Newspaper of True American, February 8, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated February 8, 1839 Page 2
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RCAIALI t' an .......o.UI W.hoooo.Jo .. .2 UIS Yerh to ...:.........093 CloolojonJan .... 1 ololploiold..d.t ..........d.31 erJ duJ..............4 LL .o ,onnnh, Jan ... 9. I iootpool, De.... 00.. Hlssins ('10H0.) do ......91Purio..... .............. 18 Il~ilw~do..19 l..·.. o o ~dooo .....9.,1 Ik.)lrilb., ho ...........l 8 Ft Bteýý d ................1JJ 1111t'' 1W NEW ORLEANS. C LEAR1ANC ES. Fobtoooy7, 1839. Iris Pete s.ornno, Burnham, C.. BaltiOmore, bn o Witoridgo and co 111,611, rteMerle·, feor Pensacola. Muter Ithloyrle o Po o, saola, beotte BUoamtr .Ed ofothe Lao. Olrtdfn, for oMobles, utlet ARRIVALS. Fahboauy 7,1019., Towbn9t'orpoin Dtvi., fromo toh nt.esslltoed to 9e hio Edlwlnold Iwig At.Iloto; reotourd to the oily with brig HWnuy.ood sn. Otto, nod Goo Atooldo lest the N E Dam 9. the 8tl i.t.0t at 8 ANt. Reports .hip M1o9.oro ant I9thtr ship at the Pato; one btrque, one briog nd too ns r in towby steert...... i1,ide the S W P.o.. Too. heot, Pilotoe Ioludton, lyloIn to with theetkoo nOt the Fo t. pri Wm elonry, Kertuo , foom Philadolphin, 18 dnys. to 0 A Doo oot.. toht ient, Motrri, 9 day. foom Tobasco, to 3 W Zookotlo and co Lobr Got Attold, Swaimo. tom St. MohO to 3 W Stillooll. OWnaer Non Alotoy, Montgomery. froo Louioollo. 09.nmer Norfo:k, PtOit,, loom. I.ouisvillo. Steamtr Levlnt. ILaurento, loon Bayou Sot.. Ottoonor Wnhiogtlo, S0trc.k, fTrom I.footrche. Steomtr MeIo.tcrreooon, Boldlein, from Louisoille. clonoon, Voloolpo, Del00,, from Noatchiloches. SIn.mer BDton Rouge, Itolo, troo B0030 Snra. F.XPOIt'OlS. BALTIMORE.. .Pe britg Per'voronc. largo: 338 tiorcc, 20 -brig toli·.c·. PENSACOLA..Potaoj,, Chotloett..enrooto sgt, neIt. btee, 0 lter, ohi-koy, hnao.. pook. flour. ltaroltiuo, picklet, soop, 200 brit nooy bread, 270 bhol corn. --Per Behr Rio..230 brto naoy breed, 190 ntoko earn, h bhd. sungr,l pair blck.,mitht bolloos, 8 oatt..onp. 1O1181.E-Petr steotooe Lady of the I.akt..tnrogo 21 brit otur, 1100do porko. IO(dooothisky,, 70 hhdnt su per, 70 bh.9o rootf, 308d helfboooottitg., 8S pee bagginog, 144 coils rt0, 30 booe. choooe, 60 40 &0. IMPORTS. PHILADELPHIA..Por P rip WVm Ill.ry..cargo assorteod mercbtndio to sundry consigneeo. TABASCO.Por rch. llIro..worau 3000 kiotais logrood to J W Zechare acad co. SI. MARKS..|Prr ,thr (io o Arnold..cnrgn 25 baloo cottoo saod 10 cords wood owner oo board. RECEIPTS IF PRODUCE. noo Sara.,Per soteamer .oo : 73 btles cation A oand eo, 3: do J I Placheo and .co, 45 do R Brgier, oI do MI White aodoa, 21do S \V Oakey and co, 14 do J Ar moor, I do Taylor, Oardliner aod co, 80 do Lambetrh a.d TibhlOd., II do Finley oani co, 10 do W Flower, 10 do A 4iIoi adi do,Odo Gayleo od Storrwr. 8 do Bennetr, Farri hpy a co. 5 do Prescott. Joueo and 0o, 5 do G 1 Lee, 4 do Ijnos, Ftain ad co, 4 do 1 D Cooper and oo, 4 do Connor ml Grodley, 3 do F'.ollain., lelloeq ed l)egluis, 3 do T.,hrbo, C do Mien AsheO and co, 150 hides. owners on toar,. l.troieo..Per steamer Waohinltoo..cnrgo: o 25 hbds s 0'r Wa Flowor,.Sdo dBrander. McKenoa and Wright. 8 do A Moreand co, 12 hhds do. 4 brl molao.ers. F Heury, 61 Ible, cotton Peyroox. Areeuiland co, 2 do J B Plauehe and .o,;00 do 45 brlo mojolras l1 H Galloway. 4 hales cotloon Lan. rlah rl l'hbomrlo., 4l oGoordnr.ood onito. 4 do A tiliardt .d :o. 4 boxes anod I4 trunk mdlle R G llobbs. I.ol.ville.. Per steameor Mle Jeterroooea..curoo 1330 barrels po,h. 2117 do hom., 251morkeodo585 okeg lard, J Wooster; 130 oodlasrs his Hncdend Iallq; I qoark dlerchandide I bl pork t kor lard C Ityr.oe; 121 Ilhdd otob,. o Lambeth . Thoompou; 3 o Plocalt, co; 5 do Il (iruono eeo; 2 do laddox I'dllolod & o; 158 socks corlo I.avillebeure o Wuollon 70 - hil:tr CumolllSto.k, llydo & co, 18 bn'e. colon Foreoon I-,Ie & roo 4 do Aroor l.uoe o; 3 do Aloen Ashr od , t.'3 do lW Anderson o co; a o do Itelooeut Poarred;y 4o ro; ":' ,1 'Toylor aidllod r & co; 15 do 1 Crnnoo; o 2 doJ At :.lee,.. I.,o i o le..Per ooooeorn NFew Ahnoy..eao 7O pieces ilt. ,1-9 ,t colld rope It60 kits lard G ln,-Io;nall A to; 4 tipes to Gin A Grant o co; -25- coils roe Lambeoth & 'Thoo ps,.; rt calikeb ieod J.h .eo ewton; 2.1 bls whi.dey J4 P Ferguson; 'I* kr, larks "5 bls o i-s. lo toot ID '.ll'er;ll tild tobacco J aI hou d1;toloa cotton icllhLd Pa'(; 20 Il. ad h keg. lard l,,,c I, er cr.atuto 4. co. .,,l- llu ..t'er tenouer Norfolo..rarg ooo 114 kehs lard L. [ Aloolunt , 3 hlels lloirhodo Pioeoo Shnoooon & on. ItR 'id. Iooooll 04 bl. lot r awler 13n hoard, 3 hhds booon, J vrir. 01 kegs lard : Ills polrk +nd it7 coe rlope AS.b, & o,,. ohitrnches..1er o leanl-r V 0lori;0de..0arge 27 htaos tlooo.1 olith 2 Vootor,, I'tGl dO \ & o; ItRI d0 A i,,rio&l:o. &, 3 do J A lerlo co, 0 000 do Lesdetiot & ;...o o,, R1O do J 0 It'lutue 4" Ca,, 10 packs pelotroo8 , t, o:eoso .d 57 ptoko to.ttinn.t D neoosman.o 1:.,. .l Sara..l'rr lien oor oo ton IRouge..raorg, 63 hal S,., R1 .l.eIlouxo roo, 47 do Ito t ,Week A co, :8 do G ti I,. :I:, d, Pe'vroox Arcutil & 0l0 .4 do 'I.o1or Girdner . ,-,'.4,:aolale .- Sew a,t, 23 do \W Flower,"22 noB I.t L -r3, yo do SJi ArlnOllr, Io do J Wi Plouche o Ceo. It do A .": t:t i c oo. Io do Aedllett F 0lr Otu v * oo,9 do I . o'hlh & 7 001.. doll oooltol5 do Caldweoo & oo Ioto\\ n- r ttollodot bl&s 1. tie cos A to vlier. PA tSFN 'Eot4. oo., ii. Sara..Po r steae00r l.vant..F D nWroolno, WIlllr, I. J.le., o V,, Io A liouo, L.,lroo.lp. \o I. B0r0. * . Ciuudd, D \\oilf, Otuobh, A o\ uodo.rd,:l ladies o.d I.:t ,l6,un- ..par st,,aaer \\'nallil;Ft n.. Mlrs J pistil h chil al a t, Mies ltJoR, Rl, 0V Ooheaooato,, 'lr, 0IV O.orck, ;i " (:.,x, Mrs Illces, 3lrS ,Shields and svtl D Simnanll , W I!,Jl.i. J CtppIelhl, .11l+ \\'lhll ot, GrebuieS Rldel, R Scott, J i;oo., Stsed, G. Knohlock, 2 Loawo,n, A Collins. 'l' LeBlte,,. I. Itohrol, U Latndry, L Vlldmot ad lady, M1 loarso, G W ('he,, tpa. T.,oatco..Per ol:rt Ilero..Mrs Phillip. and chilld.. I.ouioville..oer aoomer .loderraoucall..ors Kug olory & 4 rhihlrlu, Mrs E Etll, Slrs It DBoak, Meroo Ertollo, Mcl)o ntl, 1 t Col Ster. Myers, MoGroooro, Wili ens, Fiitxgerald, 0r,.o o , Claon, Bihi, oraote, L.oo:o, Lake, Illoke, Smith, Ilay Iotorrll..Per steamer oNew Albo.y..Roobt Kitg, DBet 100 , 'leofltl. 1., . vill..Por s1.. 0r 0Norlok... W Ctooo1o 70 Hhileal, 0'00 I n., Connin ll.o Iiooo Coouptoo, ioioprbol Pewtll, Devitn,. Veoil, .lJlrhno, oira o lier o Viiluw, Jotoos n, Orllloo , lllbbell, 00ln., I.iodley, arloa;: Looov, .Iosserallll, Lelolx. ola t, iotcheo..Per ,teamero Vclocioddeo. .Taylor, Smokero , .i,,ol J I Poeyon U o S A. NC Mlrrur 0" S \, Coal . dioey U S , (o.on S WV;llkooer, D.s, ior. loadollOo Dopalier, IlooyosDr Ilol.,by \VLb. liloe,. ocplit:l, Whby, It 8 Slildh C A Ioullard, J J 0 ll000,0. Polhoff, rup It lo\'.fkr k " S A. II ool Smr..Per steonlooer lton Rouieo..F ,.oodry, Dnctoo \.oloilhan. W I IBArmstro.g, V lioanohad. Jo L.andryC Polld, o:ldil' J lnobns. Tlos oIlnsom, J It o t wIey,I W Lawo., tioo nr,'l'hBlo. C Sewart-. o LnLdry, G IPayllo.J C Patorick, C ,enre. J Gllahor, F (ialaher, Caroley, Walo ioiin, S Ito ll:oit ..ho, IBolloo., V.oloeun Dr Bi0ay,0 I)relloo oro , Poal Io ý r l:dc., Medlo Moire, Slndelo l':ooli:. Soadano Ioroolon, AIas biorhardou, J D Foot and olady, J F Foul and Lady, lias NOTICE. The scbr TEAZER, Capt Greenlaw, having been detained by the had weather, will sail ltirs eening. P esengers are request Si to I.e on hoard, Picayune Tier, at 4 o'clock. Ir-1 t NEW ORLEANS JOCKEY CLUB RACES!! ECLIPSE COURSE. S'PRING MEETING,1839, rwill commence on Wed. Sherniae, 13th of Mlrch, 1839,and corinoe 5 days. I aret:ulsr'in due time. Y. N. OLIVER, j.n3 Proprietor, (tlICFEE-54 bugs IHavana Coffee, landing from / barque Roger WVilliams, for sale by _jaot3 S - J P \VIIITNt'V, 72 Camp st ('IOIRDA(iiE, hc.--100 coils Inrred Rope, assorted it es, from hto 6 inhe-e; S rnvarn and Ratlie etufr; also, Deep rea and ltnclead lines; Rigging Iathar,&tc. foreale hv ja' READ & BIARSTOW,7 Bank Place I. ' IMPE-gitOboulic Bale Rope, of superior I _ quulity, fr salte by jd9 IS \AC HBItDlr;E & ,Co, 134 lagazine st CITY BANK, a New Orleans, 5th February. 1839. " XCHANGE on England, for sale at this Inst;tu Sluirn. ROB' J PALFREY, hi6 Cashier iLOUI bll- landing from atramr Danube, and rfor ale by tI)OS.,Y, fe6 44 New Levee '7iUN:Y l tAG.i-i2,'i00 in store fe, ale blv Q 8 1. i I)ltlid.Sl1. 44 Newr Lerve P otAK-t-th bbls mess rioe P. O, tire sa by tel6 _IItSEY, 44 Nov Lesee ALUA BIi.FI Btri)KS -.lut receiitd an itroice rf V staualnrd anl vtlutle books, chiefly Lornrto oditlons. The D)iadlem, wit's Fuptrb plates, Besauies, f I ren, or le dam, s de Byron, -plendt l Byro littrstrated, do . do Sott's lIt ndeae re illustration., t .lates. Illirekenlehn's Alips, Hoscoe's 'Walecs. Fimien's Tulhieno.x, unller of llritirs Artliste, all op!endil enrr-cn iclg; Life fiJilm lMytt lr. rwith rothred aedsrort ;e pilal..r; Latin al lGreek Claseiel Liborary, in Eniglisht, I.ive 'I'ueitus, Xerolhoa &c., Bvroaos wrnks, .London pociket edition, Slialspear-, Lorhdro diuliouid editiioull, Hiogg'e, It. Etlrick Sheperdl's, tab"", Aiker'o Liniial, Iouts, T'he Sp, etdatr, 6 volr, in lmo, Ssel -.tll. fro eo.Iorielu pot.-, -, codae io'l )eeamerone, in 2 vole, (:urioeitire oa by 'Israeli, Marlrhslieli fo of Waulr-hiugto, l olo, Ilin, WVith a voriely of splendid .nuiualo and works of Art, in handso. .e biadings. E JOHIIN & Co, fel roe St ('llttrlee and Commono ets I t.'li, P.\i--Felt's .Nos. 1, 2.3 ,' 4 terns Daniel 19 ehster pen, Fehl's h rge barrelpen, Cougrese large d' Perry's fw sprg do trl small do- dir 3 slit Io Winel' ladies do do double patentdo dao it lal Dlotlbla puthlt do (uillb',' brrel do do Naionalo do And Gll 'i (rclmerr ial, for sale at DL.VID FELT & Co, 21 Chartres el, fi6 N I Sltionos Ilall iOA A .,i: il.1iiSr--I-0 Irihds dges, IPOtig ttlls M.olneasa--. plantatiion above the lite forr t" byr ADAMS &. WtHIITtLI, f" i-2w 67 Gravier st . I -lIf0 boaes in store for siate lby Getn6 l (Lt I ,KROWN, 9:i Magrazine st S11() II I;N I'--.\ ol oRce m thle .ood flor, o eoleied bly henO.e. Kelly, Huot is & Co. PoIaseaiuon give en onu tie I-t I tl. rualt--apply to SIn W 'I'I'CIAlI, dl JO ''AGERTJR, j ,.1. cr 'dr.yru & Nerzuine't TRUE AIERIVilAN OWgrlg . rcol harn In connection with this Otce is a d SPLENDIO AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE inms rOR TiPE PlINTING OF - fen Pamphlets B" I k Checks Catalogaes Bills f Lading at Label., Drapy Receipts, Or Legal Notices Auction Bll3 , Bill Forms, Show Bills pr Steam Boat Blls Oiroulars SMI g an( And every deor. 4ptiea ofJeb IWork shIa Ia may bea equied. ,p' ItTThe proprietor respectfully calls the attention of fea the pnhlic to the above Card, and asstres them that the all work intrusted to his care shall be done at the short. vO eat notice, in a style unsurpassed in this city, and to' at the lowest rates. TIHE TRUE AMERICAN. EDI'ED YV iarn R1N)I1 . Bt FAITKFUL AND BOLD. NLVW OR LEANS: r F R1UAY, FEBRUARY 8, 1I39. S ObNERAL BANKING. At a large and respectable preliminary meeting of ti thlefriendsofasound credit system under a GENF H RAL BANKING LAW,coeneeend with Internal Im- Jt provement, held on Wednesday Even~ng, it was in Resolved, Thata public neelting be called to carry B out the objects proposed,and a conmittee was sappineI hi ed to make the neresssary call and Freparations. The friends of the measore are therefree invited to assemble, to at Bank's Areade,on Saturday next, at G'clock IP. AI. precisely. ae d j'Thismeeting is postponed till Monday evening !r next at6 o'clock P. al. The .Miayor.-Ilia ltonor's reply to the Finance c Con'ttfrie out; bent we have not yet seen it. In an other column will be found an answer tosome of its pot. sitimos, from the Treasurer of this Municipality, which certainly places Mr. Gtenois in no enviable light. lie cisconvicted by the Treasurer of making a charge a gainst the chairman of tie finance colmmittee knowing te Sit to be untrue. adl is shown to Iave refused to receieve i, informtilon which might alter the decision his impar. tialjustice had already determined on. When the bill G is taken up in the House conferring additional powers on theo Mayor, lt our representa.ives remember thesee things. New Orleans will be thrown ieck--the second owill have to carry the two otlher municipalitio on its s ack. The mayor, as has Imen ineontestibly proved, Swill dloall and every tiling, and stop at nothing, to om barrasa and frustrate tile enlightened plans and views a Sthle Council. Let tile protest against Mr. IIoa's bill signed by almost every person in the Municipality, h]ave its proper weight. We desire nolchange, ned we think tie Hlesee has too much good use to pass a measure so obnoxious and deprecated. Whig Tactics. It itsa been ,ur earnest wish andl conustant endeavor, at nll times, so far as we could con , tribute, to keep the eChig party united ien solid I.lalanx. We have urged their forbearance, under the little dif terences which from tlimeeo t tsein annoyed, whlen menoe J whose laspiraions overtopped their patriolieln, beeame restive and anxious to control. We thave used our be est exeltitles to Unce'ntrate and unilte the whole force lwhich the party could bring ti hear, to the one si gle 8 end-thile overthrow of the unprilcipled politicians in Spoier. 'oWe could Iever give one thought, tlhat had I e not for its purpose, the odanecemantt of those princip!ea v ' which must carry Henry Clay intothe Presidency. A We have seen liem for years opponilg himself toe the very front orthose who wield the power and place of the government. We have seen ilim afitrding in his single self, all the attribute-, that must make hinl the rediesserofthe wrongs that have been fastened upon Stle American people. We have seen him, always, in Sany extremiy, oppose the shield thalt might have pro i ected himself, to to e P'arthen darts tllat struck at his Scountry; nor have we seen hiln otherwise then showing ehinmself as adevoted patriot, ever willing to do battle V for this roluntry, and we are ronfident that roe shall nevprbe found otherwise than ever ready to do battle d efor hie. But we have wandered somewhat from the point, which we first intended to consider. It will be rememw bereed that wedeprecnted the division of the whig power. in tlehis lace.and that we with all gool will, welcomled f.a new ally to our ranks. Yet we could not but feel that other and minor reasons operated, to mlilitate against tie ienfluene which a concentrated and well supported owhig paper could ffect here. We have senll r that out foeea-(wo say ourjbes, because we consider a foes, all who claim as a right, immunity for the uaau r thorised and unwanrranted nltemnplte of tile govertlmrent n tlo ggrpegae to itself all power, not delegated by our consliietion) have exulted in the division of our party in New Orleans, by the perchluse and establishment of a new whig press. Thie Mobile Register congratulates the friends of the Administration upon the fact, and hopes for more things. than had been "dream'd of in tite pilosophy" of Ilnse who pretended to desire ti e Ssuprenmae of, and yet .entered into a league to divide, - the whig ranks, by endeavoring to get up a Whig t press, which should carny out their owna personal r We had by es, en article from the Mohile Register, eagerly grasped at by other# of the democratiec press, which gave, aloud, the ultulla upon tihesuddenconrer. sionof the Bee, and the as simultaneons appearance of the Louisianian. Alh! here it is. The Register says: "We learn that a prorpectua is already out in pur.. asance of this detereilnation, for a new Democratic pa per, to be called tihe LOUist.AnAN. It is to be under the saine auspices as te late Bee. The conversion of this print, therefore, only weae.ns 'he coase it espou eo, by dividin, still more tihe Whig patronage, whilst the sname strong energies of the old Bee, recruited by repose, will again he found battling in the cause of hu. l man rights and requal privileges. What a noble triwmph . of principle this is for Wltiggery. lMany mtore euch to e them, say we.." uniirr nnMa it; llu it htory press, we draw ntught ofi be' altering InctiOn' to raylr4 ; but we hear it in this city, daily spoken, that "the Whigs have cut their own thlrots"by dividing the power which an united anid ably conducted press could exert.-Well, be it so We have always been firm and iudependent and as lung as we can control our press, we shall be so. We have worked, untiringly, and at heavy expense toaedvocato and enfgrce correct principles-we have exerted our in dividual fortune, backed by a few warm and unwaver ing friends, to put down the unprincipled fictions rais ed to sustain those whoi have been converting the feder al government into a machine which if permitted must destroy the trtue principles ofour government;and when we have seen that patronage, to wlich we had a ribht to look,-a jnst right, "wlhich they of the adverse faction wnantnd" withheld from uso, we fell the wrong, but never have wavered in our advocacy of thoe principles, upon which the American Republic is base d. We have determined, as at flit mo.ernr, we deter mined, to still ho'd on in our free and independent and hold course; ejill censure thtse ugentat who awerve fromdutnly, without regard to personal Iriendship or every-da:y naclnintanne. The time has been, llien o ur ad was felt--when we may ena, it was necessary. \er have never bleen nlled Iuroni whern we were not re.dy. Is it the true '1hig prinriple to plane it, who never shrunk from exposure or danger, in a situation where we cinot aid tile .ause, but must sacrifice our erlf! noun eerrons. THex ItER, The t'Pitshurg Advocate If the 26th lilt., s"ly.: 'lThe wealerr i. aain sot. The A leghellnv ani Ohio tire niet uiel latd bit l t e is ron nitn . The wnter, hboever, ielow, and u ene-ed ,ut look funr reentiption ftncvigeticn until we have somne rain of which we Iave now every pros peet The Arkannas Gaze 't, (I.itlo Roek,) of the 30th ult. says," The River has beenau falling since our last !ltil Monday, when it commenced and is still rising alongy', The .nuieville City Gazette. of the 28th, say : " Tile are about 3 I-I2 fet of water oni the falls. The rivet is still sl,owly falling. The weather li.s tnlderlatld coniderably far the last twrlve houre, and ppelarance lead to the belief tlhat we shall soon have uain again. If we do not, we fear an supension of nav igation for a while at least, will soan occur. At thre our paper was put to prese, snow was filling very fast." Fire in Louisille.-'Th'le City Gazette, of the 28th ilt. says :--" On yesterday morning, about half past four o'clock, a fire broke out in a smoke house, occupi nd by J. B. Canun, nabout the centre of the square, be tween O4l and 5th streets, and Matin and Water. A large quantity of linecn lad been put n thile house, (belonging to Atr. Cainiion and otllers,) for the purpose ofbeitng smoked. The pronresa of the fire was very vra :,. Fourt[ flame wure-rhuee tdja'eent, and twi could be stayed. The warehouses were flled with hardware, liqus-, &c. Je. and about 0Q,000 pieces of bacon storedtherein by Mr. Canuon, Swearigen,and pt others. The llss is variously estimnated--ifty theous and iollear probably, fifleen thousand of which was insured. Mr. Cannon, it is said, so the principal suf. to forer-his loss being about $15,000. to Shrereport, Jan. 24. The Caddo Flee Press of this date anounces the arrival of the Athenian from Now Orleans, and the Denmark fiom Alexandria, at Shreve- di pIt t, and say:: "Tlbe river is rushing down like a race horse at fill speed. At Fulton, there has been a lise of twentyfeet, and as our pap r is going to press, we learn it has risenI here six feet within the week. The navigation iamow w open to Shreveport for the next four months, and in a if few days the Eradicator will b at the Raft, tearing up i t the timber which now blocks up the river above. As it vet not a boat haes bw: to Natchitolles;i that venerable p d town lies high anti dry. P. S. At 18 o'clock last evening the. Columbian, Capt. Ittit. . arrived in six rays from New Orleans' Thisise the ird visit the Columbian has paid us in the course of five weeks. The only intelligeene of any interest broughtby this boet, is,that th ellMisissippi Banks are running those ni New Orleans very closely, thus completely.lurning the tables on them." The mail between Opelousas nald Alexandlia, won robbed about thirty mliles from the latter pl.ce, a few days since. T'REAeUtiER' OFFICo eECDo IIMUNICIPALITY, February, 7th 18:9.. MAa. EnsTron:-Hav;ng seen a ptnphlet addressed to of the people if New Orlueans Iby "C. Genois Mlyor" and wtcll I ant forced to believe emianates frot iris Honer the Mayor, I deem it my duty, lld an 0d-t ol n- jsvlice, to disprove on oftihe sttelurnls conlained there in; oline srging the cllhaoirmean of the Finesce Cilnmiittoeewth halin m reiitnved from the Athllfaluvuy rY Bonk to tIhe City Baotn, the fund of thu luaicipality cii it- his own private athority. he The account ofthe Treasury was removed to the Ci t* BUlk in Aiugust 1837 ly myself oni mv own personal e, reslo.ibility, after havingi oingulted with the Fi i. nance Coonilitice. This I ditiinctly.told the snyto hill, self a few days ago when he interrlogated tme r the sub jg rct,aoerq.etn l ieth lee was noti ignorant of it. I rst prio ree din- to Ilatelta himt my reasonse, tIch hti lopped me, saying he wished nUo .e3xpnation. I will tIalocs ttle Iae tasoIIn why I remnoved the ac ice, count without la nlg lie sualjeoi'hfrere lhi Council. in In August 1837 the lianks of tle city relueed to take ,o tllenolesofthe Atchafalaya Bonk and arrangeminits were understood to hlnvebeen maede by which that in ch sriiition wos to liqiidate its nffEirs, and withdraw its le circulation: loahs wele umde by the Bank for that obh ject: ot ihilperiods great ~ nn ilte want of colf-i a dence in the toles eofali Bauie that they were daily ra.e ng turn ed to me by persons employed oil the pblle woarks re and others in Ihse service ofih corporition. h lthis pu ositiuna.fthiigs ithecoame tiec-selnttikeep Iieaicliol il hie Trcasury icl notter tank, Ultil lish Atchalfalnva nill "aik shouldi e uble ti Ioenll.e its positiln p ll" cqiiulil er wilh the olther Banlkig institlution of t licity I tnio esuliedIi wil tii Finance Comlite ud e nd veral iti. hers oi f the i Coaetil and saueionedl bv their cdvice "hI i gok.the res onsibiliy of resmeing rhe depoites" feOt aits tilk tihnt eoldl ni loiger l-erforl tile leutiolls ex Iict"r ell tl of it w he i mid it s reuintonn l o shnt huld be kept llhere, ton Ilank of unqoesaltiolle clharocter ind wlich S. lreed to nll:'. the Iitis hllw ero l on hrllanee, that was Sallociwed by sail Atchafulnyn alink. bill I lid iit iliflml the Cleoitl lbearuse I'knew there ve w no ric involved iv tilmynctl; besdellr ilia e .ve'll sltal of the lubli iilod in rellatio toi sid Illk rit dllel ink edit highly n iitprudent icon tionionleo toe focl lillicly, ar tht tllitedepoilo s of 'l'ritheTriiry could oit llonger be ikept itli isad a feeling of delicaey toiunrds thlie residnt of hti Bunk who was i also presiident of ilie Cou il, hall sInl icilntie rwithc l a nd i wh ich aeireo bhlt lie anil ire. cislad. Tle Ihet was knuown to all Ie iroul is o tile Ott Councailld to idea wan ever entcrlained l o keepi:g it n '. o rreernt Fr thr m.oi sOie ont n iS(llt Ii t hlvin ee a source f profit to te its o thi lt ith Itol ably r eaiUta Oiuflluhh inlltOtVeliPiie at timesia fill it las geneorally l overdriawn und toi avery large nltnlniit. ie Sice thie l coeunt line been kept il the City Blink ut tllht instiauitin s leoa ed iIl thle 1mliill li liv, tnic bht. let lent Iithlin could iave beel obtained Irii bn lther, .re 321,HIO, and have duisclountr, while k ne io I, iur bIl. ks were d scounliitg, $26L,384,75 of notes for thliJ 31aiuici iapliTv. . . il seone as I wssoelicinlly iatfilm'd Iltn the Ai hl.a Iad folnve Bunk wais ina l ,orilio. to renew its conexit with ati p I'reanrv, nnd thLa it ,'leired thalt the aeccr llt lsholl le relo rnt-d it was dono. t it In i-guitis8:17, the Atrlintoluyn lnnk loni-dl to it t he luoicpit lih $2ltiit(e d at 6 tier ieut i:itr etr; ll I it lef iea a tiide condilinti of ilhe iion tlat IhtNr I rCanO is ce uicImlll ble ketlttll ,l Fid llnk. TIhP till Ithenk eut thi ine time mimll tkreclsrly thlil e roie I;', whuich itsi w0ithdrawn Ini ferc onf ial'il lirhiafolava Itlllik. pun It will npi pear[mi I ll.,reglling. Ihonlthe areier is ein ic ceriroii ulintt eRelv teery itia lie has nade in re ferrece i, tie sunLjec, anit krnet fo men, ltha I wtll iro' aloe responsible for She net he :olllollni ti ila gleries, Ilia obuoe committed by the chairman of ice Fi.t.nce Coni sleg nttee. tile Your ob't secrvont. JOHN I)OANR, tall 'renrrcr2nd nllnicilraliry. Forgery. A forged clheck wits implui, on thIe la Fay. ill, stie BalnkI Cinecilnai, for F$,000, oil ilhe a `'l ult. SBy a slip fron tile Louisville Journsl, we t earu fint le o Ge. lanrrisolt'sreply to tle Antlniisoric Ciinnittee heel tas at length appeared and that he does tL exprasrs his te detrirminaiin to alide ihe dciinilln iof a National COli. voition. We shalll take ip thie subject when we iee the reply. ) sglisl Trade with Tea...lit is leInlrnd iy tiin arrival of thio a oialcet hEilarl, tllt when shp. caihrd therei wrn tw- o brigs ou- Oudilln tig Liverpool, for talvetii n,'I'xae, direrte etit .a/yorof lbany...O Mlonday evening, Jarel I.. Ilnth hone, was hielood iy thu Colnioii Clliciln of Albnhoc, to the R0 otce of May or of tlhat cly, in l ta place of 'laolii Vne n Vclchoi, areiged. of Thie South Curolina RaIil Road Bank Bill ihals een rejectd iia i the Kentucky I.egislature. The Louisville Journal ofthef lst says :.." On Monday orve. oing, wheln the Ital Road car fromn Lexilngton arrived at the top of the inclined plane near Frallkfout, it was, as uluul, de. tached from the horoe anld pushed by hand to tile blink of theplanle. Where, owing to some neghrgence, Itatmtntenced decondintg before the proper time and with ireat rvlucity.. The paswot. ors all jumped out before the car reached the great cut, but many of theta were rery severely injured, and two of them, a Mr. Abernethy, formerly Clerk in the office of theCourt ofAppeals, and a Mr. Campbell, carriage maker had each aleg broken. Nolives werolost. The car woa dashed to pelces. Publie Opinion.--The ltllo eitg just tribute nt plaise oof he tttlents, patriolirt, inom rtl.rl, otlo frs nes otf Ilery Clty, copietl from tile New Orleots 'I'ruejfA malricnI, will be reid with cordirl approbation by a vast mnajority of tie freemen of this state. In the darkest daoys fnour repubolic, A r. Clay wau ever thie el n, ion of tle people's right's, ond they will not forget hIht in no singlre i'nrtlnllce ba lie otulprolllisod tile glrvr itll-. telesls slid haptttlttt ol tle lattion. For ,urseol. o, we' hesitate ot to saty, Ith is thle marl of our o h'oice for thl fitt ofice in the gill of lot peo rl e nail wto ol nll be sluck to orgre his cltims,i' eed le when we think te e proper time tase atrired for dliculssin this itltier. \\ e nlovo ilot tIle Ovaity to opttlpose nvltotre rcllt.i- m u' ours ant elevaolte Mir. Cloy higlor in Itof ttftlits ott Ott fllotw oilizeos tltlln It. alroeady sltall. \lhalt too mat Iavo to olty will be chiafly to recall tothe Ietllurv tistourical facts. [N.Y. 'imet." BnaeAtITtIES AND o UPERSTITIONS OF' \\ESTtH N I[ DI.ont . 'Ilte Clicaeo D)emorAt otlllttitls a ltterlmott tle Couteil BIulls, dateld Oct. 15, 1838I, lwhich st:tes a shocking incident, lwhlch th, wilter too oan; told to him bi l trader of uldoubto d verocity o and tlt 0 was ant ee-wite ss of tie scen e. It it js o fiilwso : The lPawnees in a war expedition into the Stioux couttry, last February. took prisoner ta Sioux girl only luo! teal years oid, whom tihv kept aboot Iwo nlottlst, uctol corn poblaitogt d fattelted her a they wo tld a g. They thebon determiled to make t sacriiuee ot her. 'lli, they kept to themselves. 'u o dao y b.furoe tile atifi:e, ta eouucil of eiglhty of Ihe warriors uod head ohen of the nationo met tt see llwhethlo tey would accept tlet offers of two traders of te AoroerteCt fur uopany, who ooffered them vahuable presents if tlhey wonld release ar l oer ut to o s hao ltyt minioglt ire htr retttl o tt. fon t Btllt would ittt dlo. A Iolojoriry tf themlt wn for u scritice; of course Ithlote itl Ittvor otf her.releae could to iotothling. At t.oe brellkilg ip toif t conil, Ithe pri.uner :l basrollgh Itlt ue I:lctnolll anid olyo tlhe wllole rounotl, woos Ild Irut htnt e to el<l-l : l heln hee gave her a slll I.lhl dt of w 0Od nellrI ui little pnintwh side herd hed to the "nrr hr rm.l tm her, ilnd Ile phedd it o Ito the not eI ultil t evol ,v wio o. tllhd ctntributd sooruoe wrood atld roint. bo thel u2"tdl to i ,\rll soe was ld out o tt tohe atrititvu, blot iotn (ate. Tiey r hd clhsen thie inao be oswe t th r wonees whlrich growe i thie irive fet of erat othrlir. Ilth. dten Illhe b torsoend othe IrDt balt tied Itrotls otull fee tho lieP, her et roh tng oil thle hsrs bellw, wrhere o low filre kihllid hIeul th wolll ju s trnhe ert w!rco. 'Vi.O itorour then rtOrnl ard the btrt at' tlto on e stalnintg oule-ll each Cidle of her, ledl fire lllner hen r n lralnc . iu iota i ilob wa nhllomtldodt. 'ihleno, ai gel igti nltl thov all hu)t arrws into hel r bodv, so hick t Ietoh..'tI 1· ill pin li. l I alncrsd bl we' trso. Th mlol ruw ! jlseo i tllll jottl It ll to llr l ler too llt , ndl it wrase all to roVot h Lontlo in pitcts not P .rgr haT half dle lr, nlld ut itll hurkels. All Itis rIr, dlnl le b. ille t wa r qitdea. T''hen lthe prliniptl chlief tols a t plece of orll flesh antd sqteretlt il Uo.ol a dtroll ol f blool te.I lp0n the trun thotl ors jllit ,l tuldl, and tllit was dtole to II Ieey had in thet grototnl. 'Tle leltrer-wrtler arev tIlIis i . Ihe or ly ithe Pawnee. treot tlheir priooners i0f war. lie ayas heIto l viosteI tllo Ooes, tight miles from ti Blofle, andl wa. ftrci Iott shtotck wirh their superstitious buriolsoof the de'd. WVlheon t.o ori,er of uote dies, they kill one of tih best of tile tullotionl oi0 lis groo, olldtlo l telot oil" tile rilt aol ie it to a paIo fifteern feet hlighl, toll thee leave i. 't'hey believe the spirit orf the Io se ill servo, tile spirit lof tile watrrior II Ilia ietl w:,rid. 'The ioillx ..ld I'lowoees are in a otate of conllottlll lostirii, wlieht hbs b..e of o%'0 tears r unttuuoce.--fooslau Courier. C lftF' E F & C IiG A RS- -36 duo . oi oore gr.. . Ila - vaCnoo flue, 60t,11t1t Ioaeons Cigars, bto 'inofront oo rgqiltt oger Williamst, for sale by JOSEPIi COCK h Nb,E jol4 2. Gro(vier ast JOHN V. CIIILLS, ENGRAVER AN!) COPIERI-PI..ATE PIIN'irEri, No. a, Catp S1. 1 l,"lo.enirrve ao d prllt to orlder, Iak onte. Iillt . oI ifexeotullool, bills of lading, diplots, nt,rean. tile and viai:,.n v.ards. nltUri 'I, eonsuslalr *od lonllllnil g hellsre seal[S, do",r idtltrn silver wort., a-e. -nlahvt. o I:llld, an tliIottuorolo ollf orilver plotalted lld bol-a. "ulori P ; (8tar- pr'ot-d .otm plate m o.lrl.' ..ol.. uo::Tt (Ceninsed) The world seems in its progress through thesans period of thme, in which it Las movsd,to hate changed io itlhabitaotsi Its jpast popolntion of vegetable dad animl life have dirappeared and their place supplied i ith new species and new existencies! How'wonderful to contemplate? How inudcqnate for the human mind I to calculate upon tile untold millions of ears that have preceded ; crrying ius back to that period, when the In huge Santriun ald gigantic monrnlters hsd away upon ith earth? When Alligators. and Pain trees, fil.nri-hod togetller on thie banka of tie liver Tl'men , under L.o dtn in Latitudt 5p,1q-? Or. when the Ihugo Jtlmmoth h grozel upon our plainsl Or costing the min,,d still N further back, to tile vast distance in ipast time, when .on shells, and still lower organized animals, seemed to have formed tile sole ithabitunts of' the ereslt! Wio ahall say, with these facts before him, how old the wrld is? We read in the fossil remains of post ages, the in- i calrulaile antiquity of the world. They re types, d set by nature herself, to mnark tim pages of her history for untold agee. The theory of the earth's formation, is that it has passed through several vast periods of time inl arriving to its present stale, not less than four or five, some reckon more. It is supposed that tile central mass of F the earth, is a mass of granite or other primitive rock, which, at sotme period, mayv have been surrounded Iby water, ani tiat the first vitalit mtanifested in this prim itive state of time world, was in that class of Zoology as shell fi·l, of the very simplest organization. Their lanlins seem to it the lost amnient, unt are said to Ibeloag to tie first layer that sutrrounds tie granite I bail. The next layer seaem to contain the remani. of f attimals of a more perfect organization, such as those with a spine, ntd nCervos anp arattu, or whit are call ed cold blooded animtals. 'The third layel seems to contain those of still higher organization. Thlose tos sassing a iheart and active circlation, called warm brlotded animals. The ttird lover comprisres vegetabtle re'liins whlich iitly the eoxistenee of dry land. The next com,tises tihe herbiverous animals, od last easye tile cartiverooas niltals. Ilan senes to ilrave been tile last inhlabitant plae d upon the earth, as well as liy for tile most perfect of all. While all livine species seem sublservient to his purposes, and while the earth i so hfueI tf liae retains oif ethr animaols, manlr alone has no petlified remnains exiingr, in any pirt of the earth, if I we except a ease or two which vere su pposed il be acidentl. Thie present irequalities of thie earth are sullosed to have been produced by convulsions and Utlifting of mountains enused by internal heat. The order of tirhe layers as Iefirce noticed, is never reversed. It sometimes hap pens thiat one nma be Imissing or ab eant, in that case, the next in order is slur to succeed. Alnd on tile sides of some mountains, tlese layers aip reanr th Ile broken up n lnd rust aaicnt tile lllmrntaios ir an inolined porsition, whrn if they hald renmaitned ast aie lniad bteen formed, they should have relnainled horizotnllrlo ] l'this bring ts us to co:clude or remarks with an ob servatun respecting tile roaley of Ithe aliAissitppi. whicoh presents one no the lurs'esecoAdnry firunnatoans ill the wtorld, (ie.the most recently fortnd froan water de ,oaites,) And rmves, conclusively tihaat t no great peciind ack, in tile history of the world, eompared with other evidences of the eartlts vast antliquity. Thise whiole valley was covered by tie sea. And l rttm ill iuced to believe that the Pacific Ocean at one tittn re unord to tibe western toot oftlSe Allegtllnsv MOlart.iis, oani that tie ocean has receded, b the raisin n ofthFhe trcky nmnntnins and the valley lf the Mississippi with them This theory 'ecoeiver trett pltusiiiity firrmt trlhe fact ltnat rierevor you ileel witll l.imte LtSTne il tihe western country, iyoulr heak it caletlily,lyouo titlsre tile traces of sea shells in it, proving, the w;ole rock teas hStee fritns'd frm tlles materiaols. 'ie shells, too, ale e'te samoe deseri ltioll no te now found on tile shares Sof tile Gull of AMexic, inn oiving state. \\e irest Ibservr. 1d rl their petrified Iorme it blue limesttoner , nl the Ohio Rive aotsove Maytsille Ky. The rock in lnavsvill. in lso of the samrre kid. e went and, eatuinted ti e ILinmestone at Iouisville, especially at tie Ferr t landirg as you go to Nrw Alhnay in end. We ntext saw it erossig Ilnd. and illinois, end agtin it St. Iotuis. It is a curious ftet, that l.ouisville asrl tiis city, n'iore tltr S100 ils fro e a , anre buiilt uanon store, 1reitri Iully lnme of tseE ellst!-It is well knows, lmtthte slnn,,ils of the Allegtheny .lturastti, and theirsl erl ir le, are Omrpiosed ofgrellite aid olher pli itivOe rcks. Not ao, wil trile peaks tf tire rocky rllllntnes. hey are composed of send ston-, a seeotndtsrt rock, twhidh proves Ith whole chat. to have ae,,n oi.,fier we her, A .1r. Ball, r icw yearstoo, a, stllert rif Getlo ey r ulsder prte'sor Eaton;tt penetrates! relOtrs the rocky All lllt aillN ol o ot, nnd rlet j ied the Pacific O nce . lie declared tle Ieuolltt tains were on Slt 'co tium , to the Pracific O(coan. 'Tliis Lering ie eas', it Sis probahle ur leadm Ines coltiome aeross tIhe re e y totnio s, to thie Pacif, altrd our Coal iPolds i ti, varlov ofrthe MCissis i, areNthe loSt exveh e on the hatilmtblo gllrbe being traced it ilacesr s ars Itt mike it ia + emll that they r~ it bsededibv the Le the Ior t ie GInll'fl oteeier on hre tOlth. the Alegitenty thIrtn tnios on the. east, and the Pacific Oceanat t lhe west. A--" it SALIoA ILL I)EEN SAIIt)ItI)''f 'Trrkicih l)v., e for chltngirggrey or red l;ir on tih Iea, ",r It twhiskere, tre eO irtrws, Iby It single npplieostio, Ito a p'er1ma1nnlll blrownl Vlr\,yitn c ope toe lte blaclr wtI ia nrt etaiuirrg either tle ilands or linen, jst recrivedl e- at thie Bazasr,eorner St. Charles & Ctrlnrrnr streets. SBUSH & A...AN, '' fel Excha.nge Hotel I .ACON-- 28 Cakse canva .s e h lll-s allr s-idei,, fut Jrsae by ISAAC BIII)It;E & Co, f e-131 Magazine st Sell Cottons, for tae by yfee ISAAC BRlll GEllI & Ct, 131 itg'rzine nt Si'I'IU:I CANI)I.ES--0ti l boxes Nenw -ltefr,;ltre, - Stoll and Nanruclet Spert Candles. flr sarle by el8 ISAAC BRIIDGE & ('a, 1:134 Milrltallelat -BAr; ING ald Blale Rope, for parle Iv re3 RE.AI) BAiRSt'IO\V, 7 B uiank lsac hi AL.T ~r10,01r turbotel. Crteliz .alt Afllr-t, in tilk; Ir 10110 seir ksn do c flr roale by fee Wtiii I r1G Ii t 4 Co, 76 'lanoeinteo t ('OFFEE-L- itt bhgs sart Itrlnhil ('lr e, frilr- 'ale of by \i'HITR rr & reo, LA)U Il-- 1i4 bilr ltiidlng frell 7ain an ho l Nw tik Ltfilr sale hy G. Do RSEY Ire h4 4. New IevtSe , ACO'o inti-9,tit , euuiig r, in, Stholldlers ldnd sides, landig frill sterram bolht Norfoik, for asola by G Ol-i' S fe 44 New Levee 1IT'Iu e tI-A'S'ED PEEi - 'r tltarrels tor silr IY S. Locke Co, Nao. 8 Front Ie veer . Mlstere I ofsteam boatshare partieularly r.ested to lake tries I. rrtills new anr d very aluaible artcle of ftel, ) sUClh esteemed by ergineers ir every port of the errntry of whoere it ras been used. It8 ad COIt. CIIAISN-.ll coak, oi t st eo ecceived m urd for sale by I LOCKE & Co, Ihe fel 8 Frltr Irvee TIllS DAFY. 10,001 Capital Prize, Tickets only $300 GRAND STATE LOTTERY. Drawing of the Grand State Lottery Class C, 6:1, 34, 30, 27, 75, 66, 68, 35, 10, 74, 0, 20. Nos 4, 2), 37, the (ulital Prize of $11,11011, was sold to lr J N Cordoza, a merchantofthin city. C.LASS II, Authorised by the I.egielotaree of the Slate. 'To be drawn Tids Day, Feb. 8, 1833, at 6 o'clock, P. 31. at Bieshop's Hiotel. S DAVIS &CO, Managers. 75 Drawn numbers--12 Drawn Ballots. Splendid Schemte. 27 814 Prizes,n mounting to $145 513 Tickets 3$ 00-llalves 1 a0-Quarters 0 75. Packags of 25 Tickets rfit $75, warranted to draw at leaslt $:13, oand moy doraw te Ibghlest caplitals. mounting la 10,000 1!! lackageso o1511 Ill Tickete $37 50, war-ranted to dsaw at least $16 50. Packages of 25 Quarter Tickets $18 75 warranted to draw at sorst $. 25. For packages of single tickets, apply at the MIANAi. ERS' OFFICE, Feb8 16 Chartres st TO BE DRAWN ON SATURDAY. The following are tie drawn numbers of the Louis ans Lottery, Class 3, for 1839: 34, 23, 46, 53, 95, 67, 32,2, 19, 59, 39. 4. Ticket 17, 03, 69-package No 11,9, entitled to the 2nd'capital prize of 5tl00dollars. sold by Scltyler, bro ker, 10 Camp st. The holder is requested to call at this oltice and receive his money. $20,000 CAPITAL PRIZE. LOUI SIANA LOTTERY. Authlorized b Act of Legislature. Chapter XLIII, pnrsed 31o:th 21. 182,., Cl.tio No. A foIr 18319. .to be diewn on Salorday, Feb. 9, 1839, at 5 o'clock, P it. stthe .xEhollge Hlottl,St. Charlces st. ID. S. G!tt;IOILY & Co. Successors to YATES .t.lN'1I'RE ,. Co. 73 Nutl,lrs-13 Di- orawn Ballots.' GRIANI SCIHEMIC. Prizes alounting to $2:6,337, Tickets $5 03 IIlrves $2 50--Qarters 1 25 Iuoge.vS 0of25 tickets fote $125. '1r knyeo of 25 half tivket- $412 50. I'ockges of 55 (tl lortt.r ' ickets oir 1,31 .25. For iaoksehc or single Tiiti., Is opl:h it 1. GILI:EGOILY & Ce, Ihe btnnt.rtle Ohle, feb 35, Canllal street, tIot to Camp et G LNNV1 itUa-o-illb bnles iiooov Ifoeo, of close anot primle tecture, suitable fr k nir , by ja~5 1 LitlIDE, 131 Mluogaziie et I IlIFNISII WINES FOR S.LI.E L t 4h1 boxes Ilockheimer, 59 do Nirstcei.rr, "'8 do, Olrkhbrol,.r. Thes. wines are now rhodiug f:ora brig Alexander fnlll Brcloet s:ntlid It:e tbeen srlectsd witt irticllltr calte. b Iatelors at IFr:nkf,:rt, :lentz und ctlogtos dt aol ilg extensively with this article otr this ctllrntr. On ero bottle ueateat tiguette isat ixed, slto:iu I qualt t )eoUr ofgtowtlt and hearieg mIy nam as inIIo. ter. .csd guortbltt' tle getuil: . " jaSY6 AtIRAIIAM TRIER, :(1 Gravier at I AGS-i-00 B tiny Bgs, of supelicor quality ) and finr sale 14w by fe6 'SIAI L& BROWN, 'c6 langnzine st j)ACFi.lIt WAN'I'EI)-A lost rats IP. ker, well toI olllended flr ahilisy and steadiaess, will find eniprolment :n upplication to B UlO\ & Co, laS -7 ('ampst 1, AC'pKE I.-'2110 baorrels, l10 half barrels, and 50 1 o1 yr bar-es, Nos. 1, 2 and 3, lackerel. ins tre for sale by ja24 J TI'A YERI & Co, 74 Poydras at ] UI.ll:RIitY & Sils Wormtts-A T'reotiar to ie Illolhcrro and Silbk 'Wooreo tronalutz.d frno t c Chinese, I vol,'8o,just received and for erlo at thle Bookstore of A TO'IVA R, lel 49 tm1p ,at /Tllot'-I barrels rectified, for sle ohy ) J2 G. D)IRSEY, 4i Nw I.Levec j ~i ' , N . A ( O tI F F L -- 4 0 0 o h p p r i, . .. U .i. hr Slin s tre, eu t r' tais le bh j:17 AlIA Alli TRIER, 34 Giavhr r WAsaRifGTO1N BALL ROOr Dress & Masquerade Ball St. Philipttreet,hctween Reoal & Hourbon. 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M1. except Suottday', when elte will Depa Relirn rf pervious nlotice. A" r PRIN'l'ED prih the (reutest Ltredpdition, end Sin a style uolsurpassed in Now OiRE.lAos, or else whcle. i OnsRs left at CorFrlNG Rloot in St. Clharles Ex change, (Corner of Grarier St.) or o T R U E n AMERICAN PRINTING OFFICE, a corner bf I'Poydra and St Charles Stricte, toill bi prompily attenltded to. i, Dcc. l--tf. d STEAM BOAT BILLS. o WNEIR, AiDENTS, oi CAPTAINS of STEAM l IOAT can hare their Bills h'etrk off, in oine d. more Colored Inks, i.on ain or Colored Ptaper, eithh Sdespatchl, and on fareorable tTerms, y leaving their OPneIs atTRUIlE AMERICAN OFFICE, corner of r Poydrs and St. Charlesr streets. Net-n3--ti - PtEtIRM Oll,--00 i allt. winter ttrained sperni oiljust received ned ciw sale by r jal I.OCIKE &Co, 8 Prott L.eveo --l AShII ItOXES--50I Coasl lloe.- tfourno etl n.u ill fitcture, far superitor to elti Engclish, fir sale lIy lis j10 I.tOCKE&Co, 8 Front Levee "KTt l-iZi LIAD-tih500 he, k No I in totre, fit sale S LOCKIt: -l Ino, janI8 8 Frlnt ~l.tee s l Ulnltk Chckit, tlitl-s o" Ltiii., Attctiosts Bills, Pantphletst, Ohowv bills, Cata. S logues,. c. &c. en gTORDERS for the Abover, and every other des Scriptionof ,iTPeRINI'lNti.g rceived at Conipling lt.ooln of' TRIUE AMNEICIAN," in Sr. CHlIttLE EX i caEiro:, 3d doort from Gratviri rlr tr lrat the ltIrinting Iltliee, corner of 'oidrli- tidi St. Chuarls streets.. E .ltensive and b'autirtfil IOOK and JIoo FoUNTS from the best liuntdries it the United Mtatet, haeejus been added teo th'e alrady well.alocked Eslablishment; -and (tltutnis trill bie cereuted as lIow, as Cheaply, Exp1leditiously and tleautiflly, asl ant iyIi otier Ollice ilt the City. fol 1 CAR I)DS Ic [11 PRINTEI at thie shlrltes Notice, in the Brmost Seltigant mtnnner, ill tlalekor (Colored Iixs, on I.cniIl.; eIrdl, Wlilte lake, or Plain llrlteed AIIi), anlld it Price ery reasornable at Tll IE AIMrd C.til AN OF Iy tIlE, rorncr of I'yilraln and St. Chanrles ss. s eietall New nttil Ileautifnl Fontts of IYrPe have it just bee addied to the Establishment. S Orders reeiredl at Cntinill Roomln, St. Charles S E.rechanre,l 3rd drl fit'm itnviicl t.,or at thle Pliting (Ollice, uorer ofl'loydr;at, & St. Charlis streets. FTO MIERCAllNTS. o [ErlRR:l IIANTS ean have a IIEAUTIrUL CIRCU iiiLAR tIruckff'cattrer ours NOTiCe,by eathli at the ed Ceinpitlg Iltiloui TRo 1UE AIMEIIICAN I'tItlT.:io; (rFICte 0I. Clorl Exehbanlor, alijounitnI, the EADy tl 'O oc m at Cornir tf ravi.ri trcrt, oral the Itint i in Ofticer cirnerof loydras and Si. (liaolrvs streets. I"lealllavre, nltlari~dlles, Rcew lor~k sliii I'hlihldl~l ,y A!iA31S WIIII'ALI., - ct jA VAh b\ .;I ;.\ Its- ,t)littiis l s i Illtlilttnl aI l eit eo 1 eIO Ill t e C tlld hIesalei? btt jI n 1d1F the1 '1 asks for a a o Ir i\ Ilul aolce we Made Cliil5 AIII t lIIure JIIM n I' I E lit 31h G Innot s l . .. . I"t S E. Itt i lllu ill-1h c rtll in t siroc ingh. n-r hole J ll ii'"" '"1 -Pii ~lucc· fltllv %,l+l. rilrp. 7h. i I i.<l llr'i..i IIi febh7 if utll tit haties at LAWa ICEPORnULdU kTS. ())li Ieb CCC Ilrltvtt rlll·1,tu f)lftEiTE U. jelTl li Ive ;iI liete coi detgldo ot isvl I ui ieit ier Iri'or cuil. • il aI1 ugllir lix, Itiilitl s voths-it it, 9ul,, -rlltlolbi o lihel 1t E cleliiLtI dil,,r ; oi i i eAihiTue t . 3 tIrvl ; Hullt. tvent Jttliiieniitt itltitiicetc ionle;lr ireettleofei lititi,t9 cnI, Siltici, ii rttle; ~ittitre' lit, S vlit;Soxitlever, 3 vole: Wcaehitigti'on U Clt-tis, I vilo, for tile ty f6ALEX 7OWAI. II AlA(iF NY·:-Aiiiiuu(Mc l Iog.ElOrnw~t --17q<-.] , Fo- Bale I 1E) CI~lniTii] , Iw...i'.- - sold feb 7 Nor7 BeIrk eilaace • al li~l >i~ t (e ii olcs h..) h i t, k "i It'hly the lOS illUt, ER t ewt iiir1ilusrelahy I3:, tItALD HASTaiV, . l*l)iE IttI'c.El O2tcIIFe-A f-ic btiito iv b l clllilty i. EAD &L IIAIIS(iW,·)\ ' ltNo 7 Nilt k i Iloce . .... .. I,, I\\'iJ- llnc IIF'lr elalt lAt'I'S. 'r n~ o 5 EA,1L v EngiEot illitif Ei i b t et to by Hougio's U .liiles .v,]% rilalro' 7 I l" sa il,7 chi.:C IlDIiF & Co. 134 iIingeiiiect rit oral4 Iynh ISAAC UIIwt;l & Co a tvla A.urt II vole; Jo n 0' co ntI l h( pero qul-. lbich? 131 .Iaahine9ie at 0 C LtOll(iY~ i--heh 0ec Clithililtig cottiiritif i iIek hir ISAAC vI;P Vllin &s Co, 1il1 Maltgzine it ll ( ,.-510 e :lcrce t lenrocthioa n. ld iaro Eoli:u' 1 l 0ll iitnfor ini lty SIIALL ,e IlyiOCiN~i _ .- . . . 7 . . - ce..x. 01 l AIAGY IIWIS--I A i bo ntoie boftiasdlee, a 'inetcd ior slee co . le by jan 30 ISAAC B11RIE Ce. 134 linangLe at t tte UaU dut Comprili de ln .eottde .Bniiplile, tieNleaOrlbiti. lv Silt Fiuctior. lotuS. A A V7 eti dl7tne pur l oiS nt, quo jO ditan et lt eoau ranlieit tin lturau,1 t elld 14, cu cour ant tlii, l le riPnrtLionas -lour ufit, bet t onrc Iae rue liptbes e Ir pictoges doe tihaies decos Is limtileede relDe &IuInicipollhI. S I~e Contlrucleur fournirnun cautionntintent per movcn dfieot 7 piuienrat parsunso dot s oaiich die le certllentl1011 dul voylere I ux.lril r e aI· drlsra < liv l tI ttttl ll il n- i i a i c5 th n a. J . C A111 10 i itr .t . t0111 LI(Ol.1S-- 4IiIn dou iiii tllolei, tir nitit b fcl 7 1. IiRDlteI' & , cLam Iese lilSt? y k1gi. in-n. leaf I di ,, i.-]-. lh 7 "11 zew Levtr I LA'KI\t.5 bhe, onmink61 doz. Peu 1: :a=, *~s, cuuiuiltiiL· '?4 dua melt Dunlb~p'' pacte hlauckillg, luno k oo hp uhile fI Z"b lot itOXIC Iii tIDLE l 1 , l3 6anira j 1 fu bale y ISA tlU(E o fo4 - 1531Stgn.zioot, jj aNI,'l. l Cloth Pi.per-lt trl orioed ,,fin. 4 resin' of very tinell I.ng1li-h Bluth paper)(·, 30 by 45q inch., 3":b,, 45 ith.,tand 3ttty45 i45 h,.; i uperior articto. Alto, 5 ,c ay n Mloti , pu-to blacking, 6,r tuledy i'AU)FFLT &Col (I l,'4 N 1' tationers Huall L OIS' *gIouIcn 11,ks-t.ooiao Pln hld,,,, duon bluodltalti tg, supply, reed by f r I A 'l'OI It, 49 Camcp at I u Ils, Slit )l'S , 311O(iAN065\, Isawsvu. BI riotls Illlullifir, for g~IIII."wenll ladies, mussesZ boys, ?uoulls tdcthildren g,, Ornle t lel ISAAC 151(1)ItIIX ' (',, I:1I Unguoine at jj DIl 4ULI(CL 511 \'i' I ,r by jll RAD r 11516,IOIS, ,flk Ptuee u,gt,,ro,,i,,t~f~ruoto 4)L-An imn e Ital n io r rnuJ a stlollo AL LI & ItlI~lbIN., 1t6 96 Maait ea I PII3RtlI.LS3 56-s, Ilt too 3d in. Stuntan, un LT Ginghal~m umbrelrllas lily sole byy foi ISAAI' URII1)DIE & 6., 1:.1 Slrgoratir SPEItS1 011OH-41 casks 01,1 or otroioed Speru, Oil, l urrunludg pure, fr rale by foi ISAAC IItItl)(E & Co,131 )IIMgare, r ti SU oaltt uu ptla.lnutiuou loe r' e , li,r rite i, ILEAD & R4It'Tt-'II, f6l NotIakt It )Ifur rate by ::EAUI .X& ItI1tS1tl 155 ____ 7 Bak Place.tb ujelt:RcI C1.vrtI tbtttIAI.-J,,e r root t,, tootvi containas over 511 eat : Iglaltlvi,,er Iliuilt·ailon. of tr, hli,, dtre:, Put ., .S,,-,t (otlthtrat, t't rtr,, sdo, IRra,,,,oirgo,I~turu do,I u,,odo. I',o>""$f, VEDji SI. Theatrte. T gl. of t!e engagement of thie celebrnted Fo iMR. EDWIN FORRIEST'. THIS EVENING, FE11. 8, Will be performed the Tragedy of MACIiETH. I Maethll, MAIr Forrest, Di Macudul, Fielding, In Bianqo, tiilherl, I1 Lady Macbeth, . Mrs Greene, To conclude with the laughable Piece of THE IRISIIM AN IN LONDON. A, SDelav, r Greene G Colloniy, Fielding, Secvnour, Gillmrt,. y Louisa, Mrs Anderson. N On Saturday, 11th night of lMR. FORRIIST. 0 D A IAJEMORRHOIDS. U I AY'S LINIMENT.-No Fiction.-This ex. traordinary chemical composition, the result 4 of science, and tile invention o a celebrated mendi cal main, the introduat,, n of which to the public was invested with the solemnity of a deathbed bequest, has since gained a reputation unparaleled, V or ually sustaining the correctness of the lamented 'a Dr Gridley's last eonfession, that " he dared not die without giving to posterity the benefit of his knowledge on this subject," and he therefore I bequeathed to his friend and attondanl, Solomon a Id Hays, the secret of his discovery. It is now used in the principal hospitals, and the private practice in our country, first and atost certainly for the cure of the Piles, and so eaten sively and eflcntually as to baffle credulity, unless E where its effeclts are witnessed Externally in the following complaints: For Dropsya--Creatitng extraordinary absorption r at once. All Swellings--Reducing them in a few hours Rheumatiosm-Acute or Chronic, giving quick ease. Sore Throat-By Cancers, Ulcers or Colds. Mr Croup and Whooplag Cough-Externally, and oe over the Chest. ill All Bruises, Sprains, and Burns-Curing in a few hours. r Sores and Ulcors-Whether fresh or long standing, and fever sores. Its operations upon adults and children in reduc ing rhoumatic swellings, and loosening coughs'and h nn tightness of the chlest by relaxation of the parts, has been surprising beyond conception. The n econmaon remark of thlose who have used it in the a- Piles, in *' It acts like a charmn." THIE PIL ES-Th- e price, $1 is rerandod to any a person who will use a bottle of Ilny's Linimlent ale for the Piles, and return tile empty bottle without P being cured. Those are the iositive orders of the et proprieltr to the Agents; and out of mlany titano sands sold, not on bites been unslccess.tfl. Wn W m ight insert cerliflcaten to any length, but a- prefer that thlos who sell the article, should eo - hibit the original to purchasers. as CAUTION-None can be genuine without a tg splendid engraved wrapper, on which is mty name, ,x and also that of the Agents. SOL(OMON IIAYS. ing Sold wholesnale and retail, by COUMS'I'OCK & Co, New York, and by one Druggist in every en towt in the Union. as For sale by the Wholesale Agents, corner of at; Comlnon & Tfoeloupitoulas street, and by the I, Apothecnries gcnernliv. ju30 ice ANNUALS AND ALMANACS, FOIR 1839. PL.ENDll) Lonthno Attinul,--'ltl e hook of lIov ally, n)oprb col tt let'eI ; Fildel'a'l T bleaux, l d "lnllr ,f" Ii ornce:; Finihel D g Ioolto Skhetch Iloek; BeIlauliesn otnHllllllltLe,-- tllt La t l ts11 a't \W'avetly Kcrpske,--nThe h'llrial; ter- Ol'rientl \Il;II F, rs-et men Not, JoIrdal ' It, toerit' Anun i; (:.llticatttlre A IIIIl; t.UInte AlnnttUI; S'i ttlnir's , V ih kcl Ilo k; are Youn.g l ltlio un g ,tt e eCtletllcn' Alolul AlIri:, A \Wal- "hmll-, Tllals'roles. American lAnnuals. rlve Titoe t.ken antil .\ lttt S lll 'et iit; Lug ihe 'ilt; The ifl; AMrs (iihunniato nual Itrlcitelr & Ilousietile Aillllunne. A-mericit Amneitr & leItponly n fltsefUol Ktlnoaldg Illillil'a a .\ali t'l \hiianiin v I'J, Ii.I (:&Uo . I.olirtiaI Almanae; CoCrlotk -e-Coltni,-Gernmau Alnoltmnc, he Slewrtl' Dliary for 1I:39, clnliiinilg a blank memo so; randOn for every day' of fith yrer. EJO IINS& iCo., c. corner ofSt Charles ano d CuItlon eta. nt v 28-5w 1. UNN1' It at..n-ttnt (titttley 11o0.sitt tnce, foe cole, ý71 fhv CCIIAII'I.IN& C& , II'a II, iet jlol ti Julin s N . lll' I.A anlid llediilnl Ilotks: ret t urri' lietti of e'esl n djudicated in eonrts of o Adiothll, of tliLhe U.6.ntd Englalnd; ,ne ntl vali ot I'lPe. l' Ilig.Itl do . .irrs in tll he S ple pi. , Circuit and SDiletrli t C fu'etn. t new sup'ply, I vll, I m tatlnare ,IntntllllO , a net' eiltlI , reeived by PIoae ,isl I'The :lilk-ril'Mll d tIlt'ill Allll~n ll' fOr 1",19, a iuw nnll ; i d I ifll n IIlllilnl ple kt h, u"k t irt nOtalr l'li l h' i ltl ltr, 1 AnI all c r lneu ot the meet hpIOVr L, w and 'e ¶t Metl ti onel crk. 1": JtItINS & t'o, jal7 car Comlnonl a St ('hoIt l es* It A A1.IMO)N-5 'tr lnrtcl., 'i v tinhie t ni ntt kl e, -- I ansmo, leandm " from blip Charleston, r lP by e, fe2 . J P \ IIII' IY, 73 (a ill ad1', 1.011 .ll G.-1- ,.... rn~e, eintip F .i,. a K. ; n- o:r - n tt' r ( orl tn o II t.t t laht,,'Inen, Itnt lunt , ,i,.g l, c hirls, &c. e,-w hlaid toe iill d 1 al' 6 1. M j API'EII! I',l'R--Just received at 24 Cllartres s S t 0 eam llt l anlhwine letter aper, tle& while d 100 , Itle do doi do do kln- 500 a Hludson'a do do do do ea-n 5110 " fne &. supeilie callp llue t& white. I& Part ol'flthe nhie rrli plant and ptre ruled, tge.lher i dg- with a goold a.sfrlllt lfhrge wtitin paipers, enth as all', fblio putal, eolv Iny.lliilllun w1eal anod Siier revel, blur. Ill; elnd w ;.1le, fr mIa Ill leo eolllnllom nil l terut , hy IiJ IAVID FE'I'" & Co, NV Mtti...r. lhl, ' jan1U - i Chlitlrea et >ole:| la lxa.o inl Calbl street, in, Ihe lelntrl pa. Ir sfiir Ii, and doilg o lrylllrl, stuat I", aol, fur forl NPlIalll-And i ollfli Si o.1,il, I.. c.sks, (oli, Iiaa, entitled t drbeotur, bran d s Iy Ir er rlr, IIII & ZizuIIIn,* fit sale lby jltS ISAAC ItIlIR1! & Cl!, $50 IIE WAl!. A TRUNK lrn brke up.'a III lladama Sllosl'on tuiuiuK anti on. \l, 111· Illa'kl , ,,,nll n' ',llor *lAa110 nlra, l a.t. Ity Ilol aolt uud ll a.LYI I or aIIho all 010 '.,r, 1113ala 1111 about the 1,11,7 of .lu .h, 0.37, aad dactd the 6ltl ul'alnl I, 1037; tlh paociae dubs not re collected. All pertss are ornlwlarnd Ino ltraflldeIfr .dial nolt. Among th Ile papersl~ is a receiplt if deI~tnaimlC, wII lI1TI\ Wa ll Cu., 1r$. Ia, a ac-lly . o tIloRiclllh I ellaa Ifa I to, line b !een rlolyvdl.d The 1.00cl bol:a iL to a be llf at he coulnlilln roap of II..,0La, at & Ca., a ala Illareaard waill b jell IiilnwlntSM B \:v:. ('Ol0165-510 sacka alma landin.g, l1nd11 fi8 .11. by C jn26 CIIAM!'I.IN_&C0!PIO, 71 at (A 'I-l100 sacks ants, i aaore or aol.l by j2o CIIASO1I'I.IN & COOiR, 112 Julia sl 594 Il) Ai0I VANA COF(FEE, 00300 thousandll do. strgurs, 100l boxes V'irginli chbaai..0 lobacco, 1200 do, frah Slalaga alams, 50 do do Iaalnos, 37 frai, Iau alnaaadi, 500 boars a plOn candle,, 200 da Boatan saal, 40 ll.urealaspermlaaatilchle ail, 60 tieceas (Calian rice, 175 bbls ]oiol ,uLL'II, in dlllrr Or r ule by 175 oil, lal sale lot atl ALL &aLa IIIN, S1,)1'11 II! -110 SIIAI. &nlle Iuhh; ',, IBTC jul 91t .(Iagno,.l at (, 11 (1,111 Nil-.I baa ntic PaluO,; '111( da vrc jnlti .10 :\.. & I Ill! N, !!l 9 lagn1iuc c a hl.lll1111-1"~I' l llllla (l,,, labacalllll. raIdcu.7 .ml.ll1 Flba o COl351(11 II', n forsaley IAI%'!. ANDREWS,\' d join cur (.moot & 'Icupitnuln rls QvALI IOAI'I'S-1' a,-unis Sl'ollr.,tj,ala, i t,a, ofd11 17 fur stiby JOIlVIaS & ANI)III:WS, j .. al".al."al & 1111111mda Ia, 51111 koos pu"re llhil..dal..ia -Whita Lra.!; Si0 bila. Ealjtlih !i.,oaaed 0:1, II) oosks II ntc,,,a oil, ad r s) l aov OJAIVIS & ANDIREgWS, I WVI.,.Io.I Is..lrggista. __j'6 __c0 aaClonn nna'In'l'(blli.oll llslos ýý (.1 P-800l l...oa No..I 01n11 extlr, 0110, b~oade Jaa. Y (iGould, JackLs,.n ,I'('rja bL idga, (inlago 'e laltbta ju2a ISA. "1C I(ll!.lO2 & &0, 111 lloaoai.,tat0 T ''!OCll!!.'! IIOUS)i!0 .&BARS-'I'lah obnaaillba I jlllaajliala.'aiva.ll t larg nlment of (;lss TolaOblra, Ilalleaa,,, SugaljlBlowls 01nd silver p1aouh Ladlao ana)d taddly alapa. ,ollll tllnyalli~r for a sClelo j~_____ 11 I IVRO EI( &CII, 17 Calls l, * (151105 Edions a. l ataiad lorksa. consialing oa Mlmlloirs of Cao,!a.L, lilctcay alad miascellnanoa, 4a,,l,l llls dIa Npnlllllao, no deldlcatal to llaltlolI., & (iar",ud, 7 a.,!, do Philli.dno Comiaag,.,"ala, do (',.anrt die Gmmmom, 4 tutse dl (libbton,4 ol". I., Calthell.ine 2d,3 aole, do G'ilaord, do. Sia I)Ddley No1rth1, do. Sir Johln Narth, do N Iopolllon, by~ W II Ir~eland,. 4 vlll.; Na Nlpollml ly Scacr, D Iluke of Rllvigo, In addIiionll la the. aboe. t largae suppllIy ofst0nd·rld worksa just recaitdl, a, ir sale I., jodll %%I Si.KI;N, ac,' ('.11p 70 (mlnlaltlall at 010-111 i' r'ýliiuiruty lilal-. --* ii of cses i £1 telllllloirt a o ll , Ii Cal y in 'ol aEiln in I oll PRo. in.l rec,'iu a..l alor II lP by LI ALEX TOWIA!, '49 n.1"u St. Charles Theatre. Fourth night of the celebrated Tregedinn MIR.J B BOOTH. This Evening, FebruarTy 8, Will be ierhranmcd the celebrated Tragedy of OTIIELLO. Othello, Mr Booth, Cassil, larrison, lago, Pearson, lRoderigin, Browne, Amelia, Mrs FPortre,, Desdem.:oe, hrlrison. An Overture by the Orchestra Grand Pan seal, by Mid'le RIleetot After which the popular petite Comedy of MY YOUNG WIFE & MY OLD UMBRELLA. Orizzle, Mr Browne, AugeirtI, Debar. Ueorge, iPage, hlinah, Mirs Plwer, W OODWO2RTI'iSnetdy inventedlPLANlNG MA. CHINE. PATENTED, NoV. 15,1836. Tire aultrirltr l eica e ore afthei agentl of aid Woudwrlth, has one of said RBlevsine pLut ri for nde, in she mill or Messr . Hurlor & Co., ill tie city of L flaelce, which any perasonn car xamRne; as Ire hIr. no nbdrer of aRid micEhirnesfi)r sale, end Ias tie aggeney tor diejosing of tre irivilega for using il 1 aachineri, he ir dresiroul to sell by slate or pariel'esi ani inay beat it re apliea nlts. 'hle rIachines tire ghe greatest Ia bor saoving tnachiiesr ever prt irll tier 1 dreasing and i.olohrin g plnrk iir Rlorsr , or oirrIds for wrelher tiding. Ant iemrsumdesiroaus of panehrreilg, ean elall at No. 71 lirrmirtr street. wlere tie subsrriber can re foand. je 19--ra Wilt. P HAStilNI. *AIINS"ln-41K) ronxe NrI Ilaiine, Lering'r brand, in store t lnd ior sale by jae5 J'HrIAVYER & CO, 74 Poydeaa at IMANIII.rA :cI l0D t((E-50 oios. osorted oione, aill store, ad forae by J TIIAYEIL&9 Co, jalr 74 Pnydrai at IRHAFT' l t New York , iurale by Lr24l ANRI)R VWS & iROTHERM, l) Camlp I flOIiN-7co barrels, in etrren enarn ol ot ja3t) J ' PilAYiEL dr& Ca, 741 Poydrsa at I UM I AtElr &r,-:o thd s l lcl Iu er, L 1011 nru'Ice spar, f0 bll nes lArcy, 150 tldrie steam sawed while pine lulhe, llending S 1 PERMl Cor'a/-e-i0 boxesT New m Bedoro, jrt re 23ceiverl nd Ibr sale by S.A,L & BiiOWN, dl0 . 96 MagnAzinr at fIPPER-i00 bOi ag i. store, ad fir mole by A j'28 JVI'IIA YEIL &Corr,7 Ioydrleaa a r IO RENT-Possesaion can be given irmredlitely.. S That itdesirale, and well finiahed dwelling hlouse, now i ln eomplee order, at the corner of Camp sal Jolila steels. Apiply n ethe plemiree, or to 1G W PRITI'ClARtL & JO T'AGEKIP Jr. iv5 Ie'nydrnas & Mlgazine mit A EIRICiAN ItIANI)Y,(hralrrr Btleter, &c. 0 ii1 berei Alrmericlan Brand, 4lh kegs Golhel Butter, I L II tboes etlrchll .50 kegs Ituck..+henl enal, 25 binuxe I lrallr'eirl trk, 2ll dno a Io (rnni eeree do., y 0 half ilrrrelns ttern shad, I.ta dine fromn alhip .rlrierrlrrrr, ee sale Irv f e5 fe W I'RIt'CIIARtD &JO 'TAtiI:RlT Jr CG TIIE & Shilltcr's select mrnor frrme, Sketches of Murniedl .ilti, bty lr. Fallen, of Ilst81, TIhe I.if end chlralcter of Ihe Rev. hSomll I l Just received and for sale bly A TOWAIt, lir5 49 Cmp sl FRANKLIN INFIRMUART Argll E puallire art rertr"llltlv itrsrei that Inte inilll S tlir.n is erected oe Irnn rnt Irm irlrler.ed rplan, lnrd ill al rliry a d all t i ltllliralll le SIlt l ll n ther faol r r L'ruuklinr, upo iie railrartnl rne mile Iertrr Ire Misslal 1'h bihling ie largen I rre m rVrcnnnia.lmlirely divided illtr lr tlllr llrlrIs, fr ka nl tnir ell rtet rldiierrnI t classes, II( t la0 rrllt itsellrs. '' , in lllllill is lll li ,I il tl , Pnllplr t skillfl nind 'lohllet ve md llelll al'e lellln r sllllle-, anlsekinog lile on rllnlll lllnll·n all I ;qllL' s. S 'rvt ll l o ,onlutry I e lral t c. tlentrlll at fvoe drol lahr it. dluy, illnlchllill, lllelllllllll:Y1 &c.. 'I'ers ill thre t Nirary warla, too dollars per day. Slaves loso two drllars. Srnmll lPo in the ordinary rder fie d,llersr. All enailrr sllrgical operatins extra. 'I' rrr+ilrrnl rr rhirta is t)r \Weddleman, to whom eprlrlllrion for lllrrnisaon munnsr be unadoti r rl.c I)r C A s ca r inortnorr eteicirrrl r ftirri d.lPenberg, No 1l Ramlart street. v 11,19 IT Swill s receiing of eirat af CII I, B llo1t( --Itak rtlhoalks,paernf nll kiod. Sr inkl, lulailrs nl a grltranl osaonlnt of l blnlk 'uil f tilr cuullrr Ill'ra trelll, cr llri rtre ad on roIed enI0I00i0al e " A T'ollt'.1K'" 0'i2 Itrtrklmrtv, 49 Caormp at I •,1,1lllilPS ,l f, 1 IIEl W1tllr2l5-J.I II t er "l'illllIn eI6 pnl .nrall tarr sert utrt llrl,r r Iinmlqn o Ia s r rrlll rl vr t t. I 'ltea- a ll idinl er a inl Ihe l alnc . N.I. I 'lrcklTimariereo, Wltrlae. iro Bxee., rl errlld.lelrr carrtullyr' ttnirrld1rtir ranrrtrdl; rtlargt.s I tole Itt fer al'. b ' ir ).S ll..t snrllh llllll. lN rrf'tRllrs of ari nndt le WorkI of rtilliaotltt'at.rrVe, itl crrole btr, ,to Si. hltl.thbtlri i 'lh tl 'IR, do t %( i nuhner at ht Ir her, 14 vol, do i t, . in 2 v Itm, do olmi. 3 vlt , with on raccounl h f hih ll hv Irlnlv Blcktenzi; a' do Weepaf llre re 4 ole, rro rmp rror t J ulial vole , do FieIdig, III vol, si 0, . Rosefa, I.o IthO, ee4ls, al 13 I.... . oren de lrdicir,t vole, r to Rlchanlson ('llat i*·a Ilarluw, 6 rvlm, lro Sir ('lnales (tralion. . rirs, hnl adliltltl to lhe Mlllell, a large collelion orl.on. don edition sc.rc o workl. Wl M'ro KEAN, je21 car h Camp atd Cnlnoh site n, ;as ihl Ilankirrg (cvnrp'o, Januarrr 30, 139, Ithll I:.euk of Coke being nuch tedaced Ithi CoC Ipany will nrirL P(t'lrtsiurg Coal, in oncil quln lille r, to t 'Iroi leaii v. tIrodrs nlr'eceved til thle Ga Oflieo , Bank Alley. an ioceee d0 h CnCfeIobAly iO.\I'-lI(i boxes Gouls.' nnd llhbin's Nor. I .anp in store fr:aleby J TI'II'AYIl.I :o, Rel 74 Plydrae as ORDERS-WASIIIN UT'I'ON -GUARIDS NRew ct)rlensr, Feb. let, 1839. A TTEND Montrllhly Mt.eti,., TlHlls DA)', the 4th inst. t 7 o'lnckl, I' M, t tlie Arltry. Ily ordter f CapL. Hloazy. fi S9 31 CitOOKE, 1st Serg't MIIlRil.I.AS. 18 cases malntla silk Umbrella., Inrge sizes, received rti aship nMersey, and fo sal.' Ity I BRIDGE Arco," d13 134 Magazine at HAY-400 4 10 bales llHay, 200 barrels potatoes, itL I feet lumber, landing frtm ship Hlnover and for sale by LEVI H TAl.E, jn3t0 93 Coullon at jtI bI xes 11o. . 1eacham's bsand, landing troru .G lihp Colombiana , for sale by jal6, SlA I.&l BROWN, 9tiMagazine a Ji EIAPI' LE Ci1E1 S: & iGoehen Butter, for aL le IREAD & BARISTOW, iil9 7 Barnk lacr dO..I..3 ![ boxes om;nNo. 1 Poap, Iudanogfrom ship 1 Aris, and for sale by jd SandJ I' Witi'TNEY.,: Carplt.t llUl --80t i~brrels supe*rior I rand, for sl byh -- inl7 O ii iASSt , 65 P.ydr e at I) sale 'fT' h\ ElR & (;r, 71 I'oydrats, SLI'(iANT R' i t ii'll:i- l ' -- I'i/ l l le/, 1' her A tiacs st., has tllis day rerrivuil It slnnil usortlent al l'.rg enllmllled and ms)naic breastpins, set Iup ill tihe modrrn style. li2 I EFT' at ie ruberlibhr's store, No ,I Chllalres ft., SElllt two weeks lilllCe, a smIall package, ela taining a box of ruzors, seven in nlublr, two boxer per .u sitn cos one Irrlr hrc. i'The ownler can have tibe:l Ib Il n.lag fir tils itiIvlre i.etollt. fe- 't I SttOW & Ct), 4 Chartres at A ITCITI 4 \ifi :1 lI-- n a dte gro,- or A geerv store, ore a Hitel or enfrec Iouse, by a ")'Oll. goleiaP.'llll whlto has had colsiheralnle, experienee . alltn canll ooe well rle.tttr v.tl4lll· .Adh..rss J. (C., at itt Poet Oatl. lieo is tvi ling to engage t, retain dtirttg thec l ItIter. FI.-_w OtVI.I' I'S Interts T'feile -.Ftcttr'es iirkkreep. S, 1,g; e iruret tl's .l ' tit. ado. IErrxlidiits Measrerr, and Edwardl' Boo:.keeperrs AthIt, receiveel ard fr cal ie Iy1 it")1tAI, f) ,'19 ('altp .t O aT..dle buhet, (lrt-nire, i 1fertaiel byn j0 \"III'I'RIDG:E a.d co,76 Mnagz~ine et rlME firm of J D REIN & A COIIIN is tits day dissolved tby mtlllail consenl. John I) Iein is chalrged with thte setllelneat otf nll clnime aeaniest the ,etttern,anld will uahet namrcotie t iri n laiquidation liJOHN I). BE IN, jeli -1839. A. COIEiN. 1.i A COIHEN conronlile te Conltiilsodti Ittsineas ill I ilr iidleal Inltn, and for tis own ottlout. at iNo. 9D ClolIrol streetl. Jn Q3, 1839 ) ACtIN ISDFS-50 hbdCC iIeieeli, tno url int store and forssale by S'I'iSON &. AVERY, j'29 88 (;iavier st rI 'i, PIOlISIH ()Ri'I!.N, or Vicissitudea-A tali Lby th athlllllor of the lr S ileieess jt t recetived anti fri sale biy A. 'Tit WAR, jan1:il 4()9 reslt JIv I)AVII) FI"' .r & CO. tit ulI' at sp t rt soetlici. \'h'dval Ot Ittldil. ea1II or spptortvt ed it. f( S

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