOwn in . living erl.te to the paet: ore of the wtrclh. Iof tilt heoek. of " ) r oio\1 coulltr.y,ha dimovereoI the tracki i:nbeltdled it rlOO, of a gig.ttic hird. that is tnk.onwn at ith1 present d.ry. (To be Continred.) Fromr our Tear fitre we glean tih fodio ing. Ctngress adjourned on the 2Ith ult., to meet IIt ther new seat of t.overnment, tt br Incterd lorteehee on the C rti.rdo river, nrar Ito-tr.p. Prrvijiens at Ihor.otmare e y .aarre n .I high. 'I he e.itor of Ihe National Intell;igorc r was tlt tled public lrittr. Dll to pravotll th, wearing of conenelod weapons passed thel Hote 11 the .-it lti. A law passed tooi grpe's tuhore-inz the n1,1100,on I,,an in the United Stlaes, and Ihe negor/otituon ,f $ ,O0llr,t0t, wherever it canl he had, o.t the oest ter~ms. No n'tertion was made in the Tariff Conres nauthorisied theerulno menltof f"iendly Indians as rangers to prolcer the fr.ltier. A parly of about 70 attae ked the rouse ofta ,r. Mlartin - were repulsed oad pur-rored, turt turpretried heir puri - slerl,and succeeded il killing ten enen. The Theatre ouder Carlos hns been opeond nd is said to t b-do, a well. If he ll seat of Goveronrment be Ioted, he will have entereal ou ha I eper. t;i. IRusk was ,-pected at Houston. Tkroteh the Coonier of Inst erenin:r , wr I rn leeao e Frenh flet witll 10,lI0 trOnpls e.t, ,d Helill-t Mixito. thaot heon slok n ofru altrtin'eo. 'Two, Engi-,l 71's nnd2 fir~ltoel od .rield rt Itnvo a freol Verr Cr.s. A Iege 0ecrt i. exputrtd tojern thtor. _n-neolesof Citiesl'a BDank. E. J. Foretall, Lou'd Ta I.e BHaun . (t. e.g. 4. Murphy, Edmond iorial ablia Jr mind Jonlph Pilia, have been elected by the Stock- oate h.,klers. Directors of the Union Uank, eketed by the Stork. Fin, holdirs. 'lT'lnomas W. t'ihin.u, John P. Miller, .1. H he Iaverich, Frederick Frey, C. Iteblanc and W. M1 .n-1 idel. Claii nnk, the murderer, was brought from Texas on Monday. in ,he eteam boat Cuhna. It was a glnriou victoay that, achieved in the Mis- Stn siselttpi Legislature. We mutst recapitulate the vote. was John Hendleron, I. 69 tlap C. P. Stailh, I. f. 30 1 T. H Wiliam", I. f, 19 te A. 1.. ingaman, w. 2 clti H. Avltbrvy, w. 2 Lot W. .Gawin, 1. ". I Whigs 6i3. Lneoft'oee 50. Mr. Wdlinme was enn- of I firmed Gtr the unexpired term of Judge Trotter, which cry only holds to the 4th f March next. tite The reonrier says that ill 18l9, all the old women t predieted the earthquake to Ihe the pr.ecttrer of war and soit wn;hut the editar of the Courier confessees th himnelfat alnss what ti think now. to 'hey are about to produce Tiltus Andronilus at one of the Philadelphia Theatres. They hbd better let i or alone. It is not ir f rthe stage. It would be strong mo desty thatctoull tened its representation. th lThe freight ef he packet hip England. which arri- n -ed at New York on the 22nd ult., amounted to $'1,7.10. in Ten donollnterfeit note " nf the FIngli bank, Do- el Inn, are in tirrulation in Ban'i.nore. naoings Bank-In ournpe there are 160F0 Savings I Banka, tle deposites in which were, in 1837, 49,,344, 796 Iloties. The Legislature of A rkansea have a bill terr them nt propnsing to establi It three new branches of the State et Bank. at ar TheVicksburg Whig has not into n saiarl wi'h a pro taf In, who il the labence of the, e-it r ia eonductin- the ientinel. Only hear h.w tenderly he speaks of hiskind ly care for the ilnivi-lunl. "'The pair of ears we hrve made f.r nt:r nithenr' "braying maim 1" are etaut oe ,f foraaerna e, anel will le faiished lt tile caurte ofa few tanv,." e A new tory paper, called site Expungecr is about to ;Ie estahliehetd at urliannpolin, Ohio. W'll it le edit- It rd ed by a black kbighti at. Piftabtrgb, Jan. 22.--The Advoecate of 22,1 nrelrrv ay: "The weather tha chanced to covere told. Roth . rivers are, flwing not ice, and Iunless we hare a return of sofl wen her. navigation will a nin he aenepended in the rorae of a few date So far, however, thelt obtrtle of lions hae not prevented arrivals from below-five land n half feet water in the rhannel. a-d fadliine." ad Cineinnati Market, Jon. 26F -Flinar $a a $6 t', fair "' demnnd. L.ard, -mall ale t l9e Park, trn'actiansa Sa liaaited Itat maarkr, prire.s nnnot ie rare.t; eletrltehl iPPat $'l, men $18a. 19. Wthike, sanlei 4? 43c. We r- are indehbted far the above to the Rapnbhlienn. cal Louiseilte,Jatn.2-'.-The (City ;laeate. say :-t"tnrt city durineg tfie nast -* ark ha presented quite a bu'i near aspert. The wh trf has been literally crowded wit:l goodi and linedr aith stanmbnat, and t rent activity nnlI ilhiaa rv a ra dlit lanyed by all in re, reiv:ang no, lis er -a rhbnrine freiehts-n large quantitr of crercri-, hnvre -'r. bheen acere e f nol hbelo, and otwing t, iothe con-tent in flce i, anow, the're in no salilita in the pricet ,tf any ar'i lir rel. ill oner market. The riverhln allen laboltt 6 inches ir. bhat isia. excellent hbtaine order, the weather corntines lir dry and coll and as some ferars are Ilt of anathrl ten, . poary susp-asnon of navienttna, oltr tla.itleos nuen seviaca the determination to manke hIly white tile eun b hines Ctffee 14 a 1-. I ard 8 a 0l . llalsear, 6 a 75. Stnar 8 a10. Whiskey. cmmon,47i o n,rectified r. 46 a 48. red G. W.I SeiS, Dentist. There is nothing more on etC nnying thoa toothl che lind no remedy fur pain, from whict there ;I such shrelmkitn, an ttlat which giver r inseant relief to the throbbing nerve -.fa demealed tonih. ,i. Thratet n-a part ofthehulllanl fire,more plat.singthlan a aha mouth neflautifutl nd evae an ivory-slrfered teerrh And on thercontrary nmthlin no diesastint a, a row of s nagele,rconttdtvtr '.ith tartar: An. one wh - dreire ta. fild imnultdiato rlief tfront tooth tiwho. or want fhe deficiencirs in their teeth remledied, they cannt o10 better then to call t natte on AIr (. W. . Smith, at No. Yta lif "'anal street, twh re they will he clpeattdt uponlby t hitin, in the maet ekillftln'manner. nuM1 SaScHotL lisTRItcrs tn Lw YORK-Y very t chooI d I oti,- n ttt .tte ott \' . to k, Silo e , .l ried to i rec ive ih April n-xt, m ·-ra eoo!toi'i'nt to t urch itoi a I i rr whid must he+ tpp~oprit ld to tot oit t ect a Id nuliing etla.. Denot in .V1e 1ork.--Tl't No Ytrk Ciy Inipee e ooItr, ri~iotrt Ihe d, ototoott o',~l - 1 , ll. dtHI · " II'ok d elll [ IH/ ..unr;,., thee 1rdi o t i Jioltt rto , o43di, ii7:i3o ln 41en, 41 vo sen , 14 ho\ < anl,4 . I ild*--.f a hI. hll 4 . wI r*. of il t n. of ooe t. trot d too er" tween i uIl~ Jo; 'oind 5. I'. Itiora-o o, t .hlx 6; oort optio . o .; c oiv ooulli o: o 1 f; ilnf anatio o f tl'tloio't s o .'o ; IlIa,; amwl 7; musil.,Lpns It, ke. IMlc,, m: n livilyv-United .tlies ill Irelnn; i 'En edll 4; StitrOt i 1; Gerov L HYeat Indies 2; u,,kno..... o. f wo .... w r .......hre'd MIiO Ui OTEATiOR.-I. tile eit atIourea of itat., ] u \ iloao.' (de.,olrot.) hi. r le i cld do t. ntor tin Col n eth oft initttto ortt sitiothntt. oooittieoott e r.Poydlr a pi e-eseal, r , i h em4h ntorarld I mu I sh tdTORt t1 -otoiti th t ioet M t.y tnlnhrl tcha. Orrnhht, t ae. memio tia l o lo hlllritoa.r. ofIt Q calllehm. diim ,l t oh th lle.e ' l..r' . ill t lyo i CotlltV. Ihedut tahn,, ii Q rli att,,,I Itt-o ' o rlot t 'I Ilto l;ijo . t" Ih+l t r oti ttIh MrClllh n lor in prln h atid rt e td totllv ,l;ltof h ITcr onF I i hen hnllintl ,la· k. Tha tilllhep i or' Ke. t's ovn,,e ta. , i e slro Qn th , eoiom modij note "Oa rm et uti ho ar oh, i ltl'+l~l·. Ilar hu. l~r,,c.iv ly·J v.aC. a clllau frnn wolu r tota . lMro ttl'tf. or ill at ro,o, rhl, h h ,..omin n. "i eonl~elll b+.nll. InQ,IP+l VIllct,, . :nlf are m I1 h1 n.' .r,+d nf, hyv hlr M~le.lV. rh.,l iol ·m|o.Olm+ Ilm. I·,r~trrall rnrlvo Ilp S p tsroo i+ nhr oeir otil o tI ct t . tolllo nt o i telr.r I· ilOV·l' Of RE'-I-SIl|: I+'.NI' .' rlV'. it ?ordnyt Fe b. 5.1 id. I.,ate I lt ito- aitt tart t t tt tet \or. t["orlin t o n nt pctrlnl of inedipa, silhm. [ Ml '. Poydlot. It'-tlllttl Oht rnl.llttr:atl ot Snln ] Bousht, reflredi to the umiti e t ,iit'o ot r toto- i th i d tod rinet. te;ot'e~. il h '." titr".... p e t....l.d ..... artial oft t i" iit,tha, . I Ib parialh ,f A ttese riot, praying fur t h tpltrotriottitl fory cta , ot letf lrefd to tie cotltmittro .' hdc I r.Conred Ir, atedid tile pt'lition of osr Iru IT. liar II ritoll, playino g fur t pleltllt llt t ut illltt 'tt llll IobIOV r'io in I. Wene. rtd mode t tentttti.olttUjl gronit It for,, tp ooe totott ltge pottthto. lau mi~tine lor-, xpt inur d t ino t Iroul lt tan i t ile I m i-tl t t, Wlit. oi i lit o rn i ot U l ttl lh 1 r:alllLt t r .(: q ii .ll ll ntryo llrt .Vha a iTt Slypkh r upaitoti, e ho patitrt thtt bi doa o tlictlttrrr O ir t n ll t str. i llhrt ltonr d truiledbrttllletrt, . ' -O iltIr,) en opP iiItaeo f the r sll--kst lt uitre bllE g nillie, n " bra *l g l' Pnm e--t d itlte loe t o au ti ler t isntiltt rot I. tionllr, eil lhll tif a hifer q.dlsilty, nr. Henrrlw.n hlladr , tlr eoleloe o lttr l ite, P lt:i.ololtld tlltlnite' 1too dettot,,dt oiot. iTdit a o torkrogtol iti u mitt e I, m nt o wodd I, 'ho, diwer av.ry slid .h-ullhn l o *e rttler -..nn ll un icil tn y tIh of br. +fe, t he oe tan lte toil! ,frrt o the tie o tCUlllsiti tt tittti ttet oo otntrtrtrltr , otte'e t ln l .r a I Mr. Wllllsolrth pl-respnt.l a Irill Crantlll5 a. .Utll Or mone to itble palht of Ilothl mille rort xtello ' itcur- u Id hi ill romleth ea eimi n pol. nr. Imnthilf r i Galrudu eeIit, shi e bll to i nor.,e tIl, ]h Pae€u rs It \anc 1( alFsl hl pro vln llll.ll (13 Ond l ell Tdhe I !leaker m ulmrl e a ran pld r I'et tttll t ae d o. ptttl e r . ol ttitrtih orinin orO atitr requitet by o1ts leg: islotlot', to jIli itlo of lles otrkt, clllrtad bty cho glren ryt , ttt' t atlint)d r e to1 t tIE I t1 1 tIlt e at li l-tip pti rtteyr Mrt;I to ntiHtotot ,er . ex ooaitttt o tio re tojtttt th .. oo yoiord te i a e triot'otd reToe Uted Sotal~etes frtdettot'rposetasnrortg forththe hi to'ry o +th Iul' t'-t). Fll rn ,e .ndlplnl alulier al~th (In ot1,tit. otf r. hloter., tterrio doe ltottt were ltoiJ uIon tl no hbe- cU!deltollt itlh cst' ouLllte aoouse. • A dilt Irutl Itte trilt.tlt tnl,tlrttg .~prtlotitetiltnt tor itt rtttvelllelltt to ,tt hau ttt 'Iterrletloll lon to i ur a f, ae a tLhtleo .atll Ilortloht.a w .I read I, I tie rt i filr ! tyo ,. I e n uenttIns, in af polr. ie llall i t. o i 3obi dl rt n orpiorth. Sthe· Pernevelunt:,. File ( Olll],allr " o. 13, neld theL Ph hil. do coint Fir. Cntony Nt,. 14, wKts reorald etor Ith d ani totd tttap1 ae.peo aod olnl tItllie ''esitlP. The yresolutlIt It ohbltin atitll I ot i'tunre.i fr Ihe t teltltme it juolt ta irot t ro ofcerlain tnoadetI tir it Iet ot FIurido.rived frittm Ftralees taIed Soin,caen:e up for eotts darteitttt Sir t. Olllrtd eaplined rhe naaire if tlis rcetlutiona arod .rpeoll lgotill-t ot, tclittllot shich gladetltyo, made t1 itolrlo He roIe.. tlle ilhci-ioi llf ltlt, Suptelllto Court Of tIe Uitct i td ia leo fIor Ito url-o t o' t-tllint tbi lh Iho ithittery ot tiht otljtel. Fraoto-t utld tp ipo,alter Ihe itell otto 18or 3 itihI Ihotl Itoe errylory 0r resa Florida htd otII heaen oedtid,~oo·ail kett iioose-riotn and iotolt* grolttlr o lu |ittog~r gottt'rollttolit ioi tito ''itidrary, held thi;,t lal I" hlrloot w * i- '!edte Itlte trely. Our glov I1 rtlllltllnl lille, in. i.*[il~trml p illl tA vaew ah,,,.lvr refurieI ,rP.g i.. .. rltoot, ootthe (olotloorid lrriro,,tottole 'I v t'hl~leaotot tIoi,.*icoote ortloi t oi+trittoret irt-Pitohotl t-t -' itt t i.t.iot itt,,ltt titl.. b5 the rr] le *i. igl~ nd b L+i.-;rlire Ita,`,rldlu(tl.o t+)lu gorr+'arnet~ Tna t ef the was ton obta n nct t e- L abling the claimants tio t the quetiiinl freely with the :oternment,clailniunmeinoteou-etliegheiinmnillt cht-I YsI out an let of Congresll s e utl HInllin aIt lnst the U I eldest atles. Such cets had b en Iplanned in eavor of East lacaet Florida, Alt.souri and Aikbn-sa, ani under theae arts o/ he :upre-ma Courlt hlid declided ilmporlant tlnd claime .in-tire reqniedl a simillr acnt in fiv.r of Lrofli ann clainmanst. Peraan iOildiingor ii nialiling It.tnland. nl'" der title froni the United States were protetedl; fbr, it Itael wns provided that the claimants ehnold locate lands el-eo here, wthen the Innd- elaiiied were unllder the U. States. This iprvision was unconstitutional; for it wa only binding ua on these who accepted and availed thmllelves of the net. Frauds were not probable. fti F the investigation ef juries, judge eand nitirnie es to inch take place oal every dclain. The settlement of the nrti cl.timn would tend to open ime, ent tracts of lands in far Louisiana to ilprovements anl rtll titition. eIr i stlif" qu:ed thie prlvision of thl. constitution of the United States, glnranteeinsa the property of ev ery sitizen. Mr R old thatc if the I.egilnature passed the reeolutilons as preffered, it wtould tie a.kilng eon gres. to pasan law In vnitation of theconsttitorion. Mr Thomas held thitI the can eat of tht elaimnattn to Sthe act eired every defect. Ctp im ots .were not bound to anail themselves of the priviltee. The law of con gress would be bhaee upon the principle of an agreement e or eratract, rofred, and to be accepted ar rejected. The qua tite was then iput upon the amend lent iOf. f red by Mr Ralliffe, at a for.e er sitting, to strike ite that part of th r -altl, n defining thle ltol principles req i. on which the clnins wrle to be d eided, slind proposing o th t elai'e to of -ands in paossesion of persons hohl- ( illn tinir the United Staten shlluld ilcate tllheir clnimlne l elsewhere io as ntel to disttr!'itll tie Ilseersor. I'he lamendmlent wnas t on Iy n vot of "!o 6.i. e Atr e.lp pr p t. I nll .n .lldmi1iit deCTllei.g tthat a. Stitoal hliderea who -hlnilt b ejeretoll in eontllsequente of t llilan of claimants under llinil and Fllaee shoiulI be entitled to locacte land- el, wh re and t tt tile elaim Snnta eiejti tg Ill m ih utd pay fir tile imniprolvements tr an thb land recovere4 by them. MIr A1 Fsutained this nmendm, na on principlt of inw and ea noi It was n tjnust that claimant shout l , if the r c'aim ae val d no re Ie forced to It'I.e othlll' 1a1,s lernlly ,owned by theim. Jo Mire Ar tRaliff suppolrted ie nmendmnent If the leaims - wer ecad an i vl d lndr thlo treatyt it :l d not hlle tl e the dielit an!. jnisi c of hle Ulleitd tll - rn d ..h eand he treaty and a dill te:i lighltl ld undel tite treuat. ir Kenner, na tile repie.entative of the parislh in to which a number of sueh claims existed, declared that it.- olh holders atit claimanta woulld be in flri of the recalution- and not the anendem nt n"w iofi.ed. They did not wish to be distnr' ed in the psse-s oanof tile as I eldenledtit t them by encrele rminiseoence, they did not wish for any remuneratron, to, be drivi fr fm their h, m",oa .l perhapt tIh gravers f idear ir.ltiins. I Mr C 11 Cno ld enaonrred with Air K. and nreuced 'i further, that in iaiv illutancelt the imlprovemlents Sounhl h- woirth m .e ihill the lnndls--n.lih I r-e a nto woild, wlhen thie balance was struntkh, find thlel with oithingt , or Ierhg . in debt, while he lholder mIr would remain in pseieisinn IIt molelove Ihe enilled lto another -ertiuon f I I d, euch care* have f equenrly r occurred in oler urexisti,,g las.a. e The Itquetin wiu a pi t in the nmendment and it wna c rejected" y n vote of 97 to 4. The 2nd resolution was ir thin dn ted. S AMr I ewin propoed to reject tihe 3rd resolution which ted 'augit to cast cenunre lpnn the lower branch of celn- t ity grese. Ile considered sneh a reso.ltion asn inpoliti: ii and calculated tl fustratele e obj et sought to be at n aio rned. A debate Ilut-wed,in which slesres' Tihomas,i A and Preston .ustained the motlo., and Mlrsrsr Miorie di "' Cotnr.:d opposed it; and thle ension being pu, thle hs mo)hon wan cari d. The 4th resolution a.d preamble nee were )li t en i dopite.. en- 'I he of tlhe contested election of J T Pree lien to, F:.q., was fixed for the special ordler f Ihe d iy. sun Tle bill f r a ce::eral system of internal imlnproven .a mlent wits tiken into conasitleraiin and tile house al fied jounr, ed. FOR LIVERPOOL T ile I fl-Ii Ji i: /r.i1)TI1N II . 'L , Cro thab.ilie p.rt. For f ighl of 2l01 a'e cotlon to complete her cargo, alpl to m fo FOR LIVERPOOL. I .l, h t: l Rmon :t - ---- - -- F.- L--,-rOI. " . C'nlt Dt , d, . iu l te , ie i. iCdi-te dl s. t" "I Ir thi of' :-{I" l btleN cotlon ti. ran p'ei. her ,argo, or p str , ,apply to I.I'VI 1 I 11; I 1E, FOR NEW YORK. - ANew Ylork a,d A,i w t rlena. of Pacnres. - T'h At -hio ''RO1 , 4; pt 1\' .I , 'Ill nel, nl.ce thr in.t in to-morrow, and haiviig l, , f ,, er call . i ds to go o, l ird, . i . a,.- ., meli a e derslltN . FI n feigil oI, p:a-:e up' )1 o , unud oppo -itr the Ie~elehe mr-"", nr to fX ,6 I I[ 'i' t ,, E .4l \\Y , fieo t. , t 11 •I'll. .hl .• 1it ZI it , Cul t " 'ne l, tr ive, , , i+ ,"clareig o v ,osil.r th • li.a. l, on. g eg . are pI ri'ul,,rly re| ue-ted In to e o r their peninls u.,l attend le tl. lld cceit o I tllflh ir g,, . C i . H GAI.E, Conig, lge-, fe6 0:1 Clolunvn at New Ctran-, 5 h oNbruar,. 1839. "'XCIHIANIE oa Engl,ad, hriire o, thisn titu EG . no n.. ivahier 1 "LOUR.-- 91 Illhl nding from I atll m .rr conuobe, a d Ifor sdae by v DlltS Y, felT 44 N,,w I erve _ t; o , cAi ii-- I: , ' 10 1 llS t , . , b. ll, ' , d o t,'6 tO D ' oio,.\'.44 ..,\ru L vee ). ,U -10 , bis will' i rlulle 1'. O , lir ellh by P6 (; l) IllS F, 41Ne.t. I.reee +VT ;LU IIt.;: B: +1+.. -,lu.i Bt-t-,-,i a ,,+fi,+eul eta+Mlard o-.d vnlu Ito bouots, ch.efly LuI dun pediio ie. lic.ntei, ,o C tI no, or I, ihdan dO Blyron, sllcndid Ivr ,T, llutrrle , do do o,,t'1,Ii int.,,. ,ilho'tratin, , .latio . It,, ekeibho'. \lot , I in Tou11 ' b "ll hlll nux, f ,ller ,,f lhsi-h 'r-,it. nil ipretdid eng'raving.; Lrtin n,,d irre. i 'lailt,, l irarv, IIi Enghlsh w",, "1",ttu , X+,X opo, u ., Shak- l ur i., I,oid ,o dIotamond edition, lItog'-, Ii . Itrlrk S'eoerd' , trle,. IThe Sir ct..r , 6i vol, iIn 8oo, ele cli an- fro , Briti-o ltts. I'orirotb.+ lo I d,,ier,.t, by l"'Iii.eli. Mal'oil,'a lit. of I. a.iogltnlo 1oI 1211in, v'in llr. vriety of notvendId ,innutals and works of .Lt, ii I.audsomoe b.:dings. E JOIINS & C7o, fe6 or St Charle tand C-'Imo ll nla - '1:11 II i. 1t,''i)! Canpiti! Prize.T T. - "5.0 GRAND STATE [OTTEIY. Drainge of ith. ';rndo tale I. r,,' (C.lls I , Extra. 6, 8 1, 4, 6 , 11, 4 , 6 ., 9, 1, 66, 22. Nos 4, 2:1, .7, the Capilta Prize of $18,IHHl, was sold to . r J .N 'lu rdza, a mcrchannl if this city. (`ItLAnS No. 10. .1-lhoriled by thlr I.rgiolbotire of i tille note. T'o I," rlrwn "Thlr i DiLi, l-eo. 6, 183:, at t o'clock, P'. 1. iat Bil hola' i lltel. S D \V1 A CO, ilanagers. 75 Drawn numbers-12 D)rawn loallots. Splrendid Schrrne. 27 814 Prize. amountsnr to $23: 690 'I'icliet. -$ 00-11alve, 2 5'1-Q-anrterr 1 85. PVnkls ,, .15 Ti-kets Ir $125, WrollitllId o draw .t le ,t $.i , l'aillicei of :5 It il l 'itkote,.s $6!o. r iW l rumted In draw tit le t., $30 Iti. Partkngef 3 5,Quarler Tickets $31 25 wlrrai,n. IdI li drw at oot $15. Foir p.ckages of oiloglb tie .1-I all Ibtono the * PIK '.%'I, d-,lsn. 1,1..g44 ' .i Daie l \\'elb er ent l, l h.g I rl pen, Cuo.,'.ns wg.'i If'err's flat - iprg do d~ s u[ do do 3 slit do V'in.lel' alitis do Id , o do Ile pItI it t lnip1erid Rleo1,l p~olt.t do (-ilu",s brel oi, do \,,iuoi do A n d G , I , U 0 l ),l:CiCl, .o r s lr i i rt t D)..VID FL'I' & Co 4 Chartre alt, f6 N ' Stationers Flail U. , LTiA( i Iltl. ScSS-i5.0 ihhds o"ugol, LL'. I 0A gallls ,Ioaaspe+-- n pIllttltli Iallove IhO cioy for,,t rby aDASIS & WIlT ,ll, Si-'w liraler o t 3 .li-10-.0 LIoies in t,,e lot sale by G fed sil L,1. 4& Ilti'V' 9 i Ilrncfzinet AG.\s-,t,,, Gu,.y ]ng., tit a,,e,,or I p o.. fr6 .'IIAI..& l BROWN, 96 M ."-. neo t 4 II.--Au inloice tall and wioder, wulraeld, filr saol Q .y 11 11.LL. & IIlt-Ws, P6 96 1la.zrine at STM11IRLL \1--'1 cal-e1 , 28 to 3i1 in. .tlaninu und J Gmighomi uinlrelro Ii. br sale by fe(i IS \A lRIDGE11 & Co,, 131 \lneascine I 1N1\Y 11 i.S--15t1 ii loalos and Ioundils, a:, - jetd -izrs, ior sailel by jfi630 I C oA; lltllllE&C;; nEt. .I-"nlllcilloc, PERMOIL--i casks, ..t.amd n ,,+,,, Oil, rr lwulrull [lllre far ral by fe6 ISAAC ,.111)1;F & Co,131 a.nrihe si U.i on pa+ a.iun abb th .e ity, lor win by S .10 .ILtO , BA ;I T) r, Ci Ni.7 laok I'lan, 1 iHl"',I Iliolonic II.,) 1uI Ii. o ' - j-o. ev~rdo, nun 16 7 utlk IPlae. I"tltl+'Nlll N '.I l'lh lT lit It. -Ju-f r.ceive', by Intlls l"e-i &. Co., :.14 (lI ,rie+ .-t. 1lh+ fttl ,uill , war. B teaui rlll ovr 5'I .iru i o gi.l -n . II i . a111111 o l \ Ire I t i,,, loo , i.. .od,,t t I'lhlru n, :l|lrc do , Bleuvai dn , L,.o,.Ux do, ollorn d. Vrier $6. Ili DIED Ya.nelday aiterllnn, at 3 o'ch k, EKi.AIDi AN.I.EY, ldelst su of Patriek Ryan, eiq. Ills f ieauind acqunno ances are pa ticular'y invited to attetnd his f ittta dtl " ner.r noon, it 4 loa k, from his Ilatue'r residence. No @2 Comnllnl Street. I1LACKIN l--5 bihls, eollniing Gl6 diz. e Ih, an A I 1,connlinig l dnlz eechll Ilnll.p's part Sir ( llacnkin, laning ifrontc .li Nollhvillel, Inr nale by Il fel I18 AC II- itlilE ,Ch,135 t Inezinnoest 1 l IVANASE"d AIII--30 Il prinelll Ill nll lInr for .aleby ISAAC iRilIGIK & Co., feb 134 Magazino -t. N-G"LIS-I Clotht P,,per-'ant received a f w n retlll o ern fine iEnli-h lllth Itper, 30 by 45 Gra inch., 3. by 45 ineh., ail 36 by 4a inchl.; snalp.r'.r article. Alo, i5 gnree DiE Marti pa-li blankile, fur taIe dy D'AVID FELT & C4,24 Chairtree t fer N Y Stationer HaIll 0 1IS' Ieldical Boks--lk oui n Phllhibis; du. Ol lluudletting, a new supply, ren'd I, ' C Im fed A TOWAR, 49 Camp st I) o l' :s, SH't"S, BILOG \INS, &c.-48 cases vo ) riolls qu rlitir, for grail. nlen, ladies, misses, boya, olotlh nlnl children, for sneah by fe4 I14 \C iflltDG:K .(tI,134 Mndgazine at ( Y LtITH INiG--l cansas senalllble Chathing, landing Sfrom ship NAon tllrn, flr :lte by a - fe4 ISAAC IlltIi)( E Ac 'o0 134 MlnFan.z ne s r MAY )ILALTY OF NEW OIlI.EANS. THlE pltp e aic sota h flo ar tu-dny is $7 75 Ier barrel Uaccnurnlitnc to the tarilt; tite Itakers ,hall gier hlt rinlg lli Icllanllin weak (ftIn itl lny 4hL i.t.) :17 llU ea olf lirenod for a Iiit. Bread el'tia et.elllll .tnualitv i ft reui lred to w.igh 25 per cent. lnre. viitl f3 oalllnea. tc til C. i(;ENtl. it la'lr. l Ui't'IS' Admirutt Il)igesat-I lige.t o' cases ian Sthe c:orts of Admiralty in England, in I vol n vo, illst received and for inte by fe AI.EX T't)WAtR, 49 nlipn t M UI.IIt ItY & Silk Worntnt-I -'reniise toi tihe Mulnhrrn and 'ilk Vorm+. tnllnslalt frll t e an ', I ru, Ilvo, just received ani Int sale nt tile let 49 ilplllsl - I E"E -Ilit barreln me"s se d pritan.t lctt ni tec tioln, in on, firratle by U I) (e4 4 INew l.evee r 'lf .NT-Pntee ition emit be givcn tontenit t p, Tka dlesirabln, ali wel ilitndl iit l ii'llelltL li'ne. now in enmpleie oirer, at tihe enrner of CTimpi ntll Juii.. atmrne. Apply on t. ptetine.i , R r l V Pi plI!'CI ilto & J& 3 T''AGI ' JlIr. f",5 I'lydnnib A.a tlzillrl. s a1) ketn ttin.Jl,.hl Lull, '1) bloxes 1lHarch, I 50 khes llBckwlleat metnal, 25 boixen ilnperialtrn, a 20 do do canisters do., 2·0 ltlf barlrl mlea sllrd, Inndtie frntuttip i ttItdroudtlihnfor aale bY ti'5 G IV PRII'lC tAliI ) &. O 'rTAi'RT' Jr. EMRO IIAi - WI ND, R-A per-n, rltre ý) en'ing himseleif a nirlmlher of ' ncr. fr,,ll rI'n, nlnlll I·igl " itia tIIl ntln f J Po rker flnrk lee tait fc Oluptll lton, I'eXnl, on fhe nL2711 if ICt.e-iv *nber l'!, Irnvil hias bill at tly Ihmse unpaid. Th'li is It warn tthe eood pni of, Itl';lal to beware of tte imipolter, fobr nhel thle isn it dlltl he is. WiVt CI..IlK, fey5 linilg Soln ilrte Comp-rollerl ' ofce--Second Juanieipnlit., ew ota Illelaun, Pt. 5,1.:1. r lUBIIC NOTICE is hereby rivenl. thint I will a - d I judieate at my li.e, to the lowest biddelr, on ttrllrila. thic In n intanti, at 12 o'clnek, the rrpegrini" for rtse year. of all the pared -treta, and id ewnik brntdering on the Satn-, within the ilimits iof tlis .1uni cI'he" oltrtneor to give laoud with one or more securities, in 'lie nin of $tii (l0 for tie fhithlul lerfiorm aule toftae dnti'e devotlviag nino nit. Pnvment It he nIdlllmlo ntlyv in eh n the l o chiiflnate ofnile Snrveo urtlnat tlhe work has been executed aructntir t en an teracts d J CAIIIOtiN, Sfe5:td i'omptrollhr - .t.l-eV'S lt & 2nd Ienuk ofn Ilinirnv, Just p receivei an itditional lapply of tile nl.t venrn? ilpulnr nschol btuks, by A TOW A R fy49Conmp at G OTIGl'TF. . :cillr' select ilillil- r Ie ln-, s klrchel of ilarried .li-, by .nra Fllen, ot Tiln I.ifr anl character of the Rev. Senta II Slelrnl, Just receivrd and for sale by ATOWA II, fr5 49 (Clllp li 1".W iYstlhK iene'ar I1ll, a4 'h e sree, I Iv AVIDI FI:I.'r CO(. Everv nrticle in statinrnav rei'nv madet, or to order, put lp,'at ail rt notice. Vhtlevalu or retail, en-ll or ipplr.ved credit, feS )i'A'l'T I,--5' 0 bis in fine trder. in flour bnr rels. in store, lilr .ele by G tI)tlIEY. fe.i 41 Newa I. ven Lti lIA S, Il"> nr .l+ andri llnslhelil--·0 6first I l qalltivl nlneae barrels; nl.n, 75 do. do Hog heild in prine order, for ,n ae l 9y re5 \V\I Plllll'l.]R, .V i"tP son . I, Kll YK -36tbhl I ift ltditg fnntt antleni iV [o i D mleflior sIe v g L 1 (il- -10 kegl lat ling -rol n st enm r Fra:lier and at f ir sale by Ui l)ll(.SI., 14 vlNew Iver.e. I')AINl'I'I) tlUCK i'Ts1-ti la tz. in -to'r fr nIlr h' S Ja:il J 'I'lAl't & ito, 74 Poyyiia -(t) D 1). ,1IC--300 bolo d 1n-lad 1.4 heovt blown elti'lel to del lature, braolh h lv hrt .,,r ' li &. Zitzn, 5 II IE'-1il0 ra.bks nir loot t i Jl Aonliog from brig til-ons. 1 or mal" by jan ':1 S. & J. I'. W llliN, It . .73-'tra s i 'ANNEIbi'S OL.--SI bble Ilrown TI'mmr' oil,I I nliding and lnibl aleby 7 jan 311 . , J. I'. WIIITN', 7'1 'mi N H.t:lOb4 CLOt'li-4i holeo al cad ee L. eve oKr--eyn, Jeans, Ac. onillt1le foir Ilel I lthmlg. for sale by ISAA.\C BKIIlI: F & o. jn :11 131 "'n.eir, oi I ILi~lrR, iurkkw lentP. inoo'n. Ac. 10 half hibs thmilv Flour, 1:' hl rlaio l'lhilhdelpth'i bucklteit nuual,1 10lt Quarter d:, do do 100 I do tIn do 31111 lalllprn extra o sized Hlavre polators, 541 .mall tloureeterrlweoe, 511 ialiltrr, pre, rved nllllnn. 21) loeti I'lilallelplhit nasorted preoens d, Justl renei n.lld fir otoI by . W PlRI IClAARD .hI' 1OTAGCRTl', Jr., 1a.o er i' rloor & l.,eaoz,, N l'li'::.-F,,r soli atn l F'I"'R Ii'U-I, nwiS w ill IN it fitllres, i Camp +treel in tile cenirlt part af:lirn, ellll IlIt no , g peolv Inlotrol ilu.'leo, for fut hi," artrt,it'to ia y 03a tino -f il 1lhii ptooer. 15S 'PFI(bIt t)1L-- l- Ihnrrenn if store o,,ie for tile hv i ni7 ABiIAI-AM I'111 El, :!4Il'ytvrn it 'TIAL o-7ti tonnfifthe hbet Englioltnaol. welll .ilted JJ Inr sel.ln h h'ltluse, m1 boardlth, t Atlllllnl from Newnt 'atio, flor allle bey lIbLnbijS & tb:., inn" liin n Place E "Je(1 1It1iG¢ codes, t-Setl brogulllB, N cuuuIIion and extra .izP. for -ale by F l.tll ll6 lbarel, chitice Iruands, landing fromn S flal balts, and for male It. Iji9 I; ibR)RSEI', 44 New .evee I \N 0 ,Aria--o6 buln ii .ti, and bfr note by J a9 ., 'E;T.O \,:\\ I.R0, r3 ;rnvier at L l`l{--.11 ,hioa fine lamling frm' w t .r j:u 31 Yi. fl' "Ei 1.Y, 44 New Leon N EAW IA AW and liedital iBooki: Courti,' Iihet-tolcuno dJttdicoted in cotrlo of Adtmiralty I of tb U. S. and England; a tew and valuon. bit workb Poteos' Digest ofnases ill the Supemll ,Ciircui and Istrtlll Court, a urw I' jply, 1 Ivol, l .lnar's A u t, o now ellllltn, received by Panll n1,he , mernt.l tdiinl.A Imuoae f r 1 39. noew ntl unefu Itti kt I ,alk tior Me,-eil gelteleen, Ai : a.oortttl,,,ent of the moIUot a trolven; Low and Sledici wort,.. I. J.11. 6& Co. jal7 ear Connmn r St I 'harlea ta AL,',I--25 r irneln ),5ei.o t illal nd 01MI k.os S.lllmon, Ialndon frmn i nit. l;harlestltont , f.t Ptr by feit i & J P t\VII INr.S, 73 Camp t (1 .I4)'rIING--10 ca-se, c,,mlprl-i, g it geera; its ) sorteleotl I . boIh IIIs, PUntlUUtlos Ve(sta, Shirit, nc. ntow ot1dluo ilnd Ibr ta'e by jl0 I BRIDGE & Co, 134 Magazin- e st IJAItEl! l'AIPRI-- us received at 24 l h rlre .t 81rea1Ul Itltallndvwine Iott r pm- ero blu Si whtiite li0 " Ilobblird'o do dol Id d, 101jt' I D Amtts In tt do ti 5t Houdson'on u do do do do 500 " fine & supefitle cap -llnue & white. Parlof the above are plbin and part rule I .together witi a good asourltmutlr oflrge witing papers, t nllthi a llio, poll, Ilennv, medium, o rti al an d loer royal, blue aol i ht:le,ni r le iln ancnolnttllttitg tern a, ly I)DAVID FELT &V o, N 1 S1taitioners Hall, Ja2 24 Cirtre- st ANNUALS AND ALMANACS., FOR 1839. "P..I'NDID Luldoin .nn l,-T'l'he bothk of RIov ulty, notrbIt I hol'ilttetll; Findel' 'T'ablcuux, alld 1'ishetl I)rawlng Room Skoetch Book; Ileooten Ctln'-Bitd-in ni Blli tosnoumt; Wunerly K'elbsake,--'l'le llllnprnal; ()rienalllt Anual; FtrnetI Alolf, Jorlani' Polrnt Annual; Caticaturo Alnnut; Cltum. Annual; Feiendbhip'd Ofiretg: Fisher's Itlivenile aketc I(Book; Ytung ladie's and v,,on. ooetletten'o Aunual Aloric, A Whalt-; (:hnrltlmls Toles. American Annurrs. Tho T oken and Altlti, douvenio; ThIt Violl; Tteitft; Mrs Gilman's annual e inter & Ilouseo ie Almanac. Alnastat's. American Almanac & n(eposito y ofUseoll Knowledge Blunt's Nnuti-nal lllaolc; EJihns & Co o. Ioouin.iou Almabnc; Crockett-Comic-Geroln ..n IAtlllttr, Stewart's Diary for 183-t, oltlliloilg o blutk memu raedutn for every day of Ihe year. ; JO.INS & Co. comer ofSt Cllarles andu Colmoltn ls. v 28--5 'h ,0 I" A..(J-It1tt Gtonny Bng. iu store, II sone, _A 1, :CHAM- PLIN 8& COOP tlR, 8j80 J, lla at St. Chaurles Tlerntre. Second l ight of the celebrated 'I'rngerdinin ,1it. J u OOTi.rll. This Errenins, Febrrs'y 6i, Will be performed thri celeblrated I'ragedy of A NEW WAY TO PAY OLD DUIBTS. Sir Giles Overreach, Mr [ohth, 'ellorn, llarrison, Spin Lovell, . tDhar, Ih. Mlarll. FPare. Cres slnrgoarst, IMrs Plianussr I ady AIwolllt, Cowel. In Overture by the Orbhestrl Grand Pas Seul, by " Mad'le Ruvenot To :onellusi with TURNING THE TABLES. Coil Lor Jack llumphrior, Mr Finn. .hrsmiah Bumps, rrowne, Esgar, Dar. 5Minn Knikbs, Mrs F.rran, s Patty, Harrison. LUNNY B4GS-Ill bahles Guity Ru s, In close na sd prime texture, suitsss I' r Pett, ys jai5 I tttlit t, 131 clnrnri'Ce EHRNISII 1INE: F)IOR SALE- . H41 lslxes )licnkheinter, Il L29 do Nisrssteiser, 2h 8 ao ttrklsirsmlls r.e ' anll rn rallI lw Innadisn_ f sm brig Al'xnllssdr ier flls Iltremlnr l asdl ea'ss . hIsst ' rlr l ' t wilt pturiielrlllr care. byv flctnrs r I lFrn ssrt. .1llts ,ai t'slouen's fi d t nl isg extensivels y withl Isli1 asrli le fir thls can nars. (n ls event "ith ' tilIt eltiqn tlr is llixl'dl, lsowine qur11s1 No Is, vPear olr'gstl~l a.ll n Id i ,i s ly amlllll s a lll ni llllrI , l t ,~ e Ilillr -slll. 1 j'!i A liltt tI t11 TRIE.I , 14 Grai-r .''t i r110 ItEN'I'--N r s tffiRee .sI sseslehrssnlss.s'i-st Pnf sri * y Mets rs. Krlly. lnrris& Co. Psearsasiot giv aem on thle I it pbrll,--a;Iliy TAG ftTri ins G WV P IITCIl.AiI & Jlr TAG'-:I'T.IIa, j, , " '.'. .. a.- % r.n ine t i)AtCK1tIt WA ''I:lIt- ss- 1 t. P i ksi, ssellreC NI cnsstm nded o r ability a ni ftediaess. w ill sns, emp svaeu osail ppklis:as Ioi It IIsau,. 1tr It & Cs, 1aJ 17 fi lilll it It 'ICKE1 ll5 -l 110 hlrsrr-ls ,ia t tlfsr.irels, sad 501 T l i bll r Els.s ll' s l. 1 n sail, ssl I Ik s sir-fir .n' I . i,2t .1 'T llT It v a '' 7 Pl ltlrnt l Slls l a h a 4 u l t, 'i i 151n ", ' Is yi r t an s 1 FI .I, l v II' Ito ;, til', "I n Is Grsag" . i .' 'r n I sl e I ' . o.L P-01;11 h. o \., I otl ex'i .,n'', b not. Jn . ('i ulda , Jai .sasss ". Irowbrha ,,isl s , isa e a hllsini js24 i AIlAt ilttl iGE .t in. l131la tnrn 'i'n l inl r '10CroIF It ttl+.ttII -t' Rtst I hss s.ih , L have jst. r.,ivs s i hsre s lsrtrr nlt sI Glass Tsasblers, I''ss'aits',v. 'ssgar oIalla l d v.l 1 1''s,. s n sd tod, illsass . lsirl s', I v illfl'r 'sr ssltsss. 'i5 a js,2? Ii tROWI'];2 &i '. 17 l'sass it A j'ONtto" iisis of stassnasird rk s cosidisiing of k- d d da M smoi 'ofiriek, litera ss and nisaceihneoua, ps do Napoleon, t' dedirated to M vol;ll u do PN ll1i st Cs* ( v ,ll l e siss. rivol 4do lson , hes la r ll atnr utl, I ol s, 4 ado C therib," 2bb viols, o i- o sirltlu le, H, rtlt, n- j o PirJe ,, lN ,cr h sir N'stslo ll- lsn, br h %' II Irt l lan. r v pn ; 1 ju5 s il 4 i,a,", sInr dults it l Is o th 35i 15,, 1, large 5tilll 5lll"ofsiln larl Sworks iusl ArtiV+ ,lt, for sittl "-y Alcohol, nowlanding from slap rol, mhinnn, and e for sallby J% i Is & .1aNsiIt % s, r jull0 rcr (C.mnll ~o T'roplllimllmn. at. S l e 1 J hit & aVI Itt si.. A' lI : S,, jaY ; ca r (•sr' ,,sis n . 'r' chuls t,,vlss s l s t .1) kecm i l ure . Iis l hla \While L , ad; 5 bhl.. inlil!.ins d, () I, sJAtVIS & ANiEW , IVl - ,I," ri,, in r jeli rnir ('orm 1no 1 Thorp i:,llhm i Isi I!trAl IIN - 41 x h x, NI Ia in , I.orin ,e' brsns, II ' in xulrl, aol.l ft.r wile hy or ja,5 TIllY"ER &CO,7iP.o dra. , ¥r j'25 Gi. I)tIIosE', I Nw .Lear SANI.L 5 !:litDU ,,'-511 r',lh ssý,urres %r". ('t jn6 "s Pont do. `V OI:\-550 .nW , It oo I",lli,, ,. -,,I fa,,r leh h .- ' CIt I+ t M ' IN l 5')'il's :lt, t' I .I h li' -t - -I' .101c -, o..s . s nus I . h- . ass 4I ; 4' I ll IN S&iI ('ts . - tI' S it ' sl 5 ib i t t. iS II t V t N \ - H'Fl.:':," t ls n 3 t rssnon. I d s. r·, ,,r a, o 11sll l ' is l hsa n5 r5l.rnh cco, :17 frnil- ,o nlmn,,lds, ,-i nO tbo.. pel r ln Inrlol]+.+, S.t 1 b he Io i -ua :a, ,nPI eil- PLrA -ihl hI" IIs W."11;&: I{ 1Ti I:1t .'I1 t ;:rns i,,r ir, i sslii, Ior l als b, '. 51.l . & rI l l' \, culr tPr visisa Ia f it, ( iI. I i'1'11 \1;- c.(he \nl llrl Item ; I d 1o 1·llri ils an' s ,la lsr ir .a , tilt" &y t ll ss JOHN V. CIIlLDS," 'INGstIlAs'H As'ts' vs sssss'Ll's I'IIN'PHI, t . ,i1, Cosssslp St. o , A 11.I. en-lame nal iprllll hi nIealir, Inn'. !atote . 1"ilhr of cxl .ll, "Z, hils l r losr sl'. dipil5. 'as... 1· 1 g. til. . nott] ad ,I ni I, ll lll l r sslf lalssl'n h( t :+en -r 0 50, d,,n r pli:-,% s rr war,....v .I+,, O.. hand, ll u- lr ntlllelll i ilr plats ,l, and eir a-r do r I' (uardlsl pr.nted f'os l lPlaes' alreadlys egrave'l. Iii%.t IV NE\V ORLEANS JOCKEY CLUB RACES!! ECIIP.lE COURTF. .PiINii 1I'I 'I 1Ni, I839, wcili r.emh.+.iii ,n \Ved ie , in 13,h u l M '4l., Ib3.t n ccl. nil:r 5 y,. a ,ie r, llur due time. 1 N. LIV. I, OI-'FI)E --,4 but'- Ilavno (Cellee, Ia:dine Ins 1 / hirtl itugr \\I' I e-I, fior ue by ja23 J ' J I \V IIII'.I''l ,7 ('2Iinl p gt - L u i'r k- 11 rI. ,, el . n rll r -.le .I , okj.9 (:II \11lPI. ,r e IIH ..I , I ,, J.Im St do v .' r. n and r rt ilcr, ir( bi, t ij 9 (I I \.L 11': IN J (' ·I.\ 1I.7 1' i,8- Julia i \ S_.,, , . l ir~l iL ill,,lr,- 1 in s .I "'h, ý ll do llu 3 .. - 1 ' o ilf n 1 coU. iL , i, u llleli i,'u . Iva U. THE do S, - e ran, uli. und p.'hcn!, ro vl., do 'l l leo . It'nlih,. 14 v. , do lluad 3r v .+, e f ill sh ve alu t oll ft hil ifeL do Siri n illcu r e ,h 1, 1. 1)rIl do Fldi-cnl . I t II,,1I do Il.uicr e Cc Ii..,., o Io,8 do ,lR'hr llr-nn (n'h i. u I ll ulh,,6 Il ce, Ido Sir I' Iu lo cii(r i,, .1, I, .,I it;.. I. lie .,Ibve,'.a lo ie'-e uif,'e,i ef I.ce d In edlilion Palrc works. WV II S'llid-,.A 8, J i . pa .i hip NASII II.I.E, is u i' - g Ii' her8 l pl nile the Vegrlble mairic e ('n ba.gee, will ]phase attend to th, r, : . int of thell go lS. A cOll,:1 , Ag .t, 1eh4il (1 llll( +r F| t. I I. ii, il)K -- llunk lhukl, . 1 i.i lr 'fall klitd o l. I , ,llilu - ll lead b gitieol IncOci .l¼ il hn.a - niltl ll ' coultry rlll ihll.l tl, an J ii 1h1a e i lermicat I 71ii IA.IN' 1e2 iuokzallre, 4! Cicbu1e 4 fo : K S IH . 1'1 I'E - k sI o· w, I IIIII _ / Chartres -t ,o ý do n , wlrrnulll : l| d Time '1 ecp P as( llllilr L rtiles . Pimll -l nl t l ll-d XllllillY te tie nod J! wel :r lfully repairti) rd,ant w.lrrn lnIt ; 'barg,+ dIll oaliI . "i"i C lll:oll ,INI'El:--150l tuox-. l'lu IlNd utlr'lltn (l1ali ill o ie a i ll 1,91 IrI. IC' b, ,E,2. IIIIA ' I.IN & C 1 iI'El; ,' I,Ilii ul 13t) -I --lt b .sk ,, Lit i, u i , f , c -e o t jc J ' A R & ',74 I'.ydra slt i utn (auIIAII'LI;% C, " Cll lll'1. 2 J.llulieslItl Sllru New P lri. a00 will is - aII ,lir ra-ln or approved re- dir. Aloe, I leh er press, nlo the lual uo jill N 1 tNI i allle s Ilel. l 1 Cinhrlregsti pS Elr.t, WA N'I'E.D- I+U bsn l: -.tsined h r f2 e AIIIJ.. to 9I"I9 ( 1 IIAI:(L{LS\Vhi . .... Fi ..... f r .... by I tl iIILL & IlOW1N, 98 .,laglNzme st C1i:--:.lI c.,cc, udd ii8 h eull'rck' tlucr. Ill slue ii l J 1'111 I & fat 711' , Sll'u ytlr P and Ibr ale by J '1'H.1'E,: k C.,, fe, 71 I otrus t ill f or IIhlt, lu , ir ili by Ie:, J 'l' A Y~l 1 & 1'u 71 I'n, din= /1 | llr smli'h" i ;Atire I1 71 f e. tla b n 'e, J-'l'H +Yt II K ', (,, it I'oydrlasr /aiCw p St. Theatre. ighlh night of tie engage wnat of the celerlnted hiit. Elii\N N itf( l lWI' Tills EVENING-, FEll. 5, Will ihelldinii,( d the Trangedly ot TIlE GLADIATOR. Spaltacus, lr I' orrent I'h.rar;ua., Frlederlks,, Cresou,, Fielhlng; ellilio , Mrl lnrrell, Julia, Greene. 'iTn concllde w'lh dhe laughable Piece of TIll 1. EDDING DAY. Contest, Mr. Johnson, Lord ILakrlnnd, Vaihling, Lady Cuonera, Mrs Barret. On Thuersday, Ninth night of Mr11. FORREST. VWA~HllINGTON BALL ROO(' Dress & Masquerade Ball St. Philip "treel, hetween Rival & BIirihn. rj HC 0laouaer afe .heabv iun;,l tlnl llaai,grtte r(~l'; Mnnlrepr .fT i~,lm tthirt. Il*tl;t( II Ilimc iipral r l ful Ith i frjieinid t ih d thie p lic ifl, tilhe tii tiarn It. ed lrnlroluge s IIPsoP e onI hin lor several wlasonlsl rePeLnc' ill y infierous thelm hliat |he etallbli hunenl ha Iaen.i eliaglleir hIhe attnsennllat if vusiltes, and un* loergonea ineallm,.IP rIllirs. 'hII r will Ie surpassed IIr liln in qu atll iiV rIl equors,n tlihe I.itsaurlnt, ill Ih I b. y lhe ll lle itit stlaturllr lior ill he United S lteles. in. riinn will re-op n oni tlaturd.ay evenl nlg 3ld af .OVrlilhl~r Ilit.lIti% a NGIhilNIh t)I.1a, & MAnSQTiERALDE IALl., nd till I.kenFl ..... e... ... le'rtY Mlonda , Wed.l..s I ltand tai.liet veni ng, uraniR the ser;on, ah eh Ilwill nll Oil theC I'>t I1 ln~l My 1::i9. N. II. Thl e iiiptet nllilntlilli ll llie paid to k'ep ino ierfc t utire tlri.ugliiutIi the cnahaliIiment, sea a looelat on NEWV UIILU~~JANI ,tt N OSIIVIIL. l RAIL fLOAt) Ci)IlPONY. NEaV . llR NN(;'\IENT. r 01t E I n tii , Piii ill lii ilv re Det lnlt fi to i amii -tri tv er, dci ii St A. II. al teio, at 4 . ..aixpli Sundatas, alask iEi Eill * 8I , 12 Pt.i l . li. rnY ... 4t" arl"setraiih tiilie DT m ('.nr F tor .rivr IllriP% w,)vid,.d ths numbe:. I 1etlll, int. i behr sol dtoh, t ill rte k in one .o, o o II, m it-9 J i IIi oAt DolEIt.,, Perhl, iit. CO3OT iON E:IIIC E0IJA l o 0:"" t1'IIi ' iE tilh Iii an reutrlnle o prdhiat'on nl "tilli . Isjal a 1(. , o Kli R I.M ii 'at, a(rhi ee a. .tiIi,. (CL'ae f Gr oiie S l ) or a Ln RU E A RI ICAN PI INTI 1I; o IrF ICEi " I l.,rlnr (, S I'\.l dr liil{I C l of SlId u wll bt SImprmtlhy hwlIldrn to.i DIn, . I -- Ai ITEAII BOAT BILLS. E\V¶NEIlIT~ o thel1, or, C at eTAI of sTEAM - (t).VI',i ion hoe their e lte ilurlrk aeteoJi one afttaoaiolaulti)l uthik el 'leio-iuli ori('hrd apter,tnrith deoiptcl, onoi i fireranI '1Trias, r j Ifeseing tlinr (inaon ofliliR AMERIC.l I 'i N .i taCE maRcatier $ Nilv.=!l-- i f tC till, jud dorecie ind I hav r stutrl. i tth Pimn el IlllIi ilit-fi ll ti 1( e &u i 8 etuniamuul n.ieei \ 11 I Bld.M1 --li l ('t I-.h i',)x, f Ft ln maim uiiil i. li,,-. .mr .iill rhuium Iiih, I itia-h-I finrsanle ha j1ill .orn r If'l.l.l-c:,t i. Friin l Lsr ee -ta I mth ibet i out.- ld0 hig. t i, t i,, elate, fh r ati bV t" I.'KlEti ai l., janlS 0 ula ihvl niott iinnek-i(nlyiii h, lnl. , nias i g, otl, r , tion litle, l'itluphetl,- Showa miles, Colit Ioguete &c. &' Co iliDl)L. foit the .Ilhoimm, on!, oeli ether m meritioi inf 'Ir tI I 'l·ui Lt ri l'ireCd at :oi llliln g Emma,,, oli·)fTllil+' A·iI.IILtI '\l 1 , 1 iii e RI.Eten ItrE co. Fri , hi dioinor Ptar illr i-, l riiae e o ttl -,e I'rioting i o 'iCti ,u cornier of I'i sltm- ai,1 Mi. i'hallos i t 1 m.rf¢.nirr emed b,.mnetlf IaI',,,. nNd thlm ,-oUVeTn f riomlhet bs IFuadrini isi"l tb,. 0i llm'tid iilote., hare jur "t been adiled Ii tie oi-citra/-slor-el~ Fetniomeo.t; I. exlt l;,iiull"i and I ila t uI iI ,I t , o oi i Itur (i llit . i '"lr l -l t 'An iis eia , N m ... .. ehictuet ai,in,i : Iliallh,u I'l,,rhu , I,.ll*, it ' ntu iI mI rth ee, c rarr ofI,.' tit I'iti C- e ti-liI I.% (I ,'tI e l,i i m ro .+t r ol ' li.lim ,i I- i i. I "i i h i. c - l, ni l , Rt Ii i i i I hi'eleui!,i',,,- ! at r. har iii i#titmi , ul aum, I d #,0 h ,s,/ .tD e+t. " t t tar~le rcrrilrrl ,ut ('l Noirlrliq Ithy·ln_ 2 t('ratE r i 1 i ttl', l" i It I i . eut[ it I mI ie i It i lrrt,+t Ii.,i, l/l [ ( I n.c. lir:or of, 1I I .i , 1 il Illi.. n1 Iretatet .; ERIt r T.l M ERSCh(')II . .'Th. inn . lruci iiti tl .,ttr hor. Sot i. by ,' mehmtliitt c) * I'n llp~ii n_ 'II,,l o "1 RII - imt \mil.lltIi.\Y I'elf T,-m A I1V 1,\1' P A l l t., N:, r l , n , l l i i I i -rr J..1 1.7 Liars. r wt1 01 at iii a Ind 101 p1,le i c 1,1'A ill icc I I,, I., c 111 ledg- ,) - '. c. Ihe r Oirrln ' II fA 'r IS 1,1, ,i., I no I rl18t 11h ad 8,8.1 : ;·l·c·l III l ii,; pod-"1 8,1.,1 cot! I Il~ ore ll o of 8. ,, ergo, d 10 n iir i 11, 7llll,·a n uti e.1 1,0 P".l"o C ,l. 1i- 01,' VI'1118 Ia ~~ll A"11 il l N -. · llN N d~ *'*n . .I c . I '",' L o": c old I o,,,','i,, ,I .A II I i o.,o ,',a~,~t,d"' a-c ht ,ol~" 1:I,e 0i ',r j,, i 3o5,datnd dJIIIN I. 61,; 1, t All(7 " ý0 n C ' f1.1% eect,oed,:o o I t, 0 d. c Fon'-,, s cidnoe. N _ 'i tl l011e n r11, k n l 'c :, 1 0o, d,",11 .:IrII) I l':1 03, onto' ____ 8haaie '""~-,p tT llor l 1,. o'1.', L PI "1berl iel O ,l-,,,,.i· j r..e am.'I Innlo n~IISA 1.II ac HlfoIo,,e I Af oIr IVAI j' l1 Ill1'IIIll UI 1IIII t and rot :d DanIt:lleaaei· ·I r'11 f~0,01, ",,l ly . J.1,,, d ) 17 .dc1 '-h jO, oe,,o ' all . r lt t t I o l Ie iu ha liquid satio T Ui C' 1li pI ;,.-" 5". h i -t Business _ _90 illCo I'F;I' Tll. ZI'acde a3 oeeleadaclolloc·orI,,,cco* h * g' lilall, leA a,,!,- , C ,i r,.-qo. ,e oP in ltoe and fn solo' by i/llll IEIltl·. \ lllnrV nd Fo J'I E 8d Gravic i'n at· "y the r ullll r ll CT 'the oli I ll l nlrlsll otIt , l' e,-p'y.d cind II II 'IN 00I 4 i .I'1, gAlt, -`ý - _- - u+ 1~.tun :10.l,~.r I t" lip, I ding from hipl l.' .lo, neell- hose ,eye dc't'g ih-o,l,'l lll·r,ec r·, III III~) I( leA-I,,,P~ Ilot 'ci" I,' I t I I ' t aIO ta l ,rrr . rul( Iio h Cod, fin, sale yJ U I El a li~lT 1 i-3,, I I ,:IP( r, in stor e and forlg 'if _ & ,749 Cenrnyo at S(.lsI oi'll I nbl t gt ,.0 I --(N '11J119N.lp ,,l , 1, /f, 16 ('list.$ tledeowrnn,-led iYnll, ' u U ,u:I ,,-lil l' et1 1 A lley. he moIde ' w,-, to le '3 118,01~ I 1F' tIrý b yrtlrw ,r' n I 'lIAO I-:I1& :t8, J abantrr. L(II I,.1 wrrk. a Uuu, it sj ar l All ce, coin're - ',ylc.8 tltl\e.s Illec Flel I'). 1839.·rr lc'ceie a hex ,o1 iIthllo ar-. (ey Hi pu Illll t hle· er ilS rIII 1 0e lote rcanlhpg UT 011111, I 4 slB or,,e'cl~o-ics ii tKh~la-', Ilcg-ss, b ee,,,ly C, ciuia.hc i c, aId, 88 go 511'1 .fl1. I' l 7 N '\VAle\. I' BD -l0t ll v goods or L II lIor s I , ,eise, at U 41 cn oi, 411, Ia l d cl J, . I~lll" l'u;t 1 . I "l1colltn .I, gl ohln. a o tem IIIIRI( l ll,"n nnrr" _ (e2-6Iw1*Iil acje, n Ip (ll LI 'I' lt t, ,,l Iii -F uu' ltlII kt.A A . tl i", e; 11ev':r11's ,~ 2410 ~ ~ ` ioos cId~ o Il,a xdiu h TIIat. ~(~ O b~r~·s 51.111· SOL(·1I(111( %I I.- Nd I~nil rl GIs ihl \Lrl'bq Ro~uy',JVlu rrr'y 0, 139

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