Newspaper of True American, February 7, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated February 7, 1839 Page 4
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I" . i,I, r I r H' bbtc t,-L P~ui "t" ,lo In v our itw t.,,a, .t r -r t v ih · h °, t1 '. tIA , 1· I n 4 l 3:li'V T' cry-I.ita,u'r rer r Ph'a Tui 'hl-:., saw% Dlo' mic ,I l' `ht i,ist-J' t.1401 EOfWP·ll* r IW .n *X~I~rkol· Aikh %1 uif 6tf iteVpti4a:v~ b 131 Cod C", h.arcrzl IilctiouIrv, Lvt~u",o AI Al~rzntra for ISS9' A +dw~a it, Te 'd, yA 7 ain., Oe43,tenn Liiv cvireek. Atr AI+ITCTVRR AND.Eltrtd AO "t, f A ait nctll',Y, I.on".la, 2 v >lawe Amltire olilrr, l vole. 1."n)116. "o' n ur Ahiteetwor. 'r re,lg litla ca :.rl!rv iitttgiaaer's tlnchnnia Euev.v!~,luuiu, I~olhl.n PIloen'~ "plfonlnl 3I rli?;lF ra eo anein. Joutfi 'r 4t, hlnk.t **. n I1rd nacnn'A 2,, s~f v',ia.l n.,,:·rn Mlarneii', Clrriulliril'b O IitFrtltlliE.L tAlitical Ecotvrva' 1,,:" !:nr, do 'rthliko " f acknrt 0 ife of 11 It ,,nr,~.o! anlinnnn nnd lrah, Ift. by I'rrrcoa:. :1 vola Itba ep!`ea e, F f ,"d tiara, 7 vul:. R"," And n ggpnvnl n~norililrl:1 of Law~. lIied;ex Sciott'iic ýlaeriial, .Hicr: tanraua Roo' n, :Nov C~ietionarieý, (;,,,+,nr, t Enli h and~ Cluaa~, Latin and Grrck. F JOHNS k co. *23 rr. ^n Ir-nnT l .oI~ n ta, or Iceuianet ed cU:c.j Or Pein,,et Itota T rillr"er itliv 'iro t ie.,o' Ianhp· ".". t oe Feu- pnlrl n .\o1. hl Ibo fitl e, plr« V1ee.l Sb!.ra Extract, adrl, fir ,hete v p ,et r ,, < awtl ppi,te- t -n, nreStdientl, it lly I 1e itaen ,vi hr o .ln,,n- Esfe lyseen C hb the tell n .,? , i . h p'I ntntrelnpsef tohel, iE " .ns l"'n th'.e "lit tne .eo soon r'eains its wonted tn itr , cit, It l,. tierstientohndeur, iir.,, tcolleItf rctI Re in Ipcec ar l hiln i. ;Iil . al p, z iw qln;tt, . .t r l n + tcane t of di lio n I th i.r If fla.i lhe I .+n "i., it l, thapeirr n.isi. ting Cov, c it tl ur b he oemer miothse, bitt no find b 1 1comIb l !ndivid ualsh f,eerr t"el - i, n i , le and hno.ees ped any rsVi,,, , wl' ill ,l.,e the use vtme como n renice;d, th br is nlrniet rnwt sed in ineren, liollit ive rn rellrice. ''lT , dlnor moffreqsact noh t. ,.pr. in. wrt,se oi -i. reve rrlnpi .an Lo is iana Htis eel. y ll' ot,, me In be able to rsewit e f v, intm I lllh i.cesnnl si;e l ea r hi' i iitI l r it ne i , oflared at scll a reueolable tree n to plrep it , i in the reach ofevery onet-so tlrt ilh. p,,ir tnh Il-tir |i are hereby fi-niiled , ith.i ....... il .....lii..... m n'utlated citedainee whlich, i ireqf.ullyt deti d to them. or elis very relctallvlp bcpies I i The Iurlic the re.ertly - ad ent rme n ,t the .nit irtali oo to e imdieio, tlnt ate Jlily ofie ted It isprepared nn bhi Dr. JIn It,. RTownind, t his L'lbsrtor -, alrll strt etphd . i ria TIlhe susarihes in ie C h nlsri r se'o.tllr the hln h \Veltrol antibeus d pill s I hr the cr smit' ltl I'hiltderllltia prince. i'b he hid a't retitl,av odet ltlhe .Apunhedari'e in -hI c,.v. JA'iiV I p,- ,l\DREwiR, 0ltO.Iaas pi ll tlu LII atIl lit, AIRS. MARY RIK(1 L.\ND res'vp+e'llly ,n. nounoes to her f'iends anI tie pub!ic perllr. ally that nte is preoprcid to accommlldt lhlemt at L^ abhoet esttblishmient, and Irpes fr,mn l.r 'lertiona to render vieitor.. omftoirt, tIo r eliv, a eontirtanc of forirnr oflvor. She fi,-Is ealni. dent that pmnrons visiting Covitlon du.L linGl Ummer months, cannot find bettrr nccomnelditills than rho can afford themn, on teor, libleral lerln,. tier house is pleasantly cituated, and wll neppYlired with e nvry eonvepielce; the bar is fauritrhed witl ahe most choice liquors, &e. il shrt, shr pronlinen )'tta nothing shall hb wantine otn lor part te givn lire a'tistaction to el3 wh, naty pat troizte to Tissieeippi tnnd Llisiana HIotel. ' TTIE ULICP'Lt w aitdrra inod. hievng -1 studied b nder Dr. Sol midt of ctirltes'oll loath Carolina, anti for omet years lir ase.ttintri in the practice of miedicino and suargory, has he Ih, onr to offer his protleinneotl ervices iti Itis city. Hie eslires tile ladies and goentlemcn that the moet prompt attention iill be paid to the calls hllic may be mode; and also oltbrs lit se3rvices toa Ie,: holders oe 1laves, beinlt techll enquainte with lli t. disasees common to them, hlaving attended themt iil the sugar hIouse in Charst-oie. The fantous anti bilious pills a!ter the cnmpoettion ef Professor Smolletto, oilth directions, cii be IidtI oftho undersigned. The refiet which they d hovt produced in this aad other cities, has been uttldedl wrilth the greatest succe, to whllh tllt, bh. t it referenoas can be given. Apply at Ni lI 6 M'iua. sine street. JNO. o'Lt)ItING. WIULLUwO WA~E, , ,ruos SC l1--S, SAD IRONS, &c. IT HE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, Io.. 238 Water, near Beckman t e3 rtct, Niew Yort. hare received the past season, ailld ire coa.statt"t aeseeving largo and extensive addiiions to the esltltp of tile above gooda, d..ieh now nonsisls ef lill .llowing assorimont, elitolo Ibor thIe saoLIrnII anid western markets. iollowo wart of supetior quality, consisting oi about 1500 tons, viz, Pots of22 different cize, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, fromi 3:8 to 3') galliols, Kettles, 15 sizes, flr's 3:8 to 18 galonls, Bakecpans orOvins, 7 dtimlrent .ixes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillets, . . 5 do ' Flat Spiders . do Covered Spiders, L do Oriddles, . . 4 do Fire Dogs, . 6 ne Wagon boxes froin 1 1.4 to 4 3-4 inches. Cart-do. 5I to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 20,000 gross, iron aitd braes, from -e inch. No. 3 to 3:9 inch, N., 2.1 of a eortetir duality and finish, and loss thllan Jttou's imlpoltedl peree.. Sad Irons, assorted, in caskls of about 500 lbs for reatiline. Tailor's anl hottor's fIron,, assorted. Bash weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4-4 tn -SOIbs. 101r.. Bells for Plantations, steamboats, elhurcles, &c. made to order, Also steamrbestl and other machinery made to rdeor. The above aseortment of goods in partieularly eeeommended to tLe attcllet.on of Sothern lll Western merchants. and aro offernd (Ir naIt ant Inc ,prices, and upon thei noLt libera.l taien ; il I lr lieaved to b theh laIrgest an!l be.slt esorllllll evr .offered for sale by any one elotabllrbmnt io ttih: Unlited Stateo. Morerhants, by forwarding a request by mail. c n hays a prin'ed circular, with descrnptnln nI n ,olnin pricesand terms, foln whichI no doevILnn it ever made, fernished by return of noil. AIll orders will receive innmediato aottentlonr. New York, 1838. , IifoM]BRICUZIIY Nnfe U,o,-.. . - inen ntnl 1El on1,.\nna. Init 7 A. BOT sir mtonth e goht I hod lu , te a ine ti Lot ao eret dioeaoe, for n hich I Inve n Iph,,d t, nO've rloldnetor for a cure, anl then did ot ,.,, ue. 1n ow ens the aboae date I put Iln=elfilnder t!n cr., ,of l,,.nI, Iluetand i exrect hii to. ere oe, hin"n IInrt ti ne thedisense got worse, so, s tn brne:k out il li t e1. so the number oe f six or eight on ea It er, ui alI cv Vn face, sre thIront, and lint all ton wrk ut it present timne oil eetnont of tile die, ease" ITr.or ; .t>r ml he rcilgb side of Icr tlttat. lea'I n nsl " I nnyll ,Ol n Illyelt soefnlently anderie ctar of LDr. iilee, f I'ri . so be perfertly cored JiulI I)AN. fealI4 I! T O0 CE.RTIFtY "tnt the abore martteed lldiease iS . qoite well curedto mnyv ewn ali-lsthin, itr yhis h I thank lDr. Itunt;and n oneover c ,. re thao th li e-lee [ have tak,+, l :+lrl-r. IIe? fie. a,,I .lid1 11,,, 11111,1 ,,r ,,, saelth at allk; theret'-re d a file.e ilt f {t,,w r,,;il.lo. , lote no itn atnId a pley ti r .\. I[ n,· . I.1l C'Il, trreet, he I)lnlnnini:n: llne llnn ,i ') , lin ileat ions it i,nnnnet,nt ',-Ih ,,I: \ MniiP ' I hny will find a trle rk .ar :or thll felt! 1. JOHtN 1)?IN.l .. l MIl't Gra r swreet. I" asny one want . to oe, tll e , 1 i,. n I ,.., New Oleanse. Id[, 1838. f, In C. huuud, in pnul llllp inn bne, nt hti lrew prwe .i il l . rna tenlh, CoItainintIt Lth ntrItn I o nf tnhnra nnellnr d , I. Veiwqrl , beuelsi Ie, t1e ,irlsl*r ,,I inytle ollkr ro,*l a ItI berbe klowl h , s mong ue india us, 'hech, us in ctlrloln pullontary nelall int.e 'inhe nn nit-ol' lh-I sl,.+.++ wicb hne nttennnln Inp ,ln e n"t this ilnest lHlll h b lllt ll w\ e.lrl r ii Innit heen slnn i -n slled. Inns nbtained nlle rconfi-enee anl rreIlcnllllll cones oftenpnetails I ,ysniciantn, for Ib ntlre eof t ouls, -lde, pain an the ide, went of reet, slpittin or bin,,,l li:nr complaint. & 5. To when it mev concern. Thia in to ecrtin float wP khvo in olr practite freetnoutly plieseribed Mrt (ae Gel ,wr's lanisn tBalcmn of toiverwort nn nlnnnirhnnnd, nith a dteided gsmd t e can thcrrine, innnm thn krnnn, Ille olf the materials it is matue froei, nnuld : bee vtnnnII anln xlnprieio.n recrtllhlllnnn in n nn It on n ,erinr irTnnrinatnnnnn it tI thee fllrtilnnor of le Iltne l i++r which it tt r.n nouended. AlttIkt I .t 11, .01. D. t.'I.VIN Et.oIS 31. 1). emtw. n f Io nin Bolton 3Iedical Abasnciation. IEocra. Oenelne il. salebe JAIVISJ & ONInRftErs, Ish10 l nit.InII I fnnnitsn et AtD' Vngstte aIr ti., ti h rt. nnine eV nd n mdtlo ef (air, iniig healtlundn beaut ,anl C rr5tit( batlnnn'es.I Iefioe tlhie Hair Oil wa ofIrwl nn the pnblic it Iod vwin tried in hundrn-da ofensse nf biallnent, hinnn.t fllt e ml',ner eIlf tIle hair, odt innleury intlnte* tt oanil nrve .-,tes hlo',' heen rledheo. It aser -rfuai'sd nn prn,d,,n.c an n-ard he5alifnl eronwth of hnin ott he..n nlirca r mld. lI ra.-a wherre it lotr- d-rv ' nir eles in r olhis fillt wilt e,,rre enot ranier it hnshlthye, onnd crnnh,, iro tlt tah.i41i iYlh north o ir. wlt.cltli lh ,i oniinlre to the hoed. 'Pha Oil rivnse-,ur, enhin- ira -rga ee etl| in ticerrbchlitt innt lnolelr li ir (fInt in"sr n-,i g., ue' nie ,t enleooent ebn h ,ic. 'in'nl h Cr m, t : ** d: ifter " .' i, • F'r salo e at ·; a E &. D'AeG Etflin fltn'AnlI' I I" *~!JqRl PII1CP ~:l l''I ri~ 'llil"' I') "' ·9Yll (ll. llili ni lll rt(· fl'l r ntl(l n.'a all. n,al. n1le'n''l111l'llnnn.n · (rOhll -nllaIn.' nndrl Irl,ln .1 "I') l \ania''ii "Id inl'h' an' fln'n'nt( Xi'"l E'In· ~~···-lll((.Ii'l I'linnr F·lll. nnd"-',e-n,-1111 I 1(!I1(~~l~r'l(·l·L all! r, · Il' n I.kllan: , ni II·- I 1I·1 ll. 1· " ·E.~. ·l· nil,: 31)1(1 VA) fln~ln; ll I'"a')')I- ql'n~ln'nnn~ .1) In II,, ' ' I an'')lnllal( ll'a~· 1:7nl·n nll")( · 11 ylI~ 1 1.,11 :111 nil, l~ne 11111 L 'ni rl-l.l! I' l]l~·11 I r'l·· I:II~il Ill:l ( 'ilWnl''lfln l'l'ni, ,, ''!Il Il-l'Il - ll: n", anllad( 'a''I C .lflnllnlnn lInnn (l~lnnqal-'l'-ll·(.1 I [' I (111i.-~,,~,1 1 F'-(l 11)1') I'"1 ('l Cl'\F' Xl'i 111lr ll "I.II llk ll~il'''l 'I~III I' ''l~l tel I Ill1C .2;. ·IJPlll( i lk C la i"'al ~li 'al 'I :I~ Illlln(I IR I(III(jll~l 11 ' mll1 '111InIP'~i)ill i h):I Irllr, 'nan l I 1~ rl~l l'tll flI'l I'il n.l lll I .I IIIII I, Si~l l~zIIII~lll~r l~l~ 'rl· lllj illl IIIX L trl·l' IIWI' 1111 I nl ,l'lll ll Ilr 111 '~lr lll l''':llr lll'I 1I'I II~~ l~ll ·I FlIlal kIpl~ln IIIl- I llll ',IIlIIlll 1*11 111Il·Li )(· I nn nI'~l l·l'r l i'nlnl'lla 1111111. II.L· ll J(i r IIII l' 1111111clllllr11.11111iI'I ll·.'II II? II\P l)P. naII ~l i. (ir"nnnr lll~tf~ l~ll'-lil 'nl"iP)81111 ·ll 1111 l'" Ill Ill~la', lnli'llr 11111'1 hI' 111111l-ll! 1I~li. (1 II· I. 11n~lllllnalnllll',i(lil'~41il i1:III lj~~ll l (1 1111 I'·~ 1)111, iIlnlilnlll'iIlnI l'I 111111111111' ha 11 11 llll nl'allltl l 'llnII(VII1 If alli~ilit 11llt-1" 11111f~ ,lllllll lll-l 'I~ll~l;ll-n I a'-' 11' ,I I'~rllllll-', 11111111 l nllll', II1\ III i'' 111 'II(II 'li *11111( el 2111 1 1111111~ nIl~lir' dlllillIl'Il ' LIII) " I (ll 11- 1, ' 'P 1111111l ,··llkr lns l'lll~lillL' ill'ill( lU ltl'/'llll·Illa ill'lll l 111~I]llilI~l(l'll ·II lill (il' 111~11' (1-1 XII"` i'ilnlln all/l-_LnUlaInI ·llll-jll I1·l .lll ·I·1 ' LI7J'IiIII' (X)llr1 Ii II XII· nli~t.) 111(1 ta~ll I i. I a l llllllllllil)ll-ll-llll \I(IlllnlllTtllill (In ill CIIIIII II(il IlIllli~ ,l~Ilnlillltll'n %'.'lld~i Ilr'Ti.ll I II. an-hn- illl, I' il ~l I C IIII·C l'ilaili.l 1111' (II i llfll. l 1~1. 11' .% liir( lana. n lll-'Ia'lllr I· 111111 1' Il i~i l nI C 'l'111;(111ilI Illk ll linil, Il''ll (I III~ n1· lclI III h'. l 'l' Ill'l'Illl a111)1~ IRCi I'' l lll ~llldP'ill: lllFl llcll 11111 .')I~li l'll' T 111111 el'llpnll~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~I I'lll~lllll 11111C11!il~(-\I).~i·ll Inl~ 1.1111 11 II'II VI~iII', 'lil~l~ It l!( iiil 116 InIll Ili"li''l lln, n 'ill' Illnl Yl~l~lllil'n', Ul TIl i~ ~~l. 111111 'III Illn lln inIlal 1III( I.(~l'lll~j~ III (ll'lnllll ldl.l l ''I11lI1 lll - I Il -Il11 Y'1)1 11ll i~.l IlI II)~G~lllR I. /1()I.1\(: M;. \ ýý1'ý-S r nllllnn Ftultil 111](1' Illilc· ,"11 xxx 1]u SPf ill;anCIE'rYc .i!8a:i'tIns,-i], ,Iou d1], I~·itll] i vsniricj ufuti kind., no11t s11111. I. I'\ l1 , 11 1 ',i..I1 tilI'I.'" .ulll American Irn rlnillk lc~ik IiI( 1Ie.-ille ,'1]-c-, ll.IIR very ri."It curl 81inel,' tiiujil iu d ladii'x hurl: I:,,11* 1 *;(1(ldre., Itis, cn 'xcx wi~i ll, I (I vjtkoilt 11 :II,1ajc 1 ( I11 1 1. : II L' xc I1 .\c. aIIilll diuna istvuriunt k julla .I~II, iojt 1 ·ii and ý · Ii II I.I lr?: 1] ,fluted IlucI. nI" Irnda,,.oud I1]" llld. 11 111..·11 1].,"+:"r 1],;d hrcr,yo . IIUIIIF I·~lni l ,o- Iola veil ll . .~) /)II Id :III r I llllllllxil))l I1I1 I I., Is .,. , ,':,!" , 11 ·LIII. -Il , 01 ,,,19 x. Ac~c, l ·I'"- llt'S Lr 1+, _;,,,: I,1]_"-. Pd's'tl, 8 IL( tellll i(:Ell Iodiald, Wild. tit c, ' - .. nt'l, Iod, Mil iol. - o11.1: nr c ul' I,,,tuuo I m IIe , ud , aura, 11 it de , it. edlrll x, Bias, -jllllei lrl.Iil 'L(2, to il ..,.I c on I, .In". ta-I·1 Ilex,(rlI p k Ir !~ 1 ,1. i.t . l t'ld-11 cu I curd (XIS: lltt, i e. c ill:o if Ir n",, ., lllllll 11 d Ilill·1 1:lll i T1\ IIIrc Iole, I:II s. I I tO 1? I', .is a.1,11 In 11xce, to tul x of lil jnl kill'[ -, sal,1]I, r+' '1] ...., .'a, 1":Il~ou,' 1 1rm1 :, It,1I· 1 I o' a 1Y I II I.lvk LI x 1 -m- -.;y- awl) uo e~tu lls Ilr t:IUlr I 1,.,el I ,,,"~'( 11]x,., In , ,,tl" r1 01 ,11: . 1 .11;,i t.''I; l I·~ plu l a ..l Lend+, rill .1],d o... ,+o, _,,.I, ",:. ~.. i ·sl ,; .1'1 L \\ . -..lice, · o. 1···: , i' ,, ": , · I~ll ..· r1.· ..oco ....o i !., ea 1]11(1 (1lrll l l..lI corr., ,. 11;. : ..... ......-t. III ,ttor Iru ! le., a l l ot- citl It . 1111Lt 1 1 , .olden' cn . liri. (: ...... ll· SIt1: Ic..... x c(adlt. II , 11, vl it1",.1,1 ' -,:jl nv ill"1'r onnoxl .. rccrved·u . Iri,,, · r o dr ,clmc Ilf r' ·,1·Ir: ll a,,. 1rlCa lfua .ill n w fork, 1 111. (nl Lino et., ,I · llIia r t.L I].,1111( i31:.1,",~nICI I:1] ....noon ~l~till;I~l 1,,"x./ uS 1n4be1]V.]T;II1]ma-we couI,,eweill ail, \'H to rla;r ~~ 1I.n , n norod 1111 II I.Wy ..*- r,:1 . 1.( 111 1111 1..· N E W u ....-I. u·, r II."rr s it r. 111 "..i ) (1." "u": v lý x r.lti I, Ir~i11r",, ý,,. - (II,. 1. " ,,,1 Ic . 11, .L ,c" ,1 4.,r ., -]1:,1 "; . ;1111 " o ' , 1] o r ,, - n Io ,I NOW AT TIHE ;tvFrtanso" in insr,. JC.Fr, sOvnn sT iv ·T. LIn'IS Ix' lE. " 1, "e r .'!!, )Sr I,, '.! 7L."r,' -ti r: : I -- t ,," o, tr: hv I'mo "h1C:rvatin-n' . ,r i) tlrl.,r ,he I, . Irr, ni t tor edln." si," e ll' the ta l , rr. "; orill " to rll ind , t' I .ve hi1c 1 o" rn "i . i ith , ' lil . i4r : ",I rI , on tu or h(,. le i" h . One iI, ,one Ilo tlen 'eir htle-,i lvei whal t i re hrtit tio,. 'he pr.- 1|iotnrt , on n h am" ~,ae the iitoran if tien ve b ., o'l tined iottrne% n a.I l every iet .ter llt r ol'e nai vn h r re tio et.i t t tr n lr tin hh .ve ,lhace- ] I e. I. 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