Newspaper of True American, February 14, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated February 14, 1839 Page 2
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Tsieade, Feb. 12, 1839. *C eeil mwet purm anf to adjmrnmemn: prr * i eaJ-,.a.ak Baidwin, Recorder; Alderlnen, I;luW;, lIek.t, lous, Paoer, Sowell, f"te mmeitpL g ono moting hiving Sit o.rtno'to the Treasurer was sitean of the past week to S b i on thi date q1121 t ( 911,195 3; oxb o 1eir aed read, from J. W. ' the Ateoha'layo Rank, in of lie Treasury, wlhichl, on . T` the Tmreaurer, with- in. esoport thoieao t the net shiting of on, one f o Ienry Renno, bthe noth. .. te Rel wore referred to the Cutu. 45t Claists. .totes, alahiionan of the Finaonce Com. raduced thlb fllowing resolution, which beilog laponied with, weas taken up and Thet the qammilsionere of the Sink- - n.l. asi, hereby authoreied to renew, the notes which became due on the t fqr property purchaseod from Freret, a tndotherse on the let February, 1837;- E the.eriginal notes be retained as . Snetuity, that the notes taken in renewal 1i 1ia" iealenadorecre, and that nothing in this pnpselh be eon construed as to impair the . Softhis Municipality, on the property for the noteswere given.' ey.d.. That notes eat three, six, nine and s twelve months, be received for the interest at he saeIefqight pereent per annum : it being under. stood flat Ihe interest up to the first instant be paid ineee -l ( heyd. Iae Chairman of the Committee on Streets and ,Lhdingr, iatrod.lced the four follow. l galattioaeu which, the rules being dispensed were severally taken up and adopted. Resolved, That the memorial of J. L:land, J. Iord &reda:ltd others, on the subject of the do. Le tof K Sto lr and Molasses on tihe Levee, be re. tethUtsaiuiiVharfliner, who is hereby instruc. ,tud to s rmee hd 10th and 1th sections of the Or. di (nuAe dluling his duties, approved 14th May, .e'l it further Resolved, That it shall not he law. V Mrvny person or persons to transport -r dauce f t lr sp...rtod to the Lyoee or W\Vhaves .i S f.'~ t uibi cilparlily; other than that landing tin front-thorrof, any Stigar,. Molaesse t$eeir articles of Produce for the purpose of b irter; and any person convicted of viola hib resolutlon shall 'be liable to a fi· e of $50, rable before any Court of competent juris. - n, for the benefit of this Municipality. Resolved, That the Surveyor be and he is here. h by nathorised to crose to be placed in Lafayotte S are, a Flag Staff. 'Reolved, That the Surveyor shall cause bridges Sad woodbe eroesings to be placed wherever they ILmay be wanting at the interseetion of streets, %within the taxable limits of this Municipality. Resolved, That the streets on the north.west and Heulh sides otfthe Market Square of Faubourg Ai'aeiation, shall be 44 9 in width, including the ualks, and that the side-walks in the said ditt shall have a width of 8 feet. Resolved, That on having the said streets pa v.{,tie Surveyor shall give them the aforesoaid with, and that any portion of tile sideowalks alror mtade exceeding 8 feet in width, shall be redu. es to the said width of 8 feet. r easolved, That the resolution passed by the Caonoil at their sitting of the 9h11 January last, S keth.rieing the Comptroller to pay Thomas Roilly the sum of Four Hundred Dollars, be and it is Ihbeby repealed. Resolved, That the Treasurer pay to Thomas RIilly,'on the warrant of the Mayor, the sum of S liot Hundred Dollars for extra labor in widening teil'despening the Melpomeno Canal. Mr. Yorke, Shairman of the Fire Committee, the following resolution, which, the rules "4iTdi vpensed with, was adopted. r' olaed, ThatsS00 feet of hose be procured for lh* of Fire Company No. 2.-Also, that thie reqsisite articles be procured to complete the appa. setesof Fire Company No. 13; provided, tile cost of the same do not exceed $1,100. 0 Thl Recorder appointed B. Whitney Esq. Chair. '-ar 5rheCommnnlttee on Claims, vice J. Hall Eoq. ito e t- itei..T.r.erma.mpa,, attached to the 4th egiment. being takeo up in order, was, on tiiotl.s, peelpoined till next roecting. On ssmotion, the Council adjourned to Tuesday, the 19th instant, at 5 o'clock, P. M. or , JOHN GIBSON, SI Secretary. G0jMMERCIAL. Lflleal mouton.. If n ............31 C I otIonJan...31 N Jw....,......3 ,.1 I1ItteinailiJ .,......... 2 pbra b.:.:........I l vle eb ..,.. b IF . 1.o9..ui, · .... .... 8 Mvaltebb Feb ..... ..01l......... 1 ...oo e........... 2 fa e .8uri.........J......... I8 4u0/0o. ... ......;...U Foudo ol,. 18 N..bollto, J ...........8 I do.. 19 YOUT (fl(F 'NFV OIIRIANS. CLEARANCES. February 1I, 1839. Cba b lmleu.8,llol,0go. for Rotot. J AM M.,,t i Cberka Carroll,/ nrotnnr. for Ro·lon, hllulter MMyPJ~ornd..Jo. bor Liverpool. 10.tJ Doaaooj o o co elopbloo, Jobaoo.F.f Pbllodslpbl., J Do.n Deng k~elolorIo.Sloololl1.oeN, NoorL, 8O &JIWhizo,.y bTermo, Huot, ho Ne. TYool, Kiddr & hll n b1116boti.oId ,4M, B3ker, Peo Havan, W Pooota BI Pina,. 4ooTornpwoo, LW Zohoorleo t o £4 .M Elbrpp)RI· aylIo, for Lwuinille. 0' ARRIVAL8. 0: Febroory IS 1639, U"roabbr bI' Dny. Litbeot, froo the N J Pa., haolog Movedlotw.Yipy.o. , 0n 0 retuned 10 Ite olty with tthip 0Uib llhe ioo'b..gooin; loft o0 tho Itlo b09t,.a 8 eiS , e-. 9., Moi f0.romt hoe Pao...o..ohingtowedd no, sotrooo d o he,.oey 0o00, 0,,go ljirkloy, l4..0910oooo Iloooooo,, Eorjllg, oo~l II.oIo.I @ !;,a'. (:b Hen,0Pllon-at 12 . reports 3 .o1.ouuo.o II804 9,m, 0OIIO0908 in tko river. l~rkH y;J.&ootoo,59,la rot,, Iltoopool, 1. 119to r. t .3.dWli lW m0s414 Fi,, f 10m 0 nn069261 Joo. u, .Itose . ir4.9~keo , La~olro. froo Totoocoo, 61.b Joa, to Oollooidt YfbbSj s.oitm. PF..o.4OU boo'. from C!vosgoo, o Imliot, foinool Ietl'llo Ol fromo Ralol lon, r noeodogo to I -Bob. loa.b), Verd.e 14 Jos fr Ioo Tolhoooo. to F TI.,. o o. tod. 90 dlyo tol'l ,",, YTok. to081901er. 1 bkoo.Ioihgno ld yos tfon PuoFoud, o do49,ur. .ui lm Cdod.. Ooo Looloojll.. CJoolo. SIotltmIoatNa I u l tooh. Porno, Itlo Powelto boo. mfioollo*h. fIn.QOuft Coo. Toyloo, It day. Froot Louisvlle. Moe Itll. from "~too House.n ltogo... B olegb, bom Ltoourgoa. EXPORTS. .,W..popbr lpcrnlbotoloo ..qotb cotton. 10tlO71l0pok., oa tolods hmo.. ood 7010 keg. lard. rr-ob.ip Chaffo. Coogll..6 .30 .b. rott 217 bf421 b porL. 3I bo 1.tllowe, :Ud. ' ekerJletlu Lard. 12 b s"ml. L p0, k ·Jloo. tlJd ..olo, 141,1 o out. 388 OZL1081110 peo brk Jo opliu...008 hld.d,.agr. t01 jtobk 1 ltkedroo osio.. 0o , bl. olwu 000 lblodaer 11po1. IIba,. .NEIW Pbk.I.,pelook Viriiolo..713 k,.0 Roto, 1t19:1 plc. ttod,IO25 aooo e o01oo 9oed. r07 kloooud JO2ol,,0 porh, 1.0O9 nrok Tooo31 bade0 otttr, ,1 p0, 1k antd 611. door okioo. ·......·........ brig Geo Toua.,..' 73 hods aod 0 t09 no. losr, 200 boO. flour, tO hoo oo.d 1610 brt. s$iA..psrl* Iwir wad P'rlb'e..elnuB lull ner. S per 0414 ho RoNll...tall lots otg, oiilo, caodl.s, dgoods.. whitled, 6 , tlýIrILLL,. Par st edwor Eduiardupoioo..44 m)9, aod S Ioaks earthenware IMPFORTFu. 6WPOOL 390 brlg BItbby..784 8.9 s0o..., 217 cr009, e +644 bbdo .olbeooo 096 bodlos 9. 0)0 o. railrood od, 61o91o0opo 90er0 p.t0999 ood TAVANA. W brig 9'ltls..884 boa...o For, od PtUijs09. toUPAfU.90. .p5hr C05t00o1:70..t0 o,,t·. Inlgood, 4 bags stooie, wtd tt tigarooft o,0t l& Wernr. p o chrIsoIb9.. lO00uiuqoit looouod. YOWTOllpo. .ltll, Oomooo....'d wodo.. off° Wj D..poo bork Ligooot... 16l to0 poinlg sto.., 60 tow bo. NO oooe ookerel d too.l tet abed, 90 p gLo, JI L Order, 4 RECIPTS OF PRODUCE. It.b9idat0¶ Di&h.o.lo 1748d toobccog Rodor Idýillo Ow e4' pu boad, 6bda0ob0cco J _11:_ bie W U Boo, 110 I llt.ohiskgy, 20 SrRroo . l0 plo13#o1.00 Levody, 410 pc. too, 41k 4M b ' - ayerA Aalunit. 17 pre baging an t?- top wer on bojtrd, 07 pct beg~l g onJ 7 ola 'a olse!rw.10wem brit. Bit Ink P09'y~Oob~ooo.uY (la ·c v, _'f 41 Pe i4arson f y, rka. . 90o ML40 ·I.Ios..5 too speol. Ex 3ty W Id vl* i 4'0,102 ''Ulu Brauett. per ·m::: rrnrr. Flotooblo ; , d - 'A4Aý eJt1Y1e 33.0) belý t~b~tt..l A~oo. Boanko 'o teI' 1 lh~d~tLY..o a o.Usoolo&.o 80. lb tlob.ooI8,jh9~i ueoo .p o 4 ~eln Balnk Hill..64b1. gis .{a!uckl , Ao,11eo t O P~r rux: msll ,Itd o N t h- p k efd i. 9 4J QoI~ s p, 3u ·r + Wil.L. It de Tkos Hnree jllS al k4'. ? a, 6 da (i M Us. I6: do H Whsuu at (la:ob.1 ".`ýý Walaeirb o 9hompam. 21 du kirtr r . , 7 dsRutMt. Perria l re, 8 Hlý pe ýi~atfieEoir..6gb. osta JoS o ",Jb I. As A A o yiads W Ok all112J Miin, *ee a A d. eTa .llOdI7 bat waa* Watybt,'S de Flakeat *o u I pp M IUO OldI'*1t eq do N Athe bDo a a t eeo e. * do Blieold SIaaore,, 4 do J M iLeaaA, e, 1384 a liiel. ltedley. Diaie k 00. Z4 du Locala. Fern A D e, 33dgCW lNeal. 43 rh doaleatmane& an, t94ado.V jab .0 & a,, Cdo Plrae Sheaeloal 4 4. io WAlto i, 311 d CIII aantt73l7 aksorn Conera . t ley, 8 Iledact aed at i d aaeba aid Lawaence El. .h Is bde tb1ruk Lamebetbt kThomtpson, Al d 1ALd k Sdoh4ellr Ubile p w t4alme * Malltbunu. in YBothaCRougel~ Cltlr Bemaphyea..1 ki Ilentltel. Fll tells. Belloei nod Deleb,. d It doLclslulaley Il do' tyll. Gerrd.easadee, 211 dlaCaldwell anlld likey. 2OdoeGoarrli ide and RoIt.C5 do, A Itouree andta. I4do L belte.Lh bauthePte aae.S, Bauaad* sad co, 7 do Owete on boakCIt 3tCIlcIice3,1 t trla olaaa, ttam W hemea. 40 hihdaee·l and '. held mtel aaeae, I Leadmcay. lot ofthiIlea.F Dowlt and Glrande. W aei,18tec. IS bla meteGoodman Levy anda.,IbCatrriseee UaroCid eo. tC CON.IGNEtEIII. Noe Y.rk.gpr ship Oetlrlo...OB Banchlardl.V Woodacd Simmaona, WWed&Sinnott. W PFloae, I olkact, Fern De o eepe, 8aeeltar. leiaean & WYright. WV 81te8 , J It Field d Vaatuon A: t, Leleadia 4 atqeeuollie. Gdfay, tleerie Al S.et11.Setilk& Vo'llshaa.J 0Lwea.G Ilateeok, CMoalto, A Prier, O Howtdl, aedOdetl, Col It oee, Stwart, Otela & t1 Ilebata. LLearpnet..pal brig BirLehty.. Heatit A ce. P Fenallli r WVilPhra. A Grnltac co llpap Fe, Powa iel Sth. J A aleele v 1 0. R ItJ Clrrel, RGamivere, J Vlelt I ce. 4 to, Ic. Iawlthorn, BDennett, F lridgy hc.,and erdeor. Ilaenae..por b1i7WLIllaeo,..DI leeinia eeJ a, ACenaillo, e Cultulle, Lopeyla aed cc, Lehetlie and JI teaelan . C W,,a ley antd e., tJ Rbertsnd co. N U Lilsadi and co, J L.ttllde, Haety Tate, J Vlguier, W F Vlann, Cd Lopez. PASSCENGhER. ' C1oo.elalla..ler steamer Diann..FireClerk and rett il) , Mi 4 Chill isaidfilVy. MtErain sled ially. A D turleg. C Ouch. Caety, l eU Claud. ttrry. Lobby. Cempbhll, l.181. Holmea, I Wilkitaca. Whitiear. Tow%. RPI Evans. S Itee,... I.ridge -feord. ·daadala, apelme. ft Hlotbese. Roeldgee. Niehmaae, Iroleell, W il'aet, eDonald.Ftellos. and Yticg. Liverpool.. par Itrit kirhbay.Jli Oeapy. o Iaeaa.apaer brig Willie. .J CIark. lIemlhey, todere - Na pt ip Ontlari..tltt Ane Paddoek, bita La Enaea nd child, lSr E Cantet. andd 4 it the tateraee. is Latourcheaper atenmee Weahibaltn..Mr. lealllnh. Ple Ii Dautks.,CaiCliark, In Uatae, Pt' HN ae-, .laye clild and as art, Caaatek, J RI Cieaall. lloieigl, T Nirenll,elt Hu tmae, DIll1p. E Doelooltburg, Bhtalal, P A Marti,TlTarie. 11 A ie Thibodeaux, Cslaenatty.. tr MEMiORALNDA. Stemamr Die leoft LInutavill atn the lot ieat, Ity agroand on id Flilet alaad to 4t1h; atetama CCCI eld CoCCCC lglghtalleed oaer ta Cfeet atear o tihe He,; plaie dCCn Bcaiet at Rtiponell.Cit ttaaeg stove on the Ber was compelled to talI to tlop lIh r leak. TILE MARKETS. N. I.IVF.RU'OtL COTTON MARIIKitTI Dec. C?. ad Tllaeotradirtory ,eslal of the satee of tha Colton croe haae auteaeltie thet marketlterae ery Consiller,' y. Taere is howece,. Ce tladaln in pricet. flum 4.1 t. Idl. geelally. Thaee J. has beeletaleltetivit to-diCy, thd ath alec Cay hie rcportell reC fromlite 111,1810 l ua etoltd. .a eitllad pal lb. ahea6 laetelell.ielelet I tliillrfe~ltl~l~ld. Aeteei,,tea~onlfeelil re. 'Pill. New Orlieae aelre eeutad to be geneeelly Clquired fCr, Ic. Cnd eold at lld. )r. LONDON CORN tARKET; Dee. 24. It Tie apply Ef lenlisit Whaet let weaie was vey Aatltlt,elld tll noarllllheeilleotwe by lad carriage samples atreteely . moderato ; de dry palr, l erel thlen off at 1. per qurlltle Sadvanee, ad altlelacr ree aa ellICCn a f other sorl att-lllna 1 flly aqllei tl thit day eenllmbt. WVellhd ailiberal lCrial of t Fur*eiI When. InIt week. for fine domliephona Is to x per eaquter advaelle wt lt u ll~inobl0 lll e but fir aly carg yte il out ylIditioCCo ImproClemlnt. ould be ltdoe. 'sof .e - - Ia. TRUE ASIURICAN OFOItE. so. Lao lie eclnnleeilo with thisi Oilee is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE gea FIlR yIIE PRINTING OF tC7 Pamphlets Blank Olacks its, Cataloguce BillO of Lading Labels, Dray Receipt., 'at Legal Notices Auctian Bills, deg Diu Forms, Show Billa the Steam Boat Bila Circulars laid said Antd every dreeriplpla oiJob WVorka teatý 7ao- asaary bereqatleel. idua. i7Thl proprietor rcepeeatflly calls the attentionlee the peblie to the ablov Curd, sin telelea n cthemtlatel tile all aork intruated to hilt ealre shll he done at tbs short el eatetlice, in a style uneurpeaaed in this city, 8n1 t ia at the llCoatrtlees. ad s-I 1~_ TIHE iRUE AMEKRICA:N. E1DI'rED BY joIn J lo llMiN. rAITI'UL AND BOLD. N'EWV OR LEA1NI: THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 14. 1839. COMMEnCE OF NEW ORLEANs.-ThO peculiar posi tion of New Orleans, located on the most magnificent liver in the world, near its confluence with thle great highwray ofnationsA surrounded as the city is by, and tlily UlJ nsemil" enl mne-oxuneranc idnt variety of its productions, all render her one of the most important points on the globe. But it is not these advantaces which will unaided, enable her to maintain her im.por. tance. '[There are other places with fewer natural avail ables, but either immediately on, or intitmately con nected with the sea board, whioltmtv by artificial means, divert those sources of wealth l tht give our city health and strength, from their natural depot, to themselves. They are now on the alert. The East is using all the great energies of which it can avail itself, to draw off the trade of the West, which had formerly baee obtained via New Orleans. The greate anals and rail roads whicht are already construcled, and are being made, mt-t succeed in obtaining the object, to a cer tain extent, if they are not met by an netiveand enter prising spirit cn our pant. Charleston is awake on this subject and is throwing all her energies into the construction of a rail road, which is to unite that city with the Ohio river. IlfCharleston.which dues not ex port one tenlt of tile amount thaitis exported from New Olleoans, can entertvith spirit upon an enterprise of thit importance and magnitude, are we not standing in our own light that we do not put forth oar'energies, and counteract any influence the completion oflthat great highway, would have on our trade l We derive a por tion of our exports from the West. It is important that we shonld not lose thel . If sencons should again occur like tile present, what would prevent western produce from meeting tie sea-board at Charleaton, (with the rail road completed,) and not by the way of New Orleans, as at present? The facilitles of trans portation woull exist to that point, whilst an itsur. mountablo etnbargo would be laid onc our navigalion. New Orleans Illott he nctive-sheI must exert her-alf she m tset ot dne away in slothful ease and farccild security, the h.uts which are ertmplu-yed by others in industry and enterprise, in extending their adv.ntagec anddevelh:ping th-ir I ,tet enereies. New Orleans mUtlt look to her co:nerce--it is hn re veroy life-b'o.ld--it saould bhe encuragedc. A dieet trade shoutl be opened, and this conmeunity be relieved from the heavy duties it is made to pay to t'.e present direct importers. Every inducement, of which tte the city could avail herself, siheln be heldl ot to ship mentern to elte'e this port their sailing point. It gives a lile and activity to trade, to see them whnrves lined wi:h a uettelrclous shipping, their " various t 'rnmers wavhig in the wind." and their hlito w ngs gaily spreal to the raeer lntezie. and t in urea to nerrec in busicas', to have facilitie oftramrsprtation at tll times at hand, atd.a competition which! will reduce carriage to a proper statdudd. It has bheen a subject of complaint, and a bill was introduced into our legisl.:ere, (what became of it, no one car tell, un!es it funne its way into somebody's pocket, and never found its way out again) to remedy the evils protested ogainst Ly shijp-olsters. Illese eoltplaiilts may Ic e .u oaeod :ip iu a very few words: The Port charges are higher here than t atny other point in the Union. A reduction is desirable. They ate ot less tlhan 23 per cOat higher here than at Charleeton. Thus it is that vessels require higher freight to and froml tle Pocrtof New Orleans thtan to any other p'rt. They must have a living profit, endi ar complelled to raise the price o carrying, to enable them to clear tit harbor expensea . AIthieugh in the end the Consu lmer and Producer pay theie charges, yet it is indirect ly, and it is not sa setmibly felt br thecm; bat .the im mediate burthen is upon the shiptiang, and it is fell most onaerans by them. because frequently these heavy charges nem t be paid when hee ore is not n adeqnten cargo, and tlhe unfrtunate ship master has his heavy expenses for the pains of making this port. It would not he so hardly flt, iffull cargoes were at all times to be procured. lot proportion to tile expenses, must be the carrying trade. Ieduce the one, uand il other will be more moderate. But this is not mte greatest complaint that those on raged in the carrying ueade, have against our port. The Pilotage and Pilots at the Ralize frnishit acause fortmurmurathatame loud and Itgly, and we trust that such resehutr*a 'Ill spebdily be taken, as will insure a renoval of the nuleance of which complaint is made. At the time, when thle tonnage of New Orleans was less by one half rr more, than now it is, the law was enactd giving to a certain number ol men, and their dep uties, the mouopoly of the pilotage at tit tonutha ofthle lhisairsippi. In 1371, an act was ,.atssd limiting thel number of Piloea to .0, and mboliah'sg the section of tl.s law, containing the deputising powers. These 50 p:l*ts, living at the Balize, a Ihfe of idleness and sloth, received ip the past, estimated year, over $lbi,000 fro i alhipsifor doing nthing, oral the rate of $3,308, to each Pilot. The'service which they render can en real Siy.he dispensed with. We are iafr.rmed that the Tow boat(smeet the vessels nt sea and reuder the service fr ahich the-e ir ltcarte pillots alr uild. In fact rthy batten apui ill gul gaini, for which' theye reaael Io r eqbiralent. . . Thia monopoly of PII..s shioild ie abolished. Th e die rhiltping fol a repanaee at paying hervy tax, when glal I they receive no .eih If fire compaetiion wear allow* Air ed, mien might be Ibaud, ofetperiaace and stability who traoel weold Le always on the qad ivr for vessels arlndlng the D in fir the ditle ent passea-who would board them out Mr at ren, nod perform their duty, not idle away their lives an es int the indulgence of the grosser and more grovelling for ih appetites, on the reliance that they receive their pay and a bhether service is rendered or not. There is at present Ar no government over the monopoliots. They are allowed tow t to select their own examinere, and to watch the movee- A moent ofenah other. What incentive have they to be tant ] ,on duty and to keep out at seannd what power exists to ofMi drive thetm from their"mud banks" wherethey uallow MA and lounge, & dissipate, entirely rsekless of any call for he p their offices. T.ey are satisfied that the same number by A] of vessels must arrive, and they care not for any delay inth which their negligence may occasion. They know that tion they wrll get "the epoils" any how, and give themselves O, noi concern whatev. I the Tie officers of the tow boats are in feet the best and pilots, and perform tle services in numberless instances i for which these monopolists receive Ile consideration. and Why not allow them the fee whenever they perform Raei the service, and out offfrmm it, the idlers whose huri- U neas it is. It would not be more than justice. Go, ithe present fee of thl Port W'arden it onerous-$5 ire on all claaoseof vesels, whether any service is ren- 19th dered or not. It is particularly severeupon the smal ler craft, which seldom or never need thil services of str , tihe Port Warden. llt needs a little looking to, as well wa 1 as other things conncted with the port. We are op. i posed to all recres, sinthey arepugainnt to republieano inatutionsiand free govercmen'. For the year ending Pa 31st October,1837. the Port Warlden's fees amounted to $12,G68p,o, and the expentes $1,700, Iravin" net am e proits of $10,878,50. a good r..und suma; and in the a" esame year the llarbour Master's fees amounted to $13,402,78. Ci There ame other charges of tile Port, whli h bear heavily onoar'cammerce, and should be reduced. The U aervices should he prescribed, and when performed is should secure aliberal fee; but no one a ould receive ra fee without services rendered. Al tat are There is a bill-it may he only a petition, now thelre vy t thle Legislature, wlleh iv respectfully recommended T to the not:ce of the executive, which proposes a rem- in iedy for some oftthose evils complained of. Such a AI tol bil', as we have before remark:ed, was bef te tli Legis- re inture last winter, but some how. or other miscarried. isV We trust that the ptreent will not share its fate, but f I that it will be acted upon, that the Iegislature will not ut deem the subaject unworthy of noice, or permit it to be lamid aside without a fair hearing. We may resume tile I I subject. i CIrT or NEw ORLEAN..-We suggest for the cot.. *1 sileration of the people and Legislature, the propriety ofcreating three seporate Mayoralties for the city, one forenech Municipality, and let the government of each he distinct and separate. We can see no use for a i PE Mayor over the whole city, when each Municipality has the right to govern itself in all the essentials con cerning its own ousiness alffairs, and to raise and ex- - pend its revenue and public funds in the way it chooses a to direct. Tile Mayer is only an incubus sittinr over the different sectione,thwarting their basiness, interfe ring in their domestic concerns and etrating all manner of disturbances, without the power or disposition of do. ing good. We must aeparate and let each IMlnicipality be independent. It will produce more harmony, and excite a just emulation in every part. The grat city of Pnris~is divided into twelve Mayoralties, and it is Softhe bestregu'ated city in thei world. Why not divide that New Orleans into three, eorresponding wilithe number eart. of Alunicipalitiea, and rendering the police and govern and ment ofenth complete and effiient. Then all he ejoal ousy and hbilering between the Mayor and the different M unicipalities would be at an end, and the thirst fir ab solute power, so ardently grasped at by our present wnuld-be Lord.Mlayor,extinguished forever. APPOINTMENTS BY TIHe GOVERNOR AND SENATE. William S. Johnston, to be parish judge for the par. isal of Rapiiide. t Benjamint Hudson,sheriff ofthe parish ofSt. Mary. Felia Percy, notary public for New Orleans, in the place of A. Mlichel, deceased. osi Achilles Chliappelli, ntairy public for New Orleans. Supreme Court of the U. B.-The tandnmeus case of the U. States, on the application of D. N. Hennen agiltanrJudge Lawrence, was opened in this court on Mr. 'outhard, on the part of Hanneo, and by Gen. Jones on the part of Judge Lawrence. Tile argument was expected to occupy two or three days, but ire may eso mexpect a decision by the Court. It ii looked for with some interest, in consequence ofthe great die. turbanee the arbitrary remnoval of Mtr. Hennon from the office of Clerk of the U. S. Court, and high power assu med by Judge Lawrence in making the removal. In thib relpect the legal and politie queastions involved is of deep inlterest to the country. DnaRot DRNKInto AND D.IArtu.-.A libethian by tile name of Thomas McLnuglhlin,lnset evening, in com pany with two other of his countrymen, knocked the bung out of a e hiskey cask on the Leven, and applied their mouths thereto, by way of a stopper, so effectunlly thal McLaughlin was soon laid ovcr, c aolpse, and the two others fell very nearly in tIle same condition. "0 that men should put an enemy in their mouths to steal away their brains." That as a wise. saw of Michael Canssi, when he was on the stool of repentallr; but this poor devil of a laborer had no opportunity of re penting, for whetlher le had brains to loseo o not, the " inv:erile spririt." thiskey took away his breath, and this is hirepitaph as given out by the " Crononer's quest,-died ofea too free use of ardent spirits." Poor fellow he'll nv-er go before tile Recorder again. IATEST roost EUtOPE.--'he Liverpool had not ar rived at New York at our latestrudvirer, Feb.2. Tne pIacket ship Philadelphia had arrived, bringing London dates of the l24th Dec. We annex some items that may not he uninteresting: England.-Deerneohee from India had been reneived in L.orihn the 2lsta declaring the intention of the G(v et'r'lror tirtlirlr to 1reeertr ll ri r litirlI firee for s 'rvie across tlre Ir.rls. it ilr. been faurd tirer: ssarv to di clrlle war IglunSt It.e Chief rt Claool and otier allies of tPur-in. llr. i',\ii, hrer tlnjesty'e eorvry hls Itbeen e.l.rllrl d r - id tlhererfo.ll itl'tli jllrt lrlrtnndrl,anl by a rsst:llatmr coiurre of disrespect towards himl by the Persi:a G(iovernlllnltlr,lt 1 Ite caurti of tile Shiah andl to mnrke a public declnratiou of the cessation of all in trcourse Ibtwrnr the two (iovernmentn . The fiov ellir by ~x reson order f herr lt!esalty's Govr rn, eat has elllllllllli d tOi the SII ll thl i the advance of the Per si llarmy into Afgharistan is regarded as an actof has Thie sl lply of grnila s tlre L.rldon market is short.- 'Tle rrlivls if foreTll Wletl wcre Imnlerlrtely loare, sltd sals were made at an r dvtrnce of one or two shil. linter lire trier ot tire deerriptinis. Ftratee.-On the 19lh oi Derlobrr, AM. Dupin wne alected I'tesidett of lte Cbnlboler of Deputies. He re cived 1113 votes-his competitor, M. Pasey, 178 and tilrere rle 4 sealerlnrg. It was iportted that the emal iurla l t. m IvIIpm I ajrrty aoutO ocaue rloi to go. clint, burt thi was not bhii;te I in the Chalonihr. lotlrso, Dec. 19-H1,tf past Three. The market has ill gene ll delinedll. eer tie accolturn, the r three per Ceti opiened it7il9f deOlined to 78f .o50, at wlice ttlre, ciritd. 'lie Five per t'ents from 109f 65o declined to lt9f 30te lust prioe. Ftr moelony blrth heads are 25c itowt r. Trji- lIlitte litnk, l,Olt Bellgiao Fire per Cents dciclilned firolU 99f to 9If. Spanil Actives stataionry I tt t9. I rAIY.--A letter from Florence, of December n0th, llldtlOlices tht ililltedliattr y after tie evaeration of An. CoIlla by tile Flenchi, took ilace in diffe. renrt plrtne ifI t litlmrngua. At Fnnzsa n frav took trlees berwen the vonnr mlen of tile town and tlse pan tifidal voulreern. A coinnmisiorer of the police and a centurion were hilled. rPAIN.-A lett.i.from Maudrid of tllo 13th of Decem ler, says tIat Pita L'izr rrio is Irelturinr" ta negontiate a crlreoerciul trenty with Grecat Britain, wlhich Ire consi ters is is a indislenoable to t conclusioni ofa lonre. It is said that Spai ini to offer, as the guarartee for lie new debt, thie proceeds of the duties on Britisll gsods imported into tilhe kingdom. n! in arenerte to ti the drtermination nfEspnrtoro andi Alti fo enooence their government with severity. (erll. Cleonord is to be lromonted, oand Cordova and Narvnez are erdered ito al tear before him, to be tried by court nlartial. tgelata reples(i General O'Dua. uell il the command of San Sebastian The last ad. vilers froml Valentia containl ,lthing of any great mili tary importance. though Irey eontinue to record some autssee on thie part if the tUnon', troops, It seema that the steam thip Liverpool, performed her voyage in fiarteeo days. Several of the London paipera have published the Message of the President of the United Stotes, entire. Considerable uneasinens prevails wlith relpeet to Belgium 'The arrangemeutts w:th Holland it is saup posed omay be restated. IFor tho Tree American.l ltOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVE. Wednsldany 13th F.ebaasry, I.L Oaslotit of Mr Lewis, arlanded by Mr Dbehllevue, and after Lean dehate, the rules of the Hos.e adopted atthe last session of the Leeislattre, were resadopted furthia sIeasin. until a ntw set of rules could be re. ported by a committee, appointed for that purpose. lessrs. Debellevueo, Lewis, and Brashear were ap. pointed by tice comnmittre. Mr Kse:er presented the pthitn of J L. Clntslock, of the porish of Areeiision-referred to thse rnumiltee oul Pr.c,itiote emn Gricivance. MrjlRadifipreented oa rroaulom, directig the rnco aon internel improveoants to enquire and report 5( on the expediency ofproviding by lanw for a mineralo gloal and lealogieal survey of the State--Earried. Mtr Lewis on behalf of the ludliciary eomatrtee,hti troluced a bill relative to the interchange of Chuiet by the District .ludges of the State. Mr C W Conrad presented a resnlution, 'irecting I as enquiry into the expedienoy ofapplying to Congress for the onstruction of a rail road between New Orleans and Nasltville-carried. i Mr Lockett reported a bill to incorporata the Phoenix I tow boat company. Mr Ratlif introduced a bill to incorporate theProtes 5 tant Episcolal Church, West Feliciano, and on motion I of Mr. R. it was referred to the Judiciary eommoitee. cdi Mr. Davideon introduced a bill relative to notaries it r theparish of Livingston. After an amendment offered by Mr. Carter for the appointment of a notary public in the parish of West Felielana, and after dispenaa- ul t lion of the rules, the bill was pagsed. wre S On motion of Mensrs. Mouton d& Braur, the bill for fu the improvement of bayou Vermillion, was taken up fit Intand passed. u S'The resolution petting Friday apart for local bills . and the resolution granting leave of absence to Vincent SRetmos, were passed. On motion ft Mr. Gaiennie, the billn to uthorise the Governor to borrow money for the state in cases of ex- f ireney,was sixed for the special order ot Tuesday the S19th instant. - ' i- On motion of AIr. Muse, the bill to expedite the coan. of slruction of the Clinton and Port Hudson Rail Road, Soas taken up and laid on the table, subject to the crll of the bons'. The debate on the contested election of Isaac T. e ld Preston, was resumed. Mr. Preston concluded hbiahle net and eloquent speech. aMr. Cotaad opened in reply, arnd he wan interrupted by the adjournmetit. to Victlorin Patin Esq. has beea elected PresideP. of the Citizen's Bank. I'e Cltrietuorher Adamd jr. is elected President of the ed Union Bank. ive ena na-A very large meeting was held at Banks' Arcade lost evening to considler the subject in centre. fnre earsy between the Mayor and the second munieipality. dad The mayor had not a dozen advocates out of as many hm- hundred. Mir. Hodge was called to the chair, and R. Its a M. Carter addressed the moeeting. A preamble and gisn resolutions were adopted and the meeting adjournedr bd. AusrtA was greeted lust night by the largest and most fashionable aessmbly that has perhaps ever graeed the Faint not Charls. Although preceded by a mos. brilliant reputation be yet she bas exceeded the eapocattion of the most erigeant... tie Ilar dancing, ia in reality, the ery poetry of mation. To ths moat perfect fa, . and beautiful counteace, she unite ex quisite grace, cae., airines, and applomb. The Manager. has reproduced the charming Bayadere, tits ety season, with many improvements; tile Choruuea and Corps one de Ballet, are full and worthy of great prai~n achk Mi Korr, the assistant of Augiuta, was frequentiy and or a justly applaaded. lily Augusta will prove a"feature" that will kep the aint on- Charles filld during her engagement. She plays again on e.- Fridayevening. To-Morrow, Booth'lat night. Mise Chl ase tn nad J. S. ott tthe Caop. over MARRIED, erfe On Tuesday evening, the I !th Instant, by the Rev Theodore inner Clapp,MrHENY LINDMEY.ofTampa BIaytoMiul.AURA if ro- KELLY, youngest ister to Dr E II KELLY, of this City. FOR LIVERPOOL. The Al and fast sailing ship GANGES. I ("apt Junes, requires 31i0 bales cotton to fill c up. Apply to ROGERS, (GRAY &Co, fe 4 or, LEVd H GALE,93 Common s FOR SALE. FREIGHT OR CHARTER. _.. The Al schooner CEYLON, Thom P Delano. master, 79 tons and 15 months old; f for terms, apply to Capt Delano, above the Orleals Cotton Press, or to tle14 READ BARsTOW, 7 Bank Place 3I1URPE\TINE and Linseed Oil,just received and for sale, wholesale or retail, by H BONNABFL, fel4 car Tchapitonlae & Natchez stc H ONEY of the best quality, landing and fBr sale by 1i BONNABEL, ftl4 cor Natchez and Tehapitontes est fIr RAVEL4" in tile three grleat epires of Au-trin, L Ruit a and Turkey, by C B EIlliot, M A F RS , Vicar of (iodalmin, and author of Letters from the North of Europe, just received, and for sale by fei4 P 'POCWAR, t9 Camp st A NEWEdition of Pothier on Obltgnion, just re ceived and for Gale by A TOWAR, f14 49 ICamp st ISbNp.AAGF `waNI:-E-AII invnice if cMnltt nweel tla REE BARSIOW, No 7 Bank Placee G( OSHEN BUTTER--A few firkiae ftr saleby 1READ BAR.TOW, lha 11 No 7 Batbk Place AINE APPLE CIIEESE-A few boxes fotr .le by E READ & IIARSTOW, tfblt No 7 Bank Place C 1LOTIIING- csues Clothing, crnpri.inn ace tetnsive assortcecr, landing from bark Bashaw, for sale by ISAAC BRIDGE e& Co, felh4 13t MaWazine st C HOCLATE- cases sweet ChtcoIate, pot op Sin esuall bores, landing frrn bart Baslrcw, fop sale by ISAAC BRIDGE & Co, fel4 131 Maecice ODFISH-3tl0 boxes Codfish, for ,ale by SISAAC BRIDGE & Co, fel4 134 Magazine at A NEIW Diceioniry ot the English Langnoge, by CI rlC s ihar ichrdsnon,complete in 2 vols. Also,, SNo. 8,of Nicholas Nickleby, just received, andi for ale tby WM M'KEAN, fel4 cor Camp and Common atraets ( LO barrel.s in biat shipping order, a out, fr aleby G I)Os oEY. fel4 44 New Levee W H+ISIEY-2-O9 barrels reettified - Whiey Pullan's brandl,Janding frot nat os, for sate by G IiQRSEY. 44 New Lev.e POTATOES-A few luadred barrels eastern pote. Stoe it good order, for'sale hby fe14 G DO)RFY, 44 New Levee TOU UE DRAWN 'I'HI- 1A. The following are tole drawn numbers of the Louis °ana Lottery, Class 4, for 1839: 51, 74,61, 72, 31, 45, 64, 43, 26, 23, 55, 68, 29. S$1,500 CAPITAL PRIZE. LOUISIANA LOTTERY. Authoried byh Act oflegislatore. Chanpter XLIII, pasted Mlntch 2II, 1828. Claws No. 4, fiar 1839. t, be drawn n Thursday, Febh. 14, 1839, at 5o'clock, P SM.1. at thle Exchange otel, St. Carles at. I D. . GREIORY & Co. Succssors to IYATES rMcVTYRE . Co. 75 Nomberas-2 Drawn Iallots. GRANT) SCHEItE. 27,814 Priens amoountiu to $183,070 Tickets $4 00-Halves $2 00--(llrters I On Parkagec f n'25 ticket. far 1110. Preknlores of 25 half tickets $50 (t. Packagea of'5 Qu:rter L7 iketn s ar $-5 00. For Packages or inglo 'rickr,.s. nnl' at lThe Mencuera Ofice,. febl4 35, Canal atrme. un.t to Camta rt 7,0001 Capitnl Prlze, Tlckrtc only $2 10 GRAND STATE LOTTERY. 70, 56, 61, 42, 6, 66, 9,2, t61, 37,-19, 24. Nos I, 6, 28, theJ alrital Prize of $13,001, was sold in a wholre tlicket, by Artjobl, Y Dcvis, No 49 Ctlstnur IHouse street. and aslhed as soon as prlented. CLASS I, Autlhoried It the l.cgislctre of nbe a 1t oa. To he drawn pis Day, Feb. 14, 183.1, at 6 o'clock, P. '. at Bislop's Hotel. S DAVIS & CO, Managers. 75 Dravtn nuombers-12 Drawn Ballots. Splendid Schemne. 27 814 Prizes, anmoutiig to $233,590 Tickets $5 00-11alves 2 50-Quarrers $1 25. Packages of 25 Tickets for $195, warranted to draw at least $60, and mnay draw tIre Ih ghect cupicel, a cmornting eto 18,1100 !! Pckagesa of 55 Ilalf'J'iekets S$i50, warentet, to draw at least $3110 0. Parckages f,-5 Quarterr Ticketa $31 25 warranted to draw at lenst $15 00. Forr packages of single tiekrt c apply at theI MANAGERS' OFFICE:. Febl4 16 Chartrecs t SLOCKS & TIMEPIRCES-Just opened at 16 JChalnnres et,drr'zen warrantd 8 dylv'Timepiecr, 4 ,nerirr artieL. Please n:all ad exarmin, tlhearre. 4 N. B. Clock, Tinmepieces, Watcer Music Bnxes, and Jewelry car.fully repaired, and warrantd; charges lmcdralte. fe:5rst ý EAS-7 .8.-caeksgaermanp las, in setrs foe sale, by Sja3i (CIFIAMPLIN & COOPER, 8O Juliua TAR-20i0 kegs Tar. in firet rate order, lrstlie by f 1 tuperior article in store and for sa'e b fell J T'HAYEI & C:o, 74 Paoyrles st PAINTED BUUCKE'1'--250 doz. tainted buokets, landing from ship N.anntum, and tar sale ly fell J 'PHAYER &Co, 74 Podrans t j.itXzI E uo !w,, ork. f.r sbore E AfODRtrWS & DbRO'S, fell S Cnrp street UNGA 25nGt0 ugr on a thnior, f r salnoe fe-. lERtMO OENE BROWN & Co, fell 9 Coti at B, LACKING-5 bIls, containing 61 doz. such, aolt U easera, containig 21l doe each Drtnlr's paste d blackleg,landirg from shlpt Narheilte, for oata by d fel ISAAC BtIDIUE &C ,135 Ilaiziinest o" ! UNNY B.G8--5)0 1 Gnnn y IB-gs in sore, finr sale. h v CHAMI LIN & COPE.R, joa2t 82 Julia s 4ý CHOO BOO.KS-Blanhk haooks, paper of ll kinds l3latk, quils anll a general asortoelnt ter brooks otihable ire crutrtr IrU.Irerttse, can Ire had on aood terms t " .1 9o IV.IR'S. f1,.-. lckctrre, IS Cr·' I 5/u(irbAOS h VANIA COFFEE,I·, OJ 97 P1Oaahonid l do. negnae, til0 bhlt. Vi tJnla ochewi toboco, Lnt 120i0 d..freh Mtalaga amins, 50 do . le tou•, ý_. 117 trba inn almonds, ' 1) j" n I exePpaesn candles, Bd Bt.- on nPo sonap, " 4d) Imreelti cierm and whale oil, ()0 thlrCesCrnCulhnariee, RIo 176 bbls lol'angar, ;in store for sale by RO ja 2 Aliot llAbl 'RIEIR, 34 Gravierst Itl S'CAS'TOR OII.--U lbarrels No. 1. Cistto Oil, at S triles article, in satr and fr sale by An ' JAIVIS & ANIIREWS, An fEl2 cor C'omraplt & 'rclhplptls etn Gra I dLUE INK--Just reived peraliip Arkansas,two N. grosn Johnan's very superibo blue ink, wareant ed aapuior artiNle., by DAVID FELT'rC , L. , feI2 N Y Slationern Hall, t2 Chartree a O COUNTRY MERCHANTS d. OTHERS-- S T+ The subscribers are now receiving an additional supply of earnthen, china, glnss, silver, wsnd and iron ware; castors, lampa and table cullery, whinh they oiler for sale low, on the nnmltoecr mmoadain terms w llule role or retail. Country inrechanl and others wonld find to their advantage to call and examinr revious to porehalinag ehletre. BBIOWVERL U Co, nImporters of nn oiabes warer, 17 Caimp J; 84 Conmon. I N B. Also a fiw nets table knives with silver hndrles, 8, a new and superior artileh. fC1l Bi F-AHRENHEI'iT'S Thermoerna trs,a ary beautilol Ar F article, new style,just received froon 17uronje, and fir ale by AVI, VL'l' T , P le13 N Y Statiners Hall, 24 Cltartreas Fr C' COPPYING PRESSES--Just received I doz. E Ritehes' Patent Lever CopyingPreases, for sale by 1)AVIt) FELT & Co, , fe13 N Y Stalionern Hall,24 Chartres t C1 IN WARE Manufactory-Every article of Tin Sand she.t ecopperware manufaelured at the short. est notice, alnd in a superior style by le fet3 S LOCKE O" Co,8 Frmt t N 1B-Un hand at all tinmes a large aesortnunt of Tin and copper wares. Country merchants are partieular. I invineid to call. AW iaOOK.-t.rtgln'a NiMi Pius, 2 nl: ILnuis SIJ liana Code: IlofFinen'rs ourn ofLeral Studov, vole: Hughes on Inarlnnce: L.awne's iharter Patrtin: Frm Book: Ieeves' on Deresten: Rcene'a Crimianal 0 Evidence: Civil do.; Ros ell a n Crimen,2 oels: Norris' Pedke on Evidence: Rnulherfrd'e lStitultec: Nrw Y.rk Analytircal lYgen., vonl: Powell an lnnrtgnges: a' Judge Peek's Trial: t'lInloln's stuldy of the s. .tnltwes on Presumptive videnae: Miifomd on Plead ine: Mantdgue on LAter Tillinghnst on LinmitatoinEs: Ty. Theobald on Prineipal and t urety: 'Thoma's Coke, 3 ny vole. Foller on Executoa's: Tamlin'n Law Dictilonary, :) volAe: Treatie on the of Fixtnres: Storkin oi t Evildeae: idr. nt Slandler: Sgdenr on VCendorr: Seun tnern oan Pleading and Evinden.c: Sminthl's tarncery l m Pnactise, 2 vula: Stevlens nd in llenek ou Avcraa: se elyrn's ('lnmnnetarien on the Cotltitulion: Laws of U. a Saltes: on EquitY: an BEailRents tni on lnt colnflict of ,.o: Sel:oat o'sa Formn in Equity: Wnillwnorten on el.n ctnre: Walker's Anlerican Loaw: r''illial on Exeeua. r turr. 2 vos: for sale at 49 Calllr street. I" hle13 AI.EX TOWAR. tln x.`O PLANTESL'-The aOubrrbers ofrr Ft s. le, M*tllicr's Corn Pill-,Irobtnrrokeri . corn shellcrs, astrw and rfdder rotters, and every olher vurirty of larming and gnrden tnole; grnin, g.nes nnd goarden seed; 'n's books on agrieulhure anld monnngemnt ofstonk; fruit and rn ln nenlnal trees .nnl plllnta. t'ntnnloguo Ecnlltainl "nd 'inn e , price anni de'rrip tior ofenr ll rlltile for calo furnished by tile eubeeibern or Iy shall & Brown. who i re appointed agents for Ihi eet:d llbehment. s ROBERT SINw LAIR Jr u -Co. 0 n fe9 Seedsmen nomd Manufiotarrns. altiamore nu RECEIPT BOOK--Just received atb-ied F-elt S t Co' e, a new and exrentlsiv asortment oi ilt eeipt Books, fur sale low, at feh9 24 Chartres et lere ``UGAl--5o0 hhds. en plautatiaon, bove the city, IRA fnr sale by READ) & BARSTOW. feC 9 ank Placee MAYJRALTY OF NEW OlIt.EANS. TIHE priee ot .rai flour to-day is $7 75 perbarrel Saccording to the tariff; the bakers shall give dn. ES. ng ithe nnonuina week (fron Mondanv o1h ilnr.) 37 onn fill ca f broad forn oa t. Bread of the necond quality is Co, roquired to weigh 25 per cent, mnore. via: 461 ounnea. nn. rleg C. (GENtIe, Mlayer. t TANDARI) PEItUODICALS-Liitle's lnlseum aP and "Our illustrat.d.'" old; r HAUSSIAN, the agent for thee publications, ins t now in New (Jrrans, and will be Ihappy to receive subscriplions to either work. 'rIe luOrum aenposese lae areputation inerinfrior to anle. In fact it has beconme t standlardl publios:ion. "Our Glebe Illustrated" is and publishnd In weekhly numbers, 52 of which will firr. n rplaendid onlunme. Each number containa two beantli ful steel engravingo, ond about eight pages of drscrrnp note tion. It is in quarto size,and is nie cheanest lnbli.a tby iionf lthe kind in the worldl. Subslcription price. 59 nulnbers ;or $;6 morr tlnen $50,1101nla been rexpendled o stn n thie work and it is eunfidontly tecoamended as lully worthy orptronnage. tn, Suoberepritione received at No 44 Camp lst, sand ali'the tePont t ).e. l.e9 Io EW\V PIANOS, from Puris--J int rnreivnd Iner lnipn npt 1 Saxon, fron tlouvr, and nor vanlo by tine slbseri t A new assortment ,plrndlid hnrizonlnanl Pianofortnlns and Pirenls, fnronm tile celebrated manufactoryonf Pley • t& Co., nf Parie. roeet ,-{rc;R3.ewnqioacnoeoa{t' yiMn'11 Rtntnrint'ikmýlflolt oanflll Plare next. E; JOIINS & Co,. S felt St C'harl s ot NEW ORLEANS JOCKEY CLUB RACES!! ECLIPSE COURSE. S PRING MEIT'ING, 1839, will cemmence on Wed. o eodav, 13th of Match, 183,onld cootinne 5 days. artaniclarsin due time. Y. N. ULIVEI, j.n3 Proprietor, COFFEE-54 bags llvana Coffee, landing from btrquo Roger Willianms, lor sale by jo23 S JP WHITNEY ,72Camp st CORA(iR, Lc.--180 coils taorredl Rope, -eeortd asioes, fromt 3to 6 inche-; Spnynrn and Rloatle stuff; also, Deep eoa and Iancleod lines; R gging lhother, &c. foroane hyb jar8 REAI) & RARSTOW,7 Bank Place JOHN V. CHILDS, ENGRAVER AND) COPPER-PILATE PRINTER, .No. 3, Camp St. W .LL engrave and print to Ioler, bank notes, bills " " ofeachangc, bills of lading, diplomas, ocrecao. tile and vis:iin cards. notericl, consular and counting house soals, dom plates, silver were, *e. -always oi hand, an assortment of silver plated and braes door plates. P Cards pr:nted from plates alreadly egraved. novoI0 -.ON-6 Casks cao.. .ee d lo..naiel si as, f'o eateby ISAAC BIIOlGE & Co, fe_ 131 .lognzinoe at I)AIE ROl'E--P 00 coils Dole Rope, of superior qnalityl fcr c.l, by jnc19 IS 1 AC 111,IIo lE & Co, 131 .'ngnzine st CIT'Y B INK, New Orlens, 5-h Felbruclarv. 1939. E tuiJii. ROB P J PAI.PFREY, -it _ Clhih.r G UNNY i AGS--Ii.t180 in f,tr st le by f (i ()O D SEV. 44I New Levo. I feO e G IhdwllS:-;y, 41 New Letee a()FIaF F & In PiGARS--3n6 doe plritne green Ia, .I ei sm in ellR i o, [l,Otm10 I vanut Cfigaro, Inn ean fi nA nrql,ette ftoer 1 illiaons, for sale by JOSEPII CObCke L NE, jua.l4 r5 Grcvierst ASSA.E tegietots, for ctranler.t, diflCerCt styVls .L anti sizce, oreigt itis, ttleltornnn l bol thks, led. gers journhal, ani every mlel article ill illtinnarv, tled o tealll3,lIts. Any oone pathoei oT u tlltio in the above die tiled, wil please call ncd eoxami te before pnltchsing; will be sold on tcerm. I ruit ipurchtaing, Iby AVIT) FELIT.' Co, I'il N Y Statiolrs Hall. 24 Charltre st NOTICES. [T'Tho Pockelt rctr Edarnd Preble, will rail fat Havcoa taia evening, Passcngers will he on boord, at 4 o'clock. fcl3 Thie rocket ship .LtUISA, from New York, is now discharging oppoeite tho Vetgetble tmarket, Consignees woil Flease attend to the receipt oftheir good,. 3 A COHE , Agent, 911 CoTlmon st T7l'be bnrque SIlANNOfN, Cnlt Now-ell, ftont HIavre, is dieltrecino 4 tiers belowr the Rnil Road. ConsignOee atpteartil.tllarly tequotld to takh out tloheir permits and attend ,o the receiplt of their goods. ILfModanat, Metere. A Grtasthe, Jean Jran, Albin Miclhel, (htuvier, llousecau,cooeignee, per ehip Snlodin, frnt Ilavro, are reqtleslted to call at the su scriber's olcela nnd receive thelir goods. 'The eonsigoees of merclhande tmarked N and JC, are also requested to attend to thel some. fe13 I. II GALE, 93 Common et AID' S Vegetable lHair Oil,-fnr thle rectoretion V and growth of Hair, giving health and beouty,ond trecvntlilte holdesr. Ilefore thlia Hair Oil wee offered to the pnhlle, i~lthad ceen tried in Iundrds ofcae.ol of boldness, tlhinness, and Itlling offofthe hair, and in every instance its sulntnry effect have been reolised. It las nacer cailed to prtlodue a new and ,eaotificl growth of oai oil beads already bhold. In coaes where it becomes dry and ceases to grow this Oil will very eoont rmandler it healthly, and procdtc rapid and beautiful growtllh of hair, witouto the least injury to the oead. Thlis Oil gives at ugreeabhl fr-. graote and is preferable. to any other II ir )lil for per. uming, t:urling andi glossing the haler. The h:ir ot beno re dlciae er "u)r lawt For sale at a 3It )'a ca, reet. ErM & l'I.Ao'or S RSiRNm esh4 crk oand SI harrelc witte- oil. landing from brig Elizhboth. I'ieaun. Tier, atnd for cole by tV ,lPOIRTER, fi11 95 Comannon street ''O RENT, t Poc'ataiot given Int'etdlioely two cam. LIs fortable dwelling hlttseo,i the eieghboohood ofCana.street. l cood tenants ta het y o ill e reiteds ocv. They arco well adoltec t., sinll families. Ap. Ily toI Itt lE & It 4 Y. ja.3 2 ('earndclrt et a0t. Clarluu Theatre. tight of the celebrated TodliB OOTH. M This Errrnig, February 14, Willi perflormed the cntebrated Trngedy of RICHARD Iil. Rhdlnrd :d, Mr Booth, Mocb RtIaikinghitn, Harrison, Macd Richmond, Penarson, aq Queen, Mrs Ferren, Lady Atnr.,, Ilatrison. An Overture by the Orchestra Grand Pa Seul, byh Mad'lo Ravet T After which the popular petite Comedy of Jem IIIGIL LIFE BELOW STAIRS. Dre Level, ir Finn, I ald Duke, Browne Sir Harery, Debar, S lis Kitty, Mrs Farren, [R Lady Mary, Harrison. LAW BOOKS. fel M o gnglisb I.naw I vol, (.ovalry lighes . Dioest 2 wls, Cha0eye Moai,g e t Rght i vdol, Cumn n o fot Irncts r olo,Caler ot I .annerehip,llaeon AbridgeJmeutl e Bvol, Bttrlemaguie Notional Political Law, Boley on Bills, Blrinkcrholrcklte Law of Wnr,linghlom on lnfacy It Adana ona Ejuttents, Anthoms ItlocJanteone Abhott lnn t Sotipling, Angel & Amtes oa Corpoitiones, Gouldt P1ledinge, -lasrisone Iigest 3 vool, Irovendon on Cap t Fraudes,Joner ott Itailntents, lanelsoll Diget, lenta - Commentaries 4 vnlas. haw t PartnersfOip, Uresle . Equity Eidence, Siths Chancery Practice l tole, le Conklings Practice, Cirtis Adeirtlily I)igeest, elt For Sale by ALI. XtNt),FIL TOWAIl, 49 Ctatp St. con W3 AISIN-100 beoxes NR irieLts, ol 2t10 1 r 2 boxer doa do 100 1-4 boxes do do do In store and for mule IIv st feb9 CIIAAIPI.IN &r COOPER, 82 Julia st No in IORN--tOA sLksa now loaditng, std for ale by r ) ja2i CIAMI'I.IN &C P.ER, ;2Julle st / 1UNY BAGlS--5,I89 (tiny lingola in store for . sale by CHAMPt.IN &C COPER, A 2 f 9 8u .ul a nt M -IM~E- 1 carl Tlltetmnpaeson Lime for sale iU lmol in suit purcllasers. Apply te pa_ w l_ 9 P LAIIL).AW, 1i6 Camp at eW d'c a: WASIIINGTON BALL 1R001' i II Pa ; Dresas & Masquerade Ball Ir St. Plhilipmltner , between Royal & Bohrbotn. Sll'IE I lanTgerDf nit h abhve named latll REumnt,grate - O L ful to tl frIieuds anld ftie ipubliC t, the n, trabl 0fl Iolled patroleag besr.eld on him forseveral F.Pslon, cry rrtvetfully ifllrtls themttltt thl e retlalli.lcllelt llts r R cen elllgeJ fComr tfe IaIIIserO0tI f viStors, olld IR leorgoner inll, rae repnirs. 'lh bar will be strps illd e ntetiqlity of tt liutotrmalt e l e l fIat so ept by the ableAt lleuoitur.ur iA the Ilnite I tllltta. b SThe O room will re-neo ot Saterdany svetu g, 3rd of c November nOcxt. by n S oGRANI I)ILES & MASlQUlnIEl. AE IIA, i, and will take plne as useual crerv Milunday, e lren air ale, day aOnl Suotrdnt vening, iA,:Eric- the ettt.ot nehid, iih , will and on tl I't of May,lv 1t39. of N. I. 'hIe re ltet atleniton ill . lie d tI kp- te ldc; itg perfect order tirouglout tle es mblieluntnt, us eal roil dmon last seacou. wfo NEW OIRLEANS AND NASHVILLE RAIL ROAI) COMPANY. NEW ARR.NGEMENT. ore TIHC Locomotive will leave the Depot at tlt foot of N lt Catnal etrr,every dly at 8 A. M. and return at 4 F oom P. M. except Stnday'a, when she will Drepart Retorn 8eRc A, . 12 P. M. 2 " 0 4t " olty, " A Car for privates pnrties provided tile nimther be soflicient, jill be altt down tile roadt on one day's Iee prey'ea notice. j12, 1839 IJAS H CAI.DWEI.,, PIresidlet. arel COTTON CIRCULAIS O ed. r- PRINTED waith he Gretuleat Expedtion, and ity iin a sltle unnrpnssed in NEW (IRLEA S, or else. wht r e ORo s left t . Coa rertr Roor in S. Charles Ex cltange, (Corner of Grerier Si ) or al T R U E eta AMERICAN PRINTING OFFICE, aers corner of Peydras and St. Charles Sreett, ctrill be ^ne promptlll anlendrd lo. Dee. I-tl. Hatiti. STEAM BOAT BILLS. Wli.a ( VNERlI, A(iENTS, or C.IPTAINS oft'STEANI B.52 I OATI roa have their Bills strnrk off, in one oll or more Coloredl Iks, on Plain or Colored Paprr, wilth despatch, nod on faoroble Termns, by Iering Itheir attthe ORDEso TItUE AMEIRICAN OFFICE, rorner of 9 Poydrao and St. Charlen etrcete. rrs Nova9--if , PEtI ol,_. 0 -5(' " llloll. lr strallledII sparlei fres oil, just received nni lfir eatlo Iv Pley. jalll S I.t)01I(t &Co, I8 Front Levee SfASII IIIXES--- (llP) lolxe oefourown i nlo et jell! I I:iICKE&C,,,:t oit i " ' al .1. nc I htL lEAs-S1Ig t ke I ibi sunii for Hotl -hby 4 LO('eF" F t''., jenli 8 Front sc t S iDlnlk Checklc , Hills of Ldinlts, Aulijot Bili+, Pltltphlet , Slthow" bills, C.ta logillte, &r. &c. I.Itlt)l':R.forr the Above, anl rvery other tet eriptiun f L.tllllIN IINN C 1 recrreivedi at Coltling Ronm of"lRlUE AMERIC:AN," in ST. CHtIt.ES IEx CHaNCO, 3d door from Gravir r street, or at the I'riatint )ffiee, corner of I'oydra and Sr. Clhrlcs treets. Eslensier and beautiful tono t and Joa Fouras from the best Foutdriea in etle United Slonate, knee jus been added to the already toell-siorked Eulabliohmeit; -anti enoRcs trill beexeauted as Low, ar Clheaply, Wed. Expeditiously and Beautifully, as at anny olther Otlice days. in the City. ItE Noe- .. rietor. _______ CARDS []3 PRINTED at the shortesr Notice, in the most elegant tnanner, in Illackor Colored onas, on Enamel led, White Flake, or Plain Hurfaced CAnoS, and Prices very reasonable at TRUE' AMERICAN OF FILE, corner of Poydros and St. Charles tes. Several New and Beautifhl Founts of Trrz have just been added to the Establishment. Orders received at Comptin, Room, St. Charles Exchange, 3rd door front Gravier at.,or at the Printing Office, earner ofPoydras & St. Charles streets. noel--tf TO YIERCHANTS. I'MiERCIIANTS can have a IIeAUTIUt,. CIICn LAR struck ofatfalout hours NoTIc., by, oallng at the Compting Room of TRUE AMERIIICAN I'N.Tnero: Orrlcr, St. Charles Exchange. dj mning the READ. inn ItRoo at Corner of Gravier streer, ornal the Ilint inc Oflite, earner of Pnoydlrn and St. Charles streets. A I)VN(ES will be llat on *hiltmlnt to Liver puol, Llhvre, lal's+,'illst, No YTolk alld I''illdel pn,Iv AI)AIS 4 t'III'rA LL, - jaet til 6 I ,tradr at d~ir VANA e '(i \rS-E-ill},to t of different qua lisle - i n store and fIr wnrlC by m joa11 A IIRAII 'tl 'rIllE, 31 Ceenvier st F'Ol SALRI.E. A 'Mllatto on, Vomnl tout lld atelthn, ogad tore lthirt-six to frlty veoer. She is a likely nd eesmo dresirable erwtnl .c.tIr cook, French or Englis ; n washer, iroel, nod nrmstresn--lin word. on Aineti unio itltso nrva:lt. 4lls ij sold bea:use she ois been inLsolent to her lltistress. A Rlly o~eteh tt tof nhr Teo .toieil,. feb 7 3t FAhlN u ILttE CIbVlItI NI, AT Ct ' e'. rl'lIE tuhscribera oftr for cah olr y oitvrnePltaeae, ia dhot sight, (at whohlnle.) thenir slook fl Ready Mode Ctlulint ofthetl latest and Imltt tanlioIntte style, consisting tI' cery a ticla all..rltoninti g tt oettemen nd dress. ROBINSON &. G(iODIWIN. ob 7 If No 6 Clhartrs slat LAW '.PtIt''S. IETEISS' U. 'FTATE, Id role; Peters' cotdonr. Seld.i vol; Englih xclhequrr 6 volut; odettaed Englith ehaner, 9 rutole; Crch'o, 9 vole; Brokenk_. brtuglth'n IJ Slat.e, 2. vo; I. crrow'.,, 2 vol Mllaona ellhuscttsl, 16 role; Pictkritcrp, 17 v l; Ittrtlurl & Eort , 8 vols itt4; Englisl Commnaot I.anw,:12 vol.; ERg lish Eceheaios tieol, 5 vocl; Alkitson's, 3 Vol- Illl'; superior c.tnrl, 2 vole; Johnson's els. 1to I law, ýi v o.; Johtnsot't Chlneerv,7 eole; irreetlearfs lMain.le 9 vle; PI'ltrelorf"a, 15 r ol IPlln Willinms, 3 vole; inson's U State,5 vrole; Smtlatt'a do 7 ea; Soaunders, 3 vole: Vushlington'a U Staone, 4 ooly, lor sate by ALEX. TOWAR. feh f 29 .ttap ot )RINt'T.-t eIrI rn res F itl Atnd erican Prioll o various qualuiteo, fr role I,' letb7 I"AAC BRIIDGE &C( , 134 Magazine sit R USSIA HIIEETING&.-5n ladrsef ottt11tPlitr qol. l itob ,fur ole by ISAAC URIIIO;E & Co lob7 1I31 .\tegnzit at QOAl"-5t'01nozes Mleuehnn'a and George Rohinn'i . bread, Ibr sale by SIIALL ' B tOWNE. _feb 7 _96 t lnenstln sat G UNN'Y IB.\tiS--t it. bales and-- bttdles, oa Ssorted iZefr seale by jan 33 ISAAC BRIDUE & Co. 134 Ml ga.ine EI T l at Ihe subscriber'a slato, No 4 Chlaorlre t, about twt weeks sincer, o small pneknge, ce toiting a ebo of ruzore, seven ill ntlltlt.r two Ioxe t er rusaian colts, one braes lock. TIl owner ca hbve thea by Ilaying for this adverlietmenl. ftt-2t E STOW & CO. 4 Chartres st I ANVASS F lE hrowt rollo, a fie J article, suitable fr eanvasoerld hams, i store and for sale by J TIIAYER & Co, fo.I _ 76 Poyldras st LO)URIJIR-3l0 brie landing frontlr steam toan Io, Lfr sale y G. DItSEY, feblI 44 New I.eVrm ' and watr cracekers, landing frmn leteam bo . Trliune, forsnle by G I)ORSEY, &14 44Catpst INAI:lRD OIL-tt brite in ri00e and for oale by - trl i __OILSEY, It Ncaw Icee 1OO'1t. lIeOES, BROGANS, & .c--n00 ca.1 •Sit . bo, ,ounths and children, for rale by e el l. IS.AAC 1IRIDGE' .F t;,,, 131 Mitai;ntine -,. Camp it. Tlheatre. Seuond lnight of the elngement of MISS J. CLIFFTON & MR J. R. SCOTT. THlls EVENING, FEII. 14, Will bo performed the 'Tragedy of MACBETH. Mabeth,t Mr Scotia Macdull, PFolding, linliao, Gilkbert, a dy yuy MAchbet, Msie Clifton. '' cornchlde with the Farce of THE WANDERING MINSTREL. Jem' Iagge, Ml Franklin, Mr Crinkum, Kirkland, Julll, Min Mentyre. fRON CHESTS--Jot reeived It time Loulainn Wre lioolll,3 Mlnville street, 12 nuperlor sin gle and dauble fir pIroof iron eraitel, fret the hcltory of J L Brown, New York, tar sale R Cby RN. fell M R CARNEP. I L.B ROW N'S Patent P tfw r -'i-ael ance & .'Uro • cert can hlid it 573 Bietville lltree, Patent Pint fcnn BRlances, superior tol'ny evr offered iln thil city. f rI W I CM, NhiL, ORDERI-VWASIIY(GTON GUARDS. Ner Orleans, Feb. 9, 1839. ATTEND Drill rmn Friday ell, Ilia 10th iatl., at 6 o'cleock, P M, alt the Armory. By order of Capt Hozey. tell S iM tROOKI. 8O. ,l: lr of J D BEIN & A COHEN i ,ibi dly l diodlved by malttln cmeloa. John 1) Dm It i charged with ite sellement orf alil claims ai aint th 1. celer, and will ace tile niltle ofllre firmnn in Iquidllha only. . JOIIN D. BIN. jan2l-183. . A. COHEN. l"A COIiEN oontiatne she Commision tloinera in Ills individual name, antl for hit own aeetntlh. a No. 90I CoUallnon alreet. Jan 2, 1839 i BuNreau dun eomptroor de Ina Necade JMurici .lice Nlle O aru. In 51h Ftirrier. 18l59. A VISI eat dnnm nr In prsrnt, quo i diet erttler o l rnolaic, A nlUt Burelra,,l JeInd 4, don Eotar - not i midi, In rbpnOrtion piatr in n, do outca len rnea Sparybitel t le piegiges des ucIimeo d on Ion limileade cella M nniaiplllutl. c Lo Conlractur fiornttm ut etutlonnelnenl par moyrn d'une ouil p the urs prannells donl In rotlllole do r $r.1} por In ldele execution de lis devoilu. Ie Pulemlotllet t e nilat par iote et compent ntuyenontltl le eetific:at tilt royer qte 'otvroage ait (i1 eonfectionnb ett,firnbtoet. a. eos'mce. J. CALH(UN, frtJ. 7. CAtnplrC leur. al" CirL 7tloaflers ojke-Secati El oauniipoelity,1 uis. N m Ne, Otrlears, L'b.5 lrL3t.1 acI -ULII NO'T'ICE it hercby given, the I will nd It jutlicate at t itllice to tie laowet lIildder, on Tii *ll itrd , ti le l4t inlitait, at I .')cltck, tile rep ilng. 1~, for one ear, ofb i nlle olaved otrfees, alllnd tlewalkoi on. bordering it the rait,within tie naitt l iltstfti Maun if ciltolity. i'lhe coitraetor to glee Irnd wrih one or tmtore securitie, ia +he sour el $10t0 far the faithlal perfurm en .*'e Ill' tha dllli* denvolvillr npoin hii . a'nyment tl be cl mokl t . ti tihc ill Ucn . lihe erniihisatre of the I tirvey iltthat lIll w.rk L.oa been eaecatetllo cnieiig to 'eau ,p. tract. J CAL.It)IIN, tatl t fetil Comptrller S IlhltM tIL--lI barreic int atrun tand far aale by Al) I ja17 ABIIIAIM 'TRIER, 34 Poydra it ( OAL--h76 lton of the bout Englih eoal, well uited o loil senam blllit Ie, on botnrd llue Abelita, from t New Caatle, for aloe by HtLMRS & MILLe, t jail lanik Plane ~.~tJvW OI fTll'useoly ntreliedPLAIN(; 14 .,CIIINP:. I'aTo, Nor. 15, 1836. Tilto sultreriber beinge oie ofte egenta of ther Woodwirtlt, hau oie of still Machinel put up for ure, y'n ill tho mill Io' MiIer . llArto td& CUo., i. the city of La. fatltte, whlilh ny persor can axnuioel; a he hin it. number of ai iaeiUchinoe ftr sale. and ln. the gtraiey - a disposing otfl ie privileso fr usinr ardil machinca. lie i dlemoirua tm sell biv satlea or parialla, an mtay beat and util Ihe ep tlicrnntt. T'11e ulnaclinCes Ir tIl greatest Ih - mose. ir tIoCg Illnelltiri tntr lutl ill se. tor drecsint and I ne. mlothtil;g plunk her d,.nrs, or hnrda for wetlller ,ldins. Ae vI pdetl llt Siroll til tnrtrlt-ig. Cel call at No. 7 F Ianitarl streete. Ih uberier titno ceieen hi found. E jai 9lIh. WAI. P IIAS.INS. , E S t.-. -. 4r ioniei rieutlph . and 2-t h.k.r f. alon, Ainn- Iium slliEr ChnrlesOln, for ale by ie bt ft , & J p \( III'I'FtY. 7l Camp at 01o'i'11i.-ll r ciit a lill II I Iltt1tiE, withnll SitN Iirtires, ti l uimnp ctreet, in the central port of afairt, nodll[ ,ioi,a g t, it trettlly oltnrt b frites, for fur. her parrtltliara pplitlr ie ifat Ihthim paper. 15 EAM UTMIII I't;l.I.A:S-iiI caes. 'J8 to 36 in. Mentua an it n Gingham oant rellae I'tr -tle I tv fG A IS I;CA Itll)lit & iti, 134 Mogicineet it h ilT P.Ml:N'l-Ilydruieor ad Itilitntu i rant.eir-tnr'eid theirti ý tier uith by !-AD U & IAILlN'I'QW. r uf I fit I'nnkr Plare. 1 and uturalte h Iv l ''E'I'S1N k AVEI.. perm ll lir'.lilt rill'i'AN, or i,'ittmoi.tue--A tain nottfm i frin ale by A. 'It WIAII. , ,... j u 49 b tallYy ti ' -ale l' IthvIIAh Fl l.T & 10. Io:rrc altrhl ill nttttllrv rtnlv nmade, i orto mider vernI tit I'M up, t t tir noleit., \l'htvt ala l rl rutil ectll ur ipiriei d twitlilt. fc5 lio ``,i it( P--,ll)th I.ta. l e,, rr roi. ., bh.ndo Ja. mtin- i,1 ;mll Ji hi l' I 'T'rowbrtdge, (ieaige Robbina i ond.J II tllertlit; o snle Iby deun _ jn4 Iabt I (tiliGtE & &rr, 13 l.egertin ot tri1 l OC* I Ft: ltltU.ih-li & BARS--Throlublcriher I I ive just -rteived a large assortmlent of Gla ti ttInibcere, tI)tt.llttrrt. tllgar bowls nllc silvcer aunc atladle I, tgtl o tdv spoon. hicle rIh Offetr itr sale low. _ j I ItRQW) EII& Co. 17 Caon,, t at I tONON Edhmns of ltanloard work., eontnitiig a oten t Memloir. ofCradock, lteranry nd tmiscellaneoun, I4 vtultll. do Nulolettu, at rledicated to hlonthnono S & (OurUttlltl 7 role do Phillip tien UCminee, voles art.,ll de (Uramtoat, 4 "one., d tilL u.n, .I , o1. lld Cliltherille 3d,3 soli, do uilfard, moa do Sir il)tdlenv Nortll, amel. f do Sir Jehnt Nnritl. a do Nopoleon, biv W I Ireland, 4 cola; dIO . Napoleon. by .ovary, Duke of lRvigo in 4 vols. In addilition to the above, a large supply of standard haRe ors. itlta rceeivtl, itr sale Iv ja76 WAI IeKE. N, ior Camp & Common at, UIana ,CU '. ixt.tirll-y i.set-A i)ignet of Otea the courts el Admiralty in England, in 1 tol. :iting a, ltustreceived and for ale by AR ele ALEX TOWAR, 49 CAmp a [IIENISII WINES FOIL SALE 41 buses Hockheitnms 29 do Nieradeiner, Trhee wines sre now odldng ton brig Alreancer boot II,,e and 'p benelected luth par ticulad carp, by teeters atn I'mllltrtJ 1llent au l Co'llogne, dial. tog eux,,uic.vly willt thli. stiLle (ipr hscountry. 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Sper Oi, lufr sle bL 811ALL & LROWN, ilull 190 )Iagassm, as (OAP-:l00 buoxes oulds' and lolbbin'I No. I S04p in suorc Curtuleby J THAYE E& C., fel P74Puydraoss TT7.II R, L 18 lnes. usluft silk Umz brlla,, large sizes, rscined fro isnipp Dlersey, and fo cola by I BRIDGE, II13 134 Magazine as It D-450 kcgs superfina leaf Lard i11 ra.ror L Palo byG, ir(1RSEY, fab 7 44 Now Jestsa (A1I.8-100 saeksunre, ic wuore for sab' by 0 =1 C(HAIIPLIN &. COII'LR,0L2 Julia A I.Ch I'o Iiarrhls iltnooti Luborulury pa.. 1' A cllll, now lauding ip Coulnuhinas, and Iori lpu y JAItLVf & ANDREWS, ju_ _ cu Csmusn & Truplitoulas 55 U D71'EI I gi (ioab uhulllru ll Iore a Inc B) snie IHb'H EIlt C& 7 Psydrasas H jo I ll ai A ld',IO IT. 1111.--An invoice loll 'Id r~nipr, wurros,ted, flo sale (IuG by lll ld 1I & BROWN, 188 llagazine se E3AGGINO uiul Role Rope, for sale by I (he READ & IIA(ISTOW, 7 Bank Place ' ALT' -10,881 bauululu Cadlz Soil auflot. in bulk; 1,010 sPcks do don ir rals by fc8 WHI''IIIIIIU(;E 4 Cu, ?Olllsgsoalo II. C OFI Ee 1 bags anl Uwmingo Cu0ibe, for sale icO~b WHIiTRIIB;E & ('a, 76 Maenuise I t ,l AI.iW C(ANI)iIF .110 buuuu, bcan of ack uu &. 'l'ruolridge, or Bsle p1l2 ISAAC 11121 1(1 I & Co, 134 Msgznea ALI2 ltol'F:12-5(cl Hol Rop- gafsisic It fSinality, for ti~le by il oeIspcs fOl2 ISAAC lIlt 1)012 & Co, 134 Mlagauine at .It e ' led ery splendid ° aicofery solor, qlity and size. Alao hblck edged btller aod lillet paper, fir sale b DAVIN FELVI T 9 Co,, L ~ NY tntnnnrrsHn11,2l Car rea P 'I: II"--1t I~n-h sleptrur breud, I sle by ( ti U 11 181.108, fii Puys.d..ast S lnlll .i srirI l'ec.-; I da sean. lupel ilt 811,1ll. liklFIlN, 10 msgazise sa

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