Newspaper of True American, February 11, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated February 11, 1839 Page 4
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NE VIIIJAMBLiiI 414 J'sIMID: S7,sn', Nirrrrvl i~th ,nq.r I,1y15 Ic assaarandolo n Rrjrir~srrOl I1INIA1 Dr ~F*rl lllii II) ~ II r. ',*1 A~d avnr ju~ll~ir 33'lln~i~ ;ljifj N·m nFrc -~ rll,~,igZ~.tisn 11;UITCTURRN aCCAN1C, EOlRr~r IY shIes lll· p Ese' cwivia··rirvaa niztrlnare,L I~rnll Rvnaayi~~ Ia*~nr Vet ink I'csyattc~l~ 3lvg~o 1. ______ vt~ar. C Aylrsaaeta,, a~n~, r, nor xIratmet md C t "he f th c er Frri ad l.ttc tn.* is plrinr in the orditmrv ora r ,a ofw frendtinh " neeer n.,d A,le. In the l' 1 t it, hio n. n t.C 'hl ri.oxlrnct, otci fli·cr nt l fr ile lltelion us nell u Ilisnf. - ajr ingrediento, it mnv c e nt 'kn illl lh.e IItlnsl Fnl. iy ovrn ho tlo ender risette n or nertl alhl. I le conti relanpe of I or dieas r~'ons... ntly lhe nnlii-nfl toe amnn regaih . itnr.snlntl t lt ln tteCvie'itn Id ura - isresh m a n011111 ard ierlmnnlrt n petiteI by itirccaminne h atntache c iesn ta rrltlh tto t en;i tie lestfl t . einer peuliar is hein nany |+itrat ed,.taty il rt l inse mt ih ther Iotwcl et, incren th is er. r nIt create -N,+r dise1s1, b iot ll tlltlrll u 1¢ cl 1ln i t rlln seerl or rant of digeotilo, nnd tius ilenofits the .slrste withl nwhteer ntltr nnelatino iit er rt ito ic eoleed. 'ldiviductoi, afrlite ite c rllle'i lm iC 'l in li-ixtnre have reen exposed ito al ithe u.all n aosen on tthei d.erte, n td hve eCaped t lt sm.lllptm of clre: ItnCwhre.lm the o nrthetcmneen cet i lie-. then ir nieaes ernrs on n iftelen d lnesilinlv to recll'rellce. 'r thin tge ef nqttn relc'c oif ihe Ague, is very eeill or, for tlh. taltem will aotn bleolnt i tol t lllct llrns.t to hol atle to react with meici ell c etdile ial lc im Itn ench ineemonnt vioeletn i'ch l''noicc }inx toen is ffered at truch a re!sontcalte rict, na to pince itC ithil the rh oe nfernn otic--so that Ii t" pontr and cl otitlto re e hereby erniolltoed with nssi1anre, witiontt solicihtig 'ohi id 'end ntteriolucn whic h is frlt n'ellly dneicd to m111t. or ri*n very re lctlnncntly iesotn,''i]. 'T'Ito pulilie ore te.erelcti c 'tictted ngainst tic. ' inac italetions oft his lledb:inle tih'ct net l dnil red It its prepnetcdl nnly h Dr..len R. Rowani, et hls I.eistttit-neeo, 'nrlest ret,lhihuh, hia. Tih cT rr 11iltte thie t'icclrotttll nctc llc ft r Ihti flnth Wethernlal tet,. andtn'll s t, e iv cthe l ttst, ;i toer Ihiladelphi n , 'I'n Ice ht,dl ia rect:il tli oit aet Iftlhe Apo len.ari.m in Ii N oil v. JAiIVIS 1N. A''DRIEn,\ G V Idc,.,'nnc h Itrctii.ts, 'ov10 nor CIn'll n&', ' 4l.llTl:,il'lllls s llblsneleljc Atid LcOlllhtllict IHotiln cnlIN?.'1oN. I.t 41c S. MIARY IIIIKLAND rcipcctfeully an. I flouncenn to ibr l'cmie nad lithe puhlit' gyenr. ally lthat nico ie preparled to accotncotelno tthe ati 'l oblovi eetn ablisicltnent, aInt I ite(ic f(cnl hee o nertion toi rcndtir viilntore ceifortcc bl, t 0 rne'ivo a oonltinuance o fourmetr ravoro. Site fulrls conti. l-tt tihat iterone visitinlg Covi'tgten during Ithe tlmmnr monthle , catnoi fintld )citrr iacoltce lOdal inln tlhin sehe can aflird thln, otc lclort libttertl ,iirlnc.. Fitr ihoet is ploasanely situatli, anlci wel u'npliicdi ilth evory eonvcnienc.; tihe Iba is iitrnithtl:cd wiethi lits tno.t chnice iiqlore. &c. ilt slert, she prenlinsc "''ilt ntcing shaiciil h.: wntiingthnt ler part to give.I itettoultie clitinrt to it ll wlitt stay pni trot niiz c le ieitoiltiptli and I.teinutt llccl. c3 S'I'ill[' PUIiLIC.-I'-Th, 'l.c ,',mn.''-cd. Icetcg ticdied unier I)r. Scll mil.i of' (llCharitlonl, .eiII Caronlina, and for et .n,elo ycer Ilts sfeti..ltnn ill thel practice oIf nit.ditin e snetit ry, htas Il te hic or in ocubr hin Irole.nsionel sotrviers in this city. Flo nnouros the ladies tinitd ge(t!ltl.nllm that thll ilnet , fronlpt tenlcltionin will b' ittid tto the calls which nolty i oilltle; and ialno c lire his enl'vicc hllce ioldcnrn ot'lavece, beilln c' ll ;icquahtnl,'l wilit the diseaslos ocletoio tn Illlll, hI;lvil attelilndid lltcui in lito sugar Itlne in Chritle11toln '('he fantlon llui bichc us Iillsa Ir tie colnlclclicit t oi PorfeCls.r SnicOllcn, wlith dirclic rtOtlS, call lc c u erlctcict iaed in this clit othier cilice, ic'l,,c ' b ' ltc lehd illlt tLe g nle +ncest. I hil the Inll (if rel'troneot call ti givcn'c An'clyi it Nn. ]i(;ft uag. cilce srooct. iN"(). ''Lil(iiNG. ilrGLEOr W'-~ ,lli·F WOiOl) Sciui'EWS, ADI IR:ONs, &c. II IIOWIVI.EIL \ WOItS (HS11ANY, J1c. 238 Water, oear I:clacIan atracn, New York, lhavc received tle pacst c*ca c, and c re Ccccctantly r?':civing large and rlecilcive alilitiols c o thc sIlo:ic ,"e Lh casove gccdc, which 'ow ,c-,sists ofi thi slowing nsslltment, scuihilcc fcr alto saicitIcrn andi setcrc irlarlkcts. lollow warc cf supericr quality, coccsisting of 1501) tons, viz. Pots of1'.2 diTil'Tcrccnteae. frcc, l r R i:S t50 gcllonS , Iecctlcs, 15 sizcs, franc 3" [o 30 gallccccr, Ktntles, L5cizcs, froa 3:. tc In gallons, fl kelpans or Ovcnu, 7 diti.rcclt srzer, Tea Kccltics, 6 i Skillcs, - -. 5 do Fl.l Spidlrc . G do Cecnrcd Slji lcrc, 2 cbs Oriddles, . . 4 do Fire 1),cgs, . i dc WVagoni boxes freos c 1 c 4 to 13 4 incices. Ccrt do..5 t, 7 inccts. Waood Serews, 20,01)0) gross, ircc nod brass, flccct :N inch, No. 3 It 3:9 inchi, N-c, 2-1 of a supesrior ql'cilty and finish, clcd lass (shac Jascu's impurlctd p ices. Mad Irone, assortad, in casks ef aboat 500 Ibs for rctsiliig. Tailor's an cll salttcr'sI. lcltle, asncrteld. Mash wOightt, 100 ltons, assortecd from l 4.4 to 2011n.. Bells for Plhttatios, steamboats, elhurchecs, &c. m;ade to order, Alao ste;rnboaus and other IclacliCiecryc Iade to ,rder. TFie above nssortmlent of gyoc.s is particulnsrly ro'uomtnecndcd Ia thne suttlcnticc of Soutccrc and Westerll Imsrciolante, nad ara oilic:rld for sale ;il low pricees, and ulon theo most liberal termsc ; it is be lieveld to bc tie lcrgest ailln be-l asorhtaoct CCver ofored for sale bIy any one cstabcIhnlaent ia thI: l nsliedl States. Merchants. bIy torwarding a reqauest by Inail, ca have a prin*c:d circular, with descricpttcc of gods, prices snld torcns, frolne whicih io deviation is cver nlmade, I'rrisheld by retalr of IIc:ail. All orlders willrcecivce innccdlial allcttention. New York, 1838. I-3 'nO muE OUaR 1Ntust ouuashv Nw i('cc nl, Nc,,v. I l, 1I (87. A .OLT sin llctcic cc ngc, I hIl Ihe allilic'illlllc II, cc a -cerenl disccase, cr' In hrL aIlli d I1I ,v' on the allove dlate i IiIII luaymlf sltc~lr th, ,are ofIhw. o)(1 Rae,andlt~tl I exp tq~ hliml Io cure'l fie. Millsl thai linar mhe diseasu got worrc, ct as tcc brceak cllt i la rga -lcers to the nunlher of six or eightc on ra;h lg, nd all cvcr msy flace, and sore thlronat, anld lint al, to work at I .Ie.ssnt tilllcc cil rneennt on tile disrtnlr; lrge tlll:c-r oil ihe rglst sile of lhn tlhroal. l als cllc plltlcasc 11cyselrl seoldenuly nader lhe care oCl Dr. lluret, ,f lnri, Se e prfllecrlly cured JOI1N DE"AN. Ibl lyI 190 CVIG;LIFY in ,,;t,'l lie. r : qclisle well curlr e In net itcii .allnclcc'lic l, lcli ci icc c ltmnk lir. llu l; aud mo,.'over I .,, ,r il:| ll e,,i rille I have ltakllll II lk"s fae t ,illlll d,,I 11,,i i l ll y Ipo'ith at allp thll rethlre I IliIvi.e. III f IIw wor1lr};. in l tceas ol im. llsc) sn py Ic c lr A. Lhcc, In1 n'an enrart111 bin Vrsnc ic II scilc I1"c c1'ci iidc'ccc::11 -cclrctc- I r Hll in at I.cnccc'. ncIcn scc fn'c,.hc'l,\ c,, il c 1 c 1 cl. hey will aind a trll I t lll I nlll r!1i111 . Jcl ti l I)1: N, II)i rtr;lrl. If nlly oIls w Ints to slc e - e, cn ah.ti s ll c c It as New Orleanls. Febrl I, ls:8. Ih If Iv I spannnc!,iccucccnhlb< a the lowa - herb c kli n r onslc l cc ce Ic ndlrc:i lllic lllll'lc, pllallnlonl v cnl llalilill. Ibis inItSrble|I Itna ll llln whlllerever ilIIq. Ih1.-lii lelrll dl eed. lie nhll i led ithe ''llllainllllo llllg· II' )lIllll elil hiers of i- I peccasbc I lll a c- Iilli Ic- cic- i Ill Il n lr's IIhllll Ilillllll iil ivj:yawarI ll(d III umihI ei ,with lusillard gn el ertl: 1. Ics therllirl lions 10: klow. lcdge ofn s h Icc c lstricls' it icc n'c arlc c fc nll tilldcc-c-lc l n manll lhll~elill of Wil. 11 wli,1h lo |-csbche Il.nsscc Mcdical Assnciatic-. Isocllnccl.ncc anIuil J.1llVIrt & .1NI ILI.WS', lsscycInr-flnc- Ilcl1ccccci)'i.tiI " iccc .ccc,eci .l cancccI,. 11 l-qd glwtlllb ofllrir, gil, bi Iil ll :iTri beall ltldjl I ll l illl cn. ccl . c .ill ccccicccccccc efiCCNR chis Oil wlI' O( 1 I11 Ia ( ,Ile. it In1 R cnlriedin e ccldr cnccns haiccc. e fl tc..lilncartas allist ocofrss e lhir, IOcce ilvsrv ielnslll C il. .rlllntr i eII d II , a t' a ifl srotlch si| Ilh ' n c1 hs ila rcay bnid. I E leasswhsre it Ien,*l yn I icccr ccci 1o '(c sVhs Oil wil s ar ilirgtccgber i ' ti.aicth cc-sc, saci rc idsani, ,e.tifrl sl , h o" i . u h .lls'Es" ceii si. nc.csh a iiirl cccl Iu.,llclclccnc cci. rsecie cr lI ie l 1s1n s1, I, r c ic c lcc c ll'r ii id cc Ii I . aliesy cl.'e 5Icl Isr1, el, as rccc' i cccci ,1'. ch ' i naiccc mad, Ieeec" 'ltc- tvif l.' Is ..-d at lis lls li n lc - t. . I. 0cccccIccl. i clc'cc5cctl'cc S IMMONSB ARTT & CO, are now roceivn.ta m' on board ship Orleans. Eagle, lighlander, 'okerr terry Andrew, Frenrh isd German play ards; Illck amano s Boards; COassmaen, 21-4 and 23l ind h Itil arnd Balls; 8,9 10 and 12 ineh blade Bowie .Kniv·.: Leather and ntrler tr.tvellina" thre-ing Cat; Ielt. Pncket, orelnnn'o, and l)nallin. Pistols; doable anld anele bnrrelled Gic"t (an; le Ba; Shot IBelt; Powder nd li'iTtnl FPlnsk; eram ll) w atle I Dnrin'lnlg Dbst; Per'rlion Caps anal (a lt Il{;hl..r..; C]loth Ilair rolnth: sad Nail I rosalh,, Or-ri.a Id ('lthn-hn. Tooth \ apl i T'oolh) Powder; Toilet Otl n S 'll nvin O S R , inI errrt va rinets; iong lair Braidst thnletis anod Friette Phear and 'rilerI P lowder; Eer v Jln; Ivonv 'r.h CIhtlion.. Patent Sl(les or (Garter: (intn Isnatic HS;tunes lers; 'owrider Pnf and Bar e.s C:ilt C.llnia, enlo and I(svt s lar-drI)ps; \Valnt 9tttkln.; nclneelets; lBend Nocklates sand Clhins; (lilt and Sjicerel B leda; tlnilntlt Ialenl, Ilella anil Pitntes; Shell iTwist: Side and )reasing Cratnhs;whirhl,in nddition to thejfir finner sntek on hand. makes their ntsllnentt very ctomplete, and will e sohld nw and on liberal tertit, ft the silt orl thle Golden Cnomb. i25-tf 70 Chartres street. T HEIE Sttttaerihera, Ageats far tlee rsteoi'e hon Eof V. & S. BIIltther, SItelfteld, Ettlad, a ve jlst ereived n very extetsirlv t iino.ent t tles li tontine f Table and D)estert Knives of t'e -. delsription, Pen, Pocket, I)itk, ald Spear COnittt Ilvtt'es; I.tteoa, Sti.s lors. Eder 'Tnools,.ec:. &c. &e. wleirl th.y re ti rlyrte o exhibit to t rle ade ota nrtl.-s. Tetn an dI COnlditinos will le lumadekllnotwn nt tile titte. Inmt J. I). IEIN & A COIIEN .90 Cntmrtan t. i 3IMMONS, I1ATT CO.--Are now receiving Kpeler shill lhnsvill, E, Fgle, Mlerry Ala m ew; Ilie h mdler, rtnch anld (rettrnal ad',:le toil pltvtin. cIr.s: ter, ioti al l psorket plitnls;, hlino rbhed nll slitl ctssin Inls; cat lllers; scist r se , t l:tznlto, i I:n. ves; .ilnlt's com, erein alo r d not r steel pens; Vio ns; Violihl s'illnsoi shell, ivnltry ati horn combs .adlies; k, lead trol lelatllr alrses; hair atakids, froa t ,olld ack Iilets; 'lnegro lpuffs; G.crm:an a1 French colgnlle aitr:lt It ato, o l. mecnscr Oil, imitation (il; a:tiqlle rl bllrsoil; pIorable desksa& dan resing cases: past Mlackilln ; stallinnl toilet glasses; collnvex mirrorsfl;lS pl - enl gl:lsses anlld viewa; blli.ian hind, eilsanlld phea; ca'Ideon; whit, awin.e toilet and sohavingt oapsk; oilet owdlr, co'smetin wash bnlls; sentlled tati llnhiona; pool standS; sa'rt\ ellliniol;nS; fancy Ilelad clllins Iull nllkhin's; blillilllard ball; plocket Ibooks anll wallletts; :Germann holie(s ri;.or; fine ald commn!on glnl olastio espcndcro, gma'retas dlo; Iltlls lutcile otcheas; sil ver pIleile; Crevoll ae. &-c. 'IThlle ahlr in aldition i or 0 nformer stock of fancy atlli:les, makes o.1r :rsolr ' tnlwlnt yet'\.'" u'nplHetN. |ofI' s:l wholesale lor Ietuil; as thle signll of thle (Golden Comll, 0, ChIrtlrle street. m... £Io New( .Orleani.; Mhuse.n, arIrir &L'C.o., Of N=ltlhlr,; I 'l h htrH. toI;. V .Ccr.. r Ka'llllri. ' nPiroorlrrc l on t lo rlle| Ft tot' 3h Lv i, hv the y leou tli l So .tiiItcl A a|I1'ooo, .ell nf the snil aror i ol th e ~Ir. ii. Th l tlosolh r ie.olcoo rillsIov'Ai o g oIrlllr v lt. .h r o ev G.. o t\ Il, hves;oo It ove,'r+, elley olil ro rlIte h heo elllinng of tIh hluinesc s oellr'lelr, lllroo ('&., it New rtrdne. 'Ihe names' of tlho several irll.s wille urle in liqloidoolee onsly. T'hose indellteld to slli llr are en totllyVV requeorteid ocnile flirwerll r no d make he'rly c ettlelnrl'c Itno o llse Ilhavilg claimts will illcaorre 'orr lhRsl ite llsortis d ia,. I 1.IpvIC IIARIIS, IIENLY KELLEC. N,'w Orlvnlir, huill' 27, 1l:.7. "il'AN iAjl(i- FAIIINA'S tCtO.ilOiNli WATEIl't P ilraeoo:.m i tlerlv t IItl'o 1si ll'li CIOIh Iig \V 'I', til Peti'if'l• llll .lie crlr hlv tle lllrrrcl or riii,.glr I-tltl". lsli Aieie n viu io I ,l i<' t- ih o riiwli erv , u doirs, tr , i l.ip ld ioxllr, Chl ile an r Iol, c nltel( Iolll a SIII1· tllrl+.~ r I llilk o i',,+e+, l I.. l~leti +.II fll)S( lllC+I+I I+I' \nl i I rel:it l c, r1 al o i:llrli IPillltll·rc iii Iilllllk . e trul l blhr + iI Ignitld r'uiltn '. (:IChhiril e Itnd rris hoodh w luh, I i llh Ihiir, ,lui l v ni ll t 1r ll ih nil lie C lolllther o -ith :in:I ,ltlilili il-lnl +. lijllll Y ill' fl~ll~ illllllllv l l'l lllill lioll [II 1 i nl lJ mlditio rnl I'IppI;ly oFn t Inn ble bonan ll \JII FIClTI i r.ot aud je yt,.hr r ,i low st woleillo , r ro tl yL'v " 9 .131)10Pi5, IIAIRT'l .l& , " [. |Il,+\y~ (:lllll()l)'._+l".+ll· lllll Nw~ll~i( ]lnril t1(i Fill' til·1 li'( hk'hl CV t fiimt, I rroro l'll hi rltlr & I or& ' r Ii l :,l'll~'i I()lll WI~iL dhl, f,.mlr ne 'l~l 'ltf~.h It I'I\\ii'l l tl viiiifl%+ o IIIodI\ intheiih hlhin which t111 lthe r wtlll h the'irtrllll i 19itok vll hIll ioeI illkl h rl letrventh n , lrv a n lil te. T hrvl hlo wh t cvo'roiolllln ri, I/.t INo ellkov 3 IwIco , roroo ,r h r ol air ilk iond v irPol l ti h oi rteul 'e oo iollronillrill &r i llw +la'.inII'~l~ ,llpls nlll~l, I+)l +11"t'eo Ilii(tll 1wit"Pr illiilt'hPP1-. ',g,,hlltl.; (IIII.~ll~l.• llll'llt,. Ilill·t. nn+! lol !,toih. I:Oi ll\%'(llL"i eloI t nilli ch , i q ii l ' lit , llsl lt l.ll ( lil I1'111"1' l~lllll WIIlll'l ()ll(·k1 ,'a P'<,ll, nI Oilil~ l 1) llnl++ dllhl t, t i Io' lllnsk ,h c ttllolr voti'-i po k o i il lo o l ,il,.r mtll IY i l IIl+ I Iliill;,n hel~l~lh.llr IIC.. nud11 iluut.++ \):!·1*·l~ll-t ilili hl'.t* iiiw iii l n,~:f i- hi , +, i ,li.'i' e] llP ilrll -rlioc'o-..I i' l .0i loor,, h ou. il in ' lir'l il Iiiirr o'lh lilvir llowie kn ivu,'on neaml hirk\.. Piss.rl+, hll'nr-, pcki t kllive , esrll l'l oc il Lco , In, l~ m iron-ii.l i hli<h'v,clo~loohlhioi', liih ~ l,'l S' r i , lllll il' l ', .onI i lllt tso tl I rtl.l sIolnu, I+'hlr Pt iv\-I. ,%·~li i'..+,, ;l)(l11 .li.," Wllll I'l~rlP.7111l(- ,fllltl.+1 aindl elx Ireet:/.+ l, A iln li, i yllll', heIarIl Pnhi t+ n lll, l \ I1II'|rIl+ ve ~i'll ll~l+, 1111* 111 lll ·.lh I Jlllil'. l~iltl+' I~ . lllilk~l li~l lih'Ps~lhl. eliei, hii r riioi'hl Ils, l'zlttil,' nr il o i rl s, il iln, i nllly inl unl:sh l w rll 'k" hioxiII , pi hh annd ill, ll L l''1urd ,aCnI tndllO I huritli% purl nlll ivory hirt ,o, .1irt studhh+, bll nthi silver pened ca\,+ tollh cksi and lwrzr. p inl htedl ,tl~lr··l .it ,.lllh,,ii. III llllll'++ (Pilll'i Ptlll VI'I"I |rl Ilil~l +mil.+'l 11tlhu ++ hill/ 11 b k ts,+ gI,'i Ilo rl v o ' il el, ll iirni llh, hsrl 11.1;1It ' likl· htm hIIIIF I n.1 I ll ln+ 'iii llcr o iiie 'rn rih1h lll ll Il lell'C i on ll. slll ll i, lil el i, ii n ltri i ii.i - iilt .lrto i 'i lliIIi el. r l 'i c'I nlu l Ifri il utvlt o ovoii. r, ,ItllloLi L r n, rillill uI'- " l u- cokh e, (00i0.(0 it iiiiitii cliff, Eilk Ii, rr~,hl. I;htt,, I·. m iiI . Ih I I jl, llr~v .rl,.~ "1`:~1) "i(ill " I rTht' a ve, I ti l ellll er w thl t lit 'lvniont, iothltirl ar'n i-. t Inn ri iil1ib d at hooill oih+. cr retail on i tao im11 e i C r (ia1 kI hll lo.ll e r rjfrr'll ' '.i' I i I iuoti ' r''lill r'r. rltio'i,h lno' rrlh u.'! ' rironro l'mnilo''i.ii A ilt '')11'o11t.8 AD H Iilli ANIT:t ]" lill '1 - i A N I i / II Ii--our l 7it rit III In' I lili.n. ir rl l, (ii i t I filc|' - vil-ol tho 'f .io n .o f l·Io' l iil'ovl ,l I~~l, iii llooorrui r ole. ir','lt.'iohi oviii'k.drro .; htou , tr lnll i o-', l n .h unr, o l-nll cll ryl b1Sh, ill l kii g II li'l : , H',llil+.+ ilI 1'l~ i. l\· ?· <lhv 1"ls P+hw h. .l+s,+ S"I i.. ] --I i p s.t hellr , wvro t h ml a laioc tic ktl wirn , lIl i t ha', Orng rillouori •o e"iii , c io + , rir l Ih Sll'-ill lll Irlo ovllll ill - .1% i lllI l. ill lltlL I II li haiia ovb f etet'ulo-v'ipain mnt wh i- ci oil o ll 1, or oxiu.n 0ll :ll tei.s, i vi c brl I' v rIIII II" " i lPro v, l u ll'ilon ' -- , ne Ii. veiuier, l( irih hoIir'uyi hl,. n i) l osi nei',iii'..'l lotweI r wa,'tl illi'ellf yiW enill iil d. . I pll OIl,, W ll'd to vl nitri I therror ie ,rltlilr t al :I'I+.:1. ,:1 ih, \Vm',llflr·II.- 1I,"-','lth h:,h"ili, I.;1"+ ,lll lliIt. (((.it ws I1II I 1 1 rn-~ ( owl(* Ivrpullllk~i uIboxes po-\li~ i n, n, Ior. tsh al . , artl nl hly uII tli. l i hl rolor icr oirll, r rlodop' , set ill Lil,.r,-, hre.:t pi oh u l ra-" .+ , coo(·oola'ijt oltll~',CC olovi' -ors· lolllil'lli'oril(·r (lv il I-i o .tiori|" lilr l , I l ro- * l iti lliori ll ll ill or illl. ll , illtP I ·11h.+ I!it"vtlli l (Ii i.+llt ·11S )(i'lllll PI·CI I I11{·(1 ii. U iiilll'l· iOhlil Ii iI 1 0-- oh h, hnrir jno Is. 1rlih,0001 Ill l I. i9 ,lcll ,l i oeir c U ih-, Nrloil rl, tavi l c, o ud 11'1 0T 0 ll (0 hi Lit I' reno h nral on ao aiih. ti oi it I .nc iC,CIrtor. il boxes, | i, al, s hh sliv o, cr1 no ,r I nll lit stole r ,rr I.ol 11IIad rut~ pa-I oil, bnein rodss,:, oi A i .n tr I llithh, c orr i ll 0loh roor I rtt'~y i s 01 tvC-riouS irl'r' ,t tr aI ter oln I c oo n orisi on tirir' ltt'i.' 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I'1,Il l ootlt" t' a'l (erro? l Itoi l iii', 1 I". too1 (loosel''ill icrr lel oIrrtI wl t ;lll o' 'eion lorl'stl+ 9 ~h.,i1 1h0,0,00 1 ' olr hi' h will'' I,, ooo o hle sI-or Oltiloh lori''oivl;,i ,i,,o l,. oelo. iollafeltrn srtlli itat t ort-or I I -l~iA{++i,+ rIot B IIpil .+lthe 111o 1 l for lr( tit Ihoil Irrrnln nellt \Vrilt. c allll e No. C ( llS lrr ' Cmert, N Ce'V Orlea.;, 13 IIl. ldwui New York, IC.Cpl)hilCe I., ll.hhil.. II iF llrtittlllrly 11..itl..,l r.. r ivtde lertn ru , and la[die llnd gentlllmel are invited lo call il' "Aft lmil Cillr l ll r I (CllllF v. Iy' l t Ic lVctqlir c ' I l, n lfto v iuil I:n lll'd 1 vll " iv p)r Ci C C Cli CCli C Cl dean re ceirrr lonona at liCI, own rC f 1'i" r:. I ii pal in: fr ann a rse of I.";;n Jn"n drn ir 'd i aIl ..n ill th-1ey l'. :' I L. , i.I lh i 1,tl 11." I I" I " . I C' . CC C I . t cir CiC. "i Ca III' Il Tl,.C CCC C /ý (r l 1h ,I II." :ll' I "'rlllll ,ll .:"!I ll.·l_ II' h,'.l rrc' rll . :!, Il thIrl " ..II.o f oIIIII , (lh" ll - I" - ll llotn l C I rle l : SIn l l i II illll ' ' It il ll ,- " . 'r 1'r nl. l, .I Ihi;llr u jn in . , 11 11c ,n i,.lý > 1,I.i: ,- . T , , J2llIT L"k l Ill'II l\' l" ' 1V -ll ,' 1 '. 11r, . 1 ' l .l , l ' 3 C k tull . , I , A ii .i: r <.ii.. &i . illll , : . I:I b 'i tlt 11 11l.-- :lnl - i i^_ lion in , ,il rr 11 wl 3l - 1 , I I li n II do t an Il' l i, l ic 4,t11:" l.v 8 ,ib.rl al. v rgI l nsk-C i ' l ll rti . 1 1, 1 1 . t I.\1.' I l I I,; n ' \v" . - 1 h1 ,.-al ro o~ lru , k- , s, 1r IM wnl nt, l l l b, I. ' . I ,1' n ,n . ''C 'Cr S l'.. h. C ... C l..n* i.C ,I -- 1-4 l ,, Il1s do n.I4l1 Nllch\h'l . [It.i.1' ,i r -l u dn.--; ll I.. ..-.: il...l~l ,l l , ill ' ' C 1' :1 .. :.. ., .' tl , Cl "' 'C' C., ~ ll.l .1,11 'C C>.,'+ ld BOOK BINI ERY. Under thie P.cayune OTie, 72 Cl0rp st. B BIONSINA '& IIOW\VON Iee leave to inform their ells omi re and the pu',lic generally, I'1 3 It y hhve renlmoved their estltielhml'nt to N,. 72 C mp street, i lerditt Iv n ft r thie Ilier ofi the PIn, une-wherethey are.prepareld ti execute ill or'rra , thi rline. II t\ing receitvd from thie North a .*plyl of ti. per nnd m triatetlrs of n spe.ior qula'tly. for t' e Illnninctlllre of I lnlt Ie ok, they o eltr th ir hir viers ino nerhants vlnd niother, who many wish work of that kinld; nod having, the advanpt.a of several yalre's eIperien.e in that lite, they are confident of Livintg atifaeftion to those who ilmay flver them will their custlll. / For notaries, nrehiteects and others, maps and plans will he pasted on linen. varnished and mounted in the lneatost manner, & at the shortles nntice. Plain nnlJfrinev hindin, in nil its varieries ni. CHINAli:L.\alsr E 1 *:sasse .cu ccc c v, :Ii C(llnrrre sreet, New Orleans. 11TM SII?(.IANT & Cc. imp:rters of French and lEnul:sh Chins and E'arthen ware. are nO.v opening new and rich patterns of breakfast, dnicun anld Ien services, toilet sets, pitchers, ten n I colT e .eps, reapots, sugars, crelas, hiowler, l.aler, dt-hcs, turleens, wash basins and noes, Cn.t htoaih, etc. etc. Rich cnr nnd plain Freanch and American nlnae ware-2,!tlers, chatnm i.nrs, lemonacdet, jellies, larres, wi's, e, rdlials, centre bhwle, docantlllers. tumblers, preserve dlshes, celerics, pitlchers, lamps, lp ,shlade andl glasses,. candle shados,salt cel lerr, etc. Slver plnted, brnzed and hritain wares--a tcrc, liquor stands, cake Iuskers, canlllsaliclks, ranch, s, h tt'n, 1 i(sd ttle t, e nd taiipots,SllgSr-, crclna. limps, j ctcpanned tray.', astral smnnls,antl hna'eino liclm., cin cult ery, Getnrtan silver spionc anid lorl, titr luether with a rernl variety of c rtlcles lioril'Ilyn lISPc . .l nl rclhantsl p in ilc ,hIacls, an stenlnlhnts, rnished wil gols ai t the mIll ost rcc - sllble prlis, nnd pal ked sc, as toi be couveyed w llll safel y t Iny p rl oi thI e cllom ry. A Ie, nlllhl ,tccrieca rintsel n er. nnc TIIE FLORIDA LINE n l,.avtes Molb:h' very day at lhree --X. o' l,,ck. pm lper US ranil bo,, finr Il11' I.r.ndl i', eblive flilIeoly,--trerncoe (ocr ipl cnchr s Io Peo.olola--olie llionialhoalns io .lr rlnee wherre the land hUioie is rrellrru d-'hiP lcee vli. nla i:il li nd i ll r \ nsv illi, Il. Ilninliri lee, ndolierliwrl,, [lowkinsvilil. Sandnie-rsvile& L&uis.i rihe r oill i oar, s -i i o hirllestii. sld r le so!lllm , I ,.iels It Now\ Yiorl, NhorlIk, Piil delpllhia, erlc. I 'Ihe slnitabllbans ore tlhe best Ilor thlle service, anllldl thel lavigallioin prel its oI orltdidvanllage liSh n enn i he louiid iiilniuiio y stl erioiblo rouulo e in ile south. i crn reiiim,. lThe reatc impovemlnv s in hiie route have beeni prodccd by lhe construecli(on ol (ifty miles of new' riaill, by tile lprilriciols, viz : frlllm LaGI rann e oil InlayteIr l lnae, non arm of Sdnla Ro.a I)i'r to IIyano's hcrry, on !ltllle Clrntinhoolclleo river, Ion cil, S iov" the C(,wrord, or 14 obonve Cedlr lilutlr iwheolvy ilhe novigatio: of ilho river, nld hllie con s cqnIeI dDientitl, lnd mllre rricently the incinl vcuiient classinS ' it the C nol irl, nre enii ly oldn I li ndi itle rad 'rioi Allarinna lilii- c I,, IIlliahridIe, insitead ,,. lthe rHnidahbout ro ,l vin i il n .)l uo-l ii ,+i! il. li.lico iiio' lil livlo iiill iuiior I h irIi roI l s ,ii il iolloroiglll iv e h l' il(oi llles nooroi lii lln 11 lllel. · Ii i ri ll Illlhr.nlc nlll:,1\ Alri, I.ralloh line of roln hIr e tloes every ,otiler dny p lien II -ii-vdloh, via n ' ry it n\lmei lt* ct 'crilg with the liie Io Sova-nnun i and I I)rio-n, (len. A molilu ltealll, olius- recularlv r c wrern li nlhlidige tand Apmaenhicohh. Travell, rs wishing iII a h nill y ilou t oo l i Cl a ,t'Iii oo II'! ii niac h Iol.-. cola, can l e ztlrowl.llot t ;I ]]rnwnsvl!e. Alo lile it I' Ier o--l)urini l t ih lrlle .o cillltll o I y iile rlpnirs lf baone, lthe pro-ri-. tru oil Oli, Florido lolo wrll rico a Iin. no II re plso u'col i cvu- viriy iltllr do ,y btllovir n , I Illt and lI Le nelea. I'asser ners ill leave MI lobile at n 3 '. Ilch , p m, .. ho, U S . ii bo ... .n.d ..ouce 1 io lli' I,',,l IllJ IvheIte n hlllur llilS coai h wil Ilto In wni ling no conllv y , :helIin Il len e Ileont llllenre Mo. Cohll rb. in -, 1 1 siilos liisani rl whi r, they will hi- l i l oro.a- t I on o dolil-iiou s fo r n h,.e u lciilt-l- ovioigi nexo mnorniie. lory will nirive in I'oeonacola crrl) II I!lt.h evCIIll I hi s avollhlg sIon dIloC Oni fort ol /lldlh t1111 lr,,cIl~ nrln W I_,. dr 15. b r O lice iii lhii ,lanhion i o us ,i . bil , riod Co'. ImIs' ilolel, Pensaell$'t'. , wherei sea ai naus, b, ./'.' Slit.n1. I1IlN O Or i n 11norion11. I k s ro ani ll isl tll [ r tlm, Ilcv l~cle I I o hcii i e. rif-.l , i-en I IJ lhlc.1.; hlsl1 1 il-1er- Ilil olonioioll t of V rrleCi llrn I ispnsl , Ill ..1;. iltsilll( 1 ( l', ' ll~'*lllt t;)rTIII'lq+l Ir . Juilim, frtnI a in shlhn c of iane yea'rsin Ilo - pim ls n uilIr -opi, d vltII d Ioll ihl trii aliil f Venereal ii or .rI-tu nd fioil i. pri l nt o tin i srIv- i l' n tici ii i lhtl il~llrllll:llr l~Illlt'h1: Il'l (l·lill Irf+.ItIIP Pl lplr~lllll ~l'll'l 1, It llt|.' llltl l "r ltrlll. tl /lll IIllII II i l~l'h i lll:SII. rIt tttt. tlell~ll ld with I oflny .n I the I h lllwIn di i:llueinn , vigo - ii~·1 or·Jllllil iou nO I? ·le lllil Ciiooioo lll llBllC1 (h11 ) 111orrlly cll.; lib~ors O( .lllrltil t, Ui'hllul'e, n lhd ,.+,ll . Lni l itl \ V11 I' i~iLInc .l A ll:'+!1I` II li l il lllt ll illhli II..I)III Ill '. s I. , l o I rlhl n, AiFor-t (iii uie , n wolo I llo oli , I 1I Iclti l l i.i lin llProio ouk oiii lrg ,o Lllllil In I. I1I onis on Skin, Snor loini, 1 b c n abl o ci os l 'hc oo-i urlol i oloo two our- ooce sly- ilithnortth i-i ni l-i' re u iou- rru'E i on Innb seso le oo-a ur, eleb I -cro--il MIii~ oon, lniew Slis' in I ri r Ii!, oooooo"li,.- ooo.....oi... ' ,' 0000'.llc g..... loiy l ',lliii | leaing ay alu lon o Ven i looioo Ii IaI ohl'llr , h , uh t II o do i ll oi v iI..e -uIolhhi on-in coll, r I'II l i --iou I t Ii lu l Ih II I n be p - illlio Io-o loeno P i7o illle hoonooing niir l 1 i0i'c lo lil nio.ll.n il. I 'te Ihdlll ill c t1 t itLI t Itr I'tiii'tluti Lsu rf it rIt i l: , I I'1 Ih i' ll t i'ititu' o r al t I h wl nIdI ,', .: I ,Ill o I"'r, l 1II*,I|! FIlllllh Ill:ll Iji-|l·li ll i L I f)III~ hl ..lilljl-· h, I' nn I of .e , Iwin'.Y'.ndtsIt ihntoitc ur igi 11, 19 (I,, ll)l l 'ltit ~ 1 1~h 1 )|rl l :l ( l l' ll illll (Itlll 1 Ii T h:I s HI t.¢il ' ill l III. llll|- Ill'll i*l lllllll· 1l£'d lllltO1Bl. th l h ,ll~i orliI~ unck *Il~lo.iln l,, ll·III tbl II(lI, robIt as~l ilI ill Ih,' 14t)r~a ~l %,'11 ill jill i t l Ut, I'ID IHi{ · Illlll liilii $ 111"g Il r-o (vt- tr, t n bid, ttnd 'h ' rtr o l tII' p it wa;I Iurlinlllr-d bV h Ili nt 1,.ll lr n vter'y Inr~ge Sumll. It is *It ' ll (·.tlhillll %. tll t e ibol"llwns freI e, illl IPiti vi,,oiri nItII ltl.n1 I.\ .I .. i,.In,.l,...d 111 1/11 n (. lrt ,'+nh' v r)C~ liltU it Il P i s,, tilit l' igesltiilt , n pit's v I n ril ttill il rin it Illl f'uture piii toN o I 3~ltilttli IitiiuttuilllUIIIL~llltti'tttitiiocitttittitiitIihiiioti 11111 ;)( .II F I .:vIII (jl' III(llil;'lh l~ A (l·ibi l ]lJJ.J 'ist:-Inuonjut En dit l iadintg u'titirt li* i .I .:-[11 f'tll n t, Ileiwell' l or le sslh, w 1ih h.ili rl i (li 1f iit lt. JtI· ul ;i thoree. tr1iin ip ay nticritgs hafti I iu, riihl a iap iII.illl de. I hi a ve i,'d nev raP'l lplh.-h:islli, and,1 a inll, ·ralst ,ptlvl udiitcinill whli i ti iilgtilnu lilly I1.111'/.1. ( ((, . rlir(· ld Orf V w~l (l~ibliliill,4 .iI\. 1Pll'lllllllPIIl reulii 1 ;II ·lli~l lily-.elf hi IlIP. Ill if." Il i'}ts I Ps -ai ii I ias pers. tis ttl u hy Iu tly I i'nl ' .t try d.yer int lv's la..i plil- it hir. I I'vj , ni ilt lilSh ellhtt hillllll bIt tl,. illll iiV i o hl t rtvittu i i II t nV ti ) r il o, ii ils ii l. itti'ltull 'tnd I't'ilttuui h uu'uuitC r fnt f l ld huiciana re..lin'b* III ' t11.II U llll l, h whlh t IlliII.1fi ' us.%' S':niI hie half a* dozel !b lles li e n" d exceptl . t0)14 MONROE, nllorn., t 1,as in his posl les1loll isave hllludllre ltes tim al~s similh" h, th' nh,,ve, of" theo etelnortdilnary ¥r llt.r I llli i ili'l iIitill t. i tht tlhy ii tjllli -itlli.lll Ri t it h. t'it',tt t -.iL i J i i1 , II. TItl l h, tl.ribu r p-o'oses i o l ulllisi, in Ihe be. illllnnig ot thie cnllltn wintitr, a (tonlhnsltiln tf betiv,. \'.lly volhlae.s of t.he Old nnd Now Series of M rtin.ltll'r .utsianl IRolports, It be coinlllrisied tn ibullr volu . llle ,, o:,nt:orilg to theI mllOdel ot" P'eters' IBlr·utid, E-q. e'l- E~dlitor i i .lio IllritIted hy l dstlifllllIshInl ret)trcd Jlllulag Of te Sulprelne Caniirt, a'nil IV ,llt ni tie sittingl Jbulgf,.s, to exl,'ct fromll thleir pir.,,ilt'l sayt,,rvi-ienl ;!l tbh, dv: ii ay I sl# whidh tu~fIillrallly Ibe r'.Illli frons L thir (exllrl'lencl. IIrl a wrk is Ibcoring eviry d.y ,iore un. c1.5*:iry, as the oriillltll ts vlhllllinti s, eIX IIelaive,, amlsc:area,. . An iner':.usin, clariosily too. is niani l l, a jt, ' i urlilfll spr ,' enclle,. o1 slh lllllillrna; rlllltise ,:lkl in th'. iidjlustmeilil t o1" conlicItP o"laiu! s, nmaklles ItI kil owldeL i Uf or:ll Ijuded alses to prime . Id isl t the .lrista hi" the= wvlnoc U~nion. Mor,,ovel, the risilllnl Ist'illlicl r of 'jexsl has n ol: oLl. ou r code , .rId ni llllSl ere ima ,-gr lllll U 'il] fibr olbe Loui liana don.+:. nll lroum at fresh quartler. ('onlVi'ill tl notel£, tldictl:lilt dhlt p:.ralhel case, decihe! itnll ,lti i , l sl ly th osel I the llllr. millllhlritaltivet fur'illll. of t e oilier Statesi, will oin ahtded to *!1,'1 case~. 'he llw ollrk wil formli Ifolr volllles, royal attavo, ansIi will Ibo Jh~v,.red, boutnd, to sibser.b~l es a't .lo per vod.; in ca:tse it aboutll I b fiunld practticabi to enalllnarcms it ilt, Ithrce voTtlulles, Lto pI-ceO to sbIr. s:riilirs will he $7 per voI. sluhscriipliolln received hby WM1 .,cK EAN, I" cor CaImptl anlld (;omlnon tts.I|8, 41 I I 41 i, .11. . Iu. l l lin l fIo, :1 l b I', yi/ .i I js. l ,,llI, llit~ l it 31TH,,,I Int,, ,:,,I I'rth , 4 'l', I' ' n1r- 11h¢ l 1 1 1.31 1 '." e t w!1..n e iy i:{Y iank 'lheu flr , 1 , ll l \ -- ,,i ,,,. lp l- tl bro.",ns,. ! T l' i flh ,i'+ I t ,li I i- I" i ",, , lr,+l,,-, I,,iithlg Iloonl '1 I; I~l~ll'.l.1 " II N,.w Icv.., la31 D1JJ;.:-'., t1 .1%cw1.cvue THE liNDLAh'S IlANAI,.OA. OR the cure ofrheumism,crefula or kingsevil,go.o, nciatiea or hip gout, oniae int eancers, salt rheIm, s philitlc nod tneraorial diseases, particularly ulcers nodl pinfulaflfections of the bones, ulcerated nos trils, ulersa ofevery descriitio nfever sores, and ilternal shsesss, fistulas, piles, sanid head, scurvy, biles, chlo ie sore yes, Erysielllis,hlotlhes, sod every tosietyt 'tl taeo,,s nlu-oetioo, hreonio Cltarrli, hlend Bele pincerl ing from any acrid humor, pain in the stomach and dlys pepsia proeedhing flrom va'rilioin, offletino. of the lier, chroni inflahmmation of the kidneys, and genedrl debill ty oausel hy a torpid action of the vesselsof the skill. It is sing tnarly elicioils in rcnovating those constitltions whinhhave been broken down by iljldieious ireatment, juvenile irregudarilies. In general terms, it in revon mended im all those diseases which arise f'om impurities of the blood, or initiation of the qhumors, of whatever name or kind. i Some of the above complointsmnay require some tri. flting osistant applications, which thelircamstances of the case will dictot ;bat for a 1eneral remedy or I'urifilntor to remofvethecause, the INl)IAN'S lPANACEA will generally be found sufficient. TO THIE PUBLIC. flow true it is, that lmodern Phmysicians, I. their am bition to excel in their irolfession; explore the vast fields of science iv the nid folhenitry, ntd seek out n eware medi.l agents; in short, to arrive at perfection in the practice by means of art alone,--entirely overlook anil neglect, as beneath their notlce, the ricmh ald. bounItous stores ofmedicine, swhich the Almightly has eiusedl to spring out of the earth in every clime! And how muchsol more true isitllthat while thie Amerienn 1Physician looks to foreign countriesfor lman of his most cnomoti nom ocesonII'y sriielrs, perpetony ly thanging as they trIe at the dictates olfmobinn orhflly, tIe is su indeoi di n his own country with an endless p.ofosion of medical pkints, sitfiecillt to answer any indien:ion inl disease or to cure any curable ,lisorlder; and yet lie is ignrl ait of their vir lues, and they are sufflereto wnste their licaing onl the desert air.' . The elTeets ofetvegetttble nmedicines upon tihe system n'te temepom'y-thole'of minertls latilnZg. The flamean ex el )thei elfectas ad peas nff--the latter merlcry intptlr tictlart', :cat ehemially pon t he solids, decomnosullg the hones r Ir d r lntidermiltilg tle canstitutio l by a slow anlld sle destrltctionl. 'The congeniallity, etll'inaey ml SAF\IEI'Y of vegetn hle remedi'es ever miler'a.l, my:" Ie t, stimated h) ctras.t ingthe tt crnt plactit e t 'ith the mtttrtn; .r, tt bring i| more immleli:tetlv unler ollr own obsern:ltiela , tiih hIi an pa.tice with illtat oftithe hite. Whoa, ill AnImelie, ns nIlot kllowtnnllalrd of irttecllved Iirtnees whlettl in some deeitphl, untretendinlttl fimatcljile Iratit, y nte:msof Ier simple eeneedies alton, hets i..ctedl tthe ctllvs I':tpi and ntonsha inti ces, atletr thile .1tliai: I .1itian of thte eommna practice, directed in the tlott skiliflt ntlllller, lsfl Itailelt Aill Who haill ata Inell sntsll"erie(t trtt ttC.eoii trlUativeenientlltsiltiity with whlih ithe Indineiteslhiin ell' i'iom tany t iCe.tse, ae11 at ttte ilttst tait attitillnence oneleronic dl.-aae among tIICeI? WhVIo h:at PeIt leatl of an Ilian wlith a eonsitittionll Irlkleall n ea rllilltet by illllev ttlll telt! A:tlttl c: e t a Ioa ttet Ittiih this It Iipp! en ellilllilln oftlle sevt;lge tIt msa it tte ills whlt i the I/tica oTl'an inl heivto, is chhielh" oeaitg tto tlttite geri.t ull ll'fe remnlev s whidh hle tciInvspi "lhis astoislo - illp iliffetene in sueeessn, is il Ililt cxetliii i t'eiotn of Ihe iniillute alletioity of tyilnh lle entale sao ani iS of ellle whih tnd ihils ctn ateil ror tIe ttenert ot iis eliilllte, ovel'those wiich ltherlle nd illthe act of manli hallve in vetitet!. tinl n ttng resieec among n pnortlion ofTllthealerigi al illhlltitaltso'f tllisullltlry, ltlltta iltimatee acqltamn aitle wit, the etethods of cllle of some of tlvei emoct stneesstitl tiranctitionels, tilte Illl'ietor ot 'the Intlin's tPalcea,'aellaute ed akneowleltg lf some oft thie most p1owerelild at, faviorit renllledi r tllllfle leseaeelet l sliel as were most enicintios allSil alltprolniates, t n. ailter v eri 's e elitmentc it teat talii' liiraneills ad stretilih he sIlii clbinle themllln ill tlhe itmr, heC prIlteaSited, s IheC nllst Peri'.eI v a tlal bcelCiiel ttir the ttUttaosep tt r wllich it i 5 i:enlnrnllnelll|ii Therllo'ielor Of'elllthi't ptellartilatioir tithe Itliee withti ete coei tiotsteas that ie is lalhi witihith~lht iri sei, a teteell h caell llte ofltrlievillg mal of Iris allictI lld tel low bheigt, wag o aet sual'aerile unI'r the vahitius elll lic mutll ilslinlte o emnlatnts tIo whiht ins tpitlieetle. To tigu h t it will prove of ililrlclll:tla le anIlle, l(s th it mIttCel niul iea n.any ttiietni tile onal metnrirlievi.. ttthi"suat tltillfis alllli alestlolillllg Ih n i.l t t o 0 a letll, unld hll - Iiless. Thisis Ilnot ollilerel nl at ait i'(im ly, ih:at iaiy tert ctlanc 1 1 iOt ellll, o wie mtatly t tllill.iow lt' ueitel b utt lts tlntt W hirh tse ,ttlrle tf s a iig life i-f tnen i..xli~enle casesl 'ichall ih e uInu' IIIIIIFIIuillellne sies thil. ThistII IllnS ilolie Irt'illlc lylll. :Inlt tlli'i is lIlt• rl~lnlhlll~~ll i(IE oi~l.o taioretl lcrc l itsa jill ehitti.,idnllctht. tained whtrvttilt I t is otl ltbout ltlllttr yaurlls itiet Ihis ire:llllati on sit illi ese tte itn i th ' nievlilbeut il it shlllrt si a i Ir l so le hullllidrel s iif "Ilrs onlls lllmi l Ik inllll , s \vll )ll isolm tlll t llelltre rlll( ller bIlitevnll Itlltt t el, liv s t .le savell it, t lt l i lle IeIrIra Srst llel e t it hIIIt t lilll t itit ta yilt Iriu - ever it is knt wn il isruttit dly co l i into t s. :.d hits I Itltti I t l l t rbttlllll tlial llil(l ll tit l ii nia t oof f ite mltils. The ti cti f tee t aiall t h ltall 'll I II tltR , e'elf om l lit IIiI:th ` lonIg sallln ilin l aild sy" hilli i ltil I 'ill ioiis it illltllIs Swhl i iich h clied I'la lltll l o r ies,1r : Ii t iad llllicallaly ti Ill t oll cillse w n rclllh e lit IF ilta l cll ]tiivitl 1 illtd s lo l115ause diislt ssi llg llhlshl thle" b'llnles, Illlies, I n nillll' I iil ulcti s, delt.ieilrlr t orllhe di ltgsivl o'gns lll del . 'I 'rlle. h .il l ul~l(I)P r.lnl ./%fs 1lllind '. id I~lflnr , il InL·i·rII I1HyI :l~llli( Clllfl :Ih illl-8]:l llllldil ilbls ltl( llnll~tlllrl I'llll( l vo''leslhe xi, lll~ir lllllll~illldilllllllht III11 :ll:Ill ii'llll~lll.ll lIttll IIil l 't T e ( itillll c ml'etelyiC tier It.i'l l,tni l itlhn lll i l. Ih l' I iotehII eicll stir t. Ii til it e1 iii-. l i niui a tf. ll, iii and l~iil.IIl21 I'llillrlS l v I II 1t all'llllll ll. ll lll Illt'~lill. l t' ( l· l 'llltl· S illy nl" i'Ps. d m t is i nt t ittt .i e I. l It S t r it t si |lhl·' i. ll.~ i III). ~~.(: III .11.. 11:11% |i. llllC'' ll, ll. l il Iil ~~lk ii 'l l *1 . t ll \ tllllR l ~lll 1,...ll l. i 1·110 i i1,. :··li ni Si .:ll il~ eIi ) e I h,1y ' 5 l hllae t i lt e atnllt!lit.i lll lllllll (l o 1 ih lal allly .e \ i ilI.IIs .ililh~t * l hIII e t ite.llth' ill' DI I tit'hit Iutl ieti~ gsvi l t1.tIi' IliII( :lis o ill'e t lmlla hll n I · chi Mwl IIn I iltirllttilel ttll lltilt ar I tI ttel v eallt*.1' I t !! LLSl IIIa iit ri smili li'e ine; ha' . b... It :nl hi,,' c wlln i t .in: nhi :u 'lign .. I', i.%is e i'sles not 'I r .11 s e i~el" I i lr t h s .. ii;l IRwhic iiil h h c Ii'l li d ,:r ,iln et w p ha win ol t,, c het'l tnh l l:l s dIo: llll:l t o s (I ·I o h Ill'lli'llo l ctlelini lIh~ ll. tis Pulti r:, liitaken in~lll a s ll doe; i ! uhl II er. allld~ '!~lr Ill(· l 'i nc a llLlTbql y i 'lwr i hal . t eyl allll n iTI t drllllllllll 1 t l( CHIt II:r.TIIN, Nov'. l15 I. lDuiringt hu l:ist site h u~ lllslulpring, I was Hllllic:. will al verly 5tever'e Bilddistesin'ghl irhe mllltlisml occasio01nled bi in1, <o I art t Ieh hni aund I conl]dlently r,'.lnumendll it Ii ,C()II I:EI(r : a SOrh, , Ki01st. I w Is sei.ted nls ol t iihtee ea -s .i'ce, ilh. ditt essilngs hI'mlntllllistmilll, en tr:l II Ill ngllC a s,.'rIeI ·Co(lle) ll 111 II-nder Ith inlthlllenlcedCU 1' itleluiteI lll , sYtlls| 113:I li ,h i tdi led r. 'to" itlllllt Iut.t t lltt .ttr ci t s tl'-illl I f clll 'l I ttlb is I( ht te e hlie it u - lsit-i it, ts-t l te ii 2 Iles ,t' Inst, at tht ime stoc rly tt le ts o s , m ve ttttoti w yiott o n ei5 t. ci.t es, I'IIl| c llllCll.fIe tlll.hlte s lll Idilllh' Inil-sll lPu a·e . l .18 I htilttI-l Is ittetkt- y iii t tili.ll -i o ll 'o| 'itttil l t IIetstttit-slscl ItImothi t 'IIbthild st' i tti l; tt IIo sit ef in "" In-iieLr I st l t'tllla t tll, i s:o t l'y it lets to I its N 1-it kl l t i i i llC, . Ie1 nol~cl,~ I'ltl t~l~yrell~u tirlecll.' f i,eedIr l ml~l. :uld;rI Itt c gi ts5 itts. -T to l , 13 s Maket st. C.Al.lES OVl S:Cit(oIULTOU.. UI.Ci31'.R -y it sY R o t i K, t. 9si ,tt t SIIi l I ttt I1i -- , Thits i" elr tifs iel in the ld l if 1tt 5, I ws s ,eoize t.i ll I swe llt ll"ioi ls k aidi I let s s l iti-t h Is lllttlestwtt Iher.ted and became u11 e glhllatl S lM u.llC r il ny I IA . A lll 'yllrlryigsel eralplay sici st oeliElI 1(1 ith'u:II:geI" I ·· w El Ihilm i t lh i 01 InIlced lu} sel" under Ithe ca'ea Ih . ilo slliiet es:ll eos, wh nnolll, ter retl et,:lt d soilvts e s.. et iill.ce . s It w s Itiutottl.. u tellII incllll' ll. Al 'tl . Fr'l·ll'i | Lll<Ik utlvlEi rlllIi-lll~l'll' :~ lil' |;llla ·1ehll . ii i!ll, bo<tiles of' P)otlrr'l*s C{tholicon, with nol nllntelri.;d |helncGl IDespairL i of lifltl which haidi no lw becomnte I a Iltrl Lhelln mie Ir(tutnto iy 5i r5-ti in A uw 1o21 in i829, no g sitleP is li+t "O li IXNe iiln eh. , eSrigti hl h ile't sltle i s o|" The ilit l's tttlt I lt i h: ti ti.e ,i a~i sillil' s lity wl A I N ' 's prSN A ded i lX l..E It h sits lii. i l h ll' ' ll 111Nl sor. ' o(!11 b gires atl siurprislel~i asil ll all'lll s l ,idfi,.tio Iwll 1in Ehne cou'e oflwo l nths, ll h h 11s I\11 shnine. I, i~ l~cl:.e t y lEitienun llel ishi ihlle ht.!n Ii,. h.+I~neft l ln)l ,vhl 'iitio t-tttt ltoo-T snee ini .IIrl''us(t o ivlPhilitle tlrfetlons, tiho Ihey' nilal v ktnl w w alillt le eureln ie wh hlss sulil i e viy.I~lc t't hit it il kii ti*tlVti. ItIIAIIt lte 'le llllteill, fl ir t ei tt withu i llos tilati the tole, t. e'.shionnily allccmpaieidlh+ wilhs cr-si pelaltols inillntaionl i alli e~xce-ssivt, lmlil il thel i~t anldl u cll| joillt. Several-l enl|inltpitlhysichinsei.xertethei er skillupoii t E .hlt will| IndIi a t's I'l lll nllnle i I"' ; ifet 'C ure. Mi-tlo AIiI.T sit WIe , I1. ti M arket i -I orsailchyUK I I. NRY Il YII1 I.NN. ..el 1I Il. lll~ lldfluIg ils+Ill I~ll: I'·'.l ! r 11 1i'lE l~l~ 'l'.i~llrl. I~iI nlll . ir l l.l 1 1 .'111! l i t ll lil ih. Iro ipilhr s lelhlo Eim ul lla ltr t nll it~lhllt s 'list-testi Ille IIth FeI",' tory iltl for ilt ,vn o e' it l 'h " l Etll- ill ll th e i llm I :il I i N llehll· it,-ll lr o lllf ohi 'k h ) + trsed I tl' lil+ PIY ()l~lll .U:lnq ;Ill Jll~rlulr\; lk IIIItIII? lulr (Jillnll:lll Iiar flip lh 1nwivh ll 'la elit' IIw tllhe ++ "k h hld rl. e pl; e - Giixel hby thxtn.,' vi: 1wlhO i ll tr t I ptlj t ier shi rt, lllllh I lf thil llr ,ip I!v hallp llnotII 'l+ity Ilith d, Unbll rs ther i n. ll t hrlou , 1f10 II ull' prlnl ov f J),et cin in conltrl rl ll ntll +ly wllh ( :1 mixi s etlio ',l -tle si rli lllttV e y t r +e lith I"llll'xl.~ 7% i,.tl~lll.Pi)ltl; III (·i r<)|i' tl~lllt E+11+·IIT li *litPt l(l t ill s ittllp e itI hIImi illil ih o't s te hih . t l . ,hi sa+itd prolonllti~mon sb irt ,l:.s, thonm ulnd .lfir Ih, dayv -in 't ih il: tlm ha tlve il. l;l I Ihif thetI rIII , f t t i(. <Ii illllt.rl'r..-i ,;ll-l I'IllilllllshlhlU III1 hll-. |i~~lllF~llll . sii ilnt . ' litlt .ll lll t ,e' oc .(I i liIl JIP a llil ,. r l ll ' s-lli ts tlli tirnil llt Iittlo I' ltLot l llE p nt 11 4 1 o 1l. ll* r I rllll ill" Ihd th,'kh dhler in "dithl- if li el o ' thmb.elrs io'n l .ddliUl* p ixp dhu d Ibh Ehsix r+,r of hsai i lluder, r util oi l dE v I Oi"| clinh'i r ill' , that 1lal<ir pa I,;iin o-ultwo doti" ' :l " lllt s ;hr e c lilsEd thfr , ,-ar (+ .*, il 1rv ollt Eli+, :+ alth;Ver ()e tol, - m .' b E po t d1tviws of Ailo atnt. lnn, - I 1 11% ., 5 . ,1 ,S, P. j-ilt)1 it V ', l O.,, + Ici ~ li l~i Royal College ol' Phyiicnnr , Londollln. l!, origitnal Vegrtable II)geian Uti,.i.tvt Meili cine, prealreil by lV liskii, Ea'.. i eMilmerl of I tvail Collelg, of Sll9tgeons, Ilivenilte of Apn\lle car) 's Collny, Fecllow 'of oli Court Soliety, Siugeon to the o)yal Union Pensltio Astciatio, lancashlr Place, Wotorloo Brllidge, lil I'erlotuxl Pulpil of Guy' aoll St. Thaolu. llospitals, Lolunn. This v'luoltle meticine, the resnll of tWenty lll a S' extperience and o n ilnlilleled Jucree in the extensive nio. highly resrpetaihle palUliee of tho' peolrielet, luilr isel b) itll fiiclt)y it ltititv, an is now to the notice of the Americea ipullie, at the earnest so licitation iof number ofbmgenlleno of Ino antll hi;h sitalding in the profession. It is lholed, on i prlini naly step, to cheek tie evils niol fatal t seollneices arlising liorp the tie of tile numlerous nd deltelerios estrmlilltn toistedil upon the pinklie hyi the lid of fabricateil proofs oflmiMaculous ll.ures,nd oiler frmuds, bhyn- snt of mlercenaly, uniiriiripleld ipretelnders. so totally ig.Olllt t medical scielnce, that it implossible the ionsllttous *lhltsion can any llonger go down with Ihe int.lligent people of thliseollntr. 'These pills, mild and nagl.iealle, in their nlture, slioulid be kept in every fiunily in nases ol' suddlen illness, fot', by their prompt ndmiistietion, clholeln, cmnps, spasms, fevers, ever, other alarming .complaints, llhihol ton often .proe fttal, mny le speedi Iv c llre oer lreventedl. it Ibect, nil those who vanlue giood I;,altll, shoulld never be witlhout theml. 'ihey are solh in pncketn at t51) cent, $1 ud nl $S etchiby every ropee table ihoggint, hbnc~seller, snnt venoaraf ;netlieite iu tiel t nited Stesa e Cllas, with clpiou ductiols, Stgetller with: esrtnonials of proTlcssiitnl nbility lireo lthe follewing eoiniet igenllemnti: Sir Astioe Cooctee, J it Abeltlleylhii-,Jilles hllliteMaeI], M. I1)., W. IIock, i. 1)., J. Aslton Key, A. l'tramiptlo, hI. 1)., onltd !umlers otlhers. Thlle oliginals tmy be seen n possesionl of the eGeneral Agent, by whom the mnlliinie is ilportell ito this ioulltry, alln to wlholl all alincations toragenttcien must e e llnlte. JIN(). IIO'),11EIN, 129 WaVerly i'lace, N. York, SSole eneral Agent lieor the UnIited Stats, &a. For sale by appoinitment of the neriginial llroIietlttr. hy- Svwatn 9 litnrrtIEt, I)eggi.Is, tNo II CUnl striiet, Ina.ere Agent lll'or Statihellle Louisianlll. Jilt v SFI dItY 11 IKI' &o co, No 3 t1tgozine stretcc, are i oi w receiving liom ships Nashf ille, Louisville, It Kellolcko, 'o'tgle,:o to other late arrivals Irmn :Itth ' : cl·cl clic n e glatge a:tod inew sololt ed ttl assInt oo t n IEfsi BIloolo, Nhoe's anld Ilrogoils, o nonsirtio o'glllllnllo'so tle callf' toil n lo 'looco boots b to t., tlt o t il.o oolld, and o stout wol pegged koolts It a lariosll alilies; mlt 'sll fille elf" seal lhor. p rhw l at II. s I rll g~allns, hIiukskin shoes, lbrolgnna oll ihllol s: ool's flille all' nolld klipped pegged shol'oolll I rogans ; do boots; do sloolt k Ip In wax peggeIi sht es P oil bIol'otgis; gentlemel's b0 st uality tall'soged shoes, I Ioogans usi oflck Ilowo ihgs; fo l" al tl .%lolotco c i ic lle shoes and ll g Illlduis; lo callf, seai mId d \JorIcco I ali t sllts i slip e-s, to icall; biL ufll' e lall s is ll, ;, sI l rewlll rticle; o tilccal.f, seC.l amd iiorIccl i I te .C rts; Ioys',Inses'.alm lchild~r n's pegged land seaell . bogin .sanl soI Itsol' eryi n lll iaoll dkil Also a genrerl assortment of men's stout tear aml p rr t hroa uus aid sltoes, tgethel . with oI),IH) Iio si ugrio Iwst iu ,lily, r ossett brotgans, tailed i toh i hioks, m ,de expri, ssly 'for p lltoationol o use; a goloo sI t SgIlmntltl of menl's ine and stout kip ll rsseIt brgasll ,S I w article , nit a atge quantity of ali inliriotr ua0li0 y i tr sset and wax trogats. t ladies' fine call, setl, morocco o Id grain welts, at ptmtnp sole shoes; do ine Frenchl Mllcllo andl kid run i ri .nll slilpers; do o:n shoes, with ani d without heels; s I calf oo, seal sul stot Iclllter bolm .s; do I'runello slhoe s 18'll1,1 bil Ii n l oees. .. isoes' lastiio spirln slorss n ll I o ,g tns. 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Sedition a i " l lln', l h s,": r ir lllt' .,h f , I,',h) :imo Is 11 1.,,1: I ."1% d"irie. 1 l i two the 11." ,0.h l. tcI . f lil t I : a ci i l l I.I . \.C l Iii l l .r l r. 1' U h i ll , dThi Itoti, IIllt i .I lt I i h ,ll I . , ' l I"l I tii i ll lr)1"i.,, i 1. i" I ,", I, u lh " ,o i I i .I ',' . 1" ' t\ ' : i n.o., n,, Itnl l :r trn., 1.. "I it poo h, for Ih c,1 of .'i : tn il , T io n _, . i l l o , I I ,, b,- a; h , ttto-i b r l t o: Jil l a In i ll ) oil ' ' ; tl,,. Ieunals, ; ol" t r; Ierofoiia, or kiH-g hs o,!i; " hit v.l. 1hiliz; .yphililh. tic . a, ..s, a d i all dliord,,rs ari> mI( nom an imlpllre :- ., ii d' the b ldf , ,) ,1 h,,,l rusldc' : il , hlit c im,lt , or tile IJodltrion) , 11.r: Of .... ry," "..... . .... ... .. .. .. . Al.slo--Cave &. ScT:l' f's 'Worm Syr pI, or In. tint Presnrvative: tih^ bh t ipri paratou ,, ext it. for col rIn; the hair; Iar's Oil; 1..>ian lir' (rous,; Pomatum; whaw I ree 10 h: iperior (earl lPoiwnq; I;y Whie; C(?el u of i, r.; Vuegetahln IRang,; ( )tto oof 1Ros- I~ilS I V,.; lira. .ifeh T1'ooith \Vulsh; Carollic I)jlllltrllie; ()t ;~uge I'la:VIo r Waler; Powdler ful Nik an I o1 B ; Amcri ref Charcoal, neatly iut l II, Infur .e. vo, ; I linlti llhir Iril;-witilhl vaIriety 1 t Pcr .rfl mrutier, &c. Fur nl, by U W GLIENN'S 1"I'HFUM RIES. 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