Newspaper of True American, February 14, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated February 14, 1839 Page 1
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Piuc'E 12, CENTS. NEW ORLEANS THURSDAY MORNING, FEiBRUARY 14 1839. Vo..-VI No 188I$ " _ - ......~ m ,-- - ''ernis sf hlie Neiiapttper P'ress of Nero rleso ns uoI uio III l y nglV Ired it III tl lll n llllnl'llI Im ats.ll, of the 'roprlieltor, held in tihe 13ih of Marc:h, 1U37. SMu satei'rLJne.- 'wlir: Dollars flr the daily pan paor nanlil, Ipaya!lo s lli-annually in advance: toll dollars for the ri-wi kly cotlOlttry paper, Ioivahle one year ill lidvllaittoe wlore I1l city relorene is lives. No nitbstriptimo will be disonltinued until arrearngee are nettled. In case of I continluance, one week's notice in writling moot it invariably given, previlous to lh xpiratioti of subacriltilon. Anvlllsr INo.-(OnO dollar r e qntare for thel first cntortin, ntlll hlf thit llerice fer ell.t snlilelltrt onlce: noo material alteration frie this originall adverlieotient will I ehlrged as a new ll0e. YeaRLy AUvtnTisltclt.--Merclihltnts ndl 'lroa'rc, arty dollars for Englia h otllne, iinil ixny for otlh Inn e:lies .BnS, hlusrnne Olleen, c n l.other eimier ediilesitutions,, fity dollrs ill n linl ooly aniT piglty for boll ltstgllages; Sllil nolld itealreat Faie eora, or Conisiiseio Ins ertillat sixty adllt0 ill E.glilht le, nlld eighlty or both lls taigllrel. MAllttlaot', OteLawnL Niitorne, lad nrtietls eall ing thes atte lion of tile itbliie to sales al Irlolerty, nards of passengerls, lietolfit, &e. &. Wilt II ltrtid noe dollar per square for l Io tilt n each u ll uit ANNICtso1n..., t Adlveti neoentn, Iof nt pslon l nanture, when ldtealisiblie, htll b e lrnge dIcouile, and ill adsl nie. A dodutiln oof leeerent. will lie mndle to AaltioniLeers, Shcrll's, Iltai.lirellf \Wills, nild alintrhls ot aleu of resl stnltte, )ttlidshed in both lngulgnllsl, and 511 per cent. in e.enlorll atone: Ill per cclt. oul entad of ntcOltr petallrty. Ailn'I's:.oncNti Ionot or sIl dilirect clll: lli tillIeno of lIheo nlverliser, sunhl osn l,1l, atlllliltlt, nll llllat I an at ensI rileo alyaes, ntlry Osililto &l. Lc. will le llc o I for.eetiopn.itely, ind ittlit lrildlillarity rtes. ie.InttousnntI:an .ito s.fleeiled i In to lites, will lie 1toll inltil ise itihnoitcllt glltilerliuticnnilllttly Nto iilveretianirett tel liflenkruoltltios will in pulllishled ininy ler, niiles laid lilr It.eill I1 illurlilll, or jLtny.yene ntfi.oeoira itVOl eyI tlio ible i 'elr on in tollln. sI'hllml A lnlll otllhlr illa.. f si"niemont e lll lllerlielle doily ,rlthe sen<in. to li-.' liorged $1110 filr l.igialih a In eI, and $1501 in I t Illllt l B":lo All lllillant llllcrllito f l ,i ( .lllliist filer )lllili'nl ototiifl till hec itirgeil duille the plrice if otlhier dvrolit.c 0-Tl i thoerl i i. u tnollollllle I IoeteIlil tieb wttl lnl 1Ihse nn ties if piero".11 whII)' I(.I(II 11 Iltl' Iii n t 1 ,11 Il to id d illi one t t teo infh I el.lllllillll l l ll I1sm iiti m te K111 Itil, lnll. vl.. noiiit II v Ii n ,irl lio Il riT- l ialr uchll ('vigleil) J.:C. Ito: Sr. lut.II-X J. IAYON, I'. . It It, .1. L . I'll ':Nil ASlL(Jl.'l'l JlIlIN I tIII.SN, II,31. i,7 4 I N. I)V.'e51 Piese-We ,II,- ittIlcrcicmi'm. izime to L m lli.iri, oil'lition' ta isr thy aire otiimim litt in (lignelld A. 11. LAWRVIIC.,, I. L I.ettertau. i t, in ll " .', , i, os pti l.t ! -l i'n,'--iist Illlllrf t ~ll iril "lu lin·kllillll I aIIeI'l laI leltig toiiiit m l, .111t" %l I i li 'll hi-Ii j on l :1! . S. & J. I'. WVIII'I'NIli'. 7:1(I'noil !I iNN , 'S. 1111 tll,-511- hhls. Irown 'l'. ier' Oil, ja n i ," . t i J.i I'. \V IIIT' }N I 1 " ' 7 :1 _ i ' n i1 5. ui tel e y Sn t C lit' ll l" i tt . ji l:1 ·1 I ;I 1 \ ! 1ln,:l.iu. e lbii l f ll.lmdio l liil t'litiii I lits h hl ' 1,1, nimhlh l hiim mmi k hllit nm.nml, t1hu I :leoli'l I e ii de 71101 Iolu iitr. exu ra u izu'd Iulaar i~tll r41 eon;l .li nef l ,I1" rll1 sa lhlll lost rilmill ciiill fasr lih. h' it IV l'ltll'l'tll t.\lt - ,m.i '' i;l:lt'l', Jo., l4`!1i ceur ,lia &. cclcniii's S1.1. uil- - i kl.m1 b iil' li * d li iu' ec I l: tt1 i ;. hi it -Io', 11 II.ii ,i' h,: j4l J T 4II 4 1 I 0. I 71 ' 'o , " . YI ,) :S'2;, ll7-T S n I:I.+-,4,*.' 1- 1 I-l4at III wu dl It J )' li -t.1· \1 . ': ' J ,." . ,~ "I' t ' l44.4 04444 \r I4 4 "t se It , ,o , ,,n 41....... ..ll' . R ..i. ,,, o 1 ,)". fl'/t'1 )' ":-- , I A \ 'I ,. lin . - l tlr in I tl ,5r bar- i '4)... I.T.4 & . 1t4 ), -.. ..o I'' I . l0llrlllll . .t11 , . T h 11. lil 'll , 4o4'! It il4l4 . 4 I" 'l n - 1 v a . now I . dso ". their 5 tllrll,5Ll o11| gnur d". A 4II I wug ia:l,, Frtance and l t1he ourth, til" t fur aicds te lil- \.5 4 , I hw. ng 1 lpr e rT orulT Ins. l ill t e g etalo £ d~£" 44 o4 4 arI 1 od o . . o ll' ex. large I''4) hiu 1 vel4l4 l; 4 I ' l4 lai4; d44 d4 lik LoAe suniunr'4 " 4'! an dmon'h , the ') let eer u l o r ulnt iaper, p04 ' llla , t'4ll7b; ,li n I1 1r il boull 1o r eu rhn . I'"" h' N O ea r ad u rilhn l t tdini trO utL the Isll T ot Iull eil' e I rhita e w O . | Irr all'tf, )fa |,,-.rpli-u-' tit, 4ig m . anu 1'e3ygrl v l . 1b t cg, Hviii ill" ; E glish nod T ,.Antrrivnu I'~o f ld'+ gnutt capy ,og I:pIl~ei a,. ldgcer, 4. Sl lllls' I -t I 4414 II)II I en.r ll S dirk,. pen anded dtesk k uile-, r ua s d n raeis- d l IOLsN II NOL Yoke I1enukn hand wallet's Russia aMi oblronco , hao l 4c (:4r, 4% r4 It. ' l4glisr wal" er4s"ll lu nd 44l4 4 wax, su44 rior u t4i4' m ai ty ; 1 arav l l n g d esk s nrj l Olll u cr ssil l l I . "! ,, cke11 111 ro i ll n td Nowmnllnlllll ' e Ielalllature l l ,lPs 44 Il4r. 4k44a 4 and 4cket 4', lll 4l r inl puncil', 44 iao4 44a 4 4 4 4 4 44 Afai 4444,441 I lnoT l --Es iig " F "renehSpunsl, I tai 'an, 1 I or bit utan n. I I L i, conai..lng is clu siol, law, J ust 'eive,] and fr sale by ºI 444 4b444444 ' 4'Ior v'I h f440 44 4 44 4 00tsdh n dfr TnwItr. tin •alc ti v arirlw', will hu. c.uI. to et eivu si.. it4C44h I 4. el44 t ,44 .f4 .\4 7 il Le.4 . 4444 4s. 4o 4444 Ii l elrIla lld + a n d et ttly ionll i . mr anc l . t, w ill h e lf m l its l Sll;rr tngnlllPlllXt of ihe +.lu1illlol Il.Ua,', New sold r' 4. 44e. u +l I444 444 .- 4 l4 u wll44444 I444444 44444' witnr ball. will it, p lrovIdd t ll hours. A stable i, . will lie uttadlcl ltou hth ho el willls l l Ua'1cOl lllnlodll- of tBnt nthuit |orlen andi carliag., l. I rate tlorsees ad a c rrg.n s wGi. ll Inl ,e kept ti llm at hdertlu ics, p. u (tillt 4 44 e 4 vi44 tl4 4 . 444 ll04 d'4 a I44 L,0 abuel M ll4,.,4t 4u 4', ou ndi n t 04 tcring 44 lu,4t, a ill 4lJbe Il4t4Iid4 4 ,4 4 it ntld sll ewUhucleI n not to i 4+rlibre wilh tihn colniti ' tl .all. uiett the boardlers. 'The winessnd liqmos w+ill b 44 of t44e 4 I t4 q'lt' I y, 4i4 4 4t4 cu4 re a4 0 ll 4444 l yl4 l O I t1 e Fro4,,r4ck 444lrl4ltrd, 4an.h f40r(,4rly k),pt 44 popular44 x otel at Was lloltor l city, l ill ti ll e lnl:'lllit.s hil fe lit the proprl i tor, wa ln, with s cll'h I ,runal iv n l ssu l re ex ,els It) giv'e genul+l saTilteliOnh kow tull o sleet d ai illel, t. rit dh.-cr l' e ire. . T|'he )fits t+ I ,t Pl', a c i is Ilh larg.;st aUrlll stull of tIh '; VIrh ie iir l ho genetcral red, o flllss stillGll'quald rite Gulf'; irh lnule y of tid bay a l tae neig nhbouring island ' al drivers; iit, uhtnllnd ts l l ed delicacy o tI he h Willh w hi hclh a this 'ntems . Ib .nd; all ils proxi nity ti th ll hes ltS llulth r ll ltrket, give l'eannrll lll the r.l - (lewtnle .. over all other plunes in these ll atitudles, as it ealtlhy sad delightlfl summetr 'enteat. 1 "IM t lute hul n Lt s w il l " lwe e . Pensacol na Isaid Io bile,"and will cti all tines Ie &LIe to take tie pnnsl ng,;re l,'44 the cNw Orlea"b'oat' . N44 4ARNOLD.4 4 I4 ir'en'4a' l , I+a 4. 1 s111 43. 4 ' (I 7 ell en l (ll' ll wishfing Io ot I)a room s fur I heir| Mr Sewell T' Taylor, the 4 rmer prIpr4itor, at N444 Or44 ) '4 " .4 ,.fr' , 4 .4,4 Mr I4o4lr 44 '4 ( 4l (ul, I Alli4, Ea4q.. lh. Ia rrw ru "1 a t h11 o, al h o te l is p lac e d a t Gie o W h it mA . ' batl will 44 ,,lol.l)ly 4 un fr4l4. 1%obhle 4- P4en4sacol a, 41t of 44444. (4.4.o4 staO es will ah44 4 p4lg:.vided 4 , Mb ile, in'' f 44 4 4ha ,'4. 04444 I4'ls.4 h 4. 44444 . ... . . . . 4 ( i1o - i.4i4 4 (4444I4'I 4444 --0 S4444 t .,4 k ,d f 4444 ,ke b4 in4414444 4 m4 hr44td 44hin C n 4.4444044 will 444 nri4,h P'i4tsburg (;sal, i(' 4 n4044 ll 4 Mo 4I4II" ton Noew 0,447l4o'4s. 4~rdl 4n re'+"ved 44t he Ga4 44l4lic4, 444 k 44 44,, 4 4 3. , 4u W ''EIL. S cc'". (k4"o, NEW ORLEANS Stleam and Patent Biscuit Blokry--Walters adrI Hillman. No. 89, Morons (near io l'cclelaicIrriai tail Rood.) Pilot and Navy Broad, Suod antI Wine Riacuit, Sugar, Butter, Milford and Water Crakers. All tile above articles are warranted to be of tle first qalisy, and to koeep in any climsate, being omp kiln dried. As ln dried corn meal. Orders left at G. W. Prichard and Tagart, Jr. eorner Magazino and Poydras streets, will receive prompt attention. m1nall kegs put up expressely for famnily usae. 15nov LOUl-1000I barrels landing is atar, snd for dl3e by G. I5OftSEY. • 44 Newi.eve NAILS--700 ke Nailo, a.erlal is, flr sale by I d15 ADA.IS & WHITALL, ?7 Gravier at LtUUNlJS--iissippi Futlds tltlake at, tnt Le ' vve, for (iroenries. is KEIR,.EY.-f- Isles Kerseys, ItI--a sarrela Tanners i il, :Ill elooka Wiliter Oilt 40 easks full arrninali do, CANI)LEA-0lll Ohoxes ,Sp<ern Condles, for s+ale by I. II GAL.E, (17 9t:| COIl~li.Bi C t N I P l'OIK & hlb vices, cnd 411 bbl. prime Park 2(t bbls prima BeoI fisr eale bV G L)OHISEY, dfi I,| '.h'w .eree A MItt). st!1 '. J ONE51, Pr ofsnatrc O 1' i ngin g, ils e G aiter 11 cial Pillo--ltilrl ge rlingt+ e llllllU alee l)r arrival Ir lll oOc violll frlsi ai vli+le yelrs psaier ic Ela i Iarslllhsal ihlsosarw. site tltlters errsIIl 1101 liar sys tllt ih iiileritlillI will rivA ntis.ili ni-it t') pu ils. • ''llll i ii tH~apafliiiy, A+e. tolll lie slhowea, atpllii-lit ioe Alrs. Slillarl'd, 17 Itiyal street. IS-Ito d11t--h.v u)llXi(lIlAllti..--I llc , ses lisax (hiairs, just r*i. Ii iiii alni r a olld eIitlih lit ll p lilpilic faor eals ast tIc lictllsicti 14'cei talealrl Watrsl .V I tt, B o.I) cIat \IA VII INTAlC.NFT . S T ilh elrille,( ,lllllo torae,tei Ioy 1ti1lo n.IIflOil, Iil s melie, wi l i oilat; P erhiy'o n llihri nai 'Idea f or o 8.1c ; WOI AN M]s'rrru N,. I 'llll,+v'a Itlrlihltlllu hcrli t+ edlltillor LD V~l~ r~ ivlllll+ . foere enr ofl~l ++l .i111i lrlillml' lll t l . l~rt;l'(ll l hIer, ii tle ll|o enL'te ry o eL tIh1 Methodit Cithurceh,. .lrll.r oII IIAnrmAlePle IN o Ih'lUT, uuluhr lhe . irctloll II Ill d ctrti ttnl l whtI li. ol':ll lc ied tie t:lllir ol 7hl[lllc atsc ill rvernl ('rlles fthn ilcrlh,nld who is a ~ru IIte Ufll t tltthe lostIL telelrateld universilfjt .-.III· lll ,onllrl.(.hllcled lltilt'+I l~JIP\il d)~11I vis lie.llS .r z 1. Tc Ie tto.Sclla r el ts artcllielll , leslrtline inll Ia e lr eutli.a o f ethol arru ilg t a id IlaUh il sihe ll ltlitllted ll'tilh i almtsililai 2. TIlr he nlatireil tleltrhocer, cocciprcecrding lie l.lsill Iiiiic (irt'.k Ilnallages. S'I'h ip lllrlalll~lll1 (il llllHIrlll IHIllgllaPesI inl whie~l atJ ItliltIEtoIg NS, A e1. Sri illlactaltesitdeacl.cN,Oa, Louisirald Ctallege I 151itsligERG d. Tlle ilhiet. I Nw ic a l Orli leans.trt l t-iiittiiit-ltitctiiitt Aigelir,, cleriallieir, Ietwo l tirtitlltlll 'tilit, millhc lirtrt . leo lllllalllii- ti nl allrvoviae, 1111. 11 1r1 11. 11 N P NC P alieaoa, Aotta J 0.ItA. uraedle PIc ilsthy asdo ' l'llr lllm y ·lhl' nlli.+l'l. ;:ii ? lrll rltfialce alaix r Iii ilr. iL-siv 'll uc i. (lala Wa r i oIhr l ic lieoirn ot.l ig llelrs willoh I S~r·' G in ha' hIr n iucr;(hn ie,3 I hilll s I l c tll t llclldcti d Iic flli titc lie let l pertor. C ok J III5IIEI OrAIiANN, A I .ll JI. IIIII, N lace, R s 11 lli o lici. -dr et lIINON I ieoluaod Colleg oI Ja~Sl.IerU A II \ltl ItI,HG 1 I ,("·II Il-II·i !(N t IAN ~ C 1'1lli 1.1*1·;('11 J Mi itt X II -1 ) 5"114 qI+ L ?v wrlnlUao. i'.'' "' l'a~ll\ l lth -I -llt ier. l,(hilt '1 I. Itie le l aliCc illll Ia.. ., ' ~ l i cr lIc1ieci Ittic r il l ,lii t ,blcs ,i lih tcuct |I l.ll l , cci.l' 'iii IiIee ud nd I,he. "" +l.t.II'l .":.;,m n;+mrdP+.(·~ Ili l'| t:SY JII 1T I td I i c1iii cccll i" i cI ucl' luller I ccc Li/ccctl t llII rll l L I I .+ J llll I l* Ntl Gutl l Il.J:+dcr \l lllell, i l l l J U It cii It Lilt I cIi I aiticeIct cavil 4C [Lriot e lcit.i q~ ltialcl, l \\']N( Iii +aCid ll c-l,c hlls;. AlcIricit, cicll cac itll'c bollc lrlttcd t Lt d c lla; criti- I Allliclc .at l.tictllcicta V icsill cul c cciii. ( nriulclc Icll u.isli;d 1lailer loth iiii cal t i+ u 1 cast11 .; I~l l.a, isiaa' . llell acts cc due Clac-c c',i t a lll- Im ccii t cil~istltic 1.r . dii.h ll,+ll;| , cc.i. .ItIlic. 3~ll cc' ccccl t llti. l' iaaooit t llll~er Ctll .+ . t.uil1, ts V]- ,t,aii,h.'k . '1 as1, lctico. s?40&).:|ici isn'l+ 5 lol~l'i'l Illi+tilu e& CV.CII..EI,iT. I si ;n nw li-,c-.l hubs.,; l1c-it.. Ii ccicch , \a'llt-l+ It+issslc l et~nte l+aclttlasciusk+, it c%. 4 Isiscy 11l~'W 1 a.Nicl.l1S.. Plait nd]cccih'd Iticic tccevoc,ii, Il$cicwicci, Alas addh I -cicclccin -cclchicd, l tiala cuued atid ghici Sorewllict tiles.. Piiiatcici lu tllsietll cciiu mlt d '.lddrilur ad.le o ' NIIREW MIllTH & CO., respectfully inform their Iriends and the public in Leseral, that they occupy tite new brick ashop, 2i Tehoupitonlas street, where they keep constantly on haeed Copper, Tin and Sheet Iron Wart, of every description, You ,Ecli as copper stills, kettles, and pulops, tin bath. ingt to s, and il cuns, of all sorts and sizes, and all Am.. other brass casting done at shortest notice, de Grate bars of every description, sach as steamn. Plat boat stirrups, hog chains, screw bolts, and other do kind ofsteamboat work, such as chimneys, breech. da or, steam pipes. Drna ''They will also do all kinds of out door work, St rsuch a' zinc, copper and tin roofing and guttering, sadt &r. They above and all other kinds of work in lest their lile of business, 'they will execute at the do, shortest notice. dec27 pis LOMBARI) & CO'S Boston and New Orleans girl Li c of Packet Ships.-This new line of ships sire has been exptressly built to run between the above tnol ports, and will be found of suitable draft of water: and aeecomlnodations for passengers, and every effort r,c will be made to give general satisfaction. The brut line is composed of the o lowing shil.w plat (Cherokee. 415 tons Capt. J (larding. plat Carolina, 4001 du S Lemnit, tcen Charloeton, 374 do I) Eldridge, i (eolunltb.nti, 625 do G Barker, oii Scatan, 240 de J lowes, ullr Intlbay, 1y25 do 1) Ilumiphrey. '1 'hI aIbove ships are all now, of tihe first loes, yea 1 copper Itrftend amtt eoppcrud, conlnanded by men keb of great experience, have large accommodations. d with a separate ladies cabin; every attention will be I , paid to passongers, and the very test of stores pro - vided for theml. '"re p.l+cute w ill bk towel up and down tile Mi '1asitltpp, anld the strictest punctualiny obrserved in I c Sthe time of sailing, and should the regular vessels cuo of be detained in arriving, other ships equally as good pri e will in all cases bi substituted. A share of patron- ni age is solicited, andl tite agents pledge themselves to ven Ir tccommllodate as much as practicable, to receive ali ilttand forward goods by said linle at the most moder. ce ttte charges, and to advance all expenses on goods ine l fy il'pe required. to 'Tlie ships will leave the let and 16th of every ) nol ntt h. For freight or ftant go, apply to the agents. at e J A Nl h:IIITT , 82 Common st. lf S N. B. Advancementots made onl consignmnco.:ts s tI- to Messrs. A. C. Lounbard & Co. l move27 c itCig MlIfUAN IIfANIY, Guoshn:i llutr,&. ki 19 fit IlArtis Aleriearin lrrtlidy, ity' 'o kegs Goshen B utter, re- go boxes iarl'ell, sr u 5 het a l nckFe.t, meal, i5 boxes Imptlrioltm, i- 1t do to f t l anisters di .,O r D t anhfborrha, a er shaltd, 1 ,Just g roe d i for sale by r TOWA, e fet IU W I' lT'CllAltl &.JO iT All Jr or lifiketthes of Married Life, by Shro Follen, eo Just rspcietns od for sale by Aro EureWAI, ue, " ARLOR IORNAM ENTS --Rare ained betltifl L cerin rtit, for sale only by liers & D'lange, ,t te lent aliing uolet ar srmn ttiiif. stn i all'sAnd at Plough's Jllluseola. All tl reerhtntltila s tinmst hin tie most epien -. ti specimten of orthinos hey reot Europe Asia,n Aft cav . or a udvntage coul t in y. te . t. prolnd nienet l60 days will be t lken n rote OYLAf S-ar'r-elfAntil fltgvhfeitlc-d'20l1 firet tlt, tovlitv Ailttes eftrtnct: ttit,, 75 do. do rite (leg-heasr in prie ordAert, for rale by S u p. ci bc ltI''EIIte, s95lUvnErn w rtt N1tRRIe & C,', Nt,. 911 Chuurtes stert, ert re' I) iteitintg daily from thteir house in Philadelphia, en ft ad ftlshl unlt itt clothit.g. Thiey iVtetC the attin -ir, ofI hie public, ts ,they ir wnrrantetd in sayini I ,Iat str et.n g s anid e ti' r tl can not U furnisin ;l e n N. It. A few di,,, n reaert iv.ty hnndlc nol ',rllne, Ire, l, . l tthe6iocnire. Aleo, o laroe itn ini' wh~ ~~tititf kttOhilt. beceryttaa niutneon, tory ieee 4 BALDNESS. A BEAUTIFUL hend ofhnir i the grandenst orne ment hIelongigin s tile Iumsn tame. HIow smtanes ly the loss of it changes tie coutsn'ne, and ptromsn tllrely rinaes on the spperener ofols eag, wltiei c u sns s r to reioil st hohlr nlleoveredr andl lesd nthe evslt to enhiut OsnELt oe ovoid tte lrote ndal nteers of tlheir nc ahir.tancethe roeoninder of their lives are con s-.,qently spent in rtierlento. I hlhlrt n01t eves the lace efttcoprrtv fills the senerers thinkistg asoeuth with tost nsevv esn'king glinlmas do Iee the Io fl. c;f is hair. 'PTa aer all theae ntnaltea-nnt eire.mstneseer,Oiltcistc5' Ilnit of Etrhlmlsie rtsps the helir from feltive offson the fret applilcation, nd l ew Iotlfes resarnre it scint. It likewlase prodtlcelr evebrowh ad whiskeirs; IPrevets tlie air Iromn turninr grav, makes it curl baotifullv, nand frees it from acurf. Nllmeroel ceretifieatesel tihe first rsspectahilitv in suppert of the virseea of Oldridgel' Balet, are sllown Ity thie propriotore. St? Rend the ftllowing: Roberr Wharten, Esq. late Mnveor of lPhiladsetlph ss s'ertilee' as m tv Iee hell how,to thehlghl chara tor of tile follotwin gentsll eso. 'Phe undnrrigaers dte herehby se'tsic theat sehve ase d the atenl rf totl lrile ili'cnveereI e b .(I ldridga. aid Ihavo frlrn it Ihilglit servieretlol snietelly inl s rctecive egninst tsie f'tling 41fof Irair, Itt nist vacerteen rector tire. WIII.A M 'T'ATCItHil, Setisr, letholdist ilitster ill St (esre lrea. Ne i6 Nersh Fifth st. JOIIN P IN7iItP,ut' Aslt rlreet. JOIIHN D 'T'lttlASr, It, 1,t l3 retsl JONIN 5 PIlI Y'I'I tlnrestee reet. Ii UGI ftctsrltl Ii.n2aiHruteh2d st. JO3l( N GARI), Jr, 1i3 Anrch street. It is known that thiree of ithe alert. eineret as' morte than 50 years of age, and thie rtirersr not less thIn 30. [From the Mlavor.] (i nowe f I'hillrdeIlhi a. I, lober.e Whsorltn. Mver of nid city of Phl'de. ItliA,do hti're.t eertifv tlst I nrl wrll ncqlairssluit w nlesmes JIleiie..JOilrr d lire., enssittd Ihghf M'CursV, I 'hose llames aer sicnetl II ttls lllre certilerlelthat lrhy d osre tcntlelllren 'lt'hnrte.:ro anil resrtirslilivy rnl asi alset folel crerdis ieIuI i reii vest ths sile aoin rerifirAleo. It witnoree wlherf I hVetr henlhre eenet nsV coe fl and causse htire il moflh city tl be;efiledrhis I 6th d l of esl)ncehlor, Ae. [1.R] TOITllt WCIIAtrtI'ON, Maenyor. rBSKIIVE trothcard orenin f tire (isttttlenith tsa a eplendrid ehrvred rtl hrl mor erl whiichl isc replreentse Ilsr f Pelftini rellrCe, c Sgid .tlteeisrl r c and disretai Ity tile co aestors' Ar Anvl rlsa. on FIetchcrrestrlrs, leor snhfielt I.rt ne fie de Il .0 Peoalr ltreetlid by eltes druggsiese and percranls 5' uogh he country. SA'ILVIS & ANIRIIEWS, r9 Wholeselor Argens, Nes Orleans. NkORldl. & Co. N,'. 3t Clal'tras atret, oet naorw reslvino a nd ostenrng rliey nsplerne l cdid, so - .soti sarli asile and aihle stuck of Cluhin they have r nreehilesed in tiis mcrker, voesisrine In arr cf stire flillswing artisles: htrle, 'I s I,leohack,sjst hlnck, Irdor n brown, oinuo, Imuv or ol do, sdtuneel nod nulden olive Irnck neld dress centnlswo; eer, taeblre and hlrrinsrtssn flock i ionse, leongssly irnisl Is ed nfancs and Ileis blalck cea'irnn re nld chrth InRellahvi. enelisi and Itoneh lsnecy and plait silk aud sainlvoats; rool Ileowre f rket ecmfsorte elialis s and Irsnlh fincy and plaeez s'arfs and ihdkisr; etlruells, rilks-wees enumrie esni kus-oo endersc clarlinuio, rsnlri to, Ilss'atnds , rwlo asn eflor . conel, silk ond collon c i sheets ond drowrr; flie Ii sniu anti srtlrrsl lehlrlSr, slt rint Isr t .s irasi, plinu aniso rot d; svrpv penrl ad ilain Ireandler silkuerN. re NIGR'o 'I'lnrIsln CDeese-A.-Utes,1 e wranstiful rtiis'le iif .hl,. fillnn ulin, ic o llisn, sllls. Ac.; Si rltllsisld silk osri rondellao Ihdkln; Isloin, hliurer.t ued cellrt) n dsred n llrOse e ss; r esi k ikeri woln s, lllirile e ine r lllr~n, :sd .'ros n llrd hnirte rscssts sieii i e; ms , ds Ilrf is whlsslr eyit ,, itrr , ri ea shi o r In) funt al c- l Ulcr ns u s ,J ll i. Tiin v I / kL.LAL;NI';IL. LIQUIDII (tDF;N'I'I·A.--Ii+Is j the reAlib+ ,. llt |) ' ncrllve , dnljl.ll th ,th+u e rsgile ill mall, p +tllil. i ttl br, ltlh, llld r'liv'n" m,,0t; ul,,a+[nl otl Inr'" wa"er, and st i li'l to thl e tetIt' in e ns eolnleo wils a brnsw, ree . Nctuallys pre. vInt sCllrVy, ia l'darJ Uo trIat ¢'clutinuLlng psllll 111, 11(iU11 ucllt.. b7Ure i csl ly by T. ]. \Vian 'r, S 'lrAeo lien. sI test i 'lrCeressn (t!5lso's, nssd sls. s whiehIss] ald tlrenll by CARIe.I'Ts')N I Cs,. 31 Cnal s, . sis s : ...,,s. , ....... - ADDLRY \VAIE,-'iThe subschiee rs, man.. a' e iscturreurllad whlelesole deolersii si.ddlery 'It grods, ere tnowtrceivilg by late arrivals from rtle h't nraarlh ila odditi on to their torolerr stock, au exctl.- nat sive asrtlnnent f artlicleslil ll ler Iaa',U amuaag ta ohich are tile Iolliowng, viz: P, Ldas and amisses firi cll nd quilted suddler, I SluV ..e...lemu uO do do nun do do :nlexcan do Al do do Certlea do T on do Aller. dro lul do aio nIglislh do ,Yourla's to S Ira tlh dr 1 do dro rcrele do Alersnd Enlg. hrdles med aidle f anounrngs, cog t do ut nealxirallegls, j Nut Plated, bese, and jatoUIIIIod conch aerantes, N lee do do do ggoude~ulketrdta 0 do do do i routuxbu do Al Dray, eare and wagon dr Saddle bugs, double ands ngle; valices; naa'dro o saddle bago. li uesls carpet b.igs; berstaron Iraolnme leather fulio Irunks, brass nailed ; lealler boot t ip do, essorled sie sliad various styles; IOlsiters and pistol bells; coaclh, gig, sulkey, twig asid ploraers crgp whips: nuol, worsted, colt tll and leather girlhe slid sursinolee; stirrup lealters; trnok alraps and wlastlne rein web; chill and book lances; blind bridles oni lines; S utch collars, and ilore alnd mulr collraol l qulllitles; ilu. roees, buck,b bear,sheep and bufllftlu skils; plated brass and steel bridle bits of eviry dscrlpptluon, platedr, brats anrd steel spurs of Ever) daecrtlttllu ; paited, bruie lu sturel surruijs ul everey draurip1r. Mr TIogetrler wilh a conlltite assortliment of icr)I Al o;titais ti IhLerlii.eol busillete--al uf whvlrh they uller Ier sale on accolulaO atlIlg Ictrlll. 'rlhy will also Culltilnue i r eivu Tihroglh tihre year, by packert roul Nlew York, Irtll snlob tlS IO rt ikeep their elock axlnlu anid ciiplete. KUtES~, DA\'IDcON & co, 18 I Conol st. Fit'Ill GAl)IN .rErEDr)-Tlie Cige ,u te.ri. mrlll grUlatexU lllall to abc tlhr. oloallellnced busillesr Ite tills cily. Uliing sole pro, prietor ol tile seed store, 17 Ctmona ier street, he in inut slid never waos agent or ally northern seed o vendert nei[ler ls hie collnecled IIth any hfue ill e his couatry--but ile assures tlie publin bhat his r. conllectli ill every departelllnl el Ihe nerd busin is ess, in tile dllifrenl countries Il Elurope are equal to that af aily hlouse it tire Utited Slates. li il-. y allllts 'nd., plaeIte, Ac. fraux the IiOmat cxlensie e and respectble iluserlcs and seetllllell in jIrance, t. iollalnd, ltngland, Scooland, end thei no thern ts lates--andit wi alor oil times bU hiiS incerct, as it is his study, to receive, ill addillaOt to lie pretseit stocrk, large arlivals of every descrilption, really tIe - growth ol 1138; also, engltred friti are , eof sll kinds. bTh leubitc may rely oi findllg a lull nes sotlrllulll ol every artlclc i tlse erd lllaoi gelnua islc qualhiy, and iiupewd direct bym DIN .ci WVn. DINN. EDUCA'I'IUN-FRENCII andti ENGLfSIMI. Mr Jms recuenity urlivcd in this city, bega let p to inltrlall thle cillzcns of New OiIllleaLs rat hef wIll open all acdenly oar Monday, I: Jalluary, atr No. 19 Toulouse streret, fotr tle insitrue ion of youth uo oI both sexes, in Frernch anod Eglllsh,, in which he will hIe ably assisted by Mra. J3aues and 5irs. I Mntl.hbr, whlo speaok brlth Iause linguages with great fluency alid purity, anod wrho will luate chuarge el t ofhle deJ..'I It ep tir e young ladies. lr. Jamea will gtve his voiaole adttlenios to the lo various branches ol educa onr , and IlJtters Iilsell ge, that he will give entire natislatiot to those whoU nlay honor him with Iheireonlidne. nov I e "-e Nl'ICrlE --The cu.parlnrehlp lrinred uo tche ar, 2ilth July lIar, between John Y. 8 ryliss. Joseph A. ticard oand Carlen Ii. Bioren, to hIe etndlluted un der the style and lille of Ba liss, leard & UIIaren, lirt is hereby dissolved : end tIlls dlssoluatlo is to do take effect as Irom tale let of Decenear icet. a ThIe undersigned wrell firosplf discharge oll tile Sobligations'of th latoe lirnl, and ill futare contlillue cc' ill tlleir own Ilnatlles, ald for iltir owtt aeccoutt, f In esore business, s Factors anlii tcetral Coan t rnissloll Illerchaelts, under thie at)le and li:l oe n- Beard & l Bioren, nod sulcit a shllnreollhe Iatrualr ri age ful thlir ftrienada and tile Ipublie. |I JOSEL'I A. BEARD, atnv I CllAIiLES II. Ifetfit;N, n- , IIidKEYf-36trs eclxfiacrij diu Irittg sterra I VY bout lItuubef or fsale ty tel fedif. IDOtSbY, 41 Ncw Lesee VTALUABIILF BIOKS- Just received all iuhice .f sladatlrd and valouhlo books, chiLefly LoIodon ediionsn. 'The Diadrem, witslliperb plaites Beautieu of Uyron, or i daimies do Byron, splendid pilates, lyron Illusitroted d do lOrIyr' Illiaed,soo illustirtiouo, plates. l]roekenden's Alps, Iloacoe's Wales. Firnden's Tableaox sllerv of rit lis Artistl, oil splendid engravings; Life of Jolr Mlytioo, wilh rolored sporIg plaltes; Latin aod terek Classical I.ilbrry, in Elaglish; Lirve, 'rcitus, Xenoplon &e., By ro's works, I.ondot poaket edilion, lhake eare, Londsn diamond edition, logg's, Ilo ENttrick Sheperd'e, tales, Aiken's Britishl pool, Tihe Spectator, G vole, n 18neo, Selections fromli British poets, Iloeacrio'' I)ccullle, ro, ill vnls ClriositieC of Litertllre by I)'Iraecli, Marsholl'r life of \Vushllgtllnl, I of, 12nso, WVithr a variety of splrendid Aonnuals and works of Art, in handsomae bidings. E JO E JOIINS & Co, fel caor St Charles nod Conoll t n t `-o "'EEl. Po F --i,Nl-'n i ni. 1,-".ý-.( dly-,, .... ) Datirl lebstel r l tll, Felt's ltarge barrel lni Coulg.rS n orge ti Perry's lat .lr:eg dot dn small do lh 3 slit do iVindel's lndir . do it, Ilouble patent d oitlpelrial I)ouble do (ldillC' herreol ieS do Nntiolai do And Gillot's (Cnommercill, f.r sale at IDAVID FC I.T & Co, 21 Chartres et, frf - N i Slatioiners ahl SUGAlt & MOI,,tleeF:S-150 Ihd.on Sge,, 110.11011 galls Molassesr--. plnllti illlhon0e the oily for st.le by AtDAfIS 4 WHIIITAI., feoi--,w 47 Grrovier st G LAS-If-ICO Ione li store for rol, bye fc(l 1-lI I.l. 4. IlOIWN, 91 lMa inerlo st O ItENI-A,. tiliee ii, te arho (od floor,.o reopied T ,y Messlrsr. Kely, Illlrrio & Co. Possession giv , Son te It Febriltv-- apllt loe SV(1 I' tI'l'fIAIAtli & J 'I'AGCEIITJIl, 1.l6l c.r eP ydr ni&f Malnzine at IIZEOIORIRIIOIU S. H-AY'S LINIMENT.-No Fiction.--This ex traordinary chemical compesition, the rosult of science, and the invention ofta celebrated niuldi cal man, tile introduntl n of which to the public was invested with tlie solemnlty ol a rdeathbed c hequest, has since gained a reputation unparalleled, filly sustaining fie correctness of the lamented i Dr Gridley's last confession, that " ie dared not die without giving to posterity the benefit of his i knowledge oh this subject," and lie therefore baqueathld to his friend and atteoudant, Solomon Hays, the seoret of his discovery. It is now used in thie irincipall hospitals, and the private practice in our country, first anod imoe -ertainly for tie cure of tile Piles, and so extor nively and efleictually ias to bafile credulity, unless where its flotues are witnessed Externally in tlko following complaints: For Dropsy-Croating extraordinary absorption at once. All Swellings-Reducing them in a few hoursv Kheumatism-Acuto or Chronic, giving quick Sore Throat-By Cancers, Ulcers or Colda. Croup and Whooping Couglh-Externally, and over the Chest. All Bruises, Sprains, snd Burns-Curing in a few hours. Sores and Uleors-Whether fresh or long standing, and fever sores. Its operations upon adults and childreon in reduc ing rhoumatic swellings, and loosening coughs and tightness of tle chest by Iclaxation of the parts, has been surprising beyond conception. The conmmnnn remark of tllos who have used it in the Piles, is 1 It acts like a charmn," TIHE PILE--'l'The price, $1 is reunded to any person who will use a bottle of Hay's Lininment for the Piles, and return the emipty bottle witllout being cured. Those are the positive orders of the proprietor to tilhe Agents; and out of many thou. sands sold, not one lihas been unsrccessful. W. mright insert certificates In any lengtlh, but prefer that those who sell the artiele, should ex lhbit thIe original to ptrohausrs. CAUTION--Nono can be genuine without a splendid engraved wrapper, on wohi!ch is imy IIinme, aod also that of the Ageolus, I...-. .. . . ....... ..... co.s'l'OCI & Co, New York, and by one Druggist in every I town in thLe U,,iOn. For sale by teil Wholesale Agents, earner of Conmmono i & 'ichoupitoulas street, and by the Apothecaries geneorlly. je30f FRANNELIN INPIRMARY. rrLIilllulll ae r e pperltlt'tllell,,rled that Irrlainlll S (i i tu t l ii erer ted til lile l Oie illi ll'fved pllan, tll in a it .v 1i111 I n(ts 11 ilirahlie stiolillol, i lie foitllaler F'ranklis, upon llthe i aeil d, aller ale from tie 3liSsis hrioe hilingc ,lare ni l o t temn diiel lvt iee doi ilut apart e serg, No k lepla, srluretdet. dffrelt Iuas, 'TRhe iisN tutn is sAI'f ll,' I w hl h toe. rre iet skitluy and ri fis amits er t i.fles. are per daye 5teeludin, gtteoumcu. Il. 'NrrmS in there dor Iorv wards, t C, dolllrs per day. Slaves els e two, dollar s. 4tnau l P x in the ordilter N ards, five dollars. All eaphatl s .rglca operation." extra. ''Ikhe resident )hsiciuia l is I)r \Ve dde man, to wlinlll ilplllicatio nI for tlrlnlulS llrnI mU t be Ilmldls. or to D)r (C A\ Lu eenlberlg, No |i I etnlpart street. nl,.l Iv 1R(H CA'I I I1,) ItA I.--J ust received hy Dayid 1l Felt !. Co.4 Chsrtres st. 'l'hta valuable Nor:. contains over 50 sleel eugravings. Illustrations of "i Note Dame de Part, Alt:iellt Cathedral, Chartres do Be eauvais do, voeuax do, Roue l do. Price $6. I"6 ANNUALS AND ALMANAC`, FOR 1839. isas VLRN.EN1)D Lono bo Anooo t,-'l+l, = 110Bo of r- R altoho, oopob utol'tlt lnte Fioden oa Tableaux, lad *;altorvo nG' 3rooooio; Fisher's Drorawinog 60000 SkcthBoboo nnk' o Bleauties (ooouoooo,-ltu11d0 andl; To WntVorlj Kctooiko'o-'l'lOO Ilooperial; 0oo Oriental A tonal;I oIIIL'olo Not, alo Jordlan'o I's Pootirt Anua0ol; nor (:aricaltoro0 AOO0l CUntooo Annual; has 1'oiooolohltop Offeruoo; Fisher'boo.;'oolut Skoltch Bank. So1 Yoooog ontootI'ond yooonoO0 0ollleoha Annual Atoric, A \VWol; Chtooooolooo 'l'ales. 3J Anterieran Aro rtar. till The Tboken old Atluootib Suuvenir '('ho' Violol; '('10. ;.oit; Moo Cjliooo'ooa n in(u'mlroiolo0 & IlUUSo tt e Almanaoo. Atcorio., Al ono & Itepiaiooo0 y of Uoolot lKnoooWLedge Bllool'0 Nouiooooo .ttooo,oo',c K:Jo.loooU & .ootoioooo Aloooooooui ; Crckroo-Coooio'-1 rroooo Alooooo Uve Stbovnrl'o I(iary 10.r 154, (on:00yoiotig a il.1.01i II00' readooj for eovery day othe ,,oar. I: JOHNS & Co., ororna'o StCt harles a I Cuooo Oo 00., SFo (N IF (~c N E2,lioiooon o alr RI VlJI Ulk Bunon ODloOOpi's :ooaetooooOOOl Poocer ofl GroutlBtatin. o'eOibitinOOg n euoiojleta view'a I it. 4 loblic. Vj ' rv I FlrfteY t' (;mel Britaine. F,, ( atlul de do p'' (vl i l- l of he World, tranrlu 00ol f11rom 00e French, lood elooidaled nIob s rxploouooy 00llies. 1V F I' PNouor'o Histoory of the. Ibor il tihe Pol'o'ioo F ol In, and Soutiol'rooooorF JeroooovBlenotoot's Io' iuolloot lod ' Jooltiotal Evoojoto'e. J1 In Ilolonlloo'a lIooobooooo, I('roooicul. 'I'looooroooonl oand lltoo;ooooolo of ooooooooooo ondo 1" o1 oooooooo'ooljonl onomgooiooo. lttooootooo it ooittooo. 1VMOIol CEAN, lit ' rotoC' Cop O& o.Com0on Pi 1. 00e 'bl'Clr l'J'(.\N'I' o IAS7F'IEI or STEAI IIOAT0. oll ' 'o oo srrioOero boave in oooon oo a few b1arre1 ofl Stluolo ontedo (1Pent, sew article lonely inveroted in0 New 00 look. A ltoo barrols oot0tia loca wa00p' ooilboord tooo (oronl Wo'0o'oo'roon hloootooooaoo;(loorggtoO roo o'oalooshut otoo roult oofote trial otitoollsOIIia.d Ilioo thi t I Oi) I000 a - oonlae nl o ll Iba. joo CtI '. onoL that 000 case - looro lthore i0 dotticolloy in gnoo oltoog or koeping 0 gpoonI bgot healolan,,ooo, (too, tCot io .otodio ooRooto. I di t 'il secoor iltno Greaol Wnotooooo o loro othe oorcItIo o o o bola for tile non or' the lhi· whichr wao putoollo board I ui an hr last departnure. o oo u toriotl, applly 00 S LOCK & Co.N Ion Noo tFroooo Lorrool 0 00. NI-IB-Rt 2 brlo nt a (Foo' non ooly Ire delhiverd to 1n 0n oltenno boot, untit we get u fburtheur supoply whoichto go olltbo ino a fow dais. I. b rl .&C he ell B FRRIIbbn m"ls mllb r s nulloa primooo, 0t tihe i100.10cC lbo tint0. (0 otuow, for ble oby G1)((IISEI1' fell 41 New l.rwon -- AoAISINo-loil booooxeo NLt (toiooslo, Lurintg's broood, 00 Eý ill store andob fur nolo. A. jo25 J 'I'IIA EI &CO,74 I'o I olrn no 00(0 to ANI.I..1 CORlIb.b(.R-rill oemob ooooooriro 0000c, 1t 1 to ill 0000e, ood tioooooo by J ''IIA E (I & Coo, to joo2tt 74 I'ooyoboooo 00 too DnbAFFbO000. Nooo Y.Nw oak, foooot bo d00 1 A1:.DbtE S &l hRbJ'(II..'0, -lu. 5B1 Catoo I Pill- / I UNY IS.1Gi-00 bales i bushell Iiunull hugs, a to its tool anoiooo. galogo, fey ! UNA Y F.R & 1'.,71 s'-.,I 11 pursue artcle in vwe yn fir Sale b a bey J 'I'lIA'ER & bo. 71 I'(O .l..oo.t j)6bbl.F Vol lat &yond bbooks ofbbooolll , Jnl opUlar.t booboo, toy A ToIt, eves I.o 49 foooto oO I7JAN'I'T,OlLS, G(LASS, IItUIIEsi' &c.-qau L nlllldig iroma haltil uonstilttioln, an ld fr sale--Vlz lt6.1000felet If laIs, best quality, frum 810 t rlX'I S F 3110 keg. wlhite load, rare; 3a1l du areetl pit, it 2. "6 d er. sdld fJit 11)l)}0 lOtlldl brllr le1, ili, a Ot'0U00) t lll St 01)0 do; .carises :rmno green in pwder; superiror Irtiale w do;lo in cula; a hlrg~ nseortlro eu oft stsh tools of every el size adll q llitie; aoble pencils fIr artist':; ialt ,larking brlshellsa firues rl.altls; artist's colors in oil readI tc e- a pare:l, i I,,xaas, llttd !p witlh all ecessa .ry bru ,lle. !0 ortibt's Janis, &ti. rlealnd lll tlllity whiteol ll; (1 U 1 ll go le; white l, &dc. for snle,wulea* le and rteail, atI e lhti'o l pr1e1, by I1 ON IJI'. I,I I n1R 1 58'Ia pat. c I'Kual'llo'4'lUb. PEITV EDITIONV OF1 'I'll CIFIL CODUP OF " a. ,LOUISPI.I ,'. !' TIT lhas been flor omie timle dlllll, klnown to the publ e lll 1 SIflea lie sub'lr'bers are en=,eed in preparil, for pl the pres t new edition ol the ILouis:nna civil Clde.-- i Ilevr wer, Irui tie lie first, aware o tile great difD 1ity 1 and respullllli i lar ut.udingllrlte llllicatel i , fil o work, el :till it wee not wolhnut great hesitntion lh tthll ea - M. el selledI t h lla aaldetl killnei . 11111 he i rellt l lil::ll i"I I1nouninIt to vboat thee l thousand copies, wllicll 1ad cost tile Stale morl than thIlrt thloulllllllud IllIir1, I1 w Plirlllv I)ut1 o1f rit. For iiiore Ithl tlwo years st lals, rth aIl bal price of the work has been froll thirl.ty to Il'Iv ullrli. ar tlI i )oys llll of wriLtten rles la I. rl o .ll lillgnmedilel iperates uipon every individuld or the stlte, intenltotd oh e Ithelr lalarieaulllr or eoilln atlrnd which go1ete al tide l.liilpsltio of s. much11 property o inglllll , iit frotlll iiterstat ls, tim-- ImI e ull ol. hl e Itlllerltrlll-eat ll upll, 1 law--tl i ls Iallc'I tie ie xl-llllOlk 1111 11 ' 1)1 of |1. merllel lt IIiil Il a n terlllant ,r its is .Of tile priv.le geontlU ti 110n fill l 0ll 11h 1000 IllytI l l ll' Iii Il l aT jlaw lll le a l j ha tjl. 0 a llate, d in l act of al thlse ate.."lwoa the olthio and ,li-iailppli rivers which l lilld a f ert fr their prod ole iln l .olli.i.d a, have a lre enlt nll e cu1 ssity ll, f 'Ire l :e 11' l l l e de, pIl m kre il all Il0 i. elabll ole "re l 1 ite io Ihui Illr 'ilhn i lll ll Illilin tit t\ ill' Ntwll'lui h l Ie hun) i+ Its sere to : aflailll 11 Ille er illhant's l l ll.lllouti rom ll iIs Iup I hie ldek li1t I judge, or fit,- bleh Nt h Ih lllrtle Y. l t is i1t0 ll -'riiug S Illlerelfre Itte lire l Irttelttion lf ll' Iw1lrk wa1 siIt ql, ik ly dispns.d ir; ,od althlug~h It I,.'r, rreer t of it wothl illnls e lesll lre supply t he plle h lic eilo e ilv vl it 1 would Ie i lluperle lt olld Natis cltrrv llulle.a anllol hld . with t rellals to the llt. ports and S'tllllte, in orlr tI Ira mlllbrace ta e nu erllltlRllii iUll 1nil, d llll't w hI lei ll ll madle lby tIh, and the iluporfull dei,.ans andelslrarlllilonsl which ble beenl givUln upr auly' II p its artintler lhe o Snllpreml ('.rt. l ie pIulisher hove lle sa red, ttl r tlte genelal I tper int0e lelce and 1 d ellitllriall d 1p rtallll ell nt I1of the eork, IIt Irof1eL sillllull sel-Vice, oIf \\ hIrel'Cl k S Up1,p, llqll I . I 0Il0lllro 110file Nityw llll tlat a IlallaarlTaelion lly 3( Ihdllard, Judl e lernlndt s, nndl IIunl tllrall I:tlgsgee li llve Pllach kinldiv asi sted ll ir Iptonl will the vrahl!lable iltes wllila. tI1I have I ii 't le tr I e ellei n t se ne O , their 1' dllllllv8 ii Id rllit:t·;i lllld ;a I btlll M N It Jefllnllln' ,t putlllll nr of r o U ItonS, wlho is alto enitgleitll ill tile work (lie i Strl'lwridhe, Est lla pri-lldel tlhe eat mll ssllll of I n.1)11 .1 ,otal. 1 ll tlnlll Ils o icll II IVlt tilO . lld i i l ol Iis distinguished prolefesimnal laIors. The Ipubllish eras lly the!l. lre well trllut that tiOe i tllll tlion of tihe i work will be all Ialt indlustrv and lablur, abisted by i It p tllll ting .irtfl this pr t ecttl Ii ad l oiiltittg ttl tnP tI ll tll ts'crih0 r 1 t h wioa rk, Illle 1 Itolil) hrr takP pride ill Ithe faclt thallnt the ILegielature of ILiiIUIIII tuh s iul ioirilld e tihe I;ovelllor to orllier olle thuOllSiiiill opies of it full' he ftllore Ile el thle State. d ll e radi lles1 w11 wla I tllllis nluer Wlt. a tllktll by thie ABPnembly, evineed tIhPir lfrt t senlse iof'thle valu e1f thle work;and they Ilereh exl.enlld ell that conuhdene in tle ability of ithe publis~hue and edie or w ickll ilt in et, is , ,ut al I w llv da oo erved. I 'il e wortk will Ia irinted io French and F:nglioeh, ap 1 e oll ed Ipap Ier a lll itOh mI ar A-ip; ior will all, ix ROWAND li IllllC MIXTURlle ill:llllel 1 erlAlitioI of it eer'rrep nl with its erect illlm orhl noe r IlEN yearn ba es wy l e eied sine mtnrihr firl doll larl--y duLlars tt baiat .t Ihl tlle ul tlb- i suthllhg. plate Iuerir tion tser odie cledo , tie Agtore ricer . l bie twe n k adollariar opy. ed. Already a, th n F JOHa d n r C. tin nt ROWAND'S 'I'ONIC MIXTUIRE, !, Fii]i FEVEi AND A +UE. TIENyesands 0oave bot yet elapsed since it was . t tfirst regeatrly altrilted tr tio public; but it i l attuaiyind te itiglest r putationl and las a .l I planted every other medicine for tl Agus, wheorv. an fr it hIes be.n known and appreciated. Already i r I aof it beon carried in a every dlrctien Wthrutgoautd l it illUll'lllr aIp... tl i ai"tto ta iy.. t tt.. t.... e ......... .... ttouant s of poersiuns Ive nt owilly been relieved, a but rutored t hrIl ll and vigor t arough v its ag tt. cy; alc they now cherfully trestify, t vsery op port nity, to its d aeidcd and supreme effiuauy. I: is omklosed of uhi medicin ayl pricilea aus that calculated to renew the healby ac l err of thae stOy actl liver, wnd other iteporrtaot tigestive argan tet lots f which larmoati y iao th ie ime tail haot- I o ' thle disease. It is app arent also, thifti t produ.i r cos au onha tir ctiag in the cUontlitisqll of wltiylt, tid ert i l o part ofy tire adiaie ltabil t to liger la ea of twie ittcaioe. Vilr tione Ague is ater CdeU t other n :rltI sitallan lu tiav r ealllaytltecllt e tile Tonic Mixture will aot llterlrl' Wolh thle treat. et oft Ian 1 .te o r di-aIn, but will cveu aflrd itrs Iaenko lte o tl ai. nedieinal lay e assured ithats tre is nio Arsenic, Barks, Merlury, or any other article in its cUnlt) oitiuu unfrir ~llmy to LU UIIIIhuh a i tnsl ilutiorn; eing entirely t regetable extrct; t :ale thereof, wllull they 01reSivt that it has tll e lr t I i'ect of a gente, laxative about thetime ihalfl beta o e urill has beelu oln rr--in curol dque.c of whiclh, Ire ia no plart f thile sediciu ltfnl to linger isd 'lia to eullae o lblrulaions, anld otllhr evils, op arising iof tlhe use of Imany olf tihle reio dies iaow oltad gosr tie cure o a this afittiunit Ia ias been used also as a prevOwntivO, by Illlly whu were ullb eet toe periodical recurrence l'inot Clhill, and ita has saor7bly warded off tlC e apiprelelndtd aLttaca, Obsaerve!. The Propritulr, fully satistied with the idrinparalloLcd st d universal success wlhich has cull et lyItV attendded a punctual and regular use of tile Tonli Mixture, it, all cases of Fever and Ague, reels warranted in engaging to refud the Iprice to all tlose who hanve taken the medicine in strict nu , nordance with the prescribed directions, without hrving been pertfccly antd last ,ggly cured. I Tll e slubscriburs are t hre w hoiosall u etoul a fur tf e I t South Western Sltatea, uud have flow otn hund six ty easts of thile uicdiciuc, which is wa~ruiited l'resh and geuuiue. For sale at tlhe lllanlluteitlured prices JA.4I ."I & ANitII.\\', c. nuv _7 f lo l l C Unln u ." 'J'clrJtllulpit lils street. . .. bubt )SI.CEIV' El) Fu)1 .oN..;ES I' 1 TN.'T CoTTOI r" ; . I, /Ill the I;lte elc, NI,. 5. l l,-zlon she',et, Ne ()irle11r Si 'i'O B' M1AN) FACI'UIFEI)) IN NEW YO ILKBUi IBU)1lIRT IluE & CO. SCALE 01' PRICE.S-D-)oble (;ots. n For a doloble Gill tf h o saws or Iloe oI ea0, I ooli,,lo, s iokt ng Io) a, sa i w tl n t 7oud. 0 0 ilstd, ato Sl 3 l, la . w, o' 50 0 0U ? SFor do. u" Wsaws uwn do. or 40 saws in a sEtal0, o ti.0 olper saw, or G)6 00 FI NGhI, GINS. For A Single Kill.e1f Si.itW.s Or lootl",) WilIs o,, rotaf set of o0s, Laus,d&e. et$6 p iSr $08 SFol11o. of 60 saws, withltceders,&r at tO 500 00) Fo r Q. 4 saws, with tleederls, &. $G0 75 I r 'Lw, SW W Sdo. saws with eeders,&c. at 1500 E"Sxa teeth t her l desired, for l.eotders, sppllle)10da I S10 cells esh ll th llllll ' ol'teeth biier asll Oll lu:] ao the 00 u1."C.t0lsx.S. 1)10 ) st of foslolts, it1IsCOt sidlred lhowcrur, will 1,ar out 1two or t lr'1 sets of soxs. Extrl-al saws supplied t11 80 unlts C;x)l. pllllters ill anyi otf. thE SIe portloIw to 0n .the cLtoll lt - i ti:. Sla ots, o t )) ho, e 0 r i005, )th oels y1) le fa t oo1, the soma Crooma New Yoa rk, at) )to.n i,,g Ioo' Sslo.osio oltfortoomoto1'Of the (:hn. A i, ight ltlle sa-t witlh the 1i:o1o )a olot Tl)lum up t, "iltle de1 sired; tlle charges for wO(ie ctictes willbe e)xtr, but 1tolt. orlte. 0I 0 oa o, c o btotab. Lo l,, hot) will be o)ll ,oooll a 0.xl , llse powur,ofay dte.srilplion, can he Irl)niLhed 011 like terms. Small slnt engiloes ca0n also be ordered. if de " I lIsdesir"al , xlaeu plhtersr gie orders 111" Gins, tholv shouhl accomllpny ihemn wilth l eir liews ill regard toto gle nn;lllmegallolOt 11saws, blbsl b)rUottos, &c. It d, is t unllt they td'iIt i , opi) iono. S ol . ludsiro sa s d l ]a-gor io)lialtleirt lhalo, Islos. 'Io Te, most 0.nollO, sit st is 9 orl li ches; 0, some wist tl t:ll 12 i1cllhs. Slllet , wish 5 . owst 6 h.h)ouisio s on ano ax.e, while o11,rs do 0' aIn't m orei tuHat 4at llost. t elns xisll haWl till 8 stl ortl trut to the inch, hhile olithrs wau11t lUor 11. W t ,e I isotiuec)', we la.le r iIn suhould, ,t Ihe tior ot giviog . Ool ios, tol"olish a 5 lelllllt o of their , osoos, a 0d the olam ltlt ,tlllt0.las t.olll f ll il,,iii Ito c trIs I ll'pltliuula. Vl'lirtre it is Ilef to )al" disliuuPlll, wC shall Sll makethlemlle m ll llll olhl hreralnd tlplnled 11 ,im1. !s i a r toata. c In ltosll tll h I lolu n tIle ille it ias re al. g" O, o ho sat e ot')olll t'ih torI w i let1 0t l ollltllw 1 0111 nl that ,o H )e lood i,,,g),ortoo, theiro.T e tin booidot Itot. thoe extcrop, dlforerstought tt d bo iathe0hand, ot , t 6" , ' States, wxilbehoold on rpouablt tatn. tadj Oboes • I t. 'l. i t1fl l it'1 tAULT UI ' 1\lF:,l FT IIIIRN'S Cotaolinlll Extract oflCloiba lntl S.ll i IpaLilll -A certili, tuli', alll ierst elteltual rllme dy ever diacoveired li thl e cuire of jGonorrheol, Gleets, d Stiictulres, Whlites, Palits itl tie lack andl oinls, setllllit weakness;, ll.ectio.. s kidiert gravel, suorLbuti ortiitUll;i &e. inl tilt iul.t'luction of a medlicieo pieostesing tile tsUeti anll active virtue of tle one notw ll'tred to the public, Ine 'oprl'ielnr halst but Ito 'eferto the nlmerous recoln nll alltfoin recCeive'd from tile ilist cllulhlenl of he site terail litelttiy in Etstole, believinig lit it will h tiuly oa itreciaitel'd wIt ilb merits arne mresl lillly known. 'The titllout of oiailrn, soextenoively osedhas lost toiuchl of its creidit frot the dislike whrlic patients tormlrluy itlps el1 re'gading its ttioilreLobll lote,' illolltt'llilli'e d priol'ulldl e i the bowel all stm lcOiIaEl and its herltofore v inefllcielttov whell nsed in tie ihlltlltittotory otage. Tiei ii. thai il o e nour'e tivetaicotiestwolllid tithereby lie miuthl mloire .I)uoII.nttItd ad nmore usef'tilly llllituriLeltil tl a io itle 'present site. The above modl cile comlbines itn l-. mdients whlicll tre itl the highflest repute amo the t iutt tsoetititofi an leurned in ithe profetsin. . Lch td, t1hug1 ii the 'tl.lii eioii of ltisolmrtp-otiuetu italtitset Ihe ieltiuey ol ihe otlhei', pIrollucililg aIoeralioii truly aleo nishlini, iid il tilllloittg the motll sitiglltlto is.ittsioigtf the ame tlime tile tihllttage of its Iollt itli iitistlidt with ierlfet iin thle tliftttt'ellt slagest 'f the above diseaue. The iost etliientl phylsiiaisland ti '.gLs ' iIl l'te prtellet day explress iltir dIeciilglt Fi-I i piil iiit it e litv'r tl' ttrsttoriltho tfhiltt ito e in tile inrimipu leospittals and public medical institutilutis has I be ni it, mill still lililnua vetry extelliive. It wis a liev oitll tenemly with tile'olltell lr AllfltilltIty ill all riiiiirel aHi etios, and i obstinate icuellueOllrus ti s,llt alisig1iromn a diso.dered. sutae of thedlligesi\etitictinsl . I lav'lg lee so u iitb li( t tillp test mlud ixpeiiellee of tile iuosl celL,.·otolleullllnat Ille Ilufull),, hlevy laVe irllll' theirsl sticlo ftof itls exto~ u'orti ory etitiu c illt every case under theSI rL • c IhaUrg.e, b L Ih hl Ttiteg it e|I ill their London. Pri.e$ tllll per pot. ''tEn'i IU NIA IS. FrlT. A 1 Shalmon, Esll, It 5, St...eon to tile Sf Th'mas I nspilul, and Lev liier lil Analumy. Thi trial which 1I 'ae naeleh iil i 'u ptt'epaiii atio its l i val'iEty on lillles, both aile alnull lelrI its it rlelsltl IlUe e poled so highly l"itnotibhle, hot I do ntli hsitiate in • mOcile u it one of tile ml st m alul e It aw l (lliencinuu I'eolituio. iti' Otgired to t It t ulici, dlll le ill whicht Ib n ' CXlelxie ,e, I o if ll I'llrti tot I') i eitih eIt ihil il dltoe Il lflttlut.oie tll t e tit tll;ll aaatll etlli tsl utuili) . -. el'ilclc'l trlnl f nr m tiia. l it i11 f Il Itlti-ii, MII C S, Phusitiiti to otte St ..lli) lehllll. | ll\-eils r) k e get surin addingfu my tooo ttte tiotuble propenitis to' our preparo t ini , ithing'youithet t It:lud e iti ii' lltuolell iu olainill it to i iuchiomi l'et, p"rfeclloll Pl'm \\t" (J Coper, F 1 S, Sulrgeon to Guy's llns The mil.rlnm succls' whi tI h tls ait'lended the aldninis the shorte isesest, his fully satitloid sile tsult it hto tidy to be ktllowl to be truly' applreeiltelt. May tile success 'you so woiltl debOtve, aitply oand peedilt relfpy you for )Yo1 lll' tittf e i IIt llll tiOll . From ir A Cotpert , Ft II S P IC S, dea. tke. Having lelo ieei imlced to try your Exti' t ill several casesol" violet tionorrliallla, widli had hitierto Itttled every prescription admllitlistelretll Iby lle, Ihslvinlg till sitre and stefiy) cureis ettoeted yit' , iIn a toe diays I ieel m)Irll it hl"' hotilutifl to stoe thiti I inOW ill ly pilae tite both plublic aId ltr'ivati rcoul.Ltled and use nitol othiet', From G W Blair, D, Phllysician to Guy's Ho T'ile strict test whitih 1 htave given your medlicine amonig my patieults, and its imaritible f upces.i thus finr, oill indu tur me to iterseve'e in its use, uand I deem ii biut an i c ofjlostice Fi l of ltutie to aoll i1t)' feeble testi ilonial illcomiutnlltiolI of i iv'irtles. From L i Thompson, AM 1) F It t L. i relUli tO lly' sill.erilo tlilks lir t e ittlisallo pre sellt el' Extl'atl for tie tl'ue of Giollorrhma, k.. I 1 feel gltetlill that vol h tav|e s Itls lt Is 1r1o nt licinelll t into use whiclh will prove dilesidellrttlui loln sought for in thfie medicfi u wolrhl--- sure, speelly and elleetull cure in eases ft i the bo ie class . Ith mtl'irds o great pleasure i t ulllishilng to thie world tihe valuabl quillitiei ofour lWer'e it ncessary, the proprietlor colld here furinish u nayv mor teslhnolitls equally as eonneundatory as ihe ootlleil blut bi to.tlll Ilia| its dloel 611tCa jl.t. tie cale & expe'se at which it Ias been o rlt''red, wuill prove its grei't'test recounoeldltion amtong a idtis rnigl public. ". Ollnei ominmt nillbtitio t sli preparaltion nljoys shove t le.r.f:nil b-is fndi, to tuf ,,oito l with .. rets'itit i, i liet or cf , lllnlcmnelrr uBlran buasheess. Ti-avellel'i cllesielly 1 -o l hi t. c n tl tld i s i n m di e i e ,'i g h l y I u e f ll , e n . l l o u y hi I l le e m I to be uinplroildeol with a lpreplll'atijn pllossessifngf the lad Aonttllna illlt ~t e t et ieili- is Ia hlet oexilan"N to tr ' ot .ltb e t1 tiu +'u t l ttes ft tit il . dl urtls ol , itl l iout a ll) Set tl clhiatge, eoltuilltllt tuil a td tnttitflit'ltiollS . liut to lt Iti StCtLt.Sl mC'eit. . . . . . ..I. . .. . 4 tj..I.. ... ... . . T'IIROP'0 Gt IN FIVE ANI) nAL DA00S, From Mobile (Alabnma) to 41ugust (.eumJ IT EAVS Mlobil ve ty other Ian, intot.ilolvt afltt I tite arrital o'the nbti frot. New tOrlest, per ett. tearolllat EM:ELI NE, to0 Iikely, coanches to Pens:oEol A steaollln s (pt" Pensnee'lalla',t t a smllla noda(:ho rI tlavhie R1i'ler an'd Itar) to Colr l.olpe coaches tnlhooe r via Nlaioionn, ClnotdoiHo:thee, (iorterlv .Mount\' r eollc non,) itaitblhtlge, Pioulertolp; lion kinstille sod Louis. sifts ville, to Aogsi. A plsengeer tokint his seato ot MB- aIdil bile is i Io danger of heitg throtwn out or losaing hit li preference by other conflicting interests, as l~e FI'tl - bll ib 11iA INsE ais ton onol ooern, ol arder ope ra re throoull.oit, aol tmay rely Wrnu P.'0rAINv 0 i0pon hoit nrrip:dotoAgsats A tttaiti2o tstetifiet, throgll all oth- it t .ophe should oatr. rThe Great New orltt ss Mai SI 1 is carried hy this role. Th'le Agents foIr aooolnlm . h tlion, Te as, Co sohtoand Drivers a 'e not surpassedt.t ltae southoeltl eonnlrt. T'lhi snooth, hloa, natural roads, the sol and ilnter i t esillg water owoilttuttol, the titne indl, oharlestoiln, S.C. llnd the ste: packets to New York, t e Atvellrs am tea ith New York from New Orleanso I t LTna arn IN It t.ral-enohingtoa tOity in 1'2. t Iroa Clttt tnlociheet Florida, we harp a Itralot Line via tQ itowy poad T'a!ahltasset , tot St Mlnitks, 4 her d 1itO lpettes, ulso two Ilpranchesa faro Ilawkinsvill otte to M willedgeoille, and one to lMaton, light two Irt pe coa iohes. S'rTUKT'I O.S co. an At.oro'T, h(tith Joh. 1835. nl tiice at MasiolusI lluoo Motile at t. L stal:cr, Now Orlesow Ito Mo;ile. 151O ti il. ti .elotle to Augttn,. 5411 " Aoguslt to lharleston, t1t " ot(:lo ls on to Niew nlk, 'oIt8- 1t0 l Lo Timep.ow Orleane , to l ehilo, tet oprs o bilste to ACItslia,, II S stn toCh:'leston to New onu k, ao-h 'nt mlakinl t m, ihes per day. or r d milus pcr htone, ilne sive ol' ll stnitmages. l ot Pot N. It. I log I.ravoe Ito ltform the pnlldic lthpnt It lbr'ill;e Vs et' Cllou nt s nd luswanlr , Wal 1an 'd sialbro creek othe U be Iotmtltppleteoto Ittt got liotti gLo,, Olet tos ,o te ie o ttt tl o tinmot d ia C onedpttihteirn. Sr, llvetsllnl Dones arte el bie first ordner; ll tts t tloht .n ttitlphiieh'tiltruly artit sa'foly. T'lt h;. gos ithogl - (iorgia hi.velotto IeerepaiortP . J MI MU iAKE.I AIARBLE CIIHIMNEY PIECE Wht.reutaoo, W Custonllnuso sellIt, oppositp the postlo(l1ice. The ruleri otirs oe now receiving ftroi teLoir fee. torios in Now Eork, and will keop eonstnntly on L ad generanl assortment .tf Marble rantiole Poree ofsuperior workmoanship, od of thr lloats pUtterns, made of thie ist Egyptinn, Italiano, Iriish and Op Aterletotto irb;o. Ainso, Monuments, Tombs and Grave ltonao, tlnuded o plain sills andt lintols, O tRnblh listings, hearths ond bIottndnry stono, plstioer of Parisa, Romnn & Itydrauli Celotnt and Plastear. O liog .lair, togetaher with a splendid assorltment l h broass montea and plain Urates and Russia Iron ono Grates ofthe newest and mosta approvd patterns. on ottoLeroig doe i the neteart tlntner and Rt tile eol ahortest notice. They iove firsat rae workomen to set t he above work. of 5 ' LAMES RAIN & STROUD t PARKER'S ROCKY MOUNTAINS, &c. ' OURNAI, of an Exploring Turor beyond the h ea Raocky MIoutains, utnder tih diraetinn of the LtA B C F M, porfortaed in thea yoars 1d35, '36 and 73; containing a desoription of the geoography. ge. od, ology, olimato nod producttona. and the nuaml-a, la mnlllora and u toaltos oi the natives; wiitl a Mapl like of Oregon Te'orritory, by iRevn. Sawouel Parker, A tM. do- 'the iver and Ale Desert; or Recollections ol the Riuon and the hanortrellei by bliss Pardoe, Sauthor ol'the City oft - ,Nit tan, &a. ia 2 vole. ti The Robber, n Tarle, " thie author of llehelieu, iThe Gypsy, Attila; in 2t, o ITh Two Flirts; or Ad.w 'lre in a Country e louse, and otiher Tales, by Lady Blomington. E L BI oltlwer, IMrsyorton, Barry Cornwall, Aelr Gore, it Ca RItoin o Mdawin, and others;a in 2 vole. tI. it'ea Life ntl Adventures of Nioholan Nihkleby, i, ot oedited by Boo, with Illustrations by Phiz, No. 1 hiP Just aretrived and for sale by pot. BENJ l ,a. it)MIASNEI S , ''ll EltIlSl}t'I.Et, SIll:IttitN rd, I 'CIPFES, &e --Just reeriverdl ti foLr sale aI that •Is· Merb lu, vorntr r of Canlpoutll o Collllln streets, t r o,otaeral uota l l llllnt of o U TVeoPrr.O Conltltrwaa , s o it Ilnobo osliol I ntrotln' nlt, Ilroiogl o'et,· tpitSpting iNhndo, .Pnrg B,,ev t'po, Ivory ]Pro. is l poole tilttr's Si.npte., Glas*Io tiangles, t I ,'a r 3tlel Ro .re, icr,,- r ,tot,' l'ht ino tto to S i'aeru ,"l 4 dop; +r. (h N. York t Baltimare o _rS' : i)ACKETS FOR NEW YORKI -Novwa les, I -'To sail punctually every saioeud Mliudai during the season, full or not full. Ship Orleans, 5l8 tlaons (ilt. . eak., Ship Alabama, 474 dia C. C. Berre, hllilp Arlinsas, 627 do .S Denniss Ship S r.ltuga, 542 do W Iathawai Ship llashville, 4140 do D Jacksela Ship Kenturcky, lp do J Iunku The above chips are of the first class, coppid , and copper fastened, said having been umilt in York exrressly for thill rade, they are of liqbk drlaf of water alu'almost ipvaruily cross the pI without any detention. The coonmislnders armi niil of great experience, and the ships wfif aliaaysi towed up and down the Mississippi by sinaint*at: They have handsome furnished uconlmlodationi and etores of the best iescrlption will alwaeys hl furnislrhd. The cabin passage is #9lA withelm wine or liquor, and there is no liquori fllrolishd tq tihe officers or crew. For freight utl pilage appll' on board, or to It C AMtES, 48 Csanmpnt The ships are not accountable for breakage no glass, hollow ware, marble or granite, cooperage tp. ti(i or rust ofiron or steel, not responsible fur elfp package or parcel, unless a regular hill pl .dinll' is executed therelfor at the offcs of llae sLs. onoy~f NEW ORLEANS .en BALTIMORE LINE O? i'ACJ('IS. This line will consist of the bllohwill yelsell whiell have been lailt or paclhased oelpressly faq the trade, viz: Ship .Ceaman, apt. Mtine, Bark Mary, . Niekirsona t jrad Ferry, ggs Sto uveons, II Solomon Slialus, " AuLhlaeas Brig Architect, . , Grgy. Thse veossels are of the first class, have hanwk soelll lurnitlod pcolllinsdliations, and are iof' light draft of water, so as to admit of their receiving an4l. discharging their cargiaw in UaltIinoe, at the cily, Freight will be laken for ports on the Clhesapelyk or Jnaes' River, and fbrwarded by the ipenIt, Mesre. CLAIIKE & KELLIIGG, at Unltamia1t expenses oi goods shipped will Iw adlallnled wlhsq required. The pripe of p.aiagoe is nfied at $l40 apllle tores of thle h at quality will be pro.vided Steaii up and down the Missivtilpli wil bha takes , an tll oceasions. lur freight or pa.angle, pply to R AlO. BIRDFORD, J nov27 22 11,vil a els FOR NEh W YUlRjK. [Louisiana and New York Line of PacketLs 1 It I Ships composing this line will sail front New Orleans and New York on every ether Mon-. day-comnencing on the 20th November-.and tq insure tile punctuality in the timue ofsailling, thl' line will hereafter consist oflive ships, via: Ship Yazoo, Captai 'l'Toskl, to leave Oil tite lt. Novembe.r, Ship Louisville, Captain Palmer, to leaiv on tip' 4th December. Ship lluntsvillo, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the 18th Decembenr. Ship Vicksbuirg, Captain Woadhouse, to ifale on the jst Jslnuary. Ship Mississippi, Captain Davis, to leave no the 15th of January. Tihe above are all new, of the first claes, eoppema dr and copper fastened, and upwards of 500 tonI Iurthon, are of light draught of water, being hail. J in New York expressly for the trade. 'Tie priew of passage is fixed at 100 dollarst their cabins ano fitted up in the most improved and conveniesl plan, and finished in a neat and elegant slyle.. Ample stores of the first quality will ho provided, and every regard paid to thle comefort and entire satisfuotian of pissengers, who will please take lo,1 tice tlhat no berth can be secured until paid for at the otFce of the consigneoa. These vessels are comnimanded by eeptains well experienced in the trade, who willgive._roe na aiplii by steaillmbhat and the stritest puuetnaltty oberryed in thie ltlbe of salliig. The owners of these sllll will not be responsia ble for any letter, parcel or package, sent by sp put on bhoard of thenm, unless a regular bill of lading be signed therelor, at the counting house of the agent or owners. For further particulars aplly to JD D EIN & A COHEN, novy7 il Cuensnee4 hOR NEW YORK. [Louisial odniw ork sui of Pacet. rl~lr a II ipa t I sh pusomo tiffs Llle w [I wlir~al aIla (J Ialeas rlnd New l ork onl every oihitr flllo~dey. 11I iooooCi fl Lint il o Iovehiber, aid a ith .lr l lI~el~ 'optosllY io'l'enabiolsas ot natltettttthtta a.ill lel-ealier (:nuipal Of five :Sl~iil r ii rlhi , )'azoo. i 'altalil l'l'rsk to Ituve on| tht IJtli an. Sil,, l1isoill, tltuitaill |aloelr, to ltovte int thle 4I 11)lI HuaIOille. Clptait Eldridger no lclav eu iq Ihtllh I)eceb . hip it'ckelbrg, Csprtain Waudhouso, ti leave us the ist Jnclory. ;Ship Misas ppi, Captaln Davis, to leave on th i(ith Jitutmry• I-' ti allbove s.ips mr all new. of the Gist shlu lcapiored and eoppler toalenord, and opwelrl of aIhl lo0 bUrthipo. orw o)lighit draugli of water, being built 5% New bork exprenly for thle otrde. TI.t prie a lsf srde ois sie l at on ucdred dollr. l'hetr oeabioa sae fitted apron the ttioii iiproned lnod Cooonaieila Ptsnd fi.iatihd no ueot atnd eleeait stylv. Atalt sM nnew T the firt qoalitl will be prvjslld, on ever reaitrpetd had Ito i@e flnlert and entire eaftieloctionat paiesllsgere, whb will leade alke otiohe hit nlo berth cell be sscurdl fs I tI pani lor t file lce ol t 9he eooog oes. 'Iheose ohitn~r are eoloaioeotold by CjUPllnl well u tperielcit h in the trada, cont wil iver ev elrv Islit o o.1d nertal Ilteelves to aoeemolllldnste. "lh wi i d at litoe be towed p a.d ,lon tbe I Missiserippetdi b steanobonte. nitd the stritealt popstulitoy obauartod i the lilnto {If soiling. 'Pie owncers o these hips will not b ep rpn.ernibls la E ent er, aoisltel or paekia e sent by oa limto bteIthl shil. niloae o r.gilhr i."ll i plilg" Ih cigned tite.rfru It Ihei lioe cith c n of ierlo agets. uher s0l5. ¥e nrhli u Or.,ap llloyn st 10g0am iJ 1 Thomin, & A st1Er; N t*' OtR..Et A NM CI ARI.EdTON PACICE'TS This liin COSIis OF nl(IoI vesetlh, efi of ti',irst a- etoiper, d nod orppe: ist, ci nioitt .00f tens borsthens witIi ,lark da loe coillntD;nioisiils hir lt.srer m tellr T hlirse va ,ro-td re vetinlndod tiy cpstiins wellut crtx pso i t ait itaid o ho nill ive ev*ry nle ot irleon ,Txritg Wlkll'llleleduo lly s.onIlicieste hee on ipl··r·. ] hley v..l b-g toda ellnpl onti dthwe til SIlDsiissi; p;. no lenve Netw rienles ,n or ist ore the tah ln. ollts iOF er. e he ltllin. 'ho ulloaiay vesniiit collll etee *Ibteh via : huari. Asohlinr. bstle I(;. r.orh, meateer. ] bity ft ollnlanJ. Ii. Ttloaltpeuli, itilstla tirc A ielni, J Dan.snro nlaisr, 0 l:trk P,'gr \' ilttatnii. J. A lihise, stealegr. r irteighi or passrt, nraply toin J, A, b1 EheLI. on & Cof (C,,nlloon et. Now Olonug .e r M. O, e .lrtedcai, Chnltsleon. oat I i,71it.k ..citerstgoed borsoh scoot . neared buseinlqp or i Drnguisti nd Apolhecole, ill til e tOt .ned Ity Mr. J rb fith , at l the nurner of aisali Sciirsle and 'I'rilt. Wnlts rteptctlult) solicitssshfl 00of Ciae 1tUblio p ,inrldgs nda renewal ot the feore cl his lsionser eustlooers. 'ihs entire seol of ie Drungs, nlediciaes and tongv aeriilos i |rfesb sad Ie aisre 'tlly iloted. The lulowinoig onlr 5' pir tinclaorols, viZiot Lre Soullo, Si"tlii' gnd S orulog a Powder s Y Yt't Por datsnd brlg es 0rwitotels esultl elelast soisitote for yeoast, in raisigre breodt btUlawbost be i . ornl's Effl r r seet Magsin a pperat,-r ad lesao t ad genlelistlltive ln b lepeils or iaiod in,',es~i,,n, hervus naltclrh, giddtose, hepdieli, Sletpity ui htthlstonunothhobot US cnstlsvoaPil clnI. o, iteoous CrtiltintO &O. ni. Caspeaier's Fluid Eiroci 'f uaaaupqvlla fl a l sturo ll iitaS Io ti teolo, 4 to do ttnd pb itb s tlk.e os, Switni's Pantoes etnt termtlueiau lrjislt apj so, i..ined - q'l,,rict, jijuohond tuLmneas paIs, Tloolh brunbu·, N N Prenticrt' eoselteiwdeutri try etite, lhrios toothl waesh, atwdes vd-bane. L Preo1iee10 earblotcl danleoirte, rhlor le antslth wasn 5, lwader ,uff. end b-,sei, Preatlicru'a snitld slod " tooin t,ile~t laowlier, osetsl or~lse-s d Frees, by r age f·)l.wr, II.l lwenl'er end ~I~lidl Wmt Ft ,b sion bIner ali atilleas Rnwlsiarsd M114r5 Owla aIs, hhead el b9ll11 tl a.htttlutidt betllnsIur * UmI, OPh iiler' he lld oh cill hilh, iadibla e omirLi, s ag s nuulr o:loeek il.klsr ." bpteln sad rgntllotl anLka* l. fl *Ltsnw Lann$ . Ill A Ill 5Ii osuoailorol ol 'bnhulollol'rtritrte ~ert, ,,el + GEORUEB 3I)Wi.I t..or.eb I.ttlif .lab 44 Now: lial. P tiihTATllE.--"til bLbi n ras~l. maltaa~lwr II gon, i"-- ldtot .dale. J"IIfl-IgM,.JI b + ..eb , ·jy.d a p

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