Newspaper of True American, February 6, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated February 6, 1839 Page 4
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P.i"nm'lr ftirll., .+.t~l : .ii ·I"" ,,·. , ·': '. l .I,-+ 11," I , I t liij P , 't ' S t (i. tCl " Flanr fh, ei=.t'tp,. '-4 IL.,.. L.arIt." adl ',r,,rv HIid l ifao v llurtritt --. -',,+ poptl~r 3ledici,.. t·e. 's A tLa,. t'i 4 aaattt CaMtII.RCIA, AND NZT-taAL. )·l .'~lle lt.,and Rap'sitoraa f1Bsn ' "€ a " t au tninl li,:ti-t '-ry, Latioc a A,.- Lac I,,r sIS - tlitc 'a Natgi taio ; ARaIIITECTURrI AsD A BC:I'ADO 1 Sta' b~ti f ,\,leaitatatltre, I.olndh' 2'v. I At, a a itt a a ii'.,. r ar It a , i da in t ' In . .rllcectl lret 'xr'a-'+[ita II " l7a t "a • .:.,/;lrS .,,.nlll,, E.,.o,,, ..,1,,,o2 .,. t ,, , -- ataso ii "-ttttett 'autan' Ia,tallcr t-a r.' tae at"hU tall l "'i h tell t aa. a a'i' an th, i t Utatilh, "hllt iote't.ltJ Iat Cot tt a Ior h W . I .' it ta'ti r , dI et /dIt - ir'lata i . (t ri ll' :ttt tl a' q+it r tltllet, tta as'r a ' i la . It n, '-a I 't, itt ". a m s Ullukewln~;? )e In , .'t h"id cl )t o, 7 'vus . ,q , --e lhita lttaat S latl ,R:,I'III Itllititl l a tti ie ait'rle latanazat 1 '.I';ia . .. d. e • f t l llatila -ll t t .D ..e. . r t t tA-i: '. t arlt 'y l utntIttt (,,,it. : . fr sal exrr nl fc· Itr lrettitttl attit it l' SI" lh'.at+.r t---d..p, at 1 T~ will ll· e relll ih- di .'.vle tned R+. h .+r itl e ''ltl i+r F1iX Litata I t tll ll - i .l i t i ai" 'r c itrv ' ,, "tr +Ili tile F," 'era, A.r . l+. In" .Fil e Fir s LI li+'htc++l be Il) nVe~t" - ++tls "r l.ditlll+% ]t 11 ilit lr, i tak'en w z u t le , rot +1+<n l eytttat Il iha o ipitalt.- illI ttt--ae nld ie ":elltI~ ~ ~ ~ ~:·1 repef h+di,·.+,<t;ln "qe Iv l· ec,tjl dI "t, - ='n.+onrg i ' i .; ." wm d L( i:t cl vI; 1(11 11 : 0 . • t lh e tO m t ii ), Illtat p. . a 'aa t tri - n rlh' It -lcll Ii' iillht FVl'S l re ht ll e ilxr < I t ==1 iid iid Ill'NO I1 rc l/,'r, lll. Ihri(. ii..P l+ ,0111· iit t,+ crP t 11 14 c c II '~ ·ll I.P T .~III:,, D il t llli 1· | lt~ll 11lt.. l·(lll C + '0 1 "r hs lld' fl' 'lrllt, i~ l l+' . a? i lll:+l+);lrl. , • t't +rn" "*v i+','+'z: i' IIl oi;I~IS ,I OC tlii ,!l. l t L l' r - =frhealU - lalt "7 T·l'e lu , l ' l ~ l( II x,*r) \ ilrll+f 'I'r i"lurll+. rr: |..dvh"crl D~ l IIFI Illl, t { ll Po " t ti -..fill lll.i lrll " it- 1 . , v fli p +.rm* l'h~e 'h t 11"i) I ll: II( \Il~l~i; ' "LP~l FO .lP 1the .\pil u th.ll;, Il~(C./ I)· i, l~rll ii c ilx al 1' . i ~lhtThP-\U!I.Ji xit..'lr ,\ 'iI-]I:. en . ,,n ,, n . +',h. i+,ll, Mthsttbsipt and -o-,ile ea £10101, j RS. MIARY ilIKli \LAN re.peoelally an. . iollnces to licr fri. ,ds and the ;ulblie . ne. ally tt sito lo prepot r,:d to at e olo llle them At ht abovh o sto otisl,oneol, gird hiopos frres oer inortions to rendrr v:itolr.s oiono. r' ,o , io receive Seonltinulace of torl.or telvur. ole tI, Confi. dent that vo ititoo t ', ,co.t o durhle n ho isomer onotlloh, tollotll il htliedobosr r I CC )I1 Ito inh than siho tcan ltiord the,, on ,o~t hbral trm. tier house tos p sany itl , a:u.l r.1l uplld with erery ell-crni,,nie.; the : tar is aurnish'd with the mot cho ice litlrs, & . Io orl, she prom ise O"at notlhings. heal t tf: .lin hrr pout to give ,tiro saisti.,tlir n to all whi may o.tronize [ he dississippi and Loui:isa a Il,.t!, j,13 ro-r,1 i PUflft.-:-c unl riidt I, S- studied ut dr Dr. Peo midi ( Of'i-trho lon, Soath Carolina, and for Son1 y.ers his assi-tant ill lhe practice of mt:dieine old --tro.t.,, hai the hunor In offbr his proltesional servlcets in this city. fle assres the tIdies and genlllllllten tIlat the tmot prompt aotertiot n oill be pid to the calls which epay be made; and also ,ilotrs his etetvices to Ihn holders of slares, bIing .ell acquainted with the diseases conllon to themt, tvilong attended thetm its Itih sugar house in Chair strl. Th fatmous anti bilious pills anier the componetion el Professor Smoullette. with direction, cn be h ad ftlthe undersigned. The efltet whichl thety Ito,vo produced in this and other cities, has been Otli.tudd with the glcatest success, to wtlllhr tile host of lfereences can be given. Apply at No. Iti6 Mloga. sino street. JNO. Mt'LORING. IIULLUiO aV itt, iaUUOý a 8C1''S SAD IRO~S, ke. T HE HOWELL WtOiRKS COMPANY, i:,t. 238 Water, near Bueokman street, New York, lhave received thoe I:tt ,eason,0, n00d re co0,stantly receiving large andi extleisie ltddtiono to the toh:k lf tie above good-, whirih now eons.isto of tlw allowing nssortmLent suitable toh te outhero n and woestern markets. Haillow ware of superior quality, consisting o! about 1500 totts, viz, Pots of 22 difi'renlt sizoe, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, fromt 3:8 to 311 galoons, Kettles, 15 sizes, froit 3:8 to 18 galltus, Balkepans or Oveons, 7 dtfrelot slze, Tea Kettles, It slo Skillets, . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Splliers, 2 do Ortddles, . . 4 do Fire Dags, . 6i d Wagon boxes Irom 1.4 1 to 4 3 1 inches. Cort ido. 5 to 7 oin.era. Wood Serews, 20,10tt0 gross, iron and brass, fromt :8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 21 of a nlpernor quality and finish, and less than J.ule's imlported pacecs. Sad Irous, assorted, in casks of labout 500 lbs for rotniling. Tailor's and buttolr' Irouns, assorted. Sash weights, 100 tons, asasoted from 1 4 4 to SOlbs. ,Bells for Pthutationo:, steamboats, churiches, &e. mado to order, Also stuambhnats and otiler machinllry made to order. Tile above assortment of goods ii particularly recommendlod to thel alttetttio of Sutilthrll aId Western mnerchanltes, and al re offt:r.d for sale tat low prices, and tuponl thle mostt liberal termt ; it is be lieved to be tile largest and best assortmenlllt ever offered for sale by any on:t estatb.ltuioent in the Uniited States. loreluircts, by forwarding a re'quest by mail, tcan have a prin*'d circular, withl dlecriptln eit eood., priceland terms, from wllleh no deviation is ever itade, fornished by returo l of tnit. All orders will receive immediat attention. Now York, 1838. l 3 NO 1WEROURY NOR CoPhl An 00eW (ttlolt o, 'soin .l-, ill 7. A BO " T six monthll- ,,) 1 11 hl the mllisrlilllu e lto ~ a secrer diseasa,.rir luch I have alppliid to se.e 1al doctors Itr a ollle, nllnd thts, dilOi t e·lllte ille. sit inow •n tile above date 1 Ipni viv\'.,,ll til Illr Iater ,: I'lll I)uet I Huet, and I expihrt hin to ,,tioe J r. tiee rIho i nioe the disease go t w oell -ore, bllll ti tt inll InRl .t ille, to the nulltatbr of six or toot lt on h' le', an all over y fao, an. sre tl.rlt, alnd nolt able It work at h. presseft ime on aionlllt of o th" diteane; I'rt e ilhr on eo ideCt tly ait i- rth ,ao a- o t r t i ,it o nt ih f t ei to be prlcttly cued JU ll DEL N. j DO CieRTI1FY that the a.oI rl mllenlt lnl! dir.s is q Quite well eIred ton illY il wn satiall tion, lbr whol,: I otllk 1)r. Itnlu; alnl morever lF I seet re that th m lei riele 1 Iave k~it tktoiu oit,! at, av:i did ltot itjttoro.t tvy senlth at all; tltrrtrotre I nlvie rot r f I,,w t ito l il-r r to ise lli tlne ul t I a l to I)r A. Ilu.l, 121 C:. tli street, betwe.n ,t, I),e , itlo t <lo !tose rl,,ln ottOe-,. ltr Iluot is lit biile i'from 9 o'e|.k:i , :t 11, tltl 4 P M!. rhey will fitd a tr,. ,te r for t I e Iplhtr. JIoioi- EANt Jvlo I I t.h rsr nr:-et. If any one waits to see mecaIll. at t o . ot I;o . ,0 J i)1!N itt t, New Orleans. Feb I, 1338s. I ll P f ilt'. ,no.ltitltt'. l io T ,o ttaloo 0 ,f0 I.i, ft trt t , l a tIt... I holiol, it t o u itn buIttlv a t tlo, lov I ll.o f 50i tenlt etch, o tai, oto thl o .vntli o ti"-t o o :i lseo o ." Liverwort, bisnt lea the .irtnle of lrl:iv nth,, 1". t, and herbs kllun wnliIonIn e udllint as elicaLLuus in curie,; pulmoniury compaitlt.. The n iinrtl t lltrctesa which has mIttended the ,seo nf this inestooialae Bals:m whererei it Ias Ihen iliu dued. hus obtiined,l the ctondettince toni reon.nlltlllllt d tions of i'e.pecta!tle physicians, ft r rhe cure of conutos, slsdsi, pain i tile siods, want iof re-., aittilt. or blood, liver complaint,, &c. To i htom it llov Eoner'rt. Thist in to Ec'tri"v ttht we, have ill oltr Iitlrti ce frequently v retcnribedtrd trs tia, I er's Indian Ilttbillll of livternrt r a d ntoorthtlllllld iti a decided good etfelt: o . can tloer.fortoflon thle knlow. ledge of the matrr ials it is muIOde Oli o,. idi elII .,t111,1 tilixperii occ, roeollrlnll; it as o rl, er;v+ ,r,',nltoo, drill thos..e aflrctious st' ohP lthe luns fli which it is "e uooisesde:l. A lIt,:t I' 'Vo .. o t It, 't D ('ILViN ]I.I.IS tv. I). itlerthe.e of te Boltltou ledical Atsseiatiun. rosona,. October 25. ralehltv J 111\'I0 & ANtRIE'WS, i, l I C.nn, . ai l . it I tni ,ian l is tV ARD'S t'egctuh.le lair Oil, fr the rnIrtorutioo YV ad a ronlth of flir, giving ealthuld beuute ! CVrftinf atldltenn. tefore titis Itair Oil tas ofltred to the public, it atd peen ~ittd in tundrendrsd castreqf baldnte, thinuu..,,, nul telling tff of tie hir, tnel ittirery istateet it: effect. htve here rtalii4,. It r erIai ed trutrnluer it tow al hgeniiti gruotit of bohl eu ie.di titt ale volti. In ea wa-e dttMf' it feuet ' en dry 0t cnaseo to ter, tjua t h'i will s: rv .aJI, t -ajar it it nltlyl, an, ] prlluc, ra id e..'.tltutifeI gro.w th f huairt. rttutt tr e ra Iru iijury to tit, *ltIml. Ttl· a il gieti a". gogreruble ho. greoo analif I, tfbraiie to anti other l1it till hr tpe itv q. ,ttin ttuitl ia iii ir e hi i. 'lire hir ed t rbnr, ,! I , ·r: -tfieP i" f'ur aule at ! M·I Ara ter. SE'S & DTA ,GE I t- tU' t ft \lt li'n P- I n. -, v rreei,'m. 'r, n r, bec,l nLl ti ,;u (r,h,. !:a e,,, Ili,-hh~t,i,tr"I',k.~" lertv l1,intras, !'tIt nw1 forr ono nin... enrk; MRai t ard' ,:] in l+; htw. n ,i»llr . 1- 1 nI : ! " '3-i il( : ii ,Il+t rr :l,; n, I , i. n i ti ,2 u IMai' I h ile vio i lK iv<.r 'nrick., Ifloernev,'s,. ac:l II:I.llie I'Pi+t",d: ,I ,nhh, .o l if in "le bi rr,"Ib· d tll . ;l ,-IY: (;:( n," 11,"" .; ".411i t Il -h." I'.,.,h', ls d Pis,,lI i.l: ks: fir, , t; n lvin:in, !l. i - P-re . ' Pit ,n, <lllI 1'10 lhr: I 'lot, `.ni', T" ooth -Lnd Neil,.h ); 1 ,: O ,in`l I hile T:o, o \hWarstr Tooth Pnlwhi ; ' 'ni lllel -I qi ý Ik llr -I ill r:,'O:1t %'I ntd T il l r P wrlder .ILLnerv I.a i, .! h ('ilb i ;lr" P tnt-ll lll. or (1m-ter r ;,n ( 1" ''n1 t i . rt. let":: and hrlll n 1 1ii t t 1111-1 qt ,. R. r ',l l lnrl i , ih, iOl Iell alnd Planles: S.hell Twilt: Side and Dlreshin (o'n ll-; which,,in ablition I. their flrmer stork in hanld cke*i tel In rll letrnlit very tolplete, no1¢ i i the soldt ow and nul liberal era t' thf c -I of tihe G, Pel m1 J. I,.1 tf 7 oT (':hartr0 toeommn . 1rhV. & S. miphaer, leffiht!ld l: linhbl, have silot ueehvsi n ver.. .xt.nhae v,. it t rt. , Io , P. I nnietil of Tahle adl esrrt Knijve., nt .-..... -,ri, loh, Plen, Pocl-:er Ii tk llllIl .ll e;r nYB it| tlvni.vr: itoo;;lll r % ..-i. eh in e ileh rt : n It r t ll'-e ho r T e ril Int lrd e ondh( IItol n wilter Rhe rl mad- esnist e. tine, iiaind;tnh ll be, r il ll's .l ull Ea l e , 11 Fndl lC d n ! caS: ph tn· lricbl6 . and ll . ,t Arcns ('l/l'l-" .qf Irihhed ,i spli ecdnt;wiw calls: ~rld;n -slot i n, V.nnes . el.bend aH Is:"r htlh:l: a:ir bl 1.s I, nfot oils usrman i oli e+ M r · sti., ll, i ry a hl l coin. l r i gllal ' Mui huseitl sI 7:uealrss IHIst. halt lucidlsr mrtlws; sit - net, rhe, lei.; nerTo Ibulfs; (lerlto!;l /111 ifrrech e,,lnlv._ in s, unt I'soil; lriahld desks .nd legit;-, co.': :l.. la tki , ;l steti:l: t toi s;.H i nr (·th(,s Il lilvllr' lt o!, - ce ord l ti I he ut'inet ,fhmd svir. sal,; rms ilte) o\I(,Id ., c rlllt> it il9Il Ia l t. h lls: ti I;'1";,li" B.I ,lllll: pool lllllll ind Mcrrrw c chinot'l c; ( 1 ,.h I lli l . hainc :5lol _ neeklmee,. hilltlmd Iball'; iro'. et th.,"k andI w:hll,"~;: (imn blinm'; ras nr wll llu.e; 6 , ct ailw w n1tli-. 'O!lali :l,tl-lmtll, s, r ttellllrs ,, 1IIIflls lucilitr «Il:tc ht..; .ql t'er lq..n,l:iilc (Jirtwiil , Sm.l ("c~. '1' he. alm,; i ni'h :,,l, ioi to. . ... n l] ...... ... c k It' I'',, I,, INlellwt"s, IIavs-k"t'll' l, . l~-I*I l \·II 1vnn ,',l; 3'. o ,i, r h. I fot r r et.i ts ile sigl of l i (;bolytl CIr , '. 7. I. (.d1 v .1 per n it Reah tiltP w rBit , poer 'ic;I. )'1'l'll(' i']--I e I',nrtn..r~hl, , I'Ko'lh", \lio-n 'nt~ i " £ • , f \',w "tlrlrnn ; IIu L; i ,Len~, ofJ aw n rlez I I Mid Kllnrr , I Ih: e n ('n,.. 12;1;; -dl , w i' di .l rIw l nu SI"m 1 lh n :lr't v t le h ic-l i h' t .lra;. T 'I unlh l h i-cIp l , o ta io lr- w Ibil r a I .rh ,, Swiirl n it roh on aI ,r si .1 ,Id o,fii s a" (,imt" ,r i Marn 11 wI ill aural to , ne Y erlk !a of thvaIet o11 f Sof .lbi;- il+ lua-" \,'. 1 ' h. l , |i' , t \ t I i irll'Yuri!., Kel t ¢. 1'P'.P.rllI I !Lf uI : Lil l id II· le %n rv ~ lhl il atlr 1 IIII~· h e l& .i ' o ill u , i .n ; nh t o ' Ke'llev, Il ) ; &.| l 0€. I'o., ill i Nett (1;Ieerh 1 . e.ln '1'el fill tiles of og r;l f9rirm )( Il o teued in lit bidctn inlholrt '1'~L"', hahcbl+,d ;n sfi~lirm"1. are earnestly rarluloth~l te+ ,. I raru r t omllA hloIll lrl' d eleo t 1Pill a I ih oI ." lkiu'' l ai ,. wllt las i ll ph . nlielr i Liltrall wille tdech," , IInlyn hed ,bl"lt · s1 aDI (' lumes;·r p t1 ( and hug; mwS ·I:I 1.1:;%ir l~l Illll\ Cf !i-ii lll ll 11i.·ll., "lli ~IlF.NItv KEL+LEY. i ;It . pocktrr an h·trr. Sr.;; ( :-h'l' , lli e h l2ll7+• I (l*, M 37. . .2' ca"-t,, I n -r, " r o f i. ll I , ,ir t , ,,e I++I 't , il , a'reidex : t , 3I er -t],. he ,lie.:r ] n ice- e it \ l'lul,.e t \ I n e l . ' ;' ; t ~il I Iv,, j"le1it ' 111111.n ". s , l1 1 il l '- l t ,! e 1( ii. s , . ll nll iri. v it 'll 1:~` I.\. .ll~\ mei v~ rip!!jllr |,'.eiwh iil,' wllaih~..r. Do'.de - e it ,. - . .rri ,"+ - . ' 0 i vt -n d ra i , •p I alas;l, kork h ahn. W rd'. Iectn i l harl oillt,1rl i ;Co ~,a Sl-,Iit91 Id,! p, ra,, FhI tida ll\,+ndn irrote nIll'l|r t wri · \ Ilera, |'ror>" ,i salh., 1? ;;n eill rl lilrvll' 1T in'tr (ll~sl Iet ;i i e u I il t I ul 10 I, , , ('hhi ritre nnd" ri r t l| w i, , h ah o e, i h, toa l-thl r il h a tr e tnt rarietro llohr atti ;,r odiii ilddunl : I'Pp of h,-hi Jd,hle I -'3 I aid shel le s e j cl att who:l,1..< r l o or r to il t b y " 1.I I A I 'T & U ' !I jn!v 1: 71) C hartre. .tre, I. N E- l"' -t1-(1T1 ----g~ un;m -lt rtt .l- e -- no-, es ,'re" J" (ovriyin from r n lr;l) , Ii l ;; -hp- I'nmo~o, iu,1 S:lratlor en .i la ii ('o rmrill nilli filion \rt'. 1-ork: iu fin'l;l vali-hl ofi v, tlnoda in |heir tim', wii to t,.";Aber wills the(,i furu,et ý,n lr(~ mnI.l u hmlk s Ilb, hit r,- ilr nL very'o1 ; I~lelte. <'l'h" r1 i,]h,.h.: c,n;;,.< «i pmtl.lir: 11ti 'tli ,+,.r,;do, tto:k an noel die :i:::-, Dol!... !I1+1.411 drof ll dl--'crioltin ', I ~ :1!a£: rubhbel, silk nlod xwcr-rl,, -1t,':-;~,' c~rltrr, -,i ~lllon & f n, tie ::ult~,,lld ,nr, ].-, i+flit- ll'| lu,.ifi~r iltnch s,. Scihllh it. !uwd""-e, l.owder l~ull'. aind haz-,. miler Ilwdei+, ILL'clvt Looks andil w ll"lt<, 1,'"h",1 lumk', shell, p0;;.r - uvc nrd "",,!a r"m ns cu rl - r.dI c:lIe ,, lilct'l !lv. .qnl! ,,e,:lic, .... 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POI,; a. d I iiix rv ,Ilil'l A,It -hhtl stud,I-, colI Mlll s'ilo;,r p" ,, .,it la.,,h, tooi e ni od; ;l ittweo:t,i-s, d.,ir, ,uld lilt lntktl i, :iiilli', tit.a(!r a i, IM , , rfl.s anld -tcll "'i:hn,l~le' htn,,.c nu,;i en o, hair tliu-, ullit",lt,ou li o'ili, [,II a~nd pl~ hlu lt',l a-;ion n r ,s, lit;., tv. inr,, :l;otlt,",+ ic:;,h itrras ,1. alld ,her Iact t "1 fell,;; c,, In ~~ 1) ,!'r --'e tm+, r~ liue, xx'l i,., w a,.'.ilu.. cutj.,. i~lthty! nn;-,,. fl;( -gohl, ila,l!,d nnd g~ l, il l . &; . "' Thie Illne e, 1h1~ethe .sit, l" \.il rant Vt l'.I""of oth r a,lti les fire ull;,:t~d at tt hn!:,l.;.!c or tettdl fin accu:nl~laldithl ter;; ", -. _ " - -' - - N I ShelN conl'L repair.d. 1-61 .l; .11.TE :\l --it 1,;':ý- ( K, t';ll 1.l \ 11T1ý! 1 t1. IllETY lSTORi:-at the - in of the ,,de,, conbh, Mof 0 Chartres sle,'+e. 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P'rehmi 's sumI lling salh ,i' in and pierficl ed to n glet l iwder, iearl luthdir, e:o 1'r 111:'s and: ;ones p.I doIll iin pots and roll, tris 1Cil- iihlrine tLoth wash and pt lesl,. with a s le d al- lsortlrnet or r JllilnIXVl.IRY--ole ofthr 'I lllirst nd X),It fI1 :hiUdn le seltts, Cllonsisthin of whie and red cornehlun, topa^ ' jet enrhdrlll s, -et in ilueree, brenant phin (,fu a gree,' , - It 11 t tilof I .l+lliuj, nutch n'tl'ilnl el lt.ia, 91l11 a Id sile+ e,,klee, I1tllll.lii· --l'loth, hair, ,dust lc,crumhnlli h fllor, :I·II((:!I;, i r +- iyh ili i - LtOIINeG , \ SSl:-i-Gerni n taiti and toilet " t IxsI s elrrlglt ll illg tlllug [nd t'erf 1 ell e l nliR. : ll ad IIo I hutl Lt doti, dith "not itci ln of t e.:or Iind; not ill+ rteli,. FANCY AND VAtl T'I'V RTICl'lt3L::d-Flench ni d a.llllli tn ip ltahle do,-1:, ald dlerire ,ateingll .-I, lle ve'to rich atnit fneily h l1rnio la' hdies .cork. buoxoCsalIn de , .I, ile .+tsr with i ac n withost cteel -h nl l.em ictal bl xeu, A. c cloiaht ll lvurieus kited'', n it;'i u; a gd ,lu it 1 rp, li"tir+ aud Er tl'a O :n IIl rl' k I t',S - cll,'XI n, with u'cli'il, oill ncec, L "rcus io - ,-, 1," :r r -,, f e , s , c p e , Is o sel i, ,l n t 'l , teadcl el ' tvery lvied, Inns llt il,e, c h Illl lh lll..n k e , raze-rs ld s ie or, ll. cle, ,t l k c el lt e i l cu da l car n cases, pf aying und ot l"tiuc t, le , -l i .lireli cur ml.mt11' tl es, ale. c n itutin t'ctlu t r Il iuxesl, proetl; tt ea m niu .im , Sult'i, ' llolll, mei i': tLl i o:lPulJl l'>, u n l', atl d !ll wl? o ' l Itlt r .'ll t l, c dll d r lp -,tn o i t i' o.i , . , I , p m d e r l , k s , n , t plan c d henI ds, b .: l ,ellli he.r , o, .ll eta acl , t il el c . i . mII i.ll ll (,' , Cu. D f e, "It 'l e ,'nt ne' ,t 'l rl , No. l r. ret, ',,, ,Jrleau,, lui llhwrd y I Ise ri.- p rlt d -.:,, r l ,rtlI e learners, c and _.,1 111,, uetll i, c.: l ,l !.:r per or a t o o 1i aire,. !.'h- c 'iu t t cmt,:L'" te n I ::,C ' to u' i nn end brim t i ,. ,. t IbIreled .e... ,,( j ucal u":. ,,' Lhnced Ia rIJ, , tre of the c ity h,, 4 u~e , tL, , a 1. F ritr.t<ritl:+ R! their ubv,t ra: A- NX -u +ll"a Ic r, n 'I cli rcc co n in lni 'u c litf ,'1' > , l lt a' l w; r ,1 hmr lsh, n do - 5 ex ,. 11 .1 1 Ll i +1d lee ri te ar. ht. our i . r thn Ie . t ti-r ul v; r i sec i c el ;t ,, ih t Th. I, ntny ltnr d.c.Irnr 1,i C';il "le o l Sig . .1 ,a itl.eti I. t o p, o lr' s , in Cy :c, rust rek, I,,r 1 trk hi , . I.b . I2 e, .NDi lp,:\V p 1 D .t', rr " sti i " 1 . F' li.+ ,do--:S -4 bhb!., l '" " MIR. ilt l. tLU ,i, fW+'G..t ' S oW AT THI e Jrl'll I lally it "Iwr<F. Ji.LT. it-tiv FTRI ElT, F. It, a hi.', tIa ' I' *'. .. . . t. o olt; r: t 'tIlt' ,ll oc l),: lr '' itet I t' t tlrt'tl hi"' I)tI' e I b l i.e t Itr b ' h re'.tittrn ftitltt toe I" I ll+. NI ,-hvi) l ' re virlrle i'r w l(ir tiI ,nl a"]l'lli Ir '·. ' !1 :1 - hfin + I ". o'f1" ti1hen ill' I'llt'tdiirc I tioliet , ittrrlt~ittheeIitte~tttor t is I th.ltel, )lt e ,et.tltti'irt'i err.irilulo lltir it oitte ! h+ if , ti" tt" I by!i-e !.itb r'e , kttttite iu the t hi<e imegie t flue *ti I s r ut tin hm o hbuter An mi e ltcit t ti t t tfllll, thlit th Cihlle hIet. n ter re . e etli iee e "yes III, p lit Ittlu t Iti l ilt' i e) trlut r. ll'll 'l+ I111[ I l I o itr ..' Thlr ' et ltht Ihi tliecr. I whtile l ort llll t ie llr .t , ett lh 't tt lthett teitoris f ti t ot It , cutel.* cunie et-tyit-i rhell r , title tn ec r\ ok tht crr I c t1 r',i r ti-' rbee lieir t lis l lll It ll' r.. un ·, tll. .i<-'h I1 h: ;ih.\'. IIIU LOIICP llr lq'l.lilfi I w i ienfsur t i , <I ,,t t nl l t\ r h . I n t h g r a t clO jllerer Tilt ouit ier ies, ' he u i d etec h t or t the Sit'ht ttof tiiinoe te 11 Illh *tiio n ve lllrt'e ll the lC iher t ir ienr two ei;sl' hnling both I.II Iie ll the f o thl r ee nIerv iitenki te e e' h ileftl l ie nlnttll ied beut to'l i+ illt hiltih ieyes, which beoef I e mt h lhlestill iontinele. ext t~lrtt rite -ieee ct-u, ctttt tort it cioltrie ' itt riietiuetti'it ep tin they ree t'ntltt de intliueler tir lI'mhintii n U f tI e lt rIh 'ttil c't titt tor hcl ter ii rhe o tui tirtlll tl 'Ie f t iere re e ll h tntlr ihn lt i tt( rt tll tle I t'ha holll leverh inh tiion. i(ls he paidl~ hi nmy I1+'.)h who mid.. .he: hiull Ini t: li( I1ht of 1 e e.-e aint~lt't he l' e o't " Iie m.lthi bti tha ! no n he l to raI l'r..e lell eri I i t ttl he thll('r eve 'lip .le i t 'huh. Thi't tI . .to- r eIrttorsi !. rl~nll+ ..l~i hl ,.,,ir lllll l Il~li 11o61|1 lii ! t ()Ilfh ,h ,dn t~L e tItih' ti. I ,'r I. tte ole' ritt ith metli 'd i etei.r. itt"'Iortrttt zi'it ' : tttt'i~iettrt":rt t :\it.t etti'rtltt th"'3 the mi ht l ie i rl llell of i1l(, fr ill. ThIe he I al'll m n lon i aIn ,h hrly i ell tl n llll tll ,hl e Oti~ltlt:lrll r l l ..clt'.t Itrllor t ItIelrt eutt',r rlltc edplloe Ii Iitl tl b .iutt'r hi " he I" I'I nll-tilt Illt illrc I tl t il ret rtih ie. in Noslille but n ,l , hiinll.let milc r ite b 'l hiii Oi ' tIe ir sertion whatever Irley d!.;:'and,.dl, i! he tt c¢lar ti n etllht ettelr llllit lie hI orto lh h eirte ved oerf Sthe.l Ib \!rh Io . e + t fi', i i't krt ttIIr ire birt hle .tci i h Ir t tni ht r+t·ri t'tt h rri. otcIlt si.r i ed hv ihC in o :i41l r +m illn p- : (thillt l nt v t rt e ulllltti llr e lic et the flr ht f Illrte , rtill l t tlr e o ir ' tot ti ' l It a relfre I, Iblttlel' n h rilrl errI ethIt. tt h t 'li thtt I pi tttl v n 'ti - ' el n ll1·n r 1 thctlietscrtt Ilo r th- l' 'it llpI. 'ii1 rlc ( h. 1h nie i' n " ll l f- 1111 1 ilr h i 'i evr bt n, h o.. h IIe h-"le -th t he mm th we Ihd; nt.rili ng 1)1.1 1' I 1\1 r+" lrfi ' el; • " ~lq l el tpr e l~i-nlr ! llpli e+4.. llmnI II t(I Nci+lllillll,~ 111i r: 1 l '.i t+ n lll~~..l le.ll\1i ll +](l'ri' ]crl~lrrn Ih. ti tll r' rcltt ili 't1.., t\, f, ht t llc r e ,. Th hliil e+Pt kne tP 4 os l a''vhrc I n $ ih wor ,. awl e1;1'11l1 l p ut. ,. ee nt llte ih i nlin te bi- lle- iC I tlc lie 'trt prtl \t.'t 'ter s ralt bic u c me . rl ll' i 1 I Clt I1 il l t IIt rri h e Ii ill Il t onI.p l l++ 111 my r l hve -fu l ib Ir w o ith. Ih I h vellti t inll. riod '"-it vlu ' tp rai , l e cu )lr ll. d I mla ntl. h rinh th ree , l. It, airei ul" auh y Irt ei. li ini tlrrl hi ;l:l'l l' t ~ll Iind i. li_·,ll l· +rot'fr ill,, ill' ile IIII I'hr It~t l ri_-+ l- .I t' iil'rtlll,'r r 'llt 'e t'l ll le'if r: ;e ('ltl lll'lll t' ll hlll hlllC us h t . Illl r ith of ! the C.elsll 1i - Si, fr Il ! \I't ' A I il h t ,i .icll-.). ct eth Irie ru tl ItIo C I n -~it lc e, <li'.tt Ilill ,I +'\ l iit1 ill 1111.11 !It .111111. l i( ,ll. Il~llli~l'111, bl' I l Yijll P itt ot" I I ' ' rc t r I' . I t c h llh Iblindl lt i, , iit i. 'It',h, i 1 , l.c I. ilell . hlo r n Icic \ ,.rerr to I hi tha l I P ihaullvt.~ I IIii l h h r l 1 rlllll I )ill 11 le ill i my lLrl0ei llr l ir nlhwe..t. Th I il' t. , s ilnlv s t he , t'lclllt r ll ctP i c IIi i % illllt i 0 tc i lt il1. i1£ Il., e m, uI h c Illle .,- ,,11.,. l,.l+ Iii, I1 u t ill · th e mi i i lhtrlllllr (ll tl-l" "¢orv v,,lllhlll Illrllwl) iiihl. lllll" ~ IIll..l., I1 .lili,- d ll ." IL, I ~i~illt tl' lilil-r 1 it ihe l~rt i.lll l ir..,i. I iliflv cI ttl. e1li t, II hh e fi.t h raftenor-r h ' r t \ ;ihil l hl e tovlllrJ. " I t lli h I . r ll 'Il he ,Ii t a c h" thl e i r, i tly oI I dl-ln h e l e di Il flnll \PIIPli - Illrl::IC~~ in I lt n-- ri,. n1. wells bet e t, heri d Ir < ,te ,IteC 'e. |vhr l prelll i th" t t i I ncc h II i i e t I It it -I I tc( | dlliltii 't' Ittliltlit I)lclr hrt i lie t Itt lltt idl llrl fI u adl s I1 11~ II n r. ll , o ln', e t r ih il· 1 e [ .. ju ri' rnt ,. ie+ n d .." l 4 r- weh hll h n tli i., wh l f alii ii, il l Il . .llet t.i it l t l . l·r li ll illll -1)t htI'r .l~i~d~. I. · , h .~ l hee 'l ,thei.. I llllih t tIflh e n.rlii. I b1 'It' , ln .llel li allt1li tlllld' e1 hil0lle Iit,'.t c itc1 Ilrtuc.' ¥1r. Iltl It'to t-rct i hur d otit n II I OIt t ttil tlh tll-, t'l relth i rIte ItIas ce+ '1 lll lll t.oi Ih t t I, Ill it e l it t il I c it t i t h I to t rho rltlcI i ttr c I t e ed I t It i t' iut+; e ~ n t'tttt'-'otittotti''+ ) I ,ic.l .l~ itt'tile t htrt'he ltlt rtith te ior e i t oh ] t pm abiliti.Ire w 0 in I c till'e is d a Cti.i i tt e i na wr lil h'1 11:11' ine l I hs e tL ne l+'l e taIt I tI e III t .i If'lidtIn ine ht I I lb itit I Id he i hlo ftn t tr t 11117 It t I i n l 1 0 , h1 , t,-ill lt le e ri ,11+ inv .h: i' imv I~pH~'t? f~r .tt; I ,t'~t t 'lii Re t 4 ti ct iI <-l.l IlUn c, tI hl re l ul e rout d 1 h id i l'l'lie lu< till It i' ltltlt~ll tttt tiIlt icc t'i ttll. IIIl~' tt'i lll nin thor+ i" Iteo lie.I IItfl l It, h le i tr I I 1111 itI 11iult 1 , i r It. n r became : ri.'ihe i, ehl r toh. \\" i e b \.I n.tre o ; %the a l n iah~ l e yo e I'iomll mi'len It1,a Inlille r(; ll eclt~l.I 1 we lll l lbe 11 lild t ; . of lus piou ehp'in ie r . o'f theh eol ilttidt 10.lii'l utlh'. V I n " a i, al i enii | ihn tb m un ts , sh ,p i it1 111.t ' 11 1 it .r - ht the r-' o Iti ut t lt I elth ;I r cttl i ll 'lue of th'et'tittiutc te t s t- ' ei ltet I I i\ ii . h i, Ve- tl e m a " I d 1 lC - ' rm) ,111 .,1 el:I a d+' l, en, in a~i in th ,il-i"thn e ofn lol. lIl 1 ' 'h e1 . I 1 fl r' [ ' tl 1e t( e sle ti plr ,"11 th , re u n" erll'~t fhis lett " n 1 your .n u ext ' i ll~ ll: \ i ,' I lla ba 1h 111 i1 llig.e ,r r . I~n!iyih~ iv 1i:1. ile 1 v1lll cullalt C Cc7'",l fum [7"c S. If'. C.:Idrncral of Icc 6'h Jun3 , 1337. .\t Illy a, ' l"' 'l I. \Vle ''I e, we .ll6 '6 I Ii.' t;,n :11*. 11 1 · l' i- lIll -1 I I It'nla,1 6 u it n "...". .r li::. . ý ,iin",I t 'II, 1 6a1 a ' .1 1l .! I Il' I ll :,,,: ll t ,1:111111`.,",. ~ 1. :"n a 3 o :1·t Dr. I'. will ra 11I(lill I-+: I.tit I1li li:- It, ee1'91 mee lv r \ \\·l// ,-, til r of Ili I t, r:.".: i 111. cityl, to ""e ; Ili:lr lii -"~ II," 'I ,1 6 1 11. 1 5,1' 6',. ~ o let1r 1~116f l~r =eSite i II hill 6 f I tell ,. It I, l, 6 a~l hi ý;l.a-Ihi!.. \";, ed W Dr, I; ,i, liin 1" l oifil ogilthe I II··lu l I'il, ý.,. .f 11: 1 1 ·ii :1 Iouu= 1 i·/1 h !- of 11rau1(o1 6 I lu Ila, lt-o ,,o:: l:, ll, II' 6166 61 toil·~l Lef ! i1 NItc : ýliin !ti e. . i ,rr eir ;C, 1 1 1 1o'11. .O 6 r:'' a.. hd. 1 havu s;ll, b1 n5 !v ull hi, :,r Iei: ud: it, ill ti 661 it, Ili, cuic; I, F ll ,1!! I \·.i· \ 1: III 'i yi '11 III \ ! Illr, Jon'. If 11,1 Ii,- 6111611 I 1 Il" 661v 66, 1te 3, " I, . \1-iliia", ·n rw u a : , 6 1, 1 6' lie ., 1 ,. ,t'If NM It il.,iii onI 111 Iv-IN ` & c it c no . 1111V rlrta~ 111111-Il, Is' 116lh, .r h 111111in.iuIo 1161 t le1 plce , . n~oI.'' " he 111 Iull 11'l 1,16116!6,1111 IhI16Il'.u.116.flillr111 "-i al 1hidin:ac~ h1116 - en 66-~dýturu ou€11161 13. > C. 1 L'Iii' I1 %bN'; VA %I0.\ 0i . 1158-;- 11)\' 111184. *--- Ol.( hecuedl'ehretlniim.=,,r tulle noki,.sevil,gmot, IF nsia;n:t or hilt gont, inci.i-.e can en', su1it .ua, l siphilitic and mlereu.nil diseases; partnln'rly ulees ant ain'lllinffetinls f'the lonles, IIleeratll trIIIl.t a, nlrs I'ils. uicrs of clveri dlesrnlpllin, I'ere.r sores, na iiterltt l " .hascs s, flitilt, Miles, ,soeli ihen, scurvy, Mlles, lthr,. icsoreeyes, r'\ siaElis,MlIlthil st nd evers" rtietyofl en :uwl,,nt.s adletiln, ellhronic (C::etil h, he "ll(ahe lnroceed in1 t1o1t anlly ril hlmo.r, In11 inl thle stromlcll aln dv' lpepsl n p'.o " iilpo I'ln,l rm ':vi tinl , :iftf"etin s of the li;ter, ,.hroic in.lo ntinu of the kill.s, Iandi.ellerll dlili- r iy caius'il ih a torilp action of the vessels oflll e skiln It is slwg lar.'l eflicceiolls in relltin'o those coastitllos Is hll hve'll been Illotken idown In isllll.cills IIteatlmelnt, juvvenile irregtdl'ities. In general terms, it is rernm "itled lii all those dIiseases whlih arise ifromt impnluit ies of the blood, or inlitiation of the huiors, of wlhateer name or kind. Some of the above complinits may require some ri- ii fling osistant applications, which thc.irerliitances of the case will diite'-;bat fr s general remeldy orl Purificloate to remove the tclse, ihe INIILAN'S PANACEA will i geinerlly he lin Itd ol lfeient. TO T'HEI PUBIIC. S low Itre it is, that modller Pilysicins, in their am hitioc to exet in their pii essiulo:trxplore the vast Iehils fl cielnce bv the aili ot'cheiitisty, o.l iseek no itne'wtr I' mediol tutnII; In i'sit, to ,rtive iat 1iuenrtion i, the piletice by melas of art .lcln,-- ntir.elv imel ltlk itIo neglect,s henelththern mtiie,therich mn boltosiii' t stolesi flllellicie, which the Almightly h:lrs caused to I spring .mu of ltse emoeh in every clime! Anl how much lore true is it that while thle Aimeric:n Ihivsie;tca looks Sl'(reilgn cetl'ies r ml. lor l.y of Ili most lllllnon Id ' :2es2s:y alils, Tiertleltally ehallbginl il they are ih the dlictates lcihl oinn ol"', tie is So riilcllllti'l ill his *uncounrly with ai enlllessprofusio nl' imedlic.l plims, tl cnswer'any clicatio iln disease or tIo cwe any ecliblri ,lislnrUli alnlyt hle is igocialt of their sir.I Ines, il thley ule suffered Ito 'wltethe Ilealilo oil the desert :lir' The eIlhets if vegetalile melicines ulnll Ihe scrtemi ,re iteml --thole of nineldils lastilng. The Ior'maelr e i I rttheir" i l'liectsill tass ll--the laltter, nlmereiy ill Ii r lieul-r, :let clhetlllntly Itpo the solids, deIei posing lthe Iboels :tnl ul er'iningii thle constitutionl by a s low and s.lre idestlucti. 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Distnce. liac. leturn'g fJtlntaaneryy Aa 2. 1ain. 1911 n's 2311 1l2in. (al iIau, (at. 114 81 94 Milledageville. '. 2 133 144 21 p. an Cailtailii, S. C 7j ain. 163 174 111 Il li..iu, N (2. 1 21 22 12 11. . o'ano V, V. n. S15' AA ' l'tirTalt . 1at' . 111 ipa. 83 10 9n. a.i ilh'hian a naaO . 1 ia . r21 r3 64 a jl'rc'dri'aklauig, 8 67 7 II W" atstinatn ctay, 2/ pfa. 61 6" 5 a ialiatn're, 6, " 38 4 0 AI eilhdriilhia, 64 al. li11 II 2 o pNeRw York 2 pro. 00 8 I1:31113 143 Ia. or 5t 223 NatNortward. 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S1Nl N l'l' I i , ltSl 1 4) , I," ) ' I ) IdPA1 It i l, du.l it . t ,f the I fll ro i Ay o Re i t. :i 1 i tii, ' i i ll`..l ; ill .h Ill' :h,,l\ iiur11 , ' \r1 d l t e Y by I.r Turni r llt qr "'fL /'nlilit.¢t (r l ns..., f i l h s l lie . f S111 1ts' or a - i u-lh ite t ie 1 , 115' it V, lit l nell tIII f tlF he ' i uI i I.Iilj , in ed and rlt l' llel t ll hll h t -i\( 115e 5l5P. t 1Ne t" .liltl lll aotit. o II tIlt llriu, r. ul erel.k i ."u " r~ i tl a d Slit ll ill ' . 1 gL id"si irill iltAle of lllln e , i t::. : OR m e re nr tIl ' l wi .lt rlu [Ni' and I l e 1 Ma a 1 ar. I)llK (1: IA,, b S ,ril .:F lilnii's I' il, Ir.'litro ,ril Ili wu i ..,ripl O 't I 'l , l lu n set Fi'ir o ' iilv: or b ih.' ilh 1 L ,l ' Lin'; in vititrd tale. h t'" h Ibl p It Iu~ ullirr. rIum ri n - i (r acl'llll i' i i1 thelun t pll nllll'll e iIIt+; lf ll.r Is t~ Illain dw I y I h lloullltr " '1'5 u ll'hrl i t'."l it, i u.ill .th p. t ivinn I is beinL 5 L5il'l. 1 lllil:l' hI tlnba t' of.Sa Im o fll t olip in\ . lilLO I'lllER': dru_ lowe, No., I I'',rn l - rt t, twhlo h ill , l , l'li,.+ l ;llll , rlslll . lire" t ti'i5ll th,. prI sir tor.,l 1 l ';l llll l.'t r I l lll'55 i't i Io.iii~i + ) l;:l.lsuh ý A I\ \'1: 1 'S I l 'N i '('i I I:IIK , .t .III. O F 1t l. tfll ' l Xl. h'"" .1 h!:d_'u5'S, l f thel:it rll orr OF It. II . l l lll-hlll, oll n l't't t a. ; l't'll ll l lf s -ll): .I 5 sl r uol l s i+ )iii . 'M I IC , . I.l Hei a ,i · + 11 , f sllyl3 ll+, I lI \iNl '.-+ 1 .l+'a P 1 Sll .lSl l I.IIIIIAI Y. th15 5.1.1 . l , 1,1' ~l''

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